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Steven & Chris: Serving up Style and Talk on CBC-TV IN S I D E : Larry Kinlin inspires students at the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business (Page 3) Distinguished Alumni Awards granted to alumni for leadership & innovation (Page 10) Debra Bodkin earns Premier’s Award for Ontario College Graduates (Page 14) First Nations Centre is The Gathering Place for Aboriginal Students at Fanshawe (Page 18)



Larry Kinlin Leading by example and excellence

The Lawrence Kinlin School of Business at Fanshawe College is educating the next generation of business leaders to take on the world. Those students need only look to the best of the current generation of corporate and community leaders, especially Larry Kinlin himself, to see an inspiring blueprint for success. Hard work and discipline are two words that spring to mind when you examine the career path of Larry Kinlin. He spent 35 years as an Agent with Mutual Life of Canada, reaching the pinnacle in his profession. He earned the highest levels of recognition, including achieving Life and Qualifying Membership in the Million Dollar Round Table and Top of the Table. For 15 years, he was also in demand as a motivational speaker by top companies around the world on the topic of maximizing productivity and achieving one’s goals. As with many self-made entrepreneurs, hard work and discipline don’t tell the complete story. There are two more words that resonate just as deeply with Larry Kinlin and those are: family and community. It is from these principles that he has built a dynamic and successful insurance company – one that is changing the lives of the clients he works with. In 2000, he founded Larry Kinlin & Associates Inc. offering unique expertise in planning for and resolving complex business estate issues. It is a niche that Larry

is particularly qualified to fill and he has assembled a team of talented professionals to work with him. “We’re in the life insurance business and spend a lot of time with business owners and franchise owners,” says Larry. “I help business owners, through the use of corporate insurance and critical illness insurance, so that if the worst happens, the family will receive what they need to get from that business, an entity that the owner worked so hard to build.” While raising and guiding his own family, Larry has served as a community leader since 1972 when he was named to the first non-profit board of his career, the first of many in both Sarnia and London. In the past few years, Fanshawe College has been his focus as he served on the very successful campaign cabinet which raised more than $17 million for the College in 2007 and he is currently the Chair of the Fanshawe College Foundation Board. Fanshawe is a cause dear to his heart not only because he is passionate about education, but also since so many of

his family members have attended, and are still attending Fanshawe College pursuing their own dreams. In the Fall of 2008, Larry Kinlin once again took an incredible leadership role, making a pledge of $1 million to Fanshawe College, earmarking the donation to support student success and future opportunities in the business programs. In January 2009, the College celebrated the opening of the newly renovated business facilities by renaming the business division The Lawrence Kinlin School of Business. Larry makes it a point to attend special events and student celebrations at the College on a regular basis because he believes so strongly in the value Fanshawe brings to the community. “I cannot explain the importance of education,” Larry said as he spoke at the ceremony which recognized his gift. “In this day and age, it is getting more difficult for students to get jobs, let alone an education. This donation will enable students to look for new opportunities and to never be afraid to step outside the box.”



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Steven & Chris: Serving up style and talk on CBC

Chris Hyndman

Steven Sabados

The talk show business can be very fickle, but some hosts have the magic. Now in its fourth season on CBC, Steven & Chris are proving it can be done, and done well. Steven & Chris are more than just names. They’ve become a TV talk show; a brand name on numerous commercial décor and lifestyle products; and a couple of guys recognized all over the world. “When Chris and I travel overseas, to the Caribbean, south-east Asia, wherever, people do come up to us and say, Oh I love your show! Can I get a photo?” says Steven Sabados (Fine Art 86). “Our past shows still air in about 80 other countries so we don’t mind be approached – we get great positive energy from the people we meet.” Their current show is a Canadian television talk show, which debuted on CBC in January 2008. Hosted by Steven and his partner of 24 years, Chris Hyndman, Steven & Chris welcomes celebrity guests and lifestyle experts, with the talk ranging from entertainment, cooking and fashion, to health, wellness and home décor. Living in Toronto is not far from his roots for Steven, who was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario. He attended Fanshawe College,

graduating from Fine Art. His first job was as a display director for Eatons and Roots Canada in Toronto, where he first met Chris who was from Newfoundland originally. Steven and Chris later founded the Sabados Group, Inc., an interior design firm. Starting in 2001, Steven and Chris starred together in the first three seasons of Designer Guys, a Canadian interior design show on HGTV. In 2003, they debuted a new show with a similar format, called Design Rivals, and they also did a makeover show called So Chic with Steven and Chris. In 2007, they were in between opportunities and were approached by their agent and by CBC to consider launching a new afternoon talk show. At first, Steven was horrified at the idea but he knew it was Chris’s ultimate dream so they decided to give it a shot. Talk shows are notorious for being short-lived pipe-dreams for so many people, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Continued on page 6 FANSHAWE COLLEGE ALUMNI NEWS WINTER 2011



secrets to why their Talk Show works

1) Incredible team effort – Behind the scenes, it takes a team of about 40 professionals in and out of the studio to make every Steven & Chris episode look fabulous and flawless. 2) Health & wellness all the rage – While viewers like the make-up, style and décor tips, they also raved about the health, wellness and advice segments – they wanted more - the producers delivered. 3) Interactive and instant gratification – Having a live audience and then posting it all on the CBC website, social media, video clips, contests, give-aways – connections are immediate and energy stays high. 4) Talk Show Format fits them as a couple – Chris loves to “talk” & Steven loves to “show” – Steven is sincere and happy with hands-on stuff: cooking, projects, demonstrating new gadgets. 5) The right mix of celebrities and guests – High profile celebrities boost ratings, but the expert guests are also very entertaining – segment times were extended to share more detailed content and advice. 6) You can’t buy chemistry – And these guys don’t have to! After 24 years together as a couple, they enjoy having fun together and it shows – just the right mix of good-natured banter and bickering. 7) Look fabulous but keep it real – Dressed to the nines, but Steven still invites his Mom on to cook with him and Chris is candid about his own food & fitness challenges – keeping it “real” is really appealing.



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“They threw us in there for an audition and it was horrible,” remembers Steven, thinking about the first visit at CBC. “We were nervous and kept flubbing things and we weren’t sure what to do. We didn’t expect much after that, but they said, there was potential and we should just try to be ourselves.” That has really been the key and both the guys and the show have become polished and professional, as they enjoy their fourth season with CBC. The show gained momentum slowly and found its groove, gaining audience share. The show recently debuted in syndication in the United States through Program Partners in the Fall of 2010. The syndication deal was set up with a number of networks covering 50 markets, or just about 40 percent of the U.S. so far. Here in Canada, it seems people can’t get enough of the show either. On any given day they might be welcoming Food Network personalities like David Rocco (David Rocco’s Dolce Vita); fitness experts like Sean Foy; or other TV- hosts and celebrities such as personal finance whiz Gail Vaz-Oxlade (Til Debt Do Us Part). So the formula not only works on air for viewers but it also works for the network. As Scott Moore explained, when he served as general manager of CBC media sales and marketing: “With so many daily and weekly segments, Steven & Chris offers advertisers unique opportunities to target customers and integrate their brands with ease.” Then they have their own brand to manage as well. “We are always being approached about new products, endorsements, and charitable causes, but we know we can’t accept everything,” explains Steven. “We’re very thankful to our agent and brand manager, who help us choose the best strategic alliances and opportunities, so we don’t become oversaturated in the marketplace.” Product lines under their own S&C label now include home furnishings, accessories, linens, and lighting, available in 300 stores across Canada. They also have a bed-and-bath line exclusive to Home Outfitters and two wines, called TREND, under the S&C label just launched with the tagline “Designed to be Fabulous”. You can find these at the LCBO: a ChardonnayPinot Grigio and a Merlot-Cabernet. So between managing their product lines for their own business and the hectic production schedule at CBC, they might just need to relax with a glass of wine themselves. “I find that the CBC show is not just PART of my life, it IS my life! But it’s great – we live and breathe it and we get to do it together,” says Steven. “And we get to be around a phenomenal bunch of people for 10 hours a day, we are so, so lucky.”

