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November 2019

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November 2019 • Issue No. 483

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Shallow cultivations and cover crops deliver results

Latest tractors offer glimpse of the future

Production editor Sarah Kidby sarah.kidby@farmersguide.co.uk 01473 694459 Arable editor Dominic Kilburn dominic@farmersguide.co.uk

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Machinery editor

In thisDavid month's Williams issue

New models and brands at Hampshire demo day


Control parasites and protect performance at housing

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Out and About ................................................................................5 Comment: UK farmers leading the way on climate change .........................................................................................7 Arable: Black-grass control goes hand-in-hand with farm’s philosophy .................................................................................9 Shallow cultivations and cover crops deliver results .........................................................................................10 Leaving it late..........................................................................15 Field Focus ...............................................................................18 Balancing biodiversity and production to achieve healthy farming .....................................................................19 Machinery: Latest tractors offer tantalising glimpse of the future ..................................................................................29 Combine updates prove ideal for Kent farm.............37 Hampshire demonstration day.......................................42

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Tractors impress at Cambridgeshire dealer demo...47 Kent farm dispersal sale .....................................................68 Livestock: Control parasites and protect performance at housing .....................................................................................75 Adsorbent helps to minimise mycotoxin risk ...........76 Special Features: CropTec......................................................................................20 Potatoes ....................................................................................81 AgriScot ..................................................................................100 Midlands Machinery Show ...........................................102 Materials handlers .............................................................117 Agricultural Contractors.........................................................130 Henry Brown’s Vintage Page ................................................134 Classified .......................................................................................135 Recruitment including About People ..............................192

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November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk

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Out & About

In the October issue we hinted that there would be some new faces joining the Farmers Guide team, and we’re delighted to be able to introduce them to you this month. Bringing a combined wealth of 25 years’ publishing and journalism experience to the farmhouse table, editor Rachel Hicks and production editor Sarah Kidby are looking forward to injecting some fresh new ideas into the magazine, in addition to the content that our readers already know and love from experts such as machinery editor David Williams, plus arable aficionado Dominic Kilburn will be on hand. Taking the editorial helm, Rachel says, “I’m delighted to be able to join Farmers Guide at a time when the agri industry is, without a doubt, driving major innovations in terms of technology yet also honouring traditional methods. The team and I are looking forward to bringing you the most up-to-date news in the farming world, and developing an already hugely successful magazine into something even bigger and better.” This is also the perfect time to ask you what you’d like to see more of – if you’d like to give any feedback we’d love to hear from you on opinions@farmersguide.co.uk.

With both new team members keen to hit the ground running, Sarah wasted no time in getting her boots muddy – in her first week on the job, on 2nd October she took the versatile Mercedes-Benz Unimog out for a spin around Jimmy’s Farm in Ipswich, Suffolk. Joining Sarah at the all-day ‘Unimog on the Farm’ event was Farmers Guide sales manager Greg Goulding, marketing manager K.M Sharp plus demo engineer Rob Jones, who was in charge of the vehicle demonstration for Mercedes-Benz. The team relished the opportunity to experience the vehicle on the road, off-road and in the field, with other event attendees also being giving the chance to experience the vehicle operating with a variety of implements including mower, rakes and a cultivator. Full details of the Mercedes Unimog demo event will be in our December issue.

And finally… John arrives home from work to be greeted by his dog holding his neighbour’s pet rabbit in its mouth. The rabbit is dead, and John panics. He thinks his neighbours are going to hate him forever, so he takes the dirty chewed up rabbit

into his house. He gives it a bath, blow dries its fur and puts the rabbit back into the cage at his neighbour’s house, hoping that when they find it, they’ll think it died of natural causes. A few days later, the neighbour is outside in the garden and asks John over the fence; “Did you hear that our rabbit, Fluffy, had died?” John stumbled around and replied, “Um, no, what happened?” “We just found him dead in his cage one day,” the neighbour replied, “but the weird thing is that the day after we buried Fluffy, we went to clean out his cage and someone had dug Fluffy up, given him a bath and put him back into the cage!” Do you have a joke to share? If you’d like to brighten someone’s day, please send your joke to rachel.hicks@farmersguide.co.uk and it may be published. ■

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November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk

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UK farmers leading the way on climate change Farmers Guide editor Rachel Hicks applauds the agri industry for taking such huge steps towards net zero greenhouse emissions. Rest assured I won’t mention the B-word, as at the time of going to press the 31st October deadline is still looming and it remains to be seen whether we’ll be leaving the EU with a deal or not. But the other current conversation piece, climate change, has a much more positive outlook, particularly for the agricultural community. As one of her final acts as Prime Minister earlier this year, Theresa May announced a formal commitment to Britain reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050, made via an amendment to the Climate Change Act on 27th June 2019. At the time, energy and clean growth minister Chris Skudmore said: “The UK kick-started the Industrial Revolution, which was responsible for economic growth across the globe but also for increasing emissions. “Today we’re leading the world yet again in becoming the first major economy to pass new laws to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050 while remaining committed to growing the economy – putting clean growth at the heart of our modern Industrial Strategy.” Bearing in mind that the UK’s 2050 net zero target is considered to be one of the most ambitious in the world, it’s incredibly encouraging to see the British farming industry taking this one stage further, with an even more determined goal to deliver the same result by 2040. In response to the RSPB’s 2019 State of Nature report, NFU president Minette Batters said: “One of the biggest issues the report identified is climate change. I’m pleased that farming is showing leadership in tackling this huge challenge that we all face. “We’ve set a target to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 through improving land management and changing land use to capture more carbon, and planting more trees and hedges. Reducing our emissions and counterbalancing them through improvements in

productivity and renewable energy production will also play an important role.” Following the release of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s special report on Climate Change and Land, released in August 2019, media coverage would have you think that reducing meat consumption is the key to positively affecting climate change. The NFU points out that the report actually takes a more balanced approach, by recognising that: 'land is both a source and a sink of greenhouse gas emissions, and; the consumption of food, feed, fibre, timber and energy have caused unprecedented rates of land and freshwater use, but that improved agricultural and forestry productivity have supported consumption and food availability for a growing population.' It’s worth noting that farming only accounts for one per cent of UK water usage, for example. Mitigating the level of risk of climate change is key to the agri industry. The IPCC report highlighted that this depends on both the level of warming, and on how population, consumption, production, technological development and land management patterns evolve. So, how can British farming reach this 2040 goal? The NFU has laid out three pillars of activity in its recent report 'Achieving Net Zero: Farming’s 2040 Goal'. Pillar one suggests a variety of measures to boost productivity and reduce emissions, as identified by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), including ideas such as: using controlled release fertilisers and inhibitors to increase efficient use of nitrogen and reduce emissions; introducing feed additives to reduce methane emissions from ruminant livestock; precision farming for crops to deliver nutrients and crop protection efficiently; loosening and preventing soil compaction in cropland and

Mitigating the level of risk of climate change is key to the agri industry

pasture; gene editing for disease resistance; and a range of energy efficient measures. Pillar two discusses the conservation and enhancement of critical carbon resource by improving land management and changing land use to capture more carbon, for example producing bigger hedgerows, planting more woodland and more carbon-rich soils such as peatland and wetland soils. Pillar three focuses on 'boosting renewable energy and the bioeconomy to displace greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from fossil fuels and to create GHG removal through photosynthesis and carbon capture.' What is obvious from the NFU's report is that the farming industry cannot achieve this alone. It states farmers will need to be able to access specialist schemes which provide the knowledge, new technologies and tools so that, ultimately, productivity and profitability can continue while also meeting the environmental goals. This is where a domestic agricultural policy is needed, with support from Defra and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. It’s clear that farmers will have a huge role to play in meeting this target, and many have already embarked on a long journey of improvement. The IPCC Twitter account put it succinctly, when it announced the release of its report with: “Land is where we live. Land is under growing human pressure. Land is a part of the solution. But land can’t do it all.” ■

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When others won’t

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Black-grass control goes hand-in-hand with farm’s philosophy Are you 100 per cent committed to ridding your farm of black-grass? Dominic Kilburn spoke to an arable farming couple that is dedicated to the cause. Having a zero tolerance approach to black-grass control is a strategy that has been attributed to many over the past few years, as growers and agronomists alike have battled to keep the pernicious weed at bay using a mix of cultural and chemical controls on farms up and down the country. However there can be few who live up to the zero tolerance approach of arable farmers Rob and Mary Smithson, whose attention to detail in their approach to black-grass control is not only admirable, in terms of the hours they both dedicate to the cause, but also critical for the sustainability of their high quality seed growing business. Fretwell Farm, Beckingham is on the Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border close to Gainsborough. Of the 600ha farmed, typically 240–300ha are dedicated to growing first and second wheat seed each season. In addition, oilseed rape makes up the rotation. Rob has been growing wheat for seed for the past 45 years and so the farm’s philosophy is geared to producing clean, weed-free crops. “We’ve always grown seed here but with that comes the increased challenge and responsibility to ensure that what we produce is of the highest quality and free from all weed seeds,” says Rob. “Failing to achieve that, then we wouldn’t command the premium we receive over the commercial market,” he adds.

Black-grass impact Rob reckons that about 10 years ago he started to notice black-grass creeping into fields on the farm for the first time and, during the following seasons, it began to impact on the business. “We can’t be sure how it got onto the farm in the first place but in all likelihood some of it was from

winter wheat seed that we were supplied, and so that gives us an extra incentive to ensure the seed crops we produce are 100 per cent free of black-grass seed.” With black-grass testing positive for resistance, Rob initially took to spraying off large acreages with glyphosate where crops were infested, but then a strategy of spot spraying (by Rob with a knapsack) followed by hand rogueing (by Mary) was developed in tandem with more traditional methods of control. “Our agronomist, Graham Chester, works closely with us and advises that a stacked herbicide programme at the start of the season is vital to get good, early control of black-grass in autumn-sown crops,” explains Mary. “The problem is that those plants that escape this treatment are the most resistant to chemistry, and it is imperative for weed reduction that they are removed later in the spring by a knapsack sprayer-targeted glyphosate application. “Any remaining after that are hand rogued,” she adds. From May through to July, Mary typically spends up to 200 hours rogueing black-grass plants in winter wheat crops, often returning to the same field up to 3 times to achieve their goal of total black-grass elimination. Ordinarily this is no mean feat, but considering Mary holds a full-time job as a branch office manager for a firm of solicitors in Epworth, 10 miles north of the farm, her determination to succeed with this strategy is even more remarkable. “During the summer we both start in the fields at 5am; Rob with the knapsack sprayer and me hand rogueing, and then at around 7.45am I have to leave, return to the house, shower, change and set off for work in Epworth,” comments Mary. “Later in the evening, from 7–10pm, I’m back in the fields again,” she adds, pointing out that clocking up a 17-hour day is not unusual at that time of the year. Mary says that while cultural controls such as delayed drilling and stale seedbeds, as well as herbicides, are reducing blackgrass numbers each year there are limitations on the use of glyphosate as a seed producer. “The early knapsack spraying and rogueing policy is therefore key, especially if regulations tighten on the use of glyphosate in the future,” she comments. “Two years ago I spent 27 hours rogueing in one wheat field alone. The field was followed by OSR in 2018 – a crop well-known for harbouring and nurturing black-grass – and this year it returned to wheat, however there was not a sign of black-grass in that crop,” she explains. “The reward for all the hard work is looking Mary Smithson alongside a heap of black-grass plants she hand rogued earlier this summer.

A strategy of spot spraying with a knapsack followed by hand rogueing black-grass has been developed in tandem with more traditional methods of control on Fretwell Farm.

over clean crops and realising that the weed burden is depleting each year,” Mary says. Rob adds: “For harvests 2018 and 2019 we have put less than 1 per cent of the black-grass we started with – a target judged by not actually finding any plants in the crop – through the combine. In fact, our combine operator reckons he never sees a plant.”

Seed inspection AICC Yorkshire Arable Advice agronomist, Andrew Fisher (left), inspects seed grown on Fretwell Farm for distributors each season and he is impressed by the results Rob and Mary have achieved with their approach to black-grass control. “They have made super-human efforts to get on top of the black-grass situation across the whole farm, and especially in the seed crops. “On most farms where I inspect seed crops there’s always some areas for improvement in terms of black-grass control, and the continued loss of chemical actives means that the answer cannot be found in a can,” comments Andrew. “Rotation, cultivations, competitive varieties and, ultimately, rogueing – especially the surviving plants from a herbicide programme – is the only way to successfully tackle the issue. “Rob and Mary ensure that the quality of the seed which leaves their farm is of the highest standard and other growers can learn from their dedication,” he concludes. ■ November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk

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Shallow cultivations and cover crops deliver results Shallow cultivation with catch crop roots generally gave the best results in terms of black-grass control, soil structure and, ultimately, crop yield.

have been most successful at Lamport – black oat has been particularly good at getting its root system down and creating drainage, helping to move water down through the soil profile. “When it comes to direct drilling of the spring crop, we want as little soil disturbance as possible and as well as its good drainage-creating properties, black oat roots stabilise and hold the soil together when going through with a drill,” he pointed out. “What we have observed with fallow plots however, where no catch crops were planted, is that there is more water run-off during the winter months. And so when it comes to direct drilling in the spring, the soil is very wet underneath the surface as it has had no conditioning. Along with that, one typically sees an increase in black-grass and poorer crop yield by comparison,” he said.

Soil health

Agrovista’s heavy land trials site in Northamptonshire, Project Lamport, continues to focus on finding solutions for growers to reduce black-grass on their farms. This year, trials have also highlighted soil health and cultivation benefits. Dominic Kilburn writes. While there’s no doubt that a lot of UK arable farmers are focusing their attentions on reduced cultivations and moving towards direct drilling regimes, for agronomic and cost saving reasons, many farmers still operate under the principle of “the sooner we get the cultivator in behind the combine, the better”. That’s according to Agrovista technical consultant Niall Atkinson (right) who is involved with the company’s heavy land black-grass site, Project Lamport, near Maidwell in Northamptonshire. In recent trials work there, the combination of shallower cultivation tines and cover crops over two very different seasons has delivered good results in terms of setting up land in the autumn for a crop to be drilled the following spring. Mr Atkinson reckons that pulling a tine through the ground at 200–250mm after harvest is still accepted as normal practice on many farms, and sometimes without a true understanding of why it’s being done. “Pulling tines through at that depth not only mixes black-grass seed down through the soil profile, resulting in germination from variable depths, but it can also do quite a lot of damage to the soil structure itself,” he pointed out. “Let’s imagine we achieved an average yield of between 10–12t/ha of wheat across a field, then the soil will have been pretty well structured to deliver that. So why do we go in and destroy the root and worm channels getting rid of the natural re-structuring that has occurred?

“I know from my past experience as a farms manager that it was easier for me to say ‘cultivate everything’, and a lot harder for me to say ‘don’t cultivate’, but proper soil diagnostics can help us decide when we need to cultivate and where,” he added.

Black-grass focus Primarily, Project Lamport was started seven years ago to help growers on heavy land with the everincreasing burden of black-grass, and Mr Atkinson said that this remains the number one priority for the trials site. The two “big hitters” for successful control over that time have been spring crops and rotational ploughing, with other cultural control methods collectively assisting to help achieve the desired level of control. “That said, heavy and wet soils don’t lend themselves to spring cropping and this is where we have seen the benefit from cover crops in the past few years of the trials,” explained Mr Atkinson. He said that it is key that cover crops (or more accurately in this case described as catch crops) don’t smother the black-grass – better that they allow the black-grass to germinate at the same time. “A seed rate of about 75 plants/m2 for the catch crop is about right because we want to encourage the activity from the black-grass,” he explained. According to Mr Atkinson, catch crops including black oat, berseem clover and phacelia

As well as success in reducing black-grass levels and growing spring cereals on heavy land, Mr Atkinson said that over time the trials have also shown clear soil health benefits, and this prompted Agrovista to look at the interaction of roots with and without cultivator metal passing through the soil. Over the past 2 years, autumn trials have included up to 11 different treatments with tines passing through the soil at 125 and 250mm depths, with and without planting catch crops (black oats and phacelia), as well as plots left untouched (fallow). In the following spring, wheat was direct drilled over half the width of each plot with the crop monitored for the remainder of each season. “Autumn 2017 turned out to be a very wet continued over...

Undisturbed fallow: With nothing done to this plot last autumn ahead of planting spring wheat, there was little in the way of crop competition and black-grass had taken over.

10 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

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SDF Nov.indd 6 Series_Farmers Guide Ad_A4_09_19.indd 1 1-27 11

16/09/2019 12:06 08:43 10/10/2019

Arable One of the take-home messages from Project Lamport this summer was that the more roots there are in the soil, and less disturbance via cultivation, the better.

below ground – and there is an opportunity to save money while also improving the soil’s health,” he pointed out. For this autumn, trials are continuing with a closer look at the effects of tyre compaction at cultivating depth and catch crops are right Soil health | Project Lamport both 9 and 18psi pressures. for every situation – each field has a different Field fuel consumption will also be measured requirement – although we have seen consistent and compared between different cultivation results from cultivating shallower over two very depths. contrasting seasons to set up the crop for the “Most importantly we will be questioning following spring. But the default position of whether there is a need to cultivate in the pulling a tine through the soil as deep as the first place,” concluded Mr Atkinson. “A lot of tractor can manage is probably the wrong thing Soils unprecedented pressures as a result of climate change, machinery is getting biggerpopulation and if we look after to do are mostfacing seasons,” said Mr Atkinson. growth, pesticide commodity the not need to to balance our soilmarkets properly,and we may need use it. As “I think the thingresistance, growers findcompetitive hardest is production long as we can control harvest traffic, then there justifying thewhilst cost ofbeing a coversympathetic or catch crop,to the environment. are big quality benefits in with not going through with heavy however only policy, got to the lookcharacteristics at the fuel A good soil appropriate structure, Driven by you’ve agricultural machineryand andbiology cultivators. savings goingsoils shallower to realise the of chemistry is essential for future crop of many of farmed have altered because are production, an additional cost with the and potentialfarming there issystems. to save costs. and“They livestock farm profitability changing the long-term sustainability of both farming and ■ potential to damage the soil.” “We must understand what’s happening Modern agriculture is now characterised by our environment. Understanding the relationship larger more intensive farms using increasingly between the physical structure, biology and powerful, heavier and more sophisticated Solutions to unlock your soil’s full potential chemical processes within the soil, and the machinery. This has often translated into greater farming practices that affect them, is key to pressures to appropriate the soil, reducing soil chemistry A good being qualityapplied soil with structure, and and biology is essential for future creating maintaining a healthy soil.crop and porosity and water absorption. This intensity livestock production, farm profitability and the long-term sustainability of both farming and the Agrovista’s new comprehensive soil health offer has also led to a decline in organic matter levels, environment, says Agrovista. With that in mind, the company has launched a new comprehensive which will be on display across the Regional further reducing the productivity and resilience on all aspects health to and provide Demonstration Sitesofissoil designed help growers of soil soils.health testing service designed to help growers focus the chemical, physical and biological solutions necessary manage soils.of soil health and provide focustoon all aspects Fortunately, nature is resilient, and we between can with the physical Understanding the relationship structure,physical biologyand andbiological chemical solutions processes the chemical, care and skill regenerate and restore our soils necessary soils the benefitaof within the soil, and the farming practices that affect them, is keytotomanage creating andfor maintaining back to health. long-term farm profitability and soil stability. healthy soil, it says. Prices for the Agrovista Soil Analysis are on a consultancy basis, adds the firm.

Solutions to unlock your soil’s full potential to benefit long-term farm profitability

turing actions.

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one,” continued Mr Atkinson. “In a wet year we know we’ve been doing it wrong with deeper jected to many extremes of (250mm) because the soil is like nues to be learnt about cultivation the plasticine and the tine creates smearing at d how to accelerate this depth. However this is still something routinely il is the basis for efficient carried trol of grass weeds byout by growers in the autumn. “Where we went shallow in those conditions, tive crops. we have effectively lifted the soil very slightly nds our knowledge and which has really helped the catch crops get their nd metal. We compare how roots down.” mn-sown covers ahead of This was repeated in 2018 – an exceptionally dry autumn by contrast – and there appeared little difference between 125mm- and 250mmdry conditions cultivated – was it plots where a catch crop had been the effects on the spring crop? established. However when soil loosening took and no catch crop established, leaving ed managementplace alongside the land bare over winter, slumping occurred. “When catch crops are introduced, the roots wth and any and wetting help soils naturally restructure,” he explained. further improvements to cultivation with catch crop roots “Shallow e needs of the crop, generally gave the best results in terms of blackeds effectively? grass control, soil structure and, ultimately, yield. “While the deeper we went the more we seemed to be spreading the black-grass through the soil profile. “I am not advocating that a 125mm

• • • •

Measure and maintain correct pH Measure, understand and maintain correct nutrient balance Apply nutrients at the right time and place Maximise use of ‘free’ nutrients


• • • • • •

Understand soil textures and capabilities Have a look – use precision to target specific areas Understand lands limits to trafficking/workability Maximise water use efficiency – drainage/irrigation etc Maintain natural structure – move soil only when you have to Remove compaction and open porosity using as little metal as possible

Fixed Site Factors:

• • • •

Climate Topography Geology Hydrology


Competitive prices for all your agricultural & industrial requirements



BOWIE LOCKWOOD 02476 459000


Measure, monitor and influence soil biology Drive across and move soil only when you have to Capture all available sunlight – no bare ground Feed soils with appropriate organic matter and wide diversity of plants





• • • •


Rural & Industrial Design & Building Association

*prices subject to site survey & location All prices subject to VAT

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soil health

Practical solutions to unlock your soils full potential Our offer provides practical solutions which build good quality soils with appropriate structure, chemistry and biology. Such soils are essential for future crop and livestock production, farm profitability and the long-term sustainability of both farming and our environment.

Find out how... speak to your local agronomist or visit wwww.agrovista.co.uk /soilhealth

growing through innovation

AUK036 Soil Health_210x148.indd 1

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Farm Business, Fleet & Agri Motor Trade Insurance Specialists

Committed to Service and Price

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@GreenlandsIns Visit

Greenlands Insurance Services Ltd work to provide a friendly and complete brokering facility for agricultural insurance risks. This approach complements a broad range of associated products and services, each of which is tailored to meet the ever-shifting needs of our clients both existing and new.


Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Leaving it late With the late drilling slot upon us, Farmers Guide seeks advice on winter wheat choice and management, and the trade-offs involved at this stage of the season.


Most varieties have a preferred sowing window during which they can be expected to deliver their best performance. Outside this timeframe and aspects such as plant vigour, maturity and yield can be compromised. In many instances, these can be managed through variety choice, says KWS product development manager, John Miles (right), but first it is important to understand the distinction between crops sown in the late autumn to those sown in the winter, such as after roots. “It’s largely about understanding the trade-offs that arise when sowing outside the mid-September to mid-October period when varieties usually perform to their optimum. It is possible to push most varieties into the late-autumn

slot, but some are more suited than others. Those considered to be slow to get going in the spring, for example, tend to produce a poor quality sample at harvest when sown late,” he says. As ever the devil is in the detail, but fortunately recent changes to the Recommended List trials mean variety performance at the late-autumn timing is largely well reflected. “The move to more early-October and fewer mid-September sown trials was partly to reflect changes in grower practices concerning blackgrass, but also the loss of certain insecticidal seed treatments. This has been to the benefit of those varieties that do better when sown in the late autumn,” he says. A good late drilling variety, therefore, is one that combines KWS Siskin is naturally well-suited to sowing after mid-October.

good autumn and spring vigour without compromising other attributes such as straw strength, grain quality and even maturity, he explains. “The more vigorous types, such as KWS Kerrin and KWS Siskin are both varieties naturally well-suited to sowing after midOctober. Both combine good autumn and spring vigour, though of the two KWS Siskin is the more vigorous, and good grain quality. Spring vigour is an often-overlooked characteristic, but it is central to how a variety finishes come the summer. For many growers, how well a variety finishes will come down to personal experience,” he says. For those seeking a variety to sow after roots, variety suitability will be determined by whether drilling occurs before or after the New Year. “Once December arrives variety choice becomes a more specialised affair. KWS Crispin is the outstanding choice at this stage. Once into the New Year most growers will find it more worthwhile to wait until spring and drill either spring wheat or spring barley,” he says.

Seed rate care Those drilling winter wheat late in the season need to carefully

consider their seed rates, says Limagrain arable technical manager, Ron Granger (left), particularly if it turns out to be a good autumn. “When you’re drilling in late October and into November, there’s a general feeling that seed rates should be upped at that time of the season, whatever the state of the seedbed and the conditions, however if the weather is kind, there is moisture and the seedbed is good, then it’s important to keep them at a sensible level,” says Mr Granger. “Seed rates in the region of 350–375 seeds/m2 are sufficient if conditions are good – increasing them for poor, cloddy seedbeds and later drilling dates – but growers should drill according to their situation; seed rates that are too high will result in weak strawed crops,” he adds. Mr Granger reckons Limagrain’s high yielding soft Group 4 varieties, including LG Skyskraper, Spotlight and Motown, are ideal for the late drilling slot as they have the attributes of good tillering and are quick to get away in the spring. “Skyscraper for example, which has again out-yielded everything in trials this year, has shown itself to be very competitive in this situation, has good tillering and is very quick continued over...

Top tips for late-drilled winter wheat – Agrii

• • • • • • • • • •

Stay off the land until you can drill to an even depth without clods, even if this means waiting until the spring Move as little soil as possible when drilling, sow to a consistent 3–4cm depth, place enhanced availability P with the seed, if possible, and consolidate well. Use the best quality seed available from fast-developing varieties with a high black-grass competitiveness. Treat the seed to boost root development and, where necessary, to combat take-all. Sow at 400–450 seeds/m2, depending on conditions, to achieve spring populations of around 320 plants/m2. Spray off weeds and volunteers as close to drilling as possible and include a permitted glyphosate with the pre-em, if necessary. Use a flufenacet-based pre-em, including a specialist adjuvant to improve activity and crop safety. Assess slug pressure well ahead of sowing and achieve the best possible kill before drilling with targeted pelleting. Apply a good dose of early spring N, accompanied by P, K and S where possible and maintain regular top-dressing ahead of earlier plantings. Consider early spring rolling, an early low temperature active PGR and early foliar Mn, Zn and B.

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O FR ut EE of S 20 unOpt eas /1 ti io on 2/ l ns 20 * 19


Baler Accessories

600 series Automatic applicator with moisture sensor


Extended parts warranty* Transfer Pump* iPad* Prize draw to win 1000 litres of CropSaver* *For a full list of T&Cs

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T7 3 row

ex demonstrator


Office: 01684 311811 Nigel : 07850 825980 Ross : 07815 110529 email: info@bullocktillage.co.uk Bullock Tillage • Danemoor Farm • Malvern • Worcestershire WR13 6NL

NEW THYREGOD TT800 3 row & T7 2 row/3 row beet harvesters now available in the UK Large stocks of spares available for UK-wide delivery

B W Brewster & Son

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Benchmark your soil to identify it’s true potential With plateauing yields and organic matter depletion there is now a scientific solution that will help restore the health of your soil.



In the first autumn without insecticide seed treatment Deter, growers should place added emphasis on seedbed quality. While it was primarily used to protect cereal crops from barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV), Deter also had a repellent effect against slugs around treated seed, reducing feeding and the subsequent hollowing which can compromise establishment. For agronomy group Hutchinsons’ technical manager Dick Neale, seed hollowing is often the result of poor, cloddy seedbeds, which growers using Deter could get away with. That is no longer the case. “Now growers need to think about cultural methods, which includes addressing seedbed quality. Slug control is about a good, friable seedbed and good seed-to-soil contact to limit movement,” he explains. In addition to cultural methods, Herefordshire agronomist Antony Wade (right) advises monitoring with traps in stubbles or cultivated ground ahead of establishment and treating with a ferric phosphate-based pellet immediately after drilling if slug risk is identified. “I have moved over to ferric phosphate from metaldehyde over the past two years and have been very happy with its performance. There are also no concerns when using the product around watercourses. “I would recommend going with a premium pasta-based type, as the pellets are much more resilient in wet conditions,” adds Mr Wade. This durability may be needed according to Certis western regional technical manager Geoffrey Bastard, who says the wet autumn is likely to increase slug pressure considerably. “Sluxx HP pellets contain an anti-mould agent, which will maintain palatability and protect the crop, even after periods of heavy or prolonged rainfall. Keep monitoring after initial applications, as follow up treatments will be needed where Seed hollowing is often the result of poor, cloddy seedbeds. slug risk remains high.”



Seedbed quality key to reducing slug seed hollowing this autumn


Limagrain’s high yielding soft Group 4 varieties, including LG Skyskraper, Spotlight and Motown (pictured), are ideal for the late drilling slot as they have the attributes of good tillering and are quick to get away in the spring.

Our Healthy Soils Assessment will help you develop meaningful soil management strategies in order to unlock yield, improve soil health and long term sustainability.


out of the blocks in the spring which is also key to out-compete black-grass,” he explains. “Many of the newer high yielding varieties are taller strawed and, while not the stiffest, the late drilling slot suits them,” he adds. At the bread-making end of the spectrum, Group 2 variety LG Detroit can be drilled up until the end of January, but is a high vernalisation requirement variety (a Crusoe cross), so that is its latest drill date. Limagrain’s agronomy work suggests that LG Detroit benefits from a higher seed rate if sown later in the season as the variety does tend to drop tillers quickly in the spring if in a stress situation such as a drought. “The significant thing about Detroit though is that it is stiff strawed and comes with orange wheat blossom midge (OWBM) resistance,” concludes Mr Granger. ■


Conduct a Healthy Soils assessment to benchmark the biological, chemical and physical aspects of your soil.

Use the findings to create meaningful soil management strategies.

Measure the outcomes against your benchmark.

* Fully compatible with Omnia Precision Agronomy Software

call 01945 461 177 healthysoils@hlhltd.co.uk healthysoils.co.uk

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Field f cus Crop yields last harvest were good for both our agronomists on the whole, but rain has been the dominant factor since causing disruption to autumn drilling and input programmes. Dominic Kilburn writes. Nottinghamshire AICC Arable Alliance agronomist Andrew Wells said that harvest for his farmers had been better than expected, despite experiencing catchy weather with more drying needed than usual. In summary though, he reckoned that there was a decent quantity of cereal crops in the shed for them to sell. “We had drought conditions in the spring until early June but rainfall came just in time for most crops, although perhaps not for those drilled early or on the lighter land,” he pointed out. However while the cereals in particular yielded well, with relative consistency, oilseed rape was “all over the shop,” reported Andrew. “It was very variable – many crops were hit by larvae damage in the spring, which together with the dry conditions limited nutrient uptake, while late frosts in April hit some hard,” he added. Andrew suggested that it was a difficult decision whether to rip up OSR crops in late April, replacing them with spring barley or maize, but with propyzamide herbicides already applied, most crops were left to see what they would achieve. “The better oilseed rape crops yielded 3.5–4.0t/ha but there are

many crops around 2.5–3.0t/ha and some others that struggled to make 2.0t/ha. “As a consequence the area put down to rape this year by my growers will be 30–40 per cent less,” commented Andrew. Speaking on 9th October, nothing in the way of cereals had been drilled following 5-inches of rain over the preceding 2 weeks. He suggested that those waiting to put 2- and 6-row conventional winter barley in the ground will be very aware of the clock ticking, while growers with hybrid seed have a little longer. “We’ve been in this situation before and when there is a break in the weather farmers can drill a lot of fields in a very short time. We hope to get the winter barley completed by the time this magazine lands on the doormat and there is plenty of time for the wheat drilling as long as we get some drier weather. “Growers here are serious about grass weed control and this period will provide a decent black-grass chit for spraying off with glyphosate,” he added. The main question on Andrew’s mind however is what condition seedbeds will be in when mainstream drilling does get underway, and how that may affect decisions regarding pre-emergence herbicide applications. “If it’s not possible to roll, it

might be better to hold back on pendimethalin before crop emergence as you can get problems with crop damage from herbicide movement to the seed in cloddy/ uneven seedbeds,” he explained. “Once the crop’s roots have gone down a bit then a flufenacet + pendimethalin application early post-em might be more suitable.” Andrew reckoned that, of the oilseed rape area currently in the ground, the mid-August drilled crops (which caught some rain) are very forward and yet to see any damage from flea beetle larvae. Although he pointed out that these crops are not safe yet. The late August/early Septemberdrilled crops, which also got moisture, are looking okay despite taking a beating from adult flea beetles. However, for those fields that were drilled late, and where there was poor seed-to-soil contact, plants are still very small and are being damaged by adult flea beetles. Rape winter stem weevil has also been a significant problem in some areas. “The adults lay their eggs in the crop from late September through to midOctober and we have been trying to obtain control with pyrethroids, which hopefully will take out some larvae too.”

Northumberland Harvest was one of the best we’ve had across the full range of crops, said AICC Northumberlandbased agronomist, Jim Callighan, who pointed out that the only downside was the very wet and stormy August which caused a loss of Hagbergs for some of the quality wheats, while also flattening a number of oat crops

and preventing them from making the top grade. Oilseed rape, which is divided between HEAR, Clearfield and clubroot resistant varieties under his charge, performed well on his growers’ farms: 4.2–5.1t/ha being a typical yield for most of northern Northumberland. “Clubroot resistant variety Chrome has yielded particularly well,” pointed out Jim. Since harvest, fieldwork has been very much stop and go and Jim reckons that, in terms of winter crop sowing, growers are about 7–10 days behind schedule. “We’ve not seen the forward growth in oilseed rape as yet either, and while flea beetle is not the issue as it is further south, we’ll look at applying biostimulants in early- to mid-November to give crops a bit of a boost, alongside leaf spot applications. “Normally I wouldn’t bother with that recommendation but they are a little backward,” he said. Also speaking on 9th October, Jim said that wheat drilling is normally completed by the middle of the month, and those crops that are already in the ground are coming through nicely. “There is a little concern for late drilling of winter oats, which tend to be prone to frost heave, and they need to get well established and ideally rolled prior to the colder weather. “That said, winter oats can be drilled in the spring as they don’t need vernalisation, and can still provide acceptable yields. “For now though, we are trying to catch up with all the autumn residuals – there remains a lot of wheat and barley to be sprayed but farmers are currently prioritising drilling rather than spraying. For the North, delayed drilling is not an option.” Jim Callighan can be contacted on email: agcon@supanet.com. ■

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Balancing biodiversity and production to achieve healthy farming Seed developers, crop protection companies and growers need to work more closely together to keep on top of pests and disease. This was the key message from a recent event held at BASF’s Nunhem site in the Netherlands. Heather Briggs reports. New challenges, such as an increasing number of extreme weather events, are facing the sector, and crops not only have to be able to withstand them, but also still deliver yield and quality. “Economic stability is crucial to a profitable farming business, and this relies on effective chemistry to ensure affordable food production,” said BASF Agricultural Solutions, Sub-Region West vice president Nicolas Kerfant. “However, we cannot treat chemistry like a silver bullet and we have to use it in partnership with cultural controls such as wide rotations, delayed drilling and ensuring the best cultivation strategies. “We also need to ensure farms are sustainable, both economically and environmentally, so working with nature is also a key focus.”

Crop yields and quality He also drew attention to the BASF Sustainability Farms Network which is helping other growers find the balance between crop yields and quality and care for the environment. Northamptonshire-based farmer, agronomist and environmental consultant Andrew Pitts has been working closely with BASF for more than 15 years. “Moving towards more holistic ways of farming and improving diversity across the farm can help balance profitable crops and healthy soils, and therefore improve sustainability,” said Mr Pitts. “This, in turn, assists farmers by partly mitigating the challenges from the recent loss of a number of key active ingredients. “Reducing chemistry use is not easy when pest and/or disease pressure is high, so building resistance into the crop varieties we grow can make a real contribution to quality and yield.” Resilient crop varieties can play a key role in pest resistance, so varietal choice is crucial. In addition to developing new varieties of vegetable crops such as carrots in its recently acquired seed vegetable

1-27 Nov.indd 19



Agronomist and environmental consultant Andrew Pitts.

company Nunhems, BASF is also developing a hybrid winter wheat which will most likely start in the mid-2020s in France and Germany, with the UK following closely. “We are working to connect seed, traits and chemical crop protection to provide growers with a range of potential solutions and help minimise risk,” said BASF vegetable seeds senior vice president, Vicente Navarro.

Digital Digital platforms are also under development to optimise timing and application methods and help growers get the best results from their products. Moreover, combining digital tools, such as smart sprayers and targeted weeders, and the use of field mapping, is expected to help ensure compliance with even tighter regulatory requirements, said the company. New BASF chemistry includes the recently approved fungicide Revysol (isopropanol-azole), with Revysol based-products available in the UK market from spring 2020, plus the soil residual herbicide Luximo tackling the challenge caused by black-grass, with expected availability in the EU in 2022, subject to successful authorisation. This may happen earlier in the UK, if the political/ regulatory environment allows. ■


• Suitable for human consumption • Highest yielding winter bean on the Recommended List

@LGSeedsUK www.lgseeds.co.uk/tundra

14/10/2019 14:31


CropTec 2019 will once again set out to help farmers, their advisers and suppliers build a profitable and sustainable sector fit for the future, say organisers of the annual event. A leading technical event in the arable calendar showcasing new technology, innovation and knowledge exchange, The CropTec Show, which takes place at the East of England Showground, Peterborough on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th November 2019, provides a platform for all growers, agronomists, business advisers, suppliers and scientists to challenge

and discuss the best ways to stay ahead in crop production. More than 170 companies, covering a wide range of arable technology, up-to-date agronomy, services and best business practice will fill the exhibition halls, offering the latest technology, advice and demonstrations. The event’s extensively researched and timely seminar

More than 170 companies will fill the exhibition halls, offering the latest technology, advice and demonstrations.

sessions (see below) bring together practical know-how and scientific research from UK farmers and industry experts. Covering key challenges, selected speakers will share their expertise, insight and research to help visitors plan for a long-term, profitable future, regardless of any political climate. The specialist knowledge hubs keep evolving and new topics will be added this year to provide solutions

and advice on topics including biosolutions, black-grass, oilseed rape, slugs and spraying technology, a must-see for any visitor looking for practical tips to take back to farm.

Sprayer demos As many as 10 sprayer manufacturers will be putting some of the latest machines available to UK operators through their paces at CropTec – the continued over...

Seminar programme 1. Crop Establishment – Sponsored by Horsch Session Chair: Will Gemmill, chairman, regional executive and head of farming, Strutt & Parker Profiting from tough decisions: Making every hectare count The Agricultural Bill of 2018 proposes to link any future support to improvements in soil health, air and water quality, plus climate change mitigation. How can farmers adapt to those, as yet, vague proposals? Speaker: Andrew Pitts, Northants farmer and consultant Rooting for profit provided by cover crops A look at the latest findings and recommendations from Cranfield’s BBSRCfunded project examining the impact of different cover crop rooting systems on soil properties. Speaker: Sarah De Baets, lecturer Plant-Soil Systems, Cranfield University Crop establishment – it pays to be precise Precision drilling of cereals using variable seed rates, based on soil type and previous yield data, can improve crop yield and quality, optimise seed utilisation and boost profitability. Speaker: Matt Ward, agronomist and services leader, advisory and agronomy business, Farmacy

2. Crop Nutrition – Sponsored by Yara Session Chair: Mark Tucker, agronomy and business development manager, Yara UK Implications of the Clean Air Act An overview of the greenhouse gas intensity of cropping and the importance of nitrogen fertiliser, plus the value of agronomics to demonstrate the benefits and prevent onfarm penalties.

Speaker: Daniel Kindred, head of Agronomics, ADAS Evidence-based approach to crop nutrition Building on new evidence based on grain benchmarking and the work of the Yield Enhancement Network, here’s detail of a new approach to nutrient application to minimise losses while maximising profitability. Speaker: Natalie Wood, arable agronomist for UK and Ireland, Yara UK Navigating the right course for quality water and profit What is a realistic target for nitrogen use efficiency to realise optimum yield and profitability while minimising leaching? Here are some solutions, including the uses of nitrogen loss inhibitors. Speaker: Keith Goulding, Sustainable soils research fellow, Rothamsted Research

3. Crop Protection – Sponsored by Nufarm Session Chair: Emma Hamer, senior plant health adviser, NFU Managing with fewer pesticides Losses of valuable fungicides have a severe impact on disease control, resistance management and profitability across a range of arable crops. Speaker: Fiona Burnett, head of Connect for Impact, Scotland’s Rural College Knowledge and Innovation Hub and chair of the Fungicide Resistance Group Profiting from early disease detection Early crop disease detection, using drone and satellite technology, would be of great benefit to farmers and the countryside. What are the principles behind this innovation and what technology will be required? Speaker: Matt Kettlewell, agronomist,

Hummingbird Keeping up with changing herbicide dynamics Broad-leaved weed dynamics are shifting, making control more challenging in arable crops. What can be done to prevent the problem building up and to protect profits? Speaker: Sarah Cook, weed scientist and senior research consultant, ADAS, Boxworth

4. Crop Breeding – Sponsored by BASF Session Chair: Russell McKenzie, Cambridgeshire farmer and AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Board member Winning ways with wheat lies in its genes The Wheat Genetic Improvement Network is a rolling BBSRC project, funded by DEFRA. Its research on a range of traits is designed to reduce production costs while offering environmental benefits. Speaker: Kim Hammond-Kosack, research leader, wheat pathogenomics and deputy head, Department of Biointeractions and Crop Protection, Rothamsted Research Breeding resilience into oilseed rape Research is helping plant breeders take the risk out of growing winter oilseed rape by selecting traits to produce varieties which are resilient to pests, such as cabbage stem flea beetle, and weather variation. Speaker: Steven Penfield, group leader Genes in the Environment, John Innes Centre Variety selection in uncertain times Given the uncertainty surrounding future trading conditions created by Brexit and the talk of trade wars, it will pay dividends to consider the markets for your combinable crops. Speaker: Cecilia Pryce, head of compliance, research and shipping, Openfield

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Visit us on Stand 1.73

Plant protection in perfection. With the Fendt Rogator 600, you cannot compromise: the OptiRide suspension offers stepless hydraulic adjustment of the track width from 1.8 to 2.25 m and the ground clearance from 75 to 120 cm. Fendt Rogator. The Partner for Professionals.

Fendt. Greatness in every field.

Fendt is a worldwide brand of AGCO.

1-27 Nov.indd 21

See all the latest Fendt news at www.fendt.co.uk

10/10/2019 12:27

All Kverneland equipment comes with 2 years warranty!! (Subject to Ts&Cs and annual service)




Come and see us at Hall 3 Stand 22



3mm polycarbonate plastic eradicates the need for dated wire mesh protection

Applied Protection Guards Ltd

Modern and Sleek design Integral with the cab Available in tinted and scratch resistant forms

Bespoke to most tractor makes and models

Innovative clip system

HaRvESt COnStant HUmIdIty COntROllER

Gives you guaranteed drying conditions, 24/7. Efficient and economic with thousands of units in use on all combinable crops and onion stores nationwide.

CABGUARD Highway Plus www.appliedprotectionguards.co.uk sales@appliedprotectionguards.co.uk

CALL: 01795 533903

Main Office: Unit 2/3 Oaklands Park, Rougham Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2RW. info@harvestinstallations.co.uk


22 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

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CropTec CropTec at a glance • • • • •

Exhibition halls More than 170 leading suppliers of the latest technology, products, machines and services are on hand to discuss latest developments CropTec seminar Leading specialists are covering four key areas – crop breeding, crop protection, crop nutrition and crop establishment Knowledge hubs Biosolutions, black-grass, OSR, slugs and spraying technology will be covered in a series of short, sharp presentations that deliver key takeaway messages. Sprayer demonstration area An exclusive opportunity to test drive the latest sprayers in the market from leading manufacturers. Basis and NRoSO points will be available.

...from previous page

biggest line-up of sprayers to feature at the event yet. Visitors will also be able to test drive the sprayers on a one-to-one basis under realistic operating conditions, providing an unrivalled hands-on opportunity at one venue to compare and contrast some of the most up-todate machines on the market. During and after the demos, visitors will be able to quiz experts from participating manufacturers to ensure all their questions are

The largest connected weather network for farmers

answered, rounding off an experience that will enable them to judge for themselves which sprayer looks best suited to their needs. Agrifac managing director Andy Carse said: “The demonstration area at CropTec adds a fantastic element to the show. “Instead of visitors taking away leaflets and brochures on the machines, it allows them to discover the differences from inside the cab, and get to grips with the technology and features on offer.” ■

Over 8 000 stations across Europe and the UK

24/7 weather data from your fields

Take action and spray Visitors will be able to test drive the sprayers on a one-to-one basis.

at the right moment

Easy installation 10-minutes to set-up

www.sencrop.uk The event’s seminar sessions bring together practical know-how and scientific research from UK farmers and industry experts.

+44 116 350 0284

CropTec FACTS When: Where: Tickets: More info:

Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th November 2019 East of England Showground, Peterborough The event is free for farmers and agronomists to attend, provided tickets are booked in advance www.croptecshow.com

Come visit us Stand 219

November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 23

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Advantage Sabre Tines Rake& Roll

  

Soil Conservation

seeds ,fine particles are kept on the surface

 

Residue management Fast and cost effective Stale seed bed

Excellent seed to soil contact with FT roller

Vertical tillage discs targeted restructuring without soil inversion

Residue management ,Soil Conservation, No-Till. Is at the heart of Tillso and we provide British Patented Technology Due to the success of our Sabre Tines we are now working with Pan Anglia to Market & distribute Retro Fit SabreTines plus all Wearing Part, we

believe that this will enable us to give our customers a better service with a larger stock of genuine parts Tel: 01733 270 135



find out mo re at www.care.l emken.com


‘Our aimDRIP is your gain’ SPRINKLERS

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e: info@wrootwater.com


‘Ouraim aim is is your ‘Our yourgain’ gain’ www.wrootwater.com

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SIRIUS USER-FRIENDLY POWER AND PRECISION The top model in the compact segment! With a tank volume of 900–1900 l and working widths of 15 to 30 metres, the LEMKEN Sirius is particularly powerful on challenging fields with smaller structures. Outstanding precision and user-friendliness make crop care with the Sirius exceedingly efficient. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

The QuickConnect – coupling with plenty of room to move The inductor – powerful and user-friendly The tank – focus on safety and minimal residue The aluminium boom – high stability yet low weight The single-nozzle control – for utmost precision of application The electronic system –intuitive and clear LEMKEN design


e: info@wrootwater.com

24 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

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Taking irrigation control to a new level

Canopee allows remote programming of valves and monitoring of water flow, soil moisture and air temperature – all from the office.

As water scarcity becomes an increasing problem, Wroot Crop Systems says the agriculture industry will need to look at irrigating more wisely, avoiding run-off and irrigating to match the infiltration rate of the soil. Having led the field with drip and sprinkler systems for 20 years, the company says it has now taken valve control and in-field monitoring to a new level – using a combination of different communication technologies. The Canopee Irrigation Control System allows remote programming of valves and monitoring of

water flow, soil moisture and air temperature – all from the office. Data can then be viewed on a smartphone or tablet, so users can be informed of problems before visiting the field. The software and apps are free, meaning no ongoing costs for the user. Canopee can also operate without mains power or wires. It is a standalone system that improves precision irrigation – allowing the amount of water for each valve to vary according to soil type and crop growth stage. This new irrigation control system can be retrofitted to existing Wroot Water Systems, as well as other brands of irrigation system on the market. ■

Bespoke cab glass protector to be won As a first for Applied Protection Guards (APG) Ltd, the team will be attending the CropTec show. After a soggy yet successful Cereals show, the 2019 launch of the CabGuard HighWay Plus Guard has been going well with positive responses from customers. APG Ltd has been running a competition over the year to win a CabGuard HighWay Plus Guard, and the competition will continue at Croptec with the winner announced on day two of the show. APG will also be displaying some examples of the CabGuard HighWay Plus with its newly designed system of robust, semipermanent clips that allow fast and simple yet strong application and removal of the Cab bespoke glass protectors. Also for the first time, APG will have

the production element of the clips on the stand, exhibiting the 3D printers that manufacture the HighWay Clip. These printers will be running throughout the show. Plus, in true APG style, there will also be some freebies for stand visitors to take away. To find out more, visit Hall 3 Stand 22 to see how the products work, how they can work for your company and also possibly win a CabGuard HighWay Plus for your tractor. ■

A CabGuard front lower and Cabguard Highway Plus door guard fitted to a Kubota M7151.

CropTec Show 27 – 28 November

Get under the surface of your crop performance

Stand 1.90

Analyse yields, identify trends and better understand your crop productivity with Gatekeeper Visit the Farmplan stand to see how Gatekeeper software can help you manage your crop records and improve the performance of your farm.

Find out more at farmplan.co.uk | 01594 545 000 | sales@farmplan.co.uk Crops | Livestock | Business & Accounts | Training | IT Solutions | Support

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Are you making the most of your farm’s potential? Weather network proves a hit with UK farmers Software company Farmplan is attending this year’s CropTec to showcase its range of crop management solutions, which are designed to help growers and agronomists managing farms of all sizes to record, review, share and analyse their data. The company says this helps to improve workflows, drive efficiencies and meet all legislative requirements with ease. Farmplan’s software focuses on three key points. Firstly, collating and reviewing data from multiple sources, including soil types, sampling results, VR drill maps, fertiliser applications and yield maps. Full analysis of field, farm, variety and crop also helps users to understand the cost of production and make more informed choices. Finally, Farmplan says it offers a flexible approach to integrate with machines, agronomy advice and data sources. Its Gatekeeper software helps to ‘get under the surface of crop performance’, the company says – analysing yields, identifying trends, and gaining a better understanding of crop productivity. From field mapping, soil sampling and

conductivity scanning, to soil types, importing data from in-cab devices and the creation of variable rate plans, Gatekeeper allows users to maximise the value of their farm data and make well-informed choices, Farmplan says. Arable farm manager Damien Burnell, said: “We trialled variable rate drilling on one historically low yielding field. It was scanned and we created variable rate maps within Gatekeeper. The result was average yields rose by 1t/ha.” Farmplan will be on Stand 1.90 at CropTec. ■

Farmplan says its range of crop management solutions help growers and agronomists to record, review, share and analyse their data.

More than 300 farms have connected to a pioneering user-led weather network since its January launch, underlining how ultra-local, in-field data can support improved decisionmaking and accuracy for agronomic tasks such as spraying. The connected weather stations, from agtech start-up Sencrop, take advantage of new precision technology to provide accurate, farm-specific weather data, rather than relying on general, regional forecasts. More than 10,000 are already in use across Europe. “But it’s not just about the data from your farm,” explains Sencrop co-founder, Martin Ducroquet. “Sencrop’s unique network allows you to choose whether to share your weather data with other Sencrop farmers who have decided to do the same. “With weather data, it’s a case of ‘the more, the merrier’. This is collaboration in action.” Sharing data with your neighbours, says Mr Ducroquet, allows the smartphone app through which the system operates to analyse many more data points. “Extra data makes forecasting software more

Sencrop doesn’t need a 3G or 4G mobile signal to transmit, so it is deployable wherever a farmer needs it.

accurate. Everyone benefits.” Temperature, wind speed, humidity and rainfall and leaf wetness are among the metrics that the station records and uploads to the cloud every 15 minutes. “Sencrop doesn’t need a 3G or 4G mobile signal to transmit, which makes it deployable almost anywhere a farmer needs to put it,” points out Mr Ducroquet. Sencrop owners report using their stations for tasks such as recording day-degrees to calculate T-Sum 170 for BYDV aphid treatment thresholds, monitoring temperature and humidity in potato crops for blight control decisions, and the ability to monitor weather at parcels of remote land to judge suitability of conditions for spraying. ■

CrossCutter by Väderstad Ultra-shallow tillage

Ultra-shallow tillage by Väderstad CrossCutter Disc provides full cut at only 2-3cm working depth. The unique cutting profile crushes, chops and mulches in one single pass. It is excellent in oilseed rape stubble, cover crops and grain stubble.

Learn how ultra-shallow tillage by Väderstad CrossCutter Disc will help give a perfect start to your next crop at vaderstad.com

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RADIANT HEATER • from 51,000 to 140,000Btu/20kW–40kW • low noise • no air movement, dust free • inside/outside use • diesel/paraffin • 240 volt/110 volt models available • pre-heaters fitted as standard • new, used and second hand units available • servicing from £85* • hire available in some areas *subject to terms & conditions of Wilms UK Ltd

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Specialists in agricultural doors Roller shutter doors Sectional overhead doors Folding shutter doors Sliding doors Steel doors e: sales@essexdoorsandshutters.co.uk


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Road oriented Steel belts Excellent self-cleaning features Fuel Economy High speed

FL 693M

TO FIND YOUR LOCAL BKT DEALER PLEASE CONTACT: Tel: 0151 728 3714 enquiries@kirkbytyres.co.uk www.kirkbytyres.co.uk

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Tractor test

Latest tractors offer tantalising glimpse of the future From the outside there isn’t a great lot different about New Holland’s latest T8 offering compared with previous models. But just a quick glance inside the cab makes it clear that the R&D team has been very busy. David Williams tried it out. New Holland’s concept autonomous tractor did the rounds at UK shows a few years ago, with a futuristic cab incorporating bright-lit digital displays shouting about what tractors of the future might look like. Now the future is here and the ‘T8 Genesis with PLM Intelligence’ Horizon cab shares many characteristics with the experimental machine, including large, brightly coloured crystal clear displays that will appeal to operators. The latest T8 line-up includes 5 models from 320–435hp (max EPM) and, like the previous range, the target market is larger arable farms and contractors, many of who will already be using precision farming technology to optimise efficiency of operations.

Most upgrades inside From the outside, along with new decals, the most obvious indication that the tractor is the latest model is the lack of a B-pillar on the left side of the cab. Removing this has allowed a larger door for improved cab access. Central locking is available using a new remote key which also incorporates a coded immobiliser. A master key can be programmed to access and start a whole fleet of the

farm’s tractors while other operator keys can have access to different tractors allowed or denied. The cab frame is similar to before, but a complete redesign resulting from user consultation includes extra storage for large items as well as odds and ends. The cab floor includes shaped compartments which prevent loose items rolling about. With increasing use of electricpowered accessories there are a large number of 12-volt power points as well as USB-charging connectors. To the side of the driver’s seat in a large storage compartment, there is even a 240-volt socket likely to be popular with those who need to charge laptops during the working day. With a nod to its American heritage the new T8 Genesis has leather upholstery similar to traditional American lorries or pick-ups, which is functional but extremely comfortable. Heating and ventilation are upgraded with programmable zone control and additional vents. Another update is improved semiactive cab suspension. Actuators under each side of the cab adjust the firmness of the ride while a large anti-roll torsion bar at the rear keeps the cab level.

 The new T8 Genesis looks similar to previous models on the outside, apart from new decals and the lack of a B-pillar on the left side of the Horizon cab, improving visibility and access.

Excellent visibility Both rear view mirrors are on telescopic arms – allowing extension for use with high trailers and retraction to prevent damage when the extra length isn’t needed, using a switch in the cab. Front and rear cameras are standard and up to two additional cameras can be specified linked direct to the screen for implement or trailer monitoring. The front camera has a 170-degree field of vision, increasing safety for those emerging from fields on to a road through a hedge for example, where the view to the sides would otherwise be impaired. For those working at night, 30 per cent extra lighting performance is available. New Holland T7, T8 and continued over...

Cab comfort is improved including uprated leather seats, more space, an improved control layout and additional storage.

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Tractor test Future potential

Access is improved with a wider-opening cab door. ...from previous page

T9 product marketing manager for Europe, Darragh Mullin, talked Farmers Guide through the new model’s features and benefits, and he explained that the optional top specification 360-degree LED light package is currently the most popular lighting upgrade. However, an even more powerful 49,400-lumen light set for the new Genesis models is expected to prove even more popular.

Space-age instrumentation is clear and easy to view. There are more functions, but fewer controls.

Traditionally New Holland has been closely aligned with Trimble for its display and guidance hardware but the new IntelliView 12 terminals for the T8 Genesis were designed inhouse and use an Android operating system. This has given New Holland a free hand to incorporate any features it needs and, although the demonstration machine terminal included many new functions, developments continue and there is the potential for upgrades later – many of which remain secret for now. Darragh explained that as use of precision farming technology increases, it’s likely that communication within a local network, including other machines in the field, will be the priority, while telematics for remote task monitoring and management will also be increasingly important. “Although full autonomous operation might be some way off yet, it’s likely that we will see linked machines working together much sooner, perhaps within just a few years. Examples would be a leader and follower situation for machines engaged in field work, or a tractor and trailer controlled automatically while a combine unloads.” The amount of data required to

Powerful lights are standard but an upgrade provides up to 49,400 lumens. The front camera is below the badge on the grille.

allow ‘decisions’ to be made by the system in operations of this type is huge, and the new T8 has four Canbus networks rather than two on previous models. The main display is integral to the tractor and not intended to be swapped between machines, which suggests that New Holland sees it as the tractor’s brain rather than an accessory. With massive potential for upgrading in future, could these tractors be capable of fully autonomous operation as development of systems and

A Lynx-equipped tractor is ready for anything... (well almost)

Take the capability of your tractor into new territory with Lynx. Our accessories can equip any make or model for virtually any challenge.

^ Front Loaders ^ Front Linkages ^ Front PTOs ^ Weights

^ Rubber Tracks ^ Front Presses ^ Pick Up Hitches

For further details about the Lynx range, call Lynx Engineering today on

01327 843215 or visit

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More ways to add more productivity

2776 Everest 28-57Lynx Nov.indd 30ad FG.indd 1

19/09/2019 14/10/2019 18:50 14:12

Machinery legislation continues? Darragh didn’t agree or disagree but stated that it’s safe to assume the new T8 Genesis has the ‘building blocks’ for future autonomous operation if and when it becomes viable.

Operator friendly A new SideWinder Ultra armrest is customisable, and divided into 3 areas with functions required 85 per cent of the time accessed through the Command Grip multi-function joystick. Those needed less often are adjacent on the main console and those used only 5 per cent of the time are in a strip further to the right. There are quick access buttons for 2 pre-set engine speeds, diff lock and 4wd, 5 configurable remotes which all incorporate easily-set locking functions, and up to 11 buttons which can be programmed with specific functions to suit user preference and applications. A handy new feature making it easier to select and control hydraulic valve functions is the ability to configure and colour-code each switch to suit the task. The switches change colour to indicate the selected function and each can be configured for five function areas, with additional options available

within each function menu. The increased customisation, with many controls capable of multitasking, has resulted in 17 per cent fewer buttons and switches than previously, and the cab feels less cluttered than before. All telephone controls are on the armrest, heat and ventilation settings are also conveniently to hand, and a new linkage control design in the form of a fixed computer ‘mouse’ for both front and rear linkages is also included. The mouse is palm-shaped with buttons and a scroll selector and allows all linkage functions to be controlled without the operator repositioning his hand. To the right of the mouse is a smaller joystick which includes

forward/reverse shuttle selector buttons, gear shift or range selector buttons as well as 2 configurable buttons. The new Command Grip joystick design includes 20 per cent more buttons than before, and is now Isobus- and vehicle-configurable. Isobus Class 3 is also available for the first time on T8 models allowing tractor control by implement and additional complex functions. Obviously significant investment in hardware development has been made, and Darragh confirmed that, although the new T8-series have been selected as the first to have it, other tractors in the range will have it in future and it will also appear on New continued over...

A new remote key fob option offers extra security. Different users on a farm can have access to individual tractors permitted or denied.

The T8 Genesis line-up All new T8 models have Cursor Stage 5-compliant engines and use an exhaust after-treatment system that doesn’t require a DPF, for reduced maintenance. Model

Rated power (hp)

Max power (hp)

Max EPM (hp)






Auto Command/Ultra Command





Auto Command/Ultra Command





Auto Command/Ultra Command





Auto Command/Ultra Command





Auto Command

SmartTrax tracked versions are available only for T8.410 and T8.435 models.

Twice the machine twice the performance

The New Amazone Ceus disc and tine cultivator. The combined action of a compact disc harrow for shallow stubble cultivation with a tine section for deep loosening, makes the Ceus-2TX cultivator the most flexible soil tillage implement in this sector. Working widths from 4m to 7m Ideal for all forms of soil tillage from primary cultivation through to seedbed preparation Both disc and tine elements can be run either together or in isolation adding to the flexibility Choice of rollers to suit your soil type.

Hydraulic control allows the disc and tine segments to be adjusted independently.


28-57 Nov.indd 31

Contact your local dealer or phone us on 01302 751200

13/10/2019 19:59

Vector Primary Stubble Cultivator The most flexible solution on the market for shallow to deep cultivation in one machine Hydraulic-depth-Control on the go for non-stop working The double STS-Roller leaves a level surface, ready for drilling

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Machinery  The IntelliView 12 display is interactive and user-friendly. Pinching the screen image zooms in, and the user can rotate the image for a view from any direction. When an implement is selected from a list in the set-up menu it appears on screen connected to the tractor.

by screen touch which can be tricky on bumpy ground. Positive operation by quick-access buttons on the SideWinder Ultra armrest is just as easy to use and there is also control available through a twist dial with click selection. ...from previous page

Holland machines such as harvesters. A simplified form of the system through a retro-fit IntelliView 12 display will be available for other brands for maximum compatibility across a farm or contracting fleet.

Simpler hardware Previous models had a separate GPS receiver, navigation controller and modem, but New Holland’s new GPS system is reduced to just two components making it simpler and easier to swap between machines. New Holland claims an advantage of the new guidance hardware is that, because it is supplied and maintained through the New Holland main dealer, it’s easier to gain after-sales service and advice. Increased compatibility with up to nine GPS satellite networks helps future-proof the system and will ensure accuracy in almost any location. N-Trip network compatibility provides accurate guidance by phone signal without a base station, but for those with RTK the new system is also fully compatible.

Maximum uptime Meeting Stage 5 emissions regulations has been achieved through a larger catalyst chamber and without EGR or increased Adblue use. The fuel and Adblue tanks of the latest T8 are identical to its predecessor. Servicing is every 600 hours as on previous models. A handy new feature is selfcalibration of auto-steer. All that is

The media player and controls used less often are in the cab roof. Climate control is adjusted from the control panel or display.

required is to set auto-calibration mode on the display, drive 100m in one direction and back again, and calibration is complete. The latest track assemblies on SmartTrax half-track models have bolton rollers making replacement easier and the new rollers are also available to retro-fit to existing tractors. Rubber tracks are by Camso but New Holland is currently trialling Soucy tracks with a view to offering users an option.

Remote assistance services New Holland Intelliview Connect is a service allowing the tractor operator to share his Intelliview display with a supervisor or dealer when requested, for assistance or problem solving. Remote diagnostics allows the tractor’s systems to be checked for faults and, if the problem is caused by a setting error or software issue, there is the opportunity to correct it remotely at the time, or if parts are needed then the necessary component can be identified and an engineer can bring it for fitting, potentially saving a diagnostic visit. Remote firmware updates are also available wirelessly. Maintenance requirements and fault notifications can also be monitored, allowing the dealer and user to schedule servicing and minimise downtime.

Practical test-drive The flagship T8 Genesis 435 SmartTrax was working away from public view on a large Oxfordshire estate, with a Vaderstad Carrier cultivator on postharvest cereal stubble which gave plenty of opportunity to try setting up and using the new control and guidance systems. The in-house designed main IntelliView 12 terminal has working logic similar to a tablet and proved easy to use with simple menus accessed by touching the screen. Along the top of the display is an information bar with clear icons indicating which functions are selected and in use. The practical design doesn’t only include operation

Interactive The new display is more interactive than anything seen before and the user can touch the screen to zoom in or out and even rotate the view. A handy feature is the ability to record screenshots by pressing and holding the camera screen symbol. The images are stored and can be easily shared with others to highlight information of interest from performance data to guidance or Isobus-control images. For task and machine management the user selects the task by description, then the attachment from a farm-specific drop-down list. Additional implements are easily added when needed. Full dimensions of the implement can be input and displayed for reference and an accurate diagram is shown. When the operator chooses the task and implement from the menu, the guidance screen displays an image of the tractor and implement together – a clever feature which helps ensure the correct equipment and task have been selected for accurate record keeping. The new IntelliView 12 display provides very easy set-up of guidance modes and working strategies which means that, with familiarity, just a few minutes is needed at the start of a task or a new field to create an efficient working pattern. For simultaneous use of the screen for guidance while controlling and monitoring Isobus-compatible implements, the user has the option to select a split screen view.

Additional storage space throughout the cab includes a shaped floor to prevent items rolling around.

The latest SmartTrax tracks have bolt-on rollers making them easier to replace. New Holland plans to increase the range of rubber tracks offered and is currently testing Camso versions.

New dashboard display The previous A-pillar post display is replaced by Info View. This is a full colour display on the front console, providing essential tractor operating information including travel speed, engine revs, fuel level and temperature. Additional information such as cruise control speed settings are also available at a glance. As well as displaying operational information, a camera feed will also be available continued over...

The latest T8 Genesis models are Isobus 3 compatible. Up to six rear hydraulic valves can be specified and, for those using front-mounted implements a new option is mid-mounted valves with dedicated controls, avoiding the need for a shared oil supply from the rear.

November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 33

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The new Info View dashboard display replaces the previous A-pillar display. It’s bright, easy to use and crystal clear. ...from previous page

in future upgrades, with the digital screen reconfiguring to prioritise the camera image with all other information minimised and relocated.

Verdict Although the new glowing displays look complex at first, it’s actually very easy to use the menus and work out how to check and change the main settings. The new control layout is excellent and everything is within easy reach. The colour-coded hydraulic controls make it easy to see at a glance which are needed and, if a different colour is preferred, then with a few touches of the screen the change can be made. The front instrument panel with its new Info View display provides most of the

Tractor test tractor performance information needed for the road and in the field and, because there is so much included, there is less need to refer to the main IntelliView 12 display, allowing the operator to keep his eyes to the front. The new cab is easier to access through the wider opening door and, although the cab is the same size physically as its predecessor, it actually feels larger, mainly due to the revised instruments and control layout. Comfort is excellent and a run along a bumpy farm track emphasised the performance of the new cab suspension, although the luxury leather seats also played their part in the ride quality. Brake to steer is new on SmartTrax models with customisable steering improving manoeuvrability and turning performance and reducing scuffing during turns. Looking beyond all the clever functions available on the demonstration tractor, and mindful of the fact that many more remain in development for adding later, the new T8 Genesis PLM Intelligence series is likely to be an attractive long-term investment for professional farmers and contractors. It’s capable of so much more

than cultivating stubble with an operator at the wheel and, in future – depending on legislation and industry acceptance, more of its capabilities will hopefully be revealed. The T8 Genesis models will be unveiled officially at Agritechnica in early November and deliveries to customers will commence in late spring next year. ■ The long wheelbase used by New Holland improves performance in the field and allows plenty of space to access the engine for maintenance.

New Holland UK tractor products specialist David Redman (left) is pictured with Darragh Mullin.


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• • • • • • •


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Combine updates prove ideal for Kent farm Improved performance and new features of the latest Case IH Axial-Flow combines are expected to make it easier to establish and grow successful crops on a Romney Marsh farm. David Williams reports. “We regard harvest as the first cultivation of the subsequent crop,” commented Andrew Cragg who trades as Brooker Farms based at Newchurch in Kent. “Getting that first cultivation right means subsequent operations are easier, and crop establishment is more even.” Andrew farms approximately 565ha of his own crops including wheat, spring barley, oilseed rape and combine peas, and collaborates with a neighbouring farm, which means the combine can also harvest an additional area of similar crops as well as oats. All straw is chopped and most crops are established by minimum tillage although ploughing is currently preferred for peas following spring barley, due to peas’ dislike of compaction and the amount of fluffy straw on the surface. Oilseed rape is established direct into stubbles which requires a fine chop from the straw chopper. The farm was an early adopter of control traffic farming (CTF) and Andrew says this has contributed to an improved soil structure The new Axial Flow is fully compatible with Brooker Farm’s 12m CTF regime.

and reduced the need for deep cultivation. Six years ago, the farm upgraded to a 12.5m (40ft) header, for compatibility with its planned 12– 24m CTF regime from a previous 9m (30ft) model. “We wanted to make the most of opportunities offered by CTF and there were limited options for those looking for 12m machines. Several manufacturers offered the header width needed and were keen to help, but the standard unloading augers remained too short which meant corn trailers would have to travel off the tramlines,” explained Andrew. “When we asked about a longer auger at that time the response was generally negative as it was thought the additional weight would be too much for the lower pivot mounting, except for Case IH which agreed to produce us an extended version covered by the full factory warranty. So, we moved away from our previous brand, and bought our first Axial Flow combine from local dealer Ernest Doe Power.” With the wider header and the amount of straw that had to be processed by the standard straw

chopper, residue was sometimes inadequately spread resulting in blocking of cultivators and drills. Andrew discussed the issue with his dealer and Case IH, and a Europewide solution was identified in the form of a Canadian-manufactured Redekop MAV chopper which was fitted by Ernest Doe Power. The Redekop attaches to the rear of the combine behind the standard chopper. Special blades produce a powerful air blast which helps blow chopped straw and chaff out to the sides more consistently than the standard chopper. It worked well, providing the solution Andrew needed.

