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www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA



www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

Editor’s Note With our zealous efforts to ensure an effective cerebral engagement by promoting some exceptional content of extensive significance, we take immense pride to release our most- awaited edition for this month. Featuring some phenomenal enterprises that rely on relevance and excellence, we welcome all our valued readers to our neoteric monthly issue. This edition of our well-received global magazine primarily focuses on some start-ups that have redefined the business space defying all the odds with their impassioned fervour. Now, when most of the enterprises are striving hard to bring their workforce back to

A solemn promise for progress and probity

the office confinements, many others will still carry on with their work-fromhome business models. With the new-normal scenario, remote employee engagement has been reshaping the cultures of the new-age companies. While syncing with this unprecedented scenario was imperative to sustain the waves of the pandemic, being relevant to the respective industry in terms of the services was also an uphill climb. The industry giants highlighted in this special edition are the archetypes of pertinence that have turned the gargantuan tides in their favour. This time, Business Connect Magazine has brought forth —20 Most Promising startups to watch 2021—a brand new edition that spotlights a few handpicked success stories of some exemplary enterprises. These start-ups have enriched their work ecosystems with some ingenious approaches and management policies to stay ahead of the game. Our dedicated team has performed extensive research in the pursuit of some inspiring enterprises that resulted in the creation of this outstanding monthly issue. Here, we have shone the spotlight on some ingenious companies that have disrupted and revamped the relevant industry with some exemplary innovations. On the cover page, we are depicting the success story of Swiss Garnier Group, that has become a prominent player in the Pharma Industry. Its ingenious medicinal formulations have attained a national as well as international repute in the respective space. In a virtual interaction with the Director of the Group, Dr Vignesh Gandhi, team Business Connect discussed the entrepreneurial journey of the family business and its transformation into a roaring success. At last, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers, for they are the driving force that allows us to push our boundaries and come up with more sophisticated editions every time. I hope our Magazine keeps you serving as a gateway to the innovations while elevating your spirits with enthusing inspiration.

Kajal Dobhal kajal@businessconnectindia.in

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


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www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

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Swiss Garnier

A Synonymy of Integrity, Reliability And Authenticity Page No. 10

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA



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www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA



www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA



rom being actively involved in the research and development of some new medical formulations to ensuring the patients with adequate and appropriate access to some avantgarde advancements, the Pharma industry abides by the burden of offering quality care to the endconsumers. Contributing in this direction, numerous industry giants - in the last two decades - have emerged out with their matchless offerings to disrupt the industry exponentially. One such big name in this respect is ‘Swiss Garnier Group’ that has carved a niche for itself in the relevant industry and stirred disruption across the globe from different aspects.

Rethinavalli . T

Managing Director

This time our latest edition presents the success story of Swiss Garnier Group that has become a prominent player in the industry. In a virtual interaction with the Director of the Group, Dr Vignesh Gandhi, team Business Connect discussed the entrepreneurial journey of the family business and its transformation into a roaring success.

Cover Story www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


Dr. Vingesh Gandhi . T

Theivendran M. S


Founder & Chairman


www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


AN OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY Pharma industry has always been burdened with a heavy responsibility to be credible and effective at the same time. Human life is precious and is majorly dependent on this industry for medical urgencies. Imbibing this enormous responsibility in their core values as the fulcrum of its business, Swiss Garnier Life Sciences pioneered this space with its exemplary offerings. “All of our systems, philosophies and attitudes have been attuned to this vital aspect of our business environment,” states Dr Vignesh Gandhi, the Director. Swiss Garnier is a significant player in the Pharma manufacturing as well as marketing industry. At present, the group has three major ventures under its parasol- Swiss Garnier Life Sciences, Swiss Garnier Biotech Pvt Ltd and Swiss Garnier Genexiaa Sciences Pvt. Ltd. The facilities for two of their eminent ventures like Life Sciences and Biotech Pvt. Ltd. are located in Himachal Pradesh. For Genexiaa Sciences, the manufacturing facility has been situated in Sikkim. In the next financial year FY 21-22, they have envisioned to dive into domestic marketing.

Fundamentally, the Group manufactures and delivers finished goods to Indian as well as International industry giants like Lupin, Abbott, Dr.Reddy’s,USV, Sun Pharma, Piramal, Biocon, Merck, Wockhardt, Glenmark, Alembic, Novartis, Bayer etc .. to name few. Acknowledging the scenario that the in-house capacity of such brands won’t be quite enough to cater to the surging demands of the population across the globe, Swiss Garnier offers contract manufacturing services to its diverse clientele. “To meet the appropriate demands of the masses across the world, some major International industry giants outsource their brand to other companies after regular audits and related processes. For Indian Market, they manufacture most of the brands of top 20-25 Indian Pharmaceutical and Multinational Pharmaceutical companies ,” states Dr Vignesh Gandhi. 13

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

As a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, Swiss Garnier is specialized in the development and production of some ingenious pharmaceutical formulations. The company was incepted in 2006 as a contract manufacturing company but has turned itself into an enterprise with over 410 crores INR turnover. At present, the company has four manufacturing facilities that are catering to both domestic and international markets and its success has been well-acknowledged and awarded by various reputed Indian business organization’s and magazines. Headquartered in Chennai, Swiss Garnier has become one among those few Indian Pharma companies with wellequipped manufacturing facilities that formulated dosages of tablets, capsules, liquid, ointment & powder (sachet & bottle). By keeping technological strength and a quality product at the forefront, the company is spreading its service wings to over 40 countries across the globe with their own brands in various

segments like Cardiology, Diabetology, Gastroenterology etc... It has various countries accreditation and approvals. It is dedicated in developing, manufacturing & marketing highly effective & innovative pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and food supplement formulations at its state-of-the-art facilities with global standards. Committed to customer satisfaction, employee empowerment and environment care, the company is scaling greater heights by targeting to emerge out as a leading global healthcare provider. It has established an alternative system of medicines and hospital services duly to provide consistent quality and timely delivery to the utmost satisfaction of all the associates and customers. But ascending the ladders of success to reach the pinnacle is never a bed of roses, and the founders of the company also witnessed a fair share of hardships and carved their path to exponential growth with their sheer determination and adamant zeal to succeed.


M. S Theivendran (Dr Vignesh’s father) is a B. Tech Graduate in Chemical Engineering who served ONGC in Mumbai for over a decade. But deep down he always strived to be an entrepreneur and bring the waves of change in the business world. Undoubtedly, the initial phase of the entrepreneurial excursion was quite difficult to deal with for his father along with the whole family. Calling off from a high-heel job where he used to acquire a considerable amount of paycheck was not a piece of cake despite knowing the uncertain nature of the business world. In this journey, his better half - Mrs T Rethinavalli unwaveringly supported him from ideation to inception. Together, the husband-wife duo laid the foundation of the company in 2000, in Chennai. Later, in 2005, they shifted the manufacturing facilities to Himachal Pradesh owing to a myriad of factors and began the business operation at full throttle. “Undeniably, we came across multiple hardships at the beginning but our unfaltering determination and dedication paved our path to a steady growth,” cites the duo. Their entrepreneurial journey that dawned from a rural area to flag the name in the Himalayan terrain has been fantastic and inspiring to many people.

At present, both of them are leading the organization as the Chairman and Managing Director and taking the company to greater heights. Mrs Rethinavalli who is M.Sc B.Ed graduate has attended various Entrepreneurs programs conducted by FICCI and many others. She takes care the overall supply chains as well as finance whereas M.S Theivendran administers overall production-related operations. Their legacy was taken forward by Dr Vignesh Gandhi (their son), an MBBS and MD ( Internal Medicine) has initially worked at Apollo Main Hospital, Greams Road Chennai and also Global Glenegles Hospital . He has also completed his Hospital Administration Degree from ISB( Indian School of Business) Mohali and Hyderabad.When he entered his inherited family business, the company was struggling from multiple aspects where he immensely contributed to its upliftment by taking care of Business Development, new molecules identification and R&D. “To grow as an outstanding businessman, dodging the bullets of challenges is mandatory, as a well-to-do business will never offer you a growing platform,” states Dr Vignesh Gandhi. Moreover, his wife Mrs. Saranya Vignesh who is also Doctor by Profession is helping the business by her contribution in Supply Chain. His younger brother Mr.Vishnu also came on board after completing his Business Management studies from France. He also underwent his internship with Abbott Pharmaceutical company at Basel, Switzerland and PwC ( Price Waterhouse Cooper) Mumbai. He is taking care of HR, Production Planning `and IT www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA



INSPIRING VISION WITH AN EXTRAORDINARY MISSION When asked to highlight the exclusive vision & mission of the company, Dr Vignesh Gandhi reveals that they are zealously committed to customer satisfaction, employee empowerment and environmental care. The dynamic company has always been determined to emerge as a leading global healthcare provider in the targeted industry by duly offering consistent quality and on-time delivery to the utmost satisfaction of all the associates and customers. Also he states that the main success of the company are his employees who are the real backbone of the organisation. Their selfless contribution and involvement has paved the way for the real success of Swiss Garnier.

VISHNU | Director The roaring success of Swiss Garnier is an end-result of the collaborative and determined efforts of all the Swiss Garnier family members to be substantive to the Pharma industry and make a diffe`rence to millions of lives across the globe..

