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FAIR TRADE FEDERATION Annual Conference May 1-3, 2013 Raleigh, NC


SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Wednesday, May 1 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Registration table open Mezzanine Lobby

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Fair Trade Expo space open for set-up Roosevelt & Caucus. Expo maps available at registration table.

1:00 - 5:00 PM

Fair Trade Federation Members’ Meeting Washington & Jefferson Open to FTF members only

3:30 - 5:00 PM

FTF Informational Meeting Capital Boardroom Thinking of applying for FTF membership? Meet with FTF’s Membership & Program Manager to learn more about member benefits, requirements, and the application process. Open to all

5:15 - 6:45 PM

Fair Trade Expo Roosevelt & Caucus Come see the latest fair trade designs from FTF and WFTO wholesale members. Retailers: find new vendors and products for your store!

7:00 PM

Welcome Dinner Washington/Jefferson/Lincoln Open to registered conference attendees only

Thursday, May 2 8:00 - 10:00 AM

Breakfast Buffet Washington Lobby Fair Trade Expo Roosevelt and Caucus Peruse products over a mug of fair trade coffee!

10:15 - 11:15 AM

Plenary Session: Fair Trade Chronicles: Reflections on What it Truly Means to Trade Fairly Washington/Jefferson/Lincoln Speaker: Chris Treter, Higher Grounds Trading Co. In early 2013, accompanied by a team of filmmakers and colleagues from Just Coffee Coop, Chris Treter journeyed to the heart of fair trade, visiting coffee farmers and coops across Central America. Their travels will be documented in the upcoming documentary Connected By Coffee by Stone Hut Studios. Learn how Chris and his colleagues sparked a movement-wide conversation about the roots of fair trade—and its future.

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

Breakout Sessions: 4 sessions running simultaneously Session A: Roundtable: Maintaining the Roots of Fair Trade in a Changing World Jefferson Moderators: Monika Firl, Cooperative Coffees; Chris Treter, Higher Grounds Trading Co. Following the plenary session, Chris Treter and Monika Firl will moderate a discussion exploring how fair traders can maintain the roots and goals of the fair trade movement in the context of new ideas and approaches to fair trade. What is the best way for dedicated fair traders to communicate the importance of their work? The conversation will touch on practicing radical transparency and the role that a holistic approach to fair trade plays in the fair trade community today. Session B: Safety Academy for Wholesalers: Your Product Safety Questions Answered Lincoln Speaker: Neal Cohen, Consumer Product Safety Commission Join Neal Cohen, Small Business Ombudsman at the CPSC, as he answers your questions about product safety and compliance. Mr. Cohen will give an overview of regulations for common fair trade products including jewelry, children’s items, and more. Session C: Online Retailing for Small Businesses: Using Third Party Sellers to Build Your Business Washington Speakers: Ed Edmundson, Earth Divas; Glenn Fadner, Kingdom Ventures E-commerce sites like Amazon and E-bay can be a great way to boost your business—if you use them correctly. Get tips on how to get started using third party sellers, and what pitfalls you should avoid in order to maximize your success. INTRODUCTORY/INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Session D: Communicating Outside the Fair Trade Bubble: Fair Trade Messaging That Works Sessions Speakers: Sami Grover, The Change Creation (Moderator); Yola Carlough, B Corp; Larry Larson, Larry’s Beans; Jerry Stifelman, The Change Creation Sami Grover of The Change Creation, a socially conscious brand development firm, will lead a panel of marketing-savvy colleagues to discuss a new approach to fair trade messaging. Hear their thoughts on reaching consumers in innovative and meaningful ways while keeping the fair trade message alive.

