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We’ve road tested and reviewed the BEST 50 things to do this summer for families with kids.














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February / March 2019

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Welcome to our BACK TO SCHOOL issue! Back to School means different things to different families. For some it’s a lastminute shopping frenzy for school shoes, socks and hair ties, then covering books in plastic and desperation the evening before school starts. For others, it heralds a leisurely martini while the nanny dresses the children in curtains and teaches them to sing atop the Swiss Alps… wait, that’s the plot to The Sound Of Music. Home– schoolers, un–schoolers, children with non-standard curriculum needs and parents of under-fives are eye-rolling at the Back-To-School memes, having never received a break in routine in the first place. Whatever your lifestyle choice, it’s time to start adding 15 minutes to your traffic estimations because it’s business as usual again. It’s not just school that’s back; dance classes, sport, drama, music and pre-teen taxidermy (not a thing yet but should be) will be kicking it up a notch. Are your children showing promise as athletes or artists? Combine the two with Mixed Media Martial Arts! They can express their emotions with colour while submitting their opponents on the mat. Sweep the leg AND the canvas. This idea is mine so get in touch for franchise options. Whether you’re circling the block looking for a park or enjoying quiet libraries, cafes and parks again, please remember to thank society for being so generous during the endless screaming and clogged internet bandwidth of the holiday period. Yours in joyful gridlock and endless Gumtree sales of unwanted gifts,

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How to Turn 20 Days Annual Leave Into 8 Holidays

Education Is Your Child’s Vocab Holding Them Back? First Fortnight of Prep 2019 School Open Days

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Families Health Stop Worrying in 2019 Natural Head Lice Remedies

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Clubs, Classes & Activities Find a local Club, Class or Activity for 2019

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Families Fun Circle the family events you plan to do during February/March

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Looking for the latest local news and views? We've got it covered! SUNSUPER – DREAMS FOR A BETTER WORLD Dreams for a Better World is Sunsuper’s community giving program. Each year they award a share of $150,000 in grants to community causes that improve the lives of Australians and help make the world a better place. Sunsuper’s community grants are there to give you the leg up or helping hand you need to make your dream a reality. If your not-for-profit organisation or community group dreams of helping to create brighter futures for Australians, or a more active community, or to support others to live better, Sunsuper wants to hear about it. For more information go to dreamsforabetterworld.com.au/community-grants Submissions open 8 Feb, 2019

AUGMENTED REALITY IN THE CITY Curious? For 20 brilliant days starting in March, Brisbane will come alive with a myriad of curious encounters from the South Bank Cultural Precinct right through to Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm. Curiocity Brisbane is a fully immersive sensory experience for everyone to touch, see, hear, taste, learn, play and wonder, brought to you via a trail of augmented reality pop-up playgrounds, music and science. Joining Curiocity Brisbane is the World Science Festival from March 20-24, and QODE – an event to inspire the entrepreneurial community – on April 2 & 3. Find out more at curiocitybrisbane.com


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DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS The internal temperature of a stationary car can rapidly rise to dangerous levels, and leaving a window open or parking in the shade makes little difference. In Queensland it isn’t illegal to leave your dog in a car, but it IS illegal to leave a window open and you can be charged with animal cruelty if your pet becomes ill or distressed. If you see a car with a pet inside, take down the details and call Police Link on 131 444 or the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL. If the car is at a shopping centre, ask Centre Management to put a call out for the owner. Breaking the window or damaging the car yourself can get you in trouble, so monitor the dog and wait for the authorities to arrive. For more information go to www.rspcaqld.org.au/what-we-do/welfareawareness/companion-animals/dogs-die-in-hot-cars

2019 - THE YEAR OF OUTBACK TOURISM Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has declared 2019 The Year of Outback Tourism in a bid to increase visitors and help struggling outback communities. If the outback hasn’t featured on your destination list yet, here’s why it should! You can dig for dinosaur bones in Winton, visit the Tree of Knowledge in Barcaldine, immerse yourself in Indigenous cultural experiences, see the galaxies in all their glory, or attend any one of a number of outback events and festivals. Camping, glamping, ranch stays or hotels – they’re only a road trip away, or go there by rail for a truly memorable holiday this year. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/outback-pioneers/

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Families Travel

How to turn 20 days annual leave

into 8 family holidays We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve checked all the school holidays and all the public holidays in Queensland in 2019 and we’ve worked out the best way to spend your 20 days of annual leave to get 52 days of holidays or 8 separate family holidays (yes! you read that correctly – EIGHT holidays!) – because kids spell love T.I.M.E! You’ll need to book your time off well in advance, because once the word gets out that this is possible with the way the holidays fall this year… everyone will be clambering for the same leave. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

52 days of holidays this year for clever families! So this is when you need to book your days off AND where we suggest you consider going for your EIGHT family holidays!

Saturday April 13 to Monday April 22 (Easter – 10 days holiday – use 4 days annual leave) Book off: 15, 16, 17, 18 April. Four days of leave after Easter equals 10 days off work, aligning nicely with the Easter school holidays. We recommend a camping trip, but book early as camping at Easter can get booked out well ahead of time. Check out our favourite camping (or cabin) spots at www.familiesmagazine.com.au/ brisbane/camping-cabins/all

cooling down a little in Brisbane, so it’s a great time for a beach holiday. You can see some of our favourite beachside destinations and resorts at www.familiesmagazine.com.au/brisbane/ beach-holidays/all

Saturday May 4 to Monday May 6 (Labour Day – 3 days holiday – use 0 days annual leave) In 2019, the Labour Day holiday is on Monday May 6. Combine that with a weekend and you can have a cheeky mini-break with your family. You don’t have to go that far or spend very much to enjoy a great trip away. For a cheeky mini-break from Brisbane we recommend a farm stay on the Gold Coast. We’ve got a great overview of Gold Coast farm stays at www.familiesmagazine.com.au/family-friendly-farmstays-gold-coast

Saturday June 29 to Sunday July 7 (School holidays – 9 days holiday – use 5 days annual leave) Book off: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 July.

Thursday April 25 to Sunday April 28 Book off: 26 April.

There’s a long winter stretch where we don’t have any public holidays to take advantage of, so you will need to use a chunk of your annual leave here. Make the most of it by combining your days off with the school holidays in July this year and weekends on either side.

ANZAC Day is April the 25th and in 2019 it falls on a Thursday. Take the following Friday off as annual leave and you get a 3-day holiday spending quality time with your family. In April the weather is often (but not always)

Winter is our absolute favourite time to visit the beautiful Bunya Mountains. Let the kids run free outside with a plethora of things to do and rug up at night and enjoy a warm home at surprisingly cheap prices. Find

(ANZAC Day – 4 days holiday – use 1 day annual leave)


Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019

Families Travel out more in our review at www.familiesmagazine.com.au/bunya-mountains

Wednesday August 14 to Sunday August 18 (EKKA holiday – 5 days holiday – use 2 days annual leave) Book off: 15, 16 August. You may want to go to the EKKA of course, or you may want to take advantage of the public holiday and whip the kids out of school for two days for some special family time. Now we are not recommending anyone ‘cuts class’ by taking time off school during term time, but the rules in Queensland are quite clear about taking time off school for family time… and you can read all about it at www.familiesmagazine.com.au/ holidays-during-school-term-time. For a 5-day holiday in August, we recommend checking out the dolphins in Tin Can Bay. Read our review at www.familiesmagazine.com.au/tin-can-bay-dolphins

The Queen’s Birthday this year is celebrated in Queensland on Monday October 7. If you use 5 days annual leave in the week prior and the weekends on either side, you’ll get 10 days of holidays to really push the boat out and go somewhere fun. Perhaps an overseas adventure? Check out some ideas in our travel section at www.familiesmagazine.com.au/brisbane/international-holidays/all

Saturday October 19 to Monday October 22 (Weekend + Student Free Day = 3 days holiday – use 0 days annual leave) If your school has student free day on Monday October 22, 2019, then this cruise is for you! 3 Night P&O Sea Break Food & Wine Cruise From Brisbane Cast off from Brisbane where your cruise package includes main meals, HEAPS of onboard activities to fill your days, live theatre-style entertainment, movie nights, kids club, pool, day spa, boutique shopping and more! This cruise returns on Tuesday morning in time for the kids to go to school! #winning! Check out the amazing deal at www.bit.ly/2SEIrp6

Wednesday December 25, 2019 to Wednesday January 1, 2020 (Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day – 8 days holidays – use 3 days annual leave) Book off: 27, 30, 31 December. If you have family up north or interstate, this is the perfect time to use your last few days of annual leave to get away from Brisbane for one last holiday. Why not travel by long-distance train to get there? A long-distance train journey is a beautiful way to see a bit of Australia. Read our review at www.familiesmagazine.com.au/long-distance-train-trips

Saturday September 28 to Monday October 7 (School holidays + Queen’s Birthday + weekends – 10 days holiday – use 5 days annual leave) Book Off: 30 Sept, 1, 2, 3, 4 Oct 2019

So there you have it: EIGHT family holidays using 20 days annual leave! Of course, not everyone gets the weekend off work, and your local area EKKA public holiday might not fall on the Wednesday, but we’ve given you a great starting point and hopefully heaps of inspiration to make this your “Year of the Holiday!”

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Families Finance

Is Buy Now Pay Later RIGHT FOR YOU?

Buy now pay later services

Buy now pay later payment services allow you to delay payment or pay by instalments (often fortnightly) over a period of time. This article, from www.moneysmart.gov.au, explains how these payment services work, what fees you’ll pay and how to avoid getting into financial trouble if you’re using these services.

What is buy now pay later?

Buy now pay later services are offered by providers such as:

Afterpay Certegy Ezi-Pay





Buy now pay later services are offered by retailers and service providers so you can buy a product immediately and delay payment. You then pay off the product in instalments over several weeks or, with some high-value purchases, over a longer period of time.

Refunds and returns

If you have a problem with the product or service you’ve bought, the shop or service provider’s returns policy will apply, so contact them first.

Are buy now pay later services worth it?

Buy now pay later services are often advertised as ‘interest-free’ or 0% interest’, but the cost will add up if you can’t make the repayments on time.

Families tip Always check the terms and conditions before you sign up, as they can be different for each buy now pay later service.

Buy now pay later isn’t only offered for low-value purchases, like clothes and beauty products. Solar panels and health services can also be bought using buy now pay later.

Here are some things to look out for before using these services.

How do these payment services work?

• Monthly account-keeping fees - Some of these services charge you a fixed amount for every month you continue to use their service.

Buy now pay later services are offered when you shop online or in-store as another payment option at the time of checkout. You can apply for and set up a purchase plan through the provider’s app or website when shopping online. If you’re shopping in-store, a shop assistant will set up the buy now pay later application on your behalf. The buy now pay later provider will contact you when your application is approved. This is usually a quick process.


You will need to provide your bank or credit card details the first time you use these services, so your payments can be deducted. You may also be required to pay either a deposit or the first instalment up-front.

Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019

• Late fees - There’s usually a late fee every time you miss a payment or pay late. These fees can add up over time.

• P ayment processing fees - You may be required to pay a fee for each payment, on top of your set repayment.

Is your credit history or ability to repay checked?

Most buy now pay later providers do not check your ability to make repayments or your credit history. This means you could end up taking on more credit than you can afford and could have trouble making your repayments.

Families Finance Taking on too much debt? An ASIC review of the buy now pay later industry found that 1 in 6 users had become overdrawn, delayed other bill payments or borrowed money so they could make their buy now pay later payments.

Making a complaint about buy now pay later services Most buy now pay later providers have dedicated complaints and hardship services. Contact your provider to discuss your complaint, or if you are having difficulty making repayments. A free financial counsellor can also help if you’re struggling financially. This can affect your credit score as some providers report late payments to credit reporting agencies.

Managing your buy now pay later payments Stay in control when you use a buy now pay later service by following these tips: • Plan ahead: Make sure you can afford the full price and that the repayments fit into your budget. Consider any other bills or financial commitments due at the same time as your buy now pay later payments. • D on’t get into debt: Consider linking your buy now pay later account to your debit card instead of your credit card. That way you’re using your own money and avoid credit card interest. • Don’t overcommit: Stick to a limit and aim to have only one buy now pay later at a time. • A sk for help: If you’re having trouble making repayments, contact your provider straight away.

Using buy now pay later when you shop can be a convenient way to pay for things, but you need to be careful not to overcommit financially or buy more expensive items than you usually would.

More Resources: Check your credit score here: www.moneysmart.gov.au/borrowing-and-credit/borrowingbasics/credit-scores Find a free financial counsellor here: www.moneysmart.gov.au/managing-your-money/managingdebts/financial-counselling Find a list of free legal help providers here: www.moneysmart.gov.au/managing-your-money/managingdebts/free-legal-advice National Debt Helpline 1800 007 007

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International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8, recognises the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women everywhere – women who were inspired by thought or circumstance to make a positive change in our world and be MIGHTY! It’s important that our girls see positive representations of what it is to be female (if you can’t see it, you can’t be it), so we’ve gathered together a collection of texts to engage, challenge, excite and invite the girls in your life to be themselves, reach for the stars and push past social and media pressure. Books for mighty girls means books that challenge negative dynamics… Girls to the front! These girls and women are centre stage, unapologetic and living the lives that they want to live. Isn’t that what we want for our own daughters?


A presentation of twenty-six TRUE stories about women who changed the course of history. You could read one together each night and talk about the qualities of each of these inspiring women and how you could apply their spirit and courage to your own lives.


