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About Us For Business For You For over 170 Years We don’t make bold claims about being a “revolutionary” law firm. We don’t say “we’re not like other law firms”. We are. We do law, to the high standards we set for ourselves. We take pride in what we do and we care. We are Yorkshire’s Legal People and we’re here for business and for you. Each and every one of us at Chadwick Lawrence takes pride in: Our environment Our work Our approach As a Firm, we’re proud of: What we’ve built Our relationships Our people Our communities and the diversity of the people we serve

Visions and Values

We have created a way of working which we call The Chadwick Lawrence Way. We all commit to our vision and values which are at the heart of everything we do. Our Vision To be recognised as the best legal practice in West Yorkshire, both from a perspective of client desire to engage our services and staff wanting to come and work for the firm. We will employ lawyers with personality who are approachable, understand our business needs and those of our clients. People who are capable of conversing in plain English but who are skilled in their profession and confident in their approach. A people culture made up of those who will do what they say they will do, within the timescale that they agree. In short, we want to be the best at what we do. Our Values Our services are now delivered from nine offices across West Yorkshire following our merger with Whitaker Firth on 1st July 2019, and our reach is nationwide. Our people, teams and commitment to innovation have won us many awards making us one of the best legal practices in the region. - Respect, integrity and honesty - Lead by example - Commercially successful - Invest in learning and development - Open and transparent communication - Equal treatment - Agreed service levels - Teamwork - Accountability - Innovation We have over 200 colleagues working flexibility across 9 locations in the region. We are well placed to bring our business and personal legal services to you.

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Box GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in the UK in May 2018. In a OnePoll Survey carried out at the end of 2018, of 1000 small businesses: Over half revealed they don’t dispose of paper customer records securely and confidentially. 71% do not dispose of staff data securely; 86% do not dispose of visitor security books securely; 25% did not appreciate that the loss of paperwork amounted to a data breach; 60% were unaware that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) must be notified of a breach which affected an individual’s rights The GDPR imposes significant obligations upon all businesses to be compliant; to have policies in place; to ensure that personal data is protected and is held and processed in a lawful manner; to determine the lawful basis for processing under the GDPR and, fundamentally, to provide this information to individuals. The Information Commissioner reported a 160% increase in complaints over the summer of 2018 and whistle blowers reporting data breaches tripled. The general consensus is that GDPR will only gather momentum. Businesses can be fined up to 20 million euros or 4% of their annual net turnover. Individuals can also take their own, or class actions, for damages. If your business has taken action to address its GDPR obligations then the ICO may adopt a more pragmatic approach to any complaint or breach. Following audit and implementation, BOX GDPR Protect offers three different packages to support your business.



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Initial Audit And Implementation

Compliance Package

To ensure compliance, we provide an audit whereby we review your

12 months’ support for up to 10 hours from a dedicated member of our team

business through completion of our questionnaire, assess the data you

for a one off fee of £2000 plus VAT.*

hold, and then provide our recommendations by way of a detailed report. We then prepare bespoke policies tailored to meet your business’ specific

It includes:

requirements. These are likely to include the following but also any additional

policies to meet your business’ needs:

General guidance and assistance with the GDPR for ongoing compliance

Assistance with access requests and other data subjects’ rights

Assistance and guidance to address any security breaches

Data Protection Policy

Privacy Notice

HR Policy and Employee Privacy Notice

Control Package

Breach Policy

12 months’ support for up to 15 hours from a dedicated member of our team

Access to Data Policy

for a one off fee of £3000 plus VAT.*

Recruitment Policy

CCTV Policy

In addition to the cover provided by the Compliance package, this covers a provision for us to be your virtual Data Compliance Manager :

Price £2,500 plus VAT. Our Data Protection Support Packages

Guidance with Impact assessments

Assisting with implementation of compliance by design where

GDPR compliance does not end after the audit and document stage. Businesses have an ongoing obligation to ensure compliance on a day to day basis, to deal with data subjects rights, ensure security and deal with

required •

Addressing and guidance with any investigation undertaken by the Information Commissioner’s Office

any likely or actual breach. You must also undertake impact assessments whenever there is or could be an impact on data subjects’ rights or security

Comprehensive Package

and include provision for implementation of data protection by design or

Comprehensive includes the same service as the Control package plus

by default.

training for up to 100 staff at either two or three training sessions for one hour duration on either the GDPR generally or your internal policies for payment

Following completion of the Initial Audit and Implementation stage, we offer

of a one-off fee of £4000 plus VAT.

three different packages. Alternatively, we are happy to help you in any way. Work can be undertaken Each includes ongoing updates we believe you may require for your policies

either at our standard hourly rates or we may be able to agree other forms

as they arise during the period at no additional cost.

of fixed fees with you.

In addition, each has the option for you to take Data Protection Insurance

*Note: These fees amount to a reduction of approximately 30% against our

Cover from Arag Plc which provides cover for your legal costs up to £250,000

standard hourly rates. If additional or further support is required then this will

for payment of a one off annual premium which is dependent upon the size

be offered at a reduced rate.

of your business.

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Corporate & Contracts Whether the advice you require relates to a specific one-off transaction, assistance with a particular contract or day-to-day activities, you will find that our service is always practical, accurate and cost effective. We offer senior level involvement throughout, to maximise the potential of every matter from start to finish. We have a team of experienced, dedicated corporate and commercial lawyers who have the specialist skills to provide you with the quality advice and assistance you require, whenever you require it. Our clients include PLCs, SMEs, LLPs, partnerships and owner-managed businesses from a variety of sectors; however we guarantee that our strategic advice will be specifically tailored to your individual business needs.



Corporate & Contracts

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

Employer Services

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Regulatory Services

Sports Law

Banking & Finance

Corporate Advisory requirements might include:

Our team have the knowledge and experience on the full range of

• Shareholders’ Agreements

banking and finance documentation, from pro formas through to complex

• Tailored articles of association

and bespoke finance documents. Working with our legal specialists in

• Restructure of share capital, “alphabet” shares, redeemable shares,

complementary areas such as M&A, corporate recovery, insolvency,

capitalisation of loans

commercial property and banking litigation, we ensure your deal runs

• Sub-division, consolidation and re-denomination of shares

efficiently and smoothly. Our team can help with all aspects of your finance

• Creation of different classes of shares

and banking requirements, including:

• Shareholder and directorship issues, nominees, alternates, shadows.

• Advising on pro forma bank documents

• LLP and partnership agreements

• Negotiating facility letters

• Succession planning and exit strategies

• Putting in place security, from real estate to asset-backed finance

• Employee and management Incentive schemes, EMI, EIS, “phantom” share

Commercial Contracts

• Incorporation and registration of limited companies and LLPs

All trading businesses enter into legally binding contracts on a regular basis;

• Organising, running or arranging representation at company meetings

they are the lifeblood of any business. An effective and enforceable written

• A professional company secretarial service

contract can be the key for any business as:

• Group consolidations through “hive ups, hive downs” or share swaps

• It helps to create certainty both as to the terms of the contract itself and

• Owners loan agreements, personal guarantees and security issues


when it was entered into.

• Companies purchasing their own shares

• It ensures both parties know exactly what has been agreed and prevents Mergers & Acquisitions

costly disputes • If there are any disputes the parties have a clear and concise document to refer to

Whether you are intending to buy, sell or share a business, your choice of advisors is crucial.