Power and automation With the Axial Flow 9230 five years old and due for replacement earlier this year, Andrew had no hesitation in investing in the latest 9250 Axial Flow, boasting additional power (634hp max) and extra automation to improve performance and work rates. It also had a larger 14,500-litre grain tank. The extra-long unloading auger was now available as an option on the standard price list and a Redekop MAV Xtra-chopping chopper, now factory fitted, was also selected, based on the performance of the previous unit. Additional technology on the new Axial Flow includes AFS Harvest Command automation. This uses a network of 16 sensors throughout the machine to monitor performance and, using the information generated, 7 different settings are automatically adjusted to optimise performance based on the selected harvesting strategy. Three levels of automation include a base version, which simply makes initial settings, but Andrew’s 9250 model has the top AFS Harvest Command system. This includes Feedrate Control which adjusts ground speed based on crop

The new Case IH Axial Flow 9250 is equipped with AFS Harvest Command which automatically adjusts travel speed for optimum feed rate, and adjusts the threshing and cleaning systems for optimum grain quality.

load to meet a desired outcome – performance to control losses; maximum throughput, or fixed throughput. The operator selects maximum engine and travel speeds, and performance is optimised within these limits. Andrew’s new combine also has a clean grain camera which identifies broken grains and impurities for grain quality monitoring, plus sieve pressure sensors to monitor the cleaning load. These sense impending overloads, allowing the cleaning system to operate at maximum capacity, while also making adjustments when needed to prevent losses before they occur.

Four operating strategies: Performance – which maximises harvesting rate until grain losses from the rotor or cleaning system exceed pre-set parameters. continued over...

November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 37

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Machinery Operator Darren Moulding says the new combine is excellent and that the increased automation helps him get the best from the machine.

...from previous page

Fixed throughput – a target throughput is maintained by varying the travel speed while settings are adjusted to minimise losses. Maximum throughput – the combine operates up to the speed or power limit set by the operator while adjusting settings to minimise grain losses. Grain quality mode – settings constantly adjust to maintain targeted grain quality and impurity levels, while also minimising losses.

Auto feed-rate control Darren said automatic travel speed control is selected most of the time, as it offers advantages in variable conditions, where speed increases in response to areas of thinner crop, and reduces where crop is thicker. During previous harvests he has suffered from shoulder pain after long days using the joystick to vary travel speed, but he said this wasn’t an issue this harvest and puts this down to the automatic speed management

which reduces joystick use. “I usually set the limit at 120 per cent of rated engine power, but aim to maintain a work flow using 100– 110 per cent,” he said. “The speed control system is responsive and in patches of very thick crop, forward travel can stop abruptly while the threshing system deals with a sudden influx – but average working speed when crop flow is more even is approximately 5.5–7.0kph, which is quite comfortable with the 12.5m header. When filling a trailer alongside I always select manual speed control though, as sudden changes could cause problems for the trailer drivers.”

Optimise throughput A new feature on the latest Axial Flow is rotor vane adjustment from the cab allowing the operator, or AFS Harvest Command in automatic mode, to adjust threshing performance for the crop and conditions. Adjusting the vanes to a shallow angle means crop remains in the rotor for longer for aggressive threshing, while a steeper angle moves the crop through more quickly, allowing higher work rates. Sieve adjustment can also be adjusted manually, or automatically through AFS Harvest Command, in response to information from the loss sensors, grain camera and sieve pressure sensors. “I’m very impressed with the sample from the new combine,” commented Darren. “The previous model allowed me to set the crop type, and settings were applied automatically after which I checked the sample throughout the day and made fine adjustments, but

The factory-fitted Redekop MAV Xtra-chopping straw chopper achieves an extremely fine chop which means that even in very windy conditions when spread width is compromised, the straw doesn’t cause a problem for subsequent field operations.

this does everything itself. I had my preferred settings written down for each crop harvested by the previous Axial Flow and it’s encouraging that the new combine makes almost identical settings in automatic mode. I try to maintain the best sample possible for all crops as that reduces the work load for the grain store. The new combine achieves a better sample whether I make the settings manually, or allow the combine to make them automatically and this year the oilseed rape was the cleanest we have ever seen.”

2-speed range selection. The tracks are also improved with better suspension, and Darren said that at 30kph maximum travel speed the ride is more comfortable. The latest cab is similar to before but noticeably quieter and Darren said he believes this might be due to the new tracks with their reduced vibration and smoother ride.

Higher work rates Darren has driven combines for 16 years since being employed by Brooker Farms and at the time he joined the team, 2 combines were operated, later reducing to 1. “I like having the automation available as being able to rely on the combine to look after the settings leaves me free to concentrate on what is happening around me, especially when working in difficult conditions or at the headlands,” he explained. “The feature I like most is the automatic speed control. It lets me push the combine to full capacity when conditions are right to get as much harvested as possible without having to worry about overloading the rotor and blocking it. Even though this harvest was generally dry, during the early stages we had few really good harvesting days. Heavy dews held us up in the mornings and light rain showers forced us to stop in the afternoons, so making the most of harvesting opportunities as crops were ready was essential.”

Better chop quality The new combine’s factory-fitted Redekop straw chopper is also performing well. Andrew said similar performance to the previous retro-fit model was expected, and he wasn’t disappointed. In very windy conditions where spread width can be compromised the fine chop means that cultivator and drill performance are unlikely to be affected. The new 12.5m header has performed well this season in all crops and Darren said the optional in-cab controlled operating angle adjustment proved worthwhile, improving performance in laid barley to the extent that only two lifters at each end of the table were needed, rather than a full set. The new Axial Flow has an improved transmission with field and road modes and on-the-move

The latest tracks offer an improved ride and contribute to a quieter cab, according to Darren.

Daily maintenance requirements are minimal and Darren commented that the fuel and Adblue filling points are conveniently located.

Soils improving Since moving to CTF, soil condition has improved and fewer cultivations are needed. “We no longer feel the need to make all the fields brown,” explained Andrew. “This year we have invested in a 12m Dale Drill for crop establishment direct into stubbles where possible, and with the improved performance of the latest Redekop chopper this shouldn’t present any problems. Oilseed rape will be drilled straight into the chopped straw. A 12m Lemken Heliodor cultivator will create a light tilth for winter wheat after peas and oilseed rape, and for spring barley after winter wheat. Next year we will also trial this approach for a small area of peas. Tramlines remain largely untouched while the wider combine tracks are remedied with a special 2-legged Flat-lift. “We also have a set of 12m rolls so almost all our field operations are now 12m CTF compatible, and although our target is to minimise field work through direct drilling where possible, we will be flexible in our approach when conditions require.”

Easy decision Andrew said that as a result of the farm’s experience with the previous Axial Flow combine, including back-up from the team at Ernest Doe Power, no other combine brand was considered this time. “The Axial Flow is simple and reliable and we achieve an excellent grain sample with continued over...

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FARMING – Note: T&Cs need updating before supplying

The Honda Pioneer

Built to last. With an offer that won’t.



Purchase a shiny new Pioneer right now and not only can you take advantage of 3 years 0% APR Representative finance, but also an extra year of Warranty with our compliments, AND 3 years subscription to Datatool TrakKING ADVENTURE, normally £9.95 per month, also on us. But don’t hang about. Our Pioneers are built to last, but this offer wont!

To find out more visit www.honda.co.uk/333

Tracking device fitted FREE of charge Monitor your Pioneer and receive alerts to track any unauthorised activity using the mobile APP. Terms & Conditions: New Pioneer orders from 06/09/19 to 02/01/20. Offer applicable at participating dealers (excluding Channel Islands) at the promoter’s absolute discretion. Minimum terms apply. 20% minimum deposit required. Indemnities may be required in certain circumstances. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over, subject to status. Honda Franchise Dealers are credit brokers, not lenders. Credit provided by Honda Finance Europe Plc. Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1HL. Honda Financial Services is a trading name of Honda Finance Europe Plc, a company registered at Companies House No 03289418. Honda Finance Europe plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Services Register number 312541. To maintain your Extended Warranty, it is essential that your Pioneer is serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule as detailed in the service book by a Honda authorised dealer. Datatool TrackKING Adventure - 36 month subscription (normally £9.95 a month) to TrackKING Adventure service with dedicated 24/7/365 Vehicle Monitoring Team.

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Machinery ...from previous page

Combine key to success

minimal losses. “The back-up is excellent and we have also had a visit from a delegation of US-based Case IH representatives to find out how we are getting on with the machine. They were interested in our feedback and keen to know what we need for the future.”

Andrew says a result of moving to 12m CTF is that the machinery used is large for the area farmed, but allows field operations to be carried out when conditions are optimal. “The main motivation for moving to CTF has been to improve soil condition and we have seen that during the gradual transition the land has become gradually easier to work, requiring less deep cultivation. Our new 12m drill not only fits the farm’s standard working width but it will also allow us to make the most of opportunities to use minimum cultivations where conditions allow. However, the main component of the 12m traffic regime is the combine. The new Axial Flow 9250 has an ideal header size, an unloading auger which allows trailers to remain in the tramlines and a straw chopper which chops finely and spreads effectively, which is crucial for our progression towards minimal tillage. “This is why I always regard harvesting as the first cultivation of next year’s crop.” ■ Andrew Cragg (left) with Darren Moulding.

Complete solution to digital processes Simplifying digital processes and enabling access to Isobus is the aim of a new product from Agxtend. The Isomax, which has been awarded the Silver Agritechnica Innovation Award, delivers "the complete solution, from the plug to the ECU" says the manufacturer. All hardware is certified by the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation, all software is open source, and the system is compatible with all brands. “In order to make Isobus the longterm standard in the agricultural sector, the system must be constantly developed and adapted. Isobus must become a system integrator in order to not become obsolete, and new combinations of Isobus platforms and connected sensor systems are an integral part of its evolution. Isomax has a key role to play,” explains Maximilian Birle, head of product management for Agxtend. Isomax helps simplify a whole range of machine tasks, machinery sales, recording of working hours, comfortable operation or special

Isomax can simplify digital processes for farmers and enable them to make use of Isobus.

solutions. Features include Connect ID, which automatically recognises attachments without screen input; built-in Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems sensor, which automatically and accurately documents working and driving hours; and geo-based data recording which simplifies the use of precision farming solutions. The brand-independent ISO ECU is the heart of Isomax, and offers not only Isobus, but through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology it enables direct access to web servers, routers and smartphones. Isomax will be available from November 2019 onwards via Agxtend certified dealers. ■

Silver Innovation Award for video system  SmartView from Grimme allows the user to select exactly what they want to see on screen.  The system allows simple connection to a mobile device.

Lincolnshire manufacturer Grimme has received the DLG Silver Innovation Award at this year’s Agritechnica for its SmartView video system. The system offers users the opportunity to decide what they want to see and has several innovative features, including a zoom and slow motion function, live image transfer on mobile devices via Wi-Fi, the choice of various window arrangements plus the largest display on the market. Using the zoom function, users can choose precisely what they want to see from the whole video image. It is also possible to show several images from the same camera on

one monitor. This enables the user to zoom into different parts of the whole video image simultaneously but independently of each other. The cameras do not need to be readjusted by hand, as the user can zoom into the relevant video as requested. For improved function control users can run every video image in slow motion, which enables them to react quickly to changing harvest conditions and, for example, change settings of the separators. SmartView also enables simple connection of a mobile device, a tablet or smart phone, using the Wi-Fi of the Grimme machine, which is available via its telemetry unit. The live image transfer

can show, for example, the separator from the picking-off table, which is not normally visible. Video images and screenshots can be recorded and stored on any USB stick to document the various operating conditions. The 12-inch touchscreen monitor can display up to 8 video images at the same time. It is possible to connect up to 24 cameras to the system. This operation is the same when connecting to a tablet or smartphone. SmartView includes Grimme’s Visual Protect function, which was awarded a DLG silver in 2007. This feature ensures that when problems occur or settings are changed in any area, the corresponding video image is automatically displayed. A new feature is that, in addition to a large display of the event on the monitor, several video images can also be displayed in a user-defined window arrangement. This means the upstream and downstream areas can be displayed simultaneously. From 2020, the SmartView system will be available as standard on the

Video can be shown in slow motion if required.

Ventor 4150 self-propelled potato harvester and as an option on the EVO 280 trailed bunker harvester. The company plans to roll it out across further machines in the future. ■

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Request your copy from our website or view online for more offers. Ø230mm Angle Grinder 2000W

5W COB LED Rechargeable Head Torch with Auto Sensor • Dimmer switch allows brightness to be adjusted from 20% to 100% (Low; 110lm, High; 450lm). • Rear of strap includes a red LED warning light which has two functions, flash or on, ideal for a cycling light. • Model No. HT111R • List Price £45.95

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• Powerful 2000W heavy-duty motor produces 6500rpm (no load speed). • Built-in LED power indicator. • Two stage trigger for added safety. • Model No. SAG230 • List Price £119.95

2300W Induction Heater Rapid Heat

28-57 Nov.inddGuide 41 1 Page Nov Iss XMAS19.indd 1 34753_Farmers

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• Contents: Direct Coil; Ø20mm, Direct Coil; Ø30mm, Side Coil; Ø20mm, Side Coil; Ø30mm, Pad Coil; Ø55mm, Flex Coil; 740mm, Induction Block; Ø32mm x 45mm, Pad Coil; Ø37mm. • Model No. VS250 • List Price £999.95

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£104.95 EXC. VAT £125.94 INC. VAT

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Demonstration Day

Latest models and brands feature at Hampshire demonstration day Only a few months after celebrating the opening of its newest Billingshurst, West Sussex depot, RW Crawford enjoyed excellent attendance to an autumn cultivations demonstration. David Williams was there. The demonstration was at East Meon, near Petersfield, Hants and only a short distance from the dealer’s new Billingshurst depot. RW Crawford opened the depot to provide sales and service support to customers in the area having taken over the operating territory from previous Agco dealer AJ Seale Ltd. The new area, which includes east Hampshire, West Sussex and south Surrey is looked after by a dedicated

sales and service team with full support available from the dealer’s Kent and Essex depots. The full range of Fendt and Valtra products is offered from the new depot including Fendt Ideal combine harvesters and the dealer was also awarded the Väderstad franchise for the area with products from the range displayed at the new depot opening for the first time. The working demonstration was

the sales team’s first opportunity to show the Väderstad line-up in action including cultivators and drills.

New model debuts This was also the first opportunity for Crawford’s team to demonstrate Fendt and Valtra tractors in the field, and a highlight was the latest Fendt 942 Vario in action. The new model has up to 415hp, and a transmission design similar to the most powerful 1000 Vario-series. This uses a pump and two motors to distribute drive independently to the front and rear axles, with constant adjustment in work maximising performance and grip. A new, larger cab offering extra

comfort over previous models is standard. Also making its debut at a UK dealer event was a Valtra N-series tractor with pneumatic front axle suspension. This was launched at Lamma this year but one of the first production machines was displayed in the Hampshire field. The option is available only for the N174 currently but will also be offered for N134 and N154 models. The first dealer demonstrators arrived in late August and many orders have been taken already. Suspension on the N-series is similar to the larger T-series but the N-series has a single air bag with two shock absorbers.

Versatile tractors Huddlestone Farmers is based at Steyning, West Sussex and farm foreman Neil Stokes (left) is pictured with RW Crawford demonstrator James Strivens. Neil explained that the farm is mixed arable cropping and livestock, but its principle enterprise is a large dairy unit in which 450 Holstein cattle are milked 3 times daily. Neil’s main responsibility is looking after field tasks including grassland, fodder crop production and commercial crops for sale. “My main tractor is a Fendt 724 Vario,” he explained, “and I really like it. We have been running Fendt for 11 years and find the tractors comfortable, easy to drive, very reliable and fuel efficient. My 724 is 240hp, but extremely manoeuvrable which means that if we need to use it around our dairy buildings it’s not a problem.” Neil said the farm also has a Fendt 820 which has worked more than 10,000 hours, mostly powering a feeder/mixer wagon on which it clocks up approximately 1,200 hours a year. A 720 Vario is also operated which has recorded 7,000 hours to date and the farming business includes a farm further north in the Borders which runs a second Fendt 724 on the mainly arable enterprise. Neil’s 724 has RangePoint RTX GPS guidance which he says is accurate and reliable. “It’s proving so accurate that we now leave the tramlines permanently in place for spraying, fertiliser spreading and slurry application,” he explained. “It reduces the need for subsoiling and the money saved more than pays for the GPS guidance. The Horsch 36m sprayer has section control operated through the tractor terminal by Isobus link and we also run GeoSpread for our Kverneland sprayer using it too. We recently moved to a strip-till drill and that is also Isobuscompatible.”

Neil said the back up from RW Crawford’s team is proving good since it took over the area from the previous dealer. “We have had two or three breakdowns since RW Crawford took over and the service was excellent each time. Luke Smallbone in the parts department seems very knowledgable and fitter Luke Morley has been out to us several times including over the Easter weekend when we had a breakdown during drilling and he had us working again four hours later. With the new depot open at Billingshurst it’s a very convenient location for us and we are pleased with the service to date.”

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Growing workload For 58 years Agricultural Contracting Services (ACS) has operated from Midhurst, Sussex and services offered include a full range of agricultural contracting activities, explained manager Tristan Parks who was at the event with colleagues. “We ran Valtras approximately 10 years ago, but later they were replaced by another brand and we have come to find out about the latest models as well as to meet the new dealer team,” he explained. Three brands of tractor are operated currently which are a mix of owned and some hired in during busy periods. The business operates from a farm at Cowdray Estate where a dairy herd is milked by 2 robots and cropping includes 100ha of potatoes, grass, maize and cereals along with lupins and soya for the dairy. As well as growing its own crops on rented land on the estate, the business also carries out work including forage harvesting and baling for Cowdray Estate’s farm, which is run by Velcourt. There are 10 full-time staff and 5 additional casual workers are brought in for the busy summer period. Contracting services include arable and grassland tasks, forage harvesting and the company also specialises in amenity and polo ground maintenance. “We buy tractors with a 3,000-hour warranty, but as the workload has increased most of our tractors clock up the total within 2 years,” Tristan added. The firm also supplies hay and haylage delivered by 2 lorries, mainly to equine businesses in the region. Pictured with one of the Valtra tractors are (l-r) RW Crawford demonstrator James Strivens, Tristan Parks, Steve Tebbs, Darren Parks and RW Crawford area sales manager, James Childs.

Members of the RW Crawford Fendt team were kept busy all day at the event. With the new 942 Vario are (l-r) technician Mark Holroyd, Billingshurst depot administrator Michelle Stokes, product demonstrator James Strivens, Fendt brand manager Carl Goff, group sales manager Nunzio Rio, area sales managers James Childs and Philip Cole and product demonstrator Dean Chaplin.

Capable drill

Brian Power is employed by Steyning, West Sussex-based contractor Simon Kilham as a machinery operator and he was at the demonstration day to find out about the Vädertstad range of cultivators and drills. The contracting business provides a service to farmers within a 25-mile radius of its base and specialises in muck spreading, spraying, cultivations, drilling, hedge cutting and combine harvesting. “The only crop we don’t tend to get involved with is maize,” explained Simon. “We run a Valtra N174 Versu which was the first supplied by RW Crawford’s new Billingshurst depot. We get on well with it – it’s comfortable and economical and most of its work so far has been ploughing, cultivating and straw bale haulage. The service from our new dealer is very good, so we are keen to find out about Väderstad products now Crawfords is offering these too. “We don’t run any Väderstad equipment currently but with a good dealer nearby it’s certainly worth looking at and our main interest is in a new drill. We work frequently on heavy clay soils but we also have lighter sand and need something capable of handling both. At the moment, we use a power harrow drill combination behind a tractor with a front-mounted cultivator to create a seedbed, and are looking for an alternative.” Pictured (l-r) with a Väderstad cultivator are James Strivens, Brian Power and Väderstad marketing manager Andy More over page... Gamble and parts manager Keith Jones.

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Machinery Preferred brand

Sweetcorn stubble to chop

Another contractor at the event was Woodmancote Agricultural Contractors, and partners Nick Smith and his father Steve Smith are pictured with the new Fendt 942 Vario. The contracting business is based close to the West Sussex and Hampshire border and all arable work is undertaken from planting to harvest. Some of the main activities include maize, grass and wholecrop forage harvesting, as well as hay and straw baling. Wood chip for biomass is also a speciality and a 500hp Fendt 1050 Vario powers the wood-chipper. A mixed fleet of 11 tractors is used for contracting as well as the family’s arable farm, including 4 Fendts – the 1050, an 828 and two 724s – all supplied by the previous local main dealer. “Resale value is important to us, as is reliability and the Fendt brand is excellent,” explained Nick. “They are comfortable too and most of our operators far prefer the Fendts to our other tractors. We have dealt with RW Crawford a few times since the new Billingshurst depot opened and have found the back-up very good, but even before it opened, when the service team had to operate from the Ashford depot in Kent, we found the service excellent."

Neil Cairns was at the demonstration to find out about Väderstad cultivators capable of chopping long stubble. Neil is head of crop production for Barfoot Farms, based near Chichester, Sussex which farms approximately 2,900ha of predominantly vegetable crops between Southampton and Chichester. Most of the farmed land is rented and crops include wheat, winter rye, sweetcorn, asparagus, courgettes and tenderstem broccoli, with most of the vegetables grown for supermarkets. Currently two Väderstad TopDown cultivators are operated to break down the land in the autumn and spring before drilling. Each also has a seeding unit used mainly to establish cover crops. “With its new Billingshurst depot, RW Crawford is well located for us,” commented Neil. “We have only recently started dealing with the team and my main reason for coming today was to try to find a cultivator capable of chopping large areas of sweetcorn stubble quickly and cheaply. We run 3 sweetcorn cob harvesters which leave stubble 25–30cm high, then use 4 rotary toppers which are fuel and labour intensive. Väderstad’s CrossCutter mounted on the front of a wide Carrier cultivator would be ideal with a fast working speed for the high work rates needed, and being easy to pull it could save a lot of fuel. “It would make sense for us to deal with RW Crawford for tractors too in future,” he added. Neil is pictured (right) with Väderstad territory manager Simon Griffiths.

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 Valtra N-series tractors are now available with pneumatic front axle suspension. One of the first production machines was at the event, and attracted interest from potential users.  Väderstad machinery was demonstrated by RW Crawford for the first time since taking on the franchise earlier this year. Pictured are members of the dealer and manufacturer teams; (l-r) parts manager Keith Jones, area sales managers Philip Cole and James Childs, Väderstad territory sales manager Simon Griffiths, product demonstrator James Strivens, Väderstad territory after-sales manager Michael Laughton and Väderstad marketing manager Andy Gamble.

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Demonstration Day Popular options


With one of the Valtra tractors which attracted considerable interest at the event are (l-r) RW Crawford area sales managers Philip Cole and James Childs; product demonstrator James Strivens; Valtra sales manager Andy Miller and product specialist Will Tooke. “Most demand in the new sales area so far has been for T254 Versu and T234 Direct models mainly for field work on arable farms,” commented Andy. “The N174 and T174 are also proving popular, offering the same power outputs but in compact 4-cylinder or larger 6-cylinder models.” An updated SmartTouch 2 terminal is being introduced this autumn incorporating a more intuitive version of VarioGuide. Task data can be transferred between terminals and the farm office by USB. All new tractors with SmartTouch are being supplied from the factory now with the latest version and current tractors with the existing SmartTouch system will receive an upgrade from their main dealers.


New Bridge Road, Billingshurst, Sussex, RH14 9HZ CONTACT US TODAY;

01403 330030


Global Track Warehous Agricultural Tracks Extreme Heavy Duty –

“Designed for Increased Traction and Extended Wear Life”

• Extended wear life & decreased cutting • Extra Thick 6.5mm cables—Extreme • Friction Drive 4 year Warranty • Positive Drive 2 year Warranty • One Step Vulcanization technology

0800 5877657 uk@gtweurope.co.uk www.gtweurope.co.uk 67655

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Try it. We dare you.

THE MODERN McCORMICK. A POWERFUL STATEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY. From ISOBUS and precision guidance to “The Human Factor” efficiency tracking, state of the art cab comfort additions to best-in-class transmissions - the modern McCormicks are revolutionary. Packed with tech yet effortless to use, the X6, X7 and X8 ranges give you everything you think you could need and then so much more. Be part of something powerful. Join the movement and book a demo today.

McCormick is a trademark of Argo Tractors S.p.A.

28-57 Nov.indd 46


09/10/2019 15:48


Demonstration Day

Tractors impress at Cambridgeshire dealer demo An autumn demonstration day by Cambridgeshire-based McCormick main dealer – Downing Agricultural Engineers, was well supported by farmers from across its trading area. David Williams reports. Mixed weather repeatedly threatened to put a stop to field operations on the heavy soils that surround the Gorefield, Cambs depot but ground conditions remained just dry enough, providing a great opportunity for interested farmers from across the region to try out the latest McCormick models and Ovlac cultivation implements. Great customer service is seen as the priority for Andrew Downing and all his staff, and the working day was attended by farmers and contractors keen to show their support for the popular dealer. Along with McCormick, other key brands represented included Ovlac, NC Trailers, Pegoraro power harrows and Morra Machinery. New to the dealer and displayed

for the first time were Kioti tractors and utility vehicles and a Faresin telescopic handler was also on show; for which Andrew was keen to obtain expressions of interest from potential users. The dealer’s new showroom and parts store was busy throughout the day as customers took advantage of special offers available on Draper, Bepco, Ring Lighting and Fuchs products. “The day proved very succesful and we enjoyed excellent support from all our main suppliers as well as a great many customers,” confirmed Andrew. “Thank you to all those who helped make it such a success, including local farmers JH Waling & Son who kindly allowed us to use their land for the demonstration.”

Attractive offering A new franchise announced at the demonstration day was Kioti. Kioti UK southern area sales manager Dan White is pictured (left) with Andrew Downing and Kioti products at the event. “Andrew has had the franchise for just a few weeks and has already retailed a CK4DIDHST to a local nursey. He has also committed to holding stock of the most popular models,” explained Dan. “He has invested in demonstration machines too. Our range starts at 21hp, including models with hydrostatic transmission which is a feature his customers have been requesting for some time.” Andrew confirmed that demand for compact tractors for fruit and vegetable producers, and with mid-mount and rear mowers for local authority and amenity use was a major factor in taking on the franchise. “We know the products, build quality is excellent and the four-year standard factory warranty on the tractors appeals to customers,” he confirmed.

Trailer options

The NC Trailer franchise was taken on three years ago and Andrew Downing (pictured left) with NC Trailers southern area sales manager Neil Palmer said that the company’s range of grain trailers has proved particularly popular with a distinctive ‘barrel’ profile offering maximum capacity within the overall dimensions. “We expect growing demand for the slurry tankers too due to the increasing number of AD plants in this area and can rely on the manufacturer to supply trailers of bespoke specification quickly when needed,” stated Andrew.“ We give quality back-up and want to supply machinery that suits the way we do business. NC Trailers is a key part of that.”

Performance and quality Trading as DW Gent, William Gent (left) and his father Robert farm 660ha which is a mix of owned and contract-farmed land. The family farm has been owned by the Gents for 4 generations and is near to Andrew’s depot. Cropping is all arable including wheat, oilseed rape and beans and Robert said he has dealt with Andrew since he first set up in business in the early 1990s. “We use the dealer mainly for service, plus parts and sundries and it’s very handy having it nearby. “We hired a tractor from Andrew this year to use for grain carting and thought the McCormick was very good. We have been loyal to one brand of tractor for many years, but believe it’s important to look at other options and we trialled the new McCormick X8 to try on a power-harrow and a subsoiler.Its performance surprised us – it had great pulling ability for draft work and there was plenty of power for PTO tasks. Having a dealer in our village helps too, and we might consider buying an X8 in the future.” William was the main user. “It was comfortable, it pulled well and even though I am used to our current fleet of just one brand it took little time to get used to the McCormick’s controls. The finish was good too, and much better than some other premium brands More over page... we have tried in recent years.”

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Demonstration Day Lincolnshire farming business

Precision farming Topcon precision farming products were displayed by UK distributor LH Agro. Entry- and advanced-level systems are proving equally popular, explained LH Agro sales and support engineer James Donger, adding that users tend to either opt for base Egnos GPS signal correction to within 30cm, which is free, or full RTK accuracy down to 1cm through subscription services. “We are seeing growing demand for GPS guidance from McCormick users, and have several customers with fleets all equipped with Topcon hardware,” he said. Pictured (l-r) LH Agro precision farming specialist Jack Harris, James Donger and McCormick precision farming specialist Luke Barnard.

The Faresin telescopic handler was displayed so that Andrew and his team could gauge customer reaction to the brand. Andrew is pictured trying out the cab, while Faresin export sales manager Nicolae Manea explained features and benefits.

Holbeach, Lincolnshire-based Bowd Farming Company has been dealing with Andrew Downing for approximately 10 years and members of the Bowd family were at the event. The all-arable enterprise includes combinable crops, potatoes and root crops and runs 3 main tractors as well as some older machines, but recently had a demonstration of a McCormick X7.690. “We don’t run any McCormick tractors yet, but were impressed with the demonstration model. Until recently the brand was seen as quite basic but the technology and finish has improved and the cab was especially comfortable,” commented Dean Bowd. “It did everything we require and, as a result of our experience with it, when we next update the tractors McCormick will be considered along with other brands. Andrew Downing and his family are always good to deal with and as a family firm ourselves we like supporting other family businesses. There would be no worries regarding the back up available.” Pictured (l-r) are Dean Bowd, James Bowd who is employed on a local farm, and Peter Bowd.



Kioti UK welcomes

A Downing

to the Kioti dealer pack! Covering North Cambs and South Lincolnshire for Compact tractors and Utility vehicles

Agricultural Engineers Machinery & Tractor Suppliers Haulage Services


Carlton Farm, Cattle Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 4NR

Tel: 01945 410099•07850 731409 www.adowningengineers.co.uk

Dealerships are still available – contact us Tel: 01480 401512 Email: sales@kioti-uk.com



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16/10/2019 10:24

Machinery McCormick user

Great tractors

Pictured trying out the McCormick X8.680 is Henry Stanford from Hingham, Dereham, Norfolk. Trading as ELJ Stanford & Son the family’s arable farm operates a McCormick X7-660 as well as an older McCormick MC135 and a Case tractor. The latest X7 was supplied by Andrew Downing. “We use it for draft work – mainly ploughing and subsoiling,” explained Henry. “It’s well put together, the price was competitive and the new tractor has many improvements over the XTX165 it replaced. The horsepower rating is similar, but the new tractor is far more capable in the field and the cab is good – with a great quality finish. “I enjoyed the opportunity to try the larger X8 – and found the cab design and controls immediately familiar. Andrew’s team gives great after-sales service,” he added. Pictured with Henry is Joe Brooks.

Based at Tilney All Saints, Emorsgate Seeds grows and supplies varieties of English wild flower and wild grass seeds. The farm consists of a 56ha holding rented from Norfolk County Council, but demand for the company’s seeds has resulted in 180ha of additional rented land at Marshland St James being taken on. “It’s heavier land and we are looking for larger machinery to cope with the additional area,” explained production manager Carl Cockle. “As well as scaling up we have also invested in GPS guidance and are finding out how to get the best from it this season. We bought a McCormick X6.440 from Andrew Downing last year plus a Pegoraro 4m power-harrow which is excellent and suits the tractor well. “We looked at other power-harrows but the Pegoraro’s price and build-quality was attractive. We have dealt with Andrew for approximately 7 years and he maintains our trial plot combines. We particularly like their attitude to helping customers and even though a lot of our machinery isn’t brands which they supply it doesn’t affect their willingness to service and repair it or just give advice. Nothing is ever too much trouble and because when we are harvesting seeds, timing is critical, it’s reassuring knowing that there is always help available.” The main McCormick user is Marc Bullock, who says the tractor is proving excellent. “I use it mainly for ploughing and with the powerharrow. The visibility is good, I like the power-shuttle and the cab is very comfortable. The fridge proved useful during the hot weather in recent months too! “The McCormick replaced a tractor of similar power of another brand and this is far more comfortable. The power-shuttle saves time during headland turns and the suspended front axle gives a really good ride on the road. It’s got a 50kph transmission too which saves time when travelling between work sites,” he added. Pictured at the event are (l-r) Charles Downing, Marc Bullock, Carl Cockle and Joe Brooks.

Pictured at the demonstration day are members of Andrew Downing’s team, along with representatives from the main franchises present. (l-r) Adam Curtis, Andrew Downing, James Dongar, Luke Barnard, Peter Measom, Ben Agar, Charles Downing, Linas Slamas, LH Agro quarter page.qxp_Layout 1 14/02/2019 12:19 Page 2 George Downing, Will Makin, Joe Brooks, James Bostock, Tony Burgess, Chelsie Easom and Tim Lawrence. 68210

Affordable Precision

0% finance on a range of Topcon Attractive offering precision agriculture systems

X35 & AGI-4

Precision auto-guidance kit for steer-ready machines

X25, AES-35 & AGI-4

Retrofit guidance kit for non-steer-ready machines For more product information:


01480 496367



Cab mounted on-the-go crop canopy sensors

For more finance information contact the Peregrine sales desk:

01904 405299

This promotion is for business purposes in the (excluding Northern Ireland) for newforequipment with a minimum This promotion is for business purposes in UK theonly UK only (excluding Northern Ireland) new equipment with a balance to finance is subject to credit acceptance and1stany in government Mayqualifications 2019 and the promotion isor minimum balanceofto£5,000. financeThe of promotion £5,000. The order must be placed before subject to credit acceptance and any in government or company policy. VAT Full VATat company policy VAT – Hire Purchase: Fullqualifications VAT on signing. Lease: VAT payable on each rental as–it Hire falls Purchase: due. VAT charged oncurrent signing. on eachAdministration rental as it falls charged the currentincluding UK rate interest at time free of the UKLease: rate atVAT timepayable of acceptance. feesdue. are VAT payable on allat transactions acceptance. Administration arestyle payable on all transactions including interestin free agreements. LH Agro and agreements. LH Agro Finance is a fees trading of Peregrine Asset Finance Ltd, registered England number: 4208223 Finance is a trading style of Peregrine Asset Finance Ltd, registered in England number: 4208223 and whose whose registered address is 3 Maple House, Wykeham Road, Northminster Business Park, UpperPoppleton, Poppleton,York, York,North North registered address is 3 Maple House, Wykeham Road, Northminster Business Park, Upper Yorkshire Asset Finance Ltd Ltd is authorised and regulated by theby Financial ConductConduct Authority number Yorkshire,YO26 YO266QW. 6QW.Peregrine Peregrine Asset Finance is authorised and regulated the Financial Authority FRN649227, Peregrine Finance offers financial facilities to UK businesses only through a number of authorised funders, number FRN649227, Peregrine Finance offers financial facilities to UK businesses only through a number of a list of which request. on request. authorised funders, a listisofavailable which isonavailable

Suppliers of Aggregates G Patrick & Sons Ltd 01945 700600 Southfork Farm, Seadyke Bank Murrow, Wisbech Cambs PE13 4SD

info@gpatrickandsons.co.uk www.gpatrickandsons.co.uk

November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 49

28-57 Nov.indd 49

15/10/2019 10:45


T c f

Tractor showcase includes updated models

 Argo Tractors will be showcasing its McCormick range, including the X6.55.  The McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive will be competing for the title of Tractor of the Year at Agritechnica.

Italian manufacturer Argo Tractors will reveal its latest innovations at this month’s Agritechnica event in Hanover. The McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive Stage 5 will be among competitors in the Tractor of the Year 2020 competition. With an increase in engine power to 240hp, the latest VT-Drive model represents the highest performance of the series. For 5 models in the X7.6 series, this means a transition to the new Stage 5 emission step – the new standard for off-road engines sold in the European Union. The X7.624 is equipped with a 6-cylinder, 24-valve 6.7-litre Beta Power Fuel Efficiency engine. This delivers a maximum torque of 983Nm at 1,400rpm with the Power Plus system that guarantees maximum power and performance combined with fuel savings, lower tractor wear and a generous 36 per cent torque reserve. The machine is packed with features and systems to reduce engine emissions and pollutants,

reduce engine oil waste and cut maintenance times and costs. The engine brake system is also used to improve transport efficiency. The combination of a highperformance engine and the 4-stage continuously variable VT-Drive transmission, with 4 sets of crown wheels with oil-cooled clutches, provides excellent reactive capacity, making the work particularly easy, says Argo. The VT-Drive transmission has 4 speed ranges, from a minimum of 0.04kph to a maximum of 50kph, facilitating productivity. The 4-speed PTO and rear axle with reinforced final drives allow full power to be expressed, with a modular drive and automatically adjustable setup. Compared to Stage 4 emission levels, the VT-Drive transmission maintains the supporting frame with its characteristic cast iron structure and independent front suspension. This guarantees lower vibration levels, greater power and improved front wheel traction, with maximum manoeuvrability for greater safety and driving comfort. The focus

on facilitating the operator’s work is maintained and evident in the design of the semi-active suspension cab, which has been designed for maximum comfort and space. The new configuration of the control unit, governed by the Data Screen Management, allows the driver to store five functions for greater customisation of the tractor controls. Also new is a system that allows operators to adjust the tilting movement of the steering wheel electrically, using a simple switch and a lever to adjust the height. The McCormick X7.624 is also compatible with satellite guidance and the Isobus system that connects the tractor, implements and onboard computer. With Isobus, the operator can manage all implements using a single touchscreen monitor without having to use additional control units in the cabin. The advanced McCormick Fleet Management system also makes it possible to manage a fleet of tractors by providing geofencing information that delivers data on the worked

area, telemetry and geopositioning. The main new aesthetic features of the McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive are the new bonnet design in line with the McCormick X8 family styling and the new roof design, with 12 working lights that have been repositioned to give the operator greater all-round visibility – even during night-time operations. Meanwhile the McCormick X7.6 P6-Drive has also undergone a redesign. The revamped machine has several new features designed to enhance comfort and performance. The 6.7-litre 24-valve engine is a Stage 5. The X7.6 P6-Drive comes with 2 equipment versions. The Premium version features the CCLS closed-centre hydraulic system with up to 160-litre per minute and a maximum of 8 electro-hydraulic spool valves and a 3-way flow diverter capable of managing 3 hydraulic movements using a single spool valve, a 12-inch DSM touchscreen monitor capable of supporting a rear/front camera, and Advanced HMF management for optimal control of headland operations. The Efficient package offers basically the same engine and transmission configuration as the Premium version, however with a basic 88-litre per minute open-centre hydraulic system. Visitors to the show will also be able to find out about the McCormick X8 VT-Drive and McCormick X6.4, X6.55 and X5, which Argo describes as “the ideal tractor in the medium utility segment”. ■




* ’V MO 8/2 7/2 11/ 8/5 11/ 16/


Gr ea - id ga







• 10 w 10

18 1/ W

3 rev






We specialise in the supply, installation and repair of all types of industrial and agricultural doors including • roller shutters • sliding doors t: 01508 813553 m: 07935 117752 • steel security doors www.sclnorfolk.co.uk • high speed doors e: john@sclnorfolk.co.uk • folding shutters Summer Cottage, Station Road, Forncett St Peters, Norwich NR16 1HZ • PVC curtains

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Top quality belt driven air compressors for industrial & commercial users inc; garages, factories, workshops and farms. 10 bar/150psi max working pressure



.00 399EXC.VAT £ .80 FOOTERINC.VAT 478 £


IN-STORE PHONE 0844 880 1265 ONLINE www.machinemart.co.uk

WHERE QUALITY COSTS LESS Quality machines from Britain’s leading supplier See online for included AIR DISP. MOTOR AIR EXC. INC accessories MODEL cfm (HP) RECEIVER VAT .VAT GAS, TIPS, SHROUDS & WIRE IN STOCK XEV11/100(OL)†* 9 2 100ltr £399.00 £478.80 FROM ONLY XEV16/100†* 14 3 100ltr £425.00 £510.00 .99 135TE XEV16/150†* 14 3 150ltr £459.00 £550.80 £194EX.VAT .99 XEV16/200(OL)†* 14 3 200ltr £525.00 £630.00 £ 233 INC.VAT XEV16/150(400V)†14 3 150ltr £535.00 £642.00 MIN-MAX AMPS EXC.VAT XE18/200 (OL)* 18 4 200ltr £579.00 £694.80 MODEL 24-90 £194.99 XET19/200 (OL)* 18 4 200ltr £619.00 £742.80 PRO90 110E 30-100 £229.98 XEV26/200† 23 5.5 200ltr £739.00 £886.80 30-130 £249.98 XE37/270 (OL)* 36 2x 4 270ltr £1169.00 £1402.80 135TE Turbo 151TE Turbo 30-150 £289.00 £449.00 TURBO AIR COMPRESSORS 175TECM Turbo 30-170 205TE Turbo 30-185 £489.00


INC.VAT £233.99 £275.98 £299.98 £346.80 £538.80 £586.80





£ .98 89EXC.VAT .98 107INC.VAT


Superb range ideal for DIY, hobby & semi 8/260 -professional use CFM TANK EXC.VAT INC.VAT 7 24ltr £89.98 £107.98 7 24ltr £94.99 £113.99 9.3 24ltr £109.98 £131.98 7 50ltr £119.98 £143.98 9.3 50ltr £139.98 £167.98 14.5 100ltr £259.98 £311.98

Great for fast easy hole boring - ideal for fence/ gate posts


.00 149EX.VAT .80 178INC.VAT

£ £



MAX AUGER EXC. INC.VAT VAT DEPTH / WIDTH CEA150 Electric 560mm / £149.00 £178.80 150mm ED160A Petrol up to 1.6m £349.00 £418.80 NEW / 250mm



.99 54EXC.VAT £ .99 65INC.VAT £



18V BRUSHLESS CIR18LIC 1/2" IMPACT 450NM WRENCHES 3 forward and reverse gears


.99 114EX.VAT £ .99 137INC.VAT £

MODEL DESC. CIR18LIC 2x 2.0Ah Li-Ion CIR18LI 2x 4.0Ah Li-Ion






.98 99EX.VAT £ .98 119INC.VAT


EXC.VAT INC.VAT £114.99 £137.99 £169.98 £203.98

KVA 0.7 1.1 2.2 3 3 5.5

HP 6.5 7 7 13

EXC.VAT INC.VAT £99.98 £119.98 £159.98 £191.98 £179.98 £215.98 £239.98 £287.98 £269.00 £322.80 £499.00 £598.80


• Range of precision bench & floor presses for enthusiast, engineering & industrial applications B = Bench mounted F CDP152B = Floor standing MOTOR (W) EXC. INC. MODEL SPEEDS VAT VAT CDP5EB 350 / 5 £69.98 £83.98 CDP102B 350 / 5 £79.98 £95.98 FROM ONLY .98 CDP152B 450 / 12 £149.98 £179.98 £69EXC.VAT CDP202B 450 / 16 £189.00 £226.80 £ .98 CDP10B 370 / 12 £199.98 £239.98 83INC.VAT CDP352F 550 / 16 £229.00 £274.80 CDP452B 550 / 16 £239.00 £286.80 CDP502F 1100 / 12 £549.00 £658.80


169EX.VAT .98 203INC.VAT







UPTO 730mm

179EXC.VAT .98 215INC.VAT .98



229EXC.VAT .80 FOOTERINC.VAT 274 .00

£59.98 £71.98 £83.98 £101.99 £130.80 £202.80 £239.98



EXC. VAT £64.99 £69.98 £72.99 £79.98 £139.98 £159.98 £179.98

EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376 MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfield Rd. South 01623 622160 MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby 01642 677881

INC. VAT £77.99 £83.98 £87.59 £95.98 £167.98 £191.98 £215.98





INC. VAT £95.98 £119.98 £167.98 £203.98 £310.80 £514.80


.00 189EXC.VAT .80 226INC.VAT


Ideal for fast efficient heating Extra-long run fuel tanks – up to 53 litres Variable heat output with thermostat control MODEL MAX OUTPUT EXC.VAT XR60 14.7kW £189.00 XR80 20.5kW £239.00 XR110 29.3kW £289.00 XR160 46.9kW £349.00 XR210 61.5kW £399.00

Delivery & Suction hose in stock

XR80 INC.VAT £226.80 £286.80 £346.80 £418.80 £478.80



.98 149EXC.VAT .98 179INC.VAT

£ £

Honda & Diesel engine models in stock PLS195 *Diesel PRESSURE ENGINE EXC. INC. #Can pump MODEL BAR/PSI HP VAT VAT semi-trash solids Tiger1800 110/1595 2.6 £229.00 £274.80 up to 15mm dia. DW50 Tiger2600 170/2465 4 £289.00 £346.80 ^Can pump trash solids up to 28mm dia. Tiger3000 200/2900 6.5 £349.00 £418.80 MODEL MAX MAX OUTLET EXC. INC. PLS195 186/2698 6.5 £439.00 £526.80 FLOW HEAD SIZE VAT VAT PLS265 260/3770 13 £669.00 £802.80 PW50 550L/min 30m 2" £149.98 £179.98 PW3 800L/min 30m 3" £199.98 £239.98 PS75* 750L/min 23m 3" £239.98 £287.98 PF75# 1300L/min 28m 3" £319.00 £382.80 DIESEL HOT DW50† 450L/min 27m 2" £359.00 £430.80 WASHER DW75† 750L/min 30m 3" £439.00 £526.80 HARRY HOTWASH Ideal for effective SUBMERSIBLE cleaning of vehicles WATER PUMPS CAT117 with a hot jet of • Auto ON/OFF PSV1A up to 80°C float switch .00 229EXC.VAT .80 274INC.VAT


2103 psi


.98 79EXC.VAT .98 95INC.VAT



145 Bar

Ideal for use as a garage/workshop Extra tough triple layer weatherproof cover Heavy duty powder coated steel tubing Ratchet tight tensioning ZIP CLOSE DOOR *was £346.80 inc. VAT MODEL SIZE (LxWxH) EXC.VAT INC.VAT CIG81015 4.5 x 3 x 2.4M £229.00 £274.80 CIG81020* 6.1 x 3 x 2.4M £279.00 £334.80 CIG81216 4.8 x 3.7 x 2.5M £279.00 £334.80 CIG81220 6.1 x 3.7 x 2.5M £349.00 £418.80 CIG81224 7.3 x 3.7 x 2.5M £419.00 £502.80



MAX EXC. MODEL OUTPUT KW VAT Little Devil II 10.3 £79.98 Devil 700 15 £99.98 Devil 900 24.9 £139.98 Devil 1600 36.6 £169.98 Devil 2100 49.8 £259.00 Devil 4000 131 £429.00


Provides essential home, garage and roadside assistance Integral work light 910 /JS1100C include air compressor Long life battery



MAX WEIGHT EXC. INC. MODEL OUTPUT KG VAT VAT IG950B 800W 9.3 £179.98 £215.98 IG1200B 1100W 12.4 £249.98 £299.98 35 £329.00 £394.80 IG3500F 3400W IG2000B* 1800W 19.4 £329.00 £394.80 IG2200# 2200W 26.6 £379.00 £454.80 *was £419.98 inc. VAT #was £466.80 inc. VAT




.99 64EX.VAT £ .99 77INC.VAT



VOLTAGE HEAT EXC.VAT OUTPUT KW DEVIL 6003 230V 1.5-3 £49.98 DEVIL 7003 230V 3 £59.98 DEVIL 6005 400V 2.5-5 £69.98 DEVIL 7005 400V 5 £84.99 DEVIL 6009 400V 4.5-9 £109.00 DEVIL 6015 400V 5-10-15 £169.00 DEVIL 7015 400V 15 £199.98







BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ 01226 732297 B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. 0121 358 7977 B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills 0121 7713433 BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD 01204 365799 BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN 01274 390962 BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB 01273 915999 BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ 0117 935 1060 BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ 01283 564 708 CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL 01223 322675 CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN 029 2046 5424 CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG 01228 591666 CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH 01242 514 402 CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY 01244 311258 COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE 01206 762831 COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT 024 7622 4227 CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon 020 8763 0640 DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB 01325 380 841 DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ 01304 373 434 DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED 01332 290 931 DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road 01302 245 999 DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET 01382 225 140 EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace 0131 659 5919

.98 49EXC.VAT £ .98 59INC.VAT £





DEVIL 7003



Offering low cost, efficient heating

DEVIL 6003


Produces sine wave & stable power, essential for computers & sensitive equipment Low noise 12V battery charging Up to 7 hours run time on 3/4 load 4 stroke engine FROM ONLY

Honda engine models available

MODEL G720 G1200 PG2500 PG3800 PG3800DV PG6500DVES


Ideal for starting EXTRA LONG 1m LEADS FROM ONLY cars, £ .98 STARTING PEAK 49EX.VAT charging £ .98 phones, etc. MODEL BOOST AMPS 59INC.VAT JSM200 900 400 900 MODEL START PEAK JS1100 500 1100 BOOST BOOST EXC.VAT INC.VAT 910 400 900 JSM200 200A 400A £49.98 £59.98 JS1100C 500 1100 JSM300 300A 500A £64.99 £77.99 4000 700 1500 JSM350 350A 500A £84.99 £101.99 JS12/24 1000 2000 JS12/24Li 600 1200 INVERTER




• Min. height: 100mm • Max working height: 1090mm


£ HEADER .99



FROM ONLY Ammeter £ .99 Multi-position 64EX.VAT charge regulator £ .99 Overload protection 77INC.VAT on charging cycle *was £191.98 inc. VAT #was £286.80 inc. VAT MODEL MAX AMPS CHARGE/BOOST EXC.VAT INC.VAT BC130C 15/120 £64.99 £77.99 BC190 38/180 £94.99 £113.99 BC210C 25/200 £119.98 £143.98 BC410E 35/400 £139.98 £167.98 WBC180 35/180 £139.98 £167.98 WBC240* 45/240 £154.98 £185.98 BC205N 30/200 £179.98 £215.98 WBC400 60/350 £199.00 £238.80 BC520P# 50/510 £219.00 £262.80



* ’V’ Twin Pump MODEL MOTOR 8/260 NEW 2HP 7/250 2 HP 11/260 NEW 2.5HP 8/550 NEW 2HP 11/550 NEW 2.5HP 16/1010* 3 HP



XEV16/100 †V-Twin *230V




.00 549EXC.VAT .80 658 INC.VAT WAS FOOTER £658.80 inc.VAT






UP TO 7938KG CAPACITY IN STOCK ONLY HEADER MODEL CAPACITYEXC.VAT INC.VAT £FROM .98 20SPS12 907kg £79.98 £95.98 79EXC.VAT .98 35SPS12 1588kg £119.98 £143.98 £95 FOOTER INC.VAT 800SS12 3936kg £329.00 £394.80

OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451


.98 49EXC.VAT .98 59INC.VAT


*Pumps solids up to HSEC650A 30mm diameter #Pumps solids up to 35mm diameter †Sewage cutter pump MODEL MAX FLOW LPM MAX HEAD EXC. VAT INC. VAT PSV1A* 140 5.8m £49.98 £59.98 HIPPO 2 (230V) 85 6.0m £54.99 £65.99 PVP11A# 258 11.0m £79.98 £95.98 PSP125 125 10.2m £87.99 £105.59 HSEC650A† 290 9.5m £199.98 £239.98


ONLINE www.machinemart.co.uk TELESALES 0115 956 5555




Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE. Terms & conditions apply see machinemart.co.uk/finance for more details

29379 (63) FARM (full).indd 1 28-57 Nov.indd 51


27/09/2019 11:56 09/10/2019 15:58



British Rubber Co. 68240

Established 90 years

Sole UK Distributor for Goodyear Vintage Tyres

Agricultural, Plant and Industrial Tyres Next Day Nationwide Delivery Guaranteed As specialists we have an extensive range in stock

■ Factory assembled and prewired ■ Simple on site installation to a prepared base ■ Secure three point locking system ■ Optional plug in accessories ■ Mobile phone entry system ■ Standard 12ft or 16ft opening

Mitas AC65

■ Suits wide openings ■ No slide rail across the drive

07751 203400 • 01707 645038 • alastair@turnpikes.co.uk www.turnpikes.co.uk

Trelleborg TH400 Cultor RD-01

Call now for competitive prices – we endeavour not to be beaten

AUTOMATIC SLIDING GATE UNITS ■ Heavy duty roller bearings ■ Industrial grade operators ■ Rapid opening ■ Range of entry options

Vredestein Flotation

01274 585427 email: sales@britishrubberco.co.uk






Whatever your cleaning challenges, let Kärcher’s machines tackle them. From Vacuums to Pressure Washers, Sweepers to Scrubber Dryers, we make cleaning quick, easy and hassle free. Find out more by calling 01449 722 098 or by visiting our website at www.aquajet-uk.com

Aquajet Cleaning Equipment Ltd. Units 24 - 26 Maitland Road, Lion Barn Business Park, Needham Market, Suffolk. IP6 8NS

The swing over latch is released by means of a rope, which can be operated from the tractor seat.

ed is an k lv or ga l w lly tee Fu s


Heavy push pull swing over action yard scraper, for use on 3 point linkage with category 1 & 2 linkage pins, the head stock is designed to accept a standard tractor A frame.

Specification: Scraping width adjustable from approx 1650mm to 2280 mm Replaceable 50mm thick rubber blade 420mm deep Delivered weight 240kg

Smisby Road, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire LE65 2UE

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‘Love Your Soil’ campaign launches Claydon, the UK-based manufacturer of the Opti-Till Crop Establishment System, will use Agritechnica 2019 to launch its new ‘Love Your Soil’ campaign, together with the company’s new 6m Hybrid T6c trailed direct strip seeding drill and 8m TerraBlade inter-row hoe. ‘Love Your Soil’ The ‘Love Your Soil’ campaign will highlight the need for farmers to better care for their soils and how the Claydon Opti-Till System can help to achieve this. A holistic approach to crop establishment, Opti-Till delivers consistently good, high-yielding, profitable crops at a low cost; uses far less fuel; improves soil condition and reduces erosion, says the company. The environmental benefits of Opti-Till will be reflected in the environmentally friendly approach adopted on the company’s stand. Instead of handing out printed brochures in plastic carrier bags, Claydon will use stylish recyclable paper and cotton bags in its well-known yellow-and-black livery, with the option of QR code cards, which allow visitors to download specific information directly from the company’s website. Export manager Simon Revell said: “The Claydon family’s 400ha arable farm in the East of England is one of very few in the UK to achieve a 5-star rating for the condition and health of its soils. As a company we know about soils and how to get the best from them in the most eco-friendly, sustainable way, and will be highlighting that to visitors.” He added: “Soils are any farmer’s greatest

asset and yet many are unwittingly destroying their structure and productivity through the incorrect use of conventional full cultivations and min-till techniques. These can over-work the soil, depleting soil biota, greatly reducing worm populations and activity, together with its ability to drain water away in wet weather and retain moisture in dry weather.

“Starving the crop’s roots of essential air and nutrients also reduces yield potential and increases the cost-per-tonne of production, while increasing the risks of flooding and soil erosion. Similarly, the use of min-till systems and disc-type direct drills can result in soils which drain poorly and flood easily, creating crops with poor rooting structures and low yield potential. “This situation must change, which is why we will be highlighting how the Opti-Till System can help farmers to grow better crops, more efficiently, using just 10 per cent of the fuel of a plough-based system, while greatly improving soil health.” continued over...

The TerraBlade is a low-cost, mechanical method of controlling weeds in combinable, band-sown crops.

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The TerraBlade inter-row hoe operating in a crop of winter wheat.

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Claydon Hybrid T6c The new 6m Hybrid T6c compact trailed drill, the latest addition to the Claydon range, will appeal to farmers who require a highly versatile and manoeuvrable 6m trailed drill. Over 20 per cent lighter and more compact than Claydon’s Hybrid T6 model, the T6c combines the high output of a 6m seeding platform, with the nimble handling characteristics and manoeuvrability of the 4m T4 trailed design on which it is based. Capable of drilling typically 45ha per day behind a 300hp (223kW) tractor, it is designed to appeal to farmers who prioritise lower cost and greater manoeuvrability over ultimate hopper capacity and output. Carried on the lower link arms, the T6c features a fully floating seeding chassis which follows field

contours exactly, ensuring accurate seeding depth under all conditions. It does this regardless of the weight in the hopper, which is carried on a separate frame supported on centrally mounted depth wheels that run on clean, dry, uncultivated ground to avoid capping and compaction. Providing a hopper capacity of 3,500 litres, double that of Claydon’s 6m mounted drill, the T6c weighs approximately 7,900kg unladen, compared with 9,000kg for the T6. The hopper can be used for seed only or divided 60:40 between seed and fertiliser for combination drilling, a technique which gets crops off to a fast start and is popular with farmers and contractors throughout Europe and Scandinavia. The T6c uses 38mm-diameter pipes to transport seed and fertiliser from the hopper to the tines. Versatile, flexible, simple, strong, easy to use and with low operating costs, the T6c will sow

directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land, across the widest range of soils, conditions and crops. This enables one drill to handle any crop establishment situation and minimises capital investment. The 19 individually adjustable tungsten carbide leading tines reduce compaction and aerate the soil. They also optimise drainage, form tilth for the seeding zone and create a uniform seeding depth. The following seeding tines create additional tilth and place the seed at the ideal depth, above the drainage channel. This highly effective system encourages very deep, complex rooting structures to develop quickly, which minimises soil erosion and produces stronger, healthier crops with optimum yield potential. The new drill can be adapted to whatever the customer requires to suit different crops and conditions. They can have the standard tine set-up with a variety of coulter and seeding boot options, and fertiliser can be placed down the front or rear tine. Shouldered front cutting discs come as standard but press wheels can be specified. At the rear, the double toolbar can be equipped with a range of press wheel, board and harrow configurations to fully cover the seed and leave the soil smooth and level. Providing unparalleled versatility, the T6c folds to 2.97m for transport and is equipped with a wide range of standard features, including single-point depth control, a stainless-steel metering system

AGRIMASTER R520, R550/R600 & R650T

The professionals’ choice for the perfect cut FROM £9,800*


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News and an Isobus-compatible RDS Artemis control system which provides tramlining and variable seed rate capability. The specification also includes a hydraulically-driven fan, Claydon-designed distribution heads for improved flow and seeding accuracy, together with a tramline kit and hopper cover. Options include a vision kit which incorporates work lights and cameras so that the operator can monitor the drill from the tractor cab, GPS variablerate seeding, blockage sensors, pre-emergence markers and brakes.

8m Claydon TerraBlade

The unit will give years of reliable service, has very low operating costs and offers great flexibility. It is designed for use on any tractor with a Cat II front linkage, travels at speeds of approximately 6kph and operates up to 30mm deep. It is manually steered and can be used whenever soil conditions allow, covering up to 4ha per hour with an 8m unit. On farms that drill early, crops may be sufficiently well developed in the autumn to start using it then and the operation can continue in the spring whenever soil conditions allow, up to the stage where the crop might be compromised by further passes. ■

The new 8m Claydon TerraBlade inter-row hoe is the largest model in the company’s range. Equipped with 26 blades, it joins 4 other TerraBlade models – the 3.0m M3, 4.0m M4, 4.8m M4.8 and 6.0m M6 – which have 10, 14, 16 and 20 blades respectively. The TerraBlade is a low-cost, mechanical method of controlling weeds in combinable, bandsown crops. It provides an additional weapon in the agricultural industry’s weed control armoury at a time when the efficacy of some herbicides is decreasing, while the cost of control is increasing. Band sowing at 30cm leaves a 14–15cm-wide unseeded strip between the rows which can be mechanically hoed. Designed for use in all types of strip seeded crops, the TerraBlade eliminates weeds from that A crop of wheat that has been hoed with the TerraBlade inter-row hoe.

The UK’s most established supplier of precision farming products, offering best option advice, installation and ongoing support.

Your Partner In Precision Agriculture 01480 861824 | www.vantage-ag.uk

Vantage England & Wales | 4 Grovemere Court, Bicton Industrial Estate, Kimbolton, Cambs, PE28 0EY November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 55


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area reliably, safely and without using chemicals. This clears up any weeds that were missed by ag-chems, or where such products cannot be used, greatly reducing the return of weed seeds and the overall weed burden. By keeping the unseeded rows clear of weeds during the early stages of crop growth, competition for nutrients, light, air and water is reduced and the young plants can grow away strong and healthy. TerraBlade has the potential to improve crop yields, drastically lower the potential for carry-over of weed seeds and reduce the risk of more resistant types developing.

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Power boost for combine range New Holland has increased power across the CR Revelation range.

Increased power and a host of other improvements have been promised by New Holland as it reveals a series of upgrades to its CR Revelation, CX7 and CX8 combine ranges. More than 100 quality improvements have been made to the CR Revelation combine range in the past 24 months, as well as the addition of the company’s IntelliSense automation system. Following the power upgrade on the CR10.90 and the CR8.80, New Holland is continuing with increases across the rest of the range. At the low end of the range, the CR7.80 and CR7.90 have been uprated by 14hp and 11hp respectively. The CR8.90 now runs a Cursor 13 engine that delivers 544hp, which is 27hp more than previously, while the CR9.80 and CR9.90 benefit from an additional 29hp, reaching 600hp. The CR8.80 and CR10.90 maintain their powerful performance with maximum power of 517hp and 700hp respectively. Continuous improvement to the CR Revelation range has resulted in an increase in its harvesting productivity of up to 25 per cent in the past 5 years, according to New Holland. The harvest window of the CR can

be extended, starting earlier and finishing later in the night. The threshing efficiency of the 17-inch rotor on the CR7.80, CR7.90 and CR8.80 models has been improved with new 20mm higher crop covers and increased beater speed. It also features an adjustable beater grate, which can be opened and closed in minutes. It has been opened further to provide 0.26m2 additional separation surface (a 75 per cent increase), resulting in greater productivity. These improvements deliver a 10 per cent increase in these models’ capacity. The heavy-duty, high-capacity 22-inch rotor on the 4 models at the top of the range also benefit from the increase in beater speed, which contributes to further improving the combine’s productivity and a 5 per cent capacity increase. The new high-capacity grain elevator on the 14,500-litre grain tank of the CR9.90 and CR10.90 increases the combine’s grain transport volume by 10 per cent. This enables higher harvesting speeds in high yielding crops, boosting further the efficiency and productivity of these models. The CR Revelation range complies

with Stage 5 emissions standards with ECOBlue HI-eSCR 2 technology, which maintains the fuel efficiency of the previous models. Combined with the long, 600hr service intervals, this contributes to the low operating costs of the combine. The cab interior of the CR Revelation has been refreshed with a new, darker colour scheme including brushed aluminium finish to the dashboard. Meanwhile, improvements to the CX7 and CX8 combine range promise improved productivity. The new staggered drum improves threshing performance and increases the capacity. New controls enable the operator to manage the rotary separator and sieve opening, as well as chop or swath selection from the cab. Several other new features further enhance the combine’s productivity. The colour of the grain tank has changed to yellow to improve visibility from the cab, making it easier for the operator to check grain quality. The Harvest Suite Ultra cab now combines comfort and ergonomics with a new automotiveinspired interior featuring a modern dark grey colour scheme. The CX7 and CX8 range features New Holland’s 4-drum threshing system with a 750mm drum diameter, which threshes gently and thoroughly, preserving high straw quality. New Holland is now enhancing this range’s threshing performance further with the new, optional staggered drum, which features offset rasp bars on the sectional drum. They are suitable for all small grains and can be configured for maize. The staggered drum design achieves a smoother crop flow that results in lower in-cab noise and reduces blockages. It uses 16 per cent less total threshing power, reducing fuel consumption. This new feature

increases the combine’s capacity, by as much as 10 per cent. New Holland also offers a new lowspeed drum kit for those operations where grain quality is paramount. This feature enables the operator to reduce the drum speed for an even lower instance of cracked grain. New Holland has added in-cab controls for more features, improving the operator’s productivity. The sieve and pre-sieve are now remotely adjustable from the cab. The distance between the rotary separator and the concave of the Multi-Thresh system can now also be controlled remotely. The pivoting spout is controlled via the CommandGrip multifunction handle, which enables the operator to direct the crop with precision to achieve uniform trailer filling. Other productivity-enhancing improvements include the header height control with pressure sensor input on the AutoFloat III to ensure even better ground following in uneven terrain. The CX7 and CX8 feature a new patented air-based distribution system for the twin-disc chaff spreader, which spreads the chaff across the full width of the header. The operator can control the speed of the spreader from the cab in response to crop or weather conditions, and switch between chopping and swathing at the touch of a button. New Holland is also including its ECOBlue HI-eSCR 2 technology on the CX7 and CX8 range to comply with Stage 5. This reduces emissions while maintaining the fuel efficiency of the previous models. The maintenancefree HI-eSCR2 after-treatment system developed by FPT Industrial minimises operating costs and offers the added advantages of a compact size, lack of EGR and simple layout. ■

DOOR SERVICES LTD Industrial Door Specialists

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Agricultural doors Steel roller shutters – galvanised and powder coated Insulated roller shutters for cold stores Pass door and steel hinged door sets High speed rapid roll doors Insulated sectional doors

24hr call out

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tes! u in m in s e iv n k r Sharpen you aner le c t u c d n a r e w o p less harper knives use


Visit www.krone-uk.com to ďŹ nd out more about the RX and MX Forage Wagons

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NORAC Boom Height Control Systems available for select manufacturers The Benefits of Boom Height Control

Reduce Operator Stress • Operators no longer have to continuously look at the boom • Allows operator to focus on drive path • Operator can go faster Cover More Acres • Work day and night – sensors do not need light to “see” • Take advantage of low wind conditions at night • Spray faster – no manual boom adjustments Other Benefits/Features • Boom height control systems may offer other features such as Headlands Assist so that the boom can be automatically lifted and lowered at the end of the field • Satisfaction guaranteed Derek Johnston +44 (0) 1228 580372 sales@precise-solutions.co.uk

Cote House, Wetheral Carlise, Cumbria CA4 8HZ

Maintain Proper Spray Tip Height • Increase application efficiency – get the most from your spray • Too low = Streaking • Too High = Drift Issues • Ensures chemical application is not wasted due to improper boom height Protect Sprayer From Damage • Accurate control • Avoid ground strikes • Prevents downtime from repairing bent booms and broken spray nozzels Hybrid Mode™ • An advanced crop sensing feature for in-crop spraying that eliminates the need for the operator to take manual Patented control of the boom in a row crops or adverse situations such as lodged, thin and uneven crop

Precise Solutions www.precise-solutions.co.uk



Contact your local EASTERN branch for the best price on genuine LEMKEN parts. EASTERN Brigg 01652 651810 EASTERN Catfoss 01964 545300

EASTERN Markham Moor 01777 838888 EASTERN Sinderby 01845 567407

EASTERN Sleaford 01529 303093 EASTERN Ulceby Cross 01507 462288

EASTERN Wilberfoss 01759 388811

www.claas-eastern.co.uk facebook.com/CLAASEastern

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Converting existing technology into smart machines So far, the possibility of utilising data from existing mechanical implements and feeding them into farm management systems has remained wishful thinking for most farmers. Also, the technology available on the market is often too expensive or too complex, according to agrovision company Lemken, which has developed iQblue connect, a highly versatile retrofitting kit that converts existing technology into smart machines for modern farming processes. When combined with Tractor Implement Management (TIM), the device allows numerous functions of purely mechanical implements to be automated and, at the same time, integrated into digital documentation. TIM means that the tractor performs work functions that are triggered by the implement. Operators merely need a single iQblue connect module, which can be used with a range of implements. The module is connected to the tractor through its Isobus interface. It also features GPS and a mobile data connection for communication – for example with

Operators merely need a single iQblue connect module, which can be used with a range of implements.

the farm management system. Data is transmitted via the agrirouter, a cross-manufacturer platform for exchanging data between machines, farmers, contractors and software applications. Depending on the intended use, a sensor kit is permanently installed on the implement to record the required information and pass it on to the iQblue connect module. No further equipment is needed on the implement, as the tractor is used for controlling implement functions. With the first available version of the application, a plough is fitted with a sensor to determine the current working width. iQblue connect calculates the target working width from the GPS position and transmits this information to the tractor to initiate the relevant adjustment of the working width ram. The working width is adjusted via the tractor’s hydraulic system. With semimounted cultivators, the working depth can be detected by a sensor. iQblue connect receives the width

section-specific target working depth from maps provided by the agrirouter, compares the actual and target data and subsequently sends a command to the tractor to adjust the working depth. Additional applications for a range of different implements are being planned. Farmers only need a single iQblue connect module, as this mobile unit can be transferred quickly and easily from one




Grain Storage Handling and Milling Systems

implement to another, without requiring special tools. The system automatically adapts to the implement it is connected to at any given time. Lemken therefore offers a straightforward, inexpensive electronic tool which allows purely mechanical implements to be largely automated. The iQblue connect system enables customers to ‘grow’ with it, as new functions can be installed later at any time. ■

01692 535444 01379 671172

email: andrew@mconstructionservices.co.uk

LOWER OAKLEY, DISS, NORFOLK IP21 4AQ Buildings designed and built to EN1090

• Manufacture of agricultural and commercial steel framed buildings • All buildings designed in-house using Tekla 3-D design software to CE Standard EN1090 with certificate on completion • Buildings erected including groundworks, by our own employed staff • Design and installation of all grain handling and drying equipment • Planning service provided

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New products offer economical liquid manure management Vogelsang is set to present new and innovative products for economical liquid manure management at this year’s Agritechnica. Three new offerings promise to provide farmers and contractors with high performance tools for efficient and low-emission spreading and distributing of liquid manure. Managing director Harald Vogelsang said the new developments "enable users to spread liquid manure economically and in compliance with the requirements of the fertilisation ordinance."

