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Technology And Innovation Carving A Space For ‘The Futurists’ With fast emerging technologies that accelerate transformation and progress, executives must think beyond leading. Technology trends like AI and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Edge Computing, Quantum Computing, AR & VR, Blockchain, IoT, 5G and Cyber Security are pushing people to break the clutter. However, not only technology is evolving, a lot has changed since the arrival of COVID-19. Breakthroughs are happening everywhere, which will thoroughly reshape business and society. Many of the mentioned trends are already reshaping customer expectations, purchasing patterns and much more. One chief example is “Virtual Reality.” While its implementation is widely seen in 3-D Games, many technologies believe it’ll be the center of next-gen innovations like “Metaverse.” Another popular buzzword is “Smart Home,” the technology that allows people to operate home appliances using voice commands or the push of a button on their smartphone. Furthermore, we have health gadgets, electric vehicles and much more. But there’s so much from an infrastructure perspective that needs to happen. Predicting the future isn’t cakewalk and in the technology domain, the intricacy is a notch higher. The world is ushering towards a contactless tomorrow and people need to be a ‘Futurist’. They must be open to learning, have a diverse background with exposure to variety (study, work, and society), master systematic thinking, research, create capability and credibility, network and mentor, and, last but not least, establish a media presence. Putting these into practice, however, can be a ‘tough nut to crack’. We as a publishing media strives to play an integral role in this. Since you’ve read this far, I’d like to think that you are one of our premier readers. And knowing how people love to know about technological breakthroughs our entrancing edition, “The 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2022”, comprises of stories business leaders, whom we can call ‘Potential Futurists.’ The reason for this is that the technology they offer are paving the way for the future. Sanjay Puri, CEO of C1 is a fine example and will be featured on the cover page. C1 provides on-premises and SaaS-based Source-to-Pay e-Procurement systems. The company is not only revamping procurement solutions, but also bringing firms towards a procurement automation model. Alongside, we have narratives spotlighting other innovations that are driving automation. How can technology aid social progress, is a question that entrepreneurs all around the world are pondering. One may argue about material comforts, easy travel and communications, and access to information, I personally believe it has to have a strategic and focused approach coupled with a dedicated vision. And there is a strong probability that the futurists amongst us drive the change that we all wish to seen in the world.

Indranil Roy Indranil@businessconnectindia.in

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA


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www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA






C1 India Pvt. Ltd.

Success Story

ANS IP Management Services

Pioneering Disruptive E-Procurement Solutions Worldwide

The Success Story of Baba N Kalyani

An acclaimed name in the intellectual property industry





Chef Bishwajit Haldar

Want To Find The Right Recruitment Agency? Follow These 5 Tips

An Arousing Name In The Arena Of Hospitality And Food Consultancy



Inext Logistics & Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd. Reimagining Logistics With Passion And Technology



LIO Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


Money Heist Entrepreneurship Lessons To Learn From The Professor’s Team

Top-Tier Consultancy Services

5 Best Foods For Healthy Skin




Sedibuz Consulting

Trainhos Healthcare


Emerging As A Winner Even Under Uncertain Circumstances

Integrated Quality Management Solutions For Effective Patient Care

Rebuilding the agricultural supply-chain with technology to empower farmers.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA







www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA


Failure is not an option for visionary leaders, as we see the world not as it is, but as we are. Set a higher standard!




he world we live in today is different on many grounds. Digitization has pervaded all aspects of life, whether it’s communicating, making purchases, or making payments. Businesses are changing as a result, and the way we identify, connect with, and cooperate with our suppliers is changing. They are providing us with insights and knowledge to make better, more sound decisions. In India, digitization has led to many transformations over the course of the decade. With over half a billion internet subscribers, the country has the fastest-growing digital consumer base. Smart procurement solutions have become increasingly important with the growing number of digital consumers. It’s not enough to move at a human pace in a technologically driven society; businesses must embrace the opportunities of digital transformation and high-speed technology to remain competitive, productive, and cost-effective. Enter C1, a global specialist in providing cutting-edge solutions to reinvent the procurement process or just a portion of it.


OVERVIEW OF THE FIRM C1 is favored for its SaaS-based and on-premises Source-to-Pay e-Procurement solutions. While there are a number of procurement software choices available, C1 is popular for its deep domain insight and flexible workflow-based procurement engine/system. This assists clients across industries in automating their procurement processes, making CI a valued partner for developing futuristic enterprises. Its wide array of on-premise solutions includes Spend Management, Indent Management, Procure-toPay, Tender Management, Auction Management, Contract Management, Supplier Management, e-Invoicing, Catalogue Management, and Inventory Management. The offerings are built on best-in-class practices and guidelines and are flexible to unique requirements. Its Source-toPay suite includes the most recent AI, ML, and NLP engines to cut cycle time while providing insightful suggestions based on historical data empowering CPOs to make informed decisions.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA

C1 is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, and CMMi Level 5 certified company. The company’s success rides on the commitment to long-term value creation driven by trust, transparency, and business integrity. With over 2 decades of success under its belt, the company strives to be the preferred partner for customized e-procurement solutions. Although it’s at the forefront of the e-procurement market on many fronts, C1 aims to lead its domain through innovation and a customer-centric approach to deliver value across businesses.


These prophetic words are aptly descriptive of the leadership style of Mr. Sanjay Puri, CEO of C1. He’s not just a CEO; he’s also a leadership coach with three decades of expertise. Sanjay has a broad and diverse experience that includes profit center operations, general management, sales, business development, and start-up operations in government, large enterprises, telecom, IT/ ITES, and financial services in India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

“IQrace,winsbuttheEQ wins the life.


Sanjay holds a B. Tech degree and an MBA in marketing, which enables him to be effective on both the technological and commercial fronts of business. Throughout his career, he has set consistent records of success, driving revolutionary operational reforms across businesses. As CEO of C1, he leads the company by driving constant innovation and delivering high-quality solutions to clients’ businesses. His efforts have reinforced C1’s standing as a prominent e-Procurement expert in the global market. He took the helm in 2018. Since then, his leadership skills have earned him many noteworthy recognitions, like:

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA


“The Most Inspiring CEO 2021” by Prime Insights for his unbridled strive towards excellence and innovation in this field. “Business Tycoon of the Year 2020” by Corporate Review, in recognition of his reformative work for the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem. “CEO with HR Orientation 2019” by Zee Business. He was recognized for his outstanding contribution to human resources development, leadership and capability building within the organization

Besides this, Sanjay is renowned for his high EQ and steadfast decisiveness. He’s also an expert at tracking money in and out and is skilled at developing and implementing corporate policies and processes to fulfill long-term and short-term financial needs while improving operational efficiency. As an enthusiastic procurement specialist, he is keen to train others on procurement tools and technology. He’s authored several interesting pieces on procurement, particularly on e-procurement and its importance in Indian business.

His leadership beliefs emphasize superiority over one’s former self rather than superiority over others. He believes that success on the outside starts from within and that leading ourselves each day should be a pledge, not a goal.


C1’s expertise complements its 20+ years of innovating and being receptive to breakthroughs. Innovation is at the heart of any business; it’s critical to be innovative to stand out and disrupt the status quo. However, it’s up to leaders responsible for innovation to nurture creative, disruptive thinking while setting measurable goals and overseeing rigorous, disciplined processes. Sanjay adds, “They need to be able to deal with failure and create an environment in which people from disparate backgrounds can work together to achieve something remarkable.” C1’s disruptive activities foster clientcentricity, sincerity, empathy, innovation, and involvement. This keeps everyone on board receptive to new ideas and concepts. C1’s team embraces transformation, but not without being cautious of the risks. This aids in becoming inventive in day-to-day operations and bold in pushing past preconceived notions. They are constantly reinventing and challenging strategies, as well as venturing into unknown territories. Altogether, the team is proactive, which allows the company to be innovative and fast-paced with an efficient go-tomarket roadmap.


