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Where persuasive innovation emerges from sudden disruption... The inclusion of innovation into the business objectives has been the secret sauce to success for most organisations. But for many businesses innovation emerges from the immediate disruption in the workflow. Also, most of the success stories airing in the business space speak of the prominence of hard work, perseverance, and of course creativity to achieve the established goals. Thereby, this time the focus of our exclusive edition is on enterprises powered by their creative sparks(and the above-mentioned aspects) to induce the transformative wave across the business landscape. As our most-awaited edition- Company of the Year 2021- brings you a series of some fascinating reads in the form of monthly issues, we are adamant to assert the dominance of creative ventures in the growth of our business community. With the steadfast willingness to flag a name in their respective domain, the companies featured in this outstanding issue have showcased their exclusiveness sophisticatedly. “You can’t use up your creativity. The more you use it, the more you have it,” a quote from Maya Angelou spoke the most to me while writing this editorial. Indeed, most successful individuals have one thing in common i.e. creativityoriented outlook. Who doesn’t know that creative heads had been ruling the world since time immemorial? Don’t we know that in the history of mankind the most daring plunge has come from the demiurgic minds only? As most of the leaders across the world have always accentuated the significance of thinking out-of-the-box for the evolution of the world. This time, to everyone’s amazement, our cover story has featured the vignette of an avant-garde startup - Bharuwa Solutions, incorporated by a globally acknowledged name- Acharya BalKrishna! Though his phenomenality is recognized by the thumping success of Patanjali Ayurved, the Indian Billionaire has now decided to ‘invade’ and ‘conquer’ the IT space too. While penning down his brainchild’s narratives to create this cover story, I was fascinated with the in-depth industry acumen and technology insights of BalKrishna. As you go through this exclusive story, you cannot believe him to be a ‘yoga guru’ with such a spectacular ‘know-how’ of the software industry. With this new-fangled endeavour, he has envisioned propelling Bharuwa Solutions to create impeccable technology roadmaps f0r the benefits of SMEs and local vendors. We avidly believe that the ingenious streak revealed by the ‘intriguing leader’ will serve a ‘big-wheel dose of motivation to our global readership. Likewise, there are several other productive ventures that not only carved out a market for themselves in the respective industries but also, proved their prolific streak to make a difference to the targeted audience. Our diligent team of professionals have made persistent efforts to create this edition for delivering effectively engaging content to our global audience, hence; we hope you will enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed its formation. Moreover, don’t forget to read out additional informative articles ingrained in this issue to enhance your knowledge of the latest global happenings. At last, I must bid you all adieu by wishing health and well-being on behalf of Business Connect Magazine.

Kajal Dobhal | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


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Acharya Balkrishna

CEO, Bharuwa Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED A Pioneer In IT Space Driven By ‘Swadeshi Spirit’ | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


18 Success Story

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Shiftco Shipping & Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.


Sparx IT Solution



54 Soft Freight Logic

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28 Ask Consultants India


GrassDew IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



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66 Senpiper Technologies | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


9 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

BHARUWA SOLUTIONS Kajal Dobhal | Business Connect

A Pioneer In IT Space Driven By ‘Swadeshi Spirit’


n India, who isn’t aware of the intriguing journey of Patanjali Ayurved that took the FMCG industry by storm. The motive force behind the resounding success of the group is its agile adoption of the tech- advances and innovations to establish a robust supply chain management and distribution system. And this inside story depicts the success of the group’s yet another venture- Bharuwa Solutions that is scaling heights under the insightful stewardship of Acharya Balkrishna ji. As our team sat down for a virtual meet with him to get better insights into the company’s offerings, we came across some valuable nuggets of wisdom and food for thought. While conversing with him as the CEO of Bharuwa Solutions and one of the most influential personalities in India, we couldn’t help but be amazed by the financial acumen shared by him. His profound knowledge of the industry and thoughtful approach to address the issues faced by commonalities are quite commendable. Hence, we believe that our global readership will find this read inspiring and enjoyable.

Cover Cover StoryStory | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA



Acharya Balkrishna

CEO, Bharuwa Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

11 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


Well- reckoned as the phenomenal brain behind extraordinary triumphs of Patanjali Group, Balkrishna needs no introduction at all. And this time, he is back with something out-of-the-box to offer moulded as Bharuwa Solutions. The business is fixated on rendering productive and cost-effective solutions to complicated information management needs. For this, it depends on the innovative application of trending technologies in line with addressing the client’s business goals, says the dynamo.

As fascinating as the organization’s business portfolio is, we believe the name Bharuwa is equally amazing.

Bharuwa means something that drives one’s life with prosperity and profitability. This venture was incorporated in 2019 with a sheer intention to allow the businesses across our nation witness growth in leaps and bounds,” reveals Acharyaji.

And the core motivation to start Bharuwa Solutions came from the adversities faced by Patanjali Ayurved itself to seek comprehensive solutions to address their supply chain and DMS( Distribution Management) needs. As the covid-19 crisis wreaked havoc across the nation, especially disturbing the whole supply chain mechanism, the administration felt the need of utilizing some customized software solutions for the supply chain as well as DMS. For both these areas, Patanjali Group searched for best-in-class software, reaching out to some leading SaaS service providers. Later, all this scenario stimulated Balkrishna to bring a ‘swadeshi touch’ in the software development space too. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


“Patanjali’s contribution towards nation-building is by being focused on FMCG industry. But, we wanted to invade a different space with a unique vision to add substance to our mission of better nationbuilding. Thereby, we entered the Indian entrepreneurial space to consider and rely on complete software solutions that would be ‘home-made’ only,” elucidates Acharyaji. BUSINESS PORTFOLIO AT A GLANCE

Bharuwa is a new- fangled, tech- startup of Patanjali Ayurved that is primarily focused on enhancing and ameliorating the supply chain and distribution system alongside offering a new dimension to IT industry. It has came out to be a pioneer in catering best-in-class IT solutions of global standards to small as well as large corporations, government institutions, etc. As a highly-acclaimed innovative software house, system integrator and tech- provider, the company has been developing incredible technical solutions for businesses to facilitate efficient and secure access and communication leveraging multiple heterogeneous information resources and services. Bharuwa proves its forte in the software development space where it offers specialized products, IT services and custom end-to-end solutions as per the client’s needs. Owing to these competencies to

implement and manage complex IT systems in this ever-evolving space, it has been ensuring a leading edge over its peers. Since its inception, the company has been providing its exemplary services to a diverse customerbase globally at quite competitive prices. Today, it has become a singlewindow store where one can outsource most of the support services that are highly reliable and come at the best quality standards. It comes from an in-depth understanding of the client’s business processes, culture, vision and objectives across diverse industry segments. Thereby, they happen to deliver client- centric offerings that sync with their expectations while providing business value.

13 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


Many might ask, why to consider Bharuwa Solutions? Or what gives it a leading edge in the market? On this, Balkrishna responded that unlike other players in the industry, who offer a complicated set of DMS solutions while working on stock and inventory management in real time inventory, Bharuwa puts forth an end- to- end single process at the first place. Moreover, businesses rely on out-sourced solutions to deal with finance and accounts processes in stock and inventory management. Here, Bharuwa Solutions came as a service provider that has offered a complete set of stock and inventory management process ingrained with finance and accounts management solution. The DMS software offered by Bharuwa Solutions is claimed to be a boon for retailers, distributors and manufacturers by Acharyaji. He adds, “For us data- centralization was the primary challenge to address at which we have excelled stupendously. Our revolutionary solution will produce incredible resultsbe it for a small retailer or a renowned super-distributor owing to its transparency and all- inclusivity. It has been formulated to revamp the scenario across Asian and African region for retailing, distribution, and manufacturing space. Along with this, Bharuwa has empowered this patented offering by including POS, devices, loyalty programs, WMS, etc. At present, the system is working on three- layers and converged on catering to the needs of various industrial spaces like FMCG, Pharma, Restaurant, e-Commerce, and Garment. Soon, this software will be utilized and implemented on the ground level where every small and medium-sized business will be benefitting from its exclusiveness and that too, at quite affordable prices. And what adds to its phenomenality is the cloud-based system that improves the accessibility of the data, bringing efficiency to the overall process. This justifies the company’s motto of serving quality, innovation, technology, and a user-friendly interface with a lifetime of customer support.

Balkrishna states, “All the artisans, MSMEs, small retailers, etc, will be benefitted from this transparent fintech solution put forth by Bharuwa Solutions. From GST returns to IT filing or lending loans, this product will make a gargantuan impact on the lives of a majority of the population in India by ensuring financial inclusiveness across various industries. Additionally, the government of India can even witnesse an increment of 25% tax-deposition in its treasury that can affirmatively impact our economy in best possible manner.” HOW REAL-TIME TRACEABILITY SYSTEM CAN OFFER A FINANCIAL SOLUTION TO VARIOUS PAIN POINTS?

we consider the finance management tools, there is a real dearth of real-time execution, fund deployment, credit risk assessment and project viability monitoring. To combat this, a perfect combination of process modelling, execution and measurement can be developed for allowing financial traceability with accounting, billing, inventory & real-time project tracking and monitoring updates. This overt process describes a due diligence framework; controls financial traceability; along with geo-mapping, fencing & tagging that rely on tangible process assessment of projects before lending, during and after implementation.

Acharya Balkrishna with his core research team has developed a manuscript where the significance of real- time traceable solutions has been emphasised in light of up- lifting global economy. B-Bank™ is the flagship product that has been proposed as an integrated financial solution by him to contribute to the worldwide economical growth. Today, developing nations are facing grave challenges such as inequality, hunger and poverty, haltering the comprehensive growth of a country that is eventually imperilling the world economy. When such disastrous situations thrives in any nation, inefficient lending practices, poor supervision by lenders and forgery become a common scenario that gradually leads to building of non-performing assets. NPAs are becoming the major threats to financial industry. And if | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

On that note, B-Bank™ is a block chain secured finance solution that can effectively optimize credit risk capital at pre-sanction, pre-disbursement and post- implementation of projects. It will prove to be balancing and strengthening solution to financial institutions, that will ultimately ameliorate the global economy. 14

As a country’s financial sector must be economically sustainable, the deployment of efficient financial products with timely servicing, high repayment ratio, and low probability of defaults can effortlessly reduce non-performing assets. As per the Projection Analysis, to establish a balance in poverty, inequality and economic growth, timely servicing, low delinquency, high repayment ratio will stimulate low – level of non-performing assets to build a steadfast economy.

honourable PM’s dream project- ‘Digital Agriculture’. Bharuwa Solutions has joined hands with the government of India for Digital Agriculture’s pilot project for which they are thrilled to introduce some extraordinary offerings.

In terms of significantly multiplying the bank’s income to cost ratio, the solution will be impeccable to increase the regular and timely credit and information sharing extent and NPA recovery percentage.

Acharyaji asserts that the challenges faced by our nation are quite distinctive when compared to other countries. Our resources are limited unlike other nations and Agritech solutions should be customized as per our agricultural issues. Thereby, the need of the hour is a solution to deal with such problems at ground level, rather than just superficially focussing on data and technology. A deep insight into the agricultural space at ground level is required to be substantial in this direction where Bharuwa Solutions strives to make an impact. The IT product portfolio in this direction will be unveiled next year, bringing waves of joy and prosperity across the space. Moreover, all of this business expansion will ensure enormous employment opportunities to the Indian youth on direct as well as indirect levels to serve the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ mission set up by the Prime Minister of India, affirms Balkrishna.



Here, B-Bank™ happens to be a real- time finance traceability system that can assist financial institutions in selecting the loan beneficiaries who are reasonably well- performers and are low risk borrowers by analysing the real-time cash flow, project details and performance indicators.

While making a huge difference to the fintech and DMS segment, Bharuwa Solutions will be forging ahead to add some substance to agricultural space in the upcoming years. Here, the multiplication of farmer’s income and digital agriculture will be the core focal points for the company making synergy with

“There is no shortcut to success! Our youth shall rely on hard work, perseverance and dedication to attain unwavering success and make steady progress in the business. Just eradicate apprehensive attitude and face difficulties with confidence, and the world will hail you for sure,” conveys the luminary.

