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www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

Companies rolling out new ideas and sterling perspectives What is business journalism? Well, we define it as a process of facilitating sheer coverage to the growth of new-fangled or well-established ventures. In line with this, Business Connect always draws on global research as well as reach to ensure enticing content to its cosmopolitan readership that can indirectly stimulate leads in terms of business success as well as growth. Making justice to our vision of emerging as a credible source of authentic as well as entertaining content, we recognize our imperative role in delivering beneficial information to our venerated readers. Given this, our adept squad of dedicated individuals has substantially been able to sync with this outlook put forth by our respected Publisher and Editor-in-Chief– Mr Abhishek Kumar Dubey. Undeniably, our well-acclaimed magazine being in line with his vision resonates to provide a remarkable as well as informative ‘read’ where the content could be proved propitious to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the best possible manner. Hence, this time we decided to spotlight the corporations with something out-of-the-box to offer- be it in terms of ideas or perspective. This comprehensive collection of stories of some impassioned, insightful and spearheaded leaders across the business landscape will leave you amazed for sure. Titled as — Company of the Year -2021— this neoteric edition covers top-to-toe information on how these enterprises have implemented innovation, transparency, flexibility, empathy and a lot more as some major linchpins for success. Moreover, the organisation that happens to top the list of such rousing ventures is Chavans Technologies- a true-blue IT service provider; thereby, it has been featured on the cover page for this exclusive issue an area of specialization for the company is system integration and IT services. Here, its zealot founder— Sumanth Chavans has spotlighted some of his propounded values for the amelioration of the IT industry. The article has been prepared as per the virtual conversation with the ‘Tech-entrepreneur’ who shared his exemplary business insights and an intriguing vision for the betterment of the respective space. His zeal to improve lives and empower masses with techadvances while endorsing lucrative unions is what makes him a visionary leader. And we are fervently hoping that our adored readers will find the Promoter’s triumph tale accompanied with some phenomenal inside stories and other informative articles inculcated in this issue motivating as well as constructive. At last, I take off with a sense of gratitude for all the admiration and cognizance showered upon us by our global audience. We will be back with a captivating read soon, till then, keep us in the ‘know’ how are we doing via your precious feedbacks. And, this festive season

Kajal Dobhal kajal@businessconnectindia.in

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


Vol - 4|Special Edition| October 2021 Publisher & Editor : Abhishek Kumar Dubey Editorial Team Indranil Roy | Kajal Dobhal | Ashwathy Nair | Sugandh Bahl Smita Kumar | Dr. Amit Mishra | Avishek Singh | Kriti Anand | Gulshan Parveen

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www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA



Chavans Technologies www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA



SUCCESS STORY Andy Jassy The Leading Cloud Computing Creator Who Takes Over As Amazon’s New Boss.

Moving Ahead as An Endpoint Protection Champion





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www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA



www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


Chavans Technologies

Adding substance to the IT space

Kajalexclusive Dobhal |cover Business Connect This story is an outcome of a freewheeling interview session that we conducted with the founding head and CEO of Chavans TechnologiesSumanth Chavan and other members of session the leadership team. In this conversation, technocrat This exclusive cover story is an outcome of a freewheeling interview that we conducted with the foundingthe head and CEO shared some Technologiesvaluable nuggets of wisdom that and gave other us some food forofthought. And weteam. sincerely hope our global readership will of Chavans Sumanth Chavan members the leadership In this conversation, the technocrat find this read equally fascinating. shared some valuable nuggets of wisdom that gave us some food for thought. And we sincerely hope our global readership will find this read equally fascinating.



Incepted in 2015, Chavans Technologies has become reliable service Technologies provider across Incepteda in 2015, IT Chavans has India with speciality in System Integration become a its reliable IT service provider across &India IT services. the founder of this venture, with itsBeing speciality in System Integration Sumanth has established an adamant mission to & IT services. Being the founder of this venture, create smart that are intelligentmission and can Sumanth hasspaces established an adamant to ensure high level of accountability. Summarizing create asmart spaces that are intelligent and can his overall entrepreneurial journey,Summarizing he conveys ensure a high level of accountability. that entrepreneur is journey, an uphillhe climb and his being overallanentrepreneurial conveys especially from an Indian middleclass, that being hailing an entrepreneur is an uphill climb and non-business family is an a struggle itself. From especially hailing from Indian middleclass, starting a business out is of aa tiny garage with From zero non-business family struggle itself. venture to conducting multiple startingcapital a business out of a tiny garagebusinesses with zero successfully for to theconducting last 6 years, he defied all the venture capital multiple businesses odds to ensure exponential growth in his favour. successfully for the last 6 years, he defied all the “I’d it has been one hellgrowth of a journey. If this oddssay, to ensure exponential in his favour. is“I’d notsay, a result ofbeen passion dedication, whatIfis?,” it has one&hell of a journey. this he asserts. is not a result of passion & dedication, what is?,” he asserts.

Today, the technology space is brimming with several service providers increasing the space competition significantly. But, Chavans Today, the technology is brimming with several service has made aincreasing unique reputation here owing to its dedicated team of providers the competition significantly. But, Chavans highly skilled individuals possessing extensive in theof has made a unique reputation here owing to itsexperience dedicated team IT industry. highly skilled individuals possessing extensive experience in the IT industry. Many of the associates in the company have spent years working with tech giants like IBM, EMC, Dell, VMware, Cisco to working name a Many of the associates in the company have spent years few. what volumes is that they do notto focus ona withMoreover, tech giants likespeaks IBM, EMC, Dell, VMware, Cisco name selling point solutions like most of their competitors. They have few. Moreover, what speaks volumes is that they do not focus on aselling crystalpoint clearsolutions purposelike of assisting organisations on They two core most of their competitors. have aspects — clear to overcome existingorganisations IT challengeson andtwo aiding a crystal purpose their of assisting core them to — adopt newer technology that IT willchallenges have an impact on aspects to overcome their existing and aiding their directly.technology These strategies have stimulated huge thembusinesses to adopt newer that will have an impact on acceptance of their services among the targeted clientele which their businesses directly. These strategies have stimulated huge includes many 500 companies as well as many promising acceptance of Fortune their services among the targeted clientele which startups.many Fortune 500 companies as well as many promising includes start- ups. As software will be defining and redefining the future of the world we in, Chavans to and be a redefining key contributor to thisofdirection. Aslive software will beaspires defining the future the world When mankind can effectively control any we livetoday, in, Chavans aspires to be a keylock/unlock contributor and to this direction. household device by a simple touch or even a voice command, we When today, mankind can effectively lock/unlock and control any can considerdevice the impact scale of rapidorinnovations have been household by a simple touch even a voicethat command, we creating a digital around “It’s even more exciting to watch can consider thespace impact scale us. of rapid innovations that have been what the afuture in-store. implies, everyexciting organization is creating digitalhas space aroundThat us. “It’s even more to watch under intense to deliver services for theiris what the futurepressure has in-store. That innovative implies, every organization markets and do pressure so as rapidly as possible, but thisservices speed can under intense to deliver innovative forcome their atmarkets the expense reliability and but operations, ” opines the and doofsosecurity, as rapidly as possible, this speed can come CEO. that, Chavans is and focused on helping its endat theAcknowledging expense of security, reliability operations, ” opines the customers in five major Modernization applications, CEO. Acknowledging that,areasChavans is focused onofhelping its endBuilding data centres and theofrunning and customerssoftware-defined in five major areasModernization applications, managing of multi-cloud environments, The connecting of them Building software-defined data centres and the running and to a virtualofcloud networking solution, The of aofdigital managing multi-cloud environments, Thedelivery connecting them workplace with world-class edgesolution, solutionsThe and delivery Providingofa aholistic to a virtual cloud networking digital intrinsic security portfolio. edge solutions and Providing a holistic workplace with world-class intrinsic security portfolio.

Chavans thrives on a people-centric Chavans thrives on a people-centric approach where their approach where their offered solutions span from offered spanInfrom edge to solutions core to cloud. brief, edge to core to cloud. In brief, they strive to offer end-to-end they strive to- be offer end-to-end IT solutions it data centre IT solutions be it data centre infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, cloud computing, DevOps, computing, DevOps, applications & databases, end user applications & databases, computing, cyber security end user computing, cyber security or relevant services. or relevant services.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA



“We are committed to creating insanely great experiences for our customers, partners, vendors and employees. And it’s certainly evident in the work we do.”


www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


Primarily, Chavans was started with the thought of just bridging the gap between the value-added partners and the end- customers. But with passing time, the senior executives broadened their vision where they decided to address the unmet and unarticulated needs of their valued customer base. As the company enjoys a leadership position in its space, it takes pride in empowering organisations & businesses in the direction of reaching their desired goals, alongside enriching people’s lives by creating tech intensity. Sumanth claims that they have been able to make leaps by this purpose only because of the enriched experience and skill- sets that they as a leadership team brings-in while establishing a robust work culture. Leadership in the company has spent years working with tech giants like IBM, EMC, Dell, VMware, Cisco to name a few.

Sumanth resonates with the concept — change is the only constant. Hence, Chavans has been able to adapt to various changing technology trends in the last five years. He adds substance in this direction by revealing, “Let me give you an example - it’s been 2 quarters since we started Chavans cloud, and today it’s the fastest growing BU for us. The pace at which we ramped up our cloud business is something we are very proud of.” It has been the utmost reason behind the trust earned by them from their clientele that spans across all large, medium and small enterprises coming from industries such as IT, ITES, BFSI, manufacturing, pharma, fintech and education. Customer satisfaction has always been the key to them which is not just a process but a part of the organisation’s culture.

As he reveals more about the work culture, he affirms that for companies to be successful over a long period, innovative ideas and impeccable strategies play a significant role. Chavans culture fosters the growth of every individual where simplicity, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, empowering individuals, passion to win and creating insanely great experiences – have been the core values. He is certain that their cultural principles have had an impact on the interaction process with all their stakeholders -be it the customers or partners. Furthermore, he proceeded to talk about the primary traits the management prominently seeks in an individual to survive in the organisation which is the ability to adapt to continuous change while possessing an aptitude towards continuous learning.

Chavans is focused on helping enterprises in five major areas Modernization of applications, building software-defined data centres and the running and managing of multicloud environments, connecting of them to a virtual cloud networking solution, delivery of a digital workplace with worldclass edge solutions and providing a holistic intrinsic security portfolio.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


“Leadership in the company has spent years working with tech giants like IBM, EMC, Dell, Vmware & Cisco. Thus, endorsing an inspiring work culture. Our objectives are crystal clear where we have plans-sketched to achieve them. During the journey, we do find hurdles and roadblocks. It may be during our initial engagement with customers or while executing a project at a later stage. We don’t falter, we improvise and make things happen, for our customers & ourselves.”

SUSTAINING THE UNPRECEDENTED CRISIS Undoubtedly the pandemic induced major setbacks to the business world and Chavans also faced multiple challenges in its business functions. Social capital was the aspect that was majorly affected by remote working. “When we witness the body language, we can learn from the cues, by watching people and some of that social capital is hard to create. Sometimes meetings can become very transactional. That’s been the hardest part,” he emphasized. But here, he is not asserting that remote working is bad as there are times and situations where working from home is very productive. Therefore, unique and intuitive solutions are the need of the hour to bring together the social capital creation capabilities, on which Chavans is also converging its energies. As remote office workspace, cloud computing and cyber security solutions are the top preferences of their valued customers, they have been at the forefront to help them adopt these technologies at a faster pace. So far, the company has formulated its own hybrid model, that has a combination of people working from the office as well as remotely. With this out-of-the-box solution, they are aspiring to generate better social capital during the course.

