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May/June 2013 Issue 88


Parties Special Win a birthday party for your child!

Successful ‘business mum’ is seeking 5 working partners to work part-time from home, alongside & without compromising family commitments or current career. If you have a supervisory, managerial, sales, marketing, recruitment or self-employed background, or you wish to develop an extraordinary lifestyle,

please call Diana Page

01235 533362

Call your local Stagecoach to Enrol Chertsey Hinchley Wood Hounslow Kew

0845 265 7081 01372 238 238 0845 078 0804 020 8487 1456

New Malden 020 8540 7791 Richmond 020 8332 6741 Staines 0845 055 6356

Twickenham Weybridge

020 8224 6905 01932 422 664

Covering North Surrey and the boroughs of Richmond, Kingston and Hounslow

Steiner Waldorf Education: A Practical Education

A conference for anyone interested in finding out more about what we do and why we do it.

24th - 26th May

The St Michael Steiner School Park Road, Hanworth Park, London TW13 6PN

020 8893 1299

Open Days: 27th April & 8th June Summer Fair 22nd June

Ad_Short Courses Twick Fest 87x130_APR13_PROOF 19/04/2013 09:18 Pa The St Michael Steiner School is a registered charity no 1094960

St Mary’s University College Twickenham London

27th May - 2nd June

Meet Peppa Pig here at the Watercress Line! It’s going to be a really exciting day out! Meet Peppa Pig at various intervals every day, tickle the piglets tummies and enjoy the piggy washing at the petting farm, have your face painted* and there’s a Peppa Pig Party* every afternoon! Standard fares apply giving you excellent value too! *additional fees apply.

A flexible career to suit your lifestyle train to be a massage therapist Courses in Body Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Fitness Instruction and Personal Training. Courses are run in the evening, weekend or during the week, to suit all circumstances. Body Massage Summer intensive courses in June and July; Sports Massage in August. Email: Tel: 020 8240 4321

We are proud to announce that during the Twickenham Festival our sports massage students will be supporting runners at the Turk’s Head 10k

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March-April 2013

Spring is here! Well, finally, after a long struggle, Spring is finally here and what better time of year to think about organising a party! This issue we bring you our annual, bumper kids party feature, complete with directory of local party providers. Here you should find all the ideas and practical tips you need to organise the most memorable party ever! On page 13, there’s also the chance to WIN a birthday party for your child and friends at The Little Gym in Hampton Hill. Do you know how to recognise if your child is under stress? Why is respect so important within a family? How should you talk to your child in the event of the loss of a loved one? All these things and more are explored in our Family Health and Wellbeing and Parenting sections. This issue also comes complete with information about camps, workshops, courses, activities and events available during May Half Term, as well as a sneak preview of what will be available during the long Summer Holiday. You can also find all the most up-to-date information about local clubs and classes for the rest of the summer term. Enjoy!

Linda Stone Editor

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Family Health and Wellbeing Parenting Respect and Why It’s Crucial in Families 9 Supporting Your Grieving Child 10 Family Food and Nutrition Meal Planning Made Easy Cooking With Small Children 12 Safety and Hygiene in the Kitchen Giveaway! Copies of Annabel Karmel’s NEW book “Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes” 13 Kids Party Feature Competition: WIN a birthday party for your child at The Little Gym 14 Take the Stress Out Of Party Organisation – just SMILE! 15 My Best Party Is… 16 Fabulous Party Ideas for Kids of All Ages 18 Create Your Child’s Perfect Themed Party LINDA STONE, editor 19 Party Directory m: 07530 283330 23 The Search For a Good Venue t: 020 8241 0423 Competition: WIN tickets to e: The Foodies Festival at Hampton Court 24 Clubs, Classes and Activities Follow us on Twitter now News Round Up @FamiliesuponT Children Meet Their Favourite Authors Little1Star Find us and like us on Facebook Fam-UponThames_QPL-Ad_SE2013_Perform 22/03/2013 17:56atPage Writing Workshops

Free Drama Class Watch your child’s self-esteem soar with Perform’s unique drama, dance and singing classes. Our weekly workshops will do wonders for their social, linguistic and physical development as well as being the best fun they’ll have all week.


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Children, Health and a Love of Sport Ready, Steady, Go Like the Aussies! Teddington Dance Studio: Where Dance Is Life Clubs, Classes and Activities Directory The Families Property Guide Moving House With Kids Is Your Family Home In Need of a New Family? Property For The Next Generation Competition: WIN a copy of the book: “Property For The Next Generation” Camps, Courses and Workshops May Half Term and Summer Holiday Preview Baby Pages Put The Books Away and Hold Your Baby Instead! Would You Risk Your Child’s Life? Competition: WIN a copy of the book: ”The Bluffer’s guide to Fatherhood” What’s On

Classes for 4 –12 year o ld s .uk

Book now fo r our magical


five day sum mer March-April 2013

0845 400 1284

holiday cour ses!


FAMILY HEALTH AND WELLBEING How fast should you be running? By Helen Maguire

your running from a slightly different perspective. When you are in your 20s, your aerobic capacity is greater, so you can exercise at a higher level of intensity. Your muscle mass and muscle elasticity is also greater, so you have greater stride length and leg strength. Your running performance peak is somewhere in your early 30s. After that, it is normal for your running speed to decrease by about 1% a year. There is a simple tool you can use to measure your performance against the optimum performance of someone of your age and gender. This is called age grading and it is an alternative and more accurate measure of your fitness than comparing how you are running today, to how you ran in earlier years. You will see from the table above that if you ran 5km in 24minutes 40 seconds when you were 30, you would have achieved an age grading of 60%. To perform at the same level at age 40, you need to run the 5km in 25 minutes 33 seconds.

Are you a runner that’s trying to cover the same distances at the same speed that you used to when you were younger? Perhaps you are starting to run again after a break or are simply noticing that, as you get older you don’t seem to be able to cover ground as quickly. You may even be feeling disheartened and thinking of giving up running altogether. Don’t. All you need to do is look at

5km timings in minutes for a female Age grading as a % 100 90 80 70 60 50 40

30 14.47 16.26 18.29 21.08 24.40 29.36 37

So take heart. There really is every reason for you to continue running. You are probably performing at the same level as you were 10 years ago, which means you are as fit as you were 10 years ago too. Add to that the list


40 15.19 17.02 19.09 21.54 25.33 30.40 38.20

Age 50 16.54 18.47 21.08 24.09 28.11 33.50 42.17

60 19.19 21.28 24.09 27.37 32.13 38.40 48.20

of benefits that running offers: reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, lower blood pressure, improved bones, muscles and joints, to name but a few. And if you aren’t running yet? Well, now is the perfect time to start!

Helen Maguire is a Personal Trainer, Running Coach and the owner of Running Fit, which holds running courses in Hampton Court. Running Fit can help you start running or get back into it after a break. For further information, visit

Vitamins and Supplements – vital nutrients or expensive con? Nevil Kapadia tells us more. You may have heard people unripe, flown long distances and commenting that if you then stored, all of which depletes eat a balanced diet, you the nutritional content: an orange shouldn’t need vitamins and in the supermarket can have ½ of minerals. Having spent the its original level of vitamin C. last 8 years helping people Animals and fish are fed fight weight problems, wheat (not a natural food increase energy and enjoy source for them) which alters a healthier lifestyle, I have the composition of nutrients certainly encountered this they offer: a farmed salmon can resistance. be deficient in Omega 3 oils But there ARE some (which are essential for brain very good reasons to take development). ORIGINAL supplements: You cannot see, feel or taste Fruit and veg are picked this lack of nutrients in food.

Tel: 020 8398 4184

Matwork for All Levels Pilates Studio Equipment incl. Reformers BackCare™ Classes Pregnancy and Postnatal Classes Equipment Classes Pilates Personal Training Call us to book or email PILATES EVERYDAY, EVENING, AND SATURDAY MORNING. All of our classes are deliberately kept small. More benefit, more progress and more attention for you.

© Creattiva Pilates. The Studio, Esher and Thames Ditton Golf Club, Portsmouth Road, Esher, KT10 9AL.


If your body becomes deficient in nutrients, negative symptoms will eventually result and disease can take over. Unfortunately, people still negatively associate vitamins, minerals and essential fats, in capsule form, to prescription drugs. But essential nutrients are essential to life! So which supplements should you choose? Some supplements on the market have less than the optimum quantities of beneficial ingredients. Additionally, not all supplements are created equal when it comes to absorption and can remain undissolved in the colon, unused by the body. The better quality and usually more expensive supplements generally provide better value for money in the long term. Supplements help our bodies cleanse and detoxify so that the


cells - the tiniest living units - can be as fully nourished as possible. This allows the cells to grow, repair and to perform their functions with the best possible efficiency, so that we feel and look better and are more able to prevent and fight disease. Once the body begins to clear itself of toxins, it can more efficiently absorb nutrition. Nutritional supplements such as Herbalife’s Cellular Nutrition provide ALL the nutrients needed to EVERY cell in the body. The kindest habit you can adopt for your health is a daily multi-supplement; it’s the most authentic all-year-round form of health insurance you can find. Enjoy health!

Nevil Kapadia is a Wellness Coach and owns and runs Think Slim and Trim. Nevil provides programmes and support to guarantee success. For more information, visit May-June 2013

FAMILY HEALTH AND WELLBEING Why is Pilates good for you during pregnancy and beyond?

Are you in Perimenopause? Dr Nele Dumpert explains the symptoms. Perimenopause is the time of transition from fertility and a more or less regular menstrual cycle, to the time of menopause when the ovaries stop producing eggs and periods cease. It lasts anywhere from a few months to several years (average length is 4 years) and the way women experience this period varies greatly. Perimenopause generally starts in the late 40s to early 50s but can begin earlier or later. When a woman has gone through menopause and her periods have stopped for at least 1 year, she has reached postmenopause. Remember that although fertility declines in perimenopause, it IS still possible to fall pregnant. Symptoms of Perimenopause During the perimenopause, periods become irregular, occurring anything from every couple of weeks to every few months. Other features include hot flushes, vaginal dryness, decreased libido, recurrent bladder infections or incontinence, mood swings, fatigue and difficulty sleeping. There can be other underlying causes


for a change in periods, so if you have any concerns consult your doctor, in particular if your periods are very heavy or are accompanied by blood clots, last several days longer than usual or if you experience spotting between periods or after having intercourse. You should also see your doctor immediately if you experience any vaginal bleeding after your periods have stopped for 1 year, as any bleeding in the postmenopause is abnormal and must be investigated. Getting regular physical exercise and enough sleep and relaxation, stopping smoking, decreasing your alcohol consumption and maintaining a healthy weight can all make your journey through perimenopause easier. Hormone replacement therapy can also be prescribed if you require additional help. This can be tailored to your individual needs, using the lowest dose needed for the shortest duration of time and only using bio-identical hormones to minimise side effects. Other medical options are low dose antidepressant medications. Try to stay positive and treat this period of your life as yet another valuable experience.You ARE equipped to deal with it – just like you dealt with puberty, pregnancy and childbirth.

Dr Nele Dumpert is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician at Richmond Practice which offers consultant-led gynaecological and obstetrics care. For more information or to book an appointment, visit

By Sarah Duley

Exercising during your pregnancy is extremely important for both you and your baby and Pilates is an enjoyable and safe way to help you stay toned, relaxed and healthy right up to the birth of your baby. Each trimester of your pregnancy places new demands upon your body. As your baby grows it can begin to place stress on your spine, especially your lower back. Balance can be affected too and your posture may change. Pilates can help your body cope with these changes by building the strength you will need to support your skeleton, as well as helping you maintain good movement in everyday life, which can contribute to a positive experience of pregnancy. If you are thinking of an active birth, Pilates can help to encourage your baby to get in a good position, making childbirth easier to cope with. Useful breathing techniques, rest and relaxation exercises can also help ease the tension of labour. Pilates can also help you to learn more about your body so that you can support yourself


in the birth of your choice. Everyone’s experience is unique, so your Pilates class should be designed and adapted to your own personal needs over the 40 weeks that your body is changing. It is important that you look for a suitable class. Following the birth of your baby it is a good idea to return to a gentle exercise program as soon as you are able. This is usually about 3-4mths after birth. There is a lot to cope with in these early days and you need to set aside a little time for yourself! Pilates will help you to relax, unwind and focus on your pelvic floor muscles, as well as helping you regain strength and good posture. Life with a new baby is both challenging and rewarding. Pilates can help you gain a healthy body image and tone your body, welcoming you into motherhood. Exercises can be both harmonising and energizing, a perfect combination to help you look after yourself and, in so doing, look after your new family too.

Sarah Duley and her team at Pilates Plus in St Margarets, Twickenham, have been successfully guiding clients through pregnancy for over 10 years. For further information, visit

Only Doing Cardio? Minimal Results? Try Something Different.

Complimentary consultation tailored to YOUR needs: Movement Screens - Nutritional Profiling - Exercise Analysis NEW BESPOKE Personal Training and Well-being Studio 11 Campbell Road, Twickenham, TW2 5BY. Drop in or contact for more info Untitled-1 1 May-June 2013

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FAMILY HEALTH AND WELLBEING 6 Week Beginner/Intermediate Running Courses

Starting From Hampton Court Train Station Beginners – £32 Taking you up to 5km Intermediates – £42 Taking you from 5-10km Contact Helen 07734 263 842

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Caring For Your Child’s Teeth: The First 5 Years By Colin Houston Children are born free from dental disease, yet, by adulthood, 95% of the population has active gum disease and most people have experienced some tooth decay and even tooth loss. Luckily, tooth decay and gum disease can be prevented if effective dental care starts early and regular dental visits are maintained. Families should be encouraged to take their children to the dentist for their initial visit as soon as their first teeth appear.

When to Start Brushing

By teaching children effective brushing techniques from a young age, they will take these skills into adulthood. Start early! As soon as the first tooth appears, introduce your child to a toothbrush and toothpaste. Children up to 3 years old should use a toothpaste with a fluoride level of at least 1,000ppm (parts per million). After that we should all use toothpaste that contains between 1,350ppm and 1,500ppm. Children should use a pea-sized amount on their toothbrush and babies just a smear.

How to Brush a Baby’s Teeth

Babies love putting things in their mouths, so hopefully they will automatically attempt to put their toothbrush in there too! Make teeth brushing fun and if all they want to do is chew on the brush to start with, let them

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Do you find yourself Doatyour you find yourself shouting shouting atat yourchildren? children? your children? at your children? Do you end up feeling guilty Do you find yourself shouting Do you end up feeling guilty Do you end up guilty thinkchildren? you’re bad Doorthink you end upaafeeling feeling guilty at your or you’re badparent? parent? or think you’re a bad parent? you constantly worryparent? orDoyou think you’re a bad Do you end up feeling guilty Do constantly worry about your children’s future? Do you constantly worry Dothink youyour constantly worry or you’re a bad parent? about children’s future? about children’s Learn practical skillsyour and techniques that putfuture? you back in about your children’s future? Do you worry charge and deal withconstantly unwanted behaviour in a positive way! Learn practical skills and techniques that put you back backinin Learn practical skills and techniques that put you about your children’s future? Learn and practical and techniques that put back in charge with behaviour in aayou positive way! charge anddeal dealskills with unwanted unwanted behaviour in positive way! Forand more call charge dealinformation with unwanted behaviour in a positive way! Learn0770 practical andortechniques 751skills 6458 email that put you back in

charge and deal with unwantedcall behaviour in a positive way! For more information For more information For more call 0770 751 6458 0770 751 information 6458 or or email 0770 751 6458 or email For more information call 0770 751 6458 or email www.familiesuponthames 6

Make small circular movements with the brush, covering all tooth surfaces. Brush your own teeth at the same time as your child to encourage a good brushing style. Brush teeth twice a day and keep an eye on your child’s technique until they can be trusted to brush thoroughly on their own, at around 7 years old.


Fluoride occurs naturally in some foods, such as fish, and can help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride in toothpaste is very effective at reducing decay and some locations have fluoride added to the water supply. SPIT, DON’T RINSE after brushing, as rinsing washes away the fluoride in the toothpaste.

3 Top Tips

Reduce sugar Particularly damaging are sweet drinks (especially those in a bottle or with a sports cap), sweets and lollipops. Limit juice to mealtimes Fruit juice contains natural sugars that can cause decay. Dilute juice with water and limit it to mealtimes. Milk and water are best between meals. Eat sweets/chocolates in one sitting, rather than throughout the day This ensures that teeth are not exposed to sugar for as long.

Colin Houston is the owner of Thorpe Lea Dental in Staines, a family-friendly practice that offers FREE dental examinations for children, preventative dental care, pain-free technology, plus cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening and fast-track teeth straightening. For further information, visit

JOIN FOR FREE* Lose weight today at Rosemary Conley Classes

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HAMPTON White House Community Centre, The Avenue, Hampton, TW12 3RN Wednesday 09:45 - 11:00 am (Slim & Aerobics)

SUNBURY-ON-THAMES Sunbury Methodist Church, Staines Road East, TW16 5AD Thursday 10:00 - 11:15 am (Slim & Aerobics)

TWICKENHAM All Hallows Church Hall, Erncroft Way, Off Whitton Road, TW1 1EW Tuesday 10:00 - 11:15 am (Slim & Aerobics)

SUNBURY-ON-THAMES St. Paul’s Catholic College Main Hall, The Ridings, TW16 6NX Tuesday 6:15 - 7:45 pm (Kardy-O-Fun)

TEDDINGTON Collis Primary School, TW11 9BS Monday 6:15 - 7:30 pm (Kardy-O-Fun) Monday 7:35 - 8:30 pm - Pilates

WHITTON Whitton Community Centre, Main Hall, Percy Road, TW2 6JL Thursday 6:30 - 7:45 pm (Slim & Aerobics) Thursday 7:40 - 7:55 pm Follow (Slim & Go) us on

Course Pre-book only - call or email!



inCLudes free PaCk *When you pay for your

first 2 classes. Valid until 28/02/13. Class price: £7.50. £28 monthly for unlimited exercise classes. Please bring voucher to claim.

