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Issue 138 September/October 2019

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Education and School Feature Issue Plus Local Clubs and Classes

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4-5 Families News 6–13 Education Feature • Independent School Open Days • Top tips for settling your child into the new school year • News from local Schools • The Interview: A Valuable Tool for Leading Heads • Is Good Grammar Important? 14–17 Clubs & Classes Feature • Tips for choosing after school activities • News from local clubs and classes • Parties, Activities, Clubs & Classes Directory 18–23 What’s On Guide • Children’s Theatre • Half Term Camps & Activities • What’s On listings for all the family • Your Guide to Guy Fawkes Night



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Nov/Dec 2019 — Seasonal special feature issue, including Where Is Santa and Children’s Christmas Theatre.








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Families News Picky Eaters Still Grow Up Healthy Picky eating in toddlers is a welldocumented phase when children don’t want to try new foods and/ or show very strong preferences. It can create much worry for parents, and has created a whole market for advice, guidance and tools to encourage young children to try lots of new tastes and textures. But researchers from the University of Bristol using data from a study of children between the ages of 7 to 17 have found that instead of being harmed by their diets, children who had been picky eaters at age 3 were growing normally as adolescents with a healthy height and weight. The researchers claim the study shows that even children who are picky as pre-schoolers usually eat well enough over time to ensure they grow properly. More info:

School Children to Tackle Speeding Drivers An initiative in London is getting primary school pupils to confront speeding motorists, in a bid to enforce the 20mph speed limit near schools. The Junior Roadwatch scheme involves drivers who are caught speeding and pulled over by police officers being given the option of receiving a fixed penalty fine and points on their license, attending a speeding awareness course or being told off by children. Drivers “deemed suitable” to speak to the pupils following a police national computer check will face questions such as “are you aware of the consequences of speeding” and “why do you think the speed limit is 20mph on this road?”. Collisions are a leading cause of serious injury, disability or death of children in the UK. In 2017, 48 children died in road collisions in the UK and over 15,700 children were injured. Similar schemes are being used elsewhere, including parts of Hertfordshire, West Yorkshire and Northumberland. More info:

Calls for Compulsory Climate Change Education in Schools A petition launched by four Oxford school girls calling for lessons on Climate Change to be made compulsory in schools has gathered over 75,000 signatures. The students are hoping to make climate change a “core part of the compulsory curriculum” to increase the next generation’s understanding of the global issue. They claim they have “barely learned about the climate crisis at school, even though it’s supposed to be part of Geography and Science.” According to the petition: “Climate change is the biggest issue of our time, and it must be a part of our education if our generation is to understand it and help us to combat its effects. That’s why we want climate change to be made a core part of the national curriculum.” More info:

Sad Dads It is well recognised that new and expectant mothers can experience mental health problems, but little attention has been paid to new fathers. Amidst recent research suggesting that at least 10% of new fathers suffer from depression, a new study has found new fathers can be beset by feelings of guilt and failure to live up to societal expectations to be stoic, strong and providers of support. The researchers found that fathers often interpret their struggles as a personal failure as a man and father, and refuse to regard their own problems as legitimate compared to those of their partner. This leads to reluctance in reaching out or seeking advice, further compounding any issues and making isolation a significant problem. New fathers also reported a lack of prior knowledge or awareness of the mental health challenges they could face as a result of having a baby. More info visit:

Reduction in School Breaks ‘Unhealthy’ School break times are much shorter than they were two decades ago meaning children are missing out on valuable opportunities to make friends and develop social skills and exercise, according to research by the Nuffield Foundation. The study looked at how school breaks have changed over 25 years comparing data from over 1,000 primary and secondary schools. It found that despite the length of the school day remaining much the same, break times are being squeezed even further with potential serious implications for children’s well-being and development. Afternoon breaks have been virtually eliminated; they are now only available to 15% of primary school children and 1% of secondary schools. There is also a clear trend to shorter lunch breaks with reported lunchtimes of 35 minutes or less. According to the authors, break times are important for children to get physical exercise – a particular concern given the rise in obesity, and to develop important social skills that are not learned in school lessons. More info: 4 Families North London

Families News Flexible Working for People Like Me! Picked Pepper Katy Fridman, a North London based mother, is the founder of Books Franchise ‘Frankly Flexible’ a business which is looking to break down the barriers of traditional recruitment and help companies access Opportunity! and recruit from the highly capable talent pool of parents. Katy initially set up a Facebook group ‘Flexible Working for People Like Me’ in February 2018 after experiencing her own frustration in seeking flexible senior level work after being on maternity leave and wanting to connect with women who were having similar challenges. This Facebook group, which now has over 20,000 members, is a powerful platform where individuals Katy Fridman, Founder of Frankly Flexible seeking flexible working arrangements share their stories and advise each other. Every day flexible jobs are advertised on the group, and through this the group is changing lives and inspiring others so that they too can change theirs. Katy herself is a strong voice and hugely passionate about driving the flexible working agenda. She says: “There aren’t enough flexible jobs being advertised. Only 11% of jobs are advertised as flexible or part time so it can be very hard to know how and when to have a conversation when applying for roles; and for those returning to work after maternity leave, how to manage that discussion with their employer”. Some companies are very open to flexible working arrangements and others more reticent. In many companies flexible working exists in a pocket of the organisation, depending on the manager or team. Companies talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Katy says “Change is happening, but it’s slow and flexible working is unfortunately still viewed as a perk for working mums, whereas it really needs to be gender neutral in order to make real change. In time 9-5 will be a thing of the past. We are already in the ‘always on’ age where fixed working hours and static workplace is becoming a dusty relic. Companies who want to attract best talent will need to embrace flexible working policies in order to stay relevant.” Feeling inspired? Join Katy’s group Flexible Working for People Like Me, to join the conversation, get more tips and find that perfect flexible job. Frankly Flexible jobs board is currently in build and will be launched later this year.

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Education Feature

Independent Schools Open Days We aim to be as accurate as possible, but these listings are compiled several weeks in advance and therefore may be subject to change. Most schools require pre-booking. Please check before setting out. Compiled by Olivia Emin. Abercorn School NW8 Boys and Girls 2½–13 yrs Open Day: Fri 13 Sep, Fri 19 Oct, Fri 22 Nov, all 9.15  020 7100 4335

The Academy School NW3 Boys and Girls 6–13 yrs Open days: By appointment  020 7435 6621

The American School in London NW8 Boys and Girls 4–18 yrs Open Day: Tues 24 Sep 18:00, 3 Oct 8:45 (grade 1–2), Fri 18 Oct 8:45  020 7449 1200

Annemount Nursery and Pre–Preparatory School N2 Boys and Girls 3–7 yrs Open day: Thurs 26 Sep 10:00–11:00  020 8455 2132

Arnold House School NW8 Boys 5–13 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 7266 4840

Belmont School NW7 Boys and Girls 7–13 yrs Open Day: Sat 5 Oct 9:00–12:00 020 8906 7290

Cavendish School NW1 Girls 3–11yrs, Boys 3–7 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 7485 1958

Channing School N6 Girls 4–18 yrs Open Day: (Junior Sch) Tue 10 & Tue 17 Sep, both 8:45, (Senior Sch) Thu 19 Sep 17:00, Tue 24 Sep 9:15, Thu 10 Oct 9:15.  020 83402338

Dania Scandinavian School N7 Boys & Girls 3– 11 yrs Open Day: Wed 9 Oct, 10:00  020 7607 4268

Devonshire House School NW3 Boys & Girls 2½–13 yrs Open Day: Wed 16 Oct & Thu 17 Oct both 9.45–11.30  020 7435 1916

Dwight School N11/12 Boys and Girls 2–18 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 8920 0637

Francis Holland School NW1 Girls 4–18 yrs Open Day: Fri 13 Sep, Wed 9 Oct, & Thu 7 Nov, all 8:45 www.fhs– 020 7723 0176

Goodwyn School NW7 Boys and Girls 3–11 yrs Open Day: By appointment www.goodwyn– 020 8959 3756

Grange Park Prep School N21 Boys & Girls 3–11 yrs Open Day: Tue 11 Sep, Tue 2 Oct, & Tue 6 Nov 9:30  020 8360 4869

Grimsdell School NW7 Boys and Girls 3–7 yrs Individual tours on Tue/Wed 9–10:00 & Open day Sat 5 Oct 9:00–12:00  020 8959 6884

Hendon Prep School NW4 Boys and Girls 2–13 yrs Open Day: Thu 19 Sep (time TBC)  020 82037727

The Hall School NW3 Boys 4–13 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 7449 6918

Hereward House School Hampstead NW3 Boys 4–13 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 7794 4820

Highgate School N6 Boys and Girls 3–18 yrs Open Day: Entry 4+ Open morning dates tbc, 7+ Open day Sat 28 Sep, 11+ Sat 5 Oct 9–11:45.  020 8347 3564

Keble Prep School N21 Boys 4–13 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 8360 3359

King Alfred School NW11 Boys and Girls 4–18 yrs Open Day: Thu 19 Sep (Upper Sch) & Thu 10 Oct (Lower Sch), both 9.30–11:00  020 8457 5285

Lyndhurst House School NW3 Boys 4–13 yrs Open Day: Wed 16 Oct, Thu 31 Oct, both 9:30–11:00  020 7435 4936

Lyonsdown Prep School EN5 Girls 3–11 yrs Open Day: Thu 10 Oct & Thu 15 Nov, both 10:00  020 8449 0225

Norfolk House School N10 Boys and Girls 4–11 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 8883 4584

Mill Hill School NW7 Boys and Girls 13–18 yrs Open Day: Sat 5 Oct 9:00–12:00  020 8906 7923

