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Discover Edzell Nursery

A Hidden Gem in North Edinburgh!

Offering funded term-time places for children aged 3-5. Register now to secure your child's spot for August 2024! Their Montessori approach fosters holistic development with a strong focus on outdoor activities.

Experience a small, friendly atmosphere with free flow between an indoor hall and their lovely outdoor garden space. Children also enjoy frequent outings to local spaces.

Edzell Nursery prioritise a strong partnership between parents and staff, connecting with the wider community to foster a supportive network.

Very Good rating on the recent Care Inspectorate report. Join the nurturing community where every child thrives. Contact us on 07909 672 377 www.edzellnursery.co.uk

Exploring the Great Outdoors: The benefit of literacy in outdoor learning.

In the bustling world of education, where textbooks and classrooms often dominate, lies a hidden gem: outdoor learning. Celebrated for igniting curiosity, fostering a love for nature, and promoting physical activity, its potential to enrich academic learning is profound.

Imagine a classroom without walls, where rustling leaves serve as pages and bird songs as the soundtrack. This is outdoor literacy—an immersive experience transcending traditional methods, inviting students to engage with language in its natural habitat.

Incorporating literacy into outdoor experiences opens a world of possibility. Whether reading under a tree’s shade or journaling about outdoor adventures, students connect words to tangible experiences, reinforcing literacy skills, comprehension, and language.

Writing amidst nature sparks boundless inspiration, fostering creativity in poetry and descriptive essays. Outdoor learning seamlessly integrates various subjects, strengthening reading, writing, critical thinking, and communication skills through scientific observations, mapping trails, and exploring flora and fauna.

Recognising the impact of outdoor learning on holistic development, educators incorporate literacy to nurture well-rounded, lifelong learners. It’s about more than reading and writing—it’s about opening eyes to the world’s wonders, empowering self-motivated learners.

Step outside, embrace nature’s beauty, and embark on a journey where literacy and outdoor learning intertwine to enrich academics and inspire hearts and minds.

Register Now

Prospective families of boys and girls are invited to register their interest by contacting The Forest admissions team to learn more about their son or daughter joining.

Simply email

TheForest@merchiston.co.uk  or call on 0131 312 2201 to find out more.

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The Forest at Merchiston

Don’t forget Dad!

Doodles is the perfect place to make him something special for Father’s day on Sunday16th June. Items take one week to be fired and glazed, so give yourself plenty of time to make that special gift.

Buggy Repair Centre

The Buggy Repair Centre have updated their pricing to offer more affordable rates for larger cleaning packages. Additionally, they now provide smaller cleaning services for £35, covering single-seat units, car seats, bassinets, slings, and bedside cribs.

They aim to complete repairs within 48 hours if no parts are required, and offer a courtesy buggy if needed. Is your buggy pulling to one side, squeaking, or having a sticky brake? Book a chassis service for just £30, which includes cleaning and lubricating the wheels, brakes, and other mechanisms.

Now open late on Wednesdays until 7 pm and have a collection service for larger cleaning orders. Book an appointment today. Visit our website for more information: www.buggyrepaircentre.co.uk

13 St Stephen St, Stockbridge, EH3 5AN 0131 226 4141

Take nature's pulse - join the Big Butterfly Count

The Big Butterfly Count is a UK-wide survey which helps to assess the health of our environment by counting the amount and type of butterflies we see.

This year, the world’s biggest survey of butterflies will take place from Friday, 12 July until Sunday, 4 August. The annual citizen science programme attracts tens of thousands of people out into their garden, local green space or the countryside to spend fifteen minutes counting butterflies and helping to inform conservation action. Butterflies are indicators of a healthy natural environment and with half of Britain’s butterfly species already threatened or near threatened with extinction, it’s never been more important to understand how our insects are responding to the changing climate and to take action to protect them. More info: www.bigbutterflycount.org or download the FREE Big Butterfly Count app.

Be seen by thousands of local Edinburgh families. "I would base the whole success of this business on our advertising in Families Edinburgh" Local party provider Get in touch to find out more. editor@familiesedinburgh.co.uk


Are you looking for a nurturing haven for your child this August?

Edzell Nursery, a hidden gem in North Edinburgh, offers funded term time places for children aged 3 - 5.

Register now to secure your child's spot for August 2024! Contact Us: 07909 672 377 www.edzellnursery.co.uk

Give your little one an education inspired by nature

Opening in September 2024, The Forest at Merchiston will offer your child an idyllic start to their education.

Led by specialist teachers with small class sizes and a thoroughly child-centred approach, the fully co-educational Forest at Merchiston promises the very best in the formative early years of education.

Forest Nursery: boys & girls aged 3–5

Forest Junior School: boys & girls P1–P3

Where learning happens naturally

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OPENING September 2024 theforest@merchiston.co.uk | 0131 312 2201
Book online at www.doodlesscotland.co.uk

Seven ways to help your anxious child

Seeing your child struggle with anxiety can be so difficult for parents and carers. Our instincts to protect our children kick in and while we may try to take away the source of our child’s worry, this can backfire in the long run.

Really supporting our children to understand and cope with feelings of anxiety means showing them compassion while empowering them to build resilience and it’s a tricky balance to strike! Here are some of my top tips for supporting children when they feel anxious.

Allow the feeling. Instead of trying to sweep away your child’s worries with logic or reassurance, acknowledge and show understanding for their emotions. You could say something like: ‘You’re feeling really worried, it’s so hard when you don’t know what’s going to happen next.’ When we show children that we see their emotions and we’re not upset or afraid of them, they’re reassured that they’re not alone and that emotions are not something they need to be afraid of.

Get moving. Movement, especially rhythmic movement like walking, dancing or jumping, is very powerful for calming anxiety. It soothes the parts of our brain that logic can’t reach and helps your whole body feel that bit less tense. If your child feels overwhelmed or is struggling to calm down, focus on getting their body moving first, rather than on talking it out.

Get your child to help you. Easy, low-stakes chores around the house are an excellent way to connect with your child, build their self-esteem and calm anxieties. When we have a simple, easy-to-achieve task to focus on, it helps our brains let go of worries, even if just for a little while. What’s more, helping to care for our homes increases feelings of wellbeing and belonging, which are wonderful antidotes to anxiety.

Remind them of their capabilities. Anxiety can involve picturing the worstcase scenario and it’s tempting to dismiss these thoughts in an effort to reassure our kids. However, often facing the worst-case scenario head on is much more powerful. Even if your child’s fears aren’t rational, you can still chat about a plan for the eventuality they’re picturing. Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or getting lost in a new school, you can have a conversation about what they would do, how they could handle challenges and who they could turn to for help.