1:00 – 2:00 PM

Lunch Buffet Washington/Jefferson/Lincoln

2:15 – 3:30 PM

Breakout Sessions: 4 sessions running simultaneously Session A: Keeping it Real: This is What Fair Trade Coffee Looks Like Jefferson Speakers: Monika Firl, Cooperative Coffees (Moderator); Meghan Hubbs, Equal Exchange; Kim Elena Ionescu, Counter Culture Coffee With a proliferation of labels and certifications, the world of fair trade coffee is becoming more complex. Explore new trends in coffee auditing, and learn how to talk to customers about these changes. What role can certification play? What other options exist, including public reporting, self-monitoring, and memberships? Join representatives from three fair trade coffee organizations for an update on new strategies that fair traders are using to address the issue of transparency in the coffee industry. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Session B: Thinking Long Range: Strategic Planning Lincoln Speaker: Ora Grodsky, Just Works Consulting A strategic plan can help you take your business to the next level. This workshop will cover the components of strategic planning and ways to create planning processes that are engaging and meaningful. Come away with ideas for how to make a strategic plan that is dynamic and useful. Session C: Scaling Up Your Overseas Operation: Managing Staff, Navigating Pitfalls, and Maintaining Relationships Washington Speaker: Amanda Judge, Andean Collection Managing a fast growing fair trade company is complicated work! Join Amanda Judge as she shares what she has learned about successfully scaling up overseas operations while maintaining integrity, fair trade principles and strong relationships on the ground. INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL Session D: Tech Is On Your Side: Making Technology Work for Your Fair Trade Organization Sessions Speakers: Jon Saints, Dsenyo; Marissa Saints, Dsenyo Are you spending too much time wrestling with technology? Technology should work for you. Jon and Marissa will present a variety of helpful tech tools including ecommerce, CRM, Shipping/Fulfillment and more. No computer science degree necessary! This session covers success stories that will help you get organized and grow your business. INTRODUCTORY/INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

3:45 - 5:00 PM:

Breakout Sessions: 4 sessions running simultaneously Session A: Train, Empower, Delegate: Laying the Groundwork for Long Term Growth of your Retail Store Jefferson Speaker: Brian Smucker, Baksheesh Let your business grow with you! Learn to share responsibilities while empowering others within your organization to make effective decisions. Join Brian Smucker, a successful retailer, as he shares his experiences in laying the foundation for business growth in fair trade retail stores. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

Session B: Artisan Conversation & Basket Weaving Demo Lincoln Speakers: Gloria Chonay, Xeabaj Women’s Cooperative; Vera Hernández, Mayan Hands; Anne Kelly, Mayan Hands; Brenda Rosenbaum, Mayan Hands Gloria Chonay is one of the leaders of a women’s artisan cooperative in Xeabaj, a rural community in Santa Apolonia, Chimaltenango, in the western highlands of Guatemala. Gloria’s cooperative works with Mayan Hands, a fair trade organization that partners with Mayan weavers and artisans. Come listen to Gloria’s story, learn about traditional and contemporary Mayan artistry, and get a firsthand look at the pine needle basket weaving process! Session C: Quick Tricks: Little Ways to Make a Big Impact in Social Media Washington Speaker: Jonit Bookheim, Mata Traders Are you intimidated by social media? Interested in engaging your customers via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, but need some advice on what is appropriate to post, how often to post, and how to reach the most people? Join Jonit Bookheim to learn how to develop a basic, cohesive strategy that is simple, doable and impactful. INTRODUCTORY LEVEL

Session D: Trade Show Exhibit Designs: Displays that Drive Sales Sessions Speaker: Jacque St. James-Wong, Tibet Collection/dZi, Inc. Make the most of your trade show investment! Attract new buyers while you tell your fair trade story. Jacque St. James-Wong is a trade show guru who has spent years creating compelling exhibits. Join her for practical design tips and strategies to make your trade show experience worthwhile. INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL 5:00 – 6:30 PM

Fair Trade Expo space available for exhibitor break-down Dinner on your own For those who wish to venture into downtown Raleigh, see the Restaurants & Attractions section for a list of recommended restaurants and fair trade businesses.

7:30 PM

Screening of The People and The Olive: The Story of the Run Across Palestine Sessions Join us for a documentary screening, followed by a Q&A and discussion with filmmaker Aaron Dennis. This documentary chronicles the joys and struggles of Palestinian fair trade farmers and the ultra-marathoners who ran across the West Bank, planting olive trees and bridging cultures along the way.

FRIDAY, MAY 3 8:00 - 9:00 AM

Breakfast Buffet Roosevelt

9:15 - 10:30 AM

Breakout Sessions: 4 sessions running simultaneously Session A: Making a Fair Trade Towns Campaign Work for You: Building Excitement in Your Community Jefferson Speakers: Billy Linstead Goldsmith, Fair Trade Campaigns; Keilayn Skutvik, Ten Thousand Villages Chapel Hill Fair Trade Towns and Universities campaigns are a great way to engage your local fair trade community and get customers excited about their purchasing power. Billy Linstead Goldsmith and Keilayn Skutvik will share practical tips for making a campaign work as a win-win collaboration between your town and your fair trade organization. Representatives from the Keene State Fair Trade Universities campaign will also be joining the conversation. Session B: Financial Benchmarking for Wholesalers Lincoln Speakers: Kristin Johnson, Global Mamas; Kevin Ward, Global Crafts This session will serve as the kickoff for a working group of dedicated fair trade wholesalers interested in sharing company financial information in order to benchmark best practices and share strategies for growth. Participants must have submitted financial information in advance in order to participate. ADVANCED LEVEL

