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October 2019 • Issue No. 482

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October 2019

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Finance and production director Julie Goulding Arable editor Dominic Kilburn

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Out & About Forty years of publishing a farming magazine has been no small feat. So as an acknowledgement of our small team’s talent and hardwork, we enjoyed an evening sail along Suffolk’s picturesque River Orwell. Aboard the historic Thames Barge Thistle, our Farmers Guide team sailed gently along while learning about the history of the 124-year-old vessel, and how it carried coal from the Humber to the Thames, using nothing but the wind. At a time of looking back, we are also looking ahead and will be formally welcoming a number of new additions to our team in November. We are bringing aboard a few new faces so that we can continue to grow our magazine and produce more of what makes us so unique. We’ll introduce our new team members properly in the November issue. To make up for the lack of jokes in previous issues, we return with two this month. Both are from the archives, and those who remember FG’s founder Doug Potts will know he liked to sail close to the wind with his humour! The following joke was published in 2003, and you’ll find the other at the end of our Brexit article, written by long-time

reader and farming advocate, Andrea Sharp.

And Finally… There was a real and tangible air of fear and mystery reigning over a London hospital's intensive care unit. It seemed that patients always died in a particular bed, regardless of their medical condition. This puzzled the doctors and some even thought it had a supernatural connection. No one could solve the mystery as to why the deaths always occurred at 11am on Sundays. So a world-wide team of experts assembled to investigate the cause of the incidents. The next Sunday morning, a few minutes before 11am, all the doctors and nurses nervously waited outside the ward to see for themselves what the terrible phenomenon was all about. Some were holding wooden crosses, prayer books and other holy objects to ward off evil spirts. Just when the clock struck 11, Billy Johnson, the part time Sunday cleaner, entered the ward and unplugged the life support system so he could vacuum. ■

(Above) The Farmers Guide team and contributors: (Below left) A family business at heart with Farmers Guide director Julie Goulding and sales manager Greg Goulding: (Below right) 40th anniversary cake.

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October 2019


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On your

marks, get set, click Buy parts direct online from Perkins with next day delivery Shop now

n e p o UK w o n ss the d acro d Irelan an

Perkins Aftermarket, engineered for life

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CARRY ON? Suffolk farmer’s wife and writer Andrea Sharp searches through the Brexit haystack for an answer. The on-going negotiations and current political paralysis surrounding the UK’s exit of the European Union on the 31st October, with or without a deal, leaves British farmers in a state of confusion. With employment boasting more than 4 million people and contributing £122B to the UK economy each year, British agriculture is arguably the main industry at risk of being hit the hardest by the uncertainties of Brexit. Back in June, NFU president Minette Batters sent an open letter to all Conservative party leadership candidates asking parliament to recognise the strategic importance of British agriculture. “The next Prime Minister must commit to doing everything in their power to avoid a hugely damaging no-deal Brexit, given the enormous economic damage this would entail for our food and farming sectors, the wider economy and the people of the UK,” she wrote. Since then, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has attempted to dispel the so-called uncertainty of an ‘agricultural Armageddon’ promised by some political commentators, ensuring farmers will “have the support they need” after Brexit. Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) Secretary Theresa Villiers is confident that parliament will protect the different sectors within the agricultural industry if Britain ‘crashes’ out of the EU. “In those circumstances we have said we will be prepared to intervene to provide additional financial support,” she said in an interview on 6th September 2019. However, this commitment to maintain

the same total funding for the farming sector during a no-deal scenario is only applicable until the next election, which could be later this year. Arguably, an impending change of government would throw the question of subsidy aid back into the ring. Following our exit from the EU, the UK will no longer be part of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with the government designing and implementing a new domestic agricultural policy and regulatory arrangements. During an interim period of 2 years, farm businesses receiving up to £30,000 in the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) will face a reduction of up to 5% and those receiving £150,000 or more will see a reduction of 25% by 2021. As various polls reflect, the regional voting behaviour of UK farmers during the EU referendum was very much dependent on the distribution of the EU’s less favoured area subsidies - where only 12% of English land qualifies for the subsidy, in comparison to 78% in Wales and 84% in Scotland. Therefore the geographical split in the Brexit vote by farmers could be seen as a reliance on BPS verses the hope of escaping red-tape EU bureaucracy. This current government has

stated that it will taper area payments to zero by 2028 with some of the funds that this releases being made available for the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS). One of Defra’s key objectives is to ensure public money is used for public goods, with ‘particularly environmental outcomes’, therefore the new scheme will focus on improving biodiversity, maintaining the landscape, promoting soil quality and water management. However, the development of the ELMS scheme appears to be moving forward at a very slow pace. A recent National Audit Office (NAO) report has challenged timescales for delivery and emphasises the need for key decisions to be made in the right order to be successful. The NAO findings show that farmers will have little time to prepare for the pilot schemes as Defra has not yet made decisions about which environmental outcomes it will pay for or the rate it will pay. The government agency is not planning to set out its payment methodology until March 2020 and the payment rates until June 2020 - less than a year before sign-up for the pilot scheme. Perhaps the biggest concern facing British agriculture during a no-deal Brexit is the uncertain future of UK

42% of UK farms could make a loss without the aid of BPS

export tariffs. In January, National Sheep Association chief executive Phil Stocker said “Our big concerns about a no-deal Brexit, would be that we could very suddenly and immediately lose access to the EU market for British lamb. At the moment we would export 35% of our UK lamb crop and 96% of that volume goes into the EU, so a sudden loss of that market would be catastrophic for our industry.” Arguably, if the UK reverts back to World Trade Organisation tariffs, it could severely limit our export opportunities to our nearest customers. However, given time and released from EU trading constraints, this may well open up new and lucrative export markets to the rest of the world. NAO figures show that 42% of UK farms would have made a loss in recent years without the aid of BPS. So how can these farmers stay profitable after Brexit? This may be stating the obvious, but increasing efficiency by balancing machinery costs to farm scale and maximising crop margins is vital to any farm strategy. Now, it could be argued, is the time to encourage co-operation between neighbouring farms as a further positive step towards profitability. Also, diversifiction and investing current subsidies available into viable ventures and alternatives, as so many farms have already done, could also be lucrative and rewarding. With family farming roots deeply embedded across England and Scotland, I can appreciate the concerns and uncertainties from all sectors of our country-wide rural community. Whether you voted ‘in’ or ‘out’ and whether or not the UK concludes its membership with the EU on October 31st or later - Brexit will change the face of Britain forever. The future of our way of life lies in the hands of a turbulent Westminster, where all industries are competing for the spotlight. And so, in order to survive the Brexit negotiations, British farmers must band together at this time of uncertainty and demand stability for our industry. Contact your local MP and urge them to champion British farming. I say, keep calm and shout the loudest.

On a lighter note... A young daughter was listening to her father read a bedtime story. “Daddy”, asked the little girl, “do all fairy stories start with the words ‘Once upon a time’?” “No,” the father replied, “some start with ‘If I am elected’.” ■

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No change in slug control strategies despite ban overturn Good quality ferric phosphate baits are now providing crops with a reliable level of protection from slug damage, while avoiding issues with water.

The unprecedented legal challenge which overturned the metaldehyde slug pellet ban made headline news. However, there are some in the industry who have already moved on from the decision, and are less affected by the High Court order which formally overturned the December 2018 ruling. Heather Briggs reports. In general, the farming industry has moved on since metaldehyde was banned, says Frontier crop production technical lead Paul Fogg (right), who was heavily involved in the Metaldehyde Stewardship Group (MSG). Speaking about the overturning of the withdrawal of the active used for slug control, he said that one of the benefits of the Stewardship initiative was that it brought together all stakeholders with an interest in developing a sustainable position for metaldehyde. As a result, they worked together to deliver significant improvements to the way in which metaldehyde


was recommended and used, which ultimately afforded the industry with a long stay of execution of the active. Dr Fogg says: “The time with the Stewardship was put to good effect to ensure that a suitable alternative was put in place before the active was withdrawn. “Good quality ferric phosphate baits are now providing crops with a reliable level of protection from slug damage, while avoiding issues with water. “As such, we now have a new strategy which does not rely on metaldehyde.” Of course, he insists, this active also needs to be used responsibly, so growers still need to follow

an IPM strategy, looking at risk factors, trapping slugs and ensuring thresholds are hit before application. One of the concerns originally raised by many growers when ferric phosphate was first used on-farm was no visible signs of dead slugs and their trails on the surface following application, he says. Growers have now become accustomed to not seeing trails of slime as a sign of control. This is because the active ingredient works in a different way to metaldehyde, with the slugs going underground to die. Despite the move towards other slug control methods, having metaldehyde as a different mode of action will always be useful to reduce the reliance on a single mode of action and to help minimise the risk of resistance potentially developing, Dr Fogg points out. He believes some people may wish to use it early in the season, but his advice will be to follow the new strategy using ferric phosphate. However, he insists, there is still a lot of uncertainty over the long term future of metaldehyde. “The decision to withdraw it was overturned in a judicial review which challenged the legal process. “Although it has not been withdrawn in the EU and is still available in other EU states, as yet we do not know if it has a longterm future in the UK with perhaps different label restrictions, or whether it will be withdrawn again.”

Date changes The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) was disappointed by the decision, taken by the former Secretary of State, Michael Gove in December 2018, to withdraw all outdoor uses

of metaldehyde, according to the organisation’s head of agronomy and crop protection sector, Hazel Doonan. This was because it meant that there was only one active substance, ferric phosphate, for use as part of an integrated approach to control slugs which are a major pest in many crops in the UK. “The decision taken by Michael Gove was deemed unlawful in July for procedural reasons and AIC understands that the Government intends to retake the decision as to whether metaldehyde products should be authorised in the UK according to legal requirements as soon as possible,” she says.  “While the outcome means that sale and distribution of metaldehyde products will now expire on 31 December 2020, AIC members have worked to ensure that any stocks of metaldehyde were moved as required onto farm ahead of the 30 June 2019 deadline. “The date for the storage and use of existing metaldehyde stocks reverts to the date that was in place during the re-evaluation, 31 December 2021, until further notification.”  Ms Doonan adds that the AIC has made the decision, together with the Crop Protection Association (CPA), to fund the agronomic update system for autumn 2019. “Feedback from water companies indicates that the agronomic updates have been very useful in helping water companies with abstraction management. “The information provided by agronomists on metaldehyde use on a weekly basis is used by water companies to better plan water abstraction around metaldehyde use.” ■ October 2019

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USE PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS SAFELY. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND PRODUCT INFORMATION BEFORE USE. For further information with regard to the warning phrases and symbols for this product please refer to the product label. Sluxx HP ® contains 3% ferric phosphate Sluxx HP ® is a registered trademark of W. Neudorff Gmbh KG. Marketed by Certis, Suite 5, 3 Riverside, Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridgeshire, CB21 6AD. Tel: 0845 373 0305 © 2019

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Wetter summer encourages slugs in winter plantings A slug feeding on Sluxx HP.

Last year dry, hot weather persisted throughout the summer, suppressing slug levels in winter crops. This August has been quite a contrast, with warmer, wetter conditions dampening soil and potentially increasing slug populations. Farmers should therefore be carefully monitoring slug numbers with trapping and be ready to apply a molluscicide as soon as levels reach threshold, according to Deben Agronomy’s James Klug. Winter rape is particularly susceptible to slug damage when the growing point is exposed, up to the four-leaf stage, and it is expected that downpours in late summer will lead to

higher slug numbers, when compared with 2018. Mr Klug provides advice across east Suffolk and is working with one oilseed rape grower on a mixture of very light sands to clay loams and has about half of a 100ha area drilled to date. “We’re monitoring with traps. At the moment we’re not finding many as it’s been relatively dry – but we are expecting it, and as soon as we start seeing activity, we will be applying some control products. “We’ve had some heavy rain showers, and given the soil types we’re growing on, and the fact that rape is susceptible to slug damage, we are expecting relatively high pressure.” Trapping has taken place in stubble preceding oilseed rape crops being drilled, and generally one or more slugs per trap would indicate a possible risk.

Different mode of action This year Mr Klug has used Sluxx HP, which is a pellet bait formulation containing 29.7 per cent ferric

Unlock the potential of your crops. AminoA Biostimulants a complete range of L-isomer amino-acid products. Suitable for use in all crops

phosphate. Its mode of action causes slugs to stop feeding immediately upon ingestion of the pellet, after which they will retreat underground and die. Farmers will see that pellets have been eaten, but there will be fewer dead slugs on the surface of the soil when compared with metaldehydebased pellets. It is therefore more effective to monitor reductions in crop damage as an indicator of efficacy. “We don’t see a difference [in control] between ferric phosphate and metaldehyde products,” explains Mr Klug, and, furthermore, with a ban on metaldehyde increasingly likely, stocks are dwindling. “It’s had a reprieve, but it’s still under threat and looking likely we won’t have it going forward – there isn’t a huge amount of product out there available.” But aside from that, ferric phosphate has a better environmental profile, adds Mr Klug. “When it comes to things such as buffer zones around water courses, the issues aren’t there. It’s easier in terms of enivironmental stewardship.”

Earlier this year, on Capel St Andrews Farm, also in Suffolk, Mr Klug says Sluxx had seemed to suppress slug populations across its 475ha of potato plantings. “The perception was that we were under higher pressure so we used it in places where we thought we might have a problem and it seems to be doing a good job.” “We’re very confident in it as a product,” he added. ■

Key points

• • • • •

Last autumn was very dry, so slug activity was low Recent weeks have seen a return to wetter weather, which will dampen soil and increase slug activity OSR crops are being drilled and are susceptible up to the fourleaf stage, so need protection to prevent seedling losses Download the Certis SlugWatch app to help monitor slug pressure in your area It is important to calibrate your applicator when changing brand and type of pellet

Use AminoA biostimulants in your tank mix Tel 01633894300

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The best varieties for the UK: it’s all in the seed.




Rhizomania varieties



Rhizomania and BCN tolerant varieties


PHILINA KWS Rhizomania

AYPR variety


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11/09/2019 15:34

Now registered for aphid control in oilseed rape Teppeki controls vectors of Turnip Yellows Virus (TuYV) in oilseed rape

• No known resistance • Safe to beneficials • No buffer zone restrictions



s pe

u Myz

USE PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS SAFELY. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND PRODUCT INFORMATION BEFORE USE. For further information on product hazard warnings, risk and safety phrases, consult the Belchim Crop Protection Ltd website. Teppeki® contains flonicamid and is a trademark of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd, Japan

Technical enquiries: 01480 403333 |

Teppeki_in OSR adv UK 2018-v2.indd 1 1-25 Oct.indd 12

3/08/2018 7:22:32 16/09/2019 11:48



Unlocking your crop’s potential Combining late drilling with the timely application of biological crop stimulants has resulted in a record crop yield for a Cambridgeshire farmer, following similar patterns reported across the country in what has already been a high-yield harvest. Farming some 1,659ha in total in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Northamptonshire, as well as two farms near Kelso in Scotland, Triton Farms director Simon Chaplin believes the use of the highly concentrated amino-acid complex AminoA FLO from AminoA biostimulants has been crucial to achieve these yields. AminoA products are natural bio-stimulants, obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis. Containing essential amino acids that plants synthesise throughout their growth cycle, they can contribute positively to yield and quality if the plant is not already producing optimal levels of amino acids itself. Mr Chaplin first trialled AminoA back in November 2017 to boost rooting development on late drilled crops, as it has been Triton Farms’ philosophy to do a multiple chit of black-grass prior to drilling from early November onwards. Applying the product in February as the crop is emerging from the ground, Mr Chaplin has found AminoA FLO to stimulate greater root development, seeing crops on his Abington Park Farm in Cambridgeshire at even 7th wheat, looking more like 1st wheat. “Our philosophy is very much about extending the profitable part of our rotation, and seeing our 4th, 5th 6th and even 7th wheat looking like 1st wheat, is making a difference,” explains Mr Chaplin. “We have effectively duped the wheat into thinking it’s a first wheat, by drilling so late, then putting AminoA on. This makes it feel like an early wheat, ending up with a magnificent amount of tillering.”

Results The results are showing at the weighbridge too, as the second harvest since using AminoA

1-25 Oct.indd 13

products reflects. “2018 yields on the weighbridge at Abington were our best-ever until now, with some 750t more across the farm,” Mr Chaplin adds. With 2019 harvests still coming in across Triton Farms, indications are that this record will again be broken. Trials over 36 x 0.5ha plots have shown 0.47t/ha yield increase when 2 litres of AminoA FLO was applied at early flowering to winter wheat, with 0.31t/ha when 1 litre was applied flowering. This is following a full season’s programme, and results would have been even more dramatic had it not been for previous treatments. Over the 2 farms near Kelso in Scotland, Mr Chaplin has seen 5.1t/ha over 130ha of OSR at the weighbridge, in some places this would have been at least 6t/ha. Winter wheat averaged at least 11.5t/ha over 263ha, with some parts being in the upper 12t/ha, all 1st wheats. Key to the success across all Triton Farms has been the low input costs. At Abington Park Farms, fungicide costs have averaged at just £22/ha and herbicides at £32/ha on wheats, with Mr Chaplin planning to reduce further for the next crop. His agronomist confirmed no visible diseases, despite these low input costs. It is not only yield responses that have impressed, but also performance. Independent laboratory reports on home saved seeds of both Casino Triticale and Skyfall wheat have returned zero results for infection. “We are delighted with the yield responses Simon is seeing, and other trials and testimonials are returning similar results,” explains AminoA managing director Richard Philips (left). “The latest replicated trials with a single use, autumn application of AminoA have provided yield responses of 0.5t/ha, matching other single application trials in 2018 at T1 and T2 timings. Other independent trials gave 10.3 per cent more yield in OSR crops. As Simon and others are seeing, this makes a real difference on farm profits,” he concludes. ■




• Suitable for human consumption • Highest yielding winter bean on the Recommended List


16/09/2019 20:35


Conference to “inspire and motivate” farmers The East of England Farming Conference (EoEFC) has announced key information for its 5th annual farming conference taking place at the East of England Showground on the 14th November. Organised by the East of England Agricultural Society and called “Make it Happen” the conference aims to promote engaging discussions and inspiring ideas that can be applied to farming businesses. Session 1 – Decision Makers – is chaired by Emily Norton, and includes chief executive of Buglife, Matt Shardlow; AHDB’s Cereals and

Oilseeds Board chair, Paul Temple; Alltech vice president Matthew Smith; and Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Sue Hayman. Session 2 – Ground Breakers – is chaired by Tom Bradshaw and includes a number of innovative experts from across the industry: Cranswick PLC’s agriculture manager Ashley Gilman; John Innes Centre head of business development Jon Clarke; Hutchinsons head of Innovation & Technology Stuart Hill; and Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) head of business

EoEFC FACTS When: Where: Tickets and info: Tel:

14th November 2019 East of England Showground, Peterborough 01733 234451

development Stuart Blyth. Session 3 – Innovators – chaired by conference chairman Tom Martin, welcomes an inspirational line-up of businessmen and women: Galloway Chillies proprietor, Sheena Horner; Ridgeway Foods managing director James Corbett; FPCR senior ecologist Sam Arthur; and Fungi

Delecti’s Jamie Racjan. “We are really looking forward to this year’s conference,” said chairman Tom Martin. “We have a fantastic line up of influential speakers from across the industry who we believe will be able to inspire and motivate delegates, helping them to prepare for the opportunities ahead.” ■

New autumn herbicide product launched Rotam UK has launched its first residual herbicide product for pre- and post-crop emergence use against a range of grass and broadleaved weeds in winter wheat and barley. Available in 5-litre containers, Golding is a herbicide product containing a familiar ratio of actives – 400g/litre flufenacet and 100g/

litre diflufenican – in a suspension concentrate formulation. Golding is very effective against annual meadow grass, common chickweed, common field-speedwell, field forget-me-not, field pansy, groundsel, mayweeds, and red deadnettle, claims Rotam. It can also be used in the treatment of black-grass, up to and including GS 13 but before





support manager, Dilwyn Harris (left).  “The product has been manufactured to Rotam’s exacting standards and specifications, and, like all of our herbicide products, can be relied upon to offer excellent results.” ■

GS 21 (3 leaves and before tillering has commenced). “Golding offers a cost-effective alternative to current preand post-em herbicides,” said Rotam UK’s customer







East of England Fa r m i n g C o n fe re n c e

MAKE IT HAPPEN 14th November 2019 8.3 0 a m – 4 .0 0 p m M o re info r m at i o n a n d Ti c ke t s :

@eo efc

w w w.eo e fa r m i n g c on fe re nc e.c uk East of England Showground

Tic ke t s £9 5


1-25 Oct.indd 14

S e ssion 1 S e ssion 2

De c is ion M a ke rs Gro u n d B re a ke rs

Se ssio n 3

In n ova t o rs

15/09/2019 14:08


MAX NEWBERT Syngenta Field Technical Manager


A NEW APP DESIGNED TO HELP BOOST THE TIMELINESS OF INSECTICIDE SPRAYING AGAINST APHID VECTORS OF BARLEY YELLOW DWARF VIRUS (BYDV) IN THE ABSENCE OF BEING ABLE TO USE A NEONICOTINOID SEED TREATMENT THIS AUTUMN, HAS BEEN LAUNCHED BY SYNGENTA. Developed for use with the company’s pyrethroid insecticide, HALLMARK Zeon®, the new app, BYDV ASSIST, alerts users once a spray threshold is reached for given locations. This is based on cumulative daily temperatures reaching 170 day degrees after crop emergence.

BYDV symptoms Without effective management, BYDV can reduce yield by 15-30% in wheat and 50-75% in barley

This 170 day degree figure is important, says Syngenta field technical manager, Max Newbert, because it signals the point when second generation aphids are able to expand the spread of the virus in the crop from plants with initial infection. “Without effective control, BYDV can reduce yield by 15-30% in wheat and 50-75% in barley,” says Dr Newbert. “In the absence of being able to use a neonicotinoid seed treatment, growers need to find alternative ways to manage this damaging problem. A recent survey of 106 growers showed 98% rated BYDV as a potential risk for cereal crops, with some 73% expecting to use a pyrethroid spray against BYDV aphid vectors.

“Delaying drilling until after aphid activity declines is certainly a key consideration,” says Mr Bullen. “When doing this, it is important to select appropriate varieties. Winter wheat varieties Graham and Gleam both provide flexibility to be drilled later, although seed rates may need to be increased in some instances. Similarly, there is evidence that hybrid barley is relatively tolerant to later drilling.

By providing alerts, we hope the app will make effective spraying against BYDV much more achievable. Users will also be able to set the app to give advanced warning of a spray threshold approaching. It will still be vital to inspect crops to monitor aphid numbers. However, 94% of respondents in the survey said a user-friendly BYDV prediction tool would be helpful in making BYDV spray application decisions.”

However, whenever drilling is delayed, it is also important to offset the slower crop emergence that occurs due to colder soils, and the risks from establishment diseases. Extensive work on the fungicide seed treatment VIBRANCE® Duo in winter wheat has shown that, as well as boosting crop establishment at normal drilling times, it is particularly beneficial when drilling later.”

Once the spraying threshold has been reached and the pyrethroid applied, Dr Newbert says the accumulated daily temperatures can be reset on the app, so that further alerts can be issued if temperatures again reach 170 day degrees. This will help stay on top of subsequent aphid generations, he notes.

The BYDV Assist app is available to download now from The App Store and Google Play, Mr Bullen concludes. The new BYDV Assist app is designed as a decision support tool for BYDV management in the absence of being able to use a neonicotinoid seed treatment, says Max Newbert of Syngenta.

“We have also incorporated weather forecasts into the app,” says Dr Newbert, “to help predict available aphicide spraying windows.” With BYDV being such a damaging virus, Syngenta marketing manager, Mark Bullen, says it is also important to reduce aphid risks by using cultural methods.

1-25 Oct.indd 15

HALLMARK Zeon® and VIBRANCE® Duo are Registered Trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company. HALLMARK Zeon (MAPP No. 12629) contains lambda-cyhalothrin and 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one. VIBRANCE Duo (MAPP No. 17838) contains sedaxane and fludioxonil. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. For further product information including warning phrases and symbols refer to 10629

11/09/2019 15:35



Better Better attractiveness spreadability SIMPLY AND EFFICIENTLY

Better attractiveness

Better spreadability

Better palatability

De Sangosse ferric phosphate pellets are manufactured with the finest durum wheat using our advanced wet process. They are proven to attract slugs, are fatal once ingested, and offer premium performance with better environmental credentials.

Persistence Better persistence

NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T! Slugs that ingest De Sangosse formulated ferric phosphate have been proven to experience

Experts in the science of slug control

the effect of the product often before consuming an entire pellet, and will retreat below the

01223 811215

soil surface to die. So look for protection of the crop rather than dead slugs.

Better palatability

Persistence Better persistence

IronMax Pro, Fe-est, Ferrimax Pro, X-Ecute and Sigon contain ferric phosphate. Always read the label. Use pesticides safely.



W / T / 01371 700 510 16 October 2019

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Plant health focus at Potatoes in Practice The focus of this year’s Potatoes in Practice, held at the James Hutton Institute’s Balruddery Farm, Dundee was plant health. Advice was on hand to help growers make the most of a reduced plant protection toolbox. Heather Briggs reports. The future of the potato seed industry in Scotland will depend on availability of clean land, free from potato cyst nematodes (PCN), warned Scotland’s Plant Health Centre director and senior scientist at the James Hutton Institute, Prof Ian Toth (left) . There are two types of PCN; Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida. Some of the most popular varieties – such as Maris Piper – are resistant to G. rostochiensis, so proliferation of that strain has been held in check. However, G. pallida is a different story. In the 1970s, G. pallida represented only 2-3 per cent of PCN findings in pre-crop soil testing in Scotland but is now 68 per cent. While there are now a few processing varieties resistant to the pest – and these are gradually gaining acceptance – there are very few ware varieties with resistance, and those that are available have yet to be seen in mainstream supermarkets. “We need to prevent land becoming infested wherever possible and this will most likely be achieved through better awareness and improved resistance. The Plant Health Centre is funding a study to see how this might be best achieved,” said Prof Toth. SRUC applied practice researcher Andy Evans said: “Most people are not aware that when growing other crops in the rotation, such as wheat, barley or oilseed rape, there is still a real risk of spreading PCN on soil trapped in machinery so engagement between growers and contractors is vital. “Good agronomics such as longer rotations, with good volunteer (groundkeeper) control can also play a useful role, as can using the AHDB PCN calculator, now on its third version.”

Prof Toth added: “There is a growing need for awareness throughout the supply chain of the problems caused by this pest and scientists, growers, agronomists, packers and supermarkets all need to work together.”

Diquat loss The loss of diquat has made fast and effective haulm destruction more difficult, said Scottish Agronomy’s Greg Dawson (right). The problem affects all potato growers but producers of high grade (Pre-BASIC) seed potatoes face some unique issues. Mr Dawson said: “Ineffective or slow haulm destruction is a potential consequence of the revocation of diquat. This can create a pathway for bacteria to enter the plant, causing blackleg, and it also increases the risk of virus infection through re-growth. “Therefore careful decisions need to be made around desiccation because any symptoms cause a Certification failure or downgrade.” Nevertheless, there are currently both chemical and mechanical means of haulm destruction available to growers, pointed out Mr Dawson. “At the moment we still have the desiccant Spotlight Plus (Carfentrazone-ethyl) and Gozai (Pyraflufen-ethyl) which is approved for use as herbicide and desiccant. “You need to ensure maximum dosage per crop hectare (ha) is not exceeded throughout the season. “For example, if you are using Spotlight Plus for desiccation you have to comply with a 1-litre/ha maximum individual dose, with a maximum total dose of 1.6-litres/ha. “If you opt for Pyraflufenethyl the maximum total dose of 1.6-litres/ha includes any applications made for weed

control. This could reduce options at the desiccation timing.” A small plot trial looking at combinations of mechanical and chemical techniques on seed potatoes is underway at Scottish Agronomy. This is part of a far larger trial series being run by AHDB on a range of crop types. “We are looking for proof of principle, which we can then take forward into studies in commercial seed crops,” he added.

Safe Haven seed scheme Consultations on the future of the Safe Haven seed potato scheme are underway with advisers and regulators of the potato industry, announced AHDB Strategy Director Rob Clayton (right). The scheme was established to protect ware growers from buying seed infected with ring rot. Freedom from bacterial diseases such as Dickeya

solani were then added. The changes being consulted are an introduction of measures to include freedom from brown rot and epitrix. Dr Clayton said: “We need to be able to respond quickly to plant health alerts to flush out any diseases which enter into the country. “With new challenges facing our industry all the time, it is vital that our high health standards for seed potatoes are maintained. “Acceptance on to the Safe Haven scheme will continue to depend on strict, scientifically robust protocols, and seed growers are only eligible to join the scheme if they have the highest hygiene standards.” Seed origin, machinery, transport and storage are all reviewed prior to certification being awarded. The formal consultation started on 17th August and will last for 6 weeks. ■

New initiative to boost potato tuber health A new campaign has been launched to help the seed potato supply chain improve the health and quality of its tubers. Conditions in recent seasons, such as the hot and dry summer of 2018, have seen seed producers across Britain battling to keep some viral and fungal pathogens out of seed stocks. In response, agrochemical manufacturer Certis launched its Tubercare initiative at the Potatoes in Practice event. Tubercare will promote industry best practice while planting, growing, harvesting, handling and storing seed and ware tubers to improve the overall health of the national potato crop. In addition, it will look to promote the safe and responsible use of seed treatments, which play a vital role in helping to deliver the best quality potato seed and keep subsequent crops disease free post planting. The company’s potato portfolio manager Nick Badger (right) said it is already forging strong links with scientific experts and top agronomists to deliver the best and most relevant advice for the industry. A dedicated Tubercare website that will help deliver all the information to growers and advisers is now live. It will be updated regularly as the seasons progress. “Seed health is extremely important and producing clean seed benefits the industry as a whole, facilitating the production of highquality ware crops at less risk from virus and fungal disease spread. “After the issues seed producers have had over recent seasons, we are committed to helping growers tackle these problems with our Tubercare initiative,” said Mr Badger. To access the latest information and advice on the dedicated Tubercare website, go to

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New blight strain gains ground The latest blight strain can out-compete previously dominant, aggressive strains.

The rate of spread of the new blight strain, 36_A2 is concerning, says potato agronomist Eric Anderson (right) of Scottish Agronomy. Other strains which were previously dominant, such as 13_A2 and 6_A1, are known to be aggressive but it appears that this latest one can out-compete them and has shown a phenomenal spread, he notes. “First found in England during 2017, 36_A2 comprised two per cent of the total GB blight population. This increased to 18 per cent in 2018 and, so far during the 2019 season, accounts for 41 per cent of the total

GB population. “Now for the first time we have at least two confirmed cases of 36_A2 in Fife and Angus in Scotland.” Moreover, 36_A2 has spread rapidly across Europe to become common across Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Poland and Denmark. A fitness advantage has been confirmed by several organisations across Europe where laboratory testing found 36_A2 to be more aggressive than preceding strains. “This aggressiveness may be

partly because of the multiplier effect of a shorter latent period, combined with a larger lesion growth rate and higher sporulation capacity. “A problem with current testing is that genotypes do not predict pathogencity very well. “There are known differences in pathogenicity traits of specific genotypes in their ability to overcome potato variety blight resistance genes. “Furthermore, fungicides that block metabolic pathways by acting on a single target are known to be prone to loss of efficacy as a result of resistance evolution in pathogen populations.”

Quantitative resistance He explains that the resistance mechanism thought to be causing the subtle shift in 36_A2 sensitivity is termed quantitative resistance. “This can be likened to septoria resistance to azole fungicides in wheat, where the azole group’s efficacy against the disease sees a progressively wider and more shifted population distribution of sensitivities occur over a period of years. One of the challenges he sees

with a shifted sensitivity to certain fungicides are holes developing in the plant protection toolbox. Mr Anderson is particularly concerned by previous AHDB-funded research, where 36_A2 was shown to be less sensitive to low rates of mandipropamid, which is commonly used alone during the rapid canopy phase. “As potato plants are growing quickly at this time, products which bind to leaf wax of newly developing leaves, will be quickly diluted to low concentrations within the canopy and may struggle to control blight. “With the increased use of mancozeb for resistance management in blight programmes, the industry needs a positive outcome from the current renewal process. “It is too early to call but the active substance is already looking vulnerable. This places increased emphasis on stewarding existing products for resistance management. “We need to know as much about this new strain as possible, so the best strategy at the moment is to be observant and report late blight outbreaks to your local AHDB Fight Against Blight scout who can submit samples for genotype and phenotype testing.” ■

Get the best out of soil-acting black-grass herbicides With residual, soil-acting herbicides often now representing a quarter to a half of the annual crop protection investment made in winter wheat in black-grass situations, getting the best out of them is paramount, says North Essex and Suffolk-based ProCam agronomist, Mark Anstee. In response, he has developed a five-point plan: 1 - Begin with a fine, firm seedbed Creating an even soil surface with a fine crumb structure leaves fewer inaccessible ‘hiding places’ where black-grass can germinate from and where herbicide sprays can’t reach, says Mr Anstee. By contrast, clods shield the soil surface beneath them from sprays, and can fracture open later, releasing black-grass seed to germinate from their centres, he warns. Prior to planting, aim to kill off two flushes of black-grass in stale seedbeds, cultivating lightly and rolling after spraying off the first flush to stimulate the next one to come through.”

2 - Apply residual herbicides at the right time Apply pre-emergence herbicides as soon as possible after drilling and certainly within 24–48 hours, advises Mr Anstee, unless the conditions aren’t suitable. “Waiting too long before spraying allows time for black-grass to establish deeper roots before the herbicide is applied. Spraying earlier means the black-grass roots will have to grow through the herbicide layer, which increases uptake. However, check the weather forecast to ensure the conditions are right for herbicide activity. “If it’s hot and dry, herbicides will break down faster in the soil, so won’t give the necessary duration of control and won’t be taken up by the black-grass roots. The ideal is to spray when the soil is damp but no heavy rain expected, to allow time for the herbicide to adhere to soil particles. A dump of rain within 24 hours increases the risk of leaching. The rule is: if you don’t have the conditions to spray,

don’t drill – though that’s easier said than done. 3 - Keep residuals away from crop roots Good control of black-grass from residuals is one side of the coin, but the other is minimising the risk of them taking their toll on the crop, Mr Anstee points out. “Always drill deep enough according to the herbicide label so the crop roots are well below the herbicide layer – for example, seed covered by a minimum of 32mm of settled soil, or sometimes more. 4 - Keep residuals in the black-grass root zone At the same time as keeping herbicides away from the crop root zone, do everything possible to keep them in the black-grass root zone, urges Mr Anstee, to maximise weed uptake. “There are products available that help to hold the herbicide towards the top layer of soil in the black-grass root zone, and minimise its movement down to the crop roots. We’ve seen

these types of treatment getting better in our evaluations over the years. They’re a low-cost investment. If they give a 5–10 per cent improvement in herbicide performance, that can make a big difference,” he says. 5 - Achieve good spray coverage Correct nozzles, such as angled nozzles to reach all exposed surfaces of soil particles, and correct spray quality, to reduce drift and provide more spraying opportunities, are both important for getting the best coverage and spray timing with residuals. A reduction in forward speed is also important; it reduces the vortex behind the sprayer that can carry spray droplets away from their target, and it also reduces boom bounce which can lead to uneven dosing. “Similarly, set the boom to the correct height to reach the target, usually 50cm from the soil surface. And apply in the correct water volume. You can see the benefit of using 200-litres/ ha, rather than lower volumes, for improving spray coverage,” he says. ■

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Arable Views...

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Carbon footprint – measuring the ‘unmeasurable’ Openfield’s head of research, compliance and shipping, Cecilia Pryce, puzzles over how accurate UK cereals production carbon footprint could be. I’m a great believer that no two consumers are the same, after all, DNA and finger printing have proved we’re all different for years. So, if this is the case, food producers must be constantly asking “What do consumers really expect from their food these days?” Finding that certain something gives you a competition edge and is every marketing department’s dream. Yet unless your differential is simple and easy to understand, you run the risk of having to educate your customer. Educating consumers is a minefield – after all the Red Tractor logo and the ‘traffic light label’ scheme have been around for a long time, but how many consumers really know what these mean? I fully back trade assurance schemes, the UK is probably the best in the world when it comes to the cereal supply chain, but how can we move forward and add real financial value to the end food products that ‘wear’ the logos or come with farm assurance?

Food footprint In a world that is becoming very concerned about the planet and our individual carbon footprint, I wonder how many consumers would be interested in knowing what the carbon footprint of the food they consume is. More importantly, would the data be trustworthy and accurate? With Defra determined to ensure ‘public money for public good’ how do you rate a hedgerow verses a conservation headland or a farmer with a modern tractor verses an older one? If you were to take a standard chicken, grown and reared in the UK, could you give it an accurate carbon footprint? You’d need to consider its full feed, UK wheat and imported soya, road miles, heating costs and value of manure etc. Of course, we probably could, but would

the consumer be any the wiser if they read XXXgCO2eq/kg? Would a commodity shipped in a refrigerated container have a lower reading than a locally produced product? Of course, it’s all relative and comes down to the ability to correctly measure the ‘unmeasurable’. I don’t believe you can measure welfare in units. Assurance schemes measure process and procedure which again can’t really be given a meaningful unit value. Furthermore, how will the final consumer use the finished product and what will they do with any packaging? All food waste and recycling of packaging has a big impact on the product’s carbon footprint, which individuals need to manage the disposal of themselves.

Regional variance A tonne of wheat in Herefordshire and Worcestershire is recorded as having 356gCO2eq/kg while a tonne in East Anglia is 317gCO2eq/kg. The difference is crudely due to higher yields with total CO2 identified to grow a crop divided by regional yields. Would these numbers make a difference to a consumer when buying a loaf of bread or considering where an animal feed mill bought its wheat from? Over time it will, but before then, we need a carbon calculator that also considers the amount of work farmers already do for our environment. This work is often taken for granted and consumers are often reluctant to pay for it. Maybe this is where public money for public goods comes in to play but someone, somewhere will still have to define a public good and its real cash value!

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When others won’t

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Keeping ahead of phoma and light leaf spot Oilseed rape varieties need to have at least a ‘6’ for light leaf spot and phoma to even be considered for growing by a Gloucestershire-based agronomist. Farmers Guide finds out more. Phoma leaf spot is the most important OSR disease across most of England and untreated autumn infections can lead to spring and summer stem cankers resulting in a fall in yields that can be as high as 25 per cent. Varietal resistance plays a key role in keeping on top of the disease, says Zantra agronomist Tim Bullock (right). He does not, however, have a preferred variety, and his customers grow a wide number of different varieties, including Clearfield and HOLL, but he insists on them having reasonable levels of disease resistance. “Before choosing a variety we look at the disease profile and if it has a high rating (at least a 6 for stem canker) – particularly if it has an RML7 multi-resistance gene – it can cope with higher pressure. “If it has 45 per cent oil as well, then it is ideal,” he says.

“Crops are more at risk in warmer and wetter years, with dry and cold ones reducing that risk, so when deciding on strategy we do some modelling to assess the threat. “Some years this can happen in October, but this does not always result in high disease pressure,” he adds. While autumn 2017 was a high pressure year, Mr Bullock reports seeing far fewer infections in 2018. He sprays when a threshold of between 10–20 per cent of plants infected has been reached, depending on the variety and how well the crop is doing when it expresses the infection. “A larger, stronger plant will cope better than a late-drilled, weak crop which is suffering from other stresses, such as cabbage stem flea beetle. The smaller the plant, the less distance the phoma has to travel down the stem to produce the damaging canker. “Most years we can get away with one spray in the autumn, but some

years we may need to have two,” he says. Because the disease is so weather dependent, growers should be counting the number of rainy days from drilling onwards, he says. “I would advise combining high performance with good all round disease resistance that includes stem canker, leaf spot and verticillium. “Crops should be sprayed as soon as the phoma threshold of 10–20 per cent of infected plants is reached, and consider a second application later to prevent re-infection if necessary.”

Light leaf spot Preventative light leaf spot control in susceptible varieties is best done in the autumn when spraying for phoma, continues Mr Bullock. This is particularly important when conditions have resulted in growers drilling their oilseed rape slightly early so the crop is subjected to a higher number of infection events, such as in 2018. However as harvest 2019 has been delayed, which has impacted rape drilling date, it may only need one prophylactic spray in autumn or winter. The disease affects all regions of the UK, making it one of the most important disease threats to oilseed

rape. However, often infections do not express until January or February but, in some years, can appear in late autumn. As the autumn progresses mild, damp conditions favouring light leaf spot may cause difficulties in getting on the land to spray making autumn disease control challenging. Mr Bullock says: “Monitoring crops in January and February is always key to good control. “There is no threshold for light leaf spot treatment pre-stem extension so if disease is found it should be treated as soon as possible. “As we have prothioconazole, SDHIs and strobilurins, we still have a good armoury of fungicides for light leaf spot and phoma, with different modes of action. “Nevertheless, light leaf spot can be difficult to control if fungicides are applied at stem extension to heavily infected crops, so early treatment and resistant varieties are always to be preferred. “We never know what is going to happen disease-wise from year to year, therefore you have to take actions to reduce the risk. And both susceptible and resistant varieties will benefit from a more protectant approach to fungicide applications.” ■

Spore development Warm and wet weather conditions in August and September facilitate spore development from stubbles and early infections which can particularly affect more backward crops and small plants, raising their risk of stem canker development in the following spring. “Rain events make it easier for volunteers to grow, and it is from this stubble that the spores are generated which can then affect the next oilseed rape crop.

Phoma (left) and light leaf spot.





We specialise in the supply, installation and repair of all types of industrial and agricultural doors including • roller shutters • sliding doors t: 01503 813553 m: 07935 117752 • steel security doors • high speed doors e: • folding shutters Summer Cottage, Station Road, Forncett St Peters, Norwich NR16 1HZ • PVC curtains October 2019 21

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Using a pre-emergence herbicide can be a very good starting point for OSR, growers are advised.

Pre-ems key to OSR gross margin boost With oilseed rape remaining an essential crop in the arable rotation, growers must use cost effective and appropriately timed pre-emergence herbicides as an insurance policy in the event of potential crop losses due to seasonal pressures. NIAB TAG agronomist Chris Page (right) says the loss of neonicotinoid seed treatments has given understandable concerns about flea beetle, but believes there are far greater risks to the crop than just this particular pest. In recent years poor moisture reserves have made establishing OSR more challenging, but ineffective weed control can be potentially far more damaging. “If you’re committed to growing oilseed rape then it’s important to consider using pre-emergence herbicides despite the current risk of flea beetle and slugs,” he says. “The argument to not use pre-emergence has always been bubbling away in the background but it’s potentially

a very risky and expensive strategy to rely solely on post-emergence options. “Oilseed rape is such a valuable crop in the rotation with the early harvest spreading autumn workload and can have a positive impact on cash flow; both good reasons that are hard to ignore. “A pre-emergence product of choice is the broad spectrum herbicide Centium 360 CS (clomazone) because it’s cost effective and has no LERAP buffer requirement, which should give growers peace of mind,” he says. “Remember that weed ingress normally starts from the headland so if there’s a 5–10m buffer zone restriction, the weed burden is only likely to get worse.” A well-timed preemergence application can avoid, or limit, further need of expensive post emergence options. “Early use of pre-emergence herbicides, applied within 48 hours of drilling and rolling, is essential helping control weeds that otherwise become harder to take out

later in the season when much of the yield potential has been lost,” he says. “Post-emergence strategies should start at the three true leaf stage, but if the weed spectrum is known I would always recommend going with a pre-emergence option.”

Not just flea beetle Mr Page says that the loss of neonicotinoids has seen his oilseed rape acreage drop significantly, however it is not all down to the flea beetle issue. It is secondary to moisture – last year was very dry – and providing the right growing conditions for the crop to establish well is key. “For those hard core oilseed rape growers using a pre-emergence can be a very good starting point. If you have a history of shepherd’s purse, groundsel, cleavers or fool’s parsley it’s possible to lose the whole crop through weed pressure alone. Centium 360 CS has proved an extremely valuable tool in the box for taking out many of these problem weeds, including useful suppression of hedge mustard. When mixed with metazachlor the

weed control extends to mayweed and autumn germinating sow thistle. I’m a fan of clomazone and it can be used to good effect pre-em in oilseed rape, peas and beans.” Mr Page says that other alternative pre-emergence approaches in OSR are available, with metazachlor-based products such as Katamaran or Katamaran Turbo but these are generally more expensive. “I accept flea beetle is a problem and growers are more anxious about growing OSR; I recognise that the loss of neonics and build up in resistance to insecticides has made oilseed rape a difficult crop to grow. Upfront costs are high so I understand growers' concerns, but oilseed rape is an essential breakcrop in the rotation and alternatives can be limiting. If established successfully, OSR can return a gross margin on a par with, or be better than other crops.” The key is to achieve good establishment, because Mr Page says oilseed rape will grow away from flea beetle if the crop gets off to a successful start. Attention to detail to encourage establishment is paramount. “If you have historical knowledge of the weed spectrum and Centium fits then apply at a rate of 0.25-litres/ ha which at a cost of about £20/ha can be a good insurance policy. If for any reason the crop then fails, the costs will not have been too much,” advises Mr Page. FMC has done a lot of work over the years to optimise efficacy, but to safeguard Centium 360 CS Mr Page says growers must follow the label; using it in a minimum of 200-litres/ ha of water and apply using a coarse spray droplet to avoid drift, taking care as always on overlaps. ■

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Field f cus Our two agronomists report very satisfactory harvests in their respective regions, as Dominic Kilburn writes.

Nottinghamshire Agronomist Christina Scarborough said that the winter barley harvest had been a bumper one with regular 2-row varieties grown such as KWS Orwell and KWS Tower achieving between 9.5–11t/ ha – above the long-term average for farms in the region. Due to the exceptional yields, one farmer for the first time had to quickly sell his winter barley out of the grain store to make room for later harvested spring barley, she noted. Wheats were about average with hard Group 4 variety Shabras standing out in terms of yield, ease of management and autumn vigour. “Its increased vigour appeared to help suppress black-grass as well as growing away from slug damage,” she added. The majority of oilseed rape drilled in autumn 2018 didn’t make it through the season and was ploughed in to be replaced by barley in the spring. “Crops looked OK in the autumn, but they never got going in the what was a cold, dry spring and flea beetle did the rest,” commented Christina. “There was one field which we gave up on and, rather than re-drilling, we just left it and shut the gate. It then flowered very late in the spring, in late April/early May, and is

yet to be harvested. “It will be very interesting to see what it yields,” she said. Although there was little in the way of oilseed rape drilled by her farmers this autumn, and there is likely to be a significant fall in the area being grown in the region this season, Christina pointed out that her use of new post-emergence herbicide Belkar last year delivered very good weed control in oilseed rape. Containing Corteva’s Arylex active + picloram, she said that the product had given excellent broadleaved weed control, in particular cranesbill as well as poppy. “If I had an OSR acreage I’d be going down the Arylex route this autumn with a split dose; the first 0.25-litres/ha at 3-true leaves (BBCH12-14), followed by a further 0.25-litres/ha with a minimum interval of 2 weeks between applications.”

Black-grass While not resting on her laurels, Christina said that, through careful consideration of rotations, good autumn herbicide programmes and, latterly, with the use of spring-applied herbicide Monolith (mesosulfuron + propoxycarbazone), fields that have been badly affected by black-grass in recent years are now back to being in a “decent state”. “We are by no means on top of it but just a few years ago we were seeing a lot of wheat crops being

written off because of black-grass but we’re not seeing that now, and neither are we seeing so many patches being sprayed off in fields.” She suggested that while there was currently nothing new to consider about Cross Compliance, spray buffer zones are becoming increasingly complex and growers may not be completely familiar with names such as Anthropod Buffer Zones and the Drift Reduction Technology (DRT) Scheme. “Products are likely to have cropspecific buffer zones so it’s important to get good advice from agronomists, understand what the zones mean and make sure they are on the right side of the law. “In the past there was a lot of education about LERAPS, but there is less about the newer zones. That said, it’s all on product labels and should be written on the recommendations made by the agronomist.” Christina Scarborough can be contacted via email: Christina@ or tel: 07969 507082.

North Yorkshire It’s been a very pleasing year said AICC agronomist Andrew Fisher looking back at harvest results, where second wheats have performed especially well. “We got good yields (up to 12.5t/ ha) and good quality from the wheats but it was the second wheats which stood out. In many cases there was little difference between first and second performance,” he said. Group 4 hard varieties Costello and Gleam both performed very well in the second wheat slot; Costello,

Andrew pointed out, has consistently performed well for him while Gleam is relatively new. Likewise, fellow Group 4 hard feed Graham performed well while in the quality wheats KWS Zyatt stood out. “All in all it’s been a very pleasing year – if only the prices were a little better!” he added. Winter barley was another success for his growers with 10t/ha crops, while spring barley yield was a little more mixed on account of the cold and dry spring which held it back. According to Andrew, oilseed rape drilled before 20th August this summer has been hammered by flea beetle while later drilled crops have been slow to come through and get away due to cooler nights. “I’ve been recommending pyrethroids where we have to and, if that hasn’t worked, Biscaya as a last resort. “We were lucky last year – we only lost one field of OSR and we had cracking yields this harvest at nearly 5t/ha.” Speaking in mid-September, Andrew said that with fields now cleared of straw it was a job to hold back his growers from drilling but with black-grass at 1-2 leaves, as well as moisture, there should be ample opportunity to get a good kill. “The only downside for growers is that if it’s damp now they’ll feel it’s only going to get wetter and potentially impact on their drilling programme,” he commented. Andrew reminded growers that now is a good time to get soil analysis records for BPS up to date; highlighting soil quality issues and preparing nutrient management plans. “It’s always good to get analysis done – it acts as a management tool for the grower to better target inputs such as muck and slurry.” Andrew Fisher can be contacted via email: conker.fisher@farming., or tel: 07836 711918. ■


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LEXION the revolution.


With twin augers in the bottom of the tank and a much bigger spout the new combine takes just over a minute to empty its 15,000-litre hopper – it’s quite phenomenal.

Andrew Tetlow, AWT Farm Services LLP, Cambs, Suffolk, Essex borders LEXION 8900

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Rural Advice

Local plan hiatus and land funds In this month’s Rural Advice column, Carter Jonas partner Mark Russell vents his frustration with the planning process which, he says, still takes far too much time and is not without risk for farmers and landowners. He also highlights new opportunities. As advisers, much of our time is spent helping farmers and landowners choose and then manage relationships with developers or promoters who then spend their time and money taking a client’s land through the planning process. However, projects that are initially planned to take 7 years seem to take 14, and strategic sites that logically should take up to 10 years can take 20.

clients are seeing it as a way to extract value earlier in the process rather than potentially waiting until the end of their active career before they see the benefits. This early release of capital can provide an opportunity to buy higher income producing assets with Entrepreneurial Relief (ER) claimed on the transaction thus reducing the tax burden on day one.

Examples: • I put together a consortium of owners in 2004. Their land was allocated in 2006 and eventually sold with planning permission in 2018. • I worked on a strategic allocation between 2000 and 2007 where a client was funding promotion directly, this was then moved to a promotion company which has promoted the land with it only now having the first phase built. Since 2007 we have seen the rise of the promoter. Now we are seeing 'early land funds' coming through the market. Where clients’ land has been allocated in a draft Local Plan these funds are prepared to pay multiples of agricultural land value to secure the freehold of the site. Some

Risk factors

Projects that initially plan to take 7 years seem to take 14, and strategic sites that logically should take up to 10 years can take 20, says Mark Russell.

Most clients ask themselves why they would want to sell at what looks at the outset like a large discount. However, land going through the planning process faces a number of risk factors: 1. The market – in 2007/8 development land went from a high value to being virtually unsaleable over a period of about six months. While we believe the current strong development land market will continue, there are no guarantees. 2. The planning system is simply not certain, I have situations at the moment where land that was in a draft allocation was taken out without much reasoning when the final Local Plan was published. I even have a situation where a planning authority is 'unable' to write

up planning permissions for new development (across the whole district) because of an ongoing discussion between them and Natural England with regards to environmental offsetting. This was supposed to be completed in June 2019 – we have just been told it may take another year. 3. A benign tax regime with ER providing a cushion from Capital Gains Tax which could be altered or removed. Some clients are taking the view that receiving a multiple of agricultural land value now is better than waiting for the golden goose to get around to laying – when it’s good and ready. Mark Russell MRICS 07967 555737

SHEEP WE DON’T EMPLOY THEM Whoever coined the phrase ‘wisdom of crowds’ was guilty of some woolly thinking. True wisdom comes from standing apart and challenging the norms. Which is why you’ll never find our team of extraordinary people merely following everyone else.

Mark Russell 07967 555737

1-25 Oct.indd 25

16/09/2019 20:38


Tractor test

Power and grip from latest addition

Fendt’s 900 Vario-series tractors have become a firm favourite with large, professional arable farmers and contractors and the latest Gen 6 model is almost totally new from the ground-up, but offers even greater performance and comfort for additional appeal to prospective purchasers. David Williams tried it out. “The wheel nuts are the same as on the previous model,” stated Fendt UK tractor product specialist Peter Henson, explaining features of the new 942 Vario. “Apart from that there are few other components in common and everything else is new.” The new 900 Vario line-up consists of 5 models, the same as before, but a step up in horsepower demand has seen the previous entry-level 275hp 927 Vario deleted from the range, while a new flagship 415hp 942 Vario breaks the 400hp barrier for the first time.

Fendt Gen 6 900 Vario Model 930 Vario 933 Vario 936 Vario 939 Vario 942 Vario

Power (hp) 296 326 355 385 415

Fendt is referring to the new series as Gen 6 as the company believes frequent changes to exhaust emissions standards, referred to differently in Europe and the US, create confusion when used to differentiate between models. However, all the latest Gen 6, 900 Vario tractors do meet latest Stage 5 regulations.

Not a mini 1000 Vario For owners the biggest change is a move from Deutz 6-cyl 7.1-litre power units to MAN 6-cyl, 9-litre

engines; driving through Fendt’s VarioDrive transmission - first fitted to the larger 1000 Vario series. VarioDrive achieves efficiency through intelligently adjusting power distribution between the front and rear axles to suit the application and conditions. For operators the most obvious upgrade from previous models is the all-new cab, also from the flagship 1000 Vario series. However, Fendt points out that just because the new tractors share several major design features with 1000 Vario models, that doesn’t make the 900 Vario their smaller twin. It is actually a completely different tractor designed for different applications. With 415hp and on the largest 750/75R44 rear, and 650/60R38 front tyres, the 942 Vario is big; but with 5 steps to access the cab it has 2 steps less than its larger brother and compared to similar powered models from competitors the new tractors are quite compact.

Challenging conditions The test drive on a Northamptonshire arable farm was an opportunity to assess the 942 Vario cultivating stubble with a 6m heavy cultivator. The Lemken Karat 12 is suitable for shallow or deeper stubble cultivation and for the test the tines were in deep, and pulling it through the stiff, challenging soils at an average 12kph working speed took

VarioGrip integral tyre pressure adjustment and Grip Assist are logical upgrades, making the most of the versatile VarioDrive transmission.

most of the available power. Fendt’s demonstrator came with VarioGrip, an integrated tyre pressure adjustment system fitted at the factory allowing pressures to be set from the VarioTerminal display. Fendt Grip Assist was also fitted, allowing the user to enter details including ground conditions, the task and the operating speed; and an ideal ballasting strategy is suggested together with recommended tyre pressures. When ballast is already fitted, details are entered and Grip Assist suggests suitable tyre pressures and operating speed. Accepting the recommendation provides automatic tyre pressure adjustment to match. Because Fendt’s VarioDrive powers the front and rear axles through independent hydrostatic motors there is no mechanical link, so tyre pressures can be individually set for optimal performnce without danger of axle wind up. Fendt says it is seeing steady sales growth for the VarioGrip option from professional growers

wanting to look after and protect their soils. “It’s interesting that when dealers are asked to demonstrate tractors, there are more requests for the tractor to be equipped with VarioGrip. VarioDrive is an ideal partner to VarioGrip with the systems complementing each other and providing even greater advantage, so we expect increased demand for integrated tyre pressure adjustment for the new models. “One thing most manufacturers and engineers hate seeing is a powerful tractor with 3t of ballast on the front and a subsoiler at the rear working in hard, dry conditions,” commented Peter. “There is little opportunity for tyre slip so all the drive components in a traditional transmission are under massive stress. This just isn’t an issue with VarioDrive and the system will optimise tyre life too.” Grip Assist is a stand-alone function available through an unlock code, and for those carrying out dedicated tasks such as tanker work, VarioGrip will allow the user to continued over...

26 October 2019

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FROM£5,917 £5,917 FROM Sportsman XP Sportsman XP1000 1000


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Subject to and conditions and and credit approval. FinanceFinance availableavailable for new Polaris Utility ATVs, Utility UTVs, Sport and Leisure excluding Youth. Finance ** Subject toterms terms and conditions credit approval. for new Polaris ATVs, UTVs, Sport and Leisure excluding Youth. Finance offer ends 2019. Please contact your local Polaris fordealer details. for Fulldetails. terms and conditions canconditions be found at can offer ends3131December December 2019. Please contact your localdealer Polaris Full terms and be found at Free EASI worth £180. Subject to qualifying terms, conditions and availability. ‡‡ Free EASITraining Training worth £180. Subject to qualifying terms, conditions and availability.

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t 01789 763958 • f 01789 400330 • m 07836 589699 • e • 28 October 2019

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Tractor test

 Visibility front and rear is excellent. ...from previous page

select pressures to suit the field and road, and there is little requirement for additional guidance.

A second Isobus connector, on the front of the tractor, is an option allowing users to make the most of the new VarioTerminal which is capable of controlling two Isobus implements at once.

Easy to use Peter demonstrated how optimum tyre pressures are easily obtained through Grip Assist and adjusted using VarioGrip on the VarioTerminal. First the operator selects the implement attachment type - hitch, semi-mounted or three point linkage. Then the working conditions, tyre size, implement type, and anticipated operating speed are all entered. The recommended front and rear ballast, and tyre pressures are displayed. “Users know that optimising tyre pressures for each task improves efficiency, results in higher work rates, extends tyre life and protects soils from compaction,” said Peter. “But, without a system like VarioGrip it takes time and effort so often compromise pressures are chosen to protect the tyres, without making the most of their potential. A system to set pressures easily from the cab makes it much more likely that users will adjust the pressure for every task to obtain best performance.”

VarioDrive VarioDrive is an infinitely variable CVT system using a pump and two motors. For high torque situations where maximum power and traction are needed, both motors drive both axles. Below 25kph both motors are working but at higher speeds the front motor swings into neutral position so no more oil can be supplied and a clutch for the front motor disengages reducing drag losses. At top speed the second motor is also in neutral position which leads to a mechanical drive and reduced engine revs, for maximum efficiency, reducing fuel use and wear and tear. Drive distribution between the axles means there is no 4wd selector and because it is fully automatic the operator can concentrate on the task while the tractor’s management

The 10.4in VarioTerminal is easily navigated with simple menus and intuitive operation.

system maximises efficiency and economy. Differential lock selector buttons are retained, as VarioDrive distributes power between the axles, but not between the left and right wheels. There is no high/low range selector either - instead there is just one speed range from 0–60kph. Peter explained that additional VarioDrive benefits include a more comfortable ride. “We have little experience with the new 900 Vario so far, but users of the 1000 Vario have commented on the complete absence of ‘power-hop’, which often occurs with other high horsepower tractors. This is because of our transmission’s constant adjustment of power distribution between the front and rear as it reacts to working conditions. In fact, it reacts so quickly and easily that it’s impossible to feel when it adjusts. Even painting marks on the wheels and attempting to video it as it redirected power between the axles proved unsuccessful, as slip compensation started before the loss

of grip was detectable.” A further benefit of Fendt’s VarioDrive transmission and its ability to direct power where needed is that during tight headland turns, power to the front axle is increased, speeding up the front wheels and effectively pulling the front of the tractor in the direction of steering. This, Fendt claims, results in a turning radius 10 per cent tighter than a conventional tractor with the same wheelbase, saving time and reducing the space needed for manoeuvring.

Compact but capable The new 900 Vario is the same overall length as the previous version despite having a longer 3,150mm wheelbase. Width and height are slightly increased, although a 60in track width can still be achieved, and unladen weight is approximately one tonne more mainly due to the new engine and transmission. Hydraulic performnce is uprated. The rear linkage capacity is increased

The rear linkage lifts up to 12.41t and the rear spools supply up to 165-litres/min in base spec but an upgrade increases maximum flow to 430-litres/min.

to 12,410kg and the optional front linkage is similar to previous models at 5,584kg. Cat 3 or Cat 4-narrow are options but Peter suggests most UK users will select Cat 4 as it is better suited to heavy mounted implements which are likely to be the primary application. New handy features include a profiled top-link bracket which helps guide the ball into place making it easier to hitch up to mounted implements. There are also graduation markings on both lift rods allowing the user to check at a glance that both are of equal length before attaching the lower link arms. Hydraulic flow rates are available to suit the most demanding implements. 165 litres/min is standard with 220 litres/min an upgrade option, but a massive 430 litres/ min is also available from 2 pumps providing 220 and 210 litres/min continued over...

October 2019 29

26-55 Oct.indd 29

18/09/2019 10:17


Improved hitching of mounted implements is provided by the profiled top-link connection which guides the link into place.

Tractor test

Access for daily checks is good and service intervals are double that of the previous 900 Vario tractors at 1,000hrs.

VarioDrive transmission distributes power between the front and rear axles. Manoeuvrability during headland turns is improved by a 10 per cent reduced turning radius, as ‘pull-in-turn’ automatically increases the speed of the front wheels. ...from previous page

the different outputs necessary to prevent resonance at maximum flow. Rear spools can deliver 140 litres/min as standard but a larger diameter coupling allows delivery rates up to 170 litres/min from 2 pairs of valves. At the front end there is a choice of one or 2 hydraulic spools, plus an option to fit an Isobus socket.

Optimum efficiency The MAN engines and Vario CVT transmission work together to achieve Fendt’s iD low engine speed concept. Benefits include constant adjustment to maintain lowest fuel consumption for the task and speed selected, by allowing the high torque engine to work at lowest possible revs. This also extends the service life of the engine oil and filters. The result is a change to 1,000hour service intervals, up from 500 previously. The new 942 Vario achieves maximum 1,970Nm torque at 1,150rpm, and maintains the high torque up to 1,450rpm. Idle is now at just 650rpm with maximum horsepower achieved at 1,700rpm. 40kph transport speed is available

from just 950rpm. “We have no official fuel figures yet but with considerably more torque at lower revs and based on comments from early users, everything points to significant fuel savings,” said Peter. According to the VarioTerminal display, consumption during the test drive cultivating at the target 12kph was typically 14–17 litres/ha. Fuel tank capacity is slightly increased to 625 litres and Adblue tank capacity is now 70 litres - almost double that of the previous model and more than compensating for the MAN engine’s increased additive use, up from approximately 4 to 8 per cent.

Cab updated The previous cab was popular with operators but the latest version is larger, with improved visibility, more storage for tools and smaller items, and improved comfort. There are three cab suspension options including base mechanical which won’t be available for the UK. Mid-spec includes three-point suspension with a cone at the front and two pneumatic dampers at the rear, and maximum comfort

The cab is new, and almost identical to the 1000 Vario flagship. Space is increased, comfort is improved and noise levels are lower plus there are many other userfriendly upgrades.

is provided by full pneumatic suspension front and rear - which was fitted to the demonstration model. The new cab provides easier access including a large plastic moulded grab handle on the lower rear mudguard, improved step lighting and a wider entry door. The passenger seat has a revised folding arrangement reducing obstruction. Steps on the right of the cab fold in for protection but fold out for ease of use when needed. Also on the right is a space for a cantilever toolbox which slides out on a tray at a convenient angle for access. Mirrors adjust from in the cab including telescopic arms which can be extended to see around large implements and trailers, but which can be retracted to avoid damage when not needed. Optional front and rear cameras can be specified including a wideangle camera mounted at the front of the bonnet. This is especially useful for situations such as pulling out from field gateways onto roads where the view from the cab is obscured by hedges, by allowing the driver to safely check on the

VarioTerminal screen for traffic. Improved security includes a unique key pattern for each tractor, plus an optional immobiliser which is specified by most buyers An automatic parking brake adds convenience, setting and releasing automatically when the drive selector is pushed to park, and when pulling away. There is also an effective exhaust brake, providing approximately 50 per cent more braking force than the previous version and saving wear and tear on the mechanical brakes during transport tasks. There are four specification levels; Power, PowerPlus, Profi and ProfiPlus. The top two levels have additional functions available through a multi-function joystick and the ProfiPlus top version has a 10.4-in touch-screen VarioTerminal. The 942 Vario demonstrator was the ProfiPlus specification and fitted with many upgrades to the standard set-up. A superb sound system is available offering Bluetooth connectivity for phones and media. Eight microphones distributed around the roof mean that no matter continued over...

30 October 2019

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18/09/2019 10:18

Determine how your stock are performing at a glance with the

RITCHIE BEEF MONITOR • • • • • • • •

Cattle weighed as they drink Data direct to desktop / mobile* Optimal weight of cattle at slaughter Reduced labour input Reduced feed and bedding costs Early indication of pen or performance issues Tipping drinking trough for easy cleaning Optional solar panel kit

*Cloud subscriptions may apply

01307 462271 • • 26-55 Oct.indd 31

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Tractor test to whichever axle can use it most efficiently. It achieves this without any fuss or operator intervention and its ability to adjust automatically and progressively means there is no indication to the operator that drive distribution is changing. The new Fendt 900 Vario line-up are premium tractors designed for professional farmers and contractors and come with a premium price tag, but investing a little extra in features such as VarioGrip and Grip Assist will ensure optimum performance and efficiency can be achieved for field tasks, increasing work rates and reducing fuel consumption, and should enhance resale values too. The new 942 Vario has a list price of £300,887 in the base Power specification, rising to £317,150 for the top ProfiPlus spec. Average price premium over previous equivalent models is £9,000 across the series. VarioGrip adds approximately £13,454 while Grip Assistant adds a further £301 and it is likely that with VarioDrive transmission offering increased benefits over conventional systems, many of the new tractors’ buyers will invest in the technology. Of the previous 900 Vario model line-up, the most powerful 939

accounted for almost half of total unit sales so it is likely the new 942 Vario flagship will become the new best seller, with the 939 Vario and 936 Vario sharing most of the remaining sales volume. ■

Peter Henson is pictured with the new 942 Vario. He believes the new MAN engine and VarioDrive transmission will prove attractive and sales will be from current twin-track crawler owners as well as those using current 900-series tractors and competitor brands. VarioGrip integrated tyre pressure adjustment is a logical upgrade, he stresses.

S P P E Ask E C S T abo I A C O ut o L N ur OF TR FE OL RS !

plenty of potential to use the performance aids to get the best from the machine. Excellent visibility means it doesn’t feel particularly large, even on the biggest tyres. It’s very manoeuvrable, with light steering and light controls, and the automatic steer-in-turn provided by the VarioDrive takes effect without being noticeable from the cab. Automated headland management functions mean headland turns are achieved without fuss, even with complex implements. The demonstration tractor had full pneumatic cab suspension and, with the tyres suitably inflated for Secure storage for a cantilever toolbox by the task according to the VarioGrip the right-hand steps will please operators. system, the ride was superb; both when travelling at speed on the ...from previous page headland and while cultivating the which way the operator is looking there is a microphone nearby making cereal stubble. The new cab is very quiet, it easier to hear and be heard during allowing easy conversation even phone calls. with the 6m cultivator demanding most of the engine power available Verdict when typical engine speeds ranged The new Gen 6 942 Vario is easy between 1,450–1,600rpm to achieve to drive and it takes little time the 12kph set on the cruise control. to get used to the user-friendly Fendt’s VarioDrive transmission controls and screen menus to adjust is already well proven on larger 1000 operational settings. Although Vario models and offers significant there are a host of automatic benefi ts over conventional functions to help users, for those 13/9/19 16:54 systems Page 1 including the ability to direct power with more experience there is






Call: 01522 507600 • Visit: |

32 October 2019

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6 SERIES 156 - 226HP

RETAIL FINANCE 1+4 Annual Payments @ 0% 4+44 Monthly Payments @ 0% ‘Business users only’ fees apply See terms and conditions* Offer available until 31st December 2019

6 Series - POWERSHIFT - RCSHIFT - TTV The new 6 Series is a range of 4 and 6 cylinder models from 156 to 226hp, with a series of transmissions to suit every application and budget. POWERSHIFT - manual gearshift, RCSHIFT - fully automatic and TTV - infinitely variable: all transmissions have been designed with the operator in mind - easy to operate, simple to programme and a pleasure to drive, and now available with 0% finance over 4 years.

