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YOUTH SPORTS NEWS Volume1 Issue 188


Robbie Gordon is headin’ to Rio!

What’s Up in May?

May 2014

Totally AWESOME Summer Camps Inside!

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When it can’t wait until Monday!

ORTHOPEDIC URGENT CARE Why wait at the emergency room or urgent care center, On-Site MRI Strains Sprains Fractures Dislocations Tendonitis

only to be referred to an Orthopedic Doctor?

Open Saturday • 9am-12pm Starting June 7th


37026 US Highway 19 N, Palm Harbor 34684 •

Located next to Innisbrook

SAME DAY Specialized Care for Injuries and Accidents

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MilPro Publications

Growing Room Enrichment Center

Apple Seeds


Christian Growing Center

Summer Camp and Full Day Summer

Watch Your Child Grow in God’s Love Now Enrolling Preschool Ages 2-5 including


Weekly Worship and Music Lessons • Jungle Bus once a Month Large, outdoor shaded playground School readiness program to prepare children for kindergarten. AM and PM snack included in tuition Before & After School Care and Summer Camp for grades K-5

10 Weeks of Camp for Ages 5 to 12 June 9th through August 13th

Tuition Packages Available (Only pay for the weeks you need!) In House Visitors • Weekly Field Trips • Arts & Crafts Water Day Friday • Wii • X-Box w/Kinect • Movie Days (Muvico) (Giant Waterslides on Site) • DVD New Releases • Netflix Monday-Friday 6:30am - 6:30pm Breakfast, AM/PM Snack, Lunch NECPA Accredited Full & Half Day VPK Fall Programs DVR Camera Surveillance Before/After Care Available (Curlew Creek, Lake St. George) in all Classrooms


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705 Michigan Blvd, Dunedin 34698

727.789.GROW (4769) •

A ministry of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Ask for Miss Lydia (email

727-738-6290 • Lic # C980314

hild’s potential by encouraging their curiosity and creativity with

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Do your kids need a challenge this summer? We promise they won’t be bored!

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website address facebook address


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MilPro Publications

Page 3 St. Paul United Methodist Church Presents

HSP Summer Camps Are you looking for something for your children to do this summer? Do they love animals? Then we have an AWESOME summer camp for you!

Junior Caretaker Camp June 9-13, 9am-1pm 5th & 6th graders

Animal Explorer Camp June 23-27, 9am-1pm 7th & 8th graders

Animal Career Camp July 7-11, 9am-1pm 9th & 10th graders

REGULAR HOURS THRU SCHOOL YEAR Wed-Thur 10-6 • Fri-Sat 10-9 • Sunday Noon-6 Closed Monday & Tuesday

OPEN 7 DAYS a week Starting June 4th!

When you $20 Schedule a Off BIRTHDAY and FREE Pizza!


Open Play Everyday! Snack Bar ! Arcade Area with Prizes!

12640 62nd St, Ste 100, Largo 33773


Register at 3040 State Road 590, Clearwater 33759

Sea Us Grow PreSchool


For Ages 5-12 • Monday-Friday • 6:30am to 6:00pm Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack & All Activities Included!

•Weekly Water Slides •Movie Days •Puppet Shows •Magic Shows •Animal Shows

•Arts ‘n Crafts •Music Lessons •Outdoor Sports •Cooking and


1301 N Highland Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33755

727.447-4152 • License #C080939

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MilPro Publications

Youth Sports

NEWS The Area’s Only Publication Devoted to Kids’ Sports

MAY 2014 Youth Sports News is published monthly by:

MilPro Publications

1498 Pennsylvania Avenue Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Telephone (727) 786-5642 website: email: For advertising information, ad sizes and prices, please call or go to the website and click on the “Ad Rates” link to the left.

Subscription Rate $18.00 per Year Any reproduction in whole or in part without the written consent of Youth Sports News is prohibited.


P 5

Club Soccer Round-Up


What’s Up? P24 Player Profile


2nd Time Sports


Financial Literacy


MilPro Publications

Page 5

Call Him Differently-Abled

Wheelchair basketball player Robert Gordon is the youngest player on a Men’s Wheelchair Basketball team in Tampa. In 2012, while attending Gibbs High School, he cofounded Real Victories Foundation with his teacher, Jennifer Volpe. He is currently finishing up his senior year at home. Robert’s goal is to compete as a Paralympian in the sport of wheelchair basketball and he is currently an alternate for the 2016 Paralympic team scheduled to play in Rio.

Robert’s desire is to imbue individuals with struggles like his in understanding that they can do anything. His wish is to let them know that even though they may not have the ability to walk, their life isn’t over. Robert inspires others in saying: “God put you on the earth to make a change. It may be playing a sport, or running for President. Strive for the best and make an impact! You’re not disabled. You’re


Robert describes a time when he was a freshman at Gibbs High School. “I was striving to take on the world, and they weren’t ready to take me on. Each day became more and more difficult until I looked inside myself and God enabled me to see that everybody is not going to understand my differences and imperfections.” In reflecting on times as a child growing up, Robert recounts: “I always saw able-bodied kids running and playing sports and I thought I wasn’t capable of doing any of it. I was unable to see beyond my chair.” However Robert’s vision was altered when his father took him to his first football game and they shared a love for the sport. Robert felt the love of athleticism. Yet he knew he would never be an NFL player. So he began a diligent search to find something for himself. “I found a program called Blaze Sports.” It offered wheelchair

basketball to kids in Tampa. I began attending on a weekly basis. The more I went, the more a passion for basketball developed within me. I began to feel this sport change me.” It was only a few short years later at the age of 15 that Robert was noticed by a Men’s Division 3 Wheelchair basketball team, the Tampa Bay Strong Dogs. Robert was asked to become a part of the team. “I accepted the challenge. When I moved up to play for this team, I was scared at first. The players noticed and they took me under their wing helping me develop skills, ‘showing me the ropes.’ The Strong Dogs aided me in becoming the athlete I am today. I played three years with this amazing team and celebrated 2nd place in the National Championship games in 2013.” Following that championship game, Robert went on to Colorado. It was here that Robert was to face one of his greatest challenges, the USA

Robbie Gordon Jr, number 14, with the other members of the Junior Men’s USA Paralympic Team.

Page 6

MilPro Publications

Paralympic U23 Junior Team. Not only was the tryout going to be a force to overcome. This was the first time that Robert traveled cross country alone. Facing many fears and overcoming those obstacles proved successful. Robert placed 3 out of 32 wheelchair athletes at the Colorado tryouts and received an invitation to play on the team at the World Championship Games held in Adana, Turkey. Robert, now 18, continues to strive for excellence, setting personal goals and working hard to attain them. His family and friends surround him with support and are in awe of his ability to keep on moving forward, overturning obstacles and making strides that some may have thought impossible. Robert’s cofounder and former teacher, Jennifer Volpe, believes that “Robert is capable of doing anything HE sets his mind

to. I have told him to be YOU, the athlete, the uniquely challenged, the spiritually connected YOU!” In being this athlete, unique and spiritually connected individual Robert has been quite fortunate to acquaint himself with many people. His athleticism has been recognized by Top End Wheelchairs, which became Robert’s first sponsor. “Top End has provided me with the top of the line chair for sports. I have been able to use it to improve and streamline my moves on the court.” A second sponsor and strong supporter of Robert is Elevate Fitness LLC. Owner and trainer Jennifer Pierson works directly with Robert as his personal trainer and athletic council. “Jennifer’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She puts me through rigorous workouts that are designed to develop my strength, agility, and speed on the court. Her

dynamic personality and knowledge of kinesiology have put me at a different level. I am grateful to Jen and Elevate for supporting me in my training.” With a community of supporters, Robert Gordon Jr. is blessed. He is ready to showcase his talents for all as he sets his eyes on RIO 2016!! Meet athlete Robert, Jr. as he hosts Elevate Your Wheels, a charity event sponsored by Real Victories Foundation and Elevate Fitness on May 31st from 10 am to 5 pm. Activities at the event include a wheelchair fun run, basketball challenge, silent auction sponsored by Smith and Associates Real Estate, as well as live music with the event concluding with a concert in the park. For more information visit the Elevate St. Pete website: or call 727.345.7200.

Although Robbie Gordon (on the right, facing the camera) has just turned 18, he plays with adults much older on the Orlando Strong Dogs team.

MilPro Publications

Page 7

Pinellas Sheriff’s Police Athletic League

SUMMER 2014 SPORTS CAMPS Summer Golf Camp June 16th to August 8th 8am until 4pm Clearwater Country Club $600 per Camper Range/Short Game Course Play

Ice Hockey Camp June 16th to 20th 9am until 5:15pm Clearwater Ice Arena $275 per Camper

20 Hours Ice Time Off-Ice Conditioning/Classroom

Introduction to Wrestling Camp

June 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 19, 23, 24, 26 9am to 11am Seminole High School $85 per Camper

Ultimate Football Camp

July 14th to 18th 8am until Noon Pinellas Park High School $100 per Camper

Introduction to Volleyball Camp

June 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 19, 23, 24, 26 Noon to 2pm Seminole Middle School $100 per Camper

Go to for registration information or contact Paul Hicks at 727.580.1764 or email

Pinellas Sheriff’s PAL also offers the following Specialty Camps: Fitness, Archery, Art, Fishing, Shooting, Horseback Riding, Driver’s Education, Boxing, Swimming Go to for registration information or contact Drew Phillips at 727.521.5315 or email

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MilPro Publications

ASCENSION DAY SCHOOL “Where Children are Cherished since 1967”

Chapel • Field Trips Gymastics Music Enrichment Seasonal Events Great Parental Involvement!