C1’s enthusiasm for innovation and success stems from four pillars: innovation, technology, valuable clients/partners, and the workforce. As a pioneer in its field, the company has spearheaded disruptive procurementrelated solutions and continues to lead the innovation curve by listening to clients and analyzing the market. “Our wide array of ground-breaking solutions is focused on having a positive influence on our clients’ businesses, allowing us to stand out in a congested market,” states Sanjay. Driven by decades of experience, C1 has addressed individual problems through user-friendly and adaptive technologies. Its best-in-class solutions are fuelled by automation, which reduces the cost and time spent on manual tasks by half. Every product is thoroughly detailed, reducing the client’s requirement for additional


training. Furthermore, the services come with configurable choices that aid in meeting specific corporate requirements. The focus on disruptive innovations fosters and elevates its client-centricity. Sanjay asserts,

“We understand our customers, anticipate their wants, needs, and communication preferences to create meaningful experiences and build lasting relationships with them.” It is proactive in customer service and places a strong emphasis on client feedback to better identify areas where quality and customer happiness may be improved. It considers how each business decision, process change, and customer touch-point affect the experience. C1 has attained a 95% customer satisfaction rate in its CSAT Survey 2021. The assessment focused on five key areas: product quality, service quality, communication with the customer, responsiveness, and issue resolution. While being client-centric, it empowers its team to create the most effective choices for customers and, therefore, the company. Employees are the most vital of the pillars since the company’s success rests on their shoulders. In fact, they have propelled C1 to the position it’s in today. Sanjay expresses how fortunate they are to own progressive human capital and how that pushes their growth engine. Employees are treated as brand ambassadors for influencing customers and enhancing growth prospects with their deep expertise.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA

R&D –

Culture is what Inspires & Retains talented individuals


With emerging technologies and fast-changing markets, R&D in business is more important than ever. C1 takes account of actionable intelligence to enhance efficiency, introduce new flagships and curtail expenditures. It also aids in innovating in order to survive and thrive in competitive markets. A fine instance of its R&D efforts is the Vendor Network. Vendor enablement is still one of the major challenges for procurement professionals looking to automate procurement processes and drive bottom-line savings. C1 understands the issues; hence, it works with the vendors to ensure seamless integration with the buying organization and maximum adoption of the procurement system. The network is designed to assist vendors carry out businesses with suppliers/buyers. It helps in: •

Improving business collaboration

Reducing cycle time and cost to manage transactional activities

Freeing up resources to focus on strategic procurement activities

From a broader perspective, R&D has helped C1 stay ahead of the curve while upgrading itself with various trends. It has kept the company with the development, designing, and enhancement of our products, services, technologies, and processes to constantly thrive and lead its position in the market.


C1 goes to great lengths to follow this to the letter. It provides the tools, learning, flexibility, and inclusive culture to help employees become the best versions of themselves and help others elevate. This makes them feel embraced and respected for their responsibilities and uniqueness. “We welcome all people, no matter who they are or what their background is. “Each of us is different, and we value and respect all C1 people,” says Sanjay. They are a vast ecosystem of dedicated individuals with diverse skill sets who are united by a shared vision. Employees are encouraged and nurtured to lead and take ownership. They enable high-performing teams by involving all members in discussions and decisions, providing professional and personal support, and investing in each other’s success and presence. Leaders also encourage them to come up with new ideas, explore situations, and look at the world in novel ways, preparing them for uncertainties. During the fight against COVID-19, C1 laid great emphasis on employee growth and hygiene. They initiated work from home to minimize the spread and created small innovation centers where employees could support clients more efficiently. Even now, C1 firmly abides by the instated state laws for safety, cleanliness, and social distancing.


C1 was born with a vision to disrupt the prevailing procurement model in India. Early in the millennium, e-Procurement was still a new market, and persuading market players to use innovative technology was difficult and time-consuming. During that period, little emphasis was put on digital governance. Only later, in 2006, was the NEGP (National e-Governance Plan) formed, which outlined areas where computerization was required. Even e-filing of income taxes was not available until September 2004. C1’s founders had the vision to disrupt the public procurement process, which, while delicate, was a forward-thinking opportunity in government operations. It deployed an adaptive SaaS-based e-procurement platform, which resulted in its state-wide implementation.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA


And that’s how C1 pioneered the government’s e-Procurement project (Government of Andhra Pradesh). The project won the Golden Icon award for ‘Exemplary Implementation of e-Governance Initiative.’ It further won other prestigious accolades, including PC Quest’s ‘Best IT Implementation’ award in 2005, the NASSCOM India IT User Award 2006 – Enterprise Value in the government category, ‘United Nations Public Service Award’ in 2007, and Harvard University’s ‘Ash Institute’ award for the most innovative program in 2007.

From there on, C1 has grown by leaps and bounds. It has developed and implemented some of largest award-winning e-Procurement Systems for Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain Tender Board, State Governments of India, Public Sector Units and many large multinational organizations like KPMG, Dubai Investment, State Bank of India, Tata Group, E&Y and more. But the journey isn’t at its conclusion, and C1 has many more strides to make. It has a strong and stable client base in India and the Middle East, and it plans to expand in Europe and North America over the next ten years, where procurement and supply chain solutions are in high demand. Besides this, it is emphasizing in-demand technologies and re-exploring innovative ways to serve its clients more efficiently.


www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA

Success Story

The Success Story of



aba N Kalyani is an Indian business magnate and was a chairman & Managing Director of Bharat Forge Limited (BFL), the flagship of the $3 billion Kalyani group. The company Bharat Forges is best known for making auto parts and manufacturing components for sectors such as aerospace and defence. A leading engineering conglomerate headquarter at Pune, Kalyani group has a joint venture with global MNCs like Meritor USA, Maxion Wheels, Brazil; Elbit System, and Rafael Advanced Defense System from Israel. Baba N Kalyani has a net worth is $2.7B, which makes him India's 67th and world's 1152nd richest person. Apart from these, he owns a football team called Bharat Forges.


Baba Kalyani (Baba Neelkanth Kaylan) was born on 7 January in a Lingayat family. His father's name is Mr. Neelkanth Kalyan and his mother Mrs. Sulochana. His father was an automotive component maker and Punebased technocrat. Baba Kalyani was a sharp mind since childhood; when he was 14, he started car driving and owned the modest Fiat 1100. As far as his education is concerned, Baba N Kalyani finished his high school from Rashtriya Military School Belgium,

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA

formerly the King George's Royal Indian Military School. After completing higher secondary, he took admission to Birla Institute of Technology & Science to pursue B.E. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and, subsequently, got his Master of Science from MIT, Boston, the USA in the year 1972.


After completing his master's, Baba Kalyani embarked on his career with his father founded the company - Bharat Forge in 1966, way back in 1972. When he was joining his father's company, the annual turnover was only $1.3 million. But 16

under his strong entrepreneurial drive, the company started elevating and soon recognized as a category leader in global automotive and industrial landscapes. With just an auto components manufacturer, the company diversified into many other sectors like Steel, chemicals, infrastructure, Oil and gas, rail, marine, renewable energy, and more. After having the end-to-end capability and manufacturing all across India, the company started enjoying a global presence. Mr. Kalyani initiated the export of automobile components from India to China. He spearheads the business operations of Bharat Forge heralding it to new heights of success. With manufacturing factories spread across India, the USA, Germany, Sweden, and France, the company has a global workforce of over 10,000 high skilled engineers, and has an annual turnover of over $3.0 billion. Bharat forgings is today widely recognized as the world's second-largest forgings company with the largest repository of metallurgical knowledge in the region, and the capability to supply modern high-tech components to almost every OEM across Automotive, Oil & Gas, Railway, Marine, Mining, and Aerospace. It is said that every second truck in North America has BFL automotive components etched with the “Made in India” brand, showing the company's true capabilities. Babasaheb added another feather to his cap when he took over the France-based firm Mechanique General Langroise, which manufactures composite for the oil and gas sector. His foray into the ammunition sector has proved to be profitable.