PARTING WORDS BY THE DIGNITARY “We as a business community need to nurture a positive competition. In lieu of, demeaning and degrading each other by targeting the reputation, we should come together to take steps towards the nation-building process. For this, SMEs need to be endorsed in the most efficient manner as they can ensure a brighter prospect to our nation’s overall well-being. Here, retail businesses should be offered with better solutions to enhanced their overall value as the pandemic took a major toll on such traders. Also, though diverted from Patanjali Group to the IT sector, Bharuwa Solutions flourishes on its ‘Swadeshi Spirit’ and innovative zeal that will keep us proceeding ahead fervently to make a difference to our nation at a major level. Hence, let’s join hands towards a radiant future by harnessing the power of IT solutions and make adamant attempts towards holistic growth of our country.”-

15 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA



MicroUPS MADE IN INDIA Power Backup for WiFi Router



17 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

+91 78420 94659 | | |

/Intelizon Energy

Meet India’s Most Powerful BUSINESSWOMAN

Roshni Nadar

Success Story TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, YOU HAVE TO HAVE LARGE ASPIRATIONS. ROSHNI NADAR MALHOTRA Age: 39 years Spouse: Shikhar Malhotra Children: Jahaan Malhotra and Armaan Malhotra Parents: Shiv Nadar, Kiran Nadar

When it comes to India’s most successful female entrepreneurs, Roshni Nadar Malhotra must be mentioned. Shiv Nadar, the founder of HCL Technologies, has only one child, Roshni. In 2019, she is rated 54th on Forbes’ list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. Roshni Nadar is the richest woman in India, according to the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List (2019), with a net worth of 3,120 crores USD (2021). Roshni Nadar, the daughter of Shiv Nadar, is one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs. She began her career as a news producer in the United Kingdom. However, join her father’s company at the age of 27. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


She became the executive director and CEO of HCL Corporation a year after entering the company. Roshni Nadar Malhotra had little interest in technology. She is a classically trained musician as well as a Yoga lover. When she realized she couldn’t make it large without managing a business, she moved her focus from technology communication. She then went to India and began working for her family’s company. With her lack of interest in technology, Roshni Nadar’s strategic decisions in risk management, treasury, and governance boosted HCL’s growth.

Before joining HCL, she worked as a producer for many Indian companies. Roshni had been active in brand building across the HCL Group within a year of joining HCL Enterprise. She worked as a news producer for Sky News UK and CNN America before entering HCL Corp in 2009. At the age of 27, she was promoted to executive director and then CEO after a few years on the job.

Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering. Roshni’s active efforts in the areas of sustainability and environmental conservation are admirable. They are also quite relevant to the present times. One of her most significant initiatives is the Habitats’ Trust. The goal of this effort is to protect indigenous species and their natural habitats. Roshni Nadar expressed her success mantra in an interview. “Know your talents and weaknesses, and carry people with you,” she advised.

Before entering HCL Corporation as CEO, she served as a trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, a Chennaibased not-for-profit organization that is affiliated with Sri

Achievements • Young philanthropist of the Year by NDTV – 2014 • 2015 World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award for the World’s Most Innovative People. • Vogue India Philanthropist of the Year – 2017 • Roshni Nadar Malhotra was named the richest woman in India in the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List, despite being placed 54th on Forbes’ list of the worlds’ 100 most powerful women. For having a globally famous think tank, Horasis named her the Indian Business Leader of the Year 2019. • Roshni Nadar Malhotra of HCL Technologies is the richest woman in India, according to the 2nd edition of the ‘Kotak Wealth Hurun–Leading Wealthy Women’ study, with a net worth of INR 54,850 crores.

It was all about Roshni Nadar, who is a role model for us all. She has set an example for future generations through her hard work and dedication.

Before being promoted, she worked with HCL for two years as a Vice-Chairperson. The corporation backed a $1.8 billion purchase from IBM, the largest in the company’s history, under her leadership. As CEO, she wants the company to function like a startup, despite its size. She believes that “you have to stay agile, eager, and entrepreneurial at all times.”

ROSHNI NADAR MOTIVATIONAL WORDS We aim to set some kind of benchmark and standards for transparency and governance in private philanthropy. Exposing children to nature, especially at an early age, keeps them grounded. My mother and father are exceptionally proud Indians. They always wanted to contribute, to give back philanthropically, especially in the field of education.

Roshni Nadar is a natural entrepreneur who has set the stage for women in the IT industry. She may have been born with a gift (rich family), but she understands how to put it to good use for the benefit of society and herself. Roshni Nadar possesses the spirit to push HCL to new heights, and she is doing so. 19 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA




egardless of how the era has shifted from manual to automation or how new businesses have emerged as growth drivers, agriculture will always be the cornerstone of economic development. And it’s no epiphany that modern agriculture needs more innovation inclusion. Across the world, Germany has the highest and most eye-catching innovations for its fields and farms. Self-driving tractors, milking robots and feeding machines are some of the standard equipment available to farmers. Smart farming practices built on digital technologies are substantially enabling resource-saving farming. Digital technologies have also brought suppliers and consumers closer. It has created the opportunity for innovative marketplaces to replace the traditional ways of connecting. Agrando, an Agtech firm, is reinventing the agriculture trade through digital innovations. Its innovative solutions are bridging the gap between farming partners and digitizing agricultural retail across Europe.


Regardless of how the era has shifted from manual to automation or how new businesses have emerged as growth drivers, agriculture will always be the cornerstone of economic development. And it’s no epiphany that modern agriculture needs more innovation inclusion. Across the world, Germany has the highest and most eye-catching innovations for its fields and farms. Self-driving tractors, milking robots and feeding machines are some of the standard equipment available to farmers. Smart farming practices built on digital technologies are substantially enabling resource-saving farming. Digital technologies have also brought suppliers and consumers closer. It has created the opportunity for innovative marketplaces to replace the traditional ways of connecting. Agrando, an Agtech firm, is reinventing the agriculture trade through digital innovations. Its innovative solutions are bridging the gap between farming partners and digitizing agricultural retail across Europe.


Agrando is an online marketplace that enables farmers to buy products for farming. It connects agricultural retailers, including farmers, traders, and manufacturers, to buy and sell necessary farming products, like seeds, fertilizers, animal feed, Plant Protection, fuels and much more. It offers a sustainable agriculture market where partners can do business and succeed. Agrando has a multilingual and motivated team that sees the company as a way of the future. The team comprises specialists (programmers, analysts, marketing, and sales professionals) with a keen interest in modern agriculture and digitization. The farmers work with this team, which aims to revamp and make this traditional business internationally competitive.


Agrando was founded by Jonathan Bernwieser, in 2017, in Munich, Germany. Raised in Southern Germany, Jonathan, one day, saw his father piled up with invoices. He realized his father was handling thousands of euros and managing his agriculture business from the kitchen. As the son of a farmer, he wanted to reform this traditional structure and shape it for the future. After multiple trials and error for five years and studying business informatics, he found the silver lining in digitization - This led to the birth of Agrando. Seeing his idea mushrooming for the past 3 years, Jonathan is proud. He says, “Seeing my father that day, I realized for the first time how far agriculture had yet to come to use digital technology. Or to put it another way: How | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


grand the potential of digital agriculture really was.” It’s assisting firms to achieve digitization and master futuristic issues in just three years, regardless of whether their focus is regional or national or whether they prefer to work online or conventionally. It also provides tailored consulting to make digital agricultural trade accessible, ensuring that they have every information they need to make informed decisions. It has operations in Kosovo as well.


Along the chain, from farm to fork, digitization changed, improved, or influenced almost every process. Be it soil management, tracking animal health and productivity or field management during planting, growth, and harvest: digitization covers everything. In this chain, however, the section for procuring farm needs did not receive that much attention. Neither did accounting, documentation, and other parts of basic business administration. Communication and information are the silver lining. And with digitization, access to information and connectivity becomes much easier. It also allows farmers to focus on business decisions along with research and farm work.


The pandemic inflicted the European agricultural market in over one way. A large proportion of production was destroyed. Barriers to the movement of farmers have had a significant impact on output, particularly in horticulture farming. While the scenario has changed, involuntary outbreaks continue to cause poor working and housing conditions for small firms, resulting in a production shortfall.

Being a pioneering agricultural marketplace, Agrando stays complacent to these sustainable concepts. While there are other retail platforms in the region, it provides unrivalled support to farmers. As a result, it is more than an agricultural input; it is a reliable business partner who helps farmers become more efficient. Its team works with farmers who are tech-savvy and even those who are not. Agrando is a crossplatform marketplace, and users can avail services & support for all kinds of agricultural needs. The comprehensive setup has attracted a lot of traditional businesses and ecological farms that operate on a regular or part-time basis. Jonathan further adds how their platform has been a breakthrough. He says, “In southern Germany, the landscape includes a lot of smaller, family-run farms – like other countries in Europe, which is why we started here and are expanding to Europe further.”

The period mainly affected family-run businesses that lacked knowledge of how to deal with this novel adversary. And supporting them amid the restrictions was quite an endeavour. Despite the transgressions, Agrando outperformed and prospered during the pandemic. It leveraged its digital capabilities and shifted to work from home, widening its operational horizon. This helped them stay connected, expand the team and help the business grow.


Agrando was born with a vision to digitalize agricultural trade throughout Europe. To date, Agrando has registered over 20,000 farmers, with 1000 new farmers adding each month. The Consistency is shaping a sustainable agriculture market where partners can collaborate in a non-competitive environment. In 2020, it expanded into Austria and to France in 2021. Recently, it also put a prominent financial feather on its cap. In July 2021, Agrando closed its Series-A funding round with the highest sum in Agtech in Europe ever. Investors, such as the Munich-based Yabeo Impact AG, Sony Innovation Fund and Investbridge, joined existing investors such as June Fund and JLR Star.

Agrando is a product-driven company with a one-of-a-kind setup. It is committed to R&D and has an in-house team of specialists, including agriculturists, data scientists, etc. They work together not only to develop software and improve their services but also to support one another at internal workshops, eliminating the dependency on outside agencies.


Agrando intends to keep offering long-term professional help to family-owned farms. Not only to survive the current instability, but also to be profitable. With its skilled workforce and tech innovations, Agrando will undoubtedly achieve its goals and become a high-flyer in the domain.

Agrando is on a mission, unlike any other forward-thinking digital company. And ambitious aims demand creative minds, which is why Agrando has assembled a strong team of 160 people from more than a dozen nationalities. More than their skills, Agrando searches for particular qualities that align with the values of the company. The company also has an open line of communication to ensure transparency. Jonathan and his colleagues also make a 360° evaluation of performance and make improvements where necessary. The group is breaking new ground in the digital world while also carving out a place for themselves. Together, the team is breaking ground in the digital realm while nurturing a niche for themselves.


“As long as you keep going, you don’t fail. “I truly believe in that saying, and I can only follow it by constantly being open to learning.” - Jonathan Bernwieser, CEO

21 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA| |Vol. Vol.4 3Special | Issue 5 December 2020 INDIA Edition November 2021 | INDIA

24 22

23 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA




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AMAZING JUNGLE SAFARI Walking into a zoo while sitting on our father’s shoulder and asking them about the who’s who of animals during childhood was always the biggest fantasy of every child. But, unlike a zoo, a wildlife sanctuary doesn’t capture animals, so here Jungle Safaris are the way to watch your favourite animals drooling around the forest, from a threatened tiger to a furious rhino, we want to witness everything. So, we’ll tell you seven places in the country where you can catch the beauty of animals. • Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand Jim Corbett National Park, situated in Uttarakhand is India’s first and oldest national wildlife sanctuary, and it is acclaimed as a heaven for the adventure seekers and wildlife junkies. While there are rare chances of actually spotting a tiger inside this park, you might see one that is not baited or tracked. Also, it is one of the few parks with wild elephants in northern India. And we must say that a jeep safari is worth a try inside this park. • Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh is your best bet if you want to do some ‘tiger spotting’. Here, a trip to Kanha National Prak, located at Mandla is a go-go. In this gigantic location, the woods are massive, but thanks to the park’s colossal core area, protected by a wide buffer zone, you can go deep into them. The royal Bengal tiger, leopard, Barasingha and the Indian wild dog have a large population. In a horse-shoe-shaped valley spread over 940 sq km, you can see elephant safaris in this park. • Sunderbans National Park, West Bengal As the Sunderbans are part of the largest delta in the world, created by the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers, they are densely covered by mangrove forests. It has one of the country’s largest Bengal tiger reserves, as well as an array of birds, reptiles and invertebrate animals, such as the salt-water crocodile! And what’s more, not in jeeps, but in canoes, you’ll sign up for their safaris. • Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh The highlight of Bandhavgarh National Park is that it has the highest population of tigers in the world, so it is not difficult to spot a tiger in this place. The nearby Tala village, which has a great choice of accommodation, suiting all budgets, is another tourist attraction while visiting the park. Here, you have the luxury of enjoying your elephant safari. • Kaziranga National Park, Assam Located in Assam, this park lies between Nepal and Bangladesh, the northeast of the narrow neck of land, and has a landscape of pristine forest, tall elephant grass, marshes and shallow pools. You can see two-third of the world’s Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros’ population here, and a World heritage site. Elephants, wild buffaloes, monitor lizards, and water birds are also rich in it. Your choices include a private jeep tour or an elephant trip. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


• Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat The wildlife sanctuary of Gir is home to the last wild Asian lions left on earth. But there is zero chance of seeing a tiger here because it doesn’t have tigers. The second most common predator found in these forests, aside from lions, is the leopard. The park offers many fantastic drives, in jeeps, through scenic areas. • Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan Visit this 1,334 sq km park in Rajasthan if you want to see the tiger in its most majestic avatar. Here, even during the daytime, you will spot the tigers when they are busy preying. As a result of the pictorial ruins that dot the wildlife park, it is also counted as a famous heritage site.