• Whether you are the buyer or seller, contracting on your terms can help improve your position and protect your business.

Business transactions can involve: • Negotiation of heads of agreement

The Chadwick Lawrence contracts team specialise in drafting:

• The sale or purchase of shares or assets

• Standard terms and conditions for the supply of goods and/or services

• Mergers, consolidations and acquisitions

• Standard purchasing terms

• Existing management teams in MBO, MBI, VAMBO, VIMBO

• Terms and conditions for online sales

• Structured or “two-tier” buyouts

• Bespoke contracts tailored to your needs

• Investment by venture capitalists

• Contracts for standard terms for individual sellers or complex international

• Appointment and instruction of corporate finance brokers

franchising agreements.

• The creation of Joint Ventures • An international dimension

Corporate Advisory Your business is and should be your business. There is no “one size fits all”

Our proactive and flexible lawyers are able to guide you through what can

solution and your business should be structured and organised to meet your

often be rapidly changing commercial circumstances.


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Corporate Recovery & Insolvency The Corporate Recovery & Insolvency team at Chadwick Lawrence offer a realistic commercial solution to all your business and personal financial affairs at an affordable price. With varied experience and expertise in all aspects of both corporate and personal insolvency, our team, who work very closely with Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, can offer you a strategic answer to resolving any financial issues and re-structuring your financial affairs in a reliable and cost effective manner. We are happy to offer a free Corporate Recovery & Insolvency initial consultation for you and/or your business to discuss a strategy and a way forward in terms of improving your position or rescuing your business.



Corporate & Contracts

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

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Regulatory Services

Sports Law

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide advice on all

Director Disqualification

aspects of Corporate Recovery & Insolvency, including:

Under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986, a Court may make a

• Administrations

disqualification order against a person stating that he shall not be a director

• Liquidations

of a company or in any way, whether directly or indirectly, be concerned or

• Company Voluntary Arrangements

take part in the promotion, formation or management of a company.

• Bankruptcy • Individual Voluntary Arrangements

Individual Voluntary Arrangements

• Statutory Demands

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a mechanism that allows a

• Winding-Up Petitions

debtor to settle his outstanding unsecured debts by paying a proportion of

• Bankruptcy Petitions

the amount that he owes to his creditors, or to come to an arrangement with

• Validation Orders

his creditors over the payment of his debts.

• Injunctions • Antecedent Transactions such as Transactions at an Undervalue;


Preferences, Transactions defrauding Creditors; Wrongful & Fraudulent

Liquidation is a procedure through which the assets of a company are

Trading, and a Misfeasance and Director Disqualification

realised and distributed to creditors. Following the end of liquidation, the

• Company Restoration

company is dissolved.


Statutory Demands

Administration is a procedure which allows for the reorganisation of a

A statutory demand is a written demand for payment of a debt, in a

company or the realisation of its assets under the protection of a statutory

prescribed form, served on either an individual or a company.

moratorium, which prevents creditors from taking action to enforce their claims against the company.

If you are owed at least £750 by one of your corporate creditors or £5,000 by one of your personal creditors, or you or your business have been served


with a statutory demand please contact one of our experts for a free, no

Bankruptcy is a process by which the assets of an insolvent individual are

obligation meeting to discuss your circumstances and the options available

realised and distributed amongst their creditors.

to you.

Company Restoration

Winding-up Petitions

The final event in a company’s life is it being struck off from the register at

A creditor of a company can apply to the Court to close or wind up a

Companies House, the effect of which is that a company is dissolved and

company if it can’t pay its debts as and when they fell due the debt – which

loses its legal personality. Our experts can reinstate companies in such cases.

must be more than £750.

Company Voluntary Arrangements A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is a procedure that may help a company to address its financial difficulties. It is a compromise, or other arrangement, between a company and its creditors.

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Employer Services Whether your business requires Employment Law, Health & Safety, HR Support or Litigation services, the Employment team at Chadwick Lawrence have the knowledge and expertise to deal with your query. We are instructed and consistently retained by companies ranging in size from one employee to over eight thousand. We therefore have the flexibility to tailor our advice to the specific needs of your business. What does this mean for your business? Well, put simply, it will allow you to allocate resources to other initiatives, safe in the knowledge you are being supported by a leading figure in the sector. Employment Law

During your subscription, you have unlimited access to your key contact,

Employer Support Protect (ESP) is a fixed fee, 12-month comprehensive

and the wider employment team as a whole. Our advice is founded on a

support service delivered to your business by qualified lawyers specialising

comprehensive understanding of the law, but also takes into account the

in employment law.

outcome you want, and the commercial reality of any issues you face.

ESP is distinct from the service provided by other legal firms and consultants

We offer legal expenses insurance to provide cover against the costs of

due to the size, resources, wealth of experience and personal nature of the

defending claims brought in the Employment Tribunal, and any awards of

service delivered.

compensation made. As part of our support scheme, we can build in training, on topics such as unfair dismissal, discipline and grievance procedures

We allocate a key contact to your business at the start of your subscription,

andperformance management.

ensuring not only continuity of service but also an understanding of your business, how you operate and the objectives and challenges faced within

Joining the employment scheme gives you access to ESP online, a service

your organisation.

allowing you to store and access employee documents, policies and procedures remotely. This is complimented by our smartphone app which

We initially review all your employment documents and bring them fully up

can be made available to your employees.

to date, and the scheme then comes into its own with our ongoing advice.



Corporate & Contracts

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Employer Services

Intellectual Property

Litigation in Business


Regulatory Services

Sports Law

Health & Safety

Our specialist team also delivers a comprehensive program of training on HR

We offer a health & safety scheme designed to ensure that your business

and employment law issues, including softer HR skills. Recent topics we have

complies with the complicated and ever changing workplace safety

trained on include:

regulations. • Interview Skills We are more than just advisors. We get to know your business inside out

• Managing and Conducting Appraisals

and become a crucial member of your health and safety team. This enables

• How to Manage an Employee’s Sickness Absence

us to put in place an effective health & safety management system so you

• Pregnancy and Maternity

can strike a balance between practicality and meeting your legal obligations.

• How to Manage an Employee’s Performance • How to Conduct/Manage Disciplinaries & Grievances; and

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. We will be on hand to provide support

• Equal Opportunities & Diversity

and guidance on accident reporting and investigations. If your business is investigated by the health & safety authorities our scheme can provide you


with insurance which covers the cost of legal fees in defending health &

Protecting your business extends to circumstances where your business

safety investigations and prosecution

faces an Employment Tribunal claim. Such disputes can be a significant concern, but the Litigation team at Chadwick Lawrence pride ourselves

HR Consultancy Support & Training

on providing a comprehensive, cost effective and, crucially, commercially

Employers are constantly facing new and challenging employment situations

focussed dispute service.

which, without their own internal HR resource, can often result in an increased

No matter what the dispute is, we have the experience, expertise and

struggle to cope with complex employee relations. Our HR specialists

resources to represent you in the best way possible. We take control of your

are both qualified Solicitors, along with holding degrees in HR & Business

claim at the outset, leaving you to concentrate on your business priorities.

