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ONE WHO TALKS ABOUT SOLUTIONS ARE THE BEST CONSULTANTS Life is an amalgamation of twists and turns. Well, the twists with turns add an interest level to it. But, some turns require external support to get unfolded. When we are amidst critical situation and unable to get any remedy, then our first choice is to get assistance of that person who talks about solutions, and renders practical advice. For us these people are our trustworthy Consultants. Their solutions and advice are not limited to some complex situations, but they are also for the times when we are in ambiguity or some sort of confusion. When you are taking an ultra-important decision, then the advice of a wise person may help you in the sound execution of your decision. This time, Business Connect has released an edition that talks about the advisors, solution providers, in fact the Consultants from the business world. In the ‘Consultant of the Year’, we have covered the insights of renowned and emerging consultants and are featuring ‘Vinculum Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ on the Cover Page, which is headed by the visionary ‘B Venkat Nott.’

in fact, is the reward for their indispensable contribution in the respective spheres. Listening mindfully is an art that not everybody can be good at, but these consultants after listening to clients with meticulous attention meditate on the subject. After going into the depths of concerns, issues or problems, they with their exceptional intellect and enriching experience offer advice that can be executable and provide benefit to clients. The client, in turn, saunters towards the acme of success and progress. Proper heed to every step is taken to exude the outstanding services. The adaptability of the consultants with the latest technology and market trends differentiates them from the crowd in their arenas. This provides an edge over their peers. They are quite focused, creative and innovative at every stage of their business. Additionally, their exemplary communication skills add profound value to their businesses. Their skilled and motivated workforce add feathers in the cap. Hence, they build a giant empire with the phenomenal contribution of each person associated with their consultancy.

In different arenas like Recruitment, Image Consultancy, Legal firms, etc., entrepreneurs ought to be quite responsible and conscious of their respective roles, which our consultants are aware of. Their expertise and out-of-thebox thinking approach set them apart in their endeavors, which satisfy their clients. This,

Henceforth, good solution providers are the best consultants indeed! | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


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Pinakin Advisors LLP

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Padrea Global Services Ltd.

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Recherche India Advisors LLP

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K P Infotech 10 Most Promising 3D Animation Service Providers- 2019


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Effective book reading is a key skill to study as an active reader. Many people enjoy book reading as a way to relax and enrich their minds with the power of knowledge. Best Reading is also an invincible and amazing skill to learn and develop to be successful in the professional world.


There is another interesting fact about the eye movement of a reader is that. If you record the eye movement of someone reading, you will notice that, from time to time, the reader goes back and looks again at something he has read before. In other words he regresses to an earlier part of the text; probably he realizes he does not understand passage properly. Then the reader comes back to where he left off and continued reading. At one time, it was thought that regression was a fault, but it is intact a very necessary activity in efficient reading. Hereby, this is important to be efficient to be a good reader.

If you want to be able to read books faster, the secret is simply to practice under timed conditions and serenity. This means that you should give yourself a certain amount of time to read with proper understanding, then check your time if you have finished.


Here are the key rules and different strategies for reading books. Follow these easy steps to get on your way to be a perfect reader.



Do not to study books, while lying on a bed because it takes you to the kingdom of drowsiness and eventually to the realm of sleepiness while you study.

Using Google in between distracts your overall mental reading schedule.

When you plan to study a book make sure to check its validity and acceptance by the scholar persons and read reviews and summaries to get motivation. It will enhance your inner will to read more efficiently.

It would be a great idea if you can maintain a daily routine to evenly distribute 5 minutes of your day to effective reading.

Use an alarm clock that makes you aware of the proper utilization of time.

Choose a topic that you are really interested in studying and your favorite author.

Switch off your phone along with other distracting devices to get rid of the annoying notifications and messages while reading.

Memorize only the points of a topic, not whole text and jot down the points on a notebook so that you can revise them off and on in future if you want.

Try to maintain an even sleep pattern that even affects your mental stability of reading anything (sleep and get up at the same time regularly) with a duration of 8 hours sleep. An adequate amount of sleep helps you concentrate on anything including reading.

Test your reading speed and time then compare the speed to the average readers’ speed. If you were a slow reader then start taking notes, it will enhance your will power it would take more time to complete your lesson. Luckily there are still a number of ways to improve reading speed.

96 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

When you are facing difficulties to grasp8a topic, don’t skimp on taking help from Google, try to use a dictionary and manual help from your teachers.

102 •

If you are reading any novel or a book than try to start from the beginning not in between or from the back. Trust me; it will destroy all of your enthusiasm to read the entire book. For example, what if you knew that the hero of the Titanic movie would be dead before watching the movie? So try to do it in pattern.

Last but not least, make your reading fun, drink or eat some healthy food while reading; it will maintain your interest.


9 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Co-Founder & VP Omnichannel | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



Rashi Saral | Business Connect

In today’s world, we are transforming at an exponential rate with innovation enhancing the universal quality of life. Over the last few decades, we have witnessed the most exceptional evolution of technology. Robots, electric cars, smartphones are all less than a few decades old, while newer transformations like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, have led to swift global digitization. As a result of the internet, eCommerce has emerged as a huge platform that is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world. Statistics say that there are presumably 2 Billion digital buyers in this world in 2019 and it is expected to become 2.41 Billion by 2021. Global eCommerce has brought a massive revolution worldwide, making it impossible to think of a world without it. In this digital age of transformation, Vinculum Group is a global software company, that is making a remarkable impact by pioneering multichannel retail technology, Cross Border eCommerce, creativity, competence, and a steadfast focus on emerging industry trends, with a customer centric approach.

11 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Vinculum’s global reach, strong domain knowledge in the chosen verticals, international experience of the team members along with multilingual capabilities, makes it a class apart omnichannel retailing SaaS platform. Before we step into the core competencies and working style of Vinculum, let’s hear from their customers about their ethos.

FROM THEIR CUSTOMER’S DESK: Why Vinculum? Mr. Nihir Parikh, Chief Business Officer, and Mr. Sachin Parikh, CFO of Nykaa

“ Nykaa has witnessed a growth of 350% and this year onwards, we are going to grow on the other 300%. With Vin eRetail integrating our online and offline space and providing an Omnichannel experience, the scale up has been very easy. What we like is the agility that they bring with them to develop future technology.

We are a global software company enabling Omnichannel retailing. We help brands and retailers to easily scale, reach and delight customers across channels globally.

Mr. Nguyen Le Hung, Head of C.O.E Department, Onpoint “We wanted to integrate with many key eCommerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Adayroi,etc.. Vinculum proved to be a great partner in this endeavour. They developed a solution of WMS-OMS system that fulfilled our needs, met our schedule, and provided great after services and support. VinHelpDesk Team resolves any ticket within 1 hour or less, the support team is really great and helpful. VinERP helped us in managing inventory with efficient order processing via API, and exporting reports(Inventory report, Order enquiry, Inbound/Outbound Transactions, etc.). Their platform is visually pleasing and well optimized for all users, irrespective of your monthly order value.”


Vinculum is a global software company enabling Omnichannel retailing. The company helps Brands, Retailers, and other eCommerce enablers to easily scale, reach, and delight customers across global channels. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



Vinculum pivoted crucial technical work for omnichannel years ago when online and offline were separate concepts. We have moved on to add a new dimension to the omnichannel commerce as ‘Cross Border’. With Cross Border as the next hub for opportunities for Brands, their fragmented omnichannel strategies that address individual touchpoints versus the entire customer journey, still, need to be built end-to-end. Digitization has led to drastic interconnectivity, leading to commerce shrinking into an omnichannel experience, without borders. With mobile, connected inventory, and real-time data at the heart of our Omnichannel approach, making retail optimized for today’s customers, it is our goal to keep Brands at the center of the game! The products are modular, easy to use, and customisable. Today Vinculum is helping 500+ brands globally with Vin eRetail solutions. Its newly launched Payment reconciliation product Vin Reco has already optimized 1000+ sellers by helping them reconcile and retrieve payments from Marketplaces. In 2019 alone, Vin Reco helped recover INR 7 million that marketplaces owed their customers.


In a conversation with Business connect, the CoFounder and Director, Mr. Annajee Nott said, “In recent times, many cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, AI, and Big Data have changed the modus operandi of business. We evaluate new technologies and fund small pilots to evaluate the viability of the technology in our products and services. This helps us understand the applicability of these technologies for our products and services. Learning within a company is an important initiative. Customer feedback and an advisory panel comprising customers and industry experts is another system of feedback we have been seriously focussing on. We routinely bring in experts from a variety of fields to present information on current and upcoming trends. With our focus on putting our customers at the center of everything we do. As we can only thrive if our customers succeed.”

ANALYZING THE CORE COMPETENCIES: Fostering a Culture of Innovation There are two sides to any flourishing business, a great product and exceptional customer service.


This serves Retailers, eRetailers, and Brands to scale faster. With 150+ ready integrations and a connected ecosystem of 70 + partners globally, the company helps clients with rapid entry into the best marketplaces in markets throughout Asia, MiddleEast, Europe, and the United States. With Vin eRetail WMS, Brands and Retailers can be in complete control of their orders, Inventory and Returns through a single, real-time dashboard view of their business across channels and locations. Their SaaS based product supports B2B warehousing needs of large enterprises and enables B2C fulfillment for high growth rate Brands.


The company aims at executing strategies to ensure year-on-year growth while ensuring that risks

13 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

are mitigated. While the objective is to enable seamless shopping across channels, the ultimate aim is to expand the global reach and become the preferred choice of Brands globally. Vinculum is a market leader in India and in Southeast Asia and a formidable player in other demographics like the USA and the Middle East. The company has aggressive plans to grow and expand their presence in the global arena.


Success almost never comes without any challenges or difficulties. Mr. Annajee Nott and Vinculum is no different when it comes to adversities. It’s the approach and the attitude towards the same which creates all the difference. The Co-Founder shares the challenges and inspiration. “We hit the Asian global crisis in our early days where our best-laid plans were put on hold by factors that we could not control. We remained steadfast in our resolve and resilient in the face of adversity. To this day, this helps us to be positive when we face adverse situations such as the Hong Kong political crisis in one of our important operations.”


With an honest approach, transparency in work, operational efficiency, being accessible, responsive, and understanding unique business needs, Vinculum has successfully built not just corporate relationships, but also a strong partnership with its customers. Customer feedback is perhaps the most vital element for a successful business. Vinculum delivers experiences that make it stand out from its competition creating a long-lasting relationship with them. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



Their customers laurels are from across the globe. Some of the clients include Johnson and Johnson (J&J), AS Watsons and Dairy Farm Group, Aditya Birla Group, Nykaa, Vestige, DTDC, Redtape SM Malls, The Body Shop, Blue Dart, Popular Book Stores, Repro Books, Janio, Amante, Fabindia, Metro, ezmall, Preety secrets, Bata, Jaypore, Aurelia, Ritu Kumar, Manyawar, Redtape and Ritu Wearsetc to name a few.


In the last 10 + years of operation, Vinculum has been achieving over 30% year-on-year growth. With its mission to create an intuitive software, enabling customers to grow by easily tapping into global sales channels, the company has received multiple awards like Gartner Magic Quadrant three years in a row from 2017-2019 for its WMS capability , ‘Company of the Year’Multichannel retail enabler, Case study of the year award - Editor’s choice by Singapore Business Review, Great user experience and Customer’s choice award, along many more feathers to their multidimensional hat of achievements. Vinculum’s services have been acknowledged by experts like Amazon web services, Gartner, Frontrunners and many more. Vinculum has more than 6 million SKUs managed, 150+ integrations, with 70+ partners in more than 30 countries. How has Vinculum accomplished to stay on top of the competition and continually provide delightful customer experiences? When you envision growth and reshape your perspective and expectations with the evolving space, the changes do not discomfort you, they become a part of life. As the Chines proverb goes, the wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher. Reshaping your perspective, overcoming the rudimentary beliefs and working style, and sharpening your skills, lets you acclimatize and stay ahead. Vinculum has been repeatedly reinventing itself and has remained creative at every turn. Innovation is at the core working structure of the company. By remaining agile to the latest trends, being alert to dynamic technical and business trends and keeping a common goal for the company, as it scales and grows have resulted in the enhancement of goodwill and personal brand value.


Founder & CEO 15 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

BCM Review

A – AMBITIOUS A entrepreneur should

B – BRILLIANT Every mind get rewards

♦ ♦

Lets talk about the nursery classes. Do you remember your first lesson??Yes!! We alllearnt the very first thing in our childhood is A B C D, learning alphabets first and then learnt how to make sentences. Similarly in the case of enterprises, a leader first have to gain the knowledge of the basic alphabets of entrepreneurship. A leader is the one who carries the load of enterprise in such a brilliant manner that event concludes in successful crowning. The best result comes out of best efforts only. Entrepreneur has the responsibility to direct, command, organize and to analyze each & every pinpoints of the organization. In this article, we the team of business connect magazine are going to elaborate the A B C D of the entrepreneurship to mold it more easy informing the sentences of triumphs in the annual report card.

have the powerful desire to achieve something and ambitious about the goals that had been targeted to accomplish. for its brilliancy and excellent approaches to tackle the odds in perfect time.

Let’s start the nursery classes for the potential leaders to get the basic plethora of know-hows more effectively.

C – CALM Calmness is something that gives one a positive and relaxed sensation in the tough times.

curious about NEW and serving the NEW is your work.

D – DEDICATED A person who is dedicated towards life and determined for his up works can only slate the glory in his board.

J –JUDICIOUS A firm walks on the path designed by YOU, being protected and logical about the decisions and fair enough for the whole thing is a needed quality.

K – KINETIC ENERGY According to science, kinetic energy is anything in motion. In entrepreneurship we say, kinetic energy as the dreams in motion to shape reality.

L – LOYAL Loyalty always reward sugar pocket out of bursting balloons. The one who is loyal to organization is equally loyal to nation.

and goal oriented is very important thing to pursue in one’s nature. Just remember that “Framing the goals in the right courts can onlylead to win points on score card”



N – NOVATURIENT The person who has



Energy in right direction can make anything in its favor, a enthusiastic person can turn every stone for the organization’s goodwill.

F – FORESIGHTED Lets start from the

beginning, what is the initial phase of any business. Yeah! A business idea, it is a picture of future for which one works in present. Only fore sighting eyes can see the difference between failures and success.

G – GOAL– ORIENTED To be a focus

When foundations are taken with honesty, the journey of crowning concludes to be more nourished. Honesty is the basic moral value that we had been taught from the nursery classes, as it is truly a necessary and most pleasant value that one can have.


Innovation and you!! All goes along with each other. Complex and outdated things are never preferred by anyone. People are | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


gives breath to soul for indulgingoneself to the whole. A motivated mover can inspire the individual, group, organization and also the universe.

powerful desire of change in life and situation, such person can raise high tides of creation and uniqueness in the ocean. Optimistic approach is concerned issue for a psychological of potential entrepreneur. Seeing the things 360° is very important and must have ingredient for a successful entrepreneur.




W – WEALTH CREATION Just tell me


X – The X FACTOR What makes you


Z –ZEAL FUL An entrepreneur pensthe picture of respect by grace, utmost zeal, passion and efficiency. All the business need a standviz. the pillar of efforts.

Nothing goes far except preciseness Perfection is not impossible, the only thing required for being PERFECT is to be PASSIONATE for the desires.

All the organization’s structure juggles upon decision making. Delay or pendency in decision making leads to messed up situations and increase in cost of the projects too.



Dreams are must but finding thatthe dreamhas anyrealizablevalue or not is more important. A person should rely on real environment and realistic approach so as to assure feasibility.

S – STRATEGIC MIND Making things profitable are in the hands of business minds. One should have pre determined strategies for the situations likely to occur.

T – TRANSPARENCY When you put a transparent sheath over the works, it become more likely to resort customers BACK to you. Customer are the king and king should know every thing that is must for him to know.

U – ULTIMATE FIGHTERS Battles are part of life, one owes to fight the battles of roller coaster life by their own. An entrepreneur is same like warrior who fights with own risk to win the crowns.

Rigidness is equal to limitness. Versatilityscopes the business much wider than expected as you are not limited within the boundaries.

one thing- why are we reading entrepreneurship?? I mean why we think of doing business?? The reason is same – For profit. Everything in a business ends on creating wealth. So, a entrepreneur should keep in mind that the decision he is going to make should have enough worth.

different from other is THE X FACTOR. One should know the value of self. So, just go and check out what’s your X FACTOR.?? While employing funds, one shouldhave the proper engagement of knowing the probable properties of present investments for gaining future endeavors.

Wrapping up the lecture of Alphabets of entrepreneurship in a nutshell. We hope that it might be helpful for you to get new mind winds. Wishing you a wonderful entrepreneurship ahead!!. 17 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Kapil Mishra | Business Connect


ACARA SOLUTIONS INDIA It doesn’t matter what business you’re in—every company from here to America has the exact same requirement: a highly skilled workforce. But who do we seek to fill our jobs? Where can we find high-quality job candidates? And how do we determine whether they’re right for our company? The answers to these questions are what separates good companies from great companies. In other words, the difference between success and failure comes down to employee recruitment and retention. Fortunately, answers abound at Acara Solutions India. Acara Solutions India (formerly Superior Talent India) is an award-winning talent and recruiting firm that specializes in contingent staffing, contract-to-direct, direct placement, executive search, payrolling, and recruitment process outsourcing services. With offices in Chennai and Bangalore, Acara Solutions India is a trusted partner to companies across a wide variety of industries around the world. Led by CEO Scott Stenclik, Acara Solutions India is becoming India’s premier provider of talent and recruitment solutions—it is a place where business leaders can partner with industry experts, access a long list of high-quality job candidates, and personalize their job search, and, as a result, hire the best possible candidates for their organizations.


Acara Solutions India will maintain its loyal service to all existing Superior Talent India’s clientele. As always, the company will leverage its decades of experience to deliver its various talent acquisition and management services around the globe. Additionally, Acara Solutions India will continue to operate in Chennai and Bangalore with its global headquarters remaining in Buffalo, New York, USA.


Acara, doesn’t just fill jobs. The company’s experienced team helps candidates to navigate the hiring process from start to finish, taking time to understand their qualifications and career goals, and then placing them at positions where they’re confident and prepared for success. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



Director & Country Manager Acara Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

19 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

On the client side, Acara offers a level of high-touch and personalized services that others in their industry just can’t match. Acara Solutions is a key member in the Aleron Group of companies—Aleron is an industry-leading global workforce and business solutions company that has been delivering services for more than 60 years. With next-level expertise, resources, and best practices from the Aleron Group of companies, Acara Solutions India is uniquely positioned to thrive in the global marketplace.

WHAT SETS THEM APART FROM THE REST? Acara takes a people-first perspective of recruiting and workforce solutions. Acara doesn’t just help businesses to fill positions—it provides a personalized approach that seeks to gain a deep understanding of your needs so you can acquire talent that makes a meaningful difference in your company. Put simply, Acara is swift and effective. With a focus on agility and the ability to proactively address client’s needs, Acara has the skill set to quickly adapt its services as per your structures and processes change. Acara’s clientele ranges from small- and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Industries include telecom, automotive, retail and commerce, aerospace and aviation, manufacturing and engineering, IT, and professional services. Acara’s team of expert recruiters possess an in-depth knowledge of industries and trends to deliver client-specific solutions that require both basic and high-level employee skills.

ACARA TESTIMONIALS “The customer service and partnering we receive is exceptional, and very important to ongoing success.” – Medical Device Industry Client “The Acara team has demonstrated a keen understanding of our requirements.” – Automotive Manufacturing Client “Acara Solutions India works hard at relationship-building. This is the main reason why I highly recommend them and they genuinely customize processes to meet our needs.” – Semiconductor Industry Client


New generations are disrupting hiring trends. According to a recent Bloomberg analysis, India’s Gen Z population will rise to 472 million by 2020. The emergence of GenZ at workplace means there are now at least three different generations of people working together: GenZ, millennials, and GenX—all of whom have different needs and expectations from employers and for themselves.

Apart from the major economic slump in the Indian economy, the staffing and recruitment industry has challenges of its own. It’s a buyer’s market. Indian market is a candidate-driven market. With more than one million people entering the job market every month, picking up the best job candidate is like finding a needle in a haystack. As such, recruitment consultancies must be prepared to handle job candidates who actively shop for jobs—even after being hired. More job candidates are turning down jobs at the last minute, typically because of remuneration issues and/or better offers from their targeted companies. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

For example, Gen Z is uniquely diverse, tech savvy, and socially responsible. That means businesses will need to use new recruitment strategies to appeal to the most talented individuals within that generation. In an effort to place GenZ job candidates, recruiters are accentuating employer branding efforts and mixing in tech-centric recruiting tactics. 20

The Technological Revolution is upon us. Job portals and recruitment consultancies are turning to technologies such as artificial intelligence to automate recruitment tasks, saving the, time and resources. And an emphasis on cybersecurity and data protection has brought upon blockchain technology as a solution to typical HR tasks that involve handling sensitive information. Amid this technological disruption, recruiters must upskill their technological skill sets and evolve to stay on top.

BUSINESS ETHICS AND VALUES FOLLOWED BY AN ACE CONSULTANT Bringing people together with a purpose. Acara knows that productivity is about more than just hours on the clock—it is the result of sound business relationships and the foresight that comes with experience. What’s more, productivity comes from creative, tailormade workforce solutions that pair best-fit employees with companies that value their skills and contributions. Putting a personal touch on staffing. For more than 60 years, Acara has approached every job with a high-touch and consultative approach that reflect their clients’ evolving needs. To do so, Acara Solutions India consistently employs the latest recruitment and management innovations in the market— scouting talent, evaluating human potential, recognizing similitudes between people and employers, and changing lives in the process. In an increasingly commoditized world, Acara believes some things still deserve a personal touch. Finding the right fit is one of them. Simply stated, Acara sees fit.

THE INCEPTION PHASE Acara Solutions India experienced several rebranding initiatives throughout its history, affecting its entry and presence in the global marketplace. Now over that hump, the company’s expert team of recruiters and consultants have built a clientele that includes some of the world’s greatest names in manufacturing, automotive, information and technology, retail and e-commerce, and aerospace and aviation. With an in-depth knowledge of various industries, Acara helps job candidates and job seekers alike understand their career path, a relationship that helps the company create the best matches for its clients and candidates. One of the company’s major transformations happened on September 18, 2019, when it was rebranded as Acara Solutions India. As an Aleron company, the organization has already been working closely with Acara Solutions—its sister company and U.S.-based partner within the Aleron Group of companies. Acara’s top management and clientele remain the same. To 21 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

be clear, the rebranding initiative should not be considered a merger; Acara Solutions and Acara Solutions India have already been operating with each other as parts of the Aleron Group of companies.

“As Country Manager and Director of Acara Solutions India, I’m responsible for driving our company’s continued growth and success. I have the privilege and pleasure of working with people across the organization-the recruiting team, business development, management, and leadership. Every day is different and brings a new set of challenges”

– Navin Gautham P.

FUTURE PROSPECTS Acara Solutions India aims to be one of India’s top staffing and recruitment firms for direct placement, contract hire, executive search, and RPO solutions. The company’s commitment to developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with clients, candidates, and partners—coupled with its industry experience and personalized approach—has already it a trusted staffing partner to many of the country’s leading organizations, and the company is excited to continue growing.


Scott Stenclik, CEO, Acara Solutions, Aleron Inc.

Acara provides leading-edge contingent staffing, direct placement, executive search, and pay rolling services, globally. The organization has a workforce of more than 8,700 employees and maintains service locations throughout the United States, and also in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. Stenclik has led the company since 1992, and has been with the organization since 1986. Previously, he worked in audit and tax consulting at Ernst & Young LLP, and is a New York state Certified Public Accountant. Stenclik earned his bachelor’s degree in economics at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.


CEO, Acara Solutions, Aleron Inc. Navin Gautham P., Director and Country Manager, Acara Solutions India As Director of Acara Solutions India, Navin plays a key role in integrating Acara’s operations with Aleron’s global strategy. Navin has more than 13 years of experience in the recruitment and talent acquisition industry. He has been with the company since its days as Summit HR India and Superior Talent India, and has held a variety of roles critical to the business’ growth and success. Navin graduated from Madras University in India, where he studied electronics and communications engineering. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



Director and Country Manager

Navaneel Das, Vice President, IT Operations Navaneel heads the IT practice within Acara Solutions India, building on a strong education in technology. He is the primary point of contact on high-end technology recruitment needs for Acara’s clients. His leadership and domain expertise have proven invaluable to our clients. Navaneel’s strong operation skills and his ability to draw a fine balance between major resource ramp-up needs or niche/senior-level hiring contribute to consistently high customer satisfaction.