This is a story about a princess who subverts the idea that a handsome prince has to come and rescue her – and she rescues herself! But it’s when she rescues the prince and he’s less than pleased with how un-princess-like she looks that things really get interesting…

THE GARDENER Sarah Stewart

Lydia loves flowers, and Lydia grows flowers – everywhere. So much so that the grey neighbourhood, and even her cranky uncle, begin to get a little bit brighter and a little bit brighter. Set in the Depression Era, the method of storytelling is through letters sent home, offering great opportunity for discussion and engagement.


Isabella goes on a journey of discovery as she finds out about many different women who inspire her – including her own mother! Learning about extraordinary women teaches her about how extraordinary SHE can be as well! This is a great book for kids learning to read, too.


Denise Brennan-Nelson, Rosemarie Brennan Willow doesn’t colour inside the lines – she breaks crayons! Her trees are PINK! Her apples are BLUE! Her imagination runs wild – but what will her teacher think? This is a great book about square pegs in round holes and how sometimes kids have something to teach adults.

CHARLIE’S TALES (SERIES) Pretty Foundation

This is a series of books with the central character being a strong female who can take on the world around her. The best part about this series is that all funds raised go towards promoting positive body image for young girls. Lots of Australian celebrities and social media influencers have thrown their support behind CHARLIE – will you do the same?


Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019


Easy Street | Helping Kids with Handwriting Julie, director of Easy Street to Handwriting, knows the frustrations of watching your child flounder when learning to write. She threw herself into figuring out how to better help little learners become masters at forming letters and numbers, and developed new strategies to fit these lessons to the way children learn. The result is the Easy Street to Handwriting app. At Easy Street to Handwriting, all kids can ‘do’, and they have fun while they do it!

WHAT IS EASY STREET TO HANDWRITING? Easy Street to Handwriting is a deceptively simple looking digital game that’s fun to use and teaches real concepts in a contextually appropriate setting. The game works using the metaphor of motorbike riding. You have one person riding on the bike (pointer finger), one in the side car (in this case, a monkey) and one underneath supporting the pencil (the thumb takes the form of a mechanic who is here to help should any trouble arise). This is to address grip issues that may be stopping children from being able to write. The language and metaphor of traffic is applied to every stage of the game. A policeman attends the scene if a ‘crime’ is committed (e.g. going off track or the wrong way). There are rules to follow and remember that may frustrate your child, but sometimes our children work well when they’re challenged. Learning can be frustrating, but it makes achievement all the sweeter.

THE EASY STREET TO HANDWRITING APP The app that children use is available on both Google Play and in the Apple App Store. You’ll find a choice of 6 riders with the ability to personalise avatars and the chance to customise bikes. You can even build your own course in the motorbike fun park.

‘Like’ letters are grouped together. You can begin lowercase without lines (recommended) and then the game will introduce letters that are LIKE the ones you just mastered, for example, can you make an r? Let’s turn it into an n! There is a subscription option for teachers whereby 30 riders can play (this comes with a free trial period), and you’ll find posters of the alphabet and numerals that include the language used in the program.

HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM JUST PRACTISING? Drawing letters again and again can feel tedious to a child, and drawing numbers in isolation lacks context, but turning handwriting into a fun game with rewards makes learning fun and screen time useful. You’ve probably already tried the options put forward by your child’s teacher, and Julie, the creator, was a mum in your exact position. This solution has helped not only her own daughter but lots of kids just like yours! Easy Street to Handwriting is easy to use and it’s what both parents and children have been looking for. To find out more and read our review, go to www.familiesmagazine.com.au/easy-street-to-handwriting

St Margaret’s PRE-PREP - YEAR 12


“I’m learning to be… …the best ME!”

OPEN DAY RCH SAT 9 -M1A 2.30pm 9.30am


A local school with a global outlook www.stmargarets.qld.edu.au • T: (07) 3862 0777 E: admissions@stmargarets.qld.edu.au 11 Petrie Street Ascot QLD 4007

St Margaret’s School Council Ltd ABN: 69069684019 CRICOS Code: 00511K

99OP1-15 2018 Seniors %ofreceived an

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’s d l i h C r I s yo u

Vocabulary Holding

Them Back?

By Charlotte Gater

One of the biggest factors affecting your child’s ability to progress at school is their language skills. If they cannot understand what is being said or articulate their own thoughts, then school can be a confusing and isolating place. According to the Centre for Independent Studies, more than one in five Austlian children aged 4 and 5 lack the language skills necessary to describe simple events or to even to speak in sentences. There is a strong need for children to develop good language skills because when you’re behind from the start you rarely catch up. Here are some ideas you can fit into your busy family lives in order to help your little ones develop their language skills.


Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019


Encourage reading for pleasure from an early age

Attend music classes or story time sessions

This ensures that positive reading habits are set up from the start. Building a love of stories, books and reading are key to developing a child’s vocabulary. For very young children, create opportunities for sharing books throughout the day, not just at bedtime. Lead by example and let your child see you reading for pleasure as they become independent readers themselves.

These are also great ways to engage your child and build their language skills.

Don’t be scared of using challenging language

Make word learning fun

Children learn from what is being said around them, so if you model using a variety of language then your child will learn more and start to use different words. Use more challenging words and then explain what they mean to increase their vocabulary.

Join the library Books can be expensive, and it may take time to find the types of stories that engage your child, so join the library and tap into this free goldmine!

Label your house

Involve your child in labelling items around the house so they can learn lots of new words. Write the words and get your child to trace over or copy them if they are able. They can also draw pictures on the labels to help them remember the words.

Play quick and easy word games such as ‘word of the week’ where points are scored every time the word is used in context correctly. Traditional games such as Hangman, Scrabble and Boggle increase literacy skills. ‘I Spy’ is good for younger children and can be adapted for older children to ‘I hear with my little ear’ and then giving a clue to the meaning of a word for example “a word that means the opposite of agree” or “a word that explains how plants get energy”.

Talk with your child

Conversation is key to building language skills. Whether it’s whilst having dinner, on the journey home from school or before they go to bed, take the time to have a chat with your child.

Sometimes it’s hard to get anything out of children, and “fine” or “okay” are given as standard answers. Try a few open questions to get them expanding their answers like “what was the best thing about your day?” Or “Tell me about what you did at nursery”.

Harness technology Technology can help increase literacy skills if you use it in the right way. Some recommended resources are: Free e-books There are lots of websites that offer free e-books for children from toddler to young adult, which can be read online or downloaded. Audio books are great when you’re traveling in the car or getting ready to go out. Listen to stories together and then talk to your child about the story. Apps such as Pirate Phonics, Hairy Letters and Reading Eggs are great to get started with language learning. When you are out and about let your child take some photos to make a picture diary. When you get home look through the photos and get them to describe what you did. You can also turn your adventures into a book. Book Creator (www.bookcreator.com) allows you to make 40 e-books of your own for free.

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t s r i F T h e ht g i n t r Fo p e r P f o

e d i u AG

Congratulations to all the parents who have just survived their first Prep week! At my school I’m preparing our Prep & Grade 1 emotional literacy curriculum for the year and we’re busy organising this year’s Friendship Groups and Prep Parent Information Night, which is happening next week. Overall, there will be lots of things that your own school will be doing to foster a successful school start for you preppie, too, so if you’re feeling a bit lost, please don’t hesitate to chat to your teacher or principal. After all, school commencement can be as big of a transition for parents as it is for students. Some preppies won’t miss a beat and will fly into their new year without a tear, but for the vast majority it is normal to experience and elicit some degree of apprehension. To help with parent expectations, below are some of the typical things we see across our prep community in the first fortnight.


Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019

Emotions Expect your child to be EMOTIONAL (excited, apprehensive, sad, fearful, worried, etc.). School presents ENORMOUS change, and one that you simply cannot over prepare your child for. Talk about, welcome, and support all those little feelings as completely normal responses to a very big change. It would be an anomaly for most children to breeze through this transition, so also talk about how every other child in their class will probably be feeling just the same as your child feels.

Exhaustion Expect your child to be EXHAUSTED. There is mammoth learning outside of just the ABCs. Your child is learning to function in a much more complex social arrangement, learning a whole new teacher and environment, learning to sit still and listen for extended time periods,

Education and they understandably may baulk at this. I remember my nephew starting school and in the second week his entire class cried for the entire day!


learning to do what they’re told, learning advanced sharing and turn taking skills, learning advanced play skills, etc., etc., etc. All this learning typically produces a tired brain and tired child. They will rapidly absorb this new routine in the coming weeks and the tiredness is likely to fade.

Eating Expect your child to NOT EAT. This won’t last, but at the moment there is too much happening to want to eat. Schools are generally great in enforcing “sit down and eat” periods because this phenomenon is school-wide.

Behaviour Expect your child to be BEHAVIOURAL AT PICK UP. They have used up all of their emotional cup during the day, and they’re fully depleted by the time the see you. This is a very common occurrence with parents frequently asking how their child can be an “angel” in the classroom, but difficult at home. Come to pick up prepared for a really big, undistracted hug and acknowledge how hard that distance has been and how well they did without you and how happy you are to be picking them up. This helps to reconnect their primary attachment and refills their emotional resilience until the next drop off.

Tears Expect MORE TEARS in the next fortnight. Somewhere in the next week or two, your child is going to realise that school isn’t just a fun, new thing, but a permanent, sometimes tricky thing that can be pretty stressful at times,

It’s really normal for stress and anxiety in children to produce the same stress responses as it does in adults. This can include sleeplessness, disrupted routines, irritability, poor appetite, bed wetting or toilet issues (that’s why we pack spares for preppies), hyperorality (chewing clothing, fingers, etc.), clinginess to mum and dad, etc. - all very normal transition responses as children typically externalise their worries into behaviours. This is unlikely to persist, but if it does please don’t hesitate to chat to your Guidance Counsellor.

The first fortnight of prep – expect the unexpected Mostly, I wanted to say – all of these responses are really NORMAL, so please BREATHE: your preppie is doing great and you’re doing great too, parents! It is RARE for any of this to persist, but from a school-perspective, this is our common first fortnight of new preppies, and behind the scenes of most schools we’re working hard to help this transition go as smoothly as possible. My main TIP (if it’s possible) is to arrive at pick up with an undistracted hug, lots of GOOD food and water, and go straight from school to an unstructured, outside play environment (e.g. park, playground) and let them UNWIND and have your full attention for 20-minutes (it doesn’t have to be a long play). At school, we use a simple HALTS framework (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, Stressed) of assessment to understand emotional breaks in our younger students. That little unstructured play with snacks targets these 5 areas, and will hopefully help circumvent behaviours associated with “let’s go from 6 hours of change to the rush of dinner, bed, bath routine” etc. “What to expect in the first fortnight of prep” is a guest post from Dr Rachell Kingsbury – Guidance Counsellor (Clin. Psych & Clin. Neuropsych MAPS) and mum of two boys.

Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019




Brisbane and Ipswich’s most comprehensive For prospective students & parents

To promote Your School Open Day in the next issue (April / May 2019) contact our Editor Email: Editor@FamiliesMagazine.com.au Tel: 3206 0593 Please check the details of the events listed before setting off in case anything has changed since going to print.

All Hallows School (Fortitude Valley) Catholic Girl’s School Yr 5 - Yr 12 Open Day: Sun 26 May. www.ahs.qld.edu.au Ambrose Tracy College (Indooroopilly) Catholic College for boys Yr 4 - 12. Tours: Thur 21 Feb 3.30pm, 21 Mar 10am, 16 May 3.30pm, 11 June 9.30am, 6 Aug 9.30am, 5 Sept 3.30pm. www.atc.qld.edu.au/enrolments/college-tour Anglican Church Grammar School (East Brisbane) Anglican Boys’ School Reception - Yr 12 Open Day: Wed 8 May 10am - 1 pm. They also offer personalised tours and Headmaster’s Tours throughout the year. www.churchie.com.au Bethania Lutheran School (Bethania) Co-ed Primary School Prep - Yr 6 Open Day: Thur 28 Mar 9am Contact school for a tour 3200 5363. www. bethania.qld.edu.au Brigidine College (Indooroopilly) – Catholic Secondary Girls’ College Yr 7-12. Welcome Tours: Mon 4 or Tues 5 Mar; Mon 5 or Tues 6 Aug 9.30am - 10.30am; Twilight Tours: Tues 14 May & Tues 15 Oct 2pm - 6pm. www.brigidine.qld.edu.au Brisbane Adventist College (Mansfield) Co-ed Prep-Yr 12 Tour upon booking online. www.bac.qld.edu.au Brisbane Boys’ College (Toowong) Prep to Year 12, with boarding from Years 4 to 12. Check their website for details. www.bbc.qld.edu.au Brisbane Christian College (Salisbury) Co-ed Pre-prep-Yr 12 Open Days: 5 Mar, 21 May & 20 Aug for Primary School, and Middle & Secondary School. 29 Oct for Middle and Secondary School only. www.brisbanechristiancollege.com.au Brisbane Girls Grammar School (Brisbane) Yr 7-12 Open Day: Fri 2 Aug 4pm - 8pm. www.bggs.qld.edu.au

