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June 2009 Orientation


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Welcome Class of 2013!

2 June 2009


By the numbers:




... where we wish we could be freshmen again.

Welcome to the college life


Number of living alumni of Fairfield University.


Number of undergraduate students at Fairfield in 2008.


Number of professors teaching undergraduate courses.


Number of acres that make up the Fairfield University campus.


Number of clubs and activities that you can get involved in on campus, including, of course, The Mirror.


Number of Division I, varsity athletic teams on campus. Go out and support your classmates and have fun doing it.

Mirror File Photos

There is plenty to do on campus at Fairfield. Clockwise from top left: Students watch Grammy Award winning singer John Legend perform in Alumni Hall in December. Two students help give back to the community by participating in Hunger Cleanup in Bridgeport. Seniors party at the beach during the annual Mock Wedding. Students cheer on the Stags men's basketball team during a game at the Arena at Harbor Yard.


Breaking News! FUSA has no members from the Class of 2013!


The number of years you will spend in college. Enjoy yourself, it goes by fast.


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June 2009

Greetings from the editor

Tom Cleary you still have the chance to Editor in become part of the community by simply reading The Chief Mirror file photo

Fairfield favorite: Despite suffering a fire during the 2009 spring semester, Senor Salsa still remains a favorite spot for hungry Fairfield students.

Top four places to go

Staff Report

For freshmen, getting off campus can be exciting, but difficult at times. Here are five places that are easy enough to get to and a great place to go: 1. La Salsa: It's your first weekend on campus and you are already sick of Barone food. What do you do? Dominos? That gets old fast. If you want to spend a little more money, sure you can get take out from a local pizza restaurant, but really you just want to get off campus for a little while. Catch the Stagbus that goes into town and take it to CVS. Cross the street and you'll find some of the best fast food in the region. Cheap and delicious, La Salsa's Mexican food is great. Plus its a great chance to explore the town. 2. Downtown Fairfield: Take the Stagbus to the train station and walk into the Post Road area. Highlights include a variety of places to shop, Archie Moore's for great wings and the Firehouse Deli. 3. Village Bagels: The best bagels in town and again just a short walk from the CVS stop on the Stagbus route. Great place to grab a bagel for breakfast and then spend some time in town exploring. 4. The Beach: Of course its a great place to go to party (but remember, unless you know someone, freshmen are generally not welcome especially in the beginning of the year), but there is also a public beach to hang out during the day, take advantage during the few nice days that there are in September.

Welcome message from the FUSA President Dear Class of 2013,

On behalf of the entire Fairfield University Student Community I would like to welcome you to Fairfield University. We are grateful that you have decided to join us on your college journey and look forward to facing college’s unique experiences with you. As you start your career here, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities offered and become an engaged member of our community. Personally I have had a fantastic Fairfield University experience. Over the past three years I have matured and learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined. I now serve as the President of the Fairfield University Student Association (FUSA), which acts as the student government here on campus. It is my responsibility to provide leadership to the members of FUSA who have responsibilities ranging from planning programs to providing student advocacy to much more. The reason I have had this wonderful experience and Seiser accomplished so much is because I chose to get involved. My involvement has mainly been through FUSA which I decided to join during my first month on campus. My decision to run for and then win election for Class Council President, has influenced my Fairfield University career ever since. By getting involved in FUSA, I was presented with opportunities that helped me learn about myself and grow as a person. Here I was able to meet student and staff mentors that helped me make decisions and get the most out of my time at Fairfield. I also learned to be a leader, how to motivate others, and build a team, as well as many other skills that will help me throughout my life. Opportunities to get involved are available throughout campus, whether it is through FUSA, Residence Life, Campus Ministry, Intramural Athletics, etc. Be sure to explore the opportunities available and find what you are passionate about. The opportunities here are numerous and I strongly encourage you to pursue them. If you have any questions regarding how to get involved please contact me via email at Enjoy your summer and I look forward to meeting you soon. Respectfully, Jeffrey Seiser '10 FUSA President

