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Issue 25: December 2017 / January 2018



From North Lakes and Samford in the north to the Redlands and Logan in the South and out through the Western suburbs of Brisbane

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50 Cheap Things to Do this Summer!



We’ve road tested and reviewed the BEST 50 things to do this summer for families with kids.






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December 2017 / January 2018

Welcome to our Summer holiday issue! I know that Summer holidays are approaching because I’ve run out of sick days, but everyone is still getting sick to the regular schedule. The school shoes are being held together with superglue, black gaffa tape and whispered threats of garbage bins of fire. We have either no hats or 45 hats which read like a roll call of bad pseudonyms (various combinations of all my children’s names and surnames plus a few strays from other kids caught in the school bell scramble crossfire). The packed lunches are now things that won’t combust/ mutate in the bag because no one respects the ‘ice block straight to the freezer from the lunch bag’ rule. The Christmas list is mainly used as prompt for more specific threats: “If you don’t _______ there will be no *item number 5* in your stocking this year”. We are all holding it together until schools out, work is more tolerant of my fatigued erratic engagement and for one blissful week we can all build with excitement to two days of extended family, late bedtimes and inadvisable sugar levels. So here is my dilemma. Every year we can’t wait for the summer holidays and I picture bush walks, beach holidays reading books and listening to the playful splashing of my kids! I picture museums and art galleries and movie days! But we’ve often blown our budget and the last half of the year is desperately spent trying to pay off the last electricity bill before the next one arrives. Instead I try to cram three kids in a clam shell full of tepid water on the deck while desperately texting my mates with air conditioning for a ‘play date’.

Contents 4-5

Families News Find out what is happening locally for Families


Families Travel 8 Tips for Travelling with Kids in Japan

10 - 13

Education Should You Delay Prep? How to get a High School Scholarship

14 - 23

Clubs , Classes & Activities Local clubs, classes, activities and venues designed specifically for children aged 0 – 17.

24 - 30

Families Fun Circle the family events you plan to do during the summer

Don’t make my mistakes! Browse our comprehensive selection of summer holiday ideas both fantastic and affordable. And text me if the Calippos are on sale. Sending you cool nights and warm hugs,

Simone Eclair

Simone Eclair insists she is a Brisbane comedian (but you can decide for yourself ).

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Families News


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THE EXPERIENCE! @SEA LIFE SUNSHINE COAST Dive in this summer and explore the all new interactive zone at Sea Life Sunshine Coast: Finding Dory and Friends: The Experience! Created with Disney•Pixar, the new experience features interactive magical moments from the box-office smash hit, Finding Dory. Throughout the interactive journey a Pipe Pals trail will guide and surprise with tales of amazing underwater animals, leading guests into Dory’s Reef. Experience fun activities including, Ridin’ the EAC with Crush, Nemo’s Anemone Challenge, and using your own echo locator in Bailey’s Maze. The highlight of Finding Dory and Friends: The Experience is meeting schools of Blue Tangs (Dory) and Clownfish (Nemo) in an all-new stunning Coral Reef exhibit. Finding Dory and Friends: The Experience is open from Friday 17th November and will be open every day of the Summer school holidays including Christmas Day!

Families News

SUBURBAN CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – LOCAL ROUTE MAP FOR FAMILIES We know that looking at Christmas Lights in your local areas is almost a rite of passage for kids as they grow up. We also know that compiling the list and figuring out which lights to see in which order before the kids get too tired can be quite the chore – and how do you find the NEW participants with lights this year? Fret none! Families Magazine has hunted high and low and compiled a list of suburban Christmas lights for your neighbourhood and your family. Not just any list – but a map and a list that is downloadable from our website with the streets in order of the

BEST route to take to see them. We’ve highlighted the winners from 2016 (and will update with 2017 winners as soon as we know!), in case you want ‘just the highlights’ and it is all freely downloadable from our website NOW! Just head to: and choose your local area at the top of the website then click on ‘Christmas’ to navigate to your local Christmas lights page and download your map for your family & friends.



On Monday 8th January Families Magazine is holding an online forum called ‘Starting Kindy & Prep | Your Questions Answered’. Join Families Magazine and C&K and our panel of Education experts as we personally answer your questions… • Is my child ready to start Prep? • How do I choose the right kindy or daycare; • What books can we read together about starting school to help? • Settling those first day jitters; • Dealing with separation anxiety (yours and theirs); • What will they learn this year and • any other pressing question you might have to help you make an informed decision. On the panel will be professionals from the health and education fields who will be available in real time to answer you. This is an online only event that runs for 2 hours from 8pm – 10pm. Head to our Facebook page and click interested on our event to ensure you are notified when it is about to start:

BRISBANE ARTS THEATRE ANNOUNCE THEIR CHILDREN’S THEATRE SEASON FOR 2018 When a child’s creativity is sparked, it is the beginning of a lifelong journey of discovery; of learning that a chair can be a throne, a twig can be a wand and a normal little boy in grade five at Shorncliffe State School can write a play for his friends to perform. Brisbane Arts Theatre’s shows in 2018 range from Roald Dahl’s The Witches to Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in The Hat. Along the way your children will also meet Alice in Wonderland, The Little Red Riding Hood (with a twist in the tale) Disney’s Mulan JR, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Beauty and The Beast and Shrek The Musical. Children aged from three upwards will love the closeness of the stage, the diversity of the stories and the unique privilege of meeting their favourite characters in the courtyard after each performance. For information about Brisbane Arts Theatre’s Children’s Theatre Season, please visit 12-month family subscriptions enable you to purchase 12 tickets over 12 months (maximum of 5 for a single performance).

Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018


Family Health


A lovely handmade gift for teachers, friends and family, this DIY gingerbread cookie mix is a fun way to share the festive cheer this holiday season. Make up the cookie mix jars following the easy directions below and print out the free gift tag, complete with baking instructions. The tag has been designed in black and white so you can print it on any colour paper you have. If you’re feeling really creative make a batch of the cookies yourself and use them as edible gift tags for the jars. Download them here: www.familiesmagazine.




Add the ingredients listed below to a large glass jar, then put the lid on the jar and shake well to mix.

2 cups of plain flour

1 tsp of bi-carb soda

4 tsp ground ginger

½ cup of brown sugar

Download and print out the instructions and tag page. Use scissors to cut the tag out. Fold tag along fold line and use some glue or double sided tape to stick the tag together. Poke a hole in the centre circle of the tag and use some string to tie the tag to the jar. Voila! Recipe and images by Elise Clarkson from


Your Local Families Magazine August/September 2017

Families Travel

i p s f or T 8


J a pan

Japan, the land of the rising sun, has become a destination high on the bucket list of many Australian families. With cheaper airfares to Japan than ever before, Leah Smileski from Kids Bucket List has these top tips for families to get the most out of their Yen in 2018! be squashed into a carriage. Remember that Japanese etiquette on train does mean you will need to refrain from talking on your phone.

1. Plan your days - Take it slow Japan can be overwhelming. There is so much to see, so much to do, so much to pack in. Or at least, your instinct will tell you to do that. My suggestion is to slow down! Prioritise what you would love to see and take your time soaking it in with your kids. That’s the secret of travel with kids – take it slowly!

2. Work out your WIFI plan and download the apps. Prior to our trip to Japan, I researched all my options for WIFI. I knew I could purchase a SIM card or a pocket WIFI on landing in Narita. I also knew that I would be using my iPhone often to help us get around. As soon as we made our way through immigration and customs I sought out a SIM card and configured my phone. Work out how much data you think you’ll need. Every single hotel we stayed in had WIFI and there are free WIFI spots throughout the main cities including on JR Trains. I had received lots of advice about apps that would help us in Japan. I had downloaded all of them onto my iphone prior to leaving Australia. In the end, I only relied on two: Google Translate and Google Maps. Google translate came out when requests or support was being lost in translation. Google Maps helped us to get from A to B every single day. It shows you which trains to catch, on what platform and what colour to follow. Download them!

3. Use public transport The best way to get around Japan is by public transport. It is incredibly efficient, affordable and easy to navigate once you get your confidence up, although I do recommend avoiding peak hour when you are likely to


Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018

If you are travelling between cities, it is almost a sin not to book yourself a seat on the shinkansen (aka the bullet train). It will get you from place to place super fast, and is a relaxing affair. We pre-purchased a JR Pass for our trip (you will need to book this before heading to Japan) which gave us unlimited travel on JR lines for 7 days. They are available in 7 day, 14 day and 21 day passes in both first class and regular class. For our time in the city we used a Suica card which we could top up quite regularly. It is a prepaid e-money card which will allow you to transit through each station with a simple tap. It can also be used at 7/11 and most vending machines.

4. Eat all the food! One of our highlights from our trip to Japan was the food. There are so many varieties of cuisine to choose from so we spent much of our evenings debating which one to try next. For breakfast, try to book a hotel where it is included and fill up on a good buffet. Failing that, head to your local 7/11 (they are everywhere in the city) where you can purchase sushi, noodles, pastries, fruit and much more fairly cheaply. For lunch, wander and see what you can find! Dinner? You can choose between: ramen (noodles served in a meat broth); yakitori (different styles of chicken skewers); soba (buckwheat noodles with a variety of toppings. It can be hot or cold); tonkatsu (deep fried pork with a number side dishes); sushi or tempura (you know what they are!); shabu-shabu (hot pot); takoyaki (ball shaped pancakes with octopus inside. They may take a little get used to); kare raisu (curry and rice, Japanese style); okonomiyaki (the most amazing Japanese style pancake) and teppanyaki (this seems to be more of a tourist thing, but heaps of fun). And then there are the vending machines which are everywhere.

Families Travel 5. Money Money Money

Theme Park

Japan is renowned for being incredibly tech savvy which makes their approach to money a little perplexing for the intrepid traveller. It is a cash society where credit cards or even debit cards are not necessarily accepted. My Mastercard was refused at DisneySea for example!

Japan is such a quirky place and that rubs off on its theme parks. Whilst they have all the components of the theme parks that you know: amazing rides, breathtaking attractions and familiar characters, they have added that special Japanese flavour.

If you are uncomfortable taking all your spending money with you in currency, I recommend finding a Travel Card that you are comfortable with (the first step, see if your bank offers one). You can fill it up before you leave and then withdraw cash as you need it. When it comes to cash withdrawals you will need to head to 7/11 or the post office. Regular ATMs are unlikely to accept foreign cards. Please be mindful that in Japan, tipping is not advocated. In fact, many Japanese will be mortified if you try to offer them a tip!

