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Issue 3: April/May 2014

From North Lakes to Redland Bay and everywhere in between


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Healthy eating for pregnancy Crying baby – advice and support Which therapist for your child? Optimism – can we learn how to be positive?








Issue 3 April/May 2014

Contents Welcome to our Family Health – Bumps and Babies issue. This issue is packed full of locally written articles and I want to take a minute to say a huge thank you to the contributors. As always, the articles have been written by experts right here in Brisbane, so if something you read in our pages inspires you into action, you can contact the author for more information or support – because they are local! Pregnant? Or trying to be? Have a read of our ‘Best for Bump, Best for You’ article. It’s a slightly different take on nutrition in pregnancy with ideas to help you and your family eat more healthily for life through meal planning and kitchen organisation. Busy with a new born and not sure if their irritability is ‘normal’? Read Dr Coman’s article ‘Cry Baby’ to give you some benchmarks and information about how to soothe them and when to ask for help. We also asked the Ellen Barron Family Centre to write for us about ‘Sleep & Settling’ because we all know a happily sleeping baby = happy parents! As your babies get older you might want to think about socialising them at Playgroup, so do read the article on pages 24 & 25 to find out more about this fantastic organisation and how to get involved in Brisbane. And if perhaps you think you may need support from a health care specialist because something is ‘amiss’ with your little one, check out the article ‘Which Therapist?’ by Let’s Talk Development Hub, outlining the role that some allied health professionals can play in supporting you and your child. As you read through the pages of this issue, I hope you gain some more useful information about raising your family in Brisbane. I hope that you find people to support you in this amazing and often challenging journey and I hope that you enjoy our magazine… and share it with your friends and family!


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The Rise of Tutoring Gifted Babies National Volunteer Week

16-30 Parenting & Family Health

Green Time vs Screen Time, Healthy Eating in Pregnancy, Cry Baby, Sleep & Settling, Which Therapist & more

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Four pages packed full of local clubs, classes & activities for kids and their grown-ups!

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Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


Families News


Looking for the latest news and views in Brisbane? We've got it covered!

Dreamworld Announces Inaugural Mini Mayor Election 2014 Dreamworld will elect its first ever Mini Mayor with a call for kids aged 10 or under around the country to join the running and declare all things that make them happy. They are looking for confident and articulate young candidates who aren’t shy to have their voice heard. Parents of children wishing to enter are asked to visit www. and submit a short video of their child declaring what makes them happy and why they should be awarded the title of Dreamworld’s Mini Mayor 2014. Entries close Friday April 4. All accepted video submissions can be viewed at Dreamworld’s youtube channel

Facebook ‘Chat’ for Busy Parents with QLD Health

Queensland parents & carers are given an opportunity to chat ‘live’ with child health specialists and midwives during Q&A forums on the Queensland Health Facebook page. Queensland Health hosts Facebook forums every few weeks with the topic changing each time.

Upcoming topics include: • Sleep and settling for bubs • Child development • Kids and weight • Age related play and learning • Toilet training • Pregnancy • Introducing solids • The baby blues/post natal depression • Breastfeeding To receive alerts on upcoming forums and to keep up-to-date with the latest health information and news, 'like' the Queensland Health Facebook page at

Child Dental Benefit Scheme A wonderful opportunity available to help with the dental health of our children is the Child Dental Benefit scheme. This medicare funded scheme is available to eligible families and provides $1000 towards the child’s dental treatment over a period of 2 years. This scheme allows for examination, preventative and early intervention treatment to be provided to catch and treat any problems before they become a huge burden on the child’s health. Research has proven that children who are regular dental attenders continue into adulthood far more dentally healthy than those who do not. This scheme gives each eligible child the best start in life for dental health. The scheme also will cover costs associated with dental emergencies and pain relief. For more information and to check your child’s eligibility just call Toothkind who will be happy to help you. 07 3491 8131 or 07 3269 0655 or visit their website and like them on Facebook.

Nap Centre in Brisbane CBD Did you know that there is a place where grown-ups can go for a nap in the Brisbane CBD? Gone are the days when naps were only exclusively for infants. At After XII (12) the focus is on naps for adults. Naps have been studied more extensively as sleep deprivation is becoming more chronic among Australian’s. Naps have been found to yield many benefits such as: • Improves mood • Minimise accidents and mistakes • Prevents burnout • Increase alertness • Improves your health • Lose weight Their casual rates, range from $5 to $30 for an hour or you can become a member! If you’re ever in a dire need to have a nap while in the city pop in to see them - Level 4/144 Adelaide St. or call 3211 9967.


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

Families News

New Naturopath Joins the

Kangaroo Point Team

Geraldine Rogerson, who has 25 years’ experience as a nurse and a Bachelor of Health Science in Natural Medicine, has now joined the Kangaroo Point Naturopath Clinic. Geraldine believes in the practice of preventing illness rather than just treating the symptoms. Her specialisms include dietary advice, fatigue, weight loss and health issues as allergies, hormone imbalances, skin disorders and reduced immunity. Using herbal remedies, homeopathy, iridology and nutritional supplements and a range of pathology testing

she can pinpoint and confirm any concerns or problems that may present in your health. Kangaroo Point Naturopaths are open Monday to Saturday and Geraldine is available for appointments early in the morning before work, in the evenings after work or school and on Saturdays up till 3pm. With HICAPS available for Private Health insurance rebates check out their website to see if they are the right fit for your health and well-being. 3105 2875

A Brand New Business in Brisbane is a win for locals – healthy, tasty, organic meals, delivered! When local woman Georgia Limmer wanted to feed her family with healthy, tasty food in a hurry, she realized that there was nothing in Brisbane that met her requirements, so she set out to create ‘Wholesomeness’. It’s how busy people can have chef prepared meals in their own home any night of the week. For active families, people who have been away from home and those who don’t find time to cook, this innovative online service has the potential to make life a little less stressful and a lot healthier…not

to mention tastier! You select your meals and portions required from the online menu and your ready-to-go meals and provisions are delivered to your door, as an organised box of labeled, portioned and prepared dinners, complete with simple instructions to make dinner look and taste fabulous. The focus is on whole foods and there isn’t a preservative in sight. For more information including their fab toddler menu (that we love) visit

What are the facts about SPF 50+? With a growing number of new SPF50+ sunscreen products hitting supermarket shelves across the state, Cancer Council Queensland is warning consumers to stay vigilant about their sun protection. A new standard for SPC 50+ requires the same level of Ultra Violet B (UVB) protection, with improved Ultra Violet A (UVA) protection for new formulas. UVB is the major cause of sunburn and increased skin cancer risk, while UVA contributes to ageing of the skin, as well as skin cancer risk. The Cancer Council says “SPF50+ offers only marginally better protection from Ultra Violet B (UVB) radiation than SPF30+. SPF50+ filters out 98% of UVB radiation compared to 96.7% blocked by SPF30+.” SPF50+ sunscreen still needs to be applied just as liberally, re-applied every two hours (or after swimming, exercising and towel

Crimson Home and Giftware Specialising in a boutique selection of quality personalised gifts

drying) and used in combination with other sun protection measures including sun protective hats, protective clothing, sunglasses and shade. It’s also important to apply the product properly to protect yourself from the sun. Use at least one teaspoon of sunscreen per limb, front and back of the torso, and half a teaspoon on the face and neck. More information about Cancer Council Queensland and being SunSmart is available at or via the Cancer Council Helpline 13 11 20.

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Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


Families Facts and Figures Whenever possible, print


Times New Roman. You'll get 100 more pag es out of a cartridge than you will printing in heavier fonts like Arial or Verdana.


What’s the time?

Babies have 270 bones and adults only have 206

ents, In most advertisem ers, the time including newspap is 10:10. displayed on watch (Go on Google it!)

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be geniuses, read them more fairy tales.” Albert Einstein

An Avocado Has More Potassium Than A Banana

A single avocado has 975 milligram

Motion Sickness Pop a couple of olives in your

start to feel the FAC T: Teachersmouth receifivyou e sickness. They effects of motion more Valentinhave e catannins rds that dry up the than anyonesaliva that else , makes you feel like you're even children. going to heave

s of potassium, while a banana, well-known for bein g loaded with potassium, delivers just half that , with 487 milligrams per large fruit.

What’s the name for the smell of rain? Petrichor.


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


Education News

A milestone year for Prince of Peace Lutheran College In 1984 Prince of Peace Lutheran College opened its doors to fifty five students. Over the last thirty years the school has slowly developed into a College based on two campuses, educating over 850 students and offering continuous Lutheran co-education from Kindergarten to Year 12. 30th celebrations started early at Prince of Peace, with the Class of 2013, the second ever cohort of Prince of Peace Year 12 graduates,

San Sisto College - Mentor Program In 2010, San Sisto College, Carina implemented a Student/Teacher Mentoring Program to help students reach their full potential. The purpose is not to tutor in a particular subject, as there are many other opportunities for this to occur. Rather, the program involves students choosing a staff member with whom they can meet frequently throughout the year to discuss topics such as work/life balance, study skills and options after graduation. The success of this program has been phenomenal. Tarni Davis is one of many success stories. With the support and encouragement of her mentor, Ms Elise Godwin, Tarni applied in 2013 to be a part of the Brisbane Catholic Education’s Indigenous Mentoring Program. Her success in this program guaranteed her on-going mentoring by Elise during her final year at school and during her first year at university. It also funded her employment, as a Teacher Aide at San Sisto while she is studying at university in 2014. Furthermore, with Elise’s support, Tarni secured an ATSI Scholarship from Brisbane Catholic Education for 2014. This means that Tarni has a fully funded scholarship for an Education Degree at a university of her choice – she’s chosen Australian Catholic University. The value of this scholarship is $16,000. So not only is Tarni’s tertiary study funded, she has a teacher of choice continuing to mentor her and she has a part-time job where she is supported in reaching her goal of becoming a teacher. For more information contact Margaret Lee, Principal. www.sansisto.qld.edua.u

achieving excellent OP results including two OP 1’s and strong percentage of the 32 students achieving an OP 5 or lower. The College plans to find thirty ways of celebrating this milestone year. Such celebrations will include year group events for the students, additional celebrations at the annual College Winter Fete on 2 August and a formal event for parents and friends of the College past and present. The College community are thankful to the foresight and vision of the members of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, then in West Chermside, who brought the dream of a Lutheran school in Everton Hills into reality in 1984 and look forward to educating local children for the next thirty years and beyond. For more information contact Donna Cook, Enrolments Officer 07 3572 8710

Get Fit and ‘appy with a new app for Brisbane Children The Daily Physical Activity Guide app provides more than 70 activities, using a variety of equipment, to help early childhood professionals, primary and secondary teachers and parents incorporate more physical activity into their children’s everyday life. The Daily Physical Activity Guide app acts as a manual to show children how to make active living and learning a way of life, and will help us to get more people, more active, more often. Junction Park State School (Annerley) Principal Christine Wood said she was proud of the role her teachers played in bringing the app to fruition. “Our teachers tested the technology and provided vital feedback on the requirements of a successful app, as well as featuring in the videos, and I’m confident that our colleagues in other schools will also see how valuable and easy the application is to use,” Ms Wood said. The app is free for download from Itunes.



PREP 2015 (Limited places for 2014) YEARS 1-6 FOR 2014

WE OFFER FAMILIES: • Strong academic programs • Quality teaching teams • Safe & nurturing Christian environment • 1-1 Laptop program Years 5 & 6 • State-of-the-art teaching technology & resources • Diverse range of extra-curricular programs • Small class sizes

Whatever their potential… We help them reach it! Tours available by appointment. Please contact our Enrolments Officer. Ph: 07 3283 0011 38 Maine Road, Clontarf Q 4019


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

Providing handmade and boutique clothing and accessories for your Princes & Princesses! Specialising in custom made items such as: tutu’s and tutu dresses skirts, dresses, nappy covers, shorts, bloomers, harem pants, hats, applique singlets and tees, hair accessories. Special Offer quote ‘Families Magazine’ to receive 10% off your first order

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014




Why has it become so popular? It is not that long ago that to have regular tuition outside of school hours was considered unusual and, in the main, used by families with a teenager aiming for a university course that required good grades in maths and sciences.


n the 21st Century however, things have changed. Walk into any tuition centre today and you will see a wide range of children across all school years (from Prep to Year 12) with varying needs and goals. While a range of factors are driving this scenario (and will be discussed below), I think it’s fair to say that schools and parents are very aware of the value of children doing well at school, and the importance of their education for their future.

