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Welcome to our third annual Uncorked Wine Auction. We greatly appreciate your being one of the supporters of this signature event. Thanks to our generous sponsors, all of the donations made tonight will go to our mission of “keeping children safe and families together.� While the need for our services is growing, so also is the commitment to philanthropy. Our success is dependent upon generous individuals and businesses that purchase event tickets and offer their bids to help make a difference in so many lives. We are also fortunate to be supported by a long list of community volunteers. Thank you for caring about children and families. Cheers! Leslie Dinsdale President, Board of Directors

Sue Miller Executive Director

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Evening’s Program


Family Building Blocks




Tasting Wines


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Dinner & Wines Poured


Auction Purchase Guidelines


Silent Auction


Live Auction


Special Thanks


Donors & Sponsors


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THE EVENING’S PROGRAM Welcome to the Third Annual Uncorked Wine Auction Saturday, May 15, 2010


Wine Tasting Reception with Featured Winemakers, Guest Chefs & Silent Auction


Silent Auction Closes


Gourmet, Multi-Course Dinner Paired with Premier Wines


Live Auction featuring World Class Wines & Luxury Adventures

8:30 . . . until Your Mom Calls Post-Auction Celebration & Dancing with The Dusty 45’s

Please remember to drink responsibly and drive responsibly. 3

A LETTER FROM OUR PRESENTING A LETTER FROM OUR PRESENTINGSPONSOR SPONSOR : May 15th, Salem, OR Dear Guests, You are all part of a great evening, supporting a great cause.

Dear Guests,

May 15th, Salem, OR and to support Family We are honored to sponsor Uncorked, Building Blocks; working to break the intergenerational cycle of child abuse neglect by providing services for high-risk Dearand Guests, We are honored to sponsorsixUncorked, support families that have children weeks toand fiveto years old. Family Building Blocks; You are all part of a great evening, supporting a great cause.

working to break the intergenerational cycle of child abuse and neglect by providYou all partfamilies of a great evening, supporting cause. ing services forare high-risk that havethat children weeks atogreat five years old. From our own daily experiences, we know homesix is what matters most, at any age.

honored to sponsor Uncorked, and support From ourWe ownare daily experiences, we know that home is to what mattersFamily most, at Building Blocks; working to break the intergenerational cycle any age. Join us in supporting this worthy organization. of child abuse and neglect by providing services for high-risk Let the bidding begin!

Join us infamilies supporting thishave worthy organization. Let the bidding begin! that children six weeks to five years old.

From our own daily experiences, we know that home is what matters most, at any age. Join us in supporting this worthy organization. KelleyD. D.Let Hamilton the bidding begin! Kelley Hamilton Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Bonaventure Senior Living Bonaventure Senior Living

Kelley D. Hamilton


Chief Executive Officer Bonaventure Senior Living


“Keeping Children Safe & Families Together” Family Building Blocks is a child abuse prevention program that helps more than 500 children a year. We work to break the intergenerational cycle of child abuse and neglect by providing services for high-risk families that have children six weeks to five years old.

Our Services Intensive Services

• Therapeutic classes for young children • Intensive parent training • Educational home visits • Fostering Attachment Treatment Court • Emergency respite classroom

Supportive Services

• Crisis response & childcare • Supervised parent-child visitations • Organized parent-child play groups • Referrals to community resources

The Facts about Child Abuse • 1,406 children were victims of abuse or neglect in Marion & Polk counties. • Half of these victims were under the age of 6.

There are consistently over 150 children on FBB’s waiting list for services. 5


Our Outcomes Reflect Our Success

99% prevention programs were able to of the children enrolled in our

live safely with their parents, thus avoiding abuse, neglect, and foster care. (2009)

A Wise Investment Prevention saves money & lives $71,500

$70,000 $60,000 $50,000 $40,000 $30,000 $20,000 $10,000 $0

$19,600 $6,000 FBB Therapeutic classrooms

Foster care

Youth correctional facility

Estimated annual cost per child 2008-09

This chart illustrates the potential savings generated by Family Building Blocks’ early childhood services.

“There is no greater insight into our future than recognizing that when we save our children, we save ourselves.”


FAMILY BUILDING BLOCKS 2009-10 Board of Directors

Leslie Dinsdale, President Community Service Pete Yunker, Vice-President Power Equipment Systems Chris Casebeer, Past President Ferder, Casebeer, French & Thompson, LLP Steve Altman, Secretary Merrill Lynch Gerry Hoots, Treasurer Hoots, Baker & Wiley, PC Pamela Abernethy, Marion County Circuit Court Gladys Blum, Gladys Blum Group Real Estate Jay Burris, Comcast Cable Communications Ross Carey, US Bank Wally Carson, Retired, Oregon Supreme Court Linda Craven, Early Childhood Ed., CCC Walt Edmonds, Retired, Oregon Court of Appeals Lisa Farrow, Blue Pacific Vacation Rentals Deana Freres, Community Service Jason Herber, Merrill Lynch Brian Johnston, Dallas Glass & Window Charles Luukinen, Polk County Circuit Court Sophia Macaitis, Student, Portland State Wes McWhorter, LCG Pence Construction Jeff Moore, Saalfeld Griggs PC Jerry Moore, Salem Police Chief Brent Neilsen, ABLE Leadership Consulting Nancy Parks, School Counselor Jamese Rhoades, Marion County Circuit Court Myriah Ridenour, Leadership Youth, S. Salem H.S. Jessica Ritter, Wild Pear Restaurant & Catering Melanie Ronai, M.D., Salem Pediatric Clinic Jody Rowell, Community Service Sam Skillern, III, Salem Leadership Foundation Dave VanBossuyt, Portland General Electric Dick Withnell, Withnell Motor Company

Sue Miller, Executive Director Marion County facility: Chelsea’s Place 2425 Lancaster Drive NE Salem, Oregon 97305 Polk County facility: Gracie’s Place 1135 Edgewater Street NW Salem, Oregon 97304 Phone: (503) 566-2132 Fax: (503) 566-2134

Reruns for Kids

All profits from the sale of “Reruns” merchandise support Family Building Blocks.

1455 Commercial Street SE




Amalie Robert Estate was founded by Dena Drews and Ernie Pink in 1999. We left the corporate world behind, and began a journey to grow Pinot Noir in the last best place on earth. We found a beautiful cherry orchard, and the opportunity to follow our dreams. Today, Amalie Robert Estate is a 60-acre property with 30 acres of sustainably-farmed vines and a state of the art, gravity flow Pinot Noir winery. We are stitched into the sedimentary foothills outside of Dallas, Oregon. In our second careers, the guiding principle is stewardship. We are the vineyard managers and winemakers. We are students of the vineyard, and class, it seems, is always in session. Our efforts in the field are rewarded with Pinot Noirs that are true to the soil and true to the vintage. What’s the story behind the name? Amalie Robert is a combination of Dena’s middle name, “Amalie” (pronounced AIM-a-lee) and Ernie’s, “Robert.”



Pinot reigns supreme at Anne Amie Vineyards with Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc forming the heart of our production. Complimenting the pinot family is Old-Vine Estate Riesling and Mßller Thurgau, planted in 1979. Our vineyards are located in the rolling hills of the Yamhill-Carlton District and on the steep hillsides of the Chehalem Mountains, both nestled in Oregon’s verdant Willamette Valley. Our tasting room hosts breathtaking views of our vineyards and the Pacific Coast Range. We look forward to your visit.



Bethel Heights Vineyard is a family-owned and operated winery located in the historic Eola Hills northwest of Salem. Two families established the vineyard in 1977 and released their first wines in 1984. Planted between 1977 and 1979, Bethel Heights was one of the first vineyards in the Eola Hills, a chain of hills in the center of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Terry Casteel and Marilyn Webb are half of the original team, and Ted Casteel and Pat Dudley are the other half. Pat’s sister, Barbara Dudley, also is a partner and serves as chairperson of the Board of Directors. Pat Dudley is Marketing Director and President; Ted Casteel is Vineyard Manager; Terry Casteel is Winemaker Emeritus; and Marilyn Webb is CFO and assists with marketing. Ben Casteel, son of Marilyn and Terry, is Winemaker, and Mimi Casteel, daughter of Ted and Pat, is General Manager. Truly a family business. The winery produces 13,000 cases of premium wine annually, specializing in Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc. Over the past several years Bethel Heights has expanded to include second generation leadership and ownership, bringing youthful energy, talent and passion into the blend. The family is known for generous service to the Oregon wine industry over the years, and for leadership in building sustainability and stewardship of the land into all aspects of growing grapes and making fine wine.



Coelho Winery was established in 2004 by the husband and wife team of Dave and Deolinda Coelho, both second generation Portuguese-Americans. Our Estate Vineyard and Winery are located in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Amity, Oregon. Coelho wines reflect our Portuguese heritage and our spirit. We farm using sustainable viticulture methods, preserving the environment and the character of our wines. We are a passionate, determined family owned winery, bringing people together one glass at a time, through quality in product and quality of life.



Cristom’s founder and owner, Paul Gerrie, used his skills as an engineer and avid researcher to pursue his passion for wine. On his travels to France, he was introduced to the traditional growing practices of the Burgundy region. He learned that soil and site were key in developing the complexity of the fruit. After a 1991 visit to the International Pinot Noir Celebration in Oregon, Paul decided the time was right to leave the East Coast and bring his family and his passion for great Pinot Noir to Oregon’s burgeoning wine country. But their journey wasn’t complete without a winemaker who shared Paul’s vision of “letting the land make the wines.” Enter Steve Doerner (pictured above) who, after 30 years of experience, still believes the winemaker’s job is to “optimize what nature—the vineyard— provides.” In addition to his reputation as a master winemaker with “keen intuition”, Steve is a biochemist who had been making Pinot Noir in California for 14 years. And so, with a passion that only wine enthusiasts embrace and a precision that can only come from a chemist and an engineer, the two set out to cultivate their vision, which today, can be seen in the benchmark Pinot Noirs that are crafted from Cristom’s 75 acres.



Dobbes Family Estate is a dream come true for owner and winemaker, Joe Dobbes, and the embodiment of over 25 years of winemaking experience. Joe began his career apprenticing with wine masters in Germany and France, then applying his skills to crafting wine for several esteemed Oregon wineries. In 2002, Joe created Wine By Joe, LLC, a multi-tiered business that produces three brands: Dobbes Family Estate, Wine By Joe, and Jovino Oregon Pinot Noir. Dobbes Family Estate promises wines of distinction that represent a true expression of the finest varietals in Oregon. The wines are hand-crafted to exhibit unparalleled quality and sophistication by marrying the elements of Nature, Nurture, and Artistry. The winemaking objectives are to craft wines true to their varietal character with as much depth, richness, and flavor as possible without sacrificing balance and elegance. Dobbes Family Estate produces superb Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley, as well as Viognier and Syrah from the Rogue Valley.



Oregon’s Willamette Valley is the place we call home. It is our own unspoiled corner of the world, providing us with our unique sense of place. We devote great efforts to cultivating and preserving this special place and to reflecting its character and substance in our wines. In caring for our vineyards, large oak savannahs and the land that surrounds them, it is our hope that with each glass of our wine, you, too, will be able to share in the Left Coast experience. Our family-owned estate consists of 306 acres, 100 of which are devoted to the cultivation of grapes. The topography of Left Coast is a bowl, with steep hills facing west, north and south, creating a natural amphitheater surrounding a large meadow and spring fed lake, central to the gravity-fed irrigation of our vines. We have chosen to plant grapes on only the predominantly southern facing slopes. The remainder of the property is preserved as one of the last remaining stands of original old growth White Oaks in the area and also contains fruit orchards, meadows, lakes and streams. The bodies of water attract migrating birds and encourage birds of prey, helping to balance animal life in the vineyards. An increasing importance is being placed on the park like nature of the property through expanded gardening and flowering areas. Additionally, four acres of hazelnut trees, shrub roses and holly oaks were planted to foster the cultivation of European truffles that we view as a welcome complement to our fine wine production.



Mahonia Aquifolium, named by Lewis and Clark on their epic journey to the Pacific, is the Oregon state flower and our vineyard’s namesake. Also called “Oregon Grape” because of its blue berries, this Northwest native and our winegrapes both thrive in the unique habitat of our site in the Willamette Valley foothills. We sell our fruit to some of Oregon’s best winemakers for their own vintages, and in turn, they craft a limited amount of wine exclusively from our grapes that we sell under our Mahonia Vineyard label. Founder/Owner John Miller and Vineyard Manager Ferenc Ipacs-Szabo work together to ensure the highest quality by limiting yields and employing best practices. Our grapes are grown sustainably in our family-owned vineyard. We generate solar power, use locally-produced biodiesel, are Salmon Safe and LIVE Certified, and are one of only fourteen wineries/vineyards in Oregon participating in the Oregon Carbon Neutral Challenge Initiative, a voluntary initiative to actively reduce carbon emissions, demonstrate leadership and to promote practical solutions to climate change. Our definition of profit includes giving back to Oregon communities, especially through programs benefitting children such as Family Building Blocks, and those benefitting the environment such as SOLV.



Patton Valley’s story began in the 1980’s with two business school buddies, Monte Pitt and Dave Chen. In between classes, they found themselves exploring Chicago’s legendary wine shops and developing a passion for what they considered the world’s finest wine: Pinot Noir. Over many conversations and many more bottles of wine, they shared the dream of one day owning a winery. In 1995, after more than a decade, that dream came to fruition. Searching for over a year and looking at dozens of properties, they finally found a site that offered the perfect combination of soil, exposure and elevation needed to grow the finicky and difficult Pinot Noir grape. Today, this site is home to the winery, tasting room and the 24-acre Patton Valley Estate Vineyard. Located in the beautiful Northwest corner of the Willamette Valley, Patton Valley is focused on producing estate-grown, sustainably-farmed, world-class Pinot Noir. Great wines are grown, not made, and Patton Valley aims to produce wines that truly reflect the vineyard and vintage from which they came, with little winemaking manipulation. Meticulous and sustainable viticultural practices ensure that the estate grown fruit will produce memorable Pinot Noir, while protecting and preserving the land. At Patton Valley, it is hoped that each bottle of wine opened and enjoyed is a clear expression of their dedication to the region and to the production of exceptional Pinot Noir.



Sineann, with winemaker Peter Rosback, is a small producer of highly intense wine in Yamhill County, Oregon. We source our fruit from some of the best vineyards in the region; Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris from the Willamette Valley and the Hood River Valley, Cabernet, Merlot and Zinfandel from the Columbia Valley, Gewurztraminer from the Willamette Valley and the Columbia Gorge. We’ve started making wine from the Napa Valley. Our growers have great pride in the grapes they provide us. Almost all our wines are vineyard designated. No expense is spared in our pursuit of great wine. Crop levels are kept very low, one to three tons per acre. Winemaking is meticulous. All fruit is hand-sorted, delicately de-stemmed, punched down by hand, gently pressed and gravity-racked. The wines are aged in new and one-year old French oak. The bottom line is, we strive to make great wine. It’s the only kind of wine that makes it onto our dinner table. It’s exciting to make and gratifying to share. We believe that food and drink, lovingly prepared, make for happier and healthier people.