Trailing shoe linkage The BlackBird trailing shoe linkage features a flow-optimised liquid manure outlet, which deposits liquid manure more precisely than ever before, the company says. The long, beak-like shape helps to ensure a controlled, even flow of liquid manure through each applicator. This prevents the crops being contaminated during manure spreading. The pointed skid splits the crops more effectively and is better able to penetrate the soil. This deposits 62212

the liquid manure in a narrow furrow directly under the crops. The BlackBird has been available since June 2019 in working widths of 12 and 15m. At Agritechnica, Vogelsang will present a prototype with a working width of 24m.

15m Blackbird trailing shoe.

Precision distributor The enhanced ExaCut ECQ precision distributor ensures a more even distribution of liquid manure, Vogelsang explains. It is already built into the BlackBird trailing shoe linkage and will be available for other applications after Agritechnica. Large diameters and flow distribution plates keep the flow under control and ensure a high distribution accuracy of the liquid manure. The large maintenance port allows easy access to all internal parts, reducing down time. Thanks to the QuickService concept, maintenance can be completed in just a few minutes. The new rotor design and lower speeds result in a reduction of up to 50 per cent in the power requirement. This also protects the cutting blades, extending the service life by up to 50 per cent.

Gearless rotary lobe pumps Vogelsang will also present the VX186GL gearless rotary lobe pump, which is the first in the agricultural sector with no synchroniser gearbox, which, according to Vogelsang, makes it run exceptionally smoothly. This is due to the four-wing lobes, which are designed to work in conjunction with the two parallel connected hydraulic motors to deliver constant torque on both pump shafts. When used in today’s standard 30m3 tank sizes, the gearless pump in the VX Series offers a weight saving of around 100–150kg, up to 55 per cent. This allows the transport capacity of the vehicle to be

increased, or the vehicle to be driven with reduced ground pressure. The compact construction of the rotary lobe pump makes installation on the vehicle easier and is easy to maintain, the company adds. The lobes are lighter and can also be installed individually, as no fitting keys are required. There is no need for a gear oil change. As a result, the rotary lobe pump promises to be low maintenance, causing less wear to the lobes, due to the lower shaft deflection. Vogelsang are exhibiting at Agritechnica (10-16th November, Hanover), in Hall 23, Booth B35. ■

TMK Tree Shear

The is efficient and strong. It provides a quick and easy way to cut and clear through hard and softwood vegetation.

Half the cost, half the time...

The TMK Tree Shear is small enough to fit on a 5 ton excavator and strong enough to be used on a 15 ton excavator Its easy fit bolt on brackets can be changed in minutes, giving the TMK Tree Shear the versatility to be used on a number of different size machines The unique design by Tenho Koponen creates a clean cut by grabbing the tree and pulling it across the fixed blade It then firmly secures the tree against the V clamp so it can be lifted and placed safely

View our website www.ncdequipment.com for more information and videos • Call 01245 320200 or Nick on 07535 211338 or Emma on 07956 087549 or email sales@ncdequipment.com 60 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

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Land Required...

We’re looking for land to apply liquid organic fertiliser. Due to business growth and expansion we are looking to grow our portfolio of farmers. In return for the land bank we offer a free spreading service; 100% black grass free organic fertiliser, low in PTE’s and heavy metals and regulated by the Environment Agency under deployment.

Land Requirements:

• Must have indices of less than or equal to 2 • Locations: Norfolk / Suffolk / Cambridgeshire / Lincolnshire / Leicestershire / Nottinghamshire / Herefordshire / Worcestershire / Gloucestershire • Minimum 40 Ha Free P&K applied • Reasonable road access Free full soil analysis • Grass & Arable cropping

Next steps…

If your land meets the above criteria then please get in touch to find out more 01572 767177 (option 7) Leaders in organic liquid recycling

info@whitesrecycling.co.uk 01572 767177


Contact us to arrange a demo in our 68287

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Est 1992

Suppliers and Installers to:

Agricultural, Industrial and Domestic

Specialist Plastic Tank Distributor

Hugh Pearl Land Drainage with 60 years experience of contracting can supply all your drainage and trenching requirements from design to construction


Our range includes: bunded tanks, oil tanks, Ad Blu tanks, petrol interceptors, sewage treatment plants, septic tanks above ground and underground tanks for storage of oil, chemical, water etc Please phone for a FREE Product Pack & friendly advice We also provide Accessories & other products


Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage) Ltd New Farm, Bobbingworth, Ongar, Essex CM5 0DJ

01277 890274 Fax: 01277 890322

Tel/Fax 01359 270736 Mobile 07860 352739

The Street, Hessett, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 9AZ



Cousins Precision Seedbed Harrow the best start you can give your beet. ■ 3m Rigid, 4, 5, 6 & 8m Folding Models ■ All models Fully Trailed ■ Numerous Tine and Roller options to suit individual requirements ■ All elements Fully Adjustable ■ NEW OPTION – now available with Extra Following Roller to rear for an enhanced finish


Call today or visit cousinsofemneth.co.uk for details sales@cousinsofemneth.co.uk

Tel. 01945 584600

of rts rs pa lie T pp NI su A w R No ity G al qu


ISHED VES, A RTS – CONACDERS, etc A P R S E T S E V E AR PR COMBINE HES, SIEVES, CHAFF S IV N K RAPE MODELS ur own L MAKES & facturing o Now manu T Y CONCAVES – ALtails... l HEAVY DUORDER see website fokr /cdeoncaves_user_story.htm O .u T co MADE mbinefabrications. All Enquiries Welcome o d REFURB


NEW an pecialists in


Hilltop Farm, Danethorpe Hill, Newark, Notts NG24 2PD

01636 702524 07976 696712


01473 327596 or email: enquiries@collins-skiphire.co.uk


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The ‘next generation’ alternative to pressure washing A recent open day at Sheffield-based SPA Power Machinery showcased the next generation of chemicalfree machinery, offering a modern alternative to pressure washing. With councils and housing associations imposing bans on chemical usage and looking for environmentally friendly solutions where possible, the time for using chemicals and gallons of water to clean hard surfaces is gone, SPA says. Conversations at the open day centred on this point, with the company emphasising that its chemical-free machinery is key for businesses that are looking to excel into the next decade. SPA says the buzz in and around the showroom was “exciting”, with visitors joining in with demonstrations and networking amongst themselves. The company said it had not anticipated the value of the natural networking that developed amongst the visitors. The open plan design between the warehouse presentation and showroom proved to be a huge success, according to the company.

Demonstrations were carried out on a range of machinery, including the Westermann Weed Ripper, Westermann Moss Brush and Cubb Weed Brush. Visitors were then able to make their way back to the showroom to talk about how the machines could upgrade their business. At times, there may be apprehension towards new machines entering the industry, but the need for a machine such as the Westermann has existed for some time, SPA notes, adding that other manufacturers have attempted to create a ‘one-size-fits-all machine’ at a suitable price point. However, the company says no two jobs are the same, with the list of variables including uneven surfaces, thick weeds, moss, delicate stone, tight corners and kerb edges, narrow pathways and steep inclines. SPA says Westermann understands the issues at hand and creates machines designed for a variety of job requirements, each with a unique solution. The Westermann Weed Ripper, for example, will rip thick overgrown weeds out of the surface

Demonstrations were carried out on a range of machinery, including the Westermann Weed Ripper, Westermann Moss Brush and Cubb Weed Brush.

in one pass. Typically, this is an area that hasn’t been treated for years. Meanwhile the Westermann Moss Brush will remove moss and brighten up hard surfaces. SPA director Laurie Anthony said: “The instant feedback we received was wonderful, with people genuinely delighted with not just the products and service but also the day in general. A hot cup of tea and slice of cake is one thing, successful

Jacobsens GFM

demonstrations are another. But the chance to interact and engage with fellow professionals is invaluable. “I’d also like to say a huge thank you to all of our staff on the day as well as Wayne Jenner from Verdego who voluntarily answered questions throughout the entire morning on how he uses the Westermann range to generate business.” Plans are in place to host another open day in 2020. ■

. . . w o n k ow, we

You kn

Duplex Euro 800


Dominator 310 MKS Plus

Profi Mega


Contact: Symon Jacobsen Tel 01561 361 340 • Mob 07973 542 142 • Email: symon@jacobsens-gfm.co.uk • www.jacobsens-gfm.co.uk 68013

58-80 Nov.indd 63



Agritechnica launch for innovative new machinery Väderstad has announced the launch of three new systems, showcased for the first time at Agritechnica. Maximising yield potential The innovative Tempo WideLining system promises to maximise yield potential. It is the world’s first tramlining system which enables farmers to spread liquid manure in a standing silage maize crop, without compromising yield potential. Instead of shutting off row units to create tramlines, WideLining automatically changes the planter row spacing hydraulically to create two 1,050mm tyre tracks, thereby ensuring all row units plant at full capacity. The row spacing between the tyre tracks will go from 750–600mm.

WideLining is fully automatic and integrated in the iPad-based control system, Väderstad E-Control. When the function is activated, the machine will calculate the field and automatically adjust the row units to create tramlines based on the working width of the liquid manure spreader. How WideLining works in practice, for example, is establishing silage maize with an 8-row planter and using a liquid manure spreader with 18m working width, the drill should plant 8.3 per cent more seeds in the field compared to alternative technology available on the market. The technology will be available on Tempo V 6-12 from the second half of 2020.

A performance standard The company is also launching the NZ Extreme 1250-1425 heavy duty tine harrow. The 12.50-14.25m


Tempo WideLining.

GRAIN FUMIGATION TREATMENTS from our bases in Suffolk & Yorkshire

info@alphafumigation.co.uk www.alphafumigation.co.uk

01473 623001

machine sets a new standard for field performance when it comes to seedbed preparation, says the manufacturer. The NZ Extreme’s innovative high-quality design brings capacity and agronomic benefits. Design focus has been largely on the tines of the new heavy-duty harrow. An intense vibrating tine action combined with extreme stiffness and durability is capable of crushing clods, while maintaining an exact depth and completely level field. To ensure precise field contour following and to be able to adapt to the field surface and maintain depth, the NZ Extreme is built from a five section frame. This is enhanced by an innovative weight transfer, ingenious wheel setup and heavy machine design. A limited number of NZ Extreme machines will be available in selected markets in 2020, with production starting in 2021.

Central-fill Tempo drill A new central-fill function is an option for the high speed Tempo L planter to increase capacity of

Tempo L 16.

this world-record holding drill. It will be on show for the first time at Agritechnica 2019, with 12–24 row unit versions (Tempo L 12, Tempo L 16, Tempo L 18 and Tempo L 24) available on the market in early 2021. Central filling means that instead of loading seed into each of the row units, the operator will only have to fill one large central 3,000-litre seed hopper. The Tempo L drill will then take care of seed distribution to each row unit. The central-fill feature works as a pressurised system, constantly feeding the seed meters, at which point the patented PowerShoot technology ensures excellent establishment, the company says. ■

Anti-freeze and coolants prices set to rise Maintaining your machinery’s cooling system is important to all year-round performance, but extra care must be taken during the winter months. Anti-freeze and coolants keep engines cool in the summer and offer frost protection in the winter, without which the system could freeze and cause engine damage that is impossible to repair. Therefore, it is vital to use a quality product, according to lubricant specialists the Witham Group. As winter looms, anti-freeze and coolants prices are set to rise considerably due to some unique market influences. For example, there is likely to be an increase in demand from China following US trade talks, which will create a tightening of supply across Europe. It is expected that Brexit will continue to have an adverse effect on the strength of the pound. Brexit could trigger not only finished material price increases due to currency changes, but also a possible delay in bringing tankers from the EU into the UK. While the weather is an unknown factor, extreme cold spells as we head into winter would lead to increases in demand – inevitably putting pressure on tightening suppliers.

As winter looms, anti-freeze and coolants prices are set to rise considerably due to some unique market influences.

The Witham Group says it has secured good rates on bulk orders from coolant manufacturers, to ensure there is enough supply at the best price for customers. In addition, they offer a range of three products, to suit different budgets and applications. The company provides officially approved OEM coolant products for trucks, buses and vans, as well as cars, construction machines and agricultural tractors. Witham Group managing director, Nigel Bottom commented: “Witham is encouraging customers to place orders for anti-freeze/coolants as soon as possible to get the best value price and to help avoid any unforeseeable spikes in demand or price increases. We are advising new and existing customers to get in touch as soon as possible to help ensure supplies are available going forward.” ■

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13/10/2019 20:57



W / all-weatheraccess.co.uk T / 01371 700 510


Large Agricultural & Equestrian Range


Reducing the risk of flooding, land drainage and irrigation issues, together with livestock water supply concerns Water supply cut off! – Is there a contingency plan such as storage and a pumping system?

Pallet Containers

IBC Bund

Feed Bins

These are common everyday issues for the farming community

Stuart Pumps are here to help you With the majority pumps and ancillary plant readily available from stock we are in an ideal position to fulfil your needs either planned or during an emergency Spill Shak

Storage Containers

Dog Baths

Chemical Store

Tack Boxes

Horse Jumps

Boot Cleaners

Feed Buckets



• Large range of both new and used pumps including self-priming, borehole, fully submersible • Option of power source such as diesel/petrol/electric • Over 35 years experience serving the farming community and the water industry • Very competitive prices • Most pumps and ancillary plant available ex stock • Options for sale or rental • Maintenance service agreements available • Technical and spares support available


www.sandersonplastics.com Or call our Sales team on: 0844 335 0347


on-line: www.stuartgroup.ltd.uk/pumps email: pumpsales@stuartgroup.info • For further info call 01953 458988

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R A D I O Call us NOW 01604 402403



•High Quality construction or powder coated •Galvanised to standard colour •Electric or manual •24 hour repair service •Provides excellent security

•Also supply steel-hinged doors

FREE SURVEY ANYWHERE IN THE UK For the complete range of ALL CB Radios & Accessories visit


Incorporating DSMA & ABHM

Tel: 01142 889464•Fax: 01142 939193 Email: sales@dpdoorsandshutters.co.uk Web: www.dpdoorsandshutters.co.uk



CB Radios



T-3000 New Rugged Front Speaker CB Radio



Ideal for workshops sheds, garages etc. One can does it all!

Lowlander ® Manure Spreaders 3 Year Warranty | Details available upon request

Twin Vertical Auger TVA | 6 – 40 tonnes

Horizontal Beater & Spinning Disc HBD | 10.5 – 40 tonnes Tel: + 44 (0) 1362 860352



bunning spreaders

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New flagship harvester A new top-of-the-range 925hp Jaguar 990 has been added to the Claas fleet along with additions to the company's Orbis maize header and Torion loader ranges. The new Jaguar model is one of a number of updates and new features for the Jaguar 900 and 800 range next year. These include the adoption of the latest Cebis touchscreen-based control concept across the whole Jaguar range, plus a change to more powerful Stage 5 engines for the 900, a new additive system and a 42-knife chopping cylinder, plus the availability of dynamic steering. For 2020, all Jaguar 900 machines will make the move to Stage 5 engines, developing more power and providing an increase in torque. The 800 range will continue to be powered by Stage 4 compliant engines, with the move to Stage 5 coming in time for maize harvest. Topping the 900-series of forage harvesters, the new 990 is powered by a 925hp Man engine. The Man V12 has a displacement of 24 litres and an 850hp version will also be used in the Jaguar 980. The 970 moves to a new Man D4276 straight

6, which develops 790hp from its displacement of some 16 litres. With a displacement of almost 3 litres per cylinder, this promises a stable power curve with sustained torque, giving the Jaguar 970 the best figures in its class with regard to fuel consumption per tonne of harvested material. The power output of the 960 and 940 models has also increased. Updates to the Orbis maize headers include a makeover for the Orbis 450, which now shares many of the new features initially introduced on the larger Orbis 600SD and 750 last year. The 450 has a working width of 4.5m and as on the 2 larger models it incorporates the new tilting frame concept and redesigned T panels, which reduces weight and increases wear resistance. Newly designed fingers ahead of the knives ensure low-loss crop collection and feature points which can be removed for harvesting laid maize. The new design also adds significant strength to the fingers, which will help, especially in weedy conditions. The new knives with their crescent-shaped blade deliver top cutting quality in all crops, says Claas.

The latest Cebis touchscreenbased control concept has been adopted across the whole Jaguar range.

The central crop feeding tower rotors have been repositioned to improve crop flow and are now angled forward to aid crop feed. They have also been moved further apart, so increasing the feed channel width to allow crop to be fed into the full width of the feed rollers and chopping cylinder. The augers on the side of the Orbis

have also been redesigned to help feed the crop into the header, especially when the crop is laid or flat. These new augers are also now hydraulically driven. ■

We don’t muck about when it comes to reliability.


With 75 years’ experience providing our customers robust and reliable technology, we aim to strengthen profitability in your business. SAMSON Spreaders and Tankers offer the best fertilizer solutions, enabling you to not only optimise production, but also comply with environmental law.

Contact your local EASTERN dealer branch to find out the benefits of owning a SAMSON machine and how we can bring your running costs down.

EASTERN Brigg 01652 651810 EASTERN Catfoss 01964 545300

EASTERN Markham Moor 01777 838888 EASTERN Sinderby 01845 567407

EASTERN Sleaford 01529 303093 EASTERN Ulceby Cross 01507 462288

EASTERN Wilberfoss 01759 388811 www.claas-eastern.co.uk facebook.com/CLAASEastern

CLAAS EASTERN 58-80 Nov.indd 67

16/10/2019 10:38

Ideal timing and perfect weather for Kent farm dispersal sale

In very good condition, these Dal-Bo Compact 1230, 12.3m folding rolls attracted competitive bidding and are likely to see considerable use this autumn if the dry weather continues. They were straight from Lower Dean’s Farm and their new owner paid £9,000.

A mid-September dispersal sale of farm machinery and equipment attracted buyers from across the South-East and further afield, generating some excellent prices. David Williams was there. The sale was organised by longestablished land agents and auctioneers Lambert & Foster. It was at Lower Dean’s Farm, Dean’s Hill, near Maidstone and included all the machinery and equipment from the farm following the death of its owner, Tony Crouch, late last year. Tony bought the farm in 1961 having relocated from nearby Lenham where his family had a dairy herd and he expanded the herd and built up the farm by acquiring land locally as it became available. The milking herd was dispersed in 2004, but Tony maintained the mixed farm by renting out land for grazing while farming the arable land himself. Most lots were direct from the farm although there were also some

‘included’ items from local dealers and other farms, including several tractors. The sale day weather was dry and sunny, encouraging buyers to remain on site for the duration and an ice cream van in attendance did excellent trade throughout the day.

Well attended “The attendance reflected the attraction of a genuine farm dispersal sale,” commented Lambert & Foster auctioneer Alan Mummery. “There were some ups and downs as always at a farm sale, but with most lots selling for more than the estimates the vendors were happy. “The sale was advertised in Farmers Guide and, as always, we were very pleased with the response.




Valley Farm Pit, Hadleigh Road, Sproughton, Ipswich, Suffolk IP8 3EN Commercial Vehicle Dealers and Dismantlers

For further information and a competitive price, call us on

01205 480460


Kubota compact tractors are always in demand and this B2100 4wd hydrostatic with 3,090 recorded hours was described as in good working order and made £3,900.

SBS Spares Ltd

No need to remove rotors or shaft! Reducing labour & down time!!

Head Office: Medlam Yard, Medlam Lane, Carrington, Boston, Lincs. PE22 7LU. England Tel: 01205 480460 Fax: 01205 481394

The magazine is well read in this region, especially by arable and mixed farms,” he added. Tony’s daughter Jenny Conway said she was delighted to see so many familiar friendly faces at the sale and she complimented the Lambert & Foster team, who are also in the process of selling the farm, on their excellent organisation. “From the start they have been great to deal with – very professional and their communication with us couldn’t have been better. They made the whole process easy, attendance at the sale was very good and many lots sold for prices way beyond our expectations although there were a few we all hoped might have fetched more.”

One of the more unusual items for sale was this forward control Mercedes Unimog. It was originally a Landquip sprayer conversion and was new in 1978 with 51,000km recorded. The tyres were Michelin XM108 540/65R24 with 80 per cent remaining tread and the winning bid was £4,300.

Southern Lincs Depot: Wigtoft Road, Sutterton, Boston, Lincs. PE20 2EL Tel: 01205 460600 Fax: 01205 461268


Used commercial from vans to tractor units. Always a large stock of 7.5 ton Tippers, Flats, Boxes etc. Box bodies for storage from 10ft to 40ft also containers, Artic Trailers, Flats, Step Frame Boxes and Fridges. Axle wheels, tyres, springs, rams, power packs, engines etc. Artic back end 5th wheel bogies and tipping bodies. Artic tankers, fuel bowsers, low loaders, compressors. Please phone with your requirements and we’ll try to help.

Tel: 01473 652454

Fax: 01473 652467

Email: sbssparesltd@btconnect.com www.sbssparesltd.co.uk REDUNDANT LORRIES & MACHINERY ALWAYS WANTED

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Farm Sale

This Valtra N113 was a HiTech power-shift 40kph model fitted with a Valtra 56 front loader. It was registered on a 14-plate and carried local dealer RW Crawford stickers. It was in superb condition inside and out, had worked 2,365 hours, and was fitted with Continental 540/65R38 rear tyres with 70 per cent tread and 540/65R28 front tyres with 50 per cent tread. The price achieved reflected its condition at £34,000.

Just in time for the autumn drilling season this Massey Ferguson 30, 4m trailed drill was in excellent order for its age and came with some spare parts. It achieved a winning bid of £500.

This tractor-mounted cement mixer appeared serviceable although the PTO shaft was in need of attention. According to a plate on the machine it was manufactured by General Steel Products and the winning bid was £160.

This Opico Magna 1200QF 12t mobile dryer was new in 2008, had worked 277 hours and was in tidy condition. From Lower Dean’s Farm it sold for £1,000. This Case 595XL was registered on an H-plate and carried its original Scats dealer stickers. It was tidy for its age although the front cab pillars were rusted. The rear tyres were Alliance Power Drive 16.9R38 with 70 per cent tread and the fronts were 7.50-16 with 40 per cent tread but were perished. The tractor was sold without its V5, and achieved a winning bid of £1,700.

With mounting brackets to fit a Manitou handler, this Protech P220 post rammer was in excellent condition and appeared to have had little use. It sold for £1,800.

With autumn just around the corner it’s an ideal time to be selling saw benches and this Technorton compact PTO-driven circular saw made £700.

This 4m power-harrow drill combination consisted of a Maschio Dominator power harrow and Sulky drill. It was equipped with SPI Regul-line technology which aligns seeds as they leave the metering units for even seed spacing. The combination hadn’t been used for five years but was in tidy condition. On a drill trailer for ease of transport it made £1,800.

There were plenty of items to suit the building and construction industries, (l-r) a Stihl TS350AV disc cutter didn’t achieve its reserve. Beside it, a Husqvarna 4750 disc cutter with a dust suppression system made £50, and a Stihl 540 disc cutter also with dust suppression sold for £60. These Nokian 16.9R34 Tractor Industrial tyres were on 8-stud wheels and had 80 per cent remaining tread. They sold for £260.

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£40 was paid for this chainsaw bench which appeared unused.

This elderly PTO-driven circular saw bench sold for just £10. It needed attention but the 65cm blade appeared hardly used.

P. BOWERS Construction

For all your building needs...

Please call for a chat – we are happy to help where we can


From livestock, grain stores, straw sheds and workshops (industrial and agricultural) All groundworks undertaken, from drainage to concreting! Lagoons and water holding/sewage treatment plants, etc, also carried out

07944 272 762 • peterbowers6@gmail.com November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 69

58-80 Nov.indd 69

16/10/2019 15:36

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The farm’s Manitou MLT845-120LSU 4wd telehandler was offered with pallet forks and a 2t grain bucket. It was on an 11-plate and had worked 2,740 hours. It had its original Ernest Doe Power dealer stickers and was on Michelin 460/70R24 tyres with 10 per cent remaining tread. The winning bid was £27,500.

This Reekie multi-purpose 6m low loader trailer had a hydraulic-powered drop-bed and it was rated at 6,120kg gross weight. It was manufactured in 1983 and was very tidy for its age. It sold for £1,800.

This John Deere 328A mower conditioner with steel tines carried a local Burden Bros dealer sticker. It was tidy, appeared recently used, and sold for £2,400.

A highlight of the sale was this Land Rover Defender which was one of the included lots and came from a local farm. It was a 2002, 130 High Capacity TD5 model, registered on a 52-plate and was sold with a full MOT. It had a set of Michelin tyres with plenty of tread and the recorded mileage was 12,130. The bodywork had quite a number of scratches and there were small dents in most panels. The cab interior was in need of tidying but strong competition between those keen to take it home pushed the price to £18,000.

FOR HIRE MT 765C•95E•85E•75E•55•45&35 all models in stock and available

Available with... GPS Guidance Creep Speed Transmissions Front Linkages Hydraulic Pick Up Hitches

In excellent condition, this Jappa 700 firewood processor was manufactured in late 2016 and had been used very little from new. It attracted competitive bidding and auctioneer Alan Mummery is pictured taking bids for the machine which eventually sold for £5,900.

This Browns tractor-mounted hydraulic log splitter was in very good condition and ready to work. It sold for £450.

An included lot from a local heavy horse enthusiast was this superb Kent Harvest Wagon with ladders. It sold for £1,800.


Hire by the hour, week, month or year – it's your choice

Ian Houlgrave


Tel: 01507 466352 Mobile: 0780 134 3023 Fax: 01507 462812 Email: ian@ianhoulgrave.com

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16/10/2019 10:45

Farm Sale

 A pair of very tidy Massey Ferguson tractors both sold well. On the left of the picture a 6480 Dyna-6 on a 10-plate had worked 2,500 hours and was in excellent condition. It was on Michelin AgriBib 20.8R38 rear tyres and 16.9R28 fronts – all with 80 per cent tread. The tractor was offered with a set of 10 front wafer weights. It sold well at £34,000. Next to it, an equally attractive 6716S Dyna-6 on a 17-plate was offered; with Michelin AgriBib 20.8R38 rear, and 16.9R28 front tyres – all with 90 per cent tread. It had its original Agwood dealer sticker and made an impressive £51,000. A large crowd assembled around the two Massey Fergusons and competitive bidding resulted in excellent prices.

Four well used 6ft cattle feeders sold for £10.

This cattle crush appeared serviceable and made £40.


A selection of trailers on offer included these two Marshall QM14 14t grain trailers. They were manufactured in July 2009 and both had hydraulic tailgates and grain chutes. Tyres were Ferndale Agri-Master 385/65R22.5 and approximately 25 per cent of the tread remained. The trailer on the right of the picture sold for £9,000 and the other made £8,900.

Two Jerry cans, both in excellent condition with one unused made £22.

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Inspecting a New Holland TS135A tractor which eventually sold for £16,250, are Peter Pinnington who is employed on a farm near Sevenoaks, Kent and his son Jim Pinnington who offers a contracting service with his own tractor and works for several local farmers too.

Call for more details!

In very tidy condition, this Iseki SXG 15 ride-on mower with an SBC400 collector had worked only 186 hours. Powered by a 2-cyl, 14hp diesel engine and with hydrostatic transmission, it had a 1.02m cutter deck. The winning bid was £2,300.

MAJOR Slurry Handling Solutions

Custom designed and manufactured using the highest quality components. The MAJOR Slurry Tanker is unique in design; the barrel is supported by a separate chassis, to prevent cracking. From 1150 to 4000 gallons in a variety of configurations Heavy duty commercial spec axle Internal baffle plates improve operator driver safety by preventing wave motions during transport

Range of trailing shoes, dribble bars and disc injectors also available

Tel: 01524 850501 www.major-equipment.com November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 71

58-80 Nov.indd 71

16/10/2019 10:46

...More on previous page Pictured enjoying refreshments during the sale are Richard Brace (left) and his father Rodney. Rodney, who is from East Peckham near Tonbridge, Kent, keeps sheep and said he had come to the sale to see what was on offer at the right price.

Two Ifor Williams trailers were on offer. A late 2002 GP106GM 3.5t plant trailer pictured had good tyres, a ramp and a John Page dealer sticker and made £1,250. The newer 2015, CT166 16ft long, 6ft, 6-inch wide, tilt-bed trailer behind came with ramps and sides and was very tidy. It was a very good buy at £2,000. Two Stihl chainsaws were both included items. Nearest the camera is an MS180 with a 14-inch bar and an almost new chain. It looked in good condition but failed to meet its reserve. The smaller MS120 behind appeared to be a 2012 model and had a 12-inch bar. The chain was in need of replacement but otherwise it looked tidy, and it sold for £90.

This pallet truck appeared to be in good working order and made £40. Also sold at an ideal time for autumn crop establishment, this British-built Proforge 4m Drillmate cultivator had been used very little and was almost as new. It was bought by the farm in 2014 and sold for £1,500.

These two toe jacks were an early lot. They were manufactured by Duff Norton and rated at 15t capacity each. The winning bid was £35.

A handy tip skip suitable for pallet fork mounting sold for £110.

Several UTVs were available for bidding including this Polaris Ranger Diesel 4wd which was very tidy and from the farm. It had power steering, and was on 25-10-12 front, and 25-11-12 rear tyres all with 80 per cent tread. Fitted with a weather protection cab it was registered on a 16-plate and equipped with a Datatag anti-theft system. The winning bidder paid £6,500.

These steel road forms were 10ft long and sold for £50.

One of quite a number of mowers on offer, this Vicon CM269 was new in 2008 and in tidy condition. It made £1,900.

Building and construction lots attracted interest from a large number of buyers. This Browns spring tine cultivator was a 4.5m model and in very good condition. It sold for £1,500.

In good condition for its age, this Law Denis D50 seed cleaner was offered with a full set of screens and attracted a winning bid of £30.

This Fransgard RV300 hay turner was manufactured in 2001 and was in very tidy order for its age. It had new tines and sold for £350.

This 3m, 9-leg chisel tine cultivator was well weathered and needed new wheels. It made £160.

These Avery scales complete with weights weigh up to 250kg and were in good order. They made £22.

A steel cantilever toolbox and leather tool holder with a large selection of useful spanners and grips sold for £8.

72 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

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16/10/2019 10:47

Farm Sale

In good condition for its age, this Kuhn mower was manufactured in 1990. It achieved a good price of £680.

A large Spearhead 4.5m 450-9S hydraulic-folding mower appeared to be in working order although the PTO shaft needed attention. It sold for £2,400.

Sold at an ideal time for use this autumn, the Kuhn 135 5F reversible plough was from Lower Dean’s Farm and made £7,500. It was in excellent order with almost new wearing metal throughout.

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An elderly Matrot electric drive side-knife achieved £20.

£3,400 was paid for this set of Dowdeswell 84-series folding discs. These carried a local Haynes dealer sticker and appeared to be in good order with plenty of wear left in the discs.

The Massey Ferguson 6270 Power Control 4wd on the left of the picture was a W-registration with 6,052 recorded hours. It was on Goodyear Super Traction Radial 16.9R38 rear tyres and 13.6R28 fronts, all with 30 per cent tread. The cab was tidy for its age; it had 5 front weights and sold for £14,500. Beside it, the Deutz Fahr Agrifarm 100 4wd was registered on a 58-plate, had worked 3,500 hours and was on Pirelli TM700 480/70R36 rear and 420/70R24 front tyres. The cab was tidy, it had a pick-up hitch and drawbar as well as 12 front weights. The original Arter Bros Ltd dealer stickers were still in place and it was an attractive lot which sold for £15,000.



Value: £15,000 On Fleet: £231.18

Trailers and implements included on comprehensive cover

£175.00 Comprehensive

from savings.

(£100 excess, on eet policy)


Our advisers can provide advice on all the services shown below

: :

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We are independent brokers (established in 1982) dealing with numerous insurers and hundreds of farmers throughout the UK.


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Value: £7,000 On Fleet: £122.52


Pickups, vans and lorries as well as private cars can be added to from:

Leek farmer reduced premiums from £1,357 to £941 Chester farmer reduced premiums from £5,100 to £3,812

Specialising in Insurance and Financial services to the Agricultural Sector


Sample Comprehensive Premiums from:

T H E FA R M E R ’ S I N S U R A N C E B R O K E R Since 1982

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t: (01332) 362367 I e: info@belmontregency.com www.belmontregency.com Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


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16/10/2019 10:47

Farm Sale

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Another lot sold at an ideal time of year was this McConnel PA5455 hedge-cutter with an RH1200 slasher head. It had its Haynes supplying dealer stickers and was almost as new having worked just one season. The winning bid was £12,000. This Amazone twindisc spreader was a ZA-M Compact model. It had standard 1,000-litre hopper capacity and an N1800 hopper extension increased capacity to 1,800-litres. The discs appeared to be in good condition and the spreader looked ready to work. It sold for £400.

 The sale of the farm’s New Holland combine attracted a good crowd of bidders and spectators. It was the last of the main lots to be auctioned. The CX5080 model was bought new by Tony Crouch in 2015 and was on a 15-plate. It came with its 6m header, a Shelbourne Reynolds C6000 header trailer and an oilseed rape side knife, and was on Michelin 710/75R34 drive tyres with 90 per cent tread and Continental 460/70R24 steering tyres with 70 per cent tread. Inside and out the combine was superb having only recorded 480 engine, and 390 drum hours during 4 harvests of the farm’s 130ha of cereal crops. Auctioneer Alan Mummery sold the combine, pausing first to comment that the late Tony Crouch had purchased the combine at the age of 84 on 4 years’ interest free finance and had been its only operator until this year. It sold for £75,000 to a dealer.


Bourne Rd, Carlby, Stamford, Lincs PE9 4LW

Stores Opening Hours 8am-7pm weekdays 8am-4pm Saturday 8am-4pm Sunday


Out of Hours 07968 266 479

Tel 01778 590 215 Fax 01778 590 282 www.easternfarmimplements.com


Members of the Lambert & Foster team at the sale with the New Holland combine. (l-r) Jonathan Booth, Ben Wombwell, Ryan Saunders, Alan Mummery and John Butler. 67657

Forklift Brackets Weld on forklift & loader brackets to fit most makes & models JCB/Matbro £68.50+VAT all others POA

All major Debit/Credit cards accepted • Same day despatch

Terry Birch

07966 233104/01529 455776 twbengineering@btconnect.com twbengineering.com


Tel: 01159630011 Mob: 07436272292 www.bemasweepers.co.uk info@bemasweepers.co.uk

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16/10/2019 10:49


Control parasites and protect performance at housing Housing is an ideal time to treat cattle for parasites and this can make a significant difference to productivity levels. So says Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health vet Sioned Timothy, who met with Rachael Porter to explain that parasitic infections are one of the most common reasons for poor performance and economic loss in cattle farming, even in the absence of clinical disease. Reduced feed intake, weight gain and impaired fertility can be attributed to a parasitic burden in growing cattle. And in replacement heifers the impact of parasites can extend into their first lactation, with reduced milk production. “Sustainable parasite control strategies are increasingly important for the production of healthy heifers,” says Sioned. “Appropriate treatments will help to ensure that they grow quickly, to their full genetic potential.” To achieve an average age at first calving of 24 months, heifers must reach approximately 60 per cent of mature weight by 14 months of age. This requires an average daily weight gain of between 0.7kg and 0.8kg from weaning and bulling. “Heifers have high nutrient requirements as they grow and prepare for calving, and a heavy parasite burden will draw on these resources,” she adds. “This will reduce the nutrients available for growth and slow the time the heifers take to reach their mature weight and become ready to conceive.” In strategically-wormed heifers, studies have shown increased mammary development and earlier onset of puberty, compared to untreated animals. “So monitoring heifer performance and diagnosing parasitic infections is important,” says Sioned. Before considering which

Sioned Timothy: “Ask your vet or animal health adviser for guidance.”

anthelmintic treatment to use, she adds that it is worth considering the performance of the stock during the grazing season, and how it compared with expectations or targets. “Growth rates of young stock in their first and second grazing season are useful indicators of effective parasite control.” She explains that losses in liveweight gain due to poor parasite control during a heifer’s first grazing season will not be recouped during the second year at grass. “Affected animals will not catch up, and this will impact on their ability to meet important growth milestones, which could result in an increased age at first calving. Monitoring growth rates throughout the year will help to identify individuals that may require anthelmintic treatment.” Removing parasites such as gutworms and liver fluke at housing will help to ensure heifers are turned out parasite-free in the spring. This helps to reduce pasture contamination at turnout, thereby lessening parasitic infection in the next grazing season. A targeted approach to parasite

treatments at housing increases the sustainability of anthelmintic control and reduces the selection for resistant parasites. “For this approach to be effective, producers must be able to identify individual cattle that are likely to have a parasite burden. This can be achieved through weight records and targets, or diagnostic testing, such as faecal egg counts,” says Sioned. “Alternatively, a strategic approach should identify groups of cattle for treatment based on a number of risk factors, including farm history, grazing practice during the summer, anthelmintic treatments while at grass, and any clinical signs of disease.” And the type of parasites likely to be present at housing should also guide anthelmintic product selection. “While the important gutworm species, Ostertagia ostertagi and Cooperia oncophora, are often both present at this time of year, their sensitivity to anthelmintics does vary – so ask your animal health advisor for guidance,” she says. Some combination treatments offer convenience by enabling the removal of a wider range of parasites,

such as gutworms and liver fluke. “Resistance to the flukicide triclabendazole is an emerging issue in the sheep and cattle industries. So care should be taken to preserve it for use in sheep, where there is no other alternative for treatment of acute fluke disease.” Alternative treatments for fluke in cattle include those containing closantel, clorsulon or nitroxynil. These treatments may need repeating at the appropriate time after the initial housing dose to ensure that all juvenile and adult fluke are removed and cattle are turned out fluke free. Dairy cows and heifers in calf have more restricted options for liver fluke control due to milk withdrawal periods. Advice should be taken from an animal health advisor. Finally, consider external parasites such as mites and lice, and ensure your chosen housing treatment provides adequate control. Warm cattle sheds can provide the ideal environment for the multiplication and spread of these parasites which cause itching and welfare issues, and can contribute to reduced performance through stress. ■

Worming cattle at housing offers performance benefits.


FEED ROUND BALES – Save up to 20% on feed bills SPREADS WITHOUT CHOPPING – Minimal dust UTILISE 1 MACHINE FOR 2 JOBS – Save time and money BED UP TO 10 METRES – Great bedding distribution FITS TO LOADERS & TRACTORS – Suits many applications NO ELECTRONICS – Simple to use and maintain DETACHABLE LOADING HEADSTOCK – Fast and easy reloading

BFR-180 CROSSFIRE TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! CALL US TO BOOK YOUR FREE DEMO TODAY! FG0119. Wessex International is a trading name of Wessex International Machinery.

T: 01264 345870 www.wessexintl.com

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The 20,000th Tomahawk Bale Processor rolled off the production line in September.

Livestock Adsorbent helps minimise mycotoxin risk A mycotoxin adsorbent, developed to be effective against the 11 most commonly occurring mycotoxins in animal feeds, has been launched by UFAC-UK. Mycotoxins are produced by moulds and fungi that colonise feedstuffs. And, even at low levels, they will reduce cow performance. “So herds will benefit from including supplements in the diet that bind or adsorb the toxins, rendering them inactive and excretable, and reducing the risk of mycotoxicosis,” says the company’s Mike Chown. Combining activated clay minerals with glycerine, the company claims that Mycotrap offers enhanced mycotoxin control and improved liver function when added

to cow rations. Independent tests show that the adsorbent has good binding capacity for a broad range of commonly occurring mycotoxins, including aflatoxins, fumonisin, DON and ZEN. It contains a mineral complex that effectively adsorbs the majority of mycotoxins known to cause reduced productivity and increased disease risks in all livestock. “As well as minimising the risk of mycotoxicosis, it has been developed to help the animal cope with the consequences of mycotoxin poisoning with the inclusion of glycerine,” adds Mike. As a precursor of glucose, the addition of glycerine helps boost the animal’s energy supply to fight infections by supporting recovery of the immune system. “Glycerine also helps to minimise the deterioration of feeds caused by the moulds, which produce mycotoxins by inhibiting mould growth in both feeds and mixed rations.” The typical feed rate for cattle is 25g per head per day, at a cost of around 6p per cow per day. ■ Toxins from moulds growing in feeds can cause mycotoxicosis.

Impresive milestone for Cornish business Hot on the heels of its 75th anniversary, Teagle Machinery celebrated the 20,000th Tomahawk Bale Processor to roll off the production line on 9th September.   The Tomahawk range was launched in 1984 with the ‘Lightning’ model, at a retail price of £700. More than 30 years and 20,000 machines later, the flagship Tomahawk C12 Calibrator retails for £69,905 and features an electric regulation system for driverless operation, with Bluetooth controls for remote operation. Through continual investment in product development, the Tomahawk range has grown to be the cornerstone of the company’s portfolio – which now features 14 models and contributes around 50 per cent to Teagle’s annual sales. Much has changed since

this family-owned business was established in 1943. The company now employs around 200 staff from its base near Truro in Cornwall and exports to over 50 countries worldwide on a regular basis. Continual investment in production technology utilising robot welding, CNC machining and powder coat paint has positioned the brand as a market leader in the straw processing sector on an international stage – with Tomahawk machines found in specialist applications such as landscaping and processing materials for green biomass energy, as well as agriculture. Sales director Tom Teagle said: “We would like to thank all of our customers, UK dealers, international distributors and members of the team at Teagle for their contribution to this significant milestone”. ■



Commercial cattle, pedigree calf, sheep pig competitions. Commercial cattle, sheep & pigand competitions Sheep and pig auction,auction Young Stock of the Year Grand Pedigree calves, of Person champions Final andstock Collegeperson Challenge.of the year grand final Young FREE PARKING PARKING & & ADMISSION! ADMISSION! WINTERSTOCKFESTIVAL WINTERSTOCKFESTIVAL.CO.UK WINTERSTOCKFESTIVAL.CO.UK WINTERSTOCKFESTIVAL @WINTERSTOCKFEST OR CALL 01733 234451 @WINTERSTOCKFEST OR CALL 01733 234451

WSF 2017 H133mm x W190mm v.1.indd 1

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High output feeder bedder showcased at UK Dairy Day Determine how your stock are performing at a glance with the

RITCHIE BEEF MONITOR • • • • • • • •

Kuhn’s Primor 15070 M was displayed at UK Dairy Day.

Kuhn Farm Machinery displayed a 15m3 capacity trailed feeder and straw bedding machine at UK Dairy Day (16 September); highlighting its extra-wide 2.53m body and ability to handle as many as four 1.30 x 1.20 x 2.70m rectangular bales, or three round bales up to 2.00m in diameter, at one time.   The Primor 15070 M, the largest machine in Kuhn’s feeder and bedder range, can be customised according to the layout of farm buildings, with a side or multidirectional discharge chute (GL model variant) enabling straw to be blown to the left or right. High output performance has been a key focus throughout the development of the machine, with two powerful intake rotors feeding the full 1,700mm width of the turbine’s input area. A bank of 6 hydraulic tines above the feed rotors enables intake settings to be adjusted and regulated according to the type of product being used, and to feed the turbine with an even supply of material. The turbine itself can blow up to 18m and is fitted with 8 bolt-on blades for pneumatic fodder separation. The Primor 15070 M uses Kuhn’s hydraulic unroll system to clamp subsequent bales in place and stop them from rotating while the first bale is being discharged. It is also equipped with a hydraulic tailgate, with a 1.2t lifting capacity for loading round bales. The floor

58-80 Nov.indd 77

of the body is fitted with a 14mm diameter chain conveyor with an optional boost floor available to provide extra feed conveyor torque for the distribution of heavy products such as grass silage. In common with existing machines in the Primor range, the 15070 M uses Kuhn’s disengageable belt driven Polydrive clutch system to drive the 2 feed rotors which are equipped with 30 cutting sections for ultimate control over cutting length and intensity. All Primor machines are capable of feeding all types of long-strand feedstuffs including straw, silage and haylage. Kuhn’s Cleanstraw dust control system is available as an option on the Primor 15070, or as a retrofit upgrade for existing machines. This facility reduces dust in livestock buildings by applying a fine mist of water to straw as it is distributed for bedding purposes. It comprises a 64-litre water tank and 3 misting nozzles mounted at the exit of the straw blowing chute. The nozzles are fed by a 12v/15amp pump, which provides water at a flow rate of 1.8 litres per minute, enough to treat 12-18 bales of straw at a rate of 1 litre of water per 100kg of straw.   The starting price for the basic Primor 15070 (with side chute and electric control) is £35,418. ■

Cattle weighed as they drink Data direct to desktop / mobile* Optimal weight of cattle at slaughter Reduced labour input Reduced feed and bedding costs Early indication of pen or performance issues Tipping drinking trough for easy cleaning Optional solar panel kit

* Cloud subscriptions may apply

01307 462271 • info@ritchie-uk.com


16/10/2019 10:52

The MULE SX 4x4 rides on 24 inch tyres and offers selectable 2WD and 4WD with Hi-Low dual-range transfer case and rear differential lock. Kawasaki PRO styling, tilting steering wheel and the dependable OHV 410cc engine, 181kg load and 500kg towing capacity make this is a true Go-Anywhere vehicle.

For more information or to find your local dealer visit www.kawasaki.co.uk




Wayland Farms, a British Pig Production business, is expanding and requires extra Finishing spaces.

Proud to be a British Farmer


Your perfect partners in pigs

We would like to talk to existing Finishers, people wanting Speak to to get into the pig industry with buildings to convert Andrew Crosser on: or offer various new build options. There’s no harm in talking about our competitive packages. 07721 409 335/ 01953 880 636 * within 120 miles of IP25 6LW


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Leading line up of judges at this year’s Winter Stock Festival The Winter Stock Festival, organised by the East of England Agricultural Society, is set to return this month (29-30th November), for the 12th year. Two days of hot competition will banish any seasonal chills as the best of cattle, sheep and pigs from across the country battle it out at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. Friday afternoon also features an auction run by event sponsors Melton Mowbray Market – the perfect opportunity to purchase new stock in anticipation of the Christmas market.

pedigree Charolais breeder Charles Marwood of York will decide the breeding ewe classes. The North of England Mule Sheep Association (NEMSA) single and pairs classes will be judged by experienced sheep breeder, Graham Taylor from Appleby. Sheep will be sold by Melton Mowbray Markets at the Friday afternoon auction.

Farmers of the future

Cattle Beef cattle are the heavyweights of the show, with classes for purebred and crossbred animals – Baby Beef, Pedigree Heifers, Pedigree Calf shows, Pedigree Calf Interbreed, Group of Three, and Supreme Championships – offering up something for everyone over the two days.

will judge the classes. Pig young handler classes will take place on Friday and judging covers animal handling, presentation and knowledge skills. Classes are for handlers under the age of 15 and aged less than 15 years and handlers aged 15-21 years on the day of the show. Pigs will also be sold by Melton Mowbray Market at the Friday afternoon auction.

Overall sheep champion and buyer.

Pigs The commercial pig classes are a go-to point for breeders, exhibitors and buyers. Friday features a range of butchers’ classes, including modern, traditional and cross-breed sections for both singles and pairs. Championships and Supreme Championships follow the individual class. Richard Taylor, managing director of award-winning catering and retail butchers Owen Taylor & Sons Ltd,

The next generation of farmers will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with professional exhibitors, thanks to the Festival’s Young Stockperson of the Year (YSPOTY) and College Challenge classes. Qualifiers for the YSPOTY class are running at various shows throughout the summer and autumn including Royal Cornwall Show, Royal Norfolk Show, Lincolnshire Show and many more. Also in attendance at the show will be a variety of trade stands selling agricultural-related products and services. The closing date for livestock entries is Friday 25th October. To view and download the schedule please visit www.winterstockfestival.co.uk Organisers are also looking for stewards for this year’s show. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Kerry Buttriss on kbuttriss@eastofengland.org.uk ■

Shorthorn champion.

Cattle section judges are Jason Wareham, who will be overseeing the commercial cattle classes, Sophie Harvey, (Aberdeen Angus and Hereford classes), Simon Key (Charolais and Simmental), Caroline Ivinson (Beef Shorthorn), Richard Burton (Lincoln Reds and Any Other Native), and Paul Walker (Limousin and Any Other Continental). David Thornley, from Hartshorne, Swadlincote, has the tough job of judging the overall pedigree calf interbreed and group of three.

Sheep The sheep section has seen a huge boost in entries in recent years and will showcase commercial lambs and breeding ewes of pure, cross, native and continental varieties. Livestock farmer Andrew Atkinson of Harrogate will judge the commercial lamb classes, and

College challenge classes allow farmers of the future to meet professional exhibitors.

09/09/19 A landmark at Teagle Tomahawk No. 20,000 rolls off the Production Line

Tomahawk 7100

(Available in Dual Chop)

Tomahawk 8100/8500 (Available in Dual Chop)

Tomahawk 9500/1010 (Available with Weigh Cells)

C12 Calibrator (High Capacity Mill)

Call our Sales Office: 01872 560592 for a brochure | View our full range WWW.TEAGLE.CO.UK November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 79

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Flexibility, Versatility Second to None

Act now to reduce risk of avian flu


Perfect for Deer Fencing MAXIMUM IMPACT including the strainers !

A Model to Suit Every Application Telephone: WRAG 01889 590275 Email: sales@wrag.co.uk Web: www.wrag.co.uk


EVO1 120o slew extending track Stand 921 Centre post frame

Wire unroller with drop down hinge

Front post frame • 300kg hammer • 75mm dia rock spike and extractor kit • 1m tele mast extension, max working height under cap 3950mm • 500mm sideshift • 2 way mast tilt • Transport position • 48hp Yanmar engine • Poclain transmission • Hydraulic mast leg • 1.6m outside track width • 400mm wide tracks • 500mm track extn so 2.1m outside track width • Foot stand and tow bar • 60 or 120 deg slew

tow bar

Poultry farmers should take action now to reduce the risk of avian influenza this winter, the UK’s chief veterinary officers have said. Defra recommends keeping areas housing birds clean and tidy, controlling rats and mice and regularly disinfecting hard surfaces. Footwear should be cleaned before and after visits and bird feed and water should be placed in fully enclosed areas that are protected from wild birds – with any spilled feed being regularly removed. Vets also advise putting fencing around outdoor areas and limiting birds’ access to ponds or areas visited by wild waterfowl. Where possible, ducks and geese should not be kept with other poultry species. It is also a legal requirement for those with 50 or more birds to register them on the Great Britain Poultry Register.

Those with fewer birds are also strongly encouraged to register. The H5N6 strain of avian influenza was confirmed in 21 wild birds between January and June 2018. While no cases were found in domestic poultry or captive birds in 2018, Defra says the virus is still circulating around the world, so it is important to take action to improve biosecurity. A joint statement by the four UK veterinary officers said: “Avian flu is a constant threat to all poultry, and with winter approaching there will be an increasing risk of disease incursion from migrating birds. It is therefore important that all keepers of poultry, including game birds and pet birds, act now to reduce the risk of transmission of avian flu to their flocks.” ■

Whitesbridge Farm • Margaretting • Ingatestone • Essex • CM4 9JT


Andrew 07971 079751•Steve 07974 956716 PROTECH MACHINERY LTD

Vis it o fu ur w ll p e rod bsi uc te t tr os an ee ge ou r



01277 356881 Opening Times Mon–Fri 8:30am–5pm Sat 8:30am–1pm

Woolridge Farm, Gloucester Road, Hartpury, Gloucestershire GL19 3BG British Built at Unbeatable Prices

e-mail: sales@protechmachinery.co.uk www.protechmachinery.co.uk


www.facebook.com/ dissupplies/

We are suppliers of Shearwell Tags

Animal Health Products Ear-Tags • Electric Fencing Wooden & Galvanised Gates Stock Fencing • Barbed Wire & Posts Drinking Troughs • Pipe Fittings Clothing & Footwear Kids Farm Toys



• Ignition • High & low speed tracking • Full rear controls • Electric throttle switch • Servo tracking controls OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE... • Post driver controls • Lowered rear idler for increased contact area, • Park brake and emergency cut off sealed bearings in all undercarriage running gear • Auger drive with auto drill function • Wire unroller with drop down hinge for easier loading of larger rolls • Auger sizes up to 250mm dia


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Potatoes – including BP2019

Potato show to tackle industry challenges With growers facing a changing industry and political uncertainty, this year’s British Potato Industry Event offers a varied and topical seminar programme – ranging from sourcing alternatives to lost chemicals, to finding funding for development post-Brexit. Sarah Kidby reports. Organised by AHDB, the bi-annual event brings together the entire potato industry, from growers and handlers to processors and retailers. AHDB’s potato strategy director Dr Rob Clayton says the main focus for this year is helping growers to prepare for and deal with change. Show visitors will be able to hear from researchers who have been exploring the alternatives to CIPC, as well as conducting national field trials for mechanical and chemical alternatives to diquat. Growers who have hosted some of the research work will also take to the stage to discuss the results so far, and there will be opportunities for questions and discussions. Additional presentations outside of the main programme will include a keynote open meeting staged by the National Farmers’ Union, focusing on the latest issues relating to our trading relationship with Europe. The Nematicide Stewardship Programme will also lead an open meeting. AHDB says the event is set to host a record number of exhibitors, with one in five coming to the show for the first time and launching entirely new products and services. Meanwhile, many regular exhibitors will also be bringing innovative new ideas. Show director Steve Wellbeloved comments: “Just looking at agronomy, there are new methods for indoor seed production using controlled environment technologies. While at the other end of the crop cycle, new monitoring systems can literally ‘sniff-

out’ the very first signs of trouble in potato stores.”

What to look out for While it may not immediately jump out from the seminar programme, Dr Clayton recommends attending the ‘Managing the future of your business’ session with two Herefordshire farmers, Russell Price and Martin Williams. “It is a session that looks at some of the soft skills and tools you need to be a successful farmer in today’s rapidly changing world,” he explains. “Russell and Martin have done a lot of work looking at why they farm, and how they can be more successful as businessmen and managers of people. They’re happy to share their experiences and discuss the future; we hope lots of others will join them.” Dr Clayton notes that as the show falls three weeks after the 31st October deadline for Brexit, the final session on day one (‘Funding and development in the post-subsidy era’) will take stock of the current situation. Commenting on supply and demand problems for potatoes in the UK, he says it is still very early to know how the market will settle down, but the live AHDB production estimate on day two of the show will give growers some additional insight.

What’s new this year? BP2019 will offer a Storage Network, giving all growers who store a chance


continued over...



Seminar round-up Day one No diquat, no linuron – what next? A run-through of the most effective available alternatives to diquat and other chemicals that have recently been lost or are coming up for renewal soon. This includes the results of the national haulm destruction field trials. Storage 2020: A look at the potato store of the future A round-up of key issues, including post-CIPC cleansing, using natural dormancy and available alternatives. Competing on a level playing field? A look at how the UK industry compares to Europe, as the changing storage landscape increases the chance of European imports. Managing the future of your business Practical tools, tips and information to help growers play to their strengths as the industry changes. Funding and development in the post-subsidy era How will farm businesses look when the Brexit transition is over and where can you find development funds?

Day two The AHDB production estimate – live! AHDB’s MI team analyse each factor that will affect the market (planted area, yield, varieties, imports/exports etc). Growers can get an in-depth look at how the season progressed in each region and for each part of the market. Understanding the consumer How potato sales have risen in the past five years, and how AHDB is planning to help keep markets moving. Millennials and misinformation A look at global trends and what drives the modern consumer.

Crop Drying, Handling, Refrigeration & Storage Construction. From Upgrades to Complete Projects, to Grow Your Business.

Consultation Design Construction Installation Maintenance Project Management

Call Mike on 01760 725990

e : mike@bennettcropstorage.co.uk w : www.bennettcropstorage.co.uk November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 81

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Potatoes – including BP2019

Popular harvester choice in the UK

BP2019 FACTS When: Where: Tickets and info:

Wednesday 20th November from 9am-5.30pm Thursday 21st November from 9am-4pm Yorkshire Event Centre, Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate HG2 8NZ www.bp2019.co.uk

...from previous page

Business hub

to have a one-to-one visit from a storage consultant. “We are working with agronomists and independent potato consultants across the country to give them the results of our research as soon as we have them, and then funding them to come to your store and help you look at the changes you’ll need to make post-CIPC,” Dr Clayton explains. “Growers will be able to sign-up for their visit at the show, and we’re expecting plenty of interest.” As in previous years, machinery will also be a big feature. New to the event this year is an outdoor display area, which will play host to large farm machinery covering all aspects of the industry – from seed to supermarket. Meanwhile, hall 2 will house a number of working exhibits demonstrating advances in post-harvest crop handling and processing.

Business topics will take centre stage in a special Trade and Innovation Hub (hall 1, area 114), where the Department for International Trade will look at export opportunities, while trade associations will be available for informal discussion on key industry matters. Alongside them in the hub, the Knowledge Transfer Network will highlight the wide-ranging support available for potato businesses of all sizes, which are keen to improve competitiveness through innovation. This will include practice case studies and informal presentations running throughout the show.

CPD anyone? For those keen to top up on CPD points for professional registrations, up to 12 BASIS points will be available across the two-day show. NRoSO points are also available for show attendance. ■

Four Kwatro Xtreme harvesters will be running in the country this year.

Machinery company Dewulf has revealed that a total of four Kwatro Xtreme harvesters will be running in the country this year. The selfpropelled, four-row sieving harvester maintains the full 3.6m width of its sieving webs throughout the entire sieving path, which makes the machine truly unique in its segment, the company says. This harvester, with a large 17m3 bunker, is ideal for growers who plant in 4 x 90cm, or grow in beds of 180cm. After sieving, the product

flow reaches the hedgehog unit for initial intensive cleaning, to optimise cleaning results in the following cleaning module (sieving module, axial module consisting of 36 rollers or Flexyclean). Furthermore, thanks to its 900mm wide tracks and the super-wide rear wheel (Mitas 1250/50R32), the Kwatro Xtreme promises perfectly flat ground after harvesting (with minimal compaction), has high traction, and is highly manoeuvrable. ■


Wetting & Water Conservation Agent

Nurture Sustain

Come and visit us at BP 2019, Stand 152

20th & 21st November, Harrogate, Yorkshire Event Centre

“I’ve been working with H2Flo for over four years and growers are seeing good results with significant boosts to yield as well as quality,” – John Cairns, Agronomist ProCam County Crops

Croptec, Hall 1, Stand 45 27th & 28th November, East of England Show Ground

For more information, please visit www.icl-sf.co.uk Call +44 (0)1473 237 111 Email prof.sales@icl-group.com Web www.icl-sf.co.uk www.icl-sf.ie

Potatoes.indd 82 ICL Group A5 1pp Advert Design - BP2019.indd 1

16/10/2019 10:59 03/10/2019 14:15

MIEDEMA MERCER MACHINERY Potato Handling and Irrigation Specialists


See us at

Stand No 228

Miedema Mercer Machinery Limited, Unit 2 Bowley Court Farms Hope-Under-Dinmore Leominster Herefordshire HR6 0PL Email sales@downsuk.com

Miedema Mercer Machinery Delighted to bring Downs Innovation & Performance to the UK!

FG_quarter_page_Ad.qxp_Layout 1 30/09/2019 12:17 Page 1 Telephone 01568 797601 www.downsuk.com

Boxed in

by letters, emails, calls and texts?

Break-out at BP2019... because nothing beats catching up, testing new developments and looking customers and suppliers in the eye!

The leading UK The leading UK manufacturer of manufacturer of rubber grading rubber grading screens for screens for all types of all grading equipment. types of grading equipment. •Rubber grading screens • Rubber •Rubber web coversgrading screens •Sample •riddles Rubber web covers •Perforated washer belts

• Sample riddles • Perforated washer belts Contact AGRI-WEB Ltd Tel: +44 (0) 2891275913 Web: www.agri-web.co.uk Email: info@agri-web.co.uk

For info & FREE tickets see: www.bp2019.co.uk

Contact AGRI-WEB Ltd Tel: 02891275913 www.agri-web.co.uk Email: info@agri-web.co.uk

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A family run business established in East Anglia for over 40 years


Complete Building Construction including...


Steel framed buildings Complete groundworks Mechanical handling equipment Drive on timber floors Building refurbishment For all enquiries

t: 01449 720256 m: 07774 633608 e: m.euston@sky.com

Wilwyn, Flordon Road, Creeting St Mary Ipswich, Suffolk IP6 8NH

Future proof potato machinery Puma 3, self-propelled 4-row harvester

* Potato friendly * High output * Comfortable cab * New option ACC: harvesting in all circumstances


J c a w M

www.avr.be All info on: www.avr.be or contact your local dealer: T 07818 030552 | E stewartb@peck.co.uk


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Potatoes – including BP2019

New machine lightens the load for veg grower Loading times have been dramatically reduced at one of the UK’s largest vegetable producers and processors, as a result of investment in a new machine. MH Poskitt Ltd – known as Poskitts – is a family-owned farming business based in Goole, East Yorkshire. It was the first to receive delivery of Tong Engineering’s new FieldLoad PRO machine in September following its launch in January. The FieldLoad was introduced as a ‘next generation machine’, based on Tong’s Fieldloader which it has manufactured for several years. Managing director Edward Tong said the new model was part of the company’s product development programme, which focuses on equipment advances that ensure equipment meets industry requirements and market demands. “The emphasis from growers on reducing crop miles and soil on the roads continues to be a fundamental element when specifying new grading equipment,” Mr Tong said. “In addition, changes in contract specifications for many growers has meant that loading crop straight into bulker lorries at the field-side is an

increasingly desirable way of doing things. This is where we have seen great demand for the new FieldLoad PRO machine since its launch.” At approximately 15m long in transport mode, the self-contained FieldLoad PRO configured for MH Poskitt features a high capacity reception hopper feeding Tong’s 6 Row EasyClean separator. After crop has passed over the EasyClean, it is transferred to Tong’s adjustable PU spiral sizing unit with high-speed self-cleaning function, for effective removal of smalls. An insulated 4-man inspection cabin houses the machine’s intelligent Auto-Touch HMI touchscreen control unit and completes the system, before crop transfers to Tong’s new-style slewing and foldable 1.3m wide cart elevator for high capacity loading. Fast and even lorry loading is achieved by Tong’s advanced Wi-Fi operated touchscreen remote control, ensuring gentle transfer of crop into the bulker trailer. The new machine also comes complete with road-going lights, suspension, brakes and a super-silent onboard generator which provides power efficiency for in-field operation. This can be bypassed

The FieldLoad PRO from Tong Engineering has reduced load times for Poskitts.

for mains power when operating on-farm. “We already operate a Tong Fieldloader which has proved to be very reliable across the multiple sites where it is used,” said managing director Guy Poskitt. “With increased contract demands we needed a second field-loading machine, and I’m pleased to say that within the first few hours of running Tong’s FieldLoad PRO, we could see the efficiencies that the new system will bring.” Poskitts farm manager Jamie Gutteridge, said the team was impressed with the new system,

which replaced an old system that featured a grader and supplementary loading elevators. “The FieldLoad PRO has reduced our lorry loading times by at least half. The machine is also versatile across all our main root crops. We’ve already used it to load potatoes, carrots and parsnips in one day, with excellent cleaning results. “Another huge benefit is that the FieldLoad PRO is fully transportable by tractor, and in less than 10 minutes we can have it completely folded into transport mode and ready to move on from field to field.” ■

You’re Invited! Join us at British Potato 2019 to help celebrate 10 years in business. We’ll also show you what’s new for 2020 with our Award-winning Automation Machinery Solutions.

    

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01354 638 222

13/10/2019 21:35

Potatoes – including BP2019

Avoiding costly breakdowns in potato equipment

Dutch agricultural company adds new brand to UK market The Tolsma-Grisnich Group, which offers solutions for product storage, processing and packaging, has added its third brand, Grisnich, to the UK market. Grisnich has been manufacturing handling and grading equipment for 60 years, gaining international knowledge and experience. The brand provides crop handling solutions – receiving, dry-cleaning/de-soiling, grading and conveying produce into weighing, packaging and palletising, or into washing installations. It has been three years since Farm Electronics became a subsidiary of the group. Both the Tolsma and Farm Electronics brands have their ‘specific’ UK or European potato, onion and

carrot storage solutions, as well as offering hybrid solutions with a mix of UK and Dutch equipment. The group says it recognises the challenges associated with providing a healthy and assured food supply for a growing global population. However, it believes innovation and development is the key to reaching this goal and overcoming these challenges. Grisnich, which has supplied equipment to industrial potato processors in the UK for several years, says it recognises the growing need for custom-made flexible solutions for its customers. Traditional standard technology is no longer sufficient and the demand for professional, intelligent solutions is on the up. ■

Those currently lifting potatoes will understand that, during the busy harvest season, it is vital to fit equipment with the best wear components. This helps to avoid costly breakdowns and maintain machine efficiency for longer, which can often be affected by premature component wear. Rubber and polyurethane wear parts therefore play an essential role in many aspects of the potato industry, including soil preparation, planting, harvesting, cleaning and packing. This need for reliability, durability and value for money is why the leading OEMs, dealers and farmers

use Clifton Rubber’s range of rubber and polyurethane components, which include harvester rollers, de-stoning stars, cleaning stars and cleaning coils to name a few. Clifton Rubber is a British manufacturer of general rubber and polyurethane components and has been manufacturing wear parts for the potato industry for over 40 years. The company will be exhibiting at the Midlands Machinery Show at Newark Showground (JCH2 Stand 18), and at the British Potato Event at the Harrogate Yorkshire Event Centre (stand 122) on 20th and 21st November 2019. ■

Clifton Rubber is exhibiting at the Midlands Machinery Show and the Potato Industry Event.


6000 What makes our 6 row haulm topper so versatile:  Front and rear mounted units give the perfect balance in both field and on the road  Shear plates to assist fine chopping of the haulm with choice of individual row or flat top bed deflectors  Replaceable ‘Hardox’ steel inner liner for hood protection  Heavy duty stub axles, wheel bearings and easy rolling oversize wheels  Greater variation in flail length to allow better flailing in the row bottoms with a steeply curved profile for maximum suction and prolonged wear life  Kevlar V belts increased to 5 belts per topper unit taking power transfer to a class leading 250hp  Floating parallelogram action on the rear units to allow each topper unit to freely move up and down over varying contours

Email: sales@scottsuk.com

Tel: +44 (0)1205 270128

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The natural approach to potato sprout suppression For use on fresh and processing crops Biox-M - the future is here Biox-M is a highly effective means of controlling sprout development in potatoes in store


A liquid sprout inhibitor for use on ware potatoes in store Contains 100% Spearmint Oil as a hot fogging concentrate



Peter Hall peter@junopp.com01622 831376 Nick Tapp nick@junopp.com 07775 785748 www.junopp.com Potatoes.indd 87

15/10/2019 16:00

      Residue free storage for potatoes

Check out real costs for Restrain Ethylene sprout inhibitor Easy to use, fry colours preserved and 100% residue free

www.restrain.eu.com T: John Hutchison 07872 190938 E: john.hutchison@restrain.eu.com


Blackburn Potato Chitting Crate The Blackburn Crate advantages include saving time and labour by using a forklift with a tipper attachment to fill the hopper with minimum damage, increasing acreage

Tractors John Deere, Case and JCB Fastracs 90-350hp Telehandlers Agricultural and Construction spec JCB’s 5-17 metre reach Plant Hire Excavators, rollers, dumpers, dust suppression' Trailers Grain, silage, dump and atbed Muckspreaders Rear and side discharge muckspreaders

Crates can be stacked up to 5m high, with unobstructed passage for light penetration and air movement

The design of the curved welded mesh interior, ensures that no surface of the potato is any more than 3� from the light, making inspection and control easier

Pellcroft Engineering Limited sales@pellcroft.com 01526 342466 www.pellcroft.com


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Potatoes – including BP2019

Innovative new product allows for in-field variability SoilEssentials Ltd, the award-winning, Scottish precision farming specialist, is ready to introduce its newest product, Tuberzone. Aimed initially at the seed and salad potato grower, this new-tothe-market innovation, – developed to allow for in-field variability – tracks and predicts yield and size throughout the season, giving you the optimum time for desiccation – maximising the peak value on a crop. New developments extend Tuberzone into starch, packing and processing crops, where it can be run on a large scale to inform the growers and supply chain of likely yield, size and total production. Three years ago SoilEssentials embarked on this ambitious project, supported by InnovateUK and in collaboration with McCain (the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products) and Grimme (the innovative manufacturer of potato, beet and vegetable technology). This year, supported by the European Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund (KTIF) through the Scottish Rural Development

Tuberzone allows for in-field variability.