A GLANCE OVER ITS COMPETITIVE EDGE Though there are multiple companies in the marketing and manufacturing industry, Swiss Garnier is staying ahead of the curve due to its authentic product portfolio. Owing to its robust R&D team, the company has been making a difference in the industry by suggesting its exclusive formulations to its esteemed customer base. These formulations are promoted under their customer’s brand names domestically and International with their own brand name. Pertaining to the quality, Dr Vignesh asserts that the organization may compromise with the marginal profits but it never negotiates with the product’s quality. To them, keeping their quality-oriented clientele in sync with their product-line is the foremost priority. “Patients are the frontline consumers of our formulations that spurs our ethical values to ensure best-in-class offerings to our end-customers,” quotes Dr Vignesh.

ABOUT THEIR EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS MODEL A robust and resilient business model lay the foundation of a successful business venture. Swiss Garnier Group of companies has a steadfast business model that allows it to be an extended arm and reliable manufacturing facility for the preeminent Pharma enterprises. “We offer various Dosage forms, Drug Delivery System, and Packaging Solutions. Thus, providing our customers with a fair and highly competitive Indian Pharma market. Our dosage forms include tablets, capsules, liquids, powder in sachets & Jars,” quotes the Director. Moreover, being in sync with the market demands while ensuring best-in-class quality products in a short period allows them to acquire the fame of being the most trusted professional contract manufacturing firm amongst other pharma companies in the country. With their internal operations that involve some principal functions, they are offering the clients state-of-the-art solutions. From cost optimization via continuous improvement to time optimization by deploying advanced planning tools such as ERP for effective manufacturing management, they are making a difference for their clients at the forefront. “Our campaigns are flexible and adapted according to customers demand. Moreover, our products are regulatory compliant 15

that meet the stringent requirements of DCGI regulations and FSSAI norms and our manufacturing facilities are approved by WHO GMP, ISO and other national and international accreditation’s ,” cites Dr Vignesh. Catering to the demands of the leading Pharma enterprises, Swiss Garnier ensures a collaborative approach for the customer’s requirements. The esteemed customers of the company adjoin its team to create a prolonged association to expedite all processes and provide an interesting platform thereof. The team open-handedly invites creative challenges and spurs out-of-box thoughts while being in harmony with their partners. In terms of their exclusive research approach, the newfangled product line developed by them is the outcome of the incessant efforts by the R&D team. Be it Drug Delivery System, Tablet in Tablet dosage forms, Tablet in Capsules or Unique Solutions for critical packaging requirements, their customers are always assured with exceptional, regulatory compliant and patient-friendly product portfolio. In this concern, the Director claims, “Our capability in New Product development has attracted Top Pharma Companies to develop their licensed molecules and manufacture commercially at our manufacturing facilities in various locations.” www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


THE CSR INITIATIVES The key officials at Swiss Garnier are the firm believers in giving back to society. So far, the company has contributed to set up a building for orphanage homes( Good Life Centre) in Chennai, where around 300 children are being well taken care of. The company is also helping several medical or engineering aspirants with educational assistance be it tuition fee or other study materials. Being a Pharma manufacturing giant, the company conducts regular medical camps where the underprivileged sections are offered a myriad of high-quality medical supplies under the supervision of some specialized medical doctors. For the upcoming year, they have planned to expand this selfless-service wings across the nation, by serving more and more masses in need. Swiss Garnier also funds various State level sports tournaments to encourage the younger generation actively participate in physical activities which is lacking a lot in the present generation. To add more feathers in the crown, Swiss Garnier company and also the promoters have been awarded with various national and International awards, to name a few are mentioned below: 1. Winner of Asia Pacific - Steve Awards for excellence in innovation in healthcare industries in 2020 2. Awarded by SME Chamber of India for the ‘Best Family-Owned Business’ in 2020 3. Winner of ‘101 Most Fabulous Global Healthcare Leaders Award’ by Global Healthcare Congress 2020 www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


Won ‘Bhutan Healthcare Leader Award’ from Global Healthcare Congress 2020 5. India SME 100 - India SME & Axis Bank in 2019 6. ‘International Leadership Innovation Excellence Award 2019’ from Institute of Economic Studies at Colombo, Sri Lanka 7. Won Super SME Award from World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in 2016 8. ’The Healers Award’ by The Times of India in 2015` 9. ‘SME Business Excellence Award’ by Dun & Bradstreet in 2015 10. ‘Strategic Business Partner Award’ from ABBOTT for 6 consecutive years since 2014 11. Emerging India Award’ by CNBC TV18 & ICICI Bank in 2013 Being in Pharma Industry is a very noble industry which is serving the people directly by providing them with medicines and curing them physically and mentally and make them feel strong. To work in such Industry is also a real service to mankind which is not only the management who is steering the ship but it’s right from the Office Assistant to Vice President of the organisation who are the real leaders of not only our organisation but also for every organisation states Dr. Vignesh. Their long term goal is to backward integrate and start API business and forward integrate and venture into Domestic Marketing and Hospital Services and go into IPO. 16



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www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


Craig Federighi A key driving force behind

APPLE’S WHOPPING GROWTH Craig Federighi, also known as “Mr. Hair Force One himself”, oversees all major development, such as Mac, IOS, and IPadOS. He is positioned as Apple’s senior VP of software engineering. Craig carries an enthusiastic and funny nature, as we have seen his popular presentations at WWDC and other Apple Events. He has more stage time than others, including Tim Cook. In 2016, he reported, owning over 500,000 shares of Apple stock worth about US$180 million in 2020.


Away from the public functions, he is reportedly a great communicator in private. In 2013, the wall street journal said that Apple employees must consider him a responsive executive, someone who replies and reacts to internal emails. His profile has an impressive “rising star” reporting that he tries to build consensus within teams all across the company. EARLY LIFE Craig was born in 1969 in San Leandro, California. After holding an undergraduate degree from Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California, Craig attended the University, Of California, Berkeley, where he earned a bachelor’s degree from the electrical engineering and computer science branch. Also, he did his master in science stream from the same university. Craig got married in 2014. Now he has 4 children.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


In 1999, Craig quit Apple for corporate software company Ariba, where he was appointed as CTO (Chief Technology Offer). By the time in 2009, he left Ariba and returned to Apple to work on macOS. His first physical appearance was at the WWDC event to give, what Craig called a sneak peek of MacOS X Snow Leopard. In 2011, Craig Federighi succeeded Bertrand Serlet (Previous Vice President) as VP of Mac Software Engineering. In 2012, he was promoted as VP Of Mac software engineering at Apple.

CAREER Craig Federighi was working with Steve Jobs at NeXT, where he led the development of the Enterprise Objects Framework (EOF) – it was a software tool for large companies by letting their regular computers connect to the enterprise database. In 1996, Craig started working with Apple when it acquired NeXT. Omni Group Co-founder Will Shipley was working with Steve Jobs at NeXT at the time, and later he wrote that he had not anticipated to like Craig Federighi. in 2011, Will Shipley mentioned in the blog, “In-comes Federighi -the new guy- and he is like seven feet tall and gameshow-host handsome and he’s smiling like a used car salesman,” further, Shipley added, “I will admit it; I was prepared not to like him.”

“You naturally expect a tall, handsome guy to be, well, kind of a jerk,” He said “Like his ideas are more important than yours. But what struck me so hard in that first meeting, so much so that it’s still in my head 17 years later, is that he was there to listen. And not just to passively listen – he wanted to make sure he understood what we were saying, yes, but also to get to the heart of it.”


Craig Federighi once mentioned,

As Craig’s responsibility increased within Apple, his stage time at events improved more quickly. He now looks more confident, enthusiastic, and calm while being on stage. However, not all presentations went well. In 2017, when Craig was introducing Apple’s new face ID feature, it embarrassingly failed to work on the first attempt. Before the event, several people had used the new iPhone. This is why during the demonstration, the face ID asked for a passcode because of several failed attempts, later Craig explained. It’s really embarrassing even it was not a failure. However, Craig headed straight onto a backup phone without being worried.

“We are showing the way to the industry, to the customers, that they can demand more – they should expect more- about the protection of their privacy, and that we can move the industry into building things that better protect privacy”. Craig Federighi is one the very few famous faces of Apple, who has been delivering such great products along with his teams. Apple has really great products, and when Craig introduces upcoming Apple products with his cheerful nature and explanation skill, it becomes more interesting to see.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA




Committed to notifying the highest level of privacy and protection of your data Avishek Singh | Business Connect You would never have dreamed of leaving the house door open all day for someone to come in. Consider the machine in the same light. Maintain strict security around your network access and personal info, and don’t leave any windows or doors open for an intruder to enter. As cyber criminals grow more advanced and sophisticated, their attack tactics become more complicated and sophisticated to avoid detection. End-users must take appropriate security precautions to deter an intruder from obtaining access to sensitive information, causing financial damage, hurting important clients, or harming their own reputation.

For companies, the effects of data breaches can be damaging, both in terms of financial costs and in terms of credit risk. Smaller organizations that do not have the tools to react to and recover from the effects of data theft are especially at risk. 60 percent of the small companies that are under threat will be out of business within six months. However, the effect of identity misuse goes beyond the direct financial impact on businesses.

