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Summer is over, school is back – what a relief for families with younger kids with empty parks, quieter beaches and cheaper holidays. But for the rest, there’s so much do this time of year - new teachers, new schools, new shoes, conundrums of how will I do the school run, get to work, do the housework and cook a meal, not to mention decisions to make, like will little Daisy suit ballet or football or is art more her bag? Ho hum – how complicated life can be. We can’t sort all your life problems but we have a lovely list of clubs and classes near you, packed lunch ideas as well as lots to do to in our what’s on pages to ease you into the new school year. Happy Autumn term. Susan x Editor, Families Sussex Coast Families Sussex Coast covers: Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne, Worthing, Lewes, Burgess Hill, Hassocks and everywhere in between. Next issue November/December 10 : Advertising and editorial deadline is 15 October. You can contribute to Families Sussex Coast through advertising, editorial and our what’s on pages. Contact Families Sussex Coast: 01273 231155 Families Sussex Coast, PO Box 5189, Brighton BN50 9WN Printed by: Bishops Printers, Families Sussex Coast is printed using paper from sustainable forests. The pulp is cleaned using an elemental chlorine free process. Please recycle your copy of Families Sussex Coast when you have finished with it. Copyright: Families Sussex Coast, August 2010. Data protection: If you send us your name and address in order to receive free samples or to enter a competition, we may supply your details to the company offering the samples or prizes. If you would prefer us NOT to do so, please state this clearly on your entry. Disclaimer: We take care preparing this magazine but the publishers and distributors cannot be held responsible for the claims of advertisers, nor for the accuracy of the contents nor for any consequence. Families Group: Families Sussex Coast is part of a group established in 1990 and headed by Families South West. All magazines in the Group are independently owned and operated under licence.

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September / October 2010


Little Fidgets learning languages Children who learn

include improved grammar because children

a second language

develop an intuitive understanding of language,

early in life can gain

better accents because children find it easy

more benefits than

to copy sounds and improved vocabulary.

simply communicating

French and Spanish with Little Fidgets are for

in another language

parents and carers and their children so that it

and Little Fidgets are

becomes a shared family experience.

starting their French and Spanish classes in Brighton and Hove to help you on your way. The benefits of learning a language early can

Out of the

Ordinary The three day eco


and family friendly Out of the Ordinary festival runs from 17-19 September at Knockhatch

For further information on French for Fidgets®

Farm, nr Hailsham. Celebrating the Autumn

and Spanish for Fidgets® classes you can

Equinox, there are solar-powered stages,

contact Lucy at Little Fidgets on 0845 680

children’s activities, a green market place with

9603 or email

many more out of the ordinary surprises. For

or visit

tickets call 01273 688788 or visit

Tea cups and tiaras Dancing in style FAMILIES READER SPECIAL OFFER

Baby boutique

quality and value

Send your little ones back to dance class in style this autumn with shoes and clothing from top dancewear shop Dancia International. Dancia stocks all local dance school uniforms, as well as standard RAD and ISTD syllabus wear, alongside a dizzying Hove mums, Fiona and Jo, have created

array of shoes and dancewear for almost

themed party kits to be hired out, to make

every style of dance you can think of!

children’s parties that are special and unique yet affordable and convenient. With child-

Families readers stocking up on

size tables and chairs and costumes to hire,

dancewear for the new term can claim a

Tea Cups and Tiaras, themes include pirates,

free pair of Papillon ballet tights with this

fairies and mermaids to make a magical

article when they spend £20 or more!

party that children will love. Tea Cups and Tiaras also offer vintage style crockery for baby showers, bridal parties and grown up tea parties.

Dancia Brighton can be found at 8 Western Street, Norfolk Square, Brighton, BN1 2PG. Contact 01273 719001 or visit

Claiming for delays or cancellations

its doors for the first time giving you the chance to buy and sell new and nearly new baby items, specialising in ages 0-3 years. At the Baby Boutique you won’t spend a fortune getting the best and latest items for your baby. Their range includes designer, organic and hand-knitted baby clothing, christening outfits, as well as toys, books, nursery equipment and buggies from high street names and designers all at a fraction of the original price. Clothing brands include Osh Kosh, Mini Boden, Baby Gap and Dior with buggy brands including Bugaboo, Silvercross and Maclaren. The Baby Boutique

Regulations from Brussels provide that in the

where a stay of one or more nights becomes

event of flight cancellation you are entitled

necessary, the obligation to provide items like

to a refund or alternative transport to your

meals, refreshments and hotel accommodation.

cards, canvas frames, children’s name and art

If assistance and/or an alternative journey was

bespoke silver jewellery of finger print moulds.

destination and you can claim compensation. For overbookings or cancellation within 14 days of your intended journey (apart from in

also sell bespoke handcrafted items including frames, handmade bugaboo cover sets and

not provided by the airline and you had to arrange your own, if you kept all receipts (and

Sponsored by the Prince’s Trust, Francesca

hopefully kept expenses to a minimum) then

Stone who runs the Baby Boutique, has some

write to the airline quoting Article 5. Article 5

great ideas for its future, “I’m very excited about

delayed rather than cancelled.

states that in the event of cancellation or delay

the future of the Baby Boutique and about our

of more than one day you are entitled to be

beautiful range of products. In the Autumn we

So what can you do? Write to the airline

reimbursed or rerouted under Article 8 and

will be looking to open a family room for baby

stating that you wish to claim your rightful

offered assistance, including accommodation,

activity groups, workshops, coffee mornings,

compensation under Regulation (EC) 261/2004.

meals and transport under Article 9. Don’t give

music and photography sessions.”

extraordinary circumstances) you may be able to claim compensation of between 125-600 euros per person. You can also claim if the flight is

But what about delays caused by, for


The Baby Boutique in Worthing recently opened

up if you are ignored!

Visit the Baby Boutique at 127 South Farm

example, volcanic ash? Airlines have been

For more details visit the Air Transport Users

Road, Worthing, call 01903 200911 or visit

able to get out of paying compensation claiming

Council website: or contact You can also

‘extraordinary circumstances’. However, they

Caroline Philcox at Bunkers on 01273 766920 or

become a fan of the Baby Boutique on FaceBook

cannot avoid reimbursement or rerouting and,

- the page name Baby Boutique Sussex.

News & competitions Families


WIN tickets to

There is currently a great demand for foster

A circus comes to town


carers throughout Sussex and as one of the

Thomas and Friends

country’s first independent fostering agencies, Families for Children is highly respected and able to offer top quality support for foster carers.

