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Table of Contents Welcome from the Chairs.2 Eric Wu • Evan James IV • Claudia Wong • CSI

Guests of Honor. . . . . . 4

X4 • Hideo Ishikawa • Kanae Ito • Hiroyuki Yamaga • Shigeto Koyama • Hiroyasu Kobayashi • Lauren Landa • Chris Cason • Erica Mendez • Doug Walker • Vampy Bit Me • Aicosu

Essentials. . . . . . . . . 10

Registration Info • Information Desk • Volunteering • Rovers • Lost & Found • Emergency Services • Convention Etiquette • Parent Lounge • New Mom Rooms • FanimeCon Member Code of Conduct • Cosplay Rules & Weapons Policy

Events. . . . . . . . . . . 16

Fanimaid Cafe • Stage Zero • Manga Lounge • FMV • Speed Dating • Game Show • Quiz Show • SJCC Hall Events • The Dojo • Cosplay Events • Karaoke • Fan Events • Dance • Idris’ Closet • MusicFest • Black & White Ball

Convention Maps . . . . 24 Panels. . . . . . . . . . . 30 Guests of Honor • Industry • Fan Panels

Video Programming . . . 36 AMVs • Video Room Events • Themed Rooms • Late Night

2017 Staff. . . . . . . . . 40 Guide Design and Layout by Stacy Last and Amanda Chaffee

Looking for maps? Turn to the center spread!

Art by Elda The



Welcome from the Chairs Eric Wu

Chair of FanimeCon 2017

meet someone different, or learn a bit more. Whatever Welcome FanimeCon, friends and family! We are excited and honored to present to you FanimeCon 2017. your needs and desires are, please let us know how we can serve you better, entertain you more, and help you The theme for our 23rd year is “School of Magic” and we have a weekend packed with programs to entertain, have the time of your life. Have a happy and magical FanimeCon 2017! educate, and enlighten you. This year is a nostalgic one with both Fanimaid Café and Black & White Ball Evan James IV celebrating their tenth anniversaries. As fans ourselves, Vice-Chair of FanimeCon 2017 the staff look forward to bringing you a convention that This year, it’s all about magic! For us, that goes beyond we very much enjoy being a part of, and which we potions and incantations. We are constantly entranced hope you will enjoy too. by the atmosphere our staff and members are able to I, along with the convention vice-chairs Claudia and create when they come together every year. When we Evan, am proud to be among a group of volunteers think of the community we have come to build here at that have devoted countless hours to do everything we FanimeCon, we take a look around and we consistently can to make FanimeCon 2017 a fun and memorable see and feel the kind of magic in the air that brings out experience for you. Each year I ask myself why I decide some of the best qualities in all of us. Picking this year’s to help organize FanimeCon. My answer inevitably theme “School of Magic” was the obvious choice of is that I do this because of the joy that I receive from metaphor for our beautiful convention. Coupled with planning a giant event, which in itself is a place of both learning and growing with one another each hundreds of thousands of stories. FanimeCon is a passing year, what we have is nothing short of magical collection of memories each member and staffer gathers – and this year is no exception with some wonderful over the Memorial Day weekend. We want to make milestones being reached. Both the Black & White sure that you have the chance to relive those moments Ball and the Fanimaid Café are celebrating their tenth from last year, as well as to experience brand new ones. spectacular anniversaries at FanimeCon. Please be sure It is a delicate balance of innovation and predictability, to visit and wish them a special congratulations! and we hope that we walked that line well. You may also notice some changes this year regarding Each time we reach a fork in the road in the course of some of our locations. Gone is the Parkside Hall of planning this convention, I ask myself what it means to yesteryears (the Black & White Ball and its lessons our members. I now ask you – what does FanimeCon are now in the San Jose Marriott Ballroom). Also, the mean to you? Is it simply an event to watch anime, location of our Registration center has been moved attend panels, and buy cool stuff? I suspect it is that from its temporary location last year to its new home and much more. I believe it is a chance to meet the back in The Hub, hopefully dispelling that tricky line friends that we only see a few times a year, or less, curse. In addition to that, we’ve been casting growth and truly be ourselves. I believe it is a community spells on our autograph and cosplay spaces (be sure that supports and strengthens each other. To me, we to be on the lookout for some Quidditch) for more are a family that plays together, laughs together, and room and added fun! sometimes even cries together. So, grab your wands and practice your spells as we A professor once taught me – the only thing that is gather again this year to create even more magic constant in this world is change. We are undoubtedly together. Abra-ConFandom! mired within changing times. For some, this convention is an escape from a tough world or is an opportunity to be in a safe place in the companionship of like-minded friends. For others, it is a chance to do something new,


By Fans, For Fans

Art by Elda The

Claudia Wong


Vice-Chair of FanimeCon 2017

Convention Safety Initiative

Greetings and welcome to our magical FanimeCon 2017! I cannot say enough how thankful we are to have you here. Whether you are an attendee, staff, volunteer, Guest of Honor, vendor, artist, performer, or any of the hundreds of supporting city and hotel staff, YOU are what make FanimeCon what it is. Whether or not you took a magical express train to get to con, we have all gathered here to enjoy the things that we love.

Over the years, FanimeCon has grown substantially from small anime club roots to one of the largest anime cons in North America. Along the way, we’ve experienced growing pains like any other convention or event. The staff of FanimeCon has worked diligently to always provide a safe and welcoming environment for all our members. So, in the interest of further promoting safety for the FanimeCon community, access to the second floor of the convention will require a FanimeCon Badge.

As you may have noticed, our theme this year is “School of Magic.” I once had a professor who taught me what electrical engineers like to call the “black magic” of double e. In his first lecture, he stressed the importance of the fundamentals. I can still hear him saying, “The fundamentals… the fundamentals!” His point was that the house of your knowledge must be built upon a strong foundation of the fundamentals. Similarly, we have been looking at FanimeCon’s fundamentals this past year. The core of FanimeCon will always be relevant – “By Fans, For Fans.” But we asked ourselves what does that mean? Are you still a fan of what you were a while ago? What are you a fan of now? Questions like these allowed us to brainstorm some new things. I can’t share what these new ideas are yet, but we hope that they will lead to an evolved FanimeCon in the years to come.

These traffic and access changes will still be new to many of our members, but we kindly request your continued patience and wholeheartedly welcome any and all feedback as we continue to develop and implement this initiative. Our primary goal has always been and will continue to be to facilitate as safe an environment as possible. With the CSI, we hope to work towards continuing and improving on that mission. So again, thank you all, and we hope you have an amazing and safe time at FanimeCon!



X4 Hideo Ishikawa Kanae Ito Hiroyuki Yamaga Shigeto Koyama Hiroyasu Kobayashi Lauren Landa Chris Cason Erica Mendez Doug Walker Vampy Bit Me Aicosu

r o n o H f o s t s e u G Art by Finni Chang

X4 X4 was formed in 2015 as a four member vocal and dance group from Osaka, Japan. The group was designed around Yuya Matsushita, an independent singer and actor specializing in J-Pop, and was previously signed with Sony Music. In February of 2015, their first album XVISION had reached number one on the iTunes R&B chart despite being an indie release. This was quickly followed by a sold-out, 20-date tour. During a June 2015 live event at Unit in Daikanyama, the group announced that they had launched their own label XVISION under Teichiku Entertainment and were making their major record label debut. In the same month, their single “Koe Ni Shinagara” was released and got the number one

spot on the iTunes R&B chart. In July, the group embarked on their second nationwide tour, “X4 LIVE TOUR2015 -NEXTVISION-.” That October, their single “Killing Me” charted at number one on the iTunes R&B list. “Killing Me” was the first and last single X4 released as a 4 member band, with member SJ departing shortly after. In early 2016, X4 released a series of singles, starting with “obsession” in January, and then “IDKYN (I don’t know your name)” in February. Both reached the number one spot on the iTunes R&B chart. March 2016 saw the release of “Party Up!!” with new members SHOTA and JUKIYA joining the group, plus a new tour. X4’s first major record album, Funk,Dunk,Punk, was released in May 2016. It reached the tenth spot

on ORICON’s Weekly album charts, followed by another tour. In December of 2016, their new single “KIZUNA” was released and the group’s first live concert video, “X4 LIVE TOUR 2016 –Funk,Dunk,Punk–” was released in January 2017. X4’s latest album, Xross Mate, was released in March 2017. Currently, the group is gearing up for an 18-venue tour in April, to be called “X4 LIVE TOUR 2017”. From the group’s formation until now, every single they have released has hit number one on the iTunes R&B music charts. Fans may remember Yuya Matsushita as being a part of MusicFest in 2011. FanimeCon is proud to welcome Yuya Matsushita and the rest of X4 as the MusicFest headliner for 2017!



Guests of Honor

Hideo Ishikawa

Kanae Ito

Hiroyuki Yamaga

Hideo Ishikawa is a veteran Japanese voice actor affiliated with Aoni Production. Originally trained in opera, he later pursued a career in voice acting where he has provided voices for many memorable characters such as Itachi Uchiha (Naruto), Jushiro Ukitake (Bleach), Hideki Ide (Death Note), and Manabu Hara (Doukyusei -Classmates-). Mr. Ishikawa’s vocal talents can also be heard in video games, including Auron, Squall Leonhart, and Cait Sith from the Final Fantasy series; Yugo in three Bloody Roar installments; Housei Toki in La Corda d’Oro; and more. FanimeCon is honored to host Mr. Ishikawa at his first appearance in the continental U.S.

Kanae Ito is a Japanese voice actress with Aoni Production. Since her debut in 2006, she has voiced many notable characters including Yui (Sword Art Online), Sena Kashiwazaki (Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends), Nana Astar Deviluke (To Love Ru), and Ohana Matsumae (Hanasaku Iroha). She won the “Best Rookie Actress” Award at the 4th Annual Seiyuu Awards in 2010, and the “Best Supporting Actress” Award the following year. In addition to a successful voice acting career, Ms. Ito has also released a number of CDs with the music label Lantis. Her music has been featured in Squid Girl, Taisho Baseball Girls, Softenni, and more. Please welcome Ms. Ito to her first convention in the continental U.S.!

Hiroyuki Yamaga is one of FanimeCon’s most honored guests, having attended the con since 1997. He has worked on many popular anime titles such as Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi (director), Mahoromatic (director), Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise (director and writer), and wrote/directed Aoki Uru (announced at 2013’s Tokyo International Anime Fair).


By Fans, For Fans

Shigeto Koyama

Hiroyasu Kobayashi

Lauren Landa

Shigeto Koyama is an active designer in Japan’s media industry. Making his debut in 2004 as mechanical designer and guest character designer for Aim for the Top 2 (Diebuster), he has participated in many notable titles since. Some of these titles include: HEROMAN, Eureka Seven, Gurren Lagann, STAR DRIVER, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Rebuild of Evangelion, KILL la KILL, and Big Hero 6.

Hiroyasu Kobayashi was born in 1972 in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Kobayashi received his master’s degree at Musashino Art University and started in the film industry as a matte painter before expanding his career as a CG artist. Kobayashi is the CGI director and production designer for the Evangelion New Theatrical Edition series, and is currently working on the fourth installment at Studio khara.

Lauren Landa has voiced numerous roles in many anime and video games for the past 10 years. Fans of Sailor Moon have heard her in VIZ Media’s Sailor Moon as Sailor Neptune. Fighting game players have heard her as Karin Kanzuki in Street Fighter, as well as the ninja beauty Kasumi in Dead or Alive 5.

In 2015, Koyama directed his first short film Obake-chan as one of the In 2015, Kobayashi directed the lineup titles for Studio khara’s “Japan short film Cassette Girl as one of Animator Expo” project. He has been the lineup titles for Studio khara’s the art director for Good Smile Racing “Japan Animator Expo” project. It was since 2014. featured in several film festivals, such as Seattle International Film Festival, Please welcome back Shigeto Koyama Animamundi in Brazil, Toronto for FanimeCon 2017! Animation Arts Festival International, and Canada Film Festival. He also directed Gravity Rush: The Animation based on the popular video game, and also The Big Turnip, a special short introducing the history of Studio khara.

She has also voiced the sexy Litchi Faye-Ling in the popular fighting game series Blazblue, the enthusiastic Yan Leixia in Soul Calibur V, the badass Kyoko Sakura in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the deadly Little Queen in Tales of Graces F, Boiboi in REDLINE, the adorable zombie Squigly in Skullgirls, kind-hearted Leia Rolando in Tales of Xillia, the innocent Chuubou Sonken in Ikkitousen: Great Guardians, the quiet Annie Leonhart in the hit anime series Attack on Titan, One in Drakengard 3, Nio in Riddle Story of Devil, Nora in Noragami, and Nao Tomori in Aniplex’s Charlotte.



Guests of Honor

Chris Cason

Erica Mendez

Chris Cason is an extremely prolific voice actor from Texas. Mr. Erica Mendez is best known for her roles as Ryuko Matoi in Popo and Tien Shinhan in Dragon Ball Z, Gluttony in Fullmetal Kill la Kill, Gon Freecss in Hunter x Hunter (2011), Aladdin in Alchemist, Holy Roman Empire in Hetalia, Tecchi in Sword Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Nico Yazawa in Love Live!, and Art Online II, Miyamoto and M1 in Yu Yu Hakusho, Boo Yuuki Konno in Sword Art Online II. and Whitey in Shin chan, Hanai in School Rumble, Chamo Other notable animation credits include Haruka Tenoh/Sailor in Negima!, Babbit in Kodocha, Siegfried in Kenichi: The Uranus in the new VIZ Media re-dub of Sailor Moon, Tsubaki Mightiest Disciple, and Hanbei in Sengoku BASARA represent in Your Lie in April, Akko Kagari in Little Witch Academia, some of Chris Cason’s favorite and best known roles. He has Diane in The Seven Deadly Sins, and Kenya Kobayashi also had the opportunity to voice characters in many popular in Erased. She can also be heard in Mobile Suit Gundam: video games. Some of his favorites include voicing random Iron-Blooded Orphans, Yuki Yuna is a Hero, A Lull in the Sea, ghouls and specters for Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Mega Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School Future Man in Street Fighter X Tekken, Face McShooty and Mal in Arc, Mob Psycho 100, Charlotte, Blood Lad, The Asterisk War, Borderlands 2, and Tatsu in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Aldnoah.Zero, Tamagotchi Friends, and original animations Chris is also an ADR Director and has had the pleasure of such as Lego Friends and Lalaloopsy. casting, directing, and assistant directing such titles as: The Her video game works include Nagisa Shingetsu in Seven Deadly Sins, Dragon Ball Z Uncut, Dragon Ball, Dragon Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Eryn in Ball GT, Yu Yu Hakusho, Negima!, Kodocha, The Galaxy Fairy Fencer F, Saki Hoshino in Akiba’s Beat, and Naotora Railways, Baki the Grappler, School Rumble, Hell Girl, Kaze Ii in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. You can also hear her in no Stigma, Bamboo Blade, Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Initial D, other titles such as Street Fighter V, Skullgirls:2nd Encore, Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, and Mobile Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, Xenoblade Chronicles Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. X, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, Omega In addition to directing and voice acting, he has adapted and assisted scripts for Case Closed, Negima!, Witchblade, Ouran High School Host Club, Bamboo Blade, AM Driver, the Magi series, Blood Lad, Initial D, Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

For additional information, visit “Chris Cason’s Anime Chuckle Hut” on Facebook and @Casonworld on Twitter.


By Fans, For Fans

Quintet, Demon Gaze, Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart, Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, The Witch and the Hundred Knight, Ar Nosurge, God Eater: Resurrection, God Eater 2: Rage Burst, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

You can also keep up with Erica’s role announcements and incoherent ramblings by following her on Twitter @tsunderica.

Doug Walker

Vampy Bit Me


Doug Walker is best known for his character The Nostalgia Critic who resides on ChannelAwesome.com. The “NC” reviews bad movies and TV shows connected to childhood. He’s also noted for having a long standing “rivalry” with The Angry Video Game Nerd. He has appeared on PBS, 20/20, and Rifftrax, as well as in Entrepreneur Magazine and the New York Times. Additionally, he was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Mashable Awards as well as one of the Best Youtube Critics by WatchMojo.com. Having performed with Mike Nelson, James Rolfe, Mara Wilson, Dante Basco, Paul Dini, Andre Meadows, Rob Paulsen, Maurice Lamarche, and Don Bluth, his work was praised by the late Roger Ebert. His image even appeared in the anime Zettai Karen Children. He’s more than a god, but less than a man…or is it the other way around? Either way just watch him! He clearly needs the attention.

