Fala Aí

Athens, US

Fala Aí, the magazine of the Portuguese program at the University of Georgia, is an award-winning student-run publication about the Lusophone-world. With content that is created collaboratively by people in the Portuguese-speaking countries and the United States, our goal is to promote the Portuguese language as well as Lusophone cultures. We aim to contribute to L2 Portuguese learners’ experience with the language. The Brazilian expression “Fala Aí” can be freely translated as “speak up”. And that is exactly what we want Fala Aí magazine to be: a platform in which UGA professors, the community, and, most importantly, students can voice their ideas. Welcome and enjoy the reading! Get in touch at falaai@uga.edu ISSN 2689-1506 (online) ISSN 2689-1492 (print)