One-on-one time. Having the undivided attention of one of their parents or carers is incredibly powerful for all aspects of children’s mental health. It doesn’t need to be a grand or complicated day out; taking them along to the supermarket or asking them to help you cook dinner is just as (if not more) effective. Frequency is key, so learn to spot these little opportunities for connection throughout the week and use them for some pressure-free bonding time.

Play. Studies have found that play helps us learn how to navigate the unexpected, so the more we play, the less anxiety we feel about the world around us. Naturally, play will look different depending on the age and interests of your child, so let them take the lead. Play can be anything from making up silly songs to card games to drawing; whatever fun, pressure-free activity your child can get absorbed in is going to be a brilliant antidote to stress and anxiety.

Take a deep breath. In times of anxiety, breathing can become shallow and erratic. Deep breathing helps release tension in the body, improves mood and promotes a sense of wellbeing. Teach your child to breathe slowly and deeply, and you’ll give them a valuable relaxation tool they can use whenever and wherever they need it. Anxiety is a part of being human. The key is to help our children recognise and understand how it works for them, rather than try to do away with anxious feelings altogether. Each interaction you instigate contributes to your child’s wellbeing and relationship with you. It can be hard but by boosting our children’s resilience and trusting them to navigate difficult emotions, they learn to trust themselves.

Poppy O'Neill has written several books on mental well-being for children and adults, including the bestsellers Don't Worry, Be Happy and You're a Star Her most recent book How to Support Your Anxious Child is published by Vie.

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How will a divorce impact me financially?

There is no doubt that a divorce can have a huge impact on many areas of your life, and there will be many changes to adjust to. Among these, divorcing couples must prepare for a number of financial implications, but as with all other areas surrounding divorce, having prior knowledge puts you in a stronger position. At Gibson Kerr, our family law solicitors have helped hundreds of clients through the process, so here, we give a brief overview of what you can expect for your finances.

Dividing Assets

As you’d expect, when a couple divorces, the assets built up during the marriage are generally split equally unless there are strong reasons to the contrary. Such assets include property, savings, investments and pensions, among others. Pensions are important to note, as the value of any pension accrued by spouses during the marriage may be split on divorce.

Child support

For couples with children, one of the most important financial factors in a divorce is providing for the children. There are several ways to go about this, but it typically involves one parent making regular payments to the other in the form of child support. The amount of the payments will depend on both parents’ income and the needs of the children.


Depending on the circumstances, after a couple divorces, one person may be asked to make ongoing financial payments to the other after divorce, to ensure that both parties can maintain a similar standard of living post-divorce.


After divorce, couples need to agree on who will live where. A few scenarios are common if they have purchased a property together, including one person buying the other’s share of the marital home, selling the home and dividing the assets. When there are children involved, staying in the family home with one parent is usually the best solution.

Change in tax status

Divorce can have implications for income tax, and capital gains tax, and inheritance tax for both parties and these will often depend on the outcome of the divorce settlement.

Legal costs

You will need to factor in the legal costs of divorce proceedings. These can vary greatly, depending on the individual circumstances of the case. However, the more amicable the process between a couple, the less complex the proceedings tend to be and so legal fees can be kept to a minimum. Our solicitors always work with clients to help them find ways to avoid conflict and court where possible to avoid unnecessary legal fees..

At Gibson Kerr, our team of family law solicitors understands that the financial implications of divorce are often forefront of people’s minds at this challenging time, so we seek to help you get a clear picture of the finances as quickly as possible. We’re also clear and upfront about any fees that will be payable, so our clients don’t get any nasty surprises.

If you want to discuss the financial implications or any other aspect of a separation or divorce, our friendly and expert team of solicitors are here to help you. For a no-obligation chat, call our family law partner, Fiona Rasmusen on 0131 202 7516 or email fiona.rasmusen@gibsonkerr.co.uk

No two families are the same so we don’t give one type of advice.

When it comes to legal advice for your family, we know one size does not fit all. At Gibson Kerr, our team of family law solicitors have helped hundreds of families through separation, divorce, childcare issues and many other situations. We know each family is different so we work with them to get the best possible outcome for a brighter future.

For a no-obligation chat, call our Glasgow team on 0141 404 0436 or email glasgow@gibsonkerr.co.uk


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Preparing to start or change school

Starting or changing school can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking business, not only for parents but also for children who pick up on the vibe at home. With planning, you can feel more confident in the way you support and celebrate your child’s milestones and transitions as they occur.

Getting your child ready to start school

• Be sure to read the information pack provided by school.

• Teach your child to dress in their school clothes as independently as possible.

• Show your child how to use cutlery for school lunches; or packed lunch boxes and wrappers.

• Practise listening skills by giving instructions and asking your child to repeat them back to you.

• Have fun with activities that practise fine motor skills, such as tracing or threading beads.

• Explain that school is the place they will learn skills such as reading and writing, to help them in life. And make new friends to play with!

• Let them know their teacher will be excited to meet them and is hoping they are kind and friendly as well. This helps your child to be more relaxed.

• If your child is a little anxious, it can help to remind them where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing while they’re at school. Tell them you’ll be thinking about them and looking forward to seeing them at the end of the day.

Returning to school

It helps to prepare for returning to school after the long summer holidays.

A week before school starts, tell your child it’s time to get their brain ready to learn again, which means getting used to school bedtimes! It also usually means getting up earlier than in the holiday. Start to limit screen time that can distract their brain and make concentration at school more difficult. Put together a homework kit and decide when and where homework will be done (allowing for after school clubs).

Getting organised and putting a few things in place before the new school year will make for an easier start!

Gail Hugman is proprietor of Lessons Alive (www.lessonsalive.com) and author of A Short and Simple Book for the Why’s, 100 Things to Learn before you’re 10, plus the recently published Making the Pennies Drop, which shows parents exactly how to teach key skills to children.

Moving to secondary

Moving to secondary school is another big transition that many children look forward to but can find a little overwhelming when it happens. In the weeks leading up to the new term:

Remind them that no one expects them to be perfect. If they get lost during the first week, all they need to do is ask for help! Talk about what is likely to be expected of them and remind them you’re still available for help and support at home. This reassures their brain and helps their confidence.

Tell them that if they’re not sure of something, asking questions is okay, providing they’re polite.