“Fostering is about wanting the best for every young person that comes through your door, it’s about being a good parent and providing all the opportunities you can.” As a Families for Children carer you will be attached to a friendly local centre providing

Thomas and Friends are coming to the Brighton Centre on 23-24 October in a new 90 minute musical adventure. Packed with sing-a-longs, dancing and thrilling adventures Thomas makes a big mistake and must prove he’s a really useful engine once again. Joined by Percy, James, Gordon and Sir Topham Hatt, the Island of Sodor welcomes circus performers in a story that shows the importance of friendship and cooperation.

support 24 hours a day. There are an

For your chance to win a family ticket to Thomas

experienced team of teachers, therapists and

and Friends, answer this: What is the name of the

support workers who will be on hand to give

island where Thomas lives? Send your answer

you all the advice you need to successfully

with your name, address and phone number to

look after the children and young people in or Families

your care. Families for Children offers unrivalled

Sussex Coast, PO Box 5189, Brighton BN50 9WN

payments, benefits, training and support to

by 30th September.

ensure everyone has a rewarding and positive To book tickets for Thomas and Friends call 08448


471538 or visit If you are interested in providing an optimistic and safe environment for a young person then get in touch by calling 0800 019 7087 or visit



*Terms and conditions: Family ticket can contain a mixture of children and adult tickets. Tickets are valid 23-24 October. No purchase necessary. Tickets are non exchangeable.


adventure Sussex Wildlife Trust have teamed up with the Youth Hostel

Organised Mum’s Life Book is the

Association to offer

perfect diary to keep you organised

family adventure

throughout the school year. Starting

weekends. During

September 2010 and lasting for

the weekend at

16 months this week-to-view

Truleigh, 25-26

diary incorporates a number of clever features including tear out shopping lists, stickers to highlight important events, plenty of space for diary entries, meal plans and budgets to name a few.

September, you can ©Sussex Wildlife Trust

find out about the

fascinating human and natural history of the area and discover the wonderful flora and fauna of the South Downs with family activities on

We have five Life Book diaries to giveaway.

Sunday at Woods Mill nature reserve. Or at the

Simply send your name, address and phone

weekend based in Alfriston, 1-2 October, you

number to or

can explore the Seven Sisters Country park, try

Families Sussex Coast, PO Box 1589, Brighton

your hand at rock pooling, enjoy a visit from a

BN50 9WN by 30th September.Stylishly

‘local smuggler’ and a treasure hunt. Booking is

designed, the Life Book is available for £12.99.

essential so to find out more call 01273 497561.

Visit or call 0845

See our what’s on pages for more Sussex

644 7507 for a brochure.

Wildlife Trust events.

September / October 2010


Out of school

clubs and classes

Developing interests outside the home is rich in rewards, from new social skills to those of the particular activity. If you’d like your child to join a local class but don’t know which one, let their interests guide you. Robina Cowan explores the options. There’s no point sending a shy child to a drama class if they’ll be cowering

Sports and Exercise

in the corner when a good drum-bashing session or IT club would bring

If your children are naturally active

them out of themselves more effectively. If they babbled from an early

then they’re following their instincts.

age, they may find a language comes easily; if they’re forever throwing

For those slumped in front of the

themselves all over the sofa, consider a gym or dance class to focus their

screen a nudge towards a regular

energies; if they’ve scribbled on the walls, try art classes, for example.

activity and they may come to look forward to it. Different sports suit

We’ve been looking into the many benefits of out of school activities.

different children; lively, outgoing


boys and girls relish competitive

Children who learn a foreign language at an early age do so effortlessly.

team games; swimming builds

At the most receptive stage of their development they are like sponges

strength without overstressing joints

and develop a wonderful accent. They learn through verbal and physical

and ligaments; martial arts teach

participation and communicate without inhibition and self-consciousness.

children to ‘read’ their opponents’

If children enjoy their early exposure to a foreign language and culture,

intentions; while dance adds poise,

they will absorb and retain this. Language classes are fun and busy with activities including games, songs and even cooking, to introduce the culture as much as the vocabulary.

Music Studies have shown that no matter the level of skill, music is one of the best ways to help early language development. Music has structure, rhythm and rules. It introduces new words through repetition and helps children develop listening skills and attention spans. Some children - particularly those from musical families - can take to the violin or piano like ducks to water, it may be more rewarding to start in group singing or percussion first to learn and appreciate the basics before taking Tesco clothing


on trickier instrument tuition.

grace and flexibility. Beach soccer at NIVEA Sun Yellowave beach, Brighton

Theatre and Performing Arts Drama is a wonderful extension of the ‘let’s pretend’ games young children love to play. Classes open and extend children’s imagination through role play and characterisation. Working to a theme or play introduces literature, classic stories and make-believe worlds which come to life through speech, song and movement. Students explore empathy for their characters and classmates, and learn to work effectively in groups, growing in confidence as they learn to express themselves more fully. Before too long, students learn to make eye contact, speak clearly in front of others and stand up tall when entering a room - attributes which will serve them well whatever their choice of career. All this and usually there is an end of term performance where the students have the chance to showcase their new skills in front of an appreciative audience.

Clubs and classes feature Families Dance It’s a rare child who does not enjoy dressing up games, and dance is the perfect way to move ‘in character’, whether as a graceful fairytale ballerina princess, or grooving to a funkier beat. Dancing is great fun and helps develop coordination, fitness and a sense of rhythm, musicality and expression, promoting self-discipline and confidence.

Arts and Crafts When clutching a big paintbrush, sticking pasta to a piece of card and squeezing play dough, children are developing motor skills which will later be fine-tuned to manage tasks such as writing and using cutlery effectively. Furthermore, the early attempts are stimulating many senses while introducing new techniques and textures. “There’s nothing like using clay to develop children’s artistic abilities,” one local potter observed: “usually they don’t get the chance to do pottery until they’re much older, but the younger ones love it just as much.”

School Support In almost every other subject and in many walks of life, arithmetics and maths are needed and a weakness in this area will hold your child back. Extra maths classes not only help improve a grasp of numbers, but help in confidence and add to children’s achievements long-term. Learning to touch-type makes work faster and more accurate and it is also better for young hands (using every finger) and backs (looking straight at the screen rather than bending over the keyboard). By starting young before bad habits take hold, children will have a useful skill to use throughout their lives.

And Finally... In your enthusiasm to bring out the child prodigy in your child, don’t lose sight of the fact that they’re already worked hard at school and need to have fun too. First and foremost, find an activity your child will really enjoy. If their interest flags, or changes after giving it a good shot, don’t be afraid to look around for a new activity which might suit them better as they grow and develop.

See the next page for clubs and classes local to you... Art, ballet, drama, music, french, swimming, kung fu, knitting, jazz, drums, volleyball and more...