Management, being CIPD qualified and having previously worked in HR. Our approach to managing disputes considers not only the merits of your We are able to offer employers fixed fee HR support on a consultancy basis,

defence to any claim, but also the commercial context to the situation, and

as and when you need it. Not only can our dedicated team offer specialist

the outcome that you consider to be in the best interests of your business.

employment law advice, but acting in a HR capacity, we can offer hands

Such is the range of employers we act for, we appreciate that the objectives

on, practical advice, in order to support your business. Our recent work has

of a business in disputes can vary greatly, particularly taking into account cost,


time, personnel and commercial sensitivities.

• Assisting on-site with a complex internal investigation

We offer flexible funding options to manage your dispute, from the traditional

• Designing and implementing a bespoke appraisal system

hourly rate to a fixed fee. Further if you are a subscriber of ESP, you may take

• Planning and executing a tailored absence management process

up our legal expenses insurance, which can provide indemnity for your legal

• Taking detailed minutes of grievance and disciplinary hearings (and

costs and any awards of compensation.

advising during adjournments); and • Drafting individual employment contracts • HR Training

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Intellectual Property In a world where information and data are becoming more and more important to business, it has never been more vital for a business to protect these assets. We can assess your intellectual property needs, help protect your goodwill through taking court action where necessary and register your logos and keywords. We are experienced in helping businesses from small companies to multi-national corporations protect their intellectual property in a cost effective and commercially sensitive way.



Corporate & Contracts

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

Employer Services

Intellectual Property

Litigation in Business


Regulatory Services

Sports Law

Contracts and Licenses

• Geographical covenants - Which prevent former employees working in

We can help if you want to sell or transfer your intellectual property to another party, or if you want to retain the ownership of intellectual property

competition close to your business. • Non-solicitation and no contact covenants - To prevent former

in any design or name by preparing a licence to enable another party to use

employees contacting your customers or suppliers to entice them away

it whilst you retain ownership.

from your business. • Enticement covenants - To prevent former staff members encouraging

This will ensure that your rights are protected and also determine how and

their colleagues to join them in their new business ventures.

for what purpose the other party can use your intellectual property. We have worked with a range of organisations, from trade associations to Design Rights

large companies and owner managed businesses to ensure they have the

Some designs are automatically protected and we can help determine

restrictive covenants in place which are right for them.

whether this is the case and take action if so. It is preferable for designs to be registered to make protection easier, and we can help you do so.

The services we offer are: • Drafting restrictive covenants


• Enforcing and defending restrictive covenants

Our teams are very experienced in both taking action and defending our

• Reviewing existing covenants for enforceability

clients in proceedings before the courts and the Intellectual Property Office. If you believe that someone else is taking advantage of your intellectual


property or brand contact us to see how we can help.

Trade marks give you the right to protect your brand name, logo or even advertising slogans or shapes. We can arrange to register trade marks for

Restrictive Covenants

you, or take action in the courts to protect your trade marks. Even though

Another important way to protect your business is by restrictive covenants.

your name or brand is not protected by way of a trade mark, it may still be

Restrictive covenants need to be carefully drafted to ensure that they are

possible to protect and take action to protect your brand and goodwill.

enforceable, to protect the legitimate interests of your business. There are several types of restrictive covenants and at Chadwick Lawrence we specialise in them all: • Confidentiality covenants - To protect trade secrets and other sensitive information.

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Litigation in Business We understand the issues that you face in business and that you need lawyers who will act proactively to solve your problems in a way which will not only provide you with the right level of expertise but will deliver value. We offer flexibility within our charging models and can provide advice on a fixed fee basis as well as utilising more traditional hourly rates. Fees can be staged through the course of litigation or we may be able to build a model which incorporates payment on a contingency basis. We are committed to providing you with an appropriate risk management solution. We have an established network of After the Event Insurers and Third Party Funders who can assist you to manage the risks associated with litigation. Our aim is to give you confidence in the decisions that you make.



Corporate & Contracts

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

Employer Services

Intellectual Property

Litigation in Business


Regulatory Services

Sports Law

Banking & Finance

Court proceedings

The law can be complex and changing. The team at Chadwick Lawrence

If you wish to pursue the matter then the next step is to issue a claim in the

have ensured that we are at the forefront of developing areas of law to

County Court. If the Debtor does not respond within the stipulated timescale

ensure that our advice is current and places us in a position to give you the

then we will request Judgment in Default. If approved, this will result in a

best advice to achieve the right solution for you. We have the necessary

County Court Judgment being granted in your favour. If the Debtor defends

experience to identify and understand your issues at an early stage and to

the matter then we will refer you to our Dispute Resolution Department who

design a strategy to efficiently maximise the redress due to you.

will be able to advise you further about the next steps and likely fees.


Small Claims Court

Our Litigation in Business team has extensive experience in building and

Should a claim be defended and the debt fall below £10,000 this will be

engineering claims and offers specialist cost effective advice and assistance

dealt with by the Small Claims Court. This means that except in extraordinary

targeted mainly toward small and medium size landlords and builders in the

circumstances legal fees are not recoverable. However, Chadwick Lawrence

West Yorkshire area. Our services include:

can help your business to manage its costs by offering a bespoke fixed fee

• Bespoke advice on contractual issues in fixed price, cost plus or day-work


projects • Help with notices, time and liquidated damage clauses as well as unpaid invoices or sub-contractor disputes

Directors & Partnership Disputes Individuals start out in business with the firm belief that it will be successful.

• Appointment of experts to determine defect, valuation or final account claims

Relationships are formed with the belief that the parties will be able to work together in a successful management team. We understand however that

• Letters of Claim or Response under the Pre-Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes

business management does not always go to plan. A party may not pull their weight or there may be a clash of personalities. A dispute between Directors can

• Assistance with claims brought in Adjudication, Arbitration or Court

cause significant harm to the successful operation of a business.

proceedings Professional Negligence Contractual Disputes

When instructing a professional there is an expectation that the person will act

A dispute with a key customer or supplier can have a significant impact on

in a way which is consistent with the standards of his or her profession. When

your business. At Chadwick Lawrence we will work with you to put together

you instruct a professional you rely on their expertise. A claim for professional

a bespoke strategy to protect your business. We understand the commercial

negligence may be against a financial advisor, a solicitor, a barrister, a valuer,

pressures that you face in business. Our expert team of litigation lawyers will

a surveyor or an accountant. Unfortunately, there are times when the level of

work closely with you not only to achieve the best outcome in the short term

service falls short of what you expected. Where you have been let down by

but will take into account your long term business goals when seeking to

a professional, our specialist professional negligence lawyers will work hard

resolve a contractual dispute.

to ensure that you are compensated for the losses that you have suffered.

Debt Collection & Recovery

Restrictive Covenants

Chadwick Lawrence offer a comprehensive Debt Recovery service backed

Chadwick Lawrence have extensive experience gained over many years in the

by a sophisticated software package that allows us to track and manage your

field of restrictive covenants. Our solicitors have been involved in many successful

case from start to finish.

proceedings in court, both enforcing covenants and defending allegations of infringement.

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Property Our skills and expertise within the Property team at Chadwick Lawrence means we offer a complete service to business clients and individuals across all sectors in respect of all property matters. Our breadth of experience and knowledge means we can tackle any project issue or development in a practical and effective manner. Supported by resources such as access to the latest and most up to date electronic precedents and legal information services, our Property team takes pride in the quality of our legal advice.