MADHUSUDAN RAO Vice President - Sales

ADDRESSING THE R&D PROCESS By offering knowledge and insights that facilitate the amelioration of existing solutions, the R & D process allows businesses to thrive amid the competitive scenario. For Chavans, the R & D process has proved to be beneficial in multiple ways too. Here, Sumanth spills the beans on their R&D oriented functions, “Our asset management services are a result of one such practice. We do invest nearly 20% of our earnings on R&D. Our everyday engagement with customers teaches us about multiple complexities they face and we have developed useful services to help them.” As they have been working with some industry giants today, R&D has allowed them to recognize the pain points on their behalf and also help them improve their offerings by giving them constant feedback.

RAVICHANDRAN Vice President-Technology


www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

THE GROWTH PLAN To make growth in leaps and bounds in upcoming years, Chavans has envisioned harnessing the power of rapidly evolving tech advances. Cloud Computing is the latest hype in the market, which is considered to be a future solution, to a viable alternative for many small to medium- sized businesses. When it comes to addressing the need for growing businesses keeping control of capital expenditures is a tedious task. Here, with virtualization technology and economies of scale, Cloud Computing is an ultimate escape to reach enterprise-grade IT that would otherwise be too costly to purchase and maintain. Sumanth also states that their collaboration with AWS, Azure & Google on which they have made heavy investment for their cloud business will propel them towards a radiant future for sure. Security solutions are also in their bucket list with which they will be aiding the customers transition from a bolted-on, siloed, threat-centric view to something a lot more built-in, unified and focused on context absent data. “Again, security is not about just having the locks in the house, it’s about the ability to monitor what’s happening in real-time and fixing the issue with an intrinsic approach,” conveys Sumanth. This is the focal point where the company’s association with VMware Carbon Black has paid off effectively. Today, Chavans has carved a distinctive position in securing an organization’s entire IT – with a strategy of any cloud, any application, any device. It has got an entire portfolio where its partnership with companies like Sonicwall, McAfee, Cisco, Fortinet, Sophos and PaloAlto is steering the relevant operation sophistically.

“Security is not about just having the locks in the house, it’s about the ability to monitor what’s happening in realtime and fixing the issue with an intrinsic approach” Leadership at Chavans (Left to right): Datta Raj - VP Sales (US, EMEA), Jagannathan E - COO, Harita Shah – Managing Director (Communications), Sona Chavan – Director HR

RESPONDING TO THE COMPETITION As we witness heavy disruption around us, it is needless to mention the competitiveness nurturing in the technology industry. Here, only those who are irreplaceable in terms of their offerings while paying heed to customer needs and fostering a creative streak will survive as well as grow. When questioned about the accelerating competition in the IT industry, the CEO firmly replied, “ We respect the competition. When we started this business and began talking to our prospects, we were never in a vacuum with no competition, sometimes we were just extremely lucky. And if there was competition, that means somebody else knew this business as well as we did. At Chavans, we do the work, we learn more about our industry, we know about our business. We put in the effort to know more about our industry than anybody else. That’s the brains part and that’s the effort part as well. If someone is competing with us, they better know what they’re doing, otherwise, we are going to kick them out. They’re not going to outwork us. Continuous improvement in our actions and being peoplecentric is at our core and that always gives us an edge over others.”

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


Chavans Technologies has become an eminent and credible name in the IT space within just 6 years of its existence. And its phenomenal presence has been acknowledged and applauded by some big publications and media houses in their recent releases while it relishes some fruitful partnerships. A few of the worthy mentions are - Named among the Top-10 enterprise security service providers for 2020 by CIO Review. Platinum Partner with Dell Technologies, Gold Partner with Sonicwall, Gold Partner with Netmagic, High potential growth partner with AWS & Microsoft Azure. The exemplary company strives to be one of the top IT services providers in the world where its operations will be conducted in several developed as well as developing countries. And with M9RA49 which is their entity, they are formulating beneficial software tools that are stirring them in the right direction to emerge as a globally reckoned brand.

THE CORPORATE TEACHING BY THE CEO “I’d say, creating a company and succeeding is like eating glass and staring into the abyss. What I mean to say is, it’s quite exciting for the first several months of starting a company and then the reality sets in, things don’t go as well as planned, customers aren’t signing up, the technology of the park isn’t working as well as you thought, and then it can sometimes be compounded by a recession or a pandemic and it can be extremely painful for several years. So frankly, I think when one starts a company, he/she needs to have a clear sense of purpose, a lot of passion and dedication to making things happen and most importantly have a high pain tolerance. It’s not about having just great ideas, it’s really about making them happen.”

Know more about Chavans by visiting www.chavans.in


www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA




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www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

Success Story


The leading cloud computing creator who takes over as Amazon’s new boss. Recently, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has stepped down as CEO, who built from a startup into one of the world’s most valuable firms. Now The CEO position has been filled by Andy Jassy, who spearheaded Amazon’s cloud computing venture, Amazon Web Services, becoming it a multibillion-dollar business. Hello Business Connect Reader, we will be deep diving into Andy Jassy’s success Journey.


Andy Jassy is an American businessman who is the former chef and founder of the world’s dominating cloud computing service AWS. Now, he officially took over as CEO of Amzon.com after the world’s richest man stepped down as the e-commerce giant’s boss and took the role of an executive chairman. He is also a founding member of Amazon Music and one of the minority owners of the Seattle Kraken of the National Hockey League. Under his guidance, Amazon Web Service has emerged as a near-unstoppable force internationally, which indicates his love for the organization. In 2016, He nominated for the person of the year.

Jassy has occasionally spoken out on serious issues tweeting about the need for police accountability during the Black Lives Matter movement.


www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA



Andy’s full name is Andrew R. Jassy was born on Jan 13, 1968, and grew up in Scarsdale (Town in New York State). Andy Jessy is the son of Margery and Everett L Jassy, who are Jewish and hails from ancestry. His father Everett L. was a senior partner in the corporate law firm Dewy Ballantine. While living in home town Scarsdale, Andy Jessy completed his schooling at Scarsdale High school. After completing high school, Andy Jassy did his graduation with honors Cum laude from Harvard College. He was also worked as an advertising manager at the Harvard Crimson and pursued an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. In 1997, Andy Jassy tied and knot with Elana R Caplan (his father colleague’s daughter), who is a fashion designer for Eddie Bauer. She graduated from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. With her, he has two kids today.


Andy Jassy worked for 5 years after graduation. His career started as a project manager for a collectibles company at MBI, and then he and his colleagues began a new venture and soon shut it down. Later, Andy joined amazon as a technical assistant for Jeff in 1997 after finishing his MBA from Harvard Business School. He was instrumental in leading the company’s push outside of book sales.

Jassy’s career is described by his

leading Amazon into an entirely new market cloud computing and Amazon music. In 2003, when founder Jeff Bezos got his idea of making web cloud computing. In 2006, he founded Amazon web services, or AWS. It is a cloud hosting product that creates infrastructure used by millions of companies, schools, and governments to run websites and apps. In the early 2000s, Amazon was growing fast but had no intention to support high volumes of data. AWS was then created as in-house cloud infrastructure. Within just a few years, it became an additional business providing infrastructure services to outsiders. The cloud business is one of Amazon’s most profitable ventures. It generated 45 billion in sales last year. Up to 30% form a year Earlie. In 2016, Andy Jassy’s promotion was made, from senior vice president to the CEO of AWS. He believes the key to long-term success is reinvention. He is an avid sports fan and is part owner of the new Seattle national hockey league franchise.


www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


Indranil Roy | Business Connect

t is no doubt that a pleasing appearance plays a prominent role for a person. In any appointment, meeting or even social affair, physical appearance and likeability builds better connection and communication. An elegant look, attractive physical features underpins confidence and a strong personality in a person. Ultimately, it helps in building a harmony between the outer self and inner qualities. And these things mean a lot for today’s generation, especially women. But, looking beautiful often comes at a price. Only using skin care products in daily routine isn’t enough. Sometimes, a woman needs advanced beauty treatment to get the look she wants. Technologies have reshaped the beauty treatment realm over the last few years. Advanced skin care, hair treatment, laser therapy, etc. have become very popular. Even in India, these services are highly acclaimed, particularly among the elite. Absolute Clinic is a modern and sophisticated treatment facility for such cutting-edge services.

Dr. Bharati D Patil

D.cos DTrich, Founder & Director

Recently, our magazine had an opportunity for an interview with one of its co-founders Neha G. Rokde. In the ongoing discussion, the young director talked about how Absolute Clinic came into existence, what makes it preferred and much more. The below story is an ideal excerpt of the conversation.

Transplant, PRP, Derma Roller-Scalp, Meso Therapy and other comparable procedures. The procedures and treatments are done by a team of experts, including skin specialists, Nutritionist and dermatologists. The Clinic believes in ‘Success is within yourself’. It seeks to instil confidence and happiness in people through its best-in-class therapies, thereby keeping the motto.


Absolute Clinic, as the name suggests, focuses on a person’s overall appearance. While it does serve an elite clientele, the Clinic ensures its services are value for money. It addresses the most pressing cosmetic concerns and assures a complete rejuvenation of the person. Its specialities encompass Weight management, Body Shaping & Figure Correction, Instant Body Sculpting, Pain Management, Body Polish, Skin Resurfacer peels, BB Glow Treatment, Permanent make-up, Anti-Ageing, Botox, Fillers, Full body Laser, Laser Hair Reduction, Hair www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


Dr. Bharati Patil started the clinic in Bhosari, Pune, as a small venture to give skincare and hair care treatments. Such highquality therapies were uncommon in that region at the time, and she aspired for practical use of her talent and passion. Seven years later, in 2021, Dr Bharati met Neha, a slimming expert with past experience in clinical therapeutics and the wellness industry at an international level. 20

Their diverse experiences made them aware of the region’s enormous potential. While the location was a suburb, it had numerous High Networth clients, who would prefer this kind of solution. Furthermore, the area lacked innovative clinical technology and a proper business model for these therapies. Cognizant of these, the duo transformed Absolute Clinic into a fully-fledged facility of advanced cosmetic treatments. Absolute Clinic is the first of its kind in the region; its solutions are weaved throughout the Cosmetic grooming range. The fact that Bhosari houses several eminent personalities, Absolute Clinic envisions delivering aesthetic slimming treatments at an affordable rate. Doing so, it is progressing on its mission that says “Absolute is adding care to your Beauty and Health”.


From ideation to re-imagination, Absolute Clinic had quite a transformational journey. Dr Patil’s passion and vigour are etched into the heart of Absolute. She has raised it as if it were her own child, allowing both of them to mature simultaneously. She is now a director, founder and a doctor. She visits the facility mostly to treat patients and provide consultations. Absolute has seen significant talent and technological advancements under her and Neha’s leadership. The clinic now has a well-structured business model, including clinical experts in distinct specialities, state-of-the-art infrastructure and diverse critical treatment lines. At the clinic, they are all further trained and prepared for treatments. It also has defined management panel managing prominent roles, such as Centre Sales Head, slimming head, Beauty head, etc. In simple words, it has an execute-ready business framework. Moreover, Dr Patil and Neha has a big heart for customer satisfaction and does a continual follow up for patient’s results. This particular quality differentiates them from others in the same arena.

“Until she’s satisfied with the results and learns that all concerns have been met, the Clinic doesn’t leave the patient,” affirms Neha. Unlike other clinics that offer packages rather than personalised treatments, she personally follows up with customers for two months to ensure they are properly treated and happy. This end-to-end follow up system plays a prominent role when treating elite clients, including Celebrities. However, the dynamic duo is not the only bearer of the burden. The clinic is supported by five pillars - Dr. Bharti Patil (Director & Founder), Dt. Neha G. Rokde (Director), Dr. Dhananjay Patil (Director), Mr. Gaurav Rokde (Director) and Shekhar Chavan (Business and Admin Head). Dr. Dhananjay is in charge of all R&D. Mr. Gaurav is in charge of marketing as well as hair transplants, while Mr. Chavan is in charge of accounts and finances.