Programme (SRDP), SoilEssentials has partnered with Grampian Growers, a farmer-owned co-operative based on the east coast of Scotland and SAC Consulting, SRUC’s consultancy division to increase the uptake of the innovative Tuberzone potato technology. Tuberzone is relatively new technology based on GPS, drone and satellite. Associated data from the activities required for Tuberzone are gathered, processed and analysed in the SoilEssentials cloud platform, Kore. A combination of all the sources of information come together, with a level of precision farming wizardry, to give the grower the pertinent information. Tuberzone is the first precision farming solution for potatoes that delivers on improved quality, predicting potato yields at the ideal time for crop management and enhances the way growers work already by reducing the number of crop digs needed. SoilEssentials


managing director, Jim Wilson explains: “Tuberzone is a Precision Farming solution that aims at not just cutting costs, increasing yield or improving resource use efficiency. It is a whole-season process aimed at helping growers, merchants, processors and retailers to fulfil


Sustainable refrigeration equipment

Crop storage equipment for potatoes, onions and carrots

market requirements. This will increase financial yields more than physical ones, reduce food waste and give more control of the crop to the professional potato grower.” If you wish to find out more, SoilEssentials will be exhibiting at BP2019 on Stand 170. ■

Intelligent climate control accessible by mobile devices

Intelligent climate control

Improving your agribusiness in an intelligent way Contact Alex or Adam on 01476 591592 or info@farmelec.co.uk


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Potatoes – including BP2019

Planning for potato storage without CIPC Biox-M trials in Israel.

With the withdrawal of approval for CIPC as a sprout suppressant on potatoes in-store finally sinking in, those who have not looked at alternatives will now be rushing to gain a little experience before CIPC disappears completely in mid-2020. Juno (Plant Protection) Ltd says many stores will be treated with Biox-M – a well-established treatment to control sprouting in potato stores – for the first time this autumn. The company says it is essential that growers and store managers appreciate that the

use of a new product requires particular diligence in store and crop management, as well as attention to the technical and best practice guidelines. Biox-M has been approved for use as a sprout suppressant in the UK for nearly a decade, and has been used on a wide range of British potato varieties with excellent sprout control. For fresh market and organic crops, Biox-M is well understood and in widespread use; it is part of the normal tool box and the company says market share is increasing

rapidly as growers gain experience. The processing sector is now playing catch-up and seeking to learn as much as possible from the 2019 harvest. Trials using Biox-M in large commercial processing crop stores on the continent have proved highly successful, and a number of British growers of processing crops are undertaking commercial scale trials with the 2019 crop. Biox-M is a 100 per cent naturally occurring spearmint oil, which suppresses sprouting in potatoes by causing local necrosis

of the bud meri-stem, with no visible damage to the skin of the tuber. It is approved for use on organic potato crops and can be used in multi-use stores. It is widely used on crops grown for the fresh market, with longevity of control well in excess of normal commercial requirements, and should be applied just before eyes open. This product can be used on processing crops stored at up to 10°C, thus allowing store managers to address concerns about the development of acrylamide. There is no harvest interval before crops can be removed from store and it is applied to stores as a hot fog using existing technology. It is most effective with internal air circulation used to ensure even distribution in-store. Biox-M may also be applied with an evaporative process, which maintains a saturated atmosphere at lower cost. In addition, the product leaves no residue in buildings or boxes. ■

myGRIMME • Customer portal includes map view; machine overview, “geofencing” and a link to the data exchange platform agrirouter

CAB • ErgoDrive Control Centre – superior operator control and productivity • Clean Control – saves operator settings for specific conditions • 2 Terminals + 2 Monitors and Visual Protect with on-board cameras monitor all machine and crop-critical functions • Comfort cab option includes fridge, heated seat and side windscreen wipers

NON-STOP BUNKER (7 TONNES) • Reversible bunker floor for non-stop digging • Ideal for bulk trailers AND boxes

TERRA-TRAC DRIVE • Inner turning circle just 5.3m – Platinum is highly manoeuvrable • Telescoping rear axle for reduced transport width and in-field stability with lower compaction

GRIMME Platinum Harvesters are packed with innovative features and technology for a better harvest. Your GRIMME dealer will put you in the picture.

November 2019 90 www.farmersguide.co.uk Grimme UK Ltd.

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DRAINAGE LIMITED Lodge Works, Great Ashfield Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 3HA


TEL: 01845 522990



TEL: 01845 522990

TEL: 01845 522990

HRS all

Email: trenchers@milesdrainage.co.uk




cialists e p s e g a in a r d the land












01359 259424 www.milesdrainage.co.uk

Graders, washers, tipplers and fillers - trust Haith to handle it. t +44 (0) 1302 831911 e sales@haith.co.uk Haith Advert Templates ART.indd 1

SIMPLY OUR BEST Everything you need from a quality de-stoner separator in one highly competitive package. Call Karl Arndt today for a demo

www.haith.co.uk 26/11/2018 13:48

British Designed & Built

Tel: 01485 520355 Mob. 07919 916918 www.rootcropsystems.com November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 91

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...and give away as little as 5 grams on a 25 Kg bag. Whatever the state of the potato market, rely on David Harrison to have the handling solutions to meet your needs. From simple Prinsen palletisers to the Symach’s ‘all singing, all dancing’ alternatives and from the incredibly accurate Propak weigher baggers to the tough and reliable SFC stitching line, they will keep your packhouse profitable and, with expert backup, fully operational. And when times are tough Harrison have the UK’s largest stock of used and refurbished potato handling systems.

Tel: 01353 740 666 sales@davidharrisons.com

Fax. 01353 741370


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Potatoes – including BP2019

Engineers build refrigerated potato box store Bennett & Co has recently completed a refrigerated potato box store, consisting of four 1,000t storage areas – each with Farm Electronics refrigeration/air mix units.

At the rear of the building there are external condenser units and soundinsulated air intake cowls.

Each storage area is to be controlled and monitored by the new Cropscan 12-inch touchscreen controller. This is linked to broadband so the store manager can view and control the store environment remotely, on a computer or smartphone. At the rear of the building (pictured) there are external condenser units and sound insulated air intake cowls. Along with insulated air distribution ducts and slow speed evaporator fans, this allows for significant noise reduction – which is required given the building’s close proximity to neighbouring properties. In addition, acoustic cowls have been fitted to existing potato stores on the site to meet the noise levels required. The four storage areas each have a Challow Products timber suction wall to ensure even air distribution through the boxes. Mike Bennett of Bennett & Co designed and managed the project, working with A. C. Bacon Engineering on the building; DG Scales on the ground works; and Harnwell Electrical on the electrical installation. ■

Coates depot to add convenience for farmers Clients of machinery company Grimme UK will now be able to order parts from either the Swineshead HQ in Lincolnshire, or the Ben Burgess Ltd depot in Coates, near Peterborough. In a move to increase customer convenience, Grimme and Ben Burgess designated the Coates depot as a Grimme parts partner. Parts can be ordered and delivered or collected from Coates, cutting lead times for

customers sourcing parts locally. Ben Burgess is one of Grimme’s leading UK dealers for sales of new and used potato equipment and supports a substantial number of its customers across East Anglia. Grimme sales manager Tom Goose welcomed the move and said it will set a new standard for parts support across the region, particularly inseason, when they often need to be sourced at short notice. ■



VISIT US AT BP2019 01787 242754

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Potatoes – including BP2019 Putting robotics in the spotlight Automated systems specialist, Pace Mechanical Handling, will put robotics under the spotlight at the Potato Industry Event (Stand 220). The company’s managing director and sales director, Nick Cesare, said: “We are demonstrating the capabilities of our competitively priced Universal Sack Closer (USC) for smaller growers as well as the GP7 pick-and-place robot on our stand this year. “It’s exciting to be working in an industry where robotics is playing an increasingly greater role in the manufacturing process. “We are pleased to be attending the Potato Event again this year and we are looking forward to showcasing our systems to existing and new clients and sharing some of that excitement with them.” The USC incorporates the Newlong stitching machine, combined with customised handling equipment that adds versatility to close sack filling solutions. The machines can handle any size of pre-made sack with flexible options on sealing, designed to meet customer requirements across a range of applications for food and drink

Updated de-stoner for UK growers

The Motoman MH180-120 robot.

processing, aggregates and animal feed. It is also conveniently heightadjustable and mounted on a heavy duty-frame. The touchscreen display allows simple and easy control of timers and machine setup, and a thread break device is incorporated as standard to prevent unstitched bags being created. The GP7 pick-and-place robot can be tailored to a customer’s exact needs and is designed to grasp, lift, and position items precisely, whatever their shape or size. According to Pace, this opens up ‘endless possibilities’ in terms of what produce or product types can be handled, and forms an integral part of the company’s palletising solutions. ■

The latest generation of de-stoner from Norfolk manufacturer CTM Harpley – the Rockstar2 – is now in work for UK potato growers. Growers including Heygate Farms and Eastgate Farms both used previous Rockstar models to provide the best possible growing conditions for their crops and have taken on the new model. Mr Wace of Eastgate Farms said he was pleased with the separation achieved, but with a greater output than his previous machines, not to mention reduced running costs and downtime. He also commented that the results were improved further by ridging with the farm’s new CTM Ridgestar Ridger. “It left

a much wider and cleaner trench and also a more even-sized bed of soil, which enabled full use of the de-stoner separation area”. Meanwhile, Ropa’s Keiler potato harvester is now being demonstrated on Norfolk farms. Launched in the UK when there were concerns over chemical restriction, the Keiler requires no pre-flailing as the machine has a diviner web to remove the haulm and trash from the tubers. CTM has also had great interest from customers in the quick release lifting head, which can be achieved in no more than 15 minutes, to enable different lifting units to lift crops of onions, carrots and red beet – a true all-round machine. ■




One contact for all your questions: Michael Gott T. 07769681976

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Terry Johnson Ltd Elevators & Conveyors


Palletising with Pace We Provide Performance | Accuracy | Commitment | Efficiency

Sugar Beet Cleaner Loaders MECHANICAL HANDLING LTD

01775 630 900


sales@robotpalletizing.co.uk www.robotpalletizing.co.uk

01406 422286 sales@terryjohnsonltd.co.uk

PACE Mechanical Handling Ltd, Wensor Farm, Main Road Hop Pole, Deeping St Nicholas Spalding, Lincs PE11 3HL



Join us at BP2019


to kickstart our 2020 celebrations

A leading independent Soil Analysis Laboratory in Sutterton, Lincolnshire. Specialising in Potato Cyst Nematode and Soil Nutrient Analysis. We are members of the Professional Agricultural Analysis Group (PAAG) and AHDB Proficiency Tests.

For further information please contact the office Tel: 01205 460590 Email: asa@angliansoil.co.uk 68031

Call 01508 473607 Mob 07748 500611 Fax 01508 471478 sales@ellisirrigation.co.uk www.ellisirrigation.co.uk


Order your




*Portable pump unit: Bunded, full acoustic enclosure, engine protection, Capari 80/43a pump, suction/delivery/ electric prime. Able to run 3 irrigators


Designed with you in mind



*A G5D 110/500 with computer/solar panel, offset trolley, hydraulic jack/staker legs/turntable, Komet 140 VA gun, inlet hose, floatation tyres, beacon


www.tongengineering.com e: sales@tongengineering.com t: +44 (0)1790 752771

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Mobile irrigation management system


Booms for lane widths 10 - 96 metres

Exactly the right hosereel for your farm

Advanced, JCB-engined, silenced pumpsets

Systems for dirty water and digestate

Raindancer remote monitoring and control

Water-saving tied ridger

Fixtures, fittings, pipework and more... See us on stand OS15 at BP2019 - Harrogate visit our website: briggsirrigation.co.uk call us on 01536 260338 or email: enquiries@briggsirrigation.co.uk

• • • • • •

Monitoring of Rainstar operation Optimize your irrigation management Automatic Error messages Irrigation control via mobile devices Team management Automatic reports

Röhren- und Pumpenwerk BAUER Ges.m.b.H. 8570 Voitsberg, Austria +43 3142 200-0, sales@bauer-at.com, www.bauer-at.com

02.05.16 08:30

he y 40s in t dustr ar in ye tter u sh

BAU_016_05 IN SmartRain 93x133.indd 1



DOORS We offer a made-to-measure solution to secure workshops and grain stores • Steel roller shutters can be operated by hand chain or electric using 3 phase or single phase motors • Standard finish is galvanised with colour options of Plastisol or Powder Coating • Access doors built into the shutter or positioned in the existing walls are also available • Shutters can be made up to 8m wide with wind anchors standard over 4.5m • With 40 years experience in the roller shutter industry call us anytime for a competitive price.

t: 01353 725 151 e: david@russellmillarltd.co.uk 96 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

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Potatoes – including BP2019

Best practice advice for the 2019/2020 potato storage season

With the end of CIPC crop treatment in sight, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is offering its top tips for sprout suppression best practice as we move into the potato lifting season. Recommendations for CIPC-treated stores With CIPC losing its authorisation for use on 8th January 2020, this season is the last to see harvested crop treated with CIPC in the UK and European market. As always,

final CIPA applications must be made in accordance with CIPA Stewardship and statutory label requirements, the maximum doses being as follows: 24g per tonne for the fresh market (limited to a single application of 12g per


JD Industrial Cooling

JD Industrial Controls

JD Power Systems

The UK’s leading independent supplier of bespoke long-term crop cooling and storage systems. • Box and bulk storage systems. • Glycol or direct expansion systems. • Rapid field heat removal. • Positive ventilation systems for ultra low CIPC residue control. • Ultra-stable temperature and humidity control.

• Heat recovery and free defrost systems. • Free cooling and CO2 ventilation systems. • Hydrocooling & rapid cooling. • Service and maintenance support 24/7, 365 days.

tonne for crops stored below 50C) and 36g per tonne for processing. It is worth noting that, although these are the maximum doses to ensure compliance, it is strongly recommended that a minimum effective dosage approach is taken in order to mitigate any CIPC residue contamination in subsequent seasons. For more guidance on CIPC compliance, visit www. cipccompliant.co.uk

when introducing it into stores. Combination treatments of MH applied during the growing season plus either ethylene or spearmint oil introduced post-harvest yield yet another set of results, significantly reducing sprouting in storage trials undertaken at Sutton Bridge. Make sure to consult your contractor and/or approval holders of your sprout suppressant of choice for guidance.

Alternative post-harvest treatments

Historical use of CIPC

If you have a new store which has not yet received a CIPC treatment, the AHDB strongly recommends that no CIPC is applied this season. Alternative post-harvest sprout suppression treatments are ethylene or spearmint oil (plus maleic hydrazide (MH) as a field-applied product), although research trials indicate that these are not as consistent as CIPC in effectively controlling sprouting, with certain varieties of potato responding better than others to their application. For ethylene in particular a gradual increase in concentration is required



We are proud to sponsor BP2019. Come and see us on Stand 161.

K53Z Range is built for yearround demanding rotating tasks

K54 – Europe’s best selling agri box rotator for any handler

Broadwater Machinery Ltd www.jdcooling.com Head Office: 01553 767 446

If you are currently storing potatoes in stores that won’t be treated with CIPC this year but have received such treatments in the past, these stores present an opportunity to test for CIPC residual levels to aid research. Any collected data will help towards informing regulators on a temporary Maximum Residue Level (MRL), and the AHDB would be keen to hear from you. If you’re unsure of your sprout control strategy or want to check best practice is being followed, whatever your choice of suppressant, the AHDB offers a free Storage Advice Line so you can speak to one of its storage experts. ■

Scotland: 01382 597 015

E: info@jdcooling.com

K80 forward tippler – gentle & quick box tipping. Very adaptable & easy to operate

01728 723221

e: broadwatermach@yahoo.co.uk www.broadwaterltd.com

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Field-level weather station to aid precision farming Every farmer knows how much rainfall, temperature and relative humidity can vary from field to field. With this in mind, Metos UK Ltd will be launching its new field-level weather station, ‘LoRAIN’. Harnessing modern communication infrastructures for work planning and disease management, it’s an essential sensor set for your field. Asked about the new product, managing director David Whattoff said: “Following customer feedback for a simple, low cost sensor which can be placed in every field post-planting, our LoRAIN device monitors rainfall, air temperature, humidity and leaf wetness. Combining these measurements enables growers to plan their irrigation and spray programmes more effectively, especially where distant fields are concerned.” Installation takes just five minutes and the data is available without subscription using the FieldClimate app or through the John Deere Operations Centre. LoRAIN also works from

an everlasting energy source – requiring no batteries to be changed.

Concrete solutions for potato stores and more ■

The new LoRAIN sensor is compact and easy to install within minutes.

Whether you’re looking to lay down a new concrete floor in a freshly-built potato store or replace a previous floor, SJ Stanberry & Sons Ltd is a family-run business offering unique turn-key solutions, with a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Taking on a wide variety of projects from yards, aprons or new storage buildings for independent farmers to a 12,500m2 distribution centre, SJ Stanberry & Sons Ltd has vast experience of laying concrete floors and has been offering its services to customers nationwide since 1980. The teams work hard to hone their skills and improve knowledge and working methods, resulting in a fast,


Concrete Flooring Specialist


All of our LED units come with a one metre lead and a 13 amp plug


01945 870076

• nationwide coverage • sales@sjstanberry.com • www.sjstanberry.com

professional brush, tamp or power float finish, with a high customer satisfaction level. The company offers groundworks and preparation, internal or external concrete flooring for all types of stores and sheds, aprons, anaerobic digestion tank bases and steel fixing. From experience, SJ Stanberry & Sons Ltd recognises that every site is different and poses its own challenges, for example difficult access, hills, ground conditions and so on. These differences require a flexible approach and versatility, with customer conversations and concerns key to the final service provided, which always aims to meet the needs and budget required. ■

Lights can be leap frogged Available in sizes 5ft to 12ft

Options: Free standing or hanging All our potato lights are made to order, of galvanised construction and come PAT tested Lead length can be extended to suit your individual requirements Delivery or collection options 68216

01621 828689 • www.kjengineering.com

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Potatoes – including BP2019

Water conservation agent shortlisted for new award Wetting and water conservation agent H2Flo, by ICL, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the first National Potato Industry Awards. “At a time when many growers are looking to reduce water consumption and improve farm efficiency, H2Flo has been proven to help significantly increase potato yields and reduce water use,” explains Debbie Nolloth, ICL specialty agriculture sales and marketing coordinator.   “It is essential farmers manage water effectively to help tackle issues such as water scarcity, crop quality and production costs. Containing a unique blend of surfactants, H2Flo promotes improved water infiltration into the soil, enhanced moisture distribution within the soil profile − both vertically and laterally − as well as increased water retention. “H2Flo can also reduce soil hydrophobicity in water repellent soils. Ultimately, it improves overall water use efficiency.”  

Lancashire-based agronomist John Cairns (right), of ProCam County Crops, offers advice to potato and carrot growers with soils ranging from sandy loam to peaty soils – many of which have no access to irrigation. “I’ve been working with H2Flo for over four years and growers are seeing good results with significant boosts to yield as well as quality,” he explains.  In a number of half field and replicated trials, potatoes growers applying H2Flo have reported increases in the yield of marketable size potatoes. “An application of H2Flo around emergence, followed by another half dose four weeks later, has shown the best results – delivering a good return on investment. Those with irrigation are reporting significant improvements to moisture distribution

following the first pass. Many of my potato and carrot growers are now treating the majority of their fields with H2Flo.”   ICL’s UK trials have shown this improvement in productivity can directly boost farm profits by over £1,000/ha. Where irrigation is not available, H2Flo helps make rainwater more available to the crop. For convenience, H2Flo can be applied a number of ways, either tank mixed with, for instance, a blight spray, or by trickle irrigation.  “With water becoming such a key issue for UK farmers, we are delighted H2Flo has been shortlisted for this new National Potato Industry Award,” Debbie says. ICL’s stand at BP2019 and CropTec this autumn will also feature controlled release fertilisers (CRF). Part of the company’s vision for a more sustainable method of farming, CRFs can deliver benefits in efficiency,

economy and ecology. Two controlledrelease NPK fertilisers ranges – Agromaster and Agrocote – will also be showcased on the stand. According to ICL, employing its patented E-Max technology, 30-40 per cent of the N in Agromaster is coated and released over a 2- to 3-month period − depending on the product selected − even if rainfall is high, without leaching away from the root zone. The release of the product is controlled by temperature only. The remaining N is uncoated, promoting early development. Agrocote is ICL’s coated urea product. Technical personnel will also be on hand at the event to talk about ICL’s portfolio of Nova Straight water-soluble fertilisers, including the patented PeKacid.  The winners of the first National Potato Industry Awards will be announced at the Harrogate Yorkshire Event Centre, on the first night of BP2019 on 20th November, 2019. ■


e m us 03 Co ee 19d 2 s d an 20Stan BP2 •

ll Ha




Weather Forecasting

Disease Models

Water Management

Workforce Planning

iMETOS LoRAIN is designed to be easily connected to an existing LoRa network. For remote situations without the availability of a commercially operated LoRa network Pessl Instruments partners will support you with a farm based LoRa network which enables you to install all available LoRa sensors.

Contact David Whattoff on 07752 426006 david.whattoff@metos.uk metos.uk

• ALL parts for Handling Systems available • Sole Manufaturer of PLASTIC SCREENS – 30, 35, 40, 42.5, 45, 47.5, 50, 52.5, 55, 57, 60, 65, 68, 70, 75 & 80mm • Pre-owned machinery - “sold as seen” or fully refurbished • Service Work undertaken using experienced engineers

Contact us NOW on 01945 430983 www.hub4parts.co.uk NOW EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR

Modern, Efficient & Fast End of Line Palletisation www.agristack.co.uk


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• AgriScot attracts almost 12,000 farmers and other agri-professionals from all corners of Britain and beyond. Held at the Royal Highland Centre, right next to Edinburgh airport, visitors can fly-in, fly-out on the same day. The location also means easy motorway access and a direct tram route from the main-line train station at Edinburgh Waverley.

Key reasons to attend:

This year the event will feature over 240 trade stands plus a machinery hall packed with the latest information, innovation and advice to help today’s farmers get the most from their business. The free-to-attend business seminars at AgriScot are a major

BvL half page v2.qxp_Layout 1 30/09/2019 12:42 Page 1

attraction year after year. For 2019 the packed programme will include political debate, new entrant advice, digital accounting and a sneak insight into the Oxford Farming Conference. A main ring demonstration of beef cattle management techniques and workshops with appeal to all farming sectors will take place throughout the day. The beef demonstration is recognised as one of the main attractions at the show. The Farm of the Year Awards are a big deal. Awards are made annually to nominated farms, judged by the assessors to be the best arable, beef, dairy and sheep units in Scotland. The annual silage competition is organised by Andrew Best, from sponsor Watson Seeds. "AgriScot chairman, Robert Neil, explains how the competition fits in with the overall event: AgriScot is attended by a great many livestock farmers and, indeed, contractors, for whom quality silage production is hugely important. We are always looking to showcase best practice at AgriScot and rewarding the

AgriScot 2018 beef, sheep, dairy and arable farm of the year award recipients.

fruits of successful silage-making is part of that overall aim. ” The 2019 competition will see prizes of over £5,000 awarded. The AgriScot Business Skills competition encourages young farmers, students and other young agricultural professionals to demonstrate and further develop their farm business management skills. The final of the competition takes place on the day of AgriScot, with the winner presented with a cheque for £1,000 courtesy of sponsors, Dairymaster. Previous winner, Andrew McGregor, had this to say: "Being involved in the AgriScot Business Skills competition was a real challenge and a good introduction to planning projects on-farm. As a young person in farming there are not many chances to be the main decision-maker when it comes to major investment, so to get the experience doing that within a competition was a great opportunity.” Andrew was recently appointed as chairman of the SAYFC Agri Affairs group, and is keen to add that the competition is not solely for students – it’s open to anyone under 26 years of age. The AgriScot Product Innovation

Quality mixer ... Quality mix ... Quality assured

BvL - German engineering at its best. Capacities from 5m3 up to 46m3 with a wide range of specifications and options, including unique options to suit all your livestock TMR needs. North: Paul McUrich - 07810 040100 / paulmcurich@gmail.com South: John Molton - 07947 719985 / john.molton@bvl-group.de www.bvl-group.de

40 years of Vmix development

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AgriScot 2019 FACTS When: Wednesday 20th November 2019 Where: Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh EH28 8NB Entry: Free to attend. Fast-track entry registration available online More info: www.agriscot.co.uk

Award is presented at the show. The award is open to all AgriScot trade stand exhibitors and judged by a panel of expert judges on the day prior to AgriScot, enabling award certificates to be proudly displayed to visitors on the big day. AgriScot is the number one winter business event for new product launches. The event has regularly hosted the UK public debut of machines from major manufacturers. Top dairy cattle from throughout the British Isles make an annual pilgrimage to AgriScot to compete for the prestigious Super Cow and Super Heifer titles in the Dairy Championship. The dairy cattle judge for this year has been announced as New Zealand farmer and pedigree breeder, Selwyn Donald. With his ancestors originally hailing from Ayrshire, Selwyn is the fourth generation in his family to farm from New Zealand and milks 400 cows on

the outskirts of the Featherston Township. He comments: “With all of my family history, I am very excited about AgriScot!” In total, £25,000 in prize money will be up for grabs due to sponsors including NWF Agriculture, Moredun, Turcan Connell, Kilpatrick & Walker and more. With the whole event undercover, it can cope with even the worst of Scottish November weather.

Social media activity AgriScot is very active on both Twitter and Facebook. Look out for increasing activity as the 2019 event approaches, and on the day of AgriScot. Twitter is a useful platform for AgriScot visitors and exhibitors to interact and exchange information. If you follow @AgriScot and use #AgriScot, you’ll be able to share your views, find out more about exhibitors’ products and services, discuss seminar topics and interact with other AgriScot visitors, all in real time. ■

Celebrating 40 years of diet feeder manufacturing It’s 40 years since BvL introduced the first vertical feed mixer wagon to the market, during which time the company has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diet mixers. Today, the BvL V-MIX range of diet feeders covers a wide range of machines, available in single, twin and triple auger variants and capacity from 3.5m3 up to 46m3. A wide range of specifications and options are available, allowing each machine to be tailored to the needs of all types of farm and livestock. BvL will display a 17m3 capacity, twin auger, single axle diet feeder at Agriscot. The powerful mixing augers are made from high quality steel with Hardox leading edges and adjustable knives with mixing wedges in the mixing hopper. A unique feature of all BvL diet mixers is the patented EDS (Exact Dosing System) discharge. This is designed to provide consistent, even forage discharge, deposited in a loose swath. Doors on both the left and right hand side of the feeder even allow the mix to be deposited

on both sides simultaneously. A wide range of additional discharge door options are available, as is a discharge conveyor. A further option unique to BvL is the availability of special coatings and hardened components. This option is particularly suited to beef cattle rations and large dairy herds. Also on display will be a BvL Mega 180 shear grab, which is designed to provide a clean cut, leaving a clean face to the clamp. The Mega 180 has a total capacity of 2.25m3 and is constructed from wear resistant steel. ■


SPREADING TECHNOLOGY Dribble bar systems from Vogelsang are well-known for their nutrient-efficient, ground-level application with the highest distribution accuracy. This is only possible because of robust frame structures, variable management of part-width sections and an optimised hose layout. Vogelsang’s dribble bar systems also provide innovative customised solutions and include the most reliable and compact precision distributors with a coefficient of variation less than 5 percent. vogelsang.info


180130Nov.indd product advert 100-116 101 agriculture 188x132mm EN 3001.indd 1

05.02.18 12:07 16/10/2019 11:14

Midlands Machinery Show

Reinventing the wheel

The new PRR-610-LW wheel offers greater durability than the original equivalent part.

Visitors to Agricast’s stand at this year’s Midlands Machinery Show (20-21st November) will be the first to see the company’s new PRR-610-LW wheel and range of subsoiler points. Following the successful launch of the 610 and 710 Press Roll Rings at last year’s show, the company has developed a lighter version of the wheel. The new PRR-610-LW is designed for use on Simba SL and DTX machines, which use 276mm diameter steel tubes. Agricast says it is fully compatible with original parts and offers greater durability than the original equivalent part. “When we reinvented the wheel last year with the introduction of the 610 and 710 Press Roll Rings there was incredible interest in them,” explained general manager William

Robinson. “We hope to create the same amount of buzz at this year’s Midlands Machinery Show when we introduce people to the PRR-610-LW. “We’ve worked very hard to engineer a new wheel that offers exceptional value for money combined with the highest quality and longevity. We have also been hard at work developing a new range of ProLift Points which offer exceptional durability through the use of Tungsten Carbide and hard facing.” Agricast’s new Heavy Duty Pro-Lift Points will make their show debut at the November event alongside the PRR-610-LW. The stronger and longer lasting part was developed because farmers were reporting faster wear on standard points, due to harsher weather conditions. The new point,

which is designed to fit Simba Pro Lift legs, is substantially broader on the front end and over a kilo heavier than Agricast’s range of standard points. “Last year’s weather was challenging for many farmers and conditions this year have been no different in some areas of the UK,” Mr Robinson added. “We heard over and over again that the dry conditions were increasing wear on points, so we decided to do something about it. “We’ve taken our standard point, which is an extremely popular part, and added extensive Tungsten Carbide and hard facing to it. We’ve also made the point slightly wider and heavier. The result is a replacement part that has proved incredibly resilient in tests. We hope it will be a popular choice.” As well as the new point and press

roll ring, Agricast will once again be showcasing its High Strength Wheel. Since unveiling the wheel at last year’s Midlands Machinery Show, it has sold over 1,000 of the 24-inch, 8-spoke super strong wheels. The 1,000th wheel arrived in New South Wales, Australia, just before the show. As well as being stronger than alternatives, Agricast said it is significantly cheaper than comparable wheels and will fit most leading machines – including Cousins, Dal-Bo, HE-VA, Twose and Simba/Great Plains. “We’ve been really pleased with the way our High Strength Wheel has been received,” Mr Robinson noted. “We developed this new eight-spoke design to offer farmers, contractors and manufacturers a stronger ring at a more competitive price point compared to Ductile Steel. “We spent a lot of time on the computer designing this new ring to ensure that it’s as strong as it can be. We undertook load analysis and extensive testing to ensure it is robust and long-lasting. Unlike other rings on the market, the key advantage of the Agricast High Strength Wheel is that the wearing edge of the ring still contains plenty of metal compared to its rivals.” Established in 1987 and based on the family’s Lincolnshire farm, Agricast is the UK’s leading Cambridge roll ring specialist and also supplies a wide range of press rings, disc blades and subsoiler wear parts. The company also offers bespoke alterations and fabrication services. Visit Agricast on Stand 27 at the Midlands Machinery Show (20th and 21st November), in the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall, Newark Showground. ■



NEW SIM CARD DELIVERED RTK SERVICE ACROSS ENGLAND We can work with all makes of machinery and GPS equipment with this service IN COLLABORATION WITH ALL MANUFACTURERS

Please see us at


Stand No JCH1 23


Call for a quote 01223 902331

| RTKFarming.co.uk

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Superior and unique cutting action




FROM £6,600*

FROM £3,800*

FROM £5,950*


100-116 Nov.indd 103


See us on Stand OS C1 at


14/10/2019 00:24



See us at

PRODUCT RANGE › Hedgecutters › Firewood › Log Splitters › Agricultural › Forestry › Flails › Excavator Attachments › Firewood Grapple › Saw Attachments › Remote Control Mowers


› Used Machinery › Rotor Balancing › Spares



› Agriforest Log Grab

› Lipa HD Excavator Head

t 01789 763958 • f 01789 400330 • m 07836 589699 • e sales@joeturnerequipment.co.uk • www.joeturnerequipment.co.uk

www.perryofoakley.co.uk sales@perryofoakley.co.uk +44 (0)1404 890300

Since 1947

The UK’s Most Experienced Manufacturer of Materials Drying & Handling Equipment

Cereals & Crops - Grass - Herbs & Spices - Woodchip - Sawdust - Anaerobic Digestate • Continuous Flow Grain Driers & Belt Driers • Chain & Flight Conveyors

• Belt & Bucket Elevators • Aspirator Pre-Cleaners • Augers & Screw Conveyors • Levelling Conveyors • Belt Conveyors • Ducting & Valves

Mr Doug Dear of Osgodby Grange, Selby, Yorkshire said: “Our new system by Perry of Oakley Ltd & Thompson’s Engineering Ltd is so quick, easy & simple now that is’s made life so much easier. We are more than happy. The build quality is excellent, I’ve seen the competition, there’s more metal in it & its just good gear!” See us at Midlands Machinery Show 2019 - 20th & 21st November!

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Midlands Machinery Show

“Fantastic results” from moisture monitoring system







19 20


ac M Visit h id us a gr i n l a t t h ou e e nd r n d ,2 y s 0t h – Sh 21 o st w N

near Grimsby, assistant farm manager The ability to accurately and Mark Storr was looking for a way to automatically check moisture increase the efficiency of the existing content of wet grain while it passes through a grain drying plant has long grain drying plant. BDC Systems was able to supply a new control panel been the challenge for grain dryer with integrated Moisture Monitoring suppliers. System and remote access. After many years of research Mr Storr said: “I found myself in and development, BDC Systems the situation where the grain dryer Limited – which is celebrating its required more of my attention during 25th anniversary this year – now the harvest period, and I can’t be in has its own system, which became two places at once. commercially available this spring. “BDC Systems in conjunction with Using bespoke sampling units its dealer Peacock and Binnington designed and developed by the was able to engineer me a solution company, grain is taken from both that allows me to remotely monitor the incoming (wet) elevator and and adjust my dryer from anywhere outgoing (dry) elevators on a plant. with a 4G signal. And the fact that These samples are then processed I can keep track of the moisture through a multi-chamber duct, content of the grain entering and incorporating a Sinar moisture leaving my dryer means I can leave it probe specifically designed for this for extended periods, freeing me up application. Live readings showing to do other jobs.” the moisture content of both BDC’s technical manager and samples in a percentage format are head of product development, Matt displayed on a screen, along with a Grainge, commented: “Following graph showing the moisture trend. extensive on-site testing at several Historical data is also stored in the system’s memory for future reference. plants around the country over the past few years, it’s very pleasing that Due to a change in staffing this system is proving itself1a valuable arrangements at R Caudwell Spald-FmGde-Hlfpg-Nov19 7/10/19 09:58 Page tool in the real world. We are even (Produce) Ltd, based in Ludborough

more excited about the next phase where this information is used to predictively control the dryer; we have had some fantastic results this harvest.” Much of the product development was carried out with the assistance of Benny Smith of Manor Road Farm in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Mr Smith commented: “After three years of development work at my grain store, the BDC Moisture Monitoring System has now become a valuable tool during the harvest season. “I can instantly see any changes in grain moisture going in to the dryer or coming out, and react accordingly. It’s easy to operate and the information is easy to see at a glance. This is what I have been waiting for!” Another of the test sites was Kensham Farms near High Wycombe. Owner Charlie Edgely said he was hugely impressed: “It’s absolutely fantastic. It saved precious time during harvest because at a glance I could see which way the incoming and outgoing grain moistures were trending and I could make adjustments to the dryer accordingly.

“I can instantly see any changes in grain moisture going in to the dryer or coming out, and react accordingly” – Benny Smith, Manor Road, Oxfordshire.

“Previously, wet samples were taken from the intake pit and dry samples had to be taken from the final destination bunker, which could be awkward and time consuming. Everything is now really convenient: we have the sampling point next to the grain store office and the control screen in the office next to the other grain store control panels.” ■


replacement parts to everyday essentials delivered direct to your farm the next working day *…




• Quality assured replacement Par ts • Crop spraying and irrigation • Crop storage and pest control

• Farm machinery • Workshop tools and equipment • Tractor and trailer equipment

• Paints and treatments • Personal protection & Hygiene • Livestock and estate management

Call: 01522 507600 • Visit: www.spaldings.co.uk facebook.com/spaldings.ltd | twitter.com/Spaldings *Free same day despatch on all stock items (orders before 4pm, mainland UK). Minimum order value applies, ask for details. Spaldings par ts are designed and manufactured for Spaldings to exacting quality standards and are supplied to fit machines indicated and are not sold as genuine par ts.

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Midlands Machinery Show

Drying silos bring advantages over on-floor system A Buckinghamshire farming business has reported many benefits from its latest investment in a grain drying silo system including easier management. The Carington Estate’s first drying silo was erected in 2016 and a further silo system has recently been installed at another of its farms. The new Sukup Europe stirring drying silos installed on the Carington Estate. The new 42ft telehandler for loading or unloading,” he added. diameter Sukup Europe stirring drying silos “We have experienced grain compaction have a storage capacity of 592t. They are filled and restricted airflow when pushing up damp and emptied through a Skandia I-Line conveyor grain with a grain pusher in our floor stores but system with drive-over intake pit. The silos have this is not an issue in the silos. With the stirrers a powder-coated paint finish to the wall sheets operating from an early stage of the filling to blend in with the many trees that surround process, drying and conditioning is quicker and the site. cheaper. Chris Singer, farm manager at the 1,675ha “The silos are easier to manage, require less farming business said that compared to the power for drying and also have tax advantages business’s on-floor drying stores the silos have over buildings.” a smaller footprint and are vermin proof. “With A further fourth silo is due to be erected at the the intake pit systems that we have installed it original site this autumn. is quicker, easier and tidier to fill and in some Sukup Europe will be exhibiting at the situations this means that we can run one less Midlands Machinery Show 2019. ■ tractor and trailer and there is no reliance on a

Growth for rear discharge spreader range Machinery company Harry West has announced that it will increase its product line up, following the successful introduction of the West Maelstrom rear discharge spreader. The range has been increased with the addition of optional items to give four new capacity machines. Maelstrom 8 is now available in the following sizes: Maelstrom 8, 8m³; Maelstrom 8 c/w timber extensions, 10m³; and Maelstorm 8 c/w galvanised extensions, 12m³. The Maelstrom 14 will also be available in the following sizes: Maelstrom 14, 14m³; Maelstrom 14 c/w timber extensions, 16m³; and Maelstrom 14 c/w galvanised extensions, 18m³. ■

Harry West’s range has been increased to give four new capacity machines.

The annual event for the agricultural machinery industry to connect and trade 20 & 21 November 2019

Visiting the Midlands Machinery Show was a fantastic chance for us to network with local businesses from within the industry and learn about the latest innovations.”

More exhibitor stands than ever

Basis & NRoSO points available

Technical seminars

Free parking and easy access

Product demonstrations

All day breakfast and refreshments

Lily Smith Fenner Precision Polymers UK

Register your attendance online

1 2


New layout for 2019


4 5


9 8



10 13

Learn more at: www.midlandsmachineryshow.com



Newark Showground, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY

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Come and see the versatile VENTRAC on our Demo Plot

Fentons of Bourne Ltd Kate’s Bridge, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs PE10 0EN

Homburg Dynamic Drive 1.0


Better control with HDD while flushing your drains

With over 25 different implements the Ventrac 4500 compact tractor is an invaluable multi-purpose tool for a multitude of farming and agricultural applications

See us at the

Stand GSEH9

Interested? Please contact Glen Bellamy tel: 01778 560466 mob: 07767 816555 web: www.fentonsofbourne.co.uk

Fentons of Bourne Ltd

Press Roll Rings 01673 857619 info@agricast.net


Tel 01778 560466 or 01778 560425 Mob 07767 816555 www.fentonsofbourne.co.uk



SPECIAL OFFERS FOR ALL ORDERS PLACED ON THE DAY November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 107

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For more information visit

www.lucasg.com @LucasG_UK

UK & Ireland Sales: Jan Soukenka 079300 50108


www.cherryproducts.co.uk www.cherryproducts.co.uk

01608678 678 197 197 01608

Grain Pushers

East Anglia’s Premier Cleaning Equipment Supplier Pressure Washers • Steam Cleaners • Vacuum Cleaners Cleaning Chemicals • Janitorial Products • Machinery Hire

• Heavy duty design • Circular tube frame to reduce grain traps • Bolt on extension can be added

• 8mm thick blade with a nylon wear edge to protect grain flooring See us at the

X-Form Grain Buckets

Stand OSM 3

• Designed to crowd back level and offer the very best dump angle available • Our Grain Buckets are purpose built to suit your machine • The X-Form Grain Buckets are constructed from Domex steel which gives unrivalled strength and value for money


Nov 20th–21st See us on STAND LE 28 HUGHCRANE.CO.UK


@cherryproducts 68055



Acle, Norfolk, NR13 3ES T: 01493 688250 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, PE7 1UF T: 01733 286931

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Midlands Machinery Show

New L-Line spreaders ‘offer improved performance’ A new range of tractor mounted twin disc fertiliser broadcasters has been launched for the small-to-mediumscale grassland or arable farmer. Keith Rennie Machinery (KRM Ltd) says the new line improves spreading performance and ease of use. The new L-line consists of 2 models with capacities to match 600kg big bag sizes. The L15 has a basic capacity of 700 litres (approx one bag), which can be increased by adding easy bolt-on extensions to 1,600 litres (approx 2 bags plus a spare), and offers spread widths from 12-18m. The L20 also has a base capacity of 700 litres (approximately one bag), which can be increased to 2,050 litres (approx three bags plus spare) and offers spread widths from 12-24m. According to KRM, the L15 and L20 have an overall hopper width of 2.1m for safe transport on narrow roads, or where access is limited. Both models feature a redesigned chassis to ensure all surfaces are angled to prevent fertiliser being trapped. The modern curved hopper design, without sharp corners, prevents fertiliser lodging and allows easy cleaning. Warning

reflectors are built in to the front and rear corners for extra road safety. At the heart of the new M-Line is KRM’s proven Trend spread unit with two large diameter discs, which rotate toward the centre to gently accelerate fertiliser – giving a wide four double overlap spread pattern. This ensures an accurate and even application with ‘tolerance’, so variations in product, cross winds or driver error have little effect, with less risk of striping. For headland spreading, the disc direction is reversed so that fertiliser runs on the shorter back of the Trend vane to give a precise level spread with sharp cut-off to the field border. To meet environmental and crop assurance standards, the operator can adjust the headland spread from the tractor seat, simply by adjusting the Pto speed. Ease of cleaning has been a priority in the development of the new L-Line spreaders, so that washing down is easy, quick and thorough. All protection guards can be pivoted out of position, without tools, to give clear access for cleaning. In addition, special washer access ports have been provided in the frame to

allow complete cleaning of all parts of the chassis frame and spreading mechanism. Extensive use of stainless steel and a plasticised powder paint finish ensure long life protection. Both models include a quick release flap in each disc to allow quick and easy emptying of the hopper contents. Comprehensive standard equipment on the L15 and L20 models includes hydraulic on/ off control, fine mesh screens to remove lumps, disc drive with sealed maintenance-free clutch protection and a quick setting calibration kit for precise rate. The L20 also includes a folding hopper cover to protect the contents and fully sealed LED road lighting. A three-position outlet system allows for precise control of the application rate, from a Micro setting for slug pellets to Min for fine seeds such as cover crops and Std for fertiliser rates up to 300kg/min. Options include in-cab electronic control using the Calibrator Icon, NAVIcom Tablet control or Isobus, which can be linked to GPS systems for headland auto on/off, section control and variable rate application

New L-Line spreaders from KRM include a high level of standard equipment.

following pre-prepared maps. In addition, the L20W model includes weigh cell technology, which continuously monitors, assesses and adjusts the regulating mechanism while ‘on-the-move’. Combined with Intelligent Control, which incorporates an inclinometer and accelerometer, the application rate accuracy is within+/- one per cent, even on slopes or in uneven field conditions. Prices for the new KRM L-line twin disc spreaders, which are available for immediate delivery, range from £3,980 for the L15 and from £6,830 for the L20. ■

Harry West Rear Discharge


LED lights


Maelstrom 10 manure spreader Standard features Wide angle PTO with clutch protection 14mm chain with padless connection on every bar LED lights

Options Electric in cab bed control Slurry door with light protection Mud guards


Harry West (Prees) Ltd • office 01948 840465 • fax 01948 841055 • email sales@harrywest.co.uk • web www.harrywest.co.uk November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 109

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16/10/2019 11:16

Midlands Machinery Show Complete silo solutions from new partnership Perry of Oakley Ltd., the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of grain handling and drying equipment, has teamed up with SiloMaster, to help offer customers a complete handling, drying and storage solution of the highest quality. Perry of Oakley manufactures a complete range of chain and flight conveyors, elevators, augers, belt conveyors, twin trace conveyors, aspirator pre-cleaners and much more, to complement the range of in-house designed and manufactured continuous mixed flow dryers and belt dryers. Capacities range from just 8tph

all the way through to 1,200tph (based on wheat at 750kg/m3), meaning solutions can be provided for small farms to commercial grain stores. SiloMaster has developed a new range of flat-bottom and hopperbottom silos, that Perry of Oakley has some exclusive rights to. The silos will be designed and manufactured to the highest specification, using quality materials, with an ethos of “on-time, right the first time!”. The new silos will proudly adorn both the Perry and SiloMaster logos, as a symbol of both companies co-operating together. The partnership between the two companies will allow them to offer a complete solution, supporting other dealers, tailored to individual requirements from concept, to layout and design, through to manufacture, supply, installation and on-going support. ■ The complete solutions offered will be tailored to individual requirements and feature both Perry of Oakley and SiloMaster logos.

Growth sees Network spreading nationwide RTKF Net was established 10 years ago in the heart of East Anglia. Initially the company grew slowly, concentrating in the region. Over the past five years the company has grown rapidly to spread across the whole of England and developed its technology in order to work with all GPS and tractor manufacturers. As a direct result of this expansion, for the first time, RTKF Net will be exhibiting at the Midlands Machinery show. This will provide an opportunity to show the most recent developments of the RTK network for visitors to see the latest technology in mapping and steering solutions for the farm. Regardless of the size of the farm, from 100 to 10,000ha, Precision Farming is at the heart of all modern farming techniques and machinery. From Controlled Traffic Farming to Zero Tillage, 100hp to 600hp tractors, precision is the key to driving down costs, increasing efficiency and ever better yields. Central to these modern farming systems and equipment is accurate GPS, allowing farms to operate at the highest efficiencies and to the tightest margins. For the past 10 years RTKF Net, formerly

RTKF Net has developed the largest independently-owned GPS base station network across England.

RTK Farming, has been developing the largest independently-owned network of GPS base stations across England. Consequently, it offers the most reliable and robust RTK GPS signal for farmers and the new technology they are embracing. The team at RTKF Net is dedicated to the support of its customers. Providing remote customer support; diagnosing GPS signal issues remotely and getting you up and running as quickly as possible. ■

Grain stirring & drying MOBILE DRYERS See our range of mobile continuous flow,clean, burning, dust free grain dryers

EFFECTIVE Positive drying at harvest Fast loading & discharge Safe long term storage

EFFICIENT Minimal management of system Reduced drying time when compared to floor stores


John Statt Mobile: 07703 608014 Email: jst@sukup-eu.com

ECONOMICAL Low energy inputs Low capital cost solution

Sukup Europe Ltd Unit 2C, Gunby Lea Farm, Grangewood, Netherseal, Swadlincote DE12 8BE Phone: +44 1283 760445


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16/10/2019 11:17

See us at MIDLANDS MACHINERY SHOW George Stephenson Exhibition Hall Stand No 8 • 20th/21st November

Flach & Le-Roy Ltd Flach & Le-Roy Ltd is an industry leader in designing and delivering high performance drying, ventilation & storage systems for crops & woodchip. Formed in 1993 its high quality product and design services include drive-on drying floors, air ducts, walling, fans, burners and associated control equipment delivered throughout the UK and overseas. A Flach & Le-Roy 4000 ton grain store with twin side air ducts, a drive-on drying floor and 8 x 27kw axial fans

FLR-CropDrying is a brand of Flach & Le-Roy Ltd

PRODUCTS Woodchip drive on drying floor driven by a 25hp centrifugal fan supporting a 200kw boiler drying G50/G30 woodchip from 40% to 25% moisture content. Onion or potato box store ventilation and conditioning air ducts. Fans can be mounted at the side or vertically on top of the duct.

A Flach & Le-Roy 2000 ton store with a central main air duct providing two flexible loading and storage areas

Timber clad store retaining-walling. Designed to be self-shedding for level or surcharge fill. Centrifugal and axial-flow fans, from low-pressure axial for drying vegetables to high pressure centrifugal and multi-stage axial fans for drying cereals and seed crops Control panels can be supplied with a wide range of safety and functional controls all protected by modern circuit breaker technology

Confidence in our design, materials and care in manufacturing and installation is reflected in our 10-year warranty

Flach & Le-Roy Ltd – Crop/Woodchip Drying Systems Founded in 1993 by Richard Flach and Owen Le-Roy, together the partners have over 50 years experience in the crop drying and storage business. Their speciality is high quality drive-on flooring and box-store ventilation and conditioning systems. Based on the near-ambient drying method Flach & Le-Roy's drive-on floor drying system is fully automated, having fans and burners controlled via humidity sensors in the air duct and fan house. The drying rate for cereals is up to half a percent every 24 hours and the fans deliver air through the crop at between 20 and 24 feet per minute depending on stack height. Offloading the grain trailer into the store is time and labour saving and the crop needs no stirring. More recent application of the drying-floor system is the preparation of woodchip for biomass heating systems. Our system typically supports a 200Kw boiler drying 40 tonnes of woodchip at 1.5m deep from 40% to 25% moisture content over 2 to 3 days.

Flach & Le-Roy Ltd, Tel: 01480 495956 Mob: 07774 141512 enquiries @flruk.com 67579

100-116 Nov.indd 111

10/10/2019 11:26


Grain Silos and Driers · Outdoor silos · Indoor silos · Fans & Heaters · Stirrers · Batch driers · CF driers · Tower Driers · Elevators · Conveyors · Intake Pits

 

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www.danagri-3s.com 01746 762777 Your hydraulic and electro-hydraulic partner for the agricultural industry Dealers Engineers We stock: • Test equipment: pressure, flow and electrical • Specialised valves • Kits to modify, improve existing machines

We supply: • Retro fitted kits fully referenced • Replacement pumps, motors, joysticks, solenoids • Workshop equipment • Piston pump repair

Manufacturers We offer: • Design facility • A complete package: hydraulic kit + control box/ joystick • Personalised: decals / logo • Large stocks

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Jones Engineering Manufacturing Ltd British Manufacturers and Suppliers of Agricultural Machinery Irrigation the application of controlled amounts of water to aid growth in crops & revegetate disturbed soils in dry areas



New design re-coiler

93 AKEFERRY ROAD. WESTWOODSIDE. DONCASTER. DN9 2DX . TEL: 01427 752171 FAX: 01427 753673 E-MAIL: sales@jonesengineering.co.uk SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS: www.jonesengineering.co.uk

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Midlands Machinery Show

Vertical rotor straw spreader joins range Lucas G has expanded its range of straw bedding solutions with a telehandler mounted bale spike and straw spreader called the Distor PIC. This machine is suitable for spreading round and square bales

directly inside livestock buildings and can also be used in compact poultry sheds for daily bedding. Adding a vertical rotor spreader means the company now offers the most comprehensive range of straw bedding machinery on the market. The range includes two models, DP 90 and 120, referring to the height of  An overload protection system regulates the throughput of material.

its rotors to process bales of 90 or 120cm height. The bale spike has two 0.9m tines with 1.3m spacing and incorporates an automatic coupling which makes loading a quick and simple process. Bales can be loaded straight from a stack even inside low buildings and do not need to be double-handled. To achieve an even and consistent bed for animals, the Distor features an over-load protection system as standard which regulates the throughput of

material: if too much is fed into the rotors, the bed automatically stops to allow the rotors to process material efficiently without clumps. The sensitivity is adjustable according to the quality of straw being spread and, in combination with blades on the rotors, means the Distor will cope with the toughest bales. The spread pattern is adjustable from 1.8-6.0m or up to 9.0m with an optional rear deflector. Other options include electrically-controlled side deflectors. ■

MJP SUPPLIES Watch your profits grow

Application equipment for amenity & garden use

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Potato outgrades due to bruising on harvesters is a very big problem, especially in dry conditions, so we offer tailor-made watering kits supplied to growers for any make of harvester that can easily be fitted on farm. Contact us for more details and prices before the start of the lifting season

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www.mjpsupplies.co.uk Lucas G has added a vertical rotor spreader to its offering.

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Setting new standards in fertiliser spreader performance and use In Spinning discs for Double, Double overlap precision with no striping . . weigh cell absolute accuracy with automatic tilt sensing to control actual rate . . GPS automatic headland on/off and stepless section control with Calibrator, Tablet or ISObus . . Variable rate ready . . . and fast and thorough cleaning

Choose KRM for a spreader that WORKS! Find out more at . . . www.krm-ltd.co.uk

12 – 42m Spread Widths For Flexible finance – contact your KRM Dealer Tel: 01423 3 324221 E mail: info @krm-ltd.co.uk

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Midlands Machinery Show

A celebration of British engineering Jones Engineering’s British-made irrigators are proving more and more popular

On the back of another successful year for irrigation equipment, Jones Engineering will be exhibiting one of their British-made irrigators at the Midlands Machinery Show. These are proving more and more popular every year as customers who have bought them realise how easy they are to use, with the low pressure loss turbine, British computer, all-hydraulic turntable, 25th ANNIVERSARY legs and jack, and the drop1994-2019

down gearbox for pulling out. Jones Engineering will be supporting and exhibiting at the Midlands Machinery show at Newark, Stand 0S–S2, promoting British engineering. Based at Westwoodside near Doncaster, Jones Engineering will be pleased to welcome you to view some of their range of vegetable and irrigation machinery and answer any questions you might have. ■

Novel wheel guard system protects road users Machinery company Agriweld Ltd has launched a new wheel guard variweight (WGV), which is intended to protect other road vehicles from the devastating effects of tractor front tyres in the event of a collision. Agriweld says it is the UK’s first agricultural manufacturer to offer this system. It can be purchased as a ‘Complete System’ with up to 1,000kg centre weight, wheel guards and two vari-pods of 100-500kg – giving a maximum weight of 2,000kg. Or, it can be purchased as a ‘Starter System’ of up to 1,000kg centre weight with wheel guards and the option of purchasing the vari-pods at a later date if required. In addition, there is an optional bolt-in, bale wrap storage point (within the vari-pod space). Price is available upon request and includes: colour choice (special or limited edition colours may incur an extra charge); personalised front name plate (detailed logos may incur

extra charge); centre marker rod; fixed pole light kit to include frontfacing white LEDs and fixed amber side-facing LEDs; toolbox lid stay; choice of standard yellow and black or chapter 8 hi-vis chevron stickers; and 12 months’ warranty from date of dispatch/collection. Further options include: Front facing, amber flashing LEDs; fixed white LEDs and backlit name plate; limited edition colours; grease gun holder and laser cut company logo name plates. Individual bespoke options are available on request.  ■

The new wheel guard variweight aims to protect other vehicles from tractor front tyres in the event of a collision.

25th ANNIVERSARY 1994-2019

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THE PROFESSIONAL DRAINJETTER From a typical basic model all these options can be built into your new Jetter ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Up to 600 metres on narrow drum, hydraulic motor driven Hydraulic drive mechanism with twin motors for power Hydraulic unfolding in and out of the guide arm Hydraulic slew of the guide arm left and right Six function hand held wireless control, including water control ARS automatic repeat Roding system Automatic distance counter set the distance to travel and return 100 metre 50 bar water driven jetter for yard drains and washing Toolbox , spade and ladder

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Steve Thorley Potato Equipment Ltd Machine Sales Call Steve 07850 871901 We’ve a range of used in field & store equipment from Reekie, Grimme, Standen, Jones, Tong, Squire, Downs, Herbert, Orion, Walthambury. Haulm toppers, harvesters, graders, elevators, box fillers, bagging lines spec’d to suit your needs. We’ve also got box rotators & tipping skips. www.STPE.co.uk for more equipment. Spares Sales Call Mark 01205 260543v GSEH 26 We’ve spares for Reekie, Grimme, Standen & Scanstone machinery. As well as used parts from older machinery from years past. Give Mark a call, he may just have what you’re looking for. We’ve a huge selection of general engineering products too, bearings, sprockets, nuts & bolts etc. T: 01205 260543 Parts for: F: 01205 260580 Reekie, Grimme E: sales@stpe.co.uk Standen Pearson, Scanstone W: www.STPE.co.uk Sales & Service of: STPEcouk In Field & In Store Potato Equipment November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 115

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Landscape Application

Proven Landscape Technology

For every


With a global reputation for innovative engineering and product reliability, Bomford Turner has a range of machines for all your agricultural landscaping requirements.




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Tel +44 (0) 1789 773383 E-mail info@bomford-turner.com Website www.bomford-turner.com

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Materials Handlers

Power on the land Materials handling is the topic for this month’s Power on the Land, brought to you by Mike Williams. Materials handling forms a major part of the work load on the majority of farms, and efficiency improvements for lifting, loading and stacking jobs can bring big savings in time and labour costs. One of the biggest advances in handling efficiency on farms has been the development of big round and square bales to replace the small traditional bales developed for manual handling. Using big bales plus a suitable loader and handling attachment can bring dramatic gains in handling rates, including faster field clearance of straw bales to allow autumn cultivations to start. Gloucestershire-based Albutt offers a wide choice of loader and tractor attachments for materials handling jobs on farms, including buckets, shear grabs, forks and skips, and their bale handler range includes special versions for wrapped bales. The F450 Side Squeeze Bale Grab is suitable for round or square wrapped bales, with a smooth surface on the hydraulically operated gripping arms to avoid damaging the wrapping film. Square bales can be gripped on the sides or, subject to length, end-on, and wrapped round bales can be turned on end for loading or stacking. Albutt also offers a choice of bale grabs with spikes, including the F501 version for handling two Hesston-type bales or three mini Hesstons, and this increases to three Hesstons or four mini Hesstons for their F650HX Bale King attachment. Loader attachments for bale handling available from the farm-based Heath Engineering company include their Super Spike with 1.5t carrying capacity. Safety features include steel spikes that can be folded when not carrying a bale, and there is an extending safety bar for

The Super Grab big bale handling attachment from Heath Engineering.

additional security. The Heath range also includes the Super Grab loader attachment equipped with 70cm Hardox steel tines. It is suitable for square bales measuring 120 x 120 x 240cm, 120 x 90 x 240cm and 120 x 80 x 240cm, and the bales can be carried either upright or on their sides. As well as bale handling, the Heath attachments range includes a grain pusher, a range of tipping buckets, a general-purpose handling jib and they also offer a mole plough. The adoption of big round and square bales during the 1970s was encouraged by the introduction of telescopic loaders offering more lift capacity with greater forward and vertical reach than a tractor-mounted loader or a forklift attachment. Recent developments in the telehandler market include last year’s launch of the new Manitou MLA-T 533-145 V+ model based on an articulated frame design and powered by a 143hp engine. The specification includes a front mounted boom positioned centrally in front of the cab, providing 5.2m maximum lift height, and the transmission is hydrostatic and continuously variable with a selection of operating modes. The Manitou materials handler range also includes more than 20 rigid frame MLT series telehandler models with up to 4.5t lift capacity and 9.6m maximum lift height. The smaller models have Kubota engines, with the medium and large capacity loaders using Deutz, John Deere or Mercedes power units. Also introduced last year were the 4 new models in JCB’s Series III Loadall telehandler range. The new arrivals were the 538-60 model with a 6.0m lift height, the 532-70 and the 542-70 both provide 7.0m lift and this increases to 9.5m for the Loadall 536-95. The new models are all available in a series of specification levels with engine outputs from 75 to 145hp, starting with the entry level AGRI grade followed by the AGRI Plus, the AGRI Super and the flagship AGRI Pro version at the top of the list with its advanced DualTech stepless transmission. Loadall Series III improvements also include adding the latest JCB CommandPlus cab, which already featured on the company’s S series wheeled loaders, while modifications to the chassis and pivot point have allowed a lift capacity increase of between 100 and 200kg for each model compared with their predecessors. The list of new loader developments in 2018 also included the K407 and K429 models in the Kramer telehandler range. These bring the number of Kramer telescopic loader models to 12, and there are also 13 wheel and telescopic wheel loader models. The K407 telehandler carries a 4,000kg maximum payload, the stacking height is up to 7.0m and the engine power is 100hp. The payload increases to 4,200kg for the K429, the maximum stacking height is 8.7m and the power output is 115hp. Kramer telehandlers start

The recently introduced Manitou MLA-T series articulated loader handling wrapped bales.

with the K276 providing 2.7t load capacity and equipped with a 75hp engine and the stacking height is 5.7m. Design features available in the Kramer telescopic loader range include automatic bucket return, the cabs are designed to provide excellent all-round visibility and infinitely variable travel speed control is also available. The handling equipment available from Caterpillar for the farming industry includes 5 TH series telescopic loader models providing lift capacities ranging from 3,500 to 4,000kg. Engine outputs are from 74 to 113hp and the maximum lift heights are from 7.0m upwards. The model with the biggest lift height is the TH 417D which can reach an impressive 17.0m with support from the stabilisers, and the maximum load capacity at the full height is 2.5t. Caterpillar also offers a range of wheeled loaders for heavy duty materials handling work including bulk grain handling, and there is also a range of skid-steer loaders suitable for handling manure and feed in livestock units and for horticultural work. Power outputs for the skidsteer loaders range from 61hp for the 226B Series 3 model with 680kg operating capacity, and the 272D2 XHP loader at the top of the range has a 106hp engine powering the 1,856kg capacity. ■

The recently introduced Series III Loadalls from JCB feature cab improvements and increased lift capacity.  

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Materials Handlers Bigger range means more capacity Attachment specialist Albutt has increased its range of shear grabs and shear buckets. The 17 models range from 0.7– 2.5m3 capacity and feature a choice of KV style and Hardox tines. The range covers machines from small tractor loaders to large capacity wheeled loaders, with users varying from small livestock units to largescale bio-gas operations. Albutt’s range of grabs was first introduced in 2005 but developments in the agricultural industry have created a demand for ever larger

The Albutt Shear Grab range.

capacity models, the company says. The Shear King range has capacities ranging from 1.4–2.5m3, for use in large livestock units and anaerobic digester facilities. Shear King features high tensile steels in its design, Hardox and Strenx, providing higher grab strength with no increase in attachment weight, maximising payload and improving operational efficiency. The company started using Hardox tines in attachments more

than 25 years ago, introducing this to the shear grab design in 2012. Hardox tines provide increased tine strength, wear resistance and reduced maintenance compared to conventional forged steel tines, it says. A clean shear to the silage clamp face is crucial to maintaining feed quality and calorific value, the company advises, so its shear grabs

feature Hardox cutting blades which can maintain a sharp edge and consistent shear performance. More recently, shear buckets have been added to its portfolio. These multi-use attachments allow the user to shear silage of all types and handle concentrate feeds with one attachment. This can bring time savings and help improve operational efficiency. ■

Dieci offers a full range of machines with a wide variety of lift capacity, lift height and engine power options unique to each model. A choice of transmissions including hydrostatic, powershift and the new vario system (giving up to 40kph road speed) allows machines to be specified to your requirements. All the Dieci telehandlers feature industry-proven Dana Spicer axles, with wet inboard brakes for maximum durability while handling

the heaviest of loads. There is a large range of additional options available, including a choice of factory-fitted headstocks for other popular makes to further expand and maximise the use of existing attachments. Dieci really has thought of everything with these machines, including subsidised finance and warranty packages to help with purchase and ownership – all of which are available via Brad Farm Machinery. ■

Try before you buy The Agri Plus fixed-boom telehandler from Dieci is designed for intensive use.

As the main Dieci telehandler dealer for the Suffolk area, Brad Farm Machinery has its own demonstration machine and

attachments that can be brought to you direct for a full demonstration or test drive at a time and place that’s convenient. The Dieci brand has proven itself to manufacture a highly reliable machine designed for intensive use with outstanding performance, comfort and value for money.


W a c




Tractors John Deere, Case and JCB Fastracs 90-350hp

UnitedSeats have the answer for all makes of classic or modern tractor or telescopic handler

Telehandlers Agricultural and Construction spec JCB’s 5-17 metre reach Plant Hire Excavators, rollers, dumpers, dust suppression'

For details of your nearest stockist:

info@unitedseats.com or ring 01604 - 300014


Trailers Grain, silage, dump and flatbed Muckspreaders Rear and side discharge muckspreaders

UNITEDSEATS.COM Off road seating manufacturer

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Kramer telehandlers 6 m to 9 m stacking height: sturdy, versatile, efficient. Whether it’s the compact all-rounders or the larger ranges maximum capacities, all eleven models are made for the versatile tasks found on farms. The telehandlers are characterized by their high level of ergonomics and technical refinement.

Find your local dealer here: www.kramer.de/dealerlocator

Unit 41C Lady Lane Industrial Estate Hadleigh Ipswich Suffolk IP7 6BQ

To arrange a 11.09.2019 demonstration Call us on 01473 827060 Email us at sales@bradfarm.co.uk

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Main Dealer


Flexible Finance Available on all models

For Suffolk Offering: Servicing Spare Parts Repairs Sales

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Suffolk Farm & Plant Machinery Ltd Material Handling Specialists for East Anglia

SALES SERVICE HIRE PARTS Your Bobcat dealer for Suffolk & Norfolk

5 year full warranty, 5 year 0% finance

Dealers for the full Giant professional range for East Anglia

Your dealer for the NEW Venieri telescopic handlers

Manor Barns, The Street, Brundish, Suffolk IP13 8BL T: 01379 384977 M: 07747 188565 E: office@suffolkplantmachinery.co.uk www.suffolkplantmachinery.co.uk 120 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

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Materials Handlers

Telehandlers to suit any budget or requirement

As an update to the New Holland Agriculture range earlier this year, the TH series telehandlers have an alternative naming format (replacing the previous LM) as well as a brand new livery. The bright yellow colour integrates the telehandler range into the New Holland Harvesting family, and the cab interior has also been refreshed. The changes to the range aren’t just cosmetic, however. The extended offering offers 6 models and 14 versions, in order to match the specific requirements of the different farming operations. The entry-level S version, available on the TH6.32 and TH7.32,

features a 133hp engine and simple specifications for a smaller investment. The Classic version, which is available on 6m, 7m and 9m models, is designed with small livestock farmers and farmyard usage in mind. It features a limited-slip differential in the rear axle to increase the tractive effort during demanding conditions, variable placement hydraulic pump and reversible cooling fan for high efficiency. The Plus version, perfect for livestock and mixed farming operations, offers a host of comfort features including air-suspension

seat, telescopic steering column and HVAC system. Practically, an hydraulic quick coupler makes it simple and fast to change attachments. The Elite option is the best choice for large-scale livestock farmers, contractors and biomass operators. It houses a more powerful 146hp engine and additional advanced features including hydraulic pressure release, heated air-suspension seat with integrated controls, and rear cab and boom lights to enhance safe operation after dark. The entire TH Series also includes

a new transmission with electronic modulation to enhance shifting and shuttling modulation. The 4x3 version on the S and Classic models improves third gear travel on slopes and second gear operation for silage work. The 6x3 version on the Plus and Elite models allows for 2 forward/reverse shuttling modes, resulting in easier and more efficient operation and an automatic gear shifting mode for travelling. Finally, there’s a further enhancement on the Elite model with an additional automatic gear shifting and shuttling mode, further enhancing performance in yard mode. ■


Extended CLAAS SCORPION range With up to 5,600kg capacity and 9.7m lift height, the extended SCORPION range offers DYNAMIC COOLING, SMART LOADING, SMART ROADING and multiple steering modes. Contact your CLAAS dealer for a demonstration today. claas.co.uk

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Materials Handlers

‘Next generation’ telescopic loaders

The 9640 T achieves an operating weight of 8,000–9,700kg depending on the ballast. The 8620 T offers two different motor options, speeds and heights.

German loader manufacturer Schäffer says its 8620 T and 9640 T are two of the most powerful models in its range. These ‘next generation’ telescopic loaders are packed with smart features and the company’s latest efficiency systems. The 8620 T offers two different motor options, speeds and heights. The company says it has proved to be “a real hit”, as it provides a tailored

solution for larger farms, biogas plants and agricultural contractors. It has two engine options – a 75kW/102hp or 90kW/122hp Deutz engine – both of which meet the Tier 4 final emissions standard, without the need for a maintenanceintensive diesel particulate filter. This is a major advantage when it comes to operating costs, according to Schäffer.