St. Innocent was founded in 1988 by its winemaker and president, Mark Vlossak. We produce small lots of handmade, vineyard-designated wine from some of the best sites in the Willamette Valley. Since our founding, we have grown from 600 cases that first year to our current production of 8-10,000 cases, yet each wine is still handcrafted in the very same manner. Year after year, St. Innocent Winery has received recognition from throughout the country and around the world for its outstanding Pinot Noir, beautifully-crafted white wines, and fair pricing. Mark’s raison d’etre is to produce wines that reflect their terroir, the specific qualities of the vintage, and his vision of wine’s place in life: to complement and extend the pleasure of food. To accomplish his goal, he picks fully ripe fruit at the point of maximum complexity and ferments the fruit to extract the exact balance of flavor and tannins desired. This produces wines that display their unique fruit character as well as secondary flavors specific to the terroir of the site: spice, pepper, mushroom, earth, etc. The result is wines with higher acid levels and diverse yet harmonizing flavors. By marrying tradition with innovation, combining old world attention to detail with cutting-edge inspiration, Mark creates wines that reflect their terroir, are complex, balanced and age worthy.



Torii Mor Winery was founded in 1993 by Donald Olson, MD who remains the owner to this day with his wife, Margie. The winery was initially a small project that was intended to showcase the fruit from the vineyard. Olson Estate Vineyard was planted in 1972 and is one of the oldest vineyards in the Dundee Hills AVA. Since its modest beginnings in 1993, with just over 1,000 cases, Torii Mor has blossomed into a super-premium winery that focuses on small lots of handcrafted vineyard designated Pinot noir with an annual production of 15,000 cases. With the commitment to preserving the environment and Earth, Torii Mor is making ecologically smart choices and farming sustainably, while continuing to craft high quality, complex wines that possess a quiet elegance. Torii Mor is cultivating a sustainable business that respects the environment and assessing the overall carbon and energy usage while pursuing LEED certification. The solar array, gravity flow winery in the Dundee Hills, erected in 2007, is a testimonial to this commitment.



Temperate Pacific air channeling through the Van Duzer corridor marks the beginning of every Oregon Willamette Valley summer evening. At the mouth of the corridor is our hillside vineyard where the microclimate of warm days and cool nights shapes the ripeness, complexity and structure of Van Duzer Vineyards’ grapes. Our winemaking successfully captures the purity and texture of this fruit to create wines of elegance and balance, age-worthy and well suited for enjoyment with food. Van Duzer Vineyards was purchased by Carl and Marilynn Thoma in 1998. They have continued to farm the 26-year old vines planted to Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris while gradually upgrading and improving the vineyard through sustainable agricultural practices. The estate vineyard lies within the Willamette Valley AVA, west of the Eola Hills and Salem and 60 miles south of Portland. Pinot Noir predominates in the 82-acre vineyard. Nine different clonal varieties of Pinot Noir are grown including Pommard, Wädenswil and Dijon 777/667/113/115. Two clones of Pinot Gris in the more eastern reaches of the vineyard benefit from full sun from sunrise to sundown. The hillside elevations range from 250 to 450 feet with well-drained, loamy silt-stone, Chehulpum soils. It is certified by internationally recognized LIVE (Low Impact Viticulture and Enology) and Salmon Safe. Van Duzer Vineyard’s new eco-friendly winery, tasting room and picnic grounds welcome visitors throughout the year to sample wines and enjoy the spectacular view.



Willamette Valley Vineyards has been producing high-quality, sustainably grown Pinot Noir and other cool-climate varietals for more than 27 years. Founder Jim Bernau believes that wines taste better when made from naturally grown wine grapes. All of WVV’s vineyards have been certified LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) and Salmon Safe since 1997. Our terroir is unique with ancient volcanic, glacial and sedimentary flood soils on slopes where orientation, elevation and grade create unique growing conditions. Tending the vines by hand and using minimalist winemaking techniques in small-batch fermentations, we strive to capture the unique sense of place that comes from our soils. We believe in being responsible stewards of the land in all facets of our business, and so became the first winery in the world to use 100 percent natural cork in our bottles certified by the Rainforest Alliance to Forest Stewardship Council standards. We offer 10 cents for every wine bottle returned to our tasting room for recycling, regardless of origin. To reduce our carbon footprint and promote energy independence, all company tractors and delivery vehicles run on biofuel. Additionally, we offer up to 50 gallons of biofuel a month free to our employees for commuting to work. WVV wines are available at the finest restaurants and wine shops throughout the world.


TASTING WINES Amalie Robert Estate

13531 Bursell Road • Dallas, Oregon 97338 • 503.88.CUVEE

2006 Dijon Clones Pinot Noir This Pinot Noir is true to the soil and true to the vintage. Aromas of crushed wild raspberries, rose petals and nutmeg introduce a palate rich with Montmorency cherries and Oregon strawberries. The core of sweet fruit and underbrush is punctuated with dried lavender and cocoa. The integrated tannin and acidity balances the intense red fruits and provides a mouth coating and persistent finish. 2007 Vintage Debut Pinot Noir Montmorency The cherry red shows in the glass. Graceful aromas of crushed red raspberries, sandalwood, tilled soil, five spice and dried savory. The palate is elegant and provides an earthy core of sweetness encased by tart cherry compote, ripe red raspberries, and tea leaves. The finish lingers and is framed by integrated tannins and balanced acidity.

Bethel Heights Vineyard, Inc.

6060 Bethel Heights Road NW • Salem, Oregon 97304 • 503.581.2262

2009 Pinot Gris The 2009 vintage gave us fall weather that was sunny and warm, and grapes that were quite ripe for intensity and flavor development. The Pinot Gris grapes were harvested in late September into early October, coming from the Eola-Amity Hills and the Rogue Valley. Our Pinot Gris grapes are whole cluster pressed and stainless steel fermented cool for over a month. Initial deep minerality gives way to aromas of tangerine, lime blossom and lemon zest. Flavors of apricot, white peach and Asian pear define the palate, set off by a firm core of acidity that runs through the wine. 2008 Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley “When the stars align, as in 2008, it can result in that perfect vintage Oregon vintners dream about.” Harvey Steiman, Wine Spectator, 2/28/10 The 2008 Willamette Valley Pinot noir is 60% Eola-Amity Hills and 40% Dundee Hills fruit. Harvest dates were well into October, under sunny skies. The wine was barreled for 10 months in French oak, 35% new. Initial aromas of chocolate, plum and raspberry are laced with clove and barrel spice. Mouth-filling raspberry and blackberry flavors emerge on the palate, balanced by crisp acidity and ageworthy, fine-grained tannins.



111 5th Street • Amity, Oregon 97101 • 503.835.9305

2007 Apreciação Chardonnay Fresh and vibrant, stylishly dry, this wine offers the appealing and balanced flavors of ripe pear, grilled pineapple and tropical fruit with a dash of ginger. Subtle oak lends to its’ creamy texture and delicate note of caramel. It finishes clean with a crisp streak of cool climate acidity. A soul mate to seafood and pork dishes. 2007 Paciência Pinot Noir A very pretty wine, fragrant and polished. A classic Oregon nose of cherry, brown spice and earth, followed by a gentle mouthful of brambly raspberry, red cherry, cinnamon, tea leaf and barrel toast framed with a halo of ultrafine tannins. Lithe and smooth, this pinot evolves as it warms in the glass, picking up a mineral note as the finish persists. 2008 Tradição Portuguese Varietal Red Exotic, seductive and mysterious, this rich bodied satiny creation entices you with intense aromas and big, ripe flavors; juicy tropical fruits, jammy berries, truffles and violets. Created from a sun loving blend of Portuguese varietals, warm, rich and chewy; it is an Iberian party in the mouth. The finish is full, vivd and lingering. Delicious with traditional Portuguese foods, pork dishes, Prime Rib, blue cheese and dark chocolate. 2006 Aventura Portuguese Varietal Dessert Wine We crafted this opulent “port style” dessert wine from varieties originally from Portugal. Aventura is dense with a medley of the rich aromas of oranges, juicy fruits, and floral scents. The palate is near to bursting with the warm spicy flavors of black fruit, chocolate, dates, caramel, cinnamon and toasted pecan. Succulent with ripe tannins, it has a smooth, silky texture and juicy finish. This is a true winter warming wine. Experience the afterglow of Aventura.


TASTING WINES Cristom Vineyards

6905 Spring Valley Road NW • Salem, Oregon 97304 • 503.375.3068

2007 Estate Pinot Gris This Pinot Gris is a pale-straw color. It has the aroma of Asian pears, white flowers and green apples along with some mineral notes. On the palate it shows a ripeness, viscosity and concentration that give the impression of fruitiness in a decidedly dry wine. This dry style will make it an excellent accompaniment to a variety of dishes. 2007 Mt Jefferson Cuvée Pinot Noir This Cuvée is a medium garnet color. On the nose it is showing cola berry, oolong tea and wild berry aromas. It has the ‘signature’ Mt. Jefferson liveliness on the palate with bright, juicy and mouth watering red cherry flavors that echo on the finish. There are more complex flavors of earth and spice evident on the palate but they need a little time to show through more completely. This wine will develop nicely in the short-to medium-term. 2006 Estate Syrah This classic northern Rhone variety was field-grafted onto an existing Chardonnay vineyard in 2002. The clones were selected primarily for producing small berries in hopes that they will ripen early. This Syrah is deeply colored, almost inky. Wild Blueberry and various, black-white-pink, peppercorn notes are the predominant aromas, along with a subtle vanilla scent. On the palate, the wine is ripe, round and well-balanced. It has a juicy texture and a long pleasurable finish. This wine will provide a wonderful foil to anything with ‘off the grill’ flavors. It will improve in your cellar over the medium term.


TASTING WINES Dobbes Family Estate

240 SE 5th Street • Dundee, OR 97115 • 503.538.1141

2007 Willamette Valley Pinot Gris This classic Oregon Pinot Gris is lively, yet sophisticated. Exhibiting intense aromas of ripe green apples, lemon zest and verbena, our Pinot Gris is slightly nuanced with just enough barrel spice to add further complexity. The mouthwatering flavors mirror the aromas and finishes long and clean. Best through 2010. 2006 Cuvée Noir Pinot Noir The winemaker’s “true love”; the Cuvée Noir is a big and full-bodied wine. Not over the top, but skirting the line beautifully; this wine flirts with power, depth, richness and elegance simultaneously. This harmonious cuvée opens with expansive warm aromas of spices, graham and black fruits with a hint of floral notes. The mouth mirrors the aromas with full flavors of black cherries, blackberries and red currents wrapped within fine and sweet tannins. Perfect for immediate gratification, the Cuvée Noir also exhibits excellent aging potential to 2012.

Left Coast Cellars

4225 N Pacific Highway West • Rickreall, Oregon 97371 • 503.831.4916

2007 The Orchards Pinot Gris Alive with tropical fruit, the nose of this classic Willamette Valley Pinot Gris bursts with pineapple and star fruit. The crisp palate showcases pears, peaches, melon and lively acidity which lead this wine to a spicy finish contributed by a 20% French oak barrel treatment. True to Pinot Gris form, this wine will pair easily with a variety of poultry and seafood, as well as a study in textural contrast with rich cheeses. 2006 Latitude 45 Pinot Noir Boldly unapologetic, the 2006 Latitude 45 really flaunts the intense characteristics of this vineyard block. Bordering on jammy, the nose is profuse in notes of Bing cherry, raspberry and cranberry backed with a sense of candied angelica and cardamom seed. Flavors of sweet maple smoked bacon, dark chocolate, mission fig, anise and Asian spices compliment the berry driven palate. Present but ever so smooth, the tannins and the full body of this wine make for an enticing drinker capable of a bit of aging. This wine begs for barbeque and smoked meats.


TASTING WINES Mahonia Vineyards

2655 Landau Street SE • Salem, Oregon 97306 • 503.585.8789

2003 Mahonia Vineyard Pinot Noir

Winemaker: Russ Raney, Evesham Wood Winery, Salem, Oregon This robust wine has intense flavors of black cherry tones accented with hints of bramble and mint. Crisp with subtle mineral notes, the hallmark of this successful 2003 vintage is its wonderful silky texture with sufficient acid to provide the perfect balance. The 2003 Pinot noir was aged for 10 months in predominantly neutral French oak, with about 25% new oak.

2006 Mahonia Vineyard Pinot Noir

Winemaker: Russ Raney, Evesham Wood Winery, Salem, Oregon Characteristic of the ’06 vintage, this wine shows intense fruit aromas of blackberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant. The flavors lean toward earthy notes and there is a subtle spiciness and a hint of cinnamon on the palate. The wine was fermented in 400-gallon, open-top vats, and aged for 10 months in predominately older French oak barrels with about 25% new oak

2008 Mahonia Vineyard Pinot Noir

Winemaker: Russ Raney, Evesham Wood Winery, Salem, Oregon This wine shares with past vintages a pronounced black cherry fruit and considerable viscosity. Along with ripe plum and bramble notes, secondary aromas and flavors of soil and dried herbs abound. Following crushing, the fruit was allowed a 3 to 4 day cool maceration prior to fermenting. Following a gentle pressing, the wine was settled for 24 hours and transferred to barrel, where it aged for 11 months in half new and half neutral French oak barrels.

2008 Mahonia Vineyard Chardonnay

Winemaker: Russ Raney, Evesham Wood Winery, Salem, Oregon Aromas of green apple, grapefruit, and tropical fruit lead into a more subtle mineral character on the palate, finishing clean and crisp. The wine was fermented at cellar temperature in stainless steel barrels using a German yeast strain (SIHA 3) and was only allowed a partial malolactic fermentation so as to preserve the crisp citrusy character typical of Willamette Valley Chardonnay. A very crisp and vibrant Macon-styled Chardonnay.

2008 Mahonia Vineyard Pinot Gris

Winemaker: Aron Hess, Daedalus Cellars, Dundee, Oregon A bright, medium-bodied wine with mineral notes, citrus fruit and spice flavors. Aromas of apple, pear, citrus, and orange blossom persist through to a clean, crisp palate with subtle notes of vanilla. The vines were cropped at 2 tons per acre to create a full-bodied wine with depth and structure. The fruit was fermented in equal parts stainless steel drums and neutral French oak barrels with no malolactic fermentation. The result is a vibrant, powerful wine with complex aromas and a long, flavorful finish.


TASTING WINES Patton Valley Vineyards

9449 Old Hwy 47 • Gaston, Oregon 97119 • 503.985.3445

2009 Rosé of Pinot Noir

Aromas of strawberry, cotton candy and a hint of crushed stone instantly fill the glass. The wine enters the mouth smooth and polished, with a gentle richness that is soon truncated by a firm core of mouth-watering acidity. Flavors of berries and juicy rock candies suggest a fruity sweetness that soon gives way to the crystalline purity and refreshingly dry, virtually endless finish.

2007 Patton Valley Pinot Noir

A nose of smoke, bing cherry pie, damp forest floor, clove and allspice. The wine enters the mouth gently, round and smooth with bright red fruits. On the mid-palate it expands with red and black cherries, mysterious and complex balsamic notes, sweet vanilla and spices. The heart of the wine is a racy acidic core, wrapped with rich cream, that accelerates across the palate. The wine finishes with lingering firm, yet polished tannins, and flavors reminiscent of baking chocolate and bramble. The wine’s elegance, layered complexity, and movement on the palate are indicative of the cool vintage and are hallmarks of classic Oregon Pinot Noir.

Sineann Wines

28005 NE Bell Rd • Newberg, Oregon 97132 • 503.341.2698

2009 Pinot Gris

All of the fruit for this Pinot Gris came from the venerated Wyeast Vineyard situated on a slope not far from Mt. Hood at least 1,600 feet of elevation. Warm, dry days and cool nights serve to ripen the fruit with great natural acidity. In its youth, the wine is very aromatic, a bit like a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, though with a Pinot Gris twist. The wine has wonderfully refreshing natural acidity, which should take it far with a variety of foods and a wonderful depth and complexity of fruit with a terrific texture.