Aman Pandey CEO, Founder

No system is flawless, and Bugsmirror insists that collaborating with qualified security experts is critical in finding any technology’s vulnerabilities. “We believe privacy and reliability to be the central features of any software. Earning and maintaining the interest of our customers is our top concern, so we are committed to notifying the highest level of privacy and protection.” says the CEO, Mr. Aman Pandey. Bugsmirror is an IT company based in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. The company was legally registered in January 2021 but has been working on the project for the last 3 years and Aman Pandey, a graduate of NIT Bhopal, is the founder and CEO of the firm. THE MAKING OF BUGSMIRROR The CEO recalls the entrepreneurial journey of the company in the business world. “Our business path has been very complex. There were companies that unnecessarily accused us of plagiarism claiming that they had already reported the bug that we reported. Later we were congratulated by Google’s members for reporting that bug thus proving that there are many suppressing agents.”

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


The CEO adds “From the very beginning, our vision has been to entrench our organization as the best security bug-finder. Data theft has become a major issue in recent times, where applications consciously request permissions that may not concern their operation and often also take data without permission using vulnerability in the operating system, and hence I strongly believe that the next world war could be due to data and privacy breaches. In this mission, our R&D team is working persistently to keep people’s data and privacy secure.”

In order to support all aspects of start-up companies and other self-employment practices, especially in technology-driven areas, the government has developed a system under NITI Aayog known as SETUs (self-employment and talent utilization). Mr. Pandey highly credits the Indian Government in providing all the support and help to grow and thrive as a company. He says, “Recent policies sanctioned in the budget 2021 and many others are supporting start-ups like ours which has helped many aspirants and visionaries to become entrepreneurs and make their business successful in a short time.” AN INSIDE LOOK AT BUGSMIRROR FUTURE PLAN: THE FUTURE OF THE COMPANY LOOKS DAZZLING BRIGHT. “ The pace we are expanding into the future seems very dazzling, with the firm worth nearly Rs 1.6 crore, and is working very optimistically to raise the value to nearly 25 crores at the end of this fiscal year. The arrival of smartphones and their integration into our worldly life are still vulnerable to fraud, with our most important data stored on smartphones and Android is an abyss and thus offers many possibilities for detecting glitches, hence our study and constant work hold a successful future”. Want to know more about this promising company? We had a conversation with the founder to bring you some exclusive insights on who they are, how they work, and what they believe in. Here’s a quick glimpse. BELIEVE IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT R&D is still an integral and most important aspect of any company regardless of the form of organization. We are purely research-based firms, who gather a deep understanding of the security systems of the aforementioned companies, just as our name suggests. PERCEIVING LEADERSHIP Leadership is a position of great responsibility and is a very arduous job. Leadership can be defined in many ways but we tend to keep it very simple. We believe leaders are the ones who guide their delegates to a successful journey and teach them in such a manner that it feels like we are the ones who did it. WORK CULTURE It is important to flourish a start-up financially and employees are the ones who help us achieve everything. Work culture is utterly value-driven. We keep our timing very agile. Employees are allowed to work whenever they want, giving them an extra edge. Being a start-up, we have a 6 day work week. From the very start, our work culture has kept zero communication barrier between the masters and the apprentice, which has helped us to commute suggestions effectively and efficiently and at every timekeeping room for development. As leaders we try to keep the ambiance very calm and cool, trying our best to reach optimum content among the employees.


WORDS OF WISDOM There can be profuse of factors that can lead to a successful entrepreneur but two character traits that we think are important are diligence and persistence. As wisely said by venerated Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam “failure is the first attempt in learning”, Success doesn’t come overnight and if it does it is ephemeral and hence it becomes important to keep working onwards, upwards, over and again. The above two traits will make every entrepreneur’s journey propitious. Everyone thinks that to be successful we need to be smart but being smart is a congenital property that cannot be influenced but we can always work hard to achieve our goal. As said by highly admired Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam “to shine like the sun first burn like one” and so If you think you can do better, give it more time, Do it as meticulously as no one can, and success will knock on your door.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA



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Our Testing Services


Coal & Coke (Proximate, Ultimate & Gross Caloric Value Analysis)


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B-76, Sector 64, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301 +91 120-4133953 ratnesh.rai@qatestinglaboratories.com www.qatestinglaboratories.com www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


Tips to Drive Diversity and Inclusion at Your Workplace Over the past few years, diversity and inclusion in the workplace have always been hot topics. It should be because a diverse workforce (in age, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and gender) has the ability to bring diverse viewpoints and perspectives to the organization, these elements can aid you to produce great products and great new ways to cater to consumers. But it cannot be possible without inclusion (collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment). Many types of research have shown that there is an inherent link between diversity and inclusion. Many strong companies value D&I policy, so do you. Having such kind culture make employees feel more secure and confident. In that case, they can perform better.

Here I have given 4 tips to drive diversity and inclusion at your workstation. SECURE BUY-IN FORM LEADERS

Former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi once said, “Just because you are CEO, don’t think you have landed. You must continually increase your learning, the way you think, and the way you approach the organization.” This is entirely true for driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It isn’t enough for any company to have policies in place if they are not being made law. Tone and retheme of activity come from those most visible. So, diversity and inclusion must be led from the top and then lived by all through the organization. A meaningful step towards the right direction makes

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changes. Leaders run the culture and buy-in from the senior staff can ensure a greater chance of adoption. A great team also requires a leader. A leader, who understands team perspectives, creates a sense among team members that they belong to this place and works to develop a deep sense of alignment and camaraderie. This kind of culture stretches beyond a “diversity quota” in the recruitment strategy and needs to be grown from leadership. The perception; diversity and inclusion are embedded in each aspect of the organization is important for its overall success.

whether it’s learning about special rights in the workplace, how to ease implicit bias from interview panels, or even had experiences of marginalized groups, these are all vital pieces of information in the cause. Now the question is, what is the best way to learn? There is a lot of free and paid training program available on the internet pick best one.


Many companies start their diversity and inclusion policy with a perfect plan. But when it comes to discussion, most organizations get stumbled. In order to sustain the policy D&I, often communication is imperative for success. Also, do not forget to follow-through with the plan. The diversity policy makes the base of your organization commitment and posture. It should be consistently promoted; otherwise, it lips the service. Ensure it isn’t just on your web page or in siloed company folders. Put the contents on newsletters, and social media, even use official email to demonstrate that you not only talk the talk. Similarly, that having leader commitment supports the effort, so does your often conversation. It should be followed in two- ways, first by encouraging feedback from your employees and others communicating regularly.


In order to proactively demonstrate your commitment to diversity & inclusion, you have to organize training for this policy. It will equip your teams with a deep understanding and practical skills to make sure a more inclusive workforce. As vital as getting a leader to buy in is, each and every team member also need to recognize their key role to support the culture. And it should start with educating team members. So,



Your workplace can switch into a breeding ground for microaggressions toward underrepresented groups. In that case, it is difficult for those minorities who work at your place they unsure enough to raise a voice. So, it is crucial to learn how to disturb department and space, privilege, and power. Changes you will be experiencing when you become an effective ally for others. Look around the offices and meetings. Note down on your diary, who isn’t there, and raise this issue. To not let the workplace be a breeding ground, one should be able to bring their best self so that everyone can work and feel comfortable to contribute. Moreover, establish resource groups is another great key to make your team member’s voices heard.

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JAYAM SCM CONSULTANTS Bridging the gap in Organizations - Current & beyond VUCA WORLD



he global pandemic has brought volatile changes in varying industries. Post the covid-19 scenario, every organization must associate with a perceptive and efficient supply chain, to deal with the inevitable market disruptions with ease. A supply chain is considerably more than a linear chain. It has evolved into a huge and complex web of interconnected systems delivering strategic and massive advantages in the long run. Jayam SCM Consultants is a young startup in the industry of seasoned professionals with over 120 person years of collective experience coming together aiming to provide services that facilitate organizations to envision, co-create and manage high-performing supply chains. By launching a platform that facilitates facets like consulting on specific supply chains, setting up systems and processes for a new initiative, to up-skilling supply chains, show casing the best of soft and hard tools available with supply chain focus, everything end-to-end looks to have been taken care. The company provides a well-thought through mix of experts with planning, technical expertise, tools and technology shaping the complex problems into attainable meaningful deliverables to Organizations. Their rich experience & blend of youth, hands-on learning with updated skillsets, with an eagerness to make a difference, looks like the secret sauce for success in this space, which is so very rapidly gaining relevance due to the significant competitive edge, it has been able to provide. SIGNIFICANCE OF SCM Supply chain management has a direct effect on the organization’s overall performance. Companies with extended global supply chains have hitherto had costs tied up to supply chains, majorly as a measure. A surge in global sourcing, channel distribution, and widespread market concludes in a strengthened complexity of modern supply chains meaning SCM is important without an exception. With high customer expectations regarding prompt delivery of components, easy return policies, and automation & technology converging on many aspects of supply chains, businesses now are focusing on agile supply chains eco system, mitigating the earlier inherent risks of supply chains which suddenly got exposed, courtesy covid. Organizations are now on to capitalise and grab immense growth & efficiency opportunities, in swiftly meeting ever changing market dynamics, mitigating risks in Supply Chain at the same time aligning Supply Chain strategy to overall Business Strategy. In fact, the very definition of Strategy had now taken an upside-down view with successful organizations moving the bar closer to even Supply Chain strategy review of even 6 months or earlier as compared to conventional way of dedicating to a fixed strategy for years.

