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Chair’s Message Clockwork Alchemy is a unique and special convention that was formed and created by fans like you. Over the years we evolve to meet the expectations, culture, and desires of you our members. It is in that spirit that we invite you to learn about the incredible guests, panels, and events we have lined up for you! Have a wonderful time and welcome to Clockwork Alchemy 2016. Sincerely, Thatch Durbin Chair, Clockwork Alchemy

Discussion Panels Clockwork Alchemy is committed to furthering progress on the topics of diversity and privilege as reflected in steampunk. We strive for a convention that is both welcoming and safe for all participants. We strongly encourage attendees to participate in one or more of this year’s open-discussion panels so that we as a community can gain better understanding of the harm caused by ignorance of the issues contained in these topics. The intent is for these panels to be an educational space, not a space for judgments or offense. Please come with an understanding that not every participant is conversant with the issues, and be prepared to listen to opposing viewpoints with an open heart.

Appreciation vs. Appropriation: An Open Discussion

Friday, 2:00–2:50 pm, in The Study (Carmel Room)

Friendly, or Harassing? An Open Discussion Friday, 5:00–5:50 pm, in The Study (Carmel Room)

Appreciation vs. Appropriation: An Open Discussion

Saturday, 10:00–10:50 am, in The Academy (San Martin Room)

Consent vs. Harassment: An Open Discussion Saturday, 2:00–2:50 pm, in The Academy (San Martin Room)


What is Clockwork Alchemy?

Saturday, 11:00–11:50 am, in The Study (Carmel Room)

On a lighter note, we’re also planning an open discussion of the convention: of who we are, and of why we do what we do. You are Clockwork Alchemy. Come help define what that means.

Thirty Days Later: A Charity Anthology Born at CA Clockwork Alchemy is proud to have inspired an annual charity anthology. This year’s anthology, Thirty Days Later, Steaming Forward: 30 Adventures in Time, features pairs of stories written entirely by authors who will be or have been featured at Clockwork Alchemy. Thinking Ink Press will donate half the royalties from Thirty Days Later to local charities that help to promote literacy. Stop by the Authors’ Salon to speak with the authors and learn more about this project.

Guests of Honor Author Guest of Honor

Mark Coker

Based in Los Gatos, Mark Coker founded Smashwords in 2008 to make it fast, free, and easy for authors to publish and distribute ebooks. Today, Smashwords is the world’s largest distributor of self-published ebooks, and 2015 was the company’s fifth consecutive year of profitability. Over 116,000 authors and small independent presses around the world publish over 388,000 books with Smashwords, distributing globally to Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, OverDrive, and more. In June 2010, The Wall Street Journal named Mark one of the ‘Eight Stars of Self-Publishing.’ In March 2012, MediaBistro named Mark one of the ‘Five Ebook Experts to Watch.’ In June 2012, Forbes profiled Mark in a feature story, ‘Apple’s Biggest (Unknown) Supplier of E-Books.’ In both 2013 and 2014, Forbes named Smashwords one of America’s Top 100 Most Promising Companies. In 2014, INC. Magazine named Smashwords to its INC 500 list of America’s fastest growing private companies. During Clockwork Alchemy, Mark will be teaching a series of four workshops designed to help both new and experienced authors navigate the ins and outs of ebook publishing.

Clockwork Alchemy since the beginning, he has brought his exquisite construction skills and extraordinary eye for detail to steampunk menswear and raised it to a new level. Jeffrey is a member of the Motion Picture Costumers Union and has worked on films such as Magic City, Scorpion King, and Mystery Men. He is a four-time recipient of the L.A. Stage Alliance’s Ovation Award for costume design. In addition to his design work, Jeffrey is also the owner of AJS Costumes and Renaissance Dancewear. His Mr. Alan Jeffries Fine Gentlemen’s Apparel began seven years ago at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair and now operates year-round and has customers worldwide.

Filmmaker Guest of Honor

Byrd McDonald

Byrd McDonald has written, lensed, directed, and edited stories for a range of clients. A graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts by way of Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, McDonald worked for Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme from 1994 to 1999, working in development and shepherding features from script to screen. McDonald produced and directed the feature length documentary Haunters, and in 2006, produced the awardwinning feature film FILM GEEK. McDonald also produced and co-edited the 2008 feature The Auteur, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. In 2009, he directed the award-winning short film Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.

