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With the disappointingly cool start to summer, it seems that the only blistering hot guarantee right now is this issue of Families Manchester! It’s a bumper edition with loads of ideas of where to go and what to do with the kids over the holidays. Check out our 11 pages of holiday clubs, great days out and what’s on starting on page 13. We’ve been so inspired while putting this together, we’re actually looking forward to the end of term! But if you can find some time to yourself before the year end school bell, then put your feet up and enjoy our selection of informative articles and enter our fabulous competitions. If you’re taking a UK break this year, then be sure to make your central resource for family friendly what’s on information all over the country, thanks to our local editors. Have a fantastic break, and we’ll see you in September!

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Education A Guide to the 11 Plus and Entrance Exams By Peter Williams BA(Ed) Hons, Dip. TEFL English: some schools use an English paper in place of verbal reasoning and this will likely look different from those they have encountered at school. They typically contain multiple choice comprehension style questions then multiple choice spelling, punctuation and sentence structure sections. In the last parts, students will need to be able to spot the mistakes.

While many children longingly look forward to the summer holidays and a well-earned rest from their academic endeavours, some will begin work in an effort to gain a place at one of a handful of selective schools still in existence in the North-West. And with good reason too; for preparation is one of the keys to success in being successful in entrance exams. Many schools employ the use of multiple choice style papers now which include subjects not covered by the National Curriculum. That means that many children will never before have seen these sorts of questions or the answer sheets which accompany them.

Entrance Exam Subject Areas Non-Verbal Reasoning: these types of papers are unique in that there are very few written instructions. Students look at a variety of shapes and patterns – some involving quite intricate detail – and answer questions in several main forms. These involve finding differences and

similarities, completing sequences and working out codes. These are multiple choice with 5 possible answers from which to choose and students usually are expected to answer each question in 30 seconds. Verbal Reasoning: these types of papers contain a wide variety of language, logic and even some mathematical style questions. Reading regularly is vital as possessing a broad vocabulary is an important factor in aiding success in verbal reasoning. Typically papers contain 80 or 85 questions to be completed in 50 minutes and can be found in both multiple choice and standard formats. Multiple choice papers will give a choice of 5 or 6 answers. Mathematics: the mathematics papers students take will contain all the basic skills required but often involve multi-step questions. Students often find multiple choice questions difficult since the possible answers from which they must choose, all ‘look’ plausible. Students must be able to apply the mathematical skills they have learnt and also have an excellent grasp of arithmetic.

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And Finally... If your child is due to sit these exams in the autumn, check out the useful websites below so you can find out up to date information about each of the schools. Remember – Preparation is key.

Useful Websites The writers of these practice papers will likely be the ones writing the actual exams so get some of these to aid practice. has a free newsletter about Trafford, an online resource centre and links to all the schools. a set of books with multiple choice style practice questions and also methods on how to solve them all in Verbal Reasoning, NonVerbal Reasoning, Maths and English. Peter Williams has been a primary school teacher for over 12 years and provides a tuition service in Manchester. He has taught in London, Manchester, the Middle-East and Atlanta, Georgia where he won an award for his teaching in 2005. He is the author of 11 Plus series ‘Practise and Pass and has contributed teaching materials to ABC Teach and educational articles to various magazines.

One of Britain’s leading tutoring service providers, Fleet Tutors, has noted that the fastest growing trend is for coaching for the 11+ grammar school entrance test, especially now that many grammar schools hold their entrance exams earlier in the autumn school term. The industry reports a doubling in demand for tutors to help seven and eight year-olds with private preparatory school entrance. Recent results show that over 80% of students exceeded their predicted scores in public exams when a reputable tuition provider is commissioned. Fleet Tutors offers a Live Online Tutoring service delivered by the highest performing tutors across the country with established track records of tutoring online. The service is “gimmick free” and enables students anywhere in the world to have access to the UK’s leading private tutors, bringing the British education system and the National Curriculum to students anywhere. For information and bookings call 0845 644 5452 or email

Education Making the transition to secondary school

Ready Readers Summer Fun

How much to help and how much to let go Margaret Ansell, owner of The Study Zone in Twickenham has supported large numbers of children and parents through this transition and shares what she has learnt. The transition from Primary to Secondary School is an anxious time for parents. During the primary school years, it is fairly easy to support your child at school. You will probably know his teacher, other members of staff and parents, as well as being familiar with school policies and routines. The thought of losing the control this familiarity offers is as daunting for parents as it is for children and you may well wonder how best to continue to support your child. You may also worry specifically about your child’s ability to cope with the new environment and crucially, whether he or she will make friends. Your anxieties may be eased by adopting strategies that help with the transition. Here are some tips and tools which should help you prepare for and manage the early months:

Before the transition: 1. Shield your child from your anxiety. They can make this transition. Critically, they need to know that you believe in them and their ability to deal with difficulties and challenges. 2. Relax the organisation. Towards the end of year 6, step back from the organisation of your child’s school life e.g. packing school bags etc. You may secretly want to savour these last few months of dependency but your child needs a taste of independence. If they are slow to take up the reins, don’t take over and don’t despair, they will get there eventually. 3. If your child will walk to school or travel independently on public transport, practice the new journey. Start by travelling together but without interaction. Then move to simply following behind your child. Finally, let him do it alone and meet him there. Travel at busy times. Allow your child to make mistakes and find solutions. This equips them with the skills to handle the unexpected like bus detours and road closures.

After the transition: 1. Be There. Make sure a parent or trusted carer is available before and after school – to provide food, notice if your child comes in late, listen to their successes and concerns and be aware of subtle changes in mood; someone to empathise and with whom to discuss problems. Watch and listen, help out if asked but don’t take over. Become an Enabler rather than a Fixer. 2. Support the development of friendships. It’s of great importance to older children that they mix socially and establish secure friendships and they need to do this whilst still young enough to turn to you for support when they make mistakes. Gradually they will learn to make informed choices about friends. It’s appropriate for this age group to have access to a basic mobile phone and computer but the dangers of social networking should be discussed and boundaries agreed upon. 3. Support organisation and routines. Create “To Do Lists” or “Timetables” for the fridge, agree places to keep bags, kit, and books. Label uniform and valuables. Establish routines so they can get to school punctually. Don’t expect too much too soon, many won’t crack this for years! 4. Understand what homework they have and know when it has been completed and handed in. Agree a routine that will help your child to complete and hand in all homework on time, without devoting too much time to one piece and little or nothing to others. However, remember it is their homework not yours; help, encourage, motivate but accept their best. 5. Schedule time to relax. Your child will be exhausted by the effort of holding it all together. Tears are likely over the most trivial things and they may regress and demand more care. Trust that they can cope and make sure there is time for sleep, friends, homework, more sleep, watching TV, playing computer games and yet more sleep! Avoid weekend breaks and reduce extra-curricular commitments to the minimum. Now is not the time for your child to begin new activities or classes. And lastly, schedule time to relax yourself! All will eventually be well.

Reading is a vital part of learning and imperative to our children’s education. Books help children develop language – the more they read the better they become. Reading aloud to children exposes them to proper grammar & phrasing, enhances development of their spoken language skills and enables them to express themselves verbally. It also exposes them to new vocabulary; even when they don’t understand a new word, they absorb something from the content and may deepen their understanding of a new language and phonics.

Reading also opens up new worlds and enriches children’s lives – it’s a way to learn about different people and places, enhancing their social and relationship building skills. Sharing reading with a parent, sibling, grandparent or with a group of friends makes it challenging & exciting! Ready Readers is a FUN new reading group in South Manchester, for children aged 4 to 8 years. Small summer classes (6 children per group) will run every Wednesday morning from the end of July to the end of August. To find out more or to book your place, call Sara Murawa at Parent Concern on 0161 2911188 / 07939 108682.

WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN No sew, no iron and no hassle labelling from Attach a Tag One lucky Families reader will enjoy troublefree labelling this September! Enter online now to win – If you’re our winner, we’ll send you the applicator and a voucher for you to order your tags online. Entries close Tuesday 31 July. | Families Manchester 5

Education Reduce the stress of ‘back to school’ shoe-shopping

Image: Start-rite shoes

Even though we’re looking down the barrel of the summer holidays there is always that niggling voice in the back of your mind that ‘back to school’ shoe shopping is only just around the corner. Children’s shoe experts, Start-rite, have come up with their top tips on what to look for in back to school shoes and how to take the strain out of ‘back to school’ shoe-shopping.

The shoes • For all day comfort you need to make sure your child is wearing shoes that properly fit their feet. Children’s feet are as unique as their personalities and there’s no such thing as an ‘average’ foot. Shoes which come in only one width actually fit less than a third of children so it’s important to choose shoes which are available in whole and half sizes and offer the greatest choice of width fittings. • Children’s feet grow in spurts so their footwear should be professionally checked for fit every six to eight weeks when

they are toddling and every three to four months after that. Professional shoefitters provide free, no-obligation fit checks and will not recommend purchase of new shoes unless the child needs them. • You should choose shoes with built-in space around the toes to give feet room to grow, but never be tempted to buy shoes in a larger size than your child needs so that they can ‘grow into them’. This is a false economy because shoes which don’t fit properly do not wear as well and, more importantly, they can damage a child’s feet.

Online literacy resources Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress Learning to read is an important skill for all children – they love working and playing on the computer, so the Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress programmes are all about making it fun as well. Developed by a highly experienced team of educational teachers, writers and developers, the programmes focus on a core reading curriculum of phonics and sight words using skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success, supporting what children learn at school. Reading Eggs: includes 120 literacy lessons that take a child from foundation stage through to the end of key stage 1. In addition to the lessons there is Reading Eggs World which caters for children who already know the basics of reading but who still have much to learn about reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension. Children are able to choose their own adventure from a wide range of activities and places to go.

Reading Eggspress: using a highly engaging spinning island, children are instantly involved and interested. They explore a complete world with a wide variety of both learning and fun experiences. The range of activities motivates students to return regularly to complete lessons, compete against others, earn more rewards and improve their skills. Progress is measured by the completion of targets that are split over 4 levels and help to give children some guidance and structure for learning. Both the Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress programs have a comprehensive reporting system that tracks progress so that students and their parents can clearly see each child’s achievements. Why not try the programmes now for FREE for an extended period of 5 weeks? Simply visit, register your email address and once your account has been set up you can enter the promotional code UKS24MNC on your parent dashboard. Happy Eggsploring!