Explain that it’s fine to feel excited and a little bit anxious. Ask them if there’s anything they’re worried about. Aim to suggest reassuring and practical solutions to even their smallest worries, which are quite normal when starting a new phase.

Finally, relax! Your child will feel more confident if you are proud of who they are and delighted with the progress they are making.

Homework preparation

Planning for homework before school starts helps set expectations. First, decide where the homework will be done and ask your child what they think would help them to be organised.

Prepare a homework kit in a box or drawer. This can save valuable minutes in a busy evening. It helps your child focus on their assignments rather than spend time searching for a pencil! Work on it together and put them in charge of making a checklist. Ask them to make sure everything goes back when they’ve finished and let you know if things wear out or get lost and need to be replaced.

Older children may be given a small budget for essential equipment which encourages responsibility and organisation.

Useful items include: a timer – helps brains to stay focused; pen; pencils; colouring pencils; eraser; pencil sharpener; ruler; dictionary; glue stick; scissors; protractor; Post-its; paper; counters; spelling practice sheets; dice; string; hole punch; paper clips; plastic pockets for work; stress or juggling balls; craft materials; water; background calming music (optional!)

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Not a year goes by when I’m not jealous of all the fantastic activities there are for local kids during the school holidays. Read on - a summer of fun and new opportunities awaits!

Young Engineers Edinburgh & West Lothian are hosting their sell-out Summer Camps again this year.

If your child loves science, Lego, Robotics or gaming this is the perfect summer camp for them! For the first time we will be running two separate camps for different age groups.

We will run a camp for 6-9 year old’s (and 5 year old’s in P1) focusing on motorised Lego. We will also be running a camp for 10-15 year old’s focusing on Lego robotics and MicroBits!

Camps are running in Cramond, Musselburgh, Livingstone, Buckstone, Stockbridge and Juniper Green. The camps for younger children are £43 per day or £185 for 5 days. The older camp is £45 per day and £200 for 5 days. The cost of this can be split via direct debit, email office@young-engineers.co.uk for more information



School holidays are great for kids, but it’s important to find enough of the right things to do to stimulate their young minds. That can sometimes be a challenge, particularly for working parents. Sound familiar?

Well look no further. Our holiday clubs provide the perfect balance of creative stimulation, learning and fun to ensure your child has a super rewarding week. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive emails about our upcoming holiday clubs for kids. Our holiday clubs are generally based around a theme, we often use well known musicals or the latest kids film craze. Each day is divided into sections of singing, dancing and acting. We also play games, do crafts and make time for lunch too. The whole week builds up to a mini show which we present to the parents at the end of the week. All the songs and dances we learn are the scenes and even our crafts become the set for our show. www.dndance.co.uk

This Summer, Whizzkids will be offering its favourite fun and educational computer courses. Running from the week commencing 1st July up to and including the w/c 29th July.

Children aged 7 and up can learn useful keyboard skills using a fun and engaging program on the touchtyping course or create keyrings, cards, t-shirts, stickers and gift boxes on the computer art course. For those with an interest in coding, the Scratch course offers a great introduction with its user-friendly format and the Raspberry Pi course offers a more advanced level of coding using the Python programming language. Other courses include PowerPoint and Desktop Publishing. All lessons take place in small and friendly groups with a maximum of 5 children. For further information visit www.whizzkids.uk.com, email gillian@whizzkids.uk.com or call

0131 447 5893.

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Various locations across Edinburgh; from tots to teens. Join Edinburgh Leisure for an action-packed summer filled with sport, fun, and learning!

Our Summer Camps & Coaching programme caters to every age and interest, and features exciting activities such as Aquatics, Climbing, Gymnastics and Tennis. And if your child loves variety, our Multi-Sport camps are just the ticket.

We’ve got options to suit every family’s schedule, whether you’re after full or short-day camps. Plus, our summer coaching lessons are perfect for trying out something new before signing up to our main coaching programme in August.

And that’s not all! You can round up the whole family for a fantastic array of exciting activities, from Soft Play to Clip n Climb, AquaDash, and more. Make this summer your most active and fun-filled yet with Edinburgh Leisure! Book now or find out more: edinburghleisure.co.uk


Our popular Summer camp for 4-7 year olds is back this summer at two venues.

Trinity Scout Hall from 29 July to 2 August and the North Merchiston Club at Polwarth from 5 to 9 August. Cost for the week is £150, part week also available. Camps will run from 10.00am until 2.00pm with drop off from 9.45am and pick up until 2.15pm.

The camps are high energy and fun and structured to ensure that your child’s technical understanding and development of skill’s improve, as well as inspiring confidence in their own ability. We aim to improve your child’s passing, catching and kicking through numerous drills and games.

Our outdoor 6 week Summer school holiday term is also running on Saturdays at Inverleith Park and Inch Park and on Sundays at Inverleith Park and Roseburn Park.

email Sandra@rugbytots.co.uk

To book a place visit www.rugbytots.co.uk


Mix Up Theatre provides an amazing opportunity for children and young people to have a packed week of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival experience. A weeklong adventure of drama skills workshops from clowning, comedy, dancing, puppetry, circus and acting! The students get the opportunity to meet and work with special guests and theatre companies from the festival. There are several theatre trips throughout the week also. Based on the Pleasance, our Fringe Festival Summer Camp week runs Monday 29th July2nd August. Mornings / Afternoons / Full Days available. Ages 5-16.

To register and for more information visit: www.mixuptheatre.com e-mail: info@mixuptheatre.com or call: 07720 861 796 – We sell out quick so register your interest soon and get ready for a packed fun week of Mix Up Theatre!

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sports to try
From tots to teens
beyond edinburghleisure.co.uk SummerHoliday HolidaySports Camps ports + Coaching! BOOK ONLINE TODAY! T’s & C’s apply. Registered Scottish Charity No: SC027450
• Huge range of full/short day
and coaching
multitude of


Running from Monday 29 July to Friday 2 August 2024 from 9.00am - 2.00pm daily. EDA Summer Schools have been running for over 14 years and 2023 was just fantastic with over 100 dancers in attendance. There was so much laughter, great friendships forged, fabulous choreography and lasting memories made. So many HAPPY dancers at the end of each day. The week is jam packed with workshops in Jazz, Contemporary, Commercial, Acro and Musical Theatre all finishing with a fabulous showcase of all the children have learned during their week with us. The EDA Summer School is split into 3 groups by age: P1 - P3, P4 - 5, P6 - P7 and is open to everyone and to all dance abilities. Please call 0131 3344299 or email hello@eda.scot to book!