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M S JAYASANKAR Founder & Director Jayam SCM Consultants look unique and have come into the business with a different and innovative approach with eyes set on 4 pillars of identified contribution to Industry & Society (1) End to end Supply Chain Consulting (2) Demystifying existing and enabling even parts of supply chain where Organizations require external supply chain domain expertise (3) Bringing the latest of supply Chain tools /solutions to ramp up automation, increase the value & visibility of the chains (4) Empowering youth, freshers (irrespective of any basic stream) and entry to middle managers of India by aiming to providing requisite skills in an unique practical way . This they feel will help to meet the huge gap of this supply Chain skills at the root level thereby also to creating Jobs. Now that it is clear, certification is moving to skills as a prerequisite for success be it any level, their approach seems interesting. 26

A RATIONAL LEADER The founder of Jayam SCM Consultants, Jayasankar M S is a professional who has acquired rich expertise of more than 40 years across telecom, chemical engineering, medical, and auto industries. He has many certifications on Supply Chain including latest certifications from MIT (USA) on Supply Chain Technology & Systems and Supply Chain Analytics. He is also a Certified Independent Director. He leads the organization at the forefront. His name is prominent as a tenured supply chain professional in the company. Besides, he has served legacy organizations in India and abroad. He had held leadership positions spanning general management and business development and is an expert in the areas of procurement, contracting, logistics, cost optimization, and operational excellence. He has indeed bestowed his hard-earned years of prolific experience and deep-rooted values to the company. A WORLDLY-WISE CORE ADVISORY TEAM The company comprises of a team of extremely knowledgeable and highly regarded key officials with years of acquaintance in the domain. Enlightening the efficacious work profile of the key officials :

Rajaram Venkataraman – With more than three decades of acquired leadership, business and technology experience in the IT industry, he looks set to take this company to reach its highest peaks. The proficient official has conceived and commercialised 5 products/platforms and consults actively on Digital Transformation and Systematic innovation for Corporates. He is a certified Independent Director from Institute of Directors (IOD). He firmly believes in imparting his hands-on expertise and skills with the team in shaping Jayam SCM and working unitedly towards its purpose to Industry & Society. Mr. Rajaram has been honored in several international conferences, journal papers and authored a US patent on systematic innovation is an authority on IT. Well known for his continuing contribution in startup & Technology space, recently had been with honored prestigious Indian Achievers Award. He also plays significant roles in FICCI TNSC as the head of TN Technology Panel and is also the President of SPIN Chennai ecosystem.

RAJARAM VENKATARAMAN Advisor Digital strategy

Suresh Balasubramanian – Suresh has a profusion of experience in running engineering, marketing, product roles, and building global marketing teams across 15 countries. He has monitored, recruited, and promoted distinctive talent in key functional areas within an organization. He renders credible consultancy services to start-ups and industry consulting groups. Suresh is on the boards of many companies, known for his Business Strategy & CEO mentoring, leadership and Organisational Change management skills.

SURESH BALASUBRAMANIAN Advisor Business strategy


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Muralidharan A – He comes with an experience of over 40 years in the Audit and Taxation department across various industries. He staunchly advises compliance, audit, reforms, GST, government policies on taxation, etc. to clients of Jayam SCM. With his action-oriented approach towards work, he is a congruous professional for representing data-driven and account matters of clients. He is on the Board of Several Companies. He was instrumental in setting up and operating on a global level of companies for his clients and has travelled worldwide on professional connect. A very active partner in a most reputed, long standing, well known Chartered Accountants Firm operating out of Chennai.


Advisor Finance & Compliance Along with the key officials, few key seniors in Industry with rich domain experience support the company with their knowledge and earnest work:

• Jayashree Balachandran – A logistics specialist with a background of over 22 years of groundwork across the international logistics industry. Jayashree paved her way from a customer service executive to the Head of the international supply chain at DHL and currently enables skilling on Logistic to freshers thereby preparing them for a job in the Logistics Industry. She comes with lot of social focus and excellent training skills • Ramesh A – Ramesh holds a great comprehension in planning, procurement, inventory management, in-plant logistics, manufacturing, warehouse set-up & operations, etc. He possesses a strong command over SCM and logistics with an expertise of over 35 years in the industry. • Sumanth K – An adept in transportation and fostering lifestyle value through sustainable transportation planning. Sumanth keeps a firm check on the contemporary technological advancements in the supply chain domain globally with renowned accolades like Supply chain design and Supply chain technologies from MIT (USA). EMBLAZING WORK OUTLINE

The company has a diversified network comprising of subject matter experts across various disciplines to effectuate meticulous solutions. The team looks competent, highly-qualified, and purposeful. They have served across all functions of supply chains procurement, warehousing, logistics, cost, and process optimization, contracting, 3PL, automation and more significantly seem to have combined their hands-on practical learning over the period of many years to a powerful combination of expertise on various technologies that are converging to make the businesses agile & efficient. With its exclusive vision & crystal clarity to serve both Industry & society, Jayam SCM looks certain to build a resolute clientele and be a brand to reckon in the industry.

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To live a healthy life, it is necessary to have a fit body and for that a healthy diet is really important. Having low-calorie foods for a healthy body with good nutrition is one of the key steps to a healthy life. Nowadays, people are into bad eating with the consumption of junks and a lot of oily and spicy foods, forgetting how harmful it can be for their body. It is still not late! Try to attain a healthy body by keeping a balanced diet.

Start eating food that has vitamins and minerals, which includes fruits & vegetables, a source of protein and whole grains. In the beginning, it might feel hard to change your eating habits but being focused on small changes, will help you to walk on the path to improve your health. Opt for foods that have a naturally low-calorie count with good nutritive value.

Here is a list of 5 Low-Calorie Foods for A Healthy Body that will help you to maintain a healthy weight and promote overall health & wellbeing.

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LEAFY VEGETABLES Green leafy vegetables are most common among those people who are health-conscious. These are some of the best low-calorie foods for a healthy body that delivers a lot of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients and they are considered the most nutritious. One of the best green leafy vegetables for people who are into weight loss is Spinach, as it is packed with nutrition like Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, calcium and protein. It also slows digestion and keeps you feel full.

LENTILS These tiny little beans that come in brown, red, black, and green varieties are rich in a high level of protein and fibre. Lentils are good for boosting health as they have a plentiful source of folic acid and potassium that helps support your heart health. Lentils are best consumed as normal daal or as a vegetable soup, which has a very low-calorie count and the macros are good for a balanced diet.

CITRUS The bright, refreshing, colourful, fragrant and juicy citrus fruits are the best low-calories food for a healthy body that is not just delicious but are also rich in multiple nutrients like Vitamin C and Dietary fibre that keeps your appetite in control. Citrus fruits such as Lemons, Oranges, Mandarins, Limes, and Pomelos etc. are consumed for their numerous nutrients like Flavonoids, which are plant-based nutrients and Dietary fibre, which is a type of complex carbohydrate that is found in plant foods.

OATS A steaming bowl of freshly cooked oats drenched in milk is the healthiest breakfast you could ever have. Oats are rich in soluble fibres, which help in lowering cholesterol levels. This is considered as one superfood that can easily fit itself to suit your needs, which will boost your energy levels and will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

GOURDS The family of gourds have Ridge Gourd (Turai), Bitter Gourds (Karela), Bottle Gourds (Lauki), and Pointed Gourd (Parval) etc. they are packed in a whole lot of nutrients. Gourds are high on nutrition, great for diabetics, aids digestion and boost weight loss. Gourds can be consumed in vegetable form, juice, or even it can be made in as a healthy smoothie by adding apples and spinach to it. Gourds are amazing to strengthen the immune systems and it contains anti-ageing properties, which boosts skin health.

Consumption of a wide variety of filing foods with a lot of proteins and fibre will help you fight cravings and when the above mentioned low-calorie foods for a healthy body are paired with maintaining an active lifestyle, it keeps you feel satisfied. 31

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An exemplary brainchild of Kamaljeet Kaur: Rendering ingenious waste management solutions Kajal Dobhal | Business Connect Today, the surging population has resulted in the overproduction of waste that is adversely affecting the environment. It is the need of the hour to come up with ingeniously sustainable solutions for waste management. Many big enterprises are making significant offerings by providing products that can convert biodegradable waste into beneficial manure by the process of composting. But still, we need to come up with better tools to deal with the human-generated waste that is disastrously polluting the Earth. A pioneer, Kamaljeet Kaur, was struck by the realization of the need to curtail the amount of produced waste to prevent the harmful effects on the environment. With the passionate drive to prove her fortes for producing innovative waste management solutions, she incorporated Kamal Green Composters- a manufacturing company of the compositing machines. COMPANY OVERVIEW Kamal Green Composters is the key manufacturer of the composting machine in which, any kind of biodegradable waste can be converted into manure within 24 hours only. This process is absolutely automatic and no bio culture is used for the decomposition of the waste to make the compost. With the mission to manage the solid biodegradable waste in an effective and beneficial way, the Company has pioneered the domain with its exemplary Waste Managing Machine. It is coming up ahead with a number of variants in the machines for Industrial, Domestic, Commercial purposes, etc. Kamaljeet Kaur, the Managing Director, commenced this business venture with the motive to manage the green waste in the more productive and effective ways. The exemplary women entrepreneur has acknowledged the need for managing solid waste with efficient techniques to reduce the amount of solid waste that is hard to manage. According to her, managing agricultural waste is quite a distressing task in terms of the environment. For dealing with this issue, her team is striving to collect that waste from the farmers and return them with fertile manure that can bestow them with fertile compost to grow healthier crops. www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