R&D is the catalyst behind the majority of Absolute Clinic’s internal developments. It not only aids in the acquisition of new technology and resources, but also in planning the clinic’s future in line with the market trends. It has a modernised infrastructure, including imported technologies and will continue to do so as new trends and practices arrive. Instead of following old patterns, R&D assists in staying on the path of the future. Absolute Clinic also aligns itself with modern marketing methods. It is associated with a marketing firm responsible for spreading its word throughout the Digital space (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and across the region.


“Absolute’s environment is completely healthy for patients and staff,” claims Neha. When asked how the clinic maintains its ambience, the Slimming Expert recalls Dr Bharati once more. She acknowledges that 21

Dt. Neha G Rokde

P.G Nutritionist, Director & Slimming Expert the clinic is an example of what the Good Doctor is. She manages patients and looks after staff as well. But, as she works primarily with patients, the culture and staff are overseen by Neha. While their roles are intertwined, everyone works together to create a productive culture. Neha believes that having well-trained employees makes it easier to populate them in a healthy environment. Additionally, it prioritizes nurturing and upholding this culture. All the employees hired are thoroughly checked for their personality, training and experience. Most importantly, they are checked for underlying traits, like body language, posture, interaction, politeness, etc. Because the service they provide is quite an investment, it assures that no stone is left unturned.


Only a few months in the business, Absolute Clinic has made considerable developments already. It has spelt out many treatment lines - all of which are accustomed to surfacing anyone’s hidden beauty. And every treatment line has seen a good number of satisfied clients. “We are appreciated for our Alopecia treatments, Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, Skin Care and even Laser Hair Removal, which marks our strive for excellence,” shares Neha. Moreover, where many brands offer packages and finish off with a short validity, Absolute Clinic stands for wholesome patient care and satisfaction. Sitting on these developments, the re-imagined Clinic has also planned for expansion. In the near future, it aims to flourish into metros to establish new branches and franchises too.

A PARTING NOTE BY BHARATI D PATIL “Be honest and open with your customers. Promise them less, but give them more. Also, continue to learn new things. Finally, ensure a professional level of emotional attachment with customers in order to maintain relationships.” www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


5 Easy Ways to go from Ordinary Life to Extraordinary

“I think it’s possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” - once Elon Musk said. Now, whether you see him as the real-life Iron Man, most of us view him as an exceptional man on the planet. But even Elon believes that any ordinary person – including you – can become extraordinary. Before going to have the extra, first, let’s have a chit-chat about ordinary! by ordinary, I mean, you are into something which you don’t like, but you don’t have any choice, except keep doing that. You are one of a crowded people -who is not fully living their life by doing what they love to do. On the other flip side, an extraordinary life is one you make. A life that you live on your terms & condition and do what you are passionate about. Basically, you have command of your own life. Even some people pay you for what you like to do. Most importantly, what matters is that what makes you happy.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


Today, we are sharing with you 5 easy tips to turn your ordinary life into an extraordinary one. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into it.


Understand yourself, what you really like and want in your life. You need to find out what you really want in your life, what really excites you to do? If you cannot find these answers, then spare time with yourself and keep your eyes on every moment that makes you happy, who you want to be. Once Chalmers Brothers said, “Observing yourself is the necessary starting point for any real change.” After that, you will have more clarity.


Get Paid for The Thing you Love to Do. Getting to know yourself is not enough. You must start selling your loveable works. In this way, you cannot just make money, but you will also understand values. Earning values and making money through passion will give you confidence. There must be a goal to earn and live by doing things in your own way.


Consider Long Term Investment in Learning. In order to turn ordinary life into extra, you have to keep educating yourself every day. It could be a skill that you know nothing about it right now, but after six or seven or at the end of the year, you know them. Keep growing yourself wherever you get a chance to learn something, do not let those chances go away. Keep challenging your brain to try new things.


Become Financially Independent Credit Cards, Loans, and other EMIs allow people to live certain quality of life instantly -this life is chosen by ordinary people. Over time, debt impacts people’s financial stability in the near and long term. To become financially independent, you must stay away from debt. You need to prioritize saving and investment as well. Read some financial education books, it will give you more clarity to manage cash flow, tax, and more. That’s what extraordinary people do. Always dream big but also be ready to face difficulties.


Equally, Deal with The Success and Failure Failure and success both are part of our lives, most certainly part of the business. As an extraordinary, you keep trying new things in life, either you will see lots of success and failures. There will be sunny and stormy days. In that case, you should be ready to deal with the situation. Create situations where you are able to make it through financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Succeeding in life and being an extraordinary person is not that easy task. It takes effort and time to become one. However, as you become extraordinary, people will start following you. One of the most important things is that extraordinary people care for others.


www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


A RELIABLE GROWTH PARTNER FOR YOUR BUSINESS Kajal Dobhal | Business Connect Customer centricity and result- oriented zeal have allowed Acme to make a difference to its targeted audience in the best possible manner. At present, it is operating from its Noida and New Delhi- based workstations with its matchless service portfolio comprising: Search Engine Optimization (SEO),Social media Optimization (SMO), Search and display Marketing, Reputation Management, and Mobile App Development.For its valued clientele, it is fixated on empowering the businesses for organic traffic on their respective websites to boost their online sales. Team Acme is not only committed to uplift the client’s website ranking on any search engine but also offers solutions to propel them towards their aspired business goals and objectives. ABOUT THE DIFFERENTIATING FACTOR In this competitive space, Acme Infolabs is standing out of the crowd with its unwavering dedication to adding substance to client’s online business. For this, they never even hesitate to go the extra mile, pushing their service offerings beyond their limits. And their exclusive customer support system has got the client’s back under any unfavourable circumstances.“ We are always into continuous efforts to take a step further to meet customer’s expectations even if we have to go beyond our service offering scope,” reveals Udai Singh. Owing to this factor, they have won the faith of their clients, thereby; expanding their reach across the countries like India, Australia, the UK, the USA and Canada. UDAI PRATAP SINGH | Founder Do you wish to improve your brand’s online visibility? Or do you want to optimize your website content for good ranking? If you strive for an effective internet marketing service portfolio, then we have brought to the vignette of Acme Infolabs Pvt. Ltd. that owns the reputation of being of the leading digital marketing companies in India. Its motto firmly says “If you want to be found or heard, then we are the right choice” As we sat down for a freewheeling conversation with the founder of the company— Mr. Udai Pratap Singh, we came across some valuable insights and ‘food for thoughts’ that we believe our readers will find quite inspirational. Under his guidance, Acme Infolabs has gained mass popularity across the business landscape, revamping the digital space. THE INTRO Incepted in 2012, Acme Infolabs Private Limited has now become an eminent name as a credible digital marketing and branding solutions provider. The company guarantees exemplary digital growth with its brand marketing solutions at quite competitive prices to the end- customers.

Moreover, many times the clients are in dire need of service-related resources, where team Acme pitches in to offer them relatable offerings and doesn’t even charge the clients for those offerings! This high- level of commitment directed towards customer satisfaction has offered the agency an edge in the respective market. MEET THE BRAIN BEHIND ACME The company was incorporated by Udai Pratap Singh who is guiding it as the Managing Director currently. He is a corporate professional with over 15 years of experience in marketing and customer services. Throughout his career journey, he has been associated with some big players across various industrial spaces. When questioned to define his leadership style, the tycoon stated, “ I avidly believe in participatory leadership. Different teams in the organization have the liberty to propose and formulate better strategies to stimulate our growth and I only interfere when any suggestion needs to be made for the good. Every individual is independent to make his own decision to serve the best interest of our clients.” Also, under his stewardship thrives a culture of learning, where employees are sincerely motivated to grow and shine to the best of their competence by learning new concepts and market trends. According to the founder, “ The management is fixated on individual growth and leaves no stone unturned to ensure it in the best possible manner.” Owing to his thoughtful leadership and industry acumen only, Acme has emerged out as the top-rated service provider by several rating platforms such as — Google my business, Trustpilot, Glassdoor, Facebook, LinkedIn.


“Dream big and put your best efforts until you turn it into reality. Everything is possible if you believe it to be!” www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


25 9

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October2020 2021 INDIA www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 5 December INDIA

Best Performing

School in Pune-2021


CREATING CHANGE BRINGERS AND TOMORROW’S LEADERS Indranil Roy | Business Connect CBSE is the most acclaimed implemented education curriculum in India. And not just govt. Schools, it’s implemented in several Govt. regulated schools for their wholesome standards. CHATE Public School is one laudable name in the assembly following the CBSE pattern. Born in the digital age, Its foundation is built on student-centred, inquiry-based pedagogy with a commitment to creativity and collaboration.


CPS positions itself in a unique position by offering an immersive learning experience to ensure the holistic development of every child. It provides well-designed activities that give academics and extracurricular activities equal weight. CPS nurtures a child’s true potential, preparing a path that helps in achieving dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, IPS, IAS, etc. It is well-infrastructured and has an ideal environment that underpins teaching, learning and grasping. The school’s curriculum also connects students to several fine arts and athletics clubs. This gives access to various training and learning opportunities, such as job shadowing, worksite visits, and visits from guest speakers, alumni success stories and a lot more that can upscale their career. The School was founded by Hon. Prof. Fulchand Chate Sir in 2016. He is passionate about creating meritorious children and grow them mentally and physically through educational programs. The exact purpose helped him envision a school - dynamic & joyful, that’ll inspire students to be evergreen learners. Under his guidance, CPS has grown into a fun-filling, engaging and convenient campus. The academic and teaching excellence testifies to the founder’s vision of systematic education, which includes activity-based curriculum, commitment and dedication of teachers, parental participation, and students’ hard work. Together these make CPS privileged for success stories and a Symbol of Merit.

Prof. Fulchand Chate Founder


Education and competition are closely related and together nurture inquisitiveness in children. While it’s highly debated, but it’s important for children to have the intellect and intelligence to grow and sustain in this age. CPS focuses on building tomorrow’s leaders. It envisions an enthusiastic generation of inventive, dynamic, socialized and disciplined leaders, creating www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


the path for others. Its curriculum is meant to relieve stress in kids while maintaining high academic standards.

Moreover, CHATE has designed ten innovative clubs (Sports Club, Eco Club, Literary Club, Aryabhatta Club, G.K. Club, Heritage Club, IT Club, Dance Club, Art Club, and Einstein Club) to maintain students’ enthusiasm. These club activities kept the students engaged amid the pandemic. It underpinned collaborative learning and highlighted the value of other’s viewpoints. This helped in building a community of similar mindset, empowering teamwork to reach sensible goals. It also encourages students to make meaningful friendships with people from different origins and cultures, which is crucial during adolescence. Thus, at a young age, students build a leadership mindset. Thanks to the club activities, they are able to discover products and leadership opportunities beyond the classroom. This boosts their level of confidence and their sense of independence.

• •


As previously said, CPS focuses on a child’s holistic development, which covers a wide variety of factors. It’s important to keep nurturing these factors to ensure a positive atmosphere in the school. Let’s understand them in a broad sense: • Create meaningful parent involvement: CPS maintains complete transparency with students’ parents to avoid any misunderstandings. It has a feedback platform for parents - to express their opinions on curriculum and activities, as well as concerns about their children’s education. Instead of prevalent parent-teacher meetings, it organizes workshops to keep parents involved in the process. Even more, parents get invited to event committees and school fundraisers. The participatory method fosters cooperation between parents and the school, as well as a favourable impact on their child. • Celebrate personal achievement and good behaviour: The school celebrates every “Good job” done by individuals. This instils a sense of being valued and portrays a positive culture of the school. Teachers are tasked to set goals for the number of compliments each week to highlight the good deeds of individual students. • Establish norms that build values: It’s not just what they should or shouldn’t, but also why is also important. This is why CPS ensures its rules and regulations are clear to students. While there isn’t a rule for every possible situation, it follows norms that focus on building positive values in a class. • Set consistent discipline: CPS also has strong disciplinary practices. Instead of putting an iron grip on students’ faults, it assigns a specific disciplinary duty that educates the wrongdoing. This unique approach helps in encouraging a positive school culture. • Model behaviours of the management: CPS has a list of characteristics and values that it looks for in kids and teachers.