Session C: Domestic Fair Trade: A Retailers’ Roundtable Washington Moderator: Rachel Simeon, GrassRoots Fair Trade Join fellow fair trade retail stores in a structured roundtable session that will encourage constructive dialogue about North American fair trade. How do domestically-produced products fit into the fair trade movement, especially at the retail level? How does domestic fair trade relate to the mission and work of dedicated fair trade retail stores? Session D: Not Your Mother's Fair Trade: Design and Style in a Trend Conscious World Sessions Speaker: Jennifer Moran, GREENOLA Style In today's marketplace, consumers want to look good and do good. Can fair trade design compete in a mainstream marketplace? Join Jennifer Moran as she shares ideas for using design to reach trend conscious consumers while still maintaining fair trade values. INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL.

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10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Breakout Sessions – 4 sessions running simultaneously Session A: Building Community and Capacity: Practical Approaches to Producer Empowerment Jefferson Speakers: Naomi Czerwinskyj, ARZU STUDIO HOPE/Peace Cord®; Michael Skillicorn, Dean’s Beans; Randi Stoltz, On the Ground How do fair trade organizations empower artisans and farmers and help them become self-sufficient? Join panelists for a discussion of innovative approaches across industries, including case studies about farmers organizing in Guatemala, training programs for artisans, and successful partnerships. ADVANCED LEVEL Session B: The WFTO Guarantee System Lincoln Speaker: Bob Chase, SERRV Get an update on the proposed WFTO Guarantee System, which seeks to create an affordable and comprehensive system for auditing fair trade organizations. Bob Chase, CEO of SERRV and a member of the WFTO Board of Directors, will present results from 11 pilot certifications of both Northern and Southern organizations. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Session C: Roundtable: Retailers & Wholesalers Share Challenges and Solutions Washington Moderators: Dr. Kimberly Grimes, Made by Hand International Co-operative; Marco Antonio Hernandez, Made by Hand International Co-operative As partners in fair trade, how can we make business easier, and life better, for each other? Retailers and wholesalers share practical ideas and feedback for creating a smooth and healthy fair trade supply chain. Session D: Communicating on the Sales Floor: Retail Messaging that Resonates Sessions Speaker: Jocelyn Boreta, Global Exchange In this collaborative session for retailers, get fresh ideas about techniques for sharing the message of fair trade to consumers in your store. Discover ideas that work (and those that didn’t!) in creating effective displays, marketing, and PR campaigns. Participants are encouraged to bring examples & anecdotes from their store. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

12:15 - 1:30 PM:

Lunch Roosevelt

1:45 - 3:00 PM:

Breakout Sessions: 4 sessions running simultaneously Session A: Bringing Fair Trade Home: Creating Sound Employee Policies in your North American Business Jefferson Speaker: Candi Horton, Baksheesh Bring fair trade principles full circle with this session on providing equitable opportunities for your employees here in North America. Candi Horton will share example compensation levels and compensation planning materials, tips for establishing job descriptions and salary levels, industry data on sales-to-compensation ratios—and the heart behind all those numbers. INTRODUCTORY/INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Session B: Artisan Conversation & Basket Weaving Demo Lincoln Speakers: Gloria Chonay, Xeabaj Women’s Cooperative; Vera Hernández, Mayan Hands; Anne Kelly, Mayan Hands; Brenda Rosenbaum, Mayan Hands Gloria Chonay is one of the leaders of a women’s artisan cooperative in Xeabaj, a rural community in Santa Apolonia, Chimaltenango, in the western highlands of Guatemala. Gloria’s cooperative works with Mayan Hands, a fair trade organization that partners with Mayan weavers and artisans. Come listen to Gloria’s story, learn about traditional and contemporary Mayan artistry, and get a firsthand look at the pine needle basket weaving process! Session C: Roundtable: Building a Strong Fair Trade Movement in Canada Washington Moderator: Madeline Kreider Carlson, Fair Trade Federation Scattered across a huge geographic area, fair traders in Canada have limited opportunities to connect in person. Join in discussing ways to build the movement in Canada and create stronger ties between Canadian fair trade organizations. Session D: Greening Your Wholesale Business: Environmentally Conscious Solutions Sessions Speakers: Alison Hanson, Handmade Expressions; Kevin Ward, Global Crafts In this session, explore ways to be kind to Mother Earth while balancing practical business needs. This session will address common sustainability challenges, and provide practical solutions for packaging, purchasing, and shipping as well as strategies for reducing negative environmental impact at the artisan level. INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL

3:00 - 3:30 PM

Conference Closing: Coffee & Goodbyes Caucus

SPEAKERS Jonit Bookheim, Co-Owner, Mata Traders Jonit and her friends started traveling after college and got hooked. One thing lead to another, and now the trio are running a fair trade fashion company together. Though these women have no background in fashion or business, the company has been growing steadily with a learn-as-you-go, do-it-yourself approach. Before Mata Traders, Jonit worked at a homeless service organization and for various electoral-style door-to-door campaigns, and earned a master’s in sustainable development. Her philosophy is “Don’t be afraid to try something new!”