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• Choose leather footwear because it provides the healthiest environment for growing feet. Children’s feet have as many sweat glands as an adult’s and we lose about an eggcup full of perspiration from our feet each day. Leather is breathable and allows vapour to escape through the surface of the shoe. • Leather also conforms to the shape of the feet for maximum comfort, is hard wearing and easy to maintain. Startrite uses only dyed-through leathers which keep their good looks even after scuffing. Shoe care is particularly important for shoes which are worn frequently. Regular cleaning and polishing actually helps to extend a shoe’s life as well as keeping them looking good. • For maximum comfort, durability and grip, choose shoes with a good tread pattern on the sole. Check that the sole flexes easily across the widest part of shoe (which contains the ball of the foot). The sole shouldn’t be too heavy and thickness should be in proportion with the shoe size and the child’s height. • Choose a shoe with an effective fastener across the instep so that your child doesn't curl his toes to keep them on. Laces, buckles and velcro straps are best because they hold the feet securely and comfortably in the

Reading at home 2012 Summer Reading Challenge™

Story Lab is this year’s Summer Reading Challenge™ encouraging children to read six or more books of their choice during the holidays. Sign up for free at your local library now. Each child who completes the challenge will receive a medal, with other collectable incentives, rewards and certificates along the way.

StoryCloud for the Cultural Olympiad London Festival 2012 This unique digital project brings together authors, illustrators and children to create stories. It’s a web application for children from 5-8 years old and their families. Discover Children’s Story Centre has worked with digital publisher WingedChariot and commissioned twelve brand new

correct position in the shoe. Properly fitted slip-on shoes have to fit snugly to ensure they don’t fall off and this means they can’t incorporate growing room.

The shopping • Don’t leave it until the last minute. Shops will be busier at the end of the school holidays and they may have sold out of your chosen style or size. • If you are going to hit the shops go first thing in the morning. It will be quieter and that’s when your child is likely to be feeling freshest. • Allow enough time – it takes around half an hour for a child to be professionally measured and fitted for shoes. • For the best fit, take school socks with you for your child to wear when being fitted for shoes. • If you can’t face the high street, why not try shopping online? Look for websites that offer expert advice and online tools to help you measure your child’s feet. For more advice on children’s foot care and footwear needs, for stockist information and to view Start-rite’s wide range of children’s footwear visit

stories/poems; eight from the UK's leading children’s authors/poets and four from east London children. Each author/child has recorded their brand new story for StoryCloud and twelve illustrators have then been commissioned to create digital pictures in response to the stories. Children are able to listen and read along with the author/child telling the story and then play with the beautiful illustrations to find the hidden secrets and surprises. Each story has tasks to encourage children to create their own stories and drawings in response to the twelve stories, and children can send their stories/drawings to Discover. A selection will then be displayed on an on-line gallery throughout the summer. A new story will be released each Monday until 3 September, creating a magical on-line library for families throughout the UK.

Parents’ place Coping with failure By Melissa Hood, The Parent Practice

It’s a certainty that we all experience failure from time to time and therefore need to be able to cope with it. There are (at least) two ways of responding to failure: one is to be beaten down by it and to feel hopeless and discouraged and perhaps give up; the other is to accept that this time things didn’t go so well and determine to keep trying until you do better and hopefully learn something from the experience. Edison found many ways not to invent the light bulb before he discovered the way that worked. “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work…” How do we respond to failure? Perhaps education systems and modern methods of parenting don’t equip our children well for responding to failure positively. Across the world education systems with their interest in standardising and measuring have put much emphasis on tests, results, scores and achievements with the result that sometimes there has been not enough attention paid to the process of learning, creating happy, creative and thoughtful problem solvers. So much attention has been paid to achievements that to fail is no longer an option. Anything wrong with Positive parenting? Parents have praised their children for doing well. The focus remains on results rather than on creative thinking or new tactics tried. This creates a lot of pressure for kids – they know that winning is what counts and it makes it hard for them to fail. This creates a culture of risk adversity in academics, sport and the arts and pits children against each other rather than encouraging collaboration – who dares to fail or even to take another path if it is so important to win and there is a set way to do it? Parents can influence matters considerably by: • What we pay attention to and how we talk about success and failure. If we pay attention only to achievements, children learn results-based success is all that counts. When they do not achieve the result hoped for are our children not worthwhile? When your daughter comes home from a netball match don’t let your first question be ‘did you win?’, but ‘Did you enjoy the game? Did you play your best? Were you able to set up some goals? How did the team play together? • Giving meaningful and descriptive praise for effort, strategies, attitudes and small improvements, rather than results, to develop a growth mind-set in children. “You kept on trying with these sums even though you didn’t find it easy. That’s persevering. Your efforts have paid off – five out of six are correct.” • Looking behind children’s behaviour and acknowledging their emotions to help them manage their feelings. Children who develop emotional intelligence are more resilient and pick themselves up again after setbacks.

• Encouraging independence, especially in thinking, to build self-trust. Invite and listen to kids’ ideas. “I know we did too much for our youngest son around his A levels because we felt it was so important that he get the grades he needed for the next step in his education, his passport to successful adult life. But when he feels his parents are there to catch him he doesn’t put so much effort in himself. When we do too much of his thinking/planning/ organising he doesn’t do it himself.” Mother of 18 year old.

Leading Nanny agency throughout Cheshire and North West • A range of full and part-time childcare services including, nannies, live in/out, babysitting, maternity nannies, emergency care, mothers help, housekeepers & special needs nannies. • All candidates are thoroughly vetted, interviewed and reference checked • Home visits, to enable us to fully understand your requirements

Tel: 01925 768188 or 07766 290802 Email:

Achieving the difference...

Modelling how to handle failure well. • When you get something wrong don’t beat yourself up about it but acknowledge the mistake and why it was a mistake. • Take steps to remedy it - make amends. • Articulate what you are learning, show that you are not diminished by your failures but can profit from them. • Example: “This morning when we were getting ready for school I yelled at you guys. We were in such a hurry and I didn’t think you were being very helpful. It’s not a good idea for me to yell at you as it doesn’t make you feel good,… or me, and it doesn’t make things go any faster. I’m sorry. I thought about it afterwards when I was calm and realised that it was because we were in a hurry and I didn’t want to be late that I shouted. Tomorrow I am going to make sure we get started earlier and I’m going to see what I can do tonight so that there’s less to do in the morning. I think I learnt something today.” Responding encouragingly to their mistakes around school work or music practice or sport as follows: • Find something positive to comment on first. Make sure you’re acknowledging good qualities or behavioural traits such as commitment and creativity as well as being able to spell well or do fractions or dribble a ball well or play a piece fluently. • Then ask them to find something to improve, routinely. • It is a difficult task for parents but we need to allow our children to have an unpressured childhood not just for the sake of their present happiness but also to create a future generation of people who can think and are willing to embrace new ideas. | Families Manchester 7

Parents’ place Supporting your child through grief

It’s a sad fact, but at some point in their young life, your child will lose a loved one. How do you help them process their grief and when do children need professional support? We talk to Dan Bordoley, Children and Young People’s Worker who is based at St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds (0113 218 5500 / The branches of the Tree of Life at St Gemma’s Hospice are filled with delicate copper leaves inscribed with the names of those who have died here. Each of these leaves represents a life lost, a family bereaved. Dan Bordoley has supported hundreds of children from those families through their grief. The smiling faces looking out of the latest newsletter from his department reveal that he’s doing vital work. Dan supports children dealing with the very worst sort of loss – often a parent and says there are as many different ways of grieving as there are children. “Everyone grieves in their own way, at their own pace,” explains Dan. “Most model their parents, especially younger children. Very young children tend not to

understand and so don’t accept the person has gone. They think they’re coming back. Death doesn’t mean the same to a young child as it does to you and me. That changes when they get to about 6 years old. Then they begin to understand the person who has died isn’t coming back. They will have feelings but at that age, can struggle with verbalizing them.” Honesty and direct, real language are the key to communicating with children. There’s a natural instinct as a parent to want to protect your child from sadness and loss, but most of the children Dan works with say they prefer to know what’s going on. It gives them the chance to ask questions, and gives parents the chance to explain things. Open and honest language is also vital. “Be clear with the words you use. Don’t be afraid to say ‘death’ and ‘dying’ otherwise the child will be confused,” Dan explains. “If you say you’ve ‘lost’ someone, a child thinks they can be found. If you say someone has ‘fallen asleep’ a child thinks they can be woken, or they can be scared to go to sleep themselves.” Dan’s work combines individual and

family counselling with group workshops. Those workshops use art, drama, dance and sport to either focus the children’s mind on working through their grief, or providing a positive distraction with young people going through the same experiences. At the moment Dan’s planning a sailing trip in Newcastle and some self-defence classes. However one of the most poignant exercises is ‘A Day to Remember’. “It’s a very direct look at a child’s grief, but done in a fun way,” says Dan. “It’s a day of arts and crafts focused around the person who has died. It allows the children to process the memories, and not just the good ones. It’s about remembering the whole person.” Art is a big part of the therapy at St Gemma’s and Dan uses drawing with the children. When the words run out, drawing a picture can be a way of communicating feelings. The walls of the art room are covered with work from both those being treated here and the children they leave behind. “A useful exercise to do with a child is to divide a piece of paper into three sections,” explains Dan. “This is before, during and the future. Get the child to draw a picture in each area. It helps to start a conversation, acknowledge what’s happened but importantly to see there’s a future. This can take some children 10 minutes and others much longer.” Dan will see about 100 children this year aged between 5 and 16 years old. He describes his job as a privilege. The children he’s supported over his 5 years here have taught him a positive and important lesson about the human spirit that can give every grieving family hope in their darkest hour. “Most children are OK. Yes, they will be changed. Yes, the experience will stay with them for life. But they’ll be OK.”