Vice President, IT Operations Nagarajan C. Vice President, Operations Nagarajan is an engineering graduate with a thorough understanding of the manufacturing industry. Drawing on his years of experience handling application engineering and manufacturing operations, Nagarajan now heads Acara Solutions India’s non-IT practice. Nagarajan’s focus on process-oriented execution is integral to Acara’s success—and the success of our clients.


Vice President, Operations

23 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

BCM Review

Why India needs a new brigade of Women Empowerment Companies?

A nation grows by the collective efforts of both men and women. You can’t think of a developed economy without allowing half of its population to participate in the development process. A country’s growth is just like a relay race. You run to the best of your ability and pass the object to your partner, but if the partner doesn’t contribute, you lose. There’s a very similar situation India has been facing all these years. The mindset over the last 70 years has been that a male member of society should work and the female should look after the household chores.

bag and all these fascinating things which she should have been an equal owner, were taken away from her. When she looked at things creatively and asked out of curiosity, the people around made her feel a fool and thus she stopped looking at things creatively and her curiosity died within. As she reached her teens, the family began looking for a groom and eventually got her married and the world around her changed immensely. Despite all these changes, most women never run away from their responsibilities. In most Indian houses we see a brigade of women who very honestly fulfill their duties towards their home. And this is where the potential lies.

The society has been very rigidly killing the dreams of the girl child through its senseless explanations. However, when I call the society as senseless, it has very much to do with the kind of education they have been imparted. A society is the result of its education. This is so interlinked. The country was looted by the Britishers. When they

If we can channelize their management skills in a way that more women gather the self-confidence to share their thoughts, to express their needs, the entire nation grows. Not sure how? Read this exam-

left the nation, India was an extremely poor nation with a rift between religions, lack of resources, poor infrastructure, and complete uneducated society. Eventually, as things began improving, one thing which grew at a slower pace than others was ‘mindset’. This mindset still believed that boys are the assets for the family and girls as a liability. Thus, the education of girls was considered as the least priority stuff. A human without education will be so much underconfident to make decisions about life. Girls grew up seeing their brothers getting new books to read, a new pair of shoes for school, a new | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

ple. 7 Gujrati women with Rs 80, started a venture called ‘Lijjat Papad’. Today the company employs 43000 women and has a worth of Rs 800 crore. This is what happens when everyone gets a chance to contribute. India still lags behind when it comes to talking about sex education, women’s health, and female hygiene. These are still considered as a stigma, a taboo. Our conservative society needs a brigade of women who can step up and talk more about these. A start-up in the field of women’s well being is a need of an hour. At an individual level, we should begin to pro24

mote the growth of women through social media platforms. At a societal level, we need to be courageous enough to challenge the fixed mindsets. Women’s empowerment can bring in a muchneeded change in the perception of society. We need more of Neerja Bhanot a flight attendant who chose her passengers’ life instead of hers in a plane hijack. Mary Kom, who faced all the hardships from society and yet became a champion at boxing. Kalpana Chawla, who just defied all the stereotypes and went into the space making India a proud nation. There’s a lot to it. The message though is, there’s hidden talent in every Indian household. We must be proud of it and create more opportunities. As a father, brother, husband and in whatever role we can, we must at present and in the future always support the women in our house to be contributing factors to the nation. There’s a lot we can do as a nation when people unite and work together. This is the time when we should all be tired of the stigma and difficulties faced by women around the nation and let them step out and learn a new skill, choose a career, innovate, experiment, try, fail, manufacture, sell, invent and do a lot more of these regularly. Such approaches will make companies grow stronger. A new brigade of women empowered companies will make for a more empowered nation.

25 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



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Everyone has challenges in their business akin to driving down a road without a map or a navigator. But one can seek advice on how to navigate or they can seek advice on how to reach their destination with the least fuel consumption or in a desirable time framework. Hereby, thestrategist & is taking action on its different solution streams with an aim to solve the challenges and needs of Clients’ Businesses. thestrategist & is a network of firms (The Strategist, nABLE, Optimise Ops, Axelrod Ideas, The SoSial Reserach Institute, Food4Thought Foundation) specializing in the domain of People Advisory and Research and has been innovating since 2008, with a Global presence and headquartered in Hyderabad. The firm is led by its Founder & Managing Partner Mr. K. Srinivas Rao and has a Council of Partners - Shefali Rao, Megh Risaldar, Atul Sharma, Aayush Chowdhary, Ramkrishna and Madhavi Sharma who are empowering various institutes and firms, which are making a difference to businesses by the application of scientific principles. thestrategist & believes that through decoding the science of people behavior, we will be able to make predictions for tomorrow and be better prepared for them. It specializes in the complete spectrum of people practices across the Employee Life Cycle. thestrategist & as a network of firms, believes in the philosophy of energizing clients’ growth by transforming their people practices. Modelled along the lines of the best in class firms, their team of professionals consists of industry experts who have served with some of the best-known names and have now opted out to build this firm with a vision of enabling their clients to achieve their dreams.

K. SRINIVAS RAO Founder & Managing Partner | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


They broadly operate in the following domains:-

• People Business Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Change Management • Employee Experience Mgmt., Learning & Development, Celebrations & Events • Internal Communication, Employer Branding, Social Media Management • Analytics, Dashboard, Virtual CHRO, Exits, and Voice of Candidate 28

with what they do. During this entire journey, they learned the importance of building personalised solutions, which is a compounding effect that’ll continue to send prospective new clients their way.


As the business owners, their responsibility is to ensure that the organization’s leadership maintains constant awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion of customer base, markets, new industry developments and standards, etc. They strive to create a cultural identity that is potentially boundless in scope. Outlining the goals and demonstrating trust in employees in a way that would exemplify their quality of work. Running an office is not always exciting.

SHEFALI RAO Partner & Chief Financial Officer • Well-being & Stress Mgmt., SOS Compass, Happiness Index Study • CSR, Employee Engagement

However, a well-planned routine leads to efficiency and also encourages productivity in the office. Sometimes they end up wearing multiple hats. At thestrategist &, different partners are responsible for different aspects of business.



Trust: the key ingredient to transparent services. Their delivery strength comes from the basic philosophy of decoding the people science through Innovation + Intellect. They believe that each of their clients is unique and thus there is a need to innovate constantly to customize solutions. At the same time, they are conscious of the need for robustness in their approach & methodology and hence the emphasis on Intellect. They have for a while been building robust Proprietary tools, after thorough testing & validations and their journey towards the creation of more success stories with Innovation & Intellect continues. They act as extensions of clients, building custom made solutions for their people issues and pulling in external SME’s if required to fill in any gaps.


They started this journey at a point when the world economy was at its lowest point. They have not only managed to survive but blossom. Those difficult times made them resilient to obstacles and always seek for more efficient and smarter ways of delivering solutions to clients. These learnings have stayed with them and are helping them grow even today.

“Get clear about your values & purpose. Write them down. Talk about them a lot. Use them extensively while hiring and recruiting.” Most importantly they have learned to focus more on the unique value they deliver and that has increased their sense of satisfaction 29

Running a firm is not always exciting and at times can be erratic. However, a wellplanned routine leads to efficiency and encourages productivity in the office. Srini as a Managing Partner has responsibilities which include ensuring the profitability of the firm and adapting its business model to achieve his vision. A normal day could look like having BD meetings, taking client feedback, solutioning for clients, coaching and mentoring the leadership team and a dozen other things. Srini tries to spend as much time on the weekends with his family. He believes this family time to be critical in keeping perspective on what’s most important, and why he is working so hard. He firmly believes that no amount of success can compensate for failure in the home. Music and reading are his go-to recharge rituals. Reflecting on past experiences offers a person the opportunity to determine which plans to continue and which to let go. “Reflection is a valuable investment of your time that will help you set the goals that will get you to the next level of success” - Mr. K. Srinivas Rao | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


They take great pride in a deeply rooted tradition of acting in a responsible way towards the community. thestrategist & believes that social stewardship plays a holistic role in defining the firm’s success. What could be a better reflection of their commitment to society than encouraging their colleagues and associates to go the extra mile and participate in the activities of the research institute and foundation. Moving out of the ‘comfort zone’ to provide comfort to the neediest ones and volunteering passionately to this cause is encouraged at all levels in the firm. They have been working with NHRD and CII since their establishment as knowledge partners for research and other activities and influencing the next generation of management aspirants.


The impact of innovations is crucial as they strive to provide the client with the best feasible solutions that benefit their organization. With this sense of influence and power, combined with their accountability, there is a heightened need for rigorous research. They conduct specialized and targeted research which helps them design and patent proprietary tools. Some of the recent examples of this research and tools are • ‘Are the organization Gen Y / Millennials Ready’ is a robust assessment for organizations to check their future readiness in terms of Culture, Process, and Policies for New Generations. • ‘Employer Brand Index in Digital Age’ as a blueprint which assists organizations to evaluate their Employer Brand across Digital (Internet and Social Media). • ‘Alexa (Voice based) enabled Dashboards’ wherein a dashboard can be accessed by Voice-Enabled Devices •


Their clientele consists of a variety of organizations spanning multiple industries and number of employees ranging from 50 - 50,000. They have a multifarious client list spanning across Startups, Large MNCs and FamilyOwned Businesses. Their clients include sectors such as - Aviation, Telecom, FMCG, Pharmacy, Manufacturing, IT, ITeS and many more. For a “value-driven” firm, the need to hold their client’s faith is imperative. Trust is the core value that they believe in along an inarguable commitment to the client’s needs, thereby building an enduring relationship that thrives on authenticity and Integrity. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



They believe that setting long-term and short-term goals is an on-going process in any firm and it needs constant reviews to determine the health and completeness of the overall vision.

because each of the associates believes in ‘if not now, when, and if not me, who’. They benchmark themselves with their peers and believe that if they are able to make them jealous then they are on the right track. They use the guiding principle of “If it is not adding value to the business, it is none of our business”


• Continue to make peers jealous by providing cutting edge solutions to clients and by adding value to their businesses • Shaping the future of HR in the Indian sub-continent • Long-Term Goals: • Building the firms recognition within the Government and Public Advocacy bodies through community outreach projects and publishing seminal works in the area of reading habits, well being, stress at workplace, the future of people at work etc • Expanding the firm into other geographies.


The council of partners believe that thestrategist & is the right place for all talent who are ‘outliers’ and don’t fit in the defined spaces of the corporate world. Our motto continues to be ‘why join the navy when you can be a pirate.’ The second ethos is the zeal to make a difference

31 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

BCM Review

An erudite person can always learn from his hunger for more knowledge and the best thing he knows is that the perfect knowledge is waiting inside a book. In addition, to all of the ways of reading, it helps you develop a healthy mindset; it also makes you a better thinker and a better writer. Powerful reading for entrepreneurs of the 21st century allows them to experience other points of view and makes them a better leader for forging companies. In this article we talk about the Best Must-Read books for Entrepreneurs. According to a successful entrepreneur - Bill Gates, he believes that reading is still the main way that he both learns new things and tests his understanding.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only ones.” Let us discuss the ten most admired books by Entrepreneurs of 2019.

Lost and Founder by Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin’s book takes a refreshing outlook on the life of a super tech startup CEO. Lost & Founder, is the perfect narration of how a startup has a life as a CEO. Most of the CEOs can easily relate to pretty much every chapter of this book. They feel more connected with this book and agree on 99% of Rand’s idea. It generally talks about startups, marketing, funding, and more. The central idea of the books pulls back the curtain from what is really like to battle for success in the startup world. The advice from the author is sound and can be applied to any type of business, no matter the size or industry.

For aspiring entrepreneurs of 2019, this particular book is reading on a glimpse into what it takes to go from a startup founder to CEO of a publicly-traded company. This reading makes the entrepreneur realize that even the world’s most successful entrepreneurs once started as paper distributer and door-to-door salesmen. Bill Green’s goal in All In is to inspire entrepreneurs and start-ups of all ages and phases to take up the challenge of a growing business with passion and joy. In All In, he provides the readers the101 Real-Life Business Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs. He shares 101 key insights he has gleaned over a 40-year business career that began with a flea market table. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


The Achievement Habit book for forging entrepreneurs is written by Doctor Bernard Roth, who is an engineering professor and co-founder of Stanford School. This book is his half biography and half self-help book for entrepreneurs who use the concepts of design thinking, awareness, and a bias to action to help you shape your life. “Let people see you as human. Be real. Ask yourself, who would you rather see at your door, a friend or a door-to-door salesman?”

-Bernard Roth (Quote from -The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing and Take Command of your Life)

The Achievement Habit book aims to motive on the topic: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life .

Jim Collins and his research team set off to find out, why ‘Good is the enemy of Great’. Over the five years, their whole team studied 28 companies and pouring over their data to find out the key determinants of success and failure.This is how the author sets off a riveting journey explaining the findings from his and his teams half a decade of research in the conquest of how to make good companies great. Generally, ‘Good to Great’ is a very rare and toughest book by Collins. In his research, Jim Collins (the author), has found out systematic phases through which any great company goes through and lays out a framework.

One of our modern history’s most successful entrepreneur, role model, and investor Warren Buffett explains his take on everything in the book of Essays from very basic business principles to aligning high-level business skills. This skill polishes your interests with those of your investors as well. “I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful”.

-Warren Buffett (Quote from- The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America) This piece of work from Buffett is the most revolutionary investing book of ideas from the past thirty-five years of modern finance theory. The book is an elaborate set of ideas that establishes one simple and misleading art of investing.

33 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Ahvana Hotels & Resorts An end-to-end Management Consultant for Your HOTEL BRANDS Vikas Jha | Business Connect If comfort and luxury are the two prerequisites of a successfully-run hotel establishment, Ahvana Hotels & Resorts will come up trumps in ensuring that your hotel exceeds your guests’ expectations and delivers them a travel experience of a lifetime. Founded by Ananth R. Bhedke, a veteran in the industry, Ahvana Hotels & Resorts provides end-to-end hotel management consultancy to hotel chains, across India and abroad. As a turnkey solution provider in resort and hotel project management, Ahvana Hotels & Resorts provides customised service to established and pre-open hotels; takes up projects in interior renovation; staff management; staff procurement and retention; whatever be the specific need of a hotel client, Ahvana Hotels & Resorts has a service to match that need. Additionally, the consultancy assists in identifying quick serving restaurant franchise business for interested investors, on the lookout of such business opportunities in India. A division of the Gansiddha Hotels & Hospitality India, Ahvana Hotels & Resorts was started in 2010 in Nasik, Mumbai, India. Today, Ahvana has evolved into the fastest-growing management contract and franchise service in India and abroad. Hospitality industry is disrupted by technology ‘Experience selling’ is a big buzzword in the industry where intensifying competition is compelling market players to lower costs to seek customer loyalty. Countering this trend, the big opportunity for start-ups lies is in personalizing travel experience for consumers, throughout their journey. “The future of the hospitality industry lies in aggregating rich traveller experiences and building a strong digital legacy with the help of new technology platforms,” says Ananth. He strongly believes that a cost-efficient path to growth in this sector lies in enabling strategic collaboration between leading hospitality service providers, suppliers, and startups to build a whole new ecosystem for the entire industry. This he seeks to do through his venture, Ahvana Hotels & Resorts. . | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Initial Years of Struggle Raised in a middle-class Maharashtrian family, Ananth believes struggle is a part and parcel of every success story. “Even success,” according to him is not a destination but a journey towards greater excellence.” He started his business as a bootstrap operation with a singular focus on providing full suite hotel management services to established, struggling and new players. The job was challenging, often involving 365 days of travel, and it adversely impacted his family life and health but led by his internal conviction, he ploughed on. Eventually, it took him 24 years and a string of jobs in India and abroad, to fight the odds, and reach, where he finds himself today, as a business owner of Ahvana Hotels & Resorts. Serving a Diverse Set of Clients Today, Ahvana Hotels & Resorts serves a host of hotel companies, stand-alone hotel owners, and proprietors who want to open hotels and restaurants. Ananth’s company helps them pre-open or take-up a lucrative project in the overseas market. His customer base today includes a network of 5,000 satisfied hotel owners and hospitality business partners. His Personal Charisma As a first-generation entrepreneur, Ananth feels the need to challenge himself constantly. He believes it’s necessary to keep honing one’s skills sets and never stop learning. When faced with a tough situation, he starts by drawing up a list of all possible, positive outcomes from that situation. For example, if he has to prepare a market report for a client on their current strategy, and the timeline is tough, he is likely to work double shift to be able to present the report to the client, the very next day. Such challenges keep him charged up to face the next challenge. Present Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry Ananth believes that the market is not yet saturated and there are tremendous opportunities in the hospitality business for the entry of new players. Towards this end, he assists aspiring new entrepreneurs analyse the market size, identify promising opportunities, and complete due diligence and then take the plunge. In this role, Ananth sees himself as a mentor to the start-ups. The Road Ahead Under Ananth’s stewardship, Ahvana Hotels & Resorts does brisk business with mid-segment hotels, villa and apartment owners, and at any given point of time, he is consulting more than 26 companies. He is soon to come up with his own Indio brand in QSR business, after having dabbled in this segment for the past nine years, consulting 170-odd small-and medium-scale QSR projects in India and abroad. All set for expansion, Ananth also impatient about getting into large-format, luxury hotel business and is looking for interested investors. During his free time, Ananth loves playing tennis, working out at the gym, or go swimming. He also travels to shrines and rivers, during family vacations

35 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


The Compassionate Consultants Nurturing Medical CentredEvironment Dr. Amit Mishra | Business Connect

Vijay Arora

Sanjay Mishra

CEO & Joint Director

Joint Director

new Change. There were confusions but Apex was seeing a bigger picture.

There is no medicine like hope, no incentive of cure is so great, and no tonic powerful as expectation of something tomorrow. Tomorrow is so powerful as it is not seen, real medicine can only exist when it penetrates into a knowledge of proper consultant. Hence, the duo of pioneering leaders Mr. Vijay Arora (CEO & Joint Director) and Mr. Sanjay Mishra (Joint Director) mark their revolutionary vision in Medical Insurance Consulting.

The medical industry was bound to grow and so were the professionals associated with it. It was a clear decision to give Medical Professionals a big platform to perform simply assuring them of risk-free tomorrow. THE IDEA BEHIND INSPIRING PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY They started analyzing all the prevailing situations of health care and Conditions of medical professionals around the nation. In a country where they are born with Risk-taking abilities, it is really hard to plan for Risk Management.

They forge the AICL (Apex Insurance Consultant Limited) as a company that embraces the human being with respect to body, soul, and spirit. Apex was formed under the Indian Companies Act 1956 with a pure intention and Purpose of helping Indian Medical Professionals. To bring all the needed revolutions for the welfare of mankind without fearing the complications of the Law and Legal System.

It was a roller coaster ride for Apex as the majority of professionals at that time were not ready to visualize that it may land in deep trouble if something wrong happened. The acts and laws were already in force but since the number of cases against medical professionals was very rarely reported. This thing boosted the confidence among the majority of Doctors that nothing much is going to happen against them.

It was the toughest choice for Apex because, in the country, 90% of the population doesn’t know anything about Medical complications and effectiveness. The same ratio of Medical Professionals not even ready to open up to | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


“Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, Peter Hagerty

Therefore, they took this as their prime task and started arranging meetings of small to moderate groups of Doctors and Hospital owners in and around Delhi. They met insurance experts and managers to explore the World of professional indemnity. After that, they came to the conclusion that it was not at all a complete solution to the ever-growing problems of a doctor. LIGHT ON CLIENTELE AND MARKET This was the time when their efforts to address and resolve the legal issues faced by the medical fraternity was in full swing. They made their mark in Maharashtra, Kolkata, Bihar, & Jharkhand apart from Punjab & Rajasthan. They saw the scenario of the doctor-patient relationship changing very fast. Any death or severe injury pertaining to medical treatment or procedure landed physicians in the court of law both civil & Criminal. Apex with its unique expertise was working in more than 7 States and had a great track record of carrying out some effective crisis management operations in the Medical sector. Their efforts and story were instrumental in acquiring proper risk management teams in many Medical associations across the country. Although they never stopped on one solution but kept reinventing the new dimensions for both client and market.

you will be in love forever.

tional Program • 24x7 Working/Service backup through their dedicated call center at Mumbai. • Others have illogical promises and discounts but they have dedicated experts to help the members on each step of their crises and logical infrastructure for their assurance and safety. • Their so-called competitors sell Insurance policy with a promise that Insurance will Help them in their Crisis. They sell out their Membership with a written guarantee that will help the clients for anything and everything. FROM STRUGGLES TO OPPORTUNITY “Risk is an inevitable part of human life, and there is no aspect of life which is not at risk”. It can be financial, related to health or business performance. There is an emerging need in the era of globalization of companies that offer reliable risk management solutions. Their services give much peace of mind to customers and make their lives more secure. A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.

Vernon Howard

Apex is one such company that launched its operations in the year 2001. When ‘Risk Management’ was a foreign word to people and a few understood the fact that, what it is and how it helps an individual.

BUILDING TOP-NOTCH SOLUTIONS Their services offer to cover each and every crisis of a doctor from professional to personal. They gave a new definition and dimension to Insurance solutions. The whole insurance cannot help a company to avoid crises, but it can help customers to avoid some negative financial consequences. They realized that if Apex worked wisely then they can be an Insurance company with good viability. Unfortunately in previous times, the insurance officials were just scared of selling it with an open mind and were having apprehensions of landing into unnecessary liabilities.

Being the benchmark Apex Joint Director, Sanjay Kalika Mishra and his long term team partner and Friend Mr. Vijay Arora, the CEO of Apex Group founded the Company in 1999-2000. They came up with a revolutionary idea to help professionals in solving their crisis when there was a colossal budget constraint. AICL was formally registered in the Year 2001. Sanjay has essential formal educational degrees while Mr. Vijay Arora has a degree in Law apart from MBA. Sanjay primarily looks after the Sales and Planning of the Company whereas Mr. Arora manages the most complicated day to day operations and Services of the Company.

SKILLS THAT MAKE THEM UNIQUE AMONG EQUALS Apex Management with its team of dedicated professionals is ready 24X7 and offers doorstep service to its clients in case of an emergency. This is the profound skill that makes them top in this area. Its experts include the Doctors who have done Law and Medico-legal course and are known as Medico-legal, Lawyers and trained Risk Management Professionals are cherries on the top for their uniqueness among peers.

CHANGE IS THE FUTURE The five key formulas that the duo has established has now become the guiding principle of the company. They are: Organize a Planning Team, Access the Scope of the Problem, Develop a Plan, Test that Plan, keep all actions and plans updated. Apex Group with its unique expertise today operate in more than 26 States and has an excellent track record of carrying out some effective crisis management operations in the Medical sector.

They have a Membership base in 26 States with Offices in All Major Metros. Just have a look at some of the feature that reflects their diversification:-

• They have 65000 Doctors and Hospitals as Members with more than 90% renewal ratio. Has 2.5 Lac effective Doctors data whom we had worked and who are in touch with us through different Promo-

Risk management solutions are essential for the growthoriented professionals today, and Apex believes that the future, is of course, here and there is much more to be achieved 37 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Collaborative Business partnership for our various Business Ventures Looking for 100 Smart Moms To Super Boss from India to Abroad

Alfa Bizz Corp Business is a Corporate Partnership of smart, educated and techno savvy woman who can “ink Out of the Box” and wish to join the premiere organization in the field of Aviation, Art, Book Writing, Blogging, Cabs, Career Guidance, Development [Apps and Blogs] Education, FinTech, Forex, Guiding [ Local / Online ] Tours and Travels, Mystery Shopping and much more. It's an Android Mobile App and Blog Based service for Female Business Owners and operated by AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd.

Skills Required: Age: 21 years to 35 years Excellent Communication Skills Well Organized, Ambitious and Quick-Learning Strong Research Skills Minimum Graduate in any stream, preferably with some industry exposure Must have Own PC/Laptop and 4G Android Mobile Committed to Work Online for Minimum 4-5 Hours daily. Different Work for Different Mom [As per Quali cation] Online Training and Assistance as per mutual Convenience and Time.

Android App based Works [Need to download all our Apps] Passionate about Performance Talent beyond Skills Keen to learn Online Android App Based Businesses Ready to Learn Something very different kind of ink out of the Box work Flexibility Innate Curiosity Expandability, Reliability, Reputation and Functionality

Apply only if you can Think Out of the Box Minimum Income : INR 15,000 to INR 200000/- [Depends on Start-Up] Investment : INR 10,000/- to INR 1000000/- [Depends on Start-Up]

Resources App Blog Team [Guides]

Contact Us ( (

+91 9977513452 +91 9826008899 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


39 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


James Champy to inspire said, “Big Results require Big Ambitions.” Vijay Sampathkumar, the Founder and CEO of ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd. with his efficient team, strives ambitiously to live up the respective quote. The company assists and helps a number of organizations with its incredible and dynamic services. Defacto, there is no Indian Organization being a part of ‘Big 5’. Beholding a superlative vision for the company, they are quite confident that by 2027, ArBhar Consulting would be the part of the Big League. Incepted in the year 2017 with a conscious focus on assisting organizations to • improve their processes – by providing Process Re-Engineering • Assist in Cost Take Outs. • Improve Margins – By Optimising operation Cost and reducing Holding Cost • Provide Decision Making Predictive Analytical solutions using both Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. • Provide complete solutions for Internal Audits and Retail Stock Audits. • In the Retail Stocks – They envision a day when all organizations would have Zero Shrinkage. • They provide reconciliation services and assist in reducing financial losses. VIJAY SAMPATHKUMAR Founder & CEO • Tailor to the customer requirements from almost every vertical such as FMCG, ITES, Insurance, Hospitality, Media, Manufacturing, Data Analytics, Education, Interior Design, E-Commerce, Micro Finance, Banking, etc.