The standard driving speed is 20kph and the loader is also available with a maximum speed of 40kph, which is a particular advantage for use outside the yard. Meanwhile, the 9640 T achieves an operating weight of 8,400–9,700kg, depending on the ballast. With a payload of up to 4,160kg, it lifts loads to a height of 5.4m. The loader is powered by

a 100kW/136hp 4-cylinder Deutz engine of the latest generation. Standard equipment includes the sensitive but powerful load-sensing working hydraulics, with a delivery volume of 145-litres/min; 24-inch tyres; and hydraulically-driven fan, which can also be used in reverse operation for easy cleaning. The company says these latest loaders use technologies that focus on a more efficient conversion of fuel into performance, while increasing driving comfort. This includes, for example, HTF (High Traction Force), which ensures maximum thrust. Electronically controlled drive SPT (Schäffer Power Transmission) comes as standard on the 8620 T and is an option for the 96-series models. Eco mode reduces the engine revs while maintaining the same speed, minimising fuel consumption. Machines in the 96 series also have the option of Schäffer’s dual clutch transmission (SDCT), which combines the advantages of a powershift transmission with those of a purely hydrostatic drive. ■

Performance REDEFINED

Our latest generation of telescopic loaders set new standards for performance, efficiency, comfort and reliability.

see our full range



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4.2 136 7












TURBOFARMER RANGE The widest range of agricultural telehandlers available on the market.

Excellent cab comfort

With a lift capacity of 4.2 tonnes and a lift height of 7 metres, the TF42.7 is geared towards the toughest of tasks. This machine is powered by a Deutz 136hp engine combined with either Standard Eco Power Hydrostatic Drive or the optional CVTronic stepless hydrostatic system. Featuring the largest cab on the market, this range can be combined with optional cab suspension to maximise your comfort level. Unique to Merlo, frame levelling and side shift are available as optional extras. This allows the operation to both level the machine on a slope and side shift the load.

Lift height


Materials handlers.indd 123


360 visibility

Frame levelling


16/10/2019 12:20

MLA-T 516


DO MORE WITH ONE MACHINE To find out more contact your local Manitou dealer www.manitou.com Materials handlers.indd 124

15/10/2019 16:13

Materials Handlers

A machine to grow into, not out of John Suggitt, who runs construction, storage and farm businesses in East Yorkshire, has purchased the UK’s first Bobcat TL43.80HF telehandler to support the growth of his businesses. The new TL43.80HF was supplied by local Bobcat dealer, Scunthorpebased AMS Bobcat Limited. With a maximum lift capacity of 4.3t and a maximum lift height of almost 8m, the TL43.80HF is a new, compact telehandler offering an impressive package, combining several innovative features to take lift capacity, lifting height and breakout force to unprecedented levels for this size of machine. The combination of compactness and heavy lift capability of the TL43.80HF were key for Mr Suggitt – he commented: “I was looking for a telehandler that could lift 4.0t and offer a reach of 7m, but with the TL43.80HF, I can lift 4.3t with a lifting height approaching 8m. Being 20cm shorter than the equivalent 7m machines on the market, the TL43.80HF also gives me the compactness and productivity I need to work in the tight spaces on site and in my storage facilities. With the TL43.80HF, I have bought a machine that I intend to grow into, not out of.” Bobcat was able to minimise the dimensions of the TL43.80HF in large part due to the high stability resulting from a box-welded frame, a low load centre, long wheelbase and new massive rear counterweight. Together with a short turning radius of just 3.71m, this new Bobcat telehandler is a very manoeuvrable machine, particularly useful when working in confined areas. Complementing the compact nature of the TL43.80HF, the rough terrain capability has also been optimised with the incorporation of new heavy duty Dana Spicer axles with limited slip differential and the outstanding tractive force available of up to 90 per cent of the machine weight. AMS’ sales manager Chris Scott said: “We are delighted to have sold the first Bobcat TL43.80HF telehandler to John Suggitt. The TL43.80HF offers an unbeatable package for many applications from farming to construction, quarrying and general industry. It brings together robustness, compact dimensions, rough terrain ability and ease of use for the operator in the same machine.” As well as his other businesses, Mr Suggitt also runs a smallholding with a small show flock of Greyface Dartmoor sheep, and has storage facilities at Frodingham, where he is looking to

stockpile building materials delivered on lorries, to be used in nearby building developments. The TL43.80HF is road-registered so it can be driven between Mr Suggitt’s different businesses. Mr Suggitt explained: “The new Bobcat telehandler is fully road certified and, with a 2-speed transmission and a maximum speed of 40kph, it can be driven quickly between locations to do different work. The boom suspension system is a useful feature for road travel, keeping the boom stable and preventing it from bouncing over bumps.“ ■ John Suggitt in his Bobcat telehandler.


WHY ASK FOR MORE? CHOOSE THE CAT® MACHINE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU Every one of our agricultural models is designed, assembled and configured specifically for farms like yours. Powerful performance whenever you need it, with scheduled maintenance that minimises downtime and helps you stay on the job longer. The perfect partner day in, day out, all year round.



©2018 Caterpillar Inc. All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, BUILT FOR IT, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow” and the POWEREDGE trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

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Materials Handlers

Torion wheel loader range set to expand a double-acting steering ram. Articulation angle is 10-degrees and the steering angle is 40-degrees, resulting in a tight inner turning circle of just 2.5m on standard tyres. At maximum articulation, the Torion 535 has a Full Turn Tipping Load (FTTL) of 3,450kg, rising to 3,850kg for the 639 model. In common with many other wheel loaders of this size, both machines are fitted with a Zettlemeyer Wide (TPZ Wide) headstock. As with other models in the Torion range, the boom has Z kinematics, which provides true parallel lift when used with buckets or pallet forks and a high tear-out force. The hydraulic system on the Torion

The Claas Torion 639 has a low overall height of less than 2.5m.

Following on from the successful introduction of Claas UK’s medium and large frame versions, two compact wheel loaders are now set to join the Torion range. The new Torion 639 and 535 feature articulated steering and a low overall height of less than 2.5m, making them ideal for use on livestock and dairy farms, or for smaller re-handling facilities. Both of these new additions are powered by Yanmar 3.3-litre, 4-cylinder

engines with power outputs of 68hp and 63hp respectively. These engines are Stage 3B compliant using the combination of a Diesel Oxidation Catalytic convertor (DOC) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), without the need for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Drive is through a 20kph hydrostatic transmission with two speed ranges of 0–6kph and 0–20kph, which are selected via a switch. The articulated joint incorporates

639/535 has a maximum capacity of 77-litres per minute and 70-litres per minute respectively, both with an operating pressure of 230-bar, so ensuring a fast response for quick and accurate loading. The cab features a full height front windscreen, giving excellent visibility over the front wheels and attachments fitted to the tapered boom. A rounded rear window provides clear rearward visibility. The steering column is infinitely adjustable for ease of operation and access, with all the main controls easily accessible and colour coded on the operator’s right hand side, alongside the joystick. ■

A full height windscreen allows for excellent visibility.



The new Shear Grab & Shear Bucket line up from Albutt

Super Grab

The Heath Super Grab is a truly innovative solution to large bale handling A bale grab with a total ‘free release system’ enables safer bale stacking and loading. Holding of the bales is provided by four uniquely designed Hardox tines. The Heath Super Grab is able to handle 1200mm x 1200mm x 2400mm, 1200mm x 900mm x 2400mm and 1200mm x 800mm x 2400min bales either vertical or horizontal in operation.

Super Spike The Heath Super Spike is a bale handling road safety transport in mind Built with strength to allow a 1.5 tonne carrying capacity, the tines fold away for safe road transport position, while the safety bale bar extends for safe bale handing.

Albutt Ltd

Newbridges Farm • Blackwell Shipston on Stour • Warwickshire CV36 4JX t: 01608 682062 e: info@heathengineering.co.uk

www.heathengineering.co.uk 68089

Tel. 01242 620 252 Robin Normington 07778942138 | Dan Cross 07720087264 robin@albutt.co.uk | dan@albutt.co.uk www.albutt.com

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Productivity redefined.

The JCB TM420 is head & shoulders above the rest when it comes to productivity. With a class-leading 4.1 tonne lift capacity, 5.45m lift height and 3.05m forward reach, there’s nothing it can’t handle. A unique regenerative hydraulics system with quicker boom lowering and retract plus the JCB EcoMAX Tier 4 Final engine both make for faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption. The JCB TM420 really is the ultimate telescopic wheel loader. Contact your nearest JCB dealer for a demonstration.

Materials handlers.indd 127

Telephone: 0800 581761


15/10/2019 10:57


Sales Direct


WE OFFER A WIDE RANGE OF QUALITY BUILT PRODUCTS DELIVERED NATIONWIDE DIRECT TO OUR CUSTOMERS We also undertake all agricultural engineering, fabricating, machining and welding, including reconditioning and modifications to existing machinery, blasting and paintshop facilities. For further information please ring John on 07860 417643

HD Access Platforms from stock

Rigid Bag Lifters from stock

Heavy Duty Flat 8

HD Muck Grabs

HD Bale Spikes – available in all sizes

HD Multi Bale Stackers

e: covenbrookfabrications@gmail.com • www.covenbrookfabrications.co.uk Mole Drainers (low horse power requirement)


Grain Pushers – available in all lengths

John on 07860 417643


Covenbrook Hall Farm, Stisted, Braintree, Essex CM77 8AJ

128 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

Materials handlers.indd 128

16/10/2019 12:23

Materials Handlers

Stronger performance in a compact machine Building upon the success of the 3.2t lift capacity TM320 and TM320S, the TM420 from JCB brings 32 per cent more load lifting ability at 4.1t and 0.2m of additional lift height at 5.4m to more easily load high-sided diet feeders and storage bins.

The machine incorporates all the improvements and upgrades evident on the latest-specification TM320 and TM320S, including an improved cab with instruments providing daily start-up checks from the driver’s seat; LED lighting options; and self-lubricating bushes that extend

greasing intervals to 500 hours. However, to deliver its significantly increased performance and productivity potential, the new JCB TM420 also features: a regenerative hydraulics circuit giving faster boom lowering for quicker loading cycles; a tougher chassis with larger pins and bushes for the centre pivot and loader; heavier-duty JCB axles with permanent 4-wheel drive to handle the increased payload; 26-inch wheels with larger tyres to optimise traction, flotation and productivity. JCB chief innovation and growth officer Tim Burnhope said: “The new JCB TM420 delivers more performance and increased capabilities to meet customer demand for greater productivity and lower costs. “It’s as if the TM320S has been to the gym – it’s got more muscle where it counts, but remains a compact and highly manoeuvrable machine that suits anyone wanting to exploit the performance and durability of a wheeled loader with the versatility of a telescopic handler.” ■

An extra 0.2m of lift height makes loading high-sided feeders and storage bins easier.

The TM420 has the performance of a wheeled loader with the versatility of a telescopic handler.

Increased payloads are possible due to heavier-duty axles and permanent 4-wheel drive.

Tom Canham Plant & Hose Ltd Repairs & Servicing for Agricultural & Construction Machinery  Full On-Site Services for Repairs & Welding  Full Workshop Facilities & Mobile Service Vans

Service and on-site repairs on telescopic handlers

 Welding & Fabrication

Call Tom Canham 07767 447472

 Generator Hire  Engine Rebuilds

Many years’ experience, fully trained Also breaking Matbros

 Machine Refurbs  Mobile Hydraulic Hose Replacement  Vehicle Diagnostics & Repairs  Air Conditioning

t: Wayne Bowen 07791 900051 e: wayne.bowen@btinternet.com www.matbro-man.co.uk

 Lubricants and Much More...

t: 01206 250443 m: 07767 447472 e: tcplant@btinternet.com 67926


Nortrack • Tenpenny Hill • Thorrington • CO7 8JG

Farmers Guide Farm machinery . Livestock . Equipment

Buy & Sell for FREE on www.farmads.co.uk November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 129

Materials handlers.indd 129

16/10/2019 11:43


A.E. Kiddy & Son


• LGP 12/24m spraying & liquid fertiliser application with GPS • Claydon drilling – all combinable crops, cover crops, forage crops, etc • Grassland operations/paddock maintenance • Telehandler with operator • Tractor with operator – 160hp, wide tyres, GPS steering Please phone Edward to discuss


Enhancing your environment... ...exceeding your expectations

0800 160 1199

01366 388738

• Flailing & Hedge Trimming on river banks, reservoirs fields & margins • Circular Saw Attachment available • Control of In-Channel Weed and River System weed cutting and clearance • Identification and Control of Invasive Species • Supply of Waste Containers and Skips • 360o Earth Moving & Clearance with long reach & tree shear capabilities • Tree Felling & Maintenance & stump clearance • Haulage of Equipment & Machinery with Hiab capability

07767 167821

Covering Halesworth and surrounding areas

Reed House • Karoo Close • Bexwell Business Park • Downham Market • Norfolk • PE38 9GA

J. C. Contracts

LITION O M E D r ings fo d l i u B arm TAL • E F f M o P s A e R C All Typ RANCE • S

• C T E S O L INS & SI





01379 855005





T: 01473 831872 E: jessica@jtfewltd.co.uk

experts in your field


Email: jrcally@aol.com


07771 706077

Agricultural & Equestrian Contractors

Tel Mobile

01279 423214 07733 103431


Spraying (range of machines from 3.5 metres to 24 metres, with guidance on all) Flail mowing (range of machines from 1.8 metres to 4.8 metres) Flail collecting (compact, high tip machine – 1.8 metres) Hedgecutting (2 machines) All aspects of grassland work, including paddocks, grassland and amenity areas Specialist cultivation and seeding works, using compact 1.8 metre wide equipment All aspects of fencing, using low ground pressure machinery GPS soil sampling and nutrient mapping Wide range of machinery from compact tractors on turf tyres, to 200hp tractors




Established since 1956 - based in Cambridgeshire


Facebook: G C Dixon and Son

AGRICULTRAL CONTRAC TORS Covering all arable operations, including:  Heavy / light cultivations  Mole draining  Drilling  Rape drilling  Spraying  24m Avadex application  Rape swathing  Combining  Mowing / tedding / raking  Baling and chasing  Hedge cutting o  360 digger work Wheat, barley and rape straw wanted in the swath

For more information on our stubble to stubble and full farm contract options, please contact: DAN 07831761157 or NOEL 07702341374 EMAIL: info@gcdixonandson.co.uk 130 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

130-On Nov.indd 130

15/10/2019 15:33



EC Farm Contractors Crop Spraying Specialists


Established for 25 years


Edward Crocker

07889 570 210 01832 281 578


Andrew 07860 262196 Hill Farm, Wissett, Halesworth


01473 839125 email: jessica@jtfewltd.co.uk

Recycling the past for a greener future



Specialist Agricultural Spraying Contractor


Suspension Fertiliser & Avadex application available now

AGRICULTURAL SERVICES across East Anglia including…

To discuss the above please contact


or e-mail: Plunkettsb@aol.com


07798 708843/07771 568754

Hill House Farm, Bath Road, West Dereham, King's Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9TP


Nationwide Bulk Haulage & Machinery Haulage loading services available please call for a quote

01359 258034 07823 555210

PHILIP BAUMBER Agricultural Contractor

Scopwick, Lincolnshire

For high quality results and prompt service

Sugar Beet Drilling Combi Drilling Muck Spreader Hire New Bunning Mk4 180 24m Spraying Set-aside Topping General Farm Contracting


Philip Clarke 01728 688360 or 07850 710996


Keepsafe Post & Rail Tornado Bordered Corners Stallion Paddocks Lunge Rings Water Troughs Gates

C15-C40, Gen0-Gen3, STI-ST5, PAV1 & PAV2 C15-C40, Gen0-Gen3, STI-ST5, PAV1 & PAV2

Agricultural Contractor

■ Full farm contracts ■ 24m spraying & 24m fertiliser spreading ■ Muck, Limex 45 & 70 and lime spreading ■ Set aside topping ■ Combining and all cultivations

based near Peterborough

C15-C40, Gen0-Gen3, STI-ST5, PAV1 & PAV2

John H. Howlett





Carlton Farm, Cattle Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 4NR UK NATIONWIDE EUROPEAN Tel: 01945 410099 • 07850 731409 www.adowningengineers.co.uk LOW LOADER SERVICES

01526 322654 and 07976 550635 November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 131

130-On Nov.indd 131

15/10/2019 15:33

Gary Moores 13 ton excavator/operator All machine work undertaken


07768 383797 Great Dunmow Essex CM6 1WN


lor y a T n Steve9 047288 079387 21035u0k 017 rsfarm.co.

h fert

ge ex jht@ro Suffolk/Ess


Norfolk • Cambridgeshire • Lincolnshire

Contact Paul on 07786 913159



King’s Row Farm, North Pickenham, Swaffham, Norfolk

01760 440267 07850 002693



g sin Natio ciali ent nw rs spe in He ide Contracto Managem dge & Vegetation

cu ...a t a cu bove pr t be in ice low qu ” in ality


L or e


500m of hose and electronic tracking devices to track blocked/damaged pipes mini digger available for digging out and repairing pipes

M P Dennis & Sons

s ing wGilDd bird cover ing v a e W • s ill ill zeroants • cover crop gar beet dr e u b s al R to ng from OS conventiovner maize drillit if required n / o e l l game c iliser placem min ti it both w





18 High Offley Road Professional hedge cutting service for South Cheshire, Woodseaves Shropshire and Staffordshire Staffordshire ST20 0LF NPTC registered inc NPTC Chainsaw Certificate for telephone: fallen trees 01785 284427 Over 20 years experience of mobile: hedge cutting, using the latest 07816 771812 professional equipment All green waste is recycled Digger work - free estimates


Contract Services Ltd


GM Plant



• Highway hedge and verge cutting • Hedge cutting: flail and saw blade attachments • Drain and pond clearance: vegetation (long reach capability) • Vegetation and general site clearance • Tree maintenance • Flail mowing • Tractor and operator hire • Embankment mowing • Commercial grounds maintenance

Shane Goodlad 07884 253601 shane@goodladcontracting.co.uk www.goodladcontracting.co.uk

OSG Agri Hire Ltd is a family run business based on the Hertfordshire/Essex border providing trailer hire, tractor hire, contract bale chasing and other agricultural services Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and discover the advantages of working with OSG Agri Hire Ltd

JPM 18t Dump Trailers

- recently added dump trailers to the fleet – available on short or long term hire

JCB 4220 Fastrac Hire

- JCB Fastracs available with or without an operator - available on short or long term hire

07804 823484 • 01279 815319 • e: ollie@osgagrihire.co.uk • www.osgagrihire.co.uk

Please contact OSG Agri Hire for more information 68064



Brundish Road, Wilby, Eye, Suffolk IP21 5LR


• Slurry and sludge handling • Operated long reach hire • Reservoirs and lagoons de-silted and constructed • Operated plant hire • Land reclamation • Bulk earthworks

01255 425933


Bulk Haulage • Aggregate • Road Planings Stock Feed • Equestrian Rubber Chip & Silica Sand, Bark & Energy Chip • Farm Track Repairs For further information please contact us on Tel: 01379 388156 • Fax: 01379 388109 Email: chris@tgaskew.co.uk 67872

132 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

130-On Nov.indd 132

15/10/2019 15:34



Concrete Crushing

Ditching & Watercoarse Maintenance

with a tracked jaw crusher c/w overband magnet, excavating, crushing & stock piling

new cut, sludging, reprofiling & weed cutting

Soil Screening

Site Clearance & Groundworks

with 3 way split screen for construction & demolition waste (soil, stone, brick rubble)

access road construction, concreting, drainage & site preparation

Operated Plant Hire

Vegetation & Hedge Maintenance

360o excavators 3–22t, D6N dozer c/w pattern blade & laser grade control, site dumpers 3– 10t & Vermeer trencher c/w laser grade control

with 360o excavators equipped with forestry mulcher, circular saw & flail head attachments

Contact Will Timmins : 07710 513642/01427 788009 | Email : will@timminscontracting.co.uk | www.timminscontracting.co.uk 68120

We are very flexible and meeting our clients needs is our top priority


• Tractor Hire Available • Trailer Hire Available with or without experienced operator • Sugar Beet Harvesting



of Removal

Agricultural Contractors & Forage Merchants

WASTE TYRES Farms, Agricultural Contractors, Plant Hire & Earthmover

25 years’ experience in used tyre disposal Registered Environment Agency Waste carrier/collector National bulk collections in articulated trailers Mixed tyres accepted Forklift and plant tracks accepted Competitive prices • Excellent service

Hay and Haylage Making – 80x47cm 'Euro' baler Bale Wrapping – round or square

Operating in and around Suffolk

Please call Tom for a friendly chat on...

07532 323796

P. BOWERS Agricultural Contractor Contact: Peter 07944 272 762 peterbowers6@gmail.com


Contact Peter 07966 184580 • 01787 277710 email peter@pcrawfordltd.co.uk

For free estimate and quote contact

Chris Ingram – Intowaste Ltd

Grassland Services Arable Services Hay, Straw and Haylage Bought and Sold 67831


Agricultural & Landscaping Throughout East Anglia

07811 125312


T D Sagon Contracting

South Essex based

07860 670 201 email chris@intowaste.co.uk www.intowaste.co.uk


360º Digger work • Specialising in Ditching & Coppicing (shear & grab) Cuts & holds 14” diameter wood Hedge Cutting

November 2019 www.farmersguide.co.uk 133

130-On Nov.indd 133

15/10/2019 15:34


A W Rusling


Agricultural Contractor


New Holland c/w front linkage & PTO, RTK guidance, wide tyres & a set of row crops 18 years experience in...

Collins Farming & Forestry Services Ltd www.collinsfarmingandforestry.co.uk

• Hedge and woodland coppicing with excavator and tree shear/grab • Poplar and large tree dismantling with high reach material handler and grapple saw • Timber extraction and purchasing • Hedge cutting • BSL registered supplier of dried and screened virgin woodchip • Wood fuel chipping to G30, G50 and CHP specs

• veg crop harvesting • cereal drilling • potato planting • land preparation • cultivating • trailer work • hedgecutting • harvesting


07768 435505 Mobile Concrete


07850 988 808 • 01728 660 271


Call Andy

info@collinsfarmingandforestry.co.uk • Valley Farm, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 2LR

D. E. KEEBLE Agricultural Contractors

Suppliers of the finest hay & straw: Big Hesston, Mini Hesston & Conventional Bales


Baling, Stacking & Delivery Service Straw Spreading for Winter Carrot Cover

Unique self-contained, self-loading machine working in Suffolk/Essex/Norfolk

Office: 01728 627788


Recycling your waste concrete on your farm/site to give you a valuable end product. No minimum quantity

Simon Oliver mobile: 07860 207166 www.crushertrucks.co.uk

Muck & Sludge Spreading Hedge Cutting / Flail & Saw

Tel: (Snape) 01728 688688 Mobile: 07889 642096

email: lindakeeble@btconnect.com



Make sure farmers can find you – don’t miss out! To feature your contracting business in these pages

contact us on 01473 691888 and ask for Sophie

or email sophie.brough@farmersguide.co.uk

Henry Brown’s Vintage Diary

Farmers Guide 25 Years Ago Ernest Cozens’ Out and About page in the November 1994 Farmers Guide commented on the demise of the Milk Marketing Board after some 61 years, and that further outbreaks of Rhizomania had been found in the East Anglian sugar beet crop. John Deere announced 13 new machines. They included four new 8000 series tractors with 185–228hp power units along with new models of baler, mower and forage harvester. John Deere had also completed a marketing agreement with Renault resulting in four new John Deere 3000 Series Renault-built tractors that were replacing the earlier 50 Series models. Prices started at £19,642 for the 55hp 2-wheel drive 3100. With the Smithfield Show on the horizon, several pages were devoted to the latest tractors and machinery at Earls Court. Armer Salmon would be exhibiting a new six row self-propelled

4-wheel steer Moreau Voltra tanker sugar beet harvester with a 360hp DSAF power unit and an 18t holding tank which could be unloaded in 30 seconds. Richie Farm Equipment announced a new big bale collector and Martin Lishman was introducing a range of Evans & Pearce Electro-Broadcasters capable of throwing slug pellets up to “an incredible 100ft”. Ferrag launched the Rau Ferrag Terramax 3 and 6m spring tine cultivators with front and rear crumblers and Lamborghini would be showing the latest Formula Limited models. The top of the range Formula Limited 135 had a £45,550 price tag. Claas told the Farmers Guide that since introducing their first selfpropelled forage harvester in 1972 they had now made in excess of 10,000 machines. A special Materials Handling feature reminded readers that mast type fork trucks, originally designed for the construction industry, had appeared on UK farms in the 1970s and the first telescopic loaders had arrived in the early 80s. ■

November 12 Yorkshire – Welwick Threshermens Rally sale of vintage tractors and farm machinery at North Lane, Welwick, Hull HU12 0SH. 01964 632009 December 7 Herefordshire – H.J. Pugh’s vintage tractor and implement sale at Hazle Meadows Auction Centre, Ledbury HR8 2LP. www.hjpugh.com

Haymaking in the ʼ50s After the grass had been cut by a reciprocating knife mower, either a rake bar, rotating head or finger wheel swath turner was used to turn or spread the swaths and, when dry, the swaths were rowed up ready for baling. Several companies including Dening of Chard, Lister Blackstone, Massey-Harris and Ransomes were making rake bar swath turners and side delivery rakes in the 1950s. They had four or five land-wheel driven tined rake bars working sideways across the swath. The centre section of the tine bars was removed for swath turning and replaced for side delivery raking. Lely made the first finger wheel swathers and side delivery rakes in Holland in 1948. The finger wheels were mounted on two parallel frames and could

be used to turn, spread or row up the swath. Rotating head machines made by Bamfords, Massey-Harris and others, had two or three rotating heads which could be set to turn in the same direction for swath turning and contra rotate when putting two swaths together ready for the baler. ■

The Massey-Harris rotating head swath turner could be used for swath turning or side delivery raking.

134 www.farmersguide.co.uk November 2019

130-On Nov.indd 134

16/10/2019 11:48


FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

Farmers Guide Place your

FREE advert



Through www. To fax or post, see coupon on page 194

Deadline for inclusion in the December 2019 issue is 7th November 2019



185Hp - 650 Hrs Excellent Condition Front Suspension, Front weights, Air-Con Pick Up Hitch + More JAMES BRAMHALL 07791 912719

5143 Engine Hours 4363 Cylinder Hours 3m Pick-Up 40Kph, Air-Con Auto-Shearbar + More JAMES BRAMHALL 07791 912719



3600L Hopper, Twin Terminal, Quick Empty Flap, LED Lights, Paddle Boards, Roll-Over Cover, Amatron 3 Control Box JAMES BRAMHALL 07791 912719

2650 Engine Hours 2024 Cylinder Hours 3m Pick-Up 40Kph, AirCon, Additive Carrier Auto-Shearbar + More CARWYN EVANS 07891 388785



JUST £69,500 + VAT



JUST £59,500 + VAT

960 4WD


JUST £77,850 + VAT

950 4WD

CLAAS JAGUAR 970 4WD Eng Hrs 2618 Cylinder Hrs 2000


JUST £115,000 + VAT JOHN DEERE 7980I 2013 Eng Hrs 2092 Cylinder Hrs 1490

COLIN DAVIES - 07977 066813


COLIN DAVIES - 07977 066813

£118,000 + VAT

DEPOT CONTACT NUMBERS WHITLAND - 01994 240644 CRYMYCH - 01239 831733 LLANDOW - 01446 775602 RAGLAN - 01291 691005

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk







Fendt and John Deere tractor hire 35–500hp, long- and short-term hire available


Tel: 01206 230662 • Email: phil@livertonltd.co.uk • www.livertonltd.co.uk

Full range of McConnel vegetation management equipment available for hire; 3m–8m side arm flails, quad saws, rotary hedge cutters, Robocuts, mulchers, forestry heads, trenchers, stump grinders

• 30 Harwich Road, Ardleigh, Essex CO7 7LS November 2019 www.farmads.co.uk 135

fg_class_nov_19.indd 135

17/10/2019 15:53


Monday 11th November 2019

Weekly Tuesday Sale


of Prime Cattle, Store Cattle & Calves, Prime Lambs, Store Lambs, Cull Ewes & Breeding Sheep

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

The Saleground, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2QT

Fortnightly Sale of Pigs Pedigree Livestock Sales 2019 Specialist Sale Dates Call us: 01664 562971 Scott Ruck: 07796 897516

 SATURDAY 26th OCTOBER Charollais Society East of England region Sale of In Lamb Ewes plus Seasonal Smallholders Sale  FRIDAY 29th &

SATURDAY 30th NOVEMBER Winter Stock Festival, East of England Showground

 TUESDAY 3rd DECEMBER Melton & Belvoir Agricultural Society Christmas Fatstock Show and Sale

Categories Include: • Tractors • Telescopic Handlers • Excavators • Digger Loaders • Vehicles • Cultivators • Ploughs

• Hay Making Machinery • Balers • Combine Harvesters • Forage Harvesters • Livestock Requisites • Trailers

 FRIDAY 20th DECEMBER Christmas Farmers Market and Sale of Christmas Table Poultry

• Small Plant & Tools • Generators & Electrical Items • ATVs • Horticultural Machinery • Wheels & Tyres • Spares


FOLLOW US: Melton Mowbray Cattle Market @MeltonLivestock EMAIL US: sales@meltonmowbraymarket.co.uk Melton Mowbray Market, Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray LE13 1JY

Further Entries Invited For further information please contact our auction team.



01353 777767



At Chapel Farm, Hop Pole, Deeping St Nicholas, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 3DS Of Combine Harvester, Tractors, Material Handlers, Implements, Farm Machinery, Implements and Bygones On Saturday 2nd November 2019 at 10.00am




Including: Combine Harvester: Claas Dominator 80 (73); Tractors: New Holland 8340 (96), Ford 5000, Ford 4000, Ferguson TEF20, John Deere Model B, Track Marshall; Material Handlers: JCB 535-67 Turbo with various attachments, Liftmate MA2250 forklift; Trailers: 12t grain, Pettit 8t high-tip, 6t grain, 4-wheel general; Cultivation Equipment & Implements: Grimme Commander 77 trailed potato harvester, 2No Standen Rapide MK 2 sugar beet harvester, Ransomes TSR 300S 4f rev plough, Massey Ferguson 30 3m trailed drill, Ernest Webb Ltd 5 row precision seed drill, Howard HR30 6ft rotavator (96), Kuhn 3m powerharrow, Cousins Dutch harrow, Hardi MAST R 12m mounted sprayer, Massey Ferguson 1455E round baler; Bygones & Miscellaneous: Kongskilde grain bins, various wheels and tyres, large quantities of workshop equipment and spares etc.


Murton – York – YO19 5GF Tel: 01904 489731 Fax: 01904 489782


FOR A FULL DETAILED LOT LIST AND PHOTOGRAPHS VISIT BROWN-CO.COM Viewing: Friday 1st November 2019 from 10am – 3pm and on the morning of the sale from 8am. Contact Spalding Office: 01775 722321 george.watchorn@brown-co.com sophie.hardy@brown-co.com

136 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

fg_class_nov_19.indd 136

17/10/2019 11:14

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 AIR CONDITIONING

ATV Spares Specialists www.mkmagri.com

Tel: 01954 267215

MALGAR straw chopper for loader. £750. J Hicks Tel 07539 367336 (Berks)



Sun Valley Works • Wood End Marston Moretaine • Bedford • MK43 0NJ




The ATV & UTV Specialists

Gator Main Dealer


MEIJER round bale sledge & drawbar, good condition. £1,200+VAT. C Wisson Tel 01480 830224 (Cambs)



Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 3DL


Manor Farm • Ixworth Thorpe Bury St Edmunds • Suffolk • IP31 1QH

2008 Vervaet 617 Beet Eater 45/50 lift unit with depth wheels 5800 eng hrs only, 3400ha

BALERS & BALE HANDLING JOHN DEERE 459 conventional baler, 1995, 6’ hyd pick up, been neglected – needs attention to panel work and some mech repair, easy winter project for suitably skilled. £4,150+VAT. GDO Howell Tel 07903 089391 & 01728 723683(T) (Suffolk)

01386 49155

SUTON beet basket, to fit Claas loader, 3t capacity. R Wright Tel 07768 954466 (Lincs)


r ul ds ga • F econ orru own s x/C our o to y B • ut •C

PETER WRAGGE SUPPLIES Tel: (01449) 737192 Fax: (01449) 736666


2017 ROPA Panther 2a 45/50 excellent condition, RR with auto depth control

For all harvester details Contact: Simon Peacock Mob: 07717 416178 or Email: simonp@ctmrcs.co.uk

CTM 9040 updated and refurbished contractor capacity PRECLEANER & reverse action rollers for clod/stone/leaf

KAWASAKI Brute Force 750cc EPS, 2/4wd, 2015, 600hrs, road legal kit. £4,000. A Balaam Tel 07740 630012 (Essex)

from £2,800 + VAT & Del ¾ - 1.1m3 capacity, high grade steel gearbox, 3 years warranty

Selection of heavy duty steel beams, plus metal & plastic pipework 150mm-600mmØ ideal for gateways and crossings.

JOHN Deere Gator, diesel, 2007, 1000hrs, glazed cab, slug applicator, good order. £4,500. D Harrison Tel 07771 514747 (Cambs)

McHALE Fusion 1, 2005, with a genuine 25765 bales, good machine, well maintained, for sale due to change of policy. £16,000+VAT. E Coles Tel 07773 335533 (Cornwall)

Concrete Mixer

G, & forPhone a free FIN ING N brochur e O RO ADD ATIO ry o t CL SUL IAL ime/Fac IN ATER /Non Pbrle files ents M l Prime availated Proequirem

TIM 3 row beet harvester, 1997, in working order, more photos & videos if you contact me directly, tidy machine. £4,250. A Wells Tel 07879 885379 (Lincs)

Used Bomford RS 5’ mounted topper with rear wheel .....£1,250 no VAT


www.thequadcentre.com • info@thequadcentre.com

CTM 9000XL beet cleaner, 2009, vgc. R Wright Tel 07768 954466 (Lincs) CROSS Engineering beet washer, 20tph rotating barrel system with elevator, tractor PTO powered (65hp), very good condition, oiled & stored undercover, loads of useful mods, produces a superb sample. £15,000 ono. P Gwyther Tel 07855 974020 (Pembrokeshire) TODD beet cleaner, with picking off table, it's had engine refurbed but hasn't been used for last 2yrs, just needs a new sheet over picking off table. £1,500 ono. R Day Tel 07710 405260 (Lincs)


2012 John Deere XUV 855D 25hp diesel, Big Horn tyres, full glass cab, tip kit, road registered.....£8,000+VAT

01449 736060

Foxhunters Garage, West Down, Ilfracombe, N Devon EX34 8NU

CTM 554 roller unit in refurb, medium capacity PRECLEANER & reverse action rollers for clod/stone/leaf

For all cleaner/loader details Contact: Nigel Mountain Mob: 07785 972510 or Email: nigelm@ctmrcs.co.uk

CONCRETE panels 15' long, 3' high by 6" thick with fittings, only 4yrs old & in very good condition, up to 15 available, delivery possible. £150 each. C Ridley Tel 07773 226832 (Kent)

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

01284 771344

01271 320727





R134A .................................. POA Air conditioning service equipment •leak detectors •vac pumps •recovery machines AIR CONDITIONING PARTS FOR ALL FARM & CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES AT DISCOUNT PRICES We accept all major credit cards


We stock:

JOHN Deere 466A baler, serviced this year, used this season, no issues. clean baler, had 2 new tyres, new needles, pick up tines, bill hook, auger bearings fitted this year, baler is ready for work. £2,750+VAT. H Ingate Tel 07471 901530 (Suffolk)


The ATV & UTV Specialists

Please call Tim on 07712 780056 for sizing, pricing and quantities



SALES SPARES TYRES SERVICE All parts available by mail order ORDER ONLINE TODAY!

01234 768889



galvanised and PVC coated steel corrugated or box profile first and second quality Non asbestos Big Six and Std 3in sheets, fittings and accessories

01622 832666 07939 114023

Hardy Roofing Supplies www.hardyroofing.co.uk


Agricultural building roof sheeting & cladding, new roofs re-roofs & repairs, guttering supply and fix or fix only COVERING EAST ANGLIAN AREA

Chris Wiseman

07917 509070 01603 464710

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BUILDINGS & MATERIALS (cont) 08-64084

KIT BUILDINGS steelwork, eaves beams, purlins & bolts

All sizes available – made to order


SCAFFOLDING 9 x 20', some ally, 28 x 8' lengths & approx 48 clips. £300 no VAT. R Griffin Tel 07980 145910/01279 792345 (Essex)

CASE 8010 AFS, 2008, 30' vari feed cutterbar, self levelling sieves, chopper chaff spreader, twin axle trailer, 900 tyres, 1900 drum hrs, vgo, service history. £60,000+VAT. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs)

SULKY 4m combi drill, Maschio power harrow, pre-em markers, same owner last 10yrs approx, used on black fen soil so had an easy life, dry stored always, in good clean condition & working order, viewing welcome. C Holland Tel 07850 600553 (Cambs) RANSOMES Nordsten Lift-o-Matic seed drill, CLB, 4m, tramliner & automatic wheel markers, cereals/grass & rape seed kit, following harrow & transport kit, Suffolk coulters, can be used as a piggyback drill, vgc. £800 ono. J Swift Tel 01964 562341 (E Yorks)




KING FARM SUPPLIES Authorised Distributors of Walter Watson & Ritchie equipment Starlyne feed mineral & supplements

McCullough calf resusitator ............................£95 McCullough lamb resusitator ............................£64 Watson HD tipping transport box 5’ width, scraper blade, removable door.................. £495 Watson calf creep feeder 8’ x 6’ 500kg capacity full spec .....£890 Watson feeding trailer 16’ x 5’.............................£1,495

Ritchie sheep and cattle hurdles......................POA Ritchie Ring feeders in stock ................................POA Ritchie galvanised double basin trough........................£220 Ritchie HDPE trough 1220mm ...............................£28 Ritchie HDPE trough 1830mm ...............................£38

To view the full range go to www.walter-watson.co.uk

To view the full range go to www.ritchie-d.com

6m Lely hyd fold power harrow c/w spiral packer....................... £2,500 52 plate Land Rover TD5 auto 120,000 miles 7 mth MOT.. £2,200 no VAT

Donna 07751 796150 • Basil 07801 668286

Covering East Anglia and beyond


Old Barns Old Tiles Old Bricks Stone & Oak

Peter Barker 01483 200477


OAK beam, 16'. £300. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)

COMBINES & HARVESTERS NEW HOLLAND CX5080 2015, c/w 6m header & trolley, one owner/driver, straw/chaff spreader, immaculate condition, 480 eng hrs, 390 drum hrs, side knife. Tel 07850 851941. Email info@holtractors. co.uk.

JCB, starts & runs well, 4 in 1 bucket. £3,500+VAT. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs) TRACK Marshall 70 bulldozer, good tracks, engine, hydraulics, working order, cab plus tight blade. POA. H Ashton Tel 07831 588318 (Lincs)

KUHN 4m Venta LC402 3 row Suffolk coulter drill, almost new coulter tips. £4,400+VAT ono. T Havers Tel 07733 325376 (Norfolk)




Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

02476 659 767

All prices are plus VAT

(Est 28yrs)

01539 726364 (eve/weekend calls welcome) 07825 511592

COMBINATION drill 3m, Howard HK31 power harrow Nordstren NS3030 drill, on farm from new, drilled approx 150 acres/ yr, new tines (half season), new main roller bearings, good order. £4,850. J Humphrey Tel 07909 518399/01945 410791 (Cambs)


www.cwshutters.co.uk NEW Holland CX820 combine, 2004, 6 walker, 2600 engine/2050 drum hrs, chopper/chaff spreader, air con, 710 tyres, 11'2" wide, c/w 20' high capacity autofloat header & trailer, excellent condition, barn stored & annually dealer serviced. £60,000. G Stevens Tel 07770 970320 (Glos)

KUHN 4003 folding power harrow, 2008, new quick fit tines. £6,350+VAT. G Jones Tel 01874 711315/07814 000595 (Powys)

MF40 RS combine, 20' power flow table, with side knife & table trolley, only cut 15acres per annum for 15yrs. £12,000 ono. WE Proudley & Sons Tel 07831 129504/01427 848236 (Notts)

Hall Farm, Aldeburgh IP15 5JD MF 2640 4wd tractor very tidy......... £6,250 Vogel & Noot plough 5 furrow ......... £2,500 Sanderson 725 teleporter very tidy .......POA Various cultivators & subsoilers............POA 8t dump trailer ................................ £1,750 Various hydraulic folding rib rolls ..........POA Fordson E27N petrol/paraffin 2wd tractor unfinished project ........... £1,300 8t Norton drop side grain trailer ....... £2,500 Various grain buckets ..........................POA Kongskilde 4m manual fold Reco Sulky 24m twin disc fert Vibroflex .................................... £1,200 spreader with lights & cover ...... £1,000 McConnel Allwork tractor mounted Ransomes mounted disc c/w very good metal work ....................... £1,000 saw bench ................................... £650 All tractors and machinery wanted – dead or alive!

See our new website for more details & photos www.hallfarmmachinery.com

Tom 07872 916363


CLAAS 770TT, c/w Vario 1050 cutterbar, OSR kit, 2 side knives, 3D sieve system, compressor, cruise pilot, CEMOS automatic, GPS RTK, CEBIS, 635mm track, special cut 2 straw chopper c/w power spreader & chaff blower, XXL auger 7.9m. £150,000+VAT. M Houldcroft Tel 07496 387714 (Rutland)

AMBASSADOOR 3 phase electric roller shutter door, 10'3" (3.1m) x 15'6" (4.75m), as good as new condition, very little use, can be seen in full working order, new price for door is £1,650+VAT. Selling at only £500+VAT. P Skinner Tel 07711 405100 (Northants)

MF510 8m air drill, stored under cover, good working order, plus some spares. £1,200+VAT ono. C Wisson Tel 07776 184394/01480 830224 (Cambs) OPICO Hatzenbichler 8 outlet seeder unit, cable land wheel with mounting plate, rape & grass rollers. £1,800 ono. R Day Tel 07710 405260 (Lincs)

DRILLS ACCORD 4m combination drill with discs & Kuhn Rotaire with quick fit tines & packer roller, done very little work, vgc. £10,000 ono. WE Proudley & Sons Tel 01427 848236/07831 129504 (Notts)

KRM Maxi drill, 2005, 4m, tramlining, pre-em markers, very tidy. £6,250. D Harrison Tel 07771 514747 (Cambs)

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

G & J Peck Ltd SPALDING – TEL 01775 724343 ELY (HEAD OFFICE) – TEL 01353 664515 RAMSEY St MARY’S – TEL 01733 844642 LIBRARY IMAGE


S – 41026048 – New Holland T6.145 EC 16x16 Electro Command transmission, 40kph, engine speed management, 540/540e/1000, 18.4x38 & 14.9x28 tyres ..................................................POA

J – 21024878 – Larrington 20t Majestic 6' x 7'3" x 5', 150mm square axles, twin line air brakes, side ladder, blow board, wind up grain chute, rev trail door light, be seen light kit, interior body light ...................................................................£26,500

W – 41023849 – Amazone Cirrus 6m disc drill ex demo, grain only, Twin Tech+, Cat 3, serrated disc, elec half side shut off, tyre scrapers, roller scrapers ...................................................................£58,950

S – 41026259 – ex demo New Holland T7.270 AC Blue Power edition, Stage V engine, Auto Command CVT 50kph eco transmission, air brakes, 4 speed rear PTO ..............................POA

S – 41025663 – new New Holland Boomer 40 compact tractor, 40hp, 3 range hydrostatic trans, swinging drawbar for slider hook, rear 3 point links, flexible ball ends, 2 rear remote valves, A/C ...................................................................£18,865

J – 51026040 – Larrington 32' commercial underslung 3 leaf 75mm parabolic suspension, front/rear ladder bale rack, toolbox, 435/50x22.5 Doublecoin ................................................£11,885

W – 41023850 – ex demo Amazone Cayros XMS 5-950 plough, 5 furrow, WXL 430 bodies, Cat 3 with balls, manure skimmers, transport wheel, hyd furrow, 500mm rear disc...........................£11,950

S – Choice of 2 2016 New Holland T7.210 Power Command tractors, 50K with creep, hours from 3500................................................................POA

S – 41025675 – New Holland Boomer 30, 30hp, Rops frame, 12x12 synchro shuttle trans, swining drawbar for slider hook, rear 3 point linkage ...................................................................£12,725

J – 21025472 – Larrington 20t Majestic, sprung drawbar with four hold adjustment with bolt on swivel 40mm towing eye, hydraulic brakes ...................................................................£31,818

W – 11024941 – ex demo Amazone Cayron plough, 200V-100 (290hp), 5 + 1, S35 boards, rear disc, skimmers, Cat 3 bar, combi wheel, hyd variwidth ....................................................£24,500

2017 CX8.70 FS COMBINE NOW £172,000

Finance available on 1 + 2 annual payments at 0% on up to £100,000 balance to finance*

A – 11025744 – Honda Pioneer 700, SXS fuelinjected 675cc OHV single-cylinder engine independent front & rear suspension ........£10,250

S – 500L grain tank, yield & moisture monitor, Intellisteer GPS, Intelliview IV touchscreen, a/c, six row straw chopper/chaff spreader, 25' Gen II vari-feed header, RH sideknife, tandem axle trolley, 800/70R32 & 500/80R28 tyres *G & J Peck Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as credit broker and will introduce finance, in relation to this offer, to CNH Industrial Capital Europe Ltd

S – 41023199 – Rabe Albatros 140, ex demo unit, in furrow, rated up to 300hp, 5+1 build, 93cm point to point, under beam clearance 80cm ...................................................................£16,500

S – 21024576 – Stocks Fan Jet slug pelleter, 24m, variable rate, mounting bracket to utility vehicle, control box ..................................................£1,050

A – 11025266 – MFP120B, 1.2m 16hp Briggs engine, rear wheel, electric start grass blades .....................................................................£4,500

S – 21026303 – Reco X44 4000 WPB, c/w Vision control box, operation manual & spec as follows: PTO driven, Tribord 3D border control system, road lights ....................................................£2,500

W – 41026626 Amazone Centaya 3000, ex demo, Super ISO c/w Twintec double disc coulters at 15cm spacing, Amatron 4, ISO cabling, Twintec harrow tine .....................................................POA

J – 31024865 – JCB 516-40 Agri, Starco agri tyre TL 255/75-15.3.single lever joystick, manual pinlock, road lights, ind forks/frame 1070mm ...................................................................£25,500

J – 51025205 – JCB 515-40, Starco std wheel & tyre assy TL 255/75-15.3 119/107A8, manual joystick. 1 lever 1 aux, cab c/w 3 wipers, fabric susp seat, floating fork frame .....................£24,000

J – 41026406 Agri Traction 460/70R24 Michelin XMCL, Servo 1 lever 1 aux, cab tinted glass & heater, deluxe seat, Q-fit carriage 1226mm wide, worklights front & rear ............................. £ 36,950

W – 41026627 – Amazone Catros+ 3003 Special, ex demo, 2019, compact disc harrow with 2 rows of concave serrated rimmed discs ..................POA

J – 41025843 – new Teagle TAP/S 250, right hand cut, outboard gearbox, 2m cut, fully hydraulic offset head adjustment, wide angle PTO, auto belt...............................................................£9,565

J – 21026616 – used Teagle TAM200 right hand mount, 50-90hp, 540rpm, up to 4cm cut, wide angle PTO, p/hammer flails, wide angle PTO, 2m cutting width ................................................£3,850

J – 21024064 – Major 5.2m shallow disc injector, 3 point linkage mounted, plus umbilical fitting .....................................................................£6,950

J – 21026176 – 3000 gallon tanker, air brakes, PTO pump ...................................................£6,500

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

S – 41024577 – ex demo New Holland T6.175 DCT, 50kph, Terraglide axle, Dynamic Command gearbox, rear/auto PTO, AGR ready, hyd pump, 520/85R38 & 16.9x28 tyres, 319hrs ...............POA


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of 2 Ch oic e

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


t: 01462 442409 Daniel: 07734 328994 Ben: 07850 474511 e: rtaylor2004@tiscali.co.uk

HORSCH JOKER 3 CT STEEL HI SPEC 1000 MUCK SIDE DISC PACKER mono TG bar DISCHARGE SPREADER LD point hyd depth adj, demo ex demo conditon condition £17,500 from £5,500

CLAAS LEXION 570+ TERRA TRAC 2007, 7.5 Vario cutterbar, immaculate condition £89,950

IFOR WILLIAMS GD85 PLANT TRAILER refurbished, new floor, excellent condition £1,400

VICON ROTAFLOW RO-XL FERTILISER SPREADER 2014, immaculate condition £6,750

SUMO TRIO 2009 3M MOUNTED CULTIVATOR Multipacker, removable discs, new metal fitted £10,950


nery in 1st d hand machi

Selling 2n

GREGOIRE BESSON RB7 6F (5+1) plough new metal where needed, excellent condition £6,750

QUIVOGNE TINEMASTER 4M hyd folding, 2008, r/d/bar & hyd services, lights, immaculate £9,950

KUHN VKM280 heavy duty flail mower 2013, hyd offset, demo condition £4,500

class order!

PART EXCHANGE WELCOME Ex works • All prices + VAT

2011 New Holland CR9070 Intellisteer ready, yield monitor, 900/60R38 & 600/65R28, 25’, varifeed header, engine hrs 1,041 & threshing hrs 833

2012 New Holland CX6090 6 straw walker, Smart Sieve, yield monitor, chopper & chaff spreader, 800/65R32 & 460/70R24, 20’ varifeed header c/w 1 side knife, header trailer engine hrs 1246 & threshing hrs 955

2015 NH CR9080 Elevation, 24” tracks, chopper & chaff spreader, smart steer, 30’ varifeed with trolley & side knives, engine hrs 1,259 & threshing hrs 1,042

2013 NH T6.175 16x16, full suspension, 14.9R28 & 18.4RR38, 4 spools, hrs 2,950

Demo 2018 NH T7.315 Auto Command, 50kph, Intellisteer, 650/60R34 & 710/75R42 Michelin, Blue Power, weight block not included, hrs 125

2014 New Holland T7.185 50kph, Range Command, cab & front axle suspension, 520/7R38 & 420/70R28, hrs 3,089

Kverneland 3m drill combination NGH 30 power harrow & packer, Accord, Drill Pro, Suffolk coulters

2013 NH T4.95 Dual Command, power shuttle, electro link, 2 spool valves, std PUH, passenger seat, hook ends, hrs 4,250

New Maschio DMR 3m power harrow c/w packer roller

Contact Charles Moorman Office 01777 870111 www.plattsharris.co.uk or email us at: sales@plattsharris.co.uk

07970 805351


Machinery Traders, Farmers, Agricultural Contractors & Coach Hire for all Occasions

St Ibbs Farm • St Ippolyts Hitchin • Herts • SG4 7NL


RC SETCHFIELD LTD Grantham 01476 560784

Staveley 01246 475315 All prices subject to VAT

Hi-Spec Mix Max 18 diet feeder

New Sitrex 4.2m single rotor rake c/w twin wheels

Knight trailed sprayer 24m booms, 2500L tank




Sulky X36 fertiliser spreader

Maschio DMP4000 power harrow hyd folding



New West 14t trailer c/w sprung drawbar, hyd door, grain chute, super singles


Dowdswell DP120 Cat TH407C Agri MA-Delta 5 furrow plough 65 reg, 2916hrs, rear hitch, tyres 50%

For more pictures and more stock visit



New Bomford Kestrel S 5.7m with elec controls


Ranch 10t trailer c/w grain chute


New Gregoire Besson RB6 4+1 plough c/w No8 bodies, hyd f/ furrow, r/disc


Chafer Mirage self propelled sprayer 2003, 3000L, 24m, c/w rowcrop & float tyres



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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk November 2019 www.farmads.co.uk 141

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16/10/2019 16:29

MASCHIO DM4000/WEAVING MISTRAL 4000 (Accord copy) 4m combination drill, 32 Suffolk coulters, p/h tines 70% & all tight, no leaks, tidy outfit, genuine reason for sale. GDO Howell Tel 07903 089391 & 01728 723683(T) (Suffolk)


01205 821313|07769 353826 cloverfarmservs@aol.com cloverfarmservices.co.uk Swineshead, Lincs

Economise Without Compromise

KVERNELAND Accord 4m tineseeder, 4 rows of tines, following harrow, hydraulic fan, electronic metering, c/w Isobus control box, wheel eradicators, nearly new points, good wet weather drill. £6,900+VAT ono. R Frampton Tel 07748 375665/01935 840212 (Somerset)

Maschio Drills

CLAYDON 4.8 hyd folding V drill, newer style leading tine, A shares & splitter boot, small seed kit, bean points & chutes, following harrow as new, new quick fit locking pins, A shares as new, bean points as new, very good condition. R Brian Tel 07974 669464 (Worcs)


ENGINEERING & SALES Main agents in East Anglia for....

Sales: 01473 744088


All prices + VAT


t: 01243 575333 • m: Joe 07540 013587 e: mail@ hjknight.co.uk • www.hjknight.co.uk



• Shelbourne Advantage, Mentor & SR 2500H • Hesston 8100, 6500 & 6400 • John Deere • Claas Maxi • Vicon • Stemas • Fortschritt 68185



Please call for more information www.writtlefarmmachinery.co.uk

07748 004794 01245 442224(T)

KUHN 4m power harrow/drill combi, 1995, HR 4002D Kuhn 4m with transport kit & demount legs, 1997, pneumatic DA-S Kverneland Accord Ferrag, Accord ESC Müller Elektronik (with tramlining), used on small farm £5,200 ono. R Biggs Tel 07763 978064 (Lincs)

and many other wear parts

email: jmtengineering@btconnect.com • www.jmtcombinehire.co.uk

Contact stockists

Von Gerard Timber on 0208 398 7075 or email

USED Heras fence panels, ideal for pheasant release pens, hen runs, etc, 60 available @£8 each Please call Chris. C Wisson Tel 07776 184394/01480 830224 (Cambs)


LEMKEN combination drill, 3m, twin disc coulters, recently had new discs, bearings & bushes, following harrow, wheel eradicators, upgrade to control box to enable VR seed, half shut off, excellent drill. £11,000 ono. T Sinnott Tel 07710 481806 (Warks) SUMO DTS 4m seed drill, 2013, very low acreage, unused last 3 seasons as sold farm. Offers. P Peel Tel 07927 625837 (Shrops)

CARIER 4m cultivator drill, floatation tyres, tramlining, pre-em markers & following harrow, good working order, good points & seed tubes, drilled beans for the last few years, always stored undercover. £650+VAT. D Cawthorne Tel 07715 845589 (N Yorks)

FRONT hopper & press, c/w pipe work. £1,650+VAT. G Jones Tel 01874 711315/07814 000595 (Powys)





07813 182054 01536 771246


NORDSTEN NS 3040 combination drill, with double disc coulters, hydraulic markers, following harrow & Agro Tram 2100 tramlining, c/w attachments for 4m Kuhn power harrow, good condition, all handbooks & meter charts. £3,000+VAT. T Parker Tel 07531 139571/01904 794321 (N Yorks)

Lexion & Dominator We supply the following new parts combine hire CONCAVES RASP BARS BELTS Fabrication & repairs KNIVES CHAINS FINGERS Breaking 100s of machines FILTER KITS

JMT Engineering (Ladbroke) Ltd

KUHN 304 power harrow, 2008, c/w Lely air drill, disc coulter, small farm use. £6,950. G Jones Tel 01874 711315/07814 000595 (Powys)

Creosote treated fence posts Scandinavian redwood posts 25 years guarantee Available in a range of sizes


Over 30 years’ experience

01926 614345


The Maschio drill range - including the all weather Primavera tine seeder - is available from Writtle Farm Machinery.

Ian Houlgrave

Tel: 01507 466352 Mobile: 0780 134 3023 Fax: 01507 462812 Email: ian@ianhoulgrave.com

BLACK Shire filly, fully registered with SHS, quiet temperament, good potential, K Smith Tel 07940 049960/01335 330346 (Derbys) 14-YEAR old ex racehorse, winner of 11 races, flat & jumps, also placed 23 times. Only £400+VAT to good home. M Chapman Tel 07971 940087/01673 843663 (Lincs)


Lely Stabilo Lotus 600 combo 2008 ......................................................£3,995 Vaderstad Rapid A400S 4m drill 2007 new genuine discs.............. £15,950 Reco TP60 6m hedger 2003 elec controls would go straight to work ..£3,995 Shelbourne post knocker 2006 ready to work .....................................£1,450 John Deere 6110 SE 2wd air con off race course.................................due in Menke 3m flail topper front & rear gwo................................................£1,995 Claas Volto 770 6 rotor tedder ready to work ......................................£3,750 Ford 6610 2wd tractor.............................................................................£4,995 Kubota DM3040 4m mower 2017 immaculate ....................................£5,750 Kuhn 8702 8 rota tedder 2013 ...............................................................£5,995 Lemken Karat 9 2016 ex demo ..............................................................£7,250 Gull 2000L twin axle fuel bowser ...........................................................£1,450 McConnel PA6085 hedger 2014 top of the range ..............................£9,950 Claas Quantum 5800P forage wagon 2011 ...................................... £28,500 Various tedders, mowers & rakes in stock .............................................. CALL Browns 4.5m folding slitter vgc..............................................................£3,250 Dowdeswell MA140 6 furrow plough choice of 2 ..................... £4,250 each Marshall QM11 trailer 2011 hyd tailgate ..............................................£6,450 Dowdeswell Delta 100S 5 furrow plough .............................cheap @ £1,995 Maschio power harrow c/w Accord drill 3m 2006...............................£4,350 Malone 6’ pasture toppers new in stock & ready to go ............ £1,175 each New pallet carriages ..........................................................................from £450 New LWC buckets & grabs in stock British built .................................... CALL Major 8400 finishing roller mower, 2002 ..............................................£2,750 New Malone tedders in stock, 5.7m ......................................................£6,250 New Malone post bangers, side & t/l tilt...............................................£2,600 Ken Wootton 14t trailer only seen grain ..............................................£6,450



WEAVING tine drill 2008, pre-em & tramline markers, alarms for low seed & low fan speed. £650 ono. H Ground Tel 01945 700289 (Lincs)

VADERSTAD Rapid 400S, system disc, radar, hydraulic fan, new discs & coulters fitted, spout blockage sensors, ready to work, clean tidy & always stored inside. A Simpson Tel 01738 840111 (Perth & Kinross)


in Lincolnshire

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

GREENLAND Vicon LZ 505 4m combination drill unit, 1995, tramlining kit, Suffolk coulters, A frame included, vgc. £650+VAT. R Nesling Tel 07464 940898 (Suffolk)

DRILLS (cont)


Now dealers for

TULIP 4m Drillmate to fit Accord drill, pigtail tines with levelling board & toothed packer. £1,100+VAT. W Bryce Tel 07894 912341 (Suffolk)

HAY in large 8' x 4' good quality flat bales, barn stored, suitable for horses or cattle. £30/bale, buyer collects. M Fenn Tel 07932 501183 (Cambs) STANDING maze crop, 5ha, Mildenhall, available after 31 Oct 2019. Open to offers. A Pooley Tel 07985 763889/07831 146432 (Suffolk) GOOD quality meadow haylage, for horses, sheep or cattle, 8 layers of wrap, local delivery possible. POA. M Webster Tel 07881 802097/01986 785256 (Suffolk)

GENERATORS GENERATORS: diesel & PTO, quality used & new, est 25yrs. JSP UK Ltd. Tel 01432 353050 Mob 07774 742182 (Hereford)

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194


Contact Will

Goff 07799 111030



01691 791460 MF 6480 2005, Dynashift, 5300hrs, f/& cab susp, CCLS, 90% tyres MF 6485 2006, Dynashift, full susp, tidy condition MF 8480 2008, 9800hrs, 50 kph, f/linkage, f/& cab susp, very tidy MF 8280 Xtra 2003, f/linkage, 5900hrs, 4 spools

2007 Amazone 303 power harrow/drill combination

MF 8260 Xtra 2003, 4700hrs only, f/linkage, excellent condition

2011 Cousins V-Form 4.5m 7 leg very good condition

very good condition

MF 5475 Dyna 4, 2010, 6500hrs, f/susp, CCLS



MF 6270 1999, 12000hrs, good tyres, good condition

2009 Spaldings Flatlift 3 leg plus grass discs


Claas Axos 340 2014, 1500hrs, power shuttle, push out hitch, air con

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

MF 7718S Dyna VT, 2019, 50hrs, f/linkage, full susp, 4 spools, Data 4 MF 7716 2017, Dyna 6, 2000hrs, f/linkage, 50kph, 4 spools MF 7716 2017, Dyna VT, 1900hrs, f/linkage, 50kph, 4 spools MF 7620 2013, Dyna 6, Exclusive, 50kph, 4200hrs, f/linkage MF 7626 2013, 4700hrs, 50kph, f/& cab susp, air brakes, f/links & PTO MF 6616 2016, 3500hrs, Exclusive spec, 50kph, air brakes, autoguide ready MF 6613 c/w MF loader, 2017, 160hrs, Dyna 4, cab susp, Eco PTO MF 5712 SL 2016, 1700hrs, f/susp, 540/38 & 440/28 tyres MF 7495 2008, 1800hrs, f/& cab susp, f/linkage, air brakes, immaculate MF 7490 2004, 7800hrs, 50kph, f/linkage, f/& cab susp MF 6499 2009, 5200hrs, 50kph, f/& cab susp, 4 spools MF 6499 2006, Tier 3, 5500hrs, 50kph, f/& cab susp, f/links MF 6499 2007, Tier 3, 6600hrs, 50kph, f/& cab susp

Case MXM 175 2004 18 Speed, cab susp, f/linkage, 7700hrs, excellent condition John Deere 3050 1992, Power Synchron, nice original tractor

Cousins 6m folding rolls 1999 Vaderstad Rexius good working order Twin 1050

John Deere 3200 telehandler 2002, c/w pallet tines, nice tidy machine

very good condition for age, recent new rings and centre section

Ford 5600 2wd, power steering, good condition Zetor 6045 4wd, Y reg, original condition Polaris 570 Sportsman quad 2015, 200km, as new

email: llansilintractors@hotmail.co.uk For a full list of our stock please go to www.llansilintractors.co.uk



2012 Kongskilde Wingjet 24m

very good condition 2 sets of wheels



01362 667148


Foxburrow Farm, Dereham Rd, North Elmham, Dereham, Norfolk NR20 5JG


The Independent Spreader Trailer & Tanker Specialists Specialists





2013 MAJOR 3500 gallon tanker

BUNNING 2009 LOWLANDER WIDE BODY 230, twin vert auger spreader with twin axles 2009 LOWLANDER 150HD Mk2 twin WIDE BODY vertical augers, single axle with 580/70x38 tyres, guill door, hyd brakes, full LED lighting, 20mm floor chains, fully serviced, vgc 2009 LOWLANDER 150HD Mk2 710/70x38 radials, wide body vertical augers, 20mm chains, guill door, close spacing floor bars, vgc 2008 LOWLANDER 105 Mk4, 580/70x38 radial tyres, hyd brakes & h/brake, lights, fully cleaned & serviced

TANKERS NEW HISPEC 4000 gallon vacuum tanker, BKT 560/60x22.5 radial flotation, high speed spec, etc, etc 2019 HISPEC 4000 TD-S 4000 gallon DEMONSTRATION MODEL twin comm axles, tandem parabolic sprung susp, with torque arms, air/hyd

2017 STEWART GX18-23S silage trailer

SAS (Marston) 18/20t Beet King trailer

brakes-ABS & LSV, BKT 650/55x26.5 radials, 8” front auto-fill - centre mounted, 4pt rear linkage, 1-10 electro/hydraulic services pack, pipe trays, indust sight tube, s/d/bar, etc, etc, etc, BLACK, AS NEW 2016 HISPEC 3500 TD-S 3500 gallon, twin fixed axles with inverted multi-leaf sprung bogey, suspension, 560/60x22.5 flotations, air brakes with LSV, s/d/bar, 4pt rear linkage, indust sight tube, mudguards, etc, etc, vgc JOSKIN 5.6m r/disc injector unit with mascerator 2013 MAJOR 3500 gallon, non recessed, twin commercial axles & inverted bogey multi-leaf susp, 650/50Rx22.5 flotation radials, air/hyd brakes, galv, r/worklights, beacon, mudguards, s/d/bar, 11000L PTO pump, front inspection hatch, rear 600mm door etc, etc

TRAILERS 2002 BAILEY 12/14t agric dumper, Alliance 500/60x22.5 16 ply floats, used for sugar beet & grain only, barn stored, vgc

2019 HISPEC 4000 gallon tanker

Silage Sides Kits to fit STEWART GX18-23S trailer

WANTED – TRAILERS & ALL Visit our MODELS BUNNING SPREADERS Contact Alan 01263 861500 • 07887 722978

2017 STEWART GX18-23S grain trailer

2012 STEWART GX15 15t 28’ flat trailer with options

DEMONSTRATION MODEL 2019 BROUGHAN 34’ h/ duty, full hi speed spec, flat trailer EX HIRE 2018 BROUGHAN 18t HD mono grain, 22’x8’2”x5’, 23cu/m, all full comm hi speed spec, air brakes with ABS & LSV, hyd door with auto locking, rollover cover assy, f/gantry access platform, BKT 560/60x22.5 flotation radials, s/d/bar, full LED lighting with extra lights, crash bars, arched full width f/window, mudflaps all round, etc, 6 weeks grain hire only 1998 GRIFFITHS GPR140 14t grain trailer, twin axles, 560/45x22.5 Nokian, hyd brakes, lights, hyd t/door, s/d/bar, tandem sprung suspension, vgc 2009 JPM SPECIAL 19t twin axle low loader with wells for large wheels, wide body, hyd ramps, etc 2013 SAS (AS Marston) 20t Domex body, 60o tip, hi speed axles & susp, air brakes & LSV, Nokian 710/45x22.5 floats, radials, hi clear taildoor, r/over cover 2013 STEWART GX20-24S 20t, full high speed spec, 560/60x22.5 radials, rollover cover, silage sides, etc

2009 JPM Special low loader 19t with wells for large wheel machines

2017 STEWART GX18-23S 18t, full high speed spec, air brakes with ABS & LSV, 560/60x22.5 radials, silage sides, rollover cover, arched window, etc, ex hire, vgc 2012 STEWART GX15 15t flat trailer 28’x8’4” c/w hardwood floor, twin comm axles & 4 leaf parabolic susp, as new 385/55x22.5 comm s/singles, hyd brakes, removable canopy frame with alloy roof, r/hyd pusher unit, s/d/bar, vgc 2011 STEWART 15t low loader, 435/50R19.5 radial tyres, air/hyd brakes with ABS & LSV STEWART TRAILER SILAGE SIDES KITS (new current style) with reversible blowboard to fit GX18–23S models

OTHER 1996 ECE 10t Lowline, twin vert augers, 18.4x34 14 ply tyres, inner controlling door, previous major overhaul & repaint, vgc 2007 GYRAX 12t twin vert auger spreader, 23.1R26 wheels, single axle, s/d/bar, guill door, v clean & in gwo

2009 BUNNING Lowlander Widebody 230

website for further photos and details email: sasspreaders@gmail.com

2019 DEMONSTRATION BROUGHAN 32’ hi-speed flat trailer

2002 BAILEY 12/14t Agri Dumper trailer



2018 BROUGHAN Mega High Speed trailer

web: www.sasspreaders.co.uk

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Current Used Machinery Essex Depot: 01245 322733 | Kent Depot: 01233 714123 | Sussex/Hampshire: 01403 330030

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk





£120,500 + VAT

£97,500 + VAT

£135,000 + VAT

2015, Approx. 1800 Engine hrs, Approx, 1250 Drum Hrs, Corn Cracker, Grass Header, PUH not included, Rear Axle Suspension.

2014, Approx.4900hrs, Comfort pack, 16 idler weights, 5 spool valves, Deluxe vrs leather seat, 30” ext ag tracks 60%,

2016, 2300hrs, 30” Extreme Ag Tracks @ 65%, Guidance Ready, Comfort Pack, Weights: 22 x Front, 16 x Idlers & 18 x Track Frame.





£106,500 + VAT


£79,950 +VAT



£29,500 + VAT

£89,500 +VAT

2001, 9040hrs, Tracks @ 35%, No Linkage




£69,950 +VAT

£52,500 + VAT

2018, Approx. 670hrs, Cab Suspension, Front Axle Suspension, Air Con, Air Brakes, Guidance Ready.

2018, Approx,1276hrs, Direct CVT Transmission, Front Axle Suspension, AutoComfort Cab Suspension, Air Brakes, Front Linkage, G/ Ready

2016, Approx.3220hrs, Front Linkage, Air Brakes, 50k, Multipad Joystick, Electric Mirrors, Topcon ISO RTK Kit, Weights NOT Included.




2017, 3405hrs, Cab Suspension, Front Axle Suspension, Air Con, Air Brakes, Guidance Ready.

2013, Approx.2995hrs, Front Linkage, Datatronic, Guidance Ready, Full Suspension 150l/Min Hyd Flow , 4 Spools


£56,500 + VAT

2018, Approx.800hrs, 40km/h, Autodrive, Multipad, Air/Hyd Brakes, Front Axle Suspension, Mechanical Cab Suspension, Air Con, 4 Spools.




