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Issue 36 : July / August 2014

Pick me up Brighton, Worthing ,Lewes, Littlehampton and everywhere in between!

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your complete guide to Summer Fun and What’s On this July and August


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to our July and August edition of Families Summer Fun with places to go, things to see, garden fun and the summer reading challenge. We have also included things that you can do if the weather is not so kind to us – as if! We have been receiving some excellent feedback over the last few months on our What’s On pages and how full they are. Well this edition we haven’t let you down either, there are four pages of events that are taking place over the next two months, so put this magazine in your bag as you are going to need it. I wish you all a wonderful summer holiday, may your children be happy and smiley for the next eight weeks and we shall be back in September with some great education news and advice for getting ready for school.

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Families Sussex Coast covers: Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Lewes, Burgess Hill, Hassocks,East Preston, Rustington,Littlehampton and everywhere in between. Next Issue September/ October: Advertising & editorial deadline is 2nd August 2014. You can contribute to Families Sussex Coast through advertising, editorial and our whats on pages. Contact Families Sussex Coast 01903 620257


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Enjoying water is very much part of having fun in the sun, whether you are venturing abroad for your summer holiday or enjoying the sunshine here. Keeping children safe around water is a key priority for parents and the way to help them stay safe is to cultivate a

MXT Swim believes that children learn faster and more effectively if they are happy and relaxed. Their lessons are either 1:1 or in very small groups. They also provide intensive swimming courses during school holidays, a brilliant way for kids to learn quickly.Mario the owner of MXT, whose unique and at the time ground-breaking techniques of swim instruction have proven to be immensely successful and he now has 15 highly trained instructors. Watching Mario’s team of highly trained swim teachers remain in the water at eye-level with the children, talking to them, maintaining continual eye-contact to watch how the child is interpreting the strokes and instructions. There is much encouragement and positive energy. Mario says, “Having their teacher swim next to them not only means they learn faster and can be corrected easily but it means they feel Lessons become less of a chore and more of something to look forward to each week. The MXT venue in Upper Beading is a calm environment, making it easier for parents helping their children in the changing area. T: 01903 532765 M: 07944 237614 01903 620257 Sussex Coast



Did you know bumblebees have smelly feet and don’t have any ears?


To learn more fascinating facts about these important pollinators, join the on a safari at Steyning Downland, West Sussex, on July 13 between 2-4pm. Staff from the trust will be there to show you the different species up close and tell you lots of amazing things about bumblebees. You will also learn how to attract bumblebees into your garden. The event is suitable for all ages, but children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. There is no need to book the event and attendance is free, although donations are welcome.Please meet by Mouse Cottage off Mouse Lane. Map ref: TQ 173,114. For more information contact: of bumblebee-related activities for children on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust´s website: For more information about how to help bumblebees visit:


returns to Brighton Saturday July 26 2014 Mermaids, mermen, sea creatures and seafaring folk of all kinds will be invading the shores of Hove and Brighton seafront this July, to take part in a colourful cavalcade as a celebration of our seas and sealife. The march is all in aid of raising awareness of marine conservation and funds for the Marine Conservation Society. saw hundreds of marchers dressed as their favourite sea creature of choice come together to mer-folk. The event is a family friendly day for all ages to take part in and this year they are encouraging as many other groups and charities as possible to come along and promote their own marine related campaigns. The meeting point for the parade is on Hove Lawns at 2pm (next to the Peace Statue). The parade commences at 3pm and ends approx. at 4pm at our after-party venue, Above Audio on Marine Parade. Here there will be music, live entertainment and the crowning of our Queen Mermaid 2014 and King Prawn 2014.

Brighton’s favourite & the world’s largest free charity beach festival returns to Brighton on July 5th & 6th2014

This annual water sports and beach lifestyle celebration offers something for all the family whether you like to join-in or simply sit in the shade with a cocktail while the kids play. There are performances, world class races on the water and also the chance to have-a-go yourself. It’s not all wet-stuff as there’s plenty of dry activities to enjoy too! Taking up most of Hove Lawns , the Paddle Village hosts exhibitions, retail and performance space. It’s a free to enter the event however as it’s for charity they do ask for a donation of just £1 affectionately known among the locals) began back in 1996 and last year saw visitor numbers of 60,000 proving it ongoing popularity and laid-back appeal. Over the last few years the event has donated over £200,000 to charity. This year’s charities are the RNLI, Freddysmile a Sussex based family run charity raising money for children who have been diagnosed with caner and Surf Life Saving GB a charity which has approximately 6,000 members nationwide helping to make our beaches a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone. Features for 2014 include, The Fabulous Kids entertainment stage, kids area, rides and amusements, a huge sandpit, skate and BMX ramps, the main Music Stage, Ukulele Stage, Tea Dance, world food courts, bars, Parkour, slalom skate, retail stands, a seated grandstand, exhibitions, displays, demo beach, Surf Life Saving Competitions, SUP races (competitors for some France, Belguim, Brazil and Hawaii), boat races, Streetball, strongman, muscle beach, beach volleyball and the title event “Paddle Round The Pier” clubs alike is the chaotic carnage of the “Paddle Something Unusual” where teams have to think of the most ridiculous thing they can - then try to paddle it round the pier! Any disabled child, young person and their family/carers can use the “Paddle Access Beach” full of every watersports’ toy possible. For further details : Sussex Coast


Brighton Toy & Model Museum


wins Heritage Lottery Fund support

is coming to Sussex!

Juliet runs free washable nappy demos and has dates booked in Brighton and Lewes for July and September.

