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ROBEX Q3•2019

Nu Flow

Saving Time and Money With Their Innovative Pipe Repair Solutions Government Update

New York State 2019 Legislative Session

Tips for Employers How to Hire Right

Construction Career Day Photo Event Recap

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Q3•2019 Features 10

Junior Builder's Exchange JBXs 2019 Charity of Choice

12 Cybercrime

Why it's bigger than the drug trade


Sexual Harassment


Company Profile


Government Relations


Construction Career Day




A Message from the President


A Letter from the Chairman




Employee Spotlight


Guidelines Update

Nu Flow's Innovative Pipe Repair Solutions Save Time and Money

New York State 2019 Legislative Session

Photo Recap of the May 21 Event

Is it time to give up Facebook?


Tips to Hire Right

Meet Kim Gaylord

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Hewitt Young Electric

East School #261

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On the Cover: Nu Flow’s technicians pouring epoxy into liner during the “Wet-Out” stage.”

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Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


8/13/19 9:49 AM


Quarter 3 • 2019



President Aaron Hilger

Executive Committee

Board Members

Chairman Robert Morgan Upstate Roofing & Painting

Traci Adolph Samson Fuel

Vice President, Marketing & Operations Kim Gaylord Planroom Manager & Membership Director Corrine Taylor Accounting Manager Taryn Deinhart Research & Communication Manager Mariel Fedde Planroom Coordinator Robin Stewart Planroom Reporter Nicole Gissendanner Executive Assistant Jenna Kraeger

Vice Chairwoman Melissa Geska U.S. Ceiling Corporation Secretary Brian O’Shell Ajay Glass Treasurer Victor E. Salerno O’Connell Electric Company Immediate Past Chair Kevin Cannan A.A.C. Contracting

Mark Mancuso Flower City Habitat for Humanity

David Cooper Rose & Kiernan Mike D’Hont Western New York Floor Co. Anthony DiTucci Livingston Associates John Greene Unified Electric Kevin Foy M&T Bank Brian Kelly Manning, Squires, Hennig Co. Inc. Ed Kurowski, Jr. The Pike Company


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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The Builders Exchange of Rochester was founded in 1888 by visionaries dedicated to Rochester, New York’s commercial development market. Today, the exchange has more than 600 members and affiliates, and serves the commercial, industrial and governmental construction industry in Western and Central New York. ROBEX © 2019 is distributed three times each year to all members on a complimentary basis.

Daniel Mossien Mossien Associate Architects Kevin Peartree Ernstrom & Dreste Erich Postler Postler & Jaeckle

Courtney Lafferty JBX Chairwoman LeChase Construction

Builders Exchange of Rochester 180 Linden Oaks Suite 100 Rochester, NY 14625 P (585) 586-5460 F (585) 586-1580

Mike Mallon LeChase Construction

Timothy Pullis Brown & Brown of Rochester Thomas Renauto Home Leasing Randy Sickler SWBR Architects Ken Stewart CP Ward

Publisher Fahy-Williams Publishing PO Box 1080, 171 Reed St. Geneva, NY 14456 P (800) 344-0559 F (315) 789-4263 To advertise contact Tim Braden at (800) 344-0559,

8/13/19 9:49 AM

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EPS Pre-Engineered Building Systems

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) • • •

Proven to be up to 50% more energy efficient. Up to 15 times more air tight than stick-built homes Perfect for farm shops, commercial buildings, and new homes

for Looking lers! New Dea • • • • • •

Choose from:

Single Family Home Multi-Family / Assisted Living Post Frame Commercial Agricultural Coolers / Freezers

Nick Foro District Sales Manager- NY Energy Panel Structures, Inc. Cell: 315-350-0783 6

ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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A message from the PRESIDENT


elcome to summer! It finally got here. For awhile we were all wondering if we were just going to skip it and go right to fall. The busy construction season had a pretty slow start, due to the 25 days or so of rain in May and June. Just about all of our members report being very busy. Finding workers seems to be the biggest concern at this time. Schedule compression also increases our need for skilled construction workers. Builders Exchange has begun to invest more time and energy in workforce development. We have a very active committee that helped put together a great career event in May. Thank you to Anthony DiTucci, Bob Morgan and Melissa Geska for being so involved. As we move into the fall, look for additional events and information about construction careers on our website and in the weekly emails. We will do another career event in 2020 targeted at high school students, additional outreach to school guidance counselors, and put additional resources on our site to match job seekers with companies. We are considering adding a job fair and a program for interns to get exposure across the industry. The Workforce Development Committee welcomes your ideas. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any of our staff. June also brings the end of the legislation session. Every year I find myself wishing that members of the legislature took a variation of the Hippocratic Oath – to do no harm! This year the legislature passed more than 900 bills, a 45-percent increase from last year! The session was highlighted by a progressive wish list ranging from drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, access to financial aid for illegal immigrants for college, bail reforms, women’s rights, protections for the LGBTQ community, keeping the millionaire’s tax, rent control, decriminalization of marijuana, a likely unconstitutional expansion of the state’s MWBE program, job killing climate legislation, protections for farm workers and limiting the growth of charter schools. This is one party rule in action, with no check or balance beyond ego getting in the way. One is hard pressed to find anything useful from the session for the business community or job creation, beyond making the property tax permanent. We were successful in preventing the expansion of prevailing wage, which, if passed, would have caused a sudden drop in our market. Some change on this issue would have been beneficial. However, the final draft did not really address the concerns. It is also worth highlighting the passage of legislation that will help adopted kids find out information about their birth parents. This bill was very close for one of our staff and will impact many in a positive way. In July, we welcomed new Board Chair Bob Morgan of Upstate Roofing & Painting. Bob is a longtime board member and former JBX Chair. He has a strong focus on workforce development and education programming. My staff and I are looking forward to continuing to advance the mission of Builders Exchange with another strong chairman! Former Chair Kevin Cannaan has been an outstanding board member and board chair. He continued the long tradition of strong leadership that has made Builders Exchange successful since 1888. I have enjoyed working with him and having a dynamic two years with his leadership. Kevin helped us expand our education programming, supported growing our association management business, and helped recruit a very strong group of new board members. Any one of these would be a noteworthy accomplishment! Thank you for being an active member of Builders Exchange. We hope you and your employees have an outstanding construction season. Aaron Hilger

8/13/19 9:50 AM

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8/13/19 9:50 AM

A letter from the CHAIRMAN

H Hewitt Young provides customers and partners with the highest quality, energy efficient, and most affordable electrical solutions. "It's Always a Great Day at Hewitt Young!" Ph: 585-288-4480

• General Contractor • 585-352-4410 Educational • Industrial • Recreational • Retail