5 1

Steven’s favourite bling is

wristwatches – he has a real soft spot for them.


 e loves seashells – has bowls H of them – collected them from all over the world.


 is therapy is fine art – painting – H and his favourite topic – Graveyards.


 o at home in the kitchen – S why eat out? – “Dinner is always at my place!”

Steven and Chris airs daily at 2 p.m. ET, CBC-TV, or visit www.cbc.ca/stevenandchris Photo by DustinRabin.com

little known things about Steven Sabados

 e is a shutter-bug – loves to H take photos of their travels – 1,000s of them. FANSHAWE COLLEGE ALUMNI NEWS WINTER 2011 7




Two Crown King is a band.

Fanshawe ties are everywhere with this band, based out of London, Ontario. Two Crown King is a six-piece collective which fuses elements of soul and funk, while maintaining a focus on the fundamental storytelling techniques of early hip hop. The band members take inspiration from a variety of musical genres, and have cultivated a sound that is saturated with insightful lyrics, melodic hooks and solid grooves. With a high degree of energy and dynamic interaction, Two Crown King continues to expand its fan base. The group is currently in the studio working on a six song EP for release in 2011. The diverse musical backgrounds and showmanship of each band member contribute to their distinct sound and their infectious live

shows. Vocalist Adam Dick (Music Industry Arts 03 / Recording Industry Digital Applications 04) is also Manager of the Out Back Shack Bar & Grill at Fanshawe’s London campus. Pat Maloney (Music Industry Arts 07) is on drums for Two Crown King, but also uses his keen ear for new talent in his full-time position as Entertainment Programmer with the Fanshawe Student Union. Vocalist Sean Goodchild (General Arts and Science 02 / Graphic Design 08) and bassist Jeremy Pimentel both studied in the MIA program at Fanshawe as well. Rounding out Two Crown King are two more members: keyboardist J-Yu (John Yun) who is an accomplished musician studying at UWO in the music program; and guitarist Ajay Massey who teaches elementary school music in Mississauga. Check them out: www.twocrownking.com



Honouring innovation and leadership

Distinguished Alumni 2010 Inspiring stories of leadership, innovation and success filled the James A. Colvin Atrium when six recipients were honoured for their career accomplishments on November 18, 2010.

Danielle Aziz (Child and Youth Worker 91)

2010 Award - Community Service Founder, Director and Group Facilitator of Onward Social Skills Program More than 2,000 children have come through the doors at Onward since Danielle Aziz first founded her unique social skills program almost 15 years ago. Based in London, Ontario, her program helps children and young people emerge stronger, happier and more selfaware as a result of joining in weekly activities, games and role playing. Building social skills is so important for children who sometimes struggle to fit in, but at Onward they get to share their challenges with each other. Guided by their counselors, they work together to find solutions that they can put into practice at school and at home. Using group dynamics, Danielle and her team show children ways to make friends and keep them; how to better control their anger and frustrations; and how to set goals and achieve them. Danielle’s programming also helps them deal with bullying, peer pressure, and life in general. It is all done in a supportive and fun environment. As a community leader in her field, Danielle mentors Fanshawe students from the Child & Youth Worker programs each year, giving them valuable work experience while they are studying for their diplomas. Many members of her current team are either past youth leaders with Onward or Fanshawe graduates. Danielle has also been an active advocate for children, youth and women within several community service organizations. She is in the process of writing several children’s storybooks that will help children and their parents deal with the pressures of growing up. Once published, these books will bring her message of hope and encouragement to more and more children, brightening their days and giving them skills for life.

Ian Campbell (Industrial Design 82)

2010 Award - Creative Art and Design

Bruce Bonner (Civil Engineering Technology 87)

2010 Award - Technology President, D.M. Wills Associates Limited Moving up in his career did not mean Bruce Bonner had to move mountains, but he certainly kept a keen eye on the lay of the land. Fortunately, throughout his 20-year career as a civil engineer, his professional life has meshed well with his love and respect for nature and the outdoors. Bruce credits Fanshawe College with giving him a great start, especially since it offered valuable co-op work experience. Within just five years of joining D.M. Wills Associates Limited, a newly formed consulting engineering firm, he moved up from construction inspector to the rank of Municipal Department Manager and Vice-President. Over the next 15 years, he continued to grow and develop along with the company, taking over the reigns as President in 2009. From a small staff of 10, D.M. Wills now employs more than 90, which includes full-time and summer employees, as well as Fanshawe College co-op students. D.M. Wills has been proud to be involved in a number of high profile projects including the Peterborough Regional Health Centre, a $300 million project completed in 2009; and the four laning of Highway 11 in South River, a massive project that did, in fact, involve moving mountains of rock! The company has weathered economic ups and downs by keeping its client base strategically balanced between provincial, municipal and private commercial work. In his personal life, Bruce was struck early by the Scouting bug and also struck by lightning on one of his first camping trips as a child! Not at all deterred, he has been a dedicated Scouter since 1972, earning many honours over the years from Scouts Canada. His most recent work with them involves sharing his years of expertise by training new leaders to run youth programs.

Partner and Chief Operating Officer, iConect Development, LLC Ian Campbell is a dynamic entrepreneur who built a multi-million dollar business from scratch. Starting up in London, Ontario, he entered the IT marketplace 12 years ago with a concept that was ahead of its time: electronic data management. Since then, his company has become a world leader in litigation support and collaboration software. Today, the company still has its head offices in London but now has 58 employees across North America and branch offices in Los Angeles, CA, Washington, DC and San Antonio, TX. The customized software products designed by iConect allow legal firms and other large companies to replace the need for paper files by scanning in millions of pages of documents that can then be shared by professionals in different locations anywhere in the world via the web. Many justice departments across North America have bought into this technology, as have corporate legal departments, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and car companies. Two high profile projects in recent years include managing the extensive files involved in the Toyota litigation and the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Ian’s passion for technology is surpassed only by his passion for soccer. As a community volunteer, he led one of the largest minor soccer associations in Ontario for six years, fielding about 1,500 young players a year. In 2008, Ian became a major shareholder in bringing a Premier Development League franchise of the United Soccer League to London, Ontario. With two great seasons under their belts, FC London is proud to provide a venue for developing new, young talent looking for a future in professional soccer.