One of his biggest bets has been in the defense; apart from supplying forgings to the industry, they have diversified into Artillery, tanks, and infantry equipment. Kalyani group has been enhancing capabilities of the highest standards to be at the forefront of realizing the government's resolve to develop a strong defense industrial base in the country. Kalyani group has set up a modern Artillery manufacturing plant at Pune and is committed to setting up advanced manufacturing facilities for Missiles, Armored Vehicles, Small Arms, and Ammunition.


Baba Kalyani instituted Kenersys Limited to contribute to a clean and emission-free environment and has its wind turbines in Maharashtra, which generate green energy. Babasaheb is the founder of Pratham Pune Education Foundation, an NGO that offers primary education to those children who belong to underprivileged sections of the local community.


He got Padma Bhushan for his contribution to trade and industry. He was declared Commander First Class of the Royal Order of the Polar Star by the Swedish Government for promoting trade and business cooperation between Sweden and India. Baba Kalyani was awarded the global price 2009 for business by the Kiel Institute and the German Businessman of the Year 2006. In 2005, he was titled Entrepreneur of the year 2005 for Manufacturing.



Oil & Gas

Industrial 17

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA




ANS IP MANAGEMENT SERVICES An acclaimed name in the intellectual property industry Mehak Malhotra | Business Connect


ntellectual property is one of the most substantial and considerable components for delivering quality services and products to consumers. It is intangible asset that provides a vital apprehension while starting a business venture. IP consists of multiple assests like patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs and geographical indications. Through this exclusive edition, we are going to illuminate the work of ANS IP Management Services, a highly-regarded and celebrated firm in the industry.

ANS IP Management Services is a prominent intellectual property service provider rendering patents, trademarks, designs and coprights concerned solutions in India and worldwide. Their exclusionary approach lies in the services comprising, patent search, patent drafting, preparing responses to office actions/ examination report, FTO searches, Invalidity searches, and patent valuation. The company fosters its services to various well-recoginized Multi-national companies, small and medium scale enterprises, start-ups, educational institutions, technical colleges and individuals. The team comprises patent attorneys and agents holding an expertise in patent registeration procedures in India, US, European, Malaysian, Australian, and New Zealand jurisdictions. The worldly-wise board of directors, The CEO and Patent Attorney, Swati Burde Tiwari and The COO and Patent Agent, Abhishek Tiwari have worked adeptly for the proliferation of the company. The team has the most efficacious and exceptional services ensuring their brand name to stand out in the market. With services like Worldwide patent search, patent drafting and filling, international patent filling, patent litigation and national phase, ANS IP secures a vigorous position in the industry.


Swati Burde Tiwari

CEO & Patent Attorney

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA

The company renders an extensive amount of services. Few of them are enlisted ahead :


Patent (Indian IP) – A patent is an exclusive set of rights granted to an investory by the state for a certain amount of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention.

Trademark (Indian IP) – A trademark is a preminent sign, design and expression that

identified products and services of a specific source from those of others. Any legal-entity, business organization or individual can own it. •

Design (Indian IP) – A design is the model prepared for the execution of a system like architectural blue prints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams and sewing patterns.

Abhishek Tiwari

COO & Patent Agent

Copyright (Indian IP) – Copyright is a paramount factor that helps the creater to get acquainted with their exclusive rights to its use and distribution for a specific time period. It is a form of intellectual property as patents, trademarks and trade secrets.


Maintaining a perpetual assessment of formal errors, upgrading the knowledge accordingly from available resources and improving the work quality incessantly is the only approach that helps any organization to grow. Services like INDEA and Protect & Project are their solely developed business model for protection of multiple ideas at a minimum cost.


Acquiring extended knowledge about the respective domain is cardinal. By keeping up with latest understanding of the industry and market trends, a leader can master his teammates. The CEO, Swati Burde Tiwari ensures a productive communication with her fellow employees to stay well-updated about the IP industry. She has launched a portal to expand the awareness of patent field in India. Along with that, the company initiated IP Kosmoz to create awareness amongst Indians about intellectual property rights.


The company guide its clients towards patentable and enforceable product development. They have launched a software and online platform, “APPatent” performing autonomous analysis of a technology and preparing an automated report with relevant competitor patents. By far, it is the most economical tool available in the market. It facilitates the option of start-ups and education institutions to file patents at comparatively lower cost and higher efficacy rate. The team streamlines the research direction of the clients through Invention Development Assistance (InDeA), enabling them to save big on research and development.


While the universe was confronting the covid-19, ANS IP stood still by an incessant approach to innovate the products. Their major clientele comprises innovators, research institutions and R&D firms. They receive persistent queries for national and international fillings on account of their established market clench. Besides, with the ease of online networks, it was considerably simpler.

The company constructively invests on marketing techniques like online marketing and development of contemporary tools. These methologies give a unique interpretation to cardinal sectors like Patent and trademark calculator for international patents and accords allowance the company to succor a better communication with the clients and industry. The company’s APPatent platform is categorically designed to render exclusionary services when attorney is exorbitant. They have also been adorned by various achievements and accolades. Along with procuring enormous amount of attorney firms, the firm has successfully sustained a position as one of the few IPR firms that file patent in more than 40 countries.


In near future, the company aspires to persuade the inventors in India towards more than 1,00,000 patent filling annually. The team at ANS, holds a strong eye to accomplish a distinctive category amongst India IPR firms. The leaders of the company believe in encouraging and become the guiding light for Indian innovators to expand global horizons. Withal, they aspire to welcome global innovators to India, ameliorating the patent ecosystem.


Every aspiring entrepreneur should cogitate with a wider approach, discover innovative solutions to address global issues and protect it through Intellectual property rights. An elemental strength and belief is all that is needed to sustain a monopoly of our product range across the world, escalating India economy and making it the country of our dreams. 19

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA



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Want To Find The Right Recruitment Agency? Follow These 5 Tips:


he need for a recruitment agency is growing day by day. Their work is to find the right candidate in the shortest time in which they own a mastery- as they possess intense experience in this field. This kind of agency gets paid by different employers for whom they search the right candidates to fill the vacant job positions in their companies. The agency is specialized in it so it becomes easy for employers to get highly qualified candidates with appropriate skills that fit their expectations. A recruitment agency here works like a bridge that helps to connect the employers with the employees. We have provided you with 5 simple tips for choosing the right recruitment agency with their short description.


Doing research before making any decision to choose any recruitment agency is the first and most important step. Research allows you to find an agency that facilitates stability with you so your candidates don’t have to deal with someone new every time they meet. When you perform research you get to know about their staff and can see who is the top recruiter and how is their account manager tenure looks like. It is impossible to make a deal with someone who can’t show stability; hence, you should keep it into consideration. This is one of the 5 simple tips for choosing the right recruitment agency.


This is one of the necessary steps as it helps you to choose the right recruitment agency with whom you will be comfortable which fits your criteria. Taking an interview also lets you know that the agency you are hiring is capable to provide you with the candidates www.businessconnectindia.in www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. | Vol. 4 |Special 4 |Special Edition EditionApril April 2022 2022INDIA INDIA


that you are looking for. Take the interview of the agency just like an interview with the candidates by asking some questions like do they already have candidates, how much time they take to find the right candidates. This will give you the idea of the capability of the agency they can meet your needs or not. This is another one of the 5 simple tips for choosing the right recruitment agency.

3. DISCUSS STRATEGY AND EXPECTATIONS Here, you will ask your recruitment agency about their candidates hiring strategies and techniques. Some of the agencies used pre-screening tests to know that the candidates are as skilled as they claim to be, giving you an insight into their candidate recruitment process. It is the better choice to talk about your expectations from them like how many candidates you want, how much time, the quality you are looking for in the candidate- are the tools that help you to make the right choice of the recruitment agency you want. This is one of the 5 simple tips for choosing the right recruitment agency.