September / October 2010


Clubs and classesnear you Dance and drama Beacon Arts Near Preston Park, Brighton Dance, art club, music, drama and ballet. 01273 557124 Bourne Academy of Performing Arts Eastbourne Ballet, tap, modern, jazz and musical theatre for ages 3 to adults. 07833 763698 Bright Dance Preston Park, Brighton NEW! Fun, musical theatre dance classes. 01273 881106 Brighton Academy of Performing Arts

St Aubyns School, Rottingdean Classes in acting, singing and dancing for 5-18 year olds every Saturday. 07812 116194

Brighton and Hove Dance Academy Brighton and Hove High School Ballet, jazz and creative dance classes. 01273 240140

Brighton Ballet School Brighton and Hove Ballet, jazz and tap from age 2 and 1/2 to adults. 07595 303180 City Dance Hollingbury Community Centre, Brighton Street, jazz and musical theatre dance. 07921 673132 Dance Art Studio St Mary’s Church Hall, Brighton Ballet,tap, modern theatre dance and jazz classes from 3-19 years. 01273 556313

Dancia International 8 Western Street, Norfolk Square, Brighton, BN1 2PG All your dance shoes and clothing including all local dance school uniforms as well as standard RAD and ISTD syllabus wear. See page 4 for Families reader offer. 01273 719001


Drama Queens Hanover, Brighton Drama, dance and singing lessons for children from preschool to teen to adults. 01273 240265 07811 440278 Freestyle Dance Academy Worthing and Portslade Freestyle dance for ages 3 upwards. 07951295822 Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Shoreham, Worthing, Patcham, Brighton, Hove, Woodingdean Confidence building through drama for ages 5 upwards with a production once a year. 01444 458039

Italia Conti Ralli Hall, Hove Musical theatre, acting, singing, hip hop, jazz, acting, voice, ballet and tap every Saturday for ages 3 –18 years. 07956 890 307 Jean Butterworth School of Dancing Worthing Ballet, character, greek, modern, jazz, tap, contemporary, drama and adult classes. 01903 215951 The Live Wire School of Dance Burgess Hill Dance classes from 3 years including disco, jazz, ballroom and latin. 01273 562996 Magic Moves Dance Brighton Creative dance for children from age two. 01273 600126

Nicola Miles Theatre Studios Worthing Ballet, modern, tap, contemporary, drama and singing for ages 3 to adults. 01903 249962 Pauline Quirke Academy Southwick Centre NEW! Comedy, drama, musical theatre, film and television acting for ages 6-18. Free taster day on 12th September. 084567 32022 Paul Nicholas School of Acting and Performing Arts Friendship Centre, Peacehaven Acting, singing and dancing for ages 4-18 years. 07904 128160

Perform Knoyle Hall, Brighton St Andrews (Old Church) Hall, Hove St Christopher’s School, Hove Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham Holbrook Tithe Barn, Horsham NEW! Dance, drama and singing for ages 4-8 years. Free introductory class. 0845 4004000

Performing Arts School Southwick and Broadwater Ballet, modern and tap for ages 3 to adults. 01903 212357 Rox School of Dance and Drama Hove Ballet, modern, jazz, tap, drama, singing, musical theatre course. 01273 208513 Shana Goldmans Stage School Brighton Ballet, jazz, tap, singing, acting for ages 3 and upwards. 01323 472391

Stagecoach Lewes Ringmer Community College Every Saturday morning dancing, singing and drama for ages 4-16. 01273 903983

Brighton and Hove Gymnastics Club Hove Gymnastics classes for 3 year olds to adults. 01273 776209 Fun Ki and Aikido for Kids. Brighton Ki Centre, Brighton Learn the principles of mind and body coordination in a safe, relaxed, cooperative, friendly environment. 01273 323315 Impulse Leisure - Lancing Manor Activities for all ages including trampolining, gymnastics and basketball. Impulse Leisure – Southwick Activities include dance, badminton and roller hockey. And the biggest roller disco in Sussex Impulse Leisure – Wadurs Swimming lessons and parties too. Shaolin Kung Fu Nam Pai Chuan Brighton and Hove. Kids and adults kung fu classes. First class is free. 07812342058. Lagoon Watersports Hove Lagoon Watersports for all the family. Learn to windsurf, sail and kayak. 01273 424842

Stagecoach Theatre Arts Brighton Dancing, singing and drama for ages 4-16. 01273 559997

Saturday Soccer School Varndean College, Brighton Saturday morning soccer school for ages 4 to 12. 01273 711395

The Sussex School of Dance Terminus Road, Eastbourne Ballet, tap, modern, jazz, singing and drama for ages 18 months to adults. 01323 503588

Yellowave Madeira Drive, Brighton Beach soccer, beach rugby and volleyball. 01273 672222

Willingdon School of Dance Eastbourne Ballet, tap, modern, greek, disco, drama from 2 1/2 to adults. Movement class for parents and carers with their under 3s. 01323 411640


Sport Albion in the Community Brighton, Hove, Worthing and Eastbourne

After school, Saturday and holiday football and multi-sport courses. 01273 562611

Anne Bickmore Swimming Eastbourne Beginners and Improvers for all ages at Eastbourne District General Hospital. 01273 584151 07702809276 Brighton Swimming School Brighton Swimming lessons for children aged 12 months to 18 years old. 01273 425745

Clubs and classes near you Families Flipper and Fins Brighton, Clayton, Crawley and Hurstpierpoint Swimming classes from birth to adults. 01273 831382 Little Dippers Brighton, Eastbourne, Isfield Baby Swim classes in warm water pool and pregnancy relaxation sessions in the Brighton pool. 0844 482 0222 MXT Swim School Brighton, Hove, Steyning, Shoreham, Lancing, Storrington, Crowborough, Worthing, Horsham Swim classes from 4 months to adults. 01903 532765 WetWetWet Swim School Brighton and Hove Swimming lessons for toddlers to 12 year olds. 01273 388247 Mr Peter’s Swimming School Eastbourne and Whitesmith Quality and fast track swimming school for babies to adults. 07869 323107 The Little Swim School Brighton Specialist swimming classes for preschool children of all abilities. 01273 207992

Art and crafts Artroom Brighton Hove Art school for children and young people with a passion for art and creativity. 01273 240308 Mucky Munchkins Hove Methodist Church Craft activities for the Under 5’s. Every week there is a different theme and a new craft activity, with something to take home; also painting, drawing, sticking and group activities. 01273 381160 Purl Seven Dials, Brighton Art, sewing and knitting classes. 01273 248642 Stitchclub Brighton and Hove Sewing skills for boys and girls and adults. 07938 055659

September / October 2010

Languages Buenos Dias Brighton and Hove Spanish classes for all ages. 01273 323431 Little Fidgets French and Spanish for fidgets Brighton and Hove Fun classes for children aged 2-6 and their parent/carer with puppets, songs, craft, stories and snacks. 0845 680 9603

Hullabaloo Woodingdean and Patcham Singing, action rhymes, puppets, parachute, story and free play. 01273 504002 Incy Wincy Music Patcham, Brighton For 0-4 year olds including puppets, parachutes, instruments, songs and a cup of tea afterwards. 01273 277688 www.