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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ere we are in the middle of the 2019 construction season! The weather this spring caused everyone to get started later. It’s great to see all these projects in process. I am excited to be the new Board Chairman for the Builders Exchange. I’ve got big shoes to fill the next two years, and we’ve had great leadership in the past. Change is good! It brings a fresh perspective, new ideas and continued growth. Workforce development is a very important topic to me, and I chair our Workforce Development Committee. It represents the many facets of our industry – union and non-union contractors, MWBE contractors, subcontractors, and professional services. Our goal is to educate students, job seekers, parents and educators on the vast array of jobs available in the construction industry. College may not be for everyone, and we encourage people to look to a job in the trades. We hosted our first Construction Career Day on May 21st, when more than 400 attendees toured an active jobsite, listened to a panel discussion, and talked with representatives from companies who were actively hiring at a vendor fair. The day was a huge success! Students and job seekers willingly engaged with all the vendors to learn more about their companies and the employment opportunities that exist. A huge thank you goes to our sponsors, panelists and vendors for making the event a resounding success. I’d also like to thank the Builders Exchange for coordinating the entire event. We will be hosting another event in April 2020. Be on the lookout for information in the coming months. In addition to the Construction Career Day, we are adding a workforce development section to the Builders Exchange website. It’s being designed to assist everyone – from students to job seekers to the public – with the career paths available in construction. This website section is under development now with an expected completion by early September. Programs and training for Builders Exchange members is also important to me. We do a great job with our programs/ trainings today and we could do more. We’d like to hear from you about the kinds of training or classes we should be bringing to the membership. Without your input, we won’t know what is missing. Send your ideas to, and we will evaluate them to see if we can implement them. The next big event for Builders Exchange is the annual clambake on September 19th! It’s always an evening of food, friends and fun. If you go hungry after leaving, you haven’t tried hard enough. I look forward to seeing many of you there. Prior to that is the last summer cookout on August 9th. Both events are a great way to network, meet other members, and say “thank you” to the BX staff for all they do. That’s it for my first message. I look forward to serving as your Board Chair until 2021. Thank you! Bob Morgan Upstate Roofing & Painting

8/13/19 9:50 AM

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8/13/19 9:50 AM

Junior Builders Exchange

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is the JBX

CharityofChoice C

Five Members of Rochester Builders Exchange are Among CFF Finest

ystic fibrosis is a progressive, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time. In people with CF, mutations in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene cause the CFTR protein to become dysfunctional. When the protein is not working correctly, it’s unable to help move chloride – a component of salt – to the cell surface. Without the chloride to attract water to the cell surface, the mucus in various organs becomes thick and sticky. In the lungs, the mucus clogs the airways and traps germs, like bacteria, leading to infections, inflammation, respiratory failure, and other complications. For this reason, minimizing contact with germs is a top concern for people with CF. Some statistics

• More than 30,000 people are living with cystic fibrosis

in the United States (more than 70,000 worldwide), and close to 200 in Rochester; • approximately 1,000 new cases of CF are diagnosed in the U.S. each year; 10

ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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• more than 75 percent of people with CF are diagnosed by age 2; and

• more than half of the CF population is age 18 or older, according to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Patient Registry.

Pursuing a cure: the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is to cure cystic fibrosis. In addition, its goal is to provide all people with the disease the opportunity to lead full, productive lives by funding research and drug development, promoting individualized treatment, and ensuring access to high-quality, specialized care. Since 1955, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has been the driving force behind the pursuit of a cure. Thanks to the dedication and financial backing of our supporters – patients, families and friends, clinicians, researchers, volunteers, individual donors, corporations and staff – we are making a difference. About the CFF Finest The Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Foundation honors a select

8/13/19 9:50 AM

group of men and women from cities or regions across the country who are committed to professional growth through a guided fundraising and awareness campaign. These honorees exemplify strong leadership qualities, are active in their community and have excelled in their chosen professions. The honorees will enjoy many benefits throughout the campaign, primarily the knowledge that they are helping to better the lives of children and adults living with cystic fibrosis. The Finest campaign begins with a kickoff reception where the nominees will be introduced to other nominees, Finest alumni and mentors, staff and special guests. Throughout the campaign, Finest honorees will have the opportunity to network at various foundation events. The campaign will culminate with the Finest finale celebration. This evening recognizes the honorees’ accomplishments as a CF Foundation ambassador, and provides guests with fabulous food and refreshments, entertainment and fun. The Rochester’s Finest initiative honors a select group of young professionals for their success, leadership and commitment to making a difference in our community. These remarkable young professionals will be recognized

and supported by our chapter and partners as they strive to achieve excellence in all that they do. Throughout the campaign, we will celebrate their philanthropic accomplishments as they work to fundraise and create awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We will also encourage this elite group to maintain their concern for their community and continue their philanthropic efforts throughout their professional careers. Thursday, October 10, 2019, will be an evening of celebration for this year’s Finest honorees, their friends, family, co-workers and circle of support. The evening’s activities will include dinner, an awards ceremony, silent and live auction, and a speaker directly impacted by the work of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We will be hosting a fundraiser for our Finest participants in September with proceeds donated to the foundation. It will be a bocce tournament, and we encourage everyone to put a team in and raise money for this great organization. We hope to see you at the dinner on October 10th. For more information on the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, visit; visit for more information on Rochester’s Finest.

Here are this year’s honorees • Barbara Burke LaBella Associates • Jamie De La Rosa Excellus BCBS • Justin Dennis Morgan Stanley • Jade Eakins RYCO Management • Meghan Emes Woods Oviatt Gilman LLC • Kasey Fanton Upstate Roofing and Painting • Meghan George BOCES

• Kenneth Hearne Northwestern Mutual

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 11

• Rikki Kelley Key Bank • Paige Kelly Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits • Benjamin Lawton Once Again Nut Butter Collective Inc. • Jacqueline Maj The Pike Company • Mark Mancuso Flower City Habitat for Humanity • Camilla Phongsa Coldwell Banker

• Thomas Santillo URMC Complex Care Center • Karly Schuhart CFFC • Caitlin Smith Howard Hanna Real Estate • Jack Susman Conifer-LeChase Construction • Michael Tellier Excellus BCBS • Danielle Winkler Beam Mack Sales & Service • John Zawacki Ironwood Heavy Highway

With a vested interest in your success, trust us to give you the best service possible! Tax Preparation • Full Service Accounting Bookkeeping • CFO/Controller Services Business Valuations ROBEX members receive a complimentary, one-hour consultation.

Call (585)292-1041 to get started. 1200 Jefferson Road, Suite 300, Rochester, NY 14623

Flower City Monitor Services Ltd. Office: (585) 262-3072 Fax: (585) 262-3383 Cell: (585) 503-6944 Email: NYS MWBE Certified • DOT DBE Certified A NY NJ Diversity Supplier • A Section 3 Company

58 Jay Street, Rochester, New York 14608, United States Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


8/13/19 9:50 AM


Cybercrime is Bigger Than the Drug Trade Why small- and medium-sized businesses are more susceptible to online threats


ention “drug lords,” and names that come to mind are Pablo “The King of Cocaine” Escobar and Griselda “The Black Widow” Blanco – powerful drug traffickers who amassed billions of dollars while in business.


The billions that drug cartels make are nothing compared to the earnings of today’s cybercriminals. By 2021, cybercrime is expected to cost the world $6 trillion yearly, making it more profitable than the global illegal drug trade, according to data provider Cybersecurity Ventures.

Deadly epidemic The FBI says the cybercrime epidemic has grown out of proportion. It’s not so far-fetched to think that personally identifiable information of nearly every American is now on the dark web. One reason for this is that the rate of internet connection is far

ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 12

8/13/19 9:50 AM

outpacing our ability to make it safe. Knowing this, how can smalland medium-sized businesses (SMBs) protect themselves from this growing threat? What can they do to avoid losing important data? For answers to these and other questions, we turned to Sitima Fowler, co-chief executive officer at Capstone IT. Here are excerpts from that interview: Why are SMBs vulnerable to cyberattacks? SMBs are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks because the need for security doesn’t necessarily scale with the size of a business. Small businesses are vulnerable to the same threats as larger ones, but often lack the resources to fully implement network security. Additionally, SMBs may lack the expertise to make informed policy and configuration changes in response to emerging threats.


Brick Veneer Stone Gas Fireplaces Masonry Supplies Hardscapes – pavers, retaining walls, landscape lighting

734 Ridgeway Avenue, Rochester, New York 14615

(585) 458-7745 | The Western New York Floor Company, Inc.