Brighton Toy and Model Museum has received £57,900 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project, ‘Toys in the Community: Valuing Memories of dolls, teddy bears and construction toys’. Involving volunteers from the local community, the 2 year project will collect memories from a range of people and use these to create a website, book and a touring exhibition which will visit local venues. Commenting on the award, Museum Manager Tig Savage said: “We are delighted to have this forward to making our collections more accessible to people who may be unable to visit us due to listening to our contributors’ valued memories. It is my sincere hope that this will forge much stronger links between the Brighton Toy & Model

Stuart McLeod, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund South East England, said: “Toys from years past stir memories of childhood and community. This project will capture these and in so doing Volunteers involved in the project will be able to learn new skills, including interviewing, photographic and videoing skills. They will also help to curate the touring exhibition. Anyone in the Brighton and Hove area who is interested in being involved in the project, either as a volunteer or by being interviewed, is invited to the museum on Wednesday 9th July between 5.30 and 7.30pm, or is welcome to contact the museum on 01273 749494 or by emailing

Labels4Kids continues the expansion of the website to improve your ordering process.

modernized the website last year, Labels4Kids says they are sorry about any ordering problems you may have encountered last year during the website move which had ran on longer than expected. The new site is state of the art and issues from last year now resolved with their new specialist developers on it! Labels4Kids is expecting a very busy summer so remember to get in early at the start of summer and order to guarantee a quick turnaround in time for school. Your ordering process will be much faster and smoother this year. Not only can you design your vinyl order on screen now but postage if free for £20 or more, and they have a 100% money back guarantee if you have any problems with your labels. Labels4Kids offers such a large tried and tested amount of labels that there is something for everyone. Follow them on facebook, pinterest, twitter or

Most information surrounding cloth nappies is found online and can lead to confusion and brain overload with parents giving up before they even start! Juliet has been running her demos with London councils and Real Nappies for London for 8 years and won Haringey Green Business award and get to see and play around with a large selection of modern reusable nappies. Juliet explains exactly how the different styles work, their pro’s and cons and how to use and wash the nappies to get them working perfectly. There are considerable advantages to using cloth; a good real nappy should be at least as reliable as a disposable against leaks and actually, it should be substantially more reliable; the cost of using them is less than half that of using disposables. And the extra work load? Well it is minimal with modern washing machines more or book a place visit or contact on Julie 07833927210

later this year! Progressing labelling for your kids DO lose stuff!

01903 620257 Sussex Coast



Nurseries a nutshell Daycare nurseries

for working parents, day nurseries are typically open from 8am to early evening and children can stay for all or part of the day Some parents feel uneasy about leaving their person is. It’s reassuring to know that nursery staff can safely take breaks, and that you are covered if a member of staff is off sick Consistency - your child can stay in the same environment from the day you go back to work until they start school Social environment - children who attend routines when they join reception classes.

Nursery classes in schools , although a school nursery place does not automatically guarantee a place in reception - if you are already dropping siblings at the school - some children are ready for school earlier than others and readily take to structured, educational play are geared to the school children they are becoming rather than the babies they used to be.

Private nursery schools - by two and a half most children They learn without knowing it while using letters, shapes and numbers, looking at books and

La Casita nursery has expanded!

Open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, we provide quality early education in Spanish and English for children aged 0-5 years old in a caring environment. children should experience a good balance of activities, regardless of their developmental stage - from guided activities, group games, creative time, one to one time, free play and time to relax every day. We follow a series of educational and physical programmes. learning about independence from an early age. All children, including babies, have access to indoor and outdoor spaces and we organise regular outings so children can expand their learning through enjoyable yet educational experiences.Come and see for yourself. Call 01273 323431 or email to book a viewing.


If we want a future that is more thoughtful, more compassionate and more peaceful it has to begin with a character forming education that teaches and models these mere content knowledge but rather cultivates a child’s own natural desire to learn. The future lies in the little hands of the adults of tomorrow and they will need to be fully equipped with essential life skills that will enable them to think for themselves, to be self-initiating, self-directing and self-modifying. Society further recognises a growing need for citizens who value truth, openness, interdependence and who can learn and change consciously, continuously searching for creative solutions. A child’s work is to create the person they will become so an education that prepares them for life – encouraging to think, feel and communicate with others is necessary. Do visit a Montessori classroom and observe with wonder and fascination how children, born with special mental powers that aid in the work of their own construction, are capable of so much when given an commitment to quality, freedom, structure and order, beauty and aesthetically pleasing and encourages the development of community life. This environment is further supported by warm, understanding and observant adults that support each child and their individual accomplishments. There are many things about Montessori that can transform an early years setting from being mediocre into a being a masterpiece. Sussex Coast

expressing themselves through making things, drawing and singing - the opportunity to make friends of the same age on the availability of hours with a personal touch, and the nursery head is usually involved in the running of the school.

More information reports, go to a lot of useful information including a free checklist to take on your visit, and contact details for NDNA member nurseries, 01484 40 70 40


Feeling guilty? Here are five ways to ditch the guilt once and for all.

Just reading the newspapers, ‘Working Mums suffer the double burden of guilt’ is enough to send most mums into a spiral of guilt.

And as if that’s not enough, Fiona Clark, from Inspired Mums career and confidence coaching, says, ‘Mums are often their own worst enemies as they can put enormous pressure on themselves to be perfect – in all the different roles we have.’So, how do we banish these feelings of guilt and unburden ourselves so we can really enjoy the joys of motherhood?