Genesis Christian College (Bray Park) Indep Co-ed School Prep-Yr 12 Open Morning: Tues 7 May. 8.30am-11am. Personalised tours can be made by appointment anytime throughout the year. www.genesis.qld.edu.au Grace Lutheran College (Rothwell) Co-ed Secondary College Yr 7-12 Check their website for details. www.gracecollege.com.au Grace Lutheran College (Caboolture) Co-ed Secondary College Yr 7-12 Check their website for details. www.gracecollege.com.au Grace Lutheran Primary School (Clontarf ) Co-ed Prep-Yr 6 Principals Tours: 12 Feb, 14 Mar, 2 Apr, 9 May, 18 June, 18 July, 20 Aug, 17 Sept, 17 Oct. Times vary. Check website for more. www.graceprimary.qld.edu.au Hillbrook Anglican School (Enoggera) Co-ed Secondary School Yr 7-12. For more details on Hillbrook in Action and to arrange a personal tour visit. www.hillbrook.qld.edu.au Iona College (Lindum) Catholic Boys’ College Open Day: Mon 3 June. www.iona.qld.edu.au Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School (girls-only) and Ipswich Junior Grammar School (co-ed). Discovery Tours: Tues 28 May, Wed 7 Aug, Tue 22 Oct. www.iggs.qld.edu.au Ipswich Grammar School (Ipswich) Indep Boys’ School Prep - Yr 12 Open Day: Thurs 23 May. www.ipswichgrammar.com

Brisbane Grammar School (Brisbane) Indep Boys’ School Yr 5-Yr 12 Open Day: Open Day Sat 20 July. Organised tours throughout the year. www.brisbanegrammar.com

John Paul College (Daisy Hill) Co-ed Early Yrs - Yr 12 Open Days: Sat 9 Mar 10am - 2pm, Primary School Open Morning, Thur 6 June 9am -11am, Senior School Open Morning Thur 15 Aug 9am - 11am, Twilight Open Evening Thur 17 Oct 4pm - 7 pm. www. johnpaulcollege.com.au

Calvary Christian College (Loganholme) Springwood Campus- Prep -6; Carbrook Campus- Childcare - 12 Visit their website to book a tour. www.calvarycc.qld.edu.au

Living Faith Lutheran Primary School (Murrumba Downs) Co-ed Prep-Yr 6. Open Mornings: Thurs 28 Feb & Wed 14 Aug 9.00am 10.30am. www.livingfaith.qld.edu.au

Cannon Hill Anglican College (Cannon Hill) Co-ed Prep -Yr 12. Open Day: Sat 2 Mar 9am - 12 & Fri 2 Aug 9am to 12. www.chac.qld.edu.au

Loreto College (Coorparoo) Catholic Girls’ Secondary College Open Day: 11 August 9am – 12pm, College Tours: 13 Mar, 5 June, 23 Oct 9am - 10.30am. www.loreto.qld.edu.au

Cantebury College (Waterford) Indep Co-ed Kindy–Yr 12 Open Day: Sat 18 May. Tours Morning: Wed 7 Mar and Wed 7 Aug. Canterbury@Twilight: Wed 16 Oct. www.canterbury.qld.edu.au

Lourdes Hill College (Hawthorne) Catholic Girls’ Secondary School Open Day: Fri 11 Oct 3:30pm – 7pm. www.lhc.qld.edu.au

Carmel College (Thornlands) Catholic Co-ed Yr 7-12 Visit their website to book a tour. www.carmelcollege.qld.edu.au

Marist College (Ashgrove) Yr 5-Yr 12. Open Days: Fri 22 Feb, Fri 22 Mar, Fri 31 May, Fri 2 Aug, Fri 18 Oct. www.marash.qld.edu.au

Citipointe Christian College (Carindale) Independent Prep-Yr 12 Morning and Evening Tours: Tues 5 Mar 5pm, Tues 21 May 9am, Tues 27 Aug 9am, Tues 22 Oct 5pm. www.brisbane.coc.edu.au

Mary MacKillop College (Nundah) Girl’s Secondary College Yr 7 - 12 Open Day: Sun 20 May 10am - 1pm, Enrolment Info Evening – Mon 4 Mar 4.30pm - 6pm, Enrolment Info Evening – Tue 27 Aug 4.30pm 6pm, Arts Showcase & Open Evening Thur 24 Oct 5.30pm - 8.30pm. www.mmc.qld.edu.au

Clairvaux MacKillop College (Upper Mt Gravatt) Catholic Co-ed Yr 7-12. Window Days: Fri 8 Mar 9am - 11am, Fri 3 May 9am - 11am, Wed 12 June 9am - 11am, Fri 26 July 9am - 11am, Fri 30 Aug 9am - 11am. www.cvxmck.edu.au Clayfield College Independent School (Clayfield) Co-ed Pre-Prep to Year 6, Girls Pre-prep-Yr 12 Open Mornings: Thurs 14 Mar 8:45am to 11am, Tues 21 May 8:45am to 11am, Clayfield Fair – Sun 4 Aug 10am to 3pm. www.clayfield.qld.edu.au


Faith Lutheran College (Thornlands) Middle & Senior School Campus Yr 7-Yr 12. Visit website to arrange a personal tour. www.faithlutheran.qld.edu.au

Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019

Moreton Bay Boys’ College (Manly West) Boys’ College Pre-Prep-Yr 12 Head of College Tours: Wed 20 Feb, Wed 13 Mar, Wed 1 May, Fri 7 June, Fri 19 July, Fri 30 Aug, Fri 11 Oct. www.mbbc.qld.edu.au Moreton Bay College (Wynnum West) Girls’ College Pre - Prep Yr 12. Open Days: Fri 22 Feb 9am - 11am, Fri 9 Aug 9am - 11am. www.mbc.qld.edu.au

Education Mount Alvernia College (Kedron) Catholic Girls’ Secondary School Open Day: Sun 19 May, 10am - 1pm. www.mta.qld.edu.au Mount St Michael’s College (Ashgrove) Catholic Girls’ Secondary School. Open Evening: Fri 1 Mar 3.30pm – 6pm. www.msm.qld.edu.au Mt Maria College (Petrie) Catholic co-ed Secondary College College Tours: Fri 8 Feb, Fri 1, 15, 29 Mar. www.mmcp.qld.edu.au Mueller College (Rothwell) Co-ed College Prep-Yr 12 Every day is open day, book a tour online. www.mueller.qld.edu.au Northpine Christian College (Dakabin) Indep Co-ed College Kindy – Yr 12. Open Evening: 29 May. www.northpine.qld.edu.au Northside Christian College (Everton Park) Co-ed Kindy – Year 12 Open Morning: Thur 14 Mar. Principals Tours and Private tours available. www.northside.qld.edu.au Ormiston College (Ormiston) Independent, Co-Educational, NonDenominational Christian, Prep to Year 12 with an Early Learning Centre. Prep Open Morning Tue 26 Feb 9.30am -10.45am. Showcase Day Sat 20 July, 10am to 2pm. Headmaster’s Tours throughout the year and personal tours may be arranged. www.ormistoncollege.com.au Our Lady’s College Catholic (Annerley) Girls’ College Yr 7-Yr 12 College tours: First Friday of every month during term time, commencing at 8am. www.ourladyscollege.qld.edu.au Padua College (Kedron) Catholic Boys’ College Yr 5-Yr 12 Open Day: Sun 19 May, 10am-1pm. www.padua.qld.edu.au Prince of Peace Lutheran College (Everton Hills) Co-ed Kindy-Yr 12 Junior Campus Open Mornings: Thur 14 Mar, Thur 9 May, Thur 8 Aug, Thur 17 Oct. Senior Campus Open Morning – Wed 29 May 8.30am – 10:30am Senior Campus Expo – Tue 13 Aug 3:30pm – 6:30pm. www.princeofpeace.qld.edu.au Queensland Academies (Toowong, Kelvin Grove, Gold Coast) Toowong Open Day: Thurs 28 Feb 4pm - 7pm, Kelvin Grove Open Day: Sat 9 Mar 12-3pm, Gold Coat Open Day: Tue Feb 19. 4pm - 6pm. www.qa.eq.edu.au Redeemer Lutheran College (Rochedale) Co-ed College Prep Yr 12. Twilight Tour: Wed 13 Mar 3.30pm - 5pm. www.redeemer.com.au/experience Redlands College (Wellington Point) Co-ed College Prep-Yr 12 Open Day: 8 Mar 9:30am - 11:30am, 27 July 9:30am - 11:30am. Discover Prep: 21 March. www.redlands.qld.edu.au San Sisto College (Carina) Secondary Girls’ School. Open Day: Sun 19 May. College Tours: 14 March, 26 July, 17 Sept, 24 Oct. 9am. www.sansisto.qld.edu.au Seton College (Mount Gravatt East) Co-ed Secondary, focusing on students with learning needs. Check their website for details. www.seton.qld.edu.au Sheldon College (Sheldon) Independent, Co-educational, nondenominational. Childcare to Year 12. Every Day is Open Day. Vist their website to book a tour at a time that suits you. www.sheldoncollege.com Somerville House (South Brisbane) Co-educational Pre-Prep, Girls Prep to Year 12 and Boarding Years 6 to 12. Open Day: Sun 19 May 11am 2pm, Tour Morning: Thur 15 Aug 8am to 12pm. www.somerville.qld.edu.au

St Eugene College Catholic (Burpengary) Co-ed College Prep-Yr 12 Open Morning: Tue 26 Mar. Personal tours every Weds throughout the year. www.steugene.qld.edu.au St James College Catholic (Brisbane) Co-ed Secondary College Open Day: Fri 2 Aug. Tours of the College take place throughout the year. www.stjamescollege.qld.edu.au St John Fisher College (Bracken Ridge) Catholic Girls’ Secondary School Open Day: Tues 21 May 3:30pm - 6.30pm, Wed 18 Sept - Principal’s Morning Tea at 9.30am & Principal Meet and Greet at 6.30pm. Tours of the College take place throughout the year. www.sjfc.qld.edu.au St John’s Anglican College (Forest Lake) Co-ed Kindy-Yr 12. Check website for Open Day details. www.stjohnsanglicancollege.com.au St Joseph’s Nudgee College (Boondall) Catholic Boys’ College Yr 5-Yr 12 Open Day: Sat 18 May 10am - 2pm. Open Morning: Tues 13 Aug 9am 11.30am. 07 3865 0422 www.nudgee.com St. Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace (Spring Hill) Catholic Boys’ College Yr 5-Yr 12. Open Day: 19 Aug 3.30pm – 6pm. www.terrace.qld.edu.au St Laurence’s College (South Brisbane) Catholic Boys’ College Yr 5-Yr 12 Twilight Open Day: Thur 28 Feb 4pm – 7pm. www.slc.qld.edu.au St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School (Ascot) Anglican Girls’ School Pre-prep-Yr 12. Open Day: Sat 9 Mar 9.30am – 12.30pm, Open Morning: Thurs 15 Aug, 8am – 11am. www.stmargarets.qld.edu.au St Michael’s College (Caboolture) Catholic Co-ed Yr 7 - Yr 12 Check website for details. www.smccab.qld.edu.au St Patricks College (Shorncliffe) Catholic Boys’ College Yr 5-Yr 12 Open Day: Tues 28 May 3.30pm - 6pm. www.stpatricks.qld.edu.au St Paul’s School (Bald Hills) Anglican Co-ed Pre-Prep to Year 12 Open Mornings: Junior School Thur 7 Feb 9.15am – 12, Year 7 Fri 1 Mar & Thur 9 May 9am – 11am, Twlight Open Evening: Junior School Fri 3 May 4.15pm – 6pm. www.stpauls.qld.edu.au St Peters Lutheran College (Indooroopilly) Indep Co-ed Prep – Yr 12 Open Day: Sat 8 June 10am – 2pm. www.stpeters.qld.edu.au St Peters Lutheran College (Springfield) Indep Co-ed Prep - Yr 12 Open Day: Sat 1 June 9am - 12 noon, Group Tours: Thurs 14 Mar, Wed 23 Oct 9am. www.stpeters.qld.edu.au St Thomas More College (Sunnybank) Catholic Co-ed College Yr 7-Yr 12 Visitors’ Days: Tue 12 Mar, Tue 21 May, Tue 20 Aug, 9.15am or 4.15pm. www.stmc.qld.edu.au Stuartholme School (Toowong) Catholic Girls’ Secondary School Open Day: Sat 9 Mar. Action Tour Mornings: 8 Feb, 13 May, 10 June, 19 July, 15 Aug, 16 Sept, 11 Oct. Register to attend: www.stuartholme.com The Lakes College (North Lakes) Indep Co-ed College Prep-Yr 12 Check their website for details. www.thelakescollege.com.au The Springfield Anglican College (Springfield) Co-ed Anglican College Kindy-Yr 12. Check their website for details. www.tsac.qld.edu.au

Southern Cross Catholic College (Scarborough) Catholic Co-ed Prep -Yr 12. Open Day: Sun 19 May 10am – 1pm Head of Secondary Tours Thur 14 Feb, Thur 9 May, Thurs 22 Aug, Thur 24 Oct from 9.30am. www.sccc.qld.edu.au

Villanova College (Coorparoo) Catholic Boys’ College Yr 5-Yr 12 Open Day: Wed 13 Mar 8.30am - 10.30am. Principal’s Tours: 1 Feb, 1 Mar, 5 Apr, 3 May, 7 June, 2 Aug, 6 Sept, 1 Nov. www.vnc.qld.edu.au

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School (Corinda) Prep-Yr 12 with a Co-ed Kindy. Open Day: 26 Mar, Open Mornings: 23 May, 8 Aug, 21 Nov. www.staidans.qld.edu.au

West Moreton Anglican College (Karrabin, Ipswich) Anglican Co-ed Prep - Yr 12. Every day is Open Day. Visit website to book a tour. www.wmac.com.au Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019


Family Health


IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO STOP WORRYING? Parenting is the hardest job on the planet and we mostly do it with no training and with a lick and a promise. Are you the kind of person who puts a lot of pressure on yourself to ‘get it right’? And what does that even mean? Research shows that kids that have ‘over-involved’ parents; anxious mums and dads, fare worse in the real world. without going overboard. Ask them to help you come up with a new strategy for remembering.