What do I say to my child? • Tell them the truth. Excluding them can make them feel left out and resentful. By talking to them YOU control the information and keep communication channels open. • Use clear, real language. • Let your child know it’s OK to ask questions. They will have worries and concerns and verbalizing them can help keep them in perspective. Younger children will ask the same question over again. Be patient. • Don’t hide your emotions from your child. By showing you are upset, you are giving them permission to show they are upset. • Keep your boundaries in place. Children become confused when the boundaries they’ve lived with disappear. If they’re badly behaved, tell them. If they’ve got a routine, stick to it. You’re giving them a stability at a time when life feels very unstable. • Look out for changes in behaviour – anger, anxiety, worry, fear of being abandoned. Their fears may be irrational but listen and respond in a straightforward and truthful manner. • Consult the professionals. If you feel your child isn’t communicating or coping then ask for support.

Useful Websites Child Bereavement Charity Childhood Bereavement Network Winston’s Wish

Check out the new gift sets from banana lane, to get free postage just enter FAM2012 at checkout.

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Parents’ place Working mums In today’s tough times, being a stay-at-home mum is, unfortunately, a luxury rather than a right. The good news is that there are a growing number of companies out there offering the opportunity for you to work from home, or work for yourself. and are just 2 sites offering advice and opportunities to those of us trying to juggle a family and a job. Buying a franchise is also a way to work for yourself, but still have the support of a larger team and not feel completely on your own.

Families for Flexibility Why not do what we do?! 4 years ago, we were both full time mums with 2 year old children, but were keen to get back to earning. We wanted something that was fulfilling as a career but that also offered us flexibility to work around our children. Our shared love of writing meant that a ‘Families Magazine’ franchise seemed the perfect option. We bought the Cheshire franchise in March 2009 and spent the next six months preparing for our launch issue in September. It was such a great feeling when the issue came back from print! And thanks to the amazing support of our advertisers, distributors and readers (and husbands!), we have grown the magazine from just 16 pages each issue to what it is today and chose to buy another! In May 2011 we acquired Families Manchester when this came up for sale from Helen, the previous

Success for Mumpreneur Eve Bell at Salford Business Awards Local mum Eve Bell, managing director of online real nappy boutique Baba+Boo was declared runner up in the prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year category of the Salford Business Awards, run by the University of Salford and sponsored by Talk Talk. Eve has built Baba+Boo with two small children at home. She came up with the idea while her son was just one and she was pregnant with her daughter. Knowing that family finances would be tight she was looking to make savings to the budget and cloth nappies seemed like a logical solution. But she was shocked at the cost of buying them, so set about using her skills as a buyer to create the brand that is Baba+Boo. The business’s turnover has doubled every year for the last three years and the product range has grown to include not only more than 25 funky designs of cloth nappies, but a range of accessories such as headbands, bibs and leather baby shoes.

editor who was moving on to other things. We’ve both loved working on the magazines from the start. As with everything there are a few tasks we grumble about (accounts!) but the good stuff such as writing, speaking to local businesses, photo shoots, working with designers, and getting to know inspiring local mumpreneurs all make for a great way to fill the hours while the kids are at school. Being self-employed has been the perfect flexible solution – we’ve simply worked around a pregnancy, having a tiny baby at home and odd sick days (children and mum) without any guilt. There are currently Families franchises available close by so if you know someone who lives in Lancashire who could do what we do tell them to get in touch. There is also an existing franchise in the Pennines that is up for sale. For more details call Helli on 0208 696 9680 or email Have a look at the Families group website as well. Eve says, “I’m absolutely stunned. I couldn’t believe I’d even got as far as the shortlist, never mind be awarded with a runner up in the award. Of course, I’m proud of Baba+Boo and how far we’ve come in the last two years, but I never thought for a minute that I could win a business award.” Just goes to show what you can do when you believe in yourself enough to take a chance to try something on your own. We’re thrilled for Eve – she’s an inspiration to all us mums!

Career with NCT For something a little different, perhaps you’d like to train as a practitioner with NCT? The University of Worcester and NCT have joined forces to provide universityaccredited training for those wanting to support parents on their journey from pregnancy to parenthood. Admissions have just opened for this new course, which offers flexible training, perfect for

Little Superstars Sports Club In 2006, Louise Nicholson, a mum of two, was looking for an activity club to encourage her young children in an active lifestyle and appreciate what sport and fitness has to offer. She recognised the importance for even “non-sporty” children to learn about different sports such as rugby, football, lacrosse, cricket, basketball etc. – not simply focus on just one initially. So, using her own sporting background, she and her husband developed Little Superstars Sports Club – a range of lesson plans designed to allow children up to age 6 to experience a variety of fun activities that improve hand and eye coordination, balance and social skills – and it’s been such a success that she’s now looking to expand the club around the country.

anyone considering a change to a more family-friendly career or looking to return to work after having a baby. With tutorials across the UK and study days hosted regionally, students can complete the majority of their studies without travelling to Worcester. So, if you're looking for a rewarding job you can fit around your family, becoming an NCT practitioner could be just the thing.

So, if you’re a mum or dad who shares Louise’s passion for a healthy, active future for children, and fancy the idea of having your own business with flexible working hours, then this could be the perfect solution for you. You can decide if you want the club to run all year round, or just work around school hours – and you can make it as big or small as you like. A Little Superstars Sports Club can offer: • Weekly Community Classes set up in local halls • Pre School sessions for the physical development and outdoor play of the EYFS • Nursery sessions for the physical development and outdoor play of the EFYS • Sports Birthday parties • School sessions for reception, Year One and Year Two. Call Louise on 07904 311552 and visit for more information. | Families Manchester 9

Parents’ place The Bowen Technique – a gentle treatment for all ages By Pauline Walker, 07968 295623 The Bowen Technique is one of the most versatile and effective therapeutic treatments available today. Its ability to re-align and balance the body means it is effective for most conditions. A treatment consists of a series of gentle moves on skin or through light clothing, with the client usually lying on a bed or treatment couch, although it is possible to be treated seated. Developed in the 1950s by Mr Tom Bowen in Australia, the Bowen Technique has been practiced in the UK since the early 1990’s. As a Bowen therapist I have been trained to practice this gentle and very effective technique, which uses a ‘rolling move’ over the origins/insertions of muscles and superficial tissue, using either the forefingers or thumbs. The Bowen Technique is so gentle that the treatment is safe for everyone, from new born babies, young children and expectant mothers, through to the elderly.

Whilst the Bowen Technique is used predominantly for muscular skeletal issues, the technique can also help on many other levels, releasing not only the symptoms that brought the client to see the therapist for, but also some that had been forgotten. The Bowen Technique can be used to address many ailments, including colic, sciatica, frozen shoulder and a bad back. Normally a treatment lasts between 30 minutes and one hour. Although changes can often be seen quite quickly, normally I would suggest having around three treatments (often over three weeks) and assessing how you are progressing. There are two unique qualities to the Bowen Technique. One is that the treatment can be completed through light clothing, and the other and most important one is the breaks. Between a number of moves, depending on where the moves are applied, there is a break of at least two minutes. These breaks are a very important part of

the treatment as this gives your body the opportunity to rest and work with the information applied during the moves. After a treatment, many clients feel relaxed and refreshed. It must be noted however, that the Bowen Technique is not a substitute for medical treatment. Jayne Keep decided to give it a try, and reports back. I, like many, didn't know much (actually anything!) about Bowen prior to my treatment. Pauline was the right therapist for a novice like me, she had a lovely manner, is so passionate about Bowen and had a great knowledge so was able to explain the process and what to expect prior to the treatment. Pauline visited me at home which I think is nice when you are having a relaxing therapy; she brought a massage bed for me to lie on and we worked with me wearing light clothing.

As I had no major issues to deal with, Pauline worked on points all over my body. I found the therapy very different from anything I have had before as Pauline pressed on very specific points and then paused between movements for my body to process these pressures. She advised I may feel some tingling in certain areas which I certainly did in my back (an area of tightness for me) and this difference in feeling in my back compared to other non-problematic areas really made me feel the Bowen was having an effect. Pauline realised I was suffering with a cold at the time of treatment and performed a move to help unblock my sinuses almost instantly, and for the rest of the day, I noticed a clear difference. I enjoyed my treatment and would consider Bowen again if I had a health issue to address. I would certainly make Pauline my first call.

The Energy-saving light bulbs that come with a health warning! Hard as it may be to believe, one of your most common household items could prove hazardous to your family’s health. Although compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs have become popular, little is known about the fact that they contain small amounts of mercury, a toxic substance. Because of this, they could cause a problem if disposed of incorrectly or accidently broken in your home. The amount of mercury found in a CFL bulb is extremely small - just 5milligrams (a thermometer contains 3 grams) which is needed to generate light efficiently. The mercury can’t escape from a light bulb when it is being used, but you shouldn't throw it into the normal rubbish as the mercury could escape if the bulb gets broken. Instead, take it to your local waste and recycling centre. Even if your bulb did break, the mercury it contains is unlikely to cause you any harm, however it is good practice to reduce your exposure to mercury and take precautions as advised by the Health Protection Agency (

FREE Little Kickers class Families Manchester readers can benefit from a great offer from Little Kickers at their classes in West and East Didsbury, Sale, Altrincham, Cheadle, Bramhall, Lymm, Urmston and Bowden. If you’re a NEW customer, you’ll be offered a free class when you sign up – so you get 7 weeks for the price of 6. These football classes are for children from 18 months to 7 years, with the small class sizes split into age appropriate groupings and coached by the same person each week. 15,000 children throughout the UK experience the Little Kickers difference each week – so why not go along and try it out for yourself? 0161 442 5713 /

10 Families Manchester |

Parents’ place How busy parents can feed the family well, save money & avoid waste! Modern families face daily news of the decline in family meals, coupled with the rise of grocery bills and food waste. What can they do about this? Menus4Mums, the online family meal planners, have launched an ingenious Batch Cooking Plan of summer dinners which enables a busy parent to cook 8 delicious family meals for the freezer in just 1.5 hours. All the meals are family-friendly, healthy and delicious and can be finished off in a matter of minutes when required. Batch cooking means parents can make good use of multi-buys, saving money on food and fuel costs, and avoiding food waste. Best of all, they have a freezer full of family meals so no longer have to rely on takeaways or ready-meals at the end of a family trip out or a busy working day. The batch cook plan includes Bolognese sauce with summer veg; Mediterranean burgers; a versatile tomato sauce for pasta or chicken; and a chicken bake recipe. It comes with easy-to-follow recipe cards with no hard-to-find

ingredients, together with a shopping list broken down into supermarket aisles. At just ÂŁ8.99 for an immediate download, it could save the modern family a lot of money and time! Visit for more details. | Families Manchester 11

Pets Man’s best friend can be as much a part of the family as your children – certainly they come with their own responsibilities, frustrations, joys and rewards. And like children, they love you unconditionally. But the best thing about them is they don’t answer back!