Linda Le is a cosplayer, hailing from a small town in Oklahoma, and now living in California. She was discovered by Kotobukiya and Danny Choo after being featured in OTACOOL 2, and became known as Vampy Bit Me. Soon afterward, she was tapped to be the co-host of Nerdist’s Just Cos cosplay show. Her costumes have also been featured on Marvel.com, and she has collaborated with Capcom as their official Morrigan and Juri cosplayer. Linda has also worked with Bandai, DC, and various video game companies, and was recently featured on CNN’s “24 Hours in the Life of a Worldwide Cosplayer.” Her latest cosplay collaboration was at PAX East as D.Va from Blizzard’s new game, Overwatch. She continues to travel the world excited to talk about armor making, building Gundam models, creating new artwork, working on her own toy line, being creative, and meeting people who share the same love for fandom. If she isn’t working, she is designing for her clothing company, playing Monster Hunter, and gaming all around.

Aicosu, the couple cosplay team of Sheila & Sylar, have been cosplaying collectively for nine years! With over 200 cosplays made and 50 conventions attended, they focus on bringing more than just cosplay to the community. They are known for answering all kinds of cosplay questions, and love teaching cosplayers of all skill levels in their panels and programming. Aicosu can be found on the convention floors, at their workshops, and at their table. They are always open to discussing everything from cosplay construction to which Dragon Age game was the best! This year, Aicosu will be returning to FanimeCon as the MCs of the Cosplay Masquerade! In addition to the Masquerade and their panels, Sheila and Sylar will be joining some of the FanimeCon Cosplay Gatherings (stay tuned to find out which ones!) and hanging out at their Artist Alley booth.



Registration Info Information Desk Volunteering Rovers Emergency Services Lost & Found Convention Etiquette Parent Lounge New Mom Rooms Code of Conduct Cosplay Rules & Weapons Policy

s l a i t n e s Es Art by Finni Chang

Registration Info General

Registration is the first place to go when you arrive at FanimeCon 2017. With your valid photo ID, this is where you can pick up your membership badge (for fully paid, online registrations), or register and pay for membership at the convention. Please consult www.fanime.com/registrationfaq/ for the Registration FAQs and hours. Registration hours are also listed in the FanimeCon pocket guide

Lost Badge Policy

In the event that you lose or misplace your membership badge, please check with Lost & Found to see if it has been found and returned. If your badge has not been returned, then you may request a replacement badge at the cost of half of your original membership purchase price. If you lose or misplace your badge a second time (assuming it has not been returned to Lost & Found), you will be charged the full price for a badge replacement. A replacement badge will invalidate your original badge. There are NO refunds for your replacement badge if you should find your original badge.


Professional Registration (“ProReg”) handles memberships for members of the press covering FanimeCon, as well as creators, executives, and marketing personnel in the anime and manga industries. ProReg is located in Room 114 on the first floor of the San Jose Convention Center, on the same side as the San Jose Marriott. Please see the ProReg FAQ on the FanimeCon website for more information.

Information Desk When something changes at FanimeCon, who do you ask? Your friendly neighborhood Info Desk! Info Desk is here to help with your burning questions about FanimeCon. Trouble navigating to point B from point A? Need to know when and where a specific event is happening?

Have a random question you’re not sure who could answer? Just look for one of our Info Desks throughout the San Jose Convention Center, or one of our walking Info Desk staff teams. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Info Desk: We have the answers to your questions.

Volunteering Fanime needs your help! Volunteer for just 20 hours and get a full reimbursement of your weekend badge, or 5 hours to get reimbursed for a single day badge.* Volunteers are wanted at all hours in virtually all departments, so stop by and find the schedule that works for you. * Must be at least 13 years of age to volunteer. If you are a minor (under 18), a guardian consent form with a photocopy of your legal guardian’s ID is required to register to be a volunteer. Minors must have government issued ID or school ID as well. Hours: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Monday:

5:00 pm – 11:59 pm 6:00 am – 11:59 pm 6:00 am – 11:59 pm 6:00 am – 11:59 pm 6:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: The Silicon Valley Room in the second floor of the San Jose Marriott right next to the hallway leading to the convention center!

Rovers The Rovers are responsible for customer service and safety at FanimeCon. They are found throughout the convention helping FanimeCon members, and ensuring that the convention is as fun and safe as possible. Rovers have a lot of responsibilities, but can often be found doing the following: • General Safety: Preventing unsafe behavior and activities (such as running, blocking doorways, etc…), and dealing with unsafe situations (spills, facility issues, etc…) as efficiently as possible.

• Peace-Bonding: Props compliant with FanimeCon’s Weapons Policy must be tagged at the main Peace-Bonding Station located in Santa Clara I on the second floor of the Hilton. • Line and Crowd Control: Ensuring that crowds stay orderly, as well as keeping walkways,exits, safety equipment, and other areas clear. • Access Control: Checking IDs for age-controlled events and verifying credentials for restricted areas. Escort Duties: Providing safety escorts for staff and members as needed or requested. • Policy Compliance: Enforcing the Weapons Policy and Code of Conduct. • Rovers are also equipped to assist with emergencies, harassment, or missing persons. Rovers are the fastest and most efficient way to verify situations, inform the proper authorities, or service personnel. If you have an issue which you believe requires Rovers assistance, find the nearest Rover, or send a text message to 1 (415) FANIME1 (1-415-326-4631) and we will do our best to help you.

Emergency Services Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and San Jose Police Department (SJPD) officers are always available on-site. If any emergencies occur, please contact ConOps or the nearest Rover As soon as possible.

Lost & Found Lost & Found is just that — where to go to either look for, or turn in, a lost precious. If you’ve found someone’s lost precious, please bring it to us and we’ll hold it. If you’ve lost your precious, come by and describe it to us – hopefully someone else has already given it to us. NOTE: Please be patient when trying to track down something you’ve lost. Many people who find



Essentials a lost item or badge turn it in when they have a chance, which is not always right when they find it or when you lost it.

take a nice shot when people walk into your photo, bump into you, or your subject. Keep FanimeCon safe and take wonderful pictures!

All Lost & Found items are held for a three-month period after the convention, when they are then turned over to the convention. To contact Lost & Found after the convention, email lost@fanime.com. Do not email during the run of the convention; it will not be received.


Convention Etiquette Photographs

Everyone enjoys photos at a convention, but no one appreciates having their picture taken by surprise! Ask permission beforehand to ensure the highest quality photographs. Remember to be considerate and never block traffic. Convention traffic is a terrible background, and it’s hard to

Every year, FanimeCon hosts Guests of Honor and every year FanimeCon members wish to obtain their autographs. That’s why FanimeCon has designated a special area for you to gain those cherished memories. The schedule will have the times and places where our Guests of Honor will sign autographs, so be sure to check the schedule because some Guests of Honor may only have one autograph session. Remember, these people are our guests and should be treated with respect. Kindness and smiles go a long way! Have fun and enjoy your time with this year’s Guests of Honor!

Parent Lounge Exhausted from venturing through the hustle and bustle of the convention? Not really sure about this whole FanimeCon thing your kids have dragged you into? Consider taking a load off at our pleasant Parent Lounge! Located on the first floor of Hilton San Jose, this is a place for parents to kick back without worrying over accidentally walking through a photo shoot or tripping over someone’s prop. Relax and take a breather at the Parent Lounge before going out to explore the rest of FanimeCon!

New Mom Rooms We have set aside rooms for new mothers to make use of during the convention. Whether it be for some much-needed privacy or just to have some peace and quiet, these lockable

Art by Jeannie Lee


By Fans, For Fans

rooms will be available at Hilton San Jose and DoubleTree Hotel. The key is available at Con Ops on the Hilton San Jose’s second floor. For the DoubleTree Hotel location, the key is available at the Clockwork Alchemy Con Ops. Both rooms are open for use during Con Ops hours.

Code of Conduct Everyone must comply with all Federal, State, and Local laws, ordinances, and regulations at all times. Officers of the San Jose Police Department are on site. Laws include, but are not limited to the following: • No disorderly conduct such as loitering, public intoxication, indecent exposure, begging, or soliciting. • No selling weapons or serving alcohol to minors. • No smoking inside any public buildings. No smoking within 25 feet of any entrances Please respect the facilities. The San Jose Convention Center & Cultural Facilities and surrounding hotels have been gracious enough to host FanimeCon for many years, and we would like to keep coming back. Please leave the facilities and equipment in as good a condition as you found them. • All aisles, exits, safety devices, and concession stands must be kept clean, clear, visible, and unobstructed at all times. • Do not tape, tack, staple, nail, or otherwise affix anything to any wall or surface in San Jose Convention Center & Cultural Facilities. This includes doors, panels, columns, and other portions of the facilities. • Glitter, gum, confetti, balloons, stickers, and door or window decals may not be used, distributed, or affixed inside the facilities. • The white courtesy phones are for contacting emergency services or convention center personnel only!

They are not equipped to provide outside telephone service. • No outside food or drink may be sold or distributed on the premises without prior permission, licenses, permits, and insurance. • With the exception of approved service animals, animals may not be brought into the San Jose Convention Center & Cultural Facilities without prior written consent. • Only people with disabilities or prior approval may use transportation devices indoors. • No skateboards, bicycles, or rollerblades are allowed indoors or in the Convention Center Entry Plaza. • You are not allowed to operate any remote-controlled devices within Convention Center space*. This includes drones which fly, float, or drive. • Shoes must be worn at all times. Please be respectful and courteous of everybody around you. This includes Guests of Honor; convention and hotel personnel; FanimeCon staff; and fellow members. • Due to the large number of FanimeCon members, please move carefully. Do not obstruct the flow of traffic, be conscientious with props, and do not run indoors. • Please request autographs only during designated autograph sessions, unless exceptions have been announced ahead of time. Please limit requests to one autograph per person per guest. • Do not harass, threaten, bully, stalk, or mob people. Please do not hug or glomp without permission. Respect other people’s personal space. In addition to the above, FanimeCon has the following rules: • FanimeCon badges are property of FanimeCon, and are loaned to members for their exclusive use and enjoyment. Memberships

(and therefore badges) are nontransferable. Badges may not be modified, tampered with, or copied in any way. Badges must be worn in plain sight while on the premises. • Badges may be revoked at any time by qualified staff members. Membership and access to events will be revoked with a pulled badge. • Please do not carry signs that solicit any service or object for price (ex: “Will Glomp for $.01”), have any profanity, or which are not part of a cosplay • FanimeCon is a dry convention. No alcohol or drugs are allowed on premises. No drunkenness or other intoxication will be tolerated in convention areas. • Please do not move or tamper with furniture or equipment, including gaming equipment. Doing so may result in damage to the equipment or injury to yourself. If you think something should be moved or needs repair, please inform Convention Operations staff. • Please do not use any of the electrical outlets in the convention center except in designated areas. • Please comply with the FanimeCon Costume & Props Policy, read it carefully and abide by its rules. Get all props peace-bonded as soon as possible, and do not brandish or use them at any time. • Certain items are not allowed on premises: laser pointers, fog machines, strobe lights, megaphones, and other noise-making items. Items may be added to this list by FanimeCon at any time. * Convention Center Space & Cultural Facilities include, but are not limited to the San Jose Convention Center, Civic Center, Parkside Hall, and Fairmont FanimeCon reserves the right to modify the Code of Conduct at any time.



Essentials The FanimeCon Cosplay Rules & Weapons Policy Costume Rules & Limitations

• All con attendees must wear shoes at all times while in any official convention space. This includes, but is not limited to: the San Jose Marriott, Hilton San Jose, the Fairmont San Jose, Civic Center Auditorium, and Parkside Hall. Even if a character goes barefoot, the cosplayer must wear shoes. • Costumes and daily wear shall not expose the body in such a way as to be deemed indecent exposure under California and City of San Jose ordinances. Private parts must be covered in an opaque material and not be subject to slippage or gaps. Liquid Latex or other conforming body coatings will be judged on a case by case basis. • All costumes worn within the San Jose Convention Center must fit through a standard doorway. • No costume may generate odor, smoke, or fog, or have overly bright or flashing lights. • All costumes with limited visibility and/or movement must have a “handler” to assist with crowd navigation and safety. This also applies to costumes with large “wings” or other over-sized elements. • No costumes may be realistic depictions of American Law Enforcement or current American military uniforms, or have the words POLICE, POLICIA, SWAT, FBI, DEA, CIA, or any other official government agency names or initials on them. • Official flags shall be respected, and cannot be worn as part of a costume. They must be on a flagpole. Homemade or unofficial flags are exempt from this rule.


By Fans, For Fans

Prop Rules & Limitations

• If you want to carry a prop at FanimeCon, it must be peacebonded by a Rover at a PeaceBonding Station. With the exception of explicitly banned props, all peace-bonding will be judged on a case- by-case basis. • Only props which are part of a cosplay and suit the costume will be peace-bonded. • In order to carry a peacebonded prop, you must be in the matching costume. • Certain weapons are banned no matter what: –– Anything which is illegal in the City of San Jose, Santa Clara County, State of California, or the United States in general. –– Real weapons, projectile weapons (such as airsoft, bb and nerf guns, bows, crossbows, and firearms), live steel, metal/wooden baseball bats, metal kunai, incendiary devices, lasers, paddles, whips, floggers, baton-type weapons, or props made of glass. –– Guns which are suitably realistic that could be mistaken for a real gun, or which utilize significant parts of a real gun, airsoft gun, bb gun, or other projectile weapon. –– Any item may be added to this list at any time by FanimeCon Changes will be posted at Rovers, PeaceBonding Stations, and to the website. • Some props are allowed conditionally: –– Gun-like props must have a nonremovable orange tip at the end of the barrel which is visible from the side and which extends at least one inch up the barrel, or they must be painted all over in a

–– bright safety color. They cannot have any functional parts, and must not be usable. –– Sword-like props may not be made of live steel. –– Signs which an actual character carries may be peace-bonded. –– All props must be small enough to fit through a standard doorway without effort. • While carrying props, you will be held to very strict behavior standards: –– Props may not be brandished, flailed around, or used (for playfighting or otherwise). –– Props must remain with the costume they were peace-bonded for. –– Especially in crowded areas, attendees are expected to carry their props carefully and in a neutral position. Long or tall props must be carried vertically, and sword-like and gun-like props should be holstered or otherwise secured. –– Using props in an unsafe or threatening manner may result in more severe consequences. –– Gun-like props may not be pointed at anyone at any time. –– Any behavior which a FanimeCon staff member considers to be unsafe or unacceptable will result in appropriate action by a staff member.

Potential Consequences for Violations: • First Offense: –– Props: Removal of peace-bond and/ or prop taken off premises. –– Costume: Required costume modification/removal or acquisition of a handler.

• Second Offense: –– One day badge suspension and/or full-weekend suspension of prop privileges. • Third Offense: –– Badge pulled. FanimeCon reserves the right to modify consequences as necessary at their discretion. Weapons and Props bought during FanimeCon from the Dealer’s Hall, Artist Alley, or Swap Meet must be put into a box or bag which renders them inaccessible, and unusable. They must then be removed from convention premises as soon as possible. We will

not peace-bond anything bought during the convention except props which meet all peace-bonding requirements. Props for Masquerade have a completely different set of rules. If you wish to carry a prop for Masquerade around the San Jose Convention Center, it must meet all peace-bonding criteria (and have been peace-bonded.) If it is only for Masquerade, it must stay in a car or hotel room except when you are taking it to, are at, or are taking it back to your car or room from Masquerade. [1] FanimeCon Rovers define “live steel” as metal which has, or can, take an edge. [2] See footnote on live steel above. While this primarily applies to swords, it can also apply to other props.

Art by Nancy Tsai



Fanimaid Cafe Stage Zero Manga Lounge FMV Speed Dating Game Show Artist Alley Dealer’s Hall Charity Gaming Hall Swap Meet The Dojo Cosplay Events Karaoke Fan Events Dance Idris’ Closet MusicFest Black & White Ball

s t n Eve Art by Finni Chang & Nancy Tsai

Fanimaid Café

Manga Lounge

Okaerinasaimase, Goshujinsama!