Little Monkey Signers Hanover, Brighton and Hove Signing, music, puppets, & fun for little monkeys aged 6mths +. Qualified Teacher of the Deaf. 01273 727088 07961 322608

Belltree Music Therapy Centre Woodingdean, Brighton Music therapy service for children and adults who have difficulty expressing themselves for a range of reasons, including learning disabilities and autism. 01273 681691

Little Pickle Music Makers Hove Music classes from 4 months to 4 years. Includes activities, songs, instruments, animals and bubbles. 01273 273675

Clive’s Easylearn Pop Music School Brighton Music lessons including guitar, drums, bass and keyboards. 01273 279669

Mini Music Holy Cross Church Hall, Hove Music classes for pre-school children including puppets, pictures, props, scarves, instruments and a parachute. 01273 327509

Susanna Cassam Music Tuition Brighton and Hove Music tuition for all ages and abilities including piano, guitar, woodwind, brass, strings with music groups and concerts. 01273 504505.

Babies, tots and mum Caterpillar Music Worthing Fun weekly music sessions with action songs, nursery rhymes, instruments, parachute play and much more. Very friendly group with a chance to meet other parents too. 01903 230810 Debutots Brighton, Hove, Lewes, Newhaven, Shoreham and Steyning Drama for ages 6 months to 7 years using stories and play. 01273 234673 From the Seed – baby massage Fiveways, Brighton Baby massage and some baby yoga moves too. 01273 542358 07970 773030


Mummy Fit Hove Park Buggy workout for mums and babies. 01273 473771 Sing and Sign Brighton and Hove Popular music classes for babies 6 months to 2 years encouraging communication in babies. Relaxed and great fun, recommended by experts. 01273 540266

Tumble Tots Brighton, Hove, Seaford and Peacehaven Fun, active classes to develop balance and agility from 6 months to 7 years. 01323 899840

Talking Tots Brighton, Hove and Lewes Fun, interactive classes that help your child communicate with confidence. 07827 697523 Tatty Bumpkin Brighton Yoga inspired movement and music class for ages 6 weeks to 7 years. 08456 808041


Dyslexia: common myths

and how to recognise it

Dyslexia is often misunderstood, hard to diagnose and those affected by it often do not receive adequate support. So what is it and how does it affect children? Corinna Shepherd explains. My interest in dyslexia

Who is affected?

and my passion to help

The exact percentage of the population is debated, but it’s generally

those who struggle with it

thought to affect between 8% and 15%, 4% severely. That means that in

started around five years

a class of 30 children, 3 are likely to have dyslexic tendencies, maybe mild

ago. At the time, my

or possibly severe. So everyone is likely to know at least one child or adult

son was struggling with

who is dyslexic. Children with dyslexic tendencies are likely to be resistant

literacy and lost interest

to traditional teaching methods and benefit from a one-to-one,

in learning. At the same

multi-sensory learning environment.

time, I was on a course for work on dyslexia and

uncle or cousin struggling with it, too. Most are born with it and don’t

I had him assessed by an educational psychologist who confirmed that

grow out of it, although they do learn to cope with it. It’s not directly

he was indeed mildly dyslexic. In response the school did not offer much

linked to intelligence. Children and adults with other learning difficulties or

support and advice as they felt he was performing adequately, but I knew

sensory disabilities may also have dyslexic difficulties.

he was not reaching his potential. My interest in this subject and the fact that dyslexia is often not picked up or addressed satisfactorily led me to establish The Chilterns IDL (Dyslexia) Centre in January 2007, and two further centres over the next few years.

So what is dyslexia? The word dyslexia comes from the Greek, literally meaning ‘difficulty with words’. The condition can affect spelling and reading, and many people believe that’s all it is. But it can also affect individuals in other areas such as confusing dates and times; confusing left and right; difficulties getting ideas down on paper; difficulties sequencing numbers and information; and following verbal instructions. Working memory is often also poor. This shows itself when new information needs to be processed effectively and quickly. While dyslexia can be viewed as a learning difficulty, it can also be


Dyslexia often runs in families, with a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt,

other learning difficulties. This caused me to realise he might be dyslexic,

How to recognise dyslexia Sometimes it is hard to get a diagnosis of dyslexia. However, there’s a lot you can pick up about your child just by sitting down together with them and a good book, appropriate to their developmental stage and interest level. Areas of difficulty to look out for include: n Does your child struggle with reading or spelling? n Do they avoid picking up a book? n Do they guess at a word, looking at the whole word or just the initial letter? n Do they forget how to read or spell a word as soon as they’ve turned the page? n Do they find it hard to sound out individual letters in simple 3 letter words, for example cat, bat? n Do they find it hard to rhyme simple words? n Do they skip little words such as, and or the? n Do they miss out words when reading?

seen as a gift. Some talents shared by dyslexics include the ability

These are all potential indicators of dyslexia. Other non-language

to think in pictures, being creative and intuitive and being good with

indicators in primary-age children include difficulty with tying shoe laces,

their hands. They’re often highly aware of their environment and have

tie or dressing generally; difficulty telling left from right, ordering the days

vivid imaginations. Children with dyslexia often have above average

of the week, months of the year etc; having a poor sense of direction;

intelligence, yet they struggle with words and processing new information.

lacking confidence; and having a poor self-image.

Dyslexia feature Families The presence of any, most or all of them does not necessarily mean your child is dyslexic, but I would recommend further investigation if you have any concerns.

I think my child might be dyslexic. What now? Speak to an educational specialist, such as your child’s teacher. Or ask to speak to the SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator). Every school must now have a teacher with this responsibility. If your child is at nursery, their nursery teacher or health visitor will be able to point you in the right direction, although there is often a relucatance to consider dyslexia at this early age. You could also look at the Code of Practice, which sets out the way schools and Local Education Authorities (LEAs) should provide extra support to meet children’s special educational needs. The Code of Practice is available free from DCSF Publications, tel: 0845 60 222 60, CoP Ref: DfES/581/2001, copies can also be downloaded from www.

