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Issue 11: August/September 2015


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Issue 11 August/September 2015

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Welcome to our Brisbane Schools & Education Issue. Families Magazine – Brisbane staff are passionate about education and learning. We are passionate about families and sharing, local, relevant, up-to-date information to help you in your parenting life in Brisbane. If you have been enjoying our magazines for a while, you will know that we are the clever resource for thinking parents! We know that you are busy. We know that you want reliable, well researched information to help you as your traverse the parenting journey. We know you need to trust what you read so we source local experts and this issue that means schools, teachers and educational professionals. From primary schools to secondary school to the Queensland University of Technology – we’ve sourced professionals working in the field to give you the low down on all things education in Brisbane. But we are not just a local printed magazine. We know you like handy information online, on your phone, tablet or computer so our website has tonnes of additional resources too! Trending on our website, as I type this is:

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Brisbane Schools & Education

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✓✓ Parent/Teacher Meetings – How to Prepare;

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26-29 Clubs, Classes & Activities

✓✓ Brisbane’s Definitive Guide to Getting a Private School Scholarship;

✓✓ Top 10 Kid-Friendly Cinemas in Brisbane & ✓✓ 5 More Lunch Box Ideas You can also find the best things to do with your kids in our #FamiliesMagFun calendar which is packed with events to keep you and your little ones entertained today, tomorrow, on the weekend and beyond. You can even sign up for our fortnightly newsletter to receive a free gift! Check us out:

Over 120 local clubs, classes, activities and venues for children aged 0 – 17

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'The most influential of all educational factors is the conversation in a child's home' – William Temple

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Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015


Families News


Looking for the latest news and views in Brisbane? We've got it covered!

Yummabubba is expanding into IGA Milton One of Brisbane’s favourite Baby Food providers and long-time fan of Families Magazine Brisbane, Yummabubba Baby Foods, now has a range of baby food puree available in the freezer section of IGA Milton. Yummabubba is offering selection of meat, vegetarian and fruit puree options. They are one of Brisbane’s favourites delivering to family homes and daycare centres across the city and suburbs! Check them out online:

A Grant to Help You Kick Off Your From Home Career! The Queensland Government is launching an exciting new initiative to help stay-at-home parents start or grow their business. There’s a $1 million grant program rolling out over the next three years. Launching at the end of August, as part of the Queensland Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow business program, grants of up to $5,000 will be offered to support stay-at-home parents in making their business a success, while maintaining a healthy balance between work and family. Stage one of the program is grants of up to $2,500 provided to enable stay-at-home parents to hire a professional consultant to develop a business action plan. Stage two is dollar for dollar funding of up to $2,500 to be provided to participants that successfully complete the first stage to help them establish or improve their business as detailed in the business action plan developed in stage one. To be eligible to apply, applicants must: • Have a business based in Queensland • Meet the definition of a home-based business • Have at least one child under the age of 12 in their care for at least 50% of the time • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)

On successful completion of the project, grant payments will be paid directly to the consultant or service provider. Applications open on August 24th, which will include the necessary forms and guidelines. You can register your interest today by emailing or via

How can Music Therapy Help Kids with Autism? Gateway Therapies pride themselves on being a multidisciplinary allied health team that focuses on providing the best services and support to help kids and their families across Brisbane. In addition to their usual suite of therapy services, they now have a Registered Music Therapist, Kate Fletcher, who is an approved provider for helping children with Autism. Music Therapy can help with:


✓✓ Development of communication skills, including expressive language and conversation skills. ✓✓ Development of social skills including turn taking, active listening, and joint attention. ✓✓ Development of motor skills, including coordination, proprioception and gross motor skills. ✓✓ Development of social-emotional skills including emotional regulation. ✓✓ Assist with sensory processing. If you are interested in finding out more, give them a call and enquire about their group therapy program as well as their one on one sessions. More: or 3398 9367

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

Families News

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ABC Kids World – Open Wide, Come Inside… Featuring Giggle and Hoot, The Wiggles, Play School and Bananas in Pyjamas, ABC Kids World opened on Saturday 27th June 2015. Inspired by and designed in collaboration with the popular children’s brand, ABC Kids World is every child’s fantasy-come-reality where their characters come to life in an interactive and colourful world of fun, rides and games. ABC Kids World is the only one of its kind in the world, complementing existing Wiggles World attractions - The Big Red Car ride, Dorothy’s Teacup ride and The Big Red Boat ride, with special guest appearances by Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and Captain Feathersword. You can now also play on the Giggle and Hoot Pirate Ship, try the new Hop and Hoot ride, and mingle with Hoot and Hootabelle before he heads out on the Night Watch and she flies through the night sky to Twinklify the stars. The new attraction also features a number of immersive experiences where the children can indulge their imaginations as they explore the new World’s play areas. Dreamworld will soon be announcing major new plans for an immersive motor-sport experience, and a new dining venue to open by Summer making 2015 a major new development year for the theme park.

Happy 10th Birthday Wee Make Music! One of our favourite Brisbane classes, Wee Make Music, is celebrating its 10th birthday this spring. Born out of a passion for the many benefits of music in early childhood development, Louise Carlile devised the program to offer a pedagogically sound early childhood music curriculum that addresses the needs of Brisbane families. Now with 3 venues (Bulimba, New Farm and Wilston) and over 32 classes each week, Wee Make Music has proven itself in the field. Attention to the basics has been key to consistent high quality classroom teaching and service to families. Louise is constantly changing curriculum, class schedules and teaching practice to best meet the needs of Brisbane families and endeavour to provide every child a positive and joyful experience. For more information:

For more information:

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015


Family Health

Surviving Morning Sickness in Brisbane


ou’re excited, you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, but then… the dreaded morning sickness strikes and for some, it’s more than just a bit of nausea upon waking. It can be relentless, draining and hang around most of the day or night!

• High hormone levels (especially oestrogen)


As much as everyone will reassure you that suffering morning sickness is normal and try to console you with the fact that it means your body is changing and adapting to your very healthy baby’s needs, there’s still no denying that morning sickness is unpleasant.

• Changes in blood pressure

Ginger is an age-old natural remedy for morning sickness and is particularly helpful in relieving nausea, heartburn, motion sickness, migraines plus it’s reputed to be great in aiding cold and flu prevention.

What the ‘blehh’ is Morning Sickness?

(Better Health Channel http://www.betterhealth.vic.

Morning sickness usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, but there are no hard and fast rules around it and every mother-to-be will experience it differently. Some longer or shorter or the lucky ones, even not at all.

When there’s so many changes going on to accommodate the ever growing needs of a developing baby, it’s no wonder your pregnant mum senses can sometimes be confused, creating cravings for certain vitamins and minerals that are often misdirected to the wrong sorts of foods or drinks instead of to those which will actually nourish your body and your baby. This in turn can exasperate morning sickness symptoms too, creating a vicious cycle of sickness and exhaustion.

• Changes to how the pregnant body metabolises carbohydrates • Physical and chemical changes that pregnancy triggers in the body

Symptoms of morning sickness can include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, headaches and even psychological effects like depression and anxiety, because let’s face it, being continuously unwell like this takes its mental toll. Severe morning sickness (also called hyperemesis gravidarum) is a serious medical condition and can cause dehydration and weight loss.

How to help morning sickness naturally

Why Me? Why Morning Sickness? Again, the reason morning sickness occurs can differ from person to person, but it’s thought that a combination of both physical and metabolic changes in the body can contribute to it, including:

Good news is, there are some great, all natural foods you can start introducing to your diet easily to help. When your body starts absorbing and adapting to the nutritional benefits that these natural ingredients provide, morning sickness symptoms and food cravings will often subside.

Some ways to include ginger into your diet to help morning sickness might be: • Ginger tea with boiled ginger, water and sugar to taste • Ginger biscuits with cinnamon, ground ginger and sugar. • Broccoli and minced ginger in a stir fry that you can cook with sesame seed oil • Ginger chicken stir fry with almonds • Home-made ginger beer with grated ginger, syrup, lime and club soda

Chia seeds Chia seeds are not only nutritious, but are also one of nature’s only complete proteins, making them fabulous for both you and your growing baby. They’re rich in boron which helps your body absorb calcium and they’re also high in Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, iron, niacin and zinc, so can also help with morning sickness. Some simple ways to make use of Chia seeds include:

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F /GoodFairies

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

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Family Health • Sprinkling some seeds onto your porridge or breakfast cereal • Blend the seeds in with your smoothies • Include Chia seeds in baked breads, pies, cakes, puddings and biscuits

Coconut Oil We don’t often associate coconut oil with morning sickness but 1-2 tablespoons of it a day during pregnancy can really help relieve morning sickness symptoms! It’s also high in lauric acid, which is reputed to stimulate milk production during pregnancy and after birth, so for those planning on breastfeeding, coconut oil can help give your body the best start to this too. • Add coconut oil to smoothies – you won’t even notice it • Replace other cooking oils with coconut oil

Coconut Water If you’ve been suffering a lot of morning (or especially those who are suffering it all day!), coconut water is be a simple and delicious way to help your body rehydrate, while also containing essential minerals like potassium and magnesium that you and your baby need to stay healthy. • Drink coconut water as a treat when you need something sweet, as it’s naturally sweet but low in sugars. • Choose raw, organic coconut water that comes from young coconut and if it’s pink or even a light grey in colour, that’s great! These

colours mean there’s a high concentration of minerals and antioxidants.

Where to find help in Brisbane if natural, nutritional remedies aren’t working While we all like to try and treat morning sickness as naturally as possible, sometimes, especially in the case of severe morning sickness, no amount of natural, nutritional remedies will help ease it. If you are finding this the case and find you’re losing weight quickly and feel dehydrated from it, it’s really is important to seek medical advice from your GP or obstetrician who can prescribe medical treatments that are safe for both you and your baby. ( magazine/37/2/article/1492.pdf ) There are also many holistic, natural therapy centres in and around Brisbane who specialise in homeopathic, naturopathic, acupuncture & Chinese medicine treatments that many mumsto-be find beneficial in relieving morning sickness symptoms too. Hopefully by improving your nutrition with even just these few natural ingredients or seeking further professional advice if needed, you should start to see a reduction in sickness symptoms and start to enjoy the pregnancy journey with your growing baby like you deserve to be able to!

Other online resources to help Brisbane mums-to-be with morning sickness Queensland Health’s useful guide to ‘Managing Morning Sickness’ antenatal_mrnsick.pdf Mater Mother’s Hospital ‘Morning Sickness and Hypermesis Gravidarum’ Brochures/Mater-Private-Hospital-Brisbane/ Morning-Sickness-and-HyperemesisGravidarum Mater Mother’s Hospital guide to ‘Nine Months of Nutrition & How Dads Can Get Involved’ september-2014/nine-months-of-nutritionhow-dads-can-get-involved

Kelly Northey is the founder of the Yummy Mummy Food Company, helping mums and mums-to-be Australia-wide reduce morning sickness symptoms or increase their milk supply with the 100% natural, wheat, dairy & preservative free Totally Devoted range of Breastfeeding & Pregnancy Cookies.

Nurture your child’s musical education with Young Conservatorium • Program of choice for families seeking a pedagogically sound music education • Applications now open for 2016 with positions available in Early Childhood Music, junior and senior ensembles and individual tuition for beginner, developing and advanced young musicians.

Visit: or phone 07 3735 6247

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015



Debunking the myths -

Defacto Relationships


have had a long running debate with a friend over what constitutes a ‘Defacto Relationship’. Now I am a family lawyer who works with relationships of all kinds day in and day out so I would like to think that I know the answer, but this friend is forever telling me I don’t! And while I know I am right, this debate always reminds me of just how confusing the law that relates to Defacto relationships really is.

So what is a Defacto relationship? To answer this question you first need to understand who or why it is being asked. I say that because if you are trying to understand whether a relationship is considered to be a ‘Defacto’ relationship for the purposes of the Family Law Act (Cth) 1975 (you might have separated and have property to divide for example) the answer will be very different than if you are looking at Immigration Law or even dealing with Centrelink and other Government Departments. The challenge is that depending on the area of law you are dealing with, the answer to this question can be very, very different. I am a family lawyer so will focus on what is considered a ‘Defacto Relationship’ when it comes to the Family Law Act.

Defacto Relationships and the Family Law There are generally two main types of relationships that are governed by the Family Law Act – marriages and de facto relationships. A marriage is perhaps the easiest to define and understand as a married couple will have a certificate that evidences the day on which they entered the legal union of marriage. You are either married or not – you can’t be ‘sort of married’.