2008 Pinot Noir Resonance Vineyard

Resonance Vineyard is meticulously cared for using biodynamic techniques. The result is a very healthy vineyard. We hang two tons per acre or less on the vineyard, which accounts for the big, mouth-filling texture of the wine. It’s quality is partially due to soil type and partially due to progressive soil amendments. 2008 was a dynamic vintage year. The wine is dark, romantic and lush, coating the palate as few wines do. The finish is long and deep.

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard

We’ve heard that the Napa Valley is a world class wine growing region and decided to test that theory. Autumn weather in the Napa Valley is day after day of sunny and 70 degrees. The grapes hang and hang, building flavor. Sugarloaf Mountain is a young vineyard. Bore holes had to be sunk into the stony soil in order to plant the vines. The combination of a steep, southfacing slope and the incredible amount of rock totally hooked us. We’re already seeing, in this wine, the potential of this site. The sheer power and minerality . . .



5657 Zena Road NW • Salem, Oregon 97304 • 503.378.1526

2008 Pinot Gris

The 2008 Pinot gris, Vitae Springs Vineyard has a wonderfully ripe, spicy nose of melon, Asian pear, and Honeycrisp apples with orange peel and sweet citrus blossom notes. Concentrated apple, pear, fresh blossoms and cobbler spices enter your mouth with a fresh sweetness that melds into a rich minerality and a completely dry finish. It is both textural and persistent in the mouth. Backed by great acidity, its great fruit is perfectly balanced by its length and richness in your mouth. It is a great match for salmon, pork, fish, and Asianinfluenced foods and dishes with spicey notes.

2007 Pinot Noir Justice

Great vineyard locations produce wines that transcend the difficulties of a vintage. By this definition, Justice is a great vineyard. This Pinot Noir reveals complex aromas of allspice, clove, ginger wrapped around the scent of a ripe, mixed berry cobbler. While enormously attractive to smell, the mouth reveals a broad spectrum of sweet and roasted spice, concentrated red and black berries, pain grillé, orange peel, and summer wildflowers. This wine luxuriates on your palate, with its rich scents and flavors continuing long into its finish. Its tannins are perfectly balanced and integrated providing the opportunity to drink in its youth or watch it evolve over 8 years. Although only in its seventh leaf, this wine has a breadth of texture and flavor layers that indicate very great potential for this site as the vines achieve maturity. It is a great match for chops, grilled meats, salmon, wild game, and a wide variety of risotto and pasta dishes.

Torii Mor Winery

18365 NE Fairview Drive • Dundee, Oregon 97115 • 800.839.5004

2008 Pinot Blanc

A sweet aroma of crème brulee with floral notes of vanilla, tropical fruits, and banana followed by notes of spicy cloves. The sweet flavors of baked apples and a touch of citrus fruit are followed by a crisp mineral acidity and a long-finish filled with spice. The wine texture is rich, round and shows some weight without being flabby. The finish is rich and very long with lasting crème brulee notes and spice. This Pinot Blanc’s acidity makes it a perfect companion to shellfish.

2007 “Deux Verres” Reserve Pinot Noir

The aroma is earthy to start then red and dark cherries and rose petals show through accompanied by light stems-green herbal notes. The flavors display layers of dark cherries, dark berries, red concentrated berries, earth-tobacco and a light oak note. The finish is long, delicate and elegant. The mouth-feel is rich and sweet, the texture is turning a little dryer at the aftertaste. This wine will benefit from extended cellaring and should be decanted to be enjoyed earlier!



11975 Smithfield Road • Dallas, OR 97338-9339 • 503.623.6420

2007 Estate Pinot Noir A return to style that made Oregon famous for Pinot Noir. This Pinot Noir exhibits primary aromas of red fruits such as ripe Bing cherry, raspberry/blackberry, cranberry and currant along with floral aromas of violet and hibiscus in the nose. Even deeper hints of black cherry, rose petal, fresh loam, cardamom and marzipan register on the nose. In the mouth, the flavors are ripe fruit flavors of raspberry, red cherry and cranberry. The tannins are already integrated and fill the mouth with richness. The acid backbone of this wine sharpens taste impressions and provides a wine of great length and structure. Restrained use of new oak imparts structure and an almost subliminal dash of smoke and spice. 2007 Westside Blocks Pinot Noir Aromas of raspberry and vanilla rise to the senses, quickly followed by spicy cinnamon and white pepper, fennel and anise. The component grapes contribute to a lively palate of currants, pomegranate, raspberry, sweet, slightly toasty oak and spice. The finish is smooth, velvety and long with balancing tannins that have a slight grip. 2008 Estate Pinot Gris This Pinot Gris follows a crisp, light, and lively wine profile. To this end, we avoid the use of barrel aging and malolactic fermentation, preferring to preserve this grape’s fresh fruit essence through the use of stainless steel. It offers flavors of ripe pineapple, pear and star fruit along with fresh cut Granny Smith apples and flint. Aromas of fresh pear, hints of lemongrass, melon and apricot notes add to the compelling complexity. A juicy, crisp, mineral finish is countered with a hint of yellow grapefruit. This wine just begs for barbecue oysters or proscuitto wrapped cantaloupe.


TASTING WINES Willamette Valley Vineyards 8800 Enchanted Way SE • Turner, Oregon 97392 • 503.588.9463

2008 Elton Pinot Noir Elton Vineyard is nestled in Eola-Amity Hills AVA in Yamhill County. It was named one of Oregon’s top ten vineyards by Wine Press Northwest. Wines made from this vineyard express purity of fruit. 2008 was the best vintage in Oregon winegrowing history and this wine proves to be spectacular. 2007 Signature Cuvée Pinot Noir Complex, layered aromas of blackberry and black cherry with a hint of campfire smoke, and a deep garnet color. The wine opens with sweet caramelized sugar, graham crackers and cherry pie. Dry in the middle, the finish is elegant with soft, silky tannins. Lively acidity contributes to a round, complex mouthfeel with a good overall balance of fruit, oak, and tannins. A winemaker’s blend with limited production. The best that the harvest has to offer. Peak drinkability is between 2010 and 2014. 2008 Dijon Clone Chardonnay This elegant, golden honey-colored Dijon Clone Chardonnay shows rich, smooth aromas of peach, pear, hazelnut, vanilla, barrel toast and brown sugar, with just a hint of sea salt. An acid-forward style, the smooth entry and creamy mouthfeel highlight a flinty minerality on the palate, complimented by melon flavors. A hint of pineapple on the clean finish.



Salem, Oregon Melvina Smith’s (Melbie) career started by standing on a chair beside her grandmother when she was about 5 years old. The first thing she learned to do was fry chicken in Grandma’s huge cast iron skillet. Melbie ventured away from cooking to return to it in her late 20’s as night chef. She then moved on to work with Executive Chef Manfred and Master Chef Erbonno. At their sides she received great training, experience and the knowledge and skills to move up in her culinary career. Melbie then worked several years at the Colonial House and went on to be Executive Chef and Restaurant Manager of the Riverview Inn. The past 16 years she has worked with Orville Roth as his Executive Catering Chef for Creative Catering.



Da Vinci Ristorante Salem, Oregon Da Vinci Ristorante and Wine Bar is a fine dining Italian restaurant located in downtown Salem. Housed in a historic building, Da Vinci’s exudes old world charm. Join them for a dinner of authentic house made pastas, pizzas from the brick oven or a Misty Isle Farms filet mignon. Da Vinci’s uses the best seasonal produce and organic meats from local farmers, taking advantage of the northwest’s bounty. With an amazing cellar of over 70 wine selections available, you will be sure to find the perfect pairing of wine and food.



Ragin’ River Steak Company was established in the summer of 2008 by Alex & Trina Trevino. Located directly across from the city of Independence’s scenic riverfront amphitheater, Ragin’ River resides in a beautifully revitalized historic brick building. Enjoy drinks by the fireplace at the martini bar or outside in the lush courtyard. Ragin’ takes pride in its selection of local Oregon wines, unique Oregon microbrews and creative blend of tasty cocktails. Ragin’ River’s true forte is as a steak house! Ragin’ proudly serves Certified Angus Beef, specializing in prime rib. Filet mignon and fresh pastas are also popular menu selections. Seafood selections include wild halibut and Dungeness crab from the local waters of the Pacific Ocean. Orchestrating these sensational dishes is Executive Chef Jon Simmons. Chef Simmons received his formal training at the California Culinary Academy and the Culinary Institute of America. He has managed catering operations for the past thirty years in restaurant positions all over the United States including New York, Hawaii, New Orleans, California & Oregon. Ragin’ River offers lovely banquet facilities for group events, business meetings, and catering for special events. Gather your friends and take a drive through hop country and enjoy historic Independence in all its charm!



Woodburn, Oregon Food isn’t really just food, is it? It’s fuel, yes, but it’s also pleasure. Art. Innovation. Variety. Life. And if food is life, we’re living in the best place on earth. In the Willamette Valley the best of everything is right out our back door. It’s a place for modern day pioneers of sustainability, artisanal growing and earth-friendly farming to thrive. At Vitality, we’re champions of growers who’ve returned to traditional, enduring practices – the neighbors who supply our kitchen every day with harvests of enduring quality. Each day, Vitality is defined by the bounty of our local growers, our talented chefs, servers - and by you. “I’ve always found great pleasure in the art of food. How the colors and the flavors seem to draw me in – almost telling me how it wants to come together. There’s great beauty in that. Crafting a memorable meal will never get old.” --- Eric Nelson, Executive Chef



Portland, Oregon J. Steven Brockman, Executive Chef STARTER Crab Tian with fresh Grapefruit Segments & Tarragon Oil Rustic Breads with Sweet Cream Butter Amalie Robert 2007 Dijon Clones Chardonnay & Willamette Valley Vineyards 2008 Pinot Gris ENTRÉE Braised Pork Osso Bucco with Flageolet White Beans, Leeks, Spinach & Garlic or Roasted Garlic-Polenta Terrine topped with Chevrè & Housemade Ratatouille Left Coast Cellars 2005 Cali’s Cuvee Pinot Noir & St. Innocent 2007 Pinot Noir Momtazi Vineyard DESSERT Chocolate Truffle Cake topped with Chantilly Cream & Raspberry Coulis or Lavender-Honey Crème Brulee Dobbes Family Estate 2006 Syrah Fortmiller Vineyard This menu was designed to provide the ultimate pairing of food and wine.



Welcome to Zenith Vineyard! We, again, are delighted to support the mission of the Uncorked Wine Auction at Zenith Vineyard. Family Building Blocks’ mission is critical to our community and resonates with our desire to support families in our neighborhood and beyond. Zenith Vineyard is all about sustainability. Set in human terms, sustainability perhaps starts and ends with family. We see Family Building Blocks’ work as vital to sustaining our neighborhoods, our schools, and the fabric of the community. Just as we lovingly tend the vineyard, hoping for even greater returns in the future, you all are the vinedressers of our community – making an investment now, applying support when needed most. The payoff will be in the new strength of the families we support now and continuing ten and twenty years hence. The fruit of that investment will surely be sweet. Join us in celebrating tonight. Let us together build a successful event in support of Family Building Blocks and our community. And we will enjoy some amazing wine and food as well!

Timothy & Kari Ramey Winegrowers Zenith Vineyard



AUCTION PURCHASE GUIDELINES PAYMENT 1. All payments shall be by cash, credit card, certified check or personal check made payable to Family Building Blocks. Credit cards accepted are VISA, Mastercard or AMEX. 2. Full payment must be made for all purchases at the conclusion of the Auction. 3. Cashiers, located at check out, will accept payment unless purchaser has previously opted to use the Auctionpay quick check out method (below). Auctionpay Quick Check Payment System: Quick Check saves time by eliminating the need to stop and pay at the Cashier area at the end of the Auction. Terminals and card readers are encrypted and secure, ensuring that your credit card is guaranteed safe. To sign up for Quick Check: 1. At registration provide a signed, blank check, or sign a zero balance credit card form imprinted with your MasterCard, VISA or AMEX card information. 2. Please verify your address at registration so that we can mail a receipt to you after the auction. 3. At the end of the evening, simply proceed to Item Pick Up in the tented area to verify and claim your purchases. If no purchases are made, your voided blank check will be returned to you by mail.


AUCTION PURCHASE GUIDELINES CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE 1. Family Building Blocks/Uncorked Wine Auction (the “Seller”) reserves the right to refuse admission to, or attendance by, any person at the Auction or related events. 2. The auctioneer is the agent for the Seller. 3. All wine and other items are sold “as is.” Purchasers must rely only on their own inspection and/or opinion; seller makes no warranties, express or implied. 4. Seller does not warrant or represent, and expressly denies responsibility for, and in no event shall be responsible for, the accuracy or description of wines offered, or the correctness of the catalog, including, but not limited to the origin, rarity, age, genuineness, quality, quantity, or condition. 5. Unless specifically set forth, all Auction items expire on May 15, 2011.


AUCTION PURCHASE GUIDELINES BIDDING 1. All bids are per item as set forth in the catalog, unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer. 2. Seller may combine or divide any items(s) at its sole discretion. 3. Auctioneer and Seller have the right to reject any bid at any time prior to the fall of the hammer without liability. If the auctioneer decides that any opening does not correspond with the value of the article offered, the auctioneer may reject the bid and withdraw the item from sale, and if, having acknowledged an opening bid, auctioneer decides that any advance thereafter is insufficient, auctioneer may reject the advance. 4. No live auction bid shall be valid unless expressly acknowledged by the auctioneer. 5. The highest bidder acknowledged during the live or silent auctions shall be the purchaser and therein assumes full risk and responsibility. 6. By raising a bidder paddle or making a silent auction bid, the bidder warrants that s/he will pay the full purchase price if successful. 7. The auctioneer shall have the absolute right to resolve any dispute, reoffer, resell, or withdraw the lot in question. If any dispute arises after the sale, the Seller’s sale records shall be conclusive in all respects. 8. All items offered for sale may be subject to a minimum price below which such lot will not be sold. That minimum price may be publicly stated or confidential. 9. Silent auction bid closing times will be posted. At close, the highest acknowledged bidder shall be deemed to have purchased the item.


AUCTION PURCHASE GUIDELINES ITEM PICKUP AND SHIPPING 1. Purchases must be picked up by the purchaser prior to leaving the venue at the conclusion of the Auction. Buyers will receive a receipt listing their purchases and after reviewing and approving the receipt, they will pick up their items. 2. Extremely large purchases or heavy items may be scheduled for pick-up or delivery. Please contact Brooke Gries 503-566-2132 ext. 272. 3. Any item(s) not removed from the venue by the above time will be held for three (3) weeks at Family Building Blocks, 2425 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305. Family Building Blocks will make an attempt to contact the winning bidder. If the bidder fails to retrieve the item(s) in question by the end of the three-week period, Family Building Blocks will assume the bidder has abandoned the property and relinquished it to Family Building Blocks, treat the bidder’s payment as a straight donation to Family Building Blocks and seek to make other use of the item(s) that the bidder has abandoned. 5. Purchaser shall incur all shipping and insurance costs for items not picked up at the conclusion of the Auction. 6. Out-of-state bidders shall be familiar with the laws of their locality since shipping regulations, especially those pertaining to beverages of alcoholic content, vary from state to state. 7. In the event of loss or damage to any item incurred in the course of its handling or storage during the auction event and before possession is taken by the buyer, the buyer will be compensated as follows: 1) if the item has not been paid for, the exact amount of the bid amount will be subtracted from the buyer’s purchases; or 2) if the item has been paid for, the buyer will receive a refund of that bid amount.