My kids are that middle age where DisneySea was perfect for them! They loved sampling the multitude of flavoured popcorn (including curry!) and other interesting food.

Heading to a shrine or temple is something I think all tourists do at some point during their travel to Japan. They are fascinating places, rich with both history and ritual.

Japan is a spectacular destination, unrivaled in its ability to make you feel safe and at home whilst also being a little surreal. It is the perfect family destination with attractions to suit all tastes. When can you visit?

When visiting it is important that you know a little about the rituals and expected observations at these spiritual centres. For example, you should show respect by bowing before you walk through a Torii Gate and you should never walk in the middle of the path. Then there’s a washing ritual that will take place at the water pavilion and a way of approaching the shrine. Learn more on our post about Exploring Meihi Jingu Shrine.

Leah Smileski, Kid Bucket List where travel is more than just a plane trip.

6. Know your shrine and temple etiquette

7. Wear great socks! There’s no escaping it, there will be times when you will need to remove your shoes. This includes some restaurants, museums, castles, shrines, and homes. The last thing you will want is smelly socks. So before you head to Japan, invest in some lovely socks.

8. Visit a

Bunya Mountains Refuel your spirit A Bunya Mountains holiday is quiet, calm and uplifting. Revel in the flow of precious, uninterrupted quality time with your family. Get up close and personal with our native birds and animals; explore the National Park walking tracks designed with families in mind. Walks range in size from 500m up to 10km and feature bunya pine dominated rainforest, creeks, waterfalls, extensive views and peace. Soak up the magic of Bunya Mountains and the magic of being together in a wilderness mountain top location.

07 4668 3126 Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018



Should you

DELAY PREP? Making the decision to delay prep is a big one – make sure you’re working with the right information! We’ve worked closely with Education Queensland and consulted with experts – here’s the real deal. Why delay prep? Families have lots of different reasons for delaying prep – not the least of which is the feeling that your child just isn’t ready. Your child may be born close to June 30th which would mean they are simply younger than the rest of the cohort. Your child might need extra support and time to develop social skills before transitioning to ‘big school’. They might have social or emotional difficulties which would be helped if some of the pressure came off. Your kindergarten teachers may have given you indication that there would be benefits to some extra time at kindy. Whatever the reason – if this is a decision that will help your child then it is definitely the right one to make. You are your child’s loudest cheerleader! If you don’t advocate for your child, who will?

Who do I talk to if I want to delay entry to prep? Meet early and often with your child’s kindergarten teachers. They’re the experts here – their perspectives, observations and professional knowledge is key to understanding what decision to make. You might want to talk to other parents and family members but be aware that some people can find it difficult to fully understand another child’s needs. You know your child best and you will have a very strong gut feeling if your child isn’t ready for Prep.

What official things do I need to do to delay entry to prep? This is straight from the Ed QLD website: “No formal documentation, assessment or approval is required for delaying entry to Prep. Principals do not make decisions on delaying a child’s entry to prep. While some parents may choose to discuss their decision to delay entry with the principal, it is not necessary for them to do so.” If your child is at a C&K or long daycare setting, you will need to discuss your child staying for an extra year with your centre leader – this is


Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018

often referred to as delayed exit from kindergarten. This will be a simple conversation, more like a re-enrolment process, than a formal assessment. This will also involve the Child Care Benefit and Rebate so your centre can pass that information on to the Department of Human Resources. This kind of thing happens a lot – in fact statistics are showing that the number of families choosing to delay exit from kindergarten is increasing. Everyone will understand if your child isn’t ready for prep. It is not an unusual situation. Families Magazine have received anecdotal feedback that different schools have different policies regarding how they handle and application for enrolment that may subsequently be delayed. Please talk to your school of choice about your preferences and ask for their policy on this matter. However, we stress, there is no legal requirement for you to provide any professional assessment or documentation.

Starting your child’s education adventure on the right foot In an ideal world, children should be excited to start school. It’s a place of learning, excitement, engagement and wonder. Sometimes delaying prep is the right choice to make if it means that when your child does start they will be capable and enjoy their time rather than dread it. If your child isn’t ready for prep, it’s not the end of the world!

What do other parents think about delayed entry? Each year we old FREE public forums on Facebook and invite expert panelists to answer parents’ questions and concerns…. YOU can ask relevant questions of our experts, who provide their time free of charge to our families. By liking and following us on Facebook you can be notified when the next one will occur. We regularly post updated information about schooling, particularly about starting Prep on our Facebook page and we will be hosting another discussion on January 8th so you can ask your questions of experts. Join the event now:


How to apply for a scholarship


The word ‘scholarship’ has particular connotations to it. It speaks of exclusivity and an invitation into a world of privilege. This misconception can often halt families in their tracks before they even consider the process.

positions) wherein students must demonstrate some kind of merit. Your child may excel in a particular field, like academics or sport, or may do very well on an entrance exam.

Scholarships, bursaries and selective entry criteria are part and parcel of how many high schools operate. If you’re considering a school experience for your child, you would do well to consider if a scholarship could be a potential course of action for your family.

You’ll find that many schools offer both assistance packages. Clayfield College, for example, has a Scholarship Program that provides ample opportunity for students to participate in College life. They offer Excellence Scholarships (Academic, STEM, Sport and Leadership) as well as an Isolated Children’s Parents Association (ICPA) Bursary that reflects the needs of families who would not otherwise be able to afford tuition. You can find out more about scholarships at Clayfield College at their website: www.clayfield.

Let’s break down some of those preconceived ideas and unpack what a scholarship is and how you would go about securing one for your child.

What is the difference between a scholarship, a bursary and selective entry?

A bursary is a non-competitive process that is usually based on financial need but sometimes can come into play when distance is taken into account. Bursaries mean that the school is able to provide education for a wider student body and award equal opportunities to community members.

Many private schools offer both scholarships and bursaries for families, but it can be difficult to identify the difference.

Selective entry refers to the process at certain schools (sometimes known as an Excellence Program) where students from outside the catchment may be granted enrolment if they fulfil certain criteria.

A scholarship is a competitive process (meaning that the number of students vying for a place is higher than the number of available

Scholarships, bursaries and selective entries are great for the school and the student. Not only does it mean that children have access to a wider range

Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018



of education options, but it also promotes diversity within the student population and culture. It’s a great example of social justice in action and increases the breadth of the school community.

What types of scholarship assistance is available? Your school of choice may offer full or partial scholarships depending on a number of factors. Many schools offer academic scholarships. Your child will have to participate in an entrance exam (more on that a little later) and demonstrate academic capabilities across a range of subjects. Your child may be interested in a sporting scholarship. Typically speaking, to qualify one would expect that your child has participated in their sport at a high representative level. There would be a similar expectation that your child would continue to participate in the sport throughout their tenure at the school. Similarly, a music scholarship may be an option. A certain level of competency and commitment in the study of the instrument would have to be demonstrated. There would also be an expectation that your child would continue to study their instrument of choice. Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie), for example, offers both music scholarships


Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018

as well as academic ones. Academic scholarships are available for Year 6 through to Year 12. Churchie also offers Choral Scholarships for boys in the primary years as well as Music Excellence Scholarships. The inclusion of such specialised scholarships guarantees the growth of a rich, varied and disciplined educational environment that acknowledges individual skill and talent. You can find more information at their website: www.churchie. Lastly, you may well find that your school of choice offers an ‘all-rounder’ scholarship (or something similar). If your child is a consistent performer across a range of areas but is not considered a particularly high achiever in a single one they still may well be in the running.

What is the process involved in getting a scholarship, bursary or being granted selective entry? The vast majority of schools involve students sitting for either an ACER test or an Edutest. Both tests are digital and are based on agility and achievement. These tests can be prepared for but for the most part are ‘general knowledge’. The best way to prepare your child is to have them read widely, think critically and review their common core curriculum concepts prior to testing.

Education Ormiston College takes great value in its scholarship program and offers a wide range of options for students with different specialities. Ormiston College scholarship recipients are carefully decided upon and thoroughly enhance the academic and cultural life of the College. Year 7 students will sit an ACER examination to be eligible for either academic scholarship or general excellence. Students in year 8 to 12 may apply at any point of the academic year for an academic or general excellence scholarship. You can find a detailed overview of the Ormiston College scholarship process, and what it might mean for your child, on their website at: www. Some schools will have their own testing process which may involve a short answer exam and a timed written response component. If this is applicable to your school of choice you will receive information on it beforehand so that your child may have time to prepare. Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys’ College, for example, are schools with unique approaches to scholarships that mirror the individualised approach to education that their community employs. There is no exam or application fee – candidates are short-listed and then sit an interview with key members of administration. To find out more about this process, and about Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys College, you can find them at and All schools will involve an interview after application as part of their process as well as the opportunity for your child to provide evidence of their achievements and merit. Ideally, the interview will be an informal conversation where the school attempts to ‘get to know’ your child. This works best if your child is relaxed and feeling confident – try to help their nerves instead of increasing them. Decisions about scholarship recipients will be made with great consideration. You will not receive an immediate answer, but the school will contact you to let you know either way once they have made their decision.

When should we start applying for scholarships? Scholarships are usually open to a number of year levels. As a result, the process begins sooner than you may think. Testing and interviews will typically take place in the first two terms for the following year. Awarding scholarships and bursaries are not a decision the school takes lightly – it needs to be a considered process to ensure that the funds are going to the right family. Your best bet would be to get in contact with your school of choice early and to work with them towards the timeline that they have set.

How do you ensure you get a scholarship? There’s no secret formula to success. If your child can demonstrate that they are: • Exceptional in their specific area of speciality • A significant ‘all-rounder’ with the potential to value add to their cohort • From a family whose financial situation is precluding them from a private school education

Then you are in with a chance!

There’s nothing to lose – give it a go! Get in contact with the school of your dreams today.

Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018


Local Clubs & Classes Directory

A huge round-up of the BEST

Clubs, Classes & Activities

around Greater Brisbane for adults and children aged 0 - 17. Remember to tell them that you saw them listed in Families Magazine!