Call Lorna on 020 8941 8143

May-June 2013

FAMILY HEALTH AND WELLBEING Signs of Stress in Children l Aggressive behaviour l Temper tantrums l Loss of appetite l Nervousness/anxiety l Clumsiness l Regressing to baby talk/

Could your child be under stress? Rowan Johnson advises. Our children do not enjoy the same kind of freedom we enjoyed as children. The world has changed and this is having a huge impact upon them. From an early age children are under intense pressure to excel not only in academic studies but also with their outside activities, such as sport or music. The results of SATS tests and 11+ examinations have become so important for primary school league tables and for politicians who are constantly demanding better results, that children are often coached to get through these, at the expense of other learning. Pupils fear these tests as they pick up messages that they are critical to their future. If they don’t get good results, comments such as “I’m useless - I only got a 3” are not uncommon. All children feel stress but react to it in different ways. Some exhibit negative behaviours such as anger, tantrums, or emotional outbursts, whilst others become irritable or even withdrawn. Others seem to combat stress or even perform better under stressful circumstances. Much depends on genetic make-up, psychology and the environment in which a child lives. It’s normal for a child to demonstrate occasional signs of stress. However, if a child shows a range of stress-related behaviours (especially for no apparent reason) then parents may wish to

introduce simple stress-beating strategies. If problems persist, then professional support such as a psychologist or child therapist can be beneficial. A young brain has to process vast amounts of information and in processing information, children, like adults, often take short cuts. In so doing, they can fall into using negative thinking traps. Do you recognise your child doing any of the following? Fortune-telling: predicting things will turn out badly. Mind-reading: assuming they know what others are thinking and that they are thinking the worst of them. Over-generalisation: using words like “always” or “never” to describe situations or events eg ”I always get my maths wrong.” Labelling: using negative words about themselves such as ‘loser.’ Instead of falling into these traps, a child needs to be encouraged to take a more rounded view of situations. For instance, examining all aspects – the positive, the negative and the neutral. This helps children think more rationally and view their environment in a more balanced way. Beliefs and thinking patterns influence emotions and behaviour. By helping children address problematic beliefs and thoughts, behaviour and experiences can be altered for the better.

stuttering l Bedwetting l Thumb sucking l Hair twirling l Crying l Not sleeping/nightmares l Lying/defying authority l Stomach aches, headaches, illness l Loss of concentration l Change in academic performance l Lack of motivation/stop activities l Don’t want to go to school l Difference in behaviour at school and home

Coping Strategies You Can Introduce l More sleep l Better nutrition l More of your time

to talk/be with them l Listening without judging l Offering cuddles, reassurance, security l Helping them to develop their emotional vocabulary l Relaxation games l Limiting stimulation of television/computer l Making things and painting/ drawing l Reading stories l Diverting attention to peaceful thoughts/places


Rowan Johnson co-owns Yellow Brick Road, a coaching practice for children that assists them with issues of confidence, behaviour and motivation in the areas of academic and life achievement, health and wellbeing and social and emotional development. For more information, visit

Looking for a new approach to your Looking for a new approa family’s healthcare? Homeopathy The allergy season is here... Homeopathy is a gentle, holistic therapy that can be helpful in managing hay fever symptoms. Suitable for the whole family.

family’s healthcare? Hom

For advice or more information Contact: Melissa Wakeling MARH RHom

07531 797929

Tech Camps for Kids & Teens codce build reate BOOK EARLY game LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE

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May-June 2013

Childcare vouchers accepted

Locations: Maidenhead Richmond Oxford

game 01628 621215 01628 621216 12/04/2013 13:56 7

A gentle, ho can be helpf of acute & ch

Suitable for family includ expectant m

Contact: Me MARH RHom

07531 797

teddingtonhom www.teddingt


Respect and why it is crucial in families By Alison Banks

I was out walking last week and I overheard a father berate his son with the words: “What are you whining about now?” I am sure he was tired and feeling stressed but it struck me that this response really disrespected the feelings of his child and was consequently potentially damaging. It got me thinking about the things that I personally have said or done that are disrespectful to my family members. Like smirking or laughing when one of them is speaking or talking over someone else. And teasing or discounting someone’s input. Many people think about respect in a hierarchical way. In other words, the people at the top are the authority figures. They have more skills and therefore more power and those at the bottom, must therefore defer to them. In the past, families operated in accordance with this model, with parents as the authority figures. A much more modern and effective approach is the team model, and this is the one we operate in our family. We are

all equal members of the same team. Parents are team leaders but everyone in the team is entitled to the same amount of respect. In this equal relationship, we treat each other as we would treat our best friends. We behave, act and interact respectfully. We point out the good and the bad we see in things and we respect each other’s views. If we don’t, cracks will appear in ‘team family.’ When I was at school we used to ‘have to’ go to visit a care home. I remember that it seemed like a huge sacrifice. However, the teacher that took us to this home is one of the people who taught me most about respect. She spoke and, more importantly, listened carefully to the elderly people at that home. She was really present with them. She looked in their eyes. She remembered their names. They were thrilled to see us each week and particularly loved this teacher of ours. Children do that. They learn about respect primarily by watching their parents cultivate respect in their relationships with others. As your children get older, it is important to respect their

WE CAN RESPECT OTHERS BY: Sharing information to help the other person in a relationship or family develop skills and knowledge. Listening and being receptive to how a person is feeling. Not taking people for granted. Being polite and remembering to say “please” and “thank you,””hello” and “good-bye,”“good morning” and “good evening.” Allowing family members to make their own decisions, when appropriate. For example, respecting your teenage daughter’s choice in boyfriend, even when you don’t approve, but being there to support her if things don’t turn out so well.

decisions and they will respect your views far more if you can do this. Many times they will display as much maturity and good sense as you, and sometimes more. Children will also learn and grow from their mistakes, which will help them to make more mature decisions in the future. Rewinding back to the father and son on my walk. What might have been a more helpful response from the father to his child? He could have acknowledged how his child was feeling by saying something like: “You sound fed up/frustrated.” For some children, hearing a parent acknowledge how they feel, is enough for them to move


on. Perhaps this father may have needed to go further and say something like: “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic carpet that picked us up and took us home when we are tired of walking!” Acknowledging the way his son felt again would have given him the sense that his father was meeting him exactly where he was emotionally, thus allowing him to let go of the negative emotion he was feeling. Respect is so important in a family because it helps children to grow into adults who feel self-assured and can, themselves, respect others in society. It also fosters emotionally mature adults that can handle emotion because they are comfortable with their own feelings.

Alison Banks is a mother of 3 and founder and owner of Parenting Tutor which runs parenting and personal development courses for parents. These courses help them develop and nurture their interpersonal relationships in the healthiest, most fulfilling way possible. For more information, visit

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Kids’ uniform going astray? ...You need The easy one-snap way to label clothing! PUSH—CLICK— SNAPPED ON! Keep tabs on their clothes... 8

Call: (01482) 638355

May-June 2013

By Dan Bordoley

for grieving children. When the words run out, drawing a picture can be a way of communicating feelings. A useful exercise to do with your child is to divide a piece of paper into three sections: one to represent ‘before,’ one to represent ‘during’ and the third to represent ‘the future.’ Get your child to draw a picture in each area. It helps you to start a conversation and acknowledge what has happened but, importantly, reveals to your child that there is a future. This exercise can take some children 10 minutes and others much longer. Take comfort in the fact that, it is more than likely that your child will be okay. Yes, theymay be changed and the experience will stay with them for life, but they will be okay.

How Should I Talk To My Grieving ChildREN?

Tell them the truth. Excluding them can make them feel left out and resentful. By talking to them YOU control the information and keep communication channels open. Use clear, real language. Don’t be afraid to use the words “death” and “dying.” Let your children know it is fine to ask questions. They will have worries and concerns and verbalizing them can help keep these in perspective. Younger children will ask the same question over again. Be patient and prepared to repeat yourself often. Don’t hide your emotions from your children. By showing you are upset, you are giving them permission to show they are upset too. Keep your boundaries in place. Children become confused when the boundaries they are used to disappear. If they’re badly behaved, tell them. If they’ve got a routine,

ssori Nurs e t e on

S ry ol cho

Julia ’s M

Recently a tragic accident at a local school resulted in the death of a young pupil and highlighted to parents the importance of knowing how to talk to our children about loss and grief. It’s a sad fact, but at some point in their young lives, our children may lose a loved one. How do we help them process this loss and manage their grief? There are as many ways of grieving as there are children. Everyone grieves in their own way, at their own pace. Most children model their parents, especially younger children. Very young children tend not to understand what death really means and so cannot accept that their loved one has gone. They think this person will be back. This changes when they get to about 6 years old. Then they begin to understand that the person who has died, isn’t coming back. They will have feelings about this but, at this age, can struggle with verbalizing them. Honesty and direct, real language is the key to communicating with children about their loss. As parents, our natural instinct is to want to protect our offspring from sadness and loss, but most children do actually prefer to know what is going on. This gives them the chance to ask questions, and gives parents the opportunity to explain things. Be clear with the words you use. Don’t be afraid to say ‘death’ and ‘dying’ otherwise your child will be confused. If you say you’ve ‘lost’ someone, a child may think this person can be found. If you say someone has ‘fallen asleep’ a child thinks the person can be woken, or they can be scared to go to sleep themselves. Art can be very useful therapy

Small and caring pre-school in Hampton Ages 2 to 5 Teaches Early Years Foundation Stage. Curriculum and Montessori Method. For a prospectus or to visit, call Julia on 020 8335 0666 / 07939 838991 or email May-June 2013

stick to it. You are helping them by offering stability at a time when life feels very unstable. Look out for changes in behaviour – anger, anxiety, worry, fear of being abandoned. Their

fears may be irrational but listen and respond in a straightforward and truthful manner. If you feel your child isn’t communicating or coping, then do seek professional support.

Useful Websites Child Bereavement Charity Child Bereavement Network Winston’s Wish Cruse Bereavement Care (Richmond Office) Surrey-based charity

Ask Anne Denny Your Burning Parenting Questions! Unfortunately, there is no manual for bringing up children and most of us find ourselves floundering sometimes and wishing there was an objective, knowledgeable and non-judgemental person we could consult about our parenting questions and issues. In the light of this, Families upon Thames will shortly be introducing a new, interactive, parenting forum to its website called Ask Anne Denny. Parenting expert and owner of Positive Parenting, Anne Denny, will be answering all your posts to Ask Anne Denny at No question or issue is too great or too trivial! Anne has spent her professional

life finding the best ways possible to help families overcome challenges and live life to the full. With a background in psychotherapy and an interest in child development, Anne is passionate about supporting parents of children from 18 months to 18 years and is established locally as the “must see” parenting specialist in the Surrey/Middlesex areas. To find out more about Anne, visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and online to hear more about the launch of this new forum.

It’s not easy parenting toddlers, teens and in-betweens Our friendly family coaching sessions and holistic relationship courses will help you create a more positive, harmonious family life. “Become the change you want to see” with Chrysalis…… because sometimes we all need a little help.

Contact Karen on 07790 252936 or email



Supporting Your Grieving Child

family food&nutrition Meal Planning Made Easy! We asked Menus4Mums, the family meal planning gurus for their top meal planning tips. Do you want to get organised in the kitchen and serve delicious, nutritious meals for your family? If so, meal planning is for you! Not only will you buy only the food you need, avoiding impulse shopping and wasting food and money, but you’ll also eat more healthily by planning ahead. You should also feel less stressed because you’ll know what you’ll be cooking for dinner and will have the food already, so no more frantic trips to the supermarket and wracking your brain for ideas at 5pm!

Cooking with our children can be memorable, pleasurable, educational and messy – but the benefits far outweigh the flour spread across the counter and the sticky trail left on the kitchen floor!

The golden rule for a successful, happy and stress-free cooking session is to allow yourselves lots of TIME! Rushing when cooking by yourself is stressful and is 10 times worse when you have little hands trying to help! Children are never too young to get involved in the kitchen. As soon as toddlers can sit in a highchair, they can be pulled up to the counter (away from the hob) and offered a colourful small mixing bowl with some soft ingredients and a soft spoon. This is a great time to establish the rule that cooking with clean hands and clothes go together, so always start by putting on your aprons and washing your hands together. Remember those little fingers will be venturing in and out of little mouths to satisfy curiosity, so take care that your toddler’s ingredients are easy to swallow and don’t present 10 10

Tip 1: Write a list of the family meals everyone likes – that way you can just cook the 1 meal each evening. Tip 2: If you’re always cooking the same 5 meals, resolve to try one new recipe each week, but make it quick and easy to avoid stress. Set aside 15 minutes of quiet time one evening every few weeks to take a look at recipes on the internet or in your recipe books. Tip 3: Think whether everyone will need feeding each night? When will you need a quick meal after an after-school activity? A speedy supper such as Pasta with Pancetta and Crème Fraiche is perfect for these types of evening. Tip 4: Plan a suitable meal for each day, ensuring that you have a good balance of protein (eg meats, fish, pulses), carbohydrates (eg potatoes, rice, pasta), and vegetables. Think about a range of interesting tastes and textures. The Eatwell Plate (pictured below) visually displays the proportions of each food-type needed for a well-balanced diet. Tip 5: Make sure you plan to use your leftovers in your meal plan. For instance, could you make a roast chicken on Sunday and use the leftovers for Chicken Risotto on Monday? Could you use leftover chicken in sandwiches or a salad for lunch the following day? Tip 6: Once you’ve made your plan, stick it on the fridge! Tip 7: Use your plan to make your shopping list, adding in household extras. • Remember that after a while, organising your meals in this way will become effortless and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you are feeding your family healthy, nutritious meals and making the most of all the food you buy.

extra Menus4Mums can offer you extra help with meal planning. Membership starts from just £6.95, with shopping lists linked up to online supermarkets. For more information, visit and don’t forget to visit their blog at top-tips if you fancy trying out their Pasta and Pancetta or Chicken Risotto recipes.

Cooking with Small Children By Susan Carmichael

a choking hazard. Chopped, soft bananas are great in a small bowl as they can be squished up further and are delicious to taste! At this age it is advisable to keep young children well away from the hob, hot kettle, detergents , knives and other sharp cooking implements; there is plenty of time ahead to explore this side of the kitchen with less chance of injury. Although very young children should be protected in the kitchen, cooking with them provides the perfect opportunity to start to explain and warn them about the dangers

associated with no-go areas in the kitchen, using simple words with expression eg “hot,” “sharp,”“stingy,”“sore.” As your young toddler develops, encourage him to role-play outside of the kitchen


using a miniature kitchen set, plastic fruit and vegetables, table settings, apron and hand washing toys. When helping in the kitchen, toddlers are keen to be really involved in mixing and measuring, so allow them to stand on a chair helping to spoon out the ingredients and take the time to discuss the colours, textures, flavours and names of ingredients, as well as practising counting. Allow lots of bowl and spoon licking too, as this encourages children to explore new flavours and textures. Children’s taste is more sensitive than adults so be conservative with flavours, introducing a little more over time. If you remember to keep things simple and allow lots of time, cooking with your toddler will be a pleasurable experience and you will be rewarded with lots of smiles!

Susan Carmichael owns Sassy Stirrers which holds Sassy Stirrers Cooking Club for children every month on a Saturday afternoon in the Kingston and Esher areas. Sassy Stirrers also runs 2 to 3 hour holiday workshops and cooking parties, as well as lunch time and after school clubs in local schools. For more information, see pages 20 and 26 or visit May-June 2013

family food&nutrition Safety and Hygiene in the Kitchen

By Linda Stone, Editor

When cooking with and for the family, safety and hygiene are paramount. But it’s not always easy to know how to ensure this and what kitchen utensils and equipment can help. We’ve teamed up with Titchy Kitch ( which offers cooking utensils and equipment especially designed for kids, to suggest the following solutions to your problems. Problem My child isn’t tall enough to reach the counter and I’m worried about using a chair or stool. How can I solve this problem? Solution If your child still uses a high chair, you can bring it as close to the counter as you can and get him to mix, pour or measure using the tray on his chair. Older Problem My oven gloves don’t protect my hands from the heat sufficiently.

Problem How do I stop cross-contamination of food during preparation? Solution It’s important that you have

children can stand on the kind of plastic step that is often used for teeth brushing in the bathroom. If neither of these options work, Titchy Kitch sells a great FunPod (pictured above), which safely elevates children aged 1 to 6 years to worktop height on an adjustable safety platform. Solution You need to look for some silicone oven gloves. These can withstand extremely high temperatures of up to 220°c. Titchy Kitch silicone oven gloves (pictured left) come in green, pink and purple and have a removable, washable exterior and dishwasher safe interior for added convenience. You can also buy silicone oven gloves from Lakeland (www.lakeland. and other good kitchen suppliers. a separate chopping board for fish, meat, vegetables and poultry. Labelling each board helps you keep cross contamination to a minimum during food preparation.

W IN ! C O M PETITI O N ! W IN ! Does your toddler suffer from “meal time meltdown?” If so, this is your chance to WIN one of 6 copies of QUICK AND EASY TODDLER RECIPES, a brand new book by the UK’s number one parenting author and expert on baby and child nutrition, Annabel Karmel’s published by Ebury Publishing (RRP £9.99). This is the first in the Quick and Easy series by Annabel Karmel. The 144-page full-colour recipe book features over 100 delicious, nutritious, time-saving recipes full

of natural flavour, using everyday kitchen ingredients and covering breakfast, healthy snacks lunch and dinner. With easy-to-follow instructions, it includes tricks to encourage children to eat well and experiment with new flavours, as well as chapters focusing on key food groups.

To Enter: Go to our website at and answer the following question: How many pages are there in “Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes?” Closing Date: Friday, 28 June. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

12 12

Problem I cry when I chop onions? Help! Solution Buy a Progressive Onion chopper. This is a great gadget which avoids tears by, containing containing the smell and vapours from the onion in a neat little compartment. These are available from or

Problem I can’t find a small enough wipe-clean apron for my little one. Solution Gone Digging (www.gonedigging. offers personalized wipe-clean aprons in two sizes and the toddler sizes measures 15 inches wide by 26 inches high. Slightly cheaper and available in 5 fabulous colours, Titchy Kitch wipe clean aprons (pictured above) offer the perfect start to any child’s cooking experience.

Problem After using pans on the oven top, my pan handles are too hot for my kids to handle. Is there a solution out there? Solution You need silicone ‘pan handles’ that neatly slip over your saucepan handle giving you a protective layer of silicone that won’t get too hot. These are inexpensive to buy - the Titchy Kitch version (pictured right) is heat resistant to 300°c, dishwasher safe, guaranteed for 10 years and only costs £5.00.

Problem My hands smell really bad after I’ve been chopping smelly things like garlic, onions, and fish. My kids hate the smell on their hands when they cook too. Any ideas how to solve this? Solution Stainless steel is a great odour-eater. Onions, garlic and fish contain sulphur and this sulphur binds with one or more of the metals in stainless steel, to remove the offensive smells. Simply run this ‘soap bar’ under warm water and rub your hands together to shift the odours. You can buy one from or from


For recipes, ideas inspiration and more child-friendly cooking products, visit Titchy Kitch, at

W IN ! C O M PETITI O N ! W IN ! Carrot, Courgette and Sweetcorn Fritters Try out this delicious recipe from Annabel Karmel’s new book Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes and don’t forget to enter our competition to WIN a copy of this book for yourself. Recipe makes 8-10 fritters Ingredients 1 egg 50g self-raising flour 1 tbsp milk 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce 100g courgette, grated 50g carrot, grated 4 spring onions, sliced 2 tbsp canned sweetcorn, drained 50g mature Cheddar, grated A little oil, for frying

⬣ Beat the egg in a mixing bowl, then beat in the flour and milk until smooth. ⬣ Add the remaining ingredients and season. ⬣ Heat the oil in a frying pan. Take spoonfuls of the mixture and fry them for 2-3 minutes each side until lightly golden, turning over halfway through. You may have to do this in batches, so keep the cooked fritters warm while you cook the rest. May-June 2013

Looking for a party with a difference? Would you like to try something different? Why not paint your own ceramics? At Ceramica, we guarantee great fun for all! Our services include: Children’s birthday parties Baby foot and hand print sessions Evening sessions for adults Annual membership scheme Take home packs & gift vouchers 7 The Parade, Claygate, Esher, KT10 0PD Phone: 01372 462447 Making ceramic painting easy and fun in a creative, enjoyable environment!

Twitter: @CeramicaEsher Facebook:

We will organise the perfect tailor-made party at the stables or even at your home! Prices from £20 per person or call 07796 842 328 Children with special needs very welcome.

W IN ! C O M PETITI O N ! W IN ! This is the chance for 1 lucky child to win a fantastic 90 minute Birthday Party for 20 children (aged 1 to12) at The Little Gym of Hampton Hill.

Kids love parties at The Little Gym which are full of fun gymnastics-based games, activities, music and laughter. So do mums and dads who can relax and enjoy the fully supervised party! With exclusive use of the facility, The Little Gym will do everything from sending the invitations through to cleaning up. Food to be supplied by parents. Little Gym instructors are bright, cheerful and friendly and will go out of their way to May-June 2013

make your child’s party special. Your kids will have 1 hour to explore the gym during whilst 2 instructors lead the party and facilitate age appropriate, fun games and physical activities. A major attraction is a small, bouncing tumbling track called an ‘Airtrak’ which all kids just love! This will

be followed by a quick break for cake and juice, in the beautifully decorated party room, before it’s back to the gym for more party-fun before pick up time! For further information, visit


party time

To Enter: Go to our website at and answer the following question:

How many children can enjoy a fantastic The Little Gym Birthday Party?

Closing Date: Friday, 21 June 2013 (Terms and Conditions Apply)



party time

Take The Stress Out Of Party Organisation – just SMILE!

Melanie Taylor and some of her Little Star Writers offer their advice.

Organising your child’s birthday party can be stressful. Your child is likely to have a very clear idea of the kind of party he wants, with no regard to timeframe, budget or your sanity! With SO many party ideas to choose from and fierce competition between children at school to have the “best” party, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in wish lists, or spend hours on research, when the elements that make up a successful party are actually pretty simple.

Trixibelle Harrowell, Age 9, Twickenham

A tip for parents is to do something for your child. Let them decide what kind of party they want and how many people to invite. They can be very creative and will do most of the planning if you set some guidelines!


– Supplies. Make sure you get more supplies than you think you need, whether that’s food, paper plates and cups, balloons, candles, invitations or plasters/ icepacks. There will always be one parent who ignores the invite for one of their children and drops them all off instead, one child who bursts all the balloons right at the start, or one that drops their plate on the floor and loses all their food! The key to a successful party is in the preparation and, once you’ve purchased supplies, 75% of the preparation is done.