Jane Gershon (Business Purchasing 05)

2010 Award - Recent Graduate Strategic Sourcing Intelligence Lead, Rogers Communications Inc. As a recent college graduate, Jane Gershon has already made a number of strategic career moves that have catapulted her to a coveted job in her chosen profession: business purchasing. Today, she is Strategic Sourcing Intelligence Lead at Rogers Communications Inc. in Toronto, where she uses market research and market intelligence to construct vendor profiles, set benchmarks and find efficiencies. Not surprisingly, excellence, drive and determination always seemed like part of her life. At 4 years old, she emigrated from Russia with her parents and moved to Toronto. She worked ever since she was a teenager in order to save money to put herself through college. Her parents are entrepreneurs and she continues to carry that spirit with her, influenced by them to hone her skills in business and negotiation. She sets goals and is achieving them one by one. In doing so, Jane’s life has been a series of firsts, including being the first person in her family to earn a college diploma and being the youngest woman in Canada to earn the professional designation Certified Professional Purchaser (CPP) in 2008. She credits her program at Fanshawe for giving her the professional skills to excel in this field. Several challenging positions have since helped her become established. She started her career path as purchasing manager for DEL Equipment, then went on to gain international work experience with Agrega Global, where she was chosen to set up Agrega Moscow as part of a global taskforce. Before joining Rogers, she worked as manager of strategic sourcing with OECM (a non-profit corporation under the Ministry of Finance), where she was a key player on the team which did collaborative purchasing for education institutions.


Lucky Heeley (Respiratory Therapy 92)

2010 Award - Health Sciences VP Sales and Marketing, eVent Medical Inc. Meeting and talking with Lucky Heeley is like a breath of fresh air. Since studying at Fanshawe and UWO in the 1990s, she has become a global leader in her field of respiratory therapy, first working in a clinical setting and then focusing on the medical equipment that supports this critical area of heath care. Her current role as Vice-President Sales and Marketing for eVent Medical means she controls the worldwide sales and marketing activities, promoting reliable, innovative and highly technical products and services for respiratory care and treatment. She also works closely with the product development team in-house and with distribution partners in countries around the world. She has become an expert in identifying new marketing opportunities and as a strategic thinker, she continues to build business despite being in a highly competitive global marketplace. During her career with eVent, Lucky enjoyed six wonderful years in Singapore as Business Director, Asia Pacific, where she fell in love with the country and the culture. Now based back in the USA, she continues to travel globally with her job. She remains intrigued and inspired to see how RT professionals in different places do things, despite restrictions they might face due to limited healthcare resources and a lack of basic infrastructure. Her compassion for the world to breathe better and live in hope has spilled over into her support of the International Children’s Heart Foundation. This group helps children in third world countries by providing life saving cardiac surgery. Seeing this cause in action, Lucky is both a keen supporter and an advocate, encouraging eVent Medical to provide ongoing corporate assistance to this charity for the benefit of children around the world.

Randy Zupanski (Hotel and Restaurant Management 82)

The annual Distinguished Alumni Awards program honours Fanshawe graduates who use their skills to improve themselves, their career field, their community and their world. The gala awards dinner this year was hosted by the Fanshawe College Alumni Association, in conjunction with generous sponsors, and welcomed alumni, family, friends, faculty, administrators, past DAA recipients and community leaders.

2010 Award - Business General Manager, Fairmont Pacific Rim Whenever Randy Zupanski shows up at a new workplace, they better be ready for a change. Within the hospitality industry, he is known as a change agent, a mover and shaker who comes in to refresh and relaunch older properties so they meet current market needs. Or sometimes the task is to oversee a fabulous new hotel from the ground up and position it within the marketplace for success. Either way, Randy loves to take it on. He knows that this work can take him anywhere in the world and often has; he has worked in several large cities across North America, Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. Regardless of locale, as an experienced General Manager, Randy has an uncanny knack of knowing how to wrestle budgets to the ground and he is a master at motivating his teams to constantly improve performance, develop efficiencies and maximize customer satisfaction. With an amazing track record of seven successful transformations in cities all over the world, it is a thrill to note that Randy just did it again. The Fairmont Pacific Rim – his current gem – is a 377-room luxury hotel in downtown Vancouver which threw open its doors just in time for the 2010 Olympics Games. Randy loved the hype and the adrenalin rush of opening month, which turned out amazing. But he knew from experience that the proof would be six to eight months from then: could the property sustain itself? The answer of course is yes: the well-appointed Fairmont Pacific Rim quickly became a market leader in Vancouver and his hotel is currently in 4th place (against 61 Fairmont hotels worldwide) in customer satisfaction year-to-date.

From left to right standing: Bruce Bonner, Ian Campbell and Randy Zupanski. Seated in front: Danielle Aziz, Dr. Howard Rundle (President of Fanshawe College) and Jane Gershon. Lucky Heeley was unable to attend the gala but her parents attended and accepted on her behalf.

Thank You! Sincere thanks to our DAA Sponsors: TD Sodexo Canada Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic Vanderwesten Rutherford Mantecon Inc. MacNeill Edmundson LLP Johnson Inc. Auburn Homes Inc. The Corporation of the City of London FANSHAWE COLLEGE ALUMNI NEWS WINTER 2011


Debra Bodkin honoured with 2010 Premier’s Award Debra Bodkin (Law and Security Administration 82) received one of the province’s highest honours on November 22, 2010 in Toronto, when she was named a recipient of the 2010 Premier’s Awards for Ontario

Gary Roork Photography

College Graduates. The Premier’s Awards are presented each year to six individual college graduates. The awards program celebrates the outstanding contributions all college graduates make to Ontario and throughout the world. Nominations are submitted from each of Ontario’s 24 colleges and all who were present at the event from Fanshawe College were thrilled that Debra was recognized as a recipient in the Community Service category. Debra graduated in 1982 and is currently Sergeant of the Major Case Unit with the Waterloo Regional Police Service. She has worked in a variety of areas, including sexual assault investigations, drugs, homicide and intelligence, while providing leadership in the Uniformed Patrol, Intelligence and Major Case Units. She also works with the Crisis Negotiator Team, resolving critical situations including hostage negotiations. Debra was the first female officer in the Waterloo Regional Police Service’s Intelligence Unit and Homicide Unit. While she has an exceptional record as a police officer, she is most recognized for her work on extremely challenging overseas investigations of crimes against humanity in Kosovo, Darfur and Rwanda. Debra received the NATO Medal of Service in Kosovo in recognition of her contributions to an extremely difficult and intense investigation and has received international recognition for her investigative skills. Debra spent three months interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects related to atrocities committed during the Darfur conflict. Her experiences changed her, profoundly and permanently, and she found that talking about her experiences helped her heal. Since 2005, she has given more than 130 talks on the topics of global citizenship and genocide. As a police officer, Debra has worked in some of the toughest areas of law enforcement, dealing with the most dangerous offenders. She has dedicated her professional life to community service at the very highest level, both in Canada and around the world. “We are extremely proud of Debra Bodkin for her community and global involvement,” said Fanshawe College President Dr. Howard Rundle. “Her passion for police work and her commitment to making the world a better and safer place are truly inspirational – she is an exceptional role model for students everywhere.”