27 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


Indranil Roy | Business Connect

“Consultancy is beyond just providing expert advice” In today’s economy, a corporation must stand out from the crowd exceptionally, so as to boost efficiency while minimizing costs. On contrary, as technology becomes more accessible, everyone is bound not only to think outside the box but often that there is no box at all, resulting in ferocious competition. The competitive market and day-to-day tussles and operations are enough to keep management occupied, especially in SMEs and MSMEs where one leader often wears many hats. As such, opting for an experienced and proficient consultant can help particularly in building a more flexible business model and prospects to grow, thereby emerging from the status quo. ASK Consultants India is an experienced and multidisciplinary consultancy firm. Engrossed in business for more than a decade, the Company has accomplished celebrated projects across India and overseas, in multiple verticals.


ASK Consultants offers flexible consultancy solutions focused on the rapidity of the modern era. It follows technological changes and thorough preparation until the final product is delivered and addresses the discerning needs of its clientele. The detailed process encompasses conceptualization, assessment, design, planning and management supported with proper infrastructure, connectivity, and security. The firm is capable of assisting in a variety of projects, including hospitality, educational campuses, corporate towers, data centres, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate. ASK Consultants is accredited for its diverse expertise and recognized across verticals, and is an approved Technology Consultant for Global projects. Its varied expertise encompasses: • • • • • • • • • • •

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) IT Infra Planning for Data, Voice and Wi-Fi Security & Surveillance Fire Alarm System Storage Solutions Datacentre Solutions Acoustics Audio-Video Solutions and Projection Mapping Architectural Lighting Re-Engineering as well as Re-Positioning of existing operating units BMS (Building Management System / Building Automation System)


As a Technical Infrastructure Design Consultant, ASK Consultants undertakes internal assessments of its resources to ensure scalability. The techniques entail obtaining business intelligence and figuring out how technology might help businesses run more efficiently. It assesses specific technology roles and how they can be applied in operations through scouting. This also aids in determining technological trajectories and collecting all crucial data for product or operational development. Eventually, the evaluation includes determining whether new technical training programmes for employees are required. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


Sangya Gupta CEO This assessment process is an integral part of its R&D. It enhances the Company’s ability to develop and design processes and projects. Furthermore, the accrual keeps employees engaged and fosters individual productivity; in turn, this encourages an articulated business environment. R&D also helps ASK Consultants stay ahead of the competition. It aids in forecasting demand and capacity for infrastructure services, as well as improving the quality of related assets. Even after a project is completed, its team analyses it for cost savings, scope, clarity, constructability, and change order control. Overall, R&D enhances the ability to integrate newer concepts and merge them with appropriate processes at an advanced level.


ASK Consultants is a customer-centric company that scalesto greater heights to improve engagements and relationships. They choose speaking engagements since it is the most effective lead generation strategy for high-profile professionals – and an excellent way to establish a reputation. The strategy lends legitimacy to the firm and places it in front of a highly focused audience, making it an ideal lead generation opportunity. Quality assurance, as mentioned previously, is also integral in building relationships. Its delivered architectures are speed time-tovalue, and infrastructures are aligned to their priorities and client’s objectives. Few names from its eminent clientele include Airtel, WHO, HCL, E&Y, LBSNA IAS Academy Mussorie, NIFTEM, IIT Pallakad, IIM Ahmedabad, Marriott, Starwood’s, ACCOR, ITC, IHG, Hyatt, Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, Delhi, Allahabad High Court, Lucknow Bench, Gomtinagar and Central Secretariat Chandigarh.


ASK Consultants was founded in 2008 and is lead by Mrs. Sangya Gupta (CEO) and Mr.Mohak Gupta (Associate Director). Mrs.Sangya Gupta has been designing technology infrastructure for Low Voltage Applications since 1994 and worked on several projects - both in India and overseas. Her progressive and dynamic thinking comes from a holistic understanding of infrastructure technology design and the ability to meet the agreed milestones with established standards. She concentrates on the task at hand and employs new and prevalent technologies, blending them with her experience to curate desired results. With more than 30 years of experience, she is well-acquainted with the market and its changes. Her area of interest includes Hospitality, Education, HealthCare, Recreation and Wellness Centers, Auditoriums, Corporate Spaces, Experience Centres, Live Studios and Luxury Residences. She is also a prominent member of AVIXA, BICSI, and the woman in Infocomm Network. Simultaneously, Mr.Mohak Gupta is a business whiz with expertise in Architectural Lighting Systems, Audio-Visual Infrastructure Lighting, Business Development, Sales & Commercial Administration, and Supply Chain & Operations Management. He strives to impart an innovative perspective in projects and carries enthusiasm and zeal in implementing eclectic methods. He is well endorsed and appreciated for teamwork and completing assignments within tight deadlines. He has also served as Finance and Corporate Affairs Coordinator.


Whatever the industry, a leader understands that the company’s foundation is preserved by its people. Lending credence to the statement, ASK Consultants believes in standing with its teammates in their hour of need. As per the CEO, Mrs. Sangya Gupta’s listening and understanding employees facilitate better productivity and boosts their morale. ASK Consultancy allows its employees to be innovative and inventive in their day to day work. Also, the leaders espouse several creative integrations, such as centralized music, break times and small celebrations to keep everyone enthusiastic. “Our friendly, non-restrictive and optimistic approach, act as stressbusters and rejuvenate employees for their assignments,” avers Mrs.Sangya Gupta.


Journeying for 12+ years, ASK Consultants has accomplished numerous milestones and is blessed by many accolades. Within a few months of inception, it established a niche vertical and started adding projects from Hospitality, Education, Public Sector, AV and Acoustics Design. In 2012, it expanded to Security and Surveillance, as well as building automation to launch Low Voltage Infrastructure Services. Next year, ASK Consultants started working in luxurious residential projects and healthcare; and were also integral in developing the Lucknow Bench. In the coming years, it worked in diverse projects and expanded to other verticals; and established strong roots in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Africa. It made its big breakthrough in 2019, completing the House of Worship Project for ISKCON Temple of Vedic Planetarium, Kolkata. In 2021, it worked on prominent projects for National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Central Secretariat. Such efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. In the last two years, the company has bagged many prestigious accolades, like: 29

Mohak Gupta

Associate Director • • • • • • • • •

2020 Indian Excellence Award Best Turnkey IT Infrastructure Solutions Consultancy, Delhi Excellence in Surveillance & Access Control 2020 Best Technology Infrastructure Design & Management Consultancy - South Asia Mrs. Sangya Gupta, being a driving force behind these accomplishments, earned several laurels herself: Global CEO Excellence Award 2020 Best information technology and acoustics consulting CEO (India) Global CEO Excellence Awards 2021 Tech Design CEO of the Year (South Asia)

“Excellence is our Standard, not a Goal” – This motto guides the trajectory of ASKConsultants. For the road ahead, it aims to grow as a multi-disciplinary and experienced technology consulting firm with dynamic and self-motivated professionals focused on achieving technological perfection. Its thorough and innovative technical infrastructure design services reflect the manifestation of this goal.

FOR THE EMERGING ENTREPRENEURIAL COMMUNITY “Five P’s, passion, patience, persistence, perseverance and planning, formulate an unbeatable and unstoppable equation for success. Having a mentor is a cherry on top, but the biggest motivation comes from challenging your limits. Last but not the least, set goals and remind yourselves about them consistently.” – Mrs. Sangya Gupta, CEO of ASK Consultants. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


6 WAYS TECHNOLOGY Is Changing Your Workplace Culture For Good. Technology is influencing the corporate culture and creating positive results these days. The tools have given leaders a better understanding of their company’s culture and work dynamics. They also provide a way to get ahead of issues that could handicap success. Today we’ll be discussing how technologies are changing the organizational culture for good.

#1. Collect and share accurate, real-time data.

managers to check in with employees more often, instead of waiting for a yearly performance review.

With space utilization software technologies, the head of a department can access user data to a better understanding of their team’s work behaviours, where one team interacts with other teams, without having to go through HR, IT, or CRE.

With the help of quick survey tools, HR (Human Resources) can capture employees’ sentiment or ask for feedback and suggestions. Leadership can host Q&A sessions with employees to ask a question about company goals and initiatives.

A recruiting manager can get all the details on a candidate – CV, Apply form, interview notes, and feedback. – and access it from any device. It helps to make hiring decisions faster.

Advantage – Stronger communication and proactively

addresses issues.

#4. Offer more flexibility.

Advantage – Greater transparency, efficiency, and

Flexible working refers to a non-traditional arrangement that can allow employees to alter the length, location, or hours that they work. Because of technology, remote working culture has seen a big boom.

evidence-based decision.

#2. Moving from Performance management to enablement.

However, flextime doesn’t just consider the employee’s needs. According to business wales, 75% of companies globally have now introduced a flexible working culture and noted substantial growth in performance.

Formal performance management programs have been around since home businesses and shops moved to large factories. In those days, executive managers passed down the organization’s goal for the year. Those managers would create their departmental goals, and the frontline manager would work with employees to determine pseudo-aligned personal goals.

Advantage – Friendly work policies without sacrificing


#5. Reach Sustainability Goals.

Today, technology is reducing those lengthy methods to make room for an updated and more effective method, which empowers employees to work in ways they are most effective and productive.

No doubt, technology is getting advanced day by day at helping offices go paperless. However, many companies haven’t made the switch yet. Digitalization of your paper-based processes means less printing, using less ink and toner, and reduction in physical space needed to store paper files, and tablets and digital whiteboards are making this possible.

Advantage – employees become more productive, and

they also feel supportive.

#3. Provide and receive feedback very frequently.

IoT (Internet Of things) powered solutions allows making your workplace more efficient. Smart lighting or HVAC systems save money by only turning on with presence detection or various environmental stimuli.

Effective and timely feedback is an essential element of a successful performance management program and should be used in conjunction with setting performance goals. Giving effective feedback to employees on their progress toward their Goals can improve their performance. Survey and goal-tracking tools could be very useful, allowing | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

Advantage – Reduce energy and save money, making a better workplace.


#6. Recognize and reward employees.

Recognition and reward software help improve corporation culture, it allows anyone to give a “Shout Out” to any employee who’s done exceptional work. We know that you are good at making employees feel valued, but the employee recognition software can help make your feedback more strategic, consistent, and measurable. Through gamification, you can improve training and onboarding or guide employees to advance their careers, if they want. Advantage – Boost employees’ engagement. We all know that technology is playing a crucial role in changing workplace culture, but it’s important to know that it is just a tool, it cannot do all the work on its own. So, when you are selecting technology for your company, make sure that you have a better understanding of what you are trying to accomplish and how.

31 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

BUG HUNTERS A LEADING NAME IN SOFTWARE TESTING SERVICES Gulshan Parveen | Business Connect “A code that cannot be tested is flawed.” Software testing is one of the most important phases of SDLC as it helps in detecting the maximum major issues related to the product at an early stage itself via root-cause analysis to make it more efficient and effective. There is plenty number of software testing agencies in the IT sector providing varied solutions for the same problem, but Bug Hunters stick out in the arena like a sore thumb.

“Do something you are proud of and elicit the best within,”

he adds.



From the year of establishment in 2015, Bug Hunters is relentlessly delivering an extended range of services such as functional testing, UI/UX testing, crossbrowser testing, performance testing, security testing along with others across distinct domains, including banking, education, healthcare, and many more Before the inception of the company, Mr. Jay Arora (Founder and CEO) was reflecting his knowledge and expertise in an MNC as a senior software test engineer. After gaining significant experience in the domain for a couple of years, he realized that MNCs are the best in offering knowledge, but he was feeling restricted to a certain domain as an employee. He was super curious to raise his bar of knowledge and to apply his wisdom across various industries, which led him to kickstart Bug Hunters with zero employees in a single rented room. During his initial projects, his father took the command to fulfill all the legal requirements and to handle accounting along with his young and enthusiastic brother, Sachin Arora, who is the Co-Founder of Bug Hunters.