*Terms and Conditions

Finance for business purposes only. Promotion valid until 31st December 2019. Subject to acceptance and affordability checks. Applicant must be 18 or over. Available on new equipment only. The finance product offered under this promotion is hire purchase. The first payment, full VAT and a documentation fee of £100 are all due on signing. An option-to-purchase fee of £100 (including VAT) will be collected with the final payment. The customer will own the machine when all payments have been made. Alternative finance options are available. Terms and Conditions apply. Annual admin fee of £40 plus VAT. The offer is subject to a maximum balance to finance of 50% (based on RRP). SDF Finance is a trading style of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions. Finance provided by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Limited, Northern Cross, Basingstoke, RG21 4HL. Registered in England No. 901225. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Images are for illustrative purposes only. DEUTZ-FAHR is a brand of

SDF 6Oct.indd Series_Farmers Guide Ad_A4_09_19.indd 1 26-55 33

16/09/2019 10:06 08:43 16/09/2019

Whatever you harvest always pick SPAL l Engine cooling, hydraulics cooling, cab cooling. l Long life, reliable, robust. l Available direct or via our network of SPAL Approved distributors

Š BAD Photography

l High performance axial fans and centrifugal blowers. tel: 01905 613 714

The annual event for the agricultural machinery industry to connect and trade 20 & 21 November 2019

Visiting the Midlands Machinery Show was a fantastic chance for us to network with local businesses from within the industry and learn about the latest innovations.�

More exhibitor stands than ever

Basis & NRoSO points available

Technical seminars

Free parking and easy access

Product demonstrations

All day breakfast and refreshments

Lily Smith Fenner Precision Polymers UK

Register your attendance online

1 2


New layout for 2019


4 5


9 8



10 13

Learn more at:



Newark Showground, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY

34 October 2019

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Quick-change digging unit for 2-row harvesters The new quick-change digging unit from AVR has been adapted so that it can be easily dismounted .

Machinery manufacturer AVR has revealed its new quick-change digging unit at an event in Belgium. As of 2020, this option will be available on all two-row trailed AVR harvesters. The existing digging unit was adapted in such a way that it can be easily dismounted, without having to open the digging web or remove the shear holder separately. The entire digging unit frame and the digging unit can be removed quickly. To do so, the user just has to detach a few mechanical couplings and clamps. The included support legs/ wheels make it easy to retract or correctly position the digging units (on a hardened substrate) says AVR. In its place a digging unit frame with onion unit can be mounted. The onion unit has a foam-rubber roller (available in 900mm and 1,200mm sizes, depending on swath width) which helps the onions into the machine and closes off the digging unit at the same time when lifting. The AVR onion unit has also received a few minor updates including depth control by means of skis with depth adjustment wheels an option. Additionally the roller has a wider adjustment range. Another new option is rowindependent planting on its trailed four-row Ceres 450. Each planting element is driven separately by its own hydraulic motor. Speed sensors in the wheel and in the four planting elements ensure a correct measurement and feedback on speed and planting distance per row. With one hydraulic motor per row, the user can quickly turn a row on or off or set the planting speed differently for each row to achieve variable-rate drilling, for example on headlands, along spray paths or for rows left and right of the spray path. When using the on/off button per row, the function works immediately without any time loss, for precise control when linked to GPS. All new Ceres 450 planters can now also be built with the new Isobus link which can be retrofitted onto existing Ceres 450 planters. ■

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UNICO Plough

ROBUST AND RELIABLE UNICO M and L 3-6 furrows ploughs

• MP4WD bodies ensure complete inversion in all conditions and a wide furrow bottom for large tyres. • Variable working width without furrow close down for turnover means minimised pivot and linkage wear.


Rotary Cultivators

Power Harrows

Combination Drills

Flail Mowers

• Parallelogram linkage allows front furrow adjustment without affecting the true line. • Turnover memory function means reduced tractor stress.

OPICO Ltd. 01778 421111

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October 2019 35

26-55 Oct.indd 35

18/09/2019 10:21


Machinery A 1977 T-reg New Holland 8070 combine performs well harvesting 100ha of cereals for the Harvey family (trading as MJ Harvey), which says it has no intention of updating it.

Celebrating 60 years of UK harvesting In 1959, the first Claeys MZ combine harvesters took to the harvest fields of the UK for the first time. Sixty years later the Claeys combine family, which later became New Holland, retains a strong reputation for performance and reliability. Many older machines are still in operation and David Williams visited a Hertfordshire farm where a 1977 example is in regular use and its owners have no intention of updating. By the 1960s Claeys was one of the largest European combine manufacturers. The company was taken over by Sperry New Holland in 1964, changed its brand name to Clayson in 1967 and merged with Ford in 1986. The New Holland name gained extra prominence from 1991 when Ford was acquired by Fiatagri and New Holland became the recognised agricultural brand for the full range of combines, tractors and balers.

from local dealer Braceys of Benington, Herts its extra capacity over the 2 previous machines was needed to harvest 245ha of crops including wheat, barley, oats, beans, linseed and peas and the 15ft header was considered essential to achieve the work rates needed. “Our family dealt with Braces a lot for much of the machinery and received good service,” explains Michael. “It was convenient being close to the farm too.”

High output

New Holland 8070

During the 1970s New Holland 8070 and 8080 combines were a common sight on larger arable farms and Richard ‘Jim’ Harvey who farmed at Bury Green, near Ware bought his ex-demonstration 8070 in 1977, replacing 2 smaller models including a New Holland 1540 with a 14ft header and an older New Holland 122 with a smaller 10ft header. “My late father ran the 2 combines on 2 farms,” explains Michael Harvey who owns and runs the farm now with his wife Gill, and assisted by their daughter Ella. When the 8070 was purchased

Engine – Ford 6cyl, 5.945-litre turbo Power – 140hp Transmission – 3-speed Fuel tank capacity – 300 litres Std cutter head – 4.57m Since the 1990s the Harvey family has reduced the area farmed to 100ha of owned land which includes 24ha of grassland for horses at the farm’s other main enterprise - a thriving livery yard. Arable crops on the predominantly heavy land include wheat and barley, mainly later maturing varieties which

means harvest in a typical year starts in late August, and the aim is to finish within 10 days. “We rely on the combine to harvest our crops at the optimum time for a quality sample when moisture content is ideal for storage, so it’s looked after well, kept under cover and serviced each winter,” explained Michael. “We have never had any major problems with it and unlike modern combines if our 8070 does need attention; it’s likely to be belts, chains or a bearing - all of which are easily fixed on farm.”

Ella Harvey is pictured with a sample of wheat direct from the combine.

Brand and dealer loyalty Michael has a strong loyalty to Ford and New Holland products, partly due to their proven reliability on the farm and also because of the back-up which has always been available from the local Benington dealer depot, formally Braceys and later part of Ernest Doe & Sons. Other New Holland products operated include 2 tractors – a TM130 and an 8340, both very reliable. “We have considered changing continued over...

Michael Harvey drives the combine, but also transports the crop to the farm store which restricts daily work rates.

36 October 2019

26-55 Oct.indd 36

18/09/2019 10:23

ED1249 NEW HOLLAND AD V1.qxp_Layout 1 02/08/2019 14:20 Page 1



WITH INTELLISENSE™ COMBINE AUTOMATION, CR COMBINE HARVESTERS CAN DETECT OPERATING CONDITIONS BEYOND HUMAN ABILITIES. • Enhanced crop flow, improved deep cut Dynamic Feed Roll™ system • Automatic concave reset device for reduced downtime in case of overload • Up to 700hp on CR10.90 Revelation, the highest power in the industry • Up to 517hp on CR8.80 Revelation, the most powerful narrow frame combine ever


01438 869251



01376 321144


01692 405121


01206 871881


01702 544562


01223 880676


01245 380311


01353 860761


01953 602982

01728 746437

26-55 Oct.indd 37

12/09/2019 09:27

Machinery ...from previous page

the combine but then the obvious upgrade would be to move to a wider header, but that wouldn’t fit down the narrow lanes locally,” Michael said. “If we were to update then obviously it would be to another New Holland,” he added. Asked about parts availability, Michael confirmed that anything required has been available almost immediately and the only complication is that parts books and microfiches have to be used for part number identification rather than the quicker modern computer-based parts systems. “Our usual contact is Ernest Doe Bennington area sales manager Rob Freestone, and he lives locally and knows our machines well. If anything is needed he helps

The Harvey family with their 1977 New Holland combine. (l-r) Gill, daughter Ella who assists in the corn store, Michael and Ernest Doe representative Rob Freestone.

identify it at the depot and then sometimes delivers it after work which is a great help. The service from everyone there is excellent.”

Sufficient performance The Harvey’s combine achieves average work rates of approximately 9ha per day, but it could achieve more if Michael wasn’t also transporting grain from the field to the farm store. “It does what we need it to, and it’s very easy to set up for a great sample with minimum losses,” he added. “With straw walkers rather than a rotary separator the straw is in good condition for baling too, and there is really no point in us updating it unless something major goes wrong.” ■

New Holland machinery from the local Ernest Doe Bennington depot is favoured by the farm.

Jacobsens GFM


.. . w o n k e know, w

Duplex Euro 800


Dominator 310 MKS Plus

Profi Mega


Contact: Symon Jacobsen Tel 01561 361 340 • Mob 07973 542 142 • Email: • 67588

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Mechanical solution to post driving

Potential customers sometimes comment that there are “cheaper options on the internet,” say the team at Easy Petrol Post Driver. “We’re not going to hide from that fact. Nor are we going to hide any details about why we passionately believe in this product,” they add. The features include a 4-stroke Honda engine with good fuel efficiency, renowned reliability and an easy start. “Yet it’s the combination of the high-quality machine engineering with a powerful engine that really amplifies the functionality”. The gearbox reduces 5,000rpm engine speed to 1,720rpm at the piston. The piston then forces an air compression down the steel liner of the machine (at a rate of 1,720bpm). In turn, this compression of air drives the hardened-steel hammer flush onto the top of the post, driving the post firmly into the ground. Applying a downward force to the machine while initiating the throttle, instigates the return of the hammer up the body of the machine, which then begins the process again explains the company. The precise engineering involved results in the machine being low maintenance. In fact, all that is required is to check the bolts are tight before use and every couple of months remove the Christie Engineering cover plate to re-grease. An annual service to change the o-rings completes the servicing schedule. Machines are in stock at both the importer’s head office and showroom in Sheffield and across its distributor network. All servicing, repairs and warranties are handled in-house at Sheffield. ■

The Easy Petrol Post Driver combines Australian engineering with a Honda engine and a three-year commercial machine warranty.

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Cover more acres faster than ever and achieve even consolidation across the field

AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS Independent flotation and central pivoting of each section ensures superb contour following and even weight distribution. From 12.3m to 20.3m working widths. • Floating wings and centre pivots Superb contour following.

Rolls + Shattaboard


Triple Tiller

Euro Tiller

• Hydraulic SAT system

Even consolidation across the width.

• 3m transport width and hydraulic brakes Simple safe road transport.

• Heavy duty design throughout Built for high workloads and built to last.

• Heavy duty NG rings 20”, 22”, 24”

Cambridge & Breaker or Cambridge only.

*See for full Ts and Cs

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The ATV & UTV Specialists

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Wet Bale Management

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ATV test

Best-selling ATVs updated Honda has updated its best-selling Fourtrax and Foreman ATVs, with additional features promising improved performance and greater practicality. David Williams tried them out. More than half the new ATVs sold in the UK each year are Hondas, so it’s essential that any changes made to its best-selling models offer genuine improvements. TRX420 Fourtrax models are particularly popular with hill and livestock farmers where their light weight and superb agility makes them ideal for shepherding and other livestock tasks. The larger TRX500 Foreman machines are capable of handling heavier loads with ease, including trailers up to 600kg and, although many sales are also to livestock farms, they are often chosen by arable farmers and gamekeepers. The updated models result from the need to comply with increasingly stringent emissions regulations for offroad vehicles, and Honda head of Power Equipment Steve Morris commented that the company’s objective was not only to comply

with latest requirements, but also to ensure previous high standards of reliability and efficiency were maintained or improved upon. The line-up is as before including 5 TRX420 models, all with longitudinally-mounted, liquidcooled and fuel-injected, 420cc 4-stroke petrol engines. All have selectable 2/4wd, and there is a choice of transmissions; including foot- or thumb-operated manual, or a dual-clutch automatic with manual override. The Foreman line-up is also as before including 4 models - but the main change is increased 518cc engine size (475cc previously) and a new TRX520 model designation. All have longitudinally-mounted, liquid-cooled and fuel injected petrol engines, selectable 2/4wd and a similar choice of transmissions to TRX420 models, except that the FA6 automatic also has high and low range selection.

The new TRX520FA6 (right) beside its predecessor, the TRX500FA6.

Range updates Externally, one of the most noticeable changes are new load racks which are strengthened and have a flatter surface for improved load and attachment mounting. Paint quality is also improved. All models gain a handy water-resistant storage box within the upper section of the front rack. Underneath, improved impact protection is provided for suspension arms, drive shafts and outboard CV joints by full-length guards. The CV boot protectors are improved, made from new material for increased durability. The TRX520FA6 also gains a new

front grille for improved radiator protection, and all TRX520 models have new decals. Other updates improve ease of use and add convenience. Models with automatic or push-button gear shifting gain the ability to select reverse gear from any forward gear or from neutral, in one movement. The new ‘forward/reverse skip switch’ is fully electronic and as well as making reverse selection easier it will appeal to operators whose use requires frequent direction changes such as yard scraping or mowing around trees, with faster operation. Holding

TRX420 Fourtrax models

TRX520 Foreman models


TRX520FM2 5-spd + rev manual foot shift + power steering

5-spd + rev manual foot shift 5-spd + rev manual foot shift + power steering 5-spd + rev manual push-button electric shift 5-spd + rev, auto with push-button electric override + power steering TRX420FA6 5-spd + rev, auto with push-button electric override + power steering and independent dual-arm rear suspension Load capacity All TRX420 models share the same maximum load capacity Racks; Front 30kg, Rear 60kg. Tow capacity 385kg


continued over...

5-spd + rev manual push-button electric shift + power steering

TRX520FM6 5-spd + rev manual foot shift + power steering and independent dual-arm rear suspension TRX520FA6

Dual range 5-spd + rev auto (DCT) with push-button elec override + power steering and independent dual-arm rear suspension

Load capacity TRX520FM2 and FE2 models – front rack 40kg, rr 80kg, Tow capacity 385kg TRX520FM6 and FA2 models – front rack 45kg, rr 85kg, Tow capacity 600kg October 2019 41

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Machinery TRX420 and TRX520 models have new load racks with a flatter surface and a new profile for improved attachment mounting. ...from previous page

A new 1.9-litre storage box is standard on all new Fourtrax and Foreman models.

the new red reverse selector switch on the left handlebar, then shifting down immediately selects reverse, bypassing intermediate gears if a higher forward ratio was previously selected. Pressing the up button once returns the transmission to neutral, and depressing it again selects first gear or Drive. A safety restriction prevents reverse selection if the machine is travelling faster than 3kph. The new reverse selector replaces the previous mechanical lever and cable-operated system. For ES models, and auto models operating in manual shift mode, new shift map programming improves smoothness of gear changes. Previously the shift management system detected the riding style and adjusted the rate of gear and clutch engagement based on the engine speed just before the gear change. The latest version monitors the engine speed during the shift process for improved matching, resulting in smoother changes at all speeds and in all situations.

MOULTON YARD SCRAPER YS4H Heavy push pull swing over action yard scraper, for use on 3 point linkage with category 1 & 2 linkage pins, the head stock is designed to accept a standard tractor A frame. The swing over latch is released by means of a rope, which can be operated from the tractor seat.

Improved control Automatic models also gain temporary manual override, even when automatic mode is selected. Previously the rider selected either electric shift programme (ESP) or auto modes. ESP allows the user to change gear manually using the up and down selector buttons on the handlebar. In ESP mode the gear selected is retained until the rider either selects a different ratio using the up or down buttons, or until the mode switch is used to select auto. The new models allow riders to combine advantages of both modes; enjoying the convenience of full automatic gear changing, but able to swap to manual mode temporarily at any time, just by touching the up or down shift buttons. This is especially useful when approaching a steep slope as the rider can select a lower gear in advance, for maximum power or for maximum engine braking. If the shift button isn’t touched again for a short period then the system returns to auto mode, selecting a gear to match the speed and conditions. However, if the system detects that it is safer to retain manual mode, during a steep hill descent for example; then

the selected low gear is retained until conditions ease.

Test drive proves benefits A test drive of the new models also provided an opportunity to compare the TRX520 with its TRX500 predecessor. The off-road riding included steep wooded slopes and plenty of obstructions from deep ruts to tree stumps and fallen branches. Shifting between forward gears was detectably smoother on the new models as the gear change adjusted to suit the engine speed, avoiding snatching as drive was taken up or sudden decreased speed while slowing down. In reality the time difference during shifts is minimal, but comfort on the new models is improved. The biggest advantage over previous models was being able to use auto mode during demanding off-road riding knowing that if the situation required, then lower gears could be manually selected just by touching the thumb shift button. Previously the rider would have had to select ESP mode and then shift the gears. Riding in auto mode allows continued over...


ed is an k lv or ga l w lly tee Fu s


Specification: Scraping width adjustable from approx 1650mm to 2280 mm Replaceable 50mm thick rubber blade 420mm deep

For all your building needs...

Delivered weight 240kg Smisby Road, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire LE65 2UE Phone 01530 567040 Trade enquiries welcome Fax 01530 412512

From livestock, grain stores, straw sheds and workshops (industrial and agricultural) All groundworks undertaken, from drainage to concreting! Lagoons and water holding/sewage treatment plants, etc, also carried out


Please call for a chat – we are happy to help where we can 67576



The TRX520FA6 with independent front and rear suspension proved very capable during the demanding off-road test drive.

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W a c


Global Track Warehous Agricultural Tracks Extreme Heavy Duty –


TREAT YOURSELF TO A NEW SEAT! “Designed for Increased Traction and Extended Wear Life”

UnitedSeats have the answer for all makes of classic or modern tractor or telescopic handler For details of your nearest stockist:

• Extended wear life & decreased cutting • Extra Thick 6.5mm cables—Extreme • Friction Drive 4 year Warranty • Positive Drive 2 year Warranty • One Step Vulcanization technology or ring 01604 - 300014

0800 5877657


UNITEDSEATS.COM Off road seating manufacturer




Kramer telehandlers 6 m to 9 m stacking height: sturdy, versatile, efficient. Whether it’s the compact all-rounders or the larger ranges maximum capacity’s, all eleven models are made for the versatile tasks found on farms. The telehandlers are characterized by their high level of ergonomics and technical refinement.

Find your local dealer here:

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ATV test

continued over...

the rider to give full attention to the surroundings and terrain without the distraction of gear changing, but for steep hill descents being able to select a lower gear instantly if it is needed is reassuring. The Honda system works well - on the flat pressing the up or down buttons selects and retains gears until the operator selects the next higher or lower gear manually or, if no further button presses are detected then auto operation resumes. However, during long hill descents the low gear chosen for maximum engine braking is retained until the transmission detects it is no longer needed, and then returns to auto mode. The new reverse selector works well and saves time during direction changes. Reverse is engaged as soon as the forward speed is low enough; drive take-up is progressive and the improved operation will appeal to all users.

Bigger engine Increasing the Foreman’s engine size from 475cc to 518cc has enabled Honda to meet the latest emissions regulations while also achieving a small increase in power and torque. “Our ATVs are used for all sorts of

applications,” pointed out Honda ATV area sales manager for Northern England, Damian Butterworth, “but average operating speed for a utility ATV in the UK is approximately 10kph, so having machines designed to work reliably at low speeds in demanding conditions off-road and capable of moving heavy loads is the priority for professional users, rather than achieving high maximum speed.” The test drive provided plenty of opportunity to try out the low speed torque available including crossing shallow ditches and negotiating fallen branches. Because Honda’s ATV engines are designed specifically for the application with plenty of low speed torque, the drive clutches fully engage at very low revs. This not only increases fuel efficiency and reduces operating noise, but it also improves control when operating in challenging terrain as very low travel speeds can be maintained.

and free of charge operator training is included through the industry’s EASI scheme. Currently, purchasers of any of Honda’s range of new ATVs can also take advantage of a Datatool TrakKing Adventure anti-theft system free of charge, with only a monthly subscription to pay.

Verdict Honda’s launch event and test drive demonstrated the new features and benefits of the latest models, and particularly those with electric

or automatic gear shift. Additional control in demanding situations and increased ease of use such as selecting reverse gear in one movement will appeal to users and offer genuine advantages in a work environment. Most updates affect the larger Foreman 520 models, and with the new list price for the top TRX520FA6 representing an increase of only £270 over its predecessor, it will be the model of choice for current Honda Foreman owners and will also be attractive to current users of other brands. ■

Prices announced New model prices start at £6,425 for the TRX420FM1, the TRX520FM2 costs £7,850 and the TRX520FA6 has a list price of £8,600. When purchased through Honda’s authorised UK dealer network, the standard factory warranty is 2 years,

Honda senior area manager for ATVs and marine Neil Keeble (left) with Steve Morris.



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First class seats for every journey



10% off RRPs – call for details

TEK Seating, the UK’s biggest independent vehicle seating distributor for the OEM and aftermarket, offers a wide range of competitively priced, quality agricultural seats and spares from leading suppliers such as KAB Seating, Grammer, United Seats, Isringhausen and Sears.






• Engine Lubricants • Motor Car Oil • Classic & Vintage Oils • Gear and Transmission Fluids • Horticultural Oils • Anti-Freeze • Agricultural Lubricants • Hydraulic Oils • Haulage & Off Road Lubricants • Fence & Barn Paints • Greases • Environmentally Sensitive & Food Safe Lubricants • Cleaning and Workshop Products









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Branches: Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Rearsby, Leics

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L E S S T H A N 1% B R O K E N K E R N E L S

We are so confident of the T-Series performance that we are challenging owners of equivalent combines to go header to header and beat the T-Series to win ÂŁ10,000*.

We believe the grain quality of the S700 is so good we guarantee you can achieve less than 1% broken grain. If not, we’ll pay you the difference in cash for the lost grain*.



*Only at participating John Deere dealers. See your dealer for full terms and conditions or visit our combine web page at

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6000 What makes our 6 row haulm topper so versatile:  Front and rear mounted units give the perfect balance in both field and on the road  Shear plates to assist fine chopping of the haulm with choice of individual row or flat top bed deflectors  Replaceable ‘Hardox’ steel inner liner for hood protection  Heavy duty stub axles, wheel bearings and easy rolling oversize wheels  Greater variation in flail length to allow better flailing in the row bottoms with a steeply curved profile for maximum suction and prolonged wear life  Kevlar V belts increased to 5 belts per topper unit taking power transfer to a class leading 250hp  Floating parallelogram action on the rear units to allow each topper unit to freely move up and down over varying contours


Tel: +44 (0)1205 270128

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Silver anniversary and investment for the future  Lincs-based Scotts Precision Manufacturing celebrates 25 years trading this year. The family owned business is best known for its Evolution Separators and Trinity potato row toppers .

best year to date, although sales to date for 2019 are 50 per cent higher still. The Evolution Separator is now a standard fitment in grading lines manufactured by Tong and Haith and it is also supplied and fitted by 20 other manufacturers world-wide for grading lines and harvesters, with demand growing rapidly especially from the USA and Canada.

A potato machinery manufacturing business that started with very little capital 25 years ago is thriving, and investing heavily to meet increasing demand for its products. David Williams reports. Derek Scott started working with potato machinery when he was 16 on a Lincolnshire farm, later joining the team of TRP - part of long-established potato machinery specialist Richard Pearson, as a service engineer. Derek specialised in Grimme products but in 1994 when Grimme and Richard Pearson parted ways he was one of several service engineers who left the company. Derek set up on his own operating from a transit van, offering a mobile engineering service, and specialising in Grimme equipment. He was joined by other service engineers who had worked with him previously and the venture was successful attracting customers across the region. Derek was also asked by Grimme to manufacture elected components and by 1998 Derek’s company had been appointed as an official Grimme dealer. A suitable premises was needed and Derek rented a site on the outskirts of Boston. “I knew very little about accounts or management, but I did know about problem solving and we ‘winged it’, with the business doing well,” he explained. Disaster struck in 2005 when Grimme announced it was setting up its own UK sales and service subsidiary and several experienced staff left Derek to work for the importer. “We had to look at how the business could survive,” said Derek. “Having set up a business reliant on one manufacturer didn’t give us the security we needed and we decided that in future we wouldn’t put ourselves in that situation again and concentrated on manufacturing.”

Change of direction The rented premises was too large for the remaining team and Derek terminated the lease and relocated to a spare farm building owned by his father at Eastville, near Boston. “We knew we had the skills to manufacture products and components and in autumn 2005 we met Yorkshire farmer Guy Poskitt who commissioned us to build him a bespoke separator for his carrots. We owe a lot to him as money was too tight for us to invest in its development, but he had enough faith in our ability to produce what he needed and paid us in advance.” The first Evolution Separator was produced with the same unique cleaning table design as current models, and when it was installed in the farm’s cleaning line it worked so well and with such high output that a potential order for a second unit didn’t follow as it was no longer needed. However, local potato handling and cleaning equipment manufacturer Tong heard about the new cleaning table and took it on to fit to its own machines.

Topping demand Haulm toppers are another product with which the company has enjoyed recent success as demand has increased since the ban on using Diquat for potato foliage desiccation pre-harvest. Scotts offers its Trinity line-up in sizes from single to triple bed - allowing up to six rows to be chopped in one pass. Quick change flails are a popular feature, an integral shear plate ensures thorough leaf mulching and a replaceable steel hood liner extends working life. “We had already sold out of this year’s intended production by April and, having invested in increased manufacturing facilities we aim to triple production for 2020 but a third of the machines we will build have already been ordered,” Derek explained. “Our haulm toppers are strongly made and can handle a lot of power which means high work rates are achievable. For next year we are developing a nine-row version for three beds at a time and expect high demand when potential buyers see it.” Fully mounted wind-rowers have been developed over several seasons and are a strong addition to the range, mainly to satisfy the requirements of the flower

bulb industry. “Demand has been particularly high from growers in Cornwall,” explained Derek. “They have to be able to handle immovable lumps of granite which cause problems for other brands so our heavy duty machines are preferred.” Most haulm toppers are sold direct to end users whereas the Evolution Separators are almost all supplied to trade for fitting to new machines. We have worked closely with ScanStone over a number of years supplying Evolution Separators for installation in to ScanStone harvesting products, and the company sells and services Scotts Trinity haulm toppers in Scotland. In turn we have supplied and continue to support a range of the company’s products in our local area, specialising in windrowers.

British made Scotts Precision Manufacturing is the leading British manufacturer of haulm toppers and Derek said this aspect of the product range adds to its appeal with users. “We not only manufacture but we also offer a seven-day service, we aim to be on site to set machines off for the first time and we are always available to provide back-up. We use only topend components and bespoke parts are either made for us or by us. We tick every box of what our customers need and we believe most UK farmers prefer buying British when they can.” Derek runs the business with co-director and designer Matt Shaw who is also his brother-in-law and a company shareholder, while Steve Harker and Malcolm Perdeaux look after the workshop logistics. “We have a great team and can rely on everyone to get on with what needs doing with minimum supervision. continued over...

Unique design “The Evolution is unique in its roller spacing, and because the cleaning rollers can be set to rotate in either direction it can be used for almost any crop,” explained Derek. “We have supplied units to clean apples, melons, bell peppers, onions, carrots, flower bulbs, grapes, tomatoes, celeriac and chicory and all types of potatoes.” Ten were sold in the first year and more than 500 had been supplied by the end of 2018 which was the

Derek Scott (left) with Matt Shaw and an Evolution Separator being prepared for dispatch.

October 2019 47

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Machinery  A recent special build was this verge mower for Lincolnshire County Council. It cuts and collects the grass and delivers it to an AD plant to produce green energy.

...from previous page

We try to attract and retain young people and provide training to help them become skilled engineers which is proving successful. Looking at the long-term future of the business we need good staff and we pay well, try to provide excellent working conditions and, as a result, have a very low staff turnover.”

Manufacturing improvements Soon after moving to his father’s yard, Derek purchased the workshop building and it was refurbished, improving conditions for the manufacturing team. But growing demand meant the space available was inadequate and a program of investment assisted by several EU grants has resulted in purposedesigned new buildings being erected on the site, with the latest

manufacturing equipment allowing faster production to an even higher standard. In late 2018 a CNC lathe was installed, capable of automatically manufacturing shafts to complex designs while its supervisor worked on additional tasks. “Previously we waited for engineers to finish each shaft to fit to machines,” said Derek, “but now the lathe produces them faster and more accurately. It’s so easy to set up and use too, even for less experienced operators.” A press brake was installed recently allowing more panels and hoods to be manufactured in-house. Previously production was outsourced, but manufacturing in house will save money and time, and ensure stock is available when needed. Panel specifications are loaded into the computerised machine by part number, and to produce parts of the correct shape the operator has only to enter the part number needed and then follow the instructions on the screen while fold angles are produced automatically.

The new two-storey offices will include a customer reception and parts counter.

In-house production Unusually for a root crop cleaner manufacturer, Derek’s company has also started making its own polyurethane cleaner rollers. “They used to be very expensive to buy in but we saw the potential for making our own; particularly because it meant we could get better control of supply and also produce versions of different sizes or profiles easily when needed. Using our 3D printer we can design and manufacture a new profile for a bespoke application in just a few days whereas before it would have taken several weeks and been very expensive.” Being able to manufacture

Members of the Scotts Precision Manufacturing team in front of the new buildings. (l-r ) managing director Derek Scott; production manager Malcolm Perdeaux; CNC operator Joel Bowness; paint sprayer Sloan Metcalfe; apprentice technician Michael Soltysiak; senior fabricators Joe Hampstead and Joe Green; senior technician Steve Harver; designer Matt Shaw; apprentice technician Matt Ulyat; steel processing Kev Bailey; polyurethane technician Vince Hutchins and work experience attendee Tim Lawson.

polyurethane rollers quickly and cheaply means that as well as manufacturing for his own products, Derek also supplies replacements to fit Grimme machines, sold through Pan Anglia.

New offices The latest investment is in new offices to replace the ageing Porta-cabin which has housed the sales and administration department for many years. This will join the workshops as well as the parts store and includes a combined parts counter and customer reception. “We have approximately 16 staff working from the site now,” explained Derek, “including 4 mobile service engineers who spend most of their time assembling machines in the yard. We deal with professional customers, our business is profitable and growing, and we are still taking on extra employees to meet future demand. We have had some tough times, but with high customer satisfaction and a successful product line-up, specialising in an industry we know so well for 25 years has proved successful.” Looking to the future, Derek’s own children are growing up surrounded by machinery and both are keen to be involved in the business. ■


DRAINAGE LIMITED Lodge Works, Great Ashfield Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 3HA Email:


specialists e g a in ra d d n la e th 01359 259424

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THIS IS THE BRP ENDORSER LOGO. The endorser logo appears as a small, secondary sign-off on nearly all Can-Am communication (e.g. brochures, our website, or print ads).

It does not appear on any communications where the Can-Am wordmark is smaller than 6.25mm. This includes media such as social media posts and digital advertising. It also does not appear in short timeframe or moving image communications.

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Swift Lift elevators by Terry Johnson Ltd have been in production for more than 50 years. The first 30ft version cost £590 and was displayed at the East of England Show in 1969, on a trade stand costing £44. The stand invoice (above).

50 years of elevation celebrated

Swift Lift elevators have become a household name in the farming industry, seen frequently at trade shows and in use wherever vegetables, cereals and root crops are being handled and stored. The brand celebrates 50 years of continuous production this year, with manufacture having started when man first visited the Moon and Concorde made its maiden flight. David Williams reports. The Swift Lift brand was created by Peter Cunnington in 1969 and his first elevator - a 30ft model costing £590 - was displayed that year at the East of England Show. The elevator represented very good value, points out Terry Johnson Ltd sales and marketing director Paul Johnson, adding that the bill for the 1,200ft2 stand space that year was just £44. Terry Johnson Ltd started trading in 1986, when founder Terry Johnson set up his own business after his previous employer Hestair Farm Equipment announced its intention to withdraw from agricultural product manufacturing. Working from rented premises in Boston Road, Holbeach, Lincs, Terry had the opportunity to buy Swift Lift from Peter Cunnington in 1994, also purchasing the Cranmore Lane production premises where the company continues trading today.

The company is owned by Paul and his sister Mandy who took over running the business when their father retired 12 years ago. Paul explained that the family’s dedication to product quality and customer service and backup is what has made the company so successful and that will continue.

Versatile product Since the first Swift Lift elevator was manufactured the range has evolved with versions to handle most farm products, although most demand is still for potatoes, onions, carrots and cereals. Also being handled by the company's elevators are products as diverse as China clay and ice. Paul said that in common with other farm machinery, demand for larger sizes and increased capacity is growing, and a 900mm-wide belt elevator in the company’s Extendo range is the

current flagship. “They are well made, simple to operate and reliable which has earned them an excellent reputation within the industry,” explained Paul. “A soft rubber compound belt is efficient and ensures gentle handling of delicate crops even with modern high work rates.”

Sizes to suit The Swift Lift range includes the most popular Extendo series in 600 and 900mm belt widths and the standard model is up to 14.1m long when fully extended, but retracts to just 9.1m making it convenient to transport and store. Standard features include variable speed drive, an automatic slewing platform, luffing head and a low intake height. The belts have 25mm cleats to reduce rollback and keep handling damage to a

minimum. Optional extras include remote control, power transmission, a Safedown End Descender, panel cover and probe. Two Interstore elevator models are offered - the Interstore L which is the entry-level series from 4.5–7.5m overall length and offering lift height from 1.00–3.97m; and the Interstore T which is from 9.0–12.0m overall length and offers lift height from 1.00–7.54m. There is also an Interstore conveyor which, as a single unit, is available in lengths from 4.50–9.75m and offers lifting height up to 1.04m. Up-and-Over double conveyors provide working lengths from 8.80m extending to 14.30m or a larger model extends from 11.05m to 18.80m and provides a lift height up to 1.04m. The largest Euro elevators offer highest outputs (in excess of 120tph) for large-scale farm storage or industrial applications, and models are available from 8.5m to 19.0m with belt widths of 600 or 900mm. Models up to 13m are available with single or 3-phase, petrol or diesel-engine power units.

Rising demand “We sell the full range of elevators throughout the UK and have a growing export business too, including recent sales to Australia and New Zealand. The first elevator sold to Australia resulted from a farm manager from the UK taking over a farm there which grew onions. When a new machine was needed The Terry Johnson team (l-r) Paul Johnson, Kevin Frost, Charles Coulson, Mandy Johnson, Debbie Verey, Stuart Molesworth, Darren Hall, Pat Cross, Richard Hutchinson, Andy Cooper, Paul Tidman, Ian Roberts, Tony Cozens, Kevin Gilbert, Lenny Cottrill, Michael Bollons and Sarah Brand.

50 October 2019

26-55 Oct.indd 50

18/09/2019 10:26

The latest Swift Lift elevator line-up.

users. With much of our advertising continuing in the Farmers Guide pages, we have seen sales growth reflecting the magazine’s expanding readership area.”

Too reliable?

• Axles - Stub axles


Agricultural Running Gear Specialist

• Steering axles

•Professional and knowledgeable staff committed to excellent customer service.

• Tandem and tridem

“Our range is user-friendly and reliable and we are lucky to supply a product with such a great reputation that users enjoy working with and which means customers return to us every time they need a replacement or additional machine. We have a friendly and knowledgeable team of staff offering great back-up to users and we can supply parts for models of all ages from the oldest to the most recent, often from stock. There are still many early Swift Lift elevators working on farms which were supplied soon after production started when the moon landings were in the news. The typical length of service often surprises users, which probably means we build them too well!,” concluded Paul. ■

•Vast stock of all types of running gear to suit many applications.

• Bogies • Hydraulic & pneumatic suspensions

•Proven and tested high quality products. •Comprehensive stock of genuine ADR spares with next day delivery on most items.

• Wheels and tyres • Spare parts and accessories


he recommended the Swift Lift to the owner and the order was placed. The same company also uses its Extendo to load walnuts into containers for export. We have also recently sold a machine in to Russia and believe that its operation there will stimulate further orders. Looking to the future, Paul said that when compared to the original Swift Lift machine which was 30ft long, the latest 60ft models are quite a contrast and he also pointed out that work rates have increased over the same period from an original 40– 50tph to being capable of emptying an 18t trailer in under 6 minutes. There is always demand for higher work rates and increased convenience, he explained. As well as gaining sales by recommendation Paul says the brand’s success is also down to the growing popularity of Farmers Guide. “Many Swift Lift elevators were supplied to customers in East Anglia and Yorkshire in the early days - areas where the advertising and coverage in the magazine was noticed by potential

•Technical support from the world leader in the manufacture of agricultural running gear.


Main Road, Long Bennington, Newark, Notts, NG235DJ GREAT BRITAIN Tel. +44 1400 283820 - Fax +44 1400 283137 email : |

Terry Johnson Ltd

01406 422286

Elevators & Conveyors

Sugar Beet Cleaner Loaders

Terry Johnson Ltd manufacture a comprehensive range of agricultural and industrial elevators and conveyors, sugar beet cleaner loaders and undertake sub-contract work Cranmore Lane • Holbeach • Lincs • PE12 7HT

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PHR recently undertook a full engine rebuild on my Fendt 818. As always, a good job well done by professionals at a reasonable cost and on time.

Roger S Melbourne Commercial Farmer

PHR Agricultural Engineering Ltd Blake End • Braintree • Essex • CM77 6SH


With over 20 years of experience in the industry, plus engineers and staff with the passion and know how, we really are industry leaders in the agricultural engineering field


Previously known as PHR of Rayne, on 01 June 2019, PHR Agricultural Engineering Limited took ownership and has set out to be one of the best in the business at providing a range of services to keep your machinery running with optimal performance

Call to discuss your requirements

01376 551080 07802 404748 52 October 2019

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Seventh generation tractor reaches ‘new levels of precision’ Case IH spent time with farmers across the world to maximise their understanding of current agricultural requirements.

Just over three decades since it was unveiled, Case IH is launching the seventh generation of its Magnum AFS Connect tractor. Externally-obvious changes include a full-length door and new styling and lighting, but some of the most significant upgrades are inside the cab and the tractor itself, resulting in the new Magnum AFS Connect designation and a machine that helps the operator and owner to manage farming operations with new levels of precision, says the manufacturer. The range for the European market comprises of 5 models – the Magnum 280, 310, 340, 380 and 400 – with respective maximum power outputs of 351, 382, 409, and 435hp. The Magnum 400 is

available with 21/5 PowerDrive transmission only, offering 40 and 50kph at reduced engine speed. All models feature 8.7-litre FPT Industrial Cursor 9 6-cylinder turbocharged and intercooled engines which use the latest FPT Hi-eSCR2 technology to meet EU Stage 5 emissions legislation, with 13 patented developments, including a new catalyst, resulting in cleaner combustion. Models 340, 380 and 400 can also be specified in rear-tracked Rowtrac configuration. As before, the tractors have a rear lift capacity of up to 11,700kg while lift capacity of the front hitch, where fitted, is 4,090kg. Six remote valves are available at the rear and three at the front. Specifying

a front linkage does not now limit the number of rear spool valves. Hydraulic pump capacity options are 160, 221 or 282 litres/min. The range has been extended with the introduction of the Magnum 400 for even heavier and more demanding applications. “The new Magnum development began when we set out to research and understand what users today are looking for in this class and size of tractor, spending time with farmers across the world to maximise our understanding of their needs and requirements,” says Case IH global product manager for Magnum Brad Lukac. At the heart of the new Magnum models lies the recognition of the importance of data to today’s

farmers. That encompasses not just operating data such as the location of their machines, how they are performing and what they may require in terms of supplies such as fuel, but also data such as field records – area worked and rates of application, for example. All of this data can now be recorded and transferred securely in real time on the move with the AFS Connect telematics technology inside the new Magnum models. As a result, the new tractors allow owners and operators to adjust, manage, monitor and transfer data the way they want. AFS Connect is a new subscription-based telemetry package which integrates proven elements of Case IH Advanced Farming Systems technology to link fields, machines and data. The launch follows the preview of the cloud-based MyCaseIH. com web platform, AFS telematics portal and AFS Connect Mobile iOS/ Android app at SIMA 2019 earlier this continued over...

MACHINERY SALES | PARTS | SERVICE Abbotsley Depot Telephone: 01767 677316 Potton Road, Abbotsley, St Neots, Cambs, PE19 6TZ

Brigstock Depot Telephone: 01536 373238 Sudborough Road, Brigstock, Kettering, Northants, NN14 3HT


October 2019 53

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Machinery ...from previous page

year. In combination, these elements automatically display and store machine and field data, and allow users to monitor and manage it both from an office computer and remotely from a smartphone or tablet. With permission, Case IH dealers can also monitor machines, helping ensure they are running at peak performance, and remotely identify any issues. Elsewhere in the Case IH portfolio a new 8.5m header specifically designed for controlled traffic farming is being added to the Axial-Flow range of combines and headers next year. The 8.5m Varicut header has been launched to cater for trafficcontrolled operations, based on an 8m system. It will use the frame of the existing 7.5m header, extended to 8.5m to save weight, with an actual cutting width of 8.5m, to ensure a true and repeatable 8m cut for an 8m controlled traffic system. The working width will be 8.53m (28ft) and offer all the same features and benefits as the other Varicut models. The mid-year 2020 grain headers will also feature a new crop lifter, which has been designed to reduce losses by using a higher lifting profile to better lift lodged crop up to the cutter bar. To help improve wear

The Lemken Spica.

The cab interior of Magnum tractors has been revised and refined throughout to create a new operator environment.

resistance, the new crop lifters will also feature a wave formed skid. Meanwhile, the Axial-Flow combines will offer a new LED light package, including LED row finder lights for safer harvesting at night.  Combines manufactured from February 2020 will meet Stage 5 emissions regulations for the EU region. There will be new model numbering for the mid-range combine series with the 140 series combine range changing to the 150 series, to reflect the move to Stage 5 Engines. The 7150 model will also feature increased engine power, moving from a rated boost power of 402 up to 413hp, and a peak power of 453hp compared to its current 442hp. ■

FOR HIRE MT 765C•95E•85E•75E•55•45&35 all models in stock and available

Available with... GPS Guidance Creep Speed Transmissions Front Linkages Hydraulic Pick Up Hitches

New partnership for machinery manufacturers Nicola Lemken and Julien Burel have announced a commercial partnership between their companies ahead of Agritechnica 2019. From this November, Lemken will expand its product portfolio and offer Sulky fertiliser spreaders in its own, blue design. The product range comprises three series with a total of five models. The three series Spica, Tauri and Polaris come with tank volumes from 900–4,000 litres and a broad range of control options, from a basic version

through to 100 per cent Isobus. The new fertiliser spreaders meet the most stringent requirements regarding precision of application and economy. Nicola Lemken said: “We are very happy about this cooperation, and we are convinced that it will allow us to support our customers even better. Optimally harmonised processes, from stubble cultivation through to fertilisation, produce clear economic and agricultural benefits to farmers.” ■


Hire by the hour, week, month or year – it's your choice

Ian Houlgrave


Tel: 01507 466352 Mobile: 0780 134 3023 Fax: 01507 462812 Email:

54 October 2019

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Road oriented Steel belts Excellent self-cleaning features Fuel Economy High speed

FL 693M


26-55 Oct.indd 55

12/09/2019 09:29

56-78 Oct.indd 56

11/09/2019 16:09


Farm sale

Successful early autumn farm machinery sale  The auction was arranged by TW Gaze on behalf of the Pilgrim family. Brothers Richard (left) and Adrian Pilgrim are pictured with one of the two auctioneers on the day Edward Baskerville.

One of the first of this autumn’s farm machinery auctions provided an opportunity to take home lots including an immaculate 2013 Valtra, a very original 38 year-old Ford tractor and even a helicopter. David Williams was there. The sale at Bishops Farm, Eccles near Attleborough was arranged by the team of long-established local auctioneer TW Gaze and was on behalf of MW Pilgrim & Sons for who the firm has acted for many years across all agricultural matters. The Pilgrim family has been farming the land for three generations and the machinery sale results from a machinery rationalisation exercise by brothers Adrian and Richard. Although there were some included lots from local family farms,

most were from the Pilgrim’s enterprise which includes approximately 315ha of arable cropping. “We have always looked after our machinery keeping it under cover and making sure it is maintained properly,” explained Adrian Pilgrim. “Most was bought from local dealers and approximately half the lots on offer started life on our farm, including two of the tractors.” Adrian said he and Richard were very pleased with the attendance and overall they were pleased with the

prices achieved by the auctioneers. “It was a typical farm sale and one always takes a chance with these events. Most items made good money, but as always there were a few lots we felt could have sold for more.”

Ideal timing The sale timing was ideal with most farms in the area having finished harvest a few weeks before and with the weather since having been too dry to risk establishing oilseed rape. Being an early sale and with plenty of field work to be done when the weather allowed, many of the buyers were keen to purchase machinery for use immediately on their own farms. Weather on the sale day started dry but drizzle moved in for a while during the sale of the indoor sundry

Mobile dryers have gained popularity in recent years. This 12t Master Super R/S diesel-fuelled model dated from 1984 and was one of the included lots. It sold for £1,850.

lots, encouraging potential buyers to pack into the buildings, and it dried out in time for the main machinery sale outside, with heavier rain returning just as the hammer had come down on the final lot of More over page... the day.

October 2019 57

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Farm sale

...More on previous page This Stihl MS291 chainsaw with an 18-in bar appeared to have had little use, and appeared to be a 2017 model. The bar had only light wear and the chain had plenty of working life remaining. The winning bid was an impressive £340. A similar older saw that sold for spares or repairs made £65.

A set of 4 front and rear flotation tyres for a 4wd tractor was one of the included lots. It comprised of a pair of Dneproshima 66-43-25 rears and Good Year Terra-Tire 48-25-20 fronts. The rears had 90 per cent tread and the fronts were retreads which were almost as new. The set made £900. An elderly McConnel Shakaerator was in need of repair with a damaged PTO input shaft but still achieved a winning bid of £660.

One of the older workshop items was this vice on a cast iron frame. It sold for an impressive but well-deserved £80.

A Bomford Hawk Evo 6.5t hedge cutter, complete with Bomford ICS control box was in superb condition and fitted with flails which were in new condition. The 2013 model had been on the farm since new when it was supplied by local dealer Ernest Doe’s Attleborough depot. It made a very impressive £15,200.

A KRM Disc-O-Mulch 4m cultivator which arrived on the farm in 2013 was in excellent condition with plenty of working life left in the discs. It carried its original Johnson Bros dealer sticker and generated very competitive bidding, selling for £5,000.

More over page... This Ino Profi Mega multi-purpose mulching mower was new to the farm in 2013 and very tidy. The 3m flail made £3,400.

A pair of handy portable worklights were a good buy at £18.

From Bishops Farm this Cousins Patriot 3m cultivator was new in 2017. It had 5 legs and 2 rows of discs plus hydraulic depth adjustment and a rear razor ring packer. It made an impressive £10,500.

An unusual item was this John Deere protective tractor bonnet cover. Made by Cunningham in the UK it appeared in good condition and sold for £85.

Turn slurry into profit.

With 75 years’ experience providing our customers robust and reliable technology, we aim to strengthen profitability in your business. SAMSON Spreaders and Tankers offer the best fertilizer solutions, enabling you to not only optimise production, but also comply with environmental law.

Contact your local EASTERN dealer branch to find out the benefits of owning a SAMSON machine and how we can bring your running costs down.

EASTERN Brigg 01652 651810 EASTERN Catfoss 01964 545300

EASTERN Markham Moor 01777 838888 EASTERN Sinderby 01845 567407

EASTERN Sleaford 01529 303093 EASTERN Ulceby Cross 01507 462288

Co ww

EASTERN Wilberfoss 01759 388811

CLAAS EASTERN 56-78 Oct.indd 58

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The smarter way to get things done.


5yrs/3000hrs Kubota Care Extended Warranty included*

WORK SMARTER BENEFITS: ■ Powerful, reliable, economic & clean 95/113HP Kubota engines

■ Versatile PTO & powerlift (4100kg) for effortless implement work

■ Direct, smooth Powershift transmission (36FWD/36REV) ■ Kubota’s bevel gear drive for tight turning & high ground clearance

■ 360°vision & spacious, comfortable cab ■ ISOBUS retrofit for precision farming ■ Affordable finance available ask your dealer for details

Extremely manoeuvrable and capable, the M5001 Series is the smart choice for any field or yard task. It’s powerful, reliable and economic engine combined with effortless Powershift transmission, high clearance and easy control, support you every day, saving you time and money. Work smarter this season by taking advantage of the M5001’s package of class leading features, including a 5yr/3000 hour extended warranty, delivering total cover for every hour you work. All backed by Kubota’s legendary reliability and first class nationwide dealer network. Why settle for anything less? Contact your local dealer or visit our website for more details. OFFER ENDS 30th NOVEMBER 2019 Talk to your Kubota today. *Conditions apply – see your Kubota dealer for details. T: dealer +353 151 38996 Contact your local dealer or visit our website for more details. T: 01844 873190

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tes! u in m in s e iv n k r Sharpen you ner a le c t u c d n a r e w o less p harper knives use


Visit to ďŹ nd out more about the RX and MX Forage Wagons

56-78 Oct.indd 60

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Farm sale ...More on previous page

 One of the stars of the sale was this John Deere 6195R 4wd which had been on the farm from new. It was supplied by local dealer Ben Burgess in 2015 and registered on a 65-plate. It had a front linkage, 3 spools and had worked only 1,370 hours. The tractor had a 40kph transmission and was guidance-ready. It was on Michelin MachXBib 710/70R42 rear, and 600/70R28 front tyres - all with 95 per cent tread. The winning bid was from a dealer who paid £67,000.

 A classic Ford 4600 with very low hours and in superb original condition attracted huge interest. It was one of the included lots and had belonged to a local farm where it had obviously been well maintained from when it was supplied new by local dealer Cleales. The 1981 tractor was on a W-registration and had worked only 2,994 hours. The metalwork was very tidy with little surface rust and the cab interior was also in excellent order. It was on 13.6-12-36 Good Year rear tyres with 80 per cent tread and Vredestein 7.50-16 fronts which had 50 per cent tread but were slightly perished. The winning bid of £8,300 was from a trade buyer who described the tractor’s condition as ‘unique’.

 Two of the older lots on offer included a small anvil and a 56-pound iron weight. The anvil was just 50cm long and very worn but made £55 and the weight sold for £18.  This SnowEx trailer-mounted salt spreader was an included lot and sold for £200.

 Made in Ipswich, Suffolk, this handy SCH 4-wheel garden trailer was tidy and made £170.

More over page...

A Lynx-equipped tractor is ready for anything... (well almost)

Take the capability of your tractor into new territory with Lynx. Our accessories can equip any make or model for virtually any challenge.

^ Front Loaders ^ Front Linkages ^ Front PTOs ^ Weights

^ Rubber Tracks ^ Front Presses ^ Pick Up Hitches

For further details about the Lynx range, call Lynx Engineering today on ENGINEERING

01327 843215 or visit

More ways to add more productivity

2721 Trolltunga 56-78Lynx Oct.indd 61 ad FG.indd 1

15/03/2019 16/09/2019 10:52 15:44


Farm sale

...More on previous page

A selection of lifting chains and straps were sold. Prices ranged from £10–£50 for the chains and the straps made £15 for a pair. This John Deere M740i 4,000-litre trailed sprayer was equipped with 24m booms and had sprayed 4,255ha since arriving on the farm in 2015, supplied by local dealer Ben Burgess. It was on BKT 340/85R48 rowcrop wheels with 90 per cent remaining tread and displayed NSTS stickers dated 04/18. Condition was excellent and it sold to a dealer for £21,000.

There were 2 diesel ATVs available to buy at the sale; both included lots from different vendors. One was a 1995 Polaris D-BAT 4wd which had recorded only 293 working hours and appeared to be in excellent condition. It sold for £850. The other diesel ATV was this Eco Rider 2wd. It was a 2009 model with just 231 recorded working hours and was in very tidy order. It made £750.

This 1998 Rand air compressor had a 150-litre tank and was rated at 11 bar maximum working pressure. In good condition it made £200. Also pictured is a Spaldings Truecraft wheel changer which was in tidy condition and sold for £340.

A useful selection of wrenches and wheel braces sold for £18.

More over page... This Sealey Premier 10t trolley jack appeared in good working order and attracted competitive bidding. The winning bid was £210.

A Horstine Farmery Chemsafe bunded chemical store in very tidy condition sold for £260.

R A D I O Call us NOW 01604 402403


Farmer Steven Hope farms near Norwich and bought this 2008 Gregoire Besson RB7 5f reversible plough. The plough, with its original Ben Burgess Norwich dealer sticker, was in very good condition and ready to put to work and Steven confirmed that he intended using it on his farm the next day.


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CB Radios

Reducing the risk of flooding, land drainage and irrigation issues, together with livestock water supply concerns Water supply cut off! – Is there a contingency plan such as storage and a pumping system? These are common everyday issues for the farming community

Stuart Pumps are here to help you With the majority pumps and ancillary plant readily available from stock we are in an ideal position to fulfil your needs either planned or during an emergency


• Large range of both new and used pumps including self-priming, borehole, fully submersible • Option of power source such as diesel/petrol/electric • Over 35 years experience serving the farming community and the water industry • Very competitive prices • Most pumps and ancillary plant available ex stock • Options for sale or rental • Maintenance service agreements available • Technical and spares support available



T-3000 New Rugged Front Speaker CB Radio


on-line: email: • For further info call 01953 458988

62 October 2019

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Tom Youngs Farmer and international rugby player.

When the going gets really tough, you need tools that keep going. The STIHL range of chainsaws is the evolution of many years’ research and development and combines innovative technology with optimum ergonomics and low weight to deliver an exceptional cutting performance. Whether you’re harvesting wood or sawing firewood, count on STIHL to set new standards for user comfort and reliability.

The STIHL MS 271. The perfect chainsaw for harvesting firewood and agricultural use.

Find out more at your local STIHL Approved Dealer or visit Farmers Guide_Farming_Tom Youngs_Chainsaw_MS 271_297x210.indd 1 56-78 Oct.indd 63

04/09/2019 11/09/2019 11:32 16:11

P r o m o t i o n 20tonne Air Operated Trolley Jack

Valid until 29th February 2020

17pc 3/4"Sq Drive Socket Set

• Min./Max. Height: 228/457mm. • Air Consumption: 9.5cfm. • Features dead man’s controls and multi-position locking handle. • Supplied with 20/60/90mm extensions as standard. • Model No. YAJ20B • List Price £599.95

£419.95 EXC. VAT INC. £503.94 VAT

Request your copy from our website or view online for more offers.

• Contents: Standard Sockets; 19 - 50mm, 3/4"Sq Drive Extendable Ratchet Wrench 510-760mm, Extension Bars; 200, 405mm, Breaker Bar 505mm, Universal Joint. • Model No. AK2597 EXC. • List Price £339.95

£204.95 VAT £245.94 INC. VAT

Benchclaw™ Foldaway claws auto-retract enabling use on ground or flat work surfaces without needing to disconnect Benchclaw™ from your chosen tool.

• Patented design enables power tools fitted with Benchclaw™ to be quickly and easily mounted to conventional workbenches with a maximum platform thickness of 20mm. • Suitable for a variety of tools including mitre saws and bench grinders with mounting hole centres between 100mm to 375mm. • Required Workbench Jaw Opening: 100mm. • Suitable for all 8", 10" and most 12" Mitre Saws on the market. EXC. • Visit to view our VAT demonstration video. INC. • Model No. SBC01 VAT • List Price £29.95

£19.95 £23.94

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...More on previous page Two New Holland tractors were both included lots from a local farm. Nearest the camera is a T6010 on a 10 registration which had worked 9,600 hours. It was on Firestone 420/85R38 rear tyres with 20 per cent remaining tread and on the front it had a Good Year Optitrac 380/85R24 with 40 per cent tread on one side and a BKT Agrimax of the same size but with only 5 per cent tread on the other. It was generally tidy and made £15,000. The second New Holland was also a T6010 but was slightly newer on an 11-plate. It had worked 10,200 hours and was fitted with a front loader. The tyres had plenty of tread and the winning bid was £17,700.

This John Deere 6800 4wd tractor had also been used at Bishops Farm. It was a 1993 model on an L-registration and had worked 9,940 hours. It was on Semperit 18.4R38 rear tyres with 90 per cent tread and Pirelli 480/70R24 fronts with 40 per cent tread remaining. It made £10,000.

Also from Bishops Farm was this Valtra T213 Versu 4wd. It was in superb condition inside and out, having been on the farm since it was new, supplied by dealer J Riley Agri in 2013. It was registered on a 13-plate and had worked only 2,450 hours. It had a semi-powershift gearbox, front linkage and 5 spools and was on Michelin MultiBib 650/65R42 rear and 540/65R30 front tyres; all with 75 per cent tread. The Valtra made £45,000 and was bought by a Yorkshire farmer.

This Massey Ferguson 3060 Autotronic 2wd was new in 1990 and registered on an H-plate. It had recorded 6,640 hours but was on its second clock, and the transmission was said to be in need of attention. It was on Good Year 13.6R38 rear tyres which had 80 per cent tread but were perished and BKT10.00-16 fronts which had a similar amount of tread. The tractor carried a local Thurlow Nunn Standen dealer sticker and was one of the included lots. It made £4,600.

An unusual entry was this Massey Ferguson 203-7 loader tractor. It was an included lot and appeared to be on its original Firestone 16.8-24 rear tyres which were sound, but perished with very worn sidewalls. The winning bid was £1,000.

Mobile compressors are gaining popularity on farms, especially during harvest and in the drilling season for cleaning machinery down between fields. This Atlas Copco diesel-powered model was an included lot and appeared in good working order. The hour meter displayed 3,236 hours and the price achieved was £900.

Two JCB Fastracs were sold. Both were included lots from the same vendor. Nearest the camera is a 2002 52-plate 3190. The 193hp tractor had worked 7,400 hours and was on Nokian 540/65R30 tyres with 50 per cent tread. It appeared tidy, carried its original Suffolk Agri-Centre dealer stickers and made £12,500. The second Fastrac was a 145 model which was new in 1991 and registered on a J-plate. Michelin 495/70R24 tyres were fitted which had 10 per cent tread. It had worked 7,695 hours and was very tidy for its age resulting in a winning bid More over page... of £4,700.

Hugh Pearl Land Drainage


with 60 years experience of contracting can supply all your drainage and trenching requirements from design to construction

Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage) Ltd New Farm, Bobbingworth, Ongar, Essex CM5 0DJ

01277 890274 Fax: 01277 890322 October 2019 65

56-78 Oct.indd 65

16/09/2019 15:55


Farm sale

...More on previous page This tidy Teagle Tomahawk 8080 trailed straw chopper and spreader was new in 2008 and was one of the included lots. It sold for £3,600.

An unusual lot which generated considerable interest but relatively few bids was this Rotor Way helicopter which was described as for spares or repairs. It appeared almost complete but had stood outside for several years with many components exposed to the weather. It came with two new blades and an intriguing feature was the seating arrangement which included what appeared to be two school-type plastic chairs. The winning bid of £340 was from a buyer from Bunwell, Norfolk who explained that he hopes to get the aircraft flying again. Auctioneer Mike Sarson is pictured taking bids. He commented that it was the first time he has sold a helicopter in his years as an auctioneer.

Two Bailey 18t TB grain trailers were available for bids - both from Bishops Farm. One (on the left of picture) was a 2017 model, with its original Ben Burgess dealer stickers, and was fitted with Alliance 560/60R22.5 flotation tyres with 70 per cent tread. It had a sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailgate, air brakes and a grain sheet and was in almost new condition inside and out. It made £16,000. The other trailer was new in 2006 and had a hydraulic tailgate, grain sheet and sprung drawbar. It was on a mix of Nokian and Trelleborg tyres, all with 30 per cent remaining tread and sold for £9,200.


Just in time for autumn leaf clearing, this Billy Goat self-propelled leaf vacuum was an included lot. It was powered by an 8hp Briggs & Stratton engine and appeared in superb condition. It sold for £160.

Pictured is auctioneer Edward Baskerville, assisted by Jenna Goodall Browne taking bids on a John Deere Starfire 6000 GPS receiver which made £1,800. A GreenStar 3 2630 display made £2,500.

The TW Gaze auction team (l-r) rural associate Jenna Goodall Browne, sale organiser Simon Kirk, rural director Rachael Hipperson and auctioneers Mike Sarson and Edward Baskerville.

Call for more details!

MAJOR Slurry Handling Solutions

Custom designed and manufactured using the highest quality components. The MAJOR Slurry Tanker is unique in design; the barrel is supported by a separate chassis, to prevent cracking. From 1150 to 4000 gallons in a variety of configurations Heavy duty commercial spec axle


Internal baffle plates improve operator driver safety by preventing wave motions during transport Range of trailing shoes, dribble bars and disc injectors also available

Tel: 01524 850501


66 October 2019

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16/09/2019 15:56


Large Agricultural & Equestrian Range

Kate’s Bridge, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs PE10 0EN

Homburg Dynamic Drive 1.0 IBC Bund

Feed Bins

Spill Shak

Storage Containers

Dog Baths

Chemical Store

Tack Boxes

Horse Jumps

Boot Cleaners

Feed Buckets


ORDER ONLINE Or call our Sales team on: 0844 335 0347

Better control with HDD while flushing your drains 67570

Pallet Containers

Fentons of Bourne Ltd


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All of your tillage requirements covered. LEMKEN – for optimum seedbed preparation and the best crop establishment. Contact your local EASTERN branch today to book your on-farm demonstration.

EASTERN Brigg 01652 651810 EASTERN Catfoss 01964 545300

EASTERN Markham Moor 01777 838888 EASTERN Sinderby 01845 567407

EASTERN Sleaford 01529 303093 EASTERN Ulceby Cross 01507 462288

EASTERN Wilberfoss 01759 388811

CLAAS EASTERN 56-78 Oct.indd 67

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Sales Direct


WE OFFER A WIDE RANGE OF QUALITY BUILT PRODUCTS DELIVERED NATIONWIDE DIRECT TO OUR CUSTOMERS We also undertake all agricultural engineering, fabricating, machining and welding, including reconditioning and modifications to existing machinery, blasting and paintshop facilities. For further information please ring John on 07860 417643

HD Access Platforms from stock

Rigid Bag Lifters from stock

Heavy Duty Flat 8

HD Muck Grabs

HD Bale Spikes – available in all sizes

HD Multi Bale Stackers

e: • Mole Drainers (low horse power requirement)


Grain Pushers – available in all lengths

John on 07860 417643


Covenbrook Hall Farm, Stisted, Braintree, Essex CM77 8AJ

68 October 2019

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11/09/2019 16:13

The McCormick X8 VT-Drive could be seen working at Tillage-Live for the first time.


One step closer to a low carbon tractor

New tractor range revealed at Tillage-Live A fleet of McCormick X7 Series and X8 Series tractors – the primary models in the McCormick range for arable farm operations – supported several equipment manufacturers at Tillage-Live 2019. This event on September 4th was organised by AEA, the machinery manufacturers’ organisation, and held at Deenethorpe Airfield in Northamptonshire. McCormick dealers in the vicinity including Catley Engineering at Desford, Leics; A Downing Agricultural Engineers near March, Cambs; and the newly-appointed Northants dealership Venture Farm Machinery at Kettering also brought demonstration tractors to the event. The McCormick X8 VT-Drive could be seen working for the first time. There are 3 models spanning 264hp to 310hp and versatile CVT stepless transmission. McCormick X7 Series tractors

were also seen in action, giving event visitors the opportunity to compare the VT-Drive stepless and new P6-Drive transmissions, the latter serving up more powershift steps and a greater number of ratios than previous versions for even better control versatility. Both tractor series are available with Isobus implement control operated through a 12in colour touch-screen display used to set-up and adjust the tractor’s various powertrain, hydraulic and headland management functions. Topcon Agriculture precision farming technologies are also available using factory-installed electronics infrastructure for handsfree guidance, section control for drilling, fertiliser spreading and spraying, variable rate application and other functions that optimise productivity and inputs management. ■

The first pre-development of its Low Carbon Tractor (LoCT) has been unveiled by New Holland Agriculture. The tractor is a first result of the LoCT project, partly funded by the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK and led by the global capital goods company CNH Industrial together with its agricultural brand New Holland and its powertrain brand FPT Industrial. The project aims to design a commercially viable tractor capable of operation on biomethane while complying with the latest European and US emissions standards. It sees New Holland and FPT Industrial, working in partnership with Eminox, an exhaust after-treatment technology specialist, Zircotec, a thermal management and ceramic coating specialist, and Ricardo, an engineering consultant specialising in technology, project innovation and strategy. Meanwhile, New Holland Agriculture will now be able to

offer its customers AgDNA’s single point data integration, mapping and analytical tools. It follows CNH Industrial’s announcement of its agreement to acquire AgDNA. Paired with New Holland’s fleet management telematics, it will help farmers with decision making as they will be able to consolidate a range of data from a range of inputs such as machine, agronomic and third party data – including crop prices and weather information – into a single platform. The open platform works across data sources and brands and will make it possible for mixed fleet owners to view all data in a uniform manner in one place. ■







Yukon Model pictured (inc. optional special paint finish) from £212.89 a month +VAT plus Initial Rental in advance of £1,916.01 +VAT.


01954 574562 St Neots Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB23 7Ql †Important Information. Business users only. Rental amounts shown are for an Isuzu D-Max Yukon Double Cab Vehicle On The Road with manual transmission, excluding special paint finish. Excess mileage charge 10.4p + VAT at 20%. Contract based on 8,000 miles per annum, non-maintained. Vehicle must be returned in a good condition to avoid further charges. Provided by Lex Autolease Ltd trading as Isuzu Contract Hire, Heathside Park, Heathside Park Road, Stockport SK3 0RB. Available at participating dealers only. Excludes motability and fleet sales, not available in conjunction with any other offers or with BASC, NGO or NFU member discounts. Available until 30.09.2019. Finance options available at participating dealers, subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. Visit

October 2019 69

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18/09/2019 10:31


New rear mowers are cost effective and great for slopes Austrian manufacturer Pöttinger has redesigned its rear-mounted mowers with side pivot mounting. The low power requirement of the redesigned Novadisc is due to its lightweight construction. These advantages really come into play on steep inclines, rough ground and when mowing embankments, the company says. Due to their low power requirement, Novadisc models 222, 262, 302 and 352 with working widths between 2.20–3.46m can be operated by small tractors from 40hp upwards making these lightweight machines particularly suited to smaller farms in hilly terrain. The Novadisc rear mowers feature a new optimised centre of gravity, ensuring safe and compact road transport. During transport the mower is folded through 102 degrees. This provides a clear view to the rear in both rear-view mirrors. A low transport height is achieved by the hydraulic folding side guard (optional). In addition, the mower can be stowed vertically using the new, optional parking stand to save space.

The new generation of Novadisc rear mowers is cost effective and ideal on slopes.

The Novadisc 352 offers lightweight construction with high rigidity, says Pottinger.

The compact driveline and the drive belt tension regulated by a back tension idler ensure robust and reliable power transmission. The Novadisc rear mowers with side

pivot mounting are highly adaptable says Pottinger. The wide +22/-30 degree arc of movement enables easy mowing on rough ground and embankments. Mowing up to +45

degrees by lifting the interlock latch is also possible for short periods. Adjustable mounting pins mean these mowers can be hitched up to the tractor quickly and easily. ■

exhibiting at

Lowlander ® Manure Spreaders 3 Year Warranty | Details available upon request

Twin Vertical Auger TVA | 6 – 40 tonnes

Horizontal Beater & Spinning Disc HBD | 10.5 – 40 tonnes Tel: + 44 (0) 1362 860352

0114 269 9119

bunning spreaders

70 October 2019

56-78 Oct.indd 70

18/09/2019 10:33

For over 30 years Tramspread have supplied and manufactured slurry equipment. Our products have been rigorously tested by our contracting division and we trust them to do the job every time. RECK SLURRY MIXERS





For help and advice adapting your farm to meet DEFRA’s Clean Air Strategy.





Call: +44 (0)1449 766133 Email: Visit:




We manufacture, supply & build... • Cubicle Buildings • Lambing Sheds • Dairy Units • Workshops • Grain Stores • Industrial Units • Bespoke Design



Ideal for workshops sheds, garages etc. One can does it all!