Established 1958

103 Potomac St. Rochester, NY 14611

Phone (585) 527-9400 Fax (585) 527-9403


2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 13

Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


8/13/19 9:50 AM


Personalized quality service that is beyond comparison • Accounting Services • Audits, Reviews and Compilations • Bookkeeping/Write-Up • Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis • Financial Statements • Forensic Accounting • Business Consulting • Business Entity Selection • Business Succession Planning • Business Valuations • Buying & Selling a Business

• Debt & Financing Services • Fraud Prevention & Detection • Retirement Planning • Asset Protection • Bankruptcies • Expert Witness Services • Litigation Support • Mergers & Acquisitions • Estate & Trust Tax Preparation • IRS Representation • Sales Tax Services

Errol Jaufmann • Rick Centola • 585-248-3630

What is an SMB’s most vulnerable area of concern when it comes to cybersecurity? The most vulnerable area of concern for cybersecurity is the internal threat. That doesn’t necessarily mean that employees are actively trying to compromise an employer’s network (though they might), but that these people are susceptible to assisting a cybercriminal accidentally. From clicking on malicious links, plugging in infected USB drives, to divulging configuration details over the phone, a trusted employee can be a cybercriminal’s best assistant. How can SMBs protect against internal threats? “Train employees to recognize threats and limit access to data. Not everyone is able to recognize how to identify an email that looks like it comes from their bank or from eBay, but everyone should know to forward the message to IT if unsure. Training also helps employees recognize signs of social engineering and explains the dangers of plugging in an unknown USB drive or connecting to an unknown network.

Apply in person: 1300 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Rd. Rochester, NY 14623

What else should SMBs do to protect themselves and their data? One of the most important security measures for SMBs to take is properly securing remote access to their networks. While convenient, remote access mechanisms often lack adequate security to defend against attackers scanning the Internet. If you connect to a terminal server or office PC, protect that connection with a VPN. Make sure that multifactor authentication is enabled on web portals. What about the data itself? Do I need to encrypt everything? We recommend encrypting mobile devices that store company data, such as laptops, even if not required by regulatory compliance obligations. Knowing that a machine is encrypted means that the cost of a lost or stolen laptop is just replacing the laptop, rather than a potential release of corporate data. continued on page 16


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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8/13/19 9:50 AM


• Asbestos Abatement • Decontamination,

Decommissioning, & Demolition Services

• Disaster



• Facility and

Industrial Services

• Remediation Services Ø Hazardous Material Handling Ø Soil & Groundwater Remediation Ø Soil/Sediment/Sludge Treatment Ø In-Situ Soil Stabilization Ø Permeable Reactive Barrier Ø Sediment Remediation Ø Tank/Vessel/Lagoon Cleaning Ø Dam removal Ø Dredging

Corporate Office 30 Vantage Point Drive Rochester, NY 14624 (585) 617-5710 (844) 834-6982

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 15

Syracuse Office 6700 Old Collamer Road East Syracuse, NY 13057 (844) 834-6982

Buffalo Office 2558 Hamburg Turnpike Lackawanna, NY 14218 (716) 770-7414

Albany Office 11 Herbert Drive Latham, NY 12110 (844) 834-6982

8/13/19 9:50 AM

Technology continued from page 14

To protect SMBs from cybercriminals, Fowler recommends the following. Train your employees Employee training isn’t just understanding how to identify forged emails. It includes policies, handling security incidents, and encouraging safe online behavior and password best practices. Set up and implement stringent security policies Develop and enforce policies that meet a client’s security goals and regulatory compliance requirements. Organizations covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), for example, are required to ensure the security of private records with a combination of advanced encryption systems, threat prevention tools, and backups.


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 16

Monitor the network Do this regularly to check for abnormal behavior, access pasterns, and vulnerabilities that may result in a breach. Ensure perimeter security and access restrictions Firewalls and intrusion prevention systems must inspect all traffic for viruses and intrusion patterns. It’s also important to give each user the bare minimum access privileges necessary to perform their jobs to prevent unauthorized access and use of key systems. Sitima Fowler is co-author of the book, Computers Should Just Work! and co-CEO of Capstone Information Technologies. Reach out to Sitima by emailing Capstone Information Technologies provides managed IT services, employee security training, cloud services, and backup/recovery solutions to SMBs in Rochester, Buffalo and throughout Western New York. Learn more about services at

8/13/19 9:50 AM

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8/13/19 9:50 AM

Project Profile

East School #261 Phase 2A Reconstruction



ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 18

8/13/19 9:50 AM

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 19

Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


8/13/19 9:50 AM


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 20

8/13/19 9:50 AM



1200 amp busway system

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 21

ewitt Young Electric is thrilled to have been awarded the East School #261 Phase 2A Reconstruction project in 2018 When it opened in 1903, the original site of East High School at 410 Alexander Street reportedly had the largest floor space per pupil of any American high school. But by the late 19th century, it became evident that East High’s inadequate size and dated facilities were increasingly Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


8/13/19 9:50 AM

Project Profile

Various project photos

becoming a problem, so city planners established secondary schools on either side of the Genesee River to accommodate Rochester’s growing teen population. East High was the first public school to have both a gymnasium and proper shower/bath facilities. Yet, even on its opening day, the school required two annexes to accommodate its student population. Public campaigning for a new building began in 1918 and didn’t cease until the decision to erect the school’s East Main Street campus was announced in 1954. The reconstruction of East High began in October of 2018 and will take place over the next two years. The Phase 2A Reconstruction project stands to be Hewitt Young’s largest completed and awarded project in our past 16 years of business. The project includes • upgrades to the mechanical, plumbing electrical systems and services; • installation of a new generator system; • reconfiguration and renovation of interior spaces and classrooms; • renovation/reconstruction of the locker and team rooms; • hazardous materials abatement; • site improvements; • a new fire alarm system and installation of security cameras; • card access; and • education-based technology. Taking on a renovation of this magnitude is no small feat. Over the past few years, Hewitt Young (HYE) has placed a great deal of focus on building a strong community. Our mission to “make it a great day” for those around us has led us to practice community involvement habitually. HYE is proud to have partnered with Bethany Technologies and Unified Electric to allot womenowned businesses and minorities an equal opportunity to participate in this municipal procurement. We recognize the impact a school like East High has had on our continued on page 24


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 22

8/13/19 9:50 AM

We fix Existing Windows “You and your staff are doing, and have done, an excellent job, thank you so much for all the wonderful and extremely neat work you have done, your crew is very neat and clean up after themselves like no other mechanics I know of.”


Pelham Public Schools

“I wanted to let you know that your service crew were all very professional and friendly working with us, I was very impressed with the speed at which they were able to accomplish this job. They were very accommodating in dealing with our restrictions on student dorms. Thank you for a job well done.”


Wells College

“We really Appreciate the professionalism and skills that your crew showed at the installation. It was flawless. They were courteous and very respectful. I would recommend your company to anyone who needed your services.”


All Glass Systems, Inc.

