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Soldier Show




ISSUE 92 November 2011



1 Soldier Show


2 Scotch & Cigar 3 Contents 4 Upcoming Events 5-6 Thanksgiving Events 7-8 FMWR Facilities


Tune in to SGT Andrew Branstad on AFN The Eagle in Area II weekdays from 0600-1000 on 102.7 Eagle FM featuring the latest information from FMWR with USAGY FMWR Marketing Director Blair Brachear Friday at 0700.

ind the hidden Seoul Tower in this month’s Community Connection and you will be entered into a drawing for one of three $25.00 R&R Bar & Grill Food Coupons. To enter, just send an email identifying the correct location to The drawing will be held on the 7th working day of each month. Participants are eligible to win only once every three months. USAG Yongsan DFMWR personnel and their Family members are not eligible for this contest.

09-10 Kimchi Article & USAG Yongsan Tours

Congratulations to October, Find the Seoul Tower Winners:

13-15 Dining & Clubs 17-18 Bowling Centers 19 Army VS. Navy Flag Football Game 20-22 Sports & Fitness 23-24 You Should Have Been There 27 Libraries 28-31 Community Services 32 Army Family Covenant 33-46 Advertisements Back Cover Community Tree Lighting Ceremonies 03


MARKETING STAFF Blair Brachear Marketing Director Tel: 724-3426 Kyung Hee Son Graphic/Arts Designer Tel: 724-3458 Sonya Tuuao Advertising Specialist Tel: 724-3424 Chu Hyon Kim Marketing Assistant Tel: 724-3429 Chae Hun Chang Marketing Assistant Tel: 724-3432

Gerald R. Edwards Frederick Chmura Kenneth H. Brincefield Last month’s Seoul Tower was in the picture on page 40.


Upcoming Events

1-30 Sun

Texas Hold’em R & R Bar & Grill,1300

1-30 Mon

Farm House Burger Special R & R Bar & Grill, 1130-1330

1-30 Tue

Children’s Story Time Yongsan Library, 1000

17 CYSS Day for Kids 2011 CDC Parking Lot, 1100-1400

1-30 Thu

Wii Sports Tournament Moyer CAC, 1800

17 Table Tennis Tournament Moyer CAC, 1800

1-30 Thu

Preschool Story Time Hannam Library, 1100

19 Inchon Tour Moyer CAC: 0900, K-16 CAC: 0815

1-30 Thu

Children’s Story Time K-16 Library, 1100

19 Retiree’s Appreciation Day R & R Bar & Grill

1-30 Fri

Baby Story Time Yongsan Library, 0930

19 10KM Road-Race Collier Community Fitness Center, 0930

300 Club Yongsan Lanes

19 Korean & American Friendship 9 Ball Tournament Seongnam City, 1400

16 Pool Tournament K-16 CAC, 1800 16, 18 Turkey Shoot & 19 Yongsan Lanes


~ On going 1-30



Get FIT Yongsan Collier Fitness Center, Various Times


Rice Festival Tour Moyer CAC: 0830, K-16 CAC: 0915


CDC Parent's Night Out Child Development Center, 1800-2200


Paintball Game K-16 CAC, 1000


2011 Army Digital Photography Contest R & R Bar & Grill, TBA time


Dart Tournament K-16 CAC, 1800


Parents' Training Child Development Center, 1145-1300


Thanksgiving Buffet R & R Bar & Grill, 1030-1430


X-Game Tournament Moyer CAC, 1800


Black Friday Osan Shopping Trip Moyer CAC: 1000, K-16 CAC: 1045


Spavis Hot Spring & Swimming Pool Moyer CAC: 0800, K-16 CAC: 0845


Laser Tag at Camp Humpreys Moyer CAC: 1000, K-16 CAC: 1045


CYSS Parents' Advisory Council Meeting Child Development Center, 1730-1830

“An Evening of One Act Plays” Play ACS Building, Room 118, 1900 Paragliding Tour Moyer CAC: 0800, K-16 CAC: 0845



Pool Tournament Moyer CAC, 1800


USAGY Postseason Fall Softball Tournament 4 Plex Table Tennis Tournament K-16 CAC, 1800