• Internal Stables • Stable Blocks • Indoor Arenas • Hay & Straw Stores

01606 738 738 | |

October 2019 71

56-78 Oct.indd 71

11/09/2019 16:15






■ We are looking to Purchase Cricket Bat Willow Trees ■ Minimum of 5 trees – Excellent prices paid! ■ Extraction & clearance is all included ■ Free re-planting of replacement young trees Call Geoff Watling on:

01245 349811 or 07974 575431 Email:

5 GENERATIONS OF EXPERTISE of rts rs pa lie T pp NI su A w R No ity G al qu



ISHED d REFURB CONCAVES, n a W E N – in Specialists ARVESTER PARTS PREADERS, etc H S E F F IN A B H C M , CO VES IE S , S E IV N RAPE K ur own & MODELS facturing oVES – ALL MAKES u n a m w o N l ... Y CONCA HEAVY DUOTRDER see website fokr /cdeotanilscaves_user_story.htm MADE All Enquiries Welcome o


Hilltop Farm, Danethorpe Hill, Newark, Notts NG24 2PD


01636 702524 07976 696712


Recycling of

Agri-Truck-Industrial, Car Tyres & Tracks Collection throughout Central & Eastern England

PLEASE CALL 0345 331 2747


Forklift Brackets Weld on forklift & loader brackets to fit most makes & models JCB/Matbro £68.50+VAT all others POA

All major Debit/Credit cards accepted • Same day despatch

Terry Birch

07966 233104/01529 455776


Supplier of heavy duty rubber rings for silage clamps

Tel: 01159630011 Mob: 07436272292

72 October 2019

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Hire company invests in huge UTV fleet Event equipment supply company Energy Generator Hire Ltd, based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, has recently added 51 John Deere Gator 4x4 utility vehicles to its UK hire fleet, which now tops more than 170 units. Supplied by Farol of Milton Common near Thame in Oxfordshire and supported by John Deere Financial, the purchase of the XUV 855D 2-seater models was already the largest single order for Gators in the UK, before they were joined

shortly afterwards by another 12 S4 4-seater versions to keep up with customer demand. Energy Generator Hire was established in 2004 with just one generator by owner and managing director Tom Carr, who identified a market opportunity to offer a hire service to the events industry. The company now specialises in short, medium and long term hire of power and generation equipment to various industry sectors, including

A drone shot of the new 51-strong John Deere Gator fleet taken at dealer Farol’s Milton Common headquarters. 62211

events, construction, motor racing and, in the near future, the equestrian market. It will also be venturing into the electric vehicles sector in line with its sustainability and environmental policies. Energy bought its first John Deere Gator in 2015, initially for use at the company’s premises, but it wasn’t long before customers started enquiring about the vehicles and the Gator fleet has increased rapidly since.

“We’ve found that the John Deere Gator can handle all kinds of terrain with ease, and due to their high specification they can also be used safely and efficiently 24 hours a day by our ever-expanding client base, both indoors if required as well as outdoors,” said Tom. “In addition, all of our hire vehicles are Trackered and barcoded, not only for security but also to ensure fleet management and logistics are streamlined.” ■

Energy Generator Hire’s owner Tom Carr (right) with Farol’s John Bennetts at the handover of the new John Deere Gator utility vehicles.

TMK Tree Shear

The is efficient and strong. It provides a quick and easy way to cut and clear through hard and softwood vegetation.

Half the cost, half the time...

The TMK Tree Shear is small enough to fit on a 5 ton excavator and strong enough to be used on a 15 ton excavator Its easy fit bolt on brackets can be changed in minutes, giving the TMK Tree Shear the versatility to be used on a number of different size machines The unique design by Tenho Koponen creates a clean cut by grabbing the tree and pulling it across the fixed blade It then firmly secures the tree against the V clamp so it can be lifted and placed safely

View our website for more information and videos • Call 01245 320200 or Nick on 07535 211338 or Emma on 07956 087549 or email October 2019 73

56-78 Oct.indd 73

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Top quality belt driven air compressors for industrial & commercial users inc; garages, factories, workshops and farms. 10 bar/150psi max working pressure



.00 399EXC.VAT £ .80 FOOTERINC.VAT 478 £



WHERE QUALITY COSTS LESS Quality machines from Britain’s leading supplier See online for included AIR DISP. MOTOR AIR EXC. INC accessories MODEL cfm (HP) RECEIVER VAT .VAT GAS, TIPS, SHROUDS & WIRE IN STOCK XEV11/100(OL)†* 9 2 100ltr £399.00 £478.80 FROM ONLY XEV16/100†* 14 3 100ltr £425.00 £510.00 .99 135TE XEV16/150†* 14 3 150ltr £459.00 £550.80 £194EX.VAT .99 XEV16/200(OL)†* 14 3 200ltr £525.00 £630.00 £ 233INC.VAT XEV16/150(400V)†14 3 150ltr £535.00 £642.00 MIN-MAX AMPS EXC.VAT XE18/200 (OL)* 18 4 200ltr £579.00 £694.80 MODEL 24-90 £194.99 XET19/200 (OL)* 18 4 200ltr £619.00 £742.80 PRO90 30-100 £229.98 XEV26/200† 23 5.5 200ltr £739.00 £886.80 110E 30-130 £249.98 XE37/270 (OL)* 36 2x 4 270ltr £1169.00 £1402.80 135TE Turbo 151TE Turbo 30-150 £289.00 £449.00 TURBO AIR COMPRESSORS 175TECM Turbo 30-170 205TE Turbo 30-185 £489.00

INC.VAT £233.99 £275.98 £299.98 £346.80 £538.80 £586.80







89EXC.VAT .98 107INC.VAT .98


Superb range ideal for DIY, hobby & semi 8/260 -professional use CFM TANK EXC.VAT INC.VAT 7 24ltr £89.98 £107.98 7 24ltr £94.99 £113.99 9.3 24ltr £109.98 £131.98 7 50ltr £119.98 £143.98 9.3 50ltr £139.98 £167.98 14.5 100ltr £259.98 £311.98

Great for fast easy hole boring - ideal for fence/ gate posts


.00 149EX.VAT .80 178INC.VAT

£ £



MAX AUGER EXC. INC.VAT VAT DEPTH / WIDTH CEA150 Electric 560mm / £149.00 £178.80 150mm ED160A Petrol up to 1.6m £349.00 £418.80 NEW / 250mm



.99 54EXC.VAT £ .99 65INC.VAT £



18V BRUSHLESS CIR18LIC 1/2" IMPACT 450NM WRENCHES 3 forward and reverse gears


114EX.VAT .99 137INC.VAT




MODEL DESC. CIR18LIC 2x 2.0Ah Li-Ion CIR18LI 2x 4.0Ah Li-Ion







99EX.VAT £ .98 119INC.VAT £


EXC.VAT INC.VAT £114.99 £137.99 £169.98 £203.98

MODEL G720 G1200 PG2500 PG3800 PG3800DV PG6500DVES

KVA 0.7 1.1 2.2 3 3 5.5

HP 6.5 7 7 13

EXC.VAT INC.VAT £99.98 £119.98 £159.98 £191.98 £179.98 £215.98 £239.98 £287.98 £269.00 £322.80 £499.00 £598.80


• Range of precision bench & floor presses for enthusiast, engineering & industrial applications B = Bench mounted F CDP152B = Floor standing MOTOR (W) EXC. INC. MODEL SPEEDS VAT VAT CDP5EB 350 / 5 £69.98 £83.98 CDP102B 350 / 5 £79.98 £95.98 FROM ONLY .98 CDP152B 450 / 12 £149.98 £179.98 £69EXC.VAT CDP202B 450 / 16 £189.00 £226.80 £ .98 83 INC.VAT CDP10B 370 / 12 £199.98 £239.98 CDP352F 550 / 16 £229.00 £274.80 CDP452B 550 / 16 £239.00 £286.80 CDP502F 1100 / 12 £549.00 £658.80


.98 LOW HIGH 169EX.VAT LIFTS LIFTS £ .98 FROM UPTO 203INC.VAT 70mm 730mm £


EXC.VAT £119.00 £149.98 £199.00 £159.00 £199.00 £209.00

INC.VAT HUGE FAN £142.80 UP TO £179.98 £238.80 £190.80 BEST £238.80 SELLER £250.80


.98 179EXC.VAT .98 215INC.VAT




229EXC.VAT .80 FOOTERINC.VAT 274 .00



EXC. VAT £64.99 £69.98 £72.99 £79.98 £139.98 £159.98 £179.98





EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376 MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfield Rd. South 01623 622160 MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby 01642 677881


MOTOR COOLING CAP EXC.VAT INC.VAT 808W 7000 BTU (2kW) £229.00 £274.80 1080W 9000 BTU (2.6kW) £299.00 £358.80 1350W12000 BTU (3.5kW) £339.00 £406.80

Delivery & Suction hose in stock



.98 149EXC.VAT .98 179INC.VAT

£ £

Honda & Diesel engine models in stock *Diesel PLS195 #Can pump PRESSURE ENGINE EXC. INC. semi-trash solids DW50 MODEL BAR/PSI HP VAT VAT up to 15mm dia. Tiger1800 110/1595 2.6 £229.00 £274.80 ^Can pump trash solids up to 28mm dia. Tiger2600 170/2465 4 £289.00 £346.80 INC. Tiger3000 200/2900 6.5 £349.00 £418.80 MODEL MAX MAX OUTLET EXC. FLOW HEAD SIZE VAT VAT PLS195 186/2698 6.5 £439.00 £526.80 PLS265 260/3770 13 £669.00 £802.80 PW50 550L/min 30m 2" £149.98 £179.98 PW3 800L/min 30m 3" £199.98 £239.98 PS75* 750L/min 23m 3" £239.98 £287.98 PF75# 1300L/min 28m 3" £319.00 £382.80 DIESEL HOT DW50† 450L/min 27m 2" £359.00 £430.80 DW75† 750L/min 30m 3" £439.00 £526.80 WASHER HARRY HOTWASH SUBMERSIBLE Ideal for effective WATER PUMPS CAT117 cleaning of vehicles • Auto ON/OFF with a hot jet of PSV1A float switch up to 80°C .00 229EXC.VAT .80 274INC.VAT


2103 psi



.00 229EX.VAT £ .80 274INC.VAT £


145 Bar

Ideal for use as a garage/workshop Extra tough triple layer weatherproof cover Heavy duty powder coated steel tubing Ratchet tight tensioning ZIP CLOSE DOOR *was £346.80 inc. VAT MODEL SIZE (LxWxH) EXC.VAT INC.VAT CIG81015 4.5 x 3 x 2.4M £229.00 £274.80 CIG81020* 6.1 x 3 x 2.4M £279.00 £334.80 CIG81216 4.8 x 3.7 x 2.5M £279.00 £334.80 CIG81220 6.1 x 3.7 x 2.5M £349.00 £418.80 CIG81224 7.3 x 3.7 x 2.5M £419.00 £502.80

INC. VAT £77.99 £83.98 £87.59 £95.98 £167.98 £191.98 £215.98



MAX WEIGHT EXC. INC. MODEL OUTPUT KG VAT VAT IG950B 800W 9.3 £179.98 £215.98 IG1200B 1100W 12.4 £249.98 £299.98 35 £329.00 £394.80 IG3500F 3400W IG2000B* 1800W 19.4 £329.00 £394.80 IG2200# 2200W 26.6 £379.00 £454.80 *was £419.98 inc. VAT #was £466.80 inc. VAT


.99 36EX.VAT .39 44INC.VAT


CFF18B100 *chrome #black MODEL SIZE/TYPE EXC.VAT INC.VAT CBF20 20" Box Fan £36.99 £44.39 CFF18C100* 18" Floor Fan £39.98 £47.98 JUMP STARTS CFF18B100# 18" Floor Fan £39.98 £47.98 Provides essential home, garage and roadside CPF18B100 18" Pedestal Fan £49.98 £59.98 assistance Integral work light 910 /JS1100C include air compressor Long life battery




.99 64EX.VAT



MODEL SIZE CAM24 24" CAM30 30" CAM36 36" CAM5002 24" CAM6000 30" CAM110* 30”



BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ 01226 732297 B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. 0121 358 7977 B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills 0121 7713433 BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD 01204 365799 BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN 01274 390962 BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB 01273 915999 BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ 0117 935 1060 BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ 01283 564 708 CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL 01223 322675 CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN 029 2046 5424 CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG 01228 591666 CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH 01242 514 402 CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY 01244 311258 COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE 01206 762831 COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT 024 7622 4227 CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon 020 8763 0640 DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB 01325 380 841 DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ 01304 373 434 DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED 01332 290 931 DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road 01302 245 999 DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET 01382 225 140 EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace 0131 659 5919


Produces sine wave & stable power, essential for computers & sensitive equipment Low noise 12V battery charging Up to 7 hours run time on 3/4 load 4 stroke engine FROM ONLY

Honda engine models available


.00 119EXC.VAT .80 142INC.VAT


.99 Ideal £ 77INC.VAT for starting EXTRA LONG 1m LEADS FROM ONLY cars, £ .98 STARTING PEAK 49EX.VAT charging MODEL BOOST AMPS £ .98 phones, etc. 900 59INC.VAT JSM200 400 900 MODEL START PEAK JS1100 500 1100 BOOST BOOST EXC.VAT INC.VAT 910 400 900 JSM200 200A 400A £49.98 £59.98 JS1100C 500 1100 JSM300 300A 500A £64.99 £77.99 4000 700 1500 JSM350 350A 500A £84.99 £101.99 JS12/24 1000 2000 JS12/24Li 600 1200 INVERTER




• Min. height: 100mm • Max working height: 1090mm


£ HEADER .99





CAT131 £

FROM ONLY Ammeter £ .99 Multi-position 64EX.VAT charge regulator £ .99 Overload protection 77INC.VAT on charging cycle *was £191.98 inc. VAT #was £286.80 inc. VAT MODEL MAX AMPS CHARGE/BOOST EXC.VAT INC.VAT BC130C 15/120 £64.99 £77.99 BC190 38/180 £94.99 £113.99 BC210C 25/200 £119.98 £143.98 BC410E 35/400 £139.98 £167.98 WBC180 35/180 £139.98 £167.98 WBC240* 45/240 £154.98 £185.98 BC205N 30/200 £179.98 £215.98 WBC400 60/350 £199.00 £238.80 BC520P# 50/510 £219.00 £262.80




£ HEADER .99

* ’V’ Twin Pump MODEL MOTOR 8/260 NEW 2HP 7/250 2 HP 11/260 NEW 2.5HP 8/550 NEW 2HP 11/550 NEW 2.5HP 16/1010* 3 HP



XEV16/100 †V-Twin *230V

.00 549EXC.VAT .80 658 INC.VAT WAS FOOTER £658.80 inc.VAT






UP TO 7938KG CAPACITY IN STOCK ONLY HEADER MODEL CAPACITYEXC.VAT INC.VAT £FROM .98 20SPS12 907kg £79.98 £95.98 79EXC.VAT .98 35SPS12 1588kg £119.98 £143.98 £95 FOOTER INC.VAT 800SS12 3936kg £329.00 £394.80

OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451


.98 49EXC.VAT .98 59INC.VAT

£ £


*Pumps solids up to HSEC650A 30mm diameter #Pumps solids up to 35mm diameter †Sewage cutter pump MODEL MAX FLOW LPM MAX HEAD EXC. VAT INC. VAT PSV1A* 140 5.8m £49.98 £59.98 HIPPO 2 (230V) 85 6.0m £54.99 £65.99 PVP11A# 258 11.0m £79.98 £95.98 PSP125 125 10.2m £87.99 £105.59 HSEC650A† 290 9.5m £199.98 £239.98


ONLINE TELESALES 0115 956 5555




Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE. Terms & conditions apply see for more details

29174 (63) FARM 56-78 Oct.indd 74(full).indd 1


13/08/2019 11/09/2019 14:17 16:18


Show Report : UK Dairy Day 2019




AT 39 98 98 98


VAT .80 .80 .80


NC. AT 98 98 98 80 80 80


VAT .98 .99 .98 .59 .98


We share some highlights from this year’s UK Dairy Day, held at Telford International Centre on September 11th 2019. Now in its sixth year, the one-day event attracted more than 9,000 visitors. It’s organised by Holstein UK, with support from a wealth of other businesses and organisations within the dairy sector. Rachael Porter writes.

“Based on a 200-cow herd, this could lead to financial losses of up to £105,000 during a 12-month period. So tackling feed waste offers a huge opportunity to boost the bottom line. “And while it is a challenging area, there are practical steps that can be taken.”

Excellent silage-making year

Show ring results highlights

The coming winter looks set to be a good one for UK dairy producers, with better quality silage and increased stocks pointing towards reduced feed costs and improved production from forage. That was the message from Trouw Nutrition GB’s Liz Homer (right) at UK Dairy Day, who shared the results of 4,500 first-cut grass samples, 1,000 second cuts, and more than 500 wholecrop samples analysed so far this year. “Good weather and the adoption of multi-cut systems by many producers mean that silage stocks are typically higher and the quality is looking good,” she said. “Together these should allow higher forage intakes, improve rumen performance, and the potential to reduce purchased feed costs per litre. “The high quality seen in the early first cuts has continued into later cuts. Grass silage is drier, on the whole, with good energy and protein contents. And wholecrop has a higher starch content, but slightly depressed energy levels overall.” Dr Homer added that while silages are analysing better (see Table 1), there is a range in the results: “This means that it is essential that producers get clamps analysed regularly. The priority must be to understand how the forages will feed and to balance them appropriately.” Dr Homer said that there should be the opportunity to drive forage intakes, with each additional 1kg of forage dry matter fed allowing a reduction of 0.8kgDM from concentrates. “This will help to increase margins.” To maximise intakes she stresses the need to avoid the TMR or clamps heating, to mix the diet correctly, to push feed up regularly, and to optimise total ration dry matter at between 45 per cent and 50 per cent.

“Producers could be on the brink of a more profitable winter, but the imperative will be to maximise the value in the clamp by balancing diets carefully, targeting higher forage dry matter intakes and having faith in the forage and not oversupplementing diets.”

Cut feed waste to drive profit margins Producers can now benefit from a pioneering advice service that aims to increase profit margins by a minimum of 1.2ppl through reducing feed waste and optimising input utilisation. Launched at UK Dairy Day, Alltech Navigate aims to support the dairy industry on the journey to higher business resilience. The advice service, which is free to access, involves a simple three-step process; assess, analyse, action. “A two-hour on-farm assessment looks, at detail, into the four key areas where feed waste can occur,” said the company’s Ian Leach. These areas include; in the field, during storage, at feed-out, and inside the cow. “Data collected during the assessment is then analysed using the programming tool in order to produce percentage losses, and monetary values, to illustrate the financial pinch-points,” he added. “Finally, a concise report, containing actionable recommendations is generated to help farmers make well-informed strategic decisions on what steps, and potential investment, is required to help reduce feed waste and optimise input utilisation.” Results from the latest Alltech feed waste reduction and utilisation on-farm pilot study, which looked specifically at higher-efficiency UK dairy herds, highlighted that feed waste could be costing as much as £216 per cow, per year. “However, the reality is that this figure could be much higher depending on the system in place. For example, results from our first pilot study, which assessed a broad spectrum of dairy farms, revealed that the average waste value per cow sat at £522.44 per annum,” he said.



Early first cut

First cut

Second cut


Dry matter (%)





Crude protein (%DM)





D Value (%)





ME (MJ/kgDM)










Lignin (g/kgDM)





Acid load





Fibre Index





DyNE (MJ/kgDM)

Holstein Grand Championship Champion: Newbirks Jazz 1584, owned by R & E Butterfield Reserve Champion: Evening Stanleycup Jennifer, owned by Evening Hill Farm Ltd Honourable Mention: Whinchat Stanleycup Farrah, owned by Evening Hill Farm Ltd ■

Photograph Claire Swale Photography

Holstein judge Patrick Rüttimann.

Photograph Claire Swale Photography

Interbreed Champion Newbirks Jazz 1584 and Reserve Champion Allstar Triclo Joybell.

Table 1: 2019 silage averages, to September 2019 (Source: TNGB)

Starch (%DM)


Interbreed Grand Championship Champion: (Holstein) Newbirks Jazz 1584, owned by R & E Butterfield Reserve Champion: (Ayrshire) Allstar Triclo Joybell, owned by E T Tomlinson & Son Honourable Mention: (Brown Swiss) Kedar Rhapsody, owned by T Lochhead & Sons






Photograph Claire Swale Photography

The show ring finale as the Supreme Champion is announced.

October 2019 75


56-78 Oct.indd 75

18/09/2019 10:36

Maximising carcase value when selling deadweight

With the majority of prime beef cattle and young bulls now being sold deadweight, more finishers are becoming attuned to the need to avoid out-of-spec penalties. However, they are also keen to ensure cattle do not fall too far short of their processor’s maximum top weight and so forfeit potential value. For many professional finishers, regular weighing is the solution even though they might consider themselves to be fairly accurate at estimating weight by eye. One Scottish producer however, has discovered that the stress involved in regular ‘manual’ weighing

sessions could in fact slow down or even temporarily halt an animal’s growth rate, and this is something which can go undetected. The family business, popularly known as Greens of Corskie, is run by Iain Green and family, trading as W.J. and J. Green. The business is based at Corskie Farm, Garmouth in Morayshire, and totals 1,716ha. This comprises of their own 3 farms along with a number of contract farming agreements. They have some 905ha of cropping along with cattle, sheep and pigs. The cattle enterprise includes the Greens’ well-known herd of 180 pedigree

Simmentals under the Corskie prefix which have been on the farm for more than 30 years. It has been a closed herd for many years, only buying in bulls, and runs in tandem with approximately 380 Simmental cross cows and in-calf heifers. Progeny are reared for both pedigree replacements, market stores and some which are taken on to finishing. ”All we finish here are heifers not suitable for breeding, plus autumn born young bulls from the suckler herd, and all the pedigree Simmental bulls we consider not good enough for one reason or another for sale as breeding animals,” explains Iain Green. “Bulls are finished on ad-lib bought-in ration plus hay and bedded on straw.” The farm is regularly involved in trials and Greens is a participant in the three-year monitor farm programme in Scotland funded by the Scottish Government and EU’s Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund. The business has been evaluating a new automatic weighing system for beef cattle in which the animals voluntarily enter the weigher with no human persuasion. It was the results recorded from this technology which drew the Greens’ attention to the fact that the regular handling to assess fat depth and eye muscle by ultrasound, as part of their Breedplan recording programme with the British Simmental Cattle Society, did in fact impact on weight gain. “When we did this with a bunch of 32 pedigree bulls, the automatic weighings afterward, revealed it took between 7–10 days before these bulls began to put on weight again,” says Iain’s daughter Laura. “We are quite sure this can be put down simply to the stress of being handled. Anything

which can be automated to minimise the need to handle cattle has got to be good for both men and cattle, and of course, it will reduce the days to slaughter.” The weighing system is the Ritchie Beef Monitor which is designed to work with groups of up to 50 animals, similar to the group sizes used at Corskie. It is a free access crate with a load-bar weighing platform which the cattle visit several times a day to drink. Carrying EID eartags, the cattle are automatically identified as they lower their heads to the water, and the weight is recorded and transmitted to cloud-based storage. The weights for each animal are averaged at the end of each day to produce both the actual weight and updated daily gain, and weights therefore are a combination of full or empty stomachs and bladders. “We have found that some animals might visit 12 times or so in a 24-hour period but the readings are averaged for the day and provide us with a very accurate indication of weight on an on-going basis,” says Laura. “The weighing system has revealed some interesting data we would otherwise have been unaware of, on top of the basic purpose of keeping a close eye on animal performance.” Iain Green is keen to ensure that to maximise returns, they are hitting abattoir spec with every animal: “This system is giving us the accuracy I could not achieve by eye and would have to weigh manually. We have been weighing pedigree animals conventionally for a long time and I have always liked to think I have a good eye for assessing weight, but I know it is not necessarily so. “What it means is we are not sending in cattle which will be


FEED ROUND BALES – Save up to 20% on feed bills SPREADS WITHOUT CHOPPING – Minimal dust UTILISE 1 MACHINE FOR 2 JOBS – Save time and money BED UP TO 10 METRES – Great bedding distribution FITS TO LOADERS & TRACTORS – Suits many applications NO ELECTRONICS – Simple to use and maintain DETACHABLE LOADING HEADSTOCK – Fast and easy reloading

BFR-180 CROSSFIRE TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! CALL US TO BOOK YOUR FREE DEMO TODAY! FG0119. Wessex International is a trading name of Wessex International Machinery.

T: 01264 345870

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76 October 2019

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Livestock penalised on being over-weight – in our case 400kg deadweight for our buyer – but also we can take them closer to target weight safely. The system flags up all animals calculated to be 100kg off finishing.” Iain sends bulls to slaughter at 13-14 months of age weighing 700kg liveweight. “Since we have been using the Beef Monitor, our average deadweight has risen from 376kg to 399kg. That is an extra 23kg of value per beast and on that basis, coupled with few weight penalties, I think this system can certainly pay for itself,” he says. The system can recognise erroneous weights, like a beast with just a front leg on the weighing platform, and flags this up, as it will if an animal has lost a tag. “It can also be an indicator of a potential health problem, if an individual animal stops putting on weight while the rest are still gaining,” he adds. Farmers can access data from their own dashboard on the Ritchie website via office pc, laptop or a mobile app. There is a monthly charge of £25. The nine monitor farms in Scotland are run jointly with Quality Meat Scotland and AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds. ■

Feed pit and bale silage with ease The I-73 bale shear and I-75 multi shear manufactured by Tanco are designed to allow clean, safe and quick feeding of bale and pit silage. Feeding in narrow feed passages is possible as the bale is split forwards. The gripping mechanism does not tear the plastic in the critical area therefore retains the strength of the plastic, stopping it from ripping during the process, while holding only a fistful of silage from the bale. The position of the hydraulic rams, the blade design, and being able to adjust the position of the clamp mean the I-73 and I-75 cleanly cut bales of different sizes, as well as badly shaped bales says Tanco. Lund blades are used as standard and Hardox steel is used in the frame. Stonefork tines, held in place by machined heavy duty sleeves, are used which the company says is critical due to the high load factor as the blade cuts through the bale. The integrated hydraulic sequence valves allow the gripping mechanism to open when the blade opens fully and means the gripping mechanism closes first before the blade starts to close. An optional meal bucket, with approximately 400kg capacity, is

The Tanco I-73 bale shear will cleanly cut bales of different sizes.

available for the I-73 bale shear. This auto locks in place using a securing pin attached to the gripper hydraulic mechanism. It allows the operator to feed silage, straw, hay and meal without interchanging implements. The Tanco I-60 Cleanafeed is a well-proven machine for cleaning and feeding root crops and is available in both three-point linkage and loader

versions. Drive to the rotor/chopper is hydraulic with built-in relief if any stones in the crop get caught in the rotor or chopper. A built-in dribble bar allows connection to a water source for washing dirty crops before chopping and feeding. Capacity of the machine is 500kg. A hydraulic top link is standard on linkage-mounted versions. ■


EVO1 120o slew extending track Stand 921 Centre post frame

Wire unroller with drop down hinge

Front post frame • 300kg hammer • 75mm dia rock spike and extractor kit • 1m tele mast extension, max working height under cap 3950mm • 500mm sideshift • 2 way mast tilt • Transport position • 48hp Yanmar engine • Poclain transmission • Hydraulic mast leg • 1.6m outside track width • 400mm wide tracks • 500mm track extn so 2.1m outside track width • Foot stand and tow bar • 60 or 120 deg slew

tow bar

• Ignition • High & low speed tracking • Full rear controls • Electric throttle switch • Servo tracking controls OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE... • Post driver controls • Lowered rear idler for increased contact area, • Park brake and emergency cut off sealed bearings in all undercarriage running gear • Auger drive with auto drill function • Wire unroller with drop down hinge for easier loading of larger rolls • Auger sizes up to 250mm dia

Andrew 07971 079751•Steve 07974 956716 PROTECH MACHINERY LTD

Vis it o fu ur w ll p e rod bsi uc te t tr os an ee ge ou r


Woolridge Farm, Gloucester Road, Hartpury, Gloucestershire GL19 3BG British Built at Unbeatable Prices



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New maize varieties increase maturity range on Descriptive Lists


POWERSWING POST DRIVERS Flexibility, Versatility Second to None


the addition of six new varieties: KWS Calvini, Prospect, LiRoyal, RGT Stewaxx from RAGT Seeds, and DSP 46132 and Cardif from Germinal. Commenting on the new varieties NIAB forage crop specialist Ellie Sweetman highlights the range of maturity, improving choice for growers in all conditions and locations: “On the favourable sites DL Prospect is the earliest maturing of the new first choice additions with a 35.1% dry matter content at harvest. It also has

Five new first-choice varieties have been added to the British Society of Plant Breeder’s 2020 forage maize Descriptive Lists (DL) for favourable sites. The varieties Smoothi CS and Abrisse from Caussade Semences, Prospect from Limagrain, LiRoyal from DSV and KWS Calvini from KWS are all new entrants onto the list for favourable sites. The less favourable DL, aimed at marginal growing conditions, sees

the highest metabolisable energy (ME) and highest starch on the list at 11.98MJ/kg dry matter (DM) and 34.6% respectively. Smoothi CS is the latest maturing at 29%, achieving top of the list with an excellent dry matter yield of 19.3t DM/ha and good cell wall digestibility at 57.8%.” LiRoyal is a good all-rounder with excellent yields (18.5 t DM/ha) for its maturity (33.3%), an ME at harvest of 11.72MJ/kg DM and a very good standing power. KWS Calvini scores top of the list for standing power, a character of increased interest after 2018 saw more lodging than growers had experienced for over 20 years. Abrisse is a strong all-rounder, providing good ME and starch at 30.9% dry matter. “Using the Descriptive Lists to identify high ME varieties that grow well in your conditions can have a significant impact on voluntary feed intake and improved feed conversion, increasing milk and meat yield from forage,” says Ms Sweetman. “Higher cell wall digestibility can help support butterfat levels in dairy cows, whereas higher starch can reduce requirements for concentrate feeds, a more

The BSPB 2020 Descriptive Lists for favourable sites includes five new entrants.

cost-effective option for many beef producers.” The increased diversity in maturity is followed through with the six new contenders to the less favourable DL; KWS Calvini, Prospect, LiRoyal, RGT Stewaxx, DSP 46132 and Cardif. Growers looking for highly digestible, good quality silage in more challenging growing conditions should select for varieties with good early vigour as a variety’s ability to demonstrate vigorous early growth in shorter growing seasons is particularly important. The new varieties are good all-rounders with yield potentials all exceeding 18t DM/ha, combined with good starch and ME yields. ■


Perfect for Deer Fencing MAXIMUM IMPACT including the strainers !

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09/09/19 A landmark at Teagle Tomahawk No. 20,000 rolls off the Production Line

Tomahawk 7100

(Available in Dual Chop)

Tomahawk 8100/8500 (Available in Dual Chop)

Tomahawk 9500/1010 (Available with Weigh Cells)

C12 Calibrator (High Capacity Mill)

Call our Sales Office: 01872 560592 for a brochure | View our full range WWW.TEAGLE.CO.UK 78 October 2019

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Power on the land Grain handling, drying and storage equipment is the topic for this month's Power on the Land, brought to you by Mike Williams.

The mobile seed processor operated by Evans & Pearce provides full colour grain sorting.

A new addition to the grain services offered by Dorset based Evans & Pearce is a mobile optical grain processing unit that operates in full colour. It provides an on-farm sorting service that started this summer with functions that include discarding impurities such as weed seeds, reducing the screenings in barley, removing one cereal species from another or extracting discoloured grains from a crop destined for the food chain. Additional benefits can include improved hectolitre weights and Hagberg scores, and as well as cereals the service can also operate in other crops including oilseed rape and beans. Mobile sorting services are already available with monocolour equipment, explained Evans and Pearce managing director, Rob White, but he believes his company is the first to offer a full colour sorting facility in the UK. Work rates with grain are up to 50tph for standard pre-cleaning, reducing to about 20tph maximum for full colour processing. The service operates nationally, and Mr White said cost

savings could be achieved for longer distances if several farmers in the same area co-ordinate their requirements.

Moisture meters Britain’s top selling moisture meter for grain is said to be the Protimeter Grainmaster distributed by Martin Lishman, and the latest i-2S version features an improved keypad design plus a backlit display for easy reading. USB connectivity and Bluetooth

enabling are included, temperature compensation is automatic and the 15 pre-programmed calibrations cover the principle grain crops plus beans, peas, linseed, sunflower and oilseed rape. The i-2S Grainmaster is supplied in a case with a spare battery plus a spare grinder blade and feeder ring. There is also a voucher covering the first year’s service charge. Barn Owl Wireless monitoring and control equipment for stored crops is made by Martin Lishman, and its Automatic Crop Monitoring can achieve savings of 40 per cent or more in energy costs for temperature control and drying. Automatic monitoring is available for flat floor stores, silos and bins, and benefits include remote temperature checking, cooling and drying fans that are continuously monitored for operating efficiency, and data capture that meets quality assurance requirements.

Grain pushers Loader attachments for grain handling made by Oxfordshire based Cherry Products include grain

The new i-2S version of the Protimeter Grainmaster moisture meter working with a grain probe.


Loaders One of the biggest selections of loaders suitable for grain handling with a bucket is available from Caterpillar, including wheel loaders for achieving high output work rates in large grain stores. More than 30 different models are available starting with the compact series with engine outputs in the 74– 100hp range to suit bucket capacities from 0.75–1.9m3. Engine power in Caterpillar’s small loader series range from 117–166hp with up to 5.0m3 bucket capacity and the medium and large capacity models have power outputs extending up to 987hp for handling bucket sizes up to 23.7m3 on the biggest industrial loader. continued over...

Competitive prices for all your agricultural & industrial requirements




pushers available in versions to suit telehandlers and wheeled loaders. The 5 standard models all have a 2.45m wide blade made of 8mm thick steel plate, and lengths are from 2.40 to 4.87m, and bolt-on extensions are available to extend the length if required. Cherry Products also make one-off grain pushers to suit individual customer requirements. Grain handling buckets for all types of loader are also included in the Cherry Products range. The buckets are made from 5, 6, 8 or 10mm thick steel plate, depending on capacity, and the unique side plate profile is designed to avoid excessive floor length and maximise the tear-out force. The design also includes 12mm thick support straps running around the bucket plus additional cross-section supports under the bucket and at the rear. Capacities are from 1.3–5.0m3 and the specification includes corner gussets on the large sizes, and reversible toe plates are available.


Rural & Industrial Design & Building Association

*prices subject to site survey & location All prices subject to VAT

October 2019 79

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Grain Handling, Drying & Storage ...from previous page

Caterpillar also offers 8 skid-steer loader models with outputs in the 66–106hp range and there are 11 TL series telescopic loaders with load capacities from 2.5–5.5t and with maximum lift heights from upwards of 6.9m. There is also a large choice of Caterpillar attachments to work with the loaders, and these include buckets for grain, bale handling attachments, rotary brushes and both rotary and flail type grass and scrub cutters.

Grain silos Perry of Oakley has a history dating back to 1947 when Tom Perry, a Hampshire farmer’s son, used his car as a mobile workshop to provide a machinery repair service for local farms. Grain handling equipment production began in 1949 with a belt and bucket conveyor, and his first continuous flow grain drier followed in 1955. The success story included expansion to its current location in Devon where it makes one of the biggest ranges of grain handling, storage and drying equipment. The newest addition to the range is an additional series of grain silos with capacities to suit both farm and industrial scale storage requirements.

The Perry SiloMaster range is available in flat-bottomed or hopper-bottomed versions with up to 32m diameter providing storage capacity for 20,000t. They are made of high grade S459 steel galvanised to the Z600 quality standard, and an unusual feature is the roof design made as a single piece to simplify erection for silos up to 16m diameter. The family run F W T Burrows company is a steel framed buildings specialist with the emphasis on bespoke buildings, and customers can choose either a supply only service or a complete supply and build operation. Farm buildings are a major part of the business, including grain stores, Dutch barns, machinery sheds, workshop and livestock buildings, and as well as supplying complete buildings the service also includes extensions to existing buildings. Repairs and maintenance work on steel framed buildings are also available from Burrows. This can include cosmetic repairs to the steel as well as major structural rebuilding, and over-cladding can be added to existing buildings or the original cladding can be stripped off and replaced by new. Another of the specialist services is the removal and

The partition wall in this Flach & Le-Roy installation doubles as a duct to deliver air to the drive-on drying floor.

safe disposal of cladding sheets with a compressed asbestos content.

Drying and storage Drive-on and box store installations are a special feature of the Flach and Le-Roy company’s range of crop drying and storage equipment, and to demonstrate emphasis on quality the products are backed by a 10-year warranty covering faulty manufacture, materials or installation. Its drying and ventilation systems operate with humidity sensors located inside the air ducts and fan housing to manage and control the operation of the fans and burners. Typical drying rate for cereals +44 (0)1404 890300

is up to 0.5 per cent extraction every 24 hours using a 20–24 ft/min air flow through the crop. As well as cereals, Flach and Le-Roy also supplies and installs facilities for other crops including peas and beans, oilseed rape, potatoes and onions, and storage for woodchip fuel also features on their list. The company, which was established 26 years ago, has a product range which includes burners plus associated control equipment, and its comprehensive range of fans includes high pressure centrifugal and multi-stage axial types suitable for use with cereals and seeds. ■

Since 1947

The UK’s Most Experienced Manufacturer of Materials Drying & Handling Equipment

Cereals & Crops - Grass - Herbs & Spices - Woodchip - Sawdust - Anaerobic Digestate - Recycled Matter

• Continuous Flow Grain Driers & Belt Driers • Chain & Flight Conveyors

• Belt & Bucket Elevators • Aspirator Pre-Cleaners • Augers & Screw Conveyors • Levelling Conveyors • Belt Conveyors • Ducting & Valves

New Range of Silos Launched by Perry of Oakley Ltd. Perry of Oakley Ltd., the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials handling & drying equipment have announced the introduction of a brand new range of flat bottom & hopper bottom silos engineered in conjunction with SiloMaster, a newly formed company that boasts a team of engineers with over 50 years of experience in the design & manufacture of silos and bulk storage solutions. 80 October 2019

Grain.indd 80

18/09/2019 10:43

The European f Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas

4 6 5

2 3


Full Colour Optical Mobile Grain Processor A new service is now available from Evans and Pearce thanks to the build of our latest mobile grain processing plant. 1 2

High capacity, speed controlled input Auger to smooth crop flow and reduce blockages. Damas Sigma Vertical Rotary Cleaner: High output Pre-Cleaner capable of outputs in excess of 35tph for basic separations.

How it can help you: • Reduce screenings in barley • Removal of weed seeds from beans • Improve hectolitre weights of wheat


Satake Full Colour Optical Sorter: Will remove unwanted fractions based upon what the grain looks like, not its size or density.

How it can help you: • Ergot removal from cereal crops • Remove one cereal species from another • Remove discoloured grains from crops destined for food chain



High Level clean and waste grain discharge Augers. High flow capacity for discharge into grain or bulker trailers.


110kva Caterpillar Generator for all power on site.


15kw Rotary Screw Compressor and Dryer for clean air supply to Satake Sorter. Designed for 100% duty cycle.

Any separation where a colour differential exists between desired and non-desired fractions.

Most bulk processing of crops on farm is carried out using mobile seed processing plants out of season. Results are good but outputs slow and availability during autumn and spring intermittent. This is a dedicated service available throughout the year, r, r throughout the UK. Bulk cleaning on farms helps you reduce deductions from the buyer and is now available as a more responsive and competitively priced service. *The build was partly funded with a LEADER grant from The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. It has already created one new full time position within Evans and Pearce with the intention of a second before the end of 2019.

Photo Dorset Rural Photography


Tel: 01935 850750 • October 2019 81

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11/09/2019 16:20

Flach & Le-Roy Ltd Flach & Le-Roy Ltd is an industry leader in designing and delivering high performance drying, ventilation & storage systems for crops & woodchip. Formed in 1993 its high quality product and design services include drive-on drying floors, air ducts, walling, fans, burners and associated control equipment delivered throughout the UK and overseas. A Flach & Le-Roy 4000 ton grain store with twin side air ducts, a drive-on drying floor and 8 x 27kw axial fans

FLR-CropDrying is a brand of Flach & Le-Roy Ltd

PRODUCTS Woodchip drive on drying floor driven by a 25hp centrifugal fan supporting a 200kw boiler drying G50/G30 woodchip from 40% to 25% moisture content. Onion or potato box store ventilation and conditioning air ducts. Fans can be mounted at the side or vertically on top of the duct.

A Flach & Le-Roy 2000 ton store with a central main air duct providing two flexible loading and storage areas

A5 Co

Timber clad store retaining-walling. Designed to be self-shedding for level or surcharge fill. Centrifugal and axial-flow fans, from low-pressure axial for drying vegetables to high pressure centrifugal and multi-stage axial fans for drying cereals and seed crops Control panels can be supplied with a wide range of safety and functional controls all protected by modern circuit breaker technology


Confidence in our design, materials and care in manufacturing and installation is reflected in our 10-year warranty

Flach & Le-Roy Ltd – Crop/Woodchip Drying Systems Founded in 1993 by Richard Flach and Owen Le-Roy, together the partners have over 50 years experience in the crop drying and storage business. Their speciality is high quality drive-on flooring and box-store ventilation and conditioning systems. Based on the near-ambient drying method Flach & Le-Roy's drive-on floor drying system is fully automated, having fans and burners controlled via humidity sensors in the air duct and fan house. The drying rate for cereals is up to half a percent every 24 hours and the fans deliver air through the crop at between 20 and 24 feet per minute depending on stack height. Offloading the grain trailer into the store is time and labour saving and the crop needs no stirring. More recent application of the drying-floor system is the preparation of woodchip for biomass heating systems. Our system typically supports a 200Kw boiler drying 40 tonnes of woodchip at 1.5m deep from 40% to 25% moisture content over 2 to 3 days.

Flach & Le-Roy Ltd, Tel: 01480 495956 Mob: 07774 141512 enquiries

Grain.indd 82

A w




w 11/09/2019 16:22

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Spanish expertise benefits new silo range Materials handling and drying equipment specialist Perry of Oakley has revealed a new range of flat bottom and hopper bottom silos. The range is engineered in conjunction with SiloMaster, a newly formed company with a team of engineers with more than 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of silos and bulk storage solutions. The silos are designed using high grade S450 steel protected by galvanising to Z600 standard, giving superior strength to weight characteristics and long service life. One particular feature is the new single piece roof design used on silos up to 16m diameter which Perry says simplifies installation and enhances performance. Supporting the technical knowhow of the new team is one of Spain’s leading industrial manufacturing groups. The new range is being manufactured in a plant which operates to the highest quality and compliance standards insisted on by the automotive, oil and gas and rail industries amongst others. “We strive for the highest A5 Corporate LSCPE Openfield.qxp_Layout 1 quality in all aspects,” says Perry of

The new collaboration between Perry of Oakley and Silomaster has resulted in a new range of flat bottom and hopper bottom silos.

Oakley Managing Director David Perry. “This starts with assessment of a customer’s needs and carries through to designing a scheme, manufacturing the silos, packing, shipping and final installation along with after sales support.” Available exclusively from Perry of Oakley in the UK and Ireland, the new Perry SiloMaster range will begin production in September this year for immediate delivery thereafter. Antonio Benitez, SiloMaster head of global sales said: “We are very excited about developing markets together and being able to offer a full range of handling, drying and storage solutions that are available from Perrys and SiloMaster.” The newly designed range includes metric silos up to 32m diameter with a capacity of approximately 20,000t, 45 degree hopper bottom silos up to 13m diameter containing almost 3,000t and 60 degree hopper bottom 04/12/2018 10:09 Page 1 silos up to 11m diameter holding

1,900t. The SiloMaster range can be specified to either Eurocode or ANSI standards dependant on market needs and can be made in a wide range of diameters, both metric and imperial, therefore allowing an existing base to be reused in the event of replacing an end of life silo.

In addition to the silo range, a full complement of associated equipment will be available including aeration systems, temperature control systems (portable or with computers), unloading equipment, walkways and catwalks, as well as towers and structures. ■

Seed, fertiliser, grain, storage.

The Openfield Partnership: More than just grain.

Premium products and services to help get the best for your business.

As Britain’s only National grain marketing co-operative, we’re committed to putting our members’ needs first. Our range of innovative and flexible marketing tools are designed to help you manage risk and enhance your crop values. We also provide storage facilities, a wide selection of seed varieties and the best-quality fertiliser. To find out more, call your local Farm Business Manager on 01476 862 730. Grain.indd 83

18/09/2019 10:45

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Norfolk farms boost capacity with ‘largest stirring drying silos in UK’ Suffolk-based post-harvest equipment specialist Allfarm Installations has been responsible for supplying two Norfolk farming businesses with what are believed to be the largest stirring drying silos currently in the UK. The Sukup Europe 5408 silos have a drying and storage capacity of 1,355t each. One project at Bithia, Saham Grove Farm, Shipdham is an extension to an existing system with two 1,000t Sukup Europe stirrer silos erected in 2012, which are filled through a drive over tip-and-go intake and 120t/hr conveyor system. Each silo has its own independent 100t/hr vertical discharge system for outloading directly into lorry trailers. The second project at Tharros, Park Farm, Wormegay is currently a single silo and this is filled with a PTO-driven Westfield MKX auger with an output capacity of 125t/hr in wheat and this silo also has its own independent 100 t/hr vertical discharge system. Sukup Europe says that its stirring silos are effective at drying and conditioning large quantities of grain for safe long term, vermin free storage.


 The new Sukup Europe 5408 silo at Saham Grover Farm, Shipdham uses a drive over tip-and-go intake.  The new silo at Park Farm, Wormegay, is filled with a PTO-driven auger.

Westfield MKX PTO-driven augers have output capacities of up to 590t/hr and are more than capable of keeping pace with even the largest high capacity combines. Sukup Europe supplies grain drying, storage and handling equipment. ■

01608678 678 197 197 01608

Grain Pushers • Heavy duty design • Circular tube frame to reduce grain traps • Bolt on extension can be added • 8mm thick blade with a nylon wear edge to protect grain flooring

X-Form Grain Buckets • Designed to crowd back level and offer the very best dump angle available • Our Grain Buckets are purpose built to suit your machine • The X-Form Grain Buckets are constructed from Domex steel which gives unrivalled strength and value for money

@cherryproducts 67581



The Specialists for: • Grain Storage Systems • Handling and Drying • Mill and Mixing • Engineering Solutions

Units 5&6 Fullers Business Centre, Riverside View, Wickham Market, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 0TA

Telephone: 01728 746200 Facsimile: 01728 747666 Email:

84 October 2019

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18/09/2019 10:46

Grain stirring & drying MOBILE DRYERS See our range of mobile continuous flow,clean, burning, dust free grain dryers

EFFECTIVE Positive drying at harvest Fast loading & discharge Safe long term storage

EFFICIENT Minimal management of system Reduced drying time when compared to floor stores


ECONOMICAL Low energy inputs Low capital cost solution

Sukup Europe Ltd

John Statt Mobile: 07703 608014 Email: Tey Farm Systems 192x135mm Advert Grain Handling Jan 19.qxp_Layout 1 22/01/2019 10:39 Page 1

Unit 2C, Gunby Lea Farm, Grangewood, Netherseal, Swadlincote DE12 8BE Phone: +44 1283 760445

Design, supply and installation of Grain Storage, Handling, Drying, Cleaning and Ventilation Equipment

Telephone: 01206 210003 Email: Web: Tey Farm Systems Limited, Great Tey Business Centre Warrens Farm, Great Tey, COLCHESTER CO6 1JG October 2019 85

Grain.indd 85

16/09/2019 21:47

25th ANNIVERSARY 1994-2019

25th ANNIVERSARY 1994-2019


Eliminate hotspots fast with the Airspear® Max

1.1kW fan

Rapid cooling from our high-performance 1.1kW fans. Easy to use, with long, adjustable handles. 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on all fans.

01621 868 138 Woodrolfe Road, Tollesbury, Maldon, Essex CM9 8RY

86 October 2019

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11/09/2019 16:23

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Evolution of a family farming business Originally a mixed farm, LF Pearce & Son now specialises in arable production with four parts to the business – arable contracting, groundworks, haulage and grain services including storage. “In 2007 we took the plunge and invested heavily in a state-of-the-art grain processing and storage facility,” said a spokesman. “Crops can be handled at up to 100t/hr and we have storage for over 10,000t of crops. All bays have under floor ventilation and conditioning, and we have a system where we can monitor the temperature of the grain 24/7. “We are TASCC assured and can offer a range of services from cleaning of stressed or contaminated crops, drying with a continuous flow dryer at 5 per cent moisture removal at 50t/hr.

Also cleaning and dressing with the Westrupp fine cleaner and treatment of bug infested grain.” The company’s latest investment has been the Satake colour sorter. This has made it possible to remove vomitoxin, fusarium, ergot and discoloured or damaged grain. The sorter also has the ability to ensure admixture removal, species separation, plus bushel weight and Hagberg improvement. This can enhance the crop value as well as avoiding costly crop penalties and increases premiums paid to growers. LF Pearce has a skilled groundwork team that can erect grain stores and carry out all aspects of groundwork and concreting. ■

Before cleaning.

After cleaning.

Grain can be handled at up to 100t/hr by LF Pearce & Son.

Danish floor store systems and intake pits

LF PEARCE & SON - Moorley’s Farm, Oakley -

Grain Storage & Grain Services

Specialising in arable crop production, grain services and grain store facilities. We also have a ground work division based in Buckinghamshire. Crop cleaning & drying Erection of Grainstores TASCC approved grain lab Grain Storage Facilities Danish manufacturer Jema produces a range of AGRO automated floor store filling systems.

Danish made automated floor store filling systems are available in the UK via Danagri-3S. The systems made by Jema cover intake pits, chain elevators, belt and bucket elevators, chain and flight conveyors, belt conveyors and automated systems from 25-250t/hr. The systems help optimise storage and assist ventilation. The Dry Pit intake system can be built to accept anything from 10-40t

loads so that the driver and trailer can get back quickly to the combine. Belt conveyors are now a popular method of filling stores as they are smooth and quiet in operation, take less power to drive and the tripper carriage unloads evenly down the entire length of the conveyor. As an optional addition to the main central conveyor Danagri can also add a side conveyor to ensure the store is filled to capacity. ■

Satake Colour Sorter Treatment for bug infested grain

Moorley’s Farm Thame Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9QQ

01844 238887 October 2019 87

Grain.indd 87

18/09/2019 10:48

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage Shorter lead times for customers customer demand. The production facilities have been expanded too with the company’s construction yard in Cheshire recently benefitting from a new fabrication workshop. The team has been working hard to design and fabricate the new steel frame building, which was recently erected by one of the company’s valued construction teams. Due to the company expansion, Graham Heath Construction says it is now able to deliver a steel frame building to customers in just six to eight weeks from the date of order confirmation. “Whether you’re in need of a grain store, livestock shed, straw barn, dairy housing or even your own workshop, Graham Heath Construction can provide a bespoke quote, free of charge,” said a spokesperson. Potential customers are invited to contact the team to talk through every aspect of their building Expansion at Graham Heath Construction means the company ■ can deliver steel-framed buildings to customers in just eight weeks. requirements.

Steel framed building specialist Graham Heath Construction is now able to offer lead times of just six to eight weeks. The company supplies buildings for the agricultural, industrial and equestrian industries. Since its beginnings in 2003, the company has grown significantly with 2018 being its most successful year to date. The team can design, supply and fit a steel frame building for a customer as an ‘off the shelf’ design, or a fully bespoke build. In the past few months the company has recruited new office staff, draughtsmen and welders to the team to accommodate company growth and support the growing workload which has stemmed from

Plug&Cool Airspear fans are effective and easy to use, says Gibbons Agricultural.

Say goodbye to grain hotspots With decades of experience working with farmers, Gibbons Agricultural believes it has a good understanding of what products they need at harvest time. Once grain is in the store, farmers often use portable temperature control equipment, such as grain spears, to eliminate hotspots as they appear. “One of the problems typically faced with traditional grain spears, is that they are difficult to insert and remove from the grain pile – so difficult, in fact, that the metal sometimes even becomes warped in the process!” explained a spokesperson from Gibbons. “Plus, once users have gone to the trouble of inserting the spear, the fans on top

A family run business established in East Anglia for over 40 years

often provide limited cooling power or are unreliable or inefficient.” Gibbons developed its Plug&Cool Airspear to offer customers a more reliable alternative. It features extra-long, adjustable handles with non-slip grips which make it easy to insert and remove. The company also produces the Airspear MAX for the urgent cooling of hotspots in stores. It is similar to those seen across Europe and uses a 1.1kW grain fan that would normally sit on top of a pedestal, so users get the highest possible cooling power. Gibbons Airspear fans are energy efficient and all models come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. ■

Complete Building Construction including...


Steel framed buildings Complete groundworks Mechanical handling equipment Drive on timber floors Building refurbishment For all enquiries

t: 01449 720256 m: 07774 633608 e:

Wilwyn, Flordon Road, Creeting St Mary Ipswich, Suffolk IP6 8NH

88 October 2019

Grain.indd 88

18/09/2019 10:49

GA Direct Propane Gas Fired Four models from 43,000–444,000 Btus/hr output AGA E Direct Fired Propane/ Natural Gas Five models from 154,000–358,000 Btus/hr output Direct Fired Propane or Natural Gas • High Quality Heaters • Stainless Steel • Dust & Moisture Proof Controls • Built to Last • Fully Automatic • Modulating Controls Available • Separate Combustion Air Connection

APPLICATIONS – ONION & GRAIN DRYING GLASSHOUSE HEATING PROCESS DRYING POULTRY HOUSES ITLS 80 | Indirect Propane or Natural Gas Fired Poultry Heater 80kW Working Principle • 100% Clean Hot Air • 91.5% Efficiency • Large Air Throw of 45 metres • Low Noise 68 dBA • Suitable for Natural or Propane Gas




Est 1992

Suppliers and Installers to:

Agricultural, Industrial and Domestic

Specialist Plastic Tank Distributor HaRvESt COnStant HUmIdIty COntROllER

Gives you guaranteed drying conditions, 24/7. Efficient and economic with thousands of units in use on all combinable crops and onion stores nationwide.

Our range includes: bunded tanks, oil tanks, Ad Blu tanks, petrol interceptors, sewage treatment plants, septic tanks above ground and underground tanks for storage of oil, chemical, water etc Please phone for a FREE Product Pack & friendly advice We also provide Accessories & other products


CALL: 01795 533903

Main Office: Unit 2/3 Oaklands Park, Rougham Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2RW.

E-mail Website: Contact Chris Glass

Tel/Fax 01359 270736 Mobile 07860 352739

The Street, Hessett, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 9AZ


October 2019 89

Grain.indd 89

11/09/2019 16:24

Martin Lishman




r av aila

Ultra version available

st ai r



Trouble-Dry Spears and Fans

High e

Part of the Green Fan Range

Simple screw -in design




JONES BROTHERS Pre-Stressed Concrete Wall Panels Inspired by the latest technology in Pre-stressed Concrete Wall Panels, and with the desire to continue in meeting our customers' requirements regarding Quality, Design, Volume & Delivery...

...we have opened a new & improved manufacturing facility in Greenfield, Flintshire, North Wales

•High Quality construction or powder coated •Galvanised to standard colour •Electric or manual •24 hour repair service •Provides excellent security

• Brand new precision built moulds & tooling • Larger range of sizes & loadbearing options (95, 145, 200 & new 240, 280mm) • Selection of Concrete Lego Blocks • Increased capacity • Made to measure • Shorter lead-times • Established Quality Assured products at competitive prices • Design & Bespoke Project capability

•Also supply steel-hinged doors


Tel: 01142 889464•Fax: 01142 939193 Email: Web:

Incorporating DSMA & ABHM




t: 01352 719182 or 01352 716648 • f: 01352 837690 e: www.

90 October 2019

Grain.indd 90

15/09/2019 19:40

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

New app for moisture management The Protimeter Grainmaster moisture meter has been upgraded with a whole host of new features, including a new store moisture management app developed by Martin Lishman. The latest model, the Protimeter Grainmaster i2-S, includes a new keypad design, multi-lingual backlit display and the ability to download moisture and temperature readings instantly using the app. Readings taken using the meter or any of the optional moisture or temperature probes for grain or straw can be sent instantly via Bluetooth to a smartphone. This speeds up the recording process and makes it easier to provide evidence for crop assurance schemes. In an innovative new development, the app also allows the user to manage multiple crop stores and track the condition of grain coming into the store from different fields or locations. By returning to the same sample point in a store using on-screen store maps, it is easier to monitor changes to crop moisture or temperature and make appropriate management decisions. Colour coded symbols highlight areas of concern such as hot spots or areas that still require further drying. The measurements can be viewed via the app or exported in either graph or table form. The Protimeter Grainmaster has a proven track record for providing consistent, accurate and reliable grain moisture

readings. The Grainmaster i2-S includes 15 pre-programmed crop calibrations, 30 further reference calibrations, a strong carry-case with built-in operating instructions and optional moisture and temperature probes for grain and straw. The new app is ready to use with all new meters by downloading from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. ■

Colour coded symbols highlight areas of concern such as hot spots or areas that still require further drying.


WHY ASK FOR MORE? CHOOSE THE CAT® MACHINE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU Every one of our agricultural models is designed, assembled and configured specifically for farms like yours. Powerful performance whenever you need it, with scheduled maintenance that minimises downtime and helps you stay on the job longer. The perfect partner day in, day out, all year round.

The measurements can be viewed via the app or exported in either graph or table form.


©2018 Caterpillar Inc. All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, BUILT FOR IT, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow” and the POWEREDGE trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

October 2019 91

Grain.indd 91

18/09/2019 10:50

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage 25 years of grain dryers

A 52tph Svegma dryer with turboclean dust extraction fans from BDC Systems.

In its 25th anniversary year, Wiltshirebased BDC Systems has supplied dryers from Dorset in the south of England right up to Fife in Scotland. Svegma continuous flow grain dryers and Skandia handling equipment have been at the centre of most of those projects. One notable installation is that of a 52tph Svegma continuous flow grain dryer with vertical turboclean dust extraction fans and touch screen control panel. All the elevating and conveying equipment is 80tph from the Skandia H line range of heavy duty kit. A complete dust extraction system was designed and supplied by BDC Systems which

had a JKF filter at the centre of the plant. All of the elevating, conveying, cleaning and drying machinery is controlled from a 5m long PLC control panel incorporating 2x22in plc screens with remote access and viewing. This installation was carried out by local company Edwards Engineering from Perth. Svegma dryers are available in a variety of sizes from 5tph to over 100tph. They are of fully galvanised construction and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Available with electric pulse roller or shutter discharge units, two or three stage burners, digital or touch screen

control panels, there is a model to suit all applications, says BDC. New for 2019 is BDC’s own MMS System which allows real time monitoring of the moisture content of grain on the inlet and outlet elevators of the dryer. Skandia handling equipment is available exclusively in the UK from BDC Systems. Skandia offers 3 ranges of equipment from general farm use 3060tph right through to commercial use equipment at 600tph. Belt and bucket elevators, chain and flight conveyors, belt conveyors, silo sweep conveyors and dust and chaff extractors are all available, generally only on a four to five week delivery period. ■

Reliable results for 2019 harvest Following the success of the benchtop DICKEYjohn GAC 2500 and the Mini GAC 2500 in previous years, the results for this year’s harvest have been good. Despite a steady start to the 2019 harvest, heavy rain and high temperatures have meant that getting an accurate moisture reading has been more difficult but even more important. Using the latest 149MHz grain analysis technology and UK specific

calibrations, the GAC 2500 moisture meters deliver accurate, reliable results across a range of moistures and temperatures. In particular, the differences in barley varieties, growing conditions and temperatures can make determining an accurate moisture reading very difficult. But due to the technology on the GAC 2500’s and the robust nature of the specific calibrations, Farm-Tec says it has managed to maintain consistent




accuracy across the whole of the UK. As harvest comes towards its close, Farm-Tec will now collect even more crop samples to further maintain, refine and improve its calibrations. The GAC 2500 family of moisture meters are sold and supported by Farm-Tec which develops the UK specific calibration on a wide range of commodities (including wheat, barley, oats, rapeseed, peas and beans) and monitors the calibrations throughout

The DICKEYjohn GAC 2500 delivers accurate and reliable moisture readings.

the year to ensure optimum accuracy and performance. ■

For ALL Your Crop Drying, Handling & Storage Requirements, from Small Upgrades to Complete Projects

Advice Design Installation Maintenance Project Management

Call Mike on 01760 725990

e : w :

92 October 2019

Grain.indd 92

17/09/2019 10:34




Grain Storage Handling and Milling Systems

01692 535444 01379 671172


LOWER OAKLEY, DISS, NORFOLK IP21 4AQ Buildings designed and built to EN1090

• Manufacture of agricultural and commercial steel framed buildings • All buildings designed in-house using Tekla 3-D design software to CE Standard EN1090 with certificate on completion • Buildings erected including groundworks, by our own employed staff • Design and installation of all grain handling and drying equipment • Planning service provided

udrey & Son L a V t


JH Grain storage and handling Steel framed buildings Groundworks All types of concrete Turnkey projects JH Vaudrey & Son Ltd have been supporting farmers with their building requirements since 1993 and have a wealth of expertise when it comes to the requirements of today’s agri business. JH Vaudrey & Son Ltd can provide grain stores complete with the most up to date grain handling equipment, silos, dryers, and straw barns. We also provide a maintenance service to all properties and farm buildings. Phone: 01379 678459 Fax: 01379 678458 Email:

JH Vaudrey & Son Ltd provides a complete design and build service and will even take care of the planning application for you. We will be pleased to hear from you and offer a friendly reliable service. To discuss your requirements telephone 01379 678459.

October 2019 93

Grain.indd 93

11/09/2019 16:25

he y 40s in t dustr ar in ye tter u sh



DOORS We offer a made-to-measure solution to secure workshops and grain stores • Steel roller shutters can be operated by hand chain or electric using 3 phase or single phase motors • Standard finish is galvanised with colour options of Plastisol or Powder Coating • Access doors built into the shutter or positioned in the existing walls are also available • Shutters can be made up to 8m wide with wind anchors standard over 4.5m • With 40 years experience in the roller shutter industry call us anytime for a competitive price.


Pellcroft Engineering Ltd Coningsby, Lincs LN4 4SE Tel: 01526 342466 Fax: 01526 343507

t: 01353 725 151 e:

AGRICULTURAL BUILDINGS Ground Works, Electrical Works, Building Refurbishment, Storage and Drying, Design and Planning on an Industrial or Commercial scale. Mixing traditional values and service with state of the art technology, to take our clients into 2020 at the heart of modern farming. Above all we offer value for money combined with our first class customer service and parts back up for all our agricultural fixed equipment.

• Excellent view • Extremely robust • Mechanical parallel guidance • Unique and patented

Self leveling inside!?!

Brackets for nearly all tractors Hardwick, Cambs 01954 210355 Mark 07885 202005

Find our distributors in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales on 67677

94 October 2019

Grain.indd 94

11/09/2019 16:26

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

A closer look at the mobile optical grain sorter Crop contamination can cause nuisance for growers, particularly when it prevents them achieving the crop’s full market value. Offering a mobile grain handling service for processing contaminated crops has been a long-term project for Evans & Pearce managing director Rob White. “We had wanted to build a machine like this for 10 years,” says Rob. His accountants suggested applying for a Leader grant. “Securing the expressions of interest necessary for the grant convinced us the project had merit.” The application was submitted and awarded. With funding in place, the team set about designing and building the machine. Monochromatic (black and white) colour sorters have been used in grain processing for years but full colour spectrum sorters are less common, a mobile version of such a machine was not, to Evans and Pearce’s knowledge, available in the UK. The build began in earnest in October 2018. It was completed by mid-June 2019 and after a week of commissioning - cleaning wheat for local farmers and Einkorn for a mill in Gloucestershire - the unit was

The Evans & Pearce grain processing truck (photo by Dorset Rural Photography).

ready for work. The full colour sorter has removed poppy seed pods from organic milling wheat, immature green wheat from barley destined for seed and oats from seed wheat, with work rates at 10-18t/hour. “With each positive result we increase our confidence in the machine’s capability. It feels like we are undertaking a lot of auditions at the moment,” says operator Martyn Franks. “Once the colour sorter is set67699

up, the results and customer reaction are great to see.” “The chance to help growers sort an otherwise undervalued or rejected crop at a competitive price is opening up new conversations,” says Rob. “It is really positive to see this new venture proving so useful at an early stage. Having a mobile grain processor on the road all year round now gives growers more options. Traditionally work was carried out by mobile seed

processing units out of season where outputs could be slow and availability not always to the convenience of the customer. We are already fulfilling contracts we would normally have rejected due to workload or inappropriate grading kit. “On completion we have produced a video included on the seed processing section of our website to explain the new grain processor,” he adds. ■

■ Buildings • Agricultural • Industrial • Commercial • Equestrian


■ Kit Buildings available


Agricultural Control Panel Manufacturers & Electrical Contractors 01380 729700

For free quotes:

01604 770418

Unit 10-11 Hopton Industrial Estate, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 2EU

■ Repair Works and Steel Fabrication – • roofs • side sheeting • gutters • doors ■ Off-sale supplies ■


FWT Burrows & Co Ltd • Althorp • Northants • NN7 4HH


Rodent control, effective baits for every situation. Rodent problems vary across different environments and conditions, that’s why PelGar has developed a novel and innovative range of 3 actives and 7 formulations. Specially formulated to be highly palatable and effective, the comprehensive range of baits ensures you always have the most effective solution for your rodent problems.

Use rodenticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

October 2019 95

Grain.indd 95

18/09/2019 10:51

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Open days for grain dryer and storage specialist

McArthur has completed two new grain stores in the East Midlands with 3,000 and 6,000t capacity.

Weather unpredictability has caused ‘universal frustration’ for farmers, according to McArthur Agriculture. The company’s regional sales manager Tom Barker said that arable farmers have faced challenges and frustrations across Britain.

“Resolving them has kept us very busy. We’ve relied heavily on the flexibility of mobile batch grain dryers from the Mecmar range, which has been at the core of our business for many years now.” Alongside the supply of mobile dryers McArthur has developed its expertise in creating turnkey grain storage and processing systems, several of which have been completed this year. “If it’s not done correctly, opting for a large-scale grain handling and drying setup can go expensively wrong,” said Tom. “Our in-house expertise is available to farmers, from concept to completion, to make sure that it doesn’t. This summer we were principal contractor overseeing all aspects of design, civils, construction, mechanical and electrical installation of two new grain stores in the east Midlands; one with a 3,000t capacity, the other with 6,000t. They were complete with crop cooling and conditioning systems, and in both we integrated new grain handling equipment with existing continuous

flow drying plants.” McArthur Agriculture offers an extensive range of mobile grain dryers, manufactured by Mecmar, continuous flow grain dryers manufactured by two of Europe’s leading manufacturers as well as specialist grain cleaning and sorting equipment from JK Machinery. All the products will be showcased at the company’s open days, taking place between 8am

and 5pm on November 5-7th at its head office at Bellwin Drive Industrial Estate, Flixborough, Scunthorpe, DN15 8SN. “Visitors to our site will be able to see the extensive range of grain drying, storage and processing products, and talk about them with our team. We can discuss how this equipment is integrated into existing systems or how new projects are started from scratch.” ■

The projects were complete with crop cooling and conditioning systems.

Grain Equipment Open Day - 5th, 6th, 7th November 2019

01724 747110 Bellwin Drive, Flixborough Ind Est, Scunthorpe, N Lincs. DN15 8SN

96 October 2019

Grain.indd 96

18/09/2019 10:52

Hydraulic Folding Forks

Farm-Tec; Experts in Moisture and Hectolitre Weight Providing reliable, robust and accurate analytical products, support and service to the farming and foods industries

High Tip Buckets

Grain Pushers 67021

• Farm-Tec covers the whole of the UK, with qualified, factory trained field engineers able to provide onsite • Farm-Tec is DICKEY-john’s Gold Channel Partner in the UK and Ireland and is an Approved Service Centre • Farm-Tec’s laboratories are fully TASC and ISO 9001 accredited


The Stables, St Marys Barn, Marton-in-the-Forest, Stillington, York, YO61 1NH

01347 811746

Specialists in Loading Shovel Attachments

Tel: 01440 Fax: 01440

706429 713397

CREATING THE PERFECT GRAIN STORAGE SOLUTION 01270 781158 Agricultural, Equestrian & Industrial Buildings

sured Bu As ings





CALL US NOW! 01270 781158

MENTION ‘FARMERS GUIDE’! Find us on: @GrahamHeathConstructionLtd


or email 15 years of experience

Made in Britain

Operating Nationwide


October 2019 97

Grain.indd 97

15/09/2019 19:41

Queen’s Award for expanding exports The Wiltshire based manufacturer Alvan Blanch, has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2019 in the International Trade – Outstanding Achievement category. This is the third time that the company has received the award – having won previously in 2005 and 2012. Alvan Blanch is the only company, within the agricultural sector, to have received an award within the international trade category. Alvan Blanch is a manufacturer of post-harvest processing machinery and industrial drying systems. With regular markets in every inhabited continent, the company has focused on using its international trade to drive growth, while maintaining its established UK customer base. Understanding the challenges and changes of fast-moving markets has been crucial for Alvan Blanch to achieve its international success. In addition to a well-known grain dryer business, it has dedicated engineering and design teams which are constantly working on product enhancement and R&D. The past five years have seen a

Alvan Blanch supplied this DF dryer to an almond producer in Australia.

large expansion in global operations for the manufacturer. The company has opened sales offices and service centres in several markets in Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe, benefitting customer and dealer relationships.