To learn more, visit You can also follow Mark on Twitter (@markcoker), at, and in Huffington Post’s Books section:

Fashion Guest of Honor

A. Jeffrey Schoenberg A. Jeffrey Schoenberg (AKA Mr. Alan Jeffries) has been designing costumes for theater, television, and film for almost 35 years—running the gambit from musical theater to Shakespeare to modern dance, with a specialization in period designs. A supporter of


Maker Guest of Honor

J.W. Kinsey

J.W. was a featured contestant on the Steampunk’d television series broadcast on the Game Show Network in 2015. He was also won the ‘Best of Art and Craft Award’ at the 2014 Geekie Awards. His current endeavor, J.W. Kinsey’s Artifice, is a small artisan shop specializing in the creation of unique, design-driven projects focusing on timeless beauty and craftsmanship. His work has been stylistically consistent since the mid 1990s, with inspiration primarily deriving from a vintage-industrial motif which falls within the Steampunk aesthetic. To read more about J.W. Kinsey:

Musical Guests of Honor

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing are the UK’s biggest steampunk band. Hailing from London, they’ve been kicking back against the modern dystopia by mixing anarchy and anachrony, and marinating it in gin-soaked steampunk, with emphasis on the punk. Imagine, if you will, a socially conscious punk band channelling the sound of a robot Sid Vicious, hopped up on Crass, covering Slayer in an 1877 East End Music


Hall: a murky mix of Doctor Who, Doctor Watson, and doctored history. TMTWNBBFN spout socially conscious lyrics focussed on the nineteenth century that remain remarkably applicable today. Previous double A-side single The Gin Song / Third Class Coffin, and album tracks ‘A Clean Sweep’ and ‘Miner,’ are strangely poignant in this new age of austerity. Formed of Andy Heintz (vocals and musical saw), Andrew O’Neill (guitar and vocals), Marc Burrows (bass and vocals), and Jez Miller (drums and vocals), the London four-piece have showcased their obsession with murky Victoriana, and their flair for writing satirical songs that lose none of their punk edge, while gracing the stages of prominent music festivals and steampunk conventions throughout the UK and US.

Musical Guests of Honor

The Cog is Dead

Prepare for adventure with this trio of time-traveling makers of music! The Cog is Dead are a fun and eclectic steampunk music group whose upbeat tunes and catchy melodies come in a variety of musical genres. With songs ranging from dark, Danny Elfman-esque numbers, to cheerful and whimsical ditties, they’ve been described as an exciting musical roller-coaster ride, and have been praised for their musical versatility, clever story-telling lyrics, and charming theatrical presence. They’ve been seen touring all over the country, from Dragon Con in Atlanta to Steamstock in San Francisco, and everywhere in between!

Originally hailing from 1893 Grimsby, England, they travel to different lands and eras in their marvelous flying timeship and spread their music wherever they go, while strongly encouraging people to return to the beauty and charm of Victorian-era brasswork, analog clocks, and steam-powered machines. Along the way they’ve been inspired by the music of all the eras they’ve been to. Their songs are sure to get your toes tapping, put a smile on your face, and light a flame in your heart.

Featured Events Wind-Up Cabaret

Aural Alchemy

Early Friday night, music and performance mix in a spectacle worthy of your fantasies. At this year’s Wind-Up Cabaret, you’ll be delighted by the musical stylings of the Nathaniel Johnstone Band and Unwoman, and will be entertained by the Aether Brigade, Greg Schwartz, Lady Kai, and Tempest.

Perhaps steampunk was originally a literary genre, but today its influence is felt throughout the musical spectrum. Our Saturdaynight concert brings together some of the most vibrant examples of this musical genre! Serenading us at this year’s Aural Alchemy Concert will be Musical Guests of Honor The Cog is Dead, Dogwood, Unwoman, and Musical Guests of Honor The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing.

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band hails from Seattle, WA, led by multiinstrumentalist Nathaniel Johnstone (violin, viola, banjo, mandolin, and guitar). Their vibrant sound crosses boundaries and borders, resulting in a blend of European, Middle Eastern, and South American music with jazz, rock, surf, folk, gothic, and steampunk influences. The ensemble varies from show to show depending on the scope and location of the event, but always promises a dynamic experience. He has also collaborated with a number of other ensembles: The Ghosts Project, Jill Tracy’s Malcontent Orchestra, Ego Likeness, Jody Ellen, Android Lust, The Last Dance, The Hellblinki Sextet, Abney Park, and others. See more:


Unwoman is a San Francisco-based solo cellistsinger-songwriter. Her live sets feature stand-up electric cello and the lush textures of live looping. With timeless songs about love gone wrong and classic covers, Unwoman has been a favorite solo act at major steampunk, goth, and sci-firelated events all over North America. She received the 2013 Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Award for best solo musician. In 2014, she released her ninth self-produced album, Circling. Unwoman has performed with Amanda Palmer, Voltaire, Abney Park, Rasputina, and Vernian Process, among many others. See more of Unwoman: unwoman. com


Hailing from the hedge and loam of Seattle’s undergrowth, Dogwood aims to weave historical and wax hysterical in the old-new traditions of mountain men, shantymen, and her fellow men as she tromps acro’st both ancient myth and accidental malady. She’s been hooked on Greek myths since the age of three, and it is from those and other ancient tales that the sparks of her inspiration most often originate, in song and poem form alike. In 2010 she picked up a ukulele, and she hasn’t looked back. She released her first EP (Myths & Maladies) in 2014, recorded by musical partner Nathaniel Johnstone and fellow ukuleleist and collaborator Aaron J. Shay. Her first album (Persephone Is Dead, Long Live Persephone!) came out in 2015, also recorded by Nathaniel Johnstone. See more of Dogwood: dogwood.


[see ‘Wind-Up Cabaret’]

Clockwork Fashion Clockwork Alchemy doesn’t just do fashion shows—Clockwork Alchemy does fashion happenings! Didn’t think we could do it again? Come see us light up the ballroom with steampunk fashions of all proportions. As the theme for CA this year is The Arts of Steampunk, the fashions this year will be presented as works of art. Each design will showcased with its own art frame, and you will be able to peruse the gallery and see the work of our talented artists up close. See what inspired them to create their designs and be inspired to create your own fashion art. The art of steampunk fashion is here for you to see live and in person on Sunday at 2:00 pm.


Emperor Norton’s Ball Emperor Norton has made congenial arrangements for this timetraveling ball to feature all of the best dancing from Victorian times, the swing era, and an alternative today. On Sunday evening, Clockwork Alchemy will hold a ball of epic proportions with seven hours of music and dancing! Getting you out on the dance floor this year at Emperor Norton’s Ball will be Red Light District Soundsystem and Lee Presson and the Nails.

Red Light District Soundsystem

Red Light District is a Los Angeles-based band with one foot in the future and one in a dark, smokey jazz-age cabaret. Songs are written, performed, and recorded by Juliette Angeli and Shok, and are performed live as an eight-piece band. See more about Red Light District:

Lee Presson and the Nails

Lee Presson and the Nails (LPN) are an award-winning big band out of San Francisco. Led by the manic Lee Presson, LPN has been pounding out their peculiar brand of sinister swing since 1994. They are, if we are to take their word for it, the ‘wildest swing band in the Great 48!’ They have been warmly embraced by the steampunk community despite their frequently expressed confusion as to how and why this might have occurred. See more of LPN:

RLD Soundsystem is the stripped-down version of the eight-piece band. Juliette Angeli is on vocals, and instead of being on drums, Shok conducts musical sorcery from electronic gadgets. They are accompanied by horns.

Featured Guests Alain Bloch

Alain Bloch is a lifelong Star Wars fan who trains in the NCSCS system under Novastar. He has experience in many forms of martial arts including Iaido and Ying-Jow Pai Kung Fu. He is the co-founder and head instructor for the Golden Gate Knights, and has made contributions to the second instructional DVD of Novastar and Caine’s Saber Combat System. He makes appearances in television and radio stations around the world, including NBC Bay Area and Good Morning Sacramento. Whether you’re in a galaxy far, far away, or defending your airship from sky pirates, learning from this guest about how to flourish your saber is a must.

Ave Rose

In her sculptures, LA-based artist, Ave Rose uses clockwork, antiques, insects, bones and taxidermy ephemera in congress with motion mechanics to produce reanimated, organic robots that


tend more towards rococo than science fiction. Incorporating precious gems and metals, her creatures are whimsical amusements that practically breathe with artificial life. Ave Rose’s work has been featured in music videos, TV shows, store-front installations, and art galleries around the world. In 2015, Ave Rose was a contestant on the national TV show Steampunk’d, where she created fantasy story-lines, props, sculptures and fashion pieces in every episode. On the grand finale, Ave’s original steampunk fashion pieces helped seal the win for her team and Dita Von Teese compared her designs to that of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Jakob Tittiger

“Professor” Jakob Tittiger is a graphic designer by occupation. For the past seven years, he has been involved in the steampunk movement as a designer of props and science-fiction devices. His work has been displayed at a variety of conventions in the western US. Prior to his steampunk work, The Professor created many science-fiction props, weapons, and model spaceships of a more futuristic quality. The Professor enjoys time-traveling, playing his Steam Bass, and, from time to time, aiding the Aether Brigade with various devices and weapons to combat the supernatural enemies they encounter.