Contact Us: 800.842.0974 2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 23

8/13/19 9:50 AM

Project Profile continued from page 22



NOTHNAGLE Drilling Inc. 1821 Scottsville-Mumford Road Scottsville, New York 14546 • Line Drilling/Relief Holes for Rock Excavation - Speed up Hoe Ram Activities! • Vacuum Excavation Services for - Utility Locating - Pre Clear Excavation Areas • Post Holes and Fence Holes up to 18” dia. • Rock Anchors and Toe Pins • Geotechnical & Environmental Soil Sampling • Monitoring, Remediation, Dewatering Wells • Geothermal Well Fields • Blast Hole Drilling • Pressure Grouting

Call to Discuss all your Drilling Needs! Office: (585) 538-2328 Fax: (585) 538-2357


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 24

community, which led us to beginning our work there with an ignited ascertainment to construct magnificence. At HYE, we continue to stay up-to-date and educated on the newest electrical technologies and techniques. Our industry-leading preconstruction and prefabrication process allows us to exceed our customers’ schedules, budgets, and expectations. By utilizing our prefabrication process, in conjunction with Eaton, installation of a 4,000foot custom designed bus way was astonishingly far less burdensome as one in the field could expect. Our team worked diligently to connect this bus way into 16 switchboards that branched out to approximately 100 panelboards and 35 transformers that had to be re-fed throughout the entire school. More than 3,000 light fixtures and 1,300 lighting controls, plus 8,000 feet of wire mold supplied by Horizon Solutions, will be installed throughout the duration of this project. Horizon Solutions’ tenacity has been monumental in helping us achieve all scheduled deadlines. Through our Local #86, HYE has had a total of 40 different employees on site to date. We have also had the opportunity to work alongside laborers from Local #435 during the unloading and staging of equipment process, and masons from Local #3 who poured our concrete pads. Through the continued hard work and dedication of our team, the Phase 2A Reconstruction project will be completed in the spring of 2021.

8/13/19 9:50 AM




Graduated from East High School 10,000 + hours of training Has worked on over 100 local construction projects, currently working on East Ridge High School Holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology Loves spending time with his wife Barbara and his 6 children Enjoys going to the beach, watching movies and going outdoors with his family

Dwayne is happy to work for a union contractor that is a member of the Construction Industry Association of Rochester. When you hire a union contractor, you’re working with the industry’s most knowledgeable and highly skilled workforce that will deliver the highest level of quality workmanship, while ensuring your project will be completed on time and on budget. It all adds up to a contractor partner that is committed to providing the best return on your project investment. See what hiring a union contractor can do for your next project. Visit

Dwayne McClary Rochester Davis Fetch Local 276

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 25

8/13/19 9:50 AM

Human Resources

Sexual Harassment GUIDELINES


y October 9, 2019, all New York Employees must complete sexual harassment prevention training that meets or exceeds the minimum standards under the law. After October 9, training must be completed annually for all employees. Here’s a recap of what was signed in 2018 In April 2018, Governor Cuomo signed into law the 2019 Budget. Within that budget, he included the nation’s strongest and most comprehensive sexual harassment package.


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 26

The new law

• Prohibits employers from using a mandatory arbitration

provision in an employment contract in relation to sexual harassment; • Requires officers and employees of the state or of any public entity to reimburse the state for any state or public payment made upon a judgment of intentional wrongdoing related to sexual harassment; • Ensures that nondisclosure agreements can only be used when the condition of confidentiality is the explicit preference of the victim; and • Amends the Human Rights Law to protect contractors,

8/13/19 9:51 AM

subcontractors, vendors, consultants or others providing services in the workplace from sexual harassment in the workplace. • Establishes minimum standards for sexual harassment prevention policies and training. All employers operating in New York State are required to either adopt and use the State's model policy and training as-is, or to use the models as a basis to establish their own policy and training. All employees working in New York State must receive sexual harassment training by or before October 9, 2019. On October 1, 2018 the NYS Department of Labor and Division of Human Rights released the long awaited final guidance regarding a model sexual harassment policy, complaint form, and model sexual harassment training

program, which were mandated by statutory changes included in the state budget adopted earlier this year. These documents are available on the Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace website combating-sexual-harassment-workplace/employers Model Sexual Harassment Policy - Amendments to the state’s labor law provides that EVERY employer in the State of New York is required to adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy pursuant to new Section 201-g of the Labor Law. An employer that does not adopt the state’s model policy must ensure that the policy that they adopt meets or exceeds the minimum standards in the model policy. Courts have held since 1998 that employers can have an “affirmative defense” against liability in harassment cases if, among other things, the employer has a well-

It’s about so much more than insurance Haylor, Freyer & Coon we take a “Total Solution” approach to your business. • • • • • • • •

Integrating safety into business operations Ensuring OSHA compliance Building sustainable loss control programs Workers’ compensation consulting services Claims management Fleet safety analysis Employee Benefits Home & Auto

Tony Procopio: Cynthia Bostley: 2019 Robex.indd 1

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 27 / 585-385-6600 12/10/18 3:47 PM

Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


8/13/19 9:51 AM

Human Resources defined and effectively communicated policy against workplace harassment. New York State has - through these labor law amendments - codified this case-law standard. All New York employers, including those in New York City, and regardless of how many employees they have, must have in place a policy that meets the minimum standards defined in these final guidance documents. Employers are encouraged to adopt the model policy provided on the website or a similar policy that meets the minimum standards of the guidance as soon as possible. The law requires that employers have a policy in place by October 9 that meets or exceeds the minimum standards outlined in the final guidance. The State has also provided a poster notifying employees of the existence of their employer’s policy. While not mandated by statute, displaying this poster will show your commitment to eliminating unlawful workplace harassment and contribute to your affirmative defense. This policy was to have been in place as of January 2019. Additionally, the website provides a model Complaint

Form and strongly encourages employees to use the form when making harassment complaints. Another significant change is the removal of the “30-day” period in which employers were tasked with completing investigations of harassment. The final guidance provides that investigations be completed “in a timely manner.” Model Sexual Harassment Training - employer that does not use the model training developed by the Department of Labor and Division of Human Rights must ensure that the training that they use meets or exceeds the following minimum standards. Model training materials are available to employers to download. The training must: • be interactive

• include an explanation of sexual harassment consistent with guidance issued by the Department of Labor in consultation with the Division of Human Rights

continued on page 30






Helping to protect Central and Western New York’s most successful businesses, school districts and universities for more than 30 years.

53 Pixley Industrial Parkway, Rochester, NY 14624 | 585.663.8530 | Licensed by the NYS Dept. of State, #12000047882


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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Local Presence, National Strength

We Provide a Full Array of Employee Benefits & Risk Management Services Including: • Commercial • Personal Insurance • Professional Liability • Surety Bonds • Executive Risk Liability Brown & Brown Insurance 45 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14604 2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 29 BrownBrownFW.indd 1

Phone: (585) 232-4424 Fax: (585-232-7802) 8/13/19 9:51 AM 7/25/19 4:13 PM

Human Resources

O s o

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Experience the Profeta Painting Difference Profeta Painting has developed a strong reputation in Rochester N.Y for providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service since 1970. We employ only trade craftsman to ensure your project stays on budget while meeting all deadlines.

SPECIALIZING IN: Office • Retail • Manufacturing • Industrial Commercial • Wall Coverings Floor Coatings • Maintenance • Medical Institutional • Hospitality @Profetapainting



1270 Creek Street, Suite 10, Webster, NY 14580 (585)671-0010 |

• include examples of conduct that


• include information concerning

A c s

would constitute unlawful sexual harassment

the federal and state statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment and remedies available to victims of sexual harassment

• include information concerning

W c e

W c c k a

employees’ rights of redress and all available forums for adjudicating complaints

• include information addressing

conduct by supervisors and any additional responsibilities for such supervisors

Each employee must receive training on an annual basis with the first round of training to be completed by October 9, 2019. This will provide employers the opportunity to develop and deliver effective and worthwhile training for its employees. New employees to be trained “as quickly as possible. Builders Exchange offers two forms of training for our members. • In-person classes at the ROBEX office. These classes have been held ongoing since last fall. We currently have 4 additional scheduled classes prior to the October 9th deadline. To meet the annual requirement, Builders Exchange will offer 2-3 classes quarterly to our members. Visit our website at to see view scheduled dates for the trainings.