Life in Canada makes dreams come true

Having a plan for one’s life is a good thing and the journey taken thus far by international student Yogesh Marathe has opened all the doors he has wanted and more. In 2002, a whole new world opened up for Yogesh Marathe (Business Administration Marketing 03) who had grown up in a small community not far from Bombay, India. He packed for Canada, embarking on the next stage of his life plan, which was to attend Fanshawe College. He lived in Homestay with a Canadian family for one year which helped him adjust to the customs, climate and pace of living in Canada. “The one year post-graduate certificate in Marketing at Fanshawe was ideal,” he said, since he already had work experience and a degree earned in India. “It took just one year of study and I was able to graduate in 2003 with Canadian credentials.” Better yet, Yogesh gained work experience during school and following graduation, while expanding his network of friends and associates. He worked for one year after graduation, then as planned, he returned to India for one year to get married. With that busy year under his belt, he applied and got a work permit to come back to Canada. “I wanted to get settled here, before having my new wife, Kamini, join me,” he says. And as with all his other plans, this too has come to pass. After seeking work in a few different avenues, he found his best direction was to return to his roots. His career experience before coming to Canada was in electronics, since he worked and taught in that field in India. OES in London saw his credentials online and called him to interview for an electronics technologist position at their south London location. Yogesh welcomed the work opportunity, and he likes the position as it gives him the chance to work with the research and development team, putting together customized circuit boards and testing them under exacting standards. “I enjoy trouble-shooting and working things out, as part of a larger development team,” says Yogesh who often works on special projects. Kamini also found work in Canada and she chose to study further in her profession through distance education. It has been a busy last few years, because they bought their first home and also had a baby girl. Yogesh’s parents and 22 families within their circle here in Canada joined them to celebrate little Swaranjali’s first birthday on Canada Day, July 1, 2010. “We have an incredible social network here in London, with parties just about every weekend, with lots of food, children, laughter and friendship,” explains Yogesh, who can’t help smile at how well it has all turned out. “We have our new home which we had custom built for us; we now are Homestay parents ourselves; and our careers continue to grow as we wish them to. What more could we ask for?”



ONE RUN showcases courage and determination

By Kevin Glew

Theresa Carriere turned a one day, 100 km run into more than $180,000 in support of breast cancer research. Her ONERUN event took vision, perseverance, physical stamina, and help from hundreds of donors, family members, and sponsors, but it was something she felt compelled to do. And it was such a rush and a success – she’s doing it again! When the doctor told Theresa Carriere (Fitness & Health Promotion 86) that she had breast cancer in April 2007, her knees weakened and her husband caught her before she could crumble to the floor. How could this happen to a 43-year-old woman who ate right, exercised extensively and had no history of breast cancer in her family? After the initial shock subsided, however, Theresa regrouped and summoned the competitive spirit that made her a collegiate basketball Hall of Famer. Armed with her iron will, her faith and the love of her family, she would undergo a double mastectomy and ultimately conquer cancer. But after surviving her battle, Theresa wanted to help others facing a similar diagnosis. “It took me awhile to feel up to getting involved in the fundraising aspect of breast cancer. But once I got through the emotional battle, I started to think that I could run a long way if I didn’t have to race it and if I was trained properly,” she recalls. “Then I just started to think, ‘One survivor. One day. One Hundred Kilometres’ – that had a nice ring to it.” With a goal of raising $100,000 for breast cancer research, Theresa created “ONERUN,” an event that would see her run 100 kilometres from London to Sarnia in one day. After assembling a team of volunteers and sponsors and enduring months of rigorous training, 16 WINTER 2011 FANSHAWE COLLEGE ALUMNI NEWS

she completed her mission on June 25, 2010 and at last tally, had raised more than $180,000. “It was such an amazing experience,” she said when she completed the run. “I got to work with a lot of my friends and got to hear a lot of people’s stories. I’m happy that the physical part is over, but I’m kind of sad that everything else about ONERUN is over.” Her husband, Bill, served as the executive lead for ONERUN, and her four children Nicole (20), Danielle (17), Katelyn (16) and Vincent (13) were also actively involved. Her family from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, including six brothers and six sisters, also provided support. “Between my family and my husband’s family, we had about 80 family members there on the day of the run,” recalls Theresa. “I couldn’t have done it without them.” Family was also one of the reasons that Theresa chose to attend Fanshawe in 1983. Her sisters, Maria Colizza (Law & Security 85) and Nancy Colizza (Early Childhood Education 86), were already enrolled at the college and she would have the opportunity to play varsity basketball with them. While at Fanshawe, she also met Bill, who was taking business courses. “He rolled a ball across the B-Gym floor to me and I guess you could call it love at first sight,” says Theresa.

“One survivor. One day. One hundred kilometres.”

The college hoops star cherished the camaraderie that Fanshawe offered. “It just felt like home to me,” she remembers. “It felt like a family and I think if you talk to any of the basketball players who played at that time, they would say the same thing.” While attending Fanshawe, Theresa was twice named Female Athlete of the Year (1985 and 1986), and in 2005, she was enshrined in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Hall of Fame. She also coached women’s basketball at Fanshawe for seven years after she graduated. Theresa credits her Fitness & Health Promotion diploma for providing her with a career that she loves. She currently shares her passion as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. These days, Theresa can often be found on campus watching her daughter, Nicole, play for the Falcons’ basketball and soccer teams. Following in her mom’s footsteps, Nicole is enrolled in Fanshawe’s Fitness & Health Promotion program. Despite a hectic schedule, Theresa continues to devote as much time as she can to raising money to fight breast cancer. When asked what advice she would give to someone facing a breast cancer diagnosis, she says: “Fight hard and don’t give up. I know that sounds pretty cliched, but I’ve often said that if you believe in yourself, trust those around you and have faith in God, you can accomplish anything.” You can join the cause and support the Pamela Greenaway-Kohlmeier Translational Breast Cancer Research Unit at The London Health Sciences Centre’s London Regional Cancer Program. Visit Theresa’s website at www.onerun.ca

ONERUN 2011 – Calling 100 schools to join the cause Keeping the momentum and fundraising going, Theresa and the ONERUN support team have launched plans for a second 100 km run on June 10, 2011 – this time running from Sarnia to London. For the 2011 event, Theresa has set a goal to encourage 100 schools to join in support of the cause, and these plans were officially launched in late November 2010 at Tecumseh Public School and St. Pius Elementary School in London, Ontario. Columbia Sportswear is the presenting sponsor for the ONERUN school outreach program. Along with Goodlife Fitness as the presenting sponsor of ONERUN, the two companies have teamed up as corporate sponsors for the second year. Theresa will visit any schools who invite her to share her inspirational story. She plans to participate with the schools in whatever ways work best for them, which may include leading the students in physical activities, discussing how to set up an effective running program, talking about goal setting and healthy living, or whatever will serve to jumpstart fundraising momentum. To sign up your school, visit www.onerun.ca Thank you to the London Camera Club members for the photos of the ONERUN used on these pages.



