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Issue 1: December/January 2014


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Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

Issue 1 December/January 2014

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Preparing for High School – a checklist to help.




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Welcome to the Family! Families Magazine – Brisbane is a new magazine written by… YOU!! Yep, Families Magazine is written BY Brisbane people FOR real Brisbane families, like yours and mine! Every two months we will deliver a new magazine packed full of locally written content for Brisbane families; to inform, inspire, entertain, educate and maybe even give you a giggle. We are a Brisbane based, family run, small business with a BIG heart and strong sense of community. We believe in giving back, supporting families and living healthy, active lives. In this issue you will find our huge Summer Feature with over 50 things to do for free locally and with day trips. We also have a great ‘thinking about school’ feature for those transitioning from Kindy to Prep and Primary to High school. Additionally, in every issue in 2014 we will have a ‘Gardening with Kids’ column and a huge Clubs & Classes Directory where you can find your child’s next after school activity! If you love this issue, perhaps you will consider subscribing to ensure your copy is delivered directly to your letterbox? Every cent of profit from every subscription to our magazine goes directly to the Endeavour Foundation who do an amazing job for those people in our community with a disability. We are so proud to be partnering with them and supporting their good work. Also, remember to ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on social media so that you can join the discussion, post your events, share your news, smile at our silly posters and generally be social with like-minded families in Brisbane. Families Magazine – Brisbane – for everyone in every family!’

Janine Janine - Editor

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Ready, Set…. Prep. Preparing your child (and you!) for Prep.

Keeping our kids safe on the internet – first of a 3 part series

Over 50 things to do for FREE in December & January in Brisbane with your family.

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Families News


Looking for the latest news and views in Brisbane? We've got it covered!

Queensland parents armed to fight childhood obesity Parents who are struggling to maintain a healthy weight in their children are being supported through a new, free, ground-breaking program rolling out this month across Queensland. QUT is delivering a program called PEACH™ (Parenting, Eating and Activity for Child Health). It is available to families with a child 5-11 years who is above a healthy weight for their age and gender. The PEACH™ program is funded by Queensland Health under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health - Healthy Children. As part of the program, families attend 10 sessions over six months, with additional support in the form of three phone calls. Topics covered include nutrition, increasing physical activity, reducing screen time and overcoming resistance to change. The PEACH™ team would be happy to come and speak with organisations interested in partnering with the program. Parents/carers interested in registering free call 1800 263 519 or visit

Find out more about these LOCAL programmes

Mater launches new bath time range for baby Mater Baby Wash and Baby Moisturiser are specially developed for newborn baby’s skin. Mater Baby Wash is a lightly foaming cleanser developed for daily use on baby’s skin and scalp. The gentle tear-free formula helps to keep baby’s skin soft and protected by retaining the skin’s natural oils and moisture. Mater Baby Moisturiser is an extra mild lotion to soothe and condition baby’s delicate skin. This moisturiser provides long lasting protection from dryness to keep baby’s skin smooth. Mater Products are available from Mater Pharmacies, Mater Florists, online via www. and selected Terry White Chemists stores. Proceeds support Mater Little Miracles to help fund specialist life-saving care for seriously ill and premature babies at Mater




PREP 2015 (Limited places for 2014) YEARS 1-6 FOR 2014

WE OFFER FAMILIES: • Strong academic programs • Quality teaching teams • Safe & nurturing Christian environment • 1-1 Laptop program Years 5 & 6 • State-of-the-art teaching technology & resources • Diverse range of extra-curricular programs • Small class sizes

Whatever their potential… We help them reach it! Tours available by appointment. Please contact our Enrolments Officer. Ph: 07 3283 0011 38 Maine Road, Clontarf Q 4019


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

(established 1987)

CARPET STEAM CLEANING AND PEST CONTROL SERVICES PH: 07 3889 0300 MOB: 0418 888 514 FAX : (07) 3886 5747

5 Euston Court MURRUMBA DOWNS 4503 ABN 26 096 318 688 PEST LIC: 12428

Mention Families Magazine to receive a FREE room carpet cleaned!

Families News

Extra Public Holiday to Ease Impact of G20 Friday 14 November 2014 has been declared a ‘one-off’ public holiday in the lead up to the G20 Leaders’ Summit. The Summit takes place in Brisbane on the weekend of the 15 and 16 of November 2014. However, not everyone gets the day off! The public holiday only applies to the Brisbane Local Government Area, but the benefits will be enjoyed by people across the south-east. It will be similar to the Brisbane Ekka public holiday; entitlement is not based on a person’s place of residence but their place of work. It is also very likely there will be road closures in and around the CBD, so if you are planning a picnic at South Bank for that day, check the roads!

Southbank - Kylie Hood Photography

Brigidine Students Give Peace a Chance In a world filled with too many wars and conflict, Brigidine College Indooroopilly students believe it’s time for a change of heart. Students and staff are embracing the Christmas spirit by making a human peace sign. “The founders of our school, the Brigidine Sisters stand for peace, justice and compassion” Mr Beiers, Deputy Principal Mission said.

“The College proudly continues that tradition today.” One Year 9 student, Morgan Evers, created a theme for some of the other justice activities held at Brigidine in 2013 - “It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, it only matters if you have a multi-coloured heart.” Let peace be the story this Christmas and holiday season for your family. 3870 7225

The Pocket Money Economy Recent Commonwealth Bank’s research found that almost 80% of parents give their children pocket money, with the average child receiving their pocket money just after the age of six. Children aged 4 – 15 years are currently receiving an average of $10.17 of pocket money per week. Surprisingly, when looking at how pocket money has increased over the years, children today are not necessarily financially better off than their parents. When the parents in the survey were children, they received an average of $3.19 per week. This is $6.98 less than what their children are receiving now, meaning the average increase in pocket money per annum is 3.7 per cent, below the inflation rate over the past 30 years, which averages 4.2 per cent. It’s not just pocket money that’s flooding in – 68 per cent of children look to additional sources outside their pocket money allocation, the most popular being through presents (45 per cent), the tooth fairy (27 per cent), or as a reward for good marks at school (13 per cent). In fact, Aussie kids earned an average of $276.18 in the last 12 months from additional sources outside pocket money! And it’s boys ($296.60) who are earning more than girls ($255.09). See our Feb/Mar 2014 issue for age appropriate suggestions when teaching your children about money

We seek the light… and then we shine For enrolment information please contact:

College Administration 307 Scarborough Road, Scarborough Qld 4020 p 07 3480 3600 f 07 3480 3666 e w w

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014



Ready, set…


6 ways to prepare for Prep


by Mrs Susan Finney – Early Childhood Teacher, Clayfield College

hildren need to be socially, emotionally and physically ready for a Prep programme and as a parent, you play a vital role in your child’s education and there are many things you can do to help prepare your child for Prep. A recent study by Margetts (2011), suggests that parents should consider two perspectives: how parents can prepare their child for school and; what Prep children want to know when starting school.

How you can help You can help your child prepare for Prep by: • • • • • •


improving their independence having a daily routine packing a healthy lunch knowing your school getting involved with your school doing family activities at home

Improving their independence Parents can help make the transition to Prep smoother by preparing their children to be as independent as possible. This includes helping them practice: • • • • • •

packing and carrying their school bag dressing and undressing themselves in their school uniform (important for Preps who swim in Term 1) eating and drinking without help going to the toilet on their own using tissues to blow their nose recognising their belongings

Having a daily routine Daily routines also help children understand what they need to do, when to do it each day and why it’s important. To help prepare your child for Prep, get them into a routine, which includes:

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

• going to bed early, regularly • waking up at a certain time—leave plenty of time to get ready • having a healthy breakfast—needed for energy and concentration • preparing and eating lunch • making time for physical activities. Before your child starts Prep, make sure you talk to them about what to expect. Remember to be flexible, as it may take them some time to understand their new routine and adjust socially. It's also important for parents to teach their children to communicate well so they can make their needs known, respond when spoken to and use appropriate greetings.

Packing a healthy lunch When packing your child’s lunch:

Education • It's also a good idea to visit the school while other children are there, if you can. That way your child can get used to the noise and movement of lots of children at the school • asking the school what equipment and materials your child needs—like a school bag, library bag or hat—most schools will have a list. Make sure all possessions are labeled with your child’s name.

provide healthy and filling food and drinks (not sweets and chips) in realistic quantities for morning tea and lunch make sure they can easily open wrapped items and, their lunch box provide a variety of smaller items instead of 1 or 2 large items provide a water bottle every day and encourage your child to use it.

Knowing your school Help your child get to know the school environment and routine by: • Finding opportunities for children to visit the school to familiarise themselves with their new environment can reduce stress and make the first day a little less scary. • You could drive or walk by the school a few times or attend an orientation program or open day so your child may meet the teachers and see the classroom.

Get involved with their school by: • meeting the teacher • informing the teacher of any changes affecting your child • talking to other parents • volunteering (e.g. in the tuck shop) • reading school newsletters and bulletin boards • attending school events like parent association meetings, fetes, open days or sporting carnivals.

Doing family activities at home

images: Clayfield College

• • • •

schooling, be positive about it and let them know it’s important to attend.

You can also help your child’s progress at school by doing family activities including:

Before their first day, your child should know how to easily find their classroom and where to: • put their things, like school bag and hat • have their lunch breaks • meet you each day when school is finished • go to for before and after school care • Encourage them to ask a teacher if they need help.

Getting involved with your school Help your child get a good start to their education. Take an interest in their

• reading aloud (develops concentration and awareness of language patterns) and writing with them—eg shopping lists and letters • stimulating their imagination and natural curiosity eg visiting a zoo, park or airport • playing sports, and card or board games - helps develop mathematical, problem solving, language and social skills • shopping, walking or gardening together • singing their songs and nursery rhymes together. A successful education depends on a positive partnership between yourself, your child and your child’s teacher. So are you and your child, ready, set, Prep?

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014



Preparing for

High School

- are you on the right track?

2014 is the last year that Year 7 will be part of the Primary School campus. In 2015, children across Queensland will join the ‘big kids’ at High School. Whether you have children starting High School in 2014 or 2015, it’s time to start thinking about this transition to ‘big school’.


o you remember starting high school? Do you remember the look on your parents’ faces as you left for your first day at high school? They were, no doubt, nervous and excited for you, similar feelings to what you are likely to be feeling as your little one takes their first steps toward their secondary school. Today the pressure parents feel as their children move toward high school surround trying to find the best school environment which will optimise their child’s academic outcomes and nurture their spirit. Tricky stuff!

Janette Collins from St John’s Anglican College, Forest Lake shares her thoughts with us on this time of transition. important that you recognise that they will need extra nurturing to help them with their confidence and self-esteem. School and family values should align. Be prepared to take advice from the school about your child and work together for the best outcome. Also be happy to support the new school rules regarding uniforms and expectations. You will need to model appropriate talk about the school and teachers at home.

You have done the preliminary work: attended information nights and Open Days, taken the tours of facilities and looked very hard at the breath of opportunities that your short list of schools have on offer and finally made your choice. Now is the time that you need to work with your child to make the transition from primary to secondary a positive one.

If you have any questions or concerns find out who you should contact at your school to put your mind at ease. They can give you additional information that can help you explain things to your child when you are at home. Sometimes small things, if left unattended can become big things and during this transition, it is best to deal with things at the outset than let them grow unnecessarily. Being proactive about approaching the school and creating clear lines of communication can help prevent misunderstandings.