Image: Paul Moffat Photography

Stay safe around dogs By Amy Watson, Education Officer at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Britain is a nation of animal lovers so lots of families have a pet dog at home. Here at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, as well as looking after lost, abandoned or unwanted dogs, we also help pet owners to learn more about their four-legged friends. Knowing more about our pets and how to read their body language is really important to make sure we can interact with them safely and responsibly. Sadly, incidents do occur and there have been well-documented cases of children being attacked by dogs. Battersea has produced an animated film aimed at five-11 year olds – the age group most at risk of dog attacks – to help children to understand dogs and how to behave around them. The video is available on the Battersea website at take_the_lead_with_batt_zee

To help your children be safe around dogs, teach them the following important messages: • Never approach a dog you don’t know. • Always ask the dog’s owner if you can stroke their dog before you actually do. They will know whether their dog is friendly or not. • When approaching a dog, walk up calmly and quietly so you don’t frighten him. • Tuck your fingers in and gently offer your hand to the dog to sniff first. • Stroke the dog’s shoulder rather than his head, standing where he can see you but do not get too close to his face. Don’t try to pat him from behind as he may not be able to see you. • If a dog does jump up on you or tries to chase you, stand still and ignore him. This encourages the dog to lose interest in you so he should leave you alone. Running away or screaming often gets him more excited. • Look for warning signs such as facial expressions to better understand how the dog is feeling. For example, if a dog is growling or snarling, he may well be angry so it is best not to approach him. • Do not disturb dogs when they are sleeping or eating. • Games like ‘hide and seek’ and ‘fetch’ can be great fun but try not to get the dog too excited so that you or the owner can retain control of the dog. It’s also important to remember that children should never be left alone with any dog, even a well-known family pet. This will minimise any risk of an incident occurring.

12 Families Manchester |

Ten top tips for a family friendly pup 1. Do your homework on the breeder. A good pedigree or top show kennel doesn't mean good dog. Look into the breed’s associated health problems and go for health tested parents. 2. Use a crate from day one. It's not cruel, it is a safe and secure place for the dog. Feed pup in there, perhaps use a blanket that smells familiar when you put him in to help him settle. It is much easier/quicker to house train the pup using a crate, plus it helps prevent him chewing through cables when you go out and injuring himself (or your furniture!). It also gives him somewhere to escape to, perhaps if the kids have friends over or he just wants peace to sleep. 3. Use food praise and toys to get the dog motivated to do things for you. They are like us - they don’t do things for free and are much more likely to repeat behaviour when it's followed by something they like. 4. Be consistent with your commands. Don't use lots of different words that mean the same thing. And don't use sentences. Remember dogs don't speak English! 5. Be constant with your behaviour. You can't allow them to jump up as a pup then complain when they get too big later on. This is especially important in a house with young children. 6. Don't over walk a puppy. Little and often is much better for young dogs as

you can damage them by doing too much. As unfair as it may seem, a day in the park with the kids is too much for a pup. 7. Make sure the dog suits your lifestyle and energy levels. Lots of people buy working dog breeds and expect to walk them 15 minutes once a day. Dogs like this need two long walks a day, if you can't commit to that you are likely to end up with behaviour problems. 8. Find a good school or trainer. Avoid places that use force or outdated methods such as choke chains. Dogs learn better in a reward based setting. 9. Teach your dog to see you as more fun than other dogs. This means not allowing them to just play with other dogs as they would often much rather do this than come back to you! 10. Above all spend time with dogs and enjoy them. Too many people get a dog and forget they are pack animals and love to be part of the family. They don't do well left on their own for long periods of time. These tips were given to Families Manchester by Damian Riley, a dog trainer and behaviourist from Wilmslow. Damian is trainer to the Families dogs – Dalamtian ‘Oreo’ and Bernese Mountain Dog ‘Bear’ – so he comes highly recommended by the team. For further information visit or call 07798 701619.

A safe haven for stray or abandoned dogs Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Homes take in more than 7,000 animals a year and manage to find loving new owners for the majority of them. The charity has been doing fantastic work in the community since 1893, when some Manchester businessmen decided they wanted to do something about the number of stray dogs in the city. Since then the Manchester site has encouraged responsible dog ownership and regularly runs initiatives inviting owners to come to the Home for services such as free micro-chipping. Meanwhile, Cheshire Dogs’ Home has the UK’s first specialist mum and pup maternity unit. Cheshire Dogs’ Home manager, Anna Stansfield, explains why dogs are such a valuable addition to any family. She says: “Having a dog teaches children responsibility and how to respect animals as they grow up with them. Walking the dogs together as a family helps people to bond and it’s a lovely, healthy thing to do.” She also stresses the importance of choosing to re-home a dog: “These dogs are in desperate need of love through no fault of their own. You can get a puppy, but why not help an animal that has already been let down?”

Both Homes provide new owners with plenty of guidance and support before, during and after an adoption. Potential owners can choose to foster certain dogs for a minimum of two weeks before committing to a permanent adoption. If they decide not to take the dog after that time, the Homes’ staff still benefit from a wealth of knowledge they may not have had before such as whether the dog is good with other animals or children. The Homes give new owners a monthlong ‘cooling off’ period so if they decide a dog is not for them they can get a ‘credit note’ to pick another dog that is a better match. Volunteers and staff always make a follow up call once an adoption has been finalised and anyone can drop in at the Homes if they have a concern or query about their pet. The Homes ask that people donate a minimum of £70 when adopting a dog. This fee includes a health check, vaccine and microchip, four weeks of free pet insurance, an identification tag and a free bag of food. To find out more about adopting a dog, visit or call 0844 5041212.

Holiday clubs Summer Fairy & Hero Camp 2012 ‘Daylight is good for your children’s eyes’ – get them out of doors!

Every little child dreams of becoming a real Fairy or Hero, now you can make that dream come true! Book ‘Amazing Holiday Fun’ for your little one with Fantasy Kids Clubs. With easy online booking, they make arranging childcare quick and simple. It can be so difficult to find fun and educational activities for children to do during the holidays, especially for children as young as three or four years old. With Fantasy Kids Clubs each five-day workshop is designed to be a week full of magical fun for the children attending. It runs from 9am-3pm daily and finishes with a graduation show for family and friends to attend. The camps allow children aged 3-8yrs to learn about their favourite characters and develop skills in singing, dance, drama, crafts, sports and storytelling. The 2012 Manchester-based Summer Fairy & Hero Camp will be held at Navigation Primary School in Altrincham from the 13-17 August. Other locations include Leeds, Harrogate, York, Wakefield, Shrewsbury, and London. If your little one wishes to train to be a Fairy or Hero, or wants to brush up on the skills they learnt last year, contact Fantasy Kids Clubs now to book a place! Lindsay Milburn’s children (Alice, 8 and Lucy, 5) are such big fans of the camps that they’re insisting on attending when the family travel back from Abu Dhabi for a holiday in Harrogate this year! And this year, their brother Jack will learn to be a

Hero for the first time too. Lindsay says: “Alice first went to Fairy school in summer when she was 4 and has attended all of them since. She has also done the Christmas Fairy and Elves workshops and the Halloween ones when she can. Lucy has been for 2 years - I had no problem in leaving her from age 3 as she had seen Alice have a great time there so many times before – it was hard to keep her away! Alice is looking forward to helping look after the little ones this year believing she might get some extra special fairy wishes and powers as she is so grown up now! The girls enjoy every moment of the camp and love learning all the songs and preparing for the show held at the end of the week. The graduation photograph and presentation of the certificate is a proud moment for all the children and a great keepsake – the girls still have theirs in their bedroom. The whole thing from start to finish is just perfect - they love it and I love it too as the children are safe, well cared for, entertained and happy.”

Further to a recent report that up to 90% of school leavers in major Asian cities are suffering from shortsightedness (in a study led by Professor Ian Morgan, from the Australian National University), a lot of parents will have taken on board the advice from Professor Morgan that children need ‘two to three hours a day of outdoor light’ to maintain healthy eyes. This isn’t so much of a problem during term time as children have fixed periods at school which are spent out of doors (breaks, lunches, games lessons etc.), but how do we ensure that this continues over the long summer holidays when, quite often, we’re not the ones in charge of our children’s day as we have to work? Mark Vingoe, Managing Director of Super Camps, England’s largest provider of holiday childcare, says this shouldn’t be a problem. “In a structured multi-activity day camp, such as ours, we ensure that there are at least two hours a day when outdoor activities are programmed. This

Super Camps Multi-Activity Day Camps for ages 4 – 14 will be running at William Hulme’s Grammar School during the Summer holidays, together with their running A Passion for…Holiday Workshops, with A Passion for… Stage, A Passion for… Food, A Passion for… Invent on offer. For more go to

Oulder Hill’s Summer Holiday Club

Get 10% OFF when you book online – use voucher code ‘FM10’. And don’t forget to visit The Money Fairy on the Fantasy Kids Clubs website for more great savings! For more information about Summer Fairy & Hero Camp and to book contact 0113 322 7988 or visit the website

is across the board from the Early Years programme to the 14 year olds.” In fact, once you take into account break times, lunch and free-play activities, children can have a good healthy dose of outdoor light that meets the recommended amount suggested by Professor Morgan. Fortunately for us in the UK, researchers say it doesn't have to be “massively sunny” and the benefits of broad daylight are “perfectly achievable on a cloudy day in the UK." A great relief all round! So get planning what your children will do in the holidays now, even if it is raining outside….

Oulder Hill Leisure Complex in Rochdale is now taking bookings for their Summer Holiday Club which will run from Monday 16 July to Friday 31 August.