AUCTION PURCHASE GUIDELINES TRAVEL PACKAGE STIPULATIONS Before bidding, please read carefully the following conditions of purchase for all travel packages. Travel packages sold through the Auction contain only those elements listed in the auction lot description. 1. Air travel must not be interrupted. Airfare is to be booked point-to-point. Any changes or additions to travel will be at the buyer’s expense. This condition also applies to rental cars or other ground transportation not included in the auction lot description. 2. Expiration dates are NOT flexible. Expiration dates have been carefully selected by the donors involved. To request an extension beyond the expiration date could place undue burden on the donor and jeopardize future donations to the Auction. 3. All reservations (air, rental cars, lodging, etc.) must be made within dates specified in supporting documentation and as contained in the auction package. 4. Once a trip is scheduled and confirmed by the buyers, changes may not be allowed by the donors. If a donor is unable to accommodate requests to reschedule or if a requested change results in a donor not being able to honor all components of the trip, Family Building Blocks/The Uncorked Wine Auction will not refund any portion of the trip purchase. 5. Some trip features or amenities may have to be paid by the buyers at the time of use. Such expenditures will not be reimbursed unless specifically listed in the auction item description as qualified for reimbursement by the Auction. 6. PLEASE NOTE: If a buyer donates a travel package purchased at the Auction to another charity, or it is resold to another person, bidder assumes ALL risk. Family Building Blocks/The Uncorked Wine Auction will not be responsible for honoring any elements contained in travel packages purchased outside the Auction.


AUCTION PURCHASE GUIDELINES CERTIFICATE ITEMS 1. Certificates not disseminated the evening of the event will be sent to winning bidders by mail within three weeks of the Auction date. 2. Family Building Blocks/The Uncorked Wine Auction assumes no responsibility for loss or misplacement of certificates once winning bidder has taken possession.

MEDIA COVERAGE: As a condition of and in consideration for participation in the Auction, guests release Family Building Blocks and the Auction from any liability connected with the reproduction, adaptation, display, publication, and distribution, in any and all media, whether now known or yet to be developed, of any videos, photographs or other images taken of the guest at the Auction or any related events.

Family Building Blocks is classified as a tax-exempt corporation (Tax I.D. Number is 93-1233373) under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).


SILENT AUCTION 100. “All That Glitters” Original Artwork by Shari Lord “I have long been fascinated by fish, whether large, small, salt-water or fresh. They are beautiful, changing colors and shapes as they move through our waters. The fish in this piece are Salmon, rendered in chalk and oil pastels, acrylic paints and gold leaf. They are layered in acrylic resin which gives them depth, jewel-like tones and a sense of movement.” - Shari Lord Contributed by: Shari Lord

101. St. Innocent St. Innocent Winery is located in Salem, Oregon, at the southeast corner of the Eola Hills, in the mid-Willamette Valley. They produce small lot, handmade wines. Seven Springs is the benchmark wine for St. Innocent. • 2002 St. Innocent Seven Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir, one magnum (1.5L) Contributed by: William and Deborah Voves


SILENT AUCTION 102. Van Duzer Van Duzer Vineyards was built on a dream to find a cool weather site in Oregon for the fussy Pinot Noir grape that would rival the best wines of Burgundy in balance and finesse. In 1989, Van Duzer Vineyards owners Carl and Marilynn Thoma located a hilltop winery with existing vineyards immediately west of the Eola Hills. The estate site occupies a strategic site in the foothills of the Van Duzer Corridor, the conduit through the Coastal Mountains for maritime breezes that enter the Willamette Valley at the close of summer evenings. • 2007 Van Duzer Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir, one magnum (1.5L) Contributed by: Van Duzer Vineyards

103. Scott Paul Wines Scott Paul Wines is an artisanal producer of Willamette Valley, Oregon Pinot Noir, based in historic, downtown Carlton. Visit to redeem a certificate for 2 tasting flights in their tasting room. • 2007 Scott Paul “La Paulee” Pinot Noir, one magnum (1.5L) Contributed by: Scott Paul Wines


SILENT AUCTION 104. Dominio IV Dominio is Latin for a feast, and Spanish for territory or dominion. The IV refers to four people, four seasons, four climates and four quadrants of the labyrinth. Enjoy a magnum of Dominio Estate Pinot Noir “Rain on Leaves” and a tour and tasting for eight with the winemaker, Patrick Reuter. • 2006 Dominio IV Estate Pinot Noir “Rain on Leaves”, one magnum (1.5L) Contributed by: Patrick Reuter and Leigh Bartholomew, Dominio IV Wines

105. Redhawk Redhawk Winery is family owned and operated by John & Betty Pataccoli. They grow and produce premium quality Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Dolcetto & Riesling. • 2007 Redhawk Pinot Noir Vintners Reserve, one magnum (1.5L) Contributed by: Redhawk Winery

106. Cherry Hill Cherry Hill, nestled in the magical Eola Hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, is a true boutique winery- producing super premium Pinot Noir by hand. • 2004 Cherry Hill Estate Pinot Noir, one magnum (1.5L) Contributed by: Cherry Hill Winery


SILENT AUCTION 107. Chicas Margarita Party Pass the tequila amigas! Forty women can get an early start on the weekend with margaritas blended or on los rocas on a warm summer night at the South Salem hacienda of Brett and Catherine Davis. It could be a night of “women gone wild” as you shake your booty to salsa dance music and munch on the appetizers from La Margarita. With Pedro Rosales as our margarita maker, you’ll certainly sip the night away. Bring your girlfriends, sisters, cousins, gym mates, even your mom if she can handle the tequila! This is a ladies-only event. Get your friends lined up to bid because this will be the best party of the year! Secure one of 40 spots with a $50 bid. Great food, drink, music, dancing, friends and location. On Thursday, June 24, 2010. Contributed by: Brett and Catherine Davis and La Margarita

108. Date Night Attention all men! Here are all the pieces for a romantic date night in Salem. It goes a little something like this: Send your loved one downtown Salem for a haircut and manicure at Harvey Loveall and a “Dr. Hauschka” facial at Perle Holistic Skincare ($100). Next, head to a delightful dinner at Prudence Uncorked ($100). During dinner, surprise her with a diamond pendant from the South African Naledi Private Collection at Jackson Jewelers. Three diamonds are round cut and have a total weight of .51 carats, all set in white gold. Works every time! Contributed by: Harvey Loveall, Jackson Jewelers, Perle Holistic Skincare, and Mike and Kathie Van Ronzelen


SILENT AUCTION 109. A Chic New You Refresh and update your look with the help of the hip downtown boutique, Olive. They’ve put together the ultimate package to add a little style to your life. Here’s how it’s done-- Go on a shopping spree at Olive Boutique, located downtown on Liberty Street and at Salem Center ($200) Get a ‘new do’ at Lush Hair Cocktails Salon ($100) Tone up with a 60-minute personal trainer workout and body analysis at Encore Fitness Lengthen your lashes and get bronzed with a full set of eyelash extensions and full body airbrush tan at Envy Lash Studio Get a 60-minute massage at Elements Massage Therapy Looking good! Contributed by: Elements Massage Therapy, Encore Fitness, Envy Lash Studio, Lush Hair Cocktails and Olive Boutique

110. Eyrie Vineyards In 1975, David Lett, with his Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Noir, brought international attention to Oregon, a wine region unfamiliar to almost everyone except a handful of hardy pioneers. Try these modern day classics: • 2007 Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Gris, two bottles • 2007 Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Noir, two bottles • 2008 Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Blanc, two bottles Contributed by: Rodger and Bette Bloedel and Mark and Lisa Farrow


SILENT AUCTION 111. Bordeaux • 1994 Chateau Leoville Barton, one bottle • 1995 Chateau d’Angludet, one bottle Contributed by: The Goldschmidt Family

112. Lenne Estate Tasting for 15 Lenne Estate are producers of hand crafted, estate grown Oregon Pinot Noir near the town of Yamhill, Oregon. Their winemaking style is minimalist, taking advantage of the profound flavors produced by this unique Pinot Noir vineyard. Get a group together for a private, after hours wine tasting with the winemaker, Steve Lutz. Appetizers included! • 2007 Lenne Pinot Noir, one bottle Contributed by: Lenne Estate and Mark and Lisa Farrow

113. Visit Panther Creek A tour and tasting for 8 at Panther Creek Cellars’ historic winery in downtown McMinnville. Contributed by: Panther Creek Cellars


SILENT AUCTION 114. Battle of the Burgundies: Round One This is a great opportunity to taste the crème de la crème of French Burgundies and Oregon Pinot Noirs. The Shea Pinot has a great ripeness that is the hallmark of good new world Pinot Noir and is a truly balanced and harmonious wine that should age well. The Domaine Fourrier is a beautiful wine, but should really benefit from a 5 to 7 year sleep in the cellar. Have a blind taste test – which is best, local or European? I think we know who wins this match up. • 2006 Domaine Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin Aux Echezeaux, 3 bottles • 2008 Shea Wine Cellars Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, Shea Vineyard, 3 bottles Contributed by: Ed and Greta Shugrue

115. Battle of the Burgundies: Round Two Who says “opportunity only knocks once”? Here is your second chance to do your own comparison of French Burgundies and Oregon Pinot Noirs. The Ken Wright Pinot is a great wine from a great vintage, which should reward a slumber in the cellar and be stunning over the next 10 to 15 years. Mugnier’s wine is polished and high toned, and while there is certainly Nuits character in this wine, the elegance and sophistication that is Mugnier’s hallmark comes through in spades. Don’t let this one get away. • 2006 Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier, Nuits-Saint-Georges, three bottles • 2008 Ken Wright Cellars Pinot Noir, Shea Vineyard, three bottles Contributed by: Ed and Greta Shugrue


SILENT AUCTION 116. Chocolate Pairing If you love chocolate and you love wine, listen up! Extreme Chocolates designed truffles to pair specifically with Four Graces wine. Chef Carrie Wong has a spectacular talent for identifying characteristics in the wines and highlighting them with a unique ingredient in her hand made chocolates. A sublime pairing. • • • • •

2008 Four Graces Dundee Hills Pinot Gris, one bottle o Paired with five white chocolate toffee apple truffles 2009 Four Graces Dundee Hills Pinot Blanc, one bottle o Paired with five hazelnut caramel truffles 2007 Four Graces Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, one bottle o Paired with five Oregon black currant truffles 2007 Four Graces Dundee Hills Reserve Pinot Noir, one bottle o Paired with five spiced espresso cream truffles 2007 Four Graces Yamhill/Carlton District Doe Ridge Estate Pinot Noir, one bottle o Paired with five Paradise Found truffles Contributed by: Four Graces Winery and Extreme Chocolates

117. Duckhorn Vertical Duckhorn Vineyards’ meticulously farmed estate vineyards are located throughout the various microclimates of the Napa Valley. One of the first wineries to focus on Merlot as a premium varietal, Duckhorn Vineyards now produces four elegant Merlot bottlings to showcase the characteristics of its various vineyard sites. Packaged in a beautiful wood crate you’ll find: • • • • •

1999 Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot, one bottle 2000 Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot, one bottle 2001 Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot, one bottle 2002 Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot, one bottle 2003 Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot, one bottle

Contributed by: Duckhorn Wine Company


SILENT AUCTION 118. Four Unique Syrahs The Helix Clonal Selection Collection (CSC) is comprised of four unique Syrah Wines from the Phinny Hill Vineyards. Three of the bottles are 100% from separate Syrah clones and the fourth bottle is a blend of all three. Truly a sum AND its parts experience. It is very rare to find an opportunity like this to taste clonal differences of one variety (Syrah) grown in the same vineyard. • • • •

2007 Helix by Reininger Phinny Hill Syrah Clone 174, one bottle 2007 Helix by Reininger Phinny Hill Syrah Clone 470, one bottle 2007 Helix by Reininger Phinny Hill Syrah Clone Noir, one bottle 2007 Helix by Reininger Phinny Hill Syrah Blend, one bottle

Contributed by: William and Deborah Voves

119. Kathken Vineyards Kathken Vineyards is a quiet, secluded 51-acre vineyard in the fir-covered Eola Hills, just 7 miles west of Salem. Kathken hosts “Summer Music in the Park” at their vineyard each year. Pack a blanket and a picnic and head to Kathken to sip wine and enjoy some live music. • 2007 Kathken Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir, three bottles • 2008 Kathken Vineyards Estate Pinot Gris, three bottles Contributed by: Kathken Vineyards


SILENT AUCTION 120. Riddling Wine Rack In France, winery workers regularly give aging Champagne bottles a quarter turn after securing their necks in a rack like this. The process is called “riddling” in English and “remuage” in French, and the rack is known as a “pulpit,” or “pupitre.” This creation was made by Bruce Wadleigh of Barnwood Naturals from reclaimed wood of an 1880 barn located on the Barlow Trail in Tygh Valley, Oregon. This rack comes complete with a variety of wines. Contributed by: Bruce Wadleigh of Barnwood Naturals along with Coldwell Banker Mountain West Real Estate, Inc Agents and Staff

121. Eola Hills Wine Cellars • 2005 Eola Hills Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, one bottle • 2007 Eola Hills Pinot Gris, one bottle • 2007 Eola Hills Reserve Lodi Syrah, two bottles Contributed by: Ed and Jane Orlowski and Mike and Kathie Van Ronzelen

122. Ken Wright Cellars Take home 4 Oregon Pinot glasses with Ken Wright Cellars insignia and a bottle of wine to fill them with. • 2008 Ken Wright Cellars Pinot Noir, Carter Vineyard, one bottle Contributed by: Jerry and Peg Fenton


SILENT AUCTION 123. Van Duzer Flagpole Block Visit the beautiful Van Duzer Vineyard’s new eco-friendly winery, one of the most modern winemaking facilities in Oregon. A tour and tasting for 4 people is included. • 2005 Van Duzer Vineyards Pinot Noir, Flagpole Block, one bottle Contributed by: Juli Burchard and Van Duzer Vineyards

124. Holesinsky Wine Holesinsky’s Vineyard and Winery is the first of a growing trend in Idaho’s organic vineyards and wineries. • 2007 Holesinsky Medley (sparkling red wine), one bottle • 2008 Holesinsky Riesling, two bottles Contributed by: Holesinsky Certified Organic Vineyard and Winery

125. Wines from Washington State • • • •

2003 Cana’s Feast Red Mountain, one bottle 2005 Northstar Merlot, one bottle 2006 Pedestal Merlot, one bottle 2006 Sequel Syrah, one bottle