Managing director, Andrew Blanch says: “We are very proud to have won this award for the third time. It represents a great achievement by everyone here. When we first won it 14 years ago we had managed £3m of export sales, the award in 2012

reflected sharp growth of exports to £8m and now we have reached £12m. Over that period, we have doubled our workforce to 120 and we have recently invested very heavily in manufacturing automation and expanding our factory.” ■


Grain Silos and Driers · Outdoor silos · Indoor silos · Fans & Heaters · Stirrers · Batch driers · CF driers · Tower Driers · Elevators · Conveyors · Intake Pits

WE BUY DAMAGED & DISTRESSED OUT OF SPEC GRAINS i.e. heated, wet, insect damage and compromised All types of cereal and pulse screenings Rapid and discreet service COST EFFECTIVE RENEWABLE FERTILISER Rich in Phosphate, Calcium and Trace Elements 01746 762777


98 October 2019

Grain.indd 98

16/09/2019 20:56

Grain Handling, Drying & Storage

Grain transfer system re-vamped The 100tph Perry bulk outloading conveyor included in a recent project by Bennett & Co.

In its 22nd harvest season Bennett & Co has this year undertaken a major revamp of a large silo for a loyal customer. Part of the project was to relook at the loading of lorries and the need to reach over the intake pit and a wet grain holding area alongside. The previous lorry loading spout meant lorries standing right in the middle of a large wet grain holding area had become a problem when loading out barley with wheat coming in. Using the frames that supported the previous loading spout and an

additional support frame, a Perry conveyor with two loading spouts was installed. The conveyor is 11m above the intake pit allowing lorries to tip too. Perry designed special span bracing to enable the conveyor to span the supports and to maintain the clearance height. Farmers planning a project, whether for grain, potatoes or vegetables are invited to visit Bennett & Co’s website to see more details of recent projects and to sign up to the company’s quarterly email newsletter if interested. ■

Specialist in roller shutter doors Sheffield-based DP Doors & Shutters has manufactured and installed roller shutter doors for the farming industry for more than 22 years. Its product range includes steel roller shutters, insulated sectional doors and steel personnel doors. Roller shutters can be galvanised or supplied in a powder-coat paint finish to a standard RAL or BS colour. An ISO registered company, it covers the whole of the UK and does not charge for the initial survey. Doors can be manually operated by haul chain, or electrically controlled by single- or three-phase operation. The company offers a variety of options for controlling the doors, simple push button on either side of the opening, wall-mounted key switch, remote control by hand held fobs and overhead movement detectors to pick up approaching traffic. It can also supply auto closing doors (after a timed delay) – all compliant with regulations so they are equipped with safe edge and

safety photo cells. DP also offers an out-of-hours rapid response call-out service should customers require it. The company says its commitment is to attend site and either open or close the shutter or make it safe within four working hours. ■

DP Doors & Shutters can provide roller shutter doors of virtually any size to farming customers across the UK.

Construction services throughout East Anglia Based on the Suffolk/Norfolk border M Construction Services works throughout East Anglia and beyond. Established over 40 years ago the company specialises in agricultural steel-framed buildings, grain handling and crop storage solutions. A full turnkey package can be offered from design, through planning to supply and installations of buildings and equipment. All buildings are designed and manufactured at its factory in Oakley near Diss. The company holds CE accreditation and all buildings are manufactured to EN1090 which is a legal requirement for all new steel-


framed buildings. Projects awarded to M Construction Services are installed using its own fully employed staff from initial groundworks, through to building erection, cladding, installation of associated equipment, exterior concrete and drainage works. The company also holds CHAS accreditation which is a construction industry scheme setting down standards of work and health and safety for procedures for the company to follow while carrying out site work. A number of employees have joined the company from the agricultural industry giving them a

good understanding of customers’ needs. Working with grain handling suppliers the company can supply


and install basic grain storage buildings, on-floor drying with or without stirrers, continuous flow dryers, conveyors and elevators.


Sweep up to 450 miles before changing the bristles! ELIMINATES END SPILLAGE – 65% faster than a standard push broom WILL MOVE BULK VOLUMES OF MATERIAL – Minimise your sweeping time AVAILABLE IN 1.5M, 1.8M AND 2.4M WIDTHS

TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! CALL US TO BOOK YOUR FREE DEMO TODAY! FG0419. Wessex International is a trading name of Wessex International Machinery.

T: 01264 345870

Follow us on:


October 2019 99

Grain.indd 99

18/09/2019 10:54





The professionals’ choice for low disturbance farming




FROM £17,800*

FROM £6,800*

FROM £8,800*




Precision Farming.indd 100

11/09/2019 16:42

Precision Farming

New concepts to reality John Deere’s new Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG) facility is in central Iowa and opened in April this year. The building houses an 830-strong specialist team tasked with problem solving with technology, collaboration, testing and development for precision products and services.

farmers to be the most profitable and sustainable on the planet.” A significant boost to John Deere’s precision farming aspirations was the purchase of the Blue River Technology business in 2017, which was already developing a smart spraying system which could distinguish individual crop plants from weeds in the field. “By targeting only the weed we can reduce herbicide use by up to 80 per cent, and that’s something that benefits everyone.”

Idea sharing

Farmers Guide was one of a small number of publications from around the world to attend a tour of John Deere’s new Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG) headquarters, Iowa, USA which provided a rare insight into where the future of agriculture is being shaped and decided. David Williams reports. The new building at Urbandale, Iowa represents nearly $33M investment by the machinery giant, and replaces the previous precision farming headquarters a few miles away consisting of three separate rented buildings which, although neighbours, meant a walk of up to half a mile for meetings - a challenge in the middle of winter in Iowa. Farmers Guide was one of a very small number of agricultural media titles from around the world invited to the first press visit to the new ISG centre in late August. The 134,000ft2 purpose-designed building opened in April this year and is home to a team of approximately 830 precision farming specialists whose job it is to dream up and develop agricultural hardware and software, then prepare it for market and finally to provide back-up to dealers and their customers world-wide.

Make every seed count John Deere senior vice-president ISG John Stone described the team’s task.

“We have to make machines smarter, more precise and easier to use. We have to make every seed count, we have to make every drop of crop protection chemical count, and we have to get every kernel and grain off the field at harvest.” Challenges facing the industry, he added, include urbanisation and a lack of experienced farm machinery operators so technology has to be developed which can help even unskilled operators do a skilled job. Shorter planting windows mean tasks have to be carried out faster, but with even more precision than in the past to optimise establishment and yields, he added. “First AutoTrac revolutionised field work, allowing operators to concentrate on the operation while GPS guidance looked after the steering,” explained John. “We started off looking at operations at field level, then realised sub-field level was needed, we later looked at individual rows and now we are looking at every plant. Our aim is to allow our

The ISG building is designed to maximise interaction between employees, and all offices are open plan. One entrance, with electronic internal gates and a diligent security guard helps protect sensitive development work from unauthorised visitors, but means all staff enter and exit through one main access point into a large hall designed to host presentations and where the walls are decorated with farming-related art. A restaurant and refreshment area is at one end and upstairs a large games room provides casual space for relaxation and project discussions. “The layout is very successful,” commented John Deere manager marketing services ISG Jolene Keim. “It’s designed to generate interaction between individuals and sections and just going to fetch a cup of coffee often results in spontaneous

meetings. It’s a great atmosphere and people enjoy working here.” Back-up for users of John Deere precision farming products is provided by a dedicated team at the site; between them fluent in 12 languages and available for advice 24 hours per day, 362 days per year. A large display board lists the number of calls received that day as well as current expected waiting times for service users. Bearing in mind that many staff might not be from farming backgrounds, John Deere has a small area in front of the new building drilled with a selection of crops as a reminder to the team of its customers’ objectives. By the main entrance is a John Deere leaping deer statue, one of only 14 remaining worldwide out of a number commissioned by Charles Deere, the son of company founder John Deere. Also reminding employees and visitors of the brand’s history is an original 1874 plough displayed in the new building’s entrance lobby. continued over...

One of the original leaping deer statues guards the entrance.

The building is designed to encourage interaction between employees to stimulate ideas.

October 2019 101

Precision Farming.indd 101

18/09/2019 10:56

Precision Farming ...from previous page

Housing 830 out of John Deere’s total 2,000-head ISG team, the new Urbandale ISG headquarters emphasises the importance placed by the company on its precision farming products and services, and its vision that these are essential for profitable and sustainable farms of the future. The attractive working environment is part of the company’s strategy to

attract and retain top-calibre staff, enabling it to remain at the forefront of precision farming solutions for agriculture.

Precision farming milestones

• • • •

1994 - First John Deere yield mapping 1999 - First StarFire receiver 2002 - First GreenStar display 2002 - AutoTrac operated for

first time In 2018 John Deere celebrated 25 years of its ISG team which has been creating advanced technology, incorporating machine learning, connectivity, computer vision, robotics and sensors for use in farm equipment. ■ John Deere manager marketing services ISG Jolene Keim says, “It’s important to package hard iron with technology”.

Precision design for drainage schemes Growers are paying more attention to detail and using it to target drainage investment in the worst affected parts of their fields. Norfolk-based drainage specialist William Morfoot is experiencing increased demand for its services providing drainage schemes for farm businesses including design work and installation. Contracts manager Will Mitchell said: “Many growers are approaching us to undertake drainage work armed with multiple maps all providing different information. These can be simple maps detailing the positions of existing drainage systems or perhaps more specialist maps sourced from satellite or combine data – showing yield and crop performance

information. “This information is then all integrated with detailed topographical maps of the fields that we survey to produce a bespoke and targeted scheme design.” The scheme designs provide a transparent and considered drainage solution for the affected areas being worked on. The detailed and comprehensive design service is a different way of working to the way drainage schemes were designed years ago, Mr Mitchell added. “The combination of an experienced design team and the latest in GPS and computer technology means that we are readily able to quickly pull together a wide

Farmers are increasingly using data to target their investment in drainage, says William Moorfoot.

array of data to help our clients make informed and transparent decisions concerning their land drainage investment. When the data is married together with the advanced level of sophistication on the trenching

technology that we operate, the schemes we are delivering are being installed with a level of precision which is both matching and surpassing the expectations of many of the leading farm businesses we work for.” ■

NORAC Boom Height Control Systems available for select manufacturers The Benefits of Boom Height Control

Reduce Operator Stress • Operators no longer have to continuously look at the boom • Allows operator to focus on drive path • Operator can go faster Cover More Acres • Work day and night – sensors do not need light to “see” • Take advantage of low wind conditions at night • Spray faster – no manual boom adjustments Other Benefits/Features • Boom height control systems may offer other features such as Headlands Assist so that the boom can be automatically lifted and lowered at the end of the field • Satisfaction guaranteed Derek Johnston +44 (0) 1228 580372

Cote House, Wetheral Carlise, Cumbria CA4 8HZ

Maintain Proper Spray Tip Height • Increase application efficiency – get the most from your spray • Too low = Streaking • Too High = Drift Issues • Ensures chemical application is not wasted due to improper boom height Protect Sprayer From Damage • Accurate control • Avoid ground strikes • Prevents downtime from repairing bent booms and broken spray nozzels Hybrid Mode™ • An advanced crop sensing feature for in-crop spraying that eliminates the need for the operator to take manual Patented control of the boom in a row crops or adverse situations such as lodged, thin and uneven crop

Precise Solutions

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All Kverneland equipment comes with 2 years warranty!! (Subject to Ts&Cs and annual service)






Parker Hydraulics & Pneumatics Limited Mobile Hose Crimpers


MC 1001 air operated

No-skive spiral hose up to 1”

Wire-braid hose up to 1”

MC 1001 manual

In the field, every minute counts. In today’s environment, equipment, whether it be agricultural, construction or mining, simply cannot afford unnecessary downtime. That’s why Gates has developed a range of small, portable and easy to use crimpers specifially designed for end-users on site. Since these simple, lightweight machines are designed as a part of the Gates Integrated System, end-users are assured of factory quality no-skive assemblies – even in the field.

Ashbourne Estate, Mile Cross Lane, Norwich, Norfolk NR6 6RY Tel: 01603 403190 Fax: 01603 485337 Email:

Hall Farm, Stainton, Rotherham, South Yorks S66 7QY Tel: 01709 798522 Fax: 01709 790752 October 2019 103

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Precision Farming

Potato growers benefit from field-level weather data Potato growers can improve decision support and cut around £100/ha from their input costs by making use of field-level weather metrics, according to a study carried out by digital farming start-up Sencrop. The company’s smart weather stations, which are designed to be installed on a user’s farm, collect measurements for rainfall, wind speed and humidity and send them to the cloud, where users access the data – and can set alerts to warn them of temperature/humidity combinations – through their smartphone. The study, carried out in France, involved 1,400 growers across 80,000ha. Data from the weather stations was fed into Mileos, an agronomic model focused on preventing late blight. “Users reported a typical three-spray reduction where they’d been using the Sencrop/Mileos combination to support their decision making,” said Fred South, Sencrop’s business manager. “For them, that translated into a €160/ha [£140/ha] saving. “We’re now evaluating Mileos in the UK, working with customers of

Agri-Tech Services in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, to validate those results under British conditions.” However, British farmers have responded enthusiastically to the weather stations following their launch at the end of last year, he said. More than 300 Sencrop units have been installed on farms across the UK, adding to the 8,000 in operation across Europe. Phil Kingsmill, of Cambridgeshire-based Spearhead International, bought one for his operations after seeing the unit in action at Lamma. “It’s essential that we can record rainfall accurately, as well as temperature and humidity,” he said. With operations focused exclusively on potatoes, he needs to grow across disparate parcels of rented land in order to achieve the necessary rotation. “I really like the Sencrop unit, because the app is so good. I can find out with just a few swipes and pushes what happened an hour ago, how the weather’s been over the past 24 hours and the trend for the past seven days. “Having easy access to this history and data has really helped with

Field-level weather metrics made available through Sencrop can bring big savings for growers.

backing up our agronomic decisions,” he added. “There’s been a number of instances where we’ve looked at the app before spraying, to check on temperatures or to ensure wind speeds are suitable. “We’ve a number of weather stations dotted around, both automatic and manual, but of all of them it’s the Sencrop app I rate the best. What’s more, the pricing structure is fair – the affordability is very justifiable.” Multiple installations are encouraged by Sencrop – not just on the same farm, but with neighbouring units as well. “Users can choose to open up their data streams – our 8,000 stations connect more than 9,000 farmers. This ability to share, collate and analyse metrics from multiple stations, across thousands of different locations presents huge value to the industry,” said Fred. “Not only does it allow individual farmers to become aware of shortterm trends – localised rainfall, frost anomalies, and so on – in real-time,

but the collective pool of weather data will also allow us to work with researchers, agronomists, contractors and insurers to data-crunch and spot longer-term trends. “Ultimately, this should help to provide products and services better tailored to growers’ needs and habits,” he added. Three Sencrop models are available to UK growers, with prices starting at £380 plus £150 for a year’s subscription to the app and customer services. ■

The UK’s most established supplier of precision farming products, offering best option advice, installation and ongoing support.

Your Partner In Precision Agriculture 01480 861824 |

Vantage England & Wales | 4 Grovemere Court, Bicton Industrial Estate, Kimbolton, Cambs, PE28 0EY 104 October 2019

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Try it. We dare you.

THE MODERN McCORMICK. A POWERFUL STATEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY. From ISOBUS and precision guidance to “The Human Factor” efficiency tracking, state of the art cab comfort additions to best-in-class transmissions - the modern McCormicks are revolutionary. Packed with tech yet effortless to use, the X6, X7 and X8 ranges give you everything you think you could need and then so much more. Be part of something powerful. Join the movement and book a demo today.

McCormick is a trademark of Argo Tractors S.p.A.

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Reliable and robust signal supplier

Precision Farming is at the heart of all modern farming techniques and machinery. From controlled traffic farming to zero till, and 100hp to 600hp tractors, precision is the key to driving down costs, increasing efficiency and ever better yields.

Central to these modern Farming systems and equipment, is accurate GPS allowing farms to operate at the highest efficiencies and to the tightest margins. For the past 10 years RTKF Net, formerly RTK Farming, has been developing

the largest independently owned network of GPS Base Stations across England. Consequently, it offers the most reliable and robust RTK GPS signal for farmers and the new technology they are embracing. Originally providing the service

by radio signals, the team at RTKF Net have now developed their technology to provide both radio and SIM card delivered RTK Services. As the new SIM card delivered service can work with any tractor manufacturer or after-market GPS manufacturer, users can now have one signal provider across all of theirequipment. In addition to this, the team at RTKF Net can provide remote customer support; diagnosing GPS signal issues remotely and talking operators through solutions over the phone, getting them up and running as quickly as possible. If an on-site visit is required, the remote diagnostics ensure the engineers will always have the appropriate equipment with them. Precision is most definitely the future of farming and regardless which system or equipment is chosen, RTKF Net have a solution. â–





Call for a quote 01223 902331


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Precision Farming

High-speed and higher accuracy fertiliser spreading Fertiliser spreader technology by Kverneland continues to evolve with the addition of the TLX Geospread model to the Exacta series. With high output, high speeds and high flow rates as the goal, TLX Geospread benefits from a larger CentreFlow distribution system, which sees the maximum flow rates boosted from 320kg/min up to 540kg/min. Typically a flow rate of 540kg/min can be achieved at a forward speed of 16kph while spreading at a 40m working width. A narrower spread width affords access to even higher forward speeds, boosting output and productivity. CentreFlow manages the way

Kverneland’s Multirate software uses tighter grid sampling and higher resolution maps, to provide up to eight sections of variable rate capability across the full working width.

fertiliser is distributed to the eight spreading vanes, accelerating material up to disc speeds through the dosing cup, preserving material quality. This technique improves upon the Exacta’s already successful spreading patterns, and affords a higher degree of accuracy with the TLX model, even when spreading at high application rates and at high forward speeds says Kverneland. Equipped with Geospread, the TLX also provides automatic section control in one metre sections. But

advances in software have now enabled Geospread to achieve variable rate fertiliser applications on both sides of the machine. Known as Multirate, this process uses tighter grid sampling and higher resolution maps, to provide

up to eight sections of variable rate capability across the full working width. This brings precision application to levels previously thought unachievable with a spinning disc spreader, adds Kverneland. ■

Are you making the most of your farm’s potential? From essential crop compliance, traceability and reporting through to precision farming and more, Farmplan’s Gatekeeper software can manage all cropping activities in one place. The software focuses on three key points – full visibility of data from multiple sources, full and

clear analysis of production costs, and integration with the machines, agronomy advice and data sources already used. This can contribute to gaining a better understanding of crop productivity, providing users with the opportunity to maximise the value

of their farm data and make wellinformed decisions. Damien Burnell, an arable farm manager, said: “We trialled variable rate drilling on one historically low yielding field. It was scanned and we created variable rate maps within Gatekeeper. The result was that

average yields rose by 1t/ha.” Harnage Estates manager Simon Scott finds it invaluable: “Gatekeeper is essential for our compliance and traceability requirements. It is selfdeveloping – the more you use the software the more you get out of it. We wouldn’t be without it.” ■

Harvest is over... now what? The grain store is full, the combine is clean and back in the shed but what are you going to do with your yield data? Join the many growers who are already using Gatekeeper’s mapping tools to view, interpret and act on their valuable yield data. Yield and crop records in one system Clear cost of production and analysis Flexible tools for managing variable rate plans

Call today to arrange a software demonstration tailored to your business needs 01594 545 000 |

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Precision Farming Please mention ‘Farmer’s Guide’ when responding to our ad

Bead Seating Tools

Tyre Repair Materials

Tyre Mounting Grease

Air/Hydraulic Jacks

Tyre Repair Kits

Tyre Valves

Inflation Gauges 1” Drive Air Impact Wrenches

and much more available at: To request a catalogue: Tel: 01905 821697 - 01476 513801 Email:


Increase efficiency and productivity using precision technology As farming becomes more site specific, with remote sensing, GPS guidance, data analytics and data management all being added to farming equipment, farming practices and their operators will be able to become more precise. The Rea Valley Tractors (RVT) precision department is a team dedicated to sales, service and support of precision farming products across the UK. The team of four has a wealth of knowledge and experience for understanding customer requirements as well The RVT Precision team is dedicated to sales and support of its products across the UK. as ongoing support for customers to fully maximise the team believes. With further the use of their systems. RVT developments in automation Precision supports the areas of crop and artificial intelligence, data care, farming and amenity and, with management and a greater degree access to innovative John Deere of automation for the operator, the and Ag Leader precision farming RVT Precision team will continue to products, it can cater for every type offer new innovative technologies of situation or business requirement.  to support customers’ practices and The future will be innovative embrace the changing future of precise farming practises for ■ increased efficiency and productivity, digital technologies, it says.

Variable Rate Control for Sprayers and Fertiliser Spreaders Data Management Implement Guidance AgLeader Crop Sensors Remote Weather Monitoring Sensors

Improving Productivity using Precision Technology

Yield Monitoring Grassland Management Machine to Machine Integration Manure Sensing and Rate Controllers Monitoring Slurry Application GPS Depth Control Fertiliser and Sprayer NSTS Testing and Upgrades

Dedicated Support Line and Training Remote Display Access Guidance for All Makes and Models To find out more about the capabilities of Precision Technology call RVT Precision on:

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Direct Drilling

No-till farming ‘boosts soil health and cuts costs’ No-till farming has seen a steady increase over recent years in the UK, despite historically slower rates of adoption compared to other parts of the world. More and more farmers are aware of this necessity to increase food production globally, and the industry is experiencing a shift towards no-till as a means to achieve better soil health and sustainable production all while cutting costs and saving time. “The shift has been massive,” says Weaving Machinery sales director Simon Weaving. “Five years ago, farming was all about completely mixing the soil profile. Today, it’s more about lifting the soil profile, rather than mixing. Farmers are beginning to understand the very real benefits they can see when incorporating a no-till system.” The UN recently stated that the world’s soil reserves have only an estimated 60 harvests left before complete degradation, with around a third of the world’s soil already at that point. Michael Gove, the former environment secretary, also warned that the UK is only a few decades away from “the fundamental eradication of soil fertility”. The British government has also signalled possible incentives for farmers who promote better soil health following Brexit, though these are not set in stone. While the importance of soil health is widely understood, rate of adoption has been slow. Part of this is the UK’s strong sense of tradition in farming, but a significant barrier to entry has

Ben Hall of Squire Farming is an advocate of no-till farming using Weaving machinery.

been the cost. With many farms under increasing financial pressure, few are willing to invest and risk trialling a new method of farming, even if the benefits are clear. For Weaving’s part, accessibility and affordability has always been one of its leading mission statements: “I completely understand that farmers may be wary of leaping straight into direct drilling or low disturbance farming,” says Simon. “Our drills are designed to work on conventional systems as well, for complete flexibility. Ultimately, no-till is the direction the industry is heading, and it’s a change that will directly benefit both this country’s soil health and, importantly, the financial security of UK farmers.” No-till requires more planning but advocates are quick to highlight the benefits they have seen on farm. These include a cut in costs for machinery, labour, fertiliser, and chemicals. In turn, this leads to a marked increase in insects, birds and wildlife, as well as fewer floods and more resilient crops during droughts. At face value, the cost savings might prove the biggest incentive for interested farmers. Savings include less money spent on diesel, parts that wear far slower, less manpower required in the field, and less horsepower (and therefore fuel consumption) during the crop cycle. These costs may be relatively small individually, but quickly add up.

In the long-term, no-till also increases worm numbers and boosts organic matter. Unlike conventional systems, no-till keeps everything underneath the surface, giving it a chance to build up. This also leads to another benefit for many farmers: a solid defence against black-grass. Black-grass seeds can lie dormant for years before activation, which can then be caused by cultivating and mixing the soil profile. While by no means an all-purpose solution, no-till means the seed hits the floor and stays there – making spraying much more cost-efficient, effective, and longlasting. “We made this decision because we just had to tackle black-grass,” says one Weaving customer who adopted a notill system. “This system was affordable and a viable route to go down. No-till has lots to recommend it in terms of


6th wheat drilled Nov 5th, photo May 10th

The All Weather Seed Drill for high output low input combinable cropping

preserving soil health, but to be honest ours was largely a practical decision. This is the right thing to do for our farm.” Simon advises taking stock of your current situation: “First, look at your soil health,” he says. “If the soil is in poor health, you might not want to jump straight into direct drilling. You can use a machine like our LD top spoiler to slice into and lift up the soil. This gets air underneath before putting it back down with minimal disturbance before drilling.” “All farmers should be seriously looking at no-till as an option for their farm,” he adds. “Year on year, we’re seeing more farms trial whether no-till can work for them. We’ve worked to deliver machinery that has the power and functionality for farms of all sizes and systems, to improve soil health – all while keeping yields strong.” ■

At time of writing feed Barley ex-farm November is priced £30/t lower than milling wheat with perhaps 2t/ha yield deficit. The patented Triton Seed drill has allowed farmers on heavy clay soils with black grass to return to a full winter sown wheat and rape rotation due to unrivalled capability for late season drilling. Direct or into a seed bed the Triton drill and with the benefits of late season drilling can deliver dramatic savings in fixed and variable costs whilst creating the highest potential returns from a combinable crop rotation. Ideal to direct drill behind a beet harvester and also drills maize unmetered but separated. Finance available from £15,750 ex seed tank UK manufactured.

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CrossCutter by Väderstad Ultra-shallow tillage

Ultra-shallow tillage by Väderstad CrossCutter Disc provides full cut at only 2-3cm working depth. The unique cutting profile crushes, chops and mulches in one single pass. It is excellent in oilseed rape stubble, cover crops and grain stubble.

Learn how ultra-shallow tillage by Väderstad CrossCutter Disc will help give a perfect start to your next crop at

DYNAMIC Direct Drill * High quality, low disturbance no tillage system * Easy maintenance and low running cost * Turbo cutting disc creates a clean micro tilth for seed to be placed in * Rubber or steel closing wheels firm the soil around the seed * Tilled soil under the seed gives easy root establishment * 25cm and 19cm row spacing * Modular design 4.5, 5 & 6m

Samagri Ltd 01256384208 110 October 2019

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Direct Drilling

Direct strip seeding enables Eric to keep doing the job he loves

The Claydon T6c will sow directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/ cultivated land, across the widest range of soils, conditions and crops.

Octogenarian arable farmer Eric Lewis continues to work single-handedly, completing almost all the work on his farm at Knights Green, near Dymock. A heart attack seven years ago made Eric reflect on life and slowed him down a little, but giving up was never an option. Instead he looked for alternatives that would allow him to keep doing the job he has always loved. Now approaching his 81st birthday, Eric has no plans to call it a day and continues to invest in the future. Just before harvest he took delivery of a new Claydon T6c OptiTill drill which, he says, is the key to his ability to keep farming. “This is my life and I simply wouldn’t want to do anything else,” says Eric. “But if it wasn’t for the Claydon system I would have had to give up, because it minimises the time and physical work involved.” Eric moved from nearby Colwall Park Farm to Hill Farm, Knights Hill in 1980, converting what was a mixed enterprise into an all-arable unit five years later so that he could do most of the work himself. Crops were established using a plough followed by a power harrow/drill combination, still the traditional method in the area. That was hard work, took a lot of time, consumed a lot of fuel and panned the soil, stunting crop development and yields. In 2000, Eric changed to a min-till system based around an implement which incorporated tines, discs and a packer roller, behind his 230hp Massey-Ferguson. Wanting more output, he up-sized to a 370hp MF 8690 and 5m version of the same implement, but it was not the right Soil structure and condition have improved dramatically since changing to the Claydon System.

109-121 Oct.indd 111

solution. Working very long hours, Eric found that it increased the amount of black-grass, while having to work land down ahead of the drill created a huge weather risk. In 2009 Agrii's Stephen Earl, his agronomist for 32 years, suggested the Claydon OptiTill system of direct strip seeding, but it wasn’t until Eric left Gloucester Hospital in 2015 having been fitted with a pacemaker that he considered it more closely. “I knew I would have to change. I could no longer do what I’d been able to and at 75 didn’t want to spend all my time in the fields,” says Eric. After attending the 2016 Claydon open day, Eric had a 4m Hybrid drill on demonstration, and visited a local owner and then ordered a 6m mounted model. His 370hp MasseyFerguson was more powerful than was needed, but the tractor was paid for, so Eric decided to keep it. The 6m hybrid quickly proved itself at Hill Farm, which produces 70ha of winter wheat, 28 of oilseed

Also helps grow profits.

continued over...

Investing in the Claydon Opti-Till® system provides a healthy soil structure and creates the perfect growing environment for crops. Strong rooting and retained soil moisture promote optimum yields, saving you money through fewer field passes. You can bank on it. For a more in-depth look at the Claydon system go to: Telephone: +44 (0) 1440 820 327

16/09/2019 11:10

Direct Drilling Eric Lewis (left) with his agronomist of 32 years, Stephen Earl, viewing the new Claydon T6c drill during the 2019 Claydon Open Day.

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rape and 20 of linseed, together with organic apples for Westons Cider at Much Marcle in neighbouring Herefordshire. “It didn’t take long to realise that I should have changed to the Claydon years ago,” says Eric. “The leading tine is the key to the drill’s performance because it creates an ideal environment for the seed and fissures the soil between the strip seeded bands, so roots develop without restriction,” he adds. The system also helped Eric keep on top of the farm’s black-grass, says

Stephen Earl of Agrii. “I have not changed how I approach things from an agronomic viewpoint because of the Claydon System and Eric’s results speak for themselves.” Having experienced the benefits of the hybrid, Eric purchased two other components of the Claydon system, a straw harrow and TerraStar, a simple, low cost, low disturbance shallow cultivator. “My 7.5m straw harrow is very fast, cheap to use and moves just enough soil to get the weeds and volunteers to germinate, but in dry weather some of the heavier ground needs a

bit more working and the TerraStar is just the right tool. “When you buy a Claydon drill you must take time to understand how it works and how to use it, then give it time to work, allowing air and water to get into the soil and the worm population to return to where it should be. “Cover crops have been grown here for three years and helped with that process, as well as bringing many other benefits.” Eric reports improvements to soil structure and condition since introducing the Claydon system. “Its high output allows me to wait for just the right conditions, rather than feeling that I must press on regardless just to get crops in the ground. I can easily drill 28ha in a day, although the Hybrid could do comfortably much more. Establishing crops now needs so little power that I sold one of my two fuel tanks because it was no longer needed.” After three seasons with his Claydon drill Eric took delivery of the latest OptiTill Hybrid T6c. Introduced

Save Fuel, Save Time

at the end of 2018, the new model combines the high output of a 6m seeding platform with the handling characteristics and manoeuvrability of the 4m Claydon T4. Incorporating a 3,500-litre hopper which can be used for seed only or divided 60:40 between seed and fertiliser for combination drilling, the T6c is over 20 per cent lighter and more compact than Claydon’s T6 model, which features a 5,500-litre hopper. The T6c will sow directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land, across the widest range of soils, conditions and crops. This enables one drill to handle any crop establishment situation, such as drilling cereals and catch crops at the same time, thereby minimising capital investment. “Wheat averages over 10.1t/ha, but I think this will increase with the T6c,” says Eric. “It will also allow starter fertiliser to be placed in the seeding zone when drilling oilseed rape, which will help the crop to establish more quickly and reduce overall fertiliser use. “The Claydon System is much more than just another way of establishing crops, it is ‘my system’ and I hope to be using it for many years to come.” ■

Double Disc coulter system for precise depth control and minimal disturbance of the seedbed to help beat blackgrass

Widen your options for late autumn and for spring drilling with a KRM Soladrill and increase margins by saving power, fuel and time. Use one drill for sowing into a ploughed seedbed or into min-till. To find out more, contact KRM today ! Tel: 01423 324221

E mail: info

Web : www.

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Conversion coulters make direct drilling affordable Minimal disruption is key to direct drilling, according to experienced wearing part manufacturer JJ Metcalfe & Son. “Roots and a healthy worm population will take care of aerating and draining the soil, and nutrients will come from the use of cover crops and crop rotation. This no-till approach also helps prevent blackgrass establishment by leaving dormant seeds buried well below the surface, unable to germinate.” With the above in mind, JJ Metcalfe & Son designed its range of tungsten carbide tipped, low disturbance direct drill coulters. Designed to fit Seedhawk drills or innovatively convert Horsch CO/

Sprinter series, Simba freeflow and now the Amazone Cayena drills into direct drills, the coulters have a narrow, replaceable tungsten carbide tipped blade. This cuts through the soil retaining the organic matter on the surface and posing minimal threat to the worm populace. Ensuring accurate seed placement, the blade cuts a slot to place the seed directly beneath the residues of the previous crop, while leaving virtually no surface disturbance. With the conversion coulters starting at £78 per unit, JJ Metcalfe says it is aiming to provide an affordable step into direct drilling and maintaining soil health, which should in turn increase crop yield. ■

Its tungsten carbide tipped low disturbance conversion coulters make direct drilling possible for more growers, says JJ Metcalfe & Son.

What if you could simply create the perfect seed bed?

At Dale Drills we’re as passionate about your soil as you are. As farmers we know just how vital good soil structure is to the health of your crop – locking in vital nutrients to create optimum conditions for sowing and growing. Capable of drilling in direct, min-till and conventional seedbeds our versatile range of lightweight seed drills have been made with exactly that in mind – promoting low impact cultivation that encourages minimal disturbance. Renowned for excellent contour following, accurate seed placement and a low power requirement, why not see how our drills can help your business fulfil its full potential? 01652 653 326


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Direct Drilling

Canadian drilling system popular among UK farmers

Beans direct drilled with VOS in November - Lincolnshire Wolds.

Consistent seed spacing and depth.

Supporters of direct drilling have taken to social media to document their use of the Bourgault VOS system, originating from Canada and imported into the UK by Martin Lishman. The Versatile Opener System (VOS) range offers versatility with various options of holders and compatible tips available. Tips come in single or double shoot versions to deliver seed only or

seed plus fertiliser. Pulses such as beans can be delivered with the same tips or there are specific versions for this purpose. Farmers and agronomists in Canada began exploring the benefits of reduced tillage and direct drilling nearly 50 years ago. The reasons were simple – the need to reduce soil erosion, retain soil moisture, save on fuel costs and reduce the time taken.

H.R. Bourn & Sons' Andrew Harker shared his experience of the Bourgault VOS which he said had improved the performance of his Horsch drills: “Drilling late for blackgrass control, we are seeing less smearing of soil and much less soil disturbance. This is giving us less black-grass to control in the crop, and even more crop establishment with far better rooting plants.” James Porter of Porters Farms (Walpole) also gave the system the thumbs up: “The Bourgault VOS coulters have greatly enhanced the performance of our Horsch Sprinter drill. They are extremely versatile. We can use them on min-till land and when direct drilling. “We have since benefitted from even seed depth and less soil movement, which has greatly helped to reduce moisture loss and resulted in improved crop establishment.” The low disturbance and low draft generated by the tips contributes to low wear rates as well as reduced fuel costs, said Martin Lishman. This is


complemented by the high chromium content of the tips and the carbide on the wings which self-sharpens as it wears and provides increased penetration with no soil smearing. ■

VOS fitted to a drill.

(Versatile Opener System)

Imported by: Martin Lishman

Low Disturbance

Maximum moisture retention, improved soil structure


Holders and tips available to suit seed only or seed and fetilizer paired row

• Very low disturbance • Consistent sowing depth • Precise fertiliser placement • Self-sharpen during wear • Multiple options for seeds and pulses

Carbide Placement

Durability with consistent application

01778 426600 @BourgaultVos

114 October 2019

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Farm Safety & Security

Smart solutions to rural crime Levels of theft crime are known to increase when the nights start pulling in. Organised gangs target farms for machinery to use as tools in further crimes such as ripping out cash machines, and also steal to order with many items ending up abroad. Activists are also a major concern on game and livestock farms. In April this year members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) released 9,000 birds at Heath Hatcheries in Mildenhall. Farms are under threat as places of business and also family homes. Active Farm Solutions is keen to assist the farming community in reducing crime while providing peace of mind.

AQM can supply a host of measures to help farmers secure their assets.

When farmers are alerted to intruders on their land or machinery being stolen they can alert the police and AQM can track the machinery.

It believes that criminals may not see farms as easy targets if they realise that the farming community are a smart network, working together to prevent rural crime. “We are moving to a smart farm approach – from perimeter protection, to tracking quad bikes, monitoring animal data, and building humidity sensors,” explains the company’s head of sales and marketing James Doel. Active Farm Solutions offers the opportunity of a visit to discuss any security issues and to provide an action plan with various equipment options. A Smart Hub is installed with all sensors talking to it within a range of around 5km. Products are mostly batterypowered with a life range of between three and five years providing a cost effective and portable tagging and monitoring solution. This is especially important for rural locations with no access to mains power. Amanda Cornwell from Agriculture Insurance Brokers works closely with AFS: “A Suffolk client of mine had a break in last week and I am suggesting that they speak with AFS to look at a system that monitors their perimeter. They have a metal security gate fitted but the thieves simply drove across the fields and through a hedge to get to his workshop.” Light beam sensors can be fitted across any areas where a physical barrier does not exist or in vulnerable areas on a farm such as around intensive livestock units where there is a threat from activist groups. Farmers can use the software provided to set specific parameters for each of their sensors. In the case of a light beam sensor across a field entrance, an alert could be set

 Security products from AQM are mostly battery powered so do not require a mains supply.  Light beam sensors can alert farmers to an intruder.

between 8pm and 7am when farm staff will not be using it. Farmers will receive alerts by text message to their phone and emails only if the beam is broken during those hours. Tags can be fitted to machinery and alerts sent to the farmer when the machinery goes outside of the area set. When alerted to the fact the machinery has moved or been stolen the farmer can contact the police and AFS will then monitor and track the machine with the aim of recovery. The tags use RF technology as opposed to GPS or GSM which can be blocked and also means assets can still be tracked up to 10 shipping containers deep if moved to a port or a cargo ship. Active Farm Solutions charges only £60 per year for the recovery service irrespective of the number of devices on a farm. Farmers can become part of the AFS network allowing their hubs

to communicate and pick up other farmers’ assets if they are stolen and moved close to their property, becoming part of a smart network of businesses across the country. Farms are targets for fuel thieves too and AFS has come up with the solution of a fuel tank monitor providing an alert when the fuel drops below a set level. Besides alerting the farmer to theft it would also alert to a leak and could be used as a fuel ordering management tool. James Doel adds that a security system can be set up on farm for an initial cost of £2,000–£3,000 with an annual fee of £180 per year for the service and software. ■

DOOR SERVICES LTD Industrial Door Specialists

• Installation • Repairs • Planned Maintenance

Specialists in Building & Perimeter Security


Tel/Fax: 01245 600235 Mobile: 07887 806603 e-mail:

Agricultural doors Steel roller shutters – galvanised and powder coated Insulated roller shutters for cold stores Pass door and steel hinged door sets High speed rapid roll doors Insulated sectional doors

24hr call out

• • • • • •

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18/09/2019 11:03

Farm Safety & Security

Keeping an eye on your property

Simple and effective security

The Yard-Vue captures high-definition video with sound and images.

With agriculture-based crime increasing in frequency and severity, being able to keep a close eye on your property has never been more important. The Yard-Vue features an ability to show you what it sees – no matter where in the world you are – as well as being able to capture high

definition (HD) video with sound and images. The HD camera can be mounted where it is needed, then connected to both your home network and the free-of-charge smart device app.  Once these steps are complete, users are ready to see their property at any time using their mobile phone or similar smart device. Yard-Vue is waterproof and comes equipped with a sensor, which enables it to send users push notifications should any movement occur within a user-defined area of the camera’s field of view. This means there is no need to feel you have to constantly check the feed unless you need or want to.   The design is discrete, yet the manufacturer says it has enough presence to act as a deterrent to wouldbe troublemakers. Yard-Vue is suitable for use in domestic, commercial or agricultural situations. ■

Electric entrance gates are a proven means of enhancing security says EstateGuard Gates. The company is based in North Essex and specialises in both hinging and trackless sliding gates with options for mains or solar power. With in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by farmers, EstateGuard offers robust but simple gates with a variety of access control measures including radio fobs, keypads, dial in telephone relays, GSM intercoms, underground sensors and timers. Its hinging gates are available in up to six-metre opening widths and are manufactured as standard with an underground crossbar enhancing the strength and simplifying the installation. Sliding gates are available up to nine metres and are galvanised and powder-coated and include six safety edges and two safety beams to ensure they meet current safety standards. Our standard 250W solar system is designed to power either type of gates with whatever accessories are needed, even on busy driveways. It is important

EstateGuard’s five bar gates are particularly popular in rural settings.

The North Essex based company can supply hinged or trackless sliding gates.

however to ensure the panel can face south with unshaded access to sunlight. EstateGuard’s five bar style steel gates are proving particularly popular, it says. These are low visual impact and merge in to the rural environment while also making a robust barrier to intruders. ■

Perimeter breach zone 1

Shed temperature

Security camera

Water quality test complete

PH readings received

Motion alert on quad bike Humidity sensor Fuel sensor


Calving alert Bolus alert Fence monitoring

Do you wish you could mitigate the risk of loss and damage from thieves, vandals and activists? Active Farm Solutions farm and livestock security means you can monitor ALL of your farm assets: equipment, outbuildings, fuel and livestock, in real time over our secure Orion Data Network, whilst cattle welfare and productivity can be monitored and improved through the use of our Activeherd Bolus For further information or to arrange a consultation:

t: 0330 0945459 e: w:

116 October 2019

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18/09/2019 11:04



TRACK YOUR TRACTOR The professionals’ choice for a secure site

Zest Tracking

have a solution for only MOBILE PHONE OPERATION








45p a day


** Last year Agricultural Vehicle Theft of Tractors, Quad Bikes & ATVs in the UK amounted to £8.2m** • long-life battery-powered telematics unit • 7 years battery life (one position per day) • IP67 sealed and rugged enclosure (waterproof) • easy self-installation

01473 487787

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Farm Safety & Security

First line of defence against rural crime It’s a sad reality that rural crime has risen across the UK, costing nearly £50m last year. Most costly is theft, especially the theft of vehicles, quads, and livestock. With a traditional gate, it’s all too easy to gain access, and even a padlock only offers limited reassurance as they are easy to break. Electric gates are a step above, remaining locked in place to all except those working on the farm, says Weaving Machinery. “No easy forcing, no leaving wide open while thieves walk out with machinery or livestock. A strong robust electric gate is the first line of defence against rural crime on modern farms.” As well as fending off unwelcome visitors, electric gates are a crucial

part of strong biosecurity on farm, says the company. “Electric gates only open for authorised personnel – putting you in complete control over who and what is permitted on your farm.” The Weaving Machinery sliding gate features a brushless motor system, eliminating the clogs of debris and constant maintenance required with some electric gates that run on tracks. This type of gate can also be installed on all kinds of terrain, even slopes or uneven ground. “Gates are an overlooked but vital part of your farm security,” says Weaving. “Choose an option that keeps your farm safe, your operations running smoothly, and your financial position secure.” ■

Weaving Machinery’s electric sliding security gate does not require a ground track – making it ideal for busy farm entrances and uneven terrain.

Track your tractor Hundreds of tractors and farm machines are stolen from farms across the country and taken abroad. Thefts are often highly organised and investigators believe that gangs may have international criminal contacts and experience in countersurveillance techniques.  On average two vehicles a night are stolen from farms or dealerships, says Zest Tracking. Its plant and asset tracking device features a batterypowered tracking unit and supports

the tracking of a wide range of vehicles, assets and equipment. The unit offers simple selfinstallation and comes with a large capacity battery capable of a five to seven year life. The compact and robust design means it can be concealed out of sight and it comes supplied with an advanced casing to protect against water and dust. It is an ideal solution to protect mobile assets against the threat of theft, says the company. ■


Introductory Price

£119.99 (RRP £149.99)



is an innovative, colour, HD, IP camera, which can be viewed 'on demand' from anywhere in the world via any smart device (phone or tablet etc) that's 'connected' (mobile phone signal or Wi-Fi) via a FOC App. Yard-Vue™ records images to a built-in SD card and it can also notify mutiple users if the built-in PIR sensor (push notification) is triggered. Yard-Vue™ requires the following to operate:

• Mains Power • a Wi-Fi Network* with Internet Access The Yard-Vue™ system includes the following: • Waterproof, HD Colour Camera • Camera Roof/Wall Mount • Mains Power Adapter (240V AC to 5V DC) • USB to RJ-45 cable (for setting up the camera with your router - can also be set up wirelessly) • 8GB Micro SD card (can be utilised with up to 128GB Micro SD) • Built-in IR (for night vision) • Built-in PIR (movement) Sensor

Yard-Vue™ is ideal as a 'security camera', or to keep an eye on your horses, etc, when away from the yard. Live images can viewed 'anytime/anywhere' and several cameras can be utilised at the same time. Multiple users can be notified (push notification) if the built-in PIR is triggered & saved images (built-in SD card - 8GB provides storage for approx 400, 60 second videos) can be accessed remotely via the App (or the SD card can be removed from the camera). There is no sim card and no monthly fees, etc.

* To check whether your Wi-Fi Network reaches/is present in the preferred location of your Yard-Vue™ camera, please use a smart device (mobile phone etc) to see if you can join your network from that location (with that device). Wi-Fi Repeaters/Boosters can also be utilised to extend Wi-Fi range, or it may be possible to re-locate your Wi-Fi router/hub to a different location (closer to the proposed Yard-Vue™ location).

01733 246473 |

Wellington Security Products Acorn House, Cutlers Green, Thaxted, Dunmow, Essex CM6 2PZ The Old Timber Yard, Longborough, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire GL56 0QJ

Free site survey and quotations:

01371 831731


118 October 2019

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Trials target higher yielding robot-ready orchards

Blaklader’s range of high-visibility, breathable tops improve staff safety and comfort.

Different systems for growing Gala Galaxy clones on different rootstocks are being trialled over 10 years at 2 sites.

Workwear for a better and safer job Industrial retailer Kiowa has been working in partnership with Blaklader Workwear for over 12 years in a wide range of industry sectors including farming. Blaklader is different to other clothing manufacturers as it views workwear as tools for performing a better and safer job and claims that high quality always pays off as its clothes can stand up to tough demands over and over again while meeting all the necessary safety directives and standards. Agriculture can be one of the riskiest working environments and so great efforts are being made to improve and highlight the risks involved. One quick and easy way everyone can make their farm a safer place to work is to ensure all

staff wear the correct hi-visibility clothing. This has until now usually meant having to wear poor quality fluorescent vests over work clothes resulting in lost, dirty and ill-fitting clothing, the company says. Blaklader has developed a range of hi-visibility tops as well as trousers and jackets in various colour combinations that have the same visibility standards as most florescent jackets; Class 1 and EN ISO 20471. The shirts marked UV ‘3338 / 3337’ also meet the requirements EN1356-2 (UPF 40+) with added sun protection. These are made from 100% polyester which has been treated with bamboo charcoal to create a breathable fabric that can be worn all day. ■

Chemical Storage 4 Farmers by 8’, 10’ & 20’ steel secure bunded chemical stores for the farm Using the HSE specification for pesticide storage We are on the approved suppliers list with BASIS Nationwide delivery and offload arranged

0800 121 7388

...or visit


Please call Billie Box on...

A trial examining ways to improve the planting design and canopy management of apple orchards and future-proof them for robotic harvesting systems opened its doors to growers this summer. The Hutchinsons Enhanced Light Interception Orchard System (HELIOS) was established last spring at two sites, in East Kent and on the Herefordshire/ Gloucestershire border, to examine how orchards can be cost-effectively re-designed and managed to capture more light, improve yields and allow new mechanical picking systems in the future. Several systems for growing Gala Galaxy clones on different rootstocks are being trialled over 10 years at both sites, with detailed yield and crop grading measurements being taken to help identify the most cost-effective options. The planting configurations are inspired by research in New Zealand that suggests current orchard systems do not intercept as much sunlight as they could, so fall short of their theoretical maximum yield. Perhaps the most adventurous system being trialled is the ‘photovoltaic configuration’ which features Gala Galaxy on M9 and the more vigorous M116 rootstock, angled on a 50-degree slope orientated east-west in a similar way to a groundmounted solar PV array. “Leaning a tree over at an angle like that does reduce vigour, but theoretically angled trees can capture approximately twice as much light as traditional planting in a northsouth orientation,” explained Hutchinsons agronomist Rob Saunders (right) , who manages the Kent trial hosted at Hoaden Court Farm near Canterbury.

One of the most promising systems so far at both HELIOS sites is the high density alternate leaning V spindle system using Gala Galaxy on M9 rootstock, planted at a tree spacing of 0.39m in the standard north-south orientation. Trees are pruned to create a planar canopy no more than 30cm deep to maximise light interception. “In terms of yield potential, it’s definitely one of the most exciting, but it’s also the most expensive to establish given the sheer number of trees and need for a robust trellis system,” said Nigel Kitney (right), who manages the western trial site near Newent. This planting density at a 3.5m row spacing gives around 7,326 trees/ha, compared with nearer 2,000 to 3,000 trees/ha on many other systems, he added. “It needs to deliver on yield to make up for these higher costs.” At the other extreme is a lowcost trial of Gala Galaxy on M116 rootstock championed by Nick Dunn of F.P. Matthews, and chosen for its reduced canker levels, and resistance to drought, phytophthora and woolly aphid. Trees are orientated north-south at a 1.5m spacing, on 3.5m rows, to give a density of 1,904/ha. Developing orchard designs that will be suitable for robotic mechanical harvesting systems is a key part of the trials. “If we’re going to be picking apples with robots in future, it will be from a planar canopy and fruit wall no more than 30cm thick. Our trials here are designed to see what is, and isn’t achievable, with this sort of canopy design, so we can develop costeffective, future-proof planting and management systems for our growers.” ■

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Bespoke service creating modular buildings

DIY modular buildings made simple.

Agricultural diversification can be simplified by placing new enterprises inside an existing farm building without the need for planning permission (only Change of Use is required). They can also be placed outside, says Create a Cabin. Ranging in size from 20–150m2 the self-supported buildings are technically sophisticated and flexible, it says. Working to customer’s specific requirements, the insulated buildings arrive flat-pack in kit form for self-assembly, or with optional construction assistance. Made from polyurethane and galvanised steel, the horizontal panels are stacked on top of each other with an overhang to ensure they are washable and food grade

compliant. A PVC corner piece helps ensure clean, vermin-free buildings, making them ideal for artisan food preparation. Power, plumbing and flooring are connected after the build with local contractors. Experience shows that no two projects are the same due to size, budget or location, says Create a Cabin. The buildings are made to measure and can fit any space. Internal partitions can be provided to create offices, cold rooms, storage, showers and toilets as well as temporary accommodation and training rooms. Delivered within 4 weeks of order and priced at £250£400m2, they are a fast, economical way for forward thinking farmers to change direction and grow profit, the company says. ■

Fungicide option for grape growers Grape growers will have the option of another fungicide this season as Vivando (metrafenone) from BASF has been granted an EAMU in grapes and in hops. The manufacturer already offers UK grape growers Kumulus (sulphur) and as EAMU’s Percos (ametoctradin and dimethomorph), Stroby WG (kresoximmethyl), Sercadis (fluaxapyrad) and Regalis Plus (prohexadione). “In conjunction with industry group WineGB, metrafenone now has an EAMU for controlling powdery mildew in grapes, just in time for the season,” said Matthew Goodson of BASF. Vivando contains the active ingredient metrafenone and is formulated as a suspension concentrate containing 500g/litre active ingredient. It has a harvest interval of 28 days before harvest (up to and including berries ripe for harvest BBCH 83). “Powdery mildew is one of the most damaging diseases of grapes. It is worse in dry years and under warm conditions of between 18°C and 30°C. The symptoms are seen as a discolouration of leaves and flowers and a white dusting across the leaf surface,” said Mr Goodson.

“Metrafenone will be welcomed by vine growers as it offers a new fungicide group (benzophenones) which has no resistance or crossresistance.” It has a wide window of use and good rainfastness, making it more flexible to use, he added. Mr Goodson reminded growers that for any EAMU, they should obtain a copy of the notice of approval via the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) web site, ADAS offices or NFU. In the EAMU notice of approval, CRD points out that liability lies with the user and growers are advised to test a small area of crop prior to commercial use. ■



01227 389 895


Office Buildings

Interactive Controlled Atmosphere Storage JD Cooling

JD Industrial Cooling

JD Industrial Controls

JD Power Systems

JD Cooling Group is proud to partner with Frigotec to deliver the ground-breaking FruitAtmo® technology to UK growers FruitAtmo® - The only system able to control the optimum oxygen set point according only to CO2 respiration. Launching for the first time in the UK at the National Fruit Show on Stand K3!

Changing Rooms/ WCs Artisan Food Production

Education/Dairy/ Butchery ✔ Bespoke design easy to assemble ✔ Inside an existing building or stand alone outside ✔ Flat pack ready to assemble ✔ Insulated panels easy to clean, food grade compliant ✔ Large selection of doors and windows ✔ Build on a flat concrete or plywood base Head Office: 01553 767446 South East: 01622 391720 E:

✔ Extremely fast build as a self build or with construction support

120 October 2019

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M F 3 7 0 0 | 7 5 - 10 5 H P

THE SPECIALIST TRACTOR FOR THE SPECIALIST CROP NEW: Wide Fruit model with wide chassis VERSATILE: Up to 76 combinations including a unique WF version and efficient specification FLEXIBLE: +50% more hydraulic flow vs. VF 3600 and 12 different hydraulic configurations, plus integrated loader-ready package providing upper class loader performance GENUINE EXPERT: New 4WD engagement and front axle suspension systems WORKING FORCE: An uncompromised ‘all-in-one’ after treatment unit offering superior visibility


109-121 Oct.indd 121

16/09/2019 21:35


Flexible spraying solutions for growing contracting business Spray contracting business Howton Cropcare is steadily expanding, though its Cornish location has, to an extent, dictated the firm’s choice of machine size to handle a 12,500ha workload. “We don’t have the luxury of large fields and generous access,” explains Howton Cropcare director and sprayer operator Dave Allen. “Our average field size is just 4ha, and combined with a working radius of 30 miles, it puts pressure on being timely.” Based at Howton Farm, Saltash, Dave Allen along with co-directors Will Doidge and John Moss, have been pushing the spray business forward, and with it, the self-propelled fleet. And to make the most of its spraying opportunities, the firm has added a McConnel Agribuggy to sit alongside its existing Multidrive M420 equipped with a 4,000-litre tank and 24m boom. While a second M420 was the obvious choice,

it wasn’t going to give the firm a competitive advantage. “Many smaller farms with 8 or 12ha of cereals do have limited yard space and awkward field access,” he says. “So having a smaller, lighter and more agile machine offers a huge benefit for them and also for us.” Mr Allen saw the Agribuggy A280 with a 2,700-litre tank and 24m boom as the machine of choice. Its arrival also created the role of fulltime sprayer operator, which has been filled by experienced user Andrew Gillbard. “With an unladen weight of just 5.0t compared to the MultiDrive’s 9.5t, the Buggy suits smaller acreages and less well-drained land,” he says. “Its lower overall height and narrower chassis make it the first choice when you consider some of the narrow lanes with over-grown hedgerows and continued over...

The Howton Cropcare team includes Dave Allen (left), agronomist Will Doidge (centre), plus operator Andrew Gillbard.

SPRAYER DEMO DAY BUY & SELL We would like to invite you to our

to try out the latest range of sprayers available from



2 October 2019

from 8.00 am

at Unit 1B Rookery Farm Silver Street, Besthorpe NR17 2LD


NROSO points avai


01953 450279 • Neil 07702 051884 • Simon 07884 001231 •

for FREE

‘til the cows come home...

122 October 2019

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18/09/2019 11:49

Visit us on Stand 1.73

Plant protection in perfection. With the Fendt Rogator 600, you cannot compromise: the OptiRide suspension offers stepless hydraulic adjustment of the track width from 1.8 to 2.25 m and the ground clearance from 75 to 120 cm. Fendt Rogator. The Partner for Professionals.

Fendt. Greatness in every field.

Fendt is a worldwide brand of AGCO.

Sprayers.indd 123

See all the latest Fendt news at

16/09/2019 21:44


Operator Andrew Gillbard likes the comfort offered by the Agribuggy’s cab.

The 24m boom and 2,700-litre tank create a compact, lightweight package for Howton Cropcare.

...from previous page

The firm also favours a mechanical driveline for its ability to hold a useful turn of speed on steeper slopes. Specification includes auto steering, 5-cylinder spray pump offering 335 litres/min output, TeeJet control system, stainless steel induction hopper and a variable geometry boom with 15 automatically controlled sections across its 24m width. Operator Andrew Gillbard is pleased with the Agribuggy, adding that traction is impressive, and the Buggy’s light weight means the sprayer is likely to keep going when others have to stop. “It has enough horsepower, and with a locking centre differential the traction is impressive, which is important given some of the steeper slopes that we have to spray,” says Andrew. “Disc brakes are reassuringly good too,

low trees that we have to negotiate.” But just as important was the ability to say ‘yes’ to additional work where they couldn’t – or wouldn’t – send the MultiDrive he adds. Since its arrival, Dave Allen reports that the contract spraying business continues to grow, and there is comfortably enough application work for both self-propelled sprayers. Spare capacity remains available too, which should help the business to continue moving forward. “We’ve also picked up some amenity work with the Buggy, and that includes spraying an increasing number of sports pitches, due to its very low ground pressure,” he says. Both sprayers use mechanical drivelines instead of the widely accepted and more commonplace hydrostatic drives.

and it doesn’t seem to drink its way through diesel.” With over 1,000 hours now on its clock, the business remains convinced of its flexible, two-machine approach to spray and fertiliser applications, as Dave Allen confirms. “As a two-man, two-sprayer system, we can go in different directions and still have capacity to spare,” adds Dave. “Having invested in a lightweight, ultra-low ground pressure machine, we’ve found that we can also extend our working window, perhaps getting on wetter ground much sooner, and staying on it much later.” All Agribuggy’s now come with two year warranty as standard, backed up by local McConnel dealer support. Existing customers have been automatically upgraded to this additional level of warranty cover free of charge. ■


LEMKEN agricultural machinery is distinctive, not only because of its blue colour, but above all because of its quality, versatility and robust designs. We are continuously working towards developing solutions that optimally meet the specific needs of the UK and global markets.

124 October 2019

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15/09/2019 16:52



GREAT FLEXIBILITY, SUPREME COMFORT AND HIGH PRECISION APPLICATION The new self-propelled Leeb PT offers a new ComfortDrive chassis concept and the award-winning boom control system, BoomControl Pro, is now available in boom widths up to 42m and up to 42 sections.

NEW HORSCH HYBRID FARMING SYSTEM Combining the best practices of organic and conventional farming to provide a weed control solution without glyphosate. The new HORSCH Hybrid Farming System is an adaptable, easy-to-handle range of tools available from 6m to 12m.

Visit our website, your local HORSCH dealer or call 01733 667895.

Sprayers.indd 125

11/09/2019 16:52

Sprayers Zone concept for updated sprayer Comfort, simplicity and quality were the aims for the new Condor Endurance II by Agrifac. Like the existing StabiloPlus system it has a tank capacity of 8,000-litre, booms from 24–55m but it is also capable of travelling up to 60kph and is set up according to a new concept, says Agrifac. The sprayer has been divided into different zones. The front part of the sprayer, around and below the cab, is the only area used for filling, whether it is using the induction hopper or filling the main tank, water tank, diesel or AdBlue. The centre of the

sprayer includes tanks and storage while at the back of the sprayer are the pump systems and electronics for easy maintenance. All of them are situated in such a way that work is clean and safe, both during spraying and maintenance, without the risk of contamination or errors. The available track widths of the new Condor Endurance II ranges from 190-460cm. All models have a track width adjustment of 100cm. This, combined with the increased clearance of 138cm make the machine more versatile says Agrifac. Its maximum clearance is due to the new design of

The Agrifac Endurance II - a sprayer of extreme capacity and endurance.

the chassis, as well as the possibility to mount tyres with a diameter of up to 230cm. Despite the tall and wide tyres, the turning circle is still the same.

The higher clearance and tight turning radius means less crop damage at the spray tracks and therefore higher yields. ■

Innovations in spraying Sprayer specialist Berthoud has been producing machinery since 1895. Initially focussing on vine and agricultural spraying equipment it later became known for spraying and application techniques for all types of crops. Continuing with its tradition of innovation, Berthoud’s new 3-arm folding B3 Axiale Boom is compact and folds safely within the length of the machine. The new B3 booms are available on the Tracker mid-

range 3,200-litre trailed machine and Berthoud’s award-winning Vantage trailed range. The Berthoud Axiale booms have long proven stability and performance said a spokesperson. “They provide outstanding horizontal stability especially when turning and giving excellent performance on slopes. “This is all achieved due to its low centre of gravity resulting from the Axiale central pivot suspension design.” ■

126 October 2019

Sprayers.indd 126

15/09/2019 17:05















NTTYY RRAAN RANTY ForRRfurther details,LOCAL visit Rplease


2 YE





















The ultimate low ground pressure sprayer just got better.

Sancroft Agri Services es Ltd


NSTS T Testin TS T g Service & Repairs on all g, makes of crop rrop spra ray ayers yers

Main Dealer for BARGAM Agriculture Machinery


We are newly appointed dealers for sprayers

C ntact Nick Hambling Co Sancroft Agri Services Ltd

Please contact us with any enquiries on FARMGEM plus all your other crop sprayer requirements

Frogs Hall, Wilby, Eye, Suffolk IP21 5LF mobile: 07748 644975 email:

Over 15 Years Experience

Why choose MERSE Agriculture? We provide sprayers, servicing and spares

Quality • Performance • Precision

01361 408532

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Metris 2 Half Page 93x270 Farmers-Guide.qxp_Min Til Half Page Vert Farmers Gu


Precision spraying technology

KUHN’s METRIS 2 trailed sprayer was awarded Machine of the Year at SIMA. • 3,200 and 4,100 litre tank options and 18 to 38 metre boom widths • Injected polyester tank with anti-roll baffle • LEA 3 aluminium boom, allows 25 or 50cm nozzle spacings • Compact and manoeuvrable, with fully integrated suspension • Simple and intuitive control options • EQUILIBRA boom suspension system • Options include GPS section control, automated rinsing, following axle and headland boom height control




VANTAGE with ‘Axiale B3’ boom, up to 33m

• Precision spray system with smart nozzle technology • Ensures accurate application over a range of operating speeds simply by setting droplet size and dose

forage harvesting I livestock husbandry I arable I landscape maintenance

The NEW Axiale B3 Boom from Berthoud is an innovation in spraying technology. The 3-fold boom is compact and folds safely within length of the machine making it easy to transport and store. It provides outstanding horizontal stability, especially when turning, and gives excellent performance on sloping ground.

Compact 3-arm folding boom

Easy operation & management

be strong, be KUHN

Contact us for more information

01553 774997 |

128 October 2019

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11/09/2019 16:55

Sprayers Trailed sprayer range expands Four new models have been added to the Oceanis range of trailed crop sprayers by Kuhn Farm Machinery. The Oceanis 5002, 5602, 6902 and 7702 machines have tank capacities of 5,000, 5,600, 6,900 and 7,700 litres respectively and are available with compact, all-aluminium booms in widths of 24–48m. The new sprayers are fully ISOBUS compatible, enabling them to be controlled from a single in-cab terminal such as Kuhn’s CCI 1200 console. A separate ISOCLICK control box which places the key sprayer controls (section control, boom height and angle) within fingertip reach can also be used. The new sprayers are also Canbus

compatible and can be operated via Kuhn’s Visioreb or REB3 controllers. Each new model is available with Kuhn’s Multispray system which uses electric nozzle holders to enable in-cab nozzle selection, automatic nozzle selection to suit the forward working speed and to maximise the accuracy of variable rate applications, plus individual nozzle control to reduce overlapping. The manufacturer’s e-SET cleaning system automates the tank rinsing sequence, making the Oceanis 2 extremely safe and efficient to use, while a new Closed Transfer System (CTS) chemical induction bowl – the Easyflow system – further enhances

operator safety by enabling chemicals to be added and chemical containers to be cleaned without the risk of the operator coming into contact with any harmful substances. Kuhn’s self-levelling boom system keeps the spray boom in the optimum position and height irrespective of field and crop conditions, thereby increasing spraying precision and reducing spray drift. This system is equipped with a hybrid mode which uses three sensors to distinguish between crop canopy and ground level, thereby improving spraying accuracy in high density crops such as oilseed rape or potatoes, or where the crop has lodged.

The new Oceanis 7702 from Kuhn.

All four new Oceanis models are fitted with easy-rinse polyester tanks with internal baffles for improved machine stability. Drawbar, axle, parallelogram and boom suspension systems provide additional stability and boom security when spraying and transporting. ■

Take smart control of your sprayer A collaboration between three companies has resulted in development of a wireless Bluetooth multifunctional spraying and implement control system. Smart Control is the product of Altek International, based in North Lincolnshire, S&K Sprayers and a specialist software developer. The many system features are all

controlled via a touch screen Android tablet. This system is already being fitted as standard equipment on the S&K Sprayer Nitro Bar and Smart Spray applicators. The system can be installed to all makes of sprayer. The main features include touch screen with night mode; pressure or flow based variable application rate control, DGPS EGNOS

40 500£

(RTK option) on screen guidance and automatic multiple section control. It also offers 3D mapping overlaid on Google maps, cloud synchronisation, and field management records. Optional extras include manual hydraulic function control and variable rate spot application (shape file). Future developments of the Smart Control system include auto steer,

Smart Control has a host of features and can be installed to all makes of sprayer.

individual nozzle control and seed/ granule control. ■




■ Automatic tracking and steering axle 25 km/h ■ Variable Geometry ■ Permanent boom circulation with AGP ■ ISOBUS and only one box in cab for all functions ■ 2 boom working lights LED Bluebeam *transport not included

N TIO A M OR F E IN AM P R NH 7J AY NR21 3 R MO 3 T ES RK 30 .uk W PA 37 .co 17ANESS 7 65 lineuk I 7 ay S BU +44w.spr ww

October 2019 129

Sprayers.indd 129

15/09/2019 17:06

Sprayers Changes and updates to sprayer offering The updated Grimpeur JR boasts a new 170hp tier 4B engine.

During the past year Bargam has been making changes in the UK and has set up a bigger dealer network as well as improving and updating certain models. This year has seen the updated

version of the Grimpeur JR machine which is its small LGP self-propelled sprayer with tank capacities up to 3,000 litres and 30m booms. The updated machine boasts a new 170hp tier 4B engine with hydrostatic 50kph

eco drive over mechanical axles and cruise control as standard whilst also having the option of individual nozzle control and auto height control for the booms. The size and manoeuvrability make this machine well-suited for the smaller farm and it is recommended for contractors looking for a smaller, reasonably-priced machine. Later this year is the launch of the new trailed

The new trailed Spraymax will be launched later this year.

Spraymax which has been performing well in current trials. This will boast large tank capacities and boom sizes up to 36m with any spec. ■

Improved handling and performance with updates The Primus and Albatros trailed sprayers from Lemken have been given technical and handling improvements. The Primus 10 and 12 have tank capacities of 2,400–4,400 litres and boom widths of 15–30m, while the Albatros 10 and 12 have capacities of 4,000–6,200 litres and boom widths of 15–39m respectively. The smaller entry-level Primus has been completely overhauled inside and out, with clearer controls and all major connections are centrally integrated behind protective covers.

The attractive design is enhanced by a more rounded profile, LED lighting and new colour scheme. The updated in-cab control terminals are now equipped with an intuitive graphical user interface on the CCI-50 terminal. A differential GPS receiver can be retrofitted for use with proven CCI apps for automatic width section control or parallel tracking assistance. The Primus 12 and all Albatros models feature Isobus as standard and can be operated using any compatible terminal.

Lemken has revealed updates to its Albatros and Primus trailed sprayers.