There will be a wide range of activities on offer to suit all age groups, including football coaching, dance and music, arts and crafts, Mini Olympic Games, Pool inflatable sessions and trampolining with a fully qualified instructor. Children aged 5 - 15 years are all welcome to attend – all staff are CRB checked with paediatric first aid qualifications, and the club is Ofsted registered. The Holiday Club costs only £7 for a half day and £14 for a full day and runs from 8.30am - 5.30pm. For more information or to book, call 01706 716680 or go to | Families Manchester 13

Holiday clubs Bring out the Drama Queen this summer

Shooting Stars at Stella Maris

Shooting Stars Sports Coaching will be running a 3-week Summer Holiday Club at Stella Maris School in Stockport from 9 – 27 July. All children aged 4 – 11, of any ability, are welcome to attend.

Do you have a child who loves to act, sing and dance? Stagecoach Salford & Didsbury have Summer Workshops running at Parrs Wood High School in Didsbury from 6 – 10 August that could be just the thing to keep them entertained (and to teach them how to entertain others!). For ages for 8 to 18 years old, try the West End to Broadway Spectacular. Sing and dance to some of your favourite songs from the best and most popular musicals.

The week-long workshop costs £130 with a discount for siblings. For ages 4 to 7 years old there are Pirates and Princesses Summer morning and afternoon workshops – from 10am to 1pm or 2pm – 5pm. At the end of the week, each group will present a proper show with costumes, lights and sound. These workshops cost £90. For full details call 0161 789 1349 or visit

Glo Family

Head over to Glo Family in Cheadle during July and August for some wonderful activity sessions aimed at children aged 18 months to 6 years.

Papier mache, gardening, baking, creative play, picnics and sports are all on offer for both members and nonmembers in their stunning converted church venue. All events are bookable. Call them for more info, or visit their website. 0844 8007380 /

Enjoy-a-Ball Summer Camps

Break up the school holidays and try the action-packed 4 hours summer camps from Enjoy-a-Ball. This year they’re being held from 23 – 27 July, 9am – 1pm at St Clements Youth Centre & Chorlton C of E Primary. With indoor and outdoor games, fun activities plus arts & crafts to take home, the

14 Families Manchester |

The club will be open from 9am – 3pm each day, with early morning drop-off (8am) and late pick-up (5pm) options available. The multisports coaching sessions will include mini tennis, basketball, hockey, athletics, cricket and football among others. A full day costs £15 , with an additional £5 for early drop-off and £10 for late pick-up. Anyone booking all three sessions (i.e. 8am - 5pm) will be offered the reduced price of £25 per day. Contact the school on 0161 432 0532 for more information.

kids have no excuse to be bored! Book early for discounted prices and ensure your place. Go to and pop in your postcode to download your booking form or contact Sam for more details – or 07973 886 783.

Holiday clubs Starlight Performing Arts Holiday Club - 5 weeks, 5 shows Starlight’s summer holiday club will cover all aspects of performing arts including singing, dancing and acting with trained professionals and an opportunity to take part in a great show as well as make new friends. Each week they’ll be putting on a different show: Shrek the Musical, Grease, Oliver, Fame, Annie and Aladdin. Children will be auditioned on Monday morning, spend the week rehearsing

and perform on stage on Friday evening. The holiday club is open from 8am to 6pm with main activities from 10am to 5pm. The usual price is £139 for the week but Families readers can take advantage of their special offer of £15 per day or £49 for the week, which lunch, drinks and snacks. They are also offering half days for £10 per morning or afternoon.

More ideas for holiday clubs and camps Kings Camps

Council Run Holiday Camps

Ages 4 – 17 Held at Cheadle Hulme School & Bridgewater School, Manchester Week-long activity camps or individual days with a great range of sports, activites, games and crafts. 0845 643 5272 /

Try your local council for holiday camps in your area: Bolton: / 01204 333333 Bury: / 0161 253 5000 Rochdale: / 01706 924404 Salford: / 0161 794 4711 Stockport: / 0808 800 0606 Manchester: / 0161 234

Mad Science Camps Ages 5 - 11 Mon 30 July to Fri 3rd Aug: at Great Sankey Leisure Centre, Warrington Mon 13 to Fri 17 August / Mon 20 to Fri 24 August at Great Sankey Leisure Centre, Warrington and Navigation Primary School, Altrincham Mon 20 – Fri 24 Aug at Navigation Primary School, Altrincham and Blackrod Primary School, Bolton Children design, build and test a multitude of science projects and take at least one project home every day. 9.30am – 3.30pm £35 per day, £150 per week (10% sibling discount) 01772 628844 /

Activate Sport Ages 5 – 12 Bolton School Mon 23 – Wed 25 July: International Netball Roadshow Mon 30 July – Wed 1 Aug: Brendan Cole Dance Academy Mon 6 – Fri 8 Aug: Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy Stockport Grammar School Mon 23rd – Fri 27 July: Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy 0115 973 1676 /

The Lowry Theatre Summer School – Part Real & Part Imaginary Mon 30 July – Fri 3 August Age 8 - 16 LS Lowry described his work as “part real and part imaginary” so as part of the celebrations to mark 125 years since his birth we’re taking this as inspiration for our cross-artform Summer School.

Blending elements of animation, dance and drama, while taking in Lowry’s paintings and themes, this is a week for anyone with an interest in art, performance and exploring where the two meet. 10am – 5pm £90 (£70 Salford residents)

Sale Sharks Rugby Camps 9am – 3.30pm, £70 Tues 7 – Thurs 9 Aug at Warrington RFC (Ages 6 – 15) Tues 21 – Thurs 23 Aug at Winnington Park RUFC, Northwich (Ages 6 – 12)

Manchester Summer Soccer Camp Ages 4 – 13 Mon 6 – Fri 10 Aug, 10am – 3pm at Manchester Health Academy, Wythenshawe £50 for the week, £25 for second and subsequent siblings

Manchester United Soccer Schools Ages 8 – 18 Residential football courses held at Denestone College, Uttoxeter during July & August. | Families Manchester 15

Great days out Once Upon A Wartime at IWM North IWM North (part of Imperial War Museums) marks its 10th birthday this July, having welcomed over 2.5 million visitors and winning over 30 awards in that time. This summer is a great time to visit to discover powerful personal stories that reveal how war shapes lives – a free family day out like no other, for toddlers to teenagers. Moving tales of loyalty, separation, excitement, survival and identity are brought to life in Once Upon A Wartime, a major exhibition for children and adults alike – on until 2 September. Families can explore some of the best loved children’s novels about war and the true events that inspired them through interactive activities, life size sets and unique objects from conflict. On display for the first time, see the jacket worn by Albert and pages of film script straight from the set of Steven Spielberg’s War Horse film alongside personal items lent by author Michael Morpurgo. Pull up a chair in Hepzibah’s kitchen where the scene is set straight out of Carrie’s War and crawl into the gang’s secret fortress from The Machine Gunners. Follow the children’s voyage across Europe in The Silver Sword and

immerse yourself in the imposing tower blocks of London’s gangland in Little Soldier. Weekends and school holidays are packed with free object handling, performances, interactive storytelling and creative fun including themes linked to animals and war, evacuation and rationing. Upcoming special free events feature Bernard Ashley, author of Little Soldier, Karin Littlewood, illustrator of The Colour of Home, and family tales from National Storytelling Laureate Katrice Horsley. Check for more info. Don’t miss the WaterShard Cafe (offering children’s lunches and activities), a great shop with lots of pocket money purchases and the 29m high Air Shard viewing platform for spectacular views.

WIN WIN WIN We’ve got a set of the the 5 books featured in the exhibition (War Horse, Carrie’s War, The Machine Gunners, Silver Sword and Little Soldier) to give away to a Families Manchester reader. Enter now – Entries close Tuesday 31 July.

16 Families Manchester |

Camelot. A land of great knights and amazing days

An unforgettable, fun-packed day awaits visitors to the enchanted kingdom of Camelot. With over half a mile of twists, turns and steep drops, the king of the coasters, Knightmare, requires nerves of steel whilst for the true adrenaline junkies the popular spinning-coaster Whirlwind and Excalibur 2 are a real challenge. Camelot is also crammed full of rides for little bravehearts, don’t forget to saddle up for a gallop on Sir Lancelot’s Chargers, steady your sea legs on the Galleon Ships, take a breathtaking journey around the park on the Dragon Flyer before taking one last spin on the Cup & Sorcerer and then cooling off on the Log Flume.

Watch in amazement the skills and horsemanship of King Arthur’s knights in the legendary Jousting Tournament! Learn spell-binding tricks at Merlin’s Magic School and be amazed at the interactive Birds of Prey Show featuring Shadow the Vulture and Nibbles, who entertain the crowds with their comedy double act.

WIN WIN WIN WIN If you fancy winning a family ticket for 4 guests to Camelot Theme Park for visiting during the 2012 season (ends 2 September), enter now – We’ve got 2 Family Tickets to give away. Entries close Friday 27 July.

Great days out Summer Holiday fun at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre!

Start your holidays off with something a little different and take part in Jodrell Bank’s action packed summer activities. Explore their galaxy garden, meet their gardeners and scientists. Get creative with their make and take sessions and test your fitness levels in the fit for space week. And if you think you can squeeze in any more fun, borrow one of their new backpacks and learn about the Solar System on the Planet Path. Backpacks contain a map, instruction sheet and activities to try as you stop at each planet along the way. Activities are based both inside and out and they’re open every day from 10am – 5pm. Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 9DL 01477 571 766 /

WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN 2 family tickets for In The Night Garden Live Top-selling children’s show, In the Night Garden Live, is back by popular demand this summer and we have tickets to give away! The smash-hit show brings the world of In the Night Garden to the stage with children able to see their favourite CBeebies’ stars Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends up close. In the Night Garden Live takes place in its own all-weather, purpose-built inflatable showdome with many family-friendly facilities. This site-specific structure proved to be a huge hit with children and parents on its previous tours and this summer will be travelling to The Trafford Centre, Manchester from 18 August – 2 September. We have 2 family tickets (each for 4 people, minimum 1 adult) up for grabs for Friday 31 August at 12 noon. To be in a chance to win, simply go to our website and answer the following question: Q: What does Makka Pakka like collecting? Entries close Sunday 19 August. For further show information, visit or call 0333 300 0023.

WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN A Family Ticket to Mickey’s Magic Show! at the Lowry

Abracadabra! It’s Disney Live! Presents Mickey's Magic Show at The Lowry from Wed 1 to Sun 5 August. Mickey, Minnie and a host of Disney friends come together with world-class magicians to perform magic from legendary Disney films right before your eyes. See the Fairy Godmother transform Cinderella's rags into a beautiful ball gown in a split second; the spectacular levitation of Aladdin's Princess Jasmine; and the enchanted dancing brooms of Fantasia. Join Donald and Goofy, Alice and the Mad Hatter, and many more for a one-of-a-kind stage show you'll never forget. Mickey's Magic Show is a whole new way to experience Disney Magic with your family!

One lucky Families Manchester reader can win a family ticket and the chance to meet Mickey after the show on Wed 1 August. We also have two runners-up prizes of family tickets for the 4.30pm show on 1 August. To enter, head over to and answer the following question: Q. Can you name one of Mickey’s friends who will be joining him at The Lowry from 1 to 5 August? Entries close Tuesday 24 July. Tickets can be booked on 0843 208 6000 or online at | Families Manchester 17

Great days out Playfactore – Manchester’s best kept secret

Playfactore is the latest amazing attraction for kids to open in Manchester. Families editor Jayne popped over to take a look at what is on offer ..... This fab new play centre is located under the slope of Chill Factore which made it easy to find (you can spot the slope from the motorway!). I took along my youngest two (Izzy age 3½ and Logan age 2) on a mid-week morning which was lovely; there were a good number of people there but it was quiet enough for the young ones to enjoy their play without older children to contend with. We headed over to the under 5's play area first – it’s a good size area with 3 different slides, a frame with a variety of routes through it, plus a sensory area, a car area

(Little Tikes ride ons, a road and garage), a sensory room (including fibre optics, projectors and interactive wall mounts), and an assortment of soft shapes for building and climbing. From a parent’s perspective, I was really impressed by the access to this area: a high gate with a lifting latch is used so children can't slip out to other areas when your back is turned! Next we wandered across to the large play frame aimed at the school age children. This is the largest playframe in Europe and could certainly keep the kids entertained up and down it's levels for at least the 2½ hours play time! With obstacles from cargo netting, to see through floors (which I admit I was a little nervous to step on!), via twisty

slides, past hanging bags and balls, the journey to the top is tricky one. There is short route if you just want to whizz up to get on the slide but even this left me panting! As I reached the top I had my doubts about the best way back down - the quick way via the tallest indoor slide in Europe (over 40 metres long) or the wimp’s way back down the frame. The slide is not recommended for the under 5's but as Izzy wasn't taking no for an answer and there were no other children on at the time, she whizzed down next to me. Wow! What a ride! Izzy loved it and instantly wanted another go and I must admit I did too. I do think it was a good thing I was wearing jeans for a bit of friction to slow me down – I wouldn't advise a trip down in tights! Next stop was the story telling area where Logan and Izzy sat for a quiet story (which amazed me!) that was read to them via a pirate that appeared on a drop down screen. The pirate is just one of many characters that appear on this interactive Animal Live system. This is basically a system that is controlled by a person in the office wearing a special suit so their movements translate to the character on screen, the person behind the character can see and hear the children so can interact with them; my kids were mesmerised by this. Next for a spot of lunch. The food at Playfactore is amazing, all cooked fresh on the day by high quality chefs, the menu is simple enough to appeal to the majority (we enjoyed pizza and chocolate cake) but the quality certainly sets it apart. The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Playfactore and we will definitely be going back one weekend with big sister Lily, who at age 6 can get so much more out of the high play frame, the go karts, laser tag, interactive dance sessions, and the zip wire which is set to open soon. It’s is a lovely venue in an easy to reach location, it is clean, well laid out, well staffed... thumbs up from us! TAKE ALONG THE VOUCHER ON THIS PAGE FOR FREE ADULT ENTRY WITH EVERY FULL PAYING CHILD

WIN WIN WIN One lucky Families Manchester reader will win a birthday party for up to 12 children at this fantastic venue. Just go to and enter now! Entries close Friday 31 August.

18 Families Manchester |

The art of summer at the Bean

Head over to the Bean & Brush in Sale for the best in arts and crafts this summer - discover their amazing range of pots to paint and try Decopatch, the new craft craze for ages 3+. The Biscuit Club runs throughout the summer (except Saturdays) in the mornings from 10am; classes last about an hour and they have a variety of projects to complete. The cost is £6 per child (suitable for ages 5 – 12) and this includes biscuits and drinks. Bean & Brush won Best Family Restaurant in Manchester 2011 as voted in a Netmums poll. All food is freshly prepared using quality ingredients which are locally sourced, free range and organic wherever possible. Open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea (from 2pm), they also handcraft the best thirst quenchers – smoothies, milkshakes, coffee frappes and a selection of ice cold teas. Or try a refreshing Pimms, Estrella lager on tap, local bitters and wines. They’re open 7 days a week from 8am Monday to Friday (8.30am on Saturday & 9.30am on Sunday) until 7pm (6pm on Sundays). Find them at The Old Sorting Office, 12 Hayfield Street, Sale M33 7XW. 0161 973 2140 /

The Chestnut Centre – Otter, Owl & Wildlife Park This unique wildlife park is located in Chapel-en-le-Frith in the scenic Peak District National Park of Derbyshire. Set in 50 acres of landscaped grounds the centre is home not only to a unique collection of birds and animals, but is also visited by many wild birds and mammals too. The park is home to Europe's largest gatherings of otters, owls and other indigenous wildlife. Although the emphasis is on otters and owls which together form the bulk of the centre’s collection, you can see a wide variety of other animals including pine martens, polecats, red foxes, Scottish wildcats and deer. The centre is open daily from 10.30am - 5.30pm. For more information call 01298 814099, or visit

Great days out Holiday Climbing Courses

Interested in learning to climb? Rockover Climbing have some great courses running over the summer to get you and your family started…. • HOLIDAY FUN TASTER SESSION – for ages 5+. A 1 hour session which gives your child the perfect taste of climbing in a fun, safe and friendly environment (parents can sit down and relax while the kids climb!) • FAMILY HOLIDAY INDUCTION (min child age 5) – this session is for adults and children with no experience of bouldering. The aim is to teach you the basics, how to use the wall safely and how to get the most out of your climbing sessions. After your session you can stay on and climb for free and make a day of it. • OUTDOOR DAYS – for ages 8+. Based around climbing, abseiling and bouldering, plus other activities depending on the weather. • BESPOKE CLIMBING DAY: if you have a minimum of 4 people then venues and courses can be tailored to your needs. Call 0161 288 1218 for more info and to book an induction.

Brooklyn Pottery: Painting studio - Art gallery - Tearoom

Brooklyn is THE new place to visit to paint pottery in Stockport. The New York themed pottery painting studio and art gallery, with a cafe serving delicious Illy coffee and a family friendly and relaxing atmosphere is attracting a wide audience of children and adults alike. There is a wide range of really cool stuff to paint and the range regularly changes to keep visitors inspired. All the pottery is glazed and fired in the on-site kiln and ready for collection within a week. There is a very low studio fee of only £2.50 and as a special offer for the Summer Holidays, ALL BOOKINGS MADE BY FAMILIES MANCHESTER READERS WILL RECEIVE 15% DISCOUNT, (INCLUDING PARTIES). MAKE SURE YOU TAKE YOUR COPY OF THIS MAGAZINE WITH YOU! Brooklyn Pottery is open every day except Monday. 0161 480 5139 / ww.brooklyn

Let the Summer Adventures begin at the East Lancashire Railway!

The East Lancashire Railway is your ticket to a blistering summer of events, activities and great days out! From sketching with live models and witty storytelling to origami and knitting 40s style, two out-of-the-ordinary workshops on 15 July and 12 August will give your kids the chance to go all out in their creativity! Or head over to Bury Transport Museum for a series of hands-on craft activities in July and August. Whether it's 3D trains,

magnetic totems or building a boat, the drop-in workshops let children create their own transport-related masterpiece to take home! The East Lancashire Railway is your ticket to bags of exciting days out in the countryside. Whether you want to spend a full day exploring or only got a couple of hours to spare, there are plenty of exciting things to do in the area, all of it accessible by the railway and many free of charge! Car parking is FREE at Heywood, Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall stations and full line return tickets allows unlimited travel and free entry to Bury Transport Museum. Plus, kids under 5 travel free and family tickets are valid for up two adults and three children. Experience a day out with Thomas and Friends on Fri 3 – Sun 5 August with a grand opening ceremony by The Fat Controller himself at 9.45am daily. For more ideas on great days out visit | Families Manchester 19

Great days out THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Aerial Extreme, Trafford Centre Bruntwood Park Chorlton Water Park

Chester Zoo, Chester

People’s History Museum

Knowsley Safari Park

Portland Basin Museum The Chestnut Centre, Chapel-en-le-Frith Trentham Monkey Forest, Trentham

Chorlton Ees Nature Reserve


Clifton Country Park

Alton Towers, Stoke-on-Trent

Daisy Nook Country Park

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Debdale Park

Gulliver’s World, Warrington

Etherow Country Park

Camelot Theme Park, Chorley

Heaton Park


Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens

Cronkshaw Fold Farm, Helmshore

Go Ape, Delamere Forest

Heaton Park Animal Centre

Hollingworth Lake Country Park

Reddish Vale Farm

Jumbles Country Park

Red House Farm, Dunham Massey

Moses Gate Country Park

Smithills Open Farm, Bolton

Moss Bank Park

Stockley Farm, Arley

Platt Fields Park

Tatton Park Farm, Knutsford

Reddish Vale Country Park


Sale Water Park Urmston Meadows Vernon Park Wythenshawe Park


Bramall Hall Hat Works, Stockport Imperial War Museum North Manchester Art Gallery Manchester Museum

Museum of Science & Industry

Blue Planet Aquarium, Ellesmere Port

Museum of Transport

Blackpool Zoo

Quarry Bank Mill, Style / Lyme Park, Disley / Dunham Massey, Altrincham Salford Museum and Art Gallery Staircase House, Stockport Stockport Air Raid Shelters The Lowry The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Touchstones, Rochdale