Change in Modern Families To start with, let’s take a look at today’s families. The Australian Institute of Family Studies released statistics in 2011 which showed that the proportion of families with both parents

working fulltime had increased from 17% in 1983 (when 50% of all families had one stay-at-home parent) to 25% in 2011. Greater engagement in fulltime employment was found to result in parents feeling increased pressure on their time.* Arguably, part of this pressure comes from the highly structured lives of each

SUN DRY (established 1987)

CARPET STEAM CLEANING AND PEST CONTROL SERVICES PH: 07 3889 0300 MOB: 0418 888 514 FAX : (07) 3886 5747

5 Euston Court MURRUMBA DOWNS 4503 ABN 26 096 318 688 PEST LIC: 12428

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Open Day – July 27

We seek the light… and then we shine For enrolment information please contact:

College Administration 307 Scarborough Road, Scarborough Qld 4020 p 07 3480 3600 f 07 3480 3666 e w w

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

Education and every member of a family, which in turn leaves little time for patient parental supervision of children’s homework (and many children don’t respond well to this anyway). And then, just to add to the pressure, geographical separation from aunts, uncles and grandparents is increasingly common and so support from within the extended family isn’t always available. In other words, the nuclear family – regardless of income – is under pressure.

exams – NAPLAN – were administered, Queensland children haven’t been performing as well as those in other states. As a result, schools and teachers are under immense pressure to improve students’ test scores, a situation which places teachers under greater levels of stress. This no doubt has ramifications for students, as children pick up on stress even quicker than they’ll pick up a cold.

Change in our Educational Expectations

The increasing popularity of tuition is, therefore, the result of this complex mix of factors. We are an ambitious society and we all want our children to do better than we did. What is different today, however, is the unrelenting pressure on time and performance, which leaves little opportunity for slow-paced learning and lots of revision. It makes after school tuition a nobrainer for a growing numbers of parents who want their children to succeed. All children want to learn and when they are learning and growing in confidence and achievement, they become happier and more successful people. A properly structured program delivered by a professional tutor is almost a guarantee of success, and the only person happier than the child who is learning is that child’s parent.

Now, let’s look at the education system. Ever since HECS was introduced, education has become a seriously expensive business and high school students are under enormous pressure to get into the course of their choice. As the cost of higher education has risen in recent years, beginning one course as a stepping stone to another, because your results in Year 12 do not allow you to enter the course of your dreams, isn’t always an option. Another pressure on year 12 students derives from the expectation that all children will complete this year of their schooling. This means that some students are attempting a level of study that is challenging for them to do without additional support.

Change in Education Policies And finally, let’s add a dash of politics to the mix. Historically, every Australian state has had complete autonomy over its education system. The extent to which it was free, secular and compulsory; starting and leaving ages; the curriculum; and the administration of examinations was determined at the State level. As society has become more mobile however, and the need for a more centralised national system has become apparent, significant changes have been imposed upon all states, including Queensland. The introduction of the Prep year and the transition of Year 7 to the secondary school system are two changes that have impacted on families and schools in recent years.

More Changes in Education Expectations Another impact, which has been experienced most keenly by Queensland students, is that our children have been, on average, six months younger in their grade level than children in other states. This has meant that when the national performance

Cheryl Hayden - Director, Kip McGrath Education Centre, Grange. DipT., B.A., Grad Cert Soc Sci., M.A. *Reported in the Daily Telegraph, 20 May 2011

To find tutors and school support near you check out our Clubs & Classes Directory on pages 32 – 35 or on our website directory

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Alert and Sensitive Babies Second in a series of educational parenting articles on ‘Raising Bright Sparks’. How to recognize, support and extend our brightest kids.

“That’s not a smile; it’s just wind!” “She’s not looking at you; babies’ eyes can’t focus at this age.”


any parents of newborn babies have noticed their alert baby smiling, making eye contact and visually tracking within a few days following birth. These babies’ behaviour, indications of advanced development and unusual alertness, are often dismissed by experienced hospital staff and relatives visiting the new baby. Child development researchers have identified a range of ‘normal’ behaviours and listed the ages when these are expected to occur, creating charts of developmental milestones which are


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

published in books, on websites and become the touchstone that anxious parents frequently return to when checking that their child’s development is ‘normal’. As parents and other interested adults observe a new baby’s development, their expectations tend to focus upon reassurance that the baby is exhibiting ‘normal’, expected rates of development. Concerns might be expressed if there are any indications that a child may be delayed in reaching expected stages of development. A baby might be referred to as ‘alert’ by proud grandparents; rarely is there broader acknowledgement when a baby is unusually alert and developmentally advanced. It is important for parents and care givers to note (and not to dismiss) behaviours that seem to be more advanced than the norm for babies of this age, as these may be the earliest indicators of giftedness. Barbabra Clark, Nicholas Colangelo and Michael Piechowski, researchers and authors in the field of gifted education, have emphasised that giftedness has a biological

Education basis and as such, there is evidence of giftedness in infancy. Early advancement is often not acknowledged until a parent is asked to recall their older (identified) gifted child’s early development. Numerous anecdotes and examples of advanced milestones remembered or recorded by parents clearly demonstrate the gifted child has exhibited precocious development since birth. Cathie Harrison highlights in her book, Giftedness in Early Childhood, that it is often in the area of physical development (smiling, eye focus, holding the head up, rolling over, sitting up, standing and walking) during these first days, weeks and months, where parents will notice their baby is developing more quickly than expected. As a general guideline, an infant who develops behaviours about one third faster than same aged peers should be monitored for other early signs of giftedness. Earlier than usual pre-language and verbal skills, including early vocalizations, babbles, imitated sounds, first words and rapidly developing vocabulary are further signs of advanced cognitive development. A child’s atypical development is best supported by parents who have an early awareness and understanding of their child’s needs. This principle applies as much to a child with developmental advancement as it does to a child experiencing developmental delays. Alert babies notice, observe and remember early experiences. This alertness can be observed when the baby listens carefully or visually focuses

on an object for longer than expected for their age. Advanced babies can be intensely focused, curious and interested in all that is going on around them, with the result that they frequently become overstimulated; experiencing difficulty soothing, settling or sleeping. These infants process information well and can be extremely sensitive to a range of stimuli: sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches and textures. Elaine Aron writes in The Highly Sensitive Child about the need for parents to recognise and attune to the needs of the highly sensitive infant; how to respond to a sensitive baby’s cues; and how to soothe the reactive infant who is less adaptable. Aron does not claim that all sensitive children are gifted; however her descriptions of highly sensitive infants align well with the extreme sensitivity that characterise many gifted infants and children. She describes how subtle changes in the physical environment and emotional climate can trigger distress or become a source of comfort for highly sensitive babies and describes ways in which sensitive, responsive parents can help infants develop ways to self-regulate their emotional response to stressors. Linda Silverman and James Webb, psychologists and specialists in the needs of gifted children have identified that there is a higher incidence of allergies among the gifted than there is within the general population. This appears to be related to the extreme sensitivity experienced by many of the gifted. Together with sensitivities associated

with taste, temperature and texture, some gifted infants are extremely sensitive to certain foods and can become quite fussy eaters, gagging and refusing certain foods; taking longer before they are willing to try new foods. These sensitivities (especially to smells, touch and texture) mean that the gifted infant may need specific toys or cloths to aid self-soothing. Clothing that has absorbed the familiar smell of a parent can also be useful to soothe and calm a sensitive infant. Sensitivity and intensity are the most prevalent characteristics of the gifted. Newborn babies and infants who are alert and sensitive may be showing the earliest signs of giftedness. These infants require monitoring to determine if advanced development continues into early childhood, signalling the need for adjustments to parenting and education, to meet a gifted child’s needs.

Michele Juratowitch is Director of Clearing Skies, provides counselling for gifted children and the parents of alert, sensitive, gifted children of all ages; professional development for teachers; programs for students and workshops for parents. Michele was awarded a Churchill Fellowship and is co-author of Make a Twist, a new curriculum differentiation resource for gifted students. E: W: P: 3378 0888

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


al Volunteers Week n o i t a N will take place from 12-18 May 2014 and marks the 25th year of celebrating volunteers

Brisbane overflows with wonderful people, young and old, that volunteer their free time to support those who need their help close to home and further afield!

We’ve chosen a few to highlight their great work!

Sunshine and smiles at Churchie’s Sony Camp Churchie students participate in a wide range of volunteering opportunities throughout the year during both the school week and on the weekends. One of the most rewarding is the annual Sony Camp. In 2013, Churchie hosted the camp for the eleventh consecutive year. More than 150 students, parents and staff gave their time to provide a weekend full of fun and excitement for Sony Camp guests. 2013 saw the largest number of guests, with 36 children with a range of disabilities enjoying the weekend’s activities. Camp coordinator Mr John Collins, Churchie’s Director of Service, said it was excellent to once again see the Churchie students and St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School students, working together to make the camp a success. Mr Collins was delighted with the dedication and enthusiasm shown by all volunteers over the weekend and is already looking forward to the 2014 camp! To find out more about Churchie’s service program visit

I feel very fortunate to be representing my school’s 'Faith Leaving a Trail' (FLAT) programme later this year in Vanuatu. Our school is taking approximately 20 students and 10 staff to Vanuatu as part of the on-going programme after Tropical Cyclone Yasi hit Fokona, Vanuatu. Our team will spend a week there helping to build a new classroom for the Fokona community and getting to know its people. Our whole College will help raise the funds to take to Vanuatu to pay for the building materials. The hype amongst the students and staff is infectious and we cannot wait for the adventure to begin; to start meeting the wonderful children and adults around the Fokona village and start to serve and learn together. I chose to volunteer to gain experience and to help children. To find out more about Faith Lutheran College’s service program visit: http://

A Catholic Girls' Secondary College


Strength and Gentleness Join us for Visitation Day 19/20 May 9.30 - 10.30am (07) 3870 7225


by Sean Tran, Year 12 Student Brisbane Grammar School What’s your favourite day of the week? Mine’s Thursday. Every Thursday afternoon my peers and I travel down to Kelvin Grove to tutor a group of international kids, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. Before agreeing to devote my Thursday afternoons, I never imagined that I would learn so much from a group of young children. One of them is an 8 year old whose family sought refuge in Australia, after escaping the escalating political tension and conflict in Afghanistan. My Thursday afternoon sessions with her are very animated. They consist of discussions about homework, reading and the pointlessness of fractions. One afternoon, I came to realise that had her family stayed in Afghanistan, many of the opportunities she enjoys today would not exist. It is through my interactions with her, that I have learnt what it feels like to be the 1 person in 5 who can enjoy an education, who has three square meals a day and a roof over my head, all at the same time. Thursday is my favourite day, because it was on a Thursday afternoon when I fully understood that ‘a good life is only the result of chance’.

Faith Lutheran College, Redlands Sharelle Johnstone Volunteers in Vanuatu

Brigidine College

My Favourite Day

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

You can watch the Homework Club in action by scanning this QR code

For more information about Grammar’s Service Learning Programmes visit

National Volunteers Week

Learning with the community through Heart & Action at Stuartholme This year, Stuartholme School in Toowong has launched its Heart and Action service learning program. This program aims to offer students in all year levels the opportunity to learn through service to others. “In this program we hope that our students’ attitudes to, and knowledge of disadvantaged people will change, that they will be moved by their experience and inspired to use their education to make the world a more just place,” Head of Mission Andree Rice said. Stuartholme also enjoys a growing partnership with Yeronga State High School’s Homework Club. “It’s a wonderful learning experience for our girls who have the privilege of helping students

from refugee and immigrant backgrounds with their homework tasks,” Andree said. “The relationship is two-way because Stuartholme students are able to be part of Yeronga’s vibrant and diverse Multicultural Day, and Yeronga students attend Harmony Day at Stuartholme.” Homeless Connect, run by Brisbane City Council, is also supported through Stuartholme’s Heart and Action program. Stuartholme girls are trained to meet and greet the guests who attend this bi-annual event in Brisbane. “This experience teaches the students that many of the stereotypes and myths about homeless people are incorrect and it allows them to reach out compassionately to Brisbane’s homeless community,” she said. Heart and Action encourages Stuartholme students to be global citizens who can critique the world around them, walk in solidarity with the poor and work in collaboration with others to create a better world. To find out more about Stuartholme’s service

learning please email

Loreto College Students have Friends on the Street Loreto has been involved with the Rosies Street Retreat Program for over a decade and the number of student volunteers continues to increase, year after year. Rosies, affectionately referred to as ‘Friends on the Street’ and easily recognised by their rose stamped vans, partner with Brisbane schools throughout the year to promote companionship with disadvantaged community groups. Year 12 student, Ciane Gallenti-Guilfoyle said, “Volunteering is one of the most rewarding gifts a person can give back to their community. Getting involved can change not only the lives of the people you help but it also advances you as a person. Since being involved with Rosies I have grown and become a better person. Everyone involved with the program has witnessed the benefits for all involved.” To find out more about Loreto College’s service program visit:

Here’s how you can get involved: Using Volunteering Queensland's ‘Linkki’, you can search thousands of vast and varied volunteering opportunities throughout Queensland. You can get involved in the arts, environmental conservation, sports, welfare, or emergency services. You can help the homeless, children, animals, the elderly, refugees, or people living with disabilities. You can use or develop your skills in research, admin, tutoring, marketing, retail, management, and much, much more. And remember volunteering at your child’s school or daycare is equally as valuable as committing to a major project! Visit our website to find a checklist to help you choose a volunteering activity that’s right for you!