Managing Director, Kamal Green Composters 32

The motto with which Kamaljeet is leading her organisation is ‘It’s the payback time, let’s give it back to nature’. She elucidates that apart from providing good quality manure to the farmers, her endeavours are inclined towards dealing with the landfill problem that is the prime reason for the soil pollution and many other environmental issues. In New Delhi, India’s tallest rubbish mountain is the proven example of the human inefficiency to manage the surging amount of solid waste. And, to make a significant contribution in reducing the amount of waste from being dumped in the landfills or the garbage mountains, Kamal Green Composters has come up with a unique solution. WHAT IS SO UNIQUE ABOUT THIS VENTURE? Kamaljeet accentuates the fact that there are numerous service providers in this domain, offering the machines for manure formation. As the work station is headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab, the targeted customers are from this region of the country, where only the distributors are offering the machines for sale. But, Kamal Green Composters is making a difference in the relevant domain by being the sole manufacturers of the composter machine. Their endeavours are absolutely focussed on reducing the amount of solid waste from the ground level only, to prevent any further addition to the huge pile of garbage in different regions of the country. Kamaljeet states that green waste can be utilized in numerous ways, such as to make bio enzymes, room fresheners, floor cleaners, natural detergents, etc. Her efforts are aligned towards utilizing the waste in the most sustainable way that can benefit the society as well as the environment also.

of the river Sutlej that is the prime reason for cancer in those people. Kamaljeet states that acknowledging this fact inspired her to contribute to waste reduction and since then, there is no turning back.

Kamaljeet is also associated with the organisation- ‘Sahkar Bharti’, where she is training the women associates with the ‘pit and pot’ compost making procedure. This method can be utilized to make the manure from the animal faeces even without the required machine. Her initiatives have served as a beacon in empowering the women from the ground level.

From a skill development centre- PAU, she received the training of incepting a company on her own along with the management skills, under the guidance of Dr. T.S Riar, Associate Director of PAU. Afterwards, she was chosen for conducting an experiment of incubation for PUSA AGRIPRENURE under a training program- RKVY Raftar, Incubation programme.

A GLANCE AT THE LIFE OF THE DYNAMIC ENTREPRENEUR Kamaljeet is an avid reader and fond of writing poetry. Her interest in reading and writing stimulated her to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Reflexology, after her marriage only. Being married for over 22 years, she dedicated a significant portion of her life to her family. But, as her children grew up and forged ahead to pursue higher education, she felt the need for doing something of her own. As her family members became busy with their pursuits for a brighter future, she pondered over the possibilities of serving the society in her spare time. Soon, she became a volunteer for the WOW organisation where the Chairperson, Jatinder Pal Singh has infused the philosophySow the seed of unwavering faith in your heart and let that faith grow into a fruitful tree gradually. He believes that this philosophy is much better than performing the duty without considering the results and even a minuscule effort with good intention is enough to change the world. His personality inspired Kamaljeet to believe that her efforts can create a huge impact on her as well as on other’s lives also. Hailing from the medical background, she decided to commence the business venture to make a difference in the current environmental scenario. She single-handedly incorporated her very first entrepreneurial venture. Reminiscing upon the time while volunteering for the campaign- ‘Aan Milo Daryaon’, she states that she witnessed the humongous amount of waste that needed to be managed well. She also came across the fact that due to the seasonal water stream in Ludhiana- Buddha Nala, the water of river Sutlej was being polluted with the carcinogenic compounds. It shocked her to the core of her spine that people in Rajasthan are left with no other options but to utilize the extremely polluted water

INSIGHTS ON WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP For the dynamo, this entrepreneurial venture has allowed her to acknowledge her strengths as a woman. Kamaljeet expounds that each woman is efficient to conduct creative improvisation. As a home-maker, she ensures to create something useful even out of the wasted articles. So, when a woman delves in the entrepreneurial world, her creative aspect allows her to come up with the most effective and effortless way of conducting business operations. She believes that women are great managers, owing to their family managing skills. She firmly states that more and more women should enter the business world to emerge out as exemplary leaders.


The visionary entrepreneur is constantly striving to offer more and more employment opportunities to the women in the first place. She aspires to witness the up-gradation of all the segments of the society with the intense women involvement in the near future. Kamaljeet’s endeavours are solely converged on women empowerment and she desires to forge ahead to pursue her future prospects by allowing other women aspirants to walk beside her. Highlighting the future prospects of the Company, Kamaljeet reveals that she would like to expand the reach of her business venture to abroad and give a kick start to women entrepreneurship with this innovative idea in foreign countries as well. The Company foresees a bright and blazing future ahead. As the rising population will result in a surge of waste material, this domain will propound more business opportunities to the aspirants. www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

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Archbuild Designs LLP

Utkarsh Verma

Designated Partner

Ayurarogya Saukhyam Foundation

Anju Bist



Aman Pandey

CEO & Founder

Crosstrain 30

Siddharth Singh


Decimi Technologies

Navin Prajapati


Emissions Free World Pvt. Ltd.

Siddharthkumar Panchal,

Managing Director

Jayam SCM Consultants

M S Jayasankar

Founder & Director

Kamal Green Composters

Kamaljeet Kaur

Managing Director


Dwyesh Parasnani


Muclix Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Munish Jha


NextgenDigiHub Academy (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Tushar Rayate

Founder & Director

Nilvarna Design And Consultants (OPC)

Vikas Verma


Nutrition Dynamic Foods

Arpita Doshi


Oakmind Edutech Pvt. Ltd.

Kishana Ram Kashwan

Managing Director


Rajeev Ranjan


Primedical Healthcare Services



Siaaash Foods

Sangita Garg


Spade Event Management Services

Abhishek Kumar Jha



Kumar Ramesh


The Shakti Plastic Industries

Rahul V Podaar



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NextgenDigiHub Academy Polishing one’s potential to learn industry-relevant expertise as a digital marketer Avishek Singh | Business Connect


Founder & Director, NextgenDigiHub Academy (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. Organizations, firms, start-ups, and non-profit organizations invest a significant amount of their revenue on targeting, attracting, and binding their audiences. This is the main justification for learning about digital marketing. Digital marketing skills are undoubtedly the ‘Marketing ‘ of the future.’ Approximately 30 lakh students graduate every year in India, but a very low percentage is employable despite high demand. The root cause behind such a bad ball game is the gap between industry-relevant expertise and schooling. These students are excellent at theoretical knowledge but do not have practical experience and expertise to apply these theories. Organizations are looking for candidates with industry-relevant expertise. They want someone who will carry the company to a higher level, turn their leads, and boost their revenue and earnings. www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


NextgenDigiHub Academy is polishing one’s potential to learn industry-relevant expertise as a digital marketer. “Keeping individuals aware of the power of digital marketing is a huge awareness we are trying to bring in. We help individuals learn digital marketing skills and be digital marketers themselves. This is an industry that fits all industries and yet is not a part of any industry. Our field is a service-based industry and it varies from person to person on how you deliver your results. We create products (students) who can overcome any digital innovation and still continue to provide great results in terms of business and skills” says Tushar Rayate, founder of NextgenDigiHub Academy. He believes that the challenge is to create a space for this field among the other professions in the world. In the urban world, digital marketing is becoming a very common trend, but what about the villages where they could also use social media and other ways of marketing to reach a broader audience. There are no marketing agencies/institutions in most of the rural sections of the country. NextgenDigiHub Academy is one of the recently started digital marketing agencies in rural India with the aim to make it a common term among the rural people too. “We teach teachers, working adults, homemakers, and entrepreneurs to provide them with more job options and prospects for earning money. We are a rising team of experts ready to pave the way for budding digital marketers and just about everyone interested in learning innovative digital marketing techniques.” Comprehensive digital marketing practices include preparation, certification, internships, and placement with a professional digital marketing firm. NextgenDigiHub Academy is specialized in highquality education and value for money. The Academy operates a solely quantitative educational curriculum through live assignments and practical coursework so that students can see for themselves the ramifications of putting digital marketing strategies into action. New and Seasoned Entrepreneurs should enhance their hands-on digital marketing skills to be used to run their online business. In the past few years, the planet has seen a huge transition from analog to digital. There is a huge increase in the number of people entering the online community. The Internet has turned our existence upside down. It has transformed interactions to the point where it is now our preferred medium of daily communication. We use the Technology in almost every aspect of our lives. Ordering a pizza, purchasing a tv, sharing a thought with a friend, and sending a photo via text messenger are all examples of actions that fall into this category.Now, it is time we stop being the consumer and start being the producer, be it education, business, health, IT. Everything is now in the online world. And to establish anything online, you need to have good digital marketing skills or hire a digital marketer. There is no better scenario even in the worst recessions. As a result, enhancing your skills as a digital marketer will drive your career to a new level. The importance of digital marketing is not only in the interests of advertisers but also in the interests of customers. Mr. Rayate initially had planned to start his venture 2 years later, but as the ‘Pandemic’ happened, NextgenDigiHub began training and equipping individuals with the right tools to solve social problems. “ In one word, ‘Pandemic’ is what motivated me to create my own venture,” says the founder. Digital Marketing is a dynamic world in itself. It is a life-long learning process of trials and tribulations, believes the founder. He adds that a person who likes to keep working along with constant learning can only achieve a feat in the digital marketing world. 37