A circulation line on the basic Primus means uniform spray fluid is instantly available across the full boom width. The EES models feature automated water hydraulics, and cleaning procedures can be controlled from the cab. A new flexible drawbar

allows operators to attach the sprayer either at the top or bottom position. The clean water tank capacity has also been increased to 320 litres. ■

"StrictHeightPlus on the Agrifac Condor is much more superior than any other machines’ boom control we have previously run on the farm." Find out more about the ‘Brilliant Simple’ features of the Agrifac Condor today. Book an on-farm demonstration and experience the latest Agrifac technology for yourself. Contact us now! Southern region - Julian Arrowsmith: 07825 261853 Northern region - Chris Potter: 07741 312197 Email:

130 October 2019

Sprayers.indd 130

16/09/2019 11:20


• • • • •

3 cylinder 24 hp economical diesel engine Room for 3 persons to sit comfortably Various options cabin sun canopy etc High ground clearance 31c m Urethane coated load space for long lasting protection • Homologated for road use



01480 401512


Sprayers.indd 131

17/09/2019 12:46

A W Rusling


Collins Farming & Forestry Services Ltd

Agricultural Contractor

• Hedge and woodland coppicing with excavator and tree shear/grab • Poplar and large tree dismantling with high reach material handler and grapple saw • Timber extraction and purchasing • Hedge cutting • BSL registered supplier of dried and screened virgin woodchip • Wood fuel chipping to G30, G50 and CHP specs


New Holland c/w front linkage & PTO, RTK guidance, wide tyres & a set of row crops 18 years experience in... • veg crop harvesting • cereal drilling • potato planting • land preparation • cultivating • trailer work • hedgecutting • harvesting


07768 435505 67169

g sin Natio ciali ent nw rs spe in He ide Contracto Managem dge & Vegetation

07850 988 808 • 01728 660 271 • Valley Farm, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 2LR

GM Plant

Gary Moores 13 ton excavator/operator All machine work undertaken

• Highway hedge and verge cutting • Hedge cutting: flail and saw blade attachments • Drain and pond clearance: vegetation (long reach capability) • Vegetation and general site clearance • Tree maintenance • Flail mowing • Tractor and operator hire • Embankment mowing • Commercial grounds maintenance

07768 383797 Great Dunmow Essex CM6 1WN



Shane Goodlad 07884 253601


John H. Howlett

s ing wGilDd bird cover ing v a e W • l s il ill zeroants • cover crop gar beet dr e u b s al R to ng from OS conventiovner maize drillit if required n / o e l c l game iliser placem min ti fert

■ Full farm contracts ■ 24m spraying & 24m fertiliser spreading ■ Muck, Limex 45 & 70 and lime spreading ■ Set aside topping ■ Combining and all cultivations



it both w

L or e

Andrew 07860 262196 Hill Farm, Wissett, Halesworth



lor y a T n Steve9 047288 079387 21035u0k 017

ge ex jht@ro Suffolk/Ess

D. E. KEEBLE Agricultural Contractors

Suppliers of the finest hay & straw: Big Hesston, Mini Hesston & Conventional Bales Baling, Stacking & Delivery Service Straw Spreading for Winter Carrot Cover Muck & Sludge Spreading Hedge Cutting / Flail & Saw


Tel: (Snape) 01728 688688 Mobile: 07889 642096


of Removal


Agricultural Contractor


Call Andy

WASTE TYRES Farms, Agricultural Contractors, Plant Hire & Earthmover

25 years’ experience in used tyre disposal Registered Environment Agency Waste carrier/collector National bulk collections in articulated trailers Mixed tyres accepted Forklift and plant tracks accepted Competitive prices • Excellent service

For free estimate and quote contact

Chris Ingram – Intowaste Ltd

07860 670 201 email



Services offered...


07957 870362 East Anglia


Chris Whitton

• Slurry and sludge handling • Operated long reach hire • Reservoirs and lagoons de-silted and constructed • Operated plant hire • Land reclamation • Bulk earthworks

01255 425933

132 October 2019

Sprayers.indd 132

17/09/2019 14:28



EC Farm Contractors Crop Spraying Specialists

• 35 years’ experience • RTK precision & accuracy • Quick and efficient application • Fully certified & tested operators & machines


Established for 25 years

Edward Crocker

07889 570 210 01832 281 578

Office: 01992 522227 Mob: 07964 669493 67347


based near Peterborough


Established since 1956 - based in Cambridgeshire

Facebook: G C Dixon and Son

AGRICULTRAL CONTRAC TORS Covering all arable operations, including:  Heavy / light cultivations  Mole draining  Drilling  Rape drilling  Spraying  24m Avadex application  Rape swathing  Combining  Mowing / tedding / raking  Baling and chasing  Hedge cutting o  360 digger work Wheat, barley and rape straw wanted in the swath


Agricultural Contractors & Forage Merchants

Hay and Haylage Making – 80x47cm 'Euro' baler Bale Wrapping – round or square Grassland Services Arable Services Hay, Straw and Haylage Bought and Sold

07811 125312


Nationwide Bulk Haulage & Machinery Haulage 67662

For more information on our stubble to stubble and full farm contract options, please contact: DAN 07831761157 or NOEL 07702341374 EMAIL:

South Essex based

loading services available please call for a quote

07823 555210

J. C. Contracts es All Typ


• C T E S O L I TAL • BINS & S

OLIT M E D r ings fo d l i u B m


of Far





01379 855005



07771 706077

October 2019 133

Sprayers.indd 133

17/09/2019 14:28


Redfearn & Sons Phil 07815 854398 Simon 07970 465705

Avadex & slug pellet application 24m & 12m machines available • Autosteer & GPS guidance • GPS rate controlled • Individual metered outlets • Red tractor compliant • Fully insured • NRoSO member •

Yorkshire based 67856


A.E. Kiddy & Son • LGP 12/24m spraying & liquid fertiliser application with GPS • Claydon drilling – all combinable crops, cover crops, forage crops, etc • Grassland operations/paddock maintenance • Telehandler with operator • Tractor with operator – 160hp, wide tyres, GPS steering Please phone Edward to discuss

07767 167821

Covering Halesworth and surrounding areas


Enhancing your environment... ...exceeding your expectations

0800 160 1199

01366 388738

• Flailing & Hedge Trimming on river banks, reservoirs fields & margins • Circular Saw Attachment available • Control of In-Channel Weed and River System weed cutting and clearance • Identification and Control of Invasive Species • Supply of Waste Containers and Skips • 360o Earth Moving & Clearance with long reach & tree shear capabilities • Tree Felling & Maintenance & stump clearance • Haulage of Equipment & Machinery with Hiab capability

Keepsafe Post & Rail Tornado Bordered Corners Stallion Paddocks Lunge Rings Water Troughs Gates

cu ...a t a cu bove pr t be in ice low qu ” in ality





01760 440267 07850 002693

Call Andrew on 07980 155042

500m of hose and electronic tracking devices to track blocked/damaged pipes mini digger available for digging out and repairing pipes Norfolk • Cambridgeshire • Lincolnshire

Contact Paul on 07786 913159



Contract T D Sagon Contracting Services Ltd


King’s Row Farm, North Pickenham, Swaffham, Norfolk







M P Dennis & Sons

John Deere 6155R tractor with front linkage and GreenStar Kuhn combi drill 3m Fertiliser spreading 24 and 36m Ploughing Cultivation with Kuhn Cultimer 3m


Hill House Farm, Bath Road, West Dereham, King's Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9TP


07798 708843/07771 568754

Aylsham Norfolk


AGRICULTURAL SERVICES across East Anglia including…

L Farmer R Warren & Son and Contractor



Reed House • Karoo Close • Bexwell Business Park • Downham Market • Norfolk • PE38 9GA

We are very flexible and meeting our clients needs is our top priority • Tractor Hire Available • Trailer Hire Available with or without experienced operator • Sugar Beet Harvesting

Operating in and around Suffolk

Please call Tom for a friendly chat on...

07532 323796

134 October 2019

Sprayers.indd 134

17/09/2019 14:29




Agricultural Contractor Contact: Peter 07944 272 762

360º Digger work • Specialising in Ditching & Coppicing (shear & grab) Cuts & holds 14” diameter wood Hedge Cutting

Agricultural & Landscaping Throughout East Anglia

PWMay May experts in your field


Agricultural & Equestrian Contractors

Tel Mobile

Contact Peter 07966 184580 • 01787 277710 email


01279 423214 07733 103431

T. G. ASKEW Brundish Road, Wilby, Eye, Suffolk IP21 5LR

Spraying (range of machines from 3.5 metres to 24 metres, with guidance on all) Flail mowing (range of machines from 1.8 metres to 4.8 metres) Flail collecting (compact, high tip machine – 1.8 metres) Hedgecutting (2 machines) All aspects of grassland work, including paddocks, grassland and amenity areas Specialist cultivation and seeding works, using compact 1.8 metre wide equipment All aspects of fencing, using low ground pressure machinery GPS soil sampling and nutrient mapping Wide range of machinery from compact tractors on turf tyres, to 200hp tractors

Specialist Agricultural Spraying Contractor





Bulk Haulage • Aggregate • Road Planings Stock Feed • Equestrian Rubber Chip & Silica Sand, Bark & Energy Chip • Farm Track Repairs For further information please contact us on Tel: 01379 388156 • Fax: 01379 388109 Email: 67526

Suspension Fertiliser & Avadex application available now To discuss the above please contact

Philip Clarke 01728 688360 or 07850 710996 or e-mail:


Carlton Farm, Cattle Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 4NR UK NATIONWIDE EUROPEAN Tel: 01945 410099 • 07850 731409 LOW LOADER SERVICES


PHILIP BAUMBER Agricultural Contractor

Scopwick, Lincolnshire

d you – don’t miss out! Make sure farmers can fin To feature your contracting business in these pages contact us on

01473 691888

and ask for


or email

Sugar Beet Drilling Combi Drilling Muck Spreader Hire New Bunning Mk4 180 24m Spraying Set-aside Topping General Farm Contracting


For high quality results and prompt service

01526 322654 and 07976 550635 October 2019 135

Sprayers.indd 135

17/09/2019 14:29

Farmers Guide 25 years ago In October 1994 the Farmers Guide included a report on Norfolk Farm Machinery Club’s biennial autumn Normac demonstration which suffered from a heavy rainfall half way through the day. There were two very conspicuous tractor colours - John Deere green and Ford blue - on the 40 or so working plots. The latest JCB Fastrac 185 and a Fendt GTA Tool Carrier with a Sumo front-mounted press and an Amazone drill drew plenty of interest along with a 180hp Valmet with an 8f articulated plough. Heavy rain also affected the Tillage 94 event organised by the Agricultural Engineers Association and ADAS in Cambridgeshire. The ploughing outfits coped with the challenge of the muddy conditions but the drills and shallow cultivation equipment either gave up or didn’t even make a start. Wet weather also prevented any working on the second day of the Potato Marketing Board’s harvesting event near York where the latest Riecam 4wd, 4 row harvester attracted much interest. Grimme had the latest versions of its Variant harvester at the event and Richard Pearson demonstrated the Enterprise 2000 harvester. Ernest Cozens noted that machinery dealers had reported due to standing crops at harvest time, they had experienced low sales of harvesting spares but he thought this would be reversed when ploughing and cultivating the hard ground. Ernest also wrote that a south Norfolk farmer had lost 22 in-calf dry cows. They were killed by lightening during a severe thunderstorm. John Hodge’s Vintage Corner recalled that more than 1,500 American-built Massey Harris 21 combines with a 12ft cutter bar and a 22in

diameter drum were in use on British farms by the late 1940s. To bring readers right up to date, the October 1994 Farmers Guide included a preview of combine harvesters. New and improved models for the 1995 harvest included the New Holland TF 78 Electra with an air conditioned cab, floating header, self-levelling cleaning shoe and Infoview’ monitoring system. Massey Ferguson announced a new self-levelling cutter bar table for uphill and downhill work and Claas combines for 1995 included five Mega models with their Accelerated Preparation System. Case IH informed the Farmers Guide that tens of thousands of Axial Flow models had been sold around the world, explaining that the threshing rotor running at speeds of up to 1,000rpm was the only moving part in the threshing and separating system. And finally… Nine UK farmers became the first in the world to have combines with satellite positioning information. Signals from satellites 12,000 miles above the earth were used to pinpoint the combine’s position in the field and produce a yield map, with the aid of a computer. ■

Henry Brown’s Vintage Diary October 12–13 Lincolnshire – British National Ploughing Championships and Country Festival at Nocton near Lincoln. LN4 2AE. October 19 Cambridgeshire – Cheffins Vintage collective tractor and machinery sale at the Saleground. Sutton near Ely CB6 2QT. October 27 Suffolk – The Kettle Autojumble at Church Farm, Kettleburgh near Woodbridge IP13 7LF Details 01728 724858 before 9.30 pm. November 9–10 Nottinghamshire – Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show at the Newark Agricultural Showground.

At Cheffins’ recent Harrogate sale at the Great Yorkshire Showground, the auctioneers reported close on 1,000 entries. The top price of £17,490 was paid for a 1964 County Super-4 with a Cooke’s winch, other high prices included £14,628 for a 1996 Massey Ferguson 390 and a superbly restored MF 135 made £9,858.

Narrow track Ferguson TE 20 tractors The first Ferguson tractors with a 20hp engine, badged as the Ferguson Brown, were made in 1936 by David Brown at Huddersfield. Production moved to Detroit in 1939 where Ford launched the Ford Ferguson 9N. The first Ferguson TE 20 tractors (TE = Tractor England) were made by the Standard Motor Co at Coventry in 1946, American-built Continental petrol engines were used for early TE 20 tractors but within a year the first TE-A tractors with a standard petrol engine, four forward gears and one reverse came off the Banner Lane production. The tvo engined TE-D 20 appeared in 1949, followed by the TE–H 20 with a lamp oil engine in 1950 and the diesel-engined TE-F 20 was added in 1951. The specification included a starter safety switch operated with the gear lever, a top road speed of 13mph, adjustable track width, power

take-off and the Ferguson system three-point linkage. A belt pulley, attached to the power take off shaft, was among the many optional extras. Three narrow width models of the TE-A 20, TE-D 20 and TE-H 20, with a minimum rear track width of 42in compared with 48in on the standard tractors appeared between 1948 and 1950. 3 even narrower vineyard models with a 46in overall width were added to the range in 1952. Designated the TE-K 20, TE-L 20 and TE-M 20 they had petrol, tvo and lamp oil engines respectively, The lamp oil engined TE-M20 was made for the export market. Sales literature explained that these tractors, with a minimum 37in rear wheel track width, were designed for work in vineyards, orchards and sugar plantations but, at wider settings, they could be used with standard Ferguson implements. ■

A h

The Ferguson TE-L 20 vineyard tractor with a 21.4hp tvo engine was only 46in wide and had a minimum rear wheel track setting of 37in.

136 October 2019

Sprayers.indd 136

18/09/2019 11:25

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

Farmers Guide Place your

FREE advert


Through www.

Deadline for inclusion in the November 2019 issue is 10th October 2019


To fax or post, see coupon on page 202

Cooks (Midlands) Ltd, Horsepool Grange, Elliotts Lane, Stanton under Bardon, Leicestershire LE67 9TW

Plant & Agricultural Machinery Sales & Service


M4062 tractor 66hp

M5091 tractor 95hp

M7132 tractor 130hp

M7172 tractor 175hp

BV5160 baler

From £25,500


From £61,000

From £67,000


SE 3230 flail topper

Case Puma 155

Massey Ferguson 3075

Massey Ferguson 3095

Massey Ferguson 6465 Dyna 6





Merlo P32.6 Plus

Merlo TF35.7CS

Merlo TF42.7CS

Warwick bale trailer

Ktwo trailer






A BETTER RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT It makes good business sense to invest in a Kubota Tractor: from leading edge engineering to innovative technology solutions, our tractor range benefits from a well-deserved reputation for reliability, exceptional performance, low running costs and high residual values and now complete peace of mind with up to 5 years no nonsense warranty available.

Unbeatable deals on new Kubota Tractors call for details now If you are looking to upgrade your present tractor, call us first for an unbeatable price on a new Kubota. It could save you thousands. Protect your investment with our 5 years no nonsense warranty and spread the cost with our excellent 0% finance package.

Call to arrange your demo now

Now appointed dealers for

Buy and sell online —

T: 01530 249191 F: 01530 249199 M: 07966 261818/07931 589566 E:


Tel 01652 Kevin mob 07796 Michael mob 07850

Tractors 16 reg 05 reg 06 reg P reg 13 reg 08 reg 08 reg 04 reg 07 reg 05 reg 08 reg 07 reg 04 reg

655777 957735 828639

Fountain House, 111 Scawby Road, Scawby Brook, Brigg, N Lincs DN20 9JX

MF 7718 4x4 Dyna 6 50K air brakes 280hrs MF 8480 4x4 FS CS Dyna VT 50K 5800hrs MF 8480 4x4 Dyna VT 6800hrs MF 8140 4x4 Dynashift 5500hrs MF 7618 4x4 Dyna 6 50K CS FS FL 2200hrs MF 6499 4x4 FS CS 50K 7950hrs MF 6499 4x4 FS CS 6800hrs new shape MF 6499 4x4 FS CS Dynashift 8100hrs MF 6495 4x4 FS CS 50K MF 6490 4x4 5300hrs MF 6490 4x4 CS 2600hrs mint condition MF 6490 4x4 FS CS 7000hrs MF 6490 4x4 Dyna 4 7000hrs

11 reg 03 reg W reg 08 reg 11 reg 09 reg 05 reg M reg

MF 6475 4x4 CS 5000hrs MF 6290 4x4 FL PTO 8000hrs MF 6255 4x4 new MX loader 5800hrs MF 5460 2x4 MF 5480 4x4 FS CS 2600hrs MF 5475 4x4 CS Dyna 4 5800hrs MF 5455 4x4 6000hrs MF 3075 4x4 Dynashift with Trima loader 8500hrs N reg MF 390 4x4 12-12 creep box 8000hrs N reg Cat Challenger 35 10,000hrs 09 reg Case 95 JXU 4x4 with power loader 4 in 1 bucket 5900hrs


fax: 01652 651476

18 reg JCB 535/95 telehandler 4x4 joystick AC 922hrs 2 year JCB warranty 15 reg JCB 541/70 4x4 joystick AC 4950hrs D reg JCB 3CX digger 4 in 1 bucket 5800hrs 08 reg Claas 816R Ares 4x4 6500hrs R reg Ford TS100 4x4 8500hrs N reg Ford 7840 SLE 4x4 8000hrs A reg Ford 5610 2x4 J reg Ford 5610 AP cab 2x4 3500hrs Generation 3 Genie lift 16m 2015 JPM 15t dump trailer 11 reg DF404 Landlegend 4x4 loader 255hrs Set of John Deere wheels 700/55/34, 500/60/26.5 64381 October 2019 137

fg_class_oct_19.indd 137

19/09/2019 09:45

E S TA B L I S H E D 1 8 5 8


Saturday 5th October

Friday 11th October



Dispersal sale of Organic Sheep Flock, approx. 250 Ewes, Store Lambs and Ewe Lambs, New Holland T6020 with Loader (09) & Case JXU 105 (12) & Deutz DX3.50 Tractors, Land Rover 90 Pick-Up (15) only 22,000 Recorded Miles, Honda 350cc ATV (13), 2014 McHale 460 Straw Blower & Feeder, Marshall 26’ Bale Trailer, Richard Western 10t and Teagle Super 7 Grain Trailers, Krone EasyCut 320 Mower (12), Krone KW5.52 4 Rotor Tedder (13), McGregor 100’ x 30’ Polytunnel, Grassland & Livestock Equipment, Workshop Tools, Household Furniture, etc. On behalf of Mr MG & Mrs RSL Brown (Retiring)

Dispersal Sale of Claas Lexion 470 with 25’ Header (03), Massey Ferguson 6616 (16), 6480 (06) & 6465 (11) Tractors, Massey Ferguson 9306 Xtra Telehandler (16), Cleanacres Self Propelled Sprayer (96), Claas Quantum 4700P Silage Wagon, Marshall 14t Dump Trailer (17), Ifor Williams LM126 Flat Bed Trailer, Major 2,700gln Vacuum Tanker (07), NC 25’ Lagoon Stirrer (as new (16)), Claas 8 Rotor Trailed Tedder, KV LD85 4f Rev Plough, Kongskilde Delta 3m Cultivator, Kuhn SD4000 Direct Drill, Claas 3100 Mower, Claas 3100F Front Mower, Claas Variant 280 Round Baler, McConnel PA9058 Hedgetrimmer, Arable & Livestock Equipment, Workshop Equipment, etc.

Friday 18th October

Thursday 24th October



Dispersal Sale of Bateman RB35 36m Self Propelled Sprayer (12), Case Optum 270CVX (18), 2 x Puma 165 (18), Puma 150 with Loader (18), Maxxum 135 (18), Ford 7810 (89), 4600 (79), 4000 (75) & Massey Ferguson 35X Tractors, Massey Ferguson TH.7038 Telehandler (18), John Deere Gator (18), Isuzu D-Max Single Cab (13), Vauxhall Corsa Van (02), etc. Potato Equipment including Haith Mobile Grading Line, Grimme Variant DL1700 Potato Harvester, Standen Pearson Maxistar 1.8m Destoner, Fyson 45’ Elevator, Haith Supa Fill 600 Box Filler, Elevators, etc. Dairy Equipment including: Westfalia 16:16 Parlour, Mueller 7780ltr & 7000ltr Bulk Tanks, Approx. 200 Comfort Cubicles, Mattresses, etc.

On behalf of EF Saunders & Son Ltd (Retiring)

Dispersal Sale of Massey Ferguson 7370 Delta with 22’ Header (12), John Deere 6930 (11), 6920S (02) & 1640 Tractors, Merlo P40.7 Telehandler, Cleanacres 24m Sprayer (07), Kuhn Vari-Master 122 5f Rev Plough, Lemken 5f Plough, Vaderstad Cultus CS 300 Cultivator, Twose 6.3m Cambridge Rollers with Breakers, (12), Kuhn 4m Combination Drill, Suffolk Coulters (15), Marshall BC 32’ Bale Trailer (17), AS Marston 25’ Bale Trailer, Reco Ferri TGA4 SX Hedgetrimmer, Arable Equipment, Workshop Tools & Miscellaneous. On behalf of JR Chappel (Retiring)

On behalf of Cowdray Home Farms (Change in Farming Policy)

For further information please contact Greg Ridout 07817 517467 • Mark Northcott 07798 645274 • Rachael Holder 01935 382909


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Symonds &Sampson

138 October 2019

fg_class_oct_19.indd 138

19/09/2019 14:43


Monday 7th October 2019

Weekly Tuesday Sale


of Prime Lambs, Cull Ewes, Breeding Sheep and Store Lambs, Complimentary On-Farm Marketing Advice – All pens undercover

The Saleground, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2QT

2019 Specialist Sale Dates Call us: 01664 562971

 TUESDAY 1st OCTOBER October Ram Fair


Show and Sale of Pedigree and Cross Bred British Limousin Cattle

Tom Greenow: 07775 758586


Scott Ruck: 07796 897516


Annual Show and Sale of Breeding Ewe Lambs including Competition for ForFarmers Trophy Charollais Society East of England region Sale of In Lamb Ewes


Categories Include:

Winter Stock Festival

Melton & Belvoir Agricultural Society Christmas Fatstock Show and Sale 67917

FOLLOW US: Melton Mowbray Cattle Market @MeltonLivestock EMAIL US: Melton Mowbray Market, Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray LE13 1JY

• Tractors • Telescopic Handlers • Excavators • Digger Loaders • Vehicles • Cultivators • Ploughs

• Hay Making Machinery • Balers • Combine Harvesters • Forage Harvesters • Livestock Requisites • Trailers

• Small Plant & Tools • Generators & Electrical Items • ATVs • Horticultural Machinery • Wheels & Tyres • Spares

Further Entries Invited For further information please contact our auction team.

01353 777767

Buy and sell online —


October 2019 139

fg_class_oct_19.indd 139

20/09/2019 09:34

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


Including: Combine, Tractors, Material Handlers, Implements, Cultivation Equipment and Farm Machinery At Eternity Hall Farm, Conington Fen, Cambridgeshire, PE7 3QF | On Thursday 17th October 2019 at 10.30am

Including: Combine Harvester: New Holland CX6080 (12); Tractors: New Holland T7.210 (16), Case Puma 160 CVX (12), New Holland T7030 (09), Track Marshall 75, Fordson Super Major (63), Fordson Super Dexta; Sprayer: Househam AirRide 3600 (04), Set of 68/55R22.5 flotation wheels and tyres; Material Handlers: JCB JS2000 LC 20t excavator, JCB Loadall 531-70 Agri-Super (08), various attachments; Vehicle: Isuzu Rodeo Denver pickup (07); Trailers: Henton 12t grain (11), 2No Gull 12t grain (92), Wheatley Trailers 10t grain (74), Cultivation Equipment & Implements: Lemken Juwel 7 4+1f rev plough (14), Amazone Cirrus 3002 3m drill (13), Simba Xpress 3m (06), Simba Flatliner 500 3.8m (03), Kongskilde Delta HSP 400 (07), Cousins Surface 4m, various Blench harrows, Amazone Profis ZA-M 3001 fertiliser spreader (12), Shelborne Reynolds HD770T flail hedge cutter (15); Grain Drier: Pedrotti Master (97); Miscellaneous: Various elevators and conveyors, fuel bowser, irrigation pipes etc.

FOR A FULL DETAILED LOT LIST AND PHOTOGRAPHS VISIT BROWN-CO.COM Viewing: Wednesday 16th October 2019 from 10am – 4pm and on the morning of the sale from 8am. St Neots Office: 01480 432220


At Thornton Manor, Thornton Le Moor, Market Rasen, LN7 6JD Including: Combine, Tractors, Trailers and Implements On Thursday 10th October 2019 at 10.30am

SALE BY AUCTION At White House Farm, Mendlesham, Stowmarket, IP14 5SL Including: Combine, Tractors, Trailers and Implements On Saturday 26th October 2019 at 10.30am

Including; Combine: New Holland TX66 with 20ft header (00); Tractors: New Holland T7235 50kph (14); New Holland T7040 50kph (08); Vehicles: Land Rover Discovery TD5 (03); Trailers: Easterby trailers twin axle 14t grain trailer (92); Griffiths twin axle 10t grain trailer (87); Blueline twin axle flatbed trailer; Ifor Williams twin axle plant trailer; Drill: Claydon hybrid 4m drill (12); Sprayer: Horstine Farmery 12m hydraulic folding avadex sprayer; Lely 12m trailed sprayer on ATV wheel and tyres; Implements: New Holland 644 round baler; New Holland ProTed 540 tedder (19); Krone Swadron 38 rake (11); Claydon 7.5m hydraulic folding straw harrow (12); Amazone ZAM 3001 fertiliser spreader (14); Amazone 4m Catros 4001-2 hydraulic folding discs with packer (11); Attachments: Sumo 1.5t weight block with built in toolbox; Zuidberg 1.5t weight block.

Including: Combine: Claas Dominator 96 with 15ft header (84); Tractors: Case Maxxum 115 (09), Case 2094 4wd (85), Case International 1394 4wd (87), David Brown Case 996; Materials Handler: Massey Ferguson 24 (85); Trailers: Brian Legg 10t (95), 8t grain, Warwick high tip, 2No Brian Legg 16ft flat bed, Vicon Hippo 951 vacuum tank; Implements: Dowdeswell 5f (4+1) reversible plough, Haylock twin leg subsoiler, Maschio 4m power harrow, Vicon Tilthmaster 6m, Ernest Webb sugar beet hoe 3m, Stanhay S981 6 row precision drill, Dal-bo Compact 830 8.3m Cambridge rolls (10), Evrard 12m sprayer, Sulky Reco X36 fertiliser spreader (08), Horstine Farmery 24m trailed sprayer (97), Fyson elevator, Bomford B48XLE hedgecutter; Miscellaneous: Various workshop tools and equipment, large quantity poultry equipment etc.

FOR A FULL DETAILED LOT LIST AND PHOTOGRAPHS VISIT BROWN-CO.COM Viewing: Wednesday 9th October 2019 from 10am 4pm and on the morning of the sale from 8am. Brigg Office: 01652 654833

FOR A FULL DETAILED LOT LIST AND PHOTOGRAPHS VISIT BROWN-CO.COM Viewing: Friday 25th October 2019 from 10am 4pm and on the morning of the sale from 8am. St Neots Office: 01480 432220

140 October 2019

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19/09/2019 14:44


YORK MACHINERY SALE APPROX 5000 LOTS NEXT SALE: WEDNESDAY 6 NOVEMBER Entries close: Monday 28th October FARMEASY Yamaha Grizzly 450 ATV integrated headlight version road lighting kit, 2009, full kit as shown with lights, wiring, instructions, etc, could be adapted/used for other ATVs, new but never fitted. New is £450. £100+P&P. J Waters Tel 01787 222378 (Essex)

Bid and follow the auction online Register at

- York

- YO19 5GF Fax: 01904 489782


Gator Main Dealer




2012 John Deere XUV 855D 25hp diesel, Big Horn tyres, full glass cab, tip kit, road registered.....£8,000+VAT

R134A .................................. POA Air conditioning service equipment •leak detectors •vac pumps •recovery machines AIR CONDITIONING PARTS FOR ALL FARM & CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES AT DISCOUNT PRICES We accept all major credit cards


01449 736060

r ul ds ga • F econ orru own s x/C our y o • B ut to •C




01234 768889

COOKS bale sledge, good working order. £350+VAT. J Gadd Tel 07903 185193 (Notts) BROWNS bale sledge, in good order. £200 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex) WELGER RP535 round baler, 2012, good condition, 12,000 bales, great price. £11,500. R Parker Tel 07885 959356 (Norfolk) NEW Holland 370 conventional baler, been used this year, gc. £1,500 ono. B Handley Tel 07821 273987 (Lincs) NEW Holland 377 baler, for spares or repairs. £500; also New Holland 277 baler, old but still works, used this summer. £500. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

01271 320727



Sun Valley Works • Wood End Marston Moretaine • Bedford • MK43 0NJ

PETER WRAGGE SUPPLIES Tel: (01449) 737192 Fax: (01449) 736666

For all cleaner/loader details Contact: Nigel Mountain Mob: 07785 972510 or Email:

VERVAET front turbines, 4 turbines are 40 spoke, all are 1450mm in diameter which are the larger of the 2 options available, 2 turbines have new rings & the other 2 have enough life to be ringed again, mid Norfolk. £800 ono. T Chapman Tel 07776 164782 (Norfolk)

The ATV & UTV Specialists

Order online

JOHN Deere Gator XUV 855, 2017, 1900hrs, road legal, diesel, V5, leather seats, half cab. £9,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

G, & forPhone a free FIN ING N brochur e O O D O I R AD AT ry o t CL SUL IAL ime/Fac IN ATER /Non Pbrle files ents M l Prime availated Proequirem

Manor Farm • Ixworth Thorpe Bury St Edmunds • Suffolk • IP31 1QH



Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 3DL



CTM9040 refurbished CTM spiral rollers upgraded

Used Bomford RS 5’ mounted topper with rear wheel .....£1,250 no VAT


For all harvester details Contact: Simon Peacock Mob: 07717 416178 or Email:

The ATV & UTV Specialists

We stock:

Tel: 01954 267215

2017 ROPA Panther 2a 45/50 excellent condition, RR with auto depth control

01284 771344

AGA 4 oven cooker, oil fired, in brown, good order, on pallets. £1,100 ono. J Johnstone Tel 07833 724734 (Dumfries)

WELGER round baler RP 535, under 7000 bales, c/w 13 knife chopper unit, auto chain lube, 500/55-20 tyres, excellent condition. £16,950. P Wright Tel 07774 457821 (Norfolk) CLAAS Dominant baler, spares or repair, works OK but misses knots. £250. R Martin Tel 07974 383677 (Essex) FLAT 8 bale grab. £350 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex) NEW Holland Hayliner baler 377, spares or repair. £500; also New Holland baler 277, old but works, used this summer. £500 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

CTM 554 cleaner loader, pre cleaner, reverse action roller system for effective ejection of clods & mud, picking off table, low hours. £9,950. P Wright Tel 07774 457821 (Norfolk)

HUGE fan for ventilation or extraction, made by Comefri, approx 4' wide & 5' high, it has a multi V-belt pulley on the drive shaft, which could be mounted on either side, there is no motor with this, the size would depend on final application. £350. J Weston Tel 07803 270448 (Lincs)

Buy and sell online —






Tel: 01904 489731

2012 Vervaet 617 Beet Eater 45/50 in very good condition

TOE tip beet bucket with Matbro hitch, hasn’t been used for 2 beet seasons, holds approx 1.5t of beet. £1,750. R Brown Tel 01603 757864/07387 771448 (Norfolk)





cts a r t n o C . C J. Mobile:

07495 549086 07771Office:706077 01379 855005 Email:

October 2019 141

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COMBINES FOR SALE or call George

07968 098410 Ashford Kent

STEEL stanchions with base, 50 @ 7'. £10 each. R Anderson Tel 07887 484733/01366 728583 (Norfolk)

Concrete Mixer


2011 NH CR9090

35’V 2311/1719


2011 NH CR9090

35’V 2494/1734

02476 659 767

2012 NH CR9080

30’V 2303/1849

KIT BUILDINGS steelwork, eaves beams, purlins & bolts

All sizes available – made to order

from £2,800 + VAT & Del ¾ - 1.1m3 capacity, high grade steel gearbox, 3 years warranty

01386 49155

TWO used steel girders, 32'6" x 18" x 7.5", ideal for bridge sections. £695. J Weston Tel 07803 270448 (Lincs)



Old Barns Old Tiles Old Bricks Stone & Oak

Peter Barker 01483 200477


RANDOM walling stone & hard limestone. POA. M Andrew Tel 01780 720394 (Lincs) GALEBREAKER Bayscreen for 20' bays, 6' drop, up to 6 available. J Staight Tel 07761 631549 (Essex) GALVANISED Nissen-style hut, length 24'8"; width 12'2" at base; height 6'3" at arc, open at one end, opposite end closed with integral window, sections bolted together, buyer dismantles. £300. R Brunning Tel 01638 532307 (Suffolk) 08-65686

STEEL stanchions, 20 @ 5'. £5 each. R Anderson Tel 07887 484733/01366 728583 (Norfolk)

ROOFING MATERIALS galvanised and PVC coated steel corrugated or box profile first and second quality Non asbestos Big Six and Std 3in sheets, fittings and accessories




JMT Engineering (Ladbroke) Ltd

email: •

30’XHC 2670/2175

2012 NH CX8080

30’V 1450/1150

2006 NH CX880

30’V 2861/2350

1997 NH TX66



2013 CX8070



1995 NH TC56


3601 1130/949

Approximate hours pre-harvest some machines will be hired for 2019 Harvest

01733 841932

NEW Holland 980 combine harvester, 2004, 2100hrs, 28’ vari feed, header, 1600 drum hrs, immaculate condition, serviced and ready to go. R Parker Tel 07885 959356 (Norfolk)

NEW Holland TX32, 1991, hrs 2706, good condition, for sale due to downsizing, please telephone for further details & viewing, very clean combine. D Nickson Tel 07774 418105 (Lincs) MASSEY Ferguson 40RS, 1997, 20' Powerflow header. £15,000 ono. J Waters Tel 07971 750632 (Cambs)

2007 Claas Medion 310

Choice of 2 15’ cut 3D sieves one only 1200 & the other 1800hrs both in lovely condition

Rodney Cowle Machinery

Over 30 years’ experience

and many other wear parts

2004 NH CR980

01622 832666 07939 114023

Hardy Roofing Supplies

01926 614345

30’XHC 2669/2175

CORRUGATED metal sheets, 8'x3', used but in good condition, approx 100. Offers. M Matthews Tel 020 852 92051/07960 566086 (Essex)

t: 01243 575333 • m: Joe 07540 013587 e: mail@ •

Lexion & Dominator We supply the following new parts combine hire CONCAVES RASP BARS BELTS Fabrication & repairs KNIVES CHAINS FINGERS Breaking 100s of machines FILTER KITS

30’V 2483/1995

2005 NH CR980


All prices + VAT


2010 NH CR9080

2011 MF 9280 Delta 30’PF


Ford 6610 2wd tractor.............................................................................£4,995 Kubota DM3040 4m mower 2017 immaculate ....................................£5,750 Teagle 505M bale chopper 2012 ..........................................................£4,150 Kuhn 8702 8 rota tedder 2013 ...............................................................£5,995 Manitou 735 J reg ready to go...............................................................£7,250 Lemken Karag 2016 ex demo ................................................................£7,250 Gull 2000L twin axle fuel bowser ...........................................................£1,450 McConnel PA6085 hedger 2014 top of the range ..............................£9,950 Claas Quantum 5800P forage wagon 2011 ...................................... £28,500 Various tedders, mowers & rakes in stock .............................................. CALL Browns 4.5m folding slitter vgc..............................................................£3,250 Dowdeswell MA140 6 furrow plough choice of 2 ..................... £4,250 each Marshall QM11 trailer 2011 hyd tailgate ..............................................£6,450 Dowdeswell Delta 100S 5 furrow plough @ £1,995 Maschio power harrow c/w Accord drill 3m 2006...............................£4,350 Malone 6’ pasture toppers new in stock & ready to go ............ £1,175 each New pallet carriages ..........................................................................from £450 New LWC buckets & grabs in stock British built .................................... CALL Major 8400 finishing roller mower, 2002 ..............................................£2,750 New Malone tedders in stock, 5.7m ......................................................£6,250 New Malone post bangers, side & t/l tilt...............................................£2,600 Ranch 14t trailer, 2010, c/w silage sides ...............................................£7,995 Ken Wootton 14t trailer only seen grain ..............................................£6,450




2019 NH CX8.70


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

RAILWAY timber sleepers, large quantity available. Please call for more details & price. S Reece Tel 07836 747300 (Glos)




07786 391816

THREE 18' A section trusses & four 15' A section trusses. £450 ono. A Rose Tel 07890 305120 (Lincs) APPROX 1200 handmade red clay roof tiles, single nib, 10.5" x 6.5", ideal for restoring tudor or similar type roofs. 50p each. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffs)

NEW Holland CX820 combine, 2004, 6 walker, 2600 engine/2100 drum hrs, chopper/chaff spreader, air con, 710 tyres, c/w 20' high capacity autofloat header & trailer, excellent condition, always barn stored & annually serviced. G Stevens Tel 07770 970320 (Glos)

JOHN Deere 1085 combine, 16' cut with chopper & header trailer, very tidy, barn stored. £6,250+VAT. C Harrison Tel 01945 465626/07775 696190 (Cambs)

142 October 2019

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20/09/2019 13:04

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202


Pecks AgriTrac NEW PRE-REGISTERED UNUSED TRACTOR W – 41024928 – Case IH Puma 200 MC – SPECIAL OFFER – full powershift 19x6, 50kph, 4w front axle, active suspension, front axle & pneu trailer brakes, wide front carrier, tow hook, 540/65R30 & 650/65R42 tyres ............................... £83,950

W – 11024711 – 2014 Case IH Puma 160 MHR, 40kph Economy trans, front linkage, 4th spool, second beacon, Michelin tyres 14.9R28 & 18.4R38, 2344hrs.................................. £38,950

W – 11024908 – New Case IH Puma CVX 185, mid mount valves, 620mm dyn f/fenders, auto PUH, CVT 50kph, 4wd f/axle, PTO, lift rams, f/links, AFS 700 monitor, 480/70R30 & 620/70R42 tyres, beacons..POA

EX DEMO MAGNUM CVX380 ROWTRAC AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY W – 41025981 – Case IH Magnum CVX380 Rowtrac 40kph with air brakes, front linkage, guidance complete, AFS700 screen, on 30” Camoplast tracks, 130hrs ....................................POA

JN – 41024395 – ex demo RB455VC Case IH rotor feeder variable chamber round baler, density pre-charge kit, 15x6.00-6 pickup wheels....................... SPECIAL OFFER £22,000

EX DEMO – READY FOR DELIVERY EX DEMO QUADTRAC STX620 W – 41026191 – Case IH Quadtrac STX620, 6 elec rear remotes, Lux cab, 1000rpm rear PTO with 20 spline 1¾” shaft, telematics, back up alarm 620hp ..................................... POA

M – 51023302 – 2010 Comprima V180 Krone variable chamber round baler (1–1.8m x 1.2m), 29,600 bales, good condition................ £14,500

M – 51025701 – ex demo Krone Comprima V150 Xc X-treme baler with Beta II screen & ISOBUS cable ............................................ POA

DEMO CASE IH 8250 COMBINE JN – 41026206 – 2019, axial flow, std elevators, yield monitor, header drive fixed with feed rate control, telematics, Harvest Command, in cab adj cage vanes, cab adj pre-sieve, 35’ header, vertical side knives, header trolley ............................................................................................................ POA

M – 41025980 – ex demo Big Pack 1290 HDP Krone baler, incab terminal, ISOBUS harness, starter aid, LED working lights, warning beacon, roller chute, bale ejector, moisture meter .... POA

W – 31024993 – 2014 Amazone Pantera 4502, 4500L tank, 40m Super l boom, Profifold II, 520/85R38 wheels, distance control, GPS switch/receiver, filters, beacons, rev camera, f/linkage....... £110,000

J – 21025709 – 2019 16t Larrington Root King, twin line air brakes, load sensing valve & ABS, side ladder, r/over sheet, wind up grain chute, internal body light, safety ‘be seen’ light kit, single line hyd brakes £25,600

J – 21024878 – 2019 ex demo Larrington 20t Majestic trailer, 26’x7’3”x5’, 150mm square axles, twin line air brakes, side ladder, blow board, wind up grain chute, rev & interior light, Nokian CT 650/55R26.5 tyres .. £26,500


M – 51025538 – 2012 Krone Comprima V180 XC baler, done 23,987 bales approx.... £17,500

J – 51026040 – 2019 Larrington 32’ flat trailer, commercial underslung 3 leaf 75mm parabolic susp, f&r/ladder bale rack, ratchet strap storage /toolbox, 435/50x22.5 Doublecoin....... £11,885

CHOICE OF 2019 EX DEMO 4220 FIELD PRO’S J – UK spec 60kph, rear & front PTO – front 1000 rpm 6 spline 13/8” shaft, BKT 600/70R30 Agrimax Sirio (2m track width), 1 front & 5 rear spools with front links, PUH & drawbar, no spin front diff, front free flow return, rear fender inner side skirts & fender ext, ISOBUS harness.... POA

J – 11025557 – 2017 JCB 4220 4ws ABS Fastrac, front linkage & active suspension, 4 rear & 1 front spool, 540/65R34, 3695hrs .........................................NEW PRICE £95,000

J – 51025562 – 2019 JCB 8026 CTS excavator, heated cab & toughened glass, rubber tracks, ISO servo controls, mech prop foot control aux, susp seat, 12” (1300mm) dipper, maxilife long dozer blade, single/double acting aux circuit ..£22,000

J – 11026559 – 2017 JCB 541-70 Ag Pro Loadall, 145hp, 500/70R24 tyres 40%, 1399hrs .............................................................. £61,500

J – 11026378 – 2018 used JCB 4190 Fastrac, front linkage, Priority Flow, Power Beyond, Field Pack, Greenstar ready via Reichardt kit, 1546hrs ............................................... £105,000

Buy and sell online —

W – 21026357 – 2017 Case IH Puma 165, 50kph powershift, front linkage, air brakes, 620/70R42 rear, 480/70R30 front, 900hrs .............................................................. £62,000

J – 11025558 – 2016 JCB 4220 Fastrac, front linkage & active susp, 4 rear & 1 front spool, Field Pro, 540/65R34 tyres, 4929hrs .........................................NEW PRICE £75,000

J – 31026493 – 2013 JCB 3230-65 Xtra Fastrac, rear PTO only, 540/65R34 TM 800, Cat 3 r/links, 7000kg lift, weight tray, 4 rear spool, PUH, d/bar, h/d hitch, rotating beacon, 6673hrs ........£54,000


ELY – TEL 01353 664515 SPALDING – TEL 01775 712310 MAREHAM-LE-FEN – TEL 01507 568484

RAMSEY – TEL 01733 844642 DEREHAM – TEL 01362 698698 October 2019 143

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19/09/2019 09:47


2011 Kubota U10-3 mini digger power harrow, c/w packer roller & trailer..................................£3,250

4wd tractor, H reg, 5300hrs ..................................... POA

01493 750999


All prices + VAT


Ian Houlgrave

Tel: 01507 466352 Mobile: 0780 134 3023 Fax: 01507 462812 Email:

Roller shutter doors made to measure We also repair all types of industrial doors We can erect or make alterations to steel work for new door openings Call for free site survey


rota spreader, 7cu/yd, hyd lid....................................... £950

Contact James French

CLAAS Lexion 660 4wd, 2016, 980hrs, good spec inc GPS & Pilot auto steering, large train tank, floatation tyres, etc, V770 Vario 25' header, side cutter. £138,000. G Gibson Tel 07770 954301 (Cambs)


AMBASSADOOR 3 phase electric roller shutter door, 10'3" (3.1m) x 15'6" (4.75m), as good as new condition, very little use, can be seen in full working order, new price for door is £1,650+VAT. Selling at only £500+VAT. P Skinner Tel 07711 405100 (Northants)

HERRIAU precision drill, in good condition, 6m with markers, 12 row, 50cm rows (adjustable), ideal for sugar beet but will drill cereals & other crops, in cab control box, spares included. £2,750+VAT. R Kerr Tel 07531 574681 (Essex)





WORKSHOP compressor, in working order. £100 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227 (Essex)


SIMBA Horsch CO4 seed drill, 2000, Accord meter with radar, Drill Manager with seed flow sensors, car type tyre packer, trailing spring harrow fitted in 2012, good working condition, barn stored, not used for the last 4yrs, c/w spare points. R Chapman Tel 07850 357337 (Essex)

SIMBA FreeFlow 8m, with professional Dale Drills conversion, 64 12mm tungsten coulters with very little wear, low disturbance, low draft (180hp) direct or min till drill, hydraulic markers & pre-em tramlining kit, very good order & ready to go. R Raven Tel 07970 795071 (Suffolk)

Nationwide Service


CLAYDON 3.5m V drill, gc, 2 sets of spare points. £5,500+VAT. C Travis Tel 07824 117919 (Derbys)




07764 873486


MASSEY Ferguson 40 RS combine, 1997, 22' powerflow header & trailer, careful owner/ driver last ten years, just finished harvest 2019, well maintained. £12,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

KVERNELAND TS EVO, 6m, 2010, 5 rows of drilling tines, hyd fan, hyd levelling paddles, pre-em markers, half width shut off, ISOBUS or Focus 2 control box (included), good wearing metal on a very tidy drill. £14,000. R Blundell Tel 07792 756864 (Oxon)

Horsch Sprinter 4ST

07796 759332


CASE IH 8010 AFS, 2008, with 30' vari feed cutterbar, self level sieves, straw chopper, chaff spreader, twin axle trailer, 900 tyres, 1900 drum hrs, barn stored & owned for the last 9yrs, full service history, vgo. £60,000+VAT. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs)

ACCORD 6m folding drill, Suffolk coulter, pre-em markers, control box, tidy. £1,500+VAT. J Gadd Tel 07903 185193 (Notts)


AS Marston


• Shelbourne Advantage, Mentor & SR 2500H • Hesston 8100, 6500 & 6400 • John Deere • Claas Maxi • Vicon • Stemas • Fortschritt


07973 657609

Suffolk coulters, power harrow & packer

880088 Startin 01827


tractor, 05 reg, 690hrs, 50kph, front linkage..................... £22,000

KUHN 4m Venta LC402 3 row Suffolk coulter drill, almost new coulter tips. £4,400+VAT ono. T Havers Tel 07733 325376 (Norfolk)

Startin Tractors Limited

Case IH 956XL

1893hrs, new expandable tracks, 3 buckets

MF 7475 Dyna VT

Lely 3m drill combination


Kverneland 4m


CAT 308E, 2017, fully spec'd, twin circuits, reversing camera, Dromone quick hitch, 12", 36" & 6' grading bucket with bolt on reversible blade, A/C, radio, steel tracks with city clock pads, only 210hrs, EPA sticker. POA. www. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:



(Est 28yrs)

01539 726364 (eve/weekend calls welcome) 07825 511592

MZURI ProTil3 2012, updated by Mzuri 2017, cereal & OSR coulters, excellent condition, done 1100ha. £18,500+VAT. J Ellis Tel 07769 643489 (Suffolk) SULKY 6m Suffolk coulter drill, hydraulic folding. £1,000 ono. J Waters Tel 07971 750632 (Cambs) WEAVING 6m GD drill, 2017, little used, bout markers, slug pellet applicator. C Chaplin Tel 07770 937749 (Suffolk) SIMBA 4m Freeflow low disturbance direct dril,l f/w Metcalfe points, hyd bout markers, pre em marker, all parts to put back to original spec. £6,000. D Treharne Tel 07719 697455 (Northants)

VADERSTAD Rapid 400S System disc drill, staggered rear wheels, hyd fan, radar, rear harrow, new discs & coulters fitted, spout blockage sensors, clean tidy drill, always stored inside. A Simpson Tel 01738 840111 (Perth & Kinross)

144 October 2019

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19/09/2019 15:36

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

Buy and sell online — October 2019 145

fg_class_oct_19.indd 145

19/09/2019 15:38

BLACK Shire filly foal, good temperament, home bred for 6 generations & all black. K Smith Tel 07940 049960/01335 330346 (Derbys) CHAIN harrows towing set with pole, 9’, in good condition, no longer needed. £300 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

Now dealers for in Lincolnshire



Hall Farm, Aldeburgh IP15 5JD

Carlton Farm, Cattle Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbech, Cambs PE13 4NR

See our new website for more details & photos

Tom 07872 916363

DRILLS (cont) Weaving 6m Tine Drill

VADERSTAD Rapid 400F, 2000, straight tine, cleated tyres, excellent condition. £9,000+VAT. R Nesling Tel 07464 940898 (Suffolk) MASCHIO 3m power harrows plus Sulky Master Suffolk coulter drill attached, with following harrows & markers. POA. C Desborough Tel 07946 557156/01945 410206 (Cambs)

2004 Kuhn HR403/ Venta LC402


£7,950 2008, PTO drive, RDS tramlining, good condition


more photos and full spec at

07748 004794 01245 442224(T)

KRM Sola 4m tine drill

2013, hydraulic fold, PTO fan Startin Tractors Limited

880088 Startin 01827 SULKY Compact 3m combination drill, Suffolk coulters, preemergence markers, off fen farm. £1,600. A Salmons Tel 07977 408680 (Cambs)

£6,750 4m drill combination, 3 rows, tramlining, following harrow, trailer, tidy Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)

EQUESTRIAN RACEHORSES, all previous winners. From £600. M Chapman Tel 07971 940087/01673 843663 (Lincs)

Grain store power including LED/ACCS lighting Bespoke control panels or modification of existing panel

New installation wiring or rewiring

Testing & Certification of installations for insurance purposes

Security lighting

Testing & Certification for periodic or tenancy renewals

All work carried out to



18th Edition


SWIFTLIFT Euro swinging elevator, 37' total length, 60tph, just finished 2019 harvest, good working order, located at Shefford. £3,500+VAT. M Parrish Tel 07702 475193 (Beds)

07813 182054 01536 771246

EIGHTY bales of oat straw & 20 bales of barley, good quality straw, 4x4s, Northants/Cambs border. D Tebbit Tel 07889 752653 (Cambs)


PERKINS 3cyl 18KVA 3phase generator in canopy. £1,200. J Todd Tel 07765 035582 (N Yorks)

Pellcroft Engineering Ltd

Coningsby, Lincoln t: 01526 342466 f: 343507 e:

Danagri High�Capacity Heavy�Duty�Mobile Grain�Augers 8”,�10”�&�12”�dia.

Also�Silos,� Elevators�&�Conveyors,� Driers,�Stirrers,� Fans�&�Accessories

Tel: 01746 762777


TYPHOON TC4F grain blower fan, 30hp, good condition, c/w soft start electrics, dry stored since removal. £350. M Gilbert Tel 07803 915937 (Beds)


OPICO AND MECMAR driers bought and sold. Genuine parts available nationwide. Morgan Farm Machinery. Tel: 01604 780087 Northants(T) FORTY-FOOT grain auger, 6” diameter, on trolley, 3 phase electric. £150+VAT. J Gadd Tel 07903 185193 (Notts)

FYSON Yeoman elevator, 28' long with 2m swivel extension, hydraulic raise & lower & slew, belt in good condition, always stored indoors, large hopper for grain or potatoes, vgc. JG Lawrence & Son Tel 07836 724223 (Notts)

• Fans – New & Reconditioned • Grain Stirrers • Air Tunnels • Laterals • Drive On Floors • Gas Burners • Controllers & ACCS Equipment

TRACTOR mounted post hole auger, not been used for some time. £200 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex) TRACTOR post hole auger, not used for sometime. £200. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

GENERATORS: diesel & PTO, quality used & new, est 25yrs. JSP UK Ltd. Tel 01432 353050 Mob 07774 742182 (Hereford) ONE 120L air seeder (8 sections but only used 7); one 300L air seeder (8 sections but only used 7); one spare 120L hopper, 3 extension leads per seeder, all wiring to tractor, 14 pipes & brackets, waterproof covers, plus lots of extras. S Lyon Tel 07568 712766 (Essex)

experience specialising within the agricultural 01621 828689 industry

Control panel fault finding



Over 40 years’

Roy Edwards 07702 408833 Full engineering, installation & dismantling services


FORAGE & SILAGE 15-67932

NORDSTEN Lift-o-Matic seed drill, 3m, good for beans & cover crop, good order, all hand books & meter charts. £500+VAT. M Andrew Tel 01780 720394 (Lincs)

THREE-HORSE stable block, each bay 10' x 10', steel partitions, homemade, never used. £1,500. K Pugh Tel 01694 771258/07977 912970 (Shrops)

01472 753936 07710 242015


MF 2640 4wd tractor very tidy......... £6,250 Vogel & Noot plough 5 furrow ......... £2,500 Fordson Power Major for restoration .....POA Various cultivators & subsoilers............POA 8T dump trailer................................ £1,750 Various hydraulic folding rib rolls ..........POA Fordson E27N petrol/paraffin 2wd Gem 20m self tracking trailed tractor unfinished project ........... £1,300 sprayer......................................... £800 Various grain bucket .............................POA Kongskilde 4m manual fold Reko Sulky 24m twin disc fert Vibroflex .................................... £1,200 spreader with lights & cover ...... £1,000 McConnel Allwork tractor mounted Ransomes mounted disc c/w very saw bench ................................... £650 good metal work ....................... £1,000 All tractors and machinery wanted – dead or alive!

01945 410099•07850 731409

Contact Robin on

CHERRY Products grain bucket, JCB Q fit brackets, CB07 2.26cu/m, very good condition. £1,000. N How Tel 07714 240064 (Northants)


Swineshead, Lincs

Economise Without Compromise

W reg, 12ths MOT, 430000km, tilt cab for easy maintenance, excellent condition, fantastic body work, no expense has been spared on maintaining this lorry, always 100% reliable, living in amazing condition, sleeps 3 with plenty of storage, 1 outside locker that will fit a bale of hay in, CCTV to horse area, mains & 12 volt, stalled for 3 Selling due to change of circumstances



01205 821313|07769 353826

£8,500 ono





Leyland DAF 7.5t


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


NUWAY Benson fan, good condition. £150 ono. G Cole Tel 07765 407357/01406 330645 (Lincs)

PZ drum mower, twin drum, 185cm cut, good working order. £400+VAT. J Gadd Tel 07903 185193 (Notts) TEAGUE TBMs flail topper, 2.5m wide, hydraulic sideshift, owned from new, good heavy duty machine. £2,700+VAT ono. G Elson Tel 07801 321342/01780 410430 (Rutland)

146 October 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202 Email Office 01530

Mobile 07831


229686 113316

Protecting Your Crops And The Environment

Finance & Part Ex Available

Cousins Contour 7.3m Rolls 2014, 24” rings with breakers 90%

Marshall 12t Heavy Duty Dump Trailer 2009, 385/65x22.5 90%, sprung drawbar

New and Used Bunded Fuel Cubes 500 to 3000 litres, various types of pump

TWB 6m Surface Cultivator to control black–grass, 2015, excellent condition

Fendt 1800Kg Front Linkage Weight 2015, excellent condition

Hi-Spec 3000 Gallon Vacuum Tanker 2015, Trelleborg flotation wheels, had little use

Vogel & Noot Plough 2005, hydraulic variwidth, 95% metal, excellent condition

West 3000 Gallon Dual Spreader 2012, 650/65x30.5 wheels, excellent condition

Sands SLC sprayer 2007, 3000L, 24m, Muller height control, headland assist, dual ride susp, rev camera, 2” fast fill pump, 4spd hydrostatic drive, 2/4ws with road lock, 5 section boom, air shut off, 14.9-34 rowcrops POA

Gem trailed sprayer 2200L, 20/21m boom with flip over ends, RDS rate control, Self Trak d/bar, steering ram, tank wash system, Ramsey pressure maintenence system, v tidy example POA

Knight 3600L sprayer 24m boom, RDS rate control, Multi Trak drawbar with steering, super clean sprayer

FarmGem 1600L sprayer 2012, 12/24m heavy duty boom, bolt out to 20m, TeeJet 844 rate control, c/w 1500L FarmGem front tank & all hoses, very clean, fully tested & checked POA

Case SP 3000 sprayer 12/24m, full hydrostatic oil & filter change inc full flush out (only dealer to offer this as std), TeeJet 844 rate control, hyd susp, boom inclination, 2/4ws, 2 sets wheels, maintained regardless, got to be the best available POA

Case TS3000 sprayer independent 12/24m fold boom, Multi Trak drawbar, switchable field/road mode c/w steering, new Delta 34i rate control,new type 5 way plumbing, dry sight gauge, very tidy sprayer POA

Knight 2000L sprayer 20/21m boom, Self Traking drawbar, lovely clean machine, 2 owners from new, a real simple sprayer with minimal electrics, first come first served, only one available at this price POA

Knight ES 3000L sprayer Cleanacres colours but not Airtec, Self Traking d/bar, RDS Delta 34 rate control, ind 12 & 24m fold, ind attitude, off organic farm so little use, well looked after, simple controls, real bargain POA

Knight ES 2500L sprayer 12/24m boom, cab selectable, auto section ready, just needs GPS signal, 8 sections, Self Traking d/bar, total refurb (receipts available) 4yrs ago too much to list, no ordinary machine POA


Call us for details or see our website for more

Agri–Weld 2000kg Front Linkage Weight Block 2013 with tool boxes

MF 8735 Efficient Tractor 2016, 750hrs, Dyna VT, 5 year warranty, as new, part ex

New and Used Bunded Diesel Bowsers/Ad-Blue 1000 to 9000 litres

TWB Terminator Cultivator 2014, 3m trailed, subsoiler legs, 2 rows discs, 850mm press

Dowdeswell DP 145 Plough 2013, 8 furrow, DDS bodies, new mouldboards, Cat 4 headstock

TWB Trailed Subsoiler 2010, 3.5m, 5 leg, all new metal

Ancroft Tractors Ltd

New and used farm tractors, combines, farm machinery & forklifts


John Deere 7310R

Challenger MT765C

Claas Quadrant 2200

Merlo P38.14 Plus

16 reg 1910hrs full spec inc 5CCLS spools, LED lights, front PTO, suspension, E23 transmission Remainder of warranty £99,850+VAT

Gregoire Besson Discordon 6.2m Cultivator 2009, excellent condition, c/w Hatzenbichler rape seeder

Shotbolt End Tow Rolls 9.3m, 24” plain rings 80%, good heavy set of rolls

Cousins 6.4m Vertical Fold Rolls 2010, plain 30” rings, steering drawbar



01289 331904 07977 916170


High Quality Combines, Self Propelled Forage Harvesters, Ag Loading Shovels, Machinery & Plant

Massey Ferguson 7618 EX 67890

40kph transmission, joystick, 13 reg, 1050 genuine hrs, air seat, 20” wheels, work lights, reverse camera

Windmill Way West, Ramparts Business Park, Berwick-Upon-Tweed TD15 1TB

Major 3100 Gallon Tanker 900/65x2 wheels 90%, new hydraulic vacuum pump, excellent condition


See website for more pictures & more stock

09 reg, 4450hrs, 5CCLS spools, 30” tracks, autoguide ready with GreenStar unit, night breaker lights, 8 idler weights £78,950+VAT

Sumo Mix-Disc Cultivator 2014, all new discs and Giant packer

baler, in very good working order 58000 bales

Complete Spreadwise Slurry System including flow meter, stirrer and compressor


Buy and sell online —

Spaldings 3.5m 7 leg Flatlift Subsoiler refurbished legs and all new metal

07850 144244 (mobile 24hrs) •

13 reg, 5250hrs, hi-vis roof, MF976 parallel loader, full suspension, 4CCLS spools


also at Kelso and Macmerry

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Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email: 148 October 2019

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Buy and sell online — October 2019 149

fg_class_oct_19.indd 149

19/09/2019 10:13


of Bourne Ltd Kate’s Bridge, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs PE10 0EN

Serving farmers across the South of England For all your irrigation requirements

MCCONNEL PA93 hedge cutter, cable control, 1.2m head, always dry stored, only used on a 60 acre arable farm. £3,450+VAT. D Raven Tel 07825 151798 (Suffolk)


PARTNER chain saw c/w spare chains & book. £40. R Keary Tel 01277 214198 (Essex) MCCONNEL swingover hedger, for spares/project, c/w book. £50. R Keary Tel 01277 214198 (Essex)

Briggs Irrigation main distributor

01243 792323 £11,750 + VAT


HOMBURG Delta ex demo, as new, 500m, 4wd, hyd angling

McConnel Versi 5565

GRASS MACHINERY (cont) £8,250 + VAT

PORT Agri topper, 9', 2009. £650+VAT. T Havers Tel 07733 325376 (Norfolk)

TOMLIN Roller Topper mower, 2.4m, 1st class condition. £2,000 ono. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs) VOTEX topper, 9’, in good order. £450; also 9’ chain harrows. £300 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

cuts both sides, 2015, 1.2m head

HOMBURG Delta 400m, electric control, 4wd, hyd angling

POULTRY neck cutting machine, made by Lindholst & Co. £200. C Patmore Tel 07702 503081/01371 831052 (Essex)

Startin Tractors Limited

880088 Startin 01827 BOMFORD hedgecutter 7m reach, 5' Pro Cut head, head as new. £8,750+VAT. E Forrest Tel 07712 128605 (Beds)

£6,250 + VAT

Weekly Prime cattle, sheep & store cattle sales Weekly Poultry sales Pedigree Livestock Sales Farm Sales and Valuations Fortnightly sale of Pigs Annual rare breed sale Deadweight Cattle sales Straw and Fodder Sales


HOMBURG Delta 300m

JOHN Deere 540X ride on mower, power steering, hydraulic lift deck, fuel gauge, EdgeEXTRA 42" cutting system, low running hours, good order. £2,500. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

MF70 hay mower, spares or repair. £150 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex) FLEMING mower, in good working order. £425. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk) DOWDESWELL Wuffler, in good condition. £1,000+VAT. R Baker Tel 07801 557640/01953 850238 (Norfolk) BOMFORD hay mower, used this season, sale do to retirement. £450 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

01664 562971

BOMFORD B577, needs new rotor head, hydraulics & arms good, west Norfolk. £500. J Wilson Tel 07876 784962 (Norfolk)

BOMFORD B435 linkage mounted hedge cutter, in vgc. £1,200+VAT. A Kerfoot Tel 07539 933777 (Lincs)


KUBOTA 4' finishing deck, has hardly had any use, really solid, fits compact tractors, been behind my BMC mini tractor, Serial no KSM05069. Model no 3574 TSM1, runs at 540 revs or thereabouts, welcome to inspect. £850 ono. K Hoyle Tel 01277 841487 (Essex)

Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1JY



£5,950 + VAT HOMBURG Delta 300m

The Hedging Specialists

Over 100 varieties of top quality hedge plants and young trees. For a catalogue, advice or a competitive quote, contact Glebe Farm Hedging Langham, Essex CO4 5PP

Tel/Fax: 01206 323200 Email: Website:


PEDIGREE registered poll Hereford bull, 15 months old, running outside, ideal for heifers or cows. £1,000. K Bradbury Tel 01335 390286 (Derbys) KIDD feeder wagon, hydraulic belts, 2 rotors, spare gearbox, good tyres. £500+VAT. J Gadd Tel 07903 185193 (Notts)

VOGEL & Noot 1.8m, rear flail, hydraulic offset, HDMI whale tail flails, double skinned. £1,200+VAT. A Kerfoot Tel 07539 933777 (Lincs)

SHELTON slit drainer, ideal for use on land after drilling which is liable to flood, 2" wide slit up to 20" deep, spare set of blades, good condition. £2,500. P Wright Tel 07774 457821 (Norfolk)







£7,900 + VAT Used Drainjetter 500m 26-67693

MOUNTFIELD 1636H mower, had very little use, almost as good as new. £750. C Patmore Tel 07702 503081/01371 831052 (Essex)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Mobile UV treatment units

Tel 01778 560466 or 01778 560425 Mob 07767 816555

PEDIGREE polled Hereford bulls, a selection of quality 20 month olds to choose from, good breeding & figures, very quiet, TB4 area, BVD acc free. £2,000–£3,000. J Speirs Tel 07979 463480 (Beds)

150 October 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

Over 250 quality used machines at




JOHN DEERE 6210R 2014 AP 50K, Cab Susp., TLS+Brakes, Autotrac ready, 4ESCV, front links, PTO, 4914hrs. £70,000

JOHN DEERE 6210R 2014 AP 50K, Autotrac ready, Command Arm, 4ESCV's, ALO loader ready, 5526hrs. £60,000



JOHN DEERE 6190R 2014 AQ+ 50K, LHR 20/20, Itec HMS, TLS, Cab suspension, Air Con, Sun Roof, 1740hrs. £70,000

JOHN DEERE 6190R AQ Plus 20/20 50K, Premium cab with suspension, Air con, 4ESCV's, 3788hrs. £58,500


All fodder feed rotor with sections mounted on 8 discs chops long-fibre products and the large diameter feed rotor limits risk of long-fibre products winding round.


Four-strand belt feed rotor drive for flexibility and silent operation. Low starting power.


Blows chopped or unchopped straw and feeds long strand fodder such as haylage. Holds 3 round bales in the body and loads bales without the need of a loader.


Puts straw down more easily: optional 300o swivel chute blows chopped straw up to 18m right and 13m left. Clean straw dust suppression system accelerates the settling of dust.







JOHN DEERE 7530R 2010 A/Q 50K, Front link linkage, Air con, Tyres 650/75 R38 @ 30% 600/65 R28 @ 20% £38,000

JOHN DEERE 6195R 2015 AQ + 50K, 20/20, 7” Display, 4ESCV, TLS+Brakes, Itec HMS, Electric Joystick, 3056hrs. £71,000

JOHN DEERE 2015 6175R Direct Drive 50K, 10” Display, AutoTrac ready, Command Arm, 4ESCV, 4758 hrs. £69,000

JOHN DEERE 6150R 2014 AQ+ 50K, LHR, 20/20, Air con TLS, Itec HMS, 3ESCV, Front Linkage, 6342hrs. £48,000

JOHN DEERE 2017 5100M & 543R LOADER, Power Reverser HiLo 31/16, 3SCV, 4WD Front Axle, 204hrs. £43,500

JOHN DEERE 2006 5820 PQ 40K, 16/16, LHR, 2SCV, Hydraulic Trailer Brake, Drawbar for PUH 6204hrs. £25,000



JOHN DEERE 7450I SPFH 2010 ProDrive 40kph, Harvest Lab,Integrated AS, 5123hrs engine, 3120hrs drum. £70,000

2001 NEW HOLLAND FX58 SPFH Engine 4875hrs, header 3489hrs. Excellent condition. £29,000

JCB 531-70 2012 Q Fit + Tines, Tyres: Rear 460/70 50%, Front 460/70 50%, Air con, 4004 hrs. £35,000

JCB 536-70 2014 2764hrs










2015 JCB TM320S TELEHANDLER 2014 Excellent condition,4207hrs £45,500






Good condition, with 2 spare blades.