Can you grow out of dyslexia? As children grow up, they learn to compensate for their difficulties, the more successful ones using their strengths to overcome their condition. Support during the formative years is vital to help overcome difficulties and unlock their potential in literacy and in other areas. As a parent, you can help your child at home by encouraging them to enjoy the world of words through fun books. Books that are relevant to their interest and developmental age are best, particularly if they have been designed with the dyslexic child in mind. Children struggling with dyslexia love pictures and colours, so colourful illustrations relevant to the words are engaging and helpful for these children. The multi-sensory approach is best, so supporting reading and writing with games or activities will help your children in an enjoyable way. This may help your child be less resistant to more formal learning tasks, such as homework set by school. Keep talking to key members of staff at your child’s school to ensure your child gets the best help and support that they need. Seek out extra private tuition, if you feel more help is needed and you can afford it. One-to-one tuition based on a multi-sensory approach with a dyslexia specialist is best. Further information Corinna can be contacted for a confidential chat on 07721 368978, or visit the Chilterns IDL Centre website at British Dyslexia Assocation Dyslexia Action For more information on Corinna’s new series of books developed specifically for dyslexic children and a mini test visit


September / October 2010


Back to school news Harvesting the edible forest

Healthy and eco-friendly bottle

from 100% recyclable stainless steel these drink bottles are lightweight but durable providing a toxin-free alternative to plastic and other lined metal containers

the ‘edible forest’. As well as learning about

- the perfect answer to staying hydrated,

how to grow all kinds of food from traditional

encouraging better heath and environmental

vegetables to exotic fruits, they will learn about


other uses of plants, for example as a clothes

dye, and issues surrounding sustainability. The

NEW playground equipment at Windlesham School

Home education is thriving Home education is thriving in Brighton supportive community of home

create a brand new play area with climbing

to enjoy reading when they don’t have to struggle on too many words.


Don’t force your child to read a book if they don’t like it or it is too difficult. Don’t


Children learn to read in many different ways, such as helping with internet grocery

shopping, reading menus, sorting out DVDs back into their boxes.


Get into a good routine. If your child doesn’t pick up a book regularly because

they want to – then it is important to set a routine

minutes each day will make a huge difference. Reading tips were provided by the Reading Chest, the book rental service for children. Visit




In search of fresh inspiration for packed lunches we asked some mums for their top tips to blow away the boring cheese sandwiches and create envious eyes at the lunch table. veg and cheese - place in a tortilla and cut into

excellent academic results are achieved within

A healthy option Spread a tortilla with soft

a setting that offers superb pastoral care for

cheese and grated carrot or cucumber then slice.

boys and girls aged 3 to 11 years. All children

Add a frozen smoothie in a container - it keeps it

Homemade pizza Split a muffin and toast it,

from reception through to year 6 have

all cool and it’s one of your five a day.

add tomato sauce, top with cheese and grill. You

French, ICT, music and swimming lessons

Cheesy/egg tarts This is good for the making

with specialist teachers. Older children are taught by specialists in all subject areas. Please telephone 01273 553645 to make an appointment or go along to their open morning on Saturday, 6th November.


too quickly just to keep up with peers.

Children will gain confidence and are more likely

visit and

to enjoy.

an industrious learning environment where

Don’t push your child up reading levels

time for this as your child will be tired, but a few

wall, play trail and a quiet area for the children

Behind the front entrance on Dyke Road lies


of reading. Bedtime is not necessarily the best

Friends of Windlesham enabled the school to

there may be not be much individual reading.

home education activity group in Hove

around Brighton and hove visit groups.

with all the pupils. The fundraising by the

Whilst children read during their school day,

educators. To find out about a weekly

for support for home educators in and

Windlesham School is proving very popular

Read as often as you can with your child.

choose another.

and Hove. where there is a large

The fantastic new playground equipment at

reading with your child. Just keep encouraging

be afraid to put a book aside and let them

project will culminate in a grand harvest with


The most important thing is to develop a love of


will be looking forward to their first harvest of

to celebrate its contribution to local food

encouragement and some positively dislike it.

and try to keep it enjoyable.

bottles on the market. Made

meals made from the food grown in the garden

Some children love reading, others need

eco-friendly reusable water were the first BPA-free reusable

Pupils of St Luke’s Primary School in Brighton


Klean Kanteen is the safe and bottle option. Klean Kanteen

St Lukes’ pupils Joe, 8, Eshe, 9, and Sammi, 10


too - kids can join in making the pastry and do all


could add carrots or red pepper to the tomato sauce and then blitz it, so the veg are disguised.

egg and milk whisking. Find a recipe on the web

A little extra Try cutting cheese into different

or a good cookbook.

shapes with a pastry cutter, draw a smiley face

A yummy wrap Mix boiled eggs, potatoes, any

on a banana and for birthdays or grumpy days try a chocolate spread wrap – yummy!

Back to school news Families

September / October 2010


The homework debate When it comes to homework, the more they get, the more they learn, right? Lydia Whittle gathers the evidence. The expert In her recent article, ‘Homework? A total waste of time’, Dr Eleanor Updale regrets ever supporting her three children in their homework and berates the toll ‘homework inflation’ has taken on family life. She recalls how she, ‘nagged, shouted, bullied and bribed’ her children to complete their work. Perhaps as the new term starts such scenes have already played out around your kitchen table? Dr Updale also notes that there have been no recent studies of the benefits of current levels of homework in the UK.

The parents Many parents we spoke to thought their child received too much homework (although a few felt it was not enough). ‘The boys get far too much homework with hardly any time to play’, says Sara, who tells of how when her six year-old sons attended a private

speaking families, whose parents can’t understand the homework.

How do we compare with other countries? If we look at the UN’s Human Development Index, where country’s are ranked using data on life expectancy, education and standard of living, the UK is at number 21 and Norway is at number one (of 182). Children in Norway start school a the age of six – whereas UK children have been in education for up to two years at this age – could this indicate that early homework or even education is not beneficial? In some cases, homework does seems to reflect positive standards, with China having the most amount of homework up to the age 11 and an increasing number higher education participation in the last 10 years.

So do children really need homework? A sensible amount of homework with a purpose can build confidence and responsibility, teaching autonomous working and is good preparation for secondary school.

school, they were given over an hour a night before their 7+ exams.

However, it has long been recognised that play time is beneficial for

‘My six year-old has homework once a week that takes no more than 10

learning in a number of ways, such as perceptual skills and language

minutes; in fact she often asks for more,’ Ruth told us.

learning. Couple this with evidence our children are at no advantage from

Sarah says, ‘Luckily my daughters didn’t get much homework through

starting school at four, compared to other countries who start at six, then

primary school, on the other hand now my eldest is at high school she

the question of homework, especially at a very young age, really comes

wasn’t prepared for homework.’

into question. Whilst not wanting to advise to feed your child’s homework

The teachers There was a prevalent feeling amongst parents that sometimes completed homework was a reflection of parental competence and management of family life. Annette, a teacher, points out that ‘children need the right environment to work in’. Home life can be diverse and complicated, so does this prerequisite not promote inequality? Surely this could be a major disadvantage to children who don’t have a certain set of domestic


circumstances to return home to such as children from non-English

assignment to the dog, for the over vigorous homework setter perhaps it’s time to rebel and enjoy some quality family play time and put the spelling on the back burner.

Find out more Eleanor Updale’s original article, originally published 7th May 2010 can be read in full at For the UN’s Human Development Index, visit Visit for tips on coping with homework stress.