Gangnam Tour Moyer CAC: 0800, K-16 CAC: 0900


Veteran’s Day Special Yongsan Lanes


U.S. Army Soldier Show 2011 Collier Community Fitness Center, 1900


Thanksgiving Story Time Yongsan Library, 1100


Bukhansan Hiking Tour Moyer CAC: 0900, K-16 CAC: 0815


Lotte World Amusement Tour Moyer CAC: 0900, K-16 CAC: 1000


USAGY Men’s Intramural Basketball League Begin, Collier Community Fitness Center


K-16 Men’s Intramural Basketball League Begin, K-16 Fitness Center


IMCOM-K Table Tennis Tournament Camp Carroll CAC

Thanksgiving Buffet

Thursday, 24 November 1030-1430 R & R Bar & Grill FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL 738-5254/5419.

Upcoming Events


Happy Thanksgiving! 05

Thanksgiving with FMWR

Thanksgiving with FMWR


s the Mayflower left the shores of England in 1620, they came across Cape Cod. After reaching their final destination, 102 pilgrims on this voyage settled down and established a home at Massachusetts Bay. As time progressed and seasons changed, many suffered. There were outbreaks of contagious diseases and by the end of winter, only half of the passengers on the Mayflower had survived. As spring approached, the pilgrims migrated ashore where they met an Abenaki Indian who spoke English. Later, the Indians taught the pilgrims how to survive on this new land. In November 1621, the Pilgrims organized a feast and invited the Native Americans to join them. After celebrating this feast together annually during the month of November, President Abraham Lincoln finally proclaimed Thanksgiving as a holiday in1863. FMWR has planned Thanksgiving events, activities, and meal options for you and your family. Hannam Village & Yongsan Library will have a selection of Thanksgiving books on display for you and your family. Yongsan Library on Saturday, 12 November at 1100 will present Thanksgiving Story Time with General and Mrs. Thurman. There will also be a Thanksgiving Dinner tasting sampler served after the reading. For more information, please call 723-7380. Enjoy professional guidance on Turkey Ornament Painting with the Yongsan Arts & Crafts Center for their workshop on Wednesday, 9 November from 1430-1530. Pre-reservation is

required so sign up today. For more information, please call 738-4750. All league bowlers are invited to attend the Turkey Shoot at Yongsan Lanes on 16, 18 & 19 November. The Turkey Shoot will take place during league play. If you roll a strike in the 3rd, 6th, and 9th frames in any 3 games of league play, you win a frozen turkey! The entry fee is $3.50 per night so mark your calendars. For more information, please call 7387830. R & R Bar & Grill is prepared to help our patrons save time and money. On Thursday, 24 November from 10301430, R & R Bar & Grill will be hosting a Thanksgiving Buffet. The entrées will include a top round of roasted beef with au-jus (carve on the line), roasted young turkey with giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, Virginia baked ham with raisin sauce, Korean style BBQ (bulgogi), stir fried chicken and vegetables with oyster sauce, sweet candy yams, steamed rice, snowflake potatoes, home-style stuffing, corn on the cob, buttered peas and mushrooms, corn bread, assorted nuts with an available chili soup and salad bar. Desserts include pumpkin and apple pie, coffee and ice tea. The prices to enjoy this special meal are as follows: Adults- $15.00, Children (ages 6-10)- $6.00, Children (5 and under)- FREE.

Holiday Package To Go and eliminate the stresses of shopping and cooking because R & R Bar & Grill will take care of it. For more information on Holiday Packages To Go, please refer to page 13 or call 723-8785/5678. For more information, please call the listed number or go to the USAG Yongsan, FMWR Facebook page. Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Pie Recipe Things you need: - 1 (6 oz) packaged refrigerated pie crust - 1 (15 oz) can pumpkin - 1(14 oz) can of sweetened condensed milk (do not use evaporated milk) - 2 eggs - 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon - 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger - ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg - ½ teaspoon salt (less can be used) Directions: - Preheat oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit - With mixer, combine all ingredients - Pour pumpkin mixture in the pie crust - Bake for 15 minutes - Reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees fahrenheit and bake for an additional 35~40 minutes - Cool for 15 minutes and serve with whipped cream. Enjoy~!