1. Remember good is good enough

More often than not we are our harshest critics, so a key piece of advice is to give yourself a break. It’s OK to lower the high standards you set yourself occasionally – does it really matter if your children have cheese-on-toast once a week? Try to look at the bigger picture and recognise the different ways you support and nurture your children; and don’t beat yourself up if things don’t always run like clockwork and occasionally something has to give.

2. Flip the negatives into positives

It’s also really easy to focus on the negatives, what you haven’t done with the kids, rather than what you have done. Actively choose to adopt a more positive mindset instead. Write a long list of all the positives of you being a working mum. For example, does it make you feel more you a good role model for your kids?

Adopting a positive mindset is a key – be proud of who you are and what you do.

3. Don’t waste your energy worrying

Write down a list of all the things that are bothering you, it’s very therapeutic just getting it down on paper. Then look at the things you can do something about and take action. If there’s nothing you can do about some of the worries, remove them from your list and see your anxiety levels instantly reduce.

Recruiting Now

01276 670221

Classes starting soon in Brighton & Hove area.

4. Remember to praise yourself

The daily grind can sometimes make being a mum seem a thankless task – often we’re so busy juggling the demands of children, work and household chores that we lose sight of whether we’re doing a good job. Think about all the amazing things you do for your children during the week – helping with homework, building a Lego castle, being chief taxi driver or family peacemaker – and give yourself a pat on the back, it’s a great way to ease the guilt.

5. Hang out with like-minded people

Without even realising it, mums can put pressure on one another and this can increase those feelings of guilt. So if you’re a working mum make time to meet up with other working mums, it can help to discuss the challenge of juggling your competing priorities with people in a similar situation to yourself. And you can empathise and support each other when challenges such as guilt arise. experienced coach and founder of

Inspired Mums,, contact

Fiona by emailing

Creative Moments

In this day of push button technology it’s so important that children hold on to their creativity and build their imaginative skills. Creative Movements encourage young children to think creatively and independently and act responsibly through inviting them to participate in classes that inspire these attributes. There are no medals to be gained or awards to be won. In our noncompetitive yet challenging classes the exciting learning experience is all that is needed. The classes are upbeat and fun for both the teacher and the children! You can decide for yourself which age groups to cater to. Franchisees could be parents, performers, actors/actresses, drama and dance therapy trained professionals, teachers, business professionals, gym instructors or anyone wanting to work with children in a positive and nurturing way. Mums with children at school who would like to run their own business and work the business around their family and other commitments are especially ideal to take this opportunity. Creative Movements also provide ongoing support by supplying business strategy manuals, new scripts for classes, parties, and workshops alongside promotional material to help build a client base. The package includes full training on both the practical and business aspects of Creative Movements. Get in touch today for an informal chat!

THE STARFISH GROUPAfter 23 years in production at the BBC in London, Clare was made redundant with no idea what she was going to do - starting a conventional business or retraining was going to cost time and money; and nothing else was going to earn her enough income or So when a friend said “have a look

ticked all the boxes - it was part time with no risk. 8 years on and she has a very successful business, enjoying numerous exciting foreign trips (including Hawaii, US and Europe), her car is paid for and she’s part of the company’s Chairman’s Bonus scheme. But more importantly it’s given her of mind. Her husband Paul joined her in the together they use their different strengths to guide, coach, train and mentor the amazing diverse individuals in their team, who they’ve called

The Starfish Group.

Clare & Paul really enjoy working with their group to help them make a difference and achieve their own goals and dreams, whether that’s travel; an extra income to help ends life balance around their family; pension; self-development;or even to escape the corporate rat race. The best way to control your future is to create it. Contact Clare on

01323 887562

01903 620257 Sussex Coast


Ping! Time to unplug.... and reconnect with your family! Joanna Moorhead has some ideas on how to do it

Summer is a great time to enjoy being together with your nearest and dearest. But for many families these days, even together time is dominated by mobiles phones, iPads, TV and other devices. According to a recent survey though, even kids themselves recognise the need to unplug and welcome the chance to ‘do something different’. Here are our top 20 ideas for what that‘something different’ might be.

8. Reorganise your family photographs

Online galleries can be a great way of sharing pictures with relatives and friends – but there’s a huge amount of fun to be had from creating an old fashioned album together.

9. Borrow a dog for a weekend

If you’re not a dog-owning family, having one on loan for a few days can be a hugely rewarding experience.

1. Go wild swimming

Whether you do this indoors, in the garden, out in the woods or on the beach, you’ll have loads of fun.

16. Switch roles in the kitchen

Not only will you have a good time, you’ll also be setting up your next family project - making jam!

17. Have a family talent show:

4. Sleep under canvas

This is a good one when you have another family or relatives visiting. Everyone has to do a turn; no wriggling out allowed, however shy the mums and dads are.

For families that haven’t camped before, even one night away, or even in the back garden, can be a huge adventure

5. Cook on a campfire

18. Make a family journal or scrap book

This is a perfect add-on to your camping adventure. Get advice

7. Play a board game

A game like Monopoly or Cluedo, which children can play from a young age or can play in teams, is a genuinely bonding experience. Sussex Coast

Beaches can be great places for this, or look online to see if there are any ‘treasure troves’ near you.

If you’re usually the meal-maker, and the children are usually the table-setters, do things the other way round.

3. Go fruit picking

If you’ve all got your own bikes you probably do this all the time. If not, it can be a really fabulous and different day out to hire bikes and follow a cycle trail.