North London Rudolf Steiner School N8 Boys and Girls 0–7 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 8341 3770

North Bridge House School N1, NW1, NW3 Boys and Girls 2yrs 9mths–18 yrs Open Day: Nursery School (Ages 2 yrs 9 mths–4) Tue 17 Sep, Tues 1 Oct, Tue 15 Oct, Tues 5 Nov all 9:30. Prep School (Ages 7–13) Fri 4 Oct & Fri 8 Nov, both 9:30. Senior School (Ages 11–16) Sat 14 Sep 10:00, Tue 1 Oct 17:30 & Thu 7 Nov 9:30.  020 7267 6266/ 020 7428 1520 Palmers Green High School N21 Girls 13–16 yrs Open Day: Sat 12 Oct School 10:00–12:00 (school) 11:00– 13:00(nursery)  020 8886 1135

St Anthony’s School NW3 Boys 4–13 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 7431 1066

St Anthony’s School for Girls NW11 Girls 4–13 yrs Open Day: Wed, by appointment, 10:00–11:00  020 7431 1066

St Margaret’s School Hampstead NW3 Girls 4–16 yrs Open Day: By appointment – 020 7435 2439

Mount House School EN4 Boys and Girls 11–18 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 8449 6889

St Martin’s School Mill Hill NW7 Boys and Girls 3–11 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 8959 1965

St Paul’s Steiner School N1 Boys and Girls 3–14 yrs Open Day: Tours every 2nd Thu’s, 9.30 for class & on Fri’s 2.00pm for kindergarten  020 7226 4454

Salcombe Prep School N14 Boys and Girls 3–11 yrs Open Day: Thu 26 Sep 9:15  020 8441 5356

Sarum Hall School Girls NW3 3–11 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 7794 2261

South Hampstead High School NW3 Girls 4–18 yrs Open Day: By appointment  020 7435 2899

University College School NW3 4–18 yrs Open Day: UCS Pre Prep by appointment. Junior Branch Thu 12 Sep 16:30. UCS Senior School and Sixth Form 11+/13+ Thu Sep 7, Mon 16 Sep 16:30 16+ Thu 19 Sep, Tue 24 Sep.  020 7722 4433 6 Families North London

North Bridge House

Book an open day at or call 020 7428 1520 NURSERY & PRE-PREP HAMPSTEAD




2 - 7 YEARS

7 - 13 YEARS

11 - 16 YEARS

11 - 18 YEARS












THURSDAY 5 DECEMBER Families North London 7


Education Feature Top Tips for Settling into the New School Year By Sarah West

It’s the beginning of a new school year and children up and down the country are embarking on the next (or even first) phase of their learning journey. Whether excited or nervous about what lies ahead, there is lots to think about so here are some top tips to help you start your children off on the right foot.

Be Positive Children may be feeling a real mix of emotions as they begin the new school year. They may be excited about going to school or they may be sad that the long summer holidays are over. Indeed, they may feel both. Try to be sympathetic to their feelings and give them space to express them, while at the same time being positive about learning and school. Be prepared to talk about what lies ahead. It helps children feel at ease and encourages them to share their thoughts and ask questions. By showing them you are interested in their learning, you are sending a strong message about the value you place on their education and aspirations for the future.

Be There for Them It’s completely normal to wonder how your child will get on at school in the coming year. Most children settle into the new school year relatively easily but it’s important to support them to be brave, try their best and help them develop the skills needed to cope with new situations and bounce back when things go wrong. Encourage your child to talk about how they are feeling. For younger children, teach them about different emotions and how to recognise how others feel too. To get the conversation started, there are lots of books you can get from the library about making friends and getting used to a new environment. For older children, whose feelings are likely to be more complex, show them you are ready to listen and support them whenever they need you. Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. Talk to your child about the ways they can behave when this happens, for instance, taking time out or knowing when and who to ask for help. Children cope better in different situations if they know there is support around them.

Get Involved Research shows that parental participation in a child’s education has a very positive impact on children academically, emotionally and behaviourally. The good news is that there are lots of ways to get involved! Think about joining the PTA or another parent group or perhaps volunteer to help out with reading in the classroom or to accompany children on school trips. Chat with other parents at the school gate or ask your child’s teacher about what opportunities are available. As your children move through 8 Families North London

primary school, gaining independence and confidence, talking to them about their day and helping them to organise their PE kit and homework may not seem like a great contribution, but it shows your engagement and that you are there to support them. Other ways to get involved could include becoming a governor or trustee of your school, responding to surveys in which you can share your views and opinions about school policies and initiatives. You could even take part in a project or task to help improve the school grounds or a classroom. Remember learning doesn’t just happen in school. By getting your children involved in cooking, gardening, repairing and making things at home, as well as participating in a raft of other activities that you undertake in your daily lives, you are teaching them basic life skills which will stand them in good stead for the future and help them make sense of the world around them.

Enjoy Yourself! Finally, schools bring communities together and provide families with the opportunity to make friends and socialise. By participating in your child’s education, no matter in what way or how much time you can devote, you will be supporting your child to achieve their potential, and most likely have some fun along the way.

Sarah West is from Parentkind, an organisation which promotes parental involvement in education. For more tips on how to get involved in your child’s learning and education, visit

A unique, bilingual, independent school based on Scandinavian education principles that place children at the centre of their own learning journey.

now enrolling ages 3 to 11

74 Westbourne Road, N7 020 7607 4268

Education Feature

Families North London 9

Education Feature

News from local Schools

The Secondary Transition If your child is aged 9 or over it is likely that you are already starting to think about the next steps in their education and moving from primary school to the right secondary school for them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind once your child has started secondary school…

Get used to knowing much less about what goes on

Listen out for concerns..

At Broomfield Secondary School staff are very aware of these concerns and the School works with pupils, parents and primary schools to ensure that new pupils joining do so with confidence and quickly settle into their new environment. Broomfield is a small, family school which means it is easy for pupils to get to know the school and for the school to get to know them.

Some children take this huge change in their stride and are ready to move on, while others will feel anxious. Common concerns include getting lost around a much larger school, dealing with the journey, making new friends and managing the homework load.

Be aware of increased homework load..

At primary, pupils might only have had a small amount of homework; expect the game to be raised now. Not only will there be more but keeping on top of when it all needs handing in can be complicated. At Broomfield the increase is supported through a gradual process of transition so that pupils are able to comfortably cope and gain the full benefits of good homework.

Expect them to be tired and emotional…

Many year sevens get very tired thanks to the ‘newness’, on top of a longer day and a more complicated journey. Stick to early nights and restful weekends to fend off exhaustion – and the moodiness that goes with this.

In primary, you might well have been at the school gates most days and familiar with your child’s friends, parents and teachers. This will change: with independent travel comes a more handsoff approach.

Broomfield recognises that every family is looking for specific things when it comes to choosing a secondary school. Come along to their Open Evening on 8th October at 6pm, or one of the many Open Mornings to find out more.

An Exciting New Chapter for Lyonsdown School It’s an exciting time at Lyonsdown School in New Barnet. Earlier this year the School announced its move to fully embrace all girls’ education, and over the Summer holidays there have been a range of impressive developments to its facilities. For over 110 years, Lyonsdown has been preparing pupils aged 3 to 11 to thrive at some of London’s top independent and maintained schools. This new and exciting chapter in the School’s history sees Lyonsdown move to becoming an all girls’ school by 2022 – with this September’s Nursery class, for girls aged 3+, being their first all girls intake. By fully embracing all girls’ education Lyonsdown is now focusing entirely on girls’ specific development needs: encouraging their confidence, facilitating better academic results and developing their interests and talents in STEAM subjects. This Summer, Lyonsdown has also embarked on an ambitious plan of developments to further enhance its facilities, with work

taken place during the holidays to minimise disruption to School life. The Dining Room has been extended and improved, creating a multi-purpose area for Music and Drama, Science facilities have been enhanced, as well as a new Library created and classrooms fully refurbished. Whilst all of these changes take place, one thing remains resolutely the same at Lyonsdown: its broad and balanced education. To find out more about how Lyonsdown encourages pupils to thrive academically, whilst also providing excellent pastoral care that nurtures and develops their emotional wellbeing, visit: www. or contact the School to arrange your personal tour.

A new Head of School for Hendon Prep Independent co-educational, 11+ day school, Hendon Prep, is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Head of School, Tushi Gorasia. Mrs Gorasia is a Cambridge University graduate with a degree in English and Education. In addition, she holds a Master’s degree in English from Kings College, London. Mrs Gorasia has been a qualified teacher for over 25 years. She has a continuing passion for extending the love of learning in all fields and has taught at independent, state and international schools, across the Key Stages, from Year 1 to Year 8, accruing a vast wealth of experience. Hendon Prep School is familiar to, and held in great regard by, Mrs Gorasia. In 2012, she was appointed as Head of English at Hendon Prep and was quickly promoted to the role of Director of Studies, becoming a valued member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team. Mrs Gorasia’s expertise in English led to a national role within Cognita, as Lead English teacher for Prep schools. In 2014, Mrs Gorasia was promoted to the position of Deputy Head at Cognita’s Salcombe Prep School and she subsequently achieved the role of Associate Head. “I am absolutely delighted to be returning to Hendon Prep School,” says Mrs Gorasia. “I look forward to all the exciting projects we have planned and building upon the wealth of established academic history. I am eager to further strengthen Hendon’s reputation for creating a caring, nurturing learning environment which ensures confident and happy life-long learners.” Hendon Prep, 20 Tenterden Grove, NW4 1TD, 020 8203 7727 10 Families North London Untitled-2 1

27/09/2018 16:34

Education Feature The Interview: A Valuable Tool for Leading Heads Growing numbers of children and too few places has generated fierce competition for top independent school places in the Capital. The number of children registering to sit grueling entrance exams has grown to such levels that parents and children are required to be meticulous in their preparation. It is perhaps this combination that presents a fresh ‘selection’ challenge to Head teachers of London’s top schools…how to accurately identify and subsequently choose “best fit” children? For many, the interview has become the most effective tool for aiding this selection process enabling them to see beyond the prepared often formulaic answers associated with excessive tutoring. The interview structure frequently comprises both individual and group scenarios incorporating problem-solving tasks that provide the opportunity to demonstrate ‘individual creativity’ and the ability to ‘think outside of the box’ - something not showcased effectively through the written test. Every school has a unique ethos and it is the role of a successful Head to carefully select the right children to uphold and contribute towards maintaining it. Yellowbird Education have long recognized that preparation must extend to this subjective interview element of the admissions process. But groundwork does not involve telling your child ‘what’ to say (defeating the very purpose of this step), but ensuring a child is comfortable and confident in unfamiliar interview situations and has strategies to fall back on.