As your child prepares to enter this very new and exciting environment it is

At the start of secondary school you will need to provide your child with guidance,

but you will have to be prepared to slowly let go and allow your child develop independence. Often, parents say that when their child enters secondary they ‘lose them’; they worry that high school is not as ‘accessible’ as their primary school. A way to get involved and to engage in your child’s secondary school is to become involved in the school culture, join the P&F, assist at the fetes and sports carnivals, and help out with performing arts. Attend any social events on offer by your school or the P&F so that you can meet other parents. This will help when your child develops a different social group. Beginning the secondary years can be a time of trial and change just like life in general. Try to embrace this wonderful time with optimism and positivity. Your little person is bigger, stronger and more independent. You have raised your child to have self-belief, to go confidently into the next stage of their schooling. When working in partnership with the school you have chosen, this will prepare them for their life ahead..

Brigidine College Indooroopilly

Strength and Gentleness Join us for Visitation Day 24 or 25 February 2014 9.30 - 10.30am (07) 3870 7225


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

A Catholic Girls' Secondary College


Preparing for HIGH SCHOOL checklist:

January 2014 • Buy school uniforms, books, stationery, school bag, drink bottle, house key, etc. • Label everything. • Break in school shoes to make them more comfortable. • Practise travelling to and from school with your child if they will use public transport. Let your child buy travel tickets, if applicable. • Teach your child how to read the timetable for the bus, train or ferry as appropriate.

At home • Talk positively to your child about the move to high school. • Ask them what’s exciting about high school. • Ask them if they have any concerns about starting high school? • Make sure your child has a quiet work area and extra stationery supplies. • Organise personal hygiene items in school bags. • Discuss emergency and safety issues with your child. • Decide what they will do before and after school, and what time they need to be home.

The first day • Help set your child’s alarm. Encourage them to get themselves ready on time. • Provide your child with money in case of emergencies and your contact numbers. • Make sure you have the school’s phone number with you.

The first week • Photocopy school timetables for school diaries, the inside of cupboard doors and on the fridge. • Remind your child to note all assignments, homework and events in their diary. • Check through the timetable each night while your child packs their bag – including sports uniform. Encourage your child to eat healthy food and get a good night’s sleep. • Give the school your current contact details

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014



Keeping our kids safe on the Internet First in a three part series helping parents to keep up with the ever changing online world! Social Media expert, Tricia Munn of Brisbane based ‘Eyes Open Social Media’ writes for us about the importance of navigating your (and your children’s) way through the myriad of constantly changing social media sites.


re your children using the latest social media fads,, SnapChat and Tumblr? If so, how much do you know about these sites and the differences between them and the likes of Facebook? How secure are they and what exactly is on them? If you sit around a coffee table long enough with a bunch of parents, it doesn’t take long for the familiar lament “they are growing up too fast” to come up in discussion. It is easy to blame the media and advertising, but really, as parents I wonder if we let go of the reigns too early? Recent news reports about ‘sexting’ amongst teenagers and alarming growth in issues such as cyber bullying, online stalking and inappropriate material being accessed, would add some weight to the school of thought that maybe our kids just aren’t emotionally mature enough to handle the barrage of communication social networking has presented, without the guidance of their parents. As parents we allow our children to access it – at an early age, and sometimes with very little control or advice. How much of these sites do we truly understand?

Recent Australian publications have told us that Facebook reached 1 billion users in August 2012 and of that 7.5 million users are under the age of 13, two thirds of which are under 10. One in four Australian children under 11 has a mobile phone and 80% by the time they are 13. Children as young as three are being given internet enabled devices.

It is now a social skill that parents need to learn about and then teach their children how to manage – practically and emotionally.

There is an alarming gap between young people's use of social networking sites and parents’ understanding of the potential implications of them being unmonitored.

2. Set limitations on their use of internet enabled devices;

You can’t reverse the clock or pull back children's use of social networking sites to nothing. The horse has bolted and trying to reverse the clock is not a practical solution. We want our children to have access to mobile phones so that they can contact us in an emergency.

Overall, like all good parenting my best advice is to be involved and keep an eye on what your children are doing on social networking sites.

However, if we are going to let our children into the cyber world, as parent’s we need to set limitations on their accounts and teach our children how and why they should protect themselves. Managing social media is a skill – no different to learning how to drive a car.

The top 3 tips for parents to help their child manage social media: 1. Learn about the social media sites your child is using;

3. Be involved in your child's social networking activities.

Eyes Open Social Media educate parents, arming them with the knowledge to recognise the dangers, choose age-appropriate sites for their children and use the settings on their child's accounts, to limit the potential risks. Phone: 0412 787 299 Email: tricia@ Website: www.eyesopensocialmedia. Facebook: eyesopensocialmedia

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Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

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F /GoodFairies

From Bump to Business

‘I Play at Work!’ Local Brisbane Mum, Gail Holding, tells us about kicking the 9 – 5 to the curb and becoming her own boss of Gymboree Play & Music, where she whistles, sings, dances and plays while she works! ■ Tell us a bit about yourself. My partner Kieran and I have 3 children – Felicity 19 (my stepdaughter), Georgina 6 years, Joseph 1 and our beautiful Miniature Schnauzer Jake who is very much a part of our family. Prior to Gymboree, I have worked in Banking for about 18 years. I now own the Brisbane northside franchise of Gymboree Play & Music and have done so for 5 years.

■ What is Gymboree Play & Music? Gymboree Play & Music is a play-based early learning program for children from 0 to 5 years of age. We offer 45 minute classes for children, accompanied by their parent/ carer in 3 areas – Art, Music and Play & Learn. Gymboree has been operating in Brisbane for over 25 years. Our classes provide activities to help develop children’s physical, social and cognitive skills as they play – and they really work!

■ How did you get started? I had just returned to work in the Banking sector after maternity leave and quickly found that my job didn’t offer the flexibility I really wanted as a new Mum. A light hearted conversation with a work colleague who was familiar with Gymboree became a catalyst for further investigation. Before I knew it, I was setting up Gymboree in a community hall 3 days per week and rejoicing in my career change.

■ What does the future hold for the business? I’m excited about the business’s future. As word spreads about Gymboree amongst existing and new Mums, our numbers are growing. We are starting to see many families come back with new siblings which is wonderful to see.

■ What is the best bit about what you do? We have a wonderful team at Gymboree and we all love seeing the development of children as they come each week to their class. Over a term you can really see the growth of a child. You build lovely friendships with people and it’s just an enjoyable place to work. I also have total flexibility to be involved with my daughter’s school and be at home with my son.

■ Any bad bits? The bad bits are that I have to wear many hats as a small business owner and I’m not great at doing everything. Some things I do well, others I need a bit of help with and it can get a bit stressful at times. Challenge makes you grow and I’ve certainly learnt a lot about myself since starting up the business.

■ How do you fit work around family life? This question makes me smile. The other day I was replying to work emails and organising an upcoming promotion. I was sitting at my kitchen table with my laptop, in my slippers and tracksuit pants, feeding Joseph in his high chair, tapping away at the computer at the same time. This, I think says it all.

■ What advice would you give other mums looking to work for themselves? If you can, start up with a low cost, low risk approach to minimise your exposure. Build your customer base first then expand. Surround yourself with good people (both advisors and staff ) and enjoy every minute of it. Gail Holding, Franchisee - Gymboree Play & Music McDowall, Ph: 3878 2468, Email:

If you are a local Mum who has gone from ‘bump to business’ and would like to share your story with Brisbane get in touch now! Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014


FREE Family Summer Fun

First time at

the beach


oing to the beach for the first time is an exciting occasions for most of us. The sights, sounds and movement of the water is always fascinating however to a small child all of the above can cause some problems so please be aware of the following when taking your child/toddler to the beach for the first time especially if it is an open beach (where there is surf as opposed to a protected beach like the beaches on the inside of Bribie Island for example).

If there is a surf running then the noise of the waves crashing on the sand can cause problems for some children. If your child seems scared even before they get their toes wet then it is likely the noise of the surf may be upsetting them and it will take some time for your child to relax. You also need to be aware of the water temperature and that you should take some time to allow your child to adjust to the water temperature by slowly allowing them to get wet. The movement of the water also can really scare a toddler. Most of you would have experienced the way the water undermines your feet as it rushes out or in across the sand so make sure you support your child (under the arms) while they experience this movement of the water and continue to support your child until they have developed a lot more of their Personal Aquatic Survival Skills and their confidence in and around the surf increases.


Please be aware of what the tide is doing. Many times have I seen a toddler playing happily on the beach close to the water’s edge while the tide is coming in only to be bowled over backwards by a tidal surge. You really need to avoid this happening to your child as it can give them a bad experience and as a result your child may, for a long while, be uncomfortable playing in that same situation and not like the beach.

Of course protecting your child from the harmful rays of the sun along with unrelenting supervision are also essential when visiting the beach however it is the experience your toddler has with the water that will shape their demeanour and enjoyment for future excursions to the beach so please be aware that unlike a pool where the water environment is controlled the beach is an uncontrolled environment which you need to control for your toddler so that they have a fun and exciting time and come away from their first experience at the beach with happy memories not ones of having been dunked in cold water, flipped over backwards by the tidal surge and the roar of an angry ocean. The final point I need to stress is never take your eyes off your children when at the beach or around any body of water. Make your family’s trip to the beach an exciting, fun and safe one this summer!

You can book this space by calling now! Call 3265 5738 or email Editor@ au now!

It is the experience your toddler has with the water that will shape their demeanour and enjoyment for future excursions to the beach The Shapland family have been teaching and coaching swimming for over six decades. Chris Shapland is a third generation teacher/coach and CEO of Shapland Swim Schools.

Enchanted Childrens Entertainment Bring your child’s imagination to life with top notch performers as Fairies, Mermaids, Princess’s and Pirates Interactive Story-telling, Bubble fun, Gold pixie dust, Face-painting, Balloon-twisting, Games and Dancing Call Fairy Donna on 0400218423 email: 12

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

FREE Family Summer Fun

How to take better



acation time is the one time we all have our cameras at the ready. We want to record our surroundings and happy memories. But taking amazing photos isn’t always as easy as the click of a button. Here are some simple tricks and tips to make your family vacation photos more creative and memorable: Equipment Be sure to charge your camera batteries before you leave home and clear your memory card. Also, don’t forget the little things: extra battery or a charger, additional memory cards and camera cleaning products. Light Photography is all about light. At midday the light is bright and shadows can be very harsh and awkward to deal with. If you are able to choose the time of day to shoot your pictures, try to pick a time when the sun is low. Shoot in the early morning or late afternoon. Also the color of the light is 'warmer', reds and yellows are stronger which generally gives a more pleasing effect. If you can’t avoid taking photos at midday always put the sun behind people, this will help them not squint. Look for shade: It removes the bright sun from their faces and kept them from needing to squint. White balance is considered as one of the most important settings of a digital camera. The correct white balance means

the difference between your subject looking natural or completely the wrong colour. You’re likely to find a number of different settings on your camera. Play around with the settings to find the colour you like. Don’t say cheese Don’t force your children to say “cheese”. Rather direct them to say ANYTHING but cheese (start with their favorite food or find funny names) or to do anything BUT smile – and they smile! Sometimes the best shots are the ones you never expected to take. One of the benefits of digital cameras is that you don’t have to worry about wasting film. Framing One of the easiest ways to improve your photography is framing. Look into the viewfinder to see what is there. Do you need all that background? Can you get closer to your subject or

zoom in? It’s a natural impulse when taking photos to center your shots in the middle of the frame. But if you are looking for something a little more dynamic, offcenter photos are the way to go. Use the “rule of thirds”: Imagine that your image is divided into 9 equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. The rule of thirds says that you should position the most important elements in your scene along these lines. Some cameras even offer an option to superimpose a rule of thirds grid over the LCD screen. You will see how this little trick gives such a boost to your photo compositions. OK then – that should get you started in the right direction to create fun, interesting images of your next family vacation. Katja Bartz is a professional photographer who lives in Kenmore Hills in the western suburb of Brisbane. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Katja has travelled the world for over 15 years, and has lived in Brisbane for the last six years. She decided to settle with her husband and two children in the wonderful sunshine state of Queensland, and this year Katja and her family are very much looking forward to becoming Australian citizens.