If you would like a listing for your club, class or activity in our next issue’s inclusive directory, contact us now! Email: Compiled by Regina Gleeson NS = Northside SS = Southside

CLASSES FOR ADULTS CareerSmart Mums (NS) Struggling to find your way back to work? CareerSmart Mums is a proven program which gives you the skills, confidence and support to revitalise your career. Engage in a flexible online course, or in-person workshop over 4 sessions at Everton Park. Participants receive a comprehensive career guide, ongoing support, monthly newsletter and Facebook network to accelerate your successful return to work. The program is delivered by qualified career coach and mum, Donna Thistlethwaite. Next in-person workshop starts 27 February 2018. Call Donna to learn more on 0419 120 601 or visit CareerSmart Mums on Facebook and Flipside Circus (NS) Leave your dramas, inhibitions and spandex at the door and avoid crowded gym rooms and repetitive workouts. Achieve fitness goals in a supportive and encouraging environment. Learn circus tricks that will amaze your friends (and yourself!) All circus activities are scalable to suit your individual goals. 3352 7233 Men’s Shed (NS & SS) An organisation that is accessible to all men and whose primary activity is the provision of a safe and friendly environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of other men. A major objective is to advance the wellbeing and health of their male members. 1300 550 009

Paediatric First Aid Courses

Kidsafe QLD (NS & SS) qualified staff can install and check your child car seat. They also hire baby seats for a couple of weeks or 6 months as required. When you purchase a child car seat from Kidsafe you get 10% off the RRP and installed at half price! If that seat doesn’t fit in your car or is not suitable for your child their professional staff can assist in the selection of another, more suitable seat. Call for an appointment. 3854 1829

CLASSES FOR CHILDREN Arts & Craft ZoomArt for Kids (NS) Art classes for children in a fun and friendly environment. 6 different age levels from 2 yrs to Grade 12. Designed for the intentional development of the child’s skills, observations, thinking, and experiences in the visual arts. 3855 1528

Cooking Classes Come and Cook (NS) Stop in and Drop off your mini-chefs for an actionpacked Make Bake and Take cooking workshop. Eager cooks? Fussy-eaters? Creative kids? 7-12 year olds / Teenagers After-School classes and School Holiday workshops. Personalised cooking birthday parties priced on request. Join our commercial-class kitchen in The Gap which is run by a passionate and highly experienced teacher (and mum) who previously ran a London-wide food education business within schools for 7 years. Benefits: Hands-on learning, practical life-skills, kitchen confidence, exciting recipes and fun themes. All dishes and recipe books to take home. Food allergies and additional requests catered for. 0488 249 595

Kidsafe QLD (NS & SS) Injury prevention and first aid instruction Recommended for pregnant couples, parents, grandparents, babysitters and other carers of children, this 4.5hr programme includes an in-depth injury prevention talk followed by practical paediatric first aid including CPR for babies and toddlers. Other injury prevention talks and tours available. 3854 1829 14

Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018


Coding Kids (NS & SS) is developing the next generation of coders, creators, innovators and change makers. They run after-school coding clubs, school holiday code camps and professional development workshops for educators. Children build their own computer games, animation movies, artwork and digital solutions. Through fun and play children discover computational thinking, design thinking and entrepreneurship. 0449 162 677 Fox Blocks (NS) is a unique and innovative engineering and construction program for kids. Developed by Flying Fox Studios educators, and run in Brisbane since 2009, Fox Blocks is one of Brisbane’s longest running STEM focused kids extracurricular activities. Fox Blocks classes combine STEM concepts in a fun and creative way, with weekly classes for children from 3.5 years of age to Grade 7. The Fox Blocks program is so much more than one single branch of the STEM tree. Whether it be learning about physics by building a theme park, discovering historical engineering with the wonders of the world, or coding an arduino powered traffic light, Fox Blocks 3855 1528 is unique in every way.

LANGUAGE & BABY DEVELOPMENT Flipside Circus (NS) Flipside circus offers classes for people aged 1 and up! Their Wriggles and Giggles classes introduce toddlers and parents to the world of circus through fun, interactive workshops designed to improve gross and fine motor skills, social 3352 7233 development and physical abilities.

Local Clubs & Classes Directory LCF Fun Languages (SS) Designed over 25 years, their methodology teaches French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, English and German with a fun and active approach that will get your child using the 1300 707 28 language quickly and naturally.

Yoga, Massage and Music Classes (NS) Neighbourhood Creche has a new location for Baby classes. With a flexible pay as you go system, you and your baby will love this bonding experience. Learn many great ways to play with your baby, perform baby physio, slowly get fit with Mummy Yoga and a soothing baby massage all in one beautiful 45 minute class. This class called YMM for short is in the top 5 Best Post Natal Classes in Australia and is perfect for babies aged 6 weeks to 10 months of age. Book online at or email

Sign Language

Inflatable World (NS) It’s all about having fun, so bring the whole family and bounce on in to Inflatable 3266 569 World. It’s not just for the kids.

Deaf Services Queensland (SS) offers a range of Community Auslan classes aimed at introducing basic Auslan conversational skills to participants. The community courses are informal and relaxed, follow the school terms, and run for two hours per week for a total of 8 weeks. DSQ has a wonderful team of experienced teachers who are all fluent users of the language and who make the classes engaging and fun. DSQ also offer accredited courses in Auslan for those wanting a more formal qualification in the language.

Lollipop’s Playland & Café (NS &SS) Are great kids party venues or giving kids a treat while parents relax over a cup of coffee and a treat from their quality cafe. Their indoor play centres are safe and secure where kids can have hours of fun climbing, sliding, jumping and spinning. 4 Brisbane locations.

3892 8500

ACTIVITY CENTRES Chipmunks Playland & Café (NS & SS) Visit Chipmunks for unlimited play for kids aged 0 – 11 years old and relax over a coffee or lunch with friends and family at their café in one of their 3 Brisbane locations. They feature state of the art equipment and are fully air-conditioned, clean and comfortable. They also have party facilities. Flipside Circus (NS) has a professionally appointed circus training facility that is available for individuals or small groups to use during our open training sessions. Open training is perfect for industry professionals and advanced students who wish to work on enhancing 3352 7233 their skills or developing new acts.

Rainbow City Children’s Playcentre & Café, Underwood (SS) is the only play centre in Logan which caters for children age 8 and under. Not only do they offer soft play and big play structures, they also offer young children a place to have fun. Rainbow City is a great environment for the whole family regardless of the season. The Play centre caters healthy light meals with great coffee to suit everyone including those with food intolerances or allergies. They are fully air conditioned and offer free Wi-Fi. They also cater for birthday parties and private functions with various 3290 0434 options and packages available.

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Local Clubs & Classes Directory Queensland Show Choir (NS & SS) With

Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park (SS) Sky Zone Macgregor isn’t just any indoor trampoline park. It’s hundreds of trampolines, connected to form a single massive trampoline that literally allows you to jump off the walls. If that’s not enough excitement for you, Sky Zone Macgregor now has Sky Climb! Over 20 different climbing obstacles for you to reach new heights on...but wait...there’s more...Skyland Laser is a 3-storey laser tag arena that holds up to 40 players battling it out in a cloud-filled wonderland. That’s right, you read correctly. A Trampoline park with a climbing arena and laser tag! So, what are you waiting for? 13 75 99 Tiddlywinks Dance & Play Café (NS) Tiddlywinks Dance and Play Cafe is a family owned and operated entertainment venue, providing a unique dance and play experience for children up to 11 years old. They also have dance programmes and party facilities. 3266 8484 We Play (SS) are the best family fun centres in Australia, offering entertainment, games and activities for children of all ages, facilities for corporate events and parties for children and adults alike. Our locations offer a huge soft play structure, exciting ball and laser games, mini-golf, ride-on cars and a gourmet cafe, all in a fully air-conditioned, clean and safe environment.

programs for babies up to adults, QSC provides quality music education and choral experiences for the whole family. The benefits of early childhood music can be seen in many areas from language development to social skills, not to mention it’s great fun! 3257 4905

e Make M We u si c Wee Make Music (NS & SS) Awaken a lifetime love of music and watch your child grow and thrive in all areas of their musical and personal development. Classes in Wilston. Bulimba and New Farm 6 days a week for babies (3mths) to Pre-Prep. Free Trial for all.

SPORTS & EXERCISE Brisbane Basketball (NS & SS) Basketball is a noncontact sport and provides a safe and enjoyable opportunity for players of all age groups. 3371 0200

MUSIC Kindermusik at Flying Fox Studios (NS) Music and movement classes from newborn to 7 yrs. Kindermusik classes encourage babies & children to develop language, social, emotional, & physical skills as well—all in the context of joyful, musically rich play! 3855 1528


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Brisbane Martial Arts (NS & SS) Whether Taekwondo, or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is your preferred martial art, if you’re looking to start martial arts training, or take your training to the next level, there’s only one place to go, the home of martial arts in Brisbane. 1300 303 583 Flipside Circus (NS) offer a wide range of classes from beginners to experienced from ages 0 - 100. There is something fun and suitable for every age and every ability. The classes are fast moving and full of action – never a moment to spare. Go and learn all the skills of the circus including tissu, static trapeze, lyra, juggling, 3352 7233 hoops, acro balance and tumbling. Gymnastics Queensland (NS & SS) Gymnastics is one of the most fundamental and exciting of all physical activities. Basic gymnastic skills develop attributes that are perfect stepping stones for other sports, 3036 5600 activities and life in general. Hockey Queensland (NS & SS) Hockey is a team sport, children learn the value of working with others. They figure out how to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is key to success. 3399 6577

Iceworld (NS & SS) Do you want to learn to Ice Skate? • Skaters of all ages welcome. • Participate in a program that is designed to allow everyone to progress at their own pace. • Have the opportunity to move into a variety of ice disciplines. For more information contact the rinks Acacia Ridge 3277 7563 Boondall 3865 1694

Local Clubs & Classes Directory Queensland Fencing Association (NS, SS) Fencing teaches problem solving and patience while building strength, stamina and flexibility. Boys and girls train and compete together in a safe and supportive environment, getting fit, having fun and forging friendships that last a lifetime. Many Brisbane clubs offer free come-and-try sessions with all equipment supplied. Contact your nearest club for details. 0417 611 623

