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Farmers Guide February 2020

Farmers Guide

Issue 486


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Issue 486

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February 2020

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Chris Bartlett, Blackpool

“The Orbital’s output is excellent. I have the ability to keep up with multiple balers thanks to the increase in wrapping speed. I can easily wrap 1,000 bales in a day.” Chris Bartlett has been running a contract wrapping business since 2011, whilst also farming beef cattle and sheep on 100 acres. In 2016, he purchased one of the first McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrappers in the UK and wraps around 7,500 bales with it each year. Chris was very happy with the performance and reliability of his previous McHale wrappers but wanted to increase output, “I wanted more output, it was as simple as that so hence my reason to buy the McHale Orbital.” Chris told us what he likes about the Orbital, “There are a number of nice features on it; the loading and carrying of a bale saves a lot of time. The Orbital’s output is excellent. I have the ability to keep up with multiple balers thanks to the increase in wrapping speed. The majority of my customers want 6 layers of wrap applied, so when doing this, I can wrap a bale with 6 layers in under 25 seconds. It is a massive improvement for me and my business. I can easily wrap 1,000 bales in a day.” Chris told us that a number of other factors influenced his decision to purchase a McHale Orbital, “McHale machines are well built, last the longest and the proof was in the resale value of my old McHale wrappers. You can’t beat the build quality against other makes so it was an easy decision.”



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Contents Out & About ........................................................................................................................5 Comment .............................................................................................................................6 Grain and fertiliser advice..............................................................................................9 News in brief .................................................................................................................... 10


Arable: Fungicide performance under the spotlight............................................... 12 A new dawn for cereal disease control ......................................................... .17 Keep multi-sites in the mix.................................................................................. 21 Remain vigilant in these uncertain times ..................................................... 22 Plan for early spring weed control ................................................................... 24 Moving to a more efficient fertiliser regime ................................................ 30 Keep it simple this spring..................................................................................... 31

Machinery: Customers take time out for East Anglian dealer open days ............... 32 Lamma 20’ show review ....................................................................................... 40 Drone technology – cutting edge but becoming affordable .............. 65 Staffordshire dealer open day highlights benefits of new models ... 67 Modern machinery realises high prices at farm dispersal sale............ 75

Plan for early spring weed control

Spring spraying:


High-tech trailed and mounted sprayers...................................................... 79

Sugar beet: Making light work of a difficult season.......................................................... 84

Grain handling: Drying and conditioning grain post-harvest for safe long-term storage ................................................................................................... 92

Tyres and tracks: Power on the Land .................................................................................................. 113

Livestock: Dairy 2020: How housing can boost productivity ..................................119 Could a multi-cut silage system improve dairy herd performance? ..............................................................................................122

Lamma ’20 show review

Maize: Farm’s own precision drill allows full control .............................................124


Farmers Guide Forum ...............................................................................................129 Agricultural contractors ............................................................................................130 Henry Brown’s Vintage Page ...................................................................................134 Classified ..........................................................................................................................135 Recruitment, including About People ................................................................192

For FarmAds and general enquiries call 01473 691888 Published by Early Bird Farming Publications Ltd from its office at Parkside, London Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 0SS. Tel: 01473 691888. Full contact details for staff can be found at www.farmersguide.co.uk. Original articles and advertisements created by Farmers Guide are copyright and are not to be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the Editor. No responsibility can be accepted by Farmers Guide for the opinions expressed by its contributors.

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Machinery realises high prices at farm dispersal sale


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www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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With Farmers Guide editor Rachel Hicks and the team

1 Some of the team on the morning of Lamma ’20, day one. The show was excellent this year, and we were all impressed by the new products and technology on display. 2 At Farmers Guide we are really proud of our team, and celebrated the end of a great 2019 with a delicious Christmas meal at The Forge . 3 Machinery editor David Williams stomped up a storm around the Lamma ’20 halls, interviewing lots of companies and taking pictures of the latest kit on the stands for our indepth show review, which you’ll find on page 40. 4 Production editor Sarah Kidby immersed herself fully into the Lamma atmosphere, even donning a virtual reality headset on one stand. 5 David Williams spent a day at a farm in Suffolk to discuss how the beet harvest across 1,200ha is managed using a six-row HoImer harvester.

Welcome to the February issue of Farmers Guide. It’s been a hectic few weeks, as we started the month (and the year!) with a bang by attending the Lamma ’20 show, hosted at the NEC in Birmingham for the second year running. With the number of morning visitors impacted by the M6 being closed for two hours during rush hour, the show got progressively busier throughout the first day and, by the end, it was absolutely heaving. The second day was just as well attended. Set out across 11 completely packed-out halls, it’s safe to say I hit my 10,000 steps for the day within just the first few hours! At Lamma ’20 we took the opportunity to catch up with as many key brands and new launches as we could, in order to report on the latest technology to hit the market. Walking around in our Farmers Guide branded jackets, we also had quite a few readers come up to speak to us, which we always appreciate and enjoy. If you ever see us out and about, please do come over and say hello. If you weren’t able to attend yourself, you’ll find a 10-page review of this year’s show starting on page 40. Our marketing manager, K.M Sharp, also created a fantastic walk-through video of the entire event, which you can watch on the Farmers Guide Facebook page. Machinery editor David Williams has barely had time to set foot in the office this month. In addition to Lamma, David also attended dealer open days in East Anglia (see page 32) and Staffordshire (see page 67), as well as visiting a sugar beet farm in Suffolk to find out how the family-run business manages a 1,200ha harvest with its six-row Holmer harvester. You’ll find his full write-up in ’Making light work of a difficult season’ on page 84. David also tried out some new drone technology created by a UK-based company, which should prove more accessible to the average farm than previous offerings – turn to page 65 for ’Drone technology – cutting edge but becoming affordable’.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to say happy new year, albeit slightly late. It’s clear that 2019 was a difficult year for farming due in part to political unrest, media propaganda and the inclement weather, but hopefully 2020 will be kinder. For us personally at Farmers Guide, we ended on a high note with 2019 being our 40th year, and celebrated with a Christmas lunch for the whole team. Our aim this year is to continue to create a magazine that our readers enjoy, and as such we would welcome any feedback you may have. On page 129, you’ll see that we’re inviting you, as our readers, to give help and advice to other farmers, as well as to share your viewpoints on relevant topics that are hitting the headlines. We create this magazine for you, and we’d love for you to be involved.

And finally... At the Friday night church service, Alan goes over to his friend Robin and says: ”I need to ask a favour... I’m sleeping with the vicar’s wife, and what I'd like you to do after the service is chat to the vicar and delay him for about an hour.” Robin reluctantly agrees, but certainly isn’t comfortable with the idea. When the service ends, Robin approaches the vicar and asks him a series of pointless questions. The wise old vicar thinks for a moment, then puts his arm around Robin and asks: ”Now, young man. Why don’t you tell me what it is that’s bothering you?” ”Well,” says Robin. ”It’s like this – my mate Alan is having an affair with your wife, and talked me into delaying you from getting home for a while. I’m really sorry, I know I shouldn’t have agreed to it.” The vicar gives Robin a squeeze on the shoulder and says: ”If I was you, young man, I’d hurry home as my wife died two years ago.” Thank you to Leo Antonaci from Norfolk for this great joke!

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February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk




The biggest issue in farming – mental health It’s no secret that the farming life can be hard work. What is often kept quiet, however, is the strain on farmers’ mental health as a result. Rachel Hicks reports. For farmers, the general day-to-day situation of long hours, isolation and financial pressure can be stressful enough, but in the face of sudden and uncontrollable factors like adverse weather conditions, the loss of vital chemical treatments and a difficult political climate with an unstable trade system, their vulnerabilities are particularly apparent. However, despite these challenges giving rise to a huge mental and physical load, there seems to be a long-standing stigma when it comes to talking about mental health issues, particularly in the farming culture. This means that many people have a limited understanding of the issues, making it difficult for them to recognise the signs or to talk about their concerns to family, peers or professionals.

We are now beginning to see a real move towards acknowledging mental health as one of the significant challenges facing the UK farming community.

According to research by the Farm Safety Foundation, four out of five young farmers (under 40) believe that mental health is the biggest hidden problem today. The DPJ Foundation in Wales has published an even more shocking statistic – one agricultural worker in the UK takes their own life each week. That’s 52 deaths per year. In 2018, the Farm Safety Foundation launched the Mind Your Head campaign, alongside the Yellow Wellies Who Would Fill Your Boots initiative – both of which aim to ensure the next generation of farmers is equipped with the skills and knowledge to live well in order to farm well. More recently, the Farming Community Network (FCN) announced the new online service

‘Farmwell’. Free for all to use, it provides ready access to a wide range of support and help to anyone who may need it. FCN chief executive Charles Smith (pictured left) said: “As an organisation that has been supporting Britain’s farming community for almost 25 years, we now plan to be even more focussed on helping farmers build personal and business resilience.” Aarun Naik (right) (www. strong-heart.co.uk) is a counsellor and agri-psychotherapist with a background in the farming industry. As a 2015 Nuffield Farming Scholar, Aarun published a report entitled, ‘Supporting farmer wellbeing: addressing mental health in agriculture and horticulture.’ Farmers Guide asked Aarun if there had been any developments in this area since his 2016 report, to which he replied: “The main thing I would say is that we are now beginning to see a real move towards acknowledging mental health as one of the significant challenges facing the UK farming community. With this there seems to be a growing willingness as an industry to talk about the issue and start to question how we can address the challenge. “For instance, the leaders of major organisations such as the NFU are becoming really engaged in this debate, which we would not have seen five years ago. We have also seen the creation of the Farm Safety Foundation as a national organisation dedicated to supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of the UK farmers. One strand of my own work involves delivering workshops in mental health awareness, stress management and resilience for farmers and agri-professionals across the country. This year I have seen a real increase in demand for such training and a diverse range of professions from farming and rural

trades wanting to engage and learn more.” The general consensus is that, in order to help farmers who may be quietly struggling, the industry needs to talk about mental health more openly in order to erode some of the taboo that’s built up over the years, as well as making it easier and more convenient for people to ask for help. For example, livestock markets such as Melton Mowbray have diversified to offer drop-in clinics to make seeking help more convenient to farmers who work long hours and can’t always plan ahead in terms of appointments. The DPJ Foundation in Wales funds counsellors to visit farms and deliver counselling on the farm premises. Of course, it’s also important to develop systems aimed at preventing mental health issues in the first place. Some land-based colleges are ensuring they educate the future generations in this area, equipping them with the skills and understanding to manage their mental health and wellbeing, which is key when it comes to facing the stresses of a farming career in the future. What farmers need first and foremost is to be encouraged to acknowledge the importance of looking after themselves – both physically and mentally – in order to be able to look after their farm and family. The same level of dedication should be given to this as it is to livestock, crops and machinery. As Aarun concludes: “It would be great to get to a point where issues such as stress and mental health are spoken about easily and openly as some of the other, more familiar, everyday farming challenges.” If you are concerned about your mental health or that of someone you know, you can access free, impartial and confidential support from both the Farming Community Network & RABI, as well as RSABI (Scotland) and the Addington Fund (Housing Support) via Farming Help. Tel: 0300 011 1999 (7am-11pm)   www.farminghelp.co.uk FG

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www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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tes! u in m in s e iv n k r Sharpen you ner a le c t u c d n a r e w o less p harper knives use


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27/01/2020 13:03

Grain & Fertiliser Advice

It’s time to show that UK crops offer real value at home and abroad The first of this year’s Grain & Fertiliser advice columns is provided initially by Openfield’s head of compliance, shipping & research, Cecilia Pryce, and then fertiliser manager Lucy Hassall. A new year always brings many opportunities and uncertainties, but I feel the UK has had more than its fair share in recent years. This year we face the continued uncertainty around Brexit but have the new challenge – the transition period. Since the start of January there have been two documents published; ‘Getting Brexit Done’ (https://view.pagetiger.com/ MyOpenfield/gettingbrexitdone) and the latest update of the ‘UK Agricultural Bill’ (https://view. pagetiger.com/MyOpenfield/ agriculturalbillshortsummary) – both need to be understood by every farmer in the UK. Nothing in negotiations is ever a given, as we have seen one deadline in this modern world seems to be able to be superseded by another but, at some point, the music could stop and would your grain marketing be ready to deal with it? I mention this because harvest 2020 could be a new experience for us all. Not only will we have the relative uncertainty of crops size, due to a ridiculously wet autumn and winter (shown in the chart is the increase in rainfall from September to December last year) but we will yet again have the issue of more trade uncertainties from 1st January 2021. The latest Agricultural Bill now mentions food security, but I am not sure food security is packaged directly with self-sufficiency. It’s more a function of knowing you

have enough trading partners to import from if: 1) You’re hungry; 2) You have the ability to pay; and 3) Maybe you aren’t as concerned about the ‘pedigree’ of your product, more of accepting a case of ‘you get what you get and you don’t get upset’. All the above brings me to the importance of growers understanding fully all the timelines involved and the impact that trade agreements could have. These agreements are likely to come in many forms; be that equivalent legislation, technical barriers or unintended consequences imposed due to lack of joined up thinking. Rest assured there is likely to be a bumpy path ahead of which the impact will only be fully felt once walked. Price in any situation like this will be key – farmers and buyers alike will need to fully understand trade agreements while knowing what every commodity‘s full worth is. This full worth could be the grain's quality, available tonnage, location or even field spray records. Now is not the time to rest on your

post-Brexit, no more EU legislation laurels. We will all need to be able to show with confidence what we have used to grow our crops, how they were stored and transported and even their carbon footprint. If growers and buyers can show we have a better product, with better pedigree, we should be able to educate our own domestic marketplace and show others that UK commodities have a real value in global and domestic markets.

Fertiliser matters After the autumn deluge, January has shown us glimpses of settled weather allowing drilling to progress on kinder soils. Along with this, the fertiliser market has presented growers with a buying

opportunity, with prices easing since the turn of the year. At some point it is likely prices will firm as we get closer to the application window and logistics come into play. With the majority of crops planted being later than planned, into less than ideal conditions, these crops will require an early application of nitrogen to encourage early growth and tillering as soon as an opportunity to travel presents itself. With very few P&K fertilisers being applied to date and a large spring drilling workload, one consideration may be the use of NPKS complex compounds to allow the number of passes through a crop to be reduced while still providing its nutrient requirements. FG

Grain price indicator (Feb 2020)

£150–£155/t £125–£130/t £330–£333/t

Feed wheat Feed barley Oilseed rape *prices predicted at 23rd January 2020

February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk

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29/01/2020 10:26

Full story available online at www.farmersguide.co.uk

Launch of 2020 UK Pesticide Guide

Spaldings to distribute original Grimme parts

Newly updated, the UK Pesticide Guide is the authoritative reference for all pesticide products and adjuvants approved for use in agriculture, amenity, forestry and horticulture. According to UK Pesticide Guide editor Martin Lainsbury: “This is the 33rd edition of The UK Pesticide Guide and 2019 has been a year which has seen the impending loss of a number of key active ingredients. The loss that worries me the most is the loss of chlorothalonil – this multi-site fungicide is not only used alone but also in mixture with a large number of other fungicide actives because the multi-site nature of its activity means that it is virtually impossible for fungi to develop resistance to it.’ More information including how to order can be found at www.bcpc.org.

Original replacement parts for Grimme potato and root crop machinery are to be distributed by aftermarket specialist Spaldings throughout the UK and Ireland, to complement the service provided by Grimme’s established dealer networks. The collaboration marks a new approach for both companies as machinery manufacturers face increasing competition for their parts business from makers of non-genuine alternatives. Announcing details at the company’s dealer conference, Grimme UK managing director Patrick Graf Grote said: “Over the years, Grimme

Major machinery auctions to take place

dealers have done a great job of supporting our customers in all areas, in particular with aftersales support. This great service will continue to grow throughout our dealer network – and will be enhanced through our agreement with Spaldings

because it will extend our parts distribution reach to areas of the UK and Ireland beyond our existing network.” Patrick Graf Grote is pictured above (on the right) with Spaldings managing director Steve Constable (on the left).

Strutt & Parker (Farms) Ltd is set to hold one of the biggest single active farm dispersal auctions, as it disposes of much of its current machinery in order to re-equip for 2020. Its current fleet includes top quality modern machinery from leading manufacturers such as John Deere, JCB, Claas, Massey Ferguson, New Holland and others. Agricultural machinery auctioneers, Clarke & Simpson of Framlingham, have been instructed to undertake the sale, which will take place over two days on 2nd and 3rd June, at two sites in Suffolk and Essex. Catalogues will be available to download from the auctioneer’s website five weeks before the sale. There will also be live online bidding via www.i-bidder.com

Openfield continues to deliver profitability

BASF moving its UK headquarters

Companies to continue to operate independently

Global chemical company, BASF, will be moving its UK headquarters to Stockport town centre later this year, after signing to take 21,500sq. ft at 2 Stockport Exchange. BASF has 13 locations across the UK, eight of them manufacturing sites and about 850 employees. BASF UK managing director Richard Carter said: “We are looking forward to moving to this exciting new ‘connected’ location later this year. Our new office space in Stockport Exchange will feature an open and collaborative workspace to enable new and more agile ways of working.”

Following the recent announcement on 5th January by ChemChina and Sinochem that they are consolidating their agricultural businesses into a new holding company, which will be called the Syngenta Group Co., Adama has today confirmed that

The British farmer-owned grain marketing and arable inputs co-operative has reported profits, after tax,

Guaranteed delivery within 30 days!

of £0.6m for the year to 30 June 2019 in line with expectations in another challenging year. Commenting on this performance, Openfield’s chairman Philip Moody said: “I’m very pleased to see Openfield has maintained and slightly improved its profitability. We have worked hard to improve our

it is business as usual in the UK and that it, and its sister company, Syngenta, will continue to trade completely independently of each other. The formation of the Syngenta Group – which is expected to become the world’s leading agriculture inputs company

member services, delivered excellent marketing results, advanced our own systems and processes, engaged with consumers to improve delivery efficiencies and grown our member commitment – all whilst facing a turbulent grain market as it reacts to low volumes, high imports and volatile demand.”

– will further bolster the alignment between the companies, enabling them to capitalise on the value creation and synergistic opportunities in the fields of crop protection, seeds, fertilisers and additional agricultural and digital technologies.


We pride ourselves on our ability to react to even the most detailed of client requirements SUPPORTING BRITISH FARMERS

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10 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

10-11 NIBS v2.indd 10

29/01/2020 14:28

News in brief New generation of self-propelled sprayer On 1st January 2020, a new generation of Condor selfpropelled sprayers rolled off the Agrifac production line. A number of improvements have been made in line with Agrifac’s ’4 Es for growers’ concept – Efficient, Economical, Ergonomic and Ecological. A Stage 5 engine was chosen so that the strictest emission standards can be met, LED lighting is fitted as standard, plus the machine has an improved driveline which offers even better reliability. In addition, there have been a lot of small improvements that further improve

convenience and operation. Visually, the Condor V design has been updated in line

Tributes paid to JCB employee number three

with its big brother, the Red Dot Design Awardwinning Condor Endurance.

Launch of online granular nematicide training A newly updated online nematicide training resource – completion of which is now a requirement to meet Red Tractor standards – is available for potato, sugar beet, carrot and parsnip growers who apply granular

nematicides. Patrick Mitton, chair of the Nematicide Stewardship Programme (NSP), explains that the new streamlined training resource produced by ARTIS, the NIAB training platform, offers

straightforward stewardship guidance on the safe use of granular nematicides, taking approximately 20 minutes to complete. The training can be accessed and completed online at www.nspstewardship.co.uk

movies easily accessible to users offline in the field. QuickStart movies support the calibration of a machine,

Bill was very proud to have worked for JCB and will be remembered by many.

New trailer safety app

New E-Control portal boosts user experience Vaderstad has launched a new integrated portal to make updated instruction manuals and QuickStart

Bill Hirst MBE – who was the third person recruited by JCB in 1947, joining as tea boy at age 14 and rising through the ranks to become director – passed away on 5th January at the age of 86. JCB chairman Lord Bamford led the tributes, saying: “Bill was very proud to have worked for JCB and will be remembered by many, many people from the early days of the company. I’d like to offer my condolences to Bill’s wife Jean and all her family at this very sad time.” Speaking on JCB’s 65th anniversary in 2010, Bill said: “I am proud to have been part of JCB – it’s been my life.”

connecting it to the tractor or setting up Isobus Task Controller in the field. The portal also enables collection of digital manuals and documentation directly in an iPad-based control system (Vaderstad E-Control). When downloading a document or media, it will be stored in the Vaderstad E-Control app, which can be accessed when working offline. The new integrated portal will be available via a free software update of the control system.

A free trailer safety towing app has been developed by Tilly Pass. By law, every employer must make sure that work equipment is maintained in efficient working order and in good repair. Inspections can range from drivers carrying out start-up safety checks before using the vehicle to regular preventative maintenance inspections carried out based on time or mileage. The Head to Tow app gives quick and easy access to manufacturers’ daily, monthly and preseason checks at the click of a button. By making this information readily available the employer and employees can more accurately identify problems which may happen while the vehicle is in use and carry out appropriate checks while developing a proper system of maintenance.





We specialise in the supply, installation and repair of all types of industrial and agricultural doors including • roller shutters • sliding doors t: 01508 813553 m: 07935 117752 • steel security doors www.sclnorfolk.co.uk • high speed doors e: john@sclnorfolk.co.uk • folding shutters Summer Cottage, Station Road, Forncett St Peters, Norwich NR16 1HZ • PVC curtains February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 11

10-11 NIBS v2.indd 11

29/01/2020 14:29


Fungicide performance under the spotlight The 2020 spring fungicide campaign is nearly upon us – and the AHDB Agronomists’ Conference provided some useful pointers for cereal fungicide performance during the previous year, including data on brand new chemistry. Dominic Kilburn writes. ADAS principal research scientist Jonathan Blake (right) began his presentation of fungicide performance in wheat (2019) with a focus on key disease septoria tritici, comparing straight products and SDHI/azole mixtures in a protectant situation (across five trials). Proline (prothioconazole) provided moderate levels of control in 2019, while Imtrex (fluxapyroxad) was a little more effective – with Mr Blake reminding delegates that, on farm, Imtrex can only be used in mixture with at least one fungicide with an alternative mode of action that has efficacy against the target disease.

Moving across to the mixture products, two standard SDHI/azoles were compared; with Ascra Xpro (bixfen + fluopyram + prothioconazole) showing a little separation from Elatus Era (benzovindiflupyr + prothioconazole) over the past year. “New product Revystar XE (mefentrifluconazole + fluxapyroxad) performed very well within these trials to the point where even a half dose of Revystar, in a protectant situation, was doing more than a full dose of either Ascra Xpro or Elatus Era. “Mefentrifluconazole is a strong new active ingredient,” pointed out Mr Blake. In mixed protectant and curative septoria trials in 2019 (across four trials), it was a similar picture but with Imtrex a little closer to Proline in overall performance, and Ascra Xpro tracking closer to Revystar in the mixtures.

even at quite low rates, providing a high level of control from what is being seen from Ascra Xpro and Elatus Era, said Mr Blake. In septoria yield trials (2019) – which he said was a tough test of product persistence – of the singles, Proline and Imtrex performed similarly. However, for the mixtures, Revystar has given an additional 0.3t/ ha yield lift compared with Ascra Xpro and Elatus Era. The same advantage from Revystar was seen in the three-year (2017–2019) yield trials, he added.

Yellow rust Mr Blake said that yellow rust in wheat was widespread in 2019 and with a large number of varieties assessed by the RL, accordingly some ratings have changed – including Zyatt from an 8 to 7, Bennington (6 to 5) and Viscount (7 to 6).

Curative activity

Wheat disease septoria.

Bravo (chlorothalonil) was also included in these trials and even at half label rate (1-litre/ha) it was providing more control than a full dose of prothioconazole and comparable efficacy to Imtrex – quite a shift in the performance of these two products, he suggested.

Mr Blake said that curative trials (2019), which focused on the lower leaves well below those that usually receive a spray, provided products with a very tough test. “In a curative situation, we don’t get a huge amount out of Proline or fluxapyroxad any more. When we look at the mixtures, Ascra Xpro and Elatus Era are tracking quite similarly and we are still seeing an advantage from Revystar,” he noted. Over three years (2017–2019), the picture is the same with Revystar,

Yellow rust in wheat was widespread in 2019.

He highlighted research work carried out in the past by his ADAS colleague, Peter Gladders, which came to the conclusion that late sowing is a factor for an increase in yellow rust in the spring. “And so, for those growers that have drilled late this season, it’s one to watch out for,” he commented. Yellow rust fungicide trials in 2019 (Terrington, Norfolk), using susceptible variety Reflection, confirmed that Bassoon (epoxiconazole) is still very active and “doing a good job” on yellow rust even at quarter or half rates. “Prothioconazole is close behind, showing good activity and is more effective than either Comet (pyraclostrobin) or Amistar (azoxystrobin) – the two strobilurins we tested in 2019. “Imtrex adds some activity to yellow rust but isn’t quite up to the same level of activity as of Amistar, Comet or the azoles,” he added.

In terms of the mixtures, Mr Blake said that Revystar adds something over Imtrex (one of the partner products it contains) but is not quite as strong as the SDHI/azoles in Ascra Xpro and Elatus Era, which both track the same path and provide good yellow rust control. “We noticed that some treatments do give us four weeks’ control of yellow rust rather than three; Elatus Era is one that is highly active and offers more persistency of control, and we see the reverse rank order in this trial for the mixtures that we saw in the equivalent septoria yield trials. “Over the three-year yellow rust yield trials, Elatus Era again stands out with its persistent control.”

Brown rust As with yellow rust, there have been some brown rust resistance score changes on the new RL, including Firefly (8 to 6) and Viscount (9 to 8), however Skyscraper and Spotlight increased their ratings from 5 to 6 and 6 to 7 respectively. Brown rust was slow to develop in 2019 following a cool spring, commented Mr Blake, and in trials featuring susceptible variety Crusoe, Comet did a reasonable job. “Proline is not very active on brown rust and while Imtrex is not good on yellow rust, it has good activity on brown rust. “Across the mixtures, therefore, anything featuring fluxapyroxad – Librax (fluxapyroxad + metconazole) and Revystar – also showed good activity in trials. “At full rate, Ascra Xpro did a decent job but it may be a case of adding something to it in high pressure brown rust situations.” Yield results broadly reflected what was seen in control trials, with Elatus Era and Revystar the leading actives on brown rust.

Fusarium Comparing Proline, Soleil (bromuconazole + tebuconazole) and multisite fungicide Unizeb Gold (mancozeb) in two-year fusarium trials, Mr Blake suggested that the latter reduced fusarium head blight quite well, while the bromuconazole (in Soleil) added to tebuconazole’s activity. Soleil’s activity on fusarium tracked closely to that of prothioconazole, he added. DON (deoxynevalenol) levels coming out of these trials were also continued over…

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n Rainfast from 1 hour n Excellent performance in challenging conditions n Short cultivation intervals n Wide range of approved label uses

Proven Effective Dependable For further information on Roundup® contact the Technical Helpline on 01954 717575. Email: technical.helpline.uk@monsanto.com Web: www.monsanto-ag.co.uk Roundup is a registered trademark of the Bayer Group. Roundup contains Glyphosate. USE HERBICIDES SAFELY. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND PRODUCT INFORMATION BEFORE USE. © 2020 Bayer Group. All rights reserved.

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Arable There are a number of products which have good activity on powdery mildew.

SDHI and azole efficacy

and T2 regular products should do enough to keep the disease in check.”


…from previous page

looked at, according to Mr Blake, who said that Proline halved the level of DON, while Unizeb Gold did very little. “Mancozeb has good activity on microdochiums but not on true fusariums. However, microdochiums can affect yield and cause headblight symptoms and so mancozeb might have a place in a T3 strategy, used in combination with other actives if targeting fusarium and microdochium. “Soleil reduced DON levels compared with prothioconazole this year, which perhaps suggests that bromuconazole is adding something additional in terms of fusarium control.”

Powdery mildew Reassuringly, Mr Blake pointed out that there are a number of products which have good activity on powdery mildew, including Proline and fluxapyroxad in Imtrex. “All of the SDHI/azoles we tested looked to be controlling powdery mildew fairly effectively, with between 60–80 per cent control from a half label rate. “Maybe powdery mildew-specific products should be considered in high pressure situations, but at T1

Turning to barley, he said that the picture seen for a long time with rhynchosporium remained the same in that there are several products with good activity, making the disease straightforward to control. Both fluxapyroxad and prothioconazole do a decent job on rhynchosporium, even at half label rate, and any products containing these two actives perform well. “Strobilurin Comet has good activity and, in the mixtures, Priaxor (fluxapryroxad + pryaclostrobin), Siltra Xpro (bixafen + prothioconazole) and Elatus Era are all also doing a good job at quite low rates. “It is reassuring that they are all working well,” Mr Blake commented. Where tan spot was seen in 2019, it was effectively controlled with a quarter dose of Proline while Siltra Xpro gave good control. Imtrex showed useful activity as well, he added. Mr Blake pointed out that prothioconazole controls powdery mildew in barley at the quarter rate, and this factor has precluded the need for any mildew specific products. “However, if there is a requirement for this then Cyflamid (cyflufenamid) is very active on powdery mildew, perhaps more so than Talius (proquinazid). Imtrex, when used, will also add activity. “Unsurprisingly, mixtures containing prothioconazole, including Elatus Era and Siltra Xpro, look very active on that pathogen.”

Net blotch Mr Blake said that the main change with net blotch is the dose rate at which good control is achieved.



Make every granule count EASY TO U SE


While it is clear that since 2003 there has been a gradual shift in the sensitivity of septoria populations to SDHIs, Rothamsted early season monitoring trials (2019) using SDHI Bixafen have shown a smaller shift than seen in previous years, explained Mr Blake. “There was a large shift between 2017 and 2018, but less so between 2018 and 2019,” he said. “Farmers certainly noticed that there was a loss of control in the field during 2019 but that may have been due to higher disease pressure. “We think that populations are now dominated by moderately insensitive strains – T79N and N86S – which are dominating but not increasing. “Of slight concern however is the H152R isolate which could possibly be increasing and is a worry for the future,” he added. Looking at Imtrex over four years (2015-2019), Mr Blake pointed out that in 2015 it achieved 90 per cent control on average from full or half label rates, and now that was closer to 60 per cent control, however there has not been a significant shift in sensitivity in the past year. Of the activity of SDHIs mixtures (2015–2019), he suggested that there has been a decline but this has been gradual. “In recent years there has been a slight separation of SDHI azoles within Elatus Era which is slightly less effective now compared with 2017.” Rothamsted early season monitoring of epoxiconazole and prothioconazole (2019) was almost identical to 2018 in that no further evolution of these azoles was seen. “This is reassuring me that we may have reached the point where the CYP 51 enzyme isn’t mutating any further and isn’t able to develop any further resistance to azoles. If that is the case, the decline in performance of prothioconazole and epoxiconazole may level off. “Prothioconazole continues to offer 35–40 per cent control in a protectant situation and if there is some stabilisation then we are hopeful it may continue to protect new chemistry going forward.”

“There are a range of actives providing a good level of control; including Imtrex, Proline and Comet, and, while mixtures Siltra Xpro and Elatus Era used to give us very good control at the half label rates or even lower, we now think that you may have to apply more to get that level of control. “We are seeing a gradual change in sensitivity of populations to SDHIs and azoles and, in high pressure situations with net blotch, there is a need to apply higher doses to maintain control. “We also see that in terms of yield, where there may be a need to apply above the half label rate to


Straightforward set-up with simple calibration



10 - 18m CAPACITY: 1300 -1850 Ltr Models

achieve an adequate yield response,” he advised. Mr Blake concluded with ramularia – a disease he said was a key pathogen in winter and spring barley and which, for now, was well controlled by chlorothalonil at quarter or half rates. For 2019 trials, Revystar was compared alongside Proline and chlorothalonil and Mr Blake said that it adds useful activity, perhaps offering an alternative to CTL once it’s gone, although unlikely at the same price as a half rate of Bravo, he suggested. “Interestingly, in the past we’ve seen less activity from Proline but in 2019 it did add some activity to ramularia control.” FG


with the Quadruple overlap spread pattern



6 - 24m CAPACITY: 1580 - 3650 Ltr Models


01872 560592

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Reduction in Reduction in ammonia loss nitrous oxide loss compared to urea compared to AN


Same yield performance compared to AN

Source: Teagasc and the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority (2013-2016), AGROTAIN速 was the brand of NBPT used in the research

See www.originfertilisers.co.uk for further details

Advanced nutrition for enhanced performance t:03333 239 230 e:enquiries@originfertilisers.co.uk www.originfertilisers.co.uk @originfert

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A new dawn for cereal disease control

A new cereal fungicide boasting greater protection of crops against septoria, as well as providing yield improvement, seems to have arrived just in time for growers and agronomists. Dominic Kilburn reports. In light of the well-documented decline in triazole efficacy against key cereal disease septoria, the imminent loss of multi-site fungicide chlorothalonil and the evolving picture of SDHI resistance, BASF’s launch of a new cereal fungicide couldn’t have come at a better time for UK growers, believes the company. Revystar XE has received authorisation on all cereal crops and, according to BASF, offers an “impressive leap” in the control of septoria in wheat over current products, while also delivering improved yields. Other diseases controlled on its broad-spectrum label include yellow and brown rust, as well as net blotch, rhynchosporium and ramularia in barley. In addition, BASF believes its product will play a key role in protecting SDHI chemistry for the future. Revystar XE is based on new active ingredient Revysol (mefentrifluconazole) and Xemium (fluxapyroxad) – the latter already found in BASF’s SDHI portfolio of Adexar and Librax. However, according to the company’s senior principal scientist, fungicide development, Dr Rosie Bryson (pictured right), Revysol – the first isopropanol azole on the market – is unique in the way it binds to the fungus, providing reliable control of all known strains of septoria. “Revysol has a flexible conformation which allows the molecule to move in lots of directions

and adapt to the binding pocket of the fungal enzyme. “When we have resistant mutations, conventional triazoles can’t ‘fit’ into the fungus, whereas Revysol can with its flexibility,” she explained. BASF head of business development, Steve Dennis (pictured right) added that Revysol’s binding power, which destroys the target fungus, is, on average, 100 times more powerful than conventional azoles, resulting in stronger efficacy. “There’s a lot of variation between fungicide binding power and Revysol binds five times as much as the nearest fungicide performance, and is a key reason why it is as effective as it is. “Septoria is an increasing challenge due to eroding triazole efficacy, a loss of actives and a more extreme climate. One thing is clear: we need higher efficacy and the control of varied septoria populations and shifted strains.”

Trials In AHDB septoria protectant trials (2017–2019), Revystar XE at halfand full-label rate demonstrated improved control over other SDHI products Ascra Xpro (bixfen + fluopyram + prothioconazole) and Elatus Era (benzovindiflupyr + prothioconazole), while a jump in yield (2019) was also seen with the same product comparisons. Trials also demonstrated very good brown rust control and yellow

rust control similar to other SDHIs. “We wouldn’t claim yellow rust control with Revystar is as good as its control of septoria or brown rust, but it is as good as other products,” said Mr Dennis. “Revystar combines the best septoria control with broadspectrum efficacy against other key diseases in wheat,” he added. According to Mr Dennis, that broad-spectrum activity is extended to the main barley diseases and importantly, he said, including ramularia. “Ramularia is a disease we need to understand more, but with prothioconazole losing its performance, Revystar, after chlorothalonil, is the best active for ramularia by a long way.”

Curative activity In addition to a high level of protectant activity against septoria, Mr Dennis pointed out that Reysol shows excellent curative activity against the disease. “To have curative activity the fungicide has to follow the disease inside the leaf and the quicker it can do this the better. Revysol has very rapid leaf uptake – in one hour it equals prothioconazole’s uptake in

one day – and the active is taken up quickly and sits just below the leaf surface where it is naturally protected against external conditions like rain, providing excellent rainfastness, or UV sunlight. “Revysol inner leaf reservoirs are formed resulting in slow and consistent distribution of the product along the leaf length, also leading to long-lasting efficacy,” explained Mr Dennis. He said that a study of farmer perceptions across the UK and Europe in the run up to the T2 timing in 2019, showed that most thought their crops looked clean as the flag leaf was coming out. “However, after leaf collection and analysis a lot of septoria was in evidence from the latent phase and many crops needed a curative treatment despite well timed sprays. “It showed that growers at T2 probably don’t realise the level of septoria they have in the crop at the time and that curative conditions are common even if the crop looks healthy,” he added.

Severe test In testing (straight) Revysol efficacy in field conditions against natural septoria infestations, as well as high densities of (flag leaf timed) inoculated DMI (triazole)-adapted septoria strains, ADAS principal crop pathology researcher Dr Julie Smith said that the product continued to provide efficacy long after the application (made five days after disease inoculation), compared with Proline. “Where 80 per cent of the flag leaf was covered in septoria, even at these pressures good control was achieved,” she commented. She added that Revysol also outperformed Proline in ADAS Healthy Area Duration (HAD) trials – a combined measurement of healthy canopy size and duration – resulting in a yield benefit. When considering the relevance of Revysol when used in combination with wheat varieties with good septoria resistance, Dr Smith confirmed that, irrespective of varietal resistance, disease pressure or septoria populations present, there is a response and benefit in continued over…

Stevens Farm, Kent – Revystar XE use 2019 Crop: T0: T1: T2: T3: Result:

KWS Lili Farm standard CTL Farm standard Ascra Xpro (0.8-litres/ha) versus Revystar (1-litre/ha) Farm standard Elatus Era (0.8-litres/ha) versus Revystar (1.25-litres/ha) Farm standard Firefly (0.75-litres/ha) + Toledo (0.3-litres/ha) An additional 0.99t/ha yield achieved from the Revystar XE-treated crop.

February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 17

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Barrie Hunt UK and Ireland Technical Manager 07308 166356

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Arable Revysol inner leaf reservoirs are formed, resulting in slow and consistent distribution of the product.

…from previous page

using Revysol. “Yield response in these trials was up in all situations following just one application at the T2 timing, and with nothing applied prior to that. “It’s an amazing yield response from an azole,” she added.

Farmer experience As part of BASF’s Real Results initiative, Kent grower Richard Budd trialed Revystar at T1 and T2 timings in a 14ha crop of KWS Lili at Stevens Farm, Hawkhurst, in 2019. He compared it with his ‘farm standard’ cereal fungicide programme. In what was a low disease year, Mr Budd said that, through much of the growing season, there was no obvious difference across the trial compared with the farm standard treatment. However, in late June to mid-July, he reckoned the Revystar trial remained greener for longer – by as much as 10 days. When it came to yield, the farm standard-treated crop delivered 13.89t/ha while the Revystar-treated plot resulted in an additional

0.99t/ha. “Because it was greener for longer, that translated into an additional 1t/ha over the farm standard,” commented Mr Budd. “If we haven’t got a green crop then we can’t accumulate yield,” he added. For 2020, he is going to start with Revystar at T1 – its curative properties able to clean up any septoria that has come through the winter – with a repeat dose at T2 depending on the season. Or, he might drop the T0 and go with an early T1 of Revystar, he suggested. “If we have a clean crop after T1 then there is the option to go with a cheaper product at T2, or to use Revystar again,” he said.


Use of multi-sites BASF says that it is fully committed to the responsible stewardship of its new active ingredient Revysol and, as such, it will be sold in formulation with Xemium. The combination of these two different modes of action ensures unique resistance management and maximises the protection of SDHIs, the company states. BASF recommends Revystar with chlorothalonil while it remains available, and the company will evaluate the ability of other multi-site fungicides, such as folpet, as resistant management tools. FG

Agronomy-focused roadshows BASF is running a series of agronomy-focused roadshows. The events will run throughout the UK until early March 2020, focusing on farmer dominated business insights and the launch of new cereal fungicide, Revystar XE. The farmers will be hosting in partnership with their local BASF agronomy manager and speakers will include soil expert, Professor Jenni Dungait, an ADAS cereal disease researcher and technical fungicide experts from within BASF. Commenting on the events, BASF’s Murielle Moille says: “The format for the roadshows is very different, at the heart of them are the 50 farmers we have been working with in field trialling Revysol on their farms. “Traditionally manufacturers take a very corporate approach to product launches which farmers have told us isn’t what they value, they much prefer hearing from fellow-farmers, particularly in challenging season like this one.” The dates and venues for the events are: 4th February Exeter Rugby Club with Mike Hambly  6th February Newport, Shropshire with Andrew Williamson  10th February Beeswax Dyson, Nocton, Lincs with Ben Abell  12th February Hop Farm, Maidstone with Richard Budd  14th February Ravenwood Hall, Bury St Edmunds with Toby Hogsbjerg and Hannah Darby  3rd March York Racecourse with Pat Thornton  5th March Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh with Andrew Booth *To sign up, go to basfrealresults.co.uk/revylution


Open the Gates to Opportunity The highest yielding Recommended Spring Barley with Full Approval for Malt Distilling and under test for brewing by the Malting Barley Committee

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Keep multi-sites in the mix The importance of using multi-site fungicide chemistry this spring was highlighted at a technical briefing prior to Christmas. Dominic Kilburn reports. With a continued reduction in the effectiveness of some triazole and SDHI fungicide products, crop protection company Adama is reminding growers and agronomists to maximise the use of multi-site chemistry in their cereal disease programmes this spring. The company says that their use is a valuable tool to manage fungicide resistance issues where key diseases such as septoria are concerned – helping to prolong the lifespan of single-site products including SDHIs, as well as providing crops with increased disease protection. This advice is particularly timely with the imminent demise of chlorothalonil; a multi-site fungicide which has been a core component of anti-resistance strategies in cereal disease control programmes for many years. Falling foul of the EU regulatory system, chlorothalonil final use-up on farm is by 20th May 2020 and, with its use on barley as well as wheat, it’s uncertain as to whether sufficient quantities will be available this spring.

Future proof Speaking at the briefing, Adama technical specialist David Roberts (right) said that while single-site fungicides are very effective, and there is also new chemistry available for spring 2020, in order to futureproof disease control it was critical that growers approached the season with a diverse fungicide programme. “It’s important to have started with cultural controls – such as choosing varieties with the highest disease resistant ratings where appropriate – and then add a diverse fungicide programme on top of that. “Use of multi-site chemistry in the programme is the best way of approaching this – and stay in a protectant situation by getting application timing spot on, keeping ahead of disease,” he added. Adama’s multi-site fungicide Arizona (folpet) is available for use on wheat and barley and comes with a maximum individual rate of 1.5-litres/ha and maximum total of 3-litres/ha on both crops. To get the biggest effect from folpet for septoria

control in wheat, and prolong the life of partner products, Mr Roberts recommends a two-spray programme (1.5-litre/ha each) at T1 and T2. “T1 is the critical timing for maximum protection although, in other seasons, when crops might be drilled earlier, then a T0 application at 1-litre/ha for early septoria is an option,” he said.

Comparisons Comparing other multi-site fungicides with folpet for septoria control, including chlorothalonil and Unizeb Gold (mancozeb), Mr Roberts highlighted ADAS trials work in 2018. Here, after a two-spray programme, folpet gave additional control over mancozeb and was comparable in performance with chlorothalonil. In 2019 NIAB trials, when used in combination with Aviator (bixafen + prothioconazole) in a two-spray treatment, Arizona delivered 12 per cent additional septoria protection compared with Aviator alone. “A range of independent trials in the past two seasons have shown why Arizona is the ideal multi-site partner for azole/SDHI mixes including an improvement in crop green leaf area and increasing yield where septoria is the driver,” he said. “And where we see yellow rust, folpet performs slightly better than chlorothalonil,” he added.

Barley Resistance problems for single-site fungicides are not limited to wheat, continued Mr Roberts, who pointed out that reduced levels of activity were being seen in key diseases rhynchosporium and net blotch. However the picture for ramularia, an increasing threat across the UK, is worse. “SDHIs and azoles are struggling to control ramularia while there is complete resistance to strobilurins,” said Mr Roberts. “There are limited options to control ramularia and so it’s very important to consider a multi-site fungicide when controlling disease in barley crops.” Although not on its label, Mr Roberts said

In order to future-proof disease control, it is critical that growers approach the season with a diverse fungicide programme, advises Adama.

trials had demonstrated that the performance of Arizona against ramularia is every bit as good as chlorothalonil and to get the best effect it should be applied at T1 and T2. “Arizona ensures crops are greener for longer, keeping ramularia off the leaves, especially when used in a split programme,” he said. Yield increases in ramularia trials were also seen from Arizona over chlorothalonil where both products were partnered with SDHI/azoles, he added. FG

Multi-site and single-site – what’s the difference? Effective control of foliar diseases such as septoria in wheat and ramularia in barley is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve due to the onset of disease resistance caused by changes in sensitivity of these pathogens to single-site fungicides. Single-site products – azoles, SDHIs and strobilurins – have one mode of action and act on individual pathways to the target fungus. Used repeatedly there is an increased risk of a fungus developing resistance. According to Adama, multi-site fungicide folpet acts on three ‘biochemical pathways’ to the target fungus, making it difficult for fungal pathogens to become resistant and therefore the product remains unaffected by sensitivity shifts, with no field resistance to the product recorded to date. The company says that a multi-site should be used in programmes to reduce the pressure on single-site active ingredients, to ensure robust, sustainable levels of disease control.

February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 21

20-21 Arable Adama (012).indd 21

25/01/2020 14:57


Remain vigilant in these uncertain times Climate variability has already played a key part this season – from mid-September to the end of the year exceptional rainfall brought the misery of floods and a virtual complete halt to winter wheat drilling for many. And there can be little doubt that it makes it much harder to forecast disease pressure.

“In Hampshire, it started raining on 20th September and, by the end of November, 330mm of rain had fallen,” says AICC agronomist Richard Cromie (right). For him, vigilance is now needed throughout the season coupled with what he terms an“appropriate response“ at all timings. “Farming is always at the mercy of the weather, but in the past you had a bit more certainty in the seasons. Usually disease built gradually but now the pressure can fluctuate from timing to timing and you need to react accordingly,” he warns. Drilling date is as much a factor as the weather, but even later drilled crops have come through mild winters with plenty of biomass in past seasons. It has fuelled septoria and more prevalent eyespot in recent seasons, and typically was treated with an azole + SDHI fungicide combination at T1 to combat early septoria pressure. This season he expects it might be a little different. Late drilled crops have sat in cold and wet soils, and early biomass is unlikely to match previous seasons. Reduced disease pressure is welcome with yields already likely compromised. “Few crops are likely to break the 10t/ha barrier. Here it might be an opportunity to trim T0 and T1 sprays, and for resilient septoria varieties an azole + CTL might suffice.”

T2 mixes With playing catch-up at T2 unlikely, further savings are possible. He sees T2 mixes being largely protectants, giving more flexibility with chemistry choices. He welcomes new actives coming to market but isn’t expecting significant eradicant

activity being needed, which is where the new products fit best. Instead, he expects an appropriate response to be Ascra (prothioconazole + bixafen + fluopyram) or Aviator (prothioconazole + bixafen) where septoria is the greater threat, or Adexar (epoxiconazole + fluxapyroxad) or Elatus Era (prothioconazole +

pressure in late drilled crops. Across much of his area, control strategies will also be complicated by the variation in wheat drilling. “If we get favourable weather in the spring by the time we get to T2 there might be little difference from previous seasons. It hasn’t been too cold so far this winter and background septoria will be there.” He also warns that the loss of chlorothalonil (CTL) will compound climate variability. Its loss strips

The best way to protect a product is not to use it.

benzovindiflupyr) where yellow rust is the primary target. But even if he needs to call upon new fungicide arrivals, it is likely to be mixed with actives such as bixafen, fluopyram and fluxapyroxad. “The best way to protect a product is not to use it, the next best alternative is not to over expose it. I’d prefer to have three or four modes of action at lower doses over robust doses of two,” he says. Brown rust is also benefitting from climate change. Mr Cromie is seeing it more regularly, although severity does vary. A lack of varietal resistance doesn’t help, nor the slip in SDHI sensitivity, but the big problem is now how rapidly the disease cycles in warm spells. “It cycles faster than any other cereal disease – research has shown a latent period as short as four days. It makes a T3 spray essential for susceptible varieties.”

Drilling variability Yorkshire based AICC agronomist Patrick Stephenson (right) cautions against underestimating septoria

away a protective layer helping to maintain a protective position throughout the season, with most of the wheat area drilled with mid to high risk varieties; only Extase and Theodore have genuine septoria resilience. Fortunately, he believes most of his customers have secured supply for this season. For those that haven’t an alternative multi-site may not be the answer. “In AICC trials we don’t see the same consistency of CTL from alternative multi-sites. We think this is a mix compatibility issue but varietal factors could play a part – typically we see stronger responses where varietal rating is low. But more work is needed.” For northern areas where crops were drilled in good time, he sees a standard four spray programme starting with a CTL based T0. But further south in his area late-drilled crops are likely to race through growth stages making the T1 call more challenging, especially for growers having failed to secure

adequate volumes of CTL. As a result, he will consider SDHI T1 rates as an alternative option. His view being that it might be better to lift SDHI rates with some varieties than include an alternative multisite to CTL. He also welcomes new chemistry and agrees there is likely to be plenty of choice with T2 options this season. “If you need some kick-back then there isn’t much choice but to reach for the most potent options. But if leaves two and three have been kept clean and the risk of transfer to the flag leaf is reduced then we have a range of good protectants. Azole activity is significantly reduced but SDHIs such as bixafen, fluopyram, fluxapyroxad and benzovindiflupyr are still working well.” Rust wise, slightly cooler conditions in his area mean the threat is mainly the yellow variety. It was more easily found last season, probably helped by mild winter weather and that the time of prime varietal vulnerability is at the juvenile stage. It’s why he feels control emphasis is on the early part of the season. “If you can keep the disease under control between GS29–GS31 then you should keep ahead of it for the rest of the season,” he says. And he advises growers not to give up on late-drilled crops. He believes there is some hope for a partial recovery and points out that November drilled crops have performed well in YEN trials. “Winter wheat isn’t as elastic as other crops but it can still recover some of the lost ground. The important thing is to make sure that there’s sufficient N in place throughout the growing season. A ‘little and often’ nutrition approach starting with something in the region of 30kg/N/ha in early February will help,” he concludes. FG

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For mixed grass and broad-leaved weed control in your winter wheat this spring New Pacifica Plus is a post-emergence herbicide ideal for spring 2020 conditions where any grass-weeds, including black-grass, brome or rye-grass, are present amongst broad-leaved weeds.

Small steps today, big rewards tomorrow

Discover more at cropscience.bayer.co.uk/pacificaplus

Pacifica Plus contains mesosulfuron, iodosulfuron and amidosulfuron. Pacifica is a registered Trade Mark of Bayer. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Pay attention to the risk indications and follow the safety precautions on the label. For further information, including contact details, visit www.cropscience.bayer.co.uk or call 0808 1969522. © Bayer CropScience Limited 2020

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Plan for early spring weed control In a normal season, spring weed control is a case of mopping up odd weeds that have come through a hefty autumn stack of residual herbicides. But 2019 wasn’t a normal year, with the autumn cereals that did get planted often receiving less residual herbicides than usual, and what was applied has been under deluge from the winter rain, making it vital that growers have an effective weed control plan for early spring. Sulfonyl urea herbicides are ‘old friends’ to most agronomists and will be more important than ever this year. They’ve been the mainstay of spring herbicide programmes for more than three decades and are often used in tank mix with Starane (fluroxypyr) or phenoxy herbicides – MCPA, mecoprop and 2,4-D – the SUs revolutionised broad-leaved weed control when they were first introduced in the 1980s. Over the past three seasons, two herbicides containing a new synthetic auxin, halauxifen-methyl (trademarked Arylex Active), from a different herbicide group (arylpicolinates) gained registration. They offer a flexible window of application for a broad spectrum of weeds but that doesn’t mean the SUs have been pensioned off, says AICC agronomist Andrew Wells (right) of Arable Alliance in Nottinghamshire. “Effectively, the success of DFF has shifted the weed spectrum over the past 25 years. The consequence is a new spectrum of broad-leaved weeds – with cranesbill, bur chervil and creeping hedge parsley proving

to be particular problems,” he says. He believes that it’s not just the chemistry that’s responsible for the shift in spring weed control priorities, it’s also the way they’re being used in the autumn. “Before resistant blackgrass became widespread, autumn weed control used to rely mainly on isoproturon, trifluralin and DFF products or mixes and this meant a broader spectrum of weeds came through in the spring. “These days we usually apply a stack of residuals in the autumn to tackle black-grass and so much goes on there’s only ‘mopping up’ to do in the spring. I don’t tend to see weeds such as speedwells, poppy or chickweed anymore,” he says.

Two key roles Andrew views the sulfonyl urea herbicides as having two key roles. One is reliable and cost-effective weed control in the spring, especially where brassica weeds are present, and the second is specifically to tackle the very competitive umbelliferous weeds that are rapidly spreading in his area. These weeds, which are readily found in verges and along

25/01/2020 15:08


OSR is part of the problem because none of the OSR herbicides control bur chervil, so the weed sneaks in.

hedgerows, started as a rarity in his Nottinghamshire patch about 15 years ago. When they first began to appear in crops it was so unusual that he sent weeds to the herbarium at University of Reading for identification and the first rogue umbellifer was found to be creeping hedge parsley. Another umbelliferous weed, bur chervil, has also become increasingly problematic in Andrew’s region. “In the past five years it’s spread rapidly and can be found on all soil types in Nottinghamshire. Some farms have it, whereas other farms don’t, and it’s not known how or why it’s spreading but it’s likely due to seed movement in something – possibly in the seed, combines or in straw,” he comments. Once they become established in a field the umbelliferous weeds spread quickly and it’s their speed of

growth in the spring that can catch you out, he warns. “They emerge in the autumn and if not controlled then they will be above the canopy by April and very competitive with the crop for light, water and nutrients.”

For black-grass because even at postemergence, every percent counts

Know the species Agrii regional technical adviser Will Foss confirms umbellifers are an increasing problem across the country but highlights the importance of knowing which species you’re dealing with. “I’m not sure why, but fool’s parsley, shepherd’s needle, hemlock etc are all becoming more regular. They all tend to be referred to as ‘wild carrot’ but it’s important to ID them accurately as herbicide products can vary considerably in terms of levels of control of the different species,” he says. FMC’s Adam Espir (pictured left) recommends Harmony M (metsulfuroncontinued over…

Where black-grass specifically is more of a concern, Monolith remains the tried and trusted specialist for effective control in the spring, and can provide a 10% increase in control compared to Atlantis® WG*.

Small steps today, big rewards tomorrow

Discover more at cropscience.bayer.co.uk/monolith

Symptoms of sulfonyl urea application on bur chervil are beginning to show a week after treatment.

24-27 Arable FMC (011).indd 25

* Bayer trials in 2012-2018. Average population when no post-em. applied = 272 heads/m2. Monolith contains mesosulfuron and propoxycarbazone. Atlantis WG contains mesosulfuron and iodosulfuron. Monolith and Atlantis are registered Trade Marks of Bayer. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Pay attention to the risk indications and follow the safety precautions on the label. For further information, including contact details, visit www.cropscience.bayer.co.uk or call 0808 1969522. © Bayer CropScience Limited 2020

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Arable …from previous page

methyl + thifensulfuron-methyl) as the preferred option for control of difficult to control umbellifers, such as wild carrot, shepherd’s needle and bur chervil. He’s been involved with the product from its early development when it was within the DuPont portfolio of sulfonyl urea herbicides and he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the weeds it controls. “In the work we’ve done, Harmony M provides the best levels of control, followed by Ally Max (metsulfuron-methyl + tribenuronmethyl). These perform better than Jubilee (metsulfuron-methyl), although this will still provide good levels of control in a competitive crop,” he says.

“It’s important to keep the rate of SU high and to treat early in the spring, between mid-March and mid-April, when weeds are actively growing. Wild carrot is easier to control than bur chervil, but timing is very important. Leaving these difficult umbellifers until T1 is too late,” he adds. Andrew agrees that thifensulfuron is the key ingredient for control of bur chervil and creeping hedge parsley in cereals and says he’s finding it’s best to apply at T0 or earlier to prevent weeds becoming competitive with the crop. “The SU label allows application from 1st February and it’s best to get on as soon as you can to control bur chervil, when there’s a bit of moisture and growth but while it’s still small. I’ve found it’s possible to use a reduced dose early under good conditions but as soon as the weed gets bigger you need to use a full dose,” he comments. Controlling the difficult

Before resistant black-grass became widespread, autumn weed control used to rely mainly on IPU and DFF, so a broader spectrum of weeds came through in the spring.

Tel: 01553-828083, sales@terrington-machinery.co.uk www.terrington-machinery.co.uk

g ide leadin s w ld r o w e e h Einböck, t supplier of machin l! e o g r n t con full-ra nic weed for mecha

umbellifers is a little trickier in winter barley because Harmony M doesn’t have approval for use in the crop, meaning alternative sulfonyl ureas have to be used, he points out. Adding a phenoxy herbicide to the SU can also boost bur chervil and wild carrot control. In FMC trials fluroxypyr or dicamba plus mecoprop-p have proven to be the best tank-mix partners, says Adam.

For the weed spectrum he’s dealing with, Andrew prefers to use MCPA, which he finds to be one of the better remaining options where SU resistant poppy are present, as well as providing extra activity on umbellifers. “Adding older hormone chemistry does broaden the weed spectrum but you need to be careful with tankmixing, and in particular avoid mixing with manganese,” he adds. FG

Finding the right sulfonyl urea Allowing bur chervil to get away can be a costly and embarrassing problem, says Thomas Channing, who helps manage Leyfields Ltd, a 1,100ha family business in Kneesall, Nottinghamshire. “10 years ago we lost a substantial area of wheat on light land to bur chervil. We had a very dry April and the weed completely took over and robbed all the moisture from the soil.” Since bur chervil first became an issue about 12 years ago, Tom and his uncle have worked with their agronomist, Andrew Wells, to find the best way to control it. Blackgrass dictates a hefty autumn dose of residual products and the only real weeds left to deal with in the spring are bur chervil and cleavers. Thomas is BASIS qualified and regularly walks the crops himself. He also does the spraying so knows exactly where he’s likely to find bur chervil in fields. “It tends to be in patches and, once it’s in a field, a clump will emerge in the same place in following years. We went through the process of finding the right sulfonyl urea and for us it’s Harmony M. By late autumn bur chervil is visible from the sprayer and we aim to control it early in the spring, before it gets going,” he says. Where timing has been unavoidably delayed, it isn’t necessarily a disaster if growing conditions are good, he adds. “We’ve had to spray when bur chervil was 50cm high and the Harmony M dealt with them well, with symptoms showing seven days after application and after two weeks they were no longer an issue. “We’re slowly getting on top of the problem, but bur chervil is still creeping into fields that it wasn’t in before,” he says. Where exactly the weed is coming from is still unknown, but Thomas suspects it may be coming in with poultry manure. “Last year we had a field which had poultry

Thomas Channing believes bur chervil has been imported in chicken manure and he earmarked seedling bur chervil in cereals during October for treatment this spring.

manure applied for the first time in a long while and bur chervil appeared for the first time. It was sprayed out in year one which means it hasn’t had a chance to complete its lifecycle, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens this spring.” Difficulties managing bur chervil in the other crops within the rotation is one of the reasons it’s so difficult to get rid of, believes Thomas. The farm grows 285ha of oilseed rape, with 350ha in first winter wheat, 147ha in second wheat and 190ha in spring barley. On the lighter land 64ha of maize is grown for AD and the remainder of the farm is split between grass and fallow/margins/wild bird covers. “OSR is part of the problem because none of the OSR herbicides control bur chervil so the weed sneaks in. We grow a lot of spring barley to help control black-grass and the crop gives us an opportunity to get rid of the weed before planting the crop because it’s an autumn germinator,” he comments. “In the wheat we have to spend an extra £12–£14/ha to control bur chervil, but we’ve found we don’t need to do anything extra for cleaver control because we’re going in with the Harmony M when the weeds are small,” he concludes.

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Korvetto® is the NEW wide-spectrum, spring applied herbicide for use in winter oilseed rape. Not only is it highly effective on a range of problem broad-leaved weeds, it provides outstanding control of key weeds such as Cleavers, Mayweeds and Thistles. Containing Arylex active, it works hard even in cool and warm spring conditions too. TM

Keep in the know

To clean up your broad-leaved weeds this spring, talk to your advisor or find out more at corteva.co.uk

corteva.co.uk/signup @CortevaUK



TP24819 Korvetto FARMERS 24-27 Arable FMC Ad (011).indd 27GUIDE.indd 1


Discover more at corteva.co.uk Technical Hotline: 0800 689 8899 E-mail: ukhotline@corteva.com USE PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS SAFELY. Always read the label and product information before use. For further information including warning phrases and symbols refer to label. Corteva Agriscience, CPC2 Capital Park, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5XE. Tel: 01462 457272. ® , ™ Trademarks of DuPont, Dow AgroSciences or Pioneer and their affiliated companies or their respective owners. Korvetto® contains halauxifen-methyl (ArylexTM active) and clopyralid.

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Arable Beware the knock-on effect from last autumn Autumn 2019 is not one that will be forgotten in a hurry and, unfortunately, its effects will continue in 2020, says crop protection company Gowan. Black-grass emergence was impacted by the very wet conditions – autumn germination can be delayed by induced dormancy in wet soil, before germinating in spring when the soil dries out. This has been confirmed by NIAB weed specialist John Cussans, who says that wet soils create anaerobic soil conditions and it is this environment which induces dormancy. “We simply do not know how much of the autumn population will be affected – there is no room for complacency,” he suggests. In addition, last summer black-grass seed dormancy was relatively high, so does that mean more spring germination anyway? Commenting on options for black-grass control in spring cereals, Gowan UK and Ireland technical manager Barrie Hunt (pictured right), says that with the exception of Avadex Factor, Avadex Excel 15G and some of the pendimethalin-containing products, the vast majority of preemergence herbicides have greatly reduced spring application rates, with individual flufenacet products being limited to rates delivering just 120g of active/ha – 50 per cent of the autumn black-grass rate.

“Both Avadex products deliver a full effective grass weed dose at all cereal drilling dates –autumn or spring. Remember Avadex Excel 15G can be used on both spring barley and spring wheat, whereas with Avadex Factor it’s just spring barley,” he says. “One of the additional benefits of both Avadex Factor and Avadex Excel 15G is the wide application window in spring barley with the option to apply ahead of drilling as well as the classic post-drilling pre-emergence slot, allowing plenty of time to get on. “With all the focus on black-grass it’s easy to forget that Avadex was originally introduced as a wild oat herbicide specifically in spring barley, and excellent control is still being delivered over 50 years later – a key tool for the early removal of this important weed. “Besides spring cereals, Avadex Factor and Excel 15G can both be used in spring linseed, under an EAMU, and are the only non-ACCase herbicides for black-grass or wildoats available in the crop,” comments Mr Hunt. “While not targeted as a broad leaf herbicide, it’s also important to remember the useful contribution from both Avadex Factor and Avadex Excel 15G to broad-leaved weed control. A wide range of species are susceptible or moderately susceptible to Avadex including speedwell, cleavers, fat-hen and knotgrass,” he added. FG

Mechanical weeders provide a flexible solution Terrington Machinery offers two imported machines for growers to control weeds mechanically; the Einböck Aerostar-Exact and Aerostar-Rotation. The company says that precise adjustment of the Aerostar-Exact’s 600mm tines is done hydraulically from the tractor cab, with 2.5cm spacing, and featuring 40 tines/m working width as standard. Support wheels are adjusted so that the weeding elements run parallel to the soil during operation – they are positioned higher (for increased soil working pressure) or lower (for less pressure). The range starts at 1.5–3.0m (non folding), 4.5–9.0m (hydraulic folding)

and 9.0–15.0m (gullwing folding). The Aerostar-Rotation is a rotative weeder – rotating working tools uprooting weeds to encourage tillering and crack hard soil crusts if required. The star wheels are mounted inclined for more effective weed control, says Terrington. The wheels effectively manage crop residues making the machine perfectly suited for mulch-tillage. The Aerostar-Rotation is also effective at low working speeds, reducing crop damage. Featuring 6.5mm thick steel tines, casted into an inclined plastic disc, each of the 50cm star wheels are suspended separately, adapting to any surface irregularities.


A step-change in oilseed rape broad-leaf weed control Farmers growing winter oilseed rape will have a new broad-leaf weed herbicide at their disposal this spring in the form of Korvetto from Corteva Agriscience. Korvetto has excellent activity on the weeds that steal yield and cause issues at harvest time, with robust control of cleavers, mayweed and thistles in particular, says the company. The herbicide has good activity on a broad range of other problem weeds including cranesbill and poppy. It contains Arylex Active – the same active ingredient used in the recently launched autumn herbicide Belkar – in formulation with clopyralid. Corteva’s oilseed rape category manager John Sellars (pictured right) said: “Even farms which apply good autumn herbicide programmes in a timely manner will usually face a late winter and early spring-germinating broad-leaf weed burden. “Korvetto will be a very good option for UK farmers because it will control many of the weeds found in oilseed rape crops as daylight hours

increase and temperatures rise.”  Corteva’s Galera (clopyralid + picloram) has played a leading role in most spring-applied oilseed rape herbicide programmes for many years. But Mr Sellars pointed out that Korvetto represents a step-change in performance over Galera.  He said: “Both contain clopyralid but Korvetto is significantly beefed up by the inclusion of Arylex – the unique herbicide molecule which is being introduced into a number of crop sectors. “The inclusion of Arylex allows farmers to cover a wider spectrum of weeds while gaining a higher level of control,” he added. The application window mirrors Galera – 1st March to growth stage BBCH50 (flower buds visible above the crop) – but the added strength of Arylex in the formulation means Korvetto also has strong activity on those familiar weeds that become visible above the crop as the season progresses. There are no following crop restrictions, and farmers are free to use Korvetto if they have applied a post-emergence herbicide in the autumn such as Belkar or AstroKerb, confirmed Mr Sellars. FG

y t












The discs are mounted at a line distance of 15cm on 1.5m sections. The inverted arrangement of these inclined mounted discs from the middle of the machine prevents any side pull movement. The Aerostar-Rotation is available in 3, 6, 9 and 12m versions. FG

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“If you want the best, you have to choose the best” 1. Unique SX® formulation

2. Faster, safer washout C




3. Broad spectrum weed control





ALLY® MAX SX® Herbicide

• Broadest tank mix compatibilities supported with the widest range of approved ALS tank mixes and sequences • Consistent quality, reliability and traceability


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Trial at Harnage Estates, Shropshire in 2019.

host of Wynnstay’s annual arable event, it’s also important the farm’s land is kept in good heart. “Using CF N-Min has been a key part of ensuring this for the last six years and helps manage the nutrient resources in terms of both the organic and bagged fertilisers applied. “In the trials in 2019, the N-Min test identified a value of 104kg N/ha, from a combination of soil mineral nitrogen (SMN) and N that would be mineralised as the season developed known as additionally available nitrogen (AAN). “Combined with 30kg N/ha already in the crop this produced a total soil nitrogen supply of 134kg N/ha. This was then used with the CF N-Calc programme, which recommended a rate of 170kg N/ha to produce a 10t/ha crop.” Both the AN and urea treatments started with a first application of DoubleTop (27N + 30SO3) in early March to provide 50kg N/ha. These then received two equal 60kg N/ha splits in the first weeks of April and May of either Nitram (Nitram 34.5%N) or urea (46%N) delivering the required 170kg N/ha in total, she explains.

Moving to a more efficient fertiliser regime Fertiliser trials at Harnage Estates in Shropshire have shown full ammonium nitrate (AN) based systems delivering 0.6t/ha more winter wheat and over £90/ha increase in margin over fertiliser costs (MOFC) compared with those containing urea. While fertiliser costs/ha remained roughly the same for the two treatments, the AN-based approach delivered 12.6t/ha with this dropping to 12.0t/ha when the crop’s final two applications were applied as urea at the same N rate. The fertiliser requirement of 170kg N/ha was identified from CF N-Min soil testing as being required by the crop to achieve its optimum potential. This was in addition to the 134kg N/ha soil nitrogen supply (SNS) picked up by the test, farm manager Doug McCowan (pictured right) explains. “We would normally apply 180–230kg N/ha with the milling wheat being at the higher end of that, but the test suggested we could go a bit lower last year. “We’ve been using CF N-Min for the last six years as we use a fair bit of sewage sludge and have a wide range of soil types from sandy loam to heavy clay, so the recommendations for achieving optimum crop performance do change from year to year. “As well as making sure we’re achieving the highest levels of Nitrogen Fertiliser Use Efficiency (NfUE), it also ensures we’re not applying too much N which is obviously not good news from an economic perspective but also importantly an environmental one.”

“The results were quite dramatic. Although both treatments had received exactly the same amount of N, those that had received this as urea produced 12.0t/ha while those receiving AN produced 12.6t/ha – 5 per cent more. “Interestingly, the crop produced 2.0–2.6t/ ha more than the target yield that the N recommendation was based on. This was principally down to the exceptional season. “Equally important was that this was produced for roughly the same fertiliser cost – £91/ha for the DoubleTop/urea system and £94/ha for the DoubleTop/AN treatment – resulting in MOFCs of £1,829/ha and £1,922/ha respectively, representing a gain of over £90/ha.” “It’s difficult to draw any other conclusions than the result was down to better NfUE achieved by AN and an overall increase in NUE, (nutrient use efficiency) by using the N-Min system to determine the soil nitrogen supply.” For Doug McCowan making better use of fertilisers is just one of the objectives of the farm in the year’s ahead. “It’s not just about making sure you get the highest yields and best economic response from your crops, it’s also essential in ensuring N inputs are used as responsibly as possible in line with environmental requirements. “We’re all on a learning curve, but trials and results like this can really help you shape what your future fertiliser strategy should be.” FG

“We’re based on a 4–5 year rotation with around 360ha of wheat, both feed and milling, 184ha of oilseed rape,120ha of winter barley plus around 30ha of potatoes and the rest made up of spring beans – although the weather probably means our spring acreage will increase this year.” Recent years have seen a move away from ploughing towards minimal cultivation, he explains. “We’re very much focused on protecting the soils and have to be pretty flexible because of the different soil types we have here. “Normally, we would only plough ahead of the barley, but this year we’ve had to do more simply to invert the soil and get something dry to drill into. “Making more use of organic matter is also key in terms of building up the soil and we carry out a ‘muck for straw’ swap with a local livestock producer which works well – plus we apply sludge cake most years.” According to CF Fertilisers’ arable agronomist Allison Grundy (pictured right), understanding more about the effects these organic sources have on soil nutrition is essential. “This is not just to ensure the optimum commercial efficiency of Doug’s crops but as the

Fertiliser trial results Harnage Estates 2019 System

Feed and milling Harnage Estates farms two separate arable operations together totalling 1,400ha with Doug’s business at Weston under Lizard, near Shifnall, contributing 680ha to this.


DoubleTop and urea DoubleTop and Nitram (AN)

Total N applied as fertiliser (kg/ha)

Total N system cost (£/ha)

Yield (t/ha)

Grain Value (£/ha)

MOFC (£/ha)

AN MOFC Advantage (£/ha)











+ 93

*Based on £160/t for wheat, £214/t for urea and £170/t for AN

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25/01/2020 15:26


Keep it simple this spring Growers still have cropping options open to them that will minimise disruption to rotations and maximise profits following the upheaval to autumn drilling experienced by many, believes a seed specialist. Keeping cropping decisions simple this spring will do much to keep profits and future plans on track despite the challenges thrown up by the recent poor weather, says KWS UK’s Kirsty Richards (right). “Many growers have been able to catch up with winter wheat drilling to some degree in recent weeks but even if you didn’t manage to get all your crop in, spring wheat could still be the best option. “Management is largely a known quantity and, in some cases, can be simpler due to reduced disease threat resulting from the shorter growing season. “The crop will also be ideally suited to the heavier land likely to be left over from the winter cropping shortfall – which could catch spring barley growers out – and, if managed properly, should have little effect on subsequent rotations. “In fact, spring wheat can actually help spread harvest workload on larger farms and avoid the handling problems that can arise with other crops as it can easily be stored alongside existing winter wheat,” Kirsty says. In addition, while many in the industry are predicting a sharp increase in spring barley planting which could drive prices down, this is not the case with spring wheat, she further points out. “It is widely accepted that wheat will be in short supply this year so you’ll be able to benefit from the higher prices and demand for the crop. “Plus, if you grow a ‘dynamic’ spring wheat such as KWS Cochise and KWS Chilham, in addition to yields approaching 8t/ha you’ll be able to take advantage of their high grain quality through Group 2 milling premiums.” Growers could also save on input costs, further enhancing the economic performance of spring wheat, Kirsty continues. “Shorter growing time means lower disease risk and potentially reduced fungicide costs too. A good application of early nitrogen to maximise tillering

and yield potential is advisable but generally agronomy and crop management are fairly simple. “Both KWS Cochise and KWS Chilham also have good stem stiffness and septoria ratings, plus both have orange wheat blossom midge resistance so that won’t be a problem either.”

Don’t dismiss spring oats Another alternative to spring barley would be spring oats, Kirsty suggests. “They like a lighter soil but you can drill them early and provided you have a good contract, they generate good returns. “WPB Elyann offers high yields and the best kernel content of any recommended varieties, plus it will be one of the first varieties to mature and is the earliest to harvest of all other listed varieties. “As well as good agronomics, it has wide market appeal and is already generating strong interest from the millers.” WPB Isabel, a variety just added to the RL for 2020/21, has lots of potential too, she recommends. “It’s similar to WPB Elyann combining high yields with excellent grain quality and impressively low screenings, but is probably a bit later to mature. “Other attributes include very stiff straw with a score of 9 without PGRs and a strong disease resistance package.”

Demand for peas With an easy fit into most cereals-based rotations and growing demand keeping prices firm, peas also offer another opportunity for UK growers in 2020, says KWS’ James Maguire. “If you’ve never thought of peas before, this could be the ideal year to do so. Both white and blue peas are in increasing demand as a valuable protein source, with new processing techniques and uses emerging alongside increasing export opportunities. “We’re probably up at 40,000ha at the moment

It is widely accepted that wheat will be in short supply this year and so growers might be able to benefit from the higher prices and demand for the spring crop.

in the UK but there’s genuine potential for this to increase for both large blue peas, which are grown mainly for human consumption, and white peas for animal feed markets. “Gross margins are very attractive for a spring crop and, production-wise, peas can be drilled as late as the end of April, which could help spread the workload this spring, with a fairly early harvest minimising disruption to subsequent rotations.” Two of the latest pea varieties are particularly suited to both new and experienced growers alike, he says. “Manager is a very high yielding white pea which does well on a range of soil types, has a strong disease resistance package, including resistance to pea wilt, and very short stiff straw making it a very robust and reliable option. “Over the last three very different years in terms of growing conditions, Manager has delivered consistently high yields with its popularity also enhanced by large seed size.” In terms of blue peas, Mankato offers the same ‘easy to grow’ attributes and performance as Manager with good colour and exceptional standing adding to its profitability, he points out. “Mankato demonstrates good colour retention compared with other large blue varieties – an important feature of such varieties as this leads to greater marketability and significantly higher premiums.” FG

- Feed where it works  1.2T hopper  Stainless steel metering units  Land wheel drive or GPS rate control  2 or 3 row models  Depth wheels control exact depth  Anti blockage system  Side skirts hold soil in bed

 01353 862 044  info@techneat.co.uk

www.techneatengineering.co.uk February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 31

30-31 Arable.indd 31

25/01/2020 15:27


Customers take time out for East Anglian dealer open days Organic vegetable producers

Open days at Thurlow Nunn Standen’s (TNS) Attleborough, Norfolk and Melton, Suffolk depots in late November and early December featured many new products from the dealer’s main franchises. David Williams attended the Melton event. One of the longest-established Massey Ferguson dealers, TNS also represents Fendt and Valtra as well as key franchises including Merlo, Kubota, Kverneland and Vicon, HM Trailers, Opico He-Va and Sky Drills, Bomford, Claydon, Sumo and Grimme. Five branches provide sales and service support across Suffolk, Norfolk and part of Cambridgeshire. The open days were an opportunity for new and existing customers to view the wide range of products and to speak with dealer and manufacturer staff regarding features and benefits of the machinery displayed. TNS regional sales manager Matt Boardley said: “The TNS Melton open day was a great opportunity for us to thank our customers for their

continued support throughout the year, and for them to meet our team. There has been significant investment in the depot recently, including a large workshop extension and new parts storage building, and those attending were able to view the improved facilities. The day was well-attended by manufacturers and customers and provided a great showcase for the brands and products we supply. The new Fendt 942 generated a lot of interest, as well as the new Massey Ferguson Ideal 9T Combine. “For TNS, 2020 will be an exciting year, with some new franchises coming on board and, of course, we will continue to invest to support our customers to the high standards they have become used to.”

Post driver generated enquiries On the Portek stand, the company’s inertia log splitter attracted attention and a new product – the Portek Post Driver (pictured) – was also generating enquiries. Powered by a 4-stroke petrol engine and capable of driving posts up to 4.5in diameter into the ground, the post driver costs approximately £650, explained Portek area sales manager for Eastern England, Morgan David (pictured).

James Foskett Farms machinery operator Alistair Smith is pictured with Valtra UK sales promotion and key dealer account manager, Andy Miller. The farming business based near Woodbridge, Suffolk specialises in organic vegetable production and invested in its first Valtra in early 2019. “I use a Valtra N174 Direct with up to 200hp available for demanding applications, but with its compact 4-cyl engine it’s incredibly manoeuvrable,” said Alistair. “We do a lot of bed work and being able to turn tight on small headlands is an advantage. The hydraulic oil supply is superb, making it ideal for hydraulic-driven implements, and its CVT transmission allows optimum travel speeds during planting and harvesting. The cab and front axle suspension provide a good ride, even on the narrow wheels, and the cab is spacious and quiet.” Alistair’s N174, which had worked 1,900 hours in the 10 months since delivery, was bought with a second Valtra – a T214 model – and both performed so well and proved so popular that another two Valtras were recently added to the fleet – both T214 models, replacing another brand.


East Anglia’s first choice for new & used tractors Attleborough

e: attleborough@tnsgroup.co.uk t: 01953 450400

3 Maurice Gaymer Road, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2QZ


e: littleport@tnsgroup.co.uk t: 01353 863038

Wisbech Road, Littleport, Cambs CB6 1RA


e: kennett@tnsgroup.co.uk t: 01638 750322

Moulton Road, Kennett, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8QT


e: melton@tnsgroup.co.uk t: 01394 382801

The Street, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1PN


e: sculthorpe@tnsgroup.co.uk t: 01328 862333

Eagle Iron Works, Creake Road, Sculthorpe, Fakenham, Norfolk NR21 9NH

Specialist Installation Division e: sid@tnsgroup.co.uk t: 01284 812060

Symonds Farm Business Park, Risby, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6RE


32 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

TNS open day (006).indd 32

29/01/2020 10:48





L E S S T H A N 1% B R O K E N K E R N E L S

We are so confident of the T-Series performance that we are challenging owners of equivalent combines to go header to header and beat the T-Series to win ÂŁ10,000*.

We believe the grain quality of the S700 is so good we guarantee you can achieve less than 1% broken grain. If not, we’ll pay you the difference in cash for the lost grain*.



*Only at participating John Deere dealers. See your dealer for full terms and conditions or visit our combine web page at deere.co.uk/BrokenGrainGuarantee

TNS open day (006).indd 33 AS22733_1_Farmers Guide.indd 1

25/01/2020 16:05 24/07/19 16:51

Machinery Various farm operations covered Members of the team from farmers and contractors Philip Liverton Ltd were at the open evening. Business development manager and machinery operator Abbi Liverton explained that the company specialises in hedge and verge maintenance, grass cutting, tractor hire, combine harvesting and all general farm operations. The family farm is at Ardleigh, near Colchester and also operates from Framlingham, Suffolk. Six Fendt tractors used include 516, 716 and 936 Vario models, and there are also several Kubota tractors used mainly for groundcare, which were supplied by TNS. A Kverneland 7f LO on-land/in-furrow plough was purchased from the dealer following a demonstration three years ago. A Kverneland fertiliser applicator is used, and cultivations are carried out by a Sumo Trio, also supplied by the dealer. Pictured (l-r): Machinery operator Rob Greenacre; Abbi Liverton; Philip Liverton; and Kverneland area sales manager Don Campbell.





Members of the Thurlow Nunn Standen team at the Melton open day.

Flexibility, Versatility Second to None

*Applicable to both new and refurbished driers purchased on our open days. Full T&C apply – available on request.

MASTER FARM SERVICES (GB) LTD Bures Park, Colne Road, Bures, Suffolk CO8 5DJ


Perfect for Deer Fencing MAXIMUM IMPACT including the strainers !

HOME OF THE MASTER DRIER Over 40 years experience and knowledge Over 3,500 drier installations Unrivalled range of mobile and static driers Capacities from 10 to 56 tons Full automation and PTO drive options

Complete range ofgrain ancillary equipment Full and comprehensive manufacturers warranty for 3 YEARS after purchase Hire and refurbished options available Full after sales, parts and service back up

Call us on: 01787 228450 Email: enquiries@masterfarm.co.uk


A Model to Suit Every Application Telephone: WRAG 01889 590275 Email: sales@wrag.co.uk Web: www.wrag.co.uk

34 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

TNS open day (006).indd 34

28/01/2020 10:44

Excellent service received Farmer and contractor Mark Ellis says the excellent service he receives from Thurlow Nunn Standen is one of the main reasons his business remains loyal to the Massey Ferguson brand. Trading as DAF Ellis & Partners and based at Upper Layham, near Hadleigh, Suffolk, Mark runs the business with his son-in-law who is also a partner, and employs one additional machinery operator during harvest. Three Massey Fergusons are operated, including two 7726 models and a 7720, all of which were purchased recently

replacing two similar 7726 tractors and a 7620. “My father bought a grey Ferguson in 1958 and since then we have always had at least one Massey Ferguson,” he explained. “Our tractors average 800 hours per year, and are usually updated every three to four years. They hold their value well, are reliable and we enjoy using them. “Nothing is too much trouble for the TNS team – when a hydraulic pipe failed recently, the tractor was working again within 90 minutes.”