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014



Screen Time vs

Green Time Third in our three part series – written by Robbie Parkin of 96.5FM – keeping our kids active in the age of technology.


t never ceases to amaze me just how much “stuff” kids actually have these days. Like most modern homes, we have a family room that has that scary area around the box. (Now there’s an old term – for anyone under thirty, in my era that meant the TV). Anyway, at my place this corner of the room would give the local electrical retailer a run for its money. I often refer to it as the “Bermuda Triangle” where my hard earned money mysteriously disappears every Christmas with the purchase of the next “big thing”. You know what I’m talking about. As well as the latest and greatest computers, tablets and smart phones there’s the X box, PlayStation: one, two, three and four of course. Then there’s the Wi (That meant something different in my day as well by the way). A plethora of various box-shaped devices bound together by a tangled spaghetti of leads, plugs and carpet dust. One thing all of these gadgets have in common is a screen and the one thing that all kids have in common is an almost hypnotic attraction to want to look at them – 24/7 if they could. Consequently there is a new battleground across our nation. Battle-weary parents trying to get their children up and out of the house sometimes feel they are losing the war on creating the right balance when it comes to screen time and green time. It’s a tough fight but an important one. Let’s face it. To a ten year old the latest game can look a lot more appealing than a “boring walk in the park” but we also know that ice-cream may taste better than veggies but our job as parents is to make sure our kids get the healthy stuff into them. Some ice cream – lots of veggies. Some screen-time – lots of park. It’s that simple.

The Australian Dept of Health guidelines: ¢Activity recommendations • Toddlers (1 to 3 years) and pre-schoolers (3 to 5 years) should be physically active every day for at least three hours, spread throughout the day. • Children aged 5–12 years should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day.

¢Screen time recommendations • Children younger than 2 years of age should not spend any time watching television or using other electronic media (DVDs, computer and other electronic games). • Children 2 to 5 years of age, sitting and watching television and the


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

use of other electronic media (DVDs, computer and other electronic games) should be limited to less than one hour per day. • Children 5 to 12 years of age - limit use of electronic media for entertainment (e.g. television, seated electronic games and computer use) to no more than two hours a day. Break up long periods of sitting as often as possible.


There is no denying that too much screen time is no good for our children so here are a few of my tips on how to win a battle or two and maybe even the war…

¢ Have clear rules of engagement

Set clear (age appropriate) boundaries and make sure both parents are clear and agree on these. There is so much power in working together in organised unity.

¢ Bomb the Beaches

Start really young and don’t wait until they hit the tween or teen years to start thinking about responsible screen usage. Create the culture you want for your home and family from the second they come home from the hospital

¢ A bit of Intelligence goes a long way

Try to keep up with whatever the latest game, app or website is so you know if it is appropriate for your aged child. If they use a computer word you don’t understand just pretend you know it and then go and Google it. That’s what I do.

¢ Lead from the front

Lead by example. It’s not rocket-science. If you get excited about climbing a tree so will your little one. Remember they are always watching you. You are there greatest hero (well at least in the younger years.)

¢ “Never, never, never give up”

Churchill got it right! When it comes to children we know how persistent they can be. Give them a bit of their own medicine and be persistent back. Don’t give in and stick to your guns.

So good luck troops. Keep fighting the good fight. Your kids are worth it.

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Best for Bump – Best for You Most women – pregnant or not - can tell you what to eat for pregnancy and what to avoid. It will usually look a little something like this:



• Raw seafood;

• Vegetables (including leafy greens), legumes (such as chick peas and lentils) and fruits;

• Fish with high levels of mercury; • Cheese with 'mouldy' rinds Brie and Camembert, blueveined cheeses, uncooked ricotta and feta;

• Lean meat, fish, poultry and/ or alternatives;

• Plenty of water.

• Pate, raw or undercooked meat, poultry, and eggs; • Alcohol.

But what people aren’t talking about enough is how ‘eating for pregnancy’ can help you cultivate healthy habits in the long run. 1. Get organised for healthy eating

Antioxidant 320. Like Jamie Oliver says ‘Look at the ingredient list. If it reads like something from NASA with words that are far too difficult to pronounce and lots of numbers it might be best to put it back on the shelf. If it looks like something in your grandmother’s pantry it’s probably OK!’

Spending time now to make sure your kitchen is easy to use and there are ‘homes’ for all the new accessories and appliances means cooking nutritious meals is easier. Plus anyone else preparing meals in the kitchen will have a much easier time with cooking, putting items away and finding things because everything makes sense!

The good news is there are easy swaps you can make when you know what to avoid. Consider downloading a copy of the free Additive Alert App (Google Play and iTunes) so you can explore more about the additives in food to help you make informed decisions.

How well does your partner cook? Now is the best time to learn. Once baby comes, your partner will have to ‘pitch in’ more than they might have in ‘pre-baby’ days, so if cooking isn’t their thing, it might be an idea to have a conversation about cooking lessons and how you both will share the meal preparation responsibilities.

3. Go organic where you can.

It’s also a great time for you both to uncover your style of meal planning and organise your recipes to suit how you think (is it by ingredient/ time/ cuisine style?)

2. Learn how to read labels With over 300 food additives approved for use in Australia, the good news is the vast majority are safe. However according to Australian Best Seller Additive Alert some may be linked to health and behaviour problems. For example spinach and herb wraps add spinach ‘flavour’ but make wraps ‘green’ by adding coal tar dyes Tartrazine 102 and Brilliant Blue 133. If you pick up a packet of ‘Plain’ wraps they will most likely have Preservative 282 and

Have you ever wondered if organics are worth the expense? The biggest difference in the organic versus conventional debate is what organics don’t have – pesticides.

Mushrooms, Onion, Papaya, Pineapple, Peas (frozen), Sweet Potato. Taking time out during your pregnancy to get some systems in place for you and your partner before baby arrives will make life easier in the kitchen and for the ongoing health of your family!

Louise D’Allura Home Economist at Meal Planning Your Way. Additive Alert Community Talks Presenter

Get your FREE guide with templates at www.mealplanningyourway. com/free-updates/


• High calcium foods (e.g. milks, yoghurts, cheeses and/or alternatives);

Take the quiz to uncover your Meal Planning Personality® meal-planner/

While the jury is still out on food exposures, you may like to prioritise your food budget to buy organics for the ‘dirty dozen’ fruits and vegetables. This list produced by the Environmental Working Group in the US every year gives us an insight into which options are said to have high pesticide residues while the ‘Clean 15’ are said to have lower pesticide residue levels. Fruit and Vegetables you may prefer to eat organic based on the EWG’s 2013 Shopper’s Guide: Apples, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Grapes, Hot chillis, Nectarines, Peaches, Potatoes, Spinach, Strawberries, Capsicum, Kale, Zucchini. The Clean 15 are: Asparagus, Avocado, Cabbage, Cantaloupe (Rockmelon), Corn, Eggplant, Grapefruit, Kiwifruit, Mango,

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Cry Baby


t 6 - 8 weeks of age, a baby cries on average 2 - 3 per 24 hours. Excessive crying is defined as crying greater than 3 hours/day for greater than 3 days/week. Crying is often at its peak in the evening i.e. "the witching hour". Excessive crying can be very distressing for parents, many of whom will be exhausted from the rigours of caring for a newborn baby.

Why do babies cry? There are three more common reasons why babies cry. Go through this mental checklist to determine if any of these could be the problem: ¢ Sleep deprivation. Sleep is an essential component of life. Sleep deprivation can have a profound impact on an adult’s ability to function adequately in our day to day lives. The same is true of infants and children. The 18

Crying is a normal behaviour in healthy young infants. Yet as a new parent, or even as an experienced parent, it can be confusing as to its cause and it can simply wear you down. We spoke with A/Prof David Coman; Medical Director of Paediatrics at The Wesley Hospital to get more information about what is normal and when you might need to get further support and intervention.

average sleep requirements for infants vary with age;

• Kicking and drawing pulls legs into a “ball”

• birth ~ 16 hours/day, a 6 week-old baby generally becomes tired after being awake for 1.5 hours

• Loud noises heard from the babies stomach

• 2-3 months ~ 15 hours/day, a 3 monthold baby generally becomes tired after being awake for 2 hours ¢ Hunger. This is a very common cause of infantile irritability. Clues to suggest inadequate milk supply (breast milk and formula) are requiring frequent feeds i.e. less than 3 hours. Inadequate mike supply is more likely if a mother reports her baby has frequent feeds, and poor weight gain. ¢ Colic. This is a commonly used term, but the cause is not well understood. It usually begins at about 2 weeks of age and goes away by the fourth month. About one in five babies develop colic. Common symptoms include;

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

• Burping and flatulence • Often worse after feeding

Less common causes of excessive infant crying ¢ Cow milk/soy protein allergy (CMPA). This type of food allergy occurs in breast milk, goat’s milk, and formula. Infants with CMPA frequently have eczema rashes and occasionally wheezing. Important clues to suggest this diagnosis include, vomiting, poor weight gain, and especially blood and mucous stained diarrhoea. There is often a family history of CMPA. ¢ Gastro-oesophageal reflux (GOR). This is an over diagnosed cause of infantile irritability. Symptoms of GOR disease include, persistent vomiting,

Families Health

“Excessive crying can be very distressing for parents, many of whom will be exhausted from the rigours of caring for a newborn baby.” blood stained vomiting, back arching during feeds, and "rumination". GOR may be secondary to CMPA.

stress in the family, including increasing the risk for post-natal depression.

¢ Lactose overload/malabsorption. In breast fed babies, the fore milk is proportionately high in lactose. If your baby switches breast feeding sides quickly or if the mother has very rapid milk let down, the baby may be getting too much lactose and/or not be absorbing it adequately. An adult analogy is drinking 3 litres of fruit juice per day.

Simple non-medical intervention options include;

• a sudden onset of irritability

Medication is rarely prescribed for irritability alone. Medical studies examining the effects of colic mixtures have demonstrated no proven effect on infant crying when compared to placebo, however many parents note an improvement. Anti-reflux medications can be used for infants diagnosed with GOR disease. You may also consider formula changes if there is proven CMPA. Paediatricians do not recommend spinal manipulation for infants.

Where can I get help?

¢ Establish pattern to feeding/settling/ sleep. ¢ Avoid excessive stimulation ¢ Baby massage/rocking/patting

• Maternal and Child Health Nurse • Lactation Consultants • General Practitioner • Paediatrician • Parent Groups • Unsettled babies clinics & consultants

(see our article on sleep and settling on page 21)

¢ Gentle music ¢ Ask for help, especially from your immediate family members who have walked a mile in your shoes. The baby's grandmothers can be helpful in this regard.

¢ Useful links

• blood stained vomit • bile stained vomit • blood stained stool • poor weight gain If any of these signs are evident contact your doctor.

What can I do? Addressing the difficult issue of excessive infant crying can be very challenging, and is often a journey of trial and error. Excessive infant crying has the potential to cause significant

A/Prof David Coman MBBS MPhil FRACP Medical Director of Paediatrics, The Wesley Hospital


¢ Medical-Surgical Health issues. Red flags to suggest that there is a potentially significant health issue with your infant include:

Medications and other treatment options

Academic Lead for Paediatrics, UnitedCare Health Clinical School Ph 0733715122

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Sleep and Settling A baby’s sleeping habits or patterns can be a regular source of stress and anxiety for parents. However, in Brisbane, there are many professionals who provide support for parents experiencing ongoing and persistent sleep issues with infants and young children. We asked the Ellen Barron Family Centre to write for us to discuss some of the most common questions parents as about sleep and settling:

Why does my baby wake during the night? It’s normal for a baby to wake between sleep cycles (both day and night), and most babies will go back to sleep by themselves. Newborn babies need to be fed regularly and as they grow, the time between night feeds increases until they reach the point that they no longer require a feed during the night.

Infants will sleep through the night when they are old enough. This varies from child to child, but generally happens from around five to six months onwards. Sleeping ‘through the night’ usually means from the last feed at night (about 11pm) to between 4am and 5am. Night waking only starts to become a problem when a baby will not go back to sleep by itself, and cries for a parent’s assistance each time a sleep cycle ends.

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

Some babies will wake up to 15 times or more a night. When this pattern is persistent, a baby becomes overtired and more difficult to settle. The result can be exhausted parents after months of disturbed sleep.

What am I doing wrong? Nothing. Firstly, it’s important to ensure that your baby is well and that there is no underlying medical cause for their

Families Health rocks them back to sleep. When this becomes a habit, parents, over time, become exhausted, confused and may even feel that they are a bad mother or father. This will sometimes lead to parents fighting with each other about parenting and how best to solve the sleep issue.

If parents misinterpret these cues, they can feed a baby when in fact he or she is tired. It is important for parents to recognise these cues because if they are missed, a baby will become overtired and more difficult to settle.

Parents usually know when they have had enough and need to seek help. Child health nurses are a great source of support for families with infants and young children. A visit to a child health nurse can reassure parents that they are doing nothing wrong and provide them with practical tips and strategies to try to assist with settling the baby.

What can I do if my baby wakes up?

What can I do about persistent sleep issues?

This all depends on the baby’s age. If a baby is premature or a newborn baby they will need to be changed, fed and then settled back to sleep. If a baby is older (around six months) and has been fed, changed and you feel comfortable that the baby is well, reassure him or her that you are there by just quietly and soothingly ‘shushing’, giving them a quick pat and then leaving the room to let them settle back to sleep.

Initially seek support from your local child health nurse or friends and family. If the issues cannot be resolved at this level, then a referral to a sleep centre can be

For example, a tired baby may start to become disinterested, or start to yawn.

