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Full Steam Ahead

Country singer, songwriter, social influencer and business woman

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3462 Sandy Beach Drive

5107 Old Bald Hill Road

1113 East Shore Drive




45 Cliffside Drive

5113 West Ridge Run

3 Otetiana Cove




7113 State Route 21

5265 Seneca Point Road

5170 Sunnyside Road



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Life in the Finger Lakes Volume 23, Number 2 • March/April 2023



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Mapping the Shipwrecks of Seneca Lake

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32 The Most Amazing Place ArtisanWorks in Rochester

40 Nestled in Nature


Off the Easel

Caricaturist David Cowles

Cover: Country singer/songwriter Claudia Hoyser’s music career is off to a blazing start. Read more about her on page 44. Photo by Roger Johnston

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Creativity and



f you don’t already know this about me, art and creativity are near and dear to my heart. I believe that the desire to express yourself in these ways can have a powerful impact on the local community and even the world. Enter the doors of ArtisanWorks (page 32) in Rochester and you will be in a for a world of over-stimulation. The place exudes creativity and art and everything else imaginable that’s visually stimulating. Founders Louis Perticone and Kimberly Trenholm have put together a collection of memorabilia that is numbered at more than 500,000 pieces at the moment. In the early 2000s they took over an old manufacturing facility and it has grown to fill the space to its present day size. Louis started his collection in his late teens, and Kimberly has kept everything organized. ArtisanWorks has become a Rochester destination for visitors near and far. The local art community has partially been funded by the organization by purchasing their artwork. This has only added to the culture and experience in this Upstate community. Who knew that a few simple shapes and colors can give us the likeness of a person (page 10). Caricature artist David Cowles has done just that. His work has appeared in Time, The New York Times and People magazines. He was first influenced by the whimsical illustrations in MAD Magazine. Through a 40-year career, David has influenced entire generations with his art. Creativity comes in all forms of media. Musician Claudia Hoyser started out just singing for fun in her hometown of Fairport (page 44). Now, she’s turned that talent into a full-blown musical career, and building upon that, she’s also a major social media influencer and is involved in her own brands of coffee and whiskey. Claudia covers many country favorites, along with a few of her own songs. I have seen the joy she brings to crowds, including a time where she started singing John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” and the entire bar broke out in song along with her. That’s spontaneous and genuine joy that she brought out in people that night. This magazine is another form of expressing creativity, through the work of talented writers, illustrators and photographers. We sincerely hope this issue brings you joy and an appreciation for the wonderful Finger Lakes community.

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Keuka’s Newest Lakeside Community Luxury Homes Selling Now! • Take in breathtaking views of Keuka Lake • Celebrate special events at The Moorings Clubhouse • Tie up at the community docks with easy access to Keuka Lake • Benefit from low property taxes and electric rates • Enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle

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am a subscriber to Life in the Finger Lakes and I look forward to every issue. The July/August 2022 issue brought back several places that I had been to in my younger years – Garrett Chapel was one of them. I was a teenager then. I’m 90 years old now. A few more places include Glenora concerts on a Sunday afternoon and evening. They were free. Bare Hill on Canandaigua Lake was fun to visit, plus many other places around that lake. I enjoy the layout of the articles in the magazine, and the ads are interesting too. I’m unable to travel now that I’m older and my travel partners are gone. Keep up the good work! – Marie Luffman, Geneva


hen I was a little girl, my grandparents owned a cottage on Marilena Point on Keuka Lake. Several times a summer, my dad and I

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boated across the lake to hike up the bluff to the chapel. We even met Mr. Jones, who placed the stones for the retaining wall. He was an old man even then. My dream, always, was to be married in the chapel. My father and Mrs. Barden, a member of the Garrett family, made that dream come true. On June 28, 1969, my husband and I were the second couple to be married in the chapel. Thank you for reviving so many beautiful memories. – Sarah Corwin Brady, Campbell, California

he 1972 Flood article (May/June 2022) stirred a part of me and brought up memories that I hadn’t thought about in years. The flood happened on my birthday, when I turned 27. We were evacuated at 1:30 a.m. by bullhorns of the National Guard and guided to a school on higher ground in Corning. We all were in a state of shock. Then, the recovery and work and mud and the stench – and trying to walk or drive in six inches of mud – to try to reach a vehicle or a home was the stuff of nightmares. Neighbors and strangers helped each other as they could, and shared what they had. Corning Glass was everyone’s savior in more ways than I can list. Seeing Corning that first day of flooding, and then seeing it a year later was a miracle because of the people and their determination. — Shirley Burnham, Penn Yan


c ourtesy: T he Park Inn by Will C o r nfie ld

happenings Landmark Society Identifies Five Finger Lakes Properties to Revitalize The Landmark Society of Western New York announced its 2022-23 Five to Revive – a list that identifies opportunities for targeted, strategic revitalization. In 2013, The Landmark Society launched the Five to Revive program to call attention to five properties in Western New York that are in need of investment. Mt. Hope Cemetery’s Old Chapel The rehabilitation of these significant historic properties that include buildings, landscapes or structures can become catalytic projects for the neighborhoods and communities that surround them. “Each year, these five properties become priority projects for Landmark Society staff and programs as we work collaboratively with owners, municipal officials, and developers to facilitate investment and foster rehabilitation, and carry out our mission to protect the region’s unique architectural heritage,” said Tom Castelein, chair of The Landmark Society Five to Revive Committee. The five sites are: Hotel Cadillac in the City of Rochester, Monroe County; Mt. Hope Cemetery’s Old Chapel in the City of Rochester, Monroe County; Urban Tree Canopy in the City of Rochester, Monroe County; Willard State Hospital in the Towns of Romulus and Ovid, Seneca County; and the John Wenrich Cabin at Wesley Hill Nature Preserve in the Towns of Richmond and South Bristol, Ontario County. Visit for more information about each of these sites.

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MARCH Through March 30…29th Annual “Little Gems” exhibit Featuring a new collection of small artwork by a group of exceptionally talented regional artists working in a variety of mediums. Enjoy in person at West End Gallery - 12 West Market St. in Corning, and enjoy online at In addition to the Little Gems exhibition in the Main Gallery, there will be new artwork by more than 30 artists on display in the Upstairs Gallery on the second floor. 607-936-2011 March 11-12…Moulin D’Paris Armand has moved to Paris to study poetry and is staying with his old friend Francois, who is a connoisseur of Paris’ nightlife. The best way to introduce Armand to this exciting world is to take him to Paris’ hottest nightclub. The minute you step inside there are no boundaries to the color, music, sensuous characters, and timeless experiences. Armand is thrilled by all of this until he sets his eyes on Lisette, the club’s beautiful star. Being naive and hopelessly in love, he begins a painful education into the realities behind the cabaret’s stage. Saturday, March 11 – 7 p.m. Sunday, March 12 – 2 p.m. Fort Hill Performing Arts Center 20 Fort Hill Avenue, Canandaigua, NY 14424, 585-412-6043

March 19…Cooking and Wine Pairing Demonstration at Sheldrake Point Winery Sit back, relax, and enjoy a 2-course meal prepared and cooked by Chef Chris Pawlowski as he shows you the tricks of his trade. We will dive into Chris’s cooking with wine techniques and learn the 5 rules on pairing wine with food (or vice versa). Recipes will be available for guests to take home and try themselves. $75 per person, 12 spaces available. 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm 7448 County Rd 153, Ovid NY 14521 607-532-9401 March 26…Eastman Presents: Ranlet Series – Ying Quartet II The Grammy Award-winning Ying Quartet, now in its third decade, has attained a position of prominence through its brilliantly communicative performances and fearlessly imaginative view of chamber music in today’s world. The Ying Quartet occupies a position of unique prominence in the classical music world, combining communicative performances with a fearlessly imaginative view of chamber music in today’s world. 3 to 4 p.m. at Kilbourn Hall. 26 Gibb St., Rochester, NY 14604 585-274-3000

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off the easel

Caricaturist David Cowles

Portrait of an Artist

Absolut Cowles ad created for Absolut Vodka, 1997

by Nancy E. McCarthy

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ochester artist David Cowles has enjoyed a robust and distinguished 40-year career as a caricaturist and illustrator. Cowles’ colorful caricatures have appeared in numerous publications such as Time, People, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Vanity Fair. His commissions include posters, album covers and advertisements plus his signature caricature portraits hang in (Continued on page 12)

off the easel (Continued from page 10)

homes here and abroad. More recently, Cowles’ illustrations have come to life in animated projects for Disney, Sesame Street and the rock band They Might Be Giants among others. Caricatures originated in Italy in the 16th century. Then and now, these drawings capture the likeness of an individual by emphasizing or exaggerating the specific features which makes a person unique. Elements of whimsy, humor or satire are infused into the representation. Cowles’ interest in caricature started with the irreverent comic book MAD magazine. “I always loved MAD magazine as a kid and was particularly into the caricatures Mort Drucker did in the movie and TV parodies in there,” said Cowles. “I tried my best to draw like him up through high school.” He then discovered Al Hirschfeld. Hirschfeld’s minimalist approach (most notably drawing black and white caricatures of Broadway stars) was the opposite of Drucker’s highly detailed drawings. Back in 1924, Hirschfeld shared a studio with the renowned Mexican caricaturist Miguel Covarrubias (19041957) and was influenced by his linear

style. Covarrubias was Cowles’ main inspiration when he began his own art career.