Infinity Martial Arts (NS) program teaches children healthy and active habits from a young age, it also endeavours to give every student 6 core lessons for life. These are Self-Discipline, Strength, Respect, Honour, Personal Safety and Self-confidence and self-esteem. Infinity Martial Arts has a range of classes and age groups: 2-4 years, 4-7 years, 7-11 years, 11-15 years, Elite squad and junior MMA. Infinity Martial Arts develops lifelong skills and friendships in a sport and environment that your child will enjoy and feel safe. 1300 Infinity or 0452601966 Little Athletics Queensland (NS & SS) A uniquely Australian sport for children 5-16 years. Based upon the sport of athletics (track & field) the events are specially modified to suit the ages and abilities of children. A wide range of running, jumping, throwing 3255 9436 and walking events is conducted. Netball Queensland (NS & SS) For young children interested in playing netball for the first time, there is NetSetGo! This program is for children (girls and boys) aged 5-10 and is designed for teaching the basics of netball while fostering fun and friendship in a team 3848 6330 environment. PCYC (NS & SS) Gym fun, kids dance, tiny tots, cheerleading, boxercise, teen yoga karate, tumble and stunt, glee club, circuit and gymnastics is just some of the activities at PCYCs. Please contact your local club to see what is on offer for you and your 3909 9555 children. Queensland Cricket (NS & SS) These days, cricket offers some new and exciting formats for kids that won’t take up your whole weekend. Kids can take part in the Milo in2Cricket program, a fun way to get a taste of the sport. As their skills develop, they can transition into Milo T20 Blast and on to club cricket to continue a lifelong connection with the game. 3292 3100

Rugbytots (NS & SS) is a specifically designed play program for children aged 2 to 7 using the multiple skills of both rugby codes to create a fun and enjoyable environment whilst also developing social and psychological skills Divided into three age groups, Rugbytots combines the key aspects of team sports with a fun first interactive approach. 0404 343 02 Tennis Queensland (NS & SS) Tennis Queensland Registration is automatically included when you join your local affiliated club as a member. This will also give you access to all the exclusive benefits that the club chooses to offer. Find a club near you. 3120 7900

YMCA Stafford is a specialist gymnastic centre focussed on giving your child the best possible gymnastic experience. From 3 years to teens their friendly and experienced coaches ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 3355 7176 YMCA Jamboree Heights caters for all ages and abilities. From walking to adults they deliver classes designed to maximise fitness, fun and gymnastics skills. They offer competitive MAG and WAG up to Level 8. Their passionate and experienced coaches ensure everyone has the opportunity to reach their 3376 4266 full potential. YMCA Victoria Point caters for all ages and abilities. From walking to adults they deliver classes designed to maximise fitness, fun and gymnastics skills. They offer competitive MAG and WAG up to Level 8. Their passionate and experienced coaches ensure everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 3820 5300

YMCA Bowen Hills caters for all ages and abilities. From walking to adults they deliver classes designed to maximise fitness, fun and gymnastics skills. They offer competitive MAG and WAG up to Level 8. Their passionate and experienced coaches ensure everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 3851 8800 YMCA Acacia Ridge is a specialist gymnastic centre focussed on giving your child the best possible gymnastic experience. From 10 months to teens we cater for beginners and up to Level 7. Our friendly and experienced coaches ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 3276 7793

Horseriding Gumnuts (SS) Gumnuts is a 140 acre horse farm located in the Biddaddaba Valley. They offer a farm stay experience as well as horseriding, which is their primary focus. They have expanded to include day & ½ day riding tours operating from both the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 5543 0191 Indarra Equestrian Centre (SS) provides a safe riding environment with qualified, professional staff so you can enjoy your love of horses. You can choose either group (max 4 riders) or private lessons. Indarra also hold fun filled day and overnight camps during each 0409 475 040 school holidays.

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Local Clubs & Classes Directory Kiah Park (SS) Offers 7 day horse riding farm stays for children ages 6yrs - teens every school holidays. Includes full accommodation and each child is given their own pony/horse to love, care for and ride twice a day. Includes full accommodation, arena lessons, horse care – grooming & tacking up, trail rides and gymkhana. Fun night activities include night walk, talent show, camp fire with stories and marshmallow roasting, bingo and movie night. 5486 6166

Shapland Swim Schools (NS & SS) Learn-to-swim with only 3 per class. Shaplands have been teaching swimming for 3 generations and through that time have trialed many class sizes and found a class of 3 is the most successful for a child to learn their aquatic skills. A class size of 3 allows each child to receive more individual attention and accelerates their learning through less time wasted waiting for their turn to perform a skill and more time spent with the teacher. Shaplands offers a semi-private class where students can progress quickly through the Shapland unique Swim-in-Five program.

Nag Nanny (SS) Nag Nanny & Equine Resolutions is passionate about teaching all aspects of looking after horses. Children will not turn up to a horse that is saddled and ready to go, do their lesson and leave. They will teach them all about getting to know a horse. Riverside Equestrian Centre (SS) Riverside Equestrian Centre is located at Moggill in a park-like setting on the banks of the Brisbane River. It is a short drive from Brisbane City. They offer lessons for groups and single riders from junior to senior riders. Each lesson runs for 2 hours instead of the normal 3202 6526 45mins. Wattle Creek Riding School (NS) At Wattle Creek, they specialise in one on one lessons. This gives 100% of the Coach’s attention to the rider. This allows the experienced and inexperienced to work at their optimum pace. No riding experience is needed to start as they teach from the first riding lesson to the 3300 6422 highly experienced rider.

FILM & TV, THEATRE & PERFORMING ARTS Dipadees (NS) They have a FREE four-week program for bubs aged approximately 3 to 4 months old is designed as a gentle introduction to water as well as classes for babies and Toddlers, Kindy Kids & Preppies, Primary Schoolers, Big Kids, and Squads. 3355 1550 North Lakes Aquatic Centre (NS) Concentrates in infant water familiarization, safety and personal development. Their swim program in conjunction with the Royal Life Saving Society caters for children from 6 mths through to Junior Squads. Their instructors pride themselves on their wealth of experience, understanding and enthusiasm. 3886 2022

Australian Acting Academy (NS & SS) Looking for Fun, Exciting Acting classes that will build confidence increase communication skills and give real life experience and opportunities in acting for stage and in front of the camera for your child? The Australian Acting Academy is the best place to go, and has been since 1994. Your 7-12 year olds and 13-16 year olds can explore weekly classes and holiday workshops with teachers that put their needs first, with the most up to date curriculum in town. All Skill levels catered for, and great outcomes guaranteed. Call 0412 728 628, to book your $10 trial class. New locations opening all the time.

Nudgee College Swimming (NS) welcomes

Swimming Aquatic Achievers Swim Schools (NS & SS) specialize in teaching babies through to stroke correction and squads. Their innovative SOLO-1 teaching program advances skills in easy, achievable progressions. The pinnacle of their SOLO-1 program is for children to swim One Kilometre unassisted.


both girls and boys, and is based at St Joseph’s Nudgee College, Boondall. With both their 25m and 50m pools being heated, it allows them to operate all year round. They have an extensive Learn to Swim Program from 10 months old. This program then filters through to their high level squads ranging from Junior Development to Age Nationals. They also run an Aqua Fitness program, which includes deep water running, aqua aerobics and adult swimfit. The talent of swimmers is maximised by their quality environment where all swimmers can achieve the many benefits of this sport such as health, self-discipline, fitness and fun. 3865 0516

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Brisbane Arts Theatre (NS) Every Saturday morning, children aged 8 to 16 from all over Brisbane attend Brisbane Arts Theatre’s Performing Arts’ Workshop from 9am – 11am at the Lavalla Centre in Paddington. At each class, there are three specialist instructors teaching singing, acting and dancing in rotation. The children are taught introductory stagecraft, acting techniques, improvisation, singing (solo and chorus) and movement (mime and dancing). Saturday mornings during school term time. Cost $600 per year or $350 for two school terms. Intakes at the beginning of Terms One and Three. 3369 2344

Local Clubs & Classes Directory Elite Dancers (NS) Their many different classes are structured to suit the needs of every dancer, whether you want to dance for a career or for fun and fitness. We have classes for ages 3 and above on a registered 0427 999 909 or casual basis.

Flipside Circus (NS) Performance Program Flipside Circus Trainers support students in every step of the way ensuring each student is ready as they take the steps from performing in small in-house shows to roaming performances at fetes and festivals to touring large scale performing works in 3352 7233 major festivals!

DANCE Dance Masala Bollywood Dance Company (NS) believes in creating community through dance, everyone is welcome, even if you have never danced before! Bollywood is vibrant, energetic and diverse – the perfect complement to your exercise routine, guaranteed to uplift the spirit and leave you smiling. Dance Masala’s children’s classes follow a unique curriculum for Bollywood Dance, focusing on developing confidence and technique through play based learning, and performance opportunities. Bollywood is spectacular for physical wellbeing and a wonderful way to experience India’s diverse culture. Dance Masala is the missing ingredient to provide joy 0422 512 991 in your life!

Kick Dance (SS) in Bulimba provides classes in Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Acrobatics, Contemporary, Tap and Irish and caters for all ages and abilities from toddler to adult. Kick Arts provides classes in Singing and Acting as well as producing biannual musicals. Kick provides a fun and enjoyable class environment that also caters for students wishing to excel in exams, eisteddfods, musicals and concert performances. They are very proud of their students’ national successes and they are recipients of many Eisteddfod titles including Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap Championships and aggregates. Whether you are keen to have fun or ‘Kick’ start your dance career, Kick Dance and Arts have classes to suit. 0414 308 248

Learn 2 Dance (NS) Their Tots, Kids and Teens classes are designed to introduce your children to the fun of their art form and sport, Dancesport. With a concentration on the fun, social side of dancing they make sure your children learn all they need to have a successful start to a promising future in dancing. 0417 713 222 Movements Academy of Dance (NS) A wellestablished, friendly, family based studio that believes in teaching students to be all that they can be. They handpick their teachers who are qualified, encouraging & inspiring so that every student can have the very best dance education possible. 3886 4098 Seriously Dance (SS) They truly believe their philosophy of respecting each student for their individuality & challenging each student to obtain personal excellence. 0416 477 703

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Local Clubs & Classes Directory HEALTH, WELLBEING AND SCHOOL SUPPORT AEIOU Foundation: Creating lifetime of opportunities for children with autism (NS, SS) AEIOU Foundation’s specialised early intervention program helps children aged 2 – 6 years to develop essential life skills, fostering greater independence, confidence and inclusion. With an evidence-based program delivered by a team comprised of behaviour therapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and skilled educators, AEIOU supports the individual needs of each child. Parents and carers are involved in their child’s program and are provided with regular training to acquire skills and tools to achieve therapy goals in the home and broader community. To find out more about how they can support you and your child, visit or phone 1300 273 435.