R & R Bar & Grill understands that time is precious so they are presenting Holiday Packages To Go. Holiday Packages To Go will be open from 1 November~31 December and a package can accomodate up to 10+ people. If you plan on having your very own get together, pick up a Thanksgiving with FMWR



Kimchi Article & USAGY Tours

Kimchi Article & USAGY Tours


USAG Yongsan Tour to

Buk Han Mountain W

hile most enjoy sightseeing and exploring Korea’s wonders, the Moyer Community Activities Center (Moyer CAC) is giving you the opportunity to do this at Buk Han Mountain. Buk Han Mountain towers over the northwestern landscape of Seoul and it is known to be the most popular mountain in all of Korea. Buk Han Mountain was first designated as a National Park in 1983 and it covers roughly 80 square kilometers of land. There are three major peaks on Buk Han but the highest and most popular pe-ak is around 836.5m high. Resembling other mountains, Buk Han has smooth and sharp curves which contrast to the many valleys and rivers flowing towards the bottom. It is said to also have more than 1,300 different kinds of animal and plant life living on the mountain. Besides the beautiful aspects of Buk Han Mountain, this National Park carries a rich history and cultural treasures. As you progress to the top of the 11 Buk Han Mountain Tour

mountain, you will come across the Daeseomun Gate. When the Buk Han Mountain fortress was built in 132 A.D. during the Korean Baekje Dynasty, the Daeseomun Gate was built to be the base line of defense against any potential invasions. When the Mongol invaders attacked in 1232, they successfully captured the country of Korea except for Kangwha Island (located west of Seoul). In 1592, Korea was then invaded by Hideyosi and in 1636, Manchu China took over. The fortress was eventually left in ruins but in 1711, King Sukjong reconstructed and expanded the fort-ress. When reconstruction was complete, the wall stretched out to it’s current length of 12.7 km. Although much has changed since 1711, the wall is still standing strong. Aside from the Daeseomun Gate, Buk Han Mountain has many other beautiful attractions including caves, rivers and beautiful trees. Locals utilize the mountain to work out, rest and relax. Moyer CAC has a tour scheduled to

explore Buk Han Mountain on Saturday, 12 November. The cost to go on this trip is a $5.00 bus fee and entrance is free. Patrons can either sign up at Moyer or K16 CAC but all patrons must register no later than 9 November. If there’s enough time, patrons will have the chance to taste some of the healthiest foods at the bottom of the mountain. From a few traditional alcoholic beverages to some of the best soups, this area is a perfect place to recuperate. Also, if you’re in need of a few necessary hiking items such as a walking/hiking stick, gloves, or sun block, you will find plenty of tents around the eating areas. For more information on this tour, please call Moyer CAC at 723-3291, K-16 CAC at 741-6030 or go to the USAG Yongsan, FMWR Facebook page.

Buk Han Mountain Tour 12 November

Holiday Meals To Go 1 November to 31 December

Thanksgiving Buffet

Save time, money and energy with R & R Bar & Grill.

Order your Meals To Go Today!

Thursday, 24 November 1030-1430 R & R Bar & Grill

Turkey package

Ham Package

Turkey Package: $75.00 Turkey Only: $45.00

Ham Package: $80.00 Ham Only: $60.00

Roast Turkey Country Stuffing Green Beans Almandine or Buttered Corn Mashed Potatoes Giblet Gravy Cranberry Sauce Dinner Rolls Pumpkin Pie

Baked Ham Sweet Potatoes Mashed Potatoes Brown Sugar Raisin Sauce Green Beans Almandine or Buttered Corn Dinner Rolls Pumpkin Pie

Adult: $15.00 Children (6-10 Years old): $6.00 5 Years old and under: FREE

Serves 10 to 12 People

To Go Extras Country Stuffing: $5.00 Green Beans: $5.00 Mashed Potatoes: $5.00 Buttered Corn: $5.00 Dinner Rolls: $5.00 Sweet Potatoes: $5.00 Pumpkin Pie: $8.00 Country Gravy : $3.75 Raisin Sauce: $3.75 Cranberry Sauce: $3.75

Plan Ahead with Professionals

BOOK YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY And receive up to 18% discount on your holiday buffet . Offer good between 1 to 15 November $100.00 Non-refundable Deposit require