Contributed by: Denny Nielsen and Nick Fluge


SILENT AUCTION 126. September Sunriver Golf Getaway Chip, chip, hooray! It’s a 4-night stay in a wonderful Sunriver Resort home provided by Blue Pacific Vacation Rentals. Your stay is at Deerfield Lodge, a 5 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom luxury lodge-style home. For more information including pictures and all the amenities, visit We’ve “chipped” in 4 rounds of golf at the challenging Crosswater course with cart, another 4 rounds at the Bend Golf and Country Club, AND another 4 rounds at Meadows Golf Course. Crosswater is a heathland-style course situated on 600 scenic acres of woodlands and preserved wetlands which was honored by Golf Digest as #28 on its list of “America’s Greatest Golf Courses.” Bend Golf and Country Club is a full service, member owned 18-hole course featuring over 7,000 yards of spectacular signature holes and fairways lined with majestic Ponderosa pines. Meadows is acclaimed architect John Fought’s latest creation and features tremendous variety within its 18 holes, 7 of which border the meandering Sunriver. For a night out, head to Bend to visit Tyler and Deana Freres for an evening of cocktails, appetizers and wonderful conversation. On your way over (or your way back) make time for a stay in Sisters at the new Five Pine Lodge. “Five Pine Lodge is a luxurious hostelry with a rustic feel set amidst a stand of a whole lot more than five pines...” - Oregon Wine Press Your one night stay in a classic cabin at Five Pine Lodge is available Sunday through Thursday. Your stay at Deerfield Lodge is valid September 6, 2010 through December 1, 2010. Maximum occupancy is 8 and is subject to availability. All rental rules apply. A $500 refundable security deposit is required. Your golf certificates are good through 2010 golf season. This package includes: • Four-night stay in a Sunriver home between 9.06.2010 - 12.01.2010 • 4 rounds of golf at Crosswater • 4 rounds of golf at Bend Country Club • 4 rounds of golf at Meadows Golf Course • Cocktail Party at the Freres Home in Bend (to be planned on a mutually agreeable date) • One-night stay at Five Pine Lodge in Sisters (Sun-Thurs) To take with you tonight: • 2007 Stag Hollow Vinnae Pinot Noir • 2007 Rex Hill Willamette Valley Pinot Gris

Contributed by: Blue Pacific Vacation Rentals, Mark and Lisa Farrow, Five Pine Lodge, Tyler and Deana Freres, Crosswater, Bend Golf and Country Club, Willamette Valley Wineries and Trademark Enterprises


SILENT AUCTION 127. Sand & Sea Fishing Weekend Welcome to a weekend stay in beautiful Seaside, Oregon. Facing the ocean on Seaside’s promenade, just a block to the shops, restaurants and amusements of Broadway, Sand and Sea is the perfect place for a beach getaway for families and friends. Your stay is good for 2 nights. This spacious two-bedroom condo features floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular oceanfront views south to Tillamook Head and west as far as the horizon. Enjoy a home-cooked meal prepared in your own fully-equipped kitchen or dine in one of the abundant restaurants for all tastes and budgets in Seaside or nearby Cannon Beach. Take a dip in the Pacific or the onsite indoor pool. Watch the sunset over the ocean from your private lanai or take a few steps outside and watch from the sand. A full-day of fishing for 2 is provided by Northwest Trails Fishing Adventures and includes all equipment and bait. Your guide, Trevor Smith, has been fishing the coastal rivers and bays of North Oregon since the time he was old enough to stand and hold a pole and has been a full-time guide since 2001. He is committed to providing a memorable outdoor experience while sharing his fishing knowledge and secrets. Be sure to bring your fishing license, sunglasses, lunch and of course a cooler to take home your catch! Contributed by: Dick and Gayle Withnell, Withnell Dodge, Withnell Hyundai and Northwest Trails Fishing Adventures

128. I Love My Ducks! You can cheer on the University of Oregon football team from the luxury of a Skybox at Autzen Stadium on September 4, 2010 when they take on the University of New Mexico Lobos. These four tickets include reserved parking passes and all food and refreshment! GO DUCKS!! Contributed by: Capitol Auto Group and Scott and Carrie Casebeer


SILENT AUCTION 129. Civil War Football- Beavers vs. Ducks Oregon State University and the University of Oregon meet up on Saturday, December 4th in this annual grid-iron classic. This year’s battle will be at Reser Stadium in Corvallis. Included are two prime seats. Get into your gear before the game for a night of playful rivalry at the Boys and Girls Club annual Civil War Dinner and Auction. Two tickets are included for this November 18th event. Remember, no matter who you root for, there’s nothing civil about this war! • 2007 Firesteed Winery Riesling, one bottle Contributed by: Boys and Girls Club, Withnell Dodge and Withnell Hyundai and Willamette Valley Wineries

130. Muy Caliente—Es Cubanisimo Salsa is the Spanish word for “sauce” and it’s the key ingredient in this saucy hot auction package. Sip a glass of Cubanisimo Pinot Noir and loosen up those hips! Eight lucky couples (or 16 individuals) will learn the spicy Latin dance of Salsa at a private, fun-filled party at Cubanisimo Vineyards. Professional dance instructor Debra Seeck will get you moving to the rhythm in no time at all. The passion, the grace, the heat… picante! “Dancing with the Stars” sparked the latest dance revival—win this package and kick the heat up a notch! Tapas to pair with your wine will be provided by Spice Island Catering. This dance party is available on a mutually agreeable date with Cubanisimo Vineyards. Contributed by: Cubanisimo Vineyards, Debra Seeck and Spice Island Catering


SILENT AUCTION 131. Satay & Sarongs- Dinner at the Kelemen’s From the minute you enter the beautiful Meridian condominium of Ron Kelemen and Kathy Ellis-Kelemen, you will feel as if you’ve been transported to Southeast Asia. Their love of Malaysia and Indonesia began with Peace Corps service near the Thai border in Malaysia from 1978—1980 and was enhanced during a Rotary fact finding trip to Indonesia in 2008. At this dinner for eight you will experience a unique cuisine including foods like satay in peanut sauce, dried shrimp and sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves or beef in dry coconut curry. You’ll be immersed in Indonesian culture, arts, crafts and music. Traditional Indonesian sarongs will be provided to perfect the mood. This will be an evening you’ll long remember as a gourmet adventure to another land. Contributed by: Ron Kelemen and Kathy Ellis-Kelemen

132. Tutto Cucina Lullu brings a little bit of Naples to Salem at Tutto Cucina! You can bring a little bit of Naples to your home with a cooking class or in-store credit ($100). Lullu’s Tutto Cucina cooking classes are held in a beautiful custom kitchen and presented by a variety of guest chefs providing intimate classes filled with practical and delicious culinary experiences. If you visit the all kitchen store you’ll find a newly redesigned space with everything you need in the kitchen, featuring unique cookware and gift items, various gourmet foods, specialty imported items and choice Italian products. Take home an Italian themed gift basket tonight to get you in the mood for your cooking adventure. • 2006 Bricco Two Rivers Bordeaux Style, one bottle Contributed by: Mike and Kathie Van Ronzelen, Elesa Doll, Sheila Harrison, Kelly Herb


SILENT AUCTION 133. Amadeus Amadeus may be the best kept secret in Salem. The peaceful, quiet ambience will invite you to linger, keeping the outside world waiting while you enjoy exceptional service and delicious food. The complete and varied menu will present a difficult decision - you’ll want to try it all. Leave room for the desserts because they are scrumptious. The epitome of a truly fine dining experience! Your private dinner for eight, including wine, is available on any Sunday approved by the management. You’ll have the restaurant all to yourself! Contributed by: Amadeus Café

134. Lakeview Dinner For Eight Invite your friends to a Special Gourmet Dinner at the home of Dan and Laura Dorn. You’ll meet with Laura to pick your theme; then relax and leave the rest to them. Dan and Laura are known for their passion for cooking and entertaining in their beautiful home overlooking Staats Lake. You and your guests will be greeted with wine and hors d’êtres served on the garden patio. You can remain outdoors for a lovely sunset or move to the large but intimate dining room with a walk-in wine cellar. Your multi-course dinner will be prepared with local northwest ingredients and paired with exceptional wines chosen and donated by Grand Vines. This amazing dinner will finish with one of Laura’s very special desserts. Available on a mutually agreeable date in July through October Contributed by: Dan and Laura Dorn and Grand Vines


SILENT AUCTION 135. Buona Sera at DaVinci’s Unlock the flavors of Italy right here in Salem with a fabulous dinner for four at DaVinci Ristorante. Even the great Leonardo couldn’t have imagined the sophistication of being driven to and from dinner in a stylish limousine. Limo service is available from the Salem/Keizer area only. Contributed by: Capitol Auto Group and Scott and Carrie Casebeer

136. It’s in the Chips Have you always wondered how your favorite snack goes from plain potato to scrumptious chip? This is your opportunity to take a personalized tour of the Salem Kettle Chips factory. The tour for eight is not available to the general public and includes a private tasting of unreleased flavors, a video and slide show on the history of Kettle Foods and their commitment to sustainability. Finish your private field trip with a gourmet lunch by Wild Pear Catering. Can’t live without your favorite treat? Kettle Foods has you covered with “Chips for a Year”. Each month pick up a case of these one-of-a-kind chips. Contributed by: Kettle Foods

137. Bentley’s Wine Dinner Executive Chef Derek Ridgway and Wine Steward Brian Kemmerle will create an exceptional food and wine pairing menu for your group at Bentley’s Grill in downtown Salem. Gift certificate is good for $300 and expires 3/30/2011 • 2006 Domaine Serene Cote Sud Chardonnay, one bottle Contributed by: Bentley’s Grill and Willamette Valley Wineries


SILENT AUCTION 138. Dining at the Freres Estate Gracious hosts Rob and Jane Freres welcome 8 people for dinner in their elegant home in Turner. Their Italian-inspired home is nestled in the wine region of the Willamette Valley and tells a story of classic simplicity with a modern twist. You’ll sit down to a catered dinner with stunning views of Mt. Jefferson in the background. Serene surroundings and wonderful company- this is sure to be an enchanting evening. Please contact Jane to arrange a mutually agreeable date. Dinner is valid through 2010. • 2007 Stevenson Barrie Pinot Noir, 6 bottles Contributed by: Rob and Jane Freres and Stevenson Barrie

139. Hotel Oregon Enjoy a 1 night stay for 2 people at McMenamins Hotel Oregon in historic downtown McMinnville. Enjoy a meal at the Rooftop Restaurant or sip a glass of wine at the Cellar Bar. Included in your stay are dinner, breakfast and 2 glasses of wine. Contributed by: McMenamins


SILENT AUCTION 140. Weekend at the River Pack a picnic, grab the kids and head to the river where you’ll spend a lovely weekend on the Little North Fork of the Santiam River. Your breathtaking surroundings will inspire a relaxing weekend. Bring your swimsuits, as you’re sure to find stunning swimming holes all around the area. Your beautiful home for the weekend has a private bedroom on the lower level with a queen bed, plus a sleeping loft with a double bed and a pull-out bed. With another single bed and a sweet corner space just perfect for children to cozy in for the night, you’ll have room for the whole family. The deck overlooking the river includes seating and a barbeque. It’s the perfect place for a fun family fiesta or a leisurely afternoon with a good book. You’ll be right at home with two bathrooms, fireplace, washer/dryer, fully stocked kitchen and hot tub. Stay based on availability. Winners will contact the Kaufmans to reserve their weekend stay. Contributed by: Gary and Sue Kaufman

141. Chinook Winds Casino Stay An overnight stay in a Chinook Winds Lincoln City oceanview room with dinner for 2 in the Rogue River Steakhouse. • 2002 A. Mano Primitivo Puglia, one bottle • 2005 Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo, one bottle Expires one year from date of issue. Dinner certificate has a maximum value of $75 and does not include alcohol or gratuity. Contributed by: Chinook Winds Casino Resort, an Enterprise of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians and Juli Burchard


SILENT AUCTION 142. Cherry Hill Winery Cabin Enjoy an overnight stay for 4 in two of the quaint log cabins at Cherry Hill. Located in Rickreall, it’s only a short drive to take advantage of the beauty in our backyard. The cabins overlook Cherry Hill’s vineyards and the surrounding Eola Hills. These cabins are only for private use, making this a truly unique and rare experience. • 2004 Cherry Hill Pinot Noir, one magnum (1.5L) Contributed by: Cherry Hill Estate Winery

143. Discover Carlton Carlton has more wineries than any other city in Oregon! That makes it a perfect place for you to head. We’ll set you up with a one-night stay at the Lobenhaus Bed & Breakfast and Vineyard, with well-appointed rooms and a hearty breakfast that will make you feel right at home. Take your handy Wine Trails of Oregon guidebook (signed by the author) with you to map out your winery tour. We suggest Scott Paul Wines in downtown Carlton. They are artisanal producers of Oregon Pinot Noir and also import a few Burgundies from France. For dinner, Cuvee Restaurant will create a memorable 3-course meal that will please your tired palate. Contributed by: Lobenhaus Bed & Breakfast and Vineyard, Cuvee Restaurant, Steve Roberts, Scott Paul Wines


SILENT AUCTION 144. Viva Las Vegas Escape to Sin City. Allegiant Airlines provides roundtrip airfare for 2 from the Eugene Airport to the Las Vegas McCarren International Airport. Contributed by: Allegiant Airlines

145. Day at the Lake Pack your swimsuits, sunglasses, and a towel for a day of fun in the sun. Bring 1-12 friends with you on a summer adventure filled with water and recreation. This is the perfect outing for a sports team or work group in need of a day of relaxation on the water! Choose from wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakeskating or innertubing. Take a break for a gourmet lunch provided by your wonderful hosts. Pick a weekend and pick a lake and you’re on your way to becoming an expert in the water. Possible lakes include: Fern Ridge, Hagg Lake, Detroit Lake, Lake Sammamish, Doreena, Foster and Green Peter. Your day at the lake includes: • Supra speed boat, all equipment and safety gear, full instruction, snacks, gourmet lunch, drinks, tunes and sunscreen. Subject to availability of your hosts. Preferred days are Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. Contributed by: Jonathan Durning and Melanie Ronai


SILENT AUCTION 146. At the Beach Take the family to the other coast and get a taste of Southern charm and culture with a seven-night stay at a three bedroom beach front cottage in Oak Island, North Carolina. Located about 45 miles north of Myrtle Beach and with 150 golf courses within driving distance, Oak Island is the ideal location to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Relax in nature’s elegance with the ocean as your own private pool. Year-round climate control allows family and friends to enjoy peaceful settings along with adventurous activities such as jet skiing, fishing for the big one, kayaking, golfing or simply snoozing in a hammock with a good book. Set your own pace. Walk along the tranquil beaches, explore the history or lose yourself on the lush greens of golf courses. Stay is subject to availability September 2010 - April 2011 Contributed by: Denny and Deanna Smith

147. Oregon Garden Resort The 20 specialty gardens on 80 acres of botanical beauty provide a perfect backdrop for the Oregon Garden Resort. The main lodge houses the Garden View Restaurant which features Northwest cuisine and wines; as well as the Moonstone Spa, inspired by nature as a remarkable source of healing and renewal. The guest rooms, featuring fireplaces and private landscaped patios or balconies, are nestled in buildings throughout the grounds. Your overnight stay includes breakfast and admission to the Oregon Garden, based on availability. Contributed by: Oregon Garden Resort


SILENT AUCTION 148. Pacific City Beach Home The gorgeous coastal home of Steve and Barbara Kisely is located in Cape Kiwanda and offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, Cape Kiwanda, Nestucca River and the Coastal Range. This spectacular 4-bedroom, 3 ½-bath beach house with a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen, luxurious master suite, gas fireplace and home theatre, sleeps up to 8 adults. During your 5 night stay, you can stroll the beach, explore tide pools, surf, canoe, kayak and fish. Based on availability between September 2010 and June 2011. Book early to secure your preferred dates. No smoking and no pets. Cleaning fee will apply. • 2008 Redhawk Pinot Noir, one bottle Contributed by: Steve and Barbara Kisely and Willamette Valley Wineries