Artistic genes Cowles, the youngest of six siblings, was born in Rochester in 1961. His father, Hobart, was a Rochester Institute of Technology ceramics professor and his mother, Barbara, managed a crafts gift shop. “Art was the family business,” said Cowles. “I drew as soon as I was able, and both parents were very supportive of my interest in it.” After high school, Cowles enrolled at Graphic Careers to learn about the advertising business. He met his future wife Laura Wilder there. When they married in 1985, Cowles was on the Democrat and Chronicle’s art staff and freelanced on the side. Wilder worked as a commercial illustrator. The year 1985 was a great freelancing time for Cowles, too. The Village Voice published one of his caricatures as did American

Creating a Caricature When Cowles takes on a new caricature assignment, his first step is an internet search for photos of his subject. He views various angles and different expressions to establish the essence of the person. Cowles’ goal is to create a fresh and unique interpretation. He then prints a few photos to reference when he starts sketching. Cowles draws freehand with a pencil on tracing paper starting with the nose and working outward. “Sometimes I’ll get a likeness on the first try,” he said. “Other times I’ll try several variations to see what works Stevie Wonder - Created for the NAACP Image best. Sometimes all the sketches look Awards and presented to Wonder in 2008 like garbage until one hits.” Occasionally he’ll take a break and when he looks at his sketches later, one will stand out as the obvious choice. When Cowles is satisfied with the drawing, he scans the selected image into the Adobe Illustrator vector art app. Cowles digitally traces out the shapes over the sketch and then adds color to them. He exports that image and opens it in the Adobe Photoshop software program to add shading and texture. Once completed, Cowles exports the image in a JPG format. The file is ready to be sent to his client as an email attachment.

­­­­­­­­­­­­12­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

The Beatles, created in the 1980s

Illustration, an annual hardcover showcasing topnotch artists and image-makers. The couple had two children. Clayton was born in 1987 and Alison in 1992. Though Cowles and Wilder split amicably in 1995, they remained friends. Wilder later discovered the printmaking medium and is a certified Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan. “Since our kids grew up seeing each parent earning a living as an independent artist, they didn’t suffer the usual discouraging advice about art careers,” said Wilder. Clayton and Alison are the family’s next generation of professional artists.

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Less is more Cowles worked for the D&C on and off from 1983 until 1990. Nazareth College art professor Ron Netsky freelanced as a D&C art critic in the mid-80s. He was immediately drawn to Cowles’ work. “His illustrations and caricatures were unlike any I’d seen. While most illustrators were distorting faces – a kind of fun-house mirror effect – David was abstracting them. He was using wild colors and simple shapes, like Miro or Picasso, but still managing to nail the person he was illustrating,” said Netsky. “It was the freshest, most brilliant illustration I’d ever seen.” By 1990 Cowles’ client base was solid enough to freelance exclusively. Cowles had a weekly caricature assignment for Entertainment Weekly and other high profile clients like Rolling Stone magazine. Cowles’ early D&C caricatures were simplistic due to

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off the easel tight deadlines and the limitations of newspaper printing then. Over time, his minimalist style evolved, following a geometric direction inspired by Covarrubias with a dash of Picasso. Cowles added vibrant colors and Album cover art for Bill Charlap Trio’s “Notes from began eliminating New York” won the 2017 Album Art of the Year unnecessary award from the Jazz Journalists Association features, like a second eye, if a portrait still retained a strong resemblance to his subject without them. “I remember a David Letterman with no eyes but he still somehow looked just like David Letterman,” said Netsky. Cowles used colored pencils, then Gouache paint, for his caricatures but switched over to a digital format around 2005. It was a learning curve but the medium also lent itself to exploring using his illustrations in animation projects. His daughter Alison, a graphic designer, musician and writer, is his

­­­­­­­­­­­­14­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

frequent creative partner. One such collaboration of many is Boots, a cartoon short for Frederator Studios. Boots first aired in November 2017 as part of the studios’ Go! Cartoons series. “I like collaborations in general, but she and I have the same sense of humor and the same taste in general,” Cowles said. “But when we brainstorm we can come up with fresh ideas that we might not on our own, and have enough differences to challenge the other when discussing ideas.”

Admirers Nannette Nocon and Karl Wessendorf of Rochester are major arts and culture supporters and big fans of Cowles. In 2012, they bid and won a portrait commission during a benefit auction for The Strong National Museum of Play (The Strong). They decided to have the portrait done for conductor Arild Remmereit – Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra’s musical director at that time. “Karl worked with Dave on the details and the maestro’s portrait was perfect!” said Nocon. She and Wessendorf have since commissioned over a dozen portraits as surprise gifts for some local arts, nonprofits and business leaders who have inspired them plus more for friends and family. “I love art that makes me happy when I look at it. Pure joy!”

Donkey Kong art, created as part of a poster series for The Strong National Museum of Play. The posters won a 2022 Graphis Bronze award.

said Nocon. “So why not share David’s work with others? I had seen his work in magazines and other publications. When I learned that he lives in Rochester, my desire to recognize his work became even stronger.” In August 2022, Nocon and Wessendorf commissioned a Cowles portrait of the two of them together as their 30th wedding anniversary gift to each other.

Looking ahead As part of The Strong’s new museum expansion in June 2023 Cowles created portraits of three iconic video game characters. These will be reproduced as 7-foot-tall prints, set in massive custom-built frames and hung in the orientation gallery of the new ESL Federal Credit Union Digital Worlds exhibit (dedicated to the history and cultural impact of video games). Cowles has worked with the museum before. He illustrated three cubist-style portraits of other video game

characters for a poster series. The series was awarded a 2022 Graphis Bronze award from the Graphis Institute, a career highlight for Cowles. Cowles has been regularly teaching as an adjunct art and design professor at Nazareth College since 2011. Presently, he teaches digital illustration and advanced illustration and currently has a retrospective show of his poster art in the Colacino Gallery at Nazareth titled “The Big Picture” (on display Feb. 10-March 5). The Rochester Contemporary Art Center is planning a Cowles exhibit. On a personal note, Cowles is engaged to Leann Macomber, his former neighbor. No official date has been set for either but embracing the unpredictability of the future is one valuable lesson learned from a mercurial freelancing career. Cowles rolls with it. He knows there will be good things on the horizon. Learn more at davidcowles. net. Follow Cowles on Facebook, on Instagram @dvdcowles and TikTok @ davyhobie. David Cowles self-portrait, 2020

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Leaning into a

Healthy Life

by Victoria Ritter, with Samantha Mandrino


amantha and Chris Mandrino have observed that in a world that is going a hundred miles an hour, consumers need something that is fast and convenient. Many times, that means eating food that probably isn’t the best for them. The Mandrinos believe that they have found an answer to both problems by offering prepared meals and protein shakes in Canandaigua through a company called Project LeanNation. The Mandrinos explained that Project LeanNation never set out to be in the food business, but to empower change by supporting their community with healthy meals, education and accountability. Its vision is to be the most impactful nutrition company in the local community by elevating the health and knowledge of every community it serves. Its focus is to provide support, education and sustainable meals while committing to client experience, team development and consistent predictable growth. Chris owns Perform Athletix, a functional fitness style gym

Project LeanNation is a health-inspired nutrition company fueled by a deep passion for serving others. The business concept was born from the idea to foster a community where people can learn and grow in all aspects of health by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Storefronts range from Pennsylvania, down the coast to Georgia and as far west as Texas. The company’s New York locations include Rochester, Camillus, Binghamton and a new location in Canandaigua.

­­­­­­­­­­­­20­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

in Penfield. Samantha managed the Rochester Athletic Club while also working in emergency medicine. “Samantha and I started our health and wellness journey struggling with our weight and took it upon ourselves to figure out the answers to a long healthy life,” said Chris. “We started in the fitness industry as personal trainers and group fitness instructors.” “We both wanted to bring something unique and needed to the Finger Lakes area. Project LeanNation was the answer,” Samantha said. Samantha went on to add that many people struggle with their health and wellness, but more specifically how they look and feel about themselves. For her, nutrition is a fundamental part of having people look and feel the way they want. “If we can help just one person at a time, then we’ve done our job! We are only here to serve others,” Samantha said.


A Keuka

Makeover by Victoria Ritter, with Chris Iverson


he former location of the Penn Yan Boat Company is getting a makeover. Soon the property will be transformed into The Moorings on Keuka, a collection of condominiums along the Keuka Lake outlet. Local developer Chris Iverson shares his thoughts on the new real estate development and what it will bring to the Penn Yan community. What inspired you to build on Keuka Lake, and especially at the location where the historic Penn Yan Boat Company was originally located?