Corporate & Contracts

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

Employer Services

Intellectual Property

Litigation in Business


Regulatory Services

Sports Law

Commercial Property

• Planning permissions

Whether you are a sole trader looking to renew a lease of business

• Section 106 Agreements together with Highways and Infrastructure

premises, an investor expanding their portfolio or a major PLC disposing


of a headquarters building our commercial property solicitors will be able

• Construction documentation and warranties

to assist you. Supported by resources such as access to the latest and most

• Plot sales including the setting up of management companies for leasehold

up to date precedents and legal information services, our commercial team


takes pride in the quality of our legal products and the commercial approach we take in advising clients. This gives our solicitors a competitive edge which

Commercial Development

we will share with you in a cost effective manner.

In respect of commercial development our specialist team has the breadth

Our specialist services include:

and depth of knowledge necessary to understand the complexities of a new

• Leases – all aspects of property lease whether it be acting for Landlord or

commercial property development, dealing with transactions of all sizes and


for all types of clients.

• Sales and Purchases of all kinds of commercial property

We can assist with:

• Sales and Purchases of small businesses to include the transfer of assets

• Advising on site acquisitions

and assignment of lease

• Building construction and warranty documentation

• Refinancing at all levels – We can provide in depth advice and assistance

• Planning permission and associated planning agreements

throughout your refinancing and we have substantial experience in acting

• Agreements for Sale

for institutional banks, other lenders and borrowers in a wide range of

• Agreements for Lease

different transactions Property Litigation Development

We advise and represent clients in relation to all issues, problems, disputes

Our specialist development team can assist in all aspects of both residential

and claims arising out of their ownership or occupation of all types of

development and commercial development.

property. We have an excellent record of achieving desired outcomes for our clients in a cost effective manner.

Residential Development Developing new housing estates can be a very complex business and

Our expert lawyers, who are all specialists, will be able to quickly grasp the

developers should be sure to obtain specialist legal advice before buying

issues that are relevant to their client’s case and give prompt and thorough

or building upon the land to avoid any unwelcome surprises during

advice at the outset. Thereafter they are able to represent clients skilfully in

the development. The Chadwick Lawrence development team has an

discussions and negotiations with the opponents with the aim of achieving

abundance of experience and all specialist knowledge you will need to

the client’s desired outcome. We cover the full range of property disputes

ensure that your project goes ahead without hitch from pre-planning to post

but the work broadly falls into the following categories:


• Business Leases

We can assist with:

• Land/Building disputes relating to commercial properties

• Purchase and Sale of land.

• Disputes arising out of commercial property contracts

• Long term Options and Conditional Contracts

• Professional negligence claims arising out of property transactions

• Strategic land purchases

• Overgate Disputes on behalf of landlords

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Regulatory Services Regulators within the UK are becoming increasingly well-resourced and aggressive in their approach to their investigations. In addition their powers of investigation and prosecution are now greater than ever with increased focus on directors and individual responsibility. Our clients value our personal service, and we work with a number of businesses who are leading specialists in their area with particular emphasis in the retail, manufacturing, care industry and sports sectors. Our expert team will work rigorously in order to protect your business. Our attention to detail and renowned advocacy skills ensure that we get you the best possible result and crucially minimise any reputational damage to your business. Coroners Inquests

event of an investigation by the Information Commissioner. The costs of not

We provide advice, representation and support in the event of a coroner’s

correctly dealing with an investigation can be severe.

inquest. A coroner’s inquest is held to determine the causes of an unexpected death. Such hearings are naturally difficult and can have profound

Health and Safety

consequences for both the individuals and businesses involved. Our team

Our regulatory team acts in high profile cases brought by the Health and

has experience of dealing with a range of issues in this area and particular in

Safety Executive and Local Authorities in relation to possible breaches of

dealing with deaths in custody.

health and safety regulations as well as appeals against fees for intervention and enforcement notices.

Data Protection Storage of data within the workplace has become increasingly complex. A set

Our team can advise you from the outset of the investigation and has vast

of laws has been developed giving rights to your employees as to how their

experience of advising clients on HSE investigations, interviews under

information is stored and when it can be shared. Even very simple information

caution and prosecutions that are brought before the courts. We represent

such as an employees contact details should be handled carefully.

some of the largest businesses in the UK who are leaders in their field. We have particular strength in the retail and manufacturing sectors. It is vital that

Data Protection breaches are closely investigated and monitored by the

a business is advised proactively from the earliest opportunity. We will work

Information Commissioner. The Information Commissioner has extensive

with you as soon as we suspect that an investigation may take place and will

powers of investigation and also has the ability to impose large fines on

continue to advise you should a prosecution occur.

your business. Our team has experience and expertise in advising you in the



Corporate & Contracts

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

Employer Services

Intellectual Property

Litigation in Business


Regulatory Services

Sports Law


prosecutions. We act for a number of high profile clients in this area who

Our team of solicitors can provide advice in relation to all matters connected

have been investigated by a Trading Standards department.

with alcohol and entertainment licensing including the following: • Applications for a new premises licences

It is important that if your business is investigated by a Trading Standards

• Applications for temporary event notices

department that you receive quick, clear and pragmatic advice. Our experts

• Applications for variation of existing licences

will thoroughly assess your case and properly handle the investigation that

• Dealing with Licence Reviews

is undertaken. We will ensure that you are fully advised on a proactive basis

• Defending closure orders

from the initial complaint to the final outcome of your case.

• Representation in connection with licensing breach cases, revocations and Transport Law

appeals We can also offer advice on other regulatory requirements including door

We understand that, despite the best efforts of businesses, sometimes your

security, food safety, trading standards and weights and measures.

company may find itself in the position whereby you are faced with transport law issues. At Chadwick Lawrence, we have a team who will give you clear,

Sports Regulation

honest and practical advice about transport law. Our team of experts have

Our expertise lies in advising clubs in relation to regulatory issues brought by

acted for companies nationwide in relation to drivers’ hours offences,

governing bodies including on field disciplinary offences, doping offences

insecure loads, overloaded vehicles, hauliers who have been accused of

and disqualification orders. We also have substantial experience of appealing

stowaways offences, careless and dangerous driving and offences arising

the decisions made by sports governing bodies.

out of fatal collisions.

In addition to advising sports clubs we advise sports professionals who find

We provide straightforward advice and recognise that this area is complex

themselves under investigation by a sports governing body. We are one of

and has the potential to cause significant disruption to your business. We

the few firms to have advised an individual in relation to a high profile doping

will deal with your case on an in depth and personal level. We understand


that when advising and representing you we need to take into account your businesses commercial needs.

Our advocacy skills at sports tribunals are renowned. As well as advising sports clubs on regulatory issues we have a reputation for robustly defending

We also recognise that when businesses are faced with such allegations, it is

sports men and women in regulatory matters.

not just the legal process that needs to be managed. We advise our clients on how to deal with management of the staff involved in such cases, as well

Trading Standards

as crisis management which may include how to best deal with adverse

Any investigation by a Trading Standards department can be intimidating

publicity and the media.

as well as distressing and disrupting to your business. Our team of regulatory experts regularly deal with Trading Standards investigations and

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Sports Law Increasing regulation and litigation across professional sport requires specialist support with an instinctive understanding of the often unique circumstances that players, clubs and their representatives can face. The Sports Law Team at Chadwick Lawrence works with a number of professional clubs across different sports, along with advising sports players on a spectrum of issues. Our clients are increasingly recognising the benefits of working with people who have sport in their blood.



