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January/February 2021 January/February 1



Flexible childcare you can count on

Get in touch: Call 0113 257 5625 or email us We can offer you flexible childcare at your convenience with just 24 hours notice. Feeling the strain of working from home with a child clambering on your desk? Been called to an impromptu meeting at the office? No longer able to rely on grandparents for help? Our Flexi-Day Pass is designed to help families who need ad-hoc childcare and who are unable to commit to a set pattern each week. Choose from six nursery settings in Leeds offering the highest quality childcare. Let us reduce your family’s stress and provide reassurance. 2 January/February


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New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

Here we are again, Lockdown 3.0. Well, if there’s one thing we know we can do, it’s Keep Calm (mostly!) and Carry On.


Early Years




Clubs & Classes


Outdoor Activities



As ever, we have done the research and brought together all our favourite resources for getting you through the next couple of months. We hope it’s useful and wish you all the very best on this last stretch. Hang in there everyone – better times are coming!

22 Health 26 Family Life

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Claire Bottomley, Editor Competition Winners Santa’s Lapland Holiday – Julia Cockwill Elfie’s Christmas Advent Letters Story Bundle Cheryl Davenport-Thomas Runners up: Loli Carballo, Rebecca Castle, Lisa Brennan, Claire Brown, Susan Turner

Huddersfield 07811 671334

January/February 3


Classic Free Audio Books for Kids A great way to introduce your child to these classic stories with no cost attached.

By Carlo Collodi. Ages 3+.

The Wind in the Willows

By Kenneth Grahame. Ages 6+.

When We Were Very Young

The Secret Garden

The Railway Children

Peter Pan

Adventures of Pinocchio

By Frances Hodgson Burnett. Ages 8+.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland By Lewis Carroll. Ages 4+.

4 January/February

By E. Nesbit. Ages 8+.

Aesop’s Fables Ages 4+.

By A.A. Milne. All ages.

By J.M. Barrie. Ages 8+.

The Swiss Family Robinson

By Johann David Wyss. Ages 7+.




Families urgently need a research breakthrough now

MARCH 2021


of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease

Sign today fo up r your



Together we will find a cure

Registered charity number 1153487 (England and Wales) SC046840 (Scotland). Company limited by guarantee number 08570737.

Photos by Venture Studios January/February 5


Learning Challenges for Kids From Bella Learning, these are open-ended, purposeful tasks, differentiated by age, that your child can do as part of home-schooling or at the weekend.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Challenge 3

Create a poster.

Create a rainbow collage.

Audit your toys.

Challenge 4

Challenge 5

Challenge 6

Celebrate a story.

Make a family tree.

Make a sunshine picture.

Challenge 7

Challenge 8

Challenge 9

Create an observation chart. 6 January/February

Interview a relative.

Make a treasure hunt.



an individual, yet I am part of something incredible.

I am Grovian.

Open Morning

Saturday 13 March Sept 2021 entry for Pre-Nursery to Year 5

By appointment only, please register for more information.

BRONTĂ‹ HOUSE January/February 7


Habit-Building for High School and Beyond Stephen Uttley from NumberWorks ’nWords offers some advice for parents and children approaching the end of primary school. Later primary years can be a time of mixed emotions for students and their parents. Independence is emerging in the form of homework and study time and interest in specific subject areas might be developing. By working together with your child, habits can be formed now in time to start high school with confidence.

important as being reliable and providing the same support back to peers.

Establish health and well-being A routine that includes eating healthily, getting enough sleep and Allocate homework and study committing to plenty of exercise in time for specific subjects the day provides countless benefits By starting the habit early, of for students, that will see them blocking out ‘Maths’ study time through disruptive transitions such and ‘English’ homework time, for as making the leap to high school. example, students will be well Making sure that there is wind down prepared to allocate time after time at the end of the day too, such school to manage the demands for as reading a book before sleeping, each of their subjects. Later, this is a great habit to face the next day applies to university studies and the with plenty of energy and resilience. workplace too. By chipping away at each subject as you go along, exam Consider a tutor time will not become an ordeal and Partnering with the deadlines can be managed. NumberWorks’nWords team not only guides students through Lean on friends achieving English and Maths Soft skills such as collaborating, skills-building, but having regular leading, negotiating and problemconversations about your child and solving are all part of team projects their progress can unlock a range which are assigned throughout of practical advice and tips to set high school and university for them on a path to thriving in the this very purpose of developing classroom and beyond. communication skills and emotional intelligence for the workplace. Find out more here. Leaning on peers for advice, reassurance and help, is just as 8 January/February