Their experienced team work alongside a group of Head teachers to offer accurate Mock Exams and Interview Practice to equip children with valuable skills and techniques with which to succeed within competitive school admissions.



EXCELLENT TUTORS with tailed study plan that suits your child SMALL STUDY GROUPS with up to 4 children NATIONAL CURRICULUM FOCUSED



DISCOUNT AVAILABLE for annual members

• SATURDAYS | 9:30AM - 12:30PM Families North London 11

Education Feature Is Good Grammar Important? By Andrew Campbell When you went to school, it’s possible you didn’t get much grammar instruction and as a result didn’t absorb its importance. Alternatively, you may have had grammar drummed into you again and again, using a prescriptive rulebased approach which didn’t create an understanding of its significance or purpose. Either way, you may feel that you don’t know much about grammar and may wonder if it is really an essential component of your child’s education or future. The truth is that the use of correct grammar is important because it is the main feature within both our spoken and written communication that allows us to communicate our thoughts and ideas clearly and be understood. Using incorrect grammar can lead to meaningless sentences and unclear messages, which in turn can lead to misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Even something as simple as a misplaced comma can completely change the meaning of a sentence. For example: “Let’s eat Grandpa.” versus “Let’s eat, Grandpa.” Children who don’t develop a good grasp of grammar fall back on what they intuitively know about language; as a consequence they simply write like they speak. Whereas, with a good understanding of the different grammatical components of language, a child is able to express themselves clearly and establish good foundation skills for written documentation like school essays, job applications and creative writing in later years. Grammar rules also help children develop the habit of thinking logically and clearly. They provides the building blocks for them to expand their vocabulary and understand and express themselves in longer, more interesting and more complex ways. When children increase their language complexity (with word endings, or longer/more complex sentences), they can express and understand more complicated ideas. The rise of social media as a dominant form of communication amongst young people has given rise to much short-cutting of the English language. When sending texts or messages via Facebook or WhatsApp, simple sentences or fragments of sentences are the norm and it is unnecessary to use grammar. This short-cutting of language exposes children to a real risk of developing bad communication habits which could hold them back in the future.

Some Tips for Helping Your Child with Grammar • Bring grammar to life by asking questions to find out what your child knows about grammar. Do they know what a noun is? If not, show your child some objects. Explain that nouns are the names used for people, places and things. You can do the same with verbs by acting out some actions such as ‘jump’, ‘hop’ and ‘clap’. • Do simple crosswords with your child using a dictionary to help you. The dictionary tells you what type of word you have looked up (verb, adverb, pronoun, noun etc.), and you can share this with your child. • Play with punctuation. When you read, occasionally look at the punctuation and talk about what it is telling the reader to do. Show your child how a question mark tells you to raise your voice at the end of the sentence to indicate a question being asked. • Play ‘i-spy’ with the focus on looking for nouns (e.g. dad, bridge, tree, shop, apple). Tell your child that you are going to ask questions about the noun they have chosen. For example, ‘Is your noun green?’, ‘Can your noun fit in my hand?’ In this way you introduce grammatical terminology in a fun way. • Model. When your child says something that is grammatically incorrect, model to them the correct way of saying it. • For older primary school children: • Opposites. Help your child understand antonyms (opposites) by calling out words like hot, big, slow, and getting them to shout out the opposite. Alternatively, get your child to shout words that mean the same as the ones you’re calling out (synonyms). • Tense tents. Help your child understand verb tenses, by drawing some ‘tense tents’ on pieces of paper. Write down some verbs in their various tenses – present (play), past (played), future (will play) and get your child to move the verbs into the correct tent. • Sentence Challenge. Challenge your child to write sentences of more than 25 words that only contain one verb. This helps them to understand how to control a sentence, rather than overcomplicate it. More resources at: 12 Families North London

Education Feature

We are a two form entry primary school, with limited in year spaces currently available. Weekly Tours – every Wednesday at 2.30pm. Stay and Play - Fridays 9-10am until the end of term “The school’s approach to developing smart brains along with caring hearts and broadened minds is impressive and commendable.”—Parent Telephone: 0207 504 0547 Web: Email: T: @KilburnGrangeSc F: Kilburn Grange School, Priory Park Road, London NW6 7UJ

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Clubs & Classes Feature Top Tips for Choosing Classes, Activities & Clubs for Your Child By Elisabeth Dolton Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the range and volume of activities, classes and clubs available for your child to join? Aside from the important issue of LOGISTICS, in other words, how are these activities going to fit into your schedule, how do you go about deciding what to choose? Here are my top tips: • Talk to your children, explain how many activities you think there is time for and find out what they are interested in pursuing. • Let them choose at least one class, activity or club themselves. • Help them choose activities that reflect who they are and what they want to learn and don’t impose your own preferences. • If you have a reluctant child, explain that it’s important and fun to try new things, but don’t insist. • Remember that moving from one activity to another is normal amongst children. • Always consider the benefits of an activity. For instance, there’s great value in discipline-based activities that create a quality product over a period of time and teach value skills such as leadership and team work eg putting on a play. • Don’t assume that high cost equals high quality.

• Ensure staff members are professionals with relevant skills and experience. • Consider the mix of activities. The benefits of exercise are huge, so try to include a sport. • If you are stuck between two similar activities, consider the usefulness, e.g. drumming lessons might be cool, but the guitar might have wider applicability. Good luck!

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Improving your Child’s Concentration

New Street Dance Academy classes in Barnet and Crouch End!

Perform and parenting expert and child psychologist, Dr Claire Halsey offer their tips.

Classes, which start on 14 September, will be held by the fabulous Sophia, Professional Dancer and Street Dance Coach, every Saturday during school term time.

Concentration is a vital life skill which develops from birth. Linked closely to brain development, it improves alongside a child’s memory and ability to organise their thoughts. • Set Up for Success Reduce big distractions: television, music and screen time make it difficult to listen and concentrate, so limit these to set times. • Make it Fun Make activities fun as your child is more likely to pay attention eg tidying up toys is less of a chore when you offer a tickle to the child who finishes first! • Keep Practising Games and activities can build concentration. Choose turntaking games like Snap or Picture Dominoes or those with simple instructions. • Praise the Good Stuff Praise your child when they focus rather than highlighting when they don’t eg “Well done for sticking with that puzzle.” • Seek Advice A small number of children have difficulty paying attention no matter how hard they try. Ask your child’s teacher for suggestions. If you’re still concerned, see your GP. More from Dr Claire Halsey at Perform offers concentration-boosting drama classes in various North London locations. Try a FREE no-obligation class at 14 Families North London

Your child will stimulate their imagination through creative movement. Expressing themselves through dance and music. Classes are fun, lively and great for developing: social interaction, listening skills, spatial awareness and improved physical health. Classes are split into two age groups, one for 6-8 years, and one for 9-16years. Both classes run for one hour. Barnet classes are held Saturday AM at Queen Elizabeth’s Girls School EN5 5RR and Saturday PM at Hornsey School, Crouch End N8 9JF. Street Dance coaches are all DBS checked, and classes are taught in a fun and safe environment with anti social behaviour not tolerated. For a full list of class times, fees and/ or to apply online, please visit www.streetdanceacademy. or call Head Office on 0800 0236 236

● High quality Cecchetti classical ballet and contemporary dance classes for ages 3+ ● After school classes on weekdays and Saturdays ● Magical, inspiring pre-school ballet ● Live classical piano accompaniment for all classes ● Ballet exams, performances, holiday camps and elite dance troupes

Email: Free trial available

Clubs & Classes Feature LAGAD Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary In 2009 Jessica Shenton, the mother of 2 young boys, was approached by her former Ballet teacher to take over her adult Ballet classes in North London. As a former Royal Ballet School trained teacher and qualified Gymnastics coach, Jessica agreed to run these classes. The classes were a big success and LAGAD was born. 10 years on, LAGAD has 5 full time staff, 50 freelancers and an office in Muswell Hill. They offer classes in North, West and South West London. Some of the coaches are the best in the business. A number of former Olympians and World Championship Competitors. What LAGAD do differently is to make sure that their selected team members are fully qualified, love what they do, are highly experienced and knowledgeable and really enjoy working with children. This comes at a price, but it is well worthwhile. Jessica still loves coaching, her proudest moments have not necessarily been the dizzying heights of LAGAD girls being selected for Team GB or for the World Championships (which have all been great), but when each child achieves their very first cartwheel, handstand or headstand balance. ‘To see that smile, pride and sense of achievement written all over their face is my highlight’. As for the original adult ballet classes, they are still going 10 years on. London Academy of Gymnastics and Dance was founded in 2009 in Muswell Hill. It is a London wide programme delivering OFSTED and British Gymnastics registered Gymnastics and Dance programmes after school and at the weekends. They run classes 7 days a week. Email: Tel: 0208 883 4675

Colourstrings North London Colourstrings Music Kindergartens are widely acknowledged as being outstanding for children’s musical development. There are new places available for children aged 17 months – 5 years throughout the week in Muswell Hill, Highgate, Islington, Stoke Newington, and also at Middlesex University in Hendon on Saturdays only. Colourstrings is an internationally-respected solfabased approach to music (do-re-mi) that offers an excellent path for children’s long-term musical success, with kindergarten classes that can lead to one-to-one instrumental tuition later, if desired. Yvonne for 3 discounted trial kindergarten lessons on 020 8444 9435 or email admin@ The younger children start classes, the more they benefit!