INDOOR PLAY CENTRES: Anchor’s Away Play, Wythenshawe Antz in your Pantz, Timperley Baby Play Café, Altrincham Curly Whirleez, Bolton Head over Heels, Chorlton & Stanley Green

INDOOR ADVENTURE: Airkix, Trafford Park Awesome Walls, Stockport Chill Factore Gulliver’s World Splash Zone Manchester Climbing Centre Rockover Cllimbing Silver Blades Ice Rink, Altrincham The Vertical Chill Ice Wall, Manchester

GET CREATIVE: Art Café, Hale 0161 929 6886 Bean & Brush Café, Sale Brooklyn Pottery, Stockport Brookside Pottery, Poynton Legoland Discovery Centre, Trafford Park Pottery Corner, Chorlton

Land of Play, Trafford Park


Mischief Makers, Rochdale

Brookside Garden Centre, Poynton

Orangearound, Stockport

Churnet Valley Railway, Cheddleton

Planet Play, Heywood

Dragon Miniature Railway, Marple

Playfactore, Trafford

East Lancashire Railway

Richmond Hall Kids Adventure Play Centre

Grosvenor Park Miniature Railway, Chester

Run of the Mill, Stockport

Haigh Miniature Railway, Wigan

Zoom Play Centre, Stockport

Heaton Park Tramway MOSI steam train Moss Bank Park Miniature Railway, Bolton Springfield Park, Rochdale Walton Park Trains, Sale

WATERWORKS: Anderton Boat Lift, Nortwich Hyde Leisure Pool hyde_pool_index.asp River Dee Cruises, Chester Salford Watersports Centre Trafford Water Sports Centre


A sporting summer The London 2012 Games: a summer spectacular

London 2012 on the big screen

After years of effort, dedication and anticipation, it’s nearly here! The London 2012 Games marks a defining moment for athletes of Team GB and Paralympics GB - a chance to show the world what they can do on home soil. London 2012 will be remembered for years to come and it’s not just London that will be buzzing this summer. There are all kinds of activities for the family to enjoy together. Whether you make a trip to London, continue to follow the Olympic Flame, catch the action at a host of venues outside of London, or watch the action on big screens across the UK, there is a lot to do and see this summer.

If you can’t make it to any of the regional venues, why not head to your local live site. Live Sites are big screens located in every UK nation and region. They are great places to enjoy the best live action – as well as plenty more entertainment. Why not take the family along and enjoy a picnic? Head to Exchange Square in central Manchester (M4 3TR) or Screenfields in Spinningfields, Manchester (M3 3HF). Visit for more details.

London 2012 for free If you weren’t lucky enough to get Olympic or Paralympic tickets, you can still see some of the world’s top athletes in action this summer. Some of the best open-air action is free to enjoy without tickets. Events like the marathon and road races offer the chance to see world-class athletes in peak performances against the magnificent backdrop of the London skyline.

London 2012 outside of London There’s much more to London 2012 than events in London. You’ll also be able to watch a piece of the action everywhere from Cardiff to Glasgow and Manchester to Weymouth. Plus, Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire is home to the Paralympic Games and will host a Paralympic Torch Relay event on 28 August.

The Willows Olympics: Sunshine, Sport and School Support

We’re really impressed by the creativity of The Willows Nursery and Primary School in Timperley, who recently came up with some fantastic sporting ideas to raise funds for their school. With a nice twist on the actual Olympic events to be held shortly, their fun ideas could easily be used to entertain the kids at home over the holidays. For example – the boxing

London 2012 Festival The London 2012 Festival is the biggest festival the UK has ever seen and features 12,000 events and performances at over 900 venues featuring artists from across the world coming together in celebration of the Games. The Festival started in June and runs through to the 9 September when the Paralympic Games end and the Games are handed over to Rio. The Festival is all about getting involved – so why not bring the kids along. There are many events you can attend that are family friendly and in every corner of the UK. Visit for a full list of events you can enjoy.

London 2012 Join In Celebrate the Games at home with friends, family and neighbours; here are some hints and tips to make your event memorable: Opening Night in: The world will be watching the UK as the Opening Ceremonies announce the start of London 2012. Get in on the action and host your own VIP screening for friends, family and neighbours. Why not make it a night to remember and get everyone you know to come down to your village hall or community centre. Super Saturday: On Saturday 4 August involved building a cardboard box whilst wearing a pair of boxing gloves, and the Pant-ath-lon gained some giggles, as supporters watched family members try on as many pairs of pants as possible in just one minute. Why not see what other crazy sports you can develop – you could keep the kids entertained for hours! The school managed to raise £1,400 towards school funds which was supported by pupils and their families. Head Teacher, Mrs Foster announced that the winning team was ‘Great Britain’… let’s hope that this is a prediction for the real Olympics, and we’ll get to see our nation win gold medals on home turf.

a massive 25 gold medals will be awarded at the London 2012 Olympic Games. What better way to celebrate the gold rush than getting your whole community fired up with a sizzling BBQ? If you would like to organise one of these events, sign up to be a Local Leader. You'll get celebration tools to help plan your event and access to exclusive competitions. To become a London 2012 Local Leader visit Whatever you do this summer, make sure you celebrate the greatest sporting event in the world and enjoy a summer like no other.

Key dates 27 July – The Opening Ceremony 28 July – The Olympic Games begin 12 August – The Closing Ceremony 24 – 29 August – The Paralympic Torch Relay 29 August – The Paralympic Games begin Free events in London Road cycling Date: 28 July – 1 August The Road Cycling starts at The Mall and ends at Hampton Court Palace. Triathlon Date: 4 – 7 August The grueling triathlon schedule includes swimming, cycling and running – all taking place in the stunning Hyde Park. The Marathon Date: 12 August The Olympic Marathon has around 80 athletic competitors and will pass landmarks such as the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.

Image: Pete Schiazza

Trafford MV – for junior cricket and rugby

Whilst the Olympic Dream and the legacy being left by this huge sporting event are publicised widely, it’s left to the grass root sports clubs in the region to cater for the thousands of children that just want to play sport and who may not reach the highest levels of their chosen game. Trafford MV, based in Sale (M33 6LR) is one of these clubs. Totally amateur in status, the club runs on the efforts put in by its volunteer members and it attracts youngsters from the borough of Trafford and beyond. Over the years the club has grown its mini/junior set up, led by former Waterloo player Greg Hawkins, and this year’s presentation day saw 280 medals and certificates handed out to the young members of the club by former British Lion, England and Sale Sharks player Andrew Titterrell – who now runs an elite player programme based at Trafford MV.

Following the success of the youth Rugby the club is now working hard to introduce a higher level of commitment to youth cricket – the club now fields an Under 9’s team in addition to its already established Under 15’s side. The club is looking for local schools and teaching staff to direct young players, who may not have a recognised local club, towards Trafford MV to assist in this development of young sports people in Greater Manchester. Under 15’s coaching will take place on Tuesday evenings and Under 9’s on Thursday evenings at 6.00pm. The Club will also be running rugby coaching sessions over the summer to keep youngsters involved during the close season and over the holiday period. The Club also has a very successful senior ladies XI who are also keen to introduce girls to the sport – led by Carol Ingham. If you are interested in either Rugby or Cricket for youngsters (or even for yourselves) then contact Wilf Dooley on 01942 884542 or look at the club website at - tag cricket on the end of this for the cricket section. | Families Manchester 21

What’s on Throughout July & Aug Manchester Jewish Museum MJM Lawn Sports Club To coincide with the new sport exhibition, MJM will be creating a traditional English lawn sport-themed garden with croquet, badminton and other lawn sports for families to play during the Summer during normal opening hours. 0161 834 9879 / Touchstones, Rochdale Summer Holiday Quiz From 14 July

Sat 7 July Touchstones, Rochdale Rochdale Big Games A drop-in day of events. All ages welcome 01706 926232 /

Sun 8 July & Sun 12 Aug Sale High School Kids Car Boot & Swap Shop 10am – 12pm, Table costs £10, Entrance 50p 07748 601248 /

Sat 14 July Zion Arts Centre, Manchester Musical Youth UK Taster Workshop 10am – 4 pm, Ages 10-19 The MyUK team are here to give you a taste of what's to come when they launch MyUK Manchester - a new weekly musical theatre group starting in September (auditions being held 21 July). 0161 232 6089 / / Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum, Bolton Archaeology Day 1 – 4pm A range of FREE family friendly activities in the historic setting of Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum. Coin and object handling, a dirt box excavation, make your own mosaic, flint knapping demos and themed storytelling. 01204 332370 / / Manchester Museum Big Saturday: Volcanoes 11am – 4pm, All ages, Free, drop in Find out more about volcanoes, see mini volcanic eruptions, make your own volcano and find out what it is like to be in an eruption! 0161 275 2634 /

The Met, Bury (Main Theatre) Cats: The Truth Behind The Tail 12pm, 2pm, 7pm Footlights Prestwich come to The Met with an adaptation of the popular musical CATS, aptly titled The Truth Behind The Tail. Purr-fect entertainment for the whole family! 0161 761 2216 / Withington Fire Station The Ring of Stones Musical Production 2pm & 7pm The heroic and uplifting true story of the plague villagers of Eyam, performed at Withington Fire Station. Tickets priced at £5 standing and £10 seated, available in advance from the fire station on 0161 908 5403.

Sun 15 July Skyride Manchester From 10am A fantastic traffic-free bike ride through Manchester for the whole family and a great opportunity to experience some of the city’s highlights in a very special atmosphere. The route will take in Castlefield, Deansgate, and the National Cycling Centre - home of British Cycling. Smithills Hall, Bolton Family Garden Party and Dog Show 12pm – 4pm Craft stalls, food and activities. Bring your dog and take part in the fun novelty dog show! Entry to the hall is £1 for all. Entry to the grounds is free. 01204 332377 /

Fri 20 – Sun 22 July Littleborough Rushbearing 2012 Littleborough A full weekend of dance, processing the Rushcart through the streets of Littleborough with dance spots at various sites around the town.

Sat 21 Jul - 22 Jul 2012

Wed 25 July

Heaton Park Tramway Festival of Model Tramways The Museum of Transport at Boyle St is host to the popular event. The tramway will be operating from 11am-5pm and a heritage bus service should operate between the museums.

