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40 2 7 9 9 6 8 0 02 or email info@fa



south east london The essential FREE magazine for families from Dulwich across to Greenwich and Blackheath, and down towards Bromley

Advertising in Famillies South East works because:



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Highly targeted distribution • We distribute over 16,000 copies of every issue

Holiday Fun

, daycamps Easter egg hunts and workshops

• We cover Beckenham, Blackheath, Brockley, Crystal Palace, Dulwich, Forest Hill, Greenwich, Herne Hill, Hither Green, Lewisham, Sydenham, West Norwood, Woolwich; and all the best bits in between


and With Gambado Kiddikicks


and gs, local news What's On listin beginners creative play for







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omacadem - 19 yrs www.freed Ages 3 yrs 244 4873 0208




• Families South East London is FREE and reaches parents directly through school book-bags, at nurseries and pre-schools, independent book, toy and childrenswear shops, libraries, leisure centres, GP surgeries, activity classes, selected cafés and many other child related venues. No copies are door-dropped • We also have online advertising opportunities, a Facebook page and thousands of Twitter followers, which we can use to promote your business further

ConfidenFce Building FuREnE

MARCH 2014



Try a Free Drama Class ®


Watch your child’ s self-esteem soar with our weekly classes for 4–12 s

• 94% of our readers turn to Families first to find the products and services they need - a fact which pleases advertisers enormously.

Child development is at we do. So our drama, the heart of everything dance and singing will boost your child’s sessions confidence, improve concentration and their give them an outlet to have fun. Call 0845 400 1277 or visit for a free class at your nearest venue.

n south east londo

Covering all the SE London post codes plus a little bit more...

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Highly valued by our readers • Established in 1996, Families South East is “the” magazine for local parents • Our readers consistently rate our detailed What’s On listings as a valuable guide. There's nothing quite like it in our area

• We pride ourselves on high quality, informative and entertaining editorial and accurate, comprehensive event information - all with a local focus

• We publish ‘read it and keep it’ features that people want to read and use for information, so parents see your ad more often

• The result is that ads in Families work harder for longer • Quite simply, no other magazine in our area serves so many families or advertisers in such a focused and entertaining way.

The bigger picture

• Website advertising and advertorials, group and multi-edition advertising opportunities are offered for the printed magazines and for the Group website at Families Online

Yes please I would like to continue with another run. FSE is always a good source of work for me and I'm always very happy with it. Local handyman

” ”

finish linea small window of Rush to the have the decision, you case of state

Once you’ve made - a very small window in the October apply the end of the opportunity to which close from reassured that, school applications due to move on. But, do be is by how many excellentstart before your child you’d be surprised before the despite the hype, still have places just weeks start gathering may the earlier you private schools year. So remember, definitely not lost if you of the academic most better, but all is in advance information the choices years your preferred don’t pin down

news Education ving on

Changes to SEN being statements are

Needs Special Educational plan, with parents ‘health and care’ replaced with a on budget to spend receiving a personal proposals. it, under new government implementing children have parents whose The aim is to give and some over their care, SEN more power the number of believe it will reduce ministers also as they believe as having SEN, children labelled SEN status. are currently given children too many piloted for are currently being The new plans in 2013. of a national rollout 18 months in advance

: inspectors say : feel for day-to-day What thefor yourself gives you a proper inspection


Visiting schools look at their official worth having a life. It’s also well and Children’s Services reports: schools Standards in Education, all local authority • The Office for regulate and inspectnot members of the Skills (Ofsted) are t schools that and independen Independent Schools Council. the (ISI) and School Associations of t Schools Inspectorate are members • The Independen (SIS) inspect schools who Council. Inspection Service of the Independent Schools belonging of the Associations Inspectorate inspects schools Muslim of Schools • The Bridge and the Association on their Schools’ Trust their reports to the Christian England. All publish Schools throughout websites: www.schoolinspectionse www.bridgeschoolsinspe

– where next? wistful waving your first

you’re One moment and then, in what nursery gates farewell at the it’s time to think blink of an eye, did all those seems like a schools. Where about secondary years go? with open days of year again, It’s that time deadlines fast and application of now happening nearing the end If your child is talk of little else approaching. you’ll find you they’ll be going primary school, you know where from now until points to keep some starting season next. Here are transfer secondary you sane as the gets underway.