Book reviews with The Book Nook By Vanessa Lewis

Book reviews Families Shortlisted for Children’s Independent Bookseller of the Year, The Book Nook is located in First Avenue, Hove. With a wide selection of children’s books, a child friendly cafe and events most weekends and holidays why not visit us and make a day of it. 01273 911988

Cave Baby (Preschool 0-5)

Alienography (Age 6 – Adult)

The Sky is Everywhere (Age 12+)

by Julia Donaldson and Emily Gravett

by Chris Riddell

by Jandy Nelson

This is an inspired combination of author and

You can’t fail to be fascinated by this incredibly

A heart warming, humorous and moving debut

illustrator as Julia Donaldson’s irresistible text

detailed guide to spotting an alien invasion (and

in which Lennie Walker tries to come to terms

is magically brought to life with Emily Gravett’s

what to do about it) especially as the illustrations

with the sudden loss of her sister whilst falling in

quirky, detailed illustrations. Children will take

are full of rich and inviting detail and there are

love at the same time. The book has a beautiful

great delight in the cave baby’s attempts to

several novelty elements including pull-out

cover and is interspersed with pictures of

brighten up his home and subsequent moonlit

postcards, a booklet and a game. You’ll be

notes Lennie leaves all over town which adds

journey on the back of a friendly mammoth. The

looking over your shoulder for an invasion by the

another rich layer to this compelling book. As

cave baby’s burst of colourful creativity at the

flurrghs, grurrghs and thaargs and wanting to

Lennie grapples with her confused feelings for

end will have you reaching for the paint pot but

make friends with the bubonic strangler before

her sister’s grieving boyfriend she is irresistibly

the ongoing threat of “the big brown bear” and

you’ve finished reading. This book will delight for

drawn to Joe who shares her passion for music.

the engaging expressions throughout ensure

adults and children alike and makes a fantastic

This is a wonderful book that stays with you a

this is a book to be enjoyed time and time again.

gift for fans of all things extra terrestrial.

long time after you have finished it.



September / October 2010


Our What’s On pages are put together several weeks beforehand and whilst we aim to be as accurate as we can, there may be some changes. Always contact the venue in advance to check details.

Theatre Spirit of the Dance 9 – 11 September Theatre Royal Brighton

This explosive and powerful show combines Irish Dance with Flamenco and Salsa. 08448 717 650

Brighton and Hove City Brass 12 September 2-4pm Brighton Bandstand

Enjoy a lazy afternoon taking in a concert at the seafront bandstand.

Summer Holiday

14-18 September Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne A feel-good stage adaptation of the Cliff Richard film. 01323 412000

Worthing Philharmonic Orchestra - Last Night of the Proms 2 October Assembly Rooms, Worthing

Local massed choirs join the Orchestra for this traditional concert. 01903 206206

Dreamboats and Petticoats

4-9 October Congress Theatre, Eastbourne The Musical features classic tracks from Roy Orbison, The Shadows, Eddie Cochran, Billy Fury, and many more, including Let’s Dance, To Know Him Is To Love Him, Shaking All Over, Bobby’s Girl, Little Town Flirt, Only Sixteen, Runaround Sue and many more. 01323 412000

Sleeping Beauty

8 October Pavilion Theatre, Worthing Vienna Festival Ballet returns to town with their traditional, enchanting production of The Sleeping Beauty. 01903 206206

Thomas & Friends A Circus Comes to Town 23-24 October The Brighton Centre

George’s Marvellous Medicine 21-25 September Theatre Royal Brighton

A brand new adaptation of Roald Dahl’s funniest and most exciting stories. Fizztickling fun and wizzpopping magic for all the family! 08448 717 650


22-25 September Pavilion Theatre, Worthing A family favourite that tells the heartbreaking love story of carousel barker Billy Bigelow and demure mill-worker Julie Jordan.

Fireman Sam

31 October Pavilion Theatre, Worthing Join Fireman Sam and all his friends as Pontypandy hosts its first ever music festival. 01903 206206

Peppa Pig’s Party

3 – 4 November Theatre Royal Brighton BAFTA award-winning children’s TV show is recreated live on stage for the first time. 08448 717 650

Cinema Big Scream!

Duke of York Cinema, Brighton Every Wednesday morning at 11am mums, dads and carers with babies under one can enjoy a great film at the Duke of York Cinema, Brighton.

8 September: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World See website for September and October movies. 0871 704 2056

Saturday morning Kids’ Club

This all new 90-minute musical adventure is packed with audience sing-a-longs, high energy dancing and thrilling adventures. Win tickets to Thomas & Friends on Page 5. 0844 847 1515

Duke of York cinema, Brighton

The Three Musketeers and the Princess of Spain

Saturday morning pictures

This hilarious, anarchic and utterly thrilling new production promises a journey into enchanted forests, over lost streams and round horrible baddies, as we cheer our hero D’Artagnan and heroine Constance to a victorious end. 08448 717 650

the Big Bang

26 – 30 October Theatre Royal Brighton

Starts 10.30am with drawing and a competition with a film at 11am. Check website for films. 0871 704 2056

Connaught 2 Screen, Worthing Every Saturday at 10.15am 4 September: Nanny McPhee and 11 September: Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back 3D Check website for other Saturdays. 01903 206206

Activities and events Piers, Proms and Palaces Every Sunday at 11am

Horrible Science

28 September - 2 October Pavilion Theatre, Worthing Billy Miller enters the crazy world of Horrible Science where beastly bacteria and vicious volts come to live in 3D Bogglevision. Science has never been so much fun! 01903 206206


Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

29-31 October Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Dome Back by popular demand, everyone’s favourite fairfeathered friend swoops into town for more mischievous adventures and musical delights from the creator of Sesame Street. 01273 709709

West Pier Rock Shop, King’s Road Hear the fascinating, glamorous and tragic story of Britain’s finest pier. Book in advance. 01273 321499

Sing out!

Every Monday 7pm St Michael and All Angels Church Hall, South Street, Lancing Whatever your style, join us for a light-hearted and enjoyable sing. No auditions, all welcome. 01273 464440

Tots That Rock - baby and toddler music group Every Tuesday 10.30 - 11.30am The Bridge Inn, High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea

Come and join in the singing and dancing or just chat with other mums, dads and carers, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere all accompanied by two live acoustic guitarists. No pre-booking just turn up. 07961 363658

Baby Boogie

Jubilee Library: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month 10.15-10.45am or 12.00-12.30pm Hove Library: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month 10.15-10.45am or 12.00-12.30pm See website for days and times at other libraries throughout Brighton and Hove A chance for mums, dads, and carers to get together and gets baby focused on music, rhythm and rhyme. Sessions are free.

Stories for under 5s

Jubilee Library: Every Wednesday 10.15am Hove Library: Every Friday at 10.15am

Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Festival 1 September - 7 October Venues across Brighton and Hove

A celebration of the best food and drink to be found in the city and wider Sussex, with producers, restaurants, pubs and bars, retailers, markets and great events firmly at its heart.