I know that I am probably far from the first person to say welcome to campus, and you must be sick of it by now, but I have to say it anyways. So, welcome to Fairfield University, class of 2013. As the editor in chief of the Fairfield Mirror, the independent student newspaper on campus, I want to tell you that the next four years of your life are going to be great, as long as you allow yourself to make them that way. You are about to begin a journey that will be exciting, but also at times difficult. Know that you will have your ups and your downs and you will be fine. One of the important parts of college life is becoming involved in campus activities. One way to do that is through The Mirror. Whether you join to become a writer, or an editor or a designer, or to work with the Web site or on the business side, The Mirror provides great opportunities to make friends and enhance your resume. But even if you don't join,

Mirror. We put out an issue weekly on Wednesdays with distribution points in the Barone Campus Center and across campus. The Mirror provides a great opportunity to know what is going on in your campus community. Take a chance to take ownership of YOUR paper. This is truly the students newspaper. It is run entirely by students, from the editorial side to the business side, everything is independently run by students. I hate hearing people complain about The Mirror, not because I think we are perfect, but because if you wanted to, you could change it. If you have something to say, write about it and send it to us at Get involved and share your voice, everyone has something important to say. I joined The Mirror right at the beginning of my freshman year. While it may seem intimidating, as many of us have been working together for three or four years, we are always accepting of new people. You can have the chance to write front page stories or help edit


a section or make money selling ads within your first weeks on campus. Just take a chance and try. Come to one of our weekly meetings on Thursday nights in our office in the Barone Campus Center. We have free pizza, which is an incentive in itself as it gives you a chance to get away from the Barone food I'm sure you will be sick of by the first Thursday of the semester. Many people at Fairfield will tell you that the students are too apathetic. But really that is false. While not all the students many participate in student government or be seen all the time, almost everyone gets involved somehow. Don't sit back and let your four years of college pass you by. Be proactive and get out and meet people, do new things. When I was a freshman I met the senior sports editor within my first few weeks. Becoming friends with an upperclassman is definitely a perk. Whether it is The Mirror or something you are more passionate about, get out and get invovled. You won't regret it.


June 2009


The Mirror sweeps Connecticut SPJ awards

Wins more awards than any other college paper in state

Awards won:

Editorial/Op-Ed — The Mirror editorial board for "Internal Affairs" Feature Story — Lily Norton for "Better Know a Stag" Feature Photo — Peter Caty for "Pack Our house!' General Reporting —Keith Connors for "Fairfield fraud" News Photo — Peter Caty for "Election day at Fairfield" Sports Photo — Jon Ollwerther for "All Downhill" Sports Story — Tom Cleary for "Opportunity knocks" and Keith Connors for "A silent soldier"





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MIRROR Beautiful 5 bedroom, 2 bath colonial walking distance to FFLD Univ. Available Fall 09 917.733.8577 PHOTOGRAPHERS WANTED. The Photography Editors are looking for students interested in taking pictures. Minimal experience required. Contact one of the Photography Editors for more information at Chamber Fabric Company is looking for Account managers, Payroll Assistant, Book Keeper, Clerk and sales representatives, We pay $3,000 a month plus benefits. Requirements - Should be a computer literate, candidates must be over 18 yrs of age. Must be Efficient and Dedicated. If you are interested and need more information, please send e-mail to

PART TIME JOB OPPORTUNITY Charity Safe is interested in hiring additional cashiers and accountant Representative. If you are interested contact us via Email Address Payroll Accounting position available for 2-3hrs and work online and earn much more $2,500-$9,000 monthly. Kindly email me for details. PART TIME JOB OFFER FROM MINAJ ART GALLERY!!! Are you seeking an extra income? Would you like to work at your own convenient time and earn right as you work? We have the answer. A humble applicant should contact us via Email Address at:


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June 2009 Orientation



Editor Veronica Florentino

Editorial Board Tom Cleary - Editor in Chief Veronica Florentino - Commentary Editor Keri Harrison - News Editor Christopher Haliskoe - Managing Director Joe Cefoli - Online Project Manager Keith Connors - General Manger