2, 3 & 5 Day Programs for Ages 2 & 3

5 Day Program for Age 4

Summer Camp • Mother’s Morning Out • Daily Lunch Bunch 701 Orange Ave., Clearwater, FL 33756 727.447.3469 ext. 209 • Pam Rilling, Director •

Beautifu Smiles l Start Here!



Cleaning, Exam, Fluoride and Bitewing X-Rays


Insurance Accepted PPO’s • Medicaid • Financing




For Children and Adults

$100.00 OFF

($202 value)


0150, 1120, 1203, 0272

Class I, II or III, 8060, 8070, 8080

Expires 5/31/14

Expires 5/31/14

Cleaning, Exam, Full Mouth X-Rays

$78.00 ($210 value)

Expires 5/31/14

0110, 0150, 0210


The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for any examination or treatment which is performed as a result of & within 72 hours of responding to this advertisement for free, discounted or reduced service examination or treatment. Not valid with any other discount.

7 8 5 - 652 1

2707 Tampa Rd • Palm Harbor ~ Se Habla Espanol

LET’S GO HORSEBACK RIDING! Daily Horseback Riding Starts at $39

Summer Camp

June thru August Ages 5 and Up

Each child gets their own horse! Call

•Daily Rentals

Min Weight 50 to 300 lbs

•Boarding Available •Lessons •Dude Parties From 10 to 500 people


and reserve your space!

Located on 350 acres of natural wildlife habitat, just 5 miles north of Tampa International Airport. 7514 Gardner Road, Tampa 33625

Office 813.264.1919 • Manager 813.735.5089 • Email:

Mary-Ann’s School of Dance

Quality Dance Education Since 1975 A Great Place to Grow Up! Mary Ann Cataldo and Mary Ann Aguis Co-Directors Enrolling NOW for Summer Classes and Camps! We provide a quality dance education in a warm, happy environment. Preschool to Adult Classes Available Year Round!

• Ballet • Pointe • Tap • Jazz • Hip Hop • Acrobatics • Modern • Musical Theatre • Dance Company • Preschool Ballet Dance Shoe Fittings and Dance Wear, too!

9330 Little Rd, New Port Richey (in Hilltop Center)


ellence cellence

GeneralGeneral Open House Open House from 9

MilPro Publications

Page 9



Enrolling Grades: K-5 For the school year 2014- 2015 Apply online at w w w. D i s c o v e r y a c a d e m y. i n f o Or come in and apply today!


Science Technology Engineering Math

The m i s s i o n o f D i s c o v e r y A c a d e m y o f S c i e n c e ( D A S ) is to provide students with a well-rounded elementar y, middle, and high school education in the light of proven and innovative instructional methods in a stimulating enviroment.


Discover y Academy of Science Public Charter School 1380 Pinehurst Rd. Dunedin, FL 34698 Ph:(727)-330-2424

A National Blue Ribbon School


OPEN HOUSEbyDATES Now accredited the Southern Association of Colleges Januaryand 16th:Schools/AdvancEd


J MAC Kids

Excellencewww.westlakechristia www.westlakech Kindergarten Open House

Taking applications for the

January 21st: 2014-2015 academic year. General Open House from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tours are available. February 18th: General Open Houseat from a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays 109a.m. or by appointment.

March 11th: General Opencall House from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 727.781.3808 Please

“Building Self - ConfidenCe”

Spend Your Summer With Us!

Monday-Friday 7:00 am-5:30 pm (extended care available) Sibling Discounts Field Trips Included Ages 2-12 We Accept ELC/CCC

SUMMER CAMP June 9th to August 15th Attend Daily orWeekly!

• Martial Arts Instruction • Gymnastics Classes • Educational & Fun Field Trips • Games & Activities • and much more!

Call Early to rEsErvE your spot! Before & After School ProgrAm full DAy AnD Week Summer cAmPS VPk ProgrAm (A-BekA Book curriculum) 2 & 3 yeAr olD ProgrAm

www.westlakechristia www.westlakech



Accredited by Florida Council of Independent Schools and Florida Kindergarten Council

licenSe # c064018


2177 NE CoAChMAN RoAD, ClEARwAtER 33765



ASK ABOUT OUR EXTRAS! Mixed Martial Arts • Gymnastics • Chess Club • Arts & Crafts Cooking • Cheerleading Club • Private Tutoring and more...

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MilPro Publications Want more “C” in your kids?

2014 Summer Sailing Camps

Confidence Courtesy Control

Beginner and Intermediate Classes Youth Ages 5-17 Prams, Lasers, Open Bics, 420’s, Windsurfing Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Call TODAY! Summer Camp Spots fill FAST!

9am to 3pm • Monday through Friday All Summer Long • June 2nd - August 11th • $285/Week Before and After Care available for additional fee .

Call TODAY to Schedule an Intro Lesson!

Clearwater Community Sailing Center 1001 Gulf Blvd • Clearwater, FL 33767

(727) 447-1079



starting at just $89/week! (Expires May 31st, 2014)

Victory Gymnastics Training Center

2551 D

w 2551 Drew St. #209, Clearwater, FL

2551 Drew St, Suite 209, Clearwater, FL Confidence Office: C 727.447.1079 C ourtesy C After School: 727.656.3110 Want C Control more “C” in your Kids?

office: (727) 447-1079 afterschool: (727) 656-3110

Girls Competitive Gymnastics Girls Recreational Gymnastics Pre-School Programs School Groups Tumbling • Cheerleading Private Lessons Open Gym Birthday Parties • Sleepovers

Come join the Summer FUN at Victory’s


Gymnastics, recreational games, arts and crafts and supervised free time. Half and full day camps for ages 4 and older. Sign up by the week or by the day! Sibling Discounts available. Early Drop Off & Late Pick Up available for an extra fee.

onfidence ourtesy ontrol

Call TODAY to reserve your spot!

813.925.0060 • 805 Stevens Avenue, Oldsmar, FL 34677 •

Want more “C” in your Kids



1 MONTH Expires March 30th, 2014

Summer Watersports (727) 447 Camp CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE AN INTRO LESSON.

(727) 447-1079


Summer Camp Special

WEST FLORIDA LIGHTNING AQUATICS We Teach Kids to Swim for Health, Safety, Fitness and Fun!

High Quality Professional Coaching and Technique Instruction for All Ages and Abilities for Ages 3 and Up Spring Swim America May 6th-29th Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00 pm, 5:40 pm and 6:20 pm

Summer Swim America

$90 for each 4 Week Session

Expires March 30


Summer Camp Special

(A Valid City of Largo Rec Card is required.)

All lessons are at the Southwest Pool 13120 Vonn Road in Largo.

June 9th - July 4th July 7th - August 1st

All lessons are taught by certified Swim America instructors and supervised by our professional swim team coaching staff.

Mondays and Wednesdays AM: 9:00 and 9:40 PM: 5:00, 5:40 and 6:20

WFLA is the ONLY Swim America Lesson Program in Pinellas County!

Tuesdays and Thursdays AM: 9:00 and 9:40 PM: 5:00, 5:40 and 6:20


727.596.WFLA (9352)

Sailing, Windsurfing, Kayaking Fishing, EXPLORING Marine LifE, WAKEBOARDING and More! •


Email Director Cashel Mack @

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Summer Sault Camp Ages 3-4

Day Camp

Ages 5 and Up

June 5-Aug 15

MilPro Publications


Learning never StopS!

, month Sign up by the day, weekmer! or for the whole sum

Full Day 8:30am-3:00pm $110/week Half Day 8:30am - Noon $70/week Extended Day 8:30am - 6:00pm $130/week


Recreational, Preschool and Competitive Gymnastics Tumbling and Trampoline Cheerleading Dance After School Fit and Fun Program Blow It Up Birthday Parties Gymnastics Birthday Parties Mobile Gymnastics

Suncoast Gymnastics Academy 11131 Cargo Court, Odessa, FL 33556


Hey! Let’s try somethin’


this summer!

MilPro Publications

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Clown Theatre Theatre Clown and &

Dance Workshop Dance Workshop

Who’s Ready for


Presented by...

Patricia Ann Dance Studios

Dance! Monday-Friday

Ramp Up Your Math


g! Sin14th-18th July Play!

Skills This Summer and Set Up for Success!


w! 21st-25th GroJuly

July 28th-August 14-18 • July 21-25 July 1st

July 28-August 1 • August 4-8 August 4th-8th Student Showcase on Fridays! Monday - Friday • 9:00 am-4:00 pm Ages 5-7 and Ages 8-10

Individualized Learning Plans 2nd –12 th Grade Homework Help SAT/ACT Test Prep Drop-in Sessions, No Scheduling!

Before (8am) and After (5pm) Care Available

941 Douglas Avenue Dunedin



727-799-3142 2510-C N. McMullen Booth Rd. Clearwater, FL 33761

Early Registration Rates for Summer Program Expires April 30, 2014

NEW LOCATION: 4140 Woodlands Parkway, Palm Harbor, FL 34685 Clown Theatre & Dance Workshop Monday-Friday July 14th-18th July 21st-25th July 28th-August 1st August 4th-8th

Follow Me to Outstanding Care

Finding and developing a relationship with your doctor is an important part of taking care of your family, a point that Dr. Vera knows well. That’s why she wants you to know she’s relocated to a new office. The new office is in East Lake, and convenient to both Pasco and Pinellas counties, which means a reassuring connection can continue. Depend on Dr. Vera for your family’s health care needs. Now accepting patients 12 and up. Most insurance accepted.