Iverson: Yates County solicited development proposals for the Penn Yan Boat site in order to return the site to the tax rolls. Due to my familiarity with the area as a longtime resident and the site’s location on Keuka Lake, the idea of creating waterfront residences was natural. The site is unique. Its size allowed the creation of more than just a few new homes; it allowed the creation of a new waterfront neighborhood which is walkable to downtown Penn Yan. What are some of the things you like about the Keuka Lake and Penn Yan community that make the location of the homes appealing? We are blessed to live in the Finger Lakes Region and Keuka Lake is the most beautiful of all. We are in the heart of a nationally recognized wine area. Craft breweries and the recent influx of high-quality restaurants in Penn Yan add to the attractions residents and visitors are enjoying. Immediate access to the lake with on-site boat docks, pickleball courts, connection to the Keuka Outlet Trail and proximity to the regional farmers/craft market at The Windmill, alpine skiing at Bristol Mountain and fly-in access at the Penn Yan Regional Airport make this a highly desirable location.

M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­21­


Picturesque Victorian Era Downtown

Specialty Shops ~ Restaurants ~ Services Peirce & Main Gifts ~ Main Street Arts Sandy’s Floral Gallery ~ Sulfur Books Dork Forest Comics ~ Parks ~ Labyrinth Foster Cottage Museum ~ Salons ~ Spa Warfield’s Restaurant & Bakery

Just South of NYS Thruway, Borders Route 96 Near Canandaigua & Geneva ~ 315.462.8200

In what ways will this housing development benefit the local community? The first benefit was the removal of abandoned manufacturing buildings and revitalization of the site. Site development now connects an attractive waterfront walk path from Red Jacket Park, Main Deck restaurant and Hampton Inn thru downtown Penn Yan to the Outlet Trail to Seneca Lake. Additionally, the sale of upscale homes will generate a significant boost to local tax revenues funding school and community facilities. And 39 new families and their visitors will spur the local economy with purchases of local services. These residences may allow those wanting to downsize from existing local homes to maintain their connection to Penn Yan and Keuka Lake (making their existing homes available for new residents); they may allow an affordable waterfront purchase by someone working in the area; and they may attract families from outside the area, bringing new civic and economic life to the community. Is there a typical style and size of home that a future homeowner can have built? The several home models offered have compatible exterior architectural features ranging from approximately 1,400-2,600 square feet. Interiors can be custom designed to satisfy each purchaser’s individual tastes. The larger single-family models can be custom designed. The building styles are evident in the clubhouse and residences that have been completed on site. What are some of the highlights of the units? Typical residence designs include two or three bedrooms, connected garages, covered patios, generous allowances for the selection of finishes, spacious storage and the availability of high-speed internet. Nine-foot ceiling heights permit extralarge windows. What advantages and extra benefits will homeowners have by owning one of the Moorings homes? The Condominium Association is responsible for providing exterior maintenance, landscaping, property insurance and refuse disposal. The Community Clubhouse is available for resident use with a full kitchen, meeting space, office and exercise room. Common grounds include waterfront walkway

­­­­­­­­­­­­22­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m



Belgian Inspired Chicories The Rich History of Penn Yan Boat Company German immigrant Charles A. Herrmann founded the Penn Yan Boat Company in 1921. In 1930, a new factory was built on Waddell Ave. in Penn Yan, now to be the site of The Moorings on Keuka. A historic marker remains on location. The company initially built wooden boats and canoes; production switched to fiberglass in the 1960s. Other vessels included racing boats, rowboats, fishing boats and dinghies. The most famous model was the Penn Yan “Cartop” Boat, which was designed to be easily carried on a car or trailer and was light enough for the average man or woman to unload it without difficulty. The Penn Yan Boat Company’s renown grew over the decades and it sold boats across the world, generating millions of dollars in revenue. The company ceased operations in 2001 after 80 years of business.

Brewery Ardennes This salad of grilled local chicories, marinated anchovy, hickory smoked bacon, garlic aioli and spent grain crackers pairs well with Speciale Belge.

and docks, pickleball courts, a gazebo and raised bed gardens. The site is designed to encourage residents to enjoy the neighborhood and their neighbors. Making this site particularly livable are low property tax assessments resulting in property taxes of generally less than $6,000 per year. Do you have anything in place to reduce the environmental impact when the buildings are eventually constructed? The buildings are being built to exceed energy code requirements and utilize highly efficient electric heat pumps for heating and air conditioning. The walkability of the site encourages less reliance on cars, and community-wide maintenance is less energy intensive than individual homeownership. Do you have any future Keuka Lake projects that you’re considering? The empty lot on Water Street in downtown Penn Yan across the street from Birkett Landing will be developed with 16 for-sale townhomes, with anticipated availability in 2024. To learn more about the Moorings on Keuka, visit or call 585-526-6331.

­­­­­­­­­­­­24­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

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SHIPWRECK of Seneca Lake


CKS By Art Cohn, Principal Investigator

he recent never-before-seen images of the universe captured by the James Webb telescope had their parallel in the Finger Lakes this past summer when the multi-beam sonar system mounted aboard the RV David Folger revealed newfound images of the underwater topography of Seneca Lake. After the Civil War, the deep, dark 38-mile waterway of Seneca Lake teemed with family-operated canal boats. These boats were the tractor trailers of their day, and a squadron of steam-powered towboats provided the power to move them through the lake. The positive impacts of the Erie Canal’s completion in October 1825 were immediately felt and canal advocates soon began planning for its expansion. A series of “lateral canals” were built. On Seneca Lake, successful lobbying efforts resulted in construction of two canals: Crooked Lake Canal and Chemung Canal. Art Cohn, principal investigator of the Seneca Lake Archaeological and Bathymetric Survey, became convinced that the large volume of traffic on Seneca Lake and the predictability of storm events could’ve produced a significant collection of 19th century canal shipwrecks. The Seneca Lake Archaeological and Bathymetric Survey was initiated in 2018 to investigate whether Seneca Lake might contain a collection of 19th century canal boats. In 2018, Cohn signed up to participate in the dynamic five-month outreach program orchestrated by the Corning Museum of Glass. Cohn operated the wooden tugboat C.L. Churchill that moved a 19th century replica canal schooner replica, Lois McClure, over many of the same waterways traveled by canal boats. In addition to Cohn, expert marine surveyors Tim Caza and Dennis Gerber, along with Dr. Tom Manley, geology professor from Middlebury College, were recruited to evaluate Seneca Lake’s research potential. “We used side-scanning sonar and remote operated vehicles (ROVs) to

The RV David Folger, Middlebury College’s research vessel, was incorporated into the Seneca Lake survey between 2019-2022, It’s hull mounted multi-beam sonar system was the core piece of underwater survey equipment that made it possible to both inventory the lake’s shipwrecks as well as to map the lake’s underwater landscape.

The Canal-schooner Lois McClure at the dock in Geneva-on-Seneca Lake. (2018). The Lois McClure is replica of the 1862-class sailing-canal boat General Butler which we documented in Lake Champlain. We then built a full-sized working-clone of the original. The search for undiscovered canal boats in Seneca Lake was conceived while traveling the NYS canal system with this highly effective interpretive outreach program.

test the waters of Seneca Lake for the presence of shipwrecks, and we were not disappointed,” Cohn stated. In relatively short duration, the survey team located seven intact 19th century era shipwrecks which demonstrated Seneca Lake’s potential to possess an important collection of canal-era watercraft. With the Erie Canal bicentennial helping to fuel public interest, a bold new survey was outlined. The new survey proposed to utilize state-of-the-art multi-beam sonar as the key tool to map the entire bottom of Seneca Lake. The goals of the survey would be to map and record data for all

Bird’s Eye View of Geneva, 1873. At the height maritime activity, canal boats transiting Seneca Lake were formed into rafts with the lead boats connected to a steam-powered towboat. (Geneva NY Historical Society)

M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­27­

Background: Detail: “Map of New York State Showing the Location of its Canals and Rail Roads” 1857. By David Vaughan. Seneca Lakes connection to three canals, rich forest and farmland and connection to the coal region of Pennsylvania, resulted in hundreds of canal boats transiting the busy lake each season. Wind and storms, an occupational hazard, sent many a boat to the deep lake bottom. (Canal Society of New York State)

Clockwise from left: “View of the junction of the Northern and Western Canals.” 1825. The vessel pictured is a Packet Boat, which revolutionized passenger travel to the west but which by c.1860 succumbed to competition from the railroads. The only known example of a Packet Boat was found during our Seneca Lake Survey. (Colden Memoir, 1825) (Canal Society of New York State) Detail from a contemporary wood-cut ad for a Packet Boat line, ca.1834. YouTube announcement of the Packet Boat discovery, July 31, 2021 The Seneca Lake Underwater Survey is also stimulating new historical research into the maritime heritage of the Finger Lakes. This ad suggests that their was so much activity of moving freight between NYC and the Southern Tier via Seneca Lake that “Lines” were established to coordinate that movement. Note the reference to “FirstClass Lake Boats” in the ad which we now believe was describing what we are calling a “Seneca Lake sailing-canal boat.” Our research now suggests that Target #5 is this “First-Class” lake boat.

of the lake and to capture both geophysical information as well as inventorying its collection of shipwrecks. “It is fair to say that as we began this dynamic new study, none of us could have anticipated just how much information it would yield,” Cohn said. The survey team was able to return to Seneca Lake in 2019, 2021 and 2022. The true treasure trove yielded by the survey was the number of early canal boats. The lake’s cold, deep water preserved a large collection of intact vessels. Most of these ruffly 80-foot-long wooden ships were characterized as “true shipwrecks,” in that they sank in unplanned circumstances. Therefore, most still contained their cargos and artifacts that defined them as working 19th century watercraft. Cohn and his team ascertained that most of the boats were steered by a wooden tiller in the stern and have rear cabins where family life took place, including meal preparation, eating and sleeping. Many details of the vessels’ construction include cargo hatch arrangements and draft