Make the best of your best four years

This weekend, a few of The Mirror staffers spent their weekend in Fairfield preparing this issue for you, in hopes that you will learn something new and get excited for what is to come during your time here at Fairfield. The six of us who made the trek here are all rising seniors, so preparing this issue allowed us the opportunity to sit back and think about our past three years here and what advice we might give to all of you who are preparing for your four years here. Below are our thoughts. Be as crazy as possible. You have one year to be a freshman, so you might as well go all out. Don't be afraid to get out of your shell. Ambulance rides are not covered by insurance. Enough said; learn from other's experiences. Try and make a few close friends as opposed to being friends with everyone. If you have a few good friends, it is alot more meaningful than knowing everyone. If you have a close relationship with someone, then you can turn to them when you need a good friend, but you can't really turn to an acquaintance. The closer your friends are, the longer you'll have them in your life. Take initiative. If you have a hunch that there is something you want to do, go with your instincts. College is a time for risks. Get involved. This is totally cliche, and everyone has probably already told you this a million times. The truth is, think about anything you may have the slightest interest in, and try everything at least once during the first week of school. If you love it, stick with it. If you don't, at least you tried. If you don't try the things you are interested in, you might regret it later. Join The Mirror. Sorry for the shameless plug. In all seriousness, we're a fun group, and can always use more people to get involved with us. There are plenty of places where you can find a niche in our office, from writing the occasional story, assisting editors, selling ads with the business staff, or working with the online staff on the online edition and media. Come by on Thursday nights for free pizza to get to know us better! As the class of 2013, you're all looking forward to 'Living, Believing, and Learning Together.' We're looking forward to seeing the mark you'll make on Fairfield University. Welcome! We'll see you in September!

Mirror file photo


I love college. essential in my life thus far is be-

at the time, what it is that makes

in myself and my character in one year of college than in all four years of high school combined. Living on your own, even only in the dorms, requires you to become more independent while simultaneously helps you discover more about yourself than you realize. In high school, regardless of how many friends you have, you have a smaller group of close friends who you spend free time with. If you are really close with these friends, you will remain friends with them long after high school, so here is where your friendship gets the true test. College is kind of the same. We all live together, so we have to put up with each other and we have to eventually find a group of friends here who we enjoy spending our free time with. Not trying to sound cliche, but college is also the time and place to find yourself. These four years are the years when you will essentially form the foundation of the person you will be by the time of graduation and true adulthood. While you are joining tables in Barone full of 20 or so of your newfound friends, you will not only be making lifelong relationships, but you will also be discovering, though you won't know it

end of your four years, you will be shocked by how much your Fairfield exoeriences, from the very good to the bad, add up to that little piece of paper in von Arx's hand graduaton day. Here's a fun fact (or myth) you may or may not already know: 60 percent of Fairfield graduates marry their college sweetheart. I know – you're here for orientation and you haven't moved in yet so marriage is definitely the last thing on your mind. Think about it like this: if 60 percent of Fairfield graduates find their special someone here, then what more for lifelong friends? Beyond that scary tangent which is still way in the future, as we go through these formative years together in the dorms, we find more and more friends with interests similar to our own, or who's company we simply enjoy. There is less conformity to assume our respective roles in our groups. As we begin to grow to understand ourselves, our passions, and what we want to do with our lives, we find everyone else who can respect us for who we are finding ourselves to be. Right now, the people who are special to me are the people who made me smile when I was miserable and when I didn't know what else to do.

Veronica Florentino cause I have noticed more change you you. I promise you, by the


Keri Harrison

When I started high school, I remember everyone told me to enjoy those four years because they would be the best of my life and they would fly by way too fast. Then when I started college, everyone else told me the same thing, and I began to wonder-which four years are really better? Don't get me wrong. I loved my high school and still have immense high school pride. But after three busy years, I can safely say that I've enjoyed my college years more. Before moving in freshman year, I assumed I'd go to all my classes, do my homework, join a couple clubs and have plenty of free time. The fact that I did not have to commute to school anymore made it seem like there would be so much extra time in my schedule. When I got here, I realized that the week only gave me enough time for the above activities with barely enough additional time to unwind, destress, and relax. Maybe I'm overinvolved. But the main reason I believe my college years have been more

The editorial represents the opinion of the majority of The Mirror editorial board. What is your opinion? Write to us:

THE FAIRFIELD MIRROR The Mirror welcomes the opinions and contributions of its readers:

Letters to the editor must be timely and submitted by disk, e-mailed to or submitted through our Web site: Once received, all letters become property of The Mirror. There are no guarantees of publication and all submissions must be signed. The Mirror reserves the right to edit letters and articles for content, length and grammatical error. Letters should be free of obscenities and personal attacks, and should contain correct and factual information. Please keep letters to under 350 words. Include a daytime phone number at which the author can be reached.

