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It might seem a little early to start planning Christmas now, but with frugal finances in mind, it’s wise to start the challenge of not spending a fortune early. Not only will you be more in control, but you’ll have time to enjoy creative ways to save for your festivities. See our feature on keeping it ‘frugal and festive’ and start your paper-chains, sparkly angels and home-made presents soon. You’ll not feel like a scrooge, have fun in the process and hopefully be not too scared of your bank statement in January too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Families Sussex Coast. Families Sussex Coast covers: Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne, Worthing, Lewes, Burgess Hill, Hassocks and everywhere in between. Next issue January/February 2011: Advertising and editorial deadline is 9 December. You can contribute to Families Sussex Coast through advertising, editorial and our what’s on pages. Contact Families Sussex Coast: 01273 231155 Families Sussex Coast, PO Box 5189, Brighton BN50 9WN Printed by: Bishops Printers, Families Sussex Coast is printed using paper from sustainable forests. The pulp is cleaned using an elemental chlorine free process. Please recycle your copy of Families Sussex Coast when you have finished with it. Copyright: Families Sussex Coast, October 2011. Data protection: If you send us your name and address in order to receive free samples or to enter a competition, we may supply your details to the company offering the samples or prizes. If you would prefer us NOT to do so, please state this clearly on your entry. Disclaimer: We take care preparing this magazine but the publishers and distributors cannot be held responsible for the claims of advertisers, nor for the accuracy of the contents nor for any consequence. Families Group: Families Sussex Coast is part of a group established in 1990 and headed by Families South West. All magazines in the Group are independently owned and operated under licence.

November / December 2011

What’s inside

News and competitions 4-5 WIN tickets to see Robin Hood, Numberjacks, Holiday on Ice, Cinderella and Peter Pan!

Frugal and festive


Games for gifts


Great ideas for saving at Christmas Board games for all the family

Top toys for Christmas 9 Book reviews 10 Christmas offerings from The Book Nook

Competition worth over £1,000


What’s on


Where’s Santa? Luca and Maya

14 15

Win tickets to Shrek, hotel stay and more. Ice skating, Burning the Clocks, The Nutcracker, Dinki Disco and more.

Making christmas decorations


WIN tickets to

Cinderella or Peter Pan in Worthing

WIN a family ticket to The Adventures of Robin Hood If it’s traditional

For your chance to win a family ticket for the

panto that your

performance on Tuesday 13 December at 7pm

after then head

answer this: Which forest is Robin Hood

to Eastbourne for

set? Send your answer along with your name,

the Adventures

address and telephone number to

of Robin Hood. or by post to

Starring John

Families Sussex Coast, PO Box 5189, Brighton

Altman (EastEnders

BN50 9WN by 2 December 2011.

Nick Cotton) as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin There are two pantomimes in Worthing to tempt and enchant you this festive season. Families Sussex Coast has teamed up with Worthing Theatres to give you the chance to win one of two family tickets. A sparkling fairytale version of Cinderella stars TV’s Amanda Barrie and John Lyons and Darren Day stars in the glittering spectacular, Peter Pan.

Hood will be an action packed pantomime extravaganza with stunning costumes, fantastic live music, brand new script and the usual comedy mayhem you would expect from the Eastbourne pantomime.

Not just natural SUPERnatural

Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne from 9 December – 15 January. To book tickets contact *Terms and conditions: The family ticket is 4 tickets, minimum 2 children. Tickets are valid on Tuesday 13th December. No purchase necessary. Tickets are non-exchangeable.


For your chance to win one of two family

On one hand, we humans could

tickets to Cinderella or Peter Pan answer this:

be accused of doing our utmost to

market in handcrafted, solid

What is the name of the bad pirate in

wreck the world we live in, but then

silver jewellery that uniquely

Peter Pan? Send your answer along with

it’s also true that we’re constantly

incorporates your little one’s

your name, address and telephone number

trying to find ways to preserve it and

fingerprint, hand or foot print.

to or by

to live harmoniously with nature.