Corporate & Contracts

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

Employer Services

Intellectual Property

Litigation in Business


Regulatory Services

Sports Law

Club Services

Regulatory Services

• Advertising, sponsorship and hospitality

The sports industry is an increasingly regulated sector with complex

• Employment law services

rules that go beyond the field of play. The Sports Law Team at Chadwick

• Stadium and commercial property issues

Lawrence has significant experience and understanding of the internal

• Brand protection and intellectual property

workings of governing bodies such as the Rugby Football League, the

• Licensing

Football League and UK Anti-Doping. Our careful preparation, attention

• Corporate matters

to detail and confident presentation makes a significant difference at

• Commercial disputes

governing body hearings. We offer straightforward advice and support

• Player disputes

from offence to resolution.

• Player/coaching agreements • Arbitration

Our services are not limited to reacting to on or off the field events. We also offer proactive risk management services to ensure you are prepared in the

Player/Coach Services

event of such incidents.

• Employment law services • Image rights

Our regulatory sports services include:

• Contract negotiations

• Disciplinary matters

• Disputes

• Anti-doping

• Personal injury

• Governing bodies

• Agent services

• On field incidents • Disqualification proceedings

Private Client Services

• Player presentations and risk management services

We offer a full range of legal services to sportsmen and sportswomen in their

• Advocacy

family and commercial lives, including: • Conveyancing • Wills • Probate • Family • Property • Licensing

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Criminal Law Chadwick lawrence’s crime and motoring team has one goal: the best possible outcome for you. We have a particularly strong expertise in motoring law including an excellent success rate in advising those facing driving bans. We also regularly act for those who have been accused of drink or drug driving or facing traffic light offences. We recognise the hardship and seriousness that losing your driving licence

Our advice is straightforward and easy to understand. Our dedicated team

may cause and in all cases focus on achieving the best possible outcome s

will examine your case in detail and ensure that your case receives the time

for you and your family.

and attention it deserves. We very much believe that when an individual finds themselves in criminal proceedings “advice is the best form of defence”. We

We are happy to speak to you on the telephone for a free consultation in

make sure your voice is heard in your case. We are pro- active from the first

order to discuss your options.

police interview until our clients’ hearing in court.

Criminal Law

Dispute Resolution

Employee Services

Family Law

Home & Property

Medical Negligence

Personal Injury

Residential Housing Disputes

Wills & Probate

Police station attendance

Road traffic and motoring offences

An interview in a police station is one of the most daunting experiences you

Chadwick lawrence recognises that the possibility of losing your driving

are likely to face. Our experts at chadwick lawrence are on hand to deliver

licence may mean losing your livelihood and also your independence. Our

clear and concise advice 24 hours a day.

solicitors are a dedicated and expert team who offer a personal service should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of facing a road traffic or

We are able to provide advice at the police station to those who have been

motoring offence allegation.

arrested or are attending voluntarily. Serious crime Our specialist team will fight your corner and make you aware of the rights

Facing a serious criminal investigation is a potentially life changing event. We

that you have at the police station. Handling a police interview correctly is

recognise that the possibility of a criminal record is stressful and the stakes

key to your case and our team will provide support before and after your

could not be higher. Our team has an excellent record in serious criminal

interview. We will clearly and concisely explain your options before your

cases such as accusations of serious assault, criminal damage and fraud.

interview has begun and ensure your rights are upheld throughout your interview

Our specialist team will give you advice in plain english that is easy to understand to ensure you are fully prepared for court. We have an excellent

Private prosecutions

record of defending individuals in the magistrates and crown courts.

The police and other law enforcement agencies have for years been the subject of extremely large cut backs. As a result, it is not uncommon for both

Our clients choose us for our understanding and committed approach. We

individuals and companies to be told that the crime that they have suffered

will ensure, if you are facing a serious criminal charge, that you have the

against them is a civil matter by the police. Fraud and economic crimes are

best possible defence strategy in place and are aware of all the possible

not only no longer


If you do find yourself in this situation, taking out a private prosecution gives

Sexual offences

you access to a dedicated team of lawyers rather than a law enforcement

Being accused of a sexual offence is a distressing time and we understand

agency which does not have the resources to undertake such an intensive

that there are few accusations which carry as much reputational damage.

case which requires time and care to be dedicated to it.

From the police station to the court room our specialist criminal lawyers provide support as well as ensuring that your case is in the best possible

Private prosecutions can be brought in all types of cases, but examples


include investment fraud, financial fraud, probate fraud, as well as contempt of court and bribery cases.

Our team have experience of the most serious cases such as rape and sexual assault. Our innovative team provides astute and clear advice in the most

We can assist you throughout the private prosecution process as well

testing of circumstances. We are pro active and try our very best to avoid

as having access and ties to some of the leading experts in respect of

charges being brought against our clients. If the case does proceed to court

investigations in england and wales.

our lawyers fight tooth and nail to avoid conviction and apply meticulous attention to detail.

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Dispute Resolution Experience, understanding and results are our greatest assets As an individual, you may become involved in disputes with others or you may experience money difficulties. Chadwick Lawrence are able to give a wide range of advice, quickly and cost effectively with specialist teams of lawyers able to give expert advice and assistance should these situations arise. Disputes and court proceedings

Our debt solicitors can give you practical legal advice on debt management,

We can help with most types of disputes, whether these be relating to a

IVAs and if necessary, bankruptcy proceedings. We maybe able to help write

contract, ownership of property, issues over boundaries or rights of way, or

off debts. We can help and support you through this difficult and stressful

in a business relationship. We appreciate that if you become involved in any

period with understanding and expert knowledge.

kind of dispute this will be a traumatic and stressful time. People are often rightly concerned that using solicitors can be expensive and we do our best

Private contract disputes

to work with you and help you manage the situation. We always look for

Almost every transaction involves a contract. A contract does not need to be

the most cost effective way to resolve the issues quickly whenever possible

in writing to be binding. Contractual relationships are formed when we buy or sell goods or pay for services.

Debt and Insolvency Chadwick Lawrence has a dedicated and experienced team of debt law

Our experienced team is able to advise you on all aspects of your rights. We

solicitors. We can advise and assist you if you are trying to collect unpaid

can provide you with guidance when a contractual relationship breaks down.

debts or if you need guidance on managing your debts.

We understand that it is often stressful and frustrating when one party does not fulfil their part of the contract. Our aim is to assist you to reach a resolution

If you are trying to collect unpaid debts there are a number of options we

of any dispute as efficiently as possible. It is up to the parties to agree the

can take. We will issue a Letter Before Action (LBA) and our debt recovery

terms of a contract. Disagreement can arise in relation to the interpretation

solicitors always try to resolve matters outside of court. If however this is not

of contractual terms. We can assist you to understand the terms of a contract

possible, our debt solicitors will issue court proceedings on your behalf and

where there is a dispute over its meaning.

we will support and guide you through this process.