Does your child love to be outdoors, exploring the natural world? Then they’ll love the jampacked programme of adventure, learning and games at our Summer Outdoor Club with activities suitable for all curious 7 to 12-year olds. During the week, they’ll spot local wildlife while learning about habitats, investigate weather conditions and identify ecosystems within Holyrood Park. Each day promises a new adventure around a different topic in environmental science and sustainability. They won’t want to miss it!

Our Summer Outdoor Club runs Monday – Friday throughout the Summer so secure your spot now by booking on our website: dynamicearth.org.uk/event/summer-outdoor-club-2024


There are many benefits to exposing children to languages from an early age. In addition to developing linguistic skills, children will enhance their cognitive skills, memory and communications skills.

So why not give your kids the chance to start their language learning journey this summer?

Join us for our fun and immersive activities in French. Your children will learn songs, play games, be engaged in craft activities and much more with our expert language teachers. For more information please contact frenchclassesife@gmail.com or call 0131 285 6030


Suitable for age 5 - 16

Open to all and something for everyone!

Our fun and inclusive camps will give your children the opportunity to try new activities, discover hidden talents, and engage in a variety of thrilling adventures.

If your children are interested in surfing, sailing, water sports, horse riding, magic & much more, Edinburgh Academy is the place to be this summer!

With a mix of physical activities, sports and mental stimulation, your children will, not only have fun but also enhance their overall wellbeing.

Our aim is that your little ones return home with new skills, lasting friendships and a treasure trove of wonderful memories. www.accessea.co.uk

Call us on 0131 622 0405 10 Families Edinburgh familiesonline.co.uk MAKE YOUR CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT MORE FUN! DISCOVER RUGBYTOTS Our dynamic weekly play sessions enable boys and girls aged 2–7 to develop their social and physical skills in a fun, positive environment. For more details, just call or email: 0345 313 3252 kirsty@rugbytots.co.uk The world’s favourite rugby play programme rugbytots.co.uk AS SEEN ON SUMMER CAMPS IN FRENCH 0131 285 6030 IFECOSSE.ORG.UK Institut Français d'Écosse, West Parliament Square, Edinburgh, EH1 1RN 1-19 JULY 2024 LET YOUR CHILDREN HAVE FUN WHILE LEARNING FRENCH! SUMMER HOLIDAY CAMPS, CLUBS, CLASSES & WORKSHOPS



29 July to 2 August 2024

5 to 9 August 2024

TotalRugby has been running fun packed school holiday rugby camps for 5 to 16 year old boys and girls in Edinburgh since 2009. Our structured yet fun programmes will help develop and improve their rugby skills and techniques in a fun and safe learning environment.

We absolutely love seeing children return to us each year allowing us to help them in their next stage of rugby, whilst they enjoy spending the holidays with friends or making some new ones. We even have some returners from abroad.

One mum recently commented “thanks for another brilliant week. (He) has had a great time as always.” 10am to 3.30pm - £200 for 5 days Fettes College Playing Fields, Edinburgh, EH4 1QX (indoor facilities available if very wet) For more information visit www.totalrugby.org or contact us at info@totalrugby.org

Forth School of Music are excited to present their summer clubs, running throughout July in Edinburgh and East Calder for all ages. From exciting new themed piano camps to film-based music workshops and pre-school classes, they have something for everyone! Their piano camps are welcome to any level of player and will explore their theme using games, crafts, puzzles and movement, while learning piano pieces along the way! For younger kids, they will explore the whimsical world of the circus and older children will embark on a musical adventure in their escape room piano camp.

Their film-themed workshops cover music from favourites such as Matilda, Wonka and Disney. They are also offering musical theatre vocal workshops as well as pre-school music classes and piano parties. www.forthschoolofmusic.co.uk


Week 1 - July 15 - 18 Week 2 - July 22 - 25

Get ready for a riot of colours and endless creativity as we explore a variety of exciting art projects. From Mexican folk art to jungle chic, our programme is packed with fun-filled activities that will ignite your child's imagination and allow them to create beautiful memories and treasures.

From art journaling to clay sculpting and mixed media printmaking, each day offers a unique adventure in creativity. Plus, our art camp is bigger and better than ever, with a whole day dedicated to clay, a supersized canvas project, and quality print exploration on fabric and paper! https://studio-48.classforkids.io

Mighty Oaks Summer School

Prepare for a week with nature like you’ve never seen before!

Join our Mighty Oaks team this summer as we uncover the wonders of the plants and creatures that call our garden home. Through trails, challenges, games, crafts and other activities, you will uncover the secrets of the plants of the Botanic Garden whilst growing new skills and bonds with the rest of your teammates!

Monday - Friday 8 - 12th, 15th - 19th, 22nd - 26 July, 29 July - 2nd August 9.30am - 4pm www.rbge.org.uk

Email us - editor@familiesedinburgh.co.uk familiesonline.co.uk Families Edinburgh 11
FRINGE FESTIVAL SUMMER CAMP A week of drama workshops & theatre trips Ages 5-6 Tel: 07720 861796 Email: info@mixuptheatre.com www.mixuptheatre.com Ages 5-16 Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August Mornings / Afternoons / Full Days Pleasance – Edinburgh EH8 9TF Summer Holiday Computer Courses Touch-typing Scratch coding Computer Art Raspberry Pi PowerPoint Desktop Publishing From w/c 1st July to w/c 29th July 19 Morningside Drive, Edinburgh 0131 447 5893 www.whizzkids.uk.com gillian@whizzkids.uk.com Whizzkids Computer Learning Centre SUMMER HOLIDAY CAMPS, CLUBS, CLASSES & WORKSHOPS


We’ve got you covered - Rain or shine! Keep your copy of Families Edinburgh close to hand and you’ll never be short of something to do during the school holidays.


Let your kids run rampant this summer in the bountiful fields of Border Berries

A family-run PYO farm full of fresh, juicy Scottish strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, tayberries, red and blackcurrants which are naturally ripened in the open air.

Great for tasting right away, whisking home for baking, puddings or jam –berry picking is one of life’s simple pleasures for little foragers. A picnic area and café with split-fresh baking, smoothies and homemade ice-cream, serves hungry pickers. No entry charges, just get picking!

Find us down in the Scottish Borders near St Boswells, approximately 45 miles or 1hr from Edinburgh. We are open from early July until midAugust. To plan your visit and check what’s ripe when, visit www.borderberries.co.uk



A 5 star day out for the whole family!