YOU’RE NOT ABLE TO ATTEND THEIR ASSEMBLY/ MUSIC SHOW/SPORTING ACTIVITY Join the ranks of parents everywhere! Every now and then we will miss (or get held up and are late to) the kids’ event. Stop worrying – not attending every single event will teach your kids that people must prioritise other things at certain times – it will help them build resilience. If you know you cannot make it, and want to see the event, perhaps get someone to record it and watch it back with your child, creating a different memory!

YOUR CHILD’S EATING HABITS Here are 10 things that you should stop worrying about now!

YOU DON’T SPEND ENOUGH TIME WITH YOUR CHILD Most parents feel this from time to time unless they are home with their children 24/7. If you are starting to feel like this, it might be a signal that you need to re-jig your schedule to diary some time with your kid/s. You don’t have to spend hours and hours, but adding a scheduled amount of time to do something specific with each child can help alleviate the guilt most parents occasionally get from worrying that ‘I don’t spend enough time with him/her/them’.

YOU FORGET SOMETHING THEY TOLD YOU THAT IS IMPORTANT TO THEM It happens to all of us and it is normal! Stop worrying! Apologise for the oversight and try to make it up to them


Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019

Are they eating enough? Are they eating too much? Of this food... or that food? If you are truly worried check out www.healthdirect.gov.au/healthy-eating-for-children for guidance, and if you are still worried, visit your GP for a chat without your child in the first instance. Chances are, everything is fine, but if you need to tweak eating habits remember that you are their role model; make it a family effort and support each other instead of worrying without taking action.

YOUR CHILD DOESN’T HAVE THE LATEST [FILL IN THE BLANK] Children spell love T.I.M.E. So don’t worry about the latest gadgets that such-n-such person at school has. They would gladly give it up for 15 more minutes with you. I bet you!

YOUR CHILD WON’T BE SUCCESSFUL AT EVERYTHING THEY DO You should probably stop worrying about your child not

Family Health thriving at everything they do! Not every one of us is good at everything and of course this is the same for kids. If your kids aren’t excelling at something it’s either because they aren’t good at that thing, they aren’t enjoying it, or the environment doesn’t match their needs. If it isn’t going to be a substantial and ongoing problem, let them be ‘not good’ at something – it builds character!

THE MISTAKE YOU MADE WILL SCAR THEM FOR LIFE We all make mistakes, forget things, and mess up. Showing that you are human, you make mistakes and can forgive yourself will teach your kids much more than beating yourself up and worrying about how you’ve scarred them for life.


SOMETIMES YOU WANT TO DO STUFF WITHOUT YOUR KIDS It is perfectly normal to want to do things without the kids in tow from time to time. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love them, it means that you want to remember who you were before you had them and be the best you can be when you are with them. Whether it’s an afternoon away from them or a weekend or longer, take the time you need to recharge and you’ll find you enjoy them more when you get back.

It’s hard, when the media bombard us with so many negative images and stories about all the difficulties in the world. Remember that you are in control of yourself and you can make good decisions that impact positively upon your family. Teach your kids about personal responsibility and how to stay safe when they are not with you. Empower them to trust their instincts and make good decisions and you will find you are worrying less and less about their path through life.

STOP WORRYING THAT YOU’RE NOT DOING A GOOD ENOUGH JOB AS A PARENT The fact that you worry about it is a strong indicator that you are, in fact, doing a stellar job! Trust that your kids love you and see you as an amazing, talented, fascinating, super human…. and (except for a few years as a teenager) probably always will!

Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019


Family Health

Head Lice!

How to defeat them the natural way. Nits, cooties, pediculosis humanus capitis, whatever you may know them as, all parents will agree that head lice are THE WORST! Imagine the scenario; you’re lovingly combing out your child’s glorious hair, feeling those silky locks glide between your fingers and daydreaming of your child becoming the next cover star of Families Magazine (see page 31 for details!), when you’re woken from your reverie by a cry of “Mum, my head itches!”

Oh, the horror! Yes, you can hope it’s just dandruff or a mozzie bite, but if your child has recently returned to school there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to see some crawlers – the dreaded lice and nits! How can you get rid of them the natural way? Well, before we get nit-picking over the details, let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with…

What are head lice? Head lice are wingless bugs that crawl through the hair and draw blood from the scalp. The ones you see crawling (about the size of a sesame seed) are the lice, and the little bits glued to the hair are the eggs, otherwise known as nits – light for hatched and darker when the resident is still at home. Head lice are highly contagious and notoriously difficult – but not impossible – to get rid of. Pharmacies and supermarkets sell lots of chemical treatment, and they all claim to work miracles, but harsh chemicals aren’t the ideal choice for everyone. Never fear; there are some scientifically backed – or at least scientifically merited – natural home-based methods of head lice annihilation worth trying.

Combing Tips: • Focus is required! If you have other children, enlist your partner or someone else to look after them while you treat each child. • Distract a small or wriggly child with a favourite movie or TV show. • Have snacks and drinks handy; you could be in it for the long haul! • Get older children to practice their reading and read to you as you comb.

Scientifically merited natural head lice treatments

• Use the time wisely; practice times tables, the alphabet, sing songs – whatever is appropriate for your child’s age group.

Even the earliest humans did battle with lice, but that’s small consolation to the parent tasked with head lice removal. We have less hair nowadays than our cave-dwelling ancestors, and thousands of years of head lice removal experience to learn from, but head lice have also evolved and learned to dodge our attempts to eradicate them. However, there are tried-and-tested methods that, with a little patience and effort, can see you ditch the head lice itch the natural way.

The nit comb method can also be used in conjunction with the following treatments. It’s ALWAYS worth thoroughly combing the hair after every treatment to catch any surviving lice and nits, and to retreat after a week to catch any newly hatched lice that you missed.

Nit Comb If you’re patient enough this one is fool proof and time proven – but you have to be thorough. Head lice combs are available in supermarkets and pharmacies, in metal and plastic, but it’s worth investing in a good metal one with fine teeth close together. The nit comb works by trapping the lice between its teeth and scraping the eggs (nits) from hair strands. If your child has long or curly hair, by all means brush it through first and enlist the help of hair conditioner, detangling spray, or natural food oil (wet or oiled hair is easier to comb and harder for the lice to move through). Work out any knots from the bottom of the hair to the top to make it easier to get the nit comb through, then get yourselves comfortable for a spot of thorough grooming.


The comb method is quite time consuming and, depending on the length of your child’s hair and your determination to get them all in one go, you may need a couple of hours for a thorough removal. It’s a good idea to have some kitchen towel or tissues handy to wipe the comb between strokes and to drape a cloth around your child’s shoulders to catch any lice you dislodge. Working in sections, comb through your child’s hair as thoroughly as you can, wiping the lice and nits from the comb as you go. Head lice can sense when you’re trying to get rid of them and have a few favourite hiding places; pay very close attention to the nape of the neck and behind the ears.

Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019

Family Health Head Lice Facts • Head lice can’t jump; they don’t have the right hind legs for jumping. • Head lice can’t fly; they are wingless. • Head lice can only crawl, but they crawl very fast. • Head lice move from head to head by close contact. • Head lice can survive off the scalp for around 24-48 hours. Be sure to treat bedding and hats at the same time as you treat the person. • Head lice can only survive with a human blood food source. • Head lice can’t swim but are not easily drowned either. When showering or swimming, head lice will cling tightly to a hair strand and go into a state of suspended animation. They can hold their breath for a long time! • The life cycle of a head louse is around 45 days. Nits hatch after 6-9 days, so always repeat treatments after 7-10 days.

Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil contains natural insecticides plus antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties which act to kill lice and deter reinfestation. The natural oil coats the hair and scalp to kill head lice and their eggs as well as to soothe and heal your child’s irritated scalp. The oil is versatile and can be used in a number of ways as a treatment and a repellent for lice. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil to your child’s shampoo and use regularly or as needed, or create a spray by mixing 10-15 drops of tea tree oil with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Apply the spray to hair, clothing, furniture, toys or any other lice affected area. Alternatively, sprinkle a few drops of tea tree oil directly to your child’s scalp and leave overnight. Brush their hair in the morning to remove the dead lice and follow with shampoo and conditioner and a thorough combing with a nit comb. TIP: Although tea tree oil is natural and has long been used as a remedy for skin ailments, it has many potential side effects. Tea tree oil should never be applied in large quantities in its pure form and is harmful when ingested - keep it away from young children and never use it on babies or pregnant women. Refer to www.teatree.org.au for guidance.

Coconut Oil This one is not scientifically proven, but a host of mums and mummy bloggers swear by it. The scientific thought behind this one is that the oil suffocates the lice and loosens the glue that sticks the nits to the hair. To treat your child with coconut oil, simply lather it on right down to the roots, wrap the hair in an old towel, wait an hour or so for the lice to die, then comb out thoroughly with a lice comb. While coconut oil might smother the live lice, the unhatched lice are fairly safe in their eggs, so don’t skip the combing stage! The result (hopefully) after shampooing will be beautifully shiny nit-free hair, and a soothed scalp.

Apple Cider Vinegar Dousing your child’s hair in apple cider vinegar, or even just plain white vinegar, is a treatment best done over a sink or in the bath. Pour enough apple cider vinegar (or plain white vinegar) over your child’s head to ensure ALL strands are coated from root to tip, taking care to avoid getting any in the eyes. Wait a while as it loosens the nits’ glue, then rinse and comb thoroughly.

There is no science-backed evidence that apple cider vinegar kills live lice, but it can weaken the nits’ shells and loosen their glue, making the unhatched eggs easier to comb out. TIP: Choose vinegars that are not highly processed and as pure as possible – organic, unfiltered, and non-pasteurised are best. Avoid vinegars that have been chemically enhanced or have an acidity greater than 5%.

Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) Because Vaseline is greasy, it hasn’t really found popularity as a natural head lice treatment, but scientists have had some success with Vaseline in clinical head lice trials. The petroleum jelly suffocates lice whilst also potentially dissolving nits. To use Vaseline as a head lice treatment it should be applied to dry hair. Coat the hair thoroughly and allow it to stay on the hair for a long time – several hours at least! You can wrap the hair in a shower cap if you choose but we don’t recommend that for small children or during an overnight treatment because of the significant suffocation risk to the wearer. Vaseline is notoriously difficult to wash out, but a mild dishwashing soap can help dissolve it, followed by several thorough shampoos.

Blast them with heat! Heated air has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of live lice AND nits. Heat dehydrates the lice and their eggs, and scientists have developed a special machine, the LouseBuster, to deliver just the right amount of hot air – at just the right temperature – to do the job. You can try replicating the results with your own hairdryer but there are risks involved. If your hair dryer doesn’t have adjustable heat settings or you focus the heat in one area for too long, you could cause a significant burn injury. If you’re confident your blow-drying skills are on point, then it could be worth a try after nit combing and shampooing out the treatments above. Have we left you scratching your head, or did that clear things up? Read the full article, including how nits are transferred, the life cycle of head lice, more tips, and the ‘natural’ methods you SHOULDN’T try, online at www.familiesmagazine.com.au/natural-solutions-for-head-lice

Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019


Local Clubs & Classes Directory

Clubs, Classes & Activities

around Greater Brisbane for adults and children aged 0 - 17. If you would like a listing for your club, class or activity in our next issue’s inclusive directory, contact us now! Email: Listings@FamiliesMagazine.com.au Compiled by Regina Gleeson NS = Northside SS = Southside

CLASSES FOR ADULTS 2Ballerinas (NS) They welcome people of all ages, and all levels of experience to Queensland’s first ballet school for adults. They offer classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tango, Tap, Stretch and Fit Barre. Combining their wealth of knowledge and experience in the art form of ballet and contemporary dance, they have designed the adult dance classes to give you strength, flexibility and fitness in a fun and supportive environment. 0428 672 920 www.2ballerinas.com Boogie Camp (NS & SS) You can learn to dance -

with your partner or on your own - in a relaxed, social and fun environment, where the instructor welcomes you by name. They are a Brisbane-based dance studio offering Latin dance and fitness classes. 0415 818 983 www.boogiecamp.com.au

Brisbane Painting Classes (NS) Housed in a large,

light-filled warehouse in Albion, Brisbane Painting Classes offers a wide range of courses and workshops across a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolour, drawing, charcoal and pastel, at a range of levels from absolute beginners through to those seeking to refine and extend their practice. 3262 1808 www.brisbanepaintingclasses.com

Code9 Parent Code9 Parent is an online service for parents who want, or need, to have an active role in managing and supporting their children using social media and online gaming platforms. By becoming a Code9 Parent, you will learn what your kids already know, what kids don’t want you to know, and how to stay one step ahead, keeping your children safe. www.code9parent.com.au


about your own personal journey based on your skill level and desire for sewing knowledge. With a range of courses, workshops and events Sewing Adventures has something for all ages and levels of experience and they have amazing teachers who will share their experience with you. 0417 591 438 www.sewingadventures.com.au