Kumon (NS & SS) The Kumon Method is an individualised learning method. The starting point for each Kumon student is determined individually. Students start with the level where they can attain a perfect score by studying on their own. 1800 458 666

Scribble Ink Writing Classes (NS) Brisbane’s Most Dynamic Two Day Holiday Writing Course for Students @ Griffith University. “So engaged after 6 hours! Improvement... staggering!” D. Rotili “Highly recommended.” R. Corcoran. Their Junior, Middle and Senior Scribblers writer’s courses will take your child’s writing to the next level. Using advanced techniques mastered over 27 years of teaching experience, allow Mister C to take your child on a journey of writing enrichment. The power to completely transform your child’s writing. 0409 075 838


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Synchrony Occupational Therapy (NS) Fostering happiness, confidence, independence and success. Synchrony Occupational Therapy is a Brisbane-based private practice that is helping children between the ages of 3-18 years to reach their potential. Clinic and mobile options are available. Helping Children with Autism, Medicare and Private Health rebates are 0400 788 459 available for eligible families. If you would like a listing for your club, class or activity in our next issue’s inclusive directory, contact us now! Email: Compiled by Regina Gleeson


How gymnastics can improve flexibility for the whole family We know from research that children who take calculated risks, who learn to manipulate their environment and question their surroundings, are often demonstrated to be more resilient and capable as they mature. They are not afraid to take chances and pursue their goals. They welcome change and adapt well when things don’t go as planned. They have that special ‘bounce back’ factor that allows them to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and carry on.

completely protected from any possible harm. It sounds lovely, protecting our children, but it can have the opposite effect. When they come up against a real challenge they won’t have already developed basic coping strategies. Be it conflict, tragedy, disappointment or heartbreak – if they’ve never ‘failed’ before, they’ll be completely devastated and will lack that resilient spirit we would so like them to have.

The question becomes, then, how do we promote this ‘certain something’ in our children?

Gymnastics calls for children to tap into many different skill sets. Some of them are:

Enrolling your children in gymnastics from an early age will allow them the opportunity to try, fail and try again in a supportive, safe environment.

• The ability to listen to, remember and carry out instructions.

Isn’t gymnastics all about flips and splits?

• The ability to adapt to their environments.

Not quite.

• The ability to respect the spaces of others and ask that their own space be similarly respected.

Gymnastics at a very junior level is about connecting children with a skill set that might surprise you in terms of its complexity. In junior gymnastics, children are presented with a range of challenges that may, initially, seem completely beyond their capabilities. You might watch your small child, heart in mouth, as they toddle towards an obstacle like a balance beam or some rings suspended above a foam pit. “How can that tiny body possibly get that right?” The crux, though, is that it’s not about ‘getting it right’. It’s about taking the chance. Taking that first step on the beam, trusting the qualified coach that it’s safe to drop and climbing out of the pit, breathless with giggles, when they inevitably tumble. Junior gymnastics has no scoring. There are no gold, silver or bronze medals at the end of the class – nor is there judgement attached to children who progress at different levels. What there is, however, is an environment that challenges children to step out of their comfort zones, move with confidence in their own bodies and to take calculated risks. What is a ‘calculated risk’? A calculated risk is one where you undertake some kind of task or effort knowing your chances of success and failure. It’s almost like trying to answer, “What is the worst thing that could possibly happen?” before weighing up your risks and forging ahead anyway. It’s important for children to take calculated risks. If they never take a risk, or are never allowed to take a risk, they’ll grow up in cotton will –

How can gymnastics promote this sense of ‘calculated risk’?

• The ability to set goals and follow through on them.

• The ability to acknowledge a failure and explore how they can attempt something again with the goal of succeeding. These skills can create a sense of flexibility – not just in the body but in the mind as well. Children move away from fixed ideas of how something ‘should’ be when they are presented with realities that have different options, outcomes and possibilities. It’s important as well that parents see their children moving away from them, in a safe space, to take on challenges for themselves. We want to support and protect but often that line is blurred and we start ‘doing’ for them instead. The joy and the sense of achievement that children experience when they finally succeed in something is far more important than whether they got up ‘properly’ the first time. It’s a valuable lesson that parents as well as children can learn in a gymnastics class. Considering a gymnastics class for your child? In addition to the skill sets mentioned above, gymnastics classes also provide kids with the opportunity to connect with others in a social setting. The physical activity, exhilaration and fun that comes with a gymnastics class makes it an ideal choice for children of any age or ability. YMCA Gymnastics caters for children who are walking right up through to secondary school. They have a number of centres all over South-East Queensland. Find a YMCA location near you here:

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Creative Arts are the Answer Education in the arts; drama, visual arts, dance, music and media has a hugely positive impact on children; their learning environment and educational outcomes as well as health and socio-cultural well-being. These are all things we know anecdotally. Here are some proven reasons why consciously including creativity in your child’s life will make an enormous difference.

1. YOUR CHILD WILL DEVELOP EMPATHY, TOLERANCE AND AN UNDERSTANDING OF DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES The arts celebrate multiple perspectives. Your child will learn that there are multiple ways to see the world. Researchers recently found that taking children to see live theatre means they can understand stories more deeply, think more about individual characters and develop their vocabulary significantly. Most importantly, if your child sees or participates in regular live theatre performances, he or she could show more resilience and could improve their ability to read other people’s emotions. By being part of something tangible and real, a child’s empathy is increased.

2. THE ARTS WILL ENABLE YOUR CHILD TO EXPERIENCE SOMETHING, WITHOUT ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING IT. It enables them to conceive completely original ideas. It gives them the ability to survive the 21st century where, every week it seems, there is a new technology giving us something we’d never imagined possible. The ability to act with innovation and creativity prepares our children for a world we will never see. It provides them with creative outlets encouraging imagination and invention.

3. THE ARTS WILL SHOW YOUR CHILD THAT A PROBLEM CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE SOLUTION, AND IT MAY CHANGE IN A HEARTBEAT. Creativity is about solving problems. As the saying goes ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’. Unlike much of the primary school curriculum, the arts reminds us of a reality where questions can have more than one answer. Were you one of those kids who was particularly bad at multi-choice tests? If so, you can bet you’re pretty creative. Problems can be solved differently in different circumstances and with different opportunities. Learning in the arts requires the ability and willingness to surrender to unanticipated possibilities as a project develops.

4. T HE ARTS WILL TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO THINK TWICE. It teaches them that you don’t have to be the richest, the most powerful


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or the most beautiful to make a difference. In theatre, the lesson is learnt deeply. The theatre arts are a superb lesson in illusion; if you’re pretty it doesn’t stop you being fierce, if you’re small it doesn’t stop you saving the world, if you’re a witch you won’t be able to hide for long, if you’re a monster you aren’t necessarily mean, smiling friends can cause big problems and importantly a rabbit hole isn’t always a rabbit hole. These are incredibly important lessons I want my children to learn.

5. T HE ARTS HELP CHILDREN LEARN TO SAY WHAT CANNOT BE SAID. THEY ARE ABLE TO EXPRESS HOW THEY FEEL. Children who can understand and manage their own feelings, stay calm and enjoy their experiences, are more likely to develop a positive sense of self and be confident and curious learners. Supported by their increased language, thinking, planning and organising abilities, preschoolers develop more advanced emotional skills such as being able to wait longer for things they want (delayed gratification) and having more understanding of their friends’ feelings. They also begin to realise that what they do will affect their friends too.

6. BECAUSE IT IS THE ARTS! There is one other important question when wondering if your child should be involved in a creative activity – and that is why we feel the need to justify it by explaining that arts is a means to an end; that art will aid problem-solving, that music will improve mathematics and that drama will encourage empathy. Arts education is an end in itself. It can and should be appreciated for being intrinsic to culture, to expression and to identity. It is fundamental to the richness of our society and both education and society are all the greater for it. This article has been written and submitted by Brisbane Arts Theatre. Brisbane Arts Theatre’s 2018 Children’s Theatre season is on sale now and includes; Shrek, Roald Dahl’s The Witches, Beauty and The Beast, 12 Dancing Princesses, Dr Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat, Disney’s Mulan JR, The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland. Find out more:

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The film industry of India is commonly known as ‘Bollywood’ – a word that is a playful portmanteau of the words ‘Bombay’ (the former name for the city of Mumbai) and Hollywood. This is one of the largest film industries in the world! Vibrant, exciting dances are a feature and drawcard of every Bollywood film, with dance videos released on YouTube months in advance of the film itself.

Dancers are taught to be aware of their posture from Day 1. Standing straight not sitting into their joints - are skills that may prevent a multitude of problems, including arthritis and injuries. From a young age, strength and technique drills develop the muscles that create good posture, whether they realise it, or not!

This incredibly diverse form of dance has emerged from the fusion of the 8 forms of Classical Indian dance, India’s traditional regional folk dances, and the varied influences of Western culture. Bollywood dance exists in a space between traditional and popular culture. It reflects the changing face of India, maintaining its ancient traditions and rich cultural history while incorporating Western influences.

Cross patterning helps activate the connection between the left and right brain, helping them to ‘talk’ to one another. For anyone to experience optimal learning, both sides of the brain need to work together. Dance develops strong left and right brain connections, which positively influence spatial awareness, balance, and coordination, as well as the skills required for literacy and problem solving. Both sides are essential to be a good communicator.

6 ESSENTIAL LIFE SKILLS CHILDREN LEARN FROM DANCE 1. SELF-DISCIPLINE The word discipline comes from the Latin disciplina meaning ‘instruction’. The goal of discipline is to encourage students to eventually self-discipline. In dance, there is no instant gratification! Success is only achieved through focus, listening and good practice – all of this takes self-discipline. The mental dexterity that comes from repetition and rehearsal positively influences every aspect of their life.

2. GROWTH When a student starts learning a new step, they will not always get it right the first time. Making mistakes, and not knowing the answer, is all part of the artistic process. The idea that you learn from your mistakes is embedded in learning dance. Applying constructive feedback to improve their technique gives children an immense sense of achievement and pride. Reflecting on their own progress helps our kids understand the learning process while becoming accustomed to taking risks. These are essential tools for becoming brave, and connected adults!