Stores, she is experienced in bringing the fair trade movement to the sales floor. With a strong knowledge of the US based fair trade retail market and experience working directly with artisans internationally, she recognizes the power of building sales and marketing plans on the foundation of artisan empowerment.

Bob Chase, CEO, SERRV Bob began his international career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Northeast Brazil. Subsequently, he worked for several nonprofit organizations before embarking on a career in the investment field while he and his wife also operated a fair trade store. Since Bob joined Jocelyn Boreta, Fair Trade Stores Program Director, SERRV, the organization has more than tripled in size Global Exchange and embarked on an extensive development agenda. Jocelyn has committed herself to arts, activism, and Bob was the founder of the Valley Interfaith Refugee economic justice through her undergraduate studies in Resettlement Committee and was awarded the Cultural Anthropology and long-time work with Global Brotherhood award by the National Conference of Exchange. Through seven years of managing, buying, Christians and Jews for this work. and currently directing the Global Exchange Fair Trade

Gloria Chonay, Xeabaj Cooperative Gloria is a leader of a cooperative of basket makers in Xeabaj, a rural community in Santa Apolonia, Chimaltenango, in the western highlands of Guatemala. Gloria’s cooperative works with Mayan Hands, a fair trade nonprofit organization that partners with Mayan weavers and artisans. As a group leader, Gloria assists the women who are unable to read or write, translates for visitors, checks for quality, and ensures that the cooperative functions efficiently and fairly. Under Gloria’s leadership, the cooperative has nearly doubled in size. The demand for their fine basketry increases each year and the Smithsonian Museum Gift Shop now orders from them.

launched Kingdom Ventures Inc. in 2005 as their way of making a difference in the world. Today KVI works with artisan groups in 4 countries, importing their products for sale throughout North America. KVI wholesales to numerous Fair Trade and “conventional” stores and also offers their products on their own website as well as through their eBay store. “I can’t imagine any other occupation where such small things can make such a difference,” says Glenn.

Monika Firl, Communications and Producer Relations Manager, Cooperative Coffee Montreal Prior to coffee, Monika worked with locally based development projects while living in Central America and Mexico from 1991 to 2000. Her experiences range Neal S. Cohen, Small Business Ombudsman, U.S. from founding and directing a center in San Salvador for Consumer Product Safety Commission the exchange of information on alternative technology, Neal provides guidance specifically tailored to small to direct technical trainings via a regional Campesino a businesses and small-batch manufacturers and actively Campesino program promoting sustainable production shares industry information gained from manufacturers, practices and market alternatives. Monika has an MA in retailers, and distributors concerning CPSC laws and Journalism and degrees in International Relations and regulations within the agency. Prior to joining CPSC in German. She got her start in business -- growing up in 2009, Mr. Cohen was a criminal prosecutor in New York the backroom of her parents' independent retail shop. City. He received his B.A. from Swarthmore College and his J.D. from the Emory University School of Law. Dr. Kimberly M. Grimes, Director, Made by Hand Mr. Cohen is a member of the New York State Bar. Kimberly is an anthropology professor at the University of Delaware and is the Director of Made By Hand Naomi Czerwinskyj, Product Manager, ARZU International Cooperative, a fair trade organization in STUDIO HOPE/Peace Cord® Delaware. She is the author of 4 books: Crossing Naomi has over seven years of experience working with Borders: Changing Social Identities in Southern Mexico; global producers and traveling internationally. She has Artisans and Cooperatives: Developing Alternative a deep personal and professional passion for fair trade. Trade for the Global Economy; A Guide for Retailers: She traveled to Guatemala where she lived with a fair Creating a Successful Fair Trade Business; and with trade organization working with indigenous Maya Marco, a children’s book, A Journey in the Amazon. artisans. She now works for a social enterprise called She has served on the Board of Directors for the Fair ARZU STUDIO HOPE developing products for the Trade Federation and SERRV International and was international market and providing social benefits for Chair of the Board for the Fair Trade Resource Afghan artisans. Over the years, she has acquired Network. product development, sales, marketing, public relations, website development, and social media skills. Ora Grodsky, Just Works Consulting Ora has been consulting to organizations that work for Ed Edmundson, Founder, Earth Divas social change for over 15 years. She’s a skillful trainer Ed is the founder of Earth Divas, a fair trade and facilitator with a creative, empathetic approach that company/movement/mission created to help women in engages groups and leaves them feeling more Nepal design and make beautiful, wearable works of energized, optimistic, and directed. She’s led dozens of art. All the profits from the sale of these items are then organizations through strategic planning processes returned to the artisans. Prior to starting Earth resulting in exciting yet realistic plans that are essential Divas, Ed worked in the Internet industry for several guides for future action and decision-making. After companies including GeoCities and Net2Phone, and receiving a Master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate was a brand manager for Gordon's Gin. Ed is married to School of Education, she began consulting as a Youth Tina Edmundson, and they have one daughter, Darcy, Development Specialist, helping schools and who is 11 years old. They live in Potomac, MD. community organizations build the capacity of youth to create healthier communities. Ora lives in the Boston Glenn Fadner, Owner, Kingdom Ventures area with her husband and their two teenage After a 32-year career in Information Technology, Glenn daughters. Fadner knew that he wanted a “change,” but “retirement” wasn’t his idea of change. He and Rebecca