Start early or daughter has game. If your son

Top marks at School Sydenham High achieved

High School GDST Pupils at Sydenham averaging ten grades this summer, best-ever GCSE of all subjects and two thirds GCSEs per student

Get ahead of the now is a good time to begin 5, of application just entered year without the pressure this term. your research with tests to contend Visit the forms and entry of your own home. Start in the comfort website government advice the choices of school on of looking to for an explanation helpful if you are offer - it is particularly a name when it comes to in understand what’s free schools, academies, community schools, faith-based and specialist colleges, federations,

Features schedule Each issue of Families has a main feature, covering topics such as Choosing Childcare, School Open Days, Parties and Holiday Activities. • Alongside the planned features, we keep an open mind to relevant feature material. We cover education, childcare, health and new products or services, particularly where there's a local angle. Every issue contains news updates, What’s On listings, a new products page, ‘you and your baby’, and a brilliant book review/ blog. • As well as advertising, we always welcome good editorial and are happy to discuss a mix of both across more than one issue. Call us to discuss. Editorial is free, and pictures are always welcome.

Casting your net

Open Days

pace Picking up the

ls Independent schoo


Senior School

s 2011 Open Morning

10 am – 12 noon 5 October 10 am – 12 noon 8 November email: please ring or t For more information enquiry@shc.gdst.ne1AW SW16 020 8677 8400 d Road London 42 Abbotswoo

Wednesday Tuesday



birthday parties that ceramics cafes offer creative and fun include the invitations, ceramics, full supervision, a choice and drink and a Birthday of all the guests sign Plate that for Dulwich Road SE22, the birthday child. 34 East 020 7732 6688, PARKLIFE: head that space with a for a park and make the most of all bag picnic. Dulwich Park of balls for team games followed by a Recumbents, and offers bike hire at Dulwich birthday with balloons, decorations, tea at Pavilion Cafe complete party bags and a course. 020 8299 cake, of 1383, www.pavilioncafe MERLIN GROUP venues offer group discounts early ride times at and their theme parks. ington World of Adventures, They include Chesssor, the London Dungeons, Thorpe Park, Legoland WindMadame Tussauds London Eye. 0871 and the 222 6944, LEISURE CENTRE S offer party on soft play, pool or gym fun, usually packages based teatime. with a room for