But the process starts with the management. They strive to be an example of the behaviour they expect from others. Engage students in ways that benefit them: Beyond the secular curriculum, CPS focuses on strengthening its students for their future after graduation. To do so, they follow the social-emotional learning (SEL) model. Teachers are encouraged to conduct activities that empower empathy, reliability, respect, concern, and a sense of humour. Celebrating rituals and traditions: CPS punctuates time for fun, just like study. Celebrations like ‘The school day’ and ‘School year and others, builds the morale in children. Maintain the physical environment of school: Surrounding environment and tangible factors have a huge impact on a school’s culture. It enables mobility, flexible arrangement and has a positive influence on a student’s behaviour. Knowing these, CPS maintains an alluring decorum (light, temperature, air quality, room colour, etc.) of its surroundings, ensuring the focus is on sessions. Introducing technology for supplement learning also imparts a positive impact on students.


Just like every other school, CPS faced monumental challenges with the COVID-19. Offline schooling shifted to online schooling overnight, and teachers needed training for this. CPS maintained its vigilance and adhered to the requirements accordingly. It laid an upgradation program for teachers and encouraged innovation in classes to improve the learning process. Even the founder and the others on the board went on to research and brainstorm new ideas and methods to make the teaching process more comprehensive. “We want our students to be proud of their school and take part in various aspects of their development,” Prof. Fulchand Chate Sir The process helped in conducting freewheeling sessions throughout the lockdown. Those who couldn’t attend classes were shared teaching videos and notes. They even went on to celebrate festivals online, attaching science with culture and rituals.


Besides students, CPS prioritizes the development of the brains that aligns children with the school’s vision. To help teachers improve their skills and craft, It pairs individual teachers with a mentor from day 1. As such, teachers become cognizant of policies and rules and how to use tech in class. “Supporting new teachers in this way helps to promote a consistent atmosphere,” Said, Principal Mrs. Mikita V. Kale. Working closely with teachers also helps in understanding what they feel about their work. CPS also heeds their feedback, hear out concerns, and get suggestions for improvement.


CPS has established a strong reputation in Pune in just a few years, thanks to its dedication and skill. With innovation-based learning, outdoor learning, sport and community gatherings, etc., it has built a stimulating environment acclaimed by parents and allows students to explore opportunities. In the broad sense of prospects, the School targets to be the #1 Rank in India, in terms of: • Cultural diversity & volunteerism within the community. • Partnering with International Schools to explore more cultures • Enhance before and after school program (Foreign language and social/emotional development) to develop the “whole child” • Virtual Learning methodologies • Student Internships to build a proactive background for them • Partnership with local Universities to acquire and install academic programs and technology in class. 27

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A Visionary Redefining Fraud Detection And Prevention Market Kajal Dobhal | Business Connect Even after attaining the reputation of an influential leader, vision and focus have been the primary persistences for Steven FJ Chuang- Founder and CEO of Cherri Tech, Inc. Founding and successfully leading an MNC in his late 20s and making it one among the Top 100 FinTech companies in the world is not a normal happening. This has grabbed the eyeballs of several media and publication houses and everybody has one single question to ask- How did he do it? On that note, Business Connect also decided to feature Steven’s success story in its brand new edition and ensured coverage of various aspects of his journey thus far. When we sat down for a virtual coffee session with him, our team cracked the conversation by asking about his leadership insights, to which he replied, “People think that I am good at making money, but in fact, I just focus on researching and developing products with the team in an innovative environment and try to make life fun. My long-term and international vision has helped me forge ahead in one direction only and by harnessing the power of creativity, I have been able to innovate and ameliorate the technology of our offered products and services.”

Then proceeding ahead with the inspiration that led to recognizing him his vision and mission, he reveals that it all started when the company was approached by an online business to collaborate with them based on some offerings. They lured the company into favourable terms intending to ensure considerable investment according to the proposition. But, Steven identified some red flags. Later, after thorough evaluation and inspection, that company was identified as a transnational fraud group. He explains the scenario as, “ Since then, we have realized that internet fraud incidents have had a negative and serious impact on many people’s businesses and even their lives.” It was the light bulb moment when the leader concluded to invest in online transaction risk detection and prevention for commonalities as www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

well as businesses. And today, Cherri Tech, Inc. guarantees its partners safe trading ways and peace of mind while interacting with the internet, eventually making lives better. Though Steven never aspired to establish himself as a leader, he eventually became one with his stirring vision to acknowledge his responsibility towards society and an exclusive mission to create the digital place a safer and better place to interact with. After embarking upon this exhilarating mission, he build a team of industry professionals and moved ahead to implement his vision and turn his dream into a living reality. And today, he has done absolute justice to his business objectives set by him, years back. 28

establish a consensus from communication with employees. All ideas will be valuable to the company as long as the proposal is constructive and not purely critical. The most important thing is to cultivate the ability of employees to be proactive in solving problems.”

BUSINESS PORTFOLIO AT A GLANCE The online transaction risk detection and prevention space has witnessed the emergence of some eminent organisations heavily adding substance here, in the past decade. When Cherri Tech entered this area, it didn’t start reckless product development. Rather, it primarily focused a major portion of its time and energy on comprehending the fraud patterns, customer pain points, and past risk engine operation methods to get some indepth insights into the industry.

WHAT DO THEY TAKE PRIDE IN? When most of the prospering organisations/leaders boast off their bagged rewards and recognitions, Steven claims that awards and accolades are not what he takes pride in. For him, there are 2 biggest achievements that he wanted to highlight in this article— 1. Zero negative comments from customers! 2. Low employee turnover rate!

Gradually, owing to its adept team’s individual corporate experience in the financial and payment industry, the company introduced extraordinary tech- innovations that brought considerable change here. Such development complements the inadequate considerations in detection and prevention through the development of new technologies, affirmed the founder. All of this made Cherri Tech, Inc. rank 63rd Fintech company out of Global Top 100 by KMPG in 2017, alongside becoming the official Tokenization and DID partner certified by Visa and Mastercard, speaking of its impact scale across the space.

Though these two aspects may feel trivial to many people, Steven’s business has always strained every nerve to support these only. The insightful leader believes that these two parameters make any organisation stand apart while paving its path to a thumping success, where Cherri Tech has proved its prominence already. “Client contentment and growth of employees are our greatest milestones and glory!,” he concluded.

STAYING AHEAD OF THE CURVE Intending to offer highly accurate fraud detection outcomes by shattering the conventional methodologies, Cherri Tech’s ingeniously developed Device ID technology has been proved substantial to transaction and inspection ‘effectively, efficiently and obviously’. Moreover, what gives the company an edge in the market is Cherri X that has over 100 pre-defined models targetting different industries to enhance risk tolerance, plus, develop a deep model tuning capability for clients leveraging new-fangled ML technology. Also, Cherri Tech extends white label support to its clients in terms of its commercial prospects for effortless adoption of Cherri X as their value plus, add-on feature to the service.

CSR ACTIVITIES Two years ago when Cherri Tech was growing in leaps and bounds, they were heavily into social services. But since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, Cherri Tech’s active participation in such activities was slowed down. But even amid the hard times, they kept up with their endeavours to serve society in the best possible manner. He reminisced one such initiative by the management for team engagement activities, “ We organized a team building for employees and visited a nursing home at the same time during that activity. On that day, our employees played the guitar and sang songs to provide some live entertainment for the elderly. Whereas many other employees accompanied the elderly in dining, help them turn over, perform simple muscle massage or chat with them. In this process, the company deliberately hopes that everyone can learn and experience from “Paying” instead of “Requesting” that everyone is used to in their daily lives.” By this, they delivered an intriguing message that CSR is not only about monetary help, but being compassionate and caring are equally effective.

Majority of their cleints are immensely satisfied with their services due to their simplified ways of implementation and execution of the services with a safe online consumption environment that leads to better performance of the businesses. AN EXCEPTIONAL WORK CULTURE To align each employee with the company’s objective to effectively fight the online fraud issues, the management of the company emphasises a perfect balance of personal and professional life of its workforce. In this direction, they have shortened work hours to relieve the employees of hectic schedule alongside eradicating the clock-in system to allow employees to learn self–management. Performance appraisal and on-time promotion based on dedication and hard work of the employees are ensured by the management to keep their spirits high. Transparency, an open-door policy and a free-work environment are the cornerstones of Cherri Tech’s exemplary work culture. This has surprisingly stimulated agility, creativity and innovation among the individuals, claims Steven. He further adds, “ We strive to accompany employees to establish a positive, focused, and self-motivated work attitude, and encourage employees to speak freely in each meeting to


A GLIMPSE OF THE FUTURE OUTLOOKS The future poses a great threat to the online transaction domain with the development of technology and here, governments, financial institutions, or e-commerce platform operators from various countries are adamant about investing in online transaction security and data processing security. Hence, to make a difference here, the company is determined to render professional, accessible, easy-to-operate, and high-precision risk control systems in the field of transaction risk management and control to assist customers to deal with such fraud-related issues. And as a trend-setter, Steven will continue to act as an observer, analyst and participant in terms of operation direction, product planning and sales strategy with his apt teammates to address many untapped pain points in this space.

WORDS OF WISDOM BY THE LUMINARY “There are indeed some things I can share with the budding entrepreneurs: 1. Rather than being money-minded, just think about doing the right things right, and wealth will come naturally. The so-called “making the best plan” is just a self-righteous imagination. The best plan is to be ready to face “changes” at any time. 3. If the flowers are fully bloomed, the butterflies will come by themselves.”


www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA



If we talk about being in a corporate world, our mind is continuously busy at work. There are times when our work life becomes all-consuming that we rarely get time for healthoriented or recreational activities. It is common that often, our busy work schedule leads to exhaustion of mind and body that people are unable to spare time for fitness and health. Such a situation brings us to the option of implementing wellness into the office cabin by practising yoga asanas at your workplace.


oga is an art of education that leads you to inner strength, inner discipline and inner clarity. Keeping up your career, maintaining your position in the best possible way and coping with the daily pressures that arise from it in the business world is no easy feat. Start your daily routine with the practice of yoga, it will relax your nerves and calm your senses.

The long and continuous working hours can lead to the following issues: • Straining of eyes, spine and mind • Increasing Stress level • Harmful to the health of body • Developing poor eating habits • Depression etc.

Yoga is known as the ancient science of life that teaches us the fine art of how to live a healthy lifestyle. In order to strive for our personal goals and to achieve them, it is necessary to do yoga, as it is a disciplinary instrument through which we acquire an insight to govern our own lives.

The only way you can get out of these issues and maintain a healthy lifestyle is through a regular practice of yoga. It is beneficial for attaining a stable mind, healthy body, balancing blood pressure levels & stress, helps in boosting up self-confidence & morale, along with that it helps in boosting up your creativity of thoughts and increases the overall effectiveness of an individual in their workforce.