Popular heavy-duty mower Major area sales manager for southern England and Wales, James Cox is pictured with a Major Cyclone heavy-duty mower, which he explained is particularly popular with TNS customers. “They are available in 2.0–6.3m working widths and require far less power than a flail, offering savings of up to 25 per cent,” he said. “With contrarotating blades they give a good finish and spread cut vegetation evenly.”

Service team always available Farmer Gerald Western (below right) is pictured with TNS sales representative Tom Miller and one of the Fendt tractors displayed. Gerald’s family farm is at Brundish, Suffolk, and he also provides a contracting service locally. Three Fendt tractors used include a 930 Vario which was new in February 2019, a 724 Vario which was purchased four years ago, and there is also an older 820 Vario which has clocked up more than 10,000 hours. “We bought our first Fendt 926 in 1990, and have used the brand since then,” explained Gerald. “Anything else we have tried just doesn’t compare to the Fendt for the smoothness and efficiency of the transmission, and

TNS open day (006).indd 35

I know that neither of our two main operators would want to move away from the brand. “The back-up from TNS is very good and we know that the service team is always available when we need them, and if faults occur they are diagnosed and corrected quickly.”

28/01/2020 10:45

Did your maize harvest look like this?

PÖTTINGER can help to keep your next harvest clean and productive AEROSEM 3002 ADD combination air drill „ „ „ „

PCS – Precision Combi Seeding – Integrated planting of maize DUPLEX – Twin maize row seeding, increasing spacing for more light giving yield benefits IDS – Intelligent Distribution System – Remotely controlled independent row shut off Undersow grass at the same time as drilling your maize, helping to protect your soil

0% Finance available on the full POTTINGER tillage range. PÖTTINGER Finance available to business users only. Subject to terms and conditions. Details upon request. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority only in respect of agreements regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Alois POTTINGER UK Ltd, T: 01536 272220 info.uk@pottingeruk.co.uk, www.pottingeruk.co.uk

Farm Business, Fleet & Agri Motor Trade Insurance Specialists

GREENLANDS Committed to Service and Price

Connect with us...

@GreenlandsIns Visit

Greenlands Insurance Services Ltd work to provide a friendly and complete brokering facility for agricultural insurance risks. This approach complements a broad range of associated products and services, each of which is tailored to meet the ever-shifting needs of our clients both existing and new.


Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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25/01/2020 16:21

News  Pictured at Lamma are members of the R W Crawford team (l-r): Colin D’Arcy-Burt; Nunzio Rio; Hannah Kelsey; Tom Kerr; Carl Goff; Dave Redford; Steve Baker; Tim Osborne; James Robson; David Elliott; Andy Pask; Graeme Thow; Wes Crawford; plus Mark Ormond of Manitou UK; and Peter Smyth of Manitou UK.  

(l-r) R W Crawford sales manager Nunzio Rio; Manitou UK sales director Peter Smyth; R W Crawford managing director Wes Crawford. 

New dealer appointments for 2020 Manitou UK has announced a number of key dealer appointments from January 2020. R W Crawford Agricultural Machinery Ltd (Crawfords) is a well-established AGCO dealer covering Essex, Kent, Sussex and East Hampshire. The company takes on the Manitou Agricultural product range at all three locations, in Chelmsford, Billingshurst and Ashford. Additionally, Crawfords has agreed to work with Suffolk Agri Centre near Bury St Edmunds as a sub-dealer responsible for all sales, and after-sales support in the county of Suffolk. All four branches attended extensive sales and service training

courses at Manitou during December 2019 to ensure they are ready to support customers from January 2020. Spare parts and whole-goods stock was delivered during the first week of January. Manitou UK managing director, Mark Ormond, said: “Manitou is delighted to announce the appointment of R W Crawford. The Manitou brand will nicely complement the Fendt, Massey Fergusson and Valtra brands already promoted by this highly professional dealer.”

Speaking to Farmers Guide at Lamma ’20, Crawfords managing director Wes Crawford said: “Manitou is a respected quality brand offering the performance and reliability our customers demand. There are models to suit all types and sizes of agricultural enterprise which means it’s ideal for our operating area, and it will complement the quality brands we currently represent. There is great excitement throughout our sales teams at the

opportunities this gives us to cater for the needs of new and existing customers.” Other dealership appointments by Manitou UK include Glyn Lloyd & Sons, covering Agricultural and Construction in north Wales, and Ryan Martin Ltd, focusing on Compact Equipment Product in mid-Wales. FG

ESSEX: 01245 322733 KENT: 01233 714123 SUSSEX/HANTS: 01403 330030 info@crawfordsltd.co.uk

We are your new Manitou dealer! www.suffagri.co.uk


ealers We are now Manitou D now mo for Suffolk – Book a de 70315

New & Used Sales |Servicing |Parts Sales

Phone David Eley 07768 007528


Pakenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 2JS

01359 232155 • Email: office@suffagri.co.uk February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 37

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27/01/2020 16:35



PRODUCT RANGE › Hedgecutters › Firewood › Log Splitters › Agricultural › Forestry › Flails › Excavator Attachments › Firewood Grapple › Saw Attachments › Remote Control Mowers


› Used Machinery › Rotor Balancing › Spares



› Agriforest Log Grab

› Lipa HD Excavator Head

t 01789 763958 • f 01789 400330 • m 07836 589699 • e sales@joeturnerequipment.co.uk • www.joeturnerequipment.co.uk



The Precision Cultivator The Vario is used as a primary cultivator to achieve a true one pass finish 8M working length produces an optimum mix of soil and crop residue 8 rows of tines with 130mm spacing Working depth 2-18cm Equipped with easy shift on the move depth control Available in 3m, 4m, 4.8m, 5.7m & 7.5m working widths Samagri Ltd - Manor Court Store, Scratchface Lane, Herriard, Basingstoke, RG25 2TX - 01256 384208 - samagri@btconnect.com

38 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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25/01/2020 16:34


Long-standing employee takes over engineering company Dave Baverstock spoke to Farmers Guide about his new role at the helm of PHR Rayne, where he has worked for more than 25 years. Having begun life in the agricultural industry as a farm worker in his teens, Dave Baverstock (right) joined PHR Rayne as a farm mechanic/ engineer in 1994. After more than two and a half decades with the company, he is now the new owner. Commenting on the takeover, he says he is feeling a mix of “fear, apprehension and excitement”, but adds: “I knew if I didn’t take over, the business would disappear and our customers were keen to see it stay with the people they knew. It’s still a family business as one of my sons has come on board as a director and we work side-by-side.” Dave says he has seen many changes at PHR during his time with the company. “When I started, the basic stock tractors were just 110hp,” he explains. “Now they are much bigger – the largest I’ve worked on recently was a massive 400hp. Everything has grown in size, including farms. Smallholdings have gradually been taken over by contracting firms. “The dynamics of the sales process has changed, as we sell less but the numbers are up as the equipment is bigger and better equipped to do the job. Nowadays, manufacturers are reacting to the needs of the customer and not so much bespoke engineering is needed, but we still find we have to adapt and adjust some items to meet the client’s needs.” Dave is looking to stay true to the company’s roots and is not planning to make significant changes, but rather to establish the business as the go-to provider for service and sales, reinforcing the message that it is stable and able to meet local agricultural needs. Looking ahead to the next five years, he says it will remain a family company – local and personal. “We have a good relationship with other dealers and like working alongside them, rather than trying to be their competition. If we expand, it will be purely to satisfy the customer needs with an extra engineer or office staff to keep the business running smoothly.”

He says the team are not afraid to take on a challenge. “If we can’t do what the client needs, we work with other local companies to get the job done. “We are a Fendt specialist and though I have worked on most

farm equipment, I have a special place for Fendt in my heart,” he adds. “They offer a complete package for the client. We can adjust a piece of equipment for bespoke engineering, or rebuild the Dave’s son Jamie has joined the company as a director, keeping it true to its roots as a family company. engine etc.” FG


Distributed by


Subsoil, cultivate and consolidate all in one pass

AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS The Combi-Disc brings together subsoiling and disc elements in one frame and HE-VA’s clever design allows all the components to be adjusted hydraulically on the move. • Subsoiling legs - restructure soils to 16” (40cm) deep. • Optional Stealth, low disturbance legs and points. • Long leg stagger - reduced soil squeeze means lower HP requirement.

Rolls + Shattaboard

Front Press

Disc Roller Contour

Euro Tiller

• Shearbolt or hydraulic auto reset leg protection. • 510mm discs - cut and mix to 5” (125mm) deep. • 600mm or 700mm single or 600mm twin V profile press roller - weather proof consolidation. • Hydraulic leg and disc depth adjustment - on the move. • Mounted and trailed models - Working widths 2.75m - 5.25m.

OPICO Ltd.OPICO 01778 ask@opico.co.uk www.opico.co.uk Ltd.421111 Tel: 01778 421111 Email: ask@opico.co.uk Web: www.he-va.co.uk

Profit from our knowledge

February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 39

36-39 News.indd 39

27/01/2020 16:40


New products on display Positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors confirmed that Lamma at its new undercover Birmingham NEC venue continues to be preferred to the previous outdoor arrangement. There were hundreds of new products to view, many fresh from their launch at Agritechnica a few months before. David Williams reports. Straw pelletising Krone’s Premos straw processor featured alongside the latest forage harvesters, mowers and balers. The Premos is designed for field use – collecting straw, hay or alfalfa from the swath and pelletising it in one operation, or stationary in the yard where baled material can be processed into pellets throughout the year. “Trials are continuing to establish the optimum conditions for operation,” explained Krone marketing manager James Duggleby. “There are many possible applications including producing feed, bedding and biofuel, and we believe that most potential users would operate in the field during and after harvest where conditions allow, then use the Premos stationary for the rest of the year, making the most of its potential output and the investment. As well as being available to purchase we believe many users will prefer to contract-hire, with seasonal maintenance included. We hope to have a demonstration machine in the UK this summer, and then take orders from early 2021.”

Push-off shear grab Albutt general manager Tom Worthington is pictured with the company’s new SK250HX Push-off ShearKing. It's designed for wheeled loaders and larger telehandlers in response to demand from potential customers including AD plants, and larger dairy units using robotic feeders. “We had push-off rakes previously, but this is the first on a shear grab,” explained Tom. “Push-off emptying makes filling large hoppers easier, without the need for toe-tip buckets, and for robotic feeding it provides clean blocks which are easily handled. Construction is from Swedish steel and the price is approximately £10,000, including brackets.

Twin-hopper distributor New products from Techneat included a twin-hopper Autocast distributor, shown for the first time. Using a twin hopper to supply a single metering unit ensures improved application of mixtures, explained the company, particularly where seeds have different sizes and densities. The new version has been designed in response to growing demand for seeding cover crop mixes, or slug pellets with oilseed rape seed.

Pictured with the Perkins engine are (l-r) service instructor Paul McKenna, engineer Joe Fellows and parts sales representative Richard Clubley.

After-sales service Main focus on Perkins' stand was after-sales service and promotion of genuine parts. A competition running throughout the event involved engineers stripping a 3-cyl Perkins 403 engine, replacing the pistons, then rebuilding the engine in the fastest possible time. At the time of Farmers Guide’s stand visit late on the first day; the fastest time recorded was just over nine minutes.

40 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

LAMMA Review.indd 40

25/01/2020 17:11



RETAIL FINANCE 0+4 Annual Payments @ 0% First Payment June 2020 Business users only, terms and conditions apply. *Offer available until 31st March 2020

For more information on the C9306 and the entire Deutz-Fahr combine range visit deutz-fahr.com or call 01788 891892 *Terms and Conditions Finance for business purposes only. Promotion valid until 31st March 2020. Subject to acceptance and affordability checks. Applicant must be 18 or over. Available on new equipment only. The finance products offered under these promotions are hire purchase and finance lease. For hire purchase, first payment, full VAT and a documentation fee of £100 are all due on signing. An option-to-purchase fee of £100 (including VAT) will be collected with the final payment. The customer will own the machine when all payments have been made. For finance lease, VAT is due with each rental payment and the customer will not own the equipment at the end of the agreement. A documentation fee of £100 plus VAT will be collected with the first rental. Alternative finance options are available. Terms and Conditions apply. Annual admin fee of £40 plus VAT. The offer is subject to a maximum balance to finance of 50% (based on RRP). SDF Finance is a trading style of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions. Finance provided by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Limited, Northern Cross, Basingstoke, RG21 4HL. Registered in England No. 901225. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Images are for illustrative purposes only. To find you nearest dealer visit deutz-fahr.com or call 01788 891892

is a brand of

SDF Farmers Guide - Combine Advert A4_01_20.indd 1 LAMMA Review.indd 41

20/01/2020 25/01/2020 09:50 17:13

Review Reduced surface movement

Members of the Opico team are pictured (l-r): Oakbank Game & Conservation director Ian Gould, Mike Burley, Karen Dowie, Nick Rider, Joe Redman, Richard Amphlet, Sky Agriculture technical sales manager Fabien Desportes, James Swann, Colin Grigor, Glenn Bootman, David Mein, Charlies Bedforth, Angus Steven, Helen Selkin, He-Va production director Heine Christiansen, Alex Smith, David Day, Dominic Burt, Robin Immink, Maschio export area manager Carlo Facchini, and Walter Jolly. Missing from the photo, but busy throughout the show was Opico managing director James Woolway.

New on the Opico stand was the He-Va Stealth cultivator. Its operation includes ultra-low disturbance soil loosening, and the company describes it as ideal for those using min-till or no-till crop establishment regimes, relieving mid-depth compaction and improving aeration and drainage, nitrogen availability and root growth. Scalloped, straight leading discs cut through trash, vegetation and top soil, and are followed by legs staggered in two rows for efficient residue flow. Leg spacing of 500mm is standard but can be adjusted to 450 or 550mm to suit differing conditions. The Stealth points have 120mm wings and cast steel tungsten points. Maximum working

depth is 300mm and hydraulic depth control is available from the tractor seat. As well as being ideal for reduced tillage regimes; Opico points out that the Stealth is suitable for soil loosening in conventional cultivations. The new Stealth subsoiler is available in mounted 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 5.0m working widths and trailed 6.0m and 7.0m versions. Opico is also offering Stealth conversion kits consisting of legs and points to fit existing He-Va subsoilers and Combi-Discs.

Easily more versatile Further updates on Opico’s stand included the Sky EasyDrill, which retains its successful established seeding system but incorporates features improving versatility and making it more user-friendly. The EasyDrill is suitable for establishment regimes including no-till, min-till, direct into cover crops as well as conventional cultivation systems. The latest 20-series version has the option to include up to four separate hoppers, with grain and fertiliser main tanks as standard, but with the possibility of adding one or two additional pro-hoppers, allowing seed, fertiliser, companion plants and crop protection products to be placed in one pass. All-new electrics include the Quartz 8000 control box which is capable of looking after all four metering units. Variable-rate seeding from all four hoppers is possible. Isobus compatibility is standard. E-Drive Premium is an option allowing electronic shut-off of each outlet, as well as left and rightside section control. This also improves integration within any tramline spacing regime as the user only has to enter the farm’s sprayer or spreader width, and the drill then calculates and adjusts the seed rows automatically.

Connected weather Sencrop promoted its connected weather stations, of which more than 8,000 are installed across Europe. Since launching in the UK in early 2019, it has already supplied more than 350 units here, too. “Our weather stations are accurate and reliable,” explained UK Pictured are (l-r): UK business manager Frederick South; sales support manager business development assistant Genevieve Baumann; Victoria Nicol. “They are UK business development manager Harry Atkinson; professional quality, easily area sales manager Germany Daniella Moll; events coordinator Jeanne Longueville and UK sales support and quickly installed and manager Victoria Nicol. through a cost-effective subscription service the weather data which is stored in a ’cloud’ is available to the station owner, and any other authorised users from anywhere with a data connection.” Victoria explained that the ease of accessing the data is popular, making it convenient for several farms to share information from one station, or to pool information from multiple stations. Cost of the company’s Ag-Weather Rain Station, including rainfall gauge, temperature and humidity sensors – as well as the first year’s service subscription and delivery – is just £570. Ongoing subscription cost is £150/year and battery life is approximately four years, with replacements costing £30. 

Strengthened fork A new ProAg folding fork was displayed for the first time by Strimech, and generated enquiries mainly from agricultural contractors – although there was also interest from export markets. The new fork is available in 14ft and 18ft versions, and incorporates strengthened pivot points and hydraulics. A new buck-rake is also due to be launched this year at the Grassland Event. “Capacities are only going one way and as a manufacturer we have to help our customers by matching our products to the demand,” explained managing director Justin Blades.

Capacities are only going one way and as a manufacturer we have to help our customers by matching our products to the demand.

42 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

LAMMA Review.indd 42

25/01/2020 17:16

Try it. We dare you.

THE MODERN McCORMICK. A POWERFUL STATEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY. The modern McCormick tractor range can be found at 50 dealerships across the UK and Ireland, from John o’Groats to Cornwall and beyond. The range consists of 60 models organised into 15 family groups with horsepower spanning from 44 to 310, and lift capacity from 1.2t to 12t. You might not have noticed, but a lot has changed in the last 5 years, including our tractors. Join countless others and book your demo today:


McCormick is a trademark of Argo Tractors S.p.A.

mccormick.it February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 43

LAMMA Review.indd 43

25/01/2020 17:18

Review Cost-effective alternative On the AgriArgo stand new models from Landini were displayed. The new High Clearance (5 HC) version of the Landini 5 series tractor replaces similar machines based on the superseded 5D series. Compared with previous Landini high clearance tractors, the 5 HC machines have a new more spacious cab, increased oil flow for the steering and main hydraulics, and a slightly longer wheelbase. There is also a new power unit – a 3.6-litre Deutz four-cylinder engine using just a diesel oxidising catalyst (DOC) to meet current emissions requirements, which replaces a 3.4-litre Perkins motor that also required a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for emissions control. With just under 700mm clearance below its axles, and capability to carry sprayers with capacity up to 3,000 litres between the front and rear linkages, the high-clearance There is growing interest for mechanical Landini 5-115HC is a practical alternative to expensive self-propelled sprayers, weeding too, as the high-clearance model pointed out AgriArgo UK managing offers advantages including reduced crop director Adrian Winnett.

damage later in the season compared to conventional tractors.

New X7-series flagship Also new on the AgriArgo UK stand was the McCormick X7.240 with up to 240hp available, and due to replace the current X7.690 as the series flagship later in 2020. “McCormick sales were up 20 per cent last year compared to the previous year,” explained managing director Adrian Winnett. “We have a superb dealer network now and a range of great tractors and are keen to maintain this growth. Our X7 series is most popular, and part of its success has been the wide range of precision farming options and efficiency aids we now offer. We have partnered with TopCon as our main solutions provider, but for farms already using alternative systems our tractors offer excellent compatibility.”


b-soilers on d Essex-based J Br isplay ock & So Brock-Ag sub-so ns exhibited at the event, dis playing its own ilers, and cultiva tion machinery Farmet range, from for which it is th e main importe the r.

Our X7 series is most popular, and part of its success has been the wide range of precision farming options and efficiency aids we now offer. d Lozova UK importaser ndquip exhibite rs, UK-b ed La is a set ye d ra re sp tu of Pic e r. ng n ra porte from Alongside its ow ment, for which it is the UK im g din ten ex nge cultivation equip y-duty disc harrows, from a ra inter-row cultivator. av an d he t an ca w Du rro of 6m rotary ha on show was a 2.5–16.5m. Also

Members of the Manitou team (l-r): Richard Felton; George Stanhope; Craig Dicker; Richard Brocksopp; Peter Smyth; Neil Johnston; Glyn Wallace, Jason Davis, Colin D’Arcy Burt, Chloe Tapp, Mark Ormond, Camille Rouvrais, David Clark and James Hulme.

Telehandler preview A preview of Manitou’s new compact MLT420-60H telehandler (pictured right) created considerable interest. It is ideal for traditional farm buildings where space is limited, but can lift up to 2,000kg, has 4.35m maximum lift height and 2.65m maximum reach. Total length is just 3.64m, it’s only 1.49m wide and overall height is from just 1.97m.

Manitou’s new

compact MLT42

0-60H telehandle


44 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

LAMMA Review.indd 44

25/01/2020 17:23


5SERIES / 6H landini.it/en

VERSUTILITY RANGE. THE LANDINI UTILITY TRACTORS. The Landini 5 and 6H Series tractors are versatile machines able to tackle any farming job, from land work to the cattle shed. With 100 to 126 HP engines, advanced hydraulics and a broad range of transmissions and front axles, they come fitted with our premier 4-pillar cab for superior visibility and comfort in all conditions. This range interprets the Landini �versutility� concept effortlessly, with an ultra-high level of customization for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Landini is a trademark of Argo Tractors S.p.A.

40-59 LAMMA Review.indd 45

27/01/2020 11:53


Front Cutter from BULLOCK TILLAGE

Quality and Versatility

Lowlander ® Manure Spreaders 3 Year Warranty | Details available upon request

Twin Vertical Auger TVA | 6 – 40 tonnes

Horizontal Beater & Spinning Disc HBD | 8 – 40 tonnes Tel: + 44 (0) 1362 860352


designed to cut and destroy cover crops and harvest residue. Available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 metre hydraulic fold working widths

Prices start at

£5,800 plus vat

Office: 01684 310112 Nigel : 07850 825980 Ross : 07815 110529 email: info@bullocktillage.co.uk

bunning spreaders

Bullock Tillage • Danemoor Farm • Malvern • Worcestershire WR13 6NL


SPREADING TECHNOLOGY Dribble bar systems from Vogelsang are well-known for their nutrient-efficient, ground-level application with the highest distribution accuracy. This is only possible because of robust frame structures, variable management of part-width sections and an optimised hose layout. Vogelsang’s dribble bar systems also provide innovative customised solutions and include the most reliable and compact precision distributors with a coefficient of variation less than 5 percent. vogelsang.info


LAMMA Review.indd 46

25/01/2020 17:33


Most photographed machine On the Fendt stand, the new Ideal 10 flagship combine was one of the most photographed machines at the show. With 790hp, Fendt’s Dual Helix processor, and a total concave surface area of 4.54m2, the Ideal 10 offers performance and output to suit the largest farms and contracting operations. Ensuring the best possible view of the header, the Ideal 10 also comes with IdealDrive, with a steering joystick on the left armrest replacing the conventional steering wheel. at the Fendt stand s displayed on the show ip combine wa to sh rs ag ito fl vis 10 th al wi pular The new Ide d proved very po Lamma 2020 an

Narrow tractor A new small fruit tractor was displayed by Deutz-Fahr. The 5115DF TTV has 4wd and comes with six-mode, four-wheel steering. Crab and conventional front wheel steering can be selected, and a handy trailer mode adjusts steering response to improve manoeuvrability in tight working areas. The cab has a flat floor for maximum comfort, the engine produces 113hp and a 100-litre/min hydraulic oil supply ensures there is plenty of flow for high performance attachments. The new 5115DF TTV is also ideal for transport tasks with a maximum 40kph travel speed. Deutz-Fahr product specialist David Jefferson is pictured with the new tractor.

Split-screen on offer for trailer safety A new split-screen display with images from two cameras was announced by Trailer Vision. “AgriVue was developed in response to customer requests, and priced from only £195 we have been inundated with enquiries during the show,” explained technical support manager John Foster (pictured). John said the company’s Yard Vue static security cameras are also in high demand with images available to view from anywhere with a data connection. The units

are waterproof, come with an SD card to store images, feature infra-red night vision and have built-in PIR movement sensors. The camera connects to the internet through Wi-Fi, and there are no ongoing subscription costs. Prices are from just £75.

Smart and narrow Star attraction on Valtra’s display area was a T234 Direct tractor (pictured), with Valtra Unlimited Studio options including black rims, black wheel weights, full LED light package and dark interior, and finished with a unique colour wrap. Also displayed in the UK for the first time was Valtra’s new F-series vineyard and orchard tractor, which is available to order this spring. F-series models are available with 75–105hp, and range from 1.3–1.5m wide but have a spacious and comfortable cab with heating and air conditioning standard. Transmission is 24-speed powershift with mechanical or hydraulic forward/reverse shuttle. Futuristic technology promoted by Valtra on its stand included SmartGlass. This allows essential operating information to be displayed in the centre of the front screen so the user can monitor performance without looking away from the forward view. The display is customisable to suit the operator and task and will be available later this year.

Only British plough

Low cost trailers

Agri-Hire manufactures the Hubert plough at its Suffolk base. Latest versions include an all-new headstock fabricated from British steel rather than the previous cast headstock. “This has enabled us to improve the design and increase its strength,” explained managing director Tim Hubert. “Everything except the wearing parts is made at our Suffolk base and as well as superb strength and build quality we offer something British-made, which is appreciated by farmers.” Tim is pictured with the Hubert plough, and his son Charlie who was assisting on the stand.

On the Agri-Linc stand a competitively priced grain trailer from its own Proforge range created interest. The Proforge trailer comes in 12, 14 and 16t versions, all supplied standard with commercial axles and running gear. Manual or hydraulic tailgates, rollover sheets and sprung drawbars are all available as upgrades. The display trailer was a 14t model, with hydraulic tailgate, sprung drawbar and flotation tyres, priced at £14,450. February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 47

LAMMA Review.indd 47

25/01/2020 17:34

Review Controlled distribution

Cost-effective innovation

Vogelsang has added a new dribble bar applicator to its range, suitable for mounting to the rear of a tanker, or behind a tractor as part of an umbilical cord application system. UK sales manager Sion Williams explained that demand for low-cost slurry application solutions is growing as farmers seek alternatives to conventional splash plate applicators which are expected to be banned soon. The Uni-Spread is available in 6.0, 7.5, and 9.0m versions, with a 12.0m model due to be added later. All come with Vogelsang’s Drop Stop anti-drip system which reduces the chance of slurry dripping on the road during transport. Slurry is supplied through ExaCut ECL or new ECQ distributors. Trailing shoe applicators are an option.

Bullock Tillage displayed new implements including a hydraulic arm-mounted seeder unit for its conventional compact discs. Nigel Bullock is pictured with the new seeder and explained that with 1.5t lift capacity the mounting arm is suitable for carrying a variety of attachments. “The mounting arm can be raised and lowered hydraulically allowing filling of the seed hopper at ground level and saving time over alternatives which require a tractor loader or handler to fill,” he explained. “We have added the seeder to our options list because of increasing requests by customers for a means of establishing small seeds and particularly cover crops. With many growers keen to ensure ground cover throughout the year and avoid bare stubbles we expect it to prove popular.” Displayed on the stand, the 3m discs are priced at £8,500 and the seeder, complete with GPS-governed rate control, brackets, frame and a selection of three metering rollers adds £3,900.

Header moves made easy Abrey Agricultural is the UK importer for Ziegler products, including a wide range of high specification combine header trailers. Managing director Toby Abrey said that Ziegler trailers are available for any make and model of combine and that more than 100 were supplied by his company last year. A four-wheel steering option helps navigate tight field entrances and narrow lanes, and is specified for most trailers for headers of 25ft and wider. “Once a customer sees it in action, then it’s usually selected for a new trailer,” explained Toby. As well as header trailers, Abrey Agricultural is also experiencing growing demand for Ziegler cultivation equipment, and a selection was displayed at the show. “The HD cultivator leaves a plough-press type finish and we sold a large number last year,” added Toby.

Semi-automation The Profitable Farming Company displayed new products including low-cost, Semi-Automatic Applicators for balers, forage harvesters, forage wagons and crimping equipment. The High Volume Crimping Applicator (pictured) consists of a 200-litre tank (also suitable for coupling to additional tanks for greater total capacity), a 12-litre/min gear pump, manual or automatic control options, and the ability to set an application rate per tonne of produce. The High Volume Inoculant Acid Applicator has a similar specification but is available with an optional wireless control system.

Effective solutions Among new products displayed by APV were a new liquid fertiliser applicator and a spring-tine mechanical weeder. The LF600M1 fertiliser applicator mounts on the front of the tractor or is also suitable for mounting on the rear of nearly all tillage implements. It has a 600-litre capacity and delivers liquid through up to 48 solid stream or flat jet nozzles. Application rates up to 20-litres/min are available and the control box allows precise speed-regulated application rate control, as well as headland management with manual or automatic control. The mechanical weeder VS has been available previously in Europe, and is now part of the line-up available in the UK for the first time. Innovative hydraulic-adjustable spring tensioners control tine operating pressures to optimise performance in a wide range of conditions. Austrian-based APV supplies its products through a growing UK dealer network of which there are 12 currently.

Versatile appeal Launched in 2017, CEAT Specialty Tyres continues to grow and gain market share throughout Europe and in the UK, was the message on UK distributor Nordic Tyres’ stand. CEAT offers an expanding line-up of radial tractor and implement tyres in an increasing range of sizes, manufactured at its state-of-the-art factory in India. Nordic Tyres is one of the UK’s largest specialist agricultural tyre wholesalers and managing director Alan Lindsay explained that the CEAT brand is complemented by Nokian radial flotation tyres for which it is also the UK importer. Its range includes the new Nokian Ground King hybrid tractor tyre. 48 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

LAMMA Review.indd 48

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MAXIMISE YOUR EFFICIENCY WITH THE NEXT GENERATION OF TRAILER The Ktwo Roadeo Compact & Push Trailer – up to 40% extra capacity through compaction.

www.ktwo.co.uk +44 (0)1844 299290

February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 49

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25/01/2020 17:41

Did your drier let you down this harvest?

If so, then make sure you have it serviced ready for 2020

We have a huge range of burners & spares in stock Service of oil fired burners spares or repairs Alvan Blanch • Allmet • Carier Svegma • Farrell • Bentall Wilder • Vertec • Turner Tornum • Turbodan

Ziegler’s DISC MASTER cultivators offer UK farmers the speed and efficiency of cultivation they demand, in machines that is easy to use and maintain. All features at a glance:

UK sole importer

• Models from 3m – 7m

24 Hour call out during Harvest

• Choice of disc designs • Six options of rear roller • Optional seeding kit

Servicing spares & repairs of all makes of oil fired grain drier Bespoke control panels designed & manufacture LED Potato chitting lights made to order NICEIC Approved contractor

... and many more! info@abreyagricultural.com

Phone: +44 (0) 1799 543208

Pond House, Pamphillions Farm, Debden, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3JT

Enrolment No. 014923 69960

01621 828689 www.kjengineering.com

Super Grab

The Heath Super Grab is a truly innovative solution to large bale handling A bale grab with a total ‘free release system’ enables safer bale stacking and loading. Holding of the bales is provided by four uniquely designed Hardox tines. The Heath Super Grab is able to handle 1200mm x 1200mm x 2400mm, 1200mm x 900mm x 2400mm and 1200mm x 800mm x 2400min bales either vertical or horizontal in operation.

Super Spike The Heath Super Spike is a bale handling road safety transport in mind Built with strength to allow a 1.5 tonne carrying capacity, the tines fold away for safe road transport position, while the safety bale bar extends for safe bale handing. Newbridges Farm • Blackwell Shipston on Stour • Warwickshire CV36 4JX t: 01608 682062 e: info@heathengineering.co.uk

www.heathengineering.co.uk 69831

50 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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27/01/2020 16:45

Review Robots adding flexibility Lincolnshire-based Burdens Group specialises in root crop, vegetable and salad production machinery and has recently become the UK dealer for robotic farming equipment from Naio Technologies. “Labour available for field tasks is a growing concern for many growers, and investment in robots for repetitive jobs allows human workers to focus on more complex activities,” explained Burdens Group commercial horticulture specialist Andy Wilson who is pictured with Naio robotics specialist Caroline Lamarquis, and a Naio Oz autonomous wheeled robot for tasks including weeding and transport. The Oz robot uses camera guidance and can perform interrow tasks in rows from 55–120cm and can perform U-turns for next

row working on headlands Labour available for field tasks is a from 2m. The Oz robot is also growing concern for many growers, and programmable in investment in robots for repetitive jobs terms of working allows human workers to focus on strategies and can stagger its working more complex activities. pattern to allow gentler headland turns, and operate mode, performing tasks such as on narrower headlands. The unit carrying tools or plant trays. weighs 110kg unladen, or 150kg Naio also manufactures larger with tools and weights and is robots including Ted for vineyards, capable of moving trailed loads up and Dino for weeding vegetable to 300kg. Up to 90kg can be carried beds and weighing 800kg. on-board. Four 110-watt motors “Most demand from customers power the wheels and work rates is for the Dino robot for field-scale of up to one hectare per day are vegetables,” explained Andy. “Price typical for tasks such as hoeing. As is between £110k–£115k, whereas well as working autonomously the the smaller Oz model is from Oz robot can also work alongside approximately £22,000.” an operator in its ‘Track and follow’

Future-proof bale handling

Robotic palletisers The David Harrison team was busy throughout the show explaining features and benefits of the company’s range of sack fillers and robotic palletisers. Most palletisers are sold for use with potato sacks, but there are also customers using machines supplied by the company for most other types of vegetable. The Visser standard size palletiser was displayed on the stand but a larger Symach model is also available, offering work rates of up to 30t/hr and making it ideal for larger farms and merchants.

Rotary cleaning solution

Pictured (l-r): Jonathan Overton; Robin Mumby; Roy Edwards; and Clare Mumby.

Plot Feeds promoted Kongskilde rotary cleaners at the show. “We have offered them for several years but have seen a recent increase in demand as they offer an effective and economical means of improving the sample,” explained Roy Edwards of Plot Feeds. “The Kongskilde design includes a conventional outer drum with a conical drum inside which separates larger constituents quickly, leaving the whole of the main screen available for thorough cleaning. We have models offering capacity up to 80t/hr and the compact size makes them ideal for lorry mounting as part of an on-site contract seed cleaning service.”

Big Bale Transtacker manager Elliot O’Brien is pictured with an updated Transtacker available for the coming season. “Bales are getting denser and heavier every year and we have upgraded the Transtacker to future-proof it,” Elliot explained. “A new grab arm is stronger but costs less, and the pick-up offers improved bale grip. There are also new options including factory-fitted reversing cameras and improved lights, and a new feature which will appeal to both farmers and contractors is a weighing kit, which weighs pairs of bales on the turntable allowing accurate reporting of straw yield.” The new Transtacker costs £98,000 representing a small increase over the previous model, while hiring the latest version remains at £19,000 per season.

Potato toppers prove a success Lincolnshire-based Scotts Precision Manufacturing produces root crop and vegetable cleaning and harvesting systems, including the Evolution Separator. In recent years the company’s Trinity haulm toppers have been in growing demand due to the diquat ban. Feedback from those using our toppers confirms excellent performance and reliability, but they are also easy to maintain with flails and wear liners easily lasting for 400ha or more, but which are very easily replaced,” pointed out apprentice engineer Casey Lambley. “They are built well, they are cost-effective, and demand is for all models from single front toppers to use ahead of harvesters or within smaller enterprises, to larger triple sets for the front and rear of tractors.” February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 51

LAMMA Review.indd 51

25/01/2020 17:45

Review Maximum benefit On the Agrimech stand, directors Darren and Belinda Smith are pictured with one of the company’s own-built palletisers, of which there were record sales last year. “Stacking sacks on pallets is hard work and time-consuming and automating the process makes sense,” explained Belinda. “But there is no point at all in investing in automation unless it is good automation and our machinery has an excellent reputation for efficiency and reliability.” Agrimech started in business offering weighing and sack stitching products but now offers a

total solution for produce handling from when it comes off the grader to the end of the packing line. “Pallet stacking is often regarded as the hardest part of the job, and when the task is shared by several staff then consistency often suffers as each team member has a slightly different way of doing it. Automating stacking means every pallet is stacked the same,” she added. The Titan palletiser pictured is capable of maintaining a packing rate of 10–11t/hr but the company also offers robotic solutions allowing alternate stacking of multiple pallets for higher work rates up to 14–15t/hr.

-Cost saving rubber recoats

Clifton Rubber sales representative Tom Smith (left) is pictured with technical sales representative Philip Holt. Tom explained that demand recently has been for the company’s range of de-stoning stars ahead of the potato planting season. Along with a wide range of other rubber components, principally for the vegetable and salad cleaning and grading industry, the company also refurbishes rollers for the track systems of rubber-tracked tractors. “It’s a big saving compared to the cost of new rollers,” said Tom. “We charge approximately £200–£250 depending on model, and this typically saves 75–80 per cent compared to buying new.”

Keeping efficient “The Lamma show now presents the UK agricultural industry as it should be presented,” observed Miedema Mercer sales manager Russell Blight. The company specialises in potato handling and irrigation Pictured with a Downs grader (l-r): Downs factory equipment including representative Guillame Planchon; service manager Graham brands such as Price; service engineer Oliver Bowen; and Russell Blight. Downs, Bauer and modern grader is regarded as a Wilms. “We've had a very successful major step in improving efficiency show with interest across the range of the whole operation. Irrigation is of products as reducing harvest also a focus for growers and modern times is a priority for most growers. applicators can make it easier to Weather is always a concern and manage water use and increase its reducing the labour requirement is application efficiency,” he added. essential, and investment in a new,

Cutting-edge crop sorting Farm Electronics was busy explaining features and benefits of its new Samro stone and clod separators, available as a result of the company’s takeover by Tolsma Grisnich Group. “The separators work by magnetic sensing of ionisation in the soil, with phenomenal accuracy, “ explained operations director Joe Sambridge. “We are inviting potential users to bring their samples to our Grantham site to try out the sorting capability for themselves and, with accuracy levels of more than 98 per cent, the sorters can be integrated into new or existing lines.“

John Clarke is pictured (left) with his son-in-law and company contracts manager Paul Grace.

No need for a new burner

Pictured (l-r): Engineering sales director Alex Gadsby, operations director Joe Sambridge and commercial director Adam Fryer. Alex and Adam have recently joined the company board.

Specialising in parts and servicing for burners for all major brands of dryer; K & J Engineering operates throughout the UK from its Essex base. “As well as servicing and repairs we also wire new stores and have a busy team with knowledge and expertise gained over 38 years,” explained company founder John Clarke. “One of our strengths is our parts stock which enables us to repair older burners for which components are no longer available from manufacturers. We recondition older models so that they perform as new and can save farmers considerable costs compared to buying completely new units.”

52 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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OPEN DAY! Friday 28th February


80% IN TIME & FUEL Save time and money with the Vredo Agri one pass overseeders compared to renovation through ploughing, cultivating, levelling, sowing and rolling.

call: +44(0) 1260 224568 email: info@jcmachinery.co.uk visit: www.jcmachinery.co.uk

Join us to celebrate our 25th anniversary and the opening of our new manufacturing facility at Slate Worx, Station Road, Eastville, Boston, Lincolnshire PE22 8LT. Please contact us to book your place at the hog roast!

Tel: +44 (0)1205 270128 Email: sales@scottsuk.com

February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 53

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...and give away as little as 5 grams on a 25 Kg bag. Whatever the state of the potato market, rely on David Harrison to have the handling solutions to meet your needs. From simple Prinsen palletisers to the Symach’s ‘all singing, all dancing’ alternatives and from the incredibly accurate Propak weigher baggers to the tough and reliable SFC stitching line, they will keep your packhouse profitable and, with expert backup, fully operational. And when times are tough Harrison have the UK’s largest stock of used and refurbished potato handling systems.




Page 1

Tel: 01353 740 666 sales@davidharrisons.com

Fax. 01353 741370


Innovation in the field – ask your local SPALDINGS representative for the full SPLULTRA story



HIGH PERFORMANCE NEW WEARING PARTS RANGE Unique parts re-designed for longer working life


With SPLULTRA parts you can take advantage of enhanced performance in the field; meaning cultivation operations can be carried out more cost effectively with the benefit of efficient tillage and reduced downtime. PARTS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

SPLULTRA Heavy duty cast point To fit SIMBA, GREAT PLAINS – Prolift, Flatliner 500, Solo, DTX

visit: www.spaldings.co.uk/SPLULTRA to access our full range online Call: 01522 507600 • Email: agsales@spaldings.co.uk facebook.com/spaldings.ltd | twitter.com/Spaldings Spaldings par ts are designed and manufactured for Spaldings to exacting quality standards and are supplied to fit machines indicated and are not sold as genuine par ts.

54 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

LAMMA Review.indd 54

25/01/2020 17:51

Review Contractors’ spreaders Chatting to Farmers Guide while visiting the Agri-Hire stand were staff from TAR Hire, which offers a contract hire and spreading service for customers mainly in Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and parts of Leicestershire. The company moved from a previous brand to an Agri-Hire 14t machine two years ago and is delighted with the decision. “We are still over the moon with the build quality. It's very rugged, which is what's needed when spreaders are hired out. They tend to be used and abused and we're here to see the latest Y-body model as we recently ordered a second larger 18t version,” explained team member Rob Dawkins. Pictured (l-r): TAR Hire’s Rob Dawkins, Agri-Hire managing director Tim Hubert, and TAR Hire representatives Alan Crawley and Tom Dawkins.

Dual purpose

New disc-harrow

Merlo’s MultiFarmer telehandlers come with rear PTO and hydraulic linkage, allowing them to perform tasks usually carried out by conventional tractors. “Demand is mainly from smaller farms where MultiFarmers replace tractor loaders,“ explained Merlo national sales manager Owen Buttle (pictured). “Most are sold to users in typical livestock and dairy farming areas, and with 170hp engines in the 40.7 and 40.9 models, there is plenty of capability to power and pull implements. The most popular task is probably for towing and powering feeder wagons with the loader used to fill the machine too, but we also have farmers using the handlers for grass harvesting operations including baling, and others for ploughing and cultivations.”

The new Top Disc high-speed compact disc-harrow was displayed on Cousins’ stand for the first time. It features 510mm rubber-mounted discs and is available in linkagemounted 3.0m and 4.0m, and trailed 4.0m, 4.6m and 6.6m versions. All fold except the 3.0m model. A new Open Channel packer with 600mm rings spaced at 150mm uses soil-to-soil contact and Razor Rings are an alternative option. The new disc-harrow created considerable interest and the Cousins team reported that visitors came specially to see the new implement, having read in Farmers Guide’s show preview that it would feature on the stand.

New agreement Spaldings has entered into an agreement with Grimme UK, in which the companies will collaborate to supply genuine Grimme parts. Most parts included in the agreement are service and wearing parts for cleaners, planters, de-stoners, bed preparation machinery and harvesters. The agreement means customers can purchase parts through Spaldings or through their local Grimme dealers. Spaldings product manager Sid Deaton (right), said that the agreement is great news for customers, and that working with Grimme and the Grimme dealer network will ensure correct parts are supplied first time, and are easily accessible.

Parts range addition Also announced by Spaldings was the addition of the SPL Ultra parts range. Developed to provide enhanced wear characteristics for a longer working life, their construction is the result of analysis of wearing parts removed from machines. “We have looked at the wear characteristics and areas where wear is more pronounced causing parts to require replacement,” explained product engineer Aiden Wells (left). “Then we redesigned the SPL Ultra parts with a revised profile and extra material in the areas which experience greatest wear for a longer working life.”

Safe, stressless, efficient Ritchie’s Beef Monitor allows daily liveweight gains to be closely and accurately monitored without animal stress, while saving labour and improving farm safety. Cattle enter the weighing platform to access drinking water and are automatically weighed on each occasion – usually up to six times per day, with results recorded and logged against their EID tags. Weights are averaged for accuracy and sent to a ‘cloud’ from which they are easily accessed from anywhere with a data signal. The company points out that as well as reducing time needed for stock handling, the daily weighing means optimum market weights aren’t exceeded. February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 55

LAMMA Review.indd 55

25/01/2020 17:52

Review Harvest hire solution APH specialises in long-term combine hire typically between 3–5 years, and although any make of combine can be supplied most on the fleet currently are Claas and New Holland. “Leasing with full maintenance means farmers can budget accurately for their harvesting costs for a number of years and, although we also sell machines, we have seen increased demand for hire replacing many purchases,“ explained hire and sales manager James Palmer.

Leasing means farmers can budget accurately for a number of years and we have seen increased demand for hire replacing many purchases.

“We also supply Bateman sprayers on hire, mainly on five-year contracts, with machines built to order to customer specification. James is pictured (left) with APH general manager Martin Powell.

Expanding bale spike range Pete Heath of Heath Engineering is pictured with a new Superspike bale spike from his company’s expanding range. “Previously we offered just one version which proved very successful but there is also demand for simpler entrylevel models as well as those with additional features. We have introduced both at Lamma this year, including the Heavy Duty – capable of lifting the bale to 3,770mm compared to 1,980mm for the standard version, and the Eco which is a lighter-duty model with a fold down spike. We enjoyed a busy show with lots of interest in our range which is built to last, and safe and strong,” he said.

Lower cost fire safety Cherry Products has added Kevlar body fire extinguishers to its product range, with potential to save significant cost compared to standard metal tank versions. “They should save customers up to 47 per cent over 10 years as they can be checked and serviced on farm, have a longer service life and only one is needed whereas previously at least two types of extinguisher were required for most locations,” explained sales manager Ian Fenton. “New composite P50 foam is capable of putting out larger fires than the equivalent volume of foam from conventional extinguishers and can be used for all types of fire.” The new extinguishers are available through Cherry Products dealers and the 6-litre version costs approximately 20 per cent more than a standard extinguisher at £150.

Off-balance sheet machinery solutions Contract Plant Rental enjoyed a busy first attendance at Lamma meeting potential customers for its contract-rental service, available for any new machinery for up to five years. The company has operated for more than 10 years as part of the Ballyvesey Group specialising in contract rental of waste handling, industrial and construction machinery. “Contract rental is for a minimum of six months and for any product,” explained regional sales manager Stu Lambert. “We offer nationwide service, there is no deposit required and it enables businesses to operate new equipment with full-service support while keeping it off the balance sheet. We only supply products with full service back-up and in the event of a breakdown then replacement machines are provided to minimise downtime.” Pictured (l-r); Stu Lambert; managing director Mark Kennedy; regional sales manager Mark Robbins; sales managers Andy Moore and Ken Longley, and Vincent Scott-Halton.

Leading drill updated Seven years after Weaving Machinery launched its original Sabre Tine Drill a new model was launched at Lamma. The Sabre Tine Drill is designed for low-disturbance crop establishment in all cultivation regimes and while retaining the previous well-proven drilling technique, new features to improve performance include faster adjustment of seeding depth, better contour following, reduced power requirement and a longer working life. One of the main differences to the design is an additional fourth row of tines, providing extra space for soil and trash flow for reduced blockages. Metering is electronic and the metering system can handle seeds of all sizes from beans to oilseed rape, and seed rates as low as 2kg/ha. The fan is hydraulic driven. The new Sabre Tine Drill is available in 3.0, 4.8 and 6.0m working widths with 18, 28 and 36 coulters respectively. All models are designed for rear linkage mounting and come with a 2,000-litre hopper, 166mm row spacing and Isocan GPS metering. “Even before its launch we had taken orders for at least 30 units,” commented marketing manager Sarie Weaving. “The Sabre Tine Drill has proved popular since its launch and the improved version will increase its appeal even further.” 56 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

LAMMA Review.indd 56

25/01/2020 17:53

MIEDEMA MERCER MACHINERY Potato Handling and Irrigation Specialists


Miedema Mercer Machinery Limited, Unit 2 Bowley Court Farms Hope-Under-Dinmore Leominster Herefordshire HR6 0PL Email sales@downsuk.com

Telephone 01568 797601 www.downsuk.com

Miedema Mercer Machinery Delighted to bring Downs Innovation & Performance to the UK!

Award winning machinery We couldn’t be prouder to be a Potato Industry Award Winner. Our passion is machinery automation, that’s why we continuously develop and refine our products and service, to help your business grow.


LAMMA Review.indd 57

01354 638 222

25/01/2020 18:06

Review Company rebrand is a hit Manufacturer Ktwo unveiled its new logo and styling at Lamma ‘20, having undergone a brand overhaul to support its future business plans. Marketing manager Zoe Chamberlain said it marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey and attracted very positive feedback at the show. “Our vision is to become the market leader for muck spreaders and trailers across the UK, and to grow worldwide," she explained. “We wanted our brand to showcase our vision better and take us boldly into the future.” Ktwo’s stand featured two types of suspension for visitors to interact with, as well as a large central TV screen showcasing its new website. There were also hundreds of entries to its competition to win eight weeks’ hire of its Roadeo Compact and Push Trailer, which launched at the show. The competition remains open for the next few months and the winner will be drawn in July.

Pictured (l-r): Robbie Polson; Ashley Knibb; Zoe Chamberlain; Terry Kelloway; Alistair Taylor; Paul Merchant; and James Henderson

Novel pump unit

New grinder for growing demand

Wox Agri has developed the first pump unit with a directly driven gearbox connection to a 4NHTB Cornell Pump. Displayed at Lamma, it allows a greater work scope for operators with tractors from 180–325hp. The Wox Walrus PTO Pump features a 20-spline 1.75in PTO drive, so a 180hp tractor can drive the unit while the pump’s integrated hydraulic system is not in use. The feeder arm offers an overall reach of around 9m from the tractor’s rear linkage, which can be increased by different pipe lengths up to around 5m. Engaging the pump’s hydraulic system will drive the integrated charge pump, allowing the Cornell to operate to maximum potential and efficiency. With a recommended minimum of 200hp (maximum of 325hp), the pump plus charge pump removes any potential priming, cavitation or ‘run dry’ issues. Wox Agri says the pipe work for the unit is fully integrated to allow for many different requirements, including a stage pumping facility, a direct feeding to the main pump and a recirculation of material (jetting).

Welmac UK specialises in shredders and tub grinders, and at Lamma it launched the latest addition to its range – the Strawbuster F1050 PTO-driven straw grinder. Managing director Andrew Balfe explained that the new grinder is being offered in response to growing demand for high capacity straw processors. “Most enquiries were from contractors offering a straw preparation service to multiple customers, as well as from larger livestock farms,” he said. “Adding straw to conventional feed mixer-wagons means the mixing takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete and requires a lot of fuel, but by processing the straw in advance, then adding the required amount to the mix reduces feed preparation time to just 10 minutes or so. Chop length is adjustable and when grinding wheat straw the typical work rate is 8–10t/hr. Other uses for ground straw include bedding, and we have also had enquiries for chopping root crops for use in AD plants.”

Other uses for ground straw include bedding, and we have also had enquiries for chopping root crops for use in AD plants.

Award-winning company A Vredo slurry applicator occupied most of the JC Machinery stand. “We have 21 machines working in the UK currently including six supplied last year,” explained national sales manager Christopher Sage (pictured). “The Vredo VT4556 model is the most popular as it is the only compact self-propelled tanker available with a 24m applicator, and when folded it’s under 3m for transport.” While at the show, JC Machinery was awarded the Ivel Award and Silver in the Arable Innovation category for its Vredo Crop Drill System (CDS). The Ivel is given in memory of Dan Alborne, inventor of the first successful light farm tractor, and awarded by the Institute of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE). FG

Pictured is IAgrE CEO Ed Hansom, presenting the Ivel Award to JC Machinery managing director John Campey.

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■ 11 to 16t rear discharge muck spreaders with slurry doors ■ 12t trailers ■ road brush ■ toppers ■ contract service also available



TARHIRE Office 01327 349969 Rob Dawkins 07801 791212 (Daventry) Alan Crawley 07802 951179 (Hinckley)

The largest connected weather network for farmers

01473 327596 or email: enquiries@collins-skiphire.co.uk




Liquid Fertilizer LF 600 M1

Over 8 000 stations across Europe and the UK

24/7 weather data from your fields

Application of plant protection / strengthening liquids for conventional or organic famers

Tined Weeder Pro VS - 1,7 to 12 m

Take action and spray at the right moment

Easy installation 10-minutes to set-up

www.sencrop.com Innovative spring package guarantees optimal ground adaptation APV - Technische Produkte GmbH www.apv.at

Email: office.uk@apv.at Phone: 01752 547326

+44 116 350 0284

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Company brings trio of new products to Lamma The Profitable Farming Company launched three new products at Lamma ’20, including its Smartphone Precision Moisture Sensor, an app-operated sensor for all baler types, which utilises precision technology from the company’s flagship automatic applicator systems. For all large and small square balers, the moisture range is 8–70 per cent, with round baler range at 8-60 per cent moisture range. Precision is a market-leading +/-1 per cent. With live readings updated every second and an average previous bale moisture displayed, the company says it puts an ending to guessing if the crop is fit to bale. Wet bale management can also be added to these systems. Also new was the rate-controlled Semi-Automatic Acid and Inoculant Applicator for all balers, forage wagons and forage harvesters. Application ranges from 10ml/t to 3l/t. Setting the parameters is done simply via a dial control and once

they are set the system will apply the fixed rate. It utilises a reliable gear pump and can be operated via Wi-Fi. Finally, the company introduced its Front Loader Mounted Hedge Buster Saw in working widths from 1.3–3.8m (pictured above) which mounts directly onto the front loader frame.The Hedge Buster will cut material up to 250mm (10in), keeping the material away for the tractor and preventing expensive repair bills. Working with a front linkage mounted grab will maximise the system’s potential, the company says. FG


New franchise announced Horsch will be partnering with Carrs Billington Agriculture to provide its full range of cultivators, drills and sprayers to customers in Northern England and South Western Scotland. Carrs Billington machinery sales director Ian Gate (pictured right) said: “This is a great franchise for Carrs Billington. Horsch is known for producing excellent farmer-focused machinery that performs well. It is a great fit with our tractor and grassland franchises, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.” Horsch machinery will be available from the six Carrs Billington machinery depots at Annan, Barnard

Castle, Carlisle, Hexham, Morpeth and Penrith, with comprehensive service and support provided by each depot. “Carrs Billington has a reputation for excellent customer service and we’re delighted to be partnering with them,” commented Horsch UK general manager Stephen Burcham. “Our latest range of machinery, including the innovative Horsch Hybrid Farming system, enables our customers to meet farming challenges and be more productive. Partnering with Carrs Billington will allow us to effectively deliver those benefits to customers.” FG

The Horsch Joker 6 RT disc harrow.

Hugh Pearl Land Drainage with 60 years experience of contracting can supply all your drainage and trenching requirements from design to construction

Treat yourself to a new... 'RANCHER'

AIR SEAT! 69975

UnitedSeats have the answer for all makes of classic or modern tractor or telescopic handler For details of your nearest stockist:

info@unitedseats.com or ring 01604 - 300014

Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage) Ltd


New Farm, Bobbingworth, Ongar, Essex CM5 0DJ

UNITEDSEATS.COM Off road seating manufacturer

01277 890274 Fax: 01277 890322


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New ‘one tractor, one man’ pump trailer A new umbilical pump trailer from slurry specialist Tramspread offers contractors and farmers potential time and cost savings by requiring only one tractor and one operator. The pump trailer is used by Tramspread’s contracting division to reduce manpower and cover the highest acreage using just one tractor. Manager Laurence Baker explains: “We used this trailer to spread 300,000 cubic metres of slurry and digestate in 2019. It has proven easy to use and reliable, so we have started producing trailers to order. “Technology offers time- and money-saving options to farmers and we believe that this trailer will be a valuable tool to contractors like us in the future.” Unique to the design is an SIL remote control that Laurence and his team have helped to design. This, combined with pressure sensors and a flowmeter, allows the entire umbilical system to be accurately operated and monitored by just one person. Fitted with Tramspread’s Raven Box mapping and recording technology, the unit can also report the areas treated and slurry quantity utilised. “The combination of knowing the speed of flow and being able to control it remotely is key to the time and equipment savings this trailer offers,” Laurence says. “Operators can measure how effective each application is and improve distribution in the future.” The contractor pump trailer is powered by a 175hp Iveco engine, coupled with a Bauer SX2000 pump which is capable of pumping up to 300m3/hr, depending on distance and hose diameter. The long drawbar enables an applicator, such as a dribble bar, to be carried on the tractor’s rear three-point linkage while towing the trailer. Up to 2,000m of drag hose is carried on two galvanised detachable spools located at the front of the trailer, while a further 1,000m is carried on the tractor’s front threepoint linkage via a powerful twin hydraulic drive reeler, giving a total system capacity of 3,000m. Over the twin sprung high-speed axles, there is a large 900-litre fuel tank. Mounted over the fuel tank is a compressor, which is also remote controlled, and a suction hose loading area with two large toolboxes. FG

Technology offers time- and money-saving options to farmers and we believe that this trailer will be a valuable tool to contractors like us in the future.

www.sky-agriculture.co.uk www.he-va.co.uk


Distributed by

The most versatile drill on the market

LOW DISTURBANCE ESTABLISHMENT Designed for perfect seeding in no-till, min-till, & conventional establishment systems making it a truly versatile drill.



• Up to 4 separately metered hoppers



• Unique tandem seeding line • Separate air circuit for grain and fertilser


4 hoppers / 2 depths

2 separate air circuits

Tandem coulter system

• Optional blockage sensors for both air circuits • Up to 250kg coulter pressure to ensure correct seed placement in any system • Fully adjustable coulter and press wheel pressure to suit soil / weather conditions • Low hp requirement (from 35hp/m) • ISOBUS ready No-till • Min-till

Into Cover Crops • Conventional

OPICO Ltd. 01778 421111 ask@opico.co.uk www.sky-agriculture.co.uk

Profit from our knowledge

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MOULTON Reducing the risk of flooding, land drainage and irrigation issues, together with livestock water supply concerns Water supply cut off! – Is there a contingency plan such as storage and a pumping system?



Very heavy duty push off buck rakes, fully flat back design, for use on rear or front linkage. Our buck rakes can be used on telehandlers using an optional adaptor frame. Manufactured in 3 standard sizes – 12, 14 & 16 tines.

These are common everyday issues for the farming community

Stuart Pumps are here to help you With the majority pumps and ancillary plant readily available from stock we are in an ideal position to fulfil your needs either planned or during an emergency


Fitted with heavy duty conus 2 tines, and double side tines.

• Large range of both new and used pumps including self-priming, borehole, fully submersible • Option of power source such as diesel/petrol/electric • Over 35 years experience serving the farming community and the water industry • Very competitive prices • Most pumps and ancillary plant available ex stock • Options for sale or rental • Maintenance service agreements available • Technical and spares support available

Specifications: BR1 12 tine 2400mm overall width empty weight 690kg BR2 14 tine 2800mm overall width empty weight 730kg BR3 16 tine 3200mm overall width empty weight 770kg

Smisby Road, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire LE65 2UE 69911

on-line: www.stuartgroup.ltd.uk/pumps email: pumpsales@stuartgroup.info • For further info call 01953 458988

www.moultonfarmmachinery.co.uk Phone 01530 567040 Trade enquiries welcome Fax 01530 412512

M 70093

Forage Solutions * BREXIT BONUS - £300 RRP Preservative Price Reduction New Smart Phone Moisture Sensors For All Baler Types Application Equipment For All Balers, Forage Wagons and Forage Harvesters

Martin 07769 992 932 Andrew 07967 300 578 *1000 Litre IBC

Office 01805 603 363



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The Horsch Joker 6 RT disc harrow.


Major expansion for parts specialist Sudbury-based Pan Anglia has undertaken a major investment programme as a significant expansion in its operational capability. Pan Anglia has invested in a new 2.5-acre distribution centre in Skellingthorpe, Lincoln, as well as strengthening its board of directors and sales teams. The move underpins Pan Anglia’s strategy for growth, whilst continuing the long-held strategy of exceptional service, value and expertise to all customers. While the company head office will remain at Sudbury, the new premises will become the regional distribution centre for replacement parts in the north. It is expected to be fully operational by spring 2020. The board of directors has been strengthened with the addition of Paul Bray (sales and marketing director), Nigel Whelan (business development director), and David Fox (non-exec director). “Together the new directors bring over 90 years of agricultural experience, enhancing our existing team of highly knowledgeable parts specialists,” MD Richard Benning explains. Further investment in people has seen David Donaldson, Jason Smith and Bodie Hunter join the sales team as regional managers, while Alex Wight, Mark Keats, Paul Glew, Lee Head and Gary Rawlings were also appointed in field sales. An experienced sales support team will comprise Dan Kearton, John Edwards and Lee Matthews. Liz Powell has also joined as product and marketing coordinator and Alex Kemp re-joins as operations and logistics manager. Chairman James Dilley says: “Plans and further investment in stock are already underway to increase and enhance the range with further diversification into additional parts and consumables, in order to offer customers the greatest choice, whilst maintaining our stand-out specialisms in root crop with specialist Richard Fell, and in the PTO sector with specialist Russell Farmer. FG

Above left: The Pan Anglia team at the head office in Sudbury, Suffolk. Top right (l-r): Pan Anglia sales and marketing director Paul Bray; managing director Richard Benning; non-executive director Dave Fox; chairman James Dilley; and business development director Nigel Whelan. Above right (l-r): Liz Powell, John Edwards, Dan Kearton and Lee Matthews at the new Skellingthorpe site.

www.sky-agriculture.co.uk www.he-va.co.uk


Distributed by

Maximum clearance to work in all conditions

HIGH CAPACITY MIN-TILL The MaxiDrill is a high speed min-till cultivator seed drill designed to work in prepared seedbeds as well as directly into ploughing. The upgraded MaxiDrill is now ISOBUS ready and can be fitted with up to 4 hoppers. Key to the MaxiDrill success is the space within its construction which allows it to cope extremely well in wet, sticky and trashy conditions.

Long coulter stagger

Two rows of offset cultivation discs

Dedicated tyre packer

Seperate seed & fertiliser ditribution

Min-till • Conventional tillage

OPICO Ltd. 01778 421111 ask@opico.co.uk www.sky-agriculture.co.uk

Profit from our knowledge

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Top quality belt driven air compressors for industrial & commercial users inc; garages, factories, workshops and farms. 10 bar/150psi max working pressure



.00 399EXC.VAT £ .80 FOOTERINC.VAT 478 £


IN-STORE PHONE 0844 880 1265 ONLINE www.machinemart.co.uk

WHERE QUALITY COSTS LESS Quality machines from Britain’s leading supplier See online for included AIR DISP. MOTOR AIR EXC. INC accessories MODEL cfm (HP) RECEIVER VAT .VAT GAS, TIPS, SHROUDS & WIRE IN STOCK XEV11/100(OL)†* 9 2 100ltr £399.00 £478.80 FROM ONLY XEV16/100†* 14 3 100ltr £425.00 £510.00 £ .99 135TE XEV16/150†* 14 3 150ltr £459.00 £550.80 194EX.VAT .99 XEV16/200(OL)†* 14 3 200ltr £525.00 £630.00 £ 233 INC.VAT XEV16/150(400V)†14 3 150ltr £535.00 £642.00 MIN-MAX AMPS EXC.VAT XE18/200 (OL)* 18 4 200ltr £579.00 £694.80 MODEL 24-90 £194.99 XET19/200 (OL)* 18 4 200ltr £619.00 £742.80 PRO90 30-100 £229.98 XEV26/200† 23 5.5 200ltr £739.00 £886.80 110E 135TE Turbo 30-130 £249.98 XE37/270 (OL)* 36 2x 4 270ltr £1169.00 £1402.80 151TE Turbo 30-150 £289.00 175TECM Turbo 30-170 £449.00 TURBO AIR COMPRESSORS 205TE Turbo 30-185 £489.00


INC.VAT £233.99 £275.98 £299.98 £346.80 £538.80 £586.80


£ HEADER .99




89EXC.VAT .98 107INC.VAT .98


Superb range ideal for DIY, hobby & semi 8/260 -professional use CFM TANK EXC.VAT INC.VAT 7 24ltr £89.98 £107.98 7 24ltr £94.99 £113.99 9.3 24ltr £109.98 £131.98 7 50ltr £119.98 £143.98 9.3 50ltr £139.98 £167.98 14.5 100ltr £259.98 £311.98

Great for fast easy hole boring - ideal for fence/ gate posts


.00 149EX.VAT .80 178INC.VAT

£ £



MAX AUGER EXC. INC.VAT VAT DEPTH / WIDTH CEA150 Electric 560mm / £149.00 £178.80 150mm ED160A Petrol up to 1.6m £349.00 £418.80 NEW / 250mm



.99 54EXC.VAT £ .99 65INC.VAT £



18V BRUSHLESS CIR18LIC 1/2" IMPACT 450NM WRENCHES 3 forward and reverse gears


114EX.VAT .99 137INC.VAT




MODEL DESC. CIR18LIC 2x 2.0Ah Li-Ion CIR18LI 2x 4.0Ah Li-Ion







99EX.VAT £ .98 119INC.VAT £


EXC.VAT INC.VAT £114.99 £137.99 £169.98 £203.98

MODEL G720 G1200 PG2500 PG3800 PG3800DV PG6500DVES

KVA 0.7 1.1 2.2 3 3 5.5

HP 6.5 7 7 13

EXC.VAT INC.VAT £99.98 £119.98 £159.98 £191.98 £179.98 £215.98 £239.98 £287.98 £269.00 £322.80 £499.00 £598.80


• Range of precision bench & floor presses for enthusiast, engineering & industrial applications B = Bench mounted F CDP152B = Floor standing MOTOR (W) EXC. INC. MODEL SPEEDS VAT VAT CDP5EB 350 / 5 £69.98 £83.98 CDP102B 350 / 5 £79.98 £95.98 FROM ONLY .98 CDP152B 450 / 12 £149.98 £179.98 £69EXC.VAT CDP202B 450 / 16 £189.00 £226.80 £ .98 83 INC.VAT CDP10B 370 / 12 £199.98 £239.98 CDP352F 550 / 16 £229.00 £274.80 CDP452B 550 / 16 £239.00 £286.80 CDP502F 1100 / 12 £549.00 £658.80


.98 LOW HIGH 169EX.VAT LIFTS LIFTS £ .98 FROM UPTO 203INC.VAT 70mm 730mm £


179EXC.VAT .98 215INC.VAT .98



.00 229EXC.VAT £ .80 FOOTERINC.VAT 274




EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376 MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfield Rd. South 01623 622160 MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby 01642 677881

64 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

EXC. VAT £64.99 £69.98 £72.99 £79.98 £139.98 £159.98 £179.98

INC. VAT £77.99 £83.98 £87.59 £95.98 £167.98 £191.98 £215.98




INC. VAT £95.98 £119.98 £167.98 £203.98 £310.80 £514.80


.00 189EXC.VAT .80 226INC.VAT



Ideal for fast efficient heating Extra-long run fuel tanks – up to 53 litres Variable heat output with thermostat control MODEL MAX OUTPUT EXC.VAT XR60 14.7kW £189.00 XR80 20.5kW £239.00 XR110 29.3kW £289.00 XR160 46.9kW £349.00 XR210 61.5kW £399.00

Delivery & Suction hose in stock

XR80 INC.VAT £226.80 £286.80 £346.80 £418.80 £478.80



.98 149EXC.VAT .98 179INC.VAT

£ £

Honda & Diesel engine models in stock PLS195 *Diesel PRESSURE ENGINE EXC. INC. #Can pump MODEL BAR/PSI HP VAT VAT semi-trash solids Tiger1800 110/1595 2.6 £229.00 £274.80 up to 15mm dia. DW50 Tiger2600 170/2465 4 £289.00 £346.80 ^Can pump trash solids up to 28mm dia. Tiger3000 200/2900 6.5 £349.00 £418.80 MODEL MAX MAX OUTLET EXC. INC. PLS195 186/2698 6.5 £439.00 £526.80 FLOW HEAD SIZE VAT VAT PLS265 260/3770 13 £669.00 £802.80 PW50 550L/min 30m 2" £149.98 £179.98 PW3 800L/min 30m 3" £199.98 £239.98 PS75* 750L/min 23m 3" £239.98 £287.98 PF75# 1300L/min 28m 3" £319.00 £382.80 DIESEL HOT DW50† 450L/min 27m 2" £359.00 £430.80 WASHER DW75† 750L/min 30m 3" £439.00 £526.80 HARRY HOTWASH Ideal for effective SUBMERSIBLE cleaning of vehicles WATER PUMPS CAT117 with a hot jet of • Auto ON/OFF PSV1A up to 80°C float switch .00 229EXC.VAT .80 274INC.VAT


2103 psi

Ideal for use as a garage/workshop Extra tough triple layer weatherproof cover Heavy duty powder coated steel tubing Ratchet tight tensioning ZIP CLOSE DOOR *was £346.80 inc. VAT MODEL SIZE (LxWxH) EXC.VAT INC.VAT CIG81015 4.5 x 3 x 2.4M £229.00 £274.80 CIG81020* 6.1 x 3 x 2.4M £279.00 £334.80 CIG81216 4.8 x 3.7 x 2.5M £279.00 £334.80 CIG81220 6.1 x 3.7 x 2.5M £349.00 £418.80 CIG81224 7.3 x 3.7 x 2.5M £419.00 £502.80

.98 79EXC.VAT .98 95INC.VAT




145 Bar




MAX EXC. MODEL OUTPUT KW VAT Little Devil II 10.3 £79.98 Devil 700 15 £99.98 Devil 900 24.9 £139.98 Devil 1600 36.6 £169.98 Devil 2100 49.8 £259.00 Devil 4000 131 £429.00




MAX WEIGHT EXC. INC. MODEL OUTPUT KG VAT VAT IG950B 800W 9.3 £179.98 £215.98 IG1200B 1100W 12.4 £249.98 £299.98 35 £329.00 £394.80 IG3500F 3400W IG2000B* 1800W 19.4 £329.00 £394.80 IG2200# 2200W 26.6 £379.00 £454.80 *was £419.98 inc. VAT #was £466.80 inc. VAT


£59.98 £71.98 £83.98 £101.99 £130.80 £202.80 £239.98






Provides essential home, garage and roadside assistance Integral work light 910 /JS1100C include air compressor Long life battery




VOLTAGE HEAT EXC.VAT OUTPUT KW DEVIL 6003 230V 1.5-3 £49.98 DEVIL 7003 230V 3 £59.98 DEVIL 6005 400V 2.5-5 £69.98 DEVIL 7005 400V 5 £84.99 DEVIL 6009 400V 4.5-9 £109.00 DEVIL 6015 400V 5-10-15 £169.00 DEVIL 7015 400V 15 £199.98



BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ 01226 732297 B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. 0121 358 7977 B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills 0121 7713433 BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD 01204 365799 BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN 01274 390962 BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB 01273 915999 BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ 0117 935 1060 BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ 01283 564 708 CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL 01223 322675 CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN 029 2046 5424 CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG 01228 591666 CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH 01242 514 402 CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY 01244 311258 COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE 01206 762831 COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT 024 7622 4227 CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon 020 8763 0640 DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB 01325 380 841 DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ 01304 373 434 DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED 01332 290 931 DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road 01302 245 999 DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET 01382 225 140 EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace 0131 659 5919

.98 49EXC.VAT £ .98 59INC.VAT £





DEVIL 7003

Produces sine wave & stable power, essential for computers & sensitive equipment Low noise 12V battery charging Up to 7 hours run time on 3/4 load 4 stroke engine FROM ONLY

Honda engine models available

Offering low cost, efficient heating

DEVIL 6003


Ideal £ .99 77INC.VAT for starting EXTRA LONG 1m LEADS FROM ONLY cars, £ .98 STARTING PEAK 49EX.VAT charging £ .98 phones, etc. MODEL BOOST AMPS 59INC.VAT JSM200 900 400 900 MODEL START PEAK JS1100 500 1100 BOOST BOOST EXC.VAT INC.VAT 910 400 900 JSM200 200A 400A £49.98 £59.98 JS1100C 500 1100 JSM300 300A 500A £64.99 £77.99 4000 700 1500 JSM350 350A 500A £84.99 £101.99 JS12/24 1000 2000 JS12/24Li 600 1200 INVERTER




• Min. height: 100mm • Max working height: 1090mm


£ HEADER .99




CAT131 £


FROM ONLY Ammeter £ .99 Multi-position 64EX.VAT charge regulator £ .99 77 INC.VAT Overload protection on charging cycle *was £191.98 inc. VAT #was £286.80 inc. VAT MODEL MAX AMPS CHARGE/BOOST EXC.VAT INC.VAT BC130C 15/120 £64.99 £77.99 BC190 38/180 £94.99 £113.99 BC210C 25/200 £119.98 £143.98 BC410E 35/400 £139.98 £167.98 WBC180 35/180 £139.98 £167.98 WBC240* 45/240 £154.98 £185.98 BC205N 30/200 £179.98 £215.98 WBC400 60/350 £199.00 £238.80 BC520P# 50/510 £219.00 £262.80



* ’V’ Twin Pump MODEL MOTOR 8/260 NEW 2HP 7/250 2 HP 11/260 NEW 2.5HP 8/550 NEW 2HP 11/550 NEW 2.5HP 16/1010* 3 HP



XEV16/100 †V-Twin *230V

£ £

549EXC.VAT .80 658 INC.VAT WAS FOOTER £658.80 inc.VAT








UP TO 7938KG CAPACITY IN STOCK ONLY HEADER MODEL CAPACITYEXC.VAT INC.VAT £FROM .98 20SPS12 907kg £79.98 £95.98 79EXC.VAT .98 35SPS12 1588kg £119.98 £143.98 £95 FOOTER INC.VAT 800SS12 3936kg £329.00 £394.80

OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451


.98 49EXC.VAT .98 59INC.VAT


*Pumps solids up to HSEC650A 30mm diameter #Pumps solids up to 35mm diameter †Sewage cutter pump MODEL MAX FLOW LPM MAX HEAD EXC. VAT INC. VAT PSV1A* 140 5.8m £49.98 £59.98 HIPPO 2 (230V) 85 6.0m £54.99 £65.99 PVP11A# 258 11.0m £79.98 £95.98 PSP125 125 10.2m £87.99 £105.59 HSEC650A† 290 9.5m £199.98 £239.98


ONLINE www.machinemart.co.uk TELESALES 0115 956 5555




Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE. Terms & conditions apply see machinemart.co.uk/finance for more details

29379 (63) FARM (full).indd 64-56 DroneAG (008) V2.indd1 64


27/09/2019 25/01/2020 11:56 19:44


Drone technology – cutting edge but becoming affordable While agronomy companies and some larger farms have successfully turned to drones to assist with field and crop monitoring, for the average farmer the cost and complexity of the technology means it remains out of reach. David Williams looked at a system designed to make it more affordable.



UK-based DroneAg has introduced low-cost hardware and software that can provide site-specific information not available elsewhere, making drones more affordable and useful to the average farm. “For full field scanning, satellite imaging can provide a lot of useful information,” explained company founder Jack Wrangham, who was brought up on a Northumberland family farm. “But information on crop health to help make agronomy decisions is far more important to farmers and agronomists. Checking crops by field walking is the current solution for most farms, but it’s hard work and time-consuming. Using a drone instead, to photograph pre-programmed sample points, and then checking the images is faster and more convenient, and our system simplifies this process.”

Successful trials


NC. AT 98 98 98 80 80 80


VAT .98 .99 .98 .59 .98

DroneAg started trials of its Skippy Scout 18 months ago – the first version offering pre-programmed flight paths and using off-the-shelf hardware. The user simply selects a field and sample points, then the app creates a flight path with points at which photos are to be taken, and then transfers this information to the drone before each flight for automated operation. After completing the programmed route, the drone returns with images taken at each of the marked survey points. The high-definition images obtained from just a few metres above the crop can be analysed visually in just a few seconds, allowing the user to check crop condition and plant populations and identify weed and disease issues.



Trials on UK farms demonstrated that replacing crop checks on foot, with drones and the Skippy Scout system increased work-rates by up to 80 per cent, and was also much easier than walking on wet, muddy ground. Crop damage was also reduced. “The images can be viewed immediately on-farm, and acted on if there is an issue, or sent to a third party for further advice,” said Jack.

Widespread applications The trials involved approximately 400 users, between them managing 250,000ha of land, and of which 48 per cent were farmers and 11 per cent were agronomists. North Yorkshire farmer Graham Potter, trading as W Potter & Sons, was one of the first to be involved and he was at Skippy Scout’s December press launch. The family farm is approximately 200ha with crops including wheat, oilseed rape, spring barley and fodder beet, as well as environmental and cover crops. Graham has used drone imaging since first investing in precision farming technology 10 years ago. “They save us a lot in terms of time and chemical costs, and allow us to be more environmentally friendly as most chemicals and nutrients are applied only where needed,” he said. “Issues such as manganese deficiency in wheat, and weeds such as sterile brome are easily identified, and application maps are created in the farm office then used to control the sprayer.” Graham said that, although the trial Skippy Scout system didn’t provide the same depth of information

 DroneAg founder Jack Wrangham is pictured demonstrating his Skippy Scout crop imaging software.  Skippy Scout replaces field walking by allowing a route and sample points to be planned on a smartphone, then sent to the drone for completion.

generated by his own drones, he believes it's a “fantastic tool“ for typical farm use. “The images allow weeds to be easily seen at cotyledon stage, benefits of environmental initiatives are evident, and it allows the grower to see how crops are progressing. One limitation of the trial version was that missions weren’t repeatable; in other words, having programmed a route and locations for photographs to be taken it wasn’t possible to repeat the exercise precisely throughout the season, which would allow images to be compared and treatment results to be checked. However, with additional features planned for 2020, I can see it being even more useful,” added Graham.

Added features Skippy V2.0, which was launched at Lamma ’20, includes improvements over the trial version suggested by trial participants, improving performance and adding convenience. These include fast set-up with in-app guidance and simple Basemap importing. Added safety is provided by automatic field margin setting, a customisable terrain and hazards database, and improved image capturing. Mission repeatability is also included which enables users to store flight routes and photograph points for quicker operation and also allows for comparison of identical



North Yorkshire farmer Graham Potter has been involved in SkippyScout trials and is pictured (left) with Jack Wrangham.

field points over time. Upgrades under development for app version 2.1, due later in 2020, include artificial intelligence capability. This will provide image analysis capable of counting crop or weed populations, as well as the proportion of diseased or wilted leaves, and allows the user to set thresholds with auto-flagging of images and locations where limits are exceeded. Further developments include API Integrations for linking with third party systems, making it easier to import scouting points and maps, and export images and AI analysis. The company also aims to offer synchronisation with current farm management software.

Affordable The app is available to farmers for a monthly £30 subscription, covering users with up to 50 fields and allowing flight and image sampling paths to be stored. For consultants, the monthly subscription is £60, with unlimited field numbers. The app is compatible with almost all commercially available drones. Prices start at approximately £400 for a drone suitable for farm use and with the capability to obtain high definition photographs. For those who would rather purchase a ready-to-use solution, DroneAg will also offer a convenient leasing deal. This includes a drone and app access, with full set-up support and maintenance and repairs included, for a monthly fee. FG

February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 65


64-56 DroneAG (008) V2.indd 65

25/01/2020 19:44

of rts rs pa lie T pp NI su A w R No ity G al qu


FURBISHOEDNCAVES, E R d n a W E –C in N Specialists ARVESTER PARTS PREADERS, etc H S E F F IN A B H C M CO ES, V IE S , S E IV DELS RAPE KN uring our own AKES & MO ct M L fa L u A n a – m S E w No l ... Y CONCAV HEAVY DUOTRDER see website fokr /cdeotanilscaves_user_story.htm co.u MADE TO brications.


inefa www.comb

Hilltop Farm, Danethorpe Hill, Newark, Notts NG24 2PD

All Enquiries Welcome

01636 702524 07976 696712



Tel: 01159630011 Mob: 07436272292 www.bemasweepers.co.uk info@bemasweepers.co.uk


Thumbs Up...


Bespoke Buildings


Manufacture and Installation

Like us on:




Specialists in design, manufacture & construction of a range of agricultural, industrial & equestrian steel frame buildings

Full Groundworks Undertaken Grain Stores/Crop Storage General Purpose Buildings Livestock/Cattle Sheds Straw Barns Chicken Sheds Potato Stores Onion Stores ...and more Please contact us to discuss your requirements


Old Oaks Farm, Tendring Road, Little Bentley, Colchester CO7 8SH

01206 430350 • info@kandjconstructionltd.co.uk


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RVT Open Day (007).indd 66

29/01/2020 15:46


Staffordshire dealer open day highlights benefits of new models A mid-December open day by Rea Valley Tractors gave visitors the opportunity to view new mid-sized John Deere tractors for the first time. David Williams was there. Rea Valley Tractors (RVT) operates through four branches, from where it looks after customers in midWales, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire. As well as its main John Deere franchise, the dealer also represents other major brands including JCB, Kuhn, Joskin, Grimme, Bailey Trailers, Stihl and Ag-Leader.

and CommandArm mounted controls feature for the first time. The dealer’s Sudbury depot is close to JCB’s world headquarters and, displayed for the first time since its official launch at the German Agritechnica show in November 2019, was the new 532-60 Loadall which replaces the 526 model.