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Clubs & Classes Feature ARTS & CRAFTS Creative Wiz Kids run Super Saturdays (10am-1pm) all year round, at Oliver’s Nursery, 52 Belsize Square, NW3 4HN. Children are introduced to various art and design themes, techniques and materials, including 2D and 3D making, learning about traditional and contemporary artists, and creating work inspired by various art movements! Ages 3-9.  07956 592 142

CHILDREN’S PARTIES Adam Ants offers high energy parties. Adam Ants and his talented team make sure their parties are non-stop fun. With something for all ages: magic, balloon modelling, puppets, music, dancing, games and face painting. They also offer amazing disco/sports parties or the ever popular Build a Bear party. You can hire tables and chairs/bouncy castles/soft play and ball ponds. New for 2018/2019: Fantastic Lego Parties.  020 8959 1045 / 07969 121 094 Alexandra Palace, Birthdays on Ice! (N22) Birthdays are available every Saturday & Sunday at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink. Parties start with your host leading 15 minute of games, followed by skating during the public session and a hot meal in the Ice Café. The price is £17.50 per child and we can accommodate a minimum of 10 children and a maximum of 25. Accompanying parents skate for free.  Arts Depot (N12) With artsdepot’s exciting programme of family shows, hosting a birthday party is simple. Birthday parties can be held on Saturdays and Sundays during school term time. We’ll arrange your tickets (group discounts may apply), birthday lunchboxes and reserve a space in our public area or a room for your party. 020 8369 5454  Captain Fantastic is proud to be voted the UK’s number 1 children’s entertainment company by trusted review site FreeIndex. Trusted by brands such as Pokémon, Nickelodeon, The BBC, LinkedIn & GOSH. Captain Fantastic offer a wide range of parties for all ages, from classic magic shows and discos, to themed parties fit for a princess – or pirate, superhero parties and science parties. 
 Coffee and Crayons Café (Ballards Lane, Finchley, N3) is a fantastic café with soft play area available. The café is also available to hire for birthday parties, special occasions and clubs/classes.  0208 343 1333  Flip Out Brent Cross (NW2) It seems word is getting around and all kids want their next party at Flip Out Brent Cross! Our experiential Earth, Wind and Water themed party rooms are sensational. Expect a forest canopy and log bean bags, ripples of blue light creating the feeling of being under water, wind chimes ringing alongside a canopy of dazzling ribbons. You’re guaranteed to have the best time ever! Check out our party packages online  Jacksons Lane (N6) - Jacksons Lane is the perfect venue to host your child’s next birthday party. With a selection of flexible spaces and Cafe Theadro on hand, all you need to do is turn up!  020 8340 5226 Nicky Grace, textile artist in Muswell Hill, offers craft parties and workshops for children (and adults) in a calm, natural place which seats up to 14 people round the table. Children take home the beautiful things they have made so no need for party bags!  the Jump In (EN1) Go along for a fabulous party at the Trampoline Park in Enfield! Party packages include 60 minutes to enjoy all of the activities including free jump, dodgeball, tumble tracks & more; 30 minutes in the party area with a Party Host, Pizza or hotdogs for all the children, and unlimited squash and water with your food. All you need is the cake and party bags! 01926 356 290  

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Parties, Activities, Clubs & Classes Directory

Perform Parties Based around a colourful theme, Perform’s energetic party leaders use a magical mix of songs, games and laughter to create fun-filled, action-packed parties. 020 7255 9120 or visit  Pickled Pepper Books (N8) have various party packages available for your child’s next party! Parties are held in a specially dedicated Events Space and packages available include themed Story and Craft parties, perfect for 4-9 year olds, - don’t forget to dress up! Or, how about a Science party, run by expert instructors from Kids With Brains, suitable for 5-11 year olds, and including a choice of three experiments! Parties can host up to 30 children. Catering also available so all you need to do is turn up! , 020 3632 0823  Puddles Children’s Parties deliver hassle free, affordable and environmentally friendly entertainment and party packages in London. As a specialist in treasure hunts and themed parties, we take care of everything. From carefully selected party venues, all supporting good causes, to professional entertainers, decorations and food, you don’t have to put any effort in.For more information and bookings visit  Rainbow Faces of Enfield Face painter available for parties, events, discos and festivals. Face paints, festival glitter and glitter tattoos available. Prices vary. DBS and PLI up to date. Find me on Facebook lisarainbowfaces or Instagram rainbowfacesofenfield. 07960 474 810 Zebra Ceramics (N10) Pottery painting studio, loved by all ages!! Whether it’ s a mug, plate or bowl being painted, we will help all party goers to create something they will treasure forever. Our parties are designed for ages 5 and above. You may also visit us if you are not organising a party, we are open 7 days a week. 020 8442 1314 or visit our website 

CODING CodeToday focuses on treating computer coding seriously while still making it fun and engaging. All courses use Python — a full-featured programming language. We run private courses for groups of friends, held at a participants’ home, and scheduled courses. Ages 7-17.   020 3289 7431 Creative Coding Classes: Fun and creative after-school and holiday coding clubs for ages 3-8. Our unique approach to teaching coding and computational thinking using stories, rhymes, jokes, songs and ‘unplugged’ coding games builds fluency for the jobs of the future. Discounted trials available. 07709 266 901  

COOKERY Sycamore Seeds After School Cookery Club Teaching kids how to cook helps build a healthy attitude to food. Hands-on lessons from a Leiths-trained chef that go “beyond cupcakes”. We make sweet and savoury treats to take home, develop kitchen skills and learn fun food facts. Mondays at Hornsey Vale Community Centre (N8) for 7-11 year-olds. Private lessons and children’s parties also available. 07887 585957  

DANCE Aniko Dance Academy A friendly, local dance school with professional dance teachers specialising in pre-school and primary school age groups. The school organises an annual showcase, theatre visits to the West End and regular ISTD ballet, modern and tap exams. Information, free trials:  07789 605 166  The London Institute Of Dance (N10, N8, N12, N21, N22, N9, EN4, Herts) Excellent, Professional tuition in Imperial Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary & More. For ages 2.5years–Adults  07563 136 803

Highgate Ballet School Since 1995 Highgate Ballet School has been providing high quality children’s Cecchetti Method ballet and contemporary dance classes for ages 3+ after school and on Saturdays. Pre-Schoolers’ Ballet inspires the joy of dancing accompanied by a classically trained pianist. Exams, performances, holiday camps and elite dancers’ group. Free trial.  Street Dance Academy Offer 1 hr classes for children aged 6-16yrs, in age related squads. Your child will stimulate their imagination through creative movement, expressing themselves through dance and music. Our classes are great for social interaction, listening, spatial awareness and improved physical health. All taught in a fun and safe environment.  08000 236 236

MUSIC AND MOVEMENT Colourstrings for a brilliant start and long-term success in music! Develop your child’s musical talent in Kodaly-based music kindergartens and instrumental programmes from six months – 19 years. Call 020 8444 9435 for a trial of 3 discounted lessons or email   DaCapo Saturday Music Centre - is a friendly, inclusive and innovative music school in North Finchley. We teach all instruments, all abilities and all ages from toddlersupwards. Family-friendly environment. Many parents learn with us too! Contact us now to book your free taster session and come for a free coffee at our delicious café.   07923 130 289 Lady Teacher with lifetime experience in London’s leading orchestras offers confidence-boosting, fast track and enjoyable one-to-one lessons in Violin, Music Theory and English as a Foreign Language. Proven success in Public Schools Preparation (Eton, Radley etc.) – Music Works Magic! Widely experienced Oboist husband (Royal Opera House & international book author) offers tuition in Oboe, Recorder and beginner Piano. NW3, free parking. 07976 830 309. Muswell Young Musicians is a Saturday Music School offering musicianship classes (18 months - 5 years) and an innovative instrumental programme (5 years+). We’re passionate about music education and strive to provide an inclusive setting where young people can enjoy high-quality music making and grow as well-rounded musicians. Contact us for a free trial. We look forward to welcoming you!   07954 854 731

SPORTS AND EXERCISE Danny Grant Soccer School Action-packed football camps and classes for ages 3.5-12years in NW3. Non-stop skills, drills, games and tournaments, led by professional, enthusiastic coaches. Now booking Summer Holiday Camps and weekly Saturday morning classes. Football parties are also bookable! 020 8446 0891 