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014


FREE Family Summer Fun

FREE Museums and Exhibitions We’ve contacted them on your behalf and here are the fun free events they have on over December and January

Ipswich Rail Museum

Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) (South Brisbane) Enriching the cultural life of Brisbane, these two vibrant and accessible galleries, the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) and the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), offer distinct, yet complementary experiences. QAGOMA’s highly acclaimed Children’s Art Centre presents engaging and interactive exhibitions and events for visitors of all ages. Gordon Hookey Kangaroo Crew - an interactive artist project created especially for children and families by Indigenous Australian artist Gordon Hookey, from the Waanyi people. Children are able to engage with the project through handson and multimedia interactives, and a story book published by the Children’s Art Centre, illustrated with more than 20 paintings by the artist. Cai Guo-Qiang for Kids - an interactive artist project to coincide with ‘Cai Guo-Qiang: Falling Back to Earth’, which invites children to engage with the artist’s ideas and art works through hands-on and multimedia activities. Ipswich Art Gallery (Ipswich) Just 40 kilometres west of Brisbane, the Ipswich Art Gallery is located in the restored old town hall

in the heart of Ipswich Central. The Gallery presents a program of changing exhibitions and heritage displays, special events, family activities, complementary performances and art workshops. Museum of Brisbane (Brisbane City) Rather than a museum of fossils and old bones, Museum of Brisbane is part of the living history of the city, examining how Brisbane and its people continue to change over time and revealing how each of our individual and collective stories are the milestones of the city’s evolution. The Museum explores seemingly ordinary people and places of Brisbane to uncover unexpected and fascinating stories. Light Fantastic - Expo 88 Parades Rewired. The River - A History of Brisbane explores our everchanging relationship with the river. www. Museum of Brisbane

Queensland Museum (South Brisbane) This fascinating museum of natural history, cultural heritage, science and human achievement tells the changing story of Queensland. Collectomania - Be astonished by the diverse range of objects collected by people in our communities. Create your own collection using

■ Cars ■ Trucks ■ Buggies ■ Helicopters ■ Boats Call us now on 1300 052 253 for a

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Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

magnetic images of museum objects. ENERGEX Playasaurus Place - T-rex and Triceratops will start your adventure, as they welcome you to ENERGEX Playasaurus Place. Step back in time to discover how dinosaurs lived and moved and find out what these huge dinosaurs ate to get energy for their bodies. T-rex’s teeth will give you a clue! Queensland Police Museum (Roma St, Brisbane) The Queensland Police Museum includes 25 displays describing police heritage, Queensland crimes, police investigative techniques, medals, the history of police women, operational equipment and transport, amongst others. Open the LAST Sunday of November and January 10am – 3pm. For older children 10+. facilities/museum Queensland Telecommunications Museum (Clayfield) The largest collection of Telecommunication Memorabilia in Queensland. Visitors are encouraged to send their full name in Morse code to one of their qualified telegraphists. Open Wednesdays 9am – 2pm. Redlands Art Gallery (Cleveland & Capalaba) A vibrant award winning regional gallery showcasing innovative and culturally diverse exhibitions. Redland Art Gallery features six exhibition spaces over two locations at Cleveland and Capalaba.

FREE Family Summer Fun

FREE Gardens and Environmental Centres There is no denying that we live in one of the most beautiful and family friendly parts of the world. This summer why not head over to an environmental centre or Botanic Garden that you haven’t visited before?

Roma St Parklands

Daisy Hill Koala Centre

Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre (Boondall) You can view our environmental and cultural displays, discover facts about the wetlands flora and fauna, and learn about the importance of preserving natural areas. Facilities include picnic tables, walking tracks, toilets and information desk.

Daisy Hill Koala Centre (Daisy Hill) The Daisy Hill Conservation Park comprises 435 hectares of open eucalypt forest. It has long been a popular bushland retreat for people, and is home to many native animals including koalas. Resident koalas can be seen from two different level viewing boardwalks at the Daisy Hill Koala Centre. Interactive displays.

fountains provided at various locations as well as facilities for people with a disability.

Downfall Creek Bushland Centre (McDowall) At the centre you can view environmental and cultural displays, learn about the reserve's flora and fauna, and discover the importance of preserving the natural areas of our environment. Facilities include picnic tables, BBQs, half basketball court, playground, toilets and information desk.

Redlands IndigiScapes Centre (Capalaba) Come down and enjoy a picnic or barbeque outdoors, and be surrounded by plants and wildlife native to the Redlands. There's plenty to keep the kids entertained including a playground, flying fox, sandpit, maze, interactive koala wall and even free audio tours.

Kumbartcho (Eatons Hill) The picnic/BBQ area is open 7 days per week from dawn till dusk and offers a fantastic playground for the kids. There are walking tracks throughout the Sanctuary that the whole family can enjoy and access to the South Pine River for river walks.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha (Toowong) Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha are recognised as Queensland's premier subtropical botanic gardens. Try out our gardening workshops, fabulous displays, story time in the garden for children or go on a free guided walking tour.

Osprey House Environmental Centre (Griffin) Here, you can watch Osprey's nesting and raising their young, observe & understand native & migratory birds and their behaviours, watch wild koala's in their natural habitat & learn about local fauna, learn why we need to protect the mangroves and other flora and find out about the use of sustainable practices at home.

City Botanic Gardens (Brisbane City) The riverside City Botanic Gardens are Brisbane's original botanic gardens. Attractions at the gardens include Bamboo Grove, Weeping Fig Avenue, and ornamental ponds. There are free guided walks Mon to Sat that leave from the Rotunda 11am and 1pm.

Redcliffe Botanic Gardens (Redcliffe) Once a cow paddock, this site has been transformed by the Council and local community groups into a natural wonderland boasting a wide variety of native Australian plants. The Gardens have a multitude of picturesque and shaded areas, which provide a popular place for gatherings. There are shelters, seating and drinking

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Roma Sreet Parklands (Brisbane City) Families can bring a picnic, use the Parkland’s many barbecue facilities or visit the Melange café on site. The Parkland has large lawn areas, interesting gardens and artworks which families are encouraged to explore and experience. During the school holidays, the Parkland Explorer will be operating every day (subject to weather) and children will be able to collect free activity sheets from the Parkland’s Visitor Information Booth. South Bank Parklands (South Brisbane) South Bank is a rare lifestyle precinct where the idyllic Queensland environment is seamlessly integrated with the cafes, restaurants, boutiques and cultural experiences that have come to characterise an inner-city lifestyle.

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014


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Parks and Water Parks

Southbank courtesy of Fletcher Photography

Locally we are lucky to have a plethora of enticing green space and places to cool the kids down over the summer break. Why not pack a picnic, swimmers and lots of water for a great day out. Remember to slip, slop, slap, slide & seek! Dorrington Park (Ashgrove) The Enchanted Forest playground in Dorrington Park is located under large trees. It has slides, see-saws, storytelling toadstools, a fort, merry-go-rounds, climbing net and swings. 

Newstead Park

PARKS 7th Brigade Park (Chermside) Kidspace is part of 7th Brigade Park and is suitable for children of many ages. It includes an undercover bike trail with traffic signals, as well as an imaginative playground with undercover swings, fairy tower and rocket control tower.   Calamvale District Park (Calamvale) one of Brisbane's newest and most talked-about parks. It is located between Formby and Ormskirk Streets and includes an award winning tree tops sky walk, toilets, dog-off leash area, youth space and play equipment suitable for children with varying abilities and ages.   Colmslie Beach Reserve (Murrarie) Located on the Brisbane River. The playground is based around an underwater theme and is known as 'Octopus Garden’. There are large fish and octopus structures for children to climb on. The playground also includes a sand pit, swings, slides, flying fox, children's bike path and a musical boat. 


Hidden World Playground (Fitzgibbon) Playground features a number of huts with interconnecting wooden bridges, various climbable sand creatures, rock-climbing walls, slides, wobbly bridges, a tyre swing, boat ride and plenty of sand if you want to bring a bucket and spade. Picnic shelters, BBQs and toilets.   Kalinga Park (Wooloowin) It includes a sandpit, tree houses, slides, a climbing wall and fun with sounds. The park also has a kid-size bike roadway, bicycle and walking tracks, electric barbeques, dog off-leash area and frontage to Kedron Brook.  

Newstead Park (Newstead) This park is actually the grounds of Brisbane’s oldest home, Newstead House. For children there’s an Alice Through the Looking Glass themed play area in a hollow behind the house, with a talking tree and interactive chessboard and plenty of garden for hide’n’seek. Every 3rd Sunday afternoon (Feb to Nov) there is a free concert on the lawns of the house.  Orleigh Park (West End) Orleigh Park is located on the Brisbane River. Catch a CityCat to the West End stop and walk up to the park. The park is shaded by trees and has a giant frog as its centrepiece, as well as slides and climbing opportunities. This park is good for younger children.  

Moora Park (Shorncliffe) Lower Moora Park is located on the water at Shorncliffe, with beach frontage and many shady trees. It has an extensive playground and overlooks the historic Shorncliffe Pier. The pier is currently closed.  New Farm Park (New Farm) Located on the Brisbane River, New Farm Park is a popular choice for parents and kids. The fig tree playground features bridges, climbing structures and challenging equipment for older children; as well as a smaller play area for toddlers. Catch a CityCat to the New Farm Park stop and experience all the beauty and fun this park has to offer.  

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

New Farm Park

FREE Family Summer Fun

Settlement Cove

Southbank courtesy of TJunction Media

WATER PARKS Booker Place Park (Bellbowie) There are some great opportunities for water play. There is a water pump which can be used to create a small "creek" for splashing in and some sculptures which spray a fine mist when a button is pressed. BBQs, picnic area, playground, skate park, water play, Wi-Fi, dog off leash area.  

amenities and beach showers. All right on the waterfront at Redcliffe.  Southbank (South Brisbane) Aquativity features educational play elements referencing the river, and helps to create an early understanding of the water cycle and its preservation. Immersing children in an interactive experience, Aquativity also highlights the native fish and mammal species of mullet and dugong, the interesting pattern of the river catchments and the importance of indigenous, environmental and urban elements to the river.  Wynnum Wading Pool & Water Park (Wynnum) Wynnum Wading Pool and Playground is located beside Moreton Bay, with water views. It includes a wading pool, jetty to walk along, and water-based play area with

Settlement Cove

a climbing structure and rubber whales that spout water. Bring the kids’ togs when visiting this park. Accessible toilet, Barbecue, Outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, Picnic area, Playground. 