Sami Grover, Creative Director, The Change Creation Sami is a writer and Creative Director at The Change Creation, a worker-owned brand creation agency that works with entities who make the world better, fairer or truer. Clients include Larry’s Beans, Burt's Bees, Canaan Fair Trade, Jada Pinkett Smith/Overbrook Entertainment and The Redwoods Group. Sami is deeply interested in how we can tap into universal values of fairness and justice to create social change beyond the boundaries of our movement. He is also a contributing writer at and the Mother Nature Network. Alison Hanson, Sustainability Manager & Production Coordinator, Handmade Expressions Alison received her BA in Business Economics alongside minors in anthropology and global studies at UCLA, where she examined economic development, social inequality and feminist theory. Shortly after graduating, Alison moved to Austin and joined Handmade Expressions’ team, spearheading the company’s understanding of its social and environmental impact. Alison is passionate about social development and gender equality and looks forward to contributing to the evolution of sustainability. Marco Antonio Hernandez, Manager, Made by Hand Marco is a Latin American folk musician who has played in several groups in Mexico and the US, and has composed 4 CDs: Music of the Andes, Pueblos Andinos, Global Relaxation Journey (a benefit CD for FTRN), and A Journey in the Amazon in 2007. He has managed a fair trade retail store, Made By Hand International Cooperative, since 1996. Vera Hernández, Assistant Director, Mayan Hands Vera is in charge of communication between the office in Guatemala City and staff and clients in the United States. She also coordinates various stages of product development, takes orders, provides supplies to the artisans, and ensures quality control. Vera was initially drawn to work with Mayan Hands because she wanted to connect with Mayan women and assist them in their quest to raise their families out of extreme poverty. Vera visits the communities where Mayan Hands artisans live and work to assist in training and product development, translates for visitors from the United States, and supports the scholarship program.

trade stores. She has lived in Sonoma since 1997 and is co-owner of Baksheesh, a fair trade gift retailer with stores in Sonoma and St. Helena, California. Meghan Hubbs, Café Developer, Equal Exchange Meghan wields a degree in Advertising from Michigan State and a passion for authentic fair trade and high quality coffee. Her life’s work is connecting producers and consumers through shared values and fun, savvy marketing in order to change the global economic landscape. For more than a decade, Meghan has lent her passion and creativity to Equal Exchange. After working as a marketing consultant for Equal Exchange Espresso Bar in Seattle, she brought her expertise back to the East Coast to become a full-time Café Developer. She opened the co-op’s flagship café in Boston and with the hope of engaging consumers in a unique way, launched the city’s first café on bikes. Kim Elena Ionescu, Coffee Buyer and Sustainability Manager, Counter Culture Coffee Kim delights in exploring the areas where coffee and business interests overlap with environmental and social themes. When not dismantling assumptions about sustainable coffee, she spends her time cupping, writing and speaking on behalf of Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, North Carolina, where she serves as a coffee buyer and the company's Sustainability Manager. Kristin Johnson, Co-Founder, Global Mamas (Women in Progress) Kristin Johnson began working for women entrepreneurs in Ghana nearly 20 years ago, helping them to grow their businesses and enhance their profitability while working as a Peace Corps Volunteer. After returning to the US she maintained close relationships with many of the women and began selling their products in the US through informal channels. In 2002, Kristin co-founded Global Mamas (also known as Women in Progress), which started with six founding Mamas and today provides sustainable livelihoods to nearly six hundred women.

