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The French Nursery school Bilingual education in SW7 and SW1 • 2-5 years French • Spanish See our advert on page 16 For more information please call on 0207 259 2151 or email:


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News New name for school South London’s first Jewish primary school has announced its new name. Mosaic Jewish Primary School opens in Wimbledon this September with the name, logo and uniform all developed with a group of prospective parents and children. MJPS is founded on Jewish values and will be strengthened by the supportive relationships between teachers, children, families and the wider community. ‘We are very excited to share our new name,’ says Head Teacher Kate Baum. ‘Each stone in a mosaic is crucial to the whole. If any stone is missing, the whole is incomplete. This is how we feel about the pupils and families in our school.’

Oscar - aged 4 months old at London Baby Swim

Dedicated swim centre Popular baby swimming company London Baby Swim opens a new centre in Wandsworth this summer. Wandsworth London Baby Swim offers a unique concept designed specifically for the under fours, with structured swimming courses in a purpose-built centre with low chlorine levels and UV water sanitation systems. ‘Whilst gyms and health clubs offer swimming classes to babies and children,’ says Phil Shaw, director of London Baby Swim, ‘no other site is built specifically for babies from six weeks. Learning to love and feel safe in the water in a specially created environment designed for their smaller size and abilities makes a huge difference to their confidence.’ 18 Hardwicks Square, SW18 4JS.

Sleep, baby, sleep

Woodland adventure this summer If your kid loves the great outdoors, don’t miss the popular holiday clubs from Wild Learning this summer. Children get the chance to play, learn and get muddy in a safe, nurturing yet wild environment. Based at specially made woodland camps, including one in Wimbledon Common, children aged 5-12 spend all day having adventures and exploring the outdoors. We’ve tried it, and it’s brilliant! They also run Wild Birthday Parties where your child can be a princess, spaceman or dragon in the magical environment of the woods.


Beep beep Award-winning baby development classes Hartbeeps have launched in Battersea and Clapham. Specifically created to help babies attain their developmental milestones, these classes are magical for little ones and grown-ups alike. The classes use over 100 original songs and baby raps, sound effects and funky remixes of traditional nursery rhymes, as well as props, lights, costumes, puppets, movement, massage, baby yoga, singing and signing. ‘I’ve taken my daughter to just about every baby class going and none of them have inspired me as much as Hartbeeps,’ says Anna-Belle Cao, who runs Hartbeeps in SW London. ‘It’s incredible watching the babies grow and develop but it’s seeing their delighted little faces which makes Hartbeeps really special.’ The Jam Tree, Old Town, SW4 0JT and Battersea Arts Centre, SW11 5TN. Free trials available. 07588 324 161

Tel: 020 8696 9680

And a photo of my daughter Thea in our Ducks session – photo credit (c) Charles Cao.

Did you know that up to 40% of children experience a sleep problem at some point in their childhood? Or that children who are sleep deprived often fail to meet their full potential in school? Sleep is as important as food and drink to the human body and currently there is very little support around for those suffering from sleep difficulties. The good news is that many sleep problems are behavioural and can be remedied without the use of medication. The Children’s Sleep Charity works to ensure that children get a good night’s sleep, offering sleep support through sleep practitioners, and helping you and your family if you are struggling at bedtime.


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Star student

Summer reading challenge

The Drama Department of Streatham & Clapham High School goes from strength to strength as a Year 11 pupil is awarded a place in the National Youth Theatre. Ruth Savile will join the NYT this summer, regarded by industry professionals and drama schools as one of the most prestigious organisations in the country for the training of young actors. Ruth had to participate in a group workshop and perform a two-minute monologue before winning her place, and will now participate in NYT courses and be eligible to audition for NYT productions.

Children's reading can dip during the long summer holidays, so why not take part in this year’s annual Summer Reading Challenge? Children aged 4 to 11 are encouraged to read six books during the holiday, whether they are fact books, joke books, picture books or audio books – it doesn’t matter as long as they are borrowed from the library. Every time a child finishes a book they get stickers and rewards, with a certificate for everyone who finishes. The theme for the 2013 Summer Reading Challenge is Creepy House, illustrated by

Find the perfect nursery Navigating your way through school choices can be hard, but help is at hand. If you’re struggling to find the best nursery, pre-school or pre-prep for your child in Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham or Wandsworth try First Class, a private education consultation service focussing on Early Years schooling options. First Class offers advice and support from experienced consultants with first hand school and teaching experience, giving you unbiased, informed and tailored knowledge for your child’s entry into the education system. Feel confident you have found the right nursery for your child.

Snap your newborn When you’re choosing someone to take those precious photos of your brand new bundle of joy, consider local photographer Martha Grieve. Based in Wandsworth, Martha specialises in photographing newborn babies under the age of 10 days, and has won a Silver Bar with the Guild of Professional Photographers for her work. ‘It is such a privilege to meet and work with families,’ says Martha, ‘and capture those precious and unique moments of their baby’s first days in this world.’

Try acupuncture Are you worried about your fertility, or struggling with chronic physical or emotional issues? Are you stressed or low in energy? Then why not consider acupuncture. The Acupuncture Life Clinic in Clapham and Battersea specialises in fertility and general conditions, offering solutions to health matters and promising greater physical and emotional wellbeing. Fulfil your potential in life with more energy and less stress. 020 7801 0199

award winning Chris Riddell. Discover the secrets of Creepy House and meet some of the hair-raising residents in this spine-tingling adventure.

Find events near you! search our comprehensive

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Yum yum! Follow the clues When was the last time your kids begged to do an activity that didn't involve an electronic screen? Three local mumpreneurs have come up with a fun way to encourage physical exercise alongside quick thinking. GOTROVO is a new take on a traditional treasure hunt for kids - using the picture, word, riddle and role play clues provided, parents lay a trail for their intrepid little treasure hunters to solve and follow. Younger children can recognise pictures and word clues, while more established readers can test their lateral thinking using the riddles. A great family game that children want to play again and again. Age 3+, £19.99 from or

June 2013


Since launching last October, Cookease, local cookery classes for 2-4 year olds, have been such a success that they have opened two new classes. Different weekly recipes including Parmesan Chicken Goujons, irresistible Banana Cheesecake and tempting Mushroom and Gruyere Cheese Puffs encourage the children to explore new flavours and textures whilst having fun rolling, mixing and chopping ingredients. An understanding of where food comes from and how it grows is taught thought picture and song. The children also plant their own crops! Find out more by emailing


THE WILLOW NURSERY 823-825 Wandsworth Road, Clapham, SW8 3JL Tel: 020 7498 0319 Est.1981 E-mail: Joint Heads: Caroline Henson & Virginia Bisset. Opening hours: 8.15am to 12.15pm Sessions: Mornings only Weeks open a year: Termtime Ages: Two and half to 5 years Max no. of pupils: 40. Pupil/teacher ratio: Under 3yrs: 4:1, 3-5yrs 8:1 Curriculum: Montessori and traditional methods. Activities: Art, craft, cooking, Spanish, gardening, home corner, ICT, messy play, computer club. Four specialist teachers for singing, dance, gym and cooking. Facilities: Large, bright, spacious hall and a smaller reception room. Contact: Please contact Amanda for Prospectus and to arrange a visit. The Willow is renowned for its creativity. Our aim is to create a stimulating, happy and fun environment so that the children love coming to school. We develop confidence and a keen interest to learn both independently and with individual attention.

Dawmouse Montessori Nursery Schools WWW.DAWMOUSE.COM There are now two established Montessori Nursery schools in Fulham bearing the Dawmouse name. The original Dawmouse Brunswick in Haldane Road, SW6 7EU and Dawmouse St Peter’s at St Peter’s Terrace, SW6 7JS. Both schools offer a wide range of Montessori equipment and have outdoor play areas. They will offer a safe, stimulating and active environment in which children can have fun and achieve. The broad curriculum covers all areas of the Early Learning Goals and includes science, drama, cookery and music lessons. Project work will give the children scope for creative development as well as an increased understanding of their world. We insist on our staff being Montessori trained teachers. For a prospectus and a visit to view the schools please contact : or speak with Miss Emma 020 7381 9385


Tel: 020 8696 9680

Come and Join in the fun at our family friendly Tennis Club with lots on offer for you and your children! • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions (age 3+) • Fun Kids Holiday Camps • Free Junior & Adult Social Play

We are located just off Streatham High Road and convenient for Balham, Streatham, Tooting and surrounding areas. For more information, please visit or contact our Head Coach, Julia Searle on 07816 004 992 or SPECIAL OFFER: Quote SWFamilies1 to receive a free trial

June 2013



It’s all about love actually

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Inspire yourself, change your life! Amanda is a psychotherapist and founder of Inspired Living, which provides motivational and life-changing advice for people of all ages and gender who want to let go of the shadows of their past and gain new direction in their lives. We asked her to reveal the most common problems she comes across.

Q: Who’s the critic now? Busy lives as parents are often not helped by our own internal critic, regularly telling us to do better and be better. This actually serves to slow us down even more and make us feel really bad in the process. A: How many of you put yourselves down? Are you even conscious of the fact that you might be doing it? Think of how many times you are able to tell yourself you are stupid, clumsy, wrong etc. If you are giving yourself a hard time, what's to stop anyone else from doing it? If we were to talk to someone else the way we talk to ourselves, we wouldn't expect them to stay happy and positive for very long. So where does it come from? Much of it comes from the messages we receive as children. This can come from our parents, friends, relatives, teachers... anyone who is in a position of influence whilst we are growing up. And as we get older we have a tendency to give as good as we got! So the next time this voice rises in your thoughts and in your head, stop and listen to it. Feel the effect it has on you. Does your stomach start to clench, do you get tense, does your jaw start to stiffen, do you feel beaten up? Is that really what you want in your life? If you would like to read the rest of this article to see “how to stop the critic” then go to

Q: My children always seem to be fighting and are jealous of each other. It is absolutely exhausting being around them and I often wind up shouting and feeling so angry. I don’t know how to redress the balance, they used to get along so well. My son is 6 and my daughter is 9. A: You haven’t said if there were any particular things they are arguing about. I would listen in next time as that will probably give you some very useful clues. Plan to take each child out for a treat separately from each other where you have lots of time and space to talk and listen (avoid the cinema or a noisy restaurant). This will not be a time for recriminations or explanations, it is a fact finding mission. Have your husband also take them out separately, then swap notes. It is probably a case of sibling rivalry which often stems from one or the other feeling that the other child is getting more attention or praise or love than them. It could also be that they have concerns at school or in another area of their life. If they haven’t been able to talk about it, then fighting with their sibling is another way to let off steam. Showing them that healthy communication is the best option when things aren’t going well is one of the greatest gifts you can give them, so provide them with a maximum amount of encouragement to start doing that.

Q: I think my husband is having an affair He is distant, spends a lot of time on his computer. I can’t seem to get through to him, he doesn’t respond and is rude when I ask him if he is cheating. We have two children and they are also noticing his change in behaviour. A: If you think your husband is having an affair, and unless you have a jealous personality, then chances are that you are right. Somehow we can always feel when that is happening. You don’t mention how things have been between the two of you recently or if there have been any upheavals in either of your lives (depression, redundancy, bereavement to name a few). Affairs are quite often triggered by events outside our control and they are used as a coping strategy by the person having an affair. If however your relationship was not working well, then that could also be a reason your husband has turned to someone else. Some men however need to play the field even when they are in a serious relationship and unfortunately if you are married to a man like that, then there is very little chance that you will be able to change him. One thing to remember though is that you are absolutely not to blame for your husband’s affair. If that is what he has chosen to do, then that is his responsibility. You should not feel guilty for him doing that. Your responsibility is to look at the role you played in the breakdown of your relationship and how you can instigate change in yourself on that level. Either way, if you would like to see what outcome is possible for your relationship then I would suggest that you get counselling for couples so that you can really be open with one another about all that is going on for you and start to find solutions to either overcome the affair or be able to take it to a graceful end. (To help with the communication process you can download a list of Value Determinate questions, from We‘ve had some very good feedback. Ed.)

If you would like your questions answered for free (in full confidence), then please write to Amanda at For more on this article and others on relationships and personal development see


Tel: 020 8696 9680

The Families HOW TO series

Computer games: How to help your children play safely According to the Office for National Statistics ninety six per cent of children aged 10 to 15 years in the UK now have computer access at home and 89 per cent of children have at least one games console. This is despite the fact that research has proved some video games can have a negative impact on children’s behaviour such as increased aggression and that screens are increasingly turning into electronic babysitters, with young people in the UK spending more time plugged in than ever. Katharine Hill, UK Director at leading national charity Care for the Family says: “Parents have a key role to play in managing children's access to computer and video games and this is an area where, as parents, we have to do our homework, get up to speed – and get involved! ”

Five top tips for parents: serious gamers, then they may already buy magazines regularly take a few minutes to flick through one and familiarise yourself with this world. Insist that you vet any games before they are bought - and try to make sure you see any games they borrow from friends before they start playing them. Talk to the parents of your child’s friends to see if you can agree a consistent approach.