Better Access to your Lakefront! animal stables at the forward end of the boat. As a study collection, the shipwrecks will provide significant new information about the maritime heritage of Seneca Lake and the Erie Canal. One recently discovered shipwreck is the packet boat, and is already yielding important new information. “The packet boat, which was one of the top vessels we hoped to find, provided a critical link for passenger travel throughout the canal from 1820 until about 1860,” Cohn stated. After 1860, the expanding railroad lines proved more

This project has received support from NYS Museum; NYS Canal Corporation; NYS Power Authority, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation; NYS Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation;The Canal Society of New York State; The Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University; Casella Waste Systems; Seneca Lake Resort @ Sampson State Park; Watkins Glen Yacht Club; Stivers Marina. Special Thanks to the Tripp Foundation of Glenora on Seneca Lake. For project updates or to order copies of reports, please contact our research partners at The Finger Lake Boating Museum, Hammondsport, NY –

A FLX Tram is the perfect solu�on for be�er access to your lakefront or home. Customized for you so you can enjoy your property to the fullest. Contact us today for a quote! (315) 986-1937 | M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­29­

TARGET 5 Target 5 is an enlarged Erie Class Canal Boat, possibly a Sailing Canal Boat. It has a number of notable features including: • Collapsed Cabin or Horse Stall on the Foredeck • Unusual Y-Shaped Stem • Possible Mast Step Amidships • Tall Railing Around Entire Vessel

• Two Small Cargo Hatches • Intact Stern Cabin • Wooden Bit Posts Along Sides of Vessel

effective at moving people and the packet boats disappeared almost overnight. When the survey began, no archaeological example of this once-prevalent mode of travel had been located – until now. “As our team of archaeologists continues to document and evaluate shipwreck targets already found by the survey, we look forward to bringing to the public new and exciting discoveries that connect us to the maritime heritage of the Finger Lakes,” Cohn said.

• Seneca Lake, like all the Finger Lakes, was formed more than 10,000 years ago when it was carved out of the landscape by the slowly retreating glaciers. • The positive impacts of the Erie Canal’s completion in October 1825 were immediately felt and canal advocates soon began planning for its expansion. In addition, many communities across New York State became afflicted by “canal mania” as many began to

­­­­­­­­­­­­30­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

220 feet below Target #5 In 2021, our crew returned to Target #5 with a more sophisticated ROV system and was able to produce this 3D image of the shipwreck which has strengthened our belief that we have found the first known example of a Seneca Lake region sailing-canal boat. This image was produced by team members Tim Caza and Dennis Gerber. Above: Target #5’s excellent state-of-preservation is typical of most of the shipwrecks we are locating. They are largely intact and in many cases still contain their cargos and canal boat features. Target #5 has an intact stern cabin (left) and a wooden tiller bar used for steering the vessel still in-place on the stern deck. We conjectured that Target #5’s might be a Seneca Lake “sailing-canal boat.”

visualize the opportunities of extending the canal into their region. • The Seneca Lake Archaeological and Bathymetric Survey provided a geological record – captured by sonar – that revealed ancient landslides believed to be caused by earthquakes, and other features that were first identified on Lake Champlain. The planned postprocessing of this dataset will provide environmental scientists with a new lens in which to study the geophysical processes occurring within the lake.








41 Seneca St, Geneva, NY 14456 315-789-1000 |

M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­31­

most amazing place The

in the Finger Lakes


f you asked me what I thought was the most amazing place in the Finger Lakes, you might think I’d pick a natural wonder. But why consider only natural wonders? After all, the Finger Lakes vibrate with human creativity– historical and current. Focus the discussion on human-made wonders and there’s one place that’s truly, utterly, confoundingly amazing and unique. That place is ArtisanWorks. There’s simply nothing like it. It’s a mad, maniacal, mysterious – but above all – magical place overflowing from floor to ceiling with visual delights made by hands from all walks of life for all sorts of people. It takes up 50,000, high-ceiling square feet in a former cannon factory on the east side of Rochester. Jam packed with art, photographs, vintage cars, Americana, dioramas, devices and memorabilia on every available surface, twisting through a delightful maze of rooms and narrow corridors, it presents a daunting array of artful objects in a visual cacophony. The all things in all places presentation style is hard to categorize. It can seem like a three-ring circus, a fanciful dream, even a scene from a Willy Wonka movie. For most visitors, “like” is the key word.

­­­­­­­­­­­­32­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

story by Derek Doeffinger, photos by Derek Doeffinger and Gary Whelpley

“There’s no other place like this in the country”

Motorcycle restorer Tom Owejan liked it so much that he became a volunteer. “There’s going to be something for everybody here,” Owejan stated. Artist April Laragy Stein says, “This is a magical place. A pyschedelic walk through time.” In the first 10 minutes, visitors will be visually confronted by a pair of full size fighting lions, an exquisitely made wood pencil sharpener the size of an oven, a vintage 1922 Velio car, a rhinoceros head surrounded by gorgeous paintings, a Tiffany lamp and Oz’s Tin Man. The Tin Man’s presence suggests a more descriptive name such as “Oz’s Wizard World of Art and Curious Objects.” Or maybe “The Cathedral of Creativity.” Soon you’ll turn a corner and be confronted by a life-size, bikini-clad mermaid sitting seductively in a handsome upright wooden canoe in front of a mint Corvair (“unsafe at any speed”). And don’t forget to look up at the ceiling, where giant paintings float like clouds and dangling candelabra sculptures of bowling pins and tin cans form an obstacle course for the multiple soaring metal and wood airplane sculptures to dart between. Look hard and you’ll find Elvis (or is it an impersonator?). Not M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­33­

in a black velvet painting but as a life-size mannequin sculpture in full dance mode clinging to the outstretched arm of a beach babe, her hair brushing the floor as she arches back in a tango dip. Not an Elvis fan? How about Marilyn Monroe? A room is dedicated to her. The combinations of “real” art and alley art are absurd and absurdly enjoyable. It’s only a matter of time before it occurs to “management” (hint hint) to hang their Warhol next to their warthog. Few would deny the nostalgic appeal of mint vintage cars but not everybody would find the space for 62 of them, let alone fill the surrounding walls with era-appropriate art and memorabilia. What could top a mint Ford Model A pick up? Maybe the mint Ford Model A pickup made out of wood (which took five years to make) that’s right next to it. Or a full-size wooden Harley accurate in detail down to its wooden cooling fins and spark plug cables. Ross Rider crafted these and several other oversize pieces of everyday objects (iron, toothbrush, pencil sharpener, stapler, mouse trap, old style soda fountain, and more). Cultural wonders and curiosities abound. Would you smile or frown at the display of colorful 19th century corsets? How

­­­­­­­­­­­­34­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

about the false teeth the size of a chair? And what would you make of the Eric Clapton guitar on display? There’s even a tap room. In it a human-sized chess piece (the black knight) challenges a grizzled, old suburban cowboy to a game of chess, all bathed in the eerie colored glowing light emanating from a wall of neon beer signs. This extraordinarily inclusive gathering of art and its seemingly haphazard display does not sit well with traditionalists. But at ArtisanWorks, you decide what is art. Or you just meander along and wonder “What the heck?” Until you look up and see the snarling hyena crouched just above your head – time to scoot along. Judging by the onsite and online reactions of tourists and other visitors, this stuffed closet approach amuses we ordinary folk far more often than it disappoints. Just check out the Google or Tripadvisor comments: “Fantastic place to stroll,” “Once in a lifetime experience.” One visitor told me, “It’s so cool. It’s like being in the brain of a very, very creative person.” She hit the nail on the head. Of the over 500,000 pieces on display (and a few hundred thousand M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­35­

Founder Louis Perticone poses like an art object. Photo by Richard Quataert.

­­­­­­­­­­­­36­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

Who is behind this organized chaos? That would be founder Louis Perticone and co-founder Kimberly Trenholm. Perticone is clearly the visionary and primary force. He’s also the compulsive collector with a pinball eye who has rapidly expanded his collection since starting it in his late teens. Trenholm, the practical and efficient manager of almost everything, has kept the organization on track through its growth spurts. Both have been ably assisted by Event Manager Jessica Pawlukewicz. Along the way, they’ve funded thousands of artists. When Perticone moved into his own home, he quickly filled it with his art collection. The display style? You guessed it. “Just like ArtisanWorks – floor to ceiling art and collectibles,” he said. He opened his home for tours. When he ran out of space, he opened a retail gallery in the mid-90s. Again he ran out of space and in 2000 took over a few very large rooms in the former cannon factory. Soon out of space again, Perticone took over more of the factory and eventually the entire building. Until a few years ago, the space included low-rent studios for up to 20 artists. Finding money for a nonprofit To achieve his grand vision required a lot of money. Perticone, whose laser focus is tempered by a great sense of humor and kindness, knows how to motivate his team to succeed. The group at ArtisanWorks, a self-funding nonprofit entity (no government money), pursued revenue from four main sources: ticket admissions, corporate art leasing and sales, donations and event activities. Today, event revenue leads the way. Eight art-filled theme rooms strongly convey the atmosphere suggested by their names: Casablanca, Bourbon Street, The Fire House and more. With full services and varying sizes, the spaces can handle anything from large weddings to comfortable corporate brain-storming sessions, or an intimate dinner. A small team of paid staff and volunteers runs it all. Some, like artists Richard Quataert and April Laragy Stein, have been volunteering for many years. Their loyalty remains in part because of Perticone’s commitment to helping artists as well as others, especially those in need.