In this process, you will get to know how much experience the agency has in bringing the right candidates for you. By checking the testimonials, feedback given by clients with whom they are working gives you an estimation of how long they are doing this business. You can also compare the quality of their work with the best agency so you can select the best recruiter. The agency with many years of experience is so much better in comparison to the new one as the work experience is counted by the time they delivered in this field. This is one of the 5 simple tips for choosing the right recruitment agency.


Keeping your budget under consideration before dealing with or hiring any recruitment agency is the smart choice. As there are both types of agenciesthe one who brought you many candidates but is out of your budget and the other who also brought almost the same number of candidates and also falls within your budget expectations. The first one is not a good choice for you if your budget is low as it only puts pressure on your shoulder to fulfil their fee demands that will be a waste of time too. Therefore, it is better to choose your best wisely. This is the last one of our 5 simple tips for choosing the right recruitment agency. The prime role of such agencies is to focus on serving the clients- in case, no candidate is hired then no fee is charged for zero outcomes. Such agencies are seasoned players in this sector as their contacts are with both- employers as well as applicants. So, reach out to such service providers who will give you valuable insights and lifechanging advice. 23

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA






doubt eating is the most pleasuring thing we enjoy-but some personas make our food experience beyond limits and we call them chefs. A good chef adds taste to the food, but a great chef makes the food magical via his or her art and experience. Gone are the days when cooking was considered an art limited to females only. At present, we are surrounded by multiple male chefs who are redefining the definition of cooking and even overcrossing the females in the same. Although, the team of Business Connect has a marvelous history of featuring a wide range of inspiring leasers in its portfolio this one is different and interesting at the same time. Here, our team has put their best efforts to bring a story of taste and experience to the table via sharing the journey of Chef Bishwajit Haldar. Our editorial team had an “A recipe interesting and joyful session with him in which he shared numerous unknown and interesting facts has no soul. about his entrepreneurial journey so far that we are keen to spill here. We truly hope and desire that this You, fascinating read will add some extra value in the lives of our global readership and will surely inspire as the cook the upcoming leaders.


Chef Bishwajit Haldar chef de culinary

After gaining 20 years of experience and expertise of service in chef role and working hard in my life, I opened my own bakery ‘de bread factory’ & chef sack kitchen, but due to some financial conditions, I had to shut down the business. And finally, I’m here doing my food consultancy & opened many café, restaurants & bar.”

Narrating his story himself, Bishwajit asserts, bring the “India as a nation has always considered it to be given that a lady should know her way around the soul to the kitchen. However, now the time has changed as recipe.” many men around the world are working hard Having a specialization in world cuisine & gastronomy to rule the kitchen. Born in Delhi, home town molecular foods and participated in Amul chef of the Kolkata, I became passionate about cooking by - Thomas Keller. years 2008, Chef Bishwajit is playing a very crucial and watching my mother preparing family meals, big role in houz café as co-operate chef. The cuisine of and by the age of 14, I became the ‘right handy this restaurant is very different from other brands and sous-chef ’ of my family kitchen. I always try to doing its best to compete and cross other giant brands of the same use fresh as well as locally sourced ingredients in my dishes and industry. I think my cooking style has been influenced by my mother. Talking about my initial phase, I pursued culinary arts from the Revealing the business ethics and values, the team says, “Our Himalayan Institute of Hotel Management in the year 1999. I originality & creativity is focused in our hard work and satisfying our got my first job in the Oberai from Stars Hotel as a chef, and client’s expectations. In addition, chef Haldar’s excellent managing after that, I traveled through ‘Gustro’ french restaurant, Abu skills & menu designing along with awesome recipes altogether help Dhabi national hotel as Head chef, the lake view palm restaurant to establish our name in this industry.” ( New-Zealand ) as a culinary chef-and, at last, landed to India.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA


A culinary maestro, Chef Bishwajit Haldar is a man with a plan. He is a chef at Chef –de-culinary & food consultant of the Houz café bar, which has a very interesting menu and makes a brand to houz café bar along with making it successful and premium.


“I am very happy to teach my skill to those unemployed candidates who don’t have money for the best education. I teach them with my all talents and skills, then arrange the best to join them in the food industry my dream is to become an actual favorite chef who helps all unemployed people with dreams for the hotel industry and to give a job to every passionate cook. I am very hard working and creating recipes with my skills. My knowledge is to build the ingredients and make the unique and simple recipe that clicks in the market. I make very unique sauces and make an excellent menu which succeeds in the market and restaurants. I thank god that today I am a very talented and passionate chef for God‘s grace.” BOND WITH CLIENT Chef Bishwajit and his team have a robust perception that the prominent reason for their business excellence is their client’s satisfaction. They listen to their clients and communicate efficiently and effectively. Also, Bishwajit makes sure that the team pays attention to the client’s needs and wants along with demonstrating honesty, unbiased opinions about the issues, and fixing them to make better efficient work. Moreover, the team always makes sure to create efficient & effective menu design & recipes under the supervision of its leader. Some of the restaurants and cafes created and established by Chef Bishwajit and team are: • Houz Café & Bar in Gurugram. • Café Oz-In Delhi & Amritser. • Stone oven la pizza. • Meezzah in Pan India. • Sparsa Café in Gurugram. • Café Red in Delhi. • Nashta .Com in Gurugram. • Mirch-Masala in Rajouri Garden. • Deck Kitchen in Gurugram. • B “Ten” Café in Gurugram. • Pizzo ‘O’ Bello in south delhi.

• • • • • • • • • •

Chaos in Gurugram. Chef Sack Kitchen in Gurugram. De Bread Factory in Gurugram. Pura Stays Resorts in Manali, H.P. Friendly Beans in Manali, H.P. Brews N Bagel in Gurugram. Chopstick Gully in Gurugram. The Banana Leaf in Hyderabad. Abu –dhabi luxury Hotel, UAE. The lake view palm restaurant in Newzealand.

ORGANIZATION MOTIVATION Explaining more of his venture, Bishwajit


asserts, “Our main objective is the kitchen setups as the kitchen is the backbone of all successful restaurants, so we establish the best kitchen in small areas & so perfectly design it so that all the operations in the kitchen can run efficiently with professional guidance. Also, we generally focus on authentic food, which is our strength in this competitive food industry. Our customer overwhelmed with our special authentic dishes-and the main strength of our company is we provide our client all the services in an understandable budget which is also convenient to them, and they get satisfied.”

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“Whether it’s building a better business or going to war, you win through best logistics practices”. Every enterprise whose business requires the movement and management of goods needs a holistic logistics partner. While on the surface, logistics is considered to be about storing and transportation of products, deep inside - it’s much diverse. A logistics partner liaisons and negotiates, with all the stakeholders (suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers), while complying with all the statutory compliances to ensure co-ordination and optimization of the entire business cycle. In Supply chain management, logistics is responsible, for end-to-end optimization within the organisation as well as working with counterparts. It helps to develop the edge and profit of a company while constructing a valuable network within the supply chain including the end-user.

With time, Logistics solutions like everything else has confronted changes. Emerging innovations, new brands, customer preferences and adaptive business models have created a cutthroat market; and finding a trustworthy brand is becoming a hardcore challenge. But, Inext Logistics is a one-step-solution for all these impediments. Thanks to a robust network of 600+ partners spread across eminent nations, the Company guarantees qualified movement of goods in all routes – air, water and land.


Headquartered in the capital of India, Inext is an AEO certified logistics partner with categorised services into Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Warehouse Service and Custom Brokerage. The Categorised solutions foster trust and help in scaling the quality customers sought. It has a Pan-India presence spread across 13 states and

Amardeep Singh Khurana Managing Director

is a port of call for Custom brokerage (Pan India), Freight Forwarding- Air & Sea, Consolidation Services, Warehousing & Distribution Packing & Insurance, Regulatory & DGFT & Supply Chain Consultancy Express Courier, House Hold Shifting, Exhibition, handling Project cargo and Transportation. “PASSION DELIVERED”, is the keystone of every solution at Inext. It guides the Company’s mission to offer flexible solutions built with foremost innovations, tailored to stakeholders, and have a knack for societal development. The keystone also advocates its vision to be the preferred Indian MNC in the global supply chain with a 1000 crore landmark by 2025. Inext is a proud part of WCA, CPN, GIAA, FNC and FIATA, MTO Network, with a presence in nearly every country. It has a dedicated CRM team www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA


made for customers who upholds the overall flexibility and transparency. The end-to-end communication helps in understanding client concerns and foster product development.