Watch your kids while they play


Mum Liz says: “I was shocked when I watched my son playing a fighting game. If he failed to clear a level he would get really angry. If I wanted to talk to him he would be very irritable and rude. I used to watch for those signs - frustration, aggression, rudeness - and if I felt a game was just too much for him, I’d encourage him to take time out.”

Set time limits on playing games


Use the guidance you’re given


Agree time limits in advance according to the age of your child. Dad Jon says: “The longer children play the lower their concentration span is so a positive way to set time limits is to explain that to your kids. If they are stuck on a level, it might be worth them taking ‘time out’ to return to their challenge with a fresh mind. When they get back to the game after a break, they’ll be

All games sold in the UK include age ratings and most also have indicators of content on the cover. In addition, there are several magazines and websites which review games. If your kids are

surprised how quickly they can overcome the obstacles which have been frustrating them.”

Play the games with your kids


Channel their game-playing positively


“As our boys enjoy sport, I try to encourage them to play some of the sporting games when there’s rarely an issue over content”, says mum Kate.

Make it an activity you can do together. Dad Matt says: “Playing games with my children is a great way to monitor what’s out there. It wouldn’t be fair to say ‘that’s unsuitable’ when I have no idea what the game is about or involves. I also find it a great way to bond, especially with the vast host of multiplayer games on the market. We often have our own family ‘team’ that looks out for each other and works together. It’s fun to have something in common.”

If you’re feeling exasperated about the amount of time your kids are spending playing games, remember that the computer games industry is big business. Encourage your kids, if they really love gaming, to get into the techie programming side of things. They could even pursue a career reviewing games in magazines, or create games themselves. Who knows - your kids may be the next big thing in computer games! For further information visit or call 029 2081 0800.

Clapham Family Osteopath Cranial specialist Julia Finlay B.Ost M.Sc (Paed Ost), Registered Osteopath

Babies Children (inc special needs) Mothers pre and post natal All the family Contact: Tel: 07779 017965

June 2013




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Summer holiday listings part 1 Compiled by Joanna Parry

Fun with Fimo

We took every care in preparing these entries but sometimes events are cancelled or times changed. Please double check event with the organiser to avoid disappointment.

cold milkshakes - learn how make them from scratch and decorate them to your heart’s content. 10am1pm, £45 per child for the 2 days or £25 for 1 day 6 August Little Kickers Football Workshop Kids will love Little Kickers approved football workshop for children aged 47. Come and learn some cool football skills with their experienced and enthusiastic coaches. 10am-1pm, £20 7 August Butterfly Ballet Cinderella Workshop Discover the enchanting world of classical ballet through dance, music and acting. The workshop teaches children about stagecraft and mime, and explores scenes from the ballet Cinderella. 10am-1pm, £24 14 August Little Pudding Cookery Club with Cookie Crumbles Join the fun and whip up some amazing pudding creations such as Eton mess and chocolate fondant pudding. 10am-1pm, age 4-8, £25 15-16 August Dancetastic! with Dynamic Dance Join another great dance camp with Dynamic Dance. Over 2 mornings children will learn a range of dance styles including street and jazz, creating a super performance for the parents. 10am-1pm, age 5-10, £40 21 August Summer Toddler Cookery with Cookie Crumbles Prepare the toddlers for some summer cookery! Mums and Dads come and join this special toddler cooking fun. 2-3pm, £13, age 2-4 (not drop-off) 21 August Summer Cooking Fun with Cookie Crumbles Come and join the party! Have a go creating yummy breads, scrumptious cakes, luscious biscuits and more. 10am-1pm, £25, age 4-8 27-30 August Wicked Workshop with A Little Bit Productions Enjoy dancing, singing and acting with a 4 day musical. Combining music from the new modern musical ‘Wicked’, with four famous friends Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow. 10am-1pm, £85

ARTS AND CRAFTS •Eddie Catz Wimbledon SW19 2LP 0845 201 1268 26 July and 2 August Arty Fun with Creation Station Join the Creation Station for some Summer Holiday Arts & Crafts. 10.30-11.40am, £8 per child, £5 per sibling (sign up for all four classes @ £30 per child, £18 per sibling) 7 August Make a Bear Workshop Choose, stuff, fluff and adopt your very own cuddly and lovable teddy and make a special t-shirt. 10am1pm, £22, age 4-8 9 and 16 August Arty Fun with Creation Station Join the Creation Station for some Summer Holiday Arts & Crafts. 10.30-11.40am, £8 per child, £5 per sibling (sign up for all four classes @ £30 per child, £18 per sibling) 20-23 August Wicked Workshop with A Little Bit Productions Enjoy dancing, singing and acting with a 4 day musical. Combining music from the new modern musical ‘Wicked’, with four famous friends Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow. 26 August Princess and Pirate Summer Party! Join Little Bit Productions Crew for a Pirate & Princess Summer Party. 10am-1pm, £22

•Eddie Catz Putney SW15 1SF 0845 201 1268 30 July Princess & Pirate Summer Party Join Little Bit Productions Crew for a Pirate & Princess Summer Party. 10am-1pm, £22 31 July – 1 August Ice Cream, Cupcakes & Pizza Cookery with Cookie Crumbles Everyone loves cupcakes and ice-

June 2013


•Smarty Paints Pottery Studio SW12 8NX 020 8772 8702 29 July – 2 August, 19-23 August Summer Holiday Workshops Fun and creative holiday workshops 10.30am-12.30pm, £18 per session

Smarty Paints the Garden. 020 8299 8732, Dulwich Picture Gallery

•Paint Pots House SW10 9TB 15 July – 2 August Paint Pots Summer Holiday Classes Creative art, cooking, music, story time and games. Times vary, prices vary

•Artyard Handmade SW14 7JN 020 8878 1336 22 July – 30 August Summer Holiday Workshops Art and Craft Workshops. Get creative and explore different projects all week, including papier mache, 3D designs, wood, multi media projects and an array of classic and contemporary art and design features. 10am-3pm, £36

•Little Hands Design NW3 5AU 020 7431 0573 15 July – 2 August Summer Fashion Bonanza Imagine being able to use the sewing machine and design and create your own outfits and accessories! 9-4pm (full days or 5 mornings or 5 afternoons) £225 full days/£120 half day week including fabrics and haberdashery plus lunch option at £4 per day.

•Fun with Fimo Clay W3 6SB 020 8992 3767 18 and 26 July, 23 August, 2 and 3 September Craft Activity Sessions Fun and creative session, fully supervised and non messy! 10.15am4.15pm, £50

•Dulwich Picture Gallery Gallery Road SE21 7AD 8-9 August. Gallery Gardeners: Base Camp and Beyond 22-23 August. Summer Sculpture Lab: Build and Experiment 26 August. August Bank Holiday Family Drop-In - Mini Masterpiece 7, 14, 21 and 28 August. Art in

LANGUAGES •Club Petit Pierrot Across SW London 15-19 July. Fun French Summer Holiday Club Learn French through fun activities and projects such as arts & crafts, salt dough, cooking, singing, dancing, language games and role-play. 3-5 yrs and 6-8 yrs old, 10.30am-12.30pm. £36 per session or £160 for all five sessions. 020 7385 5565,

MUSIC, DANCE AND DRAMA •Act Drama Summer Week Act Drama brings you another fantastic Summer Drama Week! Be a part of our fantastic play JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH; wow your family and friends, laugh all week long and make new best friends! Lead by professional actors, classes are high energy, fun and inspiring. Age 5-15 Streatham and Clapham High School 5 – 9 August Contact for prices, sibling discounts available 07976 873161


Cont p.12

Petit Pierrot

from p.11

Summer holiday listings part 1

Act Drama with Joe, Charlie and Amy

Allsorts Summer drama workshops

•King’s College School

Funky Monkey

SW19 4TT 22 July – 2 August Stagecoach Theatre Arts, Wimbledon - Performing Arts Summer Holiday Workshops Put on a musical show in a weeklong course led by top professionals with a final performance in a theatre for friends and family. Times vary.

Join the fun and take part in their 'Summer Extravaganza!' At More House School,22-24 Pont Street, London SW1 0AA. 020 8969 3249 / 020 8767 5298 15th-19th July and 22nd-26th July: Have a wonderful time making new friends and discovering new talents. Come along and be inspired and encouraged by their dynamic and experienced teachers. Write a script, use music, props, costumes and your imagination to create, entertain and surprise family and friends with a sensational show! No experience necessary - all you need is lots of enthusiasm! 9.30am 12.30pm 4-6yrs and 7-12yrs.

•Honeywell School SW11 6EF 29 July – 2 August Stagecoach Theatre Arts, Battersea - 5 day Musical Theatre Holiday Workshop Classes in dance, drama and singing, culminating in a thrilling performance for friends and family on Friday 2 August. 9.30 - 12.30pm Monday Friday for 4 - 6 year olds; 10am 4pm for 7 - 15 year olds, 4 - 6 year olds £125, 7 - 15 year olds £160.

•King’s College School

Summer Holiday Music Workshops for 6-10yrs, in Chelsea, July & August 2013 Jam packed full of fun, stimulating and educational activities. Singing, reading and writing music, notation, rhythm, orchestral instruments, composers, musical maths, puzzles, flash cards, percussion and much more. Individual and team interaction. Professional, experienced staff. “Delivered in a social, fun & exciting way” 4 day morning or afternoon courses 1 day morning workshops LIMITED PLACES! Fostering the joy of music in children

•Belleville School SW11 6PR 29 July – 2 August Fancy Footwork Summer School - Alice In Wonderland Fancy Footwork Alice in wonderland

•Immanuel Church SW16 3PY 22 July – 9 August Funky Monkey Keyboard Classes - Summer Holiday Workshops Fantastic fun filled activity one day or one week courses for beginner musicians 4-8 years to start learning ®

Cool street dance moves and routines, creative art and tons of fun and games for kids aged 5-14. 9.3012.30pm, £115 for whole course.

•The Baden Powell Conference Centre SW7 5JS 0207 590 6909 22–26 July and 12-16 August Perform Summer Experience 2013 This summer let your 4-8 year old join Aladdin, Jasmine and The Genie on a thrilling five day adventure based on the classic children’s story Aladdin. 2.30pm – 4.30pm, £145.

•St Stephens Church Hall

•First Steps Academy SW6 7QA 020 7381 5224 22-26 July Summer Holiday Workshops 9.30am - 12.30pm. Age 4 - 8, Princess ballet stories. Age 7 - 12, Funky dance choreography. All £15.00 per day, 9.30am - 12.30pm, £15.00 5-9 August Summer school for ages 5-12. Dance, drama and singing, £165 for the week

SW12 8NA 29 July – 2 August Funky Moves Summer Course 2013

the electronic keyboard the fun way. 10am-2pm, £30 per day.

W12 7LJ 020 8932 2652 22 July The Music House for Children Summer Party Includes art & craft, face painting, sing-a-long with instruments, instrumental performances, tea, cake and much more. 10am -12pm, £5 per child

Chelsea Quavers

•Oak Lodge School

Funky Moves

•The Music House for Children

SW19 4TT 15-19 July Music Makers Summer Music Courses Holiday music courses for 5-18 years. Grades 2 to 8. 10am4pm. Junior course £225, intermediate course £250, senior course £290


Battersea Stagecoach

Allsorts Drama

Story-telling, ballet class, repertoire and art, plus a performance on the last day. This action packed week is a must this summer! 9.30am-3.00pm, £190.00.

SW15 2RS 29 July – 2 August Perform Summer Experience 2013 This summer let your 4-8 year old join Aladdin, Jasmine and The Genie on a thrilling five day adventure based on the classic children’s story Aladdin. 10am – 12pm, £145.