Welcome to the First Nations Centre – The Gathering Place When Donna Smith-Sutherland decided to pursue higher education, community Elders held a Going to Battle ceremony to prepare her for the road ahead. Years later, she draws on her own education and life experiences to lead the team which is paving the way for current students to tackle the challenge of post-secondary education at Fanshawe College. By Nicole Laidler

The dancer above is Kevin Porter-Pine taken at the First Nations Gathering at Fanshawe. In the photo in next column, the four women are, from the left side going clockwise: Belinda Sayeau, Melanie Akiwenzie-Lisk, Bev Antone-Collar and Donna Smith-Sutherland.

The Elders who met with Donna when she was a young woman understood the internal struggles that she would face. As an Ojibway-Pottawatomi woman from the Kettle & Stony Point First Nation, she would soon find that her Aboriginal world view would be challenged by Western academic teachings. One Elder gave Donna a wooden bowl. “The bowl represents who you are,” he said. “This bowl is your foundation, and when you fill it with their [Western] knowledge you will bring it back to your people.” That was more than 20 years ago. Donna went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work, but never let go of her heritage. Today, as the Supervisor of Fanshawe College’s First Nations Centre, she uses her understanding of both worlds to help Aboriginal students navigate their own path to success. Opened in 1996, the First Nations Centre – also called The Gathering Place – is now recognized as a national role model for Aboriginal post-secondary services. “Everything we do here is embedded in our [Native] world view,” says Donna. “We don’t just pay attention to the academics.” While Western culture prizes competition and the individual, Donna explains that Aboriginal culture values cooperation and the collective. And while each First Nation has its own teachings and spiritual laws, the Aboriginal world view places equal emphasis on intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. That holistic approach is reflected in every aspect of the centre’s programming. In addition to providing academic services, spiritual counselling, referrals and recreational and cultural activities, The Gathering Place is a home away from home for Aboriginal students from across the country.


“There’s a lot of help here,” says 28-year-old business student Clintin Young. Clintin, a member of the Chippewa of the Thames First Nation, comes to The Gathering Place almost every day to work at the computer lab and meet up with friends in the lounge and study area. “I feel good here,” he says. “It’s a really inclusive space,” comments Belinda Sayeau, an Anishinaabe woman who grew up in Red Lake, Ontario, and who is a member of the Shoal Lake #40 First Nation, where her birth mother is from, and the Eagle Lake First Nation, where her birth father is from. The 37-year-old came to Fanshawe in 2007 when she found temporary work with the Financial Services department. Inspired by the success of other mature students and encouraged by co-workers and family, Belinda began a Business diploma while continuing to work part time and volunteering with the First Nations Centre. She graduated in November 2010 and was awarded this year’s Colleges Ontario Award for student excellence. Belinda is one of three new full time staff members recently hired to help the First Nations

Centre support Fanshawe’s growing Aboriginal student population. By October 2010, 180 First Nations Status, Non-Status, Métis and Inuit students had already registered with the centre, doubling last year’s numbers. While Belinda provides front line customer service and acts as a liaison and resource to the First Nations Student Association, Bev Antone-Collar and Melanie Akiwenzie-Lisk took on the respective roles of Aboriginal Student Success Advisor, and Aboriginal Community Outreach & Transitions Advisor. Bev, a member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames First Nation, came to Fanshawe after high school, graduating from the Culinary Management program. She worked in the industry for a short time before realizing she had chosen the wrong career path. Bev found her true calling after accepting a part time position at the First Nations Centre in 2001. “Getting to meet people from all over Canada was really important,” she says. “It made me proud to see our people coming to school and pursuing their education.” Bev returned to the classroom, earning a General Arts & Science certificate from Fanshawe and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of Western Ontario. In her new role at The Gathering Place, she offers academic support and advice, often using a success plan in the shape of a Medicine Wheel to help students discover their own strengths and weaknesses. Melanie, an Ojibwa from Cape Croker Reserve, north of Wiarton, Ontario, is another Fanshawe graduate. She completed the college’s Social Service Worker and General Arts & Science programs before going to Queen’s University for a Bachelor of Education degree. “It was very challenging,” she says of her own student days. “I was away from my reserve and the only First Nations person in my program.” Melanie draws on her personal experience to help ease the transition of Aboriginal students entering and leaving the college. She also organizes career testing events for Aboriginal high school students, and acts as a liaison between The Gathering Place and other local First Nation community organizations. When Melanie graduated from Fanshawe in 1994, she chose to wear a traditional Aboriginal outfit to the ceremony rather than a cap and gown. “I wanted to be true to my own roots,” she says. That is the essence of what the First Nations Centre is all about. “I’ve had a lot of students walk out of here proud,” says Donna. “They walk out of here with that bowl, with a solid foundation of who they are. It’s that grounding and honouring and acknowledging of who they are that make us so successful.”

Aboriginal artists gain acclaim Clayton Samuel King (Fine Art 10) discovered his artistic talent in kindergarten and is now using it to share his Anishinabek heritage with the wider community. Clayton, a member of Beausoleil First Nation (Chimnissing), of Christian Island, Ontario, graduated with an advanced diploma in Fine Art in April 2010. While at Fanshawe, Clayton played an active role at the First Nations Centre, participating in its Peer Helper program and co-chairing the First Nations Student Association. “The Centre gives students a close-to-home feel, whether they come from a reserve or town,” he notes. In 2008, Clayton’s leadership abilities and his dedication to other First Nations students were recognized by two major awards: The Scotiabank Casino Rama Award of Excellence and the National Aboriginal Achievement Award. Clayton returned to his First Nation shortly after graduation, and is now the proud father of Morrison Richard King. He continues to paint, and spends many hours speaking to Elders about the history of his community. “Knowing where I come from helps strengthen me as a person and as an artist,” he says. Another artist whose fine art career continues to gain momentum and popularity is Moses Lunham (Advertising Art 90) who is an Ojibway from the Kettle and Stony Point First Nation. Moses has worked in the graphic arts field for more than 15 years. As the youngest in a family of six children, he began expressing his artistic abilities at a young age. “My family attended many Pow Wows when I was growing up and my parents taught me how to make various traditional crafts,” says Moses. “During the past 25 years, I have met many people, both artists and otherwise who have inspired me with my own work and style.” This winter, Clayton King and Moses Lunham join with Jeremiah Mason of the Kee-way-win First Nation, for a group show at London’s Museum of Ontario Archaeology. The Gathering of the Clans exhibition continues until January 30, 2011. FANSHAWE COLLEGE ALUMNI NEWS WINTER 2011




Complete your bachelor’s degree with Davenport University. Davenport University has developed degree completion partnerships that allow you to transfer credits toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Due to generous transfer credits, many graduates with a three year diploma can complete a bachelor’s degree with as few as 10 Davenport classes. Benefits of an online degree:

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www.davenport.edu/capartners 1-800-203-5323



Campus welcomed FC London’s elite soccer players A new relationship between the Fanshawe College Alumni Association and the Forest City London (FC London) soccer team made Fanshawe the team’s home for the 2010 North American Professional Development League (PDL) season. By Kevin Glew

FC London is comprised of elite soccer players from around the world, all of whom are working toward a professional soccer career. The team used Fanshawe College’s soccer fields, fitness centre and Fowler Kennedy Clinic during last summer. Sixteen players also lived in residences on campus. “The players’ proximity to everything they need is very important,” explains FC London head coach Martin Painter, who is also the sidelines boss for Fanshawe’s varsity women’s soccer team. “The Fanshawe residences are fantastic. The training field and the gym are right next door and everything they need is within walking distance.” Fanshawe graduate Ian Campbell (Industrial Design 82), who’s one of FC London’s owners, says the living quarters at the college helped build team chemistry. “They have quad rooms at Fanshawe, so each player had their own bedroom. They have a common area, so it’s a perfect bonding experience,” he says. “The facilities helped build a really strong team dynamic.”