Matthews & Fields is a Trus-Joist engineered wood stocking dealer, with an experienced in-house designer, extensive knowledge of code changes effecting floors and the know how to get the most value out of your next build! 30

ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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• Online training through

Cypherworx. There is a fee for the online training. For further questions regarding the training, contact Kim Gaylord at

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If ch on co

O’Connell is a full-service electrical contractor serving New York State and surrounding regions of the northeast. We maintain fully staffed offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and the Albany metro area. As one of the nation’s top fifty electrical contractors, we cover every major service segment of the industry. We provide comprehensive design-build, construction, service, maintenance, and emergency response services. With more than 100 years of electrical construction experience under our belts, you can be assured we have the capability and know-how to complete your project at budget and on schedule.

Buffalo | Rochester | Victor Syracuse | Albany

If you’re interested in taking on a challenging, rewarding career with one of the nation’s largest electrical contractors, visit our career page online.

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Company Profile

Nu Flow’s Innovative Pipe Repair Solutions Save Time and Money


e recently caught up with John Billone, Partner at Nu Flow Services of Upstate New York, headquartered on Mushroom Boulevard in

Rochester. It’s a licensee of Nu Flow Ttechnologies, a company that manufactures, installs and distributes cost-effective epoxy lining products for both pressurized water systems with epoxy coating, and structural liners for non-pressurized piping systems.

Here’s what John told us about the history of Nu Flow Services, its unique

technology, and its plans for the future.


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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8/13/19 4:32 PM

What is Nu Flow’s specialty?

We do cure-in-place/pull-inplace pipe lining (CIPP), in addition to slip lining. We line small diameter – ranging from 2 inches to 24 inches – storm and sanitary sewer lines, but we also have the capability to line domestic water, chilled water, gas, and fire protection lines. Our company is known for adding value in circumstances that would otherwise dictate large-scale destruction to existing infrastructure like concrete floors and walls. We’re able to prevent interruption to ongoing work in the affected area

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 35

where an excavation or demolition would need to take place to make a traditional repair or replacement.

Can you give us a little Nu Flow history?

In 2003, our principal and operations manager Maurice Aubry purchased the license to sell and install the Nu Flow product line in New York State. A licensed master plumber, Maurice saw that the business would complement his existing Mr. Rooter franchise and his commercial plumbing company, Dynamole. Realizing

the overwhelming potential in the product because of our area’s constantly aging infrastructure, Maurice partnered with his brotherin-law, fellow licensed master plumber John Billone, Jr., to found Nu Flow Services of Upstate New York in 2015. John’s background is in engineering, mechanical trades, and real estate development. Their goal was to be the premier provider of trenchless technology in this region. They accomplish that by educating the plumbing industry about our alternative method to traditional pipe replacement as a safe and cost-saving solution for protecting and restoring aging infrastructure.

Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


8/13/19 9:51 AM

Technicians performing the last step of the liner building process.

Nu Flowoffers the most viable and least invasive option to meet pipe renewal, pipe repair, and trenchless sewer repair needs. The system has the ability to repair both pressurized and non-pressurized piping systems using existing access points, which reduces cost and time associated with creating new access points. This practice provides customers with the least disruptive trenchless pipelining and CIPP lining solutions on the market. 36

ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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8/13/19 9:51 AM

Company Profile HEAVY DUTY PARTS And Maurice and John run it today?

Our company’s leadership is currently comprised of four senior level managers. In addition to John and Maurice, there’s partner/Finance Manager Lisa Iddings and myself. Nu Flow Services is growing every day. Right now we have eight fulltime employees, but by the time this story is published, we will likely have 12 to 14.

Parts for All Trucks and Trailers and more... • Cargo Control Products & Tarps • Chemicals & Lubricants • Batteries • Emergency and Warning Lights • Seasonal Items • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning & Sales

What do you like best about your job?

Personally, I enjoy offering a solution very few others in this area can provide. We get to tell plant managers that we can fix their rotted sewer line using existing access points without them having to shut down for more than a few hours. Seeing their eyes go wide and watching their mouth form the word “wow” never gets old for me.

What have been your company’s biggest challenges over the years?

I’m going to sing you the same song that those in the skilled workforce industry are singing right now: our biggest challenge is finding skilled people to work in the field and uphold the extremely high standard we set for our team. To meet that challenge, we parse through applicants and have a very rigorous interview process. Then, if an applicant is selected, we conduct a thorough background check including MVR and drug testing. Once new hires get through that process, they are in a 90-day probationary period. That way, the employee and the company can have time to decide if the relationship is mutually valued. Just as we need an employee to adhere to our extremely high standards, the employee has to have the desire to do what we do, how we do it.

Over 100 Brands

585-269-3100 • 800-391-5777 Rochester Distribution Center – 1465 Emerson Street

What single factor is having the biggest impact on how you do business today?

Our investment strategy. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in unique and innovative technologies and training for our people so that we can continue to set ourselves apart as the premier lining company in New York State. From robotic cutters to specialized training in various parts of the country, we spare no expense when it comes to differentiating the level of service and expertise we can offer our customers. We have seen major growth and changes in the last 12 months with respect to technology. Although lining has been around for years, it still feels like we are in the infancy of solutions we can offer. Our reputation for dependability and transparency has garnered us much business in the communities we serve.

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• • • •

Clearing Foundation Ponds Storm Water Solutions

Site • Utilities • Storm • Water • Sanitary • Demolition


• • • • • • •

Milling Sweeping Flushing Tack Coat Paving Crack Sealing Striping

Fully Insured and Bonded Phone: Website: Email:


Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


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Company Profile

Building partnerships isn’t by chance.

It’s by LeChase.

For over 75 years, our drive to be the premier provider of construction services has inspired us to aim for perfection in everything we do. That’s how we consistently deliver excellence for our clients, our communities and our company.


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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Who are your customers? What kind of feedback do you get from them?

We focus our work in industrial, institutional, food service, manufacturing and multifamily living facilities. We want to be the best possible solution for them in their time of need. Our customers say that we are reliable, professional, and unique in the product we provide; often saving them significant money and reduction in downtime.

What is your reach – do you do business locally, statewide, nationally, internationally? Our technology is available globally, but our reach is New York

State and parts of Pennsylvania and other bordering states.

How’s business?

We are busy; very busy, but there is always room for growth and improvement. We have more than enough work to keep us backlogged but we won’t turn down new business anytime soon.

What are the plans for the future of Nu Flow Services?

While our focus has been on the “drain” side of the industry, we are currently expanding into other products and technology to better serve and offer solutions in the potable side of the business. Although there is tremendous opportunity in Upstate New York, we see ourselves growing into other parts of our state, in addition to contiguous states.