Cupcake Cupcake is a unique family club designed to offer exclusive baby and toddler classes provided by qualified professionals, for children 0 to 5 yrs old. Cupcake welcomes parents and parents-to-be into an oasis of fitness, Children’s Classes, seminars and courses, providing “fun and wellbeing for the whole family”. They are passionate about helping each child learn and flourish while you enjoy time to relax and use their amazing facilities. The fun continues in Summer holiday Clubs and workshops for children aged 4+. 020 7186 6000

Tel: 020 8696 9680

We keep on adding to this listing online: For the uptodate listings visit our What’s on calendar online

•St Luke's Community Hall

Workshop Make sock puppet sausage dogs and bring them to life in this drama and craft workshop. 10 – 11.15am 3 – 4 yrs; 11.45am–1pm 4–5yrs, £18 26 July Summer Holiday Workshops Leaf Printing with Lola and Lotta Create leaf print collages on cloth in this craft workshop inspired by the show. 10 – 11.15am 3 – 4 yrs; 11.45am–1pm 4–5yrs, £18 30 July – 1 August Summer Holiday Workshops Behind the Scenes Dancer for a Day, Heads & Tails and Role Play for a Day. Times and ages vary, £25-30

SW12 8RQ 29 July – 2 August Perform Summer Experience 2013 This summer let your 4-8 year old join Aladdin, Jasmine and The Genie on a thrilling five day adventure based on the classic children’s story Aladdin. 2.30pm – 4.30pm, £145.

•Barnes Methodist Church Hall SW13 ONH 29 July – 2 August Perform Summer Experience 2013 This summer let your 4-8 year old join Aladdin, Jasmine and The Genie on a thrilling five day adventure based on the classic children’s story Aladdin. 2.30pm – 4.30pm £145,

•Broomwood Hall School SW12 8NR 29 July – 2 August Studio Film School - Summer Film Shoot Make a movie in a week. Learn all about acting, directing, camera, editing, design, scriptwriting, Special FX and more, before celebrating on the red carpet at your own special film premiere in a real cinema. 10am-4pm, £235 per place including cinema tickets and DVD. 27-28 August Lights, Camera, Comedy! A laugh-a-minute film workshop, an ideal challenge for young filmmakers this summer. They’ll explore different comedy styles and produce a DVD of funny short films inspired by legendary screen comedians including Charlie Chaplin and Monty Python. 10am - 4pm, £135 including DVD. 27-28 August Shooting Stars! Perfect for very young filmmakers, this stimulating workshop is programmed to combine engaging

•The Polka Theatre SW19 1SB 020 8543 4888 23 July Summer Holiday Workshops Lola’s Summer Sunshine Workshop Lola wants to be the sun. Help her shine by creating sparkling sunshine windmills and headdresses, and enjoy stories and songs inspired by summer. 10 – 11.15am 3 – 4 yrs; 11.45am–1pm 4–5yrs, £18 24 July Summer Holiday Workshops Lotta and Lola’s Extremely Fishy Workshop Make your own fabulous 3D fish ponds inspired by Lola and Lotta’s favourite pond. 10 – 11.15am 3 – 4 yrs; 11.45am–1pm 4–5yrs, £18 25 July Summer Holiday Workshops Sizzle’s Sizzling Sock Puppet

June 2013

Perform drama


camera activities with drama, art and music to inspire little ones and develop all-round confidence and creativity. 9.30am-12.30pm, ages 47, £110 including DVD.

•The Exhibit SW12 9SG 020 8772 6556 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 August Funky Moves Kids Club Summer Kid’s Clubs The Exhibit Cinema partners up with Funky Moves to bring you a packed afternoon of fantastic entertainment. Each child will eat a packed lunch in The Exhibit's luxury private cinema whilst watching a film. They will then learn a cool dance to a song from the film they have just watched and even do a mini performance for the parents. 1pm - 4pm, £15

•Theatrebugs Balham, Barnes, Battersea, Clapham, Earlsfield and Fulham 29 July – 16 August. Theatrebugs Summer Drama Workshops - The First Ever Whale Story 5 fun filled days of acting, singing, dancing, dressing up and arts and crafts. On day five you hit the stage! 9.30am-12.30pm, £120 10% sibling discount. Dates and times vary depending on venue 0800 975 5290,

•London Transport Museum WC2E 7BB A host of fabulous summer activities for all ages including: Steamy Science Sundays: 4,11,18,25 August Mondays: 5,12,19,26 August Demonstration Time: 11.30, 14.00, 15.00

Polka Theatre

Open to all families but most suitable for those with children aged 6 - 12 years Tackling tunnels Tuesday – Saturday: 30 July–3 August, 13–17 August, 27–31 August Storytime: 11.00 and 14.00 Open to all families but most suitable for those with children aged 3 to 7 years Also Singalong, Make and Take and Get Messy

SPORT •Bank of England Sports Centre 020 8392 4368 Summer starts here! Become a member of the Bank of England Sports Centre this summer and enjoy the following – Kids Camps (511 year olds from 9.30am-4.30pm), Swimming Crash Courses, 33 acres of stunning grounds, adventure playground and paddling pool, an onsite creche, a packed Studio Class timetable, lawn tennis and much much more!

•Central London Golf Centre SW17 0AT 020 8871 2468 15 July – 16 August Summer Junior Golf Camps Golf tuition followed by fun and informal competitions. 10am-2pm, £35/£45 per day

•Merton Active Plus Morden, Mitcham, Wimbledon July and August dates TBC. Holiday courses Merton Active Plus courses are packed full of activities that will keep your children busy during the school


Cont p.14

Upbeat Music Pop kids dance

from p.13

Summer holiday listings part 1


Studio Film School holidays. For 8-16 year olds across the borough, including tennis, watersports, golf, hockey and more. Dates vary. 020 8545 3663,

•Ridgway Stables SW19 4SU 020 8946 7400, 16 July – 30 August Summer Holiday Courses Learn to ride and care for a pony during this summer. 10am-12pm or 2-4pm each day, £120

•Kiddikicks Across South West London Dates TBC. Holiday Sessions Kiddikicks (football 18m to 5 years) Kiddisports (multi-sport 18m to 5 years) and Ligasoccer (football Under 8’s) throughout the summer holidays. Bespoke (1 to 3 hours) for your player and friends: pick your sport and they provide the coach, equip and place. 7937 7965, sarah

•Telford Park Tennis Club SW2 4NX 020 8674 5979 / 07736 068375 22 July – 30 August Hotshots Holiday Tennis Camps Programme A series of fun, 5 day

coaching sessions for all levels, ages 4-15, 11.30-4pm, £27pd/ £120pw.

•Battersea Sports Centre SW11 2DA 020 8871 8629 29 July – 30 August Holiday Fun Enjoy a variety of sports, fun and games, arts and crafts, dance, trampolining, martial arts and much more. 10am-3pm, £10.00 per day or £45 per week.

•Swimway SwimWay will be running intensive holiday swimming courses for 3yrs – 9yrs in Putney, East Sheen, Sheen Mount School, Aquilla in Knightsbridge and Fitness First in Streatham Hill. The lessons will be provided on a private or a semiprivate basis for half an hour each day Monday to Friday, 22nd-26th July, 29th July-2nd August, and 5th-9th August. The Sheen Mount School located in East Sheen is a heated outdoor pool which is an ideal location during the summer months. 020 8871 3972,

•Fit For Sport Across SW London 15 July – 30 August. Children’s Holiday Activity Camps Keep active, have fun and make new friends with a wide range

Central London Golf Centre

of sports and activities. Ages 3-12, call for details of times and prices 0845 456 3233.

camps and residential courses

10 – 17 year olds now include horse riding, eco and watersports experiences. Monthly payment option, 20% discount for friends and siblings and bursary funding for low income. Camps throughout August. 01629 592 530

•KG Adventure – Summer Activity

various dates Wildlife Holidays & Courses in the Highlands. Fully inclusive, small-group learning holidays /courses exploring the stunning wildlife, habitats of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. 01463 782 443

Residential and day Camps! Mix of activities so whether you are super outdoorsy or prefer to be more creative there will be something for you. KG Adventure is Ofsted registered, accepts childcare vouchers. Centres all over the UK 01449 742700

•ATE superweeks

•Marlborough College


7 day residential holidays running in August 5th-12th, 13th-20th and 21st-28th. 8-16 yrs. 0845 456 1205

•Camp Wild 23/7-17/8 East Devon. Residential camps for 8-12 yrs 29 July to 3 August, 5-10 August and 12–17 August and day camps for 6-12yrs during first 4 weeks of the summer holidays. 6-12yrs 01404 822 188

•YHA Summer Camps Formerly known as Do it 4 Real, YHA’s residential summer camps for

14/7-3/8 Wilts SN8 1PA Summer School for 3-16yrs. Action-packed week of activities and entertainment as residents with their families, or as day students on their own or group. 01672 892388

•UK Activity Camp XUK is a multi-activity summer camp based in Norfolk 11⁄2 hours north of London. Activities: adventure/water sports, drama, dance, arts and crafts, cookery... Choose 1-6wk. 6-17yrs. 020 8371 9686/020 8922 9739

We are constantly adding new summer camps and courses to our online What’s on calendar, check it out here:


Tel: 020 8696 9680

June 2013



Tel: 020 8696 9680

Getting girls back on track By Joanna Moorhead

A few years ago, psychologist Steve Biddulph was advising parents of boys on how to raise them to avoid a battery of difficulties. Now he’s back with a formula for how to raise girls. Joanna, a mother of four daughters, asked him what matters most. The day after I gave birth to our fourth daughter, my husband was involved in a puzzling exchange with our neighbour. The baby had been born at home overnight, so the neighbour was keen to hear the news over the garden fence. “It’s another girl,” announced my husband excitedly. “Oh,” said the neighbour, looking downcast. “And are you very disappointed?” Gary and I enjoyed telling the story, and we enjoy telling it to this day, because disappointment was truly the very last emotion we felt when our lovely little Catriona arrived to join her big sisters Rosie, Elinor and Miranda. Raising boys may, for all I know, be every bit as exciting and fun-filled as raising girls; but the truth is, I know nothing about it. I’m sure it’s similar, but I’m sure there are also ways in which it’s different: and the point is that, by the time Catriona was born, I was already quite certain that bringing up girls was a fabulous task to be taking centre-stage in my life. So, from the moment the line went blue on my pregnancy test, I was secretly hoping for another daughter. And when she finally landed, Gary and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Fast-forward ten years, and it’s still every bit as wonderful now as it was back then. But the last few years have brought a few scary moments – and, explains psychologist Steve Biddulph, I’m certainly not the only parent of daughters to have discovered that. Fifteen years ago, Biddulph leapt to fame when his ground-breaking book ‘Raising Boys’ tackled the difficulties that were making life tough for parents of boys – rising rates of ADHD, aggressive behaviour, teenage drinking. Back then, he says, “girls were doing just fine”. But no longer. “It all started to change about five years ago. We began to see a sudden and marked plunge in girls’ mental health. Problems such as eating disorders and self-harm, which once had been extremely rare, were now happening in every classroom and every street. And more than this, the average girl was stressed and depressed in a way she hadn’t been before.” So now Biddulph is back with a new book aimed at parents with girls. And the message he wants to give us is that, from their earliest times, we need to bomb-proof them from what he calls “a world that seems bent on poisoning their confidence and trashing their lives”.

June 2013


What the onslaught is all about, says Biddulph, is the fact that advertisers have fixed their beady eyes on our pre-teen daughters: they’ve realised that little girls are extremely malleable from a marketing point of view, and they’ve gone all-out to sell them not only pink-clad dolls and sex-typed toys, but also sexualised clothes (long, long before any little girl should be thinking about looking attractive to the opposite sex) and pre-adolescent make-up.

Biddulph’s advice is simple Avoid all sex-stereotyped toys and products like the plague. From her earliest days, think not about what material possessions you are giving your daughter: instead, concentrate on how you’re making her feel. From birth to two, he explains, all that really matters to a baby girl is that she feels safe and loved. In a world where the arrival of a little girl is often seen as an invitation to start showering her with possessions – cute outfits, a pretty bedroom – he advocates forgetting all about what she has (especially if it’s of the ‘girly’ variety) and concentrating entirely on how welcome, and wanted, and loved she is in your life. The deep-rooted confidence that brings will, he promises, be something she carries with her right through her life.