Karin McKechnie-Lid and Adam Lid

Artist and Designer Karin McKechnie-Lid has over 30 years in the LA garment industry; she and her husband Adam Lid created their label Lily Absinthe for their line of Victorian and Steampunk style corsets, gowns, and millinery. Armed with her museum collection of Victorian clothing and textiles, twenty-one antique sewing machines and a few modern industrials, she combines traditional couture and modern methods with two atelier spaces at their historic Victorian in Tombstone AZ, and in La Crescenta, CA. Karin is a returning teacher at Costume College after a twenty year hiatus. She also worked for 23 years as the LA City Calligrapher, has work in several international collections, and can still freehand a line straighter than a with a ruler.

Tayliss Forge

Tayliss is a cosplay model and artisan crafter. She was also a contestant on the show Steampunk’d. A majority of her time is spent making costumes and accessories for her online business: Nonconformity Accessories. She loves leather-working and creating corsets, bracers, purses, etc. She also enjoys making replicas of props, jewelry, and clothing from movies, TV shows, anime, video games, or board games. She often attends anime and comic conventions where she wears her costumes. Most of her costumes are heavily influenced by steampunk and Victorian fashion.

Adam Lid has over 30 years’ experience working as an historical consultant and instructor specializing in the 1870 – 1920 period with an emphasis on military history and the American West. Mr. Lid is currently a design consultant and works with his wife Karin McKechnie in their business Lily Absinthe Corsetry and Couture. When not working in design, he can be found riding his horse and studying the history of cavalry.


Featured Exhibits Artist’s Bazaar

Clockwork Alchemy’s Artist’s Bazaar is an artist-only venue where handcrafted one-of-a-kind finery and frippery are offered for sale next to fantastical instruments and armaments. You are warmly invited to wander the aisles of a Bazaar more wondrous than any found in standard reality or dreamed of on Arabian nights. You’ll discover everything from fairy relics, hats, spats, corsets, crinolines, and other apparel and accessories, to clever creations to be used and enjoyed in the home, and much, much more. Come sample the fruits of the astonishing talents of the steampunk community’s makers and dreamers!

Artist’s Gallery

Above all else, Clockwork Alchemy is an event for artists, makers, dreamers, and doers. We have chosen to honor such intrepid souls by putting the fruits of their labor on display in the Artist’s Gallery, a cornucopia of fantastic oddities constructed by steampunk artists and artisans from all walks of life. From paintings and sculptures to costumes and props to toys and inventions, if a steampunk can make it more awesome you’re likely to find an example of it here. Feast your eyes, feed your imagination, and inspire your own creativity by observing what can be accomplished with a little ingenuity and a lot of imagination.

Panels Workshops

Over the course of the weekend, Clockwork Alchemy will be presenting workshops where you can learn to make your own steampunk accessories and props. Learn how to take thrift store finds and turn them into steampunk fashion and gadgets. Planned workshops include costuming, writing and publishing, and many more. We even have Kids’ Crafting Workshops to entertain the young ones!


Clockwork Alchemy has enlisted the aid of some very talented writers, filmmakers, fashionistas, makers, and experts in 19th century culture, etiquette, technology, and the world of steampunk. They bring panels and presentations that will help you create your steampunk persona, plus history that never was but might have been. Please consult your Pocket Guide for a detailed panels schedule.

Dance Lessons

Ready to cut loose and shake a leg? Need to brush up on your form for a waltz? Clockwork Alchemy is offering dance lessons throughout the weekend, whether you are just beginning or need a little fine tuning. Lessons being offered include: • Basic Waltz—taught by Cathleen Myers and John Schmidt • Waltzing ’Round The Clockwork: An Afternoon Waltz— hosted by Cathleen Myers, John Schmidt, and DJ Persephone • Swing—taught by Brian Gardner and Stacy Hanssen • Belly Dance—taught by Tempest (Laura Zakroff) and Firefly (Lisa Felten)

Events and Exhibits Alchemist Tea Parlour

If you find yourself in need of respite, a trip to the Alchemist Tea Parlour is in order! At the Alchemist Tea Parlour you will find delicious tea blends to help you refresh your weary soul, and some light nibbles to energize your body for the rest of the day. Extended hours make it easier than ever to revive with one of our hand-blended teas. Check the schedule for our special events!