New models featured

Successful event

The open day, at the dealer’s Sudbury depot sales manager, Sudbury depot, featured John Matthew Mulligan thought the Deere’s latest 6M-series tractors event was a great success and with performance proved popular and features with visitors. “The appealing to RVT Sudbury team We were both livestock enjoyed hosting very proud to be and mixed farms. customers old showcasing the latest Upgrades over and new at our previous versions 6M launch. We 6M model, which was include up to were very proud particularly 20hp power boost to be showcasing for demanding the latest model, well received. applications which was through IPM. particularly well There are four wheelbase sizes – received. We had a broad spectrum up from three previously and the of visitors and gathered some smallest 6090M and 6120M share a fantastic enquiries. Thank you to tight 4.35m turning radius. Visibility our customers for their support, is improved too, especially to the and to the RVT team for their hard front. Load capacity and hydraulic work contributing to a successful flow rates are also increased, evening,” he said. FG

True 6m handler Pictured here with the new JCB 532-60 Loadall, which was shown for the first time in the UK, are JCB territory sales manager James Hollis and RVT sales manager Matt Mulligan. “It’s a true 6m handler with 3.2t lift capacity,” explained James. “It’s only available in Agri specification currently, like the 526-60 it replaces, but it has a 4-speed, 40kph transmission, regenerative hydraulics for fast cycle times and a 140-litre/min variable displacement hydraulic pump. It has the latest series three cab with superb visibility. And, although it’s slightly bigger than the 526, it can be supplied on smaller 20in wheels which keep it to the same overall height as its predecessor.”

LOOKING FOR A QUALITY USED MACHINE? View over 260 quality used machines at:

www.reavalleytractors.com February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 67

RVT Open Day (007).indd 67

29/01/2020 15:54

Specialist forage contractor

Members of the Capewell family, trading as Banktop Farm, near Uttoxeter, were keen to find out about the new John Deere tractors. The farm is mainly dairy with approximately 100 Holstein Friesians, and beef stores are reared. “We moved from mechanical to electric hydraulic controls when we last updated our tractor,” explained Simon Capewell, who is pictured with his father Don and son Jack. “I wouldn’t go back to mechanical now and the new 6M series with the CommandArm looks attractive. The new models are ideal for livestock work – small and compact, and the view from the seat is excellent. RVT gives very good after sales service, and we also get on well with the local John Deere sales representative Darren Roe, who is always approachable.”

Local contractor Kevin Brandrick (centre) is pictured with service engineer Joe Bailey (left) and sales representative Nick Wells. Trading as GC Brandrick & Son, the business specialises in forage harvesting and operates two John Deere forage harvesters including an 8500i which was new in 2019, and an older 2010 model 7450 which, Kevin explained, was the first brand new forage harvester bought by the company. Grass, maize and wholecrop cereals are harvested, all for livestock and the business serves farms mainly within a 15-mile radius of its Newborough, Staffordshire base. “We deal with RVT because it’s local and convenient, but also because it supplies some excellent brands and the team there are a very good bunch,” he said. “We like to keep our machinery up to date and our main tractors are four years old or newer. We run four John Deere tractors currently – two 6155Rs, a 6135R and a 6130R with a loader. We also operate a John Deere T670 Hillmaster combine, and have recently confirmed an order to update it with another the same for the coming harvest.”

Dealer relationship suits family farm

Managing grassland carefully

Staffs farmers impressed

Trading as C & EN Latham, and based close to the dealer’s Sudbury depot, the Latham family are livestock farmers with a beef suckler herd consisting of Hereford and Simmental cattle. Animals are sold as stores, but the Lathams also sell their own beef direct to consumers under the Broomhill Beef label. “It’s a growing business which adds value to our product,” explained Rosie Latham, who is pictured with husband Chris, and Edward their son. A John Deere 6110RC tractor with a 340 loader is used on the farm, and Chris said he likes the reliability of the John Deere brand, and enjoys a good relationship with his local dealer.

Practical solution Local farmer Jordy Binns is pictured with JCB territory sales manager James Hollis, inspecting a JCB 403 articulated loader. The Binns family, trading as RA & NE Binns, has a beef enterprise at Leigh, near Hilderstone, Staffs comprising mainly Limousin and Angus cattle. “We use a tractor front-end loader and skid-steer loaders, but are looking for something which can travel more easily between our two sites, and believe this might be suitable. We already operate two tractors and a John Deere bale wrapper supplied by RVT and know we can rely on the after sales service,” he added.

Family business W Botham & KE Jones is based at Hardwick Park Farm, near Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts. Will Botham and partner Karen Jones run their beef and sheep enterprise with sons Sam and Tom. The sheep are Texelcross Mules and Jacobs, and the flock also comprises rare breed Whitefaced Woodland. The cattle are pedigree Longhorn and Stabilisers. Will is pictured with son Sam and RVT territory sales manager Simon Parker. “We have a farm business tenancy on land owned by Chatsworth Estate, and much of our grazing is in Higher Level Stewardship,” explained Will. “We have to manage the grassland carefully to remain commercial and run John Deere tractors including a 5100R purchased in 2012, and a 6120M which was new in 2017, replacing a 5125R. We do our own grass harvesting and make round and small square bales, and feed the round bales using one tractor in the winter while the other tractor is usually on a straw blower.”

Service second-to-none Contractor Tom Thornley, trading as TB Thornley, attended to look at a Kuhn GA 13131, hydraulic-driven four-rotor rake. “We provide a contracting service for farms within a 40-mile radius of our base near Ashbourne,” he explained. “We run a forage harvester and do a lot of baling using both round and square balers. We also offer a slurry application service.” The tractor fleet includes a John Deere 7530, bought last September from RVT, JCB Loadalls and a 416 loading shovel. Kuhn machinery includes a wrapper, a topper and a fertiliser applicator with GPS spread control. “The service from RVT is brilliant, second-to-none, and what really sets the dealer apart is its willingness to loan demonstration machines for long enough to see if they will suit our intended use,“ added Tom, who is pictured with the Kuhn rake.

68 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

RVT Open Day (007).indd 68

28/01/2020 10:29

Machinery Loyal to brand Trying out the new 6120M tractor cab is young Billy Kent-Pearce with his father Robert, and RVT territory sales manager Dave Arnold. Robert explained that John Deere tractors have been operated by the family farming business TW Kent & Co for more than 31 years, and that the farm’s newest 6130R is its 28th of the brand. The farm is near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, and includes a Holstein dairy herd with 100 milkers, while a second family holding includes a beef suckler herd and free-range chickens. Approximately 15ha of arable cropping includes wheat, which is either wholecrop harvested or crimped for feed. There are six John Deere tractors on the farm currently. “We deal mainly with Dave Arnold, who looks after us very well, but the service from the whole team at RVT is good,” stressed Robert.

Members of the RVT team with supporting manufacturer representatives (l-r): sales manager (Sudbury) Matt Mulligan; territory sales managers Dave Arnold and Simon Parker; sales and marketing co-ordinator Anna Brown; chairman Simon Clarke; territory sales manager Nick Wells; John Deere territory manager Darren Roe; customer support technician Paul Bowyer; group precision farming manager Tommy Adams.

For over 30 years Tramspread have supplied and manufactured slurry equipment. Our products have been rigorously tested by our contracting division and we trust them to do the job every time. RECK SLURRY MIXERS





For help and advice adapting your farm to meet DEFRA’s Clean Air Strategy.





Call: +44 (0)1449 766133 Email: info@tramspread.co.uk Visit: www.tramspread.co.uk


February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 69

RVT Open Day (007).indd 69

29/01/2020 15:56


Scholarship offered to aspiring agricultural engineers

Double win for new system Debuting its striking green livery for the first time at Lamma ‘20, Razorback has seen a noticeable expansion in its range over the last 12 months, including the addition of an award-winning residue management system. The RT 500 & Residue Harrow bagged the Gold medal in the Lamma’20 Arable Innovation Awards category and also went on to win the Founders award for best overall innovation at the show. Recognised for its benefits in slug control and stale seedbed preparation, the duo impressed

the judges for its innovative, environmental applications. It should come as no surprise that farmer and engineer Martin Lole (pictured) holds the recipe to success when it comes to designing state-of-the-art machinery. With a background in vegetation management and establishment equipment, Razorback is built on over 100 years of combined industry knowledge shared by its experienced engineering, sales and service teams. This heritage has stood the company in good stead to tackle today’s problems including the importance of good stubble management and field hygiene and the demand for high output, reliable machines. Razorback is passionate about maintaining its high standard of quality and unrivalled customer support that sees its professional users get the backup they need. FG

Spal Automotive is offering an exclusive £2,500 scholarship to agricultural students in years two and four at Harper Adams University. Applicants were asked to explain how tractors and other agricultural machinery could be adapted to meet lower emissions standards set by Euro 6 and Stage 5 regulations. Spal UK managing director Matthew Morris said: “Meeting environmental challenges is at the forefront of studies at this specialist university and we are delighted to be able to share our experience of proven cooling technology as being part of the solution.” He added: “This venture is exciting for us as we have the opportunity to present Spal products to the next generation of engineers and see how they will tackle the environmental challenges of the future...”

Spal’s range of advanced technology brushless fans are increasingly being specified in electric vehicles used in farming and construction; while multi arrays of cleaner operation Spal fans are replacing heavy duty hydraulic fans – thereby helping to reduce vehicle emissions in compliance with Euro 6 regulations. Five candidates for the scholarship were interviewed in January and it will be awarded to the winner at a ceremony this month. Spal recently expanded its agricultural sector team, appointing Adam Betteridge (pictured) as business development manager for agriculture and off-highway aftermarkets. Spal, says Adam, is just the sort to put on his wellies to attend a tractor breakdown in the middle of a field, to help raise the profile of Spal parts. FG










T: +44 (0)1905 347347

E: info@razorbackuk.com

W: www.razorbackuk.com

70 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

70-74 News.indd 70

29/01/2020 12:42

FOR HIRE MT 765C•95E•85E•75E•55•45&35 all models in stock and available

Available with... GPS Guidance Creep Speed Transmissions Front Linkages Hydraulic Pick Up Hitches


Hire by the hour, week, month or year – it's your choice

Ian Houlgrave


Tel: 01507 466352 Mobile: 0780 134 3023 Fax: 01507 462812 Email: ian@ianhoulgrave.com

Whatever you harvest always pick SPAL l Engine cooling, hydraulics cooling, cab cooling. l Long life, reliable, robust. l Available direct or via our network of SPAL Approved distributors

© BAD Photography

l High performance axial fans and centrifugal blowers.

sales@spalautomotive.co.uk www.spalautomotive.co.uk tel: 01905 613 714 February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 71

70-74 News.indd 71

29/01/2020 12:43

The UK’s most established supplier of precision farming products, offering best option advice, installation and ongoing support.

Connect your Farm with Trimble and our seasonal offer! Get a free modem and Trimble Ag Software license* with the purchase of a GFX-750™ display and EZ-Pilot® Pro assisted Steering system**! EZ-Pilot® Pro Assisted Steering System



Trimble Ag Software*




Sierra Wireless GX450 Modem*


GFX-750™ Display



Your Partner In Precision Agriculture 01480 861824 | www.vantage-ag.uk



Vantage England & Wales | 4 Grovemere Court, Bicton Industrial Estate, Kimbolton, Cambs, PE28 0EY



*3 months Farmer Core trial license | ** EZ-Pilot® Pro steering system or Trimble Autopilot™ CAN automated steering system | Multiple brands and models catered for. Terms & Conditions apply. | While stocks last.

GREEN THURSDAY 09.00 – 17.00 27th February 2020



Contact MANNS for more information. MANNS Saxham Tel: 01284 777700

MANNS Halesworth Tel: 01986 834600

MANNS Essex Tel: 01376 345875

MANNS Kent Tel: 01622 892572

MANNS Market Harborough Tel: 01858 466660

MANNS Spaldwick Tel: 01480 890269

MANNS Thursford Tel: 01328 878071

claas-manns.co.uk facebook.com/claas.manns

70-74 News.indd 72

25/01/2020 20:30


Petrol post driver gets glowing customer review Challenging weather prompts early spring clean With the unprecedented amount of rainfall over the past few months, cultivation and drilling operations have been almost impossible for many. However, as soon as mother nature allows it will be all systems go, so now is a good time to service your farm equipment to avoid untimely breakdowns, according to lubricant manufacturer, the Witham Group. Routine oil changes are needed to ensure that farm equipment runs efficiently, so check the vehicle manual to see how often it needs changing. When you do need to change the oil, be sure to replace it with an oil that adheres to manufacturer specifications – ideally supplied by a reputable supplier that meets industry-quality standards. If you are changing the oil it is also

worth changing the filter too, as once it gets full it will start bypassing unfiltered oil directly back into the mix and could cause engine damage. Don’t forget the air filters, which prevent small particles from getting inside the engine and damaging internal components. It is wise to clean or replace them on a regular basis as they can get clogged with dust and make it harder for the engine to breathe, which is necessary to keep it running. Finally, remember to top up hydraulics. As well as engine oil, it is imperative to ensure tractors and other equipment have the correct hydraulic oil at a suitable level. Failure to do so puts pressure on pumps and can lead to costly contamination-related damage. FG






“There are other versions of petrol post knockers on the market, but as the old saying goes: you buy cheap, you buy twice.” A year on, business owner Michael says: “It’s the best thing we’ve ever bought – it works really well, and the amount of time it saves is unbelievable. It’s gotten to the point now where we’re doing jobs and we’re finishing earlier, and we actually think we’ve forgotten something because we’ve got so much time left... It’s great as it means we can go to the pub earlier, and Sean buysAdvert the beers!” Guide [QP] 15_01_20 VER FG 2 HR.pdf



Pictured are Michael Thomas of HG1 Communications with Laurie Anthony of Easy Petrol Post Driver.


0114 269 9119

A chance encounter at Midlands Machinery Show just over a year ago resulted in HG1 Communications, which installed speaker systems at the event, investing in an Easy Petrol Post Driver – a move that has saved them time and backbreaking work. The Easy Petrol Post Driver is an Australian-made machine that allows a single operator to knock any size post, peg or stake into the ground up to a 4in diameter. Working over 100 outdoor shows a year, Michael and Sean of HG1 are constantly on the go, installing and breaking down speaker systems – requiring intensive and demanding labour for the Harrogate-based business. During the 2018 show the pair were on their usual walk around, checking their speaker systems, when they saw a product demonstration underway on the Easy Petrol stand. The machine would mean their days of sledgehammering were over and they decided to invest. “It’s a big investment for a relatively small company, but it’s money well 2020 spent,-” they commented. Agricultural Farmers




















February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 73

70-74 News.indd 73

29/01/2020 10:56



Contact: Symon Jacobsen Tel 01561 361 340 • Mob 07973 542 142 Email: symon@jacobsens-gfm.co.uk www.jacobsens-gfm.co.uk

6R’s Linkages & PTOs available ex stock

Available for  Case  Claas  Deutz  John Deere  Landini  Massey Ferguson  McCormick  New Holland  Steyr  Zetor

FP-PACK WEIGHT • 400 or 600kg slide in base

Steinbauer Tuning Modules

• 2.7 ton – 5.0 ton lift capacity • loader compatible • fixed, floating or folded positions of lift • PTO can be retrofitted at any time

• Save fuel , time and increase productivity? • Come and have a chat and see what we can offer you

Available in 6�, 8� or 10� widths


Freephone 0800 328 5492 Email sales@allertonuk.com



ent Treatment

Sewage & Efu


• 800 or 1000kg main block

ts System Specialis


In rural areas without a mains drainage system, and where septic tanks will no longer reach environmental standards,

Allerton can provide the ideal solution...


Trading since 1974, we pride ourselves on our individual problem-solving approach to finding alternatives for treating and disposing of raw sewage

The Allerton ConSept converts your existing septic tank or cesspit into a fully functioning Sewage Treatment Plant The Diamond Sewage Treatment Range is suitable for either individual homes or small population applications When gravity drainage is not possible, choose Allerton Pumping Stations for sewage or dirty water

Ideal for workshops sheds, garages etc. One can does it all!



We provide Servicing & Maintenance on a wide range of sewage treatment plants and pump stations by BRITISH WATER ACCREDITED ENGINEERS

The Dependable Choice in Drainage


74 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

70-74 News.indd 74

25/01/2020 20:31


{farm sale} Modern machinery realises high prices at Notts farm dispersal sale A wide variety of lots, many of which were in tidy condition, was on offer at this farm sale which took place on a very welcome dry day during the late autumn. David Williams reports. The sale at The Cedars, Normantonon-Soar was on behalf of farmers KV Bonser who were retiring from their farm tenancy. Heavy rain showers during the days preceding the sale had made it very wet underfoot, but brighter, dry weather on the sale day encouraged high attendance which was further helped by it being too wet for farmers in the area to progress their own field work. The sale was organised by Melton Mowbray-based Auctioneers, Shouler & Son which had acted for the family over several decades - and included

tractors, implements and sundries from the mainly arable farm, as well as a small number of ‘included’ lots. Shouler & Son partner and auctioneer Ben Shouler described the sale as very successful, with many items achieving more than expected. “Our sales have a good reputation and those attending knew to expect a good mix of lots, with much of what was on offer in very tidy order. Buyers included farmers and trade who had travelled from all four corners of the UK, but most machinery probably ended up going direct to farms,” he explained.

With manual furrow-width adjustment and shear-bolt overload protection this tidy Kverneland LD85 5f reversible plough had been recently used. It made £2,200.

With 5,264hrs recorded, this Kubota KX71-2 360 digger sold for £5,500.

An 03-plate Discovery was one of the ‘included’ lots. It had an MOT valid until May 2020, had recorded 128,000 miles, and sold for £2,200.

This locally manufactured Knight Anglia 24m trailed sprayer had a 3,000-litre tank and a test certificate valid until Jan 2020. It made an impressive £5,800.

Star attractions included these very tidy Deutz-Fahr tractors and a Merlo telehandler.

This combined Kuhn HR4002 4m power-harrow with an Accord DA pneumatic drill sold for £5,200, with bidding almost certainly encouraged by the recent tricky crop establishment conditions.

The newest tractor was this 67-plate 126hp Deutz-Fahr 5125, in superb order having been on the farm from new and it carried its original AT Houghton dealer stickers. The tyres had 80 per cent tread and the winning bid was £32,850.

Vaderstad rolls are always in high demand and, despite this 9m set being elderly, it still made £1,900.

February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 75

75-78 Farm Sale (005).indd 75

25/01/2020 20:38

This Rice horse box was elderly but in good order and made £520.

This 2009 120hp, 6-cyl Deutz-Fahr K610 tractor was equipped with front linkage, had worked 3,803hrs and was in good condition. It attracted a lot of interest and the winning bid was £18,800, which saw it find a new home in Northumberland.

Definitely sold out-of-season, this New Holland 1999-manufactured 648 Cropcutter round baler came with net and string, and was fitted with auto-lube. The winning bid was £1,650. In superb order, this Quivogne Pluton 5-leg, 3m cultivator was equipped with a Guttler rear packer roller. It was new in 2011 and the winning bid was £3,850 from a buyer who had travelled all the way from Suffolk.

This set of Parmiter hydraulic folding chain harrows was a good buy at £380.

A set of grain ducts and motors with West Engineering dealer stickers sold well at £400.

A Euro-Masz 7-leg cultivator with brand new winged tines made £1,360.

This 4m, 11-leg McConnel Shakaerator cultivator with a Vicon air drill found a new home for £1,650.

z-Fahr 6190 Top price at the sale was for this Deut With local Kent. in home new a found which TTV model 2014 a was it rs sticke r deale hton AT Houg rs bidde c siasti Enthu hrs. 2,206 ed and had work pushed the winning bid to £42,800.



The professionals’ choice for a secure site










76 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

30556 Weaving GATE Ad 93x133.indd 1

75-78 Farm Sale (005).indd 76

14/02/2019 16:00

25/01/2020 20:39


The Merlo telescopic handler was a P40.7 model, with 4t lift capacity and 7m lift height. It was registered on a 12-plate and had worked 7,720hrs. The tyres had 30 per cent tread and the tidy condition resulted in a lot of interest, with a winning bid of £17,000.

This IAE cattle crush sold for £410.

This Ford 1920 4wd compact tractor complete with a Lewis Lugger 35Q front loader and Lewis Landlord 320S back-hoe came with trenching and digging buckets, a grab and pallet tines. Registered on an M-prefix plate it was a 1995 model and had recorded only 2,277hrs. The winning bid was £5,600.

A 3f reversible Ransomes plough appeared to have had recent use and sold for £540. The PTO-driven linkage-mounted cement mixer behind made £130.

A large grain pusher made an impressive £500. Auctioneer Ben Shouler is pictured taking bids, assisted by Robert Bloomfield as clerk.

These feed barriers sold for £130 per lot.

Pictured recovering after the busy sale day are the Shouler & Son on-site team members (l-r): Tim Harris; Jenny Golland; Robert Bloomfield; Harry Baines; Tess Bustance; Emma Hatherley and Ben Shouler. FG

First class seats for every journey 10% off RRPs – call for details

TEK Seating, the UK’s biggest independent vehicle seating distributor for the OEM and aftermarket, offers a wide range of competitively priced, quality agricultural seats and spares from leading suppliers such as KAB Seating, Grammer, United Seats, Isringhausen and Sears.


SCIOX Super T600

Maximo Professional



01892 515028 sales@tekseating.co.uk |www.tekseating.co.uk

Branches: Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Rearsby, Leics February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 77

75-78 Farm Sale (005).indd 77

25/01/2020 20:41










NTTYY RRAAN RANTY ForRRfurther details,LOCAL visit Rplease


DEALER DEALER ED www.mcconnel.com 01584 873131 DR DED or call SUPPORT SUPPORT TEENA XY XTEN



























The ultimate low ground pressure sprayer just got better.


LEMKEN agricultural machinery is distinctive, not only because of its blue colour, but above all because of its quality, versatility and robust designs. We are continuously working towards developing solutions that optimally meet the specific needs of the UK and global markets.


78 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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25/01/2020 20:57

Spring Spraying Vicon’s iXtrack T series delivers a low and highly manoeuvrable trailed sprayer lineup, that is bristling with technology.

High-tech trailed and mounted sprayers

Vicon has overhauled its sprayer range, to include an all-new series of trailed sprayers called the iXtrack T. Farmers Guide took a look at the updates to the range. What started initially with the T3 has since evolved into a full range refresh, which now includes new T4 and T6 versions, giving the maker a spread of tank capacities from 2,600-litres up to 7,400-litres. And sharp-eyed readers may have already noticed the change in tank colour, from yellow to red, complimenting Vicon’s contemporary, high-tech approach. Where the iXtrack T3 offers tank capacities of 2,600-litres and 3,200-litres, the larger iXtrack T4 comes in with 3,400-litres, 4,000-litres and 4,600-litre tank sizes. At the top of the line-up is an all-new range-topper for those seeking big capacities. Called the iXtrack T6, this flagship trailed sprayer was announced at last November’s Agritechnica show and boasts models with 6,400-litre and 7,400-litre capacities. Vicon’s iXtrack T series represents the first of an all-new generation of high-tech trailed sprayers. Its design is one that has been engineered

to deliver a low, short and highly manoeuvrable trailed sprayer, and is based on a single-spine chassis. Key to the design is having the central frame produced from high strength, low alloyed heavy-duty steel. This affords a low centre of gravity with higher flexibility and durability than previous designs, making it more suited to the rigours of field work, in addition to high-speed road transport. Specification includes a suspended parallelogram rear frame to carry a variety of boom types. The rear frame also remains active on the road, offering a high degree of cushioning for booms when folded, and is particularly suited to tractors with higher transport speeds. In the field, this innovative design combines stability with soft boom balancing to minimise spray height deviation above the crop canopy. The result of the rear frame cushioning is improved application accuracy and greater boom stability.


• • • • •

While boom performance comes primarily from the new sprayer’s suspended parallelogram rear frame, its working height is managed by the dual, ultrasonic sensor-controlled Boom Guide Comfort. Buyers can choose from a more advanced three-sensor Boom Guide Pro version, offering positive and negative lateral movement on each side of the boom. A further development is Boom Guide ProActive, which gains two additional levelling sensors on wider

booms, allowing faster reaction to changes in ground terrain via the central slope correction cylinder. Typically, Boom Guide ProActive sees the installation of five ultrasonic sensors on a 36m boom. It uses the two outer sensors at the wider working width, switching to the two inner sensors when operating at 24m. A revised tank design, new chassis and rear frame all combine to deliver an overall width of 2.55m, and an continued over…

T4 model offers 3,400-, 4,000- and 4,600-litre tank sizes, and booms from 21–40m.

Parts Sales Service and Product Support Sales - New and Used GPS Installations NSTS Sprayer Testing

The Old Dairy Savernake Park Farm Cadley Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 4NE

T: 01672 516386

E: info@ridgewaysprayers.co.uk February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 79

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28/01/2020 09:56

Fentons of Bourne Ltd Kate’s Bridge, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs PE10 0EN

Homburg Dynamic Drive 1.0

 


Better control with HDD while flushing your drains

 

Tel 01778 560466 or 01778 560425 Mob 07767 816555 www.fentonsofbourne.co.uk

             



 .01778 342642 e.@.

SPRAYER TESTING on site to National Standards

Main Dealer for BARGAM Agriculture Machinery





01953 450279 • info@agrikel.com • Norfolk • www.agrikel.com


Why choose MERSE Agriculture? We provide sprayers, servicing and spares

Quality • Performance • Precision

01361 408532 www.bargam.co.uk

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Application equipment for amenity & garden use


Over 15 Years Experience

Please contact us with any requirements you have for our wide range of application equipment

Visit our new website

www.mjpsupplies.co.uk tel: 07702

293 727 email: marcus@mjpsupplies.co.uk


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Spring Spraying to 44 fully customisable functions. ErgoDrive headland management is also part of the standard specification, which allows spraying to start/stop, the boom to raise/lower and axle steering to be HC vertical folding boom makes it easy to negotiate masts and poles by only folding in half of the boom. locked/unlocked, all with a single button press. Nozzle control includes pneumatic or electric operation, suiting those using GPS for automatic …from previous page section control and auto start/stop at headlands. overall height of 3.2m for the iXtrack T3 and 3.3m The introduction of iXspray software enables the for the T4. The range-topping T6 is also 2.55m wide, standard seven section control to be extended to with overall height kept at 3.5m with a 36m boom. 15 sections in combination with Vicon’s iXflow air Across the range, a steering axle provides adjustable track width in 5cm increments from circulation system. Individual nozzle control 1.5–2.25m, and tyre choices have improved too, reaching is also available for those a diameter of 1.9m, choosing iXflow E. This also giving a longer footprint includes a mobile phone for reduced compaction App for the remote control and a lower rolling of nozzles when outside resistance that makes the the cab. Such functionality sprayers easier to pull. simplifies nozzle flow Developed with checks and pattern operator friendliness in testing, for example. Liquid management mind, iXtrack range is fully Isobus compatible and is simplified with the r remote fo p ap an e us erators can y with new iXspray hardware tank outlet close to With iXflow E, op when outside the cab. Hand of nozzles g. l tin ro nt tes co rn tte pa and software, operators d the pump and valve an ks ec ch for nozzle can take advantage of an panel, resulting in short intuitive touchscreen with hoses to minimise rest liquid. Filling and cleaning are further enhanced with iXclean smart electronics. Comfort for semi-automatic control, or iXclean Pro Vicon’s Mechatronics division has also fully automatic valve management system. created the IsoMatch Grip – a multi-function Boom options for the iXtrack T3 include the HSS joystick with 11 buttons, and four levels of steel boom from 18–30m, and the HSA aluminium colour-coded functionality. This provides up

Less wait

boom from 21–24m. The iXtrack T4 is available with HSS steel boom from 21–40m, and the HSA aluminium boom from 21–33m, while the iXtrack T6 can be equipped with 18–40m steel or 24–33m aluminium booms. On all models, boom folding has been achieved to maintain a low centre of gravity and to keep nozzles away from the cab. FG

Combining the iXter mounted sprayer with an iXtra front tank , total carrying capacity can almost reach 3,0 00 litres.

More than just a good boom ride - the Amazone UX sprayer range has a weight saving of 1.5 tonnes over the competition - so less compaction and less fuel costs. And with a much faster turn-around time - thanks to the unique induction bowl that takes both liquid and granular chemicals - there’s less time waiting around refilling.

Less weight

All Amazone sprayers come with benefits built-in to help you maintain yields, save costs and conserve the environment.

1.5 tonnes less weight for less compaction.

What are you waiting for? Faster filling thanks to the unique induction bowl.


Contact your local dealer or phone us on 01302 751200

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Spring Spraying

Low-ground pressure sprayer excels after wet conditions

Following some of the wettest autumn and winter conditions on record, the thought of having a lightweight sprayer that can get on the ground sooner than anything else becomes a very appealing option. This is where the Agribuggy excels, according to manufacturer McConnel. Designed from the ground up to be the ultimate low-ground pressure sprayer, the Agribuggy offers the highest power-to-weight ratio and lowest fuel consumption in its class, McConnel says. Average fuel consumption is around 70-litre/day compared to 150–200-litre/day for large hydrostatic sprayers. Positive mechanical drivelines further enhance the machine’s ability by improving traction and safety

when working on steep slopes – allowing it to reach places other machines can’t. It delivers great torque and grip, less wheel-spin and power transfer up to 25 per cent more efficient than a hydrostatic machine, the company says. Other key features include a low centre of gravity and perfect 50/50 weight distribution for maximum stability and traction. Aluminium booms come as standard for strength and longevity, while maintaining lightness and stability. Booms are available in 12 and 24m working widths. The Agribuggy also offers a Unique Comfort cab with 360-degree visibility, premium high back seat and greater space to ensure improved comfort, visibility and safety. Since it was introduced to the McConnel product range in 2017, the Agribuggy now comes with several extra benefits including a two-year warranty as standard and local dealer support. Extended warranty can cover up to five years and 5,000 hours have been added to the option list. FG

New crop sprayer proves popular at Lamma ’20 The new GM-R GX-Trail crop sprayer from GM-R Sprayers, which launched at Lamma ’20, was well received during the show, according to the company. It comes with a tank capacity of 3,600 litres and electronic and dry sight gauge as standard. The three-fold 24m boom is carried on pantograph suspension and is very close to the axle for correct balance of the whole sprayer in operation. When folded, it is very compact and has a transport width of around 2.45m. Auto boom levelling is an option, although the company says it was found to be unnecessary on its 24m boom, but came into its own on wider booms available to 36m. It uses the latest Muller touchscreen 800 series controller, coupled with joy stick control of all hydraulic functions and six section boom control. GPS guidance is standard, including 12 auto boom section controls. The steering axle gives very good stability over the old drawbar steering, especially for larger tanks

Sancroft Agri Services es Ltd



NSTS Testing, Service & Repairs on all makes of crop sprayers

up to 6,000-litre and wide booms. Steering axles are on Air-Ride suspension for a smoother ride, with auto-steer by Muller Gyro sensing, dual air and hydraulic braking. It is supplied with 420/80/R 46 (16.9 x R-46) wheels as standard, but other sizes and various track width options are available on request. The company offers high and low drawbar hitch to customer choice with pumps of 280–440-litre/m, depending on boom width. The chemical hopper – in stainless steel for easy cleaning – is carried on pantograph for safe working height and easy storage. FG


ars Celebrating 15 Ye Ltd rs ye ra of GM-R Sp

ply WA T&Cs ap


Engineered for Today’s Farming – Better Where it Matters


We are newly appointed dealers for

WITH ALL THE DESIGN FEATURES OVER 15 YEARS • Polyethylene easy clean tanks 3600-6000 • Air Ride suspension in all triple fold booms from 24m • Air Ride suspension on steering axles across the range • Dual air hydraulic brakes • Gyro auto steer no linkage connection between tractors • High and low hitch drawbars for excellent crop clearance • Smart terminal with joystick • Plus ISObus connection • Auto GPS control up to twelve boom sections


Nick Hambling Sancroft Agri Services Ltd Contact

Please contact us with any enquiries on FARMGEM plus all your other crop sprayer requirements


Frogs Hall, Wilby, Eye, Suffolk IP21 5LF mobile: 07748 644975 email: sancroftagri@hotmail.co.uk

tel: 01449 737482 GM-R SPRAYERS LTD email: info@gm-rsprayers.co.uk


Holly Bush Farm, Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 3DP 82 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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29/01/2020 16:42

HORSCH Leeb sprayers

Stay close to the crop BoomControl Pro ensures precision spraying at less than 30cm, at speed and over hilly terrain. Leeb PT - 6 & 8000L steel tanks Leeb LT - 4, 5 & 6000L plastic tanks Visit our website, your local HORSCH dealer or call 01733 667895.

NORAC Boom Height Control Systems available for select manufacturers The Benefits of Boom Height Control

Reduce Operator Stress • Operators no longer have to continuously look at the boom • Allows operator to focus on drive path • Operator can go faster Cover More Acres • Work day and night – sensors do not need light to “see” • Take advantage of low wind conditions at night • Spray faster – no manual boom adjustments Other Benefits/Features • Boom height control systems may offer other features such as Headlands Assist so that the boom can be automatically lifted and lowered at the end of the field • Satisfaction guaranteed Derek Johnston +44 (0) 1228 580372 sales@precise-solutions.co.uk

Cote House, Wetheral Carlise, Cumbria CA4 8HZ

Maintain Proper Spray Tip Height • Increase application efficiency – get the most from your spray • Too low = Streaking • Too High = Drift Issues • Ensures chemical application is not wasted due to improper boom height Protect Sprayer From Damage • Accurate control • Avoid ground strikes • Prevents downtime from repairing bent booms and broken spray nozzels Hybrid Mode™ • An advanced crop sensing feature for in-crop spraying that eliminates the need for the operator to take manual Patented control of the boom in a row crops or adverse situations such as lodged, thin and uneven crop

Precise Solutions www.precise-solutions.co.uk

February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 83

78-83 Spring Spraying.indd 83

29/01/2020 12:44

Making light work of a difficult season Reliability and efficiency are not the only requirements for Suffolk farmer and contractor Guy Hitchcock. Spending long hours in the operator seat means his machinery must also be a pleasure to use. David Williams reports. Trading as Hitchcock Farms, Ringshall, the family business involves Guy, his wife Liz, son William and daughter Katherine. Approximately 700ha is farmed which is a mix of owned and contractfarmed land. There is also a very successful contracting enterprise focussed around the area’s sugar beet crop, which started when Guy bought his first self-propelled Matrot harvester in the late 1980s. Now 1,200ha is lifted, including 160ha of the Hitchcock’s own crop, and regular customers include farms from near Bury St Edmunds in West Suffolk, to the coast.

Specialist service The family’s involvement with sugar beet isn’t just harvesting, and Guy drills approximately 500ha as well as preparing seedbeds for several farms. The latest six-row Holmer Exxact Terra Dos T4-30 harvester is Guy’s second of the model and the fourth Holmer, after a succession of Matrot machines. An articulated chassis and four-wheel steering provide excellent manoeuvrability and Terra Dos crab-steer mode evenly distributes the weight, reducing rutting and compaction. The

harvester arrived in September 2019 and has since worked almost 1,000 hours. “I believe it’s the best available,” explained Guy. “It’s ideal for our operation with plenty of power, and incredibly fuel efficient.” T4 series updates over previous models include a new engine, more efficient hydraulic drive, better manoeuvrability, and improved lifting performance.

Ease of use Guy said that the latest T4-30 is very user-friendly and the latest automatic steering and lifter depth adjustment reduce fatigue. “A foliage sensor at the front of the topper follows the rows and signals from potentiometers on the shear lifting units measure side forces,” explained Guy. “Between them they calculate the optimum position for the harvester and align the chassis to suit. Apart from during headland turns I rarely touch the steering wheel, even in heavy, wet conditions and that is something that has impressed users of other brands who have spent time in the cab with me.” Guy’s earlier harvesters had depth wheels

The harvester has a British Sugar-sponsored motif on the rear. “Sugar beet is an important part of British farming and we wanted to make the most of time travelling on the road by encouraging the public to associate our activities and beet in the field with a bag of Silver Spoon sugar,” Guy explained. “British Sugar had no hesitation getting involved.”

Cousins Precision Seedbed Harrow the best start you can give your beet. ■ 3m Rigid, 4, 5, 6 & 8m Folding Models ■ All models Fully Trailed ■ Numerous Tine and Roller options to suit individual requirements ■ All elements Fully Adjustable ■ NEW OPTION – now available with Extra Following Roller to rear for an enhanced finish


Call today or visit cousinsofemneth.co.uk for details sales@cousinsofemneth.co.uk

Tel. 01945 584600

84 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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28/01/2020 10:09

Sugar Beet on the lifting unit, but these are missing from his current machine with the topper and lifting unit linkage-mounted on the front chassis instead. “I wouldn’t go back to depth wheels,” he commented. “Without them, header performance is improved, there is no risk of them blocking or hitting obstructions and operation is easier.” The shares have Holmer’s EasyLift automatic depth control with independent lifter adjustment also possible through the main joystick. This allows compensation for beet rows of uneven depth against a wheeling, for example. “In practice I never use the manual independent adjustment as the automatic system copes so well,” said Guy.

Efficient cleaning Soils in Guy’s contracting area range from sand to heavy clay, and lifting shares are preferred to Oppel wheels. The latest T4 harvesters feature seven pre-cleaning rollers which accept beet from the lifters and transfer it to the main cleaning turbines. Previous models had six, and Guy said the extended cleaning section improves performance. The main cleaning area is also improved with larger turbines – up to 1,700mm diameter and a 900mm wide transfer web. From the in-cab display the user can adjust each turbine and web to achieve the cleaning action required. A clear view of the lifting shares allows issues to be spotted quickly, and Guy’s harvester also has on-board cameras monitoring the web cleaning area. The tapered body allows good visibility along the sides of the machine, although Guy also has side and rear cameras providing an all-around ‘overhead’ image displayed on the dedicated incab screen. Holmer Exxact Terra Dos T4-30 specification Engine Drive Bunker capacity Lifting unit Share depth adjustment Tyres Steering angle Travel speed

MTU 6-cyl, 626hp with automatic power management load-sensing hydraulic 30m3/21t six-row with walking shares individual/automatic front 800/70R38 rear 1,000/50R32 60 degrees 40kph

The header has automatic height adjustment and is carried on the front of the harvester chassis, without the need for depth wheels.

Management information A new feature is Holmer EasyHelp 4.0. This telematics package is still in development and Guy doesn’t yet have immediate access to the data produced, although he expects the information available to appeal to his customers. Service information includes engine and machine system performance data. Service requirements can be monitored, allowing maintenance planning around work schedules. Remote diagnostics allows technicians to log in and check for faults, potentially reducing downtime for repairs. Task management recording includes machine location and job progress. The information can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and work data can be downloaded onto farm management systems through the Agrirouter data exchange, by the owner and authorised third parties. A feature Guy would like included is yield mapping. “It would be useful for my own crops as well as for my customers’, and although I’m told that it’s in development, it’s not yet available,” he added.

Nothing to dislike Asked what improvements are needed for future Holmer harvesters, Guy said there is nothing he considers a problem. “It’s a great design and very

Guy Hitchcock says that, even after a wet lifting season and almost 1,000 hours in the seat, he still looks forward to driving the Holmer.

reliable,” he said. “This season’s working conditions were some of the worst since I started in the 1980s, but the harvester coped well, the cab was comfortable and quiet, and the automation made the job easier. Because I never feel I’m fighting the machine I relax at home in the evening and the next morning look forward to another day in the cab. Holmer has the design right. We usually update the machine every two years and the cost is reasonable. Agrifac UK’s back-up is excellent, and repairs and servicing are carried out quickly and efficiently. They are great to deal with and I don’t need to consider other options.” FG


• High speed • Precision planting • Electric or mechanical drive

• Custom built • AEF certificated • ISOBUS compliant

Distributed by

The thoroughbred for sugar beet

info@toucanfarmmachinery.co.uk 01328 258010 / 07768 641127 www.toucanfarmmachinery.co.uk February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 85

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28/01/2020 10:09

Sugar Beet

New high-tech beet lifter arrives in the UK After launching at Agritechnica in November, the first Tiger 6S self-propelled sugar beet lifter has arrived in the UK for demonstrations of its high-tech features. Tiger 6S reads all measured values within a split second and – with the aid of the newly developed software – changes the defoliator height or the lifting depth of the individual rows. The combination and interaction of both systems significantly relieves the driver, which allows partly autonomous guiding of the lifter attachment. Topping losses due to changes in the condition of the crop are avoided without stress for the driver, despite the reduction in the size of cut-off leaf stalks. This prevents not only the unnecessary pickup of soil by the lifting share and increased fuel consumption due to excessively deep lifting, but also root fracture of the beet if harvesting too flat. Sales manager for Ropa beet harvesters at CTM Root Crop Systems, Simon Peacock, is currently trying out the new advancements for himself. Simon will then be able to pass on first-hand information about the benefits to clients wanting to trade up to a new Ropa Tiger 6S. FG

German beet specialist Ropa presented the Tiger 6S at Agritechnica, demonstrating new high-tech features that aim for a better harvest quality and significantly easier operation. Two new developments that automatically adjust the working depths of the harvesting attachment are the R-Trim – which auto-adjusts the defoliator height – and R-Contour, which automatically shares depth adjustment of the individual rows at the RR lifting unit. Both systems adapt their working depth to the changing conditions in the beet crop throughout the field. The automatic systems react to different crown heights or to ground unevenness crosswise to the direction of travel. The currently used measuring system at the scalper has been extended by an additional measuring system for recording the ground contour directly at the beet rows. A new powerful on-board computer on the lifting unit of the

 The new Tiger 6S is the most powerful sugar-beet lifting unit made by Ropa.  Ropa RR lifting unit with automatic defoliator height and ground-contour sensors. 70127


T7 3 row

ex demonstrator


NEW THYREGOD TT800 3 row & T7 2 row/3 row beet harvesters now available in the UK Large stocks of spares available for UK-wide delivery

B W Brewster & Son

t: 01263 587359 f: 01263 587698 e: bwbrewster@acsmail.net

UK’sming Li . o N 1roduct on p recti or for cof soil ity acid

For ultimate performance Optimises soil pH Increases available calcium Fast acting and long lasting Provides valuable nutrients Improves soil structure Flexible service options

Helpdesk 0800 090 2376 limex@britishsugar.com limex.co.uk

LimeX is a business of British Sugar plc

86 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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28/01/2020 10:10

The best sugar beet varieties just got BETTER!

Your crop. Your choice. Our technology. The best sugar beet varieties for the UK, now even better with KWS seed treatment technology. Choose KWS Early Plant Devlopment (EPD) now! Want to know more information? Visit our website by photographing the QR code below or visit http://bit.ly/KWSepd


84-89 Sugar Beet.indd 87

23/01/2020 15:20



Book your on-farm demonstration today - call Matt on 07860 288973

Agrifac UK Ltd

4 Thorby Avenue, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0AZ 01354 660 552 • info-uk@agrifac.com • www.agrifac.co.uk

1950 - 2020






Book Your Seat For High-Tech Performance!

Call Simon on 07717 416178 - www.ctmrootcropsystems.co.uk 88 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

84-89 Sugar Beet.indd 88

23/01/2020 15:33

Sugar Beet

KWS offers three tolerant varieties this year following inoculated trials, which show good tolerance to BYMV and are yield competitive. The threat of virus yellows is arguably the biggest danger to the sugar beet sector in Europe and nowhere is this risk being felt more acutely than in the UK. A broad range of plant species either harbour the virus or provide sanctuary for vectors during the winter months, while our maritime climate ensures we rarely receive the harsh weather needed to stem aphid populations. Protecting crops against this complex of viruses that can reduce yields by up to 50 per cent is made more difficult by the spread of insecticide resistance among the principal vector, the peach-potato aphid (Myzus persicae). About 90 per cent of peach-potato aphid are resistant to carbamate and pyrethroid insecticides. Finding a solution to this problem is undoubtedly the breeding challenge of our time. The introduction of the first neonicotinoid seed treatments in the mid1990s relieved much of the pressure on breeders to develop sources of virus yellows tolerance, but it does not mean that all progress has been lost, as Ben Bishop (right), UK country manager for KWS sugar beet, explains. “Even as neonic seed treatments were gaining popularity across Europe, KWS was developing virus

tolerant varieties. In 2003 we had Jemina KWS, a variety with tolerance to beet mild yellowing virus (BYMV), in official trials. BYMV is a persistent form of virus yellows and has been found to cause losses of up to 30 per cent,” he says. Once it became clear however, that the EU was seeking to withdraw

BYMV is a persistent form of virus yellows and can cause losses of up to 30 per cent. approval for products containing neonicotinoids, KWS revived its virus yellows breeding programme. Jemina KWS was a useful starting point and meant the company didn’t have to screen wild relatives of the crop for sources of tolerance, says Mr Bishop. “KWS has made rapid progress in meeting the needs of UK growers,” he adds. “Following two years of inoculated trials in the UK, we had two tolerant varieties in official trials during 2019 and will have three in 2020. All have demonstrated good tolerance to BYMV and are yield competitive, even under non-inoculated conditions, so will form a valuable component on an integrated strategy.” FG

Looking for an alternative crop this spring? Consider sugar beet • One & three year contracts available • Market-linked bonus • Ex-farm & delivered contracts

Gross Margin


Net Margin £800 £/Ha

Virus yellows-tolerant sugar beet for 2020





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0800 090 2376 • agriculture@britishsugar.com Average yields and variable costs per John Nix Pocketbook 50th edition. Gross margin based on ex-farm crop prices as follows: Beet at average contract price for 2020/21 £21.60 (95% of crop) and £15/t Surplus price (5% of crop) with £0.40/t Late Delivery Allowance. OSR £321/t, Feed Wheat £154/t, Barley £128/t and Beans £178/t (all forward November 2020 East Anglia, per AHDB or Farmers Weekly published price on 04.12.19). Net margin is the gross margin less all direct operational costs as estimated by The Andersons Centre, with the exception of sugar beet harvesting which is costed at the contract rate offered by the British Sugar Harvesting Service as part of the Beet Delivery Service. 70158

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Sugar Beet

The ‘thoroughbred’ sugar beet drill The key to high yield is placing seed at a consistent depth with accurate spacing and even soil-to-seed contact, according to Steve Twist, managing director of specialist importers Toucan Farm Machinery. He added: “Seventy per cent of your potential yield has been decided by the time you leave the field with your precision drill.” Precision planter specialist Monosem produces the latest Meca V4E ‘thoroughbred sugar beet drill’, which Toucan says is the best

high-speed drill available for sugar beet. A large-diameter five cell seed disc not only singulates the seeds but also gives the seed a velocity matching ground speed. This ‘deaddrop’ ensures the most accurate seed spacing and depth, giving the best possible seed placement into a narrow soil seed groove, unlike a high velocity blown seed which has to lose its additional speed, with potential bounce and loss of accuracy. The range is available with

traditional mechanical drive row units or the latest Isobus, AEFapproved, electric drive versions, enabling tramlining to match any sprayer pattern, and maintaining plant size alongside the missing row through automatic seed rate increase. It also provides (TC-SC) which allows individual rows to be switched off to avoid ‘over-sowing’ on the headlands, and Geo-control

(TC-GEO), which enables variable seed rate control in accordance with prescribed field maps. All Monosem drills parallel fold (stack horizontally), not tipping the row units on their sides, to avoid damaging side forces on the row units. FG

EXTENDED GRIMME WARRANTY – FOR ADDED PEACE OF MIND NEW for 2020, TWO YEARS WARRANTY is standard on all new GRIMME machines – leaving you free to focus on your business without worrying about the cost of an unexpected breakdown. GRIMME PROTECT enables you to extend your original GRIMME warranty on a new machine for up to a total of 5 years* and it is available on used GRIMME machines too.



Find out more about GRIMME PROTECT talk to your local GRIMME Partner today.

*Terms apply

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Rileys have the answer for ALL harvesting conditions The latest Vervaet harvester range: Beet Eater 925 Evo 9-row Beet Eater 625 Evo 6-row Q-Series 6-row

J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd

www.jrileyagri.co.uk Tel: 01603 262526

Church Farm, Attlebridge, Norwich NR9 5ST

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Introducing the new Tempo L 8

Tempo L

In 2019, the world-record high-speed precision planter Väderstad Tempo L family is growing. Introducing the all-new Tempo L 8, as well as new configurations for Tempo L 12 and Tempo L 18.

The new Tempo L models combine excellent high-speed planting precision with high capacity output of both seed and fertiliser. The all-new Tempo L 8 has 8 row units, a 3000 litre fertiliser hopper and row spacing from 700-800mm.

Learn more at vaderstad.com

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Drying and conditioning grain post-harvest for safe long-term storage Two 4808 Sukup Europe drying silos in north Lincolnshire supplied through dealer McArthur Agriculture. Each silo has a storage capacity of 1000t.

Farmers spend the best part of 9-10 months nurturing crops from drilling to harvest – so how should this valuable commodity be treated and stored once it’s off the field? Rachel Hicks reports. Safe and effective grain storage postharvest is key to ensuring quality and minimising risk. As soon as grain leaves the field, it should be treated as a food crop and stored accordingly to reduce risk through the food chain and safeguard consumers. With the main causes of spoilage in stored grain being fungi, insects and mites, the drying and cooling process is key. Chemical treatment is limited by both food safety legislation and failure due to resistance development, so physical control methods and an integrated pest management system are vital. While grain that is sold off-farm before November poses less of a storage risk, it also can command a lower price per tonnage, so many farmers are now storing grain longer in the hope they can achieve almost double the premium with a May movement.

According to Sukup Europe Ltd’s UK sales manager John Statt (right), while there are UK farmers out there who are very good at drying and conditioning their harvested crops, others have very little knowledge about this very important part of post-harvest commodity care. John says: “Although UK farms have moved with the times in many areas and heavily invested in cultivation machinery and precision equipment for drilling, spraying and fertiliser application, and they have also increased output capacity greatly in the field at harvest with large output combines, unfortunately grain drying and storage equipment has lagged well behind in investment in both infrastructure and technology.

“Many UK farms have seen little investment in post-harvest equipment or storage facilities since the 80s and 90s and, as the output of combines has greatly increased over this time, the grain dryer or intakes have increasingly become the bottleneck in otherwise high output systems.” Many buildings with onfloor drying systems that were constructed 20 or more years ago are no longer even high enough to tip the latest generation of grain trailer in, which sit higher on their chassis to accommodate larger wheels and tyres used to reduce ground compaction and damage to soil structure in the field. Yet few farmers seem willing to make the investment in new systems. “Availability of skilled labour is also becoming an issue on many farms, and older grain dryers that require a man to constantly monitor them is not only draining in labour resources, it’s also costly. Equally, the floor stores with driveover drying floors are often seen as the quick ‘tip and go’ solution in the UK. In years where little or no drying is required they generally are, but grain also needs to be pushed up with a grain pusher on a telehandler, which again takes more labour and obviously requires a telehandler, too. This common practice can also lead to compaction problems in wetter years, in stores not fitted with grain stirrers when grain comes into store


Competitive prices for all your agricultural & industrial requirements



BOWIE LOCKWOOD 02476 459000


at 17.5 per cent moisture content or higher, leading to problems with both the drying and conditioning process,” explains John. “Those farmers with expertise in this field would always avoid doing this – instead, using a mobile rubber belt elevator, auger, grain thrower or overhead conveying systems to drop the grain in from above to fill the store and avoid the compaction from happening.” It’s the knowledge, experience and attention to detail such as this which will create the most benefit in terms of efficiencies. Further efficiencies can also be made with energy efficient drying and low labour systems. The UK grows some of the world’s largest crops in terms of tonnes per hectare, which creates a substantial surplus for trade. While we are yet to see what our future trading relationship will be with our European cousins when we leave the EU, UK farmers need to find a way to successfully compete in the world market as a whole, against grain produced in the Black Sea areas and North America where growing costs are usually much lower and trading prices are reduced, too. On this note, John continues: “For us to successfully compete in these markets, we will have to add value to our exportable surplus in quality, assurance and traceability, and this will require improved knowledge in maximising the value of those crops once it has left the combine and enters the grain store. “Marketing skills will also have to improve and farmers will potentially have to store grain longer to get the maximum benefit of selling quality grain at market peaks.” FG


Rural & Industrial Design & Building Association

*prices subject to site survey & location All prices subject to VAT

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Flat bottom silos

Silo stirring systems

Hopper bottom silos

Mobile dryers

Tower dryers

Conveying systems

Westfield mobile augers


COMPLETE SOLUTIONS FOR GRAIN DRYING & STORAGE CONTACT John Statt M: 07703 608014 jst@sukup-eu.com

Sukup Europe Ltd Unit 2C, Gunby Lea Farm, Grangewood, Netherseal, Swadlincote DE12 8BE Phone: +44 1283 760445 www.sukup-eu.com


Stops any leaks Warmer in winter cooler in summer Structural Stabilisation Improves energy costs by half Class 1 Fire Rated Product

Suitable for Storage Units Warehouses Stables Offices and more...

Suffolk Essex Cambridge Norfolk Call now to arrange a free survey RIVA Surveyors

No7 Office Suite, Epsilon House, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 9FJ

01473 599143 07866 834191


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Flach & Le-Roy Ltd Flach & Le-Roy Ltd is an industry leader in designing and delivering high performance drying, ventilation & storage systems for crops & woodchip. Formed in 1993 its high quality product and design services include drive-on drying floors, air ducts, walling, fans, burners and associated control equipment delivered throughout the UK and overseas. A Flach & Le-Roy 4000 ton grain store with twin side air ducts, a drive-on drying floor and 8 x 27kw axial fans

FLR-CropDrying is a brand of Flach & Le-Roy Ltd

PRODUCTS Woodchip drive on drying floor driven by a 25hp centrifugal fan supporting a 200kw boiler drying G50/G30 woodchip from 40% to 25% moisture content. Onion or potato box store ventilation and conditioning air ducts. Fans can be mounted at the side or vertically on top of the duct.

A Flach & Le-Roy 2000 ton store with a central main air duct providing two flexible loading and storage areas

Timber clad store retaining-walling. Designed to be self-shedding for level or surcharge fill. Centrifugal and axial-flow fans, from low-pressure axial for drying vegetables to high pressure centrifugal and multi-stage axial fans for drying cereals and seed crops Control panels can be supplied with a wide range of safety and functional controls all protected by modern circuit breaker technology

Confidence in our design, materials and care in manufacturing and installation is reflected in our 10-year warranty

Flach & Le-Roy Ltd – Crop/Woodchip Drying Systems Founded in 1993 by Richard Flach and Owen Le-Roy, together the partners have over 50 years experience in the crop drying and storage business. Their speciality is high quality drive-on flooring and box-store ventilation and conditioning systems. Based on the near-ambient drying method Flach & Le-Roy's drive-on floor drying system is fully automated, having fans and burners controlled via humidity sensors in the air duct and fan house. The drying rate for cereals is up to half a percent every 24 hours and the fans deliver air through the crop at between 20 and 24 feet per minute depending on stack height. Offloading the grain trailer into the store is time and labour saving and the crop needs no stirring. More recent application of the drying-floor system is the preparation of woodchip for biomass heating systems. Our system typically supports a 200Kw boiler drying 40 tonnes of woodchip at 1.5m deep from 40% to 25% moisture content over 2 to 3 days.

Flach & Le-Roy Ltd, Tel: 01480 495956 Mob: 07774 141512 enquiries @flruk.com


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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Insulation: Could it save your grain? Keeping a stable temperature in your grain store is key to preventing spoilage, so it’s worth thinking about any improvements you can make to your buildings. Riva Commercial explains how installing closed cell spray insulation can eliminate condensation, control mould and fungal growth, and maintain temperatures in winter and summer. With the start of the harvest approaching in a few months, now is a good time to look at your grain store and make any necessary improvements. Maintaining a stable temperature is key to crop quality and reducing the risk of losses – as is good store hygiene, ventilation and a watertight roof. Choosing to store grain comes with economic benefits as it does 69617

not have to be sold for harvest movement and later delivery generally attracts a higher price. Storage comes with its own set of challenges, however. The main causes of spoilage in stored grain are fungi, mites and insects, according to AHDB. At certain temperatures and moisture content, fungal growth can occur rapidly and lead to the production of

the mycotoxin, ochratoxin A. Insect and mite development is also a risk in higher temperatures, while in winter, the grain surface absorbs moisture. Climate change could present further challenges in achieving cooling targets in the future, if predicted temperature increases are correct, AHDB says. With this in mind, it is well worth investing some time in making improvements to your store now, to help prevent these issues. Installing good quality insulation not only reduces your heating and cooling bills, it also helps to maintain a stable temperature – keeping stores warm in winter and cooler in summer – reducing the impact of environmental temperatures on your grain.

Riva installs Walltite closed cell spray foam insulation, which uses cutting edge technology to control and deplete mould and fungal growth, eliminating airborne mould spores. It also promises zero condensation, reduces heat loss by up to 60 per cent, avoids overheating during the summer, improves indoor air quality and offers protection from severe weather and flooding resistance. By reducing the need for heating in winter and fans in summer, the system can reduce energy bills by half, according to the company. Liquid installation means the spray technology can access critical, inaccessible or curved areas, sealing off all gaps and air leaks. And, as it has no food value, it can help to eliminate infestations. FG

Grain Silos and Driers · Outdoor silos · Indoor silos · Fans & Heaters · Stirrers · Batch driers · CF driers · Tower Driers · Elevators · Conveyors · Intake Pits

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage


Harvest management made simpler

For over 20 years, Kentra has been at the forefront of crop drying technology. Our dryers are easy to operate, rugged, reliable and energy efficient. • Wide range of standard machines with capacities up to 100 tonnes per hour • Constructed from heavy duty fully galvanised steel for both indoor and outdoor installation • Fully automatic control system with data logging facility • Low noise operation • Comprehensive 3 year warranty on all new equipment

Giving nature a helping hand . . .

For a brochure or more information on our dryers please call us on:

01423 330085

Technology using moisture sensors and automated control software can improve accuracy and save valuable time spent monitoring and managing dryers, according to Kentra Grain Systems. Kentra’s Dryer Master DM510 control system promises to provide reliable grain drying with minimal manual intervention. A moisture sensor installed in the conveyor line takes grain from the dryer, while an inlet sensor, usually fitted at the top of a continuous flow dryer, can detect changes in the moisture content of incoming grain. Control software uses readings from these sensors to calculate the residence time needed to hit an average target moisture and automatically adjusts the discharge rate accordingly. Both sensors automatically compensate for grain temperature to ensure accurate readings and the post-drying sensor is simple to calibrate. Kentra managing director Barry Higginbottom says: “The ability to predict when, say, wetter incoming grain will fill the dryer takes all the guesswork out of managing the system and results in more accurate and consistent drying.” The company does not recommend taking a ‘set and forget’ approach – it is good practice to have someone supervise the drying operation and repeat the sensor calibration two or three times a day. “But the accuracy of this automated control system will

give the store supervisor confidence to attend to other aspects of harvest management without neglecting the dryer,” Barry adds. According to Kentra, the system also offers significant cost savings. Manual grain dryer management involves responding to samples taken after the grain has dried. To avoid being caught out there is a tendency to be cautious, resulting in grain being dried beyond the optimum, which is costly in energy and weight loss. Barry explains: “Assuming a grain price of £100/t, a farm drying 20,000t of grain has only to save one per cent moisture in over-drying to regain £20,000 in lost revenue. A farm drying 4–5,000t of grain a year would recoup the £10,000–£12,000 purchase of a Dryer Master system in three years – a bigger operator even sooner – while also saving time and hassle at harvest.” The Dryer Master display provides a quick view of drying status and settings, a manual option for operators who prefer to make their own discharge rate decisions, a number of alarm alerts and a printout for records. If internet access is available, the display is accessible on a farm office computer or remotely via a smartphone or other mobile device. FG

Email: kentra@graindriers.com Web: www.graindriers.com

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Leading supplier of grain handling and processing equipment Nationwide expertise in installing and servicing equipment from all major manufacturers All sizes of project undertaken, from small farms to large co-operatives and grain traders

Sandy Knight 01738 627 101 sales@edwardsengineering.co.uk



www.perryofoakley.co.uk sales@perryofoakley.co.uk +44 (0)1404 890300

Established in 1969

Since 1947

The UK’s Most Experienced Manufacturer of Materials Drying & Handling Equipment

Cereals & Crops - Grass - Herbs & Spices - Woodchip - Sawdust - Anaerobic Digestate • Continuous Flow Grain Driers & Belt Driers • Chain & Flight Conveyors

• Belt & Bucket Elevators • Aspirator Pre-Cleaners • Augers & Screw Conveyors • Levelling Conveyors • Belt Conveyors • Ducting & Valves

Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show 2020 Perry of Oakley Ltd. are back at Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show! Come and visit our stand - G3 - February 5th, York Auction Centre, Murton, York, YO19 5GF, for all your drying, handling & storage requirements.

See us at YAMS 2020 - 5th February!

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Crop Cooling Systems

Polycool or Metalcool Pedestal

Underfloor air duct

• Dependable ventilation and fans • Optional differential temperature control


VBW Grain Ventilation Fans • Our VBW grain ventilation fan range has a 3 year warranty • UK manufactured, built to last - Cast Aluminium Case - Pressed Steel Impeller - Thermal Overload

Fan installed outside of grain store wall to expel warm air

• Suit overhead conveyor filled stores • Higher airflow via underfloor ventilation

• Capped pedestal top stops grain entering

• Easy to position and move fans

• For new build grain stores

• Pedestals secure when filling

• Warm air expelled out of store


1.1kW & 2.2kW

• Having helped cool grain for 50 years, we only supply quality, long lasting products • Used in Grain Stores worldwide

01935 310900 • EvansAndPearce.com TB10832 E & P Farmers Guardian Half advert 133x190mm.indd 1

18/01/2019 16:32

DF25000 Double Flow Grain Drier Complete Grain Drying System


Rotary Cleaners and Aspirators RCG 630/4 Screen Rotary Cleaner with A60 Aspirator

Precleaning, commercial and seed cleaning/grading Two model ranges with 630mm and 805mm diameter Powerful aspiration at intake (optional) Simple to operate and easy to maintain Suitable for multiple grains – with easily interchangeable screens


RCG 805/4 Screen Rotary Cleaner with A80 Aspirator

Alvan Blanch provide grain driers and handling equipment through an alliance with Søby - 5 to 175 T/hr Grain driers Conveyors, elevators, augers Reliable & robust

Optional automated moisture control Alvan Blanch provide service, spares & support Custom built turn key solution by Alvan Blanch

Call Chris on




01666 577333

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Working with farmers to boost production

Partnership allows complete grain solution A new partnership has seen UK manufacturer Perry of Oakley Ltd team up with SiloMaster, to offer their customers a complete grain handling, drying and storage solution. Perry of Oakley has more than 70 years of experience as a manufacturer of materials handling and drying equipment, while SiloMaster’s team of engineers has been designing and manufacturing silos for over 50 years. This partnership will allow the two companies to offer a complete solution and support other dealers – from concept, to layout and design, through to manufacture, supply, installation and ongoing support.

SiloMaster has developed a new range of flat bottom and hopper bottom silos, to which Perry of Oakley has some exclusive rights. The silos will be designed and manufactured to the highest specification, with an ethos of ‘on time, right the first time,’ the company says. They will be adorned with both the Perry and SiloMaster logos, as a symbol of the companies’ new cooperation. Perry’s full product range includes continuous mixed flow driers, belt driers, chain and flight conveyors, belt and bucket elevators and belt conveyors, among other drying and handling solutions for grain and bulk materials. FG

For over 50 years, multi-disciplinary engineering firm, Edwards Engineering, has worked with farms and farmers across the UK. With high levels of service and, most importantly, effective solutions, the Edwards’ team recognises the need to ensure any works undertaken don’t affect production or quality, delivering successful operations, such as upgrading grain dryers, replacing aging equipment and expanding stores, whilst creating minimal disruption to the important production schedule. Edwards works with leading grain equipment manufacturers including Cimbria, Skandia, Guttridge, Svegma, Alvan Blanch, Perry and Carier. Edwards Engineering managing director Sandy Kirk, said: “As a fully independent business, we offer professional, impartial advice that delivers the best result, whatever form that takes. We’re not tied to any one manufacturer and have our own drawing office and extensive fabrication facilities allowing us to respond rapidly.” From small farmers to large scale

projects with grain co-operatives and traders, new builds to replacements and upgrades, every customer and project is important. Edwards Engineering is determined to ensure completion on every contract on time, to the agreed specification and within budget. H&K Farms, Lockerbie, said: “Edwards Engineering supported us with the installation of a Charlesfield Farm Grain Dryer. The team was amazing and very conscientious. To think that we did not have a single hiccup is a miracle these days. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” FG


Concrete Flooring Specialist




Civil Engineers & Groundwork Contractors Farmer Friendly for 32 Years for


01945 870076

• nationwide coverage • sales@sjstanberry.com • www.sjstanberry.com


Enquiries welcome from a 30-mile radius of CO10 7DE

Mobile: 07836 239701 Fax: 01787 277764 Email: iwkiddyplanthire@gmail.com February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 99

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Versatile dryer a popular choice post-harvest

udrey & Son L a V t



As producers of post-harvest equipment, Alvan Blanch manufactures the Continuous Double Flow grain dryer, which, according to the company, can process any combineharvestable crop, no matter how wet or dirty. Alvan says the dryer is highly fuel efficient, versatile and has automated control options, making it a popular choice for farmers. In partnership with Soby, the company offers a complete grain handling solution – with conveyors, augers and elevators designed to work in conjunction with the drier. The Rotary Cleaners and Aspirators are available in six different models, with two size

options per model (plus the choice of two, three, or four screens). They are designed for powerful pre-cleaning and seed cleaning/grading. Interchangeable screens allow for the processing of multiple grains, all in one machine. Alvan Blanch also offers a complete range of farm machinery, including: Mixers, Hammermills and Roller-Mills – a range that is designed to allow on-farm grain processing and feed milling. Through utilising homegrown grain, the costs are reduced and the quality of the feed for livestock has provenance. Every piece of machinery is built to last, the company says, usually providing over 40 years of reliable service. All solutions are custom built, whilst promising to remain simple to use and maintain. Through Alvan Blanch’s nationwide network of dealers, and its service engineering team, annual drier servicing and technical support are provided. An internal parts department also ensures farmers can source parts for their machines. FG

Take noise issues into account So many of Bennett and Co’s projects require some noise attenuation, as stores get larger and require bigger fans – whether grain, potato or onion stores. Similarly, large continuous flow dryers that might be running all night during harvest. With planners looking at this in far more detail, fully cognisant of the requirements of the National Planning Framework and the British Standards referred to for rating and assessing noise coming from grain stores and the like, it is important that this noise (and its likely effect on surrounding residents and even wildlife) is taken into account at the outset of a new project. Bennett and Co has considerable experience in looking at these noise issues in the early stages of a new project or in designing ways to reduce the noise of an existing facility or upgrade. Solutions may just involve resiting the proposed development or correct fan selection. Alternatively, longer silencers on axial fan units, box silencers or acoustic louvres on air intakes, acoustic fences or earth bunds, or noise

insulating fan houses can reduce noise to acceptable levels. If you are planning a project, whether for grain, potatoes or vegetables, visit the Bennett and Co website to see more details of recent projects and submit your email address in order to receive a quarterly newsletter, Crop Storage Update. FG

Lifting an air intake silencer into a new grain store.

Grain storage and handling Steel framed buildings Groundworks All types of concrete Turnkey projects JH Vaudrey & Son Ltd have been supporting farmers with their building requirements since 1993 and have a wealth of expertise when it comes to the requirements of today’s agri business. JH Vaudrey & Son Ltd can provide grain stores complete with the most up to date grain handling equipment, silos, dryers, and straw barns. We also provide a maintenance service to all properties and farm buildings.

www.jhvaudrey.co.uk Phone: 01379 678459 Fax: 01379 678458 Email: info@jhvaudrey.co.uk

JH Vaudrey & Son Ltd provides a complete design and build service and will even take care of the planning application for you. We will be pleased to hear from you and offer a friendly reliable service. To discuss your requirements telephone 01379 678459.

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Sales Direct


WE OFFER A WIDE RANGE OF QUALITY BUILT PRODUCTS DELIVERED NATIONWIDE DIRECT TO OUR CUSTOMERS We also undertake all agricultural engineering, fabricating, machining and welding, including reconditioning and modifications to existing machinery, blasting and paintshop facilities. For further information please ring John on 07860 417643

HD Access Platforms from stock

Rigid Hyd Bag Lifters

Fork Carriage

HD Muck Grabs

HD Bale Spikes – available in all sizes

Adaptor Plates

e: covenbrookfabrications@gmail.com • www.covenbrookfabrications.co.uk Mole Drainers (low horse power requirement)


Grain Pushers – available in all lengths

John on 07860 417643


Covenbrook Hall Farm, Stisted, Braintree, Essex CM77 8AJ

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We manufacture, supply & build... • Cubicle Buildings • Lambing Sheds • Dairy Units • Workshops • Grain Stores • Industrial Units • Bespoke Design

• Internal Stables • Stable Blocks • Indoor Arenas • Hay & Straw Stores

01606 738 738 | sales@flgb.co.uk | www.flgb.co.uk

Hardcastle Ventacrop are specialists in the manufacture and installation of hardwood main air ducts and hardwood drive-over drying floors. We also supply axial and centrifugal fans, gas heaters and humidity/temperature control equipment.

Visit: www.hardcastleventacrop.co.uk To avoid disappointment contact us now

email: hvc2000@aol.com

Sales: 07970 029 240 • Office: 01377 254 257 70087

• Steel portal framed buildings • Grain drying and storage • Groundworks and drainage

Mark Weatherhead

• Electrical engineering works

_ _ _ _ _ _

Ashworth House St. Neots Road Hardwick, Cambs CB23 7QL Telephone: 01954 210 355 Mobile: 07885 202 005








T el : 0 1954 2 10 355 E M ail :

• Elevator & Conveyor repairs


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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Wireless-style fan automation Grain store specialists Evans and Pearce developed a system to turn grain ventilation fans into automated units, capable of cooling crops without the high costs usually associated with wireless temperature control. Four years on, the company says it has won praise from users for its sensible approach to fan automation and simplicity of use. Evans and Pearce is encouraging growers to consider the now-proven system, called Grain Fan Assist, as a genuine alternative to more costly wireless systems. Each fan is fitted with a control box that takes a signal from an ambient air temperature sensor and a grain temperature probe. The controller monitors the difference in air and crop temperatures, triggering fans to operate when air is cold enough to effectively cool. As external temperatures rise, the fan switches itself off to avoid warmer air being blown through the crop – a technique that has been shown by AHDB to reduce energy usage by up to 40 per cent. It can be fitted to any number

Storage: Minimising waste, maximising returns

of new or existing fans for around £250 and requires little, if any, input from an electrical contractor. Stores fitted with additional extraction fans to draw clean air into the building, can be further enhanced with Extraction Fan Assist, to wirelessly detect when any grain ventilation fans are operating. This triggers the main extraction unit into life and ensures synchronised running of grain and building ventilation fans – all essential to keep costs down and cooling rates up. A variant called Multi Fan Hub is also available so that multiple fans can be automated from a central control panel – each built to customer requirements. FG

Planning for harvest is a continual cycle and with many crops taking 11 months to grow, it is essential that your hard work is supported by the perfect storage solution, says Graham Heath Construction. Many external factors can affect a crop once it is in storage – from moisture, fungi, mites and general hygiene; through to pests and structural issues, such as bowing walls and leaking roofs. It is therefore essential that suitable storage conditions are created to minimise waste and maximise returns. Storing grain in tired buildings that allow access to the elements will only cause problems. Damp conditions act as a breeding ground for many species of insects and although drying the grain after combining will slow down insect development, it is essential that moisture content is kept to 12 per cent to minimise the risk. A new grain store will offer a clean, dry, well-ventilated and watertight construction. High quality CE-marked steel and materials will prevent rain and other such weather penetrating the building. Quality roofing will also

Graham Heath Construction offers high quality, value for money, grain storage solutions which can be delivered in just six to eight weeks.

reduce or eliminate birds and pests from gaining access. Concrete panels are a key feature in Graham Heath Construction grain stores. They are easy to clean, hygienic and exceptionally durable, withstanding the force of a grain harvest with ease. Concrete panels are also quick and easy to install, simply slotting between steel supports. From the steel frames to the concrete panels, the key elements of every Graham Heath building are produced at its UK site. FG

We’ll Beat Any Genuine Like For Like Quotation*


We’re Exhibiting At



ured B Ass g ldin s ui


*T&C’s apply. See website for full details.

4 March 2020


From £55,500* Including concrete panels to 3.5m Optional extras:

100’ Partition £4,800 20’ x 20’ Fan House £6,000



From £36,000* Including panels


80’ x 60’ x 20’

60 x 30 x 12

100 x 40 x 15

From £18,000* Including panels

£11,995* *


Ex Works

Made in Britain 15 years’ Experience Nationwide Delivery Bespoke Buildings 5* Customer Service


CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR BESPOKE QUOTE & SPECIAL OFFERS 01270 781158 or email: info@gh-construction.co.uk @GrahamHeathConstructionLtd

@GrahamHeath Construction


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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Protect your stores from insect attacks A significant quantity of the world’s grain is lost each year during storage, largely due to insect attacks. It is therefore essential that grain storage buildings are cleaned out before use, says Pan Agriculture Ltd. Grainstore is a Deltamethrinbased insecticide, developed by the company, that controls a wide range of insects including grain moths, Indian meal moths, flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, grain weevils, bean weevils,

rice moths, grain borers and warehouse moths. The product’s mode of action is through direct contact and ingestion. It has no with-holding period and requires just one application per year. It is available in two formulations, both offering high protection against stored grain pests, Pan Agri says. Grainstore 25EC can be used diluted as an admixture, or as a treatment for grain storage buildings and equipment, but it can also be applied directly to the grain. The fabric of the building should be treated 3–4 weeks before storing the grain. This formulation offers grain protection for up to two months. Meanwhile, Grainstore ULV is a ready-to-use insecticide which does not require additional water. It can be used as an admixture and can be applied directly to bulk grain. It offers up to 12 months’ protection against crawling insects and up to three months’ protection against flying insects. The ULV formulation is ideal for use by contractors using low volume foggers. FG

Insect fumigation and colour sorter tackle rejected loads Crop production company L F Pearce & Son has added a Satake colour sorter to its portfolio of products, making it possible to remove vomitoxin, fusarium, ergot and discoloured or damaged grain. The sorter also has the ability to ensure accurate admixture removal and species separation, plus bushel weight and Hagberg improvement. This can enhance the crop value as well as avoiding costly crop penalties and increasing the premiums paid to growers. For farmers facing challenges with rejected loads from bugs in crops, the company offers insect fumigation using K-Obiol ULV6, which is applied on intake of the crop and then cleaned through the Westrupp

Pan Agriculture Ltd.

Contact us: : +44 (0) 1480 467790 : info@panagriculture.co.uk



25 g/litre Deltamethrin, 225 g/litre Piperonyl butoxide and solvent naphta MAPP 19218

Pack size: 1 Litre ℮ Controls pests of stored grain Protects grain for up to 2 months No with-holding period Use as an admixture or a treatment of the fabric of the building


cleaner. There is no withdrawal period for the product so loads can go straight back on the lorry. With severe wet weather and flooding in autumn, resulting in problems getting crop in the ground, the company says growers may wish to keep some grain for longer. L F Pearce & Son has storage for more than 10,000 tonnes of crops for those who are thinking of keeping some grain back. All bays in the facility have under-floor ventilation and condition and there is a system in place that allows grain temperature to be monitored 24/7. A skilled groundwork team can also erect grain stores and complete all aspects of groundwork and concreting, the company adds. FG

6 g/litre deltamethrin and 54 g/litre Piperonyl butoxide MAPP 19195


Use pesticides safely, always read the product label before use.



Pack size: 20 Litres ℮ Ready to use formulation Can be applied directly to bulk grain Offers 3 months protection against flying insects and 12 months protection against crawling insects

For ALL Your Crop Drying, Handling & Storage Requirements, from Small Upgrades to Complete Projects

Advice Design Installation Maintenance Project Management

Call Mike on 01760 725990

e : mike@bennettcropstorage.co.uk w : www.bennettcropstorage.co.uk

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A family run business established in East Anglia for over 40 years


Complete Building Construction including...


Steel framed buildings Complete groundworks Mechanical handling equipment Drive on timber floors Building refurbishment For all enquiries

t: 01449 720256 m: 07774 633608 e: m.euston@sky.com

Wilwyn, Flordon Road, Creeting St Mary Ipswich, Suffolk IP6 8NH

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LF PEARCE & SON - Moorley’s Farm, Oakley -

Grain Storage & Grain Services

Specialising in arable crop production, grain services and grain store facilities. We also have a ground work division based in Buckinghamshire.

HaRvESt COnStant HUmIdIty COntROllER

Crop cleaning & drying

Gives you guaranteed drying conditions, 24/7. Efficient and economic with thousands of units in use on all combinable crops and onion stores nationwide.

Erection of Grainstores TASCC approved grain lab Grain Storage Facilities Satake Colour Sorter Treatment for bug infested grain

CALL: 01795 533903

Main Office: Unit 2/3 Oaklands Park, Rougham Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2RW. info@harvestinstallations.co.uk


Moorley’s Farm Thame Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9QQ

01844 238887 info@lfpearceandson.co.uk www.lfpearceandson.co.uk

JONES BROTHERS Pre-Stressed Concrete Wall Panels Inspired by the latest technology in Pre-stressed Concrete Wall Panels, and with the desire to continue in meeting our customers' requirements regarding Quality, Design, Volume & Delivery...

...we have opened a new & improved manufacturing facility in Greenfield, Flintshire, North Wales

• Brand new precision built moulds & tooling • Larger range of sizes & loadbearing options (95, 145, 200 & new 240, 280mm) • Selection of Concrete Lego Blocks • Increased capacity • Made to measure • Shorter lead-times • Established Quality Assured products at competitive prices • Design & Bespoke Project capability 70095

t: 01352 719182 or 01352 716648 • f: 01352 837690 e: tracey@jonesbrothersconcrete.co.uk www. jonesbrothersconcretepanels.co.uk


Pellcroft Engineering Ltd Coningsby, Lincs LN4 4SE Tel: 01526 342466 Fax: 01526 343507 www.pellcroft.com

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Promising year ahead 2019 proved busy for BDC Systems, supplying Svegma driers from Dorset right up to Fife, with sizes ranging from 18–52t/hr. The outlook for 2020 looks equally promising. One 2019 installation of note was a 52t/hr Svegma continuous flow grain drier with vertical turboclean dust extraction fans and touch screen control panel. All the elevating and conveying equipment offered 80t/ hr and was from the Skandia ’H’ line

range of heavy duty kit. A complete dust extraction system was designed and supplied by BDC Systems, with a JKF filter at the centre of the plant. The machinery is controlled from a 5m long PLC control panel incorporating two 22in plc screens with remote access and viewing. Svegma driers are available in a variety of sizes from 5t/hr to over 100t/hr. They are of fully galvanised construction and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. New for 2019 was BDC’s own MMS System which allows real-time monitoring of the moisture content of grain on the inlet and outlet elevators of the drier. Skandia handling equipment is available exclusively in the UK from BDC. Skandia offers three ranges of equipment from 30–600t/hr, suitable for general farm use through to commercial use. Belt and bucket elevators, chain and flight conveyors, belt conveyors, silo sweep conveyors and dust and chaff extractors are all available, generally with a 4–5 week delivery period. A 52t/hr Svegma continuous flow grain dryer installed in 2019.

S3 INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANER Perfect for the removal of large quantities of dust and grain in feed factories, mills, and silos. 3 Motors (3000W) Easy to Empty Bin INC. Heavy Duty Tool Kit Shakeable Filter Cleaner

£ 2,982 £1,980

MOVE MORE WITH OUR TURBOFARMER RANGE The heavy duty Turbofarmer range offers two models designed for the toughest of tasks. The TF45.11 and TF50.8 give a lift capacity from 4.5 to 5 tonne with 11 and 8 meters lift height. The 170hp engine is combined with the choice of two transmissions, hydrostatic or CVTronic giving smooth acceleration from 0 to 40kph without interrupting torque. Both models are available with cab suspension to further enhance cab comfort.


• • • •


(Price based on 50L bin, upgrade to 100L bin for only £20 extra)


Record breaking ergonomic cab designs

Patented frame leveling on selected models

up to 5 tonne lifting capacity

Unique CVTronic transmission on selected models


South Walsham Road, Acle, Norfolk, NR13 3ES t: 01493 688250 w: www.hughcrane.co.uk

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Bulk grain drying: Overcoming challenges the risk of rejected loads. Available in 4–16m, the stirrer can improve the efficiency of bulk drying stores and boost drying rates by as much as 50 per cent, the company says. The machine is switched on at the control panel and automatically travels between moveable end stops, covering around 40ft/hr.