People skills From two to five, a little girl starts feeling interested in the world around her: now, she needs to be introduced to the world as an exciting and fascinating place, a place full of adventures. From five to ten it’s all about people skills – what she most needs to discover, says Biddulph, is that while her feelings are very important indeed, other people’s feelings matter too. With the coming of puberty, a girl’s thoughts shift towards what Biddulph calls ‘finding her soul’: if she is helped and encouraged to find what he calls her ‘spark’, some passion or interest that she cares deeply about and is willing to invest her time in, that will help her to find fulfilment through her entire life. It’s an empowering message: best of all, for parents like me, is Biddulph’s conviction that the family and the adults surrounding a girl are the most important elements in helping light the fire that will burn through all her days. If girlhood has sometimes seemed scary, Biddulph reminds us that it’s exciting and enriching – and guides us through the skills that will help us help our daughters, time after time. Steve Biddulph’s Raising Girls is published by HarperCollins, £12.99


Education news

Effra Early years Centre

Effra expands facilities Effra Early Years Centre is expanding its services to meet local demand. Situated between Brixton and Herne Hill, the centre is very popular with local parents and young children. Within walking distance of the current site, new indoor and outdoor stay and play sessions offer the opportunity to meet and socialise with other families in the area. There will be Baby Rhyme Time sessions for parents with babies aged 0-12 months, and for 3-8 year-olds, French songs and rhymes, dance and movement, bake and take, and photography. There is a fully equipped sensory room where children with special needs can engage, explore and develop their different senses and skills. Both individual and small group sessions will be available. The new facilities also provide the perfect venue for birthday parties and will soon be available for hire. “With so many families with young children in the area it is great that we can now offer something for everyone with the choice of so many different activities,” said Ann Hitchins, head of the Centre. To find out more, email, call 020 7733 8425, or see

Reading out loud in class ‘does children no good’ Well-loved children’s author Julia Donaldson has said that reading aloud in class is too “wooden” to interest children in books, and instead they should be taught how to read by acting out plays. The Children's Laureate has suggested that reading aloud makes children feel like they are being tested, rather than inspiring them. The author of The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom said that when she visits a classroom she takes small groups of students aside and works on the play with them, before reading it to the rest of the class. “It can develop children's reading” as well as build confidence, she said. The author has a new series of short plays written for especially schools, including plays by authors such as Vivian French, Alison Hawes and Steve Barlow.

Maths, English and 11+ Tuition Study Centres Contact Vicky Barnett BA, MSc, PGCE Tel: 020 8876 2553


Tel: 020 8696 9680

Clubs and classes

How soon should you book for the Autumn term? Swimming classes in particular, get booked up really quickly


September is traditionally when the term starts again and while most parents are happy to wait for early September to book their children’s classes, others prefer to book nice and early. There is definitely a case to start looking and trying out for classes now. Many classes offer trial classes so why not make the most of them? See our Online Directory for a long list and the Clubs and Classes adverts on our pages for ideas. Why book early?  Avoid the mad panic of early September. Settling children into school/nursery is hugely time consuming.  Secure a place into the class of your choice. Some classes, like swimming, get really booked up, do not miss out on by leaving it at the last minute. Take SwimWay: because of their success they will open their bookings for the Autumn 2013 Term to new clients on June 10th. SwimWay offers home visit Swimming School, providing swimming lessons to children and adults in exclusive private developments, homes, schools and gyms, as well as five sites open to general public located in Kew Gardens, East Sheen, Putney, Aquilla in Knightsbridge and Fitness First in Streatham Hill. Places are limited and so early bookings essential. See advert below.  Get the time slot you want. Victoria Bremner of VBDance, Balham told us: “We noticed last year that parents were booking children in for September as early as the previous May. The early bookings get the class time preferences which is rather handy especially if booking weekend sessions to coincide with other clubs or other commitments such as the school run on weekdays!”  Make sure your children get in a branch that is walking distance to your home. Driving to a class is tedious, time-consuming, stressful and bad for the environment. Do everything you can to walk as much as you can.

June 2013




Tel: 020 8696 9680

June 2013


It's PARTY time! 速


Special By Joanna Moorhead

A birthday party is the highpoint of the year for most kids - so the pressure is on to get it right. The secret, as ever, is in the planning. But how do you find out which party is right for your child? We guide you through the options.

The traditional party

The action party

What is it? An at-home for the birthday child and friends, with traditional games like pass the parcel (always a winner), pin the tail on the donkey, and musical bumps.

Who's it suitable for? Older children (seven plus); kids with lots of energy who enjoy racing around

What is it? Paintballing, go-karting, swimming, Go Ape etc

Who's it suitable for? Great for nursery and reception age children, but don't neglect its values for older kids, especially girls of eight or nine who often enjoy nothing more than inviting their friends back to their house and having a girly time. The pros: It's cheap (or at least, it certainly can be); other parents often stay to help you out, keep you company, especially if you promise a glass of prosecco to help everyone through The cons: You may need to redecorate afterwards; you'll certainly need to do a major tidy up. It can be difficult to keep your birthday child's siblings out of the way, which could lead to conflict. Top tips to make it work: 1. Agree ground rules with the birthday child beforehand about which rooms are in and out of bounds 2. Have a timetable for what's happening when 3. Think about a project, eg build a bear kits, jewellery-making, pirate games 4. Give them chance to let off steam in the garden 5. For tea, spread a huge paper tablecloth on the floor and get them to sit around the edges of it. At the end, simply fold it up with all the rubbish inside and bin.


The pros: Your house remains intact; the kids have something to focus on, and lots of opportunities to let off steam; many children end up covered in bruises from paintballing (though they don't seem to mind!) The cons: It can be very expensive; although some options, eg a swimming pool party, trip to an adventure playground, can be good value Top tips to make it work 1. If the activity is long and energetic it might be best to postpone a winter birthday party to the spring (the kids might get wet and cold as they'll be outside for ages). 2. Take plenty of water, squash, snacks including fruit - they'll need plenty of energy for all that running around. 3. Make ABSOLUTELY sure you've checked all restrictions, eg height restrictions, beforehand there's nothing worse than finding out on the day that one of your guests is too small to participate. 4. Make sure you get parental consent forms signed well in advance - the venue will require you to do this before they allow you in. 5. Ensure the kids wear any safety equipment at all times.

Tel: 020 8696 9680

The restaurant party What is it? A meal-based party in eg a pizza restaurant, where the kids are allowed to help or watch in the food preparation Who's it suitable for? Older kids of eight-12; children who enjoy the chance to meet and chat more than the chance to run around The pros: At its best, it's very civilised; you can even have a second table in the restaurant and invite some other parents along, so it's a meal out for you as well. Children enjoy sense of being 'grown up' and eating out with friends The cons: It's expensive; raucous behaviour will upset other diners Top tips to make it work 1. Make sure you're booked for a time when the restaurant won't be busy 2. A restaurant near a park, where kids can run off a bit of energy afterwards, is a good idea 3. Don't rely on the pizza-making/chef-watching for absolutely all the entertainment. Bring eg colouring packs or check the restaurant will provide them, and think of some easy games to play round the table, eg I-Spy, in case things flag 4. Make sure you sort out the cake arrangements beforehand; most restaurants allow you to bring your own (don't forget the candles and matches) 5. Don't limit yourself to chain restaurants - your local eaterie may well be prepared to accommodate your party, and may be more flexible than bigger establishments

The church hall party What is it? An indoor party in a hired venue Who's it suitable for? Children of five plus, who are confident about being left somewhere they don't know The pros: A lot more space than they'd have if you were at home


The cons: You'll have to leave the place spotless afterwards, and pay for any damage Top tips to make it work 1. Try to find somewhere with outdoor space as well in case it's a lovely day. 2. Ask if you can borrow/use playgroup play equipment. 3. Have lots of help, and have tea reasonably early in the afternoon so you can get it tidied away before the end. 4. If you've got the budget, consider hiring an entertainer - the extra space will make it a lot more fun. 5. Musical games, dancing, discos etc are great fun in church halls.

See our online Children’s Parties Section for more, including: 8 low cost party bags ideas: Our editorial team top party tips:

Joint Parties – extra fun or huge headache? Joint parties are back in fashion. We at Families are big fans. The savings that can be made when party costs are shared, and the extra fun and reduced stress you experience when organising a party with other people are the biggest reasons for this. How do you approach people and start organising a joint party? We share our tips online. Just search for Joint parties on Over the years we have written many Party guides, do browse our website for inspirations, great tips and lots of common sense! And finally...whatever sort of party you're having don't neglect the party bags! Every kid, at every party, is secretly (or not so secretly!) longing for a party bag - and part of the excitement for your child is helping to put the bags together. Have a budget and stick to it - party bags can add hugely to the cost of a party - but try and limit the wasteful plastic toys that get thrown away immediately.

YOUR CHILD deserves the best, while YOU take a rest

PARTIES TO REMEMBER Traditional fun, planned with you & your child, food & pinatas optional Age 3 to 12yrs

020 7249 3242 June 2013




Party Special Active Parties

outdoor venues. They also attend school, charity and corporate events, anywhere children need entertaining. Call Rachel on 07766 337 572

Action Station

Latino Bambino

Imaginative interactive storytelling parties. Choose from mermaids, funky witches and wizards, fairies or princesses, pirates, knights or cowboys, spies or drama parties. Clowns, magicians, jugglers, circus skills experts, face painters, make-up artists and DJs also available. 0870 770 2705

Latino Bambino parties are unique, high-energy, physical extravaganzas involving Latin/Tropical music, dancing games, colourful props and lots of fun. They’ll get the children up and moving with maracas, pom poms, ribbons, hula hoops, bubbles, scarves and more for a real FIESTA time! Suitable for children ages 2-6 years. Call 07961 838349

Amanda’s Action Club Amanda’s Action Club classic parties have been exciting young children in London for years. Now in 2013 Amanda is launching a whole range of new format parties for older children (5-12 year olds) including the Action Streetdance, Action Breakdance, Gangnam Style and Strike-aPose/Pamper party – the coolest parties for the coolest kids! Call 01895 623 999.

Little Gym Fantastic Birthday Parties at The Little Gym in Wandsworth and Fulham. Kids love them and so do mum and dad. Their parties are full of fun

Eddie Catz Fantastic fun for all ages, Eddie Catz in Wimbledon and Putney offer a variety of party packages to suit all ages and budgets. You’ll enjoy playtime in the giant adventure playframe, multi-sports pitch and toddler areas. You get our own private party room, a Party Host who will attend to your guests every need, a scrumptious meal with plenty to drink, all rounded up with a visit from Eddie Catz, their furry feline mascot who will bring the goody bags. As well as their popular “Eddie Party” (3-10), they throw Toddler Parties for under 3’s, evening Laser Tag parties (6-12 year) and Glitz and Disco Parties for pre-teens. To find out more

The Wheelie Good Party Company Something brilliant for boys and girls. Their jeep driving adventure birthday party should prove to be the best party ever. They will bring their electric jeeps and indoor track to a venue of your choice and produce for you and your guests the most memorable party. For children aged between 4 and 8 years. Check out their web site.

URBAN ASCENT Unit 5, Parsons Green Depot, 33-39 Parsons Green Lane SW6 4HH 020 7751 0913 A state-of-the-art bouldering centre with a kids club from 5 years. Parties from age 5 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Arts, Crafts Cooking and Science parties

Backflip They have Children’s Birthday Parties with a Gymnastic Twist for ages 2–12: Little Flippers parties come complete with colourful mats, soft equipment and great party tunes (children aged 2-4 years); Flippers and BackFlippers Parties – are for 4–12 years old. Plus Katie Cannon’s BackFlip Performers bring dancing, funky games and fantastic upside-down gymnastic skills to your child’s birthday party. or 020 8940 7998

compiled by Amanda Butterworth

Busy Bakers

gymnastic based games, activities, music and laughter. Their parties are for all ages and are led by their trained staff in their bright and colourful facility. Contact 020 8874 6567 or (

Busy Bakers provides bespoke party entertainment in the comfort of your home or venue with kitchen facilities. Combining arts & crafts, baking and traditional party games to ensure a unique experience for your little ones. Their parties cater for children aged between 3-12 years and are based in South West London. Call 07766 135 906

London Karting

Cookie Crumbles

The London Karting Company have two venues which you can attend for private kids karting parties: Dulwich College Sports Centre, or the Latchmere Leisure Centre, Battersea. They run exclusive “F1 themed” events for kids aged 411yrs with full safety equipment, live race commentary, medals and a podium presentation. 020 8677 8677

Children from 4 -15 have enormous fun cooking their own meal in home cooking parties, helped by a team of chef’s with 20 years of experience under their apron. All menus are adapted to the age of the children who have an impressive client list and reputation. Cookie Crumbles also offers unique dinner, mocktail and chocolate parties.

Freedom Productions Themed Children’s Parties with a difference. Freedom Parties are dedicated to creating healthy, alternative and dynamic themed parties. They believe children are the key for the future. Their workshops and parties aim to incorporate a healthy aspect to learning to play for the idea of play’s sake. They focus on the creative imagination and movement exploration through light, joyful, fun and theatrical techniques. Call: Samantha 0782456272

Go-Kart Party Go-Kart Party SW London provides an exciting and safe environment for a real driving experience. Boys and girls love racing electric karts round a mini grand prix circuit. Fun and flexible packages available for memorable parties at indoor and


Rugbytots Jam packed with rugby-themed play and party games, Rugbytots birthday parties are suitable for children as young as two. Parents are encouraged to get involved too, which for many is an added bonus! Rugbytots combines the multiple skills used in rugby, with a fun, enthusiastic and energetic programme designed to enhance your child's social and physical skills. Contact Lorna at or call 0845 481 6444.