Southbank courtesy of Kiddelig Photography

Rocks Riverside Park

Rocks Riverside Park (Seventeen Mile Rocks) Central to the park is an amphitheatre and Great Lawn. Parts of the park can be booked for special events. The park includes large sandpits, bike paths, climbing nets, flying fox and water play area. It also includes a liberty swing for children in wheelchairs. Community garden, picnic area, playground, toilets, shelters, water play, Wi-Fi, BBQs.   Settlement Cove (Redcliffe) Facilities include a swimming lagoon, wading pools, bbq areas, bikeways picnic shelters, playgrounds, Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014


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Westfield Strathpine Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres There are always of plenty of activities on at your local shopping centres. We’ve spoken to just a few to get you inspired. There is so much more on offer – keep an eye on our website for updated details! Aspley Hypermarket (Aspley) Santa will be arriving on a Fire Truck at 10am, Saturday 7th Dec. He will then be in residence every day until Christmas during the following hours for photos & has a free gift for every child Mon – Sat 10am – 2pm, Sun 11am – 2pm, Thurs Nights: 5pm – 8pm. Gift Wrapping available daily from 9th Dec to Christmas. They are giving away $100 every day until Christmas through Dec Centro Taigum (Taigum) Visit Taigum Square until December 24 for your FREE* Santa Photo.

Myer Centre Brisbane (Brisbane City) Bring the family into The City to experience all the fantasy and magic of Christmas at Myer Brisbane City's Santaland. Santaland is a fun interactive playground where kids can ride the locomotive train through a tunnel, flashing crossway and illuminated rail signals. Kids can also visit Santa, have their photo taken and send a letter to the North Pole via post or email. Toombul Shopping Centre (Toombul) Visit Santa in the magical Winter Wonderland from 16th November to 24th December. See website

Only 100 available per day! Santa Hours:

for Santa’s visiting hours and photo packages. Come inside the giant inflatable Snow Globe and play in the snow or grab a photo! Fun for the whole family. From 16th November to 29th November - 10am to 3pm daily, outside The Coffee Club. FREE! David Hamilton Puppet Shows from 17th – 23rd December, 11am & 1pm outside Lincraft.

Nov 30 – Dec 13 10am – 2pmDec 14 – 20

Westfield Strathpine Shopping Centre

10am – 4pm, Dec 21 – 24 9am – 4pm.Terms

(Strathpine) Santa Parade will commence at

& Conditions apply. One photo per group per

9.30am at the Coles end of the centre with

day. Photo is one 6x8 inch photo. No purchase

Santa, Mrs Claus and their friends dancing

required. Story Time will be held every Wed

around the entire centre with a fabulous Jazz

fortnight at 9.30am outside Big W. It is a free show and craft activity (including is a story,

Trio and will end at the Santa Set in Centre

singing and dancing, finished off with a craft

Court where Santa will take a seat for Santa

activity. Parents have the chance to win a

Photos. Every child receives a gift with their

Huggies prize pack at every Story Time Session.

Santa Photo. Pet photos with Santa will be

Further information can be found at www.


Westfield Strathpine Shopping Centre

Westfield Strathpine Shopping Centre

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

available on Sunday 1 & 8 December from 8am – 10am.

FREE Family Summer Fun


Libraries If it’s too hot… go to the library… if it’s raining… go to the library! There is a wealth of FREE holiday activities at all our local libraries – here is a small selection. Check council websites for specific venues and exact dates and times for each event. ALL COUNCIL LIBRARIES - Sun 1 Dec – Fri 31 Jan 2014 National Summer Reading Club Visit the library to collect your reading log bookmark, sticker and tattoos.

image: Redland City Council

Register online Moreton Bay Regional Council Weds 11 Dec - Monster Puppet Animation. Use iPad apps to create your very own monsters and bring them to life in an animation. 5 – 12 years. Weds 18 Dec - Kite Making. Discover how to make and fly a kite. 5 – 12 years Mon 16 – Wed 18 Various Activities and shows including: Magic Around the World Show, Seaside Puppet Show & Sienna Singleton Singlet Story and Songs Show.

Brisbane City Council Mon 30 Dec – Fri 24 Jan - Street Science. Join Science Steve and his Street Science team as they present a range of workshops and shows at Brisbane City Council libraries this summer. Be entertained and entranced as these zany scientists take you on a journey of discovery, wonderment and the weird! Bookings essential.

Brisbane City Council

Thurs 19 Dec - Story spheres – a Christmas decoration workshop Using pages taken from their favourite books, participants will make their very own story sphere containing words and pictures that are carefully selected for their special meaning. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore their creativity and to create a unique artwork to keep that is a reflection of their love of stories. Ideal for children aged six years and over. *Bookings essential. Sat 14 - Fri 20 Dec - Pantomime: Get me to the North Pole with the Cheeky Monkey Club. Christmas time is upon us, and Cheeky Monkey is super excited about an email that arrived from Santa! Tues 17 – Fri 20 Dec - Pantomime: The Spirit of Christmas with Bazil Grumble Always a favourite with children, The Spirit of Christmas is a performance that seeks to capture the true essence of Christmas. Mon 6 Jan – Tues 14 Jan Monster Puppets Galore Don’t be scared! These monster puppets have teeth but they are only made of paper! Make a fantastic origami hand monster puppet and decorate it with a range of new and recycled materials. Read a story and bring key characters from the book to life! Ideal for children aged five years and over. Bookings essential. Tues 7 Jan - Make Recycled Jewellery Use your imagination to turn recycled objects into great pieces of wearable art. Make a necklace out of discarded cardboard or use old bottle lids to create an amazing bracelet. The options are endless! Ideal for children aged five years and over

with parent/guardian supervision. Bookings essential.

State Library QLD Nov 2103 – Feb 2014 Land, Sea and Sky, in The Corner. Journey across the land, navigate the seas and take flight through the skies to discover the connection between the wonders of the Queensland landscape and the many stories that they hold. Open daily 10am – 3pm. The Corner is a creative play space for under 8s, their family, friends and carers. Each day between 10am and 12noon you can join arts workers for a creative play date. Mon 6 – Sat 25 Jan 2014 Celebration of Stories State Library is kicking off 2014 with a celebration of stories. Through workshops, performances and play, experience stories from many shores and create and animate stories of your own. 10am – 3pm.

Logan City Council Weds 8 – Weds 22 Jan Top Secret! Make your own spy disguise and test it out! Bookings essential. Weds 8 – Weds 22 Jan I Spy Puzzle. Create a picture puzzle collage complete with clues to find the hidden items! Take home your framed creation. Bookings essential. Mon 20 & Tues 21 Jan Investigate...Robotics. Learn basic robotics using LEGO kits with the Robogals. Bookings essential.

Redland City Council can Mon 16 Dec – Roar Day Out. 10am – 12.00 noon. 6+ years Tues 17 Dec – Sand Art. 10 11.30am & 2 - 3.30pm. 6+ years Drop in and you can make sand art to take home. Weds 18 Dec – Christmas Story Fun. 10am – 10.45am. 4 – 7 years. Christmas Decorations Craft 11.30am-12.30pm. 8+ years. Drop in to make a craft to take home. Thurs 19 Dec - Christmas Story Fun. 10am – 10.45am. 4 – 7 years. Sand Art 2 - 3.30pm. 6+ years. Drop in and you can make sand art to take home. Fri 20 Dec, Thurs 2 Jan, Fri 3 Jan, Fri 10 Jan, Fri 17 Jan, Fri 24 Jan – Craft Bar available 10.00am 3.00pm. Tues 7 Jan - Forest Folk Houses. 10-11.30am & 2 – 3.30pm. 8+ years. Bookings required. Weds 8 Jan – Monster Head Masks. 10 - 11.00am & 2 – 3.00pm. 6+ years. Thurs 9 Jan - Play Clay. 4 - 7 years. 10.00am - 12.00 noon. Tues 14 Jan – Herb Boxes. 10.0011.00am. 2.00-3.00pm. 8+ years. Bookings required. Weds 15 Jan – Harry Potter Revisited. 10.00 – 12 noon. For all ages. Thurs 16 Jan - CSIRO Show. 10.00 – 11.00am and 2.00 – 3.00pm. 6+ years. Tues 21 Jan – Summer Story Fun. 10.00-10.45am. 4 -7 years. Paper template craft. 8+ years 2-3pm. Bookings required. Weds 22 Jan - Summer Story Fun. 10.00-10.45am. 4 -7 years. Paper template craft. 8+ years 2-3pm. Bookings required.

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014


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Organised Activities

Brisbane Astronomical Society

Looking for something a bit different? There will be something here to please just about every member of the family! Brisbane Greeters

Brisbane Astronomical Society (Various locations) Come up to Mt Coot-tha lookout for free telescope viewing. Their club members will show you the spectacular mountain ranges and craters on the Moon, star clusters and planets. Club members set up telescopes for free public viewing at Astro Pete's Cafe & Telescopes (Upper Mt Gravatt) every Fri & Sat nights. You can look through a variety of telescopes (including a working Lego Telescope) and learn about the night sky while enjoying a coffee or hot chocolate.. Brisbane City Hall (Brisbane City) Free guided tours are available inside City Hall seven days


a week at 10.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Bookings are essential. Or take a ride up to the iconic City Hall clock tower from 10am to 5pm, seven days a week. Brisbane Greeters (Various locations) Experience Brisbane with a local and join them in celebrating what makes Brisbane unique. Brisbane Greeters is a FREE public service, with participants paying only for any public transport, food and drink consumed, and any applicable admission fees. All greets will include up to a maximum of six people (including children and adults), with at least one visitor over the age of 18 accompanying any children. Your choice of locations. Bunnings (Various locations) Bring the children along to a free Kids D.I.Y. Workshops at Bunnings where they’ll make fun, creative projects like toolboxes, toy trucks, planter boxes and painting projects. With a different theme every week from garden and woodworking to paint, mosaics and recycled wall art, these workshops are appealing to all children. Details on the website. Logan City Marine Modellers (Waterford West) Logan City Marine Modellers Inc invites members and visitors to their weekly running days, Wed & Sun 8am to 12pm. Visitors are

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

Brisbane Greeters

encouraged to come along and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts, learn about the aspects of the hobby and if you want try your hand at sailing, one of the clubs boats will be available for you to try. Members of the club will be available to help and instruct you. Redcliffe Kite Club (Clontarf ) Join the revolution, get outdoors and discover the fun and relaxing therapy of flying kites. The Redcliffe Kite Club can show you the way. Join them on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at Pelican Park and they will show you how. Triple “S” Model Boat Group (Boondall) They are a friendly gathering of enthusiasts interested in virtually all aspects of radio control model boating. They meet at the Entertainment Centre every Tues, Thurs and Sat mornings from 8am to 2pm. All are welcome to join in sailing, or just enjoy watching! WIN Free Stuff (online) Enter our competitions to win craft for your child’s daycare (or a friend's daycare), swimwear from Platypus Australia or a Build-A-Bear Party for 6 children!

FREE Family Summer Fun


Outdoor Fun There’s truly nothing better than heading into the great outdoors during the summer months. Brisbane and surrounds have tonnes of nonorganised outdoor fun and if you fancy staying locally we’ve listed some easy ‘at home fun’ as well! Geocaching is the free high-tech treasure hunt where you use your GPS receiver to find caches hidden by other players. It's a great way to be outdoors, enjoy the environment and revel in the thrill of the hunt! Visit the website to find a hunt close to you.

Bird Watching Want to take your children bird watching? Check out Birds Queensland’s website for locations near you. Brisbane City Council Active Parks Bike Rides Bring your own bike or hire one (for a fee) and go for a free guided bike tour. Details can be found on the Brisbane City Council site. Bug Hunting Take the kids into the back yard and have a bug hunt. Let the children discover insects themselves. Make sure you teach them about bugs that can hurt them. Because children are closer to ground level they will probably discover them before you. Take some containers to put them in and be mindful that you put holes in the lids so the bugs can breathe! You can help them by turning over rocks and tree branches so they can see all the life just out of sight. You can teach your child about the different types of insects and the function they have in the nature…’at home free fun’! Fishing Grab a rod and reel and head to a fishing platform today. Early morning or late afternoon are generally considered to be the best times to cast a line. Enjoy land-based recreational fishing from fishing platforms located in Brisbane City Council parks and reserves across the city. The Council also offer workshops for different age groups and abilities at different locations throughout Brisbane.