– Music. Whether it’s party tracks to get the children dancing and running around, or calmer music to encourage a relaxed mood while they eat, the right music at a party can make the difference between a fabulous atmosphere and no atmosphere at all. Music can also help control

the mob! Give strict instructions at the beginning of the party that whenever the music stops, the children must stand still. In essence, this turns the party into a 2-hour version of musical statues, but children of any age understand this rule, it saves you trying to shout over their noise, and turning the music off is a great way of signalling that the party is over! Aadam Shahzad, Age 7, Hampton

If you’re having your first party, don’t have too many people because it could get chaotic. If this does happen the best way to control it is to put your hand up and count to 5. Tell the guests they should be silent once you count to 5! Also, when it is the end of the party, there could be lots of presents waiting for the birthday boy or girl, so make sure you take plenty of bin bags to put them in!

tick the ones that are attending. Include their emergency contact details, allergies, or other instructions from their parents (like if they have to leave early or go home with another parent), then you can carry the list with you and have all of the information in one place.


– Invitations. Invitations might seem like a pretty obvious party essential, but nowadays they need to include a lot more information than the date, time and location. Make sure you leave space to request contact numbers in case of an emergency, allergy details, and strict instructions for parents to collect children on time and ensure they wear suitable clothing! Alice Fraser and Shakira Rose Nsiyakala, Age 10, Richmond

Our idea of a perfect party is to involve your child as much as possible – let them make the invites, fill the party bags and make a cake. Or instead of making a cake, you could make a biscuit tower!


– Lists. With the above details from your invitations, create one list with the children’s names and


– Entertainment. You don’t have to use most of your budget on a clown or magician. Of course, there are plenty of professional entertainers available, but alternatives include your local leisure centre, sports club or soft play centre, where the children are cared for by professional childcare experts in a safe environment. You could visit a pottery café where they help children make beautiful ceramics, or choose from a wide variety of themed parties. You will find many suggestions for local providers in these pages! Or

YOU can become the entertainer – you know your child the best, after all. Bring together their favourite things and host the party at home, following it with a birthday meal with their favourite foods. Millie Tolmie, Age 9, Twickenham

I had a Moshi Monsters Disco, which sounds quite stressful but was so much fun. We bought party cups and plates from Amazon and danced to the Moshi Monsters album. We bought some picky food from the supermarket and put Moshi Monster treats (also from Amazon) into party bags. Parties don’t have to be stressful – just don’t forget to SMILE!


Melanie Taylor runs the Little Star Writers creative writing programme in Surrey. Melanie will shortly be commencing Saturday workshops in Twickenham and Walton. For further details, see page 24.

Siobhan Wing (Parent): Get a mobile number from parents and text them details a couple of days before the party, providing directions and confirming timings. This reminds them of the event and prevents last minute phone calls on the day from confused parents! 14

May-June 2013


party time Hampton Pool

The Pod,Kingston

My Best Party Is... Lily Scott, Age 12, Hampton Hill

I love swimming parties because I enjoy swimming and having fun with my friends. You can go to Pools in the Park (, Hampton Open Air Pool (www., or your local leisure centre, and when you have built up an appetite, you can refuel by having food with your friends. Our Suggestions: Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Centre in Walton and Kingfisher Leisure Centre in Kingston ( Olivia Weeks, Age 10, Whitton

The best party for children under 8 is at Heathrow Gym or another kind of indoor play centre. Children can play all day and have fun without parents having to entertain them. My invitations are always cool – they have balloons in the shape of the age I am going to be. Our Suggestions: Snakes and Ladders ( in Isleworth, Teeney Weenies Play Cafe ( in Teddington, Little Hamsters Play Cafe (www.littlehamsters. in Ham, The Pod Soft Play ( in Kingston and Piglets Play Centre ( in Hersham. Abigail Malkinson, Age 9, Whitton

Football parties are the BEST way of celebrating a birthday. Even if you’re not a football fan, you can enjoy trying new tricks like keepy-ups and high kicks.

James Fraser, Age 8, Richmond My favourite party was my football party. At the end we played a match. I scored the winning goal and I got a trophy. My mum thought this was a great party because she could just relax and not do anything. My top tip for parents would be to give the party bags to the parents when they collect their children so the kids don’t empty the contents and mess the room up as you are trying to clean!

We asked children from the Little Star Writers creative writing programme to tell us about their favourite parties.

parties locally. Or for children over 8, try a Mini Tank party from Mini-Tank Elite ( Cordelia Broom, Age 10, Twickenham

For my 10th birthday I had a roller disco! It was really easy to host because all you have to do is pay for the party and then drop your children off. You roller skate around for a while and then you play some games.

Our Suggestions include: Little Kickers ( and Footie Tots (www.footie-tots. and rugby parties on offer from Rugby Tots (

Our Suggestions: Thamesmead School Leisure Centre in Shepperton offers roller disco parties (

Sushmita Chandramouly, Age 7, Richmond

I prefer parties that have a theme like jungle, fairies, pirates or a spooktacular party! I also like tea parties where the food is fun and different – like different shaped carrots and cucumbers, delicious cookies, sandwiches and sweets.

I like having make-up parties where the kids do each other’s make-up. You can put left over make-up in the party bags and the cake can be an edible make-up box made out of icing. Make sure you remember make-up, towels, music and mirrors! Our Suggestions: The Orange Tree Clinic (www.orangetreeclinic. com) in Teddington offers Pamper Parties for girls who may also enjoy a disco and karaoke party from Popstarz (www. Jude Rimmer, Age 11, Petersham

Go Karting parties are the best! You can race around the track and have fun on the karts with your friends. Our Suggestions: Kiddi Karts ( offers

Katya Medved, Age 10, Teddington

Our Suggestions: Bedazzled Events (www.bedazzledevents. offer fabulous bespoke themed parties tailored to your child’s vision! Natalie Sholaongpet, Age 10, Twickenham

‘Party’ is the definition of fun. Firstly you need a good theme, like The Wizard of Oz or Harry Potter. You’ll also need good

decorations. You can either buy some or make your own with paper, colouring pens, blue tack or tape. You could also make your own games or buy costumes for guests to wear. Try A Party Palace (www. in Sheen for all your party supplies as well as fabulous dressing up costumes. Maisie Veitch, Age 9, Twickenham

My friend had a Pizza Express party in year 2. I’m now in year 4 and I would love to have that party! You make pizzas and have different toppings to choose from. Then your masterpiece is cooked and you get to eat it! Sassy Stirrers (www.sassystirrers. and Busy Bakers (www. offer baking parties for kids locally. With thanks to Melanie Taylor from Little Star Writers, for facilitating the contributions to this article.

A Driving Experience An ideal birthday treat

Age Group 4-8 Yrs

that’s both fun & safe Available At A venue NEAR YOU

For a poptastic party combining Dazzling Disco, Dance Routines, Krazy Karaoke, Wacky Party Games, Competitions, Prizes & Themed Parties, and now Limo Pop Parties. Leave it to the professionals. Tel: 0208 428 1983 Mob: 07785 790898 May-June 2013

Tel: 01932 770770 Follow us on



party time

Fabulous Party Ideas


Impress Your Friends!

Take to the High Ropes at Hobbledown! For Children 1.3 metres high or taller! If your child has outgrown a typical kid’s party, consider an action-packed party at Hobbledown, the kids adventure park and zoo in Epsom. At a High Ropes Adventure party, party-goers can master the daring, high ropes challenge, an aerial obstacle course on which only the bravest children balance from walkway to walkway elevated between the crooked towers of the Hobbledown Village. Party goers will enjoy exclusive use of the high ropes for 45 minutes, followed by 45 minutes for a Hobbler Party Feast in one of the themed party rooms. Hobbledown takes care of everything you could possibly need including invitations, party bags full of goodies, a host a nd a free gift for the birthday child. Plan to make a day of it, because as well as the party, you will be able to enjoy all the other attractions Hobbledown offers, including The Hobbledown Barn, a 14,000 square foot indoor play area, with two enormous play frames and 3 enormous outside play zones, The Hoblings Play Village, The Mining Village and the Hobbledown Village, which offer the prospect of adventure, intrigue and investigation at every turn. And don’t forget to make time to say hello to Hobbledown’s unique selection of animals! For further information, visit


Is your youngster a budding Lewis Hamilton? Turn your local leisure centre into Silverstone for the day! For children aged 4 to 8 Children as young as 4 can safely handle the easy-to-operate go-karts operated by Kiddi Karts. With one pedal to stop and go, and nothing else but steering to master, your child and friends will soon be zooming around Kiddi Kart’s inflatable circuit. All that is required is a little bit of co-ordination. And if kids do need a little help, one of the Kiddi Karts staff will be on hand. Each party starts with a short instruction session, and then the go-karts are off, 4 at a time, around the track. Driving lasts about an hour and all children receive medals at the end in a special presentation session, with the birthday child also receiving a trophy. Kiddi Karts parties have the perfect ingredients for a fun, engaging and memorable driving experience and can be held either inside or out, meaning weather is never a concern. Use your back garden or bring the party inside at a local leisure centre

Act like the big guys!

Drive a mini British Army Tank on a specially designed track! For children aged 8 upwards Apps Farm in Walton Upon Thames now houses the first and only specially designed Mini Tank track in the South East of England – and you can have a party there! An adrenalin-pumping alternative to go-karts and quad bikes, Mini Tank parties, offered by Mini Tank Elite, allow children to ride genuine miniature versions of the real military tanks used in the British Army. Great fun for children (and adults), the tanks are completely safe for

PARTIES, CLASSES and tutoring

PARTIES, CLASSES and tutoring for kids

imagine | create | learn | play

imagine | create | learn | play

07971 475373 /


07971 475373 /

and Kiddi Karts will bring its fully mobile unit to you. Alternatively, head for Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Centre, Tolworth Recreation Centre or one of the other Kiddi Karts partner venues in the local area. ‘Wow’, ‘absolutely brilliant’ and ‘the best party ever’ are just some of the words used by children (and parents) at the end of their Kiddi Karts party. For more information, visit


children to operate alone. 90 minute sessions are offered for parties, during which children take turns riding the Mini Tanks. They won’t be bored when not driving either because, whilst waiting their turn, Mini Tank Elite sets up mini shooting games in its marquee which can also be used to serve food after the driving session. These parties offer brilliant outdoor excitement and the tanks can run in all weathers (even snow), so parents can relax knowing their children are safe driving around in tanks designed for the job. Mini Tank Elite is run by local husband and wife team, Angelina and Phil, who were inspired to set up their company after a visit to Duxford Airshow with their son, who rode in a Mini Tank there. He was so captivated by the experience that Angelina and Phil spotted a new business opportunity for the family and Mini Tank Elite launched in November 2012. For further information, visit


PARTIES, CLASSES and tutoring for children

imagine | create | learn | play May-June 2013

For Kids Of All Ages


party time

By Linda Stone

FOR THE CREATIVE We are lucky enough to live in a part of the world where there are opportunities at every turn for our kids to tap into their creativity. Draw and Paint it! The Art Class (info@ in Sunbury, Lynette Pitzolu offers bespoke art and craft parties from sculpture, to sewing to collage, for children ages 5 to 12 from her own purpose-built studio and with work with you to tailor a highly individual and memorable party for up to 20 children. Alternatively, ceramics cafes/studios offer great party packages for kids of all ages allowing them to be creative, have fun with their friends and take home their creations at the end of the day. Great venues include Ceramics Café, Kew ( The Happy Potter ( in Teddington and The Pottery and Craft Studio (www.thepotteryandcraftstudio. com) in Thames Ditton. Perform It! Themed drama parties are available for children from age 1 upwards! Local favourites include Stagecoach Stagecoach (, which offers dance, drama and song for children between 4 to 8 years and Perform ( which offers parties for children from 1 to 12. And not forgetting the impressive Theatrebugs ( which offers story-based adventure

parties for 2 to 3 year with songs, instruments, parachute and bubbles, and drama games, Perform improvisation and dressing for those aged 4 to 8. Alternatively, Storytelling Adventures ( brings to live your child’s favourite book in an interactive storytelling and drama party. DANCE IT! Dance parties are very popular and Kate’s School of Dance (www. offers themed dance parties incorporating various dance styles or a dance fitness party with Zumbatomic, whilst Enerjetix (www.enerjetix. offers parties for 1 to 11 year olds. Popstarz ( offers a high-energy disco dance party with karaoke, lights and bubbles and wacky party games!

ESPECIALLY FOR THE 0 TO 5s! Move to it! Pre-schoolers love to sing, jig about and make lots of noise with instruments, babies are entranced by music and toddlers can’t sit still! These things combined make music parties, with their opportunities for movement and plentiful supply of colourful props, a perfect option for the 0 to 5 age group. Monkey Music (www.monkeymusic. offers music parties for pre-schoolers throughout South West London and Surrey, whilst growing independent, Caterpillar Music (, focusses on Hampton, Kingston, Richmond, Twickenham and Teddington.

Imagine It! If you are looking for a party that will captivate the attention of your baby, or stimulate the imagination of your toddler/ pre-schooler, then Gymboree ( offers Play and Learn parties tailored to a theme of your choice, whether it be princesses, pirates or Peppa Pig! Encouraging imaginative play, Gymboree’s specially patented equipment becomes a pirate ship

or royal castle as your child races away from the pirates or dances at a ball! Babies can enjoy their favourite songs and activities, balls, bubbles, parachutes and tunnels. Gymboree also offers offsite Play and Learn parties at your home or in a venue of your choice. NEW! Gymboree St Margarets is now working with local restaurant, Brula, as well as a local cake maker, to offer fully catered parties with a comprehensive menu for a One Stop Shop party solution. GROOVE TO It! Little ones between 2 and 4 years will love the magical parties on offer from babyballet (www.babyballet. These parties entertain with a selection of your child’s favourite babyballet dances and songs as well as classical party games.

Be Part of It! Jam packed with rugby-themed play and party games, Rugbytots ( birthday parties are suitable for children as young as 2 and parents are encouraged to get involved, which for many is an added bonus! “Ben’s party was fantastic,” says Caroline from Kingston. “All the children had so much fun and it was great that the parents could get involved too – such a nice touch! I’ve been recommending Rugbytots parties to everyone and we will definitely be in touch again for my younger one’s birthday – he loved it!” Carolina praises the coaches for their professional approach. “Martino’s party was a real blast. Everything was super organised and the children weren’t distracted for a single minute. Parents were very impressed with how well the coach handled the children while keeping them entertained.” And a Rugbytots party isn’t just for children who know or like rugby. Rebecca in Barnes says:“My son James had his 7th birthday at Rocks Lane. There were a lot of mixed ability boys, some who knew rugby well, and others who were learning it for the first time that day. And the Rugbytots training really helped make the day very special.”

Check our directory on page 19 for more details about these parties, as well as many other party options!

The most exciting birthday party ever

Be a soldier for the day. Drive miniature British Army tanks on a specially designed track! Unique alternative to Go-Karts and Quad Bikes for kids age 8+ Location: Apps Farm, Walton Upon Thames Contact: Angelina on 07783 293866

in Only venue of South East d an Engl ing Safe for driv rs in all weathe May-June 2013



party time

Create your Child’s Perfect Themed Party! We asked Juliet from party-planning company Bedazzled Events to tell us how to create your child’s perfect themed party just like the professionals!

The most important step is to choose a theme, which could be your child’s favourite characters, colours, seasons or perhaps a combination of all three! I am going to use a Space & Planet party we recently designed as an example. Now it’s time to get inventive and imaginative. Our first port of call is always the fabulous site, where we create a mood board around the chosen theme. This is an easy and creative way to organise your own ideas as well as be inspired by others. Once your party is over you may wish to revisit the site to share your own images, I warn you it can get a little addictive! Once you have the theme, break down your budget across the different elements of the party. For us, this breakdown differs from party to party as each family likes to put the emphasis on different factors. For example, for some the decorations are most important, whilst others

focus on catering, or party bags. Make sure you give careful thought to how you want to spend your budget and what will make the party personal and special for your child. Once you have the mood board and budget break down, get planning! For the Space and Planet party, we started with a colour scheme of blue, orange and red, with a white space rocket to design the invitations. This gave us a clear starting point from which to design the other elements of the party. You can have your invites specially designed, or if you are whizz on the computer, you can design them yourself and then have them printed. To ensure our theme runs throughout the party, we love focusing on every small detail, including the tablecloths, napkin holders, labels, party bags and even bows! An easy, effective way to create an impact at your venue is to buy several metres of

one material that fits your colour and theme, then cut it to make tablecloths for all the tables, for instance, the party table, sweetie table, party bag table and so on. With the left over material, tying bows on other items at the party, for example, the juice jug or even on the backs of every chair, can be really effective. Once the party is over you can then wash the material, perhaps recycle for another party or get creative making cushions! We use themed freestanding backdrops, 3D props, flooring, balloons and bunting to create a magical environment in the party entertainment area of the venue and then, depending on budget, extend the theming out to the rest of the venue. The theming is designed to appeal to not only children, but also the adults. We do this by using a variety of props displayed at different heights with


some items at eye level for the children and also huge, larger than life items, for example, an astronaut at our Space and Planet party which the children loved and the adults found impressive! If you haven’t got a huge budget for theming but would still like to decorate your venue, you and your children can make amazing DIY decorations. Take a look at this great website for ideas Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to plan the party and try not to leave anything until the last minute. Preparing a check list is always useful, as is going through everything the day before to make sure everything is good to go. This way you can relax and enjoy the party too. Don’t forget to book a photographer or appoint a family member to take photos of your happy child at the perfect party!