149. Oregon Shakespeare Festival Enjoy 2 tickets to the world renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. (Expires Oct 31, 2010. Valid Feb 19-May 30, Oct 5-31, or Sun-Thurs during June 1-Oct 3.) Contributed by: Oregon Shakespeare Festival


SILENT AUCTION 150. Wine Country Farm Bed & Breakfast Stay the night at Wine Country Farm Bed & Breakfast in Dayton. This is a prime location for an adventure in wine country, as you’re surrounded by sweeping vineyards and a view of the Cascade Mountains. One-night stay for 2. You’ll find Willakenzie Estate nearby and we’ve got a tasting certificate packed just for you. • 2007 Lemelson Pinot Noir, one bottle Stay at Wine Country Farms Bed & Breakfast is valid between September 1, 2010 and May 1, 2011 Contributed by: Wine Country Farms , Mark and Lisa Farrow, Willamette Valley Wineries

151. Double Magnum of Maryhill Reserve With a bottle as beautiful as this laser-etched Double Magnum (3 liter) of Maryhill 2006 Proprietor’s Reserve Zinfandel, you might be tempted to just keep it for display. But the wine inside is liquid bliss! Year after year Maryhill’s most coveted and talked about wine continues to lead the pack. Lush and silky on the palate with layers of cherry, caramel, tobacco, cloves and cinnamon with well structured tannins provide an undeniable presence of grace and grit. Maryhill Winery in Goldendale, WA was named 2009 Washington Winery of the Year by Northwest Wine Press. You will visit the stunning setting along the Columbia River with a tour and tasting for eight. Contributed by: Maryhill Winery


SILENT AUCTION 152. Delightful Day Have a delightful day with this basket filled with treats. Complete with wine, cheese, and crackers-everything you need for a proper picnic. This package is perfect for a bright sunny day. To make that day even brighter, we’ve added a $25 gift card to the French Unicorn, a 60-minute massage with Jan Roche at Massage Works, and a $50 gift card to Ma Valise. Contributed by: Salem Hospital Auxiliary, Ma Valise, The French Unicorn and Massage Works

153. Ken Wright Cellars Double Magnum & Tasting Four bottles in 1 large format double magnum, signed by Ken Wright. This wine scored 91 with Robert Parker. Visit Ken Wright Cellars’ tasting room at Tyrus Evans in Carlton, Oregon to sample a flight from the acclaimed winemaker. Four certificates are included. • 2007 Ken Wright Cellars Pinot Noir Canary Vineyard, one double magnum (3L) Contributed by: Dr. William Nisbet and Ken Wright Cellars

154. Commemorative Jeroboam This bottle is a true piece of art inside and out. Inside you’ll delight in Willamette Valley Vineyard’s 2008 Pinot Noir, what they are calling the “best vintage in Oregon winegrowing history”. Outside the bottle is adorned with an etched and hand-painted version of our commemorative painting by John Van Dreal. A centerpiece for your cellar. Contributed by: Willamette Valley Vineyards and Xena Etched Graphics


SILENT AUCTION 155. Meringue Boutique At Meringue Boutique, their luxury women’s clothing is fashion at its finest. They specialize in women’s jeans as well as the best bridal and baby gifts around. The owners’ love for fashion is evident when you walk in- you’ll be surrounded in hip and high-quality clothing. Visit them downtown on State Street or in Lake Oswego on 1st Street. • $500 Shopping Spree Contributed by: Meringue Boutique

156. Pampered A haircut, a manicure, a facial and massage- a perfect pampering day! • Haircut at Harvey Loveall • Manicure at Harvey Loveall • Facial at Perle Holistic Skincare • 60-minute massage at Elements Massage Therapy • Left Coast Cellars Chardonnay, one bottle Contributed by: Elements Massage Therapy, Harvey Loveall, Left Coast Cellars, Perle Holistic Skincare and Willamette Valley Wineries


SILENT AUCTION 157. Put Your Best Face Forward Stay forever young with this gift basket courtesy of Joni Fohn, skin technician at Center for Plastic Surgery. Visit her for 1 complimentary skin care consultation AND an in-office chemical peel or medical microdermabrasion treatment. Take home this champagne bucket overflowing with LaRoche-Posay medical skin care products, Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, and Skinceutical antiaging products. Contributed by: Joni Fohn

158. Split Personality This original painting by local Portland artist, Nick Fluge, entitled “Split Personality� is reminiscent of Cubism, one of the most influential visual art styles of the early twentieth century made famous by Pablo Picasso. Nick Fluge displays his artwork at the Russell Street Gallery in North Portland. The natural industrial setting of the gallery compliments the raw textures of his original work that includes oil on canvas, ceramic painting and Biot glass art. Contributed by: Nick Fluge


SILENT AUCTION 159. Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick He sees you when you’re sleeping…He also comes to your house or office in December for a very special visit. Everyone will be clamoring for a chance to tell Santa all of their Christmas wishes. Schedule a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus between December 17th and 24th and they will arrive at the appointed hour with a list of who’s been “naughty or nice.” Mrs. Claus reads off the names for Santa and takes pictures of each child and the whole family. Pictures will be sent to you electronically. If you prefer to leave gifts on the front porch, Santa can put them in his sack for an early delivery. Contributed by: Grubby and Laurie Hain

160. Wine Canoe A canoe is not always a canoe. This canoe has been transformed into an elegant storage cabinet for your favorite wines. This beautiful piece of furniture will decorate your wine cellar, game room, great room or anyplace you want to enhance with your own personal style. Contributed by: Tyler and Deana Freres


SILENT AUCTION 161. Pub Table and Wine Console Add a rustic Tuscan feel to your wine room or entertaining area with this beautifully crafted set. The square pub table includes 2 barstools and matching round mirror. The wine console table has 2 wine racks, perfect for storing and displaying your favorite wines. Contributed by: Tyler and Deana Freres

162. Archery Summit “…The Rolls-Royce of Oregon Pinot Noir”- Wine Spectator • 2007 Archery Summit Premier Cuvee Pinot Noir, one double magnum (3L). Contributed by: Steve and Kirstin Altman and Rob and Shelly Norton

163. Japanese Maples Enhance the beauty of your home with added curb appeal provided by four gorgeous new trees. These specimen sized weeping Japanese laceleaf Maples are 4—5 feet tall and have a spread of about 3 feet. Beautiful crimson foliage adorns two of the trees while the other two produce brilliant green leaves. Contributed by: Mark and Jolly Krautmann


SILENT AUCTION 164. Floral Arrangement by Roth’s Take home a beautiful arrangement made by Roth’s Fresh Market’s talented floral department. Contributed by: Roth’s Fresh Market

165. Willakenzie Private Tour and Tasting Includes an intimate look at the winemaking procedure, vineyard tour, and a sitdown tasting for six people. Contributed by: Willakenzie Estate

166. Parking at the Salem Art Fair There is a parking spot reserved just for you at the Salem Art Fair. A private driveway, just a few feet away, is available for three hours on the day of your choice. 2010 Salem Art Fair runs July 16, 17 & 18. Contributed by: Tom and Cesie Delve Scheuermann

167. Pie for a Year Just let your imagination go wild! What is your favorite pie? What are your 12 favorite pies? Jennifer Skillern loves to make pies and she will make a pie for you every month for a year. Pumpkin for Thanksgiving, Apple for 4th of July, Cherry for Washington’s Birthday — there’s a pie for every occasion. Contributed by: John and Sue Miller


SILENT AUCTION 168. Alcyone Café Dinner for 10 at the lovely Alcyone Café including a 5-course meal accompanied with wines from boutique Yamhill County Wineries to pair with the seasonally driven menu. Alcyone Café is the newest addition to the Pringle Plaza. With modern décor this quaint space will provide your group with a relaxing evening of good food and wine. Contributed by: Alcyone Café and Catering

169. All Things Bubbly “I only drink Champagne when I’m happy, and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I am not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it - unless I’m thirsty”-Lily Bollinger • • • • • • • • •

Vueve Cliquot Ponsardin Brut Champagne, one bottle Pol Roger Reserve Brut Champagne, one bottle Paul Bara Grand Cru Rose Champagne, one bottle Diebolt-Vallois Blanc de Blanc Champagne, one bottle Deutz Brut Classic Champagne, four bottles 2000 Argyle Blanc de Blancs Knudsen Vineyard, one bottle Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Rose Chouilly Epernay, one bottle 2007 Argyle Brut Rose, one bottle 2000 Perrier Jouet Champagne, one bottle

Contributed by: John and Julie York, Jeff Jones, Bryan Hanson, Nadar Afshar, Jerry Hubbard, Robert Buza, Steve and Kirstin Altman, Steve Poovey , Papa di Vino, Santiam Wine Company


SILENT AUCTION 170. Eagle Crest Getaway Enjoy a 4-night stay in a luxury home at Eagle Crest Resort. This resort town is nestled against the majestic Cascade Mountains, where they boast having over 300 days of sunshine a year! Located on the eighth fairway of the Ridge Course at the Eagle Crest Resort, your lovely accommodations include 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths and sleeps 1014! This home has all the amenities you will need including a fully stocked kitchen, plasma screen televisions, and wireless internet access. To get more information and see pictures visit Outside the home there are many things to keep you occupied- swimming at one of three pools, golf, and biking and hiking trails. This is the perfect place to bring the whole family. Available May 2010 through May 2011 based on availability. Cleaning fee of $125 will apply. Contributed by: Jason and Kim Herber


SILENT AUCTION 171. The 100th Print

by International Artist Jennifer Lake

Over the past thirty years artist Jennifer Lake has captured the essence of the Pacific Northwest in a series entitled “Celebrating Oregon, Washington and Canada”. In the year 2006 Jennifer completed the 100th painting in this collection. She took prints of all one hundred paintings and cut them into a collage. The original measures four feet by six feet and Jennifer has donated the piece to the Redmond Airport. The giclee print is a representation of the original. The value is $300.00 Contributed by International Artist Jennifer Lake

172. The City of Salem Vase

by International Artist Jennifer Lake

The “City of Salem” is captured in Jennifer’s signature style. Six major buildings from the city are depicted. In the mid 90’s the City of Salem Tourism Division and a local art gallery commissioned Jennifer to paint a city portrait. The print was extremely popular and sells even today. The vase coordinates with this print and will become a one of a kind item in years to come. The vase is hand signed by Jennifer and measures eighteen inches high and 10 inches wide. The vase is made by Ken Merrill a local potter residing in Sisters Oregon. Contributed by International Artist Jennifer Lake


SILENT AUCTION 173. Veuve Clicquot Traveller This is the perfect travel companion to be seen at your side, as an innovative cooler pack to transport your Champagne or as a chic travel accessory with leather trim. Inside you’ll be delighted to find a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne and two specially created Champagne flutes. After removal of the neoprene insulation the cooler transforms into an elegant, stylish handbag, vanity case or weekend tote. • Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne, one bottle Contributed by: Julie York


AUCTIONEER Our Auctioneer Steve Talbot returns for an encore visit to the 2010 Uncorked Benefit Auction for Family Building Blocks. President of Talbot Benefit Auctions in Portland, Oregon, Steve is looking forward to joining our audience for greater bidding and giving on behalf of the children and families we serve. Steve has conducted more than 2,000 charity auctions and raised over $250 million for a broad range of charitable organizations throughout the United States. A playful, audience-friendly caller with a keen eye for the bidding action, Steve delights in helping guests spend generously on terrific auction packages. Steve provides both Auctioneer and auction planning services to events of all sizes and themes, from “Top Hats and Tuxedos” to “Denim and Diamonds” from the “Circus Ringmaster” to the unpredictable “Shelter Man” for animal shelters and rescue programs. For the last six years he has been the Auctioneer for the highly successful ¡Salud! Wine Auction for Tuality Healthcare Foundation, and helped Salud raise more than $3 million for health services to families. With new and different auction offerings this year, Steve once again hopes to Uncork excitement, magic and exceptional bidding to benefit Family Building Blocks. With your favorite glass of wine in one hand and your bid paddle raised in the other, lets make this a vintage event to remember!


LIVE AUCTION SPECIAL APPEAL Your support will keep the wheels on the bus going round and round . . . The foundation of whom you become and how you relate to others and your world begins at birth. The physical, emotional and cognitive care given during the first 36 months of life is a primary determinant of a person’s life experience. Every day, struggling infants, toddlers and preschoolers depend upon Family Building Blocks’ therapeutic classes to provide this crucial underpinning. It is imperative that these children attend our classes each week. Because most of their families cannot provide transportation, we must pick them up each morning and return them home in the afternoon. The wheels on the buses must keep rolling. We know from experience that the entire family benefits from our transportation services. Many of the families we serve live in isolation without a car. The teacher who knocks on the front door to pick up their child serves as a critical part of that family’s safety and support network. That regular contact provides an important connection to support the family’s well-being. With your support, we can “keep those wheels going round and round”, picking up one child at a time!


Capriana falls asleep on the bus on her way home from Family Building Blocks.


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Cellar Crawl The Red Hills of Dundee Weekend Zenith Vineyard Private Winemaker’s Dinner St. Maarten Stay Feast at Fairmount The Trolley Commemorative Painting by John Van Dreal 2011 Masters Tournament - VIP Trip Puerto Vallarta Paradise Extreme Yard Makeover Napa Valley Wine Weekend BLUEHOUR Ruby Springs Lodge 52 Weeks of Wine Big Washington Reds The Peaceful Paradise of Bali Allison Inn and Spa






Cellar Crawl was formed when five winemakers and friends chose to join forces to learn from each other’s successes and failures, share winemaking secrets, and tackle the challenges together. It started with a casual trip to each other’s cellars. A journey to Burgundy sealed the friendships. Recognizing that their winemaking styles were quite different even after a decade of traveling and tasting together, they started to wonder, “What would happen if we shared our grapes? If we made wine from the same five lots of Pinot Noir?” In 2006 they made it happen. The Cellar Crawl was born. The winemakers Terry and Ted Casteel, Bethel Heights Vineyard Steve Doerner, Cristom Vineyards Ken Wright, Ken Wright Cellars Lynn Penner-Ash, Penner-Ash Wine Cellars Laurent Montalieu, Solena Cellars 20% of the profit from this sale will be donated to the Parkinson Center of Oregon at OHSU in honor of Terry Casteel, who is battling Parkinson’s Disease

2006 Bethel Heights Pinot Noir, Southeast Block Vineyard, 5 bottles 2006 Cristom Vineyards Pinot Noir, Eileen Vineyard, 5 bottles 2006 Ken Wright Pinot Noir, Abbott Claim Vineyard, 5 bottles 2006 Penner-Ash Cellars Pinot Noir, Lia Vineyard, 5 bottles 2006 Solena Cellars Pinot Noir, Willakia Vineyard, 5 bottles

Contributed by: Steve Doerner, Cristom Vineyards






2 couples will enjoy the best that the Willamette Valley has to offer with a 2-night stay at their own private hideaway on the grounds of the prestigious Domaine Serene Winery in the Winery Hill House. During your stay, you’ll receive a VIP tour of the Domaine Serene landmark 5-level gravity flow winery to see first-hand how ultra-premium, hand-crafted boutique wine is made. A bottle each of award winning Domaine Serene Chardonnay and Pinot Noir will be waiting at the Winery Hill House when you arrive. After the tour, sip exquisite Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah in the beautiful dining room. This stay is subject to availability and must be used by May 15, 2011. Continue to explore the Red Hills of Dundee with a tour and tasting at Archery Summit, named the Rolls-Royce of Oregon Pinot Noir by Wine Spectator. This tour is subject to availability and by appointment only prior to May 15, 2011. The next stop is Sokol Blosser--dedicated to world-class quality and paralleled by a desire to achieve it sustainably. On to Stoller Vineyard where they are paving the “green” way with their LEED certified, solar-generating and gravityflow winery. With guide book, Wine Trails of Oregon signed by author Steve Roberts, you are sure to find the best of the Red Hills in Dundee.

