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How to Win Your Fantasy NHL Play Offs

In the fantasy NHL league, everyone knows especially the veterans that the Stanley Cup playoff pool is even tougher to win than a regular season fantasy hockey league. Not only do you have to pick the right players, you have to pick the right teams.

Most years, the top 15 or so Stanley Cup playoff scorers come from the final four teams remaining. So if you can correctly predict who will make the Conference finals, your fantasy hockey victory is in the bag. That's easy, right?

Here is some great advice coming from Toronto Globe by Eric Duhatschek by mail, in case you don’t get to pick the right four teams. "Start with the best players from the best teams and then halfway through, opt for natural scorers from the teams which may play only one or two rounds."

That goes to say that for the half of your team, go ahead and settle on your final four predictions and load up on the top guys in those lineups. Now is the time to know if you really do have the courage for your convictions.

Remember that a high-scoring team player who disappears in one round is a waste of a top pick. If the Penguins only last five games, a third-line guy on a team that goes to the Conference Final is more valuable than Evgeni Malkin.

For the bottom half of your roster, go ahead and take the best scorers coming from several teams that might only play a couple of rounds. Make sure they are healthy and just skim the top one or two players from the lineup. This way you still earn a chance if a couple of your big teams are upset early. And for dark horse candidates, don't forget the line-mates of marquee players.

The Stanley Cup pool is either a boom or a bust. Take note that half the players in your fantasy hockey league will be out of contention within the first couple of weeks. But of course, that same goes for a lot of your opponents. fantasy NHL

Don’t give up and never panic, being calm and keeping your mouth shut during the games will reward you generously. Observe your opponents and their picks while keeping to yourself. Being prepared with almost everything you do here can be a strategic step into claiming that sweet victory in the end. Play for the win and goodluck!

How to Win Your Fantasy NHL Play Offs  

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