Aside from Ian, FC London also boasts two other executives with Fanshawe ties. Joe Farina (Design Management 82) is the team’s director of marketing and communication, while Domenic Mescia, a former Fanshawe architecture student, is part of the ownership group. For their support, the Fanshawe College Alumni Association was recognized as a Gold Level sponsor and the college’s logo appeared on the team’s uniforms. The contribution was formally acknowledged at a match on July 1. Ian hopes the team’s relationship with Fanshawe will continue in 2011 and beyond. “We’ve been extremely pleased with everything at Fanshawe and we’re looking forward to continuing the relationship,” he says. The PDL is the top under-23 men’s amateur league in North America . FC London made the playoffs for the second year in a row in 2010, but the Thunder Bay Chill defeated them in a semifinal playoff match to end an outstanding season. For more information, visit www.fclondon.ca



Betty Pickering

Retired life takes off in many directions The Fanshawe College Retirees’ Association has been active since the 1980s. Here are just a few retirees who are living their dreams and keeping busy with life, family and travels. Photos by John Sing

Contact Information: Dr. Howard Rundle was pleased to host the Fanshawe College Retirees’ Association at a Welcome Back reception in September 2010. The group gets together socially for special events about six times each year. To get in touch, please contact Betty Pickering, President, Fanshawe College Retirees’ Association, through FaceBook; by calling the Alumni Office at 519-452-4285; or you may email Betty directly at rpickering@wwdc.ca


If you were hired at Fanshawe in the 1970s, 80s or early 90s, you would quite likely remember Betty Pickering. She retired in 1996 from a lifelong career at Fanshawe College, working for 28 years in administration, most of that time as an Administrative Assistant in the Human Resources Department. “It wasn’t even called Human Resources, or even Personnel, back when I started,” she remembers. Betty worked briefly in Registrar’s and then Purchasing before being assigned to work with Peter Myers, Fanshawe’s first Personnel Director. “He was a British chap, and since I had recently emigrated from England myself, he and I got along very well from the beginning,” recalls Betty. Department heads came and went, as did co-workers, but Betty stayed in place, enjoying her work. Upon retirement, her husband Rodney also retired the same year, from his career with the London Police Services. They enjoyed travelling and very soon after retirement, she saw an advertisement in the London Free Press that piqued her interest. “It was for part-time work with a cruise ship company with offices in London, Ontario, open to people with cruise experience and retired people could apply, so we both did,” says Betty. She and Rodney worked with CruiseShip Centres for about 18 months, when he passed away suddenly. It was a shock and an adjustment, but since Betty had met some nice people with the organization, she stayed on and is still there, working about 12 hours a week at the storefront offices in south London. “Trends for cruises depend on the time of year,” she says. “The Caribbean is still a favourite in the winter; Alaska is very popular in the summer; and now we are getting a lot of interest in river cruises in Europe.” Is there a second retirement in the offing? “Oh, I think I’ll likely keep with it a while longer. It’s a good way to get out of the house and see people,” says Betty. “I can take time off to travel whenever I want. I just got back from a visit to England, combined with a cruise in Europe, and then we sailed back across the Atlantic landing in Florida. It was lovely, very relaxing.” Betty is the President of the Fanshawe College Retirees’ Association, another way she keeps busy and gets out socially with friends and past colleagues. She welcomes other retirees to contact them through the Alumni Office, through Facebook, or by e-mail. There is always room for more!

Rod Cameron

Terry McManus When some people retire from Fanshawe, they just get busier than ever but a different type of busy. That’s the case with Terry McManus, who was always active in his own right in the music industry and still is. Prior to joining Fanshawe College in 1975, Terry was an accomplished artist and songwriter, active in music production. For the next 35 years, while he was a professor of Music Business at Fanshawe, he not only mentored generations of MIA students, he was also instrumental in helping several young people get their careers started. The list includes hit songwriter Deric Ruttan, The Wilson’s (Dave Wilson and Kortney Kayle), Greg Hanna and Zach Neil, many of whom are located now in Nashville and doing well. In 1988, along with Stephen Stohn and Donna Murphy, he helped to found the Songwriters Association of Canada and for five years he was the president. Today the SAC is a large national organization representing thousands of songwriters in Canada. During his career, Terry wrote several classic Canadian children’s songs that were released and performed by Mr. Dressup (Ernie Coombs) and Fred Penner. In the year 2000, Terry wrote, recorded and released a musical tribute to John Lennon called “Missing John”. When About.com reviewed it, they said it was one of the best Beatle tribute songs ever recorded. In 2006, he became active as a writer and publisher, producing The Canadian Music Industry Primer. This textbook has since been released nationally by Music Books Plus and is recommended by SOCAN to its 60,000 members, as one of the best sources for learning about the different aspects of the business. Although he retired from full-time teaching in the Spring, he returned to teach part-time at Fanshawe in September 2010. “The students were and still are one of the best parts of my life, so I’m glad to keep a hand in that,” he says. “Beyond that, I’m enjoying still being active as Personal Manager for The Birthday Massacre, an association I’ve had with them since 2006. They’ve done so well, becoming the top Industrial Goth band in the world.”

Since his official retirement in Spring 2010, Rod Cameron is finding more time for his many hobbies, but he is still keeping his hand and his mind busy in the world of apprenticeships, trades and technology. Could it be that he might be seen driving a really nice, fast car down the 401, blasting the Rolling Stones, on his way to yet another meeting in Toronto – in his new position as Chair of the Appointments Council for the new Ontario College of Trades? He was chosen for this prestigious appointment by the Government of Ontario. He is playing a key role in the College of Trades as it becomes the first regulatory body for the skilled trades in Canada and now is able to have a greater role in recruitment, governance, certification, and apprenticeship training. Anyone who knows Rod realizes that this is a perfect match for his expertise and skills. Likewise, when he was inducted into the Klaus Woerner Skilled Trades Hall of Fame earlier this year, it was a fitting honour. Rod’s continued work with the College of Trades is a logical extension of his 30-year career at Fanshawe. While here, he took on just about every job there was, starting out as a professor, eventually becoming a Coordinator, then Chair and, ultimately, Dean of Technology. In November 2010, he was named Dean Emeritus, a title he carries forward as a mark of honour for the exceptional contributions he made to Fanshawe and because he is continuing his advocacy and contributions into retirement. As a young man, Rod was first a certified automotive mechanic, and ran a retail car dealership with his brother at the tender age of 25. He says he got his own style of MBA from that – “Managing a Business by Apprenticeship”. He never forgot those early, hard earned lessons and he carried that practical level of experience into the classroom with him at Fanshawe. Rod considers himself lucky to have been able to tie his passions for motorsports, old sports cars, and European motorcycles – all things fast – to his career. He and his wife Barb, who is also a Fanshawe alumna, are pictured above. They are now able to take it easier, and Rod is glad to have more time for family and other pursuits.