with helping your child THEATRE BUGS articles such as exams; separation For more education t school entry website days, go to our homework; independen the most of open and Schools anxiety; and making and choose the Education about into want to know more the subject you section, or type ROLLER DISCO the search box. A great idea when your child has terest, themes a particular ina can be explored the school for in many ways. How about contact TRY THESE: different listed, yet musical, drama, date is anot build big futures PRINCESSschools next magic n: circus If the PARTIES make party, or a sports party; s informatio birthday girls feel Hairsmall Design tailor-make or get crafty making admission very special. OTT bags, jewellery s and Thames, because k parties prospectu or cookies, or to faces and fingernails, in their salon, offering tasteful print t-shirts to touches match the theme. a pretty hairdo and the girls’ ages: and www.thameschristianco 4QF. pampering suitable of , London SE9 to TIP: Take the Sydenham Road, a foot fish spa too if you wish! 020 London SE26 5QE. 8659 5813, 72 theme throughout Park Road, Mottingham print off related the .uk PUSH STUDIOS College, Grove Eltham pictures -college.orgparty in East Dulwich children’s parties, wall8857 1455, www.elthamfrom the web as decorations and there’s a theme is a great space for active 020 9LY, , ask the guests High SE24 to suit School Hill all ages. Musical, Choose from with a prize for to dress127 up Herne Disney, or Ballet & Glee and Mama Mia, Oliver!, Mary Old Vicarage, the bestThe home-made Street Dance. Up School, uk hat. their lives learning to 20 guests can Poppins, Herne Hill have the time of the it more fun and ask routines to their favourite films or TRY 7274 6336, www.herneh 020 THESE: musicals. Make the guests to dress department re-enact those fabulous A THEATREBU up as (JAGS), senior moments from stage favourite characters to is an interactive School 9111 or email info@pushstudio crammed with tasksGS party Girls’ and screen! 020 8693 fun-filled to be Allen’s 1181, andJames characters different worlds to completed, 020 8693 ROLLERDISCO to explore. SE22, Grove It is jam packed with become drama Dulwich PERFO 3465. games, East (aged 5+), who are in Vauxhall is a fun and cool treat dressing storytelling, fullOPEN children of beans. DAYS mission is accomplishedup and good old fashioned fun! Village SE21, 020 8693RM .uk Party-goers can skatefor10.15-12.15 tunes and get a special Once the Dulwich all party 28 Septemberto the latest 0374, birthday mention adventurers2receive Certificate of Achievement. Pre-prep, Wednesday packages come complete 10.00-13.00 from SE22, 020 8693 a Theatrebugs Grove JAPS, 1 October. East Dulwich 1 Octoberthe DJ. Birthday with an exclusive Saturday during Family Jam Prices start from £119, 144 booth, balloons So, you’ve sorted on and party bags Prep department CR0, the entertainer, protective pads, and Saturdays from 11-5pm. Entry includesand cake www.theatrebugs TIN Croydon For parties are available too. Old Palace Road, booked the hall PAN ANNIE provide instructors on hand skate hire, venue is just five minutes in Greenwich and 020 8244 2036 binaandpam@th and across 5 October,fun musical parties Armed school skate arenas. The surrounds: with a guitar John Whitgift, from Vauxhall bus &two for 1-5 year-olds. of round the goodie found a way and bag of wacky 020 7720 9140, www.rollerdisco.c London:Old Junior Palace / train /girls 020 7350 puppets and percussion For parties in Greater for boys props, underground. bag problem. ceofjohnwhi 2995, enquiries@theat om. 020 7228 3933 www.oldpala secondary school instruments, the talented Here are some 2027, GYMBOREE DIDDI020 guests 8688 independent in lively songs, DANCE bring parties more helpers to details call offerfee creative, Exceptional 2HB engage interactive inclusive and action games. entertainers to your 2011. SW11 around make the event aged 2+, enjoy anschool 8 October and allexactly engaging parties London and 020 8670 0644, what on Tuesday Street, Senior hour of great activitieschoice of location. Little ones, special. For enrolment themes child would Wyeyour shaped love best. action songs, College, 2011 and tours including dancing and Gymboree will RUGGERBEE hoops, Thames Christian Elmcourt games,15 October create the special Choose from a range of Z offer structured year old’s party a of fun. The parties dance ribbons, bubbles, balloons, ry School, Pre-Prep details to make your games and skills with8HZ, unique, exciting experience. promised TRY THESE: bells and two coaches funPreparato 1-5 lots Road SE21 and affordable