3. RESPECT Dance teaches us to respect each other’s space, work as part of a team, and develop trust and cooperation while making new friends. In Bollywood Dance, the practice of Namaskaram at the start and end of each session and performance acknowledges the teachers, the music, and the dance form, as well as the audience and the earth. These are all elements that make up our dance, and remind us to stay humble, as we grow and excel.


6. CONFIDENCE As children adjust to the movements and posture of dance, they begin to understand their own bodies. This allows them to be comfortable in their own skin, improving their confidence and communication skills, which are all vital for their future happiness and success.

WHY BOLLYWOOD DANCE Connecting to other cultures helps develop empathetic and compassionate skills, reminding our children of how wonderful it is to celebrate our differences and our commonalities. For South Asian children, Bollywood dance is an incredible way to connect with Indian Culture, helping them understand their own heritage and be proud of their cultural identity. For non-South Asian children, it is an incredible way to connect with the diversity that we embrace here in Australia, to develop understanding about a different culture, and to foster respect and acceptance. But also, Bollywood Dance is just plain fun! The music is catchy, the steps are easy to pick up, and a good Bollywood Dance teacher will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Find out more about Bollywood Dancing here 0422 512 991

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Listings for everyone in every family! To promote your local family friendly event including school fetes and fairs, community groups, get-togethers and local festivals in the next ‘Families Fun’ listings (February/March 2018) send your entry by 5pm on Monday 8th January 2018. Email Regina – Listings in this section are FREE for most non-commercial ventures. Please check the details of the events listed before setting off in case anything has changed since going to print.


- DECEMBER/JANUARY 2018 BRISBANE The 78-Storey Treehouse Andy and Terry’s treehouse just keeps on growing. With yet another 13 levels, it’s now got a Scribbletorium, a high-security potato chip storage facility (guarded by one very angry duck!) and even an open-air movie theatre. 13 – 23 Dec. Spirit of Christmas The halls will be decked, the stockings hung. December 2017 welcomes back Spirit of Christmas, with all our favourite carols to be sung. 22 – 23 Dec.

SOUTH BANK PARKLANDS South Bank’s Christmas Village Let your festive season be merry and bright at South Bank’s Christmas Village! Held in the South Bank Parklands from 15-23 December, the Village features free yuletide glee to suit all ages. There will be a Gift Market, Village Beats and Carols by Twilight, the Village Train and Holly Jolly Kids and the Beach Cinema. Christmas Fireworks, Presented by eatSouthBank Watch the summer sky ignite in a flurry of colour and sparkle at South Bank’s Christmas Firework Spectacular. Held overlooking the Parklands on the Brisbane River, the fireworks will be on nightly from 20-23 December. south-bank/



QUEENSLAND MUSEUM Wild State takes visitors through five breathtaking environments – the arid outback, iconic eucalypt forest, tropical rainforest, sundrenched coastal zones and teeming marine environments.

Brainiac Live! More explosive than ever before, Brainiac Live! will take you on a breathless ride through the weird and wide world of science in an hour-long action-packed show full of big bangs and plenty of laughs. The show that laughs in the face of science comes to QPAC with messy, loud and live all-action experiments and demonstrations set to blow your minds. Kids who want a hands-on experience can upgrade their ticket to join the Brainiac Detective Academy workshop and becoming a Trainee Brainiac Detective. 9 – 13 Jan.

Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum The exhibition features more than 120 artefacts, interactive games and displays to reveal who gladiators were, where they lived and how they trained. Gladiator School You may be out of the classroom - but don’t miss out on your chance to enrol in this unique school for ages 7 -12! Welcome to the Ludus Magnus, the largest and finest Gladiator school in Ancient Rome. 8 – 19 Jan. queensland-museum


Operation Ouch Live! Following their sold out Australian tour in January 2017, Dr Chris and Dr Xand, the stars of hit ABC Me children’s television series Operation Ouch!, are coming back to Australia with a brand new show. 13 Jan.

Queensland’s Ballet The Nutcracker With the magnificent music of Tchaikovsky and lavish sets and costumes, Ben Stevenson’s The Nutcracker is a must-see Christmas treat. 8 – 16 Dec.

Brain Candy Adam Savage and Michael Stevens have joined forces to bring this one of a kind interactive, hands-on, minds-on theatrical experience to Australia. 28 Jan. brisbane-convention-exhibition-centre

Emily Brown and the Thing Parents and children the world over will recognise the bizarre excuses a child makes to keep the light on at bedtime. Emily Brown and the Thing demonstrates the importance of talking with children and finding out what is really going on in their complex imaginations. 12 – 23 Dec.

Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018

The Funatorium: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Directed by former Circus Oz Artistic Director Mike Finch, The Funatorium: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is a delightfully chaotic cabaret for kids that features the country’s top talent from the realms of circus and cabaret. Led by Monica Trapaga (Play School), this immersive party experience features an allstar cast of circus luminaries performing fiendish precision juggling, comic hula tricks, incredible hand-balances and surreal aerial acrobatics. 3 – 13 Jan.

#FamiliesMagFun The obliteration room is a dynamic artwork that transforms over time as hundreds of thousands of dots accumulate in the space. queensland-gallery-of-modern-art

SCIENCENTRE Perception Deception Mind melting illusions, sensory sensations, playing with perception, and discovering the world inside your head are all part of the exhibition Perception Deception. sciencentre

QUEENSLAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA STUDIO Christmas Movies in the Park Pack a rug and a picnic and catch all of your favourite Christmas classics as you lay back in the warm summer air at Christmas Movies in the Park. Held at Roma Street Parkland’s picturesque Amphitheatre precinct from 8-17 December, the event also features a selection of tasty food trucks to buy dinner and drinks. venue/roma-street-parkland/

Sing & Dance with Queensland Symphony Orchestra An interactive orchestra experience for children under seven years of age. Join Queensland Symphony Orchestra for a morning of singing, dancing and lots of music, with a program perfectly suited to your little ones. Along with performing childhood classics and some Christmas surprises, these concerts will feature a children’s book read by one of the musicians and accompanied by the Orchestra. Fri 1 & Sat 2 Dec. queensland-symphony-orchestra-studio



The Little Mermaid Enter the magical underwater world of Ballet Theatre of Queensland’s The Little Mermaid, an enchanting ballet based on the Hans Christian Anderson classic tale of love, loss and discovery. QPAC. 17 – 20 Jan.

MUSEUM OF BRISBANE 100% Brisbane In an exciting world-first, Museum of Brisbane has collaborated with celebrated Berlin based theatre company Rimini Protokoll to create a powerful and unforgettable interactive exhibition experience which brings together 100 residents who currently call Brisbane home. museum-of-brisbane-2/

Me, Myselfie and I is a Collection-based exhibition which explores representation of self. In addition to select artworks from the Gallery’s Australian, international, and Asian and Pacific collections, the exhibition will feature interactive making and multimedia artist projects, inviting children to consider different ways of creating their own portraits. Yayoi Kusama The Obliteration Room Children are invited to enter the world of leading contemporary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and ‘obliterate’ an Australian domestic space by adding colourful dot stickers to white furniture, objects and surfaces in the large-scale interactive installation The obliteration room.

City Hall Lights The Gold Lotto City Hall Lights is a shining jewel in the crown of the Christmas program. This year, Brisbane’s City Hall will light up with an all-new magical light projection show. This will be The City’s most colourful and spectacular Christmas projection yet, and one for all ages to enjoy. A must-do for everyone’s Christmas calendar, the Gold Lotto City Hall Lights will run every 15 minutes from 7pm until midnight, starting on Friday 8 December and running through until Christmas Eve. Christmas Parade presented by David Jones Brisbane’s favourite family tradition, the Christmas Parade, returns to The City this December. Brimming with music and merriment, the parade comes complete with a nativity scene, Santa and dozens of performers to entertain and delight all ages. It’s on nightly from 15-24 December and commences at the Edward Street end of the Queen Street Mall. It then weaves its way through our vibrant city, culminating at King George Square. brisbane-city

ROMA STREET PARKLAND The Enchanted Garden at Roma Street Parkland As the sun goes down and the evening settles in, Roma Street Parkland’s Enchanted Garden springs to life. From 8-17 December, the Garden will be adorned with twinkling lights, beguiling decorations and mellow music – meander through, enjoying a festive feast for the senses. Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018


#FamiliesMagFun DECEMBER 2017 Throughout School Holidays – Family Movies at Dendy Coorparoo Club members can enjoy family films for $12.50 adult tickets and $9.50 for kids plus they get a free mini popcorn! Fri 17 Nov – Sun 21 Jan 2018 Do You Bee-lieve by Lollipop Land, Whiteside Visitors are encouraged to interact with the displays, by reading the ‘seek and find’ clues and unlimited photographic opportunities abound, including the chance to sit on a Magical Unicorn called Raffaello and take their very own family Christmas photos! The exhibition is held in an undercover, air-conditioned venue with a lovely Christmas Fairy Gift Shop on site; as well as plenty of free parking, cafes close-by, disabled/pram access and public amenities.

quality handmade gifts, artworks and gourmet products. 9am – 6pm daily. Fri 1 Dec Greenbank Christmas Extravaganza This year will be bigger and better than ever. There will be food, Santa photos, fire trucks, FIREWORKS and finishing up with a movie. 6 – 9pm. Fri 1 Dec Carols In The Cow Paddock, The Gap Join in for family fun at Carols in the Cow Paddock on the school oval for BBQ, family fun games, singing of favourite carols and Christmas songs. Hilder Road State School 4 – 7.30pm.