Paediatric First Aid Courses BLS First Aid Training (NS) BLS First Aid Courses

may be one of the most important courses you will take in your life. You never know when someone who may be close to you will need First Aid. They will teach you how to administer confident first aid in the event of an emergency until experienced medical help arrives. Your help may save a life. 0433 604 041 www.blsfirstaid.com.au

Brisbane First Aid Courses (NS & SS) Brisbane

First Aid offers nationally accredited first aid courses to provide, renew, refresh, or upgrade participants’ qualifications as providers of first aid. www.brisbanefirstaidcourses.com.au

CPR Kids (SS) So much more than first aid! Let their

expert critical care paediatric nurses and midwives, who are also mums and dads, empower you with the knowledge and skills of CPR, First Aid and recognition of the sick child, that could save the life of a child. 1300 543 727 www.cprkids.com.au

Kids First Aid (NS & SS) Kids First Aid offers the only

first aid courses delivered exclusively by experienced paramedics, designed to teach parents and caregivers how to respond calmly and confidently to 10 of the most common first aid emergencies situations. 1300 138 133 www.kidsfirstaid.com.au/brisbane

Queensland First Aid (NS & SS) Since 1975,

Flipside Circus (NS) Leave your dramas, inhibitions

Queensland First Aid has been serving individuals and corporations in a professional, efficient and friendly manner. Whether you or members of your organisation need to undertake a First Aid Course or you need to purchase a First Aid Kit for your home or office, they have you covered for all your First Aid requirements. www.qldfirstaid.com

Groove Therapy (SS) So what exactly is Groove

St John Ambulance First Aid (NS) Whether it is

and spandex at the door and avoid crowded gym rooms and repetitive workouts. Achieve fitness goals in a supportive and encouraging environment. Learn circus tricks that will amaze your friends (and yourself!) All circus activities are scalable to suit your individual goals. 3352 7233 www.flipsidecircus.org.au

Therapy? They have three main divisions – a beginner dance class series, a talent/performance agency and a community programme series. Each class follows the same premise – non-dance studio vibes, with dim lights, no mirrors and a community feel. www.groovetherapy101.com

Healthstream QUT (NS) Healthstream QUT offer

several adult swimming programs, ranging from beginner through to advanced squad training. Stroke correction and learn to swim classes are also available. 3003 1779 www.healthstreamqut.com.au/ swim-programs

Men’s Shed (NS & SS) An organisation that is

accessible to all men and whose primary activity is the provision of a safe and friendly environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of other men. A major objective is to advance the well-being and health of their male members. 1300 550 009 www.mensshed.org

Orchard’s Dance Studio (NS) Ballroom dancing will touch your mind, body and soul. Age is no barrier and there has never been a student that couldn’t be taught! Their twenty years’ experience includes seven years of high-level international competition and education under the finest dance gurus in the world.


0422 967 267

Sewing Adventures (SS) Sewing Adventures is all

for workplace or individual needs, St John provides a full range of best practice certified, customised and online first aid training with flexible delivery options available throughout Australia. St John can also assess your first aid workplace needs by arranging a Best Practice First Aid Readiness assessment. 1300 360 455 www.stjohn.org.au/first-aid-training

CLASSES FOR CHILDREN Arts & Craft Art Shed Brisbane (SS) They help students achieve their artistic goals by guidance in the acquisition of sound knowledge of the visual world and the practical skills to convey these phenomena. 3846 1330 www.artshedbrisbane.com.au/learn/art-class Brizart (NS) Brizart was founded by Jennifer Andrews in 1999 and continues to offer art education for children, teens and adults in the western suburbs of Brisbane. The fundamental aim of Brizart is to foster creativity in the visual arts while covering essential skills and techniques in a safe, supportive and flexible learning environment. 3720 2077 www.brizart.com.au Raw Art (SS) Whether you are a teacher or a parent, RAW Art has a fantastic range of workshops on offer

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for you and your kids! They have an extensive Primary school and kindy program, and their in-house studio program in West End runs awesome after-school and holiday programs. 3844 4296 www.rawart.com.au

Scattered Arts (SS) Scattered Arts, established

in 1967, is Brisbane’s oldest exhibiting art and craft gallery with studio space for both adults and children’s art classes. www.scatteredarts.com.au

ZoomArt for Kids (NS) Art classes for children in a fun and friendly environment. 6 different age levels from 2 yrs to Grade 12. Designed for the intentional development of the child’s skills, observations, thinking, and experiences in the visual arts. 3855 1528 www.flyingfoxstudios.com.au

STEM CLASSES Fox Blocks (NS) is a unique and innovative engineering and construction program for kids. Developed by Flying Fox Studios educators, and run in Brisbane since 2009, Fox Blocks is one of Brisbane’s longest running STEM focused kids extracurricular activities. Fox Blocks classes combine STEM concepts in a fun and creative way, with weekly classes for children from 3.5 years of age to Grade 7. The Fox Blocks program is so much more than one single branch of the STEM tree. Whether it be learning about physics by building a theme park, discovering historical engineering with the wonders of the world, or coding an arduino powered traffic light, Fox Blocks is unique in every way. 3855 1528 www.flyingfoxstudios.com.au

LANGUAGE & BABY DEVELOPMENT Baby Massage By Design (NS & SS) Baby

Massage by Design offers a unique, tailored service to help parents learn and understand the scientific reasons behind their instincts, giving you the confidence to respond appropriately and positively to your baby’s needs while improving their overall health, wellbeing and happiness. 0405 463 899 www.babymassagebydesign.com.au

Baby Sensory (NS & SS) Specifically designed from

birth, to aid your child’s development, the classes are packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, singing and more - plus you’ll never experience the same class twice. www.babysensory.com.au

Beer & Bubs (NS) Beer and Bubs is a one–night session at the pub where expectant dads learn how to support their partner through the birth of their baby. Childbirth is daunting for men too and this session prepares fathers for an active, caring role. www.beerandbubs.com.au Flipside Circus (NS) Flipside circus offers classes for people aged 1 and up! Their Wriggles and Giggles classes introduce toddlers and parents to the world of circus through fun, interactive workshops designed to improve gross and fine motor skills, social development and physical abilities. 3352 7233 www.flipsidecircus.org.au Hush Little Baby Music (SS) Hush Little Baby Early

Childhood Music Classes are based in Brisbane and provide music classes for children aged 0-5 and their caregivers, as well as childcare centre music programs, consultancy and professional development. www.hushlittlebabymusic.com

Making Rainbows (NS & SS) Parents participate

with their children in the program, singing and playing instruments and other fun props. It’s a lovely

Local Clubs & Classes Directory way to bond with your child and excite their natural love of music in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. 0467 668 535 www.makingrainbows.com.au

ACTIVITY CENTRES Bay Play Cleveland (SS) Bay Play Cleveland operates within the heart of Redland City, located within Cleveland Junction; a lifestyle cornerstone allowing Bay Play Cleveland a conduit to promote the wellbeing of children. Established in 2014 in Redland’s Bayside suburb of Cleveland, Bay Play Cleveland promises you will play safe, eat well and laugh loud. 3821 7772 www.bayplaycleveland.com.au

BOUNCE Inc (SS) BOUNCE Tingalpa is a massive

indoor adventure playground in Brisbane that provides an adrenaline rush for all ages. Imagine more than 50 interconnected trampolines with the Big Bag, Slam Dunk and Dodgeball courts rolled in. It’s also home to the famous BOUNCE X-Park obstacle course so you can get your ninja on! www.bounceinc.com.au/venue-tingalpa-qld

Chipmunks Playland & Café (NS & SS) Visit

Chipmunks for unlimited play for kids aged 0 – 11 years old and relax over a coffee or lunch with friends and family at their café in one of their 3 Brisbane locations. They feature state of the art equipment and are fully air-conditioned, clean and comfortable. They also have party facilities. www.chipmunks.com.au

Crocs Playcentre (NS) Crocs Playcentre is one of a chain of playcentres across Australia that is bringing air-conditioned, indoor playcentre fun to a new generation of families with small children. www.crocsplaycentre.com.au

Flipside Circus (NS) has a professionally appointed

circus training facility that is available for individuals or small groups to use during our open training sessions. Open training is perfect for industry professionals and advanced students who wish to work on enhancing their skills or developing new acts. 3352 7233 www.flipsidecircus.org.au

Inflatable World Oz (NS & SS) It’s all about having

fun, so take the whole family and bounce on in to Inflatable World. It’s not just for the kids – they encourage the parents to have fun with their children. Sessions are for two hours per single entry fee – you will be tired by then anyway! www.inflatableworldoz.com.au

Lollipops Playland & Cafés (NS & SS) are great kids party venues or giving kids a treat while parents relax over a cup of coffee and a treat from their quality cafe. Their indoor play centres are safe and secure where kids can have hours of fun climbing, sliding, jumping and spinning. 4 Brisbane locations. www.lollipopsplayland.com.au

Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park

(SS) Sky Zone Macgregor isn’t just any indoor trampoline park. It’s hundreds of trampolines, connected to form a single massive trampoline that literally allows you to jump off the walls. If that’s not enough excitement for you, Sky Zone Macgregor now has Sky Climb! Over 20 different climbing obstacles for you to reach new heights on...but wait...there’s

more...Skyland Laser is a 3-storey laser tag arena that holds up to 40 players battling it out in a cloudfilled wonderland. That’s right, you read correctly. A Trampoline park with a climbing arena and laser tag! So, what are you waiting for? 13 75 99 www.skyzone.com.au

Tiddlywinks Dance & Play Café (NS) Tiddlywinks Dance and Play Cafe is a family owned and operated entertainment venue, providing a unique dance and play experience for children up to 11 years old. They also have dance programmes and party facilities 3266 8484 www.tiddlywinks.com.au

Kids Music Beat (NS & SS) is Brisbane’s original and longest running Music Early Learning Program. Their program nurtures development, fosters a love of music and helps you to use music in the home. Having fun through musical play and taking joy in your child’s musical expression is central to their program. All music is played live and is voice led. This is because research supports the use of live voice-led music with children under 5 years of age. Come learn how making music supports your child’s social, cognitive, physical, emotional, and musical development. To book visit www.musicbeat. com.au Kindermusik at Flying Fox Studios (NS) Music

Urban Xtreme

(NS) in Hendra is making active adventure sports accessible, achievable and affordable for all. Their unique mix of activities is suitable for all ages & abilities. Simulated skiing & snowboard, laser tag, jump, playland and fun climb is now open with more activities to come! They do birthday parties too! 1300 [URBANX] 872 269 www.urban-xtreme.com.au

MUSIC Annette’s Music Studio (NS) (formally Little

Munchkin’s Music) offers Violin, Piano, Singing, Guitar, Viola, and Cello lessons to children from approximately 3 years of age right up to adults. Lessons are in small groups or private lessons. 0417 762 362 www.littlemunchkinsmusic.com.au

and movement classes from newborn to 7 yrs. Kindermusik classes encourage babies & children to develop language, social, emotional, & physical skills as well - all in the context of joyful, musically rich play! 3855 1528 www.flyingfoxstudios.com.au

Music Masters (NS) Music Masters is a sequential music program developed by Christine Masters. The classes are designed not only to foster a child’s natural musical ability, but to extend them so that their musical education is fully developed. 3357 9646 www.musicmasters.com.au Young Musicians Academy (NS & SS) Your children will be in great hands, learning with one of their qualified music teachers. All of their teachers hold a blue card and have had working with children checks. They are all great with children and attend professional development training sessions every 3 months. 0437 170 260 www.ymacademy.com.au

Brisbane Music Studio (SS) BMS are passionate about teaching. They believe that everyone can learn music and that, with practice and great training, everyone can grow in skills and confidence, and they would love to be a part of that journey with you. Lastly, and importantly, they believe that your lessons should be fun! 0410 489 559 www.brisbanemusicstudio.com.au

Queensland Show Choir (NS & SS) With

Do-re-mi Music for Children (NS & SS) Do re mi classes are run by highly qualified, trained teachers who use their extensive knowledge of child development and music education to design programs specific to the needs of the children in each www.do-re-mi.com.au music class.


Forte School of Music (NS & SS) Their multisensory approach is one of a kind and you child will learn music as the language that it is. Forte kids develop an amazing range of musical skills from improvising to composing, music reading and playing, theory, memorising, playing by ear, concert performance skills and more! www.fortemusic.com.au KeyboardKidz (NS & SS) Every child is different

and at KeyboardKidz, they believe that one-on-one piano lessons are by far the best and only way to teach piano. Each child learns at different rates and in different ways to other children. A private lesson ensures that your child has 100% of the teacher’s attention and a tailored approach to their piano 3219 0808 education. www.keyboardkidz.com.au

programs for babies up to adults, QSC provides quality music education and choral experiences for the whole family. The benefits of early childhood music can be seen in many areas from language development to social skills, not to mention it’s great 3257 4905 fun! www.queenslandshowchoir.com.au

Ants in your Pants (NS) multisports program

offers the opportunity for children to explore the wonderful world of sport in a fun and entertaining way. Offering 9 different sports on a 4 week rotation and presented in playful programs, the classes are designed specifically for 2 year old through to prep age children. Parents are always amazed at the amount of skills and life lessons their children are learning whilst laughing and playing in the great 0449 146 272 outdoors. www.antsinyourpants.com.au

Capoeira Beribazu Australia (SS) Their kids’ classes for 5-7 and 8-12 years old focus on age appropriate activities to develop kids in the martial arts, musicality, rhythm and acrobatics aspects of Capoeira. Physical activities, playing music instruments, singing and interacting with one another 0414 433 083 are all part of the class. www.beribazuaustralia.com Cheeky Monkeyz (NS & SS) The goal is to teach the kids all skills involve with the sport, classes

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Local Clubs & Classes Directory provide a lot of fun and help kids socialise with other kids their own age and make friends. It’s designed to build the kids self-confidence and co-ordination and most of all its FUN! Learn a different sport every month, and only pay per sport so you’re not tied 0421 251 002 down for a whole term. www.cheekymonkeyz.com.au/sport-classes

CrossFit Kids (NS) ) CrossFit Kids emphasises good

cheerleading, boxercise, teen yoga karate, tumble and stunt, glee club, circuit and gymnastics are just some of the activities at PCYCs. Please contact your local club to see what is on offer for you and your children. 3909 9555 www.pcyc.org.au

Pocket Rocket Sports (SS) Book your trial now!