The fully automated Rekord Grain Stirrer promises to overcome the challenges of drying grain in bulk by preventing grain capping and crop compaction, as well as reducing the static air pressure – which significantly increases airflows. The crop is dried evenly, according to Rekord Ltd, making sampling easier and reducing

Variable pitch augers can work in crop depths from 4–14ft and draw grain along the entire length of the auger, ensuring total mixing of grain to the full depth of the crop. As there is no longer a drying front or risk of capping, a controlled higher air temperature can be applied, Rekord explains. The standard stirrer has two

carriages and four augers, while the smallest has one carriage and two augers. On request, the company can supply a stirrer with three carriages and six augers. Rekord supplies a comprehensive range of agricultural machinery, including power harrows, mini balers, balers and rollers. FG

Hand-held moisture test delivers ’lab standard’ results analysis of results from leading UK proficiency testing schemes indicate the Mini GAC 2500 handheld has an average accuracy of 0.2 per cent (compared to oven results) on wheat, barley and OSR. The GAC 2500 family of moisture meters, which are based on 149MHz technology, are distributed and supported by Farm-Tec, who develop the UK-specific calibration on a

Despite a difficult harvest in 2019, with heavy rain and high temperatures, testing schemes suggest a hand-held instrument is offering laboratory-standard moisture and hectolitre results, outperforming many more expensive instruments. Farm-Tec’s DICKEYjohn GAC 2500 benchtop has delivered leading accuracy over the past five harvests, the company says. Now, WHEAT - HARVEST 2019


Oven Result


August 15.7%





November 14.0%

wide range of commodities (wheat, barley, oats, rapeseed, peas, beans,

etc.) and monitor the UK calibrations throughout the year. FG 2019 Harvest performance (% away from oven results)








Oven Results







DICKEYjohn GAC2500








DICKEYjohn Mini GAC2500








Average difference from oven

DICKEYjohn Legacy (GAC2100/500)








Sinar 6060








Perten 5800








2019 Harvest performance (% away from oven results)








Oven Results







2019 Harvest performance (% away from oven results)

Average difference from oven

Average difference from oven DICKEYjohn GAC2500







DICKEYjohn GAC2500








DICKEYjohn Mini GAC2500







DICKEYjohn Mini GAC2500








DICKEYjohn Legacy (GAC2100/500)







DICKEYjohn Legacy (GAC2100/500)








Sinar 6060







Sinar 6060








Perten 5800







Perten 5800









Tey Farm Systems Limited Telephone: 01206 210003 Fax: 01206 212880 Great Tey Business Centre Warrens Farm, Great Tey sales@teyfarmsystems.co.uk COLCHESTER CO6 1JG www.teyfarmsystems.co.uk

Tey Farm Systems

teyfar msystems.co.uk

teyfar msystems.co.uk

Storage, drying, handling and buildings for cereals, root crops and more...

Design Supply Install Maintain all types of Crop Storage, Drying and Handling

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For all your Grain Drying Requirements: • Gas Heaters • Centrifugal Fans • Floor Store Grain Stirrers • In Bin Grain Stirrers

Farm-Tec; Experts in Moisture and Hectolitre Weight Providing reliable, robust and accurate analytical products, support and service to the farming and foods industries

• Shivvers Driers • Grain Silos and Floors • Grain Augers and Conveyors

Visit our website for all Rekord agri machinery



01347 811746



The Stables, St Marys Barn, Marton-in-the-Forest, Stillington, York, YO61 1NH


Email: Rekord@rekord.com


01827 712424


For All Enquires telephone RAY on

• Farm-Tec covers the whole of the UK, with qualified, factory trained field engineers able to provide onsite • Farm-Tec is DICKEY-john’s Gold Channel Partner in the UK and Ireland and is an Approved Service Centre • Farm-Tec’s laboratories are fully TASC and ISO 9001 accredited

Watson and Haig Grain Systems Ltd

in association with Nash Grain Systems Ltd Martins Lane, Chilbolton, Hampshire, SO20 6BL Colin Seaward 07951 606 696 01264 861 199 watson_haig@hotmail.com

Suppliers of complete agricultural & commercial building solutions, inc grain stores – new build or conversion

Trevor Nash 07836 692 821 01380 840 355 nashinstall@yahoo.com

Grain Handling and Drying Systems from Design to Completion We offer the following services: • Continuous Flow Grain Driers • Agents for all leading makes of Grain Handling Machinery including: Svegma | Skandia | Alvan Blanch | Guttridge | Denis | Westrup | Danagri Hardcastle | Rekord Sales | Perry • On Floor Store • Bin Plants • Grain Cleaners • Elevators and Conveyors • Service and Repairs to Grain Plants • Spares for all makes • Farm Buildings • Repairs and Refurbishment of Farm Buildings • Roller Shutter Doors • Electrical Installations and Repairs

We also...

A Recently Completed Contract

t: 01604 780087 m: 07805 707605 e: sales@morganfarm.co.uk morganfarmmachinery.com Wold Farm Industrial Park, Broughton Road, Old, Northants NN6 9RH

4000 ton Store - 50tph Drier - 100tph Cleaner and Handling Machinery • 150 ton Wet Handling Pit Location - Bemborough (Cotswolds)


dryers bought & sold genuine parts available nationwide OPICO


Specialise in new & refurbished dryers

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GRAIN FUMIGATION TREATMENTS from our bases in Suffolk & Yorkshire

• Galvanised Roller Shutters • Plastisol Colour Coated Roller Shutters • Insulated Roller Shutters • Sectional Overhead Doors • Steel 10 Point Locking Security/Personnel Doors

• Steel Fire Exit Doors • Fast Acting High Speed Doors • Dock Leveller/Loading Bay Installations • PVC Strip Curtains • and many more products



Tel: 01455 891929 • Fax: 01455 891974 Sapcote Road Industrial Estate • Burbage • Hinckley • Leicestershire • LE10 2AU

www.multiindustrialdoors.co.uk multidoors@hotmail.co.uk

Nationwide Service

Elevators & Conveyors

01473 623001 he y 40s in t dustr ar in ye tter u sh

Terry Johnson Ltd

info@alphafumigation.co.uk www.alphafumigation.co.uk




Sugar Beet Cleaner Loaders

We offer a made-to-measure solution to secure workshops and grain stores • Steel roller shutters can be operated by hand chain or electric using 3 phase or single phase motors • Standard finish is galvanised with colour options of Plastisol or Powder Coating • Access doors built into the shutter or positioned in the existing walls are also available • Shutters can be made up to 8m wide with wind anchors standard over 4.5m • With 40 years experience in the roller shutter industry call us anytime for a competitive price.

01406 422286




t: 01353 725 151 e: david@russellmillarltd.co.uk

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Going against the grain Broomex C-Max push brooms are different from others – designed with patented side retainers to hold bulk volumes of material in front of the brush, the C-Max avoids spillage at the sides. Coupled with the ease and speed of mounting the brush to a telehandler, skidsteer, fork lift or category II three-point hitch, this makes the C-Max the ideal broom for anything from large-scale grain moving and clear-up, to a whole range of uses around the farm. The end brushes are carefully twisted so they pull material away from a wall or curb, sweeping it into the main path of the broom. With no belts, chains, pulleys or anything else to potentially create

down time, and no flying debris, the C-Max is safe and maintenance-free. Hardwearing polypropylene bristles with a high-tensile steel broom head and mounting hardware, in a heavy-duty powder coated finish, ensure the brooms are durable, designed to sweep up to 450 miles before changing bristles. The broom also provides a squeegee effect on wet floors. Broomex bristles are so rigid that the brooms stand on their own weight, meaning they don’t have to be placed in some kind of stand when not in use. Available in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m widths, the Broomex C-Max demonstrates how a broom can be different and yet very effective. FG

■ Buildings • Agricultural • Industrial • Commercial • Equestrian


Latest addition to grain drying range Mobile batch grain dryers from Italian manufacturer Mecmar are the most recent addition to Morgan Farm Machinery’s range. The dryers have capacities ranging from 7–55t, with the most popular sizes being 20, 24 and 35t electric automatic dryers. When used in conjunction with a loading hopper or trench conveyor, these will automatically load, dry, cool and empty. Having a setup such as this can create a ‘tip and go’ system. The range includes models that can handle both small and large batches of grain and are easily transportable, making them a great option for farms of various sizes, Morgan says. Automatic drying systems also offer continuous operation that can be linked to a grain handling system. Burners stop



01604 770418 office@fwtburrows.co.uk www.fwtburrows.co.uk

■ Repair Works and Steel Fabrication – • roofs • side sheeting • gutters • doors ■ Off-sale supplies ■


FWT Burrows & Co Ltd • Althorp • Northants • NN7 4HH



■ Kit Buildings available

For free quotes:

as soon as the grain reaches the required temperature, making it a fully automated process. Morgan Farm Machinery also supplies and installs fixed grain equipment, having worked on a range of large and small projects across the UK. Grain store buildings, stateof-the-art continuous flow dryers, Challow wooden floor drying systems, centrifugal drying fans, constant humidity controllers and concrete wall panels are all available. Traditionally, the company sold farm machinery and continues to do so, as well as refurbishing Opico and Mecmar grain dryers and supplying genuine parts and services for dryers nationally. All reconditioned dryers are covered by a season's parts and labour warranty. FG

Telephone: 01206 230488 Mobile: 07720 842743 Rookery Farm, Ardleigh, Essex CO7 7LH • www.sgwooldridge.co.uk



Sweep up to 450 miles before changing the bristles! ELIMINATES END SPILLAGE – 65% faster than a standard push broom WILL MOVE BULK VOLUMES OF MATERIAL – Minimise your sweeping time AVAILABLE IN 1.5M, 1.8M AND 2.4M WIDTHS

TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! CALL US TO BOOK YOUR FREE DEMO TODAY! FG0419. Wessex International is a trading name of Wessex International Machinery.

T: 01264 345870 www.wessexintl.com

Follow us on:


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Road oriented Steel belts Excellent self-cleaning features Fuel Economy High speed

FL 693M

TO FIND YOUR LOCAL BKT DEALER PLEASE CONTACT: Tel: 0151 728 3714 enquiries@kirkbytyres.co.uk www.kirkbytyres.co.uk

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Tyres & Tracks The structure of Traxion Optimall tyres from Apollo Vredestein can boost productivity for field work.

Power on the land

research organisation, where the tyres recorded a seven per cent gain in productivity. The performance benefits also include up to 25 per cent reduction in the inflation pressure compared to some VF rated tyres, and the increase in the footprint area can be up to 15 per cent. Other benefits claimed for Traxion Optimall tyres include a longer working life achieved by boosting the rubber content in the tread compound, and an improved carcass structure has also produced greater stability when the tractor is used for road travel. The tyres are suitable for medium- and high-horsepower tractors, with 10 sizes available ranging from the 1,590mm diameter VF 600/70 R30, to the range-topping VF 900/60 R42 with a 2,160mm diameter. The farming industry makes an important contribution to the 50,000 or more new tyres supplied each year by Suffolk-based Treadfirst. The company is based in Sudbury and operates through a network of depots which are supplemented by a fleet of service vans available on a 24/7 basis. continued over…

Tyres and tracks is the topic for this month’s Power on the Land, brought to you as always by Mike Williams. The upward trend in tractor power is an important factor in tyre development, and some of the recent arrivals in the tyre market are designed to cope with the power and weight of big tractors. The newest addition to the popular Agrimax Force series in the BKT tyre range is the IF 750/75 R46 size, designed for tractors of 250hp+. Announced at last year’s SIMA show in Paris, the tyre diameter is 2.3m, making it the biggest radial BKT

has produced, and it is designed to provide a high flotation capacity by producing a larger footprint and operating at a lower inflation pressure than standard tyres carrying the same load. The maximum speed capability is 70kph and the load capacity can be up to 13,300kg, depending on inflation pressure and travel speed. BKT is an Indian-based company specialising in tyres for off-highway applications, including tractors and other farm equipment. they operate

internationally, with products sold in more than 160 countries. The design improvements introduced on the Traxion Optimall VF series tyres from Apollo Vredestein earned a gold medal award for innovation at last year’s Lamma event. The benefits offered by the new tyres can include a seven per cent reduction in fuel consumption for field work, a claim supported by results achieved during tests carried out by Germany’s DLG farm machinery

The Agrimax Force 750/75 R46 radial tyre from BKT pictured at its SIMA Show launch in Paris.


✔ Row crop wheels ✔ Flotation wheels ✔ Tracks ✔ 0% Interest free credit on Michelin & Kleber ✔ 24hr breakdown and call out service

Take advantage of the NFU affinity discount scheme for members with these manufacturers: 70001

Call: 01653 693830 • www.agriculturalfarmtyres.co.uk |

Showfield Lane Industrial Estate • Malton • N Yorks • YO17 6BT

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Tyres & Tracks Waste tyre recycling service

The farm-based Brocks Wheel & Tyre company also supplies and fits rubber tracks. …from previous page

The Treadfirst agricultural business covers tyres for specialist machinery such as ATVs and trailers as well as tractors, and they supply tyres from most of the leading manufacturers. A more recent addition to their agricultural business is supplying rubber tracks for the increasing number of tracklaying tractors and vehicles such as self-propelled harvesters. While selling and fitting tyres is Treadfirst’s main activity, they also offer a long list of other vehicle-based services ranging from puncture repairs to dealing with battery and exhaust system problems plus servicing air conditioning units, and, for the farm’s pick-up truck, they can also look after the MOT testing or balance the wheels. The introduction of steel reinforced rubber tracks by Caterpillar on their Challenger 65 tractor in 1987 was an immensely important advance in power farming technology, bringing major benefits compared with the traditional steel tracks used previously. The new rubber tracks were soon a popular choice on tractors and on self-propelled machinery, including combines and root crop harvesters, and the increasing popularity of the new tracks has provided an additional growth market for the Brocks Wheel & Tyre business. The Brocks Wheel & Tyre company,

which has close links with the J Brock & Sons company selling new and used tractors and agricultural machinery, has its headquarters on the Brock family farm at Thaxted, Essex. For the rubber track side of the business, they offer a wide choice of different makes, and they can supply either a set of tracks or complete track system. Tyremart is part of the ADR group of companies, and they operate a nationwide distribution service specialising in axles, steering gear and other wheel-related products. The steering axles they offer include both self-steer and controlled steer applications, and their EU-approved rigid axles with load capacities from 500kg to 30t are said to offer the biggest selection available. There is also a comprehensive choice of suspension systems, covering both mechanical and hydraulic operation and suitable for single-, twin- and triple-axle units. The list of ADR equipment distributed by Tyremart also includes the Soil products series, a range of special semi-axles and hubs designed to meet the demanding requirements for wheels on cultivation implements. The ability to operate in a harsh environment that will include dust, stones and mud is essential, and the ADR Soil products feature special seals to protect the bearings and reduce the risk of damage. FG

Tyre recycling company Envirotyre UK is one of the only companies in the country that can collect the full range of agri tracks from any site in England, using its own fleet of vehicles. Founded in 2002, it provides a collection and recycling service to a wide range of users and is Lincolnshire’s only waste tyre disposal company to have a full Environment Agency permit. It can process all tyres, from bicycles to earthmovers and everything in between – as well as construction and agricultural tracks. It has processed waste tractor and truck tyres since it began 16 years ago. The company also has a fully calibrated weighbridge on site. With many years’ experience and a fleet of lorries and vans for

scrap tyre collection, Envirotyre says it can manage contaminated and mixed loads, accepting any size or weight. Farmers can make use of daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly collection options. Prices are either per tyre or per tonne, and discounts are given to customers who want bulk tyre disposal or those who deliver used tyres to the site. The company also provides rubber sidewall covers for silage pits, which it says have many advantages, including being highly cost effective. Envirotyre’s purpose-built recycling site sits beside the main A17 (North/South) trunk road, one mile from the main A52 (East/ West) trunk road, four miles west of Boston in Lincolnshire. FG


Global Track Warehous Agricultural Tracks Extreme Heavy Duty –

“Designed for Increased Traction and Extended Wear Life”

• Extended wear life & decreased cutting • Extra Thick 6.5mm cables—Extreme • Friction Drive 4 year Warranty • Positive Drive 2 year Warranty • One Step Vulcanization technology

A fleet of vans brings the Suffolk-based Treadfirst tyre service onto the farm.


t: 01268 523682 m: 07483 126991 uk@gtweurope.co.uk www.gtweurope.co.uk

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• Axles - Stub axles


Agricultural Running Gear Specialist

• Steering axles • Tandem and tridem • Bogies • Hydraulic & pneumatic suspensions • Wheels and tyres

•Professional and knowledgeable staff committed to excellent customer service. •Vast stock of all types of running gear to suit many applications. •Proven and tested high quality products. •Comprehensive stock of genuine ADR spares with next day delivery on most items.

• Spare parts and accessories




•Technical support from the world leader in the manufacture of agricultural running gear.


Main Road, Long Bennington, Newark, Notts, NG235DJ GREAT BRITAIN Tel. +44 1400 283820 - Fax +44 1400 283137 email : info@tyremartagri.co.uk | www.tyremartagri.co.uk

s k c a r T r e b b Ru

ADR UK General - 93x130 +5.indd 1

tracks rubber 4 l a r u lt u 2 of agric Mobile ppliers a, Treadfirst lient u s l ia As offic ut East Angli ice to every c ho rv throug first-class se a r delive

29/06/2015 10:19:30


Agri-Truck-Industrial, Car Tyres & Tracks Supplier of heavy duty rubber rings for silage clamps

www.envirotyre.com The next generation of tracks for standard agricultural applications Improved traction – wide, deep tread lugs for extra grip High-tensile strength main cables and 4-layer internal cable system Premium rubber compounds, increasing service life Approved and recognised by dealers and farmers


0800 99 99 247

w w w .t r e a d f i r s t . c o . u k

Collection throughout Central & Eastern England

PLEASE CALL 0345 331 2747 February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 115

Tyres and Traccks.indd 115

25/01/2020 22:35

Tyres & Tracks Tyre company looks to roll out agricultural expertise Family-run business Lodge Tyre Company is looking to roll out its agricultural expertise after a series of acquisitions made it one of the UK’s largest independent tyre retail and service providers. Until recently, the company operated almost entirely in the West Midlands, but in August 2017 it acquired the shares of Kingsway Tyres (Stamford), a similar business in the East Midlands and East Anglia regions. Further acquisitions have given the group a growing 50-store network, with depots as far apart as Carlisle and Anglesey, Norwich and Droitwich.

As a result, Lodge says it has significant buying power with all key distributors and a wealth of knowledge to assist end users in making better tyre-buying decisions. It promises to meet a variety of tyre requirements, from all-terrain 4x4 tyres or specialist tractor tyres. Within the Lodge sales team there is a specialist agricultural tyre unit, headed up by Stuart Sharpe of Fakenham – who has more than 40 years’ experience in the industry – supported by Ian Sharman and Richard Foster. As Kingsway Tyres – which is now trading under the Lodge Tyre branding – the team has long supported the Royal Norfolk Show, giving East Anglian farmers and growers the opportunity to discuss their tyre issues with experts over a cup of tea. The group also recently supported the Bridgestone marketing initiative for VT tractor tyres, which saw a tractor travel from John O’Groats to Land’s End on a single set of low compaction Bridgestone VT tyres. FG

Maxam Tire International has announced an ongoing partnership with Brocks Wheels & Tyres (BWT), for the distribution of its full agricultural tyre portfolio. Based in Essex, BWT has grown from a family-run farming business to one of the UK’s largest dedicated wheel and tyre distributors for the agricultural market. Maxam Tire, based in the US but with international offices in Birmingham, has a dedicated team of product, application and manufacturing engineers who simultaneously design tyres and develop manufacturing processes, using state-of-theart facilities and equipment, to

produce the entire Maxam line. The company says its tyres are manufactured using top quality materials, as well as the latest equipment and technology. Stringent quality controls cover every phase of the process, from testing raw materials, to the final inspection of the finished product. Maxam business development director, Jeff Hughes, who covers the UK market, said: “We are delighted with the development of our partnership with such a professional outfit as BWT. We are constantly seeking enhanced partner relationships, and we hope our new arrangement with BWT will bring long-term mutual benefits.” FG



UK and US tyre firms announce partnership


Lodge Tyre are a market leader in supplying and fitting all types of agricultural tyres.


Through our network of dedicated service centres and vehicles, we specialise in all types of agricultural tyres. From row crop, low ground pressure, flotation, combine to ploughing tyres, we hold vast stocks of all makes and sizes, including purpose built specialised wheel applications.

YOUR Agri Tyre

Lodge Tyre have a dedicated Agricultural Team available for expert advice for all applications and solutions for today’s modern farming needs. We can also exchange your unwanted tyres as your needs change.

IN AGRI Let us solve and wheel problems


Wheel barrow to combine we have the answer!

We are proud to be the first choice of many leading farming groups, why not contact our unique specialist Agricultural team to discuss your needs.

All makes sold

Part exchange welcome

Call Stuart on:

01328 862 332 • 07736 271 058


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Diversification News

Water-heating micro wind turbine launches Upgrade options bring new life to turbines A new water- or space-heating micro wind turbine package is now available from manufacturer FuturEnergy. It is the first of its kind as it focuses directly on producing heat, either connected to a water tank immersion heater or an electric heating radiator. The AirForce Controller is unique as it can extract more energy from the wind than a typical ‘off-grid’ battery charging system. It does so by precisely controlling the rotor speed of the turbine to perfectly match wind speeds at any given time, with the supplied wind sensor, ensuring maximum rotor efficiency and also, due to speed control, the

ability to operate in much stronger weather conditions where other turbines would need to shut down. According to the company, the system is a great way to utilise renewable energy at low cost – avoiding the need for expensive battery systems to store generated energy. Instead, the energy is stored as hot water or used for simple space heating, which is one of the main energies used in the home. Typical applications for the product include off-grid building heating or water heating and reducing fuel or electricity cost by supplementing heating of any building in a good wind speed area. A free android and iOS app are now available so the system can be controlled and monitored remotely. The package includes AirForce1 Wind Turbine, Airforce Controller V4 and Anemometer. Additionally, up to three temperature sensors can be connected to the controller, which can be used to stop heating should a required temperature be reached. FG

Wind turbine owners left without support after Endurance went out of business in 2016 now have repair and upgrade options open to them – thanks to nationwide renewables specialist Natural Generation Ltd. When Endurance closed in 2016, UK turbine owners who had invested in their 55–85kW machines were left exposed as problems began to affect their machines. The biggest of the issues were cracks in the bed frames, broken shafts and cracks in the blades. Some machines failed and others were shut down for safety.

Natural Generation, specialists in the operation and maintenance of solar and wind energy systems, has invested £1million in spares and built a network of suppliers, to offer a full range of new and upgraded parts. “We’ve worked hard to bring together a supply chain and stockholding system that lets us minimise the time it takes to get a turbine back earning money,” says managing director Ivor Thomson. Typical parts required include new stronger bed frames, uprated shafts and bearings and reengineered blades. A full upgrade takes about a week and there is a range of maintenance contracts available. All contracts now include as standard 24/7 remote monitoring 365 days a year. FG An upgraded E3120 turbine.

February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 117

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The ver

118-123 Livestock.indd 118

29/01/2020 16:50

Livestock  An example of a modern dairy cubicle shed, featuring wide passageways, comfortable open-fronted beds, a slatted full-length slurry channel, grooved floor and open sides, allowing for excellent ventilation and natural light. There is plenty of overall space for the cows. Image © Owen Atkinson

Dairy 2020: How housing can boost productivity As we move out of a year of instability for the dairy sector, experts are predicting greater optimism for 2020; but it goes without saying that the sector will continue to face challenges and opportunities, particularly when it comes to environmental issues. Sarah Kidby looks ahead at the coming year and explores how housing adaptions can boost productivity. AHDB’s head of market specialists for dairy and livestock, Chris Gooderham, has described 2020 as ‘the start of a new era for the dairy industry’ – which follows last year’s uncertainties over Brexit, tightening margins for liquid milk producers and growing pressure from vegan and environmental movements. Looking ahead, AHDB says it is already known that some farmers will lose their liquid milk contracts this year, but further changes can be expected as the industry adjusts to lower cream returns and changes in domestic consumption. Current wholesale markets are fairly stable and the milk market value indicator suggests there is no downward pressure from the markets on milk prices through to March. As to Brexit, we are on course to leave the EU on 31 January at the time of writing,

but uncertainty remains over what a future trade deal will look like. AHDB also predicts that extreme weather events will become more frequent and continue to impact production, while environmental concerns will increasingly drive consumers in their food choices. Kite Consulting recently published a white paper that cites environmental issues as the biggest challenge facing dairy producers, adding that new ways of farming, embracing technology and taking on workers with the right skills, or training existing workers, are key to achieving targets. The company says the industry can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2030, through increasing milk yield per cow; better feed conversion efficiency, health and fertility; and improved use of nitrogen.


Housing and productivity

production. Space provision governs the feeding and lying behaviour of cattle, as well as stress; this is how space affects feed conversion efficiency and overall productive performance.” Cow flow is known to affect lameness, nutrition, fertility and farm efficiency, he adds, so it is important to make sure there are no dead ends, tight corners or congestion points and there should be extra width in feeding areas and around milking robots where congestion is likely to be high. Where space is limited and it is not possible to build a new shed, he recommends removing cows, removing cubicles or creating outdoor loafing and feeding areas. Ventilation and slurry are also key, with urine, manure and moisture continually entering the immediate environment of housed animals, increasing the risk of digital dermatitis, claw horn diseases and mastitis. Slatted floors and underground slurry storage are a good solution but come with a high initial capital outlay, Owen adds. Other options include slatted slurry channels running the length of passages. Kite Consulting also says improved nitrogen fertilisers, slurry and manure management will play an important role in hitting the 30 per cent reduction in GHG emissions. FG

As the sector faces growing financial and environmental challenges, making improvements to livestock buildings and cow management can bring significant financial, health and productivity benefits. Farm vet Owen Atkinson describes housing as the “fundamental plank” of dairy health and says the average sick cow requires the same amount of time and labour as 40 healthy cows. Farmers can achieve savings of as much as £468 per cow per year in Holstein herds upgraded to good facilities, factoring in improved milk yields and lower rates of mastitis, lameness and forced culling. “Getting the housing right for cattle is so important for both health and production,” Owen explains. “One of the key elements is sufficient space, whether that be feeding space, sufficient loafing areas, decent passage widths or adequate bedded areas. Space is not necessarily cheap to provide, but conversely it is very expensive when it is not sufficient because there will be more health problems, whether that be in greater levels of lameness, mastitis and metabolic diseases, or reduced fertility. “Over the lifetime of a building, providing sufficient space definitely pays dividends, not only in fewer health issues, but also higher

• Fully integrated chassis and tank for a longer working life • Weight Sensing Sprung Drawbar System for operator comfort • Collared Dish-ends for increased overall strength • Patented ‘Double Trap System’ for maximum pump protection • From 1300g to 6000g (Standard, Recess, Tandem and Tridem)

NORTHERN UK SALES: JAMIE BRETT 07879 331 071 SOUTHERN UK SALES: NICK EVANS 07557 477 547 Abbey Machinery Ltd. Clonalea, Toomevara, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.Telephone : 00353 67 26677 | Fax : 00353 67 26778 |info@abbeymachinery.com

118-123 Livestock.indd 119













The NEW Abbey versatile Multi Arm



www.abbeymachinery.com @AbbeyMachinery


29/01/2020 16:50


Health, productivity and livestock buildings

Creating good environmental conditions within livestock buildings can bring significant benefits in terms of health and productivity, according to ventilation company Huesker. Light, fresh air and rest, combined with stress-free conditions are essential for maximising performance and milk yields, while over-exposure to factors such as dust, ammonia, heat stress, humidity and poor lighting can all have a severe impact on livestock health and disease resistance. Active ventilation is key to preventing respiratory tract diseases, which are often caused by poor environmental conditions and remain a common cause of pulmonary illness, the company adds. Huesker’s Light and Air range of products promise to optimise the indoor environment of livestock buildings. It includes the Skytex light ridge for efficient daylighting and Ventitec high volume fans for energyefficient air circulation and cooling. Meanwhile, studies have shown that installing Vetsmarttubes can boost health and productivity, resulting in significant cuts to treatment costs. The company also developed the healthy calf barn,

which offers an optimised climate by combining natural and active ventilation, continuous air extraction and ample daylight. Its simplified structure also reduces construction expenses. Finally, Lubratec wind protection and side ventilation curtains feature ‘top opening’ and ‘bottom opening’ roll-up systems, and variants with a central roller are available for larger opening heights. All systems can be manual, electric or fitted with climate control and sensors. The company’s range of door and fronts includes very light fabric doors that do not compromise on stability and can provide a ventilating function. FG

Independent tag company launches A new agricultural tag manufacturer, Agri-Tag, has launched in the UK to meet demand for an independent supplier of patented ID tags for livestock, including cattle, sheep, pigs and goats. Managing director Nigel Myers, who is an experienced engineer in the manufacturing industry, says he is confident that the business will provide exactly what the market needs and more. “I worked in the industry when there were many independent tag businesses and then for one of the big two who pretty much now dominate the UK market,” he explains. “I have spent the past few years listening to the industry and looking at how we could create a solution that can compete in the current market. I am delighted to launch Agri-Tag – we have designed, developed and commissioned our own products to promote to UK and overseas distributors.” Many independent tag companies have now been replaced

by large conglomerates, says Agri-Tag. With more than 10 years of experience working in tag design, manufacturing and distribution, the company decided to design its own products and work with strategic partners. “Agri-Tag has no affiliation to any other organisation and we are looking to appeal to the British farmer who requires quality products at a very competitive price, particularly in the current changing economic climate,” Nigel adds. Nigel also operates Cabletrail, which provides asset management tags. Synergy between the two companies means Agri-Tag can help distributors set up their own laser marking facilities or provide the service for them. FG

The Independent Livestock Tag Business

Agri-Tag has no affiliation to any other organisation and is looking to appeal to the British farmer who requires quality products at a very competitive price particularly in the current changing economic climate

Cattle Huesker Ltd

1 Quay Business Centre, Harvard Court, Calver Road Warrington WA2 8LT


Tel: 01925 629393 Email: info@huesker.co.uk



Agri-Tag 661A Chapel Wood Street 3 Thorpe Arch Trading Est, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 7FF

01423 209010

email: office@agri-tag.co.uk

www.agri-tag.co.uk 70237

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EVO1 120o slew extending track Stand 921 Centre post frame

Wire unroller with drop down hinge

Front post frame • 300kg hammer • 75mm dia rock spike and extractor kit • 1m tele mast extension, max working height under cap 3950mm • 500mm sideshift • 2 way mast tilt • Transport position • 48hp Yanmar engine • Poclain transmission • Hydraulic mast leg • 1.6m outside track width • 400mm wide tracks • 500mm track extn so 2.1m outside track width • Foot stand and tow bar • 60 or 120 deg slew

tow bar

• Ignition • High & low speed tracking • Full rear controls • Electric throttle switch • Servo tracking controls OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE... • Post driver controls • Lowered rear idler for increased contact area, • Park brake and emergency cut off sealed bearings in all undercarriage running gear • Auger drive with auto drill function • Wire unroller with drop down hinge for easier loading of larger rolls • Auger sizes up to 250mm dia

Andrew 07971 079751•Steve 07974 956716 PROTECH MACHINERY LTD

Vis it o fu ur w ll p e rod bsi uc te t tr os an ee ge ou r


Woolridge Farm, Gloucester Road, Hartpury, Gloucestershire GL19 3BG British Built at Unbeatable Prices

e-mail: sales@protechmachinery.co.uk www.protechmachinery.co.uk





Wayland Farms, a British Pig Production business, is expanding and requires extra Finishing spaces.

Proud to be a British Farmer


Your perfect partners in pigs

We would like to talk to existing Finishers, people wanting Speak to to get into the pig industry with buildings to convert Andrew Crosser on: or offer various new build options. There’s no harm in talking about our competitive packages. 07721 409 335/ 01953 880 636 * within 120 miles of IP25 6LW


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Could a multi-cut silage system improve dairy herd performance? Rachael Porter investigates why many producers are switching to multiple cuts of silage rather than the typical two or three cuts per season. The multi-cut silage system has been adopted from Dutch dairy management. “The UK’s multi-cut system is the same as ours, where we cut silage when grass is at it’s optimum for making good forage,” says Dutch dairy nutritionist and forage specialist Bert Philipsen, from Wageningen Livestock Research (right). He defines multi-cut silage – or simply making silage at the optimum time – as regular cutting at, typically, four- or five-week intervals. “Cutting

the possibility of increasing the quality of their forage, which is still the ‘best value’ feed available during winter,” says Dr Homer. “The shift towards this system was particularly noticeable in the quality of early first cuts in 2019, because the average silage analysis results were a little skewed. “At the top end were the multi-cut producers, making a superior silage, and better than the quality from more traditional systems. So the average isn’t really reflecting what’s going on anymore.”

Producers are waking up to the possibility of increasing the quality of their forage, which is still the ‘best value’ feed available during winter.” - Liz Homer dates have to be flexible. It’s a skilled job. Silage must be made ‘at the optimum time’ and when the grass is ‘ready’. So flexibility is just as important as being disciplined.” Trouw GB's Dr Homer says that the weather is key to success too. “Multi-cut may not work in dryer regions and the system has to be adapted to suit each unit.” “Producers are waking up to

Optimum timing Cutting grass for silage more frequently is something that Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s Roy Eastlake (left) has been talking to producers – and contractors – about for several years. He says that multi-cut – or, as he prefers to call it, ‘opticut’ – silage making has really taken off during the past few years and he’s expecting another surge in uptake

this year. “They’re waking up to the fact that forage, as well as grazed grass, has a key role to play in the productivity and sustainability of their herds,” he says. “Silage quality is a key driver for success; not just quantity. This supports cow health and fertility and significantly reduces the reliance on bought-in feeds. “It’s essential though to adapt silage making systems to suit the particular unit. Some farms in northern England, for example, may struggle to take five cuts in one season. But the principles of taking cuts at the optimum time, after sampling, still apply. Two or three cuts made well will still offer the same results in terms of herd performance. Producers need to shift their focus towards quality if this is going to work for them.” Roy adds that planning needs to start now – well before spring and just prior to the start of the grass growing season. And that grass sampling and the results should dictate cutting date – not the contractor. Ideally, grass should be cut when it has a NDF level of 40. One producer who’s taken control and improved forage quality and herd performance, is Wiltshire-based Joe Carter. He runs a 300-cow dairy herd, near Chippenham, on an all-year-round calving system and he’s been making multi-cut silage for the past three years. Joe has been working closely with Roy Eastlake on dairy nutrition for the past seven years in a bid to increase milk from forage and improve herd health and fertility. The herd is currently averaging 11,000 litres at 4.10 per cent butterfat and 3.39 per cent protein. Back then, Joe was taking the ‘traditional’ three cuts of silage each season. “And quality was variable. There was plenty of room for improvement.” Joe changed his

Involving the contractor is vital to ensure that they understand what we’re trying to achieve.” - Joe Carter


cropping plan – all grassland now comprises three-year leys and the varieties and mixtures grown are selected to ensure that all the grass heads at the same time. Most notably, cutting now starts earlier in the season – typically at the beginning of April – and not before grass has been sampled to check that it’s at its optimum. “We then cut, roughly, every four or five weeks, depending on the weather and grassgrowing condition. And, again, grass is always sampled before we take a cut,” says Joe. Planning starts in January. “Roy and I sit down with the contractor and discuss the coming silage-making season and grass-ley management. Involving the contractor is vital to ensure that they understand what we’re trying to achieve.” Good quality silage is key to meeting the herd’s nutritional needs and milk production goals – and to justify the investment in more frequent cutting. “It does cost more, obviously. But that’s offset by the better quality forage, which means that we’re feeding less bought-in feeds. And there are also additional cow health and fertility benefits of feeding a better quality forage.” FG

NO FIREARMS PERMIT REQUIRED Whitesbridge Farm • Margaretting • Ingatestone • Essex • CM4 9JT


Opening Times Mon–Fri 8:30am–5pm Sat 8:30am–1pm www.facebook.com/ dissupplies/

We are suppliers of Shearwell Tags

Animal Health Products Ear-Tags • Electric Fencing Wooden & Galvanised Gates Stock Fencing • Barbed Wire & Posts Drinking Troughs • Pipe Fittings Clothing & Footwear Kids Farm Toys




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A happier, quieter and safer way to handle sheep.

• Substantially reduce body stress for operator and animals, anywhere

• Save time and increase animal welfare by managing sheep, anywhere • The Combi Clamp Trailer can carry additional hurdles for drafting

Knowledge grows


Booster Fertilizers Make every bite count Enriched with: • selenium for healthier livestock • sulphur for increased yields


01307 462271 • info@ritchie-uk.com

www.ritchie-d.co.uk 118-123 Livestock.indd 123

@Yara_UK Yara UK





agronomy.uk@yara.com 29/01/2020 15:36

Maize Farm manager Steve Klenk operating the 6-row Gaspardo MTE drill.

Farm’s own precision drill allows full control

Most maize-growing farms employ contractors to drill the crop. But when it was added into the rotation at Wistaston Farm, farm manager Steve Klenk wanted full control of the drilling operation.

Wistaston Farm is an in-hand farm of Garnstone Estate in Kings Pyon, Herefordshire. Here, farm manager Steve Klenk has been improving the soil health and structure on the arable farm with a strategy that encompasses min-tilling and direct drilling, winter cover-cropping and the spreading of animal manures. Five years ago, Garnstone Estate took a share in the set up and running of an AD plant which now supplies both

heat and electricity to a factory. The feedstock was to be maize silage. So, for the first time, maize was added into the cereal crop rotation at Wistaston Farm.

Rotation Most of the ground is a silty clay loam; the fields selected for growing maize are those with lighter soils. Maize will follow wheat in the rotation. But first, after the wheat

Multi-use silage or biogas – wide drilling window…


FAO 220

KEOPS offers a wide drilling and harvest window for silage or AD.

www.kws-uk.com www.kws-uk.com

3896 KWS_FarmersGuide_Advert.indd 1


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124-127 Maize.indd 124

Enhance your fresh weight and dry matter!


FAO 210/220 n

harvest, a cover crop mixture is established. This ‘forever green’ approach confers a number of benefits, Steve explains: “It helps prevent soil erosion and soil slumping, and the presence of a root system maintains a good soil structure. The cover crop will also mop up any leftover nutrients from the previous crop, and mine nutrients from the soil.” With an eye on keeping costs as low as possible, Steve buys in seed

as straights and then makes up the mixtures on-farm, and these are sown using a fertiliser spinner. The autumnsown cover crops may contain up to 12 plant species, and typically include oats, phacelia, peas, Crimson clover, clover and linseed. In early spring, the cover crops are spread with 2t/ha of chicken muck, followed by 20t/ha of a combination of cattle muck and liquid and solid digestates from the AD plant. The cover crops and manures are then disced into the soil. Steve explains: “Then we’ll run through the cover crop with a lowdisturbance subsoiler, followed by a HE-VA disc roller to create a seedbed into which the maize will be drilled. Because the ground has not been overly cultivated, there’s no slumping.” Typically, five varieties of maize are grown each year, sourced from several suppliers. Some are ‘bankers’ – that have been grown successfully before on the farm, and then every year some new ones are tried. All varieties need to be early or ultra-early

SINCE 1856


AMAVERDE is useful for pulling harvest forward – it responds well to lower seed densities on sandy soils, whilst remaining greener for longer.



23/01/2020 11:45

27/01/2020 10:34

Steve’s homemade cover crop mixture.

maturing, so they can be harvested in September, in time for winter wheat to be sown.

Maize drill choice Most maize drilling on farms is carried out by contractors, but Steve wanted to keep the drilling in-house, even though the initial maize acreage

Stationary Gaspardo drill showing the large double discs..

was not large. He explains: “I wanted I’ve noticed some clear differences. control – the convenience of being For instance, there’s slightly better able to grab the weather window row spacing. and drill when I wanted, rather than “Also, the parallelogram linkage is having to wait for a contractor. a heavier unit and has more strength “On our – so it is better at minimal tillage dampening any It’s an easy drill to use systems, and coulter bounce, heavy soils, which gives more – adjusting the seed rate I knew the even depth of and fertiliser rate seedbeds were establishment, and never going to we can go a bit is simple. be perfect. So faster if needed. we needed a “It’s an easy drill disc drill.” to use – adjusting To start with, a second-hand the seed rate and fertiliser rate is Gaspardo precision drill was simple.” A seed rate of 110,000 seeds/ purchased for the job. “With the ha is used with 125kg/ha of DAP put Gaspardo drill design, the seed sits in down the spout at drilling. a perfect seedbed; it might be a bit Steve prefers to drill at 8km/hr, cloddy either side of it, but I’m not although he says he could go faster: too worried about that,” adds Steve. “At this speed, I’m still covering 2ha/ In 2019, the maize acreage was hour and using four litres of diesel per increased to 400 acres (162 ha) and ha. So it’s not an expensive operation.” included 70 acres (28ha) grown on contract for a local dairy farm. 2019 harvest Having been pleased with the Contractors are called in for the design and performance of the old harvesting operation. Last autumn, drill, Steve approached his local harvesting started at the beginning of dealer L.Evans and Son for a new October and fields were cut in several 6-row Gaspardo MTE drill with an different lots over a 3-week period. MTR planting unit. “We averaged a yield of 46t/ha,” “We effectively replaced the says Steve. “And I’m very pleased with old drill ‘like for like’ but there were that. There wasn’t a vast difference improvements in the new model and between the five varieties grown, but

Your feedstock yielder!

Steve Klenk with his Gaspardo MTE drill.

there were differences in yield between some fields.” In a normal autumn, once maize is harvested, shallow cultivation follows using the disc roller and then wheat is drilled into that. But last autumn, like on many farms, wet weather has meant most fields have had to be left unsown. Steve explains: “We only managed to drill 80 acres of winter wheat. We have some spring wheat to sow, and in any remaining fields, we’ll just put a cover crop in, or leave them fallow. FG

KWS maize varieties 2020 n



KWS energy hybrids provide a low production cost per tonne KWS focuses on varieties that maximise methane output A high DM yield is directly linked to methane yield, a key target for farmers looking to optmise their feedstock cost.

KWS EXELON Early: FAO 170 n

High grain : stover ratio for energy dense silage and excellent early vigour

AUTENS KWS Early: FAO 170 n



FAO 240 n

AMAROC offers excellent DM yield for AD feedstock production on favourable sites, and high heat unit areas.


3896 KWS_FarmersGuide_Advert.indd 2

124-127 Maize.indd 125

Top DM yield in its class, good standing power and very high starch.


Early: FAO 180 n

Unsurpassed DM yield in its segment, rapid early vigour, favourable balance of yield and energy content.



23/01/2020 11:45

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New maize seed treatment Maize breeder KWS has announced that the vast majority of its hybrid varieties for 2020 will be treated with a new joint bird repellent and fungicide product. It follows the withdrawal of key active ingredients from the marketplace.

KWS Exelon represents the first of a series of new generation hybrids.

KWS maize seed treated with Initio Bird Protect in warehouse.

The Initio Bird Protect new seed treatment has active ingredients which include prothioconazol + metalaxyl + ziram. To enhance its efficacy, it also contains zinc and manganese micronutrients for faster root development. Growing maize without a bird repellency seed treatment is “not an option,” according to John Burgess of KWS (pictured right). “High UK populations of birds like pheasants and rooks mean that there is a risk of significant crop losses from untreated seed or ineffective treatments,” says Mr Burgess. “In response to the withdrawal of both TMTD (thiram) and Mesurol (methiocarb), other maize breeders are offering a plethora of differing treatments and this has caused confusion. KWS recognises that the withdrawal of these actives means the industry has lost its go-to standards

and there is a responsibility to safeguard maize crop health. By offering Initio Bird Protect on virtually every KWS hybrid in our 2020 portfolio, we bring a total clarity of choice for growers. “This initiative will also help to protect the UK maize acreage, which may diminish if untreated or fungicideonly treated seed is drilled. However, with a backdrop of an ever-decreasing range of active ingredients, KWS researchers are also working towards a permanent solution to this issue,” he says. Growers planting Initio Bird Protect treated seed have the KWS commitment to crop safety, bird repellency and best-in-class hybrids for the maize season ahead, John adds.

Best maize varieties for 2020 Growers for both biogas and forage are looking for stability and maximum

yield potential and the new, highstarch (36.2 per cent) KWS Exelon (FAO 170) possesses these qualities in abundance, as well as one unique trait. Suitable across all soil types, it has the potential to carry 20 rings of grain; by comparison a typical older hybrid will contain 15–16. This trait will increase cob weight and therefore to offset the risk of lodging, KWS Exelon has been developed with a lower ear insertion height. “Maize varieties are bred in generations and KWS Exelon represents the first of a series of new-generation hybrids,” says John. “It has been the best performer in our in-house trials and is available for the coming season.” Another strong contender for 2020 planting is Keops (FAO 210/220). The variety is suitable for biogas or forage in warmer areas of the country and is ideal for spreading the drilling/ harvest window. It has a heavy yield potential of 50-55t/ha, while its high grain:stover ratio means it offers stable ripening in cooler seasons. “We are achieving rapid genetic progress in breeding plants that suit the UK climate and we advise growers to take advantage of this progress, by including some of the most recently-launched varieties as a percentage of the farm’s maize seed portfolio,” says John. FG

Single pass under-sowing Achievable in a single pass, the Mzuri Pro-Til Strip tillage drill is capable of drilling maize in 66cm rows, while seeding grass inbetween the rows at the same time. Advocating undersowing maize with grass to improve soil structure, Mzuri is interested in limiting erosion and nutrient leaching caused by heavy rainfall and improve harvest conditions. The Pro-Til can seed alternating rows of maize and grass and each crop can be drilled at its optimum seed rate and depth, so neither is compromised. Using a third unit to apply the grass seeds via alternating coulters, the main bulk tank on dualtank models can be used to supply maize seed to the remaining coulters, as well as fertiliser to the front leg where it’s placed below the seed. In

total, the Pro-Til dual tank models can handle up to four different products through its control unit. Users often choose to apply slug pellets at the same time, alleviating the need for an additional pass. Green ground cover between the rows and its additional root mass can help bind soil and reduce erosion and nutrient leaching, which remains a big problem in UK maize production. Additionally, having a base of grass beneath the crop can make travelling and harvesting in wet conditions easier and has the benefit of providing over-winter grazing too. Mzuri believes growing maize without an under sown crop will come under more scrutiny as soil health starts to take centre stage – and there may even be legislation. FG

Photo supplied by Mzuri user, Frans de Boer, who has had good results under-sowing maize using his Pro-Til at Wappingthorn Farm.






Mzuri Pro-Til has a unique combination of features which create the optimum conditions for each seed to reach its full potential. • Award-winning design features • Less soil disturbance, better soil

CONTACT US: T: +44 (0)1905 841123

• High quality, British engineering • Saves time, fuel & money

E: info@mzuri.eu

W: www.mzuri.eu


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! N I W

nimized n a i Y A raphe Autog pped Wra hest Toolc


k y.co.u

le w.sea

at ww Enter

2300W Induction Heater Rapid Heat

NEW • Model No. VS250 • List Price £999.95

£849.95 EXC. VAT £1019.94 INC. VAT 15pc Combination Spanner Set

Thermal Imaging Camera


1200kg Wheel Removal Trolley

• Model No. VS912 • List Price £469.95

£369.95 EXC. VAT £443.94 INC. VAT

• Model No. AK63015 • List Price £81.45

£49.95 EXC. VAT £59.94 INC. VAT

Turbo System Leakage Tester Commercial

• Model No. CV2030 • List Price £117.95

• Model No. W1200T • List Price £1134.95

124-127 Maize.indd 127VST20 feb Issue Advert.indd 1 35578_Farmers Guide 1pp

£559.95 EXC. VAT £671.94 INC. VAT

£79.95 EXC. VAT £95.94 INC. VAT


27/01/2020 11:01 27/01/2020 08:15:18

Setting new standards in fertiliser spreader performance and use In Spinning discs for Double, Double overlap precision with no striping . . weigh cell absolute accuracy with automatic tilt sensing to control actual rate . . GPS automatic headland on/off and stepless section control with Calibrator, Tablet or ISObus . . Variable rate ready . . . exclusive fast and thorough cleaning system.

Choose KRM for a spreader that WORKS! Find out more at . . . www.krm-ltd.co.uk

12 – 42m Spread Widths For Flexible finance – contact your KRM Dealer Tel: 01423 324221 E mail: info @krm-ltd.co.uk


Are you involved in hedgerow management or tree cutting? If so, you need to see this shear working! Contact us for more information


The TMK range now offers shears that fit on 2–30 tonne excavators. The TMK 300 will also fit onto telehandlers. TMK shears can cut between 200mm–400mm softwood and between 180mm–350mm hardwood. Cutting capabilities are dependent on the model of shear being used. Each shear comes with a fixed grapple, which holds onto the cut tree or vegetation before and after it has been cut, allowing the operator to safely place it onto the ground.

Follow us:

“Half the cost, half the time”

Email sales@ncdequipment.com Call Nick 07535 211338 or Emma 07956 087549

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Farmers Guide FORUM

Managing director Julie Goulding julie@farmersguide.co.uk

Editor Rachel Hicks rachel.hicks@farmersguide.co.uk 01473 694459 Production editor Sarah Kidby sarah.kidby@farmersguide.co.uk 01473 694450 Arable editor Dominic Kilburn dominic@farmersguide.co.uk

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”Growing oilseed rape successfully in the absence of neonics” Recently, we had a call from a reader in Laxfield, Suffolk, asking for advice on how to grow oilseed rape successfully in the absence of neonics – for example changes to drilling times, oth er products that might offer some success and so on.

We need your help… We often receive questions from farmers who are looking for advice on specific on-farm issues, as well as offering their points of view on certain agri-related topics in the news. Although we usually reply to these personally, we firmly believe in the power of the farming community and it would be great to get the advice and opinions of farmers who have direct experience and could suggest solutions that have worked for them. So, each month we’ll be printing a reader question or viewpoint in the magazine, as well as posting it online, and inviting replies from you, our readers, which may be published within the following issue and on social media. As shown above, our topic suggested by a reader this month is ”Growing oilseed rape successfully in the absence of neonics.” We’d love to hear your success stories and advice in this area, as well

as your own questions and general discussion points – please send your replies to editor@farmersguide.co.uk, or send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter. Please include your name, and what UK county you live in, and ideally your email address

and/or phone number in case we need to contact you for more information. FG Please send your responses to editor@farmersguide.co.uk




■ We are looking to Purchase Cricket Bat Willow Trees ■ Minimum of 5 trees – Excellent prices paid! ■ Extraction & clearance is all included ■ Free re-planting of replacement young trees Call Geoff Watling on:

01245 349811 or 07974 575431 Email: gwatling@anglianwillow.co.uk



01673 857619


info@agricast.net February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 129

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A.E. Kiddy & Son



• LGP 12/24m spraying & liquid fertiliser application with GPS • Claydon drilling – all combinable crops, cover crops, forage crops, etc • Grassland operations/paddock maintenance • Telehandler with operator • Tractor with operator – 160hp, wide tyres, GPS steering Please phone Edward to discuss

disc spreader MUCKSPREADING with c/w weigh cells




Nationwide Bulk Haulage & Machinery Haulage loading services available please call for a quote




01359 258034 07823 555210 T. G. ASKEW Brundish Road, Wilby, Eye, Suffolk IP21 5LR


Any thickness of concrete or reinforcing easily dealt with Willing to buy unwanted concrete 360o diggers, loading shovels, tractors & trailers – for hire with operators Cherry Tree Farm, Tibenham, Norfolk NR16 1PJ

Tel: 01953 861361 Tim: 07860 865435 Harry: 07734 858878





Bulk Haulage • Aggregate • Road Planings Stock Feed • Equestrian Rubber Chip & Silica Sand, Bark & Energy Chip • Farm Track Repairs For further information please contact us on Tel: 01379 388156 • Fax: 01379 388109 Email: chris@tgaskew.co.uk 69486

• Tractor Hire Available • Trailer Hire Available with or without experienced operator • Sugar Beet Harvesting

Operating in and around Suffolk

Please call Tom for a friendly chat on...

07532 323796


Services offered...


For all your building needs...

All Operations Using Trimble GPS Guidance • Enquiries Welcome


Chris Whitton

East Anglia

We are very flexible and meeting our clients needs is our top priority



07957 870362 chris@whittonsfarms.co.uk

T D Sagon Contracting 69219

Warwickshire & bordering counties



ED FELLOWES 07976 668314

07767 167821

Covering Halesworth and surrounding areas

From livestock, grain stores, straw sheds and workshops (industrial and agricultural) All groundworks undertaken, from drainage to concreting! Lagoons and water holding/sewage treatment plants, etc, also carried out

Please call for a chat – we are happy to help where we can


Please ring with any other requirements


Carlton Farm, Cattle Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 4NR UK NATIONWIDE EUROPEAN Tel: 01945 410099 • 07850 731409 www.adowningengineers.co.uk LOW LOADER SERVICES

07944 272 762 • peterbowers6@gmail.com

130 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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David Cook


Drainage & Ancillary Works

rs D ving• wGild bird cove ling a e W l s il il zeroants • cover crop gar beet dr e u b s al R to ng from OS conventiovner maize drillit if required n / o e l c l game iliser placem min ti


(Suffolk) Ltd

lor y a T n Steve9 047288 079387 21035u0k 017 rsfarm.co.

h fert

MGT (Suffolk) Ltd provides professional transportation of agricultural & industrial machinery, tanks, vessels & generators across the UK We have a range of Hiabs to maximise our lifting capabilities with a maximum reach of 28m 70314

t: 01284 827118 m: 07710 782340 e: info@mgtsuffolk.co.uk w: mgtsuffolk.co.uk

it both w

L or e 70376

Owner Driver Specialists in... • Ditch maintenance & improvement • Land drainage & outfall pipe repairs • Culvert construction • Landscaping • Land/site clearance • All other excavation work

ge ex jht@ro Suffolk/Ess


07771 665720



Established since 1956 - based in Cambridgeshire


Facebook: G C Dixon and Son

AGRICULTRAL CONTRAC TORS Covering all arable operations, including:  Heavy / light cultivations  Mole draining  Drilling  Rape drilling  Spraying  24m Avadex application  Rape swathing  Combining  Mowing / tedding / raking  Baling and chasing  Hedge cutting o  360 digger work Wheat, barley and rape straw wanted in the swath

For more information on our stubble to stubble and full farm contract options, please contact: DAN 07831761157 or NOEL 07702341374 EMAIL: info@gcdixonandson.co.uk

Agricultural Contractor


■ Full farm contracts ■ 24m spraying & 24m fertiliser spreading ■ Muck, Limex 45 & 70 and lime spreading ■ Set aside topping ■ Combining and all cultivations

Andrew 07860 262196 Hill Farm, Wissett, Halesworth

500m of hose and electronic tracking devices to track blocked/damaged pipes mini digger available for digging out and repairing pipes Norfolk • Cambridgeshire • Lincolnshire

Contact Paul on 07786 913159

inc GPS guidance & fertiliser application


15t Bunnings with flotation tyres & wide spreading rotors


For high quality results and prompt service call

01526 322654 and 07976 550635 mail@philipbaumber.co.uk Scopwick, Lincolnshire

Ditching & Watercoarse Maintenance

new cut, sludging, reprofiling & weed cutting

Soil Screening

Site Clearance & Groundworks CONTRACTING AND PLANT HIRE

access road construction, concreting, drainage & site preparation

Operated Plant Hire

360o excavators 3–22t, D6N dozer c/w pattern blade & laser grade control, site dumpers 3– 10t & Vermeer trencher c/w laser grade control 69511

with 360o excavators equipped with forestry mulcher, circular saw & flail head attachments



with a tracked jaw crusher c/w overband magnet, excavating, crushing & stock piling

Vegetation & Hedge Maintenance


18 row mulch drill with GPS guidance, tramlining, variable seeding, swath control & liquid fertiliser application SUGAR HOEING 12 & 18 row • WEED WIPING

Concrete Crushing

with 3 way split screen for construction & demolition waste (soil, stone, brick rubble)



Contract BAUMBER Services Ltd PHILIP Agricultural Contractor


John H. Howlett

Contact Will Timmins : 07710 513642/01427 788009 | Email : will@timminscontracting.co.uk | www.timminscontracting.co.uk February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 131

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GM Plant

Collins Farming & Forestry Services Ltd www.collinsfarmingandforestry.co.uk

• Hedge and woodland coppicing with excavator and tree shear/grab • Poplar and large tree dismantling with high reach material handler and grapple saw • Timber extraction and purchasing • Hedge cutting • BSL registered supplier of dried and screened virgin woodchip • Wood fuel chipping to G30, G50 and CHP specs

Gary Moores 13 ton excavator/operator All machine work undertaken


07768 383797 Great Dunmow Essex CM6 1WN




07850 988 808 • 01728 660 271

info@collinsfarmingandforestry.co.uk • Valley Farm, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 2LR

D. E. KEEBLE Agricultural Contractors

Suppliers of the finest hay & straw: Big Hesston, Mini Hesston & Conventional Bales Baling, Stacking & Delivery Service Straw Spreading for Winter Carrot Cover Muck & Sludge Spreading


Chris Ingram – Intowaste Ltd email chris@intowaste.co.uk www.intowaste.co.uk





cu ...a t a cu bove pr t be in ice low qu ” in ality



King’s Row Farm, North Pickenham, Swaffham, Norfolk




t: 01206 230662 m: 07850 888002 e: phil@livertonltd.co.uk

Specialist Machinery Hire Robocut – Mulcher, Forestry, Trencher Muck Spreader Hire Hedgecutting – Flail & Saw Low Loader Transport

Agricultural Contractor Contact: Peter 07944 272 762 peterbowers6@gmail.com

All Essex Area

07885 884060 OR 01621 786567


30 Harwich Road • Ardleigh Essex • CO7 7LS

07827 921903 07768 192802





25 years’ experience in used tyre disposal Registered Environment Agency Waste carrier/collector National bulk collections in articulated trailers Mixed tyres accepted Forklift and plant tracks accepted Competitive prices • Excellent service

07860 670 201

email: lindakeeble@btconnect.com


Farms, Agricultural Contractors, Plant Hire & Earthmover

Mid Norfolk based but will travel depending on area ll 750A dri n Deere s rollers, h Jo g in s ler pres rilling u Direct d ipped with Gutt ction control & e s , equ g n tyres eri flotation RTK ste



Tel: (Snape) 01728 688688 Mobile: 07889 642096

01760 440267 07850 002693

WASTE TYRES & OTHER WASTE For free estimate and quote contact

Hedge Cutting / Flail & Saw


Necton Farms Ltd

of Removal

360º Digger work • Specialising in Ditching & Coppicing (shear & grab) Cuts & holds 14” diameter wood Hedge Cutting


ction is

iss out! m t n’ do – u yo d fin n ca s er rm fa re su e Mak To feature your contracting business in these pages contact us on

01473 794444

and ask for


or email sophie.brough@farmersguide.co.uk

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Contractors 69493

Enhancing your environment... ...exceeding your expectations www.cgmltd.co.uk

0800 160 1199

Specialist Agricultural Spraying Contractor


01366 388738

• Flailing & Hedge Trimming on river banks, reservoirs fields & margins • Circular Saw Attachment available • Control of In-Channel Weed and River System weed cutting and clearance • Identification and Control of Invasive Species • Supply of Waste Containers and Skips • 360o Earth Moving & Clearance with long reach & tree shear capabilities • Tree Felling & Maintenance & stump clearance • Haulage of Equipment & Machinery with Hiab capability

Suspension Fertiliser & Avadex application available now To discuss the above please contact

Philip Clarke 01728 688360 or 07850 710996 or e-mail: Plunkettsb@aol.com

Reed House • Karoo Close • Bexwell Business Park • Downham Market • Norfolk • PE38 9GA

J. C. Contracts


LITION O M E D gs for n i d l i u B ETAL • f Farm M o P s A e R C p S y • All T EARANCE




NT ONCRETE • SALV A D N U D E • R OS REMOVAL • C • ASBEST Office: 01379 855005

Email: jrcally@aol.com


07771 706077

L Farmer R Warren & Son and Contractor


Aylsham Norfolk



01473 691888


To advertise please contact:



Roxhill Manor Farm, Marston Moreteyne, Beds MK43 0QG

Specialist Contractors

A YE 30

t: 01234 768 265 m: 07860 881 851 e: robert@barnesfarming.com


Low Ground Pressure Avadex Application with GPS RTK Guidance

John Deere 6155R tractor with front linkage and GreenStar Kuhn combi drill 3m Fertiliser spreading 24 and 36m Ploughing Cultivation with Kuhn Cultimer 3m

Call Andrew on 07980 155042 24m Avadex spreading using Bateman sprayer


other contract work undertaken includes... spraying | small seed broadcasting | lime spreading long reach hedge cutting | fertiliser spreading |drilling stubble to stubble farming | ploughing | baling Gloucestershire and surrounding areas

call with details of your requirements

07966 339643 February 2020 www.farmersguide.co.uk 133

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Henry Brown’s Vintage Diary

Farmers Guide 25 Years Ago

9th February Warwickshire – Model Tractor, Plant and Construction Show at the Warwickshire Event Centre, Fosse Way, Leamington Spa CV31 1XN. www.modeltractorshow.co.uk

recalled that in 1985, due to poor sales, they were at risk of losing the Case IH franchise and were given one year to make themselves important again to Case. They did in no uncertain terms, with record sales of 360 tractors in next twelve months. In Farm Machinery News, Brian Bell noted that the latest rubber tracked Caterpillar Challenger 35 and 45 were available with five different track belt widths from 16–32in and the undercarriage was adjustable for row widths from 60–88in. Lely had entered the space age with the new Centronic Superbowl spreader which could be linked to the GPS system and vary application rates using yield maps produced at harvest time. Greenland introduced a new drill for use with power harrows suitable for any type of seed, from oilseed rape to beans. Prices in the February 1995 Yellow Pages included an offer of a four-year interest-free hire deal at £10,000 per year for a Case IH Axial Flow combine and a 1994 JCB, while a Fastrac 155-65 with 575 hours on the clock was advertised with a £42,000 price tag. A 1989 New Holland TF 42 17ft cut combine was for sale at £34,000 and Combine World offered a 1984 Claas Dominator with a 17ft cutter bar for £19,750. FG

Tom Canham Plant & Hose Ltd

22/23rd February Spring Tractor World Show & Classic Commercial Show at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern WR13 6NW. www.tractorworldshows.co.uk

The Trusty Steed Pedestrian-controlled Trusty garden tractors, now a common sight at many vintage ploughing matches, were made by Tractors (London) Ltd at Tottenham and later at Bentley Heath near Barnet. The first Trusty twowheelers were made in 1933, and by 1940 Tractors (London) were a major manufacturer of pedestrian-controlled garden tractors. Available implements included ploughs, cultivators, ridgers, hoes, mowers and trailers. Trusty tractors hit the headlines in 1948 when, in an attempt to increase food production, they were used to plough up the verge on both sides of the Barnet bypass. Some late 1940s and early 1950s Trusty tractors had a Villiers engine but most had a single cylinder side valve JAP engine, a centrifugal clutch and chain drive to both wheels. Lever-controlled dog clutches in both wheels were used for turning at the headland. A three forward and one reverse gearbox was added in 1951 but sales declined in favour of ride on tractors, especially the Ferguson TE 20. Trusty introduced the four wheel, ride-on Mk I Steed in 1948 – it was little more than a towing tractor with a twin cylinder JAP engine, centrifugal clutch and a one forward and reverse gearbox. The Mk II Steed replaced the earlier model in 1950. It had a front mounted Norton or JAP 14.5hp engine, multi-plate clutch, a three forward and one reverse gearbox and roller chain drive to the rear wheels. The specification included independent rear wheel brakes, power take-off and adjustable wheel widths from 28–44in for row crop work. Tractors (London) Ltd ceased trading in 1978 but it was not the end of the Steed as the Trusty Tractor Co. introduced a new 33.5hp 4wd Steed with a £12,900 price tag in 1955. Made in Czechoslovakia, the specification included hydraulic The Mk I Trusty Steed, so-called because “it linkage, hydrostatic steering, disc brakes and a safety cab. FG could be ridden like a horse”, cost £200 in 1948.


Plans to build a new power station in Norfolk, fuelled by chicken manure, was the main topic on the Farmers Guide editorial page in February 1995. Once operational in 1997, the new power station was expected to provide sufficient electricity for 35,000 homes. Special features in the February Farmers Guide included one on Grain Handling, Drying and Storage and another dealt with All Terrain Vehicles. Eighty companies at the Grain 95 exhibition at Stoneleigh included Bedfordshire-based Brice Baker, who exhibited their portable batch and continuous flow models. Five sizes of batch dryer offered outputs from 78–271t/day while nine models of Brice Baker continuous driers had outputs of 9–20t/hr. Opico displayed a range of portable batch driers including a model that could be powered by a 40hp tractor and Law Dennis introduced their Agriflow continuous drier with an oil or gas burner. The ATV feature included Honda, Polaris, Suzuki and Kawasaki machines as well as a range of allied equipment including a Polaris headland sprayer with an electric pump, hand lance and twonozzle spray boom priced at £249. Framlingham Tractors in Suffolk celebrated 25 years of selling Case International tractors in East Anglia. Sales manager Graham Goodwin

DRAINAGE LIMITED Lodge Works, Great Ashfield Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 3HA Email: trenchers@milesdrainage.co.uk

Repairs & Servicing for Agricultural & Construction Machinery  Full On-Site Services for Repairs & Welding  Full Workshop Facilities & Mobile Service Vans  Welding & Fabrication

Call Tom Canham 07767 447472

 Generator Hire  Engine Rebuilds  Machine Refurbs  Mobile Hydraulic Hose Replacement  Vehicle Diagnostics & Repairs  Air Conditioning  Lubricants and Much More...

t: 01206 250443 m: 07767 447472 e: tcplant@btinternet.com 69615

Nortrack • Tenpenny Hill • Thorrington • CO7 8JG


specialists e g a in ra d d n la e th 01359 259424 www.milesdrainage.co.uk

134 www.farmersguide.co.uk February 2020

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

Farmers Guide Place your

FREE advert



Through www.

Deadline for inclusion in the March 2020 issue is 20th February 2020


Fax: 01767 677451 Fax: 01536 373392


3, £6

Kuhn 40.2 50.2 available from stock NEW

Case IH Puma 175 & 240 CVX tractors in stock Pro 700 f/linkage

Used Kuhn Espro 6m new cultivation discs

2019 Claydon TS Hybrid drill EX DEMO

95 £1









Ex Hire Case IH Farmlift 742 2019, JCB headstock


John Deere 8630RT 2012, 3421hrs

Case MXM 190 Pro 2007 5425hrs 50k

01767 677316 01536 373238


0 00 £7

4, £2




00 ,0 75 £1 Case 8240 2015 35’ header, 690 rotor hrs

Abbotsley Brigstock

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk



To fax or post, see coupon on page 194

Kuhn GMD 240 other models in stock

Kioti K9 utility vehicle EX DEMO SPECIAL OFFER

Please visit our website to view our full range of new and used machinery available

A ST RR O 2 IV CK 019 IN U G NI N TS O W New Holland T7.270 Auto Command, 2019, 1341 Hrs, Front Linkage, Full RTK Guidance Package


www.collingsbrothers.co.uk email: jason@collingsbrothers.co.uk

For more pics and info visit our website


01865 880866

Chris: 07808 703325 Adam: 07802 776113 High Quality, Low Houred, Used Agricultural Machines. WARRANTY ON ALL TRACTORS.


UK Ltd


New Holland T7.210 New Sept 19, 857 Hrs, Range Command 50Kph, 2.5 Yrs Warranty

New Holland T6.175 Auto Command, 2019, 1205 Hrs, NH 770TL Loader



New Holland T5.120 Electro Command, 2019, 49 Hrs, L.E.D. Work Lights, Heated Seat

New Holland T4.55 2018, 955 Hrs, Air Con, Power Shuttle, Pick Up Hitch




fg_class_feb_20.indd 135

30/01/2020 11:57




Woodacre Lodge Farm, Hazelhead Lane, Scorton, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 1BN

CONSIGNING NOW • Tractors • Telescopic Handlers • Excavators • Digger Loaders • Vehicles • Cultivators • Ploughs


• Tractors

• ATVs

• Telescopic Handlers

• Combine Harvesters

• Horticultural Machinery

• Excavators

• Forage Harvesters

• Wheels & Tyres

• Livestock Requisites

• Spares

• Trailers

• Root Growing

• Small Plant & Tools

• Attachments

• Hay Making Machinery • Balers

• Hay Making Machinery • Balers

• Digger Loaders • Vehicles • Cultivators • Ploughs

• Generators • ATVs

• Combine Harvesters

• Horticultural Machinery

• Forage Harvesters

• Wheels & Tyres

• Livestock Requisites

• Spares

• Trailers

• Root Growing

• Small Plant & Tools

• Attachments



For further information and entry forms, please contact our auction team. Call 01353 777767 or email machinery@cheffins.co.uk

Sales and valuations undertaken nationwide Catalogues available from the auctioneers two weeks prior


Property | Land | Fine Art | Farm Machinery

01353 777767

Cambridge • Saffron Walden • Newmarket • Ely • Haverhill • Sutton • London





DOVERIDGE, DERBYSHIRE, DE6 5JW Case 165 Puma 4WD (Feb 2018-Low Hours) JCB 526-56 Agri Telehandler (13’- c/w Attachments) Ford 4610 Series III 2WD and JCB 3CX 4WD Hammer Master Ford Ranger Thunder 4 Door 4WD Diesel Pickup Kuhn Euromix I-1670 Diet Feeder Kuhn Primor 3570 M Trailed Straw Chopper (11’) Machinery, Trailers, Cattle Equipment Also included-Local Dispersal John Deere 6830 (11), Takeuchi Digger (17) CAT 8 Ton Digger (15), N.C Trailer (16) Range of Equipment

Catalogues are available to download at Call: 01889 562811 Email: olivia.fernihough@bagshaws.com www.bagshaws.com


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

The Saleground, Sutton, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6



Murton – York – YO19 5GF Tel: 01904 489731 Fax: 01904 489782

136 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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30/01/2020 12:02

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 AIR CONDITIONING



01284 771344

MEIJER Flintstone 2 bale sledge, cheap & simple to run, takes bale size 120x70 or possibly 120x90, very clean working order, barn stored. POA. M Clayton Tel 07966 223992/01652 678853 (Lincs)


Mobile Breakdown & Repairs Servicing & Maintenance of all types of plant Air Conditioning Service & Repairs Hydraulic Overhauls Welding Repairs & Fabrication Full Workshop Facilities

The ATV & UTV Specialists

We stock:


R134A .................................. POA Air conditioning service equipment •leak detectors •vac pumps •recovery machines AIR CONDITIONING PARTS FOR ALL FARM & CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES AT DISCOUNT PRICES We accept all major credit cards

Simon Smith Plant Repairs Ltd Agricultural & Plant Repairs Leicestershire based 07730 009965


WELGER round baler RP535, under 7000 bales, c/w 13 knife chopper unit, auto chain lube, 500/55-20 tyres, excellent condition. £16,500+VAT. P Wright Tel 07774 457821 (Norfolk)


Tel: 01954 267215

70131 03-70089


The ATV & UTV Specialists


COOKS flat 8 windrower sledge, all working. Open to offers. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks)

Manor Farm • Ixworth Thorpe Bury St Edmunds • Suffolk • IP31 1QH

Kverneland 4m

Case IH AFS Accuguide

MF 7475 Dyna VT

Ford 4000

power harrow, c/w packer roller & trailer..................................£3,250




NEW Holland BB940, 80x90, tandem steering axle, crop cutter, nice tidy baler. J Dennis Tel 07967 442373 (Devon)

CARRYALL-1 club car golf buggy, petrol engine, c/w manual, vgc. £1,495. M Robson Tel 07967 139678 (N Yorks)


JOHN Deere 590 round baler, wide pickup, twine only, good belts, barn stored, used last season, working order, from a small farm. £2,750. J Ramsey Tel 01653 628366 (N Yorks)

Gator Main Dealer


Sun Valley Works • Wood End Marston Moretaine • Bedford • MK43 0NJ

John Deere 855 compact tractor 24hp 4wd c/w 60” s/d deck .....£5,000+VAT

MASSEY Ferguson 20 baler, working order. £650. E Gillett Tel 07710 137619 (Suffolk)

tractor, 05 reg, 6900hrs, 50kph, front linkage..................... £22,000

All prices + VAT



32’ tri axle air 19” mini singles


01449 736060

whiteheadmachinery@btinternet.com or call George

Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 3DL



c/w loader ............................£3,950

07973 657609

2018 John Deere TH 6x4 Gator 6 wheel, 4wd, tip kit, turf tyres, ex demo, 160hrs .....£12,000+VAT

KAWASAKI Mule, diesel, power steering, 1500hrs, road registered, 13 plate, all good. £6,500+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

guidance system, Nav Controller 2, RTK radio & aerial, 262 receiver, AFS Pro 600 screen ............. £3,500



Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

01234 768889

KV Taarup 7664 Pro Wrap, 2010, twin sat, wrap any square & round bale, great machine, owner driver from new, always barn stored. POA. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

07968 098410 Ashford


HIREPARTSREPAIRS Over 30 years’ experience

LAWRENCE Edwards round bale handler, Quicke brackets, good working order. £500. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks)

KUBOTA RTV with Wintex 1000 for soil sampling, 2012, 500hrs. R Wright Tel 07768 954466/01205 870434 (Lincs) HONDA 420 quad, 2014, 440hrs only, road registered, full road lights fitted. £3,450. J Baxter Tel 07770 860422 (Warks)

BALE monitor for JD 864 baler. £200. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks)

2003 Welger AP630 conventional baler, farmer owned from new, good working condition, barn stored. POA. M Clayton Tel 07966 223992/01652 678853 (Lincs)

Lexion & Dominator We supply the following new parts combine hire CONCAVES RASP BARS BELTS Fabrication & repairs KNIVES CHAINS FINGERS Breaking 100s of machines FILTER KITS

01926 614345

and many other wear parts

JMT Engineering (Ladbroke) Ltd

email: jmtengineering@btconnect.com • www.jmtcombinehire.co.uk February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 137

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30/01/2020 14:08

END tow, in good working order, one used as donor, therefore missing a few parts £3,000; donor drill £500 or £3,250 for the pair, Ipswich area. A Williams Tel 07703 444959 (Suffolk) MONOSEM Meca 12 row beet drill, applicators, tungsten coulters, modern units. £8,000. K Stone Tel 07471 902001/01953 498148 (Norfolk)

BOILER PLANT, HEATING & OVENS RAYBURN Royale OF22, white, in working order, removed from own kitchen in early December '19. £100 ovno. J Cargill Tel 07754 793725 (Essex)

APPROX 1200 handmade red clay roof tiles, single nib, 10.5" x 6.5", ideal for restoring tudor or similar type roofs. 50p each. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffs) 08-70154

02476 659 767


APPROX 1200 handmade red clay roof tiles, single nib, 10.5" x 6.5", ideal for restoring tudor or similar type roofs. 50p each. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffs) OAK beam, 16'. £300. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)




BALE elevator on wheels, single phase electric, 2 stages, adjustable height & pitch. J Rice Tel 07759 650475/01449 710103 (Suffolk) 2012 New Holland BB9070 120x70 baler, approximately 29k bales, smart tidy baler, owner operator. POA. M Clayton Tel 07966 223992/01652 678853 (Lincs)

Hardy Roofing Supplies www.hardyroofing.co.uk


Easily installed

MONOSEM Meca V4 sugar beet drill, 2012, 12 row GPS section control, hydraulic folding, double disc openers with side wheels, new tungsten coulters, tramliner with pre em markers, vgc. £20,000+VAT. J Green Tel 07778 852709 (Norfolk) MATCO 6 row beet drill, good condition. £700 ono. G Dunn Tel 07768 904984 (Cambs) MONOSEM beet drill coulters (13), professionally rebuilt. £150. K Stone Tel 07471 902001/01953 498148 (Norfolk)

SAFE SECURE Chemical Storage for Farmers

PORTABLE cabin, very tidy. £5,950+VAT. M Hodgetts Tel 07946 146395 (Worcs)

G, & forPhone a free FIN ING N brochur e O O D O I R AD AT ry o t CL SUL IAL ime/Fac IN ATER /Non Pbrle files ents M l Prime availated Proequirem r ul ds ga • F econ orru own s x/C our y o • B ut to •C

PETER WRAGGE SUPPLIES Tel: (01449) 737192 Fax: (01449) 736666

0800 121 7388 www.chemicalstorage4farmers.co.uk



2013 ROPA Panther 45/50 Allrounder excellent condition and fully serviced

For all harvester details Contact: Simon Peacock Mob: 07717 416178 or Email: simonp@ctmrcs.co.uk

KVERNELAND Monopil SE 12 row drill, 2011, hydraulic folding, mulching discs, GPS section control, new tungsten coulters, granular applicators, vgc. £20,000+VAT. J Green Tel 07778 852709 (Norfolk)

YORKSHIRE board (180 sheets), 3m long, 100mm wide x 19mm thick, tanilised & in good condition. £200 ono. B Poulson Tel 01284 828371 (Suffolk) FIVE pallets of bricks, Nene Sandy colour, still in plastic wrap. Price negotiable. M Andrew Tel 07903 442568/01780 720394 (Lincs) TIMBER 5'x6" x 0.75", 160 pieces, would split. £60. R Catton Tel 07966 785095/01528 760528 (Herts)

2019 CTM9053XL top spec high volume cleaning & spiral roller system extraction of mud & trash, powered wheels & multi-function radio control

CRASH barriers, selection of sizes, packs of 20 "W" section 3.4m @ £16.00 each, 4.3m @ £20.00 each, 5.3m @ £30.00 each; box section @ 4.8m long, packs of 10 @ £32.00 each; all+VAT. Please call Chris. C Wisson Tel 07776 184394/01480 830224 (Cambs)

WANTED USED CTM500 SERIES Any year/condition considered. For Cleaner Loaders Contact: Nigel Mountain Mob: 07785 972510 or Email: nigelm@ctmrcs.co.uk FRONT mounted 9 row sugar beet skerry, good condition. £1,200. A Read Tel 07977 930401 (Lincs)

STANHAY S981 6 row sugar beet drill, 500mm row spacing, ground wheel, belt driven metering system, steel press wheels. £300. D McTurk Tel 07790 262216 (Essex)

2005 John Deere 9780i CTS, premium chopper, 625R header with Zurn extension, yield & moisture monitor, 2000 drum hrs, high output, owner driven combine, in very good condition. £44,750. C Blood Tel 07752 610172 (Warks)

John Deere 9780i

ACCORD 18 row sugar beet drill, good condition. £3,000. A Read Tel 07977 930401 (Lincs)

HESSTON 4700 baler. D Beards Tel 07976 874999 (Warks) WELGER RP 220 Profi round baler, 2004, 40000 bales, in good condition, flotation tyres, with 21 knifes, chain autolube & drop floor, new display & ECU. £7,500. P Littlejohn Tel 07974 745863 (Ayrshire) HESSTON 4700 square baler, 80x90, spares available too. D Beards Tel 07976 874999 (Warks)

JACK leg prep room, 36' long, 8' wide, split into 2 prep areas with outside doors, all wipe down surfaces & floor, compliant with food hygiene rules, both sides c/w their own stainless steel sinks. £6,000 ovno. D Browne Tel 01561 320430/07762 871544 (Aberdeenshire)

Cost Effective

MCCONNEL bale packer, serial no. 03BP59, good condition, lots of spare parts, instruction manual. A Turnbull Tel 07808 861946/01449 711250 (Suffolk)

WALTON Eclipse bale chaser 5668, 2005, 10 Hesstons, 14 midis & 16 quads, very good working order. S Kilby Tel 07710 470244 (Lincs)



2008 Vervaet 617 Beet Eater 45/50 lift unit with depth wheels 5800 eng hrs only, 3400ha

COOKS windrower bale sledge, working order. Open to a sensible offer. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks)

galvanised and PVC coated steel corrugated or box profile first and second quality Non asbestos Big Six and Std 3in sheets, fittings and accessories

Tel: 01507 466352 Mobile: 0780 134 3023 Fax: 01507 462812 Email: ian@ianhoulgrave.com


All sizes available – made to order

CHEAP railway sleepers, grade B. £15+VAT; Grade C. £9+VAT. 1000s in stock, Boston. Call for info. J Ford Tel 07951 646733 (Lincs) WOODEN wind tunnel, dismantled and ready to collect, good condition. £700. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincs)

£44,750 2005, CTS Hillmaster, 25’ header, Premium chopper, Zurn extension, 2074hrs, in v good condition



steelwork, eaves beams, purlins & bolts


01622 832666 07939 114023

Ian Houlgrave



• Shelbourne Advantage, Mentor & SR 2500H • Hesston 8100, 6500 & 6400 • John Deere • Claas Maxi • Vicon • Stemas • Fortschritt

VICON Unicorn 18 row drill, 2010, electric drive, full unit overhaul in 2018, including new genuine cell wheels & horseshoes, only drilled 200ha since, tungsten coulters, machine in excellent working order & condition. £15,000. P Grant Tel 07919 811809/07836 799801 (Lincs)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


www.tvmachinery.com Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)

138 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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30/01/2020 14:15

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Pecks AgriTrac H – 41024928 – new Case Puma 200MC full powershift 19x6, 50kph, 4w front axle, active suspension, front axle & pneu trailer brakes .............................................................£83,950

H – 41027011 – 2016 Case Magnum 340 CVX Rowtrac, 40kph, suspended front axle, luxury cab, 5 rear remotes, 30” track, front hitch .............................................................£89,500

H – 31026623 – 2007 Case Quadtrac STX380, 30” tracks, rear linkage, Accuguide ready .............................................................£55,000


W NE ICE R P J – 31025282 – 2017 JCB F4220 Fastrac, UK spec 60kph, 540/65R34 tyres 4+1 spools, Field Pro package, Premier cover until 31.08.2022 or 5000hrs ................................................£90,000



W – 41023850 – ex demo Amazone Cayros XMS 5-950 plough, 5 furrow, WXL 430 bodies, Cat 3 with balls, manure skimmers, transport wheel 680 ............................................£10,950

J – 31024686 – 2015 JCB 4220 UK spec, 60kph, rear PTO only, BKT 600/70R30 Agrimax Sirio, 5 rear spools, pick up hitch drawbar .............................................................£75,000


W NE ICE R P W – 51023031 – used Amazone ZA-03001 Superior spreader c/w om24-36 discs ............................................................... £4,450

W – 21025873 – used Amazone ZA-M Ultra Profis Hydro 4200 spreader c/w 24–48m discs + Amatron 3 screen GPS switch licence ............................................................... £9,500

J – 21025278 – 2013 JCB 535-95, construction spec, with air conditioning .............................................................£31,000