Astronomy Festival Weekend at the Observatory Science Centre 3-5 September The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux

Come and soak up the incredible atmosphere and its wonderful historic telescopes. 01323 832731

Earthship Tours

5 September, 3 and 17 October Stanmer Park, Brighton Experience the eco-build and be inspired to respond to climate change.

What’s on Families To publicise your event in our ‘What’s On’ pages email or call 01273 231155.

Heritage Open Days 9-12 September

Heritage Open Days celebrates England’s fantastic architecture and culture by offering free access to properties that are usually closed to the public or normally charge for admission. Check website for full details - Venues include :

Alfriston Clergy House 11 September Booth Museum 12 September Brighton Museum and Art Gallery Tour: 11 September Preston Manor Gardens Tour: 11 September The Old Courtroom Tour: 10 September The Regency Ammonite Capital Walk: 9 September West Blatchington Windmill 12 September Wilmington Priory 10-12 September Seaford Museum 11-12 September Lewes Town Hall Tours: 12 September Monks House, Lewes 11 September Portslade Old Manor Tour: 11 September

our vocal chords to invoke wonder, awe and mysticism. Focus is on music from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths, plus a brand new composition and performances in unusual and stunning places. 01273 709709

Battle of Britain Commemoration Day 12 September 11am Newhaven Fort

A day of 1940s nostalgia and remembrance with the Seaford Silver band, playing classic war time tunes, followed by a lively 1940’s dance display by Studio Tempo. An array of period military vehicles will be setting the scene on the Fort’s parade ground and our favourite Swing-time Sweethearts, quarterfinalists on Britain’s Got Talent, will be transporting visitors back to the era by singing 1940s favourites.

Out of the Ordinary Festival

17-19 September Knockhatch Farm, nr Hailsham Three day eco and family friendly festival set in the beautiful Sussex countryside celebrating the Autumn Equinox. Solar powered stages and wind generators powering fascinating talks and workshops plus children’s activities, a green market place with many more out of the ordinary surprises. 01273 688788

Open evenings at the Observatory Science Centre 18 September, 16 and 23 October The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux

Eco Open Houses 9-12 September Brighton and Hove

This event aims to empower and inspire people to make changes to their own homes and lives through seeing what practical steps other people have taken in their homes.

National Speed Trials 11 September Madeira Drive, Brighton

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look at the stars, planets and the moon through some of the country’s largest telescopes? Join the Observatory Science Centre on their open evenings and take a glimpse of what it would have been like to use these amazing instruments. 01323 832731

Phobias Day

19 September Drusillas Park, Alfriston

Britain’s oldest motor racing event, first staged in 1905, showcasing a wide range of cars and motorbikes racing over a quarter of a mile along Brighton’s historic beachfront. Kids get in free.

Experts will be displaying some of their most commonly feared animals in the Discovery Centre. The aim of the day is to try and overcome visitors’ phobias, as well as being fun and informative. 01323 874100

World Sacred Music Festival

Pup aid 2010

11 September - 17 October Venues across Brighton and Hove This year’s theme, Divine Voices, showcases the extraordinary power of

September /October 2010

19 September Stanmer Park, Brighton UK’s First-Ever Boutique Music Festival and Dog Show to Raise Awareness about Cruel Puppy Farming Industry.

Medieval Day

19 September Alfriston Clergy House, Alfriston Come and learn about medieval life at the Clergy House.

Eastbourne Victorian Festival

21-26 September Venues around Eastbourne Celebrating all things Victorian including events on 25 September especially for children.

A Weekend with a View

Business Mums’ Conference

5 October Thistle Hotel, Brighton Get inspired and meet other mums running their own businesses, plus those thinking and planning to start up. 01273 681484

Lewes Food and Drink Festival

1-10 October Venues in and around Lewes Join in the vibrant festival of local food and drink - a ten-day-long tastesensation party,.

25-26 September Truleigh Hill Youth Hostel, West Sussex

A family weekend to find out about the fascinating human and natural history of the area and discover the wonderful flora and fauna of the South Downs with an overnight stay at Truleigh Youth Hostel. 01273 497561

Apple and Orchard Day 3 October Alfriston Clergy House, Alfriston

Taste different of apples from the orchard and speak to an apple expert.

A Weekend with a View 16-17 October Alfriston Youth Hostel

Apple Day

26 September Stanmer Park, Brighton Juice making, apple bobbing, games and much more.

Baby Loves Disco 26 September Komedia, Brighton

Shake your moves in the dance party for the under7s and their families.

Wake up to Wildlife

1-2 October Pump Barn, (behind the Visitor Centre) Seven Sisters Country Park, Seaford Experience a night down on the coast and wake up to the sound of wildlife. Pitch your own tent in the camping field or sleep in the Camping Barn. Prepare supper under the stars and enjoy an evening of smuggling stories. After a hearty breakfast venture down to the rock pools below the stunning Seven Sisters cliffs and discover what lives along the rocky shore at low tide. Suitable for families with children aged 10 and above. 01273 497561

Enjoy the view of the Seven Sisters before trying your hand at rock pooling on the beach below. In the evening expect a visit from a ‘local smuggler’ and a treasure hunt. On Sunday enjoy a walk from the Youth Hostel to the Seven Sisters Country Park enjoying the autumn colours in Friston Forest and a campfire lunch. 01273 497561

Beachy Head Marathon 23 October Beachy Head, Eastbourne

Support the runners in one the biggest off-road marathons, popular for its scenic and challenging route through the South Downs National Park countryside.

The Mumpreneurs Networking Club

Chat with mums running their own businesses.

October 1: Lime Cafe, St Pauls Church, Worthing September 10 and October 8: David Lloyd Centre, Brighton Marina September 17 and October 15: The Woolpack Inn, West Street, Burgess Hill September 30: Crown and Anchor, Shoreham


Half term and Halloween

Eyes on the universe half day workshop Age 6+

On Your Broomsticks

Totem Tales

Find out how we study the heavens around us. Make and use your own telescope and sundial as well as learning how to use the large telescopes on site. 01323 832731

Gather for a walk down the Cuckmere Valley and over the top of the Downs to the long deserted village of Exceat. Listen to the story of this abandoned site and discover what else comes out at night on the park. Suitable for children aged 7 years plus. Booking essential. 01273 497561

23-31 October Arundel Wetlands Centre Half term fun - discover the tales of Wetlands creatures and get into the spirit of Autumn with our fun filled family activities. 01903 881530

26 October The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux

30 October Meet at the Pump Barn (behind the Visitor Centre) Seven Sisters Country Park, Seaford.

Galleries and museums Curator’s Choice

31 July - 20 November

©Sussex Wildlife Trust

Autumn Nuts

23 October- Woods Mill, Henfield Or 30 October - Stanmer Park, Brighton Explore the woods looking for the signs of autumn and think about how the woodland animals will survive the harsh winter ahead. Collect and plant a tree seed to take away with you, make a woodland crown and a clay tile picture using the nuts and seeds gathered on our woodland walk. Booking essential. 01273 497561

Halloween Shriek Week 23-31 October Drusillas Park, Alfriston

If you are bored of all your local haunts, stake out the fun at Drusillas Park over the Halloween period. They’ve conjured up some fang-tastically spooky surprises to keep your little horrors half term happy. 01323 874100

Pumpkin Prowl

23-31 October Alfriston Clergy House, Alfriston This Halloween find the pumpkins hidden around our garden and orchard.