Buy and sell online —

On KUHN Straw Choppers



All prices ex VAT

Rea Valley Tractors Ltd NEWPORT


Call: 01743 289104



*Subject to terms and conditions: 2 + 22 Monthly Payments at 0% Finance for business users in the UK only and subject to acceptance. Applicants must be 18 years and over. Promotion valid until 31st October 2019. VAT where applicable. An administration fee may be charged. We may withdraw this offer at anytime. Finance subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. You will own the machine when all payments have been made. Alternative finance options are available on request. Terms and conditions apply. Any images are for illustration purposes only. For more information please contact Rea Valley Tractors Ltd on 01743 289104 or visit

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JG F m


01527 857857 Brookfields Farm, Haye Lane, Mappleborough Green, Nr Studley, Warwickshire B80 7BU

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

arm achinery Limited

Case IH Luxxum 110 ZF 32Fx32R 4 speed SP transmission, 3 rear remotes, 2 speed PTO, 540/65R38 & 440/65R28 Michelin tyres

Case IH Maxxum 125 16 x 16 SPS, 40kph, links & PTO, 3 rear remotes, 3 speed PTO, 520/70R38 & 420/70R28 Michelin tyres

New Stock - Case IH Case IH Farmall 75 A 30kph 8x8 shuttle, 2wd, diff lock, 2 rear remotes, 6.50/16 & 380/70R28 Case IH Luxxum 110 32Fx32R 4 speed SP transmission, 3 rear remotes, 540/65R38 & 440/65R28 Ex Hire - Maxxum 125 SPS 2018, 40kph, links & PTO, 3 rear remotes, 520/70R38 & 420/70R28, low hrs Ex Hire - Maxxum 125 SPS Multicontroller, 2018, front links & PTO, 3 E rear remotes, 520/70R38 & 420/70R28 low hrs Demo - Case IH Puma 175 CVX 50kph, 4 E rear remotes, front links, guidance ready, 19 high intensity LED work light package, 540/65R28 & 650/65R38

Used Machinery Case IH CX 80, 2WD Quicke Q40 Loader, 4,600hrs Case IH Farmall 115 PRO 2016, Q46 loader, 3,000hrs New Holland T6050 2011, 4,950hrs Case IH Maxxum 140 2011, 4,324hrs

2009 2005 2006 1988 1990 2002 2015 2017 2004 2004

McCormick MTX130, 4000hrs – a superb & well cared for tractor ............................£28,750 Tafe 45D 2wd with power loader, only 2300hrs, 47hp – very good ..............................£7,750 McCormick MTX150 – air brakes, good tyres – a good buy ......................................£21,500 Case 956 4wd – very popular tractor – paintwork poor ...............................................£7,750 Case 844XL 4wd – very tidy little runabout – good condition ......................................£8,500 Merlo 28.7 Loadall, 6000hrs – in daily use – can be seen working ............................£15,500 Merlo 38.7 – cab suspension, air conditioning, 3500hrs, weigh system – nice ..........£33,000 Merlo Compact 27-6, 1500hrs, full joystick controls – excellent ................................£32,500 JCB 520-50 Compact, 4000hrs genuine, 2t to 5m ....................................................£16,000 JCB 530-70, only 4600hrs – a really nice example – must be seen ...........................£21,000 Demonstration McCormick X7-690, 225hp – manual efficient model A real performer, 225hp, excellent finance and warranty – POA

Great Plains Simba DTX Ex Demo and New

Case IH Maxxum 140 2016, 40kph SPS, aircon cab with suspension, 3D/A remotes, 3 speed PTO, 480/65R28, 600/65 R38, 2,949hrs Case IH Puma 140 40kph, 2010, 4D/A remotes, aircon cab with suspension, 540/65R28 & 650/65R38, 5,053hrs Case IH Puma 155 MC FPS 50kph, 2008, 3 electronic spool valves, Cab & front suspension, 540/65R28, 650/65R38, 7,108hrs Case IH Puma 155 SPS 50kph, 2010, high bonnet, 460/85R38, 380/85R28, around 6,000hrs Case IH Puma 155 MC SPS 40kph, 2011, high bonnet, 540/65R28, 650/65R38, 5,150hrs Case IH Puma 200 - FPS 50kph, 2017, 4 speed PTO, front links & remotes, 4 rear remotes, Power beyond, guidance ready, Michelin 650/65R42, 540/65R30, around 3,000hrs Case IH Puma 210 CVX 50kph, 2009, BKTs all round, around 10,280hrs Case IH 7220, 1997, 11,000hrs Case IH Magnum 310 2008, 50kph, 4D/A remotes, 600/65R30, 710/70R4

2006 Arctic Cat diesel quad bike, poweful & reliable – very tidy ...........................................£4,000 2012 Rabe 5m hyd fold power harrow – superb throughout ...............................................£12,750 Major 3500 vacuum tanker – commercial axles/air brakes – full test .........................£16,000 Ruscon 1600 vacuum tanker, single axles, good condition & a real bargain .................£1,850 Cousins Drillmate with 3m Nordsten drill – in really nice condition – only £1,275 2015 McHale C430 straw bedder, fully serviced & ready......................................................£5,250 A wide selection of good used round balers – fully serviced – from £4,000 Accord 3m drill combination/good Howard power harrow – very cheap ......................£2,850 Bomford B49 hedger, electric controls, 3pt linkage – good ..........................................£3,250 McConnel – Hy Reach hedger PA59E, electrics – a good tidy machine ........................£7,500 Berthoud Mack 15 sprayer, 21m boom test, barn stored ..................................... only £3,500 Portequip bale trailers/creep feeders/beet feeders – ex stock Good selection of bale/grass/spikes/buckets ex stock at keen prices Kockerling cultivation equipment – amazing reviews from our large farm users Your chance to try not just any cultivator – ring now Hinimoto compact 4wd tractor, model C174 – a really nice little unit ...........................£3,500 End of season deals on Hayter mowers – ring now for that special price Visit our stores for your Autumn cultivation parts, etc

Visit us on and

Contact Matt Bushell – 07852 349379 67755

Rodney Cowle Machinery

Over 25 combines in stock – see our website for details

We can supply New Parts for your Combine • CONCAVES • RASP BARS • BELTS • KNIVES 2006 Claas Lexion 550 Montana 1993 Claas Dominator 98SL Maxi 2900 eng hours 3D sieves, with V660 header, chopper, chaff • CLEAN GRAIN, RETURN & spreader, 1100/1600hrs chopper, 17’ auto float, nice tidy FRONT ELEVATOR CHAINS machine • IMPELLOR PLATES • RETRACTABLE FINGERS • FILTER KITS and many other wearing parts in stock MAIL ORDER

01837 83645


2010 New Holland CX 8070 24’, varifeed, 1250/1500hrs SL Sieves, chopper/chaff spreader

1989 New Holland TX32 15’ cut 3100hrs tidy condition

2010 Claas Lexion 520

2009 Claas Lexion 570+

2015 New Holland TC 5.80

2008 Massey Ferguson Activa 7245

V600 Vario 3D sieves chopper/chaff spreader auto contour, yield/moisture 1000/1300hrs

16’ varifeed, smart sieves, chopper, chaff spreader, only 400hrs, like new.

V750 header, 900/32 tyres, chopper/ chaff spreader, 900/1200 hrs, in very nice condition

Hillside machine with 18’ cut, 1 owner only 590 engine hrs


07831 178271 Steve

07786 391816

Great Punchardon Farm Winkleigh Devon EX19 8DJ

2005 New Holland TX66

Sl sieves 20’ cut auto float, chopper 1900/2300hrs, nice tidy machine

2009 Claas Tucano 430

1200/1500hrs, V600 vario, 3D sieves, chopper/chaff spreader


2015 Claas Lexion 620

with C560 auto contour, 3D sieves, chopper, chaff spreader, only 160 eng hrs, from retired farmer like new

2007 Claas Medion 310

choice of 2, one has 950hrs & other 1800, 15’ cut 3D sieves & chopper


152 October 2019

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19/09/2019 16:05

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202 LIVESTOCK (cont) BLACKWATER Blondes, selling due to retirement, pedigree Blonde bull, 17mths, halter trained, good natured, accredited health status, TB4 last test 05/03/2018; also for sale his dam with this year’s very promising 16wk calf at foot. I Calderbank Tel 01621 742645 (Essex)


Anglia Quality Meat

Registered Angus Finished Cattle Premiums paid Contact: Tim Leigh

01763 241222 HEINEGER 12v, used, with car battery, in good order. £175 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

Barry Horne

GALEBREAKER bayscreen 4m wide by 1.5m high (12), 4.6m wide by 1.5m high (3), 4.6m wide by 2m high (1), 4.6m wide by 1m high (4), very good condition, only used for 2 winters. £2,000+VAT ono. R King Tel 07929 424474 (Notts)


BULK FEEDERS FEED UK BINS WANTED & FOR SALE New Silos For Sale & Secondhand Wanted

2011 Merlo P40.7 Turbo Farmer telehandler, 7m reach, 4t lift, 3420hrs, 140hp, 40kph, PUH, hyd locking pins, air con, joystick, new tyres all round, Strimech bucket, tines £29,500

1995 Manitou MLT 526 telehandler, 2.6t lift, 5.2m reach, 7311hrs, shuttle forward reverse, PUH, 4ws/2ws/ crab steer, Perkins 80hp engine, 90% tyres POA

2017 JCB 8018 CTS mini excavator, 598hrs, 1742kg, expdg tracks, twin spd tracking, hammer lines, blade with exts, beacons, w/lights, 75% tracks, 3 buckets, quick hitch, serviced £12,000

2010 Bomag BW 100 ADM-2 twin vibrating drum roller, 517hrs, folding roll bar, seat belt, beacon, water, Kubota engine £7,250

2005 Bomag BW 80 ADH-2 twin vibrating drum roller, 1396hrs, roll bar, seat belt, orange & green beacon, Kubota engine £4,750

2014 SMC TL-90 tower light, 2804hrs, 9m hydraulic mast, 4x 1000 watt lamps, 2x 110 volt sockets, Kubota engine, fast tow, lights, serviced £2,800

2012 SMC TL-90 tower light, 5743hrs, 9m hydraulic mast, 4x 1000 watt lamps, 2x 110 volt sockets, Kubota engine, fast tow, lights, serviced £2,500

Haybuster 28-67953

07879 402246 01948 710662

SIX-YEAR-OLD pedigree polled Simmental bull, quiet, halter trained, sale due to daughters entering herd, photos available. J Corby Tel 07743 793499 (Rutland)

2018 JCB 535-95 telehandler, 1284hrs, 9.5m reach, 3.5t lift, j/stick control, air con, p/shift, 3rd svc for grab etc, 4ws/2ws/crab steer, keypad, beacons, 90% tyres, bal of 2yr/4000hr warranty £39,500

ite bs s we eo ur vid it o ee Vis to s

QUANTITY rainbow drinkers (60), c/w valves pipes halyards & saddle connectors. £200 the lot. C Patmore Tel 07702 503081/01371 831052 (Essex)

ite bs s we eo ur vid it o ee Vis to s

PLASTIC livestock drinkers, black, plus fittings, eg ballcock, 8' long x 8.5" wide x 5" deep. £20. J Bucher Tel 07771 714142/01359 220191 (Norfolk) SUFFOLK shearling rams & ram lambs from accredited pedigree flock, well grown, fully vaccinated. V Wolton Tel 07920 772862/01206 298844 (Suffolk)

TEAGLE Tomahawk 8100 straw spreader, with swivel chute, bluetooth control, extension on back door, extension on chute, bought in 2017, very good condition, like new. £10,000+VAT ono. R King Tel 07929 424474 (Notts)


PLASTIC drinking troughs, some with ball valves, 8' long, 8 available. £20 each. C Patmore Tel 07702 503081/01371 831052 (Essex)


£18,500 + VAT

mills straw, grain, roots, suitable for animal feed, biogas, green waste, etc,10–20tph throughput

01789 205132

ONE hundred Texel, Lleyn shearling ewes. £140 each. G Davies-Morris Tel 07711 085109/01473 311613 (Suffolk)

BUTLEY Herefords registered pedigree bulls & females, quiet & easily handled, all bulls halter trained & guaranteed under Hereford Society rules, TB4 area. DC Smith & Sons Tel 07971 694912/07885 594143 (Suffolk)

PEDIGREE polled Hereford bulling heifers, 18mths, SAC High Health herd, 4yr TB. R Fowell Tel 07947 126053/01263 587285 (Norfolk) SHEEP hay racks (2), old but do the job. £50 each; also three large water troughs. £40 each ono. P Pettet Tel 01621891227/07464361584 (Essex) 1600-LITRE bulk milk tank, ice bank unit with integral condenser & refrigeration unit, all mounted on purpose built frame with single phase electrics, very little use since complete refurbishment by manufacturer's agent. L Wapples Tel 01406 330644 (Lincs) CHICK brooders (2). £25 each; also 2 electric incubators, used this year only, gone out of chickens. £25 each ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

01789 205132

Please see website for more stock


LLEYN RAMS registered & unregistered shearlings,

THIS year's Dorper X South Down type lambs, well grown, all coloured, some quite 'pretty', for pets or finishing, ewe lambs & wethers, ten in total. K Mower Tel 01702 585529/07419 782425 (Essex) CHAROLAIS bulls - excellent pedigrees & temperaments, halter-trained & ready to work, visitors welcome by appointment, Wissington Charolais. J Rix Tel 07850 796057/07500 904462/01206 262133 (Essex)

2-shear & stock rams from MV Accredited flock, extensively reared, EBVs in top 25% & above Range of prices • choice of 30 tel Richard Evans


AMBIC milk filter, in excellent condition, had very little us, c/w fitting kit, Spalding/Holbeach area. L Wapples Tel 01406 330644 (Lincs)

Tub Grinders to mill straw, hay and fibrous products. From 5mm to 50mm chop length. 4 sizes of machine available.


PEDIGREE Lleyn shearling ram & aged rams available, Society registered, MV Accredited, Heptavac P Plus, wormed & Clik, all halter trained & shown at county shows. N Whitehead Tel 07900 555262 (Suffolk)

Buy and sell online —

01353 862 044

Tel: 01522 246 522 James Richard 07764 511257 07860 575155


ArmAdillo Arc

 insulated twin skin  increased yield  Flip up plastic fender


01953 717258 07836 253021


HORNER electric sheep clipper for dagging or shearing £125. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

CHEVIOT X White Faced mules, 15 ewe lambs, this year's lambs. P Gear Tel 01438 869666 (Herts)

October 2019 153

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19/09/2019 16:15

Tel: 01580 291271 • Mob: 07836 723944 •

2015 Case Magnum 315 CVX

2016 Magnum 380 CVX, 3427hrs, 380hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, air seat, f/linkage, continuously variable, f/service, Power Beyond, reverse fan, f/PTO ready, guidance ready, f/tyres 750/55x30 40%, rear tyres 900/60x38 75% Mitas .......................................................... £83,000


1999 CX90 MFD, 5918hrs, 90hp, air conditioning, Delux cab, very tidy, f/tyres 12.4x24 20%, rear tyres 13.6x38 50% Goodyear originals ...............POA 2013 Maxxum 125, 3400hrs, 125hp, 40kph, f/ axle/cab susp, f/linkage, creep box, f/tyres 380/70x28 40%, rear tyres 420/85x38 50% £31,500

£4 9, 50 0

2015 MF 7718 Dyna 6 with Quicke Q76 loader, 4203hrs, 180hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/ cab susp, f/linkage, semi p/shift, electric spool valves, extra work lights, f/tyres 540/65x28 25% ODD, rear tyres 650/65x38 75% BKT .......... £50,000 2015 MF 7726 Dyna 6, 6307hrs, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, semi p/shift, Data Vision, f/service, f/tyres 600/65x28 35%, rear tyres 650/65x42 60% Michelins .................. £49,750

£8 3, 00 0


2016 Case Magnum 380 CVX

2015 NH T7.200 Power Command, 5198hrs, 200hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, full p/shift, mid mount valves, creep box, Power Beyond, 600/60x28 30%, rear tyres 710/60x38 35% Michelins........................... £43,500 2013 NH T7.210 Power Command, 6918hrs, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, hydraulic top link, Power Beyond, guidance ready, 3 speed PTO, climate control, mid mount valves, exhaust brake, f/tyres 540/65x30 25%, rear tyres 650/65x42 40% Goodyears ......... £38,500

£4 3, 50 0

2013 NH T7.235 Power Command, hrs 5604, 235hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, full p/shift, exhaust brake, mid mount valves, f/tyres 540/65x30 30%, rear tyres 650/65x42 50% Continentals ................................................ £39,500

2015 New Holland T7.200 full Command

2013 New Holland T7.210 full Command

2015 NH T7.200 Range Command, hrs 6615, hp 200, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, semi p/shift, mid mount valves, Power Beyond, f/tyres 540/65x38 25% BKT, rear tyres 650/65x38 25% Michelin ............................ £38,500 2007 NH TM155, 4600hrs, 150hp, 40kph, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, full p/shift, creep gear box, very tidy just a little black paint showing on bonnet, f/tyres 420/70x28 30%, rear tyres 520/70x38 40% Klebers.............................. £21,000 2011 NH T6080 Power Command, 4190hrs, 160hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, full p/shift, very tidy been on hire no problems, f/ tyres 480/65 50%, rear tyres 600/65x38 70% Firestones ..........................................................POA

2014 JD 7290R, 7672hrs, 290hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, continuously variable, leather trim, 5 spool valves, LED work lights, 2 f/ spool valves, f/tyres 600/70x30 45%, rear tyres 650/85x38 50% Michelins..................................POA 2014 JD 6190R, 6036hrs, 190hp, 40kph, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage & PTO, continuously variable, climate control, GreenStar ready, f/tyres 16.9x30 20%, rear tyres 20.8x42 30% Continentals .........POA 2015 JD 7270R, 6519hrs, 270hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/weights, f/axle/cab susp, continuously variable, Isobus, Green Star ready, electric mirrors, f/tyres 600/70x30 70%, rear tyres 650/85x38 60% Michelins .................................................... £58,000

£3 9, 50 0 2015 New Holland T7.200 Range Command

2014 John Deere 7290R

2009 JD 6930, 12146hrs, 165hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/ axle/cab susp, f/linkage, semi p/shift, Autoquad, surprisingly tidy for the hrs, f/tyres 540/65x28 70%, rear tyres 650/65x38 80% BKTs ......... £28,000

JCB: 2011 JCB 526-56 loadall, 5779hrs, 40kph, air Seat, PUH, air conditioning, needs floor mat, 2 rear tyres, door latch & seat swab, f/tyres 460/70x24 99%, rear tyres 460/70x24 0% Firestones, readvertised due to timewaster ...................... £21,000


2014 John Deere 6190R

2016 Manitou MLT634, 125hp, 40kph, air seat, PUH, air conditioning, new Manitou forks & carriage, f/tyres 460/70x24 100% new, rear tyres 460/70x24 100% new Firestones ................ £38,500

TRACK MARSHALL: Track Marshall 120, year unknown, hrs unknown, Ford Engine, rear PTO, 60-70% undercarriage................................................ £7,000

NOW IN: ENGINES: New CNH engines to fit tier 3, Maxxum 115 & TSA 115, Case Puma, plus New Holland T6 & T7 TYRES: PRICES YOU WILL NEVER GET ANYWHERE ELSE! 440/65x28 Continental (20), 480/65x28 Continental (9), 420/70x24 Continental (20), 380/70x24 Trelleborg (28), 380/70x24 Firestone (12), 320/85x24 Continental (5), 340/85x24 Firestone (6), 13.6x24 Pirelli (12), 14.9x24 Pirelli (8), 540/65x30 Continental (4), 480/70x34 Continental (8), 540/65x30 Firestone (6), 340/85x38 Firestone (4), 650/65x42 Nokian road tyres (4), 520/70x34 Continental (18), 480/70x34 Continental (15), 460/85x30 Firestone (6), 20.8/46 (5), 480/95x50 (1), 650/75x38 (2), Continental 650/65x42 Continental 600/65x38 (1), Continental, 520/70x38 (1), Continental, 480/70x34 (18), Continental, 420/85x34 (2), 710/70x38 (1), 650/65x38 (2), 600/65x38 (1), 480/80x42 (1)

We are expecting more tractors to arrive in our yard shortly – Keep an eye on the website!

Find the most desirable stock at

£3 8, 50 0

2004 Valtra T170, 8839hrs, 170hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, semi p/shift, f/tyres 480/65x28 75%, rear tyres 580/70x38 20% Vredesteins ........................................................POA

2014 Puma 230, 6400hrs, 230hp, 50kph, air brakes, Quicke Q75 loader, f/axle susp, f/linkage, continuously variable, some rust on rear wheels & step, on hire but can be replaced, f/tyres 540/65x30 50%, rear tyres 650/65x42 70% £41,000

2013 New Holland T7.235 full Command

2017 Valtra 214 Versu, 2445hrs, 50kph, air brakes, f/ axle/cab susp, f/linkage, 4 spool valves, f/tyres 540/65x30 75%, rear tyres 650/65x42 85% Michelins .................................................... £61,500

2016 Puma 165, 2245hrs, 165hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/weights, f/axle/cab susp, full p/shift, f/tyres 16.9x30 30%, rear tyres 20.8x42 80% Michelins .................................................... £49,500


2016 Case Puma 165



£7 0, 00 0

2014 Case Puma 160 CVX

2012 Fendt 936 Profi Plus, 9680hrs, 360hp, 60kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, continuously variable, very tidy, f/service, hydraulic top link, priced to sell, f/tyres 620/75x30 70% Michelin, rear tyres 650/85x38 80% Trelleborg ...................................................POA


£3 7, 00 0

2015 Magnum 315 CVX, 3332hrs, 315hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle susp, f/linkage & PTO, continuously variable, full Accuguide, pick up hitch, f/tyres 600/70x38 80%, rear tyres 710/70x42 60% Michelins........................... £70,000


£5 8, 00 0

2014 Puma 160 CVX, 5382hrs, 160hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, continuously variable, mid mount valves, full Beyond, f/tyres 480/70x30, rear tyres 580/70x42 2018 Case Puma 185 c/w Case LRZ160 loader Trelleborgs .................................................. £37,000

2012 NH T6.165, 3600hrs, 165hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/linkage, f/tyres 540/65x28 60%, rear tyres 650/65x38 60% Continentals ....... £32,000

2015 John Deere 7270R

£2 1, 00 0

2018 Puma 185 with Case LRZ160 loader, 1461hrs, 185hp, 50kph, air brakes, f/axle/cab susp, f/ linkage, full p/shift, ABS, full Guidance, mid mount valves, mechanical spool valves, f/tyres 540/65x30 80%, 650/65x42 85% Michelins £76,000

2011 JCB 526-56 Loadall

£7 ,0 00

£7 6, 00 0


£3 8, 50 0

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


Track Marshall 120 year unknown

154 October 2019

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19/09/2019 10:23

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

Fenland Tractors


Thames Valley Machinery

Abingdon • Oxon

07764 835562


2012 John Deere 7280R



Station Yard, Postland, Crowland, Peterborough PE6 0JT Tel: 01406 330386 Fax: 01406 330080 Email:

2010 Case Quadtrac STX535

Autopower, 50kph, air braking, TLS, 4 elec spools, f/ c/w 30” tracks, r/linkage, r/PTO, 5 spools, AFS linkage & f/PTO, 710/600 tyres, 4400hrs, exceptional GPS auto steer, 3000hrs, in super genuine condition

Cat D4E VHP 1984

Cat D4D 60J 1969 ex local farm



Cat D6C 82A direct drive direct start 1967

2011 John Deere 8345RT

JCB 86C-1 2014 1514hrs

Hitachi ZX48U-5CLR 2015, 1010hrs immaculate throughout

Doosan DX140LCR-3 2014, 2120hrs immaculate throughout

6m seed drill c/w system disc, staggered wheels, drill filler, pre-emergence markers, good condition

2011 Horsch Pronto 8DC

8m seed drill c/w electric half width shut off, blockage sensors, rear filling auger, good, tidy drill

2008 Horsch Pronto 8DC

8m seed drill c/w track eradicators, tramlining, pre-em markers, in good condition



Suppliers of replacement parts for Caterpillar machines We hold a good stock of D2 new and used parts

Please contact Mike for more information on these and many other machines

Visit our website to see our stock machines

Current Used Machinery Essex Depot: 01245 322733 | Kent Depot: 01233 714123 | Sussex/Hampshire: 01403 330030




£120,500 + VAT

£97,500 + VAT

£135,000 + VAT

2015, Approx. 1800 Engine hrs, Approx, 1250 Drum Hrs, Corn Cracker, Grass Header, PUH not included, Rear Axle Suspension.

2014, Approx.4900hrs, Comfort pack, 16 idler weights, 5 spool valves, Deluxe vrs leather seat, 30” ext ag tracks 60%,

2016, 2300hrs, 30” Extreme Ag Tracks @ 65%, Guidance Ready, Comfort Pack, Weights: 22 x Front, 16 x Idlers & 18 x Track Frame.





£106,500 + VAT


£79,950 +VAT



£29,500 + VAT

£89,500 +VAT

2001, 9040hrs, Tracks @ 35%, No Linkage

2017, 3405hrs, Cab Suspension, Front Axle Suspension, Air Con, Air Brakes, Guidance Ready.





£69,950 +VAT

£52,500 + VAT

£39,950 +VAT

2018, Approx. 670hrs, Cab Suspension, Front Axle Suspension, Air Con, Air Brakes, Guidance Ready.

2018, Approx,1276hrs, Direct CVT Transmission, Front Axle Suspension, AutoComfort Cab Suspension, Air Brakes, Front Linkage, G/ Ready

2016, Approx.3220hrs, Front Linkage, Air Brakes, 50k, Multipad Joystick, Electric Mirrors, Topcon ISO RTK Kit, Weights NOT Included.




Buy and sell online —

McCauley A2GP12 dump trailer with HD ramps, new unused


Manitou MLT634-120LSU ag spec, 2012 Mercedes engine


Track Marshall 135 good u/c

2005 Vaderstad Rapid 600S

Autopower, 30” tracks, 4 spools, 4160hrs, good, tidy tractor

2013, Approx.2995hrs, Front Linkage, Datatronic, Guidance Ready, Full Suspension 150l/Min Hyd Flow , 4 Spools

2015, Approx.4400hrs, MF956 Front Loader, Cab Suspension, Power Control Shuttle, Air Suspended Seat, Air Conditioning


October 2019 155

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19/09/2019 10:31

Used for central heating, cooking and baking Runs 20 radiators

0114 257 8891


5 year warranty

RETIREMENT sale Aberdeen Angus X British Friesian heifers, 18mths+, choice of cattle, 25yrs closed herd, TB4 area, last clear TB test Aug 2019, South Lincs. F Wapples Tel 01406 330644 (Lincs)



USED MACHINERY SALES Bomford Sabre 9’ pasture topper, SOLD vgo ............................................£1,350 Votex 12’ pasture topper c/w end tow kit, new blades .................£875 Quicke loaders to fit IH 674-684 tractors .................................from £750 Front end loader to fit MF 35-135 tractors, c/w power bucket & valves ...........................................£450

PLASSON poultry crates, some minus lids (40). £8 each. C Patmore Tel 07702 503081/01371 831052 (Essex)

EBFLEX auger winch feed system, complete double run, came out of 150' shed, drive units, augers, etc. £1,250. C Patmore Tel 07702 503081/01371 831052 (Essex) HEREFORD pedigree bull, born 1/12/15, we want to keep his daughters, is anybody in this same situation that has a Hereford bull that we can do a swap for, must be TB4? We are near Wisbech, Cambs. P Cannon Tel 07796 352437 (Cambs)

REG Llanwenog shearing ram, well bred, halter trained. £200 ono. M Brain Tel 07743 402314/01794 884355 (eves) (Wilts)

Tipping skip, fits forklift or teleporter ......................................£295 Set of 10 IH weights, Pt No 383392RI, c/w frame ...........£400 Set of new fenders to fit IH 275-434 tractors ......................£350 Breaking for spares – Votex toppers All prices plus VAT


Tel: 01945 700142 or 07774 676440

SUTON hydraulic road brush, good working order. £525. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk)

TEXEL pedigree shearling rams, High Health status, MV accredited, Scrapie monitored. T Prentice Tel 07860 860990 (Suffolk)

THREE galvanised barrier feed mangers with hay racks, 3x10' sections, all bolt together, with adjustable legs. S Jones Tel 07796 001370 (Norfolk)

Also Machinery and Implements: Spares, Wheels, Tyres, Loaders, Cabs and Hitches


KUHN VKM 2.8m flail topper ...................... £2,450 FARM FORCE 3m front press, good condition... POA 29-67911

All prices +VAT

R Moseley, Shropshire

Norwich Road, Dereham

01362 692104/637332

MATERIALS HANDLERS PARMITER shear grab, used for one week, as new condition, slight mark on ram. Bargain at £350 ono. F Danecker Tel 01494 758539/07885 491340 (Bucks) MANITOU 523 mini telehandler, ideal for pig or poultry unit, only 6' wide, 6' high, 2006, 3400hrs, very tidy, good tyres, hydraulic pin locking. £15,000. D Murrell Tel 07850 724139 (Norfolk) STRIMECH hydraulic tipping backplate, adaptor plate, adapts 4t forklift plate to JCB quick hitch brackets. £500+VAT. D Cousins Tel 07810 740427 (Cambs)

40kph transmission, joystick, 13 reg, 1050 genuine hrs, air seat, 20” wheels, work lights, reverse camera

Ancroft Tractors

GALVANISED farrowing crates (20). £30 each. J Staight Tel 07761 631549 (Essex)

KUHN Primor 5570 straw spreader, takes big 4' bales or two 5' round, hydraulic bale lift, holds second bale off floor while front one processed, blows 12m+. £4,500+VAT ono. J Brook Tel 07957 846865 (Lincs)

EASY-CALVING pedigree Hereford bulls, well grown, good shape, ready to work, great pedigrees with good EBVs, TB4, BVD free, Johnes L1, tested for IBR & Lepto, for more info see www., viewing welcome. V Elwess Tel 07764 740540 (Lincs) BERRICHON shearling rams, well grown, good tups & ready for off. K Smith Tel 07940 049960/01335 330346 (Derbys)

Accord•Amazone•Sulky•KRM•Vicon A Frames, etc Coulters, Metering Units, •KRM R306 6m air drill coulters as new ............ £1,200+VAT •Pottinger Mex 6 forager used this season std pick up. £1,500+VAT •IH 511 4m direct cultivator drill................ £950+VAT •Allis Chalmers/Jones 505 baler mint condition would suit collector....................... £1,000+VAT

Call Craig on

07977 208205(T)

MATBRO TR250 Powershift, fitted PUH, clean tidy condition. A Simpson Tel 01738 840111 (Perth & Kinross) JCB Loadall 526-56, old, 12,000hrs plus, goes well. £8,500 ono. K Pugh Tel 01694 771258/07977 912970 (Shrops)

MANITOU MLT 630, 2004, PUH, cone & pin, good tyres, gwo. £12,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

Merlo P38.14 Plus


01289 331904 • 07977 916170

07976 794383 GATERIDGE Aberdeen Angus bulls for sale, Farm Assured - SAC Health Scheme closed herd, ready to go to work. A Thompson Tel 07836 246392 (Northants)

JCB 531-70 Agri Super, 2012, 10k hrs, PUH, full spec machine, gwo, quick fit, tidy. £24,000. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)


WEAVING SHAKAERATOR 4m, 11 leg, c/w packer roller ........................ £2,650

Breaking Seed drills

BRITISH Blue X Simmental bull, TB4 area. £2,500 ono. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

Good used Secondhand Tractors of most makes always for sale

RICHARD WESTERN 10T DELILAH spreader, 2008, c/w slurry door......... £7,350 POLLED Hereford bulls, 18 to 22mths, halter trained & ready to work, SAC herd health, accredited for IBR, BVD & Johnes level 1. R Fowell Tel 07947 126053/01263 587285 (Norfolk)

EASYCARE yearlings, last year's lambs for breeding, suitable for small holdings, self shedders - no shearing required, little feed input. P Gear Tel 01438 869666 (Herts)

Bucket to fit teleporter ...................£375

SUTON 6' hydraulic road brush. £375+VAT. P Beasley Tel 07836 652963/01353 649500 (Cambs)



delivered free nationwide


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


CHAROLLAIS shearling rams, grass reared, tight skinned, ready for work. K Smith Tel 07940 049960/01335 330346 (Derbys) RETIREMENT sale – Aberdeen Angus X British Friesian cows with 2nd calves at foot, by show class pedigree polled Hereford bull, 25yrs closed herd, 4yr TB area, last test August 2019, South Lincolnshire area. L Wapples Tel 01406 330644 (Lincs)


100,000 BTU Concept 2 Multi Fuel Cooker

VOLVO L50C shovel, Perkins engine, 16588hrs, 96 reg, V5, Ag machine. £12,000+VAT. T Matthews Tel 07860 865435/07778 703010 (Norfolk) JCB Loadall 527-67, 14,000hrs plus, old and needs TLC, but still goes. £7,000. K Pugh Tel 01694 771258/07977 912970 (Shrops) JCB535-125, 2006, 2000hrs, very tidy, new tyres, recently main dealer serviced, for sale due to completion of building project. £18,000. D Murrell Tel 07850 724139 (Norfolk)


SUTON 6' bucket for front loader, JCB brackets, the strengthener needs welding. £350 ono. G Ulley Tel 07798 872221 (S Yorks) MERLO 36.7, 2009, 1800hrs, side shift & chassis tilt, 30k, 100hp Deutz, good tyres. £16,750+VAT. J Burroughs Tel 07775 755914 (Essex) MATBRO 40D, Perkins engine, good runner, tyres OK, small ram leak, brakes need adjusting, no further use, all glass in cab, could do with tidying up, c/w bucket & forks, very powerful telescopic. £4,000. F Danecker Tel 01494 758539/07885 491340 (Bucks)

GRAIN bucket, 1.2t capacity, very strong, JCB Q-Fit brackets, good condition. £650. D Brocksopp Tel 07974 669997 (Notts)

£410+VAT 01531 820545 • MILL & MIX

HUNT mill & mix, had very little use, in working order, Lincs collection. A Mottram Tel 07970 595046 (Lincs)

156 October 2019

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20/09/2019 13:31

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202


For more info call James Bowring on 07500 786742 or head office on 01623 847171

2012 MF 7624

Dyna 6 transmission, Exclusive spec, Front linkage, 4 rear spools & 1 front, Data screen, Climate control, 710 & 600 tyres with 50 % tread left, 8300 hours.

Dyna 4 transmission, Warranty until 1000 hours or November 2019, 40kph, 3 rear spools, Comfort pack, Cab suspension, Air conditioning, 175 hours.

Vario transmission, Front linkage & PTO, 4 rear spools, Data screen, Air seat, Air con, Front suspension, 10300 hours.

30022485 £56,500 F

30022493 £63,500 F

40022422 £38,500 D

10019534 £42,500 W

40022251 £18,750 D

2012 Merlo P34.7

2017 New Holland BR6090 baler

2018 Vaderstad RDA600S

2 metre pick up, Fixed chamber baler, Bale kicker, Lights, 15/15 R17 floatation tyres, only 1200 bales.

2018 Vaderstad CR300 carrier

3 metre, System disc aggressive, 470mm True Cut discs, Steel runner, Road lights, 3 point linkage mounted.

X Demo unit, Interactive depth, Bout & pre-emergence markers, 3rd row coulter kit, Seedeye & seed counting, E-control, Gateway (ISO), System disc crossboard light.

2016 Kuhn Megant 600 drill

30022414 £13,750 F

10021536 £10,750 W

10020328 £75,750 W

Hydrostatic transmission, Hydraulic PUH, Hydraulic locking, 7 metre reach, 3.4 tonne lift, 24” tyres with 50% tread left, 2720 hours.

30022224 £35,000 F

Dyna 6 transmission, 50kph, Front linkage, 4 rear spools & 1 front, Front & cab suspension, 650 & 540 tyres with 60% tread left, 2080 hours.

01302 759969

Unit A7 Lords Wood Road, Harworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN11 8BZ

Shop soiled, 6 metre tine drill, 1800 litre hopper, Land wheel with electric drive, 40 rows with 15cm spacing, Half width shut off, Quantron control box.

10020233 £21,500 W

DEMO MCCORMICK X7.690 POWER PLUS font linkage & PTO, air brakes, cab & front suspension

2019 DEMO KRONE BIGPACK 1290 HDP with bale collect

DEMO AMAZONE UF2002 with FT1501 front tank

2019 DEMO KRONE SWADRO TC 760 PLUS 7.6m twin rotor rake






2012 KNIGHT MOUNTED SPRAYER and front tank 24m booms NSTS test, excellent condition

NEW 2019 KRONE EASYCUT R320 CV mounted mower





All prices plus VAT

Buy and sell online —

2017 MF 7718

Vario transmission, Front linkage & PTO, 4 rear spools & 1 front, Front & cab suspension, Wheel weights, 650 & 600 tyres with 40% tread left, 9302 hours.

2017 MF 5712

2006 MF 7485

2009 Fendt 933

NEW AMAZONE ZA-M 2201fertiliser spreader, hopper cover, RH limiter £5800 NEW 2019 EASYCUT R320 CV mower conditioner, parking stands £12,750 2015 McHALE BALE CHOPPER excellent £10,000 NEW 2019 KRONE SWADRO 42 rake £6,000 2014 KRONE SWADRO 1400 PLUS 4 rotor rake, excellent condition £29,000 2014 KUHN 4004 4m power harrow £9,000 2013 KVERNELAND TAARUP 2632M mower £3,250 2002 KVERNELAND TS400 4m tine drill excellent condition £5,700 2012 CENIUS 3002 MTD culitvator DD packer £9,000 2008 ZA-M CONTROL fert spreader, Amados+£2,000 box 2008 SULKY X36 fertiliser spreader £3,600 KVERNELAND E3 4 furrow plough c/w packer roller £2,750 October 2019 157

fg_class_oct_19.indd 157

19/09/2019 12:49

MILL & MIX (cont)


FRASER roller mill & auger. J Williams Tel 07722 541921/01920 821351 (Herts)




DAVID Brown plough. £250. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)


WIND break panels 25 @ 10' x 20", other sizes available. £5 each. R Anderson Tel 07887 484733/01366 728583 (Norfolk)



2005, 4+1 manual variwidth, shearbolt, straight no repairs

Fred 07775 741720

More photos and full spec at

07748 004794 01245 442224(T)

Tel: 01280 705202 Fax: 01280 704163 Email:

Field Farm, Charlton Road, Evenley, Brackley, Northants, NN13 5GH

CROSS beet washer 20tph, very good condition, loads of useful mods, not used for last 3yrs, but oiled & kept inside so no rust. Bargain £15,000 or exchange for big PTO roller mill or large grain trailer. P Gwyther Tel 07855 974020 (Pembrokeshire)

manure spreader, 2003

07972 168251


RITCHIE galvanised muck scraper. £300+VAT. J Staight Tel 07761 631549 (Essex)


Marian Teodorczyk

Potato • Onion • Carrot • Parsnip Red Beet • Veg handling equipment Graders (both screen & lift roller) hopper cleaners/graders, brushes, box & big bag fillers/tippers, etc Field equipment Vegetable transplanters, drills, top lifters, toppers, hook tine cultivators Grimme DL/GZ/GT/SE harvesters


DOWDESWELL DP8 plough, 3+1+1 furrows, condition fair, stored indoors. £1,400 ono. R Symes Tel 07776 263896/01986 784225 (Suffolk) RANSOMES 4 furrow reversible plough c/w wheel & discs, very good metal. £1,000. W Agri Tel 07873 149208 (Kent) DOWDESWELL DP160 6 furrow plough. £3,250+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)

Bunning 12t rear discharge £8,500 Contact Ed

01354 638222

By Teo

DOWDESWELL plough furrow press, 5 furrow width, twin row cast rings. J Brook Tel 07957 846865 (Lincs) GRAPEVINE galvanised posts, 2.50m & strainers 2.75m, approx 100 available. £3 each. C Patmore Tel 07702 503081/01371 831052 (Essex)





Robot, including guarding and infeed conveyors




Robot Palletising System Twin Cell

TONG MT hopper, single phase, stored undercover, gc. R Rylott Tel 07951 008386/01205 290386 (Lincs)

LARGE quantity of plastic trays, many uses. £4 each. R Anderson Tel 07887 484733/01366 728583 (Norfolk)

Hydramex Limited


Manter 25/6 Weigher

Kuhn Multi-Master 121

120 pages



Manter SAB Sewing System


ALVAN Blanch M90 horizontal meal mixer, 26cwt cap, c/w Hunts RBM1000 crusher mounted on top, 4hp motor, also ground hopper, smaller top hopper, associated augers, level switches, etc, available to make complete setup, all single phase. R Lintott Tel 01728 663476/07799 473374 (Suffolk)


3ft Grader receiving hopper, star pre-cleaner, grading module, inspection table, fully refurbished


01787 248049

Ford main dealers for 60 years


TWO hopper bottom steel bins, 6' x 6' x 11' high, hold about 3t of ground cereals, also available top auger & mill cyclone if required, we filled bins direct from the Skiold mill. £600+VAT. J Staight Tel 07761 631549 (Essex)


J.J. Wright & Sons History Book




KONGSKILDE hammer mill, 5.5kw single phase (motor could be replaced with 3 phase), with some piping, for pig & poultry feed. £350. J Bristow Tel 01363 772965 (Devon)

FOSTERS upright double door freezer with shelves. Offers. D Smart Tel 01223 861482 (Cambs)

STAINLESS steel tables (2), 24” x 24”, in good used condition. £50 each. A Dockerill Tel 01223 835029 (Cambs)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:



Herbert 8ft receiving hopper with coils as is or rebuilt, with evolution & grading module as option



Payment prior to collection • Any condition considered Call Lukasz on

07512 821421 or visit our website

STANDEN Status potato harvester, 40mm webs, Dahlman rollers, off silt land. R Rylott Tel 07951 008386/01205 290386 (Lincs)


AVONDALE Argent 480/2 2 berth caravan, end bathroom with shower, toilet & hand basin, kitchen with cooker, excellent condition. £3,550. P Wright Tel 07774 457821 (Norfolk)

VARIOUS stainless steel trays, in good used condition. From £8 each. A Dockerill Tel 01223 835029 (Cambs)

GLASS for Lambourne canvas cab, cab rusty, project. £50. R Keary Tel 01277 214198 (Essex) FOSTERS blast freezer with solid shelves. Offers. D Smart Tel 01223 861482 (Cambs)

TWO safe guns who are fully insured & members of BASC, offering a free service to farmers & all with a vermin problem, our intention is to reduce whatever your particular problem is & in the process increase yields. J McDonald Tel 07543 425133/0131 552 8865 (Edinburgh)




BOX ROTATORS 5 models available with/without clamping lid 2 years’ warranty

01377 259140


GRIMME GT170S potato harvester, 2007, double multisep, wheel drive, windrower, smart machine, picking off table also available. £30,000. G Blandford Tel 07973 424473 (Hereford)

158 October 2019

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19/09/2019 16:45

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202




­   ‰Š‹€  










‚‰ ˆ ™  

–— 

– ‰

ˆ Ž

Œ„„ † ‘’  ’


ŒŽ­€€  ‚   ‡†

Œ­ Š“     













   ­ 


­ €  

€‚‚ ‚ƒ





Buy and sell online —

–—˜ˆ  


3 YEAR WARRANTY ƒ„…€†„‡ˆ„„†‰ ƒ„…€†„‡ˆ„„†‰



­„ … ‚ ‚†‡  ‚ ‡

­„ … ‚ ‚†‡  ‚ ‡

­„ … ‚ ‚†‡  ‚ ‡

 Š ‹ Œ Š

 Š ‹ Œ  

Š Š ‹ Œ Š

ˆŽŽ€„ ‘ƒ’ †…ˆ“Ž…„”•




fg_class_oct_19.indd 159

19/09/2019 11:46

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:




CLAAS ARION 550 2016, 1741hrs, hexashift g/box, 600/65R38 - 480/65R28, 3MSCVs, f/& cab suspension, 600kg f/weight Stk No 11053115 £52,000

GREGOIRE BESSON COMBIMIX 3M 2013, tines, discs & packer roller Stk No 41054166 £6,000

D CASE 9230 AXIAL FLOW COMBINE 2013, 1730 eng/1350 drum hrs, tracks 50%, r/wheels 600/65R28 80%, Egnos steering system, folding spout, AFS system, self lev sieve, changeable concaves, 35’ header, 2 side knives varifeed (2014) Stk No 21054218



KV TS-EVO 6M DRILL 2011, mech drive metering with elec adj (10% option), pre-em & bout markers & hyd fan drive Stk No 81050658 £15,000

McCONNEL 8.2M 2018, horiz hyd fldg roller, 3 section, CB rings, 55cm Cambridge breaker, lev boards & road lights Stk No 21051262 £12,000



SIMBA 4.8M trailed hydraulic folding press rolls Stk No 21053773

VADERSTAD RDA 600S 2002, radar metering, air drill, disc coulter

Stk No 61050189

Stk No 11051241


JOHN DEERE 6150R 2012, 3582hrs, IVT 50kph, 650/65R42 80% - 600/65-28 70%, 3ESCVS, cab & f/susp & f/linkage Stk No 11051652 £62,000


JOHN DEERE 8360RT 2012, 4568hrs, IVT 42kph W/RH, 30” tracks 40%, 5ESCVs, Cat 4 hd d/bar, leather trim, no AMS components Stk no 11052014 £100,000

HIRE 01728 628325 Mark Debenham 07710 148420


MAULDEN 01525 405848 Gary Buckle 07712 556387


CROMER 01438 861257 Robert Vigus 07712 556389


GROUNDCARE 01206 230283 James Tuckwell 07932 107618


SUDBURY 01787 374100 Paul Coffey 07766 225174

KVERNELAND 6M 2017, hydraulic folding power harrow c/w packer roller Stk No 31043536



VADERSTAD RDA 600S 2002, air drill, disc coulter, levelling board, radar metering Stk No 11053438


VADERSTAD CR500 2016, system disc aggressive, crossboard heavy, steel runner, 470mm true cut disc, towing eye 50mm (std) Stk No 11039711 £34,000


McCONNEL 12.4M 2018, heavy duty 5 gang rolls c/w brakes & road lights & 24” Cambridge breakers Stk No 21047802 £18,000

Prices do not include VAT







JOHN DEERE 7930 2010, 4459hrs, Autoquad Plus 50kph, 710/70R42 - 600/70R30 4ESCVs, active seat, f/susp Stk No 31052914 £52,500

DALBO 3M 2010, 7 leg cultivator, c/w adjustable levelling discs & rear packer Stk No 11032702 £3,750








JOHN DEERE 592 ROUND BALER 2007, 22,500 bales, 2m hiflow pickup Stk No 11053146 £9,895

RAYLEIGH 01268 783311 Tim Thornton 07557 922965


DUNMOW 01371 875751 Olwyn Poulson 07710 135644


WORLINGWORTH 01728 628325 Tom Mason 07957 844986


ARDLEIGH 01206 230283 Mark Debenham 07710 148420

160 October 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202 67691


W&M Agricultural Engineering Oswestry • Shropshire • SY10 7JU

All prices + VAT

from £1,950

2005, sprung drawbar, 30.5R32 wheel, mech 8000 pump

KRM 3m power harrow new tines, cage roller

01691 683825 • John Mottram: 07968 715 512 • Mike Worthing: 07709 089 78 • email:




Agrifac Endurance I CE016061 2016


8000 litre 36/30m boom 2300 hours

trade in

Holmer T430 2015

2385 hectares 2848 hours KOS KO Combi topper VHR Lifter Independent depth control

Agrifac UK Ltd

4 Thorby Avenue, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0AZ 01354 660552


Agrifac Condor IV C045098 2016


5000 litre 42/36/24m boom 3085 hours 18540 hectares

trade in

Vervaet 617 2007

7500 hours 45/50cm walking share lifter Leaf spreader topper Harvest ready condition

trade in

trade in

Horsch Leeb PT280 2017 8000 litre 36/18m boom 2800 hours

Agrifac Condor II C025025 2011 4000 litre 36/24 boom 5815 hours 28400 hectares

trade in

Zunhammer SKE18.5PU 2017

18,500 litre tank 12 metre trailing shoe boom 750 tyres LED lights Joystick operation £76,500.00

trade in

Holmer T3 2010

6151 hours, 5562 hectares Leaf spreader topper VR lifter, 45/50cm hydraulically variable from cab 480hp MAN engine Fully refurbished with 12 months warranty

HARDI Navigator 5000 2015 5000 litre 36/27m boom £25,000.00

trade in

Agrifac Big Six 2005

8500 hours 45/50cm row change Walking share lifter 2 lifting turbines, 4 cleaning turbines 20 tonne holding tank

trade in

Mercedes S Trac 2013

5000 litre 36m Pommier booms 9400 hours

Buy and sell online —

Abbey 2250R tanker



NC shear grabs

bed, 5’ beavertail, hyd ramps, hi spd sizes from 1.3–2.3m, capacities axle, air/hyd brakes, l/s, 215/75R17.5 from 0.83m3–3.0m3, nickel chrome tyres, LEDs, spr adj d/bar, 2018 hyd rams, 2/3 ram versions available


Belair Brick straw bedder

DUE IN, 2013, twin auger, direct tractor 14m3, good working order control, f/RH & r/LH door, new augers & knives, full service & all oils changed

NC low loader trailer 16t, 20’



£13,850 Kuhn 2270 Euromix diet feeder West diet feeder

2012, boom susp, PUH, 4800hrs, supplied fully serviced, 12 months Lola certificate, 100hrs warranty


NC I SER 14t silage/grain

trailer 105kph axles, h/d spr susp, hardox body, 50o tip, hyd r/door, air/ hyd brakes, l/s, 560 Alliance tyres

sprung drawbar, full commercial brakes, load sensing, f/hay ladder, mini super singles, 2019 build

Merlo 32.6 Plus

2010, 5700hrs, bucket & pallet tines



£12,850 commercial hi spd axles, 445/4519.5 tyres, oil brakes with load sensing, 4m 8t alloy ramps, LEDs

Merlo 40.7 Turbo Farmer


Merlo 34.7 Plus

65 reg, full spec, 4400hrs, new tyres 4700hrs, 2015 (15 reg), boom 2012, 1900hrs, boom susp, PUH, fitted, fully serviced & Lola certificate susp, PUH, 405/70-24 (new), fully 405/70-24 tyres, as new, 100hrs serviced, Lola certificate warranty, fully serviced, 12mth Lola cert

NC 26’ bale trailer 16t, spr d/bar, NC 32’ flat trailer 16t capacity,





Merlo 42.7 TF2

Merlo 34.10 Turbo Farmer

trade in

Holmer T440 2017

2810 engine hours Leaf spreader topper HOLMER EasyLift system Mercedes engine 45cm/50cm V-HR2 Lifter

Want to find out more about the Agrifac Premium Proven or Trade In program? Chris Potter - Agrifac Sales North - 07741 312197 Julian Arrowsmith - Agrifac Sales South - 07825 261853 Jake Blanshard - HOLMER & Zunhammer Sales - 07587 051522

October 2019 161

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19/09/2019 10:40

UK agents for Pro-Pak weighing equipment, Oldenhuis & Prinsen & Symach palletisers

K53Z Range is built for yearround demanding rotating tasks

K53 – Europe’s best selling agri box rotator for any handler

K80 forward tippler gentle & quick box tipping Very adaptable & easy to operate


01728 723221 e:




Please call Nick Herbert

07791 131911

Equipment • Livestock • Feed Fertiliser • Seed • Cash Flow Diversification Projects Building • Debt Consolidation


We bring the personal touch back into farm finance. For the personal touch ring Dean Pollen on 07902 645650 or apply on line at

1 X 1506 Rockstar 1500 Web-star-web-star web configuration, ex-demo unit, excellent condition 1 X 1706 Rockstar 1700 Web-star-web-star web configuration, ex-demo unit, excellent condition

HP107-18.09.19 Farmers Guide cl


01353 740666






Tel: 028 9127 5913 Email:

2014 1505 Rockstar 1500 wide, completely overhauled & re-sprayed 4 web unit

Call Karl Arndt on 07919 916918 for info.


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

• Prinsen PPM60 Palletiser compact, self-contained capable of up to 9/5tph average at 25kg Ref 5702 • Morray 425A Weigher c/w stitcher system Ref 6213 • New Tong Midi EasyFill single reversible crop conveyor with lowering end sections, at 1.58m long & 1.8m centre section Ref 5481 • Herbert 1200 screen module c/w cross conveyor Ref 6217 • Tong 3C Bulker with extended 3m hopper & 3m roller inspection table Ref 5838 • Haith Polisher Ref 5452 • Walthambury Weigher 720 Ref 6178 • Downs Bloodhound 900 telescopic elevator Ref 6189





Machinery Ltd


Herbert & Sons




Tel. 01485 520355

Pellcroft Engineering Ltd

01526 342466




SON sam 4455 01473 69 or TERS nic 4456 01473 69 e MY


We also offer a range of energy efficiency services and deliver technologies such as smart metering and electric vehicles.


Farmers Guide



Coningsby, Lincs

Free advertising for farmers

ur For all yoIED CLASSIF TRADE ISING ADVEaRcTt... cont

Haven Power supplies renewable electricity to Yeo Valley, a regional agri-buying group, and thousands of other UK businesses – and we can do the same for yours, too.

GRIMME GT170M harvester, 2006, vgc, double multisep, wheel drive, windrower, low acreage. £21,500 ono. G Blandford Tel 07973 424473 (Hereford)

STANDEN Vision 2001, power wheel & Diablo drive, 45mm web, in good condition, used last year for 80 acres, lots of spare parts. J Wilson Tel 07710 427348 (N Yorks)


For more info, call 01473 852884




A better use of energy




e r i h r e d a e r p S k c u M

New for 2019 seaso

Fendt and John Deere tractor hire 35–500hp, long- and short-term hire available




Tel: 01206 230662 • Email: •

Full range of McConnel vegetation management equipment available for hire; 3m–8m side arm flails, quad saws, rotary hedge cutters, Robocuts, mulchers, forestry heads, trenchers, stump grinders

• 30 Harwich Road, Ardleigh, Essex CO7 7LS

162 October 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

OLIVERS OLIVERS Luton Tel: 01582 727111

OLIVERS Petworth Tel: 01798 343660

Full listings available at OLIVERS Reading Tel: 01189 723741

OLIVERS Tingewick Tel: 01280 848494

OLIVERS Winchester Tel: 01962 774590

CLAAS LEXION 780TT £155,000 2012, 10.5m vario header, 30kph, 2714 eng/1743 drum hrs, 500/85R30 rears, tracks, RH V knife, LH laser, dust ext, Xenon lights, a/c, yield/Q meter, CEMOS, c/control, compressor, 3D cleaning system, 12,500L grain tank, 3XL unloading auger, LH laser pilot

CLAAS LEXION 570+ £75,000 2006, 7.5m vario header, 25kph, 2595 eng/1605 drum hrs, 680/85R32 fronts, 500/70R24 rears, header rev, dust extractor, a/c, yield/Q meter, power spreader, chaff spreader, V750 with cutterbar brake, grain meters, Special Cut II with power spreader

CLAAS LEXION 760 M £125,000 2012, 9 M Vario header, 30kph, 2009/1380hrs, 900/60R30 fronts, 600/65R28 rears, LH V knife, LH laser, header reverse, dust extractor, a/c, yield/Q meter

CLAAS LEXION 760 M £166,000 2014, 9 M Vario header, 30kph, 1339/852hrs, 900/60R32 fronts, 600/65R28 rears, RH V knife, LH laser, header reverse, dust extractor, a/c

CLAAS LEXION 770 TT £157,950 2012, 12m Vario header, 30kph, 2352/1672hrs, TT, 500/85 R24 rears, LH & RH V knife, LH & RH laser, header rev, dust ext, Xenon lights, a/c, yield/Q meter, yield mapping, CEMOS, c/control, GPS ready

CLAAS LEXION 760 TT £119,000 2012, 10.5m Vario header, 30kph, 2410/1651hrs, TT, RH V knife, LH laser, RH laser, header reverse, dust extractor, a/c, yield/Q meter

CLAAS LEXION 770 TT £145,950 2012, 10.5 M Vario header, 30kph, 2584/1733hrs, MTS fronts, tracks, RH V knife, LH laser, a/c, yield/Q meter, cruise control, 10.50 Vario, L/H laser 3D, cruise pilot

CLAAS LEXION 770 TT £179,980 2014, 10.5m Vario header, 30kph, 1502/1109hrs, 500/85R30 rears, TT, RH V knife, LH laser, RH laser, header rev, dust ext, a/c, yield/Q meter, yield mapping, available Oct 19

CLAAS TUCANO 570 £125,000 2016, 7.7m header, 20kph, 814/566hrs, 680/85R32 fronts, 500/85R24 rears, RH V knife, LH laser, a/c, yield/Q meter, air compressor, straw chopper, Laser Pilot guidance system

CLAAS LEXION 570M+ £95,000 2009, 9m Vario header, 30kph, 2126/1476hrs, 900/65 R32 fronts, 600/55 R26.5 rears, RH V knife, LH laser, dust ext, a/c, yield/Q meter, power spreader, straw chopper

NEW RICHARD WESTERN SF14HS £19,595 c/w silage ext sides, f/perspex window, grain chute, LED beacon, LED lights/side markers, 560/60R22.5 flotations, HS axles, 420x180 hyd & air brakes, s/d/bar, hyd tailgate

AW TRAILERS £5,000 2003 10t, twin 6 stud axles, 320/8015.3 Trelleborg tyres, leaf spring axles, hyd brakes, manual tailgate, barn stored since new 1 owner, only used for grain, option of 2

COUSINS CONTOUR ROLLS £7,950 2004 12m, 22” Cambridge breaker rings, 7920kg, hydraulic fold, lights

LEMKEN KARAT 9/500 £26,500 2014, 5m stubble cultivator with tines, discs & packer

TIGER 4MT £33,333 2014, 4m w/width, h/d cultivator, 2 rows (20) 680mm hyd discs, 9 Terragrip tines with choice of point & 770kg trip forcs, r/lev discs, r/ tyre packer (7.50-16), r/hyd top ring consolidator, hyd depth control, hyd leg break back, hyd fold

TWOSE UWF/41/C1 £8,750 2008, 12m Cambridge rolls, horizontal hydraulic folding, Cambridge plain rings 80% good, 8 stud ADR axle hubs, good paint (stored inside), 55cm/22’ plain rings, five-gang, transport locking bar

BROWNS SLITTER 2013 grassland slitter, 3m

CLAAS SCORPION 6030CP £36,500 2014, mech trans, 4111 eng hrs, 460/70R24 Michelins all round, pin & cone, 4wd, a/c, t/brake, PUH, hyd locking, boom susp, f/4 pin, r/7 pin sockets, r/PUH, load sensing, 3rd & 4th f/service, r/single acting spool valve, 40kph Varipower

AGAR SWEEPER £950 PTO drive sweeper, Cat 1 linkage

HORSCH SPRINTER 8ST £76,500 2016, full width front tyre packer, preemergence markers 32m, seed flow sensors, 25 Duett coulters at 32cm spec, 4000L hopper, rear following harrow, bout markers, disc levelling


Buy and sell online —

CLAAS JAGUAR 950 £150,000 2015, 3m pick up, 24 blade cylinder, 710/70R38 fronts, 600/65R28 rears, 1936 eng hrs, 1397 cyl hrs, 4wd, r/crop press, auto shearbar, auto lube, A/C, corn cracker, weights


For more pictures and a full description TWOSE SWR10 END TOW FLAT ROLL £4,200 2015, tyres 10.0/75-15.3, 2015, but sold in 2016, condition is shop soiled, only used once

HORSCH SPRINTER 6ST £29,950 2005, full width front tyre packer, Dutch ind legs, 1” narrow coulters, also Duett coulters, hydraulic fan, pre-em markers, bout markers, Agtron terminal

HORSCH LEEB PT280 £168,500 2015, 280hp, 8000L s/s tank, comfort terminal, 2800hrs, 12/24/32m boom with boom control Pro single VG pos & neg, Multiselect nozzles: 2:2, 4 levels, 2 nozzles at 50cm & 2 at 25cm spacing, section control - 10, track width 2.25m, 650/85R38 Alliance 80%

2008 CLAAS DISCO 3500 CONTOUR mower, 3pt linkage mounted, PCut mower bed, hyd susp, safety link protection ........................................................................................................................................ £4,985 2010 UNIFARM CM166 2 drum mower, 30hp req, weight 350kg, mech break back, extra offset, sprung susp . £1,150 2012 CLAAS LINER 3100 twin rotor rake, control box, manual height adj, 8.7–10m raking width, 1.5–2.6m swath width, 14 tine arms/rotor, Profix tine arms, 6 wheel undercarriage, road lights .......................£12,750 2011 CLAAS LINER 2900 twin rotor rake, 8–9m raking width, ind rotor lift, CST in cab control box, centre swath skirt, rakes 3x10’ swaths, road lights, Profix tine arms ................................................................... £9,575 2005 CLAAS VOLTO 1050T trailed 10.5m tedder, 10 rotors, hyd folding, headstock carriage wheel, 7 tine arms/rotor .............................................................................................................................................. £3,950 2016 CLAAS VOLTO 1300T tedder, hyd headland lift, hyd curtain, 10 rotor, max spread...............................£17,500


MERLO 40.7 £20,550 2008, hydro transmission, 8639hrs, 405/70R24 fronts, 405/70R24 rears, Manitou hyd carriage, A/C, trailer brake, PUH, 4wd, 30kph

CLAAS SCORPION 7040 £32,500 2008, hydro trans, 4025 eng hrs, 460/70R24 fronts, 460/70R24 rears, Michelins, Scorpion carriage, 4wd, A/C, trailer brake, PUH, pallet fork, hyd locking, boom susp, varipower, RDS Loadmaster, full lights inc boom, beacon, seat mtd joystick, rev fan

of any of these items visit our website

2013 CLAAS VOLTO 52 4 rotor tedder, road lights, hyd fold, done very little work .......................................... £4,275 2009 CLAAS VOLTO 770 tedder, 6 rotor, 7.7m w/width, teds out 3 x 3m mower swaths, folding park stands... £4,950 2014 CLAAS VOLTO 800 6 rotor tedder, 7.7m w/width, teds out 3 x 3m mower swaths, folding park stands, markers and lights............................................................................................................................................ £6,500 2015 CLAAS VOLTO 800 tedder, mech headland curtain, 10.5mm tines, spring susp, new style plastic guards.. £6,750 2013 CLAAS VOLTO 870 8 rotor tedder, 8.7m w/width, barn stored since new, headland lift, manual headland curtain .................................................................................................................................. £7,850 2011 KUHN GF7802 tedder, headland turn spreading kit, 7.8m w/width , 6 rotor machine .............................. £5,975 HORSCH SOLO BEAN COULTERS for Sprinter 4ST ........................................................................................ £1,944 DALBO SEEDER FITTING KIT to suit Poweroll 1230 12.3m rolls, brand new (cancelled order), frame only. .... £4,500

October 2019 163

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19/09/2019 16:48


Five Mile Lane, Washingborough, Lincs 01522 790720


We are now members of the National Testing Scheme and can test your sprayers and granular applicators

Krone R320CV front and rear mowers, in good condition ....................................................................................... the pair POA

Demo Deutz 7250 TTV Warrior 246hp 50K, Vario trans, auto steer, air cab, a/brakes, f/axle braking, Isobus, iMonitor, 5 spools, f/links, f/PTO, Comfort Pack, 650/65R42 & 540/65R34 tyres, 0% finance POA

Demo Deutz 6215 RC Shift 226hp 50K, 5 ranges, 6spd p/shift & creep, man semi auto & fully auto gear change modes, auto steer ready, air cab/brakes, f/axle braking, Isobus, iMonitor, 5 spools, f/links, Comfort Pack, 650/65R42 & 540/65R34 POA tyres 0% finance

Deutz 6165.4 Powershift 171hp 4 cyl 50K, semi powershift manual transmission, 4 manual spools, f/links, 520/85R38 & 420/85R28 tyres, POA 0% finance

New Weidemann T5522 telescopic handler, 50hp, 30K, hydrostatic transmission, 3 position steering, lift height 5.5m, lift capacity 2200, pallet tines,

Demo Amazone 5002-TS 5m Catros + 600mm DW roller, hydraulic depth adjustment,

Demo Dieci Agri Plus 40.7 VS 190hrs, 152hp, FPT engine, 4000kg lift capacity, 7m lift height, 40K, vario transmission, air con, pick up hitch,

Amazone ZA-V3200 Profis Tronic fertiliser spreader, 2017..... £7,570 Amazone XS 5-950 Variwidth Cayros, 260hp headstock..............POA Amazone ZA-M1500 fertiliser spreader ........................................ £1,950 KRM D2 Trend fertiliser spreader...................................................... £1,500


3yrs warranty


0% finance

0% finance


Coming In Weidemann T5522, 2015 .................................. POA

Full range of DEMO TRACTORS available ex our yard at Pakenham Book today for your FREE demonstration

Weidemann 1070, 1997 .................................... POA Deutz Agrofarm 100 GS (100HP), 2009, 3950hrs, c/w MX80 loader, muck fork & bale spike ......... POA

Main Amazone dealers for Suffolk sprayers, spreaders, drills & cultivation

Genuine JCB Service and Parts available

All prices + VAT

Pakenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 2JS

01359 232155 • After Hours: 07768 007528 • E-mail:

David Grundy 07879 698473

Karl Gladding 07500 448243


We are main dealers for Suffolk



Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


07768 171085 March • Cambs

Photos & more at:

New and Ex Demo Machinery 0% Finance Pottinger Terrasem C6, Artis plus 6m drill, 2012, bout marker, preems, double disc coulters, very clean .........................................................POA Pottinger 6030T Synkro, stubble cultivator, 2012, ex demo .........................POA Pottinger 3030 Synkro stubble cultivator, 3m, mixing discs, pack ring roller POA

Pottinger Terradisc 5001, 5m, trailed, pack ring roller ..................................POA Pottinger Terradisc 6001, 6m, trailed, pack ring roller ..................................POA Pottinger FoxD, 4m, pack ring roller ............................................................POA New INO MKS 2.25m verge mower, hammer flails, rear roller ................. £6,500

Used Machinery John Deere 6190R, 2013, 4100hrs, Autoquad, 40k TLS, cab susp, autotrac ready ..................................................................................... £49,500 John Deere 6150R, 2015, 4600hrs, 50k Autopower, TLS, cab susp, 650/65/42, 540/65/30, very nice ........................................................ £51,000 John Deere 7530, 2011, 7700hrs, Autopower, 50k Command Arm, guidance ready ................................................................................... £36,500 John Deere 6930, 2009, 6100hrs, Autoquad, 50k front linkage, 520x38, 420x28, nice tractor .............................................................. £37,500 John Deere 6930, 2010, 7700hrs, 40k Autopower, TLS, cab susp, 580/65/38 60%, 420/65/28 90% ......................................................... £33,750 John Deere 6330, 2011, JD 651 loader, only 6800hrs, Powerquad, 40k air con ................................................................................................ £32,500 John Deere 6330, 2011, only 3900hrs, Powerquad, 40k TLS, air con, excellent from arable farm ................................................................... £34,500 Case CVX 160, 2014, 5200hrs, 50k guidance ready, 650x42, 540x30, nice tractor ......................................................................................... £38,000 Case Puma 215, 2014, 7300hrs, 50k front link & PTO, new 650x42, 540x30 tyres, very tidy........................................................................ £36,250 Case Puma 210, 2008, 9500hrs, 50k Multicontroller, front linkage, 580x42, 540x30, tidy .......................................................................... £25,500 Case Puma 170, 2012, 5000hrs, powershift, 40k front susp, 650x38, 540x28, straight & tidy ........................................................................ £38,250 Case Puma 155, 2011, 4500hrs, 50k front linkage, 520x38, 480x28, nice tractor ......................................................................................... £34,500 Case Puma 155, 2009, 5700hrs, 50k Multicontroller, front linkage, 650x38, 600x28 ................................................................................. £26,000 Case Maxxum 140, 2008, 4300hrs, Multicontroller, susp, very nice ..... £27,000 New Holland T7.210, 2013, 3000hrs, 50k Power Command, front & cab susp, Sidewinder, one owner ........................................................ £44,000 New Holland T7040, 2010, 8000hrs, powershift, 40k, full susp, front linkage, 650x42, 540x30 ..................................................................... £27,500

New Holland T7030, 2008, 4600hrs, 40k Power Command, full susp, 580/70/30, 540/65/28, 60%, very tidy ................................................ £31,250 New Holland T6090, 2010, 8000hrs, 50k Power Command, front linkage, 580x42, 480x30, tidy for the hours ......................................... £27,500 Deutz Agrotron 150, 2007, 50k, front & cab susp, front linkage & PTO..... due in JCB 531-70 Agri Xtra, 2009, 7000hrs, Q fit headstock, 17.5x24 50%, full spec .............................................................................................. £25,500 JCB 530-70 Agri Super, 2004, 6000hrs, Q fit headstock, full spec, from arable farm ................................................................................. £21,500 JCB 530-70 Agri Super, 2004, 6000hrs, pin & cone headstock, full spec, from arable farm ........................................................................ £21,500 JCB 528s, 2000, 7000hrs, PUH, 17.5x24 50%, ex arable farm, tidy ..... £16,500 Claas Scorpian 6030, Vario power, 7000hrs, 40k, PUH, 17.5x24, tidy .. £17,500 Pottinger Terrasem C9, 9m drill, 2012, bout marker, pre-ems, double disc coulter ................................................................................................POA Pottinger Terrasem C6 Artis Plus 6m drill, 2012, bout marker, pre-ems, double disc coulters, very clean .................................................................POA Pottinger 45S Plus plough, 2013, hyd vari width, 46w bodies, large depth wheel, as new ........................................................................... £14,000 Pottinger 4030T, 4m trailed stubble cultivator, pack ring roller............... £14,500 Pottinger Lion 6000 6m, power harrow, 2013, pack ring roller, quick fit tines, very nice.................................................................................... £12,500 Cousins 3m Patriot, 2006, 3 leg, discs, razor ring roller ......................... £5,950 Easterby 14t Root trailer, 2003, s/d/bar, hyd door, full window, floatations . £7,750 Larrington 14t Root King, 2008, air brakes, s/d/bar, r/over sheet, 445/22.5 tyres ...................................................................................... £9,250 John Deere rowcrop wheels, 13.6x48, 12.4x32 or 34, suit JD 6430, 6125R £2,950 John Deere 12.4x32 wheels & tyres, for JD 6430 or similar ...................... £650 Rowcrop wheels 13.6x46, 12.4x32 as new to fit Case Maxxum or similar .£1,750

164 October 2019

fg_class_oct_19.indd 164

19/09/2019 14:15

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202


als 1000s of manu ll a in stock for es types of machin

QUALITY FLAILS To suit most flail mowers and hedge cutters at competitive prices

tact Please con info re o m us for

01376 551080 07802 404748 Contact Simon Scott on

07789 793721 Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest new products




Blue Bridge Engineering Ltd

City & Guilds of London Institute Certificates of Competance 25 years experience with Eastern Block machinery Skandinavian agricultural/ forestry products and West German engineering based machinery Competitive labour rates subject to customer acceptance of company working policy


Also flail mowers for tractors and excavators from 15 to 200HP


Boston Crop Sprayers Ltd



Perkins & Ford engines new/reman, Dyno tested, engine blocks & parts available New JCB 444 engine stock


A wired beam-type infra-red device* to give security & knowledge An automatic door buzzer for your gateway External silent and noisy options *not to be confused with passive infra-red systems

Sutcliffe Electronics 15 West St • Hothfield • Ashford • Kent • TN26 1ET

01233 634191 SPARE PARTS COMPLETE PTO shaft with self loading shear pin. CW & ME Leverton Tel 07778 149121 (Lincs)


GREGOIRE BESSON DISCORDON points & wings, 50% discount. Also plough spares. Contact 01295 680711 or roger@brucehopkins.