W NE ICE PR W – 51025356 – used Amazone UF 18m mounted sprayer, Profi Fold 1, 210L/min pump, Amatron & GPS switch done 1600 hectares .............................................................£11,000

W – 51025904 – used Amazone ZAM 3001, om24–36 discs, weigh cell calibration, hopper cover, Amatron control box ............................................................... £6,750

W – 21026895 – used Amazone ZA-M 3600 Ultra Profis Hydro, 24– 48m discs, Amatron & control box ................................................................ £6,500



J – 51023302 – 2010 Krone Comprima V180 variable chamber baler 1-1.8x1.2m, 29,600 bales, good condition ............................................................... £8,950

S – 21023200 – ex demo Rabe Albatros 140 in furrow, rated up to 300hp, 5+1 build, 93cm, point to point under beam clearance 80cm .............................................................£15,500

J – 21026968 – 2011 Larrington 20t Majestic tri-axle, air brake, lifiting front axle




S – 41024434 – new shop soiled Sulky X40+ spreader shut off, fertiliser spreader, EV24–36 vanes, hopper extension to 600L, hopper cover manual winder ....................................... £7,950

S – 41024752 – 2001 Baselier FKV380,

S – 41024717 – 2000 Baselier cultivator FK560

in stock .................................................. £4,500

............................................................... £1,950

J – 31024865 – JCB 516-40 Agri, Starco Agri tyre TL 255/75-15.3, single lever joystick, cab, 3 wipers, fabric seat, tool carrier, quick hitch .............................................................£22,500



Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

W – 11024941 – ex demo Amazone Cayron 200V-100 (290hp), 5+1, S35 boards, rear disc, skimmers, Cat 3 bar, combi wheel, hyd vari width....................................................£21,950

W – 41026626 – ex demo Amazone Centaya 3000, Super ISO c/w Twintec double disc coulters at 15cm spacing, Amatron 4, ISO cabling, Twintec harrow tine ...............£41,633

H – 21026357 – 2017 Case IH Puma 165, 50kph powershift, front linkage, air brakes, 620/70R42 rear 480/70R30 front, 900hrs ........................................................ £62,000

J – 21025472 – new Larrington 20t Majestic, sprung drawbar with 4 hold adjustment, bolt on swivel 40mm towing eye, hyd brakes .............................................................£29,950

W NE ICE PR S – 21024576 Stocks Fan Jet, Stocks slug pelleter, 24m, variable rate, mounting bracket to utility vehicle, control box .................................................................. £850


ELY – TEL 01353 664515 SPALDING – TEL 01775 712310 MAREHAM-LE-FEN – TEL 01507 568484

RAMSEY – TEL 01733 844642 DEREHAM – TEL 01362 698698 February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 139

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140 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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29/01/2020 16:24

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 141

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29/01/2020 16:25

RC SETCHFIELD LTD Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Grantham 01476 560784

Staveley 01246 475315

All prices subject to VAT

Merlo P40-7CS 64 reg, 4653hrs, a/c, f/hitch, tyres 80% Sanderson carriage

Cat TH407C Agri 65 reg, 2916hrs, rear hitch

JCB 926-4 forklift, 15 reg, 4022hrs, full cab, 3 spools, tyres 50%

Tym T503 tractor, 2013 reg, 985hrs only

New JCB 15C-1 mini digger cab frame only

Ex hire JCB 16C-1 mini digger, 240hrs, canopy, buckets, etc, available

TWB 3 leg subsoiler with packer roller

New JCB 525-60 compact loadall, Q-fit carr, a/c, SRS, air seat, 12.5/80-18 tyres

Weaving Subdisc with 7 legs, discs & Guttler roller

New West 14t grain trailer, spr d/bar, hyd door, grain chute, super singles

New Bomford Kestrel E 5.0m, cable control, Pro Trim head

MF 630 trailed forage harvester



Twose FR3-640 2015 model, 6m folding rolls with f/levelling board

Vogel & Noot XMS 950 4 furrow plough

Dowdeswell DP120 Series MA Delta 5f plough with skimmers, trash boards

Maschio DMP 4000 hydraulic folding power harrow with Guttler roller

Sulky X36 fertiliser spreader with hopper extension & cover






Chafer Mirage s/p sprayer, 03 model, 3000L, 24m, rowcrop & float tyres





For more pictures and more stock visit









Rodney Cowle Machinery

Over 25 combines in stock – see our website for details

We can supply New Parts for your Combine • CONCAVES • RASP BARS • BELTS • KNIVES 2000 New Holland TC56 Hydro 2015 New Holland TC 5.80 Plus choice of 2, rotary separator, 15’ 16’ varifeed, smart sieves, chopper, • CLEAN GRAIN, RETURN & cut, chopper, chaff spreader 2500 eng chaff spreader, only 400hrs, like new FRONT ELEVATOR CHAINS hrs in immaculate condition • IMPELLOR PLATES • RETRACTABLE FINGERS • FILTER KITS and many other wearing parts in stock MAIL ORDER

01837 83645


2005 New Holland TX66

SL sieves, chopper, chaff spreader, 2200/2600hrs, 24’ cut, autofloat, very nice machine

2010 New Holland CX 8070

2010 Claas Lexion 570 Terra

24’, varifeed, 1250/1500hrs SL sieves, Trac 30’ Vario, 3D sieves, chopp/ chopper/chaff spreader chaff, laser, only 1600/1100hrs very nice machine

2008 Massey Ferguson Activa 7245

2006 Claas Lexion 550 Montana 1991 New Holland TX32 with V660 header, chopper, chaff spreader, 1100/1600hrs

13’ cut 2900hrs, air con, very straight tidy machine (library photo)

2009 Claas Lexion 570+

2009 Claas Tucano 430

2007 Claas Medion 310

Hillside machine with 18’ cut, 1 owner only 590 engine hrs


07831 178271 Steve

07786 391816

Great Punchardon Farm Winkleigh Devon EX19 8DJ

2010 Claas Lexion 520

V600 Vario 3D sieves chopper/chaff spreader auto contour, yield/moisture 1000/1300hrs

V750 header, 900/32 tyres, chopper/ chaff spreader, 900/1200 hrs, in very nice condition

email: sales@rodneycowlemachinery.co.uk

1200/1500hrs, V600 vario, 3D sieves, chopper/chaff spreader

choice of 2, one has 950hrs & other 1800, 15’ cut 3D sieves & chopper



142 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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30/01/2020 16:03

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194




2019 NH CX8.70



2011 NH CR9090

35’V 2494/1734

2012 NH CR9080

30’V 2712/2182

2012 NH CR9080

30’V 2303/1849

2010 NH CR9080

30’V 2483/1995

2008 NH CR9080

30’V 3110/2356

2006 NH CR980

30’V 2805/2284

2005 NH CR980

30’XHC 2669/2175

2004 NH CR980

30’XHC 2670/2175

2004 NH CR980

30’V 2821/2265

2012 NH CX8080

30’V 1450/1150 25’

30’V 2861/2350


1997 NH TX66


NEW Holland CR 9080 Elevation, 2010, 3k hrs, full guidance ready, dealer maintained, 30' varifeed header c/w trailer. POA. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

3700/3200 180/30

2014 Claas Lex 780TT V1280


2011 MF 9280 Delta 30’PF


Approximate hours pre-harvest some machines will be hired for 2020 Harvest

01733 841932


2019 Claas Lex 780TT V1280



CLAAS Dominator 98 Maxi, straw chopper, chaff spreader, two owner drivers from new, header trailer, reluctant sale. £16,500 ono. A Inman Tel 07850 029146/01423 863338 (N Yorks)

16-FOOT knife for a Massey Ferguson 7345S combine, 2012. £150. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (E Yorks) MATROT OSR side knife, hardly used. £550+VAT. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532/07808 200404 (Kent)


Tel: 01522 246 522 James Richard 07764 511257 07860 575155 JCB8032ZTS, 2002, good condition, 3011hrs, 3 buckets, quick hitch. C Byrd Tel 07768 635934 (Glos)

FERMEC 860 Elite, Powershift, 2002, rear extender, 4in1 front bucket, 6100hrs, tyres 60%. £14,750. S Bygraves Tel 07973 117993 (Beds) STRICKLAND 4' digging bucket for 13t machine, 65mm pins, vgc. £850+VAT. M Widdowson Tel 07850 689795 (Leics) JCB 3CX manual quick hitch, used condition. £150+VAT. M Widdowson Tel 07850 689795 (Leics) WINGET 6t dumper, 1994, good condition, ideal builder machine. £3,000+VAT. M Widdowson Tel 07850 689795 (Leics) MASSEY 40B digger 135 skid unit, in working order. £2,250 ono. J Duffin Tel 01767 654879/07766 973359 (Beds) JCB 814 14t tracked excavator, Perkins engine with ditching & trenching buckets, can be seen working. £5,950+VAT. C Harrison Tel 07775 696190 (Cambs) BENFORD Terex 3t swivel tip, late 1990s, roll bar fitted, nice clean skip. £4,200+VAT. M Widdowson Tel 07850 689795 (Leics) 360 digger bucket, 113cm wide, 5 teeth, pin hole size approx 64mm. Offers. S Bane Tel 07826 306935 (Norfolk) MANUAL quick hitch to fit Kubota 16t/USS, condition used. £150+VAT. M Widdowson Tel 07850 689795 (Leics)

2011 JCB 535-140 hi viz, 6439hrs, 14m reach, 3.5t lift, Tier 3 100hp turbo, sway control, jack legs, a/c, 4ws/2ws/ crab steer, keypad, new tyres £24,000

2003 Manitou MLT730-120LS, 5004hrs, 7m reach, 3t lift, 120hp turbo, p/shift, 40kph, PUH, hyd locking pins, a/c, boom susp, joystick £18,750

2004 Merlo p33.7 Turbo Farmer, 7m reach, 3.3t lift, 6577hrs, 110hp, PUH, hyd locking pins, joystick control, new tyres all round £17,500

2017 Hamm HD 10C VV twin vibrating drum roller, 709hrs, roll bar, seat belt, beacon, water, kubota engine £9,750

2011 Arcgen Weldmaker 300 AVC towable diesel welder generator, 3714hrs, Kubota engine, c/w leads £2,250

Trailer Engineering 2500L water bowser, fast tow, 2 outlets £900

Trailer Engineering 2000L water bowser, site tow, 2 outlets £900

Case Maxxum 150 for hire, 150hp boosts to 180hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/ linkage, weight block, f/& cab susp, call for hire rates POA

MATROT electric side knife. J Dennis Tel 07967 442373 (Devon)

Please see website for more stock



NEW Holland CX820, 2004, 6 walker, 2600 engine/2050 drum hrs, chopper/ chaff spreader, air con, 710 tyres, 11'2" wide, c/w 20' high capacity autofloat header & trailer, excellent condition, barn stored & annually dealer serviced. £60,000. G Stevens Tel 07770 970320 (Glos)

RETIRED pest control officer (45yrs) from farming background with gamekeeping exp, offers genuine free vermin control to farmers/landowners in northern England, rabbit control a speciality, but willing to cover other vermin, fully insured & reliable. J Williamson Tel 01302 265701/07989 669282 (S Yorks) PORTEK Scatterbird Mk2 bird scarer, c/w gas cylinder, battery & charger. £120. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (E Yorks)



CAT 308E, 2017, fully spec'd, twin circuits, reversing camera, Dromone quick hitch, 12", 36" & 6' grading bucket with bolt on reversible blade, A/C, radio, steel tracks with city rubber pads, only 210hrs, EPA sticker. POA. www.mktractors.com. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds) DAEWOO Solar 130 excavator, 1999, 80% tracks, air con, quick hitch, 9130hrs. £14,000. S Bartle Tel 07884 238552 (Notts) ONE-TON dumper, in working order. £100. J Duffin Tel 01767 654879/07766 973359 (Beds)

2016 Shelbourne Reynolds CVS20 stripper header (20') plus trailer, only 72.7 running/harvesting hrs, fits Claas Lexion combine, viewing welcome. A Wylie Tel 07870 928422 (Worcs)

The Sky EasyDrill NEW Vaderstad Rapid linkage drawbar. £1,800+VAT ono. W Gilman Tel 07736 361376/01780 410443 (Rutland)

Available from Writtle Farm Machinery

JCB 3CX Miller hydraulic hitch, used condition. £350+VAT. M Widdowson Tel 07850 689795 (Leics) 2016 JCB Sitemaster, hydraulic quick hitch, air con, 3600hrs, owner driver, very good condition. A Blythe Tel 07860 787288 (Lincs) 2002 JCB Sitemaster, Smoothride, retired farmer just completed new build, no longer required. £22,000 no VAT. C Spencer Tel 07788 728448/01353 669547 (Cambs)

Roller shutter doors made to measure We also repair all types of industrial doors We can erect or make alterations to steel work for new door openings Call for free site survey




MINI digger bucket, 600mm, quick hitch, very good condition. £80. A Abblitt Tel 07971 255264 (Cambs)

1998 Claas 450 Lexion with V600 header, 4888 engine hrs, 3591 drum hrs, well maintained, a good reliable combine. £35,000. N Ridley Tel 01233 770435/07802 695311 (Kent)

SUMO DTS 4m seed drill, 2013, only 600ha. P Peel Tel 07927 625837 (Shrops)

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

2013 NH CX8070 2006 NH CX880

JOHN Deere 1085, 818 header, Biso header extension, RDS, GPS yield mapping, hyd chaff spreader, AS header trailer, very well maintained, never wanted for anything, fully serviced, ready to go. £14,000. D Treharne Tel 07719 697455 (Northants) HYDRAULIC side knife, 1.2m, with hose, old but in good order. £150. D Anker Tel 07796 444987 (Beds) 2013 New Holland CR9070, 9.15m Varifeed header c/w hyd side knife, sat on 24" Smart Trax, 1150 drum hrs, 1450 engine hrs, radar auto steer, moisture & yield monitoring, regularly serviced, in outstanding condition. £126,950+VAT. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Glos)

Contact James French

07764 873486


Versatile no-till & conventional disc drill with low power requirement Please call for more information




07748 004794 01245 442224(T) PLEASE






LELY 4m combi drill, Roterra/drill, vgc, low acreage & stored inside, toothed packer. £3,650+VAT, can deliver. R Lane Tel 07831 615912 (Cambs) MASSEY 510 6m air drill, very tidy order, with many spares, always stored inside. £1,000 ono. R Hawtin Tel 01327 830614/07710 553842 (Northants) CARIER 4m drill, on trolley, c/w markers, tramline kit, following harrow & pre-em markers. H Ashton Tel 07831 588318 (Lincs)

February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 143

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30/01/2020 14:26

Current Used Machinery Essex Depot: 01245 322733 | Kent Depot: 01233 714123 | Sussex/Hampshire: 01403 330030

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk







£155,000 + VAT

£168,000 + VAT

£87,500 + VAT

£119,000 + VAT

£105,000 + VAT

2018, 270 Engine Hours, 210 Drum Hours, 25ft PowerFlow Header, Auto Guide Ready, TaskDoc Pro, Yield and Moisture Monitor.

2015, Approx. 1800 Engine hrs, Approx, 1250 Drum Hrs, Corn Cracker, Grass Header, Kemper 375 10 Row Maize Header PUH not included,

2014, Approx.4900hrs, Comfort pack, 16 idler weights, 5 spool valves, Deluxe vrs leather seat, 30” ext ag tracks 60%,

2016, 2300hrs, 30” Extreme Ag Tracks @ 65%, Guidance Ready, Comfort Pack, Weights: 22 x Front, 16 x Idlers & 18 x Track Frame.

2015, Approx 3150hrs, 30” Camoplast Tracks @ 50%, Guidance Ready, Stealth No.28 out of 28.










£20,000 + VAT

£79,500 +VAT

£99,500 + VAT

£195,000 +VAT

£137,500 +VAT

2001, 9040hrs, Tracks @ 35%, No Linkage

2016, Approx. 4400hrs, Front and Cab Suspension, Front Linkage, Guidance Ready, Air Conditioning.

2018, Approx. 670hrs, Cab Suspension, Front Axle Suspension, Air Con, Air Brakes, Guidance Ready.

2018, Approx.1300hrs, 40kp/h Vario Transmission, Guidance Ready, LED Worklight Pack, Deluxe Comfort Leather Seat, 30” Ext Ag Tracks @ 70%




2015, 24050hrs, 30m Pommier Aluminium Boom, 5,000L Tank, 500L Clean Water Tank, Hyd Track Adjustment, Lighting Package, Guidance Ready


Your Local Dealer for:

Over 260 quality used machines updated daily at reavalleytractors.com



4WD, 1300 drum hours, 1630 engine hours, 24 Foot vari-feed header Straw Chopper, Chaff Spreader.


AQ 50K, TLS and cab suspension, Twin beacons, passenger seat and on NEW Michelin Tyres, 3945hrs.


JOHN DEERE 7230R 2013

complete with Shelboure Reynolds C25 trolley.


50K, 7" Display, F/L& PTO, Autotrac Ready, work light package, Elec mirrors, Tyres 80% 4707hrs.




JOHN DEERE 6155R 2016




JOHN DEERE 5100M 2018

Power Reverser 32/16 HI LO, Passenger seat, hitch mechanical control, beacon light, front weight 55kg, New tyres all round, Immaculate condition, 430hrs. £POA


AQPlus 20/20, 50k, 7" Display, ITEC-HMS, Rear-Power Beyond, Passenger seat, Electric Joystick, 1900hrs.



MERLO 32.6 2015



JOHN DEERE 6155R 2019

AutoQuad Plus 20/20 50K, AutoTrac Ready, Premium Radio, 155L/min HYD Pump, ITECHMS, Roof Hatch, Tyres: 650/65 R42, 540/65 R30 70%.




JOHN DEERE GATOR 855D S4 2017 Electric tip, bucket seats, bench bar,


enquiries@reavalleytractors.com All prices exclude VAT


JOHN DEERE 6175R 2015


Detachable windscreen and roof, 1460hrs.




Call: 01743 289104




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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 70313

01603 738635 (select option 4)

Agriculture Ltd 1820 to 2020

Celebrating 200 years of the Randell family in agricultural engineering

Following a catastrophic fire at our Toftwood, Dereham premises our Väderstad parts store has relocated to Crown Farm, Little Ellingham, Norfolk NR17 1JF For parts please contact

07946 022976 Steve Burnell PARTS

Vaderstad TopDown TD400 fully reconditioned with new packer & legs

Vaderstad Rexius RS1230HD Cambridge roller

Kverneland Accord Optima 8 row maize planter with front hopper spares/repairs




Kongskilde Vibroflex 7.4m 2012 with front discs & rear steelflex packer £12,000

Kverneland/Grimme/Kleine Unicorn SD 18 row sugar beet drill, elec drive, ISOBUS, shoe openers 2012/13 £24,500

Horsch Tiger 8MT 2012 primary cultivator in excellent condition not to be missed £42,500

Philip Watkins 9 leg subsoiler hyd fold fully mounted 4.5m, Metcalf legs, flexicoil & DD packers CHOICE £12,500

Dalbo Culti-Lift 800 springtine 8m mounted with front levelling boards & rear crumblers 2013 £12,000

Vaderstad Tempo TPF8 trailed 8 row maize planter 2013/14, row cleaners, fertiliser ARRIVING SOON POA

Vaderstad Carrier CR650 CrossCutter with crossboard heavy & single steelrunner NEW STOCK £44,500

Philip Watkins 4m 8 leg trailed combination subsoiler on Simba legs with Opico seeder excellent £27,500


Library Picture

Sumo Trio 3m mounted shear pin legs CHOICE FROM £8,000

Vaderstad Carrier CR500 with 470mm TrueCut discs & single SteelRunner, could fit CrossCutter discs, 2018 ARRIVING SOON POA

Vaderstad TopDown TD400 ex demo, hyd legs, double SteelRunner, 50mm Marathon points

Gregoire Besson Discordon 4.6m 2012 with rubber packer discs 640mm



GENUINE SAVINGS ON GENUINE PARTS – don’t be fooled into cheap imitations! Call for prices now! 4 year finance (1+3 annuals) at 1% fpa on NEW Vaderstad machinery (Terms & conditions on request)

07887 714430 William Randell SALES Further details of our machinery stock can be found at


07887 524281 Paul Roegele SERVICE Viewing is by appointment only due to machines being in various locations

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Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

Amazone KG4000 power harrow with packer roller & KRM 3 row tine drill + double following harrow


Five Mile Lane, Washingborough, Lincs 01522 790720


Fenland Tractors



Ex demo Deutz 7250 TTV Warrior 246hp, unregd, 67hrs, 50k, Vario trans, autosteer, air cab, air brakes, f/axle braking, Isobus, iMonitor, 5 spools, f/links, f/PTO, Comfort pack, 650/65R 42 & 540/65 R34 tyres 0% Finance POA

Ex demo Deutz 6215 RC Shift 226hp, unregd, 165hrs, 50k, 5 ranges, 6spd p/shift & creep, manual, semi auto & fully auto gears, autosteer ready, air cab, air brakes, f/axle braking, Isobus, iMonitor, 5 spools, f/links, Comfort pack, 650/65 R42 & 540/65 R34 tyres 0% Finance POA

Ex demo Dieci Agri Plus 40.7 VS unregistered, 235hrs, 152hp FPT engine, 4000kg lift capacity, 7m lift height, 40k, vario transmission, air con, pickup hitch £59,000 0% Finance

Ex demo Amazone 5002-TS 5m Catros+ shallow stubble cultivator DW roller, hydraulic depth adjustment

Used Deutz 7250 TTV Warrior 263hp, 65 reg, 4200hrs, 50K vario transmission, f/links, air cab, air brakes, auto steer ready, Isobus, iMonitor, 5 spools, 650/65 R42 50% & 540/65 R34 25%, v clean/ £58,000 tidy, fully serviced

Used Weidemann 1240 CX35 LP 2012, 33hp, hydrostatic transmission,lift height 2.3m, lift capacity 850kg.3rd service, low profile canopy (1.9m)hydraulic locking headstock, pallet tines, £6,000 serviced


0% Finance

Ex demo Deutz 6165 Powershift 171hp, unregd, 21hrs, 50k, semi powershift manual transmission, 5x ranges,(6x speed p/shift) 4 manual spools, f/links, 520/70 R38 & 420/85 R28 tyres POA 0% Finance

New Weidemann T5522 telescopic handler 50hp, 30k, hydrostatic transmission, 3 position steering, lift height 5.5m, lift capacity 2200, pallet tines, 3yrs warranty


Demo McHale V660 round baler bale size 0.6 – 1.68m (2’4” – 5’6”) 3 belt bale chamber, chopper, hydraulic brakes 0% Finance


All prices + VAT David Grundy 07879 698473

Cat D6C 82A direct drive direct start 1967

Cat D4D 44H 1977 good UC tidy

Cat D4D 60J 1969, ex local farm straight & tidy

Cat 953 tracked loader 1986, 4in1 bucket Rops, tidy

Mercedes Unimog mid 80’s with removable bunded diesel tank

McCauley A2GP12 dump trailer with HD ramps, new unused

JCB 86C-1 2014, 1514hrs, street pads, piped for various attachments

Doosan DX140LCR-3 2014, 2120hrs, immaculate throughout, 1 owner

Hitachi ZX130LCN-3 2013, 4072 rec’d hrs, Geith hyd QH boom is piped, a/c

Suppliers of replacement parts for all Caterpillar machines

Karl Gladding 07500 448243


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Station Yard, Postland, Crowland, Peterborough PE6 0JT Tel: 01406 330386 Fax: 01406 330080 Email: martyn.stanley@fenlandtractors.co.uk

ALSO IN STOCK – Cat 312C, JCB 532-120, Bomag BW120AD-4 roll, Cat D2 J Model, International BTD 6

Visit our website www.fenlandtractors.co.uk to see our stock machines


OCD 594

OCD 585

TERRAGATOR 8333, 2012


TERRAGATOR 8300, 2013

6,200 hours / 15 m3 tank / 1050/50R32 tires

2,800 hours / 16 m3 tank / 1050/50R32 tires CVT drive

5,100 hours / Bredall (KRM) spreader

OCD 598

OCD 408

OCD 584

TERRAGATOR 2104, 2007

TERRAGATOR 3244, 2010

TERRAGATOR 3244, 2011

5,800 hours / 15 m3 / Dogwalk / Börger pump Powershift

7,500 hours / Tebbe 16 tons / Rebuild

14,500 hours / 18 m3 / Dogwalk / No Bomech




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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194


DRILLS (cont)



Leyland DAF 7.5t

MF30 4m drill, with trolley. £1,000. M Herring Tel 07818 092626 (Lincs)


W reg, 12ths MOT, 430000km, tilt cab for easy maintenance, excellent condition, fantastic body work, no expense has been spared on maintaining this lorry, always 100% reliable, living in amazing condition, sleeps 3 with plenty of storage, 1 outside locker that will fit a bale of hay in, CCTV to horse area, mains & 12 volt, stalled for 3 Selling due to change of circumstances Carlton Farm, Cattle Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbech, Cambs PE13 4NR

01945 410099•07850 731409 www.adowningengineers.co.uk

t: 01243 575333 • m: Joe 07540 013587 e: mail@ hjknight.co.uk • www.hjknight.co.uk

MULTI 125 HORSCH Sprinter 4 ST, Bourgault Vos (new) tines, hydraulic & PTO fan, Drill Manager control, excellent condition, c/w Horsch Duett tines. £22,000+VAT ono. L Sutton Tel 07970 658813 (Warks) END tow, in good working order, one used as donor, therefore missing a few parts £3,000; donor drill £500 or £3,250 for the pair, Ipswich area. A Williams Tel 07703 444959 (Suffolk)


100,000 BTU Concept 2 Multi Fuel Cooker Used for central heating, cooking and baking Runs 20 radiators

Similar to the Farmer 80, but the Multi will take taller wire up to 125mm, as well as rabbit netting. With the adjustable arm, other options inc single & double strand barb attachments, re-rolling machine, hoist & loader/ telehandler bracket adaptor. John Brewer 07966 285240 johnquickfencer@yahoo.co.uk


BRYCE Suma post driver, 2005, 376kg hammer weight, side shift, mast tilt, hyd top link, backshift, very good condition. £4,950+VAT. C Powles Tel 07831 191097/01234 766482 (Beds)




FARMFORCE 4m tine drill, c/w leading tines, packer roll, tramlining, from small farm, always stored under cover, very good condition. £5,250+VAT. J Warne Tel 07986 548621 (Suffolk)


0114 257 8891 LARGE bales of lucerne/alfalpha, surplus to requirements, from 2018 & 2019 harvest, in large wrapped bales, typical analysis depending on cut is DM68-85%, crude protein 22-16%, ME9, NDF 35%, DE ~13MJ/kg, pH5.8, suitable for cattle, sheep & horses. R Procter-Smith Tel 01362 688206/07831 575088 (Norfolk) GOOD quality meadow/rye or clover haylage, 4'x4' round bales, well wrapped, price will depend on quantity, delivery possible depending on distance, suitable for horses, sheep or cattle. M Webster Tel 07881 802097 (Suffolk) FODDER beet, lifted in January, all loads put through cleaner, please call for more info. C Cornish Tel 07880 976137 (Suffolk)


HORSCH Sprinter wheels & tyres, good condition, left & right handed, kept as spares. £100. M Church Tel 07787 563743 (Norfolk) BETTINSON DD direct drill, 4m, end tow kit, c/w spares. £800. M Hornbuckle Tel 07801 101645 (Leics)

AITCHISON Grass Farmer direct drill, good condition. £8,500. R Davies Tel 07774 760757 (Somerset)

5 year warranty

2017 Claas 12 row Orbis, hyd transport wheels. M Morrisey Tel 07860 845808 (Glos) ROUND bale hay, first cut, 4’ bales, approx 200. Offers invited; also haylage, first cut new ley. R Lintott Tel 01728 663476/07799 473374 (Suffolk)

GENERATORS: diesel & PTO, quality used & new, est 25yrs. JSP UK Ltd. Tel 01432 353050 Mob 07774 742182 (Hereford)

FORAGE & SILAGE APPROX 100 round bale silage, net wrapped, made in July 2019, not rained on, dry, could almost be haylage, however I am using it for cattle, genuine reason for sale, loading is possible on site. Sensible offers considered. F Johnson Tel 01507 450203/07444 042624 (Lincs)

delivered free nationwide



07813 182054 01536 771246



CONVENTIONAL size bales of good hay, baled July 2019, Beccles. £3.50 each collection only or delivered at extra cost. C Ling Tel 07825 854068 (Suffolk)

All prices + VAT



HORSTINE Farmery Microband seeder, fits 3m power harrow & subsoiler. J Forknall Tel 07860 619587 (Kent)


2016 Claas Direct Disc 600, c/w trolley, excellent condition. M Morrisey Tel 07860 845808 (Glos)

15KVA generator, 3 phase, PTO driven. £400. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys) THREE-PHASE generator, in working order, PTO driven. £800. J Duffin Tel 01767 654879/07766 973359 (Beds)


HAY in 4' round bales, ideal for horses, etc, can deliver locally or load your own transport. Call & leave message & we call you back, as mobile signal poor. G Hogger Tel 01787 210074/07860 536899 (Suffolk)

OPICO AND MECMAR driers bought and sold. Genuine parts available nationwide. Morgan Farm Machinery. Tel: 01604 780087 Northants(T)

TWO top class Arabian geldings, international champion sires, one is 8yrs old & professionally broken, the other is just 4 & ready to be broken, both 15HH approx, the older one is chestnut & the younger one is bay, great temperament. E Jones Tel 01558 823405/07495 589823 (Carmarthenshire) LISTER electric horse clippers with extra blades, used but working well, no longer needed, Great Totham area. £75.00 ono. P Pettet Tel 07464 361584/01621 89227 (Essex)

BRICE Baker 9t metal bin. £100. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent) QUANTITY of aeration laterals & fittings. £75. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent) FOUR 40t & two 30t Crittall silos, buyer dismantles. £1,000 ono. J Kiddy Tel 07860 452972 (Cambs) THREE 4.5" Augerveyor grain augers, one is 9' long single phase, second is 11' long 3 phase, third is 13' long 3 phase, working order. £25 each. J Church Tel 07798 573166 (Suffolk)

2015 Krone Big X 700 facelift model, 2365 engine hrs, 1635 drum hrs, 3m grass pick up, 12 row maize header with spout extension, 6m whole crop header with crushing rollers, excellent condition. C Stubbs Tel 07790 900613/01889 502218 (Staffs)

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

RAPE seeder kit for Spalding Flatlift, almost unused. A Roughton Tel 07961 356448/07961 356449 (Lincs)

VADERSTAD Rapid 300S Super drill, good condition low acreage, system disc, drawbar packer, cleated tyres, pre-emergence markers. £10,750 VAT. P Wright Tel 07774 457821 (Norfolk)


2012 Horsch Pronto 6DC, owned since new, one operator throughout, light land farm, always stored inside, good wearing metal, plenty of spare parts, levelling boards & wheel eradicators, Isobus & Muller box, very nice tidy drill. £27,500 ono. D Hurst Tel 07976 304391 (Herts)

MONOSEM NG Plus 4, 2015, Monoshox 8 row maize drill, 75cm, GPS section control, hydraulic folding, double disc openers, tungsten coulters, fert placement disc on toolbar. £24,000+VAT. J Green Tel 07778 852709 (Norfolk)

Vaderstad Rollex 620 c/w hyd shatter boards ......................................£2,950 Manitou MT425 telehandler 1988 .........................................................£4,995 Teagle Tomakawk 4040 chopper ...........................................................£1,500 HeVa Opico ring rollers 6.2m tidy .........................................................£3,250 Major 2.8 hyd side shift flail tidy ............................................................£1,750 Kubota B2350 c/w mid mount bed 2010 .............................................£4,750 Twose 520 hedger cable control ...............................................................POA Three weigh celled Amazone spreaders .................................... from £2,995 Ken Wootton 14t grain trailer 1997 immaculate ..................................£5,995 Ford Transit 2008 100k miles LWB high top .........................................£2,995 Vaderstad Rapid A400S 4m drill 2007 new genuine discs.............. £15,950 Menke 3m flail topper front & rear gwo................................................£1,995 Claas Volto 770 6 rotor tedder ready to work ......................................£3,750 Lemken Karat 9 2016 ex demo ..............................................................£7,250 Gull 2000L twin axle fuel bowser ...........................................................£1,450 Claas Quantum 5800P forage wagon 2011 ...................................... £28,500 Various tedders, mowers & rakes in stock .............................................. CALL Browns 4.5m folding slitter vgc..............................................................£3,250 Dowdeswell MA140 6 furrow plough choice of 2 ..................... £4,250 each Dowdeswell Delta 100S 5 furrow plough .............................cheap @ £1,995 Malone 6’ pasture toppers new in stock & ready to go ............ £1,175 each New pallet carriages ..........................................................................from £450 New LWC buckets & grabs in stock British built .................................... CALL Major 8400 finishing roller mower, 2002 ..............................................£2,750 New Malone tedders in stock, 5.7m ......................................................£6,250 New Malone post bangers, side & t/l tilt...............................................£2,600 Ken Wootton 14t trailer only seen grain ...............................................£6,450

McHALE 3 ram shear grab, very good condition. £1,200. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks) PARMITER SG100 silage shear grab, older model, had very little use with new pipes & couplings, no damage or welds, very good condition, tines like new. £675. E Jones Tel 01558 823405/07495 589823 (Carmarthenshire)

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Hall Farm, Aldeburgh IP15 5JD MF 2640 4wd tractor very tidy......... £6,250 Vaderstad 4m box drill c/w end tow kit..POA John Deere 1085 combine c/w Various cultivators & subsoilers............POA chopper..................................... £6,500 R&R 12t grain trailer c/w hydraulic Nodet 6 row maize drill.................... £1,200 tailgate ...................................... £3,750 Carrier 4m drill ................................... £500 Norton 8t drop side grain trailer ....... £2,500 Various grain buckets ...........................POA Kongskilde 4m manual fold Reco Sulky 24m twin disc fert Vibroflex .................................... £1,200 spreader with lights & cover ...... £1,000 McConnel Allwork tractor mounted Gregoire Besson 5 furrow manual saw bench ................................... £650 vari width plough ............................POA All tractors and machinery wanted – dead or alive!

VARIOUS augers (2 on tripods), aeration fans, some with spares, plus grain ducting & silos, call for details. S Jones Tel 07796 001370 (Norfolk) BRICE Baker 68t indoor hardboard bin. £250. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent)

CHAIN & flight conveyors, c/w 3 phase motor, 33'. £175. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent) KONGSKILDE 3 phase blower. £125. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent)

JOHN Deere LT160 ride one mower, petrol, working order. £1,385. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

Tom 07872 916363




BENTALL aeration fan, single phase, 3", 3 bolt fitting to lateral pipe. £25. J Church Tel 07798 573166 (Suffolk) KONGSKILDE sucker blower pipes, mainly straights, but some bends & a 2-way diverter valve, connector clamps. £100+VAT. R Lintott Tel 01728 663476/07799 473374 (Suffolk)

CANAGRO auger, suitable to mount on a trailer grain chute, DF714V, shop soiled, but unused, 2007, 170mm auger diameter, 8.6m long, 35tph rated output. £1,800+VAT. R Kerr Tel 07531 574681 (Essex)

FARM King 7" auger, 36' long, driven by a Kohler 16hp petrol engine, gwo, used last harvest. £2,550. A Dunham Tel 07767 248412 (Cambs) SVEGMA 10tph (approx) grain dryer, in very good condition, buyer to dismantle. £3,000 ono. J Kiddy Tel 07860 452972 (Cambs) MASTER 12t mobile grain dryer, 2011hrs used, 2019. P Webster Tel 01704 893162/07900 286419 (Lancs)

2012 John Deere 1365 mower conditioner, owned since new, very good condition, selling due to upgrade. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks)

Kuhn GA 8731 £13,950 2 Rotor Rowing Up Rake


Main Agents for

CAD ASPIRATORS for bushel weight improvement

2014, working width up to 8.6m, steering axle, low acreage


Contact Robin on

01472 753936 07710 242015

OPICO 595 quiet grain dryer, c/w 12t hopper bin, electric drive, in excellent working order. £10,000 ono. J Mount Tel 07879 695096/01858 545109 (Leics) "THE Rolls Royce of grain dryers" this outstanding dryer was approximately 80k new in 2014, excellent condition, fully galvanised & kept indoors, c/w pro-cleaner/aspirator, Skandia elevators & conveyors, galvanised outside storage bin & stand. J Brown Tel 07450 969477/01684 772396 (Glos)

Roy Edwards 07702 408833 Full engineering, installation & dismantling services

KONGSKILDE 60t indoor bin & drying vertical & horizontal ducting, plus 13 spare sections. £400. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent)



RANSOMES Highway 3, 850hrs, excellent condition, one owner from new. S Peacock Tel 07799 412027 (Norfolk) 10- foot flat roll, in good condition. £1,850 ono. J Kiddy Tel 07860 452972 (Cambs)

Also�Silos,� Elevators�&�Conveyors,� Driers,�Stirrers,� Fans�&�Accessories

LAINCHBURY TR grain cleaner, mobile with some screens used for cleaning beans in the last few years, good working condition, barn stored. £400. A Abblitt Tel 07971 255264 (Cambs)

Coningsby, Lincoln t: 01526 342466 f: 343507 e: sales@pellcroft.com



TEAM Storemaster (grain) sprayer, 75L tank, 240v turbine pump on 13 amp plug, manual pressure regulation valve & gauge, very good condition, little used. £450. G Stevens Tel 07770 970320 (Glos)

Pellcroft Engineering Ltd


TEAGLE Spiromix PTO cement mixer, good working order. £350. C Powles Tel 07831 191097/01234 766482 (Beds)

Danagri High�Capacity Heavy�Duty�Mobile Grain�Augers


• Fans – New & Reconditioned • Grain Stirrers • Air Tunnels • Laterals • Drive On Floors • Gas Burners • Controllers & ACCS Equipment

01530 229686 or 07831 113316 OPICO 6m grass harrows, good condition. £2,050+VAT. I Rickatson Tel 07789 691474 (Beds)


NEW & SECONDHAND CLEANERS AVAILABLE CLEANER SCREENS available for most makes NEW & SECONDHAND DRYING FANS Carier Elevators Conveyors and Spares 22-69549

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

See our new website for more details & photos www.hallfarmmachinery.com

‘FARMERS Friend’ 22' 30tph chain & flight conveyor, fully working when removed & in good condition; also twin leg elevator (30t each leg) approx 30' high, again good condition, both dismantled. £400 each. J Wood Tel 07743 242193 (Northants) PROTECH moisture meter. £50. M Fordham Tel 07871 986848/01799 530242 (Essex)

Tel: 01746 762777 www.danagri-3s.com

TRIPOD auger, 3 phase, 27' x 4.5". £250. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent) HARVEST Installations automatic constant humidity controller, gas drier. £60+VAT. R Catton Tel 07966 785095/01528 760528 (Herts) FIFTY-FOOT 6" belt with 5.5" cups, for a grain elevator. £100. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (E Yorks) STRIMECH 2.5cu/m grain bucket, pin & cone, had very little use in grain store only, excellent condition. £1,150 ono. P Turner Tel 01299 270321 (Worcs)

ALVAN Blanch continuous dryer, 10tph, runs off combine engine, elevators/dressers inc if wanted, loads included, just want it removed from building. Bargain @ £1,500. B Wilson Tel 07875 622600/01462 790448 (Herts)

KVERNELAND 4332LT (may fit others) mower parts, skids, conditioner tines, blade holders, disc bearings, all new & unused. R Stimpson Tel 07798 786158/01692 538773 (Norfolk)

ABILITY to wrap both round & square bales (including 6 string) compact transport width, manufactured 2012, total bales (all sizes) 32213, runs on tractor hydraulics, includes Kuhn screen, full working order, used season just gone. D Pither Tel 01452 864714 (Glos) TEAGLE 510 Topper, in working order, offset linkage, tidy. £1,550. D Leigh Tel 07876 770545/07502 661861 (Northants)

JOHN Deere 1365 mower conditioner, 2004, in very good condition with swivel gearbox drawbar & spread plate.£6,200. P Littlejohn Tel 07974 745863 (Ayrshire)

CLAAS Liner 780 silage rake, in good condition, fixed axle. £3,000 ono. P Littlejohn Tel 07974 745863 (Ayrshire) FLEMING 6' topper. £325. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk) McCONNEL Shakaerator grassland/orchard model, c/w discs & flat packer roller, 2m wide, very little used, as new condition, barn stored from new. £3,800+VAT. A Lee Tel 07836 773893 (Suffolk) TEAGLE grass topper, model 510, one blade working order. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

148 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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30/01/2020 14:43

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 Wold Farm Park • Old • Northants

Email julian@midlandsagriplant.com Office 01530

Mobile 07831

T: 01604 780087 M: 07805 707605 E: sales@morganfarm.co.uk

Opico 795 QF 18t PTO Gas Grain Dryer c/w hydraulic top



Opico 555XL 12t Gas Grain Dryer c/w electric drive & horizontal cross auger


Bailey Bale Trailer New & Second Hand 28ft long, 8ft wide, Steel bed, Mecmar Grain Dryers breaks, super single tyres, supplied sprung axel, lights, ladder front and back. POA POA

Finance & Part Ex Available

Black Stocks Dual Wheels 710/75x42, 710/70x38 650/65x38

Simba 4.6m Cultipress 2012, Pro-active tines mint condition

Kverneland 4m Drill Combination 2014, Suffolk coulters, 800 acres from new

Agri-Weld Grassland Subsoiler 2019, 3m, 5 leg, demo condition

Bunded Diesel/AdBlue Bowsers 1000 to 9000 litres choice of 8

Twin Axle Dump Trailers 8 to 14t choice of 4 units

Front Linkage Weight Blocks 900 to 2500kg choice of 7 units

Lemken Zirkon 10/Solitair 9 6m Folding Drill Combination 2010, excellent condition

Krone Big M Self Propelled Mower 2015, 2790/2015hrs

Richard Western SWT 18 & 20t Silage Trailers 2017, Nokian 650/55x26.5 flotation tyres, demo cond

MF 8735 Efficient Tractor 66 reg, 780hrs, Dyna-VT, 5yr warranty part-ex

Complete Spreadwise Umbilical Slurry System 1400m hose, can include trailer & compressor

TWB Subsoilers mounted & trailed choice of 4 machines new metal

JCB 435S AGRI Loading Shovel 2015, 1850hrs, 750/65x26 tyres 75%, excellent

Folding 14’ Silage Forks 2011 to 2019 choice of 7 units

Horsch Maestro SW 12 Row Maize Drill 2014, 75cm rows mint condition

Krone Big X 1100 Foragers 2013 & 2010, low hrs, maize headers part-ex

Bunded Fuel Cubes with pumps 2012 to 2019 choice of 8 units

Dowdeswell DP 145 Plough 2013, 8 furrow, DDS bodies, new mouldboards Cat 3/4 headstock

Single & Twin Axle Slurry Tankers 1700 to 4000 gallon 2011 to 2016

Krone 1400 Plus 4 Rotor Rowing Up Rake 2014, 620/40x22.5 tyres excellent condition £24,500

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

S/H 8’ x 4’ Ifor Williams Trailer c/w ladder rack, spare wheel, props & ramp

Opico 590 QF 12t PTO Grain Dryer c/w standard top & pre cleaner

229686 113316

POA morganfarmmachinery.co.uk 69473


01691 791460 MF 7716 2017, Dyna VT, 1900hrs, front linkage, 50kph, 4 spools MF 7620 2014, Exclusive, front linkage & PTO, 50kph, front & cab suspension MF 6714S 2017, 1800hrs, Dyna 6, 50kph, front & cab suspension, air brakes MF 6616 2016, 3500hrs, Exclusive spec, 50 kph, air brakes, autoguide ready MF 5712 SL 2016, 1700hrs, front suspension, 540/38 & 440/28 tyres MF 5612 2015, 2400hrs, Dyna 4, MF 4270 c/w MF 860 loader 1600hrs only, 12x12 manual shuttle MF 6485 2012, 6400hrs, 50kph, Transport spec, 4 spools, Data 3 MF 6480 2011, 4100hrs, front & cab suspension, CCLS, Sisu engine MF 6480 2005, Dynashift, 5300hrs, front & cab suspension, CCLS, 90% tyres MF 5455 2012 c/w 945 loader, 3400hrs

MF 5445 c/w 946 loader 2006, 4400hrs, excellent condition MF 5475 Dyna 4, 2010, 6500hrs, front suspension, CCLS MF 6499 2009, Tier 3, 5500hrs, 50kph, front & cab suspension MF 8480 2008, 9800hrs, 50kph, front linkage, front & cab suspension, very tidy MF 8280 Xtra 2003, front linkage, 5900hrs, 4 spools MF 8260 Xtra 2003, 4700hrs only, front linkage, excellent condition MF 6270 1999, 12000hrs, good tyres, good condition Case MXM 175 2004 18 speed, cab suspension, front linkage, 7700hrs, excellent condition John Deere 2850 2wd, Power Synchron, SG2 cab John Deere 3200 telehandler 2002, c/w pallet tines, nice tidy machine Ford 5600 2wd, power steering, good condition


New Holland FX58 forager 2001, 3800hrs, nice tidy machine Polaris 570 Quad Sportsman 2015, 200km, as new

email: llansilintractors@hotmail.co.uk For a full list of our stock please go to www.llansilintractors.co.uk

High Quality Combines, Self Propelled Forage Harvesters, Ag Loading Shovels, Machinery & Plant 69472

See website for more pictures & more stock


MF 7718S Dyna VT, 2019, 50hrs, front linkage, full suspension, 4 spools, Data 4

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B W M ACK (Machinery) LTD.

Used Equipment


2014 CLAAS Arion 640 Cebis 50K, 2700hrs suspended f/axle, 4 spool valves, air brakes, 650x38 & 540x28 wheels, good condition................................................................................. £45,000 2016 CLAAS Axion 850 CIS 50K, 4500hrs, 4 spool valves, suspended cab & f/axle, air brakes good condition................................................................................................................................... £52,000 MERLO P40.7 telehandler, 2014, c/w 4t/7m, air con, boom suspension, air seat PUH ................... £29,000 SUTON ELCS 80 rehandling bucket, Merlo brackets ........................................................................... £975 SUTON EHDG 2300 muck fork & grab, Merlo brackets .................................................................... £1,500 HARDI Commander 3200L sprayer, c/w 24m booms, triplet nozzles, steering drawbar .................... £8,500 HARDI NK 600L sprayer, 8 or 6m boom, triplet nozzles, electric on/off, foam blob markers, very little used ........................................................................................................................... £2,350 COUSINS Contour, 6.3m working width, hyd folding, plain 24” rims, good condition ....................... £4,900 COUSINS 5m double row Landpacker, good condition..................................................................... £6,500 COUSINS 2 leg heavy duty subsoiler, c/w depth wheels ................................................................. £1,200 COUSINS 9m Contour Cambridge rolls, 26” plain rims ................................................................... £6,000 KUHN DC401 4 leg subsoiler 3m with r/mounting brackets to fit rotary cultivator, good condition.... £4,000 SPEARHEAD Excel 645T reach mower, 1.2 metre head boot flails, Pro Pilot control, good condition £6,300 VADERSTAD Super Jumbo 6.3m rolls, hyd folding, 21” rims ........................................................... £1,950 VICON ROXL 2800 EDW weigh cell fertiliser spreader, Trimflow border speading, 12–48m spread width, good condition.................................................................................................................. £6,750 BOMFORD 467 reach mower .......................................................................................................... £3,500 T&F 8t dropside trailer, hyd brakes, road lights ................................................................................ £1,500 2013 Claas Axion 850 CIS, Hexashift 40kph transmission, 7200hrs, f/weights, good condition .... £28,500 2011 Merlo P34.7 telehandler, 1570hrs, 3.4t lift, 7m height, very good condition ....................... £27,250 ARMET 4m trailed seed bed harrow, hyd folding, levelling boards, 4 rows of tines, f/& r/crumbler rollers, r/linkage, very good condition.......................................................................................... £3,500


Krone R320CV front and rear mowers in good condition ...........the pair POA Amazone ZA-M1500 fertiliser spreader .........................................................£1,950 KRM D2 Trend fertiliser spreader.......................................................................£1,500

We have in our yard a NEW DEMO


AMAZONE 6m CAYENA Tine Seed/Fertiliser Drill



Full range of DEMO TRACTORS available ex our yard at Pakenham Book today for your FREE demonstration

Sales contacts

Paul Warner 07795 845308


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New Machines

CLAAS Arion 650 CIS+ 50kph, Proactive f/axle, air brakes ..................................................................POA CLAAS Scorpion 741 Vari Power telehandler, 4.1t, 7m, demonstrator ...................................................POA JPM low loader trailer, 24’ long, loading skids, sprung drawbar, air & hyd brakes .......................... £10,950 ALPEGO TR 46-280 front/rear, 2.8m flail mower, hyd offset headstock............................................. £6,500 ALPEGO TL 33-250 verge mower, 2.25m, hyd offset, wide angle PTO .............................................. £6,500 ALPEGO TL 33-200 verge mower, 2m, hyd offset, wide angle PTO ................................................... £6,200 ALPEGO RK 300 Rapido 3m p/harrow c/w Twin Force quick fit tines packer roller 3yr Driveline warranty ..POA ALPEGO/MORO Warrior 200 5f (4+1) hyd variwidth plough hyd transport system ex demo .......... £16,250 VICON RO-XL GEO 2800 fertiliser spreader, Tellus Go Isobus control box, 2800L hopper, section control, variable rate,Trimflow border spreading ............................................ (depending on spec required) POA SPEARHEAD Twiga Classic S60 hedge cutter c/w hyd prop controls, 1.2m flail head T or C flail, rotor reverse, arm float. ............................................................................................................................POA

Brian Cornwell 07899 965066

Barroway Drove, Downham Market, Norfolk PE38 0AL

T: 01366 324256/324311 E: pwarner@bwmack.co.uk Out of hours: 07795 845308 • www.bwmack.co.uk

Pakenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 2JS

01359 232155 • After Hours: 07768 007528 • E-mail: office@suffagri.co.uk Visit our NEW website:


Plug-in electric loader

All the torque. Without the shout.



• Zero emissions • Up to 5 hours work time • 1,750kg payload • All wheel steering • Quiet operation

Kramer KL25.5e Head Office: Rycote Lane Farm Milton Common Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 2NZ

SALES • PARTS • SERVICE • TYRES Contact: Kerr Stephenson kerr@farol.co.uk 07715 109987


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01223 870016




RDA 600S

RST 830 RDA 800S

CR 650CB CR 500CB

Köckerling Köckerling Köckerling Köckerling Simba Sumo

RS 1020

RD 300S Drill RD 400F Drill 2001 RD 600F Drill System Disc or System Tine Set of System Discs to fit RD 600F drill RDA 400S Drill 2003 RDA 400S Drill 2010 RDA 400S Drill 2015 Refurbished RDA 600S Drill 2002 RDA 600S Drill 2018 Ex Demo RDA 600S Drill 2015 RDA 800S Drill 2002 RDA 800S Drill 2004 RDA 800S Drill 2013 Refurbished RDA 800S Drill 2018 RST 450 Twin Press RST 630 Twin Press Ex Demo RST 630 Twin Press RST 830 Twin Press TopDown TD300 TopDown TD400 TopDown TD500 TopDown TD600 TopDown TD700 NZA 600 6m Cultivator NZA 600 6m Cultivator Ex Demo Rear Drawbar to fit Top Down Carrier CR500 CB Carrier Tines & Crossboard to fit CR500 Carrier CR650CB Ex Demo 12' Stock Trailer Variocast Electronic RRP £7,122 our price £4,750 RL400 Cultivating Solutions RL 600 to fit a Väderstad 6m Drill Demo Unit RL 600 to fit a Väderstad 6m Drill Second Hand Combi Disc Roller Contour RRP £43,000 Special Offer £30,000 Allrounder 6m Ex Demo Vario 4.8m Ex Demo Rebell 6m Classic Compact Disc Harrow Ex Demo Vetor 6.2m ex demo Ex Demo SL500 Mixidisc 7 7m

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

RDA 400S

Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Bateson Opico Rapidlift Rapidlift Rapidlift He-Va


RST 330 Church Road, Hauxton, Cambridge CB22 5HS


Main Dealer & Service Centre

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BOMFORD Hydro mower hedgecutter, grass mower, etc. POA. D Leigh Tel 07876 770545/07502 661861 (Northants)

TEN single ewe troughs for pens. £5 each. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (E Yorks)

NEW Binderberger RTZ wheeled table circular saw, including drive shaft & friction clutch, standard saw blade & tungsten tipped blade, purchased as a back-up but never used, retirement forces sale. £1,750 no VAT. A Cole Tel 023 8026 8806 (Hants)


HAYBOB 380, hydraulic extendable to 3.8m. J Dennis Tel 07967 442373 (Devon) RECO Ferri 2.7m flail, new blades, hydraulic rear door, c/w full width roller & wheels. £2,250 ono. S Bartle Tel 07884 238552 (Notts)

LAND/PROPERTY AGRICULTURAL storage, etc, up to 6000 sq/ft, good, modern, access, South Derby. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys) ARABLE land required to rent/contract farm in East Suffolk by small farming family, any acreage considered. Please call to discuss. N Finbow Tel 07825 925580/01728 602115 (Suffolk) ANY cheap piece of property required, a small area of overgrown scrub, woodland, pond, pit, derelict house buildings, ruins, etc, any location. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, prompt cash settlement upon completion of satisfactory paperwork. D Dickerson Tel 01354 740650 (Cambs)

Weekly Prime cattle, sheep & store cattle sales Weekly Poultry sales Pedigree Livestock Sales Farm Sales and Valuations Fortnightly sale of Pigs Annual rare breed sale Deadweight Cattle sales Straw and Fodder Sales Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1JY

01664 562971


SIMMENTAL bull, registered, 22months old, well bred & proven, from SAC High Health herd, accredited BVD, Johnes Level 1, TB4 area, excellent temperament. S Keen Tel 07976 644874/07866 707042 (S Yorks) FEEDER bin 14t. £200. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)


Tru-Test EziWeigh7i, Tru-Test MP600 loadbars and aluminium weigh trays. All brand new, multiple sets available.

RANSOMES Batwing 6010, 1735hrs, one owner driver. S Peacock Tel 07799 412027 (Norfolk)


Serving farmers across the South of England For all your irrigation requirements

+VAT ex works

Also available seperately.

VACCAR cluster flush, 12 units, only 3yrs old, also Fullwood Datafeed box. Open to offers. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks) HEINEGER sheep shears, 12volt, for sale due to retirement, in good condition, serviced 2yrs ago, only used on a small flock. £125 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

Mobile UV treatment units

LELY Lotus 6m Stabilo combi, 2012, vgc, always barn stored, done 70-100 acres haymaking per annum from new, no silage work & no swathing since rake purchased for 2014 season. £5,250+VAT. R Maundrell Tel 07785 568800/01527 854834 (Warks)

Briggs Irrigation main distributor

01243 792323

The Hedging Specialists

Over 100 varieties of top quality hedge plants and young trees. For a catalogue, advice or a competitive quote, contact Glebe Farm Hedging Langham, Essex CO4 5PP

Tel/Fax: 01206 323200

GREENCROP diesel irrigation pump set, 2000, Iveco diesel engine 806li25, Caprari MEC MR 80/3 pump, 500 gallon tank chassis, acoustic canopy, full Murphy protection, 5" suction including foot valve, flow meter. S Rix Tel 07876 596035/01206 271309 (Essex)

Email: hedge-plants@btconnect.com Website: www.glebefarmhedging.co.uk


McCONNEL PTO saw bench, sliding table, V belt model, good working order. £800. C Powles Tel 07831 191097/01234 766482 (Beds) BOX of hyd pipes to fit McConnel early hedge cutter. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

SHELTON CT150 tractor mounted drainage trencher, 1 year's work, c/w laser controls, excellent working order, big saving on new. R Hankins Tel 07973 265378 (Northants)


01353 862 044 NINE Quality Equipment Jetmix feeders, suitable for weaner pigs, excellent condition, clean & looking like new. £100 each. J Rice Tel 07759 650475/01449 710103 (Suffolk)

UK Wide Delivery Available

PEDIGREE Limousin bull, 12 months old, from TB4 area, in Herd Health Scheme, nice quiet bull. £1,700. L Enefer Tel 07810 004470 (Norfolk) SIMMENTAL heifers pure, polled, High Health, BVD, Lepto, IBR & Johnes Level 1 accredited, TB4, 5 available 12 months old, quality animals. C Patmore Tel 01371 831052/07702 503081 (Essex)



jfhudson.co.uk 07803 765 440

TWIN wall solid culvert pipes, new/unused, most sizes from 150mm to 500mm internal diameter, big saving on list price. P Mann Tel 01480 811969 (Cambs)


Insulated twin skin Increased yield Flip up plastic fender


BRIGGS Mk2 irrigator, plus quantity of pipe, working order. J Staight Tel 07761 631549 (Essex)




Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

ALLEN drainage chain trencher, Ford 6 cylinder engine, hydrostatic drive, in good working order. £5,000. R Hankins Tel 07973 265378 (Northants)



PEDIGREE polled Hereford bulling heifers, 18 to 22 months, herd health accredited from 4yr TB area. R Fowell Tel 07947 126053/01263 587285 (Norfolk) PEDIGREE Red Aberdeen Angus bulls from the Wood Cottage herd, Elite Health status, TB4, 21+ months of age. S Pilch Tel 07758 841008/01379 741793 (Norfolk) CHAROLAIS bulls, excellent pedigrees & temperaments, halter-trained & ready to work now, visitors welcome by appointment, Wissington Charolais. J & J Rix Tel 07850 796057/07500 904462 (Essex) CHICKEN laying equipment, contents of a Harlow Bros 12000 chicken unit – slats, drinkers, feed rails, Vencomatic nest boxes, etc, for sale in one lot or in parts, the unit has had 9 flocks & is all in working order, for sale due to retirement. S Wesley Tel 01327 857868 (Northants)

ROOT bucket, Multimate auger bucket with Manitou brackets. £800. Bob 07836 721609 KW Farm Services, Norfolk

SHEEP dressing stand, brand new, prepare your prize stock for the upcoming show season in comfort instead of being bent double all day, spring assisted so no heavy lifting. £320 no VAT. No text pls. E Ritson Tel 07711 407029 (Co Down)

HAMPSHIRE pig feeding equipment, motors, pumps, tanks & weigh cells, available as one lot or split. J Staight Tel 07761 631549 (Essex) MARAN bantams, pure bred. K Smith Tel 07940 049960/01335 330346 (Derbys) PEDIGREE polled Hereford bull, easy calving, 22 months old, from an Elite Hihealth herd, TB4 area, Eves Hill 1 Ruben is easy fleshing, has excellent length, depth, width & temperament. Call for more info. J Buxton Tel 07870 490159 (Norfolk)

MILK plate coolers (2). Offers. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks) TWO black & white Border Collie puppies, one boy & one bitch, 11 weeks old, microchipped, wormed & first vaccinations, will be ISDS registered. £350 each. Tel Anna on 07714 778182 (Cambs)

GATERIDGE Aberdeen Angus pedigree bulls, Farm Assured - SAC Health Scheme closed herd, ready to go to work. A Thompson Tel 07836 246392/01869 810441 (Northants)

LAMBING equipment, 4 Wydale lamb feeders (5 teats). £30 each; Shepherdess feeder. £75; lambing pens, wooden with steel eyes & pins. £20 each; lamb adopters. £10 each; prolapse harnesses & other bits & pieces. All+VAT. J Kerley Tel 07967 819294 (Cambs)

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Leaders in every field East Anglia’s first choice for new & used tractors

MF 5713S

2018, 316hrs, f/linkage 2500kg, susp f/axle, radio/MP3/USB, mech cab susp, a/c, Super Luxe Air Grammer seat, a/brakes, Firestone tyres 51048245 £53,500

Challenger MT775E

2015, good condition


Fendt 828 Vario S4

Valtra T194D

Fendt 716

2015, 5505hrs, 50kph, 4 spools, f/PTO, Profi cab, vario trans, radio/CD

£127,000 51047886

Fendt 1800kg weight


MF 7718

2015, 2168hrs, MF7718 Dyna 6 Efficient c/w automatic air con, 50kph, 4 spools, twin beacons, electric mirrors, climate control, radio/cassette/CD 41047857 £55,000

2018, 614hrs, met black, 50kph, f/axle susp, 4 valve package, f/lift 51kg, f/PTO, auto comfort cab susp, auto air con, Premium audio, safety camera pack £110,000 21045252 £95,000

2018, 1679hrs, 60kph, 6 spools, Profi cab, TLS f/susp, air con, vario trans, Trelleborg tyres 21048127


ALB fork & grab

1.54cu/m fork & grab, c/w Merlo ZM2 brackets, check valve & hyd pipes

£1,500 51046411

MF 6718S

2017, 1300hrs, Dyna 6, 50kph autodrive, 540/65R28 W15 70% & 650/65R38 W18 70%, f/linkage, air con £50,000 61048160 £56,000

MF 7720

2017, 2500hrs, Dyna 6 Efficient, 50kph, 4 spools, TLS f/susp, air con, radio, lighting equipment 21048354

MF 7716


2017, 1683hrs, 50kph, susp f/axle, air & hyd brakes, 10x55kg f/weights, 650/65R38 & 540/65R28 £55,000 31048420

MF 7722

2016, 2005hrs, Dyna VT Efficient, air & hyd trailer brakes, 4t f/linkage, Datatronic, guidance ready, speedsteer, bluetooth radio, twin beacons £66,000 51047750 £72,000

Fendt 828

2018, 521hrs, Vario S4, 60kph, radar, hyd pump 205L/min, super comfort a/seat, extra lights, vario terminal 10.4”, 2 w/wts 600kg, hyd trailer brake & hitch, variogrip, RTK 61048300 £142,000

Fendt 716

Fendt 828

2014, 4576hrs, Fendt 828 vario c/w 60kph, cab susp pneu, Profi Plus, Super Comfort seat, pass seat, amber lights, radio MP3, 2 coaxial speakers, ballast w/wts, tool box 61046300 £87,500

Warwick 6t trailer

2015, 5195hrs, 50kph, 4 spools, f/PTO, Trelleborg tyres

£71,000 51046898

MF 7626

2014, 3650hrs, MF7626 Dyna 6, 50kph, f/linkage & PTO, 4 spools, front & cab suspension, pneumatic brakes

Welger RP445 baler

2013, 29,000 bales, variable chamber, led road lights, auto lubrication, hyd floor, chopper, crop press roller, tyres f/500 rear V5000 70% tread £1,650 51048540 £16,500

MF 7726

2017, 1990hrs, Dyna 6, 50kph, radio CD, f/linkage, autoguide ready, basic steering 51048147 £72,000

Fendt 828

2016, 4822hrs, 1 f/spool, vario guide RTK, 2x600kg wheel weights, vario grip 41048363

as new

£5,250 41048003

Kverneland 3M NG 301


Fendt 1500kg f/weight

LED lights & number plate holder, rope hooks, LED flashing light, 6mm floor, 400 wide flotation tyres

£74,950 51047159


Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

MF 7716

2016, 2891hrs, 50kph, autodrive, 4wd f/axle susp, air & hyd trailer brakes, adj column & speedsteer, Data+Vid lso & guide ready, 2 roof mtd beacons 41047216 £63,950

MF 6714S

2017, 1745hrs, 50kph, susp f/axle, air & hyd brakes, 10x55kg f/weights, 650/65R38 & 540/65R28

nice 3m combi NG301 power harrow cracker packer, iDrill Pro pre em marker, hopper extension, following harrow & road lights 41048534 £8,500


Kverneland TL 1500 GEO

spreader, 3 hopper extensions, border device, road lights, full GEO spread & weigh cell, hopper cover 11043662 £8,000

Finance options available Prices do not include VAT or shipping


T: 07798 585624 E: jamesclark@tnsgroup.co.uk W: www.tnsgroup.co.uk

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Unit A7 Lords Wood Road, Harworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN11 8BZ


DEMO MCCORMICK X7.690 POWER PLUS font linkage & PTO, air brakes, cab & front suspension

2015 (65) MCCORMICK X5.50 TRACTOR McCORMICK MC80 loader, 3900hrs, 540/65 R34 rear, 440/65 R24 front tyres, fully serviced

2009 CLAAS 2900 LINER electric controls, hydraulic width adjustment







2019 BALE COLLECT bale accumulator £17,000 2017 AMAZONE UX4200 Special trailed sprayer, Amaswitch individual nozzle shut off, 2 sets of tyres POA 2013 KVERNELAND TAARUP 2632 3.2m mower £3,250 2012 AMAZONE CENIUS 3002 mounted cultivator £7,500 2015 MCHALE ROUND BALE CHOPPER excellent condition £9,000 2000 CASE MS1200 MOUNTED SPRAYER with Gem front tank. 24m booms NSTS test POA


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

01302 759969

NEW 2020 KRONE KW 8.82 8 rotor tedder

NEW 2019 KRONE EASYCUT R320 CV mounted mower

2019 NEW KRONE SWADRO 42 single rotor rake




Spring stock of Amazone ZA-TS & ZA-V fertiliser spreaders Spring stock of Krone Mowers, Tedders, Rakes


All prices plus VAT


TEL:20 01795 880224 HALL / STAND 100


COMBINES: JOHN DEERE: T670i, W540, 9580 WTS, 2066, 2264, 2258, 2058, 1188, 1177, 1166, 1085, 1075, 1065, 985, 975, 965, 955, 952, 950, 630, 530, 8820.CLAAS: Lexion 600, 580T, 570T, 480, 460, 440, 430, 218, 118, 116, 115, 114CS, 108, 106, 105, 98, 96, 85, 76, 70 NEW HOLLAND: CR9080, CR980, TX66, TX68, TX36, TX34, TX32, TF78, TF46, TF44, TF42, 8080, 8050, 8040, 1500’s, 133 MASSEY FERGUSON: 7278, 40RS 38, 34, 31, 29, 27, 865, 760, 750, 665, 504.DEUTZ FAHR: 6090, 4090, 4080,4075, M3630, M3610, M2780, M2680, M1002.LAVERDA: 152, M120.CASE: 1660 JOHN DEERE TRACTORS 8520, 8400, 8200T, 7800, 7530, 7430, 6930, 6900, 6800, 6430, 6110, 3650, 3130, 2140, 2040, 1640 FORKLIFTS: JCB: 531-70, 530-70, 525-58, 520-4, 414, 926.CLAAS: Targo C50, K50 Ranger.MATBRO: Telestar, Teleshift, 280, 270, 250 MANITOU: 2600, MLT 633.MERLO: 40.7, 30.6 Multifarmer, 28.7, 26.6. JOHN DEERE: 3800, 3420, 3415, 3200, MASSEY FERGUSON: 8295.TEREX: 250 BALERS: NEW HOLLAND: 1210, 1010S, D1000, BB940, 841, 835, 7070, 750, 740, 654, 650, 644, 640.JOHN DEERE: 680, 644, 592, 590, 582, 578, 575, 550, 342, CASE: RBX435.CLAAS: Quadrant 2200,1200, Rollant 255, 280, 180, 46, 44, Vari, Hesston 4900, 4800, 4750. VICON: LB12000, LB8200, MP800, RV1602 WELGER: D6000, D4000, 520, 435.VICON: LB12000, LB8200, MP800, 1601, RV1602, MASSEY FERGUSON: No.5, 2190, 2170, 2160, 190, 187, 185.SUPERTINO: 60-120 MOWERS: KUHN: Alterna 500. JOHN DEERE: 328, 228, 131, 1360. POTTINGER: Novacat, Eurocat. KRONE: AM20, 32P, AMT 4000CV, Easycut 32CV LELY: Optima 240C. MAJOR: Toppers. FORAGER HARVESTERS: CLAAS: 930, 695, 690, 75



John Deere 997 Z Trak – 2009, 62” Deck, Diesel, Zero Turn, Hydro, 1866 Hrs, Good Working Condition

Deutz Fahr 4090 HTS – 1993, 20ft Header, Chopper/Chaff, 3302 Hrs, Lateral Tilt, A/C, Radio £15,750

John Deere 2254 - 1998, 20ft Header, Chopper, A/C, 24.5-32 Tyres, 3498 Eng, 3049 Drum.

MF 7272 Cerea - 2004, 20ft Powerflow Header, Trolley, Chopper, Chaff, AutoLevel, A/C, 2924 Eng, 1981 Drum Hrs Hydraulic Cover, Like New Condition £11,500

Bailey 12 Ton Trailer – 2012, 12 Ton, Sprung Drawbar, Hyd Tailgate, Hyd Brakes

New Holland TC54 – 1997, 12ft Header, Trolley, 2432 Engine Hours, Good Condition



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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

For more info call James Bowring on 07500 786742 or head office on 01623 847171

2017 MF 5712

X Hire tractor, Essential specification, Dyna 4 transmission, 40kph road speed, 3 rear spool valves, 14.9 R24 front tyres, 18.4 R34 rear tyres. 175 Hours.

X Hire tractor, 6 cylinder Dyna 4 transmission, 40kph road speed, 3 rear spool valves, 540/65R38 rear tyres with 95 % tread left 440/65R28 front tyres with 95% tread left. 199 Hours.

Essential, 3 spools Air con, Dyna 4 with creep Double pump,18.4R38 14.9 R28. 1628 Hours.

30022115 £25,250 F

100223944 £37,500 W

10019534 £42,500 W

30021121 £ POA F

40022420 £41,000 T

NEW Manitou MLA533

2012 Merlo P34.7 Turbofarmer

2015 MF 9306

Larrington 16 Tonne Harvester

30022224 £35,000 F

20021783 £32,500 T

Stock machines available, Hydrostatic transmision, 143 horse power, 40kph road speed, JSM joystick, with & wihout PUH, Boom suspension, Load sensing Pump 156 I/min, Electrics mirrors, Air seat with active suspension, New machines.

10021876 £ POA W



2015, MF9380 30ft Superflow Table, Side Knife, Yield & Moisture Meter, 900/55R32 & 600/55-26.5, 1089 Engine & 569 Rotor Hours. Call Andrew Whiteley: 07774 296382



2016, JCB4220 Front Linkage, Field Pack, 600/60R30 Tyres Good Condition 4050 Hours. Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116



Dyna VT 50kph road speed, Air & hydraulic brakes, 4 rear spool valves, 620/70 R42 rear tyres with 60% tread left 540/65 R30 front tyres with 60% tread left. 5559 hours.

Hydrostatic transmission, Hydraulic pick up hitch, Hydraulic implement lock, 7 metre reach, 3.4 tonne lift capacity, 24” tyres with 50% tread left, Very tidy machine, 3498 Hours.


6 metre, 3.0 tonne, Hydrostatic transmission, MF tool carrier, Air con, Air seat, 4 function joystick with proportional hydraulic control, 405/70R20 tyres with 40% tread left, 2022 hours.



2017, JCB TM320S Bibload 460/70r24, Pin & Cone Carriage, Tines, No Pick Up Hitch, Balance Of Warranty Until 01.10.2020. 2639 Hours Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116


30021480 £14,500 F



2017, VALTRA T214D Sub Metre Autoguide With C3000 Screen, Cvt, 4 Spools, Front Linkage, Evo Seat, Auto Cab Suspension, 160L/ Min Hydraulics, 600/75R38 & 600/65R28. 1750 Hours Call Max Pinney: 07795 128281



10019179 £14,750 W





2011, JCB 514/40 C/W Compact Tool Carrier & Forks Good Condition 2773 Hours

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116



11350 litres capacity, Galvanised and Recessed, Sprung Drawbar, Mudguards, 800/65 R32 tyres with full tread, Single axle commercial 10 stud, Vacuum Pump 11000 l/ min, Spreader plate, Quick attach system, Full Height sight tube.

2017, JCB 535/95 AGP New Q Fit Carriage & Tines, LED Lights, 500/70R24 Tyres Excellent Condition 1679 Hours

2010, JCB 536/70 AGS 460/70R24, Hydraulic pin locking Q Fit Carriage, Very Good Condition 3996 Hours

2016, MF7720 EF D6 50kph, Front Linkage, 4 Spools, Front Suspension, 540/65R30 & 650/65R42. Balance of 5 Year (3500 hour) Warranty Until 2021. 2000 Hours Call Max Pinney: 07795 128281



Pichon 11350 L Tanker

Twin line air brakes c/w load sensing ABS, Coil suspension, Extra LED lights, Nokian country king flotation tyres 560/60 R22.5. Very nice condition.

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116



2014, FT828 Hp Gps Steering, Mechanical Cab Suspension, Cmft Front Linkage, Hyd Top Link, 5 Dudk Rear Spools, 1 Front Spool, 600/70R30 & 710/70R42. 5041 Hours Call Richard Cross: 07860 429947


Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

2012 MF 7624

MF 5455 Dyna 4-40 KPH, 2x spools, Air con, Air seat, Passenger seat, In cab shiftable 540/1000 PTO, 16.9x34 rears, 13.6x24 fronts all 85%. 2095 Hours.