De facto relationships are more difficult as two parties to a relationship can see it in a very different light. What one person considers to be a committed relationship almost like a marriage (albeit without the certificate and ceremony) the other can consider an uncommitted relationship, or not even a ‘relationship’ at all. Where the presentation of a marriage certificate is enough to establish that you were married and thereafter enliven the necessary sections of the Family Law Act that might relate to the division of your property, the difficulty with de facto relationships is that there is very rarely such clear evidence of an intention to enter into a committed relationship. Often de facto relationships grow and change over time. It can sometimes be very difficult after a separation to look back in time and pin point the exact moment that you consider your relationship went from just ‘a relationship’ to a committed de facto relationship. In some states in Australia you can ‘register’ your de facto relationship but this, in practice, seems uncommon.

The Legal Test- the place to start The general legal test for determining whether a couple are in a de facto relationship or not is whether you have been ‘living together on a genuine domestic basis’ for more than 2 years. Sounds very fancy, of course, and the terms ‘genuine domestic basis’ are broad brushed and intended to refer to the many varied types of relationships that exist in our society. There is a list of matters that will be considered to determine if a relationship is a ‘de facto’ relationship including: • The length of the relationship • Whether the couple were living together • Whether a sexual relationship existed • The financial arrangements that were in place

"De facto relationships are more difficult as two parties to a relationship can see it in a very different light."

• The way the couple owned and used their property • The degree of commitment to a shared life • If the relationship was registered • The care arrangements for any children • The couple’s reputation and public aspects of their relationship

The ‘two-year rule’ for de facto relationships Once you have established that a relationship is a ‘de facto relationship’ you then need to show that it lasted more than two years before the Family Law Act can assist you. In other words, unless you were living together as a couple, ‘on a genuine domestic basis’, for at least two years, it is unlikely you will be able to pursue a property settlement – I call this the ‘two-year rule’. There seem to be many misnomers about the required length of a


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015


"Once you have established that a relationship is a ‘de facto relationship’ you then need to show that it lasted more than two years before the Family Law Act can assist you" de facto relationship when it comes to Family Law. My friend that I mentioned that likes to debate- this is the bit we argue about! He is absolutely convinced that after six months the family law will take effect. This is simply not the case…. (save for two exceptions below). There are two main exceptions to the two-year rule: • There is a child of your de facto relationship; or • One of you has made such a significant contribution to the assets of the relationship that it would be unjust if Orders were not made. An example of this might be that the relationship lasted only eighteen months but one party made a significant lump sum payment, say $100,000, to reduce the other spouse’s mortgage. In this circumstance it may be appropriate that Orders are made to divide the existing property between the couple even though their relationship did not meet the usual two-year threshold.

Establishing that there was no relationship During a difficult separation there can be benefits for a party to a de facto relationship to try and establish that there was no de facto relationship at all – this means that the Family Law Act would not apply and that couple may not be able to seek a division of their financial affairs in the usual way. If you consider yourself to be in this category you will need to seek specific advice from a specialist Family Lawyer as the process of proving or even disproving a Defacto relationship can be an expensive and burdensome one.

Your relationship type and the law Generally the law is the same whether you are married or in a de facto relationship: 1. When it comes to your children, it does not matter if you are married or in a de facto relationship – the law is the same. 2. When considering your financial affairs, if you are in a de facto relationship you need to establish that is lasted more than two years

and then the law applies to you in almost an identical way as it does for married couples. 3. If you were in a de facto relationship for less than two years you should seek legal advice from a Family Law specialist specific to your circumstances.

A few other myths In my time as a family lawyer I have heard a few funny things so here are a few other ‘myths’ to ignore when it comes to defacto relationships:

“It’s always 50/50 right?”

When it comes to the division of your property, there is no automatic 50/50 rule (and this applies for married couples as well)

“But I paid for everything so they won’t get anything will they?

When it comes to the division of assets and income at the end of a relationship, a whole lot of things are considered to work out how to justly divide things between a couple. This is a much broader consideration that just who earned money or paid for things. The legal process will also consider the role of each person, whether they were parents, what they did to assist the family and a whole range of other matters.

“I get to keep what I had at the beginning, right?”

Hmmm…. Sometimes… and other times you may not. Again, it will depend on a large number of different facts so it is always worth sitting down with a specialist family lawyer to understand how the law might apply in your circumstances before you start trying to sort too much out yourself.

Clarissa Rayward is a Collaborative Family Lawyer & Family Mediator at Brisbane Family Law Centre 07 3862 1955

To find out more about the friendly team at Brisbane Family Law Centre watch their video

4017 HAIR Family friendly hairdresser, where kids can have a play in our fenced play area, while you get your hair done.

Open 7 days and late every night

• Call 0430044706 • or find us on Facebook! Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015



Personal Responsibility Age appropriate ideas to help your kids learn about making choices


ersonal responsibility involves being aware that we are making choices, and accepting the consequences that result. Children make choices every day, and it is imperative that they see the connection between the choice and the consequence. When children are aware that they have choices, they come to appreciate the power that lies within them to shape their lives. Children who learn to be personally responsible will feel powerful and capable, and are more likely to be honest, self-aware and thoughtful. From the moment our children are born, we can teach them how to be personally


responsible via two main avenues: what we do (role modelling) and what we say. 1. What we do. Children learn an enormous amount by watching their parents. If they see you take responsibility for your choices and behaviours, they are more likely to do the same. Do you believe that you are directing the course of your own life? Do you own up to the mistakes you make? Do you acknowledge and ‘own’ your feelings and emotional reactions? 2. What we say. One of the best ways to teach personal responsibility is by using the language of choices and consequences explicitly. When children do something that we do not want

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

them to do, we can explain to them that they have made a poor choice, and outline the consequence that will occur as a result. Applying this language to our own experiences, out loud in front of our children, helps them see that these ‘rules’ apply to everyone.

Some concrete ways to teach personal responsibility.

Age: 2 to 6 years. • Let them make age appropriate choices. Children at this age should be given the opportunity to choose whether to wear the

Parenting red or blue shirt, and whether they want eggs or cereal for breakfast. Use your language to reinforce the fact that they are making a choice. • Let them feel the consequences of their choices. If your child chooses to throw their toy, explain that they can no longer play with that toy and put it away. Do not give in to nagging and crying. Calmly point out to the child that they chose to not play with that toy by choosing to throw it. Help the child see the connection between their choice and the resulting consequence. • Encourage them to make amends. As the words “I’m sorry” can sometimes be meaningless to small children, encourage children to demonstrate their apology by returning what was snatched or cleaning up what was broken. Help children solve the problem together and find the words and actions needed to put things right. Offer positive and specific praise (“Thank you for giving Jenny back her toy. That was a good choice you made”.)

Age: 7 to 12 years. • Teach them to understand their emotions. Children who are ‘emotionally literate’ are more likely to identify, monitor and control their emotional and behavioural reactions. In doing so, these children are better able to realise the power they have to control and adjust how they are feeling, enabling them to respond to situations well, and acknowledge and accept when they have behaved poorly.

You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice… Increased self-awareness leads to increases in personal responsibility. • Let them experience moderate levels of discomfort. Children need to develop mastery over their environment to feel that they are powerful and can direct their lives. If we step in too quickly to do for them the things that they struggle with, they learn to expect others to save them when things get hard. This undermines their sense of competence and willingness to take responsibility, and leads them to start blaming others for the difficulties they may face in their day to day lives.

Age: 13 years and above. • Help them use their own money wisely. Offer to pay half of a child’s desired clothes/ technology purchase, as long as they make

up the other half of the cost with their own money. This is a good way to teach your child to be responsible with their (and your) money, and encourage them to reflect on what they really value. Children soon learn that what they want costs ‘real’ money, getting money requires ‘real’ effort, and the amount of money they have is finite. When their money is gone the money is gone, and children learn that their choices have consequences, and the consequences stick. • Allow them to co-create the rules. Adolescence is a time when children desire greater independence. Discussing with your teen the rules that THEY feel should be applied to them, and why they feel those rules matter, allows them to take greater responsibility for themselves. In addition, asking them to decide on the consequences that should be applied if they do not meet their responsibilities is a good way of helping them see that they are actively choosing their choices, and as such they are choosing the consequences. Encouraging your teen to work with you on choosing the parameters by which they will be supported and held to account means offering them the opportunity to take greater responsibility for themselves as they walk steadily toward increased independence.

Dr Amanda Mergler is a Lecturer in Educational Psychology at Queensland University of Technology.

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015



BRISBANE SCHOOLS NEWS ROUND-UP Finger Gym is a Big Hit With Grace Primary Lutheran Prep Students A new initiative for Prep students to develop their fine motor growth is a program known as Finger Gym. These are fun and interactive activities that build strengths in various areas including: Sensory Planning such as searching for items in various materials (beans, corn, sand), using items such as shaving foam and thick paints. Strengthening Skills such as chair push ups, using play dough and cutting plasticine. Fine Motor Skills such as unlocking locks, threading beads and interacting with materials such as toothpicks, coins, counters. Cutting Skills such as cutting various types of card/cardboard and challenges to cut certain shapes. Pencil to Paper Skills such as tracing objects on small whiteboards and planning for writing and drawing. To find out more about Prep at Grace:

Philosophical Inquiry at Hillbrook Anglican School

Hillbrook wants to enable their students to think confidently and well about important topics in their lives, throughout their lives. To help them on this journey, they have introduced a new subject Philosophical Inquiry (PI). This is being undertaken by Year 7 students as part of their core curriculum program, as well as by other year levels and in other subject areas. Imagine a group of adolescents sitting in a circle discussing a question such as, ‘Is respecting someone through fear the same as respecting someone through trust?’ or ‘Is logical thinking the best kind of thinking?’ Imagine them inquiring together to search for answers, or to try and make some progress towards truth. Imagine them listening respectfully to one another, building on each other’s ideas and seeing things from other points of view, thus learning to be fair and open minded, intellectually cooperative and mutually respectful. The PI process is democratic, ethical, respectful and thoroughly enjoyable. Students are learning to think. Not what to think, how to think. As Socrates said, We are discussing no small matter but how we ought to live. What could be more important? For more information and to book a tour:

Grace Lutheran College ‘Dual Down Under’ On the first weekend of the June/July school holidays Grace Lutheran College Year 10, 11 and 12 students sent Queensland’s first ever entry into the world-class competition “FIRST® Robotics Competition” called ‘Dual Downunder’ down to Sydney, receiving an award for their efforts. The Dual Down Under (DDU) was a three-day tournament competition from 25 to 28 June with teams competing from Australia and China. Teams took robots up to 50kg and as tall as 2 meters to play in and against alliances of three teams per side. Recognised as an International Robotics Ambassador, Mr Kellett has been internationally recognised for his leadership in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through Robotics. Each year over 200 students at Grace are exposed to STEM through Robotics. For more information and to book a tour:

Brisbane Christian College News Brisbane Christian College will continue expand and develop in the community after acquiring a new campus at 63 Fairlie Street, Salisbury. Formerly Nyanda School, Brisbane Christian College has the privilege of preserving this site within the community for educational purposes. In 2016, the current Golda Avenue site will become the College’s Primary campus for Prep to Year 5 students. The Fairlie Street site will then become the College’s new Middle and Secondary campus for Years 6 to 12 students. For more information and to book a tour:


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

Churchie Leads The Way In Creativity And Innovation Most recently Churchie has worked in partnership with architectural firm, Brand + Slater to use the learning space research to retrofit the School’s existing film and media, design, drama, and visual art building – the Creative Precinct. The problem-solving and project-based nature of the subjects taught in the building was already heavily dependent on technological mediated learning, but the School needed a space to appropriately bring the subjects together. The subsequent ‘open-studio’ design allowed students to move between traditional teaching spaces, specialist technology-enabled workshops, and highly flexible inside and outside communal spaces. The studios and workshops are not tight, static, hierarchical containers of learning, but social and inviting spaces that encourage full use of equipment and expertise throughout the building. The evidence of the impact of Churchie’s Creative Precinct was recently showcased at the second 21st Century Academic Forum at Harvard University. To book a tour of Churchie’s world-class facilities visit

Education Bill Gates Hails Teaching Standards at St Paul’s School Innovative education practices pioneered at St Paul’s School in North Brisbane are being copied by other schools across the globe with the aim of improving general education standards. Recently, St Paul’s School Headmaster, Dr Paul Browning, was invited by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to address an international education summit in Washington to share how St Paul’s trains its teachers. St Paul’s models are now inspiring schools across the globe in countries such as the USA, UK, Italy, New Zealand and India. Rather than focusing on traditional education models, St Paul’s are keen to impart an entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation to their students, providing them with the best opportunities to become resilient, balanced global citizens. The question: ‘what is an education worth having?’ continues to drive their strategies and plans, and these are increasingly sought-after across the globe. For more information and to book a tour: or call 07 3261 1388

Education has changed @ Living Faith Lutheran Primary School

Times are changing and so is the approach to teaching and learning. After much research and investigation, 2015 saw Living Faith broaden its horizons with the opening of its Learning Plaza for Year 6 students. The Learning Plaza aims to prepare students for their future, not our past. This modern concept sees students overwhelmingly engaged in their learning, giving them opportunity to explore and be inspired by their learning. This promotes creativity and lifelong skills in students’ learning experiences. It aims to sustain them not only through high school, but also as they transition into their careers. Students love: the use of modern technology (iPads, Apple TV), the flexibility to be creative and the agile working spaces. Want to learn how Living Faith is investing in its students’ future? Watch this short film via the QR Code or and book a personal tour. Enrolments and Marketing officer, Alana Johnson 3886 2677 or , to experience it first-hand.