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Residence life rocks London campus

Suite life in residence

Fanshawe College is no longer exclusive to classrooms, labs and cafeterias – it’s now a home to 1,224 students who live on campus almost year-round, leading to more late-night concerts and of course, a range of snacking options. By Jessica Ireland

Thanks to the construction of three residences since 1999 – Falcon House, Peregrine House and Merlin House – Fanshawe’s London campus has turned into more than just an educational facility. “It’s more of a community for Fanshawe itself,” says residence life manager, Becky Maidment, who lived in residence herself when she started at Fanshawe in 2000 and met her husband there. “More people bonding and getting to Student Union events. Students make core relationships here.” With more and more students starting college at 17 years old, the student residence buildings mean increased security as well as a sense of community – which is particularly attractive to parents. “Students get more support with residences, staff, and more


guidelines,” says Becky. Historically, Fanshawe was not the leader in bringing residences to colleges – but that was to their advantage, says John Young, operations manager of the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU). For example, some other colleges built residences that didn’t meet the needs of students, or were obviously too big or too small. Seeing these missteps, Fanshawe took a more cautious route. Beginning in 1999, the College took its first steps, building 400 beds initially in a residence that was linked to the campus – an aspect the FSU and the College deemed vital for students. With the introduction of residences at the London campus, the entire college has been altered in subtle and not so subtle ways.

“More people bonding and getting to Student Union events. Students make core relationships here.” “The residences bring a different dynamic,” says John Young. “College policy and procedure had to change to reflect the new environment.” One area that the college expanded and truly embraced was student programming. Since the residences house students eight months of the year, the FSU and the College needed to look at more ways to accommodate these semi-permanent residents. “We’re at the top of the list in funding programs and activities to these students who make a commitment to live on campus,” adds John, who says the FSU contributes well over $10,000 in programming funding. From concerts at the Out Back Shack, to the singer/songwriter nights at the Oasis and awareness weeks – the Student Union’s emphasis has

been on student-focused events that are for all ages. “We realize a lot of students in residence are under 19 so we have an underage access policy to allow them into our pubs so they, too, can enjoy the programming that we offer,” explains the current FSU president, Joe Scalia. He also notes that the policy allows underage students to attend the events but obviously not consume alcohol. This cooperation between the FSU and the residences has not gone unnoticed. “The Student Union has been the biggest partner in running events,” says Cal Littlejohn, residence general manager. Additionally, as a result of more students being on campus in a more permanent manner, they have more opportunities to contribute ideas on

events they want to participate in. On-campus students from Toronto, who wanted to see the annual Santa Claus parade they would be missing because they were at Fanshawe, pitched the idea of going as a group. The FSU subsidized the trip and sold out a bus, primarily full of residence students, and this has become an annual event. Besides relying on the FSU to add some fun to student life, the presence of residence buildings also meant that residence staff had to be hired. Resident Advisors (RAs), who are students themselves, are hired part-time to take on the challenge of helping students who live on their floors, and to make sure that campus activities follow the guidelines set by the College for resident life. Continued on page 28



Nightlife on campus rocking on! Thursday Night Pubs: Yes, it still goes on – a Fanshawe tradition for more than 40 years! Every Thursday night from September to April, pubs are co-sponsored by students from various programs throughout the college. Themes include Bikini Pub, Jersey Shore Pub, Blank Canvas Pub, Halloween Pub, Christmas Pub – something for everyone. New Music Night: Not to be missed! National and regional touring bands of every genre play the Out Back Shack on Friday nights during the school year at 9 PM. Fanshawe continues its long tradition of supporting bands before they hit the big time ... including Sam Roberts, Bedouin Soundclash, Big Wreck, Billy Talent, and The Salads, just to name a few. Usually free, and open to all-ages with Fanshawe student card. Coffee House: This signature Coffee House event takes place twice a semester, on Tuesday nights at 8 PM in Oasis featuring live performances by prominent singer/songwriters plus a specialty coffee and dessert for only a toonie. No cover charge! Free Movies Nights: Held on most Tuesday evenings, presenting first run films that are yet to be released on DVD. Students enjoy them on the jumbo screen in either Oasis, or the newly renovated Alumni Lecture Theatre (D-1060). Open Mic Nights: Once a month, running September and April, the FSU hosts an Open Mic Night in the Out Back Shack; sometimes it is an acoustic night, sometimes an electric night. Wednesdays at 9 PM. OASIS Food Court: Lots of fresh food choices are conveniently located just steps away from all three residences, and now serving breakfast again, with a walk-up window (like a drive-thru but on foot), so students can pick up where they left off the night before. 28 WINTER 2011 FANSHAWE COLLEGE ALUMNI NEWS

Continued from page 27

Therefore, all programs run by an RA must follow one or more of these five themes: recreation, wellness, education, awareness and community. The RAs create their own events which means students are in for unique experiences. The programs, which always focus on fun, can range from informative sessions like teaching students how to do laundry, to a delicious outing like a simple floor trip to Dairy Queen. RAs also give students a sounding board if they’re having difficulties adjusting to college life. Former RA, 23-year-old Sean Wilson, loved being in residence and decided to take on the position after only two months during his first year living there – an RA in his building had left the position hence the early start. “RAs are always looking out to make people feel included,” he says. Sean stayed in residence during his five years at the college because he enjoyed the atmosphere so much. And it has not been just RAs who give residences the thumbs up. Because of their availability to incoming individuals, it’s opened up myriad possibilities for the College and students. “People like having residences as a first year option,” says Becky. There are also 100 or so spots open for returning students who enjoyed the experience. John Young adds that he’s heard mainly positive feedback from those students who made the choice to live on campus. As so many students can attest to, and John agrees: “Lasting relationships are formed here at Fanshawe.” It’s nice to know, whatever year you graduated, some things never change. For more information on Fanshawe’s residences, visit http://www.fanshawec.ca/residence. Photos by: John Sing, Agata Lesnik and The FSU Street Team.

MIA Reunion welcomed grads from early 80s By Scott Shpak Pictured at right are some of the guests who enjoyed the memories and music at the MIA reunion in July, namely: Bill Walker (Journalism - Broadcast 83); Frank Adamo (Music Industry Arts - Recorded Music Production 83); Jim Fairhart (Music Industry Arts Recorded Music Production 83); and Geoff Skaftfeld (Music Industry Arts - Recorded Music Production 83). Photo taken by Baden Roth (Multi Media Design and Production 10), with thanks also to Jennifer Cauley Pocock (Music Industry Arts 83).

If you would like to organize a class reunion, contact the Alumni office today to help you get started. 519-452-4285.