How do I know when I need to get help? Some babies will wake many times during the night and never be able to settle themselves back to sleep. When they wake, they will cry until someone either feeds them, gives them a dummy or pats/

made. At the centre, staff provide parents with the skills and support they need to implement responsive settling strategies. The strategies can include settling in arms, hands-on settling, comfort settling and toddler in a bed. These strategies are evidence-based and ensure that infant-parent attachment is maintained. These strategies are very successful when used consistently and persistently by parents. Written by: Karen Berry Nursing Director Ellen Barron Family Centre Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service

WIN To WIN a copy of ‘Your Sleepless Baby’ by Rowena Bennett see our competitions page 39

Sleep and Settling Support in Brisbane Ellen Barron Family Centre ellenbarronfamilycentre Brisbane Nurture Centre - Parenting Prep – Newborn Solutions - Sleep Rescue – Lullababysos -


waking. Once you are happy that your baby is well, look at how they go to sleep in the first place. Do you or your partner nurse the baby until it falls asleep? Do you pat the baby off to sleep? Or feed them each time they wake (when it is not age appropriate)? Mums and dads need to be able to read their baby’s cues for tiredness and hunger.

Trust the Brisbane baby whisperer who helps your child in your own home • Sleep solutions that don’t compromise your parenting style • Proven results • Personalised in-home help • Newborn to five years

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Which Therapist? Finding out your child needs specialist health and medical treatment can be an extremely confronting experience for families…



hile we are fortunate to live in a community that offers first class medical and allied health professional services, the range of different services available to families can be overwhelming. The sheer number of services and often related nature of allied health disciplines means that choosing the right health care for your child can be a difficult and confusing task. Whilst the first port of call should always be your family GP it is also useful to have an understanding of the role that some allied health professionals can play in this process so you can make informed decisions.

¢ Occupational Therapist Occupation therapists (OTs) work with children and young people to help them function more independently and safely

in a wide range of daily activities in the home, at school and in social contexts. OTs help to develop children’s sensory, motor, cognitive and social-emotional skills and can aid families to implement strategies and make use of specific aides and equipment to improve independence and function. OT’s work with children and their families with a wide range of complex health conditions including: • physical disabilities (congenital or acquired) • neurological disorders • chromosomal disorders (e.g. Down’s Syndrome) • learning disabilities • developmental delays • social-emotional difficulties

Key area therapy is often focused on includes: • sensory processing (and associate motor, modulation and discrimination difficulties) • visual processing skills • fine and gross motor skills • play skills • social skills • organisational skills and • attention to task.

¢ Speech-Language Pathologist Speech language pathologists (SLPs) work with children and young people with speech, language and communication difficulties, as well as those with swallowing, drinking and eating problems. SLPs aim to help children with

Pure Benefit

Phone: 3891 9111

Helping children speak… and find their voice • All your therapy needs under one roof. • Supporting children with language and communication difficulties. • A variety of therapists who work together to address all your child’s needs. • Helping children with learning, behaviour, language and speech needs.

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SLPs work with children with conditions including: • physical disabilities (congenital or acquired) (e.g. cleft palate; speech difficulties) • neurological disorders (e.g. primary language impairment; hearing loss/ deafness) • learning disabilities • developmental delays • social-emotional difficulties As well as having knowledge of the physical mechanics of mouth movement and speech, SLPs focus on the understanding and use of spoken and written language. This includes an emphasis on language rules (grammar), the content of language (meanings of words and sentences) and language pragmatics (where and when to use certain language and social competence). SLPs can help children to develop these skills and also use strategies and equipment to improve speech and language function. Spoken language underpins language required for success in the classroom.

¢ Physiotherapist The role of the physiotherapist when working with children and young people is to facilitate normal development and to improve movement skills and function. Physiotherapists work with children with a range of conditions affecting their physical development, including: • physical disabilities (congenital or acquired) • neurological disorders

• chromosomal disorders (e.g. Down’s Syndrome) • developmental delays • musculo-skeletal (muscle and bone) disorders and difficulties • juvenile arthritis • post trauma injuries (e.g. sports injuries, fractures, postoperative) • respiratory conditions Physiotherapists focus on physical improvements such as: • gross motor skills • movement • balance • posture • strength • co-ordination

emotional wellbeing. Psychologists work with children in schools or any paediatric health setting (hospitals, clinics) with any form of physical, social, cognitive, emotional or behavioural difficulty. Therapy is often focused on – • social skills • behaviour and self-regulation • organisational skills • sensory processing • attention • confidence and self-esteem • resilience • relationships and family dynamics • executive functioning • cognitive skills

¢ Where to from here?

• fitness Young people are provided treatment through a range of play activities and exercise and are given advice on relevant equipment and aides, particularly seating and mobility devices.

¢ Psychologist Psychologists are concerned with issues relating to mental health and socialemotional wellbeing. When working with children and young people, psychologists explore the psychological aspects of illness, injury and disability and promote behaviours for optimal social and

To ensure optimal support for children and their families, access to a team of professionals who proactively work together to fully understand a child’s needs and integrate therapy strategies which match the capacity of families is imperative. If you have any concerns about your child’s health or development please consult your General Practitioner (GP). In most cases the earlier something is done, the better the outcome. GPs can refer you to the relevant paediatrician and allied health professional/s for assistance.

More information: The Let’s Talk Developmental Hub, Woolloongabba.


these conditions speak, communicate and eat/drink more effectively in the home, school and social contexts.

Let’s Talk is operated by the CHI.L.D. Association and is a multi-disciplinary therapy clinic helping children and young people with language and associated difficulties to achieve and learn.

Please visit their website or contact them on 3891 9111 for more information.

Assisting children and families with specialist services in Reading Intervention, Speech & Language, Psychology, Occupational Therapy

Phone: 07 3208 0732 Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


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Playgroup Shaping Futures through Play!


Playgroup is more than a mothers group, it’s a movement; a forty year institution that prides itself on connecting families and children throughout Queensland.


rom humble beginnings Playgroup is now a household name and currently supports over 12,000 families. Playgroup Queensland has over 1600 volunteers and staff who have been connected to the company for a large part of its life span. In 2013, Playgroup Queensland celebrated its 300,000 playgroup session – a major milestone for a company that grew from a handful of mothers in far North Queensland in 1973.

At what age/s do children attend playgroup? You can join a playgroup at any point between the ages of birth to five years old. Quality play is proven to be an essential element in a child’s formative years and can be instrumental in shaping them for a healthy and fulfilled future. It also greatly strengthens the child-parent bond and is one of the reasons why playgroups have become such a staple for today’s modern family. A major benefit that is widely reflected on at Playgroup Queensland is the vast number of lifelong friendships that have been created from Playgroup.

What do children DO at playgroup? Playgroup sessions generally run for a minimum of one hour however is dependent on the group’s availability and structure. Each Playgroup has a “team leader” as such to help organise and steer the direction of the session. These contact people volunteer their time and are supported by Playgroup Queensland to ensure they feel confident to run a successful and fun playgroup. Activities can range from painting and craft, singing and dancing


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

to cooking and are based around the eight key learning steps that ignite early learning capabilities. Activity ideas are shared to members via Playgroup Queensland’s monthly e-newsletter, social media platforms as well as the members’ only area of the website. These games and activities are often derived with parental play in mind to ensure that parents embark on the learning journey with their child.

“Quality play is proven to be an essential element in a child’s formative years…”

Families Health What else does Playgroup QLD do? (other than playgroups) Although the foundation of Playgroup Queensland is made up of Community Playgroups Programs, Playgroup Queensland reaches a far greater catchment of families within the Queensland community. This can be seen by their expanding services which includes the Accessible Initiative and Redlands Bayside Children and Family Hub and the support of the Department in funding the Transition to Kindy project. Another example of the reach Playgroup Queensland extends to is through their program ‘Sing & Grow’. Sing & Grow, a national music therapy program that has continued on a growth trajectory that epitomises their dedication, innovation and wide acceptance as an unrivalled early intervention service. Since its inception it has expanded nationally and internationally to the UK and delivered over 1000 programs.

Where can I find my local Playgroup? Finding a playgroup is easy. Simply contact the customer service team directly by phone or click on the easy to use mapping system on the newly developed Playgroup Queensland website. And with over 1000 playgroups state wide finding a local playgroup can take less than five minutes! As finding the right fit is made to ensure families feel completely conformable and compatible with their group, an offer of two free playgroup session are given to every family before signing up. Whilst a twelve month package is the most popular, other packages are offered to ensure new members can get a taste of the benefits before coming on board long term.

How much is it? Playgroup members pay a yearly fee of forty dollars and are provided with a number of benefits, such as Playgroup insurance, support and advise from the Customer Support team, special family events, giveaways, information and discounts.

The organisation also exhibits a number of Supported Playgroups and the Play Connect program has also been a successful model within this providing vital support to families in need especially in dealing with Autism or ASD.

How can I become a member and where can I get more information? Playgroup Queensland continues to be the respected Playgroup Specialist, to make a difference in the lives of children and their families, be it through their community Playgroups or supported programs. The aim of Playgroup Queensland is a simple one; to continue the crusade to build sustainable capacity within communities and to continue the delivery for another forty years.


Playgroup Queensland has also established the ‘My Time’ programme supporting parents with children with disabilities - delivering 33 groups in Queensland. In conjunction with this, MyTime for Grandparents also sees eight groups successfully operating, including groups for Indigenous Grandparents.

For more information and to join visit their website or call 1800 171 882

kangaroo point


Introducing our new practitioner

Geraldine Rogerson

Fairies for All Occasions - Birthdays Weddings Christenings Corporate

BHSc. Naturopathy

• 25 years experience as a Trained Nurse and Midwife • Experienced in children’s health – appraisal, assessment and maintenance • Women’s health – hormonal stress, weight management, pregnancy and post natal care

Phone 3105 2875 or 0405 371 537

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F /GoodFairies

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What is… Learned Optimism? BUMPS AND BABIES

Learned optimism has a history that is worth understanding. In the 1970’s, Martin Seligman developed a theory of learned helplessness. This is a state where humans learn through repeated negative experiences that there is nothing they can do to help a situation.


or example, when a child constantly does badly in spelling they begin to believe that nothing they do will help. That is, they begin to feel helpless. Learned helplessness has been shown to relate to psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, lower self-esteem and lower motivation.

pervasive/limited aspects. For example, when good events happen, an optimist will explain a positive event as permanent (it always happens like this) and pervasive (affects everything that I do). However, when faced with a setback, the optimist sees the cause of the event as temporary (this is not usual) and limited (just a blip on the radar).

However, Seligman and his colleagues noticed that not all people who have these experiences, like the child with the spelling issue above, become helpless. Eventually, he demonstrated that something also goes on with a person’s thoughts. When people are in situations that affect them positively or negatively, they try to explain the cause of the situation to themselves. According to Seligman, we can explain these causes in an optimistic (positive) or pessimistic (negative) way. If we continually explain the cause of events in a positive way we learn to be optimistic.

¢Some examples of children explaining events

Now stay with me as it is a little tricky to fully understand learned optimism. There are two very important aspects to the process. Our explanation for events have permanent/temporary and

“…when a child constantly does badly in spelling they begin to believe that nothing they do will help.” 26

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

Positive event: A child gets a perfect score on a spelling test at school.

Optimistic explanations:

“I am always a good speller” (permanent)

“I do well at all school tests” (pervasive)

Families Health

“Optimists tend to have better health, both physically and mentally, and they tend to persist in the face of challenge.” Setback: A child wants to be on the soccer team but doesn’t get picked.

“I do well at other things like athletics” (limited to this event)

“I can keep practising and try again” (temporary)

¢Some examples regarding helping children with learning optimism In general, children learn to be optimistic approximately between the ages of seven and ten. If we teach children to be more optimistic in explaining the cause of events at this time in particular it can help prevent the development of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. However, even at a later time children and adolescents can learn to change the way they explain events to themselves. The most important thing to remember is to concentrate on effort and not the child as a person.

So what are some of the things that parents can do to develop optimism in their children?: • Give you child experiences of success. Allow them to do things by themselves while you support them. Meeting challenges that are within their abilities and non-threatening are very worthwhile. For example, give them things to be responsible for, such as setting the table or cleaning up the toys, and make sure that you congratulate them on their effort.

• When your child has a success talk to them about their effort, and what they did to make the success, and let them know that this is a strength that they have. For example, “You worked very hard on that project and never gave up when it was hard for you”. • Be aware that false praise does not help a child build their strengths and a child knows if they tried or didn’t try. If you tell them that everything they do is great, without foundation, can actually weaken their ability to persist in the face of challenge. It is ok to acknowledge when things don’t go to plan and children know this anyway. • Build on their successes by suggesting how the effort they put into a previous success will help them in the future (pervasive). That is, how they persisted now can help them meet other challenges in the future.


Optimistic explanations:

• Don’t give your child negative labels such as “You’re always complaining” or “She can’t climb like her other friends”. Remember, children develop at different times and what might just have been a developmental phase could become a permanent behaviour. • Finally, always see a setback as a learning experience for your child and model optimistic explanations and behaviour for them.