The Mirror is in room 104 of Barone Campus Center

Mirror file photo

Class of 2013: Bellermine Hall

Year Built: 1920 Houses: Office of the University President and other administrative offices This soon to be 90-year-old building was named after Robert Bellermine, the patron Saint of Fairfield University. Formerly a mansion and was donated to the U.

Egan Chapel

Year Built: 1990 Houses: the campus chapel The 9 p.m. mass has been dedicated to please the student population.

Dolan School of Business

Year Built: 1979 Houses:11 classrooms, a 150-seat amphitheater, and 64 offices for our 1,100 undergraduate business majors. The building was constructed as the Center for Financial Studies in a partnership with National Association of Mutual Savings Banks.

Quick Center for the Arts

Year Dedicated: 1990 Houses: The 750-seat Kelley Theatre, Black Box theatre, Walsh Art gallery.

DiMenna-Nyselius Library

Year Built: 1968 Houses: Over 300,000 volumes as well as a computerized databases The library was built on marshland and is danger of sinking.

You are Here! The Dolan Campus

Kelley Center

Year Built: 2006 Houses: Career Planning, Financial Aid, the Stag Card office, and Office of New Student Programs The building was named after Aloysius P. Kelley who served as the University President from 1979-2004.

Year Built: 1930 (Dolan House) 1959 (Dolan Hall) 1965 (Dolan Commons) Houses: Health Center, Counseling Center, student computer services and University College The Dolan Campus was bought from the Sister’s of Norte Dame in 1989 with the help of the Dolan Foundation and Helen and Charles Dolan.


The Levee

Barone Campus Center

Year Opened: 1966 Houses: FUSA, student clubs, the cafeteria, the Stag, Residence Life, and of course The Mirror John Barone, the buildings name sake since 1992, was a faculty member for 42 years.

Year Built: 1995 Houses: Mike’s Pizza and the only bar on-campus The building was named after a Don McLean song “American Pie,” which won in a contest.

Year Opened: 1982 Houses: Over 400 Juniors and Seniors Each of the 15 townhouse blocks were named after Jesuit Saints.


Coffee Break

June 2009 Orientation

Editor Tom Cleary

HE said / SHE said

Chris Surrette

Ashton DiDonato

A survival guide to your first year at college

Old School, Van Wilder, Animal House. Every 18-year-old guy spends the summer before freshman year dreaming of entering the world depicted in these movies; a world where the alcohol flows freely and the women are easy. But before you become the man, you have to master the "B’s" of college. Every freshman guy wants to conquer the greatest B of all: Broads. Not so fast. You need a strong foundation if you are going to build that resume, so let’s get to the first B: Bros. Believe it or not, the guys who live on your floor freshman year will end up being your best friends throughout college. There’s power in numbers and this applies to women too. Don’t be that creep who ends up being the campus FOG (friend of girls). Get your boys and get a game plan. Freshman girls just want to go to the townhouses, where they will no doubt be preyed on by junior guys. You and your boys need to be the predators. This brings us to our

second B of college: Booze. If you have a fridge full of Stones in Gonzaga, you will dominate the class of 2013 for the first month of school. The best dorm room parties are the ones which feature the third B of college: Beruit. It’s a high risk / high reward situation. If the RA’s leave you alone, and you sink a few cups, that little beauty you’re playing with is a lock. Being a rookie at Fairfield nowadays does have its downsides, such as Barone. The food gets old and can put you in rough shape after an hour of eating. Also, you can’t scout prospects anymore with the new booth set up. Beside’s that, RA’s can be a real buzz kill. Just play it smart; if you get written up, don’t curse them out. All and all, there truly are not any negative parts of freshmen year. You’re in college now. These next four years will be the greatest, so enjoy them. So take my advice and follow my steps, the B’s of college will make a girl’s walk of shame, your hall of fame.