Books for Navigating Tricky Times

Encouraging Constant Learning

By Smriti Halls

By Dr Cath Bishop

A book can be a friend in lonely times, a delightful escape, a comfort blanket to wrap around us when the going gets tough. As a parent, sharing this understanding with your children is one of the best gifts you can give them. Find out how. READ MORE

“Who’s going to win?” From a young age, it seems natural to compare and compete with others. But, historically, what distinguished us from our ancestors was learning by cooperating, communicating and connecting. How can we help our children learn in this way? READ MORE

Getting Ready for SATs in 2021

How to Improve your Child’s Concentration

By Claire Winter

By Gail Hugman

Preparing for exams is a stressful time for everybody under normal circumstances. Added to this, children’s education has been severely disrupted by Covid with pupils estimated to be at least three months behind on their learning. So how to prepare children for SATs this year? READ MORE

If ever there was a time to help your child improve their learning skills, it’s now! Even without disrupted routines, many young children need help developing the skills of listening and concentration required in the classroom. Here’s how you can help your child. READ MORE

January/February 9

My New Year’s Resolutions! This year I want to:

This year I need to:

This year I am going to start:

This year I am going to stop:

This year I am going to learn:



10 January/February



New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Children Pre-School

Ages 5 to 8

I need to brush my teeth every morning and before going to bed.

I need to go to bed on time every night. I need to wash my hands before every meal. I will start eating at least three fruits and vegetables every day. I will start doing my chores every day. I will stop fighting with my brother/sister/others. I will stop interrupting when someone is talking. I will learn how to tell an adult if I see anyone being bullied.

I need to wash my hands after going to the bathroom and before I eat anything. I am going to start tasting a new food every week. I am going to start listening to my mum/dad. I will learn a new word every day. I will learn how to help clear the table when I have finished eating. I will stop hitting my brother/ sister/others.

Ages 9 to 11

I will learn to make a simple meal. I will learn how to tidy my room properly. I want to choose one author and read every book they have written. I will start having one screen free day every week.

Swimmers Academy & Baby Swimmers Swimmers Academy

Beginners to advanaced, whatever their age and ability. Survival skills, stamina and stroke techniques.

Baby Swimmers

Through fun and games, see your little one progress to a confident little swimmer! Mobile Friendly 0333 335 5388

I want to save ÂŁ20 in my piggy bank. I need to eat fruit or vegetables with every meal. I need to do my homework before anything else after school. I will stop leaving my clothes on the floor.

Classes available in Alwoodley Horsforth Headingley Meanwood Moortown Roundhay

January/February 11


Fabulous Crafts to Celebrate Chinese New Year 11-26 February

Easy Chinese Lantern

Egg Carton Dragon Dancing Puppet

Paper Dragon Slinkie

Dragon Mask

Chinese Lantern Suncatcher

Chinese Fan

Panda Paper Bag Puppet

Year of Ox Headband

Year of Ox Paper Plate

12 January/February


©Venture Studios

Save the Date For Wear A Hat Day

Calling all families across the country: join us on Friday 26 March to take part in one of the UK’s biggest and most important brain tumour research fundraising and awareness-raising days. Join thousands of families and create entertaining hatthemed fundraising events to help find a cure for brain tumours. After a very challenging year, we know that Wear A Hat Day 2021 is perfectly timed to become a huge event, bringing hope and inspiring the nation like never before! Thanks to the brilliant charity partnership with Venture Studios, we’ve been gifted with inspirational and uplifting portraits of key worker families who, despite having their own devastating brain tumour stories, are determined to show the joy and positivity that is being involved in Wear A Hat Day. Register to take part.

looking for expert legal advice? we can help • • • • • • •

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would use us again and recommend us

Call us on 0113 264 4414 *Based on Emsleys’ client satisfaction survey results: January 2018 - June 2020