Juliet is the Founder of Bedazzled Events, a London-based party planning service that plans unique parties for all ages, working to your chosen budget and theme of your choice to create your perfect party. Check to find out more about Bedazzled’s Space and Planet party. For more information, visit

Winner of ‘Best National Pre-schooler Development Activity’ 2012

Book your free trial class! Sensory Baby Play (from newborn)

Play & Learn (mobile - 5 years)

Music (6 months - 5 years)

Art (18 months - 5 years)

Gymboree St Margarets 020 8607 9995


Gymboree Surbiton 07809 730 779

Gymboree West Byfleet 01932 353 313

May-June 2013


Hobbledown High Ropes Adventure and Hobbledown Hobblings Play Barn Parties

Ages: For High Ropes: Min height 1.3m and maximum age 13 yrs. Party time: 2 hours + full day entry. A High Ropes Adventure party is the ultimate way to spend an action-packed birthday and perfect if your child has outgrown a typical kid’s party. The birthday child and their friends enjoy exclusive use of Hobbledown’s daring high ropes course, as well as enjoying all of the other attractions that the adventure farm park has to offer, plus a Hobbler Party Feast in a themed party room. Younger children can have a Hoblings Play Barn party, enjoying a fun-packed hour in the Hobblings Play Barn and another hour in one of the themed Hobbler rooms or themed tables for the party feast. In: Epsom Contact: 0843 289 4979

Kiddi Karts

Ages: 4 to 8. Party time: 1 hr of driving. Kiddi Karts has the perfect ingredients to create memorable driving experiences for children. Safe, easy-tooperate go-karts are set up in a challenging inflatable circuit, all under the watchful eye of fully trained, CRB registered staff who manage everything in a fun and engaging way. In: Kingston, Teddington, Richmond, Twickenham, Chessington, Staines, Walton and Leatherhead. Contact: Laura Palmer 01932 770770

Mini Tank Elite

Ages: 8+. Party time: 1.5 hrs. Mini Tank parties allow children to ride genuine miniature versions of the real military tanks used in the British Army. The tanks are completely safe for children to operate alone. During parties, children take turns riding the Mini Tanks. Whilst waiting their turn,

Mini Tank Elite sets up mini shooting games in its marquee which can also be used to serve food after the driving session. In: Walton Contact: Angelina 07783 293866

ART & CRAFT Art Class

Ages: 5 to 12. Party time: 2 to 2.5 hrs. Bespoke parties covering a broad range of activities from sculpture to sewing to collage. The Art Class will work with you to tailor a highly individual event for up to 20 children in its purpose built studio and will ensure a truly memorable party about which everyone will be talking. In: Sunbury Contact: Lynette Pitzolu 07971 475373


Ages: All. Party time: 2 hrs Set your child’s imagination free and watch a masterpiece be created, whilst Ceramica puts the ‘art’ into their birthday party. Creative, fun-filled party packages cater for a variety of budgets and needs. Large parties (8 or more painters) are held on Sundays, with a minimum charge for up to 8 painters and a price per head thereafter. Bring your own party food and cake or arrange for a local supplier to deliver to the café. In: Claygate Contact: Hannah Young 01372 462447

Ceramics Café

Ages: up to 16. Party time: 1.5-2 hrs. Ceramics Cafe is an ideal venue for kids parties. Party groups of any size can be accommodated. Painting ceramics offers children opportunity for creative fun and expression. In: Kew Contact: Joanna Wronka 020 8332 6661

A great way to entertain kids of all ages. The party pack includes bisque, paints, glazing, firing, food, drink, party bags, invitations and balloons. In: Teddington Contact: Una Fagan 020 8973 1468


Ages: 4 and up. Party time: 1.5-2 hrs. The party package includes a piece of pottery for each child chosen from 3 ranges and the birthday girl/boy gets a party plate. The parties are available during open hours and on Sundays and advance booking is essential. In: Thames Ditton Contact: Sue Lewis 020 8398 6681


Ages: 1 to 5. Party time: 2 hrs. Gymboree offers Play and Learn parties tailored to a theme of your choice, whether it be princesses, pirates or

Peppa Pig! Babies can enjoy their favourite songs and activities, balls, bubbles, parachutes and tunnels. Gymboree also offers offsite Play and Learn parties at your home or in a venue of your choice. Gymboree also offers Art and Craft parties for toddlers to children aged 7 years. In: Richmond, Kingston, Hounslow areas and North and West Surrey Contact: St Margarets 020 8607 9995, Surbiton 020 8398 9360, West Byfleet 01932 353313

The Little Gym

Ages: 1 to 12. Party time: 1.5 hrs. Fun, gymnastics-based parties in The Little Gym’s purpose-built facility. Each party is led by 2 instructors and the birthday child and their friends will have The Little Gym® all to themselves to enjoy games, music and fun activities created especially for them. In the bright, cheerful surroundings,The Little Gym’s team will be on-hand to ensure parents get to sit back and relax and that the party goes like clockwork. In: Hampton Hill Contact: Lorna Sutton 020 8977 0099

party directory


party time

Toddler Sense Teddington Ages: 2 to 5. Party time: Variable

than Less utes n i 30 m entral C m fro on Lond

Happy Potter

Ages: All. Party time: 1.5 hrs.

oNe GrEaT BiG aDVeNTuRe



March-April 2013

• Hobbledown is a 50-acre farm • With our own Zoo Licence, park adventure featuring towers, we have more than 100 animals tunnels, mazes, aerial walkways, on show a daring high ropes course and • 5 minutes from Chessington a 14,000 sq ft indoor play barn Follow us on facebook; hobbledownuk

and twitter; @Hobbledown

Find us at: Horton Park Children’s Farm Horton Lane, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8PT T: 0843 289 4979 E: HOB029_QuarterPgAd_135x90mm.indd 1


02/04/2013 11:34


party directory

party time Toddler Sense parties are full of variety, action-packed and fast moving. They also vary according to the age of the children and the chosen party theme. Toddler Sense parties can be easily adapted to suit any theme from pirates to princesses. The alternatives are endless! In: Teddington Contact: Sarah Taylor 07970 796606

COOKERY Busy Bakers

Ages: 4 to 12. Party time: 1-2 hrs. Busy Bakers provides bespoke party entertainment available in your own home or any venue with kitchen facilities. A unique party experience is guaranteed, combining art and craft, 10% off in May & June!





baking and traditional party games which are guaranteed to put a smile on every child’s face. In: London and the South West Contact: Jessica Meyrick 07766 135907

Sassy Stirrers

Ages: 5 to 12. Party time: 2 hrs. Truly memorable cooking parties in which children are entertained with bowl-licking fun for 2 hours with very little stress for parent. Sassy Stirrers provides all the ingredients, equipment, aprons and fun! Children take home party bags loaded with their freshly baked treats and recipe cards. Very popular, so book early! In: Richmond to Guildford. Contact: Susan Carmichael 07789 792676



Ages: 2 to 7. Party time: 1 hr. Magical babyballet parties for 2 to 4 year olds will entertain your child and guests with a fantastic selection of their favourite babyballet dances and songs, as well as all the classic party games. For 4 to 7 year olds, babyballet Groovy Disco Parties combine a mixture of funky dance routines with classic party games and guarantee the funkiest party around. In: New Malden, Wimbledon, Epsom, Reigate, Redhill, Dorking. Contact: Ayse Somra 01737 227039

Kate’s School of Dance

Ages: 4 to 12. Party time: 1-2 hrs. Dance parties can be designed around a theme, if requested, and can include street dance, contemporary or jazz

Themed Drama Adventures for 3-7 yr Professional Face Painting Also Available

Latino Bambino / 07807 055858

“The Best Party Magic” Over 25 years of top entertainment

The most amazing magic, plus balloon models, games, party bags… and Harry the white rabbit!

Ages: 2 to 6. Party time: 45-60 mins. Latino Bambino parties are unique, high-energy, physical extravaganzas

Tim Barnes

(020) 8568 5706 Member of The Magic Circle

Baby Hand & Footprints

0208 943 9459 Gorgeous

£20 per Child Standard Package £25 per Child Deluxe Package (extras include head

2 1


massage, nibbles/cakes/drinks and deluxe goody bag)

Orange Tree Clinic and KC Pharmacy 23 Broad Street Teddington


Twinkle Toes

Ages: 2 to 7 Party time: Variable. Enchanting and magical parties for boys and girls which can bring to life a theme of your choice through stories and adventures, with dancing games, props, costumes and a fantastic variety of music. Set price for up to 14 children and additional price per child. Parties can be held in halls, homes gardens and parks! Twinkle Toes will run the full party and parents can sit back and relax. In: Richmond and surrounding area. Contact: Jessica Williams 07879 521456

DRAMA AND STORYTELLING Bridge Storytelling Adventures

Ages: 2 and up. Party time: 1-2 hrs. An interactive, drama-based workshop devised around your child’s favourite book. The storyteller takes the children on an ‘adventure’ through the story book during which they take on the roles of the characters. With the birthday boy or girl in the starring role, the child adventurers act out scenes from the book, create the atmosphere / locations, singing and dancing their way through the story. In: Richmond and surrounds. Contact: Amanda Wright 020 3222 3085 involving Latin/Tropical music, dancing games, colourful props and a lot of fun. The parties get the children up and moving using maracas, pom poms, hula hoops, ribbons, scarves and more for a real FIESTA time! In: Inside M25. Contact: Urska Gerswin 07961 838349

Paint-YourOwn Pottery

Childrens Pamper Parties Mini Facial and Manicure or Hair and Makeup Sole use of Beautiful Clinic All parties include Mention Fami Upon Thameslies goody bag and special gift for for the birthday girl! invitations

dance styles or even a dance fitness party from Zumbatomic. Free dance class voucher for each child! In: Isleworth, Richmond, Chiswick and surrounding areas. Contact: Kate Broughton

16a High Street Thames Ditton KT7 0RY

Childrens Parties

Childrens Parties Something Different!

Get Creative and have fun! Prices start from only £12 a child

Call us on 020 8398 6681


Ages: 1 to 12. Party time: 1 hr Perform parties are high energy, fun and totally infectious and kids just can’t resist joining in all the activities. Based around a colourful theme and involving lots of lively games, Perform uses the power of children’s imaginations to get everyone involved. In: Esher, Isleworth, Kew, Kingston, Richmond, Sunbury, Surbiton, Teddington, Twickenham, Weybridge 0845 400 1284


Ages: 4 to 16. Party time: 2-2.5 hrs. Packed full of fun, lively party entertainment including dramatic games, fabulous songs and fun for everyon, each party is specifically tailor-made for a particular age group. Whether your child wishes to be a fairy, princess, pirate or detective, there’s a Stagecoach party to suit. In: Chertsey 0845 265 7081, Hinchley Wood 01932 254333, Hounslow 0845 078 0804, Kew 020 8487 1456, New Malden 020 8540 7791, Richmond 020 8332 6741, Staines 0845 055 6356, Twickenham 020 8224 6905, Weybridge 01932 422664.


Ages: 2 to 8. Party time: 45 mins to 1.5 hrs Theatrebugs offers a full range of exciting, imaginative and affordable party packages. A Theatrebugs party for 2 to 3 year olds is a story based adventure, jam packed with puppets, song, rhyme, fingerplay, instruments, parachute time and bubbles. A Theatrebugs party for 4 to 8 year olds is an interactive, fun-filled journey, jam packed with unique drama games, improvisation, dressing up and good old fashioned fun! 10% discount in some areas in May/June! In: Kingston, Richmond, Teddington, Claygate, Oxshott, Thames Ditton, Weybridge Contact: Greater London 0800 975 5290, Epsom & Surrounds 01483 882244


Ages: 3 to 10. Party time: 1-2 hrs. Octopus Parties takes children on a journey through: time, oceans, jungles,


for Children’s Parties, Fairs, Corporate Events

*Also Exciting Party Bags FREE: Local Delivery/Collection.

BOOK EARLY! Contact Bouncy Betty 020 8399 5679 or 0798 596 0420

May-June 2013



Ages: 5 to teens. Party time: 2 hrs+ Get ready for an unforgettable party packed full of musical mayhem and madness including dance routines, X Factor krazy karaoke, groovy lights and bubbles and wacky party games such as dress-up and relay games. Tailor made parties to suit any theme and budget at your home or hired venue. In: Greater London & Surrey Contact: Adrian Maha 07785 790898

Silverball Leisure

Ages: All. Party time: Variable Silverball Leisure is a total entertainment solution, providing bouncy castles, face painting, snow machine, bubble machine, giant garden games and Surfboard Simulator. Full scale, fully interactive “proper” disco, with dance teaching, instruments and props, makes this a party everyone can and will join in. In: Greater London and Surrey Contact: Richard Holmes 07770 232616

Tim Barnes

Ages: All. Party time: 0.5 to 2 hrs. Tim has been entertaining children both across the UK and overseas for over 25 years. The laughter is loud, the fun is non-stop, and the smiles are always a mile wide! Tim can offer just a magic show, or a full party with games, music, bubbles, balloon modelling, party bags and more. Watch as a birthday cake is baked by magic, a bowling ball appears from

thin air and a member of the audience is levitated right in front of your eyes! In: Greater London & Surrey Contact: Tim Barnes 020 8568 5706


Bocketts Farm

Ages: All. Party time: 1 hr + farm visit. Fantastic party package includes a day at Bocketts Farm Park, birthday lunch or tea, private animal handling session, free adult entry for every 2 children, a Bocketts balloon and animal mask and invitations. At Bocketts, children can get up close and feed animals, as well as enjoying 2 large play barns, one with astroslide, a Young Tractor Drivers Zone and Supersix trampolines. Outside there are swings, slides, climbing frames, sandpits and a maze, as well as tractor and trailer rides. In: Leatherhead 01372 363764

Hounslow Urban Farm Roadshow Parties

Ages: All. Party time: 2 hrs. 2 party styles to choose from! Enjoy a birthday party on the farm, catered or uncatered, abd you get to choose 3 of the following activities: an animal encounter, pig race, egg hunt, meet the owl session, scarecrow making or a farm tour. Birthday child gets a free family pass and for every 10 children, 6 adults are admitted free and thereafter at a discounted rate. Minimum booking 10 children. Alternatively, The Urban Farm can bring snakes, lizards, mini-beasts, frogs and a giant python to you for an animal encounter. An experienced handler will explain the behaviour and habitat of the creatures and how they are fed and cared for and children can handle them under supervision. Can be tailored to specific age ranges. In: Surrey and Middlesex Contact: Alice Purdy 020 8831 9658

Park Lane Stables

Ages: All. Party time: To suit. Parties begin with the children being

Come and visit the café in the park


Orange Tree Glamour Parties

Ages: 7 to 16. Party time: 2 hrs. These parties are a real treat for young girls who can enjoy being pampered in a beautiful clinic with their friends. They can relax to the sounds of calming spa music or listen/sing to their favourite tracks whilst having a facial, nail paint and hand massage. There is the option to have food/drink, so all that remains is for parents to bring the cake and relax in our quiet room. All parties include invitations and free goody bags. In: Teddington Contact: Parul Gandhi 020 8943 9459


Caterpillar Music

Ages: 0 to 5. Party time: 1 hr. A combination of simple birthday party games, action songs, instruments and amazing puppets for every child to use, provide a special party in which young children can join in as much as they want. Each party is run by 1 member of the Caterpillar Music birthday team and includes a fun pass-the-parcel game and a surprise present for the birthday child! In: Hampton, Hampton Hill, Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington, Ham

party time Contact: Tim 020 8979 9139

Monkey Music

Ages: up to 4. Party time: Variable Monkey Music’s parties are great fun for children and babies of all ages. Each party is individually tailored to suit each separate occasion and always includes the birthday child’s favourite Monkey Music songs. In: Kingston, Surbiton, Banstead, Claygate, Esher, Weybridge, Cobham, Hersham, Molesey, Kew, Richmond, Twickenham and Teddington Contact: Kingston and Surbiton 020 8224 3971, Banstead, Claygate and Esher 01932 223309, Weybridge, Cobham, Hersham and Molesey 020 8224 0096, Kew, Richmond, Twickenham and Teddington 020 8847 4031

party directory

space, forests or fairyland! With interactive storytelling mixed with activities, music, dance, song and party games to suit your child’s passion and age, Octopus Parties turns every party into a special one! In: Surbiton, Kingston Upon Thames, Epsom, Wimbledon, Putney and other surrounding areas in Surrey and London. Contact: Johanna 07807 055858

fitted with safety equipment. Then they are introduced to the horses and shown how to groom them by a BHS instructor. This is followed by a birthday ride in Bushy Park, during which children learn all the basics of riding, such as stopping, walking and turning. The children will also play games such as Eye Spy and Simon Says and the birthday girl or boy rides back to Park Lane Stables to a chorus of Happy Birthday from their friends. After the ride, children can have party food in our private party room, which you can decorate to your own taste. Depending on location, ponies can also be brought to your home. In: Teddington Contact: Natalie O’Rourke 07796 842328

Tiny Tunes

Ages: 3 mths to 5. Party time: 1-2 hrs. Tiny Tunes parties are customised to include well-known favourite songs, rhymes, props and puppets. Hide under a parachute, shake the maracas, dance with bubbles and sing along! Party games can be added including musical bumps, musical hoops, pass-the-parcel, a treasure hunt plus other classics, depending on the age of the children and your requirements. In: South West London, Middlesex and Surrey Contact: Lisa Morris 07977 585020


BackFlip Performers

Ages: 2 to 12. Party time: 1 to 2 hrs. Katie Cannon’s BackFlip performers brings dancing, funky games and fantastic upside-down gymnastic skills to your child’s birthday party.

TwinkleToes Toes Ballet Twinkle Ballet Enchanting && magical classes 18 months Enchanting magical classes years 18 months - 10 years BOOKAAFREE FREE TASTER CLASS BOOK TASTER CLASS


stories, using props,

The Perfect Place for Families Open every day for breakfast, brunch, lunch and tea

Home made cakes and mouthwatering menu

Available DAYTIME for christenings, wedding receptions and kids parties! Available EVENINGS for parties, group nights out and any other catered events. Canapes, bowl food, 3 course menus and curries – it’s your choice!

Contact: 01372 464999

The Pavilion Café, Claygate Recreation Ground, Church Road, Claygate, Surrey, KT10 0HQ.

May-June 2013

Children learn to dance throughto in� � �PARTIES imaginative stories, using props, Book a TTB! entertainer puppets & pictures. to provide magical dancing 07879 521 456 little one's We aim to inspire & capture their fun fororyour party! wonderful never-ending RICHMOND – EAST SHEEN – KEW – TWICKENHAM imagination! Founded by Royal Ballet School Graduate & Qualified Teacher

Jessica Williams DipIn RBS or AISTD MA Hons 07879 521456

resident Fairy Godmother RICHMONDcontact – EAST our SHEEN – KEW – TWICKENHAM Founded by Royal Ballet School Graduate & Qualified Teacher

Jessica Williams Dip RBS AISTD MA Hons



party directory

party time While the birthday child has fun with their friends, parents can relax knowing they are in safe hands. Parties come complete with colourful mats, soft equipment and great party tunes! In: Richmond, Kingston, Hounslow areas and North Surrey Contact: Katie Cannon 020 8940 7998


Ages: 18mths to 5. Party time: 1 hr. Make your child’s birthday full of fun and laughter with a Catch-a-Balls party. See children run, jump, catch and throw using favourite games from Catch-ABall classes. Catch-A-Balls provides all the equipment and a coach and ensures that everyone enjoys the fun! In: Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston, Teddington, Thames Ditton and Surbiton Contact: Heather or Roz 020 8398 3034

Footie Tots

Ages: 3 to 10. Party time: 1 hr. Footie Tots teaches basic ball skills, scoring lots of goals and having fun on the way. For your party they will provide the coaches, trophies/medals, equipment and help with party venue selection. In: Richmond, Kingston, Hounslow areas and North Surrey Contact: Andy Scates 07931 707720

Little Kickers

Ages: 2 to 7. Party time: 1 hr. Little Kickers football training birthday parties take the effort out of organizing party entertainment and make the

perfect birthday experience for toddlers and young children. The 1 hour party sessions include tried and tested fun and varied, energetic football-related activities and games suitable for both boys and girls, helping them burn off all that party food! In: Richmond, Twickenham, Hampton, Teddington, Ham, Kew, Sheen. Contact: Lewis 020 8979 8048

Ready Steady Go Kids

Ages: 2 to 7. Party time: minimum 1 hr. Birthday packages include: choice of any 2 sports from the Ready Steady Go Kids program to be incorporated into a minimum 1 hour session of sport, fun activities and games, Ready Steady Go Kids birthday invitations, a Ready Steady Go Kids t-shirt, wristbands and cap/hat for the birthday boy or girl and a minimum of 2 CRB checked instructors with a minimum Level 1 coaching qualification. In: Richmond, Kingston, Hounslow areas and North Surrey. Contact: Kathy Bees 088 690 6591


Ages: 2 to 5. Party time: Variable Rugbytots parties are fast-paced, fun and involve everyone. They follow a slightly different approach from standard Rugbytots classes, placing even greater emphasis on play and party games for your child and their friends. There a number of package options available and all packages include invitations and a unique gift for the birthday child. No rugby experience necessary! In: SW London, Richmond, Kingston, Hounslow areas and North Surrey

Ceramics Café Kew Original Ceramics - Painted By You Studio Hours: Tues-Sat 10am-6pm Sunday 11am-6pm Closed Mon, except Bank Holidays and Half Terms Tel: 020 8332 6661

A Party Palace

A party supply shop which offers a marvellous range of children’s party bags and fillers, pinatas, children’s partyware themed with characters such as Fireman Sam, Thomas, Hello Kitty and Disney Princesses, as well as lots of other themes and characters. The shop also offers a very wide selection of children’s fancy dress and balloons which can be delivered to your home. In: East Sheen Contact: Adrienne De Souza 020 8487 8260

Candy Stripe

An online party boutique which will help you create a fun and memorable party for your little ones. By supplying inspiration and the very best of products from around the world. Candy Stripe ensures that its customers enjoy their party as much as their guests. Contact:

Party Bounce

Party Bounce hires bouncy castles, inflatable slides and much more to private parties, school fetes, village fairs, festivals and corporate events. It has recently introduced new and exciting party bags (from £2.00 each) and delicious sweet trees for children’s parties and other special occasions. Please book early to avoid disappointment. In: Richmond, Kingston, Hounslow areas and North Surrey and surrounds Contact: Betty Philpott 020 8399 5679


Bedazzled Events and Parties

Ages: All. Party time: Variable A bespoke party planning service which


Little Hamsters Play Cafe

Ages: 0 to 5 Party time: Variable Little Hamsters can accommodate parties after 2pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and from 10am onwards on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All the facilities at the play café are available for parties, including the full range of toys/activities. Food can be catered or parents can organise their own. Little Hamsters has a flexible approach and will try to accommodate the required arrangements, wherever possible. In: Ham Contact: Helen and Beth 07432 354274