Amanda Judge, Founder & CEO, Andean Collection Amanda started Andean Collection while interviewing rural Ecuadorian women for her master’s thesis on poverty reduction strategies. Amanda holds an M.A in Law and Diplomacy from The Fletcher School of Tufts Candi Horton, Co-Owner, Baksheesh University and a B.A. in Finance from Santa Clara Candi has been in retail management for 38 years. She University. Amanda is an innovative social entrepreneur worked as VP of Operations for a bookstore franchise in who is intent on showing that business acumen and the Midwest before being introduced to fair trade in social good are not mutually exclusive. She is a regular 1987. Since then, Candi has worked to start and grow attendee at CEO and social entrepreneur events such fair trade stores across the US and Canada. This as OnCue and Summit Series, and was recently named included developing and teaching a week-long a ‘Better Business Babe’ by Women’s Health Magazine. manager’s training seminar and helping to open 9 fair

Anne Kelly, Associate Director, Mayan Hands Anne is the associate director of Mayan Hands, a nonprofit Fair Trade organization partnering with Mayan weavers in Guatemala, and has been involved with the Fair Trade Colleges and Universities campaign since its inception. Prior to joining Mayan Hands, Anne was Fair Trade coordinator at the Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State, where she engaged unions, faith communities, teachers and students to take action on issues of fair trade, workers rights, child labor and farmworker justice. Anne is inspired by the determination of students to make a difference in the world.

transforms women's lives, directly empowering them and their families to rise above poverty. Moran has been invited to present at various venues to share her experiences, motions, and ideas to entrepreneurs. Moran has been recognized for her work by Loyola University of Chicago, The University of Chicago, Stonyfield Entrepreneurship Institute, DePaul University, Green Festivals, and Chicago Ideas Week 2012. Michael Skillicorn, Farmer Relations, Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Michael works with farmer cooperatives in Latin America to build strong, equitable trading relationships and promote positive social change. Prior to working at Dean's Beans, Michael worked at a farmer’s cooperative in Northern Peru and co-founded a cafÊ there. He was educated at the University of Vermont and received an undergraduate degree in Community and International Development.

Larry Larson, Founder & CEO, Larry's Beans Larry has been chief strategist and brand creator of the company for 17 years. Larry served as Chairperson of the Board for Fair Trade Resource Network and for Cooperative Coffees. A big believer in truth and authenticity, Larry believes we will only build our movement if we make our communications genuinely relevant to the values and interests of the audiences we want to reach. Keilayn Skutvik, Manager, Ten Thousand Villages As the manager of the Chapel Hill Ten Thousand Rachel Lieder Simeon, Manager, GrassRoots Fair Villages since 2007, Keilayn Skutvik has worked with Trade Fair Trade Towns for the past three years. She was Before working at GrassRoots in Anchorage, Alaska, instrumental in bringing together a group of students Rachel worked as an executive in non-profit settings for and townspeople to fulfill the criteria for FTT over 25 years. She has extensive experience in recognition in October 2012. Chapel Hill has built facilitating groups and has traveled widely throughout support through partnerships with student groups at the world. She is married to Mark Haines Simeon and UNC, church members, Fair Trade social advocates, they are the proud parents of two grown daughters: and town leaders including the Chamber of Commerce. Anna, who is completing a Masters in Tropical Marine Biology in Guam; and Kate who is the novice crew Brian Smucker, Co-Founder, Baksheesh coach at the University of Chicago and a coordinator for Baksheesh is a fully committed fair trade retailer with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. stores in Sonoma and St. Helena, CA. Previously, Brian worked for Ten Thousand Villages and a magazine Billy Linstead Goldsmith, National Coordinator, Fair publishing company. He has served on 15 nonprofit Trade Campaigns boards, including FTF. Brian has been directly involved Billy Linstead Goldsmith came to Fair Trade Towns with eight fair trade store startups. He and his wife USA from a seven year career in the grassroots Candi do startup consulting and mentoring with fair environmental movement. As a Staff & Outreach trade retailers around the US. He has been active in fair Director with Clean Water Action, he recruited, trained trade full-time since 1993 and is now working toward and developed hundreds of grassroots organizers and retirement. facilitated campaigns on national, statewide, and local campaigns. He has mobilized fence-line communities, Jerry Stifelman, Founder & Creative Guru, The organized public hearings and other local actions to Change Creation hold polluters accountable. Upon traveling with his wife, Between 1993 and 2004, Jerry worked as a brand Rachel, to Venezuela in 2006, Billy was inspired to strategist, creative director and writer for leading focus his career on international justice and has brands, including MTV, Banana Republic, DKNY, embraced the opportunity to participate in the Fair Mountain Dew, Chrysler, Jeep, Sun Microsystems, and Trade movement. Reebok. After a decade in this traditional branding world, Jerry -- convinced that the truth is your best Jen Moran, Founder, GREENOLA Style tool -- founded The Change Creation to work with GREENOLA Style founder Jen Moran challenges the good-for-the-world brands as well as justice-seeking, norm while forwarding the social enterprise movement. environmental, and world-changing organizations. Through design and fashion, GREENOLA Style