The Bethania Difference

2015 is proving to be a busy building year at Bethania Lutheran School. Located in Logan on Brisbane’s Southside, Bethania Lutheran School opened in 1976, with 18 students. Today Bethania proudly educates over 260 students. They are constantly working to improve their resources. Their new gym will open mid to late August boasting state of the art equipment taking their HPE and coaching programs to a new level. Students will participate in programs which incorporate technology, science, biomechanics and goal setting. Opening later this year is their new state of the art library/resource centre. The overflowing shelves of books will not disappear. Agile learning spaces with flexible furniture will allow students to learn and work together. ‘Happy Day’ booths will line a wall of the library each boasting an Apple TV where students can send work straight from their ipads to the TV for ease of collaboration with their peers. Every day is an open day. Contact them for a personal tour: or 07 3200 5363

The Mount Alvernia College Campus Redevelopment The Mount Alvernia College campus redevelopment was officially opened and blessed in May this year providing practical, beautiful spaces to enhance the learning of the young women of the College. The development of community, sustainability, and simplicity were integral in the design of the stateof-the-art Science laboratories, Home Economics kitchens, classrooms and staff accommodation, as was reflecting the College’s Franciscan story. Recycling was central to the project. Timber from the original building has been used for desks and tables, while its roof tiles and windows feature prominently around the new landscape. A platform of rough bricks and concrete (The Ruin, as it is known) is the original classroom built in 1955-56 for the College. At the front of the College are La Foresta (ornamental and working gardens), Coperta da Picnic (‘picnic rug’-student gathering space),and La Cucina, serving delicious, healthy meals and snacks. Near the entrance is the Carceri, a simple reflection space overlooking the gardens. These spaces are named for significant places in the Franciscan tradition. For more information and to book a tour:

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Twice Exceptional ADD? ADHD? Anxiety? OCD? Is there something ‘going on’ that could be masking your child’s true potential? We investigate…


very child has areas of relative strength – something they can do better than other activities; however not all children are gifted. Every child has areas of relative weakness – something they don’t do as well as other activities; however not every child has a disability. The use of the terms ‘gifted’ and ‘disability’ indicate a significant degree of difference from the norm; a level of development that exists well outside the range of abilities and skills usually expected of a child at a particular chronological age. Professor Françoys Gagné, Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Quebec, explains a gifted child has advanced abilities that exist within the top ten percent of the population. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a child with a disability experiences impairments in one or more of the intellectual, cognitive, neurological, psychiatric, sensory or physical areas and around ten percent of the world’s population live with a disability.

There are gradations of giftedness, with children identified as mildly, moderately, highly or exceptionally gifted, depending upon their level of abilities, skill development and associated support needs. Likewise, there are gradations of disabilities, with children diagnosed as mildly, moderately, severely or profoundly disabled, depending upon the level of impairment, reduced functional capacity and associated support needs. In both these areas, the numbers of children within each level reduce as each level is located further from the average range of abilities; however the child’s needs increase according to greater levels of giftedness or disability. Provision for children with special educational support needs is a matter of equity and social justice within our society – or at least it should be. The NDIS legislation has acted as a catalyst for increasing the awareness of disabilities within our society. State and Federal Government funding provides support in school for children who experience disabilities in specific (but not all) areas of disability. Despite two

bipartisan Federal Senate Select Committee Enquiries (1988, 2006) The Education of Gifted and Talented Children reporting that gifted students are the most educationally disadvantaged students in Australia, there is still limited awareness of the characteristics of gifted children and knowledge of the ways in which schools and parents can provide for gifted children’s intellectual, educational and psychosocial needs. One of my favourite quotes, “There is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequal individuals” (attributed to Thomas Jefferson), highlights the importance of providing appropriate supports for these exceptional students, whether their needs are related to heightened abilities, impairments – or both. Children who are gifted and have a disability experience exceptionalities in two or more areas. These twice-exceptional children usually have an extremely wide scatter of abilities and disabilities, causing intense frustration and requiring interventions to provide appropriately for each of the areas of

Brigidine College Indooroopilly A Catholic Girls' Secondary College

Visitation Days: 3/4 August and 26/27 October 9.30 -10.30am (07) 3870 7225 14

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Enrol now for Year 7 2018 and 2019

Education Parents, who think that their child is very bright but also suspect that there is ‘something else’ going on that restricts their child from being able to demonstrate abilities, should consider and investigate the possibility that the child might be twice-exceptional. exceptionality in order for the child to achieve at the best of their abilities. It is important to understand that twice-exceptional children do not simply have areas of relative strength or interest coupled with areas of relative deficit or disinterest. The degree of difference from the norm is significant. When a child who is gifted also experiences one or more disabilities, this creates a huge gulf between these two areas of exceptionality. The greater the discrepancy between these extremities, the more complex and critical are the child’s needs. It is incontrovertible that Stephen Hawking,

the famous theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, who suffers from an extremely debilitating motor neuron disease, is twice-exceptional. It is obvious that Hawking has an extreme physical disability coupled with an extraordinary, brilliant mind. If the focus had exclusively been on what he was not able to do, he would never have become a widely acclaimed scientist. There are, however, numerous twice-exceptional students who have concurrent advanced abilities (within the gifted range) and disabilities but their needs, although complex, are not as extreme nor as apparent as Hawking’s. In a society that has a largely deficit orientation, twice-exceptional children’s disabilities are more likely to be identified than are their advanced abilities. These students’ abilities can mask their disabilities while their disabilities can mask their abilities; resulting in a child whose needs are not obvious, therefore not easily identified or adequately supported within school. Sometimes twice-exceptional students are sometimes seen as average students or (depending upon the level of ability and disability) perceived as underachieving, above-average ability students. When neither the child’s giftedness nor their disability is recognized, such children may be regarded as ‘bright but lazy’. This is because there may be occasional indicators of heightened intellectual ability but the undiagnosed disability impedes academic performance. Such students fail to

produce work that demonstrates the full extent of their capabilities. Rarely are these twiceexceptional children recognized as having gifted abilities as well as areas of disabilities. It can take years for children’s diverse needs to be identified. Unfortunately, some are never identified. Parents, who think that their child is very bright but also suspect that there is ‘something else’ going on that restricts their child from being able to demonstrate abilities, should consider and investigate the possibility that the child might be twice-exceptional. Only a thorough assessment, conducted by professionals with experience and expertise in identifying giftedness and diagnosing disabilities, will provide a clear, comprehensive picture of the child’s abilities as well as any disabilities and clarify whether the child is twice-exceptional. Michele Juratowitch is Director of Clearing Skies, provides counselling for gifted students of all ages and their parents. She provides advocacy and consultancy in schools; professional development for teachers; programs for students and workshops for parents. Michele was awarded a Churchill Fellowship, is co-author of Make a Twist: Curriculum differentiation for gifted students. E: W: P: 07 3378 0888

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Z 5 MORE Lunch Box Ideas A well-balanced, healthy lunchbox can be portioned such that it comprises half vegetables or salad; one quarter grain foods, preferably wholegrain or low GI carbohydrates, one quarter lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts, or seeds, as well as a side of fruit and a calcium rich snack. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water too (remembering that cordials and juices are discretionary food items).




• Sweet Citrus Couscous:

, ¼ cup wholemeal couscous, 1 Ingredients: 1 orange (juice and zest) s, amon, 1 tablespoon pumpkin seed tablespoon currents, ½ teaspoon cinn ¼ carrot grated. epan orange (reserve zest) in a small sauc Method: Heat 1/3 cup juice from an a bowl and stir in cous cous cup ¼ over juice until hot, not boiling. Pour warm r and for 2mins, fluff with a fork, then cove well. Cover couscous and let stand then stir in 1 tablespoon of fork a with again Fluff s. 2min er furth let stand for a y spoon pumpkin seeds, ¼ carrot finel currents, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, 1 table grated and reserved orange zest.

hi’ m and Salad wrap sliced into ‘sus

• Ha

• 1 serve of yoghurt for dipping into yoghurt) • Seasonal Fruit Skewers (perfect • Water bottle


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

• 1 serve of yoghurt with a tablespo on of untoasted muesli • 1 serve of tinned peaches, in juice • Corn on the cob: raw or blanched • Boiled Egg

to liking

• Rye crackers topped with cheese, tomato and avocado. A few drops of lem on juice will stop the avocado from browning • Water bottle





• Air Popped Popcorn: Place popcorn kernels in a microwave safe container with a lid for about 2 minutes or until most of the kernels have stopped popping. Serve plain or drizzle with a little olive oil • Plain Milk popper • Cherry tomato and mushroom • 1 serve of grapes

• An apple, served with cheese, and pumpkin seeds • Vegetable Skewers

• Half a grainy roll with avocado • Shredded Chicken Taco: ed salt; Bake a chicken tender at 200 degrees for 25mins or until • 1 serve of baked beans (no add roll) ny grai the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Allow to cool and use a fork perfect to eat with to shred. Toast Tacos lightly for a few minutes, allow to cool • Water bottle and fill with lettuce, cucumber, carrot and shredded chicken. • Water bottle • A serve of seasonal fruit


• Chia Pudding: Ingredients: 1/3 cup chia seeds, 1/2 cup milk, 2 tablespoon yoghurt, ¼ cup tinned peaches (in juice) or banana Method: Puree peaches or banana and combine with all other ingredients. The pudding will thicken the longer it is left to sit. • Vegetable sticks and grainy crackers served with corn dip. Combine equal parts natural yoghurt with creamed corn (or puree your own). Season with a little lemon juice, spring onion and pepper if desired • Mini vegemite sandwich on grainy bread: try to keep spreads like vegemite, jam and honey as occasional foods. Use cookie cutters to create interesting shapes for a fun snack. • Water bottle

Nikki Boswell is a nutritionist, personal trainer and as a mum of 3 packs over 500 lunchboxes a year. Download her e-book with over 30 pages of lunchbox ideas, planner, a shopping list and healthy recipes.

Book now for a school tour.

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Introducing the International Baccalaureate


n our rapidly changing the world, the education choices we make for our children have never been so important. We want to make sure our children have a strong academic footing, but are also fully equipped to be successful in all life’s endeavours.

It can be a minefield trying to sort through all the schools and determine which curricula and programs will give our children the support they need to achieve their potential. Over the past few years, curricula in Queensland have become more standardised as schools progressively implement the core subjects of the Australian Curriculum. But did you know there is a curriculum alternative? Several schools in Brisbane are now offering the International Baccalaureate as a way of teaching the Australian Curriculum in a more global context.

What is the International Baccalaureate? The International Baccalaureate started in Switzerland in 1968, and has expanded to now be taught in more than 140 countries. The program is designed to promote internationalism and diversity, while catering for student’s strengths and learning preferences. The IB, as it’s known, is an inquiry-based learning style that focuses on HOW to learn, not merely WHAT to learn. Students are encouraged to think critically and challenge what they are told. The model helps them learn to think, rethink and innovate, making them more flexible and adaptable to change. The International Baccalaureate is independent of governments and national systems, and is therefore able to incorporate best practice from a range of international frameworks and curricula. Learning is not restricted to individual subject areas, but rather flows across all subjects in a trans-disciplinary way. This provides students with a broader framework in which to apply their learning to the real world. Although the teaching model is different, the learning still aligns with the Australian Curriculum and is endorsed by the Australian Curriculum


Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) as a well-established framework that allows students to achieve comparable learning outcomes in English, Mathematics, Science and History by the end of Year 10.