Parties run for 2 hours, for a minimum of six children (maximum of 35). Prices start at £165 per two hours for a party of six including all ingredients. The Cookie Crumble team can provide tableware, invitations, chefs hats, aprons and exclusive party bags for an extra charge. Call: 020 88769912

Tel: 020 8696 9680

Pottery Painting & Craft Studio •Paint your own pottery – perfect for gifts •Baby hand or footprints •Silver keepsake jewellery •Parties available; Pottery, Decopatch & T­shirt Painting •Holiday workshops Open Mon­Sat 10am­6pm, Sun 11am­6pm 85 Nightingale Lane, Wandsworth SW12 8NX 020 8772 8702

nt ou te sc quo i d % ou s 10 n y ilie e m wh Fa

June 2013



Party Special ®

DeeLight Bakery Birthday parties for Budding young cake designers. Customised, all inclusive birthday parties in a private academy setting in a real bakery. Make your own pizza, make sugar models for cupcakes or learn texture and design through sugar craft. Take home your cake designs, eat your pizza and enjoy the birthday cake. Min 6-15 children per party. £25 per head. Call 020 8672 0250

Smarty Paints Creative fun Pottery Painting parties (age 5+) or fabulous take home on the day options in Decopatch, T-shirt painting and acrylic on Pottery (age 7+). Full explanation given then creativity flows and Smarty Paints clear up! Parties up to 2 hours and prices from £14 per painter. Max 30 painters. Each birthday party is booked for 10 or more, each child gets a personalised complimentary birthday gift. Call 020 8772 8702 or

Drama Allsorts Drama for children Allsorts Drama offer fantastic original themed drama parties. “Understanding how important birthday parties are to children, we want them to have the most fabulous party ever. Our parties are always a whirl of excitement, fly to the world of make believe, become a Film star, Magician or Detective. Explore the drama of murder mysteries. The only limit is your imagination!” Call 020 8767 5298 Allsorts also run term time classes, holiday courses and private tuition.

Act Drama Act Drama Birthday Parties are jam packed with drama games, personally themed adventure stories, treasure hunts and riddles. Act drama is


high energy, fun and inspiring. Drama Parties are led by professional actors. Choose from An Amazing Adventure Party, A crazy Improv Party or a Perform a Play Party. Act Parties free your imagination and help children to express their creativity. It’s “the most fun you’ll have at a party this year!!” Contact: Jane Cameron. 07976 873 161

Perform parties Perform Parties are high energy and fun using the power of children's imaginations to get everyone involved either with songs and games or around a theme like mermaid, pirate, cheerleader, popstar etc Mini Ps for 1-3yrs, Perform for 4-8yrs, Perform Plus for 8-12yrs. 0845 400 4000 enquiries

Stagecoach Explore the magical world of "Stagecoach Parties" where they will take your child on a roller coaster ride through their imagination and land them safely back home with some amazing party memories! You chose the date, time and the place and they will come to you either at your home, if space permits, or to a hired venue. Stagecoach Parties are packed full of fun, lively party entertainment including dramatic games, fabulous songs and fun for everyone. Themed Parties (for ages 4-10yrs) or Murder Mysteries (for ages 11-16yrs). Call 020 8946 3400 or 0208 946 2986

Entertainers Adam Ants Adam Ants and his team have several years of experience in entertaining children. They offer terrific shows for the kids from 1 year olds - 10 year olds with Magic, Balloon Modelling, Puppets, Music, Dancing, Singing, Disco Parties, Sports Parties, Be My Bear Teddy Parties, Art Parties. They offer Face Painters, Tables and Chair hire and lots, lots more. or call 020 8959 1045

Boo Boo Recommended by the Evening Standard. Lots of laughter, fun and games, mini disco, balloon modelling, silly juggling, magic tricks and puppet show! Call 07961 355 269.

Charlie the Clown Charlie entertains children of all ages and offers a variety of entertainment: clown and magic shows, singing, dancing, games, balloon modelling, storytelling and puppets. Charlie also performs as Captain Bluster the Pirate, Mr Wiz the Wizard and Egbert the Explorer. Children are kept busy, happy and entertained throughout the party! or call 07808 732 390

Theatrebugs Theatrebugs Adventure Drama Parties for 2-8 years. A Theatrebugs party is an interactive fun filled journey crammed with tasks to be completed, characters to become and different worlds to explore. It is jam packed with storytelling, imaginative play, drama games and good old fashioned fun. BabyBug parties launching soon for 1-2 year olds! “The perfect solution for a party to remember!” Janet, Rosie’s mum, Barnes Prices start from £128! Party bags available! Call: 0800 975 5290

b Eg



x eE



Tel: 020 8696 9680

Diane’s Puppets


If you are looking for something completely different and unique for your child's party, look no further than Diane's Puppets. With her handmade, adorable puppets, gentle, silly, surreal comedy and fabulous fast face-painting, Diane will captivate the young and turn your jaded big boys and girls into giggle monsters. Established 1993. Call 020 7820 9466.

Lydie is a bilingual French and English entertainer who will transform your house or choice of venue into a mini-theatre with her extraordinary props, creating a magical space where the children play an active role in the unfolding dramas. Choose from Peter Pan, Aladdin, Batman, Robin Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Lion King, and many more. Recommended by Time Out, Tatler and Vogue. 020 7662 2540.

Eliza Doalot

Silly Millie The clown is a funky clown that kids love to hang out with. She sings, does magic and is very silly. If you would like her to come to your child’s party call 020 7823 8329 or 07939 239 397.

Eliza Doalot

Theo The Magician Theo won The Best Business In The Community Award last year for his fundraising and community work. Theo is an Interactive Fun Magician for both Children and Adults. His two hour party shows with plate spinning are his most popular shows. New for 2013 “Angry Bird Games”. Age groups: 1101. Call 07711 724 129 Eliza packs so much into your child’s party making it the best party in town. A full magic show, interactive story telling, puppets and dance routines and games, and model balloons for every child to go home with, your party will be the talk of town. Any theme catered for from Hermione’s distant cousin Eliza the witch, to a fairy princess, Jessie from toy story, Minnie Mouse to even an astronaut space girl, and super hero. Call: 07779 271 655

Tony Macaroni London's favourite entertainer, with fun packed parties for 3 to 11 years. Games, dancing, story telling and magic and puppet shows. Delicious macaroni lollipops. Junior disco with full flashing lights and competitions. Drama and themed shows for all ages. Call Tony Macaroni on 020 8442 0122.

Pampering and Facepainting Miss Dee Faced Miss Dee is a professionally trained children’s face painter and entertainer. She can bring any party to life. If requested she can organise party games and balloon modelling. She can come to the party as Miss Dee Faced or your child's favourite character. She is based near Victoria and is happy to travel within London. Call Laura 0742 517 6126.

Magical Designs

JoJo With an exciting BBC TV appearance as Leading Children's Entertainers, event organizers and having entertained over 60,000 children to date, JoJo's Travelling Minstrels pride themselves on their ability to bring a 'WHOLE LOTTA FUN' to any party or event. With an expansive range of 'funtabulous' entertainment, they will engage all children from 0 - 100+ years with smiles, zany fun and laughter. Call 0774 319 6691

June 2013

Theo The Magician


Magical Designs has an excellent reputation providing face painting and balloon modelling for 9 years throughout London and surrounding areas. For a memorable occasion whether a small family party or a large corporate event, please contact Susie on 0781 492 5462. For testimonials and further information, visit JoJo



Tel: 020 8696 9680

Party Special


Blueberry Playsongs Blueberry parties are lively, interactive musical parties for 0 - 5 years. One of their talented entertainers will play guitar and sing songs with joining in, actions, jumping games, dancing and instruments. Perfect for little ones. A 45-minute session in Central London is £105. Call them to check availability on 020 8677 6871

Chelsea Parties

Invite a real Ballerina to take your little one on a magical ballet party adventure! Dress up in beautiful Tutus, play exciting ballet themed games, make tiaras and wands to dance with and enjoy a ballet performance 'en pointe' by your special guest too! Tutu Tea Parties include all the little details such as invitations, thank you paper, prizes, Birthday gifts, decorations and more. A truly memorable occasion for young ballet enthusiasts. 07841 922 631

Puts the fun in - and takes the stress out - of your child’s celebration, without breaking the bank. With stylish decorations, tableware, party bags, costumes, entertainers and themed party kits, they have everything you need to make the day a roaring success. Call 020 7349 8198

Caterpillar Music Parties are full of fun activities and surprises. A combination of simple birthday party games, action songs, instruments and amazing puppets provide a special party where young children can join in as much as they want to... To book a party in: SW4, SW11, SW17 or SW18 contact Shumi on 020 8540 1762. For SW19 and SM4 contact Helen on 020 8286 3754. Find out more and book a free trial class

Funky Movesbringing out the fun in funky! They offer a range of fantastic parties for kids aged 5-16. From Mamma Mia to Hip Hop, they can do it! The parties are fun, friendly and structured. Their team are all professional dancers, who are working in music videos and dance productions here in the UK and across the world! Come and join in the fun.Call 07810 431 101 www.funkymovesdance.cocm

Rockstars Rockstars specialise in giving you a party to Upbeat Music remember. They run one andParties two hour parties for children and adults as well as studio experiences for those who play their own instruments. Rockstars parties are an ideal way to celebrate a birthday if your child loves music and loves to sing. Call 020 8767 1125

June 2013


Pantaloons Perfect Parties is an entertainment company in Pimlico. They offer the highest quality fun entertainers who will completely look after all the entertaining for your children’s party. They can come dressed as any character you like eg pirate, fairy princess etc. It includes traditional party games, Facepainting, Balloon Modelling, Magic and Puppet show. They also do balloon decorating, party tableware, cakes, handmade invitations and party food themed or non-themed. Your party also includes a free 10 minute mascot appearance.

Tutu Tea Parties

Upbeat Music Parties Record a CD, choreograph your favourite song, have a photo-shoot and create a performance all in 2 hours! They bring their recording studio to you, with a choreographer, vocal coach and sound engineer. Everyone receives an original CD. The most unique and fun party in London. Call 07816 901 396

Party Planners Boo! Parties are about to launch an amazing new range called Bijou Boo – they say it offers excellent value in terms of quality, style and content. It will draw together all the elements you need to host a successful party and there’s even going to be an app to make choosing what you want really easy. Charlotte, their children’s party planner is on 020 8542 1480.

Picture credit: David Altheer

Music and Dance

Tutu Tea Parties

Parties To Remember The real-name testimonials on Rowena's website show more than can be written here about how the children love Parties To Remember. Rowena ensures that the birthday child feels comfortable: she meets the family and the child before every party so she is not a stranger on the big day. This is a free consultation so that all of them, parent and child, can work together on how to structure the party and select prizes suitable for the party age group. The games can be tailored to any venue: home or hired hall. Call 020 7249 3242


Party Special


Venues and suppliers Baden Powell House Located in the heart of South Kensington, BadenPowell House is the perfect choice for your child’s party or your next barbecue. With flexible spaces for up to 300, friendly staff and an amazing selection of food on offer, their centre is second to none when it comes to parties for kids and grownups. 65-67 Queens Gate, South Kensington, London, SW7 5JS. Call 020 7590 6909

London Balloon Lady Jane runs a party balloon business from her home in Wandsworth. She supplies balloons for a variety of events covering both children's and adult parties,

decorating is part of their portfolio so if in need of some fancy balloons, a costume for a school play or a party then pop into the very friendly shop in Pimlico (by Chelsea Bridge) for Adults and Children’s Costumes for hire and to buy. Call: 020 7630 8330 or 07501 221 903

Party Plus Have a retail shop in Chiswick, West London and also a mail order company They are proud to offer one of the largest selections of themed partyware available from stock – Skylanders, One Direction, Peppa Pig, Clone Wars, Doctor Who, Pirate, Princesses and many more. Holy Communion barriers and foil balloons are currently available from stock. Call 020 8994 1674.

