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Greener cities with better travel flow

Shared experiences build the closest relationships FARA makes travelling flow easier

Plan your trip

Buy your ticket

Where am I? What is my nearest stop? Will I make my

Where can I buy a ticket? How many zones do I have to buy?

connection? Preparing to travel using public transport

Can I pay with my card? Enter departure and destination

should be easy. Map your position and look up your nearest

details and let the map work out what type of ticket you need,

stop on the web or on your phone. Enter your destination

buy the ticket on the web or on your phone, and validate the

and the quickest route will appear.

ticket automatically or when boarding.

Your trip, in your hands Time is crucial, for both passengers and transport ­providers. Delays mean unhappy customers and lost revenue. R ­ educing travel times and easing the journey are essential, if the ­ public is going to switch from cars to public ­transport. FARA is the leading IT provider of electronic t­icketing and ­travel information for public transport. Our i­ntelligent s­ ystems enable passengers to travel with ease, d ­ rivers to go unhindered, and public transport authorities to monitor, control and operate public transport. FARA makes it easier for passengers. Regardless of district, ­ county or country, passengers can access all the information they need for their entire journey on one website or mobile a ­ pplication. FARA’s integrated technologies help passengers plan their trip, buy their ticket and get real-time updates when travelling.

! Stay updated When is the next bus arriving? When should I get off? Are there delays? Get real-time updates every second and have a smooth journey.

Public transport is the future We live in the information age. Smartphones have increased travellers’ expectations of having constant access to real-time ­information. This is a global trend, but the Nordic countries, where FARA has its origins, were early adopters. Leveraging advanced technology in public transport is the game changer capable of making public transport people’s preferred form of travel. Public transport will be increasingly important in m ­ aking the wheels turn in our urban congested world. By 2050, 80% of the world’s projected 9 billion citizens will live in urban areas. The growing urban population will increase traffic congestion in city centers, unless we embrace a new approach. To move people effectively, improve residents’ ­quality of life and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, green and smart cities will upgrade and expand public transport.

How you travel is half the pleasure FARA makes it easier for passengers, drivers and public transport authorities

Easier for passengers Everything a passenger needs to plan their journey, buy tickets and stay updated about their trip in real-time.

Do a better job On-board ticketing and validation, passenger information and real-time tracking of the vehicle.

Control and quality Real-time views of the bus route status for traffic monitors, operators, public transport controllers and public transport authorities. Ensures quality throughout the journey.

Made for the future Reporting travel information, ticket purchases and real-time information from vehicles to the operators that manage all these interconnected services in the cloud.

Your plan. Your ticket.

Real-time information so you can manage your sc

Passenger empowerment is the future of travel. Accurate real-time information on bus stop displays lets you see exactly where the bus is, what progress it is making and when it will arrive. Jukka Talvi, traffic engineer, City of Oulu.

Plan your trip

Buy your ticket

Find your bus

What is the quickest route to your

Where can you buy a ticket? What type

Where is the nearest stop? When will

­destination? On websites and dedicated

of ticket do you need? How do you ­validate

the bus arrive? Where do I need to get

free apps for Android or iOS, you can

the ticket? Local passengers and tourists

off? FARA’s bus stop displays and mobile

plan your journey with the optimum

can now buy the right type of ticket,

app let you see bus locations, delays,

route. FARA’s solutions are compatible

­validate it and renew it with ease. FARA

and arrival times on a map in real-time.

with different screens and devices.

integrates the complex fare and zone

The bus stop displays can also be used

system so a passenger can enter their

for infotainment and advertising, giving

­departure location and destination, then sit

providers another source of revenue.

back and let the system q ­ uickly calculate

Most importantly, real-time information

the correct ticket or other travel product.

reduces wait times for passengers.

Your bus stop


Easier for passengers Today there are about 2 billion smartphone users. It is intuitive for these travellers to use their smartphones for public ­transport, just as they do for their other forms of t­ransportation. These passengers ­expect accurate real-time information. With FARA’s technology, it is easier to use public transport. We help you plan your trip, buy your ticket, find your bus stop and get real-time information about vehicle’s l­ocation and ­predicted arrival times on native mobile apps and ­applications. R ­ eal-time ­information makes public t­ransport much more accessible by h ­ elping passengers a ­ dapt to any change in scheduled timings. FARA’s solution supports different modes of transportation including buses, trains, and trams. A wide variety of languages and its universal design make FARA’s applications accessible to all user groups.