Mildred Pazmino -Vera, MD

Call (727) 953-9041 to schedule your appointment today!

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MilPro Publications

CLUB SOCCER ROUNDUP The West Florida Flames U14 boys won the regular season title with a 7-0-2 regular season record, hugely impressive in one of the most stacked leagues in the nation. The team was led by Bryan Gilbert and Luis Quintero. The Flames held off the second place Weston SC when they edged them out 2-1 in mid January, giving the Flames an insurmountable four point lead off the second-place Weston team. With the regular season title in their pocket, they leave for the National Premier League finals in Greensboro, North Carolina while teams like Weston FC, Tampa Bay United and Boca United will stay at home. This will be coach Juan Garcia’s second trip to the NPL’s finals as last season he guided West Florida’s U16 team to the finals in Colorado, falling just short in the championship game with a 3-2 loss to CZ Elite. The U15-16 Chargers US Soccer Development Academy team

travelled to the lone star state in April to compete in the 35th anniversary of the Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup. The team stepped up an age group and competed in the U17 division that was comprised of 28 teams in seven brackets. The Chargers opened the tournament with a bang as they annihilated the Gold Coast Knights 8-zip. Up next, the Chargers outlasted a tough New Mexico team, Rio Rapids, 1-nil to improve to 2-0. In the final preliminary round game the Chargers fell prey to the

hometown Dallas Youth 97’s, with a tough 3-1 loss, leaving them as the two seed and a berth in the quarterfinals. In the quarter-finals, the Chargers matched up with another Texas team, Dallas El Pasco Premier, with a spot in the semi’s on the line. In a hard fought battle, the Chargers eked out a 2-1 victory sending the Premier on a short ride home and propelling the Chargers into the semi-finals against yet another Texas opponent, Dallas Youth 97 Premier. The road would end there for the Chargers as a late Dallas goal ended their quest for a title 1-0. Five members of the Oldsmar Soccer U18 Competitive Women’s team received the 2014 Joan Judd Higher Education Grant. Pictured left to right, Delaney Jardine, Katie Cernkovic, Katherine Patterson, Jessica Little and Laura Josephik. The Tampa Chargers U14 girls team finished the regular season with a record of 9 wins 1 loss and 2 ties, earning them the U14 age

MilPro Publications group championship for the 2013 -2014 season. Over the course of the season the team scored 45 goals (most in the age group) and allowed only 17 goals. The team’s last CDL loss was their opening game of the season on November 9, 2013. The team also advanced to the FYSA State Cup and will play in Plant City on May 3. The team is led by head Coach Brian Edwards and Assistant Coach Jim DeLisle. The Lakewood Ranch Chargers U19 boys took home both the CDL and NPL League Championships. Coach Roy Hill and Jason Peters led the team to the duel first place finishes. The U19 Charger Boys are a combination of U17, U18 and U19 players from Sarasota and Manatee County with some playing together for as long as 10 years. Oldsmar Soccer Coach Quattrocki took the U9 Girls Academy team to the finals of the Largo March Madness Soccer Shootout but the run to the championship ended there with a 2-0 loss to the CFL Celtics. Oldsmar opened the tournament

Page 15

The Tampa Chargers U14 girls team won the CDL championship.

with a solid 3-1 victory over the Dunedin Stirling and played Tampa Bay United to a 3-3 tie before matching up with the Celtics on the final preliminary round game. The Celtics prevailed in that one as

well, 3-1 leading up to the rematch for the title. The Celtic U-12 Boys team made the jump to the full size field this past weekend for the first time at

Lakewood Ranch U19 boys Champions

Page 16

MilPro Publications rematch with West Florida but managed to score late to hold on for the win and earn a spot in the championship game. In the final they played a familiar foe, Wesley Chapel. Wesley Chapel has owned the Celtics for the past couple of years. The Celtics jumped all over Wesley Chapel early, scoring three

the Brandon Adidas Cup Club Challenge. The bigger field proved to be no problem as they won the title. The Celtics opened the tournament by dismantling the Fishhawks 10-zip. Next up, they outlasted the Clearwater Chargers 2-0 and wrapped up pool play by edging out the West Florida Premier, 1-nil. In the semi finals they struggled in a

unanswered goals and looked like they would breeze to the title. But, Wesley Chapel mounted a comeback and found the back of the net three times in the last 15 minutes to knot the game. The Celtics scored

twice in the two 5-minute overtimes to win 5-3, earning the tournament championship and ending Wesley Chapel’s run. The Celtics now have three tournament championships notched on their belts and have made six straight final appearances.

MilPro Publications

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Sports, Games, Skating and Lots of FUN!

Open 7:30am to 6:30pm Monday - Friday

Sports activities include skating, dodgeball, tag, relay races, capture the flag, baseball drills, flag football, soccer, basketball dribbling exercises, soccer dribbling exercises, speed & agility exercises, strength & conditioning exercises and resistance band exercises.

Call us today to begin your child’s journey toward a healthy active lifestyle!


The LAB coaches are all CPR/AED certified. All games and exercises are age and skill level appropriate. $125/week Includes lunch, snacks and skates.

$25 Off One Week of Summer Fun when you call and mention this ad!


7510 Paula Drive, Tampa 33615 • 813.316.3857 •

• 12 Hours of Professional Instruction • Full Swing & Short Game Fundamentals • Rules & Etiquette • Video Analysis


HAVE FUN. LEARN THE GAME! • Boys and Girls ages 6-14 • All Skill Levels Welcome! • Four Day, 3 Hour camps • Exciting Daily Contests & Prizes • Mon-Thurs, 9am-Noon • 6:1 Junior-Instructor Ratio

Only $120/Camp 20% Off 2nd Child 20% Off 2nd Camp

DATES July 7th-10th June 9th-12th July 21st-24th June 16th-19th August 4th-7th

Last Day of Camp includes 9 Holes @ Silver Dollar, Awards Lunch, Prizes and Graduation Certificate!

Page 18

MilPro Publications

2014 SUMMER SOCCER CAMP Clearwater: June 9th-13th Lakewood Ranch: June 16th-20th

Scuola Calcio will once again be bringing an Italian soccer camp this summer to Tampa Bay. This is your opportunity to be trained by some of the top coaches from a World Cup Champion country, Italy! This is the 11th year that this Premier Italian soccer camp has been held in this area. In previous years, coaches from Perugia Calcio, Ascoli Calcio and Modena Calcio have conducted the camp, and this year we will have more coaches from some of Italy’s top professional teams! These camps give US players the ability to experience first hand, the kind of training that has made Italy so successful on the world stage.

CLEARWATER CAMP Ages 7-12 • 9am to 12pm • $100

(Chargers Soccer Club & Rec Players $75)

Ages 13-18 • 5:30pm to 8pm • $100

LAKEWOOD RANCH CAMP Ages 7-12 9am to 12pm • $125

(Chargers Soccer Club & Rec Players $75)

(Chargers Soccer Club & Rec Players $100)

Ages 7-12 • 9am to 4pm • $200

LOCATION Premiere Sports Campus 5895 Post Boulevard Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211

(Chargers Soccer Club & Rec Players $150) Lunch 12pm-1pm

LOCATION Joe DiMaggio Sports Complex Corner of Old Coachman Rd and Drew St, Clearwater

Campers should bring soccer ball, shin guards and sunscreen.

QUESTIONS? Please Call


day to Call To Spot! r u o Y e Reser v ill fill w e c a Sp



MilPro Publications

T:8.375” S:7.25”

Page 19


A Different Species of Summer Camp.

Camp is a time to make new friends, try new things, come face-to-face with a giraffe and challenge a dive coaster.

Voted Tampa Bay’s Best Summer Camps! We offer camps for animal lovers, coaster enthusiasts, future veterinarians and everything in between. Day Camp: K–12th • Resident Camp: 5th–College


Program components, pricing and availability subject to change. © 2014 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

Page 20

MilPro Publications

Try Somethin’

Don’t Be A


this Summer! Call Today for Our

No Contracts!

Current Class Schedule


Start at Your Own Pace and Fitness Level

Better Grades! Stronger Bodies! Marial Arts teaches kids a lot! Confidence, Respect, Self-Discipline... The tools children need to


Unlimited Classes per Month! Adults and Children $57.00 per Month

It’s More than an Exercise Program Our Classes are FUN! Yet Structured to Maintain a High Degree of Discipline

he t e c n e i r e Exp ce!

Diffell Nrowefn or Ca 2 Classes

Classes at Walter Fuller Rec, Shore Acres Rec, Our Savior Day School, LCC Day School


MilPro Publications

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The Bay Area’s Premier


Register EARLY & SAVE! Limited to the first 50 Students.

BEST PRICES AND BEST SERVICE! No Registration Fee with this Ad!