Welcome to Fairfield. Now transfer. I'm only kidding but here are a few suggestions to have a successful and scandalous freshman year. Now that Fairfield has eliminated the party scene on campus, you will most likely find yourselves stranded on the corner of Reef Road, waiting for a cab that says twenty minutes, but means two hours, if you’re lucky. If you’re smart enough, you’ll have the know-how to woo your favorite cab driver with a little Espanol, guaranteeing yourself an offduty cab ride for the rest of the year. For those of you that travel to the townhouse boonies for a good time, good job. You have successfully entered a loser party. W h e n yo u c h e c k your 5,000 pictures entitled “COLLEGE” the next morning, you’ll be sure to regret being the party’s paparazzi. Don’t you wish you still had your drunk goggles on? Cute outfit, but a red Fairfield t-shirt is just not appropriate going out attire, regardless of the ambitious “Fairfield Fridays” attempt. Watch out for Barone. Walking up to the buffet line four times on Saturday morning may be exciting,

after all its always good to be seen. You’ll soon learn that it’s a minefield of blackout hookups. After a while, paranoia will set in and so will the extra pounds. Fat chance you’ll be hooking up this Friday and all Fridays after that. If you’re not too fond of the Barone smell or that ridiculous set of stairs on a hangover day, opt for the Stag. FYI, RA’s have $600 dining dollars, so start making friends. Speaking of friends, not one in your first week’s Facebook album will be your friend, or sadly even acknowledge you, from here-on out. It’s not that you are a loser or anything, you’re just not Fairfield. So get on board, put on your Jack Rogers, and zip up your Patagonia; if all else fails, buy your friends with late-night Dominos. If you’re still not a hot commodity in the friend market, just join the business school. Our last bit of advice for you, freshmen girls. If you’re miserable in your forced triple, you may want to start your activism early. Otherwise, say hello to Claver, Dolan and no off-campus housing. Your triple is just the beginning of your Fairfield housing woes. Have a good year.

Fairfield fun facts

By Tom Cleary

Every school has its fair share of interesting stories and facts, here are a few about Fairfield:

It's a zoo out there: Turkeys, deer, parakeets, and more. The University is filled with more wild life than most campuses. It is not unusual to see a flock of wild turkeys hanging outside the dorms in the Quad in the morning in the middle of the winter. Watch out. Welcome to the Hotel Dolan: The Dolan School of Business was originally built as the Center for Financial Studies, a home for conferences held by members of the financial industry. Many of the professors' offices were formerly guest rooms and include their own bathrooms.

Our own haunted mansion?: It is rumored that Dolan Hall, formerly a convent, is haunted. The most popular story is that one room is off limits because of past experiences of students who lived there, including hearing strange noises and dramatic changes in temperature. Fairfield Chanticleers?: The origin of the Stags nickname comes from the meaning of Hartford ("hart," or deer, "ford," or crossing of a shallow point in river) in honor of the Archdiocese of Hartford, which Fairfield is in. The nickname was picked over the Chanticleers by the Board of Trustees in 1948. Only Division III Claremont McKenna College shares the Stags mascot. The biggest boss that you've seen so far: Fictional character Tony Micelli, played by Tony Danza on Who's The Boss attended Fairfield University. The show was filmed in Fairfield and on an episode in Season Five, aired nationally on ABC in February 1989, Danza wears a Fairfield University sweatshirt.

10 June 2009

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11 June 2009


Stag Seven


For the second consecutive year, The Mirror recaps the most memorable stories and moments in Fairfield Athletics

Men's and Women's Soccer win MAAC Championships

Both the men's and women's soccer teams made major strides in their programs last season. Both teams won the MAAC Championship and narrowly lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The men's team upset undefeated and nationally ranked Loyola in the MAAC Championship game. The Stags headed up to Storrs to face UConn, who knocked Fairfield out of the tournament with a 1-0 loss. Head coach Carl Rees has continued to mine talent from both home and abroad to put together a competitive team, and next season's roster already boasts several impressive underclassmen. The women's team also defeated Loyola in the MAAC Championship game on the strength of senior Ahna Johnson, one of the program's most renowned players, and her hat trick. The women faced No. 16 Oklahoma State in the first round and also dropped a 1-0 decision. The women will lose a solid senior class headlined by Johnson, but return a promising roster for head coach Jim O'Brien, who was honored by the NSCAA as the Northeast Region Coach of the Year. — Chris Simmons


Han leaves team in January

One of the most memorable moments of an exciting basketball season came following a disheartening loss to the Manhattan Jaspers at Draddy Gym in Riverdale, N.Y. Assistant coach Brian Blaney and senior captain Jon Han screamed at each other in the hallway outside the locker room, while reporters, fans and teammates looked on. The end result was Han's decision to leave the Stags, while staying at Fairfield to graduate. It was a disappointing moHan ment for both the Stags as a team and for Han. In his three years at Fairfield, Han had established himself as an emotional leader on the court, albeit with a hot temper, while putting his name all over the Fairfield record books. But with less then half of his senior season left, the point guard decided to end his career, casting a dark shadow over his resume. Han finished his Fairfield career with 1,072 points and 526 assists in 110 games. Han's assist total is the third-highest in program history.