“The more you practice, the more number of ways you will learn to achieve the same process with different inputs. Algorithms keep changing, and it is obvious for it to happen, but if you are an expert you know how to find your own way along with those changes,” says Mr. Tushar. NextgenDigiHub designs its courses with full consideration of what one requires when they start working. I have seen many people complaining that there is always a bridge between education and your career. It is bound to happen if you don’t fill that gap with practical learning. We provide a platform to fill the gaps and help you be a Digital Marketing Expert.” says the founder. Building a course requires a thorough study to understand the pain points and then planning to address these through a well laid out structure. “R&D in Digital Marketing is like the staple food you have at home every day. You cannot separate R&D from Digital Marketing believes Mr. Rayate. Things that you learn in Digital Marketing can be understood only when you implement, try, again and again, see different results for different inputs, and see its output. There is no magic, it’s all about the experience and the patience in achieving the desired output.” The founder signs off with a message for young entrepreneurs willing to enter digital marketing and related solutions. “Be clear about your goals, have clarity. Be dynamic, and take charge of your life. Do not procrastinate, it’s killing people more than accidents. Do what you like, and it will take you places. You define things - wrong or right with the deeds. Keep an open mind to social media, it can take you to the best places in the world.” www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


5 EXCITING AI BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT HOW THEY CAN AFFECT YOU FACIAL EXPRESSION DECODING In our daily life interactions, we use tons of nonverbal cues, including facial expressions, intonations, gestures, and posture, to convey our emotions and feelings. For us, it has always been an easy task to decode people’s emotions and understand what individuals are trying to say. But intelligence technology can do the same now. According to nature.com, Researchers have used an ML Algorithm to decipher the seemingly inscrutable facial expressions of laboratory mice. While companies like Emotient and Affectiva are developing AI algorithms to read and decode people’s faces. Imagine being able to read your customer’s feelings as they use your product or service. Or Being able to target ads to individuals when they make a sad or angry face. This will be the future of the business to consumers interaction.

Nowadays, when you ask people about AI (Artificial Intelligence), they will start picturing some science fiction-inspired images of the machine-dominant futures. After all, we all are influenced by Hollywood movies like Robot, Interstellar, and more. For them, AI is just a concept, but in reality, AI has already become part of our lives. We are using AI every day. For example, Alexa or Siri, you know the capabilities, right? But this isn’t the end of AI. Today, AI has made business more efficient. Let’s deep dive to know about it.

HERE ARE THE FIVE EXCITING AI BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Increasing popularity in the business world has pushed the AI Virtual assistant toward rapid innovation and development. As employees and employers struggle to effectively work remotely. While giant tech companies are giving their efforts toward a multitude of changes in AI assistants. In its digital assistant and AI voice assistant forecast for 2016 to 2021, by 2021, approximately 47.6% of AI virtual capable devices are estimated to be used in Asia and Oceania, as per Ovum. The Virtual assistant like Amy or x.ai has been seen as the most exciting and beneficial for entrepreneurs. Amy is an AI voice assistant that’s not just schedules meetings but also interacts with your contacts like a human. The AI virtual assistant is a fantastic innovation, it is saving many hours in a week.

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Deep learning is merely part of machine learning in AI in which a device can learn to improve on its own by examining computer algorithms. This AI function imitates the workings of the human brain in processing data for use in detecting objects, identifying speech, translating language, and giving results as per making a decision on its own. A most interesting fact is, Deep learning doesn’t need human supervision. Imagine, what can possibly you do with it in your business? You don’t need a translator to communicate with foreign business clients, it can be used to determine which ads to display to your customers in real-time, you will have a self-driving car, and many more you can do with it.

AI-based devices are increasingly being to fill the gap between quantitative and quotatives analysis of marketing prospects. It has emerged that holds considerable promise in helping, to improve the forecasting process, including understanding the customer pattern demands, employee’s turnover, distribution requirement, cash flow, and many. Overall, AI-based application helps make business forecasting both automatic and accurate.

HEALTH MONITORS As per OECD estimates, 20% of health expenditure is wasted worldwide. The United States Institute of medicine made research the figure is more like 30%. Using both estimates, the top 15 countries by healthcare spend waste an average of between $1,100 (Approximately 80482.05 INR) and $1,700 (Approximately 124381.35 INR) pp/annum. That’s why many multinational tech and start-ups are making more efforts to make the CEO of your own health as well as reduce the prices of healthcare. There are many ways AI can empower in the medical sector, such as Guiding treatment choice, clinical trials optimization, and drug development, empowering the patient. On the other hand, many AI devices are being developed, so that you can manage your health by yourself and, in some cases, you can replace doctors and hospitals, with the combination of AI and personal smart monitors.


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ith the 21st Century spurring novel changes, it is flaming the need of entrepreneurs across domains. In the last 10 years, our lives have been transformed by the disruptive innovations of various entrepreneurs. Talking of changes, the drive to revolutionize architectural designs is an astronomical prospect. The rise in digitization is paving the way for smart cities, where people can experience a new urban lifestyle bundled with technological advancements. India is a developing nation with a broad scope for smart solutions. The need of the hour is a visionary designer, who can combine knowledge with technology to ideate new-age designs and structures. This is where Nilvarna Design And Consultants (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. comes in Architecture & Planning has a strong lineage in India, and Nilvarna is a new-age designer for developing India.


Nilvarna proves its prowess by scaling architecture & design solution with new-edge technological designs & structures. Its solutions tailor to a new era of challenges; with, improving its services - with the implementation of the Six sigma like process. In other words, it’s combining technology with trending structural designs to curate end-to-end satisfaction for clients. To ensure excellence, Nilvarna takes several factors into play. It provides endto-end training on innovative concepts and technologies to create a better and competitive product. The Company is well-enlightened with the rapidly shifting technology with the support of Make in India, and the resulting increase in outreach and awareness. People have adapted to the fast-paced living conditions, with a problem-solving approach. A variety of problems have spurred across physiologies, resulting in increased growth of startups in recent years. In that context, Nilvarna is addressing the unemployment issues for Women, Skilled & also unskilled workers. Moreover, it’s working on the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative providing practical training to newly passed graduates, also proving on the job training ‘Earn While Learn Program’. The Company seeks to generate large scale employment in Real Estate, Design & Construction Sector, etc. Parallelly, it’s creating solutions that ensure an upgraded lifestyle full of green energy, smart housing, a fresh environment, etc. Aside from that, Nilvarna has a gold heart for the underprivileged. It improves their livelihood, educates their children and pushes the initiative of stopping child labour as well. www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

Vikas Verma (Architect & Urban Planner) Director


If your sight is on entrepreneurship, never question why, only what and how? Amid the turmoil of 2020, where investors were anxious, valuations have fallen and a substantial quantity of employment was cut-off, few indomitable innovators stood. One of them was Vikas Verma (Architect & Urban Planner). Despite the world being in desolation, the era sparked the CEO’s entrepreneurial motivation 40

“I continue to believe that there are sufficient reasons to be optimistic—to see the silver lining in the form of unique opportunities that the crisis will soon open”, stated Vikas.

marketing, distribution, and other financial decisions. Also, it is willing to work on affiliate income i.e. Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) individual lead generation program.

While ushering towards a world, that’ll have certain transfigurations, he believed it was the best period, where startups of varied sizes can have a better competing level. And with the shift, the emerging trends in architectural designs and planning solutions attracted him. He knew startups that can comprehend the new normal will actuate the best out of themselves – seize new opportunities and penetrate new customer segments.


Furthermore, he was inspired by the concept of “Har Haath Ko Kaam”, which drove his mind to establish an ecosystem having sustainable solutions and bright opportunities for young talents. Thus, bringing Nilvarna into the light. The Core vision has been“To foster industry collaboration by developing/ co-developing knowledge-based innovative ventures by leveraging its core-competence”. The Company is on a mission to evolve as a hub of Research & Development that’ll promote woman empowerment, contribute to the development of human settlements in the nation, devise and foster innovation and knowledge, build collaboration with Govt. Bodies and commercialize IP through entrepreneurial initiatives. The business is further supported by Mr. Gurbaksh Jassi, a Vaastu expert who offers architectural design services on the 5 elements and directions in Vastu. He advises clients on new structures followed by design schemes, layout, and favourable space for construction purposes. Also, he aid clients get rid of Vaastu defects in residence, office, and other real estate structures.


R&D is the fuel that runs every innovative concept. As for Nilvarna, R&D expands its scope of research activities, assists in building an innovative ecosystem for employees, industrialists and entrepreneurs to connect and address the pressing challenges of society. The collaboration also promotes and enhances interdisciplinary design-focused innovation and creativity; problem-solving through design-based education and projects within the value chain: from the process to the product. The process distributes knowledge amongst domains, and enables entrepreneurial marketing, collaboration with concerned bodies to build flagships in the areas of design and innovation. Investment in R&D enables Nilvarna to work with various prototypes, toolkits, websites and mobile applications covering a wide spectrum in architecture - planning, design and management. Nilvarna gives abundant attention to the quality of its services, to develop a loyal fan base. To deliver a stellar experience, the Company ensures good bottom-line results in every project. Nilvarna stays meticulous with the evolving business landscape and amends its activities to meet the needs of customers and organisations alike. This helps in developing structures that prioritise marketing, distribution, and other strategic decisions. Despite being a young firm, Nilvarna is very particular about standards and uses every method to ensure overall reliability. Its solutions are present in domains such as academia, government institutions, research laboratories, etc. Nilvarna is now at the stage to have a well-functioning customer-centric information system, as well as tools for developing new workflows for


‘Quality & Creativity’, lives inside every resource of Nilvarna that helps it ensure ‘Superior Customer Service’. While Vikas stays on the helm, he has a focused team of young professionals who ensure the Company’s positive growth. Vikas believes in leading by example, and the ability empowers individual supremacy and improves reliability/dependability on the organization. The team is guided with a meticulous approach and trained by seasoned professionals. The holistic guidance, helps the team have an objective assessment of the competitor’s key strengths and limitations, product benefits and limitations, target-market strategy, product strategy, distribution strategy, price strategy, and promotion strategy. This makes them more prepared than their peers, further ensuring solutions are feasible and customized to the client’s requirement.