From 17 Nov Finding Dory and Friends: The Experience! Mooloolaba Dive in this summer and explore the all new interactive zone at Sea Life Sunshine Coast: Finding Dory and Friends: The Experience! Created with Disney•Pixar, the new experience features interactive magical moments from the box-office smash hit, Finding Dory. Throughout the interactive journey at Sea Life Sunshine Coast, a Pipe Pals trail will guide and surprise with tales of amazing underwater animals, leading guests into Dory’s Reef. Finding Dory and Friends: The Experience is open from Friday 17th November and will be open every day of the Summer school holidays including Christmas Day! From 17 Nov Built for Speed, Ipswich Start your engines Built for Speed is back at IAG this summer! It’s a hands-on day of racing fun for the whole family. Design, build and race your LEGO® hot rod, dragster or supercar down mega ramps and speed tracks. Modify your ride and tweak your design to test your luck on the ultimate conveyor belt. Thrills, spills and awesome crashes are guaranteed! $5 per person or $15 for a Family Pass (admits up to 5 people. Must include at least 1 adult). Ipswich Art Gallery. www.familiesmagazine. Thu 30 Nov – Sat 9 Dec Bush Christmas Exhibition, Toowoomba The Bush Christmas Exhibition is a unique showcase of creative work, handmade by some of Australia’s most talented rural and remote artisans. The Exhibition provides customers with exclusive, innovative, affordable and


Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018

Fri 1 – Sat 23 Dec Christmas Festival 2017 at St Gerard Majella Church, Chermside West One of the biggest displays of festive lights in northern suburbs of Brisbane. The whole family will enjoy coffee shop, sausage sizzle, chips, drinks and nightly free musical entertainment and lots more. Santa Visit and Santa Photo (7pm – approx. 8pm). Gift shop, Outdoor Market Stalls and Monster Multi-Draw Raffle. Sat 2 Dec Another Hipster Christmas, Moorooka This event gains more momentum each year as local groups and people get involved. The excitement of the carnival leading into the live show under the stars and finishing with fireworks has made the event a popular one with the community. The Carols have three components: 4-6 pm: Markets and Carnival, 6:30-8:00 pm: Live Carols, 8:00pm: Fireworks. Sat 2 Dec Bray Park Community Carols Head along for a festive evening of Christmas entertainment and cheer; the Bray Park Community CarolsSponsored by Cartune Mechanics. Carols begin at 7.00pm with songs and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Take a picnic blanket, chair and your family and friends to celebrate Christmas as the Bray Park community. Genesis Christian College.

#FamiliesMagFun Sat 2 Dec Burpengary Christmas Spectacular Head along for a magnificent evening of Entertainment, Stalls, Fireworks and so much more. Burpengary Community Centre. 3 – 8pm. au/event/burpengary-christmas-spectacular

Until 2 Dec Robin Hood – The Musical, Petrie Terrace From Sherwood Forest to Nottingham Castle, grab your bow and arrow and be whisked away on this thrilling escapade! Brisbane Arts Theatre. www.familiesmagazine.

Sat 2 Dec Christmas in the Park, Calamvale Celebrate Christmas with Cr Angela Owen-Taylor with Baby’s First Christmas Presentations, Santa, face painting, carols and finish off with a movie! 4 – 8pm

Sun 3 Dec Carols on the Oval @ Belmont This massive night includes: Live Music, BBQ dinner, Market Place, Face Painting, Baby Animal Farm, Jumping Castles, Coffee Van, Fairy Floss and much more! And to finish off they will be having FIREWORKS! event/carols-oval-belmont

Sat 2 Dec Scouts Christmas Carols at Roma Street Parkland Join the Scouts Queensland Performing Arts Team and the Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra to sing and dance to your favourite Christmas Carols and share the Christmas Cheer. 6.30pm. Sat 2 Dec The Hills Community Carols, Ferny Hills The hills community carols annual Christmas event is back and bringing the spirit of Christmas to The Hills District. Take a picnic blanket and chair and settle into the beautiful George Willmore Park for an evening of entertainment and sing along to everybody’s favourite Christmas songs. event/hills-community-carols-ferny-hills Sat 2 Dec Wakerley Carols An afternoon of tasty treats, live music, arts & crafts and rides leading into an evening of Christmas carols and a fireworks finale. This free community event is an initiative of the Wakerley Christmas Carols Council (W3C) and the Port of Brisbane Rotary club. 4.30 -9pm. Sat 2 Dec Christmas In the Creek, Albany Creek Sing along to everyone’s favourite Christmas songs with a performance from Brisbane City Sounds Choir. The kids will love the free face painting, balloons and a spectacular Christmas magic show with Jazzy J and SANTA. Followed by family-friendly rock music with Delta Express!! Albany Creek Community Centre. Sat 2 Dec Christmas Steam Train, Brisbane The first Saturday of December, why not go on a steam train ride to Shorncliffe? The old fella in red has been induced to give up his toy-making for a day just to come along to. He will have surprises for all the children on board. Bookings essential. Departs Roma Street Station. christmas-steam-train-brisbane

Sun 3 Dec Carols in the Park, Riverhills The Centenary Salvation Army hosts the annual Carols in the Park, held at The Peter Lightfoot Oval for the Centenary Suburbs. Afternoon activities and the Twilight Markets from 4-6pm and then the 1 hour concert commencing at 7pm and finishing with fireworks. Sun 3 Dec North Lakes Christmas Carols The North Lakes Christmas Carols will feature plenty of free activities and workshops, roving performers and FUN! You can even do some last-minute Christmas gift shopping at the twilight markets. The evening will finish with a ‘bang’ when the night sky lights up with the huge Gleeson Klien Stegeman Lawyers Fireworks Finale. Sat 9 Dec Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols, Brisbane The Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols will be held at Riverstage, City Botanic Gardens on Saturday 9 December 2017. This much-loved free family event will host a variety of some of Australia’s most renowned singers and entertainers as they ignite the big stage in this joyous and magical celebration of Christmas. www.familiesmagazine. Sat 9 Dec Festive Night Markets, Toowoomba This will be a very special Festive Twilight Shopping event reflecting an Inner city Eat Street Vibe. Do your Christmas shopping at dusk then stay on for a relaxed dinner. Take your picnic blanket and indulge in a smorgasbord of delicious cuisines while listening to local musicians. Approx 50 market stalls. Queens Park. 4 – 9pm. Sat 9 Dec Mango Hill Christmas Carols Take a picnic blanket, chair and mosquito repellent and settle in for an evening of Christmas cheer and free family entertainment. Pre-show begins at 4.00pm- enjoy free games and park entertainment, including face painting, fairy floss, jumping castle and the giant slide. Food tents will be on location for a bite to eat. SANTA will arrive to delight kids at 5.15pm, and Christmas carols & stage entertainment will run from 6.00pm-8.15pm. The night will close with a dazzling fireworks extravaganza at 8.30pm! Sat 9 Dec Christmas Express, Ipswich Catch the Christmas spirit with a festive return steam train journey to historic Grandchester station. Trip duration is approximately 2.5 hours. Add Museum entry and make a whole day of it. The Workshops Rail Museum. Bookings essential.

Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018


#FamiliesMagFun Sat 9 Dec Christmas @ The Bay, Deception Bay A community event for the whole family with free sausage sizzle, loads of free activities including craft, petting zoo, paper planes, entertainment, magician and much more. Lots of stalls including craft, home bake and food & drink stalls. Gift bags and prizes available and family photos in a stable. Free entertainment 5.00pm and then Christmas Carols from 7.00pm. Deception Bay Baptist Church. Sat 9 Dec – Sun 21 Jan Insectarium, Ipswich There is so much to do at the Museum these school holidays. See mammals large and tall, insects big and small, real life steam trains, diesel locomotives and more. Make a day of it with entry to the Museum and all exhibits included in your ticket! Workshops Rail Museum. Sat 9 Dec – Fri 12 Dec Beauty and the Beast, Petrie Terrace In this fairy tale classic, love between a sweet young woman and a ghastly beast is only a heartbeat away. Brisbane Arts Theatre. event/beauty-beast-petrie-terrace Sun 10 Dec Bracken Ridge Christmas Carols Attracting around 4000 people to the Norris Rd State School Oval, it is truly the climax to the festival. It is a combination of great food, rides, music, dance and fireworks. Go and join in the fun, but be sure to arrive early to get the best seats. Sun 10 Dec Scarborough Christmas Carols The kids will fall in love with the Sesame Lane Santa’s Village. Don’t miss out on the life-sized snow globe, jumping castle and nativity scene. Sing along to carolling performances from local community and dance groups. Catch all the action from around Scarborough Park with roving Christmas performers, twilight markets, and free Christmas activities and workshops. Then finish the evening with a ‘bang’, watching the sky light up with a spectacular fireworks display from 8.00pm! Mon 11 Dec – Fri 19 Jan Summer School Holidays - Da Vinci, Toowoomba Follow the interactive trail around the Museum to discover the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. Encounter and test his amazing machines, see his magnificent artworks and complete the challenges as you explore the world of da Vinci. Purchase your da Vinci Souvenir Guide which includes a souvenir activity booklet and everything you need to build a model flying machine. Cost: $10 per da Vinci Souvenir Guide. Cobb & Co Museum

Wed 13 – Thu 14 Dec Flipside Circus - School Holiday Workshops, Cleveland Roll Up! Roll Up! Join the circus workshops for an hour or a day to learn a range of skills. Whether it’s tackling the trapeze or harnessing the hula hoop, your kids will have a blast at Flipside Circus School Holiday Workshops. No matter what their skill level is, Flipside Circus trainers will help them to master new skills and give them the chance to show off! There are four different workshops to choose from, ranging from 1 hour to 8 hours and from ages 18 months through to 16 years. RPAC. au/event/flipside-circus-school-holiday-workshops-cleveland Fri 15 Dec Romeo and Juliet - Russian National Ballet Theatre, Cleveland The forever romance, the hundred year classic, the most heart-warming dancing you will see this year. The Russian National Ballet Theatre will draw the audience into this tragic love story. ‘For never was a story of more woe


Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018

than this of Juliet and her Romeo’ William Shakespeare. RPAC. Fri 15 Dec City of Logan Christmas Carols, Meadowbrook Headlined by Aria Award Winner Samantha Jade and featuring the hugely popular gang from Paw Patrol, the 2014 The Voice Kids winner Alexa Curtis, Craig Martin and his Swing Band and community choirs there is something to suit every member of the family. Go along with a picnic rug and enjoy international flavours from popular food trucks while the younger members of the family enjoy meeting Santa, Paw Patrol or a hopping on fun filled ride. Sat 16 Dec Wiggly Christmas Big Show! Boondall The Wiggly Christmas Big Show will feature all your favourite Wiggles songs such as Do the Propeller and Rock A Bye Your Bear, as well as Christmas songs like Go Santa Go! You’ll see The Wiggles, their Wiggly friends and dancers, Santa Claus, dancing reindeers and for the first time ever, it will snow on stage! Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Sat 16 Dec The Nutcracker - Russian National Ballet Theatre, Cleveland Christmas would not be Christmas without The Nutcracker! Celebrate the holidays with us, joining the magical adventure of Clara, Fritz and The