Make Your Own River Grab a roll of tin foil, fold up the edges and trickle the hose into it. Add bath toys, make paper boats and watch them sail down to the other end… ‘at home free fun’! Old Fashioned Fence Painting Do you remember painting a fence or patio with water? This simple activity keeps children entertained for a surprising amount of time. All you need is buckets, large paint brushes and water…’at home free fun’! Rock Stories Collect rocks from your garden and draw a different picture on each (eg. sun, a person, a flower) Lay them out in a row and ask your children to tell you a story following the path of pictures on the rocks….’at home free fun'! Skate Parks Find skate parks for skateboarders, bladers and BMX bike riders in Brisbane City Council parks and facilities. Walking Trails Walking is a great way to see the sights and meet the people of Queensland's capital city. This website will help you find new walks around Brisbane.

First column from our Gardening with Kids expert and Nashville State School Prep Teacher, Sue McKenzie


Cherry Tomatoes are simple to grow, reasonably disease free and produce delicious little tomatoes that your child can simply pick and eat straight from the bush. A pot larger than 30cm is sometimes the easiest way to get started as this will give your plant room to grow, it will not dry out too quickly and you can monitor it easily for any pest activity. Choose a nice sunny spot and fill your pot with a good quality potting mix to ensure that the plant has all of its nutritional requirements and will retain moisture. Choose a variety of cherry tomato and plant into your soil. Give it a good watering and wait for it to grow. To check if your tomato needs watering poke your finger into the soil a centimeter or so and if it feels dry, give it some water. If your plant begins to get too tall tie it securely to a stake. This serves the dual function of keeping both foliage and fruit away from the damp soil and encourages good ventilation around the plant which prevents fungal activity. When your tomatoes start to flower give them some liquid fertilizer every fortnight and you will be enjoying your own tomatoes in 8-10 weeks from planting. Cherry tomatoes are a great and easy way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of gardening. You can find out more about Nashville State School’s gardens www.nashvilless.

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014


FREE Family Summer Fun


Christmas Activities From the lighting of the Christmas Tree in King George Square, to the myriad of Christmas Carols across our beautiful city, there is no denying that this time of the year brings a special sense of joy to young and old alike. Take a minute to find a local venue listed below and enjoy your family and friends during this wonderfully festive and peaceful time of year! Fri 8 Nov – 5 Jan Myer Brisbane City Christmas Windows (Brisbane City) Bring the family into The City to marvel at the magical Myer Brisbane City Christmas Windows, Myer’s gift to The City every year and in 2013 celebrating its 58th year. On display right through until 5 January, the theme of the windows each year is a tightly guarded secret, making it even more exciting! Thurs 14 Nov Christmas Preview Event – Something About Audrey (Sandgate) Go along to the shop to see all the lovely gifts available for every member of your family. From 6pm - 9pm, there will be shopping, champagne, lucky door prizes and giveaways. somethingaboutaudreysandgate Fri 29 Nov Lighting of the Brisbane City Christmas Tree (King George Square) Join Brisbane’s Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Santa and a host of special guests, as they bring to life the southern hemisphere's largest solar-powered Christmas Tree and the Queen Street Mall's all-new Christmas decorations. Enjoy familyfun entertainment – including your favourite Christmas carols – culminating in the lighting of the tree at approximately 7pm. www. Sat 30 Nov – Christmas by Grace (Clontarf ) Grace Lutheran Primary School are hosting their Christmas by Grace festive community event between 3pm & -9pm at Dalton Oval, 38 Maine Road, Clontarf. This fabulous Carols by Candlelight community event will also have quality handmade/home grown goods in its Twilight Christmas shopping market, fabulous food stalls, community stalls, amusements and rides for the children and will end with a fireworks display. Sat 30 Nov - Christmas In The Park (Strathpine) This years’ festivities will include Santa’s Village featuring the Tinsel-A-Tree competition, $2 rides, markets, free kids workshops, a huge ‘Christmas Crackers’ fireworks display and,


Moreton Bay Regional Council Christmas In The Park

of course, the annual Christmas concert! The Christmas concert begins at 4:30pm with Santa’s arrival and performances by talented local community groups, including a special performance of Dr Seuss’ The Grinch. Starring Jay Laga’aia and Casey Donovan and hosted by 97.3fm’s Robyn Bailey. From 4.30. Thu 5 – 24 Dec – 4KQ Christmas Lights 2013 (Various locations throughout Brisbane) The 4KQ Christmas Lights™ Competition is celebrating 27 years of making Brisbane sparkle! Each Christmas hundreds of South-East Queensland residents and business owners join in the festivities, creating the most amazing Christmas displays you'll ever see. Sat 7 Dec – Christmas By The Sea (Scarborough) Enjoy the annual street parade, markets, Santa’s Village, rides, animal farm, fireworks and more! The Christmas concert kicks off at 5pm with performances by the talented Redcliffe community, leading into the finale. Throughout the whole month of Dec, Scarborough precinct will be lit up by 10 huge Christmas trees and will provide a wonderful light display throughout the festive season. Scarborough Beach Park. From 2pm. Sun 8 Dec - Christmas In The Air (Spring Hill) Join in the free festive fun at the Roma Street Parkland Amphitheatre, with Brisbane Symphonic Band in a Christmas mood for carols in the park. They will be joined by singers and dancers from Youth Performing Arts Company. Fri 13 Dec - Music in the Square (King George Square) Brisbane City Temple Salvation Army Band will entertain the crowds at the Christmas BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets with all the splendour of yuletide brass from 7.30pm. Fri 13 – 22 Dec Myer Christmas Parade & Pantomime (Queen St Mall) A must-do

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

Christmas event for the whole family! The highenergy Parade & Pantomime, starring over 200 talented performers and featuring 3m, 4m and 5m high 3D floating Christmas ornaments, will run from 6.30pm daily. Fri 13 – 22 Dec Bright Star, Christmas at Southbank (Southbank) At 6.30pm every evening, River Quay will be all aglow with the magic of Christmas, as the stars of The Voice sing carols under the twinkle of South Bank’s very own Christmas fig tree. Plus, to make your family Christmas even brighter, pack a picnic rug and settle in after the show to enjoy muchloved Christmas movies on the big screen at 7.30pm nightly as The City lights sparkle over the Brisbane River.

See for yourself how much fun you can have at Southbank at Christmas time: Sat 14 Dec - IGA Lord Mayors Christmas Carols (Riverstage) This premier family Christmas event showcases outstanding artists who are guaranteed to please all ages. Carols 2013 features world class Australian talent, the line-up includes Jack Vidgen, Silvie Paladino, Paulini, Mark Lowndes, La Forza, Colin Buchanan and many more. Arrive early to avoid disappointment. Gates open from 5pm. Sat 14 Dec Logan City Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols (Logan City) The festive season in Logan City will be extra jolly this year with Australian singer, dancer and choreographer Timomatic parachuting in as the headline act for the 2013 Logan City Mayor's Christmas Carols. Sat 21 Dec Christmas in the Park (Logan City) Christmas in the Park (free event) Rides, market stalls, entertainment, activities, carols, production & finished off with fireworks. BYO rug/chair. Logan Civic Gardens (Police Park)

Families Fun


Listings for everyone in every family! To promote your local family friendly event including school fetes and fairs, community groups, get-togethers and local festivals in the next ‘Families Fun’ listings (Feb/Mar 2014) send your entry by 5pm on Monday 6 January 2014. Email Regina – Listings in this section are FREE for most non-commercial ventures. Please check the details of the events listed before setting off in case anything has changed since going to print.

NOVEMBER 30th November Christmas In The Park (Strathpine) This year's festivities will include Santa’s Village featuring the Tinsel-A-Tree competition, $2 rides, markets, free kids workshops, a huge ‘Christmas Crackers’ fireworks display and, of course, the annual Christmas concert! The Christmas concert begins at 4:30pm with Santa’s arrival and performances by talented local community groups, including a special performance of Dr Seuss’ The Grinch. Starring Jay Laga’aia and Casey Donovan and hosted by 97.3fm’s Robyn Bailey. From 4.30. FREE.

DECEMBER Throughout Dec & Jan 2014 Build A Bear (Carindale & Chermside) Build-A-Bear Workshop® is a beary special place where new friendships are brought to life. They welcome guests into a playful world and connect with them through every part of the bear-making experience from making a wish on their new furry friends heart to giving it a name on the birth certificate and a cub condo to go home in. Parents know the stores as a place where the whole family can have fun at an affordable price. The fun continues at home for free on our virtual world Throughout Dec Outdoor Adventure Families (Moreton Bay Region) Paddle, surf, climb, balance, bike, navigate and go and explore the many outdoor experiences in and around the Moreton Bay Region. Outdoor Adventure

Families is an outdoor recreation program for children aged 7 to 17 years and their parents. Check out the website for times, locations and bookings. Throughout Dec & Jan 2014 Queensland Performing Arts Centre (South Brisbane) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Sensational sets, stunning special effects, Ian Fleming's irresistible story, and an unforgettable score by the Sherman Brothers (Mary Poppins) all add up to a blockbuster musical that everyone will love. (19 Nov – 15 Jan) The Nutcracker With the magnificent music of Tchaikovsky and sumptuous sets and costumes, this new production of Ben Stevenson's The Nutcracker is a must-see Christmas treat. (5 – 21 Dec) Spirit of Christmas The halls will be decked, the stockings hung. December means Spirit of Christmas with all our favourite carols to be sung. (20 – 21 Dec) The Illusionists 2.0 The new generation Illusionists are coming to town! (19 – 25 Jan)

Watch the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang trailer now on your mobile device here:

Ipswich Rail Museum

Sat 7 Dec Breakfast with Santa (Westfield Strathpine Shopping Centre) Book in for breakfast with Santa and enjoy a delicious muffin and juice and receive a goodie bag to take home. 8am. Bookings essential. $5 per child. Sat 7 Dec Christmas Excursion to Shorncliffe on the Steam Train (Brisbane City) Santa Claus is coming, so why not come along too and bring the children on our Christmas excursion. Santa has been enticed from his hide-out to travel and will have surprises for them. Travel to Shorncliffe where there will be a sausage sizzle available before returning to Roma Street. Ticket prices on website. Sat 7 Dec Brisbane Astronomical Society (Mt Coot-tha) Come up to Mt Coot-tha lookout for free telescope viewing. Our club members will show you the spectacular mountain ranges and craters on the Moon, star clusters and planets. (FREE) continued on page 24 v

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Families Fun

Brisbane Open air Cinemas

Listings for everyone in every family!