It’s only been 1 year, and Nivarna is already marking itself known by, promoting entrepreneurial initiatives and building collaborations. With innovation as a keystone, it has concluded the incubation of several Startups while mentoring new ventures on the way. It has graduated R&D partnerships through joint application, for government grants to enable projects.

“We are dedicated to build fully furnished office spaces, lab resources, prototyping lab for fabrication, shared facilities”, affirms Vikas. Lastly, it’s providing IP & Licensing including creating joint IPs/Publications and unrivalled opportunities for learning and enhancing skill sets. With an aim to effectively interface with industry - to foster, promote and sustain commercialization of its core competence, Nilvarna has the following objectives:

• • • •

Devising innovative ways for industry partnerships, for example, setting up of Research and Development Centre of the industries. Mentoring and training to enhance the skills of new graduates. Promoting linkages with business and community to enable knowledge transfer. Facilitating efforts outreaching to Government, Business and Community.

Subsequent to these goals, Vikas has got a lot of innovative ideas up his sleeves, which can support expansion and evolve Nilvarna into a multidisciplinary business venture.

A TOKEN OF INSPIRATION TO EVERY ENTREPRENEUR “Set goals, learn new things and never be afraid to play a gamble. Entrepreneurship is all about bringing ideas from lab to land and building a network of people working towards a common good”. www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA





Venturing into Organic Food Terrain Avishek Singh | Business Connect


ith each passing day, people are becoming well-aware of the aftereffects of consuming food prepared using unfavorable chemicals. Accordingly, there has been a volatile shift in the rise of the organic food industry. There is an immense increase observed in the understanding of organic food methods. The progressing growth of the e-commerce sector has accelerated the organic food industry to expand its horizon and reach out to a vast consumer-base. Natural and healthy food is available to people with just a tap on their smartphones. Many startup ventures have entered the industry with their exclusively innovative ideas to serve society with a desirable lifestyle. In this edition, we are going to throw light on OFLIV.COM, a coherent firm with a sight to become an authentic company delivering organic food. OFLIV Agrotech is your one-stop destination for fresh and organic groceries delivered at the doorstep. It is the solution to all the daily essentials like vegetables, fruits, dairy, bakery, packaged food, and other grocery variants. The company also proffers a huge range of natural, chemical-free cosmetics and nature-friendly utility products like soaps, handbags, etc. Everything that they serve is categorically organic. This makes OFLIV stand tall against its peers in the industry. The online grocery mart provides an integrated and user-friendly platform to customers and vendors. Founded by Rajeev Ranjan, bestowing expertise of more than 20 years in the sale and real estate industry. Hailing from a family with agricultural background, he has an impressive command of the field. The company is commendably supported by the two key officials, the Operation Head, Sonali Sharma with an experience of over 8 years in human resource and client management, and Chief Marketing Officer, Yashveer Tomar holding his strong hand in offline and online marketing for around 12 years. The firm aspires to accomplish the name of an economical establishment that assures all the grocery needs by delivering top-grade premium quality organic products.


Rajeev Ranjan | Founder • • •

The kind of services that a company renders is what makes it different from others. Likewise, OFLIV offers an exclusive range of services that are not observed elsewhere. An insight into them is highlighted below :

While there is an abundance of companies delivering organic food along with their regular products, OFLIV is a solitary platform that only provides organic deliverables and nothing more. The platform only deals with vendors that bring veritable organic items for the firm. The products are economical and reliable. Most people live with the pre-determined notion that the organic industry is excessively expensive. The company aids this issue and provides everything at prices that fall under the rational budget of a common man.

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who forges ahead while taking his teammates all together. It is all about walking the company through the ethical path of success. The leaders at OFLIV, have the same outlook. They safeguard the health and happiness of each employee working for the growth of the venture. To promote equality at work, there is no descending flow of hierarchy followed within the work premises. The decision-making is also all-embracing by considering everyone’s perspective. The prestigious firm is guiding the change in the organic food industry by focusing on a competitive online marketplace.


At the outset, OFLIV centralized on promoting organic groceries, dairy, fruits, vegetables, etc. As they enter phase 2, the company is eyeing to nourish the nature-friendly products in the fashion and cosmetic segment. They procure a strong set of vendors and partners for the same. In like manner, the team has a vision and plan prepared till the fifth phase that will be engrossed to widen the vendor base, customer base, and market share. With the tremendous effort and diligence of the employees, the venture has managed to acquire more than 500 organic farmers and 60 certified vendors of natural products in collaboration. For such a short


Upon the inception of OFLIV, many milestones were waiting at the door. There was a multitude of vendors ready to step in but the company was not content with the quality being offered. As indicated earlier, ensuring that all the products are organic and cruelty-free holds paramount importance for the firm. Consequently, there were numerous parameters in terms of quality assurance. The entire team had a hard time finding genuine organic vendors. However, with persistent time and effort, they managed to collaborate with vendors who were certified to sell organic products. In this day and age, the business fraternity has become fairly welcoming for innovative startups. The risk-taking ability has heightened and that has led to a promising start for the aspiring entrepreneurial firms.

span of time, this is nothing less than an accomplishment in itself. Likewise, the company strives to grow and effectuate all its future endeavors.


The firm has a unique approach to key advertising strategies. They target potential customers through various courses of action. A few of them are enlisted below : •

Offline marketing strategy – The well-versed marketing team attempts to boost the sale outcomes by engaging in offline activities like publishing advertisements in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and spreading the word in societies. Online marketing strategy – By creating online footprints through social media search engines, article/blog sites, organic search, etc.

Building dynamic strategies to escalate the business is imperative for every organization, especially the new entrants. OFLIV has shown thoughtfulness in this matter and works efficiently to keep shaping influencing marketing strategies. Besides, the company sustains well-timed research and development, working with the utmost integrity to keep up with the changing market trends.


The company firmly believes in nurturing a home-like environment for its employees. It incessantly encourages everyone to put forth their thoughts and ideas without any emotion of hesitance or fear. A rational leader is the one 43

Yashveer Tomar - Marketing Head ATTRACTING THE READERS

“Live life organically” is the key mantra quoted by Rajeev Ranjan for the readers of the magazine. He further believes that going entirely chemical-free is the finest choice that we can make today. We have no idea how dreadfully a contaminated food can affect our immune system. The foremost thing that the global pandemic has taught us is to keep up good health and immunity to withstand any disease. To that concern, refining the standard of living by adapting the organic way is the only means that can help us and our future generations.

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Will Teaching From Behind A Mask Affect Communication & Learning


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, after spending so many months at home, children around the world are returning to school. Things at school won’t be as same as before, there will be a set of new rules and regulations that will be mandated to follow. One of the most important rules that would be listed at the top is to wear a mask. Masks have become the most common part of our lives now but the question arises, how children will adapt to such a new environment at schools? How will teaching and learning behind a mask affect the learning? When the matter of communication comes, the first thing that approaches to our mind is talking through our mouths in order to create sounds and speech. However, contact actually requires a range of visual and audio signals, such as facial expressions, gestures and eye gaze, as well as speech.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


Communication & Learning

The face, from which observers can quickly and easily generate a variety of readings, is one of the most important tools in human communication. The most basic type of human communication is through facial expressions. Will children be able to adapt to this new normal of education through behind the mask? How can face masks change the learning environment? At school, for children, it is more convenient to retain knowledge and understand new concepts of learnings through gestures. The way children interact and understand is through the assistance of both visual and audio sensory inputs. Although, gestures could prove helpful as teachers communicate from behind the mask, if visual speech signals are fully obscured, learning would certainly be impaired. But how, and to what extent?

Well, soon the schools will reopen and children will be back to their school life but things won’t be the same as earlier. There will be new rules, new methods of learning etc. we are all aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives a lot and people are trying to adapt to the new normal. There is a widespread apprehension as the school years approach to begin. While it remains to be seen exactly how will children be reacting to the situation where teachers will be teaching them wearing masks. The most important thing for both children and teachers is to adjust to the new normal.

The lower half of the face is obscured by masks that limit the ability to speak, perceive and imitate the gestures of those with whom we communicate. Positive emotions become less noticeable, amplifying negative emotions. In general, emotional mimicry, contagion, and emotionality are reduced and that way the bonding between teachers and students might get disturbed. Every child cannot adapt to communicating with masks, some children may face difficulties. For instance, children those are deaf or have some hearing issues mostly rely on lip-reading but due to the wearing of masks, they could fall behind. Teachers may have to come up with some ideas and adapt their strategies according to the needs of the students.