Gecko Sports (NS & SS) GeckoSports offer kids a

Designed to improve the health and happiness of tomorrow’s little men and women with sports and fun! See your child’s confidence, skills and knowledge grow, while they enjoy all the benefits that sport has to offer. Understanding good sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play is what Pocket Rocket Sports is all about! No Membership Fees! No Admin Fees! No Long Term Contracts! Owned and operated by experienced children’s sports coach Neil Fairley! Get a taste of a range of different sports every 4 weeks including AFL, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Athletics and more! Classes are restricted in numbers to ensure your child gets 0434 606 516 the proper attention. www.PocketRocketSports.com.au

Go Sports (NS & SS) Go Sports provides a range of children’s sports activities and children’s sports coaching classes to primary school children in over 60 public and private schools throughout Brisbane 0417 614 509 and surrounds. www.gosports.com.au

QLD Cheer Elite (NS) Their classes are a mix of gymnastics, dancing and acrobatics - rolled into one. Combine this with music, performing and costumes and it’s a mix that kids absolutely love. In cheerleading, every student in the team is important and everyone’s strengths are celebrated. Athletes of all shapes and sizes are embraced and everyone has a role to play. Cheer is about team work, encouragement, trust and commitment and it allows everyone the chance to shine. To find out more about our free trial classes for ages 4+ www.queenslandcheerelite.com.au

movement throughout childhood and adolescence. Consistency and good mechanics translate to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries for kids. www.crossfitmitchelton.com.au/crossfit-kids

Flipside Circus (NS) offer a wide range of classes

from beginners to experienced from ages 0 - 100. There is something fun and suitable for every age and every ability. The classes are fast moving and full of action – never a moment to spare. Go and learn all the skills of the circus including tissu, static trapeze, lyra, juggling, hoops, acro balance and tumbling. 3352 7233 www.flipsidecircus.org.au fun and interactive start to sport and fitness for life. They give children the inspiration and confidence to be more physically active and try their hand at playing different sports through their scientifically 1300 432 565 designed programs. www.geckosports.com.au

Kelly Mini Sports (NS & SS) Their fun and energetic approach delivered by expert coaches in a safe and fun environment, allow children aged 1-5 years old to discover sport while developing their fundamental motor skills, confidence and social skills. www.kellyminisports.com.au

Golf @ Victoria Park

(NS) Learn to play golf for kids at Victoria Park with their junior programs during school term and school holidays. Their classes are fun and interactive for kids aged 4–14, no experience required. Play exciting games, learn great sports skills, all while making new friends. For more information and bookings contact Victoria Park 3252 9891 www.victoriapark.com.au

Gymnastics Queensland (NS & SS) Gymnastics is one of the most fundamental and exciting of all physical activities. Basic gymnastic skills develop attributes that are perfect stepping stones for other sports, activities and life in general. 3036 5600 www.gymqld.org.au

Hockey Queensland (NS & SS) Hockey is a team sport, children learn the value of working with others. They figure out how to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is key to success. 3399 6577 www.hockeyqld.com.au Little Athletics Queensland (NS & SS) A

uniquely Australian sport for children 5-16 years. Based upon the sport of athletics (track & field) the events are specially modified to suit the ages and abilities of children. A wide range of running, jumping, throwing and walking events is conducted. 3255 9436 www.laq.org.au

My First Gym (NS & SS) MyFirstGym is a destination for kids to fall in love with movement and fitness, a place that supports skill development and inspires kids to move their bodies through their most important developmental years. www.myfirstgym.com.au Netball Queensland (NS & SS) For young children interested in playing netball for the first time, there is NetSetGo! This program is for children (girls and boys) aged 5-10 and is designed for teaching the basics of netball while fostering fun and friendship in a team environment. 3426 9500 www.netballq.org.au


PCYC (NS & SS) Gym fun, kids dance, tiny tots,

Tennis Queensland (NS & SS) Tennis Queensland Registration is automatically included when you join your local affiliated club as a member. This will also give you access to all the exclusive benefits that the club chooses to offer. Find a club near you. 3120 7900 www.tennis.com.au/qld

YMCA Stafford YMCA Stafford is a specialist

gymnastic centre focussed on giving your child the best possible gymnastic experience. From 3 years to teens their friendly and experienced coaches ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 3355 7176 www.ymcagymnastics.com.au

Horseriding Gumnuts (SS) Gumnuts is a 140 acre horse farm

located in the Biddaddaba Valley. They offer a farm stay experience as well as horseriding, which is their primary focus. They have expanded to include day & ½ day riding tours operating from both the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 3613 9716 www.gummies.org.au

Indarra Equestrian Centre (SS) provides a safe

riding environment with qualified, professional staff so you can enjoy your love of horses. You can choose either group (max 4 riders) or private lessons. Indarra also hold fun filled day and overnight camps during each school holidays. 0409 475 040

Kiah Park (SS) Offers 7 day horse riding farm stays for children ages 6yrs - teens every school holidays. Includes full accommodation and each child is given their own pony/horse to love, care for and ride twice a day. Includes full accommodation, arena lessons, horse care – grooming & tacking up, trail rides and gymkhana. Fun night activities include night walk, talent show, camp fire with stories and marshmallow roasting, bingo and movie night. 5486 6166 www.kiahpark.com.au Nag Nanny (SS) Nag Nanny & Equine Resolutions is passionate about teaching all aspects of looking after horses. Children will not turn up to a horse that is saddled and ready to go, do their lesson and leave. They will teach them all about getting to know a horse. www.nagnanny.vpweb.com.au Riverside Equestrian Centre (SS) Riverside Equestrian Centre is located at Moggill in a park-like setting on the banks of the Brisbane River. It is a short drive from Brisbane City. They offer lessons for groups and single riders from junior to senior riders.

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Each lesson runs for 2 hours instead of the normal 45mins. 3202 6641 www.riversideequestriancentre.com.au

Wattle Creek Riding School (NS) At Wattle Creek, they specialise in one on one lessons. This gives 100% of the Coach’s attention to the rider. This allows the experienced and inexperienced to work at their optimum pace. No riding experience is needed to start as they teach from the first riding lesson to the highly experienced rider. 3300 6422 www.wattlecreekridingschool.com.au

Swimming Kingswim (NS & SS) Kingswim offers programs for

babies from 12 weeks, right through to graduate level swimmers. Children are progressed as they’re ready, not as terms change to ensure children develop at their own pace. Plus, there’s no lock in contract for mum and dad! Contact Kingswim Carindale, Robina or Lutwyche today for a free introductory lesson. www.kingswim.com.au

Nudgee College Swimming (NS) welcomes

both girls and boys, and is based at St Joseph’s Nudgee College, Boondall. With both their 25m and 50m pools being heated, it allows them to operate all year round. They have an extensive Learn to Swim Program from 10 months old. This program then filters through to their high-level squads ranging from Junior Development to Age Nationals. They also run an Aqua Fitness program, which includes deep water running, aqua aerobics and adult swimfit. The talent of swimmers is maximised by their quality environment where all swimmers can achieve the many benefits of this sport such as health, self-discipline, fitness and fun. 3865 0516 www.ncswimmingclub.com

Shapland Swim Schools (NS & SS) Learn-to-swim with only 3 per class. Shaplands have been teaching swimming for 3 generations and through that time have trialled many class sizes and found a class of 3 is the most successful for a child to learn their aquatic skills. A class size of 3 allows each child to receive more individual attention and accelerates their learning through less time wasted waiting for their turn to perform a skill and more time spent with the teacher. Shaplands offers a semi-private class where students can progress quickly through the Shapland unique Swim-in-Five program. www.shapland.com.au

Superfish (SS) Free swimming assessment & Free

trial lesson - No obligation! All levels & ages. Under 3’s also includes - free 45Min orientation lesson. Under 6-month bubs also includes – free water familiarisation lessons. 25m heated, indoor pools. Specialist Drowning Prevention Program - babies, toddlers & under 5’s. School age stroke correction program - small, structured classes. Children’s squads. Free pool entry for Superfish families, 6 days/week, once booked in lessons! Sunnybank. 3323 3188 www.superfish.com.au

FILM & TV, THEATRE & PERFORMING ARTS ASPAFTV (NS & SS) Australian school of performing arts, film and television specialises in acting classes for children, drama classes for children, film and television classes for children and holiday workshops for kids. www.aspaftv.com.au

Brisbane Arts Theatre (NS) Every Saturday morning, children aged 8 to 16 from all over Brisbane attend Brisbane Arts Theatre’s Performing Arts’ Workshop from 9am – 11am at the Lavalla Centre in Paddington. At each class, there are three specialist instructors teaching singing, acting and dancing in rotation. The children are taught introductory stagecraft, acting techniques, improvisation, singing (solo and chorus) and movement (mime and dancing). Saturday mornings during school term time. Cost $600 per year or $350 for two school terms. Intakes at the beginning of Terms One and Three. 3369 2344 www.artstheatre.com.au/childrensworkshops

Local Clubs & Classes Directory Brisbane Junior Theatre (NS) Brisbane Junior

Theatre is a youth based not-for-profit theatre company producing Broadway Musicals acted by young performers. Supported by a great team of people who understand performance and production, everything we do aims at producing significant quality productions at an affordable price with the best motives, skills and processes possible. www.brisbanejuniortheatre.com.au

Brisbane Youth Theatre (NS) Brisbane Youth

Theatre classes, for ages 7 - 17 are adventurous and playful and provides an exciting and supportive environment for creating theatre and enhancing learning for your children. 0447 467 724 www.brisbaneyouththeatre.com.au

Flipside Circus (NS) Performance Program Flipside

Circus Trainers support students in every step of the way ensuring each student is ready as they take the steps from performing in small in-house shows to roaming performances at fetes and festivals to touring large scale performing works in major festivals! 3352 7233 www.flipsidecircus.org.au

Genesis Drama Academy (NS) The objective of their Drama Classes is to develop confidence and skills in Speech and Drama through positive and stimulating classes, within a Christian environment. Regardless of the individual student’s experience or goals, they aim to provide a fun atmosphere that creatively engages their young students’ imaginations. 0418 443 220 www.genesisdramaacademy.com.au The Theatre Factory (SS) The Theatre Factory offers a variety of Dance, Drama and Singing classes to students of all ages including: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Speech, Drama, Acting, Musical Theatre Performance, Group Singing, Part Singing, Solo Singing, Voice Production, Staging etc. 0416 247 220 www.thetheatrefactory.com.au

DANCE Attitude Dance Company (NS) Attitude Dance

Academy offers many styles of dance for ages ranging from three years to adults. They aim to build students’ confidence, creativity and ambition, while improving their strength, technique, coordination and general 0434 574 757 fitness. www.attitudedanceacademy.com.au

Balance Dance School (NS) Balance is a family orientated dance school run by industry professionals. They are committed to empowering children by nurturing creativity and inspiring a love of dance. They specialise in early childhood dance and classical ballet. Offering quality, affordable and expert 0415 729 030 tuition. balancedanceschool.com.au Brisbane Academy of Dance (NS) The Brisbane Academy of Dance offers a wide range of qualified teachers in all areas of dance. They all always have an energetic approach to teaching and encourage students to achieve their personal best. 3356 5880 brisbaneacademyofdance.com.au Brisbane Dance Centre (NS) Brisbane Dance

Centre is the place to be if you wish to learn how to participate in the art of “Classical Ballet”. Brisbane Dance Centre also offers many other genres in order to give our dancers an overall dance and performance education. They cater for those who are just starting off their dancing journey to those who are on the doorstep of a professional career. From tiny tots to 3262 2277 adults. www.brisbanedancecentre.com.au

Kick Dance (SS) in Bulimba provides classes in Ballet,

Hip Hop, Jazz, Acrobatics, Contemporary, Tap and Irish and caters for all ages and abilities from toddler to adult. Kick Arts provides classes in Singing and Acting as well as producing biannual musicals. Kick provides a fun and enjoyable class environment that also caters for students wishing to excel in exams, eisteddfods, musicals and concert performances. They are very proud of their students’ national successes and they are recipients of many Eisteddfod titles including Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap Championships and aggregates. Whether you are keen to have fun or ‘Kick’ start your dance career, Kick Dance and Arts have classes to suit.