“A great leader never does the conspicuous or follow, instead he learns and shapes his own passion”. And the same is imprinted in Amardeep Singh Khurana (CMD) Inext. As a visionary, Mr Khurana identified the prolific scopes in the changing supply chain domain and believed in delivering solutions that show passion. “There is a lot of scope for logistics service providers who can offer quality services with flexibility and commitment”, he says. With this thought, he laid the founding stone of Inext to provide solutions having adaptability and dedication. His idea to deliver passion eventually became its principle coining its tagline “PASSION DELIVERED”. Under his aegis, Inext hasn’t just achieved new heights, it has built a growing ecosystem for its people. His passion and zeal extend to his fellow leaders and employees, and the cohesiveness strengthens its operations. The Company invests considerable resources in coaching its people, turning them into high-performing professionals. Its culture is more focused on assisting than controlling with respect to individual responsibilities. The subversive approach amalgamated with considerable experience in freight, warehousing & distribution services, helps in advising on industry insights, negotiate risks and proactive measures in changing scenarios. The combined focus is to provide the most innovative, competitive and effective logistics and supply chain solutions with an eye for product development.


• •

Social Media Platforms – Optimize efficiency by transferring information and building better communication with clients Logistics Technology - To address the fast turnaround times, and safety challenges. The trucks and other freight carrying vehicles consists of features like lane assist and backup cameras, to ensure safe deliveries.

A plausible example of its R&D and technology integration is its ERP platform. The platform enables clients to check the real-time status of their consignments; and process orders online as well. “The platform enables the suitable transfer of information on the click of a button”, acclaims Mr Khurana. The platform can be accessed via website or as an app.


It’s not an epiphany that the collaboration of everyone on board is the reason behind Inext’s global footprint. And to ensure their integrity, Inext gives abundant opportunities for growth with responsibilities on diverse aspects. Employees are encouraged for higher education and nurtured with skill-based training programs to upscale overall excellence. Also, they find well-defined salary and incentive structure, and top performers are rewarded with much more than their annual salary packages. “Our Motto is - work more and earn more”, shares Mr Khurana. The positivity creates a cheerful ambience and people work as an entrepreneur instead of an employee. Mr Khurana also states, “Everyone here works very hard and party harder”.

As mentioned before, logistics is constantly encountering changes. And to thrive, R&D is indispensable. Inext believes and works towards surpassing its competitors. It constantly confers new practices, welcomes new technology to create effective solutions. Digitization is the name of the game! Modern logistics systems are bundled with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Sensors, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with cloud computing. So how can Inext stay back in this race? The Company has boarded all the competencies, starting from:

The Collaboration gave a major upper hand during the pandemic. While constantly struggling with the lockdown, it stayed to commitments and deployed its team to fulfil the supply chain requirements. Through a flexible and cost-effective manner, it partnered with customers to understand their concerns and devise solutions & strategies to keep the wheels in motion.


Shipment Tracking Systems - Enables clients to track consignments 24x7 Enhanced GPS Accuracy – To track truck locations with updated traffic data


Whether it’s International or within the country, Inext has done a sterling job. Its excellence and real-time solutions are awarded, by its top 5 clients. Throughout its time, it has covered all aspects of the end-to-end supply chain, with backward integration right from packaging solution to end customer delivery. Its propensity for untouched client satisfaction has made its venture into e-commerce and International express courier. It has also concluded the transfer and storage of critical goods that further makes it improve infrastructure and transportation. “Set your goals and work hard - you will surely reach your destination. Conceive, Believe & Achieve is my mantra”, Amardeep Singh Khurana. 27

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA

Money Heist

Entrepreneurship Lessons To Learn From The Professor’s Team


oney Heist has been one of the most popular web shows in the last four years. The serial, which was originally titled “Lacasa De Papel” in Spanish, drew worldwide recognition. The tale follows a guy who plots to rob a bank. He devises a scheme and recruits a crew of young, active criminals, giving them the names of towns all over the world. They carry out the plan flawlessly and make off with money from one of the world’s most guarded institutions. Professors think in a unique way to generate possibilities and ideas, which can be described as thinking beyond the box, and this inspires everyone to want to be like them. Professor turned failure into victory.

MONEY HEIST • • • • • • •

Spanish - La casa de papel Genre - Crime Drama, Thriller Created by - Álex Pina Country of origin - Spain No. of seasons - 3 (5 parts) Original network - Antena 3 (2017) - Netflix (2019–present)


Money Heist is the most-watched Netflix series in Argentina, France, Chile, Italy, Brazil, and Portugal, according to the reports. The series has a big fan base in North Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA


Lifestyle Leadership Lessons From Money Heist


Don’t be so sad, something ends today. But the present is the 1st day of your next life Some individuals react extremely fast, become worried, and things end up being damaged as a result. But here’s the Professor, who never lost his cool throughout the series and demonstrated that losing one’s cool in a crisis can only make matters worse. The Professor’s persona teaches us about the importance of remaining cool and collected. It has the potential to rescue us from making poor judgments in important times.


To love, you need courage. When the circumstance calls for it, you must think rationally and set your emotions aside. Because emotions may distort your judgment, allowing your emotions to control you might result in all of your hard work is for naught. If the professor had stopped after believing Raquel had died, everyone in his group would have felt betrayed and perished as well. Instead, he prepared himself to strike back using his alternative backup strategy. So, if you’re going to do anything, you should go all-in, 100 percent. Because half-hearted efforts will not get you very far.

IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING Nairobi listens Ethics is important but aesthetics as well. It is the most important aspect to remember, without a strategy, no one can win a war. There are several alternatives concealed inside the blueprint; all you have to do is discover them. You’ll need a long-term vision to see what’s coming in every direction. To achieve anything, this is an art. The mind must be trained to function quicker and to make decisions as quickly as feasible. Before implementing the plan, it is necessary to determine the plan’s feasibility and to calculate everything relevant to the plan. Continue to use your intellect to create countless possibilities.

THINK ONE STEP AHEAD Things you can’t see affect your lives much more than you think. Regardless of how intelligent you are, you will always be one step ahead of the game. Everything depends on the planning; if the preparation is good and superior to that of others, no task will be lost. We should always have a backup plan. Why is it vital to have a backup plan? As there is no way of knowing if there would be any uncertainty, worry, or anxiety, all of the preparation should be done before taking action. The planning process should be into two parts. A and B plans must have a backup plan in mind known as a contingency plan.


A truce is sometimes the most crucial element of a battle The first stage in developing a strategy is to hire qualified individuals to form a strong team. For their assigned jobs, the professor used a variety of persons with varying talents and capabilities. He improved their strengths while working on their flaws. This is a quality that a prospective leader possesses.



There are always nicer days to remember Believing in oneself is the ultimate secret to success, and you can hear it from everywhere. That gives us more confidence in our ability to complete any work or other tasks. The professor was confident in his strategy, which is why he was able to send one of their team members into the bank.


Time is greater than money – Professor In this show, I don’t believe we’ve seen Professor lose his mind, panic, or even become furious. A lot of people are inherently impulsive. Even in the most difficult situations, staying cool allows you to find better answers. Reacting without considering the repercussions exacerbates the situation.