Criminal Law

Dispute Resolution

Employee Services

Family Law

Home & Property

Medical Negligence

Personal Injury

Residential Housing Disputes

Wills & Probate

Professional negligence

Intellectual property is the general term for trade marks, copyright, patents,

If you have been let down by a solicitor, accountant, architect, financial advisor

and design rights. Whilst it is usually only relevant to business, in today’s

or any other professional body, you may be able to make a professional

media and technological age many individuals can now easily fall foul of the

negligence claim. Professional negligence is an extremely complex area of

law and infringe, or potentially infringe, someone else’s intellectual property.

the law and our early involvement could help you avoid taking the matter to

We are experienced intellectual property lawyers and can help in any area

court. If your case does result in a court hearing, our dedicated professional

of infringement, whether you feel that your intellectual property has been

negligence solicitors will build your case and represent you to the highest

infringed or someone alleges that you have infringed theirs.

degree. If you have suffered a loss or damage due to a service that fell below Road traffic and motoring offences

a reasonable standard, call Chadwick Lawrence today.

Chadwick Lawrence recognises that the possibility of losing your driving Contentious probate

licence is a stressful and potentially life changing event. Our solicitors are a

Probate, Wills, Inheritance and Trust disputes can be complex, both in law

dedicated and expert team who offer a personal service should you find

and in fact, and not necessarily confined to England & Wales. Our contentious

yourself in the unfortunate position of facing road traffic or motoring offence

probate team can assist in disputes arising from the exploitation of the elderly

allegation. We appreciate that motoring offences can have a significant

or infirm; defective or missing Wills; the failure to make adequate financial

impact on individuals, particularly for those who rely on their vehicles for

provision on death; and, the maladministration of trusts and estates. At

family and work purposes. Our team of solicitors provide advice in relation to

a difficult time for many, we seek to make the law clear and give practical

speeding, careless driving, dangerous driving, drink driving, using a mobile

advice to ensure a cost effective resolution to your case.

telephone behind the wheel and driving without insurance. Our team can also provide advice and representation in cases where you have “totted up”

Restrictive covenants

12 points on your driving licence and also incidents where death has been

Restrictive covenants are found in employment contracts. They usually

caused by dangerous driving. Whilst sometimes motoring offences may be

restrict the use of your employer’s confidential information and aim to try and

minor, at other times such accusations can have devastating consequences.

protect or limit your access to your former employer’s customers after your

If you find yourself in the position of facing such an accusation, our solicitors

employment has come to an end.

can provide you with advice on the possible outcomes of your case; as well defending you in court should you face a possible driving ban or

These covenants can be extremely complicated and some are not always

disqualification. We recognise that being in this situation is nerve-wracking if

enforceable, even though you may be told otherwise by your employer.

you are not familiar with the system and our team of experts will be on hand

If you are involved in any dispute with your former employer over the

to guide you through every step of your case.

enforceability of these covenants then we can help. We have many years of experience in this area acting on behalf employers and employees and therefore understand what is and is not likely to be enforceable. Intellectual Property

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Employee Services The Employment team at Chadwick Lawrence understand the devastating impact an Employment Dispute can have on your everyday life. Accordingly, when an employee seeks our legal assistance, we understand the need to guide you through this difficult time by giving a personal, cost effective first-class service.

Criminal Law

Dispute Resolution

Employee Services

Family Law

Home & Property

Medical Negligence

Personal Injury

Residential Housing Disputes

Wills & Probate


It is quite common for employment tribunal claims to result in settlement. If

Has your employer notified you of their intention to commence disciplinary

your case fits into this category, we will achieve the best possible settlement

proceedings against you? If so, we are here to help.

on the most advantageous terms.

In the first instance, we will discuss the allegations with you in order to


determine the seriousness of the matter. Depending on our assessment, we

Are you experiencing problems at work? Perhaps you feel you are being

will advise you of a practical solution.

treated differently to your colleagues or there is a particular individual who is causing problems? Maybe there is an ongoing internal process which you

This may involve us drafting your evidence in response to the allegations

don’t feel your employer is dealing with fairly. Whatever the problem, we are

which you can then present to your employer at the disciplinary hearing.

here to help.

Alternatively, we can assist you in achieving a resolution to both you and your employer’s satisfaction.

We can draft you a formal grievance which is the first step to providing you with a solution. We will then guide you through the grievance process

Unfortunately, employers will, on occasion, unfairly dismiss their employees.

and help you achieve your desired outcome. This can include financial

If you find yourself in this position, we can draft you an appeal statement

settlements or agreed action on the part of your employer.

to present to your employer on appeal; demonstrating the unfairness of the decision. This can often result in you being reinstated to your role or a

Restrictive covenants

financial settlement.

Chadwick Lawrence have extensive experience gained over many years in the field of restrictive covenants. Our solicitors have been involved in many

Employment tribunal

successful proceedings in court both enforcing covenants and defending

You may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having been dismissed.

allegations of infringement.

You may have appealed the decision but your employer was unwilling to overturn the decision. Alternatively, as a result of your employer’s actions, you

Settlement agreements

may have been left with no choice but to resign.

If your Employer has provided you with a Settlement Agreement, it is your right that you take independent legal advice from a qualified solicitor. As one

You are now left with the daunting proposition of pursuing your matter in the

of the largest employment teams in the region, we have both the capacity

employment tribunal. Our expert team can assist in all employment tribunal

and experience to advise you on a wide variety of claims.

matters ranging from complex dismissal and discrimination claims to unpaid wages.

Under any Settlement Agreement your employer is generally obliged to make a contribution to your legal fees. On the vast majority of claims we will

Initially, we will assess your case and tell you in straightforward terms

negotiate an increased contribution to match our legal fees, meaning that

whether you have a case or not. If you do, our team of employment litigation

you will not be out of pocket.

specialists will act on your behalf and complete all necessary steps in the tribunal process including:

Our solicitors will be happy to meet with you at any of our 6 offices across

• Preparing the ET1 Claim Form

the region and if you would like to make an appointment.

• Compiling evidence and preparing persuasive witness statements • Representing you at all tribunal hearings

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Family Law Experts Should you experience difficulties in your family life it is highly likely that you will need to seek legal advice and support. At Chadwick Lawrence our team of family law specialists is one of the most experienced in the region and we are recognised for the high quality, bespoke service we provide, with much of our work coming from the recommendations of former clients. We are specialists in all areas of divorce and family law. Our team also has the advantage of including specialists in the area of public children law who can help you should the local authority become involved with your family. Wherever possible we try to resolve cases outside of court to try to reach amicable and cost effective agreements. However, when Court Proceedings are unavoidable our broad range of experience will ensure that you have high quality and robust representation, no matter what area of family law you require help with.