January/February 13


Best Nursery Rhymes & Action Songs for Pre-Schoolers

Little Peter Rabbit Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

Baby Shark

Finger Family Song

Little Bo Peep

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Little Miss Muffet

The Ants Go Marching

Itsy Bitsy Spider

14 January/February


Things to Consider When Choosing Childcare

By Gabrielle Nash

Choosing childcare is a big decision for parents. Whether you are a new parent returning to work, or a stay at home parent considering the benefits for your toddler, finding a good nursery may be your best option. A day nursery provides a structured and safe environment. Assessed by the regulator Ofsted, nurseries have to meet requirements on areas like staff ratios and hygiene. Additionally, a quality nursery will support your child’s development by offering a stimulating environment, providing a foundation for school and benefiting their social skills. Sally, mother to Finn, aged 18 months describes the experience of her son starting nursery: “It’s been wonderful to see how social he’s become and how much he enjoys spending time with the staff as well as other children,” she said. Lesley Dawson, Founding Director at Children’s Corner Childcare, which has five nursery settings in Leeds, said: “Our advice for parents choosing a nursery would be to follow their instincts. Look at more than one and you will know when you find the right one for your child and family. At Children’s Corner you will see happy staff caring for engaged, inquisitive little ones who feel safe and are having lots of fun.” She added, “We allocate each

Having fun at a Children’s Corner Childcare

child their own key worker, as this provides them with a sense of familiarity, continuity and security. We communicate with parents in a range of ways including a software app that gives updates throughout the day, so they know how their little one is getting on. “In all our nursery settings the children have access to a range of activities especially chosen/designed for early years development and around their own interests. They learn through play, developing their fine and gross motor skills, having fun and making friends with the care and guidance of our well-trained staff.” Finally, whatever you choose, childcare costs can be overwhelming. A guide to support with childcare costs can be found here. Depending on where you live and your circumstances, you may be entitled to government support with childcare costs. Find out more here. January/February 15


Pre and Post Natal Workouts with Mama & Me Fitness It’s been a tough time for pregnant mums and new parents. We all know how vital support networks are when you have a new baby – whether it’s bonding with a group of other parents or leaning on your established circle of friends and family. The pandemic has not made this easy. Specially-tailored fitness classes can be a great way for mothers to focus on themselves while carrying and caring for their baby, and they needn’t miss out now. Mama & Me Fitness is a pre and post-natal specialist, providing safe and effective workouts for

Child Friendly Leeds

Do you follow the Child Friendly Leeds Blog? It’s a fantastic resource, full of Guidance, activities and creative ideas for families during COVID.

during pregnancy and right through maternity leave and beyond. Run by Stephanie Sturgeon, classes have been adapted to be Covid 19 safe, with social distancing maintained throughout and all equipment thoroughly cleaned before and after each use. When necessary, online classes are also available both live and on demand with a library of over 70 workouts to choose from. “We adapt to suit your fitness levels and classes are suitable for all abilities,” said Stephanie. “You can bring your babies along – there’s no need to arrange childcare and your baby can see you at all times, so you have peace of mind that your baby is safe and happy whilst you get the most out of your workout.” She added, “Classes are a great way to socialise and meet other mums in your local area.” Get in touch for a free taster session.

Find it here. 16 January/February


Live and Pre-Recorded Online Classes for the Whole Family

Funky Monkeys Keyboard Classes

Teddies Online Music Club

Smartypants Languages

Online pre-recorded tutorial programme. Ages 4-12.

Pre-recorded online musical fun and arty ideas for under 5s.

Live Spanish (or French) classes for pre-school and primary

MusicBugs Leeds

Little Gym at Home Online pre-recorded gymnastics based activities. Ages 4mths-12yrs.

Tiny Signers

Live signing sessions for young children and their parents or carers.

Mother Nature Science Online Club

Hummingbird Fitness

Mama and Me Fitness

Super fun online music and movement classes for pre-schoolers.

Live online science activity classes. Ages 4-12.

Live ladies-only HiiT training. Early morning and evening..

Live and pre-recorded pre and post-natal workouts. January/February 17


RSPB Bird-Related Garden Activities

Celebrate the Big Garden Birdwatch from 29 to 31 January!