***** ENTRテ右 ***** - Top Round of Roasted Beef w/Au-Jus (Carve on the line) - Roasted Young Turkey w/Giblet Gravy - Cranberry Sauce - Virginia Baked Ham w/Raisin Sauce - Korean Style BBQ (Bulgoki) - Stir Fried Chicken & Vegetable w/Oyster Sauce - Sweet Candy Yam - Steamed Rice - Snowflake Potatoes - Home Style Stuffing - Corn on the Cob - Buttered Peas & Mushroom - Corn Bread - Assorted Nuts - R & R Bar & Grill Chili Soup and Salad Bar

Holiday Buffet Choice of One Meat Choice of Two Meats Choice of Three Meats

$17.95 Discount 15% $19.95 Discount 17% $22.95 Discount 18%

Main Entrテゥe Meat Choice Roasted Tom Turkey Smoked Virginia Baked Ham Roasted Top Round of Beef Smoked Pork Roast

Choice of Two Starches Choice of Two Vegetables Salad Selection Choice of Eight Items Choice of Dinner Rolls, Biscuits or Corn Bread & Butter Iced Tea, Lemonade and Coffee

Choice of Two Desserts Coconut Sheet Cake Pumpkin Pie Holiday Rice Pudding Holiday Bread Pudding

A 15% gratuity will be added to your menu selection

Call R & R Bar & Grill at 723-5678 or Mr. Jacob Kim at 010-2361-9526 Please call between 0900-1700


R & R Bar & Grill

$15.25 $16.50 $18.80




***** DESSERTS ***** - Pumkin Pie - Apple Pie - Coffee & Ice Tea



LUNCH BUFFET Monday - Friday, 1100-1330 $9.95 Monday: Carolina BBQ Tuesday: Home-Style Buffet Wednesday: Soul Food Buffet Thursday: Chef’s Choice Friday: Fried Fish & Chicken Ala carte menu is available Everyday

Early Bird Lunch Special

10% OFF

Receive a 10% discount off the purchase price when you visit R & R Bar & Grill between 1100-1130. Discount is good for individual meals and does not apply to unit/group purchases. (R & R Bar & Grill full-service dining only)

Wednesday Pasta Night, $6.00 Bacon & Basil Pasta Rosemary Shrimp with Smoked Tomato Alfredo Thursday Chicken Tender basket w/fries: $6.00 Southern Catfish Sandwich w/fries: $6.00

November Burger Lunch Special

Friday Beef Tenderloin Stroganoff & Blackstone Merlot Saturday Family Style Dinner, $6.00 - Half chicken mashed potatoes, gravy and coleslaw (BBQ or Fried) Feeds 2-3 people - Meatloaf mashed potatoes, gravy and coleslaw Feeds 2-3 people




For more information, call 723-8785/5678. R & R Bar & Grill





Wed-Thu: 1730-2200 Fri-Sat : 1730-2300 Sun: 1600-1800

Wednesday Night Special - Pizza Slice with a Drink: $3.00 (1730-1930) - Salsa Night with D.J.

HARVEY’S LOUNGE Pool League Every Tuesday, 1900

Happy Hour Every Wednesday and Friday Night, 1700 FREE Snack

- Free Salsa Dance Lessons (1830-1930)

Saturday, 19 November R & R Bar & Grill

Free Darts & Pool Tables

Thursday Night Special - Fried Chicken: 3 pcs and Fries, $4.95 (1730-1930)


Classic Rock And Country Music Karaoke & D.J. Every Friday, 1700-2400

- Karaoke (1930-2300) Plan a Unit/Organization Gathering!

Friday Night Special

Call 723-5678 (weekdays only, 0830-1700)

- Slider: 4 Sliders: $2.00 (1730-1930) - Lance Band (2000-2300)

For more information, call 723-5678/8785.

Saturday Night Special - Bucket of Wings: $5.95 (1730-1930) - D.J. Night

Every Sunday 1300-1800 R & R Bar & Grill

“Reserve your parties at R & R Bar & Grill”

K-16 LANDING ZONE CLUB Tuesday, 1800-2200

Karaoke Night

For more information, please call 723-5678/8785. Wednesday, 1800-2200

Country Music-with DJ Thursday, 1930-2330

Free Snack .....1900 Free Soda For Ladies .....1700-1900 Friday, 2030

Live DJ Night With Dj “Harlem” Hip Hop, R&B Music Saturday, 1900-2300

Live DJ Night.....Various Music BONANZA Bingo Starts Every Friday, Finishes Every Thursday For more information, call 741-6380


R & R Bar & Grill/Harvey’s Lounge/K-16 Landing Zone Club

Community Spotlight


U.S. Army Rugby Korea

n week nights, I walk to the Collier Community Fitness Center and as I approach the fitness center’s parking lot, I always see the bright lights of Field #12. Rugby players run back and forth with enthusiasm and audience members never fail to cheer them on. Since I come from a small town, I am always amazed by the possibilities and endless supply of opportunities such as U.S. Army Rugby Korea.