entertainment Park geous Herne Hill ensure your one hour. The birthdayraces involving rugby Rosemea 70 Thurlow and certificate, party is the talk of first). premises with purpose-built You can book the goradprepscho CHILDCARE ANSWERS which child receives a trophy and (bookthe tots. Prep Gymboree can bring on 0797 3982790, out more8670 equipment and props, 5865,willwww.roseme take home. 0844 all guests are given a goodie bag mornings can help when from Anne-Marie you have a grown and balloon to 544 6784, www.ruggerbeez 9BZ, 020 or tion, music, movementthe party to you. Teacher-led excitement, up MONKEYRoad, London SE27 have children in tow event where guests will .com. and 5 November. BEA’S BABY and lots of bubbles MUSIC imaginaOctober amazing 1 (including weddings, MUSIC will experience give for all ages, at home parties are great entertainment Seniors parties are a singalong your guests an adult parties, seminars and brilliant fun2011. puppets and, or email to take away. 020 8123 8423, www.gymboreehour of fun with 3 November Bea and to an hour’s musical or at your chosen venue. The parties www.stduns Professional childcarersand exhibition etc). equipped fun includingstheCollege, include with instruments for her guitarist come to your venue Dunstan’ 020up8516 7022, take charge and CRAWLEY STUDIOS lots of time toSt classic favourites. your guests to play, SE6 4TY, ensure that children puppets. You can sing, dance and There is and the most beautiful Road, are safe and entertained include play London tery to decorate, including welcome arty guests, providing for tea. Monkey all your favourite+children’s Stanstead November with 5 the party. 020juniors a range even brings along while working up an appetite of blank potage-appropriate activities animals, ornaments, songs to customise GDST, 8670 9378, www.babymusic. a present for the birthday studio glaze and To book a party, call such as playing games, plates and fire High 020 8764 5185 or Clapham 5 October + child. SchoolCRYSTAL drawing, reading lect later. Woodvale, them to create professionally finished cups. The PALACE rebecca.maskell@monkeymusic. & email igh 6912, seniors and outside games. Sports/streathamh Centre runs active Forest Hill SE23. items to SW2, 020 8674 including 020 7738 1958, laser tag, dancing, pool 020 8516 0002, www.crawleystuparties packages PERFORM PARTIES 8400, Wavertree Road 8677 fun, a climbing wall 020 8778 December, 0131. are high energy combining and gymnasium. Road SW16, 020 GAMBADO in Beckenham and singing with6fun THE COUTURE games, storiesAbbotswood YOGABEEZ run is an indoor play 8 November, bookings for two and improvisations.drama, dance arrive with colourful parties for 4-10 year-olds, make cakes to order COOKIE SHOP centre which takes hour 7000, leaders 020 moves 8557and either based games, ited drinks, balloons parties which include play, a party land with themes costumes, props and music to createPartyGDST, to your own design for special occasions, for all ages from 1-12yrs, a fantasy characters or events.or with the addition of favourite themes on yoga School brief and in 11 delicious High laser tag parties. and a party host to help out. The buffet, unlimElves, Mermaids Sydenham including Fairies & 07941SE26. based flavours. 006285, on 020 newest and Pirates, Peppa There 8662 6915, www.gambado.c arrival is are also Hill BALLET Madness, Mamma Pig, Superheroes, PARTIES amhighscho cookies, and a catering cupcakes and THE GOLDEN 15 Westwood om. 6BL Musical Mia and Dance Fantastic. : Invite Hill www.sydenh a realSE26 HINDE offers pirate 10 November, watch her dance service delivering Russian ballerina finger food buffets 0845 400and year-olds on Sundays. 19 Westwood CAKE POPS October and to your party; parties for up 1277, for children’s parties. music. Entertainment learn your own ballet routine to famous Junior school 11 15 + 24 November, 07943 329 924, www.thecouturec ties such as cannon Two pirate hosts engange in two to 30 five to ten classical 4 + 13 October, dancing and role hours of activitoys and prizes. 07960includes SW11, play games with props, Senior school for a birthday meal. firing, hide and seek and a treasure 7 913 853, email smalinina@aol.c St Mary’s Overie Dock hunt, with timesouth east READER OFFER 2011. Wye Street om. SE1, 020- 7403 orders until 31 Selena is offering Families families 0123, College, 1 October readers a 15% May 2011. To october 2011 claim it, enter discount Thames Christian WE WILL COOK the code 87954291FG on all www.thameschristiancoll at the online checkout. a bespoke service is a small local company run by 020 7228 3933, two for additional