ELECTRONIC CONTROLS REPAIRED Tractor & Combine Controls Material Handler Joysticks & SLI's



Berthoud Tenor 5500L 40m DP Tronic, vgc, 2009, boom could be resized if required ...ÂŁ22,500+VAT Hardi Commander 3200L 24m HPZ Force Boom, 2010, vgc ..........................ÂŁ12,500+VAT Hardi Master 1200L 15m 2008, fully serviced & vgc ........................ÂŁ5,000+VAT Contact Richard Dix

07770 331587

BOSTON 01205 722 240 WISBECH 01945 461 181 BEDFORD 01525 841 923


Graham Mitchell-Rowlands 07860 618903 01449 737482 Marek Technical Support: 07496 294201 Sue Admin: 01449 736300

KNIGHT mounted Laser sprayer, 1999, 24m, boom recirculation, tested Oct 2018, 4 section shut off, manual spraying only, no auto pressure/speed. ÂŁ4,399+VAT. E Pridgeon & Son Tel 07775 515368/01507 450241 (Lincs)




01284 724455

2014 Sands Vision, 2800hrs, 4000L, AgLeader section control, 24m boom, excellent condition, Sudbury. ÂŁ95,000. G Wright Tel 07860 667735 (Suffolk)


Sprayers & Fertiliser Spreaders

Tel: 01789 731365

BERTHOUD Alba 2700L 24m trailed sprayer, 290x44 tyres, test till Feb 2020, good condition. ÂŁ2,600. R Rylott Tel 07951 008386/01205 299386 (Lincs)


David King Electronics

HARDI 6m sprayer, with new pump. ÂŁ300. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk)

BATEMAN RB15 24m, 8860hrs, 2500L with separate rinse tank, Patchwork Blackbox guidance, bluetooth, radio, reversing camera, MOT until 02/04/20, in excellent working order. ÂŁ17,500 ono. J Rogers Tel 07971 234126/07770 376548 (Hereford)

Mowers & Foragers

Diet Feeder Weighing Systems

Black Peak Farm • Flint Cross Nr Heydon • Royston • Herts • SG8 7PJ


Balers & Wrappers

01386 49155

All offered subject to remaining unsold


Grain & Precision Drills

from ÂŁ50.50 + VAT & Del Complete PTO Shafts, various sizes available

Suppliers of...

• Agroco • AR • BFS • Comet • Cooper • Pegler • Dual Pumps • Hardi • Hypro/Lurmark • Teejet • Flexible Pipe • Many Fixtures & Fittings • Safety Wear • Also Suppliers of New Sprayers

07941 179164




01489 896 626

 S S S

Agricultural Application Machinery Specialists



More sprayers on our website:

ALLMAN sprayer, extended to 24m, 2000L tank. ÂŁ2,000. D Steele Tel 07872 837410 (Lincs)

Holly Bush Farm, Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 3DP For your new self-propelled, trailed or mounted crop sprayer, to go


07824 600667 Chelmsford

2016 Agribuggy A280 2200hrs fully serviced tank 2700L 12/24m aluminium boom Tee-jet Field-Pilot auto steer with 9 section GPS auto section control 9.5x44 rowcrops 560/60R22.5 floatation wheels McConnel (Kellands) Multidrive 6195 with Bredal K85 spreader 2012 two sets wheels GM-R Fieldcruiser FR-30-180i 3000L 24m two sets wheels GPS auto 12 section Gem 1000L 20m Diamond 1996 NSTS Househam Chafer 3000 24m 1995 two sets wheels good all round ......................................ÂŁ8,500 to clear JCB 2125 Landquip demount 24m spares or repair ck today Order your new Knapsaels 12, 16 & 20L mod

on farm or at our test centre, all makes

GRIMME Variant spares, including nine new 12 ďŹ nger stars, assortment of new bearings & housings, will also ďŹ t Reekie. CW & ME Leverton Tel 07778 149121 (Lincs)




(Flails direct is a division of Engineering and Hire Ltd)



E-mail: Website:



Tel: 01427 718561 Fax: 01427 718016

The Specialist Sprayer

Buy and sell online —


od ll t

equirements... you r r



GM-R SprayerspanLtdy




MASSEY FERGUSON combine & tractor parts. 50% discount. Contact for lists. Tel 01295 680711 or


BIO-DIESEL equipment, all you need for making your own – oil, chemicals, Golden Ray 250L machine with wash system & double ďŹ lters, great winter project. Cheap at ÂŁ1,200. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincs)




1000-LITRE 12/24m mounted sprayer, triple nozzle body holders, induction hopper & clean water tank, aluminium booms with 4 section control, in good working order, but no MOT, call for more details. G Bicknell Tel 07702 541561 (Suffolk)

BATEMAN HiLo, 1991, 24m, 8757hrs, 2000L, single line, RDS Delta 34i, 2 sets of wheels, good condition for age. £8,500+VAT ono. R Wright Tel 07730 309730 (Suffolk) SPRAYRANGER 20–24m, rate controller, 2 sets of wheels, in good condition. £12,000 ono. J Waters Tel 07971 750632 (Cambs)

BATEMAN RB16 2000, 3000L tank, 12/18/20/24m contour boom, 6 cylinder pump, prime & purge system, air shut off, Bateman foam marker, 12.4R32 rowcrops, 580/65R22.5 otations, demount legs, new injectors & injection pump in March. S Dudley Tel 07860 599377 (Essex)

October 2019 165

fg_class_oct_19.indd 165

20/09/2019 10:14


B JD 7230R ‘14, 5629hrs, Commandquad 50k, 4-SCVs, 5.2t FL, 4600 Screen £57,000

JD 7260R ‘13, 4978hrs, Autopowr 50K, 4-SCVs, TLS, 7” GS3 £59,500

C NEW Kuhn HR6040R, 6m folding PH, 460HP gearbox, Hyd Levelling Boards £25,500


A JD 7710 ‘02, 10468 hrs, TLS, PowrQuad 40k, 3-SCVs, PUH £28,000



JD 6175R ‘17, 1224hrs, TLS, AutoPowr 50k, 3-SCVs, HMS, Powerguard £96,000

JD 6190R ‘14, 4741hrs, TLS, AutoPowr 40k, 4-SCVs, FL, Commandarm £53,500



JD 8345RT 6473hrs, Autopowr 40K, Premium cab, 4-SCVs, 25” tracks £58,750

JD 8360RT 5063hrs, 4-SCVs AutoPowr 42k, leather trim, 30” tracks 50% £91,000


N Warwick 12TFastmaster ’18, 25ft long, sprung drawbar, heavy duty ladders £9,400

NM Weidemann 2070 CXLP ’15, 1423hrs, 20k, 3rd service, joystick, 50HP £9,400


JD 6155R ‘17, 2073 hrs, TLS, AutoPowr 50k, FL + FPTO, AutoTrac Ready £81,000


JD 6215R ‘18, 816hrs, TLS, Directdrive 50k, 4-SCVs, FL, Autotrac Ready £112,000



JD 8370R ‘17, Autopowr 50K, 5-SCVs, CommandView cab, wheel weights £162,000

Case-IH 600 Quadtrac ‘12, 5800hrs 6-SCVs, 30” tracks 70%, idlers 80% £113,500



JD 840i ‘15, 36/24m, 3600hrs JD 5430i ‘15,36/24m, 3400hrs JD T560i ‘12, 1238 engine hrs 891 drum hrs, 620R header, BoomTrac, 2630 display, air Boomtrac, Spraypro, 3” brakes, load sensing £39,500 pipework, 12sections £78,500 AutoTrac, OSR exten £97,500

0% finance

All prices subject to VAT JD 6190R DirectDrive 50K, 2265hrs, TLS, CommandArm, Air Con, Air Seat, 3-SCVs, PUH, Draw bar, Pass/Seat, Twin Beacons, 5T front linkage, 580/70R42 65% Trelleborg, 480/70R30 New BKT Now £68,000!!!! Until 11/10/2019

0% finance


A New Holland T7.210 ‘14, 6050 hrs, PowerCommand 50k, 4-SCVs, air brakes £41,000

0% finance

C JD 6140R ‘13, 8483hrs, AutoPowr 50k, 3 M-SCVs, FL+ FPTO £44,500

JD S690i ‘13, 1798hrs, 635R header, AutoTrac, 2630 display, ProDrive £130,000

0% finance

B JD 6110M ’17, Autoquad Plus 40k, TLS, JD623R Loader, PUH, 1952hours £42,000

0% finance

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:



JD S790 ’18, 390 drum hrs, 640X header, 600DT tracks, PG Extend Warranty £329,500



Claas 7035 Scorpion ‘14, 3790hrs, Varipower 40k, 60% tyres, PUH £40,500

Manitou MLT634LSU ‘09, 5250hrs, hyd locking, PUH, 30% tyres £24,000

N John Deere 750A Drill ‘17, ex-demo, 6m, hydraulic actuated, AutoTrac, no markers, Isobus, following single row harrow w/ 10mm tines, rear guttler press rings, 31×15.5/15.8PR £72,500



Grimme Varitron 220 ‘13, Grimme GT170S ‘12, double 4741hrs hyd intake, hyd dbl multisep, auto levelling, VC50 multi-sep, auto web £217,500 control box, Terra Control, hyd axle drive £80,000

B Bomford Kestrel Euros ‘12, 5.7m reach, 1.2m flail head, cable controls £8,250

NM Kuhn Cultimer 300L ’18, T ring roller, 80mm carbide share, NSM safety £8,250

NM Shelbourne Reynolds feeder wagon ’10 Powermix Pro express £8,500

B Amazone ADP403 Special 2010, 4m, c/w power harrow, Amatron control box £12,500

N Kuhn Espro 4000R 2017, 4m, ex-demo, hyd pre-em markers, elec half width shut off £53,000




Kuhn Prolander 6000 ’18, ex-demo, 6m, double U roller, levelling board £25,250

MCConnel Shakaerator 3m, 5 leg with knock on points, rear packer roller £3,500

Hitachi Zaxis130LCN-5 ‘14, 7489hrs, 700mm steel tracks, A/C, safety check valves, immobiliser £39,000

Over 800 used items at | Please contact your local depot on: (A) AYLSHAM 01263 734311 | (B) BEESTON 01328 701347 | (C) COATES 01733 840777 (E) ELLINGTON 01480 890990 | (NM) NEWMARKET 01638 577877 | (N) NORWICH 01603 628251 or contact Charlie Oldfield on 07825 932 221 166 October 2019

fg_class_oct_19.indd 166

19/09/2019 10:46

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202


NEW McCormick X4-440 2wd 75hp, 16x16 speed transmission, spacious easy clean air con cab, PUH, full warranty (library picture) POA


New NC 16t tandem axle beaver tail with sprung ramps, plant low loader, hyd brakes & sprung drawbar


NEW McCormick X4-40M Ovlac FF 4+1 plough tractor, 4wd, 75hp engine, 12x12 speed hydraulic furrow width, hydraulic front furrow, transmission, spacious easy clean cab rear disc & depth wheel 0% Finance £29,995 £17,845.20

2019 Friday 27th September 10am – 8pm h, Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbec at Carlton Farm, Cattle R Cambridgeshire PE13 4N

eld with the We will be working in fi e McCormick tractor rang Ovlac NC, KRM, Pegoraro and implements REFRESHMENTS & BAR WILL BE AVAILABLE



Pegoraro 3m power harrow packer roller, adjustable clod board, tine wheel eradicators




June 2018 McCormick X6-430 & MC100 loader 121hp boosts to 130, 4wd, luxury a/c cab

Buy and sell online —

65 reg McCormick X60-40 110hp, front weights, a/c, 4wd, 40kph, aux hyd tank, passenger seat 880hrs

New NC 1850-14 14t I Series grain trailer dual air/hyd brakes, load sensing, r/over sheet, 560x60x22.5 tyres, hyd taildoor, g/chute & s/d/ bar, Hardox floor £18,900 £18,500

Pegoraro W5000 heavy duty folding power harrow eradicator tines, 500ml packer roller, 250hp gearbox, adj clod boards, slip clutch, PTO

McCormick X8 available for demo now up to 310hp

OTHER MACHINERY New McCormick X7-690 Premium 50k, a/brakes, creep speed, RTK guidance, f/link PTO, available for demo . POA New McCormick X7-460 VT RTK guidance, front linkage, PTO, 50k, air brakes, available for demo .................. POA Pegoraro D3000 3m p/harrow, h/d, packer roller, eradicator tines, slip clutch, PTO ...................................... £9,500 Pegoraro D4000 4m p/harrow h/d, split packer roller, eradicator tines, slip clutch, PTO ............................. £10,500 Pegoraro W5000 folding power harrow, 250hp gearbox, fluo system floating beds, wheel track eradicators, packer rollers, adjustable clod board, in stock ...................................................... £19,500 Tomlin 4’, 5’, 6’ & 8’ mowers.................................................................................................................from £875

Carlton Farm, Cattle Dyke, Gorefield, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 4NR

45’ artic trailer tri axle, air suspension, 6 months MOT ............................................................................... £1,000 3t tipping trailer ....................................................................................................................................from £490 New Ovlac 3m chisel cultivator ................................................................................................................... £5,500 Bomford Bandit 2.5m flail mower, new flails, good working order ................................................................ £1,400 Downing 2.5m spring tine paddock harrow ................................................................................................. £1,295 2 x 6’ finishing mowers ...............................................................................................................prices from £575 Selection of 2 and 4 wheel drive rough terrain forklifts .................................................................. Cheap to clear All prices plus VAT unless otherwise stated

Tel: 01945 410099•07850 731409 October 2019 167

fg_class_oct_19.indd 167

19/09/2019 14:40

2010 Case STX535 7203hrs, Price £87,500

2016 Weaving 4.8m drill trailed, Price £50,000

Ref 41160090

Ref J1162173

2013 Lemken Euro 8 6 furrow, Price £12,250

2015 KRM Ares 4m, Price £16,500

Ref 31168234

2014 KRM NS2311 6m, Price £11,500

2014 New Holland T7.270AC 7819hrs, Price £54,000

Ref K1157888

Ref K1164505

Ref 91170746

Dalbo 6m rolls compact, Price £2,500

2016 New Holland T7.245PCSW 2025hrs, Price £76,000

Ref 41167058

2018 New Holland T7.230AC 1250hrs, Price £96,000

2018 New Holland CR9.80 294hrs, Price £280,000 Ref J1161039

Ref C1166908

Ref G1166200

2013 New Holland T7.210AC 4774hrs, Price £53,000

2010 New Holland CR9080 2664hrs, Price £120,000

Ref 11166000

2014 New Holland CX8090 SL 587hrs, Price £180,000

2014 Case Puma 185MHR 3950hrs, Price £45,000 Ref 41167454

Ref C1165265

Ref G1166107

2016 New Holland CX6090 788hrs, Price £132,000

2012 Case Puma CVX160 6300hrs, Price £34,000

Ref F1166912

2014 Case AF9230 40’ header, Price £175,000

Ref 51168271

2013 Case AF7230 25’ header, Price £130,000

Ref H1167614

Ref 51170557

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Ref 51157032

Ref 31156322

2008 Case STX535 7350hrs, Price £75,000

2014 Lemken Juwel 8 5 furrow, Price £17,500

For more stock and photos visit our website

For further details contact Matt Hart 01245 380311 or 07774 499962 Wayne Middleton 01245 380311 or 07836 201571 Ulting, Maldon, Essex CM9 6QH


168 October 2019

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19/09/2019 10:49

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202 67898 Tel: 01884

860771 Mob: 07970 075031/07860 308214 Nomansland • Tiverton • Devon

Supplying quality tractors and machinery since 1969

MF 7620 Dyna 6 50kph, May 2014 (14), only 4450hrs, full susp, air brakes, 4 spools, 200/220hp £41,750

MF 5609 Dyna 4 c/w MF 941X loader, May 2015 (15), only 1733hrs, 95hp, 1 owner from new £32,750

Kubota M135GX-II Vision Jun 2016 (16), only 1672hrs, front susp, FL 520 tyres, 135hp, 1 owner £32,450

Claas Arion 530CIS Jun 2014 (14), only 3840hrs, cab susp, new front tyres, 145hp, 1 owner £31,450

Claas Arion 650 Cebis 50kph, 2016 (66), only 2800hrs, full susp, air brakes, FL 650/540 tyres DUE IN

Claas Arion 640 Cebis 50kph, 2017 (67), only 1692hrs, full susp, FL/PTO, 650/540 tyres, 177hp £62,450

Claas Arion 420CIS c/w FL120 loader, Mar 2014, 4915hrs, 540/440 tyres, 110/120hp, 4 spools £28,450

McCormick MTX135 Dec 2012 (62), only 3672hrs, full susp, good tyres, c/w Trima +5.1 loader, 133hp, 1 owner £35,250

New Holland T6.180 Electroshift 50kph, Mar 2018 (18), 1900hrs, full susp, FL, air brakes, 600 tyres DUE IN

New Holland T7.245 P/C 50kph, Mar 2017 (17), only 915hrs, full susp, air & exh brakes, f/links, ext warranty £68,250

Mitsubishi L200 Warrior 2016 (65), only 39500mls, full spec (leather, climate, etc), FSH, v smart truck £12,950+VAT

JCB JZ141LC 14t excavator, Nov 2018, only 1024hrs, quick hitch, cab guards, FSH & JCB warranty, cracking digger £58,450

Manitou MLT 840-137 Elite Feb 2016 (65), only 2662hrs, 4000kg/8m capacity, boom susp, air con, new tyres £42,750

JCB TM320S Aug 2016 (16), only 4239hrs, air con, air seat, boom susp, pin & cone, 145hp, 1 owner £46,500

Merlo TF35.7 120 telehandler, Oct 2015 (65), only 983hrs, air con, air seat, boom susp, PUH, good tyres, nice £43,250

Kverneland LD 85-200 4 furrow reversible, 2010, rear discs, skims, nice plough £5,250

Maschio Drago 3m power harrow, 2016, packer roller, only done 25 acres, cracking tool £5,950

TWB Magic Mole subsoiler, 2016, adjustable depth, only done 20 acres

Hi Spec K40 ejector trailer, 2017, tri axle, air/hyd brakes, rear steer, 600 tyres

Staines 28’ bale trailer, 2017, 18t, air brakes, Super singles, front ladder, done nothing £6,950

Shelbourne Power Mix Pro Express 2011, 22cu/m, elevating conveyor, only used for feeding cattle £10,250

Major Tandem 3000 Nov 2017, comm axles, rear steer, air brakes, autofill, 13K, hyd pump £25,450

K&K 23cu/m wagon 2018, rear steer, shift & raise conveyor, nice modern wagon


Buy and sell online —

MF 7624 Dyna 6 50kph, Sept 2012 (62), only 4245hrs, full susp, front links, 235/260hp £40,250



For full details and photos of all the machines above, plus many more see our website

October 2019 169

fg_class_oct_19.indd 169

19/09/2019 10:50

SPREADERS STOCKS Fan Jet, mounted on a 3pt linkage frame, spreads about 40', sale due to retirement. ÂŁ100+VAT. S Potter Tel 01621 828270/07940 893034 (Essex)


Contacts: Robert Webb: 07860 801322 Anthony Williams: 07711 947189 Phil Ramsey: 07934 799628 Andy Gemmill: 07802 336880

01279 812727


straw chopper, 2015

ÂŁ8,800 Contact Callum

07903 686214

Call Rory on 07850 144244

JOHN Deere 624 trailed sprayer with tracking drawbar, excellent condition, many spares/extras, etc. ÂŁ5,000. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincs)

Bateman HiLo 24m sprayer


electric metering, PTO fan, hyd folding booms, Horstine Wizard controller 01638 712328 Suffolk 01992 451629 Herts/Essex



07971 930545

FAN Jet slug pelleter Mk4, c/w test certiďŹ cate. ÂŁ340. J Oliver Tel 01777 870467/07895 117804 (Notts)


tidy condition for age, Deutz turbo engine, c/w rowcrops

S.R. Haylock

Eves: 01799 584626 Daytime: 07831 158848 or 07766 107610


S SCOTT & SONS 07787 551081 Ltd Steel Stockholders

TOP quality round hay bales, made harvest 2019, quantity discount available, mid Norfolk. R Jenness Tel 07825 305363/01362 687048 (Norfolk)


Posts for grain walling and silage clamps

Galvanised roofing sheets, box profile and corrugated Delivery service KNIGHT JCB demount 2000L, 24m, air jet Airtec controller, RDS rate control, front mounted Hammond air compressor (Fastrac not included). ÂŁ2,550. P Wright Tel 07774 457821 (Norfolk)

01359 269378

ABBOTT & CO (Wessex) LTD Are buyers & sellers of

HAY & STRAW 01603 870903 07860 475964


P J Reed

prefer big bales Call Andrew Lloyd

All types of steel available new and secondhand KNIGHT EUA 3800, 24m, Muller controller, joystick, GPS shutoff c/w receiver, A&B nozzles, steering axle, compressor, pressure washer, 420-R38 tyres as new, very good condition. ÂŁ15,900+VAT ono. C Frampton Tel 07748 375665/01935 840212 (Somerset)

HAY & haylage in 4’ round bales. From £20 each. Can deliver if needed, according to distance. L Johnston Tel 07713 241440/01473 652185 (Suffolk)


Hypro • Teejet • Lechler Altek • RDS • Dual Pumps Enduramaxx • Stocks Fan Jet

Tomahawk 8500

GALVANISED tank, internal measurements 2500mm long, 1475mm wide & 940mm deep. ÂŁ400. C Patmore Tel 07702 503081/01371 831052 (Essex)

Diesel or AdBlue







Berthoud • Househam Chafer • Agrifac and most other makes

12/24m boom, rewired from front to back, brand new 6cyl Bertolini pump, multi-trak draw bar, used for just 3 seasons, fantastic value and built to last!

22,730 litre bunded tanks 17’L plus cabinet x 9’2�W x 8’H gauge & battery alarm

Horstine TMA4 12m




ÂŁ595 01353 862044



POA 20/21m boom, boom re-circulation system, new RDS Delta 34i rate control, multi-trak drawbar, a super sprayer with only one previous owner

Call Rory on 07850 144244



Remote tank monitoring system


ALANCO Sprayranger 250D, 2007, 2000L stainless tank, 24m booms, air suspension, Arag controller, 4 section boom recirculation, 3977hrs, 2.8L engine with 5 speed auto box, owned from new, good clean machine, 2 sets of wheels. ÂŁ17,995. A Steel Tel 07710 666038/07729 500141 (Cambs)



01284 810751 07768 353910

HOUSEHAM Air Ride 4000, 2008, 7631hrs, Michelin 600/65R28xM28, Trelleborg 320/85R38, Michelin Agribib RC 320/85R38, Fieldmaster GPS, good condition. R Duke Tel 07860 227115 (Essex)

BAND sprayer, used for sugar beet, offered for spares or repair. Offers. G Gibson Tel 07770 954301 (Cambs)

ALL types of hay & haylage for horses, some cheaper bales to clear for cattle & sheep, delivery possible according to post code. From ÂŁ20. L Johnston Tel 07713 241440 (Suffolk) QUANTITY of traditional 2019 meadow hay, grown under organic conditions, no sprays or fertiliser, small bales, round bales & wrapped haylage, good prices offered for quick sale, collection or delivery, North Essex. W Brazier Tel 07836 276711 (Essex)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Sprayer Specialists in the Eastern & Southern Counties Crop & Amenity Sprayer Specialist

51,000 litre horiz/cyl dished ends 27’6�L x 9’W x 10’H & cradles 1 x twin & 2 x single compart



Sprayer Specialist in the Eastern & Southern Counties New and used sprayers and parts stocked for:




• Check liquid levels from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone • Keeps farmers informed so that they do not run out of fuel or liquid fertiliser • Helps manage stocks and buy efficiently Contact us

07870 916 888

10000-LITRE steel tank, currently used for gas oil, free to whoever will collect. P Mallett Tel 07973 509198 (Essex)

HORIZONTAL tank, approx 5000L, 15' long x 4' diameter, c/w delivery hose, ex gas oil. ÂŁ400+VAT. S & RM Marris Tel 07970 787793 (Lincs)

170 October 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

Eves: 01799 Daytime: 07831 or 07766

Agricultural Machinery For Sale Cambridgeshire



S.R. Haylock 584626 158848 107610

78 MF 550 multi power 77 MF 590 4860hrs 83 MF 2680 5690hrs, good hedge cutter tractor, very tidy 05 MF 6480, 6400hrs, c/w f/linkage Vicon RV2160 round baler

15 MF 9407 telehander, 7m reach 96 John Deere 6600, 5145hrs

Claas Elios 220 4wd, 650hrs only, 63 reg, 85hp, very tidy

Case 895 2wd c/w Stoll loader, 2100hrs only from new, PUH, very tidy, L reg

Caterpillar 407C telehandler, 7m 3200hrs, tidy

John Deere 4430 4wd very original condition, nice cab & works well

HARVESTING NEW – old stock MF 7345S, 18’ PF 92 MF 38, 20’, PF, 3000hrs, tidy Claas Variant 180 rotofeed

John Deere 590 round baler

Terex 3507 4wd telehandler 5500hrs, good tyres, ideal site/yard truck, yr 2000

10 Heath Super Chaser Extra, joystick control

Claas Dominator 96 combine tidy condition, chopper, air con

Various forks & grapples 14 Krone 890, tidy 15 Krone 1290 HDP high speed baler 13 Krone 1290 HDP high speed baler 12 Claas 3200 quadrant

Claas 180 Rotofeed baler

Vicon RV2160 round baler, very tidy John Deere 590 round baler

Bomford B577 Hedgecutter 3pl mount, tidy for age, others available

Cousins Sidewinder rolls breaker rings fitted, good straight condition

Neureo trailed sucker/ blower pto driven, qty of pipes, very tidy

07 Krone 900 twin rotor rake

OTHER EQUIPMENT Dowdeswell DP1 offset 6f

Please see website for more pictures:

Dowdeswell DP7F, 6f, v tidy 10 Heath Super Chaser Extra, joystick control

Dowdeswell DP7F, 7f, v tidy KV LD85 5f & 4f Flat Lift Force – 2 leg HD Buster

B W M ACK (Machinery) LTD.

Pottinger 4m power harrow Pottinger 6m Terrasem drill, ex demo Vaderstad RDA600 Rapid, 6m drill, tidy order

New Machines

Vicon RO-EDW extension hopper Claas 3200 quadrant baler

2016 CLAAS Arion 440 & loader, 3100hrs, 120hp, Proactive suspended f/axle, FL 100C f/loader, air conditioning, good condition ................................................................................................ £35,000 MERLO P40.7 telehandler, 2014, c/w 4t/7m, air con, boom suspension, air seat PUH ................... £29,000 MERLO TF 38.7 telehandler, 2015, 3300hrs, boom suspension, air con, new tyres, 3.8t, 7m boom, 40kph PUH............................................................................................................... £35,000 SUTON ELCS 80 rehandling bucket, Merlo brackets ........................................................................... £975 SUTON EHDG 2300 muck fork & grab, Merlo brackets .................................................................... £1,500 KONGSKILDE 3m Delta cultivator, 7 leg, levelling discs, large crumbler roller, good condition .......... £3,250 HARDI Commander 3200L sprayer, c/w 24m booms, triplet nozzles, steering drawbar .................... £8,500 HARDI NK 600L sprayer, 8 or 6m boom, triplet nozzles, electric on/off, foam blob markers, very little used ........................................................................................................................... £2,350 COUSINS Contour, 6.3m working width, hydraulic folding, plain 24” rims, good condition............... £4,900 COUSINS 5m double row Landpacker, good condition..................................................................... £6,500 COUSINS 2 leg heavy duty subsoiler, c/w depth wheels ................................................................. £1,200 COUSINS 9m Contour Cambridge rolls, 26” plain rims ................................................................... £6,000 KUHN DC401 4 leg subsoiler 3m with rear mounting brackets to fit rotary cultivator, good condition .. £4,000 SPEARHEAD Excel 645T reach mower, 1.2 metre head boot flails, Pro Pilot control, good condition £6,300 SPEARHEAD Twiga Pro 600 VFR reach mower, c/w new 1.6m head 6m reach with variable forward reach, good condition .................................................................................................. £16,000 VADERSTAD Super Jumbo 6.3m rolls, hydraulic folding, 21” rims ................................................... £1,950 VICON ROXL 2800 EDW weigh cell fertiliser spreader, Trimflow border speading, 12–48m spread width, good condition.................................................................................................................. £6,750 BOMFORD 467 reach mower .......................................................................................................... £3,500 VOGEL & NOOT 3m Terramix cultivator, c/w ring packer ................................................................... £3,900 KW Chopper feeder bucket c/w Merlo brackets ............................................................................... £3,250

Sales contacts

Paul Warner 07795 845308

Brian Cornwell 07899 965066

Barroway Drove, Downham Market, Norfolk PE38 0AL

T: 01366 324256/324311 E: Out of hours: 07795 845308 •

Kuhn Axis 30.1 spreader extension hopper Sulky X36 spreader, very tidy Cousins rolls 6.2m


Used Equipment

Vicon PO-EDW weighcell, vgo 67678

CLAAS Arion 650 CIS+ 50kph, Proactive front axle, air brakes ............................................................POA CLAAS Scorpion 741 Vari Power telehandler, 4.1t, 7m, demonstrator ...................................................POA JPM low loader trailer, 24’ long, loading skids, sprung drawbar, air & hydraulic brakes .................. £10,950 ALPEGO TR 46-280 front/rear, 2.8m flail mower, hydraulic offset headstock .................................... £6,500 ALPEGO TL 33-250 verge mower, 2.25m, hydraulic offset, wide angle PTO ..................................... £6,500 ALPEGO TL 33-200 verge mower, 2m, hydraulic offset, wide angle PTO .......................................... £6,200 ALPEGO RK 300 Rapido 3m power harrow c/w Twin Force quick fit tines packer roller, 3yr Driveline warranty...........................................................................................................................................POA ALPEGO/MORO Warrior 200 5 furrow (4+1) hyd variwidth plough hydraulic transport system ex demo.................................................................................................................................... £17,250 VICON RO-XL EDW 2800 weigh cell disc spreader ...............................................................................POA VICON RO-XL 2800 fertiliser spreader c/w Trimflow border spreading 12m to 48m spread width......... POA

Cousins 9.3m Sidewinder Marshall 1300 gall vacuum tanker

Buy and sell online —

New Holland LM430 4wd handler, Air con, PUH, Turbo, 5900hrs, very tidy

Farmhand 8 bale fork

HEDGECUTTERS 15 Krone 1290 HDP – high speed

Bomford 467 Fella TFS 60 tidy

VEHICLES Isuzu Dmax Utah Auto, 19 plate ex-demo c/w Truckman Canopy & diamond cut alloy wheels & dash cam Isuzu Dmax Utah, Venetian red, Alpha canopy, 18 plate, ex demo 14 Krone 890 baler

Isuzu Dmax Eiger, 15 plate, 54,006 miles

07885 202005 01954 210355 Hardwick, Cambridge October 2019 171

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Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Andrew Guest Ltd Kuhn power harrow and Accord seed drill specialists Most parts for Kuhn & Accord ex stock for next day delivery


Genuine Kuhn tines 2 bolt fix and Quick fit 2 £8.50 non genuine Q fit 1 tines £7 each

Straight tine carriers to suit HR300 and 400 machines £90 each

Quick fit

Conversion Kits to suit most Kuhns

Tungsten tines non genuine £29 each


Suffolk Suff f ff coulters £37 each

Straight tines to suit HR300 £6.10 each

Walterscheid PTOs complete and guards only ex stock

Cam clutches for Kuhn and other machines

1000s of New and Used Parts for Kuhn and Accord Machines

Tel: 01636 700608 • Andy mobile: 07860 637654

Tel:Email: 01636 700608 • Mob: 07860 637654 Email: • • 172 October 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202 67712


Monday–Friday: 8 am–5 pm Saturday: 8 am–12 noon

NEED WE SAY ANY MORE! Buy and sell online —

Reconditioned power harrows 3m from £5,950 • 4m from £7,500 4.5m HR4504 rigid £9,250 • 4m folding HR4004 1 only £14,000 4m HR4003 £8,950 • 6m HR6003 1 only £16,950 All complete with maxi packers, clod board & cam clutch • 12 months warranty

Call 01636 700608 or 07860 637654

Parts: • October 2019 173

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See more at

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Call us on

2001 Bomford B508 linkage hedgecutter c/w cable controls and trim-master head

Kverneland LB85-300-28 6 furrow plough hydraulic vari-width, skims & No28 boards

£4,750 + VAT

£7,950 + VAT

Brimont 12t heavy duty trailer c/w sprung axles, sprung drawbar, auto-tailgate

2014 Knight Trailblazer 4200 30m sprayer c/w steering rear axle in very nice condition

£5,750 + VAT

£29,750 + VAT

01763 780440

Kverneland LB85-300-28 6 furrow plough hydraulic vari-width, skims & No28 boards

2015 Dalbo 6.3m rolls with breaker rings c/w hydraulic crossboards

£7,950 + VAT

£7,250 + VAT

Vaderstad RX620 horizontal folding rolls c/w breaker rings and very tidy for the age

1990 AS Marston Ace FF10t grain trailer c/w sprung axles, grain chute in nice order

Dowdeswell DH84 Series 4m disc harrows good scalloped disc blades, hydraulic folding

2004 Quivogne TM32 Tinemaster c/w very good disc blades and 5 subsoiler tines

2012 Hardi Ranger 2500 24m trailed sprayer c/w 18.4x38 90% Michelin tyres

1992 John Deere 3650HL 4wd tractor c/w 265 power loader, side steps, 5829hrs

1993 Case International 5140 Maxxum c/w air conditioning done a genuine 4582hrs

2003 John Deere 6520 TLS 4wd tractor c/w front linkage, 50k & air brakes

2015 John Deere 9520R drawbar tractor done just 2248hrs & in very nice order!

£4,750 + VAT

£24,500 + VAT

£3,450 + VAT


£4,950 + VAT

£26,500 + VAT

£2,950 + VAT


£144,000 + VAT


Plug-in electric loader

All the torque. Without the shout. Interested in a demo - call for more information!

• Zero emissions • Up to 5 hours work time • 1,750kg payload • All wheel steering • Quiet operation

Over 200 attachments available

Kramer KL25.5e Head Office: Rycote Lane Farm Milton Common Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 2NZ

SALES • PARTS • SERVICE • TYRES Contact: Kerr Stephenson 07715 109987

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

01767 677316 01536 373238

6.3m Terra Star EX DEMO

Case Farmlift 742 2019 EX DEMO

75 4, PO A Case Puma 165 & 220 Ex HIRE

Case Varicut 12.5m header twin side knives EX DEMO

5, 35 £1



0 95 4, £1 Bomford Kestrel 5.7m with EPP3 controls & 1.2m head NEW

MacDon FD140 Flex header EX DEMO


7.5m straw harrow EX DEMO


£7 PO A

Yamaha Kodiak 450 dark red solid NEW


Kuhn Primor 3570M bedder/feeder



Case Puma 240cvx Pro 700 f/linkage EX DEMO



OC ST IN PO A 2019 Claydon TS Hybrid drill EX DEMO


K ST IN Kuhn FC 314 D FF mower conditioner NEW


Kuhn GF 8702 2010 8 rotor vgc USED

Kuhn TBE 222 VKM & BPR shredders NEW

Used Kuhn Espro 6m new cultivation discs


00 ,5 £5

PO Kuhn Megant 6m tine drill NEW

Case IH Maxxum 125

Buy and sell online —


Demo Case IH Puma 165 CVX f/linkage & PTO




50 1, £6 Claas Lexion 580TT 30’ header, 2005

Fax: 01767 677451 Fax: 01536 373392


Abbotsley Brigstock



Kuhn Vari-Master 153 5f EX DEMO email:


Please visit our website to view our full range of new and used machinery available

October 2019 175

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TANKS (cont)

MASCHIO 3m power harrow, c/w crumbler roller, old but very tidy. £750. W Agri Tel 07873 149208 (Kent)

POA Keeble Brothers Cultivator

2011 Watkins trailed twin leg moledrainer



Kuhn Power Harrows Drills & Accord d New & Usees ar p S e Machin epairs &R


e: KUHN power harrow, 4.5m, with transport wheels. £2,500. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

Well proven design Single and twin and three legged machines available Mounted and trailed


07748 004794 01245 442224(T) SIMBA SL, 4m, good condition. C Chaplin Tel 07770 937749 (Suffolk)


LEMKEN towable press, 12'6" wide, 34" rings (20). £520+VAT. J Todd Tel 07765 035582 (N Yorks)


LELY 3m power harrow & combi pneumatic drill, power harrow from new, used on a small acreage. £3,400+VAT. T Havers Tel 07733 325376 (Norfolk) 2012 6m Moore Unidrill, hydraulic folding, hydraulic brakes, RDS Artemis box, c/w liquid fert kit, very good condition, had very little use. £28,000. M Abblitt Tel 07720 839253 (Cambs)

2012 Vaderstad Rexius Twin 1030

R M Dove

double row packer c/w 3 rows of tines & hyd levelling board

01759 302279 07779 245466 LELY 3m power harrow. £875. P Beasley Tel 07836 652963/01353 649500 (Cambs)

TWB 3.5m

5 Leg Subsoiler


POA 10.3m press, all in good order & ready to go to work

01763 780440


More photos and full spec at

HARROW od Many makes &spmares ed us & w ne

01763 780440

2012, 5 deep tines, 2 rows of discs, DD packer



DISCS, Kongskilde Rondo X pattern, 3.25m. drawbar & hyd pipes to rear, will fold in for transport. £1,250. J Gibson Tel 07931 930369 (Notts)

TELEPHONE: 01604 686216 MOBILE: 07973 265378

more photos and full spec at

KRM 3m front steering press, weight 1500kg, water ballast weight 750kg, total weight with water 2250kg, had very little use, more pics on FG FarmAds website. £3,950+VAT ono. P Appleby Tel 07850 317403 (Co Durham)

Vaderstad Rexius Twin 630

Simba DTX 300


available for immediate delivery, 22"-24" rings, horizontal folding, contour following


MAIDWELL MOLER Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)

New HE-VA rolls in stock

Andy Guest 01636 700608 07860 637654

£8,250 new legs, in very good condition


4000L plastic water tank. £250. J Waters Tel 07971 750632 (Cambs) PLASTIC ex-heating oil tank & juice container, ideal for water butts, 1000L; also various galvanised tanks. S Jones Tel 07796 001370 (Norfolk)

01530 229686 or 07831 113316


Fully searchable database at...

SUMO Trio 3m cultivator, shearbolt legs, in good order & ready for work. £6,750 ono. J Rogers Tel 07971 234126/07770 376548 (Hereford) 51-63448

01502 710100

SIMBA Cultipress, 4.2m, front rigid tines, single piece drawbar so will go behind Solo or other tillage train, rear drawbar with services, DDs 90% with new metal inserts fitted so like new, all checked & ready for work. £7,250 ono. A Bowes Tel 07815 653124 (Beds)


3.25m wide, 2 rows of fixed tines, 5 subsoiler legs, 800mm packer roller, ready to work


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


07748 004794 01245 442224(T)

COUSINS Patriot 3.6m mounted, 2014, 6 legs, discs (95% good), close razor ring press, barn stored, less than 1,000 acres covered. £9,995+VAT. E Reynolds Tel 07748 884750 (Cambs)

LYNX 4m hydraulic folding front press, 45 degree rings, good order. £2,450+VAT ono. 07976 794383 (Shropshire)

MARSK Stig rolls, c/w breaker rings, 6.3m, very little wear & use. £3,250. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

2016 Vaderstad 5m Carrier CR500 CB

2010, new Hardox legs, 850mm packer roller, 1st class condition

01530 229686 or 07831 113316 51-67718

TWO sets of new Haycock subsoiler wing kits, made of boron chrome alloy, Somerleyton. £65 each. G Richmond Tel 01502 730387 (Suffolk)


NRH Cambridge rolls, 8.3m, horizontal hydraulic folding, done very little. £6,250. J Weston Tel 07803 270448 (Lincs)

5m c/w leading discs, crossboard & rear packer, only 500 acres use, almost like new


POA HONDA FG315 rotavator, in good condition, one owner from new, a genuine machine, been well looked after. £400 ono no VAT. M Goody Tel 07810 715818 (Cambs) Tel Mike 07764 835562(T)

Pan Busters & spirals ALL BLENCH SPARES MASCHIO DM 3000 power harrow, new tines fitted, gwo. £2,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

454 Herne Road, 51-63458 Ramsey St Mary’s, Huntingdon, Cambs.

01733 844590 (24hrs)

176 October 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202


“Anything Agricultural”

01691 791460 MF 6490 2008, 50kph, 6400hrs, front & cab susp, Data 3 MF 6480 2009, c/w MF 975 Loader, 50kph, CCLS, good tyres MF 6480 2005, Dynashift, 5300hrs, front & cab susp, CCLS, 90% tyres MF 6485 2006, Dynashift, full suspension, tidy condition MF 8480 2008, 9800hrs, 50kph, front linkage, front & cab susp, very tidy MF 8260 Xtra 2003, 4700hrs only, front linkage, excellent condition MF 5475 Dyna 4, 2010, 6500hrs, front suspension, CCLS MF 6270 1999, 12000hrs, good tyres, good condition Case MXM 175 2004 18 speed, cab susp, front linkage, 7700hrs, excellent condition John Deere 3050 1992, Power Synchron, nice original tractor John Deere 3200 telehandler 2002, c/w pallet tines, nice tidy machine Ford 5600 2wd, power steering, good condition Zetor 6045 4wd, Y reg, original condition 62677

BAILEY 12T AGRI DUMP TRAILER super singles, excellent condition

2009 JOHN DEERE DIESEL GATOR 2010 MCCAULEY, TANDEM AXLE 3459hrs, front screen, roof & rear BEAVERTAIL LOW LOADER screen sprung d/bar, 215/75x17.5 wheels

MASCHIO DM 4000 POWER HARROW crumbler roller, spare blades

REEKIE CLEANFLOW 2000 POTATO HARVESTER Dahlman rollers, picking off, steering axle

LELY 4M COMBINATION DRILL/ PACKER 3 row coulter drill, eradicators

KUHN HR 4001 4M COMBINATION DRILL packer, Accord drill, following harrow

2002 NEW HOLLAND TS90 2WD TRACTOR air con, 2 spools

BAILEY TB14 TRAILER sprung drawbar, hyd door, window, super singles, grain chute

NEW BAILEY 18T 9.3M FLAT TRAILER sprung d/bar, air brakes, 435/50x22.5 wheels

1992 MANITOU MANIREACH 2600 TURBO 9735hrs, tyres 40%, bucket not included

2014 JD 6170R TRACTOR TLS, 50K, autotrac ready, Starfire 3000, touch screen Command centre, 650x42 & 540x30

BAILEY 20T CONTRACT DUMP TRAILER sprung d/bar, air brakes, 445/65x22.5 wheels

2004 WEAVING 6M TINE COULTER DRILL eradicators, PEM, following harrow

2017 VOLVO ECR 88D 360 DEG DIGGER 1096hrs, rubber tracks, air con, blade, 3 buckets

SET OF 4 ALLIANCE 500/60X22.5 10 stud floatation wheels

NEW SET OF 4 CEAT 560/60X22.5 10 stud floatation wheels & tyres


JCB 3CIII DIGGER torque converter, 2 buckets, cheap to clear £1,500+VAT

FRASER M9 BRUISER ROLLER MILL linkage mounted, PTO drive, hopper

3000 GALLON TANKER tandem axle, air brakes, hyd drive pump, full door, super singles


For a full list of our stock please go to

Reynolds Motors Cromer • Norfolk


BEET HARVESTERS TIM & THYREGOD 2–3 ROW beet buckets – choice of standard & toe tip BEET CLEANERS – CHOICE OF CTM & TODD precleaner or roller table with picking tables, etc BEET DRILLS – CHOICE OF 6 & 12 ROW Monopill, Monosem, Kleine & Stanhay BEET HOES CHOICE OF 6 & 12 ROW HYD FOLD Standen • Househam• FMA 6 METRE FRONT STEERING PRESS HYD FOLD Edlington 6.5m hyd folding rolls with breaker rings TERRADISC CULTIVATORS 3 & 4M Dutch & combination harrows 3 to 6 metre VADERSTAD ROLLEX 620 6M ROLLS Opico 3m grass topper LEMKEN OPAL 120 VARIWIDTH 4F PLOUGH Krone Optimat 4t muck spreader FLAT LIFTS – SUB SOILERS 2 TO 5 LEG 45’ tri-axle artic trailer on air for straw, etc 8T BUNNINGS DUMP TRAILER rowcrop wheels & tyres – rears 8 stud 14.9R46, fronts 10 stud 14.9R30 12T LOW LOADER WITH AIR & OIL BRAKES beavertail & ramps standard draw bar 14T GULL AIR & HYD BRAKES/TAILGATE sprung drawbar roll sheet on 10 stud axles 14T MARSTON GRAIN TRAILER MANUAL TAILGATE Choice of low load single axle drill trailers 50’ NEAN COMBINE/MACHINERY TRAILER full MOT wells & outriggers on air with rear lift

WANTED s/beet drills cleaners & trailing tanker harvesters 2 & 3 row

Mob Tel

07836 643155 01263 833281


Buy and sell online —

MF 7718S Dyna VT, 2019, 50hrs, front linkage, full susp, 4 spools, Data 4 MF 7716 2017, Dyna 6, 2000hrs, front linkage, 50kph, 4 spools MF 7716 2017, Dyna VT, 1900hrs, front linkage, 50kph, 4 spools MF 7620 2013, Dyna 6, Exclusive, 50kph, 4100hrs, front linkage MF 7626 2013, 4400hrs, 50kph, front & cab susp, air brakes, front links & PTO MF 5712 SL 2016, 1500hrs, front suspension, 540/38 & 440/28 tyres MF 7495 2008, 1800hrs, front & cab suspension, front linkage, air brakes, immaculate MF 7499 2010, 5100hrs, 50kph, front linkage & PTO, 4 spools, autoguide ready MF 7490 2004, 7800hrs, 50kph, front linkage, front & cab susp MF 6499 2009, 5200hrs, 50kph, front & cab susp, 4 spools MF 6499 2006, Tier 3, 5500hrs, 50kph, front & cab susp, front links MF 6499 2007, Tier 3, 6600hrs, 50kph, front & cab susp


email: website:

Main Dealer for TRAILERS

Dean: 07836 680004 Peter Scott: 07584 066866 Office: 01522 754733

October 2019 177

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BOSTON • LINCOLNSHIRE NEW, USED & HIRE MACHINERY Carrington (Head Office) 01205 480460

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


01205 460600

Market Rasen 01673 842222



KUBOTA M125GX III C/W QUICKE X46 LOADER c/w 133HP engine, remaining warranty approx: 4 years/1840hrs (TM) £49,500+VAT



WOOTTON 6T TRAILER c/w grain chute, swinging back door, road lights, hydraulic brakes, 10.0/75-15.3 tyres 60% good (JP)


LARRINGTON 18T TRAILER c/w Majestic model, 18T, 2010, full arched window, air brakes, ABS, rear tow bar, sprung draw bar, commercial axles (BF)


KVERNELAND TS EVO 6M TINE DRILL c/w Signus tramline control, pre emergence markers, hydraulic fan (BF)


JOHN DEERE 732I TRAILED SPRAYER C/w 3,200 litre, 24 meter boom, joy stick controls, ISOBUS ready (BF)



3M RECO MASCHIO POWER HARROW c/w 3M working width, Quick fit tines 70% good, Levelling board, Tooth packer (JP)

974 KVERNELAND 6M QUALIDISC (EX DEMO) c/w 6m working width, trailed, anti pack with knives and scrapers (BF)


BAILEY 10T HIGH LIFT TRAILER BAILEY 12T MONO TRAILER (2006) c/w grain chute, hydraulic rear door, c/w hyd. brakes, painted White full front window, hydraulic brakes, inside, 11.4ft when fully raised under silage kit, 385/65 22.5 super singles top chassis (JI) 60% good (JP)


KVERNELAND 6M POWER HARROW (EX HIRE) c/w 6m working width, 24 rotors, heavy duty power harrow for tractor up to 400HP (SG)

KVERNELAND 3M COMBINATION E-DRILL (EX DEMO) c/w 3M working width, 250HP gearbox, disc coulter (BF)

KVERNELAND U DRILL (EX DEMO) c/w Cat 3 Cross shaft, strong compact central tube main frame, 3m transport width, 6m folded out width (JI)




WEAVING 6M DRILL SULKY/MASCHIO 4M 2007 build, PTO driven, hopper COMBINATION DRILL cover, bout markers, three rows of C/w Maschio 4000 model, 4m power coulters, track eradicators, two rows harrow, track eradicators, rigid - non of rear harrows (JP) folding, manual clod-board (MA)


24M TRAILED HOUSEHAM SPRAYER c/w 6m working width, 24 rotors, 2008, 3000ltr tank, 24m boom, air suspension (BF)

BAILEY 14T FLAT TRAILER c/w chequer plate floor, 1900mm track, 10 stud axles, sprung drawbar, air brakes, rope hooks (SG)

SIMBA 2B DISCS c/w hyd. depth transport stops, manual angle adjustment, rear drawbar, rear hydraulic service, front depth stop, transport wheels ((JP) JP)


GASPARDO MAIZE DRILL c/w6 row, Double disc coulter, PTO driven, Vicon front hopper, Land wheel driven ((JP JP)


FARMFORCE 4M PRESS c/w rigid leading tines, cast rings, road lights, prepared and ready for work (BF)

KVERNELAND DTX SUBSOILER c/w 5 tines SB, 24 dics, standard wings- 5 tines, DD600 roller (JP)




DOWDESWELL 145 MA 6+1 PLOUGH(2009) c/w on land/in furrow, DDS bodies, double stays , 11.5/80-15.3 depth wheel (TM)


KVERNELAND LO-85 VARIOMAT 6+1 PLOUGH c/w 2014, 6+1, hydraulic Vari-width, 85 point to point, 300hp headstock (TM)

DOWDESWELL MA 120 PLOUGH WITH CLAYDON FURROW CRACKER5 (4+1), single stays, DD bodies (30% good) (JP)



EX DEMO KUBOTA BV5160 BALER c/w 2.2m pick up, Large intake chamber, 14 knife blades in throat, drop floor £25,500+VAT (MA)

TOYOTA HILUX INVINCIBLE 4X4 59,560 miles, 6 speed manual, Climate control, Bluetooth, Radio/ CD player, Satnav, Auto lights, 4x4 £14,950 + VAT (JI)




KUBOTA TE6060 TEDDER c/w 3 Point linkage mounting, 6.05m working width, Oscilation dampers, hyd. folding (MA)


KUBOTA DMC 6032N MOWER CONDITIONER 3.2 Metre working width, 3 Point linkage mounting (MA)

Ben Ford (BF): 07469 853763 Stuart Gosling (SG): 07824 317357



KVERNELAND TAARUP 4236CT TRAILED MOWER c/w link arm mounting, 3.6m cutting width, 9 discs with 2 blades per disc, £7,000+VAT (JI)

BIG CUTTER 2.8M FRONT AND REAR FLAIL hyd. offset, rear roller, shear bolt, PTO, heavy duty mower £5,950+VAT (TM)

Tom Mack (TM): 07387 023444

Josh Pennell (JP): 07469 850502

Matthew Ashton (MA): 07881 106298

KUHN VKM 305 REAR MOUNTED FLAIL MOWER (2009) C/w 3 meter working width, hyd. offset £3,950+VAT (TM)

Jonathan Ireland (JI): 07778 372606

178 October 2019

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19/09/2019 11:12

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202


More photos and full spec at

07748 004794 01245 442224(T)

TR Smith Ltd


01362 668286

KUBOTA walk behind rotovator, 7hp, not been used for 2yrs, just needs tidying up, good machine, several gears. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227 (Essex)

Eurotrack is pleased to offer Continental Trackman replacement tracks to fit most tractor makes and models. Also available to fit Lexion TerraTrac Tracks feature: ✔ Fully molded lugs for

unsurpassed durability and longevity. ✔ Exclusive patented galvanized cables for superior corrosion resistance. ✔ 50% more wires per inch meaning our track is more durable and longer lasting than the competition.

NEW STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUST SYSTEMS to fit AGCO Challenger MT700 A/B Series & Cat/Claas Challenger 35-95

longer lasting & reduced noise levels

For more information contact


Tel: 01263 711474

01263 711474

LELY 3m power harrow, crumbler roller, needs new PTO cover. P Cannon Tel 07796 352437 (Cambs)

07860 308214

Nomansland • Tiverton • Devon

CHALLENGER 765B, 350hp, 2008, 5504 eng hrs, 30" tracks 35% tread remaining, full front weight pack, front idler weights, 4 spools, dealer serviced from new, sale due to change of farming practice, more pics available, can be seen working. £55,000. N Charter Tel 07889 732444 (Cambs)

MF7715 Dyna 6, 50k, 2016, front axle & cab suspension, air brakes, 2 electric & 1 manual spool, front weights, 650/65R38 rears, 540/65R38 fronts, 1150hrs, just had 1200hr service, excellent condition, 2yrs warranty left. £55,000. C Allen Tel 07850 359747 (Cambs)

MASSEY Ferguson 62/65, July 2001, 5646hrs, vgc, 1 owner from new, 48 speed gearbox, full set of front weights, good tyres all round, genuine reason for sale. CW & ME Leverton Tel 07778 149121 (Lincs)

John Deere 7310R

16 reg 1910hrs full spec inc 5CCLS spools, LED lights, front PTO, suspension, E23 transmission Remainder of warranty £99,850+VAT

Ancroft Tractors

01289 331904 • 07977 916170 MASSEY Ferguson 595 Turbo 4wd, with unusual loader (like JCB teleporter). £5,995. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk) TWO new JCB Fastrac top links. £125 each. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk)

TRACTOR weight, 750kg tombstone weight from the front of a Claas tractor, could easily be converted to 3 point linkage use. £450. J Weston Tel 07803 270448 (Lincs)

Ex Demo Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 6165

Buy and sell online COUSINS Sidewinder rolls, 7m, 22" rings, c/w breaker rings, stone troughs, used last week. £3,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

t: 01884 860771 m: 07970 075031

y an r er le M the ng ilab o lle a a v Chrts a pa

COUSINS Contour 6.4m rolls, 2010, 24" rings. c/w breakers, hydraulic folding, very good condition. £5,500. M Abblitt Tel 07720 839253 (Cambs) DUTCH harrow, 2m. £250. B Colson Tel 01284 828251 (Suffolk) MASCHIO 7' rotovator, c/w crumbler roller, vgc, nearly new blades. £1,000. W Agri Tel 07873 149208 (Kent) FARM Force 3m Ultratilth cultivator, 6 subsoiler legs, 2 rows of discs & Giant packer. £5,500+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs) MCAVOY 12' heavy trailed press 36" rings. £750+VAT. P Beasley Tel 07836 652963/01353 649500 (Cambs)

Trackman Rubber Tracks


£32,450 Jun 2016 (16), only 1672hrs, f/susp, FL 520 tyres, 135hp, 1 owner


2017, power reverser, HiLo 31/16, 3SCV, 4wd front axle, 204 hrs

01283 821345

Tel: 01263 711474

MASSEY Ferguson 6190, R reg, manual shuttle, Dynashift, 80% tyres all round, everything works as it should, 7400hrs. £13,750. Hornbuckle Tel 07801 101645 (Leics) TRACK Marshall 135, f/w 155 engine, on farm since 1989, new rear sprockets, track pins just been turned, runs great – plenty of poke, no smoke, recent inj pump overhaul, always barn stored, c/w 6 furrow DP1. £5,750. R Kingham Tel 07778 763833 (Bucks) KIOTI CK35 Hydro, turf tyres, roll bar, 1060hrs. £7,450+VAT. www. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds)

John Deere 5100M & 543R Loader £43,500 Contact

European Distributor: 51-65699

New power harrows New rotary cultivators New flail mowers New spare parts Direct from an importer


2009, Proactive tines, levelling board, DD rings, new metal

Kubota M135GX-II Vision

Buy and sell online —

CONCEPT 4m Speed Till, 2 rows pigtail tines & packer, then another row of tines & second packer. £1,650+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)


07748 004794 01245 442224(T)


Simba 5.5m CultiPress

• Longest Wear Life – provides up to 4 times more wear life than most OEM replacement wheels. • No Bond Failures Guaranteed. • Extend Rubber Track Life – lower operating temperatures, reduce rubber track deterioration.

NEW Holland 5635, 1996 P reg, 4500hrs, 1 owner since new, 2 spool valves, 540/540E PTO, performance monitor, air seat, air conditioning, 24x12 gears. £12,000+VAT. P Mahony Tel 07909 903391 (Suffolk)



2013, heavy duty Toro Rapido, rated 160–380hp, 500mm packer, new quick fit tines, excellent BRAND NEW ONE TODAY £35K More photos and full spec at

NEW Holland T5.105, c/w 740 TL, 2015, 3200hrs, Dual Command, gwo. £32,500. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)


Maschio 6m power harrow £16,750

SUPERIOR AgriTraxx® Polyurethane Midrollers to fit various tracked tractors.


KVERNELAND furrow press, suitable for 3–4 furrow plough. £300+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs)

MOUNTED 3m Hankmo turbo tiller, blades 90%, good condition. £375+VAT. C Desborough Tel 07946 557156/01945 410206 (Cambs) KVERNELAND CTS wearing parts, 21 tungsten points, 1 regular point, 10 wings, 4 shins, 1 frog sweep tine, 5 pairs of tungsten wings front/sweep tines, all new & have sat on shelf since selling CTS. Offers. J Speirs Tel 07979 463480 (Beds) 6-METRE cultivator, similar to TerraDisc, trailed, spring loaded legs, discs, crumbler roller. £8,000+VAT. R Baker Tel 07801 557640/01953 850238 (Norfolk) TWO sets of Cambridge gang rolls, pictures available on request. POA. C Allen Tel 07850 359747 (Cambs)





165hp, C Spec, RC shift, 300hrs, 650/65x38

Bruce Hopkins Ltd 07860 809708 Oxon

SUPERB 2013 JXU 95,1800 genuine hrs, a/c, MX loader brackets with Softride & 3rd service fitted Dec 2018, Michelin tyres all at 80%, 12/12 shuttle gearbox, additional worklights, private sale of loved tractor, sold with no faults. £28,000+VAT. S Powell Tel 01454 324486 (Glos) 2011 JOHN DEERE 6830 Premium, 3000hrs, c/w front weight block. £43,000+VAT. Photos & full spec at Tel 07850 851941. Email info@holtractors.

October 2019 179

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20/09/2019 10:51

call 01328 838712 or 07765 373033 e:


West Raynham Business Park • West Raynham Fakenham • Norfolk • NR21 7JP

All prices + VAT

New Tecnoma Tecnis 3500 24m trailed sprayer, axle tracking with air suspension, AGP boom recirculation, ISOBUS controller, 2 boom working lights, steel LVS boom with Pentajet nozzle holders

Used 2007 Tecnoma Galaxy 2400L 24m trailed sprayer, steering drawbar, axle air suspension, full electric spray control, HLE steel boom with Pentajet nozzle holders



New Tecnoma Premis 800L 12m manual fold mounted sprayer, 3 section electric spray control, induction hopper, 3 cylinder pump, filtration, rinse tank, hydraulic height control, suspension, steel boom with single nozzle holders

Used Tecnoma Primatec 800L 12m manual fold mounted sprayer, 3 section electric spray control, induction hopper, 3 cylinder pump, hydraulic height control, steel boom with single nozzle holders


New Caffini Genius 1200L 12m hydraulic mounted sprayer, 5 section electric spray control, induction hopper, rinse tank, filtration, self-filling, large colour pressure gauge, hydraulic lift & fold boom with suspension

New Tecnoma Xenis 1000L 12m hydraulic mounted sprayer, 3 section electric spray control, induction hopper, 3 cylinder pump, rinse tank, self-filling, filtration, hydraulic lift & fold steel boom with Pentajet nozzle holders

New Tecnoma Xenis 800L 12m manual fold mounted sprayer, 3 section electric spray control, induction hopper, 3 cylinder pump, rinse tank, selffilling, filtration, hydraulic height control, steel boom with single nozzle holders

New Tecnoma Premis 400L 7m manual fold mounted sprayer, electric spray control, rinse tank, induction probe, aluminium boom with single nozzle holders

New (ex demo) Team 400L 6m manual fold mounted sprayer, 2 section manual spray control, induction hopper with rinse gun, self-filling, 12v electric pump with electric spray on/off control, 6m boom with winch lift

New Caffini 200L with 4 or 6m manual fold boom, 2 cylinder pump, 2 section manual on/off spray control with electric main on/off function, rinse and hand wash tanks, pre-mixer hopper in lid basket, filtration







from £1,795

New Tecnoma 700L front tank, PTO or hydraulic pump, electric transfer valve with hose ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ £2,950 Used Rau 1000L 12m manual fold sprayer with hydraulic height control, full electric spray control, rinse and hand wash tanks, vgc ............................................................................................................................................................................................ £3,750

New & Refurbished Crop Sprayer Sales – New Machine Stockist Official Agent for Tecnoma & Hardi Sprayers NSTS Sprayer & Granular Testing Full Workshop Facilities Extended Opening Hours – 7 Day Breakdown Service Full Spare Part Store Supplier of all components for Service, Upgrade or Repair

East Anglia’s first choice for new & used tractors

£7 4,0 00

MT775E 2015 438hrs very good condition 31043781

Valtra T163V 2722hrs 2014 very good condition 61046335

Valtra T194V good condition 2652hrs 2017 21047265

£7 4,9 50 Fendt 716 2015 5378hrs good condition 51046789

£7 3,0 00

£9 7,0 00

£6 8,0 00

£5 1,0 00 Fendt 828 2015 good condition 6834hrs 31047485

MF 7720 2016 very good condition 1325hrs 31044552

Valtra T234V good condition 2016 4000hrs 21045725

See our full range at


Fendt 724 2015 6400hrs good condition 31047560

MF 7620 2014 4750hrs very good condition 31047405

£4 6,5 00

MF 5712 2016 498hrs excellent condition 51044551

£8 1,0 00

£4 4,0 00

Call 07798 585624 •

£7 8,0 00

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Sprayline (UK) Ltd

Prices do not include VAT or shipping

180 October 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

Tillage Know How Day 3rd October - 11:00am to 5:00pm Higher Carvinack Farm,

Visit for more information. Now with three depots covering Cornwall and North & South Devon. Fraddon: 01726 860332 | Holsworthy: 01409 251241 | Smithaleigh: 01752 981090 OLD RIDES FARM EASTCHURCH KENT, ME12 4BD

TEL: 01795 880224


COMBINES: JOHN DEERE: T670i, W540, 9580 WTS, 2066, 2264, 2258, 2058, 1188, 1177, 1166, 1085, 1075, 1065, 985, 975, 965, 955, 952, 950, 630, 530, 8820. CLAAS: Lexion 600, 580T, 570T, 480, 460, 440, 430, 218, 118, 116, 115, 114CS, 108, 106, 105, 98, 96, 85, 76, 70 NEW HOLLAND: CR9080, CR980, TX66, TX68, TX36, TX34, TX32, TF78, TF46, TF44, TF42, 8080, 8050, 8040, 1500’s, 133 MASSEY FERGUSON: 7278, 40RS 38, 34, 31, 29, 27, 865, 760, 750, 665, 504. DEUTZ FAHR: 6090, 4090, 4080,4075, M3630, M3610, M2780, M2680, M1002.LAVERDA: 152, M120. CASE: 1660, 2188, 1460, 1680 JOHN DEERE TRACTORS 8520, 8400, 8200T, 7800, 7530, 7430, 6930, 6900, 6800, 6430, 6110, 3650, 3130, 2140, 2040, 1640 FORKLIFTS: JCB: 531-70, 530-70, 525-58, 520-4, 414, 926.CLAAS: Targo C50, K50 Ranger. MATBRO: Telestar, Teleshift, 280, 270, 250 MANITOU: 2600, MLT 633.MERLO: 40.7, 30.6 Multifarmer, 28.7, 26.6. JOHN DEERE: 3800, 3420, 3415, 3200. MASSEY FERGUSON: 8295.TEREX: 250 BALERS: NEW HOLLAND: 1210, 1010S, D1000, BB940, 841, 835, 7070, 750, 740, 654, 650, 644, 640, 648 JOHN DEERE: 680, 644, 592, 590, 582, 578, 575, 550, 342, CASE: RBX435.CLAAS: Quadrant 2200,1200, Rollant 255, 280, 180, 46, 44, Vari, Hesston 4900, 4800, 4750. VICON: LB12000, LB8200, MP800, RV1602 WELGER: D6000, D4000, 520, 435.VICON: LB12000, LB8200, MP800, 1601, RV1602, MASSEY FERGUSON: No.5, 2190, 2170, 2160, 190, 187, 185.SUPERTINO: 60-120 MOWERS: KUHN: Alterna 500, FC283, FC313. JOHN DEERE: 328, 228, 131, 1360. POTTINGER: Novacat, Eurocat. KRONE: AM20, 32P, AMT 4000CV, Easycut 32CV, Easycut 2800CV. LELY: Optima 240C, Splendimo 280FC. MAJOR: Toppers. FORAGER HARVESTERS: CLAAS: 930, 695, 690, 75



NEW HOLLAND 8000 SERIES COMBINES 8050 / 8060 / 8070 / 8080





(All makes, All models, All ages)

Buy and sell online —

Shortlanesend,Truro,TR4 9DZ

NEW HOLLAND TX COMBINES TX30 up to TX68 Hydro & Mechanical

Welger AP730 – 2014, Hyd Pickup, Hyd Drawbar, Good Condition

October 2019 181

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J Murrell

01493 750999 Contract Farm Services

Agricultural Machinery Dealers

NEW JPM 26’ 11T NEW JPM 20T DUMP 2010 MASSEY 6485 DYNA 6 66 REG CLAAS 840 AXION NEW JPM 16T DUMP BALE TRAILER hyd gate, air, L/S 10 stud, 2400hrs, f/links, mint CEBIS magic rear door, 10 stud, flotations, hyd brakes, sprung 560 flotations 947hrs, RTK & steering, warranty air d/b, LED lights £15,200 £39,500 £74,000 £12,900 £7,800

NEW 24’ JPM 19TLL hyd brakes, 900 wide ramps

2013 MAN TGL 7.150 BOX VAN 7.5t, 249110kms, MOT 30/11/19

NEW HOLLAND 7740SLE genuine 4752hrs, A/C, 98% tyres




SIMBA 6.6M DOUBLE PRESS cultivation tines, flotation tyres

2014 JOHN DEERE 6190R 40k Autopower, 3983hrs, 95% tyres

2012 JOHN DEERE 6190R 50k Autopower, f/links, 6509hrs, 95% tyres

2011 N/H T4030 DELUXE A/C, shuttle, PUH, 1666hrs, loader brackets










NEW JPM 16T DUMP hyd gate, 10 stud, air, L/S


2010 MANITOU MLB625 TURBO COMFORT EX TELESCOPIC BACK HOE £8,200 618hrs, pallet tines £33,000


NEW JPM 30’ 27TLL hyd flip over ramps, mini super singles, top spec

2007 JCB 8030CTS 4433hrs, 4 buckets, 2 speed track


2019 BLANEY QUAD X FORAGER X10 BALE UNROLLER self loading £4,500



£5,000 No VAT

IVECO 190E38 BEAVER TAIL SWIFT LIFT EURO SLE140X 21T FLAT BED RUBBER BELT ELEVATOR winch, lift axle, MOT, barn stored £7,000 372108 miles £3,250 No VAT £6,800

4X TRI-AXLE STEP FRAME BULK TIPPERS steel suspension, HD bogies, r/o sheet £5,000 each

For more pictures and further details of our stock visit our website

We are JPM Trailers’ East Anglia Dealer J Murrell • Willow Farm • Norwich Road • South Burlingham • Norwich • Norfolk NR13 4EZ

07770 692891

All prices + VAT


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

Norfolk Farmers

182 October 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

MF 7716

MF 7495


01691 791460


Dyna 6, 2000hrs, 50kph, air brakes, front & cab suspension, front linkage, 520/85/38 & 420/85/28 Michelin tyres at 70% good

JOHN Deere weight tombstones, will fit 6000 & 7000 Series tractors. £95 each. R Kerr Tel 07531 574681 (Essex)

NEW Holland T5030, 2013, 2500hrs, c/w Trima loader, as new, a/c, L/H shuttle, air seat. £29,950. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

1900hrs only, 50kph, air brakes, front linkage, front & cab suspension, Data 3, Comfort Plus pack, 650/65/42 & 540/65/30 Goodyear tyres at 70% good

Deutz 7250 TTV Warrior


01691 791460



McCormick MTX135

2015 (65 plate), 263hp 4165hrs, Vario, 50k, f/links, air cab, air brakes, auto steer ready, Isobus, iMonitor, 5 spools, 650/65R42 50%, 540/65R34 25% fully serviced



MASSEY Ferguson 6499, Dyna 6 gearbox, 2006, good tyres & all round condition. £26,000 ono. J Waters Tel 07971 750632 (Cambs)

FENDT reversing camera, black & white, genuine Fendt, very strong & robust, Fendt camera plug, for 400, 700, 800, 900 Series with old type cab which is camera ready. £60. D Brocksopp Tel 07974 669997 (Notts) JD6130M 40k PQ, 643 loader with m/docking, 1700hrs, full JD service history. POA. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds)





JD6175R 50k Autopower, f/links & PTO, autotrac with SF 3000 dome & activation, 10” display, 4600 processor, 4 electric spools, very high spec tractor with a full John Deere service history, 3230hrs, reg 01.09.2015, 65 plate. POA. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds)

2013 John Deere 8360R, 3300hrs, immaculate condition, full dealer service history 5ESCVs, Cat 4 drawbar/linkage, 40kph, AutoPowr gearbox, only selling as do not require horsepower anymore, otherwise would keep. £79,999. H Willett Tel 07718 288478 (Essex)

ntact... For all your E ADVERTISING co RS on 01473 694456 CLASSIFIED TRAD or NICKI WATE 55 44 69 3 47 01 me on far ON ki@ LS nic WI SAM Farmers Guide samantha@far


t: 01884 860771 m: 07970 075031

07860 308214

Nomansland • Tiverton • Devon

TRAILERS BAILEY 14t Root trailer, 2018, 560/60/22.5 Mich tyres, s/d/bar, r/o sheet, hyd door, extra lights on r/door, grain chute, air/oil brakes, load sensing, full f/arch window, r/ beacon, r/tow loops & fold up d/ bar c/w electrics, new/ unused. £19,250+VAT. G Stanley Tel 07970 951818 (Lincs)

01302 751200


2007 NH CX8060 SL straw chopper, 800/65R32 & 500/85R24, 20’ Varifeed header & trailer, engine hrs 1,595 & threshing hrs 1,463

2012 New Holland CX6090 6 straw walker combine, Smart Sieve, yield monitor, chopper & chaff spreader, 800/65R32 & 460/70R24, 20’ Varifeed header c/w 1 side knife header trailer engine hrs 1246 & threshing hrs 955

2015 NH CR9080 Elevation, 24” tracks, chopper + chaff spreader, Smart Steer, 30’ Varifeed with trolley and side knives, engine hrs 1,259 & threshing hrs 1,042

Demo 2018 NH T7.315 Auto Command, 50kph, Intellisteer, 650/60R34 & 710/75R42 Michelin, Blue Power, weight block not included, hrs 125

2014 New Holland T7.185 50kph, Range Command, cab & front axle suspension, 520/7R38 & 420/70R28, hrs 3,089

2018 NH T7.260 Auto Command, 50kph f/linkage, 2 mid spools & 4 rear, hi cap hyd pump, c/ control, elec mirrors, LEDs, 600/65R28 & 650/75R38 Trelleborg, Intellisteer guidance, hrs 850

Used Bomford Kestrel E hedgecutter, 5m reach non parallel, 1.2 Pro Trim head

2008 New Holland BB940A PC big baler, single axle, bale count: 22856


£33,000 UX 3200 Special - 2017

ex. demo, 3,200 l tank, 24 m Super-L2 boom, triple nozzle bodies, AmaSpray+, UniTrail axle steering, 270/95 R48 wheels

£79,200 ex. demo, 12 m, DW 600 disc rollers, hyd-mechanical depth control.