Build a Bird Bath

Make a String Bird Go Bird Watching

Make a Flock of Fingers

Build a Bird Box

Go on an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Play ‘Hungry birds’ Online

Make a Recycled Bird Feeder

Make a Speedy Bird Cake

18 January/February


Outside Activities Whatever the Winter Weather Rain


Float your boat. Make a boat and float it in a puddle or stream. Wet chalk art. Rain intensifies and blurs the colours of chalk for a spectacular effect. Make mud pies. Use old aluminium or plastic containers and have a bake off! Gauge the rain. Make a rain gauge with a plastic bottle and keep a log. Puddle jumping. Try jumping over, rather than in – who can jump the biggest? Collectathon. Gather some different sized containers outside and guess which will fill first.

Fly a kite. Make one from different materials and see which works best. Blow bubbles. Let the wind do the blowing and watch them swirl. Parachute play. Make a toy parachute using a handkerchief and toy figurine and throw up. Make wind chimes. Hang spoons, keys and beads from a coat hanger. Play Frisbee. Go somewhere with lots of space and let it rip! Make a wind sock. Attach streamers or ribbons to one end of a toilet roll holder and string to the other.


Break out the binoculars. Since leaves have fallen from trees, it’s a lot easier to spot birds and other creatures. Take a night hike. Using torches explore your neighbourhood during these dark early evenings. Build a campfire. Bring out hot chocolate and roast marshmallows and cook jacket potatoes in the embers. Go stargazing. Cold nights generally mean clear skies, perfect for watching stars. Hunt for treasure. Look for holly leaves, lichen, leaf skeletons, sticks, pinecones and acorns. Frost art. On a frosty morning, draw or write in the frost on the pavement

January/February 19



4 3 %o y o j


in partnership with



Download + sign up to BEANSTALK, the newest member of the KidStart Family. The family app with one goal in mind, to make saving + investing easy for all!

And you’ll qualify for a 34% discount off your Reading Eggs + Mathseeds subscription. £46 for BEANSTALK members, usually £69.90.

Sign up now! Please note: capital as risk. As with any investment, the value can go down as well. Terms and conditions apply. Beanstalk is a trading name of KidStart Limited. KidStart Limited is authorised and regulated by 20 January/February the Financial Conduct Authority. Our FCA number is 473606.


Family Travel Later This Year Here’s a bit of inspiration for family travel to enjoy later this year.

Head to the Coast Runswick Bay is a stunning, un-spoilt beauty spot on the North Yorkshire Coast. A quiet former fishing village eight miles north of Whitby, it’s a wonderful place for families to spend time on the beach, rummaging in rockpools, trying water sports, walking the Cleveland Way and much more. Self-catered holidays there can be booked through Runswick Bay Cottages, giving you the perfect accommodation for a relaxed family break. We’ve teamed up with Runswick Bay Cottages to give Families readers a preferential rate on one its family-friendly properties - Coastguard Cottage. Quote FamLWY when booking to receive your 15% discount on Coastguard Cottage. Minimum three-night stay. Offer excludes Bank Holidays and is valid until 1 September 2021. More info and to book.

Home from Home with Chilly Powder Do you prefer winter or summer in the Alps… or both? Francesca, Paul and their three children live in Morzine in France all year round and have a good knowledge of Alpine traditions and the Morzine people. Having adapted their chalet holiday style over the years to suit the tastes of their regular guests, they offer the perfect ski and summer holidays for either families, couples or mixed groups. Relax in luxury with fantastic food, outstanding facilities and unrivalled in-house childcare. For many returning guests Chilly Powder is considered a real home from home. Find out about Chilly Powder chalets for summer and winter.

January/February 21


Kids’ Wellbeing Books All books can be purchased via, an online bookshop with a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops.

First Emotions: How am I feeling?

Don’t Worry, Little Crab

The Worrysaurus

Mindful Kids

A gentle and simple A picture book working introduction to strong through anxiety and emotions for little ones. building courage.

A fun, reassuring tale about dealing with worries, by a bestselling author.

22 January/February

Ollie uses superpowers to overcome school bullies.

No Worries

50 creative mindfulness Interactive self-care games/exercises to activities for children help children find calm to find happiness, calm and relaxation. and confidence.

Mind Hug: The First Ruby’s Worry: A Story Big Bright Feelings A picture book Book adventure into mindfulness.