Themed partie s

w w w. f a m


Abigail’s Cakery

• Handmade and Bespoke Celebration Birthday Cakes • Delightful Cake • Fabulous and Pops fun Cup Cakes

Tel: 020 8698 6625 or 07971

454 196 www.abigailscakery. com


LES Fantastic children’s Magic, plate entertainer. spinning, face painting, games and more.

0753 4866

421 www.jennifer-eccles

‘Johnny Smiles

‘ Magic, ventriloquism, balloon models and a delightful Punch & Judy show featured in “102 Dalmations”that’s All ages and occasions Tel/Fax: 020 8300


Adult & Children’s Entertainer Magic, Plate Spinning Balloon Modelling Interactive Games Karaoke, Mini Disco

Tel: 020 8480

Party extras



The Professo

r Palmermoff Magic Show 020 8691 4533

Princess Parties

Pampering fun for girls in a real hair salon!

Tasteful, tailor-made

parties for child’s specialyour

day 020 8659 5813 72 Sydenham

OTT Hair Salon,

Road SE26 5QE

Music classes for babies and young children ! Action songs and rhymes Music and movement Fun with percussion Musical games


all rhythm and no blues !

For classes in: Blackheath & Greenwich, Dulwich & Herne Hill, Tel: 020 8764 5185 Forest Hill, Sydenham and Crystal Palace Tel: 020 8699 0977 Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst & West Wickham Tel: 020 8777 6700

Since 1993 thousands grown up with Monkey of children across the UK have curriculum was written Music. Our unique teaching and introduces music by classically trained musicians, to very young children they can easily understand in a way and enjoy. Rock ‘n’ roll from 3 months Heigh ho – from 12 months Jiggety jig – 2 & 3 year olds Ding dong – 3 & 4 year olds

It’s fun, formative

and a great way

of making friends!

mothers, catering for most dietary requirements events such as dinner parties, anniversaries, for children’s parties. There is also and tailor home cooked food offer lunches, book clubs at affordable prices. menus to ensure your event is a memorable etc. The guests have a memorable With the one. A good quality duo cater experience. Call 07880cooks taking the toil out of your event, you can ensure service and CAKE POPS are 501 321 or email you and your planning or hosting amazingly delicious! Pretty little morsels of delight and a fun grown-ups alike. a birthday party you will love our cake alternative to cup Abigail’s Cakery specialised pops. They cakes. If you 07971 454 196, www.abigailscak in contemporary and are just the perfect size for little mouths and handmade celebration READER OFFER: cakes. 020 8698 6625 or Order a bespoke Cake Pops are offering Families will also receive celebration or birthday cake South East readers a special reference ‘FSE’ 12 complimentary cake pops.for £39.99 (normal price £59.95),treat. with your order. The offer runs until 31 August and you - simply quote

2011 east - october families south



Take them out: party venues

It might feel less imaginative than bunfight at yours, an organised but energy and creativity do you really have the time, to decorate your fairy or superhero house as a den, then clear later? Thought it all up four hours not. places where all Happily there are plenty of you have to do is pay the per-head charge and the guests will be entertained and leaving you to fed, return to your quiet, wards. Try child-friendly tidy house restaurants, bowling aftergo-karting, indoor alleys, playcentres, sports zoo, a pottery clubs, the painting studio or cinema. TIP: Book well ahead. party groups venues There are only so many can accommoda given time - you te at any don’t want to be scratching around at the last minute and end up having book ‘second to best’.