Hours: Friday: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm Saturday: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm Sunday: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm Monday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Welcome to FanimeCon’s very own Fanimaid Café, the most amazing themed cafe experience we have to offer! Enjoy delicious food enchanted with moé charms, play tabletop games with our maid, and watch our spectacular stage performances! Fanimaid Café features in-cafe performances and stage games, as well as the Fanimaid*LIVE Showcase on Stage Zero. Don’t miss out on all the exciting events we have this year, including the Chekis Polaroid Giveaway for the first 50 guests on Saturday and Sunday. Come early to receive a Shinkansen ticket so your party may skip the line (for parties of four and fewer.) We are located at Club Regent in the The Fairmont San Jose. Café Hours: Saturday: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Sunday: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

We are located in the Fairmont San Jose in the Piedmont Room. We have manga to read and furniture to lounge on. If you’re waiting for a panel, done shopping for the day, or just want a place to chill, come on down. We’ll be here!

FMV Contest Come join us for the FanimeCon 2017 AMV contest! This year we’re featuring action, comedy, drama, trailer, and upbeat videos in two different rooms for your viewing pleasure. Help us determine the winners this year by casting your vote! Winners will be announced during a ceremony at Stage Zero on Monday.

Speed Dating


Fanimaid *LIVE Showtimes: Saturday: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Sunday: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Where instant connections are made and sparks are ignited! The FanimeCon Speed Dating events are for 18+ singles who are interested in meeting new people and potentially finding love!

Come visit us and see what the magic of FanimeCon’s maid cafe is all about!

Located in SJCC rooms 211B/C/D

Stage Zero

Speed Dating Sessions: • Saturday: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm* 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

*Lines will close at 5:30 pm.

In a world crammed with attendees, artists, dealers, and cosplayers − where can one turn for a bit of relief, information, and entertainment? Stage Zero, of course! Located in the middle of the Upper Concourse, we’re celebrating Stage Zero’s 12th year of operation in providing relaxation and entertainment for everyone at FanimeCon! Stage Zero is also your information nerve center to the rest of convention, thanks to its talented staff. So don’t be afraid to take a load off of your feet for a while to experience the wonder that is Stage Zero!

• Sunday: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm* 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm * LGBT only Registration this year will take place online at date.fanime.com. Forms will be available for 24 hours prior to the date of the session(s) applied for. • For Saturday, May 27 sessions: Forms available Friday, May 26, 12:00 am to 11:59 pm.

• For Sunday, May 28 sessions: Forms available Saturday, May 27, 12:00 am to 11:59 pm.

NOTE: Submission of this form does not guarantee a seat to participate. Participants will be randomly selected from submitted forms, and will receive a text/email confirmation. In the event that there are no-shows, a walk-in line for sessions will also be available for attendees that were not selected or did not pre-register. Again, this does not guarantee a seat to participate. This is an 18+ event, please bring valid photo ID (e.g. passport, driver’s license, state ID, etc.)

Speed Dating 101 Workshop

What is Speed Dating? How does it work? Speed Dating 101 is designed for those that want more information about our events before participating. Learn the basics, practice with us, and get out all those butterflies before “the real deal!” Experience low-stakes “frienddating” under the guidance of Speed Dating staff. Join us Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 am − 11:00 am.

Game Show The FanimeCon Game Show is back for another exciting season of questions and prizes that you definitely won’t want to miss! The Game Show presents a huge variety of different games and contestants compete against each other with the same goal in mind: one must brave through the tests of wit and skill to be crowned champion! Some games will test your trivia knowledge while others may be games of luck, skill, or quick thinking. The content of our games cover many different anime and movie titles, old and new, that are familiar to most of our attendees such as Sailor Moon, Star Wars, and Sword Art Online. General Knowledge, TV, Disney, video games, science fiction, Adult Swim, and other random topics will also be included to ensure not a single expert misses out on this chance to show off their skills.



Events So if you have that right balance of trivia knowledge, lightning-fast reflexes, and quick improvisation skills, then come prove yourself at the FanimeCon Game Show! We rotate our games every 30 – 40 minutes, so there are always plenty of chances to sign up and join the fun! All contestants on stage are awarded prizes, from plushies to DVDs and gift cards. Winners can advance to our jackpot rounds to win up to $500 in cash. If you know your stuff, you might just be able to pay off your entire convention weekend! This year, we have FOUR different Game Show timeslots!

FanimeCon Game Show – Caffeinated Edition

Gotta go fast! The first full night of FanimeCon is going to be caffeinefueled, which means more questions and more games for everyone!

We’re looking for dynamic (and extratwitchy) contestants, so raise your hand if you’ve got the energy! The Caffeinated Edition of the FanimeCon Game Show runs on Friday from 9:00 pm to midnight on Stage Zero.

We will still choose people from the audience, but we’re increasing the jackpot. Come down and test your knowledge! The XL Edition of the FanimeCon Game Show runs on Sunday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm in Panels 1.

FanimeCon Game Show – Experimental Edition

Even though this marks our 20th year of the FanimeCon Game Show, we still plan to try out some new games and new ideas.

We’re going to introduce some new formats along with other favorites. Stop by to witness something new! The Experimental Edition of the FanimeCon Game Show runs on Sunday from 9:00 pm to midnight on Stage Zero.

Grand Ballroom Artist Alley

Beyond entertainment, anime and manga inspires us to unleash our creativity. You’ll find it all here, from prints to doujinshi to costume accessories! Here you can buy original art, talk with the artists, and find out about all the hard work they put into their craft. Many artists will even take commissions or sign their work for you!

FanimeCon Game Show – Shiny Edition Rare and special, this edition of the Game Show is looking for those that possess unusual and offbeat knowledge for a chance to win prizes!

We’re even bringing in of some of FanimeCon’s Guests of Honor to play some games and show what they know. Give them your support!

By Fans, For Fans

Dealer’s Hall

Dealer’s Hall is the place to shop! We are located in Halls 1 and 2 with over 100 vendors. Attendees can shop from a vast array of merchandise including anime, manga, gaming, fashion, and much more! Visit our friends at OffWorld Designs to get your official FanimeCon merchandise. In the back of the Hall, we will have tasty food available for purchase, as well as a chill area to relax between expeditions through all the great treasures.


FanimeCon is proud to announce that for the fourth year running, our charity partner will be the Make-AWish® Greater Bay Area. Our charity partner will be supported by funds generatedby our Silent Auction (taking place in the Dealer’s Hall), our Live Auction (Sunday, 4:00 pm at Stage Zero), our Putt Putt Golf Challenge (located in the Dealer’s Hall), Yo-Yo Tsuri (Yo-Yo fishing) game, Kingyo Sukui (Fish Scooping) game, and more Midway games to come! We are also working on other ways to help FanimeCon give more back to the community. Thanks to all of the attendees for your support of our continuing partnership with Make-AWish® Greater Bay Area!!

Gaming Hall

FanimeCon Game Show – XL Edition


SJCC Hall 2

SJCC Hall 3

The Shiny Edition of the FanimeCon Game Show runs on Saturday from 9:00 pm to midnight on Stage Zero.

For one day only, the Game Show is getting bigger and better. With a bigger room, a bigger stage, and bigger prizes!

FanimeCon Artist Pool

Curious about the art that appears on the website, badges, or the book you’re holding right now? Wondering who all these cool characters are? Find the official FanimeCon Artist Pool in Artist Alley, to the right of the center entrance aisle. We’d love to hear from you!

Art by ZambiCandy

The Gaming Hall is FanimeCon 2017’s spot for all your gaming needs! We are open from Thursday to Monday, offering 24 hours of continuous gaming experiences to be made with friends, new and old! We have three areas of gaming that can offer you the latest and

retro games: Arcade, eGaming with console and PC gaming, and Tabletop! Our eGaming and Tabletop will be running events and tournaments all weekend! For listings, information, or the latest updates, please consult the pocket schedule; the eGaming or Tabletop front desks; or visit our links below: Facebook: http://facebook.com/ FanimeConGaming Twitter: http://twitter.com/ FanimeConGaming or @FanimeConGaming Website: http://fanime.com/exhibits/ gaming -This is also accessible through the mobile app.

Gaming Hall Rules

Please follow the FanimeCon 2017 Code of Conduct at all times in the Gaming Hall. FanimeCon staff reserves the right to modify the rules below at any time, in the interest of safety: • Do NOT tamper with or move any equipment or tables/chairs. Please inform a Gaming Hall staffer in the respective areas if there is a malfunction or non-optimal gameplay on any equipment, and do NOT attempt to fix it yourself. • In the event the “Gaming Hall” / Hall 3 is at location capacity and we need to regulate access, please cooperate with our staff and Rovers. • Events and Tournaments are free of charge. Sign-ups and information are located at the eGaming or Tabletop main desks. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early before any tournament for check in!

• Gaming Hall staff reserve the right to ask attendees to leave the Gaming Hall due to safety concerns and/or potential Code of Conduct violations. This rule extends to our events and tournaments. • The Gaming Hall is a harassment free zone. If you feel unsafe or need to report a problem, please flag any FanimeCon staff member and they can assist you. Prohibited Items • e-cigarettes/”vaping” items. • RC vehicles and drones of all types. • Hover boards / bikes / scooters. • Food and drinks around Arcade or eGaming stations.*Sealed water containers are allowed. • Loud speaker or non-staff microphones.

Arcade Gaming

Come check out the Arcade in the Gaming Hall! We have a selection of the latest and retro arcade machines! Get your body moving with one of our popular dance games, take a chance with our rhythm and catcher machines, or sit down and play a racing game. Please note that staff does not carry change.


eGaming is a home away from home for all gamers, young and old alike! Here, you can explore both new and retro games, either casually in free play or competitively in one of our many tournaments. Come with friends to play team-based PC games such as League of Legends and Overwatch, or challenge them in popular console fighting games such as Super Smash Brothers and Street Fighter! Before you leave, don’t forget to show off your amazing dance moves in Pump it Up and Dance Central!

Tabletop Gaming

Welcome to Tabletop, where you can find all the classic card and board games you can play with your friends! Come challenge your friends in a game of Battleship, make new friends with a game of Munchkin, or watch the constant falling of blocks from the Giant Jenga! We host card game tournaments like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! For a full list of tournaments and their times, visit the FanimeCon website or talk to our Art by ZambiCandy

friendly Tabletop staff in the Gaming Hall. Please make sure to bring a valid photo ID and your badge to check out the games at the Tabletop staff desk.

Late Night Game Room 18+ The Late Night Game Room is a place where you can take a step back and challenge yourself by playing more adult rated games. By not having to watch what you say around kids, you have the chance to play and have fun with other adults with games like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens NSFW Edition and more. Its also for those who want to relax and get away from the crowds and actually have fun being an adult. The Late Night Game room is for persons over the age of 18. It is located in the Hyatt, across from the Hilton. There will be an ID check at the door, so don’t forget yours! We will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6:00 pm – 2:00 am.

South Hall Swap Meet

Not finding what you want in the Dealer’s Hall? Looking for something a little more obscure? Be sure to swing by Swap Meet! Your fellow FanimeCon attendees have brought a wide array of anime, games, and other merchandise for you to buy! Swap Meet will be held in the South Hall again this year on Thursday and Friday nights. Doors open at 7:30 pm on Thursday, and at 8:00 pm on Friday. Make sure to swing by!

The Dojo

Marriott Willow Glen 2&3

Welcome to the Dojo: The place at FanimeCon that focuses on martial arts, combat, and weapons topics. Come visit us at our Q&A to get the answers to all your combat-related questions. Join our workshops to get a hands-on experience on how to handle certain types of weapons, do some yoga, or take a Krav Maga class. Attend our guest panels to see and hear about other forms of combat from movies and anime



Events that maybe not familiar to you yet. Sign up for our self-defense classes to learn valuable lessons on how to conduct yourself in a crisis situation. Take part in our demos to give your thoughts and ideas as to what we feature next year. It all happens in the Dojo! Come join us and learn about the martial arts!

Self-Defense for Women I

One of two workshops geared just for ladies this year! Some basic selfdefense knowledge is a must-have in these times and we are here to give it to you free of charge.* WARNING: Due to the nature of the topics under discussion a “Trigger Word Warning” is hereby issued!

Self-Defense for Women II

After having this requested for many years, Fanime now brings you the second level class in this course of instruction with more information, more situations, discussed and taught. Situational training is ramped up in this course and you are being taught past the basics at this event. This is a test run for this class and there will be only one workshop for this the whole weekend (held on Sunday)!* REQUIREMENTS: MUST have attended and finished Self-Defense for Women I WARNING:  Due to the nature of the topics under discussion a “Trigger Word Warning” is hereby issued!

Longsword Workshop

A favorite weapon of choice for myth and stories, video games, movies, and the main heavy weapon of a knight or a noble. Come see and learn the basics of a weapon style that is so iconic in all things media!*

Yoga with the Twilight Knights

Cloak Fighting Panel

You asked for it and here it is! A simple basic demo of cloak fighting and how to use your clothing style to help you fight!

Krav Maga with the Knights

The self-defense form of Israel brought to you by one of our long time practitioners. Come and learn the basics of this art form and be prepared to work out!*

Chainmail Working Panel

Panel on basic chainmail making. What tools do you need to get started? Basic skills you can use to start working on simple project ideas that will look great for Cosplay or Armor. Early arrivals may actually get to make something to take home! Space is limited so come early!!

Ax Demo

A discussion on axes used as a fighting weapon, different types of axes, and how it may be very different between real life usage and the movies.

Boffers Sales & Last Q&A

Want to bring something home for practice? Consider boffers as a safe, affordable alternative to buying a bokken or katana. We will be selling off the weapons used during our workshops at low prices!! Your last chance to see the staff before the weekend ends!* *Waivers are required and all participants must be at least 10 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 will require a waiver. Dress comfortable, and expect to sweat. Any unsafe behavior or not following the rules will end your session.

Cosplay Events Cosplay Gatherings

Do you love a series and want to see more cosplays from your favorite series? Then FanimeCon’s Cosplay Gatherings Come and have a basic Yoga workout for are for you! We have several free! Our yearly early morning warm ups.* gatherings created by cosplayers, for Daggers Workshop cosplayers, such as Disney, Shonen One of the most beloved weapons and Jump, Marvel, and more! You can find yet one of the most misunderstood. the Cosplay Gatherings table near the Come and try out this weapon style! entrance of the convention center, or on You’ve asked for it for two years and the convention website now Fanime brings it to you!!*


By Fans, For Fans

Cosplayer Hangout

This is your one stop shop for making your cosplay experience a BLAST at FanimeCon! Not only do we host official Cosplay Gatherings with photographers, but we also have a Cosplay Lounge! It’s stocked with materials in case you have a cosplay emergency, like sewing kits and hot glue. Our lounge is also a no-press zone, so come by to rest when you’ve been posing and walking around all day!


Each year, FanimeCon holds a cosplay contest in the San Jose Civic Auditorium, featuring astounding cosplay, performances, and dance routines from anime’s newest releases, old favorites, as well as original designs. Contestants compete for cash and make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay. FanimeCon 2017’s Masquerade will be held on Sunday, May 28th at 6:00 pm in the San Jose Civic Auditorium, also called The City National Civic, which is located across the street from the main convention center. Doors open on Sunday, May 28th at 5:30 pm at the San Jose Civic Auditorium Show Program • Opening announcements and introduction • Karaoke Winner’s performance • First Half: Entries 1-25 • Intermission: 15-minute break to get up and stretch your legs • Second Half: Entries 26-50 • Exposition performances during judging • Award Announcements

Karaoke Events Whether you sing in the shower or on the radio, you’re welcome to FanimeCon’s karaoke room! Open from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, sign up for open mic karaoke, participate in one of our amazing contests, or just come

and listen to all the great singers! With our jaw-dropping catalog of over 9,000 anime, video game, J-Pop, K-Pop, and Disney songs (most with lyrics in both their native language and English), as well as a full American karaoke system, our database likely contains every song you have ever heard in your entire life. Be sure to check out our enticing contests, too! With some great prizes and unique formats, your voice may win big! In addition to our ongoing open mic karaoke, FanimeCon features three karaoke events:

Karaoke Contest

First Round is Friday at 6:00 pm, Finals at 9:00 pm How good is your singing, really? Can you hit the highest highs and the lowest lows? Can you carry a tune, or will you just be dragging it through the mud? FanimeCon’s Karaoke Contest is the place to find out how good you really are. Friday night, with preliminary rounds starting first, and final rounds to follow (check schedule or sign for exact times). Be at the Karaoke Room to have your chance for the sweet, sweet sound of victory.