The Pavilion Café

Ages: All Party time: Variable Situated in the beautiful surrounds of Claygate Recreation Ground, The Pavilion Café is a venue that is available for a wide range of events, from birthday parties to christenings and can be fully-catered by professional chefs. In: Claygate Contact: Fanny Stocker 01372 464999



For children ages 5 to 8 years ALL CLASSES HELD INDOORS - FOOTBALL PARTIES AVAILABLE Call Andy for info and bookings on

07931 707720

The online Party Boutique


creates unique parties for all ages, working to a budget and theme of your choice. Package might include entertainment, such as themed games, parachute, dancing, puppets, magic, balloon modelling; decoration of your venue to include large freestanding backdrops, 3D props, character cutouts, flooring, balloons, bunting, as well as incorporating the theme into your party bags, personalised invitations, sweetie tables and catering. In: London-wide including Richmond, Kingston, Hounslow and North Surrey Contact: Juliet 07964 708505

An introduction to the world of fitness and football for children ages 2 1/2 to 5 years

Advert1a180mm x 60mm_Layout 1 07/02/2013 14:13 Page 1 Mortlake Terrace, Kew Green Richmond TW9 3DT


Contact: Lorna Belchambers 0845 481 6444 07766135907 May-June 2013


The Search for a Good Venue

It’s not always easy to find the right venue for your function, whether it be children’s birthday party, christening, cocktail party, pre-wedding

gathering, class reunion or small business function. Innovative businesswomen and foodies, Fanny Stocker, Helen Ayres and Lisa Buhr, proprietors of

W IN ! C O M PETITI O N ! W IN ! This is a chance for 3 families to WIN Family Tickets to the 2013 Foodies Festival at Hampton Court Palace. The Foodies Festival will be returning to Hampton Court Palace on 25, 26 and 27 May 2013. The UK’s largest celebration of food and drink will see visitors flock from the surrounding areas to feast on the vast array of culinary activities for the 5th consecutive year at Hampton Court Palace. There will be an exciting mix of food, drink and culinary talent at the festival, with top chefs, including Ed Baines of Randall & Aubin, TV’s Gennaro Contaldo of Two Greedy Italians, Martin Blunos of Iron Chef fame, Michelin-starred Steve Drake of Drakes, Gary Lee of The Ivy

The Pavilion Café in Claygate have the answer. They are making the café available for catered events, offering those interested the opportunity to share their passion for cooking and good food, with packages tailored to individual budgets. Perfectly located, in a peaceful, classically English setting, with the Claygate Recreation Ground forming a picturesque front garden, the café is an attractive venue at any time of year, and, as you can see from the above photo, even looks glorious in the snow! The Pavilion Café opened a year ago to cater for the many visitors to the recreation ground and children’s playground nearby, as well as local visitors from the village. Already an increasing number of visitors are arriving from the wider neighbourhood, having caught a whiff of the aroma of coffee (Musetti, no less!) and heard about the quality of the café’s beautiful homemade cakes. If you are looking for a venue for a children’s birthday party,

By Linda Stone

party time

Fanny reports that parties at The Pavilion Café are particularly good fun as the team work closely with a local Montessori school teacher who provides great entertainment and can supervise art and craft activities or party games. Once the tables in the café are pushed back, there’s also enough room for a dance or drama-based party too! In good weather, children can also spill outside onto the Recreation Ground for outside games. And for those of us that would like to enjoy the café during the evening, Fanny, Helen and Lisa are planning a Pop Up Restaurant at the venue this Autumn with visits from London chefs who will be cooking for restaurant –goers. “It’s going to be very exciting” says Fanny. Watch this space for more information as there are signs of tasty things to come!

further information, call The Pavilion Café on 01372 3For 464999 or read more about it at

as well as Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi of Caldesi restaurants and cook school will cook their signature dishes live in the Chefs’ Theatre and explain how amateur cooks can prepare the same dishes at home. There will also be a Drinks Masterclass, Cake & Bake Theatre and plenty for the kids, including Children’s Cookery Theatre.

The SeRVICe THAT’s GUARANTeeD to eliminate head lice Summon the Hairforce

01372 464 913


To enter: Go to our website at and answer the following question: Not including 2013, how many consecutive years has The Foodies Festival been held at Hampton Court Palace? Closing Date: Monday, 20 May 2013 (Terms and Conditions Apply)

SPriNgboard SWimmerS Private swimming lessons for pre-schoolers during term-time

Crash courses fo half-term anr the summerd holidays available

Call us on 020 8255 7455

or email May-June 2013

A great introduction to swimming, we run 30 minute lessons during term-time for your pre-schooler, whatever their ability. Suitable for: non-swimmers and beginners from 3 years of age. Where: Stanley Primary School, Teddington. This is an indoor, heated pool of constant 1m depth. WheN: Mondays; 9.30am & 10am. Mondays & Tuesdays; 12 to 3pm (last lesson starts at 2.30pm). CoSt: Lessons are payable termly in advance at £132.00 for a 12 week term. We also run CraSh CourSeS during school holidays, for all ages and abilities. If you haven’t done a crash course before, you will be amazed at how much progress is made in only one week!

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Children Meet Their Favourite Authors at Little Star Writing Workshops! By Linda Stone

On 22nd May, Melanie Taylor celebrates the first anniversary of Little Star Writing, her creative writing course for primary school kids. A professional writer and one-to-one creative writing tutor, Melanie set up Little Star Writing in 2012 when she realised how few opportunities children have to explore creative writing at school and because she wanted to show them that literacy could be fun. After graduating from university, Melanie wrote prolifically, producing a trilogy of books for teens and a series of 25 books for younger readers, as well as securing a literary agent. At the same time, she also tutored children and, as she spoke to them about her stories, she was inspired by their eagerness to sit down and write their own. “They were constantly asking me questions about how to create a believable character or how to write a good ending” she says. “This was when I realised there was a huge focus on reading, spelling and handwriting at school, but not so much on the

creative side of writing. It’s a shame because if children wrote a story each half term, their handwriting, reading and spelling would improve at the same time” she says. So Melanie decided to combine her passion for writing and experience as a tutor to implement workshops that nurtured students of different abilities, supported individual ideas and expression, and promoted the rewarding nature of creative writing. “The name ‘Little Star Writing’ flew to the forefront of my mind as if it had always been there, hiding in the shadows just waiting for the right time to present itself, and the journey since then has been incredible” Melanie reports.  Little Star Writing Workshops were launched as after-school clubs in a number of schools in the Richmond borough and were immediately a sell-out. More encouragement followed when Little Star Writer, Kyra Kerezovic, age 8, won the Arts Richmond Young Writers Award in 2012. Serena Saupin, also age 8 was shortlisted for the Award and also won the Twickenham Storytelling Festival, with Natalie


☛Kids play café, Teeney Weenies ( in Teddington is now CLOSED on Wednesdays. ☛New Little Kickers ( classes on Sundays at The Girl Guide Hall, Grotto Road in Weybridge! 9.05am for 18 to 24 months and 10.00am for 24 months to 3.5 years. ☛Toddler Sense has new venues in Thames Ditton/Esher on Wednesdays! 9.30am for 1 to 2 years and 10.40am for 2 to 3 years at the All Saints Weston Church Hall. ☛Catch-A-Balls, ( is offering a new class for 2.5 to 3.5 years at The Vera Fletcher Hall, 4 Embercourt Road in Thames Ditton on Mondays and for 18 months to 2.5 years, there are additional classes at The Claygate Village Hall in Claygate at 10.10am on Wednesdays and at The Vineyard Church, The Vineyard, Richmond at 11.05am on Tuesdays. ☛Ceramics Café in Kew ( is now CLOSED on Mondays, except for Bank Holidays and Half Term holidays.

☛Enerjetix ( Movement and Dance classes for 1 to 3 years teach the fundamentals of movement, agility, balance and co-ordination in Claygate and Kingston. New class this term at Claygate Martial Arts Centre at 11.15am on Mondays. ☛New Monkey Music (www.monkeymusic. class at United Reform Church in Twickenham Green on Tuesday mornings. Anyone signing up for the first term, will be entitled to a Monkey Music membership for just £1! (normal price £17) ☛New Tiny Tunes ( drop-in music classes for 3mths to 5 yrs in Whitton on Fridays at 10.00 to 10.40am and on Tuesday 10.00 to 10.40am in Isleworth. Two new classes opened last term in Weybridge on Wednesdays at 10.00am and 10.50am. ☛New Babyballet ( classes for age 12 mths to 5 yrs starting on a Tuesday in Molesey. For further details, visit website.

TEDDINGTON DANCE STUDIO “Where Dance is Life” Opened September 2012 in Teddington! Vibrant, friendly Dance School Ballet, Modern, Tap and Street Jazz. Pre-School Melody Movement & Tiny Tappers, from 2.5 years.

Sholaongpet, age 10, as a runner up, whilst Raphaella Simon, age 7 was shortlisted for the BBC’s 500 Words Competition. However, the highlights of Melanie’s year have been more subtle.“Some of my proudest moments have come from watching a reluctant writer read their work aloud with pride, and witnessing a 7-year-old work with an 11-year-old to give each other ideas and write a really wonderful story together” she says. Now, Little Star Writing has just launched weekly Saturday workshops for children age 7 upwards at Twickenham Library and will be launching in Walton on Thames later this year. These workshops offer an exciting opportunity for children to let their imaginations soar, work together to exchange ideas, and watch their writing skills improve weekly. Each Little Star writer will see their work in a professionally-bound book at the end of the term, as well as receiving a special certificate. Sponsorship from the largest children’s publisher in the world, Random House Children’s Books, will also allow Melanie to bring a number of authors along to Little Star Writing workshops to meet the children there.“I can’t wait to see the student’s faces when they get to meet some of their favourite authors, and I can barely contain my excitement about the year ahead!” says Melanie.


For more information about Little Star Writing workshops, see our listings on page 26 or visit

PETITES POINTES BALLET CLASSES A captivating introduction to ballet through storytelling for children age 2.5 to 5 years First Class FREE WHEN: Saturday morning Monday afternoon – NEW class!! WHERE: Innerspace Studio, Kingston, KT2 6NH ROYAL ACADEMY OF

Follow us on twitter @tds_teddington Facebook Page (Teddington Dance Studio)




May-June 2013

clubs& classes

Children, Health and a Love of Sport


By Matthew Bees

Gym memberships, boot camps and diets form the basis of many adult health regimes but is this really fun? After all, how often do you really WANT to go to the gym? Luckily, there is an alternative. Play sport! Those who play active sports like tennis, football or golf stay naturally fit and healthy throughout their lives. As a 5 year old, I distinctly remember watching Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe at Wimbledon in the late 70s and being desperate to have a go. In those days, there were no computer games on which to play tennis, so the only choice was to actually play! My older brother was also keen so we used to knock the ball against the garage

wall and when I found a piece of chalk and drew a net, I really thought we were at Wimbledon! He was Borg (and later Lendl) and I was McEnroe which always seemed to work as he inevitably won and I would always have a tantrum! This love of tennis at an early age has held me in good stead as I still love playing sport and have never needed a gym membership! Despite the Olympics last year, today’s children participate in sport less and less, but you can encourage them by enrolling them in a structured sports program at a young age. Many would quote obesity rates and hours spend sitting in front of the television as reasons to do so, but

I prefer to stay positive and just say that such programs are fun and healthy and you will notice the benefits to your children very quickly. And you never know, you may even have the next Wimbledon champion in the family!


Matthew Bees is Director of Ready Steady Go Kids UK, a multi-sport program for children between 2.5 and 6 years, now available in Kingston and coming soon to Richmond. For more information and to book a FREE trial, visit

Ready, Steady, Go Like the Aussies! Australia’s largest, most reputable multi-sport program for pre-schoolers Ready Steady Go Kids, launched in the UK in January and is now offering classes in Kingston, with Richmond classes coming soon . A proven success in Australia, its physio-designed program ensures that children have fun whilst learning many beneficial skills The business was brought into the UK by Surrey locals, Kathy

and Matthew Bees. “As parents, we’re passionate about the need to introduce sport and an active lifestyle to children before they reach school age. The Ready Steady Go Kids program ticks all the boxes for us, because it uses sports as a platform to teach children vital developmental and social skills and promotes health and fitness. Ready Steady Go Kids aims to instill positive attitudes towards exercise that its participants will carry with them for life!” Ready Steady Go Kids develops a child’s ability to concentrate,

Signing fun for little ones! TM

˘ Come along and join our sign and sing-a-long sessions

featuring nursery rhymes, action songs, games and stories ˘ Fun and friendly classes ˘ Lots of puppets, props and instruments ˘ Suitable for all babies and young children ˘ Singing Hands Songbooks, CDs and DVDs available ˘ For more information about our baby signing classes, toddler sessions or workshops for professionals, please contact us on: 020 8288 1706 or or

As featured on BBC Cbeebies ‘Something Special’ & ‘Tikkabilla’

May-June 2013

Teddington Dance Studio: “Where Dance is Life”

listen, follow directions and grasp the basic concepts of colours, numbers and shapes, which increases school readiness. Kids also learn sportsmanship by taking turns, playing by the rules and co-operating with their peers. Classes are 45 minutes and cover the fundamentals of football, tennis, basketball, hockey (Uni-hoc), golf, rugby, cricket, t-ball and athletics, whilst developing age-appropriate motor skills. For more information, visit


In September 2012, a new dance studio opened in Teddington and is already introducing new classes. Teddington Dance Studio’s motto is “Where Dance is Life” and this is reflective of the passion of Principal, Natalie for introducing children to the beauty of dance and her belief that it can offer lifelong flexibility, health and happiness. Teddington Dance Studio offers classes in ballet, modern, tap and street jazz in a friendly, vibrant environment. Pre-schoolers can enjoy Melody Movement and Tiny Tappers classes from 2.5 years. Natalie holds teaching qualifications with the I.D.T.A and the I.S.T.D examining boards and has 100% pass rate with all students she has entered in their exams. Students at Teddington Dance can work towards grade examinations in ballet, tap and modern. For further information, visit


Fun filled, high energy, interactive Movement and Dance classes for toddlers (walking to age 3)

Boost your child’s rhythm, co-ordination and creativity!

Claygate and Kingston!

Contact: 07714 761402


clubs& classes

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clubs and classes directory



Ages: All Fun art classes and workshops with 1:1 tuition, working with your children to nurture creativity and ability. Children can experiment with materials in a safe and creative environment and be introduced to a world of new ideas, materials and techniques. Classes held in brand new, purpose-built studio! Popular “Portraits for Father’s Day” Workshops on Sat, 1 June and Sun, 2 June at 10.30. Toddler classes arriving soon! See page 33 for Summer Holiday Workshop details. In: Sunbury Contact: Lynette Pitzolu 07971 475373

st Fir is ss a l c e! Fre


Weekl y drama-based workshops for children aged 18mt hs - 7 years. A fun way to develop your child's confidence and communication skills. BFP A5Flyer 080911_BFP A5Flyer Sept2009 09/09/2011 16:01 Page 1 | 020 3222 3085

Cosy, unique ‘paint your own ceramics’ studio which can bring out the artist in everyone! Bright, colourful studio designed to inspire even the most unartistic, it’s the ideal place for a creative get-together. Services include studio painting sessions, an annual membership scheme, gift vouchers, baby hand and foot print sessions, birthday parties, evening painting sessions for adults, off-site functions, ‘take home’ packs and commissions. In: Claygate Contact: Hannah Young 01372 462447


Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington, Surbiton, Epsom, Gymnastic Classes Thames PartiesDitton, Cobham, Weybridge & Barnes Scarves Camps Bubbles Balls Holiday Shakers Bean Bags Pom Poms Parachute Also Parties !

3mths – 5 yrs (£5 Sibling £2.50) E: T: 07977 585020

Gymnastic classes in your area!

Ages: All Children have the opportunity to create something unique. Starting with a plain white bisque shape, they paint on their design using ceramic under-glazes, it is then fired in the kiln, and their piece is ready for collection within 2-4 days. Please note: now closed Mondays, except Bank Holidays and Half Terms. In: Kew Contact: Joanna Wronka 020 8332 6661


Ages: All Pottery painting at After School Club every Thursday. Children make a different piece each week. Messy Play for Toddlers every Tues and Thurs £6. See page 33 for Summer Holiday Workshop details. In: Teddington Contact: Una Fagan 020 8973 1468


Ages: All Friendly, relaxed studio for all ages. Ceramic painting, baby hand/foot prints and casts. Free refreshments! In: Thames Ditton Contact: Sue Lewis 020 8398 6681


Ages: 0 to 3 Programme specifically designed for babies to stimulate all the senses and assist baby development, including listening and communication skills. In: Staines, Lower Sunbury, Addlestone and Weybridge Contact: Jo Ashe 07810 540352


Ages: 0 to 5 Play and Learn, Art, Music and Sensory Play for Babies. Classes are designed by experts in early childhood development to help young children learn as they play and teach parents/carers fun and interesting ways to engage with them. See page 32 for Summer Holiday Workshop details at St Margarets! 26

Contact: St Margarets 020 8607 9995, Surbiton 020 8398 9360, West Byfleet 01932 353 313


Ages: Babies & Toddlers Introduction to baby signing through songs, rhymes, stories and games. Babies have a natural tendency to use gesture (eg. clapping and waving bye-bye.) Baby signing builds on these normal patterns of communication. Toddler Classes also available. In: St Margarets, Twickenham, Teddington Contact: Suzanne or Tracy 020 8288 1706


Ages: 4mths to 12yrs Fun, gymnastics-based, non-competitive development classes, filled with movement, learning and laughter. The age-appropriate curriculum is designed to facilitate on-going skill development and maximum fun. Children progress at their own pace, developing their confidence as they develop new skills. See page 33 for Summer Holiday Workshop details. In: Hampton Hill Contact: Lorna Sutton 020 8977 0099


Ages: 13mths to 3yrs From the providers of Baby Sensory, a fast moving action packed programme for toddlers with great music, great equipment and imaginary adventures like climbing a snow mountain, going on safari, swimming with dolphins and hunting with dinosaurs. Emphasis is on mobility, excitement and exploration. In: Addlestone, Kempton Park, Teddington, Cobham and NEW in Thames Ditton/Esher! Contact: Sarah Taylor 07970 796606 for Teddington, Cobham, Thames Ditton/Esher and Jo Ashe 07810 540352 for Addlestone, Kempton Park



Ages: 4-12. Monthly Saturday Cooking Club for kids, after school and lunch time cooking classes in local schools and 2-3 hour holiday workshops with food cooked to be taken home. In: Kingston/Claygate/Surbiton/Thames Ditton areas Contact: Susan Carmichael 07789 792676


Creative writing workshops for primary school children, which offer an exciting opportunity for them to let their imaginations soar, work together to exchange ideas, and watch their writing skills improve weekly. Popular children’s authors will also be invited to attend and share ideas with the children. All children will receive a certificate and their stories will appear in specially-bound book at the end of the term. In: Twickenham (starts 27 April) and coming to Walton on Thames later in 2013 Contact: Melanie Taylor



Ages: 6 mths to 5yrs Award-winning movement to music programme for little ones from 6 months. Fun and educational, programme designed to encourage babies and young children to enjoy the benefits and joys of song and dance and provide them with the opportunity to express themselves. In: Wimbledon, New Malden, Reigate, Epsom, Dorking, Redhill, Cobham, Esher, Walton, Weybridge, plus NEW classes in Molesey on Tuesday mornings for ages 12 mths to 5 yrs! For more details check website. May-June 2013

Marlborough Primary School Summer Fair ( on 18 May and competing in the National Dance Challenge (www.dancechallenge. on 23 June. See page 32 for Summer Holiday Workshop details. In: Isleworth, Chertsey Contact: Kate Broughton 07957 639460


Ages: 2.5 to 18 Ballet, tap, hip hop/street, contemporary/lyrical and jazz classes for children of all ages. Non exam-based school with emphasis on performance and competitions. Professional, friendly environment. See page 32 for Summer Holiday Workshop details. In: Cobham Contact: Deborah Rich 07759 502508


Ages: 2 to 9 Kate’s School of Dance offers enjoyable and structured lessons in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. All students are encouraged to the best of their ability. The goal is to engage children’s imagination and instil a love of dance. Watch out for Kate’s Step It Out Street Dance crew who are performing at the