Ollie and His Superpowers

A perceptive and poignant story.

Worry Angels

Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers. Ages 8+.


New Year Family Mental Health Resolutions

Five Tips for Feeling Fab in 2021

By Helen Spiers

By Karlin Sloan

On 1 January 2020, many of us made resolutions with no idea that a global catastrophe was imminent. The impact of the pandemic on our wellbeing is huge. So let’s use our 2021 resolutions to be kinder to ourselves and prioritise our family’s mental health. READ MORE

From the Covid-19 pandemic to the wave of economic loss, personal loneliness, isolation, and deep uncertainty about what’s in store, this is a time when even the toughest of us can find ourselves struggling. Here are some ideas to get you get back on track. READ MORE

Eating for Immunity By Claire Winter

Maintaining a balanced diet can be difficult in a world where unhealthy and processed foods are advertised frequently and are convenient. But during the pandemic, it is more important than ever to eat well and stay hydrated. How do you start off on the right foot? READ MORE

January/February 23


Support Your Child’s Mental Health Help your child to understand how they are feeling and why with these free downloadable resources from PlanBee.

Feelings and Emotions Cards

These cards will get your child thinking and talking about feelings.

Design your Own Emotion Emojis

Your child can draw emojis that represent their feelings.

Worry Monster Activity Sheets

Help your child deal with their emotions. 24 January/February

Mood Tracker

Children can express emotions they are experiencing by colouring in an object.

Synonym Emotions Booklet

Identify words that are similar to emotions like angry, sad and happy.

Draw the Emotion

Feeling Check-in Cards

Emoji Emotion Faces Cards

Mindfulness Colouring Sheets

Challenge your children Check in with your to think about how different emotions are child and see what they are feeling. expressed facially.

Ask your child to talk about when they’ve felt these feelings.

Perfect to help young minds relax.


Six Steps to Good Mental Health Help support your child’s mental health with these steps from PlanBee. Name emotions and feelings This helps your child develop a vocabulary to explain their feelings. Explain the physical sensations Help your child recognise how different emotions feel physically. Understand when/why Once your child can spot/name their emotions, help them understand the triggers. Help regulate Once they understand the source of an emotion, help them regulate. Keep everyone safe When feeling a big emotion, your

child’s brain doesn’t work in the same way as when they are calm. Help them stay safe and maintain boundaries. Once your child is calm, relate Listen, empathise and share similar experiences to help them understand their feelings and know you care.

Example of Steps 1-3

Example of Steps 4-6


Regulate/Keep Everyone Safe/ Relate

Name “I can see you are really angry.”

Regulate “Take a deep breath with me.”

Explain “Your face is scrunched up and your fists are clenched.

Keep Everyone Safe “I cannot let you hit me. If you need to get your anger out, try hitting this cushion.”

Understand “I am wondering if you are angry because someone didn’t let you play.”

Relate “Once I was so angry I wanted to throw things. Your grandad helped me calm down by giving me playdough to squeeze.”

January/February 25


Find ‘Me-Time’ and Achieve your Goals

Vegan Food for the Family – By Stealth!

By Carina Lawson

By Louise Palmer-Masterton

The pandemic arrived like a whirlwind, changing the way we live. Whilst it is still here, we have to make sure we and our families are motivated to stay on top of things and enjoy life as best we can. Here are some tips.

In my view, the way to win hearts and minds to veganism is by serving ridiculously delicious vegan food! But children can be notoriously difficult nuts to crack food wise and it helps to master the art of getting healthy food in by ‘stealth!’ READ MORE


Family Fitness By Claire Winter

It’s easy to use excuses like ‘too tired’ or ‘too busy’ to exercise. Exercising through the pandemic, with gyms and sports clubs often closed, is challenging. But regular exercise promotes physical and mental health in many ways. How can your family get fit this year? READ MORE 26 January/February


Get Moving with our Family Dance Party Playlist!

A-B-C, Easy as 1-2-3!