Saturday at 4:00 pm Do you play a musical instrument? Show off your own original work or

special arrangement of your favorite anime or video game song on stage at our Acoustikaraoke contest! Both (small) groups and solo acts are welcome to pit their talents against one another. Do not miss this amazing collection of FanimeCon’s most unique performances!

Karaoke Gong Show 18+ Sunday at 10:00 pm Sunday evening begins the most foul karaoke journey ever attempted on stage – the Karaoke Gong Show! If your skin is thick enough and your mind twisted enough, then you’ve got a fighting chance at being the dreaded Worst of Show! Yes that’s right, these performers have what it takes to entertain, to amuse, and amaze our audience (and judges) with such unique and outlandish acts of comedy that they might completely defy any and all explanation! Due to how terrible these novelty acts (and the judges) are, this is an 18+ event.

Fan Events Cosplay Chess

Anime characters are floating through dimensions, finding their way to FanimeCon. But never fear, there’s nothing a Gallifreyan chess board can’t fix!

Wota Wotagei Workshop

From beginner to seasoned idol fans, come participate in our interactive panel as we cheer on our favorite idols through chants, penlights, and wotagei.

Iron Drag Race 16+ Category is...anime realness! Racers, get your duct tape and sharpies ready. May the best cosplayer win!

werewolf-inspired game with an anime twist. Are you a monster? A student? Will you make it out alive?

Lolita Make-Up 101 16+ Join EGL Fashion enthusiast Amai Angel for a hands-on workshop to create a Lolita make-up look suitable for most styles! Cosplay Games

Love cosplay? Think you’re up for the cosplay challenge? Come and join us in the cosplay games where we will host cosplay-making mini games! Are you game?

Dance We are proud to announce our new Dance programming for 2017! We will have a special Day Zero Dance, Day-Time programming, as well as a Late Night Dance. All our events are all ages! Check out your pocket guide or the website at fanime.com/events for details for about our dances. The Day Zero Dance will run from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am. We will be opening multiple rooms. Our first ever daytime programming starts at 1:00 pm until 6:00 pm. It consists of the B-Boy Hangout and the K-Pop Dance Party. The Late Night Dance will run from 7:00 pm to 4:00 am. Please review the additional rules for the dance.

Dance Rules

All FanimeCon Rules and Code of Conduct apply to attendees of the FanimeCon Dance with the following additions: • Attendees may be subject to a precursory security check.

Running Man • Once you leave the Dance event area, The Rules: First, protect your name tag you will have to wait in line to re-enter. at all times. Second, trust no one. • No outside food or beverages are A variety game show from South Korea. allowed in the Dance area. Sealed containers (even purchased in the Anime High Dealer’s Hall) will not be allowed Murder Mystery 18+ in. Water stations are available in School just started and there has been Room 232. a murder! Come and play this Art by ZambiCandy



Events • Cosplay is acceptable, but large props should not be used as part of a dance move. • Physical and/or verbal harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes “taunting.” • “Extreme Dance Moves” that may result in harm to the dancer or spectators are not allowed (i.e. headspins, flips, and backflips, etc.) • No wagering or gambling of any kind. These events are meant to be for fun and not competition. • Chemical-based glow products (i.e. glow sticks, necklaces, or bracelets) are not allowed in the Dance, but LED-based lighting utilities are allowed as long as they do not represent an immediate danger to others (i.e. LED poi globes.) • No “laser gloves” or laser pointers will be allowed. • During daytime Dance programming, the lights must stay on. • During the B-BOY Hangout: Spectators must give participants enough room to dance freely. • K-Pop Dance Party: Choreographed dances; guests are encouraged to dance to existing choreography of K-Pop songs. If you don’t know the choreography, you are still welcome to participate. • Only authorized personnel are allowed on the stages.

Crowd Photo Release Form: Please be aware that by entering this area, you consent to having your voice, name, and/or likeness being used without compensation in any and all media, including films and tapes, whether now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity. And that you release FanimeCon, its successors, and licensees from any liability whatsoever of any nature. Photosensitivity and Risk of Seizure Warning: Performances may incorporate strobe and strobebased effects. Atmospheric Effect Warning: Performances might incorporate use of a haze machine. Water Dispenser Locations: Hydration or water stations are located in room 232. Age Restrictions: The Dance is open to all ages, but a responsible adult should accompany children under the age of 13. After 10:00 pm, the lyrical content may not be suitable for those under 18. Bag-Check Notification: FanimeCon wants our members, guests, and staff to feel comfortable and safe when attending the dance. To ensure the safety of our Dance attendees and staff, backpacks and bags of any kind may be subject to inspection prior to entering the dance area.

All unattended items are left at your own risk. There are no spaces inside the dance area considered safe and secure for people to store their items.

Idris’ Closet Want to go to Black & White Ball, but don’t have anything to wear? Have formal wear collecting dust in your closet? Having issues decoding the dress code? Our helpful staff at Idris’ Closet can give you a hand! Idris’ Closet is a formal wear thrift shop that will be open throughout FanimeCon to help with your Black and White Ball needs! Location: Marriott Willow Glen 2&3 Hours: Friday: 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm Saturday: 9:30 am – 7:00 pm Sunday: 9:30 am – 7:00 pm Monday: Open in the morning for donations

MusicFest MusicFest brings the best artists & bands from Japan each year to rock out with anime and music fans at an exciting and adrenaline-pumping concert! From J-Pop to J-Rock, Anisong to VK, MusicFest aims to showcase a plethora of amazing talents to satisfy a multitude of musical tastes! Also, be sure to catch each Guest of Honor’s panels & autograph sessions throughout the weekend. Check the schedule for details.


Private Event Notice: The FanimeCon Dance is a private event hosted for the attendees and members of FanimeCon. An official FanimeCon badge is required for entry Friday through Sunday. A FanimeCon badge cannot be obtained at the entrance to the Dance and may not be available for purchase during Dance event hours. FanimeCon badges must be purchased at Registration during normal Registration hours (please visit http://www.fanime.com or ask at an Info Desk for Registration hours). Art by Elda The


By Fans, For Fans

FanimeCon Presents:

The 2017 Black & White Ball It’s time for an evening of elegance and fun at the Black & White Ball! Join us for great music, photography, and (of course) hours of dancing in your favorite dancing shoes while donning your best formal attire or formal cosplay. Want to join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary? The Black & White Ball will be celebrated in many ways throughout the weekend, from dance performances and challenges, to a decompression dance party – an informal social dance for everyone to have fun and practice what they learned in a casual setting. There’s no need to dress up, but dress code rules regarding heels still apply. Not sure how to dance? Don’t worry. The Black & White Ball staff will offer group dance lessons every day leading up to the ball! Private lessons will also be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout the weekend, so sign up early during the con! Don’t have anything that fits within the dress code? Can’t find anything to wear? Want to pick up or donate old formal wear for a good cause? Head on over to Idris’ Closet to find whatever you may need at an affordable price! All proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation®.

Art by Stephanie Kao Allowed Tops: Button-up long-sleeve shirts/blouses, dress jackets, evening jackets, suit jackets, formal cosplay, evening gowns, opaque (not see-through) dresses that end no higher than the top of the knee cap at the bottom (including slits and asymmetrical hems) Bottoms: Dress pants, slacks, khakis, pants that are part of a formal cosplay, skirts that do not go higher than the top of the knee cap at the bottom (including slits and asymmetrical hems) Accessories: Ties, gloves, jewelry, formal hats, masks

Not Allowed Men’s button-up short-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, tube tops, crop tops, ripped shirts, shirtless

Jeans of any kind, shorts, cutoffs, athletic pants, sweatpants, leggings not worn under appropriate dresses or skirts, dresses or skirts that go higher than the top of the knee cap (including slits and asymmetrical hems Weapon props

Shoes: Dress shoes, ballroom-dance shoes, dress boots, flats, heels that are four inches or lower (including platform), heels that are the size of/larger than a nickel in diameter at the tip, clean, solid shoes with no visible logos, character shoes, formal sandals with straps that secure the heel Note: Leather sole or suede sole shoes are preferred. Please help us keep our floor in tip-top shape!

Shoes with large, visible logos, sneakers/tennis shoes, sandals without straps on the heels, Birkenstocks, Uggs, Crocs, clogs, flip-flops, bare feet, shoes with stiletto heels (narrow-tipped heels that are less than a nickel in diameter), heels over four inches (including platform)

* Cosplay and crossplay are allowed, so long as the attire fits within these guidelines. ** Dress code will be strictly enforced — we will be denying entry to individuals wearing inappropriate attire If you have any specific questions relating to the dress code or would like to know whether or not the outfit you’re planning to wear is appropriate, please email us at bwball@fanime.com




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RST I F R U YO F F O 5 TE FOR $ A R 7 C 1 I 0 E2 017 UMA M , I E E 31, 2 N N T U J A A N R IRES O KI C DE F O O D C DE EXP I O K E C S N O O U *COUP TE, D ! A E R T C A A CR JAPAN R I japancrate.com K A R I K R O @japancrate # japancrate

Guest of Honor Panels Industry Panels Fan Panels

Legend (16+) Panels with topics geared toward a suggested age group. (18+) Panels with topics geared toward an older audience. Identification (driver’s license, ID card, passport, etc.) is required.

s l e Pan Art by Finni Chang

Guest of Honor Panels Anime: Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder how your favorite dubs are made? Chris Cason reveals how an animated property goes from the written word to the images on your screen.

Ask the Nostalgia Critic

Whether it’s the Nostalgia Critic, Chester A. Bum, Devil Boner, or just Doug Walker, here’s a chance to find out about this weird little world.

Careers in Art & Gaming

Want to turn your passion into a career in arts or gaming? Cosplay Guest of Honor VampyBitMe and her friends will help you figure out how to do just that.

Chris Cason’s Sound Off! 16+

Tired of sitting through boring Q&A panels? Sick of listening to one person talk for an hour? Join Chris Cason as he asks YOU the questions!

Cosplay Makeup 101

From foundation to FX blood, Aicosu covers everything they can on cosplay makeup — including body paint, fake tattoos, contouring, contacts, and more!

Cosplay Photography/ Modeling

What are the best cosplay poses? How do you work with a photographer? Cosplay Guest of Honor Vampy Bit Me shares insight into showing off your best cosplay work.

Get to Know Hiroyasu Kobayashi

Come say hi to Guest of Honor Hiroyasu Kobayashi at his first FanimeCon appearance! He’ll talk about how he got into the industry and the future of CG animation.

Get to Know Shigeto Koyama

Come and get to know Guest of Honor and production designer

Shigeto Koyama! Listen to how he creates his designs, who inspired him, and what makes him tick.

If You Can’t Make It – Fake It 18+

Join Doug Walker and other Guests of Honor in an adult and hilarious improv session. Members of the audience will jump in to create scenes not soon forgotten.

Life Fibers, Idols, & Magi!

Kill la Kill. Love Live. Sword Art Online. Erica Mendez has been a part of a lot of fun anime. Don’t lose your way and come talk to her about them!

Making Armor on a Budget

Do you want to make armor? VampyBitMe shares her secrets on making armor on a budget,as well as other tips and tricks for the creative process.

Q&A with Lauren Landa

Attack on Titan. Sailor Moon. BlazBlue. Voice actress Lauren Landa has been in many of your favorite anime and video games. Come ask her questions!

Q&A with X4

After seeing them in concert, get to know MusicFest headliner X4 better as they answer all your burning questions!

US Voice Actors’ Roundtable

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a voice actor? Join Chris Cason, Lauren Landa, and Erica Mendez and learn about the ins and outs of the industry.

Voice Spotlight: Hideo Ishikawa

Veteran voice actor Hideo Ishikawa discusses his experiences voice acting in Japan and answers a few questions from the crowd.

Movies People Fight You On

Voice Spotlight: Kanae Ito

Official Sailor Moon Panel

Works of Koyama & Kobayashi

Everyone’s got at least one movie that only they seem to get. Here’s your chance to tell Doug YOUR opinion and set the rest of the world straight

Award-winning voice actress Kanae Ito shares her experiences in Japan’s competitive anime industry and takes a few questions from the audience.

Celebrate the Guardian of Love and Justice with special guests Lauren Landa (Sailor Neptune), Erica Mendez (Sailor Uranus), and your friends at VIZ Media!

As good friends, Guests of Honor Hiroyasu Kobayashi and Shigeto Koyama have worked on many projects together. Come see what they created!

Q&A with Hideo Ishikawa

Industry Panels

Get your questions ready and step up to the mic! Guest of Honor Hideo Ishikawa is here to answer your questions.

Q&A with Hiroyuki Yamaga

From Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise, to Aoki Uru, Hiroyuki Yamaga is a prolific anime director. Come out and ask him your questions!

Q&A with Kanae Ito

Dark Horse Manga

Dark Horse publishes Berserk, Danganronpa, Fate/Zero, Vocaloid, Drifters, Splatoon, Evangelion, and more. Hear news, ask questions, and win prizes!

FFVII Remake: Hopes & Fears

The EZA crew share their hopes and fears for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake.

Got a question for our Guest of Honor? Come ask Ms. Ito about her successful career in voice acting!



Panels Official Gaia Online Panel

Come meet Gaia’s staff and get a sneak peek at upcoming features, games, and events. Expect plenty of fun and some great prizes!

VIZ Media Panel

Join the VIZ Media crew and celebrate some of your favorites like One Punch Man, Tokyo Ghoul, and Sailor Moon. There might even be jokes and prizes!

VR Comics: First Look

Get a first look at reading manga in VR before it’s released to the public. Learn and discuss the vision of manga in VR and get a chance to win prizes.

YaoiCon Panel 18+

YaoiCon 2017 will take place October 6th – 8th in Santa Clara, CA. Come learn about our Guest of Honor Sakira, Bishounen, and many more exciting new events!

Fan Panels ”Grit Those Teeth!”

Safe stage combat! Learn simulated violence techniques safely, from a safety-minded professional Fight Director for stages, skits, and screens.

“Is it Real!?” + The Loadout Swords, steel, and a little about guns and stuff. The first half covers functional/practical/display blade info with Q&A. The second half cover s prop weapon safety.

A Queer History of Fandom

From Trekkie zines to Xena and Gabrielle; “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and “Don’t Like, Don’t Read,” we explore the history of queer creations in fandom. A Video History of Anime In this trip through anime history, Evan Minto of AniGamers and Otaku USA magazine showcases nearly a century of anime using only video clips.

An Uncensored Hentai Review! 18+

Glitch the Digital Demon welcomes you to reviewing a Hentai episode, prizes,


By Fans, For Fans

stupid questions, and more! It’s just like his podcast, but uncensored!

Anime Burger Time

Evan Minto (Otaku USA, Ani-Gamers) celebrates the many appearances of hamburgers in anime. NOTE: This is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Burger) event.

Anime Convention Musical 16+

Join us for the FanimeCon tryouts of ANIME CON MUSICAL! Inspired by the music and stories of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Stephen Sondheim.

Anime Powerpoint Karaoke 16+

Want to give a talk about anime but don’t want to write one? We’ll provide the slides, and you improvise the words! Warning: slides may be ridiculous.

Anime to See Before You Die 18+

Thought-provoking, bizarre, and historically significant anime covering mature topics! This is anime for the adult fan! New content for 2017.

Anime: Spirituality & You Learn to feel energy with your hands and discover spiritual concepts including the auras, chakras, and energy taken from Eastern religions in anime.

Animemes: Anime Memes & You!

What do you get when you cross anime with memes? Animemes! Explore the latest and greatest in anime meme production, proliferation, and consumption!

Belegarth Field Fights

Enter a society of full-contact foam fighters focused on safe, fast, and hard fighting. We will demo team composition, field fights, and 4v4s

Belegarth Rules+Weapons

Enter a society of full-contact foam fighters focused on safe, fast, and hard fighting. Since 1979, we have refined a unique martial art and culture.