Distinctive traits help the company to stay erect in the competitive entrepreneurial space, which helps it to move ahead. There are several factors which invoke the company to be ahead in the route. • They listen to customer challenges in the real-time environment and are very practical in approach. • They offer simple-to-use consulting approach. • They do loads of pre-sale work and understand the situation better. • They customize their offerings as they understand the requirement of every customer is different. • They feel pride in faster turnaround time • They provide affordable tools, which are quick to implement where the yield showcased in a quicker time. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


To keep pace with the changing market trends, they are in constant touch with the customers on a daily basis. They listen consciously and understands the business challenges of the customer. They share the learnings and assist in optimizing the solutions.

right, they can achieve it. Vijay remarks, “Though I have never met or spoken to Mr. Mukesh Ambani – he would continue to be the role model and he can be sure that he has played his part in making ArBhar Consulting part of Big5 League.”



To ensure the robust trust of the client over the company is extremely indispensable for the long run. ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has a proficient team, which is quite passionate about what they do and they go beyond the extra mile to deliver to customers. Secondly, they keep the communication with the clients clear and live, which means they never leave the client in a state of ambiguity. Thirdly, they have been able to deliver what they promised so far to the customers and they have always delivered, hence the customers are able to call them back to give new businesses. Fourthly, they do not live in the clouds of assumption- they believe in clarifying with the customers.

They started off as a one-man company, today they are close to ~30 inclusive of their contract employees – and more importantly senior industry leaders are showing interest in joining ArBhar Consulting – to the entrepreneur, it’s a major milestone. The Company has successfully won the trust of large corporates and continued to receive new opportunities from existing customers, which is a certificate of their delivery capabilities.


They opt for an aggressive growth path and are working towards partnering with a large global bank as a Fintech partner.


To keep the employees content and happy is the need of the hour, and this is the topmost priority of ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd. They employ a team, which is quite passionate and enthusiastic towards the collective mission of the company, and each of the employees is striving hard towards it. The maestro, Vijay Sampathkumar says, “We don’t go and look around for ‘Perfect’; we identify people with vision and mission and check if they synchronize with ArBhar Consulting mission/vision and then hire them.” What gives them satisfaction is the work they do and the challenges they solve to assist customers on a day to day basis, give them the responsibility and assist in driving that to delivery is the key.

Parallelly, they are also working with a large Legal compliance software company as their exclusive Business Intelligence tool partner. They have Launched ‘Shunya’ – The vision towards providing Zero Shrinkage to retail customers, which is not just a huge market but a clear focus on assisting organizations to increase margin and reduce cost. They are also looking for setting up operations in South East Asia and the Middle East in the next 18 months. Vijay Sampathkumar has a message to share with the readers of Business Connect.


There are quite a few individuals who have started and will continue to start in the management consulting – but other than ‘Digitization’, there are not many transformations in this field. Those organizations are point focused on a specific solution are vertical. ArBhar Consulting is working towards turning that perception, and they want to revolutionize that perspective and are offering solutions across all verticals.


The connoisseur walks in the footsteps of business tycoon Mr. Mukesh Ambani. He has been and will continue to be a role model for Vijay Sampathkumar. He says, “His vision of having India Corporate on the world map and his big thinking has always been looked in awe by me.” If ArBhar Consulting has a vision that they can be a part of the Big5 League, somewhere deep inside the confidence is given by Mr. Mukesh Ambani that an Indian and Indian Company can think big and if the path and process are

INDRANIL DASGUPTA Engagement Director - BFSI 41 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

BCM Review

Some people say leadership is the art of managing employees for good. Some say leadership is a science and technical way of handling employees. There were a lot of books and materials written on the topic and a lot of approaches discussed. But actual leadership begins with a true CEO and in this blog, we will discuss the best CEOs of India. Currently, many Indians have taken over the thrown of major international companies as CEOs. This episode clearly shows that the Indians are not only capable of building great companies and empires that are competing at the International level, but also they are best leaders at the forefront of multi-national corporations. Moreover, our topic suggests that a ‘Daring CEO’ is someone who not only has the necessary degrees to define his worth, but also he has the perfect mixture of insight, judgment, and strength of better character that no institution or school can teach. This only comes with experience and strong leadership qualities. Here are a few examples of Top CEOs in India who are colossal business prodigy:SUNDAR PICHAI Sundararajan Pichai or better known as Sundar Pichai who belongs to Tamil Nadu is the CEO of Google. He was the best -known face and people of every town literally talk about him. He was the best-known CEO of Google Inc. Sundar Pichai was the Product in Chief at Google lately and the Right-Hand man behind the founder of Google Larry Page. Sundar earned his degree in metallurgical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. He joined Google in the year 2004 and steer product management and innovation for its tech giant’s client | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


software products. These products include Google Chrome, Chrome OS, and all the development of Gmail and Google Maps.

He was the only Indian to feature among the top 50 CEOs, in the same place where other prodigious leagues like Steve Jobs of Apple, Yun Jong-Yong of Samsung Electronics, lies.

In the year 2008; Google launched its first yet world’s best browser under the guidance of Best CEOs Leadership – Google Chrome. Due to such new innovations and never stopping path of becoming the top CEO of India, Sunder follows immense success and it was obvious that he became an overnight sensation. He became the Most well-known CEO by google itself and gained the respect of the whole world.

NATARAJAN CHANDRASEKARAN Born to a farmer family in 1963 in Tamil Nadu, Mr. Natarajan Chandrasekaran who is popularly called Chandra had never applied for any job. He obtained a Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences from the Coimbatore Institute of Technology, and then he completed his Master’s in Computer Applications.

SATYA NADELLA Satya Nadella, the best CEO of Microsoft! He resides from Hyderabad and has been incorporative with Microsoft Corporation for over 22 years. He was first appointed as CEO on February 4, 2014.

The 53-year-old Chandra joined Tata Consultancy Services TCS in 1987 and arose as the CEO in 2009. Today, Tata Consultancy Services is the most successful Indian IT company in India with emerging CEOs like Chandra. He became the youngest Tata Group CEO in India.

With a salary package of $1.2 million, currently, he has been creating a buzz all over the tech world. Media like Silicon Valley and the Indian media regarded him as the Top Most CEO of India. Nadella succeeded Steve Ballmer, who was the former CEO of Microsoft. He elevated the position from Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group. It is a position in which Nadella was in charge of building and running the entire company’s Computing Platforms such as Developer Tools and all the Cloud Computing Services.

SHANTANU NARAYEN Shantanu Narayen is currently regarded as president and chief executive officer of Adobe. He joined Adobe company in January 1998 as its Vice President and General Manager. In the year1999 January, he got promotion as a Senior Vice President, Worldwide Products. Afterward, his success journey is in a good run and in March 2001 he was promoted to Executive Vice President, Worldwide Product Marketing and Development. In January 2005, Narayen was promoted as a President and Chief Operating Officer, of Adobe. In December 2007, he was appointed CEO and joined our Board of Directors in Adobe.

MUKESH AMBANI Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, the face of new emerging India, has been ranked among the top five bestperforming CEOs in the world by the very prestigious Harvard Business Review magazine listing.

Prior to joining Adobe, he began his career with Apple Inc. Shantanu also served as a director for Silicon Graphics in desktop and collaboration products. He is also a cofounder of a company named Pictra Inc. Such CEOs like him are very prestigious leaders who are so engrossed in their respective fields. This episode is very motivating from his story as it is a blessing to learn from him through his work.

Mukesh Ambani is India’s best CEO, who is managing director and chairman of Reliance Industries which has earned the reputation of being one of the largest privatesector enterprises in India for decades. A Fortune example of leading 500 companies, and one of the largest private-sector businesses in the world.

43 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Consocia Advisory PR and Reputation Management, Public Affairs and Sustainability & CSR

CONSOCIA ADVISORY Helping Organisations Build Stakeholder Engagement And Protect Reputational Risk Avishek Singh | Business Connect


eputation is the most valued asset of an organization. Enterprises are increasingly being scrutinised by employees, investors, consumers and the media along ethical lines, in addition to the traditional metrics of prestige (brand equity), stability and profitability. Consocia Advisory, a new-age consultancy, helps enterprises present their best foot forward to their clients, and facilitates their journey towards growth and progression. Consocia specializes in building, protecting and enhancing the reputation of organizations. They enable their clients to engage with a diverse set of stakeholders, leveraging a unique in-depth understanding of the complex socio-politicaleconomic landscape of the country. Founded on 20th April 2017, Consocia Advisory Pvt Ltd has fast emerged as the consultancy of choice for firms in India. The Advisory’s brand logo and identity represent a source of energy for its clients to help them drive to a higher purpose and impact for their business. The disjointed lines of various lengths in their logo represent scattered ideas in a VUCA world. Consocia takes pride is being able to joins these lines which stands for holistic strategic solutions to the clients. The red dot at the centre of the logo symbolises the energy and passion of Consocia, as well as the 360-degree engagement of the firm. An Advisory earning and shaping Trust Consocia Advisory offers services across three practice

DR. PRAVEEN AGGARWAL | Co-Founder and Director areas of Reputation Management, Public Affairs, CSR & Sustainability. The company’s clientele includes start-ups and VCs, small & medium enterprises, large Indian enterprises, global companies and firms from the development sector, foundations & NGOs. Sectoral spread include the Food & Beverage sector, Venture Capitalists, Artificial Intelligence & IoT, FinTech, FoodTech, SportsTech, DefenceTech, Electronics & IT, Media, Development sector and Drugs & Pharmaceuticals. The team specializes in building, protecting and enhancing the reputation of organizations by providing 360 degree solutions. As part of public affairs, they enable impactful engagement of the client with a diverse | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


DEEPAK JOLLY | Founder and Director

set of stakeholders, leveraging their unique in-depth understanding of the complex socio-political-economic landscape and also partnering with corporate firms in their journeys from CSR to sustainability, based on their rich diversified experience in business and strategy. Consocia supports start-ups in enhancing their brands value and corporate reputation by tapping into new investments, and helps large corporations with 360 degree strategic advisory building and protecting brand and corporate reputation. They assist SMEs to scale up through overall reputation management, integrated PR, and communications. As part of CSR & sustainability and public affairs, they partner for sustainable growth

and stakeholder engagement across media, government, and NGOs, as well as enable the social sector to extend their outreach, deepen the impact and scale up through their services. Consocia means Partner The company has an Integrated Approach, where they integrate reputation management, public affairs, and sustainability/ CSR for core building and social license strengthening. Their 360° Stakeholder Engagement makes them unique too, where they engage the stakeholders through a strong network and indepth research. They also integrate media programs across traditional engagement channels, media, and online presence. As partners to the clients, they are quick to anticipate issues and prevent crisis from occurring and if they do happen, they prevent the negative consequences to every possible extent. They check and measure their shortterm achievements and gauge their potential long-term effects. The team is passionate about making Consocia the #1 consultancy, they are passionate about surpassing client expectations and they are passionate about thriving on the successes of each other. They are quick to spot changes and make pivots and/or change course and for them, boxes and lines are less important, action matters. They up skill and prepare; guided by knowledge and deep understanding of clients’ issues. An unrelenting team spirit guides their actions everyday, they are partners and believe in value creation in collaboration with clients and all stakeholders and they follow an inclusive and participatory approach; they respect the power of diversity & inclusion. The company thrives on the power of networks, they foster and nurture great relationships and leverage them at all times and build long-term, meaningful connections. They value the ability to honour all commitments to clients and stakeholders, and take pride and ownership in their

deliverables. The team learns from their mistakes and course-corrects on priority. Assimilating learning from the external environment, filtering through VUCA prism and presenting strategic guidance to the clients, Consocia takes pride in taking an outsider/ neutral perspective and being able to show the real picture, while advising as a close insider. They develop standard practices that are way ahead of their peers. Along the three business pillars of Consocia, Research and knowledge insights plays a key role in complementing the business development and project management team from pitch through project development to delivery. Within Public Advocacy, research helps in mining data and information to support a case in point and create intensity around advocacy of a client’s project. In CSR & sustainability, Business development and data mining for effective targeting in cause based projects is undertaken by research. Under Reputation Management, research and insights help in background intelligence and information screening for deep understanding of client requirements above and beyond the scope, along with identifying additional areas of support within the mandate. Consocia’s Research and Knowledge Insights team develops in-house research data and information for purposes spanning data analysis, information gathering and background intelligence to enable informed business development support and robust decision making in projects, along with identifying avenues for value addition to the core mandate. Illustrations of deep data mining for developing a database to provide solid and verified data driven narratives to enhance case building and ensuring registration of gravity among stakeholders on a prevalent issue in a central and state govt. liaising project is testimony to the impact of research in project success. 47

At Consocia, technology is leveraged for effective utilization of time with focus on process efficiency and effectiveness. Optimal utilization of available technological resources to maximise productivity and delivery quality ensures stepwise and overall project success. Some of the major tools that are effectively utilized include G Suite, Google Shared drives for data management, GBD Database, Zoom video conference call subscription, Clockify to manage and track project time and spent man-hours. Already A Force To Reckon With Consocia’s long term goal is to be amongst the five most reputed advisories in the country, and in the shorter term they want to achieve at least 50% Year on Year growth for the next 3-4 years. They believe this vision will be possible with the help of a winning team which grows and works together in the journey to the top. Apart from giving their best to their clients, Consocia Advisory also strives to give back to the society. Some of the campaigns that Consocia has supported to create a more responsible society include large mass media campaigns on responsible road behaviour and responsible drinking. With over 10% Indians suffer from respiratory diseases, the team took on a very important mandate to foster dialogue and interventions for Asthma and COPD across several States in the country. They worked to determine how to bring a shift in government policies to help those patients. Currently the company is working in aiding the burden of disease on hearing impairment, which affects over 21% Indians.

Consocia Advisory is poised to emerge as the next North Star in the reputation management consultancy space in India with its proprietary tools, gold standard processes and a worldclass team which is passionate in doing what is right and doing what is the best. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Offer Best Placement Opportunities In The Domain Of Human Resource Rashi Saral | Business Connect

Offering best-fit to the organizations with great competency and prowess in their domains, Excel Placement Services has put all their incredible efforts in providing suitable job opportunities, especially in the domain of Human Resource. It has rendered a giant contribution and is a phenomenal service provider to a multitude of job-seekers. Rajeet Singh Bagga of 39 years is a Managing Partner in EXCEL PLACEMENT SERVICES. Excel Placement Services is an ever-renewing company, capitalizing on new and expanded opportunities individually and corporately, adjusting rapidly to changes and challenges in the marketplace, and delivering enduring results for their clients. Since its inception in 2009, Excel Placement Services has always been at the heart of human resource legal and statutory process adherence domain as an unequivocal leader in providing impeccable HUMAN RESOURCE functions to raise industry leaders. The sole intention, vision and impulsion of entire rock solid team under the aegis of Mr. Rajeet Singh Bagga has anchored Excel Placement Services’ presence firmly as India’s leading staffing solutions provider with a range of services for its partners across all industry verticals operating from all major countries around the world. Rajeet Singh Bagga, a veteran, exudes great efforts for creating a formidable image of the Company. He has achieved a lot in terms of clients, projects and also established a strong robust and efficient team.

RAJEET SINGH BAGGA Managing Partner | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

The clients trust the organization and seek advice and market data for important decisions like compensation structure, ideal cities/locations to set up their operations based on the availability of talent or conduct recruitment drives. 48

People of Excel Placement Services work immensely hard to earn the trust of their customers.

TRENDS AND TOOLS TO SHAPE HR DEPARTMENT An employee’s career may last upto 30 to 40 years. However, taking into account - the speed of technological change, how can we prepare ourselves for what is likely to happen in the coming decades? The solution is continuous learning. We can no longer content ourselves with going to university and shape our career on what we have learnt during those years; our career has become a journey of continuous learning.

“We believe in the power of teamwork. We believe that with hard work and passion, anything is possible. We strive for excellence and integrity in everything we do, we believe in what we offer and we believe in our purpose.” Rajeet Singh Bagga The list of the clientele includes Applus Velosi, Goltens, Drydocks World Dubai, Special Technical Services, Gracko Group, Saipem, Lamprell, Al Shirawi Group, Oasis Investments, Megarme, Darwish, Petrofac, N-DSQ, Technomak, Albwardy Marine, Goltens, Sea Works, Hydraforce Group, Seacorr Industrial Services.

To equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge, Company’s Training Department and Development Managers are developing more flexible and curated learning models, which can be used in real time. Companies’ Learning Management Systems (LMS) are being adapted to this revolution by incorporating videos, mobile content, micro-learning, gamification techniques and game-based learning.

The moment in which the company gets a mandate, profile or open position from a client, it narrows the entire focus to understand the relation between the client and the specification received pertaining to which head hunting begins.

From selection, screening, training up to full contract support, they supply the client’s specific requirement.

CHALLENGES OF HR INDUSTRY WITH OPTIMUM SOLUTIONS The greatest challenge is to make employees adaptable with the market changes which are one of the most recurring obstacles faced by HR professionals. Human resources are tasked not only with managing employee morale, happiness, and cooperation through change but also with honing skills of the employees to meet the changing needs of the business.

Rajeet Singh Bagga merrily says, “We are your HR partner for life. We are totally committed to a culture of excellence and unwaveringly focused on maximum customer satisfaction. We feel proud to inform you that our business has been appreciated and this has supported us to win awards. The appreciations and awards we received encouraged us and this encouragement enables us to keep the continuous growth going on.”

There is no particularly one solution to the leading problem. But an effort to communicate frequently and transparently before, during, and after times of change is a good place to start. Also, it is good to provide fair warning of changes to come and equip staff with the competencies they’ll need to deal with change.

FEATHERS IN THE CAP It’s no longer just how much data you have in your pocket, it’s about how you exercise the data to match the right candidate to the right job. Diversely, this openness has magnetized competition, not just from the existing leaders but from the fresh companies entering the market with just a phone and internet connection without understanding clients business and the critical role of the HR consulting company. These new entrants have disrupted the human element of finding the perfect fit for the perfect job.

Additionally, by providing training on the hard and soft skills they’ll need to cope with the change, employees will feel more secure and capable, and be more likely to embrace change.

FURURE PROSPECTS TO THRIVE FOR The current scenario shows that management consulting firms ought to face a lot of diverse challenges. The need for developing new clients, finding and keeping quality people and continuously keep on innovating are some of the challenges, which are the key concerns of today’s management consulting firms.

THE INCREDIBLE TEAM Responsibility towards their clients is one of the greatest valves, and people at EXCEL PLACEMENT SERVICES do everything to ensure that the customers derive maximum benefits from their solutions. Operating from its office in Hyderabad, the firm houses a robust team of professionally qualified and trained consultants, who bring rich expertise with them to deliver result driven performance and continually strive to achieve excellence in services. The firm has obtained an ISO 9001-2008 certification to assure delivery of the highest standards of service to its clients.

The Managing Partner with immense delight says, “From selection, screening, training up to full contract support, we supply to clients their specific requirements. We are your HR partner for life. We are totally committed to a culture of excellence and unwaveringly focused on maximum customer satisfaction. We feel proud to inform you that our business has been appreciated and this has supported us to win awards. The appreciations and awards we received have encouraged us and this encouragement enables us to keep going.”

Rajeet Singh Bagga states, “We are making our contribution being felt and recognized and admired for the past 10 years in the Middle East South African and Central Asian Regions. Different types of white collar and blue collar placements are offered.” 49 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

THE LEGALTECH JUSTICE AND PREMIER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CONSULTANCY Kapil Mishra | Business Connect In every society some men are born to rule, and some to advice. However, numerous intellectual property consultancy and legal advisory firm and technical solutions companies are facing the challenge of a steadily growing number of projects in an increasingly complex environment. Hereby, the Most Innovative consultancy GOPAKUMAR NAIR ASSOCIATES strive for all the challenges and become an onshore consultant of the year under the leadership of cordial leader DR. GOPAKUMAR G. NAIR, the MANAGING PARTNER and CEO. Gopakumar Nair Associates was founded by Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair in 2002. Dr. Nair was CMD of M/s. Bombay Drugs & Pharmas Ltd. and Honorary Chairman & Director of M/s. BDH Industries Ltd. He was also the Dean of IIPS (Institute of Intellectual Property Studies), Hyderabad as well as Past President of IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association). Having been associated with numerous organizations, he has traveled all over the world on behalf of the Government’s Export Promotion Agencies, Industry Associations, and Chambers of Commerce. This exposed him to various World Trade development organizations such as GATT, ILO, WTO, TRIPs, Uruguay round, Doha round and many global protocols such as Madrid Protocol and Montreal Protocol. Exposure to these rounds and protocols enabled him to closely monitor the potential impact of Uruguay Round, WTO, TRIPs and other treaties on the small-medium industry. Formally it is renowned under the patent name of GNANLEX ASSOCIATES LLP.

consequently became an independent IP practitioner, advisor, and consultant. Over the years there have been fast developments in the fields of IP (Intellectual Property) Laws, Technology trends, R&D and innovation. In the transition to the new millennium, Dr.Nair observed that India and Indian industry, as well as academic researchers, needed better exposure to the new Intellectual Property regime emerging post-WTO/TRIPs. Mastering the new IP regime could take India to global leadership in innovation in fields like pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as IT and Biotechnology. With this goal and zeal Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair, set up Gopakumar Nair Associates (GNAs) group, he is the Founder and CEO of GNAs.

THE STORY OF KEY OFFICIAL Dr. Nair took a Diploma in Patent Law and Practice from IIPS (Institute of Intellectual Property Studies) now under NMIMS, Vile Parle. Dr. Nair had already obtained his Ph.D. from National Chemical Laboratory, Pune (Pune University) in 1966 and post-doctoral at IIT, Powai before joining Pharmaceutical Industry in 1968.

OH-SO SERVICES THEY PROVIDE Every good company wants to provide excellent customer services, but it is not always easy to balance that with other business needs and goals.

After acquiring new legal skills (LLB from Mumbai University) combined with pre-existing technology skills, he | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Having nearly 40 years of experience in the pharma industry, a few Indian pharma stalwarts and CEOs approached Dr.Nair seeking his services in Patent Law related areas. The area of determining patentability criteria based on prior art searches leading to the filing of patent applications and prosecuting them was the beginning.

but also provide personal attention and prompt services. They let their clients realize from their experience of working with GNAs that they are different from the perceived description of “Consultants” generally. They work as their extended arm with loyalty, confidentiality, and team spirit. By providing time-bound and nearly 100% successful services and by meticulously providing responses with commitment and perfection, they have gained the confidence and loyalty of their clients over the years.

Post-2005, with full-fledged product patent regime, patent-related litigations under the new Indian Patent regime, provided the right platform for Dr.Nair to take up IP services through M/s. Gopakumar Nair Associates. Patent related services were later strengthened and extended to Trademarks, Design, and Copyrights when his longtime associate Mr. Sajeevkumar Nair became Legal Associate after LLB.

STRUGGLE IS ABSURD ‘Struggle’ is a word not in their dictionary. Opportunities come with challenges. Fortunately, for them, the challenges were few and opportunities are more. Their entrepreneurial journey has been, so far, smooth, enjoyable and satisfying.

Pre and Post-grant Oppositions, as well as for revocations, became an integral part of their services. Research and documentation support for litigations in High Courts and Supreme Court, as well as drafting of contracts and agreements, became active service areas for GNAs over the years. As a dedicated consultant, they have been retained as IP Adviser and resource persons by many Indian Corporates and research institutes.

“Struggles are just as addictive as life so when you find yourself on that balance scale tilting towards one than the other, you’ll feel the withdrawal symptoms like you’ve been getting too little of one.” R&D FOR GNAs Research and Development is not only the source of their daily ‘bread and butter’, but also the breeding ground for “innovation”, which sprouts with spreading light from “ideas” and “creativity”. Their entire operations are based on emerging IP (Intellectual Property) generation, protection, maintenance, defense, enforcement and wherever needed work-around solutions. Their growth is fuelled by innovation and IP generation and protection by registrations through the IP office in India and overseas.

