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#TheOne Fashion Blogger’s Content Pack

Every shopping journey starts with an idealised vision of the item we’re searching for – a combination of functional requirements and emotive style references. More often than not, as we start to explore the available options, we end up compromising and buying something we are only partially happy with, simply because it’s the closest we can get to our ideal based on what we have access to. Farfetch lets you explore a whole world of luxury, so you don’t have to settle. Shop the world's greatest selection of luxury and find #theone with Farfetch…


elcome to the third Farfetch Fashion Blogger’s Content Pack.

In this issue Farfetch launches a new brand campaign titled #TheOne. The campaign honours the only too rare occasion when a fashion seeker stumbles upon a fashion item he/she has longed for, in exactly the way he/she has desired it… in colour, size, material, location and all…

With Farfetch, discovering #TheOne needn’t be such a rarity. To celebrate #TheOne campaign we have launched: * An exclusive fashion blogger’s competition that we’d love for you to take part in. * A new #TheOne Hub, where curators and the fashion concerned share their fashion items worthy of #TheOne status – we invite you to share yours too. * #TheOne video content for you to view, share, like and link to. You’ll also find… * A Style Profile with Eva McMahon, fashion blogger at Glamazon by Eva * A Blogger Profile with Hannah Crosskey, fashion blogger at A Fashion Fix * Original Street Style images from London Fashion Week

#TheOne Competition To celebrate the launch of the new Farfetch #TheOne campaign we are inviting you to show off your style expertise and find #TheOne Farfetch item that will totally define your AW16 wardrobe for the chance to win one of three Farfetch vouchers. Dare to dream BIG. Find your ultimate, uncompromising fashion piece. Explore and create a wishlist featuring #TheOne true item of your dreams to be published on your blog. The most stylish and fashion forward post will be rewarded a Farfetch voucher worth £700, followed by 2nd place £400 and 3rd place £350. Competition Deadline 10th October Women's Edit: Men's Edit: Enter to win!

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A Farfetch Personal Style Profile:

Meet Eva, an ex-model from Czech Republic turned blogger at Glamazon Blog. Like most of us, Eva too has a penchant for luxury fashion and her most prized fashion possession is her classic Chanel bag. Her dream fashion city would be a combination of both Paris and New York, nevertheless she has made London her home for the past ten years. Her ultimate style moto is to stay true to yourself and to keep enjoying fashion. At the time of this interview Eva was nine months pregnant. Read on to find out Eva’s personal style preferences, how her style decisions are impacted by being a blogger and how she embraced fashion during her pregnancy.

How would you describe your style? My style is very different on a work day to what I wear during the weekend. However, I would say it is quite feminine, timeless with a hint of trend. I also tend to combine affordable fashion with more luxury items. What are your go-to pieces? How do you style them? A leather skirt, a well fitted black blazer and a black leather jacket. These pieces are timeless and will never go out of fashion. They are so easy to wear and combine with many other things. What is your absolute favourite item in your wardrobe? It has to be my classic Chanel bag. This bag can dress up a simple white t-shirt and jeans and looks glamorous with an evening dress. It just goes with everything. How much has your style and your go-to pieces changed since you have been pregnant? There are lot of limitations, of course, when you are pregnant. I love wearing pencil skirts and although some pregnant women love to wear them, I don’t feel they suit me now I am pregnant. Also you cannot do small styling tricks like belt your coat or jacket. As for my goto pieces, blazers and leather jackets have still played a big part for me. I can easily throw them over my maternity dresses or maternity jeans. What would you say is the biggest fashion challenge when you are pregnant? There is a lack of choice when it comes to maternity fashion. You find good basics, however if you want to experiment a little bit it is hard to find really exciting pieces. That is why I ended up buying non maternity clothes in bigger size. I did not want to miss out on current trends, so this was my only option. What do you believe to be your first true fashion purchase? What made you buy it? I have lot of memories as teenager when I would work all summer to buy the one thing I loved. However, one purchase I was really proud of buying was my first pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. They are not the most comfortable, but I still wear them.

Where do you look to for style inspiration? I look everywhere. I generally tend to flick through street style pictures, scrolling through my Instagram feed. I love to sit in a coffee shop and watch people as they pass by. I also feel very inspired during fashion week season, watching the latest trends on the catwalk and admiring the well-dressed attendees. Why do you think style is important? Style shows who we are and reveals our personality. It says so much about us. Understanding our style is important to help self-esteem and make you feel confident and comfortable in ourselves. Who is your favourite designer? It is very hard to pick only one. At the moment I am loving the work of Alessandro Michele. He brought Gucci back to life and there is so much buzz about every new collection. However, I also admire work of Phoebe Philo, Karl Lagerfeld, Isabel Marant and many others. Does being a fashion blogger impact the way you dress? Fashion bloggers are influencers, so I do constantly keep that in mind. As bloggers, we have readers and followers that wait for our next inspiring outfit. I am constantly wary of this, while trying to stay true to myself at the same time. I think it is good to know current trends and incorporate least some of them into my outfits. What trends have you been adopting this season? I was actually lucky during my pregnancy as one of the biggest trends was off the shoulder. I found lot of cute non-maternity dresses that still fit the baby bump.