The Best Summer Camp EVER is at Chris Sutton’s Martial Arts and Fitness


The Warriors are professionally trained by former college baseball players. Teams practice at local fields in Palm Harbor and train for hitting at the MVP Sports Complex in Tarpon Springs. For more information or questions about team tryouts, please call:


• Batting Cages • Clinics • Lessons • Rentals • Parties • Corporate Events • Camps • Parents Lounge • Pro Shop • FREE WiFi • Video Games

CHECK OUT OUR AWESOME FIELD TRIPS AND ACTIVITIES! Coast Guard Plane & Helicopter Tours, Chimpanzee Farm in Palm Harbor, Boy Scout Camp Tour, USS Liberty WWII Ship, Boat Building Contest, Martial Arts T-Shirt Designing, Police Dept Tours, Museums, Dunedin & Oldsmar Water Parks, Cookouts at County Parks, Daily Martial Arts Classes/ Self Defense, Fitness, Olympics with Awards, Mini Golf, Magician Shows, Board Breaking & Weapons, Class Arts & Crafts, Lowry Park Zoo, Suncoast Sea Bird Sanctuary, Movies & Game Days, Martial Arts Mural Day, Tour of Tropicana Field, Fire Department Tour, MOSI, Fitness Day at Beach (no swimming), Sports at the Park, Rock Climbing at Philippe Park (small wall), Tarpon Aquarium, Clearwater Dolphin Aquarium, Chuckie Cheese, Celebration Station, Treasure Island Fun Center AND MORE!!

JUST $99 PER WEEK! 24103 US Hwy 19 N Clearwater

33918 US Hwy 19 N Tarpon Springs




PARENT SPECIAL! Get Fit this Summer! FREE Kickboxing Classes for YOU all Summer Catch Olympic FEVER!

when you sign your child up for Summer Camp!

Infant • Child • Adult Swim Lessons NORTH PINELLAS 1888 S. Pinellas Ave. Tarpon Springs, FL 34689





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MilPro Publications


Keep an “art box” handy full of supplies: scissors, fabric, felt, glue, paints, brushes, stickers, paper, markers, canvass, needle and thread, beads, yarn, picture magazines etc. Rummaging through a box of art supplies can ignite the imagination and occupy children for long periods of time. They could even begin an entrepreneurial enterprise and sell their wares at the end of the summer.

ARE YOU... facing the challenge of funding college for your child? ... prepared for your child’s education? ... worried about the rising cost of college tuition? ... wondering whether or not your child has a “Game Plan” for college? ... having a hard time completing the FAFSA form? ... informed enough about how to qualify for loans, scholarship and grants? ... interested in learning different strategies to help you find the “Best Fit College” for your child? ... aware that there are programs available to help fund your child’s education? ... concerned that the high cost of college will impact your retirement savings? If you answered yes to any of these questions, IT’S TIME TO GET SOME HELP!!! Call us today to learn more about this program and how getting your child to college is well within your reach!!

Call Scott Bigley 727-422-7761

Providing families with college planning solutions.



Space will Fill


After School Programs Preschool & VPK Sports Training Summer Camps

We’re Gearing Up for Our Most Exciting Summer Camp Yet! For Boys and Girls $100 Ages 3 and Up Weekly All Summer Long! Rate Monday - Friday

Karate Dance Baseball Football Basketball Gymnastics Soccer Swimming Conditioning Fitness Movies Field Trips Lots of FUN!!

7:00 am to 6:30 pm

10% Sibling Discount Transportation Available


8001 Sheldon Road, Tampa 33615 813-443-5067 •

GET 20% OFF SUMMER CAMP WHEN YOU MENTION THIS AD! Learn the “Sport for a Lifetime” in a FUN, team oriented setting with lots of positive reinforcement!

9 Weekly Sessions for Ages 5-16 Beginner and Intermediate Players June 9th - August 8th Monday-Friday • 10am to 4pm 1/2 Day Sessions available, space permitting Early Drop Off @ 8am for $10 per hour

Instruction, Play, Games, Tournaments

Lots of Fun! Lunch, Snack, Swimming and much, much more!!!

2014 Junior Tennis camp Sign up by the week, day or for the whole summer!

Register Online • 727.785.2212

MilPro Publications

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Get Outside! Hockey • Lacrosse • Baseball • Golf Roller Hockey • Fitness and more!

BUY • SELL TRADE Spring Clearance Sale!


this Su

40-60% OFF Golf and Fitness Equipment

31055 US Hwy 19N, Palm Harbor (in Curlew Lakes Plaza)

727.784.0007 MOSI Members

l Fun. Pure Genius. a e R . e ienc c S al e R

save 25%

on camp program fees!

Fu n F o r pr












Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

le PLUS, multip ts. n week discou

ol to hig

wit . (S Camps S.T.E.A.M ) Career Camps d Travel th n a a l M a d ti n n a e rt id A ent Res Achievem



JUNE 9, 2014 N I G E g, ngineerin PS B ology, E ificates of M n h c e T A , C h Cert cience

e sc


Become a member today!

You can make a difference and inspire young minds!

Sponsor a child’s camp experience with a tax deductible donation today! Call 813-987-6076 or donate online at

To register or for more information, visit MOSI.ORG or call 813-987-6000. Like and follow us on


MOSI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, community-based institution and a leader in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives by making science real.

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MilPro Publications

WHAT’S UP IN MAY? Clearwater Community Sailing Summer Camps

This is a great opportunity for your child to learn a fun new skill or brush up on skills they already have. Camps are designed for students of all levels. Students will learn basic water safety, sail theory, and get to practice their skills on several different types of sailboats in a safe, fun environment. Camp runs from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM MondayFriday. Camper should bring a lunch and dress for a day on the water! Camps are for ages 7 – 18.

Little Puffs

Campers age 5-7 will be sailing with an instructor learning about the wind and the water. The main focus is to have fun and be safe. There will be 2 sessions each day for Little Puffs: AM: 9-12 or PM 12-3 $150/Week for AM or PM Session $280/Week to attend both AM and PM camps

Pram Camp 1

Pram Camp 1 is for first time sailors ages 8-12 or up to 120lbs. This camp offers a basic level of sailing, focusing on the fundamentals while having a great time on the water. $260 members / $285 non-members

Pram Camp 2

Pram II is a great camp available to sailors who have already completed Pram Camp 1 or who are ready

to advance their skills. Pram II is for sailors 8-12 or up to 120lbs. $260 members / $285 non-members 420 Camp: This camp is for those 12-17 years old. 420s are two person boats that are great for beginners and experienced sailors alike. $260 members / $285 non-members

Water Adventure Camp

For campers ages 10 and up. Campers will be sailing primarily on Hobie Waves. Adventure camp also includes other fun activities like kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. All experience levels are welcome. $260 members / $285 non-members


Windsurfing is a more physical sport and requires balancing on the board while sailing at

For Kids AND Adults!


TENNIS Summer Camp

the same time. Campers should be at least 10 years old. All experience levels are welcome. $260 members / $285 non-members

Camp Awesome

Camp Awesome is dedicated to teaching sailing to high functioning kids with special needs. Ages 9-16. Camp Awesome runs for two weeks at a time. Price: $175.00 / half session $350 / full session Each session of Camp Awesome runs for two weeks. Session 1: June 9 – June 20th Session 2: July 7 – July 18th Session 3: July 21 – Aug 2nd Session 4: Aug 4th – Aug 15th To reserve your spot call

(727) 517-7776

June 2nd - August 15th

Full Day (8am-5pm) Half Day (8am-noon or 1-5pm) Awards Party & Tournament every Friday! Sign up by the Week, Day or for the Whole Summer!

Crazy Beginner Tennis & Activity Camp High Performance Tournament Tennis & Fitness Camp LOTS OF FUN! Matches and Tournaments Contests and Prizes Arts and Crafts Swimming Outdoor Games Indoor Activities Kid’s Menu in Restaurant

Daily Price starts at $39 Weekly price starts at $99


Buy 4 Weeks & get 5th Week FREE! 10% off one Week with this Ad

6150 Augusta Blvd, Seminole 33777 Call, Email or Walk In! • 727.394.1733 • (Subj: Programs)

MilPro Publications

Page 25


Fees: $80/Member, $90/ Non-Member Site: The Centre of Palm Harbor (Dance Studio) Counselor: Katelyn Eberius

Summer Camps

Kayaking Adventures Camp Weeks Offered: 5, 6 Time: 9:00AM to 12:00PM Ages: 7-16 Fees: $200/ Member & $210/Non-Member Site: Pop Stansell Park Counselor: Osprey Bay Outdoors


Camp Adventure! Time: 7:30AM to 6:00PM Ages: 5-12 Fees: $95/Member, $105/ Non-Member Site: The Centre of Palm Harbor Counselor: Parks & Recreation Staff Multi Sports Camp Weeks Offered: 1,3,5,7,8,9 Time: 9:00AM to 2:00PM Ages: 8-13 Fees: $125/Member, $135/Non-Member Site: Sunderman Complex Counselor: The Winning Inning - Coach Tim Dublino Baseball Camp Weeks Offered: 2,3,5,6,7,9 Time: 9:00AM to NOON Ages: 6-15 Fees: $85/Member, $95/ Non-Member Site: Sunderman Complex Counselor: Coach Jim Felce Tennis Camp Weeks Offered: 1,3,5,8,9,10 Time: 9:00AM to 12:00PM Ages: 6-12 Fees: $125/Member, $135/Non-Member Site: Putnam Park Tennis Courts Counselor: Johnny Angel Dance Camp Weeks Offered: 5 Time: 9:00AM to Noon Ages: 7-12

Irish Dance Camp Weeks Offered: 7 Time: 9:00AM to Noon Ages: 5-12 Fees: $80/Member, $90/ Non-Member Site: The Centre of Palm Harbor (Dance Studio) Counselor: Cara King Scariff-Hardiman School of Irish Dance

Dunedin Recreation Summer Camps

Registration is open and continues until camps are full. Explore a variety of camps for

children entering kindergarten through age 14. Choose from full day camps, half day camps, bagpipe, cooking, dance, nature, sailing, skateboard, sports, teens, theater, wilderness & more! Contact Information listed below: Aquatics (727) 298-3266 Alicia Castricone, Coordinator Athletics (727) 812-4536 Gregg Svendgard, Coordinator Community Center (727) 812-4530 Jorie Peterson, Coordinator Chris Hoban, Site Supervisor Angel Trueblood, Site Supervisor Dunedin Stirling Links (727) 738-6728 Hammock Camp (727) 812-4536 Gregg Svendgard, Coordinator Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center (727) 738-2920 Jocelyn Brodhead, Coordinator


BARBER SHOP and Family Hairstyling Center

STUDENTS Up to 12th Grade

Your Choice Any Cut

Spikes, Flat Tops Fades, Skater




Long Hair Extra (Flat Tops $2 Extra)

Every Day Price!