Criminal Law

Dispute Resolution

Employee Services

Family Law

Home & Property

Medical Negligence

Personal Injury

Residential Housing Disputes

Wills & Probate

Divorce: We recognise that the decision to legally end a marriage

the separation and such agreements can set out any variety of

or civil partnership will have both an emotional and financial

provisions which are unique to the couple’s circumstances.

impact upon those involved. Our specialist team will help to guide you through the process and explain the options available as well

Private Children Law Disputes: We understand that the main

as timescales and potential costs.

concern for many separating couples is the effect that separation will have on their children. Should it be the case that arrangements

Civil Partnerships: Dissolution of a Civil Partnership is similar to a

for the children cannot be resolved by agreement then our

divorce and the Court is able to make Orders in relation to children

experience in handling court proceedings will ensure that you are

of the relationship and financial provision. Our team are also able

represented in a robust yet pragmatic manner.

to advise on Pre-Partnership Agreements. Mediation: The purpose of mediation is to assist couples who are Financial Settlements: It is important that all financial matters

separating to reach amicable and practical solutions regarding

arising from the breakdown of a relationship are also addressed

their finances and arrangements for children which work for their

so as to prevent any future difficulties. We strongly recommend

family. Mediation provides couples with the opportunity to discuss

that such agreements are put into a court order. Our team has

issues which arise from their separation so that joint decisions can

extensive experience in dealing with a wide variety of financial

be made without the intervention of the court.

settlements from modest to high net worth assets including property, maintenance issues, pensions, business interests, trusts

Collaborative Law: Collaborative Law is an invaluable process for

and agricultural and overseas assets. We can also assist with

those who have a genuine desire to resolve matters in an amicable

injunctions to freeze assets both in the UK and abroad.

and solution-focussed way. The pace of the whole process is governed by the individuals and it is the couple themselves who

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements: Our team is mindful

are in control of making key decisions about their futures.

of the significance of Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements and also the sensitivity of the situation for parties entering into them. Although not the most romantic of gestures, we will ensure that the preparation of your agreement is dealt with in a constructive and sensitive way.

We also offer advice and support in: Adoption, Financial Provision for Children,

Separation Agreements: Should a relationship break down then

Grandparents Rights.

it is important that matters relating to finances and children are properly settled. We can ensure that there is a formal record of

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Home & Property Moving house can be extremely stressful and if you are buying a home, it can be one of the biggest financial commitments that you will ever make. Chadwick Lawrence has a specialist team of Residential Property Lawyers who will explain each step of the legal process to you in plain English and to answer any questions you might have. Whether you are buying, selling or remortgaging, we have the expertise to support and guide you throughout the process. Based out of our six regional offices, our Residential Property Lawyers are friendly, approachable and cost effective. We have helped people buy and sell homes up and down the country and our expertise ensures that no detail will go unnoticed. We will provide you with a clear quote at the beginning of your matter so you will be aware of all the costs. We will keep you updated every step of the way so that you know exactly where your residential property matter is up to and so you can focus on the important things like packing!

Criminal Law

Dispute Resolution

Employee Services

Family Law

Home & Property

Medical Negligence

Personal Injury

Residential Housing Disputes

Wills & Probate

Buying and selling

Your solicitor will guide you through the process, advising on the content of

Conveyancing describes the legal process of buying and selling houses in

your mortgage, the title deeds and all aspects of your property transaction.

England and Wales. It is where the title or ownership is transferred from the Remortgaging

seller to the buyer.

A remortgage describes a move from one lender to another. The current Conveyancing begins when you accept an offer on a property, either to sell

lender must be repaid in full from the mortgage monies due from the new

it or buy it, and ends at “completion� when you get your keys or where they

lender. Any surplus monies at the conclusion of the matter would be sent to

are handed over.


There are two main types of conveyancing, freehold and leasehold.

A transfer of equity is where the property owners are changing, from

Freehold matters are usual fairly straightforward and without complications,

perhaps a couple to just one person, or from one person to two or more.

completion could be expected to take place within 6 weeks from receipt

This could include changing lenders, at which stage the transaction is known

of the papers from the seller’s solicitors. Leasehold matters involve far more

as a transfer of equity and remortgage.

checks and by their nature often take a few weeks longer to conclude.

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Medical Negligence reatment by doctors, midwives, nurses, or other practitioners occasionally goes wrong, causing pain, injury, disability and financial loss. Our specialist medical negligence solicitors have the expertise to investigate medical negligence claims and get you answers and the compensation and care package you deserve. The reputation of our highly experienced medical negligence lawyers comes from success. Our specialist team combine legal and medical expertise with compassion, knowledge and understanding to successfully guide our clients through clinical negligence claims. We are one of a select few West Yorkshire solicitors’ practices to be accredited by the Legal Aid Agency and the Law Society to deal with medical negligence claims. We are members of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel and Action Against Medical Accidents (AVMA). We are one of the few local firms authorised to deal with Legally Aided cerebral palsy and birth injury cases. Initial advice is free, whether in person, by telephone or by e-mail. We will advise on possible funding options, including a Conditional Fee Agreement (also known as “No Win, No Fee”) or Legal Aid in the case of birth injuries.

Criminal Law

Dispute Resolution

Employee Services

Family Law

Home & Property

Medical Negligence

Personal Injury

Residential Housing Disputes

Wills & Probate

Our Medical Negligence Services Accident & Emergency

Genetic Conditions



Birth Injuries

Neurology / Nerve Damage

Brain Injuries

Orthopaedics & Rheumatology

Cancer Cases



Respiratory Disorders

Ear, Nose & Throat

Spinal Cord Injuries

Eye Conditions & Surgery



Urology & Renal

General Practitioner (GP)

Vascular Conditions & Vascular Surgery

Testimonials “Absolutely brilliant – all the people in the department who dealt with my case looked after me very well and I couldn’t have been treated any better. I was always very happy with the way my case was progressing. I was regularly updated and was never worried about how it was being handled.” Mrs G, Huddersfield

“On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you for taking us through our compensation claim. As you will appreciate, this has been a very lengthy and stressful process for both of us. However, I would like to show our appreciation for the compassionate and very helpful manner in which you dealt with all the various aspects of the case which meant that we were always kept up to speed with matters as they unfolded. I have now been able to obtain new equipment which will enhance my quality of life in the future and this has been possible as a result of this claim being successful. Once again, thank you very much for your assistance.” A Limb

“hanks to my medical negligence solicitor at Chadwick Lawrence for assisting with my Cauda Equina Syndrome medical negligence claim. Having my bladder and bowels affected was a very personal and private matter, but my solicitor put me at great ease, was incredibly easy to talk to, supportive, very thorough and detailed in her work and left no stone unturned. She always acted in my best interests and I could not recommend anyone better to anyone needing assistance in a medical negligence legal claim.” Miss G, Cauda Equina sufferer

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Personal Injury Unfortunately accidents do happen and if this is the case you are certainly not alone. If you have been injured within the past three years and think you have a good reason to seek compensation, do not hesitate to contact Chadwick Lawrence. We help people receive the maximum compensation they are entitled to and offer a No Win, No Fee service meaning you have nothing to pay should your claim not be successful. With offices throughout Yorkshire our skilled, experienced team will support you every step of the way. We also offer first free interviews at any of our offices, at your home, place of work or even in hospital. Chadwick Lawrence has a strong tradition in helping people injured in accidents in all circumstances – road traffic accidents, accidents at work, slips and trips and any kind of accident which was someone else’s fault. Chadwick Lawrence also has a specialist team dealing with serious injuries including brain injuries and spinal injuries Chadwick Lawrence will continue to do so alongside our sister companies and

Criminal Law

Dispute Resolution

Employee Services

Family Law

Home & Property

Medical Negligence

Personal Injury

Residential Housing Disputes

Wills & Probate

Accident at work

Road traffic accidents

Have you been involved in an accident at work such as a slip, trip or fall that

Road traffic accidents happen every day, across the UK, resulting in a variety

wasn’t your fault? Did that accident result in a personal injury? You could be

of injuries, ranging from minor to severe. These accidents can leave you

entitled to make a No Win No Fee compensation claim.

both physically and mentally impaired, so make sure you contact Chadwick Lawrence to claim the compensation you rightfully deserve. We have a

Employers are legally required to provide employees with a safe and secure

dedicated road traffic accidents team, with the aim to provide you with

workplace, this responsibility includes providing satisfactory equipment and

specific information and advice on your claim.

materials, providing capable co-workers, providing a safe system of work Slip, trip or fall accidents

and providing proper training and supervision.