Read more

graded A/A*. foreign sciences and a All students took English to provide as maths and for their schools. language as well academic foundation them with a rigorous for university, and and preparation in GCSEs A level studies seen huge investments these studies with Recent years have resulting in impressive 90% of them combined DT and drama. maintained schools; classrooms and “I am in art, music, sport, state-of-the-art buildings with no longer restricted headteacher commented SE22, catchment areas Kathryn Pullen, net Townley Road ts and facilities. With can cast your Alleyn’s School,Junior school, 3 and the girls’ achievemen you live in, you shortlist. delighted with to the borough performance schools for your 020 8557 1519. on this outstanding has a wide in researching congratulate them teaching staff 15 November 2011, website finder and 9 November, parents both The goodschool 8 October, 8 + including a schools and Senior school as well as thanking our students. details wealth of information t to supporting 020 8557 1500 websites, contact for their commitmen with links to their While most of the information of girls would qualify 73% that 1 October “We’re pleased inspection reports. a paid-for GSG advisory service School GDST, 7000, of our highest also measure but four Bromley High 8781 will include is free, there is Lane BR1, 020 under the EBacc taking all to your child and 2011, Blackbrook would not, despite et which is personalised to consider, students will schools we yhigh.gdst.n ed performing That’s why www.bromle a list of recommend and tips to improve your two languages. education the sciences and Also try the insiders’ information, GDST, a broad, academic of securing a place. represents High School continue to champion child’s chances Blackheath person and Council, which develops the whole Independent Schools schools in Britain and offers www.blackheathhighsch , 8 + 16 November 2011, that we believes that 90% of our October proud of the fact nearly 1300 fee-paying on choosing schools on Juniors 8 + 13 1537. why we are more SE3 020 8852 music, sport, generic advice Road of art, 2929 like plenty Wemyss 8853 subjects Road SE3 020 students also took Seniors Vanbrugh at GCSE.” DT and drama SE12, senior when to visit Horn Park Lane Day listings for 8463 See our Open year Colfe’s School, and prep 020 on to his or her final 2283, pre-prep yourself, or log already started school 020 8852 the school for is still time to If your child has com don’t panic! There 8240, www.colfes. in primary school, s, read inspection reports online www.sydenhamhighscho 1 October gather prospectuse visit the open days together. School GDST, spending most 8260 7500, Croydon High and, most importantly, all, who will be Road CR2, 020 after Farleigh child, so Old your It is 2011. buildings, et years in those and firm UK’s of their teenage www.croydonhigh.gdst.n the shiny IT suite it, over half of the If they could afford she’ll be checking while you’re admiring and 5 October private’ with their the history teacher, existing pupils School, 1, 4 choose to ‘go handshake of of parents would of smaller Deptford Green New Cross SE14 6LQ, 020 and friendliness Vale, citing the promise out the canteen 2011. Amersham and children’s schooling, too. their views count to get out of the academic expectations 3236, www.deptfor want 8691 higher you sizes, what class reason: while Think about into the spin. And not without 2011, don’t be sucked photos of year 7 1 October better exam grades. open day and independent glossy prospectus Dulwich College,3-6 8 October. are educated in cases and Look beyond the A* years just 7% of children carrying clarinet of this summer’s 020 8299 9263, 7LD, 020 8299 fresh-faced youngsters London SE21 in London), 30% questions of current t school schools (10% interview-type Dulwich Common, to independen ask some tough such as, “if there was one thing were awarded 8432, www.dulwich A’level grades visit the parents and pupils better, what would it be?” You your options and do and that way. . pupils. Do explore the school could as scholarships interesting insights are interested, iliesse.c might get some schools if you w w w. f a m bursaries are available. means-tested

• We send ezines to registered online readers and also have Facebook pages and Twitter feeds to reach our readers wherever they are.

Parents kept mentioning Families at our open day - please run our ad again. Prep school head


• The magazines are complemented by local Families websites which offer archive features, local directories, competitions and back issues as a PDF library

Families continues to be my greatest source of new custom thank you. I am really grateful you are here! Children’s music class owner

• Each issue is also published on our website as a page turning PDF, with live links so our online readers can click straight through to your website

• Families South East is part of a larger group of Families magazines which began in 1990. There are now regionally focused editions across the UK, including our near neighbours at South West and East London, London-Kent Borders and London Surrey Borders. As a group we print over 600,000 copies. The London editions alone print 165,000 copies

We’ve tried different magazines but you’re the only one we advertise in now. It's brilliant - I’ve really noticed a difference - please book me another six. Principle, Freedom Academy

families south east - may / june 2011 w w w. f a m

iliesse.c w w w. f a m

iliesse.c may / june 2011

I’m sticking with Families, because I know it works. Principal, Stagecoach

... a lot more calls than from the local paper, and your readers are such nice people! Party entertainer