A big year awaits Mirror Sports in 2009


Legends of the fall



Stunning season for women's lacrosse ends with MAAC Championship

The women's lacrosse team entered the 2009 season with a welldefined goal: MAAC Championship or bust. And on April 26, nearly one year to the day that the Stags fell to Marist in the MAAC Championship game, the Stags achieved their goal in impressive fashion, downing the Red Foxes, 19-9. The win marks the team's first conference championship since 2001. Despite last weekend's successes, head coach Mike Waldvogel and the Stags still find themselves one step away from the culmination of any dream season. In order to qualify for the NCAA Tournament, Fairfield will play Sacred Heart in a play-in game this Saturday at Lessing Field. To the winner goes a berth in the Big Dance. If Fairfield's recent showings are any indication, this season may just be getting started.

— Keith Connors

'Our Time' becomes a hard time

With a strong start and one of the most athletically-gifted teams in recent years, it appeared that the Stags men's basketball team could be en route to a MAAC championship, its first since 1997. But injuries to sophomore Warren Edney, junior Anthony Johnson, junior Greg Nero, senior Herbie Allen, as well as the departure of senior Jon Han, changed all that. Instead the Stags had to play with a much younger and more inexperienced lineup. But not all was bad, as the Stags finished over .500 with a 17-15 record, advancing into the MAAC semifinals before falling to the champions, Siena.

Stags' Midfielder Alyssa Vecchione '09

5. Almost (again) for vollleyball: Women's volleyball drops fifth consecutive Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) Championship game 6. Copelan ushers in new era: New head coach Andy Copelan (former Maryland assistant) brings instant success and progress to young men's lacrosse team 7. A smashing season for tennis: Men's, women's tennis team make MAAC Finals

Approximately Keith Connors 364 days, two hours Mirror Sports and five minutes Editor ago, and this morning, I tried to pull a Chris Berman, put my Swami hat on, and make a few bold predictions about Fairfield athletics. Turns out I shouldn't quit my day job; I was 0-for-4. Or maybe I should after that performance. But like Tom Brady after a blow to the knee, or Ed Cooley after taking a look at his latest injury report, or our Managing Editor after a Saturday night, the best way to recover after a rough year/night is dust yourself off and get right back at it again. And since it is never too early to look ahead, here are a few bold prediction for next season: "Finally! Stags' end losing streak, MAAC Volleyball Championship" – November 27, 2009 The Info: Finally, Fairfield defeats Siena in MAAC Finals, ending a streak of five consecutive losses in the MAAC tournament championship game The Scoop: Alright, alright. Regardless of the fact that this appeared in last year's edition, I'm still guaranteeing a Stags victory come November. Head coach Alija Pittenger retains a talented core that includes junior Katie Mann, who may be the preseason MAAC Player of the Year, and sophomores Lauren Hughes and Alex Lopez. Odds: 13 to 1 "A fine fourteen!" – Mirror File Photo Women's lacrosse looks to earn February 5, 2009 an NCAA berth this Saturday The Info: Fairfield against Sacred Heart.. fans come out in record numbers for men's and women's basketball, sell out all fourteen games at the Arena at Harbor Yard and Alumni Hall The Scoop: Only possible if: a) free T-shirt givea-ways make a stunning comeback, b) Harbor Yard is moved two miles south to North Benson Road, or c) Hutch runs the world, Odds: 1,000,000,000 to 1 "MAAC Attack in Albany" – March 2, 2009 The Info: Men's basketball and women's basketball may turn heads at MAAC Tournament The Scoop: Every year, Albany is entertaining (Envy Lounge?). Aside from being our spring break destination of choice, Albany brings with it the hopes and dreams of an NCAA Tournament run. Is it possible next year? With Warren Edney, Greg Nero, and Anthony Johnson returning from injury, the Stags may push Niagara and Rider as Siena's biggest threat. As for Frager and company, it wouldn't surprise me if a perceived "rebuilding" year turns into a pleasant surprise. Odds: 25 to 1 "Spring ahead: Women's Lacrosse wins NCAA Tourney game" — May 9, 2010. The Info: After a victory over an out-of-conference opponent in the NCAA Play-in Game (a two-for bold prediction!) earlier in the month, the Stags down a major conference foe to advance to the second round of the NCAA Tournament The Scoop: Just a hunch, even though much of it depends on matchups. Ten straight wins, an underrated defense, the Coleman/White middie scoring duo. I'm a fan. Odds: 7 to 1