How does it work? The International Baccalaureate is broken into four programs: • Primary Years Program (PYP) for 3-12 year olds • Middle Years Program (MYP) for 11-16 year olds • Diploma Program (DP) for 16-19 year olds • Career-related Program (CP) for 16-19 year olds.

Primary Years Program The Primary Years Program focuses on the development of the whole child. Students become active, caring, life-long learners who show respect for themselves and others. The PYP has a framework of essential elements that helps students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to excel both in their studies and their personal growth. It teaches international-mindedness and builds students’ capacity to make a meaningful contribution to the world around them. The curriculum is delivered through six trans-disciplinary themes that are relevant to the real world:

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✓✓ Who we are ✓✓ Where we are in place and time ✓✓ How we express ourselves ✓✓ How the world works ✓✓ How we organise ourselves ✓✓ Sharing the planet

Education Finding an IB school in Brisbane

Through these themes, teachers develop a program of inquiry that requires the students to actively investigate important ideas. Rather than just acquiring knowledge and skills, students develop conceptual understanding and are encouraged to question, consider and refine their understanding of the social and natural world. The program supports students’ efforts to construct meaning from the world around them by drawing on prior knowledge, providing new experiences, and creating opportunities for reflection and consolidation. From this, students form personal, positive attitudes and develop capacity to take responsible actions.

There are several schools now offering different levels of the International Baccalaureate in Brisbane. School

Hills International College, Jimboomba


During the final year, students work collaboratively on an extended, in-depth project known as the PYP exhibition. They examine a real life issue or problem, and synthesise the key elements in a way they can share with the whole school community.

Middle Years Program The Middle Years Program is an inclusive, whole-school program that emphasises intellectual challenge and encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. Students become active learners who are internationally minded and able to empathise with others. The program empowers students to inquire into a wide range of local, national and global issues, and builds confidence in their ability to manage their own learning. They learn by doing.


John Paul College, Daisy Hill

Moreton Bay Boys’ College, Manly West

Moreton Bay College, Manly West

✓ ✓

Queensland Academy – Science Mathematics and Technology, Toowong,

Queensland Academy for Creative Industries, Kelvin Grove

Rochedale State School, Rochedale St Peters Lutheran College, Indooroopilly


Indooroopilly State High School, Indooroopilly

In the PYP, learning is viewed as a continuous journey. As such, assessment is used to identify what students know, understand, can do, and value to then plan the next stage of learning.

✓ ✓

For more information visit the International Baccalaureate website:

The curriculum framework focuses on developing both subject-specific and interdisciplinary understanding. The MYP comprises eight subject groups: Language acquisition, Language and literature, Individuals and societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Physical and health education and Design. Each year, MYP students take part in at least one collaboratively planned interdisciplinary unit that involves at least two subject groups. This helps them to understand important connections between academic subjects. Students also complete a long-term project. They decide what they want to learn about, identify what they already know and what they need to discover to complete the project, and then create a proposal for completing it. After finishing the MYP, students are well prepared for further education opportunities, including the IB’s Diploma and Career-related Programs for 16-19 year olds.


Calvary Christian College, Loganholme

Real world applications Moreton Bay Boys’ College is one school that’s successfully implemented the International Baccalaureate, and is one of only two schools in Queensland that offers both the Primary Years Program and the Middle Years Program. Their students applied their learning to the design and development of a mountain bike track at the college. The project spanned subject areas like Mathematics, English, Science and Health. To create the track, students worked through mathematical equations to formulate the construction of the curves, percentages in the inclines, and the degree of bends in the track. They also focussed on safety and fitness goals, explored language to develop appropriate signage, and investigated ways to minimise environmental impact to the area. It proved to be a fun and practical means of incorporating several areas of learning under the one theme – “Sharing the planet”.

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THE RISE AND RISE OF ONLINE TUTORING Type "online tuition - maths or reading" into any search engine and pages of suggested sites will pop up. So, what is online tuition and why is it becoming so popular? There are several different styles of online tuition models, in literacy and numeracy, including; 1. Self-directed learning programmes offering a series of exercises for the child to complete, with multiple choice answers and no tutor assistance. 2. Homework help programmes where a child can receive help, via messaging or webcam with a teacher or university student, with any homework issues. 3. Structured programmes to address any learning difficulties or specific goal, via web cam, with a trained teacher. As the demand for online tuition increases, the method of delivery for these lessons is evolving as quickly as the technology and in ways we may not even imagine yet. One thing will remain constant; the most successful methods, especially in terms of outcomes, do, and will, recognise that creating a professional and caring connection between students and teachers is essential to learning. A great tutor can not only improve academic results but increase a student's motivation, desire and passion to learn, both in a centre and online. This ability of the tutor to engage their students has been the cornerstone of the success of many tuition centres for decades. There is no doubt that tuition centres will remain an essential part of our communities for a very long time yet. Yet for many students and parents, physically attending a centre is not an option, and for too long they have not had access to tutoring or have had to choose an online model which has does no work for their child.


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

Who benefits from the rise of online tuition? There are so many benefits, but here are the more frequent ones. ✓✓ Busy and stressed parents • wanting to avoid heavy traffic. • trying to timetable multiple after school activities for more than one child. • trying to maintain normality during a long illness or recovery from injury. ✓✓ Shy children or adults who are worried about others finding out that they have a tutor. ✓✓ Adults wishing to improve literacy to be able to attend further education courses ✓✓ Families who live too far away from a tutor to attend regular lessons. ✓✓ Families taking extended holidays travelling - either interstate or overseas. ✓✓ Children, or adult learners, who are carers for their parents or siblings and have little chance to leave the home on a regular basis. ✓✓ Students who work best late at night, or early in the morning, when most tuition centres are closed. ✓✓ Students from separated families, where maintaining routines can be a challenge. ✓✓ Teachers wanting to have more flexibility while their children are young or to care for a family member. The rise of online tuition addresses this imbalance by increasing the ease of access to quality tuition to many more students and families. It is a provision that is set to continue to experience a rise in popularity! Written by Nelinda and Marcelo Vega at the Sunnybank and Loganholme Kip McGrath Tuition centres.

TOP 5 Apps for Kids


espite their relative youth, iPads (and tablets generally) have made a tremendous impact in the realm of education. When placed in the hands of (usually very enthusiastic) students, an iPad has the potential to become an effective, intuitive tool that can both support them in their learning and unleash their creativity. But iPad + student does not always = success. So which are the best apps to use? It really depends on the task at hand and the learning style of the individual, but some apps can be used to great effect in a variety of contexts and these are the ones worth mentioning. The following apps are my "Top 5" for day-to-day use in practically any classroom and at home.

D Notability

Every student is required to share his or her thinking and Notability allows students to choose how they would like to record their ideas. This app gives students the ability to handwrite, type, draw, add photos, annotate and even make voice recordings within each page before sharing their ideas with the teacher. This app can empower students who really struggle with written work. By taking a photo of any classroom activity, the student can access and complete the task in a manner that best suits his or her learning style.


iMovie is a sophisticated app that allows students to quickly and easily create their own movies using photos, video clips and music from their own device. Students can even use the preset templates to make incredibly professional movie or book trailers in less than ten minutes. There are a million and one ways to use this app in the classroom...and outside too!


B Popplet

Popplet can be used to quickly create beautiful mind maps that can then be printed or saved as a photo. Students can rearrange each individual "popple" and join them up with others to show the relationship between ideas. If you want students to organise their ideas visually, then this is the perfect app to use.

Book Creator

What could be more exciting than creating your own story ready to share with the wider world? Book Creator allows students to do just that. It is able to prepare any story as an iBook that can be sent to peers, or, with a bit of additional support, submit it directly to the iBookstore! Book Creator is the perfect way to "publish" all of the amazing things that the students create on their iPad.


Talkboard is an incredibly powerful collaboration tool that students can use to share their ideas with others. Each talkboard is shared by a team and group members can draw or write in each other's spaces...from any location that you have WiFi connection! Great for research projects. David Folker, ICT Facilitator, Living Faith Lutheran Primary School Follow David on Twitter! @dfolker789

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Shoes & Jellybeans


dults take for granted the daily use of basic arithmetic. When pottering around a department store, shoppers don’t think twice about mentally calculating what two pairs of shoes might cost, or how much a 30% discount might save. But, for children, it is an exciting voyage of discovery: how to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. And, although at this age, adding up jellybeans may be more important than buying shoes, the theory is the same. Most current-day shoe shoppers will have learnt to add-up in a vertical fashion, i.e. writing 56 beneath 23, and adding the columns, including ‘carrying over’ numbers when appropriate. Contrast this with our current-day jellybean counters, who now learn in a linear fashion. ‘Jump’ or ‘split’ methods are just two of the processes taught in today’s classrooms. For the jump method, imagine a horizontal line with notches from 1 to 100. The child, who will work first in tens and then in units, will start at the 56 and ‘jump’ two jumps of 10, thus completing the tens. They will then ‘jump’ the three units. The Spilt method – Cannon Hill Anglican College’s Year 1 teacher, Carolyn Troughton, uses an illustration of a part-peeled banana to engage her students in the ‘split’ method, i.e. splitting the tens and the units into different areas. ‘The children love working with the banana split!’ said Carolyn. ‘They have fun, while visually comprehending the concept of splitting tens and units.’ ‘One of the reasons for the change in teaching methods,’ said Carolyn, ‘is the desire to move away from rote learning. There is a much greater emphasis on having students understand how they arrive at answers and being able to justify the reasonableness of their thinking. By using an operational approach, children get a better understanding of what is happening with the numbers; they can visualise the number jumping along the line in tens and units and getting higher and higher.’ ‘Students will progress to the vertical system in time but, in the younger years, the focus on the jump and split methods provides a sound basis for


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

Second part in a 3 part series to help parents and kids be better at maths!

justifying the reasonableness (or otherwise) of an answer. Children are not just calculating the bottom line, they are visualising how the numbers progress to the bottom line.’ It is now standard practice to see students move between group and individual work. Teachers will use different methods, targeted to each individual student’s ability so, for example, when learning to add two numbers together, children may be encouraged to use ladybugs in the following ways: Group 1 – physically stick ladybugs onto their own 3D foam tree Group 2 – draw their own tree and draw the ladybugs onto the tree Group 3 – use counters or blocks to represent the ladybugs Group 4 – use digits and mathematical symbols only. ‘We know there are different learning styles so the more we are able to cater for this, the more success we are allowing our students,’ said Carolyn. ‘Additionally, students develop their understanding of mathematical concepts at different rates. A flexible approach is needed to allow students to develop understandings at their current level before pushing them to progress to a way of solving a problem that is beyond their current understanding.’ Mathletics – an interactive online program – is another way in which teachers enhance and reinforce classroom learning, by assigning ability-appropriate tasks. The students enjoy the engagement and it reinforces their fluency in the concepts being taught at school. ‘Learning mathematics should be a fun-filled pursuit,’ said Carolyn. ‘Whether physically acting out passengers getting on and off a bus, adding ladybugs to a tree, or drawing their own banana split, the children constantly learn and reinforce the fundamental principles of mathematics, in an engaging and interactive manner – physically, digitally and mentally.’ It all adds up to a solid foundation for the day when these students hit those shoe sales! Carolyn Troughton is a Year 1 teacher at Cannon Hill Anglican College




eaders are not born, they are raised on the knees of their parents. An interest in reading and a love of stories has to be actively fostered from a young age and supported well into the teenage years.