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Tue 17 Dec Robots, Spaceships & Aliens Eco-Art Workshop (Woolloongabba) Children will be able to make their own robot, spaceship or alien using the fabulous array of industrial discards found at Reverse Garbage. What special power does your robot have? How about making a pretend Envirotron – a robot that cares for the environment by picking up rubbish and runs on solar power. Ages 6 – 12. 10 – 11.30. $20 per child (includes materials) Bookings esstential. Sun 8 Dec Christmas Carols & Markets (North Lakes) North Lakes are back for their 10th year in 2013, with a star-studded entertainment program featuring Australia’s favourite celebrity magician, Christopher Wayne, The Voice 2012 ‘Runner Up’ Luke Kennedy, community performances, twilight markets, free children’s activities, a visit from Santa Clause and massive fireworks finale. Proudly sponsored by Stockland, Village Motors and Our Village Foundation. 4.30pm – 8.30pm at Aurora Boulevard Park, Aurora Boulevard, North Lakes. Adding to the festive spirit this year will be Skate by the Lake, a man-made ice rink, which will run for two weeks from 9 December until Sunday, 22 December at Lake Eden, North Lakes. Tickets are on sale now. 3883 0955 Tue 10, 17 Dec The Nutcracker Storytelling Doll Making Workshop (Brisbane City Hall) Join Queensland Ballet to make a doll in a tutu from costume fabrics, and listen to the story of The Nutcracker. Great fun for young dancers and parents alike. Bookings essential. Suitable for 7 years and over. Mon 16 – Fri 20 Dec Special Christmas Holiday Workshops (McDowall) Sounds like Christmas (Music), Looks like Christmas (Art), Feels like Christmas (Play) at Gymboree Play & Music”. Suitable for 1 to 5 years available to members and non-members – all welcome. Gymboree McDowall site only. See website for full details. northside@gymboree. 3878 2468


Ipswich Rail Museum

Sat 11 Jan Mini Olympics (Wynnum) Participants will enjoy a fun adaption of the Olympic Games with a focus on fun, rather than winning or losing. With games like boffa hocket, earth ball relay, sock wrestling, tug of war, world surfing, sack and field relay race, egg and spoon race and more. Attention is given to good sportsmanship and participation to make everyone feel like a winner. Wynnum Wading Pool Park. FREE.

 Mon 6 Jan Life Games Adventure (Camp Hill) Our trained leaders will organise cooperative, non-competitive fun games and activities, that can involve people of most ages and abilities in Perth St Park. This program is fun, exciting and guaranteed a laugh for young and the young at heart. 3.30 – 5.30pm.

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Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Families Fun Thu 16 Jan Ribbon Twirl Action (Coorparoo) Make your very own ribbon twirl just like they use at the Olympics! Decorate your ribbon to make it look bright and colourful. Then get active learning all about how to use your ribbon twirl with a range of exciting tricks and amazing flourishes. Majestic Park 10am – 2pm $5.00. Tue Jan 21 – Thu 23 Eco Art Workshops – Reverse Garbage (Woolloogabba) Choose from Robots, Spaceships & Aliens Eco-Art Workshop, Furry Friends Eco-Art Workshop or Wearable Art Eco-Art Workshop. Ages 6 – 12 years. $20 per child. Parent-free zone! Bookings essential 07 3891 9744.

above and right: bazilgrumble

Sun 12 Jan Superhero Excapades (Hawthorne) Run, jump fly. A super energetic workshop aimed at building confidence, self-esteem and a healthy body. Dress up in capes and design your own mask. Create your own superhero character complete with catch cry and super powers. Get physical and find your inner hero through creative improvisation and interactive theatre games! Hawthorne Park. $5.00. Bookings required.

Mon 13 – 24 Jan Workshop – Want To Get Animated? (South Brisbane) We have a range of workshops for animators of all ages and stages. Join us to learn the basics of animation and experiment with a variety of tools and techniques to animate your own stories. Paid, bookings through

Sun 12 Jan Survivor challenge (Chermside) Join a team or get your friends together and create your own survivor team. This program will see teams battle through exciting challenges and activities like the giant earth ball relay race, the half pipe challenge, frisbee, target shooting, or the giant's finger. It's fast, fun and unforgettable. 7th Brigade Park. FREE.

Wed 15 Jan Hungry, Hungry Caterpillars (Holland Park) Learn all about active, healthy bodies as you place the 3D felt food items on the healthy eating pyramid. Enjoy a story, then get active with a fun food relay and a wiggly caterpillar race! This innovative, energetic workshop promises heaps of fun, while promoting a healthy message. FREE.

Queensland Ballet Designs by Tracy-Grant Lord

Listings for everyone in every family!

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Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory

Clubs, Classes & Activities for adults and children in the Greater Brisbane area

If you would like a listing for your club, class or activity in our next issue’s inclusive directory, please contact us now! Email: Compiled by Regina Gleeson NS = Northside SS = Southside

CLASSES FOR ADULTS Arts Tree (SS) Arts Tree 2 hour art classes that are exciting, fun, and jam-packed with tips and techniques used by professional practicing artists. Their tutors give you the knowledge you need to keep making masterpieces at home. 0437 146 359  Bleeding Heart (NS) Their arts and crafts workshops are conducted by some of Brisbane’s finest artisans to give you a hands on approach to learning your new skill. With many classes also providing the materials you need to start straight away, all you need to do is turn up and start creating! 07 3229 0395  Brisbane Sings (NS & SS) This site is a free community service which is building to be a comprehensive list of all singing groups in Brisbane and surrounding areas. It lists all types of singing groups including choirs, toning groups, barbershop, a cappella, sacred music, musical society, singing workshops and other singing groups - basically anywhere in this region where you can go to have a sing!  au/brissings Mad Dance House (NS & SS) Offering over 120 classes a week in a stack of different styles - there is a class for you at Mad Dance House. Dance classes on offer are: Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Popping, Locking, Tap, Hip Hop in Heels, Lyrical Hip Hop, Girly Style Street Jazz, Urban Contemporary, Commercial Jazz and fitness classes. No need to book- just rock up 10-15 mins before the start of your chosen class. 07 3210 6724  Men’s Shed (NS & SS) An organization that is accessible to all men and whose primary


activity is the provision of a safe and friendly environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of other men. A major objective is to advance the well-being and health of their male members. 1300 550 009  Stork, Baby and You (SS) They welcome you to attend a fun, informative day of antenatal education on the preparation towards birth & parenthood where they empower women and partners with knowledge and understanding to achieve a positive birth and parenting experience. 0411 854 443  The Actors Workshop (SS) Supplying nationally recognised training pathways to school leavers and mature age students seeking dedicated vocational training as a Film, Television and Theatre Actor. 07 3891 1411  UQ Sport (SS) The UQ Aquatic Centre provides one of the most comprehensive and largest adult swim programs in Brisbane. Their AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia qualified instructors can tailor each class to individual requirements to suit your needs. 07 3365 6047 

Paediatric First Aid Courses First Aid Demonstrations (SS) In a 2 - 2.5 hour session you will learn CPR, how to manage a choking child and how to initiate first aid to a child while waiting for an ambulance. 07 3854 1829  www.fad. Kids First Aid (NS & SS) They offer the only first aid courses delivered exclusively by experienced paramedics, designed to teach parents and caregivers how to respond calmly and confidently to 10 of the most

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

common first aid emergencies situations. 1300 138 133  St John Ambulance Queensland (NS) This course is designed to meet the first aid needs of parents, guardians and members of the public who may be entrusted with the care of babies and children up to 12 years of age. This course provides the knowledge and skills to manage everyday emergency situations. 1300 360 455 

CLASSES FOR CHILDREN ARTS & CRAFT & COOKING Brisbane Institute of Art (NS) These classes aim to encourage in children an appreciation of the aesthetic experience and personal symbolic language. Each term will focus on a particular media, so that during the year children will be exposed to a variety of mediums. 07 3857 5377  Miart (SS) Each child at Miart Brisbane is given guidance catered to their needs and interests as well as freedom and encouragement to express and develop their unique creativity. 0438193624  www. Renaissance Kids (NS & SS) Renaissance Kids offers all types of art lessons for children aged 5 years to 12 years. For students serious about improving their skills or just wanting to get a fun introduction to their creative side, Renaissance Kids is the perfect place. 0404 847 684  Scattered Arts (SS) Their art classes and workshops are conducted by experienced tutors who understand their subject well

Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory and go out of their way to make each lesson instructive and enjoyable. 07 3398 9370  Tania’s Arthouse (SS) Tania runs weekly classes for ages 6 to 11 and for ages 11 and upwards. Projects for kids may include drawing, printmaking, mosaic activities, painting, clay modelling, painting on glass, and taking photographs and using the pictures for additional activities. 0422 497 627  Tiny Art (SS) Art classes for 2-5 year olds introduce children to the world of art through the engagement of media, tools and techniques, such as: painting, printing, sculpture, drawing, collage, textiles and clay. 0421 844 508 

Cooking Classes Cutie Pies Baking School (SS) Does your little one love to be creative in the kitchen? Cutie Pies Baking School is where your child can mix, knead, roll, ice and decorate his or her own yummy creations! Have all the fun and leave the mess! 0426967055  www. Yummilicious Cookery (SS) love food, cooking and the social interaction that comes with it. Their mission is to bring children together in a safe, nurtured, fun and happy environment where they can learn about real food and cultivate the joy of cooking and mindful eating. 0421 327 187  www. Ro & Co Kid’s Cooking Parties (NS) are a creative, hands on way for your child to spend their special day. Their guests will love getting their hands dirty as they cook up a storm.  Ro 0421 639980 

LANGUAGE & BABY DEVELOPMENT AlphaTykes (NS & SS) They teach French, Spanish or Italian to children between 18 months and 12 years. Lessons run from 30 minutes (under 3 years) to 45 minutes (over 3 years). 1300 61 22 88  www.alphatykes. Brisbane German Language School (SS) Fun and engaging German classes for children and adults at all levels of competency, for both native and non-native learners of German. 07 3847 2229  www. Conversations On (SS) Engaging English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish or French Classes. Small classes (maximum 6). They also help your baby communicate earlier and give them a bright future with

baby sign language classes. 07 3871 2882  LCF Fun Languages (SS) Designed over 25 years, their methodology teaches French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, English and German with a fun and active approach that will get your child using the language quickly and naturally. 1300 707 288  www. Studio China (SS) Calling all children ready for some great, fun brain stimulation. Learn Mandarin by moving to music, singing, reciting poems, reading stories, playing games, drawing and writing Chinese characters. 0401 575 005  www.

Sign Language Baby Sensory Hawthorne (SS) They use a combination of original and traditional songs and rhymes to develop early communication skills and you will always remember the moment your baby first uses the signs of their Say Hello song which is played at the beginning of each Baby Sensory class. 07 3399 2004  Deaf Services Queensland (SS) Baby Sign is designed for parents to learn basic Auslan key word signs for babies and children who are hearing or deaf, between two months and five years of age. Infants naturally use smiling, cooing, and crying and movement to communicate their needs and feelings so it is rather common for babies to use their hands to communicate long before they can speak. 07 3892 8500  www.deafservicesqld.

Baby Massage Baby Buddah (SS) By being a part of their infant massage workshop, parents will discover more options in helping to reduce their baby’s crying time and increase their sleeping patterns as well as many more benefits. 0410 363 447 www.babybuddah. Be In Blossom (NS) Mummy pilates & baby massage. They offer 4 one hour Pilates classes held weekly to regain abdominal support, pelvic floor strength & posture. Baby massage is included. 0488 001 105  www. Massage Babies, Birth & Beyond (NS & SS) You will learn about and experience beautiful oils for your baby. Colic strokes and baby yoga. Relaxation techniques for mums and bubs. 0407 592 238  Sweet Dreams Infant Massage (SS) A variety of group classes are held in Camp Hill. Classes are also held privately in the client’s home either on a one-on-one basis

PLAY! Not push

The world’s most loved preschool soccer program for BOYS and GIRLS aged 18 months - 7th birthday.

or as a group (e.g. group of friends, mothers group, etc). 0422 607 863  www. The Nurturing Connection (NS) Learning infant massage could not be easier. You will be guided through each stroke carefully until you are confident in communicating your love through touch. In addition you will learn to relax yourself and create a serene and nurturing environment in which your baby will thrive. 0409 614467  www.