14. Hunt for treasure or bones

Ok, so this is one activity you will need your mobile phone for. But the high-tech treasure hunt is fascinating, and it pulls all members of the family in. Try it! More information at

2. Build a den

6. Go on a long bike ride

Do some research beforehand, and when you get a clear evening, head off in to a space where the sky is open in search of the North Pole, Saturn and the Plough.

15. Go geocaching

Swimming in a pond or lake, or in the sea, is a very different experience from an indoor pool

and what foods are best to cook on it.

13. Go star-gazing

10. Climb a big hill

This can be a mountain or a fairly small hill, depending on how old your children are.

This can be a good project for a family holiday or a school holiday. Like a talent show, everyone needs to contribute something – a review of a local pub, an account of a day out, or a book review.

11. Go fishing

19. Fly a kite

You can do this with a net in the rock pools at the beach, or in a stream or river inland.

They’re cheap and easy to buy, or you can even make your own.

12. Have a snail race

20. Go bird-watching

Find some snails, and set up the course; place bets on which snail will win, and watch the action unfold.

You don’t need to know anything about birds to enjoy watching them, but if you go to a bird-watching sanctuary or wetlands centre you’ll learn loads.


Be a Nature Explorer this Summer ! build dens? Exploring is a natural part of becoming an adult and teaches us so much about the world around us. stimulation for these ever enquiring minds! Well this summer, WWT Arundel Wetland Centre is offering children the chance to be a Wildlife Explorer and follow in the footsteps of wildlife enthusiasts like David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Joanna Lumley, who have all had fun exploring a Wetland Centre. Summer is a great time to visit a Wetland Centre and your family can get up close to dramatic and rare birds, mammals and amphibians in a safe and easy environment. There are also programmes of events all over summer that include pond dipping, bug hunting, arts and crafts and much more. WWT Arundel Wetland Centre is an easy, safe place to enjoy the wonders of wetland wildlife and a great way to have a taste of the wild without having to get your feet muddy. Adults and children can have close encounters with some of the world’s most dramatic and rare birds, mammals and reptiles, surrounded by stunning scenery. There are 8 comfortable hides, easy buggy and wheelchair friendly pathways, a fully stocked cafe and gift shop and disabled and parent & baby facilities. WWT Arundel is located on Mill Road, Arundel West Sussex and is open 9:30am – 5:30pm every day. Admission prices apply. Visit or call 01903 883355 for more information. 01903 620257 Sussex Coast


NorthPark Farm

With a little careful planning, you can maximize your outdoor space so that even in the smallest garden your children can enjoy the summer months without having to go to the local playground.

Kids can join in the barbecue fun with a wooden picnic bench style play table; perfect for outdoor eating, painting and drawing then remove the lid to reveal a sandpit which can also be used for waterplay. Indulge in a family fun game of giant connect four, space saving fun guaranteed to entertain children of all ages (even mum and dad). perfectly in most gardens. The six-sided shape provides lots of entry and exit points for great play value and fun activity. A ladder leads to a spacious covered platform and the shaded play area with bench seats at the base is ideal for a sandpit. Even a table tennis table folds up very quickly for easy storage – highly addictive and great fun for young and old! Lots of ideas and more at or come and see our huge display area and“try before you buy.” Sussex Coast



Ideas for Rainy Days

1. Make silly pizza faces – pizza dough is easy to make and the children will love mixing, kneading and creating their very own silly face with different toppings. Once cooked why not enjoy number 2 on the list! 2. Have an indoor picnic – dust down

the picnic rug and invite all the teddies and dolls to join the fun. Extend the activity and set up a camp overnight, make a tent with a sheet and enjoy marshmallows and hot chocolate by torchlight.

3. Get reading – grab all your favourite books and cuddle up on the sofa or why not act out a book and put on a play. You could design a puppet theatre using boxes and create wooden spoon or sock puppets. Check out the latest book reviews

5. Take part in a bush tucker trial

cold baked beans, custard mixed with sweetcorn, rice pudding, jelly, oats, pasta etc. Draw and cut out some small stars and put them in the bowls. Cut a small whole in the top of a card board box (shoe boxes are good) so the children can get their hand in but cannot see

6. Be the next big thing

- Create musical instruments from junk and start your own band.

7. Try some fruit and vegetable printing - You could even make some funky wrapping paper!

8. Visit your local library or museum

- Visit our What’s On pages for inspiration and special events.

9. Cardboard box fun

- Let your imaginations run wild and make cars, boats, spaceships or even forts, the list is endless!

10. Make pasta jewellery

- paint dried pasta, add some glitter and thread on to string

4. Make gloop - enjoy some messy play with this fascinating You could also experiment by adding food colouring.

2014 Summer Reading Challenge: inspiring children to read in their holidays Libraries across the UK are getting ready to introduce children to a fantastical world of legend and mythology that will keep them reading throughout the school summer holidays .... with Mythical Maze, the 2014 Summer Reading Challenge™ run by independent charity The Reading Agency.

Each year the Summer Reading Challenge to children is simple. They’re encouraged to read six or more books of their choice – fact books, joke books, picture books, audio books just as long as they are borrowed from the library – during the holidays. There are collectable incentives and rewards, plus a Challenge. Children can sign up at their local library from July 12th and all materials are absolutely free. This year’s theme – Mythical Maze challenges children that introduces them to fantastical creatures, collecting stickers of each character along the way.

r)FBEUPZPVSMPDBMMJCSBSZduring the summer holidays and enroll. It’s completely free and anybody can take part. r$IJMESFODBODIBU, get reading recommendations and enter competitions on our

01903 620257 Sussex Coast

12 Sussex Coast


What’s On in July & August 2014 Regular Events Every Tuesday

Tweeting Tuesdays! Fishers Farm Park, Wisborough Green - 10am to 5pm Tweet… Twoooo! Owls About Town will be SWOOOPING into Fishers every Tuesday during the summer holidays so customer can meet and greet and handle a variety of birds of prey.