Need to keep an eye on your cottage when you are not in residence?

more in storage), photographs and paintings abound. Much of the art has been created by people in the greater Finger Lakes, and most of it is for sale. Few in number but high in inventiveness are the ingenious mechanical pieces. In the Main Room (lobby area) Michael Kuyt’s handmade, 10-foot tall gravity clock powers its timekeeping with a 138-pound boulder that drops 2-1/2 inches per hour. Take the guided tour (you should) into the bowels of the building to see the 9-foot-tall, rickety looking Electric Ball Circus. Created in the 1970s by George Rhoads, it was recently restored to operation by local volunteer Tom Owejan. Release a billiard ball at the top and watch and listen as it bumps, thumps, and curls down a convoluted chute knocking into and bouncing on an assortment of steel musical chimes to produce a clanking tune.

Finger Lakes Properties, TLC

will provide security checks, arrange for contractors, perform maintenance and keep an eye on your property when you cannot. We will visit your property once a month, or whatever frequency you desire. We will alert you to any needs, and help with services.

Finger Lake Properties, Tender Loving Care 585-218-9880 • Currently serving Canandaigua and Honeoye Lake areas

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savor at



M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­37­

“Louis is a generous spirit who always makes you feel good about what you’re doing,” said fix-anything volunteer Tom Owejan. One last try to figure it out On New Year’s Eve Day, I take a few steps into the cavernous lobby (called the Main Room), pause and look all around. This is my fifth visit. It’s as daunting as the first. I see things I overlooked the four previous times (the Tin Man, a giraffe skull, a Tiffany lamp, a giant wood iron). As I talked with volunteer host Steven, I could hear a tinkling piano in the back of the room and a faint voice. Eventually I wandered back and saw a soloist sitting and playing. I listened and watched but before I could speak out, Steven shouted something I couldn’t make out, and the pianist tried to shout back rasping, “I said I was born in 1931.” Behind a baby grand, Roslynn Germano, a former touring musician and nightclub owner, still loves the tunes she played when touring. Elfin like, she’s tiny and blind, and dwarfed by this cavernous art-filled room. Microphone jabbing at her face, her short hair, a bit scraggly, but somehow proudly retaining its natural sandy color, she raises her hands and drops her head. And sings. Her voice quavers but the lyrics flow as assuredly as her playing. She’s belting out oldies, real old oldies. Aware of me standing next to the piano, she sings with a plaintive and haunting tone that ramps up when she moves onto the St. Louis Blues: “I hate to see the evening’ sun go down; it makes me think I’m on my last go ‘round.” When she finished, three teen girls across the room applauded, and I felt a little shiver. You can add a heart-tugging dash of performance art to this crazy place.

Post and Beam Homes Locally crafted in our South Bristol New York shop 5557 Rt. 64, Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-374-6405 Building the Finger Lakes since 1977

­­­­­­­­­­­­38­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

Tip: Take a tour The tour takes you to room full of vintage cars and later the wooden Harley. If you visit buy the family membership for $60, because it gives you four free complimentary tickets which will make great gifts. It also allows you and your family (kids under 18) to return any time for free. Open Friday to Sunday, 12-5; group tours can be arranged during the week. ArtisanWorks • 565 Blossom Road, Rochester, NY. 585-288-7170 •

nestled in nature Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house invites the outdoors indoors

Perched on a hill, the house provides panoramic views of Cayuga Lake and the

surrounding woods. A private driveway takes you up to a stunning entrance, marked by a colonnade. An informal deck provides a way to enjoy nature year-round.

­­­­­­­­­­­­40­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m


house located on the 3-plus acre site at 1113 East Shore Dr. in Ithaca is one of the most inspirational homes in the Finger Lakes. According to designer Ken Vineberg, owners Dr. Jay Russo and Paula Winner “loved Frank Lloyd Wright and Japanese architecture.” The Winners hired Vineberg, architect Erie Bayles and Precision Builders create a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired masterpiece. Vineberg proposed a signature organic architectural design that met his clients’ needs, along with a functional floor plan to showcase how a house can be a piece of art. No matter where you go in the house, you will be treated to scenes of nature’s beauty, thanks to over 100 windows. In addition to providing natural light, the windows offer panoramic 180-degree views of Cayuga Lake, woods, a private gorge and waterfalls. The peace and tranquility of this property encourages people to simply spend time in nature. M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­41­

The dining room is large enough to entertain in with custom built-in cabinetry and deck access. The deck extends the entertainment area of the home and brings you even closer to nature. From the dining room you enter a gourmet chef’s kitchen with custom cherry cabinetry, 10-foot ceilings, a center island and a light and bright morning room with another wall of windows. The adjacent family room has access to the covered colonnade. The first floor also features two spacious bedrooms, full bath with an artistic glass block wall, laundry and powder room. The lower level features an activity/ exercise room, two additional bedrooms and bath. Upstairs, the suite includes a spacious bedroom, walk-in closet, luxury spa bath and executive office.

letting the light in

Built in 1996, this home is minutes from downtown Ithaca, Ithaca Commons, Ithaca College & Cornell University. Additionally, it’s ideally located to easily explore what the other Finger Lakes have to offer. You can see more of this unique

property at Richard Testa is the listing agent for this property. You can contact Richard Testa, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Howard Hanna Real Estate at 585-739-3521 or at M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­43­

musical notes

Full Steam Ahead by Nancy E. McCarthy

Country Singer Claudia Hoyser ­­­­­­­­­­­­44­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

Photo (left page) by Roger Johnston Photo below by Tony Gross


Making music Hoyser was exposed to music making at an early age. Her father Michael played guitar and drums and her uncle, Jimmy Whitaker, was a guitarist in local rock bands. After Hoyser got her first guitar, Whitaker showed his young niece some chords and strumming patterns. But her hand couldn’t even wrap around the guitar neck so she got frustrated quickly. Eventually Hoyser taught herself to play by ear. In high school, she landed a few choir solos and even took voice lessons with jazz singer Nancy Kelly. Hoyser progressed to writing and recording original tunes using GarageBand software. Open


rowing up in Fairport, music was Claudia Hoyser’s favorite creative outlet. “I always loved to sing but I always saw it as a hobby. I never realized I’d get a chance to do this as a career,” said Hoyser. How this played into her success as a country singer/ songwriter, social influencer and business woman is a tale of touchpoints and serendipitous encounters. These days, her unplanned music career guided now by her manager/business partner Tony Gross, is very intentional and focused. And Hoyser, 28, is just getting started.

315-748-3977 2215 Lord’s Hill Rd. Tully, NY 13159

Over the Top Indulgent Glamping in a Tranquil Setting Seneca Falls, NY M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­45­

musical notes

mic nights followed, then solo gigs or performing with her uncle and fellow Fairport High School student Ryan Hurley (now the guitar player in her band). Yet a professional music career never crossed her mind. Hoyser was studying communications at Kent State University in 2014 when she heard from former Fairport classmate Shawn Gates.

Gates, pursuing a videography career, asked Hoyser if he could film a music video of her singing one of her original songs for his highlight reel. She jumped at the opportunity and it changed everything. During summer break, Gates booked a recording session for Hoyser at GFI Studios in Ontario, New York. GFI owner Tony Gross is a music

High Quality Low Maintenance Vinyl Clad Wood

Hoyser Country Branding Design your set today!