2019 MF 7715

2018 MF 5712

2008 MF 5455

2014, CHALLENGER MT765D 30” Tracks, 8 Idler Weights, Debris Deflectors, Agi 4 Guidance Very Good Condition 6370 Hours Call Chris Batcheler: 07584 631399


Search Through More Used Tractors And Machinery Online At: 2009, CHALLENGER MT765C Front Weight Pack, Idler Wheel Weights, CAT 4 Rear Linkage, Leica Guidance, 30” Tracks 6885 Hours

2012, ROGATOR 635B 30m Chafer Boom, Hyd Track Width, 710/60r38 & 380/90r46 Good Condition, 6174 Hours

2004, 5 LEG Cousins 5 Leg Subsoiler & Seeder

Call Chris Batcheler: 07584 631399

Call Max Pinney: 07795 128281

Call Marcus Bourne: 07774 296390



All prices exclude VAT | E&OE

Brigg: 01652 600200 | Corringham: 01427 838696 | Halsham: 01964 614233 | Louth: 01507 353500 | Selby: 01757 700699 Quality Used Machinery At Affordable Prices! Sales, Service & Parts Depots Across Lincolnshire & Yorkshire


















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29/01/2020 16:27

SELECTION of pedigree polled Hereford maiden heifers, aged (15), aged approx 22 months, ready for bulling, plus 15 heifers aged approx 14 months, good bloodlines & breeding, tidy, BVD accredited free herd, TB4 area, viewing welcomed. J Speirs Tel 07979 463480 (Beds)



Process your straw with the

Straw Buster F1050

For the perfect chop length

01400 272475

Tel Email welmacuk@btconnect.com


AMBIC milk filter, in excellent condition, had very little use, c/w fitting kit, Spalding/ Holbeach area. F Wapples Tel 01406 330644 (Lincs)


ELECTRIC dehorner, halter, livestock markers, gloves, etc. £50 the lot. R Catton Tel 07966 785095/01528 760528 (Herts)

2009 Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro 11, front conveyor, feeds left or right, digital weigher, low profile tyres, hydraulic controls, very good condition. £6,250. C Blood Tel 07752 610172 (Warks) FEED barrow, narrow passage type. Make an offer, I need the space. B Poulson Tel 01284 828371 (Suffolk)

TWO steel bins, hold about 3t ground wheat, we used to blow ground cereals into them from the mill. J Staight Tel 07761 631549 (Essex) SMALL pig/chicken feed hoppers. £5 each. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)


PEDIGREE Limousin bull, from TB4 area, in a Herd Health Scheme, nice temperament. £1,700. L Enefer Tel 07810 004470 (Norfolk)

Available throughout the season, aged day old to adult, table or laying strains. Day old butlers - £90 per 100 Day old Coturnix Japonica - £80 per 100 Subject to your order placement or ex stock Eggs by the hundred or 1000 trade prices

LIMOUSIN bull, 12 months old, well handled, sire Brockhurst Manlet, dam Pelham Matilda. C Atkins Tel 07484 213982/01277 652362 (Essex)

PEDIGREE Limousin bull, from TB4 area, in Herd Health Scheme, nice quiet bull. £1,700. L Enefer Tel 07810 004470 (Norfolk) AYLESBURY ducks, POL, nice birds. K Smith Tel 07940 049960/01335 330346 (Derbys)

TRAILED straw spreader/feeder, hydraulic self loading door, holds two round & square up to 1.2m x 1.2m, electric in cab controls, can be seen working. J Brook Tel 07957 846865 (Lincs) SALER bull (Seawell Isaac), very quiet, easy calving, been used on heifers, only for sale due to so many daughters in the herd. £1,500. F Gowling Tel 07976 042891 (Leics)

07719CM4584889 0JY

KVERNELAND Kidd KD155 XC feeder wagon, hydraulic cross conveyor, later type. M Summerfield Tel 07884 138719 (Oxon) VOLAC lamb milk feeder, hardly used, vgc. Open to offers. P Hinch Tel 07866 604132 (Leics)

IFOR Williams TA510 10' livestock trailer, very straight, only had light use, all lights work, brakes very good & good tyres all round. £1,200. J Wood Tel 07743 242193 (Northants) POLY electric fencing posts in good condition, 75p+VAT each; also, miles of seven strand galvanised electric fencing wire, sale due to retirement. S Potter Tel 07940 893034/01621 828270 (Essex)



• Japanese • Italian • Mexican Speckled • Bob White • Tennessee Red • English White • Tuxedo

PEDIGREE Simmental bull, TB4 area. £2,500. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs) RITCHIE reversible galvanised muck scraper. £300. J Staight Tel 07761 631549 (Essex) EASYCARE breeding ewes, over 1000, all born April 2017 (3yr olds), available next August from the original flock, organic, attractive terms available, place orders now to avoid disappointment. I Owen Tel 07788 585309/01407 840250 (Isle of Anglesey)

BITTERN Herefords, top quality in calf heifers from our High Health CHeCS accredited herd, TB 4yr testing area. www.bitternherefords.co.uk. C Blaxell Tel 07768 171979 (Norfolk)

SHEEP equipment – hurdles, gates, hay racks, wooden lamb adopters. Offers. P Hinch Tel 07866 604132 (Leics)

Blue Bridge Group

NEW Zealand Romney ewes, for sale due to flock reduction, in lamb to Charollais and Charollais X Texel rams, due to start lambing 1st April. £75 each. J Kiddy Tel 07860 452972 (Cambs) SPRING barley Planet, ideal feed & malting. K Ollett Tel 07753 859882/01359 270047 (Suffolk) EIGHT non-short Dexter cows, with calves at foot or due to calve Jan–Feb, plus Dexter bull, for sale due to retirement. J Lloyd Tel 01708 227050/07854 046692 (Essex) FODDER beet for sale. £25/t. D Mitchell Tel 07764 859417 (Northants) GOOD quality fodder beet, the current variety out the ground is Robbos (20%DM), all beet will be loaded over a cleaner/loader with a manned picking off table, full access for artics, collect from Chippenham. £25/ tonne ex farm. A Miflin Tel 07546 863294 (Wilts)

PEDIGREE polled Hereford heifers, selection of maiden heifers aged between 12 months–22 months, good bloodlines & breeding, BVD accredited free herd, TB4 area. J Speirs Tel 07979 463480 (Beds)

2 x 25t 8 Collinson side discharge

HEREFORD pedigree polled bulls, three at 2yrs, & a good selection of 14 month olds, suitable for commercial & pedigree herds, good pedigrees & breeding, quiet, some halter broken, Hi Health, BVD free, TB4, viewing welcomed anytime. J Speirs Tel 07979 463480 (Beds)

CHICKEN brooders (2), on legs, selling due to retirement, Great Totham area. £20 each ono. P Pettet Tel 07464 361584/01621 891227 (Essex) FULLWOOD mangers, in very good condition, universal. £20 each, could post. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks)

FIVE Lavender & one Blue Mottled Pekin pullets, well bred & very friendly. £20 each. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)


07879 402246 01948 710662



STEEL & alloy livestock container, 22' long x 7'6" wide x 7' high. £950 ono. E Swatman Tel 07738 845740/01953 602219 (Norfolk)


Good used Secondhand Tractors of most makes always for sale Also Machinery and Implements: Spares, Wheels, Tyres, Loaders, Cabs and Hitches


WOPA crush, front & back winches, always been kept inside, all very good working order. £795. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Barry Horne HEREFORD bulls, registered pedigree, easy calving EBVs, High Health herd, TB4, well grown, solid bulls with great breed character, excellent pedigrees, low birth weights, good growth rates, viewing welcome, www. elwessherefords.co.uk V Elwess Tel 07764 740540 (Lincs)

ATKIN FARM MACHINERY Norwich Road, Dereham

01362 692104/637332 www.atkin-farm-machinery.co.uk

POLLED pedigree Hereford bull, good breeding, tidy bull with good top & shape, DNA sampled, very good easy calving figures, sired by Barwise 1 Mach One, BVD accredited free, TB tested clear in August. TB4. £2,100. J Speirs Tel 07979 463480 (Beds) 400M Ridley 3 line steel electric sheep fence. £150+VAT/set; galvanised walk through footbath, 9/10' long, galvanised IAE stand in footbath 10' (3); galvanised water tanks 4', 6', 8', solid, riveted. J Kerley Tel 07967 819294 (Cambs) SHEEP equipment – 9' Poldenvale gates, 9' galvanised IAE feed troughs. £15; 6' plastic feed troughs. £17; 10 round rings. £35 each; nine 6' galvanised hang on hay racks. £30 each. All+VAT. J Kerley Tel 07967 819294 (Cambs) PEDIGREE Red Aberdeen Angus bulls from the Wood Cottage Herd, 21+ months of age, Elite Health status, TB4, photos available upon request, viewings welcomed. R Pilch Tel 07876 336041/01379 741793 (Norfolk)

FLEMING transport box, 5', new unused, bought in error, £315. Big saving on new price. E Jones Tel 01558 823405/07495 589823 (Carmarthenshire)

BUTLEY Herefords registered pedigree bulls & females, quiet & easily handled, all bulls halter trained & guaranteed under Hereford Society rules, TB4 area. DC Smith & Sons Tel 07971 694912/07885 594143 (Suffolk) SUNDRY sheep tools – foot clippers, ear tag tools, dagging clippers, ram harnesses, etc, due to retirement £50 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex) RETIREMENT sale one 1600L bulk milk tank, ice bank unit with integral condenser + refrigeration unit, all mounted on purpose built frame with single phase electrics, very little use since complete refurb by manufacturers agent. F Wapples Tel 01406 330644 (Lincs)


29-69556 Norfolk Mobile 07775 741720


Micron 6m tractor, mounted weedwiper, ex hire, AS NEW ........................... £2,600 Micron 6m tractor, 2019, new grey control box with on/off ................................. £3,500 Micron 6m weedwipers, for hire for Charlock, in rapefields.....POA JJ Wright history books ......... £15 Weedwiper spares in stock all + VAT All + VAT unless otherwise stated

156 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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30/01/2020 15:08

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194



CLAAS Q2100 2006 120 x 70



£15,000 CL2090

CLAAS AXION 810 2014 50k, 5338hrs



CLAAS ARION 650 C-MATIC £63,000 2015 50k, 184hp, 1850hrs CT1587

CLAAS AXION 850 £39,000 2010 40k, 260hp, 4600hrs

CLAAS AXION 830 2015 50k, 4700hrs

GALUCHO TMR 300 1992







CLAAS 7035 2015 3040hrs







CLAAS QUADRANT 2200 TA £19,500 2006 tandem axle CL2518

GOWEIL G 3020 PROFI £12,000 2009 round or square up to 80x90

CLAAS SCORPION 7035 £38,000 2015 5064hrs

CLAAS ARION 650 CEBIS £41,000 2013 50k, 184hp

CLAAS SCORPION 7040 £34,000 2010 5700hrs





ABBEY VF1150/TWIN 2100 DIET FEEDER £34,500 2018 21 cube, brand new machine, unused AB0002

CLAAS Q5300 £82,000 2019 ex hire, one season only, 120x90, 8722 bales only CL2328

MASSEY FERGUSON 7490 £28,500 2005 50k, 3405hrs MF0274

CLAAS XERION 3300 £57,000 2009 50k, 330hp, 6200hrs

CLAAS LEXION 570+ TT £92,750 2010 9 m Vario, 2474hrs, 1870 drum hrs CL2695

CLAAS LEXION 770 TT £140,000 2012 12m Vario, 2888hrs, 2260 drum hrs CL2686

NEW HOLLAND CX5080 £78,000 2013 6m Vario, 1200hrs, 973 drum hrs NH0328

JOHN DEERE 6115R £34,000 2012 40k, 115hp, 7485hrs

CLAAS DOM 115CS 1989 standard cutterbar, 3000hrs




CLAAS LEXION 570+ TT 2010 9m Vario, 2535hrs, 1665 drum hrs






CLAAS 430S 2009

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

CLAAS AXION 810 2012 50k, 5100hrs

Alastair McCallum, Used Machinery Manager Tel: 01284 777700 Mob: 07717 861815 email: a.mccallum@claas-manns.co.uk



CLAAS LEXION 510 £59,000 2004 5.4m Vario, 2706hrs, 2149 drum hrs CL2711

CLAAS 7030 VP 2012 5150hrs


CLAAS SCORPION 7035 £40,000 2016 3200hrs





ZZ2252 69832

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29/01/2020 16:27

LATEST USED STOCK Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk








2013, 1500 Hrs, 175 HP Speed: 50Km/h Tyre: 380/90R46 80%

2014, 3320 Hrs, Speed:40Km/h 36m Booms

2006, 11880 Hrs, 320 HP Speed: 40Km/h Track: 25 Track %: 30

2009, 8033 Hrs, 360 HP Speed: 40Km/h Track: 30 Track %: 60

2015, 5994 Hrs, 439 HP Speed: 40Km/h Track: 25 Track %: 90

2015, 2711 Hrs, 400 HP Speed: 40Km/h Track: 30 Track %: 50









1000 500

1500 1000















2017, 175 Hrs, 650 HP Tyres: 710/70R38 (95%) 600/65R28 (95%)

2018, 1706 Hrs, 170 HP Tyres: 480/65R28 (90%) 520/70R38 (95%)

2013, 5250 Hrs, 280 HP Tyres: 600/70R30 (60%) 710/70R42 (70%)

2018, 993 Hrs, 300 HP Tyres: 600/70R30 (95%) 710/70R42 (95%)

2007, 7520 Hrs, 360 HP Tyres: 460/70R34 (70%) 620/70R42 (70%)


1500 HOURS

2017, 3359 Hrs, 500 HP Tyres: IF710/60R38 (65%) IF900/65R46 (75%)


1000 500 HOURS

MF 1529

MF 5613

MF 7626

MF 7720

MF 7726 S EX DVT

MF 8740 S

2018, 40 HP Tyres: 8.0-16 AG 13.6-24 AG

2014, 2830 Hrs, 140 HP Tyres: 340/85R28 (100%) 420/85R38 (100%)

2013, 5504 Hrs, 280 HP Tyres: 600/65R28 (95%) 650/75R38 (20%)

2016, 6486 Hrs, 200 HP Tyres: 540/65R30 (10%) 650/65R42 (20%)

2018, 1021 Hrs, 280 HP Tyres: 600/65R28 (90%) 650/75R38 (90%)

2019, 253 Hrs, 400 HP Tyres: 620/75R30 (95%) 710/75R42 (95%)








1000 500 HOURS



1000 500

1500 1000




1500 1000 HOURS







2018, 250 Hrs, 145 HP Tyres: 440/65R24 (95%) 540/65R34 (95%)

2018, 239 Hrs, 165 HP Tyres: 480/70R28 (95%) 580/70R38 (95%)

2014, 3650 Hrs, 170 HP Tyres: 480/70R28 (95%) 580/70R38 (95%)

2017, 1528 Hrs, 185 HP Tyres: 540/65R28 (85%) 650/65R38 (90%)

2019, 711 Hrs, 185 HP Tyres: 540/65R28 (85%) 650/65R38 (90%)

2017, 600 Hrs, 260 HP Tyres: 600/65R28 (90%) 650/75R38 (90%)












MF TH.7038

Year: 2013 Tyres: 500/70R24 10% 4963 Hrs

Year: 2017 Powershift Transmission Tyres: 500/70R24 90%

Year: 2017 130 HP, Powershift Transmission

Year: 2012 3500 KG Lift, 120HP 2200 Hrs

Year: 2016 Powershift Transmission Tyres: 460/70R24 70%

Year: 2017 Tyres: 500/70R24 Micheline 90%, 860 Hrs













2018 (18) 3.2 Wildtrak Auto Double Cab 10,860 Miles

2016 (16) 2.5 TD Utah Manual Double Cab 13,300 Miles

2017 (17) 2.4 Barbarian Manual Double Cab 5,250 Miles

2016 (66) 2.3 Connecta Auto Double Cab 22,158 Miles

2019 (19) 2.1 EX Auto Double Cab 5,225 Miles

2015 (65) 2.0 BiTDI Manual Double Cab 22,701 Miles







Errors and omissions excepted. All prices +VAT

Ag ; Graham Peall: 07970 121109 Andrew Elms: 07860 464753 Pick-Up’s ; Richard Young / Adam Swales: 01476 590077 158 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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29/01/2020 16:28

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194


The Independent Spreader Trailer & Tanker Specialists





BUNNING 2013 & 2014 LOWLANDER 150 HD HBD horiz beaters, built in spinners, 710/70x38 hi load tyres,weigh cell system, guill door, hyd hood, border kit, air brakes, etc, etc, serviced, vgc 2014 LOWLANDER 120 Mk4 HBD, 650/65x38 tyres, horiz beaters, built in spinners, weigh cell ready, guill door, hyd hood, hyd border kit, 20mm floor chains, large flare & extended body etc, etc, serviced, vgc 2009 LOWLANDER 150 HD Mk2 580/70 x38 hi-load radials, twin vertical widebody augers, 20mm chains, guill door, close spacing floor bars, vgc



WANTED – TRAILERS & ALL MODELS BUNNING SPREADERS, TANKERS 3000 gallon plus Contact Alan 01263 861500 • 07887 722978


NEW 2020 HISPEC 4000 TD-S 4000 gall, tandem comm axles, parabolic sprung susp, BKT 560/60x22.5 flotations, air brakes-LSV, pipe trays, mudguards, ind sight tube, etc, etc 2019 EX DEMO HISPEC 4000 TD-S 4000 gall, tandem comm axles, parabolic sprung susp, BKT 650/55x26.5 tyres, air brakes-LSV, 8” autofill with turbo, electro/hyd 10 spool pack, 4pt hyd r/linkage, pipe traysetc, etc, etc 2017 HISPEC 6000 gall DEMOUNT tanker on STEWART TRI-AXLE demount chassis, air susp, full specification, TRAMSPREAD 6m dribble bar attach to tanker with Krone metering valve, Raven box etc, etc, excellent cond 2016 HISPEC 3500 TD-S 3500 gall, tandem comm axles, inverted sprung bogey suspension, 560/60x22.5 tyres, air brakes-LSV, pipe trays, mudguards, 4pt rear hyd linkage, etc, etc 2016 ABBEY 3500 T 3500 gall, tandem comm axles, OTHER inverted sprung bogey suspension, Michelin 26.5 tyres, 2013 ECE Fieldmaster 1200 12t twin vertical auger air brakes-LSV, 4pt rear hyd linkage, etc, etc spreader, 580/70x38 radials, guill door, lights, hyd TRAILERS brakes, flared top to body, outstanding condition 2019 BROUGHAN 32’ HD flat, full high speed spec., 2007 GYRAX 12t twin vert auger spreader, s/d/bar, chequer plate floor, BKT 560/60x22.5 tyres, front & rear 23.1Rx26 tyres, single axle, guill door, serviced, in very clean condition & working order ladders, etc, exc cond

We supply parts & service for Massey Ferguson Tractors & Combines, Caterpillar Telehandlers plus other makes of Agricultural Machinery

email: sasspreaders@gmail.com web: www.sasspreaders.co.uk

MILESTONE SPRAYERS Protecting Your Crops And The Environment


07850 144244 (mobile 24hrs) • rory@milestonesprayers.com

Case TS 3000L 20/21m boom, 5 section boom, Multi tracking d/bar, boom recirc system, clean water rinse, brand new RDS Delta 34i controller, super clean sprayer, one owner from new POA

Case SP3000 S/P 5600hrs, 12/24m HD boom, independent booms, new type joystick, recon wheel motors, oil & filter change, inc system flush, new type f/bull bar, LEDs, Delta 34i rate controller, £20k+ spent on upgrades in last 2yrs POA

Amazone UF1200 24m rear fold boom, individual side folding, independent attitude with negative attitude, full electro hydraulics, Muller rate control, has been beautifull maintained and cared for POA

Sands SLC 2007, 3000L, 24m boom, Muller control, headland height assist, dual ride susp, rev camera, 2” fast fill pump, 4spd hydrostatic drive, 2/4ws with road lock, 5 section boom, air shut off, 14.9 34 rowcrops POA

FarmGem 1600L 12/24m h/d boom, bolt out sections to 20m, TeeJet 844 rate control, 2012, c/w 1500L FarmGem f/ tank (£6k+), c/w all hoses, v clean outfit at fraction of new, turns tractor into 3100L s/p sprayer at low cost, fully tested POA

Knight ES 3000 in Cleanacres colours but not Airtec, self traking d/ bar, RDS Delta 34 rate control, indep 12 & 24m fold & attitude, off organic farm so little use, well looked after, simple controls, bargain POA

2000 Case SP3000 Self Propelled 3000L tank, 12/24m HD boom, upgrade to Delta 34i rate controller, new parts throughout, probably the best one available today, anywhere POA

2011 Knight Anglia 3000L very simple to set up & use, Muller controller, 12/24m HD boom, air shut off, 6 section boom, air bag susp, Self Trak drawbar, been on same farm from new, got to be seen POA

Case TS 3000L 12/24m boom, 4 section, boom recirculation, Multi Trak drawbar switchable from cab, new type 5-way plumbing, clean water rinse system, a real minter POA

Call us for details or see our website for more www.milestonesprayers.com


Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

2017 STEWART GX18-23S 18t tipper, full high speed spec, Nokian 560/60x22.5 tyres, s/d/bar, arched front window, rollover cover, silage sides, etc exc cond 2016 BAILEY TB16 16t tipper, full high speed spec, 560/60x22.5 tyres, s/d/bar, hyd t/door with chute, rollover cover, exc cond 2013 STEWART GX20-26S 20t tipper, full high speed specification, BKT 560/60x22.5 tyres, s/d/bar, arched h/board, rollover cover, silage sides, single 5 stage t/ ram etc, vgc 2013 SAS (Marston) 20t tipper, Domex body, full high speed spec, 710/70x22.5 tyres, s/d/bar, 60 degree tip, 4 stage single tip ram, rollover cover, etc, vgc 2012 SAS (Marston) 18t tipper, Domex body, full high speed spec, 560/60 x 22.5tyres, s/d/bar, 60 degree tip, 4 stage single tip ram, etc, vgc 2012 STEWART 26’ livestock (cattle) float/trailer, hyd brakes, lights, 435/50x19.5 radial tyres, 2 movable int doors, exc cond 2012 STEWART 28’ flat, comm axles, comm parabolic sprung susp, hardwood floor, 385/65x22.5 comm tyres, hyd. braking, lights, canopy frame with roof, hyd pusher unit, exc cond 2011 STEWART 30’ 15t low loader, 435/50Rx19.5 tyres, full high speed spec, s/d/bar, hardwood floor, removable aluminium skids, etc 2010 BAILEY 14t tipper, full high speed specification, BKT560/60x22.5 tyres, hyd door, silage sides, s/d/bar c/w swivel eye, hyd t/door 1998 GRIFFITHS 14t tipper, Nokian 560/45x22.5 tyres, spring susp, hyd brakes, lights, hyd t/door with chute, s/d/bar, barn stored, vgc


WE ARE STOCKISTS FOR Deutz Fahr, Krone, Pottinger, Rolland Trailers, Cousins, Honda ATVs and many more 07885 202005 01954 210355 Hardwick, Cambridge


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29/01/2020 16:40

KIDD straw chopper, tractor mounted to chop straw in field after combine, 1000 PTO drive, old but good condition. S Bane Tel 07826 306935 (Norfolk)

KRAMER 312SE small loading shovel, 1988 machine, rear wheel steer, c/w muck fork, bale single spike, bucket, sheargrab, just had new starter & two batteries. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

USED MACHINERY SALES IH 484 2wd tractor, W reg, std box, clean & tidy ............. £3,950 IH 454 2wd tractor, S reg, std box, low hours, clean & tidy........................... £3,750 Tanco loader to fit IH 454–484, tractors power bucket .............. £850 Quicke 4560 loader to fit IH 574–684 tractors, c/w valve.................... £850 Front end loader to fit MF 35–135 tractors, c/w power bucket, valves & fittings ....................... £395 Front end loader to fit IH 454 tractors, trip bucket .................. £375 Votex 12’ pasture topper, new blades, gwo ...................... £875 Tipping skip, fits forklift or teleporter ................................. £320 Set of 10 IH front weights, Pt No 383392RI, c/w frame ...... £400 All prices plus VAT


Tel: 01945 700142 or 07774 676440

PIN & cone pallet tines, on headstock that fits straight on pin & cone headstock, c/w spare pin & cone weld on brackets. £400 ono. W Gilman Tel 07736 361376/01780 410443 (Rutland)

PALLET pump truck, needs repair as pump doesn't work. Offers. J Spinks Tel 07970 549009 (Norfolk) ADVANCED Handling two man cage work platform, to suit pallet forks. M Summerfield Tel 07884 138719 (Oxon)

ur For all yoIED TRADE F CLASSI ISING contact... ADVERT ILSONersguide.co.uk SAM W @farm a h samant 4455 6 01473 9 or TERS NICKIfaWrmAersguide.co.uk nicki@ 4456 01473 69 e Farmers

PIN & cone (hydraulic locking) headstock to fit JCB telehandler. £400 ono. W Gilman Tel 07736 361376/01780 410443 (Rutland) MATBRO Teleram 250, pivot steer, c/w pallet tines, hyd hitch. £5,200 no VAT. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys)







BOBCAT S160 f/w a high flow pump, 2010, 2600hrs, c/w a nearly new bucket, plus muck fork available at extra cost, call for further details ring Ian. J Woodward Tel 07960 866025/01455 221112/07930 548933 (Leics) HEADSTOCK converter from pin & cone to JCB, ie this will fit onto a pin & cone headstock & will pick up JCB Q fit implements, made by Hall Engineering. £500+VAT. W Gilman Tel 07736 361376/01780 410443 (Lincs)

2012, 650/65x30 wheels, 70%, latest spreading rotor, excellent condition

01530 229686 or 07831 113316 34-70231






Tel: 01280 705202 Fax: 01280 704163 Email: hydramex@hotmail.com

Field Farm, Charlton Road, Evenley, Brackley, Northants, NN13 5GH

BUNNING muck spreader 105, 10t spreader, scissor lift slurry door, spinner deck & canopy (not fitted in picture), 650/65R38 tyres, call for more info. £5,750 ovno. T Chapman Tel 07776 164782 (Norfolk)



QUICKE loader 4560, to fit Ford 5000, high lift capacity with pallet tines & grain bucket, 3 cable controlled spool valves. £550+VAT. E Carr Tel 07775 510248/01621 742379 (Essex)

£16,850 West 3000 Gallon Dual Spreader


Hydramex Limited

JCB Q fit carriage/headstock with pallet forks & hyd locking pins, made by Albutt to fit Claas Scorpion 2013 & before (no offset), excellent condition, save due to changing machine back to Kramer spec. £1,100. T Sewell Tel 07977 908378 (Kent)

ALBUTT YS50 yard scraper, wide wings, no brackets. M Summerfield Tel 07884 138719 (Oxon) SUTON muck fork, 7'6", pin & cone, useable, but could do with some attention. M Robertson Tel 07879 656006/01362 850242 (Norfolk) VOGELSANG 12/15m dribble bar, c/w twin macerators, hyd folding booms, 3 point linkage mounted or tanker mounted, excellent condition, had very little use. POA. M Leeder Tel 07802 731316 (Essex)

AVONDALE Argent 480/2 2 berth caravan, end bathroom with shower, toilet & hand basin, kitchen with cooker, excellent condition. £3,350. P Wright Tel 07774 457821 (Norfolk)

MUDGUARD brackets for Caterpillar TH337/407 telescopic handler (2011– 2016), new/unused. £400. A Read Tel 07977 930401 (Lincs)



CONTENTS of farm shop – too much to list. G Harfield Tel 07798 941697/01474 814165 (Kent) 2002 Merlo 33.7 KT, pin & cone headstock, tyres 90%. R Gowling Tel 07770 562353 (Northants) SANDERSON TL7, c/w bucket, grab & tines, good order. £14,995 ono. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

KONGSKILDE hammer mill, 5.5kw single phase (motor could be replaced with 3 phase), with some piping, for pig & poultry feed. £350. J Bristow Tel 01363 772965 (Devon)


PIN & cone adapter plate to JCB, made by Hall Engineering. £250+VAT ono. W Gilman Tel 07736 361376/01780 410443 (Rutland) PIN & cone headstock, to fit JCB telehandler, hydraulic locking & in good order. £500+VAT. W Gilman Tel 07736 361376/01780 410443 (Rutland)


RICHARD Western slurry tanker, 1987, rear & side fill, capacity 1150 galls, very good condition, paintwork really good, with two hoses plus straight & 45 degree nozzles. £1,750 ono. J Jordan Tel 07535 990066 (Suffolk)

SANDERSON TL7, 5100hr, c/w bucket, grab & tines, good order. £14,995 ono. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

SHELBOURNE Reynolds 15cu/m static diet mixer, new & unused, will go on chassis. £9,000+VAT. R Bright Tel 01404 881603 (Devon)

TULLOW vacuum tank, 1200 galls, very good condition, no rust, like new, would cost £11,000 new, first to see will buy, selling due to retirement. Best offer over £2,000. G Jones Tel 01694 731248 (Shrops)

• Variable firing sequence • 7 day - 24h clock • Integral legs • Opt integral battery • Opt solar panel • Unique silent Sunday option

CARRIER 0.5t mill & mix, with 5hp motor. £200 ono. G Taylor-Balls Tel 07881 818298 (Norfolk)

£420+VAT 01531 820545 www.euroquip.net • sales@euroquip.net

MERLO 42.7 Turbo Farmer, pin & cone headstock, hydraulic pin locking, aux couplings at front, PUH, trailer brakes, forward/reverse on joystick, 4ws, 4wd, 40kph, load monitor, reversing camera, boom suspension, tyres 30%, call for more info. J Barthram Tel 07879 441863 (N Yorks)





ECE muck spreader, 12t, 23.1-26 (14 PR) tyres. £6,750 ovno. T Chapman Tel 07776 164782 (Norfolk)

from £320 + vat echneat

160 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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30/01/2020 15:53

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

OLIVERS OLIVERS Luton Tel: 01582 727111


Full listings available at


OLIVERS Petworth Tel: 01798 343660

OLIVERS Reading Tel: 01189 723741

OLIVERS Tingewick Tel: 01280 848494

OLIVERS Winchester Tel: 01962 774590

Used Combines – LEXION 770 & 780 Special – 0% Finance available, please call for details 0% Finance Available on LEXION 770 & 780 combines*

CLAAS LEXION 770TT £163,950 2015, 10.5m Vario header, 30kph, 1436/1009hrs, TT, 620/70R30 rears, A/C, GPS Steering, power spreader, straw chopper, chaff spreader

CLAAS LEXION 780 TT £165,000 2014, 13.5m Vario header, 30kph, 2368/1676hrs, TT, 500/85R30 rears, A/C, GPS steering, CEMOS, power spreader, straw chopper, chaff spreader

CLAAS LEXION 780 TT £183,950 2015, 12.30m Vario header, 30kph, 2164/1625hrs, TT, 500/85R30 rears, A/C, CEMOS, LH laser, power spreader, 3D

CLAAS LEXION 780 TT £129,000 2012, 10.5m Vario header, 30kph, 2714/1743hrs, TT, 500/85R30 rears, A/C, CEMOS, power spreader, straw chopper, chaff spreader, 3D, 3 XL long unloading auger

CLAAS LEXION 760 TT 4WD £125,750 2014/2012, 7.5m Vario header, 30kph, 2083/1232hrs, TT, 500/85 R24 rears, 4wd, a/c, p/spreader, straw chopper, chaff spreader, reg 2014, built 2012

CLAAS LEXION 760 M £120,000 2012, 9m Vario header, 30kph, 2109/1437hrs, 900/60R30 fronts, 600/65R28 rears, a/c, straw chopper, chaff spreader

CLAAS LEXION 760 TT £99,000 2012, 10.5m Vario header, 30kph, 2410/1651hrs, TT, A/C, power spreader, straw chopper, chaff spreader, 3XL auger

CLAAS LEXION 570+ M £89,950 2009, 9m Vario header, 25kph, 2300/1650hrs, 900/65 R32 fronts, 600/55 R26.5 rears, a/c, power spreader, straw chopper, chaff spreader

CLAAS LEXION 570+ £75,000 2006, 7.5m Vario header, 25kph, 2595/1605hrs, 680/85 R32 fronts, 500/70 R24 rears, a/c, power spreader, chaff spreader

CLAAS LEXION 670TT £199,500 2017, 7.7m Vario header, 30kph, 677/558hrs, TT, 500/85 R24 rears, a/c, straw chopper, chaff spreader

CLAAS LEXION 750 T4F£163,000 2016, 9m Auto Contour header, 30kph, 875hrs, 900/60 R32 fronts, 600/65 R32 rears, a/c, straw chopper, 3XL auger, 4D

CLAAS JAGUAR 950 £145,000 2015, 3m M pick up, 20 blade cylinder, 710/70R38 fronts, 600/65R28 rears, 2071/1480hrs, 4wd, crop press, auto shearbar, auto lube, a/c, corn cracker, weights

CLAAS JAGUAR 950 £88,500 2011, 3m M pick up, 20 blade cylinder, 680 fronts, 540 rears, 5480/3749hrs, 4wd, crop press, auto lube, corn cracker, weights

CLAAS JAGUAR 950 £119,000 2013, 3m Jaguar pick up, 20 blade cylinder, 710/70 R38 fronts, 600/65 R28 rears, 2392/1605hrs, 4wd, crop press, auto shearbar, auto lube, a/c, corn cracker, weights

CLAAS JAGUAR 970 £276,500 2019, 3m pick up, 24 blade cylinder, 710/70 R38 fronts, 600/65 R28 rears, 425/365hrs, 4wd, crop press, auto shearbar, auto lube, a/c, corn cracker, additive carrier, weights

KRM M2W PLUS £4,750 2011, 3300L hopper, hopper cover, lights, folding access ladder, calibrator Zurf controller, E6 + E2 vanes, elec Trend border spreading, rubber mudflaps, PTO drive

NEW MASCHIO ALITALIA£25,750 2019, new combi drill, 3m, 1500L, GPS speed sensor, elec metering, tramlining 2+2, bout markers, single disc coulter, lights, cam clutch, side deflectors, levelling bar

CHAFER SENTRY 5000 £24,950 2009, Topcon X20 controller, auto section CTL - 14 sections, Michelin XEOBIB 650/60 R38 tyres, auto boom height CTL, 4 sensors, triple nozzle bodies, air susp & steering axle, can be upgraded to ISOBUS


MAJOR TANDEM 3250 £16,500 2013, vacuum pump, 560/50R22.5 tyres, steering axle, air & hyd brakes w/ ABS, galv tank & chassis, s/s/bar, hyd top lid & r/outlet, hyd RH auto fill arm & connector, r/door & r/splash plate

MAJOR LGP 2050 £6,250 2008, MEC 8000L/min pump, s/s/ bar, spreader plate, bubble site glass, 28.1 R26 tyres 10 stud axles, hyd brakes, manual pump switch over

PICHON TCI £6,500 1999, Pichon TCI 11.25 vacuum tanker, single axle, rear linkage, rear disc injector, front loading arm, splash plate, fully galvanised, road lights, worklights


Used Green Harvest Machinery CLAAS VOLTO 1300T 2016, hyd headland lift, hyd curtain, 10 rotor, max spread ......................................£17,500 CLAAS VOLTO 770 2009, tedder, 6 rotor, 7.7m w/w, teds out 3 x 3m mower swaths, folding park stands ....£4,950 CLAAS VOLTO 800 2014, tedder, 6 rotor, 7.7m w/w, teds out 3 x 3m mower swaths, folding park stands ....£6,500 CLAAS VOLTO 870 2013, tedder, 8 rotor, 8.7m w/w , headland lift, manual headlad curtain, vgc ................£7,850 CLAAS VOLTO 1050T 2005, trailed 10.5 m tedder, 10 rotors, hyd folding, headstock carriage wheel ..........£3,950 CLAAS LINER 3100 2012, twin rotor rake, control box, manual height adjust, 8.7m to 10m w/w ...............£12,750 CLAAS LINER 2900 2011, twin rotor rake, 8-9m w/w, control box, centre swath skirt, Profix tine arms ........£9,575 CLAAS LINER 3500 2013, 620/44 R22.5 T/P wheels, manual height adjust, 9.9–12.5m w/w ...................£17,950 CLAAS LINER 2800 2014, twin rotor rake, 7.4–8.2m w/w, 12 tine arms per rotor .....................................£11,500 CLAAS LINER 3100 2016, twin rotor rake, w/w 8.7–10m, hyd width adjustment, floating rotor susp .........£11,950 POTTINGER HIT 8.91 2014, headland system, cranked tine arms, spare wheel, 8.6m w/w..........................£6,750 KUHN GF7802 2011, headland turn spreading kit, 7.8m w/width , 6 rotor machine......................................£5,975 CLAAS DISCO 210 2010, mower, rear mtd, folding, good condition ...........................................................£1,975 UNIFARM CM166 2010, 2 drum mower, 30hp requirement, weight 350kg, mechanical break back .............£1,150 JOHN DEERE 131 2007, mower conditioner, front mtd, hyd susp, A frame hitch .........................................£3,750 BOMFORD RS18 2000, topper, w/w 1.8m, rear depth wheel, 3pt linkage, single rotor, skids ..........................£785 MAJOR SL601 TOPPER 2006, 3pt linkage mtd, 6’ cutting width, single gearbox, shearbolts, height adj skids...£950 McCONNEL TOPPER 9 1995, 3pt linkage mtd , 9’ cutting width, skids, r/depth wheels, paintwork poor, good mechanical cond .................................................................................................................................£1,950 MAJOR BAT WING 490 EAGLE 2011, topper, 4.9m w/width, 4 contour wheels, w/a PTO, hyd fold, 3 blades/rotor£5,750 OPICO MASCHIO GEMELLA 620 2011, topper, 6.2m w/w, h/d hyd fldg flail mower, LEDs .........................£4,995

Used Cultivation Equipment COUSINS CONTOUR 2004, 12m rolls, 22” Cambridge breaker rings, 7920kg, hyd fold, lights ....................£7,950 HE-VA KINGROLLER 1230 new 12.3m, 24’’ Cambridge breaker rings, 10,020 kgs, hyd brakes, hyd fold..£23,495 WALTER WATSON RH 336 ROLLS 2018, new r/hyd water ballast land roller, 10’ w, 36” dia roller ............£3,795 TWOSE SWR10 END TOW ROLL 2015, flat roll, tyres 10.0/75-15.3, vgc only used once ..........................£4,200 DALBO SEEDER FITTING KIT 2018, to suit Poweroll 1230, 12.3m rolls, brand new, frame only .................£4,500

Email: luton@oliveragriculture.co.uk

HORSCH BEAN COULTERS 2015, Solo bean coulters, for Sprinter 4ST......................................................£1,944 LEMKEN KARAT 9/500 5m stubble cultivator with tines, discs & packer ..................................................£26,500

Used Tractors

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

CLAAS LEXION 770 TT £140,000 2012, 12m Vario header, 30kph, 2352/1672hrs, TT, 500/85 R24 rears, A/C, CEMOS, power spreader, straw chopper, chaff spreader, GPS ready, TM6 sieves


CLAAS ARION 640 CIS 2011, 50kph, 180hp, 7250hrs, 3 spools, f/weights, Eco PTO, A/C .......................£29,500 CLAAS ARION 530CIS 2015, 40kph, 3840hrs, 3 spools, FL120 loader, Eco PTO, A/C ..............................£49,500 CLAAS ARION 620CIS 2010, 40kph, 5889hrs, 3 spools, f/weights, Eco PTO, A/C ....................................£27,950 CLAAS ARES 697ATZ 2007, 40kph, 155hp, 8159hrs, 3 spools, Eco PTO, A/C, bolster weight ..................£26,850 CLAAS AXION 800 CIS 2015, 50kph, 205hp, AdBlue, 2756hrs, 3 spools, Eco PTO, A/C ..........................£60,000 CLAAS ARION 420 MR 2018, 40kph, 100hp, 250hrs, 2 spools, A/C, warranty May 2022/5000hrs ...........£40,975 CLAAS ARION 650 2013, 50kph, 185hp, EGR, 5150hrs, A/C, CEBIS, f/linkage, 4 spools..........................£47,500 CLAAS ARES 657 2007, 40kph, 125hp, 4222hrs, 3 spools, weight Bolster & Wafer weights inc. ..............£30,950 CLAAS XERION 3800 2009, 50kph, 388hp, 7259hrs, 5 spools, f/linkage, A/C, Vredestein 710 tyres ........£63,500 CLAAS ARION 650 2016, 50kph, 185hp, EGR, 1700hrs, 3 spools, 600kg weight, Eco PTO, A/C, CIS spec ....................................................................................................................................................£59,650 CLAAS ARION 650 2013, 40kph, 184hp, EGR, 6066hrs, 4 spools, f/linkage, A/C, CEBIS..........................£33,500 CLAAS ARION 430 2017, 40kph, AdBlue, 450hrs, 2 spools, FL100 loader, f/linkage, A/C, warranty Oct 2022 or 2500hrs ........................................................................................................................................£53,850 CLAAS ARION 650 2016, 50kph, 184hp, EGR, 2900hrs, 3 spools, f/linkage, Eco PTO, A/C, CEBIS, warranty July 2022 or 3750hrs ...................................................................................................................£59,950 CLAAS ARION 620 2017, 50kph, 155hp, EGR, 2606hrs, 3 spools, f/weight, Eco PTO, A/C, CIS, warranty until July 2022 or 3750hrs. .......................................................................................................................£52,950 McCORMICK CX 105 2005, 40kph, 105hp, 5742hrs, 2 spools, MX loader w/self levelling, f/weights, A/C, Deluxe cab .........................................................................................................................................£21,750

Other Machinery RICHARD WESTERN TRAILED STRAW CHOPPER 2000, RH hyd chute, hyd rear gate, chain & slat floor, variable floor speed, in cab cable controls, handles all sizes of bales, vgc ............................................£2,450 VEENHUIS EUROJECT 350 2003, muck/slurry, 3m slurry injector, 3 & 4pt linkage, tanker or tractor mtd, discs, macerator ..........................................................................................................................................£2,950


February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 161

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29/01/2020 16:28

All prices subject to VAT

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


JD 9620RX 16’, 3559hrs, E18, 5-SCV’s, 60% tracks, remainder of PGard £179,950


Case IH 600 12’, 5800hrs, PowerShift 40k, 70% tracks, 6-SCV’s , guidance ready £113,500


Challenger MT775E16’, 3394hrs, PowerShift 16F 4R, 4-SCV’s, new tracks £126,500


JD 8370R 17’, 1488hrs, AutoPowr 50k, 5-SCV’s, hyd trailer, 0% finance £157,500

B Grimme CWS150 Destoner, 19’, ex-demo, multiweb hybrid with star module, 6 piece share with stone flaps, 40/40mm/40/40 webs, underdrive main web, hyd clod mat, extension height, adj/rever for clod mat, auto self centre steering, levelling with emc, 20mm cross conveyor, 14.5 x 20 wheels £55,000

JD 6250R 18’, 532hrs, AutoPowr50K, TLS, 5 E-SCV’s, AutoTrac ready £145,000



JD 6190R 13’, 5600hrs, AutoPowr 50k, AutoTrac ready, Hyd cab suspension £56,500


0% finance available

JD S790I 18’, 840hrs, 537 rota hrs, ProDrive 38k, SF6000 receiver, 640X header £298,500


Bergmann TSW5210S 13’, sprung drawbar, slurry door, rear steer axle £24,000

Grimme GL42T 09’, 2020 2 row belt planter, hyd lane adjuster £14,000



JCB - 540-140 HI VIS 18’, 395hrs, PowerShift, pallet forks £53,000

C S690i 13’, 1813hrs, ProDrive 30k, AutoTrac complete, 635R header £130,000


G.T. Bunning MSL120 Lowlander 18’, slurry door, PTO, ex-hire £23,750

Grimme BF400 19’,3 bodied shapeforma, auto reset bodies £18,500



Manitou MLT 625 Prem 17’, 1777hrs, 75hp Kubota engine, JSM joystick £41,500


JD 8360RT 13’, 5063hrs, AutoPowr 40k, 4-SCV’s, 50% tracks £89,000


JD 6150R 14’, 4458hrs, DirectDrive 40k, TLS, touch screen, ITEC headland management £47,500

N JD T670i 15’, 652hrs, ProDrive 30K, 11,000L grain tank, 630X header £160,000


Warwick 12T 18’, Spring drawbar, rope hooks £8,950


Grimme BFL200 18’, 2 body shape former, 2 loosening tines £8,950

Weidemann 2070CX50LPT 18’, 300hrs, 20k hydrostatic, hyd locking £33,850



Challenger MT765C 11’, 8244hrs, PowerShift 40k, 4-SCV’s, 85% tracks £60,000

JD 6320 06’, 7800hrs, PowrQuad 40k, front linkage, A/C, 3-SCV’s £20,500



JD T660i 09’, 1680hrs, chaff spreader, AutoTrac, StarFire ITC SF1, 625R header £83,000


Bailey TB18 19’, 18ton, sprung drawbar, air brakes, grain chute £18,500


JD 7280R 12’, 2483hrs, AutoPowr 50k, 5-SCV’s, TLS, AutoTrac ready £77,500


JD 7250R 16’, 3456hrs, E23 50K, 4-SCV’s, PUH, PGard+ 5 yrs/5000hrs £84,000

NM JD 6110RC 14’, 3132hrs, AutoQuad 40k, TLS, front linkage, A/C, feild office £42,000

Kverneland Exacta 12’, 28m, vari rate, control, unlock power cable £5,000

JD 840i 15’, 3900hrs, 36/24M, BoomTrac, boom suspension, screen + receiver £39,500



N JD 3350 87’, 12611hrs, PowerSynchro 30k, 2-SCV’s, front loader £11,500


KUHN Axis 40.2 HEMC 17’, section control, VS8 Isobus, S6 discs £19,750


Kuhn Cultimer 300L 18’, ex-demo, T ring roller £8,250


Rowcrop 420/85R34 480/80R50, tyres 50% £2,250


Kubota F3890 Out Front Mower16’, 570hrs, Trimax FX 155 flail 4ws, homologated £12,000


JD 6155M 17’, 1093hrs, AutoQuad plus 40k, TLS, 3-SCV’s, PUH, ITEC, 663R front loader, roof hatch, air brakes £70,000

Over 800 used items at www.benburgess.co.uk | Please contact your local depot on: (A) AYLSHAM 01263 734311 | (B) BEESTON 01328 701347 | (C) COATES 01733 840777 | (E) ELLINGTON 01480 890990 (NM) NEWMARKET 01638 577877 | N) NORWICH 01603 628251or contact Charlie Oldfield on 07825 932 221 162 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 70579

CASE IH & STRAUTMANN MAIN DEALERS FOR STAFFORDSHIRE, SHROPSHIRE & DERBYSHIRE For photographs & further information please see our website

“Anything Agricultural”

www.johnsonsag.co.uk JOHNSONS EX-HIRE TRACTORS FOR SALE Case IH Puma 220 c/w f/linkage & PTO, auto Case IH Puma 150 c/w f/linkage & PTO .................. POA guidance ................................................................. POA

NEW CASE IH TRACTORS & LOADERS IN STOCK Case IH Optum 300 CVX ................... for sale, ex-demo Case IH Puma 150 CVX c/w f/linkage, 4 spools & auto guidance ...................................................... POA Case IH Puma 150 c/w f/linkage 50kph full p/shift trans ............................................................ POA Case IH Farmall 115C HiLo c/w wheel weights & 3 speed PTO ........................................................... POA

Case IH Farmall 55C 2wd, cab, power shuttle, ideal scraper tractor ................................................ POA Case IH Farmlift 636 telescopic loader .......................................................... for sale, ex-demo Case IH RB455 variable chamber baler ................................................... ex demo call for price

MASCHIO DM 4000 POWER HARROW full set of new blades

UNUSED HUSQVARNA self propelled, pedestrian controlled snow blower

2014 JD 6170R TRACTOR TLS, 50K, autotrac ready, Starfire 3000, touch screen Command centre, 650x42 & 540x30

2016 BAILEY TB16 TRAILER air brakes, hyd door, sprung d/bar, 560/60x22.5 wheels

REEKIE CLEANFLOW 2000 POTATO HARVESTER Dahlman rollers, picking off, steering axle

2004 JCB 528-58 LOADALL 9880hrs, air con, hyd hitch, 24” wheels, good tyres

2014 KUBOTA L4100 HST 4WD TRACTOR 900hrs, turf tyres, roll frame, front weights

NEW BAILEY 15T FLAT DECK 33’ LOW LOADER air brakes, sprung drawbar, 435/50x19.5 wheels

2015 BAILEY 18T BEETEAPER air brakes, 560/60x22.5 floatations, rollover sheet

NEW BAILEY 15T 10M BEAVERTAIL LOW LOADER air, hyd ramps, s/drawbar, 435/50x1.5 wheels


2017 VOLVO ECR 88D 360 DEG DIGGER 1096hrs, rubber tracks, air con, blade, 3 buckets

2016 CASE PUMA 150 3350hrs, 50k, air, front & cab susp, balance of 5yr, 3000hr warranty

2009 JOHN DEERE DIESEL GATOR 3459hrs, roof, front & rear screens

BAILEY TB14 TRAILER sprung drawbar, hyd door, window, super singles, grain chute

BAILEY 20T BEETEAPER steering axle, Nokian CT 650/50X22.5 wheels, air brakes

2014 MF 6616 DYNA-6 3505hrs, front & cab susp, fitted MF 956 loader, finger tip joystick control


2015 BAILEY 20T BEETEAPER air brakes, hyd door, sprung drawbar, Nokian 650/50x22.5 wheels

NEW SET OF 4 CEAT 560/60X22.5 10 stud floatation wheels & tyres

2016 JCB 527-58LC AGRI PLUS LOADALL 1771hrs, air con, pin & cone, low cab model

TEAGLE TOMAHAWKS in stock T8100 SC & T8500SC Chief, 2 year warranty, second year parts only, 0% finance schemes available ALBUTT Shear Grabs models in stock, S220 & S190HX SULKY Fertiliser Spreaders in stock, DX 20, DX30 Tribord & X40+Econov POA Sulky 3m Power Harrow c/w packer roller in stock

STRAUTMANN PRODUCTS FOR HIRE OR SALE GIGA-VITESSE 3601 Forage Wagon - book it now for this season & see for yourself that CFS ensures better loading, low hp requirement & better uniformed chop – Call for more information FLEMING Landrollers now in stock

LELY & LELY WELGER GRASS MACHINERY IN STOCK USED TRACTORS & MACHINERY Case IH Puma 165 full p/shift, f/linkage & PTO, c/w MX T412 loader, 2016, 5171hrs & 4 r/spools.... POA Case IH Puma 165 c/w f/linkage & PTO, 2016, 3760hrs .................................................................. POA Case IH Puma 150 full p/shift, c/w f/linkage, 2 mid mount valves, 4 r/spools, 2017, only 3221hrs .......................................................... POA Case IH Puma 220 2016, 7016hrs, very tidy .......... POA Case Maxxum 145 CVX 900hrs, 18 reg .................. POA Case IH Maxxum 120 15 reg 2300hrs .................... POA New Holland T.7200 c/w f/linkage 5800hrs 13 reg .. POA New Holland TM 175 c/w f/linkage & PTO 03, 8200hrs ............................................................£18,500

Deutz Agrotonic 150 c/w f/linkage & PTO 08 reg 8200hrs .................................................................. POA West r/discharge manure spreader 13t c/w slurry door, lights & w/a PTO, farmer owned from new............... POA Pottinger Europrofi 5010 Combiline forage wagon .... POA Lely Tigo PR 60 forage wagon ................................ POA Opico mtd grass harrow 6m working width ............. POA Centerliner SX 5000 c/w road lights & hopper cover........................................................... POA Strautmann Giga-Vitesse 3601 forage wagon, only done 1 session 375 loads ................................ POA Moulton buckrake 7’6” wide ...............................£1,200 16’ mtd chain harrow, ex-smallholders, little used..£1,300

All Prices plus VAT & Delivery – Part Exchanges Welcome Park Hall Farm, Adderley Road, Cheadle, Staffordshire ST10 2NJ • e-mail: lesbailey@johnsonsag.co.uk CHEADLE DEPOT 01538 756272 • ECCLESHALL DEPOT 01785 760958 SALES – ROGER WOOLLEY 07498 026724 or MICK GALLIMORE 07814 945314

R.C.Boreham & Co New & Used Machinery

For all enquiries call: 01245 231320

Deutz 6160 RC Shift

very good condition, 2015, 4050 hours, air brakes, 50k, front linkage


Sumo Multipress 5m

ex demo - 3 rows of tines, press paddles, twin row of packer rings


Polaris Ranger Crew

diesel, 2015, 750 hours, 6250 miles, good condition, 6 seater, full cab with doors


Polaris Ranger 1000XP

petrol, new, fitted with half cab & wiper, alloy wheels, fully road legal


McHale 995LTSR wrapper

2002, good condition, static engine, 18,395 bales


Ritchie Aerator 3

3m grass slitter, excellent condition


Pottinger Servo 45S Plough

ex demo, excellent condition, 6 furrow, hyd front furrow. 0% Finance available


Sisis Multislit 1200

excellent condition, very little use, rear rollers



Suire FT2700 Flail

2.7m flail, heavy duty, front and rear mount 70516


Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

Lely Splendimo 320-FC mower .............................. POA

Main Dealer for

Chelmsford, Essex CM3 1HU | rcboreham.co.uk | sales@rcboreham.co.uk


email: dasservices@btconnect.com website: dasanythingagricultural.co.uk


Dean: 07836 680004 Peter Scott: 07584 066866 Office: 01522 754733

February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 163

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30/01/2020 14:18

A DOWNING unce We are pleased to anno we are now dealers for NEW McCormick X4-440 2wd 75hp, 16x16 speed transmission, spacious easy clean air con cab, PUH, full warranty (library picture) £28,995

New NC 1850-14 14t I Series grain trailer dual air/hyd brakes, load sensing, r/over sheet, 560x60x22.5 tyres, hyd taildoor, g/chute & s/d/bar, Hardox floor £18,900 £18,500

tic Kioti CK3310 HST hydrosta r cto tra transmission compact ranty,

Kioti K9 utility vehicle 65 reg McCormick X60-40 110hp, front weights, a/c, 4wd, 40kph, aux hyd tank, passenger seat 1000hrs


New NC 16t tandem axle beaver tail with sprung ramps, plant low loader, hyd brakes & sprung drawbar


with heater, 28hp, diesel engine, full cab lighting, 4-year war tipping body, ROPS, full road lic rau hyd e tonn half , 4wd turf or ag tyres cracking bit of kit mo

Available for de

Available for demo

ICK X7 McCOtrRaM ctors

ce 4 years finan arranty w r h 0 0 4 years/40 re 15/2/2020 fo on orders be

NEW McCormick X4-40M tractor, 4wd, 75hp engine, 12x12 speed transmission, spacious easy clean cab 0% Finance


June 2018 McCormick X6-430 & MC100 loader 50K, 121hp boosts to 130, 4wd, luxury a/c cab


McCormick X8 available for demo now up to 310hp

Ex demo Ovlac FF 4+1 plough hydraulic furrow width, hydraulic front furrow, rear disc & depth wheel


LS SPECIAL DtrEaActors on all X6VT

Pegoraro 3m power harrow packer roller, adjustable clod board, tine wheel eradicators

International Harvester B275 full engine overhaul, brakes, good tyres, receipts to warrant price, selling on behalf of a customer

McCormick X2.35 51hp 4wd, Rops, front weights, ag tyres

Ovlac 4f plough 2019, ex demo, reversible



McCormick X7. 460VT 2019 (69 reg),165hp boosts to 175hp, VT drive, 50k, air brakes, precision steering ready, 4yr warranty, 0% finance POA

International B434 full engine overhaul, great little tractor, work or play, selling on behalf of customer

Ovlac 4m disc 2019, ex demo model





Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk



OTHER MACHINERY New McCormick X7-690 Premium 50k, 225hp, a/brakes, creep speed, RTK guidance, f/link PTO, available for demo ........................................................................................................................................... POA New McCormick X7-460 VT RTK guidance, front linkage, PTO, 50k, 175hp, air brakes, available for demo ...... POA Pegoraro D3000 3m p/harrow, h/d, packer roller, eradicator tines, slip clutch, PTO ...................................... £8,995 Pegoraro W5000 fldg p/harrow, 250hp g/box, fluo system floating beds, track erads, packer rollers, adj clod board, in stock ............................................................................................................................. £19,500

Carlton Farm, Cattle Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 4NR

Tomlin 4’, 5’, 6’ & 8’ mowers.................................................................................................................from £875 Bomford Bandit 2.5m flail mower, new flails, good working order ................................................................ £1,400 Downing 2.5m spring tine paddock harrow ................................................................................................. £1,295 2 x 6’ finishing mowers ...............................................................................................................prices from £575 Post hole borer tractor mounted, 12” & 9” augers, brand new sho[p soiled .................................................... £800 Selection of 2 and 4 wheel drive rough terrain forklifts .................................................................. Cheap to clear All prices plus VAT unless otherwise stated

Tel: 01945 410099•07850 731409 www.adowningengineers.co.uk 164 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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29/01/2020 16:30

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 DEPTH wheel for Dowdeswell DP8, in good order. ÂŁ50. D Anker Tel 07796 444987 (Beds)

PEST CONTROL (cont) 35-69539



Used Kverneland ES 85 200 KVERNELAND plough parts, landslides, used but lots of life left, points new. R Stimpson Tel 07798 786158/01692 538773 (Norfolk)

01787 248049

www.commandpestcontrol.co.uk FOURTEEN rabbit cage traps. ÂŁ5 each. M Fordham Tel 07871 986848/01799 530242 (Essex)



Contact Justin for more information on




07508 949815 justin.brason@gmail.com Suffolk • Norfolk • Essex • Cambs

PLOUGHS DOWDESWELL MA145 plough, 6 furrow (5+1), on land/in furrow, with DDS, 2011, pin adjust skims, rear disc, good metal, very good condition. ÂŁ8,950+VAT ono. E Fellowes Tel 07976 668314 (Warks)

UK agents for Pro-Pak weighing equipment, Oldenhuis & Prinsen & Symach palletisers


01743 464100 Richard Evans 07375 508366 richard@battlefieldmachinery.com

KVERNELAND LB85 240 variwidth 6 furrow plough, No8 bodies, rear discs, very straight. ÂŁ4,250+VAT. A Bentley Tel 07957 553028/01603 879709 (Norfolk)


3ft Grader receiving hopper, star pre-cleaner, grading module, inspection table, fully refurbished Manter SAB Sewing System

sales@davidharrisons.com www.davidharrisons.com

Manter 25/6 Weigher Vertical Eject Box Tipper 8ft & 6ft Star Cleaner with Clod Rollers

LEMKEN press arm. ÂŁ300. J Spinks Tel 07970 549009 (Norfolk)

Machinery Ltd

01354 638222

K53 – Europe’s best selling agri box rotator for any handler

info@agrimech.co.uk www.agrimech.co.uk KONINGS potato planter, c/w applicator, currently set for 30" rows but can go wider, good for chitted seed, stored dry, vgc. K Hodgson Tel 07721 562849/01507 568329 (Lincs)




PLOUGH depth wheel, c/w ďŹ xing bracket & adjusters, suit Overum ploughs; also plough with 150mm x 150mm main beam. ÂŁ225 ono. P Buckenham Tel 07770 797846 (Essex)


Pellcroft Engineering Ltd Coningsby, Lincs

01526 342466

K80 forward tippler gentle & quick box tipping Very adaptable & easy to operate


DOWDESWELL D7D2 5 furrow plough, with hyd front furrow adjustment, in good straight working order, Claydon Furrow Cracker inc 14" UCN bodies (worn), rest of metal in good order. ÂŁ2,750. N Ridley Tel 01233 770435/07802 695311 (Kent)

2004 & 2005 Grimme 1500 Combistar destoner, 7 rows, adjustable stars, scrubber web, auto self centre steering, belt drive levelling with EMC, road lights, choice of webs – 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, choice of 4 machines. J Leadley Tel 07887 912646 (Norfolk)

K53Z Range is built for yearround demanding rotating tasks


NIEMEYER 4 furrow auto reset 14" reversible mounted heavy duty plough, great German engineering, cheap good plough. ÂŁ3,450+VAT. R Lane Tel 07831 615912 (Cambs)

01353 740666


KVERNELAND 5 furrow semi mounted auto reset plough, all good metal, no repairs, skimmers & hydraulic press arm, hyd offset, good wheel/tyre, more photos available. R Lane Tel 07831 615912 (Cambs)


KVERNELAND 6 furrow plough, 240 headstock, manual variwidth, hydraulic front furrow variwidth, No9 bodies, recent ÂŁ2,000 refurb & upgrade to headstock & turning bearings, new genuine rams replaced this year, spares included. ÂŁ5,000 ono. M Church Tel 07798 573166/07787 563743 (Norfolk)

TITAN Palletising System

WALTHAMBURY 320 auto weigher & V track with bag closer & stitcher, all single phase & good condition. D Lunn Tel 07941 072957 (Cambs)


01728 723221 e: broadwatermach@yahoo.co.uk www.broadwaterltd.com

GRIMME KS6000 triple bed potato topper, 2003, good condition, including ridge rollers. S Rix Tel 07876 596035/01206 271309 (Essex)

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

Justin Brason Pest Control



COLLAPSIBLE wooden triangular potato ducts, chitting trays & pallets. A Roughton Tel 07961 356448/07961 356449 (Lincs)



KVERNELAND LB85 4 variwidth furrows, rear disc, skimmers, vgc. ÂŁ3,950+VAT. R Lane Tel 07831 615912 (Cambs)



USED & REBUILT • Prinsen PPM60 Palletiser compact, self-contained capable of up to 9/5tph average at 25kg Ref 5702 • Tong Dry Brusher 2m long and 900mm wide c/w 1m roller table Ref 6318 • New Tong Midi EasyFill single reversible crop conveyor with lowering end sections, at 1.58m long & 1.8m centre section Ref 5481 • Miedema LBV 1885 Telescopic Elevator 18m long with feed conveyor Ref 6316 • Tong 3C Bulker with extended 3m hopper & 3m roller inspection table Ref 5838 • Haith Polisher Ref 5452 • Walthambury Weigher 720 Ref 6178 • NEW Swift Lift Interstore Elevator 7.5m long with 600mm wide belt Ref 6317

BOX ROTATORS 5 models available with/without clamping lid 2 years’ warranty

01377 259140 www.agriweld.co.uk



RANSOMES Faun 2 row potato planter. £300 ono. P Beasley Tel 07836 652963/01353 649500 (Cambs) HAITH hopper with 4’ wide feed belt, adjustable star cleaner over waste conveyor, then off stars on to cross conveyor, single phase. D Lunn Tel 07941 072957 (Cambs)

RANSOMES Faun 2 row potato planter, c/w standard & small seed belts. ÂŁ200+VAT. R Rylott Tel 07951 008386/01205 290386 (Lincs)


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30/01/2020 15:25


07768 171085 March • Cambs info@harrisontractors.co.uk

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Photos & more at:


New and Ex Demo Machinery 0% Finance

Pottinger Terrasem C6, Artis Plus 6m drill, 2012, bout marker, preems, double disc coulters, v clean ...............................................................POA Pottinger 6030T Synkro, stubble cultivator, 2012, ex demo, still 0% .............POA Pottinger 3030 Synkro stubble cultivator, 3m, mixing discs, pack ring roller..POA Pottinger Terradisc 6001, 6m, trailed, pack ring roller ...................................POA Pottinger Terradisc 5001, 5m, trailed, pack ring roller ...................................POA

Pottinger 3001, 3m Terradisc, pack ring roller ..............................................POA Pottinger FoxD, 4m, pack ring roller .............................................................POA New INO MKS 2.25m verge mower, hammer flails, r/roller ........................£6500 Ex demo INO Profi Mega flail, 2017, f/& r/mounted, hyd sideshift, hammer flails, will cut 8cm, v heavy duty .................................................£5500

Used Machinery

John Deere 6215R, 2015, 2500hrs, 50k, Autopower Command Arm, AT ready, f/linkage, 650/85/38, 540/65/28, 80%, our own tractor, excellent .£82,000 John Deere 6190R, 2013, 4600hrs, Autoquad, 40k, TLS, cab susp, autotrac ready .......................................................................................£49,500 John Deere 6170R, 2014, 4500hrs, 50k, Autopower, Command Arm, autotrac ready, TLS, cab susp, 650/65/42, 540/65/30 ...........................£53,000 John Deere 6150R, 2015, 2900hrs, 50k, Powerquad, TLS, autotrac ready, 520/85/42, 420/85/30, v nice .....................................................£55,000 John Deere 7930, 2008, 8800hrs, 50, Powerquad, autotrac ready, 650/75/38, 600/65/28 80% ..................................................................£41,000 John Deere 7530, 2011, 7800hrs, Autopower, 50k, Command Arm, guidance ready, v nice ...........................................................................£38,000 John Deere 6930, 2010, 7700hrs, Autopower, 40k, TLS, cab susp, 580/65/38 60%, 420/65/28 90% ...........................................................£33,500 John Deere 6830, 2011, 9500hrs, Autoquad, 40k, TLS, cab susp, air brakes, 520/85/38, 420/85/28 ..............................................................£29,500 John Deere 6920s, 2005, 40k, Autoquad, TLS, cab susp, 20.8x38, 16.9x28, v nice fen tractor £28500 John Deere 6920, 2003, 40k, Powerquad, TLS, cab susp, 650/65/38, 640/65/28 95%.....................................................................................£27,850 John Deere 6330, 2011, JD 651 loader, only 6800hrs, Powerquad, 40k, air con ..........................................................................................£29,500 John Deere 6330, 2011, JD 653 loader, TLS, 9500hrs, Powerquad, 40k, air con ..........................................................................................£26,000 John Deere 6230 Premium, 2008, only 3300hrs, Powerquad, 40k, ex college, v clean .....................................................................................£27,000 John Deere 6130, 2011, 4800hrs, JD 633 loader, Powerquad, 40k, air con, 16.9x34, 13.6x24 60% ..................................................................£28,500 John Deere 6420s, 2005, 7500hrs, Autoquad, 40k, TLS, cab susp, 600x38, 540x24, v clean.......................................................................£24,000


Case Puma 170, 2012, 5000hrs, p/shift, 40k, f/susp, 650x38, 540x28, straight & tidy ..........................................................................£37,750 Case Puma 155, 2011, 4500hrs, 50k, f/linkage, 520x38, 480x28, nice..£34,000 Case Puma 155, 2009, 5700hrs, 50k, Multicontroller, f/linkage, 650x38, 600x28 ...................................................................................£26,000 New Holland T7.210, 2013, 3000hrs, 50k, Power Command, f/& cab susp, Sidewinder, one owner .................................................................£42,500 New Holland TM 155, 2003, 8150hrs, 40k, Power Command, f/& cab susp, 650/65/38, 540/65/28 30% .........................................................£19,250 Deutz Agrotron 150, 2007, 6700hrs, 50k, f/& cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, tidy.£23,500 Manitou 735-120 LSU, 2012, 6000hrs, p/shift, 40k, air con, pin & cone headstock.....................................................................................£26,000 JCB 531-70 Agri-Xtra, 2009, 7200hrs, Q fit headstock, 17.5x24 50%, full spec ................................................................................................£24,500 JCB 530-70 Farm Special, 2003 & 2004, 6000hrs, Q fit headstock, PUH, full spec .............................................................................. from £18,750 JCB 535-95 Agri, 2003, high hrs, Q fit headstock, PUH .........................£16,500 JCB 310S, 2008, 9000hrs, p/shift, air con, 40k, pin & cone ..................£19,750 JCB JS200, 1995, 9.5m long arm, 2 buckets, ex fen farm, ideal ditcher .£14,500 Pottinger Terrasem C6, Artis Plus 6m drill, 2012, bout marker, preems, double disc coulters, v clean ...............................................................POA Pottinger 45s plus plough, 2013, hyd vari width, 46w bodies, large depth wheel, as new .............................................................................£13,500 Pottinger 4030T, 4m trailed stubble cultivator, pack ring roller.................£14,500 Pottinger Lion 6000 6m, power harrow, 2013, pack ring roller, quick fit tines, v nice ..........................................................................................£12,500 Le Boulch 14t trailer, 1996, auto door, s/d/bar, super singles, single ram, greedy boards .................................................................................£5,750 John Deere rowcrop wheels, 13.6x48, 12.4x32 or 34, suit JD 6430, 6125R.£2,950 John Deere 12.4x32 wheels & tyres, for JD 6430 or similar ........................£650 Rowcrop wheels 13.6x46, 12.4x32 as new to fit Case Maxxum or similar ..£1,750


Carrington (Head Office) 01205 480460 Sutterton 01205 460600 Market Rasen 01673 842222




USED MERLO TF 35.7-115 c/w 3.5T, 7m reach, 40kph, 115HP Deutz engine, £32,000+VAT (TM)



c/w 2x 500ltr extensions (2400ltr total), Amados control box, VGO. (TM)


STANDEN ROTAVATOR 2010 c/w 5.4m working width,

hyd folding, 400HP gearbox, crumbler roller, road lights. (BF)




EX HIRE JOHN DEERE 6190R EX HIRE JOHN DEERE 6170R (2013) (2013) c/w autoquad 50kph gearbox, c/w autoquad 50kph gearbox, approx 5144 hrs (SG) approx 4807 hrs (SG)






MASCHIO 6 METER POWER HARROW c/w hyd folding, bolt on tines (70% good), hyd depth control (TM)

EX HIRE KVERNELAND 6M POWER HARROW c/w 24 rotors, quick fit tines, rear levelling board, hyd depth control (SG)



c/w 12-36m spread, 3000 litre hopper, hyd border spreading, £2,950+VAT (JP)


c/w rigid leading tines, cast rings, road lights. (BF)



DOWDESWELL MA120 PLOUGH WITH CLAYDON FURROW CRACKER c/w single stays, 4+1, DD bodies £3,250+VAT (JP)

Ben Ford (BF): 07469 853763 Josh Pennell (JP): 07469 850502

c/w twin 8 stud axles, 435/50 19.5 tyres £7,750 +VAT (BF)


BAILEY 16T BEETEAPER C/W 1999, 16 tonne, air and oil brakes, sprung drawbar, front flaps (TM)

11539 VADERSTAD RAPID 800S 8M DRILL (2010)

not include Avadex kit*, EX HIRE KVERNELAND 4M *DoesEX DEMO KVERNELAND type, 2 rows of POWER HARROW sharmuller ring hitch TURBO (JI) width, hyd. c/w 4mdiscs working c/w quick fit tines, side limit folding, 21 reflex tines (4 plates, rear levelling board rows), hyd depth control (BF) £8,500+VAT (SG)



c/w 3,200 litre tank, 24m boom, joystick controls, ISOBUS ready (BF)

EX HIRE BAILEY 20T BEETEAPER 2018 c/w sprung drawbar, hyd rear door, grain chute, R/O sheet,650/50 R22.5 (SG)


JOHN DEERE 724 TRAILED TOYOTA HILUX ACTIVE SPRAYER (2009)c/w 2,400 litre 2017, double cab, 38,570 miles, tank, 24m boom, STD boom levelling, manual 4 section (BF)

3 years warranty remaining £13,750 +VAT

Tom Mack (TM): 07387 023444

Stuart Gosling (SG): 07824 317357

Jonathan Ireland: 07778 372606

166 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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29/01/2020 16:30

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 70233




D JOHN DEERE 6175R 2018, 1870hrs, Autopower 50kph Premium Edition, 650/85R38 - 600/70R28, cab & front suspension, Command Arm & joystick, autotrac ready, front linkage





JCB 535-95AGS 2016, 1950hrs, 500/70R24, Q fit carriage, 145hp engine with auto reverse fan

JOHN DEERE 592 round baler 2007, 22,500 bales, 2m hiflow pickup

Stk No 11049826

Stk No 11053146






JOHN DEERE 6150R 2013, 5453hrs, Autoquad 50kph, 650/65R38 - 540/65R28, 3 manual SCVs, autotrac ready, front & cab suspension Stk No 81054839 £46,500

CLAAS 7045VP SCORPION 2013, 4502 hrs, hydrostatic gearbox, 500/70R24, boom suspenion, PUH, air con & air seat

Stk No 21054242

Stk No 11054510


KONGSKILDE 5M GERMINATOR hydraulic folding cultivator 2008

Stk No 11039124

Stk No 11043577

HIRE 01728 628325 Mark Debenham 07710 148420


MAULDEN 01525 405848 Gary Buckle 07712 556387


CROMER 01438 861257 Robert Vigus 07712 556389


JOHN DEERE 6140R 2015, 5833hrs, Autopower 40kph , 580/70R38 - 540/65R28, 3 electric SCVs, front & cab suspension & front linkage Stk No 11055646 £50,000

GROUNDCARE 01206 230283 James Tuckwell 07932 107618




SUDBURY 01787 374100 Paul Coffey 07766 225174



KONGSKILDE 4M GERMINATOR hydraulic folding cultivator

VADERSTAD RDA800S 2007, disc coulters, radar metering, pre-emergence markers

Stk No 11044015

Stk No 11044049

Prices do not include VAT



VADERSTAD RDA600S 2004, disc coulters, disc cultivation, radar metering, pre em markers


TEHNOS MB220LW rear mounted hydraulic offset flail mower 2016


CASE PUMA 165CVX 2017, 2330hrs, 50kph CVX, 650/65R38 @80% JOHN DEERE 6190R 540/64R38 @70%, LED lights, Trimble AFS 372, 2013, 2997hrs, Autoquad 40kph, 650/65R42 - 540/65R30 3 manual Antenna nav controller & 700 screen, 1000kg SCVs, front & cab suspension weight, 4ESCVs, cab & f/susp Stk No 31052404 £57,000 Stk No 81054711 £62,500



Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

JOHN DEERE 6210R 2014, 5412hrs, Autopower 50kph, 650/85R38 - 600/70R28, 4 electric SCVs, front & cab suspension, front linkage & PTO Stk No 81055270 £56,500



RAYLEIGH 01268 783311 Tim Thornton 07557 922965


DUNMOW 01371 875751 Olwyn Poulson 07710 135644


WORLINGWORTH 01728 628325 Tom Mason 07957 844986


ARDLEIGH 01206 230283 Mark Debenham 07710 148420

February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 167

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Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

NEW MACHINERY IN STOCK Deutz 5125 demonstrator, c/w Stoll loader Deutz 6165 powershift demonstrator Deutz 6215 TTV demo unit Kverneland 5 furrow LB Variwidth 300hp headstock Kverneland 3332 mounted mower conditioner 3.2m Kverneland FRO flail grass topper Kverneland TAR 9464 twin rotor rake (mounted) Kverneland 8452 4 row hay tedder Kverneland 8576 6 row hay tedder Redrock 20t industrial dump trailer Redrock 24t tri-axle low-loading trailer McHale 991EB bale wrapper, fully auto McHale round bale handlers McHale 750 belt baler, hyd brakes McHale 991 high speed wrapper Walter Watson 6.3m flat roll Walter Watson hydraulic rotating 12’ end tow flat roll Walter Watson bull beef feeders Moulton FY4 yard scraper Kawasaki Mule Pro DX Kawasaki Mule Pro MX

Battlefield Machinery, Knights Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury SY1 3AB •

2015 Used Kverneland TL 1875 GEO Used Pottinger Aerosem c/w 2 extensions, lights, Combi Drill cover, border spread disc coulters, pre ems, Lion 301 PH ÂŁ7,250 2012

01743 464100

New McConnel PA6565 T 65hp, 6.5m telescopic 1.5m head



6m CX Disc Coulters DF 2 front hopper, c/w press wheels, JUST THE DRILL ready to roll, new discs


USED MACHINERY IN STOCK Deutz 5110 & stoll loader 2015 Deutz 6180, 2014 Deutz K430 c/w loader JD 2850 2wd McCormick CX105, 2007, low hrs, c/w loader McHale 660 round baler ready for work Welger 220 Mastercut round baler Welger 435 2008 Welger V160 E-Link 2016 8000 bales Bomford 3m heavy duty shaft drive topper Twyman 10’ flail mower Twose 280 flail mower Lely Roterra 4m power harrow Sumo Trio 3m c/w seeder 2013 trailed little work Amazone ED452-K 6 row maize drill Dowdeswell 5 furrow reversible plough Kuhn 700G11 disc mower Kuhn FC313 mounted mower conditioner Kuhn MDS1141 QL fertiliser spreader Kverneland Taarup 9142 single rotor rake Kverneland Taarup 9578C twin rotor rake Teagle 40/40 tub feeder/bedder Teagle 80/80 SC feeder/bedder Conor 12m feeder mixer Graham Edwards 14’ tri axle cattle trailer Polaris Prostar quad bike c/w roll bar road legal Kawasaki 650 2017 quad bike excellent condition Honda 400 Foreman quad bike Twose 6.3m Cambridge rolls c/w paddles Edlington Cambridge rolls, 21’ hyd folding

 Agricultural Engineers

Saddington Road Nr SHEARSBY Leics LE17 6PX

REDUCED 2015 Kverneland EG 6f Plough wlll have 90% new metal inc boards ÂŁ14,950

Used Lemken EuroOpal 8 6f c/w slats, 2007, c/w spare wide wheel & spares, very tidy! ÂŁ9,250

Used Kverneland ES 85 200 vari width, hyd front furrow, 320 depth wheel, very smart! ÂŁ13,750

2018 Kubota M7 50K electric spools, f/lift, 7� monitor, 650 tyres, 1800hrs, balance of 5000hr warranty £51,000

Richard Evans • 07375 508366 • richard@battlefieldmachinery.com

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JCB 531-70, 5000hrs, fully serviced – a very tidy loadall ..........................................ÂŁ32,500 Merlo 28.7, 6000hrs – this is excellent value – only ..................................................ÂŁ15,500 Merlo 38.7, 4000hrs, cab suspension, weigh cells ...................................................ÂŁ33,000 McCormick X6.430, 130hp, 3900hrs, superb condition – very popular .....................ÂŁ36,500 Deutz 5090 4wd with loader, 88hp, super little runabout ...........................................ÂŁ19,750 McCormick CX95 synchro 4wd, very well cared for – don’t miss this .......................ÂŁ13,850 McCormick MC115, high hrs but still very useful and sought after ............................ÂŁ11,500 McCormick CX85 2wd, only 3000hrs – exceptional condition ...................................ÂŁ12,750 Deutz 7250 TTV, new transmission, low hrs – your chance to own ................................. POA Hinimoto C174 4wd compact tractor – a really lovely example – priced right ...............ÂŁ3,500 2006 Tafe 45D tractor with power loader, 2800hrs, genuine throughout................................ÂŁ7,750 McCormick X7.690 EfďŹ cient – simplicity and power – 225hp max your chance to try – don’t miss out on this performance pack 2015 Mchale trailed C460 straw bedder – now surplus – hardly used ..................................ÂŁ9,250 Amia bale boss straw bedder – suit mini Hesston bales, self load, JCB ‘Q’ ďŹ ttings .......ÂŁ5,500 Bunnings 6 ton single axle dumper with grain tailgate – you won’t ďŹ nd better ..............ÂŁ2,750 Teagle SX fertiliser spreaders, checked & ready for work.....................................from ÂŁ3,000 Pettit 3.5 ton single axle tipping trailer, drop side, very tidy – only ...................................ÂŁ750 Kverneland 4 furrow vari-width, excellent metal – really nice condition ........................ÂŁ2,750 Parmiter Utah 250 disc harrow with Cambridge rolls, surplus & good..........................ÂŁ2,250 McConnel PA59E hedger, T-ails, electric controls, 3 point link – ďŹ t nice .....................ÂŁ7,500 2011 Kuhn 2190 round baler, variable chamber, refurbished – a really nice example ...........ÂŁ12,500 2006 John Deere 592 round baler, twine and net wrap – ready for work ...............................ÂŁ4,850 2019 Demo McHale 660V chopper baler – very low bale count – attractive price ......................TBA Dieci telehandlers – absolute quality – exclusive comfort, pure technology dual speed hydrostatic transmission – try our 4t machine today Rabe 5 furrow dual 900mm ring press – as new condition – at bargain price Shelbourne Reynolds shear bucket, suit JCB model SB3000 – tidy .............................ÂŁ2,750 Portequip cattle/ sheep feeder ex stock at very keen prices – ring now 2001 Thwaites 4wd 6 ton dumper truck – in good order mechanically .................................ÂŁ3,950 Hayter & Toro mowers – new season approaching – still some 2019 price machines left – HURRY & RESERVE Good used Stiga/Countax ride on mowers for sale

01162 478 999

Sales: Dave Griffin – mobile 07712 509869 69455


Visit us on and


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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 POTATO EQUIPMENT (cont)

FAUN 2/4 row trailed potato planter, hydraulic hopper, good condition, stored indoors. £400+VAT. R Lane Tel 07831 615912 (Cambs)




CTM Rockstars coming available:

POTATO ridgers. A Roughton Tel 07961 356448/07961 356449 (Lincs)

FOR EXPORT Marian Teodorczyk

Call Lukasz on

07512 821421

GRIMME KSA 75 front topper, used, 2019. P Webster Tel 01704 893162/07900 286419 (Lancs) HOEKSTRA 3.2m GLB. £500. M England Tel 07949 129732 (Cambs) REEKIE Cleanflow harvester for spares, good tytres & webs, plus elevator & Dahlmans. £700. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincs) FRONT mounted 3.2m wide Horstine Farmery applicator. £750. M England Tel 07949 129732 (Cambs)


DOWNS Foxhound elevator, 33' long & in very good condition. £1,850. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincs)

Tractor & Combine Controls Material Handler Joysticks & SLI's


QUALITY FLAILS To suit most flail mowers and hedge cutters at competitive prices

Grain & Precision Drills Balers & Wrappers Mowers & Foragers

Simon Smith Plant Repairs Ltd

Tel: 01427 718561 Fax: 01427 718016

Sprayers & Fertiliser Spreaders Diet Feeder Weighing Systems


STANDEN haulm topper, can be used front or rear, good working order. £500. G Norman Tel 07831 126226 (Cambs) PEARSON Jumbo ridger with subsoiler legs & markers. £400. G Norman Tel 07831 126226 (Cambs) RUMPSTAD 4 x 36" row inter row rotovator. £950. M England Tel 07949 129732 (Cambs) WALTHAMBURY Series 2000 weigher, 3 phase, in good condition. £1,500. G Norman Tel 07831 126226 (Cambs) WALTHAMBURY single phase bag presenter, with V track conveyer (3 phase) & Newlong stitcher with caterpillar tracks (3 phase). £4,000. G Norman Tel 07831 126226 (Cambs) HERBERT 36" modular grader, comprising of hopper (approx 5t), dirt extractor, with cross conveyer, grading module with cross conveyer & picking off table, all in good order, giving up potatoes. £3,000. G Norman Tel 07831 126226 (Cambs) HOEKSTRA 3.2m GLB. £750. M England Tel 07949 129732 (Cambs) GRIMME Q inline potato harvester. £1,200. G Norman Tel 07831 126226 (Cambs)

PRECISION FARMING TRIMBLE TDL450L radio/repeater, new. £900. S Bartle Tel 07884 238552 (Notts) JD StarFire 3000 steering guidance. £1,200 ono. P Hinch Tel 07866 604132 (Leics)

Mobile Breakdown & Repairs Servicing & Maintenance of all types of plant Air Conditioning Service & Repairs Hydraulic Overhauls Welding Repairs & Fabrication Full Workshop Facilities

ORBITAL steering unit for JD7710, brand new, purchased but never fitted to tractor. Cost £400 to buy. Offers welcome. G Dunn Tel 07768 904984 (Cambs) HYDRAULIC ram 4’ long. £50. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)

E-mail: sales@flailsdirect.co.uk Website: www.flailsdirect.co.uk

TINES, all unused, fourteen 450mm long x 200mm wide x 11.4mm thick, six 485mm long x 215mm wide x 12.2mm thick. Offers. D Ivens Tel 07969 877834 (Northants)

(Flails direct is a division of Engineering and Hire Ltd)

SCRAPPING MF30 drills, many spares, plenty of seed tubes, parts to be removed by buyer. M Fordham Tel 07871 986848/01799 530242 (Essex)

Short Engines


for agricultural & industrial applications



Also flail mowers for tractors and excavators from 15 to 200HP

Perkins 1004/1004.4T

Leicestershire based

COUNTRY loving, animal orientated, male/ female, any age, to help on family friendly farm, well behaved beautiful animals, suckle cows & horses, glorious setting, live in, with immediate start. Salary negotiable. www.combefarmarabians.com. M Harris Tel 01404 42334 (Devon)


SALES, parts & service for Bonhill/ Fortschritt muck spreaders, combines, etc. Contact Ian Leech, Bonhill-Leech, 07860 206348 (Norfolk)

David King Electronics 07730 009965 Tel: 01789 731365

Email: info@agri-web.co.uk

SANDERSON tipper box. A Roughton Tel 07961 356448/07961 356449 (Lincs)


Agricultural & Plant Repairs

Tel: 028 9127 5913

STANDEN Vision Diamond roller deck discs, share, etc, etc, taken out to convert to onion harvester. £600+VAT. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs)

TOPCON RTK X30 monitor, AGI 4 RTK receiver, good condition, c/w Massey Ferguson wiring loom. £5,000. M Leeder Tel 07802 731316 (Essex)




PEARSON Megastar destoner, 2004, barn stored, boulder box, top scrubber web, very tidy for age. £7,000. T Durdy Tel 07917 891903 (S Yorks)


TRIMBLE CFX-750 auto guidance system with Isobus & RTK, c/w E-Z steering & all wiring, fitted & maintained by AS Communications, all in very good working order. £2,750. D Wakefield Tel 07889 756705 (Cambs)



Tel. 01485 520355

01489 896 626

Payment prior to collection • Any condition considered

or visit our website

Call Karl today on 07919 916918 for info.