Ages: 1 to 5 Be transported to another world every week as these interactive, drama-based workshops ignite your child’s imagination. See page 33 for May Half-Term and Summer Holiday Workshop details. In: Twickenham, Richmond Contact: Amanda Wright 020 3222 3085



Ages: 3 to 16+ Dedicated to encouraging young people to reach their maximum BROOKS DANCE ACADEMY potential in a fun and friendly setting Ages: 2.5 to 5 and through the use of Drama, Music, Petites Pointes ballet classes, with music Dance and Creative Movement. Weekly and props, based on traditional tales workshops with trained teachers, such as The Three Little Pigs, Jack and TEDDINGTON DANCE theatre practitioners and education the Beanstalk and Goldilocks. Familiar STUDIO NEW professionals who are dedicated to Ages: 2.5+ repetitive rhymes and creative imagery making your child’s experience at Step A vibrant, new dance school that make classes easy to follow. Parents on Stage fun, exciting and rewarding. teaches all students to enjoy the art of and carers are encouraged to join in to help younger children feel comfortable. dance. Students of all ages are welcome See page 33 for Summer Holiday Workshop details. and encouraged to learn and develop After-school classes in Surbiton In: Hampton Hill their dance technique in a fun and coming in September! Contact: Emma-Louise Tinniswood friendly environment. Ballet, Tap and In: Kingston 020 8408 0633 Modern are taught and students can Contact: Laura Brooks study for IDTA and ISDT grade exams in 07958 530962 www. these disciplines. STAGECOACH Ages: 4 to 18 In: Teddington ENERJETIX Caters for the needs of young Contact: Natalie Ages: 1 to 11 NEW performers, whether rather reserved or 07887 353950 Led by ex-professional dancer and budding talents. Classes concentrate on physical theatre artist, Eleanor Dowling, singing, dance and drama, rather than vibrant, fun, interactive classes for both TWINKLE TOES BALLET rehearsing for end of term presentaboys and girls for little ones age 1 to 3, Ages: 6mths to 10yrs tions so every child has their chance full of action, rhythm, props and plenty Offers babies, toddlers and to shine, to learn and to develop. pre-schoolers a magical experience of clapping and bopping! Parents love See page 32 for Summer Holiday joining in too! For 6-11 year olds, classes full of fun, imaginative, theatrical Workshop details. incorporating street, contemporary, hip ballet. Classes are designed to develop In: Chertsey 0845 265 7081, Hinchley musicality, balance, coordination, and hop and theatre. Eleanor gauges her Wood 01932 254333, Hounslow 0845 classes to each age group to ensure that self-confidence. 078 0804, Kew 020 8487 1456, New they are physical, engaging and most of In: Richmond, Kew, Sheen, Malden 020 8540 7791, Richmond Twickenham all fun. NEW Monday class 020 8332 6741, Staines 0845 055 Contact: Jessica Williams in Claygate! 6356, Twickenham 020 8224 6905, 07879 521456 In: Claygate & North Kingston Weybridge 01932 422664. Contact: Eleanor Dowling 01372 202162


clubs& classes

Holiday Workshop details. 0845 400 1284


Ages: 3.5 to 8 Stories and class plans are designed to

ensure they are age appropriate for each of the 3 different class structures. Stories are filled with characters that children love, such as pirates, explorers, sharks, fairies, superheroes and princesses. See page 33 for Summer Holiday Workshop details. In: Kingston, Richmond, Teddington, Claygate, Oxshott, Thames Ditton, Weybridge Contact: Greater London 0800 975 5290, North Surrey, Epsom & Surrounds 01483 882244


Ages: under 21 Although an official Pony Club Centre where children can learn on a weekly basis about horses and pony care as well as improving their riding, and working towards a variety of badges and achievements, anybody of any age can come and enjoy a ride at the stables. Children with special needs very welcome. See page 32 for School Holiday activities. In: Teddington Contact: Natalie O’Rourke 07796 842328



Ages: 0 to 5 Music classes for babies and young


Ages: 3mths to 12yrs A unique mix of drama, dance and singing specially formulated to bring out every child’s true potential. Classes are kept small to ensure lots of individual attention by experienced teachers. In: Esher, Isleworth, Kew, Kingston, Richmond, Sunbury, Surbiton, Teddington, Twickenham, Weybridge. See page 32 for Summer

0800 849 6334 / 07584 473784

Come and Join the Fun!

Book a3w cours e foreek


The award winning movement to music, dance and singing programme for boys and girls from 6 months upwards run within a fun, safe and caring environment

Cobham, Weybridge and Molesey Miss Jennie 01932 866609 Nursery

New Malden, Epsom, Wimbledon, visits and parties also Redhill, Reigate and Dorking available Miss Ayse 01737 227039 May-June 2013


clubs and classes directory

Contact: Miss Jennie 01932 866609 for Cobham, Esher, Walton, Weybridge, Molesey and Miss Ayse 01737 227039 for Wimbledon, New Malden, Reigate, Redhill, Dorking, Epsom

clubs& classes

clubs and classes directory


children, taught by West End performers, experienced teachers and mummies. Classes offer a unique introduction to music with exciting themes, colourful instruments and amazing puppets. In: Hampton, Hampton Hill, Ham, Twickenham, Teddington, Richmond Contact: Tim or Emily 020 8979 9139

Christina’s Fun with Music

Ages: 1 to 5 Classes have a good mix of ages and are structured to give the children a secure platform for learning. Puppets, music, rythmic movement and percussion instruments are used to encourage each child’s growth and development. In: Richmond Contact: Christina Northcott 020 8332 2275

Monkey Music

Ages: 3mths to 4yrs Progressive and educational 4 stage curriculum is designed to nurture a lifetime love of music. Age appropriate classes. By age 4, children have developed a sound base from which to build a musical future. In: Kingston & Surbiton 020 8224 3971, Banstead, Claygate & Esher 01932 223309, Weybridge, Cobham, Hersham & Molesey 020 8224 0096, Kew, Richmond, Twickenham & Teddington 020 8847 4031

Tiny Tunes

Ages: 3mths to 5yrs Pay As You Go baby and toddler music and movement classes for little ones! Hide under a parachute, wave pom poms, shake maracas, dance with bubbles and sing along! As well as favourite rhymes and songs, Tiny Tunes gets the little ones dancing to some pop classics! In: Richmond, Teddington, Barnes, Thames Ditton, Twickenham, Surbiton, Cobham, Weybridge, Epsom, NEW Isleworth and Whitton!

Contact: Lisa Morris 07977 585020


Little Hamsters Play Café

Ages: 0 to 5 Relaxed environment, coffee, cakes, lunches. Soft play shapes, ball pool, ride-on toys and various exciting and stimulating table-top activities and puzzles, in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Outdoor playground. Indoor and outdoor seating. Free parking, Free Wi-Fi Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am to 2pm term time only. In: Ham Contact: Helen & Beth 07432 354274

Teeney Weenies Play Café

Ages: 0 to 7 Indoor and outdoor toys including trampolines, soft play, bouncy castle, slides, sand and water tables, baby corner and more. Free parking, Free Wi-Fi. Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 9am to 1.30pm all year except bank holidays. Please note: Now closed on Wednesdays. In: Teddington Contact: Maha 07940 348726


BackFlip Performers NEW

Ages: 2 to 12 BackFlip Performers’ staff are unique. They specialise in teaching basic gymnastic skills but in a fun and interactive way. All staff are ex-gymnasts which gives them the ability to demonstrate the skills to the children, so that they can learn in a visual way which can be one of the most effective ways of learning. In: Bedfont, Petersham, Weybridge, Thames Ditton, Barnes Contact: Katie Cannon 020 8940 7998


Ages: 18mths to 5yrs Ball skills classes to prepare toddlers and pre-schoolers for a range of different sports and to encourage a healthy active life. Classes teach ball, racket and movement skills like throwing, catching, aiming and

bouncing, with a variety of objects including balls, bean bags, scarves and hoops. New classes added in Thames Ditton, Claygate and Richmond! In: Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston, Teddington, Thames Ditton, Claygate and Surbiton Contact: Heather 020 8398 3034 for Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston, Teddington and Roz 020 8972 9223 for Thames Ditton, Claygate and Surbiton

Footie Tots

Ages: 2.5 to 5 An introduction to the world of fitness and football, teaching basic skills, scoring lots of goals and having fun on the way. All classes are held indoors. See page 32 for May Half Term and Summer Holiday Workshops details. In: Hampton, Teddington, Twickenham, Heathrow Gym, Esher, Thames Ditton Contact: Andy Scates 07931 707720

GBMAA Martial Arts

Ages: 4 to 14 The Great Britain Martial Arts Academies are at the forefront of Martial Arts in the UK. Li’l Dragon Programmes ages 4 to 6. Kids Zone ages 7 to 8 and Children’s Programme ages 9 to 14. Children work on their own personal development through non-violent resolutions to conflict, building self-confidence and self-discipline, respecting others, setting goals and working as a team. In: Cobham Contact: Saffron Power 0845 177 5001

Little Kickers

Ages: 4 -7 The real goal of Little Kickers is to use football as a fun forum to instil extra confidence, co-ordination, control and a sense of camaraderie whilst also recognising that every child is an individual, and that children develop their skills best when playing with other of a similar age and ability. NEW Sunday morning classes in Weybridge! See News Round Up on page 24 for more information. see page 32 for Summer Holiday Workshop details.

In: Kingston, Richmond, Weybridge Contact: Helen Kelly, 020 8286 6038 for Kingston, Graham Ware 020 8979 8048 for Richmond and Claire Richardson 01932 847439 for Weybridge

Ready Steady Go Kids NEW

Ages: 2-6 Structured multi-sport program offering 45 minute classes which cover the fundamentals of football, tennis, basketball, hockey (Uni-hoc), golf, rugby, cricket, t-ball and athletics, whilst developing age-appropriate motor skills and learning about the concept of sportsmanship, by taking turns, playing by the rules and cooperating with their peers. In: Kingston, Epsom and coming soon to Richmond! Contact: Kathy Bees 0800 690 6591


Ages: 2-7 Rugbytots is a specifically designed play programme using the multiple skills of rugby to create fun and enjoyable environment, whilst developing basic core motor skills. New classes coming soon in St Margarets! In: Twickenham, St Margarets, Surbiton, Hersham, Hampton Contact: Lorna Belchambers 0845 481 6444 SpRingboard Swimmers NEW Ages: 3+ Top quality, friendly and professional weekly swimming lessons and crash courses suitable for non-swimmers and beginners. These courses teach children to swim well and not just pass badges. Small groups of 3 children and excellent teachers. You will be amazed at how much progress your child will make. Mother and Baby and Toddler groups through to teenager squads and every available ability in between. see page 33 for Summer Holiday Workshop details. In: Teddington, Twickenham, Hampton Contact: Karen Duane 020 8255 7455

Approved football training for kids aged 18 months to 7 years

Kingston 020 8286 6038 Richmond 020 8979 8048 Weybridge 01932 847439 28

Where learning’s a ball May-June 2013

We are far from an ordinary letting agent. We are exceptionally good at what we do.


PROPERTIES The Independent Letting Specialists

And we know how to make you happy. Being totally independent, we can offer flexible and sensible fees, totally bespoke to your needs. What’s more, we give you a reduction on renewals and no tie-in periods. The corporate relocation agents love renting our properties because we guarantee a standard that is above average with a service they can rely on. Everything about us is extraordinary. We want to let your property, so call us today 020 3355 5530


Property Guide

MOVING HOUSE WITH CHILDREN Samantha Avery offers her advice We all know that moving house is one of the most stressful events we have to deal with in life, but if you are moving house with children, there’s no doubt it could be vying for the top spot. From the first time you think about moving, to the day of the move itself, careful planning, open communication and the inclusion of all family members in age appropriate decision making and responsibilities is the only way to ensure that you don’t end up making your next home a room at The Priory! Small children get very excited when being shown a new house, and this can be utterly distracting for you, particularly if the occupier is still living there and all you can concentrate on is limiting the damage your little ones are doing whilst investigating their new surroundings. So the first thing I would recommend is, wherever possible, leave the little ones at home while you are viewing property. There’s time enough to introduce them to what will be their new surroundings once you’ve made your choice, when it’s a good idea to take them to their new home a couple of times before moving in, to make the whole thing more real and familiar. I do think it’s a good idea to discuss the move with older children as early as you can to give them as much time to get used to the idea as possible. Small children are unlikely to object, as they depend totally on mum and dad for their security, but it can be more tricky to contend with older children in the same situation, particularly if the move will involve them going to a different school and/or losing their friends, which can feel like the end of the world to them. Listen to their concerns, and treat them with respect, otherwise you might end up with a rebellion on your hands. Whilst packing up your house, explain to

London Van MoVes TRULY PRoFessIonaL Man and Van seRVICe. We CoMe HIGHLY ReCoMMended

West and South West London & Surrey Removals, picks ups/deliveries Single items/full loads

FROM £15 PER HOUR Driver can load/unload And take up to 2 people along in the van!

CaLL 07787 995795

Fun WithMusic! Music! Fun With

In Central CentralRichmond Richmond In Music Classes for for Music Classes Music Classes for 1-5 Year Olds 1-5 Year Olds 1-5 Year Olds

little children that their toys are just being put in boxes so they can be taken to their new home, otherwise they may worry that they are disappearing or being taken away from them. Having moved myself with 3 children, I’d advise packing these things up when your Little Darlings are not around and stashing them out of site, otherwise everything gets removed from the boxes as quickly as it is packed away! Moving Day has arrived! Once the children have said ‘goodbye’ to their old house, arrange for younger children to be looked after, and bring them into the mix a little later on, when they can join in with the excitement of seeing their new house filling up with their familiar things. Slightly older children can decide where to put things in their bedrooms and do some unpacking of their own. However, you may find they get bored with this quite quickly, so ensure you have one box that stays with you all day containing a few of their favourite toys, books and pencils. It’s a good idea to include drinks and snacks too – and a bottle of wine and two glasses for mum and dad at the end of a busy day!

With the right approach, moving to a new home can be a very positive experience for a family, so it is well worth putting in some thought and planning to ensure that you all get the best out of the experience.


Samantha Avery is the founder of Village Properties, a specialist lettings agency with offices in Richmond and Barnes. Sam and her colleagues, Joanna and Anna, are, between them, mothers to a total of 8 children of varying ages and are very well-qualified to anticipate what you need from a property, even before you thought of it yourself! For more information, visit

Is Your Family Home in Need of a New Family? By Linda Stone When you come to choose an estate agent to let your family home, it’s really hard to know which agent to instruct, particularly as there are so many from which to choose. Village Properties specialises in renting beautiful family homes across South West London and Surrey to highly respected families, many of whom come from overseas and need a little bit of extra handholding. Uniquely, Samantha Avery and her business partners at Village Properties are all mums, which means they have the edge over the competition when it comes to anticipating the needs both of those letting and those renting family homes. Forming long-term relationships with the landlords with which it works, many stretching back over 15 years, Village Properties also

offers a range of flexible terms to suit a variety of circumstances, including reduced commission rates if a tenant stays longer than 1 year and no tie-in periods. As members of the Association of Residential Letting Agents, Samantha and her team take their business very seriously, going out of their way to stay abreast of all the current legalities and regulations that can affect their clients and therefore assuring them total peace of mind. “Personal recommendation is the core of our business” says Samantha “and we’re very proud of the fact that we provide a service beyond normal expectations in our industry, and that so many of our valued clients belief we deliver an exceptional service.” For more information, visit

GI V EAWA Y ! GI V EAWA Y ! GI V EAWA Y ! FREE COPIES OF “PROPERTY FOR THE NEXT GENERATION” BY VICKI WUSHCE We have 3 copies of this brand new book to giveaway. Recent research shows that many young people suffer self-esteem issues caused by their inability to enter the housing market. These days over half of university graduates cannot afford to buy their own homes and many first time home buyers are over 35 years old. Author of this book, Vicki Wusche, believes we can change this by teaching children and young people about property as an asset and a business opportunity – rather than an emotional burden, which it

For For more information, more information call: call:

For more information, call:

020-8332-2275 020-8332-2275

can be for so many. This book includes valuable tips and advice about teaching your children about property and money, so that when they are ready to take the first step on the ladder, they can do so – without dipping into your bank account!

To apply for your free copy, please go to

020-8332-2275 30

May-June 2013


With the cost of property in London continuing to accelerate rapidly, it will be increasingly difficult for our children to buy their own property locally. Many parents resort to buying property for their children themselves, but if you don’t want to empty your own bank account, you need to teach them about property as an asset and a business opportunity, rather than the financial and emotional burden that it can be to many people. Here are a few tips: 3 We need to teach children the difference between good debt and bad debt. Good debt puts money in your pocket. Bad debt costs you money. 3 Does your house put money in your pocket? No. It is a liability. Yet we are taught that owning your own home is an asset. In fact, owning a property rented out to a tenant is an asset, but when you live in it then you have to pay the bills! 3 Think of property as a business opportunity as well as a place to live. For instance, when your child becomes an adult, if they can’t afford to buy property where they want to live, then they can buy it in a location they can afford, rent it out to tenants and use the income to rent in their place of choice. 3 Talk freely about money with your children. Explain why you are being financially successful and, if you are struggling, explain to them what has changed. These are the real lessons about money that children need to understand.

you need to find properties that will generate over 10% return on investment in order to compensate. These will generally be found outside London. 3 If you have children under 10, then they will not be eligible for a mortgage in their own name for at least 8 years. By that time the recession will be over and property prices will start rising. If you buy property now (with your children’s future in mind) you could either re-mortgage or sell those

How to help your child buy their first property without dipping into your bank account 3 When you start to explore property investment as a business opportunity you must understand ‘return on investment’ as a way to compare one opportunity with another. Return on investment or ROI is an equation which shows you what you will get back in return for investing in a particular opportunity. 3 Understand the impact of inflation and house prices on your family’s wealth. For example, if house prices are not increasing and inflation is between 2% and 4% then your home might actually be losing value in real terms. But, if you invested in property that made a 10% to 15% return, then you’d be borrowing money at 5% to make 15%. These are just examples, so make sure you do your own maths. 3 Always take responsibility for any investment you make. Never just hand money over to

someone else. Check the viability of an investment and do your homework. Encourage your children to do the same. 3 Never sell a house - always consider it part of your portfolio. If you do have to move, always explore whether you can rent your property for a profit. 3 If you have cash resources or available equity, start investing now. Interest rates will eventually increase and so


properties in 8 to10 years and use the profit to pay a deposit on a property for your child. 3 If you don’t have money to invest now, start saving and then buy smaller properties as soon as you can afford them, buying with your children in mind.

In 20 months, single mother, Vicki Wusche has gone from a single mother on a limited income, to financial freedom and a property portfolio worth £2m. Vicki has been investing in property herself for many years and runs a successful business sourcing property for other investors and teaching people how to invest in it. She is author of 3 property investment books and has helped her daughter buy her own property using the techniques she teaches in her book Property for the Next Generation. Read how to win copies of this book on page 30. For more information about Vicki, visit

Cocoon Lettings Kingston Local Service. Online Prices.

New Landlord Offer: Let Only 4% (No VAT) Rent Collection 6.5% (No VAT) Fully Managed 8% (No VAT) (offer ends 22nd March 2013) Call us for a Free Valuation: 020 300 63 515 Visit:

May-June 2013


Camps, Courses and Workshops

May Half Term and Summer Holiday Preview

SUMMER CAMPS, courses and workshops

Our extensive Summer Camps, Courses and Workshops feature in the July/August issue provides the low-down on the huge number of local activities available to your child during the Summer Holidays. However, some activities book up early and some parents like to get organised, so here is a sneak preview of just a few of the options on offer, as well as more information about what’s happening during the May Half Term. Children aged 8 to 18 can enjoy hip/hop, street, contemporary, musical theatre, commercial, jazz, break and even basic tumbling such as cartwheels and somersaults at the Flipside Dance Summer School ( in Cobham. Running 8.45am to 4.15pm from 12 to 16 August, this serious, but fun summer school, for children who have been doing some dance for a year, is taught by highly qualified teachers who are current or ex-West End performers. For younger children, Flipside Dance will be offering a fun and funky Summer School for children aged 4 to 8 from

9.30am to 12.30pm from 21 to 23 August at which students will learn parts from West End musicals such as Matilda and The Lion King. No experience is required and the workshop includes some ballet, a little gym tumbling, rhythm beats and jazz/pop. No specific dance wear is needed and children will have the opportunity to work in both groups of similar age and of similar ability. Early Bird Rate up to 30 June!