Fingerprint Jewellery leads the

post to Families Sussex Coast, PO Box 5189,

There are some great alternative fibres being

Jill Fairbrother is the FingerPrint Jewellery

Brighton BN50 9WN by 2 December 2011.

developed these days from natural sources

designer in the Sussex area and is proud to

including seaweed, carrots, milk, bamboo and,

offer a personal service to her customers. As

Cinderella runs at the Connaught Theatre,

in the case of Modal, beech trees. Supernatural

well as attending shows, playgroups, events

Worthing from 2-13 December. Peter Pan is on

Kids Clothing mixes some of these fibres

and providing private appointments, Jill is also

at the Pavilion Theatre, Worthing from

with organic cotton in order to reduce cotton

available for private parties in the comfort of

8 December - 1 January.

consumption. Also, via the new ‘Supernatural

your own home. Hosting a party entitles you to

To book tickets contact 01903 206 206 or visit

Stuff’ page on their website, they’re starting to

a free gift and gift vouchers towards your own

sell, and to blog about, other products made

special piece of jewellery. There is a fantastic

from new natural-based materials offering fresh

range of products to suit everyone for all

eco alternatives to useful products. Find out more

occasions. An item of FingerPrint jewellery is


the ultimate gift to give or receive and is a truly

*Terms and conditions: The family ticket is 4 tickets, minimum 2 children. Tickets are subject to availability and exclude 23 and 26 December. No purchase necessary. Tickets are non-exchangeable.

unique keepsake. For more information contact


Little Donkey?

Santa’s stable, where the jolly Christmas elf

Check. Traditional

will read them a traditional story, before Father

country Christmas

Christmas gives all the boys and girls their

setting? Check.

present. A festive day out for all the family, with

Memories of a

so much to see and do in the farm park all

Christmas that will

day, a cosy restaurant serving delicious food

last forever? Check.

and a beautiful Christmas shop brimming with

Spring Barn Farm

fabulous decorations and gifts.

have put together the perfect Father Christmas experience. Children will love the journey through the Narnia-esque winter wonderland walkway to


The Adventures of Robin Hood runs at the

07788 672571

Labels4kids wins

Entrepreneur of the Year Congratulations to Ann-Maree on winning Entrepreneur of the Year with Labels4Kids. The judges were impressed by her social-media strategy and online forum for parents on her

Don’t miss out on our special CHRISTMAS

award winning website. Labels4kids produces

OFFER see advert on page 2 for details or

vinyl waterproof labels, iron on, stick on and sew


on labels for children’s school clothing and general items.Visit

WIN tickets to

Holiday on Ice

News & competitions Families Win tickets to NUMBERJACKS

Holiday on Ice’s new show, Tropicana will be arriving at the Brighton Centre on 13 January and we have a family ticket for you to win for the opening night. Created by Robin Cousins, Tropicana takes you on a journey that

For the very first time children’s TV’s favourite,

celebrates love, life, music

Numberjacks comes to the stage at Theatre Royal

and dance. From rock ‘n’ roll

Brighton and we have a family ticket for you to win.

to the Latin rhythms of a tropical night club, music

This December you can join the TV superheroes

from Barry Manilow and a cast of world class skaters,

as they leave the sofa and embark on their first live

Tropicana is one of the most thrilling ice spectaculars.

adventure. You can help them solve problems but watch out for the dastardly Spooky Spoon and

For your chance to win a family ticket answer this:

Numbertaker who do all they can to get in the way.

Which Barry Manilow song is named after a beach in Rio? Send your answer with your name,

For your chance to win a family ticket answer this:

address and telephone number to

Which TV channel do the Numberjacks feature or by post to

on? Send your answer with your name, address

Families Sussex Coast, PO Box 5189, Brighton

and telephone number to editor@familiessussexcoast.

BN50 9WN by 2 December. or by post to Families Sussex Coast, PO Box

5189, Brighton BN50 9WN by 2 December. Holiday on Ice, Tropicana runs at the Brighton Centre from 13-29 January. To book tickets contact or 0844 847 1538. *Terms and conditions: The family ticket is 4 tickets, minimum 2 children. Tickets are valid on Friday 13 January at 8pm only. No purchase necessary. Tickets are non-exchangeable.

To book tickets for Numberjacks or Spamalot contact 0844 871 7650 or

*Terms and conditions: The family ticket is 4 tickets, minimum 2 children. Numberjacks runs from 18-31 December. No purchase necessary. Tickets are non-exchangeable.

NipperGrip to the rescue 20% discount

The NipperGrip is a unique ski harness for children with a handle on the front and back and detachable reins. Essential for skiing with children up to the age of 8, you can pick them up whichever way they fall, help them on and off chairlifts safely as well as control their speed

Say you saw it in

and direcion on the slopes. Order at and enter discount code FSC1112 for a 20% discount.

November /December 2011


Keeping it festive and frugal We love Christmas in our house, but this year we’re even more determined not to blow our budget and make sure that it’s about happy times and not mostly about shopping and eating. We’ve put together a few tips to make sure your Christmas is full of meaning and cheer, whilst keeping it frugal and festive. ★

Decorate a piece of pottery. There are pottery cafes all over Sussex where you can go and paint a ready made piece of pottery. It doubles as an afternoon’s entertainment as well as presents.