TYPE OF CLIENTS SERVE They have served and are serving the IP needs of many clients in India and overseas. Their initial clients were all from Pharma Industry, especially because of the long association of Dr. Nair with Indian Pharma Industry and associations as well as export promotion councils (Chemexcil and Pharmexcil). Their existing clients were IPCA and CIPLA. Many other clients such as USV, Strides, FDC, Ind-Swift, Calyx, BDR, Indoco, Fourrts and many more are worth mentioning.

LIFE OF DR. GOPAKUMAR G. NAIR AS A BEST CONSULTANT His entire team normally works on a 10.00 am to 06.00 pm schedule, of course with exceptions. Client visits are normal. While about 60 to 70% of their clients come to their office for discussions, it is often that they need to visit the clients, even outstation.

Over the years, their services spread to many other fields such as automobiles, textiles, engineering, biotechnology, energy, environmental, software, electronics, polymers, agrochemicals, fisheries, and others. UNIQUENESS OF BUSINESS They are recognized for their passion and commitment to client services. Their clients promote them through recommendations to others. They are extremely ethical and protect the clients’ confidentiality and expectations from them as well as the deadlines promptly and meticulously. Their productivity and pursuit of an early grant of patents, trademarks, designs, and other IPs have spread their reputation in the community.

Weekends are for the pursuit of hobbies and relaxation, which varies from associate to associate based on their personal preferences. He loves to visit and travel the locations and persons. Being President of Bharat Education Society, Kurla, and founder of Patent Gurukul and CIPROM (Centre for Intellectual Property Management), his hands are full even on normal weekends. GOALS ACHIEVEMENTS AND MILLSTONES They have provided IP (Patent, TM, Design, and Copyright) protection to hundreds of clients in India and overseas. They are on retainer-ship with many distinguished industries and institutions. Providing and continuing to provide IP services to their clients in the short term as well as long term goals. They also associate extensively with start-ups and academic inventors. Hereby they work with grass-root innovators.

Their success rates in prosecutions, pre-grant oppositions, and other proceedings are well-known to be close to 100%. ETHICAL VALUES AS CONSULTANT AND FAITH OF CLIENTS They follow not only the fiduciary responsibilities and commitments to their clients in professional services, 51 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

BCM Review


Cs behind Admirable

The real leadership is derived from the roots of sportsmanship. Our sports history is full of stories of underdogs rising to the occasion. Remember how Greece beat heavy favorites Portugal in the UEFA EURO final in 2004? Rewind even further in sports then you’ll recall the ‘Miracle on Ice’ by the U.S. men’s hockey team, in winning gold at the 1980 Winter Olympics. This all undergoes from history, these teams manage to achieve the impossible. However in the arena of the business world, we always think about a common question that suggests, how do certain entrepreneurs build unicorn start-ups from scratch? The answer lies in Good leadership. We will discuss the success by three Cs for leadership with all-star players to let you know about how Leadership led the foundation of the best business. You need a team of versatile talent and great leadership to tie it all together and steer the business team to success.

Connoisseur, a balanced leadership style takes practice on an individual level, but organizations need to learn, too. This means be an expert of all matters related to your business, Practice creates consistency and consistency gets you results to be a better connoisseur. Leadership development is a very essential part of many big and small businesses. But what is the real practice of development? Real practice on leadership development is about to expand a person’s ability to perform as a leader. It is all about teaching a person about leadership and the skills and qualities required to be an effective leader. Therefore, the basic focus is on essential leadership skills and tasks such as the ability to communicate motivate and inspire yourself then others in your organization. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Confidence is the key basis in which leadership will grow and stand. The real leader should concentrate on the most basic ingredient for their leadership that is “Confidence�. A business leader is someone who is expected to deliver accurate and make decisions very confidently in the organization. Confidence is very important which is driving forces in the business arena. Confidence is the mainspring of leadership. The role of a leader is to be an effective problem solver, more decisive in organizational matters, and better communication is also important in confidence. He/she should know how to coach a team with confidence, mentor and hold their team members accountable, and many other fundamentals of leadership. Hereby, accept all this; a leader must be first believing in them, true leadership will exist only in title. A leader that is technically and officially qualified for their position, but lacks the confidence, will find it always difficult to lead others. Therefore, confidence is a key point in leadership.

Cooperative nature in strategic Leadership is defined as the ability to think and anticipate the future to maintain flexibility and work with others. The cooperative leader for any company always provides the right direction and facilitates changes that will create a viable future for the organization and he is consistent with cooperative principles. Being a cooperative leader for your organization will accomplish two essentials of leadership: It facilitates the direction-setting right goals and then moving toward that direction. To successfully act as Cooperative Leaders, they need a practical and robust approach. Leaders can make the corporate workplace more welcoming by working together with team and management. The cooperation needs a better understanding of both sides and leads to foster cooperation between employees and management. It also reduces the problems that can affect to leave the employees dissatisfied or when they are eager to quit their jobs. Cooperation also denotes the taking turns and helping each other out within the team. The two main key ingredients to get along in this world are sharing and taking turns. An effective leader takes time to take turns, but they work like taking care of each aspect of business. 53 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

GreenPenn Outsourcing Business Advisory Business Outsourcing Consultants

CONSULTANCY AT ITS BEST WITH GREENPENN Yashika Sabharwal | Business Connect Every entrepreneurial platform needs support with outsourcing, management and gaining contracts. With its diverse field of action, GreenPenn has become one of the most in-demand outsourcing consultants for various start-ups and corporate in India and abroad. GreenPenn is involved in Sourcing projects for Contact Centers, ITeS Establishments and Software development organization. COMPANY OVERVIEW GreenPenn is a Business Outsourcing Consultancy company, engaged in sourcing projects for Contact Centers, ITeS Establishments, and Software development organizations. The core competency of GreenPenn is to provide consulting services to start-up companies by performing Idea Feasibility Checks, Project Planning, Project Implementation, Transitioning, Operational Structure Designing, MIS Designing, Management Development Programs, and Internal Business Development Programs. GreenPenn is a leading outsourcing company in India. They outsource different types of domestic and international projects to the contact centers and start-up BPOs as well. They provide support and complete marketing services and solutions to start-up companies. Their services also include Coaching and Consulting Project Outsourcing and Tool Management Recruitment Processing and Trainings Media, Promotions and Advertising.

NEERAJ GOEL ( Group CEO ) work for: small businesses, SME and enterprises. They have a network of around 5000+ contact centers along with clients from US, Canada, UK and Europe. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

GreenPenn also provides Authorized Consulting Partner (ACP) Opportunity, where it can help cash good business networks with projects, leads and support to close deals. It also helps rescue startups and mid-size contact centers stuck in “what to do” situations. Founded in true entrepreneurial spirit in 2015, GreenPenn has grown from its Pune roots into a worldwide group of companies with approximately 200 contracts and full time employees.

GreenPenn’s core business values include integrity, transparency, entrepreneurship, accountability, collaboration, perseverance and caring, which make them unique. They have an uncommon business model which helps contact centers as well as clients together. GreenPenn has internal and external clients. They create a bridge of delivery between contact center and clients.

The team works with contact centers and BPOs all over the world. It works with different sorts of clients from India and abroad. There are three levels of clients they | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


The team has demonstrated its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and has aimed to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. It is an ISO certified company, and has been provided secured payment gateway with more than 60 live centers working with them.

Establishments and Software development organization. Their core competency is to provide consulting services to startup companies by doing Idea feasibility checks, project planning, project implementation, transitioning, operational structure designing, MIS designing, Management development programs, Internal business development programs. GreenPenn demonstrated its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements of ISO 9001:2015, and aimed to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

GreenPenn conscientiously involves itself in CSR. Recently the company organized a social activity with the name “Helping Hands” where they collected spare stuff and distributed it to the needy in the city. They have a very active CSR team that constantly works towards the idea of giving society something back.

VISION AND VALUES The business ethics and values GreenPenn upholds are based on trust and transparency. Respect and concern are two necessarily different forms of behavior in the organization. The team is genuinely concerned about their clients and customers, and thus is able to create strong and long-lasting relationships with them. No ethical behavior can be promoted without trust.

They have achieved a remarkable name and position in the outsourcing field. They started from zero and now own multiple offices, have been awarded as the Best Consultant of the Year, 2018 by Silicon India, INDIA BEST 5000 MSME Award, 2017 by Benchmark Trust, and many more. They are growing rapidly and aim to spread worldwide to serve the best consultancy services. Successful businesses offer solutions to problems that people are facing in the form of products or services. To solve a problem, an entrepreneur needs to think of creative approaches to the issues around them.

Their main aim is long-term sustainable success, which can be fulfilled with honest services that they provide. Talent management is a transparent and objective process — everyone gets a fair share and the appreciation they deserve.

“ By trying to appeal to everyone, left, right and centre, you will dilute your message and could end up with a complex, bloated product. ”

GreenPenn core business values include integrity, transparency, entrepreneurship, accountability, collaboration, perseverance and caring. • They have advertising truthfulness and fairness in pricing and distribution of the services. • They are honest, ethical and treat others with fairness, dignity and respect. • They are clear about their intentions and communicate openly. • They work together, share ideas and recognize the contribution of others. • They care about their customers, their employees, their families, their communities and the environment. • They make good decisions, take personal ownership of tasks, are responsible for their actions and deliver on their commitments. • They are creative, innovative and take a measured approach to opportunities, balanced with a longterm perspective. • They persevere in the face of adversity with courage, a positive attitude and a fierce determination to succeed.


Usually, first-time start-ups focus on many things at the same time. This can lead to devastating consequences. Many start-ups try to market the message to the widest target audience without realizing that the exercise is counterproductive. With more than 20 offshore client portfolios that are looking to outsource their services, GreenPenn helps them grow. GreenPenn is an exclusive partner for creating a 360 degree outsourcing solutions. They are the pioneer in India to identify the best suited contact center for client’s deliveries. As domains are no barrier to them, they have clients from Telecom, Finance, Banking, Human Resource, and Media. GreenPenn has a network of more than 5000 contact centers across the globe which is best suited for qualitative delivery of multiple campaigns of Lead Generation, Appointment Management, Pre Sales funnel management and End to End sales of products and services. Their award winning tools and process give a seamless experience to their clients and contact centers. GreenPenn’s strength is in its diversity. The company is engaged in Sourcing projects for Contact Centers, ITeS

GreenPenn Outsourcing is a one-stop-shop for all the answers and project management for clients all over the world. 55 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Invest Advise Wealth Management Ltd. Wealth Management and Consultancy Services

For Best Investment Advice: INVEST ADVISE

Vikas Jha | Business Connect When it comes to financial management, every major and minor enterprise needs a hand. All the factors that affect the financial ecosystem can keep fluctuating, and it gets near impossible to keep tabs on all of them without any external help. Wealth management and consultancy services cover the gap between a company’s financial situation and market fluctuations. They serve as a helping hand to maintain a company’s financial well-being. Invest Advise, a major player in the field, is such a consultancy firm, that devotes its resources to finding the best investment opportunities for its clients. Invest Advise is known for its professionalism and expertise in the field of Equity, mutual funds, taxation, financial planning and Real estate. They deliver on their promises to look after the financial needs of companies as well as individuals, and present highly suitable investment solutions for them.

COMPANY OVERVIEW Invest Advise is a premium wealth management consulting firm. It provides consultancy and advisory services in the areas of real estate, financial planning, tax planning and advisory, loans and mortgages. Guided by the credo of transparency and ethics, it intends to bring expertise and professionalism in the field of real estate. Invest Advise has a research wing, which does a thorough work on various aspects and parameters in the field of investment. These parameters are used to assess projects and products before presenting them to the clients. Established in 2012, Invest Advise is on its way to create new horizons of knowledge and professionalism in the area of wealth management solutions built on the foundations of trust. As a wealth management consultant, Invest Advise offers a variety of options in the areas of Real Estate, Financial Planning, Mutual Funds and Insurance, giving a diversified portfolio

Following are the some of the titles that Invest Advise has been recognized with: 1. Invest Advise Founder Mr. Sachin Gupta won “Young Achiever Award” by Franchise India and ET Now in Dec, 2015 2. It has been consecutively recognized as “Top 25 Most Promising Wealth Management firms of India” by Consultants Review magazine in June, 2016 and 2017. 3. Invest Advise was awarded “Most Innovative Broker of the Year 2016” by Franchise India and validated by ET Now 4. Invest Advise was listed in “25

Fastest Growing BFSI Companies in India”, Collated and validated by The CEO Magazine, September 2017 edition 5. Awarded as Top Performing Channel Partner by ATS for exemplory contribution of business in ATS Home Show, 2018 6. Awarded as Top Performing Company for Trump Towers Delhi NCR by Donald Trump Jr. on 22nd Feb 2018 7. Recognized as “Most Trusted Real Estate Consultant of UAE” in the Global Real estate and Business excellence awards by Khaleej Times and CNBC Dubai in 2019

to the clients to generate better ROI for their customers. The firm also offers legal advisory and tax planning, making them a one stop solution for the clients.

WHY INVEST ADVISE? Their understanding of the client’s financial needs is unparalleled and they address these needs with utmost sincerity. The firm has a belief that every client is unique and every plan they offer has to suit them accurately. The transparency they maintain in all their dealings makes their clients trust them and come back to them time and again. Their high client focus brings an edge to the services they offer. As per the company values, the client always comes first. Invest Advise has a customer centric and not product centric consultative approach, which

They offer customized solutions in the area of wealth management with the complete basket of all the financial products available in the market based on the risk appetite of the client. The clientele of Invest Advise includes Ultra HNIs, HNIs, NRIs and professionals in various fields in the domestic market. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


helps build a strong partnership with clients based on competence and trust. Partnering client through good and bad times and through all the stages in their lives is one of the unique aspects of Invest Advise’s financial management.

cation gaps reinforces the clients’ faith in the company. Their honesty and straightforward approach toward the stakeholders makes them trustworthy. Invest Advise strives to suggest only the best-suited products to their clients, strictly as per their needs.

Whether the client stays in India or abroad, Invest Advise offers them professional financial planning services with the help of skilled planners and makes it easy for them to go with the right option while planning their finances in India.

Every product that the firm offers to its clients goes through the vetting process of their expert panel. The confidence of the client grows when they see that the advice given to them has helped them in achieving their financial goals.

Invest Advise has a rich experience of ten years in Capital Markets & Investment Management. It also has an expertise in Investment Advisory and HNI relationship management. Their IT-enabled processes helped them design an ecosystem as per International standards and achieve the ISO certification.

The firm has their own platform, which is directly integrated with Bombay stock exchange so that the clients can seamlessly log in to their systems and make real-time investments. Invest Advise also uses technology solutions in Business Development and CRM.

THEIR VISION Under Founder and CEO Sachin Gupta, professionalism, transparency and ethics, along with honesty and integrity became foundation pillars of the company. Soon, Invest Advise was seen as “Channel Partner of Different League”. Sachin and his team created a place for the company solely on the basis of their zeal, passion, hard work & perseverance.

Invest Advise has also been awarded with 100+ awards within a span of 7 Years by various Developers, ET Now and many other prestigious forumsin India and middle east.

Invest Advise has a team of highly qualified and experienced financial planners who can assist clients in making smarter investments. The goal is to provide a proficient personal advisor who can help them get longterm financial comfort based on his unbiased recommendations.

He is responsible for providing the overall strategy for the company and implementing the same through the team. He ensures that the vision and mission of the company are established in the marketplace and help differentiate them among their competitors.

“ Work on an idea where the need has to

Their transparency with their clients and their efforts to leave no communi-

Invest Advise stands as one of the highly reputed consultancy firms in the wealth management sector, and its legacy has been to keep the clients satisfied and well-invested.

Invest Advise offers a robust financial planning tool for individuals and family. The primary aim of this offering is to assess an individual’s financial objectives and then allocate the investment amount across different asset classes depending on an individual’s risk appetite.

The firm has a long term and disciplined approach to investments. They have best in class services with an open architecture. Invest Advise has an unmatched flexibility with an independent structure.

be fulfilled and learn from the failures of those who have gone through the journey. Be honest in whatever you do. Sachin Gupta

work experience by giving them an opportunity to work abroad and hone their skills. A select few are absorbed by the company as well.

They also undertake CSR activities regularly in the domain of Education. According to their Founder Sachin, it is very important to give back to the society. Invest Advise wants to leave a good legacy behind and as an initiative, they adopt 15-20 students every year and give them hands-on training/ 57 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

BCM Review

Effective book reading is a key skill to study as an active reader. Many people enjoy book reading as a way to relax and enrich their minds with the power of knowledge. Best Reading is also an invincible and amazing skill to learn and develop to be successful in the professional world. There is another interesting fact about the eye movement of a reader is that. If you record the eye movement of someone reading, you will notice that, from time to time, the reader goes back and looks again at something he has read before. In other words he regresses to an earlier part of the text; probably he realizes he does not understand passage properly. Then the reader comes back to where he left off and continued reading. At one time, it was thought that regression was a fault, but it is intact a very necessary activity in efficient reading. Hereby, this is important to be efficient to be a good reader. If you want to be able to read books faster, the secret is simply to practice under timed conditions and serenity. This means that you should give yourself a certain amount of time to read with proper understanding, then check your time if you have finished. Here are the key rules and different strategies for reading books. Follow these easy steps to get on your way to be a perfect reader.


Do not to study books, while lying on a bed because it takes you to the kingdom of drowsiness and eventually to the realm of sleepiness while you study.

Using Google in between distracts your overall mental reading schedule. •

When you plan to study a book make sure to check its validity and acceptance by the scholar persons and read reviews and summaries to get motivation. It will enhance your inner will to read more efficiently.

It would be a great idea if you can maintain a daily routine to evenly distribute 5 minutes of your day to effective reading.

Use an alarm clock that makes you aware of the proper utilization of time.

Choose a topic that you are really interested in studying and your favorite author.

Switch off your phone along with other distracting devices to get rid of the annoying notifications and messages while reading.

Memorize only the points of a topic, not whole text and jot down the points on a notebook so that you can revise them off and on in future if you want.

Try to maintain an even sleep pattern that even affects your mental stability of reading anything (sleep and get up at the same time regularly) with a duration of 8 hours sleep. An adequate amount of sleep helps you concentrate on anything including reading.

Test your reading speed and time then compare the speed to the average readers’ speed. If you were a slow reader then start taking notes, it will enhance your will power it would take more time to complete your lesson. Luckily there are still a number of ways to improve reading speed.

If you are reading any novel or a book than try to start from the beginning not in between or from the back. Trust me; it will destroy all of your enthusiasm to read the entire book. For example, what if you knew that the hero of the Titanic movie would be dead before watching the movie? So try to do it in pattern.

When you are facing difficulties to grasp a topic, don’t skimp on taking help from Google, try to use a dictionary and manual help from your teachers.

Last but not least, make your reading fun, drink or eat some healthy food while reading; it will maintain your interest. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


59 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

The Brainchild of An Expert Dinesh Jotwani Dr. Amit Mishra | Business Connect tion (earlier called NBAI Foundation), and Business Software Alliance (BSA). • Dinesh is Honors Graduate in Economics–Delhi University (1991), a post-graduate in Information Technology & Software Development – NIIT (1992) and also holds a degree in law (LL.b) – Delhi University (1994). • Dinesh also holds two US Patents: 7831544 & 8380687 on e-discovery processes used in litigation/investigations and has authored a book ‘Interface between Competition Law and IPRs: A global perspective’, published by TILF (2012). • Dinesh regularly appears in the Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court. He argues on matters related to Corporate, IPR, Civil, Criminal, and Public Interest. SUMMARISING THE LAW FIRM’S PROFILE Jotwani Associates is a law firm that has two more partners who hold an indispensable position in the firm, and they are Ms. Harpreet Oberoi and Mr. Devashish Dutta.

Dinesh Jotwani |Founder Warren Bennis said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate Vision into Reality.”

Jotwani Associates is a law firm, which has 35 staffmembers that include lawyers, paralegals, and other staff members based out of Delhi. They practice in different areas mainly in Intellectual Property Rights, corporates, cyber laws, government relations, the Supreme Court of India, High courts, and District courts.

The above quote has been put into practice by an exemplar and efficient leader of the times- Dinesh Jotwani. He is a known name in the legal arena. With his expertise and intellect, he incepted the law firm name, Jotwani Associates nearly 2 decades ago. Business Connect Magazine is delighted to feature Dinesh Jotwani- the maestro in the upcoming edition, ‘The Leader behind an Admirable Law firm.’

Details of Services: Comprehending the Firm’s services, the following pointers cover the details: • Sixty percent of the Firm’s work is to deal with Intellectual Property Rights such as Patents Trademark Copyrights, Litigation, Enforcement of copyrights. • Secondly, Corporate Law- It includes supporting different kinds of entities in India, different filings, compliances they have, supporting Income Tax and GST Advisory, entities formations, and ROC compliances. • One of the fastest-growing areas is forming Government Relations. They help companies to strategize their policies according to government requirements.

GLANCE AT THE ENTREPRENEUR’S EXCURSION Dinesh Jotwani has nearly 25 years of enriching experience and deep understanding of policy, law, technology, litigation and government relations, especially in software, trade, IPRs, internet law, and Cyber Crimes. Some of his career highlights are: • Dinesh has been an in-house Counsel, Partner in Law Firms and has also been an Independent Consultant to several technology companies. Some of the noted names include, NCR Corporation, Techorneys LLP, Microsoft Corporation, Symantec, and Cisco. • He has also held executive positions in trade coalitions such as Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), The Indian Legal | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Talking about the clientele, the Legal Firm has served clients from Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, it has catered to the needs of Defence, Software, and E-commerce companies. For a multitude of the topmost brands they have worked and earned an indispensable trust of the clientele. 60

WHAT MAKES THEM AHEAD OF THE CURVE? The use of advanced and latest technology is the differentiating factor for the firm. Various tools and techniques at different stages help them to keep up the pace. The second factor which distinguishes them is their excellent relations with the Government. Nowadays, the clients are not necessary looking for the solution in a Court of Law, but they want the intervention of Government to seek justice and business growth. For this reason, the company has expert consultants in the legal arena; some of them are retired IAS officers and former heads of PSUs. KNOT OF TRUST In the present scenario, clients are quite cost-conscious and more importantly, they are looking for solutions in a short period, which ought to be cost-effective. It’s good to advise the clients with solutions rather than showing them more problems with the existing one. The entrepreneur says, “If a client comes with a problem and the legal firms are showing him or her the ten new problems then it won’t work. Our obligations are to offer the client the most effective and affordable solutions in a short duration.”

way, they can unleash their potential in the route of becoming exceptional global leaders. THE WORKFORCE Employees are the most integral parts of any organization. They are supported quite well by the Management in the Jotwani Associates. The workforce is appreciated by regular incentives and Employee Performance Awards. They encourage and provide the fullest support to the slow employees, and also they help the employees to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and encourage them to excel in their empowered areas.

Dinesh Jotwani and his team, with in-depth analysis, provide optimum and feasible solutions. In this way, the legal firm has created a symphony of incredible trust with it’s clients. MATCHING WITH THE MARKET TRENDS The foremost aspect which keeps them ahead in the market place is the heavy reliance on technology. Management of law firms, legal tasks, maintaining the customer-relations, etc. include the use of technical tools and platforms. The use of advanced technology in the legal domain increases the reach and also proves to be cost-effective.

CSR ACTIVITIES The firm is associated with a multitude of NGOs to benefit society in different ways. Currently, it is running an NGO that is The Indian Legal Foundation for young lawyers and students in Law Schools. It provides online training for Skill Development and education. Besides this, Jotwani Associates is associated with multiple programs related to the environment and women empowerment. They closely work with NGOs namely, PRAKRITI SPARSH and Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation (WIEF), where they advise people on Environment friendly ecosystem.

Jotwani Associates encourages a mix of people in the firm. The senior employees with the youngsters coming out from the Law schools form the indispensable team. “Young people are more technology-savvy, and they keep you ahead of the competition.” Dinesh Jotwani

Additionally, to uplift the educational standards of tribal areas, Jotwani Associates works with several foreign teachers to teach tribals and villegers the English Language and also guide them about several indispensable matters such as Women’s Rights, Women Empowerment, etc.

In this way, the reputed Jotwani Associates synchronize with the latest market trends. FUTURE FOR ENTREPRENEURS According to Dinesh, there is a great future lies ahead in front of the entrepreneurs. They ought to be consistent and persistent with their work and zeal. He advises that our future business leaders should not ignore the rural areas as the agrarian economy is growing and farmers and rural population is looking out for their problems to be solved, which are related to agriculture.

De facto, for living a harmonious and more balanced life, there should be a symphony between work and personal realms. Dinesh Jotwani has mastered it quite well and been an amazing family man. Talking about his like-to-do-activity, he loves to feed street dogs, and also takes care of their vaccination and health. He and his wife have adopted two street dogs and love to spend time with them.