With twenty years of playing rugby in a semi-professional league in Great Britain, Captain Steve Palacios (Eco Company 2-2 Aviation Battalion), started the league in January 2011. He was successful in bringing Rugby to Camp Humphreys, Camp Casey, and Osan Air Base. U.S. Army Rugby Korea and Captain Palacios's goal is to have a team located in all U.S. Installations in the Republic of Korea. “Rugby is a perfect sport for our Military and Civilian population. Rugby will empower the players, implement a sense of team cohesion and it will build a stronger and heathier community” says Captain Palacios. The current teams have male players with an exception to USAG Yongsan's team in which Lindsey Seelabach is a player. “She is tough as nails” states Captain Palacios, “I want to push to have female rugby teams as well.” Being a part of a team can improve all facets of one's life socially, mentally and physically. The great part is no previous experience is necessary to join the U.S. Army Rugby Korea team. Team members with outstanding experience will be there to train you every step of the way. “The biggest focus for new players is to omit all knowledge of football prior to playing rugby and

to be in relatively good shape due to the demands of the game”, explains Captain Palacios. The cost to join is free but members will eventually need to go to and register for a CIP number which costs $35.00. There is also an additional 98,000 KRW for a kit, team jersey, shorts and socks. If you're interested in joining your local rugby team, send a message to U.S. Army Rugby Korea's Facebook, email, or contact Captain Palacios at 010-2731-8441. Another way to join is show up at one of their practices. The team practice is held every Tuesday from 2000-2130 at Field #12 (next to the Collier Community Fitness Center Parking Lot) and every Saturday from 1000-1200 at the Seoul American High School Field. Community members are also welcome to participate by attending games and cheering from the sidelines. The next rugby game will be either held on the 12th or 19th of November featuring an EXPACT and Military rugby team at the Seoul American High School Field. Dates can be verified by contacting Captain Palacios. Thank you Captain Palacios for making a positive impact in our community! If you would like to place a spotlight on someone or something that makes a positive impact on the community, please send an email to Community Spotlight 20


Collier Community Fitness Center (CCFC) CCFC is located on South Post in Building 5200; hours of operation are Monday through Friday 0500-2130 and Saturday, Sunday and Holiday from 0800-2130. CCFC is focused on fostering an atmosphere encompassing family fitness and community events. CCFC is the home for intramural sports, community events and special events. The facility is outfitted with a CrossFit/Trx training studio, cardio room, spinning room, racquetball court, basketball court, nautilus circuit training room, free weight room and 2 group exercise studios. CCFC’s mission to build a strange and healthy community.

Trent Warrior Resiliency Fitness Center (TWRFC) TWRFC is located on Main Post in Building 1498; hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 0500-2130 and Sat, Sun and Hol from 08002130. TWRFC is a strength and conditioning center for USAG Yongsan. It is outfitted with an entire floor of strength and conditioning equipment (free weights, selectorized equipment, weight loaded and functional equipment), cardio room, 2 racquetball courts, 2 padded combatives rooms and a martial arts room. TWRFC of houses all the paid martial arts training classes and defense/tactical training classes. The facilities overall mission is to assist the community and soldiers in increasing and maintaining strength, stamina, endurance and overall health.