Happy Pharrell Williams (feat. Minions)

Can’t Stop the Feeling! Justin Timberlake

Gangnam Style PSY

Twist & Shout The Beatles

YMCA Village People

Dancing Queen ABBA

Who Let the Dogs Out Baha Men

Roar! Katy Perry

January/February 27


Handling Co-Parenting Differences

The Guilty Parent Syndrome

By Rebecca Giraud and Bob Greig

By Dr Jan MacGregor Hepburn

Co-parenting is not easy, mistakes can and will be made but it’s the effort that we as parents put in that will really be of long-term benefit to our children. After all, loving our children is what we have in common with our ex-partner. READ MORE

As a parent, do you feel constantly guilty? About what you’ve said/done or not said/ done? If so, you’d be forgiven for thinking that guilt and parenting must be inextricably linked. And you would be right! BUT they don’t have to be….... READ MORE

Embracing your Inner Child

Special 15% Discount!

By Ed James, Mark and Nicky Taylor

Despite your intentions to parent your kids differently to the way you were parented, they probably view your parenting style in much the same way. But imagine the difference if you could combine the essential parts of adulthood and still be in touch with your inner child.... READ MORE 28 January/February

101 Questions Answered About Separating with Children has become an indispensable guide to divorce/ separation for parents. To mark the publication of the second edition, enjoy an exclusive 15% discount for Families readers from Only Mums and Only Dads. Use code FM10121 here. With legal help, tips and insights from professionals and parents, this book will save you time and money.


The Impact of Covid-19 on Working Mums By Mandy Garner The Covid-19 pandemic has been hard for many individuals and groups, with working mums, particularly single working mums, being one of them. But the picture is complex. Women dominate in many of the most risky frontline sectors such as health, social care and education and in some of the hardest hit sectors such as hospitality and retail. Parttime jobs, traditionally done by women, have seen a precipitous fall, BUT women are less likely to be unemployed than men and many have gone into full-time roles. Then there is self-employment which has seen a big decline. A recent report from IPSE and Starling Bank showed women freelancers have been hardest hit financially by late payments of money owed to them and the associated mental impact and women-led businesses have suffered disproportionately. What is clear is that the impact of childcare problems during the pandemic has been most keenly felt by women, with countless studies, including our own surveys, showing women have been carrying most of the childcare/home schooling burden, despite dads increasing their input generally.

Our latest survey shows lockdown restrictions and school or year group closures are still causing huge challenges. READ MORE

Bella Learning Games

Fun educational games to download, print and play.

Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 Packs

Available Now!

For examples, tips and advice, find Bella Learning Games on Facebook and Instagram.

January/February 29


9 Best Pancake Recipes for Shrove Tuesday Experiment with some pancake-making on and around 16 February!

Banana Pancakes

Fluffy Black Forest Pancakes

Vegan Pancakes

Flourless Rainbow Pancakes

Upside-Down Pineapple Pancakes

Teddy Bear Pancakes

Mary Berry’s Easy Drop Scones

Easy Pancakes

Baby’s First Pancakes

30 January/February

Families Magazine turns 30!

To celebrate, we have FREEBIES for YOU! -In

The Grrreat Colour Reward Chart STEP 1



Tell your child when to Fill in daily Explain behaviour rewards your colour in the animals! targets child will receive



e Real Animals! it th

for a day at a WIN Family Tickets Park of your choice! UK Zoo or Wildlife children. two adults and two Tickets are valid for completed chart to an image of your child’s you or your child explaining How to Enter: Email up to 50 words from 2020 to enter. age, your postcode and You have until 30 June with your child’s name, them achieve their targets. how the chart has helped


Easter activities & What’s Ons for * Win chocolates Mother’s Day & family day out tickets * Play café guide * School open days * Reader offers

2020 Issue 10 March/April email: editor@familiesw

Day 4


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


I will... Day 3

reward chart landscape.indd


Day 4 Email info@families the chart! for extra copies of 15/01/2020 16:44

Posters and wall charts


Day 2


Day 1

to go to the zoo! can enter the competition in all my animals, we When I have coloured at Competition T&Cs


es Maga

30 years



Day 1


I will...


West Kent

Day 3



Family dining vouchers

Day 2




% %

Day 1


Tickets to attractions

% % £% £%

d exchange her can be ll for the This vouc bi od ur fo low. against yo amount be ated st This voucher can be exchanged against your food bill for the stated amount below.

✹ ✹ ✹ Reward

I will...

to be


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