Founder & CEO

With a combination of their innovative ideas and acquired skillsets, Bug Hunters has gradually grown, and at present, it is a well-established company with a grand office with over 25 employees happily working with it. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION Jeff Bezos quotes, “Obsess about customers, not competitors.” The most important approach to overcome competition is providing the best possible services in the arena, and this is what Bug Hunters has its focus on. The management team of the company ensures that each project falls under a defined quality standard to provide the best possible value to clients. Moreover, the company has set up SOPs to guarantee the privacy of its clients’ data through various quality checks and make sure the timely completion of projects.

The company strives to build long-lasting relations with its clientele throughout the project as well after the completion, which builds a robust trust with clients. Apart from this, the Bug Hunters keeps its target audience updated with regular and exclusive blogs and other social posts that help in bringing more traffic and thereby increases its accessibility.

The company not only takes the responsibility to approach new and effective tools in the market but also to train employees with relevant and unique technological updates. CHEERING EMPLOYEES UP “Great things in business are never done by one person, but by a team of people.” The foundation of Bug Hunters is built on the essence of great team-building, and it believes that the growth of an organization is directly proportional to the growth of its employees. Mr. Jay states that great services are a by-product of a great team, and the company takes care of its team’s motivation and morale by appreciating it at different stages of growth and provides them with timely rewards and recognitions to sustain the momentum.

Also, the Bug Hunters go behind a unique approach in the recruitment process for the company by hiring young, enthusiastic, and ready-to-learn minds. It provides hired people with comprehensive industry-standard training to enhance their skillsets. This whole process works in favor of the company itself as the young pool of dedicated talent suggests new approaches, varied perspectives, and innovative solutions for different concerns throughout the organization.

Along with granting an annual bonus to stimulate the workforce, the company also organizes get-togethers and parties on the regular basis to build relationships with workers beyond the workspace as well.

EXCLUSIVE CLIENTELE Bug Hunters has a wide tail of clientele in various software industries, including e-Commerce, SAAS-based applications, CMS, and B2B applications, and many more. The company has worked with various exemplary clients, including Dynasty eSports, Richardson Sales Performance, Interview Kickstart, Lyve Global, etc., that have created a brand value in their respective arenas.

VALEDICTION WORDS Bug Hunters has tremendously established itself as a onestop solution in the software testing realm in India with its exceptional services and dedicated team members. But it is not ready to stop its extraordinary growth here, as being aware of its clientele’s touch base, the company is planning to expand its branches across Canada and London. It is relentlessly working on the idea of expanding the horizons and increasing the growth trajectory shortly.

The efficient testing approach of the company meets its test plan procedure precisely and helps in gaining the client’s confidence throughout and after the operational journey.

As an emerging business, the team is the biggest strength of the company and it makes sure the members do not feel inferior at any cost. It has the belief that there is no single boss in the organization, but every worker is an expert in his core area.

GETTING GRIP WITH TECHNOLOGY The team of Bug Hunters is aware that it works in a highly dynamic environment where a failure in keeping pace with new technology and tools can result in numerous unfavorable outcomes for the company. Hence, the R&D department at Bug Hunters keeps track of all the new technological challenges and solutions to avoid this scenario. The company relentlessly focuses on learning, adapting, and mastering the emerging technological trends to prepare itself in executing them in demanding projects flawlessly.

Mr. Jay has few parting words to convey to all aspiring entrepreneurs that leadership is no longer about the position but passion, and it is all about impact and not just image. Hence, he encourages to develop the inner talent and apprises to make a dent in the universe. 33 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


The ideal lifestyle habits that an entrepreneur can follow Ashwathy Nair | Business Connect

Being an entrepreneur, it becomes quintessential to get down to business right from the word go. Moreover, it is equally important to learn the ropes of business so that it becomes fruitful for you in long run. How can we make this happen? There are certain life hacks that successful entrepreneurs carry forward to run their business successfully. This is a vital part of their way of living. We can get inspiration from their learning curve. One of the most striking features is their approach of getting off the ground. They develop a deportment which is way different from their peers. They love to go through with their pre-planned strategy worked out long before the day of implementation. So, how do they manage all these stuffs? The answer can be unearthed from the way they utilize their day, right from the beginning. Let’s explore that long-cherished frame of mind to stay ahead of the curve.

Wake up early to utilize the maximum time possible It has been found that most of the successful entrepreneurs possess a common habitude of rising before the sun. This keeps them ahead of the pack by helping them with ample time to go back to the drawing board. It becomes significant in the sense that it helps to boost your memory and capacity to fathom something quite effortlessly. You can decide the earliest time possible as per your capacity. Initially, you will feel tiresome for a few days but eventually your body will become accustomed to your daily sleeping patterns.

Go to gym, become a beast to ward off the hurdles Entrepreneurs need to be very much aware of the imminent obstacles during their path to excellence. This becomes a prerequisite for them to be mentally and physically strong. Gym is simply the perfect place for gaining that never-say-never attitude. It is a place that helps to develop perseverance and robust will-power. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


One glass of water prepares you for the battle

Right after waking up; get accustomed to a glass of water. It not only helps to quench the thirst but it energizes us after the dull sleep. Water proves to be a good source of rejuvenation. It has a long list of medicinal benefits for stomach and whole the body. Apart from this, it is the best remedy for stress-buster.

Laugh it out loud to keep your heart healthy Do you love watching memes and stand-up comedies? Carry on. Nothing can be better than laughter when it comes to make you ‘hale and hearty’. It is the medicine which is available to us 24/7 that too, free of cost. So, don’t miss a single opportunity to give yourself some good times, in order to set you free from the never-ending stress. Moreover, your laughter is the best weapon to melt heart of your critics too. Not only this, it is also a sign of positivity which sends a good message to your clients and investors.

35 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

For a healthier-looking skin

Avishek | Business Connect

Your skin deserves a regimen that is as distinctive as you are. That’s why we’re constantly speaking with skincare specialists and researching the latest products, treatments, and suggestions to assist you in creating your ideal skincare routine. You’ll find advice for all your skin woes, whether your skin is sensitive, rough, or acne-prone.” Ms. Shaily Mehrotra, CEO & Founder, Fixderma

The skin is the body’s biggest organ, and it takes the brunt of the elements. Constant exposure to external elements can cause the skin to become dull or damaged, as well as development issues like acne and discoloration. Dust, sun protection, and levels of workplace stress are all areas of life that people are becoming more aware of, and they all have an impact on the quality and aging of the skin. Fixderma is advisable by dermatologists and gracefully received by skin. Fixderma products include elements that have been clinically shown to improve skin health and appearance.


Fixderma goes through the extra mile to provide high-quality skincare, hair care, and nutrition products. This entails gathering high-quality substances and going through the guided process of evaluating the safety, appropriateness, and efficacy for each individual kind of skin, hair, and immunity. Various groups of users are intensively tracked during the testing phase. Before releasing any product to the public, the professional staff waits for the groups to demonstrate promising outcomes.

“We have spent many years developing and testing their solutions in collaboration with dermatologists and healthcare specialists.” quotes Ms. Shaily Mehrotra, CEO & Founder, Fixderma

Shaily Mehrotra CEO & Founder

Fixderma’s gentle cleansers and moisturizers have been clinically proven to enhance the skin’s natural barrier and skin moisture, with proven efficacy against the 5 Signs of Skin vulnerability. Dermatologists recommend Fixderma’s Gentle Skin Cleanser for thoroughly cleansing all skin types without depleting nourishment, and Fixderma’s Moisturizing Lotion & Moisturizing Cream for keeping skin comforted. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


“At Fixderma our formulas are designed to improve skin health and repair damage that causes specific skin conditions and visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, and hyperpigmentation. These products offer a bridge between prescription-based products and over-the-counter cosmetics – and they are backed by medically accepted science that proves their efficacy.”


Fixderma was started in 2008 and since then it is continuously innovating and setting trends in the cosmeceuticals industry. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and experienced team with a Cosmeceutical background, Fixderma philosophy is based on continuous innovation and facilitating with new active ingredients and breakthroughs. The products offer scientifically proven results endorsed by efficacy studies.

“ We came to India in 2007 after staying for 12 years in Southeast Asia. We realised that there is huge gap in the dermaceutical market and the skincare products which were sold through dermatologists had very simple packaging with old formulas. The idea behind Fixderma brand was to fill this gap. Fixderma product range bridges the gap between cosmetics and pharma grade creams. While cosmetics change the appearance of the skin, dermaceutical changes its function- highly effective active ingredients improve overall skin health.” quotes Ms. Shaily Mehrotra Fixderma state of the art manufacturing unit spread over 55000 sq ft has a well-structured R&D center and a qualified team of experienced chemists. Fixderma has pioneered the advent of cosmeceuticals and their foundation has been built on new products formulations backed by clinical studies and first to market products like Vitamin C serum with 25% stable L ascorbic acid, Bio retinol body lotion, Salicylic & Azelaic acid-based body lotion & wash for acneprone skin.

• Business Excellence Award for Innovative Brand & Formulations by IPE IN 2017 • Business Excellence Award for Innovations in Prescribed Cosmetics by IPE IN 2018 • Business Excellence Award for Best Export Driven Company by IPE IN 2019 • -Assocham 7th MSME National Excellence Award 2019-2020 for Innovation.


Fixderma has SGS ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified manufacturing unit established in 2013 Fixderma is present in more than 30 countries and in the last 12 years we have participated in many exhibitions around the world. We are the only Indian cosmeceutical brand that has such an amazing international presence.



• Outstanding Export performance from ‘CHEMEXCIL’ by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India in 2015 & 2016. • Business Excellence Award for Best Export Driven Company by IPE IN 2016 • Best New Product Launch (Non-food) by ASSOCHAM IN 2016

Skincare is both a science and art, but don’t be overwhelmed: it’s something we can all learn. The key to nurturing your skin is to recognize it because awareness allows you to identify the correct stuff that works for you and fight possible concerns without creating more problems. The items you use are only as excellent as your skincare routine. While highquality cosmeceuticals can improve the appearance of your skin now and in the future, low-quality goods can be useless and even harmful. 37 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


The 10 Best


Bloggers in India

Unlike travel blogs, diet blogs, and other specific blogs that only emphasize a particular category, lifestyle blogs are those that are a mix of things related to urban living. It includes fashion, food, travelling, and lifestyle design, as we simply call it fine living. There is always a big challenge to find the best lifestyle bloggers. We have brought a list of the 10 best lifestyles Indian bloggers, who can give your best tips to make your lifestyle fine. If you are interested, check out one of these or all of them.

#1. Shalini Chopra

Shalini Chopra is the most famous lifestyle blogger who created a website called Stylish by nature. The purpose of creating this website is to make everyone stylish. Her blog was ranked as a top Indian Fashion blogger for three consecutive years 2014 -15-16, received many other international and national awards. She helps her followers and readers to shop from her closet. She has mentioned that her blog is for her like-minded people who find it as important as breathing. Her blogs mainly focus on street style, designer couture, vintage, and fitness.

#2. Rasshi Gaur

Rasshi had a graduation degree in Literature, but her passion for fashion made her hold a master’s degree in fashion. Her website is called, which was compiled with online fashion and lifestyle magazines. Her blog mainly focuses on hair and skin, retail watches, and trendy outfits. But her hair and skin section is the best part every fashion blood raves about.

#3. Shaily Khera.

Shaily Khera is one of the most famous faces and popular lifestyle bloggers who created her blog in 2015 called confessionzfacloset. She has a master’s degree in fashion from IIFT. On her blog, you can find fashion & beauty tips and product reviews of all famous brands, and many more. Shaily Khera is the style council member on In 2014, she got a chance to style A.R Rahman’s music video for Vogue’s Empower campaign.

#4. Akanksha Redhu.

Akanksha Redhu is one of the most iconic fashionistas and beauty & lifestyle bloggers in India who completed her degree in fashion design from NIFT. In 2010, she started the blog as a way to note her idea of the project, but later her blog became professional. Apart from that, she covers her events and shopping experience. Through her website, one can steal her own style because she puts all fashion goodies on her blog that she wears. Akanksha loves daydreaming when she is not doing anything she designs accessories for her own brand “CIRARE”. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


#5. Gia Kashyap.