Contact Charles Moorman Office 01777 870111 or email us at:

07970 805351

trailed cultivator, 4m folding, shallow stubble tillage or deep soil loosening, hydraulic depth control, Disc roller, 2017, Ex Demo.

ex. demo, 6 m, TineTeC openers, Amadrill+, front cutting discs, pre-em markers, grain only.

Catros+ 12003-2TS - 2017

£36,300 Cenius 4003 - 2TX - 2017

Cayena 6001 - 2017

Used Bomford B467 hedgecutter, 3pt linkage

Buy and sell online —

Dec 2012 (62), only 3672hrs, full susp, good tyres, c/w Trima +5.1 loader, 133hp, 1 owner

David Grundy 07879 698473

NEW Holland 5635 2wd tractor, f/w Howard Extra FX in 2012, loader with third service, R reg, 5200hrs, 2 owners from new, c/w muck fork, bucket, rear wheel weights & spare set of front wheels, done little loader work. £10,200+VAT. D Raven Tel 07825 151798 (Suffolk)

LANDINI Legend 185, very nice condition, with 3800hrs, genuine reason for sale. £15,650+VAT. J Green Tel 07415 387696/07711 852088 (Beds)

£19,950 Citan 6000 Solo Seed Drill - 2012

6 m, hydraulic folding, eradicators, electric metering drive, RoTeC+ single disc coulters, exact following harrow, AmaTron+, road lights, good condition.

£17,600 Cayron 200 5 F - 2015

shop-soiled, hyd. front furrow width, shear bolt, stepped furrow width adjustment, combi depth wheel.

The next best thing to a NEW Amazone - a USED one

October 2019 183

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20/09/2019 11:02



Fendt/Trelleborg wheels

ALL steel flat bed trailer, measurements approx 12' x 7', twin axle, but the Indespension units on one side need replacing, otherwise the trailer is in good order, Doncaster. £350 ono. G Ulley Tel 07798 872221 (S Yorks)

MICHELIN narrow wheels, 8.3x44 (replaces 12x38), off Massey 390, good condition. G Cole Tel 07765 407357/01406 330645 (Lincs)

2014, 12t, sprung drawbar, 10 stud axles, excellent condition

01530 229686 or 07831 113316 54-67720

10-FOOT sheep trailer, old but needs repairing, has been used, but needs new floor. £500 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex) MASSEY Ferguson 5t drop side trailer. £875+VAT. P Beasley Tel 07836 652963/01353 649500 (Cambs)

2012 Stocks dual wheels, 420/85R24 fronts & 460/85R38 rears, Alliance 90%. £2,050. H Kisby Tel 07768 903046 (Cambs)

£4,500 520/85R42 & 480/70R30, 84" track

01493 750999

At BWT we specialise in new and used wheel solutions for Rowcrop, Standard, Dual Wheel & Flotation applications.




Let us solve


and wheel problems

Wheel barrow to Combine we have the answer! OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE


All makes sold Part exchange welcome VREDESTEIN Flotation Pro, 710/40-R22.5 tyres (2), have come off square baler, good condition, have been kept as spares over the summer. £350+VAT each. H Saunders Tel 07748 140502 (Beds)

385/55-R19-5, 8 ply rating, 8 stud wheel, as new 28570-R19.5, 18 ply rating, 8 stud wheel, as new, one of each. R Woodford Tel 07836 751120/02476 542321 (Warks) TWO Ford 2000 grassland wheels & tyres, barn stored. £100 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex) PAIR of floatation tyres, 560/60/22.5, good tread, hold air. £200+VAT. G Elson Tel 07801 321342/01780 410430 (Rutland) LARGE selection of Stocks dual wheels. Call for price & sizes. W Agri Tel 07873 149208 (Kent)

Call Stuart on:

01328 862 332 077362 71058





rowcrop wheels

FORD 2000 grassland wheels & tyres. £100 ono. P Pettet Tel 07464 361584/01621 891227 (Essex)

New & unused 455/45R22.5

£700 01493 750999

£2,000 10 stud agricultural trailer commercial axle wheels & tyres

01493 750999

FOUR wheels with tyres for Land Rover; also rowcrop wheels & centres to fit MF35 or Ford 3000; plus other 2nd hand tyres, ring for details. S Jones Tel 07796 001370 (Norfolk)


0 805000881 1 3 8 07 205 46 .com

ct Conta

01371 832310

John Deere 6320

PAIR Michelin 16.9x24, 50%, £50 each; pair Continental 520/85x42, also 50%. Offers. S Ashford Tel 07770 981654 (Norfolk)


Call us now with your requirements

270/95R44 & 11.2R28


DUMP trailer, tandem axle with 10 stud super single wheels, approx 12t, very strong. £1,500+VAT. A Hawtin Tel 07738 951502/01327 350477 (Northants) TYE twin axle trailer with high steel mesh headboard, sides & barn doors. £900+VAT. P Freeman Tel 07711 145124 (Lincs) 32-FOOT trailer with dolly. £900+VAT. J Staight Tel 07761 631549 (Essex) BAILEY 18t Beeteaper, 2018, air brakes, sheet, chute, front window, extra lights, rear towing loops, mud guards & flaps, only been used on cereals, like new. POA. www. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds) AS 8t tandem axle grain trailer. £1,500 ono. J Waters Tel 07971 750632 (Cambs) BAILEY 18t TB, 2017, 560 tyres, silage kit, twin tipping pipes. POA. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds) BRIAN Legg 6t tipping trailer, grain size. £650 ono. J Waters Tel 07971 750632 (Cambs)

YOUR Agri Tyre


HERBST 10t mini low loader, new, LED lights, toolbox, sprung ramps, chequerplate floor, 18' long, beavertail, Herbst red. £6,750+VAT. MK Tractors Tel 07768 553833/01462 813390(T) (Beds)

RICHARD Western 12t tandem axle grain trailer, sprung drawbar & axles, Michelin XML 445x65-R22.5 tyres, manual tailgate c/w grain hatch & sock, fitted rollover sheet, used for grain only, always barn stored, excellent condition. £5,995+VAT. R Lintott Tel 01728 663476/07799 473374 (Suffolk)

STOCKS front & rear duals, suitable for JD8130, front duals 600/65R28 Michelin XM, 30mm tread, 4 clamps per tyre. £750 for pair; rear duals 710/70R38 Titan AG48M, 45mm tread, 8 clamps per tyre. £1,500 for pair. T Darby Tel 07887 722112 (Cambs)


CAR transport trailer, needs tidying up, not been used lately. £300 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)


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Agricultural Dump Trailer




ltu dwhe agricu resan sales@ riculturalty g .a w w w BOSTON

SET of Continental tyres, two 540/65-R28, 5–10%; two 650/65R38, 40% totally sound, no slits on side walls, be fine for grass & road work. £850+VAT. B Graves Tel 07801 862278 (Northants)

NEW agricultural tyre, 15.5/80-24, 12 ply, new tyre & tube, fitted to JCB loadall wheel. £250. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

JOHN DEERE 6110R 2017, 629 Hours, AutoQuad plus, 50K, Four Wheel Drive,Pick Up Hitch, Drawbar, 3 SCV’s, passenger seat, 420/85R24, 460/85R38 #21008612




JOHN DEERE 732 SPRAYER 2013, 24m boom, 3200L capacity, 420/85R38, steering draw bar #21008081


MASSEY FERGUSON 362 CHALLENGER MT775E 4019 Hours, Front End Loader with Bucket, 12 x 12 2015 year, 1918 hours, Warranty til March 2020, 30” tracks, RTK Reciever, Track weight, Front weight, 4 ESCV, Transmission 3 point linkage. #31009300


CMN MASKINTEC CULTIVATION 3M wide cultivator, good working order




KRM FERTILISER SPREADER 2008, bag lifting crane, calibrator controlled, roll over sheet




JOHN DEERE 6115M 2014, 3215 Hours, Power quad, 40K, Front Loader H310, 3 SCV’s, Belt line lights, Twin Flashing Beacons, Passenger seat, Air seat, Firestone 380/85R24 15%, Firestone 420/85R39 40%. #31008658


Buy and sell online —

JOHN DEERE 5100M 2014,3814 hours, 16/16 synchromesh, 40K, Front Loader H260, Air seat, Hydraulic Brakes, Tool Box, Bonnet guard, work lights, belt line lights, quick release loader bracket, 3 SCV’S, hitch Window £29,995 #31007834

JOHN DEERE 6115M 2013, 2277 hours, Front linkage and PTO Hydraulic top link, 520/70R38 50%, 420/70R24 50% 540/540E 1000 PTO Air seat, Autoquad 40K

JOHN DEERE 855D GATOR 2016, 1060 hours, digital screen, 4 wheels drive-2 wheel drive, indicators, lights, bench seating, 1 mesh door far side, toe bar, glass rear and front windscreen, manual tipping back #31008370


MASSEY FERGUSON 6480 2009, 4392 hours, Dyna 6 gearbox, 3 SCV’s, front and rear tyres 80%, Air con, Work lights



JOHN DEERE MOCO 2008, New Rear Curtain, 3m Working Width, Good Working Order, Rear Lighting, New Blades



Stockbury: 01795 843250 | Framfield: 01825 891111 | Ivychurch: 01233 225775 Call Harry Durrant 01795 502744 October 2019 185

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Woodhams Farm, Cutlers Green, Thaxted, Essex CM6 2RH

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Telephone 01371 830353 Email Visit

VADERSTAD Carrier 650 Super 6.5m short- CLAAS Arion 540 4wd tractor, 2014 c/w VICON IXTRACK C40 24m 4000L tracking disc, 2008, hyd levelling paddles, 6/10 .. POA 1900hrs, 40K, cab suspension, front weight, sprayer, 2013, GPS section control, auto 600/65R38 rears, 460/65R28 fronts, due in height, 2 sets wheels, 9/10..............£22,500

SUMO Trio 2.5m 2008 c/w 4 subsoiler legs, HANKINS Maidwell single leg moledrainer, 2012, twin beam, leading disc, reversible leg, discs, 800mm Multipacker, Weaving land wheel drive seeder, rear lights, 7/10 ...£7,950 ceramic expander, 8/10........................£4,350

KVERNELAND LD85-300 6 furrow plough, SIMBA 6.6m X-Press, 2003 DOWDESWELL MA145 on-land/in-furrow LEMKEN Variopack 3.4m furrow press, 2007 KV/ACCORD 6m Tineseeder, 2005 2006, manual vari-width, Q-fit points, c/w nearly new discs, 8/10.................... POA 7 furrow (6+1), 2008 c/w DD bodies, c/w 45 degree rings, wide spaced bearings, c/w hyd fan, track eradicators, 7/10 ...................................................... POA 7/10 ..................................................£8,750 can be sold at reduced width, 7/10 ........ POA pre-emergence, ESC, 6/10 ................£7,450

HARDI 24m mounted sprayer, VADERSTAD Rapid 30S 3m mounted disc SIMBA 4.6m Cultipress, 1998 c/w rigid tines, AMAZONE Cayenna 6001-C 6m grain & fert WEAVING 4m Tinedrill, 2006, due in.................................................... POA tine drill, 2016 c/w pre-em markers, due in.................................................... POA drill, due in ............................................ POA hyd levellers, DD rings, hyd rear drawbar, new points & pads, 7/10 ....................... POA 8/10 ................................................ £39,500

DOWDESWELL MA170 9 furrow (7+1+1) KONGSKILDE 5.9m Vibromaster c/w 4 KVERNELAND Accord 4.8m Tineseeder drill, KVERNELAND RG100 8 furrow plough, hyd KVERNELAND Accord Exacta-HL twin disc on-land plough, 2009 c/w DDS bodies, rubber depth wheels, following harrow, vari-width, hyd front furrow, No28 bodies, fert spreader c/w border limiter, hyd on/off, rear 2005 c/w track eradicators, triple hopper lights, swing over hopper cover, 8/10 ...£2,150 extension, ESC, 7/10 .........................£5,950 rear discs, 7/10 .................................£8,750 6/10 ...................................................... POA manual vari-width, rear discs, 8/10 ....£9,750

MISC-AG 3m 5 leg subsoiler, 2018 c/w KVERNELAND LD85-240 5 furrow plough, LELY 400-45 4m power harrow c/w tooth SUMO 4m DTS, 2013 c/w 5” coulters, RDS VADERSTAD 6.6m NZ trailed springtine c/w Cousins wearing parts, 24” dia tooth packer, packer, 7/10 .......................................... POA rate controller, hopper & rear view cameras, track erads, front levelling boards, 4 rows of manual vari-width, hyd front furrow, rear 875ha, 9/10 .................................... £24,500 Agrilla-Super tines, rear harrow 6/10 ..... POA discs, original No8 bodies, 9/10 ............ POA pin adjust depth control, 10/10 ..........£4,750

KUHN VM 180 6 furrow (5+1) plough, 2004 VADERSTAD 5m Carrier c/w steel rings, BATEMAN RB15 24m sprayer, 1996 c/w SUMO 4m Trio, 2008 c/w straight front discs, DALBO 2.6m furrow press, 2013 c/w c/w hyd auto-reset, hyd vari-width, hyd front optional tine & leveller kit, new discs, 7 legs, drop-out discs, 800mm Multipackers, 800mm rings, 8/10 ............................... POA 12700hrs, 600/55R26.5 flotations & 320/85R32 rowcrops, 7/10 .............£13,500 furrow, H4 bodies 7/10......................£6,500 7/10 ...................................................... POA 7/10 ...................................................... POA

FARMET 6m softer short disc, 2019, 560mm FARMET Fantom 12.5m pro stubble cultivator, FARMET Fantom Pro 8.5m, 2018 c/w front FARMET Verso 8m springtine, 2018 c/w front FARMET Kompaktomat 6m, 2018 c/w hyd discs, soil or ring packers, available for sale 2019 c/w levelling paddles, double soil packer, levellers, 190mm tine spacing, steel ring & rear levellers, double erads, 6m, 7m & 9m levellers, hyd tine depth control, rear tooth also in stock, enquire for demo ........ £27,500 packer, in stock, enquire for demo ... £28,500 190mm tine spacing, in stock..........£89,500 packer, in stock, enquire for demo ......... POA or demo, in stock ............................ £34,500

BROCK Sub-V 4m 7 leg mounted folding BROCK Packer System for retro-fit, image BROCK Double Lock 24.4m rolls, 2016 c/w BROCK Tine System for retro-fit, image BROCK Campaign 900S 9m G+F tine drill, close coupled subsoiler c/w steel ring packer shows tyre packers & steel ring packers to 24” breaker rings, optional levelling paddles, shows 7 height-adjust clamp-on subsoiler 2017 c/w Avadex & slug pellets, Topcon section control, available for sale or demo POA available for sale or demo ...................... POA legs for McConnel 3m discaerator ......... POA suit different Simba 6m SL cultivators .... POA & swivel scraper system, in stock.... £14,825

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

A.T. HOUGHTON Agricultural Engineers

Saddington Road, Nr SHEARSBY, Leics LE17 6PX

New machinery in stock


The Independent Spreader Trailer & Tanker Specialists


Used machinery in stock



with extra lights, crash bars, arched full width f/window, mudflaps all round, etc, 6 weeks grain hire only 2009 JPM SPECIAL 19t twin axle low loader with wells for large wheels, wide body, hyd ramps, etc 2013 SAS (AS Marston) 20t Domex body, 60o tip, high speed axles & susp, air brakes & LSV, Nokian 710/45x22.5 floats, radials, high clearance taildoor, roll over cover 2013 STEWART GX20-24S 20t, full high speed spec, 560/60x22.5 radials, rollover cover, silage sides, etc TANKERS 2017 STEWART GX18-23S 18t, full high speed spec, air brakes with ABS & LSV, 560/60x22.5 radials, silage NEW HISPEC 4000 gallon vacuum tanker, BKT 560/60x22.5 radial flotation, high speed spec, etc, etc sides, rollover cover, arched window, etc, ex hire, vgc 2016 HISPEC 4000 TD-S 4000 gall, twin comm axles 2012 STEWART GX15 15t flat trailer 28’x8’4” c/w hardwood floor, twin comm axles & 4 leaf parabolic & susp, 445/65x22.5 radials, air brakes & LSV, pipe susp, as new 385/55x22.5 comm s/singles, hyd trays, etc, vgc brakes, removable canopy frame with alloy roof, r/hyd JOSKIN 5.6m r/disc injector unit with mascerator pusher unit, s/d/bar, vgc 2013 MAJOR 3500 gallon, non recessed, twin 2006 STEWART GX15 FT 32’ 15t flat, hardwood floor, commercial axles & inverted bogey multi-leaf susp, hyd brakes & h/brake, lights, twin comm axles & susp, 650/50Rx22.5 flotation radials, air/hyd brakes, galv, 385/65x22.5 comm tyres, fixed headboard c/w f/& r/ r/worklights, beacon, mudguards, s/d/bar, 11000L PTO hay ladders, vgc pump, front inspection hatch, rear 600mm door etc, etc 2011 STEWART 15t low loader, 435/50R19.5 radial 2006 MARSHALL 1750 gallon vacuum tanker, single tyres, air/hyd brakes with ABS & LSV axle, hyd brakes, lights, etc, only used for 2 loads of STEWART TRAILER SILAGE SIDES KITS (new current water since new, truly excellent condition style) with reversible blowboard to fit GX18–23S TRAILERS models TWO 2016 16’ SHOOTING PERSONNEL CARRIERS 2002 BAILEY 12/14t agric dumper, Alliance 500/60x22.5 16 ply floats, used for sugar beet & grain one tractor drawn twin axle model, one Ifor Williams twin axle 50mm ball hitch, green PVC shaped canopies, only, barn stored, vgc NEW 2019 BROUGHAN 34’ h/duty, full hi speed spec, padded internal seating, windows etc, etc OTHER flat trailer EX HIRE 2018 BROUGHAN 18t HD mono grain, 1996 ECE 10t Lowline, twin vert augers, 18.4x34 22’x8’2”x5’, 23cu/m, all full comm hi speed spec, air 14 ply tyres, inner controlling door, previous major overhaul & repaint, vgc brakes with ABS & LSV, hyd door with auto locking, 2007 GYRAX 12t twin vert auger spreader, 23.1R26 rollover cover assy, f/gantry access platform, BKT 560/60x22.5 flotation radials, s/d/bar, full LED lighting wheels, single axle, s/d/bar, guill door, v clean & in gwo 2009 LOWLANDER WIDE BODY 230, twin vert auger spreader with twin axles 2009 LOWLANDER 150HD MK2 580/70 x 38 radials, wide body vertical augers, 20mm chains, guill. door, close spacing floor bars, vgc 2005 LOWLANDER 90 Mk4 twin vertical auger spreader, 18.4x34,14 ply tyres, hyd brakes & lights, vgc

2016 16’ shooting personnel trailer

BROUGHAN 34’ high speed flat trailer

NEW 2019 HISPEC 4000 gallon tanker

WANTED – TRAILERS & ALL MODELS BUNNING SPREADERS, TANKERS 3000 gallon plus Contact Alan 01263 861500 or 710679 • 07887 722978

email: web:


2018 BROUGHAN Mega High Speed trailer

Deutz 5110 & stoll loader 2015 Deutz 6180, 2014 Massey Ferguson 6499 Dynashift 2006 JD 2850 2wd McHale 660 round baler ready for work Welger 220 Mastercut round baler Welger 435 2008 Welger V160 E-Link 2016 8000 bales Bomford 3m heavy duty shaft drive topper Twyman 10’ flail mower Twose 280 flail mower Einbock 6m grass harrows Lely Roterra 4m power harrow Sumo Trio 3m c/w seeder 2013 trailed little work Dowdeswell 5 furrow reversible plough Kuhn bale wrapper RW6110 E-twin bale wrapper as new Kuhn 700G11 disc mower Kuhn FC313 mounted mower conditioner Kuhn MDS1141 QL fertiliser spreader Kverneland Taarup 9142 single rotor rake Kverneland Taarup 9578C twin rotor rake Teagle 40/40 tub feeder/bedder Teagle 80/80 SC feeder/bedder Shelbourne Reynolds block cutter with JCB brackets Conor 12m feeder mixer Graham Edwards 14’ tri axle cattle trailer Polaris Prostar quad bike c/w roll bar road legal Twose 6.3m Cambridge rolls c/w paddles Edlington Cambridge rolls, 21’ hyd folding

01162 478 999 Sales: Dave Griffin – mobile 07712 509869





Buy and sell online —

Deutz 5125 demonstrator, c/w Stoll loader Deutz 6165 powershift demonstrator Deutz 6215 TTV demo unit Kverneland 3332 mounted mower conditioner 3.2m Kverneland TAR 9464 twin rotor rake (mounted) Kverneland 5 furrow LB Variwidth 300hp headstock Kverneland FRO flail grass topper Redrock 5’10” silage block cutter Redrock 20t industrial dump trailer Redrock 24t tri-axle low-loading trailer McHale V6600 round baler, new in stock, braked axle McHale 991EB bale wrapper, fully auto McHale round bale handlers Opico 6m hyd folding grass harrows Walter Watson 8.3m Cambridge rollers c/w breaker rings & paddles Walter Watson hydraulic rotating 12’ end tow flat roll Walter Watson bull beef feeders Moulton FY4 yard scraper Kawasaki Mule Pro DX Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Kawasaki 750cc quad bike

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£150,000 +VAT

300hp, 16 speed, variopilot, front PTO, 4x hydraulic valves, rear PUH, air trailer brakes, 495-70R24 tyres

Contact Office 01480 473452 Tim 07710 678459 Graham 07739 091366

PAIR of 420/85-R38 tyres, 30% read, call for more information. £250+VAT. T Foss Tel 07711 283234/01604 770466 (Northants)


WOODS extractor fan, ex potato store, fan made by Farm Electronics, auto louvre, light filter. £750+VAT. R Kerr Tel 07531 574681 (Essex) RUSSELL elevator with 6' luffing head, 3 phase, average condition, but good working order. £700. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincs) SEVENTEEN asparagus cutting knives, used, good condition. £2.50 each or £30 the lot. G Richmond Tel 01502 730387 (Suffolk)


2008 Mitsubishi L200 Warrior, 103000 miles, tidy for age, leather seats, excellent tyres, tow bar & electric socket, well serviced including cam belt change, drives very well & has just had a birthday in our workshop, long MOT. £5,300+VAT. B Robinson Tel 07740 683113 (Glos)

RANGE Rover Westminster, 62 reg, 77500 miles, 12mths MOT, 4 new tyres, top spec model, too many options to list, excellent condition. £16,000. J Brocksopp Tel 07831 309922 (Notts) TOYOTA Hill Active Double Cab 2.5 D4D, black, 2014 (64), 42,000mls, full service history, 12 months MOT, tow Pack. £11,000 ono no VAT. N Barham Tel 07469 870229/01728 648872 (Suffolk) LAND Rover 1975 model 88 4 cyl diesel, reg LAP 245P, barn stored for approx 10yrs, private sale. £10,000 ono. K Pugh Tel 01694 771258/07977 912970 (Shrops)

RANGE Rover 2.5 DSE, full service history, 79,996 miles, very good condition for age, full MOT & recent service. R Clarke Tel 01255 823031/07811 956789 (Essex)

ISUZU 2.8L diesel engine, good working order, currently fitted in Range Rover, will split, can be heard running. A Davies Tel 07779 519112 (Pembrokeshire) BLUE Land Rover Defender, 62 reg, 41500mls, FSH, tow bar, vgc, elderly lady owner, used as a runabout. £15,000+VAT ono. L Wood Tel 01629 640422 (Derbys)

PICKUP canopy, silver, off a 2004 Hilux 4 door. £100. P Dunne Tel 01905 840037 (Worcs)

COUNTRY VEHICLES Land Rover Defender 90 station wagon, new galv chassis, 97P .............. £8,995 Land Rover Defender 110 200 TDI, 86C ............. £3,495 Land Rover Defender 110 hard-top, 91J, 65,000 miles, blue ........................... £4,995

mobile 07973 139483

home/fax 0115 965 2204

VINTAGE Liner concrete mixer, restoration project. £80. J Brocksopp Tel 07831 309922 (Notts)

DISCOVERY 3 Commercial XS with factory rear seats, cruise & climate control, bluetooth, etc, towbar with twin electrics, full history. £6,500+VAT ono. L Hull Tel 07908 861993 (Essex)

DAVID Brown 880 Selectomatic 6 speed gearbox, in good original condition, everything works as it should. £2,200. Hornbuckle Tel 07801 101645 (Leics)

LAND Rover Defender, 08, LWB, 71K, full service history, front winch, full roof rack, work lights & beacons, tow bar, inside racking, inverter, 1st class condition. £8,500. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

MITSUBISHI L200 Trojan pickup, double cab, 2007, registered restricted use, so no MOT at present, 120,000, leather, e/w, c/l, tow bar. £1,750. J Weston Tel 07803 270448 (Lincs)

FOWLER steam cultivator, converted to use behind crawler. £750. T Austin Tel 07831 295954/01223 871166 (Cambs)

HOWARD 300 Rotovators (2) £250 for the two for spares or repair; Howard Bantam rotovators in need of restoration. £200 ono the two; between Maldon & Tiptree. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227 (Essex)

PICKUP canopy, black, off a 2005 Isuzu 4 door. £100. P Dunne Tel 01905 840037 (Worcs)

DAF 6 wheeled tipper. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs) LAND Rover Defender 90, 2012, 34000mls, electric windows, tow bar, DRL front bumper with LED day time, running lights, black & red leather LR Adventure seats, 12 mths MOT. £18,950. P Wright Tel 07774 457821 (Norfolk)

WEIGHT for International Farmall Model A. £35. G Richmond Tel 01502 730387 (Suffolk)

MASSEY Ferguson 8' spring tine cultivator, new set of points. £250. E Gillett Tel 07710 137619 (Suffolk)

Dave Smith:

TILT & slide recovery body, 20' x 8', with a sub-chassis, beacons & a hydraulic winch. £1,250. J Weston Tel 07803 270448 (Lincs)

LAND Rover Defender 90 County, hard top, 2008, 98000 miles, very smart looking in silver & in very good condition throughout, full service history, electric windows, rear folding seats, upgraded stereo. £14,750 ono. G Pill Tel 07919 522411/01235 833426 (Oxon)

MITSUBISHI L200, 2006, 46000 miles only, air con, genuine farm vehicle. £4,500+VAT H Brown Tel 07764 477766 (Cambs)


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

FOUR wheels with Avon 7.00x12 tyres, fair condition, 6.25" hole, bolt holes at 4" centres, 8.125" PCD. C Bush Tel 0115 930 7521/07751 987258 (Derbys) PAIR of radial wheels, 23.1x26, 95% tread, bolt in centres. £875+VAT. C Desborough Tel 07946 557156/01945 410206 (Cambs)

Unimog U530 57-67889


DISCOVERY Commercial, 2016, 1 owner, 40,0000 miles on the clock, rear seat conversion, tow bar fitted, exceptional condition, recent MOT. £33,995 ono. S Reece Tel 07836 747300 (Glos)

CHERISHED personal number plate, A403 KAY, on retention 10yrs, assignment fee £80 paid, ready to go straight on to a vehicle. £1,000. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffs) DAIHATSU Fourtrak. £400. R Hopkinson Tel 07976 424263 (Lincs)

MUCK tines & grapple for Massey Ferguson 80 loader, good condition. £125. I Vincent Tel 07940 046558 (E Sussex) TOYOTA Hilux 3.0 D-4D Invincible double cab pickup, 4x4, metallic black with black leather, auto, 57,172 miles with FSH, MOT until June 2020, sat nav, reversing camera, climate control, tow pack. excellent condition, road use only. £14,995+VAT. P Skinner Tel 07711 405100 (Northants)

GREY Ferguson discs, 3pt linkage, new bearings. £330. D Godfrey Tel 01235 868492/07707 524151 (Oxon) FERGUSON tipping 3t trailer. £55. D Godfrey Tel 01235 868492/07707 524151 (Oxon) LILY hay turner used this season, sale due to retirement. £400 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

188 October 2019

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FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202 Startin Tractors Limited Twycross CV9 3PW

Startin All prices + VAT

New Holland T8.330 Auto Command 2014, 4146hrs, front linkag

New Holland T8.380 Auto Command 2015, 4668hrs, front linkage

New Holland T5.115 & loader Power Shuttle, 1755hrs

New Holland T5.105 Power Shuttle, air conditioned cab, genuine 753hrs

New Holland TM140 Dual Command, Power Shuttle, 7051hrs

New Holland TM190 suspension, front linkage, 7460hrs

John Deere 5070 c/w loader 70hp, Turf tyres, air conditioned cab, 2012

John Deere 5100M c/w loader 90hp, 2012, 2080hrs, air conditioned cab

John Deere 7600 Powerquad in need of a little TLC

John Deere 7700 Powerquad 1996, 8540hrs, a true classic

Massey Ferguson 365 with 3 lever gearbox, 4374hrs, 16.9x34 tyres

Kubota 9540 c/w Kubota loader 2012, 1530hrs, Euro headstock, air conditioned

Massey Ferguson 6480 Dyna 6, 2009, needs tidying

Massey Ferguson 5410 Dyna 4 genuine 542hrs, 2013

Massey Ferguson 5460 Power Shuttle, 115hp, 5284hrs, tidy tractor

Massey 390T 12x12 Shuttle, 880 loader, 3855hrs

Cat Challenger MT765 2005, 6257hrs, rear linkage & PTO

Claas Nexos 240 vineyard tractor 4wd, 2011, 4800hrs

Deutz DX3.70 4wd, 76hp, clean genuine tractor

Deutz DX4.50 4wd, 1989, needs some help

Fendt 270 vineyard tractor mid mount valves, front weights

NEW Weidemann T4512 telescopic Euro hitch, pallet forks & bucket

NEW Weidemann T6027 telescopic pin & cone, rear hitch

JCB 48Z excavator 2019, 208hrs, 4 buckets, piped

JCB JS130 excavator quick hitch, 3 buckets, 2014, 4100hrs

Fendt 936 Vario front linkage & PTO, 2009, 360hp

Amazone Citan 6000 drill low hours, call for full spec

Amazone Cenius cultivator 2012, photographed working last week

Kverneland PS 100-8 auto reset 6 furrow plough

Rabe Raven 5 furrow slatted mouldboard, hydraulic Vari width

Spearhead S60 hedgecutter 1.2m head, joystick controls, just like new

Buy and sell online —

John Deere 7310R Vario 50kph, 3615hrs, front linkage

01827 880088 • • Check our website for up to date list & photos:

* Finance offered

subject to terms & conditions 67624

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Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


11053793 JD S680i LL 2013, 1150/1650hrs, tracks, ProDrive, chopper/chaff, AutoTrac complete, 635PF 35’ Premium flow header/trolley


11052217 JD 1424 2013, 120x70 6 string baler, 55,000 bales, Twin axle, ISOBUS, Steering rear axle, Pre packer, Auto lube, Work


21055067 DEUTZ M35.75 1990, 3100hrs, Agrotonic, 5 walker, no chopper, mech trans, loss monitors, 14’ header/trolley


41053341 JD 5125R 2017, 220hrs, Command8, 40K, fr/cab sus, A/C, air seat, 3SCV, 600/65R34 480/65R24 95%


11055679 JD S680i HM 2014, 825/1100hrs, Prodrive, Autotrac ready, 30ft premium flow header, Chop/Chaff, PG Warranty 7/2019 - 2000hrs


21055068 CLAAS 98S 1987, 5292hrs, Dominator, 5 walker, mech trans, straw chopper, 23.1R26, 16’ header/trolley


31057323 ZETOR Forterra 135 2014, 2025HRS, 4WD, manual, 40K, A/C, air seat, hyd brakes, front weights, 520/70R38 60% 420/70/24 80%


11056112 JD 5125R 2018, 269hrs, Command8 32/16 creeper, 40K, fr/ cab sus, 3SP PTO, 3SCV, 480/70R34, 380/70R24, PUH,


51049798 NH CR9070 2011, 1522/1897hrs, Elevation, chopper/chaff, 900/60R38, 540/65R30, 30’ Varifeed header/trolley


41056431 JD 960 2013, Round Baler, 50,800 bales, ISOBUS, AutoGreaser, no knives, side panel damage,


11056688 CAT MT765 2003, 5079HRS,PowerShift, 40K, 25” tracks 90%, PTO, drawbar, climate control, AutoSteer + dome


11055321 JD 5085M 2017, 350hrs, PowerReverse, 40K, 32/16 + Creep gear, 23.1-26 8PR 44X18-20 4PR grass tyres, Air Con, Air Seat,

01844 278843


21055077 JD 1188 1989, 3937hrs, Hydro4, 2wd, A/C, chopper, 818 18’ header/ trolley, 30.5 R32


11056406 LELY RP435 2009, Round baler, belts, 5’, rotacut, knives, 19864 bales


41056780 CAT TH407C 2015, 4665hrs, 7mtr, 4T, 40K, boom sus, A/C, air seat, trailer brakes, PUH, CAT Head (no forks) 460/70R24


11056868 JD 5080M 2014, 490hrs, Power reverser, Hi/Lo 32/16 40K, 13.6/R24 & 420/85R34 tyres, 2 speed PTO, 2SCV, AC, Air seat, PUH,

Our Milton Common OX9 2NZ Yard Weights NOT included. Prices each,exclude VAT ex yard. Whilst stocks last. Correct 12/9/19. E & OE

190 October 2019

fg_class_oct_19.indd 190

19/09/2019 11:32

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202 62828

RC SETCHFIELD LTD Grantham 01476 560784

Staveley 01246 475315 All prices subject to VAT

JCB TM310 59 reg, 6184hrs, rear hitch, tyres 5%



New Bomford Kestrel E hedge cutter 5.0m, cable control, Pro Trim head


New West 16t trailer c/w roll over sheet, air brakes, hyd door, wide tyres

New West 14t trailer c/w sprung drawbar, hyd door, grain chute, super singles

New Henton 10t bale trailer 25’, c/w tandem axle



TYM T503 tractor 2013 reg, 985 hours only

JCB TM320S 14 reg, 5884hrs, PUH, Mich tyres 85%

Cat TH407C Agri 65 reg, 2916hrs, rear hitch, tyres 50%




Merlo P40-7CS 64 reg,4653hrs,air-con, rear hitch, Sanderson carriage


For more pictures and more stock visit


New Gregoire Besson RB6 4+1 plough c/w No8 bodies, hyd f/ furrow, r/disc


Chafer Mirage self propelled sprayer 2003, 3000L, 24m, c/w rowcrop & float tyres







2015, MF9380 30ft Superflow Table, Side Knife, Yield & Moisture Meter, 900/55R32 & 600/55-26.5, 1089 Engine & 569 Rotor Hours.

2015, MERLO 42.7 Turbo Farmer Loadall C/w 405/70R24 tyres, Good Condition 3027 Hours

2011, JCB 531/70 AGS Hyd Pin Lock Q Fit Carriage & 480/70R24 Good Condition 4615 Hours

2017, JCB 535/95 AGP New Q Fit Carriage & Tines, LED Lights, 500/70R24 Tyres Excellent Condition 1427 Hours

2011, JCB 514/40 C/W Compact Tool Carrier & Forks Good Condition 2773 Hours

Call Andrew Whiteley: 07774 296382

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116

Call Dennis Hart: 07824 016116

£80,000 2016, JCB4220 Front Linkage, Field Pack, 600/60R30 Tyres Good Condition 3969 Hours. Call Ian Hopper: 07774 296379

£75,000 2010, CHALLENGER MT765C 30” Belts, Wide Drivers And Mid Wheels, 8 Idler Weights, Good Condition. 5509 Engine Hours Call Chris Batcheler: 07584 631399

2017, VALTRA T214D Sub Metre Autoguide With C3000 Screen, Cvt, 4 Spools, Front Linkage, Evo Seat, Auto Cab Suspension, 160L/ Min Hydraulics, 600/75R38 & 600/65R28. 1524 Hours Call Max Pinney: 07795 128281

2017, CDA300 167 Spacing, 3000Ltr Hopper, Single Press Wheels, Cultivation Discs, Basic Control Unit, Cat 3 Cross Shaft Tramlining x2, Pre Emergence Markers, Hydraulic Markers Track Eradicators Call Marcus Bourne: 07774 296390

2016, EUROLINER 28,000L New & Unused C/W Vogelsang Lobepump, Vredestein 650/65R30 Flotation Trac Wheel Equip, Adr Axle Upgrade With 420X200 Brakes, Rear Led Work /Beacon/Brake/Tail & High Level Road Lights Call Richard Cross: 07860 429947

2014, FT828 C/W Hp Gps Steering, Mechanical Cab Suspension, Cmft Front Linkage, Hyd Top Link, 5 Dudk Rear Spools, 1 Front Spool, 600/70R30 & 710/70R42. 4657 Hours Call Richard Cross: 07860 429947

2014, CHALLENGER MT765D 30” Tracks, 8 Idler Weights, Debris Deflectors, Agi 4 Guidance Very Good Condition 6370 Hours Call Chris Batcheler: 07584 631399

Search Through More Used Tractors And Machinery Online At:






£65,000 2016, MF7718 EX D6 No Front Linkage Or Guidance, 480/70R28 & 580/70R38 Tyres, Balance Of 5 Year 3000 Hour Maufacturers Warranty 1642 Hours Call Ian Hopper: 07774 296379

Buy and sell online —

Hi-Spec Mix Max 18 diet feeder


All prices exclude VAT | E&OE

Brigg: 01652 600200 | Corringham: 01427 838696 | Halsham: 01964 614233 | Louth: 01507 353500 | Selby: 01757 700699 Quality Used Machinery At Affordable Prices! Sales, Service & Parts Depots Across Lincolnshire & Yorkshire


















October 2019 191

fg_class_oct_19.indd 191

19/09/2019 11:34

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


FERGUSON TEF20 diesel, very original, in good working order, c/w roll bar, has original V5 document, reluctant sale, registration: ORM 415. £2,750. K Bristow Tel 01363 772965 (Devon)

TOP link for Grey Ferguson, excellent condition for year. £35. G Richmond Tel 01502 730387 (Suffolk) FORDSON Major with loader, needs work, restoration project. £750 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex)

RANSOMES cultivator, old fashioned, not been used lately, no longer needed. £200 ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227/07464 361584 (Essex) MASSEY Ferguson 788 combine, 10' cut. £1,750. T Austin Tel 07831 295954/01223 871166 (Cambs) LATE Victorian/early Edwardian stable stall, dismantled, out of a country house. £1,000. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffs)

HOWARD rotovator, 5'. £350. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

MASSEY Ferguson 20 baler, good working order, used this year, reliable machine, c/w instruction manual. £400. B Steel Tel 07835 518533/01206 211419 (Essex) DAVID Brown Scuffle, with depth wheels. £200. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

MASSEY Ferguson 65 MkI, barn stored for 25yrs, no V5. £3,500. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

DAVID Brown Crop Master, 1951, fire damaged, with V5. Offers. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) RANSOMES 8’6” mounted discs. £125+VAT. C Desborough Tel 07946 557156/01945 410206 (Cambs)

IRISH jaunting car, made by Christy of Limerick (eat 1799), purchased 25yrs ago but never used, in need of some renovation but in reasonable condition, barn stored, call for further details. J Clarke Tel 07970 079243 (Staffs)

WEIGHING EQUIPMENT CATTLE weigh crush, very good condition, stored inside, no longer required. £500. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

MASSEY Harris Ferguson 3t tipping trailer with hay gaumers, good condition, 12 stud wheels, brass plate number 27576 FJEA 40, British made. £500. K Bradbury Tel 01335 390286 (Derbys)

MF 135, 1965, loader brackets, genuine, serviced, books & V5, transport box & topper. £5,500 no VAT. L Rich Tel 07774 112211 (Glos)

MASSEY Ferguson 120 baler, working order. £750. E Gillett Tel 07710 137619 (Suffolk) MASSEY Ferguson 12' folding seed harrows. £250. E Gillett Tel 07710 137619 (Suffolk)

1964 Massey Ferguson 13 row grain drill. £250. R Feavearyear Tel 01379 586757/07979 448423 (Norfolk)

SPRINGTINE scuffle, 8', with depth wheels. £250. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) RANSOMES Hexatrac 5 furrow trailed plough, YL bodies. £750. T Austin Tel 07831 295954/01223 871166 (Cambs) FERGUSON subsoiler. £150. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs) FERGUSON post hole borer. £375. R Lloyd Tel 07919 575802/07876 686800 (Worcs)

CAT D7M, f/w Birtly angle dozer equipment & rear hydraulics, recent new tracks. £7,500+VAT. T Austin Tel 07831 295954/01223 871166 (Cambs) HOWARD Gem rotovators, Jap engines, in need of restoration, for spares or repair, no longer fit to restore. £200.00 each ono. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227 (Essex) FERGUSON weeder in good condition. £85+VAT. C Desborough Tel 07946 557156/01945 410206 (Cambs)


HOFFMAN tyre changer, single phase, in working order. £350. P Pettet Tel 01621 891227 (Essex) BRAZING gun set, etc. £50. R Keary Tel 01277 214198 (Essex)

Time for an upgrade?

Buy & Sell online for FREE with www. 192 October 2019

Farmers Guide

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202

01223 870016



RDA 600S

RST 830 RDA 800S

CR 650CB CR 500CB

Simba Köckerling Köckerling Köckerling Köckerling

RS 1020

RD 400F Drill 2001 RD 600F Drill System Disc or System Tine RD 800P Set of System Discs to fit RD 600F drill RDA 400S Drill 2003 RDA 400S Drill 2010 RDA 400S Drill 2015 Choice RDA 600S Drill 2002 RDA 600S Drill 2018 Ex Demo RDA 600S Drill 2010 RDA 600S Drill 2015 RDA 800S Drill 2002 RDA 800S Drill 2004 RDA 800S Drill 2013 RDA 800S Drill 2018 RST 330 Twin Press RST 450 Twin Press RST 550 Twin Press RST 630 Twin Press Ex Demo RST 630 Twin Press TopDown TD300 TopDown TD400 Ex Demo TopDown TD500 TopDown TD600 TopDown TD700 NZA 600 6m Cultivator Ex Demo NZA 800 c/w Crosskill Roll Rear Drawbar to fit Top Down Carrier CR420 CB 2015 Carrier CR500 CB Carrier Tines & Crossboard to fit CR500 Carrier CR650CB Ex Demo Variocast Electronic RRP £7,122 our price £5,300 RL400 Cultivating Solutions RL 600 to fit a Väderstad 6m Drill Demo Unit RL 600 to fit a Väderstad 6m Drill Second Hand Combi Disc Roller Contour RRP £43,000 Special Offer £32,500 Solo SL400 Allrounder 6m Ex Demo Vario 4.8m Ex Demo Rebell 6m Classic Compact Disc Harrow Ex Demo Vetor 6.2m ex demo Ex Demo

Buy and sell online —

RDA 400S

Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Väderstad Opico Rapidlift Rapidlift Rapidlift He-Va


RST 330 Church Road, Hauxton, Cambridge CB22 5HS

Main Dealer & Service Centre

Refurbished VÄDERSTAD Machinery Available October 2019 193

fg_class_oct_19.indd 193

19/09/2019 11:35

01865 880866

Chris: 07808 703325 Adam: 07802 776113 High Quality, Low Houred, Used Agricultural Machines. WARRANTY ON ALL TRACTORS.

UK Ltd

New Holland T7.225

New Holland T7.210

New Holland T7.210

New Holland T6.180

New Holland T7.190





2019, 1030 Hrs, Auto Command, Front Links & PTO, Mid Mount Valve, Full GPS, 770TL Loader

2018, Range Command, Side Winder, Front Links & PTO, Mid Mount Valve, GPS Ready, 1043 Hrs

New Holland T5.120

New Holland Boomer 3050

New Holland T3040

New Holland Boomer 50

Land Rover DEFENDER 90





£10,500 + VAT


2019, 49 Hrs, 16X16 Electro Command, LED Work Lights, Heated Seat

Easy Drive, 2016, 662 Hrs

2018, Power Command, 888 Hrs, Front Linkage

2016, 1240 Hrs, 54HP, Air Con

2019, 273 Hrs, 16X16 Electro Command, 40KPH, Front Links & PTO

As New, Hydrostatic Transmission, Turf Tyres

2018, Range Command, 50KPH, 1266 Hrs

55 Reg, 135,000 Miles, County Spec, Very Clean DEFENDER


Office 01787 211701 Luke 07915 669007

NEW HOLLAND T6.150 4WD TRACTOR JOHN DEERE 6800 4WD TRACTOR CASE PUMA 195 MULTI CONTROLLER JOHN DEERE 6430 PREMIUM 4WD NEW HOLLAND TS100A 4WD TRACTOR 2015, 3710hrs, 50K Electro Command 9949hrs, 40K Powerquad 4WD TRACTOR TRACTOR 40K Electroshift .................................................£37,500 .................................................£14,250 2009, 3821hrs, 50K..................£36,500 2008, 9300hrs, 50K Autopower £27,500 .................................................£19,250

TWOSE HYD FOLD 10.4M CAMBRIDGE BOMFORD KESTREL 3PL HEDGE AMAZONE AD3000 SUPER 3M RECIP SPEARHEAD ORBITAL 606 3PL HEDGE DALBO ROLLOMAT HYD FOLD 10.2M ROLLS CUTTER HARROW/SEED DRILL COMBINATION CUTTER 2009, power slew, joystick CAMBRIDGE ROLLS breaker rings ...............................£6,500 2009, cable controls, T-flails .......£5,950 ...................................................£5,500 control, L/R cut ...........................£7,750 ...................................................£4,250

LEMKEN EUROPAL 7 5 FURROW REDROCK 14T DUMP TRAILER BAILEY 18T TRAILER KVERNELAND RS100 SEMI-MOUNTED SANDS SAM 24M 2000L SPRAYER 7 FURROW REVERSIBLE PLOUGH 7092hrs, row crops & REVERSIBLE PLOUGH sprung drawbar, 2017, air & oil brakes, hyd door ...................................£18,950 ...................................................£5,750 flotations .....................................£7,250 ...................................................£4,250 air brakes ....................................£6,500


Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


For more pics and info visit our website

All prices + VAT Boxford Suffolk UK

194 October 2019

fg_class_oct_19.indd 194

19/09/2019 11:37

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202 BUY & Sell for FREE ‘til the cows come home

Browse machinery, equipment & livestock 24/7... fg_class_oct_19.indd 195

20/09/2019 11:48

Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:


Challenger MT775E Stealth Model 27/28 (15 Reg) 3950 hours 5 spools, 16 idler weights (57kg each), 0% finance*

Fendt 828 (63 Reg) 5000 hours, FSH, 6 months parts & labour warranty, 650/85 38 @ 90% *IN FIRST CLASS ORDER*

Fendt 939 Profi (14 Reg) 4400 hours approx, FSH 710/70 42 @ 85%, 65KPH Vario transmission, front linkage, hyd top link

Fendt 724 Profi (15 Reg) 5066 hours, FSH, front linkage, power beyond, 710/70 38 @ 60%, 50KPH, cab & axle suspension

Fendt 936V Profi Plus (12 reg) 6000 hours, good working order, cab & axle suspension, front linkage power beyond

JCB 403A (2019 ex-Stock) BKT 15.50-15 tyres 30KPH transmission Schaffer hitch, LED worklights 2 front, 2 rear

JCB 536-70 Agri Pro Loadall (66 Reg) 2000 hours, hyd locking Q-Fit, 6 months warranty, new 460/70 24 tyres

JCB 536-70 Agri Super Loadall (65 Reg) 4439 hours, 40KPH, hyd locking Manitou c/w pallet tines, new 17.5 24 tyres

JCB 527-58 Agri Loadall (18 Reg) 600 hours,40KPH hyd locking cone & pin, A/C 109hp engine, warranty to 7/3/21 or 3000 hours*

Ovlac SM220 5F Reversible Plough (New—2017 Stock) No.56 bodies, skimmers, rear disc 250 wheel

Valtra A93H c/w V46 Loader (15 reg) 780 hours, 40KPH, A/C 420/82 34 & 13.6 24 @ 80%, hyd brakes, free flow return, 2 spools & more

Valtra T194V (65 Reg) 2600 hours, power beyond air/hyd brakes, cab & axle suspension 520/70 42 & 480/70 30 @ 60% front linkage

Fendt 5 Walker 5255 Fendt Ideal 7 Ex-Demo Fendt 6335 CPL Ex-Demo (New—from stock) (July 2019) Chopper, chaff spreader 25ft header c/w trailer 30ft header, 0% finance 4WD, air conditioning available (subject to terms trailer, 0% finance available (subject to terms, excellent condition conditions & acceptance) conditions & acceptance)

£130,000 + VAT


£37,000 + VAT

£82,000 + VAT

£59,000 +VAT

£68,000 + VAT

£118,000 + VAT

£42,000 + VAT

Ovlac SM220 5F Reversible Plough (New—2017 stock) JCB 541-70 AG + Loadall (2016) Valtra T254 Smart Touch (2018) JCB 560-80 AG Loadall (67 Reg) JCB 536-70 AG Super Loadall (2017)


£85,000 + VAT

£45,000 + VAT

£140,000 +VAT

£65,000 + VAT

£13,500 + VAT

£148,000 +VAT

No. 56 bodies, skimmers, rear disc, 250 wheel New tyres 750 Hours, Trimble Auto Guide New tyres, full service history

£13,500 + VAT £52,000 +VAT £88,000 +VAT £54,000 +VAT £58,000 +VAT

Enquire with a member of our sales team for more information, including any finance and warranty offers * Finance is always subject to terms, conditions and acceptance by the provider.

w w w. w i l f r e d s c r u t o n . c o . u k

Providence Foundry, Foxholes Driffield, East Yorkshire YO25 3QQ Telephone: 01262 470221

Maxwell House, King Rudding Lane Riccall, York, North Yorkshire YO19 6QL Telephone: 01757 249799

196 October 2019

fg_class_oct_19.indd 196

19/09/2019 11:38

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202


Alastair McCallum, Used Machinery Manager Tel: 01284 777700 Mob: 07717 861815 email:






CASE/IH CASE PUMA 230 CVX £53,500 2013, 50k, 230hp, 2426h CI0200

CASE PUMA 210 2008, 50k, 210hp, 4599h

CLAAS LEXION 570 2008,7.5m Vario, 2000 drum hour

NEW HOLLAND TX 68 £24,500 1996, 7.5m standard cutterbar, 3003 drum hours NH0323



NEW HOLLAND T6050 2008, 40k, 125hp, 5840h

AMAZONE ZA-TS PROFIS HYDRO £16,950 2014, 4200L hopper, full spec AM0004

BATEMAN RB25 £33,950 1999, 24m, demount frame, 2 sets of wheels, 5735hrs ZZ2231



CLAAS DISCO 3150TC 2016, 3m trailed

WELGER 445 2014, 15K bales, excellent condition

CLAAS QUADRANT 2200 TA £22,000 2006, tandem axle CL2518





JOHN DEERE 7430 AUTOPOWR £34,950 2010, 50k, 175hp, 9000h JD0346



CLAAS ATOS 340 2016, 40k, 102hp, 2000h

JOHN DEERE 6190R 2013, 40k, 190hp, 5100h


£58,000 HO0150

CLAAS AXION 850 2010,40k, 260hp, 4600h




CLAAS ARION 650 C-MATIC £76,000 2015, 50k, 184hp, 1564h CT1587







£89,950 CL2432


SOLD ??????

HORSCH MAESTRO 12.75 SW £70,000 2015, 16 rows with 75cm spacing, fert & seed HO0178


HESSTON 4900 1991


HORSCH TERRANO 7 FM £35,500 2017



Buy and sell online —



£44,500 HO0210


October 2019 197

fg_class_oct_19.indd 197

19/09/2019 11:40



Call James 07770 692891


J J Gray Antiques & Architectural Salvage



all items considered from antique furniture, garden items & farming bygones Also house clearances undertaken Covering East Anglia

t 01953 453827 m 07765 633356

e BAMFORD Kverneland 2 furrow plough, 10" mouldboards (yellow), 1960s era, in good order, with operator's handbook if possible. E Calcott Tel 01827 62265 (Staffs)

01277 822001 WANTED John Deere 6910S tractor

ENTHUSIASTIC young person/couple required to help owner run a 40+ acre mixed farm, incorporating 30 sow pig unit & small suckler herd, initially to help day to day, with the potential to rent in the long term. Ring George. G Shepherd Tel 07940 597410/01283 732275 (Derbys)

HONDA quad, pref old type, eg TRX300, Lincs only or close to please. N Leggate Tel 07779 589210/01526 342275 (Lincs) FORD Consul, Zephyr or Zodiac Mk2, even spares or repair please, or an E-type Jag! J Weston Tel 07803 270448 (Lincs) CASE 9120 or 9230 combine in good order. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs)


NEW ND HOLLAE and CAS under 2500hrs julian@jme


Norwich, Norfolk

VINTAGE Plate & Flicker Shanks Milko fertiliser spreader, turntable 180deg, must be in good condition. R Baker Tel 07801 557640/01953 850238 (Norfolk) JOHN Deere engine for 2006 STS 9880i combine. H Neave Tel 07880 723022 (Norfolk) ANYBODY scrapping a Spearhead Batwing topper? Spares required, ie triple gearbox, etc. R Baker Tel 07801 557640/01953 850238 (Norfolk) SANDERSON Teleporter, 6.22, 7.22 or 7.26 preferred, but other makes will be considered, must be in reasonable condition, Diss area. C Baskerville Tel 01379 668457 (Norfolk)


KVERNELAND Accord Mini Air for drilling onions. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs) JONES Panascopic telehandler, for spares or repair, or sell mine needing attention. ÂŁ3,500. J Weston Tel 07803 270448 (Lincs)





07836 540559


Covering East Anglia

& details to email picturequs

01493 750999

BULK feeding forward pellets, 6–10t, good condition. N Fuller Tel 01787 460329 (Essex) TRACK eradicator mechanism for Bamlett drill, or complete drill. I Whiteford Tel 01926 854194 (Warks)

Email details to

07770 692891

S Gray Recycling

All types of scrap combines, sugar beet harvesters, tractors & machinery

tractors Please email your machine to or call

TEF 20 Ferguson diesel tractor, with banana loader & forks, in working order (as photo); also, Winget high discharge swivel dumper in working order, 2+2 wheel drive, 2t (as photo). Ask for John. J Hurd Tel 01985 840260 (Wilts)

Norfolk farmer & contractor wants good quality Fendt Tractors

TWO 7.50x20 tyres for ďŹ eld trailer, tread not important, but must have sound walls. S Potter Tel 01621 828270/07940 893034 (Essex)



Email details to

POTATO chitting boxes, up to 500 required, 50 mile radius of Boston, Lincs, dry stored & good condition. A Pimlott Tel 07962 974815 (Lincs) COMPLETE back for Toyota D4D Hilux, 52 plate. S Morphet Tel 07901 701744 (N Yorks)


Tel: 077859 37779 or 01953 454462

BLACKSMITH'S dunces hat-type anvil, similar shape to road cones. B Glover Tel 07919 053507 (Norfolk) OLD York stone for patio. D Brown Tel 07710 316205/01487 822280 (Cambs)


Used Tractors and Good Clean Farm Equipment



Tel: Dereham (01362) 692104/637332

OPERATOR'S manual for Standen Vision potato harvester (1999), plus any spares. A Goodacre Tel 07901 917707 (Lincs) TYRES 12x24 for front of loader tractor. P Cannon Tel 07796 352437 (Cambs) 7.00X20 tyre for old farm trailer, tread not important, but must have sound casing; also required, pair of good 12.4/11-28 tyres for MF 780 Special combine. J Chapman Tel 01378 676324 (Norfolk)


SHARE & board for a Massey-Harris Prairie Buster plough. R Gear Tel 01595 890295 (Shetland) FOUR-WHEEL-DRIVE diesel truck, MOT failure OK as for off road use, Lincs only please. N Leggate Tel 07779 589210/01526 342275 (Lincs)



Do you have a TRACTOR or TELEPORTER? Can you help with SNOW CLEARANCE? Local sites to you - FAST PAYMENT


01353 861694 07968 661115

0845 180 1272

SECONDHAND McConnel or Wessex swing trim hedge cutter to ďŹ t small tractor. C Bush Tel 0115 930 7521/07751 987258 (Derbys)

Top Cash Paid+VAT

David Smith

Caring for our Environment


â?š Combines â?š Sugar Beet Harvesters â?š Tractors â?š Trailers â?š Cars â?š Vans â?š Lorries â?š Trucks

Farmer & contractor requires 12–20t agri dump trailers




A pair of hi lift linkage arms to suit John Deere 2850 or similar. T Jeynes Tel 07730 683957 (Worcs) MASSEY Ferguson 410/415 or 510/515 combine, must be in working order & gc. B Handley Tel 07821 273987 (Lincs)




Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694455 Email:

PAIR of shafts for old horse trailer, wood or metal. B Steel Tel 01206 211419/07835 518533 (Essex)

MUCK SPREADERS Any size, must be in good condition


00353 8725 79073

198 October 2019

fg_class_oct_19.indd 198

20/09/2019 11:19

FARMERS - Advertise your ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ on-farm machinery for free. See coupon on page 202 67484

RICHARD TAYLORvel Tra Machinery Traders, Farmers, Agricultural Contractors & Coach Hire for all Occasions

Contact Will Goff 07799 111030

t: 01462 442409 Daniel: 07734 328994 Ben: 07850 474511 e:


Ch oic e

of 2


St Ibbs Farm • St Ippolyts Hitchin • Herts • SG4 7NL

HORSCH JOKER 3 CT STEEL HI SPEC 1000 MUCK SIDE DISC PACKER mono TG bar DISCHARGE SPREADER LD point hyd depth adj, demo ex demo conditon condition £17,500 from £5,500

GREGOIRE BESSON RB7 6F (5+1) plough new metal where needed, excellent condition £6,750

2007 Amazone 303 power harrow/drill combination very good condition


CLAAS LEXION 570+ TERRA TRAC 2007, 7.5 Vario cutterbar, immaculate condition £89,950

very good condition


very good condition for age, recent new rings and centre section

MICHELIN TYRES 3 High Speed Fastrac tyres 540/65-R38 30+%

QUIVOGNE TINEMASTER 4M CLAYDON HYBRID DRILL hyd folding, 2008, r/d/bar & 2011 4.8m, immaculate hyd services, lights, condition £900 for the set immaculate £9,950 £23,950 Selling 2nd

good discs


VICON ROTAFLOW RO-XL FERTILISER SPREADER 2014, immaculate condition £6,750

Cousins 6m folding rolls 1999 Vaderstad Rexius good working order Twin 1050

2008 Vaderstad Carrier 650

y in 1st class hand machiner


PART EXCHANGE WELCOME Ex works • All prices + VAT



2012 Kongskilde Wingjet 24m

very good condition 2 sets of wheels



01362 667148

Foxburrow Farm, Dereham Rd, North Elmham, Dereham, Norfolk NR20 5JG



We can supply leading brands such as:

Thame, Oxfordshire

01844 277699

Hungerford, Berkshire

01488 649150

Midhurst, West Sussex

01730 819989

Buy and sell online —

GREGOIRE BESSON DISCORDON 4.2m cultivator, c/w tool bar £5,250

2011 Cousins V-Form 4.5m 7 leg

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New director for buying group The AF Group, the nationwide agricultural buying group formerly known as Anglia Farmers, has announced the appointment of Helen Whittle as its first procurement and commercial director. The role continues AF’s great strides over the past 2 years in delivering a surge in benefits for its 3,500 members, including the largest rebate in AF’s history and a

Technical manager role for Barrie Hunt Barrie Hunt will be joining Gowan Crop Protection as UK & Ireland technical manager. After a variety of roles with UK, European and global responsibilities, including the position of global technical manager for herbicides and growth regulators with Cheminova A/S, Barrie joins Gowan from Monsanto

continual rise in returns. Helen brings a wealth of experience and success from multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry, electronics, and some big names including Johnson & Johnson, Jaguar, and Novartis. As procurement and commercial director, Helen will oversee AF’s supplier and key partner network, as well as implementing AF’s procurement and commercial strategy in order to deliver more value to members.

Technical advisory role for Jim Egan Jim Egan has joined the Frontier team as Midlands technical advisor for the Kings crops team. He joins Frontier having worked since 2012 at the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Allerton project at Loddington in Leicestershire. Jim led work with a number of major supply chain brands and their farmers. Prior to this he was national technical director for the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG). Farming and the environment is Jim’s second career. He started his working life as a mining engineer in the Nottinghamshire coal field. His career change came in 2001 when he studied countryside management at Nottingham Trent’s Brackenhurst College. While still at college Jim was recruited by FWAG firstly as farm conservation adviser and latterly as

Technical and standards engineer The Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) has announced the appointment of Stuart McClimont as a technical and standards engineer. Stuart’s knowledge and experience in both the agricultural and outdoor power engineering sectors will enable him to get involved in the

AEA’s critical work on technical standards and legislation issues, says the organisation. Joining from Kubota (UK) Ltd, Stuart previously managed the company’s Tractor Assembly, Inspection and R&D departments. Within his R&D role Stuart followed legislation for tractor engines, ride on mowers, excavators and side-by-side products.

Farm Manager (office) Wanted A long-standing farm manager at Gibbon Farms (a large arable & contracting business), will be retiring in Dec. 2019. We are searching for either a full or part-time person, dependent upon their level of skills, to fill the office-based tasks of this position. The prospective applicant will be expected to work on the following:

• • • •

Gatekeeper (arable program) – input records Red Tractor Produce Scheme Assist with cash-flow and crop prices monitoring Stock valuations for year end accounts.

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national technical director. In 2009 Jim was appointed as chair of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment National Delivery Group a position he stood down from in May of this year. He sat on the Defra agri-environment stakeholder group and was a member of Defra’s Countryside Stewardship technical stakeholder group. He also sat on the Voluntary Initiative strategy group and a number of other national partnership and policy groups. “We’re delighted to welcome Jim to the team,” said Richard Barnes, sales manager for Kings. “The experience that Jim brings is significant because he will strengthen our advisory network and provide training to our own colleagues around agri-environment, greening and government policy. Jim will work closely with the wider Frontier soil and plant health team.”

Movers and shakers

Some training for this position will be provided. However, it is essential that any applicant has a basic understanding of, and experience within, the UK agricultural business. A small 3 bedroom cottage may be available for a suitable candidate. Initial contact may be made either to or, or by phone to Gibbon Farms, Great Bentley, Colchester. Tel: 01206 250 243

where he had senior technical responsibility for northern Europe, the Baltics and Belarus. Barrie also holds positions in various associations and industry bodies. His appointment follows the announcement that Robert Plaice, Gowan’s former UK & Ireland Technical Manager, is re-locating to the company’s headquarters in Yuma, Arizona to take on the role of global technical development lead.


Do you know of someone who is on the move in the agricultural industry? Whether they are starting a completely new role, a promotion within a business or perhaps a retirement after many years of dedicated service, let us know and we will do our best to include it on our popular ‘About People’ pages. Send in no more than 150 words and a (head and shoulders) picture of the person in question to (email)

Excellent people build great companies

Excellent people build great companies, so make MANNS your next move, whether you are a school leaver or skilled service technician, we have a career path to suit you. We ask only for your commitment and a level of determination to succeed, in return we can offer you on going training, responsibility, security and flexibility, working for one of our premier dealerships in the UK.

Taking that new step is much easier than you may imagine it to be. Call Thomas Hancock today for an informal chat on 01284 777700 for positions in the South East and East of England and the Midlands.


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We are looking for experienced engineers from all walks of life, if you have the ambition we have the motivation to help you succeed.

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@agrihire Made in Britain used worldwide



Y body vertical beater 8 to 40 tonnes.

Y body spinner deck 18 to 40 tonnes.

All of our spreaders are manufactured by ourselves in the UK and combine heavy duty construction with top quality components. Standard specifications include 20mm chain, 70mm shafts and bearings, 10 stud commercial axles, sprung drawbar, LED lights, wide angle PTOs.

Single, Tandem & Tri-Axle options

...the only British built plough on the market, uses a combination of well proven genuine Dowdeswell parts and modern updates. From 5 to 10 furrows to suit horsepowers up to 600hp, in furrow and on land options with a choice of bodies including DD, DDS, UCN, SCN and Slatted.

We also.... ... supply a wide range of new PTO shafts and spares nationwide and carry out servicing and repairs on most types of shaft. A huge range of parts are available including U/Js, tubing andguards. We also supply gear boxes and hydraulic motors for a wide range of machines including mowers, spreaders and toppers. Our parts department offer’s a comprehensive range of oils, filters, wearing parts, batteries, bearings, belts, and tools. We are also the UK’s largest Dowdeswell parts supplier. Parts & Hydraulics Jeremy Waspe 01473 744184

Sales Ben Clowes 07764 968206

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Hire James Seeley 07860 849685

Transmissions Mick Hewitt 01473 240377

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Wash Lane, Mendlesham, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 5TD Tel: 01449 766157 Fax: 01449 767894


• from 34,000–358,000Btu



• from 80,000–760,000Btu

• from 250,000–750,000Btu

INFRA-RED HEATERS • ideal for workshops • fume-free • low noise • inside & outside use



• clean hot air • trolley included

INDIRECT FIXED WORKSHOP HEATERS • from 120,000– 2,000,000Btu


For details or a demonstration ring Tim Bradford now on



See our website for details Sprayers.indd 204

01449 766157 fax 01449 767894 11/09/2019 16:55

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