Third Door The mission of innovative Third Door (workhub and nursery) based in SW18, is to 'help make the lives of working parents easier'. They already provide a co-working space, meeting rooms and flexible daycare Nursery in one building. Third Door have just launched children’s birthday party packages as well as a bursting events schedule to help you with your business/career. Contact 020 8877 0098

Pappa Ciccia Pizza Parties corporate dinners, product launches, christenings and weddings. From the simple latex helium balloons or foil balloons in different shapes, to wonderful spiralled balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon cascades and ceiling fills. Whether it’s a bunch of hot summer coloured balloons to brighten up a dull church hall, an “I Love You” balloon for mummy, a jumbo balloon for granddad’s 70th or balloons for a special 1st birthday, the options are just endless! Call 07885 401 277.

Pantaloons FancyDress and Balloons have amazing staff who will help you with your costumes and accessories whether you are a child or an adult. Balloon


They provide legendary Pizza Parties at Pappa Ciccia, in Fulham. For children's parties, kids make their own Traditional Italian Pizza "I will highly recommend this pizza making, it’s both fun and educational," "I have to say that it was the most stress free birthday party I have ever had". Call 020 7731 5890 or 07956 970 258

Party4all Party Shop This gorgeous shop is moving from 123 Munster Road to two blocks up towards Fulham Road, at 99 Munster Road at the end of June. They are catering for all your party needs: greetings cards, paper tableware, goodie bags and favour toys and most important of all, helium balloons. Do go and have a browse! 020 3609 5001/07903 859 535

Leisure centres Balham Fun for under 5s. A wide range of parties: Tumble time, bouncy castle and traditional party games. Pool Party includes invitations, music, party organisers and party coach. All you need is to bring the food and the children! Call 020 8772 9577. (Max 20 children)

Cannon Mitcham. Under 5’s Toddlers World Party with bouncy castle, slides and ball park. Under 8’s can enjoy Wet’n’Wild swimming parties in the teaching pool or Kool Krew parties with bouncy castle and party games. Football parties provided for any age. Max 20 children. Weekends only. Call 020 8640 8543.

Latchmere Battersea. Parties all week. Bouncy castle and traditional party game. Football, Street dance, Big splash, Trampoline, Disco Bounce, Tumble Time, Wet and Wild, Playzone, Super bounce party, Multisports. Call 020 7207 8004.

Morden Park Pool Parties in either teaching pool or main pool for £80 (£10 less if member). Both include 1 hour swimming and 45 minutes in party room. Saturdays and Sundays. 020 8640 6727

Tooting Playzone (soft play for under 4s). Big Splash (for swimmers over 9) in main pool. Wet’n’Wild in teaching pool for non-swimmers (9 and under). Adventureland bouncy castle and party games. Trampoline with coach. Supersports (mixed games). Streetjazz. You can bring your own food or tea + party bags provided (see with the centre for price). All parties Saturday or Sunday. Call 020 8333 7555.

Wandle Playzone with outdoor area party for young children. Sports hall party (bouncy castle, soft play, ball games). Mixed games in whole hall (5 a side, basketball, badminton, netball). Bouncy castle and mixed games party. Picnic area available with table and benches. Weekends only except Adventure Zone. Call 020 8871 1149.

All our listings can be seen on

A party venue, a cinema and a kid’s club The Exhibit is one of the most popular bars and restaurants in South West London, but as well as being an established part of Balham’s nightlife it is also an extremely popular venue for parents wanting to entertain their children or hosting birthday parties. The Exhibit Private Cinema is perfect for children’s parties. You just need to bring the kids, provide the film you want to watch on either DVD or Blu-Ray, then sit back and relax while the movie keeps the children occupied. The cinema has 12 leather sofas which can fit up to 30 kids depending on their age, and is available for private hire all day during weekends at a cost of £75 an hour. There is also an after school slot of 4pm to 6pm that is at the reduced rate of £100 for two hours Monday to Thursday during term time.

Ly d i e C h i l d r e n’ s Pa r t i e s 0207 622 2540

The Unique Birthday Experience The theatre of Peter Pan, Superheroes, Fairies,Arabian Nights and more... In your home! Unforgettable Bilingual English/French

07808 732 390 clown pirate story-teller wizard

Silly Millie the Clown

As well as private children’s parties, during school holidays The Exhibit also run a Funky Moves Kid’s Club. For just £15, each child will eat a packed lunch in The Exhibit's luxury private cinema whilst watching a film. They will then learn a cool dance to a song from the film they have just watched and even do a mini performance for the parents. The rest of the venue is also child friendly in the daytime so it is ideal to host family gatherings such as first birthdays or Christenings.

Parties for 3-9 year olds Funny Magic Show, Puppet’s, Party Games, Silly Songs and Balloon Animals Call 020 7823 8329 - 07939 239397

For more information visit their website,, or call them on 020 8772 6556.

Diane's Puppets

Handmade Puppets, Original Shows Silly songs & fast Facepainting. 020 7820 9466

THEO THE MAGICIAN “The Magic Circle, Equity & CRB” Fun Magic for Children & Adults Free Magic Wand & Certificate for Birthday Child 07711 724129

Sunshine Parties 4 kids

Professional entertainers hosted by

Strawberry Shortcake Polly Pops Rainbow Fairy Themed parties • Balloon modelling • Dancing • Fun games • Storytelling puppets Please call Jane 07971 392815

June 2013



What’s On Compiled by Joanna Parry Please always phone before setting out in case details have changed since press deadline or we got it wrong...

Drama ADELPHI THEATRE WC2R 0NS THE BODYGUARD Another West End adaptation of a big Hollywood blockbuster…

AMBASSADORS THEATRE WC2H 9ND To 21 Dec. STOMP Celebrating its 10th sensational year in London, Stomp is now fresher, faster and funnier than ever before. £26-£52.50

ARTSDEPOT 5 Nether Street N12 0GA 8 June. Gigz for Kids Raising money for Great Ormond Children's Hospital, singers, singer/songwriters, dancers and musicians ages 5-25. 4pm, £8 9 June. Circles in the Sand A world of play with buckets and sand castles. An intimate show with music from around the world and a chance to play in sand afterwards. 10am, 12pm, 3pm, £7 14-15 June. After the Rainfall An adrenaline-fuelled play navigating between the arid Egyptian desert, the British museum and a quiet village green. Age 12+, £14 16 June. Little Bo Peep – Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them. Her friend Little Boy Blue is doing his best to help find the woolly runaways but he keeps falling asleep! Age 2-7, 12pm and 3pm, £7 23 June. Robin Hood and his Very Merry Men Join the legendary outlaw Robin Hood and his band

of very merry men as they rob from the rich to save the poor in this laugh-a-minute adventure. Age 4+, 12pm and 3pm, £7 29-30 June. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Join our intrepid adventurers on their quest to find a bear; as they wade through the gigantic swishy swashy grass, the splishy splashy river and the oozy squelchy mud! Age 3+, 12pm and 3pm, £10.50

BROADWAY THEATRE Catford SE6 4RU 020 8690 0002 30 June. Milkshake Live! Starring Milkshake! favourites Little Princess and Scruff, Noddy and Tessie Bear, Roary and Big Chris, this musical spectacular is sure to have children tapping their toes, clapping their hands and singing at the top of their voices. 1pm and 3.30pm, from £10 Puppet Theatre Barge

CHICKEN SHED THEATRE Chase Side, Southgate N14 4PE 26 April – 6 July. TALES FROM THE SHED A highly entertaining, interactive theatre show perfect for young children. £6, age 0-7

COLOUR HOUSE THEATRE SW19 2RD To 30 June. Hansel and Gretel Poor Hansel and Gretel are lost in the forest and can't find their way back home. When they find the house of sweets they think their luck has changed but it belongs to an evil witch. 2 and 4pm, £8/£10, age 3+

LITTLE ANGEL THEATRE N1 2DN To 21 July. We’re Going On a Bear Hunt A family go on an expedition of a lifetime - running down the grassy bank, wading through the cold river, squelching over the oozy mud, stumbling into the dark forest, then peering into a cave…Times vary, £10/£12, age 2+

Charlie and Lola at the Polka Theatre Reviewed by Jen Brammer and 4 year old Lana As soon as we arrived in the foyer of the Polka Theatre, we felt really at home. Everyone was really friendly and there was a clear hub of excitement about Charlie and Lola’s Extremely NEW Play. This intimate theatre is perfectly set up for young children with a range of play areas on each level. Lana has always been a Charlie and Lola fan, so I wondered how this TV favourite would adapt to the stage. Jonathan Lloyd (adapter) did a fantastic job, and our favourite brother and sister didn’t let us down either; they packed so much into their imaginative explorations, taking us through Charlie and Lola’s world through the seasons. The story is told from Autumn time, when Lola is disappointed to be cast in the school play as a ‘boring old leaf’ instead of the sunshine. This really is a magical play full of surprises along the way. It explores the themes of friendship and change in a child’s world, from a child’s perspective. What makes it magical is the authentic children’s voices and the incredibly talented puppeteers, who bring the cast to life. They used true to original artwork, cartoon cut out stick puppets with simple eye and limb movements, creating the familiar characterisation we’ve come to know and love. The set integrates video and stills with collage and puppetry, creating incredible set changes. Very much recommended! You can see Charlie and Lola at the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon until 17th August.


LONDON PALLADIUM W1F 7TF From 13 Feb. A CHORUS LINE A new production from the London Palladium. £18.50-£87.50, age 10+

LYRIC THEATRE W1D 7ES From 3 July. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Adapted from the picture book written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. Age 3+

NATIONAL THEATRE SE1 9PX 3-8 July. Connections Festival 2013 10 new plays performed by young people. This year’s authors include Jim Cartwright, Jonathan Harvey and Lenny Henry, who has written his first ever play, Soundclash, for Connections.

NEW WIMBLEDON THEATRE SW19 1QG 28-30 June. Dora The Explorer Live! Everyone’s favourite explorer is embarking on a live musical adventure. Dora fans will delight in this two act, song and dance spectacular that invites them to think, sing and play along. £17-19

PEACOCK THEATRE WC2A 2HT To 30 June. Some Like it Hip Hop ZooNation’s smash-hit show has been a runaway success, thrilling packed houses and prompting rapturous praise with five-star reviews and standing ovations. Age 7+ 8 June. National Youth Dance Company The inaugural performance of the National Youth Dance Company.

POLKA THEATRE SW19 1SB To 17 August. CHARLIE AND LOLA’S EXTREMELY NEW PLAY Don't miss everyone's favourite brother and sister who are back onstage with their new show. Enter a magical journey through the seasons, as Charlie and Lola discover that everything is not the same. Age 4-7, £11-£16 26 June – 17 August. Three Colours Norwich Puppet Theatre presents a world of colour in this interactive performance. Swim with

Please say you booked as you saw them in Families! Tel: 020 8696 9680

There's no room to list more here, but use our unique local searchable What’s On calendar on NEW!

fish, feel frogs nibble your toes, catch grasshoppers and listen to a gentle heartbeat... all magically created out of the colours of light. Age 2–4, £8-£10

Swan Lake – the largest production of its kind in the world and London’s dance event of the summer.



Little Venice, Blomfield Road W9 2PF 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29 and 30 June, 6, 7, 13 and 14 July. Fowl Play Down on the farmyard a foal is born, causing much excitement among the animals. Featuring carved marionettes and original music. Age 3+, 3pm

SE1 8PX 15-16 June. The Adventurers Club Globally renowned adventurers Tim and Tiernan are back with another fast paced, slapstick comedy escapade for all the family. 4.15pm 2-22 June. FLOWN Thrilling contemporary circus from daredevil international circus Pirates of the Carabina, including aerialists, stuntmen, dancers and musicians. From £14

REGENTS PARK OPEN AIR THEATRE Inner Circle, Westminster NW1 4NU To 15 June. To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel sees racial injustice envelop a small-town community. From £23 20 June – 20 July. Pride and Prejudice As the Bennet sisters haplessly search for love in Jane Austen’s ultimate romantic comedy, it is Mr Darcy who unwittingly finds his match. Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice. From £23 29 June – 20 July. The Winter’s Tale reimagined The Winter’s Tale tells the story of a lost princess raised by a shepherd and of her secret romance with a prince. Using Shakespeare’s original text, this heart-warming story is re-imagined for everyone aged six and over. £15

TARA THEATRE ARTS SW18 4ES 3-6 July. Tube An interactive show for babies 6 months – 2 years in which the wonders of the tube take centre stage. 10.30am and 1.30pm, £8-£10

THEATRE ROYAL DRURY LANE Catherine Street WC2B 5JF From 18 May. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl’s deliciously dark tale of young Charlie Bucket and the mysterious confectioner Willy Wonka comes to life in a brand new West End musical directed by Academy Award® winner Sam Mendes.