Mumbai girl, Gia Kashyap is the founder of When she was 15, she started working as a graphic designer for a website, later she entered the t-shirt business. At age of 21, she received the opportunity to write as a fashion columnist for a famous publication in the country. Gia’s blog is sectioned with travel, lifestyle, food, and Makeup. Her flowers love to read and watch her shared tips about home remedies and treatment for makeup within their budget. Gia loves creating is lustrations, playing table tennis & PC game, and more.

#6. Tanya Dhar.

Tanya Dhar, the face and voice behind beauty & lifestyle Blog called Urban Diaries, has been seen as a prominent social media influencer. Her blog covers a wide variety of topics, such as luxury fashion & lifestyle, food, and travel. Basically, her blog is a cross-cultural platform that has a purpose to inspire with a distinctive combination of shared aesthetics and interests. More than a hundred thousand people are connected with her social media accounts.

#7. Anuja Pandey.

Anuja is the founder of lofty Spectrum known as one of the best luxurious and lifestyle blogs one can follow. She is also known as a great storyteller and content creator. Her writing journey started at a very young age that remained confined to her diary. Today, her journey of content creation for lifestyle brands has been more than 6 years that was followed by the blog. She also writes about health and wellness for Indian Express. Anuja Pandey has won the best Indian lifestyle blogger award.

#8. Santoshi Shetty.

Santoshi Shetty is one of the hottest Indian fashions and lifestyle influencers who have a huge fan following on her social media accounts. In 2014, She created the travel and fashion & lifestyle blog “The Style Edge”, whereby she posts a lifestyle blog, fashion tips, and her own photoshoots. So, if you are interested in such cool things, then you must follow her. Apart from that, her work has been recognized on a national level, she won some of the best awards like #Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016, #Elle Blogger of the year 2016, and #Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017.

#9. Nidhi Arora.

Nidhi Arora is the founder of the “ChicLifeByte” blog. The blog is for food lovers, fashion enthusiasts, and travellers. She also shares handy make-up tips, dos, and don’ts, or the blunders while doing make-up. She is living a very active lifestyle, you are bound to see plenty of incredibly cool and fashionable stuff on her blog. Apart from that, she runs a salon called soft Touch, where she makes people look and feel good and also talks to people about their hair & beauty concerns. ChicLifeByte blog is run by Nidhi Arora, Co-founder Shilpa Arora, and Subham Arora.

#10. Chandana Munipalle.

Chandan Munipalle is one of those passionate fashion and lifestyle bloggers who boon for fashion enthusiasts. She runs a blog called “The girl at first avenue”, which was started back in 2010 as a hobby blog. Soon, it turned out to be an influential online presence, famous for featuring modest, simplistic styling that could be worn and carried by the everyday. It’s since evolved from personal to professional fashion & lifestyle blogs. It has been listed as one of the top 20 fashion blogs in India.

Disclaimer: We haven’t ranked any of these boggers. This article is just trying to spread information to you about talented and best lifestyle bloggers. 39 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA



“Entrepreneurship is not at all an easy journey; lots of things can go wrong and you need to learn to keep calm in each phase. Make a detailed plan before taking this path, yet with my own experience your team, best wishers and your family’s support is important as it will help you to keep going. You should take ownership of your journey – never blame others – keep smiling and be down to earth in each failure and success.” SHEKHAR ASHOK PAWAR Founder & CEO | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


exclusive vision of the company. Today, his adept team possesses passionate and talented individuals who strain every nerve to be substantial to the company’s core objectives.

We sat down for a virtual coffee session with Shekhar Ashok Pawar, the Founder- CEO of GrassDew IT Solutions that has been revamping the IT industry with its extraordinary services. Striking up the conversation, Shekhar started explaining the inspiration behind his venture’s unique name, i.e. GrassDew. He asserts that all the letters are derived from their core values that have been the motive force behind the company’s success— Gratitude, Respect, Accountability, Spirit, Social Awareness, Determination, Efficiency and Wisdom.


In line with their software development processes, they always perform Proof of Concept (POC) by leveraging advanced technology, that helps them ameliorate their offerings sophistically. In terms of cybersecurity, their R&D teams invest a majority of their time in performing research to identify new security threats & vulnerabilities utilised in the latest cyber attack vectors. Shekhar claims that R&D has always been their focal point and soon, the company will invest a considerable amount of sum in this direction.

Headquartered in Mumbai, GrassDew IT Solutions began its journey in January 2016, by focussing on three primary business streams - Cybersecurity services, Software Solution Development and Telecom Solutions. GrassDewPanther is the name of its cybersecurity team that allows enterprises in the US, UK, UAE, India and Europe to identify security gaps in their mobile apps, websites, ERP, network devices, end-points etc. by hosting Cybersecurity audits.

A GLANCE OVER THE WORK CULTURE Under Shekhar’s auspices thrives a conducive and collaborative culture where each teammate is encouraged to take ownership of each assignment they do. To ensure the flow of positivity in the environment, the team often indulges in fun games like chess or carom, and many times also perform meditation altogether. Even before the pandemic hit the world, the management used to conduct outstation trips once a four-month to refresh the minds of the workforce. “I guess if you as a leader or organization, trust your employees – they feel responsible due to this,” says the exemplary leader while addressing his work culture.

The exemplary services offered by GrassDew are — Source code security review and Virtual CISO. It also provides cost less ‘Cyber Threat Alert Email Notification’ service to hundreds of organizations that help in reducing the number of cybercrimes. Today, GrassDew takes immense delight in its software delivery team that comprises extensive experience in delivering enterprise software development — from design to deployment and maintenance. GrassDew is also a PAN India Channel Partner as well as a Certified Solution Partner of TATA Teleservices Ltd. selling Internet Leased Line (ILL), P2P, MPLS, PRI, Cloud Telephony, GPS- based solutions, End- Point Protection and considerably more. Always focussed on agile methodologies and processes, the company justifies its commitment to the quality assurance cycle.


The phenomenality of the GrassDew has grabbed eyeballs across the business fraternity allowing it to bag several awards and accolades. Recently, it became a proud recipient of the Indian Achiever’s Award as an emerging company. Along with this, it was recognised by CIO Review India as the Top 10 Cybersecurity consulting Startups in 2021, speaking of the impact scale of the venture.


Shekhar Ashok Pawar was working as a manager in Capgemini where he supervised a big team and major projects for some eminent clients of Europe and the USA. To everyone’s surprise, he called off from his well-settled job to start his business venture from scratch. His entrepreneurial journey has been a roller coaster ride for sure, as establishing a brand from a budding venture wasn’t a cakewalk. But, he claims that management studies he did from SJMSOM, IIT Bombay and he was offered unwavering support by his better half Mrs Poonam Pawar, his parents and the core teammates, splendidly helped him grow as a businessman. When he commenced this venture, he aspired to formulate a team that can take ownership of the business operations while being committed to the

Talking of the future endeavours, the tycoon reveals,

“Cybersecurity is one of the areas which will have huge scope in India and across Globe. And we are committed to making a heavy investment towards it.” 41 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


Why e-learning is the

FUTURE OF EDUCATION Before places of worship, cafés, and factories, shops, gyms began to close in response to the Covid-19, in such a situation, colleges and schools got also closed (still we don’t know when they are going to open). However, the gap was rapidly filled by e-learning as schools, colleges, and educational institutions got shifted to teaching and learning online. In just one year, e-learning has seen massive growth. Now India has witnessed an online learning boom since the lockdown. In 2020, ed-tech search gained 60% on the Indian internet, as per Google trend. Search for individual EdTech startups such as BYJU’s, Toppr, and more, that cater to 265 million students in India – the highest in the world. Since all students are at home more than ever in history, digital learning has become an essential option. The pandemic has completely changed the old chalk-talk teaching model into one drive by technology. The number of those enrolling for online classes has witnessed exponential growth. The trend of online learning is likely to remain.


Easily Accessible Attending colleges and schools may be easy for those who live in urban areas. Those who live in rural areas have no option except to relocate. In such a case, choosing the E-learning option could be an appropriate option for them. E-learning has brought universities and schools to your homes. Today, you can easily access all college lectures and learn multiple different skills through mobile and computer. The government of India has promoted digitalization in the education sector. In 2020, many Universities are allowed to offer fully online degrees so that students can access and learn from anywhere and anytime. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


Good Quality

In a country like India, with a few primers’ colleges which get filled very quickly because of the limited seats, most students cannot get quality education. On the other hand, many surveys have happened, it shows many schools have fewer teachers than the required ones. For example, according to a recent report of the Gujarat education department, they found that in Gujarat, 12,000 schools out of 32,772 government schools are run by just one or two teachers. This isn’t just one state situation there are many out there. Due to teacher numbers declinations, one or two teachers cannot focus on the students in the classrooms, nor are they (students) able to utilize their time spent in the classrooms.

Through online learning, students can get the best quality of education from top professional teachers and well-skilled professors. Online learning can offer personalized content to the students. 4th or other grades students can learn in a very fun way, animated learning and quizzes and challenges hold the interest of students, in ways, more engaging than classroom learning.


Parents always want to send their children to the best schools or colleges, and for that, they have to sell out money right from kindergarten to college. The associate cost of a degree in a traditional brick-and-mortar college is comparatively more expensive than the one-time cost attached to e-learning. Not just the education, student’s parents have to also take care of loading and commuting. Quality education costs a fortune, but with the advent of online learning resources, the student can access it at an affordable price through e-learning.


The best thing about E-learning, it enables the teacher and the student to set their own learning pace, and there’s the added flexibility of setting a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda. As a result, using an E-learning platform allows for a better balance of work and studies, so even working men can add their skills without leaving their jobs.

43 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


Premayogan Mahesh CEO


Gulshan Parveen | Business Connect

he technology sector plays a vital role in the progress of the economy of any country. Every single organization has left the hope of standing again and start their operations with the same enthusiasm. But the Technology sector took the command of helping people stand during the pandemic era of COVID 19. The companies which are helping these IT companies stay strong also play a crucial role throughout the journey. With a hope to help the startups grow in the technology sector, Pentoz, an innovative firm with implementable services, is working relentlessly. It offers a wide range of services, such as software development, software implementation, app development, robotics, Nanotechnology, Blockchain, crypto wallet development. Mr. Premayogan Mahesh, CEO of Pentoz, says the company ensures the quality of its services following a three tire quality check. EXCEPTIONAL GROWTH STORY Usually, the startups at the initial stages of their growth used to be tensed and uncertain about their upcoming future, but PENTOZ, as stated earlier, was an exceptional case. The company started in 2017, with only two people in. Yes, you read it right, just two people! It was as challenging and impossible as it sounds. But under the guidance of Mr. Premayogan (CEO), the company started growing from the very first day it has launched its services in the market. The company has put enormous dedication and passion into its work. Today, it has consultants across 102 countries with a strength of 3,400 and full-time employees of 65+. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


the brand identity and implementing the new technology adaptation for their innovative ideas. Almost every single business faced extreme losses in their operations during the COVID era, nonetheless, PENTOZ has completed working with 1000+ startups. The company helped the startups creating free logos and building websites and mobile applications. PENTOZ has set an example for every business organization in the market that it just takes dedication, passion, and hard work to achieve your goals no matter even if it is a pandemic era.

BUILDING A TREMENDOUS TEAM “IF EVERYONE IS MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER, THEN SUCCESS TAKES CARE OF ITSELF.” Building an excellent and productive team is the most crucial task for a company. Team building is not only about collecting people and start giving instructions to them. Instead, it requires an excellent mindset and knowledge of people management. In the initial stages of the PENTOZ, they state that it was not an easy task for them to build a productive team. The company had gone across too many difficulties during the initial stages of building the organization. The biggest obstacle company has in front of them was proper financial management. The company opts for trial and error methods to grow the company. During the pandemic era, the company faced many challenges, such as hiring the correct candidates for the right job, adopting new technologies, etc. It took 3 to 6 months for the company to adopt work from home culture after COVID. Nonetheless, hard work and dedication kept their sales high.

COMMANDING ON RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT The research and development sector plays the most crucial role for every business organization, especially, IT sector. Kurt Lewin has said that there is “NO RESEARCH WITHOUT ACTION, NO ACTION WITHOUT RESEARCH.” The R&D branch helps the organization to improve at every stage of its operations. The organization which takes research as a crucial aspect for the business gets more chance of development.“Research and Development is the secret mantra of our company to be successful,” further adds the CEO.