#FamiliesMagFun Nutcracker as they battle the evil Rat King. After Swan Lake’s success in touring Australia last year, The Russian National Ballet Theatre returns, this time bringing the world’s greatest classic ballet: The Nutcracker. RPAC. Sat 16 Dec Christmas Carnival, Sandstone Point Tis’ the season to be jolly, celebrate the holidays at the CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL! The family fun day will get you feeling festive! Join them for FIREWORKS, Christmas carols, markets, kids rides, entertainment, food stalls and of course a visit from SANTA! Sandstone Point Hotel. christmas-carnival-sandstone-point Mon 18 Dec The Spirit of Christmas, Sunnybank Celebrate the festive season with The Spirit of Christmas, starring tenor Roy Best, soprano Alison Rae Jones, compere Chris McKenna with Len Vorster on the piano. It will be a musical morning full of Christmas favourites with a wonderful blend of traditional Christmas carols mixed with some contemporary Christmas songs and plenty of funny moments to keep you laughing until Christmas Day! SUNPAC Tue 19 Dec The Nutcracker, Redcliffe After their successful Australian tour of Swan Lake last year, The Russian National Ballet Theatre is coming back in late 2017. This time bringing the world’s greatest classic ballet The Nutcracker. Christmas would not be Christmas without The Nutcracker! Redcliffe Cultural Centre. Thu 21 Dec Youth Off the Streets Christmas Party, Woodridge YOTS Logan is hosting its annual Christmas Party on December 21st at Ewing Park, Woodridge from 4-7pm. This is a free event for the local community including families, youth and young ones. Lots of activities like jumping castle, rock wall climbing, sports, arts/crafts, prices, cultural performances and free sausage sizzle. Fri 22 Dec Joy to the World Christmas at the Shed, Burpengary Free community Christmas carols at The SHED! Petting Zoo, Jumping Castle & Face Painting for the kids from 4:30pm, Twilight Market from 5pm. FREE sausage

Sizzle 6pm and a visit from SANTA! event/joy-world-christmas-shed-burpengary Wed 27 Dec – Tue 2 Jan Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford Six incredible summer days (and nights!) of music, dance, acrobatics, theatre, comedy, circus, film, cabaret, street theatre, visual arts, Indigenous performances, thought-provoking talks, a dedicated Children’s Festival, great food, powerful ceremonies, new experiences and a unique feeling of being part of something out of the ordinary. Oh and on the final night, they light something big on fire to farewell the old and welcome in the new. www. Sun 31 Dec Morayfield New Years Eve Celebration Enjoy a night full of live entertainment, rides, Kids activities, food stalls and of course 2 massive fireworks shows. The day will start from 4pm with Toyota Star Maker Winner and Australian Idol runner up Luke Dickens (solo) on the main stage, carnival rides plus lots more and then let the sky’s light up at 830pm for the kiddies fireworks show. Sun 31 Dec Foreshore Fireworks, Scarborough This year families can enjoy New Years celebrations with stunning views by the waterfront at Scarborough Park Beach as they welcome in 2018! Enjoy Free Entry, spectacular Fireworks Displays (Children’s Display at 8.30pm and New Years display at Midnight), delicious food trucks, rides & games and family entertainment. Sun 31 Dec Lakeside New Year’s Eve, Victoria Point Free entertainment, fun and fireworks! Plus the High Street Markets (thanks to The World Food Markets!) will be filled with fantastic stalls of food, shopping and fun for all. Victoria Point Lakeside Shopping Centre. 5 – 9pm. www. Sun 31 Dec New Year’s Eve at South Bank Welcome in 2018 with a stunning fireworks display at South Bank! There’ll be two fireworks shows – one at 8:30pm for families and one at midnight for late-night revellers.

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#FamiliesMagFun JANUARY 2018

Sat 6 – Sun 14 Jan Draw It. Code It. | QUT Summer Holiday Program, Brisbane Visit QUT Gardens Point Precinct this January to enjoy our free arts, craft and robotics activities! The Cube and QUT Art Museum have joined together to offer a diverse family holiday program featuring an exciting mix of interactive activities to suit everyone from the tech-inclined to fans of good old-fashioned art making. 10am – 4pm daily. au/event/draw-code-qut-summer-holiday-program-brisbane Mon Jan 8 Starting Kindy & Prep | Your Questions Answered. Join Families Magazine and C&K and our panel of Education experts as we personally answer your questions about: is my child ready to start Prep? How do I choose the right kindy or daycare, settling those first day jitters, dealing with separation anxiety (yours and theirs), what will they learn this year and any other pressing question you might have to help you make an informed decision. On the panel will be professionals from the health and education fields who will be available in real time to answer you. This is an online only event that runs for 2 hours from 8pm – 10pm. Click interested on our event to ensure you are notified when it is about to start Mon 8 – Fri 12 Jan Kids Dig it and family fun activities, Caboolture This fantastic family event offers a wide selection of hands-on activities to keep your ‘Little Vikings’ engaged and happy. The Abbey Museum. Sat 13 Jan Jamboree 50th Anniversary Festival, Jamboree Heights This festival, which will be admission-free and open to the whole community, will include: demonstration of skills by scouts, performances by community groups, market stalls, food trucks, billy carts, obstacle course, climbing wall, laying of a time capsule and the unveiling of rejuvenated memorial stone. Wood Park. 10am – 6pm. jamboree-50th-anniversary-festival-jamboree-heights Sat 13 Jan RSPCA Pop Up Adoption, South Brisbane RSPCA Pop Up Adoption returns for its fourth year in 2018 on Saturday 13th January at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre! The event will bring together dogs, puppies, kittens and cats from RSPCA shelters right across Queensland, all ready to be adopted. Entry is just a gold coin donation and there will be plenty of pet products, vet advice and most importantly plenty of loving animals as they hope to find 500 new forever homes! event/rspca-pop-adoption-south-brisbane Sat 13 – Sun 21 Jan Slideapalooza, Mount Cotton This summer .... Slideapalooza will be setting up the world’s largest collection of waterslides at Sirromet Winery. There are 3 sessions per day, all sessions are 2.5 hours long and capped so everyone enjoys LOTS of sliding in each session. Tue 16 – Sat 20 Jan Storytime Ballet - The Sleeping Beauty, New Farm A beautiful princess must sleep for 100 years – until woken by true love’s kiss … Experience all the dazzling wonder of The Sleeping Beauty in a live, interactive production created especially for children aged 3 and up. Fairies in glittering tutus, storybook characters, and a prince’s quest – all set to Tchaikovsky’s hum-along score. Brisbane Powerhouse. event/storytime-ballet-sleeping-beauty-new-farm


Your Local Families Magazine December 2017 / January 2018

Fri 19 – Tue 23 Jan The Gruffalo - Live at Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin Grove Join Mouse on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood in this magical, musical adaptation of the classic picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Searching for hazelnuts, Mouse meets the cunning Fox, the eccentric old Owl and the party mad Snake. Will the story of the terrifying Gruffalo save Mouse from ending up as dinner for these hungry woodland creatures? After all, there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo – is there? Songs, laughs and scary fun! Roundhouse Theatre. au/event/gruffalo-live-roundhouse-theatre-kelvin-grove Sat 20 Jan Sesame Lane’s 30th Birthday and Open Day, Kippa Ring Join in for a party! Kippa Ring - Regency Street’s grand opening, rides, face painting, Japanese calligraphy, sausage sizzle and more! Plus the HIT105 Hit Squad are joining them for some awesome tunes! They have enrolment packs and gift vouchers* for new enrolments, and iPad’s* for current families who refer a friend who enrols! From 4.30pm. sesame-lanes-30th-birthday-open-day-kippa-ring Sat 20 – Sun 28 Jan Lifeline Bookfest, South Brisbane Whether you are a book worm, a dedicated reader, a student, a book collector or someone searching for those long-lost books to make your book series complete, Lifeline Bookfest Brisbane is the place for you. Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Sat 20 Jan – Sat 17 Mar The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Petrie Terrace The twelve princesses love to dance, but their overprotective father won’t allow it. A visit from his late wife’s sister Lady Monica is about to change all that. A magical musical journey awaits in the story of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Brisbane Arts Theatre. Fri 26 Jan Australia Day in Redcliffe Join in the celebrations at the gorgeous Suttons Beach in Redcliffe for an easy-going, Aussie time. Australia Day in Redcliffe is free to attend and one the whole family can enjoy. Get Ready for the Lamington Eating Contest! Hit the golden sands for an Aussie cracking fun time with Beach Cricket, Beach volleyball and Beach sack races. Or cruise out in the beautiful water with the Float ‘n’ Fun Paddle Boards and Peddle Boards. Jump in the Garden Games area for some great fun with games including Giant Beer Pong, Giant Jenga, and Tic Tac Toe. And you won’t want to miss out on the amazing Toilet Races. This fantastic Aussie Day event will finish with a brilliant fireworks display from 7.30pm. Sun 28 Jan Robin the Hood, Kallangur Oyez, oyez, oyez! Welcome back to the middle ages! A romantic time of fair maidens and knights in shining armour! Well, that’s how history wants us to remember it! But what really happened back then? Come with them on an action packed, mad-capped romp through the unknown pages of England! The hero is Robin the Hood! The baddie is the Evil King John! Kallangur Community Hall.

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The Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock is the revolutionary innovation of Nat and Emily Duffell, the co-founders of Sleepy Starz Pty Ltd. The clock teaches children the concept of time through images in which they can associate with and teaches long lasting sleep habits. With more features than any other sleep training clock on the market the aim of the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock is to teach children when to go to sleep, when to stay in bed and when they are allowed to get out of bed in the morning. Most young children are unable to tell the time so the Sleepy Starz Sleep Clock teaches them the correct time to stay in bed through a series of enjoyable and calming images. The parent can set the time in which they want their child to get up.

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Families Magazine - Brisbane Summer Days Out & Clubs & Classes Issue 2018  

Families Magazine - Brisbane is an A4 glossy magazine printed every 2 months and distributed in places where families are in the Brisbane &...

Families Magazine - Brisbane Summer Days Out & Clubs & Classes Issue 2018  

Families Magazine - Brisbane is an A4 glossy magazine printed every 2 months and distributed in places where families are in the Brisbane &...