No Coupon Needed!


Any Style Cut Long Hair Extra Except Razor Cuts




No Coupon Needed!

Great uts Hairc t a at Gre e Pric s or Your Money Back!



Including Haircut

1st Time Customers Only


1122 Florida Avenue

700 St. Petersburg Drive



West of Jack Willie’s



Matrix Color

2 Great Locations to Serve you Better! Old Downtown Palm Harbor



1st Time Customers Only Long Hair Extra

Clipper Cuts








Everyday Prices!


Mon-Fri ~ 7:30 am to 7:30 pm Sat ~ 8:00 am to 5:00 pm NOW OPEN SUNDAYS! 9:00 AM TO 2:00 PM

Page 26 Nature Center (727) 812-4536 Gregg Svendgard, Coordinator Cheryl Stafford, Site Supervisor Teen Leadership Program (727) 812-4534 Jorie Peterson, Coordinator

Clearwater Parks and Rec Summer Camps

Children Entering Grades 1-8 (unless specified) Begins June 9 thru August 16 10 weekly sessions Cost per session: $75 Play Pass/$100 Recreation Card/$125 no card Half of the balance is due at registration the other half is due on or before June 3. Camp Locations and Contact Info Countryside Recreation Center 2640 Sabal Springs Drive 727-669-1914 Long Center 1501 N. Belcher Road 727-793-2320 Moccasin Lake Science and Nature Camp (Grades 1-6) 2750 Park Trail Lane 727-793-2976 Ross Norton Recreation & Aquatic Complex 1426 S. MLK, Jr. Ave. 727-462-6025 North Greenwood Recreation & Aquatic Complex (Middle School only) 900 N. MLK, Jr. Ave. 727-462-6276

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Dunedin Jr Falcons Football Sign Ups Dunein Falcons are holding signups at the Dunedin Community Center 1920 Pinehurst Rd. May 10 (Sat) - 10am - 12pm May 24 (Sat) - 10am - 12pm For More Info email

PINELLAS INDOOR SOCCER SUMMER CAMPS Monday thru Friday from 8am to 4pm For More Info Call 727-585-4625


Tarpon Springs Jr. Sponger Football Sign Ups

For kids ages 6 to 12 years. The eight-week camp will be held Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Camp runs from June 16 – August 8 (closed July 4th). The cost for the full eight weeks of camp is $400 for city residents and $480 for nonresidents. If parents don’t want to take advantage of the full summer program, kids can attend for two weeks for $120 for residents and $140 for nonresidents (must be two consecutive weeks.)

Oldsmar Falcons Football Sign Ups

New Port Richey Recreation and Aquatic Center 6630 Van Buren St. New Port Richey, For More Info Call 727-841-4560

400 S. Walton Ave., Tarpon Springs is holding signups at the Tarpon Recreation Center. A birth certificate and 2 school sized pictures are also required. For More Info Call Shelly Law at 727-773-3584 or email

Summer Training Camp Starts in July Call 727-421-9870


Registration for Spring Soccer is now available! Games are Tuesday and Thursday evenings through May 29th Ages 5 to 16 3 players per team on the field $70.00 registration For More Info email: geraldmorindoc@ or call: 727-742-6883

Largo Rec Athletics Basketball Basics (Youth ages 6-8)

This class reinforces and applies the fundamentals of basketball: dribbling, passing, shooting, defense and team play. Drills, skills, and informal mini-scrimmages are played with instruction as needed. Coach: Adam Crawford Highland Recreation Complex

MilPro Publications Apr 5-26 Saturday 8:459:30am $24/$30

LARGO REC SUMMER CAMPS For More Info Call (727) 587-6720

Theatre Camps Largo Cultural Center Guys and Dolls Jr Camp (Ages 12-18) June 9th-June 28th 9am-4pm Before and aftercare Available Cost is $375.00/$425.00

All campers will be involved in the creative art of live musical theatre. This includes an introduction to the audition process as well as acting, singing and dancing on a professional stage. Public performances: Jun 27 at 7pm and Jun 28 at 11am Call (727)587-6793 for more information


June 9th- August 15th Jim & Heather Gills YMCA (ages 4-12) 7am-6pm Full week $135 Member $175 Non-Member Kids will enjoy the rock wall, swimming, sports, arts & crafts, and even a Field trip! To register your child, contact Heidi Blair at 727.328.9622

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during project instruction. A kid friendly film will be shown during lunch break.

June 9th- August 15th Multiple Locations 7:30 am to 5:30 pm $637.00 (Full) $541.45 (Reduced) $222.95 (Free) Morning Extended Care 7:00 am to 7:30 am $65.00/summer Afternoon Extended Care 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm $65.00/summer For More Info Call 727-893-7441

Kids Camp – Ages 5-12 Full Day 9:30am – 4:00pm $275 Half Day 9:30am – Noon $175 Session 1 June 9-13 Session 2 June 16-20 Session 3 June 23-27 Single Day Sessions Only June 30 - July 3 Full Day $65 per day / Half Day $45 per day Session 4 July 7-11 Session 5 July 14-18

Practically Pikasso Kids Art Summer Camp

THEME: Animal Planet Session 6 July 21-25 THEME: Art Around The World Session 7 July 28-August 1 THEME: Out of this World Session 8 August 4 – 8 THEME: Shark Week

Campers will experience a variety of different art mediums including but not limited to: clay, ceramics, mosaics, spin art, tye-dye, bubble painting, glass painting, etc. Camp will include educational components

For More Info Call St. Pete 727-822-5204 Safety Harbor (727) 230-1946


Dunedin Stirling LInks June 9th through August 14th

ALL DAY CAMP Monday-Thursday 9am to 4pm (Lunch Included) $200/Week $150 Additional Weeks

Improve Your Skills! Learn New Ones! Have LOADS of FUN! Snacks may be brought in or purchased. After Care offered from 4-5pm for $10 more, from 4-6pm for $20 more. Make Up Days for Bad Weather on Fridays at the Pro’s discretion.

HALF DAY CAMP Monday-Thursday 8am to 12pm or 12pm to 4pm

(Based on Availability) $100/Week

For More Info or to Register , Call Paul Sylvester, PGA Professional

727.331.1296 or 727.733.6728

620 Palm Blvd, Dunedin 34698 • Register Early! Space Fills FAST!

Missed classes may be made up on Saturdays from 9-11am or on Wednesdays from 5-6pm at Pro’s discretion. No Camp July 4th.

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Artsy Dancewear


• MusiCamp (5-8) • Guitar Camp (7-15) • Showtime (7-14) • RocKamp (8-17)

Call TODAY to reserve your spot!

FREE LESSON COUPON ON WEBSITE! 4112 Little Road, New Port Richey, FL 34655 727.834.8856 •

Camp Dates: 1) TARPON SPRINGS - June 9th - June 13th 2) DUNEDIN REC - June 16th - June 20th 3) TARPON SPRINGS - June 23rd - June 27th 4) DUNEDIN REC - June 30th - July 3rd 5) TARPON SPRINGS - July 7th - July 11th 6) DUNEDIN REC – July 14th - July 18th 7) DUNEDIN REC - July 21st - July 25th 8) TARPON SPRINGS - July 28th - Aug 1st 9) TARPON SPRINGS - Aug 4th – Aug 8th 10) DUNEDIN REC - Aug 11th – Aug 15th

Camp Times: 9:00am – 4:00pm Camp Cost: $125 Weekly $50 Discount for Siblings and Multi Weeks

Camp is run by Coach Chris Kolaxis; Head Coach of HARD2GUARD Basketball Teams and Owner of Nothin’ But Net Basketball Please Call to reserve spot or More Info (727)644-8779 *Dunedin: Dunedin Rec Center 550 Laura Lane, Dunedin *Tarpon Springs: Spanos-Pappas Community Center 348 N Pinellas Ave. Tarpon Springs, Fl 34689

JUNIOR GOLF CAMP June 9th to August 14th, 2014 Ages 5 to 14

$105/week * Mon-Thurs * 9am-Noon Camp will be conducted at the Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club 3030 N. McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater, FL 33761 WITH range time at the Chi Chi Rodriguez Sports Complex Instruction will be targeted as an introduction to the game of golf. Instruction includes: GRIP POSTURE CHIPPING FULL SWING STANCE PUTTING PITCHING RULES OF GOLF COURSE PLAY CORE VALUES