2007 Domaine Serene Cote Sud Chardonnay (receive during stay) 2006 Domaine Serene Pinot Noir (receive during stay) 2000 Archery Summit Red Hills Pinot Noir

Contributed by: Domaine Serene Winery, Archery Summit, Sokol Blosser, Stoller Vineyards and Steve Roberts





Zenith Vineyard Private Winemaker’s Dinner PRIVATE DINNER FOR 8

Enjoy a private dinner for 8 at the beautiful home of Tim and Kari Ramey, owners of Zenith Vineyard. Begin your evening with a private tour of St. Innocent Winery with owner and winemaker, Mark Vlossak. Head up the drive to the Ramey Estate, which overlooks the vineyard and winery. Enjoy a well prepared 4-course meal paired with thoughtfully selected wines from St. Innocent as well as library selections from the Ramey’s private cellar. Finish your evening with brandy and chocolates and more good conversation in the Great Room around a cozy fire.

The dinner will be held on a mutually agreeable date to be scheduled with Kari Ramey.

Contributed by: Zenith Vineyard– Tim and Kari Ramey and St. Innocent Winery– Mark Vlossak






The Dutch St. Maarten welcomes you with endless stretches of powder white sand, swaying palms and clear blue water. Spend October 2-9, 2010 at the Flamingo Beach Villa in Phillipsburg overlooking the Simpson Bay.  Your accommodations include a 2-bedroom villa that sleeps 6 to 8 guests.  The small island shared by 2 nations, France and the Netherlands, offers endless activities.   A “scuba diver’s dream,” the surrounding Caribbean waters are home to glorious coral reefs, ship wreck sites, and tropical fish.  On land,  hit the island’s hottest duty-free shopping spots and when the sun goes down, indulge yourself with some of the finest dining and nightlife in the Caribbean.  Don’t miss the Casino Royale, St. Maarten’s largest casino. Spend a day at St. Barts, known as the playground of the rich & famous or Anguilla, with their 33 tranquil beaches; both are just a short ferry ride away. This tropical retreat offers an irresistible blend of French, Dutch and Caribbean culture.

Contributed by: Senator Jackie Winters






1 historic Salem home. 4 distinguished Salem hosts. The edible art of entwining food and wine. 12 fortunate guests join Dave and Jody Rowell and Clark and Kathy Thompson in the Rowell’s beautiful, historic Fairmount home (near the Governor’s Mansion). Prepare for an unforgettable evening of fine wine, lively conversation and fabulous cuisine. Jody and Kathy will enchant you with a custom, seasonal 5-course menu featuring fresh local Northwest ingredients, masterfully paired with hand-selected wines from the Rowell and Thompson private cellars. Experience the pleasure of a magnificent meal paired with just the right varietals, and sit back and enjoy as the flavors of the season take flight!

2007 Stevenson Barrie Winery Pinot Noir, 6 bottles


Contributed by: Dr. David and Jody Rowell, Dr. Clark and Kathy Thompson, and Stevenson Barrie Winery





Up to 26 people will journey to 3 Willamette Valley wineries with a ride on “THE TROLLEY.” This vintage trolley is reminiscent of a bygone era. A San Francisco Street Car will transport your group through the Willamette Valley. A slow-paced, fun-filled way to enjoy the beauty in the heart of Oregon’s Wine Country. Tours of Bethel Heights Vineyard, Coelho Winery and Methven Family Vineyard will include premium wine tasting, barrel tasting and food prepared by the winery owners. Finish the adventure with a late lunch for 26 prepared and served at the world famous Joel Palmer House Restaurant in Dayton, renowned for a menu infused with the earthy flavors of wild mushrooms and Oregon white truffles. This Trolley tour is not available in September and October and must be used by May 15, 2011. All guests will be picked up at a central location.

1999 Bethel Heights Pinot Noir 2008 Methven Family Vineyards Pinot Gris 2006 Coehlo Apreciação Chardonnay

Contributed by: The Trolley, LLC, Bethel Heights Vineyard, Coelho Winery, Methven Family Vineyards, Willamette Valley Wineries, and The Joel Palmer House





Commerative Painting By John Van Dreal

For the third annual Uncorked Wine Auction, local artist John Van Dreal has created this “Still Life with Chair, Calla Lilies, and Cloth.” “I have considerable admiration for the Masters and employ their established composition formulas to determine the dimension and design of my work. I then build surface and texture through layered oil painting combined with glazing to render form and capture light. As a result of this process and style, my completed work is reminiscent of Classical Realism with a contemporary edge. Although I often focus on light and form as content, my intrigue with symbolism and iconography tends to find dominance in many of my pieces. By combining symbol and form with established aesthetic principles and time-proven techniques I hope to create evocative, contemporary images that find expression on aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual levels.” -John Van Dreal

Contributed by: John Van Dreal






Value: $48,000

Get ready for the golf experience of a lifetime. The winner of this package will enjoy an exclusive trip to watch the 2011 Masters Tournament. This trip is for four couples. Upon arrival in Georgia, you’ll enjoy private transportation to your personal estate in the swank gated community of Jones Creek. Settle into your luxury accommodations, explore your surroundings and enjoy a gourmet dinner. You’ll have tickets to two competitive rounds of The Masters Tournament. As you stroll the flower studded grounds of Augusta National, you’ll be treated to an up close and personal view of the legendary fairways and greens. Your group will choose to attend Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday or even Saturday/Sunday. Just let us know your preference. About The Masters - The premier event in golf, the Masters is annually held the first full week in April in Augusta, Georgia. Founded in 1934 by the legendary Bobby Jones, the Masters has the most elite field of any Major Championship. The moment one steps onto the hallowed grounds of Augusta National Golf Club, with its immaculate conditioning and beautiful blooming azaleas, they realize how special it is to attend a Masters Tournament in person. The Masters is truly a once in a lifetime experience! About The Pinnacle Experience - Pinnacle is a small, high-end, turn-key, golf-centered event company, comprised of event professionals committed to exceeding the expectations of their clients. They utilize their knowledge and creativity to wrap components together to produce the very best event experience. Event Components include: Private Estate Lodging Dedicated Staffing Luxury Ground Transportation 4 Masters Gift Packages

Private Chefs Fine Wine / Cigars Masters Hospitality Area Masters entrance for two days

Contributed by: Pinnacle Experience and Friends of Family Building Blocks






Value: $9,800

An incredible, new 10,000 square foot oceanfront villa with 5 master suites and 5.5 baths in the desirable lower Conchas Chinas location. This gorgeous, contemporary-designed villa has all the luxuries of an exquisite vacation home with Mexican flair throughout.  Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors in all living areas showcase the breathtaking 180-degree oceanfront views.  All bedrooms have spectacular oceanfront views, pillow-top King beds and ensuite attached bathrooms.  Villa is fully air conditioned and the elevator makes it easily accessible for everyone.  Relax and be pampered by the staff of 3 (houseman, cook, and maid) in the large heated infinity pool with bar and 8+ person hot tub where the staff will serve you snacks and drinks.  The cook prepares delicious meals at breakfast and dinner daily from incredible menu options with food fresh from the market. The houseman is there to help you with anything you may need as well as serve drinks, snacks, and meals.   A stay at Villa Azul Pacifico is a 4-Star Vacation with all the luxuries of a resort and all the privacy of your own luxury villa! Check out this stunning villa online at:





Lot 9 continued . . . Here are some of the incredible features of Villa Azul Pacifico: ·    5 Oceanfront Master Suites, 5.5 Baths - Over 10,000 Sq Ft. ·    Large Heated Infinity Pool w/ Hot Tub & Bar ·    3 Bars (2 Outside, 1 Inside) ·    Elevator in Villa ·    Indoor and Outdoor Dining Areas ·    Spectacular Kitchen with island/bar, granite counters, Viking gas range, dishwasher, 2 Sub-Zero refrigerators ·    Travertine and Granite Floors, Showers, & Counters ·    8 Plasma/DLP TV’s with U.S. Satellite TV ·    Big Screen TV in Main Living Area ·    Wireless High Speed Internet & Fax Machine ·    Free Phone Calls to U.S. ·   Fully Air-Conditioned (not just bedrooms) ·    Workout Room with TV ·    Audio System with CD, Satellite Radio, & I-Pod Dock ·    Luxury Thread Count Linens & Pillow-Top Mattresses ·    Fully Staffed with Houseman, Cook, & Maid To take home tonight:       A selection of fine Mexican Beers, Tequila and a Gift Basket full of all the necessary goodies to get you ready for your trip!   Restrictions:  Available between June 1, 2010 and October 1, 2010.  $1,000 security deposit required.  Food, beverage and staff gratuity not included.

Contributed by: Mark and Lisa Farrow; Rodger, Bette and Ryan Bloedel; and Blue Pacific Vacation Rentals 






Make your neighbors “green” with envy with a total yard makeover from Landscape by Davies. Jim Davies will consult, design, and execute to make you an outdoor haven. Now you need the materials. Select up to $1,000 in trees, shrubs, and plants from Kraemer’s Nursery. Willamette Graystone has 150 square feet of patio pavers to incorporate in your design. Round it all out with 1 unit of bark dust provided by Highway Fuel. Landscape by Davies will transform your lawn in 1 day (8 hours), sending 4 people to implement your design plan. One more thing- we’ve thrown in a Traeger Handcrafted Pellet Grill. The Deluxe 300 BBQ is their newest model with a sleek modern design. Now your backyard is complete.

Contributed by: Jim Davies, Landscape by Davies, Highway Fuel, Kraemer’s Nursery, Traeger Family, and Willamette Graystone






Immerse yourself and indulge your senses with a VIP weekend in California’s famed Napa Valley. You and 3 friends are invited to Villagio Inn and Spa for a wine weekend at the Vintage Estate in Yountville. During your time here, you will each be indulged with a spa treatment of your choice, dinner at Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Ristorante (famous for his talents in the kitchen and his Emmy award winning show on the Food Network), and a champagne brunch each morning. This weekend would not be complete without a four-hour sommelier guided wine tour at select Napa Valley wineries. For a preview of this luxurious estate, visit A $500 travel voucher will be included for additional expenses. This stay is good until December 31, 2010. Dinner at Bottega Ristorante does not include alcohol. Guided wine tour does not include winery tasting or tour charges. Reservations must be made 30 days in advance and are subject to availability.

Contributed by: Villagio Inn and Spa and Saalfeld Griggs






Bluehour means different things to different people. In French literature, it describes any time of day of “heightened emotion.”  In Portland, it has come to mean “great place to dine.”  As the premier modern restaurant in the Pearl District, Bluehour opened its doors in 2000 with what Gourmet Magazine describes as “the most sophisticated, contemporary food in town.” This package features a private dinner for 30 in the Bluehour private dining room, “L’Heure Bleu.”  The private “cellar” boasts exposed wood beams and features a wall of over 3,000 back-lit wine bottles, providing a warm and elegant feel for your special event.  Your custom, five-course menu – personally created by Chef Kenny Giambalvo – includes hors d’oeuvre, salad, pasta/risotto, entrée and dessert. To complement the classic cuisine of Chef Giambalvo, each course will be paired with wines from stellar Oregon producer Domaine Serene. Domaine Serene has been lauded by critics and consumers worldwide, with wines regularly rated at the top of their class.  In designating Domaine Serene the Wine and Spirits 2007 Estate Winery of the Year, the magazine writes:  “Domaine Serene always seems to end up on top in these pages; they are consistent no matter what the weather.” This package is perfect for entertaining corporate clients, a ready made rehearsal dinner or simply as the ultimate evening out for 15 select couples.

2006 Domaine Serene Cote Sud Chardonnay 2006 Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve Pinot Noir 2005 Domaine Serene Mark Bradford Pinot Noir 2005 Domaine Serene Rockblock Del Rio Syrah

Contributed by: Ross Carey, Bruce Carey, US Bank, Bluehour and Domaine Serene






A riverside cabin just yards from the renowned Ruby River. Check! Gourmet meals, evening cocktails and hors d’oeuvres served in the stunning main lodge. Check! World-class fly fishing in Big Sky Country. Check! Welcome to Ruby Springs Lodge in Alder, Montana, otherwise known as fly-fishing heaven. With over 10 miles of the Ruby River and its flowing tributaries, this serene and beautiful property will enchant you. In addition, anglers have access to numerous spring fed ponds within a few minutes’ walk from their cabin. 2 days of fishing with a personal guide and streamside lunches add to the all-inclusive angling experience. Package includes food, accommodations, guided fishing, private access to over 10 miles of fishing on the Ruby, rods/reels, waders, tackle, flies and fully-stocked bar. Fishing license not included.

Contributed by: Ruby Springs Lodge and Friends of Family Building Blocks





52 Weeks of Wine

Back by popular demand is the weekly wine fantasy. Fill your cellar with out-ofcirculation wines from Salem’s wine enthusiasts. This incredible and unique collection includes wines rating high into the 90’s with Wine Spectator and Robert Parker. This is your one-and-only opportunity to update your collection with distinctive and irreplaceable vintages. 1964 Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste, Pauillac 1978 Sanford and Benedict Pinot Noir 1988 Louis Jadot Beaujolais Gamay, Villages Rouge 1992 Château Pavie St. Émilion Grand Cru 1994 Ponzi Vineyards Pinot Noir 1995 Leonetti Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 1996 Château Langoa-Barton, Saint Julien 1998 DeLille Cellars Chaleur Estate 1999 Château Pichon-Longueville Baron, Pauillac 1999 PlumpJack Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 Bressan Mastri Vinai Merlot 2000 Château Duhart-Milon Rothschild, Pauillac 2000 Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf du Pape 2001 Beaulieu Vineyard Georges De Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 Domaine de la Charbonnière Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Spéciale Les Hautes Brusquières 2001 Tenuta Guado Al Tasso Antinori Bolgheri Superiore 2002 Bodegas Lan Rioja Edición Limitada 2003 Concha Y Toro Puente Alto Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 Grand Vin de Bordeaux Les Caves Fleury Bordeaux 2003 Matthews Estate Red Mountain Syrah 2003 Opus One Napa Valley Red 2003 Spring Valley Vineyard Cabernet Franc Walla Walla Valley 2003 The Gate Shiraz Davey Family Vineyard McLaren Vale 2004 Archaval Ferrer Quimera Vino Tinto-Argentina 2004 Beaux Frères Pinot Noir Beaux Frères Vineyard 2004 Larkmead Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon





Lot 14 continued . . . 2005 Cayuse Vineyards Syrah 2005 Chimney Rock Cabernet Sauvignon Stags Leap District 2005 Clos du Marquis Saint Julien 2005 Groth Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2005 Leonetti Cellar Merlot Columbia Valley 2005 Podere Ruggeri Corsini Barolo- Italy 2006 Archery Summit Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir Looney Vineyard 2006 Ayoub Dundee Hills Pinot Noir 2006 Darioush Signature Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2006 Domaine Jerome Gradassi Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2006 Domus Aurea Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Dusted Valley Vintners Malbec 2006 Ferrari-Carano Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley 2006 L’Ecole No. 41 Apogee Pepper Bridge Vineyard 2006 Nuestro Ribera del Duero Crianza 2006 Orin Swift Cellars The Prisoner Napa Valley 2006 Panther Creek Pinot Noir Temperance Hill Vineyard 2006 Robert Mondavi Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2006 Soter Pinot Noir 2006 Vitae Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir 2006 Vitae Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir 2007 Bethel Heights Flatblock Pinot Noir 2007 Doubleback Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla Valley 2007 Stevenson Barrie Pinot Noir Shea Vineyard 2008 Ken Wright Cellars Abbott Claim Vineyards 2008 Lachini Vineyards Pinot Noir Windy Hill Vineyard

Contributed by: Pamela Abernethy, Steve and Kirstin Altman,Eric and Kim Boman, Brad and Eileen Child, Peter and Leslie Dinsdale, Bruce and Sharon Douglas, Rob and Athena Douglas, Tyler and Deana Freres, Tim and Karen Hinsley, Bruce and Heather Johnson, Brian and Katherine Johnston, Wes and Wendy McWhorter, John and Sue Miller, Denny Nielsen, Rob and Shelly Norton, Nancy Parks, Cory and Marni Redding, David and Jody Rowell, Ken and Betsy Sherman, Lee and Jeanne Sjothun, Clark and Kathy Thompson, Wild Pear Catering, Willamette Wineries, John and Julie York, Pete and Kelly Yunker





Big Washington Reds 12 BOTTLES OF WINE, AS NOTED

Our neighbor to the north is quickly becoming a hot new wine region, producing big bold reds. We have assembled a collection of Washington’s finest red wines from some of the most highly rated wineries in the state. These wines are very difficult to come by. The majority of the wines are sold to a select group of customers who must patiently wait to get on the private mailing list. All are from top rated wineries and sure to please.