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LIO CONSULTING PVT. LTD. Top-Tier Consultancy Services Sneha Chaudhary | Business Connect COMPANY OVERVIEW LIO offers comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help solve the most complex issues of an organization. It works across varied sectors and industries, providing business advisory services to mature organisations as well as startups. LIO provides business advisory services and covers services such as ideation, partner identification, project identification, strategic planning, feasibility, market entry, engineering design, project management and implementation, growth acceleration, etc in various sectors. A unique or a differentiating service that it provides is engineering consulting along with management consulting services. The company has two full time engineers, along with the Director himself, Mr. Sidhant Singh, and has a tie up with a Hyderabad based engineering design firm to carry out projects in this sector. Profitability of a business is equatable to the time allotted to a particular task. LIO’s motto is delivering exceptional services through a solution-oriented approach and high performing teams. It is imperative for the team and Sidhant to understand the brief of the client to the T. Understanding the needs of the client and getting all the available facts are key: from there they design a solution. They don’t use a ‘one fit for all’ strategy. Having access to the right stakeholders and experts assists them in providing quality and efficient service at reasonable prices. LIO’s vision is to provide actionable tailored services that unlock growth for businesses. The company aspires to provide more and more value to the clients. They are sector agnostic and have clients in sectors such as infrastructure, renewable energy, electric mobility, packaging solutions, fintech, health and wellness etc. LIO was launched by Sidhant after he finished his MBA in Imperial College, London. There he had the opportunity of pursuing a career at one of the Big Four, or starting up a consulting company in India. He chose the latter, as India’s position in the global business landscape was growing rapidly. Prior to becoming a Minister in the current UP Government, his father had set up two international engineering companies in India. Sidhant studied Civil Engineering in undergrad to have the foundation to enter into my family business, but after six months of working in an engi-

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA


neering company, he realised that designing on a desk was not his cup of tea. He was happier networking and selling an idea or a project, and that’s how he joined consulting at Grant Thornton India and then went on to work with the International Finance Corporation. The thought of starting his own company had germinated by then, but it was important to understand the workings of the industry and to expand his horizon. WORK CULTURE According to Sidhant, the team at LIO is its biggest advantage. The team mirrors the vision and principles of the company. The team has weekly discussions on what they have learned and see if this knowledge can be applied to our company or client. A differentiating aspect of its service is engineering consulting along with management consulting, which are two very different fields of consulting. As mentioned, LIO works on four principles, and their vision defines them: 1. Quality 2. Efficiency 3. Integrity 4. Accountability These principals resonate the values and missions of their clients and enable them to form a synergy with them.


At LIO, they have adopted business tools such as Microsoft Teams and Notion to increase the productivity amongst team members. There are bi-annual training sessions on new softwares and technologies. Big Data is playing a big role in how companies are marketing products and LIO is making progress towards adopting data analytics and content creation as services in its offering. The entire team has weekly review meetings of projects that they are working on and on a monthly basis they provide progress and action reports to the clients. There is also a layered review approach to all deliverables and the onus of the deliverable lies equally with all members, including the top management. A key aspect of providing quality service is delegation. Task delegation is important, and delegating tasks correctly, which includes both the right person as well as communicating the description of the task, is even more important. It ensures high standards of quality in the work of the team members and efficiency. LIO has a Friday lunch policy, where food for the entire team is ordered and everyone gathers around to eat and discuss the week and any new developments. The work culture at LIO is like a family gathering, where they applaud and criticize each other, but at the end of the day, they are all on the same page and working towards the same goal, i.e. to deliver exceptional service to their clients. Sidhant believes that leading with empathy is extremely important. EQ is something that’s not discussed enough in business and companies. The freedom for an employee to express themselves in their work and personal life at work is promoted at LIO. They also have a micro-reward program, where achievements for tasks are rewarded through small gestures such as gift-cards, etc. Also, having a structure in the company where affirmations and criticisms are equally welcomed, drives not just the team but him, as well. GOALS FOR THE FUTURE LIO is always looking towards deriving more value for clients. It’s an endless pursuit of giving more and more. They have identified Big Data as a potential addition in their service offering, Sidhant is most assertive about electric mobility, fintech and e-waste management. In electric mobility, the most important component is the battery and the evolving technology behind it. Battery accounts for nearly 50% of the cost of the electric vehicle. China is the global leader in battery manufacturing, accounting for nearly 60% of the global battery market share. India is expected to need 600GWH of batteries in 10 years starting from 2020. With the recent difficulties in trade with China, both for India and for other countries, there is a massive opportunity for local battery manufacturers as well as foreign companies to set up units in India. LIO is in talks with various electric car manufacturers and battery manufacturers to open shop in India. Fintech is another field that LIO has started working in and with India moving towards digitisation and with Covid-19 pushing consumers and businesses towards faster adoption of a cashless economy, Fintech is a lucrative sector and there are numerous components within fintech that they are looking into. LIO was recently placed amongst the Top 10 Consultants For Startups in India.

My advice to entrepreneurs is to be patient and persistent. Whatever you choose to do, do it for the long term. Aspire to create value for your client/ customer and not your P&L, and don’t be afraid of failure – micro failures are better than any win, because you learn a lot more. And also enjoy your wins – sit back and soak in the achievement for a day or two, so that you are rejuvenated for what’s coming next. Sidhant Singh, Director


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August 2019



Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Eating healthy is a good habit that not only affects your health and quality of life but also will do wonders to your skin. All you need to do is consume best foods for healthy skin that will give you a radiant look, which no skin products can do! Instead of experimenting withdifferent skin products, get used to some healthy skin dietthat is well-knownfora natural way to help you with getting that glowing skin. To help you with - What you should eat to get that beautiful & flawless skin that you wish for, go through this article to help you with Best Food for healthy skin. Healthy skin diet should include consumption of antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Selenium, B Vitamins and Vitamin E, which will work as a shield to your skin cells and will help them stay gorgeous. Start taking care of your skin by nourishing your skin from within. Following are the 5 Best Foods for Healthy Skin that you should add in your diet. www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA


1. Watermelon Staying hydrated is really important and this fruit is known as an antioxidant-packed snack that helps you with taking a good quantity of the beta-carotene and vitamin C. The high concentration of water that is present in watermelon helps in the reduction of water retention that leads to puffiness around the eyes. Watermelon is a fruit for skin that has Vitamin A, which helps in repairing skin cells.

2. Pecans The plant-based foods such as nuts are found with ellagic acid that is helpful in protecting skin cells from UV damage. Pecans are highly packed with Antioxidants & Minerals such as vitamins A and E, and Calcium & Potassium. They are also a portion offood for glowing skin as it has a source of Zinc, which helps with promoting glowing skin as well as will protect immunity.

3. Fruits & Vegetables In order to protect your skin from the cellular damage that is caused by smoking, sunlight or pollution can cause wrinkling spots and age spots, consumption of powerful antioxidants like fruits and vegetables are necessary. Focus on consuming at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. For normal skin development and to have a healthy skin tone, one needs to have a good amount of colourful fruits and vegetables that contain potent antioxidants. Vitamins good for skin: Vitamin C foods for skin are super antioxidant, which helps blemishes heal properly.

4. Eggs A source of lutein that helps in keeping the skin hydrated as well as firm. Eggs also help in promoting the natural oils, which will makeyour skin to look radiant. The amino acids that are found in protein-rich foods such as eggs generate new skin cells and build blocks of collagen production. Feel free to add eggs into your diet for glowing skin. It also helps in softening your skin and making it firm and hydrated.

5. Dark Chocolates Consumption of Dark Chocolates with at least 70 per cent of cocoa will help you with boosting and restoring yourskin’s moisture and will protect your skin from sun damage, and it will also diminish wrinkles. Dark Chocolates have numerous skin benefits like, it provides nourishment to the skin, it detoxifies the skin, and promotes skin glow etc.