We can supply leading brands such as:

Thame, Oxfordshire

01844 277699

Hungerford, Berkshire

01488 649150

Midhurst, West Sussex

01730 819989


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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

Clover Farm Services - Approved Landini Dealer from September 2019



Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

MEET INNOVATIVE VERSUTILITY. MEET THE LANDINI RANGE. Today, Landini offers a complete range of specialty tractors designed to meet a wide variety of application needs. The Landini line-up includes nine wheeled tractor families, a range of crawler tractors, and three ranges of equal-wheeled tractors with horsepower ranging from 25 to 225. With one of the most comprehensive model ranges on the market, Landini can cover all your bases. Because when you’re looking for innovation, comfort, style and efficiency, there’s really not much that can beat a Landini. Talk to us today, we’re here to help.

CLOVER FARM SERVICES Swineshead, Boston, PE20 3HE | cloverfarmservices.co.uk | 01205 821313

Landini is a trademark of Argo Tractors S.p.A.

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16/10/2019 16:52

Tel: 01522 246 522 James Richard 07764 511257 07860 575155



2010 Bomag BW 100 ADM-2 twin vibrating drum roller, 517hrs, folding roll bar, seat belt, beacon, water, Kubota engine £7,250

2004 Merlo p33.7 Turbo farmer, 7m reach, 3.3t lift, 6577hrs, 110hp, pick up hitch, hydraulic locking pins, joystick control, new tyres all round POA

2014 SMC TL-90 tower light, 2804hrs, 9m hydraulic mast, 4 x 1000 watt lamps, 2 x 110 volt sockets, Kubota engine, fast tow, lights, serviced £2,800

NEW & SECONDHAND CLEANERS AVAILABLE CLEANER SCREENS available for most makes NEW & SECONDHAND DRYING FANS Carier Elevators Conveyors and Spares Contact Robin on

01472 753936 07710 242015


2012 JCB 533-105 telehandler, 5344hrs, 10.5m reach, 3.3t lift, jack legs, 85hp turbo, air con, 4ws/2ws/ crab steer, powershift, key pad, 75% tyres £24,000

Roy Edwards 07702 408833 Full engineering, installation & dismantling services

www.grainmachinery.co.uk 2014 SMC TL-90 tower light, showing 301hrs, 9m hydraulic mast, 4 x 1000 watt lamps, 2 x 110 volt sockets, Kubota engine, fast tow, lights, serviced, £2,800

20 Foot container/store solid unit, would benefit from a coat of paint £850

KONGSKILDE 3 phase blower. £125. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent)

Specialising in used & reconditioned stock - Elevators - Grain driers - Dressers - Mill mix equipment - Augers - Grain plants - Installation services

USED EQUIPMENT REQUIRED! Visit our website...


HONDA EC1500E petrol generator, c/w cord & power line, buyer collects. £100 ono no VAT. K Butters Tel 01507 466436 (Lincs) GENERATOR, tractor PTO driven, 3 phase. £380 no VAT. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys)


QTY aeration laterals & fittings. £75. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent) TRIPOD auger, 3 phase, 27' x 4.5". £250. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent) THREE Bentall low volume grain conditioning fans, sale due to retirement. £50 each or £100 for the three. S Potter Tel 07940 893034/01621 828270 (Essex) BRICE Baker 68t indoor hardboard bin. £250. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent) BRICE Baker 9t metal bin. £100. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent) VARIOUS single phase augers, 4.5", 14' to 16'. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent) CONDER 20tph in-bin grain store, top & bottom chain & flight conveyors & cup & belt elevator with 3ph motors, cyclone fan, steel ladder, etc, buyer to dismantle prior to end of February. Any offers considered. M Streather Tel 07979 011683/01763 288224 (Herts)

CHAIN & flight conveyor, 30'. £100. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent)

TOMLIN roller topper mower, 2.4m, 1st class condition. £2,000 ono. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

OPICO AND MECMAR driers bought and sold. Genuine parts available nationwide. Morgan Farm Machinery. Tel: 01604 780087 Northants(T)

Danagri High�Capacity Heavy�Duty�Mobile Grain�Augers



2015 Krone Easycut R320CV rear mounted mower conditioner, 1000rpm drive, steel conditioner tines, quick change blades, unhitch in transport position to save a lot of space, stored undercover, not done lots of work, good genuine machine. £8,000+VAT. E Coles Tel 07773 335534 (Cornwall)

Also�Silos,� Elevators�&�Conveyors,� Driers,�Stirrers,� Fans�&�Accessories

Tel: 01746 762777 www.danagri-3s.com

KONGSKILDE 60t indoor bin & drying vertical & horizontal ducting, plus 13 spare sections. £400. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent)

• Fans – New & Reconditioned • Grain Stirrers • Air Tunnels • Laterals • Drive On Floors • Gas Burners • Controllers & ACCS Equipment

Pellcroft Engineering Ltd

JOHN Deere 540X ride on mower, power steering, hydraulic lift deck, fuel gauge, EdgeEXTRA 42" cutting system, low running hours, good order. £2,500. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs) HONDA HRH 536 roller mower, gc, very little use, ideal for large garden (over £1,200 new). £400. D Compton Tel 07764 687201/01767 652819 (Beds) 23-68112

Please see website for more stock



Case Maxxum 150 FOR HIRE 150hp boosts to 180hp, 50kph, air brakes, front linkage, weight block, front suspension, cab suspension, call for hire rates POA

2011 Claas Liner 2900 twin rotor rake, good condition, genuine machine in good working order, not done lots of work, stored under cover, wide transport wheels - water ballasted, manual controls - no electrics to go wrong. £12,500+VAT. E Coles Tel 07773 335534 (Cornwall)

Fabrication General engineering


20 Foot container/store, solid unit, would benefit from a coat of paint £850

MCCONNEL grassland/orchard Shakaerator, 2m wide, c/w discs & packer roller, as new condition, very little use, dry stored since new. £4,000+VAT ono. A Lee Tel 07836 773893 (Suffolk)


Debenham, Suffolk Tel: 01728 861657 Mob: 07771 646075


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

for bushel weight improvement


HEAVY duty grain bucket, blacksmith made, very strong, toughened metal wearing edge with very little wear, currently on pin & cone brackets, but could easily be changed, only used for feed, has never been in muck, no thin metal, excellent condition. W Thompson Tel 07800 866337 (Somerset)



PORT Agri topper, 9', 2009. £650+VAT. T Havers Tel 07733 325376 (Norfolk)

Spearhead 470 rotary mower

Coningsby, Lincoln t: 01526 342466 f: 343507 e: sales@pellcroft.com


MASTER Super 120M 12t grain drier, 2003, electric/diesel, 3,950hrs, very good condition. £12,500+VAT ono. A Randall Tel 07967 742947 (Berks) CHAIN & flight conveyors, c/w 3 phase motor, 33'. £175. M Wheeler Tel 01892 722532 eves (Kent)

ALVAN Blanch double flow grain drier, model DF115M, with 3 phase 415 volts motors & starters, new in 1980, but in very good working order, used this harvest, for sale owing to a change in farming policy. Offers. P Allen Tel 01328 830348 (Norfolk)

ASTWELL 6" auger, 42', 3 phase motor, on tripod, very good condition, Huntingdon. £200 ono. S Hunt Tel 07932 683973/07801 065901 (Beds) SVEGMA 13tph continuous flow grain drier, fully galvanised & stored inside, little used, but no longer required, c/w flow & return conveyor for filling, all in excellent condition & serviced ready to work. B Barr Tel 07802 428281 (Herts)

6 blades per rotor, superb performance Startin Tractors Limited

880088 Startin 01827 sales@startintractors.co.uk

2013 Claas Disco 3100FC front mower conditioner, good condition, well maintained genuine machine, stored undercover, not done lots of work, for sale due to change of policy. £7,000+VAT. E Coles Tel 07773 335534 (Cornwall)

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

Over 250 quality used machines at www.reavalleytractors.com

JCB Bucket Brushes



JOHN DEERE 6210R 2014 AP 50K, Cab Susp., TLS+Brakes, Autotrac ready, 4ESCV, front links, PTO, 4914hrs. £70,000

JOHN DEERE 6210R 2014 AP 50K, Autotrac ready, Command Arm, 4ESCV's, ALO loader ready, 5526hrs. £60,000



JOHN DEERE 6190R 2014 AQ+ 50K, LHR 20/20, Itec HMS, TLS, Cab suspension, Air Con, Sun Roof, 1740hrs. £70,000

JOHN DEERE 6190R AQ Plus 20/20 50K, Premium cab with suspension, Air con, 4ESCV's, 3788hrs. £58,500

From 5ft to 8ft wide, 5 sizes available

Starting from







JOHN DEERE 6195R 2015 AQ + 50K, 20/20, 7” Display, 4ESCV, TLS+Brakes, Itec HMS, Electric Joystick, 3056hrs. £71,000

JOHN DEERE 2015 6175R Direct Drive 50K, 10” Display, AutoTrac ready, Command Arm, 4ESCV, 4758 hrs. £69,000

JOHN DEERE 6150R 2014 AQ+ 50K, LHR, 20/20, Air con TLS, Itec HMS, 3ESCV, Front Linkage, 6342hrs. £48,000

JOHN DEERE 2017 5100M & 543R LOADER Power Reverser HiLo 31/16, 3SCV, 4WD Front Axle, 204hrs. £43,500

JOHN DEERE 2006 5820 PQ 40K, 16/16, LHR, 2SCV, Hydraulic Trailer Brake, Drawbar for PUH 6204hrs. £25,000

JOHN DEERE 6130R 2017 AQ+ 40K, 24/24, Isobus/Greenstar ready, 4100 7" display, 3ESCV, TLS, 750hrs. £65,000







JOHN DEERE 6830 2012 Premium Cab, AutoQuad Plus LHR 20/20 50K, Air con, AutoTrac ready, front linkage, 5741hrs. £48,750

JOHN DEERE 6140R 2015 AP 50K, Cab suspension, Air con with roof hatch, TLS, Brakes, 4ESCV, Front links and PTO, 6000hrs. £49,000

JOHN DEERE 7450I SPFH 2010 ProDrive 40kph, Harvest Lab,Integrated AS, 5123hrs engine, 3120hrs drum. £70,000

2001 NEW HOLLAND FX58 SPFH Engine 4875hrs, header 3489hrs. Excellent condition. £29,000

JCB 531-70 2012 Q Fit + Tines, Tyres: Rear 460/70 50%, Front 460/70 50%, Air con, 4004 hrs. £35,000

JCB 536-70 2014 2764hrs



31020599 31020409








KUHN 3560 PRIMOR 2004







Good condition, with 2 spare blades.


Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk



All prices ex VAT

Rea Valley Tractors Ltd NEWPORT

Call: 01743 289104


SUDBURY WELSHPOOL enquiries@reavalleytractors.com www.reavalleytractors.com November 2019 www.farmads.co.uk 147

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Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

01223 870016




RDA 400S RDA 600S

RST 830 RDA 800S

CR 650CB CR 500CB

Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Opico Rapidlift Rapidlift Rapidlift He-Va Köckerling Köckerling Köckerling Köckerling

RS 1020

RD 400F Drill 2001 RD 600F Drill System Disc or System Tine RD 800P Set of System Discs to fit RD 600F drill RDA 400S Drill 2003 RDA 400S Drill 2010 RDA 400S Drill 2015 Refurbished RDA 600S Drill 2002 RDA 600S Drill 2018 Ex Demo RDA 600S Drill 2016 450ha RDA 600S Drill 2010 RDA 600S Drill 2015 RDA 800S Drill 2002 RDA 800S Drill 2004 RDA 800S Drill 2008 RDA 800S Drill 2013 RDA 800S Drill 2018 RST 330 Twin Press RST 450 Twin Press RST 630 Twin Press Ex Demo RST 630 Twin Press TopDown TD300 TopDown TD500 TopDown TD600 TopDown TD700 NZA 600 6m Cultivator Ex Demo NZA 800 Rear Drawbar to fit Top Down Carrier CR420 CB 2015 Carrier CR500 CB Carrier Tines & Crossboard to fit CR500 Carrier CR650CB Ex Demo Variocast Electronic RRP £7,122 our price £4,750 RL400 Cultivating Solutions RL 600 to fit a Väderstad 6m Drill Demo Unit RL 600 to fit a Väderstad 6m Drill Second Hand Combi Disc Roller Contour RRP £43,000 Special Offer £30,000 Allrounder 6m Ex Demo Vario 4.8m Ex Demo Rebell 6m Classic Compact Disc Harrow Ex Demo Vetor 6.2m ex demo Ex Demo


RST 330 Church Road, Hauxton, Cambridge CB22 5HS


Main Dealer & Service Centre

Refurbished VÄDERSTAD Machinery Available

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

Eves: 01799 Daytime: 07831 or 07766

Agricultural Machinery For Sale Cambridgeshire

Paul G Lucas


S.R. Haylock 584626 158848 107610

Claas Dominator 96 combine tidy condition, chopper, air con

Potato Equipment Specialist

Claas Elios 220 4wd, 520hrs only, 63 reg, 85hp, very tidy, PUH

Case 5140 Maxxum 4wd Powershift, 40k, air con, good tyres, tidy for age

Tong dual conveyor 58’long when extended


Reekie Big Bag filler New Holland LM430 4wd handler, air con, PUH, turbo, 5900hrs, v tidy

Herbert 6’ hopper cleaner

Swift Lift 125 Euro elevator on carriage Toyota FJ45 pick up straight six diesel, very tidy condition, unregistered

Hiab 071 crane tidy condition, ideal to mount on farm trailer for fert bags, etc

Needham folding rolls tidy condition, good rings

Please see website for more pictures:




Bateman 2001 24m sprayer JD engine, tested, 10,600hrs, tidy £8,950+VAT

Pace Orion stitcher


Peal 2t washer with sponge dryer


More photographs available – email below


Ramsey 40’ grain elevator




All machines + VAT + carriage

Email: sales@paul-lucas.net Mobile: 07836 608650 Telephone: 01673 843131 • Lincolnshire www.paul-lucas.net

The ATV & UTV Specialists

The Honda Pioneer

Built to last. With an offer that won’t.


Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

Manitou 627 loadall 10 reg, turbo, air con, puh, 4500hrs, very tidy £23,500+VAT

Tong 48” adjustable coil cleaner


Purchase a shiny new Pioneer right now and not only can you take advantage of 3 years 0% APR Representative finance, but also an extra year of Warranty with our compliments, AND 3 years subscription to Datatool TrakKING ADVENTURE, normally £9.95 per month,also on us. But don’t hang about. Our Pioneers are built to last, but this offer won’t!

01234 768889

email: info@mkmagri.com

Wood End • Marston Moreteyne • Bedfordshire • MK43 0NJ

www.mkmagri.com 68231

01284 771344

email: keith@mkmagri.com

Manor Farm • Ixworth Thorpe • Bury St Edmunds • Suffolk • IP31 1QH

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16/10/2019 17:00

Rodney Cowle Machinery

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Over 25 combines in stock – see our website for details

We can supply New Parts for your Combine • CONCAVES • RASP BARS • BELTS • KNIVES 2006 Claas Lexion 550 Montana 1993 Claas Dominator 98SL Maxi 2900 eng hours 3D sieves, with V660 header, chopper, chaff • CLEAN GRAIN, RETURN & spreader, 1100/1600hrs chopper, 17’ auto float, nice tidy FRONT ELEVATOR CHAINS machine • IMPELLOR PLATES • RETRACTABLE FINGERS • FILTER KITS and many other wearing parts in stock MAIL ORDER

01837 83645

2010 New Holland CX 8070

1989 New Holland TX32

24’, varifeed, 1250/1500hrs SL Sieves, chopper/chaff spreader

15’ cut 3100hrs tidy condition

2010 Claas Lexion 520

2009 Claas Lexion 570+

2015 New Holland TC 5.80

2008 Massey Ferguson Activa 7245

V600 Vario 3D sieves chopper/chaff spreader auto contour, yield/moisture 1000/1300hrs

16’ varifeed, smart sieves, chopper, chaff spreader, only 400hrs, like new.

V750 header, 900/32 tyres, chopper/ chaff spreader, 900/1200 hrs, in very nice condition

Hillside machine with 18’ cut, 1 owner only 590 engine hrs


07831 178271 Steve

07786 391816

Great Punchardon Farm Winkleigh Devon EX19 8DJ

2005 New Holland TX66

Sl sieves 20’ cut auto float, chopper 1900/2300hrs, nice tidy machine

2009 Claas Tucano 430

1200/1500hrs, V600 vario, 3D sieves, chopper/chaff spreader

email: sales@rodneycowlemachinery.co.uk

2015 Challenger MT755E

2018 Fendt 724

10021722 £135,000 W

30022424 £129,000 F

Vaderstad RDA600S Drill

Vaderstad RD600P Drill

10020328 £75,750 W

30022160 £5,500 F

Powershift transmission, 405hp, 4 rear spools, 223 l/min pump, 16 idler weights, 18 track frame weights, Auto guide ready, 30” extreme Ag trackers with 60% tread left, Comfort pack, 1600 hours.

X Demo unit, Interactive depth, Bout markers, Pre emergence markers, Gateway + (Isobus), System disc crossboard light, Third row coulter kit, Seedeye & Counting, E-Control, Low acreage.

Vario transmission, Warranty until 1500 hours or December 2020, GPS Novatel, Profi plus, 152 l/min pump, Climate control, 4 rear spools & 1 front, 710/70R38 Michelins with 90% tread left, 620 hours.

Disc drill, Following harrows, Bout markers, Pre emergence markers, Inline ribbed tyres, Accord metering system.

2000 New Holland TC56 Hydro 2007 Claas Medion 310 Plus choice of 2, rotary separator, 15’ choice of 2, one has 950hrs & other cut, chopper, chaff spreader 2500 eng hrs in immaculate condition

1800, 15’ cut 3D sieves & chopper



For more info call James Bowring on 07500 786742 or head office on 01623 847171

2018 Fendt 720

2012 Fendt 824

2009 Fendt 933

30020470 £129,000 F

10022117 £79,000 W

30022485 £56,500 F

2007 Grimme GT 170 M

Teagle S250 Cultivator

Vario transmission, Warranty until 4500 hours or December 2022, GPS Trimble, Profi plus, 152 l/min pump, 4 rear spools & 1 front, 650 & 540 tyres at 95% tread left, 100 hours.

40mm Web, Single multisep, 8mm segments, Wheel drive, Not with box filling chute, Tidy condition.

10021778 £35,000 W

Vario transmission, Profi plus, Comfort front linkage, 4 rear spools & 1 front, Pneumatic cab suspension, Wheel weights, 650 & 600 tyres at 75% tread left, 4883 hours.

Vario transmission, Front linkage & PTO, 4 rear spools & 1 front, Wheel weights, Hydraulic top link, Suspension all round, 650 & 600 tyres with 50% tread left, 9300 hours.

Vaderstad CR300 Carrier

One pass machine, 2.5 metre wide, 4 hydraulic legs with hydraulic break back, 560mm discs, 600mm ridge roller, One demo carried out.

Vaderstad CR300 Carrier – 3 metre working width, Mounted, System disc aggressive 470mm truecut discs, Steel runner, Road lights, Ready to go.

50021200 £11,950 F

10021536 £10,750 W

150 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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18/10/2019 10:27

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 24-68113


Spearhead S55 hedgecutter

LIVESTOCK LIMOUSIN or Blue X suckler heifers, PD to calve next Feb/March to pedigree Lim bull, BVD & Lepto vaccinated, from 4yr TB area & just tested, 7 available. P Evans Tel 01787 227335 (Essex)


ArmAdillo Arc OPICO 6m contour flexing grass harrows, good condition. £1,600+VAT. I Rickatson Tel 07789 691474 (Beds)

Startin Tractors Limited

880088 Startin 01827 sales@startintractors.co.uk BOMFORD Turner Hawk 6m hedgecutter, new, cost £16,200, would accept £12,000+VAT ono. Genuine reason for sale. R Ford Tel 07788 541908 (Norfolk)


linkage mounted, 1.2m head, joystick control

Spearhead T65 hedgecutter


Startin Tractors Limited

880088 Startin 01827 sales@startintractors.co.uk

Briggs Irrigation main distributor

01243 792323

MF 7475 Dyna VT

AS Marston

guidance system, Nav Controller 2, RTK radio & aerial, 262 receiver, AFS Pro 600 screen ............. £3,500


01353 862 044 tractor, 05 reg, 690hrs, 50kph, front linkage..................... £22,000

Serving farmers across the South of England For all your irrigation requirements

Mobile UV treatment units

Case IH AFS Accuguide

PEDIGREE South Devon bulls, ready to go to work, High Health scheme. £1,500. J Jelley Tel 07779 665036/01455 845765 (Leics)

rota spreader, 7cu/yd, hyd lid....................................... £950

07973 657609

All prices + VAT


Barry Horne 28-64404


POSCH Smartcut 700 automatic firewood saw, c/w conveyor, excellent condition. W Potter Tel 07803 015471 (Notts)

GLEBE FARM HEDGING The Hedging Specialists

Over 100 varieties of top quality hedge plants and young trees. For a catalogue, advice or a competitive quote, contact Glebe Farm Hedging Langham, Essex CO4 5PP


3-METRE wide x 12m long plastic culvert, as new, Ideal for large fen drain crossing, delivery available. £3,000+VAT ono. Please call Chris. C Wisson Tel 07776 184394/01480 830224 (Cambs)

Tel/Fax: 01206 323200

4 x 12t Roxell 8 Collinson side discharge 18t Other silos available

07879 402246 01948 710662


FLOATING water/irrigation pump, was working when removed, we can load. £1,200. J Hicks Tel 07539 367336 (Berks)


BUCCANEER forestry mulcher, 2016, 2.25m cut with hydraulic rear flap, will mulch growth such as gorse, blackthorn, etc, back to earth, low power requirement, reclaim ground that’s become overgrown, for sale due to loss of contract. £8,000+VAT. E Coles Tel 07773 335534 (Cornwall)

BPS entitlements for 10.5 acres required. Call with details. G Scham Tel 01692 651021 (Norfolk)

TEAGLE 4040 feeder bedder, c/w fitted straw giraffe & hydraulic flap, clean, tidy machine, always stored inside. A Simpson Tel 01738 840111 (Perth & Kinross) POLLED Hereford bulls, 18 to 22mths, halter trained & ready to work, SAC herd health, accredited for IBR, BVD & Johnes level 1. R Fowell Tel 07947 126053/01263 587285 (Norfolk)

CALF hutches with drinkers & pens, 25 of them. £200 each or would do a deal on the lot. J Hicks Tel 07539 367336 (Berks)

GATERIDGE Aberdeen Angus pedigree bulls, Farm Assured - SAC Health Scheme closed herd, ready to go to work. A Thompson Tel 07836 246392 (Northants)

SMALL pig/chicken feed hoppers. £5 each. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)

MY peahen laid away & came home with 5 chicks, so they are now looking for a good home (at a small price), two peahens & three peacocks, very friendly & used to running free range. J Lewis Tel 07759 927234/01622 890279 (Kent)

Email: hedge-plants@btconnect.com Website: www.glebefarmhedging.co.uk


PEDIGREE polled Hereford bulls, top quality genetics from our High Health CHeCS accredited herd, TB4 area, ready for work now. www. bitternherefords.co.uk C Blaxell Tel 07768 171979 (Norfolk)

LIMOUSIN bull, 4yrs old, easy to handle, laid back temperament, proven fertility, produces good calves, only selling due to wanting to keep his heifers, good home important. £2,750. R Gladwell Tel 07785 966221/07960 479963 (Suffolk)

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

linkage mounted, 1.2m head, joystick control

 insulated twin skin  increased yield  Flip up plastic fender

Kverneland 4m

power harrow, c/w packer roller & trailer..................................£3,250

PEDIGREE registered Simmental bulls, one is 30mnths & has calves on the ground & the other is 16mnths, High Health & TB4 area, been shown successfully & great muscle & length, good bloodlines. I Turvey Tel 07810 633270/01692 406652 (Norfolk) DUE to having to stop breeding, I have for sale a calving jack, 3 years, never used, & a Moocall calving aide which can be transferred to your phone, it has only been used on 7 cows, S Lincs. C Thomas Tel 07711 696696 (Lincs)

BRITISH Blue X Simmental bull, TB4 area. £2,500 ono. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

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Andrew Guest Ltd Kuhn power harrow and Accord seed drill specialists Most parts for Kuhn & Accord ex stock for next day delivery


Genuine Kuhn tines 2 bolt fix and Quick fit 2 £8.50 non genuine Q fit 1 tines £7 each

Straight tine carriers to suit HR300 and 400 machines £90 each

Quick fit

Conversion Kits to suit most Kuhns

Tungsten tines non genuine £29 each


Suff f ff Suffolk coulters £37 each

Straight tines to suit HR300 £6.10 each

Walterscheid PTOs complete and guards only ex stock

Cam clutches for Kuhn and other machines

1000s of New and Used Parts for Kuhn and Accord Machines

Tel: 01636 700608 • Andy mobile: 07860 637654

Tel:Email: 01636 info@andrewguest.co.uk 700608 • Mob: 07860 637654 Email: info@andrewguest.co.uk • •www.andrewguest.co.uk 152 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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17/10/2019 09:34

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 67963


Monday–Friday: 8 am–5 pm Saturday: 8 am–12 noon

NEED WE SAY ANY MORE! Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

See us


20–2 Newar 1 November k Show ground


Reconditioned power harrows 3m from £5,950 • 4m from £7,500 4.5m HR4504 rigid £9,250 • 4m folding HR4004 1 only £14,000 4m HR4003 £8,950 • 6m HR6003 1 only £16,950 All complete with maxi packers, clod board & cam clutch • 12 months warranty

Call 01636 700608 or 07860 637654

Parts: simon@andrewguest.co.uk •

www.andrewguest.co.uk November 2019 www.farmads.co.uk 153

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See more at

01763 780440

2015 Dalbo 6.3m rolls with breaker rings c/w hydraulic crossboards

Vaderstad RX620 horizontal folding 1999 Dowdeswell PH400 4m rolls c/w breaker rings & very tidy power harrow runs very well c/w for the age rear levelling board & packer

1999 Simba 3.3m Cultipress c/w DD rings, levelling board and rigid tines

2010 Simba 4.6m Cultipress leading tines, hyd levelling boards, DD rings

Simba 3.8m double row cast ring press c/w 14 sprung leaf levelling tines

Kverneland LO85 7 furrow on Kverneland Slodharv 15’ hyd fold land/in furrow hyd vari-width, maize springtine c/w 2 rows of levelling skimmers and No8 boards boards & 3 rows tines

£7,250 + VAT

£2,750 + VAT

2008 Rabework Profibird 4m cultivator consisting of discs, tines, levellers & packer

2006 Kockerling Allrounder 4m cultivator c/w hyd levelling boards & 4 rows of tines

2010 Simba 4m mounted X-Press c/w 7 tine ST bar

Sumo 3m mounted Trio cultivator in tidy condition with 50% wearing parts

Dalbo 6m hyd folding mounted springtine c/w manual adjusting sprung levelling boards

1986 Massey Ferguson 27 combine c/w straw chopper, A/C, 12’ header & trolley

1995 John Deere 6600 4wd tractor 30K Powerquad, front weights, done 9620hrs

£7,250 + VAT

£1,750 + VAT

£9,750 + VAT

£2,950 + VAT

£7,950 + VAT

£1,950 + VAT

£7,500 + VAT


£7,950 + VAT

£10,750 + VAT

£14,950 + VAT

£4,250 + VAT

£14,500 + VAT



Visit our new website www.jfsales.co.uk

Agricultural Engineering

B W M ACK (Machinery) LTD.


Specialising in JOHN DEERE’s for over 30 years

New Machines

CLAAS Arion 650 CIS+ 50kph, Proactive front axle, air brakes ............................................................POA CLAAS Scorpion 741 Vari Power telehandler, 4.1t, 7m, demonstrator ...................................................POA JPM low loader trailer, 24’ long, loading skids, sprung drawbar, air & hydraulic brakes .................. £10,950 ALPEGO TR 46-280 front/rear, 2.8m flail mower, hydraulic offset headstock .................................... £6,500 ALPEGO TL 33-250 verge mower, 2.25m, hydraulic offset, wide angle PTO ..................................... £6,500 ALPEGO TL 33-200 verge mower, 2m, hydraulic offset, wide angle PTO .......................................... £6,200 ALPEGO RK 300 Rapido 3m power harrow c/w Twin Force quick fit tines packer roller, 3yr Driveline warranty...........................................................................................................................................POA ALPEGO/MORO Warrior 200 5 furrow (4+1) hyd variwidth plough hydraulic transport system ex demo.................................................................................................................................... £17,250 VICON RO-XL EDW 2800 weigh cell disc spreader ...............................................................................POA VICON RO-XL 2800 fertiliser spreader c/w Trimflow border spreading 12m to 48m spread width......... POA

Used Equipment


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Call us on

2014 CLAAS Arion 640 Cebis 50K, 2700hrs suspended front axle, 4 spool valves, air brakes, 650x38 & 540x28 wheels, good condition................................................................................. £45,000 2016 CLAAS Axion 850 CIS 50K, 4500hrs, 4 spool valves, suspended cab, suspended front axle, air brakes good condition .......................................................................................................... £52,000 MERLO P40.7 telehandler, 2014, c/w 4t/7m, air con, boom suspension, air seat PUH ................... £29,000 MERLO TF 38.7 telehandler, 2015, 3300hrs, boom suspension, air con, new tyres, 3.8t, 7m boom, 40kph PUH............................................................................................................... £35,000 SUTON ELCS 80 rehandling bucket, Merlo brackets ........................................................................... £975 SUTON EHDG 2300 muck fork & grab, Merlo brackets .................................................................... £1,500 KONGSKILDE 3m Delta cultivator, 7 leg, levelling discs, large crumbler roller, good condition .......... £3,250 HARDI Commander 3200L sprayer, c/w 24m booms, triplet nozzles, steering drawbar .................... £8,500 HARDI NK 600L sprayer, 8 or 6m boom, triplet nozzles, electric on/off, foam blob markers, very little used ........................................................................................................................... £2,350 COUSINS Contour, 6.3m working width, hydraulic folding, plain 24” rims, good condition............... £4,900 COUSINS 5m double row Landpacker, good condition..................................................................... £6,500 COUSINS 2 leg heavy duty subsoiler, c/w depth wheels ................................................................. £1,200 COUSINS 9m Contour Cambridge rolls, 26” plain rims ................................................................... £6,000 KUHN DC401 4 leg subsoiler 3m with rear mounting brackets to fit rotary cultivator, good condition .. £4,000 SPEARHEAD Excel 645T reach mower, 1.2 metre head boot flails, Pro Pilot control, good condition £6,300 VADERSTAD Super Jumbo 6.3m rolls, hydraulic folding, 21” rims ................................................... £1,950 VICON ROXL 2800 EDW weigh cell fertiliser spreader, Trimflow border speading, 12–48m spread width, good condition.................................................................................................................. £6,750 BOMFORD 467 reach mower .......................................................................................................... £3,500 KW Chopper feeder bucket c/w Merlo brackets ............................................................................... £3,250 T&F 8t dropside trailer, hydraulic brakes, road lights ........................................................................ £1,500

Sales contacts

Paul Warner 07795 845308

Brian Cornwell 07899 965066

Barroway Drove, Downham Market, Norfolk PE38 0AL

T: 01366 324256/324311 E: pwarner@bwmack.co.uk Out of hours: 07795 845308 • www.bwmack.co.uk

JOHN DEERE 7930 2008 4300hrs 40K P/Quad TLS autotrac ready POA

JOHN DEERE 6150R 2014 3850hrs P/Quad 50K TLS/cab full spec POA

JOHN DEERE 6620 2004 5800hrs 40K P/Quad TLS POA

JOHN DEERE 6430 2008 6000hrs 40k P/Quad POA

JOHN DEERE 6820 2003 4800hrs P/Quad 50K TLS/cab POA

STOLL PROFILINE FZ 30.1 2012, complete fitting kit for John Deere, in excellent cond POA

NEW SOLIS 50 50hp A/C with loader options From £9,995–£15,995

NEW SOLIS 26 & LOADER 26hp 4wd ind tyres £10,550

NEW SOLIS 26 26hp 4wd on turf tyres £7,995


James - 07714 278560 • Richard - 07860 661358

James@jfsales.co.uk • Richard@jfsales.co.uk •

Kings Farm, Milton Keynes, Beds

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194




£8 £7

A MacDon FD140 Flex header EX DEMO

2019 Claydon TS Hybrid drill EX DEMO

4, Used Kuhn Espro 6m new cultivation discs

Case Varicut 12.5m header twin side knives EX DEMO

5, 35 £1


00 ,5 Kuhn GF 8702 2010 8 rotor vgc USED


0 6.3m Terra Star EX DEMO


7.5m straw harrow EX DEMO



Kuhn TBE 222 VKM & BPR shredders NEW








Yamaha Kodiak 450 dark red solid NEW



Kuhn FC 314 D FF mower conditioner NEW





0 00


50 1, £6 PO

John Deere 8630RT 2012, 3421hrs

Kuhn Primor 3570M bedder/feeder

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

Case Puma 240cvx Pro 700 f/linkage EX DEMO


Case IH Maxxum 125

Case Farmlift 742 2019 EX DEMO

Kuhn Megant 6m tine drill NEW

Fax: 01767 677451 Fax: 01536 373392



Demo Case IH Puma 165 CVX f/linkage & PTO

Claas Lexion 580TT 30’ header, 2005

01767 677316 01536 373238



Abbotsley Brigstock


Case Puma 165 & 220 Ex HIRE





Kuhn Vari-Master 153 5f EX DEMO

www.collingsbrothers.co.uk email: jason@collingsbrothers.co.uk


Please visit our website to view our full range of new and used machinery available

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32’ tri axle air



19” mini singles

BATEMAN Tamar cattle crush, 4yrs old, had very little use, shed stored. A Dockerill Tel 01223 835029 (Cambs)

whiteheadmachinery@btinternet.com or call George


100,000 BTU Concept 2 Multi Fuel Cooker Used for central heating, cooking and baking Runs 20 radiators


5 year warranty

Blue Bridge Group


• Japanese • Italian • Mexican Speckled • Bob White • Tennessee Red • English White • Tuxedo

PEDIGREE registered Wiltshire Horn ewe lambs, strong well bred lambs from long established pedigree flock, shed their own wool, so no shearing & little risk of fly strike, ideal breed for the smallholder/first time keeper. Viewing welcome. S Norgrove Tel 07732 489195 (Worcs)

Available throughout the season, aged day old to adult, table or laying strains. Day old butlers - £90 per 100 Day old Coturnix Japonica - £80 per 100 Subject to your order placement or ex stock Eggs by the hundred or 1000 trade prices

07719CM4584889 0JY

CHAROLLAIS & Charollais X Beltex shearling rams, grass fed, used as lambs, dipped. M Britton Tel 07860 119157 (Norfolk) BORDER COLLIE PUPPIES good natured, from good working parents, recently vaccinated & microchipped. Call for full breeding info 07929 652915 (Leics) HOLSTEIN Friesian breeding bulls, ready to serve, ideal for all systems. D Palmer Tel 07854 810584/07854 810562 (Devon) BERRICHON Du Cher shearling rams, excellent type, ready to work. K Smith Tel 07940 049960/01335 330346 (Derbys)

CRASH barriers for sale, selection of sizes, W section 3.4m @£16 each, 4.3m @£20 each, 5.3m @£30 each; box section 4.8m long @£32 each, bolts available, all+VAT. Please call Chris. C Wisson Tel 07776 184394/01480 830224 (Cambs) SCOTPEN mobile sheep handling system, trailer with central race system & 20 x 6'6" aluminium hurdles, c/w additional 40' drenching pen comprising of four 10' hurdles & two 4' gates. POA. A Edmondson Tel 07775 728671 (Northants) AMBIC milk filter, in excellent condition, had very little us, c/w fitting kit, Spalding/Holbeach area. L Wapples Tel 01406 330644 (Lincs)

Weekly Prime cattle, sheep & store cattle sales Weekly Poultry sales Pedigree Livestock Sales Farm Sales and Valuations Fortnightly sale of Pigs Annual rare breed sale Deadweight Cattle sales Straw and Fodder Sales

01664 562971


SHEEP handling race, c/w 3 way shedding gate at one end & a lift only guillotine gate at the other, race consists of two 1.5m solid side panels & two 3m solid side panels, with a joining arch for the middle. £250+VAT. A Wells Tel 07879 885379 (Lincs)

SHELBOURNE Reynolds Powermix Pro 22 feeder wagon, 2017, vgc, twin auger, suitable for clamp silage or bales, left or right discharge, cows sold, no longer required, excellent wagon. D Ingles Tel 07831 498922/01386 853067 (Worcs) FIFTY+ Texel Lleyn ewes, 4-6 full mouth, plus 50+ Texel Lleyn shearlings. G Davies-Morris Tel 01473 311613/07711 085109 (Suffolk)

BR/BL bull, 6yrs old, good looking, easy calving, run with commercial cows last 4yrs, lots of heifers retained, reason for sale, 4yr TB, Johnes & BVD accredited. £2,000. J Marks Tel 07968 214036/01740 631190 (Co Durham)

PEDIGREE Large White boars & gilts available from the championship winning Withersfield Herd. Kiddy Tel 01767 650884/07808 204363 (Cambs)

EXLANA ewe lambs, bred March 2019, Easycare, self shedding, no shearing required, hardy animals. P Duffy Tel 07775 786277/01707 873250 (Herts) SEVEN small metal hay racks, suit sheep/goats, etc. £70. R Keary Tel 01277 214198 (Essex)

DORPER X South Down type lambs, some interesting markings & colours, wethers & ewe lambs, ideal for pets, lawn mowers, or finishing. K Mower Tel 01702 585529 (Essex)


SHEEP pen boards, approximately 80 x 120cm, 21 plywood & 12 chipboard, c/w pins. £120+VAT. H Peace Tel 07947 344310 (Essex)

UP to 45 Easycare yearlings available, willing to split last year's lambs, breeding ewes, perfect for small holders, low input/low maintenance sheep, no shearing required – self shedders, outdoor lambing, very hardy, little feed input. P Gear Tel 01438 869666 (Herts)

BITTERN Herefords, top quality in calf heifers from our High Health CHeCS accredited herd, TB 4yr testing area. www.bitternherefords. co.uk. C Blaxell Tel 07768 171979 (Norfolk)

Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1JY

CHAROLLAIS shearling rams, grass reared, tight skinned, ready for work. K Smith Tel 07940 049960/01335 330346 (Derbys)

THREE 5.8m galvanised Tuff Brand feed barriers with trough hooks g/c, assorted galvanised feed troughs two 5m, two 3.5m, one 5.8m barrier with trough, g/c some not so good. £500 ono. R Lane Tel 07801 537556 (Cambs)



OXFORD S & B cross weaners, 11 ready now 8/9 weeks old @£50/ each collected, 10 ready in 4 weeks, will sell 2 young breeding sows (hybrids) & equipment, arks, feed silo, etc, Royston area. POA. H Smart Tel 07848 459863 (Herts)

01789 205132

CHAROLAIS bulls, excellent pedigrees & temperaments, halter-trained & ready to work, visitors welcome by appointment, Wissington Charolais. J & J Rix Tel 07850 796057/07500 904462/01206 262133 (Essex)


BUTLEY Herefords registered pedigree bulls & females, quiet & easily handled, all bulls halter trained & guaranteed under Hereford Society rules, TB4 area. DC Smith & Sons Tel 07971 694912/07885 594143 (Suffolk)

£18,500 + VAT


0114 257 8891

delivered free nationwide


mills straw, grain, roots, suitable for animal feed, biogas, green waste, etc,10–20tph throughput


BELTEX yearling rams, all grass fed & will grow - excellent shape, conformation & skins - handle exceptionally well, untrimmed, unwashed - look like sheep! Give us a ring for anything else. S Littlehales Tel 01743 891188/07771 571478/07767 633200 (Shrops)


07968 098410 Ashford

ite bs s we eo ur vid it o ee Vis to s

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk






PEDIGREE polled Hereford bulling heifers, 18mths, SAC High Health herd, 4yr TB. R Fowell Tel 07947 126053/01263 587285 (Norfolk) BEEF Shorthorn bull, Breakheart Maestro, 19mths, fully registered, Myostatin free, polled, good EBVs, halter trained, proven worker with a useful outcross pedigree, Elite Health Status. I Rickatson Tel 07789 691474 (Beds)

156 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 Email julian@midlandsagriplant.com Office 01530

Battlefield Machinery, Knights Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury SY1 3AB •

Used Kverneland TL1875 Geo spreader 2 border spreads, 6 bagger, tidy!


Used Pottinger Aerosem combi drill disc coulters, pre ems, Lion 301 PH 2012

Mobile 07831

01743 464100

Finance & Part Ex Available

New McConnel PA6565 T 65hp, 6.5m telescopic 1.5m head



6m Combi drill CX disc coulters, DF 2 front hopper, c/w press wheels, ready to roll

2015 Kverneland EG 6 F plough wlll have 90% new metal



Used Same 3-100 2009 c/w loader 3750hrs, good tyres, from family farm, now in the yard washed, tidy tractor


Lemken Zirkon 10/Solitair 9 6m Folding Drill Combinations 2010 & 2013, new tines

New Western Bunded 3000L Fuel Cube 12v pump, flow meter & filter

Dowdeswell DP 145 Plough 2013, 8 furrow, DDS bodies, new mouldboards, Cat 4 headstock

Hi-Spec 3000 Gallon Vacuum Tanker 2015, Trelleborg flotation wheels, had little use

Black Stocks Dual Wheels Trelleborg 710/75x42 85%, excellent condition

Agri-Weld 2000kg Front Linkage Weight Block 2013 with tool boxes

Bailey 14t Contract Dump Trailer 2013, air & hydraulic brakes, 445/65x22.5 wheels

Western 1100L Mobile Pressure Washer 2017, Yanmar diesel engine, had little use

Krone Big M Self Propelled Mower 2015, 2790/2015hrs

MF 8730 Exclusive Tractor 2014, 2985hrs, Dyna-VT, 710/70x42, 600/70x28, part-ex

Vogel & Noot Plough 2005, 5 furrow, hydraulic vari-width, 95% metal, excellent condition

Western Abbi Fast Tow Diesel Bowser 2017, 2000L, 12v pump & flow meter

Kuhn HR 4004 Power Harrow Maxipacker, 90% tines, excellent condition

Agri-Weld Grassland Subsoiler 2019, 3m, 5 leg, demo condition

AS Marston 14t Ace Grain Trailer 2009, hyd tailgate, spr d/bar, 550/60x22.5 flotation tyres

Major 1700 Gallon Vacuum Tanker 2013 slurry or water for dust suppression, flotation wheels

McCormick B100 Enka Tractor 92hp, brand new, make great yard scraper tractor £21,750

JCB 435S AGRI Loading Shovel 2015, 1840hrs, 750/65x26 tyres 75%, excellent

Trelleborg TM 900 Wheels 710/60x30, 99% tread, suit self propelled sprayer

Dowdeswell DP 160S On Land Plough 7 furrow, UCN bodies, suit tracked tractor

New Maschio 2.5m Rotovator 2018, 540 PTO, mint condition

Richard Evans • 07375 508366 • richard@battlefieldmachinery.com

battlefieldmachinery.com *terms and conditions apply


Fountain House, 111 Scawby Road, Scawby Brook, Brigg, N Lincs DN20 9JX

MF 7718 4x4 Dyna 6 50K air brakes 900hrs MF 7620 4x4 Dyna 6 FS CS 40K 2330hrs MF 8480 4x4 FS CS Dyna VT 50K 5800hrs MF 8480 4x4 Dyna VT 6800hrs MF 7618 4x4 Dyna 6 50K CS FS FL 2200hrs MF 6499 4x4 Dyna 6 50K FL 5700 FS CS MF 6499 4x4 FS CS 6800hrs new shape MF 6499 4x4 FS CS Dynashift 8100hrs MF 6490 4x4 FS CS 50K 7400hrs MF 6490 4x4 5300hrs MF 6490 4x4 CS 2800hrs Mint Condition MF 6490 4x4 FS CS 7400hrs MF 6490 4x4 Dyna 4 7000hrs MF 6480 4x4 CS 7250hrs MF 6475 4x4 CS 5000hrs MF 6290 4x4 FL PTO 8000hrs MF 6255 4x4 new MX loader 5800hrs MF 5460 2x4 MF 5480 4x4 FS CS 2600hrs MF 5480 4x4 FL MF 5475 4x4 CS Dyna 4 5800hrs MF 698 4x4 Multi Power 5000hrs JD 6810 4x4 TLS PowerQuad 8400hrs Cat Challenger 35 10,000hrs Case 95 JXU 4x4 with power loader 4 in 1 bucket 5900hrs Manitou 733/105 290hrs JCB 526 Turbo 4x4 5200hrs JCB 530/70 teleporter 4x4 6500hrs AC joystick JCB 535/95 telehandler 4x4 joystick AC 922hrs 2 year warranty JCB Ford TS100 4x4 8500hrs Ford 7840 SLE 4x4 8000hrs Ford 5610 2x4 Ford 5610 AP cab 2x4 3500hrs Generation 3 JPM 15t dump trailer

email: kptractors1@outlook.com fax: 01652 651476 www.kptractors.co.uk


16 reg 64 reg 05 reg 06 reg 13 reg 12 reg 08 reg 04 reg 57 reg 05 reg 08 reg 07 reg 04 reg 04 reg 11 reg 03 reg W reg 08 reg 11 reg 09 reg 09 reg A reg 02 reg N reg 09 reg 17 reg M reg 04 reg 18 reg R reg N reg A reg J reg 2015

655777 957735 828639


High Quality Combines, Self Propelled Forage Harvesters, Ag Loading Shovels, Machinery & Plant

See website for more pictures & more stock



Tel 01652 Kevin mob 07796 Michael mob 07850


Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk


Siloking 12cu/m Classic feeder 2 doors L & R, excellent condition

229686 113316

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17/10/2019 09:47

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

MANNS SANDS VISION 5.5 2013 5500L, 3700hrs

£79,000 ZZ2143


£57,000 2011 30m triple fold boom, 4188hrs 2 sets of wheels ZZ2230

CHALLENGER ROGATOR RG655 £100,000 2015 24/36m 2800hrs CA0052

AMAZONE ZA-TS PROFIS HYDRO £14,500 2014 4200L hopper, every option AM0004






2012 boom levelling, 36m




£25,500 CT1626


£74,500 2013 4.9m Contour, 490 drum hrs CL2340


CHALLENGER ROGATOR RG 655B £65,000 2013 24/36m 4326hrs ZZ2119

CLAAS ARION 650 C-MATIC £63,000 2015 50k, 184hp, 1600hrs CT1587

2008 50k, 180hp, 5950hrs

Alastair McCallum, Used Machinery Manager Tel: 01284 777700 Mob: 07717 861815 email: a.mccallum@claas-manns.co.uk

£21,500 JD0353

£39,000 2010 40k, 260hp, 4600 engine hrs CT1666

2013 40k, 190hp 5100hrs

£46,000 JD0348


£80,000 2009 7.5m Vario, 1900 drum hrs CL2368

£23,000 2003 10600hrs, 2 sets of wheels ZZ2233


£38,500 2012 GPS steering, 8000L tank, 40m, 7391hrs, 2 sets of wheels ZZ2232

2011 40k, 5230hrs

£25,000 CI0198


MASSEY FERGUSON 6480 DYNA 6 £20,000 2006 40k 145hp, 7380hrs MF0269

CLAAS ARION 420 PANORAMIC £35,000 2016 40k, 100hp, 4460hrs CT1645

JOHN DEERE 7430 AUTOPOWER £31,500 2010 50k, 175hp, 9000hrs JD0346

CLAAS LEXION 770 TT T4I £152,000 2014 10.5m Vario, 1250 drum hrs CL2238




2012 50k, 5100hrs

£36,000 CT1614

£35,000 1997 7.5m contour 2552 drum hrs CL2434


£32,950 1999 24m, 2 sets of wheels, 5735hrs ZZ2231

2016 40k, 102hp, 2000hrs


£82,000 2008 7.5m Vario, 2000 drum hrs CL2432

£83,000 2008 10.5m Vario, 2362 drum hrs CL2533



£22,000 1996 7.5m standard cutterbar, 3003 drum hrs NH0323

KUHN VENTA TI 402 piggyback air drill

£3,250 KU0012

CLAAS VARIANT 365 2010 variable chamber baler

£13,000 CL2362


£15,500 2014 15k bales, excellent condition WE0015



£2,500 2000? needs repair to one of the markers ZZ2220 63723

158 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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17/10/2019 09:49

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 68251


W&M Agricultural Engineering Oswestry • Shropshire • SY10 7JU

All prices + VAT

4700hrs, 2015 (15 reg), boom susp, PUH, 405/70-24 (new), fully serviced, Lola certificate

Merlo 40.7 Turbo Farmer



Merlo 34.7 Plus

2011 (61reg), 4900hrs, boom suspension, pick up hitch, trailer brakes, air con, air seat

2009, 2900hrs from new, boom suspension, PUH, air con, air seat




Merlo 32.6 Plus

2010, 5700hrs, bucket & pallet tines

2012, boom susp, PUH, 4800hrs, supplied fully serviced, 12 months Lola certificate, 100hrs warranty

0% Finance*

hardox body, 50o tip, hyd r/door, air/ hyd brakes, l/s, 560 Alliance tyres

19.5 tyres, oil brakes with load sensing, 4m 8t alloy ramps, LEDs

hardox body, 50o tip, hyd r/door, air/ hyd brakes, l/s, 560 Alliance tyres

from £1,950


*T&Cs apply Limited offer

bed, 5’ beavertail, hyd ramps, hi spd axle, air/hyd brakes, l/s, 215/75R17.5 tyres, LEDs, spr adj d/bar, 2018


Belair Brick straw bedder

DUE IN, 2013, twin auger, direct tractor 2015, 10’, very tidy order control, f/RH & r/LH door, new augers & knives, full service & all oils changed

Available on all NC grain/silage trailers

NC low loader trailer 16t, 20’



£13,850 Kuhn 2270 Euromix diet feeder KV Buckrake

on 50% of the RRP 2+22

Abbey 2250R tanker

2005, sprung drawbar, 30.5R32 wheel, mech 8000 pump

NC shear grabs

sizes from 1.3–2.3m, capacities from 0.83m3–3.0m3, nickel chrome hyd rams, 2/3 ram versions available

01691 683825 • John Mottram: 07968 715 512 • Mike Worthing: 07709 089 78 • email: john@wm-agrieng.co.uk


The Hangar • Oulton Street • Norfolk • NR11 6QZ • Office 01603 558014

New 27t low loader 27t payload, comm axles, side tool box, air & hydraulic brakes, hyd r/ramps, LED lights, s/d/bar, total body length 24’


Ex hire 19t low loader 19t payload, sprung drawbar, 950mm deck height, hyd brakes, side tool boxes, LED light

New Fleming 14t trailer hydraulic brakes, rear hydraulic door with grain chute, sprung drawbar



20 gallon or 990L bowser 4 wheel braking, 4mm outer & inner tank, inner baffle plates, 12v pump -45L/min, 5m hose, filter, fuel meter, full road lighting £3,250

All + VAT

Ex hire Woods batwing mower 4.6m cut width, 8 wheel kit, 6 year warranty on gearboxes


Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

NC 26’ bale trailer 16t, spr d/bar, NC I SER 18-2250 silage/grain NC I SER 14t silage/grain trailer 105kph axles, h/d spr susp, trailer 105kph axles, h/d spr susp, commercial hi spd axles, 445/45-






Merlo 40.7 Turbo Farmer

Merlo 40.7 Turbo Farmer

2.7m Super h/duty flail hyd side shift, h/d flails


This unit is built to cope with the harshest vegetation Hire charge




Selection of M7171 & M7151 KVT tractors full specification, all with approx 3000hrs, 16 plate & 66 plates

FROM £48,500

RM982F 4wd, diff lock, Cobo seat 2wd unit available for hire

£7,500 £5,950


Front linkage mounted ballast weights front tow hook to fit on weights £80 750kg £725 1050kg £860 1450kg £1,100

AGI 4 receiver unlocked to RTK, IMU roll bias module fitted, programmed for Fendt (not for use as TopCon receiver), Satel RTK radio (RTK high gain ext aerials also available) £500

Neil 07979 181770 • Bobby 07887 409717 • Paul 07741 312873 Email nragri@btinternet.com or nragriaccounts@btinternet.com • www.nrichardsonkubota.co.uk


New MX loader to fit MGX 135 quick coupler, soft ride, Euro headstock, 3rd service

Suzuki Ozark 250cc ex demo as new condition one off deal £3,125

November 2019 www.farmads.co.uk 159

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17/10/2019 09:51

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

JOHN DEERE 6110R 2017, 629 Hours, AutoQuad plus, 50K, Four Wheel Drive,Pick Up Hitch, Drawbar, 3 SCV’s, passenger seat, 420/85R24, 460/85R38 #21008612


JOHN DEERE 5100M 2014,3814 hours, 16/16 synchromesh, 40K, Front Loader H260, Air seat, Hydraulic Brakes, Tool Box, Bonnet guard, work lights, belt line lights, quick release loader bracket, 3 SCV’S, hitch Window £29,995 #31007834

CHALLENGER MT775E 2015 year, 1918 hours, Warranty til March 2020, 30” tracks, RTK Reciever, Track weight, Front weight, 4 ESCV, 3 point linkage. #31009300


CMN MASKINTEC CULTIVATION 3M wide cultivator, good working order



JOHN DEERE 732 SPRAYER 2013, 24m boom, 3200L capacity, 420/85R38, steering draw bar #21008081


John Deere 6190R With Front Linkage 2012 plate, 6420 hours, AutoPower, 50K, Front Linkage, TLS, Air Brakes, Air Seat, Passenger Seat, 4 ESVC’s, 420/85/R30, 520/85/R42 #11005107


KRM FERTILISER SPREADER 2008, bag lifting crane, calibrator controlled, roll over sheet



JOHN DEERE 6115M 2013, 2277 hours, Front linkage and PTO Hydraulic top link, 520/70R38 50%, 420/70R24 50% 540/540E 1000 PTO Air seat, Autoquad 40K



JOHN DEERE 6115M 2014, 3215 Hours, Power quad, 40K, Front Loader H310, 3 SCV’s, Belt line lights, Twin Flashing Beacons, Passenger seat, Air seat, Firestone 380/85R24 15%, Firestone 420/85R39 40%. #31008658


JOHN DEERE 855D GATOR 2016, 1060 hours, digital screen, 4 wheels drive-2 wheel drive, indicators, lights, bench seating, 1 mesh door far side, toe bar, glass rear and front windscreen, manual tipping back #31008370


John Deere 6210R With Front Linkage 2012 plate, 4298 Hours, 50K, AutoPower, TLS, MFWD, ESCV’s, PUH, Drawbar, Hydraulic & Air Brakes, ITec, Air Seat, ISObus, Remote PTO, Bluetooth Radio, 540/65R30 @ 20%, 650/65R42 @ 40% £55,000 #31007830

JOHN DEERE MOCO 2008, New Rear Curtain, 3m Working Width, Good Working Order, Rear Lighting, New Blades



Stockbury: 01795 843250 | Framfield: 01825 891111 | Ivychurch: 01233 225775 Call Harry Durrant 01795 502744


160 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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17/10/2019 09:53

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

ite bs s we eo ur vid it o ee Vis to s

Tub Grinders to mill straw, hay and fibrous products. From 5mm to 50mm chop length. 4 sizes of machine available.


Norfolk Mobile 07775 741720 29-64414


Reekie 2 row planter, tipping hopper, covering hood, serviced ................................ £950 Reekie Netago bed tiller, c/w 3 hopper applicator with 6 fishtails ........................... £1,200 Norfolk paddock subsoiler c/w disc & packer, 10” deep ............................ £1,250 Standen FM2 front mounted potato tops pulveriser, c/w cross conveyor............ £1,400 Newage Stamford 3p/l PTO generator, 415/240 volts, 15KVA............................... £1,200 Quantock 2.5m slitter/ aerator ............................... £2,360 Micron 6m tractor mounted weedwipers, for sale or hire ..POA Allis B tractor 1940 wishbone axle for sale.................. £1,350 no VAT JJ Wright history books ....... £15 Micron & Edlington weedwiper spares in stock All + VAT unless otherwise stated

G. BROWN USED MACHINERY SALES IH 484 2wd tractor, W reg, clean & tidy, c/w loader, power bucket ........................ £4,400 Tanco loader to fit IH 454–484, c/w power bucket .................... £850 Quicke loader to fit IH 74–84 Series tractor ............................. from £750 Front end loader to fit MF 35–135 tractors, c/w power bucket, valves & fittings ....................... £395 Tipping skip, fits forklift or teleporter ................................. £295 Set of 10 IH weights, Pt No 383392RI, c/w frame ...... £400 Votex 12’ pasture topper c/w end tow kit, new blades .................. £895 Votex topper – breaking for spares Pair of grassland wheels & tyres, 23.1x26 ................................... £600 All prices plus VAT


Tel: 01945 700142 or 07774 676440

c/w 4 speed torque converter transmission, joystick, soft ride suspension, A/C, rear hitch, 5500hrs, super condition

www.tvmachinery.com Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)


ALBUTT YS50 yard scraper, c/w brackets. M Summerfield Tel 07884 138719 (Oxon)

HEAVY duty fork, long KV hardened tines, blacksmith made, currently on pin & cone brackets, made to last, very solid, no thin metal, not used in muck, only used for silage/ straw bales, only for sale due to retirement. W Thompson Tel 07800 866337 (Somerset)

Manitou MLT634-120

TEAGLE 9090 straw chopper/ blower, 2012, c/w 2 spouts. £5,500+VAT. G Jones Tel 01874 711315/07814 000595 (Powys)

JCB 531-70 2012 Q Fit + Tines, Tyres: Rear 460/70 50%, Front 460/70 50% Air con, 4004 hrs

JCB525-67 Farm Special, 1994, good condition for year, 8430hrs. £10,250+VAT. P Akers Tel 01666 860470/07818 047329 (Wilts)


Call: Rhys 07494 168559

LAWRENCE Edwards shear grab. J Adams Tel 07812 367009 (Worcs)


Good used Secondhand Tractors of most makes always for sale Also Machinery and Implements: Spares, Wheels, Tyres, Loaders, Cabs and Hitches


FRASER Mill 0.5t, 3 phase, good working order auger, for loading. J Williams Tel 01920 821351/07722 541921 (Herts) ALVAN Blanch M90 horizontal meal mixer, 26 cwt capacity, c/w Hunts RBM1000 crusher mill mounted on top, 4hp motor, also ground hopper, smaller top hopper, associated augers & level switches etc available, all single phase. R Lintott Tel 01728 663476/07799 473374 (Suffolk)

£35,950 PS Elite Telehandler, 2015, power shift, auto hitch, A/C, 3.4t lift to 6m, 3,900hrs

www.tvmachinery.com Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)


MATBRO TR250 Powershift, electronic joystick, fitted pick up hitch, must be seen. A Simpson Tel 01738 840111 (Perth & Kinross)

Manitou MLT735-120

Norwich Road, Dereham

01362 692104/637332 www.atkin-farm-machinery.co.uk

BROWNS straw chopper, f/w mower blades, 2.5m, 540rpm PTO, wheels & skids, ideal for cover crops. £650. D Compton Tel 07764 687201/01767 652819 (Beds) ROAD brush, forklift attachment, 7' wide, good brush 80%, water tank. £850 no VAT. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys) H/D diesel wacker plate. P Duffy Tel 07775 786277/01707 873250 (Herts)

MANITOU MLT 627 Compact, 2009, 8500hrs, JSM joystick control, very handy sized machine. £17,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos) NO8 Quicke brackets. J Adams Tel 07812 367009 (Worcs)


MATBRO Teleram, pivot steer, recent torque, good tyres, brakes need attention, trailer hitch, forks, bucket £3,500 no VAT. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys)

TELEHANDLER buckets, plus other attachments, inc forks, grabs, etc, pin & cone, Manitou, Cat. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys)


POA LSU Telehandler, 2008, power shift, pick up hitch, 5,800hrs, v tidy, gc www.tvmachinery.com Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)


JCB Bucket Brushes From 5ft to 8ft wide, 5 sizes available

Call: Ed 07972 168251


Bolt-on brackets additional

01531 820545

www.euroquip.net • sales@euroquip.net


ILSONersguide.co.uk SAM W @farm a h samant 4455 6 01473 9

MISCELLANEOUS OLD potato boxes, good enough to hold logs of wood. £15 ono. E Sparrow Tel 07900 683748 (Cambs)



Starting from


KONGSKILDE hammer mill, 5.5kw single phase (motor could be replaced with 3 phase), with some piping, for pig & poultry feed. £350. J Bristow Tel 01363 772965 (Devon)

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk



PIN & cone headstock, tyres 0%, owned from new, good cond, service history, Canterbury. £10,000. J Pickett Tel 07973 177623 (Kent)

01386 49155


CATTLE weigh crush, stored inside, good condition, all items which have been listed we are selling due to retirement. £500. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) 1600-LITRE bulk milk tank, ice bank unit with integral condenser & refrigeration unit, all mounted on purpose built frame with single phase electrics, very little use since complete refurbishment by manufacturer's agent. L Wapples Tel 01406 330644 (Lincs)

TOYOTA 2t diesel industrial forklift, 1998, sideshift, 7000hrs. £4,500. D Harrison Tel 07771 514747 (Cambs)


from £4,400 + VAT & Del Snow Plough 2.7–3 metres working width, 2 years warranty


01789 205132

2012 JCB 562 56 Telehandler




Snow Plough


SELECTION of feed augers with motors & down drops, up to 140' in length. Open to reasonable offers. S Colchester Tel 07909 963904/01449 767863 (Suffolk) FEEDER bin 14t. £200. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)




SMALL front bucket, 51". £225. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)


Tel: 01280 705202 Fax: 01280 704163 Email: hydramex@hotmail.com

WATERS nicki@fa 4456 01473 69

I uide.co.uk or NICKrm ersg uide

G Farmers




Field Farm, Charlton Road, Evenley, Brackley, Northants, NN13 5GH

VEGETABLE produce boxes, 500 approx, cardboard, dimensions 400mm x 300mm x 160mm. Offers. R Stevens Tel 07980 952558 (Bucks) SOFT fruit boxes, cardboard, 200 approx, dimensions 560mm x 410mm x 100mm. Offers. R Stevens Tel 07980 952558 (Bucks)

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Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk










2016, EUROLINER Vogelsang Lobepump, 650/65R30, Flotation Trac Wheel Equip, Adr Axle With 420X200 Brakes, Rear Led Lights, Vogelsang 8000L/ Min Pump Etc

2011, JCB 531/70 AGS Hyd Pin Lock Q Fit Carriage & 480/70R24. Good Condition 4615 Hours

2011, JCB 515/40 C/W Compact Tool Carrier & Forks Good Condition 2773 Hours

2016, JCB TM320 C/w 460/70R24 Very Good Condition 3137 Hours

2014, JCB 3230-65 C/w 540/65R34 Good Condition 3700 Hours

Call Richard Cross: 07860 429947

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116


£122,000 2015, MF9380AL 30Ft Superflow Table, Side Knife, Yield & Moisture Meter, 900/55R32 & 600/55-26.5, 1136 Engine & 569 Rotor Hours Excellent Condition. Call Andrew Whiteley: 07774 296382







2014, MF8650 EX Dyna Vt Excellence Spec Tractor, 270Hp Sisu Engine, Dyna Vt 50Kph, Front Linkage With 850Kg Weight Block, 600/70R28 & 650/85R38 Tyres 4044 Hours Call Andrew Walker: 07827 773605

2015, MF7726 D6 EX Exclusive Spec Tractor C/W 50Kph Dyna 6, 4 Spools, 150L/ Min Hydraulics, Guidance Ready, 540/65R30 & 650/65R42 2988 Hours

2016, MF7716 DVT EF 4WD Tractor C/W 3.2T Front Linkage, 190L Pump, Air Brakes, Balance Of Warranty, 420/85R28 & 520/85R38 2476 Hours

2010, MF5460 Front & Cab Suspension, 3 x OC Spools, 440/65R28 & 540/65R38 Excellent Condition 5269 Hours

Call Andrew Walker: 07827 773605

Call Marcus Bourne: 07774 296390

Call Rob Law: 07740 781688





2014, FT828 Hp Gps Steering, Mechanical Cab Suspension, Cmft Front Linkage, Hyd Top Link, 5 Dudk Rear Spools, 1 Front Spool, 2 X 300Kg Rear Wheel Weights, 600/70R30 & 710/70R42 4955 Hours Call Richard Cross: 07860 429947

2016, FT720 Vario Transmission, Air Brakes, Comfort Front Linkage, Visio Plus Cab, Autoguide Ready, 10.4 Vario Terminal, Pneu Cab Susp, 600/65R28 & 650/65R42, 4018 Hours Call Chris Batcheler: 07584 631399










2013, FT939 C/W Autoguide, Front Weight Block, 600/70R34 & 710/75R42 Michelin Wheel Equipment. 5171 Hours

2016, FT720 C/W Front Linkage, Front Pto, Climate Control, Super Comfort Seat, 600/65R28 & 650/65R42. 5675 Hours

2014, FT939 Front Linkage, Michelin 650/65R34 & 710/75R42, 5 Spools, Hydraulic Top Link, Auto Hitch, In Cab Coooler box 5029 Hours

Call Chris Batcheler: 07584 631399

Call Marcus Bourne: 07774 296390

Call Chris Batcheler: 07584 631399










2014, MT765D 30” Tracks, 8 Idler Weights, Debris Deflectors, Agi 4 Guidance Very Good Condition. 6370 Hours

2009, MT765C 30” Tracks, 16 Idler Weights, Debris Deflectors. Good Condition 6930 Hours

2017, VALTRA T214D Sub Metre Autoguide with C3000 Screen, CVT, 4 Spools, Front Linkage, Evo Seat, Auto Cab Suspension, 160L/ min Hydraulics, 600/75R38 & 600/65R28. 1524 Hours

2016, JCB 4220 C/w Front Linkage, Field Pack, 600/60R30 Very Good Condition 3990 Hours

2012, PUMA 215 Used Case Puma 215 Tractor 540/65R30 & 650/65R42 Very Good Condition 6441 Hours

Call Chris Batcheler: 07584 631399

Call Andrew Walker: 07827 773605

Call Max Pinney: 07795 128281

Call Ian Hopper: 07774 296379

Call Ian Hopper: 07774 296379











2009, KUHN MM112 4 Furrow Plough C/W Hydraulic Front Furrow Adjust, Immaculate, As New Condition

2005, SUPERTRAC C/w 24M, 3000L Tank, Tracking Drawbar, Tidy & Ready to work Good Condition

2000, RDA400F C/W Rigid Tines, Land Wheel Rate Control, In-Line Ribbed Tyres Good Condition

2010, ZAM PROFI Amazone ZA Multra Profi Hydro 3600 Fertiliser Spreader Good Condition

2010, KLASSIC 140 Used Keenan Klassic 140 Diet Feeder C/W Weight Sytstem, Good Condition Throughout

Call Marcus Bourne: 07774 296390

Call Ian Hopper: 07774 296379

Call Rob Law: 07740 781688

Call Richard Cross: 07860 429947

Call Ian Hopper: 07774 296379

Search Through More Quality Used Machinery Online At:

PEACOCK.CO.UK All prices exclude VAT | E&OE

Brigg: 01652 600200 | Corringham: 01427 838696 | Halsham: 01964 614233 | Louth: 01507 353500 | Selby: 01757 700699 162 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

Ref 51157032

Ref 31156322

2008 Case STX535 7350hrs, Price £75,000

2010 Case STX635 7350hrs, Price £75,000

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

2010 Reco DM96000PR 6m, Price £8,500

Ref J1171088

Ref 11157331

2017 Marshall trailer QM1600, Price £16,500

2015 Opico cultivator sward slitter,Price £3,000

Ref D1169134

2014 Lemken Juwel 8 5 furrow, Price £17,500

2014 New Holland T7.270AC 7819hrs, Price £54,000

Ref G1171432

Ref 41160090

Ref J1162173

2013 Lemken Euro 8 6 furrow, Price £12,250

2016 New Holland T7.245PCSW 2025hrs,Price £76,000

Ref 41167058

2018 New Holland T7.230AC 1250hrs, Price £96,000

2012 New Holland CR9090 2219hrs, Price 130,000 Ref J1161039

Ref C1166908

Ref G1166200

2013 New Holland T7.210AC 4774hrs, Price £53,000

2018 New Holland CR9.80 294hrs, Price £280,000

Ref 11172418

2010 New Holland CR9080 2664hrs, Price £120,000

2015 Case Puma CVX230 4444hrs, Price £62,000 Ref 11166000

Ref 41167454

Ref C1165265

2014 New Holland CX8090 SL 587hrs, Price £180,000

2013 Case Puma 215 5130hrs, Price £45,000

Ref 31161934

2014 Case Puma 185MHR 3950hrs, Price £45,000

Ref F1171651

Ref F1166912

Ref 31172607

2008 Case Maxxum 140MC 7500hrs, Price £25,000

2007 Bailey trailer 14t, Price £11,500

For more stock and photos visit our website


For further details contact Matt Hart 01245 380311 or 07774 499962 Wayne Middleton 01245 380311 or 07836 201571 Ulting, Maldon, Essex CM9 6QH usedsales@ernestdoe.com