” ”

I see Families in all the right places - the distribution is really good Dance class owner

In every issue of Families, I read about places to go that I never even knew existed - it's my bible Tasha, Lewisham

Families South East is the perfect place to let parents know what you provide – we have over 40,000 readers per issue

- families south east


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This page shows the ACTUAL SIZE boxes available


w55 x h40 mm

Colour £78.00 each £70.20 each £66.30 each £62.40 each

Single 3 issues - 10% off 6 issues - 15% off 10 issues - 20% off


w55 x h90mm

Single 3 issues - 10% off 6 issues - 15% off 10 issues - 20% off


Colour £150.00 each £135.00 each £127.00 each £120.00 each


Families South East, 020 8699 7240 Email

Single 3 issues - 10% off 6 issues - 15% off 10 issues - 20% off

Colour £110.50 each £99.00 each £94.00 each £88.00 each


1/3 page w180 x h85 mm - landscape w87 x h175 mm - portrait Colour Single £475.00 each 1/2 page w180 x h130 mm - landscape w87 x h266 mm - portrait Colour Single £640.00 each




Full page

Colour £1220.00 each

Colour £150.00 each £135.00 each £127.00 each £120.00 each

w40 x h30 mm




Colour £58.50 each

w40 x h20 mm




Colour £195.00 each £175.50 each £165.75 each £156.00 each w87 x h60 mm 1/8 page

Single 3 issues - 10% off 6 issues - 15% off 10 issues - 20% off

Single 1 page w180 x h266 mm or A4 with bleed

w87 x h85 mm 1/6 page

Single 3 issues - 10% off 6 issues - 15% off 10 issues - 20% off

Colour £150.00 each £135.00 each £127.00 each £120.00 each

1/4 page w87 x h130 mm - portrait w180 x h62 mm - landscape Colour Single £359.00 each 3 issues - 10% off £323.00 each 6 issues - 15% off £305.00 each 10 issues - 20% off £287.00 each

SPECIALS: For the front cover, add 50%. For page 3, add 20%. Inserts are £48 per 1,000. Mono ads are discounted by 20% VAT is charged on all bookings.

w87 x h40mm

Single 3 issues - 10% off 6 issues - 15% off 10 issues - 20% off



w55 x h70 mm

classified £39.00 each


w40 x h40 mm




Colour £78.00 each w40 x h10 mm £19.50 each

ARTWORK Artwork can be sent as a PDF, Jpeg or Tiff. For best results we recommend high resolution PDF. We print from the CMYK palette. All images should be 300dpi or above and fonts should be embedded as necessary. If you don't have artwork, we can help you create your advertisement - ask for more details. PAYMENT CONDITIONS 1. All advertising must be paid for at the time of booking. 2. Interest is charged at 2% per month on overdue accounts and series discounts may be withdrawn on overdue invoices.

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Banner south east london

Online Media Pack Excellent Google ranking and Page Impressions Great promotional opportunities alongside the printed magazines

£35 + VAT per month (min 3 months) to display across the top of our local website (non exclusive basis) ■ 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high ■ Click through URL to client’s site

Local Directory Enhanced entry

£35 + VAT per month (min 3 months)

List and enhance your entry with 100 words, contact details and a logo or image

A highly visible advert displayed on our local website (non exclusive basis)

for £80 + VAT for a year, or just £30 + VAT for magazine advertisers


■ 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high


■ Click through URL to client’s site

Paid for Editorial* Your promotional piece is more likely to be found on our site because our site has high Google ranking. ■ Click through to client URL ■ Max 500 words, plus an image of your choice ■ £35 +VAT * Editor retains right to edit material received to ensure suitability

Print magazine + Website - £150 + VAT Website only - £35 + VAT Word limits apply

Flexible opportunities for advertisers across the site

Families London South East Media Pack  

Families London South East Media Pack

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