Homemade chocolate truffles, jams or chutneys always go down a treat. This year we are planning to make lemon curd too.

You could also try customised bed linen or cushions.

Give up presents and donate a small amount to charity. With children, this can be difficult so you could try buying from charity sites or shops – many do products which aren’t second hand.

Festive savings DIY decorations

credit cards, or shop online at specialist cash back sites such as

Boring coloured paper chains really don’t cut it in the creative sphere of Christmas decor and can look very home-made. Here’s some ideas for beautiful decorations with a little more pizzazz that you can enjoy making

Earn money shopping at Christmas using cashback facilities on

Check the discount voucher sites online – there are some great discounts and you may get new ideas for presents too.

with your kids.

Holly is around in abundance so a quick trip to the

If you are hosting a family celebration and your budget is really stretched, ask everyone to make a contribution. Apart from cash, this

country or a large park - but don’t take more than you

could be in the form of Christmas pudding, mince pies, cheeseboard,

really need. Tie it with some red ribbon and you'll have

chocolates or nuts.

a touch of class in your home.

Making your own front door wreath couldn’t be simpler. Gather some

With supermarkets open most of the festive period don’t over buy or over spend on food. With careful planning you can just buy what

ferns and fix onto a ring (you can buy these from craft shops). You

you need, then top up as you go.

could even try spraying the wreath with silver then add some bright red beads to finish the effect.

Everyone understands when money is tight and if you feel uncomfortable about accepting gifts that cost more than you spent,

Kids love to make snowdrops from round circles of paper that you

then ask the whole family to set a ceiling on the amount everyone

then fold and cut in shapes. To make them look less childish

spends to help avoid embarrassment.

buy some silver or red paper then thread them together for a shiney festive snowdrop chain.

If skimping at Christmas is out of the question then plan, plan and plan. Buy early spreading the cost and don’t buy anything you don’t need.

Creative presents We’re not suggesting that you give Granny a junk robot – but if you pick

Spending time together

the right craft to suit your talent, a thoughtful present can outshine any

Children value the time we spend together far more than presents.

new gift.

★ ★ ★

the kids are not on their electronic games all day.

Frame your child’s picture – the right frame can do justice to any work of art, however abstract.

Take all toys out of their boxes before wrapping them, remove all the plastic wrapping and ties and put them back in their boxes with

Make a family photo calendar. There are companies that can do this

batteries installed. It saves scrabbling around for Philips screwdrivers

for you, but if you are a dab hand on the computer, you could do

on Christmas Day morning.

it yourself.

★ 6

Find a game that all the family can play together - it also ensures

Don’t give all the children’s presents on Christmas Day – give them

Christmas feature Families over the whole period between Christmas and new year. This saves on present overload for little kids and brings a sense of excitement and anticipation every day. You could try hiding a few presents and doing a treasure hunt every day too.

Make sure the kids get some decent periods of time to play with and enjoy their presents. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to go off to another relative’s house when you really want to make a Lego model.

Being frugal with food ★

Plan your meals, make sure you estimate your quantities as precisely as you can and only buy what you need. It’s all too easy to go to the supermarket with an open-ended list so make the list along with amounts and stick to it.

Buy quality in few things such as a British, organic and well-reared turkey and use it all. Try the things our mums used to make like turkey sandwiches, casserole, stock and curry.

There is no doubt that home-baked mince pies and yule log taste better than shopbought ones – but the ingredients can be costly and baking can be time consuming (and sometimes disastrous) so focus on cooking a few special items and don’t worry about buying everything else in.

We asked our readers what makes Christmas special for them... “We always try to go to a church service for children. We’re not big on religion but Christmas is a religious holiday so it’s important for children to understand the real reason we celebrate.” “We give gifts to charity – last year we gave a present donation scheme for foster children in Brighton and Hove.” “Our street have a Christmas carol singalong complete with mulled wine and mince pies.” “Burning of the Clocks in Brighton always seems like the perfect start to the festive period.” “A difficult jigsaw usually keeps everyone in our house happy.” “A very long country walk on boxing day or down on the seafront (along with new bikes, skateboards or roller skates).” For more tips and articles about Christmas visit

The really useful website for families

November /December 2011


Christmas games for families

Christmas is the time of year for quality family time and what better way is there for families to interact than playing a game that brings you all together. Children love games, particularly ones they can play with their parents and (possibly) beat them! Jungle Speed