Every Wednesday

Worthing Market - from 9am – 5pm Worthing’s popular General Market is held every Wednesday in Montague Street Worthing. With up to 40 different stalls selling a variety of goods.

Every Sunday

Fontwell Park Car Boot Sale from 7am An all year round car boot sale at Fontwell Park in Arundel

Every Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

Ford from7.30am An all year round event ,

Every 3rd Saturday of each month Worthing Emporium – Montague Place, Worthing – 9am to 5pm The Emporium hosts an outdoor market offering craft, food, upcycled and vintage goodies.

Every 4th Saturday of the month Shoreham Artisans Market

and international food & drink and arts & crafts every fourth Saturday of the month.

July – August

Brighton Sand Sculpture, Black Rock, Brighton – 10.30am to 5.30pm This year Brighton’s popular festival will return with a global feel. From the pyramids to the Tower of Pisa they will cover it all. Take a walk through all 7 continents, photograph some of the most famous landmarks in the world and enjoy the vast array of our planets creatures…all through the medium of sand. Take the family for a trip ‘Around the World…in Sand’ and don’t forget your camera!

July – August Arundel Lido

Every Saturday

Shoreham Car Boot Sale No bookable pitches just turn up at 7am on the day

opening hours during the week are 12 noon to 7pm with the weekends from 10am – 7pm are 10am – 7pm everyday

There are “Mothers and Toddlers Family Hour, Zorb sessions, Swim School and Swimming parties, please see the website for full details and any special

Preston Park. Participants set their own challenge, each lap is a mile so you can have a leisurely Sunday stroll or run a marathon!

Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th July

Paddle Round the Pier, Brighton Seafront The world’s biggest FREE beach and watersports festival. It runs every year on the beautiful venue of Hove Lawns and features the very best in water, street & urban sports, live music, kids’ entertainment, ‘have a go’ opportunities and much, much more.

Tuesday 1st – Sunday 13th July

Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th July

Tuesday 1st July – Friday 18th July

Dramapips Pre-school Children’s Workshop – Worthing Museum Sessions held for 2-5 year olds at Worthing Museum, to book a place

Big Screen on the Beach, alongside Maderia Drive. The free outdoor beach cinema is back for summer 2014 and will showcase a mixture of movie classics 40sqm screen including: The Hunger Games Catching Fire, The Lego Movie, Dirty Dancing and Jaws, plus top live sporting events including the World Cup, Wimbledon & the British Grand Prix. There will be a fully licenced cantina style bar as well as frozen margarita machines, popcorn & a selection of great food.

Saturday 5th July

Red Shoe Walk, Preston Park, Brighton – 10am This family friendly event takes place on Sunday 5th July 2014. The route takes walkers around one of Brighton’s most scenic and family friendly spaces,

Small Holders Show, Ardingly 9.30am to 5pm. Over 120 stalls, Southern Counties Heavy Horse display, sheep dog display, Huxleys Birds of Prey and Classic Car and Tractor display, bee-keeping, stick making and much, much more.

Sunday 6th July

Shakespeare in the Park – Macbeth, Royal Spa, Queens Park, Brighton 6.30pm. Enjoy traditional outdoor theatre with Illyria’s performance of Macbeth by William Shakespeare, ‘a blood soaked tragedy of vaulting ambition’. This gruesome tale of murder and treachery is ideal entertainment for all the family. Please bring your own seating/rug, warm clothes and picnic. www.friendsofqueenparkbrighton.

Samurai Centre

‘Heart of a flower, Spirit of Bamboo’

I have been a Ninpo teacher for over 20 years teaching children the traditional values of using Ninpo martial arts and philosophies. Is it something you can force on young hearts and minds? I don’t think so, unless you want a rebellion. I have found that Ninpo martial arts help children to develop not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Ninpo training is not competition based at all, but teaches by giving examples of a strong moral framework. The vehicle for this is correct training in the Dojo or training hall. I feel to teach correctly we have to be receptive too and personally it has been an amazing journey where at times I have become the student once again, the roles have reversed and the children have taught me with the receptivity, eagerness and joy that they show in class. is a saying my Ninpo Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto has used so many times. Essentially it is a way of being, a way of expressing positive feeling and guidance through thought, words and actions. It’s meaning has helped me become a better teacher of the martial arts, a better communicator and in essence a better person. Stuart Allison is the Chief Instructor at the Samurai Centre in the heart of Brighton.

Samurai Ninja Centre 49 New England Street Brighton BN1 4GQ Tel 01273 570940

01903 620257 Sussex Coast

unday 20th July


Sunday 6th July High Salvington Windmill Open Day 2.30-5pm Open afternoon with guided tours of the working mill, granary and windpump lovingly restored by enthusiasts. Refreshments available & souvenir shop. Adults £1 and accompanied children free!

Tuesday 8th July Mini-Beast, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery – 10.30am to 12noon Early Years sessions include art activities, a museum expedition, a story and handling some museum objects. These sessions are for 2-5 year olds only. Tickets are £4.50,

Town Centre, evening procession starts at 6pm. This year is the Carnival association’s 40th birthday and the theme is ‘Let’s Party!’ Watch the town celebrate and performers. Other activities include a fun fair.