Potato • Onion • Carrot • Parsnip Red Beet • Veg handling equipment Graders (both screen & lift roller) hopper cleaners/graders, brushes, box & big bag fillers/tippers, etc Field equipment Vegetable transplanters, drills, top lifters, toppers, hook tine cultivators Grimme DL/GZ/GT/SE harvesters


By Teo



Perkins & Ford/New Holland engines

New/Reman, Dyno tested, engine blocks & parts available New JCB 444 engine stock! Tier 2 & 3 engines – 55kW, 63kW, 68kW, 74kW, 85kW, 97kW and 108kW available

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

CTM 1706 Rockstar 2 ex-demo Web-star-web-star web configuration, self-levelling & reset


TRIMBLE EZ-Guide 250, AG15 antenna, 2-ram mounts, had little use & as new condition with latest software update. £800+VAT. J Lane Tel 07553 651707 (Northants)


CTM 1505 Rockstar 2014 refurbed 4 web machine, completely overhauled

REEKIE 4 x 36" row potato planter. £800. M England Tel 07949 129732 (Cambs)


CTM 1506 Rockstar 2 ex-demo Web-star-web-star web configuration, powered cleaning web

with oil pump, top & bottom gasket sets & rear & front seals

For engine builds AA, AB, AC, AG, AH, AK, AM

BLADES, unused, 50mm wide, 168mm long, 18mm dia hole (43). £50 no VAT. D Ivens Tel 07969 877834 (Northants) SUMO leg protectors, 31 available. £5 each. S Bartle Tel 07884 238552 (Notts) ROLLER table rollers (96), 460mm long, 60mm diameter, with centre shaft & bearings. £2 each. B Poulson Tel 01284 828371 (Suffolk) ORBITAL steering unit for JD7710, brand new, purchased but never fitted to tractor. Cost £400 to buy - offers. G Dunn Tel 07768 904984 (Cambs) HYDRAULIC loader for Fordson Major (horndrolic), all brackets & rams, no bucket. £120+VAT. M Andrew Tel 07903 442568/01780 720394 (Lincs) STOCKS seeder radar, new. £300. S Bartle Tel 07884 238552 (Notts) TWO JCB Fastrac top links, new. £115 each. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk) RIB roll rings (70), 20 & 21", most are good condition, ring for more details. B Poulson Tel 01284 828371 (Suffolk)

Genuine & Aftermarket Perkins blocks & parts available

Agri spec pictured


01489 896 626 sales@timik.co.uk

www.timik.co.uk PIN & cone weld on brackets. £50; also pin & cone back plate, came off a John Deere loader. £150. M Robertson Tel 07879 656006/01362 850242 (Norfolk) SIMBA Solo rear drawbar. Open to offers. S Bartle Tel 07884 238552 (Notts) SUMO Trio par ts – 1 standard leg, 3 tungsten points, 2 shear pins. G Gapp Tel 01379 677693/07979 495492 (Norfolk)

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Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Toppers & Flail Mowers




• 6’ - 1.83mtr Roller Mower • Rear roller - 12-100mm cut • CAT I + II - requires 35hp +

• 8’ - 2.45mtr Roller Mower • Rear roller - 12-100mm cut • CAT I + II - requires 45hp +

RRP £3,795 - 11057349

RRP £4,435 - 61055725









61055721 Topper 9 • 9’ / 2.74mtr cutting width • Semi offset, twin rotor • Cat II min 55hp • RRP £4,120


WREN 3.5mtr - 2018 Plate • 3.5mtr non parallel • 0.8mtr flail head • Cable control • 50ltr/minute • RRP £15,100



41046341 Twinblade 2700

• 2.7mtr cutting width • 540 PTO Shaft driven • 2 rotor/4 blade 50-150mm • RRP£3,900

11053375/ 31053388/ 51053392 Euro 280

• 2.8mtr cutting width • 1000 PTO • Front/rear mount • 32 flails • 75-110hp required • RRP £9100


• Heavy duty rear mounted • 3 sets of timed blades • 2.75mtr cutting width • RRP £6,600





41046340 Triblade 3000






61055724 Park P160 • 1.6mtr cut, 2 drive belts, • 14 flails, manual side shift, • Rear mounted • RRP £3,730


11049360 FM150 • 1.5mtr finishing mower • 25-100mm - 15hp+ • Rear mounted - 4 wheels • RRP £1637



40hp 3cyl diesel, extending rubber tracks, remote control, 1.5mtr grass flail head, lights, beacon, 2019, RRP £55,000

11055965- NEW





6 Stock

11055958 - DEMO


TriWing 460 NEW • 4.6mtr cutting width • 2.3mtr transport width • To suit 80hp+ - 1000 PTO • 25mm - 375mm cutting height • Sprung suspension system • 9 Heavy duty updraft blades • Contoured decks

RRP £22,800

FAROL PRICE £13,950 + VAT Toppers + Flails_SALE_2 page JAN 2020.indd 1

01844 278843 sales@farol.co.uk www.farol.co.uk

FA R M S I G H T • T E C H S I G H T • T U R F S I G H T

All prices exclude VAT. 2018/2019 STOCK Correct 17/2/20. Whilst stocks last. E & OE 17/01/2020 11:41:24

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 69948


W&M Agricultural Engineering Oswestry • Shropshire • SY10 7JU

All prices + VAT

Merlo 34.7 Plus

4700hrs, 2015 (15 reg), boom susp, PUH, 405/70-24 (new), fully serviced, Lola certificate


2012, 5200hrs, a/con, a/seat, boom susp,trailer new tyres, fully serviced & Lola ticket, hitch option


Merlo 40.7



Call for details

Merlo 32.6 Plus

2010, 6300hrs, boom suspension, air con, air seat, pick up hitch

JCB 541.70 Agri Super 2005, c/w bucket & forks, straight machine

0% Finance*

BVL Topstar 170 block cutter

good working order, very well looked after machine

*T&Cs apply Limited offer


BFX-180 Wessex International Abbey 2250R tanker round bale feeder able to spike, 2005, sprung drawbar, 30.5R32

load & feed out silage, hay, haylage, bales up to 6’x5’ & 1000kg, L & RH

Available on all secondhand Merlos





Kuhn 2270 Euromix diet feeder West 14t silage/grain trailer 2013, twin auger, direct tractor control, 10 stud ADR axles, 425/65R22.5 f/RH & r/LH door, new augers & knives, tyres, hyd door & grain chute full service & all oils changed

Richard Western 8t silage

trailer 1996, silage sides & rear canopy, grain door, excellent condition, choice of 2

on 50% of the RRP 2+22

Hi Spec 2000 gallon tanker

wheel, mech 8000 pump

01691 683825 • John Mottram: 07968 715 512 • Mike Worthing: 07709 089 78 • email: john@wm-agrieng.co.uk



Telephone 01371 830353 Email info@jbrockandsons.com Visit www.jbrockandsons.com


Woodhams Farm, Cutlers Green, Thaxted, Essex CM6 2RH

BROCK Campaign 9m G+F tine drill, FARMET Verso 6m springtine, FARMET Kompaktomat 6m seedbed FARMET Fantom FX 470 NS 4.7m 2017 c/w Avadex & slug pellets, see tungsten points, f/& rear levellers, cultivator, 2015 c/w track erads, rear mtd stubble cultivator, auto reset linkage, 8/10 .......................£18,250 tines at 21cm spacing, new. £17,750 memory depth control, new .£25,000 video working Oct/Nov 2019

AMAZONE Cayenna 6001-C 6m grain JCB Loadall 530-70 Farm Special, SIMBA 8.2m Unipress, 2006 c/w 2001, 6915hrs, PUH, hyd attach, & fert tine drill, 2016 c/w pre-em Pro-active tines, hyd levellers, 700mm DD rings .....................due in markers, 8/10 ................... £37,500 pallet forks, rehandling bucket, 7/10

BROCK 3m Sub-Partner subsoiler BROCK Sub-V 3m 5 leg mounted tool bar, std or low disturbance legs, subsoiler, 700mm packer, integral toolbox, swivel scrapers, new £9,850 pictured with Vad 3m Carrier .£4,875

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

2m wide, 1.6m3 cap, loader or handler bracket, root chopper option CALL FOR DETAILS


NC 26’ bale trailer 16t, spr d/bar, BOM feeder buckets commercial hi spd axles, 445/4519.5 tyres, oil brakes with load sensing, 4m 8t alloy ramps, LEDs





We have recently become dealers for Corvus 2 year warranty See our website for full details

HORSCH 4m Sprinter, 2005, grain KNIGHT EU 24m 3000L, 1998, CLAAS Arion 540, 2014, 1789hrs, 40K, cab susp, f/weight, 600/65-R38 tracking, laser recirc, axle susp, see & fert, Multigrip tines, full width f/ video, 7/10............................£7,750 packer, Dutch openers, 8/10 rear, 460/65-R28 front, 9/10

HEVA 3m disc roller, 2008 c/w hyd KUHN 182 OL 6 furrow (5+1) onKVERNELAND LD85-240 6 furrow KVERNELAND NG 300 H4 power AMAZONE ZA-M 1501 fert spreader, KVERNELAND LO85-300 7 furrow (5+1), man vari-width, No28 bodies, land/in-furrow, 2008, hyd auto-reset, discs, ring packer, can be sold with/ 2010 c/w weigh cells, SBS, Amatron, (6+1) on-land/in-furrow, 2005, just harrow, 2001 c/w new bolt-on done little work, 9/10 ............£6,750 had first set of bodies, 9/10 .£14,500 blades, tooth packer, 7/10 .....£3,750 press arm, see Lemken press below manual vari-width ....................due in without HeVa 5 leg Combilift, 7/10

LEMKEN Variopack 110 S 2.8m NISSAN Navara NP300 2016, 46000mls, LELY 300-35 3m power harrow drill SIMBA Great Plains 10m X-Press, manual, leather, EKO hardtop, serviced, combination, 1995 c/w tooth packer, 2011 c/w Pro-active discs, 700mm furrow press c/w wide axles, good owned from new, 9/10 ............. £14,500 Suffolk coulters, 8/10 ............£5,750 DD rings..................................due in 700mm 30 degree rings, 8/10

Linkage mounted snow plough, VADERSTAD 5m Topdown, 2009 6/10 ........................................£975 c/w 470mm Truecut discs & BROCK 700mm steel ring packer, 8/10

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CASE 2200TS sprayer, 20m boom, triple nozzles, owned since new, excellent condition. ÂŁ4,000+VAT. M Murfitt Tel 07778 053373/01353 860932 (Cambs)


Berthoud Tenor 5500L 40m DP Tronic, vgc, 2009, boom could be resized if required ...ÂŁ22,500+VAT Hardi Commander 3200L 24m HPZ Force Boom, 2010, vgc ..........................ÂŁ12,500+VAT Hardi Master 1200L 15m 2008, fully serviced & vgc ........................ÂŁ5,000+VAT Contact Richard Dix

07770 331587

BOSTON 01205 722 240 WISBECH 01945 461 181 BEDFORD 01525 841 923


Knight EU trailed 24m 2010 3000 litre, electronic controller, GPS/auto shut off option at extra cost Gem Multi-trak trailed 20/21m 1999, 2100 litre John Deere 840i trailed 36m 2009, 4000 litre, auto shut off Bateman Hi/Lo 24m 1995 2000 litre, JD engine Bateman RB15 24m 1996, 2500 litre Bateman Hi/Lo Deutz engine, 24m, 1990, 2000 litre

Agribuggy demount 12m 2004, 2000 litre

JOHN Deere 832, 24m, tracking drawbar, very good condition. ÂŁ9,500+VAT. R Bright Tel 01404 881603 (Devon)

AGRIFAC Condor, 2013, 24/36m, 5000L, section control, auto steer, 2 sets of wheels, 380/710, 2 spray lines, Techneat slug spreader. ÂŁ75,000+VAT ono. S Mann Tel 07852 981855 (Lincs)

Knight 2000L sprayer


BATEMAN Hi Lo, 1991, 24m, 8757hrs, 2000L, single line, RDS Delta 34i, 2 sets of wheels, good condition for age, light weight machine. ÂŁ7,500 ono. R Wright Tel 07730 309730 (Suffolk)



01284 724455

Sprayer Specialists in the Eastern & Southern Counties Crop & Amenity Sprayer Specialist Sprayer Specialist in the Eastern & Southern Counties New and used sprayers and parts stocked for: Berthoud • Househam Chafer • Agrifac and most other makes Hypro • Teejet • Lechler Altek • RDS • Dual Pumps Enduramaxx • Stocks Fan Jet

Contacts: Robert Webb: 07860 801322 Anthony Williams: 07711 947189 Phil Ramsey: 07934 799628 Andy Gemmill: 07802 336880

01279 812727 spraytecltd@btinternet.com



All offered subject to remaining unsold



BATEMAN HiLo, 20m, excellent condition, new steering joints, boom springs, etc, ďŹ tted by Bateman. ÂŁ12,500. N Cutmore Tel 07850 412685 (Essex)


More sprayers on our website:

Holly Bush Farm, Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 3DP For your new self-propelled, trailed or mounted crop sprayer, to go




Bateman RB55

on farm or at our test centre, all makes

Graham Mitchell-Rowlands 07860 618903 01449 737482 graham@gm-rsprayers.co.uk Marek Technical Support: 07496 294201 Sue Admin: 01449 736300

SAM self propelled sprayer, 2500L, 6 cyl Deutz engine, 24m, 700x50x26.5 tyres @90%. ÂŁ2,500. A Mcintosh Tel 01793 710286 (Oxon)




Landquip Electrac 24m 2006 3500 litre, electronic controller, full refurbishment including shot blasted & sprayed, GPS/auto shut off option at extra cost


FRAZIER Agribuggy 4D 21m sprayer with pommier aluminium booms, 1500L tank, reconditioned pump, upgraded engine, been sandblasted & resprayed, J reg. ÂŁ4,900 Call Mark. L Thomas Tel 07977 058184/07984 596095 (Cornwall)

POA 2015, 5000l, 36-40m VG Boom, 50kph, 275 hp, pacer, Topcon X35 GPS Norac .4900 hrs. Very Tidy


Celebrating 15 years of GM-R Sprayers Ltd


2009 Landquip Electrac 4000 24m trailed sprayer, hydraulic pump, Scharmuller ball hitch with hydraulic steering drawbar, second set of wheels (Michelin XMs 108 600/65-R38), very tidy & well maintained, done 100 acres in last two years. D Hurst Tel 07976 304391 (Herts)

07748 644975


2019 ex demo Agribuggy A280 41hrs 2700L 12/24m aluminium boom with 13 section GPS auto section control Tee-Jet Field Pilot auto steer rowcrops 340/85R36 540/65R24 floatation wheels – the only lightweight mechanical drive in its class unladen weight 4.7t 2014 John Deere M952i 5000L 36m two sets wheels, Isobus and joystick (JD2700 screen available extra) GM-R Voyager 4000 24m last of this model after 15 years (new models at Lamma 2020) auto steer GPS section control NSTS year’s warranty ..............................£48,000+VAT on farm 2016 Agribuggy A280 2200hrs fully serviced tank 2700L 12/24m aluminium boom Tee-Jet Field Pilot auto steer with 9 section GPS auto section control 9.5x44 rowcrops 560/60R22.5 floatation wheels McConnel (Kellands) Multidrive 6195 with Bredal K85 spreader 2012 two sets wheels Used Sieger Drainjetter 300m 2 hydraulic functions workshop prepared ready to use



y The Specialist Sprayer Compan

Frogs Hall, Wilby, Eye, Suffolk IP21 5LF


www.tvmachinery.com Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)

POA 20/21m boom, self tracking d/bar, lovely clean machine, 2 owners from new, simple sprayer with minimal electrics, first come first served


MILESTONE SPRAYERS 07850 144244 (mobile 24hrs) rory@milestonesprayers.com www.milestonesprayers.com

CHAFER Guardian 4000, 2007, 24m, steering axle, Michelin Agribib 18.4R34 tyres, triple nozzles, Teejet 844e controller, more details/photos on request. ÂŁ22,500. T Elwess Tel 07796 716629/07825 446321 (Lincs)

CLEANACRES trailed 24m sprayer, 2700L, Delta 34i box, 2 sets of wheels, hydraulic pump, tank rinse, triple nozzle bodies. ÂŁ4,000. R Day Tel 07710 405260 (Lincs)

CHAVIOT 2000, 96 P reg, 300Tdi auto, 5640hrs, 24m c/w aluminium end sections, 2100L plus clean water tank, Delta 34i rate controller, air con, blob marker, 2 sets wheels, excellent condition. ÂŁ5,950+VAT. R Maundrell Tel 07785 568800/01527 854834 (Warks)

BERTHOUD trailed sprayer, 2700L, 24m, good tyres 9.5x44. ÂŁ1,500+VAT. R Rylott Tel 07951 008386/01205 290386 (Lincs)

National Standards


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Agricultural Application Machinery Specialists



Sancroft Agri Services Ltd



BATEMAN RB26, 2010, 7550hrs, 3000L, 24m contour boom, twin line 400l/min pump, LH Agro 5000 rate controller, Trimble GFX750 + EZ pilot steering, 380/85-R30 rowcrops, LGP 680/55-R28 +2 spares, vgc. ÂŁ45,000. B Shaw Tel 07860 874167 (Beds)

HARDI 6m sprayer, with new pump. ÂŁ220. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk)


Boston Crop Sprayers Ltd



BOOK YOUR TEST N SANDS 2000 Lowline, 24m, twin line, 7 sections, RDS rate controller, 2 sets of wheels, 10,043hrs, a genuine sprayer in very good condition. C Townshend Tel 07877 701847 (Suffolk)


KNIGHT JCB demount, 2000L, 24m, air jet Airtec controller, RDS rate control, front mounted Hammond air compressor (Fastrac not included). ÂŁ2,550. P Wright Tel 07774 457821 (Norfolk)

01953 450279 info@agrikel.com Norfolk


KNIGHT 20/21m mounted sprayer, hydraulic fold, wide ďŹ t 4 section boom, electric controls, chemical induction, road lighting, 1000L tank, current NSTS test. ÂŁ1,500+VAT. M Fleming Tel 07881 913725 (Lincs) HARDI Mega 24m LPZ sprayer, mounted, boom level, 1200L, triple nozzles, rate controller, very tidy, 2004. ÂŁ5,500. K Stone Tel 07471 902001/01953 498148 (Norfolk)

BERTHOUD 1000L Force11 Ex DPTronic 12m mounted sprayer, 2013, but virtually unused hence, immaculate, all instruction books as originally supplied c/w spares, power fill, tested May 2019. ÂŁ6,250+VAT. R Lintott Tel 01728 663476/07799 473374 (Suffolk)

EDLINGTON 6m weedwiper, unused, cost over ÂŁ3,000. Asking ÂŁ1,500. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk) JOHN Deere 624 trailed sprayer with tracking, in very good order, c/w spare nozzles, etc. ÂŁ4,750. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincs)

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 Want to know more? +44(0)7971 242 905 +44(0)7801 835 205 +44(0)7951 021 461 +44(0)7977 015 345 +44(0)7584 468 319 +44(0)1728 724 255 +44(0)7753 562 265 +44(0)1531 640 518 +44(0)1736 719 440 +353(0)87 193 4008 +44(0)7989 150 536

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£5 ,0 00 50 ,9 Reekie Speed Star, 2003 Star SB, Levelling, Multi Blade, Rotor SS 546

0 00 4,

£2 ScanStone 5.4m Triple Tiller, 2012 QC L-Blades, Soil Intake Discs SS 556






8 £1

ScanStone 5.4m Straddle Tiller 2019 QC Blades SDM 104


0 75

, £1 Reekie 2 Body SB Bed Former, 1999 New Metal, Excellent Condition SS 534

Grimme CS1500 Web, 2000 Star SB, Multi-Blade SS 525

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

A O £P

0 0 50

, £4


,5 £6 ScanStone 3 Webber Destoner, 2019 Multi-Blade, Brakes, New CB, Levelling SDM 107


00 ScanStone 1.8m Single Tiller, 2011 QC L-Blades, �lo���s Sold Se�e�atel� SS 5��

ScanStone Gemini Grass Topper 2018 SDM 067



Grimme CS150 Destoner, 2009 �o Stone Bo�, �d��sta�le Sta�s SS TBC




0 00

, £7

00 ,3


ScanStone 4215SB Destoner, 2005 Rotor Front, Multi-Blade, No Stone Box SS 457


50 ,2 £7

0 95

, £1

ScanStone Pegasus Grass Topper 2018 SDM 069

ScanStone 2 Body Bed Former, 2019 ��� �on-Sto� S�ste� SD� TBC

Grimme 1.8m Single Tiller, 2004 New C-Shape Blades SS 507

Grimme GZ1700, 2002 Digger Web, 2nd Web, Single MS, LD SS 489



00 ,5 £7

ScanStone 2 Body Bed Former, 2019 Auto Reset, Tail Pieces, Stabilisers SDM 087


00 Grimme CS1500 Web, 1995 Rake SB, Multi-Blade, 37, 27, 32 SS 389

Grimme 5.4m Straddle Tiller, 2003 C-Shape Blades, With 2 Ploughs SS 507








£P Koning Planter, 1999 2-Row, Excellent Condition SS 513

Grimme 1.8m Single Tiller, 2005 C-Shape Blades SS 583


Standen 2 Body Bed Former, 2002 Point Markers, Auto Reset SS 562


Standen 4 Body Bed Former, 2005 Markers, Auto Reset, Parallel Linkage SS 441



00 ScanStone 2 Body Bed Former, 2015 New Points & Shares, Shearbolt SS 561�SS 560 C�oice o� T�o



,8 ScanStone 2 Body Bed Former 2004 S�ea��olt �lo���s, �econditioned SS 5�� and SS 5��



£1 ScanStone 4 Body Mini Ploughs Auto Reset SDM 048

Grimme 2 Body Bed Former, 2005 Shearbolt, Shapeforma SS 580


Standen 4 Body Bed Former, 2011 Auto Reset, Disc Markers, DW, PL SS 576



50 ScanStone 2 Body Bed Former, 2019 ��to �eset, C�atea�-St�le SD� 0��



,9 Standen 1.8m Single Tiller, 2005 Spike Rotor SS 533



£2 Grimme 2 Body Bed Former, 2011 Disc Markers, Auto Reset SS 550

ScanStone 5.4m Triple Tiller, 2019 Intake Discs, QC Blades SDM 081

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S SCOTT & SONS Ltd Steel Stockholders

Delivery service

01359 269378 STRAW & HAY SMALL bale wheat & barley straw. £2/bale; also hay. £3.50/bale. Delivery at cost or pick up. M Carpenter Tel 07759 910099 (Norfolk)

ABBOTT & CO (Wessex) LTD

22,730 litre bunded tanks 17’L plus cabinet x 9’2”W x 8’H gauge & battery alarm

www.thekinggroup.co.uk/tanks 01638 712328 Suffolk 01992 451629 Herts/Essex MARSTON 200 gallon or 990L single skin bowser, lights, brakes, 12v pump, nice clean bowser. £800+VAT. M Widdowson Tel 07850 689795 (Leics)

18x 22,000 litre 4840 gallon ex Cider GRP Storage Tanks

£1,500 each

Discount on bulk


GOOD quality barley straw & top quality hay, call for details, near Saxmundham. S Aldred Tel 01728 663308/07917 876572 (Suffolk) SMALL bale hay, barn stored, approx 300 bales. £3.50/bale. G Gapp Tel 01379 677693/07979 495492 (Norfolk) HAY & haylage, good quality ryegrass, 4-string 4' square bales, can deliver locally, located 5 mins from J18 on M25. R Higgs Tel 01923 267306/07889 213416 (Herts) HAY and haylage in 4' round bales, hay bales also wrapped, can deliver or load your transport. From £20/bale. L Johnston Tel 07713 241440/01473 652185 (Suffolk) ROUND hay bales, 5x4', good quality meadow grass, also some timothy grass bales, under cover, can deliver local area, Horncastle. D Littleworth & Sons Tel 07944 640696 (Lincs) MEADOW hay, 4'6" round bales, barn stored. £25/bale ex farm. T Knighton Tel 07967 121257 (Essex) BARLEY straw bales, good quality conventional size bales from 2018 harvest, clean bright straw, about 300 left. D Littleworth & sons Tel 07944 640696 (Lincs)

01603 870903 07860 475964

HAYLAGE in 4' round bales, also 4' round bales of barley straw. W Gould Tel 07930 631878/01508 493181 (Norfolk) QUALITY wheat & barley straw, in 70x80 quadrants, barn stored. A Thompson Tel 01953 860353/07884 480302 (Norfolk) EXCELLENT meadow hay & barley straw for sale, Saxmundham. S Aldred Tel 01728 663308 (Suffolk) TIMOTHY (hard hay) conventional bales, 2019 crop, situated near Billericay, help with loading. P Buckenham Tel 07770 797846 (Essex) MINI Hesston wheat & barley straw, barn stored, can be delivered or collected. K Ollett Tel 07753 859882/01359 270047 (Suffolk) CONVENTIONAL bales of meadow hay, 2019 cut, good quality, barn stored. F Ivens Tel 07969 877834 (Northants) QUALITY wheat & barley straw, in 70x80 quadrants, barn stored. A Thompson Tel 01953 860353/07884 480302 (Norfolk)






KUHN 30.1 fertiliser spreader, 2013, good condition, ready to go, will hold 2t urea, S6 discs. £3,750. F Bennett Tel 07889 132784/01371 870818 (Essex)

51,000 litre horiz/cyl dished ends 27’6”L x 9’W x 10’H & cradles 1 x twin & 2 x single compart

07787 551081 HAYLAGE in 4' round bales, good quality, triple wrapped. £25/bale. F Ivens Tel 07969 877834 (Northants) HAY from re-seeded grass leys, weed free, barn stored, 90 x 90 x 270 square bales, June 2019, excellent quality, East Suffolk. £30/bale. M Collins Tel 07850 988808 (Suffolk) HAY in 4' round bales, ideal for horses, etc, can deliver locally or load your own transport. Call & leave message & we call you back, as mobile signal poor. G Hogger Tel 01787 210074/07860 536899 (Suffolk)

P J Reed HAY & FOR SALE 01284 810751 07768 353910

AGRIBUGGY Stealth 2000L, stainless steel tank & induction hopper, 24m alloy booms, 4ws. J Dennis Tel 07967 442373 (Devon)


Are buyers & sellers of


TERRACAST V2 Avadex 12m mounted boom spreader, incl up to a 36m slug pelleter to fit onto sprayer, all in very good order with hydraulic drive air fan, controller & GPS speed monitor. D Wakefield Tel 07889 756705 (Cambs)

HORSTINE Farmery Avadex applicator, 12m boom, mounted on Logic chassis with Honda engine, ball hitch, in good working order. POA. M Hornbuckle Tel 07801 101645 (Leics)


Galvanised roofing sheets, box profile and corrugated


JD832I trailed sprayer, 30/28/14m, 3200L tank, 400L wash tank, GPS section control ready, BoomTrac auto height/levelling, tracking drawbar, joystick control with JD2600 screen or option of electronic controls for no Isobus tractor, good cond. N Charter Tel 07889 732444 (Cambs)

01302 867328

For more information:


01302 867328 SMALL metal tank, no rust. £20. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)

5x 27,000 litre, 5940 gallon Horizontal Mild Steel Storage Tanks


AMAZONE ZAM Max fertiliser spreader, 1500L hopper with 800L extension to total 2300L capacity, hopper cover, 24m spreading discs & border disc, condition good. £1,100. J Northen Tel 07970 070888 (Cambs) LIME spreader, 3–4t, power axle, tidy condition for age. £4,250 ono. D Jones Tel 07494 398531 (Shrops) 2017 Kuhn 40.2 M-EMC fertiliser spreader, immaculate condition, used for 2yrs, hydraulic control border spreading, Quantron R controller ensures quick & easy setup & operation, by far the most accurate & reliable spreader I've used. £10,500. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Glos)

For more information:


Call Andrew Lloyd


KUHN MDS 1141 fertiliser spreader, B910 & B610 extensions, PTO driven, left & right hydraulic shut off, folding lid, will fit new lights upon sale, adjustable vanes for different widths & products, good condition. £2,000. E Ward Tel 07867 524632 (Lincs)


prefer big bales

Posts for grain walling and silage clamps

07748 004794 01245 442224(T)




All types of steel available new and secondhand



TRADITIONAL 2019 meadow hay, grown under organic conditions (no fertiliser or chemicals for 20yrs), small square, round & wrapped haylage available, north Essex, priced to sell depending on quantity & delivery. Call for prices. W Brazier Tel 07836 276711 (Essex)


Call Jeff on


Very good prices paid promptly


2002 Bogballe Ex Trend spinner, very tidy for age, not used in past two years, electronic box, capable of variable rate, hopper extensions, always washed & stored inside. £950 ono. D Hurst Tel 07976 304391 (Herts)


HOUSEHAM AR3000 24m twin line with 5 nozzles, 63 plate, serviced by Househam from new, 5000hrs, 2 sets of wheels 380/85/30 & 600/60/28, serviced & ready for work, 12months MOT. £55,000 ono. J Findlay Tel 07970 828558 (Beds)

off the field & throughout the winter

RECO Askel bag lifter, 1t, excellent condition. £600. A Abblitt Tel 07971 255264 (Cambs)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Househam AR4000

Used 20,000 litre 4400 gallon GRP ex Winery Storage Tank


07977 268113 (T)

BATEMAN RB17 Serial No 2008045, WA08 MFU, 7000hrs, JD 125hp engine, 3000L, 24m contour boom, Ag Leader GPS, very clean tidy machine, owner operator, has done very little liquid fertiliser, serviced & maintained by Batemans. £45,000+VAT. A Gentle Tel 07801 243800 (W Sussex)

2008, 30m, 4000L, 7670hrs, auto section control, 3 sets of wheels, 36m boom extensions included More photos & full spec at


KVERNELAND Exacta TL variable rate fertiliser spinner, 2013, off 300 acre farm, vgc. £3,500 ono. P Hinch Tel 07866 604132 (Leics) KUHN 1142, 24m, 3100L capacity, Telemat border limiter, hopper cover & mudguards, recent new disc vanes & brushes, no rust, very good paint. £1,950 ono. J Cargill Tel 07754 793725 (Essex) KVERNELAND Exacta CL2014 fertiliser spreader, hopper side extension. must be seen, in good condition. £3,500+VAT ono. I Timms Tel 07785 424892 (Norfolk)


£1,500 each

Discount on bulk

For more information:


01302 867328 PLASTIC 1000L ex-juice container, 2 metal diesel tanks (1 on a stand), also a large glass fish tank 5' long. S Jones Tel 07796 001370 (Norfolk) MOBILE water bowser, 100 gallons. £100. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (E Yorks)


VERY rare 1000L multi purpose stainless steel bowser, with back compartment. £700. G Harfield Tel 07798 941697/01474 814165 (Kent)






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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194



JOHN DEERE 8295R 2011, 50k Autopower, Front Linkage, Autotrac Ready, Pick Up Hitch, Air Brakes, Electric Mirrors, Climate Control, 4xSCV



2012, 6000hrs, 50K, IVT, ILS, MFWD, 5 x ESCV’s, 540/540E/1000, PTO, drawbar, PUH, hydraulic and air brakes, iTec, AutoTrac ready, air seat, passenger seat, air con (climate control), electric heated mirrors, rear wheel weights, 205KG per wheel

5776 hours, Cat 4 linkage, Auto Power command arm 40K, 25 inch tracks 40%, 5 ESCV’s, Auto Track Ready, Digital Climate Control, Genuine Farm Tractor, good condition all round




JOHN DEERE 6150R 2014, 4961 hours, 50K Autoquad, TLS, Cab sus, 650/65R38, 540/65R28, Electric mirrors, mechanical SCV, Premium lighting, Belt line lights



2017, 844 Hours, AutoQuad plus, 50K, Four Wheel Drive, Pick Up Hitch, Drawbar, 3 SCV’s, passenger seat, 420/85R24 460/85R38



2014, 2656 Hours, Direct Drive, 50K, TLS with front brake Turnable Fenders, Cab Suspension, AutoTrac, GreenStar, ISOBUS, Passenger seat, Premium Heated Air Seat, Rear Fender Lights, Belt Line Lights, 3 ESCV’s

2015, Hours: 3917, 40K PowerQuad Plus, TLS, Cab Suspension, Front linkage + SCV, 650/65 R38 40%, 540/65 R28 70%, Turnable front fenders, 4 X SCV, Genuine Farm tractor



JOHN DEERE 5055E 2017, 381 Hours, 55h/p, Four Wheel Drive, Electric Forward and Reverse, Electric Hitch Control



JOHN DEERE 6210R 2014, 3300 hours, AutoQuad, 50K, TLS, Turnable Fenders, Rear Fender Lights, Belt Line Lights, premium seat, passenger seat, 3 SVC’s, Continental 540/65R30 @ 40%, Continental 650/65R42 @ 50%





6574 hours, 2012, 50K, AutoPower, TLS, Front air brakes, Front linkage, Belt line lights, Twin Beacon, Turnable Fenders, Rear Fender lights, 4 ESCV’s, Air brakes, AutoTrac, Passenger seat, premium air seat, Climate Control

3278 Hours, Powr Reverser 16/16 40 km/H, Cab Plus, Rear PTO 540/540E/1000 RPM, 2 SCV’s, Air Condition, Rear Tyres 16.9R34 (420/85R34) 30%, Front Tyres 13.6R24 (340/85R24) 25%



Call Harry Durrant 01795 502744







Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk




CHALLENGER MT775E 2015 year, 1918 hours, Warranty til March 2020, 30” tracks, RTK, Reciever, Track weight, Front weight, 4 ESCV, - 3 point linkage.


| STOCKBURY, KENT - Tel: 01795 843250 | FRAMFIELD, EAST SUSSEX - Tel: 01825 891111 | IVYCHURCH, KENT - Tel: 01233 225775

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TANKS (cont)


BLENCH 12' pigtail cultivator, 19 tines, end tow kit, in good condition, £850; also available quantity of left & right handed genuine Cousins heavy duty pigtail tines. £10 each. J Asplin Tel 07970 070888 (Cambs)



SIMBA Great Plains X Press 6.6m, 2 rows of discs, DD packer, 2013, had very little use (still on original discs), very clean & tidy, call for more info. W Lucas Tel 07790 602023 (Derbys)

Kuhn Power Harrows Drills & Accord d New & Usees ar p S e in h ac M & Repairs

More photos and full spec at


07748 004794 01245 442224(T) 51-69542

01502 710100 Fully searchable database at...



2009, Proactive tines, levelling board, DD rings, new metal

Andy Guest 01636 700608 07860 637654

KRM 3m front steering press, weight 1500kg, water ballast weight 750kg, total weight with water 2250kg, had very little use, more pics on FG FarmAds website. £3,950+VAT ono. P Appleby Tel 07850 317403 (Co Durham) QUIVOGNE APX RS 6m X pattern disc harrows, hydraulic folding, barn stored, in good working order. J Baxter Tel 07770 860422 (Warks) VADERSTAD Rexius Twin 550 press, 5.5m, 85% rings, Raptor tines, good condition. £15,500. GF Cole & Son Ltd Tel 07957 420432 (Norfolk)

New HE-VA rolls

MAIDWELL MOLER Well proven design Single and twin and three legged machines available Mounted and trailed

TELEPHONE: 01604 686216 MOBILE: 07973 265378

HANKINS ENGINEERING www.maidwellmoler.co.uk

KUHN power harrow, 4m. £400. A Mcintosh Tel 01793 710286 (Oxon)

MASCHIO New power harrows New rotary cultivators New flail mowers New spare parts Direct from an importer

FRONT press, 4m hydraulic folding, cast ring type with hydraulic levelling paddles. W Lindsay Tel 07774 607289 (Angus) KONGSKILDE 8.5m KKK harrow, 3pt linkage mounted, hydraulic folding wings & heavy duty depth wheels, ideal for moving wet land prior to drilling, good condition & ready for work. £2,950. K Potter Tel 01223 290249 (Cambs) KVERNELAND furrow press, suitable for 3–4 furrow plough. £250+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)

CLAAS Axion 820CIS, 50k speed, 2284hrs, AY62 CFV, in good condition, must be seen. £33,000+VAT ono. I Timms Tel 07785 424892 (Norfolk)

01362 668286

trsmith120@aol.co.uk www.trsmithagmachinery.com RANSOMES disc harrows, 3m wide, 3pt linkage mounted, good discs, bearings & framework. £575 ono. K Potter Tel 01223 290349 (Cambs)

Eurotrack is pleased to offer Continental Trackman replacement tracks to fit most tractor makes and models. Also available to fit Lexion TerraTrac Tracks feature: ✔ Fully molded lugs for

unsurpassed durability and longevity. ✔ Exclusive patented galvanized cables for superior corrosion resistance. ✔ 50% more wires per inch meaning our track is more durable and longer lasting than the competition.

PARMITER 7.5m harrows, hydraulic fold, good condition. £250. A Abblitt Tel 07971 255264 (Cambs)


CAMBRIDGE roll, all good. D Seymour Tel 07850 292743 (Bucks)

01733 844590 (24hrs)


FRONT tractor fan weight, with bracket. £1,300. M Herring Tel 07818 092626 (Lincs)

For more information contact


454 Herne Road, 51-69543 Ramsey St Mary’s, Huntingdon, Cambs.

07748 004794 01245 442224(T)

Trackman Rubber Tracks

TR Smith Ltd

SUMO front press, 1.5m press with folding 4m tine bar, barn stored & in very good condition. £1,700+VAT. H Pearce Tel 07947 344310 (Essex)

Pan Busters & spirals ALL BLENCH SPARES


CONCEPT 4m Speed Till, 2 rows of pigtail tines & packer, then another 2 rows of tines & second packer. £1,500+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)

KUHN power harrow, 4.5m, with transport wheels. £2,500. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)


more photos and full spec at www.writtlefarmmachinery.co.uk

HOWARD Rota Spike, 100", as new, gwo. £1,175. M Robson Tel 07967 139678 (N Yorks)

COUSINS 3 leg V-Form subsoiler, c/w packer 2.6m, model VFMD 2012, nice paint, good condition. £5,050. A Dunham Tel 07767 248412 (Cambs) RUBBER ribbed packer off Maschio power harrow, 4m, c/w scrapers, very good condition. £700 ono. S Bartle Tel 07884 238552 (Notts)

SIMBA 9.2m trailed pigtail tined cultivator, in good solid condition, hydraulic folding to approx 4.2m, hydraulic depth wheels, all in good solid condition. £3,950+VAT. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Glos) KUHN 3m power harrow with hydraulic up & over linkage & Juko drill, recent new tines on p/harrow. £4,250+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs) CRUMBLER roller & clod comb to fit 3m Lely Roterra Professiona, all barn stored & in vgc. D Hurn Tel 07990 586839 (Norfolk) 3-LEG subsoiler, Bracey frame, Ransomes legs, under frame clearance 24”, some weld on shins. £100. M Fordham Tel 07871 986848/01799 530242 (Essex)


LELY Roterra, 3m. £875 ono. P Beasley Tel 07836 652963/01353 649500 (Cambs)

available for immediate delivery, 22"-24" rings, horizontal folding, contour following

Tel: 01263 711474 sales@eurotrackltd.com www.eurotrackltd.com


LELY Culterra, 4m, front spring tine drag with flexicoil & Lely packer roll, 4m. A Roughton Tel 07961 356448/07961 356449 (Lincs)

European Distributor:


www.andrewguest.co.uk KVERNELAND 4m TLG heavy duty mounted (spring tine) Germinator, fantastic for sugar beet seed bed preparation & spring drilling, had very little use. £5,995+VAT. GF Cole & Son Ltd Tel 07957 420432 (Norfolk) PARMITER No4 zigzag harrows (7). £5 each. M Fordham Tel 07871 986848/01799 530242 (Essex)

• Longest Wear Life – provides up to 4 times more wear life than most OEM replacement wheels. • No Bond Failures Guaranteed. • Extend Rubber Track Life – lower operating temperatures, reduce rubber track deterioration.

in stock

COUSINS 4m Surface Pro cultivator, 2016, very good condition. £8,000. A Abblitt Tel 07971 255264 (Cambs)

e: info@andrewguest.co.uk


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


SUPERIOR AgriTraxx® Polyurethane Midrollers to fit various tracked tractors.

Simba 5.5m CultiPress

Tel: 01263 711474 sales@eurotrackltd.com www.eurotrackltd.com

Buy and sell online


2008 Case STX535 Quadtrac, 5231hrs, f/w brand new rear linkage, PTO & front weights, 5 spool valves, air con, GPS Guidance ready, Smoothshift gearbox, had full service in the last 6 months. L Fountain Tel 07534 886684/07557 196109 (Cambs) JOHN Deere leaf weights, full set. £550. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys)

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 69453

£6 4, 00 0


£4 8, 00 0

2017 Case Puma 175 CVX

2015 Massey Ferguson 7726 Dyna 6

2015 Massey Ferguson 7726 Dyna 6, 6313hrs, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/ linkage, semi p/shift, Data Vision, f/service, f/tyres 600/65x28 35% Michelin, r/tyres 650/65x42 60% Michelin ............................ £48,000 2010 Massey Ferguson 6480, 9717hrs, 160hp, 50kph, f/axle susp, semi p/shift, Datavision screen, f/tyres 16.9x28 80% BKT, r/tyres 20.8x38 80% BKT, very tidy tractor one owner .................................................. £24,500 2014 Massey Ferguson 7618 Exclusive, 4900hrs, 50kph, f/linkage, Datavision, f/tyres 16.9x28 45%, r/tyres 20.8x38 35%, very tidy tractor......................................................... £35,500

FENDT: 2008 Fendt 820 Vario, 11700hrs, 200hp, 50kph, a/ brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, air seat, f/linkage & f/PTO, air conditioning, f/tyres 540/65x30 40%, r/tyres 650/65x42 60% ..................... £30,000

£2 4, 50 0


£3 0, 00 0

2010 Massey Ferguson 6480

2008 Fendt 820 Vario

2015 New Holland T7.200 Power Command, 5198hrs, 200hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, full p/shift, mid mount valves, creep box, Power Beyond, 600/60x28 30% Michelin, r/tyres 710/60x38 35% Michelin ... £43,500 2013 New Holland T7.210 Power Command, 6918hrs, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, hyd top link, Power Beyond, Guidance ready, 3 speed PTO, climate control, mid mount valves, exhaust brake, f/tyres 540/65x30 25% Goodyear, r/tyres 650/65x42 40% Goodyear £38,500 2015 New Holland T7.200 Range Command, 6615hrs, 200hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, semi p/shift, mid mount valves, Power Beyond, f/tyres 540/65x38 25% BKT, r/ tyres 650/65x38 25% Michelin .................... £38,500

TRACK MARSHALL: Track Marshall 120, year unknown, hrs unknown, Ford Engine, r/PTO, 60-70% undercarriage ............ £7,000

2013 New Holland T7.210 Power Command

JOHN DEERE: 2014 John Deere 6190R, 6036hrs, 190hp, 40kph, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, continuously variable, climate control, GreenStar ready, f/tyres 16.9x30 Now fitted with new tyres, r/tyres 20.8x42 Now fitted with new tyres .... £46,000 2018 John Deere 6145R, 2182hrs, 145hp, 45kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, air seat, semi p/shift, Power Beyond, Autoquad, Isobus ready, f/tyres 420/70x28 75% Michelin, r/tyres 18.4x38 70% Michelin ...................................................... £58,000 1986 John Deere 4850, 7250hrs, 200hp, 30kph, air seat, f/linkage, full p/shift, c/w factory fit dual wheels, f/tyres 16.9x28 20%, r/tyres 20.8x38 70%, immaculate ...............................................POA

2015 New Holland T7.200 Range Command


2017 Valtra 214 Versu, 2445hrs, 50kph, a/brakes, f/ axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage, 4 spool valves, f/tyres 540/65x30 75% Michelin, r/tyres 650/65x42 85% Michelin, re-advertised due to man with no money .................................... £59,000 2017 Valtra T234 Versu, 4250hrs, 235hp, 50kph, a/ brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, full p/shift, f/tyres 540/65x30 60%, r/tyres 650/65x42 70% .......................................... £59,500

£3 8, 50 0


2014 New Holland T7.270 Blue Power

McCORMICK: 2010 McCormick CX110 Xtrashift, 3323hrs, 110hp, f/tyres 320/85x24 60% Firestone, r/tyres 480/70x34 80% Continental ...............................POA

2016 Manitou MLT634

COMING IN: Two 2014 Fendt 828s, 2014 Fendt 716, 2014 Fendt 939, 2010 John Deere 6330 TLS Premium, 2012 John Deere 6630 TLS Premium & a 2017 Case Optum 300

NOW IN: ENGINES: NEW CNH ENGINES to fit Tier 3, Maxxum 115 & TSA 115, Case Puma, plus New Holland T6 & T7 TYRES: PRICES YOU WILL NEVER GET ANYWHERE ELSE! 440/65x28 Continental (2), 480/65x28 Continental (9), 420/70x24 Continental (20), 380/70x24 Trelleborg (28), 380/70x24 Firestone (12), 320/85x24 Continental (5), 340/85x24 Firestone (6), 13.6x24 Pirelli (12), 14.9x24 Pirelli (8), 540/65x30 Continental (4), 480/70x34 Continental (8), 540/65x30 Firestone (6), 340/85x38 Firestone (4), 650/65x42 Nokian road tyres (4), 520/70x34 Continental (18), 480/70x34 Continental (15), 460/85x30 Firestone (6), 20.8/46 (5), 480/95x50 (1), 650/75x38 (2) Continental, 650/65x42 Continental, 600/65x38 (1) Continental, 520/70x38 (1) Continental, 480/70x34 (18) Continental, 420/85x34 (2), 710/70x38 (1), 650/65x38 (2), 600/65x38 (1), 480/80x42 (1)

We are expecting more tractors to arrive in our yard shortly – Keep an eye on the website!

Find the most desirable stock at

£3 8, 50 0

2016 Manitou MLT634, 3057hrs, 125hp, 40kph, air seat, PUH, air conditioning, new Manitou forks & carriage, f/tyres 460/70x24 100% new Firestone, r/tyres 460/70x24 100% new Firestone..................................................... £36,000

£3 6, 00 0

2018 Case Puma 165 Power Shift


£5 9, 00 0

£4 7, 50 0

2017 Case Puma 165 Power Shift

2015 New Holland T7.200 Power Command

2017 Valtra 214 Versu

£4 6, 00 0

£5 7, 00 0

2018 Case Puma 185 c/w LRZ160 loader

2014 New Holland T7.200 Range Command, 4812hrs, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/ linkage, semi p/shift, 4 manual valves, 3 speed PTO, f/tyres 16.9x30 10%, r/tyres 20.8x42 10% tidy Tractor other than some rust on rear wheels, re-advertised due to time waster ................. £37,000 2014 New Holland T7.270 Blue Power, 8025hrs, 270hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, f/linkage & PTO, continuously variable, f/tyres 600/60x30 40% Michelin, r/tyres 710/60x42 50% Michelin, has every option & a credit to previous owner ....POA

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

£7 2, 50 0

2015 Case Magnum 315 CVX

2014 Case Puma 160 CVX, 5382hrs, 160hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage, continuously variable. mid mount valves, Power Beyond, f/tyres 480/70x30 0% Trelleborg, r/tyres 580/70x42 0% Trelleborg ............................ £37,000 2015 Case Magnum 315 CVX, 3332hrs, 315hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, f/linkage & PTO, continuously variable, full Accuguide, PUH, f/tyres 600/70x38 80% Michelin, r/tyres 710/70x42 60% Michelin ............................ £70,000 1999 Case International CX90 MFD, 5918hrs, 90hp, air conditioning, Deluxe cab, very tidy, f/tyres 12.4x24 20% Goodyear original, r/tyres 13.6x38 50% Goodyear original .......................................POA 2018 Case Puma 185 with Case LRZ160 loader, 1461hrs, 185hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage, full p/shift, ABS, full Guidance, mid mount valves, mechanical spool valves, f/tyres 540/65x30 80% Michelin, r/tyres x42 85% Michelin, re-advertised due to time waster ........................................................ £72,500 2017 Case Puma 165 p/shift, 2644hrs, 50kph, a/ brakes, f/weight, Guidance ready, Power Beyond, Deluxe seat, 4 spool valves, f/tyres 600/60x28 60%, r/tyres 710/60x38 70% ..... £57,000 2018 Case Puma 165 p/shift, 3848hrs, 50kph, Command Arm, extra lights, exhaust brake, mid mount valves, linkage has never been used, f/tyres 480/65x28 100% new BKT, r/tyres 600/65x38 100% new BKT ......................... £47,500 2017 Case Puma 175 CVX, 1770hrs, 50kph, Guidance ready, f/linkage, mid mount valves, Power Beyond, Isobus ready, 4 spools, a/ brakes. f/tyres 600/60x30 80% Michelin, r/tyres 710/60x42 80% Michelin ............................ £64,000 2017 Case Puma 175 CVX, 3335hrs, 165hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage, continuously variable, 4 spool valves, mid mount valves, LED work lights, Deluxe seat, climate control, f/tyres 540/65x 28 70% Michelin, r/tyres 650/65x38 80% Michelin ............................ £55,000

2014 John Deere 6190R


£7 0, 00 0


£4 3, 50 0

Tel: 01580 291271 • Mob: 07836 723944 • sales@markhellier.co.uk

2010 McCormick CX110 Xtrashift

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J Murrell

01493 750999 info@jamesmurrell.co.uk

2016 TAKEUCHI TB216 1470hrs, 4 buckets

Contract Farm Services

2016 HYUNDAI HX140L, 1750hrs, 5 buckets, A/C, vandal kit, mint


NEW HIGH SPEED JPM 32’ BALE TRAILERS 560 flotations, top spec


NEW HIGH SPEED 30’ JPM 27TLL tri-axle, flip over ramps

MANITOU MLT 523T 3509hrs, hydrostatic drive, vgc

HANOMAG 22C LOADING SHOVEL 12811hrs, toe tip bucket

SIMBA 6.6M DOUBLE PRESS cultivation tines, flotation tyres










Agricultural Machinery Dealers

FORD 8340SLE 5795hrs, 40k semi powershift, A/C, air seat

2012 TAKEUCHI TB250 2875hrs, 2 buckets, piped

NEW JPM 28’ 19TLL hyd flip over ramps, 10 stud, hyd/air & L/S

NEW JPM 16T DUMP 10 stud, air, load sensing, hyd gate, LEDs

£14,000 No VAT




NEW JPM 16T MULTI PURPOSE THREE TRI-AXLE STEP FRAME SWIFT LIFT EURO SLE140X ramps, magic tail gate, BULK TIPPERS RUBBER BELT ELEVATOR full spec steel suspension, HD bogies, barn stored £5,500 no VAT £14,000 r/o sheet £6,700 £5,000 each




NEW JPM 20T DUMP hyd gate, air, L/S 10 stud, 560 flotations


2015 LEMKEN RUBIN 12 DISC TILLAGE TRAIN double packer, vgc


2014 LARRINGTON MAJESTIC FENDT/TRELLEBORG 2013 MAN TGL 7.150 BOX VAN 2013 MAN TGL7.150 STRIMECH PRO-AG MUCK 18–20T 520/85R42 & 480/70R30 7.5t, 384,605 kms, MOT 268 687 kms, MOT 30/04/20 FORK GRABS, BUCKETS & TIP 600/50R22.5 floats, 84” track 31/03/20 no curtains SKIP full spec £4,300 £5,000 £4,000 in stock £20,000

For more pictures and further details of our stock visit our website www.jmurrell.co.uk

We are JPM Trailers’ East Anglia Dealer J Murrell • Willow Farm • Norwich Road • South Burlingham • Norwich • Norfolk NR13 4EZ

07770 692891

All prices + VAT


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Norfolk Farmers

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 KIOTI CK35 Hydro, turf tyres, roll bar, 1060hrs. ÂŁ7,450+VAT. www. mktractors.com. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds)


2018 Kubota M7

MF6490 2009, 50kph, front & cab suspension, full set of front weights, 480/70R30 front 40%, 620/70R42 rear 50%, 7989hrs, very clean & good condition for age. ÂŁ24,000. G Atkinson Tel 07889 474617 (Lincs)



01743 464100 Richard Evans 07375 508366 richard@battlefieldmachinery.com

MF 8730 ÂŁ69,950 Exclusive Tractor

JOHN Deere 8370R, 3314hrs, 50kph, Autopower, full spec, 4600 screen, autotrac, cab & front suspension, leather, passenger seat, 4ECVs, PUH, Cat 4 linkage, 650 front tyres, 900 rears, Michelin Axiobibs all round. M Houldcroft Tel 07496387714 (Rutland)

JOHN Deere 7230R FT4, 2018/1500hrs, E23 50k transmission, auto track ready, front linkage & PTO, front TLS Michelin 710-70-R42 & 600-70-R30, as new condition. C Stubbs Tel 07790 900613/01889 502218 (Staffs)



64 reg, 3030hrs, Dyna-VT, f/linkage, 710/70x42, 600/70x28, 70%, excellent condition, part ex



CHALLENGER Stealth MT775E Limited Edition, last one produced (28 of 28) in world, under 3300hrs, full dealer SH from new, 30" Extreme tracks @30%, full weight pack, 5 spool valves, Comfort Pack c/w leather seats. ÂŁ99,999. simon.parrish@hayleys.co. S Parrish Tel 07785 502436/01992 572511 (Essex)

CASE-IH 895, 1992, 6k hrs, Bomford loader, c/w 4-in-1 bucket, gwo. ÂŁ8,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos) RIKO TN750A loader to fit IH 956, 956, 1055, 1056, etc, heavy duty loader. ÂŁ1,575. D Leigh Tel 07876 770545/07502 661861 (Northants)

JD2650 2wd, front weights, cab reupholstered, new tyres all round. ÂŁ4,250. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk) 2004 Case MXU 100, 4wd, 6700hrs, in great condition, cracking little tractor. ÂŁ19,500. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Glos)

MF 6714s

2017, 1800 Hours, Front & Cab suspension, 50kph, Air brakes, 3 spools, Front weights, 650/65/38 & 540/65/38 Trelleborg Tyres @ 80% Good


01691 791460


2012 John Deere 6190R


MASSEY Ferguson 6140 4wd, 96 P plate, it's on the speed shift multipower gearbox (not Dynashift) so have been told much more reliable, it's on 40k, air con, good clean cab & glass, owned past 9yrs, tidy tractor. ÂŁ10,500+VAT. J Maw Tel 07801 547252 (S Yorks)

FRONT tractor weight, 3pt linkage, approx 650kg, with toolbox. ÂŁ500. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)

Rodney Cowle Machinery

07786 391816

NEW Holland 75D 2wd on grass tyres, 02 registration, 4500 genuine hrs, air conditioning, everything works, only for sale as I no longer need it. ÂŁ9,750+VAT ono. G Ulley Tel 07798 872221 (S Yorks)

MF6180, registered Aug 1997, owned from new & barn stored 3 manual spools, closed centre hydraulics, front linkage with accumulator Dynashift, 40kph, manual forward/reverse lever from new, Economy Pro, only 3513hrs. ÂŁ17,000+VAT. P Ward Tel 07809 029921/01908 307715 (Bucks) 1997 John Deere 6900 Series, vgc, recent engine overhaul, Michelin tyres 650/665-R38 @ 50% (back), 540/65R28 40% (front), c/w front linkage with PTO. ÂŁ18,750. M Jelley Tel 07802 694022 (Leics)

ÂŁ44,500 50k Autopower, 95% tyres, f/links, 6509hrs


01493 750999

Case Farmall 85A 4wd


FORD 6640 SL, 16x16 trans, 1992, 5800hrs, Trima loader c/w bucket, grab & tines, straight, gwo. ÂŁ15,250. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

CASE-IH JX 80 c/w Quicke 930 loader, 2005, 4500hrs, left hand shuttle, combi head, a/c, good tyres. ÂŁ17,950. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)


MASSEY Ferguson 5480, 2012, 3930hrs. 4cyl 145/155hp, mainly used spraying & fert spreading, a/c, 3 spools, a/s, p/s, power hitch, extra work lights, Michelin tyres 90% good 520/70R38, 420/70R28, excellent tractor in immaculate condition. ÂŁ31,500+VAT. D Bromilow Tel 07866 806430/07792 131494 (Ches)

2013, 2895, MX U8 loader c/w boom suspension & Euro 8 headstock, grass tyres

JOHN Deere ATU parts, 1 wiring harness, various brackets to ďŹ t screens, spare steering wheel from a 7530, operators manuals for StarďŹ re 3000 installation instructions, operators manual for ATU, operators manual for GS2 1800 display. ÂŁ80+post. R Kerr Tel 07531 574681 (Essex)

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

CASE MX100C 4wd, 2001, A/C, 6000hrs, rears 50%, fronts 80%, front weights, tidy inside & out. ÂŁ14,750+VAT. S Bygraves Tel 07973 117993 (Beds)

01530 229686 or 07831 113316

Series 3, A/C, 7200hrs, nice straight original tractor

AutoQuad Plus 20/20 50K, AutoTrac Ready, Premium Radio, 4200 Processor, 155L/min HYD Pump, ITEC-HMS, Roof Hatch, Tyres: Michelin 650/65 R42, 540/65 R30 70%, 976hrs.

Call: Tom 07837 026698

JOHN Deere 3130 4wd, new tyres all round, mechanically sound, starts & runs well, still in use on farm. ÂŁ3,850. R Haigh Tel 01371 830214 (Essex)

1991 Ford 7810


JOHN DEERE 6155R 2019




JOHN Deere 7810, 2003, 7300hrs, 710 & 600 tyres 70%, very good condition, front linkage, John Deere ATU auto steer system fitted, can be removed if not required. J Baxter Tel 07770 860422 (Warks)

2015 JCB 4220, good condition, 3675hrs, GreenStar ready, tyres good condition, only selling for operator's preference. ÂŁ70,000. S Hart Tel 07970 549018/07543 811280 (Essex)

John Deere 6930 Premium


2015 New Holland T7-260, 50kph powershift gearbox in outstanding condition, full RTK autosteer, front linkage, front & cab susp, air brakes, Michelin tyres 50%, 2600 hrs, owned from new, supplied & serviced by TH White, retirement sale. ÂŁ49,995. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Glos)

JD6830 Premium, 07 reg, 7730hrs, 40K gearbox, Taurus tyres 650/65-R38 & 540/65-R28, 40-50% tread, had EGR valve blanked off & remapped to increase hp. ÂŁ30,000+VAT. R Hewitt Tel 07579 009410 (Herts) 2014 New Holland T7-200, 3200hrs, in excellent condition, 50kph Auto Command gearbox, front axle & cab suspension, air brakes, front linkage, 4 electric spools, climate control, owned from new, supplied & serviced by TH White, tyres 55%. ÂŁ44,750. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Glos)

ÂŁ34,750 2011, Auto Quad, TLS, 50 kph, air, 4 wheel braking, 3 spools, 7500 hrs,Tidy,genuine tractor. HYDRAULIC pick up hitch for John Deere 4650, 4850, 4755 or 4955, c/w hydraulic pipes, drawbar insert & hook insert. ÂŁ700+VAT. H Pearce Tel 07947 344310 (Essex)


JD6130M 40k PQ 643 loader with m/docking, 1700hrs, full JD service history. POA. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds)

JOHN Deere 7530 2009 Autopower, 50k 3ESCVs, front linkages, 7499hrs. A Farrell Tel 07952 683364 (Norfolk)

www.tvmachinery.com Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)

JD compact tractor, 4wd, gwo. ÂŁ3,900. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk)

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KP 17 reg 16 reg 64 reg 05 reg 06 reg 13 reg 12 reg 08 reg 04 reg 57 reg 05 reg 08 reg 07 reg 04 reg 04 reg 11 reg Y reg W reg 11 reg 09 reg M reg A reg 02 reg N reg 09 reg 05 reg 04 reg 18 reg E reg A reg J reg 14 reg 2015

655777 957735 828639

Fountain House, 111 Scawby Road, Scawby Brook, Brigg, N Lincs DN20 9JX

MF 7718 4x4 Dyna 6 Efficient 50k front linkage 1600hrs MF 7718 4x4 Dyna 6 50k air brakes 900hrs MF 7620 4x4 Dyna 6 FS CS 40K 2330hrs MF 8480 4x4 FS CS Dyna VT 50K 5800hrs MF 8480 4x4 Dyna VT 6800hrs MF 7618 4x4 Dyna 6 50k CS FS FL 2200hrs MF 6499 4x4 Dyna 6 50K FL 5700 FS CS MF 6499 4x4 FS CS 5400hrs MF 6499 4x4 FS CS Dynashift 8100hrs MF 6490 4x4 FS CS 50k 7400hrs MF 6490 4x4 5300hrs MF 6490 4x4 CS 2800hrs mint condition MF 6490 4x4 FS CS 7400hrs MF 6490 4x4 Dyna 4 7000hrs MF 6480 4x4 CS 7250hrs MF 6475 4x4 CS 5000hrs MF 6290 4x4 FS high hours MF 6255 4x4 new MX loader 5800hrs MF 5480 4x4 FS CS 2600hrs MF 5475 4x4 CS Dyna 4 5800hrs MF 3075 4x4 6700hrs Dynashift MF 698 4x4 Multi Power 5000hrs JD 6810 4x4 TLS Powerquad 8400hrs Cat Challenger 35 10,000hrs Case 95 JXU 4x4 with power loader 4in1 bucket 5900hrs Manitou 634/120 4x4 4200hrs Manitou 741/120 4x4 4400hrs JCB 535/95 telehandler 4x4 joystick AC 1600hrs 2 year JCB warranty Ford 7610 SQ 4x4 with Quicke loader Ford 5610 2x4 Ford 5610 AP cab 2x4 3500hrs Generation 3 Bobcat E16 mini digger 835hrs JPM 15t dump trailer


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


Tel 01652 Kevin mob 07796 Michael mob 07850

email: kptractors1@outlook.com fax: 01652 651476 www.kptractors.co.uk





Agrifac Condor IV C045307 2018


5000 litre 36/30/24m boom 1608 hours 14865 hectares

trade in

HOLMER T2 2004

Leaf spreader topper 50cm fixed walking share lifter Harvest ready condition £46,000.00

Agrifac UK Ltd

4 Thorby Avenue, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0AZ 01354 660552 www.agrifac.co.uk


Agrifac Condor IV C045098 2016


5000 litre 42/36/24m boom 3450 hours 21975 hectares £190,000.00

trade in

Vervaet 617 2007

7500 engine hours 45/50cm walking share lifter Leaf spreader topper Harvest ready condition £70,000.00

trade in

Challenger Rogator 2011

5000 litre 36m Chafer boom 4650 hours Norac boom height control £60,000.00

trade in

Vervaet 625 2006

8187 engine hours Leaf spreader topper 45cm/50cm row widths


trade in

Househam AR3600 2007

3600L stainless steel tank 15/28m gull wing steel boom 6950 Hours Househam Boom Levelling Autofill & Auto Shut Off £37,000.00


Agrifac Condor IV C045167 2017 4000 litre 36/30/24m boom 4478 hours 47829 hectares

trade in


Leaf spreader topper Walking share lifter 45/50cm

Roller bed 3 cleaning turbines 16 tonne holding tank £14,000.00


trade in

Agrifac Big Six 2005

8500 engine hours 45/50cm row change Walking share lifter 2 lifting turbines, 4 cleaning turbines 20 tonne holding tank £35,000.00

trade in

HARDI COMMANDER 2013 5500 litre 36/24m boom £30,000.00

trade in

Agrifac WKM 9000 1998

Leaf spreader topper 45/50cm walking share lifter 2 lifting turbines, 3 cleaning turbines 1 cleaning roller bed 9 tonne holding tank £39,000.00

Want to find out more about our Agrifac Premium Proven or Trade In stock? Call us today: Chris Potter - Sprayer Sales North - 07741 312197 Julian Arrowsmith - Sprayer Sales South - 07825 261853 Matt Carse - Harvester & Tanker Sales - 07860 288973

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

Andrew Guest Ltd


Refurbished Kuhn Power Harrow & Accord Seed Drill Specialists

Recon 3m power harrows from £5,950

Recon 4m power harrows from £7,500

Blade Holder Conversion Kit

Recon 3m DA drills c/w Suffolks 3m from £6,250 4m from £6,950

to suit most models of Kuhn


Tractor wheel track eradicators to suit Kuhn Maschio KRM from £125/leg

Recon 3.5m power harrows £6,500 Maxi Packer roller kits, flexicoils and tyre packers ex stock

Vertical folding markers to suit Kuhn, Maschio, etc £850 pre emerge kits from £625 3m recon Kuhn Accord combis from £11,950 4m recon Kuhn Accord combis from £13,950

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

Quick fit 2!

Giant Packer roller kits to suit Spaldings & Shakaerators from £1,950

Tel: 01636 700608 • Andy mobile: 07860 637654 Email: info@andrewguest.co.uk simon@andrewguest.co.uk www.andrewguest.co.uk February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 181

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29/01/2020 16:34

TYE twin axle tipping trailer with high steel mesh sides, headboard & barn doors, suitable for waste plastic or horse muck. £900+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)


MF 8280 XTRA

Herbst 26' Low Loader


01691 791460

MF6160, good runner, but does have a couple of electrical niggles, easy fix for mechanic. £8,500 no VAT. M Carpenter Tel 07759 910099 (Norfolk)

JOHN Deere 8270R, 15 reg, 2500hrs, 40kph powershift transmission 650/85R38, tyres 70% ILS, autotrac activation, excellent condition, available in March. POA. W Beers Tel 07712 435168/01604 781494 (Northants)

HERBST 10t mini low loader, new, LED lights, tool box, sprung ramps, chequerplate floor, 18' long, beavertail, Herbst red. £6,750+VAT. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds)

2014 John Deere 6190R

2019, tri-axle, 27 tonnes, 215/75R17.5, toolbox, excellent More photos and full spec at


07748 004794 01245 442224(T) 2017 Bailey 16 Ton silage trailers

£49,000 www.jmurrell.co.uk

01493 750999


40k Autopower, 95% tyres, 3983hrs

FENDT 716, 2006, 9695hrs, TMS, 50kph, Vario transmission, cab & front suspension, front linkage, front PTO, 4 rear spools + 1 to front, Cesar datatag, 650/65/R38 rear 50%, 540/65/R28 front 30% Pirelli, excellent condition, genuine tractor. POA. M Hitchcock Tel 07900 264044 (Suffolk)

£10,950 54-70193


32-FOOT tri axle beavertail low loader, 18t plus capacity, hydraulic up & down & side shift ramps, very tidy, well made trailer. £7,950. J Wood Tel 07743 242193 (Northants)

JOHN Deere 8295RT, 11 reg, 3200hrs, 40kph powershift transmission, 25” tracks at 50%, autotrac ready with 1800 screen, excellent condition. POA. W Beers Tel 07712 435168/01604 781494 (Northants) WEIGHT block, 3pt linkage fit, ideal for a loader tractor. £140. R Sinkler Tel 01377 270251 (E Yorks)

TOW-A-VAN trailer, 10', ex-Lely service barge, recently overhauled with new tyres, brakes & electrics, lightweight, rear roller shutter door, fibreglass nose & roof, Stronghold hitch-lock, good condition, £1,750+VAT. R Maundrell Tel 07785 568800/01527 854834 (Warks)

560/R22.5 Nokian Tyres, Air/hyd brakes, Load sensing, Sprung drawbar, Hyd door, reflective strips, Led lights 2 sets on rear plus beacon, plastic mudguards. 2 trailers equipped with Weighers, Folding rear hitch c/w lights & brakes. Also complete separate tyres and wheels available.

32-FOOT flat bed bale trailer, good floor, tyres very good, brakes & lights all working, plated to 21t gross, strong, well built trailer. £2,500. J Wood Tel 07743 242193 (Northants)

Mob. 07860 845 808 GLOS 54-70377

2003, 5900 Hours, Front Linkage, 4 spools, Datatronic, 650/85/38 @ 60% and 600/70/28 @ 90% good, excellent condition 53-69879

AS Marston 9t tandem axle dropside trailer, very good condition, as new Avon tyres. £2,350. P Beasley Tel 07836 652963/01353 649500 (Cambs)

BAILEY 11t trailer, 1995, manual ailgate, grain chute & small front window, 385/65-23.5 wheels, FM, small farm, vgc, still has original paint on floor. £5,550+VAT. A Dunham Tel 07767 248412 (Cambs) BAILEY 18t Beeteaper, 2018, air brakes, sheet, chute, front window, extra lights, rear towing loops, mud guards & flaps, only been used on cereals, like new. POA. www. mktractors.com. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds)


JOHN DEERE 5100M 2018

Power Reverser 32/16 HI LO, Passenger seat, hitch mechanical control, beacon light, front weight 55kg, New tyres all round, Immaculate condition, 430hrs.


CASE-IH Puma 180, 2010, 6k hrs, powershift, front links & PTO, 50kph, full guidance ready, good tyres. POA. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

Call: Ed 07972 168251

Massey 6485 Dyna 6


£38,500 MF6499 Dynashift, 40kph, 2005, only 2648hrs, upgraded backend, 3 manual spools, front suspension, GTA termina, Cesar datatag, owned from new & barn stored, will not find one better. £32,000+VAT. P Ward Tel 07809 029921/01908 571213 (Bucks) MF3075, new set of BKT tyres all round, everythging works as it should, good starter. £8,500 no VAT. M Carpenter Tel 07759 910099 (Norfolk)

f/links, Sisu engine, mint, 2400hrs


01493 750999


THORPE 18t grain trailer, sprung drawbar, air brakes, hydraulic tailgate, flotation tyres, high speed commercial axles, twin LED lights, roll over sheet, full width front window, very straight & strong, tows well. £8,995+VAT. W Campbell Tel 07738 955496 (Cambs)

BAILEY 12t Contract tipper, sprung drawbar, air/hyd brakes, 435x50x19.5 tyres on commercial axles, Nov 2015 build, will take 7.5t digger, alloy ramps, light use only, nice tidy trailer. £8,800+VAT ono. M Widdowson Tel 07850 689795 (Leics) BAILEY 16t trailer, with roll over sheet, 2007, 560 tyres, only ever been used for grain. R Wright Tel 07768 954466/01205 870434 (Lincs)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

NEW Holland T5.105 c/w TL740, 2015, 3200hrs, Dual Command, good spec, good tyres. £31,950. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

RICHARD Western 12t tandem axle grain trailer, 1996, grain use only, sprung axles & drawbar, manual tailgate with grain chute & sock, wide Michelin tyres, fitted roll over sheet, excellent condition, inspection invited. £5,995+VAT. R Lintott Tel 01728 663476/07799 473374 (Suffolk)

T&F 10t dump trailer, good lights & hyd brakes, old but good muck trailer. £3,950. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

FIFTH wheel 12t steel bottomed low loader, single axle, dolly available if required. H Ashton Tel 07831 588318 (Lincs) LORRY container, 40', tri-axle, very tidy, hydraulic tail lift, 5th wheel attach. £1,000 no VAT. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys)

£3,100+VAT Ifor Williams LM 186T Tri-Axle Trailer

LOW loader trailer, 20', with loading ramps, good condition. £1,700 no VAT. J Ashworth Tel 01621 772229 (Essex)

18’ x 6’6” body, with sides & road ramps, excellent condition CHALLENGER 775E 2016, 2224hrs, full set of front weights, idler weights & track weights, tracks 50%, very good & tidy condition. £112,500. G Atkinson Tel 07889 474617 (Lincs)

THREE ex HGV bed trailers with 5th wheel dollys. £10,000+VAT. Will not split. L Sutton Tel 07970 658813 (Warks)

BROUGHTON ejector trailer, donkey engine, electric start, long test, all good. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

01530 229686 or 07831 113316 54-70452


WOOTTON 14t grain trailer, sound condition, will hold grain. £4,250 ono. S Sinnott Tel 07775 788608 (Beds)

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30/01/2020 16:30

MF 2240 single axle baler, 2012 model Stock No 679, bale count 88,063, fully serviced c/w hydraulic knotter blower, knotter lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK.......................................... £43,000

MF 2160 single axle baler, 2013 model Stock No 781, bale count 92,338, fully serviced c/w hydraulic knotter blower, knotter lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK.......................................... £46,000

MF 2190 tandem axle baler, 2013 model Stock No 808, approximate bale count 46,000, fully serviced c/w hydraulic knotter blower, knotter lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK.......................................... £55,000

MF 2270 tandem axle baler, 2015 model, ***first used 24.08.2016*** Stock No 820, bale count 22,531, fully serviced c/w hydraulic knotter blower, knotter & chain lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK .. £72,000

NH BB9090 single axle baler, 2013 model Stock No 821, bale count 36,904, fully serviced c/w hydraulic knotter blower, knotter lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK.......................................... £50,000

NH BB9090 single axle baler, 2010 model Stock No 823, bale count 44,491, fully serviced c/w hydraulic knotter blower, knotter lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK.......................................... £46,000

NH BB9090 single axle baler, 2010 model Stock No 825, bale count 58,587, fully serviced c/w hydraulic knotter blower, knotter lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK.......................................... £42,000

MF 2190 single axle baler, 2008 model Stock No 826, bale count 70,613, fully serviced c/w hydraulic knotter blower, knotter lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK.......................................... £38,000

MF 2270 XD tandem axle baler, 2014 model Stock No 827, bale count 44,377, fully serviced c/w hydraulic knotter blower, knotter & chain lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK.......................................... £66,000

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

the force behind the harvest

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

MF 2290 tandem axle baler, 2015 model Stock No 780, bale count 27,981, fully serviced c/w hydraulic knotter blower, knotter & chain lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK..............................................................£68,000

MF 2170 tandem axle baler, 2009 model Stock No 832, bale count 62,198, fully serviced c/w air brakes, hydraulic knotter blower, knotter lubrication, ejector, roller chute, delivered with one season’s warranty in mainland UK.......................................... £41,000

All prices plus VAT

Tel: 01489 896346 Fax: 01489 892188

www.bigbale.co.uk e-mail: info@bigbale.co.uk 70275

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29/01/2020 16:35

2019 Demo NH CR8.90 28.5” Terraglide tracks, Intellisence, Intellisteer guidance, 30” varifeed, 2 knives, engine hrs 83, threshing hrs 49, 0% finance & warranty

2012 New Holland CX6090 6 straw walker, Smart Sieve, yield monitor, chopper & chaff spreader, 800/65R32 & 460/70R24, 20’ varifeed header c/w 1 side knife header trailer, engine hrs 1,246 & threshing hrs 955

2015 NH CR9080 Elevation 24” tracks, chopper & chaff spreader, Smart Steer, 30’ varifeed with trolley & side knives, engine hrs 1,259 & threshing hrs 1,042

2013 NH T6.175 16x16, full suspension, 14.9R28 & 18.4R38, 4 spools, hrs 2,950

2019 New Holland TC5.70 (5 walker) Hydro, rotary separator, Smart sieve, straw chopper, 15” header & trailer, engine 124hrs, threshing 88hrs

Demo 2018 NH T7.315 Auto Command, 50kph, Intellisteer, 650/60R34 & 710/75R42 Michelin, Blue Power, weight block not included, hrs 250

Kverneland 3m drill combination NGH 30 power harrow & packer, Accord iDrill Pro, Suffolk coulters

2013 New Holland T6.140 Electro Command, 4 spools, hrs 2,950, 420/70R28 & 520/70R38 Michelin

New Maschio DMR 3m power harrow c/w packer roller

BEET HARVESTERS TIM & THYREGOD 2–3 ROW beet buckets – choice of standard & toe tip BEET CLEANERS – CHOICE OF CTM & TODD precleaner or roller table with picking tables, etc BEET DRILLS – CHOICE OF 6 & 12 ROW Monopill, Monosem, Kleine & Stanhay BEET HOES CHOICE OF 6 & 12 ROW HYD FOLD Standen • Househam• FMA 6 METRE FRONT STEERING PRESS HYD FOLD Edlington 6.5m hyd folding rolls with breaker rings TERRADISC CULTIVATORS 3 & 4M Dutch & combination harrows 3 to 6 metre KONGSKILDE SP3000 GERMINATOR Opico 3m grass topper KEEBLE 6M HYD FOLD CULTIVATOR/SUBSOILER 16 h/d cultivator & 9 subsoiler legs hyd levelling tines & hyd packer roll SIMBA MONO DISC/CULTIVATOR + DD PACKER Claas 105 combine 17’ Merc/Hydro & chopper barn stored v tidy FLAT LIFTS – SUB SOILERS 2 TO 5 LEG 45’ tri-axle artic trailer on air for straw, etc 8T BULK BLOWER TRAILER PTO DRIVEN 10t flat trailers, 25’ twin axle 10T BUNNINGS MUCK SPREADER WITH R/DISCS Tipping trailer 3/4t with steel grain body 14T RICHARD WESTERN ROOT CROP TRAILER sprung drawbar hyd tailgate on 10 stud axles 14T MARSTON GRAIN TRAILER MANUAL TAILGATE Choice of low load single axle drill trailers 50’ NEAN COMBINE/MACHINERY TRAILER full MOT wells & outriggers on air with rear lift

tanker harvesters 2 & 3 row

Contact Charles Moorman Office 01777 870111 www.plattsharris.co.uk or email us at: sales@plattsharris.co.uk

07970 805351


WANTED s/beet drills cleaners & trailing 69467

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Reynolds Motors Cromer • Norfolk

Mob Tel

07836 643155 01263 833281 Office 01787 211701 Luke 07915 669007 sales@lbgmachinery.com

JCB FASTRAC 2135 SMOOTHSHIFT JCB FASTRAC 2140 SMOOTHSHIFT JOHN DEERE 6830 PREMIUM 4WD CASE PUMA 195 MULTICONTROLLER 4WD JOHN DEERE 6330 4WD 2009, 3821hrs, 50K, air trailer brakes 2009, 3542hrs, JD 633 loader c/w 2002, 9370hrs 2004, 9300hrs 2008, 5350hrs, 40K Powerquad .................................................. £24,500 ................................................. £34,250 .................................................. £36,500 bucket, 40K Powerquad ............. £32,500 .................................................. £20,000

MANITOU 735-120 ELITE TELEHANDLER KVERNELAND RS100 MASCHIO ERPICE 6000 KONGSKILDE GERMINATOR NEW HOLLAND LB95 4wd backhoe loader, 1997, 5500hrs, 4spd 2015, 2900hrs, 40K semi-mounted 7 furrow plough 6m hyd fold power harrow, 2000, rear 4m springtine cultivator .................................................. £38,950 .................................................... £5,750 packer roller, hyd depth control ..... £5,250 .................................................... £4,250 power shuttle, rear Extendahoe .....£16,000


BAILEY 18T TRAILER TOYOTA HILUX HL2 SINGLE CAB DIESEL RECO SULKY DPX EXPERT KRM BOGBALLE L1 PLUS 24M FERT X RYETEC KA550 HEDGE CUTTER 2017, air & oil brakes, hyd door PICKUP twin disc fert spreader, Tribord headland SPREADER 2008, power slew, VFR, proportional hyd .................................................. £18,950 2007, 93000mls .............................. POA system, Ultron control unit ........... £2,250 2007, calibration kit ..................... £2,250 joystick ........................................ £6,250


All prices + VAT Boxford Suffolk UK

184 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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30/01/2020 10:57

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 TRAILERS (cont)

GOODYEAR 9.5L-R24 tyres, taken off a Ford 3930 for grass tyres to be put on, approx 40% tread remaining. £100+VAT for the pair. P Brereton Tel 07957 804652 (Shrops) ROWCROP wheels to fit Case/NH tractor, excellent condition, Firestone front 320/85/34, back 320/90/50, 80% tread. £1,300. A Abblitt Tel 07971 255264 (Cambs) CONTINENTAL 28.1x26 wide tyres (2), 75% good, fit Ford 10 Series, 8 stud. £400 ono. R Hawtin Tel 01327 830614/07710 553842 (Northants) GOODYEAR 66-43-25 Terra tyres. J Haywood Tel 07946 722815 (Lincs) GOODYEAR Terra tyres & wheels (2), 67x34, interchangeable centres, 75% good. £800 ono. R Hawtin Tel 01327 830614/07710 553842 (Northants)

STRONG artic trailer, 32', with dolly, good for straw. J Staight Tel 07761 631549 (Essex) OLD tipping trailer, suitable for horse muck or similar. Offers J Williams Tel 01920 821351/07722 541921 (Herts) WEST 12t grain trailer, 2007, sprung drawbar, hyd tailgate with auto safety latch, good super single tyres, LED lights, very strong trailer & very tidy, grain only & kept inside. £6,995+VAT. W Campbell Tel 07738 955496 (Cambs) 20-FOOT straw trailer, converted 7.5t lorry body. £500. M Carpenter Tel 07759 910099 (Norfolk)

SPALDINGS wheel changing trolley, seals gone in the pump. £100. J Spinks Tel 07557 319842 (Norfolk)

NEW agricultural tyre & tube, fitted to JCB Loadall wheel, 15.5/80-24 12 ply. £250. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

VREDESTEIN 20.0/70-508 flotation tyre, fits New Holland D1000 baler. J Dennis Tel 07967 442373 (Devon)


8.3-44 rowcrops, 8 stud, fits Ford/New Holland. Offers. S Bane Tel 07826 306935 (Norfolk) SPARE wheel for Kuhn diet feeder. £120 no VAT. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys)


TYRE for teleporter, Galaxy 15.5/80x24 IMP Super High Lift 16 ply tubeless, 90% tread, good all round condition tractor tread. £195. G Richmond Tel 01502 730387 (Suffolk)


YOKOHAMA Geolander tyres, 235/70R16 pair of A/TS GO12, 5mm tread. £80 the pair; also of A/T GO15, 8mm tread. £110 the pair. B Powers Tel 01945 780322 (Cambs) SET of 4 tyres & rims, 48-25-20 tyres, on Sands 6 stud rims, tyres average, but no cracks or splits. £450+VAT ono. J Spink Tel 07889 415028 (Suffolk)

Let us solve


SET of dual wheels 14.9x28 & 18.4x38; pair rear wheels 13.6x38, pair of fronts 17.4x24; set of narrow wheels 13.6x42 & 12.4x32. A Roughton Tel 07961 356448/07961 356449 (Lincs)

YOUR Agri Tyre

11.2-R48 rowcrops, off Ford 8340, Kleber tyres on heavy duty wheels. £195+VAT ono. R Maundrell Tel 07785 568800/01527 854834 (Warks)

and wheel problems


Wheel barrow to Combine we have the answer!