A visit to the award-winning National Mining Museum Scotland is an absolute must! Just 5 minutes from the Edinburgh City Bypass and a 5 minute walk from Newtongrange train station, the museum is housed in the wonderfully restored Lady Victoria Colliery and offers a superb day out for the whole family.

Visitors can retrace the footsteps of thousands of miners and their families who relied on the colliery to make a living. There are two major exhibitions, “The Story of Coal” and “A Race Apart”. Using interactive displays, reconstructions, sounds and visuals, visitors can find out exactly what life was like at work and at home for the men and their families who toiled so hard for Scotland’s “black diamonds”.

A tour of the pithead, recreated underground roadway and coalface, with an exminer as your guide, gives the atmosphere and noise of a working pit – an experience which instantly makes you glad you’re not a miner!

The museum’s café offers a warm welcome, delicious coffee, lunch, freshly baked cakes and scones. There are also picnic areas, an outdoor play area and Green Zone where kids can let off some steam while parents relax closeby.

An exciting programme of family friendly events runs throughout the year. Full information and tickets are available online at https://national-mining-museumscotland.arttickets.org.uk/ or visit our website www.nationalminingmuseum.com or Facebook Page.


At the foot of an volcano in the heart of Edinburgh lies Dynamic Earth, the UK’s leading earth science centre and planetarium.

Travel hundreds of miles around the globe to feel the icy-chill of our iceberg to hearing the thundering crash of the storms in our tropical rainforest. We promise you a jaw-dropping journey that’ll open your eyes to the wonders of our planet, and why it’s so important to protect us.

This Summer, pack billions of years of Earth’s history into one epic day out – book now at Dynamic Earth: www.dynamicearth.co.uk

Brick Safari Edinburgh Zoo

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27-29 Marchmont Cres EH9 call us on 0131 229 1399 NEW EXPANDED PREMISES pottery painting fun birthday parties unique gifts for all occasions baby hand & footprints clay imprints take home kits vouchers 100s of colours to choose from
Friday 24 May – Wednesday 31 July


Explore, Play, Build at the Botanics

This summer, experience the joy of the botanical world at Play with Plants, a new interactive family play experience at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Featuring the work of Warren Elsmore, an artist in LEGO® bricks, families can make LEGO® creations, build and plant their own garden landscape or get creative and decorate a giant LEGO® wall.

Let imaginations come alive through shapes, colours and inventive play. Have fun dressing up and enjoy stories from the natural world in the cosy story corner. Find out what bugs do for plants and what we can do for bugs with our mini market garden. Then, let the adventure continue and head out into the Garden to discover the magic and wonder of nature.

Play with Plants runs from Saturday, June 15 to Sunday, September 1 from 10.15 –16:15 daily, in the John Hope Gateway building. Bookings are for hourly play slots. Tickets available at www.rbge.org.uk/playwithplants


Our family-friendly Kidzone is back at the Pleasance Courtyard this Fringe, with all the usual arts and crafts activities available in our weatherproof pods. Plus food and drink from the Kidzone Café on The Green. We've also got 10 must-see children's shows, making the Pleasance your one-stop-shop for family entertainment in Edinburgh this summer!


Every Monday and Friday during the holidays there will be a range of fun drop-in activities for all the family. From dinosaurs to outer space and from ancient Egypt to Vikings.



Ready, Set, Read!

Children can read any books they like on the Summer Reading Challenge; stories, fact books, poetry, jokes, graphic novels.


Head over to Edinburgh Zoo this summer for an adventure you won’t forget!

From charming penguins to majestic giraffes and Scotland’s only sloths and koalas, there’s something for the whole pride to explore. Waddle your way to see the animals you love or check out the new Brick Safari at Edinburgh Zoo which is available from Friday 24 May to Wednesday 31 July. You can experience this fantastic new trail of toy bricks inspired by your favourite animals during your next visit at the zoo. The trail is included with your zoo admission ticket but booking in advance is recommended – make sure to check out the Edinburgh Zoo website for more details and book online to save. edinburghzoo.org.uk


Get yourselves along to Edinburgh International Book Festival this 10-25 August for two weeks of book-filled fun.

Free but booking required to guarantee a basket. (ages 3+)

Borrow a Family Art Basket (F.A.B) for the afternoon on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (2 - 4pm) throughout the summer holidays.

This year's theme is Marvellous Makers and the organiser’s aim is to tap into children’s imaginations, telling amazing stories and coming up with fun new creations, to celebrate the creative arts. It’s all free, fun and a great way to keep children reading over the summer holidays.

More info: www.summerreadingchallenge.org.uk

With 100+ events for children and young adults there’s something for everyone. Meet your favourite authors and illustrators. Get creative with arts and craft activities. Say hello to storybook characters who’ve wandered off the page. Browse the colourful bookshop shelves (and get your new books signed too). Most events are just £6 (some are even free!). Visit edbookfest.co.uk for details.

familiesonline.co.uk Families Edinburgh 13 Follow us on Twitter @FamiliesEdinbur OPEN 7 DAYS 1 JULY-13 AUG • 10am-7pm PICNIC AREA & CAFÉ BERRIES ST BOSWELLS, BORDERS TD5 8NP • 01835 823 763 • www.borderberries.co.uk Lots of JUICY berrIES are hiding in our strawberry patch... Come and find them! YUM! pyo! strawberries raspberries tayberries currants gooseberries

fringe for kids

Edinburgh - what a brilliant city.

And what a brilliant place to live during the most wonderful time of the year. And by that I mean August! World class theatre, comedy, puppetry, music and general silliness all on our doorsteps!

The Smeds & The Smoos

Soar into space with this Olivier Awardnominated adaptation of the much-loved book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

On a far-off planet, Smeds and Smoos can't be friends. So when a young Smed and Smoo fall in love and zoom off into space together, how will their families get them back?

A joyful tale of star-crossed aliens for everyone aged 3 and up, with music, laughs and interplanetary adventures –from Tall Stories, the company that brought you The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom live on stage.

'Perfect family viewing' ***** (Beyond The Curtain)

31 July - 18 August Pleasance Courtyard - Grand 1.15pm

Monkeys Everywhere

Join award-winning Garry Starr as he tries to find calm amongst the mayhem that fills his monkey mind.