Jacque St. James-Wong, Design & Marketing Director, Tibet Collection As a passionate, committed advocate of fair trade principles and practice, Jacque has spent 13 plus years practicing, promoting and advocating fair trade with dZi inc. Her primary goals with the company have been geared towards creating and maintaining a sustainable business model by providing artisans with the education, tools and skills they require to be successful in a global enterprise. Tibet Collection is a missionbased fair trade company, where Jacque’s duties include branding, logo and package design, print advertising, web and catalog layout and design, trends and market research, copy writing, product development and artisan training workshops. She is a graduate of PSU with a BA in Painting and English.

trade olive farmers of Palestine. Chris Treter, Co-founder & President, Higher Grounds Trading Co. Chris is the president of Michigan's 100% fair trade and organic coffee roasting company and is the Vice-Chair on the BOD of Cooperative Coffees, the world's only fair trade, organic green bean importing cooperative. Chris is also a founder of On the Ground- a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting fair trade farming families around the world by constructing schools in Ethiopia, water projects in Mexico, and agricultural work in Palestine. Chris is featured in the documentary The People and the Olive which follows the On the Ground event, the Run Across Palestine.

Kevin Ward, Co-Founder & CEO, Global Crafts Randi Stoltz, Program Administrator, On the Ground Kevin graduated with a BA in Sociology and an MS in On the Ground is a Michigan-based nonprofit that Computer Systems from Greenwich University London. supports sustainable community development in In 1999 Kevin moved from a computer science teaching farming regions across the world. On The Ground has position in the UK to volunteer for three years in Kenya ongoing projects in Chiapas, Ethiopia, and Palestine at Kisumu Polytechnic, where he began to explore with a focus on education, clean water, healthcare, and ecommerce opportunities with local artisans in 2000 social justice. In February 2012, Randi participated in and 2001. Upon completing his volunteer experience, the Run Across Palestine, a five day, 129-mile ultraKevin came to the USA and launched Global Crafts. marathon during which On The Ground teamed up with Global Crafts has undergone significant shifts over the Canaan Fair Trade and The Palestinian Fair Trade years from a physical retail store to primarily an online Association to raise funds and awareness for the fair wholesale company.


RESTAURANTS & ATTRACTIONS Recommendations from locals Shari Keller, Elizabeth Altman, Kyley Schmidt, and Sharon Gale!

Explore North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences 11 West Jones Street (919) 707-9800 North Carolina Museum of Art 2110 Blue Ridge Road (919) 839-6262 North Carolina Museum of History 5 E. Edenton St (919) 807-7850

The Third Place 1811 Glenwood Avenue (919) 834-6566 Coffeehouse, breakfast, sandwiches, café. “Kid-friendly. Rated best coffeehouse in Raleigh from LocalEats!” Mantra Indian Cuisine & Bar 116 N West Street, Suite 100 (919) 833-2823 “The best Indian food in Raleigh. Patio seating!” Sawasdee 6204 Glenwood Ave (919)781-7599 Thai restaurant.

Irregardless Café Umstead Park (919) 833-8898 Easily accessible by car, bus, or bike, Umstead is a Vegetarian, meat and fish entrees. Includes bar. natural haven from the Triangle's urban zones, centrally “Live music on Thursday evenings during dinner located next to RDU International Airport. Miles of trails, (various instrumentalists or acoustic guitar).” both paved and unpaved, provide access for hikers, campers, bikers and joggers to three lakes and over Bu Ku 5380 acres. 110 East Davie Street (919) 834-6963 Global street food theme; eclectic menu from all over the world. “Fun to treat this like a tapas place where friends share their dishes around the table.” The Fiction Kitchen Bida Manda 428 S. Dawson Street (919) 831-4177 222 South Blount Street “Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free!” Laotian restaurant & bar. “Lovely, charming, tasty!”

Eat & Drink

Second Empire Restaurant & Tavern 330 Hillsborough Street (919) 829-3663 “High-end, impeccable food. Very elegant!” The Daily Planet Café (inside the Natural Science Museum) 11 West Jones Street “Local food, microbrews, and Larry’s Beans coffee!”