Manchester Museum Skulls, death and the Dark Ages 11am – 4pm, All ages, Free, drop in Watch a battle re-enactment and make your own sword and shield. 0161 838 9190 /

Sat 21 July & Wed 25 July Imperial War Museum, North What a Performance 11.15am, 12.15pm, 1.15pm, 2.15pm, All ages, Free

Mon 23 – Fri 27 July Chorlton Evangelical Church, Chorlton M21 9FG Sonshine Club 1.30 – 4.30pm Free holiday Bible Club for children aged 5 to 11 years.. 0161 881 4230 /

Fri 27 July

Mon 23 July – Fri 31 Aug

Sat 28 July

Manchester Museum Unearthed: Ancient Egypt 11am – 4pm, All ages, Free, drop in Help our Egyptologist Dr Digby (played on film by Terry Deary, author of Horrible Histories) investigate and record his finds. Create your own archaeological treasures from paper. Different activities every week. 0161 275 2634 /

Story Time at Hat Works 12 noon, Ages 3 – 11, Free, Drop in Listen to stories in the Yurt told by Sue Lea. 0161 355 7770 /

Tues 24 July People’s History Museum, Manchester The Little People’s History Museum – Mr Ordinary’s Prize 11am – 12pm, Under 5s, £1 per child, adults free, Booking advised Fun interactive story session with puppets, song, dance and a craft activity. 0161 838 9190 /

Tues 24 & Tues 31 July

Imperial War Museum, North Storytelling, Free 11.30am, All ages Open Studio 1 – 4pm, All ages

Imperial War Museum, North Walkabout Performances 11.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm, All ages, Free A Closer Look: Once Upon A Wartime 2.15pm, Free tour, All ages

Sat 21 July – Sun 2 Sept

Tues 24 – Fri 28 July

Daily from Sat 21 July

People’s History Museum, Manchester Busy bees summer craft table All ages, Free, drop in Get creative throughout the holidays and make bee hats and masks to take home with you. 0161 838 9190 /

22 Families Manchester |

People’s History Museum, Manchester Crafty cups! 1.30 – 3.30pm, Age 7+, £2, Booking required Decorate your own temperance tea cup to take home with you, inspired by our Demon Drink exhibition. 0161 838 9190 /

Glo Family, Cheadle Holiday Time Daily activities for children aged 18 months – 6 years – open to members (mainly free) and non-members (small charge applies). Booking essential. 0844 8007380 /

Manchester Museum Magic Carpet: Rocks 10.30 – 11.30am & 11.30am – 12.30pm Under 5s, Free, book from 20 July Storytelling and activity session. 0161 275 2648 /

Sat 28 & Sun 29 July Hat Works, Stockport Children’s Tours 2.30 – 3.30pm, Ages 5 – 11, Adult £1, Child £2, Booking essential Discover how hats were made, experience the noisy machinery floor and learn what it was like to be a hatter’s apprentice! 0161 355 7770 /

Sat 28 July & Sat 25 Aug Bolton Museum Super Saturdays 11am – 3pm A range of free events for the whole family. July: The Olympics, August: Seaside Holidays. Activities include a free Family Trail, Storytelling, Crafts and more. No need to book. Groups of more than six children, please phone in advance. 01204 332211 /

Mon 30 & Tues 31 July The Met, Bury (Edwin Street Studio) Introduction to sound recording 10am – 4pm Ages 12 – 16, £20 This two-day course gives you the opportunity to learn about studio equipment, recording techniques and overdubbing as well as basic mixing. 0161 761 2216 /

These listings are for guidance only – please check before you go To include your upcoming event in our listings, email

What’s on

Mon 30 July – Sat 4 Aug

Fri 3 – Sun 5 Aug

Tues 14 Aug

Wed 22 & Fri 24 Aug

Glo Family, Cheadle Holiday Time Daily activities for children aged 18 months – 6 years – open to members (mainly free) and non-members (small charge applies). Booking essential. 0844 8007380 /

East Lancashire Railway Day Out With Thomas 9am – 4.30pm Choo choo! Thomas the Tank Engine™ is coming to the East Lancashire Railway. Grand opening by The Fat Controller at 9.45am daily.

Tues 31 July

Saturday 4 Aug

Hat Works, Stockport Olympic stained glass windows 10.30am – 12pm /1pm – 2.30pm, Ages 5 – 11, £3, Booking essential Make a stained glass window craft to stick in your window at home. 0161 355 7770 /

Manchester Museum Big Saturday: Nature Discovery 11am – 4pm, All ages, Free, drop in A day of hands-on activities for all the family, inspired by the Nature Discovery gallery. 0161 275 2634 /

Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum, Bolton Worm Whispering! 12.30 – 1.30pm & 2 – 3pm, Age 5+, Free, No booking required Explore the grounds and look for worms! There are lots of different types of worms and soil and OPAL (Open Air Laboratory) want to know where they are. 01204 332370 /

Smithills Hall, Bolton ‘The Dark Night’: Bat Hunt 8pm – 10pm, Adults £3.50 adults, Children £2.50, Family Ticket (2 adults, 2 children) £8, booking required Join Don Stenhouse as we turn bat detective! Suitable outdoor clothing / shoes advisable. 01204 332377 /

George H Carnall Leisure Centre, Urmston M41 7FJ Multi-activity Children’s Fun Day See Wed 1, 8, 22 & 29 Aug

Springfield Park, Rochdale RSMEE 80th Anniversary Open Weekend With Model Traction Engines and a static display of models.

Every Wed in Aug

Sun 5 Aug

Manchester Museum Manchester Anansi Spider 1 – 3pm, Age 5 – 11, Free, Drop in Drop-in, free, 5-11 year olds and their families/carers Create your own stories by cutting and sticking characters from the original Anansi Spider stories. 0161 275 2634 /

Kingsway School (lower site) Kids Car Boot & Swap Shop 10am – 12pm, Table costs £10, Entrance 50p 07748 601248 /

Wed 1 August People’s History Museum, Manchester Protest Pots 1.30 – 3.30pm, All ages, £2, No booking required Get creative with clay and make your own pot to take home. 0161 838 9190 /

Wed 1, 8, 22 & 29 Aug George H Carnall Leisure Centre, Urmston M41 7FJ Multi-activity Children's Fun Day 10am – 4pm, Age 3 – 14, £6 per child, under three's go free Activities include: Indoor Go Karting (2 sets), Giant Obstacle Course, Giant Slide, Dance Mats, Bouncy Castles, Trampolines (with qualified instructors), BodyZorbing, Whizz Wheels, Multiple Sporting Activities, hot & cold food and more. Stay as long as you want! 07956 557653 /

Fri 3 Aug Smithills Hall, Bolton Bug Hunt! 12.30 – 1.30pm & 2 – 3pm Explore the grounds of Smithills Hall with Don Stenhouse and use nets to look for Ladybirds and other insects, or slugs and snails. Free event but admission charges apply if you would like to look around the hall. Advance booking required. 01204 332377 /

Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum, Rochdale Open Day Featuring working exhibits and additional attractions. 01706 901227 /

Mon 6 Aug – Sat 11 Aug Glo Family, Cheadle Holiday Time Daily activities for children aged 18 months – 6 years – open to members (mainly free) and non-members (small charge applies). Booking essential. 0844 8007380 /

Wed 8 Aug People’s History Museum, Manchester Arty awards 1.30 – 3.30pm, Age 5+, Free, No booking required Design your own decorative award to take home, using drawing, printing and collage. 0161 838 9190 /

Sun 12 Aug John Rylands Library, Manchester Harry Potter Day Hours of wizarding fun at the Hogwarts school tables where you can try some magical craft activities. Then watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the beautiful Historic Reading Room. Booking essential. 0161 306 0555 /

Mon 13 – Fri 17 Aug Glo Family, Cheadle Daily activities for children aged 18 months – 6 years – open to members (mainly free) and non-members (small charge applies). Booking essential. 0844 8007380 /

Wed 15 August People’s History Museum, Manchester Beautiful bottles 1.30 – 3.30pm, Age 5+, £2, Booking required Decorate your own cordial bottle and take home an authentic cordial recipe to make back at home. 0161 838 9190 /

Thurs 16 August People’s History Museum, Manchester Living History performance: Read All About It! – Papers, Protest & Peterloo 1.15 – 2pm, Age 7+, Free, No booking required On the anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre, meet James Bronterre O’Brien, editor of Victorian newspaper the Poor Man’s Guardian. Accompany Bronterre on a march to Peterloo and uncover the stories of the day. 0161 838 9190 /

Tues 21 August People’s History Museum, Manchester The Little People’s History Museum – Beeing Special 11am – 12pm, Under 5s, £1 per child, adults free, Booking advised Fun, interactive story session with puppets, song, dance and a craft activity. 0161 838 9190 /

Wed 22 August People’s History Museum, Manchester Print a bag 1.30 – 3.30pm, All ages, £2, No booking required Find out about the hidden messages and meanings in our banners and screen print your own bag to take away with you. 0161 838 9190 /

Sat 25 & Sun 26 Aug

Sun 26 & Mon 27 Aug Bolton Steam Museum Summer Steaming 10am – 4pm, Free Our volunteers have rescued and restored 27 old stationary steam engines, some of the engines which once powered the cotton mills of Lancashire. Come and see these magnificent monsters in action! 01204 946490 /

Wed 29 August People’s History Museum, Manchester Slippery snakes 1.30 – 3.30pm, All ages, Free, No booking required Create your own sneaky snake puppets to take home with you. 0161 838 9190 /

Fri 31 Aug Manchester Museum Magic Carpet: West Africa 10.30 – 11.30am & 11.30am – 12.30pm Under 5s, Free, book from 24 Aug Storytelling and activity session. 0161 275 2648 /

Fri 31 Aug – Sat 1 Sept Rochdale Town Centre Rochdale Feel Good Festival A celebration of entertainment, food and culture. The two day FREE event will featuring a high profile line-up of celebrity chefs and music acts, with Martha Reeves and the Vandellas headlining the event. Also a food stage and 2 day market.

Sun 2 Sept Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum, Rochdale Open Day Displays by present-day fire and rescue service and a gathering of historic fire engines. 01706 901227 / www.manchesterfire/ | Families Manchester 23

Families Manchester Issue 34 July - August 2012  

Families Manchester Magazine for July and August 2012

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