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Welcome to the Fair Trade Wholesale Guide Have you ever wanted to do your bit for ethical shopping but don’t know where to start? We have done the homework for you! In this guide, you will find a showcase of inspiring Fair Trade and fairly-sourced products ranging from fashion, accessories and jewellery to homewares, and more. All the featured wholesalers are based in Australia and work tirelessly to shine a light on their artisan partners around the globe. Each product tells a human story of challenges overcome and proud skills, used to create contemporary designs at home in our retail environment whilst livelihoods are sustained and thriving futures built. We hope you enjoy browsing and discovering brands dedicated to bringing you quality, fairly produced and sustainable products, made by those who really do see the positive impact Fair Trade makes to their families, their communities and our planet.

We are a member driven, not-forprofit organisation. Our aims are to:

The 10 Principles of Fair Trade

increase awareness, understanding of and support for Fair Trade; develop a strong and sustainable Fair Trade movement.

Source WFTO


Check our guide to recognising Fair Trade on pages 34 - 35.

Directory 18-19 Adinkra Designs














10-11 Fair Go Trading







Oz Fair Trade

qinnie@ozfairtrade.org ozfairtrade.org

House of Mitra










12-13 ImportAnts


Samunnat Nepal








create fair trade

Kashae Wings of Hope








The Leprosy Mission Australia


20-21 Eden














The Elephant Emporium

22-23 LOVEbomb

24-25 U-ChĂźs







Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Rosemary Frank 0403 287 077 info@afribeads.com.au afribeads.com.au

Our clothes are made from gorgeous bright coloured African Kitenge fabric which the artisans source from the local markets in Kampala. Traditional fabric designs make these fashion pieces unique. RRP: $65 - $110

AfriBeads offers Fair Trade stylish recycled paper bead jewellery, fashion, baskets and home wares from Africa. We partner with the AfriBeads Women’s Association in Uganda. The income from these products gives the Ugandan artisans the independence to care for their own families and to lift themselves out of poverty. These unique AfriBeads products are handmade from sustainable and environmental materials and AfriBeads is part of the growing trend that is reinventing everyday products to be sustainable and ethical.

Afribeads baskets, platters, bags and mats are hand-woven from natural fibres using traditional techniques passed down through the generations. RRP: $25 - $140

AfriBeads are a totally recycled product fashioned by hand from magazine pages. No two beads are the same. The beads are individually made from triangles of paper, which are rolled, glued, and varnished with an environmentally friendly sealant. The finished beads are then arranged between tiny glass beads and created into unique, gorgeous, and recycled jewellery. RRP: $12 - $50

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Shahrear Chowdhury 0423 036 684 info@bozy.com.au bozy.com.au

Bozy is a green icon providing eco-friendly, sustainable and innovative life style products and also promising change the elegance in the fashion industry with the concept rooted in the well-enumerated theories of natural capital, the Eco-Economy and Cradle-toCradle Design. As a Social Enterprise we ensure blood, sweat and pollution free practices in the whole supply chain in this industry.

Bozy works in collaboration with disadvantaged communities around Bangladesh. This support enables a better quality of life, and more promising future for our partners and their communities. Every product is hand crafted and shaped with the passion and skill of the artisan who made it, providing you with a product with its own character and charm, just like you. RRP: $20 - $250

Contact: Phone: Email: Website: Wholesale Portal:

Gina Bradley 02 8912 2716 sales@ethica.org.au ethica.org.au ethica.org.au/wholesale

ethica is a not for profit social enterprise supporting women artisans in Peru. We are committed to providing sustainable jobs through the production of ethically made quality products, that gives them a fair income, a vital step towards community development and family wellbeing. Every purchase creates meaningful change. Together we are investing in women, in communities and in a more just world. We combine contemporary designs with traditional skills. See our alpaca and cotton range for adults and babies: ponchos, beanies, mittens, toys, blankets, accessories, and jewellery. We comply with the principles of fair trade and are aiding the reduction of inequality and poverty.