OVERCOMING PANDEMIC WITH EXPENDING TOOLS Pandemic had just literally killed and injured so many business organizations out there in the market. The only way, therefore, to survive in the market is to learn and adopt new technologies. During the post COVID era, PENTOZ started using almost every technology present in the market to increase the productivity of the employees and customer satisfaction.

TREMENDOUSLY DEDICATED KEY OFFICIALS The customers of PENTOZ say that it is always a ONE MAN SHOW because Mr. Premayogan Mahesh started working round the clock to assure the satisfaction of both the customers and employees properly. During nights, Mr. Premayogan handles the customers. In the morning hours, he spends time with his employees in executing the projects. The company makes sure the happiness of everyone by reducing the communication gap. According to them, communication is the key to sustenance.

They state clearly that tools including Webwork, Zoom, Canva, Freshdesk, Grammarly and many more out there gave helping hands to the company to take their operations to the next level. Startup companies can try these tools to assist themselves in expanding their business with zero investments in this pandemic situation.

ENTHUSIASTIC EMPLOYEES Enthusiastic and passionate employees can take a company’s progress to the next level. PENTOZ understands this trick very well. The company invites motivational speakers for virtual meetings with the employees to keep their morale up. The speakers share their life journeys and success stories with the employees. This not only helps in building self-confidence, but also keeps them mentally strong and determined in this pandemic situation.

SYNCHRONIZING WITH TECHNOLOGICAL ERA Starting anything new takes a wholesome dedication and absorption capacity. Adopting new technologies during the pandemic era was not an easy task for PENTOZ. Internally, it took a couple of months for them to adopt new technologies. The attraction rate was pretty higher when they started implementing new work from home infrastructure. People and culture did not sync in the initial stages of the COVID era. Later they started working based on the number of hours per week. The moment they adopted this new way of operating their business, they found their client being more satisfying than ever. They learned that the company is providing value to their time and investments. Gradually, it became their prospective culture of working.

ACHIEVING MILESTONES LIKE MASTERS The achievements of the company play a vital role in building strong credibility in society. Having a predetermined goal for the future and a list of accomplishments in the previous business cycle is the identity of a well-established company. PANTOZ, since it has entered the market, has worked toward its goals and successfully achieved them as well. The company got listed as one of ‘The 25 Best Technology Companies in India’. In 2018, the company was on the list of ‘Most admired companies to watch’. In January 2020, the company was listed as ‘The Top App Developers in the world’ and ‘The Top Cross-Platform of App Developers’.

A HELPING HAND FOR STARTUPS PENTOZ, as stated previously, is like a boon to startups. Currently, the company is working with startups as well as fortune customers. They are helping startups to create

WORDS OF WISDOM The CEO of PENTOZ, Mr. Premayogan Mahesh, has given a strong message to all the aspiring entrepreneurs and the readers to stay away from the negative people around them. “They will never let you grow in your life.” According to Mr. Mahesh, age is just a number and if you want to do something in your life, then start today because tomorrow will never come. You have to decide your journey and the destination of life. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

45 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA




As the COVID-19 disruption continues, bars and restaurants are facing historic levels of uncertainty. They are now focused on restructuring their strategies in order to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers. Bars and restaurants in India are currently facing the most difficult situation in which their future is now at stake. Although the demand for bars and restaurants have decreased, it has not ended and that seems like a light at the end of the tunnel. To get back to the normal, this industry needs to react quickly and it can only be possible for this industry to survive if they intend to cope with the ‘New Normal’. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


The industry is returning slowly, however, the restaurateurs are seeking new ways to run their restaurant, which will help them to cope with the new normal and attract the masses. In such a time where people are more concerned about safety, they would like to enjoy their delicacies in a healthy atmosphere, most preferably at home. Importantly, the interest of customers are kept in mind and according to that, the restaurateurs will turn their attention to the ‘new normal’ trend. By investing in smart technologies such as contactless deliveries, online orders, takeaways, etc., social distancing standards can be assured. With some reinvention and innovation at its height, the post-pandemic period will be entirely different. The patterns which are gaining popularity are the following


The desperate time demands smart decisions. Considering most people are working from home, the menu that offers an all-day breakfast or brunch might help in generating more business. Similarly, offering a late-night menu that pairs up with some beverage may arouse more business. The digital menus like QR code menu can help bars and restaurants to become more agile and hygienic as it is contactless.


The pandemic has modified the tastes of consumers for vegan diets, organic food, vegetarian food, sugarfree products, etc. More demand for such food is coming in the future as people are now more aware of their wellbeing. Restaurants will also come up with new menus that will have more food based on plants, gourmet meals, etc., which will ensure that customers are aware of the restaurants’ high-quality food standards.


Nowadays, individuals are more interested and comfortable in ordering food online, rather than the option of visiting restaurants. Dine-in facilities are avoided as much as possible in order to prevent contacts. If people are willing to dine-in, the restaurants have come up with an idea of taking online orders, where clients can receive the menu online and can place an order via their phone. Then they are expected to take it from the counter as soon as the order is ready.


As an option to ease the decline in dine-in sales, the bars and restaurants are now turning into virtual kitchens that are designed to optimize and expand delivery services at nominal prices. To prepare delivery-optimized menu products, cloud kitchens are uniquely tech-enabled. Restaurants are moving online, with the rise of delivery apps like UberEats, which allows customers to order from their favourite restaurants. For the Bars and Restaurants, it was not an easy run, as the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus and the national lockdown forced many restaurants into a devastating situation by making them stop fully. The most realistic path forward for bars and restaurants seems to be adapting to the ‘new normal’ with some reinvention and innovative strategies in the post-pandemic period. What you need to do is continue, embrace and move on with the changing world with the new normal. 47 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

Transforming the industry with its robust logistics leadership Kajal Dobhal | Business Connect Logistics is the backbone of seamless supply chain operations. A credible and efficient logistics management can allow businesses to render bestin-class product delivery services to their end-customers that eventually improve the business growth. In this direction, relying on an industry leader could make a huge difference to any business and Shiftco Shipping and Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. has proved it in the most relatable way. Mr Gopi R, CEO of Shiftco, was in an exclusive conversation with our team where he touched upon several aspects of this business venture. We believe this elegant read will be enjoyable as well as fascinating for our global readership. compromise when it comes to quality, they are willing to bear extra costs rather than fall back on commitments. The level of dedication to this notion is such that at times, the company had to pay double their quotation to get the job done. They took it to the whole next level by paying it on their own without burdening the clients.


Shiftco Shipping is a reliable freight forwarding and logistics company that has created a niche for itself in Indian markets. It has pioneered extraordinary logistics solutions across the globe that have expanded its elite clientele and empowered their endeavours sophistically. The cornerstones of its business values are — Proactivity, alacrity, and solicitous attitude. The unrivalled reputation of the company is the result of these unique core values.

Additionally, the company fervently values the relationships with their end- clients, where it not only considers their requirements but also, pays heed to its business partners. All of this stands on the belief that customers need solutions instead of mere forwarders alongside channel partners who look for a long-lasting association.

It all started 7 years ago with the humble beginnings of Shiftco. Primarily, the company focuses on designing and creating opportunities for people who are passionate about the industry or those seeking career advancement opportunities. Apart from this, it has been dedicated to ensuring cost- effective solutions to meet Global customer requirements in which they have excelled through the years. The company caters to the need of a wide range of sectors such as— Automobile, telecom, engineering, Pharmaceuticals & FMCG to name a few. Over the past years, they have also had a few OEM associations that transformed into a long-term business relationships, owing to their costeffectiveness and multifaceted solution modules.


Being an active part of an ever- changing industry has been insightful as well as challenging for Shiftco. And in this journey, R&D carves a varied definition. They perceive Research and Development as Review and Development.

“It simply means that we pay close attention to our employees and focus on their development. Instead of KPIs, we focus on KRAs and SOPs. This formula has brought us this far and we are sure it will help us achieve greater feats in future,” -Gopi R.


Shiftco is built upon the ideology that organisations become strong or weak as per their team’s adeptness. For better team building, they are heavily converged on hiring individuals who have unwavering zeal to grow. The CEO opines that this is a crucial step towards creating a team with members who understand the company’s culture. A team that will not only put strenuous efforts towards the growth of the company but also invest in personal development. To keep them motivated, the management ensures regular SWOT analysis, this is then used to bring about changes in the processes and overall functioning of the company.


Process has been the crucial factor to logistics companies and for Shiftco, an impeccable development of supply chain process is resistant to global market change and challenges have been their key differentiating factor. Here, every individual strives to serve the global platform to the needs of the clients that comes the best out of their ability. Moreover, the organisation keeps itself abreast of the latest developments in the industry to reduce transit time and increase the ease of shipping.


Unlike others, the company doesn’t prioritize cost over quality or client relationships. They never try to cut corners and this speaks volumes about their superior standards. There is no | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


Gopi R.

CEO, Shiftco shipping and logistics India Pvt Ltd


mentorship program where staff members can easily approach senior executives for better insights into the industry or any personal or professional query.

This industry demands reliable vendors and external resources to get ahead with efficient operations. In view of this, they maintain a consistent review relationship with their partners to allow effortless functioning. Here, their dedicated teams are not just trained in industry basics, but also excel in end-customer support services. Constant trainings and development sessions for their staff, partner review programs and hands-on approach allows the company to ensure highest service qualities in their targeted market. The matchless service standards put forth by them is the result of its customers’ reliance and faith in its offered services. Today, its global customer number has crossed 150 and it will keep proliferating day by day for which all the credit goes to Shiftco’s team and its ceaseless efforts.


When asked to reveal the achievements made by them so far, Mr Gopi R affirms that what started as 3 employees has now become a company with 100+ talented heads. Within 7 years of its journey, it has included top airlines and shipping lines under its service umbrella to meet global associations. So far, witnessing surging growth across the verticals like Aero Space and Critical shipping solutions, Shiftco is gradually scaling the heights of exemplary success. Also, the business has expanded from the headquarters in Chennai across the country to fully operational overseas offices in — Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In the upcoming years, they are in the process of establishing 2 new overseas offices. They aspire to establish a steadfast global presence across the world where they will be tapping into several other verticals. Many philanthropic activities are also underway.


Adaptability has been the lesson that everybody learned from the covid-19 crisis and Shiftco avidly harmonized with it. Indeed, plans will never be implemented as per the roadmap and during such unprecedented times, we should learn to have some patience. The company was agile and took this period as an opportunity to modify its operations and improve its functionality. As operational challenges propelled them to come up with innovative problem-solving approaches, they developed business resiliency in the most sophisticated manner.


“Greatness can be achieved only if you are willing to take the first step”. - CG

“Opportunities are present in all shapes and sizes, harnessing them and making them work in your favour is totally up to you. No one but yourself can be blamed for a missed opportunity”. – Gopi R


Shiftco nurtures the idea that employees are the most precious asset of any company and they ensure their well-being and development. In line with this notion, they conduct input sessions, organize team-building activities and also have an inhouse counsellor. Furthermore, they conduct a beneficial 49 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


51 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


Whilst commencing any work we are in the startup phase. Countless inputs and efforts are invested to take the voyage from the Initial phase to the Growth phase. Similarly, in the business world, numerous efforts are required to just start the business. The building of clientele and winning the trust of clients over the products and services. The financial requirement is the aid through which a business empire can be built. In this phase, the entrepreneurs and the employees ought to sit together for taking collaborative decisions. When the company or business starts picking up the pace, a sense of confidence is developed. A little stability and growth are seen whilst moving from the start-up to the growth zone. There are several attributes, which we need to keep in mind:

Delegation of responsibilities: When the business is growing then it becomes quintessential for everyone to be more responsible. So, upper-level management ought to delegate responsibilities to the workforce. During the startup phase, the company has figured out the best talent, the skills of the employees, and the employees who need a push. During the growth phase, each employee now needs to be responsible and delegated with more responsibilities. This is done in order to make them feel more independent and decisive. Efficient Management: A proper management needs to be formed during this stage. It’s because during the starting phase everything was haphazard; no systematic process was there. Gradually, when the company starts to progress towards the growing phase then it becomes essential to manage the people. A proper hierarchical management ought to be formed, which will simplify the work and reduces the responsibility of CEO’s and other top level managers. If a proper management is not there at different levels then no proper and efficient execution of work can happen. People who are working since the start of the company need to be delegated with some senior level authorities so that they feel a sense of importance. It’s indispensable to hire HR’s and other upper level managers as the number of employees are increasing. It becomes ultra-important to track the performance of each employee, their strengths and weaknesses, appreciating and rewarding schemes, their support system, problems, and how to motivate them to move ahead in the organization. Additionally, for the deserving employees, organizing a multitude of promotional strategies so that they can lead the people efficiently and smartly. For the employees who are slow in their progress, try to lend a helping hand to them. The sound management system plays an indispensable role in the growth and progress of the organization.