900 Panorama Trail South, Rochester, NY

(585) 385-2420

Store and Play Area: Mon.-Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-3

Ward W. O’Hara Agricultural & Country Living Museum

Over 18,000 Sq. Ft of Exhibits Museum Heated • Free Admission and Parking General Store • Creamery • Blacksmith and Woodworking Shop • Miniature Circus and Train Displays • Country Kitchen • Parlor • Bedroom

Winter Hours Mon thru Sat 10 A.M. till 4 P.M. • Sun 11 A.M. till 4 P.M. Harvesting History Series Second Thursday of Each Month - 6 P.M. Free and open to public Open regular winter hours / Museum heated for your comfort

Located in Emerson Park on Owasco Lake

6880 East Lake Road Rt. 38 A Auburn, New York 13021 315-252-7644 • tquill@cayuga

­­­­­­­­­­­­46­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

Some business opportunities arose thanks to Hoyser Country Mondays on Facebook. When Bucky Montrois (in coffee sales and former co-owner of Titus Tavern in Rochester) noticed a vintage Moka coffee pot staged in HCM segments he asked Claudia Hoyser about it at one of her Titus Tavern shows. The pot was an inside joke – an homage to Hoyser and Tony Gross’s passion for coffee. “We never start a day in the studio without it,” said Hoyser. “I asked Tony if Claudia would like to have her own brand of coffee,” Montrois said. Yes, she did! Montrois brought beans from all over the world for them to taste and create their artisanal Hoyser Country Blend. The coffee is now sold online or at independent and regional retailers including 120 Tops Friendly Market locations. Another HCM viewer and fan was Justin Graves, co-owner of Centerfire Distillery in Nampa, Idaho. He reached out to Hoyser to use her song “Drinkin’ with the Boys” for a promotional video. After she launched the coffee brand, he suggested a partnership blending her coffee and his whiskey. “Hoyser Country Drunken Bean whiskey took off straight out of the gates,” said Graves. “With help from Claudia’s music and coffee business success, it quickly became our best-selling product and continues to grow in the New York, Idaho and soon-to-be Tennessee, Wyoming and Utah markets.” FIREDISC Cookers, a portable outdoor propane cooker and accessories manufacturer contacted Gross with an interest in Hoyser being a brand ambassador. In 2020, Hoyser began hosting Fired Up Live!, a monthly Facebook show. Along with product giveaways, Hoyser interviews a special musical guest and they perform live. Visit for information about Hoyser Country Blend coffee and Hoyser Country Drunken Bean Whiskey. Watch Fired Up Live! every second Wednesday of the month at 9 p.m. EST on FIREDISC Cookers and Claudia Hoyser’s Facebook pages. Above: Hoyser Country Drunken Bean whiskey Right: Hoyser signing Hoyser Country Blend Coffee bags


industry veteran. In 1980, at 20, he joined Head East as their guitarist (a rock band signed to A&M Records). Since then, in addition to opening his recording studio, he’s produced and managed numerous artists and composes music for corporate clients such as Volvo and Xerox. Gross recognized something special about Hoyser. “Claudia has a ‘fingerprint’ voice,” he said, meaning a distinctive vocal style. He invited her back to co-write some songs. Creative collaboration was new to Hoyser. They worked on three tunes. Gross explained that new writing partners don’t typically knock out multiple songs out of the gate. “It kind of surprised us both,” Hoyser said. Rising star Before Hoyser graduated from Kent State in 2016, she worked as a GFI Studios intern in summer of 2015.

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musical notes

Hoyser Country Monday with Ryan Hurley (left) and Hoyser

“I started to really hone in on my own sound and finding my own voice when I began working with Tony,” she said. Though she listened to all musical styles, she felt a special affinity with country music. Under Gross’s mentorship, it sparked a desire to move music from the hobby category to a career goal. In 2016, some notable indicators moved her in that direction. Rochester-based film director/producer Nicholas DiBella heard her song, “I Won’t Forget” online and used it in his movie Wildflower (she landed a small movie part, too). Millions heard Hoyser sing “You Are My Sunshine” in a touching Golisano Children’s Hospital commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. She also performed her first all-original show at the Tango Café in Rochester. Gross switched from an advisor role to officially managing Hoyser’s career in 2017. Hoyser figured if nothing came of it she would just find a “regular” job. But she wanted to try. “I always had a little voice in my head saying ‘why not me?’” Hoyser said. The initial game plan was songwriting and overall artist development. But the plan expanded quickly with an unexpected opportunity. Big Dog Country Radio in Newark played a Hoyser demo of their song “No Matter What It Costs” on the air. The station added it to its playlist after enthusiastic listener response. Some callers thought it was a new Sheryl Crow single. After more radio traction and chart activity on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart, Hoyser visited radio stations in New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Tennessee, performed shows in those markets and also conducted virtual international broadcast interviews. The radio tour was the catalyst for releasing Hoyser’s five song EP Steam. From there it was full steam ahead. Branding Hoyser has a strong social media presence across numerous platforms but she primarily credits Facebook

­­­­­­­­­­­­48­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

wine, spirits & brews

Get to the Point Breathtaking vistas. Award-winning wines. Experience one of the premier locations on the Cayuga Wine Trail. Enjoy our premium selections and stay for lunch at our on-site eatery, Amelia’s. Business Hours: 20 miles Winery Sun-Thurs: 10 am-5 pm south of Auburn Fri and Sat: 10 am-6 pm on scenic Route 90 Deli Fri, Sat and Sun: 11 am-4 pm Order Online:

1485 Lake Road • Aurora, NY 13026 (315) 364-6990 •


9224 State Rte 414


Lodi, NY 14860

l a mor e au x w i n


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musical notes

Top: Hoyser with Miranda Lambert: “I have always loved her writing and edgy country sound,” stated Hoyser. Bottom: Stage shot opening for Blake Shelton

­­­­­­­­­­­­50­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

for being widely recognized as a social media influencer. In January 2018, she launched Hoyser Country Monday (HCM) on Facebook: live weekly performances of Hoyser covering classic country songs. The series ended in May 2021 after 126 episodes with over 120 million aggregate views according to Hoyser. “There were a lot of eyeballs on those videos,” she said. That exposure resulted in several song placements in commercials and movies plus some unexpected business deals including launching her own coffee brand, coffee whiskey and becoming a product ambassador for FIREDISC, an outdoor cooker manufacturer. See sidebar. Hoyser added tasting events and hosting a monthly FIREDISC Fired Up Live! Facebook segment to her busy concert and studio schedule. In 2019, she headlined 168 shows or opened for other more established acts. After a 2020 pandemic pause, she progressed to opening for country music superstars such as Miranda Lambert (one of her major musical influences), Blake Shelton, Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley and Chris Young. Back II Back Entertainment concert promoter Ross Catalino booked Hoyser to open for multi-platinum artist

Justin Moore at First Arena in Elmira in September 2022 after seeing her perform. “I was impressed by her stage presence and her band,” said Catalino. Green light Gross and Hoyser’s intent to release a CD took longer than expected because of concerts and travel. It wasn’t due to lack of material – she and Gross have co-written more than 200 songs to date. Red Light’s Turning Green was released in June 2021. One of the singles, “Duke Devlin,” was voted Number 1 on Country Music Television’s 12 Pack Countdown for three consecutive weeks and in the Top 12 for nine. These days, when Hoyser isn’t performing on stage or in her music videos, she’s in the studio with Gross writing and recording. The plan is to release another EP this summer. And she landed a big concert, opening for Little Big Town on July 14th in Salinas, California. Yet when Hoyser is home, you can still find this hometown sensation in local bars or breweries singing her heart out for her Finger Lakes fans. Catch her while you can! Visit for more information. Follow Hoyser on Facebook or on Instagram. Red Light’s Turning Green Album Cover. Album photo by Simon Mazik


Let’s Go Camping From Tenting to Large RVs Located near Lake Ontario. Family oriented park with seasonal and overnight accommodations. 12669 Ridge Road, Wolcott, NY 14590

Cabins Groups 30/50 Full Hook-up Pull-through sites 315-594-8320

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CALL (315) 789-0458 OR GO ONLINE

Ideal for outdoor use!

Hejamada Campground & RV Park

Family Camping at its best! Located in the Finger Lakes Region

Come see why we’re the ideal campground for caravans, jamborees, group functions, families and individual campers.

(315)776-5887 • 877-678-0647 M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­51­

food & libations


Beer is Here Originally a sheep farm, Brewery Ardennes has grown into an award-winning craft brewery and eatery. by Bethany Snyder, with Stacey Edinger


he unexpected can catch us off guard, leave us confused or disrupt our path. But it can also lead to creation and success. Such was the case for Derek and Stacey Edinger, cofounders of Brewery Ardennes in Geneva. It started when Derek presented Stacey with a spreadsheet illustrating the money they’d save by purchasing homebrewing equipment instead of buying imported Belgian beer. “Little did I know what adventures were in store from a weekend hobby,” said Stacey. A mechanical engineer by training and a problem solver by nature, Derek worked in the aerospace and (Continued on page 56. Read about Chef Jayden White on page 54)

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Entertain your guests in style at the Granger Homestead.

DINNERS WEDDINGS RECEPTIONS SHOWERS BIRTHDAYS REUNIONS TEA PARTIES Open year-round for private and corporate functions. Reasonable rates.

Granger Homestead and Carriage Museum 295 N. Main Street, Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-394-1472 •

M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­53­

Miami Motel “Mad Men of Miami” in the Heart of the Finger Lakes Featuring Jacuzzi Rooms

Dennis & Valerie Calkins Proprietors

4126 US Rt 5 and 20 Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-394-6700

Q &A

Chef Jayden White When did you start cooking at Brewery Ardennes? I joined the team at Brewery Ardennes in the spring of 2021, about a month prior to our opening in May. I was fortunate to be responsible for our initial menu development. Where did you learn to cook and how long have you been doing this? Growing up in a Sicilia family definitely helped! I learned to cook—to have a passion for food and ingredients—from my mother and family. My parents owned a restaurant when I was young; I started as a dishwasher and then moved to cooking. My time in Italy was very important, as were my first few jobs after culinary school. I’ve been cooking professionally for 17 years. Was there any other profession you wanted to be before you became a chef? I originally went to school for criminal justice and always wanted to be a detective.