Clubs & Classes Feature Gojumpin (EN1) Interconnecting trampolines for free jumping, foam pits, tumble tracks, battle beams and more. Under 5s have their own area devoted to them. Also, birthday parties, school and group events, free running classes, fitness classes, teen nights, toddler classes and other special events and sessions throughout the year.  Kiddikicks (NW1, N16, NW6, W9) Football Coaching for children 18 months to 10 years old. 020 7937 7965   London Academy of Gymnastics & Dance (LAGAD), N2, N3, N12, N8, N10, N14, N15, N20, N22, and NW11. High quality, dynamic and fun classes for children aged from 3.5 – 16 years. Fully-trained and highly qualified coaches. All abilities welcome. Trial Classes available. 020 8883 4675  North London Schools of Taekwondo The Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo, for Self Defence, Fitness, discipline and Confidence. Classes for 3-5 yr olds, 5-11 yr olds and mixed Family/Adults. Classes in Barnet, Cheshunt & Enfield.   Phone Richard on 07967 128 420 Sports Academy UK Have provided years of fun for children every weekend during school term time. Your child will grow in confidence, improve their communication and leadership skills, engage in a healthier, more active life style, and make new friends. Delivering 18 different sports a year, our classes are suitable for girls and boys aged 4-16 yrs, training in age related squads. Family discounts are available.  08000 248 842

THEATRE & PERFORMING ARTS Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School: Saturday workshops in Drama, Singing, Dance and Film all taught by leading industry professionals. Our Camden branch takes place at Parliament Hill School at 9.30am - 2pm or 2.30pm - 5.30pm for 7 - 18 year olds. Fiorentini Weenies for 4 - 6 years takes place at 9.30am - 11am. More details at  Arts Depot AniMates Runs on Tuesdays at the Arts Depot (N12) 17 Sep–26 Nov, School years 1–3: 4.30pm–5.15pm, School years 4–6: 5.30pm–6.30pm. Learn about the techniques used to make your favourite animated films, and create your own animations using stop motion. £70 for 10 weeks.  Dramarama – Exciting Performing Arts courses and classes for ages 3.5-15years in NW3. Develop acting skills and performance technique and star in exciting plays, dance shows and musicals. Now booking Holiday Courses and weekly Saturday morning drama classes. Drama parties also bookable! 020 8446 0891  Huzzah Performing Arts & Mindfulness Build confidence from the inside out with a huzzah weekly class. Drama, dance, singing and a touch of mindfulness. Ages 4-7. Saturday 1 - 2.20pm in Queen’s Park. Sunday 10 - 11.30am in West Hampstead. Creative, calm, confident kids. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL at  Jigsaw Performing Arts: A Confident Start with Jigsaw! A new school year is here - time to try something new with your weekend? Our popular dance, singing and drama weekend classes for 3-18-year-olds are designed to develop children’s confidence, self-expression, focus and social skills, while having fun and making lots of new friends. Parents share in the excitement and their children’s progress with regular presentations, shows and reports from our team of highly experienced teachers. For more information or to book a two-week trial, search for your nearest school on our website.  or call us on 020 8447 4530.

Perform NW3, N22, N8, NW5, N2, N12 & N3, N4, N11, NW3, NW11, N6, N1, N10, N12, NW1, N14, NW8, N16, N20, N7, NW6, N21 and NW7 Confidence building fun for 4-12s. A unique mix of drama, dance and singing specially formulated to bring out every child’s true potential. Classes are kept small to ensure lots of individual attention. Perform offer no-obligation FREE trial sessions. 020 7255 9120   Theatre Life Academy (N12) Exceptional musical theatre classes for 4-18s, taught by industry professionals. Classes include Singing, Dance & Drama, learning material from London’s West End. We build stamina, confidence, coordination, fitness and self-esteem. At the end of each term a presentation will be performed in the studio for parents. Private lessons are also available.  07730 482148

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB / EDUCATION Welcome to the Arnos Grove FCL Study Centre. We support children and adults with Maths, English and Mandarin tuition. Students of all ages attend our tuition centre at Bowes Road Library, 269 Bowes Rd, Arnos Grove, N11 1BD. We cater for learners from Early Years and primary through to secondary education, as well as adult students. We also help to prepare 7+,11+, Sats, GCSE,and A-level exams. Our expert tutors GCSE results are “8 or 9” in Both Maths and English. We focus on the National Curriculum and tutor in small group up to 4 children. Our tuition programmes are tailored to learners’ individual needs. £20 Off if you bring this magazine plus 2 weeks Free Trial! Call us on 07734 302 896   Axis Educational Trust, SATs, 11+,GCSE and A-Level Courses. Focusing on literacy, numeracy and exam preparation. Holiday booster courses. All classes delivered by qualified and experienced teachers. Proven teaching resources, online tools and fantastic app for reporting and communication. Weekdays after school, Saturday and Sunday courses at Axis North Finchley, Ponders End, Hendon Branches and Walthamstow Saturday School. Enrol Now. Call 020 7607 9330 / Email  Bilingual Nurseries (N1) French/English Mars Montessori Bilingual Nursery is a small private nursery in the heart of Islington, offering Montessori education and a bilingual environment, coupled with extended day care for children aged 1-4 years. We have only 24 children, and 6 members of staff. The nursery is open from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday for 47 weeks of the year. 020 7099 0452  inTuition inTuition clubs provide a purpose built learning environment designed to support and inspire our students in progressing and achieving the results they desire, building on their school based learning in Maths and English. We deliver affordable, private tuition, which is 100% aligned to the national curriculum for primary-aged children. Contact our North Finchley centre on 020 3092 7280  Leaders are Readers award-winning reading program exemplary English, maths, 4+, 5+, 7+ and 11+ curricula have helped more than 3500 children from 3+ to 13 years old, for over 17 years, with a 90% pass rate for children taking entrance exams to top grammar & independent schools. Saturday School for the Spring 2019 term enrolling now. St Andrews’s CE Primary School 297 Chase Road, Southgate N14 6JA. Free assessment on open days. 01992 651 300  SDE Finchley Susan Daughtrey Education has operated extremely successful 11+ Courses for over 25 years. The classes are taught by a qualified, experienced and carefully selected KS2 teacher and prepare Year 4 & 5 students for both CEM and GL Assessment tests (and is therefore suitable preparation for Henrietta Barnett (Stage 1), Laytmer, QE Boys, Dame Alice Owen’s, SW Herts Consortium and other counties such as Bucks and Berks). Mock Tests also available. Call 020 3515 0099  

BABY AND TODDLER Arts Depot Creative Explorers Runs on Fridays at the Art Depot (N12), 20 Sep–29 Nov, 10–11am, Ages 10 months–3 years. Creative and sensory play sessions. Sessions are packed with creative play to support development, from storytelling and games to messy play. £8 per session (tickets admit one child and one adult), £35 for 5 sessions, £70 for 10 sessions.  Friern Barnet Community Library (N11) offers a variety of classes for adults and children. These include Toddlers Rhyme time on Wednesdays at 11am, and Minecraft club for children on Fridays 4-5pm. The library is also a party venue and available to hire for education and health classes.  Humpty Dumpty Singalong is a relaxed singing/music session for babies and toddlers (0-2s) with grown-ups. We sing a mix of nursery rhymes and other favourite songs, we make live music together with shakers, bells and my ukulele and we have puppets, toys, bubbles and more! Singalong parties also available! 11-11.45am Wednesdays, Hargrave Hall, Archway N1 and other sessions are available in Crouch End, Stroud Green and Islington. For current details please see  or email  Lets Laugh and Learn Our award winning classes are a unique blend of movement & music activities, fun learning exercises and arts & crafts for children aged 20 months to 6 years. All sessions involve the use of different props/puppets to encourage tactile, interactive learning and play.  T&FI Softplay (N7) Come along to our stay and play with Softplay, crafts, singing, parachute, mini disco and meet our mascot: Every Wednesday (term time only), 9:30 to 11:30 at Goodinge Community Centre, N7. Free tea, coffee and cake! £5.00 per child, siblings £3. A fun, friendly space where everyone is welcome! Check us out on Instagram #tfisoftplay

List your business here! Packages from £10 per month! Contact or tel 020 8793 3366 for more information!


IMPERIAL CLASSICAL BALLET. TIMELESS SIGN UP NOW FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL Excellent, professional tuition in Imperial Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz & Musical Theatre Dance and more. For ages 2½yrs–Adults. Tel 07563 136 803. ✉

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What’s On Feature Artsdepot

North Finchley N12 Sun 15 Sep—Roald Dahl and the Wurblegobblers This show develops both creative and literacy skills through performance, games and creative play, while exploring Roald Dahl’s extraordinary stories, including The BFG and The Twits. Ages 3+. Fri 20 to Sun 22 Sep—The Scarecrows’ Wedding This epic love story promises wit, drama and wedding bells! Packed with live music and laughter, this is one hour’s magic that you and your children will never forget! Ages 3+. Sun 22 Sep—How Does This Politics Thing Work Then? Politics is boring. Politics is complicated. Politics is for adults...? Rubbish! Politics is actually super important and can be made really fun, if you know how. Luckily Tatton Spiller (Simple Politics) and Tiernan Douieb (Comedy Club 4 Kids, CBBC’s The Slammer) know exactly how and will show you just how to make sense of it all. Ages 9+. Sun 29 Sep— Javier Jarquin:-Card Ninja Warning: This show contains Ninjas, not magic. Card Ninja is a show like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Ages 6+. Sun 6 Oct–—The Pirate Cruncher Captain Purplebeard and his cutthroat crew are off to find an island

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Children’s Theatre

Compiled by Olivia Emin. We aim to be as accurate as possible, but these listings are compiled several weeks beforehand and may be subject to change. Please check before setting out.

packed with treasure! But greed leads them into some monstrously big trouble. Ages 4+.

your little Jack and Jill Silver’s transform! Ages 3–9.