Get real-time updates Are there delays? Will I be on time? The provider can give ­accurate, real-time updates to passengers while they plan their trip, before they board the vehicle, and during the trip itself. Traffic information, s­ ervice alerts and transfer options are pushed to the passengers’ devices, bus stop displays and info screens on the bus. The maps show the ­t ravel

Contact person for

route, and vehicle icons on the map show the journey progress in


­real-time. A continuous stream of information gives passengers

Arild Sundal

­confidence that they will arrive as planned.

Phone: +47 905 61 153 Email:

Your route. Your time Everything you need to know to make driving safe and easy

Plan your day

Be on time

Select what you want to see. ­There

A driver’s Android tablet displays a map showing the journey’s progress.

is also a function for voice and text

The tablet gets its location from GPS and sends this to the central system

­communication with the traffic

using the 3G network. This gives the driver an accurate, real-time view of the

­controllers. Assault alarms with

scheduled and achieved route. A red light indicates an early departure from

real-time communication increase

the stop, a yellow light indicates a late departure and a green light indicates

the drivers’ security and safety.

timely departure. Messages about delays or service disruption can be sent straight from the vehicle to the stop, informing passengers in real-time.

Solid and stable ticketing solutions from FARA have been critical to help the driver do a good job and for us to maximise income from ticket sales. Trond Myhre, Marketing Director, Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk

Do a better job Drivers want to know their route, plan their day and be on time. FARA lets drivers see their whole route, and get a better idea of whether they are late, on time or ahead of schedule. And when they are running late, FARA’s systems ensure drivers can access the ­information they need to get them back on track without taking risks or shortcuts. The driver sells and validates t­ickets, and informs passengers while ­bringing them to their destination. Access to accurate information about ­connections, traffic and service makes it easier for the driver to do a better job, in a less stressful environment. In addition to displays on the bus and bus stop providing real-time information to the passengers about the expected arrival and departure times, the displays can also be used for advertisement, videos and other forms of infotainment.

Help passengers With FARA’s tablets, the driver can sell and ­validate tickets quickly and easily. Having the right

Contact person for

tools for efficient operations is critical. With a


­smartphone-like display that reacts to the light touch

Thomas Bach Petersen

of a finger, the compact, light and rugged device

Phone: +45 40 13 74 11

is especially designed to improve the ticketing


experience for both the driver and the passenger.

Monitor, adjust and stay in control Accurate, real-time reports about the traffic flow


FARA’s systems have made it possible for us to grow and meet the increasing demands and expectations of today’s passengers. We have built the system module by module, integrating it with our existing equipment and tailoring it for the future. Lars E. Thomsen, Traffic Management, Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT)

Manage the fleet

Keep the service on schedule

Fleets need to be managed and monitored

FARA’s system handles traffic light priority for any mode of public

diligently. Real-time information on all

transport that is running late. This helps keep the service on schedule

critical systems, vehicle status and

and raises the value of public transportation in the eyes of travellers.

performance makes that possible and

FARA can exchange messages with the drivers and publish service alerts

improves allocation of resources.

or other messages for the passengers. Giving a bus priority at traffic lights and links to other buses means we have better control of punctuality.

Control and quality The demand for public transport is i­ncreasing. Passengers’ expectations are changing q ­ uickly. But how do you get a sufficient amount of ­accurate data to comprehensively report on the traffic flow? How do you bring existing and new IT solutions together so that they communicate seamlessly? What solutions should you choose to do all of the above and distribute income ­between partners based on validated trips? We improve and simplify the work of those whose job is to make public transportation go according to plan. Transit companies, fleet operators, p ­ ersonnel, and transport operators all need to work together to ensure effective and well-managed public t­ransport. SMART:­MyOperation has business critical tools that give planners, traffic managers, inspectors, operators, managers and administrators all the real-time information and reports they need. FARA’s solutions can be integrated into e ­ xisting solutions such as transport authority’s web ­pages, or they can be installed separately. They ­provide accurate, real-time reports so that public ­transport companies and authorities can monitor public transport, increase capacity when demand ­requires it, and handle unexpected events quickly.

Optimize operations Big data that is generated daily is of no value unless operators can analyze it to improve their service, achieve cost ­reductions

Contact person for

and optimize the resources at their disposal. A powerful


­reporting engine ensures that historical operational data is

Arne Bjørgo

always available in a few clicks. FARA can provide accurate

Phone: +47 45410511

and extensive statistics and reports so that partners can easily


monitor, analyze and control the different processes.