8/13/19 9:51 AM

Laborers’ International Union of North America

Local 435 Daniel Kuntz / Business Manager & Secretary-Treasurer CarmenSerrettJr. / President EricWaters / Vice President SalvatoreVictoriousJr / Recording Secretary Michael Gay / E-Board Member Yvonne Agosto-Washburn / E-Board Member

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Tips to


by Amanda Falzone of You’re Hired Rochester


e’ve all been there before – you post your job opening, get a few decent candidates that you bring in for an interview, and before you know it, you think you found the perfect person. They answered all your questions correctly, they check all your boxes for qualifications, and you feel great about your decision. Your new shining star of a candidate comes in, and within their first few weeks, you sit back at your desk thinking, who did I hire? They aren’t working out and they aren’t the same person you met a week prior when you fell in “recruitment love” (yes, that’s a real term). We’ve all been there, and unfortunately, it will happen again and again. There isn’t a perfect way to recruit stellar staff – people will tell you exactly what you want to hear, and charm you through and through. Companies will waste money on onboarding new employees to only realize that money was completely wasted and the time they spent on interviewing will never be paid back. The big question is this: how do you limit the wasted time you’ve spent on recruiting the wrong person? By taking a hard look at your recruitment process, where it went wrong, and how you can improve it. That’s the first step to ensuring you don’t waste your precious time that you’ll never get back! Here’s how to get started. Premium Marker Boards, Marker Walls, Sliding Visual Display Cabinets, and Glass Boards Manufactured in Macedon, NY


800 624 4154

ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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READ your description

Writing a job description is a lost art for many companies. You need to ensure you’re accurately describing the scope of your position, but also why working for your company is the best. Most job seekers are between the continued on page 42

8/13/19 9:51 AM

B in

Fro ov na Th Fr



Bonadio’s Construction Division serves over 250 clients in the construction industry throughout New York State and beyond. From taxes to wealth management to succession planning, construction company owners often find substantial overlap between their professional lives and their personal financial plans. We’re well versed in helping you navigate the complexity, look out for your business and your heirs, and protect everything you’ve worked for. The specialists on our team include, CPAs, tax specialists, valuation experts, engineers, CCIFPs, CITs, Certified Fraud Examiners, and Certified Exit Planning Advisors.

Accountants & Advisors for:

Masonry & stonework contractors

Mechanical contractors

Plastering, painting & drywall contractors

Real-estate development

Carpenters, cabinet makers & framers

Concrete work

Electrical contractors

Environmental contractors

Residential & commercial construction

General contractors

Roofing & siding contractors

Heavy highway construction

Utility contractors


Water well drilling contractors

Insulation/asbestos abatement contractors

Wrecking, demolition & excavation contractors

CONNECT WITH US 585.381.1000 | |

Albany | Batavia | Buffalo | Dallas | East Aurora | New York City | Rochester | Rutland | Syracuse | Utica 2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 41

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Tips to Hire Right continued from page 40

ages of 28 and 42 years old; they are concerned with benefits, company culture, and the future of the business. Placing this information before your description will help capture job seekers’ attention.

Screen your candidates prior to bringing them in for an interview

the company is. If you’re willing to spend the time bringing candidates in, they should at least know exactly what the company is, along with job title they would be interviewing for. If they don’t, then they don’t deserve the time to sit down and be interviewed.

A simple phone call to a candidate to introduce yourself can truly help you decide if the person is worth the time to interview. When I screen applicants, I first introduce myself to them and ask them how they heard about the position. Ultimately, this will weed out 60 percent of them simply because they might not know where they heard about the job or even know what

After you screen your candidate comes the important part – the interview

Interviewing is truly something you need to train and develop over time. My favorite way to interview is using Behavioral Interview techniques. Future work ethic is based on past work ethic, and by asking the right questions during the interview, you can make better

hiring decisions. Behavioral Interviewing is asking questions based on past performance. For instance, if the position requires the employee to interact with a multitude of staff – some who work for the company and others who are contracted or union workers – you might ask, “Can you tell me about your experience working with a team or individuals?” and “How would you handle a situation when one of these workers wasn’t performing up to your standards?” These questions to some seem blatantly obvious, but to others, they are really tricky to answer. By looking at the scope of this position, as well as current or past employees and their daily duties,

Proudly Serving Rochester’s Construction Industry Since 1934



ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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8/13/19 9:51 AM

you can form questions around the job description. Personally, if someone can’t answer a behavioral question with past experience, they might not be the best fit for your job. Behavioral interview questions are easy ways to pinpoint the right people!

Contact references

Once you’ve interviewed your candidates and it’s time to make a decision, I highly recommend calling references. Again, this sounds so simple, but it can easily knock a few people off the list. Many candidates will give you three people to call, but often these are “friendly” coworkers who will put in a good word. Do yourself a favor, and try to contact their previous employer.

In New York State, it’s not ethical for companies to tell you why the employee left or make any personal comments, but they can confirm if they did in fact work here. These references calls shouldn’t take more than five minutes, and it’s an easy way to weed through the applicants. After you make your offer, and your new employee starts, you need to pour into them. Unfortunately, most companies often forget about their new hires and don’t spend the necessary time to shape and mold them into the kind of employees that reflect the company’s core values. The most important timeframe of hiring new employees is within their first 90 days. Ensuring new hires have adequate training,

or at least someone who can help guide them, will help you retain them within the first 30 days. Having a quick 30-minute meeting on their 30/60/90 days of employment is also a great way to check in with new hires to make sure they’re adjusting well. In my own experience, these quick meetings often reveal whether the new hire will grow within the company, or won’t stay past 6 months. There is no one guaranteed way to interview and hire the right candidates. But by ensuring you’re doing everything necessary on your end will ultimately help you make better hiring choices! Amanda Falzone can be reached at

We Build Value You'll find us quietly working behind the scenes for General, Electrical and Heavy Highway Contractors. We also provide Full Site Services for Commercial and Industrial Owners and Developers.


Site Work.


Sanitary & Storm Sewer, Water Main & Services, Electrical Conduit & Duct Banks, Electrical Vaults, Site Lighting, Light Bases, 24hr Waterline & Electric Repairs

Clearing, Excavation & Earthwork, Storm Drainage, Road & Parking Lots for New Construction, Expansions & Facilities Maintenance

In-place & Precast Concrete, Concrete Pads, Foundations, Sidewalks, Curbs & Gutters, Catch Basins, Retaining Walls, Bollards, Underground Tank Installation

We Provide These and Many Other Services.

850 St Paul St, Ste 20 Rochester, NY 14605 585-393-1001


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Better Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


8/13/19 9:51 AM

Employee Spotlight


n a recent interview with Kim Gaylord, ROBEX Vice President of Marketing Operations, she told us she’s proud to be in the city she was born in. The Rochester-area resident joined the Builders Exchange team in 2016, after working as a marketing director for a local telecom company. She, her husband, their daughter and two dogs live in Webster. Before working at Builders Exchange of Rochester, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had? During high school, I worked at a company called Sporting Dog Specialties. It was the leading worldwide catalog retailer of pet and animal supplies and accessories, and offered products for household pets, equine and farm supplies, and more. It originally started in Spencerport as a part-time business, and then moved to a larger warehouse space in Brockport. The company was bought out by Pestmart in the mid ’90s and became Petsmart Direct, its mailorder catalog division. What have you gained since working at Builders Exchange? Every employee who works here gains the BX 10 – there is always food around! On a more serious note, I’ve gained knowledge of a

new industry, more confidence in my abilities and the courage to push myself to work on projects outside my comfort zone. Describe the Builders Exchange team in one word. “Dedicated” What is your favorite part of working for Builders Exchange of Rochester? The people – members and staff – make working here a blast. The staff is like one big family. Members become friends and mentors. There is a sign on my wall that reads, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That’s true for this job – some days it’s too much fun to be “work.” How do you define success? Being happy and able to travel, and do what I love in life.

Rochester Skylights, LLC “Bringing Light & Life To Any Space”

What book did you last read? For Pleasure – An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena. For Work – High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard What’s your favorite quote? This one, from Irish crimewriter Joanne Clancy: “Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says ‘Oh, no! She’s up.’” What are three things people may not know about you? 1. I’m adopted. 2. I have never watched any of the Star Wars movies. I did see the “Ewok Adventure,” but was told that doesn’t count as a Star Wars movie 3. I have a huge fear of snakes.