Additionally, young entrepreneurs should study and get some experience before starting their ventures. In this 61 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

BCM Review

WAYS TO RELIEVE STRESS AND RELAX Mental illness and stress can have a variety of causes such as family problems, job problems, and disputes, financial difficulties, ill health, or even the demise loss of someone close to you. It is always important to identify the causes of stress and sometimes the stress is natural. One has to take some steps to deal with the root of the problem, and then only they can tackle the symptoms. Relax, take Pause and Breath. You deserve it, Relaxation is good for you, and this process takes less time than you think.

You never need a luxury spa or retreat dinners for relaxing. Each of our stress-relieving tips can get you from OMG to WOW in less than 15 minutes.

Try cumulative relaxation

Try self-hypnosis, which is a very simple relaxation technique and can be done anywhere, you can do it even at your desk or in the car. Another very simple example of this technique is to focus on a specific ‘word’ or ‘phrase’ that has a positive meaning to you. Cumulative Relaxation also includes normal exercise like – Start Relaxing all the way from fingers to toes (contract and relax) and then release each muscle group in the body. Start with the lower arm, upper arm, chest, back, abdominals, and the overall body. Once the whole body is relaxed, the mind will eventually relax soon. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Tobacco. Reduce and at least avoid the intake of alcoholic as well as tobacco products, your consumption of caffeine and nicotine products can make your mind dull according to researchers. Any drinks containing caffeine and alcohol is regarded as a stress booster. Caffeine and Tobacco are stimulants and so will increase your level of stress rather than reduce it. Alcoholic drinks are regarded as a depressant when it is taken in large quantities, it proves to be more stressful. Therefore, the usage of alcoholic drinks as a way to alleviate your stress is not very helpful. Swap caffeinated and alcoholic drinks with the drinking of water, herbal teas, and diluted natural fruit juices, which keeps you hydrated and enable your body to cope better with stress. It also benefits your body’s metabolism and skin tone.

Indulge in Physical Activity

Sometimes the targeted exercise goes a long way toward freeing your body of stress hormones and increasing your endorphin levels - responsible for feelings of happiness. Carve out your time during any busy day to indulge in exercise for both purposes - keeping your body healthy and as a result, it naturally burst out your stress. However, the stress in the modern lifestyle is quite rarely remedied by anything and so physical exercise can be useful as a surrogate treatment to metabolize the excessive stress from your hormones and restore your body stress level and mind to a calmer healthy life which is, more relaxed. When you feel stressed and tense with any situation of life, go for a healthy walk in the fresh air. Try to incorporate yourself with some physical activity into your daily routine on a regular basis. You can either plan it before or after work or after lunchtime simple walk. Regular physical activity such as gyming and yoga will also improve the quality of your sleep. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Get More Sleep

Lack of proper sleep is a very significant cause of stress during your coming day or at the office and anywhere. Unfortunately, the stress also interrupts your way of proper sleep so it is contradictory to sleep and stress. As oceans of thoughts keep pondering through our heads, it stops your mind to work or interrupt your relaxing time to fall asleep. Take a bubble bath or warm bath with some reading and calming, it will help you better sleep and eliminate the stress from your body. Also take a few minutes to relax your body, try to tire your eyes and mind that help you forget about the things that worry you during the day. One should also aim to go to bed at the same specific time each day so that your mind and body get used to it and it will be your predictable bedtime routine.

Light a Candle and write your journal

Using the essential oils every night or burning a scented candle may help you reduce your feelings and help you to be energetic in mood whenever you feel down. Some candles and their scents are especially soothing and made for stress relieving. Here are some of the most calming scents: • Lavender • Rose • Roman chamomile • Neroli • Sandalwood Using this kind of scents to treat your mood is accelerating and used to be called aromatherapy. Several research and studies show that aromatherapy can decrease anxiety and improve your sleep with minoring the stress.

Keeping a Stress Diary and journal may be the one best way to effectively relieve from the stress-related symptoms. The gratitude of keeping the journal best in a fancy diary and cute pens can really help you to put things in a better perspective. So pick your daily time and make your routine according to that every day, by writing down a few things that make you happy and results in stress to get out of you. To your Dear Diary, note down the date, time and place of each stressful episode as well as the happy phase. Afterward, note down what you were doing, who you were meeting with, and how you felt about yourself both physically and emotionally. Give every stressful time a stress rating and mark improvement. Use your diary to understand what is going through your life from past episodes and what triggers your stress. Try to find out how effective you are in stressful situations. This whole writing and soothing candles interlude will help you enable yourself more and avoid stressful mechanisms.

Apart from these five proven facts, there are some other general ways by which you can easily boost yourself over the stress:• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Snack on fruit and nuts Get yourself a dog Smile more to less stress Watch a Comedy movie or thing Think of Happy Memories… and Don’t Dwell on the Past Have a cup of tea Drink chamomile tea Massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol Walk in the woods Take a walk: Nature Regular vacations Get honest with yourself about your job and life Do an art project – Be creative Practice meditation and join some yoga Solve Crossword Puzzles to energize the mind Add Some Indoor Plants for positivity Express Yourself by Writing Join a religious community or go to religious temples weekly Spend Time with Friends and Family Chewing gum Engage in physical intimacy Dark Chocolate: a delicious stress reliever Aware mindfulness Fix your diet and supplementation Play video games of your choice Schedule time for emails. Music: Listen to Soothing Music Laugh Out Loud – Spread smiles Reduce the use of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs Talk to someone – Go out with friends Schedule time to recharge: proper sleep Write your stresses out on paper: Journal Indulge in some light reading- daily reading | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



Hussain Kalolwala|Founder & CEO Sugandh Bahl | Business Connect Communication is a fulcrum around which our day-to-day life swirls. Good communication is requisite for solving the complex problems or issues of human life. Stating its importance, Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

cretive than the already present players. The central objective of the Company is to simplify business communication and solve problems by moving from cluttered ideas to crystal clear facts and concepts. Their work covers a wide spectrum of specialised services that help them to create Stakeholder Communications, which include integrated reports, annual reports, sustainability reports, corporate presentations and more. K&A provides branding services in terms of identity design, corporate banding, and brochures. Additionally, they are doing exceptionally well in the digital arena. They offer services ranging from online reporting, corporate websites and films, mobile applications to Know your Report – an in-house software that helps companies to train on Integrated Report and prepare reports seamlessly.

In Business happenings, its role is considered pivotal, and it is crucially indispensable to take your business to the moon. KALOLWALA AND ASSOCIATES PRIVATE LIMITED (hereinafter referred as K&A) are ace Communication Consultants who with their flair communication skills help corporates to advance. The company was incorporated in the year 2015 as a two-member team with a vision to create value through communications. It is an independent Kolkata based corporate communication agency that aims to solve complex communication problems in the simplest and practical way.

ABOUT THE CLIENTELE A diverse clientele spreads across various industries as the company has served the clients of national repute as well as strong local players. The diversity helps them to hone their expertise to make it inclusive and adaptable. The list of the major clients includes Adani Enterprise Limited, Bharti

Despite being a newly formed entity, with recognised players already present, they managed to gain the trust of 20 corporates in the first year of inception. It gave them the conviction that they were doing something more | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Airtel Limited, Cipla Limited, Bajaj Electricals, Inox Group, CRISIL Limited, Bharti Infratel Limited, Dabur India Limited, Tata Communications Limited, HT Media Limited and HAL Limited, etc. Hussain Kalolwala, ensuring the faith of clients in them, says, “Our commitment to great and consistent work quality has been the primary force in ensuring our clients’ faith in us. We have an unbroken record of zero loss in clients due to poor work quality or service till date!’ They are specialised in delivering the investor centric communication that cuts across a wide stakeholder community. Their enriching experience in working across industries has made them well rounded at providing excellent and consistent service, which, in turn, has helped them to build their marquee client base and deliver quality content on print and digital platforms. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Excellence is a dynamic process – one that keeps going. And their R&D ensures that they do not become complacent at any point. Timely they work diligently to enhance the level of content and design in all their work across multiple communication collaterals. Right from a strong database of research reports to workshops and training for graphic designers – they put in serious effort at levelling-up the game. In 2019, K&A launched the first in-house web portal domain that helps to manage and streamline the entire Annual Report and Integrated Report activity for a client.

past and are determined to further strengthen this going forward. For us, it is not the size of the act but the thought behind it that counts. “ FUTURE PROSPECTS They aim to serve 100+ clients by next year, which would make them the fastest growing company in the industry. They also look forward to expanding their presence in two more cities in India.

The company creates a balance of the latest and relevant technologies with innovative and ever curious human minds. Hence, they employ the creative and intellectual minds and also work with advanced software that helps to create the perfect ground for bringing out a strategic and benchmarked report for all investors.

From the long-term perspective, they expect to emerge as the largest communication consultant in India and serve more clients globally.

STORY OF STRUGGLE Roadblocks on an excursion ought to be faced vigorously. They are your Gurus to show you light in the dark.

This year they opened their branch office in Mumbai, and are working for 75+ clients in just their fifth year of operations!

The duo- Hussain Kalolwala and Jumana Vadnagarwala started small in an office on Netaji Subhas Road in Kolkata with no team. They used to go out and get their work done by freelancers. In the beginning, they served around 20 clients working for 20 hours a day and putting in sweat and blood into ensuring great quality work. During this period of struggle, they gained confidence as well as the strength to expand. Initially, they hired freshers and trained them for their industry domain to build a solid team– brick by brick.

TIPS FOR THE ASPIRING BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURS The CEO says, “For the ones who’re still waiting for a sign or the ‘right moment’ to take the plunge: understand that there is no right time. That time is now. Start small, but start now. Yes, there will be challenges, hurdles and you will stumble a few times. But it’ll be your journey and you will learn to get back again on your feet and stride stronger. The entrepreneur’s of today have forgotten the ‘bottomline’ concept, and are focused on driving the topline with mounting losses to gain market share. We need to learn from the Tata’s, Birla’s, Ambani’s and Godrej tycoons, to build a profitable and sustainable business. That is where the 3Ps concept makes more sense – Profits, People and Planet. In the end, your business will be sustainable only if you are able to create value in whatever you do. A business that benefits your clients, employees, family and society will always thrive in the long run.”

IT IS NOT THE SIZE OF THE ACT BUT THE THOUGHT BEHIND IT THAT COUNTS Jumana Vadnagarwala, on social awareness, says “Social consciousness is a bigger part of the belief system. We help out individuals we come across who need any sort of assistance – financial or otherwise. We have been doing our bit over the recent 65 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

103D Animation

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ANIMATION STUDIO AND DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY Vikas Jha | Business Connect ANIMATION AS THE KEY TO SUCCESS “One picture equals a thousand words.” With 3D Animation, K P InfoTech is taking this proverb further. It is helping its clients paint a moving, communicating picture through animation. In this era of digitization, it has become vital for businesses to communicate their ideas as innovatively and effectively as possible. In the fields of Digital Branding, Architecture Design, Automobile Design, Machines, Plants and Processes especially, 3D Animation Walkthrough provides the clients with a detailed conception of the products and their workings, which was next to impossible in the earlier days. COMPANY OVERVIEW K P InfoTech, founded in the year 2000, has nearly two decades of experience in 3D Animation and Digital Marketing Services, and is based in Mumbai, India. Keeping a close eye on market trends, the company has diversified its business into three different verticals: i.e. Content Studio, Digital Media Agency and Skill Development Centre. K P InfoTech is active in the European marketplace, along with having established a presence in the Indian market. The company has so far served numerous MNCs and Indian companies by developing Animated Video Content like YouTube Teasers, Product or Services Profile, Employee Training Video, Company Profile, etc. Their video content helped the clients acquire substantial digital media potential and promote their business in any geographical location across the world. The CEO of K P InfoTech, Mr. Khanjan Khambhaita, is certified by GIZ as “Fit for Partnership with Germany” under Manager Training Program of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The company also provides consultancy services to corporate and SMEs to help them strategize for further success.

K P InfoTech Services The company provides a myriad of solutions and services in these verticals as below

Skill Development

Digital Agency

Content Studio •

Website Content


Digital Marketing

Blog Writing

E – Commerce

Google Technology

SEO Content

Mobile App Development


GIF Images

E – Catalogue

Social Media Science

Social Media Movies

Digital Strategy

B2B and B2C Strategy

Social Media Feeds

SEO / Social Media


YouTube Teasers

Influencer Engagement

E – Commerce

Corporate Video

Crisis Communications

Mobile Apps

Animation 3D / 2D




PR – Digital / Print

VR (Virtual Reality)

K P InfoTech has served almost every vertical including e-commerce, jewelry, engineering, pharma, FMCG, food processing, furniture, architecture, and tourism. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


THE SUCCESS STORY Mr. Khanjan Khambhaita started K P InfoTech with a three-people team in the year 2000, after his graduation. The company that began with three chairs in a 100 sq. ft. room has now international clients. In their earlier days, the members used to take two cups of tea among four people to save money on daily expenses, which is now just a fond memory after years on the road to success. With their determination to work hard and dedication to delivering projects on time, they gained their clients’ confidence in the company and made them associated with K P InfoTech for long-term projects. The company has progressed to have a dedicated team of thirty eight professionals who have successfully delivered more than 2,000 projects across the globe till date. This helped K P InfoTech to become leaders in the field of Animation and Digital Marketing Service in India as well as in the overseas market. In the field of Animation and Digital Media, the trends change on a daily basis. To keep up with the latest updates, Mr. Khambhaita and his team sit together and find out the new updates. They make it a priority to keep learning the newer developments so they can deliver projects with the latest technology to the clients.

Khanjan Khambhaita (CEO)

“Learn, learn and learn: that’s the formula for sustainability in today’s digital world.” To cite an example, the Look a Like Campaign introduced by Facebook recently, helped companies target their clients on the basis of their databank. The team at K P InfoTech learned the Look a Like strategy in just one week and started helping their clients in promoting their businesses on Facebook through the same. They managed to complete an entire project, from scratch to end, in just seven days!

As per CEO Mr. Khanjan Khambhaita, the key to progress of a company lies in market research. To understand future market growth, continuous research on market trends and consumer behavior is essential. The research can further help in developing market-ready products and services. WHY ANIMATION? 3D Animation is the most effective way of mass communication these days. It not only gives a degree of creative freedom, it also works to express certain ideas effectively, that cannot always be shot or described easily. Animation can be used to explain internal processes of machinery, which would not be possible to shoot or describe in words. This approach by K P InfoTech helped their client a lot during exhibitions, sanctioning valuable orders of that machinery. The reason behind starting a dedicated animation studio was to help the clients in making better advertorial content for their products and services. It helps them in YouTube and social media promotions effectively.

THE VISION With their experience and combined insights in the field of animation, the team at K P InfoTech plans to expand its clientele and make them aware of the pros of the animation technology. With animated content providing detailed summary of products and services of a company all across social media, the customers would be more liable to make decisions in the company’s favor, raising the chances of their success exponentially. Not only does K P InfoTech assist clients in gaining success through their varied services, they also extend a helping hand to give back to the society by being associated with an NGO, which is working for Child Education.

Another unique selling proposition of K P InfoTech is their prioritization of Content Security. They have secure log systems over content and no content can be copied either in a drive or in email to any third party or even themselves by the employees.

K P InfoTech has developed 3D Animation Walkthrough Project for the Indian Embassy based in Germany and now plans to increase its presence in the USA in the next five years. 67 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



As more and more people embrace the usage of smartphones, the number of customers using applications online continues to multiply each day. The apex mobile apps help to put your business to reach your customer’s pockets and KIRA Automations Private Limited zenith the global mobile application market very precisely. This eventually led to the genesis of Kira. The core idea was to enable small retailers to be a part of the larger digital ecosystem, which would lead to customers driving their day-to-day business in the most effective manner.

With multiple app monetization strategies and the growing adoption of smart gadgets, KIRA has become a new channel of customer acquisition in the retail industry. Kira Automation is a full-service retail management software, which is targeted towards smaller and unorganized segments of the retail industry. Founded by Mr. Faisal Amin in 2018, the core idea is to enable small retailers to be a part of the larger digital ecosystem which lead to the genesis of KIRA. It is a cost-effective software, which is mobile-friendly and simple to use.

SMARTLY CONNECTING WITH CUSTOMERS Kira is a retail ERP solution-driven mobile application, which is highly functional and affordable for all retailers. From a large format store to a departmental store, a grocery store, a small Kirana shop or even a small Panwala. They have created an application that runs across these enterprises and helps them to manage their entire shop through KIRA.

EXEMPLIFYING THE ROBUST LEADERSHIP The true leader and founder of KIRA, Mr. Faisal Amin is a serial media tech entrepreneur. He pursued a master’s in business administration and further added a specialization to his portfolio from universities like Harvard. Apart from KIRA, he is also the Co-founder of Fruitbowl digital, Co.lab.oratory.Asia.

EMPHASIZING THE MARKETPLACE AND BUYERS They cater to the retail segment across. Any sort of vertical starting from Kiranas to retailers, spas, salons, restaurants, garment outlets or anyone who provides service through barcode or non barcoded product is a part of their ecosystem. They are talking about a hyperlocal, hyper-connected economy where they cater to anybody and everybody. Anyone who has a general small business and wants to track their inventory needs KIRA. From KIRA they will easily manage their clients and understand what other customers are buying.

The idea for Kira came to Faisal on a night when he needed groceries and couldn’t find any online delivery services that would deliver it in an instant. On that day, he realized that there should be a connection between consumers and their local retail vendors. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


“Becoming number one is easier than the remaining number one.” ~ Bill Bradley At the same time as a company, they have to make sure that the customers are satisfied. It starts with educating the people as they are not very techsavvy. They have not ventured into this particular segment and it is going to continue to scale up for the next 10 years. It is going to be helpful for them as well as assigning the whole economy of the country. THE LIFE OF VISIONARY CHIEF - MR. FAISAL AMIN Being in love with life is a key to eternal youth; he starts the day with a fresh brew of black Luwak. It jolts him out of bed followed by a game of squash. After an energizing run, Mr. Faisal gets ready for a challenging but interesting day at work. His day is filled with meetings and commitments. He balances his schedule among having a FruitBowl every day. Kira and Co.Lab.Oratory is going through a heap of approvals, and a tantalizing cup of green tea keeps him energized during the day. Following a fun but chaotic day at work, he gets embraced by meeting new people and listening to Frank Sinatra on his way home.

“As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping.” ~ Jonathan Lister Kira (Knowledge Information and Retail Automation) is India’s first full-fledged retail management software that executes everything. From billing, stocking, analytics to other operations within the retail environment, KIRA does this all for you. It is a cost-effective software, which is mobile-friendly and simple to use. The machine learning abilities of the applications offer: • Retailers: insights on consumer’s preferences • Consumers: a simplified and personalized shopping experience


Mr. Faisal adds, “Love what you do so that it doesn’t feel like work”. Be ready to slog more than your regular working hours. He says “Remember the remuneration is not in terms of the money that you make but more in terms of the kick and adrenaline rush it gives you”. Be very true to your business and be ready to get your hands dirty and know each and every person’s job. That is always important while building a startup. He defines that, make sure that while raising funds you raise funds at the right time. Because there will be a lot of investors who come in but what matters most is getting people who have strategy aligned and interest in your business.

SCALING TO CONTINUALLY INNOVATIVE Indian retail economy comprises of 92% unorganized sector of which 60% contribute to grocery /FMCG goods. A cost-effective and platform fit solution, KIRA will give a well-defined structure and stability to this segment of retail. It is the most dominant and popular purchase destination for the majority of India’s 1.3 billion populations. KIRA has a broad array of applications to cater to every element within this retail ecosystem. It has been created much to the advantage of the Kiranawalas that will enable them to track inventory. They can manage their finances especially Udhar which is the most primary feature in this business. They can also manage their staff and deliver orders. Apart from that, they can maintain record details of their customers and distributors all on one platform.


They are engaged with Chal Rang De, which is an initiative that helps to improve the standard of living of slum dwellers. It helps to change people’s perspective towards various social and community issues. This is Mr. Faisal’s choice of contributing to society. Chal Rang De aims to transform the neglected corners of the cities into a colorful amalgam of local stories and talent.

STAYING AHEAD OF THE COMPETITORS The current industry scenario is that mammoths of the industry are entering into this game. Reliance Jio, Paytm are some of them who have entered into the game. The industry is very exciting and they are talking about a 600 billion dollar market of which a 500 billion dollar market is untapped. There are hardly 100 players in the segment which gets about 6 billion dollars per company.

By painting the walls of these areas with vibrant colors and adorning them with art from local artists. It is believed that it creates a positive emotion amongst the residents. 69 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Lex Protector International Law Office Intellectual Property Rights




Managing Partner, Founder

Rashi Saral | Business Connect expanded its reach outside India and have become capable of providing IP services anywhere in the world. They now have offices in countries like the US, Australia and Estonia from where they handle international patents and trademark filings all over the world. They also take IP enforcement very seriously, which most of their competitors don’t. They have acquired expertise to enforce intellectual property rights on the internet without court’s intervention that saves a lot of time for the clients. That gives them an edge in the market.

The story of Lex Protector International Law Office started with Mr.Aurobinda Panda’s passion for Intellectual Property Rights since his undergraduate days, and his extensive research on the subject. With skill and determination and years of hard work, the company has now risen as a global enterprise with a client base that is spread all over the world. COMPANY OVERVIEW Lex Protector is an International Law Firm specialized in Intellectual Property Law, and dedicatedly caters to the requirements of its clients in different parts of the globe since its formation in the year 2012. It is a Limited Liability Partnership.

They aim to provide professional Intellectual Property services and expand the horizon of Intellectual Property services beyond geographical boundaries. Their philosophy is driven by their four-fold objectives of Creating, Protecting, Utilizing and Maximizing IP rights. This also signifies their belief in a principle-centered approach while catering to the needs of their client.

Their mission is to cater hassle-free IPR service in India and around the world. Once the filing is done, they make it a point to keep track of it and give regular updates to the client as to what is going on and how they should proceed further. They always try to maintain transparency in whatever service they provide and that has been their mantra for success.

THE TEAM For any business to run smoothly, it is important that the employees are happy and content. They consider their employees one of the most important assets of their business.

Lex provides Trademark, Patent, Copyright and Design consultancy around the world. Their team makes sure that the consultancy is provided to the client as long as the client needs it.

Since they are a law firm completely dedicated to IPR, the employee should be passionate about IPR. They should also understand how important their clientele is for the firm, only then can they aim for higher goals together.

Most of their competitors do the filing of IPRs in India and scout for foreign attorneys in respective nations for international filings. Lex Protector on the other hand, has | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


The team members must be well-equipped with the knowledge of workings of the system and not lag behind in anything required for them to make the client understand their own Intellectual Property better. They also make sure that every team member understands every feature of their business better, as a reason of which they conduct regular presentations.

INCORPORATE • Availability searches for business names • Start-up consultations • Answering queries related to kinds of funding • LLP Registration • Pvt Ltd. Registration and Incorporation • One Man Company Registration and Incorporation • Drafting of AOA and MOU • Handling of Compliances under Companies Act • International Incorporation Services

Whenever any of their employees needs any kind of help or assistance from them, either personally or professionally, the team leaders are always there to give them a helping hand.

IP MANAGEMENT • IP Due Diligence: Protecting IP assets entails time and money. Lex helps ensure that the client’s efforts yield guaranteed results by conducting a thorough due diligence.

The financial decisions are always made by the partners. For the implementation, they always work as a team. They understand that one person cannot handle one project single handedly, so their team is always there to help and elevate each other.

• IP Audit: Helps clients get a competitive edge among their peers by identifying existing and potential infringements.

The basic source of their team’s strength and commitment lies in their dedication towards the discipline.

• IP Valuation: Valuation helps in finding the monetary value of the IP assets which can surge the valuation of the client’s company to new levels.

SERVICES Lex provides a myriad of IPR-related services to its clients:

• IP Licensing: Licensing IPR gives the client an opportunity to get good royalty over the IPRs which in turn will help their business in growing.

TRADEMARK • Conducting Conflicting Trademark Searches • Preparation & filing of Trademark Application in numerous jurisdictions • Legal Consultation Sessions with Experts • Responding to Trademark Office Actions and objections • Monitoring of Trademark Application • Filing Post Registration Maintenance Forms • Filing Renewals with the Trademark Office • Identifying Trademark Infringement • Enforcement of Trademark Rights

THEIR SECRETS TO SUCCESS Undaunted Passion for Discipline The basic source of their team’s strength and commitment lies in their dedication towards the discipline. Almost all of their team members exclusively have specialized in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and are passionate to deliver their best in terms of services. A YOUNG TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS The team comprises of a group of skilled and young professionals who are capable of handling several tasks in an impeccable manner. Their young team of professionals specializes in the discipline of Intellectual Property Rights and has been delivering time-bound results without compromising with the quality of the work. Their ambitions are driven by the idea of success which they believe rests in their client’s level of satisfaction with their work.