Khet 2.0 The Laser Game

Age: 7+

Age 9+

RRP: £14.99

RRP: £29.99

In Jungle Speed, you must rely on your keen

Ready for mind blowing laser strategy action?

sense of observation and quick reflexes. It requires

Khet combines lasers and classic strategy

a steady hand which can be hard to maintain

all on one board. Player’s alternate turns

during the many fits of laughter! The wooden

moving Egyptian themed mirrored pieces, after

Totem sits in the middle of the table, waiting for

which they fire their real laser with the goal of

the player with the fastest reflexes to snatch it up

illuminating their opponent’s pieces and winning the game.

and win the game. Each player is dealt a hand of cards. In order to win you must be the first player to get rid of all of your cards. Each turn, all of the players reveal one of their cards. If two cards are identical, those players must make a grab for the Totem. The faster player then gives their cards to their unfortunate adversary.

Khet is the only laser board game on the market with the easiness of checkers and the endless possibilities of chess. The rules can be learned in minutes and players from 9-99 can enjoy the excitement of Khet. Khet 2.0 is available from

“My family has played hours on end with Jungle Speed. Fits of laughter guaranteed! Any age can play”. Pascale Gravell, editor, Families South West.

Nostalgia Titles Age 8+

Jungle Speed is available from

RRP: £29.99 - £34.99

Focussing on high manufacturing standards,


the ‘Nostalgia’ titles are back this year,

Age 6+

consisting of classic board game titles

RRP: £12.99

Monopoly, Cluedo and Risk.

Dobble is a visual perception card game in which

The Monopoly set comes in a beautiful

players race to find the one matching symbols between

wooden box to safeguard your vintage-looking

one card and another. The pictures may be different sizes or hard to spot. The cards are round and feature an assortment of colourful images of items like insects, plants, symbols, and smiley faces. Every card is unique, and has only one picture in common with each card in the deck. The game is very portable and includes a deck of 55 cards in a round, tin container so you can take the game anywhere. Dobble is available from Waterstones.


components, making it the ideal gift for friends or family. Risk is also part of the collection, back in full vintage glory with real wooden armies, the classic map from 1959 and original game play. Additionally, the nation’s favourite ‘whodunit’ is back in true 1950’s form with the recreation of the 1949 version of Cluedo. The Nostalgia editions of Monopoly, Cluedo and Risk are available from John Lewis.

Christmas gift ideas Families

Top toys for Christmas 2011

Fabulous gifts recommended by Fun Learning, Hamleys and Treasure Island Toys.

★ Tolo First Friends

★ Klutz Foam Gliders Book

12 months+ £3.50 each from

Age 4-7 £7.99 from Fun Learning

A collection of super thick, foam planes that

The whole range of Tolo First Friends is

glide amazingly well. Just punch them out, put

immensely popular. They are great for

them together, and send them soaring!

teething, moveable and poseable and click as you move their limbs.

★ Klutz Sticker Design Studio Age 8+ £9.99 from Fun Learning

★ Pintoy Fire Engine

Packed with over 400 stickers to colour and

Age 3+ £34.99 from

customise, no drawing skills are required as each

sticker is shaped and lightly printed with a design

A top seller since 2008, the fire

to get your inspiration flowing!

engine has an extending and rotating ladder, removable hose, and side that opens for extra storage.

★ Intelliquest Quizmo Brain Power ★ Pintoy Marlborough Dolls House Age 3+ £104.99 from One of the top sellers at Christmas, the lovely dolls’ house is every little girls dream.

Puzzle Set Age 8+ £8.99 from Fun Learning An electronic interactive quiz game that knows all the answers! Play on your own, or use the 2 player mode to exercise your brain cells against an opponent!

★ iball3 Age 14+ £20 from Hamleys

★ Pretend & Play Post Office Set Age 4-7 £25.00 from Fun Learning Complete with serving window,

The iball3 is an interactive, electronic, brain training game with a world class on-line leader board for those who are the very best.

notice board, clock with movable

Gifts are available from:

hands, bureau de change and post

Treasure Island Toys based in Brighton

box to encourage social interaction

and practice numeracy.

Fun Learning, North Street, Brighton Hamleys, Regent Street, London

November /December 2011


Book reviews By Vanessa Lewis, The Book Nook, First Avenue, Hove

The Night Before Christmas by Clement C Moore


01273 911988

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Pop-up

by Jane Ray

by Roald Dahl

Christmas isn’t Christmas without reading

Continuing with gorgeous illustrations that

As a Christmas treat for the entire family try

Clement C.Moore’s classic poem The Night

explore the essence of Christmas take a look

the superb Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Before Christmas and although there are many

at the sumptuous edition of another Christmas

Pop-Up which brings Roald Dahl’s most magical

versions available, one of our favourites is

classic in The Twelve Days of Christmas by Jane

of stories to life in spectacular pull out, pop

undoubtedly the one illustrated by Robert Ingpen.