Children who are introduced early to the delights of reading gain very definite advantages and benefits over those less fortunate. Current research supports clear links between literacy and numeracy and language skills are certainly enhanced by being read to each day. The pleasure of sitting quietly together to share a story is also surely one of the simple joys of child-rearing for a parent. But sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start with reading and toddlers. Try some of these simple ideas to turn your little wriggle-worm into a book-worm! Be a role model: It is so important to be seen reading yourself. Small children want to emulate you and the bigger ones watch everything you do and can see what you value. If you want your child to be a reader, you must be one yourself. The quiet joy to be found in reading needs to be promoted and modelled as a valuable way to spend time, no matter what your age. Read a newspaper, a magazine, a cookbook, a novel but be seen reading! Our teachers sit and read alongside our teens – it sends an unambiguous and important message about the value we put on reading. Find appropriate books: It is hard to capture a child’s attention with a book that is of no interest or relevance to them. Age-appropriate and engaging choices are the key to capturing a child’s interest in reading at any age. Tap into your little ones’ interest in dogs or trucks or fairies to hook them into books and reading by sharing stories with these subjects. Seek advice from other parents, bookshops, local libraries, parent blogs

and the net, to find popular and relevant books for their age group. Favourites: Once a child expresses interest in a particular type of story or author – then provide more of the same to capitalise on their current interests and enthusiasms. They may love a special character, lift-the-flap books or rhyming stories by a particular author. Sometimes it is tedious to read Peppa Pig for the umpteenth time, but by catering for their tastes at this developmental stage, you are building a long term reader. Read Aloud: It is very important to continue to read to children beyond the stage when they can read for themselves. All children (and many adults – witness the rise of popularity of audio books) enjoy being read to. The closeness and sharing of this activity creates warm memories and builds positive attitudes to reading. Children also benefit from hearing the cadence, rhythm, expression and correct pronunciation of an accomplished reader. Our high school kids regularly have stories read aloud to them in the library and you can see by their body language and the pleasure on their faces, that they still enjoy sharing stories in this way, despite their age and skills as independent readers themselves. Visit Libraries and bookshops: Make these activities part of your family routines. The range of titles and extra activities on offer will capture the attention of the most reluctant of readers. Taking children to places that value books and reading also encourages them to see themselves as readers – a very important contributor to long term literacy success. Keep in mind too, that public libraries often offer holiday reading programs and activities to engage children during the breaks from school– all valuable supports for beginning and established readers. Loris Phair - Teacher Librarian at Hillbrook Anglican School, Enoggera.

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Listings for everyone in every family! For even more families’ fun visit our website’s event calendar or search Facebook and Twitter with #FamiliesMagFun

To promote your local family friendly event including school fetes and fairs, community groups, get-togethers and local festivals in the next ‘Families Fun’ listings (October/November 2015) send your entry by 5pm Monday 17 August 2015. Email Regina – or upload directly to our online calendar – Listings in this section are FREE for most non-commercial ventures. Please check the details of the events listed before setting off in case anything has changed since going to print.

AUGUST Sat 25 Jul – Feb 2016 Rescue (South Bank) This interactive and engaging exhibition allows visitors to experience and react to highpressure rescue-based scenarios where people’s lives are potentially at stake in land, sea and air rescues. Sciencentre. Until Sun 30 Aug Light Play (Ipswich) Enter the dazzling world of Light Play where children can explore their artistic potential in an interactive space created especially for them! Play with overhead projectors and illuminated light boxes and discover what happens when light is cast on different materials. Explore transparency, reflection and shadow as well as other properties of light. Ipswich Art Gallery. Throughout Aug & Sep Reel Bubs Films at Dendy (Hamilton) The perfect outing for parents with infants and young children, Thursday mornings at 10.00am. Enjoy the films you really want to see


in a comfortable setting for both you and Bub. Tickets are just $10.50 and include a complimentary morning tea before your movie experience. You can even request a night light to ensure your child's comfort. For upcoming films visit www. Throughout Aug & Sep Robert MacPherson Swags and Swamp Rats (South Brisbane) In the interactive project 'Swags and Swamp Rats' leading Australian artist Robert MacPherson takes children on a journey, introducing them to the people, places and objects that inspire him and his work. Children can also have fun interacting with a constellation of stars and explore a day in the life of a drover. GOMA. 10am – 5pm. FREE! Sun 2 Aug Ipswich Open Day (Ipswich) Explore the museum for a fun family day out and discover how this historic site contributed to the development of the state. Enjoy tunes by bands and angelic voices of local school choirs. The Workshops Rail Museum. 9.30am – 4pm.

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

Sun 2 Aug What’s Cooking in the Gardens? (Redcliffe) Set amongst the backdrop of the beautifully tranquil Redcliffe Botanic Gardens, What's Cooking in the Gardens? is a celebration of food, lifestyle and sustainability, festival-goers will enjoy vibrant displays and demonstrations as this normally secluded haven transforms into a world of 'green' fun. Redcliffe Botanic Gardens. 9 – 3pm. www.whatscookinginthegardens. Fri 7 – Sun 16 Aug Royal Queensland Show: Ekka (Bowen Hills) The show welcomes 21,000 competition entries, 10,000 animals, a smorgasbord of award-winning food and wine and hours of free family entertainment including our spectacular night program. Relive the joys of your childhood with rides and helpings of fairy floss at the Royal Queensland Show, the Ekka, running over two weekends from 7-16 August. Sat 8 Aug Pacific Tides Festival (Cleveland) There will be dancing and singing, traditional and contemporary Indigenous and

Pacific Islander entertainment, family activities, eco fair, digital media space and visual art throughout Redland Performing Arts Centre. 10am – 10pm. FREE! Until Sat 15 Aug Sleeping Beauty (Petrie Terrace) When the Bad Fairy becomes aware that she wasn't invited to Princess Crystal's christening, she casts a nasty spellin-waiting to greet the Princess on her 16th birthday. Bookings Essential. Sat 15 Aug Stripey (Redcliffe) With oodles of audience participation, sing-a-long songs and a very cool emu chick called Stripey, Fair Dinkum Flats will never be the same! Don’t miss Stripey… the EGGscellent Adventures of an Emu Chick! Redcliffe Cultural Centre. Bookings Essential. Sat 15, Sun 16, Sat 22 & Sun 23 Aug Parks Alive (Various locations in Brisbane) Celebrate Brisbane’s premier parklands and gardens this August. Families, gardening enthusiasts and music lovers can take part in themed workshops, guided walks and art & craft

#FamiliesMagFun activities, listen to expert speakers, music & arts performances or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Brisbane’s premier parklands and gardens. Sat 22 Aug Aspley Multicap Festival (Aspley) The diverse array of market stalls, raffle prizes, food and entertainment never disappoints the crowd. Take the whole family along and enjoy the jumping castle and face painting on offer. 9am – 3pm. Free entry. Sat 29 Aug Brighton State School Fete (Brighton) The school oval will be filled with everything a traditional community fete has to offer, including entertainment, amusement rides, delicious food, baked goods, craft stalls and much, much more. 11am – 4pm. Sat 29 Aug – 13 Sep Redcliffe Festival 2015 (Various locations around Redcliffe) The biggest event celebration to hit the Moreton Bay Region; the Redcliffe Festival is back in 2015 for two massive weeks from 29 August to 13 September, boasting a dynamic program of free and ticketed family-friendly events, international superstars, spectacular light art and vast array of musical entertainment; held across multiple sites activating the entire Redcliffe Peninsula. See website for more details on all events. Sat 29 Aug – Sat 14 Nov Jack and the Beanstalk (Petrie Terrace) One of the world's favourite fairytales is back! Can Jack save the day and win the heart of the beautiful kidnapped princess? Brisbane Arts Theatre. Bookings Essential. Sun 30 Aug Lowlands Festival – Family Fun Day (Griffin) Enjoy a free family fun day at the Lowlands Festival. Explore the natural environment with the following attractions: Radical Reptiles Show, Geckoes Wildlife, Bunnings Bird Box Building, Face painting, SEQ Water canoeing (conditions apply). 11am – 3pm.

SEPTEMBER Sat 5 Sep Ironside State School Spring Fair (St Lucia) Go along for a day of family fun and entertainment at the Ironside Spring Fair. There will so much to do and see – rides, side show alley, animals and activities, a myriad of stalls including cakes, sweets, handmade, spinning wheel, plants and preloved treasure and food galore with international stalls, bbq, strawberries and cream and icecreams. Don’t forget to pick up a gift for Father’s Day! Live entertainment and music will be featured throughout what will be an amazing day for all who come along. 11am – 5pm. Visit their facebook page to find out more details. IronsideStateSchoolSpringFair

Sun 13 Sep Scandinavian Festival 2015 (Newstead) Bringing together the local Clubs in Brisbane of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Iceland, the Scandinavian Festival again aims to attract a large crowd seeing, tasting, and buying everything Scandinavian! 10am – 4pm. Sun 13 Sep Yeronga Park Kindy Spring Fete (Yeronga) There will be lush plants and delicious cakes for sale. Pick up a book, CD or DVD. Enjoy rides, face painting, craft and other activities for kids. Go for a devonshire tea or cappuccino and stay for lunch. It will be a wonderful day for you and your little ones. 10am-3pm at 15 School Road Yeronga and adjacent park. Sat 19 Sep Talk Like a Pirate Family Fun Day (South Bank) This year a family fun day will be held in the grounds of the Maritime Museum. Captain Jack Pirate Magician will MC and will also be performing his show. Jumping castles, tours of the Museum ships, face painting, pirate arts and crafts, sword fighting demonstations, sausage sizzle and a pirate pantomime are all part of the day. FREE! 10am – 3pm.

Sat 5 Sep Yeronga Community Fair (Yeronga) There will be rides, games, food, entertainment, art, fun and laughter. St Sebastian’s Primary School. 11.30am – 7.30pm. Sat 5 – Sat 26 Sep Brisbane Festival (Various Locations in Brisbane) Experience high-energy performances, world and Australian premieres plus the spectacular Sunsuper Riverfire which lights up the city in a pyrotechnic explosion of colour on the final night of the festival. Brisbane Festival attracts an audience of about one million people every year. The festival, which has only been an annual event since 2009, is embraced by the city and admired by the world. With hundreds of performances throughout the city, there’s plenty to see and do offering jam-packed fun and unforgettable experiences.

Sat 19 & Sun 20 Sep Oz Comic-Con (South Brisbane) Calling all families and kids! Oz Comic-Con invites you to laugh, learn, create and share in family-friendly activities all weekend long in the Oz Comic-Con Family Activity Room! The Family Activity Room will include programming for younger fans like hands-on workshops, interactive classes, arts n' crafts and much more. Parents, sit back and relax from the hustleand-bustle of the show while the kids have fun. Brisbane Convention Centre. From Tue 22 Sep – Oct Sprouts in the Park (Brisbane) Sprouts in the Art, Craft and Gardening Activities – 22, 24, 29 September and 1 October - Join in with art, craft and gardening activities Suitable for children aged 0-4 years. Sprouts in the Park – Boppin’ Babies and YogaBaby – 23, 25, 30 September and 2, 7 & 9 October Introducing children to Yoga in a fun and interesting way. Suitable for children aged 3-6years. Sprouts in the Park – Catch and Release Fishing Day – Saturday 26 September - A great opportunity to learn and enjoy the art of fishing. Suitable for children aged 7-12 years. Bookings Required – call 1300 137 468. Registrations open 9am Monday 14 September.

From our Kids Technology Expert and columnist, Tyronne Curtis

The Privilege of Information We take what we have for granted. Our lives are bombarded on a daily basis with information that we choose to access or choose to ignore. This choice, this decision is a blessing that we all take for granted. Recently, I was engaged to be part of a collaboration between QUT and the University of Goroka (Papua New Guinea). It saw the upskilling of six participants in media production giving them tools to facilitate awareness and activate change surrounding important issues like gender discrimination. In Papua New Guinea the internet is expensive so they can’t access information like we can. These days our primary, secondary and tertiary education systems all rely heavily on video as a tool to teach with platforms like and Youtube. We all know how effective it is to learn by seeing someone do something, rather than be told how to do it. What does this mean to the way we are learning? Do we learn more quickly and more effectively with these tools? Without them would we be left behind? Perhaps. Perhaps we don’t actually need all this information and life would be simpler without it. I got the sense that life in Papua New Guinea has retained a sense of unconnected innocence. It has certainly got me pondering over which life is more fulfilling - best go to PNG to find out!