You’ve Got Dragons

Southgate N14 Pirate School

Sun 13 Oct—You’ve Got Dragons “Dragons come when you least expect it. You turn round…and they’re there.” Lots of people get them; bad dreams, swirly tummy, feeling prickly. A delightful tale of one child’s journey to come to terms with their dragons! Ages 3+. Sun 20 Oct—Comedy Club 4 Kids It’s just like a normal comedy club, but it’s on in the day, kids are allowed in, and thus there is a higher than usual chance of heckles like “why is that your face!?”Ages 6+. Tue 22 to Sun 27 Oct—The Gruffalo A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood...Join Mouse on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood in this magical, musical adaptation! Ages 3+. Tue 22 to Sat 26 Oct—Pirate School A pirate training academy aboard ‘The Soggy Otter’ turns your little land lovers into seafaring pirates. Big people, this isn’t just an opportunity for some ‘arrr and arrr’—you’ll be joining in too as we’ll need your sea-legs to help

there’s a Fairy Godmother to make sure Cinderella is ready to ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK! Ages 5+.

Thu 24 Oct—Hocus Pocus Voyage into the unknown with this dreamlike spectacle, a bewitching gem of a family show, in which gravity dissolves, bodies bravely contort and optical illusions conjure other worlds. Ages 7+. Sun 27 Oct—Ensonglopedia of Animals Twenty-six animal songs, one for each letter of the alphabet. Expect the unexpected. And expect it to rhyme. Ages 5+. Sat 30 Nov to Sun 5 Jan— BOOK Cinderella, The Rockin’ AHEAD Panto! A chart-topping NOW! panto packed with rock, pop and soul. It’s not easy being the Mayor, Baron Hardup, with Prince Charming due in town for a Royal visit and a staff of only two—his beautiful, feisty daughter Cinderella and the loyal and loveable Buttons. But when his lonely hearts ad is answered by the mysterious Rubella De Zees who brings along her two dangerous daughters Hernia and Verruca, it seems he’s far more than THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN. Thankfully,

Fri 6 Sep to Sat 26 Oct—Tales from the Shed Vibrant, interactive theatre shows that are perfect for young children. Ages 0–6. Thu 31 Oct—Baby Broadway Family Concert You can expect bubbles, puppetry, dance moves and lots of audience interaction— join in as much or as little as you want to! Ages 0–6. Thu 31 Oct—The return of the Living Shed Featuring spooky tunes from our Youth Band, with a suitable scary film (certificate PG!) and other surprises along the way to keep you guessing… Ages 11+. Wed 27 Nov to Sat 11 BOOK Jan—Snow White Set in AHEAD NOW! a colourful 1960s world where traditional roles are changing fast, what better place for a modern Snow White to ‘find’ herself – in all senses of the word? An unbelievably huge cast of all ages, a stunning original score and with an upbeat message of how anyone can get to choose the ending of their own story – well, why would you go anywhere else? Ages 5+.

What’s On Feature Cockpit Theatre

Marylebone NW8 Sat 28 Sep—Swish Swish, swoosh, splosh! A playful multisensory exploration of life underwater and the positive ways in which we can reduce plastic in the ocean. Suitable for complex needs audiences/groups. Ages 5+. Sat 26 Oct—Dr Dolittle When Doctor John Dolittle of Puddlebyon-the-Marsh is taught by his wise old parrot Polynesia how to talk to animals, news of his skills spreads far and wide. Soon animals across the world send messages asking for his help! Ages 5+.

Dugdale Theatre

Enfield EN2 Sat 12 to Sun 13 Oct—The Pirate Squad & The Search for Mermaid’s Lagoon This BrandNew reworked puppet musical promises memorable songs, great puppetry and of course audience participation! Ages 2+.

Half Moon Theatre Stepney E1

Fri 20 Sep—Kaleidoscope Blink. Blink again. What do you see? Inspired by research into how a baby’s sense of sight develops

and how they instinctively begin to categorise colour, watch as a multi-coloured kaleidoscope is brought to life for you and your baby.At the end of the performance there is an interactive play session. Ages 6–18 months Thu 26 to Sat 28 Sep—Rolling Down the Road Family singer songwriter David Gibb is proud to be the driver of the world’s first bus to be powered by song. Ages 3–11. Wed 2 Oct to Fri 4 Oct—New Voices An exciting three-day festival of new work for young people. All tickets £3. Ages 2–15. Sat 12 Oct—Drag Queen Storytime All aboard The Nightbus for unforgettable stories, frolics and glitter! Tap your Oyster and let’s go go go! All Ages. Sat 19 Oct—Arthur’s Dream Boat Based on the book by Polly Dunbar, this is the story about a little boy who has a dream. Ages 2–8. Sat 26 Oct—Same Same…But Different A feel-good family show mixing Kathak, hip hop, contemporary & street dance, with live music & physical storytelling. Ages 2–8. Sat 2 Nov—Lily & the Baby Albatross Lily and Nina are out on their fishing boat, off on another adventure full of music and song. Ages 18 Month–4 Years.

Jacksons Lane

Highgate N6 Sun 8 Sep—How Does This Politics Thing Work Then? Comedy Club 4 Kids specialises in making children laugh and Simple Politics specialises in making them understand how politics works. Ages 7+. Sun 15 Sep—The Giant Balloon Show. The Giant Balloon Show will have the audience in shock and in stitches. Expect incredible balloon sculptures, high-energy, hilarious performance – and, of course, the all important giant balloon…! Ages 5+. Sun 22 Sep—Ensonglopedia of Science Expect atoms, black holes, cells, DNA and everything in between. Expect folk, gospel, hip hop, interpretative dance, jive and klezmer. In fact, expect the alphabet to feature quite prominently. Above all, expect the unexpected. And expect it to rhyme. Ages 7+. Sun 20 Oct—The Boy Who Cried Wolf This beautiful, warming tale brings the story of a bother of a boy, a mithered mother and a grand old brass band of a granddad, all set in the village of knitters, with fingers flicking, needles clicking and where every new Christmas jumper tells a tale…! Ages 3+.

The Gruffalo

Tue 22 to Sat 26 Oct—Pinocchio Join Geppetto and Pinocchio as they meet all manner of characters: a shady fox and cat, a performing donkey, a terrible whale who swallows people whole, a talking cricket, and an anglerfish blues band. This Pinocchio is full of the type of fun, mischief and magic that normally only happens when grown-ups turn their backs for a second. Ages 3+. Use code JLFamilies to save 15% Sat 2 Nov—Reach Two bouncy besties are seeking some topnotch cookie hunters! Your help is needed: quick-thinking, teamplaying adventurers are needed to help Amy and Zoë on their quest to the highest shelf. Join them and watch a jumping, climbing and swinging exploration of the utmost importance. Ages 4–10. Sun 3 Nov—Emily Rising Emily wakes up one bright autumn morning to find that her feet can’t touch the ground, and no one can understand why. To everyone’s surprise Emily keeps rising higher and higher. Emily discovers a world

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Coming soon to artsdepot ...

North Finchley

Fri 20 – Sun 22 Sep

Based on Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman Music and lyrics by Howard Blake White

100c 75m 0y 0k

“Sheer theatrical magic. Go see The Snowman and melt” The Times

£120 ONLY KETTransa LY TIC FAMI fee applies. Max £3 ction child 1 least at e includ , must 4 tickets

21 Nov – 5 Jan

Book now: // 020 8369 5454 Families North London 19

Children’s Theatre continued

What’s On Feature that looks completely different. She’s not scared at all – it’s fun being high up. But she’s not coming down! Ages 7–11.

The Peacock Theatre

The Further Adventures of The Owl and The Pussy-Cat

Portugal St. WC2A

Leicester Square Theatre

WC2H www.

Credit: Charlotte Voake

19 Oct to 26 Jan—The Stick Man What starts off as a morning jog becomes quite the misadventure for Stick Man: a dog wants to play fetch with him, a swan builds a nest with him, and he even ends up on a fire! How will Stick Man ever get back to the family tree? All ages.

beautiful golden ring is stolen, the Owl and the Pussy-cat must travel far from the safety of the Bongtree glade as their search for the thief leads them across the Sea, to the Chankly Bore and beyond. Includes stunning puppetry, enchanting rhyme and original music. Ages 3–8.

Little Angel Theatre London Coliseum

Thu 29 Aug to Sun 8 Sep—We’re Going On A Bear Hunt With live songs and beautiful puppetry, our production builds on the simple narrative of the book to create a family show with a wide appeal. Ages 3–8. Thu 12 Sep to Sun 6 Oct—The Bed The simple poem imagining all the magical things a bed could be is shared with the small audience by a solo performer. The show is multisensory, exploring different worlds, from underwater in a submarine bed, to space in a rocket bed, each with its unique soundscape. Baby version ages 6-18 mths, toddler version ages 18mths–3 years. Sat 14 Sep to Sun 10 Nov—The Dong with a Luminous Nose Edward is a bit of an oddball…one day “the Jumblies” arrive, and his life is turned upside down… then shaken about a bit… and then a bit more! Ages 7+. Fri 27 Sep to Sun 17 Nov—The Further Adventures of The Owl and The Pussy-Cat When their

St Martin’s Lane WC2N Wed 11 Dec to Sun 5 BOOK Jan—The Nutcracker AHEAD NOW! One Christmas Eve, in a snow-covered Edwardian London, young Clara receives an enchanted Nutcracker doll as a present. He opens the door to a magical world, and soon they find themselves battling with the dastardly Mouse King. Then the pair take to the chill-bitten skies as they ride a hot air balloon to the Land of Snow. Ages 5+.