Ray. For those of us who struggle to remember

up fashion. From the disappearing children

Ingpen’s illustrations offer a faithful interpretation

past five gold rings this book presents the poem

being swallowed up by the factory to the glass

of the poem and the delight begins with the

in vibrant warm colours and glorious detailed

elevator that leaps off the page, children and

ruddy twinkly eyed Father Christmas peering

illustrations that make each page a visual feast.

adults alike will love exploring this book. If you

out from the cover. Open the book to discover

The opening spread offers much to explore with

look close enough you might even find a golden

stockings hanging by the fireplace and reindeer

snow falling on a warm convivial row of houses

ticket and we particularly loved the pull out

dashing through the snow making this a perfect

preparing for Christmas and the joy it brings. If

pertinent Oompa Loompa song lyrics about

curl up and read on any of the nights leading up

you want some festive cheer, take your time and

each child’s fate. This is a fabulous gift for all

towards Christmas.

enjoy Jane Ray’s stunning interpretation again

ages whether as an introduction to the world of

and again.

Dahl or for ardent fans.

Shrek competition Families

November /December 2011


Our What’s On pages are put together several weeks beforehand and whilst we aim to be as accurate as we can, there may be some changes. Always contact the venue in advance to check details.


22-26 November Pavilion Theatre, Worthing

6 November Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Dome

Ollie can’t see the point of his Great Gran; however, she can do something he can’t. She can swim. In fact, she can do it rather well. There was a time she did it at the Olympic Games in London. No! Not those Olympic Games. The other ones in 1948, when the athletes had to bring their own towels! 01273 709709

Richard Alston Dance Company

8-9 November Concert Hall, Brighton Dome This triple bill of classic and new repertoire, each piece infused with the spirit of the music that inspired it. 01273 709709

The Sound of Music

8-12 November Connaught Theatre, Worthing Worthing Musical Comedy Society presents the timeless classic featuring some of the world’s best-loved songs, Edelweiss, My Favourite Things, Do-Re-Mi and Climb Every Mountain. 01903 206206

A Very Merry Christmas Hall

16 November Pavilion Theatre, Worthing

Join in with the Christmas carol medley, and the tinsel and turkey atmosphere of an early Christmas. 01903 206206


18 November Pavilion Theatre, Worthing Full of humour and exciting Hungarian dances such as Czardas and Mazurka, the ballet has beautiful scenery and handcrafted costumes, and is a total delight. Great entertainment for all ages. 01903 206206

Essence of Ireland 22-23 November Theatre Royal Brighton

Breathtaking dance routines, a touch of Irish craic, all cleverly woven into a heart-warming tale. 08448 717 650


Peppa, George, Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog are up to fun and games on a day out on Grandad Dog’s boat. Help them, with Pedro Pony, Freddy Fox and Zoe Zebra to follow the clues and find their treasure as they all enjoy a day of adventure. 01903 206206

The Rattionians present a Christmas Spectacular

★The Adventures of Robin Hood★ He’s behind you! Don’t miss this traditional panto. Eastbourne, 9 December - 15 January

Robin and the Big Freeze 8-11 December Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Dome With suitcases and Sat Navs, the birds are getting ready to leave town. Robin remains; he’s got lots to do like tweeting at anyone who comes near his patch and posing for Christmas cards. But the snow is on its way and lots of it ... is everyone ready for the big freeze? 01273 709709

1-3 December

Congress Theatre, Eastbourne A collection of The Rattonians musical favourites plus a festive treat to get you in the mood for Christmas. 01323 412000


2-31 December Connaught Theatre, Worthing A pumpkin is magically transformed into a sparkling coach, mice into white horses and a girl goes from rags to a stunning ball gown all with the wave of a good fairy’s wand. Glass slippers and a spell that breaks when the clock chimes midnight, it can only mean one thing! 01903 206206

Snow Play

3-4 December Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Dome When Mr Green comes back from his Christmas holidays he finds that Mr White has moved into his house and covered everything in snow. All Mr White wants to do is sleep and have fun but Mr Green can’t stand the snow. 01273 709709

The Nutcracker 4 December

Congress Theatre, Eastbourne Southern Youth Ballet with the Southern Youth Ballet Orchestra presents a traditional production of The Nutcracker. 01323 412000