About the Writer Tyronne Curtis is the founder and director of Activate Entertainment and believes technology and creativity is going to be a big part of tomorrow’s generation and wants to be a part of ensuring they are ready for it. Activate Entertainment run fun & interactive workshops & afterschool classes to help children be more active when using technology. Check out the opportunities for your children. tyronne@

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015


Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory

Clubs, Classes & Activities

around Greater Brisbane for adults and children aged 0 - 17. If you would like a listing for your club, class or activity in our next issue’s inclusive directory, contact us now! Email: Compiled by Regina Gleeson NS = Northside SS = Southside

CLASSES FOR ADULTS Arts Tree (SS) Arts Tree offers 2 hour art classes and two day art workshops that are exciting, fun, and jam-packed with tips and techniques used by professional practicing artists. Their tutors give you the knowledge you need to keep making masterpieces at home. 0437 146 359  Hands On Brisbane (NS) Their arts and crafts workshops are conducted by some of Brisbane’s finest artisans to give you a hands on approach to learning your new skill. With many classes also providing the materials you need to start straight away, all you need to do is turn up and start creating! Workshops are held in Brisbane City at The Gardens Club, in the heart of the Brisbane City Botanic Garden. 07 3012 9606  Brisbane Sings (NS & SS) This site is a free community service which is building to be a comprehensive list of all singing groups in Brisbane and surrounding areas. It lists all types of singing groups including choirs, toning groups, barbershop, a cappella, sacred music, musical society, singing workshops and other singing groups - basically anywhere in this region where you can go to have a sing!  enarjize Us (NS) is a group of like-minded people participating in a 1 hour Enjoyable Body Movement session that makes them feel alive and learn that moving their body is for fun! At these sessions you will learn; How to feel more confident in yourself, Have the enarji and "get up and go" that you deserve, Feel alive and learn that moving your body is fun, You will want to continue moving your body not just now, but forever. 0421 037 444  Flipside Circus (NS) Leave your dramas, inhibitions and spandex at the door and avoid crowded gym rooms and repetitive workouts. Achieve fitness goals in a supportive and encouraging environment. Learn circus tricks that will amaze your friends (and yourself!) All circus activities are scalable to suit your individual goals. (07) 3352 7233  Forum Communicators (NS & SS) Be a better speaker. Toss your speaking fears out the window and come along to Forum. You will improve your public speaking skills in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, and even enjoy yourself. The WILL to become a confident speaker is all you need, the time to join is now. (07)3266 3521  Mad Dance House (NS & SS) Offering over 120 classes a week in a stack of different styles - there is a class for you at Mad Dance House. Dance classes on offer are: Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Popping, Locking, Tap, Hip Hop in Heels, Lyrical Hip Hop, Girly Style Street Jazz, Urban Contemporary, Commercial Jazz and fitness classes. No need to book- just rock up 10-15 mins before the start of your chosen class. 07 3210 6724 www. Men’s Shed (NS & SS) An organization that is accessible to all men and whose primary activity is the provision of a safe and friendly environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of other men. A major objective is to advance the well-being and health of their male members. 1300 550 009 


Ministry of Handmade (NS) They are passionate about handmade and teach traditional made-byhand skills with a modern twist!In a busy world, slow the pace with us for a bit… learn some new skills (or revisit an old one), refresh your spirit, make some new friends. 0414 467 405 www. Paleo To You (NS & SS) Love To Bake Paleo But Don’t Know Where To Start! Demonstrations NOW Available! Learn how to bake PALEO goodies at home that your KIDS will LOVE! In Home Single Demonstrations & 6 Week Courses Available! For information or to make a booking 0404046264 or  Stork, Baby and You (SS) Experienced midwife of 34 years offers private, personalised education sessions on birth & parenting in the convenience of your home. Sue will travel from Byron Bay to Redcliffe. For 3+ hours she is able to discuss topics relating to your needs & wishes. She will also lend you a couple of dvd's to look at after she leaves. Contact Sue Butler. 0411 854 443  The Actors Workshop (SS) Supplying nationally recognised training pathways to school leavers and mature age students seeking dedicated vocational training as a Film, Television and Theatre Actor. 07 3891 1411 

Paediatric First Aid Courses

Injury prevention and first aid instruction (NS & SS) Recommended for pregnant couples, parents, grandparents, babysitters and other carers of children, this 4.5hr programme includes an in depth injury prevention talk followed by practical paediatric first aid including CPR for babies and toddlers. Kidsafe QLD 3854 1829  Kids First Aid (NS & SS) They offer the only first aid courses delivered exclusively by experienced paramedics, designed to teach parents and caregivers how to respond calmly and confidently to 10 of the most common first aid emergencies situations. 1300 138 133  St John Ambulance Queensland (NS) This course is designed to meet the first aid needs of parents, guardians and members of the public who may be entrusted with the care of babies and children up to 12 years of age. This course provides the knowledge and skills to manage everyday emergency situations. 1300 360 455 


Miart (SS) Each child at Miart Brisbane is given guidance catered to their needs and interests as well as freedom and encouragement to express and develop their unique creativity. 0438193624  Renaissance Kids (NS & SS) Art lessons for children aged 5 years to 12 years. For students serious about improving their skills or just wanting to get a fun introduction to their creative side. 0404 847 684  Tania’s Arthouse (SS) Professional studio on the bayside that provides weekly art classes for all ages, from Prep up to yr 12. Fun & creative activities in a purpose built environment. 0422 497 627  ZoomArt for Kids (NS) Art classes for children in a fun and friendly environment. 6 different age levels from 2 yrs to Grade 12. Designed for the intentional development of the child’s skills, observations, thinking, and experiences in the visual arts. 07 3855 1528 www.

Cooking Classes Cutie Pies Baking School (SS) Does your little one love to be creative in the kitchen? Cutie Pies Baking School is where your child can mix, knead, roll, ice and decorate his or her own yummy creations! Have all the fun and leave the mess! 0426967055 Yummilicious Cookery (SS) love food, cooking and the social interaction that comes with it. Their mission is to bring children together in a safe, nurtured, fun and happy environment where they can learn about real food and cultivate the joy of cooking and mindful eating. 0421 327 187 

LANGUAGE & BABY DEVELOPMENT AlphaTykes (NS & SS) They teach French, Spanish or Italian to children between 18 months and 12 years. Lessons run from 30 minutes (under 3 yrs) to 45 minutes (over 3 yrs). 1300 61 22 88  Conversations On (SS) English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish or French Classes. Small classes (max 6). They also help your baby communicate earlier with baby sign language classes. 07 3871 2882  Flipside Circus (NS) Flipside circus offers classes for people aged 1 and up! Their Wriggles and Giggles classes introduce toddlers and parents to the world of circus through fun, interactive workshops designed to improve gross and fine motor skills, social development and physical abilities. (07) 3352 7233 

Brisbane Institute of Art (NS) These classes aim to encourage in children an appreciation of the aesthetic experience and personal symbolic language. Each term will focus on a particular media, so that during the year children will be exposed to a variety of mediums. 07 3857 5377 

LCF Fun Languages (SS) Designed over 25 years, their methodology teaches French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, English and German with a fun and active approach that will get your child using the language quickly and naturally. 1300 707 288 

Fox Blocks (NS) Fox Blocks is an innovative creative construction programme that uses a variety of materials such as Lego, Duplo, K’nex, and Fischertechnik, as well as everyday objects. There are 4 different age levels for children from 3.5 years to Grade 7. Each term has a different theme, and each class builds new proficiencies. 07 3855 1528 

Baby Sensory Hawthorne (SS) They use a combination of original and traditional songs and rhymes to develop early communication skills and you will always remember the moment your baby first uses the signs of their Say Hello song which is played at the beginning of each Baby Sensory class. 07 3399 2004 

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

Sign Language

Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory Deaf Services Queensland (SS) Baby Sign is designed for parents to learn basic Auslan key word signs for babies and children who are hearing or deaf, between 2 mths and 5 yrs. Infants naturally use smiling, cooing, crying and movement to communicate their needs/feelings so it is common for babies to use their hands to communicate long before they can speak. 07 3892 8500 

ACTIVITY CENTRES Bounce Inc (SS) They believe everyone wants to fly though the air and bounce off the walls. So they have created Bounce Inc – a massive indoor trampoline universe packed with lots of high octane, extreme, fun things to do. 1300 000 540  Bay Play (SS) Bay Play Cleveland is an Australiana themed, indoor play centre, with a difference. No other play centre will offer you the opportunity to interact and play with your children the way Bay Play Cleveland does. Catering for ages 6 months 16 yrs (and beyond!) their array of activities, events and attractions is fun for the whole family. (07) 3821 7772  Chipmunks Playland & Café (NS & SS) Visit Chipmunks for unlimited play for kids aged 0 – 11 years old and relax over a coffee or lunch with friends and family at their café in one of their 3 Brisbane locations. They feature state of the art equipment and are fully air-conditioned, clean and comfortable. They also have party facilities.  Crank Indoor Climbing - Macgregor (SS) The largest indoor kids climbing area in Brisbane. Great for your next kid’s party (5yrs+). Filled with colourful creative fun climbs, a cargo net, a slackline and a mini caving tunnel. At $20 for 2 hours (min.10 kids) it is great value (no climbing experience is necessary as one of their friendly staff will show you the ropes). For the older kids they also have after school classes in both rock climbing and Parkour. With the best instructors in Brisbane they will be trained safely to overcome any obstacle.  Flipside Circus (NS) Go to Flipside Circus on Sundays to play, train and amaze! Sunday Circus is Flipside’s open space to explore the different circus apparatus they have, play with your friends, learn new tricks and amaze yourself and others with the fabulous things you can do. 9am to 12pm for Beginners and those very new to circus. (07) 3352 7233  Inflatable World (NS) It's all about having fun, so bring the whole family and bounce on in to Inflatable World. It's not just for the kids. (07) 3266 5699  Lollipop’s Playland & Café (NS &SS) Are great kids party venues or giving kids a treat while parents relax over a cup of coffee and a treat from their quality cafe. Their indoor play centres are safe and secure where kids can have hours of fun climbing,

sliding, jumping and spinning. 4 Brisbane locations.  Rainbow City Children's Playcentre & Cafe (SS) Rainbow City offers unique services especially for children under 8 years old. Not only do they offer soft play and big play structures, but they also offer young children a place to have fun – they have their imaginative and innovative play in mind. Air conditioned and free Wi-Fi. 07 3290 0434  Rocksports Indoor Climbing (NS &SS) Rocksports Indoor Climbing Centres offers people of all ages two superb venues to participate in the exciting sport of Indoor Climbing in a safe and friendly environment. No experience is necessary. For most people, Rocksports is a fun, social experience, though it can also be a great step to a world of adventure, or a training venue, a team building challenge, a meeting place, or a birthday party to remember, or it can change your life! (07) 3216 0462  Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park (SS) Sky Zone Macgregor isn't just any indoor trampoline park. It is hundreds of trampolines, connected to form a single massive trampoline that literally allows you to jump off the walls. And if that's not enough excitement for you Sky Zone Macgregor has Skyland - a 3 storey laser tag arena that holds up to 40 players battling it out in a cloud-filled wonderland. That's right, you read correctly. A trampoline park with laser tag! So what are you waiting for? 13 7599  State Library QLD (SS) The Corner is a creative play space carefully prepared for children from birth through to 8 years old and their parents and caregivers. Through art making, facilitated play, sharing stories and creative conversations children can interact with artists and each other to creatively engage in the serious business of play. With new themes every few months there’s always plenty to see and do. Each day between 10am and 12noon, join arts workers for a creative play date. Tuesday and Thursdays feature a performance by all singing, all dancing performer Tim Jackman and share rhymes, songs, stories and reading with our Rhyme Time sessions. Every Day (Mon – Sun) 10am – 3pm 07 3842 9786  au/whats-on Tiddlywinks Dance & Play Café (NS) Tiddlywinks Dance and Play Cafe is a family owned and operated entertainment venue, providing a unique dance and play experience for children up to 11 years old. They also have dance programmes and party facilities. 07 3266 8484  Velocity Park (NS) Challenge gravity, challenge your mates and challenge yourself to reach higher. Planning a party? Corporate Event? School Group activity? Or are your kids bouncing off the walls?? Dodgeball, Slamball, Free Bounce, Wall Climbing, Trick Foam Pit and more...There's something for everyone at Velocity Park! 07 3482 4344 

We Play (SS) are the best family fun centres in Australia, offering entertainment, games and activities for children of all ages, facilities for corporate events and parties for children and adults alike. Our locations offer a huge soft play structure, exciting ball and laser games, mini-golf, ride-on cars and a gourmet cafe, all in a fully airconditioned, clean and safe environment.  Xtreme Indoor Trampoline Centre (SS) The ceiling really is the limit at Xtreme and with dedicated adventure zones throughout the trampoline arena. Practice your flips and tricks on their longest tramp and land in a cushion of air. Shoot to new heights on three massive Olympic trampolines. Try out their newest radical sport called ‘Jump and Bump’; use your bubble suit to bump your opponents out of the way and make it to the other side. Be quick on your feet and jump into a Dodge Ball game. Even though their trampoline arena is seriously Xtreme they also cater for Mini Jumpers who are aged between 3 and 5. 1300 586 787 