K-16 and Hannam Fitness Center K-16 and Hannam Fitness Centers are open to the community and are focused on enhancing health and well-being. The Fitness Centers offer free weights, cardio equipment and weight loaded equipment. The K-16 Fitness Center is open Monday through Friday from 06002130 and from 0800-2100 on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. The Hannam Fitness Center is open Monday through Friday from 0600-2100 and from 1000-1800 on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

21 Sports


Sports Program 5-6 Nov, USAGY Postseason Fall Softball Tournament at 4 Plex 15 Nov, USAGY Men’s Intramural Basketball League begins at CCFC 15 Nov, K-16 Men’s Intramural Basketball League begins at K-16 Fitness Center 19 Nov, 10KM Road-race at CCFC, 0930

Kids-On-Site (Parent Outreach Service) “Child Care for Fitness”, 0815-1400, Monday-Friday and 1730-1845, on Tuesday and Thursday at CCFC. Hourly care is offered at 1RC from 0800-1400. Visit the Parent Central Office to purchase your hourly care punch cards and sign up for orientation today! BALLROOM DANCE CLASSES: Various times, Pre-register with Sunny at 010-8953-9742 MARTIAL ARTS: Various times at CCFC (736-4588) and TWRFC (724-8466)



Operation Rising Star

You Should Ha

24 September 2011, R & R Bar & Grill

Dollar Bowling Craze End of Summer Party

29 September 2011, Yongsan Lanes

Continue to top right


You Should Have Been There

ave Been There

2011 Yongsan FMWR Fall Festival

8 October 2011, Outside the Collier Community Fitness Center

You Should Have Been There


Dog Playground

Pet Care Center Services: Pet Grooming Service Small: $30.00 Medium: $40.00 Large: $50.00 X-Large: $60.00

Shampoo Only Small: $15.00 Medium: $20.00 Large: $25.00 X-Large: $30.00

Ear Cleaning and/or Toenail Clipping $10.00 per pet

Boarding Cost (per day): Dogs Small: $10.00 (12” or less) Medium: $15.00 (13” to 20”) Large: $20.00 (20” to 25”) X-Large: $25.00 (25” to shoulder height)

Cats All Sizes: $10.00

The Pet Care Center is authorized to retrieve the pet from Incheon Airport accompanied by the pet owner for transfer to the Pet Care Center for quarantine. When the quarantine period is over, the pet owner can pick up their pet from the Pet Care Center. To transfer the pet from Incheon Airport to Yongsan, the owner must provide the following documentation to the Incheon Quarantine Office: Three (3) copies of the Animal Quarantine Form, USFK 147EK One (1) Copy of the owner’s Travel Order and original Rabies Shot Record Korean Law requires pets entering the Republic of Korea to have been vaccinated against Rabies. Documentation must be provided to show that the vaccination is more than 30 days old. If a pet arrives in Korea with a Rabies Vaccination less than 30 days old, the pet will be quarantined at the port of entry or may be held at the Pet Care Center.

For more information, call 736-6426

Family FunPark

Building #4275, Yongsan South Post

For more information, call 723-5820 or 010-3581-6441.




Dog Playground Rules, Petiquette & Precautions Dog Owners: Must wear shoes at all times. May have up to 2 dogs per adult per visit. Are responsible and liable for their dogs and their actions. Will keep the dog’s leash in-hand while in the park. Stay with dog at all times and monitor behavior. Immediately leash and remove a problem dog (aggression, mounting, etc.) from the park. Quickly stop your dog from digging and fill any holes with dirt. Quickly clean up after your dog and dispose of the waste. (Don’t even think about leaving it for others to clean up!) Honor other patrons’ requests regarding their dogs. Keep park gates closed at all times. Turn off running water Are legally and financially responsible for their dogs’ behavior.

For more information, call 738-5254.

YONGSAN AUTO SKILLS CENTER We have a Computerized Diagnostics Scanner for FORD, GM & CHRYSLER (1989-2002). Also, we are available for an oil change and tune-up.


One round of 18 holes of miniature golf Adults: $4.00 Children 13 years old and under: $3.00

$3.00 for 40 balls


Monday~Sunday 0500-2200 Next to Gate 13 (was 17)

<Putt-Putt Course>

<Batting Cage>


Improve Your Car’s Mileage! Do you have problems with your POV? Need Help? Have Questions? Just ask one of our qualified Automotive Repair Instructors for assistance. They’re happy to assist. Complete Automotive Services are available at the Yongsan Auto Skills Center. Please sign in upon arrival.