The Remedy Diner 137 E. Hargett Street Vegetarian or omnivore friendly. Seasonal menu. Guitars welcome! Zely & Ritz 301 Glenwood Ave. “Not too many places grow their own food. Try the crème brulee.”

Moonlight Pizza 615 W. Morgan Street “Toppings span from pistachios to shrimp”

Babylon 309 N. Dawson Street “Moroccan 5-star flair for 2-star prices.”

Rockford 320 ½ Glenwood Ave. “Easy, vegetarian-friendly, good cocktails.”

David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar 1900 Hillsborough Street “Asian fusion food that makes me want to dance.”

Tir Na Nog 218 S. Blount Street “Reminds us of a pub in Dublin!”

Big Boss Microbrewery 1249 Wicker Drive “No food, but you can have take-out delivered to the pub.”

J. Betski’s 10 W. Franklin Street “If you had a great grandma from Poland, this is what she would cook.”

18 Seaboard 18 Seaboard Ave. “Southern cooking!”

Poole’s 426 South McDowell Street “Locally grown food in an old-style diner. Chalkboard menu changes with the season. “

Local Fair Trade Federation Members

Sitti 137 S. Wilmington Street “The best lamb ever.” Lilly’s Pizza 1813 Glenwood Ave. “Try the Buddha pizza!” The Foundation 213 Fayetteville Street “No food, but cocktails that will blow your mind.” Dos Toquitos 106 S. Wilmington Street “Delicious fresh cocktails, Mexican food, and ambiance that won’t quit.”

Unique Batik (Wholesale) 705 Georgetown Road, Raleigh, NC Larry's Beans (Wholesale) 1507 Gavin Street, Raleigh, NC Mehera Shaw (Wholesale) 3307 Trice Atwater Road, Chapel Hill, NC Ten Thousand Villages (Retail branch) 1800 E. Franklin Street #9, Chapel Hill, NC Also visit Ten Thousand Villages Raleigh, right around the corner in Cameron Village! 435 Woodburn Road, Raleigh, NC

eco + fair trade accessories from Cambodia

custom embroidery & designs available

Become an FTF Member Is your organization fully committed to fair trade? Apply to be an FTF member! Join the trade organization for fully committed North American fair trade organizations and become part of a community of 250 members working to support farmers and artisans through the practice of fair trade. FTF member benefits include: • A discounted rate for attending the FTF Annual Conference • Inclusion in a collaborative community of businesses & organizations that share best practices and industry expertise • Promotion through regular publications, communications, and social media • The use of the FTF logo, a trusted mark of dedication to fair trade practices • Advertising opportunities with FTF • Discounts on shipping, printing, trade shows and other services; and more! Visit, contact Madeline Kreider Carlson at, or call (302) 655-5024 for more information.

Thanks! The Fair Trade Federation would like to extend a special thank you to the following individuals and organizations for their assistance with the 2013 Conference: • The 2013 Conference Planning Committee: Shari Keller (Mehera Shaw), Kristine Ashwood (Ten Thousand Villages Raleigh), Chris Larsen (Phd Productions), Carrie Hawthorne (Carrot Consulting), and Elizabeth Altman. • five ACCESSORIES for donating our custom-embroidered gift bags. • Equal Exchange and Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products for donating refreshments. • FTF Staff: Renee Bowers, Suzanne Cotter, Madeline Kreider Carlson, and Laura Layton. • The FTF Board: Paul Culler, Carrie Hawthorne, Kristin Johnson, Jennie Misner, Serena Sato, Michael Skillicorn, Brian Smucker, Jacque St. James-Wong, and Tom Yesberger. Welcome to our incoming board members, Teresa Hendricks and Renice Jones. • The staff of the Doubletree Raleigh Brownstone-University hotel, especially Heather Bradley.


Retailers: Did you see our Fair & Gourmet Wholesale Product Guide? The "Fair & Gourmet" guide features fair trade items sold by over 40 fully committed wholesalers that retail businesses can trust. These organizations work directly with craftspeople and farmers to ensure fair wages, skills training, and long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Inside the guide are products like coffee, tea, foods & beverages, dinnerware, cooking tools, and more. Read it at


SILVER SPONSORS Swahili Imports Ten Thousand Villages Mata Traders Equal Exchange Venture Imports 100 W 10th Street, Suite 1105, Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 655-5023


FTF 2013 Conference Program  
FTF 2013 Conference Program  

Browse our 2013 conference schedule -- complete with speaker information and Raleigh, NC sites and attractions!