Alpaca is a natural fibre, warmer and lighter than wool and will last longer. Buy quality that will last forever! RRP: $25 - $199 Jewellery hand-crocheted with silver thread. RRP: $69 - $99

Contact: Phone: Email: Website: Wholesale Portal:

Robert Roberts 0422 556 642 robert@fairgotrading.com.au fairgotrading.com.au fairgotrading.com.au/pages/wholesale

Fair Go Trading – we are a wholesale Fair Trade & Eco “General Store� with over 500 Fair Trade Guaranteed and sustainable items - for lifestyle, home and garden. We sell to gift, homewares, children and garden shops with long lasting relationships. We love hemp, jute, hogla, rattan and other sustainable natural materials. Celebrating 15 years of work partnerships with our Fair Trade communities locally and in artisan countries. We welcome your enquiries.

RRP: $9 - $55

RRP: $15 - $300

RRP: $25 - $45

RRP: $8 - $40

RRP: $8 - $120

RRP: $15 - $220

Contact: Phone: Email: Website: Wholesale Portal:

Kim Good 02 9516 1496 info@importants.com.au importants.com.au importants.com.au/register Our Eco Max Brushes use natural vegetable fibres to create luxurious body brushes for both wet and dry brushing. From soft jute body and face brushes to tampico nail brushes and coconut foot brushes each ethical handmade brush is a renewable plastic free alternative for your home. RRP: $11.50 - $29.95

At Import Ants we believe that it is the choices you make that create the world you want to live in.

Our approach is a holistic one. We look at the whole life cycle of our products and the impact they have on our world. From the natural sustainable vegetable fibres we use, to their ethical manufacturing in Fair Trade communities in Sri Lanka and their end of life biodegradability.

Our passion is to create beautiful sustainable alternatives that replace plastics in the home. Join us on our imperfect journey towards a more ethical and eco-friendly world.

A broom that works every bit as well as a rake. The Coconut Palm Broom uses the centre rib of a fallen palm leaf to create the perfect balance of flexibility, strength and lightness to rake and sweep in wet or dry conditions in fact any job you need in the garden. RRP: $39.95

The Eco Max Toilet Brush is made from naturally antibacterial coconut fibre and it will give years of scrubbing with the added benefit that it is biodegradable as well as ethical. Pair with a Waterproof Paper Pottery Toilet Brush Holder for an elegant and eco-friendly toilet. RRP: $35

Unbreakable, ethically handmade from recycled paper and lined with natural rubber. Ideal as a decorative planter or for floral display, no need to line with plastic. RRP: $12.50 - $24.50

The Eco Max Dish brush and Kitchen Scrubber are ethically handmade in Sri Lanka from coconut fibre and sustainable timber. Coconut fibre is naturally antibacterial making it the ideal plastic free alternative for the kitchen. Biodegradable, ethical and Vegan certified. RRP: $4.95 - $18.95

A range of natural vegetable fibre kitchen cleaning brushes ethically handmade in Sri Lanka. Eco Max Brushes are plastic free, Vegan certified, biodegradable and Fair Trade. RRP: $4.95 - $18.95

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Leonie Walsh 0402 334 144 theelephantemporium@gmail.com theelephantemporium.com.au

The Elephant Emporium is a proud Fair Trader of Australia (FToA) that works directly with our artisans across Northern Thailand and Cambodia. We travel extensively to the regions and work in partnership with our groups on exclusive product ranges focused on transforming waste material into Fair Trade fashion accessories. The vast majority of our groups are women, many single mothers, victims of domestic violence and survivors of land mines and acid attacks. Now, these incredibly resilient women are provided a safe workplace and the opportunity to showcase their incredible skills and provide an income for their families. RRP: $15 - &85

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Jeanine Croxon 0404 399 607 kashaedirect@gmail.com kashaewingsofhope.net

At Kashae Wings of Hope we are dedicated to empowering our artisans to create a sustainable income for themselves and their families through training, education and marketing their products here in Australia. RRP: $12 - $79

Contact: Email: Website: Wholesale Portal:

Qinnie qinnie@ozfairtrade.org ozfairtrade.org ozfairtrade.org/wholesale

We believe in Fair Trade as a sustainable solution to global poverty. We know that fair trade currently accounts for 1% of global trade and it is perceived by many as boring, controversial and overpriced. So we want to build a not-for-profit business that makes fair trade fun, affordable and desirable. As a business, our first priority is to serve our customers and to give you what you want i.e. high quality, unique and ethical products. Every purchase is a statement of your values and beliefs. We believe in a fair world. With your help, We are positive that we can achieve that. Supporting Fair Trade is the simplest way to empower the most disadvantaged people in the world. Fair Trade is no longer a niche idea but a better lifestyle, an ethical way of living. Get involved! RRP: $5 - $60

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Louise 0414 836 025 info@sinerji.com.au sinerji.com.au

Sinerji is an eco-label designed on the Sunshine Coast, made using organic natural fibres, non-toxic dyes, and fairtrade partnerships. Sinerji is renowned for creating fun pieces that feel amazing, in organic natural fibres, with distinct signature prints, illustrated in house, printed using non-toxic dyes & water-based inks. All of our products promote sustainability, using the most sustainably viable technology available. All are organic or recycled. We do not overproduce & focus on creating long lasting garments and styles. RRP: $49 - $210

Contact: Phone: Email: Website: Wholesale Portal:

Kelly Boateng 0420 887 886 hello@adinkradesigns.com.au adinkradesigns.com.au adinkradesigns.com.au/pages/wholesale-applications Handcrafted in Ghana using traditional techniques, combining sustainable and recycled materials to create a range of accessories and dĂŠcor that encapsulates the spirit of Africa. Wall DĂŠcor RRP: $25 - $80 Woven Baskets RRP: $29 - $80

Our baby dĂŠcor products are inspired by nature, eco-friendly, using sustainable natural materials. Baby baskets RRP: $130 - $235 Handmade toys RRP: $15 - $90

Bead making is a traditional skill in Ghana and the different varieties of beads all have customary significance in Ghanaian culture. Recycled glass is washed, pounded, moulded, baked, painted, baked again, polished and then assembled into bespoke masterpieces. Jewellery RRP: $45 - $65

Inspiring hope for trafficking survivors

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Briony Freeman 0408 243 344 briony@thisiseden.org thisiseden.org

There are 40.3 million* victims of modern-day slavery in our world today. The work of Eden focuses on reaching and empowering individuals who have been trafficked specifically for the purposes of sexual exploration or forced marriage across Asia. Our work incorporates innovative prevention, outreach, and advocacy strategies in trafficking hubs and vulnerable communities. Eden brings hope and opportunity to sexually exploited women using a unique and effective survivorcentred approach. We have multiple shelters which provide a safe and dignified environment where trafficking survivors can live, work and train for their future. Eden’s international jewellery social enterprise economically empowers trafficking survivors and their families. Each piece of jewellery is inspired by the true story of a courageous woman and is handmade by rescued women. The profits from jewellery sales directly benefit the women in Eden’s comprehensive program. We invite you to join the fight against this most horrific modern injustice, one piece of jewellery and one life at a time. Whether you sell, buy, gift, or wear a piece of Eden jewellery, you shed light on the issue of human trafficking. * International Labour Organisation

Committed necklace RRP: $45 Courageous Heart Collection RRP: $28 - $45

Hope in a Hexagon Collection RRP: $45 - $55 Restoring Justice Collection RRP: $28 - $52

Contact: Phone: Email: Website: Wholesale Portal:

Sue Mason 0419 497 721 info@sacredbydesign.com.au lovebombjewellery.com.au sacredbydesign.com.au/lovebomb-wholesale-application

LOVEbomb Jewellery – once a bomb dropped on Laos, now a unique piece of jewellery. A seasonal collection of stylish, ethical jewellery made from components which are poured in Laos under fair trade conditions. Each LOVEbomb product sold assists with safe land clearance and supports artisans to provide for their families and village development. LOVEbomb also operates as a social enterprise donating a percentage of their annual sales back into the local Laos communities, focussing on education and sanitation. We are dedicated to the development and support of economic opportunities for critically impoverished families living in remote rural Laos.