June 2009 Orientation


Editor Keith Connors

Welcome to the big show

College - it's everything you'd ever hoped for ... as long as you take advantage from the start. Take it from me and start with sports.

Awkward silencKeith Connors es. Sitting through Mirror Sports ice breaker after iceEditor breaker. Countless cheers from the borderline insane orientation leaders ("Honk if you're excited"? Really?) Let's be honest; orientation can be a bear. Still, it's a great introduction to the next (and greatest) four years of your life, and it's just a preview of what Fairfield offers, a taste of life on North Benson Road. And trust me, I have seen that life. And it is good. My first classic "college" memory came bright and early on that June morning. I sat there with my arms crossed while the orientation leaders attempted a, "Let's Go Stags!" chant. For me, chanting anything other than 'Crusaders' seemed sacrilegious. But as the roar grew louder and louder, newly hired men's basketball coach Ed Cooley grabbed the microphone and welcomed us as a class. He told us that the tide had turned, that we were part of a new beginning for Fairfield, and that he needed us. And just before he left the stage, he told us to be ready come November. And be ready to be loud. At the time, I took it about as seriously as those 'You're Peanut Butter, go find whoever in your group has Jelly' on their name tag games. But something in Cooley's words grabbed me. Case in point, here I am before your orientation recalling overtime thrillers, deafening cheering sections, and more memories than I ever could've imagined as a fresh faced 18-year-old.

Looking back at it, Fairfield athletics - regardless of whether you're on the field or in the stands - is an integral part of the Fairfield experience, woven into its fabric just like Barone food and beer pong. It can be a huge into the Fairfield experience; but the key word is can. I've experienced everything from the return of basketball to Alumni Hall, to the NCAA Championships enjoyed by men's and women's soccer teams. I saw a one-loss seasons for ladies' lax and countless psychotic crowds and tailgates at Alumni Field for men's lacrosse. Some of my classmates, though, have never seen a game. And therein lies my challenge to you. I say, paint your face red and support your classmates. Go grab a free t-shirt and take the trip up I-95 to Harbor Yard. Tailgate before a lacrosse game with the guys down the hall. If you do, here's my personal must-see checklist of the best Fairfield athletics has to offer: •

Catch the annual Fairfield/Sacred Heart basketball game: A classic, and about as loud as Harbor Yard will ever get. Did I mention we own this town? Nothing sweeter than seeing hearing a "Sucks to be SH-YOU!" chant. Priceless Go to a men's or women's hockey game: We may not have varsity teams, but the 'Red Sea' at the Wonderland of Ice is as rowdy a crowd as you'll find on campus. Watch a women's lacrosse game come springtime: Many felt that head coach Mike Waldvogel's

• •

• • • •

ladies may be the best team on campus. Last year's NCAA Tournament appearance, and a strong showing against Pennsylvania in the first-round, proved it. Give them a better home field advantage and the sky's the limit. Cheer along with the band at a game: But easy on the Where's Waldo' jokes, though. It's a sensitive subject. Travel with some buds to a rival MAAC school during basketball season: Nothing fires head coach Ed Cooley more than seeing our student body travel well. And there'll be plenty of room in New Rochelle - trust me. Introduce yourself to the Hutchinson Williams: That's the guy up at the top of the page with his shirt off. Man, myth, legend. Join in on the cheering section at a women's volleyball game: I know head coach Alija Pittenger's girls will dig it. (I'll be here all week...) Be there for men's and women's basketball games at Alumni Hall: The floor shakes. Literally. Bonus points for an easy, post-pre-game walk. Show men's soccer some love in the fall: Head coach Carl Rees is our answer to the British Invasion.

Whatever you do, enjoy these next four years and, please, for your own good, show some Stag Pride. It'll sound awfully lame this week, but it's all a part of the ride. Now make it a good one.

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