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• Variable firing sequence • 7 day - 24h clock • Integral legs • Opt integral battery • Opt solar panel • Unique silent Sunday option VERY heavy safe. D Forth Tel 07749 719182/01945 772501 (Norfolk)

echneat 35-68068

2020 CALENDAR Under The Wire 2020 Calendar (size A3) now available for pre-order for £10+£3.00 p&p UK

Also available to collect by hand at Ruskington or Boston for £10 only

01526 832343 07866 430861 £5 will go to the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance from each sale

Also see our website...



no profit is made from these sales


Standen T2 (2018) T2 double Omega, picking off table, hyd web drives, hyd wheel drive ......£129,000


Standen Pearson Enterprise (1995) 2 row harvester c/w Galaxy cleaner............................. £5,000


KVERNELAND LB-85-300, 5+0 furrow, 2003, hydraulic variwidth, 300hp headstock, no cracks or welding, new turnover valve block last year, good No8 bodies. £4,300+VAT. T Golding Tel 07708 244506 (Essex)

from £320 + vat



Standen Uniplus (2017) stone & clod separator, stars & web..£48,000 Standen Uniweb (2015) stone & clod separator, 4 webs ...........£38,000 Standen BX 4 body bedformer (2015) shearbolt, 9 bed loosening tines .........................£10,900

All of our LED units come with a one metre lead and a 13 amp plug

Reekie 4 body bedformer (2012) shearbolt ....................................... £6,000

Lights can be leap frogged

LEMKEN 6 furrow plough (5+1), hydraulic variwidth with 3m Lemken press & hydraulic press arm, c/w rear furrow widener, pin adj skimmers, vgc. £7,995+VAT. S Wilkinson Tel 07761 907871 (Lincs) RABE Eagle 4 furrow slatted board plough, with press arm, 90% metal & new skimmer points, no welding, nice straight plough. £4,000+VAT. RP Abbott & Sons Tel 07887 834748 (Suffolk) FURROW press arm for Ransomes TSR300 5 furrow plough, strong strong construction, pictures available on request. W Fenn Tel 07714 200440 (Northants)

Scanstone triple bedtiller (2015) updated rotors, new blades£26,000

Available in sizes 5ft to 12ft

Grimme KS5400 6 row topper (2014) hydraulic outer depth wheels, end tow kit.................£13,500


Free standing or hanging

Finance is available on request prices ex works & +VAT

www.standen.co.uk 01353 661111



01787 248049


PLOUGHS GREGOIRE Besson 6 furrow trailed plough, good order. £4,000 ono. G Blandford Tel 07973 424473 (Hereford)

BUTCHERS block. 4’ long by 2’ wide, in used condition, on stainless steel legs. £400 ono. A Dockerill Tel 01223 835029 (Cambs)

Kuhn Multi-Master 121

WRIGLEY 3 wheeled motorised truck. P Duffy Tel 07775 786277/01707 873250 (Herts)




KUHN Multi Leader 7 furrow on land/in furrow plough, semi mounted, manual furrow adjustment, 2014, been back to Kuhn & had all mods, gwo. £13,250+VAT. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs)

£4,995 2005, 4+1 manual variwidth, shearbolt, straight no repairs More photos and full spec at


07748 004794 01245 442224(T)

ex-hire machines now available! Sales: 01473 744088


TWOSE slurry scraper, rubber blade well worn, still life left in her, or a good 3 point linkage frame for them long winter night projects. £50 ono. F Johnson Tel 01507 450203/07756 238312 (Lincs)


01621 828689 www.kjengineering.com

BOX rotator (360 degree rotation), Matbro brackets, this machine has only been lightly used & is in as new condition. A Simpson Tel 01738 840111 (Per th & Kinross)

USED & REBUILT • Prinsen PPM60 Palletiser compact, self-contained capable of up to 9/5tph average at 25kg Ref 5702 • Morray 425A Weigher c/w stitcher system Ref 6213 • New Tong Midi EasyFill single reversible crop conveyor with lowering end sections, at 1.58m long & 1.8m centre section Ref 5481 • Tong 3B Bulker with adjustable coils • Tong 3C Bulker with extended 3m hopper & 3m roller inspection table Ref 5838 • Haith Polisher Ref 5452 • Walthambury Weigher 720 Ref 6178 • Downs Bloodhound 900 telescopic elevator Ref 6189 UK agents for Pro-Pak weighing equipment, Oldenhuis & Prinsen & Symach palletisers


RANSOMES 4 furrow reversible, in good order, 5th furrow available also. £500. R Grover Tel 07792 527782 (Suffolk) USEFUL QUANTITY DOWDESWELL UCN spares, mainly Molbro, new/unused, big saving over new, can send by pallet courier; DOWDESWELL DP7D 5f (4+1), 12” UCN, as last used. £795+VAT. GDO Howell Tel 07903 089391 & 01728 723683(T) (Suffolk)


Buy and sell online


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


USED POTATO MACHINERY Standen T2 (2011) T2 double Omega, unmanned, hyd web drives, hyd wheel drive........................£43,500

KVERNELAND 5+1 LO 100-300 on land/in furrow plough 2010, No28 bodies, gwo. POA. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs)

sales@davidharrisons.com www.davidharrisons.com

01353 740666

164 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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18/10/2019 09:49

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

MILESTONE SPRAYERS Protecting Your Crops And The Environment

“Anything Agricultural”

07850 144244 (mobile 24hrs) • rory@milestonesprayers.com

FarmGem 1600L sprayer 2012, 12/24m heavy duty boom, bolt out to 20m, TeeJet 844 rate control, c/w 1500L FarmGem front tank & all hoses, very clean, fully tested & checked POA

Amazone UF1200 24m rear fold boom, individual side folding, independent attitude with negative attitude, full electro hyds, Muller rate control, beautifully maintained & cared for POA

Case TS3000 sprayer independent 12/24m fold boom, Multi Trak drawbar, switchable field/road mode c/w steering, new Delta 34i rate control,new type 5 way plumbing, dry sight gauge, very tidy sprayer POA

Sands SLC sprayer 2007, 3000L, 24m, Muller height control, headland assist, dual ride susp, rev camera, 2” fast fill pump, 4spd hydrostatic drive, 2/4ws with road lock, 5 section boom, air shut off, 14.9-34 rowcrops POA

Knight ES 3000L sprayer Cleanacres colours but not Airtec, Self Traking d/bar, RDS Delta 34 rate control, ind 12 & 24m fold, ind attitude, off organic farm so little use, well looked after, simple controls, real bargain POA

2010 MCCAULEY, TANDEM AXLE BEAVERTAIL LOW LOADER sprung d/bar, 215/75x17.5 wheels

MASCHIO DM 4000 POWER HARROW crumbler roller, spare blades

REEKIE CLEANFLOW 2000 POTATO HARVESTER Dahlman rollers, picking off, steering axle

LELY 4M COMBINATION DRILL/ PACKER 3 row coulter drill, eradicators

NEW BAILEY 15T 10M BEAVERTAIL LOW LOADER air, hyd ramps, s/drawbar, 435/50x1.5 wheels

2002 NEW HOLLAND TS90 2WD TRACTOR air con, 2 spools

BAILEY TB14 TRAILER sprung drawbar, hyd door, window, super singles, grain chute

1992 MASSEY FERGUSON 398 4wd 12 speed shuttle tractor, 13.6x38 & 11.2x28 wheels

1992 MANITOU MANIREACH 2600 TURBO 9735hrs, tyres 40%, bucket not included

2014 JD 6170R TRACTOR TLS, 50K, autotrac ready, Starfire 3000, touch screen Command centre, 650x42 & 540x30

2016 CASE PUMA 150 3350hrs, 50k, air, front & cab susp, balance of 5yr, 3000hr warranty

2014 MF 6616 DYNA-6 3505hrs, front & cab susp, fitted MF 956 loader, finger tip joystick control

2017 VOLVO ECR 88D 360 DEG DIGGER 1096hrs, rubber tracks, air con, blade, 3 buckets

2015 BAILEY 20T BEETEAPER air brakes, hyd door, sprung drawbar, Nokian 650/50x22.5 wheels

NEW SET OF 4 CEAT 560/60X22.5 10 stud floatation wheels & tyres

McCONNEL PA500 FLAIL HEDGER cable controls, good multicut flails

ARMSTRONG & HOLMES 12T X 25’ FLAT TRAILER springs, sprung drawbar, super singles

FRASER M9 BRUISER ROLLER MILL linkage mounted, PTO drive, hopper

3000 GALLON TANKER tandem axle, air brakes, hyd drive pump, full door, super singles

Knight ES 2500L sprayer 12/24m boom, cab selectable, auto section ready, just needs GPS signal, 8 sections, Self Traking d/bar, total refurb (receipts available) 4yrs ago too much to list, no ordinary machine POA

Knight 2000L sprayer 20/21m boom, Self Traking drawbar, lovely clean machine, 2 owners from new, a real simple sprayer with minimal electrics, first come first served, only one available at this price POA

Call us for details or see our website for more www.milestonesprayers.com

2016 2005 2005 2006 1990 1988 2002 2017 2006

NEW BAILEY 15T FLAT DECK 33’ LOW LOADER air brakes, sprung drawbar, 435/50x19.5 wheels


McCormick X6.43 130hp, 3900hrs, new clutch pack – a really nice tractor ...............£36,500 McCormick CX95XL 4wd, synchro shuttle, superbly cared for – very tidy..................£13,850 Tafe 4SD 2wd tractor with power loader, only 2300hrs – a lovely example...................£7,750 McCormick MTX150, full air brakes, good tyres – a good buy ...................................£21,500 Case 844XL 4wd – a good reliable tractor – good tyres ..............................................£8,500 Case 956XL 4wd, paintwork faded – a very popular unit .............................................£7,750 Merlo 28.7 loadall, 6000hrs – in daily use – can be seen working .............................£15,500 Merlo compact 27.6, 1500hrs, full joystick controls – excellent ................................£33,000 Artic Cat quad bike, diesel, powerful & reliable – very tidy ..........................................£4,000

Deutz 7250 Warrior (263hp) try this amazing tractor on your farm performance & comfort with economy will astound you with excellent finance & warranty – ring today Ruscon 1600 vacuum tanker, single axle, good condition – a bargain..........................£1,850 Teagle Tomahawk 50/50 drum straw spreader – surplus but good .................................£850 2015 McHale C430 straw bedder, fully serviced & ready – tractor mounted .........................£5,250 Accord 3m grain drill combi with power harrow – this is a bargain – only....................£2,850 3m Lely Multi Terra drill combi with Wox packer – nice condition ................................£4,950 Kverneland 4 furrow hydraulic vari-width/press arm – a genuine buy ..........................£3,500 McConnel HY reach hedger PA59E, electric controls, 3pt linkage – good .....................£3,250 A good selection of used round balers at out of season prices Portequip calf creeps, beef feeders, single & double – now in stock at keen prices Hinimoto compact 4wd tractor – model C174 – exceptional condition .........................£3,500

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

Case SP 3000 sprayer 12/24m, full hydrostatic oil & filter change inc full flush out (only dealer to offer this as std), TeeJet 844 rate control, hyd susp, boom inclination, 2/4ws, 2 sets wheels, maintained regardless, got to be the best available POA

Gem trailed sprayer 2200L, 20/21m boom with flip over ends, RDS rate control, Self Trak d/bar, steering ram, tank wash system, Ramsey pressure maintenence system, v tidy example POA

BAILEY 12T AGRI DUMP TRAILER super singles, excellent condition

Kioti compact tractors – 4 years warranty – these are really good tractors a range of 26hp–100hp at very competitive prices Teagle Tulip fertiliser spreader – fully refurbished – only two left..........................from £3,750 Shelbourne SB300 shear bucket for silage – heavy duty, suit JCB ‘Q’ fit ......................£2,750 Rabe Dupa 17x900mm plough press h/duty – suit 5 furrow – as new .........................£3,500 Vermeer PJO brush/wood chipper – model 4090 – h/duty, hyd feed ...............................£850 Breaking for spares McCormick TTX200, cab & back end complete Bailey 14t trailer, hyd tailgate, super singles – very tidy ...............................................£4,850 End of season deals on Hayter/Toro lawnmowers – exceptional bargains Visit our stores for your autumn cultivation spares


Main Dealer for Visit us on and


email: dasservices@btconnect.com website: dasanythingagricultural.co.uk



Dean: 07836 680004 Peter Scott: 07584 066866 Office: 01522 754733

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17/10/2019 09:59

JOHN DEERE 6430 PREMIUM 4WD McCORMICK MTX150 4WD TRACTOR CASE PUMA 195 MULTICONTROLLER SAME RUBIN 150 4WD TRACTOR JOHN DEERE 6800 4WD TRACTOR TRACTOR 2008, 9300hrs, 2010, 7800hrs, 4WD TRACTOR 2000, 1994, 9949hrs, 50K Autopower .........................£27,500 Trima 480 Pro loader .................£24,500 2009, 3821hrs, 50K..................£36,500 4990hrs ....................................£16,500 40K Powerquad ........................£14,250

BOMFORD KESTREL HEDGE CUTTER ACCORD PNEUMATIC DA-S 4M COMBI DALBO LEVELFLEX 2008 4M HYD FOLD MASCHIO ERPICE 6000 6M P/HARROW VOGEL & NOOT LC4S 5 FURROW 2009, cable controls, DRILL Kuhn HR4001 p/harrow, FGS FRONT PRESS 2000, packer roller, PLOUGH T-flails.........................................£5,950 control box..................................£3,250 2013, cracker boards ..................£6,500 hyd depth control ........................£5,250 1999...........................................£3,850

EASTERBY 12T GRAIN TRAILER VOLVO L25B LOADING SHOVEL JOHN DEERE GATOR 855D DIESEL KUBOTA 1140 4X4 DIESEL RTV BAILEY 18T TRAILER 4X4 XUV 2017, air & oil brakes, sprung drawbar 2003, 4872hrs, 2012, 937hrs ........................................£9,500 hyd doors .................................£18,950 ...................................................£5,750 lightly used ...............................£17,750 2012, 2528hrs, road reg .............£7,500



Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Office 01787 211701 Luke 07915 669007 sales@lbgmachinery.com

All prices + VAT Boxford Suffolk UK

NEW DEMO UNIT JUST ARRIVED! 5090GF • 4 cylinder 91HP Stage IIIB • Narrow 46.5 inch track width • 4240 screen, ATU 300 steering kit and SF6000 receiver • Ideal for vineyards and orchards AVAILABLE FOR DEMOS AROUND CENTRAL & SOUTHERN ENGLAND CALL US ON THE NUMBER BELOW TO


Rycote Lane Farm, Milton Common, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2NZ 01844 278843



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17/10/2019 10:02

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

USED SPRAYERS & SPREADERS Further models available – please call for details.



June 2013, 2460 hrs, 2700 litre tank, 12/24m booms with 9-section, auto section control, recirculation, 560/60 R22.5 & 11.2 x 42 fixed row crops.

£6 9, 75 0

£6 9, 75 0

2015, 4750 hrs, 2700 litre tank, 12/24m booms with 7-section, auto section control, recirculation & two sets of wheels.

£1 13 ,0 00

£7 5, 50 0




2019, 2700 litre tank, 12/24m booms with Norac UC7 levelling, 7-section air shut-off, variable geometry, Trelleborg 560/60 R22.5

£1 24 ,5 00

£1 24 ,5 00

2019, 2700 litre tank, 12/24m booms, 10-section air shut-off, recirculation, LED work lights, Kleber 11.2 R42 & Trelleborg 540/65 R24

2018 Euro demonstrator, 2700 litre tank, 12/24m booms, auto section control, guidance, electric control valves & two sets of wheels.

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk



2015, 3400 hrs 2700 litre tank, 12/24m booms with 7-section, auto section control, recirculation, 560/60 R22.5 (80%) 12.4 R36 (75%).


2018, 2350 litre tank, 14/28m booms, variable geometry, 15-section air shut-off, electronic control valves, LED work lights, Alliance 340/85 R36

£1 26 ,5 00

£1 26 ,0 00

2018, 2700 litre tank, 12/24m booms with Norac UC7 levelling, 9-section air shut-off, Alliance 11.2 R42 & Michelin 540/65 R24

NEW WHEELS & TYRES – FOR SPRAYERS & SPREADERS – please call for details. 540/65 R24 MICHELIN

£1,025 per unit

600/65 R34 MICHELIN

£1,795 per unit

For details please call John Davis

560/60 R22.5 TRELLEBORG £690 per unit

Office: +44 (0)1584 873 131 Mobile: +44 (0)7774 242 362


£1,120 per unit

Email sales@mcconnel.com Visit www.mcconnel.com


£990 per unit

Follow us

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HP107-18.09.19 Farmers Guide classified ad.pdf

01526 342466



Please call Nick HerbertMY

FOR EXPORT Marian Teodorczyk



07791 131911 CY


Payment prior to collection • Any condition considered Call Lukasz on

07512 821421 or visit our website


Perkins & Ford engines new/reman, Dyno tested, engine blocks & parts available New JCB 444 engine stock


01489 896 626 ORBITAL steering unit for JD7710, brand new, purchased but never fitted to tractor. Cost ÂŁ400 to buy - offers. G Dunn Tel 07768 904984 (Cambs)


A better use of energy

Tel: 028 9127 5913

Tractor & Combine Controls

Email: info@agri-web.co.uk


Material Handler Joysticks & SLI's

ENTHUSIASTIC young person/couple required to help owner run a 40+ acre mixed farm, incorporating 30 sow pig unit & small suckler herd, initially to help day to day, with the potential to rent in the long term. Ring George. G Shepherd Tel 07940 597410/01283 732275 (Derbys)




8ft & 6ft Star Cleaner with Clod Rollers

We bring the personal touch back into farm finance. For the personal touch ring Dean Pollen on 07902 645650 or apply on line at www.abfltd.co.uk


01354 638222

info@agrimech.co.uk www.agrimech.co.uk



to d



r requ s you




01376 551080 07802 404748

info@phrengineering.com www.phrengineering.com


Tel: 01789 731365 www.dkelectronics.co.uk

GEARBOX for Big Bee topper; also sprayer pump for Ransomes Hawk sprayer. R Kingsley Tel 01763 287344 (Herts)



tact Please con info re o m us for

To suit most flail mowers and hedge cutters at competitive prices Tel: 01427 718561 Fax: 01427 718016

www.sps-parts.co.uk Contact Simon Scott on

07789 793721

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest new products

FOUR rear wheel weights for IH250/275/434. ÂŁ100; hydraulic drop arm for IH895/4230. ÂŁ130; Fiskars match plough body set & 2 points. ÂŁ600. D GrifďŹ ths Tel 01437 751212 (Pembrokeshire) HYDRAULIC ram 4’ long. ÂŁ50. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)


Bateman RB 25 3000 VG 24m boom 6000hrs two sets wheels, boom can be extended 2016 Agribuggy A280 2200hrs fully serviced, tank 2700L 12/24m aluminium boom, Tee-Jet Field-Pilot auto steer with 9 section GPS auto section control, 9.5x44 rowcrops 560/60R22.5 floatation wheels McConnel (Kellands) Multidrive 6195 with Bredal K85 spreader 2012, two sets wheels


David King Electronics

als 1000s of manu ll in stock for a es types of machin

The Specialist Sprayer

Sprayers & Fertiliser Spreaders Diet Feeder Weighing Systems

E-mail: sales@flailsdirect.co.uk Website: www.flailsdirect.co.uk



Vertical Eject Box Tipper

GM-R SprayerspanLtdy

Mowers & Foragers

Balers & Wrappers

SALES, parts & service for Bonhill/ Fortschritt muck spreaders, combines, etc. Contact Ian Leech, Bonhill-Leech, 07860 206348 (Norfolk)

Equipment • Livestock • Feed Fertiliser • Seed • Cash Flow Diversification Projects Building • Debt Consolidation


GM-R Fieldcruiser FR-30-180i 3000L 24m, two sets wheels, GPS auto 12 section ck today Order your new Knapsa 12, 16 & 20L models

Grain & Precision Drills


Manter 25/6 Weigher

TITAN Palletising System

We also offer a range of energy efficiency services and deliver technologies such as smart metering and electric vehicles. For more info, call 01473 852884


Manter SAB Sewing System

ONE new & one partly worn blade, partly worn bullet & practically new 4" ceramic expander. Bargain at ÂŁ400. I Brown Tel 07710 775177/01279 422931 (Essex)



3ft Grader receiving hopper, star pre-cleaner, grading module, inspection table, fully refurbished





Potato • Onion • Carrot • Parsnip Red Beet • Veg handling equipment Graders (both screen & lift roller) hopper cleaners/graders, brushes, box & big bag fillers/tippers, etc Field equipment Vegetable transplanters, drills, top lifters, toppers, hook tine cultivators Grimme DL/GZ/GT/SE harvesters


Haven Power supplies renewable electricity to Yeo Valley, a regional agri-buying group, and thousands of other UK businesses – and we can do the same for yours, too.


By Teo



Coningsby, Lincs





on farm or at our test centre, all makes

More sprayers on our website:

www.gm-rsprayers.co.uk All offered subject to remaining unsold

Graham Mitchell-Rowlands 07860 618903 01449 737482 graham@gm-rsprayers.co.uk Marek Technical Support: 07496 294201 Sue Admin: 01449 736300 Holly Bush Farm, Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 3DP For your new self-propelled, trailed or mounted crop sprayer, to go









Pellcroft Engineering Ltd




Herbert & Sons


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


Submitting a FarmAd has never been simpler – just go to...






Also flail mowers for tractors and excavators from 15 to 200HP

(Flails direct is a division of Engineering and Hire Ltd)

01284 724455




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18/10/2019 10:07

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194


Five Mile Lane, Washingborough, Lincs 01522 790720


R.C.Boreham & Co New & Used Machinery

For all enquiries call: 01245 231320 £9,750

Demo Deutz 7250 TTV Warrior 246hp 50K, Vario trans, auto steer, air cab, a/brakes, f/axle braking, Isobus, iMonitor, 5 spools, f/links, f/PTO, Comfort Pack, 650/65R42 & 540/65R34 tyres, 0% finance POA

Demo Deutz 6215 RC Shift 226hp 50K, 5 ranges, 6spd p/shift & creep, man semi auto & fully auto gear change modes, auto steer ready, air cab/brakes, f/axle braking, Isobus, iMonitor, 5 spools, f/links, Comfort Pack, 650/65R42 & 540/65R34 POA tyres 0% finance

Deutz 6165.4 Powershift 171hp 4 cyl 50K, semi powershift manual transmission, 4 manual spools, f/links, 520/85R38 & 420/85R28 tyres, POA 0% finance

Polaris Ranger 1000D

excellent condition, 2018, 577hrs


New Weidemann T5522 telescopic handler, 50hp, 30K, hydrostatic transmission, 3 position steering, lift height 5.5m, lift capacity 2200, pallet tines,


0% finance

Demo Dieci Agri Plus 40.7 VS 190hrs, 152hp, FPT engine, 4000kg lift capacity, 7m lift height, 40K, vario transmission, air con, pick up hitch, 0% finance

Sumo Multipress 5m

3 rows of tines, press paddles, twin row of packer rings



Coming In Weidemann T5522, 2015 .................................. POA


Polaris Ranger 1000D

Pottinger Servo 45S plough

diesel 2016, good condition, power steering 768hrs

ex demo, excellent condition, 6 furrow, hyd front furrow 0% Finance available



Logic LPH200 Pro harrow

2018,very little use, for use behind ATV, Einbock tines (no VAT)


Sisis Multislit 1200

excellent condition, very little use, rear rollers


Weidemann 1070, 1997 .................................... POA Logic BR180 flat roll

2018, excellent condition, very little use, can be water ballasted, 1.8m (no VAT)

Ritchie Aerator 3

Sisis Powaspred FS0780

3m grass slitter, excellent condition

almost as new, PTO drive


Deutz Agrofarm 100 GS (100HP), 2009, 3950hrs, c/w MX80 loader, muck fork & bale spike ......... POA

David Grundy 07879 698473

Karl Gladding 07500 448243


All prices + VAT

Chelmsford, Essex CM3 1HU | rcboreham.co.uk | sales@rcboreham.co.uk CMYK: C0 M100 Y 100 K 0 or Pantone 032 Red



Kings LangleyRGB: R 230 G 0 B 4 Luton Tel: 01923 265211 Tel: 01582 727111 Green : kingslangley@oliverlandpower.co.uk luton@oliverlandpower.co.uk Pantone: 347 RGB: R 0 G 157 B 87

Tingewick Tel: 01280 848494 tingewick@oliverlandpower.co.uk


EX DEMO JCB 403 CHOICE OF 2 2017, 137hrs, & 2019, 21hrs, both top spec & c/w range of attachments

Oliver graphic swoosh Green NEW JCB:526-56 Pantone: 347 pickup hitch, 40kph, LED lights, available stockB 87 RGB: Rfrom 0 G 157


2017 JCB FASTRAC 4220 60kph, BKT 600 tyres, front linkage, Field Pro package, LED lights, leather seat, 2940hrs £88,500

2019 JCB FASTRAC 4220 EX HIRE Choice of 2, full spec, 60kph, 600 tyres, front linkage, Field Pro, Road Performance pack, approx 600hrs POA

2019 JCB FASTRAC 4200 EX DEMO Choice of 2, full spec, 60kph, deck weight, auto steer ready, Road Performance pack, Field Pro package, approx 180hrs POA

NEW CHIEFTAIN HP20 air load sensing, high speed, Hardox, 20t, LED lights, camera

NEW CHIEFTAIN FT27 LOW LOADER 27t, high speed axles, hydraulic ramps, 900mm with control valve, tool box, sprung drawbar, parabolic suspension £15,850

NEW ISUZU D-MAX 1.9 UTAH AUTO Titanium silver, TJM snorkel, Bushtec gullwing canopy, Pedders susp, 18” all terrain tyres, u/body protection, laser lights, towbar & electrics £36,500

ISUZU D-MAX 2.5 UTAH AUTO Blue, 2014, Aeroklas lid, tow bar & electrics, leather seats, sat nav, full service history, 51000 miles £13,500

PRE REGISTERED ISUZU D-MAX 1.9T UTAH V-Cross special edition – spinal red, diamond cut alloy wheels, front spoiler, wireless phone charger, parking cameras, leather seats 10 miles £23,995

EX DEMO ISUZU D-MAX 1.9T UTAH AUTO Sapphire blue, colour coded Truckman canopy, tow bar & electrics, leather seats, climate control, 7000miles £24,995



NEW JCB 560-80 AGRI PLUS 125hp, 38kph, 4 speed, pickup hitch


Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk


3yrs warranty

Demo Amazone 5002-TS 5m Catros + 600mm DW roller, hydraulic depth adjustment,


All prices plus VAT 67995

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Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk 170 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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17/10/2019 10:22

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk November 2019 www.farmads.co.uk 171

fg_class_nov_19.indd 171

17/10/2019 10:23

STOCKS Fan Jet slug pellet applicator, mounted on a 3pt linkage frame, spreads about 40', sale due to retirement. £100+VAT. S Potter Tel 07940 893034/01621 828270 (Essex)

Bateman HiLo 24m sprayer

Bateman RB25


Boston Crop Sprayers Ltd incorporating


Used Amazone UF1301 Mounted Sprayer


Berthoud Tenor 5500L 40m DP Tronic, vgc, 2009, boom could be resized if required ...£22,500+VAT


KNIGHT 24m trailed sprayer. 2500L tank, intake hopper, can wash lance, 1989h, tested until April 2020, 200L wash tank, 2 hand wash tanks, new pressure gauges, high pressure hose & some boom bushes at test, foam bout marker kit available. £1,750. C Musson Tel 07714 106478 (Lincs)

KNIGHT mounted Laser sprayer, 1999, 24m, boom recirculation, tested Oct 2018, 4 section shut off, manual spraying only, no auto pressure/speed. £4,399+VAT. E Pridgeon & Son Tel 07775 515368/01507 450241 (Lincs)

Sprayer Specialist in the Eastern & Southern Counties New and used sprayers and parts stocked for:

01743 464100 Richard Evans 07375 508366 richard@battlefieldmachinery.com




SPRAYCARE 1200L 24m mounted, 2003, in full working order, NSTS MOT to May 2020, TeeJet 844E auto controls, sale due to change in farm policy. £4,250+VAT. P Allen Tel 01328 830348 (Norfolk)


Bateman RB35

Galvanised roofing sheets, box profile and corrugated Delivery service

01359 269378


HARDI Mega mounted sprayer, 12m beam, tank capacity 1000L, Electron on/off, tested & ready to go. £500+VAT. C Lee Tel 07971 052515/01636 830318 (Notts)



KNIGHT EUA 24m, 4000L, 2011 build, air suspension, boom levelling, quin nozzles, tank control & section control, 8x3m, via Muller Comfort terminal & antenna, straight boom, c/w Isobus loom & joystick, 420 tyres, NPTC until 09/20. N Whitebread Tel 01634 222574/07770 365121 (Kent)

STOCKSAG Fan Jet Mini, will spread slug pellets from approximately 2–12m, in-cab dial control box provides manual on-the-move rate changes, it can also spread other granular products & seeds, good overall condition. £500+VAT. R Kerr Tel 07531 574681 (Essex) STOCKS Fan Jet 28 slug pelleter/ broadcaster, electric (12 volt) controls. £200. P Giles Tel 07974 064961/01255 812042 (Essex)



01284 810751 07768 353910


Horstine TMA4 12m

TIMOTHY hay in conventional bales, 2019, near Billericay, help available with loading. £4.50/ bale. P Buckenham Tel 07770 797846/01268 416875 (Essex)

£43,950 2009, 4000l tank,32m boom, AG Leader GPS shut off, 2 sets of wheels, 9,400hrs, gc


2007 Chafer Mirage, 12/24/30m boom, 6 section shut off, Trimble Easy Boom auto shut off, 2 nozzle option from cab, 3500L tank, 200L clean water, wide & rowcrop wheels, 6050hrs. £26,500. C Juhl Tel 07836 735830 (Essex)

Posts for grain walling and silage clamps

P J Reed

info@agrikel.com Norfolk

Contacts: Robert Webb: 07860 801322 Anthony Williams: 07711 947189 Phil Ramsey: 07934 799628 Andy Gemmill: 07802 336880

All types of steel available new and secondhand



Hypro • Teejet • Lechler Altek • RDS • Dual Pumps Enduramaxx • Stocks Fan Jet


www.tvmachinery.com Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)


01953 450279

01279 812727

c/w 2500l tank, RDS Delta, 2 sets of wheels, 6,200hrs, good, tidy sprayer


Berthoud • Househam Chafer • Agrifac and most other makes



National Standards

SPRAYTEC LTD Sprayer Specialists in the Eastern & Southern Counties Crop & Amenity Sprayer Specialist



S SCOTT & SONS Ltd Steel Stockholders






07770 331587

BOSTON 01205 722 240 WISBECH 01945 461 181 BEDFORD 01525 841 923

1998 Househam Knight Sprint Self Propelled Sprayer

KRM Bredal B6 fertiliser spreader, flotation & tramline tyres, very good condition throughout. Best offers please. D Eaton Tel 01386 443102 (Worcs)


Contact Richard Dix

TECNOMA 800L mounted sprayer, 12m booms, 8yrs old, used on 65 acres of arable, very good condition, sale due to retirement. £1,600+VAT. S Potter Tel 07940 893034/01621 828270 (Essex)


Hardi Master 1200L 15m 2008, fully serviced & vgc ........................£5,000+VAT

Eves: 01799 584626 Daytime: 07831 158848 or 07766 107610 www.srhaylock.co.uk


Hardi Commander 3200L 24m HPZ Force Boom, 2010, vgc ..........................£12,500+VAT

S.R. Haylock


www.tvmachinery.com Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)


tidy condition for age, Deutz turbo engine, c/w rowcrops





2004, 3000l tank,12/24/28m boom, 175hp, LH Agro 5000 rate controller. Rinse, 2 sets of wheels, vgc

KNIGHT EUA 3800, 24m, Muller controller, joystick, GPS shutoff c/w GPS receiver, A&B nozzles, steering axle, compressor, pressure washer, 420-R38 tyres as new, very good condition. £15,900+VAT ono. R Frampton Tel 07748 375665/01935 840212 (Somerset)




Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Agricultural Application Machinery Specialists

www.tvmachinery.com Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)

HOUSEHAM Air Ride 3600, 2005, 24m stainless tank & lines, Hypro Duo React quad bodies + fert, been on farm from new, approx 5500hrs, only selling as gone to 36m, tidy machine, had S&K refurb 2017. £31,500 ono. O Smith Tel 07946 416461 (Lincs)


electric metering, PTO fan, hyd folding booms, Horstine Wizard controller


07971 930545


HAY, 2019 crop, in conventional bales, can deliver locally. J Nurse Tel 01953 850380/07899 775665 (Norfolk) SPRING barley straw in round bales, net wrapped & barn stored. £10/bale. K Ollett Tel 01359 270047/07753 859882 (Suffolk) WHEAT straw in mini Hesston bales, barn stored, between 46 & 51 biscuits to the bale. £12/bale. K Ollett Tel 01359 270047/07753 859882 (Suffolk)

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Agrifac Endurance I CE016061 2016


8000 litre 36/30m boom 2500 hours


Agrifac Condor IV C045098 2016

Agrifac UK Ltd

4 Thorby Avenue, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0AZ 01354 660552 www.agrifac.co.uk

Agrifac Condor II C025025 2011 4000 litre 36/24 boom 5815 hours 28400 hectares £70,000.00

trade in

7500 hours 45/50cm walking share lifter Leaf spreader topper Harvest ready condition £70,000.00

HOLMER TerraVariant 600 eco 2017

Mercedes 598hp V8 Engine 1050 50 R32 Michelin tyres, grassland profile 9000 litre/min Vogelsang rotary lobe pump 10,000 L/min Vogelsang RotoCut Trimble FMX autosteer

trade in

ROPA Tiger 2007

Leaf spreader topper 45/50cm lifter



Agrifac Condor IV C045134 2017


5000 litre 36/24m boom 1050 hours 8942 hectares


Agrifac Condor IV C045005 2015


5000 litre 40/36/24m boom 5119 hours 59,600 hectares £170,000.00

trade in

trade in

Agrifac Big Six 2005

8500 hours 45/50cm row change Walking share lifter 2 lifting turbines, 4 cleaning turbines 20 tonne holding tank £35,000.00

Agrifac WKM 9000 1998

Leaf spreader topper 45/50cm walking share lifter 2 lifting turbines, 3 cleaning turbines 1 cleaning roller bed 9 tonne holding tank £39,000.00

Want to find out more about the Agrifac Premium Proven or Trade In program? Chris Potter - Sprayer Sales North - 07741 312197 Julian Arrowsmith - Sprayer Sales South - 07825 261853 Matt Carse - Harvester & Tanker Sales - 07860 288973

Nov 19_agrifac_premium_proven_UK.indd 1

10/10/2019 08:36


TEL: 01795 880224


COMBINES: JOHN DEERE: T670i, W540, 9580 WTS, 2066, 2264, 2258, 2058, 1188, 1177, 1166, 1085, 1075, 1065, 985, 975, 965, 955, 952, 950, 630, 530, 8820. CLAAS: Lexion 600, 580T, 570T, 480, 460, 440, 430, 218, 118, 116, 115, 114CS, 108, 106, 105, 98, 96, 85, 76, 70 NEW HOLLAND: CR9080, CR980, TX66, TX68, TX36, TX34, TX32, TF78, TF46, TF44, TF42, 8080, 8050, 8040, 1500’s, 133 MASSEY FERGUSON: 7278, 40RS 38, 34, 31, 29, 27, 865, 760, 750, 665, 504. DEUTZ FAHR: 6090, 4090, 4080,4075, M3630, M3610, M2780, M2680, M1002.LAVERDA: 152, M120. CASE: 1660, 2188, 1460, 1680 JOHN DEERE TRACTORS 8520, 8400, 8200T, 7800, 7530, 7430, 6930, 6900, 6800, 6430, 6110, 3650, 3130, 2140, 2040, 1640 FORKLIFTS: JCB: 531-70, 530-70, 525-58, 520-4, 414, 926.CLAAS: Targo C50, K50 Ranger. MATBRO: Telestar, Teleshift, 280, 270, 250 MANITOU: 2600, MLT 633.MERLO: 40.7, 30.6 Multifarmer, 28.7, 26.6. JOHN DEERE: 3800, 3420, 3415, 3200. MASSEY FERGUSON: 8295.TEREX: 250 BALERS: NEW HOLLAND: 1210, 1010S, D1000, BB940, 841, 835, 7070, 750, 740, 654, 650, 644, 640, 648 JOHN DEERE: 680, 644, 592, 590, 582, 578, 575, 550, 342, CASE: RBX435.CLAAS: Quadrant 2200,1200, Rollant 255, 280, 180, 46, 44, Vari, Hesston 4900, 4800, 4750. VICON: LB12000, LB8200, MP800, RV1602 WELGER: D6000, D4000, 520, 435.VICON: LB12000, LB8200, MP800, 1601, RV1602, MASSEY FERGUSON: No.5, 2190, 2170, 2160, 190, 187, 185.SUPERTINO: 60-120 MOWERS: KUHN: Alterna 500, FC283, FC313. JOHN DEERE: 328, 228, 131, 1360. POTTINGER: Novacat, Eurocat. KRONE: AM20, 32P, AMT 4000CV, Easycut 32CV, Easycut 2800CV. LELY: Optima 240C, Splendimo 280FC. MAJOR: Toppers. FORAGER HARVESTERS: CLAAS: 930, 695, 690, 75



NEW HOLLAND 8000 SERIES COMBINES 8050 / 8060 / 8070 / 8080





(All makes, All models, All ages)

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

5000 litre 36/27m boom £25,000.00

trade in

Vervaet 617 2007

Challenger Rogator 2011


trade in

trade in

5000 litre 36m Chafer boom 4650 hours Norac boom height control £65,000.00

5000 litre 42/36/24m boom 3500 hours 18540 hectares £190,000.00

trade in

HARDI Navigator 5000 2015


NEW HOLLAND TX COMBINES TX30 up to TX68 Hydro & Mechanical

Albutt 7ft Bucket fitted with Albutt Bucket Brush – 2014, 7ft wide, 4ft deep, 1.25m3, Euro 8 Brackets Hydraulic Sweeper brush

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VADERSTAD RDA 800S 2006, disc coulters, wearing metal 75%, pre-em & bout markers, in very good condition Stk No 21051032 £31,000


JCB 4220 2016, 5422hrs, vario gearbox, 540/65R30, 4ESCVs, front suspension & front linkage Stk No 21053335 £65,000



GREGOIRE BESSON 4.2M DISCORDON 2003, front discs, tines, rear discs, rear packer roller Stk No 51051658 £6,750



JOHN DEERE 5115M 2018, 920hrs, power reverser 16/16 40kph, 600/65R34 90% - 480/65R24 90% 3MSCVs, loader ready Stk No 11052448 £43,000


JOHN DEERE 6150R 2014, 3002hrs, Direct Drive 40kph, 600/60R28 - 710/60R38, 3ESCVs, cab & front susp, autotrac ready Stk No 11048238 £62,000

JCB JS130LC+T4F 2018, 918hrs, long undercarriage, Monoboom, 3m dipper, hyd quick hitch, 24”, 48” & 72” DM buckets Stk No 61053340 £65,000

VADERSTAD RST 630 2003, Raptor tines, levelling board, press rings, 6.3m tillage width Stk No 21053319 £23,000

KUHN MDS1142 2005, electronic E-spreader, Telemat border spreading, hopper extensions & cover Stk No 21051954 £2,750


GREGOIRE BESSON 2007, 5f (4+1) , No8 bodies, rear disc, mixed skimmers Stk No 11045718


JOHN DEERE 7290R 2018, 695hrs, IVT 50kph, 710/70R42 – 600/70R30, TLS front & cab suspension Stk No 81051531 £133,000

JOHN DEERE 6190R 2013, 4873hrs, Autoquad 40kph, 650/65R42 - 540/65R30, front & cab suspension Stk No 31048356 £49,500

Prices do not include VAT


HIRE 01728 628325 Mark Debenham 07710 148420


MAULDEN 01525 405848 Gary Buckle 07712 556387


CROMER 01438 861257 Robert Vigus 07712 556389


GROUNDCARE 01206 230283 James Tuckwell 07932 107618


SUDBURY 01787 374100 Paul Coffey 07766 225174


Stk No 11043326


JOHN DEERE 5115M 2018, 924hrs, power rev 16/16 40kph, 600/65R34 90% - 480/65R24 90% 3MSCVs, loader ready Stk No 11052451 £43,000



JOHN DEERE 8520T 2003, 10192hrs, p/shift gearbox, 30” tracks @ 30%, 4ESCVs, autotrac ready, SF ITC & brown box, good cond Stk No 11050569 £32,450

VADERSTAD OPUS 400 2016, steel runner, shin with 50mm point marathon


GREGOIRE BESSON 2013, 7f on land/in furrow c/w skimmers, rear disc & depth wheels Stk No 11051918 £18,000


VADERSTAD RDA 800S 2006, cultivation discs, disc coulters, radar metering, lev harrow, pre-em & bout markers Stk No 11052316 £23,000




GREGOIRE BESSON 2009, 7f, No5 bodies, hyd depth wheel/pitch control, susp h/stock, hyd f/frw, manual offset Stk No 81036979 £17,000


VADERSTAD RDA 400S 2006, front wheel press, cultivation discs, disc coulters, pre-em & bout markers Stk No 11054680 £20,000


BATEMAN RB35 2010, 9,153hrs, 12 section 36m booms, auto rate controller, 710/55R30 & 540/65R30 wheels Stk No 11053565 £50,000



JOHN DEERE 6150R 2014, 6451hrs, Direct Drive 50kph, 650/65R38 - 480/70R28, TLS, HCS, Command Arm, 3ESCVs Stk No 51053739 £45,000


RAYLEIGH 01268 783311 Tim Thornton 07557 922965


DUNMOW 01371 875751 Olwyn Poulson 07710 135644


WORLINGWORTH 01728 628325 Tom Mason 07957 844986


ARDLEIGH 01206 230283 Mark Debenham 07710 148420

174 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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East Anglia’s first choice for new & used tractors

Shopsoiled Warwick 6t trailer 51047159

Chafer Mirage s/p 36m sprayer, 2004 31047219

Shopsoiled Bomford Wren hedgecutter 41044144

Fendt 828 ProfiPlus 2015 6850hrs gc 31047485

£5 0,0 00

£1 10 ,00 0

Fendt 724 ProfiPlus 2015 6400hrs gc 31047560

Merlo TF35.7-115 2017, 2200hrs, vgc 21046901

£9 5,0 00

Challenger 775E 2015, 2250hrs vgc 51048020

£9 5,0 00

£2 2,5 00

Challenger 765E 2015, 3750hrs, vgc 21047862

MF 7718 2016 2450hrs, warranty available 41046564

£8 1,0 00

£7 8,0 00

£7 2,0 00 £1 05 ,00 0

Challenger Rogator 655B Challenger Rogator 645B 36m sprayer, 5000hrs, 2013 32m sprayer 5000hrs 2012 31046521 31045728

£7 ,50 0

Standen 2 bed bedformer 2005 good metal 31047854

£6 0,0 00

£7 2,0 00

£6 3,5 00

£5 7,5 00 £7 1,0 00 £4 2,5 00

Fendt 720 Profi 2015, 5000hrs gc 61048001

Valtra T163V 2014, 2900hrs, vgc 61046335

Shopsoiled Heva VIP roller 8.2m 31044617

MF 7722 2016 1900hrs, warranty available 51047750

£1 7,7 50

£5 ,25 0

Warwick 18t trailer 2017, choice of 2 31048065

Fendt 716 Profi 2015, 5000hrs, gc 51047886

£7 ,25 0

£1 5,0 00

NH T6.175 Dynamic Command, 2018 470hrs, vgc 51048008

MF 7716 2016, 2650hrs, warranty available 41047214

£1 ,75 0

£6 0,0 00

Fendt 720 PowerPlus 2018 1500hrs, warranty available 41047512

MF 7715 2016, 1800hrs, vgc 31047758

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

£9 9,5 00

MF 7620 2014, 4750hrs, vgc 31047405

£1 0,7 50

£5 1,0 00

Call 07798 585624 • jamesclark@tnsgroup.co.uk

Shopsoiled Kubota L5240HST turf tyres 51043216

Shopsoiled Kubota RTV500 51045447

See our full range at www.tnsgroup.co.uk


Prices do not include VAT or shipping

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17/10/2019 10:19

80-GALLON fuel tank with 12volt transfer pump. £120. A Crisp Tel 07880 541220 (Norfolk)

01603 870903 07860 475964


FORTY-TWO 4’ round bales of spring barley straw, good solid bales, can load. R Bales Tel 07810 631181 (Norfolk)


51,000 litre horiz/cyl dished ends 27’6”L x 9’W x 10’H & cradles 1 x twin & 2 x single compart

TELEPHONE: 01604 686216 MOBILE: 07973 265378


FARM Force 6m ‘Beast’ seedbed cultivator, good working order, used 2019 for sugar beet drilling seedbeds. £5,000 ono. T Hogsbjerg Tel 07557 200661/01760 755335 (Norfolk)

2012 Vaderstad Rexius Twin 1030


22,730 litre bunded tanks 17’L plus cabinet x 9’2”W x 8’H gauge & battery alarm

01362 667148 07799 111030 william_goff@hotmail.com

MZURI Rehab 5 leg auto reset subsoiler, c/w Mzuri seeder bar & Horstine Twin Air seeder, showroom condition, may split subsoiler, seeder bar & seeder, washed oiled & stored inside. £12,000. T Sewell Tel 07977 908378 (Kent)

TILLAGE TACKLE DOWDESWELL/TIGGES furrow press, model 9/10, 3 pl, 72” double row 19 x 0.67m diam rings - all vgc, for spares/refurbishment only. £395+VAT; EDLINGTON 6.4m/21’ hyd’ folding Cambridge rolls, type HFR21AW, £2,350+VAT. GDO Howell Tel 07903 089391 & 01728 723683(T) (Suffolk)

01763 780440



2012, 5 deep tines, 2 rows of discs, DD packer

Simba 5.5m CultiPress

More photos and full spec at

07748 004794 01245 442224(T) COUSINS rolls, c/w breakers, 7m, stone troughs, 22" rings, gwo. £3,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)


2009, Proactive tines, levelling board, DD rings, new metal

More photos and full spec at



www.thekinggroup.co.uk/tanks 01638 712328 Suffolk 01992 451629 Herts/Essex

MARSK Stig 3m spring tine harrow, just a couple of tines missing. £380+VAT. J Pickard Tel 07949 265498 (Lincs)


10.3m press, all in good order & ready to go to work

Remote tank monitoring system



Simba DTX 300


• Check liquid levels from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone • Keeps farmers informed so that they do not run out of fuel or liquid fertiliser • Helps manage stocks and buy efficiently

3 leg, plus grass discs



BUNDED diesel bowers, 250 gallon, with pump & hose. £425. J Hicks Tel 07539 367336 (Berks)


Contact us

07870 916 888 info@i-levelapp.com www.i-levelapp.com

07748 004794 01245 442224(T) GREGOIRE Besson disc harrows, set of 5.5m, c/w 6m Simba single press, very good condition. R Daubrah Tel 07966 246701 (Notts)


Pan Busters & spirals ALL BLENCH SPARES 454 Herne Road, 51-63459 Ramsey St Mary’s, Huntingdon, Cambs.

POWER LEMKEN Zirkon 10/400, new Lemken tines fitted, 1000 speed PTO shaft, toothed packer roller, levelling board, gearbox rated at 240hp, good condition. £5,750+VAT. R Kerr Tel 07531 574681 (Essex) SIMBA DTX 300, all new wearing parts, new bearings on packer, seeder platform, vgc. G Enderby Tel 07768 841908 (Lincs)

01733 844590 (24hrs)


BREAKERS els od Many makes &spmares ed us & w ne

R M Dove

01759 302279 07779 245466 www.powerharrowspares.co.uk NRH 6.3m hyd folding rolls, 2012, little used. £4,750 ono. H Ground Tel 01945 700289 (Lincs)


01502 710100 Fully searchable database at...


HEVA 8.2m rolls, 24' rings, 2 new tyres, owned since new, barn stored, tidy. £7,000. T Gasson Tel 07557 224955/07989 478973 (Warks)

DUCK foot tine harrows, gc, with a stretcher, buyer collects. K Butters Tel 01507 466436 (Lincs) KVERNELAND furrow press, suitable for 3–4 furrow plough. £250+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)

MASCHIO New power harrows New rotary cultivators New flail mowers New spare parts Direct from an importer

KUHN 4m rigid power harrow, c/w end tow. £2,250+VAT. G Jones Tel 01874 711315/07814 000595 (Powys) COUSINS V-Form, 3.25m, 5 leg, large packer roller. £2,500 ono. R Day Tel 07710 405260 (Lincs)

KUHN power harrow, 4.5m, with transport wheels. £2,500. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)


FARMFORCE 1.3m front press, in good condition. £600+VAT. J Pickard Tel 07949 265498 (Lincs)


DIESEL bowser, 1000L, electric pump. £750. D Harrison Tel 07771 514747 (Cambs)

2019 6m Cambridge roll, independently controlled hydraulic levelling boards, heavy duty 20" rings, breaker rings, LED lights. £10,000. I Birnie Tel 07826 924386 (Aberdeenshire)


2400-LITRE bunded fuel station with filter & meter, 240 volts mains. £620+VAT. A Crisp Tel 07880 541220 (Norfolk) TITAN 2500L bunded fuel station, in very good condition, sale due to retirement. £850+VAT. S Potter Tel 07940 893034/01621 828270 (Essex) SMALL metal tank, no rust. £20. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Are buyers & sellers of


Well proven design Single and twin and three legged machines available Mounted and trailed


ABBOTT & CO (Wessex) LTD


2009 Spaldings Flatlift


STRAW & HAY (cont)

TR Smith Ltd

3-LEG flatlift. £650. J Hicks Tel 07539 367336 (Berks)

01362 668286

trsmith120@aol.co.uk www.trsmithagmachinery.com

176 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

01302 759969

Unit A7 Lords Wood Road, Harworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN11 8BZ


DEMO MCCORMICK X7.690 POWER PLUS font linkage & PTO, air brakes, cab & front suspension

2019 DEMO KRONE BIGPACK 1290 HDP with bale collect

DEMO AMAZONE UF2002 with FT1501 front tank

2019 DEMO KRONE SWADRO TC 760 PLUS 7.6m twin rotor rake






NEW 2019 KRONE SWADRO 42 rake


2014 KRONE SWADRO 1400 PLUS 4 rotor rake, excellent condition £29,000 2014 KUHN 4004 4m power harrow


2013 KVERNELAND TAARUP 2632M mower £3,250 2012 CENIUS 3002 MTD culitvator DD packer £9,000


2012 KNIGHT MOUNTED SPRAYER and front tank 24m booms NSTS test, excellent condition

NEW 2019 KRONE EASYCUT R320 CV mounted mower



POA 62784


2008 ZA-M CONTROL fert spreader, Amados+ box


2008 SULKY X36 fertiliser spreader


KVERNELAND E3 4 furrow plough c/w packer roller



All prices plus VAT


Carrington (Head Office) 01205 480460 Sutterton 01205 460600 Market Rasen 01673 842222


4M AMAZONE COMBINATION DRILL (2006) c/w AD-P super drill on a KG403 power harrow, 2000l hopper (BF)

11464 KVERNELAND LB-85 PLOUGH c/w 4 + 1 furrows, hydraulic vari width, 160HP headstock, 5 new bodies, 9 new points, 6 new landslides (JP)





VADERSTAD RAPID 800S 8M DRILL (2010) c/w sharmuller ring hitch type, 2 rows of discs, levelling boards

4M COMBINATION RABE DRILL SULKY/MASCHIO 4M COMBINATION 4m rabe ceria drill on a rabe toucan SL DRILL C/w Maschio 4000 model, 4m power 4000 power harrow (2010) c/w Suffolk coulters, following harrow (BF) harrow, track eradicators, rigid - non folding (MA)

£30,000+VAT (JP

11394 JOHN DEERE 6190R (2013) c/w front axle and cab suspension, auto quad 50kph gearbox, 3 electric spools, 3 speed PTO, HMS, 4980hrs approx. (SG)


BAILEY 18T BEETEAPER (2017) c/w /w sprung drawbar, arch full front window, roll over sheet, hyd. rear door, grain chute (TM)

BAILEY 20T BEETEAPER (2018) c/w sprung drawbar, arch full front window, roll over sheet, hyd. rear door £21,000+VAT (SG)


11350 5.4M STANDEN ROTAVATOR c/w 5.4m working width, hydraulic folding, road lights, 400hp gearbox (BF)



KVERNELAND 6M POWER HARROW (EX HIRE) c/w 6m working width, 24 rotors, heavy duty power harrow for tractor up to 400HP (SG)

KVERNELAND 4M POWER HARROW (EX HIRE) c/w quick fit tines, side limit plates, rear levelling board, large packer roller (SG)

RAPID 800S 8M 11089 VADERSTAD DRILL (2010) *Does notMASCHIO include Avadex kit*, 3M RECO POWER sharmuller ring hitch type, 2 rows of HARROW (JI)quick fit tines c/w 3m workingdiscs width, 70% good, levelling board, tooth packer, scrapers (JP)




BAILEY 16T BEETEAPER TRAILER (2012) c/w 10 stud commercial axles, sprung draw bar, full arch window, grain chute, hydraulic brakes (BF)

BAILEY 16T BEETEAPER (1999) Air and oil brakes, Sprung Drawbar, Front Flaps, Front window, Steel Mudguards, Flappy rear LED Lights + Flaps, Rear tow loops (TM)

Ben Ford (BF): 07469 853763 Matthew Ashton (MA): 07881 106298 Josh Pennell (JP): 07469 850502

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

NEW 2019 EASYCUT R320 CV mower conditioner, parking stands £12,750

15T CHIEFTAIN LOW LOADER c/w 20’ long, 5’ beavertail, air brakes, screw jack, wood floor, manual ramps, electric winch (SG) £6950+VAT

Tom Mack (TM): 07387 023444

Stuart Gosling (SG): 07824 317357

November 2019 www.farmads.co.uk 177

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17/10/2019 12:45

Tel: 01580 291271 • Mob: 07836 723944 • sales@markhellier.co.uk

£4 3, 50 0

2015 MF 7718 Dyna 6 c/w Q76 loader

£3 8, 50 0

2015 New Holland T7.200 Power Command

2013 New Holland T7.210 Power Command

2013 New Holland T7.235 Power Command

MASSEY FERGUSON: 2015 7718 Dyna 6 with Quicke Q76 loader, 4204hrs, 180hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage, semi p/shift, elec spool valves, extra work lights, f/tyres 540/65x28 25% ODD, r/tyres 650/65x38 75% BKT ................................... £48,500 2015 7726 Dyna 6, 6307hrs, 50kph, a/brakes, f/ axle/cab susp, f/linkage, semi p/shift, Data Vision, f/service, f/tyres 600/65x28 35%, r/tyres 650/65x42 60% Michelins........................... £49,750

NEW HOLLAND: 2015 T7.200 Power Command, 5198hrs, 200hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, full p/shift, mid mount valves, creep box, Power Beyond, 600/60x28 30%, r/tyres 710/60x38 35% Michelins........................... £43,500 2013 T7.210 Power Command, 6918hrs, 50kph, a/ brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, hyd top link, Power Beyond, guidance ready, 3 speed PTO, c/c, mid mount valves, exhaust brake, f/ tyres 540/65x30 25%, r/tyres 650/65x42 40% Goodyears .................................................. £38,500


£2 5, 50 0

2012 K420, 2938hrs, 110hp, 40kph, a/c, f/tyres 420/70x24 70%, r/tyres 480/70x34 70% Trelleborgs, all original tyres, still has plastic on the seat ...................................................... £25,500 2017 214 Versu, 2445hrs, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle/ cab susp, f/linkage, 4 spool valves, f/tyres 540/65x30 75%, r/tyres 650/65x42 85% Michelins ...........................................................POA


2017 Valtra 214 Versu

2014 7290R, 7672hrs, 290hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/ axle/cab susp, f/linkage, cont variable, leather trim, 5 spool valves, LED work lights, 2 f/ spool valves, f/tyres 600/70x30 45%, r/tyres 650/85x38 50% Michelins..................................POA 2014 6190R, 6036hrs, 190hp, 40kph, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, cont variable, c/c, GreenStar ready, f/tyres 16.9x30 20%, r/tyres 20.8x42 30% Continentals .................................POA 2015 7270R, 6519hrs, 270hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/ weights, f/axle/cab susp, cont variable, Isobus, 2012 New Holland T7.200 Power Command GreenStar ready, elec mirrors, f/tyres 600/70x30 70% Michelin, r/tyres 650/85x38 60% Michelin .. £58,000

MANITOU: 2016 Manitou MLT634, 125hp, 40kph, a/seat, PUH, a/c, new Manitou forks & carriage, f/tyres 460/70x24 100% new, r/tyres 460/70x24 100% new Firestones............................................ £38,500

TRACK MARSHALL: Track Marshall 120, year & hrs unknown, Ford engine, r/PTO, 60–70% undercarriage ........... £7,000

2014 John Deere 7290R

NOW IN ENGINES: NEW CNH ENGINES to fit Tier 3, Maxxum 115 & TSA 115, Case Puma, Plus New Holland T6 & T7 TYRES: PRICES YOU WILL NEVER GET ANYWHERE ELSE! 440/65x28 Continental (2), 480/65x28 Continental (9), 420/70x24 Continental (20), 380/70x24 Trelleborg (28), 380/70x24 Firestone (12), 320/85x24 Continental (5), 340/85x24 Firestone (6), 13.6x24 Pirelli (12), 14.9x24 Pirelli (8), 540/65x30 Continental (4), 480/70x34 Continental (8), 540/65x30 Firestone (6), 340/85x38 Firestone (4), 650/65x42 Nokian road tyres (4), 520/70x34 Continental (18), 480/70x34 Continental (15), 460/85x30 Firestone (6), 20.8/46 (5), 480/95x50 (1), 650/75x38 (2) Continental, 650/65x42 Continental, 600/65x38 (1) Continental, 520/70x38 (1) Continental, 480/70x34 (18) Continental, 420/85x34 (2), 710/70x38 (1), 650/65x38 (2), 600/65x38 (1), 480/80x42 (1)

We are expecting more tractors to arrive in our yard shortly – Keep an eye on the website!

Find the most desirable stock at



£2 9, 00 0

£4 8, 50 0

2018 Case Puma 185 c/w Case LRZ160 loader



£7 6, 00 0

2015 Case Magnum 315 CVX

2013 T7.235 Power Command, 5604hrs, 235hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, full p/shift, exhaust brake, mid mount valves, f/ tyres 540/65x30 30%, r/tyres 650/65x42 50% Continentals ................................................ £39,500 2015 T7.200 Range Command, 6615hrs, 200hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, semi p/shift, mid mount valves, Power Beyond, f/tyres 540/65x38 25% BKT, r/tyres 650/65x38 25% Michelin ............................ £38,500 2014 New Holland T7.200 Range Command 2012 T6.165, 3600hrs, 165hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/ axle/cab susp, f/linkage, f/tyres 540/65x28 60%, r/tyres 650/65x38 60% Continentals............ £32,000 2012 T7.200 Power Command, 7900hrs, 200hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, full p/shift, Sidewinder, f/tyres 540/65x30 90%, r/ tyres 650/65x42 15%.................................. £29,000 2014 T7.200 Range Command, 4812hrs, 50kph, a/ brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, semi p/shift, 4 manual valves, 3 speed PTO, f/tyres 16.9x30 10%, r/tyres 20.8x42 10% tidy tractor other than some rust on r/wheels, re-advertised due to time waster ........................................................POA 2012 Deutz K420


£7 0, 00 0

2014 Case Puma 160 CVX

2014 Puma 160 CVX, 5382hrs, 160hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, cont variable, mid mount valves, Power Beyond, f/ tyres 480/70x30 0%, r/tyres 580/70x42 0% Trelleborgs .................................................. £37,000 2015 Magnum 315 CVX, 3332hrs, 315hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, f/linkage & PTO, cont variable, full Accuguide, pick up hitch, f/tyres 600/70x38 80%, r/tyres 710/70x42 60% Michelins .................................................... £70,000 2014 Puma 230, 6400hrs, 230hp, 50kph, a/brakes, Quicke Q75 loader, f/axle susp, f/linkage, cont variable, some rust on r/wheels & step, on hire but can be replaced, f/tyres 540/65x30 50%, r/ tyres 650/65x42 70%.................................. £41,000 1999 CX90 MFD, 5918hrs, 90hp, a/c, deluxe cab, v tidy, f/tyres 12.4x24 20%, r/tyres 13.6x38 50% Goodyear Originals.............................................POA 2013 Maxxum 125, 3400hrs, 125hp, 40kph, f/ axle/cab susp, f/linkage, creep box, f/tyres 380/70x28 40%, r/tyres 420/85x38 50% ..... £31,500 2018 Puma 185 with Case LRZ160, 1461hrs, 185hp, 50kph, a/brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/ linkage, full p/shift, ABS, full guidance, mid mount valves, mech spool valves, f/tyres 540/65x30 80%, r/tyres x42 85% Michelins, readvertised due to time waster................... £76,000 2014 Puma 160, 3090hrs, 160hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle susp, cab susp, f/linkage, full p/shift, mid mount valves, Power Beyond, exhaust brake, f/ tyres 480/70x28 25%, rear tyres 580/70x38 55%, Trelleborgs, all original tyres ............... £36,000 2017 Maxxum 145 with Case LRZ150 loader, 1600hrs, 50kph, air brakes, extra work lights, 17-16 transmission, f/tyres 480/65x28 70% Michelin, rear tyres 600/65x38 70% 1 tyre Trelleborg, 1 tyre Michelin ........................... £51,000 2017 Puma 165 p/shift, 2650hrs, 50kph, air brakes, f/ weight, guidance ready, Power Beyond, deluxe seat, 4 spool valves, f/tyres 600/60x28 60%, rear tyres 710/60x38 70%........................... £57,000 2018 Puma 165 p/shift, 3800hrs, 50kph, Command Arm, extra lights, linkage has never been used, f/ tyres 480/70x28 0%, rear tyres 580/70x28 0%, basic spec tractor ....................................... £45,000 2017 Puma 175 CVX, 1770hrs, 50kph, guidance ready, f/linkage, mid mount valves, Power Beyond, Isobus ready, 4 spools, air brakes. f/ tyres 600/60x30 80%, rear tyres 710/60x42 80%, Michelins ........................................... £64,000 2017 Optum 300, 2280hrs, 50kph, f/Linkage, 2 front spool valves, extra work lights, full guidance, Power Beyond, Isobus, leather seat, climate control, 4 speed PTO, f/tyres 650/60x34 80%, rear tyres 900/60x42 80%........................... £80,000

2014 John Deere 6190R

£5 8, 00 0

£3 7, 00 0


£3 9, 50 0

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


2015 John Deere 7270R


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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 68116


Plant Hire Groundworks Civil Engineering Contractors

78 MF 550 multi power 77 MF 590 4860hrs 83 MF 2680 5690hrs, good hedge cutter tractor, very tidy

All prices +VAT

05 MF 6480, 6400hrs, c/w f/linkage Rabe 140M 5+1 plough

15 MF 9407 telehander, 7m reach 96 John Deere 6600, 5145hrs Caterpillar 407C telehandler, 7m 3200hrs, tidy

HARVESTING NEW – old stock MF 7345S, 18’ PF JCB JS 130 2015 approx 4000hrs ...................................... £35,000

JCB 535 12.5 2012 approx 5000hrs ...................................... £22,250

Maschio/Accord combination drill new points ready to work .............£2,500

92 MF 38, 20’, PF, 3000hrs, tidy Pottinger Terrasem C6

Claas Variant 180 rotofeed Farmhand 8 bale fork 10 Heath Super Chaser Extra, joystick control 14 Krone 890, tidy 15 Krone 1290 HDP high speed baler 13 Krone 1290 HDP high speed baler

Portequip sheep feed trailer Hitachi 29U-5 2013 3466hrs ...................................... £14,500

Volvo EC55C 2011 5998hrs ...................................... £14,950

Terex PT6000 6t dumper 2007 2206hrs ........................£5,500

Vicon RV2160 round baler, very tidy John Deere 590 round baler 07 Krone 900 twin rotor rake


Hall Farm, Hall Lane, Otley, Suffolk

Contact us on

12 Claas 3200 quadrant

01473 890766 • 07860 121821

Dowdeswell DP1 offset 6f


Dowdeswell DP7F, 6f, v tidy Amazone Catros 6000 discs

Dowdeswell DP7F, 7f, v tidy KV LD85 5f & 4f Flat Lift Force – 2 leg HD Buster Pottinger 4m power harrow Pottinger 6m Terrasem drill, ex demo Vaderstad RDA600 Rapid, 6m drill, tidy order

www.suffagri.co.uk Bomford B467 hedgecutter


Vicon PO-EDW weighcell, vgo We are now members of the National Testing Scheme and can test your sprayers and granular applicators

Vicon RO-EDW extension hopper Kuhn Axis 30.1 spreader extension hopper

Krone R320CV front and rear mowers in good condition ...........the pair POA Amazone ZA-V3200 Profis Tronic fertiliser spreader, year 2017 ............£7,570 Amazone XS 5-950 Variwidth Cayros, 260hp headstock...............................POA Amazone ZA-M1500 fertiliser spreader .........................................................£1,950 KRM D2 Trend fertiliser spreader.......................................................................£1,500

Sulky X36 spreader, very tidy Cousins 9.3m Sidewinder Marshall 1300 gall vacuum tanker

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

Various forks & grapples


We have in our yard a NEW DEMO


KV LB85–160 5f vari width

Tine Seed/Fertiliser Drill

Bomford 467 Fella TFS 60 tidy



Isuzu Dmax Utah Auto, 19 plate ex-demo c/w Truckman Canopy & diamond cut alloy wheels & dash cam Isuzu Dmax Utah, Venetian red, Alpha canopy, 18 plate, ex demo

Full range of DEMO TRACTORS available ex our yard at Pakenham Book today for your FREE demonstration

Dowdeswell DP 7E 5+1

Isuzu Dmax Eiger, 15 plate, 54,006 miles

Main Amazone dealers for Suffolk

We are main dealers for Suffolk

sprayers, spreaders, drills & cultivation

07885 202005 01954 210355

Pakenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 2JS

Hardwick, Cambridge


Genuine JCB Service and Parts available

01359 232155 • After Hours: 07768 007528 • E-mail: office@suffagri.co.uk Visit our NEW website:


www.markweatherhead.co.uk November 2019 www.farmads.co.uk 179

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17/10/2019 12:00

MF 5712SL

SUPERIOR AgriTraxxÂŽ Polyurethane Midrollers to fit various tracked tractors.


01743 464100 Richard Evans 07375 508366 richard@battlefieldmachinery.com


KONGSKILDE discs, 3.25m, X pattern, rear drawbar & pipes. ÂŁ1,250. J Gibson Tel 07931 930369 (Notts)


Maschio 6m power harrow ÂŁ16,750


SET of straight tine harrows, 11', gc, c/w stretcher, buyer collects. ÂŁ60 ono no VAT. K Butters Tel 01507 466436 (Lincs)

• Longest Wear Life – provides up to 4 times more wear life than most OEM replacement wheels. • No Bond Failures Guaranteed. • Extend Rubber Track Life – lower operating temperatures, reduce rubber track deterioration.