Authors’ Salon

Clockwork Alchemy hosts an incredible set of steampunk, historical fantasy, and sci-fi fantasy authors, who will be sharing their tricks of the trade and showing us how to not reinvent the wheel as a writer. Meet the authors, get your books signed, and see the latest in print and on the web.

Caravan Tent

Telegraph Office

Steampunk Film Festival

The War Room

Featuring floating veils, flying carpets, and all the mysteries of the near and far east, the Caravan Tent is host to belly dancers and other performers on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the Gateway Foyer. Exotic, enchanting and elegant, these performers will spirit you away to a place of legend, lore, and myth where genies, sultans and viziers ruled the Silk Road and only the bravest adventurer dared travel. Gas lamps up! Kinetoscope to speed! Quiet on the set! And... ACTION! Join us in a history that never was but might have been as works of independent filmmakers are showcased alongside favorite steampunk and steampunk-inspired films.


Just want to sit down and play something? Have a steampunk based game you want to try out with a bunch of people? Head to the gaming room, we’ll have a large library of games you can check out for use in the room. Check the schedule for when you can join in.

The Aetheric Message Machine Company offers free telegram service within Clockwork Alchemy. Text a message to our office, and it will be printed on our antique brass and glass machines and delivered by one of our messengers at no charge! Pick up one of our cards at any Info Desk for details, or find the Telegraph Office just off the lobby near the Artist’s Gallery. Come by and visit. We always have the latest news. Experience martial arts in the steampunk ‘verse. Prepare to face mythical beasts, rotting ghouls, possessed air pirates, and dark sorcerers. Our crew has traveled on airships, submarines, and a myriad of steam-powered conveyances, to the four corners of the globe, to bring to you instructors from a range of Western and Eastern Martial Arts. And, this year we have a new form of competition: Splendid Teapot Racing!

Clockwork Alchemy 2016 Staff List Chair Team Thatch D. (Head) Shawn M. Robert T. War Room Fred K. (Head) Elena A. Brooke B. Matthew C. Mia E. Jill G. Ruth M. Tyson P. PJ W. Maureen W. Panels Thena M. (Co-Head) Adam S. (Co-Head) Sharon C. (Second) Lisa B. Jeff C. Danny D. Hannah M. Mark W.

Gaming MIchael K. (Head) Frank H. Shelley H. Patti K. Michael P. Registration Ariel I. (Head) AJ H. Jaime M. Juliana S. Content Lisa K. (Head) Ruth S. (Second) Danielle A. Creative Dave H. (Head) Cynthia L. Tea Parlor Melanie D. (Head) Claudio D. Stephanie B. Brad B.

Eddie C. Chip C. Brynda A. Angela F. Tiana F. Sabrina H. Clorinda J. AJ J. Lori P. Isabella S. Wendy B. Tech Emily R. (Head) Josh K. (Co-Head) Darren B. Mark R. Quentin T. Info Desk Rose T. (Head) Barbara C. (Second) Laura C. (Second) Sean F. (Second) Sara C. Darwin G.

Artist’s Bazaar Sandra F (Head). Nathaniel B.(Co-Head) Jessie H. (Second) Jill B. Rachel H. Meghan M. Hayley R. Carrie S. Kat Y. ConOps Peter R. (Head) Judi F. (Second) Alex P. (Second) Sandra A. Penny E. Mike F. Raine F. Katherine H. Nathan K. Joshua N. Lindsey S. Karl S. Jareth T. Kayla W.

Bobbies Cassie K. (Head) Mary A. (Second) Marshall C. (Second) Sean A. Eddie C. Terisa C. Christopher F. Sarah H. CoCo J. Edward K. Jon M. Hideyuki O. Chirag P. Kyle P. Matthew P. Leslie P. Anton T. Rebecca W. Special Events Alyssa R. (Head) Jennifer A. Kory D. Matt H.

Katie L. Laura O. John S. Sara S. Erik S. Lynn S. Robin V. Kat Y. Web Vernon P. (Head) Logistics Gene F. (Head) Joseph F. (Second) Amber A. Matt F. Joseph G. Vika H. Ali P. Sarah R. Todd S. Andi S.


Clockwork Alchemy 2016 Program Guide  
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