PATENT • Thorough Prior Art Search Reports • Freedom to Operate Search Reports • Prior Art Statistical Analysis Reports • Utility Patent Drafting and Filing • Design Patent Drafting and Filing • Responding to Patent Office Actions • Filing Post Registration Maintenance Forms • Identifying Patent Infringement • Enforcement of Patent Rights


Their client base has no geographical boundaries. For the last three years, they have been working with clients based in the regions like North America, South America, Australia, Europe and several South Asian Nations. Their global reach established via international networking in such a short period of time is purely a result of high level commitment towards their work and client satisfaction which they have garnered through the quality of their work.

COPYRIGHT • Identification of IP Rights Infringement • Legal Consultation Sessions with Experts • Drafting & Serving of DMCA Takedown Notices • Post Removal Maintenance • Copyright Originality Search • Filing of Copyright Registration Application • Post Grant Enforcement • Takedown Content from Social Media & E-commerce • Filing DMCA Counter Notices 71 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



Scrumptious food at nearby restaurants with sterling presentation and management makes our day. Restaurants need to update or adapt new styles in cuisines, menu, interiors and presentation. But how? Restaurant Consultants simplify the process of starting restaurants; One Sprig Hospitality Consultants offer impeccable hospitality services and create a new restaurant concept with a team of professionals and experts. Devbrat Bhardwaj is the Founder & Consultant and Pritam Das is the Co-founder and Chef of One Sprig Hospitality Consultants. One Sprig is a group of restaurant and hospitality specialists and professionals who understand the industry from blueprints to reality to the back of the house operations. They specialize in finding solutions for the clients and assist them to bring their Food Concept to Life from an outlet. Incubated in the year 2016, the duo was fortunate to bag some exciting projects in the initial phase and have since then emerged as one of the preferred Consultants in this arena. The services can be broadly categorised into three Major Categories: 1. Conceptualization - Developing new restaurant concepts in sync with the vision of the clients with their team of experts while keeping market trends into consideration and sometimes thinking out of the box to create a new trend. 2. Menu Planning and Recipe Development - Menu is the financial backbone of any restaurant business & well engineered menu leads to a great success story of any restaurant. 3. Kitchen Planning and Designs detailed into Space allocation ergonomically for all the necessary equipment for supporting smooth restaurant operation, vendor suggestion, assistance in procurement of tools and equipment.

“Since we are in the people business, we feel responsible for the People who are integral to us, our clients and our client’s customers. ” DEVBRAT BHARDWAJ ( Founder ) | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


4. Kitchen Equipment Selection as required for the kitchen & service-related equipment with the specification. They also help in the procurement process and if required they also suggest multiple vendors for quotation. 5. Human Resource Support, Recruitment and Training -They help in the recruitment process for each and individual staff member. They assess the staff and conduct an interview and place the individuals as per the requirement in different departments. 6. Food Styling and Photography - They help in individual food styling & food photography of the dishes on the menu. Photos are then used by their clients for websites, social media and online and offline marketing. They cater to the requirements of all Hospitality and service industry entrepreneurs for all business scale and are not restricted to any target audience. Be it a small Café, QSR, Food Truck, Swanky Gastro Brew Pub, Commercial Industrial Mega Kitchen, Food Manufacturing unit or a Fine Dining Speciality Restaurant or even a Food Retail or Online Cloud Kitchen. Innovation and creativity drive the young and enthusiastic team. They believe in knowledge sharing and are not restricted to work only with in-house expertise. At times, they also bring in the expertise if required from their network of highly experienced professionals for the best possible solution. They have a firm belief that everyone works better together. Since, One Sprig Hospitality Consultants work with a major chunk of clients who are either first time Food Entrepreneurs or who only got to know about them through their website or some reference. They work quite hard to inculcate mutual faith and clearly outline their scope of work and always deliver what they commit. One of the other ways is to respect their client’s time by pre-planning for any meeting and always arrive for the meeting as per the schedule. They are totally committed to the Business Concept and thoroughly back their instinct and they constantly strive to scale heights in their domain. They would like to achieve this with a great depth of integrity whilst delivering unmatched value to their clients. The enthusiasts Devbrat and Pritam strongly believe that a client always entrusts them with their dream of owning a restaurant along with a huge investment of their time and money. Thus, they keep reminding themselves of this great responsibility and always put in their best for the larger interest of the business with the highest level of honesty and sincerity, even though, at times it differs from their client’s expectation. They are incredibly playing the part of a consultant who puts themselves in the client’s shoes for a lasting positive impact on the business. 75

KEEPING ABREAST OF THE TECHNOLOGY Technology is a true enabler. It expedites and induces a high level of efficiency and consistency to whole gamut of One Sprig’s Operation to their client’s business. They extensively use technology to their advantage for an array of tasks. They use various online platforms to connect with prospective clients and generate leads. Office Suite is quite helpful in organizing day-to-day business interactions with the Team and Clients. They also use CAD software for Kitchen Plan, Design and for rendering it in 3D. They also introduce to their clients to Restaurant Management System, POS platforms for smooth operation and online aggregators for additional channels of revenue. GIVING BACK TO SOCIETY They strongly believe in the notion that everyone should give back to society and are doing their bit sincerely. One of the key things their society is grappling with is joblessness. They through numerous projects are creating jobs avenues for young people. They train them and induct them to the F&B industry and provide them with a highly sustainable career. The beauty of the industry is that it accepts people with lower educational qualifications if they have the right aptitude and hunger for personal growth. INCREDIBLE ACHIEVEMENTS AND FUTURE PROSPECTS One Sprig Hospitality Consultants would like to establish as one of the leading and sought-after Hospitality Consultant in the Country. They also have the ambition to spread their wings and take up the projects overseas. Aside, they would also like to penetrate Karnataka with their in-house Brand, The Kanteen Company and take it to the masses. They are quite positive about their growth and thus planning to strengthen the team by hiring talents and nurturing them to contribute to the future of Hospitality. They have been getting the consistent backup of their clients and are also able to generate new leads through very positive word of mouth. They see this as their most indispensable achievement and are also recognized by various institutions and forums as one of the best Hospitality Consultants in India. To motivate the young generation of the present times, Pritam Das states, “My tip to young people would be to keep things simple. Play to your strength, love what you do and back up your instinct. The most important thing is that learning should never stop.” | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Pinakin Advisors LLP Debt Syndication Real Estate


The thing of utmost importance for any enterprise to succeed is finance regulation. Pinakin Advisors LLP is one of the fastest growing consultancy services providers in this sector. In the current scenario, when accessing finance is easy for a regular customer, they make it a point to also work with the borrowers who have had genuine difficulties in the past. They make the extra effort of detailed study and provide solutions which can help these clients tide over their difficulties. COMPANY OVERVIEW Pinakin Advisors LLP is a consultancy service provider that helps real estate developers with their strategic objectives of project acquisition and fund-raising. Besides real estate, Pinakin is very active in fund-raising for manufacturing and trading sectors too. The company was formed on 29th September, 2015, with the intent to help leading real estate developers acquire projects. In due time, they extended their services to cover fund raising requirements of mid-sized developers. With significant experience in fund-raising, expanding the scope of activities came quite conveniently. Non-real estate corporate debt also happened as a horizontal diversification in a similar fashion. The company works with all kinds of wholesale borrowers—even the ones that encounter difficulties in tapping into conventional sources of capital. Given their long vintage in real estate, that segment is home to Pinakin, while they also deal with other sectors. Pinakin Advisors is known for its efficiency to help businesses grow and attain their vision. Their transparent and customerfriendly way helps maintain trust of their customers and adds to the growth of the company as well as of the client. They have a reputable name as an advisor that helps creditworthy borrowers obtain a lower rate | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


of interest. They cater services to verticals such as Real Estate, where they leverage their experience and relationships cutting across sub-segments to provide excellent and varied opportunities for green field and brown field project opportunities. Pinakin is also active in Debt Syndication, acting as intermediaries between the corporate and financiers like Banks, NBFC’s and private investors. They play the role of intermediation with the utmost zeal, perseverance and high professional standards that they have set for themselves.

Research has been a fundamental strength for Pinakin. The company gathered benefits of their Founder and Managing Partner, Mr. Aashiesh Agarwaal, having a rich corporate experience as a research professional leading industryspecific research vertical across leading Indian and global firms. They leverage on the same experience to filter genuine businesses from fly-by-night operators, and to provide the right asset opportunities to their institutions.Besides intensive research online and offline, they routinely subscribe to industry specific news sources to help them research their leads better.

THE ROAD SO FAR Like most start-ups, Pinakin Advisors had their shocks pretty early on, but unlike for most, these shocks were driven by extraneous factors. With demonetization and RERA-GST getting implemented in quick succession, the enterprise has had to jump some tough hurdles. The team carried on, however, and used the time to sharpen their focus on clients’ core needs. This helped them deeply appreciate that genuine exogenous factors can severely impact even otherwise capable and honest promoters.

Pinakin Advisors lays stress on improving clients’ experience by first and foremost, maintaining confidentiality, tailoring source of finances for the client, and enhancing efficiency. For most institutions, trust, reliability and credibility are the most abused issues. Smaller enterprises have limited capabilities to execute transactions, and they rely on other consultants way too often. As a result, the confidential information of the institution gets widely circulated. Pinakin ensures that they take mandates limited to a few institutions where the client’s profile fits the lenders’ lending criteria. This helps cut intermediaries, maintains confidentiality, reduce paperwork for clients, and improves the efficiency of disbursement.

The key responsibility of the company’s leader is to act as a filter. In their business, where they help source capital, deal flow tends to be strong. The biggest challenge remains to be able to filter the deals to ensure that only the right kind of customers are represented by the company to the lending institutions. Their unwavering focus on the same has now become a part of Pinakin’s culture, where they think on similar lines across the entire organization.

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE Pinakin aspires to increase its revenue and clients in the years to come. They hope to continue providing unmatched services to their customers while being fair and transparent to the institutions they work with. Keeping in mind the particularly challenging times with respect to corporate frauds, the preferred strategy of the company is to deepen their engagements with existing relationships rather than exposing the lenders to any risks. Consequently, Pinakin is now working to develop wealth management offerings to the corporate and to their HNI clientele.

For Pinakin, success means satisfaction for people doing business with them. Successful is when people seek them out for solutions to their issues and trust them with their work. For Founder Mr. Aashiesh Agarwaal, it would be called a success when institutions look forward to deal with the clients they propose to them.


Pinakin Advisors has a work environment that is open and inclusive. Their participative style of management allows a culture where views of each individual are sought and valued. Each individual is respected, regardless of the person’s views and opinions. The employees can express their viewpoints without fear of being reprimanded. This promotes various viewpoints and helps develop the best solutions to meet clients’ needs.

Mr. Agarwaal believes that service to society is the key aspect of one’s life. Besides individual charities, he is associated with Rotary Club and also volunteers for healing camps from time to time, as an energy healer. 77 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


An Alpha Innovation Technology And Management Consultancy “

Their success mantra: Defeat is not when you fall down, its when you refuse to get up


Yashika Sabharwal | Business Connect On finding a huge gap between the clients and good consultants, especially in a city like Kolkata, where business needs to be pushed and expanded to more vibrant cities of India, Padrea Global Services Limited was incubated in 2007. At present, Padrea Global Services Ltd. ranks as one of the best management consultants and innovative technology companies in India. With expertise and experience of more than 4 decades, the pursuit of overcoming challenges and proving competence has been seasoned in and out! Starting as a small management consultancy company in its emergent years with a handful of people constituting as a team, they have crossed a multitude of milestones since the day of inception. Speaking of today, they stand tall as a multidisciplinary organization, facilitating manifold services and overcoming critical challenges all at the same time, defining themselves as an industry that is known for its unique contributions to countless reputable clients globally. Formulating and executing outstanding solutions for both the finance and digital world, Padrea Global Services Ltd. spreads to more than 13 sectors. The continuation of exemplary projects to countless reputed clients has enabled to expand territorial domains to overseas countries like Singapore, Dubai, and England. The anchorage of investors, influencers and aggregators have established this organization even more sturdily. The wide network that has spread to cross-border countries is a testimonial of the successful projects implemented till date.

BAIBHAV AGARWAL Founder & Director | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


AN EDGE OVER THE PEERS They provide clients expert assistance in specific areas, depending on the nature of business. For example, for a tech-based company, they generally cater to finance and legal services; something which they do not hold the expertise of. The same goes for firms operating in a nontech based industry.

GIVING BACK TO SOCIETY As a professional that embraces corporate responsibility, they think carefully about how to invest in society today to make sure there will be a business context where both they and society can thrive tomorrow and long into the future.

Since they provide service in almost all areas of business they are able to cater to firms irrespective of their sector. This is one of the major reasons why clients are benefitted immensely from their services.

They are focused on quality and innovation in order to build and maintain trust with companies, investors, and wider society. They believe that without bedrock of trust from the broader business community and organizations, a strong and flourishing society is not possible.

Baibhav Agarwal states, “I count my specialised and skilled team as one of my core USP because they are the ones who bring value to the work we do. Excavating deep industrial expertise, Padrea ensures that even the most challenging issues can be overcome with ease.”

They direct their efforts into four key areas that are aligned with their professional strategy:• Entrepreneurship - supporting and celebrating startups as they create opportunities. • Education - developing skills and broadening access to make sure that the next generation can get the skills, which it needs to make a positive impact. • Environmental sustainability - minimizing their impact on the environment. • Approach to reporting - more accountable to stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

Their consulting services aim at assisting almost all segments of business namely Financial Services, Advisory Services, Strategy, Organizational Services, Dynamic Marketing, Information Technology, Innovation & Infrastructure, Legal Services and Audit. They work hard every day to be the best possible trusted advisor and partner for millions of businesses. Their moral ethics and principles give them a philosophical and directional pathway toward leadership.

Corporate responsibility is imperative for safeguarding the sustainability of their profession. As a business, they can only grow if the economy and society are strong. So they must continually find ways to intersect what they do well with what society needs. In this way, they will help the people they employ, the companies they serve, and the communities in which they operate to achieve their potential fully — in both the short and long term.

The strong balance of trust and tenacity that they maintain with their permanent clients boosts their credibility factors. Maintaining the eminent standards of being a global organization, they do not compromise on either quality or quantity.

THE COMPANY’S GOALS Trying to grow each day and deploying mastery skills, Padrea looks high for reaching the sky limits. Their constant stare and focus on innovation enable them to deliver more optimal solutions for their clients. The encouraging expansion to overseas countries doesn’t stop here and with each successful project catered to foreign clients round the globe, they work harder on pinning their visibility to multiple countries.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: THE CRUCIAL PART Delivering strategic insight in devising the right answers to the critical point issues raised by their clients is something pivotal. They have been doing it for decades now. The team of professional market experts and technological innovators at Padrea Global Services Ltd. has a gripping knowledge of global business affairs and therefore it understands the best needs for your business in accordance with the current financial scenario happening around. With a unique blend of economics and psychology, effective strategic plans are created to untie the cryptic knots of business solutions. Be it a long-term or a shortterm, they ensure to make you meet the goals in the minimal time taken to hatch a constructive strategic plan.

The dexterous standards they formulate at Padrea Global Services Ltd. mark a significant contribution not only in the domestic market but also in the international market as well. No matter how many projects they are handling at a time, the resolute assurance of no compromise from their end makes them stand out as a significant one in the global market scenario of today.

Working hand-in-hand with your respective management, Padrea Global Services Ltd. gives you complete assurance of a sound and error-less structure that brings every business process in symmetrical alignment. Long-term and short-term performance targets are made sure to be met in a timely and orderly manner.

They envision to become a customer-centric company seems to be attainable with the current encouraging statistical figures of growth and profit. With the addition of more innovative and distinctive services, they aim at becoming a more multifaceted organization in the coming future. 79 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Vivek Srivastava

An Epistemophilic Consultant with a Revolutionary Vision Vikas Jha | Business Connect EXPERT SOLUTIONS FOR THE CHANGING WORLD Recherché India Advisors LLP works alongside its two divisions. The research and advisory and the support service outsourcing functions are housed within Recherché India Advisors LLP. While they undertake real estate advisory under the Recherché Realty division and data entry and management services under the DataXpertz division. Their core area of specialization is financial, business and market research wherein their services include bespoke equity and credit research, blockchain and cryptocurrency research. Under their advisory services, they provide transaction advisory, business due diligence, financial feasibility studies, exit strategy evaluations, etc.


Recherche realty division provides a broad range of services including acquisition, disposal and consolidation, funding and structuring, land and building valuations, legal and compliance due diligence, accounting, and financial modeling, market studies and consumer surveys, etc.


eing a consultant is like flying in the first-class airplane. The food is terrific with taste, the drinks are cold as breeze. But all you can do is walk up to the management and say your needs. If you’re in management, you have the controls.

TRUSTED FOR TRANSPARENCY Recherché serves both domestic and international customers. They have served a broad array of customers that included Large, Medium and Small Corporate entities, fortune 500 multinationals, investment banks, hedge funds, investment, and private equity funds, etc.

A revolutionary passion and yearning for any career knowledge is something that makes the best management consultant. One of the magnificent business leaders Mr. Vivek Srivastava, the Managing Partner of Recherché India Advisors LLP spans across the diverse spaces in Management Consulting, Advisory and Research

Most of their clients are from the U.S., U.K., eurozone and middle east region. On the domestic front, their clientele has been a mix of blue-chip companies as well as start-ups and first-generation entrepreneurs.

Incorporated in May 2013 in its current avatar at New Delhi, India, Recherché India Advisors is a leading knowledge management company that has developed capabilities in delivering customized high-value Consulting, Advisory and Research

Although a major proportion of their customers are from the investing and financial services sector. They serve customers across industry sectors, including manufacturing, consumer goods, technology, services, real estate, renewable energy, etc.

They provide insightful research, advisory and outsourcing services and solutions that cater to the requirements of international clients and quality. Recherché craft bespoke services and solutions for the clients and partners leverage on the pooled intellectual capital of their team. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

RECOGNIZING THE INDUSTRY CHALLENGE “Don’t limit your challenges, Challenge your limits”. They are always ready for upcoming challenges as a boutique 80

knowledge management services company. Their services are more customized and tailor-made to the requirements of their customers.

Commitment Taking a genuine interest in the clients’ business and giving their best to achieve the desired results is how they stay committed through the life of projects and assignments.

When life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger. They make efforts to make themselves an extension for customers rather than offering pure and simple ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions and services. At the same time, they ensure that the right skill set is used to suit the requirement of each individual project and assignment so that the customers get the best quality final output.

Collaboration Working as partners to the clients rather than just consultants, they aim to use a collaborative approach to problem-solving. Creativity Each business problem is unique in its own way and requires genuine, creative and innovative solutions. They leverage this experience to bring forth an innovative approach to problem-solving.

A PASSIONATE LEADER GUIDING THE VOYAGE According to Mr. Vivek, “as an owner of a business, you are responsible for anything and everything connected with the business”. As a co-owner of a niche and small business, he has greater responsibilities towards the business and all stakeholders.

THE VOYAGE OF TRIUMPH In mid-2012 when Mr. Vivek had quit from a senior management position, he was working with, and was scouting the job market, his friend-cum-former colleague started the idea of making something big. His friend is now co-founder and partner and they started their own venture wherein they can make a difference to other people’s life by engaging them in meaningful employment.

Most decision making tasks and responsibilities regarding business growth, stability, direction, growth and execution strategies, and client engagement, etc. are part of his very own responsibilities. In the field of work, mapping out the client’s requirements of a project or research engagement is the most critical part. A lot of his time is thus spent on creating project outlines, project transition and then supervising its execution.

In their initial days, they faced challenges in all aspects of the business. From business origination to client management, and project execution they typically underwent with the challenges that any start-up would face.

THE MAJOR CHALLENGES In today’s competitive business environment, winning and retaining customers has importance more than ever and yet it has also become harder than ever. They at Recherché have been transparent in the dealings with their customers in terms of their deliverables, delivery timelines, capabilities, and pricing.

However, the ace entrepreneur Mr. Vivek is proud to say that since then they have been able to establish the name of Recherché as a reliable knowledge management partner in the market and amongst customer base. Guiding the path seeker: TEAM Success is not a destination but a journey. Success cannot be viewed as an achievement or accomplishment of anyone’s feet, but it has to be a combination of a multitude of factors. He does not believe success to be mere financial gains or wealth accumulation. For him, the real success in business endeavor means Client Satisfaction and Employee Growth.

faces challenges in life. It’s a matter of how you “Everyone learn to overcome them and use them to your advantage.

Celestine Chua

One aspect that they are particularly focussed on, is their commitments. They only follow the road of challenges to commit what they can do and deliver. It is important that their client has absolute faith in their promise and commitments. This is their success mantra as both the clients and the team are confident that once committed, their work will certainly be delivered on time, every time.

Success simply means creating a business that empowers customers, employees, and the community. It is his true living purpose and having a positive impact on the lives of people.

ETHICAL VALUES THEY FORGE UPON Recherché strives towards a passion for results and are completely aligned with the clients for their success. They commit themselves to the highest quality, professionalism and ethical standards in everything they do.

WISE WORDS FOR NEW ENTRANTS Lord Byron said, “Men think highly of those who rise rapidly in the world; whereas nothing rises quicker than dust, straw, and feathers.” Today’s generation lacks patience and wants everything delivered to them, instantly.

Their value system follows the 4-Cs: Confidentiality This is the foremost principle that guides our style of working. Every piece of information that their clients share with them is treated as sensitive and is kept confidential.

His advice to young people who wish to enter the entrepreneurial world is that “Patience and Perseverance” are key to any entrepreneurial journey. Rome was not built in a day and it takes a lot of hard work and a team to build your dreams into reality too. 81 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

BCM Review

WHAT TO EXPECT, WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING A CAR in 2019! With 2018 being such an eventful year, 2019 has already set the expectations really high. It’s that time of the year when car buyers are generously showering their buyers with a flood of discounts and year starting freebies to prepare them for new car launches of 2019. The ambush of SUVs has been brutal in the previous year, but the coming year promises a promising car debut of a lot more than that. If you’re not keen on SUVs, so be it, there’ll be a car for all. From the suave and economical Hyundai Grand i10 to the chic and extravagant sedans like the BMW 3 series. However, if you are in a dilemma about when to invest, let us give you a fair reason to make your buy now. Buying your car in the year start will offer you a better resale value eventually while you can avail the new launch discounts.