Creepy Crawlies

24 October Drusillas Park, Alfriston Creep down to Drusillas and meet some amazing mini monsters. Experts from the British Tarantula Society will be available to answer your questions. 01323 874100

Zany Zone at the Observatory Science Centre 25 October The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux

You can make helicopters, jumping beans, star wheels and much more. The activities also include simple science experiments, colouring and intriguing puzzles. 01323 832731


© Katie Eberstein

Fun for all - Spotlight on Autumn 26 October Woods Mill, Henfield

Run especially for disabled children or young people and their siblings to enjoy Suitable for wheelchair users as all activities use fully accessible pathways. Explore the woods looking for the signs of autumn and think about how the woodland animals will survive the harsh winter ahead. Collect and plant a tree seed to take away with you, make a woodland crown and a clay tile picture using natural objects gathered on our woodland walk. Suitable for children age 6-11 years. 01273 497561

Twilight Special “Earth and Beyond” full day workshop Age 9+ 27 October The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux Carry out some fascinating experiments learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, ice caps and more before looking through The Centre’s giant telescopes (weather permitting). 01323 832731

The Fat Controller at Drusillas 27 and 31 October Drusillas Park, Alfriston

The Fat Controller himself will be causing a locomotion, when he alights at the Park to take control of the efficient running of the railway. 01323 874100

Worthing Museum and Art Gallery Staff and volunteers select their favourite art works from the museum’s celebrated collection.

Brighton Art Fair 2010

17-19 September Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome Painters, printmakers, sculptors, photographers as well as galleries and artist groups working across all media gather to exhibit and sell their work directly to the public.

Early years Age 2-5

Brighton and Hove Museums Sessions include art, expeditions, and stories. Book in advance. 01273 290900

Neanderthal Exhibition

You can make your own flying bats and screaming balloons as well as decorating goody bags with spooktacular pictures. 01323 832731

2 April - 24 September Booth Museum of Natural History, Brighton Includes flowers, fruits, vegetables and fungi and their finer qualities of nature. 01273 290200

From Sickert to Gertler - Modern British Art from Boxted House 17 April - 12 September

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery Boxted House in Essex was a gathering place for artists after the Second World War. 01273 290200

Markets Brighton Marina Boot Market Every Sunday

Shoreham-by-Sea Farmers’ Market

Second Saturday every month 9am-1pm East Street, Shoreham-by-Sea

Love that stuff fairtrade market Third Saturday every month Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton

01273 675778

Worthing Farmers’ Market

Fourth Saturday every month South Street Square, Worthing 01903 203252

October 2009 - October 2010 Paradise Park, Newhaven

Hove Farmers’ Market

Gain insight into Neanderthal man in Plant Earth at Paradise Park.

George Street, Hove

Adur Art Collective 10 July - 2 October

Worthing Museum and Art Gallery 80 mixed media works by 30 local, professional painters and crafts people

The Royal Pavilion as an Indian Military Hospital 26 March onwards Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Paintings, archive photographs and newsreel footage recall an often forgotten story from Brighton’s history. 01273 290200

Fourth Saturday every month

Lewes Farmers’ Market First Saturday every month

Cliffe Pedestrian Precinct, Lewes 01273 470900

Motcombe Village Farmers’ Market

Last Sat each month 10-1pm Community Wise, Ocklynge Road, Eastbourne 01323 722924

Southwick Country Market

Every Friday 9.15-11am Garden Room, Southwick Community Centre Homemade cakes, plants, fresh eggs, handmade crafts and gifts.

Family open evening and Halloween activities 30 October The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux

Plant portraits

Wild Planet

26 March - 26 September Brighton Seafront Wild Planet features 80 of the most spectacular images. 01273 290200

To get your event listed in Families Sussex Coast magazine what’s on pages email:

What’s on Families

Independent school open days

Always contact the school to check the times and other details of their open event before visiting. Brighton and Hove High School (age 3-18)

Eastbourne College (age 13-18)

Moira House School (age 2-18)

2 October and 16 October

9 October

2 October

01323 452323

01323 644144

01273 734112 Brighton and Hove Montessori School (age 3-11) Contact the school for open day dates. 01273 702485

Deepdene School (age 6 months-11) Contact the school to look around. 01273 418984

25 September (Senior School) 2 October (Prep and Preprep)

Fold School (age 2-11) Contact the school to look around. 01273 410901

01273 704201

Hurstpierpoint College (age 3-18)

Brighton College (age 3-18)

Brighton Steiner School (age 3-16)

Every Wednesday 01273 386300 Broadwater Manor (age 2-13)

13 October 01903 201123 Burgess Hill School for Girls (age 2 1/2 -18)

2 October and 10 November 01444 241050 Dharma School (age 3-11) Contact the school for open day dates. 01273 502055

September / October 2010

2 October and 16 October 01273 833636 Lancing College (age 13-18)

2 October 01273 465805 Lancing College Prep School at Mowden (age 3-13) Contact the school for open day dates. 01273 503452 Lewes New School (3-11) Contact the school for open day dates. 01273 477074

Lewes Old Grammar School (age 3-18) Contact the school to arrange a visit. 01273 472634

Newlands School (age 0-18) Contact the school for open day dates. 01323 490000

Our Lady of Sion School (age 2-18) Contact the school to arrange a visit. 01903 204062 Roedean School (age 3-18 - boys 3-11)

2 October (senior school) 2 October (junior school) 01273 667500 Shoreham College (age 3-16)

9 October 01273 592681 St Andrew’s School (age 3-13)

25 September 01323 733203 St Aubyns School (age 3-13) Contact the school to find out about visiting. 01273 302170

St Bede’s School (age 2-18)

25 September (Senior School) 1 October (Prep School) 01323 843252 St Christopher’s School (age 2-18)

8 and 9 October 01273 735404 Sompting Abbotts Preparatory School (age 3-13) Contact the school to look around. 01903 235960 The Drive Prep School (age 3-16) Contact the school to look around. 01273 738444 The Towers Convent School (age 3-16) Contact the school to look around. 01903 812185 Windlesham School (age 3-11)

6 November 01273 553645



September / October 2010


Families Sussex Coast Sep/Oct 2010 issue 13  
Families Sussex Coast Sep/Oct 2010 issue 13  

Families Sussex Coast September/October issue 13