BGHS: Prob Not an Idol Mobage

Idol fan? Mobile game addict? Come learn about Battle Girl High School, a game with 100% Actual Gameplay Action and an anime coming up this summer!

Bunnysuit Boot Camp

Join cosplayer Fabrickind to learn the basics of patterning and sewing Playboy-style costumes and other corset-like but non-reducing garments.

Console Wars

From the Magnavox Odyssey to the Nintendo Switch, we’ll walk you through the companies and consoles that shaped gaming.

Cosplay Film making: 101

DESCIPLE expands the cosplay community with an introduction to movie making. Immortalize your character by producing your very own movie!

Cosplay Fitness

Want to get into shape for your next cosplay? We’ll help you get started, get motivated, and get fit! This is a judgment-free panel!

Anime’s Fiercest Females

Cthulhu for President! 16+ Cthulhu for president! Why stop with our current president who isn’t nearly as insane as Cthulhu? Make America Crazy Again!

Bad Hentai 18+

Cultural Appropriation & You 16+

Anime has had many strong female protagonists through the years. Get acquainted with the passionate, tough, and daring ladies of anime in this panel. Did you think we ran out of bad hentai to show? There is EVEN MORE. Why not spend a few hours with us as we go over some more of the worst offenders?

In a multicultural society, it can often be difficult to tell what is offensive and what isn’t. Join us for a presentation on cultural appropriation.

CWF: Fanimania IV 16+ The Cosplay Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship Belt will once again be defended on the grandest stage! Tune in and don’t miss out. Dice Stacking 101 16+

Tabletop RPG players unite! Join our panel of RPers for thoughts and tips on an array of topics like problem players, botched stat rolls, and more!

Digital Illustration Live Demo 16+

Basic stages of a completed digital illustration from start to finish.

Dragon Age Otome 18+

Play everyone’s favorite fantasy dating sim. Audience members will participate in a dating game panel with characters from Dragon Age and win prizes.

Drammatical Panel 18+ Watch sexy gay men yell at each other! It’ll be fun!

Dungeons & Dragon Age 16+

Join your favorite Dragon Age characters as they guide each other through missions set in the world of the various Dragon Age games!

Endless Evangelion

A revival of Evangelion debate! Infamous industry veteran Sean McCoy again tries to be instrumental in forming a unified theory (with fan service).

Erotic Grotesque Nonsense 18+

Join A-to-J Connections and look at all aspects of EroGuro: art, literature, horror manga, music, and more! This will be an 18+ panel like no other!

Fabrics 101

From cotton to silk, learn what fabrics are best for cosplay projects. Tips, tricks, and stitches to make your cosplays stand out with Lady Staba’s help!

FanFiction Roulette 16+

FanFiction Roulette returns for another year at FanimeCon! Blue’s Clues meets Persona and Arthur meets Fallout. Come on by and let’s see what we can find!

Fanfiction Writing 101

This panel covers the basics of story writing: developing a plot, creating a world, how to set scenes inside it, and how to publish it online.

Fanfiction Writing 120

Still have nagging questions about writing fanfiction? We’ll have answers at this free-for-all discussion about all things fanfiction!

Fanfiction Writing 201

This panel covers how to work with canon characters, how to create new characters, and how to avoid common pitfalls associated with Mary Sues.

Fanfiction Writing 369 18+ Writing sex scenes is its own unique challenge. This revised panel will

Art by Elda The



Panels systematically guide you through the process from beginning to climax!

Fanime Nerdcore Cypher

Local Bay Area Nerdcore emcees have gathered together to do the first ever FanimeCon Nerdcore Cypher.

Fic W(rec)k 16+

A talk that uses feminist theories to inspect the sexuality, the characters, and representation in fan fiction to discuss its pros and cons.

Fifth Gen Isn’t Pokémon

Proof that the fifth generation of Pokémon does not deserve to stand beside the greats of Pokémon past like Mr. Mime, Voltorb, and Muk.

Fully Unscripted Improv Show 16+

Fully Unscripted presents an improv comedy show in the style of Whose Line? Come join us and you can provide suggestions, ask questions, and ROFL.

Gamer First, Developer Second

This is a user experience panel for the uninitiated game dev! We will take an in-depth look at game design to learn how to put gamers’ needs first.

Gravure Photography 101 18+

Do you love gravure photo-books? Have you ever wanted to learn how to make them? Come to this interactive panel and see how it’s done.

Haikyuu Hoot

Are you ready for your favorite volleyball players to come to town? Join us today!

Harajuku Fashion: ROOTS

We DIY and you can too!! How to have fun with fashion on a budget and celebrate the most unique you!

Heroes of Overwatch: Q&A

Do your questions rain from above? Well, we got you in our sights. This is the panel for you! Join us for a funfilled hour with your favorite heroes!


By Fans, For Fans

Hetalia! World Meeting 16+ Join the APH characters for a silly anticfilled world meeting! We will answer questions and play games! How Anime Is Made

An in-depth look at the anime production process including storyboarding, voice acting, and more from Evan Minto (Otaku USA, Ani-Gamers).

How to Overwatch a Café

Curious about joining a fan café? Enjoy an Overwatch-themed café with Cafémbour staff as they talk about the process for past/future fan café events.

How to Panel

Have you ever been interested in hosting a panel but weren’t sure how? Come learn from the guy behind Cthulhu for President, Bad Hentai, and more!

How to Teach Yourself Japanese

A quick-fire introduction to tools and methods for self-teaching Japanese, with a focus on resources related to anime and manga.

How to Un-Troll

A brief panel on self-improvement and opportunities for social change from a nerd-centric world view.

Hunter x Hunter – What now?

Come listen and discuss the future of one of anime’s most beloved series. Will Togashi drop the unfinished project or continue the adventure?

I didn’t know it was anime!

Before anime was big, video game companies brought over anime games to the West but hid their origins. Learn fun facts about animebased retro games!

IDOL 3D: A Guide to J-Pop Idols

Join A-to-J Connections as they dissect the “idol equation” and examine all aspects of Japanese idols and idol groups, from Seiko Matsuda to AKB48!

IDOL 18+: Dark Side of Idols 18+

A-to-J Connections takes a look at the dark side of the idol industry! Alternative idols, scandals, gravure, and some of the craziest videos ever!

Improv 101/Workshop

Fully Unscripted presents everything you need to get started in improv acting. Think you’re not funny? No problem! Ask questions, play games, and have fun.

Itabags 101: Start to Finish

Join us to learn where you can buy items of your favorite characters, and how to design and even sew your own Itabag.

Japanese 101: Anime Edition 16+

A whirlwind introduction to the Japanese language using sources from anime culture.

Kimoi & Kowai: The Un-Kawai 18+

We all know how kawaii Japan can be, but how about the plain gross and scary? Stop on by if you dare to see some of the creepiest parts of Japan.

Lettering for Manga

Come join a professional manga editor and see a Japanese comic from start to English! Let’s learn Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator!

Lolita Fashion Show

Come join us to learn about Lolita fashion and to see a fantastic fashion show featuring the latest designs from your favorite indie designers!

Make Anime Great Again

Unless your favorite anime was on Toonami in the late ‘90s, it’s probably trash. Join us as we tell you why everything you watch is garbage.

Mining Public Domain

Make your name and your first big publishing score by re-imagining a character or story that is already loved by thousands.

Miraculous Ladybug Panel Spots on!

Join the characters from the hit TV show Miraculous Ladybug as Paris’s favorite heroes stop by to answer your questions and take your dares!

Moe History: IJN and KanColle

General quarters! All hands man your battle stations! It’s time to combat your questions about WWII and KanColle in a panel about both!

Objective-Based Narrative

We’ll be covering the simple steps of determining what your characters want.

Oh the (Animated) Horror! 18+

Ultra-violence, demons, psychological thrillers… Sink your fangs into titles old and new as we explore the dark side of anime. New content for 2017!

One Punch Man Q&A! 16+ The Hero Association is coming to FanimeCon for a Q&A! Even the infamous Demon Cyborg and his bald friend will be here to answer your questions and dares! Osaka: Cries & Laughs of Japan 16+

Had enough kawaii and WEIRD at your FanimeCon? Stop on by for some of the scary and HILARIOUS of Japan in this panel about the wild, wild town of Osaka.

Osomatsu-san Q&A

16+ Meet the NEETS! Come enjoy a funfilled hour with the Matsuno sextuplets! Join us in our Q&A, play some games, and win some prizes!

Ouran Fanservice Commoner Style

Ladies and Gentlemen! Get ready to be swept off your feet by our dashing hosts...Commoner Style!

Outlive the Otaku Expiration!

As we get older, our passion for anime and cons may wane. Discover what you can do to keep your passion strong. Outlive the Otaku Expiration Date!

Panel! On Ice Q&A

Q&A! Meet the world’s top figure skaters! Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki teach us about the importance of goals, ambition, and partnerships!

Poké-Scandalous! 16+

Explore the strange and scandalous side of official Pokémon material including banned episodes, rare comics, suggestive game lines, and more!

Puroresu: A Guide to NJPW

Why is New Japan Pro Wrestling the best anime? Let’s YTR and find out in this guide to one of Japan’s pro wrestling promotions!

Putting The L in LGBT J-Pop 18+

Shifting the spotlight to the underrepresented LGBT women in Japanese music, presented by a lesbian and longtime J-Pop fan!

Quiz Quest: DX

Quiz Quest is back! Earth’s craziest 1v1 trivia video game now has a sequel. Think you can clear it? THINK HARDER! You’ll laugh, cry, and win a prize.

Quiz Quest: Undertale

We’re back baby! QQ:UT is here for another year of trivia video game show nonsense! Test your might and your smarts, and leave with FABULOUS PRIZES!

RFA 18+ PJ Party 18+

You’re cordially invited to a special RFA party. Come bring your PJs and join us for Q&A, dares, and whatever fun the night will bring.

Rick and Morty Q&A! 16+

Sailor Moon’s Female Fans

Discuss Sailor Moon’s impact on women in North America with authors Steve Savage and Bonnie Walling, who have written a book on the subject!

Science in Anime

Two scientists (Natalie Szweda, Evan Minto of Otaku USA and Ani-Gamers) explain the real-life science behind various anime scenes.

Self-Publishing Your Book

Thinking of self-publishing? Experienced self-publishers will go over the hard truths and essentials you need to know!

Sewing with Knits

Come learn from cosplayer Fabrickind special fabric choice, sewing, and patterning considerations when working with knit materials.

Sex-Ed For Fanfic Writers 18+

You’ve all seen it. A fanfic which is otherwise SO GOOD, until well… That’s…not how that works… Let me give you some tips. Or the whole thing.

Shall We Dance?

Learn how formal ballroom dance connects with Japanese culture by exploring in-depth examples from film, games, anime, and manga!

SHSL: Truth or Despair

Do you have questions or dares that need to be answered filling you with despair? Join us and hopefully get answers along with some fun prizes!

Story Development for Manga

Rick and Morty are taking a short break from their crazy outer space adventures to come to FanimeCon! Come see the whole Smith family (and friends)!

Learn from an experienced manga scriptwriter how to tell an entertaining and coherent story. Focus is on plot diagrams, character, and the KISS principle.

Ridiculous J-Music Videos 16+

Super Dimension Panel Macross

Japan has a reputation for being weird. Come see all sorts of ridiculous music videos from the Land of the Rising Sun – or anywhere!!

Join A-to-J Connections as they take a look at the Macross franchise from its history; the various shows and games; and most especially the music!



Panels TG’s Mystery Vidya Tournament

A video game tournament that’s truly mysterious! Join stream team True Giants as they bring their take on Starcade to FanimeCon!

The Animatch Game 16+

Do you remember the Match Game or just love the Snatch Game? At the Animatch Game your favorite characters try to match answers with our special guest.

The Comedy Club at Fanime 16+

provide an overview of vector design and its application in fanart and more.

Visually Stunning Manga 16+

DANG THAT’S A NICE LOOKIN’ MANGA. From the nerds that brought you Weird Manga, it’s Visually Stunning Manga!

Voice Acting with Hentai IV 18+

Round Four of Voice Acting with Hentai, where classy fellows such as yourself do classic voice overs of your favorite scenes. We do it for the story.

FanimeCon’s stand-up comedy show continues its tradition of having comedians lampoon anime and all things geeky. Come on down and prepare for hilarity!

Voltron Q&A

Tough Crowd 18+ The fiery roundtable discussion is back with new topics to discuss and dismantle, featuring SOAP, Pierce Brown, and the legendary Dr. Scientist.

Weekly Shonen Jump Podcast

Using Nerd Culture to Escape

Everyone hurts. But fandoms and nerd culture can help you cope with anxiety, depression, and personal traumas. Let us learn, grow, and heal together.

Vector Design and You

Interested in vector graphics and Adobe Illustrator? This panel will


By Fans, For Fans

Team Voltron has finally taken a break from defending the universe and is here to answer your questions! Come win prizes and get to know the crew!

Come be part of the SJ Podcast! Join TEAM JUMP as they make announcements, discuss all things Shonen Jump related plus tons of cool prizes!

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood

Welcome to Touhou Project

After more than 20 years, a single series of games still captures the imagination of artists and musicians all over the world. This is Touhou Project.

What’s Wrong with Nintendo? 16+

From the poor launch of the 3DS to the failure of the Wii U, it’s time to revisit Nintendo’s problems.

World Building

What tools and research methods can writers use to craft complex and believable worlds? What’s important to have in yours?

Yuri (GL) Through the Ages 16+

A look at lesbianism in anime, from 1979 to today, as well as to the influence of Takarazuka culture in Japan on the tropes seen in Yuri series.

μsa! Cosplay Love Live! Q&A

Join the nine members of μ’s for a special Q&A panel! We will answer your questions, play games, and even give out special prizes!

Welcome new demigods, to Camp Half-Blood Summer 2017! The senior campers are here to welcome all new campers as we play games and answer questions!

Art by Brittany Ngo

BA N D - M



Explore the latest in Japanese music, anime, fashion, film, art, technology, ramen, sake and much more! More guests and programs to be announced very soon, so stay tuned!










AMVs Video Room Events Themed Rooms Late Night

Legend (16+) Videos with topics geared toward a suggested age group. (18+) Videos with topics geared toward an older audience. Identification (driver’s license, ID card, passport, etc.) is required.

o e d i V Art by Finni Chang

Video Programming For over 23 years, FanimeCon has set the bar for video programming. With tons of content and a variety of fan-made events, there is always something for you to enjoy in our video rooms. Watch some of our programming legacies such as the AMV Contest, Robot Armageddon, Anime Abridged screenings, and check out the famous Marathon Room during your days at the con. If you’re craving a nighttime fix, sit down for some late night special programming such as Midnight Madness, Hentai Nights, and Anime Anarchy. Come join us and see why FanimeCon’s video rooms are considered the best.


AMV, Best Lip Sync, and Best of the Year. There’s a little bit of everything covering all skill levels, tastes, and cultural boundaries, so everyone can find something that they can enjoy here!

Video Room Events Classic Anime Hell

Friday – 10:00 pm – Film Room LL21 E/F Come and see a classic screening from the depths of Anime Hell’s past. Will you see Forklift Driver Klaus – The First Day on the Job? Will Hard Gay make an appearance or will he be rejected by Don Hertzfeldt? Well, you’ll just have to come on in to the mouth of madness to find out!.

Anime Hell

FanimeCon has long been a fan of Saturday – 10:00 pm – Video Room AMVs and the people who make them. Main LL21 C/D All of us here at Video Programming Anime Hell is a free-form video like to give AMV creators the time presentation featuring short film clips, they deserve in the spotlight by commercials, failed pilots, amateur showcasing their works in many films, found video, instructional/ events during the con. So come and educational films, music videos, and cheer for AMVs and their creators! film trailers from Japan and other Anime Music Videos.org places. Un-amusing cable TV clip shows cannot compare to the live top 100 videos group fun of Anime Hell! Friday – Monday – Video Room Main LL21 C/D It’s been 11 years since we started this event, not only for the fans, but also for the AMV creators. Come give some love and support during our four-day event counting down the best AMVs of all time, or at least – of the last 11 years. This is a great way to experience the past and present in the Anime Music Video world. (The Top 100 list is graciously taken from AnimeMusicVideos.org.)