Peter Pan

8 December - 1 January Pavilion Theatre, Worthing Meet Peter Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boys. Watch in awe as Peter battles the dastardly Captain Hook. Boasting sparkling sets, sumptuous costumes and a spectacular UV scene. 01903 206206

Royal Pavilion Ice Rink Skating in beautiful surroundings. 12 November - 22 January

Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt

23-24 November Pavilion Theatre, Worthing

Burning the Clocks Drums, lanterns, fireworks - a perfect way to celebrate the shortest day. Brighton, 21 December

A Christmas Carol

Starring Leslie Grantham as Scrooge, a sumptuous new adaptation of the classic festive tale. 01903 206206

Great Gran’s Great Games Age 4-9

favourites Our top picks for November and December

Christmas Concert

18 December Concert Hall, Brighton Dome A joyous Sunday afternoon celebration of the very best of Christmas music. 01273 709709

Winter Ceilidh

20 December Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome With under-8s chill-out room, kids’ cocktails and fully stocked bar for grown-up revellers, it’s foot-stomping festive fun all the way at this midwinter family fiesta. 01273 709709

The Adventures of Robin Hood

9 December - 15 January Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne Based on the much-loved English folk tale, Robin Hood will be an action packed pantomime extravaganza with stunning new costumes, fantastic live music, brand new script and the usual comedy mayhem you would expect from the Eastbourne Pantomime. 01323 412000

Children in Need Show Let’s go to the Movies 11 December The Shoreham Centre

Entertainment to raise money for Children in Need. 01903 520136

Spamalot Age 10+ 15 December - 14 January Theatre Royal Brighton The legendary tale of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table. 08448 717 650

Numberjacks Live on stage

18 December - 31 January Theatre Royal Brighton Join the TV superheroes as they leave the sofa and embark on their first live adventure 08448 717 650

The Nutcracker A happy dream

22-27 December Concert Hall, Brighton Dome Join Clara on her journey with the Nutcracker Prince to the land of dreams in Tchaikovsky’s Christmas classic. 01273 709709

Christmas Day Concert 25 December Eastbourne Bandstand Eastbourne Silver Band under the directorship of Geoff Broom entertains you with over an hour of festive tunes

Boxing Day Concert 26 December Eastbourne Bandstand The popular and longstanding tradition of the FREE Boxing Day dance concert.

Romeo and Juliet

28-30 December Concert Hall, Brighton Dome This classic love story gets a modern make over as Danish dance star Peter Schaufuss Ballet revives Frederick Ashton’s seminal production. 01273 709709

What’s on Families

To publicise your event in Families Sussex Coast what’s on pages email

Cinema Big Scream!

Duke of York Cinema, Brighton Every Wednesday morning at 11am mums, dads and carers with babies under one can enjoy a great film at the Duke of York Cinema, Brighton. See website for films.

Saturday morning Kids’ Club

Duke of York cinema, Brighton Starts 10.30am with drawing and a competition with a film at 11am. Check website for films. 0871 704 2056

Saturday morning pictures Connaught 2 Screen, Worthing Every Saturday at 10.15am 5 November: Mr Popper’s Penguins 12 November: The Smurfs 19 November: Cars 2 26 November: Judy Moody and the Bummer Summer 3 December: Monte Carlo 10 December: Santa Clause 17 December: Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 Chiprecked 24 December: A Christmas Carol 01903 206206

Activities and events

Mumpreneurs Networking Club

Lime House Cafe, St Pauls Church, Worthing 11 November, 2 December Chambers Bistro Old Town Hall, Shoreham 17 November, 8 December David Lloyd Centre, Brighton Marina 11 November, 9 December The Woolpack Inn, West Street, Burgess Hill 18 November, 16 December

Earthship Tours

6 November, 4 December Stanmer Park, Brighton Experience the eco-build and be inspired to respond to climate change.

Torchlight Bonfire Procession

11 November Chapel Road to the seafront, Worthing Bonfire Boys Festival - torchlight bonfire procession from Chapel Road to seafront for a music festival, beach bonfire and fireworks.

Comets and currey 12 November The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux

enjoy a warming curry and a glass of wine before trying to spot an impressive shooting star or two. 01323 832731

Brighton Baby Expo

13 November The American Express Community Stadium, Brighton A fun-packed entertainment programme, 150+ national exhibitors, fashion shows, flexible working zone, the natural parenting zone, mums-only pamper area, designer buggies, innovation alley with the most exciting new products to market and the chance to win £1000 worth of prizes!