To further help you in taking a decision BUSINESS CONNECT brings you the following list of cars for 2019, you may want to consider buying;


All set to be launched with a new set of features of new upholstery inside, significant exterior update and more that will set its standards with the competition. They are adding a number of new elements in the upcoming model like rain sensing wipers, climate control, 6.5 inches of touchscreen infotainment, and more. • Expected Launch: March 2019 • Expected Price: Rs 4.75 lakh-Rs 7.50 lakh


Anticipated to be launched in the second half of the year, the popular Hyundai hatchback, Grand i10 is all set to get a generation change. The revelation has come from the whistleblowers that the new baby is going to introduce with its smart alloy wheels, large new age cascading grille, wider head and tail lamps, a larger touchscreen, sunroof etc. • Expected Launch: Mid-2019 • Expected Price: Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh


This car is being introduced to the market with all new AlfaARC platform and other features like digital multi-info display, floating infotainment system etc. While each part of the news has been concentrated on the upcoming Harrier, there are other TATA products on launch as well, the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. • Expected Launch: Mid-2019 • Expected Price: Rs 5.5 lakh-Rs 8.5 lakh


This one is expected to be launched in the coming year by the mid. No diesel engines are being added to this model, but to ensure efficiency it is coming up with two petrol hybrid motors. This one is luxurious and sporty all at once, being one of the best designed Volvo’s in quite a while. This beauty hits a 0-100Kmph in a matter of 4.9 seconds with a speed limit to reach 250Kmph. There are upgrades in the motor in terms of brakes, suspensions, lighter wheels etc. • Expected Launch: Mid-2019 • Expected Price: Rs 45 lakh onwards | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA



Maruti is all set to give Baleno hatchback a facelift. Scheduled to be launched in the middle of the year, the car is being introduced in the market with fresh allow wheels, smart LED DRLs, tweaked grille, and redesigned bumpers. • Expected Launch: June 2019 • Expected Price: Rs 5.5 lakh-Rs 8.5 lakh


This evergreen beauty is all set to be updated soon. The model is expected to be launched in India by early 2019. It is expected to arrive with cosmetic upgrades like touchscreen entertainment system and new interiors with fancy revamping. It is expected to get all an electric version by the year 2020, the pilot project of prototypes has already gone into testing in Gurugram. • Expected Launch: January 2019 • Expected Price: Rs 5 lakh-Rs 6 Lakh


Isuzu is all set to launch the upgraded version of D-Max V-Cross in 2019. The upgrades are scheduled to have a fog lamp, revamped grille, redesigned bumper, day lamps, headlamps and a lot more. It is also is expected to have alloy wheels of 18 inches that have similarity with the mu-X. • Expected Launch: August 2019 • Expected Price: Rs 14.32 lakh-Rs 16.31 lakh


The all-new BMW sedan is ready to be launched at the fancy and glamorous Paris Motor Show by the end of the year. The 3 series is looking as sharp as it could and comes with a number of technological updates. It also is more spacious with an evolution in the terms of design like dual barrel headlamps, kidney grille and more. • Expected Launch: July 2019 • Expected Price: Rs 32 lakh-Rs 48 lakh


Civic, yes, it is finally making a comeback in India after almost four years of gap. The new model is the curvy sedan that will be in the likes of Toyota Corolla Altis, Skoda Octavia or the Hyundai Elantra. The vehicle was already flaunted well in the Auto Expo in February in Delhi, with its substantial improvement in the leather used, touchscreen system and sunroof, it is the car to look forward to in 2019. • Expected Launch: March 2019 • Expected Price: Rs 16 lakh-Rs 22 lakh


Toyota is expected to launch its all-new sedan in both hybrid and standard form. The efficiency is being vouched for by the company for its 4-cylinder petrol engine and 88kW electric motor. This upcoming sedan is not just efficient, it is going to be a lot more dynamic than it was. With classy V-shaped grille, the new Camry is adding a bigger air dam and sleeker headlamps. There also is wireless smartphone charger and dual-zone climate control available like the standard one. • Expected Launch: Mid-2019 • Expected Price: Rs 38 lakh-Rs 40 lakh

We hope this blogclarifies your apprehension and confusion about which car to buy and when. It will also make the process of decision making easier. So, waste no time, choose the car that best suits your budget and requirements. Cheers! 83 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

Rohan Consultancy Dealers for Technical Databases / Product Trainings

Utilizing Intellectuality



Dr. Amit Mishra | Business Connect


or a start-up to emerge as a success, it is vital that the resources and intellectual assets owned by it are managed efficiently and optimally. Every resource with economic value that an individual or corporation owns or controls needs to be employed in a manner that ensures that it achieves its maximum potential. Even the bigger sharks in the market often need a hand at managing their assets, especially intellectual assets, so that they provide maximum benefits. This expertise of managing such resources to start-ups as well as the corporate institutions is provided by Rohan Consultancy, experts in Technical Literature in all areas. Rohan Consultancy works to assist these companies in extracting the most out of the available resources by guiding them to achieve what they want, in the way they want it.

terms of providing databases/reports and managing documents at client sites.

COMPANY OVERVIEW Incorporated in 2007, Rohan Consultancy provides its clients with a unique approach to manage their resources and intellectual assets. The firm’s objective is to provide total knowledge solutions to its clients in

Leveraging their pool of highly qualified IP Professionals, they provide quality IP services like patent drafting, prior art searches, and patent landscape analysis, freedom to operate study and prepare evidence of use charts. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

The services they provide include customized IP services, where the team experts evaluate targets generating intellectual assets, and provide customized IP services that suit their clients’ business requirements. They help with managing assets, the objective being to make the client capable of managing their crown jewel assets efficiently. They have worked with start-ups, inventors, R&D organizations, multinational companies and have helped them in developing IP portfolio which can be strategically positioned.


The team also helps clients with Copyright-related issues such as Copyright Registration and Copyright Management along with Trademark-concerning solutions like Trademark Registration, etc. Apart from the above Rohan Consultancy markets the products and services of other Publishers like IEEE and others in the corporate market space of India. THEIR MOTTO For more than the last twenty years, the Director of Rohan Consultancy, Ajay Mehrotra, has worked with different companies in India. He has worked with publishers like John Wiley and Thomson Reuters. During his employment at these companies, he was constrained to market the products of those Publishers only. This restricted him from providing complete solutions to the customers. However, his desire to give the customers what they wanted and not what the company wanted to give them led him to start his own company, Rohan Consultancy, in 2007. They started operations from Bangalore and now, over all these years, have made their presence felt all over the country.

look at in an employee. For the company, it is very important to have happy employees. They are said to be the backbone of the company. For them to perform at their optimum best, it is of utmost importance to keep them motivated. As a business owner, Mr. Mehrotra’s first priority is to make sure that the customers are satisfied and happy customers: getting a complaint from the customers is the last thing that they would want. Secondly, the need to ensure the welfare of the company’s employees is important and taken care of. That they are trained well to go to customer and are motivated is a significant requirement for the company. They look at the employees as Partners in Progress and not only as employees. It is very important to have happy employees. They are the backbone of our company. We need to keep them motivated so that they perform at their optimum best. Ajay Mehrotra, Director

THEIR SERVICES AND SUCCESSES The services provided by Rohan Consultancy include customized IP services, where the team experts evaluate targets generating intellectual assets, and provide customized IP services that suit their clients’ business requirements. The company helps with managing assets for their clients, making the client capable of managing their crown jewel assets efficiently.

Presently the company works with several international publishers to market and promote their products in the corporate market in India. They also market a Document Management System (DMS) which takes their client’s office closer to being a paperless office. Recently, they have started a new division where they provide Patent Drafting services.

Under the leadership of Mr. Mehrotra, the company has worked with start-ups, inventors, R&D organizations, multinational companies and has succeeded in helping them in developing IP portfolio which can be strategically positioned.

The company works only in the corporate space in India. For the products that they promote – they come with a listed price. For projects that they do – the attempt is to always see to it that they provide a solution that fits into the customers budgets.

As a team, they provide quality IP services like patent drafting, prior art searches, and patent landscape analysis, freedom to operate study and prepare evidence of use charts.

A Proprietorship company right now, Rohan Consultancy makes exhaustive efforts to give the customers what they want. The team understands the needs of the customer and then decides on what is the right fit for them.

Rohan Consultancy has gained a reputation in India in the years since its conception of being available to customers as one of the best asset-management firms and deployer of suitable strategies for the utilization of its clients’ resources. Hard work and honesty in doing business is what is a sure shot recipe for success entails, as the Director puts it. The main goal of Rohan Consultancy is “Never Say No to a Customer”. Apart from this, their aim is to keep all their customers satisfied.

Their goal to build a company that can meet these goals has them invest in the question: who to hire and how to look after them. According to the Director, the employee should have a complete understanding of the company’s philosophy. Secondly, they should have a complete understanding of the products and solutions that are being marketed. Also, clear communication is an integral part of the qualification they

They strive to provide the best to their customers, and have created their own path that leads to success. 85 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

S K Group of Companies


CONQUERING ALL ARENAS: SK GROUP Sugandh Bahl | Business Connect • • • • •

SK Group of Companies is a collection of various enterprises in different industries. The SK Group of Companies ensures to give entire solutions at one point of contact. They deliver quality products and services to the customers across different fortes, treat them as partners, and strive to be environment and society conscious. COMPANY OVERVIEW Headquartered in Bangalore, India, SK & Co (formerly known as Venture Information Technology, since 2005/ started @ Chennai – One man Company), the parent company of SK Group of Companies, was started in the year 2018 under the stewardship of Mr. Senthil Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director of the group. Currently, they are leaders in IT, Non-IT, Furniture, Interior, Media, Relocation, Logistics (upcoming), Foods & Farming, and R&D Businesses. They are also Importers and Distributors for Food & IT Industrial Products and represent leading industrial houses and Multinational Companies for various products with marketing offices at Chennai, Hosur, Bangalore and Cochin. SK Group specializes in various fields, including but not limited to: IT Enterprise & ITES Product Solutions IT Consulting IT Turnkey Solutions Complete & Customized Interior & Exterior Solutions Staffing & Outsourcing Solutions Re-Location Service The endeavour of SK Group to be the best company to ‘work for’ and the best company to ‘buy from’ is accomplished through: • Surpassing customers expectations by providing prompt, | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


cient and better services Building and maintaining customer relationships Conducting business with cost efficiency Sound business principles Tuning the workforce to develop professional skills and enabling them to handle their assignments more efficiently Promoting a sense of participation and making their clients partners in progress

ABOUT ITEZ GLOBAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN| HOUSE BOAT DESIGN |BEDROOM INTERIOR DESIGN| COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGN Itez Global is one of the best Interior Designing Company in Bangalore. Established in 2018 with its headquarters based in Bangalore City, it is home to all interior design solutions such as Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment, Procurement, Visualization 3D - Construction Drawing Set, and Project Supervision. They are also Importers and Distributors for Interior & Housing & Commercial IoT Industrial products, and represent leading industrial houses and multinational companies for various products with marketing offices at Chennai, Hosur, Bangalore and Cochin. The motto of Itez Global Solutions is to give best models which save ecosystems. ABOUT SPARE SPARKS SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED IT IN RENTALS | OEM SPARES SALES | IT ENTERPRISES PRODUCT SALES | IT SERVICES | STAFFING | IT TURN KEY SOLUTIONS | RELOCATION SERVICES Spare Sparks was conceptualized and formed as Complete Solutions to Companies in 2019 (Formerly known as Venture information Technology-Since 2005). It provides services like IT, Sales, Marketing and IT services, etc. They are also Importers and Distributors of IT Industrial products and represent leading industrial houses and multinational companies for various products with marketing offices at Chennai, Hosur, Bangalore and Cochin. Spare Sparks caters to startups, SMB Segment with complete solutions leveraging the best of their know-how and do-how. Spare Sparks is an authorized pan-India partner for Sales & Services for major OEM Brands like Dell, HP, Huawei, Rukus & many more.

only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something--your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

ABOUT SYSK INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED ASSET MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE | CRM TOOL | SALES FORCE TOOL | SERVICE FIX TOOL It is a Web Development & Software Development Company founded in 2019 with headquarters based at Bangalore, India. Sysk is derived from “Power of Imagination in Innovation” and continuously strives towards expertise in enhancing excellence. Sysk is an innovation firm recognized for creativity in web and software development. It is also a service provider for outsourcing of professional web design, web development, software development, flash-based website, logo design, banner design, content management system, SEO and custom web applications development, and web promotion services to various clients across the globe.

GOALS AND VISION Short term goals of SK Group include: • Bangalore Center + Upcoming Network of around 200 RTB Centers spread over 100 cities across India by Dec2020 • 100+ New Customer 500 + Employees spread over 100 citie across India by Dec-2020 • One Good Product in the Market to save New Startups The long term goals of the company are: • 1000 + Locations • An International Level • 1000 + Crores Value Company • One Point Solution Provider for all Products • One of the Big Service Provider in India • Best Entrepreneurship in All Industries • Always 100% Quality and Committed Services

THE CLIENTELE The number of clients the SK Group caters to is in hundreds. Some of its deemed clientele include: MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd Quess Corp Ltd/Magna Infotech MYLAN Labb Ventures Pvt.Ltd Bagmane Developers Private Limited & Groups Adarsh Group of Institutions (AGI) Ltd Indian Oil Sky tanking Ltd - Bangalore Human Rights & Anti Corruption Forum(Govt of India) Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research. ISBR Institute - Bangalore Bagmane Green LLP Synopsys Mazplan Engineering Pvt. Ltd (BMW Mortification Group) InKnowTech Presidency University And so on.

UPCOMING COMPANIES With these goals in mind and a benevolent outlook towards society, SK Group is about to launch these new companies in the near future. 1. Medias Hut - Media Services: PRODUCTION - Ad Films, Corp Films, Short Films, Videos PROMOTION - Advertise With Us / Celebrity Management / Film Branding / Film Blog SHORT FILMS & VIDEOS - Short Films & Entertainment Channel / Promotion & Distribution / Original Content / Indian Short Films / Bollywood Videos / Short Films Group EVENTS - Event Management / Film Festivals / Film Awards PARTNERSHIP - Content Partnership / Strategic Alliances / Young Filmmakers Cell / Finwood Film Fund / Fashion Scrapbook / The Buzz Diary 2. SK TRUST: Besides its commitment to the upliftment of destitute children, the Trust aims at various other social activities like eradication of untouchability, importance of education, spreading awareness on primary health and hygiene, propagating benefits of Yoga and bringing awareness about dreaded diseases like AIDS among the rural community. 3. SK Farmers Trust: On an average, one farmer commits suicide every 41 minutes in India. To combat this humanitarian crisis of such epic proportions, SK TRUST (SK) is being established. It is a non-profit organization started with the motivation to address and help the issues affecting the high suicide rate among farmers in India. Established under Section 501, the organization started in late 2019, now highlights and implements numerous projects doing invaluable work improving the life of farmers, widows and their families. In 2019, non-profit status was approved by the IRS, so that all the donations made to SK TRUST (SIF) can be claimed as a charitable deduction on the tax return.

THE LEADER Mr. Senthil Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director of the group and now the National Secretary, Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Forum, Govt of India, Delhi, started his career at an early age of fifteen. From a meagre income of about five hundred rupees per month, and after facing a number of failures but still moving forward, Mr Kumar is now one of the most successful entrepreneurs across different dimensions and industries. So far, he has worked for tens of different companies in various areas like Sales, Marketing, IT Engineer, Real Estate Service, Software Solutions & even in TN Police against Cyber Crime. He also ventured on a number of entrepreneurial enterprises in his journey. Having faced many failures in life, Mr. Kumar does not have a fear of losing, and devises opportunities out of these failures. According to him, “failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and you recover from them and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you’ve got something to share.” “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can 87 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


BCM Review

Gen He alt h



Pu bl i


lt a e

r t n hE

eurship: Nex n e r p t e

What is needed in the global healthcare business market today is a new innovative model of public services for solving public health issues, and that is possible only by entrepreneurial thinking! How developing countries like India exploit the talent and the potential of Young Entrepreneurs to tackle the country’s public health challenges is a hot topic all over the world? It is expected that the Indian Healthcare market will reach 26 Lakh Crore by the year 2022. The hospital industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 17 percent to reach about 600 Lakh Crore by the year 2022. The rising incomes, increasing health awareness (due to the digitization era), lifestyle diseases (diabetes, cancer) and the increasing accessibility of health insurances, altogether have been the key drivers of the Healthcare market in India today. In recent years, India has been facing a growing burden of diseases and a critical shortage of health system resources, lack of basic infrastructure and qualified medical professionals, doctors, and surgeons. It is the need of hour to urgently fix the basic health concerns in the sector of infectious diseases (Tuberculosis, diarrhea, Hepatitis A & E, typhoid fever, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis or Acute Encephalitis Syndrome, AES, malaria, leptospirosis, and rabies), | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


NCDs (Non-communicable diseases), lifestyle diseases, and the emergence of new pathogens causing epidemics and pandemics. In addition to that, the problem of the malnourished child due to poor sanitation and the mortality of about 7% before the age of five are some other major issues to be tackled in urgency. What other issues need to be tackled? One critical issue which may be solved by public health entrepreneurship drive is the eradication of unemployment in India which has soared in recent times to its highest level in the last 20years (7.2%, According to February 2019 report). With an aim to provide essential public health services, Entrepreneurship in the Public Health sector has vast scopes for budding Entrepreneurs for Startups business. They can plan projects in Surveillance, Diagnosis and investigation of health hazards and health issues, Providing Information, education, and empowerment to women, Mobilizing community partnerships and action in identification of health issues, Designing of policies and plans that support individual and community health efforts, Enforcement of laws and regulations providing safety, Linking people to required personal health care, Arranging workforce for competent public and personal health care, Assessment of effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of health services, and Research for new insights and innovative solutions to health issues. In recent month, the outbreak of a common vector-borne infectious disease meningitis or encephalitis caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites in Northern part of India, elicited a massive response from the public authorities. Japanese encephalitis (JE), mostly caused by viral encephalitis in Asia with about 50,000 clinical cases reported annually, is primarily a disease of children which is caused by a single-stranded RNA flavivirus in which the membranes around the brain gets inflamed. JE virus is transmitted to humans through the biting of an infected mosquito, predominantly Culex species. The 3 of the most commonly identified etiologic agents in acute encephalitis are Herpes simplex virus (HSV), varicella-zoster virus (VZV), and enterovirus. Transmission of these viruses mainly occurs in rural agricultural areas, in hot & humid season (Month of May-June). Probably due to its viral cause, there are only a few therapeutic options that are commercially available to deal with this fatal disease. The use of DRACO, a doublestranded RNA activated Caspase Oligomerizer against RNA viruses as a therapeutic approach in the treatment of viral diseases like Japanese Encephalitis Virus has a great potential in the future. With the interim budget allocation of Rs 62,398 Crore for the year 2019-20 which is about 1.3% of the total budget, Modi2.0 Government in Healthcare sector, in addition to the launch of the world’s largest government-funded healthcare scheme Ayushman Bharat, has confirmed its commitment towards the healthcare of common man. Young Entrepreneurs should bring new ideas for improving human health and make the dream true of a Healthy and Wealthy India. Here the collaboration of basic scientists, clinical investigators, public health professionals, and Entrepreneurs are required to develop a common language for describing disease mechanisms to improve human health in India. 89 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Jayant Inamdar Managing Director

Nikhil Inamdar Director

Pratyush Khandekar Director

Kiran Mohite Director

“To start something new, you ought to keep belief in yourselves and your worth.” ~Jayant Inamdar The magic of self-belief can do wonders and impetuses people to achieve pinnacle. Living with this thought and walking with it in real life, the consultant Jayant Inamdar created Strudcom with a vision to provide people well-built structures.


“Create structures which more than meets the customers’ need and over which we can be proud of.” ~Jayant Inamdar

The exemplar, with optimistic and vigorous spirits, started his practice as an independent structural consultant in 1983 in a small apartment at Prabhat Road, Pune after gaining an enriching experience by working in some of the ace companies in India.

This is the foundation of Strudcom’s existence and guiding principle of the company. The Company encourages a systematic process approach by using computer software packages widely for detailed analysis and design. Besides this, they have also created their own indigenous programs in-house which are used at different stages in designing the structural elements. Strudcom received the prestigious ISO 9001: 2001 certificate from RINA in 2003. The company has grown significantly with in a period of time and now consists of a strong team of 50+ employees.

Their first work or opportunity was the Masulkar Colony at PimpriChinchwad in 1984. From the building one to another 10, their sincerity, dedication and work standards helped them to earn the upcoming Ajmera Project. After accomplishing series of projects with quality, they established and have extended their dimensions in and around Pune. And over the years, they have been successfully executing projects such as Residential Buildings, Townships, IT Parks, Factories, Institutes, Public Premises, Multiplexes and Shopping Malls to Bridges, Mobile Towers, Chimneys, ESR Balancing Tanks and Water Treatment Plants for major promoters, developers and corporates across India.


Strudcom serves a wide range of clientele with quality and standardized services. The clients are: • Corporate: Godrej Properties, K Raheja Corp, Ajmera Group, etc. • Real Estate: Panchshil Realty, Siddhivinayak Group, VJ Group, Pride Group, ABIL Group, etc.


Strudcom Consultants Pvt. Ltd was incepted with a single and indispensable mission: | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Strudcom strives to make a work environment healthy for employees by arranging seminars, group discussions, picnics, etc. They believe in an inclusive growth policy where employees also get the benefit as the company progresses. They have good retention with more than 50% of employees being associated with them for more than ten to twenty five years.


Inspiring from someone or something gives enormous courage and positivity to create something big. A sense of self-worth and confidence we develop when we listen to or read about our role models. Jayant Inamdar and his company also follow some inspiring personalities. • Institutes: IIT Mumbai, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Hyderabad, MKSSS Pune, VIT Pune, MIT Pune, Pune University, etc. • Industries: Volkswagen, Tenneco, ARAI, COSMA, etc. • Hospitality: Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, Park, etc. • Special Buildings: Auditoriums, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Sky Walks, Bus Stations, etc.

“Mr. Kamal Hadker - MD, Sterling Engineering Consultancy, Mumbai. He has been our Guru & mentor throughout our journey and he continues to inspire us in delivering better structures. Mr. C. E. Godse, from Pune, has been teaching us everyday how to keep documentation & records and to achieve perfection in time & economy.” ~Jayant Inamdar


Mr. Jayant Inamdar always works keeping in mind the sentence by HENRY FORD “A busy man has time for everything.”

In 2011, after joining as a Director, Nikhil Inamdar added a great dimension to Strudcom. His main focus is on ‘Optimized Design with Maximized Services’, so he put immense efforts in helping clients to achieve better structures at optimum construction costs. They support inhouse design capabilities for: • Reinforced Concrete Design • Structural Steel Design • Pre-stressed Concrete Design • Wooden & Steel Composite Design • Precast Concrete Design • Seismic Retrofitting


The quality work of the Company helped them to win a number of awards, which reflects its mission and the strides they have been able to achieve as an organisation. The awards include • Vikas Ratna Award: 1998-1999, • Best RCC Design AESA Award: 2000-2001, • Best RCC Design AESA Award: 2007-2008, • Best Residential Housing Scheme: 2008 for ‘The Woods’, • AESA Kumar Award for Group Housing: 2008 • Best RCC Design AESA Award: 2009 for the Dagduseth Halwai Trust Dattamandir and Dr. J M Mulay Structural Engineer Award: 2008 from the Institution of Engineers – Pune (India).

Personal attention & intervention at various stages of construction add value to benefit the project as a whole. The entrepreneur says, “The Company excels with the growth of the employees.” It’s the environment of the company that helps the employees to survive and perform better in the organization. The trust of the core management- Jayant Inamdar, Nikhil Inamdar, Pratyush Khandekar, and Kiran Mohite over the workforce is the key to unlock the employees’ potential.

The maestro has an inspiring message to share with the readers of Business Connect- “Growth should be multidimensional. It is about achieving milestones with pride & satisfaction. It is about upgrading with the use of the latest technology but keeping the core values intact.” 91 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA




Rashi Saral | Business Connect

oing into depths of Research work is not an easy task in India. There is a huge gap in terms of the quality of the research in the country when it comes to academic research at the doctoral level in comparison to the western countries. Considering this,the University Grants Commission has recently taken steps to enhance the quality of the research work and re-evaluate the quality of the research work done by the academicians in the last 10 years. In India, there isn’t any specific organization that exclusively focuseson creating awareness towards high quality research among academic researchers. Talaash Research Consultants aims towards fulfilling this gap by acting as a mentor to researchers across the nation to help them carry out research with high quality and in an ethical way. It extends its services to researchers outside India as well. It offers several workshops and training programs across several colleges and universities. It also offers online courses to both Indian and foreign students. The mission of the organization is to offer high quality research consultation services at an affordable cost.


Talaash Research Consultants is the first company in India to function fully under the concept of VIRTUAL OFFICE. Further, it is wholly owned and run by women. It is the only organization that runs a free social media page under the name of ResearchMethodologyTutor for teaching the basic concepts of research methods at free of cost to the researchers. The page has nearly 12000+ followers across the globe. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Indian women, despite being highly educated and qualified, are prone to witness career breaks, especially after marriage. Having experienced the vacuum that career break would bring to women personally, the entrepreneur wanted to make her business model contributing towards women empowerment. As a result, the entrepreneur made her company a 100 percent women managed organization. Additionally,she also offered her colleagues the facility of working from home. The aim of Talaash Research Consultants is to facilitate women towards continuing their career irrespective of their family situation. The company operates under the concept of VIRTUAL OFFICE, wherein its staff can work from wherever they are, irrespective of their geographic location, thereby helping women realizing their dream of achieving greater heights in their career.

INDISPENSABLE SERVICES OFFERED BY TALAASH They cater the services to two major categories, which are corporate companies and the other one is academicians. The seven major types of services are Consultation Services, Software Development Services, Data Collection Services, Journal Publication Support Services, Statistical Analysis Services, Writing services and Editorial Services. Recently, UX Research (User Experience Research) has gained much importance among both the SMEs as well as big corporate giants. They help organizations in the UX research process by facilitating them in measuring the level of customer satisfaction, identifying customer expectations, understanding customer grievances and offering customer friendly solutions. The spectrum of clientele includes higher educational institutions, corporate companies and startups, which focus on research and development. The target customers are people who carry out research for various purposes like academia, market analysis, scientific analysis and social welfare.. Talaash has worked with organizations like CRY India, The Research Council (Sultanate of Oman), Salem People Trust, Tamilnadu and many more and made its contribution towards helping them conduct their research work successfully.

Likewise, in order to fulfil the second objective, Enhancement of the Quality of Higher Education,they conduct training and workshops for the people belonging to rural India and educate them regarding high quality research. They also offer concessions in consultation fees for people from remote villages. SPLENDID ACHIEVEMENTS AND FUTURE PROSPECTS As an entrepreneur,Dr. Rajalakshmi Subramaniam bagged the ‘Homepreneur of the year Award 2018’- under the education and literature category of Tamilnadu.