Monkeys Everywhere is a show for all ages – but especially for those who can’t always keep their monkeys under control... Created with Olivia Jacobs, director of The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom, Monkeys Everywhere contains puppetry, clowning and a huge amount of heart. You’d be bananas to miss it... Praise for previous work: 'An absolute delight' ***** The Scotsman 'From clownish chaos to feats of comic genius' The Guardian 31 July - 25 August Pleasance Courtyard - Forth 11.30am

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat is back! Experience mischief this Fringe and see the return of the acclaimed stage adaptation of Dr Seuss' The Cat In The Hat. From the moment his tall, red and white-striped hat appears, Sally and her brother know that the cat in the hat is the funniest, most mischievous cat they have ever met. With the trickiest of tricks and craziest of ideas, he turns a rainy afternoon into an amazing adventure. The Cat in the Hat is a lively and engaging first theatre experience for young children aged 3+. Aug 1-13, 15-18 Pleasance Courtyard 10.30am

14 Families Edinburgh familiesonline.co.uk Call us on 0131 622 0405 The Comedy Magic Spectacular A magic show meets a Pixar movie! Fun for kids, foramazingadults! ASSEMBLY 13:25 | 31 JUL - 25 AUG STUDIO TWO

fringe for kids


With gravity-defying acrobatics and dazzling juggling, this family show is full of warmth and sidesplitting humour. Nova is proudly presented by Canadian 'masters of slapstick' (Scotsman) Les Foutoukours who previously brought you the five-star clown show Brotipo. Nova follows the adventures of two young friends who love to meet in a magical secret attic to read books and play games. One day, in the depths of winter, the enchanted candles which provide light and heat go out – the children need to find a way to rekindle the flames before they freeze. Nova rediscovers the magic of circus, where dreams take flight and anything is possible. It marries clowning with a celebration of childhood creativity, leaving the audience with a sense of happiness and reminded that even in dark times there is light to be found.

August 1-11, 13-18, 20-25

Assembly Roxy 3.45pm


Sophie meets Goose whilst on a trip to the park, and the pair soon become the best of friends. This new musical for the under fives is the perfect theatre trip as they jump through muddy puddles, go on a wild goose chase and honk as loud as they can with Sophie and Goose.

This forty five minute interactive production brings Laura Wall’s laugh-out-loud illustrations and loveable characters to life. ‘Goose’ is an instant favourite with young and old. Honk!

TaleGate Theatre Productions have been dazzling family audiences up and down the UK for over a decade. This brand new musical has been put together by the team that brought you ‘The Giant’s Loo Roll’ and the festive musical ‘Father Christmas Needs a Wee!’, which has seen success in a sell out run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and a sell out UK Tour (including London’s West End).

August 2-10

The Space @Niddry Street 9.55am


Email us - editor@familiesedinburgh.co.uk familiesonline.co.uk Families Edinburgh 15

fringe for kids

Lee Martin for Gag Reflex presents…

Mojo and Jimmy: The Comedy Magic Spectacular

A magic show meets a Pixar movie! The annual comedymagic extravaganza in Happyvale takes an unexpected turn into a thrilling adventure to rescue the forest!

Experience awe, laughter, and tears of joy as Mojo the Monkey and Jimmy the Tomato guide you on this rollercoaster of amazement. Co-created by a Broadway magician and the world champion of magic, Dom Chambers and Simon Coronel, who were hailed as 'genius' by Simon Cowell and 'perfect' by Penn & Teller.

31 July - 25 August

Assembly George Square Studios – Studio Three. 13:25

A Girl Called Grace

Mr Blue Productions presents A Girl Called Grace, a family friendly puppet show.

Following the show the audience can make a wee puppet.

Grace is kicking back for the summer holidays when her stepmother orders her to go to her Aunty Baba Yaga, her father is out of town.

Little does she know that Baba Yaga is a witch with iron teeth who lives in a peculiar hut and eats children. Grace meets some strange characters along the winding path through the forest. The show is charming, funny and inclusive. The humour is pantomimesque so the witch is never too scary for young people. This is a table top show with a spooky forest back drop and stylised props and characters which display Emma’s quirky artistic style.

August 6 - 10 11am

Monski Mouse’s Baby Cabaret

Weekdays Fringe fun sorted in the Assembly Spiegeltent, baby cabaret style!

Royal Scots Club (The Speakeasy) 29-31 Abercromby Place: Venue 241.

Join Monski Mouse and her super talented friends, for this epic live musical sing-a-long cabaret of nursery classics, song, puppetry and bonkers fun for 0-5s and their parents. All the big topics covered: elephants, fish, wiggly worms, transport and the existential ways of the toddler.

”Moments of utter beauty”

***** Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

5 - 23 August (weekdays)

Assembly George Square Gardens, Spiegeltent Palais Du Variete 10am

11:50 | 02 - 18 AUG


16 Families Edinburgh familiesonline.co.uk Like us on Facebook - www.Facebook.com/FamiliesEdinburghMagazine

fringe for kids

Children Are Stinky

Award-winning, five-star sell-out Fringe sensation, you’d better book your tickets in advance! High-calibre circus, a rocking soundtrack and genuine belly laughs have thrilled audiences all over the globe.

Expect daredevil stunts, incredible aerials, lightning-fast acrobatics, loads of laughs and mischievous fun, leaving adults and children with their jaws on the floor hooting for more.

Winner: Children's Choice Award, Edinburgh Fringe.

Winner: Best Children’s Event, Adelaide Fringe and Fringe World.

Three-time Edinburgh Fringe sell-out show.

***** (EdinburghFestivalsForKids.com)

***** (Advertiser, Adelaide) **** (List)

1 - 26 August

Assembly George Square Gardens, Spiegeltent Palais Du Variete 11.35am

Arturo Brachetti: SOLO

Take a jaw-dropping journey inside the mind of Italian quickchange legend Arturo Brachetti, in the UK premiere of his smashhit show SOLO.

This jam-packed spectacular sees the Guinness World Recordbreaking quick-change artist bring more than 50 characters to life - from Madonna to Batman to Sherlock Holmes.

Expect the unexpected as astonishing illusions and mindboggling transformations meet enchanting shadow puppetry and sand painting, against a kaleidoscope of lights and lasers.

Landing in Edinburgh fresh from sell-out shows across Europe, don’t miss your chance to catch the two-time Olivier Award-nominated star this summer.

‘In his native Italy, Arturo Brachetti is an arena filling superstar.’

**** Evening Standard

‘Jaw-dropping... at the limits of theatrical possibility.’

**** The Times

‘So speedy you gawp in wonder.’ **** Daily Mail

‘Astounding is the only word for Italian superstar Arturo Brachetti.’

