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At FARA we are always looking at new ways of making travelling easier, making cities smarter and greener. We are a Scandinavian IT company s­ pecializing in ­electronic ticketing and travel information for ­public transport. FARA delivers t­icketing and ­real-time ­information systems for fleet and t­raffic management, ­passenger ­information and infotainment. Our portfolio includes ­cloud-based and customer operated ­solutions, as well as mobile phone apps for passengers. With a history from the 1980s and formally e ­ stablished in 2005, FARA has provided solutions ranging from price c­ alculations and statistics to real-time information about operation, supply and demand. We make public t­ransport easy for drivers and passengers, as well as for those w ­ orking to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, by providing ­intelligent IT solutions for public transport.

FARA develops and integrates new products that connect our customers’ business processes and provide effective operations with higher passenger satisfaction rates. By using standard platforms and distribution systems, FARA can easily optimize solutions. All products are simple and user-friendly solutions for both tablets and smartphones.

FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
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