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Gymnastics CAMPS


Monday-Friday June 19 thru August 17 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

per session




2 session of gymnastics each day 9:00-11:30 am & 12:30-3:00 pm

Ages 6 & up S

per day

● Morning ● Afternoon ● ALL Day ● ALL Week

2 sessions


10 session pass

Good for any day camps all year




(727) 515-5796

Give your child the GOLD MEDAL Gymnastics experience they deserve this SUMMER


comingto... to Heritage ... isiscoming

GYM SWIM and FIT SUMMER CAMPS Ages 5-13, Sign Up Daily or Weekly Camps start June 5th

Tiny Turners Half-Day PreSchool Camps Ages 2-4, License #52-51-04744


2301 26th Street North, St. Pete

is coming to Heritage ... NORTHEAST PEDIATRICS

Preschool Camps (ages 2-5 as of September 1, 2012) Preschool Bible Adventure 1 June 24-28 9-2pm $100 Preschool VBS July 15-19 9-12pm $30 Preschool Bible Adventure 2 July 22-26 9-2pm $100

Preschool Camps (ages 2-5 as of September 1, 2012) Preschool Bible Adventure 1 June 24-28 9-2pm $100 Preschool VBS July 15-19 9-12pm $30 Preschool Bible Adventure 2 July 22-26 9-2pm $100

Elementary Camps (completed K-5th grade) Camp Heritage June 24-28 9-2pm $100 VBS Adventure 1 June 23-27 July 15-19 9-12pm $30 9am- 2pm Preschool Bible All Kids Sports Camp July 22-26 9-2pm $100

Camp Heritage June 24-28 9-2pm $100 “Where Your Kids are Our Kids” VBS July 15-19 9-12pm $30

Preschool Bible Adventure 2 July 28-Aug 1 9am- 2pm For Preschool more information or to 14-18 register go to9am-12pm VBS July Camp Heritage June 23-27 VBS July 14-18 Travel Camp July 21-25 Sports Camp

9am- 2pm 9am-12pm (mwf) 9am-4pm (t/th) 9am-2pm

July 28-Aug 1

Elementary Camps (completed K-5th grade)

July 22-26 Bhumi Upadhyay, MD FAAP

All Kids Sports Camp

9-2pm $100

Certified Pediatrician For more Board information or to register go to

Kimberly Mularoni, MD FAAP Board Certified Pediatrician

Martha Cordoba-Fabelo, MD FAAP Board Certified Pediatrician

9am- 2pm

Registration begins March 3rd, 2014 at

is coming to Heritage ... Heritage United Methodist Church

2680 Landmark Drive, Clearwater, FL 33761

Preschool Camps (ages 2-5 as of September 1, 2012)

Preschool Bible Adventure 1 register, June 24-28 9-2pm For more information or to go to Preschool VBS Preschool Bible Adventure 2

July 15-19 July 22-26

Elementary Camps (completed K-5th grade) Camp Heritage June 24-28 VBS July 15-19

$100 9-12pm $30 9-2pm $100 9-2pm $100 9-12pm $30

is coming to Heritage ...

6540 4th Street N, Suite C,as St. Petersburg, FL 33702 Preschool Camps (ages 2-5 of September 1, 2012) 24-28 9-2pm $100 (727) 526-PEDSJune (7337) July 15-19 9-12pm $30 July 22-26 9-2pm $100

Preschool Bible Adventure 1 Preschool VBS Preschool Bible Adventure 2

Elementary Camps (completed K-5th grade) Camp Heritage June 24-28 VBS July 15-19

9-2pm $100 9-12pm $30

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We Teach Respect Every Day!


Our Certified Instructors Teach Stranger Awareness

youth football and cheerleading

Award ProgramWs infrning Ages 3-Ad om ult

We Can Create an Impressive Change in Your Child’s Behavior.

Questions? 727.421.9870

Pro Karate Center Since 1975 843 County Road 1, Palm Harbor


“W Leaders e1BSuild at a Timetu.”dent

Introductory offer

register online now @



6 weeks of karate Lessons - incLudes uniform Pro Karate Center

summer training camp starts in july!

843 County Road 1, Palm HaRboR • 727.734.9659


witH tHis CouPon . not valid witH otHeR offeRs . offeR exPiRes 5/31/14

home games (out of 10) at canal park season starts in august 2014 well trained coaching staff we’re a tbyfl team & we play the toughest competition!

Camp Nessie

Junior Golf Clinics Ages 7-16 | 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio 1:00 – 2:30pm | Monday – Thursday

Summer Tennis Camps Tennis 10’s Red Camp Ages 4-10 | 10:00am – 12:30pm | Monday – Thursday

Innisbrook Tennis Camps, hel ONDAY USTA’s 10 and Under Tennis Camp uses the exciting QuickStart

Juniors receive golf instruction on the mechanics and techniques from full swing to short game fundamentals.

the resort’s HROUGH play format for learning tennis, designedchampionship to bring kids into the facilit

game by adapting the equipment, court dimensions and the 11 Har-tru tennis courts, provi URSDAY scoring to the age and size of the children. It allows youngsters


to succeed quickly at challenging tennis in a fun teamand environment. fun environm


HROUGH at Camp Nessie with great crafts, exciting games and the Loch Ness Monster pool. Choose from full or half day sessions. GUST Age 4 – 5 | 5-to-1 camper-to-counselor ratio Ages 6 – 12 | 8-to-1 camper-to-counselor ratio


MONDAY – SUNDAY Full Day Session Half Day Session Half Day Session

Associat professionals provide first-rate ins



June 16 – 19 July 14 – 17 August 4 – 7

Camp Nessie

727.942.5241 Tennis 10’s Red Camp Ages 4-10 | 10:00am – 12:30pm/ Green | Monday – Thursday Tennis 10’s Orange Camp Ages 6-10 | 9:00am – 3:00pm | Monday – Thursday

8:30am – 4:00pm 8:30am – 12:30pm 1:00pm – 4:00pm

FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTS Kid’s Night Out 6:00pm – 10:00pm

$60 (lunch included) $40 $35

STA’s 10 and Under Tennis Camp uses the exciting QuickStart This for 10 and Under Tennis Camp focuses onto sound techniques ay format learning tennis, designed bring kids into the and strategies for players who have some knowledge game by adapting the equipment, court dimensions and the of the scoring system and can sustain a small rally. oring to the age learn and Triple size Vision of the(court, children. allows youngsters Players ball andItopponent awareness), to be a team and have fun. to succeed quicklyhow at tennis in a player fun team environment.

$40 (dinner included)

One hour on-court and one hour Camp Nessie Junior or two hoursCamp of tennis

All Campers must be potty trained. Member discounts apply.

Ages 10-18 | 6-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio 9:00am – 3:00pm | Monday – Thursday


i C


CALL TO REGISTERAges 7-14 | 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio FOR MORE INFO8:30am – 3:00pm | Monday – Thursday

JUNE 9 – AUGUST 15, 2014

(Includes snack and lunch)


Tennis Camps | Golf Clinics | Camp Nessie

Juniors receive golf and tennis instruction with certified instructors and fun in the pool.

Junior Golf, Tennis & Swim Camp 36750 US Hwy 19 N Innisbrook, FL 34683

June 9 – 12 July 7 – 10 July 21 – 24


Summer Fun Menu Options

Summer’s Ultimate Place to

One hour on-courtCertified and one hour U.S. Camp Nessie Tennis or two hours of tennis



8:30am – Tennis Instruction 10:00am – Golf Instruction 12:00pm – Lunch 1:00pm – Swim @ Lochness June 9 – 12 July 7 – 10 July 21 – 24

June 16 – 19 July 14 – 17 August 4 – 7


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3199 46th Ave N St Petersburg, FL (727) 528-3186

Featured in our air-conditioned indoor training facility:

Come in for a



Please Call and Pre-Register!

• Train smarter in less time with a 40 minute workout! • Build muscle... Lose fat! • Increase core strength and stability. • All ages and abilities welcome!

Train vertically on the Fitwall!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ !

Professional instructors 8 training/batting cages 2 pitching machines 3 portable pitching mounds Speed, agility & strength training Game room Youth Camps Birthday Parties and much, much more!

(727) 528-3186 (727) 528-3186

Serving The Bay Area Since 1989

2014 2013 Summer Camp Dates Summer Camp June 10-14, June 24-28 JulyDates 8-12, July 22-26 JuneAugust 9-13,5-923-27 July 7-11, 21-25 August 4-8

EXPERIENCE “REAL FLORIDA” Spring and Summer Nature Camps for Ages 3-13 Guided Hikes • Tram Tours Pioneer Settlement • Wildlife Encounters Preschool Programs • Field Trips Playground • Picnic Area and More!

6001 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg 727.345.7200



1101 Country Club Way S • 727.893.7326

Learn to Ice Skate and Play Hockey...

For the

FUN of It!


f Tons o

255 Forest Lakes Blvd. N, Oldsmar



Westfield Countryside, Clearwater




Activity Camps!

June 9th-August 15th • Ages 6 -18 1/2 Day (8am-Noon) and Full Day (8am-5pm)

Tennis Shoes Shorts Water Bottle Towel Sun Screen Change of Clothes

Improve your tennis skills plus swimming, arts & crafts, football, soccer, field games & more!