ACTIVITY CENTRES Chipmunks Playland & Café (NS & SS) Visit Chipmunks for unlimited play for kids aged 0 – 11 years old and relax over a coffee or lunch with friends and family at their café in one of their 3 Brisbane locations. They feature state of the art equipment and are fully air-conditioned, clean and comfortable. They also have party facilities.  HelloPlay (SS) Head to Hello Let’s Play with your little munchkins for a day of fun at one of Brisbane’s biggest indoor play centres! Huge range of exciting activities designed to develop kids’ imaginations, creativity and fitness. Wall to wall Jungle Castle, ball pits and tunnels, inflatable slides, obstacle courses and loads more! 07 3394 3300  Lollipop’s Playland & Café (NS &SS) Lollipop’s Playland & Cafe kids Indoor Play Centres are great kids party venues for birthday parties or simply giving kids a treat while parents relax over a cup of hot coffee and a treat from their quality cafe. Their indoor play centres are safe and secure where kids can have hours of fun climbing, sliding, jumping and spinning. 4 Brisbane locations.  Tiddlywinks Dance & Play Café (NS) Tiddlywinks Dance and Play Cafe is a family owned and operated entertainment venue, providing a unique dance and play experience for children up to 11 years old. They also have dance programmes and party facilities. 07 3266 8484 

MUSIC Boppin’ Babies (NS &SS) Boppin’ Babies is a music therapy program for newborn babies up to 5 years. Sessions run for 30 minutes. 0430 591 532  au continued on page 28 

Catch, weave, chase, run but most of all HAVE FUN! Fun non-contact rugby classes perfect for pre-schoolers and kids with boundless energy

• Join at any time • Qualified coaches • Parties • FREE trial classes available • 18 - 27 months Little Kicks • 2-3½ years Junior Kickers Junior Rugby • 3½-5th birthday Mighty Kickers Mighty Rugby • 5-7th birthday Mega Kickers Mega Rugby

• Inner South and East Brisbane 07 3366 7866 • Brisbane West 07 3172 5878 • Brisbane Inner North 07 3355 0513 • Redlands/Bayside 07 3901 4749

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Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory  continued from page 27

Do-Re-Me (NS & SS) Do re mi children’s music classes offer enjoyable, educational music classes for children, including babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, aged 3 months to 8 years and beyond, and has classes available throughout Brisbane.  au Forte School of Music (NS & SS) They offer their Jungle Music program for children aged 6 months to 3.5, which immerse the child in interactive classes which encourage understanding and responding to music. They can continue their musical experience in introductory piano courses, Music is Fun, Junior Keys and Piano Keys. Free trial class. 07 3357 5556  Gymboree (NS & SS) Award winning children’s Play & Learn Gym, Music & Art classes for 0-5yrs. Designed by experts, the age-appropriate activities help develop the cognitive, physical and social skills of children as they play. The programs are also recognized for their unique approach to parent involvement—which encourages participation in and understanding of each child’s development. Free trial available. 07 3878 2468  Kindermusik at Flying Fox Studios (NS) Their teachers are passionately committed to bringing music to children’s lives through developmentally appropriate curricula, CDs, books, instruments, and activities for their classes and for family time at home. 07 3855 1528  Kindermusik by Melody Music Studio (NS) The World's Leading Music and Movement Program for children newborn to 7 years old, and their families. A range of ageappropriate, evidence-based curricula is offered to assist your child to grow on all developmental levels, while gaining an appreciation and lifelong love of music! School holiday programs offered.  0427 476 320  melodymusic Music Masters (NS) This a sequential music program developed by Christine Masters. The classes are designed, not only to foster a child’s natural musical ability, but to extend them so that their musical education is fully developed. 07 3357 9646  www.

SPORTS & EXERCISE Australian Parkour Association (NS & SS) A philosophy and method of movement through any environment with speed and efficiency. The concept is to overcome all physical and mental obstacles in your path by using your body and mind to run, climb, jump and vault. 1800 759 015  www. Baseball Queensland (NS & SS) Baseball caters to boys and girls of all ages. Their club competitions fall into the following age groups: Under 8 MighTee ball, U10 Rookie Ball, Little League (U12), Baseball - U14, U16 and U18 age groups. 07 3876 2222  Brisbane Basketball (NS & SS) Basketball is a non-contact sport and provides a safe and enjoyable opportunity for players of all age groups. 07 3371 0200  www.brisbane. Brisbane Martial Arts (NS & SS) Whether Taekwondo, or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is your preferred martial arts style, if you’re in Brisbane, and looking to start martial arts training, or take your training to the next level, there’s only one place to go, the home of martial arts in Brisbane, Brisbane Martial Arts! 1300 303 583  www.


Dynamight Kids (NS & SS) Dynamight Kids teaches safety, self-defence and life skills to children aged between 3-12 years. Lessons run for 30 minutes. 1300 61 22 88  www. Ginger Sport (NS & SS) Fun soccer programs for 2-10 year olds. Providing soccer coaching in an inclusive, play-based, learning environment with the perfect mix of fun, physical activity and instruction in soccer. Experienced coaches that work with all age groups and skill levels to provide a positive, nurturing and safe environment to learn soccer. Free trial available 07 3890 3338 Gymnastics Queensland (NS & SS) Gymnastics is one of the most fundamental and exciting of all physical activities. Basic gymnastic skills develop attributes that are perfect stepping stones for other sports, activities and life in general. 07 3036 5600 Gymboree (NS & SS) Award winning children’s Play & Learn Gym, Music & Art classes for 0-5yrs. Designed by experts, the age-appropriate activities help develop the cognitive, physical and social skills of children as they play. The programs are also recognized for their unique approach to parent involvement—which encourages participation in and understanding of each child’s development. Free trial available. 07 3878 2468 8 Hockey Queensland (NS & SS) Since hockey is a team sport, children who play learn the value of working with others. They figure out how to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is key to success. 07 3399 6577 Junior Golf Queensland (NS & SS) Golf is a great game for juniors/students/children as it is a healthy game that one can play for their whole life. Apart from providing the gift of a lifetime recreation, golf has special qualities that can have powerful and lasting impacts on young people’s self-image, personal development and confidence. 07 3252 8155 Life Stream (NS & SS) Life Stream facilitates a wide range of opportunities specifically in South East Queensland for people with an intellectual disability to participate, develop skills and be active members of their communities. Life Stream believes that through participation in community activities, recreation, leisure & sport and having friendships and responsibilities, people develop all types of skills and lead healthy, active and meaningful lives. 07 3394 4399  Little Athletics Queensland (NS & SS) Little Athletics is a uniquely Australian sport for children 5-16 years. As the name suggests, it is based upon the sport of athletics (track & field) and the events are specially modified to suit the ages and abilities of children. A wide range of running, jumping, throwing and walking events is conducted. 07 3255 9436  Little Kickers (NS & SS) An international soccer programme. At Little Kickers the focus is very much on fun - a national network of informal yet professionally run training classes where enthusiastic boys & girls (18 mths – 7th birthday) are given a helping hand to stand on their own two feet. info@ Netball Queensland (NS & SS) For young children interested in playing netball for the first time, there is NetSetGo! This program is for children (girls and boys) aged 5-10 and is designed for teaching the basics of netball while fostering fun and friendship in a team environment. 07 3848 6330 

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

PCYC (NS & SS) Gym fun, kids dance, tiny tots, cheerleading, boxercise, teen yoga karate, tumble and stunt, glee club, circuit and gymnastics is just some of the activities at PCYCs. Please contact your local club to see what is on offer for you and your children. 07 3909 9555  Queensland Cricket (NS & SS) These days, cricket offers some new and exciting formats for kids that won’t take up your whole weekend – it’s no longer an all-day commitment for parents on the sidelines. To get started, kids can take part in the Milo in2Cricket program which is a fun way to get a taste of the sport. As their skills develop, they can transition into Milo T20 Blast and then on to club cricket to continue a lifelong connection with the game. 07 3292 3100  Skipping Queensland (SS) Skipping is a very dynamic, exciting and exhilarating sport. It helps in the development of an individual’s fitness and co-ordination, and is used by a number of other sporting codes and athletes for aerobic fitness. Competitive skipping takes the activity to the next level. www. Tennis Queensland (NS & SS) Tennis Queensland Registration is automatically included when you join your local affiliated club as a member. This will also give you access to all the exclusive benefits that the club chooses to offer. Find a club near you. 07 3120 7900  Wild Things (NS & SS) Wild Things is a fun and energetic physical fitness program for children aged between 2-5 years. They also discuss briefly anatomy, nutrition and world awareness. Lessons run for 30 minutes. 1300 61 22 88  www.wildthingsaustralia.

Horseriding Cherbon Waters (SS) Cherbon Waters’ facilities include a new fully lit 60m x 20 indoor arena (with an undercover viewing area), riding trails, round yards, stabling area, wash bays, safe fully-electrified paddocks. 0417 704 671  www.cherbonwaters. Dalson Park Indoor Equestrian Centre (SS) Horse riding lessons are well priced and cover the use of Dalson Park ponies, tacked up by capable stable hands; the use of arenas, tack, saddles, helmet and boots if needed; and expert and encouraging instruction. The more lessons you book in a month, the more cost-effective lessons become. 0448 034 514  Heritage Riding (SS) It does not matter if you are a “first timer” or you are a current Junior Rider wanting to gain more competitive skills in Dressage or Jumping. They have a Horse/Pony and Qualified Instructor that will suit your needs, and give you a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience. 07 3206 3951  Indarra Equestrian Centre (SS) Indarra Equestrian aims to provide a safe riding environment with qualified, professional staff so that you can enjoy your love of horses. You can choose either private or group lessons. Their group lessons are limited to a maximum of 4 riders so that your learning experience is maximised. 0409 475 040  www. Slickers Horse Riding (NS) Their lessons are conducted in either an enclosed yard or out on one of their trails depending on which the rider requires. 07 3285 1444  www. Wattle Creek Riding School (NS) At Wattle Creek, they specialise in one on one lessons. This gives 100% of the Coach’s attention to the rider. This allows the experienced and

Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory inexperienced to work at their optimum pace. No riding experience is needed to start as they teach from the first riding lesson to the highly experienced rider. 07 3300 6422  Windsong Equestrian Park (SS) Their coaches conduct private lessons by appointment, in an all-weather surface ProRide arena. Their coaches are qualified level one instructors and are happy to cater for beginners or higher skill levels of all ages. 