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th July The Kite Festival, Stanmer Park, Brighton – 11am to 5pm Brighton Kite Festival is a free public event not to be missed and brings some interesting shapes, sizes and colour to Stanmer Park that would not normally be seen there. Car parking donation gratefully received.

Thursday 10th July The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Open Air Theatre – Field Place, Worthing. Gates open at 6pm and the show starts at 7pm Deep in the beautiful Northumbrian countryside a terrifying mystery and a legendary nemesis await the arrival of the world’s greatest detective. When the wife of Doctor Watson suddenly her begins. Sherlock Holmes comes face to face with his greatest fear at the hands of his mortal enemy in this stunning new tale of romance and suspense.Hog roast and picnic hampers are available and there is a fully licensed bar on site serving a wide selection of drinks . Adults £14, Children £10, family of four ticket £42

Friday 11th July Big as a Whale, Booth Museum, Brighton – 10am to 11.30am Early Years sessions include art activities, a museum expedition, a story and handling some museum objects. These sessions are for 2-5 year olds only. Tickets are £4.50, members

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th July Worthing’s International Birdman 12.15pm to 2.30pm Serious and Fun competitors will compete both days and there will be a full entertainment programme over the weekend. Not to be missed!

Saturday 12th – 13th July Shoreham Chilli Festival 10am to 5.30pm The 4th annual Chilli Festival held on Coronation Green in Shoreham, serving all things chilli, chilli plants, food and drinks and also a chilli eating competition for those who dare!

Saturday 12th July Queen Alexander’s Summer Fete 1pm to 4pm There will be Live Music, Market, Family Entertainment, The Band of The Brigade of Gurkhas and much more. There will be a Hog Roast and other refreshments available all day. Boundary Road, Worthing

Sunday 13th July Saturday 12th July Shoe Baby, Ropetackly Arts Centre, Shoreham – 11am t0 1.30pm Shoe Baby is a magical puppet show. A fantastical sing-a-long adventure with a baby who takes to the sea, the air and the zoo, all in a shoe! Tickets £7 – suitable for ages 2-6

Littlehampton Carnival Association Join them for more fun at their Summer Sunday Fete. There will be

a Comedy Vocalist, Owls About Town, Tug of War, Medieval Stocks, Coles Funfair and much more.

Sunday 13th July High Salvington Windmill Annual Fete 2pm to 5pm The Summer Annual Fete. Traditional Fete including Morris Dancing, Plant Stall, Tea/Cakes, Ice Creams, Tombola, Smashing.

Wednesday 16th – Sunday 27th July Stevens Funfair – Worthing Lions Festival Worthing Seafront Open every day from 2pm onwards.

Saturday 19th July Comedy Club 4 Kids, Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham – 2.30pm to 3.30pm Cracking entertainment for everyone over six years old and under 400 years old . Three of the best comedians from the UK and world circuit doing what they do best… but without the rude bits! Tickets £7 or £24 for a family of 4 – suitable for ages 6+

Saturday 19th July Broadwater Carnival, Broadwater Green – 10am to 6pm There will be fun all day with a variety of stalls, sideshows, rides, music and displays on Broadwater Green and a Carnival Procession which starts at 1 pm at Worthing High School, then South Farm Road, Queen St, and Broadwater Road to Broadwater Green about 2pm All proceeds raised at the event will be donated to 4 charities selected by the Carnival Committee. Displays on Broadwater Green from 10am & Carnival Procession from 1pm.

Saturday 19th July The Lions Gala, Saltdean Oval Park, Brighton – 10.30am to 4pm Lions Gala, dog show, football tournament and much more, just turn up and join in!

Saturday 19th July Splash FM Garden Party - Steyne Gardens, Worthing, 5pm to 11pm Celebrating the music of Abba Revival Tribute Band & Stevie Wonder. Also local bands Alice Band and Violet. Tickets £8 available from Worthing Theatres Tel. 01903 206206

Saturday 19th July My Favourite Things – Handmade and Vintage Fair, The Parish Rooms, Broadwater 10am to 4pm Stalls selling handmade and vintage loveliness in a traditional village hall setting.

Saturday July 19th & other dates Scything & Cider Festival Weekend, Wakehurst Place, Ardingly - 10am Please see the advert on page 9 for further details and also for your cut-out voucher, entitling free children and 2 for 1 on adult prices.

Saturday 19 July & Thursday 21 August - Spoken Voices from the First World War, Brighton Museum – 2pm to 4pm Pop-up readings throughout the museum of letters, poetry and archive material from real-life First World War experiences. Free event

20th July – 15th September Summer of Fun! Fishers Farm Park, Wishborough Green, 10am - 5.00pm Discover the excitement of a day bursting with thrills, adventure and animals. The Beach Splash Attack and ice cream shack are all open…plus Pony Rides, Animal Shows, Sheep Racing, Barrel Bug Rides, Ghost Tunnel, Climbing Walls, Magic Shows, Bouncing Pillows and more…(!)

Sunday 20th July Big Fun Run, Hove Park, 11am start The Big Fun Run is strictly for fun and all about easy, relaxed exercise. It doesn’t matter how quickly or slowly you go. You can run, jog, juggle, dress up, take a buggy. It’s your choice.

the little swim school

Saturday 12th July Worthing Sailing Club Open Day 10.30am to 4.30pm Open to everyone, sailing opportunities for all. Dinghy sailing and catamaran rides with a racing helm. Try out a sailing trapeze on the beach. Relax on the balcony and watch the action.