Immediate access globally Flexible, secure and scalable system for the future

Immediate information

Validate immediately

Real-time updates every second from the bus to the display

Traditionally, tickets were validated in vehicles

screens at bus stops or in apps and to the public transport

or at stops. By adding Validation Service to

authorities, traffic controllers and traffic contractors.

the cloud, the potential uses are limitless, and

This helps the public transport authorities manage

­operate without the lag time associated with

passengers’ expectations.

online validation services.

Made for the future Information technologies in the transport s­ ystem are integrated and complex. Any change is therefore expensive. Working with the cloud helps simplify this by i­ncreasing flexibility, ­security and scalability of the s­ ystem for the future. FARA’s products support r­ elevant standards and can be easily a ­ djusted to ­accommodate new requirements and ­preferences. It is about making it as easy as possible to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Today the cloud gives immediate access to real-time data, 24/7, across the globe – ­ ­ensuring that decisions are based on the most ­accurate information available. It also brings all relevant services together in one place.

Immediate access, globally, is critical in order for us to do a good job. Servers are being replaced with the cloud, the system of the future. The cloud makes it possible for us to meet expectations in the future. Bjørn Rune Holmen Chief Information Officer, Opplandstrafikk

Inspect accurately

SMART:myCloud is a web-based, stand-alone administration tool that contains applications that support all the distributed functionalities such as sales, validation and inspection. It provides real-time data for ticketing and also tracks ticket transactions. With this tool you can give refunds, create reports, and manage users and devices.

Contact person for

By using an online service that controls travel contracts and


validation, inspections can take place real-time, and can be

Stig Rønning

combined with reporting and business intelligence. This helps

Phone: +47 95982420

reduce fraud.


Strong presence in many markets FARA’s customers are public transport ­system o ­ perators that process large v­ olumes of ­transactions and information. FARA has l­ong-term contracts in nearly thirty ­different counties in the Nordics, giving it an ­especially strong position in the S ­ candinavian ­market. We also supply the Capital R ­ egion and North Region of Denmark, and the ­Finnish Provinces of Oulu and Helsinki.

Installations Offices Partners

Americas Europe

Our history has taught us how travel flows, from passenger, driver and public transport authority perspective. Our name FARA, which in old Norse means to travel, indicates this.

At FARA we are always looking at new ways of making travelling easier, making cities smarter and greener. We are a Scandinavian IT company s­ pecializing in ­electronic ticketing and travel information for ­public transport. FARA delivers t­icketing and ­real-time ­information systems for fleet and t­raffic management, ­passenger ­information and infotainment. Our portfolio includes ­cloud-based and customer operated ­solutions, as well as mobile phone apps for passengers. With a history from the 1980s and formally e ­ stablished in 2005, FARA has provided solutions ranging from price c­ alculations and statistics to real-time information about operation, supply and demand. We make public t­ransport easy for drivers and passengers, as well as for those w ­ orking to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, by providing ­intelligent IT solutions for public transport.

FARA develops and integrates new products that connect our customers’ business processes and provide effective operations with higher passenger satisfaction rates. By using standard platforms and distribution systems, FARA can easily optimize solutions. All products are simple and user-friendly solutions for both tablets and smartphones.

FARA lets passengers see the bus’ location on a map and follow its progress, not only on bus stop displays but also on their smartphones.

Oulu, Finland

Know exactly where the bus is and when it will arrive Oulu is Finland’s fifth biggest city and one of its most technologically advanced. It has implemented FARA’s technology with great results. Oulu is one of the first cities to implement this sophisticated information system. Here passengers can track their public transport live, and see its movements on screens at 41 stops. With FARA’s technology and maintenance, 140 b ­ uses send a ­ ccurate location updates every second to the ­display screens at bus stops, and to public transport ­authorities, traffic c­ ontrollers and traffic contractors. This ­information creates a seamless travel experience for the ­passengers, and enables the operator to monitor, c­ ontrol and improve the service. FARA has already delivered the solution and is contracted to maintain it until 2021.

Displays at bus stops show where the bus is and when it will arrive, advertisement and infotainment.

The Driver The drivers use on-board tablets with seven inch screens to select their next journey. As they drive, the tablet displays a map showing their progress, as well as information about staying on schedule. Messages about service interruption can also be sent straight from the vehicle to the bus stops. FARA installed these devices in 140 vehicles in Oulu. The Operator FARA’s system also handles traffic light priority at all traffic lights in the region for buses that are running late. This helps keep the service on schedule and raises the value of public transportation in the eyes of travelers.