“Face features (such as the size and shape of the nose, the colour of the eyes, etc.) and their formation are not only used to describe faces but also to infer the emotions they convey”.


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MODULAR SOLUTIONS Aesthetic Kitchens That Portrays Your Passion Indranil Roy | Business Connect We have all heard, “Kitchen is the heart of the home”. And, keeping the heart healthy and beautiful is indispensable, which drives the need for modular kitchens. A well-assembled kitchen, with distinct drawers, kitchen cabinet, cupboards, etc. portrays an organized picture of a person and ensures better functionality as well. Modular kitchens address several challenges of the prevalent ones. It makes the everyday tasks easy, gives the home a vibrant feel and can be customized to convenience. India is a developing nation and with the growing urbanization, people are seeking aesthetic designs in every nook and corner of their home. Ultrafresh Modular Solutions is an exceptionally seasoned kitchen designer, providing internationally acclaimed designs for your home. The Company has 2 decades of experience and is a one-stop-shop for engraving your passion in your kitchen. AT A GLANCE Ultrafresh is the kitchen renovator for Newage India. It designs, manufactures and installs varieties of modular solutions like kitchens, wardrobes, and other storage cabinets. The Company operates in 120 exclusive showrooms across the country and has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to foster the entire supply chain, therefore, making Ultrafresh a common umbrella for hassle-free solutions and value for money. Modular Kitchens are widely perceived to be imported luxurious solutions, making the home improvement sphere significantly decentralized. And it creates a clear gap for an Indian Brand that can place itself in customers’ heart through value-added products. With this analogy in mind, Ultrafresh is gauging to become the cloud border in Kitchen Modular solutions while adding new products to its trove.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


CEO, Ultrafresh Modular Solutions LEADER WITH STRONG BUSINESS ACUMEN While the seeds were sown back in 1992, by Mr Dinesh Sharma (Executive Director ION Exchange), Ultrafresh saw an astronomical growth, with the arrival of Dhruv Trigunayat (CEO). In 2017, he took over the mantle and ushered the Company to a new era while assuring


it of its core values. He is having previous experience in financial consultancy. With his experience, he explored the potential available in, home improvisation solutions. Despite the digital transfigurations across the industry, he believes space still calls for a touch-and-feel factor. Hence, he fosters the use of its ‘brick and mortar infrastructure’ while striving for techinsertion for operational efficiency. Under his leadership, Ultrafresh has enlisted several new kitchen designs and further expanded to kitchen chimneys, Built-in hobs and cooktops. As Dhruv is carrying ahead the legacy, Mr Sharma remains as its evergreen advisor. CREATING CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCES Strong emphasis on R&D is the keystone of renovation in the landscape of any industry. At Ultrafresh, R&D is focused on two areas: Launching new designs every quarter ensuring a vibrant product base and continuous product development to optimize the functionality of the end-user or to ease the installation process. Ultrafresh also works extensively on standardizing and

product mix. This ensures a uniform experience amongst the customers despite their location. Dhruv affirms, “ While we bring an extensive variety to the table, we ensure same customer experience, product offering, design, commercial terms etc. no matter which Ultrafresh studio across India you walk into”. Ultrafresh has generated a huge demand for steel kitchens in the residential space. All its efforts are focused on contriving superior customer experience. It understands Indian kitchens are subject to tropical weather conditions; hence, it works with internationally acclaimed materials like marine ply from GreenPly and lacquered glass, but its steel kitchens are widely preferred for their durability to keep off termites or excess moisture. All its kitchens come with a 10-year manufacturing warranty. By maintaining such standards, Ultrafresh sleeps well at night knowing it has provided a long-lasting product to customers. A DREAM TEAM ON BOARD “For us, every recruit must be a cultural fit as much as a skill-set fit,” states Dhruv. Ultrafresh’s experience, versatility, and other outstanding features reflect the hard work and commitment of its employees. It has a very young team with leaders below 35 years of age. The team propels its core valuescollaboration, proactive accountability, and integrity in commitment. In a broader sense, individuals are punctual and share a common vision, to make Ultrafresh the #1 kitchen brand in the country. The Core values ensure an outstanding retention rate and keep everyone hungry for more. “In 2018 we were less than 20 employees, and today we are close to 300”, shares Dhruv. The team’s collaboration has rewarded Ultrafresh with several milestones and drives it to reach new heights.

SET MARK TO BE THE BEST Within a short stint, Dhruv has driven significant growth, but he believes this is where the real test starts. Ultrafresh aims to grow from the fastest-growing to the best and the biggest kitchen company in India in the next 2-3 years. The Indian market is sprawling with national and international players and it’s important to keep improving to compete. With many stakeholders involved, Ultrafresh promises to bring in new ideas and designs. By the end of this FY, it will reach its mark of 200 exclusive stores, while consolidating the current ones with an increasing product mix for better customer acquisition. Recently, it has ventured on large B2B and Institutional project orders and is willing to penetrate more in this vertical.


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Innovation and an Imperative for Embracing Data Privacy, Transportation and Security In 2020, from the Covid-19 to Cyber-attack have been the biggest concern. Companies like SolarWinds, BlueKai (Owned by oracle), a UK-based security company called Keepnet Labs, South Africa Postbank, and many others have been hacked. According to selfkey, around 16 billion records, including credit/debit card numbers, home adders, phone numbers, and sensitive information, have been revealed. With more than 8 billion records have been exposed, the first quarter of 2020 has been one of the worst in data breach history. 37% of cyberattacks have increased in India in Q1 2020, as reported by Kaspersky Security Network. According to the economic times, cyber-attack surged since lockdown. The bombardment of misinformation and data breaches has made us wonder about the privacy and security of our sensitive personal, and organizational information. These all events have delivered many blows to public trust. It could be seen the lack of trust in everything from government agencies to brands. This year founder and entrepreneur have an opportunity to bring those issues, get creative, and solve them, but make sure you are not part of that problem. It begins by addressing the breakdown of these following areas.


Protecting personal data privacy has been the biggest concern, but long gone are the days when sensitive consumer docs were locked in a filing cabinet at the end of the workday. In the digital era, half of the population is online and sharing more information about themselves by using different online platforms. However, there is debate over who is responsible for data privacy. The Cisco Consumer Privacy survey has shown, around half of the respondents believed it was the government’s responsibility, a quoter thought consumers should be responsible for their own safety online. While one in five felt it was up to the companies who collect, process and store the information to keep it safe. Data pricy laws, like European laws GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA, have been followed by India and put greater onus on organizations to ensure data privacy. Bart

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA


Willemsen (VP Analyst Profile) Gartner has a prediction that by 2023, 65% of consumers’ personal information will be protected by data privacy laws. The Fines and other business impacts, such as reputation damage leading to lost business, make companies keenly aware of the importance of maintaining data protection. The majority of new businesses do not meet the minimal criteria necessary to be compliant with data privacy regulation, but that doesn’t mean founders can ignore data privacy protection. Rather, meeting data privacy criteria initially can ensure the company is prepared as it scales as new privacy laws are inaugurating. Applying tech that categories data while lessening redundancy make you ready for customers request to be forgotten or verify what data is held. It is essential for you to consider what data, is valuable to maintain, and could be cast off. There should be governance over the data, either by appointing a person on specificities position, adding tech or by bringing a third party to protect privacy properly. Also, request from the user can be immediately addressed.


Transparency is very essential in data privacy compliance. As per GDPR articles, answer to consumers’ questions surrounding their data will be made in “Concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language.” Questions like do they share information to 3rd party? have they defined the intention for holding customers’ private data? how long will it be kept? How is it currently processed? must be answered by the companies. Although these questions come under GDPR, (so whatever company setting up their business in the EU or doing business with European residents, they have to follow), these such type of transparency would be stranded for new businesses. It only indicates loyalty among consumers, partners, and investors. It is a big challenge to be transparent, but you should be because that’s the way you will know how data is used.


Founders or entrepreneurs must look at the technology that is available to address the issue. Without being transparent, data is useless because you don’t know how it will benefit you. Achieving the transparency need to have data privacy laws - it will give you better insights into your data. The solution of data transparency won’t just allow you to clarify why you are holding user’s data, but also how it can provide your company with improved business agility.


Amid the pandemic, customers were ordering the essential home products online and spending more time on the social media platform, while employees were doing work from home, which has led to an increase in data breaches. As per Malwarebytes, 20% of the breach and cyber incidents are directly related to the remote job. Data breaches linked to the pandemic lockdown, such as the attack on the small business administration that disclosed of applying for emergency loans from the government. It has no question that data is being under attack. It is rested on business to take action to shield it. Of cure, it could be far more difficult to do when your startup is small, you have very limited resources, and your workforce is accessing the network on personal devices all across the globe. Some basics rules like using multifactor authentication for getting all company and users’ data and enforcing strong passwords (did you know the SolarWinds attack relied on weak passwords to get access). VPN is more secure than home routers, and encryption would be used for any sensitive transmissions. The cloud-like SECaaS (Security as a service) provide accessible management for the worker, and tools that offer security on the edge can provide proper data security, whether it is on the network or access on the smartphone through the cloud. In 2020, many were compelled to readjust their approach to data protection. In 2021, many entrepreneurs and founders have the opportunity to learn from them and build trust.

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA



www.businessconnectindia.in | Vol. 3 | Issue 9 April 2021 INDIA

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