STARTUP PHASE | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


If the data is not recorded well and left unorganized then the ambiguity will be caused, which would definitely going to hamper the operations of the company.

Data: At the initial stage, the number of employees is less, the clientele is also not very vast, so there is no requirement to organize the data in the records; this can be done manually. During the growing phase, the dimensions of the company is expanding so it becomes quite necessary to maintain the data records related to multiple works in the system. Companies ought to hire data analysts and administrators to carry the process forward. Now, everything needs to be recorded in the tabular format so that data can be fetched easily, and the work can be completed on time. Maintenance of log records, number of projects allocated to employees, dates of deadlines, delivery dates, etc. need a cognizance and ought to be properly recorded. Therefore, now the employees should be proficient in data handling and management.

Management of Employees: As the organization is growing, the number of employees is multiplying. So, it’s required to effectively manage the employees. As there are many old employees associated with the company, and also there is an entry of fresh employees, in this case it becomes essential to guide the old employees to synchronize and adapt with the freshly recruited team. The other point is the opportunities; every employee works for the growth so it’s the responsibility of the upper level management to take care of their growth and development. There are many policies related to employees, which require an attention. Increment polices, to make sure whether the employees are ethical towards organization, their problems, how to make them independent, etc. managers need to look at all these. To cross the growth phase and move towards the stability stage, persistent efforts in the direction of making each employee independent and efficient becomes the key.

53 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

Soft Freight Logic

Making strides towards the amelioration of the logistics industry

Kajal Dobhal | Business Connect

“Think global is the new approach which we would like the logistics company to adopt to improve their productivity and development,” stated Raja.


ho isn’t aware of the significance of the logistics and supply chain market in the growth of businesses? And on that note, India is said to be the foremost destination for reliable logistic services across the globe. And a situational analysis by the experts predicts a major boom in this space by the end of 2021. But still, there is a long way to go in terms of techadoption and syncing with international standards. Innovations and ground-breaking technologies can definitely bring transformative change here where SCM companies need to ensure a proactive approach. SCM solutions automate business processes that eventually reduce the chances of human errors. As phenomenal as is the result of the inclusion of the latest technologies are in this space, investing in the wrong technology or considering an unresponsive service provider can cause a huge setback to any organisation. Hence, to scale the productivity and profitability, reaching out to an agile and credible company with expertise in dealing with new-fangled technologies can offer you an edge in the market. This is why we have come up with the vignette of a wellacclaimed name in the logistics industry- Soft Freight Logic(SFL) that has been committed to making India a logistical powerhouse in the upcoming years while bringing major disruptions across the global logistics market. Here, we are in a freewheeling conversation with the co-founder-cum-digital logistics advisor of this Dubaibased organisation- Raja Ratandeep. He incepted this venture to add substance to the global customers across the logistics space with Ikraam Reyaz who is steering the organisation as the CEO at present. Driven by their fervour to add some substance to the respective industry, both the co-founders are taking their brainchild to greater heights. In this discussion, he happens to explain various aspects of the business portfolio and while sharing his industry acumen and leadership style, he gave us some food for thought that our global readership will find quite enticing.

Raja Ratandeep

Co-Founder | Digtal Logistics Advisor) | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


SFL describes itself as an SCM solutions consultant and SaaS service provider that identifies the pain points of the supply chain industry and offers 54

customer retention and SFL has already dedicated major steps in this direction.

solutions to optimize the overall process. It was incorporated in 2017 with a steadfast mission to revamp the SCM domain with client-centric tools, consultancy and support on ERP. A perfect blend of focus and expertise allows the company to render comprehensive solutions under the same roof. The service portfolio of SFL primarily comprises — CargoWise consultancy and enhancements, software development services (mobile and web apps), optical character recognition, and digital marketing services. Powered by the client’s Cargowise One data, their White Label Web and Mobile Applications can effortlessly elevate the processes like shipment visibility, tracking, document uploads, and analytics. Also, the web and mobile functionality offered by it is extensively user-friendly and easily accessible.


When asked to shine some light on their leadership insights, Raja states that a single person cannot handle the whole end-to-end logistics company. As the leading figure, one has to supervise topto-toe company operations and encourage group performances. A keen eye on the team’s performance and better comprehension of the ground-level issue is the secret weapon of his success as a leader. Also, paying heed to collaborative growth where all the partners are equally getting involved in system processes and productivity programs is how he allows a touch of inclusiveness to stimulate excellence in terms of business growth. “We are heavily into our mission of persistently challenging the status quo. Thus, innovating solutions and creating opportunities for ourselves and every partner we work with,” concluded the leader.

Today, it relishes a cosmopolitan presence in 10 countries— India, the USA, Brazil, UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Chile, Panama, the UK, and Europe. And not only does it operate in the countries where it is located, but also delivers solutions to innumerable serviced customers from over 42 countries.


Within a short span of time, SFL has been able to carve a unique position for itself as an eminent SCM company, for which, it has bagged appreciation from its clients, peers, industry experts and many publication houses. For them, accolades are what they take immense pride in, rather than bagging awards. Having been acknowledged as one of the leading players in IT and SCM technology offers them a sense of contentment. While crossing some established milestones, they have been able to develop some extraordinary tech innovations that have allowed them to optimize the workflows and processes across the space. The automation services have been well- received by the clientele, spreading their tale of prowess and competency among the masses.


When questioned about the motive force that led to the inception of the organisation, the tycoon elucidated that shipping line, mainline, transporters, customs, etc, are various aspects that needed to be considered while being effectively operational in this field. In-depth industry knowledge is a must to have in each segment mentioned in the above premise. On that note, the founders recognized the amount of painstaking attention to details these jobs needed, which propelled them to commence their own venture to reduce the gaps in the industry leveraging the tech- advances. Additionally, yet another motive hidden behind the inception was to offer employment opportunities to the masses from the lowerincome group. The sole purpose was to ensure the talented youth with high- standards of living that speak in favour of the key persons’ solicitous attitude. “Any company cannot grow alone. We believe the humanitarian approach can help any organisation see a thumping success and all our efforts have always been in sync with this notion,” claims the luminary.


As per Raja Ratandeep, a motivated workforce is a prominent factor that decides any company’s fate. Not just one but, many big corporations across the business world are making leaps due to this single aspect only, and for any entrepreneurial enterprise, it is an instrumental one. Also, a positive ambience at the company can do wonders in the most unexpected ways, ergo, the culture at SPL is such that once an individual comes on board, he never intends to leave it. This is evident from their 0% attrition rate and the ‘secret sauce’ for it — ‘make them feel like a family’. The management leaves no stone unturned to keep the staff members high-on spirits and motivated. Inspired by the keen and influential leadership style of the co-founder, the employees strain every nerve to propel the organisation to the common objectives. The duo of founders lends credence to offering freedom with flexibility to all the individuals and making leaps towards the end goal.


For Raja, his innovative streak and domain expertise have been offering his establishment a leading edge in the market. Today, SFL has an ecosystem where thrives a diverse range of solutions by the committed efforts of mobile experts, mobile developers, logistics experts, domain experts, etc. Enhanced customer experience is the key for which the responsive teams never even hesitate to go the extra mile. On top of this, SFL has been reckoned as a one-stop destination for integrated solutions exempting the customers from seeking different service providers for different solutions. Furthermore, their attempts to centralize multiple processes such as customer service, pricing, research on lagging productivity, and considerably more could prove quite lucrative to the end-clients, resolving a plethora of issues. And here, customer service plays a critical role owing to the fact- more customers speaking in favour of your logistics services is directly proportional to more consumers and sellers who would want to be benefitted from those. Also, an affordable range of solutions is an impeccable way to facilitate


Go global! The administration at SFL has envisioned expanding its global footprints in the upcoming years by diversifying its product portfolio. For this, a major investment plan has been designed by them and soon, the world will witness the company’s palpable presence in many new countries.

AN INSIGHTFUL MEMO TO ENTREPRENEURS BY THE DIGNITARY “To become a good entrepreneur, you should know what to present to the world. At times, people do not like to share their domain expertise with the staff. If you have to grow the company, have trust in your people and start delegating them the powers.”

55 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


57 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


THE POWER OF MENTORSHIP ON YOUR ROAD TO PROGRESS Leaders and Mentors shape our nation, communities, and organizations. We are always in need of a good leader to help and guide us, to make the essential large-scale decisions that keep the world moving. Our society always quick to identify a bad leader, but we are here to know how to identify a good one? What would most people say makes a good Leader/Mentor? According to the research, it is found that the Characteristics of a Good Leader are Great mentors, who consistently possess these 10 core leadership traits: • Positive attitude • Creativity • Ability to inspire • Intuition • Honesty • Ability to delegate • Communication • Sense of humor • Confidence • Commitment | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

While many powerful and successful mentors haven’t exhibited all of these character traits, and the definition of a good leader can be quite ambiguous nowadays. Mentorship comes in many flavors in the present life. It never works unless or until a mentor bear in their mind a few common principles such as:-

Experience ensures a pool of wisdom

Ideally, a mentor must be a person who has been in the channel and has the worldly experience to guide you and set you in the right direction. Technically, a Successful or Doyen Entrepreneur is an ideal mentor, as they will always help you to get comfortable with the industry ropes and hurdles. With the many battles fought, within the industry and the necessary attitude to screw around obstacles, their infinite wisdom is totally gained from years of vast experience, which makes them eminently suitable for the role of a Mentor in the society. So whether it be scaling, merging, or operational guidance, you need to have a battle-ready veteran who has mastered the art of corporate diplomacy and warfare.

Pillar of positivity and support - Communication

It is easy for mentorship conversations to quickly devolve into rant sessions. Good mentors are the people that able to inculcate a positive thought process to help their mentees make the most of every situation – even the difficult ones that nobody has any control over. More importantly, mentors bespeak this positive thought process themselves and become the role models their mentees with their needs.


A large part of positive communication involves active listening. Therefore, leaders should establish a steady and flow of communication between themselves and their staff or team members. They can even make it happen through an open-door policy or regular conversations with workers. Other skills related to communication include: • Active listening • Articulating • Business storytelling • Clarity • Explaining • Expression • Facilitating group conversations • Nonverbal communication • Presentation • Public speaking • Reading body language • Reducing ambiguity • Verbal communication • Written communication

Reflective Empathy

Empathy is one of the key principle and important qualities in a mentor because finding someone who’s respectful is key, but so is finding someone who will give you some tough love when you need it for motivation. A good mentor knows how to deliver perfect feedback in a way that’s constructive, kind, and direct, and doesn’t shy away from being honest because they’re afraid of hurting your feelings. What does this look like? Your mentor should be asking questions more often than simply telling you because harshness is sometimes necessary but in a positive outlook. That curiosity is important for any mentee because “you want someone who can relate to you from your perspectives for better understanding. Oftentimes people try to impose their own beliefs or ways of approaching things on others, and this can be a good mentor’s downfall because imposing personal beliefs lead to the ruling. So be empathic and represent your point of view normally, not like imposing.

Benefits to the Mentor

Becoming a master or mentor to your team can enrich your life on a personal and professional level by helping you do the following: •

Build your leadership skills – Mentorship helps you to develop your ability to motivate and encourage others. This can also help you to become a better manager, employee, and team leader.

Improve your communication skills – Every mentee may come from a different background or environment, the two of you sometimes may not “speak the same language.” This may force you to an effort in finding a way to communicate more effectively and efficiently by navigating your way through the mentoring relationship.

Learn new perspectives – By working in the less experienced and from a different background, you can gain a fresh perspective on new things and learn a new way of thinking by your different mentees – those different ideas and perspectives can help in your work life as well as your personal life.

Advance your career – Refining your mentorship skills can strengthen your on-the-job performance and experience, perhaps it will help you to get that promotion to higher management – or into management in the first place.

Personal satisfaction – It will always be very personally fulfilling to get to know that you’ve directly contributed to someone’s growth and development which makes you personally satisfied. Seeing your mentee succeed as a result of your motivation input is a reward in itself.