Full day campers please bring lunch. Limited number of racquets to loan.


Not valid with any other offer or discount. Expires 5/31/14.


1000 Edenville Avenue Clearwater 33764 For Questions and to Register Contact Rick Ryals:

727.562.4800 x3839 •

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Swimming Tennis Outdoor Sports Arts ‘n Crafts

10 Weeks of FUN! June 9 - August 15 Ages 5-13 8:45am - 4:30pm

Field Trip Every Week!

* Extended Hours Available 7:30am to 6:30pm

Enrolling NOW for Our 13th Annual


Sign Up for the d Entire Summer an your last week is



Payment Plans Available Sibling Discoun ts

SRK Camp is located in the Heritage Harbor Community Center (just off Lutz Lake Fern Road), 19502 Heritage Harbor Parkway, Lutz, FL 33558

MilPro Publications

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“Thank Goodness it’s Friday!” Special Summer Promotion! June, July and August 1/2 Price for Lessons on Fridays! Piano, Guitar, Drums Voice

Classes for Children and Adults

813.422.8231 •

Ask: “If you could do anything, what would you like to do?” Try and encourage your children to generate their own ideas for activities. They’re more apt to have fun if they thought it up on their own! Reinforcing children to use their imaginations will also help them develop a sense of resourcefulness and get them in the habit of making their own choices about how they will spend their time.


“Mom, I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.” If you’ve ever heard your child say that, then we have an adventure for you! “Bored” is never heard at Soul Adventures, an exciting summer camp for 5-14 year-olds.


Soul Adventures B@LORRJWBQDR_

A ministry of Skycrest Christian School

Check out our website for information on our exciting weekly adventures & to register for Spring Break & Summer Camps!

Let the adventure begin

129 N. Belcher Road Clearwater, FL 33765 727-797-1186

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2nd Annual OLDSMAR SOCCER CLUB Shoot Out Classic

$275 per Foursome Shotgun Start at 1 P.M. (Registration opens at 11:30 A.M.) Come on out and help support the Oldsmar Youth Soccer Association.

Saturday, May 17th Lansbrook Golf Club in Palm Harbor. Cost: $79 per person /

All proceeds to go to support OYSA programs like our nationally recognized TOPSoccer Program for mentally and physically impaired • • • 10% OFF 10% OFF players, upgrade 10% OFF Churches, Schools and When You Mention and purchase field On Sundays! Civil Service! (Police,Fire, Military) this ad! • Discounts cannot be stacked and/or combined. equipment and Licensed & Insured help defray the cost of Recreational registration fees for families that need a little help.


Angels gymnAstics ll


SUMMER CAMP June 9th-August 15th


AGES 5 & Up

9am-4pm $200/Week

Games & Contests Arts ‘n Crafts Open Gym Zip Line Tumble Track Open Gym Movies Snacks & Water



*Campers should bring lunch or NY Pizzeria Kid Lunch available for Purchase. Call for details.


9-1 or 12-4 $150/Week $40/Full Day $30/Half Day

Sign Up by the Week, Day or ! Whole Summer

18437 US Hwy 41N Lutz 33549

Always 15:1 Ratio Campers to Staff 1 Hour Before Care Available. Call for details.

Don’t Delay! Call Today!



BEAUDY BEAUDIN Seven year old hockey player Beaudy Beaudin once scored 20 points in six games over a weekend.

For More Info Call John Linse at 727-459-0079

BIG BLUE FOOTBALL CAMP July 7,8,9 &10 9am to 4pm Ages 7-15 Register Early Space is Limited To Register go to For More Info Call 727-776-6351

Born in Safety Harbor, Beaudy attends Westchase Elementary School where he lists math as his favorite subject, Beaudy’s favorite movie is The Lego Movie and Bad Cop is his top rated character. His favorite band is One Direction and Best Sing Ever is his number one rated song. When not playing hockey, Beaudy enjoys playing soccer, basketball, baseball and golf. His favorite restaurant is the Outback Steakhouse. His favorite sports team is the New York Giants and their QB, Eli Manning, is his top rated player. Beaudy’s future plans include playing in the NHL.


Johnny Angel


World Class Tennis



champions for decades. Johnny Angel is committed to bringing you his unparalleled experience and personal service whether you are someone who is just beginning, or competing in Grand Slams. Johnny Angel is the ONLY WTA REGISTERED COACH & USTA CERTIFIED HIGH Flag PERFORMANCE COACH inFlag the Palm Harbor area, the highest certifications in the world. So, whether you are a Ages 4-6 Ages 4-6 beginner or a seasoned professional, we have a program for you! CALL TODAY and let us help you reach your goals, while Varsity & JV Varsity & JV having FUN at the same time!


Flag For Ages 7-14 • BirthdayDunedin of 8/31/14Flag Dunedin Ages 4-6asFlag Ages 4-6 (Non-Contact) (Non-Contact) Community Flag Football & Cheerleading Registration ct) Ages 4-6 Community For Ages 4-6 • Birthday as of 8/31/14 Varsity & JV Varsity & JV Center Varsity & JV Center US! OUR SEASONAges RUNS FROM JULY TO Rd NOVEMBER! AgesCOME 7-15JOIN (Contact) 7-15 (Contact) 1920 Pinehurst

Dunedin Community Center

7-15Rd Ages 7-15 1920Ages Pinehurst ) deter mi1920 Ages 7-15 Age ned as of 8/31/11 Age deter mi ned as ofCLASSES, 8/31/11 CLINICS, Pinehurst Rd Age deter mi ned as- Noon of 8/31/11 Age deter mi ned & asLESSONS of 8/31/11 ( main entrance) 2014 CAMPS ( main entrance) May 10th and 24th • Saturdays • 10am


( main entrance) June 8th • Monday • Age 7pm -deter 8pm mi ned as of 8/31/11 Dunedin Community Center, 1920 Pinehurst Road, Dunedin DATES : and Saturdays, April 2nd,: 23rd & May DATES Saturdays, June 14th 28th • DJF Field for Equipment


• Full Time Training for WTA and ATP players on the tour. • Advanced Training for junior players seeking a College Scholarship and USTA National and Sectional Training. • Beginner, Adult & Junior Lessons ~ year round Group and Private Lessons. • Physical/Mental/Nutritional Training Programs designed for you, the player!

21st April 2nd, 23rd & May 21st Saturdays, April 2nd, 23rd & May 21st Pricing for Football - $200 • Pricing Cheer TIME: 9:00foram to- $225 2:00TIME: pm 9:00 am to 2:00 pm for Flag - $100 •pm Pricing for Flag Cheer - $100 TIME:Pricing 9:00 amFootball to 2:00 DATE: Sunday, May 1st at theSunday, PracticeMay Field DATE: 1st at the Practice Field $75 Non-Refundable Deposit due at Registration Sunday, May 1st at the Practice Field NO refunds as of the 1st day ofam practice TIME: 9:00 to 4:00TIME: pm 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Receive a $50 discount if paid in full by May 1st. TIME: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Register by May 1st Register to receive early discount! byan May 1stregistration to receive an early registration discount! You MUST bring: copy of child’s birth certificate, 2 wallet size photos with child’s face clear (no

sunglasses, or photoan copy paper), only parentregistration or legal guardian can register (guardian must 1st tohats,receive early discount! Please Bring Copy papers), of Child’s Birth Certificate, 2 contact Recent Photos and a Parent Must Sign! have guardianship parent/guardian driver’s license, emergency information,

Please Bring Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate, 2 Recent Photos and a Parent Must Sign!

insurance coverage info (if applicable).

hild’s Birth Certificate, 2 Recent Photos and a Parent Must Sign! Visit: Or email:


(727) 742-0525 or (727) 771-6000

I AM FOR THE CHILD Abused and Neglected Children Need Advocates

Become a Guardian ad Litem

Over 1,000 children in Pinellas County do not have a volunteer Guardian ad Litem. As a Guardian ad Litem, you advocate in court and in the child welfare system for abused, abandoned, or neglected children. The Guardian ad Litem visits the child every month, becomes familiar with the child’s case, and makes recommedations to the court to help ensure the child has a safe, caring, and stable home. No prior experience is necessary; you will be well trained and supported by an experienced supervisory and legal staff. Once trained, volunteers spend an average of ten hours a month. To attend an informational meeting, call Maria at 727.464.6528 or go to for more information.

I am YOU

I am for the Child whose name no one remembers. I am for the Child who has been abused or neglected. The Child who has had seven addresses in a year. I am a Child Advocate. I am a Guardian ad Litem Volunteer.

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LOCAL BUSINESS LAUNCHES SPORTS EQUIPMENT FRANCHISE Joe Sciandra and Dave Beaudin, owners of 2nd Time Sports in Palm Harbor, a new and used sports equipment retail outlet are now offering 2nd Time Sports licensed francise oportunities.

to bring their gear in for trade or consignment.” Sixty days later, 2 garages full of new and used gear had been stockpiled. Clearly this was a successful proposition wanted by consumers!