Park Lane Stables ( in Teddington offers pony rides for all the family during school holidays, as well as Pony Mornings which will allow children to get ‘hands-on’ with the ponies, as well as riding them. You don’t have to belong to Park Lane Stables in order to enjoy its facilities; it offers riding for everyone at a very affordable cost – family rides start at £15. It also welcomes children with special needs.

Popular drama school, Stagecoach will be running workshops at various local locations throughout the Summer Holidays. Richmond ( richmond) will host a Welcome to the 60s workshop from 29 July to 2 August, with music, costumes from the era and, of course, performance from 29 July to 2 August. In East Molesey (www.stagecoach., Just Dance will run from 10am to 4.30pm from 29 July to 2 August and Put On a Show from 10am to 4.30pm from 12 August to 16 August. Both workshops end with a performance for friends and family.

Footie Tots is running its highly successful half and full day Footie Winning Ways Football Camp in Thames Ditton during May Half Term and the Summer Holidays. Call 07931 707720 or email andyandlucyscates@gmail. com. Little Kickers is holding a 5 day football camp in Teddington for children ages 2 to 7, starting 5 August from 9am to 12 noon.

A 5 day camp is also planned for Twickenham from 19 August from 9am to 3pm. Call 020 8979 8048 or email gware@littlekickers.

Kate’s School of Dance (www. is holding weekly Summer Dance and Creativity Workshops from 29 July and 9 August in Isleworth for children age 4 to 10 years. Children will learn a different dance style each day, make backdrops and props, play dance games and put on a performance for the parents on the last day. Book by 31 May and receive a 10% discount! Gymboree St Margarets is planning 5 to 6 weeks of workshops for children aged 3 to 6 during the Summer Holidays. With weekly themes such as Wacky Science, Theatre Arts, Crafty Kids, Dance and Groove, children will learn and develop a new skill over the 5 day period. Each workshop lasts an hour each day and parents can drop and go! Call 020 8607 9995 or email stmargarets@

Perform will also be visiting the classics this summer, with a 5 day Aladdin, Jasmine and The Genie Summer Workshop for 4 to 8 year olds, in Esher (29 July to 2 August) and Teddington (5 to 9 August). Experienced theatre professionals will help the children combine live original music, inspirational dance, quick witted improvisation and colourful costumes into a mini performance on the final day.

NOW ENROLLING! For all classes April & September 2013 Award Winning Performing Arts School

April 2013

FFRREEEE CCLLAASSSS & & NNoow w EEnnrroollliinngg Summer Schools for 4 – 18 years GLEE Week – Musical Theatre The Selfish Giant – Treasure Island LAMDA, Youth Theatre & Children’s Agency Call 0208 408 0633 / 07973 900196


May-June 2013

Happy Potter Ceramics (www. in Teddington will be running creative 3 day camps during May Half Term and the Summer Holidays, where children can try their hands at pottery and pottery painting, decopatch and t-shirt design. Children can attend per session or per day.

It’s the perfect time for your child to learn to swim! Springboard Swimmers May Half Term swimming course runs from 27 to 31 May in Teddington and throughout the Summer Holidays. Suitable for non-swimmers and beginners aged 3 to 8 who are unable to swim a streamlined front and back crawl, instruction takes place in small groups of 3 children. Tutors are in the water with children and parents can observe poolside. Call 020 8255 7455 or email springboardadmin@

The Little Gym in Hampton Hill ( is running a gymnastics-based camp for children 3 to 7 years on Wednesday, 29 May.

Packed with exciting activities, the camp is already booking fast! Looking ahead, The Little Gym will be offering specially created 3 hour, Ofsted-approved camps for 3 to 6 year olds from 22 July to 31 August. Children will enjoy games, crafts and gymnastics-based activities organised around a fun weekly theme.There will also be a special program of classes running all summer for under 3s and over 6s.

Something different is offered at FunTech Summer Camps ( for ages 7 to 16 in Richmond. FunTech is an extra-curricular computing school, described by the BBC as having “a solid reputation

for both using the latest technology and innovate teaching techniques.” Technology is at the core of all the camps which are taught by staff passionate about computer science. The FunTyper camp offers a series of fun and creative games which also teach kids valuable touch-typing skills, whilst the Lego NXT camp challenges children to build the ultimate robot whilst simultaneously learning valuable ICT and programming skills.

26 children attended Bridge Storytelling Adventures ( Easter Workshop Alice in Wonderland in Twickenham, a tribute to its professional standards and growing popularity. Between 27 and 31 May from 10am to 12 noon each day, Storytelling Adventures will be offering Peter Pan Adventures in Twickenham, a fabulous

workshop, which will include storytelling, drama, singing and art and craft. Meanwhile, it is planning 5 day Jungle Book Adventures in Twickenham weeks beginning 29 July and 5 August from 10am to 12 noon each day.

May-June 2013

Recognising that children’s classics like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory retain their captivating appeal today, independent drama school, Step on Stage Academy ( in Twickenham offers children the chance to become familiar with these stories through performance! This Summer Holidays, Step on Stage will offer The Selfish Giant Workshop (13 to 15 August)

and Treasure Island Workshop (20 to 22 August) for children age 3 to 8. Multi-talented in the arts, Principal, Emma Tinniswood has co-written a musical called Caught in the Crossfire (5 to 10 August) about evacuees during WW11 and this workshop will be on offer to children age 5 to 11. For 11 to 18 year olds, Broadway Baby (5 to 10 August) explores the world of Broadway and the West End from 1900 to 2013, whilst Glee (29 July to 2 August) is a song and dance extravaganza in which 8 to 16 year olds can sing and dance their way through various vocal and dance styles including jazz, rock and pop, developing their skills and technique.

Koosa Kids Clubs (www. is running fun-packed, affordable, Ofsted-approved multi-activity clubs with over 350 activities on offer for children 4 to 13 years throughout May Half Term and the Summer Holidays. The clubs run from 28 to 31 May, then weekly from 25 July to 31 August at Shene Sports Centre, Teddington Sports Centre and Orleans Park Sports Centre. A standard day

runs from 10am to 4pm, with an extended day from 8.15am to 6pm also available. Children can attend for 1 or more days or a full week with an 8% discount! 3rd child goes free!

Suitable for children 3.5 to 6 years, The First Ever Whale Story Workshop featuring pirates, sea fairies and the Queen of the Sea forms the basis of Theatrebugs Summer Holiday Drama Workshops (www., 5 fun filled days of acting, singing, dancing, dressing up and art and craft. Workshops take place in Kew and Kingston (5 to 9 August

9.30am to 12 noon), Cobham (5 to 9 August 9.00am to 12 noon), Claygate, (12 to 16 August, 9.00am to 12noon), Epsom, (12 to 16 August 1.30pm to 4.30pm) and Weybridge (19 to 23 August 1.30pm to 4.30pm). 10% sibling discount. 20% Early Bug discount for Cobham, Claygate, Epsom and Weybridge.

SUMMER CAMPS, courses and workshops

The Art Class in Sunbury, is offering May Half Term workshops on 28 and 29 May from 10am to 3.30pm and on selected days throughout the Summer Holidays from 25 July. Suitable for ages 5 to 12 years, workshops explore a range of mediums and subjects including printing, sculpture, painting and the work of a range of artists as diverse as Andy Warhol and Gustav Klimt. Email lynette@ or call 07971 475373.

Based on the British Dance Arts Federation Syllabus (BDAF) .

Flipside Performance Dance School For all ages and abilities. Boys and Girls. We also offer jazz and tap classes for all ages. Classes take place at Cobham Village Hall (KT11 2LU). To register for a class that is right for your child or for more information visit: or contact us at flipsidedance flipsidedance FSD Ballet FlyerNEW resize 87mm x85mm.indd 1


11/04/2013 20:35

the baby pages . the baby pages . the baby pages

Put the books away and hold Your Baby Instead! By Louise Nunn and Wendy Burman

With the wealth of information about pregnancy, birth and baby care available, it’s difficult to decide what to take on board and what to ignore. With this in mind, we asked some new mums from our antenatal courses to tell us what tips they would pass on about the realities of giving birth and coping with the first few weeks of motherhood. What advice would you pass on about pregnancy? The overwhelming majority of mums recommended attending good antenatal classes, in order to feel more prepared and to meet other mums and make friends. The other unanimous tip was to sleep as much as possible during pregnancy, as you will get very little chance when your baby arrives! Rebecca, Mum of Lexi, 7 months: ‘Enjoy every moment! Research the birth process, attend antenatal classes and don’t worry! There are so many books that tell you different things, that you shouldn’t hold your baby too much, that you need a routine or that your baby will never sleep through the night. Just go with your instincts.’ What strategies would you recommend for coping with childbirth? The advice of most mums was to go with the flow, be flexible, expect the unexpected and try not to worry! Many reported that their babies came early, very quickly (resulting, in one case, in an unexpected homebirth following a 90 minute labour), or very late. So their advice was to either forget about a birth

plan or keep it short and don’t be disappointed if the birth doesn’t go accordingly. Mums also reported that staying calm and in tune with their bodies, and focusing on breathing techniques was very helpful. How was the first 6 weeks of motherhood? Without exception, everyone stressed how physically tiring but also amazingly rewarding it was! ‘Relentless’,’ overwhelming’, ‘mind-blowing,’ ’an absolute roller coaster ride,’ ‘a whirlwind’,’ wonderful,’ a magical time,’ ‘exhausting,’ and ’a blissfully happy, sleepless haze’ were just some of descriptions of this period. Most mums found breastfeeding much harder (and more painful) than they expected in the beginning and it took a few weeks to master it. However, almost all were glad they persevered and several mums stressed how important it had been for them to seek breastfeeding help. Angela, Mum of Erin, 5 months: ‘Early motherhood can be a confusing, emotionally and physically exhausting time so be sure to communicate with your partner about how you are feeling and ask for help.’

What was most challenging about early motherhood? Many mums spoke of their initial lack of confidence and the difficulty of being confined to the house for long periods, particularly those who had previously been out at work. Most recommended getting out and meeting friends, or joining baby groups and classes. Kate: ‘Just parent in a way that suits you, your baby and your lifestyle.’ Several mums advised resisting the pressure to establish a routine. Kate, Mum of Hannah, 8 months; ‘To start with it was a whirlwind of feeding and changing nappies with a large dose of ‘I don’t know what I am doing’, before suddenly everything just fell into place, the cries began to make sense and then Hannah started to become a little personality - magical.’


Childcare SOLUTION

Children’s Day Nursery Excellent quality Children’s Day Nursery combining traditional loving care with a stimulating educational programme, to provide a well balanced environment for your child.

Duckling Childcare is a professional Au Pair agency offering a unique service for families in the UK. Only reliable, fully vetted and CRB checked Au Pairs More cost-effective and flexible than a nanny or a childminder Response to all enquiries within 24 hours The most competitive fees, no hidden charges 020 3292 1471


What are your “must-have” baby care items? The most popular ‘best buys’ were Babybjorn’s carrier and bouncer which most agreed was ‘expensive but worth every penny.’ Baby sleeping bags, Widgey breastfeeding pillows and baby entertainment centres were also favourite items. A decent breast pump, Lansinoh nipple cream and good quality breast pads were also all cited as essential buys! Is it true you forget the pain of childbirth? No, you never forget that it hurts! But pretty much everyone said that you definitely can’t remember how it felt almost as soon as you have given birth and that the pain seems completely justified when you hold your little baby for the first time!

Louise (top right) and Wendy (bottom right) are NHS midwives who also run Teddington Midwives, which provides private ante-natal classes and post-natal visits in the Richmond and Kingston areas. For more information, visit Louise and Wendy would like to thank the 16 mums whose thoughts and advice make up this article.


Free registration

Rebecca, Mum of Lexi, 7 months: ‘If I could do anything differently, I would have put the books away and held my baby even more! They really do find their own routine and so do you’.

SPECIAL OFFER 15% off with this leaflet



Children from 6 weeks to 5 years 7.45am-6.15pm with Spanish and horse riding.

West Hall Estate, Parvis Road, West Byfleet, KT14 6EY 01932 347061 May-June 2013

the baby pages . the baby pages . the baby pages

Would You Risk Your Child’s Life?

With the current measles epidemic in Wales, immunisation is a current hot topic amongst parents. So we asked the NHS in Richmond to tell us more about it. Immunisation is your child’s first line of defence against preventable childhood diseases. Unknowingly, some parents expose their child to these diseases by not

immunising, putting their child’s life at risk. Last month’s European Immunisation Week aimed to raise awareness of the benefits of immunisation in preventing disease and protecting life. In England, all children are eligible to receive routine vaccinations against 11 different diseases including measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). This vaccination programme aims to protect children from diseases that not only cause an unpleasant illness but that can also lead to a stay in hospital and, in severe cases, result in disability or death. As a parent, you would do anything to protect your child so why is it that some parents choose not to immunise? This can often be because they are concerned about the safety of immunisation and are not aware of the facts.

THE FACTS ABOUT VACCINATION ARE: 3 Childhood vaccinations against disease are safe. 3 Vaccinating a child against more than 1 disease at a time does not ‘overload’ a child’s immune system. In fact, in some instances, it can help to increase the protective effect of a vaccination. 3 Your child will need more than 1 vaccination for each disease as research shows that this helps to maximise protection. 3 Your child will benefit from receiving booster vaccinations. As they grow older, a booster helps a child’s immune system to remember how to tackle a disease and so extend protection into later life. 3 If you’re pregnant, vaccinations for whooping cough and flu don’t harm your unborn baby. In fact, they protect your baby


from whooping cough and flu for the first few months of life. 3 Immunising children against preventable diseases protects not only the child but prevents the spread of disease in the community. This helps to protect other people in the community who may be at increased risk of catching these diseases because their immune system isn’t working effectively, for example, the elderly or people going through cancer treatment. So don’t take the risk with your child’s life: immunise for a healthy, happy and protected child. Talk to your GP or immunisation nurse to book your child’s immunisation appointments. In Richmond, you can also take up the MMR vaccine free of charge if you are under the age of 25 years and previously missed the vaccine.

For more information and for advice about the best time to get your child immunised against childhood diseases, visit NHS Choices at


Perfect For Father’s Day! FREE COPIES OF “THE BLUFFER’S GUIDE TO FATHERHOOD” BY PAUL MERRILL Published by Thistle Publishing. We have 3 copies of this brand new book to giveaway. Each book is worth £8.99 and is a witty, irreverent read about what to expect when plunged into the world of fatherhood. This book will arm you with all the tips, cheats and excuses you will need to seem like a vaguely competent father! From ‘how to change a nappy in 17 easy stages’ to ‘simple ways to avoid being assaulted during childbirth,’ this is a must-read book for both men on the verge of becoming a dad or knee-deep in kids already. It will have both mums and dads laughing out loud! To apply for your free copy, please go to

Daisy Birthing™ A relaxed active birth class that helps you enjoy each step of your pregnancy whilst looking forward to a positive birth.

Daisy Baby™ Postnatal movement, baby massage and yoga. Enjoy baby movement and baby calming with a unique approach and lots of ‘in arms’ time.

Baby Sensory

Award Winning Baby Development Classes Designed for Babies from Birth to 13 Months

Sessions held weekly in Egham Hythe Staines Lower Sunbury Addlestone & Weybridge For more details contact Jo Ashe on 07810 540 352 or email


May-June 2013



FRI 10 MAY Classical Babies in Teddington Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, TW11 9NN Time: 11-11.40am. Cost: £10, Babies free. A spacious, relaxing environment where you and your baby can enjoy hearing live, classical music played by professional musicians. Nadine 07732 058705 SAT 11 MAY Family Bushcraft Fun at Painshill Park For Ages: 5-13. Time: 10am-1pm. Cost: Adult £12, Child £8. Explore the wild woods and discover the art of bushcraft. Learn how to survive in the natural environment and work as a


Bedfont Lakes Clockhouse Lane, Bedfont TW14 8QA 07887 410811 Claremont Landscape Garden Portsmouth Road, Esher KT10 9JG 01372 467806 Elmbridge Museum Church St, Weybridge KT13 8DE 01932 843573 Ham House Ham Street, Ham TW10 7RS 020 8940 1950 hamhouse

team. Booking required. Grow a Cinderella Pumpkin at Strawberry Hill House For Ages: Under 5. Time: 1am-12pm. Cost: Free. Listen to stories, decorate your pumpkin pot, make a label and sow your pumpkin ready for Halloween or to take you to the ball. Friends of Jack and Jill School May Fair on Twickenham Green Time: 10am -4pm Cost: Free Enjoy “Jolly Jars,” food stalls and fun rides and raise funds for Shooting Star Chase, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Malaika Kids. FRI 17 MAY Alchemy, Astrology at Hampton Court Palace Time: 6-9pm. Cost: Adults £10, Children £5. An evening of storytelling, alchemy and

astrology with films, fairy tales, talks and tours. Ghost tours, talks, the chance to make your own astrological clock and listen to traditional fairy stories told in unique surroundings. SAT 18 MAY Children’s Circus Workshop at the Riverhouse Barn Riverhouse Arts Centre, Manor Rd, Walton KT12 2PF Time: 10am- 3.30pm: Cost: £7 for workshop, £2 for performance. Solo Circus is a one-man circus run by Mark Russell aka Mr Doo. He will be running 3 circus skills workshops and teaching juggling, plate spinning, diablo, unicycling and performing. 01932 253354 Play Time! at Richmond Theatre For Ages: 3+. Time: 10.30am-12pm. Cost: Free.

Hampton Court Palace East Molesey, KT8 9AU 0844 482 7777 Kingston Museum Wheatfield Way, Kingston KT1 2PL 020 8547 5006 Osterley Park Jersey Road, Isleworth TW7 4RB 020 8232 5050 Painshill Park Portsmouth Road, Esher KT11 1JE 01932 868113

Richmond Theatre The Green, Richmond TW9 1QJ 020 8332 4524 janemetcalfe@theambassadors. com RHS Wisley Woking GU23 6QB 0845 5260 9000 Strawberry Hill House 268 Waldegrave Rd, Twickenham TW1 4ST 020 8744 1241 Syon Park Brentford, TW8 8JF 020 8560 0882

Fun, free, family art and craft and storytelling with different theme each month. Wildflower & Butterfly Walk at Bedfont Lakes Time: 11am. Cost: Adult £4, Child £2. Walk around the lake with rangers and learn about the wildflowers growing in the park, as well as the butterflies that accompany them. Booking required. SAT 18 & SUN 19 MAY Jacobite Rebellion Re-enactment at Claremont Landscape Garden Time: 10.30am-4.30pm. Cost: Normal Admission. Skirmishes, battles, guns, an army camp and Redcoat displays over 2 days. Period actors recreate the Jacobite rebellion against the Duke of Newcastle in the amphitheatre. SUN 19 MAY Towpath Trundle Family Party in Walton Time: 11am. Cost: Free before 10 MAY. A free entry sponsored walk for the Princess Alice Hospice plus Family Fun Day with Peppa Pig, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, music, bouncy castles and games. 01372 461855 Sow & Grow Food Fair at Ham House Time: 11am-5pm. Cost: Normal admission. Seed sowing, storytelling, craft and posy-making for the kids at this food fair and spring gardening day. Garden and cookery demonstrations, tours and stalls selling local produce including cakes, chutneys, sausages and cider. Children’s Spring Gardening Workshop at Petersham Nurseries Church Lane, Off Petersham Rd, Richmond TW10 7AG Time: 10am-12pm. Cost: £25

Teddy Bears Picnic weekend with Binky Bear as the guest of honour!

Bring your favourite teddy bear along for bear spotting activities, paw print trails and a ride on a real steam train! Standard fares apply.