Have you been injured due to a slip, trip or fall but not sure if you entitled to Animal related injury claims

make a compensation claim. We have a network of solicitors who are here to

If you have suffered an animal related injury we know that it can be a terrifying

help you make a No Win, No Fee compensation claim.

experience for you and your family, with both physical and emotional scarring. Those injured by an animal could be entitled to make a No Win, No

If you have slipped in a shop or tripped over an un-even pavement you

Fee animal related injury claim.

maybe entitled to make a compensation claim for any injuries suffered.

We recognise that many people come into contact with animals every day

Every occupier of land or buildings, whether a shop, office, home, restaurant,

whether in the wild or at home, but animals are not without their risks and the

or farm has a duty of care for the safety of its visitors. Therefore if you are

results of an animal related injury can be devastating.

injured due to the negligence of the occupier you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Armed forces injury claims If you have suffered an injury on or off duty whilst serving in the armed forces you could be entitled to make a No Win, No Fee armed forces injury claim. We recognise the huge sacrifice members of the armed forces make on a daily basis and believe its members deserve the very best support, medical care and compensation. Depending on the circumstances you may be able to claim against the Ministry of Defence and gain full compensation.

Get in touch to see how we can advise you today, email or call 0800 015 0340

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Residential Property Disputes We have an excellent record of achieving desired outcomes for our clients in a cost effective manner. We are usually able to provide quick and effective advice at an initial consultation with you. If you decide to instruct us thereafter a plan of action will be agreed and we would represent you skilfully in discussions and negotiations with the opponents with the aim of achieving your desired outcome. Most of our cases are resolved by out of court settlements in line with the client’s objectives. Those that are not settled out of court are pursued with full force and vigour with a view to achieving the client’s objective at court. We cover the full range of property disputes but the work broadly falls into the following categories:

Criminal Law

Claims arising out of property contracts

and represent you, whether you are the buyer or the seller,

We cover all claims arising out of the sale or purchase of

in order to achieve your specified objective. In some cases

property including misrepresentation, non-disclosure and

the appropriate remedy will be compensation. In others it

breach of contract. Where there is delay in the completion of

can be an order from the court requiring a party to perform

a transaction in accordance with the contract we can advise

a specific obligation set out in a contract.

Dispute Resolution

Employee Services

Family Law

Home & Property

Medical Negligence

Personal Injury

Residential Housing Disputes

Wills & Probate

Defects to new build properties

the aim of taking the heat out of the situation and with a view to skilfully

We regularly act for clients regarding the purchase of new build properties

reaching a negotiated settlement in line with our client’s objectives. Where,

who are dissatisfied with unexpected defects. If the new build property you

however, it is clear that our client’s opponent intends to act in an unreasonable

have purchased has defects and you are experiencing problems in getting

way, we act forcefully and quickly in order to protect our client’s position by

these rectified then please contact us and we shall advise you in relation to

issuing court proceedings. This may include seeking an emergency order

your options. We will consider your contract with the developer/builder and

from the court including an injunction prohibiting the opponent from taking

also the policy issued by NHBC or other warranty provider. It may be that

certain steps or ordering him or her to take specific action. We cover all types

following our advice you are able to resolve the matter with the guidance

of cases including disputes relating to rights of way, rights to light, Party Wall

of that advice. If not, and you require representation, then we shall be able

Act disputes, damage to property, restrictive covenants, title and boundary

to take up negotiations with either the developer/builder, NHBC or other

issues and trespass claims including obtaining possession against squatters.

warranty provider. Professional negligence arising out of property advice or transactions In appropriate cases where there are major defects we shall advise you to

We have significant experience in acting on behalf of clients in obtaining

issue court proceedings if the matter cannot be resolved by agreement. We

redress for them where they have suffered financial loss as a consequence

will be able to represent you in such proceedings with a view to achieving

of negligent advice or representation in a property transaction. If you are

the desired outcome.

dissatisfied with the advice or representation received from a surveyor, architect, solicitor, property agent or some other property professional,

Disputes Between Co-owners

we can advise and help you in obtaining compensation for professional

We have significant experience of helping clients to achieve their desired


outcome in cases in which the property is owned jointly by two or more individuals. It is a fact of life that in spite of the best of intentions co-owners

Tenant disrepair claim service

may end up in a dispute with each having different plans for the jointly owned

We provide a dedicated repair and compensation claims service on behalf

property. We will do our best to skilfully negotiate a solution acceptable to

of residential tenants of local authorities and housing associations as well

all parties. In the event that that is not possible, we can represent you in court

as private tenants. We have substantial experience in this field and have an

proceedings including proceedings under the Trusts of Land and Trustees

excellent record of success in getting properties repaired and compensation

Act 1996 in order to obtain an appropriate order from the court including an

recovered for our tenant clients.

order for sale if that is what is required by you. By far the majority of our claims are resolved by agreement without the Land/buildings disputes

need for court action with the landlord agreeing to carry out works of repair,

We recognise the fact that disputes between owners of neighbouring

paying compensation to our tenant client and paying our fees.

properties relating to land and buildings can be a huge source of stress and inconvenience. We therefore try to resolve such cases in a sensitive and tactful manner with

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Wills & Probate Experts Without a Will, the law dictates what happens to your estate in the event of your death, and this may not reflect your wishes. It is particularly important for unmarried couples to make Wills as this is the only way to ensure proper provision for each other on death. Nor is it necessarily true that if you are married, your spouse will inherit your whole estate. Not making a Will could leave your loved ones in a difficult position at what is already a stressful time. If you haven’t already made a Will, or if yours has become outdated due to a change in your circumstances, for example marriage, separation or parenthood, speak to us today. You should review your Will every 3 to 5 years to ensure that your Will effectively accords with current wishes. You can change your Will at any time so long as you have capacity to do so. We make no charge to review your Will, even if it was drafted by another firm. Another important aspect of your Will is to choose guardians for your children and decide who will be responsible to wind up your estate. We are happy to visit you at your home or in hospital if you are unable to attend at any one of our offices.

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Wills & Probate

Probate When there has been a death in the family, we understand that it is a sad and stressful time. Our private client team is highly trained with many years’ experience and will help you through this emotional time. We are always there to help, handling things with professionalism, care and understanding. Our dedicated probate team work to administer any Will as quickly and efficiently as possible, explaining the process to you every step of the way. We can deal with the whole of the probate, freeing you of the administrative burden or assist you with specific aspects such as helping you draft the complex inheritance tax form and probate application so that a Grant of Probate can be obtained. We offer services in all areas of Wills & Probate : • Charities

• LPA’s and Court of Protection

• Court of protection

• Sale of private company shares

• Dispute of Wills

• Succession planning

• Family Business

• Trusts

• International Matters

• UK Tax Planning

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