Brighton Craft Fair 2011

18-20 November Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome Over 100 of the best designers and makers in the country, selling original and desirable work direct to visitors. 01273 709709

Open evening at the Observatory Science Centre

19 November and 3 December The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux The Observatory at night and viewing through the Centre’s historic telescopes. 01323 832731

Christmas Artists’ Open Houses

26-27 November, 3-4 December, 10-11 December Brighton This creative festival provides a unique experience for people to explore work in artists’ houses across the city. Visitors can buy works of art, craft and design or simply enjoy mulled wine and a mince pie!

Story time and singing

Christmas Countdown and Fireworks

The Book Nook, First Avenue, Hove 01273 911988

The Countdown to Christmas starts in Worthing.

Every week

Hove Library Fridays at 10.15am 01273 290700 Jubilee Library Wednesdays 10.15am 01273 296960

Story Magic

Sensory story telling for children with special needs Last Saturday every month Jubilee Library, Brighton Discover the magic of sensory stories particularly suited to children with profound and multiple learning disabilities. 01273 296960

Tots That Rock

Thursdays, 2-3pm Huntingdon Hall, Buckingham Road, Shoreham-by-Sea Singing and dancing and chat with other mums, dads and carers. Just turn up.

November /December 2011

3-4 December Eastbourne town centre

Featuring Street Market, Victorian style Funfair, live music stage, treasure hunt and fancy dress competition.

Christmas Pudding Race 3 December New Road, Brighton Teams of seven will race balancing a Christmas pudding on a tray and negotiating a perilous obstacle course and be rewarded with prizes for the best fancy dress, quickest team and the most money raised for the charities Cancer Research and the Martlets Hospice. Bands will also entertain crowds on the day.

Dinki Disco 4 December King Alfred Ballroom, Hove Join the festive fun and dance away those winter blues at THE funky family dance event of the Christmas season!

Santa Fun Run and Walk 4 December Harbour Reach Beaches, Eastbourne Last year over 200 Santa’s raised £15,000. Why not join in the fun and run or walk 5km (3 miles) along Eastbourne seafront, dressed in a Santa suit!

26 November Worthing town centre and pier

Every week day at 4pm and singing Friday at 10.30am


St Wilfrid’s Christmas Magic Weekend

Christmas Open Day Royal Pavilion Ice Rink 12 November - 22 January Royal Pavilion, Brighton

With the former Royal pleasure palace as backdrop, the 800 square metre rink has space for 250 skaters per session and superb child-friendly facilities, with penguin stabilisers and learners’ area, as well as boots available in sizes from ‘just walking’ with double blades to safe blades for bigger kids.

‘Lost Christmas’ with David Logan Age 8+ 12 November, 11am The Book Nook, First Avenue, Hove Hear all about this new book before it is on TV this Christmas starring Eddie Izzard! Learn about David’s inspiration and how books translate to screen. Please book. 01273 911988

26 November Brighton Dome Foyer

You’ll be entertained in style with the swinging sounds of the Brighton Jazz Co-op, or a rousing chorus or two from Brighton’s very own Russian Choir. Plus there’s a host of activities to keep the kids amused - making Christmas baubles and decorative paper chains, and even writing secret letters to Santa! 01273 709709

David Lucas and ‘Christmas at the Toy Museum Age 3+ 3 December, 2pm The Book Nook, First Avenue, Hove It is Christmas Eve and Bunting the cat has a great idea for all the toys in the museum. A lovely way to start the festive season. Please book. 01273 911988

Brighton Santa Dash 10 December Hove Seafront

The annual charity Santa Dash along Hove seafront between the Peace Statue and Hove Lagoon sees Santas don their trainers for a 5K run along the chilly seafront and makes for a wonderfully wintry sight. The £12 entry fee includes a Santa suit and medal.

Worthing’s outdoor skating rink

10 December - 8 January Steyne Gardens, Worthing Get your Skates on as Steyne Gardens transforms into an Ice Skating Rink skating by the sea is a great way to enjoy time with friends and family.


Christmas Special Weekend at the Observatory Science Centre

10-11 December The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux Spectacular science shows to entertain the whole family and an opportunity to shop for stocking fillers and Christmas gifts in our fantastic shop. 01323 832731

Christmas Quackers

20 December Raystede Animal Centre, Ringmer Join the Raystede team for a Christmas art and craft extravaganza! Meet the animals, make presents for pets and have a go at some animali nspired decorations for the tree. 01825 880461

Burning the Clocks 21 December Brighton The dark grip of long wintry nights is broken by a flicker of light... Started in 1993, Burning the Clocks sees thousands of people gather to make paper and willow lanterns to carry through the city and burn in a giant pyre on the beach as a token for the end of the year.