Necklaces RRP: $45 - $89

Bracelets & Bangles RRP: $25 - $49 Earrings RRP: $39 - $69

Contact: Phone: Email: Website: Wholesale Portal:

Glennys Clarke 0407 725 905 glennys@u-chus.com.au u-chus.com.au u-chus.com.au/pages/become-a-stockist

We strive to make a positive difference in the world, beginning with the lives of our artisans. Through providing them the opportunity to work in a safe environment for a fair wage, our business helps them live a happier and more dignified life. We believe in using locally sourced, sustainable materials and practices to empower our producers and artisans who live in marginalised communities to take control of their lives, businesses and community. Thus, continued business with our producer partners provide these communities with much needed economic security. Together with our vibrant family of artisans, producer partners, wholesalers and customers we continue to make an impactful difference in the lives of many by simply making ethical choices.

Dress up your space with our eclectic selection of handwoven eco-friendly baskets. Whether you use them as storage baskets or as planters to decorate your home, they come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes to go with your decor. RRP: $22 - $158

Our placemats and table runners are handwoven from jute to add that understated chic beach vibe to your dinner sets. Choose from the different colours, sizes and designs in our collection to mix and match for a more eclectic look. RRP: $20 - $143

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Keri & Jane 02 9966 5225 keri@sotheycan.org bibiandme.com

So They Can is a not-for-profit organisation, working with local communities and governments, committed to empowering women and children living in poverty in East Africa through education. bibi&me is a social impact brand created by So They Can. We connect with women, so they can create income generating opportunities to provide life’s essentials, including food, clothing and education for their children, building themselves a more secure and sustainable future. All our products are handmade in Kenya utilising traditional artisan skills handed down by the bibis ~ grandmother or lady in Swahili. All profits from bibi&me's sales are used to support STC programs. RRP: $80 - $125

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Robyn Lack 0400 950 394 createfairtrade@gmail.com createfairtrade.com

Create Fair Trade is designed to connect Australian buyers to craft producers around the world. These groups of producers have been paid a fair price for their pieces. Create Fair Trade aims to source a minimum percentage of goods from small producer groups that are working towards fair work conditions for themselves and their workers. Create endeavours to source most of their goods from Fair Trade organisations and from start up cooperatives and small groups endeavouring to practice the Fair Trade principles but without the means to obtain a guarantee. We also support and sell ethically and sustainably sourced products that follow similar principles. RRP: $19.95 - $265

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Sharlene Mercylin 0452 227 527 enquiries@houseofmitra.com.au houseofmitra.com.au

At House of Mitra we empower women communities and disadvantaged minorities by adding value to the products they make. All our products are handcrafted by disadvantaged minorities and women communities in South Asia. Our vision is to expand the number of organisations and individuals we support. RRP: $25 - $85

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Pei Hsieh 1800 537 767 hello@leprosymission.org.au leprosymission.org.au

The Leprosy Mission was founded in 1874 by Wellesley and Alice Bailey, and their friends the Pim sisters to provide holistic support to people affected by leprosy. After more than 140 years, The Leprosy Mission is still committed to this central work. It is the largest and oldest leprosy-focused mission organisation in the world. The Leprosy Mission Australia is part of a global fellowship of Leprosy Mission organisations worldwide. Many of the ethical/Fair Trade products sold here were handmade at a rehabilitation centre by leprosy-affected, disabled or disadvantaged people. RRP: $8 - $199

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Anna Wythes 0427 076 597 info@modimade.com.au modimade.com.au

Modimade offers a unique collection of colourfully crafted gifts and wares for mothers and their babies, skillfully made by artisan makers in Cambodia. The women’s handbags, portable nappy change stations, baby gifts of hand crochet Sleepy Animal toys, beautiful blankets throws, baby rattles, and learning toys each tell a story and come with individual story cards. Give your customers the products that bring positive impact in sustainable enterprise, fair wages and a safe workplace. Choosing Modimade for your customers, means that every purchase makes a real difference rewarding them with a purchase of impeccable quality that will be treasured for years to come. RRP: $10 -$99

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Sarah Bartram 0404 067 582 textiletreasuresaustralia@gmail.com textiletreasuresaustralia.com

Samunnat Nepal (SN) is a grassroots organisation in eastern Nepal which exists to empower vulnerable women. SN provides legal support, income generation training, counselling and mentoring. Women helped by Samunnat in the past are now on the board and sharing their wisdom and experience. The women handcraft beautiful polymer bead jewellery, distributed in Australia by Textile Treasures Australia. This provides an income for the artists and funds the programs. Samunnat means to flourish...this is our hope for the women who come to us for support.