As a part of our everyday routine, the practice of doing different types of yoga gives us a composed mind, a capable body and a sound spirit. These are the secrets of achieving an inexhaustible sense of energy, liberty, power, and drive to pursue our ambitions.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


DOING BASIC YOGA ASANAS AT YOUR WORKPLACE WILL HELP IN THE FOLLOWING WAY – BENEFIT OF YOGA: • Releases built-up tension • Posture correction • Helps in strengthening and straightening your spine • Gives clarity to your mind • Reduces stress level etc. Yoga is so beneficial for an individual’s body and mind that it is considered as a one-stop solution to all the problems. Cure yourself with the most authentic and pure healing science. Consider doing these two types of yoga - Desk Yogasan that would be highly beneficial for those who works in the corporate world. 1. BHASTRIKA PRANAYAM This is a simple breathing method that is intended to balance your mind and body along with bringing you to a neutral space. The soothing sensation it generates helps in rejuvenating and provides with a necessary break to refocus on the task at hand instantly. HOW TO DO: • For the duration of six counts, deeply inhale and fill your lungs with air. • Hold your breath. • At last, exhale breath and empty your lungs. (KEEP REPEATING THIS PROCESS FOR FIVE MINUTES)

2. UDGEETH PRANAYAM In the body’s internal organ, the vibration of this sound produces positive calming waves. It is best for relieving stress, tension or depression from the mind. HOW TO DO: • For the duration of six counts, deeply inhale through the nostrils and fill your lungs with air. • Hold and maintain the breath within the lungs for the same duration. • While pronouncing the sound ‘ohm’, exhale the breath through mouth. (KEEP REPEATING THIS PROCESS FOR FIVE MINUTES) These two types of yoga asanas are the simplest one that you can do at your workplace when you feel exhausted. In between your work take a short break and try doing this simple but beneficial exercise in order to calm yourself down. After doing this, you will feel more relaxed and refreshed. CONCLUSION People nowadays are facing a lot of stress at their workplace with a hectic schedule and working environment, which leads to a negative impact on their work lives. In order to maintain a balance between your personal as well as professional lives, the best solution is to adapt yoga to your daily routine. Spare a few minutes from your daily schedule to do yoga, it helps you in giving peace of mind, reduces blood pressure and stress, slows down ageing and improves your work performance.


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The 10 Most Admired


Achieving The Pinnacle of Architecture Nitish Kumar | Business Connect The art or practice of designing and constructing a building is called Architecture. The practice, which began in the prehistoric era, has been used as a way of expressing Culture for Civilizations. This is the reason why architecture is considered to be a form of art.

“Beauty perishes in life, but is immortal in art”. – Leonardo da Vinci

Architecture, in another sense, is the knowledge of art, science, technology and humanity. Here we have with us an exceptional success story of Crest Architects. Our team had a fascinating interaction with Crest Architect’s Ar. Vikas MV and Ar. Vishwas Venkat. This article features their ideal business insight, leadership approach, and much more.


“If you can dream it, we can build it”.

Ar Vikas MV

Co-Founder and Principal Architect

Crest Architects, a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design firm is based in Bangalore. The core feature at Crest lies in rethinking building typologies and experimenting with the volume of architectural elements. Developing site responsive and contextually appropriate designs by harmonizing form and function with a unique approach is the principal focus of their philosophy.

“We believe in experiential and explorative architecture and interior design, and hence our portfolio consists of a plethora of projects ranging from the design of single and multi-dwelling residences to commercial, hospitality and institutional buildings”, say the co-founders. INCEPTION OF THE COMPANY Ar Vishwas Venkat

Co-Founder and Principal Architect www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

The firm was established in 2014. While they were pursuing architecture as graduates, they realized their common passion and interest for creating exceptional 32

architectural designs, cutting edge structural forms and intriguing details. This encouraged them to take up their first project while they were studying; its success motivated them to set up their own firm.

“With a distinction for conceiving exceptional spaces and an experiential design approach that attempts to modulate spaces, we at Crest offer the client a commitment to design excellence,” affirms the tycoons. Their clientele comprises a wide range of individuals and developers who are passionate, committed and have a distinct vision about the architecture and buildings they want to construct.


Few trends that are transforming the way we see the world:-

• • • •

Immersive technology is changing the architectural design process. Universal architectural design keeps everyone in mind. Eco friendly architecture. Going vertical is more popular as space becomes limited.

The process of evolution and change in the architecture and construction field is certain. Crest is a part of the change and intend to accept and incorporate the new developments and advancements in the industry.


“Research and Development is extremely vital for the growth of any company. It is important to stay updated and informed of the new developments and technological advancements in the field that will further help in improving and creating better design solutions for our projects,” says the co-founders. SCOPE OF INTERIOR DESIGNING

Interior designing is set to grow, particularly in emerging markets like India that provides excellent growth prospects across creative and artistic areas. In general, interior design as an applied profession to architecture plays a key role in the user experience of any space. The colours, materials, textures, and decor used have a substantial impact on the users, and architects must create an aesthetically pleasing and functional yet comfortable indoor environment for the end-users.

CHALLENGES IN THE JOURNEY Delivering the dream project of the clients which aligned with our

design philosophy and making them understand the importance of design in all aspects of the project was an uphill task for us. Finding the right balance between the client’s list of requirements and unrealistic budgets was another challenge. Despite all that, the founders have been committed to reaching new heights and their inherent passion helped in building routes to overcome these impediments.

Magazine, Trends Magazine, India’s Best Homes, Good Homes (India), Buildofy etc. It has also banked several awards over the past two years:-


Crest is currently working on a number of different residential, commercial and institutional projects. They aim to design and construct different buildings typologies and intends to reach new heights by bringing about a change in the urban landscape through architecture. They also want to cater to different types of clients who are as passionate about architecture as they are.


Since its inception, the firm has worked on a variety of architectural and interior design projects- reimagining residential design of single and multidwelling houses, institutional, commercial and hospitality projects while providing custom-designed interior spaces and landscape designs. Their efforts are featured on prominent architectural platforms like Archdaily, Architect’s Dairy, Archello, Interior + Design, Design Authority, HHLLOO, Architecture Live, Volume Zero, Design Essentia 33

• • • • • • •

Construction World Architect and Builder Awards for Top Architects in the Regional South Category National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards for Leading Architecture and Interior Design Firm. 30 Under 50 Best Architects of India. Design Icon Award for Leading Architecture and Interior Design Firm. Golden AIM Awards for Most Admired Architect and World Architecture Awards. Build Architecture Award for Best Emerging Architecture and Interior Design Practice, Karnataka. World Architecture Awards. National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards for Most Creative Residential Project.


Crest is determined to create varied extraordinary and out of the box designs for each project and consider that design is a continuous evolving curve.

“We as architects should keep in mind, that design has to be original and functional and we should give back to the society through architecture”, express the founders. www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

The 10 Most Cutting-Edge Solutions Provider 2021

Moving Ahead as An Endpoint Protection Champion

Smita Kumar | Business Connect

The knock-on effect of a data breach can be devastating for a company. When customers start taking their business and their money-elsewhere, that can be a real body blow”, states Christopher Graham, ELT consultant, trainer, writer, and speaker. He is UKbased but operates globally.

Of the same opinion, Britney Hommertzheim, asserts, “As cyber security leaders, we have to create our message of influence because security is a culture and you need the business to take place and be part of that security culture.” Britney could be said to be associated with cyber operations. Yes, cyber security is a hot topic for years.

Founded in 1999 and currently headed by Anton Kreuzer and Axel Kettenring, the company calls itself ‘The Endpoint Protection Champion’. As said, DriveLock deals in Cloud-based endpoint and data security. This expertise of its has made it eligible for our upcoming edition 10 Most Cutting-Edge Digital Transformation Solutions Provider 2021.


Started in Munich, Germany in 1999, DriveLock has developed itself as one of the leading international specialists for Cloud-based endpoint and data security with its offices and representatives in Germany, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East, and the USA. DriveLock markets its solutions through channels in the Asia-Pacific and has a strong partner base in India. In the digital transformation era, the success of businesses depends on how reliably people, businesses, and services www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

are protected against cyber attacks and the loss of valuable data. DriveLock’s mission is to protect the company’s data, devices, and systems. To achieve this, it utilizes state-of-the-art technology, works with experienced security experts, and devises solutions based on the Zero Trust model. In today’s security architecture, Zero Trust means a paradigm shift according to the maxim “Never trust, always verify”. This way, data can be reliably protected even in modern business models.


DriveLock, an IT security company formed in Germany, aims at protecting against cyber attacks and the loss of valuable data.


According to Kreuzer, DriveLock in five words is Zero Trust for Endpoint Protection or Cloud-based End Point Protection.


Kreuzer believes, “Digital transformation now affects all companies, e.g. healthcare sector, hospitals, public authorities, industrial production. This results in great opportunities like telemedicine, digital government processes, and also completely new value creation models. It is a really exciting space to be in. However, in times of digital transformation, the success of companies depends to a large extent on how reliably people, companies, and services are protected against cyber 34

Anton Kreuzer CEO

attacks and the loss of valuable data. After all, threats and attacks are no longer physical in nature but take place digitally. IT security measures are especially needed to guard against this.”


The customers are accompanied in the implementation of their IT security strategy. Digitalization and IT security go hand-in-hand, as digitalized processes are also threatened by digital attack vectors. Cyber Criminals are Targeting Businesses of All Sizes – That’s Why DriveLock also Caters to Small as well as Large Ventures. Companies of different sizes also have different challenges. As per DriveLock, “Medium-sized companies often do not have the resources and skilled workers to implement IT security measures holistically. In particular, they often have problems finding and employing skilled security specialists as these people are rare. This shortage means that mediumsized companies have to compete with large enterprises in trying to acquire the limited talent available.” DriveLock makes a difference by offering security as a service with its endpoint protection solutions as managed security from the Cloud. Companies can have their IT solutions managed by a service provider. DriveLock offers multi-layered security that is immediately available and economically efficient with low investment costs.

“We get you started by providing a standard safety profile to allow production companies to start protecting their endpoint devices with immediate effect. Later on, we can then upgrade this to a comprehensive, fully configured security profile based on the respective solution modules.”


DriveLock provides a holistic security service: • Hosting of the complete solution • Management by experienced security experts • Security standards tailored to individual requirements Alternatively, if you have a large number of terminal devices, operation at your premises is possible.


The ready-to-go security service allows you to work efficiently and economically: • Low investment costs • No need for your infrastructure or 3rd party software • Subscription model based on the number of devices


DriveLock’s solutions support required guidelines and requirements including EUDSGVO, BSI requirements, ISO 2700x, and HIPAA The EAL3+ certificate also means DriveLock is able to work with government and education bodies


With DriveLock, all your security elements can be managed from a singular, central point, where only a single agent is required on the end devices. This saves a tremendous number of resources and avoids any incompatibility issues.


With most people working from home now, there has been an even greater need for cyber security as the pandemic has seen a dramatic rise in cyber attacks. However, mid-sized companies typically don’t have the infrastructure and/or resources required in this transition to a work-from-home setup. So, DriveLock has stepped in by offering special prices on its cloud-based managed services to help these companies with their cyber security. DriveLock has also helped to educate and support new and existing customers through hosting many new virtual events like webinars, virtual “coffee talks”, as well as a virtual wine tasting event.

have been experiencing. Once, a customer wanted a feature where security awareness was to be available to his users in the long term; Then, the company came up with a security awareness library. This feature has benefitted the customer tremendously throughout the pandemic. Additionally, the position of Head of Strategy & Vision has been created recently to ensure innovation.

certification attests to the high trustworthiness and security standard of the DriveLock Agent 2019.2 based on a specified set of configurations.


‘Professional User Rating Security Solutions 2021 (PUR-S)’, a user survey by an analyst firm, techconsult, positioned DriveLock as the Champion in the category endpoint protection among 32 IT solution providers and their solutions in Germany, based on votes of 2000 user companies.

The experienced founder is of the thinking that the employees are their biggest asset and therefore, they value every contribution they make to the team. They recruit great minds with the right attitude and let them do their work without micro-managing their actions. With this, everyone in the team is free to unleash their creative potential and bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table, which is what allows DriveLock to stay innovative and ahead of its competitors.