UNICORN THEATRE SE1 2HZ 16 June. My Father and Other Superheroes The day my dad realised he was going to become a father, he also realised he had no idea how to be one...Age 8+ 18-23 June. Aston’s Stones When Aston starts bringing stones home, his patient and understanding parents don’t mind. But how many stones can one household look after? Under 5s

YOUNG VIC 66 The Cut, SE1 8LZ 3-13 July. Brilliant A magical introduction to theatre for 3-5yrs and their families combining movement, live music and captivating imagery to create a dreamlike world made of light. 10.30am and 1.30pm, £10

Museums & Galleries

RICHMOND THEATRE TW9 1QJ 3-7 July. The Gruffalo’s Child Following hot on the heels of The Gruffalo’s West End success comes The Gruffalo's Child - with attitude! Just how brave is she? Age 3+, £12


ROYAL ALBERT HALL SW7 2AP 12-23 June. Swan Lake In-the-Round Derek Deane’s lavish in-the-round production of

What’s On

Unicorn Theatre

EC2R 8AH To 9 November. Cartoons & Caricatures This exhibition consists of published and unpublished material from the Bank of England's own collection of prints and drawings.

HAPKIDO SELF DEFENCE classes available for children, teenagers and adults. Dan Jun breathing, Kicks, punches, throws, joint-locks, tumbles, jumps and breakfalls.

"Summer course July 29th - August 2nd, 5 days will include self-defence, Nunchucks practice and a martial art movie." Cost £125 Hapkido teaches: •Respect •Discipline •Control & sensitivity •Defence

•Fitness •Confidence •Inner calm & peace •Strength & agility

Instructor: Jon Bailie, 2nd Dan Qualified Hapkido Instructor and fully insured Classes available @ St Luke's Community Hall SW12, Broomwood Hall SW11, The Contact Centre SW4 and other venues

For all enquiries/bookings, please call on

07932 667 336 Private tuition/home visits also available

June 2013




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What’s on

ROBIN FARQUHAR-THOMSON Wonderful Pictures of Children 020 7350 0312

Find events near you! search our comprehensive

What’s On listings by date, venue, age group or location.  Warm loving environment for 2+ to 5 year olds  Montessori-qualified staff  International atmosphere  Light and airy premises  Private sunny patio  Fulham /Hammersmith border Please ring— Morning sessions plus Tuesdays 1-3pm

020 7381 3511 020 7736 8729

BRITISH MUSEUM WC1B 3DG 8 June. Passport to the afterlife Use smartphones to follow an augmented reality trail around the Egyptian galleries, solving clues about the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. Free, 11.30am-3.30pm 9 June. Greeks alive! animation workshop Use stop-motion software and digital video cameras to create animations based on myths from ancient Greece. Free, booking advised, 11am and 2pm 15 June. Digital dress up Turn yourself into a Samurai warrior, an ancient Greek or other characters using Photoshop. Free, limited places, 11.30am-3.30pm 16 June. Make a secret code Learn about beautiful seal stones from China, and create your own digital seal using Photoshop. Free, limited places, 11.30am-3.30pm 22 June. Olympic champions! Become an ancient Greek Olympian using a green screen and edit your portrait in Photoshop to print and take home. Free, limited places, 11.30am3.30pm 23 June. Manga comic workshop Learn the secrets of manga comic artists, then create your own manga-inspired comic with characters from the Museum to print and take home. Free, booking advised, 11am and 2pm 29 June. Photography mystery trails Use a digital camera to explore the Museum's objects, and follow exciting photography trails through the galleries. Free, 11.30am-3.30pm 30 June. Shadow puppet workshop Learn about the ancient tradition of shadowpuppetry in Java and then decorate your own beautiful puppets. Free, booking advised, 11am and 2pm

DESIGN MUSEUM SE1 2YD 16 June. CHAMPION CHAIRS Explore the museum’s range of innovative chairs and then create your own miniature chair. 2–4.30pm, £5, age 5-11

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE MUSEUM 2 Lambeth Palace Road SE1 7EW To 5 July. Workhouse - Segregated Lives The workhouse is brought to life by examining the design of the buildings and the inmate’s diet, their work and their health.

FOUNDLING MUSEUM 40 Brunswick Square, Camden Town WC1N 1AZ To 15 Sep. Flourish Showcasing artwork by care-experienced children and young people. Free 22 June. FAMILY TEA PARTY Create your own paper teacup and saucer complete with secret good deed message inspired by the exhibition Exchange. 10.30am, 1.30pm. Free with Museum entry


15 June. Surveying at Night: Moths on the Wing Set up a moth trap and learn how to identify and record the moths that fly in. £4 21 June. From Dusk to Dawn: Bats after Dark Take part in a bat survey using bat detectors and learn more about these flying mammals. £4 22 June. From Dusk to Dawn: Late Dawn Chorus Walk Be an early bird and catch the dawn chorus with ornithologist David Darrell-Lambert. £4 29 June. Tree Doctors: The Health of Our Trees Join a tree expert for a guided walk. £4 Every Saturday to 29 June. Art Makers Have fun with art skills and create something fabulous to take home. 1.30pm and 2.45pm. £3

Wimbledon Village Stables

LONDON TRANSPORT MUSEUM WC2E 7BB To 27 Oct. Poster Art 150 – London Underground’s Greatest Designs Showcasing 150 of the greatest Underground posters ever produced. Free with entry 22-23 June. Walk the Original Line Go back in time to the building of the world’s first underground railway line. 5-7.30pm, £13/£15

MUSEUM OF LONDON EC2Y 5HN 9, 23 June. Museum explored Join one of the Museum's Hosts and explore the galleries through fun, hands-on activities. Suitable for the whole family. 11am and 2pm 16 June. Soldiers on the march Meet a company of Roman soldiers and take a closer look at their clothes, armour and way of life. All ages, free, 11.30am-4pm 30 June. Characters from history - meet a Victorian spice seller Having arrived from Morocco, this Victorian spice seller sells his goods as medicines and ointments. Hear his story and find out what his London is like. Age 5+, free, 1, 2 and 3pm



SE23 3PQ June and July. Festival of Fieldwork Take part in fieldwork activities throughout June and July, getting first hand experience of what scientists do to make sense of the environment. Age 7+. Book in advance

West India Quay E14 4AL 15 June. Traditional crafts Do you know how to make felt, jewellery or traditional Bengali art work and fabric designs? Age 5+, free, 11am-4pm 15 June. Bring your grandparents day

Tel: 020 8696 9680

What’s on

Please send info for consideration to:

See individual events listings for details. All ages, free, 10am-6pm


Henry VIII and Elizabeth I to Ivan the Terrible and the early Romanovs in a major exhibition celebrating 500 years of exchange between Britain and Russia. £8

Royal Hospital Road SW3 4HT 15-16 June. Build Your Own... This Father’s Day weekend bring along your competitive spirit and take part in mini-build activities. From tanks to trebuchets, use your engineering skills to create magnificent machinery. 10.30am-4.30pm, free, age 7+

NATIONAL GALLERY WC2N 5DN 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 June. FAMILY SUNDAYS Activities designed for families to enjoy and learn together, 11am and 3pm, free, age 5-11

NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM SE10 9NF 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 June. Explore Saturdays Meet a character from the past and take part in an exciting performance bringing maritime history to life. 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, age 6+, free 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 June. Discover Sundays Be inspired by our maritime past and explore your personal connections to the sea. 11.30am and 2pm, all ages, free 4, 11, 18, 25 June. Play Tuesdays Young children can have fun with their families as they explore the Museum through making, music, dance and drama. 10.30am, 11.30am, 1pm, 2pm, under 5s, £3 per child

NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM SW7 5BD 10 June. Night Safari From the beautiful and the beasts to the spooky and the strange, Night Safari is an extraordinary way to celebrate any occasion. £28

TATE BRITAIN SW1P 4RG 25 June – 20 Oct. Lowry and the painting of Modern Life A major exhibition of urban landscapes by much loved British painter L S Lowry.

TATE MODERN SE1 9TG Under 5s Zone A play space for under 5s, inviting children on a creative, physical and sensory exploration of themes inspired by Cubist art works. Free

V&A MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD Cambridge Heath Road E2 9PA 8, 15, 29 June. ROMP AND ROLL Bust a move in this fun, playful dance session for toddlers. 10.15am, £3, age 2-4 8, 15, 29 June. CHILDREN*S DANCE Enjoy a new dance class exploring rhythm and creativity. 11.15am, £3, age 4-6 22 June. FAMILY CHESS CLUB Learn how to start a game, tactical tips and strategic skills. 10.15am, age 6+

VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM SW7 2RL To 14 July. TREASURES OF THE ROYAL COURTS The V&A reveals the majesty of the courts of

June 2013


The Wallace Collection

THE WALLACE COLLECTION Hertford House, Manchester Square W1U 3BN 15 June. Family Public Tour Taking you on this exciting, creative, thrilling and interactive journey will be the young curators from St. Vincent’s Primary School. 2.30pm, free, age 5+


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SW11 4NJ Throughout June - With a zoo, animal encounters, play area and café, a visit to the world famous Battersea Park Children's Zoo is a must.

What’s On listings by date, venue, age group or location.

ELTHAM PALACE Court Yard, Eltham, Greenwich SE9 5QE 15-16 June. Grand Medieval Joust Experience the pageantry of a medieval joust and enjoy the thrills and spills as you cheer on your favourite knight in the magnificent medieval Great Hall. 10am-5pm, £12/£7.20

GOLDEN HINDE SE1 9DG Throughout June. Drake Fun Days, Pirate Fun Days, Tudor Fun Days 29 June. Family Overnight Living History From £4.50

HAMPTON COURT PALACE KT8 9AU 13-24 June. Hampton Court Music Festival A contemporary music festival featuring world class acts in beautiful surroundings.

We accept Childcare Vouchers

HMS BELFAST SE1 2JH 22-23 June. Slang at Sea Have a go at ‘Jack-speak’, and learn the origin of navy slang and popular expressions from life at sea. Delve deeper to discover objects and stories of the crew on board HMS Belfast. 11am and 2pm


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What’s on

There's no room to list more here, but use our unique local searchable What’s On calendar on NEW!

PUMP HOUSE GALLERY Battersea Park SW11 4NJ 9 June. MONTHLY DO: Nature As Designer Create your own curiosity box. 12pm - 4pm 26-30 June. Delicious Monsters: Plants of the Imagination Immerse yourself in an extraordinary hothouse of sculptural plants.


Battersea Zoo

KENSINGTON PALACE W8 4PX 16 June. Father’s Day Father’s Day gets active at the palace with its very own mini sports day. Included in entrance ticket. 20 June. Victoria Becomes Queen Celebrate Victoria’s ascension to the throne by enjoying a special tour at Kensington Palace. £20 28 June. Victoria’s Coronation Step back into Victoria’s past as Kensington Palace pays its respects to its former resident with an exciting tour of her house. £20

MORDEN HALL PARK SM4 5JD 23 June. Morden Hall Park in Bloom Discover the Rose Garden at its best with hands on workshops and advice sessions. 11am-4pm, free, all ages

OSTERLEY PARK AND HOUSE TW7 4RB 26 June. Dishing the Dirt Take a look at the conservation work done by the house team. 12pm-2pm. Adult £9.95, child £5 26 June. Walking for Health A brisk 1-hour walk around estate. 11am, free 30 June. Family Discovery Day Creative fun days for families, each with a different theme. 12pm. Adult £9.95, child £5

SE10 9NF To 8 Sep. Alien Revolution Are we alone in this Universe? The Royal Observatory Greenwich explores a subject that has been obsessing us for hundreds of years. Free 13 June. Sci-Fi Movie Night - The War of the Worlds. Following the movie a talk will explore how our vision of alien invasion has changed over time, using examples from the novel by H.G. Wells, the 1953 movie and more recent works of science fiction. 6.45pm, £7/5, age 11+ 27 June. Summer Science - To Mars and Beyond: The Search for life in the Universe. Looking at how we use the myriad of species on our own planet to guide us in our search for life amongst the stars. 7pm, £10/8. Age 11+ 29 June. SATURDAY SPACE EXPLORERS In these fun monthly workshops families can make simple cardboard instruments, including planet finders and moon dials which they can take away and use at home. Age 5+, free, times vary Thoughout June. WE ARE ALIENS Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame narrates this planetarium show exploring how our understanding of life on Earth guides our hunt for alien life elsewhere in the Universe. Age 5+, £6.50/£4.50

SYON HOUSE AND GARDENS London Road, Middlesex TW8 8JG 10 June - 7 July. Archaeology at Syon Park Following on from last year’s dig where they found evidence of a Roman Settlement and Little Syon, Museum of London Archaeology are returning to excavate further.