One’s skin health can be seen in what is being consumed. Opt for a good source of food for healthy skin. These are just five, but there are plenty of options that you can include in your list of healthy skin diet. Give your skin enough essential nutrients in order to protect them. Food for healthy skin gives you nutrients that your skin is in need of, along with that, you can do a lot more to get great skin. Make sure that you consume plenty of water, get good sleep, and stay physically active. Create a healthy lifestyle around you and let your skin glow naturally.


www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA





Emerging As A Winner Even Under Uncertain Circumstances “Technology is A Double-Edged Sword and Unequal Access to it Might Lead to A Digital Divide” Sneha Chaudhary | Business Connect


Kiran had always nourished the desire to start his own business. When he finally decided to venture into it, what bothered him the most was the high rate of unemployment among qualified students. The desire for providing employment coupled with his desire for a sustainable business led to the inception of Sedibuz Consulting LLP. Though low on funds, he had a substantial personal network, developed during his employment in two large conglomerates. His experience spanning over two decades equipped and enabled him to turn his dream into a reality of creating a company that provides “Fresh Perspectives, Analytical Rigour & Innovative Solutions”, to quote from the company’s official website. He believes in John C Maxwell’s saying (quoted above) and believes his core strength is that he is empathetic and brings into his work and leadership a positive attitude along with confidence and ability to lucidly communicate his ideas.


The vision Kiran has for Sedibuz is to be a leader in public sector consulting, not only in India, but to be a leading public sector consulting firm in the world too. The mission that Kiran and Sedibuz have set for themselves is to encourage www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.


ery much of the same belief, Kiran S. Deolalkar shares his journey and leadership skills here. Kiran’s entrepreneurial venture Sedibuz Consulting LLP is a technology consulting company. The company métier is in the government sector and is a top government consulting firm. With his tremendous and honest efforts, the visionary has been able to take the company so far and achieve success. Now, he has ensured space in our esteemed magazine Business Connect in the edition ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2021’.

~John C Maxwell

Kiran S. Deolalkar Founder & CEO


and expedite the technological journey for public sector organizations. Keeping the preceding vision and mission in mind, the company hopes to reach a $3 million mark. And the aim to do this is by March 2024.


Starting with a strong business plan in April 2019, which included expanding into the African market, Sedibuz too was affected by the Pandemic in 2020. A setback of such gigantic proportions did hinder the plans a little, but focusing on the work remotely, the team was able to show positive results and was even able to recover lost grounds


While the private sector is reaching a stagnation point, the public sector is witnessing a rejuvenating government interest and interest in citizen-centric solutions. The challenge and opportunity to partner with the government are immense and the opportunities would only increase. Sedibuz provides end-to-end assistance in 3 areas – technology companies, public sector companies, and organizations and product companies. To the first category, the companies that want to get into the public sector, Sedibuz helps and provides guidance along the entire journey, right from demand generation to contact closures.

in the last quarter. Having emerged as a winner even under uncertain circumstances and their confidence being boosted by a financially profitable second year, Kiran hopes to make Sedibuz a $1million company by March 2022.


Though Covid derailed the plans a little, Kiran with patience was able to pull it back on track with his leadership. He delved deep into his own strength and kept motivating the team. Taking a cue from the covid warriors, Sedibuz lent a helping hand to the underprivileged section of society. The Sedibuz team collaborated with the Rotary community to ensure the successful implementation of their social outreach programme.

in the latter’s saying, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone, but if you want to walk far, walk together”, and believes his strength lies in his “Networth” that is his network that has stood by his side supporting and guiding his.


Kiran believes that technology is a necessary evil in today’s fastpaced world. Though it helps to bring people and businesses closer, it is a double-edged sword and unequal access to technology could lead to a digital divide, and the technologically advanced section would progress at a still faster rate than before, while the technologically challenged businesses would either be left behind or even wiped out in the race for market share.

In the second category of Public Sector / Government organizations/departments, Sedibuz provides expert advice that is required to prepare Detailed Project reports, RFP, and Program/Project Management, supporting them in both IT and OP. Sedibuz helps Product Companies (International as well as Indian startups), which form the third category, with the G0-To-Market strategy and helps them to take their first steps into the Public sector.


Kiran updates that they have formed a new company called Sedibuz Global Technologies LLP. This company focuses on the needs and requirements of Systems Integration in the Public Sector. In April 2019, both Sedibuz Consulting LLP and Sedibuz Global Technologies LLP were launched as a group.


Apart from the biggies, Sedibuz has a strong understanding of the public sector which gives it an edge over competitors in their category. Kiran is an ardent admirer of Ratan Tata and has faith 39


The far-sighted advises his team to always be on the lookout for the Indian startups offering unique services and guide them in creating the Go-To-Market strategy in the public sector. With respect to suggestions to readers and entrepreneurs, he believes a leader must be courageous and ready to take unprecedented steps for the company’s benefits, as profitable and helpful innovations would help them carve out a space for themselves. www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA




Trainhos Healthcare



rainhos Healthcare was founded with a passion to optimize the operational excellence of clinical services. The scenario of medical and healthcare practices has deliberately changed since the last decade. Healthcare institutes are focusing on more than just technical competence, they’re looking for a holistic operational model that improves the overall healthcare experience. Trianhos focuses on this by offering an innovative training and consulting framework that builds a healthcare enterprise (hospitals, laboratories, and small clinics) from the ground up and places it on a progressive path.


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Trainhos is the innovative venture of Dr Mangesh Virkar, a renowned NABH Consultant based in Mumbai. He is a passion-driven person, with hands-on experience in Pathology, Sports, Face Reading, Psychology, Management Skills, Orator and Software. After spending more than 14 years spearheading multiple laboratories and hospitals, Dr Virkar wanted to address the volatility between patient’s delight and doctor’s delight. He believed a company that can offer innovative ways to upscale healthcare practices can drive overall excellence. His vision turned into reality with Trainhos Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Dr Virkar always believes a Company needs to be ready to face challenges, for not only it brings experience but opportunities. Therefore, he leveraged his knowledge and experience and created a profusing model focused on all the pain points of an uprising healthcare institute. These include critical tasks like MOUs, Recruitments & Training, Clinical Protocol Establishment, Equipment Validations as well associating Superspeciality Doctors. Trainhos’s training module started from scratch and builds up its way to empower an optimal standard. On the other hand, the training module contributes to other important areas like in-house staff training, systems auditing, creating better management for revenue breakthrough and regulatory compliance. Also, Trainhos help hospitals earn International accreditations like NABH, NABL and JCI. The Company provides a 360° solution to its clients so that, hospitals steer clear of hassles while focusing on patient satisfaction, clinical excellence & sustainable profitability. In other words, hospitals can hand over their concerns and compliances to Trainhos and it will take care of all. The Company has a proven record of 100+ scratch to the inauguration of hospitals with 150+ accreditations and training of 120+ healthcare professionals. It has a dynamic team of healthcare professionals and IT experts, who ensure every client walking through Trainhos’s doors is rewarded with progress.


While the main focus of Trainhos resides on optimizing the efficiency of healthcare practices, it looks over other areas of concerns as well. Trainhos is providing prolific MBA courses in association with USHLBE (US Higher Learning Board for Education). These courses are further fostered by 3 days of Onsite Practical Program and continuous mentorship from renowned healthcare leaders. Along with training, Trainhos also works on marketing excellence of hospitals, which helps them better connect with patients. Leveraging upon performance-based analytics and Automated Bot Technology, Trainhos increases the hospital’s outreach and showcases its expertise amongst patients. Lastly, the Company also helps Healthcare organisations acquire traditional quality accreditations like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO: 17025.


Since the last decade, the healthcare space has been under heavy influence of digital solutions. Whether it's diagnostic practices, creating reports or telemedicine, digitization has driven various new approaches. Building upon that, Trainhos has designed MARQ, a digital product for improving Management, Accreditations, Regulatory compliances and Quality. The Platform replaces prevailing practices with a paperless solution, thus helping an organization with cost-cutting while upscaling its quality. The userfriendly platform is built upon multi-tasking capabilities to manage various aspects like documentation, tasks management, daily observations, auditing, meetings, etc. The quality management software comes in three different packages – MARQ, MARQ HIMS PREMIUM and MARQ HIMS STANDARD. These are customized to the individual requirements and are adaptive to the status of the organization. The platform has been a rewarding flagship for the Company and a prospective product for all size of organisations. MARQ has optimized the operational excellence of 100+ healthcare and clinical institutes turning them into organisations of tomorrow.