The DriveLock Device Control and Application Control solutions are Common Criteria EAL3+ certified. This internationally recognized

Awarded in TOP 100 Innovators three times from 2008 to 2018; most recently in 2017 and 2018.


Kreuzer proudly says, “We have a very cohesive team with a friendly environment that allows team members to support each other at all times. Leadership is also relaxed enough to allow anyone to raise new ideas and suggestions. Everyone is treated equally and with respect, from the CEO to the intern. I believe there should be no barriers at all on individual expression – this is what sparks creativity.


‘Cyber Security - Solutions & Services Germany 2021’ market survey by a technology consulting company ISG named DriveLock as the Leader in the ‘Data Leakage/Loss Prevention and Data Security’ segment.

Several million managed endpoints in 30 different countries Customer environments with over 180,000 managed endpoints


The visionary wants to witness the company as one of the leading international IT Solutions providers in DACH, EMEA, Nordics, APAC, and the USA.


Kreuzer is quite confident to convey the message, “Don’t skimp on IT security. The question is not whether you will be attacked, but only when? Take action now before it’s too late.” This is meant for the readers and young entrepreneurs.


The product managers lead the pace by always keeping an ear in the market, and listening to the problems and challenges that the customers 35

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Innovation and an Imperative for Embracing Data Privacy, Transportation and Security

In 2020, from the Covid-19 to Cyber-attack have been the biggest concern. Companies like SolarWinds, BlueKai (Owned by oracle), a UK-based security company called Keepnet Labs, South Africa Postbank, and many others have been hacked. According to selfkey, around 16 billion records, including credit/debit card numbers, home adders, phone numbers, and sensitive information, have been revealed. With more than 8 billion records have been exposed, the first quarter of 2020 has been one of the worst in data breach history. 37% of cyberattacks have increased in India in Q1 2020, as reported by Kaspersky Security Network. According to the economic times, cyber-attack surged since lockdown. The bombardment of misinformation and data breaches has made us wonder about the privacy and security of our sensitive personal, and organizational information. These all events have delivered many blows to public trust. It could be seen the lack of trust in everything from government agencies to brands. This year founder and entrepreneur have an opportunity to bring those issues, get creative, and solve them, but make sure you are not part of that problem. It begins by addressing the breakdown of these following areas.


Protecting personal data privacy has been the biggest concern, but long gone are the days when sensitive consumer docs were locked in a filing cabinet at the end of the workday. In the digital era, half of the population is online and sharing more information about themselves by using different online platforms. However, there is debate over who is responsible for data privacy. The Cisco Consumer Privacy survey has shown, around half of the respondents believed it was the government’s responsibility, a quoter thought consumers should be responsible for their own safety online. While one in five felt it was up to the companies who collect, process and store the information to keep it safe. Data pricy laws, like European laws GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA, have been followed by India and put greater onus on organizations to ensure data privacy. Bart

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Willemsen (VP Analyst Profile) Gartner has a prediction that by 2023, 65% of consumers’ personal information will be protected by data privacy laws. The Fines and other business impacts, such as reputation damage leading to lost business, make companies keenly aware of the importance of maintaining data protection.

Founders or entrepreneurs must look at the technology that is available to address the issue. Without being transparent, data is useless because you don’t know how it will benefit you. Achieving the transparency need to have data privacy laws - it will give you better insights into your data. The solution of data transparency won’t just allow you to clarify why you are holding user’s data, but also how it can provide your company with improved business agility.

The majority of new businesses do not meet the minimal criteria necessary to be compliant with data privacy regulation, but that doesn’t mean founders can ignore data privacy protection. Rather, meeting data privacy criteria initially can ensure the company is prepared as it scales as new privacy laws are inaugurating. Applying tech that categories data while lessening redundancy make you ready for customers request to be forgotten or verify what data is held. It is essential for you to consider what data, is valuable to maintain, and could be cast off. There should be governance over the data, either by appointing a person on specificities position, adding tech or by bringing a third party to protect privacy properly. Also, request from the user can be immediately addressed.


Amid the pandemic, customers were ordering the essential home products online and spending more time on the social media platform, while employees were doing work from home, which has led to an increase in data breaches. As per Malwarebytes, 20% of the breach and cyber incidents are directly related to the remote job. Data breaches linked to the pandemic lockdown, such as the attack on the small business administration that disclosed of applying for emergency loans from the government.


It has no question that data is being under attack. It is rested on business to take action to shield it. Of cure, it could be far more difficult to do when your startup is small, you have very limited resources, and your workforce is accessing the network on personal devices all across the globe. Some basics rules like using multifactor authentication for getting all company and users’ data and enforcing strong passwords (did you know the SolarWinds attack relied on weak passwords to get access). VPN is more secure than home routers, and encryption would be used for any sensitive transmissions. The cloud-like SECaaS (Security as a service) provide accessible management for the worker, and tools that offer security on the edge can provide proper data security, whether it is on the network or access on the smartphone through the cloud.

Transparency is very essential in data privacy compliance. As per GDPR articles, answer to consumers’ questions surrounding their data will be made in “Concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language.” Questions like do they share information to 3rd party? have they defined the intention for holding customers’ private data? how long will it be kept? How is it currently processed? must be answered by the companies. Although these questions come under GDPR, (so whatever company setting up their business in the EU or doing business with European residents, they have to follow), these such type of transparency would be stranded for new businesses. It only indicates loyalty among consumers, partners, and investors.

In 2020, many were compelled to readjust their approach to data protection. In 2021, many entrepreneurs and founders have the opportunity to learn from them and build trust.

It is a big challenge to be transparent, but you should be because that’s the way you will know how data is used.


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KOFFEETECH F COMMUNICATIONS Broadening the horizons of brands, helping them reach greater heights

or this remarkable read, our team sat down for an informal conversation with the ‘Founding Father and Director’ of Koffeetech Communications— Jaykumar Rathod. Here, he spotlighted various aspects of his business venture while sharing some ‘food for thought’ with us. We firmly believe our global readership will find this inside story quite enjoyable as well as fascinating!


Introducing several untapped avenues of business growth, Koffeetech Communications has brought a gamut of customized services for brands aspiring for better visibility. Effective strategies and thoughtful ideas are what they focus on to allow a brand to witness the exponential growth and exposure it needs. The advertising agency proves its forte in creative, strategic and innovative solutions that are adored by its end-clients.

Kajal Dobhal | Business Connect

Koffeetech nurtures a philosophy— every brand is different and deserves unique solutions. Thereby, following this, it has developed strategies that ensure the targeted audience a clear picture and a collective experience of the respective brand. Today, the agency’s functions utilize interactive tools of communications, combined with outstanding marketing techniques to help the brands make better reach to allow maximum impact. At present, it is adamant on its mission to render an impactful amalgamation of communication services to over 100,000 brands across the globe and assist their businesses in the path of growth leveraging time, audiences and location as vital resources.


Jaykumar Rathod

Founder and Director

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


When questioned to reveal the inspiration that made him name his venture as ‘Koffeetech’, Jaykumar elucidates, “The idea behind our agency name is to provide an efficient way of brand communication which is as simple as sipping a cup of coffee. Hence, Koffeetech – koffee + technology.” He proceeded to explain that his journey as an entrepreneur has been no less than a rollercoaster ride. But, all of the impediments and struggle only helped him grow into a better person. The core inspiration that kept his spirits high was an intention to take a deep dive into the digital ocean for the clients hailing from diverse industries alongside adapting as per the dynamic online world.


The exemplary agency has now become a one- stop solution for all digital marketing needs. Its clientele relishes services ranging from Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Web Design to Branding. Every individual at the company is impassioned to create an extraordinary digital experience for a long- lasting impact, allowing Koffeetech to stay ahead of the game, claims Jaykumar. For this, they utilize the marketing paradigm that aids them realize differences within the subgroup of a targeted market. At Koffeetech, the sheer focus of the teams is on real-consumer issues according to which they align the respective product/service, rather than introducing the irrelevant features to their service portfolio.

“With our omnichannel strategies, we have been facilitating better ROI not only in investment, but also, garnering the right engagement and scaling the brand equity towards the same,” asserts the founder. When asked to reveal his approach to win the faith of the diverse clientele, the leader unveils, “Maintaining customer engagement to ensure the businesses digital presence, maintaining healthy relationships with all our partners have been our strategy.”


No organization can ever deny the instrumental role of the R&D process in its growth and Koffeetech also acknowledges its prominence. R&D has been crucial to the agency to evolve and become a reliable partner in its client’s progress. In this competitive world, appropriate processes and systems allow business to thrive better, in which R&D plays a pivotal role, asserts the director. He further adds that for better growth one needs to invest right amount of time, money and energy in persistent learning. Also, it should be accompanied with a focus on harnessing a hard-working team; working dedicatedly on R&D in every factor. All of these functions will eventually help any enterprise render a better value to its end customers while moving all the involved partners towards a steadfast mission.


This social media-driven world has been taken by storm by influencer marketing as it poses a viable option to ensure improved brand visibility and awareness. It has become a transforming point in this digital era as; it opens a gateway to take the word of mouth to the whole next level while propelling towards building better credibility not only for the brands but also for the consumers in the right direction. One can also consider it as a helping hand to grab eyeballs across the targeted audience that is the elemental for a brand’s thumping success. People are effortlessly influenced by any suggestions or lessons proposed by their preferred bloggers nowadays.


Mr. Jay Rathod- He is the Founder-Director of the company, who is well acclaimed to be an ardent marketeer with the digital medium as his arsenal. He possesses a decade long corporate experience in business management and entrepreneurship. At Koffeetech, he is spearheading the operations of his passion project turned entrepreneurial venture as a chief strategist, mentor, and business development lead for the brand. The adept and avid digital marketer is the motive force behind a myriad of lucrative, result- driven digital campaigns conducted by the company. Coming from a business family himself, the founder predicted the upcoming disruption in the digital marketing industry, inducing him to pursue a career in this booming industry. He then transitioned himself from a computer engineer to a self-taught marketing maven who has no formal education in the subject. Though his career trajectory witnessed some detours and was not a cakewalk, 39

Jaykumar has now become a well- reckoned name trusted by over 100+ clients in India as well as international markets. His archetypal work, credibility and deeply embedded love for digital marketing have allowed him to taste a resounding success within a short period. Mrs. Parita Rathod— She is leading the company as the CEO who is a true marketer at heart hailing from an engineering background. Her career trajectory also witnessed several deviations from being an IT graduate, senior software engineer, and business development representative. But, holding a strong track record of being the forerunner in a company’s growth helped her carve a way to success. Driven by her passion and vision, she decided to take the plunge without any prior experience in this industry and efficaciously contributed to the overall scheme of the communication landscape. Later, acknowledging her acuity and forte as a leader, she was offered the dignified role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Koffeetech Communications by Jaykumar and now, she guides the business operations as the Chief Executive Officer. Indeed, her triumphs across the corporate world are intriguing in many ways to the aspiring leaders.


Koffeetech has played the trumpet of its success across the business fraternity, driving many media and publication houses recognizing its contribution to the digital space. Given this, a few of the worthy mentions are as follows• Bagged Top 10 Startups of the Year in 2019 Award by Silicon India Magazine • Became recipient of MSME 5000 Awards 2020. • Titled Best Brand Consulting Agency in Maharashtra by Corporate Vision Magazine (UK) • Received PR Agency of the Year Award by Corporate Vision Magazine (UK) • Awarded Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2020, Maharashtra by Corporate Vision Magazine (UK)


At present, the company has envisioned a growth rate of 100% YoY while collaborating with more and more businesses. Alongside enhancing their skillset and feedback systems, the luminaries are also dedicated to spreading Koffeetech’s vision from Mumbai to at least 4 cities on a PAN India level to generate more employment opportunities that will eventually boost the growth of more and more enterprises.