What trends are you most excited about for a/w 16-17? There are actually few trends that would be easy to incorporate into my wardrobe. I am quite excited about some of the cool prints at Dolce & Gabbana and McQueen. Lace up details at Prada are also great. I cannot forget velvet as it is one of those trends that can change any outfit easily. Do you plan your wardrobe in advance for each season? And if so, how do you go about planning it? I do plan to some extent. I always have something on my wish-list to buy. These are usually more expensive items I like to invest in, like shoes and bags. When it comes to clothes I do not plan as much ahead, however I write a lot of inspirational posts on my blog and this helps me to constantly discover new pieces I love. How do you style a look for a special occasion? Do you start with a 'look' in mind, or do you style your look around a key piece? Mostly I would say I style my look around a key piece. Having said that, my mood influences a lot. Sometimes I end up wearing something totally different than planned. Which fashion city do you think is the most stylish? Which city best represents your style and why? Paris and New York combine would be a dream, I think my style has been inspired by both. I have to mention that I absolutely loved the style in Hong Kong. It was very different to other cities and I found people the people there really inspiring. What's your thoughts on heels and flats? What kind of girl are you? I love both. I have so many gorgeous pairs of heels but usually wear them on special occasions. London is difficult for heels so quite often I end up taking a spare pair of shoes in my bag. But I love that heels make your legs look great and totally changes your posture.

What's on your fashion wish list at the moment? There are so many things. I have been saying for the last nine months that once I give birth I will go on a crazy shopping spree. I am also thinking about a new pair of shoes from Gucci. I just need to decide which pair. What is the best style advice you have ever been given, read or heard? Dress for your body shape and stay true to yourself. Everybody should follow their instincts and not simply follow blindly. If something does not entirely suit you, just do not wear it. The same applies to your body shape. Do not force yourself to wear certain things that do not suit your body shape. As a personal style blogger, what words of wisdom would you share with other fashion lovers? Stay true to yourself and your personality and enjoy fashion as much as you can.

Eva McMahon Glamazon Blog

A Farfetch Blogger Profile:

Hannah Crosskey’s personal-shopping background, a creative flair and a curiosity about the blogosphere is what led to the birth of her blog, A Fashion Fix, established in 2012. Her Instagram, at the time of writing this article, has a following of 77.3k and is the platform she attracts most of her brand collaborations through. These include Selfridges, Coach and ASOS. Read more on Hannah Crosskey’s take on fashion, blogging and Instagram…

How long have you been blogging? I started my blog in September 2013 so we're coming up to A Fashion Fix's 3 year birthday. How would you describe your blog? I'd describe my blog as a play on high end looking high street pieces. I like to mix designer accessories with my high street purchases making my outfits accessible to every price point. I like to add in a travel aspect occasionally to capture beautiful clothing against beautiful backdrops. Name 3 words that best describe the blogging community? Diverse, Creative and Supportive. What do you think you offer the bloggersphere that is different to what other bloggers have to offer? I'd like to think I am looked upon as being relatable, especially in terms of the way I dress as I'm like everyone else out there - I LOVE the high street. I like to put my own spin on new needs as well as staple items. What made you decide to start blogging and what do you love most about being a fashion blogger? I didn't wake up one day and decide to be a blogger, I fell into it. I used to work in Personal Shopping so Instagram was my own personal outlet of creativity and it's thanks to the sudden growth of Instagram that I am fortunate enough to call the creative activity my full time job. What challenges do you find face you as a fashion blogger? I feel the only challenge we face as bloggers is the unknown. The industry is so fresh and new, who knows if us bloggers will be around this time next year?

Who are your favourite bloggers and Influencers at the moment and why? I love Fashion Me Now, Camille Over The Rainbow, Look Depernille and Shot From The Street. I go to Lizzy for daily inspiration as her outfits are so wearable! Lucy, Camille and Pernille I aspire to, I love their mixes of high end and high street, especially over fashion week! What are your favourite brand collaborations so far? I've recently just completed a collaboration with Selfridges & Coach which is very exciting as I'm looking to expand my high end collaborations. How do you tend to get discovered by brands? Currently I am being discovered by brands through Instagram. It's always interesting to find out who found you through what platform! You have a large Instagram following. What type of photos would you say receive the most engagement for you? Personally, the photos that have received the most engagement for me is a downwards shot taken on an iPhone - everyone is different. How important do you think having a successful Instagram feed is to being a successful blogger? I think it depends how you define success - whether it be follows, collaborations or generally being happy with the imagery you put out there. Personally for me, considering I get approached by brands mainly from my Instagram account, it is important for me to maintain it to carry on the relationship with both brands and followers. At Farfetch we strongly believe in having our own unique style. How would you describe your style and what makes it unique to you?

I think along as you are happy in what you're wearing and you’re happy in your own skin it will automatically make it unique to you. Personally I'd describe my style as laid back and relaxed, mixing a small amount of designer with my high street wardrobe.

Hannah Crosskey A Fashion Fix

Be part of #TheOne Farfetch fashion blogger’s competition. Whether it’s the perfect bag for lunch in LA or the coat for a gallery opening in London, share #TheOne piece you’ll need this AW16 in a wish-list to be published on your blog by the 10th October! Women's Edit: Men's Edit:

Send your blog post URL to your Farfetch contact to enter.

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