To advertise in


A full-service construction company committed to producing A full-service A full-service construction A full-service construction Aquality full-service company construction A company construction committed A full-service company construction committed A full-service tocompany producing construction committed A full-service tocompany producin construc commit A full-s tocopc exceptional building forfull-service our development clients. exceptional building exceptional building quality exceptional building for quality exceptional ourbuilding development for quality exceptional ourbuilding development for quality exceptional ourclients. building development for quality exceptional ourclients. building develo for quality exce ourc Replacement & New Install / Commercialexceptional & Residential Seven-County VELUX 5-Star Skylight Specialist new construction • adaptive reuse • historic preservation VELUX Commercial Modular Sloped Glazing Systems contact Tim Braden • (800) 344-0559 • new construction new construction new • adaptive construction new • adaptive construction new • adaptive construction • reuse historic new • adaptive construction • reuse historic preservation new • adaptive construction • reuse historic preservation new • adaptive constru • reuse histori prese new •a residential • reuse commercial 585.377.3330 • residential residential • commercial residential • commercial residential • commercial residential • commercial residential • comm resi 30% Federal Tax Credit Available on VELUX Solar Skylights


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 44 www.homeleasing. www.homw 8/13/19 9:51 AM

A full-service construction company committed to producing exceptional building quality for committed ourcommitted development clients. ng A full-service A full-service construction construction company company producing producing A full-service construction company committedtototo producing yuction -service ompany itted ng construction committed A full-service tocompany producing construction committed A full-service tocompany producing construction committed A full-service tocompany producing construction committed tobuilding company producing construction committed tocompany producing committed to company producing committed todevelopment producing committed to producing toclients. producing .producing exceptional exceptional building quality quality for for ourour development clients. exceptional building quality for our development clients. new construction • adaptive reuse • historic preservation al ng ur ty .opment eptional clients. building development for quality exceptional ourclients. building development for quality exceptional ourclients. building development for quality exceptional ourclients. building development for quality ourclients. building development quality for ourclients. for quality development ourclients. development for our clients. development clients. clients. residential • commercial n new new construction construction • adaptive • adaptive reuse reuse • historic • historic preservation preservation new construction • adaptive reuse • historic preservation w e ve nuction ric ervation adaptive construction • reuse historic preservation new • adaptive construction • reuse historic preservation new• adaptive construction • reuse historic preservation new• construction adaptive • reuse historic preservation • adaptive • residential reuse historic preservation • adaptive •reuse historic preservation historic preservation • historic preservation preservation residential • commercial •• reuse commercial residential • commercial mercial sidential l • commercial residential • commercial residential • commercial residential • commercial residential • commercial residential • commercial • commercial 2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 45

8/13/19 9:51 AM

Government Relations

Update on the

2019 Legislative Session by Denise Murphy McGraw


he closing hours of New York State’s 2019 Legislative Session saw a flurry of activity – much like the overall pace of the entire session which began in January with the Democrats controlling the Governor’s Mansion, Senate and Assembly. While not all matters were addressed, most stayed part of the conversation until the bitter end. Items such as the legalization of recreational marijuana and the next phase of Rochester Schools Modernization Act ultimately proved to be too much too late for Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders, but undoubtedly will be back in the near 46

ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 46

future (though marijuana possession was decriminalized). The legislature also failed to vote on changes to the state’s prevailing wage law. While The Builders Exchange stayed in communication with bill sponsor Assemblyman Harry Bronson throughout the session offering comments about the measure, in the end the bill in its final form did not have the support of enough rank-and-file legislators to move forward. They also passed the so called “Green Light Bill,” which provides drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants. We are sure much more will unfold on this measure in the future.

Before adjourning, the Senate and Assembly passed two major pieces of legislation. • The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which will vastly expand the state government’s power to regulate every corner of New York’s economy in pursuit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and • The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act, which permanently gives local governments across the state the option of imposing New York City-style rent regulations. continued on page 48

8/13/19 9:51 AM

Your Roofing, Siding, Stone, Window, Engineered Wood Component & Commercial Distribution Source delivering the best wholesale inventory and service across our region! Offering Comprehensive Delivery Services, Product Showrooms, Aerial Take-offs & Quotations, Product Training, Seminars and In-House Window Service Technicians

We look forward to working with the Builder’s Exchange and its members in 2019!

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 47

8/13/19 9:51 AM

Government Relations continued from page 46

They also passed a new Minority and Women Owned Business measure, which adopted the Mason Tillman study, along with language that would allow the Governor’s Office to have total control of future studies. The required subcontracting is 30 percent in all areas of the state, regardless of local population differences and contractor availability. That is interesting, because the Mason Tillman study actually suggests more than 50 percent, which means the state may be sued by MWBE advocates who want a higher goal. We also know the 30-percent number is completely flawed in Upstate. The program is extended to

all municipalities, agencies, local governments and school districts – basically anything that has public money. This was not addressed in the study and is a clear violation of the US Constitution. The workforce requirements were also included, which to comply with a contractor will have to break federal and state EEO laws. It will be fascinating to see what DOL and the second floor require contractors to do to show good faith efforts. It is not clear yet if those percentages will be the same in all areas of the state or will have regional variation based on population statistics. The legislature also passed a bill that would let striking union

members collect unemployment insurance benefits a week after the start of a walkout, and included an expansion of the union pay as part of the climate legislation. Near the end of session, the Legislature also passed a flurry of health insurance bills, mandating: • a ban on changing drug formularies in the middle of a plan year (A. 2969); • expanded coverage for treatment of eating disorders (A. 1619); • coverage for synchronization of multiple prescriptions (A. 3009); • a ban on prior authorization for drug-assisted addiction treatment (A. 2904); and

Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union # 46 244 Paul Road Rochester NY 14624 (585) 254-9151

Fabricators and Installers of Metal & Air Systems: HVAC Systems Architectural Metal Work • HVAC Service & Controls Testing & Balancing • Residential, Commercial, Institutional & Industrial “Quality Craftsmanship through training and high safety standards.” Servicing the Upstate New York Counties of: Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne and Yates. Troy R. Milne – Business Manager Anthony Valenti – Business Agent

48SmartPDF.indd ROBEX1 — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 48

Josh Solt – President Patrick T. Skrip – Marketing Representative 7/29/19 1:02 PM

8/13/19 9:51 AM

• coverage of annual mammograms


from 35 to 39, if medically necessary and ordered by a doctor, replacing a prior mandate for coverage of one “baseline� mammogram between those ages. (S. 3852).

Earlier in the session, two major health-insurance mandates had already passed. The FY 2020 budget legislation included a provision requiring largegroup insurance plans (defined as 100 or more members) to cover at least three cycles of in-vitro fertilization, as well as preservation of eggs or sperm for people at risk of treatment-

induced infertility. Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act, which passed in January, imposed added requirements on insurers to cover over-the-counter contraceptives, provide a 12-month supply of contraceptives per refill; and waive cost-sharing for sterilization procedures. A measure likely to be a positive for healthcare consumers is a bill subjecting out-of-network hospital bills for emergency services to the same system of independent dispute resolution that already applies to outof-network physician bills for

emergency services. One of the final bills to be passed before adjournment was a supplemental capital project appropriations bill, which added a net $1.185 billion to the capital appropriations previously approved as part of the FY 2020 state budget, including $100 million for “Lake Ontario resiliency and economic development.� This was an active session. We are sure next session will be even busier for us. As always, we thank everyone for their input as we develop our legislative agenda and responses to bills throughout the year.

“ c m i n t nt ha ... w y ea  eÂ? Â?Â?  e Â?lt â€?