Lyric Theatre

Shaftsbury Ave. W1 Wed 3 July to Sun 8 Sep—The Gruffalo Join mouse on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood in Tall Sorties’ magical, musical adaption of the classic picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. All Ages. Fri 29 Nov to Sun 5 Jan— BOOK Oi Frog & Friends It’s a AHEAD NOW! new day at Sittingbottom school and FROG is looking for a place to sit, but CAT has other ideas and DOG is doing as he’s



told. Little do any of them know that chaos is coming... who knew there were so many rhyming rules and what will happen when FROG is in charge? An action-packed play with songs, puppets, laughs and, of course, rhymes! Ages 3+

Millfield Theatre

Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre Wembley HA9

www.troubadourtheatres. com War Horse

Edmondton N18 Sat 7 Sep—The Dirary of the ADHD child This production, focused on a secondary school child, features how ADHD children cope with school and home life. Ages 6+. Mon 21 Oct—The Pirate Cruncher Overlooking the harbour lies the Thirsty Parrot tavern, run singlehanded by plucky and clever seven year old Emily, child inventor extraordinaire. When her tavern is raided by Captain Purplebeard and his dastardly cut-throat crew, Emily determines to take revenge! Ages 5–11. Thu 28 to Sat 4 Jan— BOOK Mother Goose Join us in AHEAD NOW! Puddle Upon the Marsh, where we meet the Goose Family and follow their adventure, including true love, an evil baddie and of course fairy magic! All the ingredients for another fun packed Millfield Pantomime! Oh Yes You Have! Ages 3+.

Fri 18 Oct to Sat 23 Nov -War Horse At the outbreak of World War One, Joey, young Albert’s beloved horse, is sold to the Cavalry and shipped to France. He’s soon caught up in enemy fire, and fate takes him on an extraordinary journey, serving on both sides before finding himself alone in no man’s land. Albert, who remained on his parents’ Devon farm, cannot forget Joey and he embarks on a treacherous mission to find him and bring him home. Ages 10+.

Based on the books by Kes Gray and Jim Field. Published by Hachette Children’s Group

Islington N1 www.littleangeltheatre. com

Thu 21 Nov to Sat 5 Jan— BOOK The Snowman London’s AHEAD NOW! favourite Christmas Show! The Snowman returns, as a magical mix of exquisite dancing and live music lift the boy and his friend from page to stage. The enchanting show tells the story of a young boy’s adventures when his snowman comes miraculously to life on Christmas Eve. All ages.


Shaftesbury Avenue 20 Families North London

Half-Term Holiday Camps

What’s On Feature

Creative Wiz Kids Packed with Halloween activities! Morning, afternoon and all day clubs! Ages 3–9, 10–1pm or full day 10–4pm available for over 5’s. Early drop off also available. Come and be part of the Creative Wiz Kids experience! Running from Monday 21 to Friday 25 October at The Hall School, 23 Crossfield Road, London , NW3, 4NU.  inTuition Clubs We help children catch up, move forward and stay ahead though interactive tuition in Maths and English. Aimed at small groups of primary aged children, our tuition sessions take place at our North Finchley centre and are delivered by qualified and experienced tutors who are passionate about education. Monthly memberships starts from £100 per month and we have places available now. To arrange a free taster session during half-term or sooner please call 020 3092 7280, email us at  or visit our website  Yellowbird Education – October Half Term Holiday Workshops for Children Due to popular demand, these fun engaging workshops are now offered in new NW11 classroom facilities, for children aged 6-12 (year 2-6). The focus of all Yellowbird workshops is to inspire children and encourage creative minds whilst giving children the confidence to think differently. Carefully structured classes across a number of days aim to build confidence and motivation whilst enlightening children to the joy of learning—key to success on any educational journey. We have two October half-term courses to choose from, each running from Monday 21 to Friday 25 October: • Creative Writing Workshops • Comprehension & Composition Workshops We anticipate these popular workshops will book up fast so advise booking early to avoid disappointment.  / 020 7731 0695

The Jungle Book Perform’s three day October half-term holiday course for 4-10s This October, Perform have got the bare necessities of life covered. Your young cub will love putting on a show about Mowgli and his animal friends. Journeying deep into the jungle, our energetic team will fire your child’s imagination with lots of confidence-boosting songs and games to bring The Jungle Book to life. It’s going to be the wildest half-term ever!  • Age range: 4-10 years. • Dates: Monday 21st–Wednesday 23rd October 2019. Three day courses from 10am to 3pm each day. • Venues: The Hall Middle School, Belsize Park (NW3); St John’s Highbury Vale Primary School, Highbury (N5); The Birchwood Centre, Muswell Hill (N10); and the Mansergh Club, St John’s Wood (NW8) Contact: 020 7255 9120 /  Little House of Science Frankenstein’s Science Lab: Spooky Physics, Mysterious Chemistry and Creepy Biology Daily 21 Monday to Friday 25 October , 9.30-3.30 (8.45am free early drop-off), 4–7 and 8–12 years (age adjusted & separated groups), To register  or , 0800 092 1062 Baden-Powell House, 65-67 Queens Gate, opp. Natural History Museum, London SW7 5JS Swiss Cottage Library, 88 Avenue Road, London NW3 3HA

What’s On Listings for all the family Compiled by Olivia Emin. We aim to be as accurate as possible, but these listings are compiled several weeks beforehand and may be subject to change. Please check before setting out.


and sing-alongs. £2 per person. No booking necessary.  kenwood-house

Wed 4 to Mon 30 Sep Quills, bills and flightless birds at Lauderdale House (N6) On display at the Upper Gallery, daily, 14.30–16:30. 

Fri 6 Sep


Thu 5 Sep

Entertrainments Presents Come Mek We Larf—Comedy Intimates at the Dugdale Centre (EN2) 19:45, £15. 

Through A Lens at Forty Hall (EN2) Informal photography walk, 10–13:00, £30, age 18+. 

Learn How to Use a Sowing Machine at Fortyhall (EN2) 11:00–15:00, £65, age 18+. 

Talkies Community Cinema Presents Screening of Cold War at the Dugdale Centre (EN2) 19:45, £6.50. 

Fri 6 Sep & every Fri during termtime Under 5s at Kenwood House (NW3) 10.30-11:30, craft making, storytelling

Sat 7 Sep

Sun 8 Sep Late Summer Pond Dipping at Stephens House (N3) 11:00 & 14:00, £4 per child, ages 5+.  

Classic and Vintage Car Show at Capel Manor Gardens (EN1) 10:00–17:00. Normal Caple admission fees apply. 

Mon 9 Sep Adult Museum Makers—The Enfield Spitfire at the Dugdale (EN2) 18:30, £15, a friendly and informal workshop delivered by local artist, Lisa Howes. All materials included! 

Tues 10th Sep Little Museum Explorers—Trains In WW2 at the Dugdale (EN2) In connection with our current exhibition on WW2, our storytelling session will be themed on trains. An hour filled with stories, songs and paper crafts. Age 3–4. 

Thu 12 Sep Your Job Your Way: Push for the Flexibility that you have already wanted at JW3 (NW3) 10:30–13:00, £5 per place, includes an outstanding line of up industry experts including Katy Fridman of Frankly Flexible. 

Thu 12 Sep & Thu 24 Oct New Biz Know How—FREE start FREE up seminar at Enterprise Enfield & Let’s Go! Business Hun (EN3) 

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Families North London 21

What’s On Feature

What’s On Listings continued

Fri 13 Sep & every Fri during termtime

Fri 20 Sep

Life Drawing Lauderdale House (N6) Weekly class, 10:00 start, £15 (conc £12). 2 models—one maintaining longer poses (up to 1 hr) and another offering shorter poses (4 to 15 mins) 

Charity Ball in aid of The Nightingale at Forty Hall (EN2) 19:00–00:00, £49.50, age 18+. 

Sat 14 Sep WWII Day Conference at the Dugdale Centre (EN2) 9:30–16:15, £15.  

Open Air Cinema showing of Mama Mia at Lee Valley White Water Centre (EN9) Gates open at 18:30, film starts aprox 19:30. £10 per person or £60 for a group of 7. Bring picnic, chairs/ blanket etc!  

Cheeki Money Big Baby & Children’s Market at Hornsey Parish Church (N10) Save up to 90% on quality preloved goods! Children’s entertainment, balloons, face painting, café and more. £2 adult entry.  

Brace Yourself: It’s Magic Time at Picked Pepper Books (N8) I hour performance by Tom Foolery, age 3+, 15:00, £8.50 per ticket. 

Sun 15 Sep Wedding and Parties Open Day at Lauderdale House (N6) 12–16:00. 


Gardening Morning at Stephens FREE House (N3) 10:30–13:00. Meet at Depot opposite playground. Tools provided. www. 

The Key in The Sea at Picked Pepper Books (N8) 30min performance with puppets and live acoustic music, 11:30, age 3+, £8.50 per ticket. 

Wed 17 Sep People Power at Union Chapel (N1) Family friendly drop in style event, 11:00–14:00. Includes tours, live music, food & drink, and free craft stations.  visiting/event/union-chapel-heritageopen-day

Sat 21 Sep Dress making Workshop with the Avid Seamstress at Forty Hall (EN2) 18:00–23:00. Make a gorgeous “Drop Sleeve Top” with all materials provided. £85, age 18+.  

Professor Octavia’s Magical Menagerie at Picked Pepper Books (N8) A unique, interactive show combining live actors, puppetry and some unusual creatures. 15:00, total time 1 hour including petting zoo, ages 5–11, £8.50 per ticket. 

Sat 21 & Sun 22 Sep Bee and Honey Show at Capel Manor Gardens (EN1) Capel Manor admissions fees apply. 

Sun 22 Sep Capturing Nature in Pastel Art Workshop at Stephens House (N3) 10:30–15:30, suitable for adults age 17+, all levels, £35. 

Monday 23 Sep Curator’s Talk: Great British Jews at the Jewish Museum (NW1) 15:00, pre-booking advised. 