59 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

SPARX IT SOLUTIONS A Digitization Specialist For Myriad Business Verticals


Indranil Roy | Business Connect

parx IT Solutions is a high-flyer in the technology realm, offering a variety of customized digital solutions that give clients a competitive edge. Its offerings create a secured business structure, upgrade friendliness, and enhance endto-end professional support, which allows it to streamline and transform its clients’ business processes. Sparx IT Solutions is an ISO 27001:2013 certified and NASSCOM-recognized IT firm. It serves an extensive clientele of Fortune 500 companies, including Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Amdocs, Intel, Duracell, and HP. In addition, it works with SMBs offering cost-effective but tailored solutions. Sparx also allows offshore enterprises to employ its in-house developers to create products and solutions based on their ideas.

development, and project management. He is the backbone of technical operations in the company. Alongside, Mr. Sumit Sengar (Chief Business Officer) supervises the business professionals in working with their associates to meet the complex consumer demands.

The company is the innovative endeavor of three technocrats - Mr. Prashant Sengar (CoFounder & Director), Mr. Vikash Sharma (Co-Founder & CEO), and Mr. Rohit Choudhary (Co-Founder & CTO). It set sails in 2007, and the growth testifies to the enormous contributions of many heroes. At the outset, the co-founders envisioned an ecosystem of like-minded professionals to lead the core functions. And, the vision manifested in the form of a group of top technical and business executives who collaborate with their peers to address customer demands in a passionate and productive manner. The team has technical gurus like Mr. Alok Singh (Technical Manager) who oversees deliveries, product

Moreover, it has helped in amassing vibrant and futuristic technologies. Prashant comments on this, “We have been able to serve a wide range of customers with our native & hybrid mobile app and website design & development services.” With a decade of experience, it has circumferenced prime technologies, such as Java, PHP, Python, .Net, Node.js, Angular JS, React Native, etc. It also uses an ERP model and automation tools like Salesforce, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Big Data to better satisfy consumers’ prospective demands.


Technology and R&D have always had a symphonic relationship. It helps a business to employ inventive techniques to introduce new items or update existing ones. Sparx has attained several milestones in its journey, which is led by an independent and enthusiastic approach to R&D. It has helped in costcutting for product development, process time elevate quality analytics, and resource management, in short, helped in improving overall efficiency.


While technology and innovation are prominent steppingstones, | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


Alok Singh Technical Manager

Vikash Sharma Founder

it’s nothing without efficient manpower. It’s also critical to keep the workforce nourished and enthusiastic at all times. Sparx has built a highly flexible culture that is distinguished by autonomy, performance, and customer-centricity. “We consider the needs of our clients and bring in the best of our capabilities to provide them with productive, dynamic, and easily deployable digital solutions,” states Vikash. The company indulges in parameterized market analysis to create a blueprint of every project having flexibility and adaptability. The team adapts with lucrative process models and technologies to turn every blueprint into reality and meets client expectations. This in-house agility has been a major cornerstone for Sparx IT Solutions and its growth. The company has accomplished projects for food processing, science & technology, e-Commerce, education, travel & tourism, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, civil & construction, and many other segments, with prospective results. Its quick understanding of needs, robust portfolio, and diverse experience has kept the bar of quality high and sustained long-term relationships with clients.


Being in the industry for over a decade, Sparx IT Solutions has made quite a vibrant stronghold in the innovation realm. It has maintained an 85% customer retention rate and is recognized by, leading business institutions. Sparx has accomplished 15000+ projects and has 500+ satisfied customers around the globe. It also has an evolving technology stack which positions it amongst the preferred IT partners. Rohit further adjoins, “We started with only 10 people and will soon become a team of 300 professionals, which will be a unique milestone.” He and the other co-founders assert that technical advances will be their way to success. Soon, they are planning to launch an e-commerce product. And, based on the product’s potential, they have high hopes for the product’s success. Also, it’s investing a lot of time and resources in Salesforce solutions. They sincerely affirm that Salesforce is going to be a crucial technology pillar in future businesses and constantly progressing on them.

AN INTEGRATED HR TECH PLATFORM FOR GLOBAL JOB OPPORTUNITIES Techfynder is helping companies around the world to hire professional talent using a simple subscription SUBSCRIBE

Why we are different? The Techfynder service allows businesses and agencies to search specific criteria like:

Experience, Skill Sets, Rates, Location & Availability You can then contact that person directly within this dedicated platform. From here you can download their profile, arrange interviews and communicate with other through chat. You can also shortlist candidates to review them afterwards. All of this is done via a Subscription that can be tailored to your requirements or upgrade to a fully managed solution with a Strategic License. Our AI-based technology matches your requirements when you post a job, here you can view applications but also the suggested ones too. 61 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

siliconindia| |Vol. Vol.4 3Special | Issue 5 December 2020 INDIA Edition November 2021 | INDIA

8 62


August 2019

63 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


MOTIVATE YOURSELF FOR GOING GYM It’s not easy for everyone to put clothes and head towards the gym. Several excuses and reasons come in the route and most of us say “Sleep! Next day sure, I will go and flow my sweat in push up’s and sit up’s.” But the next day never comes. Sometimes, it’s our work and most of the times our motivation level is low to move towards the intense exercising area. What impedes us to go for a workout? Why we feel super lazy to exercise? How can we inspire to create a healthy regime? Correct Motivation is the best remedy for all the above-enlisted questions. And there is a multitude of factors, which invoke a proper inspiration to step your foot outside for GYM. • SET THE CLEAR INTENTION- To start any work or develop a new habit, it is indispensable to set a clear intention like why do you want to do it? What will you get after accomplishing it? For example: if you hold an intention of losing 5 kg in a month then it is a clear intention. After losing weight, you will be healthy and look fabulous. Now, you are clear about the objectives, and this incites you to head towards the GYM. • MAKE A ROUTINE- -Planning a routine will do half of the task. Because of hectic and busy working life, it becomes cumbersome to plan time out for ourselves. But, to serve your body is your first and the foremost responsibility. Deliberately, you ought to design your regime. For example: early in the morning around 6 am, you will do gyming, after that breakfast then office, and it goes on according to your routine. It’s totally up to you how to create your gym routine so that it will not disturb your work-life balance. • GET COZY AND COMFORTABLE GYM CLOTHES- If we do any physical activity, it is damn important to dress in comfortable clothes so that stretching and exercising becomes easy and fun. The same goes for getting ready for the gym. If the clothes are not comfortable then exercising will be so difficult. Therefore, before going to gym always buy comfortable shoes and clothes so that there will not be any type of hurdle. • EVALUATE PROGRESS- After preparing a lesson or topic for the examination, students prior to exams self-evaluate in order to know their performance and how much extra effort they ought to put for getting the maximum marks. Similarly, when we go to the gym try to evaluate your daily performance, which will act as a catalyst in the area of motivation. If you want to lose your weight and daily you are putting a paramount effort in the gym then definitely in a month the effect will be reflected. It is really important to record your daily success or failure, which will give you a sense of motivation to keep you going. If in a day you are working hard and record your success afterward then it will give you a sense of happiness and motivation to keep the graph increasing. • GET A GOOD TRAINER- For getting into shape or achieving fitness goals, it is required to get a good gym trainer; the trainer who motivates and instructs you properly about your body type, diet, and the required exercises. He also tracks your daily performance and accordingly set your fitness regime. The trainer should always motivate you and helps you to achieve the set target. No comparison and bullying he or she should do. If your trainer is supportive then definitely it helps you to attend the gym. • WATCHING FITNESS VIDEOS- Our body is a sacred sanctum so to take care of it is our prime responsibility, and it is next to divinity. Therefore, watching fitness videos motivates you to a great extent for attending the gym and taking care of your body. On You Tube, there is a hub of young fitness trainers who frequently update the videos on exercises, diet food, and interesting facts about our body. This is going to boost your confidence level, and inspires you to shed your perspiration whilst working hard in the gym. • NEED A SUPPORTING FRIEND- If you are a lazy one then definitely a good friend can do wonders. If you are constantly missing your gym sessions due to some reasons then a friend can help you out in this regard. He or she can call you one day before for reminding you to attend the gym. This gives you a tremendous push. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


65 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


The Trailblazer Empowering Businesses Like Never Before With Its Low-Code Development Platform “Senpiper’s mission is to enable every team to create and deploy digital processes in near real-time across devices, with minimal time and effort.” Senpiper Technologies has its name etched as the pioneer in India who trailblazed the mobile-first low-code digital transformation to help users in building world-class software applications at an incredibly low turnaround time. An inception that all began in the year 2015 with negligible funding from friends and family, from a small group of tech geeks, grew into many folds and currently works with 45 experienced & brilliant professionals in the arena. Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, Senpiper Technologies holds a strong presence throughout India and in the global arena too. Its vision is to transform how enterprise software is developed. The team of Senpiper stands unparalleled in experience, they are proficient in solving use cases in multiple industries and specialize in Facility management, Manufacturing & Power sector use cases, and have a client base of over 40 large & medium enterprises.

“We assist clients to get the best out of their investments, empower them to stay digitally progressive, and help them enhance their business outcomes faster”


, shared Anupam Singh, Co-founder & CTO.

Puja Bhardwaj | Business Connect


Flexibility, user experience, time to deploy, quality, training in-house people for know-how are a few major requirements of tech leaders of today and with its unmatched experience in the arena, Senpiper Technologies offer these with efficacy. The company is uniquely positioned in the market and potentially takes care of different types of business processes running over a small or large employee base. It has acquired many high-end clients with its demonstrated value across diverse industries. The company is uniquely positioned for e-Governance use cases and offers one of the most business user-centric development platforms. All these factors empower Senpiper Technologies to differentiate itself from the market and function as the most trusted Low-code development platform provider. | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA



Low-code development platforms are evolving in the Indian market with rapidity. As the need for digitizing the long tail of applications becomes ever more pertinent and quality tech professionals being biased towards tech companies, businesses in every other arena are facing a major talent deficit giving way to a plethora of constraints. Ideation to deployment takes a long time & effort as business users cannot learn prototyping, coding, DevOps, etc. Maintenance and upgrades to existing systems are highly expensive in terms of time and cost and traditional methods of hourly rates and waterfall methodology for change management are also no longer viable. Moreover, even if businesses manage to have talented professionals working for them, it becomes difficult to manage efficiency and operations if they leave. This is because many critical pieces of knowledge of the systems developed to reside with the vendor and go away gradually as employees change in the vendor organization. Having said that, irrespective of such challenges, businesses need to be digitized and many organizations are now understanding that they need to have a partner who is an expert in assisting businesses to develop their own applications and can help them enhance their digital presence without much of a hassle. Ruling out such impediments and assisting clients to meet their needs with agility, the innovative seed of Senpiper was sown six years ago.


Talent deficit due to the majority of quality tech talent is biased towards tech companies. This forces enterprises to work with a lot of constraints.

Maintenance & upgrades to existing systems are highly expensive in terms of time and cost. The traditional method of hourly rates and waterfall methodology for change management are no longer viable. Agile is the name of the game.

Many critical pieces of knowledge of the system reside with the vendor & go away gradually as employees change in the vendor organization.

Ideation to deployment takes a long time & effort as business users cannot learn prototyping, coding, DevOps, etc.

Even smaller/less critical items need to be digitized. Organizations are now understanding that the approach they take for digitizing the long-tail of business processes multiplies the output of critical IT systems like ERPs and CRMs.


The future of Senpiper Technologies looks bright with the potential of the market skyrocketing with every passing day. The company is aiming at 25X growth in the next 3 years and endeavouring to have a partnership-driven model both with large enterprises and SMBs to grow faster and better.


Enterprise Architect at Cerebra Consulting Inc and Co-founder at Senpiper Technologies, Anupam Singhs is an expert IT professional with 11 years of broad experience in Software Development, IT Project Management, and solutions. In academia, Anupam has done B.Tech. from Delhi College of Engineering.

GAURAV SENGAR, Co-Founder & CEO A passionate techpreneur& Cocreator of powerful and agile low code Digital Transformation platform, Gaurav Sengar holds years of experience and extensive knowledge in the design, development, and deployment of Complex Business Process Automation, Big Data Analytics, and Business Development. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from IIT, Kharagpur, and B.Tech. from the same University. “Indian industry leaders generally underestimate the time, effort, and cost of developing good quality software. eg.Whatsapp looks like a simple application etc. Biased towards cost & less sensitive towards intangible benefits in the long term. Which is the difference between a good company and a great company. US and developed countries, in general, are more mature in this sense. Software best practices in Indian enterprise lag by a few years and customers here were less eager to adopt new ways. But it looks like things are changing rapidly”, shared Anupam Singh.

67 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


69 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

India's most premium beard range ever launch | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA






71 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA

RNI No. : DELENG/2018/76695 | Vol. 4 Special Edition November 2021 | INDIA


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