Galleries and museums

8 October - 2 January Towner Gallery Eastbourne

15 October - 21 February Hove Museum and Art Gallery Robots, rockets and ray guns of all shapes and sizes including many rare vintage and collectable items invade the museum in this space-age show of robot force! 03000 290900

Inspired by the Marcel Proust quote “The real journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”, six artists from local artist network Bluemonkeynet have curated a stimulating new collection display.

Dora Gordine Sculptor, Artist, Designer

8 October - 21 January 2012 Worthing Museum and Art Gallery A rare opportunity to see this unique loan of over 25 sculptures, drawings, photographs, letters and magazines from Dorich House Museum and private lenders.


A large selection of handmade decorations and Christmas gifts as well as seasonal culinary specialities.

Children’s Nearly New Sale Santa’s Christmas Cottage

3-4 December, 10-23 December Drusillas Park Visit Santa and his elves hard at work making all the presents. 01323 874100

Ragamala: Paintings from India

Santa Special at Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway

22 October - 8 January 2012 Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

17-18 December Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway, Eastbourne

An exquisite private collection of Indian Ragamala paintings. 03000 290900

Meet Santa for a ride on the trains.

Dress for Excess: Fashion in Regency England 2 August - 5 February

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery Original 18th and 19th Century pieces are displayed presenting the themes of Eighteenth century dress. 03000 290900

Where’s Santa?

Brighton and Hove Museums

22 October - 19 February 2012 Towner Gallery Eastbourne

Brighton Marina

Robot Invasion!

Age 2-5

New Eyes

Weekends throughout December

Swiss artist Furter makes a series of sophisticated new conceptual works to form a sculptural installation filling our entire 400m2 Exhibition Gallery.

Early years Sessions include art and stories. 01273 290900

Christmas market and Santa’s Grotto

Franziska Furter

Santa in his Grotto at Paradise Park Weekends 19 November 18 December Paradise Park, Newhaven

Santa’s Grotto at Churchill Square Shopping Centre

14 November - 24 December Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton

Father Christmas at the Book Nook 10 December, 11am, 1pm and 3pm

The Book Nook, First Avenue, Hove Father Christmas is making his annual visit to The Book Nook before he prepares for Christmas Eve. Come and listen to a story and meet this very special man. Must book. 01273 911988

A Dickensian Christmas 17-22 December Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Father Christmas visits Brighton once again in the grandeur of the Royal Pavilion. Enjoy a Dickensian tour of the palace in your best fancy dress and receive your present as part of this unforgettable family treat.

What does Santa do after Christmas 27 December - 2 January

Drusillas Park Ever wondered what Santa does after Christmas? Come and see Mr and Mrs Claus relaxing in their cottage. 01323 874100

Christmas fairs and farmers’ markets Christmas craft and gift fair

12 November Michelham Priory, nr Hailsham

Love that stuff fairtrade market

19 November Friend’s Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton www.lovethatstuff,

Mermaid Market Saturdays and Sundays 11am-4pm

Brighton Marina Square

Lewes Farmers’ Market First Saturday every month

Cliffe Pedestrian Precinct, Lewes 01273 470900

12 November, 10am-2pm The Footprints Centre, Lyndhurst Road, Worthing

Love that stuff fairtrade market

10 December St Thomas’s Church Hall, Cliffe High Street, Lewes www.lovethatstuff,

Brighton Farm Market Every Saturday 9am-3pm North Road, Brighton

Upper Gardner Street Market Every Saturday 7am-5pm Upper Gardner Street, Brighton

Shoreham Farmers’ Market

Second Saturday every month 9am-1pm East Street, Shoreham-by-Sea

Shoreham Christmas Food and Drink Festival 10-11 December Shoreham-by-Sea

Worthing Farmers’ Market

Fourth Saturday each month South Street Square, Worthing 01903 203252

Worthing Christmas Farmers’ Market

18 December South Street Square, Worthing

Motcombe Village Farmers’ Market

Last Sat each month 10-1pm Community Wise, Ocklynge Road, Eastbourne 01323 722924

Southwick and Shoreham Country Market Every Friday 9.15-11am Porter Room, Southwick Community Centre Homemade cakes, plants, fresh eggs, handmade crafts and gifts. Get your event listed in Families Sussex Coast magazine:

Christmas with Luca and Maya Families


November /December 2011

Luca and Maya make decorations


November /December 2011



Families Sussex Coast Nov-Dec 2011  

Families Sussex Coast magazine Nov-Dec 2011

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