**** Hollywood Reporter

31st Jul - 25th Aug (not 7th, 13th or 21st)

Pleasance at EICC - Lennox Theatre 7pm (Mon-Sun) 2:30pm (Sat-Sun)

familiesonline.co.uk Follow us on Twitter @FamiliesEdinbur
18 Families Edinburgh familiesonline.co.uk Call us on 0131 622 0405 MUSIC HALL 15:10 | 01 - 25 AUG 2020 The Advertiser 2020 Adelaide Edinburgh Theatre Weekly 2 022 THE SHOW THAT THRILLED THE WORLD “An unforgettable joy from start to finish” In EDINBURGH for the DON’T MISS OUT LAST TIME One 4 Review 2024 Paris Theatre Weekly Global Post Media All About Entertainment The Advertiser Mix Up Theatre Binge Fringe SEE THE PROMO SPECIAL PRICE FAMILIES! FOR ASSEMBLY PALAIS DU VARIÉTÉ 11:35 | 01 - 26 AUG BROWSE THE FULL PROGRAMME NOW: assemblyfestival.com 31 JULY - 26 AUGUST 2024 STREET FOOD VENDORS
fringe for kids

fringe for kids

Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall

Back again, the award winning, international hit, Edinburgh favourite, Baby Disco Dance Hall will be returning to weekends at Assembly Festival’s George Square Spiegeltent.

Join DJ Monski Mouse and her dancers for a bopping, bonkers, beautiful, boogie for 0-5’s and their favourite adults.

“This is what the experts meant when they said spend quality time together” ***** glam adelaide 3 - 25 August (weekends)

Assembly George Square Gardens, Spiegeltent Palais Du Variete 10am

The Alphabet of Awesome Science

Join Aussie professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge (the Word Nerd and the Science Freak) for a thrilling voyage through the alphabet — where BIG WORDS inspire some seriously BIG SCIENCE!

Professor Lexi Con has curated a curious collection of her favourite words (one for every letter of the alphabet) with each word providing Professor Noel Edge with an inspirational jumping off point for 26 quirky scientific demonstrations – that squish and squirt, float and fly, erupt and explode. Together, this dad-joke quipping, prank-pulling pair of polished professors strut their stuff in a performance that’s equal parts explosive, messy, spectacular, hilarious, fascinating and gross. Plus, did we mention, this is a race? The plucky professors have just 52 minutes to complete their alphabetical, scientifical countdown. That’s just 2 minutes per experiment! Will they make it in time...?

“A five-star experience for the while family that managed to entertain, educate and exhilarate all at once” — Lost in Theatreland.

With a string of ***** reviews and multiple awards (Adelaide Fringe Festival: Science at the Fringe Award 2021 / Weekly Award Best Kids and Family 2021 & 2019) Lexi and Noel can’t wait to return to Edinburgh Fringe with their spectacular and sesquipedalian show!

July 31 to August 25 (not August 12 or 19)

Underbelly George Square 12.30pm

Email us - editor@familiesedinburgh.co.uk familiesonline.co.uk Families Edinburgh 19

fringe for kids

Doktor Kaboom: Man of Science

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Doktor Kaboom!

The good Doktor’s new show fuses astonishing live science experiments, stand-up comedy, and lessons in empowerment, for an hour of ‘perfect family entertainment’ (PowShowbiz).

Back at Edinburgh Fringe Festival for an electrifying third year with brand-new

experiments for 2024, including a new game called Smoke Bubble Volleyball!

Don't miss this spectacular 'must-see' ***** Entertainment-Now.

'A foolproof formula for success' **** ThreeWeeks

'A delight to watch. The children were highly engaged and reveled in taking part in the interactive parts of the show.’

***** TheatreWeekly

‘Super, top family day out! What kids wouldn’t love to be part of this much fun!' **** Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

‘Wild and wacky enough to make kids’ eyes pop, while also being meticulously explained in a way that empowers children to know that they too can become scientists, with nothing more than an inquisitive mind.’ **** The List

31st Jul - 26th Aug (not 7th or 14th)

Pleasance Courtyard - Beyond 1.30pm

The Black Blues Brothers

After thrilling the world, with more than 600,000 spectators and astonishing appearances at the Royal Variety Performance, Monte Carlo Festival and Moulin Rouge, the 'best circus show' (TheatreWeekly.com) returns on a mission to entertain... for the last time!

Don't miss the farewell season of this acrobatic celebration joining the energy of Africa with a R'n'B sound. Five unleashed acrobats perform their comedy tribute to cult movie The Blues Brothers. In an elegant nightclub reminiscent of The Cotton Club, chairs, table and surroundings become props for breathtaking jumps, fire and somersault routines, human pyramids and much more!

1 - 25 August Assembly Rooms, Music Hall 3.10 pm

The Listies ROFL

Riotous, gratuitous and possibly hazardous, Aussie kids comedy duo

The Listies return to the Fringe for the eleventeenth time with a new show. ROFL tackles the most dramatic family situation of all time: bedtime! Rich, the exhausted parental proxy, tries to get an early night while Matt uses every trick in the book to stay up.

Packed with rambunctious humour, a mini panto, detachable legs and too many baked beans.

'Funniest kids show I've ever seen' (Frank Skinner)

'Slapstick and scatology' **** (Scotsman)

'Releases hysteria in all ages' **** (Chortle.co.uk)

Melbourne Fringe Best Kids Show, 2023

2 - 18 August Assembly George Square Studios, Studio One 11.50am


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20 Families Edinburgh familiesonline.co.uk


The worldfamous unicycle acrobatics show

A dynamic, highenergy family performance of jaw dropping skills and hilarious slapstick.

Winner of Japan’s Children and Performing Arts Expo 2019.

The mischievous Cheeky snuck into the big top one night, where she met the circus fairy who introduced her to the wonders of the circus world. However, the good times couldn’t last forever… Pioneers of both unicycle acrobatics and contemporary Japanese clowning, the unparalleled combination of skill and humour makes this a must see Family Fringe show.

With the rare combination of world champion-level skills, unprecedented showmanship, and a truly original style, the duo fuse circus with Manga-like characters to deliver a masterclass in the universal language of laughter.

Enjoy this creation from the multi-award winning comedy duo who have delivered laughter, smiles and surprises across the globe!

1 - 26 August

Assembly George Square Gardens, Piccolo Tent 1.30pm


Discover the Epic in the Tiny. Join this extraordinary journey to discover the beats and rhythms of a busy, beautiful woodland world. Uncover bizarre larger than life fungi, creaking tree roots, and thrumming underworlds. Breathe explores the inner workings of trees, beautifully realised through puppetry, breathtakingly detailed sets, and groundbreaking live camera work. Underscored by a truly unique blend of thumping drum & bass and live ethereal folk songs.