Weddings, Events, Bed and Breakfast

Now taking reservations for the 2023 season 10 min from Ithaca •

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food & libations

Rochester 585-467-4020 Conesus 585-346-2060 Canandaigua 585-374-2384 Boat Rentals

(Conesus & Canandaigua only)

What about the Finger Lakes area inspires you? The diversity of agriculture. The quality of products that can be grown and produced in such a harsh climate and short growing season is amazing, and it makes my job as a chef easier. I focus on letting the ingredients speak for themselves and get out of the way! What do you like best about your job? First and foremost, it’s the people I work with. Everyone gets along very well and wants to make the guest experience at Ardennes fantastic. Our owners give me a lot of creative freedom, which I appreciate. It also doesn’t hurt that the brewery’s barn is beautiful, which makes me excited to work in such a unique space with a cool history! Do you have a “secret ingredient” that you like to put in the food you prepare? It certainly helps to have a good pantry. Some of the things I like to use are vinegars, lemon, miso, anchovies, Parmesan, dried mushrooms and chilies. Sometimes an unexpected ingredient in a dish gives the perfect salty or acidic note that you didn’t realize was missing but makes a huge difference.

Sea Ray





Bayliner Canandaigua only

Smith Boys

What’s your favorite dish on the menu and why? I think it depends on the season and my mood. If I had to pick, it would probably be something like octopus, mussels or fish, as I’ve always loved cooking seafood. I love the diversity of creating new dishes with different produce, herbs and beer that can complement seafood. M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­55­

food & libations

North Star Art Gallery

(Continued from page 52)

“Glenwood, Final Light, February” oil on linen, 40 x 44 inches

Paintings by Brian Keeler 607-323-7684 743 Snyder Hill Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

­­­­­­­­­­­­56­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

satellite industries before co-founding a technology company – his first taste of building a business from the ground up. Stacey spent her career in hospitality sales and marketing. The couple shares a passion for travel and discovering new experiences. Derek’s homebrewing hobby took an unexpected commercial turn in 2019, when a casual glance at a real estate app led the Edingers to photos of a one-of-kind French Norman-style barn, which led to a “what if we start a brewery together” discussion. Built in 1909 to house more than 2,000 sheep, the stone and slate structure was the pride and joy of Katharine Bell Lewis of Buffalo, owner of the 800+ acre Bellwood Farms. The sheep barn suffered two significant fires; the 5,800 square feet that is now Brewery Ardennes represents roughly one third of the original complex. The restoration of the barn was completed in 18 months, and the brewery opened in late May 2021. “The strength of our local community and strong attraction for visitors was a key factor in selecting Geneva to build our business,” said Derek. Located just off the Seneca Wine Trail, Brewery Ardennes is convenient to Rochester, Canandaigua, Ithaca, Syracuse and Buffalo. “We’ve been fortunate to develop relationships with other craft beverage makers throughout the Finger Lakes and continue to be amazed at the creativity and diversity that surround us,” said Stacey. More than the brewery name comes from the Ardennes region

of Belgium, a favorite travel spot for the Edingers. “We were inspired to create the same kind of inclusive, welcoming and fun community gathering spot,” said Stacey, explaining that they were often greeted by a pub owner’s dog or shared a pint and great food with another brewer, sometimes using hand gestures to overcome language barriers. Inspired by many of the Belgian pubs and restaurants they visited, the Edinger’s culinary program is focused on cooking with the season, treating ingredients respectfully and thoughtfully curating food and beer pairings. “Our menu changes frequently – almost daily – based on available ingredients and beers that we’re highlighting,” said Derek. The couple highlights local wineries, cideries and distilleries

in their beverage offerings and in pairing dinner experiences. The first beer Derek made as a homebrewer was a Belgian-style Tripel, a strong golden ale traditionally brewed by Trappist monks. It’s still his favorite style. “In honor of that first batch, we’ve committed to brew a special Tripel each May to celebrate Ardennes’ birthday,” Derek said. Many of the recipes that the Edingers brew today have roots in a grimy notebook that has survived for more than 25 years. Their focus is on making classic Belgian styles like Wheat, Blonde and Speciale Belge, along the Trappist styles such as Dubbel, Tripel and Quadrupel. “We’re proud to be a NY Farm Brewery, using great hops and malts from NY farmers,” said Stacey. “Looking to our future, we’d love to create a unique farmhouse style of beer that could only be produced in New York State.” Derek, Stacey, and their French bulldogs Barley and Hops are pleased to greet guests daily at Brewery Ardennes, the welcome result of a series of unexpected events. And they’re ready for whatever surprises await as they continue their journey together.

Geneva 758 PreEmption Rd 315-781-0858 Drive Thru Available

Hard & Soft Serve Meet Your Dietary Needs Gluten Free Non Dairy Low & No Fat Options Cholesterol Options Credit Cards Accepted

Original Creations By Kevin Bailey M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­57­

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Custom Crafted Rustic Oak Barrel Art

shopping & services

REED HOMESTEAD SHOP gifts finger lakes flaire curiosities

Brazilian Wax for Men & Women Formerly Hoochicoochi Wax Studio 8728 MAIN STREET | HONEOYE NY The Finger Lakes Choice For

Exceptional Ingredients

(585) 394-1499 | 2375 State Route 332, Suite 800, Canandaigua, NY 14424

Restoring and Servicing Your Favorite Classics Full Service Rotisserie or Partial Restorations

1789 County Rt 50 | Arkport, NY 14807 | | 888-324-8325

ONE By Mark Owen


Visit us online at

­­­­­­­­­­­­58­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

Seascape “Calmness ebbs and flows with the tide. An unexpected mosaic flows. Bottle the moment for it shifts in an instant.”

142 South Main St. • Canandaigua, NY 14424

585-394-3115 •

shopping & services

47755_HorningWoodworking--BC 4c

Custom Cabinetry Design & Build

Custom Cabinetry Design & Build

Complete Repair, Restoration and Conservation Services for Antique and Fine Furniture. 585-226-6730 Avon, New York

Cherry kitchen with granite counter tops


62 Route 14-A Geneva, NY 14456


Option 1

The Red Bird Café and Gift Shop

Quilt Retreats

We know how to cut the crusts. Reserve your Afternoon Tea made especially for you! 35 pp plus tax Shop the gift shop for April Cornell traditional linens!

1800 farmhouse overlooking Seneca Lake

Weaver View Farms

Optio (Gree

Rates start at $229/per night for an entire group. 386 Rt. 14, Penn Yan, NY 14527 • 315-781-2571

The Red Bird Café Bakery Gifts

Tues-Sat 11-4 25 Main St., Brockport, NY 14420 • 585-637-3340 M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­59­

MP_The_Red_Bird_Cafe_23_LIFL_1_FW.indd 1

1/30/23 12:42 PM

shopping & services


Manchester Mission


Canandaigua • 585-394-7493 Antiques Text: 585-303-6857

Chair Caning

Call Chris or Paula • All types of chair re-weaving • 35 years experience

Custom Furniture From My Designs Or Yours Traditionally Made with Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Because Art Moves! Because Art Moves!

Residential • Commercial

Carpet • Vinyl • Ceramic • Laminate Hardwood • Luxury Vinyl Interior & Exterior Paint & Stain


Professional Installation & FREE Estimates!

4382 Shortsville Rd. Shortsville NY

585-289-6976 • 585-489-5024


9-11 Lake Street, Owego, NY 13827

Because Art Moves!

Because Art Moves!

Naglee Fine Arts has service packages available. Fine Arts has service packages transport available. it WeNaglee will install/deinstall your artwork, We will install/deinstall it to our secure warehouse,your andartwork, store it transport for however to our long secure warehouse, store for however you are away.and Peace ofitmind. long you are away. Peace of mind.

Used by major museums and institutions, as well as Used by major museums and institutions, as well as private collectors. References available.

New Hours

10am - 5pm Daily Closed Tuesday Masks Required

90+ Vendors

43-45 Lake Street • Owego, NY • 607-223-4723 1-86 Exit 64

private collectors. References available.

Naglee Fine Arts Naglee Fine Arts 1525 Grand Central Avenue, Elmira,NY NY14901 14901 1525 Grand Central Avenue, Elmira, Tel. Tel.607-733-5725 607-733-5725 •• NagleeFine NagleeFine

Naglee Fine Arts has service packages available. We will install/deinstall your artwork, transport it to our secure warehouse, and store it for however long you are away. Peace of mind. Naglee Fine Arts has service packages available.

We will install/deinstall your artwork, transport it

Used by major museums and institutions, as well as to our secure warehouse, and store it for however private collectors. References available.

long you are away. Peace of mind.

Naglee Fine Arts Used by major museums and institutions, as well as 1525 Grand Central Avenue, Elmira, NY 14901 private collectors. References available. All the best of children’s new and used Tel. 607-733-5725 • NagleeFine

items. Locally up-cycled clothing, books, toys and more.


Naglee Fine Arts 1525 Grand Central Avenue, Elmira, NY 14901 Tel. 607-733-5725 • NagleeFine

3793 S. Main Street, Marion, NY 14505 | ­­­­­­­­­­­­60­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

Call Today For PLUMBING & EXCAVATION SERVICES 2400 State Route 21 Canandaigua


Wildflower Hills

A 55and Older Manufactured Housing Community located in the Heart of the Finger Lakes.

A 55 and older Manufactured Housing Community located between Hammondsport and Bath.