MUSIC Boppin’ Babies (NS &SS) Boppin’ Babies is a music therapy program for newborn babies up to 5 years. Sessions run for 30 minutes. 0430 591 532  Gymboree (NS & SS) Award winning children’s Play & Learn Gym, Music & Art classes for 0-5yrs. Designed by experts, the age-appropriate activities help develop the cognitive, physical and social skills of children as they play. The programs are also recognized for their unique approach to parent involvement—which encourages participation in and understanding of each child’s development. Free trial available. 07 3878 2468  The Kangagang Show (NS & SS) Original Australian children's music capturing imaginations. 100% fun and interaction - learn singing, dancing, playing Aussie bush instruments and enjoy dressing up. Available for Childcare, Schools - Prep to year 4 and all Events. They guarantee BONZA FUN! See them live on Youtube.  Carolyn on 0497 365 829  Kindermusik at Flying Fox Studios (NS) Music and movement classes from newborn to 7 yrs. Kindermusik classes encourage babies and children to develop language, social, emotional, and physical skills as well—all in the context of joyful, musically rich play! 07 3855 1528  Music Masters (NS) This a sequential music program developed by Christine Masters. The classes are designed, not only to foster a child’s natural musical ability, but to extend them so that their musical education is fully developed. 07 3357 9646 

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015


Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory continued from page 27 Neighbourhood Crèche (NS) A creative community business offering affordable early childhood classes and care for children aged 0-6. YMM: Yoga, Massage and Music - A lovely bonding 45 minute sensory class for mums with newborns to 8 month old babies. (currently a National award nominee) Bubs music and movement classes for toddlers under 2: Dance, parachutes, bubbles puppets and fun. Tots Music: - Fun and educational music classes for 2-4 year old children. Keyboard Kids/Recorder Rock Stars: Small group classes of either Keyboard or Recorders for children aged 4-6 years. A fun after school activity. Crèche Casual Child Care: Need a break or have things to do? drop your child off to the super fun and educational Crèche on Tuesday's and Thursday's for occasional care when you need it. CCB approved. 0423032591  Wee Make Music (NS & SS) classes are essential early development sessions where age appropriate activities using beat, rhythm, language and movement empower a love of music and learning in babies through pre-prep age children. So much fun and so beneficial for general cognitive, musical and social development. Free visit class for all. Bulimba, New Farm, Wilston.  0434357764 Young Conservatorium (NS & SS) Operating under Open Conservatorium Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, this is the program of choice for families seeking a pedagogically sound music education. Positions are available in Early Childhood Music, Young Beginner, Developing Musician and Senior Tuition in classical /contemporary; Wind, String, Chamber, Vocal, Jazz and Symphonic Ensembles; and composition. 

SPORTS & EXERCISE Australian Parkour Association (NS & SS) A philosophy and method of movement through any environment with speed and efficiency. The concept is to overcome all physical and mental obstacles in your path by using your body and mind to run, climb, jump and vault. 1800 759 015  Baseball Queensland (NS & SS) For boys and girls of all ages. Their club competitions fall into the following age groups: Under 8 MighTee ball, U10 Rookie Ball, Little League (U12), Baseball - U14, U16 and U18. 07 3876 2222  Brisbane Basketball (NS & SS) Basketball is a noncontact sport and provides a safe and enjoyable opportunity for players of all age groups. 07 3371 0200  Brisbane Martial Arts (NS & SS) Whether Taekwondo, or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is your preferred martial art, if you’re looking to start martial arts training, or take your training to the next level, there’s only one place to go, the home of martial arts in Brisbane. 1300 303 583  Dynamight Kids (NS & SS) Teaches safety, selfdefence and life skills to children aged between 3-12 years. Lessons run for 30 minutes. 1300 61 22 88  Flipside Circus (NS) offer a wide range of classes from beginners to experienced from ages 0 - 100. There is something fun and suitable for every age and every ability. The classes are fast moving and full of action – never a moment to spare. Go and learn all the skills of the circus including tissu, static trapeze, lyra, juggling, hoops, acro balance and tumbling. (07) 3352 7233  Gymnastics Queensland (NS & SS) Gymnastics is one of the most fundamental and exciting of all physical activities. Basic gymnastic skills develop attributes that are perfect stepping stones for other sports, activities and life in general. 07 3036 5600  Gymboree (NS & SS) Award winning children’s Play & Learn Gym, Music & Art classes for 0-5yrs. Designed by experts, the age-appropriate


activities help develop the cognitive, physical and social skills of children as they play. The programs are also recognized for their unique approach to parent involvement—which encourages participation in and understanding of each child’s development. Free trial available. 07 3878 2468  Hockey Queensland (NS & SS) Hockey is a team sport, children learn the value of working with others. They figure out how to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is key to success. 07 3399 6577  Junior Golf Queensland (NS & SS) Golf is a great game for juniors/students/children as it is a healthy game that one can play for their whole life. Golf has special qualities that can have powerful and lasting impacts on young people’s self-image, personal development and confidence. 07 3252 8155  Life Stream (NS & SS) Facilitates a wide range of opportunities specifically in South East Queensland for people with an intellectual disability to participate, develop skills and be active members of their communities. Life Stream believes that through participation in community activities, recreation, leisure & sport and having friendships and responsibilities, people develop skills and lead healthy, active and meaningful lives. 07 3394 4399  Little Athletics Queensland (NS & SS) Auniquely Australian sport for children 5-16 years. Based upon the sport of athletics (track & field) the events are specially modified to suit the ages and abilities of children. A wide range of running, jumping, throwing and walking events is conducted. 07 3255 9436  Netball Queensland (NS & SS) For young children interested in playing netball for the first time, there is NetSetGo! This program is for children (girls and boys) aged 5-10 and is designed for teaching the basics of netball while fostering fun and friendship in a team environment. 07 3848 6330  PCYC (NS & SS) Gym fun, kids dance, tiny tots, cheerleading, boxercise, teen yoga karate, tumble and stunt, glee club, circuit and gymnastics is just some of the activities at PCYCs. Please contact your local club to see what is on offer for you and your children. 07 3909 9555  Queensland Cricket (NS & SS) These days, cricket offers some new and exciting formats for kids that won’t take up your whole weekend. Kids can take part in the Milo in2Cricket program, a fun way to get a taste of the sport. As their skills develop, they can transition into Milo T20 Blast and on to club cricket to continue a lifelong connection with the game. 07 3292 3100 

Ready Steady Go Kids is Australia's most reputable multi-sport and exercise program for pre-schoolers (aged 2.5-6 years). They have been operating since 2004 and currently run classes at Oxley, Tennyson, Bray Park and North Lakes with new classes added regularly. It is a physio-designed program teaching children the fundamentals of 10 different sports in a fun, non-competitive, teambased environment. Classes are 45 minutes covering 5 sports per term. The program has a structure that is repeated each week so children become familiar with the routine. Ready Steady Go Kids seeks to develop lifelong passion for physical activity and sport.  1300 766 892 Skipping Queensland (SS) A very dynamic, exciting and exhilarating sport. It helps in the development of an individual’s fitness and co-ordination, and is used by a number of other sporting codes and athletes for aerobic fitness. Competitive skipping takes the activity to the next level.  Pure Tennis (NS & SS) Hotshots junior tennis programs teach essential motor skills, agility,

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

balance and co-ordination. They provide a range of tennis based activities and fun games, whilst teaching children the fundamental aspects of tennis. For kids as young as 3 yrs, from beginners to elite. Lessons start from $12 per session. Griffith University Mt Gravatt, Ferny Hills and St Hilda’s School Gold Coast. Tennis Queensland (NS & SS) Tennis Queensland Registration is automatically included when you join your local affiliated club as a member. This will also give you access to all the exclusive benefits that the club chooses to offer. Find a club near you. 07 3120 7900 

Horseriding Cherbon Waters (SS) Cherbon Waters’ facilities include a new fully lit 60m x 20 indoor arena (with an undercover viewing area), riding trails, round yards, stabling area, wash bays, safe fullyelectrified paddocks. 0417 704 671  Dalson Park Indoor Equestrian Centre (SS) Horse riding lessons are well priced and cover the use of Dalson Park ponies, tacked up by capable stable hands; the use of arenas, tack, saddles, helmet and boots and expert and encouraging instruction. 0448 034 514  Gumnuts (SS) Gumnuts is a 140 acre horse farm located in the Biddaddaba Valley. They offer a farm stay experience as well as horseriding, which is their primary focus. They have expanded to include day & ½ day riding tours operating from both the Gold Coast and Brisbane. (07) 5543 0191  Heritage Riding (SS) It does not matter if you are a “first timer” or you are a current Junior Rider wanting to gain more competitive skills in Dressage or Jumping. They have a Horse/Pony and Qualified Instructor that will suit your needs, and give you a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience. 07 3206 3951  Indarra Equestrian Centre (SS) provides a safe riding environment with qualified, professional staff so you can enjoy your love of horses. You can choose either group (max 4 riders) or private lessons. Indarra also hold fun filled day and overnight camps during each school holidays 0409 475 040  Kiah Park (SS) Offers 7 day horse riding farm stays for children ages 6yrs - teens every school holidays. Includes full accommodation and each child is given their own pony/horse to love, care for and ride twice a day. Includes full accommodation, arena lessons, horse care – grooming & tacking up, trail rides and gymkhana. Fun night activities include night walk, talent show, camp fire with stories and marshmallow roasting, bingo and movie night. (07) 5486 6166  Nag Nanny (SS) Nag Nanny & Equine Resolutions is passionate about teaching all aspects of looking after horses. Children will not turn up to a horse that is saddled and ready to go, do their lesson and leave. They will teach them all about getting to know a horse.  Riverside Equestrian Centre (SS) Riverside Equestrian Centre is located at Moggill in a parklike setting on the banks of the Brisbane River. It is a short drive from Brisbane City. They offer lessons for groups and single riders from junior to senior riders. Each lesson runs for 2 hours instead of the normal 45mins. (07) 3202 6526 www. Slickers Horse Riding (NS) Their lessons are conducted in either an enclosed yard or out on one of their trails depending on which the rider requires. 07 3285 1444  Tamborine Mountain Trail Rides (SS) A 300 acre farm, Tamborine Mountain Trail Rides has ponies available for parties, as well as trail rides from a half hour through to whole day trips, and they offer lessons, too. 0434 011 826 www. Trevena Glen Farm (SS)Trevena Glen Farm is only a 45 minute drive from Brisbane. They provide a variety of farm experiences for your Brisbane Family.They also provide riding lessons that cover everything from learning to ride to all aspects of looking after a horse. So you can book in to have a very real horse experience, before you commit to buying a horse! (07) 32894257 www.grookea.

Brisbane Clubs & Classes Directory Wattle Creek Riding School (NS) At Wattle Creek, they specialise in one on one lessons. This gives 100% of the Coach’s attention to the rider. This allows the experienced and inexperienced to work at their optimum pace. No riding experience is needed to start as they teach from the first riding lesson to the highly experienced rider. 07 3300 6422  Windsong Equestrian Park (SS) Their coaches conduct private lessons by appointment, in an all-weather surface ProRide arena. Their coaches are qualified level one instructors and are happy to cater for beginners or higher skill levels of all ages. 