¢What are the benefits? Being an optimist has many benefits. Optimists tend to have better health, both physically and mentally, and they tend to persist in the face of challenge. They also tend to lead fuller lives, live longer, do more exercise, and have less stress as they deal with it more readily. They also have less substance abuse, less violent behaviour, use safe sexual practices, and have better relationships. They tend to cope better and use social support when things are difficult. Optimistic children tend to have a more positive attitude to school and also adjust better to high school. Dr Peter Boman is a Senior Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Development at Queensland University of Technology.

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What Makes a

Healthy Family?

A Grandfather’s Perspective BUMPS AND BABIES

“Children are like tiny flowers and need to be nourished like plants in a garden” said educator Friedrich Frobel when he launched ‘Kindergartens’ (children’s gardens) in Germany in 1840.


s parents our job is to plant our ‘tiny flowers’ in high quality soil, ensuring they get adequate sunshine and a steady flow of clean water, so they become emotionally robust teenagers and adults. I’m thinking of soil as love, sunshine as laughter and water as the wisdom our children require to negotiate the journey of life. At the top of our ‘job description’ as parents is the provision of the ‘high-quality soil’ of love. They won’t grow well without it. Kids spell love being there for them – always. Kids spell love time – unhurried time when we are paying attention with our eyes, ears, hands and hearts. One of the best parenting choices I made was to lie on the bed before lights out with my kids and read them stories. And even more importantly, lying there after lights out telling them my stories and listening to theirs. Recent research concludes the best single predictor of a child’s emotional health and happiness is what researchers call a strong ‘intergenerational self’ which means they have a sense of belonging, a sense of where they fit in the world. And this they learn through the telling of stories. When I reminisce on my childhood it’s quickly evident that my best memories aren’t about stuff, they’re about shared experiences with mum and dad and my 3 brothers. When my 3 kids reminisce about their childhood their most vivid memories are not about stuff, but about shared experiences as a family, such as mealtimes, playtimes, birthdays and especially holidays. The ‘high quality soil’ of unconditional love provides our children with the best possible chance of a healthy life. The sunshine of laughter and fun is essential to create a healthy


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

growing environment. Studies show kids laugh 300 to 400 times a day and adults laugh 12 to 17 times a day. What happened? The most influential teacher in human history said if we want a high quality life we need a childlike attitude or we won’t get it. And laughter and fun rate near the top for kids. One time my mum was staying with us and after a few days she remarked, “There’s not enough laughter in your home!” Thanks mum. But a quick analysis proved her right. We found the season of our late 20’s and early 30’s was the most stressful season of our life, and yet perhaps the most important for the formation of our children. ‘Laughter really is the best and cheapest medicine around’ Laughter for kids comes in part from us entering their world, from playing in their world – both outside our home and on a small screen. From having a cat or a dog. From watching funny television or movies… from allowing them to laugh at our inability to dance or negotiate basic technology. Without sunshine tiny plants don’t stand a chance. And so with fun and laughter for our children. One of the primary features of our parenting job description is to train our kids. It’s providing ‘clean water wisdom’ that is caught more than taught. The best definition of wisdom I ever heard was ‘applied knowledge’. It’s not enough to tell our children about life or direct them to sources of information on a small screen. More than anything, it’s transformation by imitation. Regardless of what we say, our children will copy our behaviour. Could it be our child is having a tantrum because we have them? Could it be that our child is resentful, because we don’t forgive those who hurt us? On the other hand maybe our child is willing to share because they see us share. Maybe they speak kindly to

Families Health

Growing Pumpkins

“ …if we want a high quality life we need a childlike attitude or we won’t get it.” others because they hear us do the same. Maybe they’re grateful because we are. Mum and Dad were always there for us when I grew up. Laughter was frequently heard in our home. And we learned wisdom by example and by the positive and painful consequences of our choices. As best as I’m aware our kids would describe the home of their upbringing much the same. Nurturing our children with the soil of love, the sunshine of laughter and clean water wisdom gives them a great start to life. ‘We don’t raise the children of our fantasy; we raise children who end up quite a bit like us!’ Now that’s something to laugh about! Brian Andrew. Brisbane local, speaker, bestselling author, storyteller and columnist. His best seller ‘I Grow in Grandad’s Garden’ is based on his own life and garden in his home in Yeronga. His second book ‘The Adventures of A B C & D' is a collection of short stories of his happy childhood.

Planting seeds with young children can be a lesson in patience and wonder. It is an amazing experience for a young child to plant a tiny brown seed in soil and with a little water and sunshine, within days witness the wonder of a small plant emerging from the soil. It is an amazing thing to watch the tiny plant grow gradually over days and weeks to develop leaves, flowers and possibly fruit. It is a great lesson in lifecycles if you can save the seed and replant again.


From our Gardening with Kids expert and Nashville State School Prep Teacher, Sue McKenzie

Young children are not always the most patient of people and here at Nashville School we have hastened the process of planting by growing giant pumpkins. We were able to source some seeds from a Giant Atlantic pumpkin and recently planted them. Within one week the plants had begun to grow and were 5cm tall. These plants grew at a phenomenal rate and the children were able to see a noticeable change between morning and afternoon in their growth. Now after 2 weeks they are 15cm tall and are ready to plant out in the garden. We are very excited about the possibility of growing a giant pumpkin as fruit from this variety have been known to reach over 200kg in weight. We are having great fun learning about size and measurement using our pumpkin plants and are anticipating learning lots about weight as our pumpkin grows. I will keep you informed in future columns as to how successful we are.

Visit his website to be inspired To watch Brian explain the four principles of his fabulous locally written book ‘I Grow in Grandad’s Garden’ scan the QR Code

You can find out more about Nashville State School’s gardens

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


Families Health



– A ‘Growing’ Problem T Written by Helen Vidgen Senior Research Fellow, QUT, Faculty of Health, School - Exercise and Nutrition Sciences he latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that over 60% of Australian adults are overweight or obese and just over 25% of our children are. As a dietitian and nutritionist who has been practising for almost 20 years, I can tell you that most people don’t want to be. But losing weight and staying a healthy weight isn’t easy and that’s why this problem is growing. While the problem in part comes down to individual choices, the environments in which we live play an important role. Researchers talk about our environment as “obesogenic”. It’s an environment that doesn’t always make it easy to choose healthy food. Look at what foods are at the supermarket or service station checkout when you’re next there, look at how many of the five food group foods feature at the end of your local supermarket’s aisles or in their latest catalogue, try finding some appetising fruit in a food court at the same price as a bag of fries, think about how urban planning and work pressures impact on you walking or cycling to school pick up and drop off.


¢ So how do you know if you need some help?

For children, healthy weight is defined as being below the 85th percentile for Body Mass Index (BMI) for age and gender. BMI for children is calculated the same way as it is for adults: weight (measured in kilograms) divided by height squared (measured in metres).

For adults there are set cuts offs but for children these cut offs change according to age and gender. There are BMI percentile charts that are used to plot BMI and come up with a percentile score. In Queensland these charts would be in the Personal Health Record book you got when your child is born. You probably haven’t checked up on their growth since they were a baby but checking growth, just like checking teeth, vision, hearing etc, is good to do on a regular basis. We’re not used to thinking about weight in this way but for most health professionals, we think of it as just another health indicator that needs regular monitoring. It’s important for parents to understand that there are a zillion causes of

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

overweight and obesity and we encounter them on a minute by minute basis. Parents are not the sole cause of the problem, but at a family level and with the right support, can be a big part of the solution. In response to rising rates of childhood obesity in our community, a new program is now available free for Queensland families who are seeking support. Funded by Queensland Health, the PEACH program offers practical advice about eating healthily and being more active as a family. For more information or to register free call 1800 263 519 or visit

Where to get support in Brisbane:

Ask A Local Local Mum Alana Pirret tell us about living in and enjoying the family friendly suburb of

North Lakes

 Tell us a bit about yourself …

 Favourite children's book/DVD?

My name is Alana, I’m 30 years old and originally from Glasgow, Scotland. I live with my handsome hubby Gordon, and my two beautiful children, Kyra (5yrs) & Coby (2yrs). I love to work from home and own a quirky little business. Kypirco Prints - Personalised Bespoke Prints for your loved ones! Find me on Facebook

My Children’s favourite book is a Scottish themed book called Hamish McHaggis! Definitely worth a read.

 How long have you lived in 4509? We have lived in North Lakes, Brisbane for the past 18 months. North Lakes has been the perfect start point for us and our new lives in Australia.

 Favourite things about living in 4509? It has such a diverse community and everyone is incredibly friendly. Everything we need is on our doorstep.

 Favourite children's club or class? Bounce Playgroup. Fun activities for the kids and time to unwind with a cuppa for the parents. New friends for us all which helped settle us almost immediately. We also love visiting many of our local play parks!

 Favourite park/green space & why? We love Lake Eden and Aurora Blvd Park for some family fun time. Access to great parks, clean bbq’s and a friendly safe environment. There’s also plenty of room to run around and tire the kids!

 Most played with toys/activities? The kids love playing outside with any water play toys mostly. The novelty of living in the sunshine still hasn’t worn off - not sure it ever will!

 Most successful children's meal/recipe? One of my children’s favourite home cooked meals has to be lasagne with salad and garlic bread - guarantees their plates will be clean and their belly’s full!

 No parent should be without… A calm mind in the craziest of situations - It helps with my sanity… That or a large wine or beer once the kids are snoozing!

 We are always looking for a trustworthy local tradesperson. Can you recommend someone?

Not a tradesperson as such but, Kevin from Office Heaven Australia is based in North Lakes and can cater for all your stationary needs - saved me a small fortune on book lists this year! Look him up he’s on Facebook. Highly recommended!

 Favourite local family day out? We love spending days at Sutton’s Beach at Redcliffe - a perfectly calm family beach.

 Favourite child-friendly restaurant (and grown-up restaurant)? Perfect family restaurant - Belvedere Hotel at Woody Point! My hubby and I love to spend our very occasional child free nights dining at The Rustic Olive in Redcliffe.

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory

Clubs, Classes & Activities for adults and children in the Greater Brisbane area

If you would like a listing for your club, class or activity in our next issue’s inclusive directory, please contact us now! Email: Compiled by Regina Gleeson NS = Northside SS = Southside

CLASSES FOR ADULTS Arts Tree (SS) Arts Tree offers 2 hour art classes and two day art workshops that are exciting, fun, and jam-packed with tips and techniques used by professional practicing artists. Their tutors give you the knowledge you need to keep making masterpieces at home. 0437 146 359  Bleeding Heart (NS) Their arts and crafts workshops are conducted by some of Brisbane’s finest artisans to give you a hands on approach to learning your new skill. With many classes also providing the materials you need to start straight away, all you need to do is turn up and start creating! 07 3229 0395  Brisbane Sings (NS & SS) This site is a free community service which is building to be a comprehensive list of all singing groups in Brisbane and surrounding areas. It lists all types of singing groups including choirs, toning groups, barbershop, a cappella, sacred music, musical society, singing workshops and other singing groups - basically anywhere in this region where you can go to have a sing!  Mad Dance House (NS & SS) Offering over 120 classes a week in a stack of different styles - there is a class for you at Mad Dance House. Dance classes on offer are: Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Popping, Locking, Tap, Hip Hop in Heels, Lyrical Hip Hop, Girly Style Street Jazz, Urban Contemporary, Commercial Jazz and fitness classes. No need to book- just rock up 10-15 mins before the start of your chosen class. 07 3210 6724  Men’s Shed (NS & SS) An organization that is accessible to all men and whose primary activity is the provision of a safe and friendly


environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of other men. A major objective is to advance the well-being and health of their male members. 1300 550 009  Stork, Baby and You (SS) They welcome you to attend a fun, informative day of antenatal education on the preparation towards birth & parenthood where they empower women and partners with knowledge and understanding to achieve a positive birth and parenting experience. 0411 854 443  The Actors Workshop (SS) Supplying nationally recognised training pathways to school leavers and mature age students seeking dedicated vocational training as a Film, Television and Theatre Actor. 07 3891 1411  UQ Sport (SS) The UQ Aquatic Centre provides one of the most comprehensive and largest adult swim programs in Brisbane. Their AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia qualified instructors can tailor each class to individual requirements to suit your needs. 07 3365 6047 

Paediatric First Aid Courses Injury prevention and first aid instruction (NS & SS) Recommended for pregnant couples, parents, grandparents, babysitters and other carers of children, this 4.5hr programme includes an in depth injury prevention talk followed by practical paediatric first aid including CPR for babies and toddlers. Kidsafe QLD 3854 1829  Kids First Aid (NS & SS) They offer the only first aid courses delivered exclusively by experienced paramedics, designed to teach parents and caregivers how to respond calmly

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

and confidently to 10 of the most common first aid emergencies situations. 1300 138 133  St John Ambulance Queensland (NS) This course is designed to meet the first aid needs of parents, guardians and members of the public who may be entrusted with the care of babies and children up to 12 years of age. This course provides the knowledge and skills to manage everyday emergency situations. 1300 360 455 

CLASSES FOR CHILDREN ARTS & CRAFT & COOKING Brisbane Institute of Art (NS) These classes aim to encourage in children an appreciation of the aesthetic experience and personal symbolic language. Each term will focus on a particular media, so that during the year children will be exposed to a variety of mediums. 07 3857 5377 

Fox Blocks (NS)

Fox Blocks is an innovative creative construction programme that uses a variety of materials such as Lego, Duplo, K’nex, and Fischertechnik, as well as everyday objects. There are 4 different age levels for children from 3.5 years to Grade 7. Each term has a different theme, and each class builds new proficiencies.