Tues 24 Sep Women at War, By Ian Jones at the Dugdale Centre (EN2) 13:00. Booking advised. 


Sat 28 Sep & Sat 2 Nov Mum2mum Market at St Stephen’s Church Hall, Park Ave (EN1) Award winning baby/children’s nearly new sale where you can save up to 90% on quality pre-loved goods! Refreshments available and first 100 people receive a shopping bag. £2 adult entry, 10–12:00. 2 for 1 entry voucher available on our website: 

Thu 19 Sep

Sat 28 Sep

Interpreting History Conference Chasing at Alexandra Palace (N22) Tickets £38–£80. One-day conference curated by the England’s Historic Cities consortium. 

Emerge Festival at Kenwood House (NW3) 18–23:00, over 18s only, tickets from £10. Includes an all-star creative cast of DJS, debates, musicians, poets and performers take over 50 London icons.  visit/whats-on/kenwood-house 

Tabletop Gaming Live at Alexandra Palace (N22) Calling lovers of all things gaming! 9:00 onwards, tickets from £15.  

Gala Dinner In support of Avenue House Estate Trust at Stephens House (N3) 19:30–23:30, tickets from £55 

Fri 4 Oct Wayne Fox: The Hatching Ground, An Evening of Magic and Illusion at Forty Hall (EN2) 19:45, £20.Join Wayne Fox on a heart warming and uplifting journey of self belief, showmanship and a beginning of a magical understanding. 

The Football Ramble Live! At Alexandra Palace (N22) 20:00– midnight, tickets from £12.20.  

Mum2mum market nearly new sale at Jubilee School, Hackney (N16) Sale of top quality preloved baby, children’s (0–6 years), maternity and baby good/equipment. 10:00–12:00. £2 entry, includes goody bag for first 100 people. 

Sat 5 Oct Fun Palace 2019 Arts Depot (N1) 11–16:00, a free nationwide celebration of arts, sciences and culture. All Ages. 


Elmer’s Walk at Pickled Pepper Books (N8) A 20 min interactive and sensory storytelling experience for under 3mth–5yr old’s. £12.99 per child, £6.99 per adult. Includes copy of Elmer’s Walk. 10:00 & 10:45. 

Sun 29 Sep

As Good As It Gets Alexandra Palace (N22)18:30–20:30, tickets from £22.50, this promises to be a hilarious night of comedy with music by the Flames radio dream team Lady ST & Rocky Boss. 

The Lost Luggage Adventures at Picked Pepper Books (N8) A 45min performance including magical puppetry and a unique pop up set! Ages 3+, £8.50 per ticket.  The Mayor’s Charity Fun Run 2019 at Forty hall Estate (EN2) 10.15—5K run, 10.45—3K run, 11.00 —10k run. Ages 6 and upwards, registration fees from £8. 

Sun 6 Oct

Mon 7 Oct to Thu 31 Oct

Secrets of the Tarot at the Arts FREE Depot (N1) Open during building opening times. A reimagining of the earliest surviving tarot cards of the Renaissance period. All Ages. 

Sun 29 Sep & Sun 27 Oct

The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace (N22) 9:30–18:30, tickets from £22.50. 

Big Fish Little Fish ‘Pirate Indie Special’ Family Rave at Fest, Camden (NW1) 14–16:30, adult tickets £10, child tickets £7.  Kenwood Stories at Kenwood House (NW3) Tours at 12:30pm, 2pm FREE and 3pm.  visit/whats-on/kenwood-house

OCTOBER Wed 2 Oct Waterstones Presents the Launch of The Secret Commonwealth: The Book of Dust Volume Two with Philip Pullman and Guests at Alexandra Palace (N22) Launch!.Tickets from £20, doors from 18:30. 

Thu 10 Oct-Sun 13 Oct

Sat 12 & 19 Oct The Secret Garden at Pickled Pepper Books (N8) A 60 min performance including puppetry. £8.50 per ticket, ages 4+, 15:00. 

Fri 18 Oct Shinya Fukumori & Andrew McCormack Duo at Lauderdale House (N6) 20.30, £12. A highly anticipated debut concert. 

Fri 18th to 20th Oct The OM Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace (N22) 10:00–18:30, tickets from £11. Leading teachers from around the world are available to provide advice and guidance.  

Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools

dr ama singing dance Schools in:

Crouch End Enfield Finchley Hendon Barnet AND MORE!


T: 020 8447 4530 W: 22 Families North London

What’s On Feature

To have your event listed on these pages email the details to Mind Body Soule at Alexandra Palace (N22) 10:00–18:00, tickets from £11. Embark on a journey of discovery and renewal, with hundreds of experts on hand! 

Sat 19 Oct Selina Thompson: Race Cards FREE at the Arts Depot (N1) A room containing 1000 questions about race, written by Selina Thompson in three sittings across 24 hours one weekend in Edinburgh. You’re invited to answer one of them. 

Mon 21 to Fri 25 Oct Creative Wiz Kids Packed with Halloween activities! Morning, afternoon and all day clubs! Ages 3-9, 10-1pm or full day 10-4pm available for over 5’s. Early drop off also available. Come and be part of the Creative Wiz Kids experience! Running at The Hall School, 23 Crossfield Road, London NW3 4NU. 

Fri 25 & Sat 26 Oct Halloween at Capel Manor Gardens (EN1). Dress up in your spookiest outfit, meet our creepy creatures, carve a pumpkin and have a spook-tacular time. From £5 per person. 

Sun 27 Oct Halloween Spooktacular Stephens House (N3) 16:30–19:00 An evening of Halloween fun including a spine-tingling spooky basement tour, creepy garden ghost hunt, beastly bouncing, ghoulish games, cunning crafts, terrifying tattoos and more From £9 per person. www. 

Sunday Buzz: Hot Swing Bohème FREE at the Arts Depot (N12) Includes uplifting gypsy swing tunes from the Django Reinhardt era and classic Jazz standards from the Great American Songbook. 12:30, no booking required.  

Firework and Lasers Display at Scout Gilwell Park (E4) Amazing musical, laser, light and firework display, starting at 19:00, gates open from 16:00 to enjoy adventurous activities from Rock Climbing to High Ropes and Dogems plus a bar and catering vans. Advance tickets £8.50 adults, £6 children. gilwellfireworks.

Mon 28 Oct Ronnie Scott’ s 60 Presents…Courtney Pine Feat.Omar at Alexandra Palace (N22) Part of Ronnie Scott’s 60th anniversary celebrations, tickets from £11.97.  

Curator’s Talk: Great British Jews at the Jewish Museum (NW1) 15:00, pre-booking advised. 


Tues 29 Oct Lunchtime Talks – Football during WWII with Graham Frost at the Dugdale Centre (EN2) 13:00. 


Wed 30 Oct The Magnificent Music Hall Alexandra Palace (N22) Performance at 16:30, tickets from £19.40. 

Thu 31 Oct Creepy Halloween Walk at Lauderdale House (N6) From 17:00, must pre-book, £9.50 per child and adult. 

NOVEMBER Fri 1 to Sat 2 Nov Firework Festival Alexandra Palace (N22) Adult tickets from £9.50. 

Sat 2 Nov Firework display at Scout Park (N22) Two firework displays—the Quiet One at 17:30 and Feature Display at 20:00. Includes marshmallow toasting, games, food & drinks. Tickets from £4. 

Tue 5 Nov Steps to Starting Your Own Business Enterprise Enfield (EN3 FREE 5JH) Taster Sessions for Women 9:30–12:00. www.enterpriseenfield. org/seminars-events

Remember, Remember the 5th of November…! Your Guide to Guy Fawkes Night By Olivia Malaure

Gunpowder, treason, and plot I see no reason why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot. The ‘plot’ was simple—to blow up The Houses of Parliament with barrels of gunpowder hidden in its cellar. Guy Fawkes was given the job of lighting the fuse but, on the 5 November 1605, the plot was discovered and he was taken to the Tower Of London and executed. To celebrate his own survival, King James 1 ordered his people to light a great bonfire every year on the night of 5 November. You don’t have to go far to be part of the crackle and fizz. The annual traditional fireworks display at Alexandra Palace (N22) is planned to take place as a two day festival over Friday 1 and Saturday 2 November. There is also a spectacular sounding musical, laser, light and firework show at Scout Adventures Gilwell Park (Chingford, E4) on Sunday 27 October which can be enjoyed after an afternoon of adventurous activities from rock climbing to high ropes and dodgems! Many schools hold organised fireworks displays but if the idea of being outdoors with very young children on a cold November evening sends a chill down your spine, here are some ideas to help you enjoy Bonfire Night at home. • Start with a Bang: Kids love listening to the popping of microwave popcorn that they can munch on. • Add some Colour: Make a rocket! Wrap silver paper around an empty kitchen roll tube and stick down. Cut out a circle of coloured card (approx 9cm) and make a cone shape. Tape the cone to the top of the cylinder. Decorate the cylinder with stickers and stick strips of red or orange cellophane to the bottom for flames. Kids can fly their colourful creations around the garden! • Bonfire Baked Potatoes: Cook up edible bonfires! Fill jacket potatoes with child-friendly toppings. Sprinkle some Red Leicester cheese on top for flames, or put the fire out with a spoonful of creme fraiche on top! • Light Up the Night Sky: Kids love torches and they’re a fun, safe way for them to play in the dark and enjoy the atmosphere of Bonfire Night.

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Families North London Issue 138 Sep/Oct 2019  

Back to School and Education feature Issue! Plus Clubs and Classes, What's On and Much More!

Families North London Issue 138 Sep/Oct 2019  

Back to School and Education feature Issue! Plus Clubs and Classes, What's On and Much More!