Swimming Aquatic Achievers Swim Schools (NS & SS) Aquatic Achievers Swim Schools specialize in teaching babies through to stroke correction and squads. Their innovative Solo-1 teaching program advances skills in easy, achievable progressions. The pinnacle of their SOLO1 program is for children to swim One Kilometre unassisted.  Sam Riley Swim Schools (NS & SS) Their team of dedicated, qualified and experienced instructors know the importance of balancing the professionalism required to teach your child to swim, whilst maintaining an element of enjoyment, so your child has fun while learning. 07 3050 7341  Shapland Swim Schools (NS & SS) Shapland Swim Schools teach semi private swimming lessons to children of all ages, including babies from 6 months. They teach a unique Swim in Five program in small classes with a maximum of three children.  Swim Australia (NS & SS) While swimming lessons may help to address safety issues, lessons will also continue to refine the strokes helping the child to become a safer more efficient swimmer, and of course lessons are a fun, healthy activity for children. 07 3376 0944  Hibiscus Swimming Academy (SS) With highly qualified instructors and coaches, the Hibiscus Swimming Academy stands by its motto: “Committed to Excellence”. Their mission is to provide a safe and happy learning environment to each and every individual who participates in their learn to swim. 07 3420 6074  www. The Clem Jones Centre (SS) The Learn to Swim program focuses on water safety, water confidence and the development of all strokes while also emphasising on fun and excitement for both the child and parent. They cater from 6 months through to stroke development level and also have a great adult fitness development program and stroke development program. 07 3398 2107  Nudgee Brothers Swim Program (NS) The organisation aims for its swimmers to reach their potential by providing a coaching program that produces excellent results at state, national and international level. They have a range of programs for different swimming groups, from beginners to advanced, from infants to older swimmers. Their program operates all year round. 07 3865 0516 

Yoga Angel Yoga 4 Kids (NS) AYK Yoga classes teach children through asanas, yoga stories, yoga songs, yoga game’s, yoga art, yoga dance, visualisation, pranayama, relaxation & meditation techniques. 0412 564 757 

Brisbane Yoga Space (NS & SS) Yoga is an invaluable tool of fun, learning, health and growth for kids and teens. Through yoga, young people can have fun while developing health, fitness and self-confidence. 0430 158 826  Calm For Kids Relaxation Classes (NS & SS) Calm for Kids hold yoga based relaxation classes for children throughout Australia. The Calm for Kids classes consist of balance, concentration and co-ordination exercises, breathing exercises and games, peer massage, children’s relaxation and visualisations and positive affirmations. 07 3343 3285  Inner Bliss Yoga Studios (SS) Their Bliss kids yoga classes are a fantastic way for your child to enjoy the many benefits of yoga in fun and friendly environment. In each class, the instructor guides the children through an interactive & themed practice of song, movement, yoga poses, creativity, story-telling and relaxation. 07 3162 2188  Ten Toes Yoga & Natural Health (NS) Childhood is a time to explore the world around and for self-discovery. Children respond well to Kids Yoga Classes because Yoga gives them a chance to explore aspects of their bodies, minds and emotions in a fun and creative way. 

THEATRE & PERFORMING ARTS Brisbane Arts Theatre (NS) Their training enhances children’s performance skills and stagecraft knowledge with acting techniques, improvisation, voice (including singing – solo, chorus and harmonies) and movement training (theatre, dance and mime). 07 3369 2344  Brisbane Youth Theatre (NS) Their theatre classes are adventurous and playful. Brisbane Youth Theatre provides an exciting and supportive environment for creating theatre and enhancing learning. 0404 220 465  Fame! School of Performing Arts (NS & SS) Their performance based programs include training in dance, drama, and voice. They encourage students to develop skills in all these key areas. The courses are fun, innovative and provide excellent grounding to students interested in the performing arts. 07 3252 4806  Shake and Stir Theatre Co (NS) Improve your child’s performance and communication skills, raise their self-confidence and increase their level of physical activity. 07 3358 6025  Stagecraft Acting School (NS & SS) Their focus is on helping kids become happy, confident and successful people not just successful actors. They pride themselves in teaching kids the skills they need to become professional actors in the real world by making learning fun. 0417 118 006 

Dance Attitude Dance Academy (NS) Attitude Dance Academy offers a safe, fun, learning environment where your child can study a variety of dance styles from highly experienced, professionally trained instructor 07 3349 0391  Brisbane Academy of Dance (NS) A wide range of qualified teachers in all areas of dance. They all have an energetic approach to teaching and encourage students to achieve their personal best. 07 3359 4066 

Elite Dancers (NS) Their many different classes are structured to suit the needs of every dancer, whether you want to dance for a career or for fun and fitness. We have classes for ages 3 and above on a registered or casual basis. 0427 999 909  www.elitedancers. Kick Dance (SS) Their aim is to offer structured programs in dance run by professional teachers with excellent qualifications and extensive industry experience. They provide classes which facilitate enjoyment, confidence, develop students at a very high technical level and allow a ‘kick’ start into the performing arts. 0414 308 248  Movements Academy of Dance (NS) Movements is a well-established, friendly, family based studio that believes in teaching students to be all that they can be. They handpick their teachers who are qualified, encouraging & inspiring so that every student can have the very best dance education possible. 07 3886 4098  Seriously Dance (SS) They truly believe their philosophy of respecting each student for their individuality & challenging each student to obtain personal excellence. 0416 477 703 

TUTORS & SCHOOL SUPPORT Fruition Tuition (NS & SS) They profile your child’s learning behaviour, discuss the findings with you, recommend a course of action and work out what can be done to meet the learning goals and fit with your family circumstances. They deliver learning courses that cover all areas of The Basics - Mathematics and English Language development - from prep to adult, including ESL. 1300 884 846  Kip McGrath Education Centres (NS & SS) Offering tutoring to children from pre-school through to Year 12 in reading, spelling, comprehension, English and maths. An individual program can be devised and the goals will be discussed and agreed upon with the parent or carer. 1300 789 457  Kumon (NS & SS) The Kumon Method is an individualised learning method. The starting point for each Kumon student is determined individually. Students start with the level where they can attain a perfect score by studying on their own. 1800 458 666  Lifetime Learners (NS & SS) They provide students with a range of tutoring options to suit their individual needs. Choose a small, individualized class group in one of their well-equipped, professionally staffed Lifetime Learners Centres or be tutored privately in the convenience of your home, or at an agreed location, by one of their qualified, professional personal tutors. 1300 373 314  Progressive Home Tutors (NS & SS) All Tutors are fully qualified teachers who are registered with their relevant states teaching college or registration board. With experience in both the classroom and private one-onone tutoring, their tutors can assist with the development of essential reading, spelling, writing, literacy, maths and English, through to specialist secondary subjects, exam preparation and special education needs. 07 3188 3521 

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Southbank - Rix Ryan Photography

Local Markets Even without a lot of cash to splash there is a special pleasure in checking out some of the family friendly markets around our city. Enjoy the atmosphere, the entertainers and take a stroll just enjoying the ambiance! Albion Mill Markets (Albion) Farm fresh fruit and veg, artisan produce, coffee, cakes, pastries, fresh bread, spices, honey, herbs, flowers , meat, seafood and interesting cuisine from around the world. 4th Sun 7.30-2 Albion Mill Billycart Markets (Sandgate) Retro chic and vintage hip, Billycart Markets is a unique boutique shopping experience, offering stylish and unique products for little people. Various dates – Boggo Road Markets (Dutton Park) Clothes, arts and crafts, bric-a-brac and more, as well as loads of fresh fruit and vegetables and produce, along with delicious food to eat on site. Sun 7 – 1. Brisstyle indie Twilight Markets (King George Square) Meander through the stalls of over 80 local artisans who specialise in producing soulful and stylish handmade ware with a unique Queensland twist. Fri 5 - 9 & Sat 9 – 2 Brisbane City Chandler Markets (Chandler) All aspects of the markets are found here. We have fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, deli items, fashion, retro, great art and crafts, all at one great market venue. Sun 5.30 – 1 Cleveland Road Davies Park Markets (West End) Fresh produce and healthy fast food, fashion and gifts under a canopy of glorious giant fig trees. Sat 6 – 12 Davies Park Northey St Organic Market (Windsor) Cellist and saxophonists serenade shoppers as they stock up on free range eggs, fresh honey, fair trade coffee beans, herbs and Asian greens amongst the plethora of pesticide free produce. Sun 6 –10.30.


Old Petrie Town Markets (Kurwongbah) Arts & crafts, plants, fruit & vegetables. Sun 8 – 2. Old Petrie Town Powerhouse Farmers Markets (Newfarm) Fortify yourself with a coffee and the paper and then a croissant, or an omelette, crepes, sausages, dumplings, French pizzas, Japanese chicken skewers, before you pack your basket full of farm fresh fruit and veg, meats, seafood, small goods, sauces, olives, dips, cakes, bread, fresh herbs, oils.. everything you need for a great week ahead. 2nd & 4th Sat 6 -12 Powerhouse. Queen St Farmers Markets (Brisbane City) Go along to the city farmers markets every Wednesday for farm fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, pastries, flowers and more. Wed 10 -6 Queen St Mall Redcliffe Jetty Markets (Redcliffe) Indulge your senses in beautiful foods, entertainment for both adults and children and find yourself immersed in this beautiful beachside market. Sun 8 – 12 Redcliffe foreshore Riverside Markets (Brisbane City) This established market consists of arts and crafts from around the world as well as selected food, clothing, and jewellery. Sun 7-3 Eagle Street. Rocklea Markets (Rocklea) The Saturday Fresh Market offering fresh food and lifestyle products & the Sunday Discovery Market offering a range of new and second hand treasures for the home, backyard, kids and clothing. Sat & Sun 6 -12 Sherwood Road

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 1 - Dec/Jan 2014

Jetty Markets

Southbank Collective Market (Southbank) The Collective Markets are brand new to South Bank. The markets feature plenty of cool trinkets and goodies that you won't find anywhere else including arts, crafts, homewares, collectibles, exotic items, designer fashion and much more. Every Saturday from 10am-9pm and every Sunday from 9am-4pm. Strathpine State School Flea Markets (Lawnton) All weather market indoor and outdoor stalls. Haircuts, massage, food & drink, music, lots of trash & treasure, arts & crafts, hardware, plants and much much more! Sat 6 – 12 Pine Rivers Showgrounds Village Markets (Kelvin Grove) Go for a wonderful opportunity to taste ethnic cuisine and to save dollars on fresh fruit and vegetables, to buy clothing both new and second hand, plants, flowers, crafts and furniture. Sat 6-1 Blamey Street. Valley Markets (Fortitude Valley) Showcasing live entertainment on Saturdays and various stalls selling vintage items, fashion, bric a brac and Chinese products plus other items. Sat & Sun 9-4 Chinatown Mall.

Families Freebies


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WIN a Build-A-Bear Workshop® for 6 children Build-A-Bear Workshop® is a beary special place where new friendships are brought to life. We welcome Guests into our playful world and connect with them through every part of the bear-making experience from making a wish on their new furry friend’s heart to giving it a name on the birth certificate and a cub condo to go home in. Parents know our stores as a place where the whole family can have fun at an affordable price. Kids love the latest and greatest furry friends and fashions including AFL, NRL, Disney and seasonal outfits. We have FUN together sharing smiles and creating lifetime memories! The fun continues at home for free on our virtual world

1 Build-A-Bear Workshop® for 6 children to win Competition duration 16 – 31 December 2013

WIN $100 worth of Platypus Swimwear Swim like a Platypus with this great giveaway! Platypus Australia designs a high quality UV Protective Swimwear brand for Baby, Kid 2-8 and Youth 10-14. Features and Benefits: Excellent Sun Protection with an ARPANSA UPF50+ rating • Fashionable prints/styles with coordinated swimwear • Value for money • Fabric is Quick drying, comfortable and highly resistant to chlorine.

3 x $100 worth of Swimwear to win Competition duration 1 – 24 January 2014

WIN 100 DIY Craft Kits for kids for your Daycare Centre

FREE Trial Class at Gymboree Play and Music

Clever Craft 4 Kids is giving away 100 DIY Craft Kits to one lucky daycare centre in Greater Brisbane. The kits are designed for children 3 – 6 years old and are fully inclusive of all the pieces needed to make the individual craft. The competition is open to parents and staff to enter on behalf of a daycare setting of their choice

Scan the QR code or simply cut out this coupon for a free trial class at any of the 3 locations in Brisbane – Sunnybank, Indooroopilly & McDowall.

Competition duration 18 November – 15 December 2013

100 DIY Craft Kits to win

For full competition terms and conditions and to enter, log on to: and click on WIN

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