0414 308 248


KJ Dance & Cheer (NS) Their teaching philosophy is for students to have fun while gaining self-esteem and learning valuable life skills. They provide exciting multi-skilled classes at affordable rates. Your child could be learning ballet, jazz, tap, drama, singing, acrobatics and hip hop, all in the one class. 1300 522 624 www.karenjacobidance.com.au Perry’s Dance Academy (NS) Perry’s Dance

Academy has something for everyone offering the best in dancing lessons in Brisbane. They offer ballroom & latin group classes for both adults and children, medal classes, private lessons, wedding dance preparation at their air-conditioned dance school in Stafford. www.perrysdance.com

Promenade Dance Studio (NS) Promenade

Dance Studio was established in 1989 and has since grown to become a well-respected and renowned provider of quality dance education on the northside of Brisbane. They offer a diverse and well-rounded dance curriculum for students from 2 ½ years to young professional, including ballet (RAD Graded and Vocational), tap, jazz, contemporary, singing, musical 3733 0900 theatre, acrobatics and hip hop. www.promenadedance.com.au

Mega Jam (NS) The concept of Mega Jam is to learn Hip Hop dance styles and other styles of commercial street dancing, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. www.megajam.com.au

S.H.A.K.E Dance Studio (NS) S.H.A.K.E. has been

established for nineteen years and specialises in fun classes for the individual. They have classes available in Jazz, Tap, Classical Ballet, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics and Contemporary for all ages. 0417 193 379 www. shakedance.com.au.

Shilleena’s Dance Academy (SS) At Shilleena’s Dance Academy it is their mission to provide quality dance tuition and care that encourages and supports the physical, emotional and cognitive development of 0439 763 082 all their dance students. www.shilleenasdanceacademy.com.au QLD Performers Academy (SS) Why Choose QPA? Their students enjoy a fun learning environment that encourages team work, collaboration and achievement. Every child from 2 years onwards is invited to be part of a supportive and caring community that encourages and fosters individuality and sets students on the journey to personal success. QPA Director Miss Grace Willett believes dance plays an important part in the education and development of children and as such pursues furthering her own knowledge in fields of dance, education, psychology and sports science. Her team of dedicated and qualified teachers share this passion and together strive to make dance a positive and important part of their students’ lives. 0435 355 781 www.qpacademy.com.au Superstars (SS) Your child will experience learning

the joy of dance and, alongside the health benefits, will thrive with improved self-confidence, co-ordination, skills in teamwork and ability to focus. That is the SUPERSTARS difference. This is where everyone gets to shine. www.superstars.net.au

Lindamood-Bell (NS) They believe, passionately, that all children and adults can be taught to read, comprehend, and do math to their potential. They identify strengths and weaknesses that may be affecting school performance. Their instruction is based on an individual’s learning needs. Some students come to them with previous diagnoses such as dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders, or general learning challenges—and they make a difference for each of them. Some students seek their help to enhance their skills or to just make learning easier— lindamoodbell.com and they do.

Northside Tuition (NS) Northside Tuition is a personalised tutoring and education advisory service, supporting children and families on Brisbane’s northside. It is run by Kylie Fedrick, an experienced special education teacher with expertise in teaching primary and lower high-school students with disabilities, learning difficulties and/or giftedness. The motto of Northside Tuition is ‘it takes a village to educate a child’ so let Kylie work with you to support your child’s learning needs through offering advice, advocacy and support in areas such as navigating the school system, motivation and help with homework, social skills and managing 3269 5859 complex behaviours. www.northsidetuition.com.au Pathways to Resilience (NS) Their programs have been developed by their highly skilled team of educators and other professionals based on their work over several years in schools and community settings. The programs are well researched with themes of resilience and wellbeing that are both grounding and empowering. www.pathwaystoresilience.org

Scribble Ink Writing Classes

Brisbane’s Most Dynamic Holiday Writing Course for Students @ Griffith University EVERY SCHOOL HOLIDAY! “My daughter’s writing improved tenfold. She came home beaming! Thankyou!” P. O’Callaghan. “OMG! Went from a B+ to an A+ and TOPPED MY GRADE. Used all your techniques!” Yr 12 student Lourdes Hill College. “I got the best mark in school for the ICAS writing test!” Year 7 Scribbler MSHS. “Best student short story I have ever read.” English HOD BGS. Our Scribblers course and Saturday morning Masterclasses will take your child’s writing to the next level....guaranteed! Using advanced techniques mastered over 29 years of teaching experience, allow the passionate Mister C and his experienced team to take your child on a journey of writing enrichment. It’s fantastic! Find us on Facebook / go to www.scribbleink.com.au

Scooter Tutor (NS & SS) At Scooter Tutor, their tutors


are their heroes. That’s why they spend a significant amount of time interviewing every tutor who applies, and ensuring they have the required experience, skills and qualifications to become a tutor with them. They are proud to employ all of their tutors, and they put in the work upfront to make sure you get nothing but the best. www.scootertutor.com.au

10/10 Educational Services (NS & SS) 10/10

Tutoring implement a variety of effective, explicit teaching practices and strategies in order to match the individual student’s unique profile and needs. Considerations such as the individual’s preferred multiple intelligence, dominant learning style and their current interests and motivations make up the underlying approach to their programs. 0421 114 342 www.1010tutoring.com

Get Grit (NS) Get GRIT empowers kids with the

Hope Tutoring (NS) Hope Tutoring is for children and adults with learning difficulties or disabilities and/or those seeking help with home-schooling. Justin is a qualified teacher experienced in tutoring adults and children at all levels and abilities. 0407 407 223 www.hopetutoring.com.au

knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy mind and a positive well-being. The program teaches children how to manage their emotions, how to enjoy healthy and positive relationships, how to develop a growth mindset, how to be resilient and persistent, how to tackle life’s challenges with grit and how to reach their true potential. 0413 245 531 www.getgritprogram.com

Tailor Made Learning (NS) Tutoring is available for primary students. They offer a school readiness program called Ready. Set. Prep! aimed at those children who are about to start school or for those already in Prep but may need a bit more assistance. Toddler Time is also available each week, offering a play-based session of exploration through games, arts 0412 034 306 & craft as well as outdoor fun. www.tailormadelearning.com If you would like a listing for your club, class or activity in our next issue’s inclusive directory, contact us now! Email: Listings@FamiliesMagazine.com.au Compiled by Regina Gleeson

Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019




Listings for everyone in every family! To promote your local family friendly event including school fetes and fairs, community groups, get-togethers and local festivals in the next ‘Families Fun’ listings (Apr/May 2019) send your entry by 5pm on Friday 1 March 2019. Email Regina – Listings@FamiliesMagazine.com.au Listings in this section are FREE for most non-commercial ventures. Please check the details of the events listed before setting off in case anything has changed since going to print.



BRISBANE CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTRE Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire live in concert For the first time ever, audiences can rediscover the magic of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™ while a live symphony orchestra performs Patrick Doyle’s unforgettable score and Harry Potter™ soars across the big screen in highdefinition. Queensland Symphony Orchestra. 9 Feb.

Kids Collective Kids Collective is a free program held every Thursday from 9am to 1pm in South Bank Parklands, suitable for kids aged up to five at all skill levels. Bookings are not required, and classes are re-set at regular intervals, so you can come and go as you please.

Blue Planet II with Joanna Lumley Blue Planet II Live in Concert will feature the breathtaking visuals from the television series, highlighting the incredible natural wonders of our blue planet in breathtaking detail, projected on a state of the art 75 square metre 4K Ultra HD LED screen. Narrated by the incomparable Joanna Lumley in her first Australian stage appearance and accompanied by the original immersive music score by Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea and David Fleming, the concert will be performed by a live symphony orchestra. 11 Mar. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/venue/ brisbane-convention-exhibition-centre


NASA – A Human Adventure Come face to face with NASA’s remarkable achievements in human space flights and space exploration – the greatest adventure that humans have ever undertaken. Discover the exciting history of rocket science and space flight and learn about some of the most extraordinary accomplishments in space technology. From 15 Mar. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/venue/ queensland-museum

World Science Festival Brisbane World Science Festival explores and celebrates the entanglement of science and art through a curated program of thought-provoking conversations, inspiring theatrical and cinematic experiences, interactive workshops and engaging demonstrations. 20 – 24 Mar. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/venue/ south-bank Wild State takes visitors through five breathtaking environments – the arid outback, iconic eucalypt forest, tropical rainforest, sundrenched coastal zones and teeming marine environments. Anzac Legacy Gallery The Anzac Legacy Gallery tells the fascinating story of the First World War in Queensland; the people and the things they held close – objects of war and warfare, and personal items belonging to those on the front line. Behind the Scenes Tour Delve into the mysterious unseen world of the Museum’s


collection stores with the expert tour guides. The Museum is like an iceberg – only a small part of the huge collection is on display. Behind the scenes, they have an amazing world to explore, with millions of objects and specimens. 16 Feb.

Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019


Pearson collaborator Stephen Mok. Let your imagination run wild with Stephen’s creative shapes and make your own adornment fit for the catwalk, a stroll in the city, or your own living room, in this fun activity for the fashionable of every age. Until 22 April. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/organiser/ museum-of-brisbane

QPAC Shen Yun This epic production immerses you in stories from the most distant past, through to inspiring stories of the modern day, exploring realms beyond our visible world. Featuring one of the world’s oldest art forms – classical Chinese dance – along with patented scenographical effects and all-original orchestral works, Shen Yun opens a portal to a civilisation of enchanting beauty and enlightening wisdom. 26 & 27 Feb. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Experience breathtaking visuals from Tony Award-winning designer Bob Crowley and a colourful score by Joby Talbot performed live by Queensland Symphony Orchestra. With the spectacle of Broadway, this ballet will transport you into the depths of your imagination. It’s time to fall down the rabbit hole – don’t be late for this very important date! 25 Feb – 2 Mar.

multimedia activities created by exhibiting artists, especially for children and families. Offering a rich participatory experience and curated to reflect key themes of the exhibition, APT9 Kids provides meaningful insights into the contemporary art of Australia, Asia and the Pacific. Until 28 April. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/venue/ queensland-gallery-of-modern-art



MUSEUM OF BRISBANE City Hall Clock Tower Tours Enjoy the oldworld charm of our Clock Tower tours. Step into the original 1930s hand-operated lift, travel past the Art Deco-styled clock face to arrive at the final, 64m-high platform for a bird’s-eye view of the city. There is a reason this has been a time-honoured tradition for Brisbane families for almost 90 years. The Designers’ Guide: Easton Pearson Archive Slow fashion, sustainability, design practice and experimental future fashion will form the basis of the exhibition’s public programs. Until 22 Apr. MoB Makers: Moki Bands Inspired by Easton Pearson’s famous runway shows, design your own fashion headband using playful templates created by Brisbane artist and long-time Easton


ROMA STREET PARKLAND Moonlight Cinemas Australia’s favourite outdoor cinema showing advance screenings, summer blockbusters and fan favourites in iconic inner-city green spaces in our capital cities. In Brisbane it is at the beautiful Roma Street Parkland. Movies showing nightly with food trucks available. Until 31 Mar. The Sound Society The Sound Society delivers a free live music program that will mellow your soul and leave you relaxed as you embrace chilled tunes in the lush green surrounds of Roma Street Parkland. Take your own picnic snacks or grab a bite to eat from one of the food vendors – this will be your new monthly Sunday brunch spot! The Sound Society is held one Sunday morning of each month, at Roma Street Parkland. Entry is free with live music from 9am to midday.

Calling all inventors, thinkers, creatives, the curious and science enthusiasts, Queensland Museum’s brand new science gallery SparkLab, Sciencentre is open. SparkLab includes 40 exhibits in three zones allowing for flexible facilitated learning experiences; it also includes new science shows, a science bar featuring hands on experiments and demonstrations, and a maker space that gives visitors the opportunity to design, make, test and evaluate their creations in response to a ‘big question’ or challenge www.familiesmagazine.com.au/organiser/ sciencentre

www.familiesmagazine.com.au/organiser/ roma-street-parkland

QUEENSLAND GALLERY OF MODERN ART APT9 Kids As part of ‘The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art’ (APT9), APT9 Kids features 8 interactive artworks, hands-on and Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019


#FamiliesMagFun FEBRUARY 2019 Until 9 Mar The Day My Bum Went Psycho | Petrie Terrace From award-winning author Andy Griffiths comes the world premiere of The Day My Bum Went Psycho, adapted by author Dave Lowe exclusively for Brisbane Arts Theatre. This is the story of a boy, his runaway bum and some of the most dangerous bums in the world! With the aid of some bumhunters, Zack will track down his missing bum to the heart of an explosive bumcano in this ultimate kid adventure. Brisbane Arts Theatre. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/the-day-my-bum-went-psychopetrie-terrace/all Until 28 Apr Playing with Light | Ipswich Step out of the darkness and into this hands-on, interactive exhibition where visitors can play with light. Can you sneak past a laser light security block? Why not step inside a giant kaleidoscope! You can even “draw” with infrared “paint” or make your own powerful telescope! Playing with Light explores our big bright world and the many ways in which science and physics create light! Ipswich Art Gallery. Playing with Light – produced by Scitech. Perth, Western Australia. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/playing-with-light-ipswich/all