A TOKEN OF ADVICE TO BUSINESS LEADERS “In my opinion, focusing on a bigger picture with a strong motive is more imperative than looking at the business just as a cash flow generating system. We have helped organizations to deject the myth that “Word of mouth is marketing”, this is actually a bonus or add-on for your services or products but not a predictive system to grow your business. Marketing is an amalgamation of science and creativity and it is crucial to seek professional assistance to churn optimal results.” Jaykumar Rathod Founder & Director www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

India's most premium beard range ever launch

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KNOW US MORE www.mrgentlemenvalise.com www.mrgentlemenvalise.in


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The 10 Most Admired


Prop Floor Interiors

REDEFINING THE INDUSTRY WITH ITS EXEMPLARY INTERIOR SOLUTIONS Kajal Dobhal | Business Connect After buying a house, the first thought that strikes an owner’s mind is- how to make the interiors stand out? Even if one hires some professionals to deal with it, will they be able to materialize the imagination that one has in their mind? Every home should ideally be customized to the unique taste of the owner, especially when most flats in metro cities have very similar floor plans. But the number of interior designing agencies acknowledging this fact is pretty minuscule across the space. One of the exclusive and trending names that has become a well-respected brand for their remarkable and high-quality offerings as well as design services is Prop Floor Interiors. Shattering the conventional ways of interior designing, this new-age agency is setting benchmarks with its cutting-edge solutions. “You dream, we help fulfil”- is the company motto and Nikita Kakkar, the co-founder and lead architect at Prop Floor Interiors, follows it to the Tee. The studio came to existence in 2018 as an outcome of a collaboration between Capitalist Yard India— a renowned name in Bangalore’s real estate space and Nikita Kakkar. This venture was incepted on firm ideology- ‘every homeowner deserves quality interiors irrespective of their budget’. “We strive to create insightfully curated living spaces where there is a perfect play of colour, light and texture, stimulating positive energy in the environment”, affirms Nikita. To her, the customer’s vision is the top priority and she leaves no stone unturned to model each home in the image of the owner. The implementation of the customer’s dream home is handled by a professional team end-to-end where the customer can relax knowing that quality will be ensured in each aspect, from design to implementation.

Nikita Kakkar Co-Founder

THE BUSINESS PORTFOLIO An innovative, as well as a creative design studio, Prop Floor Interiors, introduces itself as a storyteller who writes biographies. But the twist is, instead of words, they narrate the story using fabrics, furniture, architectural elements and a lot more. Offering endto-end interior services for an unequalled customer experience is what they strive for. The motto with which they resonate says— ‘from design to execution, we do anything it takes to convert your dream home into a reality.’ “Design is undervalued in the Indian social stratum but a lot of people have started realizing that good interior design encapsulates functionality, practicality and a sense of individualism. It is not just the perceived notion that it is only about aesthetics.,” asserts the leading lady. Thus far, the company has executed a number of projects spread across residential, commercial and hospitality that have been very well received by the proud owners. A GLANCE OVER THE SERVICE PORTFOLIO The first-rated service portfolio of the organisation includes a plethora of offerings. The portfolio for the professional services on offer are: www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

• • • • • • • •

Virtual Reality Previews End to end execution Lighting Advice Soft Furnishings Civil Work Professional Installation Quality Check Bathrooms Renovation 42

• • • • • • •

Personalised Designs Budget Management Ceiling Designs Online Project Tracking Electrical Fittings Space Planning Support both Pre & Post Delivery

MEET THE DESIGNING MAVEN Nikita Kakkar is an interior designing connoisseur who exudes individualism and is committed to her goal to deliver living spaces that can reflect the owner’s personality and vision. Her firm belief in sustainable design has been applauded by many industry experts as well. Scandinavian, Contemporary and Minimalist are a few of her preferred and adored home design themes. Nikita hails from Chandigarh where she graduated from the prestigious Chandigarh College of Architecture(CCA). After attaining her degree, she began her career at an eminent design studio in Chandigarh only- Charged Voids. Here, she was the leading architect for a number of its high- end residential, commercial and institutional projects that helped her upskill and grow professionally.

Thereafter, when she moved to Bengaluru in 2018, she had a short stint as a Lead Design Architect at TESCO. After which, she decided to collaborate with Captialist Yard Group to commence its sister organisation i.e. Prop Floor Interiors. Today, as she relishes the chief position at the company, her sheer endeavours are aligned with developing the desired spaces for her diverse clientele that can effectively fit into their budget. Her focus is always converged on client’s expectations and requirements for which she leaves no stone unturned to serve the best-in-class solutions. FIVE REASONS TO CONSIDER THEM Not just one, but five aspects allow the brand to stand out in the crowd. Customized services, better resources and contacts, time optimization, no hidden cost and absolute visual story- are the prominent factors behind the brand’s success. From considering the client’s taste and desire to fetching superior quality products from the market to complement the designs, Prop Floor Interiors strenuously work to make a difference for its valuable clientele. Be it offering 5 years warranty on their in-house products or supervising the budget management process, the company is it’s clients reliable partner in this journey to design the finest living areas. On top of that, their tailored 3D visual designs and on- time delivery as per the exact timeline allows its diverse clientele to prefer the company over its peers.

function they perform, relieving the owners of any hassle to be faced in the process. This has been the ‘secret sauce’ to their thumping success thus far.

Many times, home owners are puzzled to seek trustworthy designers and contractors, feasible design inspiration, warranty, timelines, procurement of materials & appliances at discounted prices etc. On that note, PFI can prove to be their saviour by ensuring a touch of transparency in every

Soon, the company will diversify its functions to expand its clientele across the country as it scales greater heights swiftly. All of their hard work and perseverance is dedicated to emerging as the No.1 interior designing company in India in the upcoming years.

“We got the interiors of our Villament from Prop Floor Interiors and I must say Nikita Kakkar has done a marvellous job. She heads the interior designing division of the organisation efficaciously with her years of extensive experience and expertise in the industry,” applauded one of their esteemed clients. Yet another homeowner asserts that Prop Floor Interiors offered exceptional interiors solutions in renovating the couple’s apartment with its creative ideas and abundance of patience that has left them amazed as well as fascinated. Just like these, several testimonials speak volumes of the company’s commitment to excellence.


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For years, we were being taught why do we need a digital transformation in the education sector. Since the shifting towards virtual learning is troublesome, nobody was ready for it until the Covid-19 knocked the earth. The COVID-19 has crashed not just the global economy, but student’s lives as well. As per the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, this postpandemic has closed schools in 188 countries, affecting over 1.5 billion students and 63 million primary and secondary teachers globally. Digital transformation in the 21st century has changed our work tasks as well as the way we access/deliver information and share skills. The threat of the covid-19 pandemic has raised the need to adopt online education services. However, it’s very heartbreaking that around 826 million (half million) students excluded from the classroom by the pandemic, don’t have computers at their home, which is likely to cause an educational gap. 43% have are not able to access internet services, reported by UNESCO. The concern has raised questions about equity and quality? For those you may or might not familiar with equity in education, it is the cornerstone of an educational system to ensure all students get supports and resources as they needed to perform at an acceptable level. Currently, we have all those advanced technologies for creating a dynamic educational system, where institutions can focus on developing the best education content.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


The education institutes respond to new reality! In that situation, it is ineluctable to involve digital tools for producing content for learners or students. Since technology is seen as an indispensable resource for education sectors, many education institutes implement second thought (digitization in education) on their traditional education to stay strong.


1). USE OF VIDEO BROADCASTING. During this post-COVID-19, several online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, Udacity, and many other platforms are getting shaped by different user vertical. As far as the concern about school and universities they are also democratizing the learning by making courses accessible via technologies like Zoom, Google Hangout, and WebEX. Most prestigious universities like Harvard and Stanford have given access to the online course under the categories of computer science, mathematics, arts, and personal development. A demand from people to learn online has surged over the past few years, the reason for this demand and fast growth rate of the market with numerous online options for everyone may be rapid change the world. Video broadcasting includes online learning like – Live video stream, live Q&A chat via electronic devices. 2). USE OF ASYNCHRONOUS LEARNING PROGRAMS. During this pandemic, many educational service providers have started using Asynchronous learning program, it is known as a core feature of the successful online learning program. Asynchronous combine the Greek-based prefix meaning is “not keeping time together”, It refers to students and non-traditional learners’ ability to access all pieces of information, demonstrating what they have learned, having virtual commutation with a classmate, and time and place flexibility. It seems interesting, isn’t it? Asynchronous Learning Programs have some disadvantages like lack of motivation, no live collaboration, and real-time activities, students may wait for a while to get responses, and many more. These disadvantages must be sorted out as much as possible by educational institutes. 3). USE OF REAL-TIME SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS. In order to make remote learning possible, many university’s faculty members have been encouraged to use real-time messaging, a free social medial channel like Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube, and so on to have commutation with students. This idea is aiding to create online learning opportunities to guarantee educations reaches all learner’s doors.


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TECHNOLOGIZED CONSULTING FOR THE EVOLVING BUSINESS LANDSCAPE Indranil Roy | Business Connect The rapid convergence of the virtual and real-world is revealing dramatic transformations as well as possibilities. Integrated digital platforms are reshaping even the simplest tasks, including business and consulting. Every industry segment, from architecture to engineering to healthcare and accounting, has been transformed by digitization, setting new standards for delivery and revenue models. The use of online services have also decreased fee levels significantly, relative to what the consumer earlier used to pay for in-person offerings. In its digital counterpart, businesses are anticipating a comparable reduction in consultation fees. Mr. Karan Garg (Founder & Managing Partner), TLGS Group, believes the consulting space is ready for low-cost high-quality offerings. It will help to combat procedural delays and cumbersome non-compliances through a transparent, accessible and affordable platform for everyone. “This transformation in the relationship we wish to cultivate with our clients - from a linear and transactional one, to a circular and dynamic one - is an avant-courier of the evolution to come in the consulting services sphere,” he says. Turning his idea / vision into reality, his company has devised diverse easyon-pocket business models - the most recent one being the ‘Create Your Own Subscription Model’, where they provide services in completely customizable clusters with worldclass user experience. REVAMPING BUSINESS CONSULTANCY TLGS is a full-fledged digital firm offering a multitude of consulting solutions. Its tailored solutions are backed by decades of business, technological and regulatory experience. It recently began merging its solutions with cutting-edge technology in order to provide convenient, efficient and remote assistance in interacting with the regulatory framework, legal structures, and business ecosystems. The founder asserts this as a first-of-its-kind in India, as technology consulting was never a priority nor was there a sufficient push for Consulting as a Service to claim its digital space in the subcontinent. TLGS is also competent in answering individual and business concerns in technological areas. Its services are deployed on advanced platforms, like API’s, cloud-based services, AI, IoT, SAAS, etc., for clients in a variety of industries, including UAVs, 3D printers, automated product models, cyber security, AR & VR, software development, Blockchain, logistics, Fintech, Agri-Tech, e-Commerce, and other spaces that are astronomically growing both horizontally and vertically.


FOUNDER & MANAGING PARTNER www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


Despite serving a wide customer base, TLGS ensures that each solution is optimised for the unique problems of organisations unified with science and technology. This establishes them as qualified to run sophisticated projects on an industrial scale. It has SMEs and advisors who can understand clients and their products and deliver optimal results. The holistic model is attuned to all sizes and shapes of businesses and helps TLGS fill the voids made by traditional consulting. The Company intends to drive disruption in consulting while placing primacy on understanding the industry as a whole. “This engenders our commitment to effective solutions for each segment we work with, and our belief in perpetually enriching ourselves in pursuit of the right answers,” adjoins the Founder. FLEXIBLE TO BOTH SMALL & LARGE SCALE ENTERPRISE As mentioned previously, TLGS adheres to the concerns of companies of all sizes and shapes. While helping large enterprises stay ahead of the curve, it assists budding startups with their emerging challenges. Let us understand this in more detail: FOR LARGE CORPORATIONS: Besides racing to be on top, large enterprises and businesses frequently face complexities in obtaining clearances, permissions, licences, or sanctions, as well as legal barriers, law enforcement & investigation issues, project management & structuring, taxation issues, collaborations & JVs, funding, tenders, stakeholder management, and establishing new business pipelines and profitable ventures, to name a few. TLGS is well-versed in forming strategic alliances on behalf of clients, as well as corresponding with law enforcement and regulatory authorities. But, these services stand on trust and integrity - and ensuring it is a bigger challenge.