SET of 4 MB Trac rowcrops, 8 stud wheels, 9.5-R42 10 ply, with spare tyre, will fit self propelled sprayer. A Sadler Tel 07850 800925 (Essex) SET of flotation wheels & tyres, 66/43-25 rears, 600/55-26.5 fronts, 75% tread, bolton centres. POA. M Hornbuckle Tel 07801 101645 (Leics)


All makes sold

BAILEY 18t TB, 2017, 560 tyres, silage kit, twin tipping pipes. POA. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds)

SET of 4 Bateman flotations, vgc, 680/55/ R26.5. J Forknall Tel 07860 619587 (Kent)

Part exchange welcome

Call Stuart on:

01328 862 332 07736 271058 lodgetyre.com

TYRES & WHEELS FOUR Land Rover tyres & wheels, 3 tyres 12x38, also a pair of cage wheels, rowcrop wheels with dishes for a MF35 or a Ford 3000. S Jones Tel 07796 001370 (Norfolk) PAIR of Goodyear Terra tyres, back set 66x43-25NHS, 8 stud, bolt in centres. £900 ono. J Lee Tel 07731 144978 (Suffolk)

340/85-R46 Stocks rowcrop dual wheels, c/w very good Michelin tyres. £1,850. P Grant Tel 07919 811809/07836 799801 (Lincs)

TWO 8 stud wheel rims, to take 28.1/26 tyre. £100. A Abblitt Tel 07971 255264 (Cambs)

TRAILER tyre, Alliance 560/60-R22.5, flotation radial type A-882 tubeless, good condition. £325. G Richmond Tel 01502 730387 (Suffolk) 650X38 wheels & tyres to fit John Deere 6930. P Webster Tel 01704 893162/07900 286419 (Lancs) 600/55R38 Ford 8 stud rim, no cuts or splits, plenty of tread left, good wheels for a challenging Spring. £450+VAT ono. J Spink Tel 07889 415028 (Suffolk)

25"X26" diameter wheels to take 28.1R26 tyres, suit Case Maxxum/ MX/Renault, etc, 2 fixing flanges for track width options. Pair £200+VAT. R Maundrell Tel 07785 568800/01527 854834 (Warks)

TRELLEBORG 540/65-R30 tyres & 5 stud rims (4), ex Fastrac 2170, no cuts or repairs, approx 20mm tread left. £1,900 ono. P Turner Tel 07973 264127 (Worcs) PAIR of 13.6x36 Stomil tyres, 60% tread, on Ford square pan rims. £350. B Powers Tel 01945 780322 (Cambs) PAIR of Michelin VF 710/60-R38 wheels tyres, 95% tread, to fit NH 6.175. £4,000+VAT. D Carter Tel 07768 935715/01255 860328 (Essex) PAIR of Firestone 420/85-R24 part worn tyres, 20% & 35%. £50+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)

PAIR of Alliance 460/85/34 wheels, 10 stud centres, good condition, 70% tread. £350. A Abblitt Tel 07971 255264 (Cambs)



WHEEL adaptor plates, bolt-in centres for Russian/Terra rims, to fit a Gima axle, eg. Massey Ferguson <6480, Renault/Claas 500/600 Series, unused. £100+VAT. R Maundrell Tel 07785 568800/01527 854834 (Warks)


PERSONNEL trailer, seats up the middle facing outwards, seats around 30 people, hydraulic taillift fold down for wheelchairs to be lifted in, hydraulic brakes, new wooden floor & seats, 4 new tyres, new LED lights. £2,500 no VAT. M Thomas Tel 07939 664385 (Norfolk)




NEW set of 4 BKT tyres, 460/70R24, to fit JCB 531-70. £350+VAT ono per tyre. A Thompson Tel 01953 860353/07884 480302 (Norfolk)



ct Co Conta

lin Sim

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

KRAMPE 20t hook-lift, Michelin tyres, steered axle, air suspension, air brakes, hydraulic locking, c/w 5 bins. £50,000+VAT. L Sutton Tel 07970 658813 (Warks)

STOCKS 20.8-R42 dual wheels with clamps. £500 ono. P Hinch Tel 07866 604132 (Leics) OPICO 16.9x38, approx 40% tyres, dual wheels complete with clamps & bolt on eyes. £400. J Northen Tel 07970 070888 (Northants)


IFOR Williams TA510, tri axle 14’ livestock trailer, 2014, tyres 175/75R16, cattle partition, excellent condition, Boston. £2,950 no offers. H Catlin Tel 07931 524599 (Lincs) IFOR Williams TA510 10' livestock trailer, very straight, only had light use, all lights work, brakes very good & good tyres all round. £1,200. J Wood Tel 07743 242193 (Northants) 27-FOOT straw trailer, needs new floor, has brakes. £450 no VAT. M Carpenter Tel 07759 910099 (Norfolk) SINGLE axle beavertail trailed low loader, c/w ramps & good wooden floor. H Ashton Tel 07831 588318 (Lincs)


05008801 8 1 3 078 05 460 om 2 Tel 01

eels.c andwh m ltyres els.co cultura resandwhe ri g a sales@ riculturalty g www.a







NOKIAN 560/45/22.5 tyre, 10% tread, c/w 10 stud rim, off a Bailey trailer. £100. A Abblitt Tel 07971 255264 (Cambs) FOUR 700x50x26.5 tyres @90%. £1,700; four 9.5x36 Stocks rowcrop rims. £300; four 230/95/36 - 12.4x36, 11x36 Stocks rowcrops, 60%; two 10-50x13 split rims. £100. A Mcintosh Tel 01793 710286 (Oxon)

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31/01/2020 09:58

Hallmark Tractors Russells (Kirbymoorside) Ltd MACHINERY FOR SALE Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


NEW HOLLAND T7.210 Auto Command,2018, f/links & PTO, 650/65R42600/65R28, approx 3000hrs .......................... POA FORD 4600 c/w Bomford hedgecutter ...................................... POA KUBOTA B2530 Compact, 2008 HST, ROPS, turf tyres & loader, 2000hrs ........................................................................ POA NEW HOLLAND T7.315 HD, 2017, 50kph, a/brakes, Auto Command, 710/70R42 600/70R30, full susp, 4 spools, 3yr 3000hr Platinum cover, elec mirrors ...................................£95,000 JOHN DEERE 6195R,2017, 50kph, full susp auto quad trans, 3500hrs 650.65 R42 & 600/65R28 wheels & tyres 85%, Starfire ITC GPS, f/linkage PTO, Quicke 76 loader, serial no 7455418, 2016 euro h/stock, susp elec mirrors, elec spools 4 fender controls Isobus ..................................£85,000 NEW HOLLAND T7.230 Auto Command 2018, 50kph Eco, AGR, ISO Power Beyond, joystick, 2 MMV, 4 spools, 110mm rams, f/links &PTO with couplers, Cab Pack 2, high headlamps, 12 LEDS, elec mirrors, 710/60R42 600/60R30 Michelin, twin beacons.......................................................£84,000 NEW HOLLAND T7.245 Auto Command, 1750hrs, f/linkage, 2 MMV, 2017, 650/65R42 Michelin ....................................£83,000 NEW HOLLAND T7.225, 2018, Auto Command, 650/65R42, 540/65R30, 2 mid mounts, f/links & PTO, AG ready, Cab Pack 2, 16 LEDs, ISOBUS, Power Beyond ..........................£77,000 NEW HOLLAND T7.270, T4B New Style, 2016 Blue Power f/linkage on 710/70x38 tyres 50%, 3220hrs. ......................£76,000 NEW HOLLAND T6.180, 2019, 50kph Electro Command, exh brake, auto PTO, fully susp, 113L pump, 4 remotes, 90mm lift rams, high headlamps,12 LEDs, 2 beacons, 650/65R38 540/65R28 Vredestein, ....................................£70,000 NEW HOLLAND T7.270 Auto Command, Blue Power, 2016, 3000hrs, f/linkage & PTO with MMV, leather heated seat, 710/70R38 600/65R28 ......................................................£65,000 NEW HOLLAND T7.210 Range Command Classic, 2018, 50kph,cab pack 2, 12 LEDs, f/links& PTO, Trelleborg 650/65R38, 540/65 R28 @ 85%, 680hrs ..........................£65,000 CASE Puma 165 Classic spec, 2019, Range Command, 260hrs, 50kph, f/links,650/65 R38 Michelin 540/65 R28Michelin @ 95%, LED worklights .................................£64,500 NEW HOLLAND T7.210 Range Command, 2018, Classic, 50kph,1500hrs, f/links, 4 spools, Power Beyond, Cab Pack 2, 12 LEDs, 650/65R38 540/65R28 ...................................£62,500 NEW HOLLAND T7.210 Range Command, 2018, Classic, 50kph,1500hrs, f/links, 4 spools, Power Beyond, Cab Pack 2, 12 LEDs, 650/65R38 540/65R28 ...................................£62,500 NEW HOLLAND T7.210, 2018, Range Command Classic, 50kph,f/links, 650/65R38, 540/65R28, cab pack 2, 4 spools, 12 LEDs, Power Beyond.........................................£62,500 NEW HOLLAND T7.210,2016, Classic, T4B, cab pack 2, 12LEDs,f/links & PTO with services, 3500hrs, 650/65R38 @50%, 540/65R28@50% 50kph, full susp YX66 FZF ........£57,500 NEW HOLLAND T7.210 Range Command, 2016, 50kph, f/linkage, 4 remotes, Dynamic Comfort Cab Pack, 8 LEDs, 650/65R38 540/65R28 ......................................................£56,500 NEW HOLLAND T7.210,2016, Range Command, Classic, 50kph,T4B, Cab Pack 2, 12 LEDs, f/links,650/65R38 540/65R28 @50%, full susp..............................................£55,500 NEW HOLLAND T7.210, 2014, Auto Command, 50kph, f/ links & PTO, cab & f/axle susp, 4 electronic spools,650/65 R38 @ 90% 540/65 R28 @90% .......................................£54,000 NEW HOLLAND T7.210 2016, Range Command, Classic, 50kph, T4B, cab Pack 2, 12 LEDs,weight carrier only, 650/65R38 50% 540/65R28 50%, full susp YX66 FZE ........£53,500 NEW HOLLAND T6.175 Electro Command 50kph, 2016, exh brake, auto PTO, 4 remotes, 1MMV, joystick, f/linkage, Intelliview screen................................................................£50,000 NEW HOLLAND T6.155 Electro Command, 2016, 40kph, 3 remote valves, dynamic f/fenders, p/seat, carpet, std r/ fenders, cab susp, f/linkage, 520/70 R38 80% 2209hrs, f/w T412 loader(41031525) .....................................................£49,950 CASE Maxxum 135, 2017, 50kph, U312 loader, a/brakes,3 spools, vision roof..............................................................£49,500 NEW HOLLAND T5.120 Electro Command, 2017, 400hrs, 40kph, cab susp, 2 slice Mech MMV, APUH, 8 work lights (not LED), 540/65R34 440/65R24 Dyn fenders, c/w TL750MS loader ...............................................................£49,500 NEW HOLLAND T6.120 Electro Command, 40kphm 2016, 1950hrs, cab susp, New Holland 740TL loader with Euro faceplate, 480/70R38 380/70R28 ......................................£49,000 NEW HOLLAND T7.210 Auto Command, 2014, 50kph, 140 L pump, f/linkage & PTO ....................................................£48,000 CASE Puma 160,2014, 3200hrs, full p/shift, 50kph, full susp, man spools, elec mirrors, bar axles, 650/65 R38 640/65 R28 Michelin tyres @60% f/weight carrier .............£47,500 NEW HOLLAND T6.155, 2016, Tier 4A 6 cylinder 4wd c/w Electro Command 40kph trans, plus trailer brakes, telescopic mirrors, f/linkage, 3 spools 2spd PTO, hyd push back hitch, f/axle susp, p/seat & a/c Mitas tyres 75%..........£47,500 NEW HOLLAND T7.200,2013, 50kph Range Command, full susp, 4 spools, 3150hrs ....................................................£47,000 NEW HOLLAND T6.155, 2016, Electro Command, 40kph, 3 remote valves, dynamic f/fenders, p/seat, carpet, twin LED beacons, std r/fenders, cab susp & f/linkage 520/70 R38 80% 1900hrs, FJ66EKN 2016 ............................................£46,500 NEW HOLLAND T6.155, 2016, Electro Command, 40kph, 3 remote valves, dynamic f/fenders, p/seat, carpet, twin LED beacons, std r/fenders, cab susp & f/linkage 520/70 R38 90% FJ66 EKM, 1300hrs....................................................£46,000 NEW HOLLAND T7.260, 2012 ............................................£45,000 NEW HOLLAND T7.200, 2015, 4311hrs, 650/65R38 @ 80%,540/65 R26@ 30%, 4 spools.....................................£45,000

21031062 91032713 71032330 61028043


61031787 41027120 91029148 41032517

11031936 41029731 91032712 91032711 91029149 91029151 91029152 41031924 11031563 41031925 11031194 41031923 31032764

41031922 11031732

41031458 11031483 31032715 91032389

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41031920 31030453 31032392

NEW HOLLAND T7.200 Range Command, 2014, 50kph, C pack, second beacon,4 remotes, elec loader ready with joystick & midmounts,650/65R38540/65R28,....................£44,000 31031783 NEW HOLLAND T5.110 Electro Command, 2017................£43,000 11032284 KUBOTA M7131,2016, c/w Quicke Q56 loader, 1312hrs, 50kph, f/susp, cab susp, 130 hp, 4 spools, clutchless shuttle, 9t linkage capacity, f/fenders, a/c, a/seat, euro head stock, smooth ride, elec controls ........................................£42,500 11032582 NEW HOLLAND T5.120 Electro Command, 2017 cab susp, 16.9 38 Vredestein tyres, Hyd Hitch, 6 work lights, telescopic mirrors & 10 weights .........................................£42,500 41032493 NEW HOLLAND T6.165 Electro Command no susp on 520/70x38 70% 950hrs .....................................................£42,000 41032471 NEW HOLLAND T7.170, Range Command, 2012, f/linkage, 3850hrs,50kph, full susp, r/tyres 30% f/95% ......................£42,000 11032788 MASSEY FERGUSON 7618 Dyna VT, fully susp, 2012, f/ linkage, on 600/65x38 & 480/65x28 2012hrs 5600 reg FN62 CZD c/w MX Chillton T412 loader with MX faceplate ..£39,950 41033004 NEW HOLLAND T7060 Power Command, 2009..................£39,000 21030314 NEW HOLLAND T6.120, 2013, 4 cylinder, 4wd, c/w 3spd PTO, Electro Command 40kph gearbox with 3 spools, fixed mirrors, low roof & 460/85 R38 r/, 380/85R28 f/tyres, & f/w a Quicke Q41 power loader with anti bounce accumulator...£38,950 41031960 NEW HOLLAND T7.235 Power Command Classic, 2015, 7800hrs, f/linkage & PTO ...................................................£38,750 41032847 McCORMICK X7.450, 2014, 50kph, full susp, 3 elec spools, f/weights, on 600/65 R38 & 480/65 R28 f/tyres 70% 64 reg£37,950 41031460 NEW HOLLAND T5.105 utility, 2018, 80hrs, Dual Command, a/c, 3spd PTO, a/seat, as new ............................................£37,000 41031832 NEW HOLLAND T6080,2009, Power Command 50kph, f/ links & PTO, elec mirrors, 650/65 R38 540/65 R28 with a Q78 loader 6400hrs ...........................................................£36,500 41031137 CASE Maxxum 110, 3134hrs, 40kph, std f/axle, cab susp,16x16 trans, 3 spools, a/c, 480/70R38 380/70R28, Trima +4.1P loader, euro/SMS h/stock, 3rd service, hyd locking ...............................................................................£36,000 61030246 NEW HOLLAND T7.200, 2012, 50kph, f/linkage, C pack, twin beacons, on 580/70 R38 40% &480/70 R28 30% YX62 CXA 6250hrs2012 .............................................................£35,000 41031919 MASSEY FERGUSON 6480 Dyna 6, 2007, 6832hrs, mech spools, f/links, a/brakes, a/c, cab susp, 460/85R38 & 380/85R28, c/w Quicke Q60 loader, mech locking, euro h/ stock, 3rd service ..............................................................£34,000 61030222 NEW HOLLAND T7.200 Auto Command 50kph, 2015,9000hrs, beacons, mid mounts, 580/70 R38& 480/70 R28, f/links, full susp, sidewinder armrest, elec spools, Intelliview ...........................................................................£33,000 61033050 NEW HOLLAND T6.165, 2015, 16x16 Electro Command, approx 4000hrs, cab susp, EDC, 3 aux valves, a/seat, p/ seat, Lynx f/linkage, 520/70R34, 420/70x70R24 ................£33,000 91032999 NEW HOLLAND T6080 Power Command 40kph Eco, 2009,f/axle susp, 650/65R38 40%, 540/65R28 30%, MX120 loader c/w MX h/stock approx 4500hrs...................£30,500 91033018 NEW HOLLAND T6.160 Auto Command, 2015, 50kph, 3 remotes, f/linkage, 600/65R38 480/65R28.........................£30,000 31033042 NEW HOLLAND T6080, 50kph, 2008, 6350hrs, Power Command trans, c/w creeper gears f/& cab susp on 650/65 R38 & 540/65 R28 15% all round.......................................£29,950 41031138 MASSEY FERGUSON 5613 4wd, 2014, Dyna 4, 420/85 R34 r/ (16.9-34) 30% &340 R24 20% .......................................£29,500 41031069 NEW HOLLAND T7030, 2008, Power Command, c/w man spool valves, cab susp, f/axle susp, 50kph, f/linkage, 1 flashing beacon, 540/1000 PTO on 650/65R38 rears & 540/65 R28 .......................................................................£29,500 51030151 NEW HOLLAND TD5.95 4wd, 2016 12x12 power shuttle, a/c, a/seat, f/fenders, 4 f/end weights on 420/85R34 r/tyres & 13.6 R24 f/tyres .............................................................£28,500 51031501 NEW HOLLAND TS125A, 2004, Electro Command 40kph trans, cab susp, 4 man spools, a/c, 14 10 series weights, f/ fenders, on 520/70 R38 & 420/70 R28 ..............................£28,000 51030463 NEW HOLLAND T6030 Plus, 2008, 4 Spools, 6343hrs, 460 tyres @ 40%, f/linkage.......................................................£27,950 21033043 JOHN DEERE 6330 std, 2008, Powerquad trans, 40kph,3 mech spools, 4600hrs,a/c, a/seat, tyres 70% .....................£27,000 21032181 NEW HOLLAND T5060, 2009, c/w fixed mirrors, hook arms, r/wiper, man shuttle & 16.9-34 r/70% & 13.6-24 fronts 60 % f/w Quicke Q40 power loader & spike & pallet tines, v lowhrs£26,500 41032830 KUBOTA M108S, 2011 c/w MX U8 loader, f/r shuttle, a/c, a/ seat, 2 spools, mech hyds, 3100hrs, tyres 80%, ................£26,500 21031465 NEW HOLLAND T4.75 Powerstar, 2017, 12x12 Syncro Shuttle, 1650hrs, Hyd hitch, 420/80R30 280/85R24,Very Tidy. ..................................................................................£22,500 11031513 JOHN DEERE 6830 Powerquad, 13000hrs, 50kph, a/ brakes, full susp, f/links, Command centre, a/c, 380/90R46 380/85R30 tyres ................................................................£22,000 61033049 NEW HOLLAND TS125A 16x16 Electro Command, cab susp, 6900hrs, 600/65R38 @ 90% 480/65R28 @15%, 2 spools, CCLS pump ...........................................................£21,000 91032745 MASSEY FERGUSON 390 2wd, Hi Line cab, f/end loader 6520hrs ...............................................................................£9,000 21033074 KUBOTA X2350 Compact, 2009, 1300hrs, 54" side discharge deck, clam type collector ......................................£8,000 31028946 JOHN DEERE 3050 4wd, 1998 with SG2 cab & f/weight frame,10000hrs ..................................................................£7,450 41031371 FORD 6610 Force II, 2wd, 1987, 2 spool valves, dual power, crash box (gears on floor) on 420/85 R34 @ 80% & 7.5016 @ 30% ...........................................................................£7,350 41032893 JOHN DEERE 2040S 2wd,1980, 7800hrs.............................£5,500 41031796 T412 MX loader, 2017, loader Boom, as new........................£4,750 41031525 T412 loader boom & brackets to suit T6.155 T4a .................£3,950 41031102 SET of 22 fan weights & carrier c/w 3pt linkage frame ..........£1,395 21026166

BRACKETS & hyd kit to suit Quicke loader, from New Holland T6010.................................................................£900 41032919


KUBOTA RTV-X900TR, 2016, Camo, f/windscreen, wiper, BKT tyres 80%, road registered, 1607hrs..............................£8,600 HONDA TRX500 FA 2010, auto/esp trans, good working order.....£0 CAN Am Traxter AM ATV .......................................................... POA KUBOTA RTV-X900, 2017, full cab, 550hrs .........................£12,500 KUBOTA RTV-X900TR utility vehicle, 2015 ..........................£11,500 KUBOTA RTV-X900 utility vehicle, 2016, 4500hrs, full cab, bedliner, heater, radio ...........................................................£8,750 KUBOTA RTV900 camo, drop down doors, tow ball ..............£8,750 POLARIS Ranger, diesel, full cage & heater, road legal, wide tyres, 2/4wd, 2015 ..............................................................£8,500 HONDA TRX500 FM6, 2017 full road kit, red, approx 400hrs £5,995 HONDA TRX500ES, 2015.....................................................£4,650 HONDA TRX420FM1,2015, 2500hrs, new panel & seat, 4wd£4,500 HONDA TRX500FE1, 2015, elec shift trans, 1380hrs, average tyres .......................................................................£4,500 HONDA TRX420 FM2, 2015 4wd, man, power steering, towball .................................................................................£4,350 YAMAHA Grizzly 550, 2015, auto, 4wd, f/winch, towball, 1600hrs ...............................................................................£4,250 HONDA TRX500 FPA, 2012, auto/esp, power steering, new tyres, hydro model, good bike, approx 2860hrs ....................£4,250 HONDA TRX420 FM,2012 man, power steering, road registered, tow ball ...............................................................£3,450 KAWASAKI Mule, 4 seater ....................................................£3,000 HONDA CRF150, 2014, junior motocross bike, man gears, 4 stroke ..................................................................................£2,500 HONDA TRX250 FM .............................................................£1,900 HONDA TRX250 TE 2wd ATV ...............................................£2,500

11027416 71033051 11032221 11031510 31032753 21033045 21030000 21029376 21031841 11026291 91033040 91030073 91029908 91033034 21026470 91032588 71032176 91027932 31032462 31032531


TAARUP 7664 twin arm round & square bale wrapper, 2005 Pro wrap, bale count 30100 .................................................£9,000 KUHN SW1604 wrapper, 2012, fully auto, remote kit, stationary & trld actions, round & small square bales, 21000 bales ...........£8,500 McHALE 991 LBER mtd bale wrapper, 2007, c/w remote, 50k bales .............................................................................£4,750 McHALE 991 LBER, 2002, 56000 bales ...............................£4,500 McHALE 991 BC bale wrapper, cable control, 30,000 bales ..£4,250 KV 7558 round bale wrapper, 3pt linkage, 750mm wrap........£3,500 TAYLOR 500mm wrapper, c/w Honda petrol hyd power pack £2,000 PARMITER TR66 round bale wrapper, 750mm film, hyd control ..£950

41031697 61031786 21033036 31032046 11033065 11031294 11028228 41030650


NEW HOLLAND BB890 packer cutter, on 710/40-22.5 tyres, moisture kit, electronic bale length, std & partial bale eject..£49,000 McHALE Fusion 3 Plus, 2017, combi, net & film, crop roller, 650 tyres, ISO CAN controls with camera, 33000 bales ......£37,000 NEW HOLLAND BB9080 Big baler, 2011 c/w std feed, elec bale length & bale ejector 66000 bales, 710/40 R22.5 BKT.£34,950 CLAAS 3200, 2009, tandem axle, elec bale length, moisture, hyd tailgate, rotor feeder.....................................................£32,000 NEW HOLLAND BB950, 2002, Big baler, 120x70 size, 2002, serial no 204278023, 68000 bales, single axle on 700/4522.5 tyres std packer model ...............................................£16,950 NEW HOLLAND RB150 Superfeed, 2014, bale count 16000 approx ...............................................................................£15,000 JOHN DEERE 684, 2012 net wrap, bale kicker, 500/50x17 wheels, 2m pick up, 25100 bales, crop roller, rotor feeder, no brakes...........................................................................£12,500 NEW HOLLAND BR7060, 2012, 25000 bales .....................£12,500 JOHN DEERE 592 round baler, 2009, wide pickup, 19,000 bales..................................................................................£11,950 VICON RV2160 rotor feeder, approx 40,000 bales.................£9,995 CLAAS Variant 280 round baler 380/55 R17 tyres, net wrap .£9,750 WELGER RP535 round baler, 2008, wide pick up, std control box ......................................................................................£8,950 NEW HOLLAND BR740 AEF, 2004, roto feeder, approx 35000 bales.........................................................................£8,000 NEW HOLLAND BR7060, hyd revr, 2009 ..............................£7,500 LELY WELGER RP520, 2002, rotor feeder, 22000 bales ........£6,250 NEW HOLLAND BR750 round baler, crop cutter, 2003, bale count-35679, 480/45xR17 wheels .......................................£5,950

41032706 91032148 41031571 41032551 41032043 31025318 11032081 31030179 61029706 11031717 11030186 31027595 21032139 31027455 21031622 11030881


KUHN 1270 tub feeder, 2003 single auger tub feeder, f/cross elevator, single axle, weigher ................................................£7,950 HAYBUSTER H1000 tub grinder, 2014 ................................£24,950 KUHN EuroMix 1270 vertical diet feeder, 2015 c/w single auger, elec controls & weighing (KDW 341 box), f/right elevator, r/left door, wide angle PTO on 400/60-15.5 wheels£10,750 STRAUTMANN 17 twin tub, 2011, c/w f/conveyor & r/door ..£7,500 KVERNELAND 853 Pro, trld, side discharge, swivel chute, hyd back door, road lights ....................................................£8,250 KUHN 1070 diet feeder, 2007, c/w side elevator ...................£7,950 TEAGLE Tomahawk 8500 bedder feeder, 2015, c/w swivel chute, elec controls & tailgate switch....................................£7,750 KING SD6E straw bedder 2008 c/w top/swivel chute, side chute, elec controls, 11.5/80-15.3 wheels ............................£6,500 TEAGLE Tomahawk 8500, 2012, trld straw/silage bedder c/w swivel spout ..................................................................£5,450 KUHN 3560 Primore, trld straw & silage bedder/feeder, 2007, elec controls, top & side chute ...................................£4,750 BELA/STRAW bedder, 2002 c/w swivel chute .......................£2,750 HI SPEC Mix Max 16 diet feeder c/w Digistar EZ3200 weigher & l/h discharge........................................................£2,500 TEAGLE 808S bale shredder, 2003 .......................................£2,650

21032476 41029373 41032400 41026649 61029437 41029115 51032776 41028306 11025985 41029777 41024619 41032293 31029598

Plus loads more stock – please view our websites www.hallmarktractors.com & www.russells.uk.com 186 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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EX DEMO NEW HOLLAND CR 8.90 30’ Varifeed, 800/70 R38s, Intellisteer, Intellisense, chopper, chaff spreaders, Cochet trailer, 339 & 240hrs .................................................... POA NEW HOLLAND CR 8.90, 2019, 30’ Varifeed, 800/70 R38s, Intellisteer, 4wd, Intellisense, chopper, chaff, Cochet trailer, 185 & 139hrs (on farm, York) .................................................. POA NEW HOLLAND CR 9.80, 2018, 35’ Varifeed, 900/60 R32s, Smartsteer chopper, chaff, Shelbourne trailer, yield & moisture, 563 & 422hrs .......................................................... POA NEW HOLLAND CR 8.80, 30’ Varifeed, 800/70 R38s, chopper, chaff, chopper, chaff, yield & moisture, 495 & 371hrs . POA NEW HOLLAND CX 8.70 Elevation, 2017, 22’ VariFeed, 800/70 R38s, chopper, chaff, yield & moisture, flip spout, Shelbourne trailer, 792 & 675hrs .............................................. POA NEW HOLLAND CR9080, 2012, self levelling sieves, yield & moisture meter, Intellisteer, straw chopper, & chaff spreader on 900/60xR38 & 600/65xR28c/w 30G 30’ Varifeed cutterbar (s/n 309974005 2011) & SRE transporter ................. POA NEW HOLLAND CR9080, 2011, chopper & chaff spreaders, yield & moisture, 900/60 R38 & 540/65R30, c/w 30’ Varifeed with side knives, header trailer..................................... POA NEW HOLLAND CX8070 c/w 22’ header & single axle trailer, 710/70 R42, 500/70 R24, 1223 eng/918 threshing hrs ............ POA NEW HOLLAND CX8080,2008, 2204 eng/1686 threshing hrs, straw chopper & chaff blowers, 1050/50R32 fronts, 540/65R30 rears, 30’ Varifeed 1 header c/w tandem axle trailer POA NEW HOLLAND CX 8080 FS, 30’ VariFeed, 900/60 R32, 600/65 R28, chopper, Heuling chaff spreader, Shelbourne trailer, Y&M, 2685 & 2121hrs ................................................... POA NEW HOLLAND CX5080 2013, 17’ Varifeed header .................. POA NEW HOLLAND TF44, 1988, SL sieves, V6 Merc engine, straw chopper, chaff spreader, s/n 7214031 4930hrs on 30.5xR32 &16.0/70xR20 17’ header s/n 1714011 & AS transporter-176391.................................................................. POA NEW HOLLAND,2015, 35’ Varifeed header c/w 2 hyd side knives, c/w Shelbourne steering trailer ...................................... POA

61028136 11032074


51032494 31033075 21032121 11032744



TAKEUCHI TB230 cab, excavator, 2016, 2616hrs, 24" bucket, 48" ditching bucket, man quick hitch ......................£17,500 11032056 TAKEUCHI TB216 mini excavator, 2016 ..............................£12,000 31032747 FORD 555 backhoe loader, 1984, 7450hrs ...........................£6,500 61032982


SULKY X40 fert spreader, 2014, GPS, hopper cover, 3000L ..£9,500 SULKY DPX Magnum 4 bag hopper, fldg cover, lights, 28–36m vanes .....................................................................£3,200 TEAGLE SX3000 fert spreader, 2010, 1900L capacity, fldg hopper cover, w/width 6-24m, centre lift border spreader, road lights............................................................................£2,950 SULKY DPX Expert, 2800L, hyd shut off, no cover ................£1,975 AMAZONE ZA-X 1402, 2008, Perfect, hyd shut off, twin disc, 2 bag hopper ...............................................................£1,850 SULKY DPX Expert 1500, 2002, c/w hopper cover ...............£1,200 VICON Rotaflow, 2008, twin disc, hyd shut off, RS-C model, good vanes, working order ......................................................£950 AMAZONE ZA-OC fert spreader, 1200L, twin disc, hyd shut off £450

21032468 91031153 61028752 11029563 91032387 31029850 21026409 21026982


POTTINGER Torro 5700, 2013, Powermatic forage pick up wagon c/w autocut steering axle & Nokian 710/45 R22.5 tyres ..................................................................................£35,000 STRAUTMANN Vitesse 3101 Super VT, 2011, forage wagon, r/steering axle, chain drive pick up, load space lights, hyd s/d/bar, 560/45R22.5 flotation tyres ...................................£19,000 JF FCT 1050 Pro forager, 2011...........................................£10,950 JF FCT955 trld forage harvester, 2011 c/w r/hitch, spout ......£9,950 POTTINGER MEX 6 trld forager ............................................£5,750


41031324 11031780 41032986 21031472 21030143

WEST A197:G236sex RMX240 roller mower, 2017 c/w mulching blades ....................................................................... POA 81031242 KUBOTA B2230 HST compact tractor, 2008, 660hrs................. POA 71032966 MOSQUITO 11 weed ripper ...................................................... POA 81032846 TORO 3300 Workman truck ..................................................... POA 81030855 TORO 3100, 2000.................................................................... POA 71028156 KUBOTA W821R pedestrian mower .......................................... POA 71025215 WESSEX ZME155 flail mower 1.55m, 3pt linkage, hyd offset .... POA 81032397 TORO LT-F3000 triple flail mower c/w road lighting & beacon£25,000 71032630 TORO LT3340 triple mower c/w 10" 6 blade heads, road lights & beacon ..................................................................£19,000 71032625 TORO LT3340 triple mower c/w 10" 6 blade heads, road lights & beacon ..................................................................£19,000 71032626 TORO LT3340 triple mower c/w 10" 6 blade heads, road lights & beacon ..................................................................£19,000 71032627 TORO LT3340 triple mower c/w 10" 6 blade heads, road lights & beacon ..................................................................£19,000 71032628 TORO LT3340 triple mower, 2012 .......................................£10,000 71027147 TORO 3420 Triplex Hybrid mower, 2012, c/w 3wd,11 blade units r/roller scrapers .........................................................£10,000 71022846 RANSOMES Highway 3 triple mower, 2010 ..........................£8,000 71025863 HAYTER LT324 mower, 4wd, 6 bladed Magna units ..............£7,000 81032219 FERRIS IS700Z 52 zero turn mower, 2018 ...........................£6,500 71030278 FERRIS IS700Z 52 zero turn mower, 2018 ...........................£6,500 71030279 JOHN DEERE 8800 rotary mower.........................................£6,000 71032572 HAYTER LT324 triple mower.................................................£5,000 71026761 KUBOTA G18 LD mower 48" diesel ride on c/w collector.......£4,800 71031410

McCONNEL PA7070T, Revolution control & EDS 1.2m Multicut flail head c/w HD f/& r/flaps, T flails, debris blower (integral) warning arrow .....................................................£15,500 McCONNEL PA5565, 2016, 1.2m head ..............................£15,250 McCONNEL PA6577T, 2015, T flails, Revolution controls ....£14,750 McCONNEL PA5455 Motion Control, 2018, 3pt linkage, mounting parallel arm geometry, TI hyd system, power slew, safety breakaway, window guards c/w 1.2m Multicut head, r/h cut f10 flails ..................................................................£13,000 McCONNEL PA65T, 2009, 1.5m head, V4 Pro controls, 3pt linkage. ..............................................................................£10,500 McCONNEL PA6500T, 2005, requires axle brackets ..............£9,500 McCONNEL PA58, 2011, cable control, 1.2m Multicut head, f/& r/flaps ............................................................................£9,500 BOMFORD Kestrel Evo, 2012, cable controls........................£7,350 McCONNEL PA500 c/w 1.5m head & competition flails, 1997 .£4,850

71016000 71023340 71029691 41031951 71032127 11031115 71032754 71023457 71031159 71032250 61031130 71023455 71031934 71032034 71032174 71029756 81031391 71032331 71021409 81032145 71029695 71027859 71030859 41023335 81032144 71032268 81032142 71032272 81029072 71029694 71029693 71031935 71032701

31032058 41031440 61030633

51032936 41032364 31031119 31029837 61028170 41031809


MANITOU MLT737-130 PS, 2017, Elite, CRC, a/c, p/shift, 1663hrs .............................................................................£54,000 MANITOU MLT735 PS, 2015, 3605hrs, new tyres ..............£45,000 MANITOU MLT627T EV 24, 2014, c/w CRC, a/seat, 2700hrs, tyres 30%............................................................£39,950 JCB 526-56 Agri Plus, 2018, c/w pallet forks, a/c, a/seat & hyd pick up hitch JCB tool carrier h/stock c/w hyd locking on Michelin 460/70 R24 @0.5 ...........................................£39,850 MANITOU MLT634T LSU 120PS,2015 Elite, c/w hyd locking .£35,950 MANITOU MLT634T,2015LSU 120PS Elite, c/w hyd locking ..£35,000 MANITOU MLT735T,2014,LSU 120 PS, Deutz engine, 4750hrs, PUH, hand throttle, a/c, a/seat, tyres 50% ............£32,000 MANITOU MLT627T, 2008, Mono Ultra,24" c/w p/tines, tyres 20%, v tidy, approx 4500hrs ...............................................£24,000 MANITOU CD25P masted fork truck, 2006, 4600hrs, triplex mast 4.5m 2500kg, sideshift................................................£7,250 SAMUK RD30 RW1B masted fork truck, 2008, 5m triplex mast sideshift 5’ free lift 6474hrs correct @ 1 July f/tyres 28/9x15 r/tyres 6.5x10.........................................................£4,750 CHERRY 7’, 10 tines on fork, 6 tines on grab on New Holland brackets...........................................................£1,500 ALO 230SE Silocut sheargrab, 2009 c/w Manitou brackets ...£1,500 SLEWTIC 6’ sheargrab, 2016, 14 tine...................................£1,500 7' muck fork & grab, 2015, euro brackets & pipes ................£1,200 CB01 bag lifter, pin & cone brackets .....................................£1,000 7'6" bucket 2m3 capacity, pin & cone brackets .....................£1,000 SLEWTIC 4' sheargrab ............................................................£800 MANITOU pallet tines ..............................................................£675 GENERAL purpose bucket, had v little use, good blade, euro brackets..................................................................................£600 MX BRU150, 5’ general purpose bucket, euro brackets ............£580 1.8M bucket, c/w euro brackets (v tidy) ..................................£575 PARMITER 4’6" sheargrab c/w Matbro brackets ......................£495 HALL 4-tine bale spike.............................................................£385 7’6" HD stone bucket ..............................................................£425 7’6" TH bucket ........................................................................£575 7’6" KV tined muck fork ..........................................................£700 SINGLE bale spike, 2018, 3pt linkage ......................................£300


61030076 61029690 21029609 41032910 31030165 11031057 21031463 21025928 11031443 11031445 61025441 41028290 41032291 21031624 61030961 61032791 51021771 11032962 61022632 91032459 41032832 41032297 41032914 41032915 41032916 41032917 11025593

POTTINGER Novacat,307TED, 2018, 3m w/width, semi-mtd side pull, mo/co, wear skids ...............................................£13,500 41031918

TAARUP TA9178C (HD)4 wheels under rotor, 11 tines per rotor, swivel h/stock, w/width 7-8m, transport wheels 10.00/75x15 ......................................................................£13,500 McHALE F3100, 2017, conditioner .....................................£11,750 McHALE R3100, 2018, conditioner ....................................£12,250 POTTINGER Novacat 307TED 3m mo/co, 2011, 3m w/ width, semi-mtd side pull, wear skids .................................£10,950 McHALE R3100 r/mtd mo/co ...............................................£8,500 KV 9184C twin rotor rake, 8m w/width, 4 wheels under rotors £7,850 KUHN GF7601 MH tedder, 8 rotors,5 tines per rotor ..............£7,250 POTTINGER TOP 612 twin rotor rake, 2014, 5.9m w/width, mtd ......................................................................................£6,500 POTTINGER 701A,2004 twin rotor rake, Multitast wheels .....£5,950 KUHN GF6502, 2012, hyd fldg 6 rotor tedder .......................£5,750 POTTINGER HIT 6.80 6 rotor tedder, 7.8m w/width...............£5,750 KVERNELAND TA4232 LT mo/co c/w spreading head & swivel hitch ..........................................................................£5,500 POTTINGER Euro Top 620A twin rotor rake c/w Multitast wheels.................................................................................£5,250 KUHN GMD700 mtd mower, 2014 ........................................£4,500 GIRAFFA 210 offset flail topper, 2014 ...................................£3,870 CLAAS 3050C Disco r/mtd mo/co 2004 ...............................£3,950 KUHN VKM 280, 2012, flail mower c/w hyd offset & std spec .£3,500 TEAGLE Park SB 1.1m mulcher c/w hammer flails & std spec, 2018 £3,500 POTTINGER Top 380N, single rotor rake, 2012, v tidy ...........£3,450 MALONE Procut 800 disc mower, 2015 ................................£3,450 LELY Optima 240 mo/co 1994 ..............................................£3,250 KILWORTH 1.8m flail topper, 2013 c/w r/roller & offset ram..£2,000 McCONNEL Topper 9, shaft drive with shearbolt PTO, f/or r/ mtd, twin rotors, 2.74m cut, Cat 2, min 50hp .......................£1,850 FLEMING Top 8S 8’ topper 2007, side mtd ...........................£1,250 McCONNEL PT9 topper .......................................................£1,600 McCONNEL Topper 9 needs rubber couplings & blades ........£1,450 McCONNEL PT180 6’ topper, 2013 ......................................£1,150

11031916 91030348 91030349 21032922 61030883 91033016 11031021 61029846 41031538 41031163 31031146 11030882 11031435 41029890 21027443 51029771 51032972 51032060 91033019 91033020 41032288 41032833 41031661 41027751 21026443 41031441 21031530


MURSKA 350 S2 grain rolling mill c/w protein/mineral hopper & auger system, long PTO shaft................................£5,000 OPICO 6m grass hrw c/w 8mm tines ...................................£2,750 OPICO 6m hyd fldg grass hrw, 2010 c/w 8mm tines ............£2,500 BROWNS 3m Slitmaster grassland aerator c/w grass hrw ....£2,000 ALBUTT B100/9PP 9’ buckrake, s/n 17890 2005 .................£1,950 AVLAN BLANCH RV280T, 2014, bare roller mill, no PTO shaft £1,750 HYUNDAI GPDHY8000SELR generator, 3 phase, long run .....£1,600 FAN Jet Mini Broadcaster, variablespd & feed, 110 control, large & small rollers & spacers ................................................£750 TRANSPORT box, 6’, c/w Euro brackets ..................................£200 SWALEDALE trld snacker, man controls, ATV tyres ..................£450


SIMBA 3.3m Cultipress, 2009, rigid tines, DD ring packer.....£9,500 SIMBA hyd fldg press c/w 2 row trld & leading tines.............£3,000 DALBO Levelflex 3m, 2013, f/mtd press c/w cast rings & steering................................................................................£2,850 DOWDESWELL DP7 D2 5F rev plough ..................................£1,500 MICHAEL MOORE 4.5m trld press........................................£1,600 DOWDESWELL DP7E plough, 5 furrow, 14" furrow width, UCN bodies, rev points, no r/disc, 6th furrow as spares ........£1,250

11031742 41031005 41029974 51032585 41031539 11031672 41032504 31030570 41032912 91032587 21031542 41027995 41032045 41032478 41025577 11032708

POWER HARROW & SEED DRILLS- SYSTEM DRILLS VADERSTAD RDA600S seed drill, 2011, approx 1800ha, IDC, std control station, pre-ems, track erads, spare wheel. £47,000 VADERSTAD RDA600S seed drill,2015, std d/bar, track erads, std system disc, 5850ha, offset wheels, new wearing metal..£46,500 VADERSTAD RDA600S,2005, cleated tyres offset, 4239ha @ 13th Dec, rigid track erads, system disc ........................£25,500 VADERSTAD RD300S box drill 2005 c/w system disc, press wheels, pre-ems, track erads, approx 9000 acres ...............£14,500 VADERSTAD RDA400S 5028ha, 2006, system disc, no pivot packer .......................................................................£13,000 GASPARDO 300, 2013, 6 row maize drill c/w microgranular kit ......................................................................................£12,950 KUHN HR3003 c/w fast fit tines, 2008, maxi packer roller, LC302 drill with side markers, 3 row coulers, steps & follg hrw Hector 3000 control box, gc ..........................................£9,500 KRM 4m drill c/w Lemken Zirkon 10-400 p/hrw, notched rubber ring packer, track erads, clod bar, 3 or 4 tramliner, bout markers, variable rate adj, half width shut off, follg hrw .........£10,000 AMAZONE RP 402 p/hrw c/w AD-P 402 4m drill with disc coulters ...............................................................................£9,750 KUHN HR4003D/NS304 combi drill/p/hrw c/w packer roller & Q-fit tines, Nordsten NS3040 box drill 2000 c/w disc coulters ...............................................................................£5,750 SULKY SPI 3M drill combi c/w Maschio p/hrw, new tines .....£4,250 VADERSTAD RDA 400F c/w system disc, control box & std spec £5,000 KRM TI305 4m Drillmate, hyd fldg, Suffolk coulters, follg hrw .£3,500 KRM H.94 p/hrw, 3m, crumbler roller ...................................£2,100 RABE PKE 300 packer roller, bolt on tines.............................£2,500 MASCHIO DM3.5m p/hrw ....................................................£1,500


WALTER WATSON 10’ x 36" ballast roll c/w end tow kit, 2015£3,950 TWOSE 6.3m horiz fldg, 1995, c/w Cambridge 24" rings. .....£3,875 VADERSTAD RX620 Rollex roller, 2011.................................£3,750 FLEXICOIL 6.3m, Cambridge rolls .......................................£2,750 EDLINGTON 6m Cambridge roll, vertical fold, plain rings ......£2,250 TWOSE 10’ ballast roll 2009 ...................................................£850

91028528 11032195 11029053 31023462 31027688

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk


TORO RM3100-D mower .....................................................£4,200 TORO MDE .........................................................................£4,150 DENNIS Razor Ultra cylinder mower c/w tungsten groomer & T bar handle (D140T)........................................................£4,000 RECO Grasshopper zero turn mower, 2010, only 200hrs use, side discharge ..............................................................£3,950 KUBOTA G2160, 21hp diesel, hydrostatic, 48" r/discharge deck, 940hrs........................................................................£3,950 KUBOTA GR1600 ride on mower, 2010 c/w collector ............£3,600 KUBOTA GR2120 ride on mower ..........................................£3,300 HAYTER LT324, 2005...........................................................£3,000 TOMLIN TMX185 flail mower, 2018 ......................................£3,000 DENNIS Roto Rake Mk5 scarifier c/w 1.6mm scarifying reel .£3,000 LOGIC TRM120B12FW rotary topper 1.2m wide, Briggs & Stratton engine,triple blade, off d/bar facility, remote throttle & flotation wheels ................................................................£2,500 HAYTER LT322.....................................................................£2,500 KUBOTA LA424 EC loader c/w counter weight ......................£2,500 RYAN 12 turf cutter ..............................................................£2,200 TRUE Greens Iron ................................................................£2,000 ALLETT TR34 rotary mower 2016 ........................................£1,750 RANSOMES Mastiff 36"mower .............................................£1,500 SAXON triple mower petrol engine, 3 belt driven cylinders .....£1,500 10" heads to fit Toro LT range ...............................................£1,500 TEAM Vixon 140L, 3m boom................................................£1,295 DENNIS Autorake Mk4 .........................................................£1,250 DENNIS D054/6 Sorrel roller cassette ..................................£1,000 AMAZON E + S 750 spreader ..............................................£1,000 STIGA 3084H Estate, 2014, 84cm cutting deck .......................£995 1.25 trailer ..............................................................................£950 NEW turf wheels & tyres .........................................................£944 VICON PS225 fert spreader, man control .................................£750 CHARTERHOUSE Rapid Core aerator 1.3m vertical aerator ......£750 GREENTEX vibrating rollers, to fit JD2500 greens mower .........£750 RANSOMES Supergreen cylinder mower .................................£600 DENNIS Turfman.....................................................................£600 KUBOTA turf wheels to fit B2650 .............................................£500 D109TT scarifier cassette, 2mm tungsten tipped for FT610......£450

TEAGLE Tomahawk 8080, 2007, trld bedder, 360 degree chute, electronic controls, twin spd gearbox .........................£2,000 91030247 SHELBOURNE REYNOLDS CB150 bedder c/w euro brackets & A frame ............................................................................£1,950 41032849

51029826 41027541 31030569 51030326 21032978 21032482 11031453 21024120 11030927 21026760 31031939 41029735 41031882 21031845 61031247 21030735 41033071


KELLANDS 2700 Agribuggy, 2012, 24m boom, auto steer, on 560/60R22.5 tyres & 12.4x36 rowcrops........................£59,950 41029614

Please call Jim Nash on 07734 550400 or David Hirst on 07792 927432 or email jim@hallmarktractors.com February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 187

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30/01/2020 10:45

11.2-R48 & 11.2-R30 Taurus tyres on centres to fit John Deere 6820, etc, 80% tread. £1,250 ono. C Blood Tel 07752 610172 (Warks)

2003 Defender TD5 bespoke full rebuild

COUNTRY VEHICLES BKT 385/90-R50, good used condition. R Stimpson Tel 07798 786158/01692 538773 (Norfolk)

www.bwt.uk.com info@bwt.uk.com

MICHELIN rowcrop wheels fit John Deere 6000 Series. £750. J Dennis Tel 07967 442373 (Devon) RIMS to suit JD 7530 fronts with tyres, rears with one tyre, Continental 600/65R28 & 710/70-R38, around 25%. £1,000. O Pratt Tel 07884 003747 (Suffolk)


Land Rover Defender 90 station wagon, new galv chassis, 97P .............. £8,995 Land Rover Defender 110 200 TDI, 86C ............. £3,495 Land Rover Defender 110 hard-top, 91J, 65,000 miles, blue ........................... £4,995

Dave Smith:

mobile 07973 139483

home/fax 0115 965 2204

TOYOTA Landcruiser, 2005, 187000 miles, full MOT, drives well. POA. M Robson Tel 07967 139678 (N Yorks)

£24,000+VAT LIKE NEW

01493 750999 Norwich, Norfolk


FORD Ranger Limited 3.2, FSH, lovely condition, 63 plate, 70000 miles, 11 months MOT, manual, Sea grey, tow bar, leather seats, heated front seats, reversing camera, sat nav, bluetooth. £10.250+VAT. More photos available. A Hewitt Tel 07899 720323 (Norfolk)


RENAULT Premium, low miles, long MOT, all good. £6,950+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


DISCOVERY 3 Commercial V6 auto, 19” wheels, all leather with good spec & in great condition. £5,500+VAT ono. S Sinnott Tel 07775 788608 (Beds)

CHERISHED personal number plate, A403 KAY, on retention 10yrs, assignment fee £80 paid, ready to go straight on to a vehicle. £1,000. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffs)

At BWT we specialise in new and used wheel solutions for Rowcrop, Standard, Dual Wheel & Flotation applications.

72-INCH bed roll (used for onions). A Roughton Tel 07961 356448/07961 356449 (Lincs)

RANGE Rover Westminster, 62 reg, 4.4 V8 diesel, 78100 miles, 10 months MOT, 4 new tyres, top spec model, excellent condition. £14,000 ono. J Brocksopp Tel 07831 309922 (Notts) BLACK Snugtop, taken off Nissan Navara pickup, odd scratch here & there but otherwise in good workable condition, outside base measurements 61" wide x 59" long. £120. J Wakeley Tel 07989 889675 (Herts)

MITSUBISHI L200 Warrior double cab, 2017, silver, 47000 miles, FSH, balance of manufacturers warranty, high spec including hard top, tow bar, leather seats, sat nav, rear camera, Isofix, heated front seats, DAB radio. £14,000+VAT. J Pickard Tel 07949 265498 (Lincs)

LAND Rover Discovery 4 HSE Luxury, 65 reg, 63000 miles, Loire blue, full Land Rover warranty until November 2020, full service history, DVD/TV entertainment system with 2 rear screens, r/camera park, side steps. £26,250. M Cooper Tel 07703 459651 (Beds) LAND Rover Discovery 3, seat covers, 2 front & 3 rear, grey, waterproof, very good condition. £30. J Church Tel 07798 573166 (Suffolk)

VINTAGE & CLASSIC NUFFIELD 4/65, M reg, very tidy tractor for its age, must be seen. Hunt Bros Tel 07702 734715(T) Call us now with your requirements

01371 832310

PELICAN planter, 2015, suitable to plant 10 rows at 24" or 12 rows at 20", sale includes trailer for transportation. R Wright Tel 07768 954466/01205 870434 (Lincs)


2016 Discovery Commercial SE, 1 owner from new, 40,0000 miles on the clock, high spec, sat nav, heated seats & much more, rear seat conversion, tow bar installed MOT & service due July 2020, in exceptional condition. £24,995+VAT ono. S Reece Tel 07836 747300 (Glos)

340/85-R46 rowcrop wheels, heavy duty adjustable centres to suit JD/NH, c/w very good Michelin tyres. £1,850. P Grant Tel 07919 811809/07836 799801 (Lincs)

TYRE for dumper, Starcoas II, good condition, 405/70x20 IMP tubeless, tractor tread, 80% good. £195. G Richmond Tel 01502 730387 (Suffolk) PAIR of rowcrop wheels, 8.3-36, Massey Ferguson centres. £150. J Rice Tel 07759 650475/01449 710103 (Suffolk) FLOATATION rears with John Deere centres. £600. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincs)

ISUZU D-Max, 2019, rear tub body comes off, single cab, silver, vehicle comes with liner, tailgate & rear lights, never been used. J Crane Tel 07941 471234 (E Sussex)

FIELD Marshall Series 2 with winch, 1948, in good working order. £12,000 ono. Call or email for further info holbrook100@ btinternet.com. D Holbrook Tel 07974 796709 (Shrops) DAVID Brown 1490 2wd tractor, needs TLC. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) TOOLBOX for Leyland tractor. £10 no VAT. A Martin Tel 01353 699214 (Cambs)

Buy and sell online

www.farmads.co.uk RENAULT Magnum 3-axle mid-lift tractor unit with slider coupling & tipping gear, Mack 440-480 engine chipped to 500hp. Great value at £7,500. Anything in part exchange. H Panton Tel 01651 806306/07860 237598 (Aberdeenshire) CHERISHED personal number plate, A403 KAY, on retention 10yrs, assignment fee £80 paid, ready to go straight on to a vehicle. £1,000. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffs) VAUXHALL Combo 1.3 diesel van, 58 plate, 143k miles, 6 months MOT. £975 ono. P Hinch Tel 07866 604132 (Leics)

2017 Nissan Navara Tekna, 15600 miles, full spec Tekna with sunroof, FSH, manual, loads of extras, very good condition, BFG A/T tyres. £17,500 +VAT. R Alden Tel 07712 107688 (Suffolk) DAIHATSU Fourtrak TDX. £400. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs) MITSUBISHI Shogun 3.2 SG3, 2016, 40k miles, auto, 7 seats, 1 owner from new, metallic grey, sat nav, black leather, climate, rear camera, tow bar, used by family not on farm, genuine reason for sale. £19,750. M Crosby Tel 07876 196476 (Essex)

188 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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31/01/2020 10:11

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

We can supply leading brands such as:



01844 277699

Hungerford, Berkshire

01488 649150

Midhurst, West Sussex

01730 819989


Phone: 01249 730927 - Mobile: 07855 506093 Email: simon@sw-hire.co.uk - Website: www.sw-hire.co.uk All prices + VAT

Kramer 2017 KT357 650hrs, boom suspension, pick up hitch, 40k air con £52,500

Richard Western 16t grain trailer 2018, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailgate, LED lights, air & hydraulic brakes, flotation tyres, rear beacon, grain chute, rollover sheet £17,750

Richard Western 16t silage trailer 2017, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailgate, LED lights, air & hydraulic brakes, flotation tyres, rear beacon, grain chute £16,500

New Holland 2018, 1000hrs T7225 front linkage, 50k.

Richard Western 14t silage trailer 2018, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailgate, LED lights, air & hydraulic brakes, flotation tyres, rear beacon, grain chute POA

Richard Western 12t silage trailer 2018, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailgate, LED lights, air & hydraulic brakes, flotation tyres, rear beacon, grain chute £14,950

Richard Western 16t grain trailer 2018, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailgate, LED lights, air & hydraulic brakes, flotation tyres, rear beacon, grain chute £17,250

JCB 535-95 Agri Super 2019, 1,250hrs smooth ride, 40k, pick up hitch, air con

Richard Western 18t silage trailer 2018, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailgate, LED lights, air & hydraulic brakes, flotation tyres, rear beacon, grain chute POA

Richard Western 14t silage trailer 2017, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailgate, LED lights, air & hydraulic brakes, flotation tyres, rear beacon, grain chute £15,500

Stewart 18t silage trailer 2017, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailgate, LED lights, air & hydraulic brakes, flotation tyres, rear beacon, grain chute £17,500

John Deere 6130R 700hrs, 50k, 3 spools, autoquad

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

Thame, Oxfordshire



POA 70257

February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 189

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29/01/2020 16:35

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

VINTAGE & CLASSIC (cont) RANSOMES self lift mole drainer, all works, could do with new blade. £300 no VAT. A Lee Tel 07836 773893 (Suffolk) MCCONNEL brackets to fit Ford 6600, 76 Ford County FWD, McConnel Hy Reach Extra Plus range, etc. POA; also bracket to fit MF2640, 80, 2720 range. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861/07816 770545 (Northants) INTERNATIONAL Farm Cub, c/w single furrow plough, nice light tractor to use for shows or ploughing matches. £1,500 ono. K Ollett Tel 07753 859882/01359 270047 (Suffolk) DAVID Brown scuffle with depth wheels. £200. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) IH125B Drott, c/w 4-in-1 front bucket, no cab. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) FERGUSON posthole borer. £375. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) 1983-84 David Brown 1490 2wd tractor, f/w Econ HM1 hedge trimmer, needs TLC. £4,750. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) JOHN Deere 3130, T reg, 2wd, f/w Econ HM2 hedge trimmer. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

LATE Victorian/early Edwardian stable stall, dismantled, out of a country house. £1,000. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffs) DAVID Brown 1490 2wd, f/w Econ HM1 hedge trimmer, needs TLC. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

VINTAGE lawn mowers – Ransomes 12" Ajax Mk4 push mower, Ransomes 20" Marquis Mk4 petrol mower & Super Swift push mower. Offers. D Ivens Tel 07969 877834 (Northants)

JOHN Deere 3130 2wd tractor, f/w Econ HM2 hedge trimmer. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) IH444 2wd tractor with loader. £1,750. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) TWO Fordson Major E1A engines for spares/repairs only. £250 for both, possible delivery depending on distance; 2 safety frames for above tractor but would fit other models. £150 for both, possible delivery depending on distance. T Fenton Tel 01262 470277 (E Yorks)

FORD 334. D Allbones Tel 01652 656572 (Lincs) IH444 2wd tractor with loader & fork. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

FERGUSON TEF20 diesel, very original, in good working order, c/w roll bar, has original V5 document, reluctant sale, registration: ORM 415. £2,750. K Bristow Tel 01363 772965 (Devon)

Submitting a FarmAd has never been simpler – just go to...

www.farmads.co.uk BAMFORD 4 furrow plough with skins, plus disc. £395. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) HIGH clearance axle for Fergie 135. £100. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk) TOP link for Ford 5000. £35. J Burgess Tel 01502 561657/01502 712377 (Suffolk) HOWARD 5' rotavator. £350. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) 8-FOOT crease roll, 20" rings. £80 no VAT. A Martin Tel 01353 699214 (Cambs) AVERY platform scales, c/w 4, 7, 28 & 56 lb weights, dry stored for many years, last used to weigh sacks of potatoes, must go so any offer considered. B Poulson Tel 01284 828371 (Suffolk) LATE Victorian/early Edwardian stable stall, dismantled, out of a country house. £1,000. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffs) TRACTOR & Machinery magazines, 2001 to 2019. B Rice Tel 07729 028922/01449 711294 (Suffolk) 1963 David Brown 990 fore end loader, new tyres, one owner from new, 3500hrs. £3,250 ono no VAT. K Ollett Tel 07753 859882/01359 270047 (Suffolk) LEEFORD 2m scraper blade. No VAT. A Martin Tel 01353 699214 (Cambs)

WEIGHING machine, wooden, with weights. £40 no VAT. A Martin Tel 01353 699214 (Cambs) MF3080 2wd, runs well. £5,500. M Carpenter Tel 07759 910099 (Norfolk) MF135 (1967) & Fleming 6' mower, both in vgc. £4,850 but can split. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves & ansaphone/07808 200404 (Kent)

SINGLE leg subsoiler with skeith. £160. J Abbott Tel 07946 344324 (Lincs)

ALLIS Chalmers Model U 1930 & Model Case C 1930, both in working order. Offers. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk) 1951 David Brown Cropmaster, fire damaged, with V5. Offers. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

WETHERILL hydraulic Fordson Major based loading shovel, runs & drives, most things work as they should, ideal restoration project. G Duckitt Tel 07831 424995 (S Yorks)

MASSEY Ferguson 8' spring tine cultivator, new set of points. £250. E Gillett Tel 07710 137619 (Suffolk) ALLIS Chalmers Model B, electric start, hydraulics, 4 speed gearbox, petrol TVO, one of the last made. £2,500 ono no VAT. K Ollett Tel 07753 859882/01359 270047 (Suffolk) TRACK Marshall 90, c/w blade & 3pt linkage. H Ashton Tel 07831 588318 (Lincs)

DAVID Brown 990 2wd tractor with loader, 1968, with roll bar. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) IH955 2wd tractor, f/w Econ HM3E, needs TLC. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) MANITOU MB26C Series I forklift, heavy duty pallet tines, 16.9/14-24 tyres, 9.00=16 10 ply, needs TLC. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) RANSOMES trailed 3 furrow plough, discs & skimmers, Epic mouldboards, converted onto pneumatic tyres so that it can be transported by tractor on highway. D Hurn Tel 07990 586839 (Norfolk)

IH 2 furrow rev plough, need one mould board on left hand side, has bar points & skins. £285. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) JAMES Smythe drill. Offers. J Williams Tel 01920 821351/07722 541921 (Herts) RANSOMES crawler TS30-B trailed plough, older restoration, in fully working order. £400 ono. N Finbow Tel 07825 92558/01728 602115 (Suffolk) DAVID Brown plough. £250. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) MOULDBOARD to fit Ransomes YL plough, new, right hand. No VAT. A Martin Tel 01353 699214 (Cambs)

MASSEY Ferguson 12' folding seed harrows. £250. E Gillett Tel 07710 137619 (Suffolk)

BMC 6 cylinder new age engine, petrol, TVO all complete. POA. M Robson Tel 07967 139678 (N Yorks)


GRIFFITH Elder mobile weighbridge, traffic light system, ticket printer, 12v battery or mains power supply, fits double axle, 2m long x 2.94m wide, will bolt down. £2400. E Ward Tel 07867 524632 (Lincs)


WORKBENCH frame, strong construction, requires top, length 2960 x width 1270 x height 775. £80 no VAT. D Ivens Tel 07969 877834 (Northants)

RANSOMES 9 tine cultivator, late type, square frame. £70 no VAT. A Martin Tel 01353 699214 (Cambs) FOUR tyres & trims, 7.00x20, on spilt rims, 2 7.50x20. G Gapp Tel 01379 677693/07979 495492 (Norfolk) 8-FOOT spring tine scuffle with depth wheels. £250. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

MF2203 digger/loader, 1968, starts on the button, gwo, kept inside, parallel linkage with extra attachments, grain bucket, muck fork & 4 digging buckets. £2,500. R Harper Tel 07957 888427 (Oxon)

PEDESTAL grinder, c/w 2 polishing wheels, 3 phase. £150 no VAT. D Ivens Tel 07969 877834 (Northants)

CAB glass for door on International 674. £65; other screens & rear windows available, first phone for details stating which piece of glass you need. J Burgess Tel 01502 561657/01502 712377 (Suffolk)

THREE-PHASE chop saw. £200. J Duffin Tel 01767 654879/07766 973359 (Beds) THREE-PHASE dust extractor for woodwork equipment. J Duffin Tel 01767 654879/07766 973359 (Beds)

190 www.farmads.co.uk February 2020

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31/01/2020 10:22

FARMERS - Advertise your â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;for saleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;wantedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194


David Smith 01353 861694 07968 661115


t 01953 453827 m 07765 633356

e jaygray72@icloud.com

COLLECTOR/SPECIALIST diecast model fanatic requires models (whole collections) or smaller lots â&#x20AC;&#x201C; WHY â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Britains LTD, Universal Hobbies, Siku â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all farm models, great field of knowledge from father & son team. Contact Joe, seekjoep@aol.com. J Pickering Tel 07967 964794/01723 892002 (N Yorks) ASALIFT onion hoover with rotating bar & paddle. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs)

Norfolk farmer & contractor requires Fendt Tractors

WOOD-BURNING boiler, log type, Froling or Eta, would be interested in a whole system, buffer tank & chimney, willing to dismantle & collect. A Stiller Tel 01825 830438/07973 253657 (E Sussex)

Please email your machine to info@jamesmurrell.co.uk or call

01493 750999 Norwich, Norfolk


TRAILER tyres, 20/8.25, 8 stud. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532/07808 200404 (Kent) LAMB weigh, IAE/Ritchie/Bateman or similar, in good order, ideally North Yorkshire area. J Ramsey Tel 01653 628366 (N Yorks) LOOKING to establish a small flock of sheep & I'm looking for ewes in lamb & any sheep-related equipment, Lincs area, only small scale â&#x20AC;&#x201C; approx 20/30 sheep. F Johnson Tel 07444 042624 (Lincs) BLACK & white speckled Appenzeller bantam cock bird, Yorkshire. S Morphet Tel 07901 701744 (W Yorks)

S Gray Recycling



01493 750999 www.jmurrell.co.uk

360-DEGREE digger required, in working order, Hymac or similar 12t+ machine. L Smith Tel 07799 875203 (Cambs) DUAL wheels, 650/85-R38, to fit John Deere 7930, must have minimum 40% tread. A Ferguson Tel 07951 188221 (Essex) GRASS topper 7â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10' wide, as long as gearbox is sound we can repair frame, front & rear rollers preferred. Please email john@wordley.com. J Wordley Tel 01375 892771/01375 891439 (E Sussex)





JCB TELESCOPICS 1998â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2012 59-69689



01277 822001 SIMBA X-Press & ST bar, must be in good working condition. A Crawley Tel 07974 748588 (Herts) JONES Engineering onion topper, in gwo. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs)


Used Tractors and Good Clean Farm Equipment





Tel: Dereham (01362) 692104/637332


All types of scrap combines, sugar beet harvesters, tractors & machinery

Tel: 07785 937779 or 01953 454462

HYDROCUT hedge cutter required. J Doe Tel 07860 314240 (Suffolk) MOULTON flat 8 or 10 small bale grab, preferably with euro brackets. C Mount Tel 07721 379713 (Rutland) 3.5-METRE combination seed drill, disc or tine type, in good working order. R Baker Tel 01406 330782/07879 885505 (Lincs) FRONT tyre press to fit front linkage of tractor, anything considered. T Carr Tel 07514 015654 (Essex) ELECTRIC lifting cage/table for mezzanine floor, to 4m high; also pallet lift to 1m. O Gronning (Heart of England Farms) Tel 01926 843460 (Warks)


JCB 3XC 4x4 Sitemaster wheeled digger


07836 54055959-65023

AVANT loader, would prefer 630 or 635. M Drake Tel 07803 926613 (Suffolk) SELF-PROPELLED road grader or a trailed grader, old classic models such as Cat or Allis Chalmers. A Stiller Tel 01825 830438/07973 253657 (E Sussex) YORK stone paving slabs. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs) JOHN Deere 6000 Series tractor cab passenger seat. H Taylor Tel 07763 125574 (Bucks) WORKSHOP manual/handbook for S registered JCB 3C, any other mechanical info also appreciated. D Hammond Tel 07961 881946 (Lincs) SPARE couple of straight Bomford Superflow legs, not dog leg angled legs, fits on with angle bracket & two bolts. R Hill Tel 01362 850381/07748 146139 (Norfolk) TANCO 1514 square bale wrapper, also disc mower, tedder & rake, can collect. D Browne Tel 01561 320430/07762 871544 (Aberdeenshire)

Email your machine to

info@jamesmurrell.co.uk or call

01493 750999 Norwich, Norfolk




Email details to farm@murrell1.plus.com


16.9X38 wheels & tyres, 50% tread or more, 8 stud (to fit Knight sprayer), in good condition. J Easy Tel 07879 645209 (Suffolk) ADLIB feed hopper for cattle, 1.5â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2t capacity. B Evans Tel 07966 533015 (Shrops) IRRIGATION reel 110x450 or 500 or 550, longer the better, must have good chassis/ wheels & wind in mechanism must work, no need for trolley/gun. J White Tel 07765 130188 (S Yorks)



Do you have a TRACTOR or TELEPORTER? Can you help with SNOW CLEARANCE? Local sites to you - FAST PAYMENT

SET of tracks for Case 450A track shovel. A Stiller Tel 01825 830438/07973 253657 (E Sussex) STANDEN Cyclone sugar beet harvester parts, good chain links & spares required. R Angood Tel 07966 443427 (Cambs) INTERNATIONAL tractor 674 or 574 engine. A Mayhew Tel 07836 262787 (Suffolk) FAROL or Turbodan trailer drier in good condition. S Slater Tel 07970 181379 (Suffolk)



Top Cash Paid+VAT

all items considered from antique furniture, garden items & farming bygones Also house clearances undertaken Covering East Anglia

0845 180 1272

Caring for our Environment

Norfolk Farmer requires John Deere 6910S tractor


AF45 Trencher, PTO driven, in working order. B King Tel 07712 334848 (Essex) SINGLE bed windrower, Jones/Standen Clodmaster, other makes considered, also 12/15t Masters mobile grain dryer. P Webster Tel 01704 893162 (Lancs) CADE lambs, to build up a small flock, Lincs area preferred, would travel for quantity. F Johnson Tel 07444 042624/01507 450203 (Lincs) PAIR of secondhand tyres, 13.6x38, to fit Ford 6610. G Taylor-Balls Tel 07881 818298 (Norfolk)

WANTED Zetor tractors

Most models required

LOG grab, heavy duty, in good condition, preferably no repairs, old heavy duty fine, to fit JCB Q fit or Volvo 621 loader. R Lane Tel 07831 615912 (Cambs) MUCK fork for telescopic, suitable for clearing up thorns. J Haywood Tel 07946 722815 (Lincs) TRACTOR rear tyres, 710/60-42, must be 30% plus; also tractor fronts, 600/6030, must be 30% plus. M Hornbuckle Tel 07801 101645 (Leics) DUAL wheels, 710/70R38. R Beesley Tel 07900 602850 (Leics) HEDGECUTTER any model, not too heavy & not too expensive, in good working order. R Stowe Tel 01787 211064 (Suffolk) JOHN Deere shell mudguards for 20/30 Series tractors, any condition. E Parsons Tel 01508 498106 (Norfolk) TRIMBLE EZ Pilot fitting kit to fit New Holland TM. D Treharne Tel 07719 697455 (Northants) CLAAS Dominator 85 combine. J Doe Tel 07860 314240 (Suffolk) LAND Rover Discovery 1, MOT failure with good low mileage, 200tdi/300tdi engine, most things considered. Cash paid. R Harris Tel 07751 073511 (Lincs) 24-METRE self propelled sprayer, must be in vgc. P Hodgson Tel 07867 920719/01507 568329 (Lincs) TRACKED digger required. F Howell & Sons Tel 01760 440297/07798 668239 (Norfolk) AITCHISON Grass Farmer Seedamatic drill, any condition, any disc units. J Lea Tel 07500 966906 (Oxon) KUBOTA digger, model KX151, engine must be a runner. R Pearce Tel 01296 623783/07859 975430 (Bucks) ACCORD Kverneland Mini Air for drilling onions. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs) LEMKEN Opal 120 plough, for breaking. W Brown Tel 07812 018467 (Shrops)

Please email details to


07770 692891 www.jmurrell.co.uk

SANDERSON G-22 teleporter or similar. A Bennett Tel 01507 588369 (Lincs) EXTERIOR sides & internal partitions for pig tent. D Hammond Tel 07961 881946 (Lincs) WELGER AP740 baler, must be in good working order & tidy in appearance. M Robertson Tel 07879 656006/01362 850242 (Norfolk)

Buy and sell online â&#x20AC;&#x201D; www.farmads.co.uk

â?&#x161; Combines â?&#x161; Sugar Beet Harvesters â?&#x161; Tractors â?&#x161; Trailers â?&#x161; Cars â?&#x161; Vans â?&#x161; Lorries â?&#x161; Trucks









& Architectural Salvage

INTERESTED in buying any kind of tractors; Zetor, Ursus or John Deere; also telescopic loaders & articulated loaders in any technical condition (used/broken). P Wojtkowiak Tel 07463 953686 (Cumbria)


MILK churns. J Furness Tel 07973 843230 (Glos) CONVENTIONAL bale straw burning boiler, RHI not required, Farm 2000 HT 50 if possible, but other considered. D Browne Tel 01561 320430/07762 871544 (Aberdeenshire)

J J Gray Antiques


TRAILED FORAGE HARVESTERS in good condition â&#x20AC;&#x201C; JD, NH, Mengele, Pottinger, Claas, Taarup, JF & maize headers to suit. Full details to GDO Howell Tel 07903 089391 & 01728 723683(T) (Suffolk)

DOWDESWELL grass topper, I will repair as long as gearbox is sound, will travel. Email john@wordley.com J Wordley Tel 01375 892771/01375 891439 (Essex)

ur For all yoIED TRADE CLASSIFISING contact... o.uk rsguide.c e m r a f ADVERT @ 94455 mantha

SON â&#x20AC;˘ sa 01473 6ide.co.uk SAM WIL rsgu ki@farme 694456 ic n â&#x20AC;˘ S R WATE 01473 or NICKI uide

G Farmers




February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 191

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30/01/2020 12:58

RECRUITMENT and About People Tel: 01473 691888 email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk www.farmersguide.co.uk/situations-vacant WE ARE RECRUITING!


Tramspread Contracting Ltd

Experienced Territory Sales Manager Essex Branch Crawfordsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is a well-established family run AGCO dealership with 40 Yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience. We are a multi-franchise dealer specialising in Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Valtra and more recently Manitou across Essex. Reporting to the Group Sales Manager, this role will enable the right candidate to forge a successful career as a Territory Sales Manager. Responsibilities â&#x20AC;˘Quantify your customers needs and positively promote our products, business and yourself.

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re ! Hiring

â&#x20AC;˘You will be required to visit and support both established and new customers in your territory â&#x20AC;˘To manage the sales process from generating an enquiry to the delivery of equipment. Essential Skills/Experience required; â&#x20AC;˘Good, sound knowledge of the Agricultural industry and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s equipment â&#x20AC;˘Knowledge of product finance â&#x20AC;˘Excellent customer service skills both face to face and over the telephone â&#x20AC;˘Target driven with the ability to upsell to achieve and exceed targets â&#x20AC;˘Be self-motivated and able to work under own initiative â&#x20AC;˘Have the ability to influence, persuade and able close a deal â&#x20AC;˘Full UK driving licence is required â&#x20AC;˘Excellent administration skills (essential)

Tramspread Contracting Ltd currently has an opportunity for seasonal or full-time work for an experienced tractor driver to join our highly skilled team operating an Umbilical Pump System. The ideal candidate will have a friendly character, be self-motivated, have a knowledge of crops and workshop maintenance. The candidate would also need to show care and respect to machinery, equipment and customers. A full UK driversâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; licence is also required. Tramspread Contracting Ltd is based in Mendlesham, Suffolk.

Package details; Successful candidates will be offered a competitive package and an excellent working environment.

Please contact Larry Baker for further details.



Find Staff â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Find a Job! www.4xtrahands.com Tractor Drivers, Sprayer Operators, Fencers, Livestock Workers and all Rural Staff

01284 747292 admin@4xtrahands.com


01449 766133

To apply please send your CV and covering letter to laura.crawford@crawfordsltd.co.uk by 17th February 2020.



Recruitment and About People Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Farmers Guide



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31/01/2020 09:47

About People Young breeder wins ‘Oscar’ of the dairy world (l-r) Holstein UK president Bryan Thomas, Andrew Neilson, Semex national sales manager Michael Dennison.

New CEO for Organic Research Centre Nuffield Scholar Lucy MacLennan has been appointed as the new CEO of the Organic Research Centre (ORC). Since the departure of longstanding and well-respected CEO Nic Lampkin last year, Stuart Rogers stepped in as interim CEO and continued to develop the strategic direction of the organisation. Lucy brings over 25 years’ experience in the fresh produce sector, including senior leadership and management positions for global retailers and food producers such as Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and Kettle Produce. Working as a senior consultant

in food quality, safety, and supply chain integrity and innovation, she is also a non-executive director and chair of the fresh produce board at Red Tractor Assurance. Lucy said she is “thrilled and excited” by the new role as the organisation’s work “offers real value to our society”. “I don’t think there’s ever been a time where emphasis on the development of sustainable agricultural practices and organic production methods has been more important,” she explains. “With public awareness of climate change and the environment at an all-time high, there’s enormous potential to further develop the work of the ORC and extend its potential reach and impact.”

Having helped a south-west premium-brand tractor and farm machinery dealership to expand and more than double its sales turnover, Martin Payne has joined manufacturer Argo Tractors to support dealers as they develop their businesses. In his new role as area sales manager for Landini and McCormick tractors across southern England, Martin will provide the technical information his dealers need to help their customers select the most appropriate tractor power and specifications for their farming and contracting businesses. He joins the Argo Tractors UK & Ireland team at a time when the Italian manufacturer has embarked on a programme of

dealer recruitment while rolling out a suite of digital dealer support tools. “During my 10 years working in retail sales at a very typical agricultural dealership, the business grew from one to three branches and the value of tractors and machinery sold increased more than two-fold,” he says. “Now, I’m enjoying the fresh challenges and opportunities that come with working for a major tractor manufacturer in support of their dealers across southern England.” Argo Tractors UK & Ireland managing director Adrian Winnett said: “We’re delighted to welcome Martin to help us support, motivate and enthuse our dealers, and help them supply the right tractor at a competitive price for the jobs customers want to do with their new machines.”

New addition to Corteva sales team Giles Field-Rayner has been made national agricultural account manager for Corteva Agriscience. He joins the company from Bayer Crop Science, where he gained experience in key account management and linking up with large farming companies and independent advisors. More recently, he managed the national technical sales team. He describes Corteva as a “dynamic, innovative company with a really exciting product pipeline”, which attracted him to join the company, alongside its “high energy and passionate team”. “With a large number of active

ingredients potentially being lost in the coming years, Corteva is in an excellent position to bring new chemistry to the market and deliver new innovations to help in many different areas,” he adds. Giles’s new role will see him co-ordinate Corteva’s links with the Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC), as well as being part of the company’s farmer engagement strategy. His priority in his new role, he says, will be to engage all parts of the industry, including distribution, farm businesses and the independent agronomy sector; to increase collaborations and work successfully with the company’s business partners during challenging times.

Addition to Claas Eastern Wilberfoss team Claas Eastern has expanded its Wilberfoss team with the appointment of Will Cartmell as field sales manager, covering the Wilberfoss West area. It is a new territory due to growth in the firm’s product portfolio and additions from Horsch, Samson and Lemken. During a degree in business management and marketing at Harper Adams University, Will undertook a Claas student placement in Sleaford, where he

worked in sales and marketing. After graduation he spent two years as a trainee field sales manager at the Ulceby Cross site in Lincolnshire, before qualifying as field sales manager. In late 2019, Will moved to East Yorkshire where he will now have full responsibility for sales in the Wilberfoss West area, covering all Claas franchises. As well as seeking out new clients, doing demonstrations, pricing and looking after existing clients, Will is also responsible for developing the new franchise, Horsch.


A permanent position has become available for a


on a family farming business growing wheat, barley, oilseed rape, sugar beet, onions and potatoes on the Suffolk/Essex border. Due to continued growth of the business we are seeking the right candidate to join our team.

We are looking for a conscientious and efficient operator whose main duties will be fertiliser spreading and potato harvesting. We farm on the north bank of the River Stour, our business is shaped by water and the use of irrigation, so an understanding of root crops or irrigation experience, as well as the ability to operate a Grimme potato harvester, would be beneficial. You would be expected to work long hours at peak times, be well motivated, organised and a team player.

Recruitment and About People — www.farmersguide.co.uk/situations-vacant

Holstein UK has presented its prestigious 2019 President’s Medal Award to Andrew Neilson from the Scotland Holstein Young Breeders Club. The award is widely regarded as an ‘Oscar’ of the dairy world and it recognises and rewards young talent, highlighting the dairy farmers of the future. Presented at the Semex Conference in Glasgow, it acknowledges a member of Holstein & British Friesian (HYB)

who has made an outstanding contribution to the breed, Holstein Young Breeders and, in particular, their own club. Six young breeders were nominated by their clubs and selected for interview by a panel of judges, after submitting an essay on what breeders can do to reverse the trend of consumers choosing alternatives to cows’ milk. Andrew has won an engraved medal and a trip to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, sponsored by Semex. Holstein UK also congratulated the two runners up – Cari Thomas of the Cornwall Club and Frances Griffiths from the Yorkshire Club.

Area sales manager appointed by Argo Tractors

We offer a very competitive package, with good rates of pay and a three bed house is available. Applications via email please to wrinchfarming@nessfarm.co.uk or call 07858 655060 for more information.

Stourside Farming Limited February 2020 www.farmads.co.uk 193

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31/01/2020 09:47

About People ARM’s Roger Smith retires

Roger Smith, a well-known figure within the pig industry, has retired after 40 years with ARM Buildings. He joined the Staffordshire company, then known as Alfred Lyons & Sons, in September 1980. Starting as a carpenter, he progressed to site foreman before becoming contracts manager, overseeing construction on-site.

New appointments signal further growth

Farmers appreciated his wealth of experience, which he put to good use when he became sales director in 2005. Known as a straight-talking person, nevertheless, the job had its humorous moments, such as when he sold chicken sheds to the Formula One world champion, Jody Scheckter, who asked for them to be fitted with wheels so that they could “be moved about”. Roger was also immensely proud of clinching a large order in Japan without speaking a word of Japanese, but using figures as the main argument. During his retirement he plans to spend more time on the golf links and travelling around the world.

Movers and shakers

Do you know of someone who is on the move in the agricultural industry? Whether they are starting a completely new role, a promotion within a business or perhaps a retirement after many years of dedicated service, let us know and we will do our best to include it on our popular ‘About People’ pages. Send in no more than 150 words and a (head and shoulders) picture of the person in question to (email) rachel.hicks@farmersguide.co.uk.

(l-r) Neil Martin, Edward Tong and Teresa Morgan.

Vegetable handling equipment manufacturer, Tong Engineering, is building on a year of significant growth, with the announcement of two new directors and two new appointments within the sales and projects departments. Neil Martin has been appointed as operations director, while Teresa Morgan joins the board as finance director. Neil began his career at the company as a buyer, when it acquired Peal Engineering in 2005. Teresa joined the company as head of finance in 2015 and brings strong analytical

and commercial attributes to the ongoing growth of the company. Alongside the new directorships, Tong welcomes Gavin Barnes as project manager. Having worked at Tong for more than eight years, he broadened his engineering expertise outside of the vegetable industry and has now returned to Tong to strengthen its dedicated project management team in overseeing complex and large-scale projects. The company also boosted its sales team with the appointment of a new sales manager, Peter Stocks, who brings over eight years of experience in the vegetable handling industry. Peter will help to drive sales in both UK and export markets, working closely with new and existing Tong customers to realise their handling requirements from field to pack.

The next issue of Farmers Guide will appear online at ww


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To guarantee your FarmAd appears in the March 2020 issue, Ads are best submitted online at www.farmads.co.uk Or use this form and fax to 01473 691886 or post to: we need to receive your advert by the 20th February 2020. Farmers Guide, Parkside, London Road, Ipswich, IP2 0SS


picture ads for farmers This form must be signed I certify that in placing this advertisement I am acting in a private capacity and not offering items purchased for the purpose of re-sale and not in contravention of the 1977 Business Disclosure Order.

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@agrihire Made in Britain used worldwide



Y body spinner deck 18 to 40 tonnes.

Y body vertical beater 8 to 40 tonnes.

Classic vertical beater 8 to 40 tonnes.

All of our spreaders are manufactured by ourselves in the UK and combine heavy duty construction with top quality components. Standard specifications include 20mm chain, 70mm shafts and bearings, commercial axles, wide angle PTOs.



ice for ose serv h c i l u ydra ruction u wait h l, Const a i r t s while yo u nd tural, I Agricul

We also....

...the only British built plough on the market, uses a combination of well proven genuine Dowdeswell parts and modern updates. From 5 to 10 furrows to suit horsepowers up to 600hp, in furrow and on land options with a choice of bodies including DD, DDS, UCN, SCN and Slatted.

Call now to book your demonstration

... supply a wide range of new PTO shafts and spares nationwide and also carry out servicing and repairs on most types of shaft. A huge range of parts are available including U/Js, tubing and guards. We also supply gear boxes and hydraulic motors for a wide range of machines including mowers. spreaders and toppers. Our parts department offer’s a comprehensive range of oils, filters, wearing parts, batteries, bearings, belts, and tools. We are also the UK’s largest Dowdeswell parts supplier.

Agri-Hire, main dealers in Suffolk for...

call now to book your demonstration Parts & Hydraulics Jeremy Waspe 01473 744184

Sales Ben Clowes 07764 968206


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Hire James Seeley 07860 849685

Transmissions Mick Hewitt 01473 240377


27/01/2020 11:34




The next generation in low disturbance farming




FROM £7,600*

FROM £33,600*




30853 Weaving Sabre Tine Ad 194-195 Back covers.indd 196210x297.indd 1

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