This is a 2024 Off West End Award-Finalist that celebrates trees. Suitable for ages 5+. Family tickets available.

***** ’Unmissable…It will have the whole family curious and captivated’ (Everything Theatre, 2023).

Praise for past work:

***** ‘Breathtaking’ (Edinburgh Guide)

***** ‘Masterful’ (The Wee Review)

***** ‘Imaginative’ (Young Perspective)

***** ‘Ingenious’ (UK Theatre Network)

31 July - 18 August (not 14)

Pleasance Dome: King Dome 12:00

Booking Information for Fringe Shows www.edfringe.com www.pleasance.co.uk www.assemblyfestival.com www.underbellyedinburgh.co.uk www.thespaceuk.com

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for up to date Fringe news too!

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• Open Days and School News

• Clubs and Classes

• What's On


We LOVE sharing everything that is going on in and around Edinburgh with you every issue but please remember to check with the venue before setting out just in case anything has changed. All details are correct at the time of going to print but as we've all learnt over the last couple of years - things can change!


Until 31 July Brick Safari at Edinburgh Zoo

You can experience this fantastic new trail of toy bricks inspired by your favourite animals during your next visit at the zoo. The trail is included with your zoo admission ticket but booking in advance is recommended – make sure to check out the Edinburgh Zoo website for more details and book online to save. www.edinburghzoo.org.uk

15 June Edinburgh Canal Festival

There will be activities & events for all the family to enjoy, along our beautiful blue spaces. 12 - 5pm

15 June - 1 September Play With Plants

John Hope Gateway Building 10.15 - 4.15 daily

This summer, experience the joy of the botanical world at Play with Plants, a new interactive family play experience at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Bookings are for hourly play slots.

Tickets available at www.rbge.org.uk/playwithplants

16 June Father’s Day

29 June - 15 August

Summer Adventures Almond Valley

Schools Out, it's time to kick back and enjoy the fun of the summer.

Daily alpaca feeding, meet the Clydesdales, animal handling, train and tractor rides and den building.

29 June Insect Week: Marvellous Moths

Grand Gallery, National Museum of Scotland

Put your entomology skills to the test and discover more about the moth specimens in our collections.

Learn about these fascinating insects through art activities and track down moths on display using a bug safari kit. Why not come dressed as your favourite insect? For ages 4+

1 July RSPB at Lauriston Castle

Join us through the day for a chance to hear about your local feathered friends and to get a chance to do a quick art activity. 10am - 4pm

Double up with a picnic and family day in our gardens.

Free, drop-in, no need to book

1 July - 12 August Summer Family Fun

National Museum of Scotland

Join us every Monday and Friday during the holidays for a range of fun drop-in activities for all the family. Our friendly Enabler team will be bringing our favourite themes to life from

dinosaurs to outer space and from ancient Egypt to Vikings. Plus we’ll be powering up with brand new activities inspired by our summer exhibition Game On.

3 July - 11 August Family Art Baskets

Modern One

Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays, 2-4pm. Free but booking required to guarantee a basket. (ages 3+)

Pick up your Family Art Basket (F.A.B) on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays throughout the summer holidays. These baskets are yours to borrow for the afternoon. You’ll find idea prompts and materials to help your family sculpt, paint, stick and spot – inspired by Do Ho Suh’s Tracing Time.

5 July Misty the Pony

National Mining Museum Scotland

Have fun listening to the story of Misty the Pit Pony with Elaine, a professional local storyteller. Learn about the role of pit ponies in the mines and hear how they were brought above ground in the summer for the local gala days. You’ll have the chance to gallop around on our hobby horses, design a rosette and give your pony a name. This is a family event where the adults can join in too! Suitable for children age 5-10. www.nationalminingmuseum.com

6 & 7 July Artist Weekends

Modern One. Saturdays and Sundays, 2-4pm . Free, drop-in, no booking required. At the weekends our artist team are on hand, under the trees, to help your family create and connect in the outdoor sculpture park. Each week there will be different themes and materials to play with. Every weekend until 11 August.

22 Families Edinburgh familiesonline.co.uk Call us on 0131 622 0405


13 July Pebble Art

Lauriston Castle 10 - 12. £4 per person

Today is international Rock Day, and in honour we are painting some fantastic pebbles in the shape of creatures from nature as well as making pebble collage pictures.

All our pre-booked family craft workshops are family learning experiences and designed around the whole family working together. Booking Required.

14 July Edinburgh Festival Carnival

Princes Street Gardens

A breath-taking celebration of costumes, dance and music as the city centre is transformed into a kaleidoscope of vibrancy, sound and movement – the perfect free day out for all ages.

20 July Design Your Own Badge

Museum of Edinburgh 2 - 4pm

Family (free) drop-in workshop to complement the exhibition ‘Edinburgh Rising from the Ashes: 200 years of the Scottish Fire Service’

If you were to redesign the fire service badge, what would it look like? Drop in to learn about the meaning of the SFRS badge and have a go at creating your own.

22 July Canary in a Coal Mine

National Mining Museum Scotland. 11am - 2pm

Learn why canaries were once so important in our coal mines, then decorate your own canary wind chime with paint and feathers to take home with you. www.nationalminingmuseum.com

27 July Printed Landscapes

Free. 11am

Drop into the City Art Centre to take inspiration from our Adam Bruce Thomson exhibition. Create printed landscape artworks inspired by your favourite Edinburgh buildings and collage into them using exciting textures and materials.


2 - 26 August

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

One of the greatest celebrations on the planet! www.edfringe.com

10 August Family Fun Day

Celebrating 40 years of National Mining Museum Scotland

10 - 25 August

Edinburgh International Book Festival

With 100+ events for children and young adults (and hundreds more for grown-ups), there’s something for everyone. Edinburgh Futures Institute, Lauriston Place.

18 August Nature Prints

Lauriston Castle. 12 - 2pm

Celebrate World Photography Day (19 August) and make your own version of a photographic image with special photographic paper. Lay items out to make pictures and watch them develop in the sun. You will then get a chance to further work into your pictures with paints and collage materials creating an original artwork. Free.

25 August Clay Nature Tiles

12 noon - 2pm

Inspired by our natural environment come along to Lauriston and take inspiration from our gardens and make a clay tile inspired by nature. You can take it home and paint it.

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