Saturday 12th July Littlehampton Carnival. Activities from 10am to 4pm in the Sussex Coast

01273 207992

15 Entries for The Big Fun Run in Brighton cost £11.49 for adults, £9.49 for children and runners over 65 and refreshments.

Sunday 20th July

Thursday 24 July to Wednesday 3 September

The Memory Trail, Brighton Museum Follow the clues and explore the museum to discover some special objects people have used to remember important things. Pick up in Museum Foyer, Free. All ages

High Salvington Windmill Open Day 2.30 to 5pm Open afternoon with guided tours of the working mill, granary and windpump lovingly restored by enthusiasts. Refreshments available & souvenir shop. Adults £1 and accompanied children free!

Thursday 24th – Friday 25th July

Sunday 20 July

Saturday 26th July

The Royal Pavilion Estate and the First World War – 10.30am to 1.30pm Take a tour of the Royal Pavilion, Dome and Corn Exchange and discover how they were used by the military as hospitals from 1914 to 1919. tickets are £20, members £15, book in advance. Tel: 03000 290902

Tuesday 22nd July Fossils, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery – 10.30am to 12pm Early Years sessions include art activities, a museum expedition, a story and handling some museum objects. These sessions are for 2-5 year olds only. Tickets are £4.50,

Hello Kitty at Drusillas Park, Alfriston – 10am to 5pm Brand new for 2014, Hello Kitty will return to her home at Drusillas on 20 dates during the year! Visit her in the beautiful themed house and have a souvenir photo taken with her. Real Italian Food Market Shoreham 9am to 5pm Fresh parmesan, to olives stuffed with garlic, to extra virgin olive oils – just a few of what Italia in Piazza has to offer!

Saturday 26th July Worthing Lions Festival Seafront market along the promenade all day Fire Station Open Day - Ardsheal Road Worthing 10am to 4pm & display in Steyne Gardens Sea Lane Cafe to Steyne Gardens

display from the end of the Pier commencing approx 10pm

Saturday 26th July Ringmer Steam & Country Show Upper Lodge Farm, Ringmer near Lewes. This years show displays include steam engines, vintage motor engines,military vehicles, model & craft tent, and a shopper`s market. The whole family will enjoy the Punch & Judy shows, Birds of Prey, Alpacas, Army Kit Kar Cadet display, 4x4 rides, Shire horses and even ferret racing. Entry is £8 Adults, £5.00 Children, £6.00 OAPs, and Family ticket £20.00 (2 Adults+2 Children). All enquires to Show line on (01903) 233240, or email

Saturday 26th July March of the Mermaids, Brighton Seafront – 2pm A fun day out for all the family, march, & Brighton seafront, in celebration of summer and the sea. Mermaids, mermen, pirates, sailors and deep sea creatures of all kinds take part, wearing their best tails, tentacles and tricorns! The march is followed by an after-party at Above Audio, with the crowning of the Queen Mermaid and King Prawn!

Saturday 26th July Whizz Bang Pop Festival Convent Fields, Lewes - 9am to 6pm The fun family fancy dress festival for kids aged 0-10 years. £20 a ticket.

Sunday 27th July Worthing Lions Festival. Seafront Salvation Army Service and Band the Pier Stevens Funfair 2pm - 9pm Commercial Seafront Market along the Promenade noon to 5pm Charity Market along the Promenade American & Custom Car Show Steyne Gardens noon to 5pm Bus Rally Marine Parade from Heene Road to Grand Avenue 10am to 5pm Worthing Lions Charity Stall near the Lido Marine Parade

Sunday 27th July Waterfront Festival. Littlehampton A celebration of Littlehampton’s waterfront creations.

Monday 28th July – Saturday 2nd August Wick Week – Various locations throughout Wick A week long community festival packed with activities for all ages. Have a go at archery, get creative, join in a Bingo game, enter Wick’s got Talent and come along to the Family Film night. There is something for everyone.

Local classes available in warm water pools


Teaching your baby to love the water Classes from birth 01903 620257 Sussex Coast


Tuesday 29th July 1pm to 4pm CircusSeen offers a fun, exclusive experience with its open space have-a-go free play circus workshop for OUR Park Day. Bring a picnic and drinks as the work is hot.There will be over 15 different types of equipment, as well as a Tight Wire and Slack Line rig,Learn skills such as: Balance Board, Clowning Bike, Diabolo, Flower sticks, Fun Wheels, Gym Ribbon, Hooping, Juggling Scarves, Balls, Clubs and Ring, Monster Feet, Pedal Racers, Plate Spinning, Poi, Staff, Unicycle. For children and adults to just pick up and play!

Tuesday 29th July to Thursday 21st August Every Tuesday and Thursday

Monday 6th August Southwick Play Day, Southwick Recreation Ground – 11am to 5pm A day of free family fun and play for the whole family! Activities to include plus much much more! Bring a picnic and have some fun!

Saturday 9th August

Summer Family Magic Show, Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham 7.30pm to 9.30pm A fun, magical evening full of surprises and wonder that your entire family will love. Come and experience a trio of local Sussex magicians performing in a variety of magical styles. Turn up early for some close-up magic before the show starts.

Sunday 10th August

Rangoli Art, Hove Musem – 12pm to 4pm Make an Indian rangoli pattern in this colourful workshop and help us create a fabulous huge rangoli pattern for our Celebration Day. Free, suitable for up to 8 years.