Dave Beaudin recalls that from 2008 thru 2011, the average phone call and walk in conversation was “My son grew out of his skates and gear, will you buy or trade my stuff?” Being limited in space, there was never any room to have both NEW and USED equipment in the store. Seeing a shift in the market, with economic challenges facing families, Beaudin decided to do more research and ask his clients to provide their input. All roads led back to structuring a retail environment where the trading of gently used gear for NEW gear would be accepted. The next conversation with his managers and staff was, “Let’s ask our clients

In 2011, Sciandra and Beaudin, working in the hockey retail business in Tampa, decided to take a leap of faith and open the doors of their new and used retail establishment, 2nd Time Sports, to the public. The concept was warmly embraced by the Palm Harbor community. In fact, the interest in this unique concept was so profound that inquiries about how others could open a 2nd Time Sports in their neighborhood came in sooner and more frequently than Sciandra and Beaudin had anticipated. After much thought, they decided that the most effective way to bring their experience and concept to other communities was to

grow the business through licensing their new business model. The philosophy of 2nd Time Sports is to have a truly uncommon establishment where the experience is as essential as the product. At 2nd Time Sports, having the most extensive sports equipment selection is not enough. It is important that there is a broad spectrum of patrons, that the store is clean (the environment does not smell like a locker room), and the experience with the staff be pleasant. By combining a friendly environment with an exceptionally knowledgeable staff, 2nd Time Sports creates an atmosphere where patrons feel at home, and the get the service in a STOP, SHOP and SAVE store. If you are interested in owning and operating a 2nd Time Sports licensed location give then a call at 727-7840007.

MilPro Publications

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Financial Literacy. Why should you care? Corporations, associations, organizations of all kinds, are recognizing the importance of promoting financial wellness both for the health of their organization and the future of their employees. Absenteeism, inattentiveness, irritability, reduced productivity... financial distress hurts your bottom line. How much time do you think employees spend each week dealing with personal financial issues when they should be working? A recent Virginia Tech study notes, 33% of workers report money worries often hamper job performance, 4 out of 5 workers report using work time to deal with financial distress and 34% of workers rate their financial stress as high to extreme. Helping employees cope with personal financial stress is key to a healthy organization. And employees need help. In fact, less than 1 in 3 Americans are “very confident” about their fiscal know-how. Financial stress is rated by workers as their #1 source of stress; concerns about personal finances are 5 times greater than those regarding health. “During these stressful times, HIFE is an incredible resource of financial education to the dislocated aerospace community. As a non-profit entity, their non-solicitous manner of delivery provides participants the education, motivation and tools to make life changing behavior. At Brevard Workforce we are proud to partner with them.” - Jan Conrad, Brevard Workforce The Heartland Institute of Financial Education is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to promote financial literacy across America. We are dedicated to empowering organizations and their people through financial education. And, the results have been amazing! Employees and private citizens who would never take the time to attend a course in financial education are joining their colleagues for class at the community center, office or plant after work. As a further incentive, spouses/partners are invited to join the class for no additional cost. Classes cover the practical every day financial concerns of working Americans with hands-on behavior enhancing exercises, factual explanations and straight forward applications. The Heartland

Institute of Financial Education provides an effective resource for organizations concerned about the high cost of employee financial distress. “Work-site classes are one of the most effective tools employers can use to improve employee financial wellness,” says Dr. E. Thomas Garman, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech University.

We believe employees want more control over their financial futures, and would like the confidence knowledge provides. As part of the growing financial literacy movement, the Heartland Institute is committed to providing competent, non-solicitous, college level financial education courses to America’s workforce. Our college sponsored classes vary from one to eight hour educational sessions, depending on the class curriculum. Classes are normally held at an employee’s place of business. Adult learners in a familiar surrounding, accompanied by familiar faces in a semi-formal setting are more apt to learn and apply real behavioral change. The Heartland Institute offers work-site financial education courses at a reduced cost (tuition) to your employees. All courses are taught through the nonprofit Heartland Institute by CFE Certified Financial Educators® in conjunction with the Heartland Consortium of Colleges & Universities which consists of well known, highly respected schools. Our instructors live and work in the local community and practice what they teach. Instructors are required to complete a study course, pass a comprehensive exam and complete continuing education to attain and “What a wonderful benefit the Financial Education Class has been for our employees. This class taught the value of preparing for every day events and for the future. I have had very positive feedback from the employees on these classes. And, they would like to have more of these type of classes taught at our facility.” - Patti Thompson, Bonfils Blood Center

maintain their certification. In addition, all instructors must sign a statement pledging ethical behavior, and all instructors are subject to the disciplinary oversight of the Heartland Institute. Many people tell us they feel unprepared to plan for their future. People want to take action, to be responsible, and we believe after attending our classes, they have the confidence to fulfill that desire. Unfortunately, for millions of Americans, time is running short. Financial Literacy is not another trendy catch phrase. It reflects a serious concern among government, private, and public organizations about disturbing trends in the fiscal behavior of average Americans. This movement for a financially literate society is based on the overriding belief that Americans can’t do better if they don’t know better. Knowing better won’t cure all ills, but it’s where we must begin. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has defined financial literacy as “The ability to understand financial choices, plan for the future, spend wisely, and manage the challenges that come with life events such as job loss, saving for retirement or a child’s education.” The Heartland Institute partners with colleges and universities throughout the United States to provide financial education courses to businesses and their employees, organizations and their members, and even civic and community groups who desire this type of purely educational coursework and information. These courses are taught by CFE Certified Financial Educators®, who have both instructional and practical business experience. Accredited Colleges and Universities are the critical link between the Heartland Institute of Financial Education, businesses and their employees and retirees. The Institute has created an opportunity for employees to receive excellent financial education at the worksite through nationally sponsored classes, as well as retirees through public classes. To learn more about bringing these classes to your workplace or organization, please contact Scott Bigley at 727.422.7761 or visit www.

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Summer Camp at Great Ex June 9-August 15

For kids entering grades 1-5

Palm Harbor School of Dance

Great Explorations presents 10 weeks of summer fun! We offer weekly themed camps that stimulate learning and imagination with experiments, arts, movement activities and guest presentations from local experts.

Visit for details and registration packets. For questions contact Lauren Leavine (727)821-8992 ext. 226 or

Classical Ballet Instruction

Enrolling noW for 2014 SummEr intEnSivES! Call thE Studio for


33871 US Hwy 19 N Palm Harbor 34684

941.661.3391 1925 4th St. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33704 727.821.8992

K-10th Grade Graduates Get ready for FUN in the SUN with our ALL NEW 2014 Camps! Week-long camps featuring Winter and her rescued dolphin, river otter, and sea turtle friends!


249 Windward Passage Clearwater, FL 33767

No email or phone reservations accepted. Space will fill fast so register early!

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Shoes, Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Tights, Shorts & Skate and Gymnastics Wear for all Ages. We also do Custom Orders and Carry Required Colors for Area Schools

Countryside Country Club


June 5th-August 15th Ages 3-13 (must be potty trained)

SPORTS CAMP • 9am- 3pm For ages 8-13

Fun weekly instruction in Golf, Tennis, and an organized sport (Baseball, Capture the Flag, Soccer, Kickball, etc). Includes lunch and time in the pool.

2113 Central Avenue, St. Pete, FL 33713

Mon-Fri 12pm-7:30pm • Sat 11am-6pm • Sun 2pm-5pm

Mention this Ad for 10% Discount. Expires 7/31/14.


Summer Nature Camps • June 9 - Aug 15th Jungle Boogie Camp•Ages 3 to 4 Nature Adventure Camp•Ages 7 to 13 Pioneer Camp•Ages 7 to 12 Raptor Camp•Ages 8 to 12 Wildlife Ecology Camp•Ages 7 to 11 Young Naturalist Camp•Ages 5 & 6 * Extended Care Available

ACTIVITY CAMP • 10am- 3pm For ages 3 and up

Action packed instruction and fun for boys and girls. Organized indoor and outdoor activities, arts & crafts, tennis games, putt putt, swimming, sports and more!

Contact Kaitlyn Watts Children’s Coordinator

727.796.1333 3001 Countryside Blvd, Clearwater 33761

1101 Country Club Way S • 727.893.7326

Donna Maries 10-11-12PH_Layout 1 10/10/12 3:29 PM Page 1

• Authentic Hawaiian • Tahitian • Tap • Jazz • Ballet • Ukulele • Hip Hop • Belly Dance

Now Accepting NOW ACCEPTING New Students for 2014 Fall Classes! Early Registration Discounts. NEW STUDENTS! Don’t miss out!

Beautiful Facility • Professional Staff Join us for 35th Teens andourAdults! Anniversary Celebration! Have fun while getting in shape. Friday, June 13th • Show Time 7pm Join our Tarpon Springs High Hawaiian School Auditorium Tickets sold at theClass. door. or Belly Dance

Classes NoChild-Teen-Adult experience necessary. Beginner to Professional

Registering NOW for the 2014-2015 School Year

Call for a Registration Packet Tours Monday-Friday • 10:30am

Ages 2, 3, K4 • VPK Provider

Children of any race, color, national or ethnic origin are welcome at The Rainbow Garden.

Sharing Joy of 34 years! Years! Sharing The the JOY ofDance DanceFor for 35

705 S. Pinellas Avenue • Tarpon Springs 727-934-0793


3380 State Road 580, Safety Harbor 34695

727.799.2700 License #C980819

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Tampa Presents:

Summer Athletic Development Camp Rookies


(Ages 6-9) June 16-19 July 21-24 9am-Noon

(Ages 10-13) June 23-26 July 28-31 9am-Noon

One hour of Speed Training • One hour of Strength and Endurance • One hour of Intramurals $200/week for non-members • $100/week for members Save 25% if you sign up for 2 or more camps!


D1 Sports Training l 6918 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33625 l 813.358.7671 l