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Football Fantasy Draft Tips to Live By When drafting this season, of course you want to be prepared. Drafting fantasy football is no joke and should always be taken seriously, especially if your money is also playing in it. When starting out, making mock drafts can help, since most fantasy leagues have little bench spots and it’s really quite hard to draft picks with late upside bench players. You need to be able to be comfortable in making drafts in different positions. There are tons of places to find mock drafts too but never waste your time with mocks that don’t fill with real people. We play fake football but with real people. Never subscribe or buy fantasy football magazines. Though they may come in glossy pictures but let’s face it – they are out of date before they’re printed and the internet is more up to date and instantaneous. You can also using a cheat sheet, you can use your own cheat sheet or take one from an internet site or from an expert. Having a cheat sheet doesn’t mean you can just sit and prettily and watch things flow. You also need to be prepared, there will be times when you have a cheat sheet and you have no idea who to pick, to make matters worse the draft clock is ticking away. Use a tier sheet to update yourself, remember to be a boy scout and prepared, this will save your butt when times of cluelessness kicks in. Knowing ADP is a weapon. What’s ADP? It means Average Draft Position, checking out ADP from your preferred site is suggested. Drafting a backup tight end is tricky so it’s best to be avoided. The number of tight ends glorified is proportional to the remaining tight ends of the waiver wire, which may be inserted into your starting lineup during a bye or after an injury. This is also a reason why there is a possibility of seeing more two tight end leagues in the future. The best thing about drafting is that you should be flexible. Doing a whole lot of research will give you a good picture of the players you want, so don’t be too rigid and don’t follow some stupid rules that some idiot puts on the internet. It is a fact of life that knowing more will make it easier for you to be flexible so check out articles that is posted on the internet.

Football Fantasy Draft Tips to Live By  

Football Fantasy Draft Tips to Live ByFootball Fantasy Draft Tips to Live By