Swimming Aquatic Achievers Swim Schools (NS & SS) specialize in teaching babies through to stroke correction and squads. Their innovative Solo-1 teaching program advances skills in easy, achievable progressions. The pinnacle of their SOLO-1 program is for children to swim One Kilometre unassisted.  Dipadees (NS) The have four programs for babies from 4 months to children aged 18 years. 07 3355 1550  Grace Swimming (NS) a swimming environment that is friendly and family-oriented. Situated at Grace Lutheran College, this state-of-theart swimming facility boasts experienced and renowned swimming instructors that cater for all swimming levels. 07 3204 2725  Genesis Aquatic Centre (NS) Located in Bray Park they offer comprehensive Learn to Swim Lessons from babies through to Squad training. Their program runs Monday to Friday, before, during and after school hours, as well as Saturday mornings. The key focus for all swimmers at Genesis Aquatic Centre is to swim technically as well as possible in all four strokes. 3882 9091 or aquatics@ Sam Riley Swim Schools (NS & SS) Dedicated, qualified and experienced instructors know the importance of balancing the professionalism required to teach your child to swim, whilst maintaining an element of enjoyment, so your child has fun while learning. 07 3050 7341  Superfish Swim Schools (SS) Located in Sunnybank in an indoor heated pool. Drowning Prevention Lessons from 3 months to PreSchoolers, offering babies 13wks to 25wks old FREE lessons, to encourage an early start. School Age Stroke Correction Lessons are available, 6 Days. Small, structured lessons. Free orientations & trial lessons for all new swimmers. 33233188  The Clem Jones Centre (SS) The Learn to Swim program focuses on water safety, water confidence and the development of all strokes while also emphasising on fun and excitement for both the child and parent. They cater from 6 months to adult classes’. 07 3398 2107  Nudgee College Swimming (NS) The organisation aims for its swimmers to reach their potential by providing a coaching program that produces excellent results at state, national and international level. They have a range of programs for different swimming groups, from beginners to advanced, from infants to older swimmers. Their program operates all year round. 07 3865 0516 syan@ North Lakes Aquatic Centre (NS) Concentrates in infant water familiarization, safety and personal development. Their swim program in conjunction with the Royal Life Saving Society caters for children from 6 mths through to Junior Squads. Their instructors pride themselves on their wealth of experience, understanding and enthusiasm. (07) 3886 2022 

Yoga Angel Yoga 4 Kids (NS) AYK Yoga classes teach children through asanas, yoga stories, yoga songs, yoga game’s, yoga art, yoga dance, visualisation, pranayama, relaxation & meditation techniques. 0412 564 757 

Brisbane Yoga Space (NS & SS) An invaluable tool of fun, learning, health and growth for kids and teens. Through yoga, young people can have fun while developing health, fitness and selfconfidence. 0430 158 826  Calm For Kids Relaxation Classes (NS & SS) Calm for Kids hold yoga based relaxation classes for children throughout Australia. The Calm for Kids classes consist of balance, concentration and co-ordination exercises, breathing exercises and games, peer massage, children’s relaxation and visualisations and positive affirmations. 07 3343 3285  Inna Bliss Yoga Studios (SS) Bliss kids yoga classes are a fantastic way for your child to enjoy the many benefits of yoga in fun and friendly environment. The instructor guides the children through an interactive & themed practice of song, movement, yoga poses, creativity, story-telling and relaxation. 07 3162 2188  Ten Toes Yoga & Natural Health (NS) Children respond well to Kids Yoga Classes because Yoga gives them a chance to explore aspects of their bodies, minds and emotions in a fun and creative way. 

FILM, THEATRE & PERFORMING ARTS Activate Entertainment (NS) Offers a variety of educational and fun programs in filmmaking and media arts. Learn how to produce, direct and edit ‘out of this world’ projects using iPads, GoPro’s, Green Screen and Drones. Activate Entertainment gets young people being both active and creative with new technologies. Encourages social engagement and creative problem solving whilst developing essential skills for tomorrow’s world. Programs designed for 8 - 17yrs (Primary & Secondary). 0423762096 Brisbane Arts Theatre (NS) Their training enhances children’s performance skills and stagecraft knowledge with acting techniques, improvisation, voice (including singing – solo, chorus and harmonies) and movement training (theatre, dance and mime). 07 3369 2344  Brisbane Youth Theatre (NS) Drama classes for kids from 7-17. Adventurous and playful they provide an exciting and supportive environment for creating theatre and enhancing learning. Developing body and vocal freedom of expression and explore characterisation and script work. 0404 220 465 heidi@brisbaneyouththeatre. Flipside Circus (NS) Performance Program Flipside Circus Trainers support students in every step of the way ensuring each student is ready as they take the steps from performing in small in-house shows to roaming performances at fetes and festivals to touring large scale performing works in major festivals! (07) 3352 7233  Helen O'Grady Drama Academy (NS & SS) They help children develop essential life skills and explore their creative side through developmental drama programs while providing them with the necessary life skills to prepare them for life after school. Helen O’Grady is the world’s foremost provider of developmental drama programs for children aged between 3 and 17 years of age in over 25 countries worldwide. 1300 647 239  Shake and Stir Theatre Co (NS) Improve your child’s performance and communication skills, raise their self-confidence and increase their level of physical activity. 07 3358 6025  Stagecraft Acting School (NS & SS) Focus is on helping kids become happy, confident and successful people not just successful actors. They pride themselves in teaching kids the skills they need to become professional actors in the real world by making learning fun. 0417 118 006 

Dance Attitude Dance Academy (NS) Attitude Dance Academy offers a safe, fun, learning environment where your child can study a variety of dance styles from highly experienced, professionally

trained instructor 07 3349 0391  Brisbane Academy of Dance (NS) A wide range of qualified teachers in all areas of dance. An energetic approach to teaching encourages students to achieve their personal best.(07)3356 588  Buzz Bump and Jump (NS) Butterfly Ballet (35yrs), Rainbow Ballet (5-8 yrs) and Buzz Theatre Group. Sandgate, Tuesday and Thursday. Call Belynda 0409 714 324 Elite Dancers (NS) Their many different classes are structured to suit the needs of every dancer, whether you want to dance for a career or for fun and fitness. We have classes for ages 3 and above on a registered or casual basis. 0427 999 909  Kick Dance (SS) Structured programs in dance run by professional teachers with excellent qualifications and extensive industry experience. Classes which facilitate enjoyment, confidence, develop students at a very high technical level and allow a ‘kick’ start into the performing arts. Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Irish Dancing, Creative Movement for tiny tots. 0414 308 248  Kinderballet (NS & SS) An Imaginative and creative introduction to Classical Ballet for toddler and pre-schoolers. They offer 'Mummy & Me' classes for 2 - 3 1/2 year old, 'Tots' classes for 3 1/2 - 5 year olds and 'Kiddies' classes for 4 - 5 year olds. 1300 6060949  Movements Academy of Dance (NS) A well-established, friendly, family based studio that believes in teaching students to be all that they can be. They handpick their teachers who are qualified, encouraging & inspiring so that every student can have the very best dance education possible. 07 3886 4098  Seriously Dance (SS) They truly believe their philosophy of respecting each student for their individuality & challenging each student to obtain personal excellence. 0416 477 703 

TUTORS & SCHOOL SUPPORT Kids Matters Occupational Therapy (NS & SS) They help with all sensory, learning, motor and development issues. Clinics at Yeerongpilly and Albany Creek. Helping children reach their potential. 1300 136 596  Kip McGrath Education Centre (NS & SS) See your child really improve in maths and English. Qualified teachers create individual tutoring programs for your child, using proven Kip McGrath methods of tuition. Maths, English, Reading, Spelling & Comprehension.  Kumon (NS & SS) The Kumon Method is an individualised learning method. The starting point for each Kumon student is determined individually. Students start with the level where they can attain a perfect score by studying on their own. 1800 458 666  ABC Reading Eggs (For ages 3-13) Join over 3.4 million users worldwide to teach your child to read with ABC Reading Eggs, the multi-award winning online reading program that makes learning to read fun. SPELD (SS) Is your child struggling at school? Do they have trouble with learning to read or write, following instructions or remembering information? SPELD can help! They have an advisory line, specialist teacher service, assistive technology service, assessment service, seminars / PD, and they have an extensive library. They support people experiencing specific learning differences. 3394 2566  Sort Organise Support (NS & SS) Provide support, education, training, and guided practice for students at critical entry points to Senior School. Goals are individualised but may include setting up and maintaining effective study practices and work environments; managing work, recreation, school, family and community commitments; and setting realistic goals and expectations. 1800 002 062 

Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015


Ask A Local

Boys and their Dad Flip Out for Circus Fun! We recently spoke to a local Brisbane Dad who tells us why his boys LOVE the unique difference offered by Flipside Circus at Alderley.


ndrew and Sonya Foley are two very proud parents who, along with their sons Oliver and Angus, have been a main part of the Flipside Circus family for 7 years. Oliver was introduced to circus at the age of 5 when he attended one of Flipside’s famous School Holiday Workshops. The family were looking for an activity that could engage Oliver physically, creatively and intellectually and, after 2 years of watching from the side, his younger brother Angus jumped in on the circus action too. The boys started attending regular classes and as their passion for circus grew, so too did the family’s participation in the Flipside Community. Mum and Dad volunteered at working bees and started helping to cook food and transport performers to and from shows while the boys would attend circus performances as often as possible and even set about teaching their parents how to stretch, acrobalance and juggle! Through the boys’ experiences at Flipside they have grown in confidence, fitness, strength, body awareness and are able to challenge themselves to do things they haven't done before like meet new people and overcome their fears. However, the benefits of circus haven't stopped there! Oliver, for example, had a natural affinity for circus, the movement and creativity really appealed to him, he loved it! Performing however, was a big challenge for him and he was terrified for his first show. He spent 2 days panicking beforehand, not wanting to go on stage. Oliver’s trainer recognised his anxieties but placed no pressure on him to perform and through the support of his family and trainer, Oliver overcame his anxiety and decided to give the performance a go and he loved it! Oliver’s dad Andrew says of his sons’ performing, “It’s brilliant! Just to see them on stage or in the training space, watching them do things I didn't realise they could do and watching the audiences response to their performance is fantastic, it makes me very proud as a parent.” Oliver and Angus have had plenty of experience on the stage having


Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015

"the boys would attend circus performances as often as possible and even set about teaching their parents how to stretch, acrobalance and juggle!" had the opportunity to perform in the Sydney Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Pine Rivers Festival and throughout regional communities in Central Queensland. The boys also have regular contact and mentoring from professional circus performers who also train in the Flipside Circus Training Centre. Seeing their mentors has inspired the boys to teach as well as perform, working as trainer-assistants in schools with marginalised student populations and as buddies in the Flipside Explore the Possibilities Program working with children who have additional needs. Both boys attend regular weekly classes and have had private lessons with Master trainers at Flipside which has seen their technical and athletic skills improve dramatically which is reflected in other areas of their lives. Angus has little doubts about what he can and can’t do, taking more risks with confidence, while both boys are seeing the benefits of improved confidence, strength and fitness in their Rugby and Cricket training. Andrew says when he talks to other parents who are looking for activities for their children, “most think about rugby or soccer but I always say, have a look at circus, it is well worthwhile and provides the kids with all round benefits.”

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WIN One of five family passes to Oz Comicon in Brisbane Calling all pop culture-loving families! Get out your light sabres, dust off your favourite comic books...Oz Comic-Con is coming back to Brisbane this September. A perfect way for families to kick off the school holidays, Oz Comic-Con will be taking over the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on 19-20 September. A celebration of the very best in the pop-culture sphere, Oz Comic-Con Brisbane will feature a huge variety of celebrity guests, comic artists, interactive features and amazing exhibitors. It’s fun for the whole family, with a family activity room and kids cosplay parade to keep even the littlest fans entertained! For more information:

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WIN One of two double passes to Strictly Ballroom The Musical Strictly Ballroom The Musical features breakinto-song numbers created from original classics from the film, Love is in the Air, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, and Time After Time as well as some wonderful new songs by artists such as Eddie Perfect and Sia. Strictly Ballroom The Musical is the inspiring story of a championship ballroom dancer who defies all the rules to follow his heart. This uplifting and courageous tale originated as a stage play that Baz Luhrmann devised with a group of students at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) back in 1984. We are giving away two double passes for a parents/friends’ ‘date night’ for the show on Tuesday 15 Sept 6.30pm.

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Tiptoe & Co is an online shoe boutique owned and run by a Mum of two, who hand picks gorgeous styles for babies, toddlers and older kids and brings them to you at affordable prices. A huge range of styles and brands are stocked including Skeanie, Little Blue Lamb and Vans, as well as cool shoe accessories like Shwings wings for shoes and the award-winning Shoezooz educational shoe stickers (Have you seen these? They help your little ones put their shoes on the right feet all by themselves!) From soft sole leather baby shoes, to sneakers, to leather boots and gumboots - you will find all your children's footwear needs at Tiptoe & Co.

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WIN 1 of 2 EasyRead Time Teacher Clocks valued at $39.95 each Learning how to read an analogue clock is an abstract concept yet proficiency is essential for daily living. With EasyRead Time Teacher Clocks children can acquire the skill in 3 simple and painless steps in a matter of minutes. Here’s how… 1. Read the numeral that the minute/long hand is pointing to. 2. Say ‘minutes to’ if the long hand is located on the pink side or ‘minutes past’ if it is on the green. 3. Read the numeral that the hour/short hand is pointing to. With its colourful and segmented numerals, highlighted 5 minute intervals, clearly distinguishable and silent hands and crisp, uncluttered dial the EasyRead clock has everything young clock learners require. They are ideal for every home and classroom and are best teamed with the EasyRead watch. Witness your child’s independence and confidence miraculously grow with this delightful clock.

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Your Local Families Magazine – Brisbane Issue 11 - August/September 2015


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