Fri 1 Feb Year of the Pig Night Markets | Brisbane The sights, the celebrations, and the tastes of Lunar New Year will come to life at Treasury Brisbane’s pop-up Lunar New Year Markets event on Friday 1 February. Hosted under a sea of glowing red lanterns in the open-air Treasury Hotel courtyard, the event will feature a live cooking demonstration and meet and greet with celebrity chef Luke Nguyen of Red Lantern and Fat Noodle fame. Guests will enjoy a special edition Red Lotus cocktail on arrival and there will be an abundant hawker street food style menu including fragrant mini beef pho, fresh Vietnamese chicken salad, spicy steamed bao, delicious dumplings and sweet pandan brulee. 5 – 8pm. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/year-of-the-pig-night-marketsbrisbane Fri 1 – Sun 3 Feb Madagascar Jnr | Redcliffe Cultural Centre Join Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the hip hip Hippo and, of course, those hilarious plotting penguins as they bound onto your stage in the musical adventure of a lifetime. Based on the smash DreamWorks animated motion picture, Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR. follows all of your favourite crack-a-lackin’ friends as they escape from their home in New York’s Central Park Zoo and find themselves on an unexpected journey to the madcap world of King Julien’s Madagascar. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/madagascar-jnr-redcliffecultual-centre/all Sat 2 Feb Free Movie in the Park - The Greatest Showman | Manly “Celebrate the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation”. Bring a folding chair, rug or cushion and settle in for a great evening’s entertainment. Food available for purchase from 4:00pm. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/free-movie-in-the-park-thegreatest-showman-manly


Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019

Sat 1 Feb, 15 Feb, 1 Mar, 15 Mar Free Outdoor Movies at Lone Pine | Fig Tree Pocket Join in every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month for free movie screenings on their three outdoor cinema screens. BYO blankets and pillows for the grassy amphitheatre or take advantage of the comfortable seating at Riverside Cafe. Free parking and free Wi-Fi available. Dogs welcome (must remain on a lead at all times). A range of dinner and treat options will also be available from food stalls www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/free-outdoor-movies-at-lonepine-fig-tree-pocket/all

Sun 3 Feb Queensland Reds Fan Day | Herston The St. George Queensland Reds Fan Day is kicking off from 10.00am-12.00pm and promises to be bigger and better than ever before. They’re calling all Reds fans to join them at Ballymore to mingle with their full squad and superstar coaching staff including the legendary Brad Thorn. Score yourself an autograph and photo with your favourite player. Family friendly activities on the main Ballymore oval will keep the whole family entertained with face painting, inflatable Rugby field and obstacle course, and competitions along with great music and activities. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/queensland-reds-fan-dayherston Tue 5 – Thu 7 Feb Harry Potter Book Night: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry In February, Harry Potter fans from around the world will once again celebrate Harry Potter Book Night. Go dressed as your favourite character and share in themed activities, games and quizzes. Ideal for children aged 5-12 years. Various libraries. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/harry-potter-book-nighthogwarts-school-of-witchcraft-and-wizardry/all

Sat 9 Feb – Sun 3 Mar BrisAsia Festival | Brisbane BrisAsia Festival showcases traditional and contemporary Asian arts and cultural events. The festival will be held from Saturday 9 February - Sunday 3 March 2019 with events across the city and into the suburbs. See an array of diverse live entertainment including music, performance, food, workshops and visual arts events. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/brisasia-festival-brisbane


Sat 9 Feb Chinese Lunar New Year | Fortitude Valley Celebrate Lunar New Year in Fortitude Valley’s Chinatown Mall. Get involved in the festivities with lion and dragon dancers, fire shows, traditional music, cultural performances, interactive workshops and roving street performers to welcome the Year of the Pig. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/ chinese-lunar-new-year-fortitude-valley/all Sat 9 Feb Moreton Bay Region Lunar New Year | Caboolture Caboolture Town Square will transform into a world of Asian delights to welcome in the Year of the Pig. This event is free to attend and brings together an afternoon and evening of amazing entertainment, celebrating Asian culture. Guests will be thrilled with the traditional Asian music and dance performances, including a Red Dragon Traditional Lion Dance, Chinese Orchestra performances, Magic show, Drumming spectacular and more. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/moreton-bay-regionlunar-new-year

Sun 10 Feb Dumpling Day | Bowen Hills Dumpling Day is about sharing in the wealth of culture and traditions that surround the humble dumpling. Experience dumplings from along the silk road, exploring how food and culture were transformed by trade and experience how ancient food cultures adapted with local ingredients. Book into the workshops and learn how to print and fold your own furushiki, how to make soup dumplings (xiao long bao) or how to make your lunch boxes adorable with kawaii bento onigiri. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/dumpling-day-bowen-hills Fri 15 – Sun 17 Feb Moreton Bay Caravan, Camping, Boating & 4x4 Expo Talk to industry experts, shop and save on the latest gadgets, tools, camping and fishing gear, insurance, 12 volt and vehicle accessories, holiday and tourism information, and more. The whole family will enjoy the All4FMX motorbike stunt riders, the adults can pick up some new camp oven cooking tips and tricks while the kids burn off their energy on the free jumping castles and rides. Redcliffe Showgrounds. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/2019-moreton-bay-caravancamping-boating-expo/all

Sat 16 Feb Samford Music Under the Stars Get ready to sing, dance, eat and explore when Samford hosts an evening of funky live music, twilight markets and gourmet treats on Saturday 16 February. Running from 4.30pm to 7.30pm at John Scott Park, Samford Music Under the Stars will serve up a perfect night out for family and friends. Explore the twilight markets and browse everything from pottery to macramé, leather goods and Fairtrade handmade items. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/ samford-music-under-the-stars

Sat 16 Feb Technicolour Chinese New Year Night Market | Newmarket Chinese New Year or “Spring Festival” is the most important celebration in the traditional Chinese calendar. Join in to have a FUN night and immerse yourself in a red (“good luck” in Chinese culture) and gold (“fortune” in Chinese culture) world. Welcome 2019 and wish for a blessed and prosperous coming year with a FREE ENTRY event. Highlights of the event include lion dance performance, delicious Asian

cuisine, traditional Chinese crafts workshop, face painting and many other unique and spectacular activities. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/ event/technicolour-chinese-new-year-night-market-newmarket

Sun 17 Feb Valentines Concert | Toowong Fall in love all over again with songs of love as Brass Roots and their fabulous vocalists bring you a concert of romance. Spend an afternoon in the park with your loved ones and enjoy this live performance. Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/valentines-concert-toowong Sat 23 Feb Nitro Circus You Got This Stadium Tour - Brisbane | Milton The Nitro Circus crew has created not one, but two all new ramps which will make their world debut on the You Got This Stadium Tour. These new ramps, one a radically expanded version of Nitro’s infamous Giganta Ramp along with a reimagined FMX setup, will be unveiled this February. Combined with the FMX Next Level ramp, this triple threat is literally too big for indoor arenas, and instead will take over Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/nitro-circus-you-gotthis-stadium-tour-brisbane-milton

March 2019 Fri 1 Mar – Sat 13 Apr Sunset Cinemas | Toowong Sink into a beanbag, sip the fine wine and savour the company of your favourite humans. Sometimes, it seems the movie is just the cherry on top. Recognised as Queensland’s premier tropical Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens are the perfect backdrop for relaxing nights, lazing under the stars enjoying the stars of the Silver Screen with Sunset Cinema. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/sunset-cinema-toowong Sat 2 Mar Brisbane Holi - Festival of Colours | Seventeen Mile Rocks Holi is an awe-inspiring event that promises to be fun for all ages. Festival of Colours traditionally is about new beginnings and burying all the hatred, jealousy, differences and forgiving others. Dress in white and be prepared to get dirty when the colour throwing begins. Rocks Riverside Park. 12 – 6pm. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/brisbane-holi-festival-ofcolours-seventeen-mile-rocks Sat 2 & Sun 3 Mar Whimpy Chimpy Brain Competition | New Farm Whimpy Chimpy (funny/crazy) and his little brother (sad/idiot) are coming to Brisbane to find the biggest brain. This is a stupid gameshow for ages 8 and up. Get ready for animations, video games, songs and an extremely complex maze. When they say WHIMPY you say CHIMPY!!! Brisbane Powerhouse. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/whimpy-chimpybrain-competition-new-farm/all Sun 3 Mar Brisbane Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave | Fortitude Valley Australia’s finest and BFLF’s best friend Kid Kenobi will be doing what he does best, alongside the legend that its Nik Fish! What an event this will be! With a ‘Back to the Nineties’ theme, The Met will be transported back in time and they will partying like its 1999. So get your 2-4 hour party people ready and let the music, bubbles, ball pit, balloons and let the general fun, Your Local Families Magazine February / March 2019


#FamiliesMagFun laughter and smiles commence. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/ brisbane-big-fish-little-fish-family-rave-fortitude-valley Sat 9 & Sun 10 Mar The World According to Farts | New Farm Singing sensation Christa Hughes teams up with her Circus Oz buddy, Jim Dunlop to take you on a side-splitting tour of the human body. Apart from learning some anatomy, children enjoy the songs, music and true wonder of the sounds our bodies create. From creaking bones to a sneezing nose, farts to burps, squeals of delight and yelps of hurt, the scary and the hilarious. Brisbane Powerhouse. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/ the-world-according-to-farts-new-farm/all Sun 10 – Sun 17 Mar The Gruffalo - Live on Stage | Brisbane Join Mouse on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood in this magical, musical adaptation of the classic picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Searching for hazelnuts, Mouse meets the cunning Fox, the eccentric old Owl and the party mad Snake. Will the story of the terrifying Gruffalo save Mouse from ending up as dinner for these hungry woodland creatures? After all, there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo – is there? Songs, laughs and scary fun for children aged 3+ and their grown-ups. Gardens Theatre. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/the-gruffalo-live-onstage-brisbane/all Fri 15 Mar – Wed 3 Apr Curiocity Brisbane For 20 brilliant days in March, Brisbane will come to life with a myriad of curious encounters with Science, Technology and the Arts. From the South Bank Cultural Precinct to the creative Hub centred around the Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm, the city will be transformed. Day and Night. Inside and Out. But, what is it? They call it Curiocity Brisbane. A fully immersive, sensory experience for everyone. Touch, see, hear, taste, learn, play and wonder. Including the World Science Festival Brisbane and QODE, a global technology and innovation event, Curiocity Brisbane will come alive with a gallery of interactive creations, augmented reality spaces, pop-up playgrounds and music events. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/curiocity-brisbane Sat 16 Mar Big Fork Theatre | New Farm There are a lot of great things about camping – stargazing, bushwalks, spotting animals, and toasted marshmallows. But the best part is staying up late and sharing funny stories with your best mates! Join Big Fork Theatre for an improvised comedy show full of true stories about growing up, mischief, friendship, and of course marshmallows. Grab your family (definitely don’t get a babysitter!) and enjoy some fun Around the Campfire. Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, this is the comedy campfire adventure of a lifetime. Brisbane Powerhouse. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/big-forktheatre-new-farm Sat 16 Mar Harmony Day Festival | Springfield Central This festival has so much to offer. There will be free face painting, lion dance workshop, free lucky money, firm sword competition, various stalls, international food, multicultural performances, Paris Morgan (Australia Got Talent Finalist) and the fireworks spectacular! Robelle Domain Parkland 3 – 8pm. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/harmony-day-festivalspringfield-central

Sat 16 Mar St Patrick’s Day Parade | Brisbane They’re celebrating the 30th consecutive Brisbane St Patrick’s Day Parade in 2019. Clear your calendar and get ready to paint the town green in March. 10am – 1pm Botanic Gardens. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/st-patricks-day-parade-brisbane Sat 16 Mar – Sat 1 Jun The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) | Petrie Terrace Roald Dahl’s classic book about the 24-foot-high Big Friendly Giant and a little orphan called Sophie comes to life on stage in The BFG. In one of Dahl’s most outlandish stories, the BFG and Sophie must team up to save the children of England from the child-eating giants, ably assisted by the Queen of England and the heads of the army and air force. Brisbane Arts Theatre. www.familiesmagazine.com.au/event/the-bfg-big-friendlygiant-petrie-terrace/all Tue 19 & Wed 20 Mar The Gruffalo - Live On Stage! | Logan Join Mouse on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood in this magical, musical adaptation of the classic picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Searching for hazelnuts, Mouse meets the cunning Fox, the eccentric old Owl and the party mad Snake. Will the story of the terrifying Gruffalo save Mouse from ending up as dinner for these hungry woodland creatures? After all, there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo – is there? Songs, laughs and scary fun for children aged 3+ and their grown-ups… Logan Entertainment Centre. Bookings essential. www.familiesmagazine.com. au/event/the-gruffalo-live-on-stage-logan/all Sat 23 & Sun 24 Mar Mr Snot Bottom’s Stinky Silly Show | New Farm A deeeesgusting kids comedian brimming with all the oooey, gooey, yucky, slimy topics kids love: boogers, bottoms, pop-offs and smells! Expect snotloads of gross-tastic gags and just wrong routines perfect for weird kids 5 and up and their even weirder parents. Nominated Best Children’s Event at Perth Fringe, this rollercoaster of weirdness set to have the entire family roaring, gasping and howling with delight! Brisbane Powerhouse. www. familiesmagazine.com.au/event/mr-snot-bottoms-stinky-silly-shownew-farm/all Tue 28 Mar – Sun 14 Apr Brisbane Cycling Festival Get ready for the ride of your life when the Brisbane Cycling Festival rolls into the city. The festival will get you psyched up with professional, amateur and mass participation events at the celebrated Anna Meares Velodrome and other venues around Brisbane. The world’s best track cyclists will descend on Brisbane for the six-day international series final, combining elite track cycling with an energetic party atmosphere. www.familiesmagazine. com.au/event/brisbane-cycling-festival


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