1. All Hoses 2. Wiper Blades (to replace bring your own) 3. All Fluid Levels 0 5.0 4. Battery 3 $ ly 5. All Lights On rotate and wear, tread for Tires 6. All balance all 4 tires 7. Brake Pads and Shoes (extra charge to replace the materials) 8. Anti-Freeze (extra charge to drain and replace. Customer must provide anti-freeze)


For more information, call 738-5315/5042. Pet Care Center/Dog Playground/Family Fun Park/Auto Skill Center



Child Development Center Program

HIRED! Training Term 7 of the HIRED! Program

5 November - CDC Parents’ Night Out,

10 November - Money Matters, 1700-1800


Hannam Village Workforce Trainings are on

Youth Sports Program

23 November - Parents’ Training “Teen

Wednesdays from 1500-1700

1-30 November - Youth Winter Basketball

Power Struggles-Month of Military Family”,

Registration, 0800-1700


1-9 November - Soccer Game (Saturday and

30 November - CYSS Parents’ Advisory

Yongsan & Hannam Village Middle School/Teen (MS/T) Program


Council (PAC) Meeting, 1730-1830

3, 10, 17 & 24 November - Free Hot Dog

19 November - Korea Wide Youth Soccer Tournament will be held at Field #10

SKIES Unlimited Program

during lunch time for High School Students, 1225-1315

Soccer Games - Every Saturday and Weekdays

Life Skills

11 November - Family Fun Night, 1800-1900

November (TBA) - Winter Swim Team Tryouts

CYSS Sitters: Ages 12-18 years old

30 November - Youth Birthday Celebration,

and Practice at Indoor Pool #3 Monday-




Taekwondo/Hapkido/Kumdo: Ages 5-18 years old

To enroll in any of these programs, please

School-Age Center (SAC) Program


stop by PCS/Parent Central Services

Piano/Ballet and Jazz: Ages 3-18 years old

(Operation Hours are 0800-1700),

5 November - SAC Open Recreation, 1200-

Music Together: Ages 6 weeks-4 years old

Yongsan South Post ACS Bldg. (# 4106,


R# 121), or call 738-3001/5036 for more information.


Child, Youth & School Services / Army Community Service

Quality childcare from trained childcare providers

Personal Financial Management Program 738-4655


available on Yongsan and Hannam Village.

1 November - Personal Financial

2 November - Anger Management Class,

Parent and Outreach Services

Management Training, 0800-1700


1 November - Initial Permanent Change

Kids-on-Site - USAG Yongsan “Child Care for

3 November - Home Alone Training,

of Station Move Training, 1300-1400

Fitness”, daily basis, 0815-1400, Monday-


2 November - Seminar: Be a Savvy

Friday and 1730-1845, Tuesday and Thursday

16 November - Stress Management Class,

Consumer/Debit Card Management

at Collier Fitness Center. Reservation Required!

1000-1130, K-16 CAC Building 302


Hourly care is offered at 1RC from 0800-

21 & 30 November - Becoming a Love &

8 November - Personal Financial

1400. Visit the Parent Central Office to

Logic Parenting Class, 0900-1100

Management Training, 0800-1700

purchase your hourly care punch cards and

22 November - Becoming a Love & Logic

8 November - Initial Permanent Change

sign up for orientation today!

Parenting Class, 1000-1130,

of Station Move Training, 1300-1400

Family Child Care Program

5 November - Teen Baby Sitter’s Class, 0900-1800 16 November - Parent Coop Training, 1800-2100 18 November - Community Wide Parents’

Family Advocacy Program

K-16 CAC Building 302 15 November - Seminar: Personal Financial 23 November - Teen Power Struggles Class Management Training, 0800-1700 (for parents, teachers, and/or caregivers of 22 November - Seminar: Personal Financial teenagers), 1145-1300 Management Training, 0800-1700 23 November - New Commander/Senior NCO 22 November - Initial Permanent Change of FAP Brief, 1400-1500

Night Out, 1900-2200 for ages 6 weeks-12

Station Move Training, 1300-1400

years old

30 November - Single Parent Network,

30 November - Seminar: Be a Savvy

19 November - Parents Coop Training,


Consumer; Identity Theft: Prevention,


30 November - Developmental Stages for

Recognition & Recovery, 0900-1130

Children Birth to TWO Years Old Class,

26 November - Community Wide Parents’ Day Out, 1 Session: 1000-1300; 2nd Session: 1400-1700 hrs for ages 6 weeks-11 years old at CDC, Bldg 4280. -Cost $12.00 per child, per session (paid up front, no refunds) and must be registered with CYSS Parent Central.