07 3855 1528 

Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory KindyArt (SS) offers fun and educational art classes for 2-5 year olds. Each art activity is based around a children’s book that is read at the beginning of each class. Your little artist will get their hands on many arty materials and experiment with a range of art techniques. Come along for a trial class! 0412591755  www.facebook. com/kimsKindyArt Miart (SS) Each child at Miart Brisbane is given guidance catered to their needs and interests as well as freedom and encouragement to express and develop their unique creativity. 0438193624  Renaissance Kids (NS & SS) Renaissance Kids offers all types of art lessons for children aged 5 years to 12 years. For students serious about improving their skills or just wanting to get a fun introduction to their creative side, Renaissance Kids is the perfect place. 0404 847 684  Tania’s Arthouse (SS) Tania runs weekly classes for ages 6 to 11 and for ages 11 and upwards. Projects for kids may include drawing, printmaking, mosaic activities, painting, clay modelling, painting on glass, and taking photographs and using the pictures for additional activities. 0422 497 627  Tiny Art (SS) Art classes for 2-5 year olds introduce children to the world of art through the engagement of media, tools and techniques, such as: painting, printing, sculpture, drawing, collage, textiles and clay. 0421 844 508  ZoomArt for Kids (NS) Art classes for children in a fun and friendly environment. 6 different age levels of classes for children from 2 years to Grade 12. The ZoomArt program is designed for the intentional development of the child’s skills, observations, thinking, and experiences in the visual arts. 07 3855 1528 www.

Cooking Classes Cutie Pies Baking School (SS) Does your little one love to be creative in the kitchen? Cutie Pies Baking School is where your child can mix, knead, roll, ice and decorate his or her own yummy creations! Have all the fun and leave the mess! 0426967055  Yummilicious Cookery (SS) love food, cooking and the social interaction that comes with it. Their mission is to bring children together in a safe, nurtured, fun and happy environment where they can learn about real food and cultivate the joy of cooking and mindful eating. 0421 327 187  Ro & Co Kid’s Cooking Parties (NS) are a creative, hands on way for your child to spend

their special day. Their guests will love getting their hands dirty as they cook up a storm.  Ro 0421 639980 

LANGUAGE & BABY DEVELOPMENT AlphaTykes (NS & SS) They teach French, Spanish or Italian to children between 18 months and 12 years. Lessons run from 30 minutes (under 3 yrs) to 45 minutes (over 3 yrs). 1300 61 22 88  Conversations On (SS) Engaging English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish or French Classes. Small classes (maximum 6). They also help your baby communicate earlier and give them a bright future with baby sign language classes. 07 3871 2882  LCF Fun Languages (SS) Designed over 25 years, their methodology teaches French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, English and German with a fun and active approach that will get your child using the language quickly and naturally. 1300 707 288  Studio China (SS) Calling all children ready for some great, fun brain stimulation. Learn Mandarin by moving to music, singing, reciting poems, reading stories, playing games, drawing and writing Chinese characters. 0401 575 005 

Sign Language Baby Sensory Hawthorne (SS) They use a combination of original and traditional songs and rhymes to develop early communication skills and you will always remember the moment your baby first uses the signs of their Say Hello song which is played at the beginning of each Baby Sensory class. 07 3399 2004  Deaf Services Queensland (SS) Baby Sign is designed for parents to learn basic Auslan key word signs for babies and children who are hearing or deaf, between two months and five years of age. Infants naturally use smiling, cooing, and crying and movement to communicate their needs and feelings so it is rather common for babies to use their hands to communicate long before they can speak. 07 3892 8500 

Baby Massage Baby Buddah (SS) By being a part of their infant massage workshop, parents will discover more options in helping to reduce their baby’s crying time and increase their sleeping patterns as well as many more benefits. 0410 363 447

PLAY! Not push

The world’s most loved preschool soccer program for BOYS and GIRLS aged 18 months - 7th birthday. Be In Blossom (NS) Mummy pilates & baby massage. They offer 4 one hour Pilates classes held weekly to regain abdominal support, pelvic floor strength & posture. Baby massage is included. 0488 001 105  Massage Babies, Birth & Beyond (NS & SS) You will learn about and experience beautiful oils for your baby. Colic strokes and baby yoga. Relaxation techniques for mums and bubs. 0407 592 238  Sweet Dreams Infant Massage (SS) A variety of group classes are held in Camp Hill. Classes are also held privately in the client’s home either on a one-on-one basis or as a group (e.g. group of friends, mothers group) 0422 607 863  The Nurturing Connection (NS) Learning infant massage could not be easier. You will be guided through each stroke carefully until you are confident in communicating your love through touch. In addition you will learn to relax yourself and create a serene and nurturing environment in which your baby will thrive. 0409 614467 

ACTIVITY CENTRES Chipmunks Playland & Café (NS & SS) Visit Chipmunks for unlimited play for kids aged 0 – 11 years old and relax over a coffee or lunch with friends and family at their café in one of their 3 Brisbane locations. They feature state of the art equipment and are fully air-conditioned, clean and comfortable. They also have party facilities.  HelloPlay (SS) Head to Hello Let’s Play with your little munchkins for a day of fun at one of Brisbane’s biggest indoor play centres! Huge range of exciting activities designed to develop kids’ imaginations, creativity and fitness. Wall to wall Jungle Castle, ball pits and tunnels, inflatable slides, obstacle courses and loads more! 07 3394 3300  Lollipop’s Playland & Café (NS &SS) Lollipop’s Playland & Cafe kids Indoor Play Centres are great kids party venues for or simply giving kids a treat while parents relax over a cup of hot coffee and a treat from their quality cafe. Their indoor play centres are safe and secure where kids can have hours of fun climbing, sliding, jumping and spinning. 4 Brisbane locations.  continued on page 34 

Catch, weave, chase, run but most of all HAVE FUN! Fun non-contact rugby classes perfect for pre-schoolers and kids with boundless energy

• Join at any time • Qualified coaches • Parties • FREE trial classes available • 18 - 27 months Little Kicks • 2-3½ years Junior Kickers Junior Rugby • 3½-5th birthday Mighty Kickers Mighty Rugby • 5-7th birthday Mega Kickers Mega Rugby

• Inner South and East Brisbane 07 3366 7866 • Brisbane West 07 3172 5878 • Brisbane Inner North 07 3355 0513 • Redlands/Bayside 07 3901 4749

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory  continued from page 33

Tiddlywinks Dance & Play Café (NS) Tiddlywinks Dance and Play Cafe is a family owned and operated entertainment venue, providing a unique dance and play experience for children up to 11 years old. They also have dance programmes and party facilities. 07 3266 8484 

MUSIC Boppin’ Babies (NS &SS) Boppin’ Babies is a music therapy program for newborn babies up to 5 years. Sessions run for 30 minutes. 0430 591 532  Do-Re-Me (NS & SS) Do re mi children’s music classes offer enjoyable, educational music classes for children, including babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, aged 3 months to 8 years and beyond, and has classes available throughout Brisbane.  Forte School of Music (NS & SS) They offer their Jungle Music program for children aged 6 months to 3.5, which immerse the child in interactive classes which encourage understanding and responding to music. They can continue their musical experience in introductory piano courses, Music is Fun, Junior Keys and Piano Keys. Free trial class. 07 3357 5556  Gymboree (NS & SS) Award winning children’s Play & Learn Gym, Music & Art classes for 0-5yrs. Designed by experts, the age-appropriate activities help develop the cognitive, physical and social skills of children as they play. The programs are also recognized for their unique approach to parent involvement—which encourages participation in and understanding of each child’s development. Free trial available. 07 3878 2468  Kindermusik at Flying Fox Studios (NS) Music and movement classes from newborn to 7 yrs. Kindermusik classes encourage babies and children to develop language, social, emotional, and physical skills as well—all in the context of joyful, musically rich play! 07 3855 1528  Music Masters (NS) This a sequential music program developed by Christine Masters. The classes are designed, not only to foster a child’s natural musical ability, but to extend them so that their musical education is fully developed. 07 3357 9646 

SPORTS & EXERCISE Australian Parkour Association (NS & SS) A philosophy and method of movement through any environment with speed and efficiency. The concept is to overcome all physical and mental obstacles in your path by using your body and mind to run, climb, jump and vault. 1800 759 015  Baseball Queensland (NS & SS) Baseball caters to boys and girls of all ages. Their club competitions fall into the following age groups: Under 8 MighTee ball, U10 Rookie Ball, Little League (U12), Baseball - U14, U16 and U18 age groups. 07 3876 2222  Brisbane Basketball (NS & SS) Basketball is a non-contact sport and provides a safe and enjoyable opportunity for players of all age groups. 07 3371 0200  Brisbane Martial Arts (NS & SS) Whether Taekwondo, or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is your preferred martial arts style, if you’re in Brisbane, and looking to start martial arts training, or take your training to the next level, there’s only one place to go, the home of martial arts in Brisbane, Brisbane Martial Arts! 1300 303 583 


Dynamight Kids (NS & SS) Dynamight Kids teaches safety, self-defence and life skills to children aged between 3-12 years. Lessons run for 30 minutes. 1300 61 22 88  Ginger Sport (NS & SS) Fun soccer programs for 2-10 year olds. Providing soccer coaching in an inclusive, play-based, learning environment with the perfect mix of fun, physical activity and instruction in soccer. Experienced coaches that work with all age groups and skill levels to provide a positive, nurturing and safe environment to learn soccer. Free trial available 07 3890 3338  Gymnastics Queensland (NS & SS) Gymnastics is one of the most fundamental and exciting of all physical activities. Basic gymnastic skills develop attributes that are perfect stepping stones for other sports, activities and life in general. 07 3036 5600  Gymboree (NS & SS) Award winning children’s Play & Learn Gym, Music & Art classes for 0-5yrs. Designed by experts, the age-appropriate activities help develop the cognitive, physical and social skills of children as they play. The programs are also recognized for their unique approach to parent involvement—which encourages participation in and understanding of each child’s development. Free trial available. 07 3878 2468  Hockey Queensland (NS & SS) Since hockey is a team sport, children who play learn the value of working with others. They figure out how to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is key to success. 07 3399 6577  Junior Golf Queensland (NS & SS) Golf is a great game for juniors/students/children as it is a healthy game that one can play for their whole life. Apart from providing the gift of a lifetime recreation, golf has special qualities that can have powerful and lasting impacts on young people’s self-image, personal development and confidence. 07 3252 8155  Life Stream (NS & SS) Life Stream facilitates a wide range of opportunities specifically in South East Queensland for people with an intellectual disability to participate, develop skills and be active members of their communities. Life Stream believes that through participation in community activities, recreation, leisure & sport and having friendships and responsibilities, people develop all types of skills and lead healthy, active and meaningful lives. 07 3394 4399  Little Athletics Queensland (NS & SS) Little Athletics is a uniquely Australian sport for children 5-16 years. As the name suggests, it is based upon the sport of athletics (track & field) and the events are specially modified to suit the ages and abilities of children. A wide range of running, jumping, throwing and walking events is conducted. 07 3255 9436 

Little Kickers (NS & SS) An international soccer programme. At Little Kickers the focus is very much on fun - a national network of informal yet professionally run training classes where enthusiastic boys & girls (18 mths – 7th birthday) are given a helping hand to stand on their own two feet.