Open Source Solution FARA’s technology and web-based services provide real-time data about the stops and lines. It is a ­ vailable through an open and standard ­interface. In Oulu this open source is now ­integrated into a single traffic information service for all modes of transport, called This website uses the travelers’ ­location to provide route guides, and gives up-to-date i­nformation about ­traffic conditions, delays and ­connections to flights and trains.

Vestfold, Norway

Sell tickets the easiest way Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk AS and FARA have worked together for ten years, providing new ­ticketing solutions to meet the very latest in ­passenger demand. Ticket sales have evolved from cash payments to credit card payments on the bus, and from webshops to mobile tickets. Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk has its headquarters in T ­ ønsberg, Norway. Today FARA provides Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk with ticketing and real-time information services to passengers. Customers’ expectations have changed quickly and they are clearly influenced by the way ­other industries have embraced mobile. Passengers ­expect Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk to be up-to-speed with the latest mobile solutions as and when they become available. An ability to adapt quickly and e ­ ffectively to the latest technology trends has helped boost the numbers of people travelling by public transport.

Making it easier to sell tickets The driver sells and validates tickets. The d ­ river uses FARA’s ticking machines on a daily basis, which ­despite heavy usage remain reliable. This r­ eliability is critical for Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk’s d ­ rivers to do a good job and for Vestfold ­Kollektivtrafikk ­itself to maximise income from ticket sales. Drivers and passengers have been very positive about the bank terminals implemented on the buses. They have increased sales because it is now quicker for the driver to process the purchase and passengers no longer need to carry cash. Less cash on board also makes the driver feel safer. Put simply, it is easier for the driver to sell tickets and it is easier for the passenger to buy tickets. Win, win. Real-time information on the bus Real-time information on screens and via voice overs was requested by many. It is now widely appreciated by ­passengers, especially those with limited sight and reduced hearing. Real-time information helps passengers plan, adapt to delays and be informed as early as possible when there are deviations from the planned route and schedule. Real-time reports Sales reports are essential to Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk’s operations and FARA’s solutions provide a very good overview of Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk’s travel patterns, tracking: when people travel, where they travel, and how they pay. This helps Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk adjust to the most popular travel patterns and improve its services.

Northern Jutland, Denmark

Integrated IT solutions of the future meet high expectations Public transport authorities can now meet the high ­expectations from those looking for optimal and precise public transport services. Passengers expect timely s ­ ervice with constant updates on the status of the s ­ ervice. Drivers want well-defined and ­functional workspaces. M ­ anagement want efficient and p ­ rofitable companies. ­Political authorities want smart and green cities with public transport systems that act as their backbones. Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT), a public transport c­ ompany in northern Jutland, Denmark, chose FARA’s latest ­information technology to meet these high expectations. NT has worked with FARA to put real-time i­nformation solutions in place. NT started with a few hundred ­vehicles. But following geographic expansion and company growth, NT has continually expanded and upgraded FARA’s real-time information system.

The busses are equipped with 3G/4G, GPS and touch screens for the drivers. NT’s o ­ peration center has ­implemented active traffic control and traffic prioritization. These, combined with real-time passenger information for its websites and smartphones, total integration with the central database, national travel p ­ lanner and national travel card system make it e ­ asier for NT to manage its fleet, keep the service on schedule and optimize operations. Both passengers and NT have access to more ­information, making the service better and the job easier to do. G ­ etting access to traffic data in real-time makes it ­possible to optimize time tables and bus traffic planning, ­helping make NT an efficient and profitable company. All traffic data collected and sent across the system is processed and becomes an important element for ­traffic planners when they are preparing timetables. FARA’s solutions have been developed s­ tep-by-step to account for different expectations and needs. It is built on an open architecture and can be fully integrated with other existing IT solutions. Expanding NT has been p ­ ossible thanks to the open nature of FARA’s IT solutions.

See you soon

Green and smart cities will upgrade and expand public transport to reduce cities’ greenhouse gas emissions. Smartphones have increased travellers’ expectations of having constant access to real-time information.

FARA AS Fosenkaia 3

FARA’s technologies helps public transport authorities stay on the cutting edge of technology.

NO - 7010 Trondheim Norway Phone: +47 815 52 830

FARA makes it easier for passengers. Helps drivers do a good job. Ensure quality and control. Is made for the future.

Fax: + 47 73 52 44 88 E-mail:



Photo: Johnér, Shutterstock, Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk, Nordjyllands Trafikselskab, FARA

FARA – a partner for smooth travel

FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
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