TOWER OF LONDON EC3 10 June. Gun Salute – HRH Duke of Edinburgh Birthday

To mark HRH Duke of Edinburgh’s birthday, a traditional Gun Salute will be held on the Tower Wharf. 15 June. Gun Salute – HM Queen’s Official Birthday Come to the Tower to see the historical Gun Salute for HM Queen’s official birthday. 29-30 June. Fortress Tower: Have a Go Archery Have you got what it takes defend the Tower of London against its enemies?

WWT WETLANDS CENTRE SW13 9WT 15 June. Wetland plant walk Hear about the gorgeous plants that inhabit the margins of pools and lakes. 1.30pm–3pm, £6 + admission. Booking essential 15 June – 4 Aug. Perfect Pond season Take part in a series of activities including wildlife surveys, experiments and shows.

ZSL LONDON ZOO NW1 4RY 7, 14, 21, 28 June. Zoo Lates Explore the wilds of the ultimate urban jungle. Monkeys go ape and birds of paradise strut their stuff with animal talks, improvised comedy, twisted cabaret, roving performances, pop up bars, street food festival and more. 6-10pm, over 18s only 29 June. Friendly Spider Programme Do you have a spider phobia? The Friendly Spider Programme is carefully designed to ease the condition of arachnophobia. The programme is a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy.

Out of Town AUDLEY END HOUSE AND GARDENS CB11 4JF 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 June. Bringing Audley End to Life Come and see the Service Wing and Stables brought to life by costumed characters at Audley End. All ages 16 June. Classic Cars for Father’s Day

Ramsden Hall, 21 Ramsden Road, London SW12 8QX

Visit 345 Nursery where “The Nursery offers an exceptionally welcoming and inclusive environment” (Ofsted November 2011). Children become independent inquisitive and motivated in this rich and vibrant learning environment. Great outdoor space! Options include Afternoon School, Lunch Club and Early Bird Club. Please contact us on 020-8870-8441 or Fitzhugh Grove, Trinity Road, London SW18 3SA


‘The unique needs of the children are promoted exceptionally well and staff are committed to meeting children’s learning and welfare needs' (Ofsted Outstanding – December 2011) Please come and see us in action and capture the excitement of learning at Oaktree Nursery School Incorporating art, music, yoga, sport, cooking and drama and all aspects of the Early Curriculum. Contact: Annabel Dixon Phone: 020 8870 8441 email:

Green Shoots Day Nursery, SW8 1AR Open for 0 to 5yr olds 8am to 6pm 0207 582 3133 www.greenshootsday

Tel: 020 8696 9680

Please send info for consideration to:

This Father's Day, treat Dad to a special day out at Audley End, where a beautiful collection of classic cars will be on display. All ages

BODIAM CASTLE TN32 5UA 16 June. Fly a Bird of Prey Spoil your Dad on Father’s Day with a delicious lunch followed by an opportunity to fly one of the Hawking Centre’s beautiful birds of prey. 11am4pm, £25/10

BROOKLANDS MUSEUM KT13 0QN 15-16 June. Brooklands Double Twelve Motorsport Festival The biggest motoring competition held at Brooklands since 1939. Family entertainment and lots more attractions. 10am-5pm, from £5

about the guests of the roaring 1920s, see the bedroom where Edward and Mrs Simpson stayed and where Pavarotti accommodated during his visit here. 11.30am, £5

PAINSHILL PARK Cobham, Surrey 16 June. Father’s Day Spend the day with your father in the beautiful landscape. Free to fathers when accompanied by their children. Normal admission prices apply to other visitors. 30 June. Discover bees Discover fascinating facts about bees and learn all about beekeeping.


What’s on Jacky Heskia has retired so this is a last chance to buy beautiful, traditionally made children's clothes, some unique. Prices from £5.

Motherhood Exhibition Beaufort House, 354 Kings Road SW3 5UZ ensington-mums-motherhood-exhibition 7 June. An exhibition showcasing and supporting mums to develop and share their own motherhood stories.

Friends of Battersea Park Barbecue Battersea Park Children’s Zoo 11 June. Live music, bar, tombola, children’s activities, silent auction. 6 - 9pm, advance tickets only, £15 (£20 after 6th June)/£7, under 6s free. 020-7622 5199

Medieval Midsummer Festival

TN30 6HE 16 June. Father’s Day Join the railway for a whole host of events

The Rookery (top of Streatham Common), Covington Way, Streatham, SW16 3BX 22 June. Brave Knights and Bold Heroines, with have-a-go archery, medieval and contemporary traders market, small farm show and kids kingdom. Held by The Waldorf School of South West London. 11am-5pm

LEEDS CASTLE ME17 1PL 3, 28 June. The Maiden’s Tower Tour A special behind the scenes tour of The Maiden’s Tower. See the home of the Ladies in waiting to Henry VIII. Find out why this tower has its name, learn about the roaring 1920s and what it was used for during World War II. £5 6, 13, 20, 27 June. Gardens of Leeds Castle Find out more about the history of the beautiful gardens and chat to the gardeners about how they maintain them. 11am 8-9 June. Falconry Centre Open Weekend See the birds in their aviaries and on the weathering lawn. The falconry team will be on hand to answer questions about the birds and the facilities. The centre will be open from 11am until 1pm, and 3pm until 5pm, there will also be a public demonstration at 2pm. 10 June. Below Stairs Tour Your chance to see areas of the castle not normally open to the public. Your guide will show you several rooms including the castle kitchens, state bedrooms and the servants’ rooms. £5 17 June. Behind the Scenes Tour. Find out more about the State Bedrooms at Leeds Castle, which are not open to the public. Hear

Honeywell Schools Summer Fete

The Pumphouse Gallery

Diary dates & events Abbeville Fete Abbeville Road, SW4 29 June. Kids zone, trader's stalls, events, music, bar, BBQ, waiter's races, an auction, a raffle and much more.12-4pm

Heskia Children’s Wear Sale 29th June 2013 1-3pm St Luke's Church Hall, Thurleigh Road, Battersea.

Honeywell Road SW11 6EF 22 June. The Fete is bigger and better than ever this year with zorbs, a 24ft climbing wall, an inflatable obstacle course and jousting as well as all the traditional fun of the fair; coconut shy, candy floss, BBQ, animal petting area and lots more. 11.45am-4pm

Southbank Centre Summer 2013 Festival – Festival of Neighbourhood SE1 8PX 4 May – 8 Sep. A summer-long celebration of neighbourhoods and communities, with the site transformed into a neighbourhood with allotments and fruit trees, local pub, large-scale murals and a complete Beanotown. Themed weekends throughout the summer, from a celebration of street culture to a village fair. Includes Udderbelly, with a programme of comedy, circus and family shows, and London Wonderground with circus, cabaret and sideshows.


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Diary dates and events Family Extravaganza

There's no room to list more here, but use our unique local searchable What’s On calendar on NEW!

St. Michaels' Primary School's Summer Fete

Hotel Rafayel, Battersea SW11 15 June. Join Amanda’s Action Club and special guest performers for an unforgettable song and dance performance. In aid of GOSH. 10.30am2.30pm, £5

Viewfield Road, Southfields SW18 8 June. Giant slides, bouncy castle, ANZAC BBQ, Asian food stalls, tea tent, famous plant stall, face painting, traditional side stall games including coconut shy, maggot racing and tombola. 12-4pm

Snakes and ladders

Ritherdon Road Street Party

Syon Park, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 8JF 020 8847 0946 16 June. Dads Come Free Bring Dad to celebrate Father’s Day.

Ritherdon Road, Balham

Clapham Common 21 June. A fun event for toddlers, run by Trinity Hospice

Mum2mum Market

Dulwich Picture Gallery 9 June. Stalls lining the street selling handmade silver jewellery, children’s toys, chocolates and more. 11am - 5pm

RHS Summer Garden Party

Various locations across Wandsworth To 16 June. A varied programme of events designed to bring to life the borough’s rich history.

RHS Garden Wisley, Woking, Surrey GU23 6QB 29-30 June. Enjoy a quintessentially British day out this summer at a fabulous Summer Garden Party. Activities from croquet and cream tea to dancing and vintage tractor rides. £10.75/4.60

Lantern Arts Centre

Curious Trail

Tolverne Road, Raynes Park, SW20 8RA 02089445794 Act, sing, dance and share stories. Tuesdays 10am - Once Upon a Storytime. £4, £1 for siblings. Under 6 months free Wednesdays/Thursdays - Theatre Club. Times vary Fridays 10am - Baby Boppers Music and Movement for children 2+. £4.

West Norwood Cemetery, Norwood Rd, West Norwood SE27 22 June - 28 July. The oldest Gothic Cemetery in the world launches an amazing outdoor art project. Curious Trail sees 22 artists given a platform to promote their work in a beautiful setting.

Wimbledon Village Fair and Horse Show Southside, Wimbledon Common 22 June. Bring the family along to watch the horse show and spectacular musical ride, a great day out for all. Lots9am-4pm

First Aid for Life Balham and Westminster 11, 27 June. THE EMERGENCY COURSE A 3-hour course covering care of the unconscious baby and child as well as most commonly occurring injuries and illnesses such as choking, bleeding, breaks, bleeds, burns, head injury and febrile convulsions. 9.30am12.30pm, £60/£65.


Trinity Toddle

SW7 2DT 15, 22 June. BABY AND KIDS TALES French tales with a professional story-teller with interactive fun and games. £5/£7, 11am, age 0-3 or 3-5 depending on date Monday Munchkins. Every Monday in June, 10am-12pm at Elim Church, High Path, South Wimbledon. Breastfeeding Drop-in. Every Thursday in June, 10am–12pm, Gooseberry Bush Café Bumps and Babes. Every Friday in June, 10.30am–12pm, Wimbledon Park Pavilion Post-natal meet up. Every Friday in June, 1.30–3.30pm at Mood Food Café, 131 Penwith Rd, Earlsfield, SW18 4PZ

Wandsworth Heritage Festival 2013

Holy Trinity Clapham, Clapham Common 22 June. A proper, old-fashioned English village fete with a BBQ, steel band, donkey rides, a dog show, sideshows, lots of stalls, raffle, silent auction. 11am

Institut Francais

NCT Wimbledon & Wandsworth

SE21 7AD 30 June. Family Sundays – Artplay On the first and last Sunday of every month families with a gallery ticket can now enjoy a range of free drop-in activities. 2–4pm

Common Fayre

Wimbledon YMCA, 200 Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 8JG 8 June. BABY AND CHILDREN’S NEARLY NEW SALE Buy top quality second hand baby and children's clothes, toys, books and equipment at a fraction of the high street price or sell and keep 100% of the proceeds. £2

Little voices workshop The Community Church Hall, Werter Road (opposite Sainsbury's, just off Putney High Street) 8 JUNE. FREE LAUNCH WORKSHOP. Singing, performance and drama. Age 4-18, 11am. To register call 07943 840381

5k RBC Race for the Kids Battersea Park, 9 June. Ideal for families, friends and colleagues, the race is suitable for all ages and abilities and participants can run, walk or jog individually or in teams. Help raise vital funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Professor Quantum’s Magnificent time tour Meet at the bus stop, 6 Northumberland Ave WC2N 5BY Saturdays and Sundays in June. Combing theatre and technical trickery with an insightful look at London's rich past, aboard the Professor's 'Incredible Time Bus'. All ages, 2.45pm, £14/£20

NCT Meetings Every Thursday in June. PUTNEY AND FULHAM TODDLER GROUP 10-11.30am at Maloca, 10 Point Pleasant SW18 1GG. Bring your toddler for a free morning of safe play in Maloca's dedicated child room packed with books, toys and a ball pool

History of Theatreland tours Central London location 9 June. Official London Theatre’s annual Theatreland Walking Tour. Take in some of London’s quirkier theatrical sights including a Victorian music hall, the first theatre to host a strip show in the entertainment district, the home of Revudeville variety and London’s most elegant stage door. 2.30pm, £9.50, age 12+

Tel: 020 8696 9680

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Public Speaking, Elocution, Comprehension, Drama Confidence Building, Speech & Interview Technique Clare Price. LGSM, ALAM, SRD.

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John:- James & Lamont

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Friendly, experienced and qualified teacher of children 6+ and adults. Take exams or learn purely for pleasure. Different styles covered. Home visits possible.

Mark Lester MA, CT ABRSM

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AMITY COMPUTER SERVICES Home and business computers repaired & managed. Consultancy and tuition also available.

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Au pairs, mother’s helps & FamDiscount for ilies read ers couples; refs, police checked. All areas.

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