Due to the rising cases of COVID-19, hospitals are finding it exceptionally challenging to fight back. The ascent is also triggering the chances for hospitals to get infected, which by no means is acceptable. Therefore, for the first time in India, Trainhos has brought a “Corona Prevention Protocol” to help all the stakeholders (Hospital Staff, Doctors, Patients & Relatives) stay safe inside a hospital. They are putting in place all of the required safeguards to protect everyone while keeping the organization's cogs spinning at full pelt.


While it has earned several milestones in the last 4 years, Trainhos has laid down several prospects for the road ahead. With its MARQ platform, the Company is aiming for new milestones in terms of revenue and outreach. While keeping in accord with small-sized organisations, Trainhos is pithcing for bigger hospitals, institutes and medical colleges. Moreover, they’re planning for a geographical expansion with a strong footprint in both the National and International Healthcare market. The Company is also awaiting a revenue generation of ₹5Cr upon which they’re planning for a 5x growth by 2022. With MARQ being a centralised basket of quality management concerns, it's quite possible - Trainhos will have better progress than it anticipates.


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Rebuilding the agricultural supply-chain with technology to empower farmers Kajal Dobhal | Business Connect

“I along with my team can say we did it and we will continue doing it. A vision needs a great team to turn it into reality and that’s how we sailed through the adversities.”

COMPANY OVERVIEW A blend of innovation and technology with a vision of ‘Adopting Indian Farmers’ and encouraging smart farming, Villageagro has pioneered in the market by launching a platform to deliver fresh vegetables, fruits, poultry, and dairy. Farmers are at the forefront of this platform. The business model is based on two models, F2C(Farmer to Consumer) and F2B(Farmer to Business). The adept team of the organization is constantly striving to make the platform traceable and transparent to the consumer and the farmers with access to market information. Recognizing the struggles of the farmers in our Country, the Firm has ventured the domain by ‘Adopting Indian Farmers’ and opting for the F2C model that focuses on the sustainability and reliability of the agricultural supply chain.


Founder and CEO

“Our uniqueness is also attributed to our R&D team, consistently working on eliminating the technological bottlenecks and creating a transparent agricultural supply chain, ending APMC (agricultural produce marketing committees) monopoly.” says Devan Dharavath, the Founder and CEO who is an alumnus of IIT Madras. INSPIRATION BEHIND THE ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY When asked about sharing the inspiration behind this business venture, Mr Devan says, being a farmer’s son, from his childhood he has witnessed all the adversities a farmer goes through daily. All the stress, pain, and disappointment made him restless and he became determined to contribute in this aspect by one or another way. “While other businesses have stability and security, a farmer’s life is full of extremities. I witnessed my father unable to recover the input costs from his produce owing to the opaque and constrained buying mechanism followed by the APMC. Instead, farmers buy everything in retail and sell less than wholesale price. I find myself lucky enough not to have lost my nearest family members to the extremes of farm failure, but many of the people around me are victims of this situation. With the aim to offer the farmers with the fair share in consumer rupee, I commenced this business venture focused on the F2C model to benefit the farmers, by getting along with Ashok Naik, who is Co-Founder of Villageagro and an alumnus of IIT Bombay.” Says the Founder. SYNCING WITH THE MARKET NEEDS Being in harmony with the latest market needs is the secret sauce in the growth of a company. The organization consists of a dedicated team of 250, working with a multi-dimensional approach towards technology & research through which they are continuously updating their market intelligence system. The current market scenario demands to work closely with prime stakeholders of the Agri supply chain and Villageagro agritech is doing it by eliminating the intermediaries and being in direct contact with the farmers and end consumers.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA


SIGNIFICANCE OF R&D R&D forms the core of the organization. As a budding venture in logistics and supply chain, the conduct of the Firm requires updated technological advancements. A more user-friendly mode of conduct, better logistics, and time-bound service can be only dealt through investment in R&D. The Company produce being perishable in nature further adds to this line. The R&D department has enabled them to gain a competitive edge over other players in the market.

“Villageagro is a cumulative result of our focus, commitment and sheer will”

ASHOK NAIK | Co-Founder

UNDERSTANDING THEIR FORTE Addressing their competence in the relevant domain Mr. Devan says, “Our USP is an aggregated ecosystem equipped with digitization, i.e., every aspect being covered under one single umbrella. We have a robust model to ensure quality checks, quick delivery (within 35 Min), and 24*7 consumer service. This provides us with a competitive edge making Villageagro different from others in the same arena. Furthermore, we have a strong team with shared entrepreneurial passion and collective strategic vision working together with the interns excelling in soft skills, to get a superior team performance.” LEARNING FROM THE CHALLENGES The optimist business leader consider obstacles as exposure to be used for the betterment. He believes that a smooth sea never makes a good sailor and is not afraid of encountering the challenges. He accepts the fact that challenges are everywhere and startups, with no exception, are a myriad of challenges on a daily basis. The CEO expresses his insights on the entrepreneurship saying that startups are recognized globally, with an aim to excel and solve the basic problems of today’s modern world and as a founder of Villageagro, he holds the view that the purpose of a startup is fulfilled only when it reaches out to its true audience and solve a problem. Thus, contributing significantly to developing a better society. In order to face and tackle the challenges, the startup needs to be resilient and keep its integrity intact against all the odds. “Our startup connects farmers with consumers in real-time and we have a team of devoted members, who come from different prestigious institutes like IITs, NITs, IIMs, Engineering colleges, and National Institute of Agriculture with specialization in their respective fields. We have bridged the technological gap in the agricultural supply chain via our innovative sales and procurement platform.”says the Founder ENSURING CUSTOMER’S FAITH In order to make a deal with the customer, the Organisation mainly focuses on the quality and freshness of the green groceries at reasonable prices. The vendors associated with Villageagro are provided with incentives on a weekly basis and are kept under strict supervision to maintain quality standards. This ensures delivery of the quality product to the consumers and helps them in building the bond of trust with the Company.


KEEPING THE TEAM INSPIRED One of the crucial factors that can define the success of a startup is synergy within the team. The organization has this blend of the young and talented workforce from different backgrounds who are always eager to learn from each other and willing to go the extra mile for this purpose. The team members belong to different geographical backgrounds and are well aware of the distraught farmer community. An understanding of this pain has become the driving force that inspired every member of our startup to give their level best to grow it efficiently. WHAT’S SO UNIQUE ABOUT THIS VENTURE? The purpose of Villageagro is “Giving it back” to the society by “Adopting Indian Farmers’’. In the past few years, the Indian start-up ecosystem has witnessed a boom in its growth. However, a major setback to the world economy came in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. During these challenging times, how does Indian Agriculture respond to crises? Villageagro has entered the market by offering a solution for it. The Organisation urges the farmers to stay at their homes and leave logistics and negotiation procedures to the company that promises farmers higher returns in the best possible way. HIGHLIGHTING THE ACHIEVEMENTS AND ACCOLADES As per the Founder of the Organization, they aspire to be a major giant in the farmers’ produce delivery market like Amazon, and further down the line, they are also planning to produce some of the products themselves. Within a short span of time and minimal resources the Company has achieved great milestones by far. Today, Villageagro has been in collaboration with approx 3000 farmers & 6000 retailers. The Company is live on digital platforms like Paytm, Dunzo, Swiggy, Zomato, Coutloot, Meesho etc. and is effectively fulfilling the demands in the B2B & B2C vertical. Further, they aim to bring 1 Lac farmers onboard and 2.5 Lac retailers by the end of 2020. Currently, Villageagro is operational in Hyderabad and will be functional in other cities of India by July 2020.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA



www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 4 |Special Edition April 2022 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 5 December 2020 INDIA


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