Anime Music Videos.org Best of 2017

Sunday – 8:00 pm – Main Video Room LL21 C/D Come watch the top AMVs of 2017, chosen by the fans and creators on AnimeMusicVideos.org. We will be screening the best AMVs in categories such as Best Comedy, Funniest

Trigger Finger Fan Parodies

Saturday – 12:00 pm – Film Room LL21 E/F Get ready to peel back your eyelids and inject your corneas with the fan-made parodies of Trigger Finger Studios! Crazy videos will be watched while questions will be answered! The uncrazy will NOT be allowed back in your brain!

FanimeCon Short Film Showcase

Saturday – 7:00 pm – Video Room Main LL21 C/D After 13 amazing years of programming, FanimeCon’s hit Short Film Showcase is hyping up for another exciting exhibition! Come and be a part of FanimeCon’s version

of Spike and Mike festivals, showing some of the finest in animation, music videos, and commercials.

Robot Armageddon VIII

Sunday – 4:00 pm – Video Room Main LL21 C/D Inspired by the “Giant Robot Rumble” panel hosted by Steve Yun from Harmony Gold USA. Remember those elementary school arguments about whether Voltron or Optimus Prime would win in a fight? Prepare for the ultimate fan-interactive events! Hosted by our very own Jerry Gonzales, the head of FanimeCon’s Video Programming, this will be a tournament where panelists and attendees argue and vote over which robots would win in a fight. Prepare yourselves, for many will enter but only one will emerge as the victor! Come participate in this amazing display of fan knowledge. Best of luck to you and hope to see you there!

The Best of the Angry Video Game Nerd

Saturday – 10:00 pm – Film Room LL21 E/F

Enjoy viewing YouTube video gameplay and game reviews? Well, we have something special for you! How does endless videos from The Angry Video Game Nerd sound? We’re excited to present The Angry Video Game Nerd as he explains the games that have haunted him from his childhood in characteristic reviews filled to the brim with surrealistic comedy. Watch him review and play through many games that are some of the most frustrating, buggy, and hated games in history. Be sure to stop by and partake in this celebration of humor and all things retro-gaming!

Live with Doug Walker – Remember the Past with the Nostalgia Critic

Friday – 9:00 pm – Main Video Room LL21 C/D After ten years of screenings, Doug Walker is finally at FanimeCon to host some of his favorite videos: Batman



Video vs Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, and of course his legendary video The Room. So come and enjoy the works of one of the best Internet celebrities, all the while laughing and mocking the films with Guest of Honor Doug Walker.

Sunrise and Viz Media Presents Gundam Thunderbolt w/ Q&A

Saturday – 7:00 pm – Industry Room LL21 A/B Come and enjoy the screening of Gundam Thunderbolt (70-minute OVA) followed by a Q&A panel with the English-language producer and editor from Sunrise and Viz Media. There will be a raffle at the end!

The Best of Zero Punctuation

Sunday – 9:00 pm – Video Room Main LL21 C/D

Zero Punctuation is The Escapist’s groundbreaking video review series starring Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. Every Wednesday, Zero Punctuation picks apart games so that you don’t have to. It is described by Boing Boing as “hilariously cutting…the first legitimate breakout hit from the gaming community in recent memory.” Be sure to join us for this presentation and see why gamers love Zero Punctuation and why developers fear it!

Video Game Movies

Friday – Monday – Video Room Main LL21 C/D

Many video games these days have enough in-game cinematics to be considered movies (Cowboy Bebop: The Song Remains the Same, The Last of Us, Dead Fantasy, Portal 2, etc.) We take some of the best video game cut scenes/cinematics and show them as if they were movies (with gameplay cleverly mixed in). Come join us for these memorable moments in gaming!

It Came From the NET......

Friday – 12:00 am – Asian Film Room LL20C Come join us for our second year as we showcase some of the best, craziest,


By Fans, For Fans

and well-made fan movies – movies so well-made it blows your mind and makes you wonder why Hollywood hasn’t made anything like it yet. Will we see unauthorized somethingRangers? Maybe The Apprentice, or will Kung Fury tell us he’s a cop? Come in and witness what came from beyond the Net.

Themed Rooms Nostalgia Room

Room LL20B

FanimeCon invites you to take a step back in time to see the roots of modern anime. The Nostalgia Room has a wide range of anime spanning from the ‘60s all the way to the ‘90s. It showcases ‘60s classics (Astro Boy, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Devilman, etc.) to modern ‘80s and ‘90s classics (Kimagure Orange Road, Project A-ko, Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, etc.) Whether you started watching anime back in the day (and want to experience that nostalgic feeling) or you are a more recent fan, come and see what turned many people into anime fans!

Omake/Film Room

Film Room LL21 E/F

Come browse our library of entertaining offerings, including (but not limited to) short movies, animation, anime music video parodies, full-length anime movies, and all the cool stuff from Japan – with all of the fan-made treasures that you normally would not see! We are certain this room will capture your curiosity and leave you clamoring for more.

Abridged Series Screenings Friday – Monday – Omake/Film Room LL21 E/F

Following the satire and comedy tradition of Mystery Science Theater 3000, these anime abridged shows hold nothing sacred as they poke at plot holes for good laughs. First proposed by our attendees, FanimeCon introduced this room a few years ago and we have never looked

back! We welcome you to join us in watching these fan-made parodies, which are often the most ridiculous things you could ever imagine from your favorite shows! So pull up a chair and prepare to bust a gut!

Marathon Room

Room LL20D

Has an anime ever piqued your curiosity, but you just didn’t have time to watch it? Have you already seen an anime, but are interested in experiencing it all over again? The Marathon Room is the place for you! Grab your favorite snack, pull up a chair, and prepare for hours of only the most asked-for anime choices.

Cutting Edge Room

Room LL20A

Can’t wait for the official release to come out? Come join us in the Cutting Edge Room to see the most recent anime of today! Watch subtitled anime as recent as those released right before FanimeCon 2017!

Industry Room

Room LL21 A/B

This room features various offerings presented by the anime publishers who make it their mission to bring our favorite shows to us through online streaming, DVDs, and Blu-ray. We offer a variety of options ranging from English, Spanish, French, and even Japanese dub with English subtitles. Sit down, crack open a soda, and join us for some of the best anime out in America today!

Asian Films Room LL20C

Did the intense action of Bruce Lee capture your heart as a child? Did the comical martial arts of Jackie Chan give you a warm laugh? The staff of FanimeCon love a good movie just as much as the next guy. And as you might have guessed, the unique style of Asian cinema has struck a deep resonance within us. That is why we’re proud to present this fan-favorite – a collection of some of the best pieces

that have graced theater screens across Asia! From the most mystifying of intrigues and dramas, to the highflying action of the latest Kung Fu movies, we have a sampling sure to impress. So come and watch for awhile, Grasshopper!

Late Night Is the excitement of FanimeCon keeping you up at night? Do you want something better to watch other than those late night infomercials? Worry not! We have you covered with an array of video programming that will feature a variety of films, including campy cult classics and eclectic oddities.

Anime Anarchy

Friday – Sunday – 12:00 am – Cutting Edge Room LL20A

Too extreme for the light of day! Late at night, after all the little chibi have gone to bed, sleepless hoards of worldly adults seek the most outrageous comedy, ghastly horror, and savage action. We have prepared a collection of programming sure to please even the most demanding of connoisseurs. Those seeking this edgy entertainment can find our calloused coliseum of cartoon chaos; an unflinching bombardment of violence, profanity, nudity, and other mature content to challenge even the most hardened oldschool otaku.

Midnight Madness

Saturday – 12:00 am – Asian Film Room LL20C Some otaku hear voices…Voices that say something completely different… Sometimes, they do what the voices say…Welcome to the twisted bizarroworld of fan-made parodies: an altered state in which pimps orchestrate Armageddon by pop music, dwarves sell life insurance to witches, and ninjas do the Macarena. Can you stand the shocking goof that is Midnight Madness? Or will you keel over in cachinnation? It’s a marathon of merciless mockery and only the most tenacious masochists will

persevere until dawn.

Hentai Nights 18+ Friday – Sunday 12:00 am – Industry and Main Video rooms LL21 A/B/C/D Hot, sweaty bodies, heavy breathing, and pounding heartbeats — and that’s just the audience! Oh my! Three scintillating nights of sexy shojo in sizzling sapphic, sadomasochistic, surreal, and simply silly smut from the midnight moon to the rising sun. Imported only from the land of the most exotic and imaginative erotica in the world.

YaoiCon Bingo 18+

For YaoiCon events time and location, please look to the schedule or website.

We are bringing the time-honored tradition from YaoiCon to FanimeCon! Per tradition, not only will there be a multitude of prizes, but a multitude of scrumptious lads too! Where else can you play bingo and have lovely male specimens stripping for your viewing pleasure? This is not your grandma’s bingo. Unless, of course, your grandma attends YaoiCon – which we totally agree with and support. Please bring your own writing material for the event. Bingo Cards are 50 cents each or 5 for $2.

YaoiCon Presents Hot Yaoi Nights 18+

Yaoi is known for emotionally complex storytelling akin to romance novels with a delicious whipped cream dollop of male bonding on top. You know you’re curious…

Hentai Music Video Awards 18+

Sunday – 12:00 am – Main Video room LL21 C/D Do you like Hentai? Do you like music videos? If so, it’s that time again! Come to the Hentai Music Videos Competition and Exhibition! Watch videos battle for prizes as you, the audience, decide who wins! After the entries for this year are shown and winners are decided, stick around for more Hentai Music Videos! Laughs will be had, Hentai will be shown, and you’ll never listen to the Inspector Gadget theme the same way ever again!

Bad Hentai 18+ Sunday Following the HMV Main Video room LL21 C/D You’ve seen the panel earlier in the convention, and now it is time to witness what the speaker was talking about. Come bring your voices and laugh as if you were at a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show or The Room. Partake in stuff that’s so bad, it’s good.

For YaoiCon events time and location, please look to the schedule or website. It’s raining bishonen! Three naughty nights of adult anime and live events dedicated to men who love men, and the women who love to watch them love each other.

YAOI [n. ya-oh-ee] is an acronym for “YAma nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi” and “Yamete! Atashi no Oshiri Itai!” – a self-deprecating genre label for homo-erotic manga and anime. Some prefer the more humorously descriptive alternative, “Yamete! Atashi no Oshiri Itaii!” Usually written by and for straight women (and often appreciated by gay men),



FanimeCon 2017 Staff List Chair Team

Eric W. (Head) Evan J. (Second) Claudia W. (Second)

Fan Services Waffles O. (Head) Jerry P. (Second)

Artist Alley

Masato K. (Head) Ted B. (Second) Katrina S. (Second) Marc D. (Lead) Theodore S. (Lead) Khoi D. Kevin G. Jenelle P. James S. Christine W.

Dealer’s Room

Amir S. (Co-Head) Camilla W. (Co-Head) Alice B. Michael C. Katelyn G. Jonathan J. James N. Ron O. Zoe O. Brandon P. Vincent P. Dakota P. Leo R. Jaye S. Sara V.

Fan Storage Calvin C. (Head) Adam B. (Second) Mark C. (Second) Nick I. (Lead) Jonell A. Danilo B. Marvin G. Jonathan D. Nancy L. Julius M. Takeo M. Reshel P. Danielle P. Yuweng P. Andy P. Vivanni R. Darwin S. Michael S. Kevin T. Justin Y.


Khang N. (Head) Samantha H. (Second) Katrina S. (Second) Chris B. (Lead) Ruby C. (Lead) Eric C. (Lead) Zak K. (Lead) Rachael K. (Lead) Michael M. (Lead) Anthony P. (Lead) Alina V. (Lead) Erin W. (Lead) Kenneth B. Jeejun B. Fiona C. David C. Alisha C. Jonathan C. Derik C. Kathy C. Julie H. Candy L. Raymond L. Vicki L. Marisol M. Marc M. April P. Jennifer P. Justin-Anthony R. Edward R. Henry S. Liang S. Kristine T. Katrina T. Khoa T. Victoria U. Jenny V. Jenny V.


Nicole W. Frank W. Torin Y. Cassandra Z.

Swap Meet

Benjamin L. (Head) Andrew C. Benjamin K. Lisa M. Alan N. Cassidy P.

Communications Milton L. (Co-Head) Michael L. (Co-Head)

Creative Services Amanda C. (Head) Nancy T. (Second)

Artist Pool Finni C. Stephanie K. Jennifer K. Brittany N. Erica O. Tabitha R. Elda T. Mee Y.


Stacy L. Lauren P. Daria R. Deanna T. Tsz W. Andrew Y.


Milton L. (Co-Head) Steve Y. (Co-Head)


Sam W. (Head)

Photography John L. (Head) Kirk E. (Second) Eliot B. Zhi C. Johnson D. Kyle D. Alexander H. Amna K. Yan K. Isobel M. Sharon P. Deborah W.

Vincent R.


Aaron L. (Head) Andrew L. (Second) Phyllis D. (Lead) Stephanie L. (Lead) Cynthia D. Patrick T.


Daniella O. (Head) Elizabeth A. Grace M. Eric R.

Environmental Branding Alex M. (Head) Sea K. (Second) Martin D. Linda F. Rina H. David K. Tyson L. Linh N. Lily T. Andrew T. Laura V.


Andrew L. (Head) Timothy D. (Second) Ninarose R. (Lead) Ashley V. (Lead) Justin A. Nancy B. Laura C. Michelle L. Maria N.


Aaron L. (Head) Tianna A. Helen H. Annalie J. Luisa M. Ian P. Jesus R. Liset R. Quynh T. Missy Y.

Web Team

Phyllis D. (Head) Andy L. Ninarose R. Rajan S.


Fortunato A. Cheri G. Mark S. David T.

Rena W. (Head) Miko E. (Second) Alex N. (Second) Bev S. (Second) David B. Ian M. Chris W.



Professional Registration

Steve Y. (Head)

Mobile App Ahmed B. (Head)

Social Media Milton L. (Head) Deborah W.

Prize Coordination Scott R. (Head)


Candice C. (Head) Tina S. (Second) Mattie B. Anthony B. Oscar C. AnneMarie C. Kat C. Lillian C. Darius D. Alyssa G. Justin H. Taylor L. Rowan M. Lawrence R.

By Fans, For Fans

Erik H. (Head) Joshua A. (Second) Warton C. (Second) Emily H. (Second) Juan J. (Second) Caelin L. (Second) Eric L. (Second) Megan M. (Second) Peter N. (Second) Jastin O. (Second) Bryan Y. (Second) Sheralyn L. (Lead) Jacqueline Y. (Lead) Tim A. Thomas A. Mel B. Sean B. Brenda B. Alan B. Kenneth B. Shannon C. Cofun C. Kassandra C. Mitchell D. Destiny D. Matt D. Jorge R. Burt H. Kristine H.

Tyler H. Jonathan H. Nakiyan K. Kyou K. Sandy L. Kevin L. Lawrence L. Tony L. Peter L. Tiffany L. Jerimy M. Robin M. Gabe M. Tony N. Anthony O. Leonard Q. Antonio R. John R. Johnny R. Bobby R. Danny R. Allen S. Nessa S. Arthur S. Henry T. Amie T. Ray V. Hector V. Katie V. Christina W. Lani B. Dominic Y. Chao Y.

Game Show Scott R. (Head) Britt H. Bryce M. Hoan T


Felicito S. (Head) Kelly L. (Second) Vivian T. (Second) Wilson W


Jennifer I. (Head) Logan K. (Second)


Jason L. (Head) Sonny G. (Second) Cuauhtemoc B. Giancarlo B. Crystal C. Jenai C. Kaleo C. Carlo C. Sam D. Chantelle G. Donovan G. Joshua G. William H. Ben H. Simon H. Cris J. Corin K. Patrick L. Dennis L. Ross M. Cesar A. Lorenzo M. Abe N. Shawn N. Vlad P. Astrid P. Phillip R. Prabhjot S. Diego S. Ceaira S. Conrad S. Kevin T. Calvin T. Chris V.

Tabletop Gaming Jennifer I. (Head) Logan K. (Second) Casey M. (Second) Sherwin M. (Second) Julia P. (Second) Samantha V. (Second) Steven B. (Lead) Albert C. (Lead) Melissa F. (Lead) Vallance A. Shirley B. Lisa B.