All Army Community Service Training Courses, Activities and Classes are located in building 4106 738-3617

Useful Employment Websites WWW.USAJOBS.COM

30 November - CYSS Parent Advisory Council

1-2 November - Family Readiness Group


Meeting, 1730-1830

(FRG) Leader Training, 0900-1700,


8-9 November - ACS Briefer Training Course,


Contact Program Leaders SAS Director: Ms. Young Pak, 738-3051/4707

15-17 November - AFTB Level II Course,

HIRED! Program: Mr. Brandon Carr, 738-8113

0830-1430 (each day)

Relocation Program

Hannam MS/T Center: Ms. Durbin, 723-8765

29 November - AFAP Conference Work Team


FCC Program/CDC: Ms. Claudette Mohn,

Training, 0900-1200

Activities require participants to bring Won


29 November - AFAP Delegate Training,

for lunch.

Parent and Outreach Services: Ms. Melody


9 November - Seoul Secrets: Korean Food

Francis, 738-8122

Discovery, 1000-1330

Yongsan MS/Teen Center: Mr. Jacks, 738-2310

Ongoing Services

Instructional Programs Specialist:

16 November - Seoul Secrets: Transportation

- Army Family Action Plan: 738-3617

Amanda Manino, 736-5116

101, 0900-1400

- Military & Family Life Consultant Program:

17 November - Immigration and Citizenship



- Family Member Employment Assistance

Monthly Activities and Classes: 738-7505/7186 Every Mon & Wed: English-As-A-SecondLanguage, 1630-1730 Tue & Thur: Korean Language Classes:

21 November - Multi-Culture International

Program: DSN: 738-8977/7505 or 0505-

Spouse Support Forum, 1000-1130


23 November - Spouse & Civilian

- Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP-RM 108) DSN 738-5311

Newcomer’s Orientation (Post Windshield Tour & Downtown Seoul) & Agency Expo,

- Sponsorship Training (Units)-Marilyn


McCallum Roseborough, 738-7186/7505

8 sessions during the month, 1730-1830 Child, Youth & School Services / Army Community Service


Nove Spec mber’ ial T s ours !

MOON RABBIT KOREA Information & Tours

Veteran’s Day Exploring Ulleungdo Island & Dokdo Islet, 11~12 November 1 Night, 2 Days

Price: $320 (Double Occupancy) Ulleungdo Island and Dokdo Islet were both created by volcanic eruptions over 2.5 million years ago. The only way to get here is to travel to the East Coast and take a ferry from Donghae or Pohang port. As such, the steep cliffs, jagged rocks, and the East Sea create a fascinating landscape. Ulleungdo and Dokdo embrace a special place in the hearts of the Korean people not only for their beautiful nature but also for being a part of Korea's territory guarding the easternmost region of Korea. Even a traveler unfamiliar with the unique features of volcanic islands will appreciate the wonders of the rugged rocks, simply by walking along the coastal path for an afternoon. Once night falls, the island reveals its docile side, as dozens of lights from the cuttlefish boats dot the sea around the island. Come and visit the beauty of Ulleungdo and Dokdo, which face each other on the East Sea. Price includes: Round trip fare (bus & ferry), one (1) night accommodation and resort, one day breakfast, sightseeing with an English speaking tour guide.

Damyang and Suncheon Bay, 26~27 November Price: $205 (Double Occupancy) Juknokwon (Bamboo Garden)- Juknokwon features a beautiful artificial waterfall, pavilion, walking paths and an ecoexhibition center. Suncheon Bay- Considered the biggest reedfield in Korea and known as one of the world’s five coasting wetlands. The Bay is located in the Southwestern part of South Korea and it’s also widely known for attracting rare birds. The field of reeds is home for many plants that thrive in damp conditions. Naganeupsong- This ancient fortress is considered one of the national treasures founded in the 12th century which actually holds 108 households now.

1 Night, 2 Days

Songgwangsa Temple- One of the largest temps founded in the 12th century during the Shilla Dynasty. This temple because the center for Zen Buddhism. Price includes: Round trip bus transportation, one (1) night accommodation at a hotel, one (1) day breakfast and admission fees with an English speaking tour guide. All other meals are not included.

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