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

Netball Queensland (NS & SS) For young children interested in playing netball for the first time, there is NetSetGo! This program is for children (girls and boys) aged 5-10 and is designed for teaching the basics of netball while fostering fun and friendship in a team environment. 07 3848 6330  PCYC (NS & SS) Gym fun, kids dance, tiny tots, cheerleading, boxercise, teen yoga karate, tumble and stunt, glee club, circuit and gymnastics is just some of the activities at PCYCs. Please contact your local club to see what is on offer for you and your children. 07 3909 9555  Queensland Cricket (NS & SS) These days, cricket offers some new and exciting formats for kids that won’t take up your whole weekend – it’s no longer an all-day commitment for parents on the sidelines. To get started, kids can take part in the Milo in2Cricket program which is a fun way to get a taste of the sport. As their skills develop, they can transition into Milo T20 Blast and then on to club cricket to continue a lifelong connection with the game. 07 3292 3100  Skipping Queensland (SS) Skipping is a very dynamic, exciting and exhilarating sport. It helps in the development of an individual’s fitness and co-ordination, and is used by a number of other sporting codes and athletes for aerobic fitness. Competitive skipping takes the activity to the next level.  Tennis Queensland (NS & SS) Tennis Queensland Registration is automatically included when you join your local affiliated club as a member. This will also give you access to all the exclusive benefits that the club chooses to offer. Find a club near you. 07 3120 7900 

Horseriding Cherbon Waters (SS) Cherbon Waters’ facilities include a new fully lit 60m x 20 indoor arena (with an undercover viewing area), riding trails, round yards, stabling area, wash bays, safe fully-electrified paddocks. 0417 704 671  Dalson Park Indoor Equestrian Centre (SS) Horse riding lessons are well priced and cover the use of Dalson Park ponies, tacked up by capable stable hands; the use of arenas, tack, saddles, helmet and boots if needed; and expert and encouraging instruction. The more lessons you book in a month, the more cost-effective lessons become. 0448 034 514  Heritage Riding (SS) It does not matter if you are a “first timer” or you are a current Junior Rider wanting to gain more competitive skills in Dressage or Jumping. They have a Horse/ Pony and Qualified Instructor that will suit your needs, and give you a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience. 07 3206 3951  Indarra Equestrian Centre (SS) provides a safe riding environment with qualified, professional staff so you can enjoy your love of horses. You can choose either group (max 4 riders) or private lessons. Indarra also hold fun filled day and overnight camps during each school holidays 0409 475 040  Slickers Horse Riding (NS) Their lessons are conducted in either an enclosed yard or out on one of their trails depending on which the rider requires. 07 3285 1444 

Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory Wattle Creek Riding School (NS) At Wattle Creek, they specialise in one on one lessons. This gives 100% of the Coach’s attention to the rider. This allows the experienced and inexperienced to work at their optimum pace. No riding experience is needed to start as they teach from the first riding lesson to the highly experienced rider. 07 3300 6422  Windsong Equestrian Park (SS) Their coaches conduct private lessons by appointment, in an all-weather surface ProRide arena. Their coaches are qualified level one instructors and are happy to cater for beginners or higher skill levels of all ages. 

Swimming Aquatic Achievers Swim Schools (NS & SS) Aquatic Achievers Swim Schools specialize in teaching babies through to stroke correction and squads. Their innovative Solo-1 teaching program advances skills in easy, achievable progressions. The pinnacle of their SOLO-1 program is for children to swim One Kilometre unassisted.  Sam Riley Swim Schools (NS & SS) Their team of dedicated, qualified and experienced instructors know the importance of balancing the professionalism required to teach your child to swim, whilst maintaining an element of enjoyment, so your child has fun while learning. 07 3050 7341  Shapland Swim Schools (NS & SS) Shapland Swim Schools teach semi private swimming lessons to children of all ages, including babies from 6 months. They teach a unique Swim in Five program in small classes with a maximum of three children.  Swim Australia (NS & SS) While swimming lessons may help to address safety issues, lessons will also continue to refine the strokes helping the child to become a safer more efficient swimmer, and of course lessons are a fun, healthy activity for children. 07 3376 0944  The Clem Jones Centre (SS) The Learn to Swim program focuses on water safety, water confidence and the development of all strokes while also emphasising on fun and excitement for both the child and parent. They cater from 6 months to adult classes’. 07 3398 2107  Nudgee Brothers Swim Program (NS) The organisation aims for its swimmers to reach their potential by providing a coaching program that produces excellent results at state, national and international level. They have a range of programs for different swimming groups, from beginners to advanced, from infants to older swimmers. Their program operates all year round. 07 3865 0516 

Calm For Kids Relaxation Classes (NS & SS) Calm for Kids hold yoga based relaxation classes for children throughout Australia. The Calm for Kids classes consist of balance, concentration and co-ordination exercises, breathing exercises and games, peer massage, children’s relaxation and visualisations and positive affirmations. 07 3343 3285  Inner Bliss Yoga Studios (SS) Their Bliss kids yoga classes are a fantastic way for your child to enjoy the many benefits of yoga in fun and friendly environment. In each class, the instructor guides the children through an interactive & themed practice of song, movement, yoga poses, creativity, story-telling and relaxation. 07 3162 2188  Ten Toes Yoga & Natural Health (NS) Childhood is a time to explore the world around and for self-discovery. Children respond well to Kids Yoga Classes because Yoga gives them a chance to explore aspects of their bodies, minds and emotions in a fun and creative way. 

THEATRE & PERFORMING ARTS Brisbane Arts Theatre (NS) Their training enhances children’s performance skills and stagecraft knowledge with acting techniques, improvisation, voice (including singing – solo, chorus and harmonies) and movement training (theatre, dance and mime). 07 3369 2344  Brisbane Youth Theatre (NS) Their theatre classes are adventurous and playful. Brisbane Youth Theatre provides an exciting and supportive environment for creating theatre and enhancing learning. 0404 220 465  Fame! School of Performing Arts (NS & SS) Performance based programs include training in dance, drama, and voice. They encourage students to develop skills in all these key areas. Courses are fun, innovative and provide excellent grounding to students interested in the performing arts. 07 3252 4806  Shake and Stir Theatre Co (NS) Improve your child’s performance and communication skills, raise their self-confidence and increase their level of physical activity. 07 3358 6025  Stagecraft Acting School (NS & SS) Focus is on helping kids become happy, confident and successful people not just successful actors. They pride themselves in teaching kids the skills they need to become professional actors in the real world by making learning fun. 0417 118 006 



Angel Yoga 4 Kids (NS) AYK Yoga classes teach children through asanas, yoga stories, yoga songs, yoga game’s, yoga art, yoga dance, visualisation, pranayama, relaxation & meditation techniques. 0412 564 757 

Attitude Dance Academy (NS) Attitude Dance Academy offers a safe, fun, learning environment where your child can study a variety of dance styles from highly experienced, professionally trained instructor 07 3349 0391 

Brisbane Yoga Space (NS & SS) Yoga is an invaluable tool of fun, learning, health and growth for kids and teens. Through yoga, young people can have fun while developing health, fitness and self-confidence. 0430 158 826 

Brisbane Academy of Dance (NS) A wide range of qualified teachers in all areas of dance. They all have an energetic approach to teaching and encourage students to achieve their personal best. (07)3356 5880 

Elite Dancers (NS) Their many different classes are structured to suit the needs of every dancer, whether you want to dance for a career or for fun and fitness. We have classes for ages 3 and above on a registered or casual basis. 0427 999 909  Kick Dance (SS) Their aim is to offer structured programs in dance run by professional teachers with excellent qualifications and extensive industry experience. They provide classes which facilitate enjoyment, confidence, develop students at a very high technical level and allow a ‘kick’ start into the performing arts. 0414 308 248  Kinderballet (NS & SS) An Imaginative and creative introduction to Classical Ballet for toddler and pre-schoolers. They offer 'Mummy & Me' classes for 2 - 3 1/2 year old, 'Tots' classes for 3 1/2 - 5 year olds and 'Kiddies' classes for 4 - 5 year olds. 1300 6060949  Movements Academy of Dance (NS) Movements is a well-established, friendly, family based studio that believes in teaching students to be all that they can be. They handpick their teachers who are qualified, encouraging & inspiring so that every student can have the very best dance education possible. 07 3886 4098  Promenade Dance Studio (NS) They aim to inspire each student to realise his or her own potential. Classes are available in Creative Movement (2 - 5 years of age), Ballet, Contemporary/Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Acrobatics and Singing. Visit their new studio at: Glentanna Street, Kedron 4031 0417 768 614 www. Seriously Dance (SS) They truly believe their philosophy of respecting each student for their individuality & challenging each student to obtain personal excellence. 0416 477 703 

TUTORS & SCHOOL SUPPORT Fruition Tuition (NS & SS) They profile your child’s learning behaviour, discuss the findings with you, recommend a course of action and work out what can be done to meet the learning goals and fit with your family circumstances. They deliver learning courses that cover all areas of The Basics - Mathematics and English Language development - from prep to adult, including ESL. 1300 884 846  Kip McGrath Education Centre (NS & SS) See your child really improve in maths and English. Qualified teachers create individual tutoring programs for your child, using proven Kip McGrath methods of tuition. Maths, English, Reading, Spelling & Comprehension. 1300 789 457  Kumon (NS & SS) The Kumon Method is an individualised learning method. The starting point for each Kumon student is determined individually. Students start with the level where they can attain a perfect score by studying on their own. 1800 458 666 

If you would like a listing for your club, class or activity in our next issue’s inclusive directory, please contact us now! Email:

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


Families Fun

FUN FAMILIES Listings for everyone in every family! For even more families fun visit our website’s event calendar which is updated daily! To promote your local family friendly event including school fetes and fairs, community groups, get-togethers and local festivals in the next ‘Families Fun’ listings (June/July 2014) send your entry by 5pm on Weds 30 April 2014. Email Regina – Listings in this section are FREE for most non-commercial ventures. Please check the details of the events listed before setting off in case anything has changed since going to print.

& build your own wooden toy trains, enjoy a miniature train ride & see the expansive Museum grounds (charges apply) Ipswich Rail Museum

EASTER HOLIDAYS Throughout Easter Holidays Bazil Grumble (Various) Bazil Grumble provides exciting opportunities with the aim of inspiring both creativity and learning; allowing participants to imagine, communicate, co-operate and participate in a safe and supportive environment. Check out their website for lots of fun and inspiring workshops and performances during these holidays. Throughout Easter Holidays Pure Tennis Academy Holiday Camps (Various) The camps improve tennis skills and technique with Pure’s professional coaches. Children participate in a range of tennis based games, activities and drills with Hotshots match play. Suitable for children aged from 5 to 16 from beginners. Half or full day options available at their 3 locations, Griffith University Mt Gravatt, Ferny Hills and Gold Coast. Until 27 Apr Ball Run (Ipswich) Unleash your inner-engineer with the incredible Ball Run! Create your own run using recycled materials to send a rolling ball on its way. Discover how everyday items can be cleverly combined to create runs that twist and turn. Work individually or as a team: it’s the ultimate design challenge! FREE Wed 2 Apr Easter Craft Pre-school Eco-Art Workshop (Wooloongabba) Hop into Reverse Garbage and make some gorgeous eco crafts for Easter. A basket made from salvaged materials to hold your chocolate eggs or a furry bunny would be just egg-cellent! 3 – 5yrs, 11am – 12pm, $20 per child with a guardian (includes materials, tools and facilitator) Bookings essential Sat 5 Apr – Sat 31 May Danny The Champion of the World (Petrie Terrace) Nine-year-old Danny lives happily in a gypsy caravan with his father, but his world is turned upside down when he learns that his father poaches pheasants from the estate of the malevolent Victor Hazell. One night his father doesn't return from a poaching run and Danny fears the worst. He sets off on a courageous journey to find his father and, with a little help from the village, soon finds himself masterminding the most incredible and exciting plot ever attempted against Mr. Hazell. Bookings essential Sat 5 April Loganlea Family Fun Day (Loganlea) Free Family Fun all welcome face painting, jumping castle, pony rides, animal farm, sausage


Mon 7 – 11 Apr Activ8 Sports Camps (Manly West) Acti8 Sports Camps are revolutionary holiday camps for children aged 4-12. Activ8 is the first camp in Australia to combine a sports camp, holiday camp and activity holiday all in one, to ensure a memorable week of fun and adventure. Bookings essential.

Outback Easter Ipswich Rail Museum.

sizzle, Show bags for the first 200 to attend the day. 10 – 2pm. Sat 5 – 17 Apr We’re Going On A Bearhunt (South Bank) From the page, live on stage! 'We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one.' Expect a quirky musical score with ridiculously catchy songs, laughter, rhythms, rhymes and repetitions.

Watch Bear Hunt trailer now on your mobile device Sun 6 Apr Steam Train Sunday (Ipswich) Take in the view of Brisbane behind a magnificently restored steam locomotive as the train winds its way through suburbs, city stations, past landmarks and over river crossings. Times: Departs from Roma Street station at 10.15am and 11.40am. Cost: Family $65 (2 adults and 2 children), adult $22, concession $19, child (under 15) $13, child (under 3, not occupying a seat) free. Bookings are essential (07) 3432 5100 or www.theworkshops.qm.qld. Sat 5 – 21 Apr The Workshop Museum (Ipswich) Step into the Toybox for games, dress ups, train tracks building & doll house fun, get up close to puppets & have a giggle at Ehmers Puppet Show, see toys from yesteryear in the Fun & Games Exhibition, get crafty & make paper bag puppets & origami creations, be a toy maker

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014

Mon 7 – 11 Apr 5 Day Circ-cation (Alderley) Want a vacation with a difference? Flipside's 5 Day Circation Workshop is 5 full days of tricks, tumbles, trapeze, juggling, tight wire, hula hoops, performance and so much more. On the final day, each child has the chance fly on our flying trapeze – the ultimate aerial experience! You'll learn performance skills to create your very own circus performance! 7 – 16 yrs. Bookings essential. Mon 7 – 11 Apr La Boite Holiday Program for Kids (Kelvin Grove) La Boite Theatre Company invites the young theatre enthusiasts of Brisbane to join them in fun, hands on and interactive Holiday Program. The Program is designed to build confidence and teach the fundamentals of theatre, performance, film and puppetry. The kids will explore voice, movement, characterisation and script writing under the guidance of experienced artists. Bookings essential. Mon 7 – Sat 12 Apr Flying Fox Studios (Everton Park) Flying Fox Studios offers one of Brisbane's most popular range of creative, hands-on workshops for kids from 4 to 15 years. These 90 minute workshops are uniquely designed by Flying Fox Studios to involve a wide range of creative arts activities, science & engineering, music, drama, and more in an imaginative and inspiring way. Bookings essential as places fill fast (especially the Lego ones!). Mon 7 – 20 Apr The Great Easter Egg Hunt (Morningside) Just in time for the Easter School Holidays comes this delightful musical panto for the whole family. It is only days before the big day and the Easter Bunny is busily decorating the last of the eggs ready for the children all over the world. But alarm bells ring out when it is discovered that all eggs have been stolen. So the hunt begins… 11am daily (except Good Fri) Bookings essential

Families Fun Fri 18 Apr Redcliffe Festival of Sails (Redcliffe) The Redcliffe Festival of Sails is a colourful seaside carnival that has something to offer for everyone. The festival features live music, colourful workshops, amusement rides, kids activities and the main attraction of more than 120 specialty market and gourmet food stalls. Held annually on Good Friday, the festival runs in conjunction with the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race and is one of the best vantage points for the race along the Redcliffe Peninsula.