1997 Leonetti Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 1998 L’Ecole No. 41 Merlot, Walla Walla Valley 2002 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 Leonetti Cabernet Sauvignon, Walla Walla Valley 2003 Sineann Block One Cabernet Sauvignon, Champoux Vineyard 2004 Sineann Baby Poux Cabernet Sauvignon, Champoux Vineyard 2004 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 2005 Abeja Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 2005 Abeja Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 2006 Leonetti Cabernet Sauvignon, Walla Walla Valley 2006 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 2007 Sineann Cabernet Franc, Horse Heaven Hills

Contributed by: Jay Harris





The Peaceful Paradise of Bali 10 NIGHTS ACCOMMODATIONS FOR 2

“The luxurious Amertha Bali Villas Beachfront Resort and Spa is blessed with a magnificent location nestled on the crystal clear waters of the Pemuteran Bay with a backdrop of nine majestic mountaintops.” –Om Santih, Santih Om, AGUNG PRANA. Founder. Welcome to Amertha Bali Villas, aka Paradise, where 2 lucky people will enjoy a romantic and unforgettable 10 nights in an oceanfront villa. Picture traditional thatched roofs, lush gardens, koi ponds & fountains and indigenous flora all framed with the blue waters of the North Bali Sea. On this peaceful property you will find a spa and meditation center, beachfront restaurant, swim-up bar and dive center. If you can tear yourself away, we recommend a trip to the nearby Pulaki Agung Temple. A short boat ride from your village is Menjangan Island, world renowned for diving and snorkeling. The Balinese people will welcome you as you are introduced to their art-inspired culture and customs. For the lucky winner-- Jill Cannefax invites you to join her for an evening as she guides you in planning your trip to Bali. She will share photos and stories about her experiences and give you expert advice on all you need to know. She highly recommends extending your trip to spend time on the other side of the island at Ubud. Stay based on availability and excludes June and December 15, 2010 through January 3, 2011. Valid for one year from date of auction. Please book your travel early for the best available dates.

Contributed by: Jill Cannefax






You don’t need to travel far to “get away from it all.” The short trip to Newberg will transport you to Oregon Wine Country’s first ever full service resort. It is more than a luxurious place to spend 2 nights after a blissful wine-tasting journey around the Willamette Valley’s acclaimed vineyards. You’ll notice the hotel’s special attention to detail in the design of the deluxe guestrooms and suites, each with a gas fireplace, original works of art, soaking tub, custom-crafted furnishings, comfortable bay window seats, and views from your terrace or balcony that range from the truly spectacular to the simply sublime. The Allison’s spa services are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and relaxation for men and women alike. With 15,000 square feet dedicated to health, wellness, pampering and a touch of indulgence, neither stress nor worry can survive this environment.  Jory, the 100-seat signature restaurant, pays tribute to Oregon’s agricultural bounty, acclaimed wines, microbrews and hand-crafted distilled spirits. The restaurant has been “consistently busy” and earns rave reviews for their menu. While in Newberg, stop by Beaux Freres for a VIP Tour and tasting for 2 people. Includes a walk through the vineyards, discussion on farming philosophies, winery tour and tasting of current wines. To complete your weekend, we’ve added a Wine Trails of Oregon travel guide book signed by author Steve Roberts.

Contributed by: Withnell Dodge and Withnell Hyundai, Beaux Freres, and Steve Roberts


SPECIAL THANKS An event of this magnitude would be impossible without the support of our community. Many thanks to our outstanding committee members! Steve Altman, Merrill Lynch Gladys Blum, Gladys Blum Group Real Estate Debbie Boss, Community Volunteer Ross Carey, US Bank Christopher Casebeer, Ferder, Casebeer, French & Thompson LLP Eileen Child, Community Volunteer Aaron Crane, Salem Hospital Leslie Dinsdale, Community Volunteer Lisa Farrow, Blue Pacific Vacation Rentals Deana Freres, Community Volunteer Jim Green, Kettle Foods Brooke Gries, Family Building Blocks Dr. John Harrington, Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons Jason Herber, Merrill Lynch Kathy Lelack-Green, Community Volunteer Wes McWhorter, LCG Pence Construction Sue Miller, Family Building Blocks Valerie Nelson, Family Building Blocks Nancy Parks, School Counselor Bev Reimann, Community Volunteer Dr. Melanie Ronai, Salem Pediatric Clinic Jessica Ritter, Wild Pear Restaurant & Catering Jody Rowell, Community Volunteer Kathy Thompson, Community Volunteer Kathie VanRonzelen, Community Volunteer Bridget Welborn, Family Building Blocks Dr. Julie York, Neurosurgery Pete Yunker, Power Equipment Systems

Special thanks to John VanDreal for creating and donating this year’s beautiful commemorative painting. Additional thanks to Abbey Vanderbeek for coordinating all the table centerpieces and to Kerry Myers, Egan Gardens and Whitman Farms for supplying the materials. Also to Jeremy Welborn and Karsten Gentzkow for donating your time, talent and equipment to photograph the event. Special thanks to Eileen Child for her amazing support, generosity and enthusiasm. To all of our hard-working volunteers – we are grateful for your time and energy. You put the “special” in special events!

Uncorked catalog photos by Lorraine Diaz, Nelpha Alvarado, Jill Cannefax & Troy Witt. 101

DONORS Thank you to our many auction supporters! Judge Pamela Abernethy Nadar Afshar Alcyone Allegiant Air Steve and Kirstin Altman Amadeus Cafe Amalie Robert Anne Amie Vineyards Archery Summit Barnwood Naturals Beaux Freres Bend Country Club Bentley’s Grill Bethel Heights Vineyard Rodger, Bette and Ryan Bloedel Blue Pacific Vacation Rentals Bluehour Eric and Kim Boman Orlena Boyd Juli Burchard Robert Buza Jill Cannefax Capitol Auto Group Scott and Carrie Casebeer Aaron and Mary Crane Cherry Hill Winery Brad and Eileen Child Chinook Winds Casino Resort Coelho Winery Creative Catering Cristom Vineyards Crosswater Cubanisimo Vineyards Cuvee Restaurant Jim Davies DaVinci Ristorante Brett and Catherine Davis Peter and Leslie Dinsdale Tom and Cesie Delve Scheuermann Gene Derfler Dobbes Family Estate Winery Steve Doerner Domaine Serene


Dominio IV Wines Laura and Dan Dorn Bruce and Sharon Douglas Rob and Athena Douglas Jonathan Durning and Melanie Ronai Elements Massage Therapy Elesa Doll Encore Fitness Envy Lash Studio Diana Powers Evans Extreme Chocolates Mark and Lisa Farrow Peg and Jerry Fenton Five Pine Lodge Nick Fluge Joni Fohn The Four Graces Dr. Michael and Melanie Freeman The French Unicorn Rob and Jane Freres Tyler and Deana Freres Neil Goldschmidt Grand Vines Randy Green Grubby and Laurie Hain Bryan Hanson Jay Harris Sheila Harrison Harvey Loveall Salon Kelly Herb Jake and Trudy Herber Jason and Kim Herber Highway Fuel Tim and Karen Hinsley Holesinsky Vineyard and Winery Jerry Hubbard Jackson Jewelers Jennifer Lake Gallery Dr. Bruce and Heather Johnson Brian and Katherine Johnston Jeffrey S. Jones Kathken Vineyards Gary and Sue Kaufman

DONORS Thank you to our many auction supporters! Ron Kelemen and Kathy Ellis-Kelemen Kettle Foods Steve and Barbara Kisely Kraemer’s Nursery Mark and Jolly Krautmann La Margarita Left Coast Cellars Lenne Estate Lobenhaus Bed and Breakfast and Vineyard Shari Lord Lush Hair Cocktails Ma Valise Mahonia Maryhill Winery Massage Works - Jan Roche Rebecca McGahey McMenamins Lauren McNaughton Wes and Wendy McWhorter Meringue Boutique Mid Valley IPA John and Sue Miller Sunny Miller Cindy Mueller Denny Nielsen Dr. William Nisbet Northwest Trails Fishing Adventure Rob and Shelly Norton Olive Boutique Oregon Garden Resort Oregon Shakespeare Festival Jane and Ed Orlowski Panther Creek Cellars Papa di Vino Phil and Nancy Parks Patton Valley Vineyard Perle Holistic Skincare The Pinnacle Experience Steve Poovey Cory and Marni Redding Redhawk Vineyard and Winery Steve and Kathleen Roberts Roth’s IGA

David and Jody Rowell Ruby Springs Lodge Saalfeld Griggs Salem Hospital Auxiliary Santiam Wine Company Jack and Pam Scott Scott Paul Wines Debra Seeck Ken and Betsy Sherman Edward Shugrue Sineann Lee and Jeanne Sjothun Denny and Deanna Smith Sokol Blosser Winery St. Innocent Winery Stevenson Barrie Winery Stoller Vineyards and Winery Dr. Clark and Kathy Thompson Torii Mor Winery Brian Traeger Joseph Traeger The Trolley US Bank John Van Dreal Van Duzer Vineyards Mike and Kathie VanRonzelen Villagio Inn and Spa Vitality William and Deborah Voves Wild Pear Restaurant & Catering Willakenzie Estate Willamette Graystone Willamette Valley Vineyards Willamette Valley Wineries Wine Country Farm B&B and Cellars Senator Jackie Winters Dick and Gayle Withnell Withnell Motor Company Xena Etched Graphics Dr. Julie and John York Pete and Kelly Yunker Zenith Vineyard


SPONSORS We are immensely grateful for the financial support of our sponsors. Their generosity means that every dollar raised here tonight will go directly to FBB’s vital child abuse prevention services.

Balthazar Sponsor Bonaventure Senior Living Imperial Sponsor Drs. Bud and Selma Pierce Jeroboam Sponsors Crothell Services Group US Bank Magnum Sponsors AKT Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons Freres Lumber Holiday Retirement Hope Orthopedics Merrill Lynch & CD Redding Oregon State Bridge Construction Salem Health & Orrick Sarah Page Performance Health Technology Slayden Construction Group, Inc. Wildwood/Mahonia Willamette Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery John & Julie York & Poly & Pam Chen Wine Sponsor Willamette Valley Vineyards Printing Sponsor Select Impressions


Event Decorator Key Event Rentals

Venue Sponsor Zenith Vineyard Media Sponsor Statesman Journal

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200,000 LEAVES Your parents might have 4 such trees in their yard. They’ve been raking leaves for over 40 years. That’s 32 million leaves. Help them discover Retirement Perfected.


A      ,

we deserve to be treated carefully, and respectfully. Discover the many local Bonaventure communities, see what we mean by Retirement Perfected.



Gibson Creek Orchard Heights Southern Hills

Active Retirement + Assisted Living + Memory Care ©2010 A l l r ights reser ved, Bonavent ure Senior Liv ing.

Drs. Bud & Selma Pierce support Family Building Blocks & their work keeping children safe & families together.

“One of America’s Great Pinot Noir Producers�


WVV_20080416_Ad Uncorked 5x7.indd 1

4/16/2008 1:04:15 PM

Wine should come from a beautiful place. Everything we do, we strive to do in harmony with the land, keeping the vineyard pristine, the soils healthy and the farm life rich.

Ron Cooper Photography

Sustainability speaks to the vision we have of our job as winegrowers. The fruit from outstanding wines can only come from beautiful origins. It is our commitment to respect the land, the vineyard, and the wines that come from our site as things of great beauty, to be carefully and lovingly tended. We are caretakers only. We are charged with delivering this parcel of land to the next generation with healthy soils, intact biology and a vineyard that has a brighter future ahead than even its greatness of the past. Everything we do, we try to do with the attitude of “we’re doing this forever, don’t cut corners, don’t make short-run decisions.” 2008 was a glorious year with flowering quite late on July 2nd and warm sunny days into the 4th week of October yielding perfectly ripe fruit harvested on October 19th. The yields in 2008 were miniscule - about 1.6 tons per acre and so our Pinot noir production was 16.5 barrels - about 400 cases. We made 2.5 barrels of Tempranillo so we should be better than 60 cases there - almost double our 32 case production last year. Our 2008 Pinot noir production will be down 37% from 2007, and 2009 production will more than double from 2008. Hey, its farming! About 58% of the production is Pommard clone from block 6-G with the remainder from blocks 7-A 113 clone and 7-D 777 clone. We used 7 new out of the 16.5 total barrels or 42% new French oak on average. Because of the small lot size the 113 and 777 wines were co-fermented. The wines are exceptional. Great concentration, wonderful fruit and round mouth feel. The Tempranillo will be our best effort to date - really a fun wine to drink. We bottled the Pinot noirs on March 18th for a Memorial Day release.

6HOHFW,PSUHVVLRQV Integrated Communication and Marketing services. 2))6(735,17,1*

High-quality Long Run Color | Full Color | Stochastic Screening


High-quality Short Run Color | Variable Data and Images | Personalized Letters One-to-One Marketing | Fast Turnaround


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SUNDAY in the Valley

Victor Panichkul sips and shares his love of the Willamette Valley’s rich wine country in his Wine in the Valley column every Sunday in the Statesman Journal. Victor’s column is just one of the many new features that make the 01

Sunday Statesman Journal an event



you won’t want to miss! ONLINE:


Journal MEDIA

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A proud supporter of the

2010 Uncorked Wine Auction benefitting

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Family Building Blocks


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If someone you know is having trouble hearing, contact us. With onsite Otolaryngology (ENT) M.D.s., we can help. Diagnostic evaluations. Comprehensive hearing aid services. Medical help without pressure.


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Zenith Vineyard Uncorked Wine Auction May 15, 2010


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