Melinda B. Cecil B. Sarah B. Aaron C. Nicholas C. Ryan C. Dante C. Sable C. Kevin F. Genny D. Shelly F. Christina H. Craig H. Shawn J. Daniel K. Christine K. Christopher L. Adam O. Kiyo O. Danilo R. Nathaniel R. Darryl R. Cora R. Cameron S. Alfred S. Kyle S. Kimby S. Leroy S. David T. Remy U. Tony V.

Info Desk

Albert T. (Head) Ignacio D. (Second) Alex K. (Second) Sarah M. (Second) Ramsey P. (Second) Kevin W. (Second) Jackie S. Gabriela A. Guadalupe A. Miguel B. Deborah B. Gabriel B. Cody B. Sarah B. Jeffrey B. Courtney C. Linda D. Veronica D. Joel D. Elian D. Christian E. Osvaldo F. Nicole G. Brianna G. Katt H. Alexander H. NancyJade H. Ashley J. Kisa K. Rigoberto L. Joseph L. Daniel M. Lokesh M. Nevina M. Erwin M. Brian M. Neha N. Erin N. Samuel O. Omar O. Ted P. Alexandra P. Malik P. Nicholas R. Caleb R. Nicholas R. Sam S. Kasey S. Christopher S. Caitlin S. Dave S. Carron S. Socheata U. Ana V. Vanessa V. Julianne W. Christopher W. Sam W. Areeb Y. Abe Y.


Tommy P. (Head) Branden F. (Second) Charleett R. Valerie S. Kelsey S. Elliot T. Elly W. Chiyoko Y.

Manga Lounge Ian M. (Head) Gabriel M. (Second) Sarah B. Diane K. Jonathan L. Brandon M. Jarvis N. Daniella O. Adrian O. Jonathan P. Terry W.


Bryan C. (Head) Adrienne A. (Second) Sydney M. (Second) Ronna P. (Second) David B. Caitlin B. Steve B. Ben C. Zoey C. Micah D. Adolfo F. Steven G. Keno I. Kevin I. Kelsey L. Tyler M. Marc M. Corinne O. Paul N. Maxine N. Roland N. Donovan O. Nico O. Briana P. Jesse P. Raymond Q. Ruby R. Megan S. Aislinn S. Cassy T. Kane W. Alexis W. Tommy Z.


Benjamin H. (Head) John P. (Second) Joshua P. (Lead) Ryan U. (Lead) Gabrielle G. Amelia H. Otter K. Carl K. Elizabeth L. Tommy L. Donald P. Russell S. Sophia U. Tom W.

Fan Events

Caitlin B. (Head) Mallory B.

Programming Ops Alex N. (Head) Laura C. (Second) Henley S. (Second) Jace G. (Lead) James W. (Lead) Autumn C. Tiffany C. Maria C. Tanya C. Vinh D. Thomas D. Cooper G. Jesse G. Lauren G. Griselda I. Constantine K. Rebecca K. Arthur L. Alisha M.

Chantell P. Nicholas R. Deren S. Bryan S. Resa T.

Speed Dating

Irisa T. (Head) Justice B. (Second) Patricia B. (Second) George C. (Second) Radford L. (Second) Matthew M. (Second) London P. (Second) Wayland S. (Second) Ty A. Evelyn C. Erin C. Danie C. Danny H. Ruth H. Victor L. Vincent L. Bryan N. Alex O. Dylan P. Alex S. Grant T. Jack T. Donna T. Charles Y. Jessica Y.

Stage Zero

Wendell N. (Head) Ali S. (Second) CJ S. (Second) William B. Kayla C. Joamil C. Sean C. Samuel D. Alyssa D. Rico D. Jessica D. Keon H. Austin K. Alexis R. Christian R. Mattison L. Janelle O. Anthony P. Kameron P. Rachell S. Jamie S.


Jerry G. (Head) Stan C. (Second) Edmond C. (Second) Keith H. (Second) Kenneth L. (Second) Thom A. Rossiaun B. Camille C. Nick C. Bryce D. Cheyanne H. Irene H. Jacqueline H. Andrew H. Michael J. Binh K. Kristi M. Ricky M. ERiC M. Andrew M. Andre P. Favian R. Amanda R. Ricky S. Daniel S. James S. Jerry T. Christopher T. Anna T. Elisha V. Roman V. Kai V. Kyle Y.

Fanime Music Video Jon S. (Head) Sarah F. (Second)

Guest Relations Jinni P. (Head) Evan R. (Second) Scott M.


Michael G. (Head) Annie Y. (Second) Jeanina C. Scott G. Cathy N. Ashlee T. Kim-Quang V.


Salvador A. Jose A. Jessica B. Jacqueline C. Annaliese C. Alexander D.  Yvonne L. Alyssa L. Akira S. Topher S. Rajan S. Alexander T. Judy T. Erika Y.


Valerie R. (Head) Liz T. (Second) Florian M. Christin T.

Japanese Language Services Colleen C. Ah-Yung H. Michelle L. Joshua L. Jo-Ann L. Nita L. Ben L. Isabel R.

Extravaganzas Rebecca E. (Co-Head) Matthew T. (Co-Head) Minjae K. (Second)

Black & White Ball Rebecca E. (Head) David C. (Second) Julia C. (Second) Michael D. (Second) Victoria N. (Second) Jarvin B. Peeyusha B. Chris C. Shirley C. Jennifer D. Jessica D. Dana D. Thomas F. Sunny F. Natasha F. Liberty F. Brandon H. My-Tam H. Christine H. Darryl H. Andy H. Elizabeth J. Timothy K. Jacqueline K. Amanda L. Christopher L. Anthony L. Lillian L. Mirabel M. Total N. Jessica N. Joel R. Christopher S. Ryan S. Angie S. Allison S. Caroline S. Justin T. Chien-Kai W.


Erik A. (Head) Jade F. (Second) Kathy L. (Second) Em P. (Second) Ken A. (Lead) Stephanie S. (Lead) Lauren A. Athena C. Jack C. Martina G. Kristina H. Bryan L. Luis M. Ken N. Matthew Q. Christian R. Zach S. Caroline S. Lindsay T. Kim T. Matthew T. Noah W. Tiffany W.

Maid Cafe

Amy N. (Head) Katy L. (Second) Desirae B. Angie B. Angeline B. Sharon C. Tiffany F. Tue H. Kenny L. Connie L. Amy L. Chelsea M. Amelia P. Sarah P. Paulina R.

Chibitainment Mat Y. (Head) Carina A. Adriano A. Paulo A. Nicole W.

Thrift Shop

Taylor B. (Head) Cheyenne C. (Second) Elyssa E. (Second) Felicity A. Nathan A. Morgan G. Charlotte G. Jayce I. Breana M. Katherine M. Mercedes T. Nouchee V.

Cosplay Gatherings Tye L. (Head) Ai N. (Second) Sam B. Britney B. Ansel C. Maggie C. Jamie C. Abdullah D. Carlos G. Luis G. Sherissa H. Melissa L. Tami M. Matthew P. Will P. Robbie P. Andrew P. Jorge R. Thomas S. Kameila S. Kaiwen Y.

Operations Erin B. (Head) Erica E. (Second) Nicole T. (Second) Beth B. Calvin C.


Michael S. (Co-Head) Terrence T. (Co-Head) Celina C. (Lead) Christopher K. (Lead) Grence A. Taylor B. Kathy C. Jessica C. Tara D. Michael D. Henry H. Kelly H. Christopher J. Jules K. Kathy M. Jessica M. Dani S. Deborah W. Ashelynn W.

Infrastructure Kevin W. (Head) Edward D. Ian J. Jacky L. Daniel R..

Lost & Found

Rachel B. (Head) Nathaniel F. (Second) Deborah W. (Second) Patrick B. Trung N.


Beth B. (Head)


Sean D. (Co-Head) Jarel M. (Co-Head) Charles P. (Co-Head) Hillary M. (Second) Jorge A. Scott A. Katherine C. Ryan E. Andrew F. Samuel L. Angela L. Norman M. Andrea N. Rickey R. Calvin T. Catherine W.


Karen C. (Head) Tim C. (Second) Peter D. (Second) Christopher J. (Second) Jarrett J. (Second) Nhi P. (Second) Leanne T. (Second) Tiffanie T. (Second) Marco C. Daniel C. Arturo C. Ani F. Jacque F. Michael H. Alex L. Ether L. Oscar V. Crystal V.


Matthew K. (Head) Alicia C. (Second) Rebecca H. (Second) Todd L. (Second) Jennifer L. (Second) Jonathan A. Joseph A. Ivy A. Christine A. Isabel B. Naomi B. Surinus B. Chris B.

Erick C. Alex C. Tammy C. Jeremy C. MariaJose C. Ji C. Arnold C. Alda C. Alexandrea C. Caleb C. Christopher C. Rose C. Scott C. Alan C. Joey C. Steven C. Iris D. David D. Samey D. Stephanie D. Shawn D. John E. Andrew E. Christopher F. Nico F. Ashley F. William G. Christian G. Rafael G. Lothar H. Ben H. Kevin H. Jacob I. Tenzin J. Elizabeth J. Richard J. Kyle J. Veronica J. Veronica J. Maxim-Mordacai K. Hisako K. Angela L. Sandi L. Gilbert L. Megan L. Roger L. Ange L. Vinson L. Billy L. Ronald M. Karen M. Alejandra M. Jacob M. Jessica M. Jared M. Matthew M. Sandi M. Angelica M. Everett M. Alan M. Kyle N. Monica N. Sean P. Meywin P. Tony P. Kurt P. Jeftah Q. Tyler R. Reginald S. Oliver S. Derrick S. Gabriela S. Serena S. Shannon T. Connie T. Vincent T. David T. Adrianne T. Alexander T. August V. Miguel V. Miguel V. Jesus V. Reggie V. Simin W. Katrina W. John W. Anthony W. Edward Y. Jonathan Y. Torin Y. Drew Y. Norman Y. Alexander Z. Nikko Z. Peter Z. Brent Z.

Troubleshooter Jenna S.

Scheduling Scott R. (Head)

Human Resources

William W. (Head) Ernesto E. (Second) Ellena M. (Second) Rosina T. (Second) Kalen F. Emileen F. Marliah F. Nanette L. Daryl M. Jim M. Luisa M. Nathan M. Alvin O. Marcus R. Julia W.

Staff Events & Appreciation Ernesto E. (Head)

Accounts Receivable Craige H. (Head) Gregory J. Justice J. Christopher T.

Accounts Payable Felicia T. (Head) Louisa N. (Second) Matthew T. (Second) Alicia N. Alan N. Natalie S. Andrew Y. Peony Z.


Felicia T. (Head) Louisa N. (Second) Matthew T. (Second) Alicia N. Alan N. Natalie S. Andrew Y. Peony Z.

Finance Corporate Craige H. (Head)

Anime Resource Group Board of Directors Che-lin H. (Co-Head) Milton L. (Co-Head) Sam W. (Co-Head) William W. (Co-Head) Eric W. (Co-Head)

Repository James L. (Head)


Ashley W. (Head) Joyce L. (Second) Natalie R. (Second) Matthew A. Antonio E. Ella G. Scott S.

Information Technology Scott R. (Head)

Office Management Scott R. (Head)


Arlene M. (Head) Eugene C. (Co-Head) Robert B. Daniel C. Nikki D. Maria D. Patrick D. Alan M. Luisa M. Vernon M. Cadence M. Leonard M. Alex N. Bien R. Michael S. Jacob S. Kitty S. Jackie W. Ken Y. Casey Y.


Craige H. (Head) Che-lin H. (Second) Felicia T. (Second) Josh H.



The Aetheric Message Machine Company offers free telegram service. Text us your message; we’ll print it on our antique brass and glass machines. Free messenger delivery service! Pick up our card at any Info Desk, or find us by the lobby near the Artist’s Gallery. Drop in for the latest news!

We present to you steampunk films of sundry types! Silver-acetated stories illuminate your eye-dreams and frost imaginative memories. Float into brain-worlds of extraordinary storytellers!

Aetheric Telegraph Office

Steampunk Film Festival

The Airship Kamehameha War Room Experience Martial Arts in the Steampunk ’verse! Our crew traveled on airships, submarines, and a myriad of conveyances to the corners of the globe to bring you wise and learned instructors. Hone your weapons skills with swords, canes, spears, knives, and LED sabers from nonlocal galaxies. Grasp secrets the Suffragettes used to win the vote for women! Integrate tactics the British expeditionists mastered for their saber skills! Absorb the mysterious martial art used by Sherlock Holmes! Save your airship with these newly learned skills!

Clockwork Alchemy 2017 Staff List Chair Team Thatch D. (Head) Josh K. (Co-Head) Programming Adam S. (Head) Danny D. (Co-Head) Amber D. Alison O. Mj S. War Room Ruthe M. (Head) David D. (Second) Jill G. (Second) Brooke B. Mia B. Matthew K. Kayla C. Fred K. Draven M. Allen S. Dara V. PJ W. Panels Sharon C. (Co-Head) Thena M. (Co-Head)

Jeffrey C. Gaming MIchael K. (Head) Bryce F. Shelley H. Patti K. Michael P. Registration Ariel I. (Head) Tawnly P. (Co-Head) Content Lisa K. Tess M.

(Head) (Second)

Creative Dave H. (Head) Rebecca B. Lauren C. Cynthia L. Tea Parlor Melanie D. (Head) Ryan F. (Second) Sabrina H. (Second) Robin V. (Second) Justin B.

Chip C. Eddie C. Nate C. Brynda A. Angela F. Tiana F. AJ J. David O. Emily P. Lori P. Gina D. Tech Emily R. Darren B. Mark R.


Info Desk Laura C. (Head) Barbara C. (Co-Head) Sean F. (Second) Blau B. Michael C. Sara C. Darwin G. Gretchen Ki. Artist’s Bazaar Sandra F. (Head)

Bobbies Cassie K. (Head) Mary A. (Second) Marshall C. (Second) Michael A. Eddie C. Edward K. Jon M. Leslie P. Anton T.

Artist’s Gallery Nathaniel B. (Head) Judy M. (Second) Kevin H. Nate J. Rachel K.

Katherine H. Nathanial K. Ileana L. John R. Karl S. Jareth T. Kayla W.

Jill B. Lisa F. Jessie H. Melody J. Meghan M. Hayley R. Carrie S.

Operations Wolfgang C. Michael C. Robert T. ConOps Peter R. Judi F. Alex P. Sandra A. Jacalin C. Penny E. Raine F. Teddy H.

(Head) (Second) (Second)

Special Events Alyssa R. (Head) Jennifer A. Zoie A. Jennifer B. Kory D. Joseph F. Sherry H. Matt H. Cheryl K.

Katie L. Rebecca L. Laura O. John S. Sara S. Lynn S. Charlie W. Web Vernon P. (Head) Michaela H. Logistics Gene F. (Head) Joseph F. (Second) Matt F. (Second) Ali P. (Second) Amber A. Joseph G. Emmanuel G. Vika H. Sarah R. JP R. Carey S. Andi S. Calvin T.


Presentations Talented writers, filmmakers, fashionistas, makers, and experts in 19th-century culture, etiquette, technology, and the world of steampunk offer their wisdom to advise your steampunk persona, plus share history that never almost did happen, and…?! Consult your Pocket Guide for a detailed schedule.

Panels Join assemblies of authors, artists, makers, and tinkers for group discussions on a variety of topics. This is a grand way to acquire tricks of the trade and share your knowledge with others in a congenial community.

Workshops Make your own steampunk accessories and props! Turn thrift store finds into steampunk fashion and gadgets. Planned topics include: costuming, simple prosthetics, writing, publishing, 3D printing, and more! Kids Crafting Workshops entertain the young ones! Parental units and Galactic Guardians, please stay with your Smalls and Shorts during Clockwork Alchemy!!

Events and Exhibits The Authors’ Salon An incredible set of steampunk, historical, and sci-fi fantasy authors share their tricks of the trade and show us how to not reinvent the wheel as a writer…or to use trite phrases. Meet them as they unveil their latest works at a special BOOK RELEASE PARTY — Friday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Get your books signed! Peruse their latest in print and on the web.