Rural Day and Scruffs Dog Show St Ann Wells Garden, Brighton 12pm to 6pm Free relaxing family day with arts and crafts, children’s activities, petting animals, eco and charity stalls, tea and cakes, brass band and of course the popular Scruffs Dog Show!

Tuesday 29th July – Saturday 2nd August

Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th August

Glorious Goodwood, Goodwood Racecourse, near Chichester Share in the fun with your family at this very best in horseracing and entertainment. Tickets from £14 with free child admission.Call 01243 216610

Saturday 2nd August Brighton Pride Parade ‘The Worlds a Disco’, Maderia Drive – 11am

Monday 4th August

Adur Outdoor Activities Centre Open Day, Brighton Road, Shoreham-by-Sea 10am to 5pm An Open Day where you can try out all our activities for a special price! Activities include Climbing, Kayaking/ Canoeing, Archery and Cycling.

Brunswick Festival Brunswick Square, Hove A weekend of live music, dance, street theatre, circus skills, healing area, arts crafts and bric-a-brac stalls, world food, tea and cakes and a beer tent too… fun and entertainment for all the family!

Saturday 16th August The Royal Pavilion Estate and the

First World War. 10.30am to 1.30pm Take a tour of the Royal Pavilion, Dome and Corn Exchange and discover how they were used by the military as hospitals from 1914 to 1919. There will be a refreshment break tickets are £20, members £15, book in advance. Tel: 03000 290902

Sunday 17th August

Classic Car Show, Worthing Rugby Club, Angmering – 10am to 4pm Classic car show with auto-jumble,

Monday 4th August

Sandcastle Competition Stage by the Sea in Littlehampton Registrations at 11am, competition 12 to 1pm Join the Town Council and Spirit FM for this popular seaside event where buckets of imagination and sand will put you on the right path to become a 5s, under 11s and over 11s. Prizes include ride tickets and money off vouchers for local attractions.

Sunday 17th August

High Salvington Windmill Open Day 2.30 to 5pm Open afternoon with guided tours of the working mill, granary and windpump lovingly restored by enthusiasts. Refreshments available & souvenir shop. Adults £1 and accompanied children free!

Monday 18th – Friday 22nd August Space Week - Littlehampton Only Are you aged 8 to 14 years old? Live in Littlehampton? Sussex Coast

Littlehampton have an exciting range of free sports and arts activities for you! including football, indoor climbing, learning to play instruments (be part of a rock band), diving taster, recording studio experience, tennis, badminton, dance and much more. Bookings will be taken from 1st July.

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th August Brighton Mod Weekend Various venues around Brighton, visit their website for further details:

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th August

August Bank Holiday Weekend, Goodwood Racecourse, near Chichester Enjoy the ultimate family day out at this popular meeting. The children will love the complimentary fairground and playground, which are open on all three days. Tickets from £10 with free child admission. Call 01243 216610

Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th August

Worthing Food & Drink Festival 9am to 6pm The Worthing Food & Drink Festival is now in its third year and continues to grow in popularity. This year the festival its lovely new location at the Pavilion Theatre as well as along the seafront. There will be a varied programme of entertainment including Cookery Demonstrations, Cook off’s and competitions as well as lovely stalls offering a wide variety of gastronomic experiences.

Saturday 23rd – Monday 25th August

Shoreham River Fest, Coronation Green and other locations in Shoreham – 9am to 5pm A weekend of family fun around and about the River Adur with live music, food & drink events, river activities including a Dragon Boat race, openair cinema, art & culture and family entertainment.

Monday 25th August

Worthing Rotary Carnival Grand Avenue to Steyne Gardens 12pm to 5pm The carnival procession starts at will arrive at Steyne Gardens about 1pm. Free entertainment including a live stage show and a dog show takes place on Steyne Gardens from

Monday 25th August

Bank Holiday Market, Beach Green Lancing – 8am to 4pm

Fashion, summer accessories, furniture, bedding, towels, butcher’s van, electricals, toys, jewellery, cosmetics and much much more.

Wednesday 27th – Sunday 31st August

Sompting Comunity Fun Week Sompting Recreation Ground A free event with Tiny Tots, Messy Church, childrens disco, teenage activities and disco, quiz night, senior citizens bingo & cream tea and an ‘It’s A Knockout’ tournament with a BBQ. and a family movie night.

Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st August Shoreham Airshow Shoreham – 8.30am – 5pm

feature strong support from the armed forces as well as exciting aerobatic and emotive historic aircraft displays, Hurricanes and Messerchmitts in a thrilling set piece with pyrotechnics and re-enactors. The show also offers a fantastic array of attractions and displays to interest the whole family. From a classic car show to children’s attractions and entertainment, there is always something for everyone at this superb show. Woodland Crafts operate a large crafts Marquee which is prominently positioned and where you art, photography, jewellery, collectables and lots lots more.

Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st August

Brighton Thai Festival 2014 Preston Park, Brighton 10am- 7pm Treat your senses to a weekend of colourful Thai culture, where you can challenge your taste buds and feast your eyes on world class food and under 5’s free

Sunday 31st August

Family Fun Raceday Brighton Racecourse – 12pm to 6pm With great entertainment on the day, including the traditional Mascot Race, fairground activities, a soccer skills session with the Albion in the Community and the ‘Kids Love Racing’ zone. With all of this going on, and seven great races, there is something for all of the family at this meeting. Join us for an afternoon of racing action! Enjoy seven thrilling races with sea views over Brighton and the South Downs, children under 18 go free, it is important to buy your tickets on-line.

Families Sussex Coast  

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