The lush surroundings of Belvoir Farm in Delaware, Ontario were the backdrop for a reunion of MIA students from 1979 to 1984, held on July 17, 2010. Jennifer Cauley Pocock was the organizer, with assistance from Michael Peters and Scott Shpak. Eighty people (including 47 grads) arrived as storm clouds cleared into a beautiful evening. A stage was set up for the feature of the evening and there were reunions of many of the musical partnerships made during the years at Fanshawe. A house band opened featuring Peters, Shpak, Frank Adamo and Thomas Wade, warming up for other performances. Highlights included The Wogs (Scott Rose, Jude Davison, Geoff Skaftfeld, and Jim Moore) and Drowned Hampster (Rose, Skaftfeld, Michael Hicks and Jim Fairhart), plus two punk flavoured bands recaptured the raw energy of the early 80s. A group of “studio pros” (Steve Wood, Rob Waddell, Mark Forester, and Pat McWilliams) performed some of the student original “hits” of the time. Other performers included Cauley Pocock, Jamie Ker, Dave Burns, Norbert Gignac and Mario Paradis. Dario Penaloza, who

travelled from Venezuela to attend, handled front-of-house engineering. Dallace Degagner and Chris Cauley added their musicianship to the evening. Special thanks to Adamo for his influence on the weather. A team of 20 volunteers prepared a spread of appetizers and full barbeque steak dinner. Paradis, who is now a wine distributor in Quebec, graciously donated liquid refreshment. Two audio-visual segments followed the scheduled performances of the evening. The first was a 15 minute long collection of snapshots from the era set to clips of songs recorded by the students. The second was a tribute to our special guest of the evening, retiring professor Terry McManus. Set to the Sex Pistols’ cover of “My Way”, it featured tributes from students to the man who has been the face of MIA since its inception. The event was an astounding success and has spawned several offshoots including an international new music project that will be written and recorded in Canada and mixed in Venezuela. Many attendees have volunteered to help with another event. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait another 27 years.



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Betsi Simmons (Hotel and Restaurant Management 95)

Robert G. Graham (Business Marketing 90)

Yes, the Queens of Serene is still here, glad to be celebrating 10 years in business as a personal organizer. I help people who need to clear clutter in their homes or work places, to make life more peaceful, organized and efficient. I am particularly enjoying working with seniors as they downsize their homes so they can move on to retirement living or a seniors’ residence. Would love to hear from Fanshawe friends old and new, through www.betsi.ca

Purchased a new home on Sackville Street in London in November 2010. Still in business for myself – 15 years now running Robert Graham’s Grocery Delivery Service, serving seniors, shut-ins and busy people with dependable and affordable grocery deliveries to their homes. Same number, same service, new location: contact me at 519-649-6764.

Penny Rachel Elijah (Personal Support Worker 07) Graduated 2007 PSW Fanshawe St. Thomas. After two years of working as a Personal Support Worker and having two children, I am currently a student with St. Clair College at A.E.I in Muncey, Ontario, furthering my education in practical nursing which I will be finished Summer 2011. John A. F. Coulthard (Manufacturing Engineering Technician Accelerated 10) Congratulations to MET24 Graduating Class! All the best in your future endeavors! Ashley Blair (Parkinson) Murray (Developmental Services Worker 07) As a graduate of the Developmental Services program, I have landed my dream job working in a behavioral home for adults with various exceptionalities. I was married in July 2009, worked towards a Early Childhood Education Diploma while on maternity leave and welcomed a daughter in January 2010. Currently I am looking to upgrade my education yet again in hopes of getting a position with the school board working in the classroom as an Educational Assistant.

Donna G. (Ellis) Hart (Mental Retardation Counselor 83) My daughter Stacey Hart graduated from the DSW program June 22, 2010 at Fanshawe taking the same course I graduated from 27 years ago. Tracy Bressette (Multi Media Design and Production 10 / General Arts and Science 08) I graduated again this June 16, 2010 from Multimedia Design & Production 2 year program at Fanshawe College. Lacylla Janine (Hamlin) Hamlin-Boyle (Graphic Design 06) Had a baby boy November 2009 named Kaleb.

email: alumni@fanshawec.ca Phone: 519-452-4285 Toll Free: 1-800-661-ALUM Fax: 519-452-4585 Mail: Fanshawe College Alumni Office K-1011, 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd., P.O. Box 7005, London Ontario Canada, N5Y 5R6 Follow us: facebook.com/fanshawealumni twitter.com/fanshawealumni

Walter Brisebois (Electronics Engineering Technology – Biomedical 86) Worked in Biomedical Engineering for about 15 years, then specialized in Diagnostic Imaging equipment (MRI/CT/Angio) for about six years. Currently working for HDGH Diagnostic Imaging department supporting PACS and advanced imaging systems. Mary K. Hardy (Science Laboratory Technology 86) To Science Lab Tech grads of 1986: In 2011, it will be 25 years since we wrote that last exam and was thinking maybe we should try to reconnect. Any interest email me at mkhardy@rogers.com Denise H. Testa (Advertising Art 93) Just launched a small business, partnering with a Communication Consultant (Jayne Graham) and launched our website. www.jdcommunicationdesign.com Our business is all about designing communications for your business. Creating memorable, high-impact and results-oriented messages to help you communicate with your clients.

Dave Gibson (Broadcasting-Radio 89) Dave Gibson, wife Michelle and children Connor and Olivia have relocated back to London. Former classmates are welcome to email Dave at soundsations@sympatico.ca

William C. (Bill) Edwards, Professor from School of Applied Science & Technology, retired 2008, August 30, 2010.

Raymond A. Kemp (Pre-Technology 05)

Melvin Howard, Technician, Design Division, June 7, 2010.

My name is Andy Kemp, Looking to meet with former classmates from Pre-Technology PRT1 program graduated in 2005.

Dr. Vic Sells, retired professor, School of Applied Science & Technology, (formerly the Manufacturing Sciences Division). January 29, 2010.


Learning new skills at Fanshawe College Many alumni from past years and current staff members choose to return to the College as students, studying part-time, evening and otherwise, to update their skills. This year, this group of Alumni who work at the Fanshawe’s London campus was among those who completed new certificates and diplomas in 2009 and 2010 and they were recognized at convocation in June. John Zemaitis (Office Administration 09 / Human Resources Management 96 / Hotel and Restaurant Management 96 / General Arts and Science 94) was also a grad again in June, but not available for the photo. We are pleased to share this good news and we wish them well as they continue building their careers with these new skills and credentials. We also congratulate these additional grads from the November 2010 ceremonies: Jasmine Dove (Business - Accounting 10); Anthony Fields (Management Skills for IT Professionals 10) and Belinda Sayeau (Business 10). We are sorry to have missed listing any others, but we congratulate all staff and all grads on their achievements in 2009 and 2010!

In the back row, from left to right: Lori Marino (Ontario Management Development Leadership Skills 09 / Infant and Toddler Care 92); Dayan Boyce (Public Relations 10 / Corporate Communications 09 / Broadcasting Television 03); Quintin Lang (Project Management 10); Rebecca Campbell (Accounting Certificate 10 / Office Administration General 99) and Paula Verbrugghe (Human Resources Management 09). In the front row left to right: Heather Springett (Aesthetics 09) and Rubelyn Ubando (Corporate Communications 10 / Office Administration -Executive 07).

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Fanshawe Alumni News Winter 2011  

The Winter 2011 issue of Alumni News

Fanshawe Alumni News Winter 2011  

The Winter 2011 issue of Alumni News