Caravan Tent This nomadic tent features floating veils, flying carpets, and mysteries of the Far East and nearer locales. Belly dancers and other artists perform on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, in the Gateway Foyer. Exotic, enchanting, and elegant, they’ll spirit you away to a place of legend, lore, and myth where genies, sultans, and viziers ruled the Silk Road... and only the bravest adventurer dared travel.


Alchemist Tea Parlour We offer wonderful teas, delightful treats, and a wonderful time. Properly sip our stalwart Earl Grey, maybe go for our Clockwork Alchemy Classic Rooibos, or perhaps you’re feeling adventurous and would like to try something brand new! We offer numerous enchanting entertainments. Friday afternoon, we present wonderful acoustic sets, and throughout the weekend, we’ll have a tea leaf reader! Saturday and Sunday mornings, discover technical tea-related secrets and digest details of tea etiquette! New this year: after tea service ends, we host Fortune Telling sessions! Join us at the Alchemist Tea Parlour!

Sit down and play something! Have a steampunk-based game to share? We have a large game library that you can play in this room. This is a great way to take a break and meet other con goers. We’ll also be running some game demos! Awesome!!


Strangely Doesburg

Strangely Doesburg plays accordion like a lost baby kaiju stuck in a suspension bridge, and hails from uncertain origins. Adopted by esoteric mystics and raised without popular entertainments, he now peregrinates about the globe presenting sundry amusements. Years ago, over a heated card game, the deck cooled, the stakes uncanny, Strangely described his art. For a moment across that purple-felted table they locked eyes, our hero and his adversary. “I seek,” said Strangely, a smile shifting his face like the stirrings of an awakening bear, “to create in you a sense of happily befuddled wonder, to make you sing and dance and carouse and woo.” This answer seemed to satisfy, and the hands continued, as they do to this very day. In private, shy and retiring, but once placed in front of a crowd this troubadour transforms into a transfixing bearded dervish. According to popular legend, behind his copious facial hair lurks a countenance of surpassing beauty, though he vowed never to walk beardless until he completes his arcane quest. Patreon. com/Strangely | StrangelyAndFriends.com

Emperor Norton’s Ball His Imperial Majesty made congenial arrangements for a luxurious time-traveling ball featuring the best dancing from Victorian times, the swing era, and an alternative Earth. Sunday evening, be our guest and enjoy seven hours of music and dancing! Once again, enjoy the many talents of Unwoman (see WindUp Cabaret) followed by:

Lee Presson

Lee Presson and the Nails are an award-winning big band out of San Francisco. Around since 1994, they pound out their peculiar brand of sinister swing, alleging, “We are the wildest swing band in the Great ’48!” The steampunk community warmly embraces LPN despite deep confusion as to how and why this might have occurred. Debate here! LeePresson.com

Featured Exhibits Admire Clockwork Alchemy’s space for artists, makers, dreamers, and doers! As the written word brings inspirational spark, the devices, paintings, and fashion created by these talented individuals bring the steampunk aesthetic to physical life. Curated paintings, sculptures, costumes, props, and inventions please your eyes, feed your soul, and inspire your own creativity by observing what can be accomplished with a little ingenuity and a lot of imagination.

The Bazaar showcases handcrafted one-of-a-kind finery, rare frippery, fantastical instruments, and armaments. Wander these wondrous Bazaar aisles, discovering fairy relics, hats, spats, corsets, crinolines, and other clever creations to use and enjoy in the home—and beyond. Come sample these fruits of the astonishing talents of the steampunk artist community’s makers and dreamers!

Artist’s Gallery

Artist’s Bazaar


Greg Schwartz

Greg Schwartz has been fire dancing since 2010, performed in Temple of Poi’s 2012 Fire Expo, and has performed in previous years Clockwork Alchemy Cabarets. His fire dancing style is influenced by martial arts and electronic music. He also makes costumes with EL Panels, and can often be seen in a Superman costume. Book him! GregSchwartz.net.

Spark Acting

Spark Acting consists of Mander Zander and Ruth Sears. Professor Verve is a larger-than-life, mad-scientist type or “Animist.” He collects emotional essences from the audience, imbuing them into inanimate objects; then these come to life to commune with the audience. His most successful project: his assistant, Galatea. They relish improvisation; your character ideas give them an opportunity to explore new realms. On stage or mingling in crowds, they bring events to life while blurring the separation between audience and performer.


Tempest is an artist, designer, and dancer based in Seattle, Washington. One of the major pioneers of Fusion Belly Dance (Gothic/Dark, Steampunk, and Ritual), she strives to create and teach dance that maintains the essence of belly dance, balancing tradition, inspiration, and innovation. Her compellingly artful performances exemplify her distinctively theatrical, unique, and expressive style, and are rooted in oriental dance technique with a transcendent approach. In addition to teaching and performing throughout the world, she is the producer of Waking Persephone—a festival for dark and unusual dance— and Tapestry: Dance Retreat (for sacred, ritual, and folkloric dance/arts). DarklyDramatic.com


Unwoman is a San Francisco-based solo cellistsinger-songwriter. Seven albums contain timeless songs about lost love and classic covers. Many North American major steampunk, goth, and sci-fi events have featured Unwoman. She received the 2013 Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Award for best solo musician and has performed with Amanda Palmer, Voltaire, Abney Park, Rasputina, and Vernian Process. See more! Unwoman.com

Aural Alchemy The musical spectrum feels the influence of steampunk too. Saturday night’s concert brings together vibrant examples of this musical genre! Serenading us this year—Musical Guests of Honor: Diego’s Umbrella with Dogwood, Frenchy and the Punk, the Nathaniel Johnstone Band, and Strangely Doesburg!

Frenchy and the Punk

Frenchy and the Punk hail from Paris and New York, and have toured their red wine, kale, and granola-raised punk rock ballet style in the USA and Europe. Create a duet between Siouxsie Sioux and Dee Dee Ramone, inspired by Django Reinhardt, Edith Piaf, Toulouse Lautrec, and Deepak Chopra; then blend in equal parts: Dresden Dolls, Sonny and Cher, and the White Stripes. Results: eclectic and uplifting fun with a capital F!


Wind-Up Cabaret Friday night, music and performance mix in a fantastical spectacle. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Cirque des Betes, Dogwood, Greg Schwartz, Nathaniel Johnstone Band, Spark Acting, Unwoman, and a martial arts demo by Alain Bloch!

Alain Bloch

Alain Bloch is a lifelong Star Wars fan who trains in the NCSCS system under Novastar. He has experience in many forms of martial arts including Iaido and Ying-Jow Pai Kung Fu. He is the co-founder and head instructor for the Golden Gate Knights, and has made contributions to the second instructional DVD of Novastar and Caine’s Saber Combat System. He makes appearances in television and radio stations around the world, including NBC Bay Area and Good Morning Sacramento.

Cirque des Betes

Cirque des Betes brings buskers, burlesque, and bamboozling feats of art, athleticism, bad puns, and fun stories ensue! This California-based group of sexy beasts and circus freaks creates unique shows, spreading joyous organized chaos all over. In 2012, Nikolai de la Muerte & Eve Riot began attending conventions and shows as buskers and clowns. In 2014, they expanded their troupe, adding jugglers and varied flow artists, including hooping, contact juggling, staff manipulation, fan dancing, and aerial arts!

Dogwood Dogwood hails from the hedge and loam of Seattle’s undergrowth while aiming to weave historical and wax hysterical in the old-new traditions of mountain men, shanty men, and her fellow men as she tromps acro’st both ancient myth and accidental malady. Dogwood is a 2013 graduate of Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Theatre/Playwrighting who inherited her father’s passion for bluegrass and her mother’s love for eighties pop and opera. Her first ever role on a stage was at the tender age of three, when she played Persephone in a summer daycare

production of the Greek myths. She’s been hooked on them ever since, and it is from those and other ancient tales that the sparks of her inspiration most often originate—in song and poem form alike. In 2010, she picked up a ukulele and hasn’t looked back. She released her first EP (Myths & Maladies) in 2014, recorded by musical partner Nathaniel Johnstone and fellow ukuleleist and collaborator Aaron J. Shay. Her first album (Persephone Is Dead, Long Live Persephone!) came out in 2015, also recorded by Nathaniel Johnstone.

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band hails from Seattle, WA, and is led by multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Johnstone (violin, viola, banjo, mandolin, and guitar). Their vibrant sound crosses boundaries and borders—resulting in a blend of European, Middle Eastern, and South American music with Jazz, Rock, Surf, Folk, Gothic, and Steampunk influences. Surrounding himself with an ever-changing roster of likeminded souls, Nathaniel creates music for his many friends in the dancing world. Every song in his repertoire was inspired by and created with a particular dancer/troupe in mind. He has been joined on stage and in the studio by a talented array of musicians. The ensemble varies from show to show depending on the scope and location of the event, but always promises a dynamic experience. He has also collaborated with a number of other ensembles: The Ghosts Project, Jill Tracy’s Malcontent Orchestra, Ego Likeness, Jody Ellen, Android Lust, The Last Dance, The Hellblinki Sextet, Abney Park, and others. NathanielJohnstone.com


Featured Guests Morgyn Owens-Celli

Morgyn Owens-Celli draws inspiration from his travels to over twenty countries; this fifth-generation straw artist creates steampunk, couture and historical headgear reflecting the beauty of straw. In 1984, Morgyn founded the American Museum of Straw Arts, with 10,000+ objects from 80 cultures. The museum and Morgyn curated record-setting exhibitions at the Craft and Folk Art Museums in Los Angeles and San Francisco. This world-famous California native taught at the International Festivals of Straw in Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, and the Ukraine. In 1992, the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian honored him with a one-man show. Three of his works reside in the permanent collection of the National Museum of American History. Currently, Morgan types away at his most significant book yet: The Fifth Season: Straw Costumes in Folk Festivals.

Peter S. Beagle

Peter S. Beagle is an American novelist and screenwriter, especially fantasy fiction. His best-known work is The Last Unicorn which Locus subscribers voted the number five “All-Time Best Fantasy Novel” in 1987. He won several literary awards, including a World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 2011 and has published more than 35 novels, books, and screenplays.

Harry Turtledove

Harry Turtledove is an internationally acclaimed Hugo Award-winning American novelist, best known for his work in the genres of alternate history, historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. He has been nominated for, or awarded, greater than 26 literary awards since 1991, with over 126 published novels and books. He sometimes smiles.

Featured Events Clockwork Alchemy Fashion Show This year’s show will dazzle you on Sunday, May 28th with this theme: “The Steampunk Elements.” Fire, water, earth, air, aether, or time is incorporated into the designs, as a literal, conceptual, or as a representational element. Again, giant custom-made steampunk frames showcase these living works of art. Peruse and perambulate through the museumlike setting, viewing the displayed works up close. Several new designers will be present for the first time and some return from last year. Come gaze admiringly at their amazing steampunk- and historically-styled inspired fashions!

Splendid Tea Pot Racing Fire up the boilers! Fine tune the steam engines! Brew your favorite cuppa! Tea Pot Racing consists of a series of heats where modified, battery powered, remote-control teapot vehicles maneuver an obstacle course using Splendid Tea Pot Racing Association, New Zealand rules. Style one of your own, or use one of ours!

Dance Lessons Cut loose! Shake a leg! Brush up your waltzing form! Beginning or refresher classes: • Basic Waltz—John Schmidt • Waltzing ’Round The Clockwork: An Afternoon Waltz— Cathleen Myers, John Schmidt, and DJ Persephone • Swing—Stacy Hanssen and Gregory Friedman • Belly Dance—Firefly (Lisa Felten)


Fashion Guest of Honor

Musical Guests of Honor

Diego’s Umbrella are Gypsy Rock ambassadors, hailing from San Francisco and touring worldwide, combining violin, flamenco guitar, three part harmonies with modern rock sensibility, and Eastern European flavor. They have performed for 12 years, to wondrous acclaim. These renowned entertainers create an irresistible and unique mélange of traditional klezmer scales and flamenco strings with modern punk rock energy that effortlessly blend into beautiful harmonies and catchy hooks. Their singular, ecstatic, experiential show may transform you in one concert or less! Look for their new album Edjka!

Samantha Rei began her design career in 2000 with Blasphemina’s Closet, an early American Lolita clothing line. After closing it in 2013, she started anew with Samantha Rei, embodying her standards of sweetness, femininity, and detail. Samantha draws style inspiration from illustrators: Chris Riddell, Brom, Tony DiTerlizzi, Brett Helquist, and Mihara Mitsukazu; stories: Alice in Wonderland and Snow White; and designers Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Hirooka Naoto, John Galliano, and Anna Sui. Huffington Post, Shojo Beat, the American Gothic & Lolita Bible, Glamour UK, Gothic Beauty, and Vogue UK have featured Minnesota-based Samantha. In 2014, City Pages named her an “Artist of the Year,” and Best of the Twin Cities Best Fashion Show and Reader’s Choice awarded her “Best Local Fashion Designer” in 2016. That same year, Vancouver Fashion Week featured her designs. In 2015, she authored and illustrated a how-to book: Steampunk and Cosplay Fashion Design and Illustration.

Diego’s Umbrella

Samantha Rei

Maker Guest of Honor

Scott Brodeen

Scott Brodeen is a Nautilus specialist, since the mid 1980’s. He started working full-time in 1993 making models, props, molds, castings, and prototypes. Scott also restores, repairs, and verifies items for the Profiles In History auction house. Recently, he helped the restoration team for the Nautilus submarine used in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Scott’s prop work includes: Star Trek movie and television franchise, Sea Quest, Miracles, Supergirl, WaterWorld, Tank Girl, and Eraser.

Royal Airship Kamehameha’s War Room Guest of Honor

Melissa Tosetti

Melissa Tosetti co-owns the Tosetti Institute of MMA & Fitness in Redwood City. She trained and competed in Olympic fencing for seven years, earning a spot at the National Championships in 1993. She began studying eastern martial arts in 1994 with Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu. Over 12 years, Melissa earned three black belts, while competing in forms and tournaments across the USA and Canada. In 2001, she trained with the Shaolin Monks and at the Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou, China.


Chair’s Message Six years ago, a dream became reality; a convention grew out of the local steampunk community’s desire and determination to celebrate their shared view. From this ragtag band of merry Makers has sprung forth six unique annual mechanisms of steampunky goodness. This year marks a unique turning of the cogs. It is our final year of our annual weekend consortium with FanimeCon, who have been a wonderful cohort. We thank them for the gracious support as the mainspring unwinds on this venture. Next year, Clockwork Alchemy will be held on March 25-27, in Burlingame. For now, please have a ball, blow off steam, and enjoy this dream made real—Clockwork Alchemy! Thatch Durbin and Josh Kessler Chairs, Clockwork Alchemy 2017

One to Grow Upon, A.K.A. Charity for (the sake of) Science! Born at oh!-CA! Say what?! Gentle Reader, please find our next steampunk anthology, Some Time Later: Fantastic Voyages in Alternate Worlds, at booksellers in print, ebook, and here at Clockwork Alchemy 2017! Get your copy signed at the Authors’ Salon! Created by well-versed returning anthology editors AJ Sikes, BJ Sikes, and Dover Whitecliff, Some Francis, and amazing others. Fifty percent of the proceeds are directly donated to public libraries. So put the kettle on, pour a strong cuppa, and curl up on the couch for a rollicking journey through time and genre!! Order more copies here: Anthony@ThinkingInkPress.com.

Guests of Honor Author Guest of Honor

Madeleine Holly-Rosing Madeleine Holly-Rosing won a Sloan Fellowship for screenwriting, and the Gold Aurora and Bronze Telly awards for a PSA written and co-produced with Women in Film. In addition, she has won many awards while completing the UCLA MFA Screenwriting Program.

After successful crowdfunding campaigns for Boston Metaphysical Society, her webcomic, Madeleine created a crowdfunding class at Pulp Fiction Books in Culver City and lectures at Scriptwriters Network and Dreamworks. Teaching inspired her to write and publish Kickstarter for the

Independent Creator and more! She fences, too — nationally and internationally! Madeline holds a BA in Politics from U.C. Santa Cruz, an MA in Arabic and the Cultural History of the Arabs from Columbia. Mighty with the pen and the sword, Madeleine lives with her rocket scientist husband, David, and two rescue dogs, Ripley and Bishop.


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FanimeCon 2017 Program Guide  

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