Nonetheless, TLGS has the automation, institutionalized mechanisms and a robust legal framework to uphold such engagements. It provides clients with encrypted, end-toend operational, regulatory, business consultancy, lastmile support, key personnel management and counselling, representation, and handholding. Ensuring transparency and confidentiality, it seeks to forge long-term sustainable relationships and position itself uniquely amongst clients. It has a history of success in a variety of fields, including finance, SaaS, healthcare and e-pharmaceuticals, defence and aerospace, and public sector disinvestment, to name a few.

The sum of these holistic practices assists in the dynamic development needed to cope with the digital uprising. Firstmover advantage - is a very real phenomenon and can make or break a vision. TLGS is at a vital crossroads, with a strong knowledge of this high-octane industry and the technologies to navigate entry restrictions, logistical difficulties, and so on. SCALING PROJECTS WITH SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT In addition to corporate objectives, businesses must embrace adaptive strategies to address impediments, such as climate change and structural inefficiency. This attitude has become economically pertinent, as investment trends align with sustainable growth. Mr. Garg believes Environmental Social Governance (ESG) should be prioritized in projects. It’s essential to keep projects in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and other Govt. intended contributions. “By doing so, we inculcate a milieu of sustainability among our personnel as well,” says Mr Garg. TLGS is a community of seasoned professionals and strong network affiliations that works at the crossroads of technology, policy, and shifting behavioural patterns to create solutions that are sustainable. Instead of investing in stopgap measures, it focuses on longterm value creation. Be it commercial initiatives for smart urban planning, innovating public transport, alternative fuels and electrification, or renewable resources, TLGS has the scientific edge with management consulting.

FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES: While catering to the captains of industry and their large enterprises / conglomerates, TLGS is also cognizant of the emerging needs of Startups/SMEs. The Company aims to see every innovative idea grow and flourish. Explaining this, Mr Garg says, “As India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem flourishes, with IPOs and unicorns springing up momentuously and several provisions for MSME’s in new financial bills, there is a fundamental need for quality counsel. We welcome all new ventures to let us help them make the most during this policy zeitgeist.” MSMEs, Startups and others with conventional models often lack access to opportunities due to a limited amplitude coupled with accessibility and affordability issues. Whether it’s to make them aware of available schemes or to help them become more organised, the end goal is to assist them in selecting the optimum product mix for their needs. TLGS provides precise online and in-person assistance for all types of complexities that a budding firm may encounter, including finance, market insights, regulatory, IPR, trade & SCM, and so on.

TLGS’ vision is for India’s economy and multi-sectoral trade operations to flourish in a more inclusive, indelible, and consistent manner. It supports and honours public and commercial efforts to minimise industrial emissions, lower carbon footprint, and establish ethical supply chains. 47

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


A Holistic It Consultant For The Business Community Indranil Roy | Business Connect



he outburst of technological advancements is pushing the business community to excel far beyond the fence. The way it’s advancing – technology rapidity will be not slowing anytime soon; and it’s meant for business to improve. Companies can reach heights and gain a niche competitive advantage by successfully leveraging new technology in line with core operations. It assists a firm in increasing business efficiency, lowering operational costs, optimizing the use of technology, and expanding its business with expertise. While all of this appears to be rather appealing, it is not so simple in reality. Modern technologies are available, but without the necessary skills, incorporating them into company models and growing might be tough. Moreover, with the cut-throat competition between tech magnates, SMEs, etc., it becomes pretty tough to rise above or lead the way without proper tech consulting. This also involves staying updated with demand shifts of clients at all times. Triton IT Solutions is a specialist in redefining organisational efficiency through technical assistance and consultations. Business Connect recently got the opportunity to interview its CEO Mr. Hari Prashath Manivasagam. In the conversation, Hari discussed his enthusiasm for technology and how he discovered and advanced his career in end-to-end technology consulting. The following story highlights the discourse as a whole.


The bug for an entrepreneurial career was present in Hari since his early days of college. During his Engineering, he led the entrepreneurial Cell Lemon Inc. Here he built the much-required experience needed for his startup innovation. Moving on, he spent two and half years in TCS and worked in different dept. And while it had its perks, it’s not the life he wished for; also, he found a lack of transparency with the higher management. He left TCS in 2013 and founded Triton IT Solutions as a product development company handling recruitment concerns of alumni. www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


His experience and established entrepreneurial network were extremely beneficial to him. But being bootstrapped, eventually, they faced financial problems, which obstructed them in working freewheelingly. “It was really difficult for us to run the show - develop products, pay salaries to employees, and much more,” says Hari. During this time, a few of Hari’s friends needed tech assistance in building products. This is where ‘The Way’ for Triton was born. Hari helped his friends succeed, and the Company finally started making money. In a few months, they were overwhelmed by work, which is why they built an ecosystem of talent and tech resources. Focusing on technology-based consultancy, they attracted clients from Germany and other nations. They have a team of 35+ people and have accomplished projects with Govt. Bodies like Chennai Metro. Now, Triton proudly stands as a holistic IT partner for businesses. It ensures clients receive an end-to-end service, from concept to execution to marketing, and then funding.


Tech consulting is a vast field that assists firms in making the most of technologies and software. This can include design, development, implementation, or managing new technology. Triton offers consultancy in four categories - Technology Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Business Consulting and R&D. The Company has several case studies to explain what makes these solutions unique. It has worked with a Singapore Public Company for its R&D project. It did several trial and error work, which was in relevance to their vision to create something futuristic. Next, it did app development for a healthcare company. The app can upload a series of therapeutic images and analyse them through image processing without manual intervention. Also, it has worked on data science to develop a predictive mechanism for another healthcare firm. The final offering could analyse multiple health reports to identify if the patient is prone to diseases. Triton has also worked on predictive analysis for a restaurant in Singapore. It’s enabled them a way to analyse and forecast what customers will order. Moving on, it has helped companies in marketing and expanding their outreach. It leverages multiple social channels to promote and create a positive image of a brand or a company. This is very helpful for Startups seeking continuous growth. Lastly, it helps companies in strategizing their business plans. Hari explains this, “We bluntly don’t go with an idea. We partner with our clients, understand their vision and roadmap they wish to follow. In case they don’t have a watertight plan, we help them create one with a two-year road for their product.” The end-to-end model helps them differentiate themselves in the cut-throat technology arena. Triton has accomplished projects with revered Tech Magnates, Manufacturers, retail brands and many more. Its client-centric methodology, bolstered by in-house talent, provides great flexibility in any vertical.

resources and how to employ them aided in the transition to remote work and growth. Maintaining its core vision, Triton is working on a hybrid model to stay connected and ensure flexibility in functioning.


“Good things happen to those who hustle.” This phrase attests to every persevering innovator. As for Hari, he believes in people’s perseverance. He is a very accommodating leader - ‘A People’s Person’. He has a well-balanced personality which has helped him institute a like-minded culture. As the chief of the flock, he is always ready to roll up the sleeves and get his hands dirty, if necessary. Also, he believes in connecting and keeps up with his stakeholders. His wholesome character also has a prominent role Triton’s culture. His employees enjoy a friendly environment where they have the liberty to discuss ideas, make suggestions and decisions. Moreover, they have the opportunity to learn. Hari lovers mentoring and spend an avid time doing so. He says, “I want Triton to always go above and beyond, but there needs to be a talent pool that believes in it.” With a friendly leader and friendly environment, Triton has flourished in every aspect. Besides business, Hari has a passion for societal upscaling. Triton has employees from all walks of life. And those who need it, Triton sponsors their education and even helps their families in having a livelihood. While being in such a competitive market, these CSR initiatives make Triton known in the heart of SaaS in India.


With a dynamic leader, talented resources and a clear purpose, Triton is climbing new heights at a steady pace. Even being a startup, it has completed nearly impossible projects with perfection, making a mark on its clientele. With this stature, the future only seems bright. It further seeks to make a stronger global presence and grow in eminent nations, like Singapore, Canada, Middle East and so on.


Technology and talent are the two primary resources of a company. However, a defined mission and vision sets a company’s trajectory. Triton’s mission is to assist businesses to achieve their objectives through innovative solutions while maintaining a high standard of quality. Eight years down the line, the Company has faced series of challenges, but never divulged from its path. Triton has always taken a trial-and-error approach to growth, whether with clients or employees. Hari explains that mistake-making is human, but it is a learning opportunity too. Each of their assignments is backed by continuous brainstorming with both parties. This further helps them in their day-to-day challenges. For instance, the COVID-19 outbreak pushed them to the edge, and they just moved into an office at that time. However, being analytical about available 49

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA



www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


How to Deliberately Build A Scalable Company Culture? “

“If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself, Tony Hsieh. It is a culture that motivated talented employee.

Most new founders want to create such a culture at their company, where their teams are so dedicated to excellence and execution and not afraid to give a shot, fail, and try to learn. Today we will be having so many discussions on it. If you are interested in it, then stay with us. CREATING AND EVOLVING VALUE What is the real-time to start thinking about company values? Have the values confabulation early on stage so that founders are on the same ship about what’s important when making decisions on behalf of the company - from time management to project prioritization. We always keep in mind that our most valuable partners are customers. For those who are wondering, when should you define your values and talks about the real norm and details about the culture? The answer is there is no right time. In our cases, customers are the most precious partners, so we should start early on, with just the founder in a room. As you begin the hiring procedure, your early value should be a guiding light over the course of the hardest trend-off you are going to make. Let’s understand another way, suppose you have made a feature, which could potentially be improved and perfected. What would do? If exigency and fast iteration are part of your values, chances are you are going launch that feature and get feedback in lieu of allowing yourself to wait for perfection. What’s also important, though, is that you are ready to gradually develop your values, especially in the early stage as your start-up grows, from the small investors to few people, to dozens and hundreds more. Your initial values could be a specific thing that you firmly believe in and stand for. Here, your team could help guide key products and others’ decisions. Do not forget to ask yourself about expectations, which you would expect from others, and what others should expect from you.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


It is better to have a conversation over dinner. Pick one of the days every week in which you can go out and eat together. At the dinner table, ask your team members what they are doing or what they have just built, whether it’s a new tool, a sales strategy, or cool camping design or their logo, and apps

THE IMPORTANCE OF STORIES Stories make a company’s soul. So, does your company have a story? If not, it should be. Your company story puts your strategic vision in context and gives it meaning. The stories that you tell or tell by your team can create a sort of company folklore that can be passed around and down. There are company stories, are told by you to new clients and new employees. However, what matters most is the stories that people will tell about you and your team. As a founding team, all you can do is lives every moment by your value, keep motivating your team members and create stories.


How to Deliberately Build A Scalable Company Culture?

ACKNOWLEDGE ACHIEVEMENTS, EVEN SMALL ONES. This is the most integral culture, and every company needs to own this. Because events and awards are some of the best ways to enhance engagement with teams and motivate them. Don’t go overbroad, but celebrate actual team accomplishments, it includes company growth or revenue versus funding. You can do so many little things to make a friendly working environment, such as cooking food with the team, giving safe spaces for the team to show off their accomplishment, and encouraging them to use and learn about your product.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA



www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


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www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 | Special Edition October 2021 INDIA


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