Tel: 585-458-0150, Fax: 585-458-0281 RochDavisFetch_FW.indd

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 49


Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX 8/5/19 9:5149 AM

8/13/19 9:51 AM



ore than 400 people attended Construction Career Day on May 21. The initiative, created by The Builders Exchange of Rochester, was designed to expose and educate students, teachers, parents and jobseekers to wide range of jobs available in construction. The free event was multifaceted, and included a job-site tour of the Nathaniel Building on Court Street in Rochester, on the Genesee River adjacent to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. The 119-unit luxury apartment building is being built by DGA Builders. The property is on top of an entrance to the old Rochester subway system,


ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 50

8/13/19 9:51 AM


and the existing subway bed will be used for underground parking. A panel discussion featured 14 industry professionals from US Ceiling, Villager Construction, SWBR Architects, Tambe Electric, Upstate Roofing & Painting, Rochester Colonial, Kennedy Mechanical, and more. They discussed job opportunities at their firms and their personal experiences in the construction industry. Afterwards, students, educators, parents and job seekers participated in a vendor fair that featured representatives from 60 construction related companies.

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 51

Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


8/13/19 9:52 AM




ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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8/13/19 9:52 AM

• Roadway & Parking Lot Striping • Airports •MMA • Schools • 3M Tape • Thermoplastic • Paint For More Information Call


50 Bennington Drive • Rochester, NY 14616

Various photos from the jobsite tour, panel discussion and career fair. Photos courtesy of Mason Marketing

2019_ROBEX_Q3.indd 53

Quarter 3 • 2019 — ROBEX


8/13/19 9:52 AM


Is it Time to

Give Up Facebook? By Aaron Hilger


ocial media has many benefits. For instance, the ease of keeping up with friends and family can’t be beat. It is great to have a newsfeed full of family pictures and your college buddy’s kids! Platforms also make it easy to record parts of your life and keep a live scrapbook of memories. You can fundraise, support causes you like, schedule work and social functions. Social media sites make networking easy. But what about their dark side? News can’t really be trusted. Even if the source is credible, the tendency to read only articles that exist in an

echo chamber does not encourage knowledge or understanding. Instead, news and related commentary usually just creates polarization and perception gaps that are difficult to overcome. Users become focused on the latest “outrage” or partial statement taken out of context. Social media has also made it easy to reinforce stereotypes, prove they exist and expand intolerance from all sides. It is frankly sad how “brave” people become when sheltered by a keyboard and hidden behind a screen. They say things there they would never say in person. Social media can be addicting. People spend hundreds of hours creating online images for themselves. They strive to be perfect in a quest for likes or shares to simply to show their

perfect life. Reality is often far from the perfect image that is so carefully curated. The stress created by seeking that perfection is also unnecessary. What happens if you give up Facebook? The most obvious consequence is that you get part of your day back. You don’t have to scroll through a feed, and like or comment to make sure all of your friends know you are engaged. You don’t need to think about what to post and take the time to actually post. The average Facebook user spends 35 minutes a day on the platform – or about 210 hours a year! Users of Snapchat and Instagram spend 25 and 15 minutes a day on those platforms. If you use all three, that’s over 450 hours a year – or about twoand-a-half weeks! What can you do with that extra time? Spend it with your kids? Learn a language? Play an instrument? Cook a new recipe? Read? Do a craft? Or maybe even exercise? continued on page 56


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A few of your friends and family members will think you either died, or no longer like them. Yes, you will get a few calls, texts or emails checking in. Some will be angry that you are no longer their “friend” on Facebook. Some will be genuinely concerned that something happened. The latter will understand that you are just choosing how to engage. The former are upset that you won’t be feeding their addiction. You will become more productive at work. Distraction is the number-one killer of productivity. Between checking email, going to meetings, looking at Facebook or LinkedIn, walking to get a coffee or just moving papers around, there are too many ways to pretend at work. Every time you switch between tasks, or let your focus lapse, you tax your brain. As you tire your brain, you become less productive. It takes time to get back on track. This is not to say that breaks aren’t important – they are. Rather, removing one or more of the easy distractions will help you achieve your goals by supporting your ability to focus. It becomes harder to keep up with family updates and what your friends are doing. Social media’s seduction is the ease at which you can get a lot of information about your friends and family. Of course, the platforms curate what you see, but it still is relatively simple to click on specific people and stay updated. Without it you actually need to talk to people or call them or text them. This leads to more meaningful interactions with fewer people instead of relatively meaningless interactions with a lot of people. Do likes really matter to your wellbeing and your friends’ wellbeing? Or does a real conversation make a difference? You will feel better about yourself. Most studies that have looked at social conclude that the ego-driven need for likes and shares actually creates unhappiness – especially if expectations are not met. In addition, social media likes and views are quick chemical hits that release dopamine in the brain. Users, especially teens, become addicted to these quick fixes. 56

ROBEX — Quarter 3 • 2019

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Most studies that have looked at social conclude that the egodriven need for likes and shares actually creates unhappiness – especially if expectations are not met. In addition, social media likes and views are quick chemical hits that release dopamine in the brain. Users, especially teens, become addicted to these quick fixes. That means you can inadvertently be engaged in a quest to satisfy the addiction

That means you can inadvertently be engaged in a quest to satisfy the addiction. It is a lot like eating cookies – you get a sugar rush and then feel like junk afterwards. You eat another cookie, to feel good again. A few years later, you are fat – but the addiction is being fed. At first you might feel disconnected. When you are used to seeing hundreds of updates a day it might be a shock when you only see those with whom you have a deliberate connection. You might also feel like you are missing important things – like the neighborhood group updates or something from the kids’ soccer coach. Over time this fades, and you do have to seek out other ways to gather information if it is meaningful to you. You might think better of your friends and casual acquaintances. Social media brings out the worst in people. They say mean things or make broad statements that are often offensive. You won’t see these posts and can judge people based on what they say or do in the real world, not in the internet and sheltered by a mobile device. I gave up Facebook a couple months ago. The creepiness of the technology – tracking everything you do online and using facial recognition to identify the kids really bothered me. I also realized that Facebook was a huge time waster. Every time I was stuck on something, bored, or just wanted to procrastinate, I looked at Facebook. It was easy to do, and it makes you feel like you have accomplished something by checking on your friends and hitting like a few times. The final straw was a series of irrational, rude and hurtful posts from people whom I otherwise think of as rational humans. They weren’t directed at me, and they bothered me on many levels. Those left me angry at the ridiculous people making the posts and sad for those who

were targeted. For a week, I really missed Facebook. It was like the fun thing went away and I worried that I was missing “important” things. Four of my 500 or so friends called or reached out in addition to my parents in the first week. Three thought I was mad at them and unfriended them. I assured them I was not! The fourth asked if I got off Facebook. I said yes and his response was amazing. “Good for you. I wish I could. Facebook is horrible, but I need use it to connect with a few people from work.” Now that I have left Facebook, I connect with those I want to connect with and make a deliberate choice to pick up the phone. Yes, I miss the update about the great meal someone had or the participation trophy their kid got in real time, but I can catch up on all of that when we meet in the real world. I also have to text or email the great pictures of the kids’ latest achievement to my parents, instead of posting them on Facebook. So, it takes a little more thought. For those minor inconveniences, I have gained time in my day, am less stressed and don’t see the latest person making a fool of themselves. Seems like a good trade. Here is a challenge. I know that giving up social media is likely too much for many, but you can conduct your own experiment. Try giving up social media for a week and see how you feel. Let me know how it goes, as I think this is an interesting social experiment. Or, if that seems too much, instead of being a slave to the like button, choose when you are going to look at it. Maybe only check Facebook two or three times a week on a schedule or a limited amount of time. I suspect that if you do either of these, you will be happier, more productive and better able to reach your work and life goals.

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