BOMFORD heavy duty drag, 14 leg, few points need changing. ÂŁ600+VAT. D Littleworth & Sons Tel 07944 640696 (Lincs)


01691 791460

MASSEY Ferguson 550, 8 speed, good tyres, spent its life on smallholding, original condition. ÂŁ4,250. D Compton Tel 07764 687201/01767 652819 (Beds)

KUBOTA B7100, 1985, 1 owner from new, only 1200hrs, PTO, 4x4. R Garner Tel 07836 615844 (Norfolk)

1988 John Deere 2850HL 4wd tractor

European Distributor:

LELY 3m power harrow & combi pneumatic drill, power harrow from new, used on a small acreage. ÂŁ3,400+VAT. T Havers Tel 07733 325376 (Norfolk)

Tel: 01263 711474 sales@eurotrackltd.com www.eurotrackltd.com

TRACTORS JD2650 cab completely re-lined. ÂŁ4,250. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk)


07748 004794 01245 442224(T)


2013, heavy duty Toro Rapido, rated 160–380hp, 500mm packer, new quick fit tines, excellent BRAND NEW ONE TODAY £35K More photos and full spec at www.writtlefarmmachinery.co.uk


SPRING tine harrows, 9', includes full set of points & spare set of points, one tine missing but 4 spare springs included, gc. Buyer collects. ÂŁ400 no VAT. K Butters Tel 01507 466436 (Lincs) TRIPLE K springtine harrow, 22' with winch fold. POA. P Mann Tel 01480 811969 (Cambs)

HOWARD rotovator, rare 2.8m working width, good blades. ÂŁ2,250 no VAT. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

2016, 1700hrs, Dyna 4, front susp, hi vis, twin pump, 3 spools, push out hitch, 540/65-38 & 44/65-29 tyres 53-62699

Ex Demo Kverneland CLC Pro Cultivator

FARM Force 3m Ultratilth cultivator, 6 subsoiler legs, 2 rows of discs & Giant packer. ÂŁ5,250+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)

TAKEN from a Case 9380 Quadtrac & have at least 70% track left, very good condition, lugs in good order & c/w two idler wheels, there are 39 drive lugs in total with a 6" pitch between centre point of lugs. ÂŁ4,500+VAT. S Francis Tel 07494 689839/07971 878519 (Warks)

POA c/w 40k gearbox, very good tyres & front wts

01763 780440


SET of seed harrows, 9', good condition, c/w stretcher. ÂŁ40 ono no VAT. K Butters Tel 01507 466436 (Lincs)

2-LEG subsoiler, solid. ÂŁ600+VAT. J Pickard Tel 07949 265498 (Lincs)

MASSEY Ferguson/Bomford drag, lots of wear left, good points all round. ÂŁ330+VAT. R Littleworth Tel 07944 640696 (Lincs)


FRONT tractor weight, 3pt linkage, approx 650kg, with toolbox. ÂŁ500. G Meadows Tel 07951 111182/01728 660577 (Suffolk)

Trackman Rubber Tracks

KONGSKILDE 3m front Terra discs, in vgc, stored inside, hydraulic angle adjust. ÂŁ3,250+VAT ono. W Bryce Tel 07894 912341 (Suffolk) FIVE Cousins Micro Wing leg and Micro Wing tines for Cousins subsoiler. ÂŁ450 ono. R Day Tel 07710 405260 (Lincs)

Eurotrack is pleased to offer Continental Trackman replacement tracks to fit most tractor makes and models. Also available to fit Lexion TerraTrac

CAMBRIDGE triple gang rolls, 9'+ two 5' pups, gc, buyer collects. ÂŁ500 no VAT. Please call to arrange inspection, collection & payment. K Butters Tel 01507 466436 (Lincs)

Tracks feature: ✔ Fully molded lugs for

CONCEPT 4m Speed Till, 2 rows pigtail tines & packer, then another row of tines & second packer. ÂŁ1,500+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)

Andy Guest

For more information contact

01636 700608 07860 637654 e: info@andrewguest.co.uk


CHALLENGER 775E Limited Edition Stealth, last one produced (28 of 28) in the world, under 3000hrs, full dealer service contract from new, 30" Extreme tracks @30%, full weight pack, 5 spool valves, Comfort Pack cab, leather seats. ÂŁ110,000+VAT ono. S Parrish Tel 07785 502436/01992 572511 (Essex)

JOHN Deere 9780i, 2008, 1900 engine/1500 drum hrs, 25' Zurn premium ow header, sale due to retirement, guidance equipment available. D Harrison Tel 07771 514747 (Cambs)

CLAAS 640 Dyna 6, 2010, 50k, air brakes, front & cab suspension, air seat, passenger seat, 650/65R/38 40% rear, 540/65R/28 65%, regularly serviced, v good condition. ÂŁ24,950+VAT. B Graves Tel 07801 862278 (Northants)

CASE JX95 4wd, 2006, 4110hrs, owned from brand new, always barn stored, excellent condition & working order, happy to demonstrate, tyres all good, reliable mechanical tractor. ÂŁ14,250 ono. N Green Tel 07745 804320/01733 840317 (Cambs)

unsurpassed durability and longevity. ✔ Exclusive patented galvanized cables for superior corrosion resistance. ✔ 50% more wires per inch meaning our track is more durable and longer lasting than the competition.


KNIGHT Xact, 2013, 5m, auto reset tines followed by discs, two packer types available, trailed version of Knight Raven, nice machine, little use, selling due to change in farming policy. ÂŁ16,500. P Seabrook Tel 07831 834068 (Cambs)

Kuhn Power Harrows Drills & Accord d New & Usees ar p S e in h Mac & Repairs


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


Tel: 01263 711474 sales@eurotrackltd.com www.eurotrackltd.com

180 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194


unce We are pleased to anno we are now dealers for NEW McCormick X4-440 2wd 75hp, 16x16 speed transmission, spacious easy clean air con cab, PUH, full warranty (library picture) POA

New NC 1850-14 14t I Series grain trailer dual air/hyd brakes, load sensing, r/over sheet, 560x60x22.5 tyres, hyd taildoor, g/chute & s/d/bar, Hardox floor £18,900 £18,500

65 reg McCormick X60-40 110hp, front weights, a/c, 4wd, 40kph, aux hyd tank, passenger seat 1000hrs

New NC 16t tandem axle beaver tail with sprung ramps, plant low loader, hyd brakes & sprung drawbar

NEW McCormick X4-40M tractor, 4wd, 75hp engine, 12x12 speed transmission, spacious easy clean cab 0% Finance

Ex demo Ovlac FF 4+1 plough hydraulic furrow width, hydraulic front furrow, rear disc & depth wheel




28h tipping body, 4wd, half tonne hydraulic cracking bit of kit

ear ROPS, full road lighting, 4-y turf or ag tyres

Available for demo

Available for demo

Dalbo 6.3m compact hydraulic rolls


1993 Vicon LZ304 drill drill only





Pegoraro 3m power harrow packer roller, adjustable clod board, tine wheel eradicators



June 2018 McCormick X6-430 & MC100 loader 121hp boosts to 130, 4wd, luxury a/c cab

is part of th I, McCORMICK, LANDIN business, owners of Y ER A MACHIN VAL PADANA & MORR ENT PM UI GRASS EQ

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

tic Kioti CK3310 HST hydrosta r cto tra t Kioti K9 utility vehicle ac mp co on ssi heater, transmi warranty, p, diesel engine, full cab with

Pegoraro W5000 heavy duty folding power harrow eradicator tines, 500ml packer roller, 250hp gearbox, adj clod boards, slip clutch, PTO

McCormick X8 available for demo now up to 310hp

OTHER MACHINERY New McCormick X7-690 Premium 50k, a/brakes, creep speed, RTK guidance, f/link PTO, available for demo . POA New McCormick X7-460 VT RTK guidance, front linkage, PTO, 50k, air brakes, available for demo .................. POA Pegoraro D3000 3m p/harrow, h/d, packer roller, eradicator tines, slip clutch, PTO ...................................... £9,500 Pegoraro D4000 4m p/harrow h/d, split packer roller, eradicator tines, slip clutch, PTO ............................. £10,500 Pegoraro W5000 fldg p/harrow, 250hp g/box, fluo system floating beds, track erads, packer rollers, adj clod board, in stock ............................................................................................................................. £19,500 2009 Reco Maschio 4m p/harrow, packer roller .............................................................................................. POA Tomlin 4’, 5’, 6’ & 8’ mowers.................................................................................................................from £875

Carlton Farm, Cattle Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 4NR

45’ artic trailer tri axle, air suspension, 6 months MOT ............................................................................... £1,000 3t tipping trailer ....................................................................................................................................from £490 New Ovlac 3m chisel cultivator ................................................................................................................... £5,500 Bomford Bandit 2.5m flail mower, new flails, good working order ................................................................ £1,400 Downing 2.5m spring tine paddock harrow ................................................................................................. £1,295 2 x 6’ finishing mowers ...............................................................................................................prices from £575 Post hole borer tractor mounted, 12” & 9” augers, brand new sho[p soiled .................................................... £800 Selection of 2 and 4 wheel drive rough terrain forklifts .................................................................. Cheap to clear All prices plus VAT unless otherwise stated

Tel: 01945 410099•07850 731409 www.adowningengineers.co.uk November 2019 www.farmads.co.uk 181

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17/10/2019 10:38


07768 171085 March • Cambs info@harrisontractors.co.uk


New and Ex Demo Machinery 0% Finance Pottinger Terrasem C6, Artis plus 6m drill, 2012, bout marker, preems, double disc coulters, v clean ..............................................................POA Pottinger 6030T Synkro, stubble cultivator, 2012, ex demo, still 0% ............POA Pottinger 3030, Synkro stubble cultivator, 3m, mixing discs, pack ring roller ...........................................................................................POA

Pottinger Terradisc 6001, 6m, trailed, pack ring roller ..................................POA Pottinger Terradisc 5001, 5m, trailed, pack ring roller ..................................POA Pottinger 3001, 3m, Terradisc, pack ring roller ............................................POA Pottinger FoxD, 4m, pack ring roller ............................................................POA New INO MKS 2.25m, verge mower, hammer flails, rear roller ................ £6,500

Used Machinery John Deere 9780i CTS, 1500 drum hrs, 1900 engine, 2008, 25’ Zurn Premium flow header, chopper, v nice, our own combine ..................... £55,000 John Deere 6190R, 2013, 4600hrs, Autoquad, 40k, TLS, cab susp, autotrac ready ..................................................................................... £49,500 John Deere 6150R, 2013, 2800hrs, 50k, Autopower, Command Arm, autotrac ready, TLS, cab susp, 650/65/42, 540/65/30, our own from new. £56,500 John Deere 6150R, 2015, 2900hrs, 50k, Powerquad, TLS, cab susp, 520/85/42, 420/85/30, v nice ................................................................. due in John Deere 6150R, 2015, 4600hrs, 50k, Autopower, Command Arm, TLS, cab susp, autotrac ready, 650/65/42, 540/65/30, v nice .............. £52,000 John Deere 7930, 2009, 6400hrs, 50k, Powerquad, TLS, active seat, 710/42, 600/30 ...................................................................................... due in John Deere 7530, 2011, 7800hrs, Autopower, 50k, Command Arm, guidance ready, v nice ......................................................................... £38,500 John Deere 6930, 2010, 7700hrs, Autopower, 40k, TLS, cab susp, 580/65/38 60%, 420/65/28 90% ......................................................... £33,500 John Deere 6330, 2011, JD 651 loader, only 6800hrs, Powerquad, 40k, air con ........................................................................................ £32,000 John Deere 6330, 2011, only 3900hrs, Powerquad, 40k, TLS, air con, excellent from arable farm ................................................................... £34,250 John Deere 6130, 2011, 4800hrs, JD 633 loader, Powerquad, 40k, air-con, 16.9x34, 13.6x24 60% ........................................................... £28,500 John Deere 6420, 2003, 5100hrs, Powerquad, f/linkage, 16.9x38, 14.9x24 70% ...................................................................................... £19,850 Case CVX160, 2014, 5200hrs, 50k, guidance ready, 650x42, 540x30, nice £38,000 Case Puma 215, 2014, 7300hrs, 50k, f/link & PTO, new 650x42, 540x30 tyres, v tidy ............................................................................ £36,250 Case Puma 170, 2012, 5000hrs, p/shift, 40k, f/susp, 650x38, 540x28, straight & tidy ........................................................................ £38,250 Case Puma 155, 2011, 4500hrs, 50k, f/linkage, 520x38, 480x28, nice £34,000

Case Puma 155, 2009, 5700hrs, 50k, Multicontroller, f/linkage, 650x38, 600x28 ............................................................................................... £26,000 Case Maxxum 140, 2008, 4300hrs, Multicontroller, susp, v nice .......... £27,000 New Holland T7.210, 2013, 3000hrs, 50k, Power Command, f/& cab susp, Sidewinder, one owner ............................................................... £43,500 New Holland T7040, 2010, 8000hrs, p/shift, 40k, full susp, f/linkage, 650x42, 540x30 ................................................................................. £27,500 New Holland T7030, 2008, only 4600hrs, 40k, Power Command, full susp, 580/70/30, 540/65/28, 60%, v tidy ........................................... £31,250, New Holland T6070, 2011, only 2900hrs, 50k, Range Command, f/ linkage PTO, one arable owner, v nice ...................................................... due in Claas Arion 640, 2011, only 3800hrs, 50k .................................................POA Deutz Agrotron 150, 2007, 6700hrs, 50k, f/& cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, tidy £23,500 JCB 531-70 Agri-Xtra, 2009, 7000hrs, Q fit h/stock, 17.5x24 50%, full spec £25,500 JCB 530-70 Agri Super, 2004, 6000hrs, pin & cone h/stock, full spec, from arable farm ................................................................................. £21,000 JCB 528s, 2000, 7000hrs, PUH, 17.5x24 50%, ex arable farm, tidy ..... £16,500 Claas Scorpian 6030, Vario power, 7000hrs, 40k, PUH, 17.5x24, tidy .. £17,500 John Deere HPX Gator, 2007, 1100hrs, road registered, full cab, tow bar£4,650 Pottinger Terrasem C6 Artis Plus 6m drill, 2012, bout marker, pre-ems, double disc coulters, v clean ......................................................................POA Pottinger 45s Plus plough, 2013, hyd-vari width, 46W bodies, large depth wheel, as new ........................................................................... £13,500 Pottinger 4030T, 4m trailed stubble cultivator, pack ring roller............... £14,500 Pottinger Lion 6000 6m, p/harrow, 2013, pack ring roller, quick fit tines, v nice £12,500 Larrington 14t Root King trailer, 2008, hyd door, s/d/bar, a/brakes, r/over sheet .. £9,250 Easterby 14t Root Crop trailer, 2004, hyd door, s/d/bar, 550/45/22.5 flotations £7,750 John Deere rowcrop wheels, 13.6x48, 12.4x32 or 34, suit JD 6430, 6125R . £2,950 John Deere 12.4x32 wheels & tyres, for JD 6430 or similar ...................... £650 Rowcrop wheels 13.6x46, 12.4x32 as new to fit Case Maxxum or similar£1,750

For more pics and info visit our website


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Photos & more at:


01865 880866

Chris: 07808 703325 Adam: 07802 776113 High Quality, Low Houred, Used Agricultural Machines. WARRANTY ON ALL TRACTORS.


UK Ltd


New Holland T7.225

New Holland T7.210

New Holland T7.210



2019, 1030 Hrs, Auto Command, Front Links & PTO, Mid Mount Valve, Full GPS, 770TL Loader

2018, Range Command, Side Winder, Front Links & PTO, Mid Mount Valve, GPS Ready, 1043 Hrs

New Holland T7.190


2018, Range Command, 50KPH, 1266 Hrs


New Holland T7.210

New Holland T6.180



2018, Power Command, 888 Hrs, Front Linkage

2019, Range Command, 50KPH, 650 Tyres, Registered Aug 2019, DUE IN NEXT MONTH

New Holland T5.120

New Holland Boomer 3050

New Holland Boomer 50

Land Rover DEFENDER 90




£10,500 + VAT

2019, 49 Hrs, 16X16 Electro Command, LED Work Lights, Heated Seat

Easy Drive, 2016, 662 Hrs

As New, Hydrostatic Transmission, Turf Tyres

2019, 273 Hrs, 16X16 Electro Command, 40KPH, Front Links & PTO

55 Reg, 135,000 Miles, County Spec, Very Clean DEFENDER


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17/10/2019 12:45

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

J Murrell

01493 750999 info@jamesmurrell.co.uk

Norfolk Farmers

Contract Farm Services

Agricultural Machinery Dealers

FENDT/TRELLEBORG 520/85R42 & 480/70R30 84” track

2013 MAN TGL 7.150 268687kms, MOT 30/04/20, no curtains

2010 MASSEY 6485 DYNA 6 2400hrs, f/links, mint

NEW JPM 16T DUMP magic rear door, 10 stud, air

NEW 24’ JPM 19TLL hyd brakes, 900 wide ramps

2013 MAN TGL 7.150 BOX VAN 7.5t, 38,4605kms, MOT 31/03/20

NEW JPM 16T DUMP hyd gate, 10 stud, air, L/S




2019 BLANEY QUAD X SIMBA 6.6M DOUBLE PRESS FORAGER X10 BALE UNROLLER cultivation tines, self loading flotation tyres

2014 JOHN DEERE 6190R 40k Autopower, 3983hrs, 95% tyres

2012 JOHN DEERE 6190R 50k Autopower, f/links, 6509hrs, 95% tyres

NEW JPM 30’ 27TLL hyd flip over ramps, mini super singles, top spec

2011 NH T4030 DELUXE A/C, shuttle,1666hrs, loader brackets













66 REG CLAAS 840 AXION CEBIS 947hrs, RTK & steering, £38,500 warranty £73,000



£14,000 no VAT



Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

NEW JPM 20T DUMP hyd gate, air, L/S 10 stud, 560 flotations


4 TRI-AXLE STEP FRAME 2007 JCB 533-105 LOADALL 2003 DEFENDER TD5 BESPOKE NEW JPM 16T MULTI PURPOSE HANOMAG 22C ARTICULATED BULK TIPPERS 2761hrs, 10.5m reach, legs, FULL REBUILD ali ramps, magic tail gate, LOADING SHOVEL steel suspension, HD bogies, vgc like new full spec 12811hrs, very reliable r/o sheet £18,000 £26,000 £14,000 £6,500 no VAT £5,000 each

We are JPM Trailers’ East Anglia Dealer J Murrell • Willow Farm • Norwich Road • South Burlingham • Norwich • Norfolk NR13 4EZ

07770 692891

All prices + VAT


For more pictures and further details of our stock visit our website www.jmurrell.co.uk

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Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


51053781 FENDT 930 2013, 6750hrs, Vario, 50K, fr/ cab sus, 710/75R42 600/70 R30, A/C, air seat, 4ESCV, wheel weights, fr linkage, AutoSteer


31050860 JD 8320R 2019, 550, PowerShift, 40K, ILS, 5ESCV, 710/70R42, 600/70R30, AutoTrac, 6000 dome, activation, 4600


41057519 KRAMER KT557 2018, 1025hrs, Hydro, 40K, A/C, Kramer head (NO FORKS), 500/70R24, air seat, AutoLube, PUH, trailer brake,


41057574 KEMPER 360 Plus 2014, 8 Row maize header, to suite JD 7000 wide body


51056866 NH T4.75 2018, 831hrs, 2WD, 7.5-16 320/85/R36, Syncro Shuttle, 30K, drawbar.


21057444 CASE CVX215 2012, 6798hrs, CVX, 50K, fr/ cab sus, 5ESCV, fr link/PTO, 540/65/30, 650/65/42 70%, A/C, air seat


51054861 KRAMER KL31.5 2018, 175hrs, 4 wheel steer loader, Kramer 1200mm pallet tines, 3 year - 3000hr warranty, hydro


11056922 KUHN ESPRO 2017, 6mtr, first used 2018, disc drill, ISOBUS, hyd brakes, following harrow


51053685 DEUTZ 6185RC 2018, 627hrs, PowerShift, 50K, fr/cab sus, A/C, air seat, fr link/PTO, 3ESCV, air brakes, 650/65R38 90% 540/65R28


21055087 CAT 755E 2016, 1576hrs, PowerShift, 40K, 30” tracks 80%, idler and wheel weights, 4 SCV, power beyond, ISOBUS, leather,


21057975 KRAMER KT447 2018, 1280hrs, Hydro, 40K, Prem Ag Spec, Kramer headstock, NO FORKS, A/C, air seat, boom sus, 460/70R24 XMCL,


21057392 JD 750A 2015, 6mtr direct drill, 31X15.5-15 8 , marker arms, ISOBUS, following harrow

01844 278843 sales@farol.co.uk www.farol.co.uk


41058052 JD 6430 2012, 6840hrs, PowrQuad, 40K, 420/85R38, 380/85R24 60%, A/C, air seat, 2SCV, PUH, MX loader, joystick, pin/cone


11056688 CAT MT765 2003, 5079hrs, PowerShift, 40K, 25” tracks 90%, PTO, drawbar, climate control, AutoSteer + dome


11056854 KRAMER KT357 2018, 650hrs, Hydro, 40K, Premium Ag Spec, A/C, air seat, Kramer head (no forks) PUH, trailer brake, Michelin


31056572 JD 740A 2001, 6mtr, 31X13.5-15 8 tyres, 1000 acres per year, Accord drill control, marker arms, hopper ext

Our Milton Common OX9 2NZ Yard Weights NOT included. Prices each,exclude VAT ex yard. Whilst stocks last. Correct 11/10/19. E & OE

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 TYE twin axle tipping trailer with high steel mesh sides, headboard & barn doors, suitable for waste plastic or horse muck. £900+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs) 34-FOOT 2 axle articulated flat trailer, MOT tested until September 2020. £2,000. K Ollett Tel 01359 270047/07753 859882 (Suffolk)

TRACTORS (cont) CASE MXU 110, 4x4, 40k with Lynx loader, Quicke frame & in cab controls but no loader, 4200hrs, excellent little tractor, genuine reason for sale, please phone for details. £16,000+VAT. RP Abbott & Sons Tel 07887 834748/01473 327134 (Suffolk)

NEW STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUST SYSTEMS to fit AGCO Challenger MT700 A/B Series & Cat/Claas Challenger 35-95

longer lasting & reduced noise levels

y an r er le M the ng ilab o lle a a v Chrts a pa

McCORMICK XTX200 Xtraspeed, 08 plate, 2800hrs, front linkage, front aux, front suspension, cab suspension, 3 spools, A/C, solid wheels, tyres 40%, genuine tractor, owner driver, regular servicing. £24,000+VAT ono. M Burrough Tel 07860 246156 (Somerset)

RENAULT 90-34 TX, 1993, good old tractor, in working order. £8,250. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

CHALLENGER 765B 350hp, 2008, 5504 engine hrs, 30" tracks 35% tread remaining, full front weight pack, front idler weights, 4 spools, dealer serviced from new, sale due to change of farming practice, more pics available, can be seen working. £49,000. N Charter Tel 07889 732444 (Cambs)

Deutz 7250 TTV Warrior

JOHN Deere 2140 tractor, 1985, original, clean & tidy, was in daily use until harvest when a hydraulic problem occurred, still drives but requires splitting to repair. £5,450 ono. R Horner Tel 07769 806840 (Beds)

TRIFFITT drop sided 10t trailer, in good original condition, brakes, lights & grain chute, 2 bale extensions & front hay ladder. £2,300+VAT. D Cawthorne Tel 07715 845589 (N Yorks)

2015 (65 plate), 263hp 4165hrs, Vario, 50k, f/links, air cab, air brakes, auto steer ready, Isobus, iMonitor, 5 spools, 650/65R42 50%, 540/65R34 25% fully serviced


MF 6613 c/w MF loader



David Grundy 07879 698473


TWO 0.75t tipping trailers, both refurbished. £500 each. R Griffin Tel 07980 145910/01279 792345 (Essex)

NH T5030, 2013, 2500 hrs, A/C, air seat, L/H power shuttle, hook ends, Trima loader, combi headstock, mint. £28,950. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)


01691 791460


2017, 160hrs only, Dyna 4, cab susp, 3 spools, Eco PTO, 540/65-38 & 440/65-28 Michelin tyres, as new condition

MASSEY Ferguson 6150, P reg, tractor loader, c/w pallet tines, bucket & muck fork, very tidy. £11,700. M Hodgetts Tel 07946 146395 (Worcs)

TIPPING trailer, 3t, gwo. £425 ono. M Banham Tel 07946 542816 (Lincs) 10-TON trailer, aluminium body, floating double axle with spare wheel, lights & hydraulic brakes. £875. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk)

PAIR of 10–12t dump trailers, approx 1985 build, very strong, built by Lance Boss forklift owner. £2,300+VAT the pair. A Robinson Tel 07876 711477 (Beds)



JOHN Deere 6820, 2004, 4700hrs, tyres 85%, very good condition, well looked after tractor, phone for more info. A Lane Tel 07843 556790 (Glos) JOHN Deere front linkage, Cat 3, has been iused on Unimog, easily fitted, little used. £1,000 no VAT. R Brown Tel 07970 064760 (Derbys)


AS Marston Ace 14t grain trailer,2009, air brakes, super singles, sprung drawbar, tandem axles, auto door, grain chute, lights, flashing beacon, good condition, £10,500+VAT. M Holmes Tel 07850 718716 (Kent)

INDESPENSION 12'x6' goods twin axle braked trailer, constructed with profiled galvanised steel sides & a GVW of 2700kgs. £1,800. A Graves Tel 07935 218617 (Essex)

RICHARD Western 12t tandem axle grain trailer, sprung drawbar & axles, Michelin XML 445x65-R22.5 tyres, manual tailgate c/w grain hatch & sock, fitted rollover sheet, used for grain only, excellent condition. £5,995+VAT. R Lintott Tel 01728 663476/07799 473374 (Suffolk)

FIRESTONE 20.8x38 tyre, good side walls, 30% tread.£100. D Herbert Tel 07989 796503 (Northants)

FRASER 13–14t trailer, 2004, 19'6" x 7'7" x 4'6" sprung drawbar, grain chute, hyd door, also included rear silage hood & manual rollover sheet with all fittings. £6,750. J Gibson Tel 07931 930369 (Notts)

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

01263 711474 sales@eurotrackltd.com www.eurotrackltd.com



NH T5.105, 2015, 3200hrs, full spec, Dual Command, 750 loader, euro headstock. £32,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

FIVE flotation tyres, 648 550/45225. £200 for all. A Rook Tel 07771 575171/07597 340383 (Beds) NH T6050 Plus model, 2009, 3250hrs, cab & front suspension, 3 spools, A/C, tidy. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos) NEW HOLLAND T5.105 2019, 63hrs, c/w MX U406 loader. £60,000+VAT. Photos & full spec at www. holtractors.co.uk. Tel 07850 851941. Email info@holtractors.co.uk. JOHN Deere bolster weight, 110kg. £85. M Banham Tel 07946 542816 (Lincs) JOHN Deere 7530, 2011, Autopowr, Command Arm, 50k, front linkage & PTO, panoramic doors, guidance ready, 650/75-38 tyres 75%, 6100hrs. £43,750. J Leigh Tel 07732 599805 (Ches)

MF6480, 2008, front & cab suspension, 40kph, 4 spools, Dyna 6 trans, Datatronic, front linkage, 460/85R38 rear, 360/85R28 front, 3890hrs, very genuine tractor, sale due to change in farm policy. £34,000+VAT. P Allen Tel 01328 830348 (Norfolk) JD compact tractor, 4wd, gwo. £3,850. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk)

BAILEY 16t Beeteaper, 2015, silage sides, oil & air brakes, 560/60 tyres, steering rear axle, sprung drawbar, rear drawbar, extra rear lights, front window, ladder, mud flaps, very straight trailer. £14,750. N Barnes Tel 01525 717429/07850 770075 (Beds) MARSHALL QM 12t trailer, 2014, sprung drawbar, sprung axles, 405 wide super singles, hyd back, in John Deere green, as new condition. £9,250 or £10,250 with silage sides. R Edwards Tel 07967 828571 (Hereford) SINGLE axle beaver tailed low loader, suit D4 or TM55, etc. H Ashton Tel 07831 588318 (Lincs)

40-FOOT 2 axle articulated flat trailer, MOT tested until September 2020. £2,000. K Ollett Tel 01359 270047/07753 859882 (Suffolk)

FLOTATION wheels, 2 sets of wheels, 66x43x25 rear, 48x25x20 front, these are all in very good condition & have no cuts & good tread. J Robinson Tel 07946 715189 (Essex) STOCKS dual wheels, 18.4x38, 20% tread, in good condition. £220+VAT. A Crisp Tel 07880 541220 (Norfolk)

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Reynolds Motors Cromer • Norfolk

Agricultural Engineers

BEET HARVESTERS TIM & THYREGOD 2–3 ROW beet buckets – choice of standard & toe tip BEET CLEANERS – CHOICE OF CTM & TODD precleaner or roller table with picking tables, etc BEET DRILLS – CHOICE OF 6 & 12 ROW Monopill, Monosem, Kleine & Stanhay BEET HOES CHOICE OF 6 & 12 ROW HYD FOLD Standen • Househam• FMA 6 METRE FRONT STEERING PRESS HYD FOLD Edlington 6.5m hyd folding rolls with breaker rings TERRADISC CULTIVATORS 3 & 4M Dutch & combination harrows 3 to 6 metre VADERSTAD ROLLEX 620 6M ROLLS Opico 3m grass topper LEMKEN OPAL 120 VARIWIDTH 4F PLOUGH Krone Optimat 4t muck spreader FLAT LIFTS – SUB SOILERS 2 TO 5 LEG 45’ tri-axle artic trailer on air for straw, etc 8T BUNNINGS DUMP TRAILER rowcrop wheels & tyres – rears 8 stud 14.9R46, fronts 10 stud 14.9R30 10T LOW LOADER WITH AIR & OIL BRAKES beavertail & ramps standard draw bar 14T RICHARD WESTERN ROOT CROP TRAILER sprung drawbar hyd tailgate on 10 stud axles 14T MARSTON GRAIN TRAILER MANUAL TAILGATE Choice of low load single axle drill trailers 50’ NEAN COMBINE/MACHINERY TRAILER full MOT wells & outriggers on air with rear lift

New machinery in stock Deutz 5125 demonstrator, c/w Stoll loader Deutz 6165 powershift demonstrator Deutz 6215 TTV demo unit Kverneland 3332 mounted mower conditioner 3.2m Kverneland TAR 9464 twin rotor rake (mounted) Kverneland 5 furrow LB Variwidth 300hp headstock Kverneland FRO flail grass topper Redrock 5’10” silage block cutter Redrock 20t industrial dump trailer Redrock 24t tri-axle low-loading trailer McHale V6600 round baler, new in stock, braked axle McHale 991EB bale wrapper, fully auto McHale round bale handlers Opico 6m hyd folding grass harrows Walter Watson 8.3m Cambridge rollers c/w breaker rings & paddles Walter Watson hydraulic rotating 12’ end tow flat roll Walter Watson bull beef feeders Moulton FY4 yard scraper Kawasaki Mule Pro DX Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Kawasaki 750cc quad bike

WANTED s/beet drills cleaners & trailing tanker harvesters 2 & 3 row

Mob Tel

07836 643155 01263 833281

Used machinery in stock

Deutz 5110 & stoll loader 2015 Deutz 6180, 2014 Massey Ferguson 6499 Dynashift 2006 JD 2850 2wd McHale 660 round baler ready for work Welger 220 Mastercut round baler Welger 435 2008 Welger V160 E-Link 2016 8000 bales Bomford 3m heavy duty shaft drive topper Twyman 10’ flail mower Twose 280 flail mower Einbock 6m grass harrows Lely Roterra 4m power harrow Sumo Trio 3m c/w seeder 2013 trailed little work Dowdeswell 5 furrow reversible plough Kuhn bale wrapper RW6110 E-twin bale wrapper as new Kuhn 700G11 disc mower Kuhn FC313 mounted mower conditioner Kuhn MDS1141 QL fertiliser spreader Kverneland Taarup 9142 single rotor rake Kverneland Taarup 9578C twin rotor rake Teagle 40/40 tub feeder/bedder Teagle 80/80 SC feeder/bedder Shelbourne Reynolds block cutter with JCB brackets Conor 12m feeder mixer Graham Edwards 14’ tri axle cattle trailer Polaris Prostar quad bike c/w roll bar road legal Kawasaki 650 2017 quad bike excellent condition Twose 6.3m Cambridge rolls c/w paddles Edlington Cambridge rolls, 21’ hyd folding

01162 478 999 Sales: Dave Griffin – mobile 07712 509869 www.athoughton.co.uk


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Saddington Road, Nr SHEARSBY, Leics LE17 6PX


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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194 OVER 50 YEARS EXPERIENCE



Woodhams Farm, Cutlers Green, Thaxted, Essex CM6 2RH

Telephone 01371 830353 Email info@jbrockandsons.com Visit www.jbrockandsons.com

CASE MX120 4wd tractor, 1999 c/w CLAAS Arion 640 Cebis 4wd tractor, 2011 NEW HOLLAND 8360 4wd tractor, 1999 McCORMICK XTX200 4wd tractor, 2007 c/w CLAAS Arion 540 4wd tractor, 2014 c/w 5560hrs, f/weights, 3SCVs, c/w 5680hrs, 50K, full susp, f/linkage, 1900hrs, 40K, cab susp, f/weight, 600/65 R c/w 8200hrs, f/weights, 4SCVs, 4020hrs, f/weights, full susp, 4SCVs, 9/10 ...................................................... POA 38 rears, 460/65 R 28 fronts, due in ...... POA due in.................................................... POA due in.................................................... POA 8/10 ...................................................... POA

CULTIVATING SOLUTIONS Rapidlift RL400 VADERSTAD RS650 6.5m Crosskill roll VADERSTAD 6m NZA springtine, 2005 c/w MICHAEL MOORE Single Leg Hi-Rider Mole KONGSKILDE 4300 4.3m Vibroflex 4m, 2014 c/w leading discs, shearbolt c/w hyd levelling paddles, stone trays, hyd levelling paddles, rear harrow, rear Drainer c/w ceramic expander, c/w 4 row of tines, rear harrow, 6/10 ...................................................... POA 8/10 ...................................................... POA drawbar, spare wheel, 8/10 ................... POA 7/10 ...................................................... POA protection, 8/10..................................... POA

VADERSTAD Carrier 650 Super 6.5m shortCOUSINS 12.3m Sidewinder rolls c/w COUSINS K100 X 4.4m disc harrows, 2018, COUSINS 4m 11 leg rigid tine cultivator, 2018 AGRIHIRE 14t 32ft bale trailer, 2012 c/w air disc, 2008, hyd levelling paddles, & hyd brakes, sprung axles, sprung drawbar, breaker rings, c/w Discordon tines, Razor ring packer, see done approx 400 acres since new, 9/10 ..................................................£8,950 video, 9/10........................................£6,950 435/50 R19.5 tyres, 8/10 ...................... POA due in.................................................... POA 6/10 ...................................................... POA

KUHN Aero 2224 24m boom spreader, 2003 AMAZONE Cayenna 6001-C 6m grain & fert VADERSTAD 9.4m NZ springtine c/w Agrilla- VICON IXTRACK C40 24m 4000 litre tracking HERRIAU Turbosem 12 GL 12 row maize sprayer, 2013, GPS section control, auto Super tines, been extended from 7.4m, tine drill, 2016, c/w pre-em markers, c/w Quantron controls, fertiliser & Avadex drill, 1995, 7/10 ...................................................... POA rollers, 8/10 .......................................... POA 8/10 ................................................£39,500 transport width 3.5m, 6/10................£3,950 height, 2 sets wheels, 9/10..............£22,500

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

KVERNELAND LD85-200 5 furrow plough KNIGHT 18m 2500 litre trailed sprayer, 1996 LEMKEN Zircon 8 4m power harrow, 2014 KRM Bogballe M2 Dynamic fertiliser McCONNEL 3m 7 leg Shakaerator c/w c/w No8 bodies, hyd f/furrow, good metal c/w Q-fit tines, tooth packer, c/w tracking drawbar, spreader, 2014, auto section control ready, Cousins razor ring packer, 7/10 ...................................................... POA 9/10 ...................................................... POA due in.................................................... POA 9/10 ...................................................... POA ............................................................. POA

SUMO 4m DTS, 2013 c/w 5” coulters, RDS KUHN 4002/KRM 4m power harrow/ SUMO 4m Trio, 2008 c/w straight f/discs, DOWDESWELL MA145 on-land/in-furrow 7 SPALDINGS 3.5m 5 leg Flatlift subsoiler rate controller, hopper & rear view cameras, 7 legs, drop-out discs, 800mm Multipackers, drill combination, 1996 c/w 3 row Suffolk furrow (6+1), 2008 c/w DD bodies, c/w swivel legs, tooth packer, reasonable condition ............................................... POA 7/10 ...................................................... POA 7/10 ...................................................... POA coulters, track eradicators, 6/10 ............ POA 875ha, 9/10 .................................... £23,450

BONSER 60D masted forklift, 1982 MASSEY FERGUSON 690 2wd tractor, MASSEY FERGUSON 410 combine, CASE IH 956XL 4wd tractor, 1988 KRONOS 3700 Turbo Star 3.7m rotary c/w pallet forks & grain bucket, 1986, 3 lever, been used this season, c/w 6780 hours, star tiller, 7/10 ...................................................... POA due in.................................................... POA 5/10 ...................................................... POA 6/10 ...................................................... POA 7/10 ...................................................... POA

BROCK Sub-Partner 3m 6 leg low disturbance FARMET Verso 7m springtine, 2017 c/w f/& FARMET Kompaktomat K600 6m seedbed BROCK Sub-V 3m 5 leg close coupled rear levellers, double erads, 6m, 8m & 9m subsoiler, 2019, designed to couple with subsoiler c/w steel ring packer, swivel scraper cultivator, 2018 c/w track erads, hyd depth system, integral tool box, due in ..........£9,475 control, available for sale or demo ...£28,500 another implement, ex demo ................£4,250 also in stock, enquire for demo

BROCK Campaign 900S 9m G+F tine drill, 2017 c/w Avadex & slug pellets, works in challenging conditions, available for sale or demo

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COMBINE tyre for NH8080 or TF44, half worn, 23.1x30. Offers. G Dunn Tel 07768 904984 (Cambs)


New Alliance £2,150

Tractor Tyres

TYRES Let us solve YOUR Agri Tyre and wheel problems


Wheel barrow to Combine we have the answer!


All makes sold

Part exchange welcome

Call Stuart on:

01328 862 332 07736 271058 lodgetyre.com

TRELLEBORG tyres & wheels complete, 600/55-38 rears & 400/15.5 fronts, wheel centre would fit David Brown & other tractors. £200+VAT. A Cook Tel 07769 680756 (Suffolk)


£1,800 10 stud agricultural trailer commercial axle wheels & tyres


01493 750999




RUSSELL 90 rubber track elevator, new belt, manual swinging head, 2 speed, potato & corn hoppers. £1,750 ono. H Ground Tel 01945 700289 (Lincs)





TWO Taurus 230-9.5/48 tyres on rims with John Deere centres. £400+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)






0 805000881 1 3 8 07 205 46 .com

ct Conta

01530 229686 or 07831 113316

Tel 0ra1ltyresandwheeelsls.com

ltu dwhe agricu resan sales@ riculturalty g .a w w w BOSTON

STOCKS dual wheels, rear 18.4/38, with clamps. £380+VAT; fronts14.9/28, no clamps. £70+VAT. N Cupit Tel 07811 547530 (Notts)

NEW agricultural tyre 15.5/80-24 12 ply, new tyre & tube, fitted to JCB loadall wheel, all items which have been listed we are selling due to retirement. £250. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

4 x 800/45 £3,750 x 26.5 Altura

IMMACULATE inside & out! Land Rover Discovery SE Tech, full spec, 2015 (65 plate) genuine reason for sale, full LRSH, 7 seater, privacy glass, camera, h/duty towbar, AT Grabber tyres, full size spare wheel, 2 owners, just serviced £24,995 ovno. W Mallon Tel 07771 972092 (Norfolk)

ONE Dunlop ‘Stabilla’ 9.0-16 tyre, brand new, sold the plough I was going to use it on, £130 rrp. Asking £75 please. I Brown Tel 07710 775177/01279 422931 (Essex)

A pair of trailer wheels & tyres, 16/70/20, good tread, side walls have small cracks, 1 holds air, 1 has a puncture. £150. D Herbert Tel 07989 796503 (Northants)

01530 229686 or 07831 113316 55-68260


Dave Smith:

mobile 07973 139483

2010 90 TDCi Land Rover Defender, 35,000 miles, Alpine windows, electric windows, 6 speed box, heated seats, stereo, BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres, sidesteps, metallic green, vgc no dents, Boston, Lincs. £15,500+VAT. T Blythe Tel 07702 809675/07860 787288 (Lincs)

PAIR of 23.1R30 Michelin BIBX tyres on 8 stud rims, 6" centre hole, suit John Deere, good condition, hardly worn. £1,100 ono. W Parsons Tel 07734 949482 (Cambs)

2008 Mitsubishi L200 Warrior, tidy, 103000 miles, leather seats, well cared for, FSH including cam belt change, new MOT & very good tyres, tow hitch load liner, nice cold air con. £5,000+VAT. B Robinson Tel 07740 683113 (Glos) FORD Ranger Limited, 3.2 TDCi, 63 reg, 68500 miles, 6 speed manual, full Ford service history, full MOT on sale, 2nd owner from new, reversing camera, built in sat nav, rear parking sensors, plus much more contact for full details, price is plus VAT. A Hewitt Tel 07899 720323 (Norfolk)

DUAL wheels, 13.6R38, tyres at around 25%, one in good condition & the other has cracking near the bead, barn stored, used on John Deere 2140. £190+VAT. H Pearce Tel 07947 344310 (Essex) FLOTATION tyres 23.1/18-26. £275. R Edwards Tel 07967 828571 (Hereford)

Call us now with your requirements

PAIR 12x38 wheels & tyres, 50% tread, to fit Case 856 or Deutz. £350. D Compton Tel 07764 687201/01767 652819 (Beds)

Land Rover Defender 90 station wagon, new galv chassis, 97P .............. £8,995 Land Rover Defender 110 200 TDI, 86C ............. £3,495 Land Rover Defender 110 hard-top, 91J, 65,000 miles, blue ........................... £4,995

home/fax 0115 965 2204 95% tread, fits JCB Fastrac 10 stud, or self propelled sprayer.

01371 832310

LAND Rover Defender, 08, LWB, 71k, full service history, front winch, full roof rack, work lights & beacons, tow bar, inside racking, inverter, 1st class condition. £8,500. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)


www.bwt.uk.com info@bwt.uk.com

At BWT we specialise in new and used wheel solutions for Rowcrop, Standard, Dual Wheel & Flotation applications.

TOYOTA Hilux 3.0 D-4D Invincible double cab pickup, 4x4, metallic black with black leather, auto, 57,172 miles with FSH, MOT until June 2020, sat nav, reversing camera, climate control, tow pack. excellent condition, road use only. £14,995+VAT. P Skinner Tel 07711 405100 (Northants)



2 x 620/70 x 42, A-360 super power radial



PAIR 540/65-R30 Michelin tyres, 40% tread, on rims, no centres. £350. D Compton Tel 07764 687201/01767 652819 (Beds) 55-62381


TWO Bettinson tractor dual cage wheels, 10x28, fits Ford 4000. Buyer collects. K Butters Tel 01507 466436 (Lincs)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


New & unused 455/45R22.5

FOUR Sands SLC wheels & tyres, 54x31.00-26, good tread - few splits, very wide, 10 stud. £600. J Shrimpton Tel 07779 002510 (Oxon)

TOYOTA Hilux HL3 D-4D, 2.5L, 2012 (62 reg), silver double cab, manual, tidy condition & light use, not been used off-road, Truckman top, tow bar, reversing camera, genuine reason for sale. £12,500 no VAT. J Scoggins Tel 07802 715911/07759 051266 (Derbys) 2005 Mercedes Axor, 26t GVW, 3 axle rigid, 32’ flat body, good straw lorry. £4,850. K Ollett Tel 01359 270047/07753 859882 (Suffolk) TOYOTA Hilux plastic canopy, blue glass in rear door, crack in panel behind the cab after having been hung up in storage, but perfect otherwise, not used for last 3yrs. £140 ono no VAT. S Walker Tel 01535 636972 (W Yorks)

DAIHATSU Fourtrak. £400. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

2010 Toyota Hilux Crew Cab, 64000 miles, 5 speed manual, genuine mileage, in very good order, drives like new, odd mark on paintwork, but overall an excellent farm truck. £8,500+VAT. A Collins Tel 07876 146830 (Herts)

188 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194

Startin Startin Tractors Limited Twycross CV9 3PW

John Deere 6320 Powerquad 40kph, air cond cab, genuine 815hrs, ex airport tractors

All prices + VAT

Case IH Axial Flow 8240 35’ header & trolley, 2015, 770hrs, suspension TRACKS

Case IH Axial Flow 9240 35’ header & trolley, Redekop chopper, 2019

Case IH 9230 on TRACKS 35’ header, side knives, Redekop choppers

Case IH Maxxum 125 Suspension LRZ150 loader 2018, 1900hrs, trailer air brakes

Case IH Maxxum 150 Suspension 50kph, 1773hrs, LRZ130 loader

Case IH MXM190 Suspension 2004, 650/65x42 tyres - 90% good

New Holland TM190 Suspension front linkage, 2004, very clean condition

Case IH Optum 300 CVX 2016, 2500hrs, front linkage & PTO

Case IH Magnum 7220 Pro front linkage, working classic

Case IH Magnum 370 CVX front linkage, 2014, 3200hrs

MB-Trac 1500 Reverse Drive & Stoll loader a rare find in good condition

JCB 541-70 Agri Super JCB Q-fit, air conditioned cab, 2011, 4750hrs

JCB 320 Agri 2015, 3500hrs, rear trailer hitch, hyd latching

Case IH 635 Farmlift telescopic Case IH running gear, 6m & 3500kg £35,000

Case IH 742 Farmlift telescopic Case IH running gear, 7m & 4200kg

Weidemann T4512 telescopic compact dimensions, pallet forks & bucket

Weidemann 4080 telescopic pin & cone headstock, hydraulic locking, 3rd service

Weidemann 4270 telescopic pin & cone headstock, 2013, 4335hrs, pallet fork

Matbro Teleram 3 Turbo pin & cone, starts & runs, does what it should

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

John Deere S690i c/w 30’ header & trolley, 2009, spreaders, choppers

01827 880088 • sales@startintractors.co.uk • Check our website for up to date list & photos:


* Finance offered

subject to terms & conditions 68115

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1983-84 David Brown 1490 2wd tractor, f/w Econ HM1 hedge trimmer, needs TLC. £4,750. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

VEHICLES (cont) MITSUBISHI L200 4wd double cab pickup, 2019 69 plate, 4Life spec, air con, phone bluetooth, radio/CD player, Amazon green, f/w loadliner, tow bar, roof rails, rear parking sensors & rubber mats, as new. £21,000+VAT. P Kimberley Tel 07836 334459 (Worcs)

FORD 3600 with power loader, P reg, with registration document, running order, Holbeach. £4,250. C Bigley Tel 01406 540505/07909 910005 (Lincs) FERGUSON post hole borer, all items which have been listed we are selling due to retirement. £375. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

HOWARD Gem rotovator, Jap engine, condition good, but doesn’t run, for sale due to ill health, nr Maldon. £300 ono. P Pettet Tel 07464 361584 (Essex) IH BTD6 crawler tractor service manual, good condition, £55 + postage. Contact Simon on 07789 793721. JOHN Deere 3130, T reg, 2wd, f/w Econ HM2 hedge trimmer, Kramer 312SE Lodral small loading shovel, needs TLC. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

1970 Ford Force 3000 Tractor


Fitter with roll bar, 4 new tyres, genuine, 3 owners from new, V5 road reg, more details contact


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk


Buy and sell online www.farmads.co.uk

Clive Dibden 07831 484365 Hampshire

INTERNATIONAL 414, spent its life on a solo beet, has been sat for a few years now, runs, but clutch stuck on, Holbeach. £2,150. C Bigley Tel 01406 540505/07909 910005 (Lincs) DAVID Brown scuffle with depth wheels, all items which have been listed we are selling due to retirement. £200. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) REAR spade lug wheels & front steel wheels to fit Fordson Major. Offers. R Thornton Tel 07808 461958 (Lincs) FERGUSON subsoiler, all items which have been listed we are selling due to retirement. £150. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) IH 2 furrow rev plough, need one mould board on left hand side, has bar points & skins. £285. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

IRISH jaunting car, made by Christy of Limerick (est 1799), purchased 25yrs ago but never used, in need of some renovation but in reasonable condition, barn stored, call for further details. £300. J Clarke Tel 07970 079243 (Staffs) DAVID Brown plough, all items which have been listed we are selling due to retirement. £250. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

R REG FIAT 640DT low hours, good tyres all round. £3,600+VAT ono. Hunt Bros Tel 07702 734715(T)

DAVID Brown Cropmaster, fire damaged, with V5, all items which have been listed we are selling due to retirement. Offers. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) VICON Varisprader MkII, very rare, from the 1960s, with metal chute, metal hopper, full operators manual & calibration charts, in working order, oiled & barn stored. No VAT. S Price Tel 07968 010981 (Pembrokeshire) GREY Ferguson TE20, petrol-paraffin, gwo. J Adams Tel 07812 367009 (Worcs) HOWARD Rotovator 5’, all items which have been listed we are selling due to retirement. £350. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) DAVID Brown 990 2wd tractor with loader, 1968, with roll bar. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

IH955 2wd tractor, f/w Econ HM3E, needs TLC. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) FERGIE ploughs, 3 & 4 furrow, both complete. £350 & £450. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk)

LAND Rover 6 wheel LGP, 1969, unique farm adapted Mk2 SWB, 150” chassis, good condition, 75” timber flatbed dropside, tyres LGP, demount Hardi sprayer, Honda engine, Stocks slug pellet applicator, non STS tested. £2,750+VAT. A Ashwell Tel 07850 283812 (Herts)

LAMBOURN Mk6 safety cab to fit 100 Series Massey Ferguson tractor. Offers. T Whitworth Tel 07885 637512/01508 494640 (Norfolk) FERGUSON TEF20 diesel, very original, in good working order, c/w roll bar, has original V5 document, reluctant sale, registration: ORM 415. £2,750. K Bristow Tel 01363 772965 (Devon)

MF135, 1971, needs refurbishment completing, engine done, grill, lights & tinwork need attention as seen in photo, Ag set of tyres available, weight frame not included, dry stored. Please call for more details. £3,650 ono. C Gordon Tel 07831 186765 (W Sussex) INTERNATIONAL 384 45hp, 1979, with Quicke loader 2030 & manure fork, 3600hrs, V5, cab needs a little TLC, c/w operators manual, this was one of the last of this model which left the Jowett works at Bradford. No VAT. S Price Tel 07968 010981 (Pembrokeshire) CATERPILLAR 22 crawler tractor, suitable for restoration. H Ashton Tel 07831 588318 (Lincs) OLD fertiliser spreader, small. £20. R Keary Tel 01277 214198 (Essex)

IH444 2wd tractor with loader & fork. £1,750. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

MASSEY Ferguson 65 MkI, barn stored for 25yrs, no V5,all items which have been listed we are selling due to retirement. £3,500 ono. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) BENTALL old belt driven chaff cutter (MC Derby Wickford). £100. R Keary Tel 01277 214198 (Essex) SPRINGTINE scuffle, 8', c/w depth wheels, all items which have been listed we are selling due to retirement. £250. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

HOWARD 300 rotovator, for spares or repair, choice of three unfinished projects for sale due to ill health, nr Maldon. £100 each. P Pettet Tel 07464 361584 (Essex) STONE grinding wheel with square hole. No VAT. S Price Tel 07968 010981 (Pembrokeshire) IRON cart wheel bands, various sizes. No VAT. S Price Tel 07968 010981 (Pembrokeshire)

INTERNATIONAL BTD6 crawler tractor, original off farm condition, starts & runs, drives well, all clutches free & working, dry stored for many years, sold with 3 furrow Ransomes plough & Ransomes trailed subsoiler. £3,800 ono no VAT. A Lee Tel 07836 773893 (Suffolk) HOWARD Gem rotovator, twin cylinder petrol/TVO, dry stored, also included in price smaller Gem rotovator. £300. P Duffy Tel 07775 786277/01707 873250 (Herts) ROADLESS front end weight for 94T etc or 75. H Ashton Tel 07831 588318 (Lincs)

JCB 3C, 1968, not used for some years, always started first time, spares or project, all rams were OK. £700. R Lane Tel 07801 537556 (Cambs) FORE-END power loader, Quicke extendable, to fit 100 Series Massey Ferguson (tractor not for sale). Offers. T Whitworth Tel 07885 637512/01508 494640 (Norfolk)

WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT MF 135, 1965, transport box & topper, gwo, tidy. £5,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos) MANITOU MB26C Series I forklift, heavy duty pallet tines, 16.9/14-24 tyres, 9.00=16 10 ply, needs TLC. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) DAVID Brown 1490 2wd tractor, needs TLC. POA. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants) INTERNATIONAL 444, 1974, gwo. J Adams Tel 07812 367009 (Worcs) BAMFORD 4 furrow plough with skins, plus disc. £395. D Leigh Tel 07502 661861 (Northants)

DENBIGH pillar drill, fair condition. £150. R Galley Tel 07799 570384 (Norfolk)

£2,850 Heavy Duty 100t Workshop Press

Requires hydraulic power pack or tractor hydraulics

01530 229686 or 07831 113316 62-68262

DRAY, 12' long, with metal drawbar. Any offer considered. A Bell Tel 07720 495007/01205 460268 (Lincs)


HEAVY duty 4 wheeled diesel concrete mixer. P Duffy Tel 07775 786277/01707 873250 (Herts) OXYACETYLENE bottle trolley. £10. R Keary Tel 01277 214198 (Essex) JOHN Lang Johnstone lathe, fair condition. £200. R Galley Tel 07799 570384 (Norfolk)

190 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 194


e jaygray72@icloud.com


Used Tractors and Good Clean Farm Equipment


Tel: Dereham (01362) 692104/637332


David Smith

WANTED John Deere 6910S tractor


MASSEY Ferguson 148 Multipower, pick up hook & drawbar, low hours, good tyres, must be in good condition. P Waspe Tel 07462 472289 (Suffolk)

Farmer & contractor requires 12–20t agri dump trailers

OPERATORS book & parts book for an old Volvo ST 257 combine harvester. C Flatters Tel 01775 640112 (Lincs)

First FarmAd the Shetlanfrdom s!



NEW wooden bearings to fit Ferguson mounted disc harrows. RJ Gear Tel 01595 890295 (Shetland)

Email details to farm@murrell1.plus.com

Call James 07770 692891 www.jmurrell.co.uk CASE 9120 or 9230 combine in gwo. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs) JCB Workmax 1000. J Adams Tel 07812 367009 (Worcs)





LOOKING for a secondhand hardwood drive over grain drying oor for our 60' x 60' building, I will dismantle. Many thanks. A Norman Tel 07966 259730 (Northants) DEPTH wheel, complete unit to ďŹ t Ransomes 2 furrow TSR102 plough. M Banham Tel 07946 542816 (Lincs) WALK in freezer, 3m x 3m, other sizes considered. J Groning Tel 01926 843460 (Warks) 800/65-R32 tyres, pair, preferably Michelin but others considered, 30% tread or better please, in sound condition, we have wheels but will consider complete units. P Grant Tel 07836 799801/07919 811809 (Lincs)


SCRAP METAL Please email your machine to

info@jamesmurrell.co.uk or call

01493 750999 Norwich, Norfolk


07836 540559


HYDRAULIC auger to go on the back of a grain trailer to ďŹ ll drill. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs) SLASHER blade for Fisher Humphries hedgecutter and/or saw blade. D Saberton Tel 01353 778309/07845 920371 (Cambs)

All types of scrap combines, sugar beet harvesters, tractors & machinery Covering East Anglia

Tel: 077859 37779 or 01953 454462

ARMER Salmon single row leaf lifter, must be in good working order & required for this season. S Nunn Tel 01473 738137/07762 849398 (Suffolk) FRONT wafer weights (4 or 5) for a Renault 145-14 TX tractor. C Flatters Tel 01775 640112 (Lincs)


PERRY Jeffs h/d pigtail tines, complete drag considered for spares or repair. R Baker Tel 01406 330782/07879 885505 (Lincs) TWO good tyres, 12.4x36, approx 75% tread or more. M Banham Tel 07946 542816 (Lincs) ONION kit for Standen Statesman 2. S Johnson Tel 07531 296399 (Cambs) OPERATORS manual for a Renault 145-14 TX tractor. C Flatters Tel 01775 640112 (Lincs)

Norfolk farmer & contractor wants good quality Fendt Tractors

Email details to farm@murrell1.plus.com

07770 692891 www.jmurrell.co.uk


JOHN DEERE TRACTORS 4050 THROUGH TO 4955 sales@robertwraightltd.com

ALVAN Blanch meal mixer. J Adams Tel 07812 367009 (Worcs) ACCORD Kverneland Mini Air drill for onions. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs)

S Gray Recycling

01353 861694 07968 661115



Top Cash Paid+VAT



01277 822001 NEW wooden bearings to ďŹ t Ferguson mounted disc harrows. R Gear Tel 01595 890295 (Shetland)

VINTAGE 1920s/1930s belt-driven water pump suitable for driving by stationary engine, must be complete & preferably in ex-farm barn-find condition & suitable for restoration, fair price paid by genuine enthusiast. D Williams Tel 07593 393593 (Suffolk) WHACKER plate, must be in good condition, prefferably with a very good Honda engine. P Waspe Tel 07462 472289 (Suffolk)

Buy and sell online — www.farmads.co.uk

MOULTON big bale grab for 2 big bales with big hooks, JCB brackets preferred, but not essential. N Dolby Tel 07889 700498 (Cambs) JOHN Deere 3130 HFWD, if you have one that you no longer need, please call me. C Whitton Tel 07957 870362 (Suffolk)

â?š Combines â?š Sugar Beet Harvesters â?š Tractors â?š Trailers â?š Cars â?š Vans â?š Lorries â?š Trucks


t 01953 453827 m 07765 633356


Do you have a TRACTOR or TELEPORTER? Can you help with SNOW CLEARANCE? Local sites to you - FAST PAYMENT



all items considered from antique furniture, garden items & farming bygones Also house clearances undertaken Covering East Anglia

0845 180 1272

Caring for our Environment






& Architectural Salvage



J J Gray Antiques

CAT D2 Trackmaster pin plug puller, sleeve nut & screw. I Steel Tel 01787 222313/07768 724901 (Essex)


3-CYLINDER Deutz engine. N Mcleod Tel 01362 687240 (Norfolk) BOBCAT 443 skid steer or similar. J Adams Tel 07812 367009 (Worcs)

For all your DE ADVERTISING contact... 456 on 01473 694 S R E T A W I K CLASSIFIED TRA or NIC .uk 694455 3 7 4 1 0 on N @farmersguide.co O ki S ic n IL SAM W Farmers Guide sguide.co.uk er




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Recruitment and About People Email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk

Farmers Guide

RECRUITMENT and About People Tel: 01473 691888 email: classified@farmersguide.co.uk www.farmersguide.co.uk/situations-vacant

Eric Young retires at age 90 Farm and garden machinery dealership J T Friskney has closed its doors after more than a century in business. Managing director Eric Young made the decision to retire at the age of 90 following the loss of his wife and a decline in health. The company was founded by Tom Friskney in 1909 and taken over by Mr Young in the 1950s. He and his late wife Gwen

built up the business over time, initially concentrating on Ford, County Tractors and Ransome. As times changed, so did the company, with the takeover of Grattons of Boston in 1985. Ford was the main force from the 60s to the 90s and at the turn of the century, New Holland said they wanted large dealers to meet the needs of their customers, so they terminated the franchise. J T Friskney took on a new challenge – Deutz and Manitou – and in 2006, the company diversified into contracting.

New leadership for T H White Agriculture T H White Agriculture has announced David Rapkins as divisional director, following 13 years with CNHi where he attained the position of senior director - global product management. He brings a wealth of expertise in after-sales, technical support and customer care. Based at Knockdown (Tetbury), David will assume responsibility for all eight T H White Agricultural branches offering machinery sales, service and parts for key franchises including New Holland, Case IH, Manitou, Kuhn, Väderstad, Pöttinger, and McConnel. David heads up a restructured senior leadership team comprising operations director Adrian Lovegrove, sales director Ray Bennett and commercial director James Ashworth. During his time at CNHi David worked on both New

Holland and Case IH – key brands for T H White – although his agricultural experience stretches far beyond the corporate world and embraces a strong element of hands-on experience. From a young age David grew up around mixed farms, helping out at evenings and weekends when not at school. His formal agricultural education began at Wiltshire College, Lackham, and culminated in an honours degree from the Royal Agricultural University in Farm Mechanisation and Business Management. Right through his higher education he continued working on farms, developing his skills and moving on to work for agricultural contractors in the UK and overseas. Part of his mission in the new role will be to feed back the voice of customers to suppliers, using his connections with CNHi to lobby for T H WHITE customer involvement in technology trials.

Movers and shakers Do you know of someone who is on the move in the agricultural industry? Whether they are starting a completely new role, a promotion within a business or perhaps a retirement after many years of dedicated service, let us know and we will do our best to include it on our popular ‘About People’ pages. Send in no more than 150 words and a (head and shoulders) picture of the person in question to (email) rachel.hicks@farmersguide.co.uk.

All change at BASF Agriculture A change to the leadership team at BASF’s UK headquarters has seen two new appointments, after former business director Michael Wagner moved into a new leadership role in Limburgerhof, Germany. Neil Kay, currently head of marketing, will take over from Mr Wagner as agricultural solutions business director for UK and Ireland. Replacing Mr Kay will be Ben Miles, who has worked with BASF for four years, including in the company’s xarvio digital services and AgriTech investments. He previously held positions with Syngenta, including eight years in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to working in the agricultural division, Mr Kay spent a number of years in Germany, working for BASF’s distribution organisation as a sales manager, before leading a European business unit. As a former chemist, Mr Kay is passionate about innovation and has been the driving force behind the company’s ‘go to market’ strategy. He has been responsible for developing new ways of approaching industry challenges – including, for example, the company’s trials network, the

Real Results Circle. Mr Kay is keen to foster both stability and innovation at a time when the agricultural community needs both in equal measure. “Farmers have a diverse range of skills and multitude of things to manage; we are committed to working with them, in partnership with their advisors, to help gear their businesses for the future,” he said. “There is a great deal of scope to grow profitable farming businesses by investing in attention to detail, new technologies and partnerships. “BASF is committed to agriculture globally and is investing in its future technologies.” Commenting on his new role, Mr Miles said: “We’re entering an exciting time for our business with the launch of Revysol and Luximo over the coming seasons. An important part of our role in introducing these new products will be ensuring sound stewardship, including the use of integrated crop management practices like the use of varietal disease resistance, using pre-planting weed control and drilling dates so as to not overuse of the chemistry. “Both molecules are coming at an important time, given the loss of other important active ingredients and the growing challenge of resistance to chemistry.”

192 www.farmads.co.uk November 2019

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About People Two senior appointments at CF Fertilisers

Clive Roads, partner at McCartneys, has won the 2019 Mart’s the Heart Auctioneer Lifetime Achievement award, which forms part of the British Farming Awards, in recognition of his 45 influential years in the industry. The judges praised Clive for the pivotal role he has played in the growth of Worcester livestock market – taking it from the brink of closure to a very successful commercial and pedigree centre – over the last four decades. “I was very humbled to even be considered for the award,” Mr Roads explained. “So, I feel extremely privileged to have won

In order to focus on the changing needs of farmers, CF Fertilisers has created two new seniorlevel roles. Nick Ericson has joined the team as head of sales, while Dr George Fisher (below) is head of marketing. The move forms part of a business-wide initiative to align the company with a changing agricultural landscape. A key element of future development, according to Mr Ericson, will be integrating the company’s regional commercial teams, agronomy resources and distributor partners more closely. Balancing environmental responsibility with superior production efficiency underpins the company’s commercial product offering, he added.

this prestigious accolade. “I truly believe that what I’ve achieved during my time in the profession has only been made possible by the people I have worked with. The award is therefore as much for them as it is for me.” Aside from his work at McCartneys’ Worcester livestock market, Clive is official society auctioneer for numerous cattle and sheep breed societies, chairman of the Three Counties Agricultural Society, a regular judge at livestock shows and supporter of local charities. Clive was officially presented with his award at the British Farming Awards on 17th October 2019.

New appointments at ScanStone ScanStone Potato Systems has appointed Craig Thomson as its new area manager for Scotland. Craig has worked in the industry for most of his career. He now covers Scotland with the entire ScanStone product range and is in charge of dealing with customers and dealers in the area. All product demonstrations are organised through Craig and, with his extensive knowledge and experience of machinery, they are often conducted by him as well. The complete Tong product range is also dealt with by ScanStone in Scotland. Satellite depots in Turriff and Muir of Ord help to ease the spring and harvest time pressure for Craig, with parts being readily available in both of these locations.

Sales and service person Stephen Hesleden has also been taken on to maintain the area of Lincolnshire and to offer help to the newly appointed Yorkshire dealer, Y&H Agri. He will be following on from Steve Cooper, who has worked for the company for the past 15 years. Stephen has a wealth of knowledge and skills in machinery and service work, coupled with a growing customer base in the area. He will be working closely with Steve Cooper to gather knowledge and information on ScanStone’s products and customer base in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Stephen has so far visited Sweden and Australia to assist dealers with service work and starting off new machines.

Need to fill a vacancy?

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Our Situations Vacant page on the Farmers Guide website is continually updated allowing you to advertise for the right person at the right time for you. To see the current jobs online go to www.farmersguide.co.uk and click the link on the side bar. Just contact our Sales Team to advertise your position with us. You can, of course, still advertise on these pages in the usual way, with the added bonus that your ad will now also appear on the website. Ads posted on the website will run until the deadline stated (or for one calendar month from date of upload where no application deadline is specified)

Dr Fisher, who has an established background in top level ‘science into practice’ roles, said his new role will be as much about identifying future production requirements as communication. Commercial director Sam Bell, who was appointed earlier this year, explained: “These are challenging times for everybody in the agricultural industry as we move to more sustainable farming systems. Continuing to develop strategies that meet the fertiliser demands of growers and legislators, while delivering maximum efficiency in the field, is top priority for CF. “Nitrogen fertiliser has an ongoing and essential role to play in addressing future global food demand and CF’s continued investment in research, manufacturing efficiency and knowledge exchange is essential in developing this responsibly and effectively.”

Farmer gets award for mental health work NFU president Minette Batters (right) presenting Patrick’s award to his wife, Zanna.

Norfolk poultry farmer Patrick Joice has been named Farming Champion of the Year, after he raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity while battling depression and cancer. Patrick raised £53,000 at a charity cricket match for the You Are Not Alone (YANA) project, which offers mental health services for the farming community. He suffered from depression after being given a diagnosis of terminal cancer last year, but was determined that something good would come of his struggles. He also became involved with the global ‘Naked Farmer’ movement on social

media, which tackles the stigma surrounding mental health. Shortly before he passed away in September, Patrick was presented with his award in person by National Farmers’ Union (NFU) president Minette Batters. His wife Zanna attended an awards ceremony on his behalf in October. Commenting on the award, Mrs Batters said: “While this is an incredibly sad time for Patrick’s family and everyone who knew him, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible leadership he demonstrated raising awareness of, and funds for, mental health issues. “He showed great bravery sharing his own experiences and getting involved with the ‘Naked Farmer’ social media movement resonated with farmers everywhere. He has been an inspiration and leaves a legacy that will change many lives for years to come; a legacy which his family can be hugely proud of.”

Recruitment and About People — www.farmersguide.co.uk/situations-vacant

Auctioneer gets lifetime achievement award

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F fo A RE rf D E ar S m er s

Farmers Guide Something to sell or something you need?

Sell and source your used machinery and other requirements here. Include a picture free of charge with your ad* (usual cost ÂŁ14.40). The next issue of Farmers Guide will appear online at www.farmersguide.co.uk To guarantee your FarmAd appears in the December 2019 issue, we need to receive your advert by the 7th November 2019.

Ads are best submitted online at www.farmads.co.uk Or use this form and fax to 01473 691886 or post to: Farmers Guide, Parkside, London Road, Ipswich, IP2 0SS

FREE picture ads for farmers

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I certify that in placing this advertisement I am acting in a private capacity and not offering items purchased for the purpose of re-sale and not in contravention of the 1977 Business Disclosure Order.

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* For a limited period, all picture ads submitted will appear in the magazine free of charge (at our discretion), subject to space availability. FarmAds suspected of being non genuine or from individuals or companies we believe to be trading commercially will not be published.

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Š BAD Photography

The part you need when you want it!

l High performance axial fans and centrifugal blowers. l Engine cooling, hydraulics cooling, cab cooling. l Long life, reliable, robust. l No minimum order. l Next day delivery.

sales@spalautomotive.co.uk www.spalautomotive.co.uk tel: 01905 613 714 FULL PAGE FARMER'S GUIDE AD.indd 1

130-On Nov.indd 195

01/05/2019 11:20 13/10/2019 23:47

Wash Lane, Mendlesham, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 5TD Tel: 01449 766157 Fax: 01449 767894


• from 34,000–358,000Btu



• from 80,000–760,000Btu

• from 250,000–750,000Btu

INFRA-RED HEATERS • ideal for workshops • fume-free • low noise • inside & outside use



• clean hot air • trolley included

INDIRECT FIXED WORKSHOP HEATERS • from 120,000– 2,000,000Btu


For details or a demonstration ring Tim Bradford now on


email sales@tworkshop.co.uk We also supply HEAVY DUTY AIR COMPRESSORS and HIGH PRESSURE WASHERS

See our website for details 130-On Nov.indd 196

01449 766157 fax 01449 767894

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Farmers Guide November 2019  

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