Single story homes with public utilities, attached carports or garages, on large spacious lots. Models available.

Single story homes with attached garages, with lawn moving and snow removal, plus community clubhouse.

1021 Waterloo-Geneva Rd. Waterloo 315-729-1905

7404 Wildflower Way, Bath, NY 315-729-1905

Senior Community 55+ Now Accepting Applications! Large Lots for Double Wides + Garage Municipal Water + Sewer • Open Area with Picnic Pavilion Wooded Walking Trails • Quiet Country Setting 1/2 Mile from Cayuga Lake • 7 Miles from Auburn 315-209-5774 | Visit us on Click on “Communities,” type in Zip Code 13160

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real estate

Quiet Country Estates

advertisers March/April 2023

First-class in the Finger Lakes!

Ahwaga Paints & Coverings.......................... 60 Antique Revival................................................ 58 Antique Wireless Museum............................. Apple Country Retreat................................... 45 Appleridge Senior Living............................... Artizanns............................................................ 59 Billsboro Winery............................................... 49 Brewery Ardennes........................................... CabAve Kitchens............................................... 59 Cherry Grove Campground........................... 51 Clifton Springs Chamber of Commerce.............................. CNY Living History Center............................. Colonial Motel................................................... 45 Corning & The Southern FL Farm Country................................................. 50 Corning Museum of Glass.............................. Cortland County Historical Society............ Cricket on the Hearth..................................... 46 Crown Jewelry.................................................. 58 Dr. Konstantin Frank Wines........................... 49 Dudley Poultry.................................................. Early Owego Antique Center........................ 60 Eastview Mall..................................................... 14 Endless Mountain Music Festival................. Explore Steuben County Corning & Southern FL................................ F. Oliver’s Oils and Vinegars.......................... 58 Finger Lakes Premier Properties................ Finger Lakes Properties TLC......................... Finger Lakes Tram........................................... Finger Lakes Wax Studio................................ 58 FingerLakes Bell Co......................................... Fireplace Fashions........................................... Fitch Construction / Rochester Skylights..................................... 15 FLX Goods........................................................... 60 Gold Silver and Diamond Store.................... Granger Homestead & Museum..................., 63 Hartleys Auto & RV.......................................... 51 Hejamada Campground & RV Park.............. 51 Historic Palmyra............................................... Holiday Hill Campground............................... 51 Horning Woodworking.................................... 59 Howard Hanna - Brighton Office................. 2 Johnson Furniture Restoration................... 59 Kendal at Ithaca............................................... 3 Keuka Outlet Development, LLC The Moorings on Keuka..............................

Lakeview Court LLC......................................................................................................................................61 Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars................ 49 Lamplighter Ministries................................... 38 Lazy Acre Alpacas............................................ Lollypops & Polkadots.................................... 60 Long Point Winery........................................... 49 Longevita Medical............................................ Lupos Premium Meats & Marinades........... 48 Manchester Mission Furniture..................... 60 Meadeville Farm Pumpkin Patch................. 45 Miami Motel....................................................... 54 Mr. Twistee’s....................................................... Naglee Fine Arts............................................... 60 New Energy Works TimberFramers............. 4 Nolan’s on Canandaigua Lake...................... North Star Art Gallery.................................... 56 NY Kitchen.......................................................... Pastel Cafe......................................................... 59 Pat’s Pizzeria..................................................... Project LeanNation.......................................... Q The Medical Spa at Victor.......................... 11 Quiet Country Estates.................................... Rasa Spa............................................................. Recollections Antiques............................................................................................................................. 60 Reed Homestead.............................................. 58 RJ Cars Inc......................................................... 58 Rochester City Ballet...................................... 30 Route 96 Power & Paddle.............................. 30 Sheldrake Point Winery.................................. 45 Signlanguage Inc............................................. 48 Smith Boys of Rochester, Inc........................ 55 St. Ann’s Community....................................... Stomping Grounds........................................... Stratton Creek Inn........................................... 54 Studio Sales Pottery Supply Co................... 56 Superior Plumbing Service........................... 60 The P. Tribastone Fine Art Gallery............... The Red Bird Cafe & Gift Shop...................... 59 Timber Frames Inc........................................... 38 Tornado Ts.......................................................... Unique Toy Shop.............................................. Upstate NY Falun Dafa Association............ Ward O’Hara Agricultural Museum.............. 46 Weaver View Farms......................................... 59 West End Gallery.............................................. Wildflower Hills................................................. Zugibe Vineyards............................................. 49

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culture & attractions

Historic Palmyra 5 Museums ~ 1 Destination



Our alpaca farm is the largest in the Fall is a wonderful time to visit us hereSHOP on the farm. BROWSE OUR GIFT Finger Lakes area. You will have the The coolerTOUR temperatures and Fall colors & make for an OUR FARM opportunity to meet our herd of 60+ Our alpaca farm is the largest alpacas. in the enjoyable visit with our alpacas and the most gorgeous Learn alpaca history &You care while touring OUR GIFT SHOP Finger area. will have the for photoBROWSE ops. WeLakes are open Tuesday through Sunday the vintagetobarns. Individual and groupalpacas. tours. opportunity herd of tours and/or a visit meet tofarm our our store. We also60+ offer yoga with Our alpaca is the largest in the theLearn alpacas ifLakes you are looking forwill a while new and fun way alpaca history &You care touring Finger area. have the to interact with friendly on our the vintage barns. Individual group tours. opportunity toour meet ouralpacas. herdand of Register 60+ alpacas. website for a tour or yoga. Preregistration is required to Learn alpaca history & care while touring insure we have the correct staff available to make your the vintage barns. Individual and group tours. visit as enjoyable as possible.

SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT: (585) 455-1203

SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT: (585) 455-1203


8830 Baker Road Bloomfield, NY 14469

8830 Baker Baker Road Road Bloomfield, Bloomfield, NY 8830 NY 14469 14469

Alling Coverlet Museum and Gift Shop Historical Museum • Erie Canal Depot Palmyra Print Shop William Phelps General Store and Family Residence

The museum where “time stands still.”

May 10 to Oct 7 Tuesday through Friday 10am-4pm, Saturdays 10am-2pm Oct 10 to May 8 Tuesday through Thursday 11am-4pm

132-140 Market St and 122 William St. Palmyra , NY 145222 315-597-6981 •

8830 Baker Road Bloomfield, NY 14469

Children's Room Suggett House Museum Research Center Hours Wed - Sat 12:00 - 5:00 pm

25 Homer Ave Cortland, NY 607.756.6071


Experience Two Centuries of Communication Technology

Now Open Regular Hours

Tuesdays 10 am-3 pm • Saturdays 1 pm-5 pm

• 1-year (6 issues) for $18 SAVE 40% • 2-year (12 issues) for $30 SAVE 50% • 3-year (18 issues) for $36 SAVE 60%

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Include recipient’s information when ordering by mail

6925 State Route 5, Bloomfield, New York 14469 585-257-5119 •

M a r c h / A p r i l 2 0 2 3 ~ ­­­­­­­­­­­­63­

finger lakes regional map

Areas of Interest in the March/April 2023 issue 1 Canandaigua (p.20) 2 Corning (p.6)

3 Fairport (p.45) 4 Geneva (p.27, 52)

5 Ithaca (p.40) 6 Ontario (p.46)

7 Ovid (p.8) 8 Penn Yan (p.21)

9 Rochester (p.10, 32) 10 South Bristol (p.8)

From Oswego

Lake Ontario





Webster Brockport

Sodus Bay

Sodus Point 104






E. Rochester Macedon


From Buffalo


Honeoye Falls





Manchester Shortsville Canandaigua


Mt. Morris






Clifton Springs Phelps


Seneca Falls











Union Springs








Aurora Moravia


Penn Yan









Cortland Groton



Prattsburgh 390



Lamoka Lake






Cayuga Heights



Watkins Glen

86 17



McGraw 81


Waneta Lake





From Jamestown


Syracuse 481



Naples Dansville


4 Geneva








Solvay 690











From Utica





Livonia Hemlock






North 11 Syracuse


3 Fairport


Oneida Lake





From Watertown



From Binghamton

Montour Cayuta Lake Falls TOMPKINS Odessa





Spencer 86



Painted Post




Corning Elmira C H E M U N G

Van Etten






The Finger Lakes Region of New York State

­­­­­­­­­­­­64­ ~ L i f e i n t h e F i n g e r L a k e s . c o m

Finger Lakes 1 Conesus 2 Hemlock 3 Canadice

4 5 6 7

Newark Valley

Honeoye Canandaigua Keuka Seneca



8 Cayuga 9 Owasco 10 Skaneateles 11 Otisco

From Binghamton

The gentle, comforting ripple of warm saltwater has an invigorating effect — especially during aqua-aerobics class. And, for Kendal residents Sara, Carol and Joann, the exercise is a fun, refreshing way to get fit — and get together. Living on the 105-acre campus at Kendal not only keeps them involved in the lifestyle they love, but connected to any future care they may need. And, from here, the story just keeps getting better. Come for a visit and tell us your story. Call 1-800-253-6325 or go to to learn more.

2230 N. Triphammer Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850

A not-for-profit continuing care retirement community serving older adults in the Quaker tradition. ©2014 KENDAL

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