Contact: Phone: Email: Website: Wholesale Portal:

Alexandra Sommer 0409 942 293 wholesale@songbirdcollection.com songbirdcollection.com wholesale.songbird.org.au

Birds that make your heart sing! Our Songbirds will make your heart sing with a sweet little whistle on their tail. Choose from over 20 native species across our range of whistle necklaces, earrings, and paperweight whistles. Songbird is a social enterprise bringing together creativity, community and conservation. Each Songbird is skilfully hand-shaped, fired, then hand-painted by our creative team of artisans in Thailand. Songbird creates sustainable, skilled job opportunities for our community of global artisans. Songbird supports the conservation work of Australia's dedicated birdlife defenders, protecting our precious native species and their habitats. RRP: $29-$45

Contact: Phone: Email: Website:

Melissa Meeks 0400 348 492 info@surya.com.au surya.com.au

We offer all natural fibre clothing and accessories for men and women, all ethically crafted in Nepal. We work with our long term trading partners to create our slow fashion pieces, and follow fair trade practices throughout our manufacturing. We use low impact dyes on our pieces, and weave our cotton fabric in Nepal RRP: $40 - $80


Fair Trade promotes trade justice and reduces inequality. From producer through to consumer, Fair Trade ensures the shopping choices we make to enrich our lives also have a positive impact on the lives of others and the environment.

Shashista, has been a jewellery maker for 7 years in Old Dehli. Matr Boomie has been working with this jewelry making community in a low income area in North India since 2009. This community has grown from 40 artisans, to over 140 artisans with wages 30% above conventional market since Matr Boomie started working with them. Source: Matr Boomie Impact Report

Fair Trade fights poverty and empowers communities. Disadvantaged artisans, workers and farmers living in developing countries have more direct access to markets through Fair Trade wholesalers and retailers; Producers create their own sustainable livelihoods through employment and regular income; Skilled workers learn to improve working conditions for themselves and others they employ in order to create a sustainable future for themselves and their community. NOTE: Every business featured in this guide has made an undertaking to follow the 10 Principles of Fair Trade and is a supporter of the Fair Trade Association. However, no formal Fair Trade guarantee applies to listed businesses or their products, other than to Fair Trader of Australia endorsed businesses, WFTO member organisations or Fairtrade Certified products. For further assurances and information, please contact listed business directly.

RECOGNISING FAIR TRADE In an age of globalised markets and unsubstantiated ‘fair washing’, it is increasingly vital for Fair Trade claims to be independently verified.

Here is your guide to 3 trustworthy systems: Fair Traders of Australia Endorsement The Fair Traders of Australia (FToA) endorsement from the Fair Trade Association enables small businesses, with Fair Trade at the core of their mission, to strengthen and validate their commitment to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade in their business practices. To find out more, visit fta.org.au/fair-traders.

Fairtrade Mark The Fairtrade Mark is a product certification label. Businesses can use the Fairtrade Mark on products that meet the international Fairtrade standards. Common Fairtrade certified products include chocolate, coffee, tea and cotton. To find out more, visit fairtrade.com.au

World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) Guarantee The WFTO focuses on both social enterprise and Fair Trade. The WFTO Guarantee System is the only international verification model focused on social enterprises that put the interests of workers, farmers and artisans first. To find out more, visit wfto.com.

Cover photo credits: Friends of Samunnat, LOVEBomb, Eden & ImportAnts Pages 33-34 photo credits: Fair Go Trading, Friends of Samunnat & Ethica Back cover photo credit: Sinerji