6th - 7th July © Blackwell & Nankivell 2013


May-June 2013

Learn how to plant, harvest and prepare spring food in this children’s spring gardening workshop. 020 8940 5230


SAT 25 to MON 27 MAY Foodies Festival at Hampton Court Palace Exciting mix of food, drink and culinary talent including Michelin-starred Chefs Theatre, Drinks Masterclass, Cake & Bake Theatre and Children’s Cookery Theatre. 0845 600 0650 SAT 25 to THU 30 MAY Adventure Trail at Osterley Park Time: 12-4pm. Cost: Normal admission plus £1 per child. Put your spirit of adventure to the test by completing the holiday trail. Win a prize. SAT 25 MAY to SUN 2 JUN Trail at Claremont Landscape Garden Time: 4pm. Cost: Normal Admission plus 50p per trail. Enjoy the themed children’s trail around the garden. Free entry for children dressed as a pirate or princess. Spring Spectacular at Bocketts Farm Young St, Fetcham KT22 9BS Cost: Adult £9, Child £9.60. Daily bird of prey flying demonstrations and pony parlour. Friendly animals, fun farm activities and plenty of play indoors and out, including heated indoor playbarn. A Family Allotment at Kew Gardens Time: 2-4pm. Cost: Normal Admission. Explore many of the edible plants that both children and adults can easily grow at home. Get hands on with roots, leaves, stems and fruits, and experience how it feels to be an esteemed Kew botanist by undertaking cool scientific investigations! 020 8332 5655 SUN 26 MAY Dance into a Fairy Tale Workshop at Richmond Theatre For Ages: 3-6. Time: 1-2pm. Cost: £20 Step into your glass slippers and dance into the fairy tale for your first ballet class on stage with the English National Ballet. SUN 26 & MON 27 MAY Children Go Free at Syon Park Free admission to the gardens and house for maximum of 2 children per paying adult. Family Discovery Days at Osterley Park Time: 12-3pm. Cost: Normal admission. Creative fun days for families with a different theme each time. Fairy Tales at Strawberry Hill House For Ages: Under 5. Time: 1pm-2pm. Cost: £3.50. Fairy tale fun. MON 27 MAY to SUN 2 JUN Half Term at London Transport Museum Covent Garden Piazza, Covent Garden, London, WC2E Storytime - Time: 11.00am and 2.00pm Open to all families but most suitable for those with children aged 3 to 7 years. Cedric Shopping Bags is on a trip around London but he can’t find any peace and quiet! Come and meet Cedric and the poster people he encounters on his journey. Find out about the stop that was missed, an adventure on the escalator and see if Cedric will ever escape the hustle and bustle. Make and Take - Time: 11.30am and 2.30pm Open to all families but most suitable for May-June 2013

those with children aged 4 to 12 years Work with air-hardening clay to create your own tiny Poster Person and bring it to life. Make it walk, dance, clap or wave and use it to tell your own stories, before taking it home to dry off. Peppa Pig at the Watercress Line The Railway Station, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 9JG Time: All day Cost: £14 Adults £7 Children (2 to 16) Family Ticket £35 Children’s favourite Peppa Pig will be making personal appearances and after you’ve seen the cheeky little piggy, you can visit the petting farm to tickle the piglets tummies and enjoy the piggy washing! Plus Peppa Pig colouring activities, DVD shows and face painting and rides the BIG steam trains all day! More info: 01962 733810 TUE 28 to THU 30 MAY Children’s Craft Workshops at Claremont Landscape Garden Time: 11am-1pm. Cost: Normal Admission plus £1.50 per craft. Children’s craft workshops in the Thatched Cottage. WED 29 MAY Float Your Boat Day at Claremont Landscape Garden Time: 11am-1pm. Cost: Normal Admission plus £1.50 per craft. Bring along your own non-powered model boats or join the Guilford Model Yacht Club and have fun sailing miniature sailing boats on the lake. Kids’ Cookery Workshop at Bentalls Lower Grd Floor, Bentalls Department Store, Kingston Time: 10-11.15am (5-7yrs) 12-2pm, 2.30-4.30pm (8-11yrs). Cost: £10 per child. Fun and informative cookery workshops for kids in which they prepare a selection of homemade delicious treats for friends and family. Book early! Survival Skills at Bedfont Lakes For Ages: 8+. Time: 9-3pm. Cost: £8 per child. Learn how to make shelters, what’s safe to eat and how to keep warm in the outdoors. Under 16s must be with a parent. Booking required. Gothic Comics at Strawberry Hill House Time: 11.30am-3.30pm. Cost: £15. Develop a short story through role play, object handling and costume. Then, with the house as a back drop, use photography to create your very own Gothic Comic Strip. THU 30 MAY Victorian Fun & Games at Kingston Museum Ages: 4-10. Time: 1-4.30pm. Cost: Free. Discover what Victorian children in Kingston did in their spare time. Make a Victorian theatre and try out some old fashioned toys. Kids’ Cookery Workshop at Bentalls Gelateria Danieli’s, 2nd Floor, Bentalls Department Store, Kingston Time: 2-4pm. Cost: Free. Enter a colouring competition and design you own sundae. Sample delicious handmade Italian ice-cream and take home a voucher and a wooden spoon to decorate. SAT 1 JUN Strawberry Story Glass at Strawberry Hill House For Ages: 8+. Time: 1pm-3pm. Cost: £4.95. Take inspiration from the House and paint

your very own Strawberry Hill piece of stained glass (clear acrylic) to decorate your home. Pond Dipping & Mini Beasting at Bedfont Lakes Time: 1pm. Cost: £3 per child. Explore the meadows and dipping pond. The rangers will teach how to use the equipment and talk about the creepy crawlies they find. Tudor Cookery at Hampton Court Palace See the historic cooks toiling in the Kitchens of King Henry VIII, preparing exotic dishes for his majesty as well as the plainer, yet still lavish, food for the court. SUN 2 JUN Thames Ditton Miniature Railway Open Day Claygate Lane, KT7 0LE Time: 1pm. Cost: Free entry. Picnic in large grass field and ride on steam, diesel and electric scale trains. Single ride £2.50, unlimited rides £6.50, Family £23. THU 6, 13, 20 & 27 JUN Teddy Bears Picnic at Claremont Landscape Garden

Time: 1.30pm. Cost: Normal Admission plus £1 per child. Bring along Teddy and a picnic followed by storytelling in the Thatched Cottage at 1.30pm. FRI 7 JUN Classical Babies in Teddington Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, TW11 9NN Time: 11-11.40am. Cost: £10, Babies free. A spacious, relaxing environment where you and your baby can enjoy hearing live, classical music played by professional musicians. Nadine 07732058705 Art & Craft Family Fun at Elmbridge Museum Time: 2-4.30pm. Cost: £1.50 Find out why the Tudors made Tussie Mussies and create your own. Choose which plants you will use and go home smelling as sweetly as a tudor! FSS Family Fun Party in St Margarets Gymboree, 133 St Margarets Road, Twickenham, TW1 1RG Ages: 4mths-4yrs. Time: 9am-12pm. Cost: £9 per child.

Spring Spectacular Bocketts Farm Park 25th May - 2nd June 2013

Fantastic Family Fun this halF term! › Birds of Prey Flying demonstrations (Tues - Fri only) › Visit the Pony Parlour › Full programme of farm activites › Indoor & outdoor play › Panning for Gold

n ew this may

heated indoor play barn with seating area, new toilet Facilities & coFFee bar! d ar aw wi nn ing !




£1 off full price farm entry per person

(max 5 people) valid from 1st - 24th May (excluding 6th May) and 3rd - 30th June 2013. Only with this voucher.

FAMILY DAYS OUT F un a nd educatio nal animal encounte rs daily

Piglet Racing Owl displays

Special events throughout the summer Fagg’s Rd Feltham TW14 0LZ

020 8831 9658


what’s on Enjoy a 40 minute class of gym and 30 minute session of professional art/craft and messy play with your little one. SUN 9 JUN Community Day at Claremont Landscape Gardening Time: 10.30am-4.30pm. Cost: Normal Admission. Wide variety of demonstrations, crafts and displays by local organisations, plus live music throughout the day. Free admission for the local community. SAT 22 JUN Play Time! at Richmond Theatre For Ages: 3+. Time: 10.30am-12pm. Cost: Free. Fun, free, family art, craft and storytelling with different theme each month. Twickenham Alive Dragon Boat Races Riverside Twickenham Time: 10am-7pm. Cost: Free. Proposed programme includes dragon boat races, live music, water zorbing, pony rides, children’s fairground and stalls.

Kew Midsummer Fete Kew Green, TW9 3AP Time: 11am-6pm. Traditional village fete in the lovely setting of Kew Green with vintage fairground rides, side shows, dog show, tug of war, craft marquee, food and drink and live music. Ham Fair at Ham Common Time: 11am-4.30pm. Cost: Free Traditional village fair boasting a wide variety of stalls with entertainment provided by local schools and other groups, including a companion dog show, art display, music and dancing. Storytelling Workshop in Twickenham Twickenham Library, Garfield Road, TW1 3JT For Ages: 4-11. Time: 11am. Cost: Free The Storytelling Workshop presents Alexus Rose and his Creepy Tales. Booking required. 020 8734 3340 Twickenham. St Michael Steiner School Summer Fair Hanworth Park, TW13 6PN

Delicious homemade cakes, afternoon tea with scones, strawberries and cream, Tombola, Lucky Dip, raffle, children’s games and craft, toys, plants and books. 020 8893 1299 SUN 23 JUN Silver Cross Pramathon in Twickenham Marble Hill House Twickenham TW1 2NL Festival of family fun including a 5km pram push with live performances and entertainment including Peppa Pig, Roary The Racing Car and the Milkshake team. SAT 29 JUN African Open Day at the Riverhouse Barn Riverhouse Arts Centre, Manor Rd, Walton KT12 2PF Time: 10am-4.30pm. Cost: Workshops Free, Performance Adults £8, Children £6. Celebrate African culture, food, music and dance. Kakatsitsi Master Ghanaian Drummers will teach basic drum rhythms, chants and dance moves ready for a performance later in the day, which will showcase their latest fusion of electronic and traditional sounds.



11 PLUS TUITION & Mock Exam Practice

© National Trust Images. Registered Charity Number 205846.

West & South West London

Y3 (pre-Plus), Y4 and Y5 (11 Plus) State Grammar and Private Schools Bursaries and Scholarships Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Exam Practice, Interview Technique Highly Experienced Graduate Teachers EXCELLENT RESULTS

TEL: 0208-390-6076


Enjoy lots of fun 50 things activities at a National Trust place near you...

the great outdoors

Claremont Landscape Garden, Ham House and Garden, Morden Hall Park, Polesden Lacey, River Wey Navigations, Winkworth Arboretum.

home maintenance


* Bathrooms & Kitchens * Tiling * Painting & Decorating * Fencing * All Home & Garden Maintenance

Call Rob - 07980 566 106


01932 253354 Teddy Bears Picnic at the Semaphore Tower Chatley Heath, Ockham Common. Time: 12-4pm. Cost: Children £10, Adults free. Dress up those teddies again! Enjoy a fantastic live production by Cat’s Grin Theatre, bouncy castle, nature trail, face painting and wildlife activities. Booking required on 01483 795471. Kids Club at The Heart Heart Shopping Centre, Walton-on-Thames Ages: 6 and under. Time: 11am-3pm. Cost: Free Kids will learn how to decorate cookies and cakes that the whole family can enjoy. Kids participate free and receive a goody bag and a membership card. Echelford Primary School Summer Fair Park Road, Ashford, TW15 1EX Time: 12-3pm Cost: Over 12s 50p Under 12s Free Attractions include A Great British (Echelford) Bake Off, fairground rides, arena displays and sideshows and stalls. SAT 29 JUN to SUN 14 JUL In the Night Garden Live in Richmond Richmond Old Deer Park Times: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm. Tickets: £12.50-£29.50 Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends are all brought beautifully to life in this musical theatre experience. Box Office: 0333 300 0023 SUN 30 JUN Discover Bees at Painshill Park Time: 12-4pm. Cost: Normal admission. Discover fascinating facts about bees and learn all about beekeeping. Family Fun Day at Twickenham Diamond Jubilee Gardens, The Embankment TW1 3DU Proposed programme includes music & dance performances, children’s activities, food and craft stalls. SAT 6 JUL TO SUN 7 JUL Watercress Line Teddy Bears Picnic Weekend The Railway Station, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 9JG

fitness Lilli's Cabin

Complementary & Beauty Therapy Facial Massage Waxing Tinting Shaping Manicure Pedicure Australian Body Care Ear Candling Chertsey






. 0789 181 3542

Matwork and reformer group and 1:1 sessions Morning, lunchtime and evening Specialist pregnancy and postnatal classes Twickenham 07425 143203 May-June 2013

Time: All day Cost: £14 Adults £7 Children (2 to 16) Family Ticket £35 Picnic weekend with Binky Bear! Bring your favourite bear along for bear spotting activities and paw print trails and ride the BIG steam trains all day! Meet the local authors of the famous Binky Bear books and see the real bear who starred in them at the Teddy Bears Picnic at Ropley station. More info: 01962 733810 SAT 6 to SUN 28 JUL International Youth Arts Festival The streets of Kingston come alive as young people from 5 to 26 showcase the very best in British and international youth arts. SUN 7 JUL Strawberry Hill Music Day Time: 12-7.30pm. Cost: £2, Children 0-15 free. Live music, fun for kids, craft and charity stalls, food and beer tents.


NCT Nearly New Sales Kew On Saturday 18 May at Barn Church, Corner of Atwood and Marksbury Ave, Kew TW9 4HF. Time: 10.30am-12pm. More info: Weybridge On Saturday 18 May at Christ The Prince of Peace Parish Hall, Portmore Way, Weybridge KT13 8JD. Time: 10-11.30am. More info: Esher On Sunday 19 May at Claygate Centre, Elm Rd, Claygate KT10 0EH. Time: 12-2pm. More info: Byfleet On Saturday 15 June at Byfleet Village Hall. Time: 2.30-4pm. More info: Twickenham On Saturday 29 June at All Hallows Church, Erncroft Way, TW11EW. Time: 10-11.30am. More info: 0844 243 6304 Mum2mum Nearly New Sale in Teddington On Saturday 22 June at Teddington Baptist Church. Time: 2-4pm. More info:


FRI 10 MAY Home-Start Quiz Night in Claygate Claygate Village Hall, Church Rd, Claygate KT10 0JP Time: 7pm. Tickets: £12 includes fish and chip supper. Home-Start Elmbridge fundraiser includes supper and cash bar for beer, wine and soft drink. 01932 235802 homestart@ THU 16 MAY LWWD Shopping Event at Westhall, KT14 Westhall, Parvis Rd, KT14 6EZ Time: 6-9.30pm. Cost: Free. Love What We Do is a group of entrepreneurial mums with a passion for bringing their local community together with unique shopping and social events. Sample the range of bespoke, handcrafted, local and unusual offerings amidst a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. Wine and complimentary canapés available. No booking required. 07768 392686 LoveWhatWeDo WED 22 MAY How Your Baby Learns to Talk in Teddington Teddington Library, Waldegrave Road, TW11 8NY Time: 2pm. Cost: £2. Dr Foster outlines the stages of language acquisition from birth to 5 years. In collaboration with St Mary’s University College. Childcare & Pre-School Expo in Twickenham Winning Post, Chertsey Rd Twickenham, TW2 6LS Time: 7.30pm. Cost: £4.50. Biggest and Best Childcare/Pre-School event in the Richmond borough. The event will include Nannies, Childminders, Au Pairs, Nurseries, Pre-schools, and parenting expert Anne Denny. THU 4 July FSS Parent’s School Ball in Twickenham Cabbage Patch, London Rd, Twickenham, TW1 3SZ Time: 8pm-12am. Cost: £10. Let your hair down with other parents from your nursery, pre-school or children’s school year and ask your girlfriends along too. It’s club night at The Patch with For Sanity’s Sake. Live music, dancing and DJ.


40 High Street,Brentford TW8 0DS Booking info: 020 8232 1010 Each Peach Pear Plum 5 May. Adapted from the book by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, “Each Peach Pear Plum” is a game of ‘I spy’ for little ones and their families. For Ages: 3-7. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus 12 May. After a 4 year break the Pigeon is back to cause more cheeky mischief and mayhem! For Ages: 3+. Little Red Robin Hood 19 May. A merry mix up in the forest involving glove puppets, false teeth and a frying pan. Why is Robin Hood wearing girls clothes and what is lurking behind the trees? Is it the Sheriff of Nottingham or the big bad wolf? For Ages: 4+. Arthur’s Dream Boat 24 May. Based on the book by Polly Dunbar. A tale about Arthur’s amazing dream about a beautiful pink and green boat with a stripy mast, which then starts to grow on his head, getting larger and larger by the minute. For Ages: 3-7.


240 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 1SB Booking info: 020 8543 4888 Charlie and Lola’s Extremely New Play 27 April to 17 August. Don’t miss everyone’s favourite brother and sister who are back on stage with their new show. Enter a magical journey through the seasons, as Charlie and Lola discover that everything is different and not the same. What will happen when Lola and her best friend Lotta absolutely promise to look after Sizzles the dog? For Ages: 4-7. Lullaby 3 to 25 May. Cocooned within a charming setting and layered with musical and visual surprises, this playful experience will take you on a gentle journey of discovery with singer-performer Natalie Raybould. Engage and share with your baby, with chill-out dreaming time! Three Colours 26 June to 17 August. Take your place at the very centre of a vibrant, sensory experience, with wonderful imaginary landscapes where you can swim with fish, feel frogs nibble your toes, catch grasshoppers and listen to a gentle heartbeat, magically created out of the colours of light. For Ages: 2-4.



0844 412 4661 May-June 2013

The Green, Richmond TW9 1QJ Box Office: 0844 871 7651 My First Cinderella 25 to 26 May. Everyone’s favourite rags-to-riches story in a beautifully adapted version for young audiences produced by English National Ballet. Prokofiev’s score is accompanied with narration to ensure everyone enjoys this classic tale.



24 High Street, Kingston KT1 1HL Box Office: 08444 821 556 Spot’s Birthday Party 7 to 9 June. It’s the Birthday of everyone’s favourite puppy! All Spot’s friends will be here: Steve the Monkey, Helen the Hippo and Tom the Crocodile plus Spot’s mum and dad, Sally and Sam. For Ages: 2 and up. Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales 27 June. Under the sea, out on the farm and into the jungle, these terrific tales are woven together with live music, puppetry and a whole host of colourful characters from their best-loved titles: Tiddler, Monkey Puzzle, The Smartest Giant in Town and A Squash and a Squeeze. For ages: 3 and up.


Manor Road, Walton KT12 2PF Box Office: 01932 254198 There’s a Monster in My Piano 22 June. Question: What do you do when you hear a strange munching noise inside a piano? Answer: Call the Piano Doctor of course. He might be able to help with his bag full of ears and his collection of weird and wonderful tools. But when he looks inside, imagine what he sees? The musical notes are running away. But why? For Ages: 4+


Hurst Grove, Walton, KT12 1AU Box Office: 020 8398 6470 Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass 16 to 18 May. Spectacular production of “Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass” which will be performed from 16 to 18 May on the very site where Alice made her movie debut in 1903. Special matinee on Saturday for children 12 and under.


Australia’s largest

multi-sport & exercise



program for children aged 2.5–6 years


Sports covered: Football Tennis Basketball Athletics Hockey Rugby Golf AFL Cricket T-ball

20th May 2013 2.00pm - 5.00pm

27th May 2013 11.00am - 3.00pm 0800 690 6591 Follow us on Like us on

Your local Ready Steady Go Kids classes start on 3rd June and are held at:

Kingfisher Leisure Centre Fairfield Road, Kingston, Surrey KT1 2PY Classes available on Mondays between 2.00pm and 5.00pm.

Term 4 begins 3rd June 2013


Enrolments taken throughout the term


Enrolling NOW for our new term.

Come along to a free INTRODUCTORY SESSION and see how much FUN your kids can have while growing their skills and confidence.

At The Little Gym we offer a non-competitive, progressive approach to our developmental classes which enable children to reach their greatest potential. Children aged from 4 months to 12 years learn at an age appropriate pace through our structured gymnastics classes which grows new skills and builds confidence during each stage of their childhood. All this while they are just having loads of FUN with our friendly tea team of instructors. That’s what we call Serious FUN! We also do great birthday parties and holiday camps for all ages.

Book your free introductory visit NOW and secure your place. Enrolment available throughout the year. Hampton & Teddington Hampton Hill  TW12 1NY 020 8977 0099

Wandsworth & Fulham Wandsworth, SW18 1DB 020 8874 6567

Chiswick Chiswick  W4 3AN 020 8994 3729

Westfield Westfield shopping centre  W12 7GE 020 8735 0817

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