Tue 8 & Tue 15 Apr Scratch Animation Workshops (South Bank) Create your own animated story or game! Using Scratch, a free computer program that is easy and fun to use, you’ll learn how to create and control your own sprites and complete an animated story or digital game. Ages 8-11. Workshop for ages 11 – 14 On Wed 9 & 16 Apr. $40. Bookings essential Tue 8 – Sat 19 Apr Squaring the Wheel (Ipswich) Take a whimsical leap into tomfoolery! Squaring the Wheel is a thingamabobbish theatre-circus comedydevised and performed by Paris-trained Jens Altheimer and his host of quirky contraptions. Squaring the Wheel is a family show which combines circus skills, clowning, puppetry, magic, strange contraptions, wacky mechanisms and unexpected music in a quirky and ingenious theatrical stage extravaganza.10am & 12.30pm, $5 per ticket. Booking essential Wed 9 Apr Wriggles and Giggles (Alderley) Bring some fun, excitement and adventure into your child’s school holidays! Wriggles and Giggles are interactive workshops where parents accompany their children to learn circus skills together. Children will explore the world of circus, learning tricks in a fun, social environment. A perfect introduction to how the body can be used to be creative! 18 mths – 5 yrs. Bookings essential. Weds 9 – Sat 12 Apr CircUS @ Judith Wright Centre (Valley) Brisbane’s most thrilling youth circus artists. CircUS is a collection of circus acts that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Watch US tumble, juggle, stand on top of each other and defy gravity all for your entertainment! circus or 3872 9000 Fri 11 Apr Night adventure - spotlighting in Raven Street Reserve (McDowall) Bring a flashlight, insect repellent, drinking water, and a raincoat if there is light rain. Wear enclosed walking shoes that can get wet and dirty and a long-sleeved shirt and pants. 6 – 8pm. Bookings Essential. FREE Sat 12 Apr Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Celebration Day (Fortitude Valley) Come and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in Fortitude Valley with cultural dance and performance artists, markets stalls and much more. 5 – 10pm. FREE

Bluewater Festival Photo courtesy of David deGroot

Pure Tennis Academy Easter Holiday Camps

Sat 12 Apr The Fairies Jump Jump Star (Brisbane City) In this exciting and brand new show, Jump Jump Star, the Fairies laugh, dance and sing with their special friends, Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee, Elf the Fairy Cake Maker and Wizzy the Wizard, as they explore just what it takes to become a real, true fairy. Booking essential. Sun 13 April Redlands Good Gardening Expo (Capalaba) Find out about growing your own organic food at home. Tastier, healthier food, the way it was meant to be eaten. Learn about native gardening and how you can use natives to create habitats. Composting, worm farming, mulching and how to recycle your green waste. Buy plants and seeds and get some great new ideas for your garden. Get the help you need with advice from the experts. Workshops and demonstrations. Arts and craft. Music and food. FREE Tue 15 Apr Skate Decks for the Daring (Cleveland) We will have fun painting the very popular Blank Timber Skate Decks. Paint or inks to decorate your own artistic skate deck. It's something the kids enjoy and they look fabulous up on the bedroom wall. A nice change from the regular canvas art. Cost includes the blank timber deck and all other materials. Excludes varnish due to drying time. Take home varnish available. 10am - 1pm. Bookings essential Thu 17 Apr Giant Games (Carindale) Our GIANT games activities are suitable for most ages from 4 years to adults. Enjoy an exciting session of fun old school games like connect 4, chess, hi tower, twister, checkers, lego and much more... All in larger than life size. Our activity leader will facilitate a great experience with all the activities during the day. FREE Thu 17 & 18 April Bluewater Festival (Shorncliffe) The festival focuses on entertaining the community and, as its name suggests, celebrating everything to do with sailing and the start of Australia’s second biggest yacht race, the QantasLink Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race off Shorncliffe on Good Friday. Be sure to catch the Bluewater Bayfire Night which kicks off in Lower Moora Park at 4pm on Thursday 17th April and features live entertainment, markets, food and the fabulous Fireworks on the Bay at 7:30pm.

APRIL Throughout Apr/May Our Dreaming: animating country (South Bank) Begin your journey in kuril dhagun (level 1) and enjoy an exhibition of stories by the next generation of Indigenous storytellers. Head upstairs to SLQ Gallery (level 2) where you can watch touching and timeless Australian animations, stories suitable for all the family with spaces to tell your own. Then it’s all hands on level 4! Enter the animation studio to experiment with apps and programs to bring your stories to life on screen with free animation workshops for all ages. Our Dreaming: animating country showcases Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories, retold through animation. Check out the full program of exhibitions, events and workshops on the State Library website. FREE Throughout Apr/May Where’s Your Head At? (South Brisbane) What would happen if we ‘unpacked’ your head and explored the science that is happening inside? Your head makes up such a small part of your body yet it controls everything you do. If we brainstorm some of the parts of our head: mouth, ears, eyes, nose, brain and more, we open up a world of science. How do we see? Can I trick my brain? What does my nose have to do with tasting my food? Why can’t I hear the same sounds as other animals? With so much science inside our heads, no two science theatre shows will be the same. More details on the Sciencentre website Fri 25 Apr ANZAC Day Parade (Brisbane City) The annual ANZAC Day Parade is a significant commemorative event and provides a colourful opportunity for members of the public to pay their respects to those who have served and continue to serve in the defence of Australia or its interests. The community can honour veterans themselves or their descendants who march in the stead of those who have passed away or are no longer able to march themselves. Sun 27 April Movie Sensory Day (Morayfield, Browns Plains, Capalaba) Walking With Dinosoaurs.“Sensory Movie Day” was created for Families with Special Needs. Children are free to try every seat, lighting stays on dim. Firexit doors are monitored for those escape artists. This movie experience is a positive, non-judgemental experience. Free membership cards are required to purchase tickets, which can be handed out on the day of the screening. Tickets $8 each 2pm continued on page 38 v

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


Families Fun – Regular Events

Listings for everyone in every family! continued from page 37

MAY Thu 1 – 11 May Play School Live in Concert Prince of Bears 2014 (Various) Don’t miss out on the chance to see your children’s favourite television show live in concert when the Play School Concerts come to town. These popular Play School live shows are specially designed to delight pre-schoolers and parents alike. The concert features songs, games and stories, presented by two Play School presenters, along with the real stars of the show the toys. Tickets from $16.50. Bookings Sat 3 May Let’s Talk Developmental Hub Open Day (Woolloongabba). Go and enjoy their Open Day full of fun activities, free giveaways and a place to see their experienced therapists showcase their services. This is an opportunity for parents, carers and teachers to see what they can offer at Let’s Talk Developmental Hub. See their article on pages 22 & 23. 10.00am-2.00pm. Sun 4 May Life Games Adventure (Runcorn) Join the fun at the Karawatha Ward Community Fun Day. Life Games adventure program is one of the most popular activities and great for the whole family. With interactive and fun activities like giant dodge ball, parachute games, tug of war, fire man toss mat, 3 leg races, sack races and more it will sure have you laughing and enjoying the great outdoors. Enjoy stilt walking, juggle sticks, Kubb, finska, Egyptian sticks and more. Suitable for ages 5 years – adults. Tue 6 May Pete The Sheep (Ipswich) This hilarious musical comedy, imaginatively told by four performers playing shearers, dogs and sheep, explores the challenges and rewards of being an individual, and will be a lasting tribute to honouring your own spirit and strength, whilst working with the flock! 6pm. Bookings essential Sat 10 May Buddha's Birthday Festival (Fortitude Valley) Celebrate the birthday of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Shakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The festival program will include lively entertainment from a variety of Asian cultures. 5 – 10pm FREE Sat 10 May Survivor Challenge (Milton) This Survivor Challenge program is a fun team building program that will test your skills to work as a team. With activities like big foot sack

and field race, earth ball relay, human calculator, giant volley ball and lots more, it no wonder this program is popular for the older kids. Suitable for ages 10+ FREE Thu 15 – 21 May National Families Week (Various) National Families Week celebrates the vital role that families play in Australian society. Organise an event in your community to celebrate ‘Stronger families, stronger communities’ and highlight the important role families play as the central building block of our communities and that community wellbeing is enhanced by family wellbeing. More information Fri 16 & Sat 17 May Nitro Circus Live (Boondall) The world’s most exciting, adrenalin-charged, live action-sports show, Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Live, is gearing up for the biggest and most spectacular tour in its history, when it returns to Australian shores in May, 2014, with 40 of the world’s greatest action sports athletes, bringing a brand-new, death-defying extravaganza to fans down under. Fri 23 May National Walk Safely to School Day (Various) Walk Safely to School Day (WSTSD) is an annual, national event when all Primary School children will be encouraged to walk and commute safely to school. It is a Community Event seeking to promote Road Safety, Health, Public Transport and the Environment. Sat 24th May Wooden Geometric Necklace Eco Art Workshop (Wooloongabba) Geometric shapes are all the rage! Come and create your very own geometric necklace with wooden beads. Our facilitator will take you through the process step by step, from cutting the beads into shape, sanding, drilling holes, painting them in beautiful pastel colours and finally stringing them together. This is a fantastic workshop not to be missed! Ages 13yrs and up. Please contact us on 3891 9744 to make a booking. Places are only confirmed once payment has been made via credit card. Sat 24 & 25 May Paniyiri Greek Festival (South Brisbane) While the historic steps of the Acropolis may be some 15,000km from the grassy flats of Brisbane’s Musgrave Park, all the sights, sounds, characters and culture from the country which produced Homer, haloumi, honey puffs, Socrates, Plato and the famous Zorba will be celebrated in style during the much anticipated festival.

Sun 25 May Movie Sensory Day (Morayfield, Browns Plains, Capalaba) Mr Peabody & Sherman. “Sensory Movie Day” was created for Families with Special Needs. Children are free to try every seat, lighting stays on dim. Firexit doors are monitored for those escape artists. This movie experience is a positive, non-judgemental experience. Free membership cards are required to purchase tickets, which can be handed out on the day of the screening. Tickets $8 each 2pm Sun 25 May Wetlands Festival (Cannon Hill Anglican College) CHAC’s Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F) will hold its fifth biennial Wetlands Festival in 2014. The theme for 2014 will be ‘Celebrating our Growing Community’, to reflect the introduction of Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 in 2014. The festival will feature a diverse range of stalls, rides, a giant raffle, along with stands and displays of our sponsors, community and environmental groups. The Wetlands Festival celebrates the natural environmental value of the Perrin Creek Wetlands. Fri 30 May – 5 Jun Hays Inlet Festival (Pine Rivers) Hays Inlet is a well-loved environmental gem located within the popular playground of the Pine Rivers, Bramble Bay and Moreton Bay. The Hays Inlet Festival brings the community together to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of the local environment through a huge range of art, cultural and outdoor activities every second year. 2014 Hays Inlet Festival will be the fifth Hays Inlet Festival, and it will boast a range of family-friendly activities around the Pine Rivers and Hays Inlet catchments – water activities, guided tours, arts and craft and live entertainment.

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on a Bear Hunt at QPAC

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Training and Aiming Stickers

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WIN A Snotty Machine Babies and young children can’t blow their noses. Mums and Dads all over Australia are discovering the magic of the Snotty machine. It's a hand held, battery powered, snot sucker. It’s gentle, safe and effective, and easy to clean. It’s Australian Made and TGA approved and perfect for newborns, toddlers and pre-schoolers. It can help your child to feed, sleep and breathe better and recover more quickly from colds and flu. It’s a natural therapy approach to children’s healthcare. You'll wonder what you ever did without it! www.

2 Snotty Machines to win

WIN A Gorgeous Personalised Cushion from Hoot DesignZ

Hoot DesignZ is offering you the chance to win a personalised cushion with your favourite person’s name on the front. Each cushion is uniquely designed and hand made using quality cotton fabrics with the name heat pressed on the front. See more designs crimsonhomeandgiftware

1 boy and 1 girl personalised cushion to win


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August/September 2014

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Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 3 - April/May 2014


Families Magazine - Brisbane Apr/May 2014 Bumps & Babies Issue 03  

Families Magazine Brisbane is an A4 glossy magazine printed every 2 months and distributed in places where families are in the Brisbane & su...