On ensuring the trust of the clients on the Company, Dr.Rajalakshmi Subramaniam states, “I promise only what I can offer. I do not over commit to my clients, and if some requirement is out of my scope, I honestly will turn down the order. Unlike other companies, where the top management level people do not have direct interaction with the clients, I ensure to personally speak with each and every client of mine and address their issues then and there. This has helped our company in maintaining a 5 star rating on its social media page by all its clients.”

Talaash Research Consultants is the first ever consultancy in India that got an opportunity in the year 2018 to train Post Graduate Omani students on the Internet of Things (IoT) for a research project under FURAP, funded by The Research Council, Sultanate of Oman. Talaash Research Consultants has been a part of the state level project conducted by the Child Rights and You (CRY) and Samakalvi Iyakkam entitled ‘An Explorative Study on Forced Early Girl Child Marriages in Tamilnadu’ in the year 2019.

BUSINESS ETHICS FOLLOWED BY A CONSULTANT An efficient consultant is someone who just does not give a solution to the problem that a client encounters but also identifies the root cause of the problem and helps the client in eradicating the same. The CEO states, “I do not consider monetary benefit as the first priority when its comes to offering consultation services. I ensure to give unlimited support to the clients in their work till they achieve the highest level of satisfaction. Our company does more than what it commits. It in fact follows a 100% money refund policy in case we fail to deliver what we had promised to the clients.”

The company’s short term objective is to enter into tie up with higher educational institutions across India in order to impart research workshops and training on a regular basis to the students and create an awareness towards conducting high quality research. They are also looking to tie up with corporate companies so that they could help them in fulfilling all their UX research and marketing research related requirements. In the Long term, they have dreamt of opening India’s first ever RESEARCH CAFE, where researchers can come, sit, discuss, interact and learn research with a cup of coffee.

CSR ACTIVITIES The two major CSR objectives of their company are Women Empowerment and Enhancement of the Quality of Higher Education



Kapil Mishra | Business Connect

One cannot be a good professor without having been a better student. And one cannot be a consultant without having extensively researched and studied the field. And, if anyone wants to find the best and most experienced solicitors and consultants, the obvious choice has to be TPM Solicitors & Consultants, a firm that offers revolutionary solutions in international trade remedies and policies. TPM was founded by Mr. A. K. Gupta in 1999, who has been a pioneer in the field of trade remedies. TPM is a professional consultancy firm that engaged in providing services to the domestic and global industries in matters related to International Trade including Tariff Measures, Non-Tariff Measures, Trade Policies, Customs, Industry Analysis, Business Consulting (in the ambit of International Trade), Trade Compliance, Litigation, and Indirect Tax. TPM has created a name for itself in the highly specialized field of trade remedies, especially in representing the Indian industry seeking protection from unfair competition from imports from other countries. TPM has unparalleled experiences in the field of trade remedies having been involved in more than 700 investigations by now. BE DIFFERENT SO THAT PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU CLEARLY AMONGST THE CROWD TPM is distinctively known for its exemplary services in a highly technical field, and it is evident from the number of cases successfully handled by their team over a period of nearly two decades. Their wide range of services include assistance to the:• Domestic manufacturers seeking the imposition of antidumping, countervailing and safeguard duties against imports of the like products produced by them in India. • Producers outside India seeking the imposition of a duty on imports of their product into their country. • Foreign companies facing anti-dumping cases by third countries, for example, a UAE and Mexico company facing investigation by Brazil, an Egyptian company facing a case in Brazil. • Indian exporters and producers facing anti-dumping, anti-subsidy or safeguard investigations by various global authorities and • Importers in India seeking the protection of their interests in the investigations being conducted in India Other than trade remedial measures, they also assist industries in finding a suitable business solution to mitigate the adverse effects of competition in the market. THE TALE OF STRUGGLE Success never comes easily on everyone’s plate. Behind every success story, there is a huge risk, a stumble, a setback or a radical change of | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


tion. Being in government service as a bureaucrat, Mr. Gupta took the risk of setting the business of consultancy in a specialized field, where few had ventured before in India. The firm was established on few basic principles – be passionate and dedicated, be creative and stay focused, adapt with changes, be prepared to make sacrifices where required, and provide the best services to the clients.

protect, develop and sustain the small-scale labor-intensive industries, that are a source of livelihood to millions. However, despite multiple government policies aimed at encouraging such industries, the small-scale industries of India often find it difficult to survive as a result of the unfair competition from cheap imports and are seldom aware of the remedies available to them under the law. In order to ensure that the small scale producers do not find it difficult to survive in the challenging global market, TPM organizes workshops along with its partner associations. These workshops are aimed at generating greater awareness amongst the small-scale industries about the remedies available to them under the law to face the unfair trade practices being followed by exporters.

Following these principles, TPM has been able to build up a successful practice in the field, while also contributing to the development of trade remedial practice in the country. THE CLIENTELE TPM serves all types of manufacturing industries from small unorganized producers to highly organized and established industries. They have also assisted numerous companies in the chemical sector since chemicals are on the peak of global trade.

MILESTONES AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF TPM you want to achieve excellence, you can get there “Iftoday. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work. ” Thomas J. Watson

TPM provides complete solutions to the problems faced by their clients by being connected with them from the beginning to the end of the process. They assist the industry from the stage of advising them on how to collect information, compiling information in a structured form, submitting information, representing the case before authorities and up to representing the industry before the Courts.

• In 1999, TPM became the first specialized consultancy firm to start providing services in the area of trade defense actions • Since its incorporation, TPM has been Number 1 firm in the Country assisting domestic producers facing injury due to injurious dumping. • In 2000, TPM received the first assignment to assist the Indian industry facing a case in Europe. • TPM assisted Govt. of India in WTO disputes and started assisting GOI in subsidies investigations against Indian exports. • In 2015, TPM represented the Indian industry in the first successful anti-subsidy investigation by India. • In 2019, TPM represented the Indian industry in the first bilateral safeguard investigations conducted by India. • TPM represented Egyptian domestic industry seeking anti-dumping duty against the US • TPM has also represented Egyptian, Indonesian and Thai industries in investigations initiated in their countries and in other countries

Since the clients are satisfied with not only the outcome of the cases but also the level of professionalism exhibited by the team of TPM during the entire process of their case; it may not be out of place to mention that if anyone becomes the client of TPM, he always remains as the client of TPM. TPM prides itself on being able to develop and maintain enduring relationships with their clients. RESEARCH AND INNOVATIONS Being one of the biggest and oldest firms in the field, TPM has been instrumental in the development of the trade remedial practice in India. Since the trade remedy law is almost two decades old in India, it has stabilized to a certain extent. Still, there are certain grey areas, which TPM, being one of the top firms in the field, takes up consultations with the Government through various forums. While India started using these instruments only in the early 90s; the law is being used by countries such as Europe, the US, Canada for a fairly long period. TPM’s approach involves extensive examination of the WTO obligations, Indian laws and the practice followed by other investigating authorities globally. The strength of TPM is in its research, manpower, and ability to find solutions to problems.

THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR POWER The TPM philosophy has always been that “rather than being a jack of all trades, it is better to be a master of one”. Instead of focusing on potential markets, TPM has always worked towards creating a niche for itself in its existing market. Their expertise and the success rate have been the key driving force for their clients to repeatedly approach the firm. They are also planning to open branch offices outside Delhi and overseas. Hence, they intend to picture their footprint in major countries, which undertake a fair number of trade defense actions, including, but not limited to USA, Europe, and China.

Additionally, TPM believes that there is a need to encourage entrepreneurship in India and to strengthen the industrial base in the country. There is especially a need to 95 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

BCM Review

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Path towards success “Everything people ever wanted is ONE STEP OUTSIDE their comfort zone”. As we all know, Life of a person begins at the end of your comfort zone. The sooner you took your step away from comfort zone; the sooner you’ll get to realize that it really wasn’t all that comfortable. Everyone is master of their comfort zones, so it should be no surprise that we all (means you, me and the world) withstand being curious and keep stepping outside of it. Let us understand with this famous quote:

“Success is on the other side of your comfort zone.” - Orrin Woodward Is it sounds powerful? Maybe it seems you promising, and filled with great potential, right? Not entirely, and here’s why. You can read thousands of quotes present on the web about getting out of the comfort zone, but implementing them to real life is something challenging. Making a step outside of your comfort zone is extremely hard and needs a lot of courage, similarly: on the other hand only when you face your fears and feel uncomfortable you can do unbelievable things that end to success.

I found some of the steps that will help you to step out of your comfort zone. These are the following: You have to get out of your comfort zone and take risks. You don’t know what’s out there for you until you go and dig into it, and find it for yourself. • “Push yourself hard”. Keep trying to never give up even when the going gets rough. • ‘Make a list’ – even mental one (Mind-mapping) of what you really want to achieve. Go through this list every day in the morning and let it motivates you. • ‘Practice’- Practice and make work-life balance. Everyone needs to rest, avoid rushing. • Set your own priorities and work accordingly: Identify what needs to be done now and what can wait by thinking out of the box. • B+ve: Doubting what you are capable of doing and whatnot lead to success as it is key to keeping yourself outside the limitations and comfort zone. • Keep trying: improve a skill by doing it over and over again until you get it right what you needed. • Step up and take initiative: Make things happen to you instead of waiting for them to happen to you. • Keep hands-on: If you have a business, make sure that you know it inside out for making yourself work for it outside the comfort zone. • Personal care is important: Exercise - Keep your body healthy to avoid sickness and increase productivity.

Here are 7 benefits of stepping yourself outside the comfort zone: 1. Opportunity to grow: Challenging yourself can help you to reach yourself at highest peak performance level. Therefore you cannot expect to evolve and reach out to new heights if you only stick to your normal habits and old routine lifestyle. Learning new skills and lessons will always help you throughout your life better. 1. Learn about yourself: Taking new risks, will help you grow as an individual. It will teach you about your interests, passions, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. Every time you accomplish something you didn’t think you were capable of, you become more knowledgeable and skilled. | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


2. Expanding yourself and your creativity: When you try something new, you may find a new hobby or talent that you didn’t know that you had. New and challenging situations require you to find your own creativity in order to reach a solution. 3. Increase your self-confidence: Tackling the unknown and proving to yourself you can push past your boundaries and limiting self-beliefs builds your self-confidence and self-esteem. Insecurities always like to feed on your habit of not trying. If you stop thinking, start acting then you will realize what’s possible. 4. Learn to deal with challenges: Life is unpredictable and it’s important to have the skills and confidence to face them head-on. By knowing of the fact that you were able to overcome something, which is thought and was insurmountable will build your confidence to reinforce your independence of who you are. 5. Life becomes lively: When your life stops being a scene from the movie Groundhog Day, everything shows up different. Life becomes more interesting and worth living. All Risks may look like adventures and little obstacles if could look them like opportunities.

Build new relationships: Trying something new every time, helps you to meet all sorts of new mindsets people, you may not meet them, otherwise you don’t step out of your comfort zone. In order to have good relationships with others, you must have a good relationship with yourself. Stepping out of your comfort zone, discovering who you are and overcoming your fears will ultimately result in better relationships with others.

97 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

WealthDirect : Consultant of the Year 2019

Investor Trust : The Success Mantra Behind The Emergence Of WealthDirect Yashika Sabharwal | Business Connect



lient centricity & trust building are the core values of the system at WealthDirect.With the Intent of giving the most suitable options for the investors, they have garnered the Investors’ trust with the best business practices. As a result it has earned them strong client referrals which add to great growth year on year. As a Investment Manager, Integrity is an abstract jewel on which the Company walks. Trustworthiness, respect, openness, innovation & transparency through Processes are the hallmarks which they practice while advising investors. The foundation stone of WealthDirect was laid in 2011 by the duo Shekhar and Vipin Bhutani who decided to utilize their years of rich experience in wealth management and give financial bliss to the families by managing their precious wealth. The Company was incubated with the objective of enabling wealth creation for its investors through Prudent Financial planning & Investment Management Services. The use of technology is pivotal in ensuring that by which they can reach across the demographics and geographies, providing a prudent process and goal oriented Financial Guidance to the investors. AT WEALTHDIRECT, THEY CONSCIOUSLY FOCUS ON UNDERSTANDING THE UNIQUE NEEDS OF EVERY INVESTOR. FOLLOWING ARE THE SERVICES THEY OFFER TO THEIR CLIENTS: • • • •

Financial Planning Investment Management Mutual Funds Advisory Tax Advisory Services | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

• • • • 98

Insurance & Protection Solutions Retirement Planning Child Education Planning Fixed Income Planning

Serving almost 5000 clients across the world, their investor segment includes retail investors, mass affluent, HNI, SMEs, corporate, trust, an association of person, family offices, etc. It is the expertise that their team brings on the table & the effort they put in.

towards Investment in the Stock Market. They work hard on creating content that includes numerous educational videos,lots of personal interactions with Group of Investors by counselling them via Historical Graph and Data. They were able to change their perspective from Short Term investment to Long term Investment.


Ensuring that every client of theirs gets financial advice that has no hidden agendas but is authentic and unbiased in nature, the Company has knitted a knot of unbreakable trust. Whilst preparing Financial Roadmap for their investor they follow a strategy that is strongly based on ‘Y.O.U’ & ‘INVOLVE TO EVOLVE’. In Y.O.U. Y represents Your goals, O stands for Our commitment U is a pointer for Unbelievable Wealth Creation. They always encourage very open and transparent communication with investors and guide them on the things that are appropriate for them.

Every market correction has given them different learning in terms of the asset allocation of investors & reaction of Investors to specific market conditions. It is a continuous learning process & the Company updates itself to formulate a winning investment strategy. Shekhar Rai “We measure our success in terms of financial bliss given to our Investors, Wealth Direct Continuously strive to Innovate new Wealth Creation ideas, maintain the highest degree of Ethics & Systems to help more and more clients Reach Important Milestones of their life”.



Driven by the objective of increasing financial literacy by making investors understand between a good and better financial product. They conduct a number of investment awareness programs to educate people about financial planning and their Asset allocation investment required to achieve their financial goals like retirement corpus, child education, etc. De facto, India has a very poor financial literacy rate in the sector. They are doing every bit to increase it in the long run as they are incessantly focusing on Quality Financial Planning, the knowledge of which can be spread to a multitude of Indians.

Research helps in taking insightful Investment decisions so processing data into insightful information is the crucial aspect to Successful Investment Decision making. Unlike others their MF research is totally unbiased as the research contains 69+ types of unique researches apart from the research they focus on asset allocation, risk appetite and analyzing goals of Investors. Their financial and investment planning tools, analytics and research have not only increased the client’s engagement and trust, but have also helped the team to increase their efficiency and deliver the promised value proposition to investors.

Vipin Bhutani “It gives us immense satisfaction when we drive our investors to achieve ‘Dreams’ of their lives whether sending their children abroad for higher studies, a Royal Marriage of their children or enjoying the sunset years of their Life.”

Through their in depth Research and User Friendly Services, WealthDirect helps investors in minimizing the risk factors and represents the investor’s risk Profile while deciding for investments For their financial goals.


WealthDirect Emphasized goal based investing as the foremost process to prosper for Investor; The Company today manages 5000 clients led by a 17 member team with assets under Management of more than INR 4,00,00,00,000. Recognized by Hindustan Times and various magazines for outstanding performance and CSR activities WealthDirect aims to reach the broad spectrum with its unique platform. Currently, they are focused on the digitalized Financial Planning & Completely Online Transaction System to grow their business across the boundaries seamlessly. Following are the accolades for the outstanding performance in the arena: • 2015 – Prosperity Advisor Award 2015 • 2016 – Upper Crust Award 2016 • 2017 – Among India’s 25 Most Promising Financial Consultants By Consultant Review Magazine • 2018- Emerging Fintech Startup 2018 By Insight Success Magazine


At WealthDirect, technology is at the heart of all the offerings. It has set up a system imbibed with high technological applications like 3D Personal Financial Analysis, Investment Portfolio X-ray System, FinaMetric Risk Profiling System. With the implementation of advanced technologies like Goal GPS, risk profiling system, they try to map the goals & understand the risk profile of the investors and do a thorough research accordingly to their requirements along with gradually improvising the system. Human behavior plays an essential role in the investment Success of investor. During the inception of the Company in the year 2011, the stock market was not doing well and generally people have a speculative perspective 99 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


WORDICT-IP Dr. Amit Mishra | Business Connect

A good and a thorough lawyer is not only a professional who has an eye to every side and angle of the case, evaluative skills, ability to absorb large information, have good communication skills but is also one who handles the legal problem with an intention to see that his client gets some remedy or relief. If he is able to see the flaw in the logic of the opponent and take advantage of it to get relief for his client then he has done his job. Similarly, the most heed consultancy WordictIP headed by an illustrious lawyer, Mr. Ashok Ram Kumar embarked in 1992 pre-eminent domain of Intellectual Property Law in Hyderabad. Mr. Ashok enrolled with the then AP Bar in the year 1988, and immediately joined the office of Mr. R. Sashidharan, a Senior Lawyer who exclusively practiced in Central Excise, Customs, FEMA and Corporate Law at Chennai. He gained immense experience under Mr. R Sashidharan’s guidance. He has appeared before the Honourable High Court of Chennai and then CEGAT as well as before the other quasi-judicial authorities. The three-year tenure in Mr. Sashidhran’s office laid the solid foundation for Mr. Ashok to grow as a perfect future attorney. The Substratum of WordictIP In the year 1991, late November, Mr. Ashok came back to Hyderabad and started his independent practice in the Intellectual Property area. He went ahead and established one of the oldest boutique IP law firm in Andhra Pradesh -WordictIP. This firm went on to become a flagship brand in AP and Telangana. Today, it is considered as a pioneer firm of doing work in the exclusive domain of IP. He filed his first Trademark application in the year 1992 and till date has filed more than 4000 trademarks, copyright, patent and design applications on behalf of diverse clients. His wife Mrs. Sheela Ram Kumar, an experienced IPR Attorney, heads the firm as on date. In the last three years Mrs. Sheela focused clients outside India and successfully built a portfolio for herself and WordictIP. She also manages a sizable team. and is in charge of the Internship Program at Wording WordictIP A lawyer without history or literature is a mechanic, a mere working mason; if he possesses some knowledge of these, he may venture to call himself an architect. Sir Walter Scott After having had a remarkable start in the field of Intellectual property law, he started working with Mr.V.V.Krishna Murthy a Senior Lawyer in the year 1994 and started assisting in areas like Banking, Corporate Law, Arbitration and Writ Jurisdiction. He was one of the first lawyers to represent before the DRT (Debts Recovery Tribunal) constituted in AP. The immense experience and expertise garnered at the office of Mr. Murthy helped Mr. Ashok Ram Kumar to build an intellectual profile for himself. One of a Kind Attorney Mr. Ashok started to concentrate on his independent practice in IP, which was by now becoming demanding. In the year 2003, he had his main focus on IP Law practice, be it filing, prosecution, enforcement, and valuation. The AP govt. sought his assistance in the Legal aspect of Information Technology, which makes him best in his market even today. Mr. Ashok Ram Kumar saw a prospective good practice in this area and started practice in Information Technology Law, which made him a man of acclaimed talents. Therefore, catering to the growing demand for IP Enforcement litigation, he started a partnership firm IPMarkets in the year 2013 along with two other partners. Within a short span of 6 years of its existence, | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


Commerce, and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), Engineering Colleges NGO’s etc. He felt the need that there had to be a focused process of disseminating IP information and awareness for entrepreneurs and innovators. He believes that by doing so one can possibly achieve IPR milestones in the form of IP filings in the service industry, retail industry, product industry, etc. He believes that knowledge was power and this could be achieved only by awareness of the Law and the legal system. He believes that seepage of information would enable the innovators, entrepreneurs, entities to better equip themselves and protect their intellectual property. Membership With Organizations: AIPPI: He is a Member of the AIPPI. International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the world’s leading international organization dedicated to the development and improvement of legal regimes for the protection of intellectual property.

IPMarkets has filed more than 94 Civil Suits and other proceedings and today it’s a very well-known IP Litigation firm in the country. The Clientele of Litigation Mr. Ashok is highly proficient in filing and prosecuting of IP applications, enforcement through litigation, valuation of IP, and Anti-counterfeiting, etc. Additionally, he also has experience in filing and prosecuting international applications with worldwide clients in the USA, ARIPO, EU, and Southeast Asia. Alongside such practice, he also does IP Audit and valuations for companies for their acquisitions and mergers as well as for their Annual Assessments. His main client chain is from various sectors like Service and Goods Industry, Multinational Software Industry Companies, Pharmaceutical Industry, a few of the Fortune 500 Companies, State and Central Govt., Corporations, Engineering Institutes, and Universities. Contribution to Community & Society Teaching was a passion for Mr. Ashok and in order to follow his passion, a conspicuous footing was made when he opened INNOVPATH which is mainly involved in training, mentoring and conducting conferences for various entities around the country. As a passionate teacher Mr. Ashok contributes his might for the IP Awareness through various Public Sector Organizations, NGO, Chambers of Commerce, Confederation of Indian Industry, ESCI, National Institute of Fashion Technology, JNU, JNTU, National Institute of Technology, SardarVallabha Bhai Patel National Police Academy, Telangana State Police Academy, Federation of Telangana Chambers of

INTA: The International Trademark Association (INTA) a global association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property. He is a committee member and had the occasion of being a Table Topic Moderator twice of this organization. Has attended around 4 INTA meetings. TCEI: Telangana Chamber of event Industry. He is an Honorary Member of the Telangana Chamber of Event Industry, which is a Society formed for the welfare of the event managers and other event organizers in Telangana. In the TCEI Excellence awards in 2019 – WordictIP was adjudged as the best IP Firm. Awards and Achievements During the Journey JPO Programme in 2017: Mr. Kumar was selected for the Japanese Patent Office Training program in the year June 2017for the topic of IP litigation. The course which was for three weeks helped Mr. Ashok Ram Kumar gain greater insight into the IP perspective. As part of the program, he visited various Corporate like Fuji Xerox, Honda, etc. He had the privilege of being selected as the leader of the course and was honored to give the farewell speech on the last day. Accredited Resource Expert for Engineering Staff College of India: Through this Organization, he conducts various training sessions, conferences as well as workshops for institutes. In the year 2018, he conducted a conference titled EDUCATE TO INNOVATE where in WordictIP collaborated with ESCI. In addition to IP Law matters, he also has immense experience in handling issues pertaining to Information Technology Law, Corporate IT Security Issues. He also appears for many of his colleagues and juniors as an Arguing Counsel. His alacrity of mind and Eloquence and excellent command on English along with oratory skills has helped him to tune himself as a prominent and an ideal and regarded as ablest IP Lawyer in Telangana state. 101 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

BCM Review

A Guide to Accplishing Your Goalssss “Dreams are so beautiful, humans dream to be alive, and if our dreams come true, then the height of happiness and contentment reaches to peak� | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound. So, let’s dig deep in each point, so to understAnd more, so that we all can achieve our goals successfully.


Specific Firstly, we need to be very much clear about our goals; it means our target should be clear: don’t try to sail in two boats at the same time. So, the best way to decide what is your goal, sit quietly and pour your heart out on the paper, i.e. write down whatever is there in your mind, and let your thoughts come on the piece of paper. Write all your goals on the piece of paper and be specific about them. For e.g. if you want to be a dancer, write what type of dancer you want to be like classical, contemporary, jazz, in which dance form you are extraordinary.

Realistic Set real goals, so that you can achieve them. Goals cannot be set on imagination. For example, you have never tapped your feet on the dance floor, but you are setting the goal of becoming renowned dancer one day.


Do not complain for not accomplishing the goals, if you stress yourself by planning or setting the goals which are totally out of your reach. Always plan the goals in accordance to your potential. For example: by learning the dance for one year, your goal is to win the trophy of Dance India Dance, then absolutely it makes no sense.

Then set measurable goals and dates to achieve them. The goals should have the time limit, for example, in 4 months you are going to learn the basics of contemporary dance. In next, 4 months, you will move to the elementary level, then in a year or two, advanced level; you are going to attain.

Right attitude, systematic approach, discipline in dayto-day life are the significant factors which nourish our goals and grow them into the plants of fruitful success. Most importantly, we need to avoid distractions also which are curbing us to attain our goal. We need to be well focused and planned.

Time-bound Set the time limit to your goals, in how many years you are going to fulfill them. Let’s say in ten years you are ready to explore your talent and try to participate in national and international dance shows, obviously starting from the school and college level. Take it easy; don’t be anxious if you are not able to attain them. Patience, hard work, and dedication are the keys to unlock the lock of success.

The above described SMART goal setting is the fundamental aspect in achieving the goal. Simply saying, I want this dream of mine gets true, whereas designing the strategy; to make it happen will take you miles away. 103 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA

RNI No. : DELENG/2018/76695 | Vol. 2 | Special Edition November 2019 INDIA


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