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Samuel his more than 50-year professional career, he has worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and in the aerospace and defense industry He developed the FacilityAXS and HonuaTree directories











Wayne attended Stanford University where he studied Architectural Design and graduated in four years with a Bachelor of science and arts in the engineering department


Zhe L Scott is the CEO, President, and Founder of TSQ Marketing Inc, DBA (The SEO Queen) a full service digital marketing company that leads with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)




Embracing Technological Evolution: A 50-Year Journey

Throughout my 50-year professional career, I have witnessed an incredible evolution in technology, transforming the landscape of computing and beyond From the early days of cathode-ray tubes to the Internet, to the advanced capabilities of smartphones, and now, the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). “Beam me up, Scotty.”

My career has spanned an era of remarkable technological progress, demonstrating how continuous innovation can lead to groundbreaking advancements in various fields, including computing, communication, and space exploration Because of my participation in many of these innovative achievements, I have created a number of Internet-based business solutions, including FacilityAXS net As of the publishing of this edition of the Members Magazine, the FacilityAXS community has grown to more than 95,000 members worldwide

Invitation to Growth and Innovation

I invite all businesses to join our family and benefit from ever-increasing opportunities to grow their businesses and profits By becoming a part of FacilityAXS, you can leverage our extensive network and innovative tools to enhance your business operations and achieve new heights of success



The youth is our future EFTY will Provide an outstanding after-school environment and safe house that empower disadvantaged youth to grow and flourish into sustainable knowledgeable adults by teaching love principles and fundamentals of financial freedom We seek to advance the mental, physical, spiritual, and social capacity of the people we reach through this collaboration


Unlock the secrets of cutting-edge algorithms and stay ahead in the digital era with The Algorithm Magazine Subscribe now to delve into the latest trends, insights, and innovations shaping the world of algorithms.


The HonuaTree Affiliate Directory is an online community of businesses that interact with each other via the internet, promoting and selling their respective products and services to consumers and one another Operating as an “Affiliate Marketing” agency, HonuaTree’s role is to connect merchants with consumers and, thereby, enhance their sales prospects


According to IBM, “Artificial intelligence (AI) is technology that enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities.”

As a field of computer science, artificial intelligence encompasses (and is often mentioned together with) machine learning and deep learning These disciplines involve the development of AI algorithms, modeled after the decision-making processes of the human brain, that can ‘learn’ from available data and make increasingly more accurate classifications or predictions over time.

Artificial intelligence has gone through many cycles of hype, but even to skeptics, the release of ChatGPT seems to mark a turning point The last time generative AI loomed this large, the breakthroughs were in computer vision, but now the leap forward is in natural language processing (NLP) Today, generative AI can learn and synthesize not just human language but other data types including images, video, software code, and even molecular structures

Applications for AI are growing every day. But as the hype around the use of AI tools in business takes off, conversations around ai ethics and responsible ai become critically important For more on where IBM stands on these issues, please read Building trust in AI

AI and ChatGPT

What’s the Difference?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT are related concepts but are distinct in their definitions and applications Here’s a detailed explanation of each and their differences:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the broader field of computer science dedicated to creating systems capable of performing tasks that would normally require human intelligence. These tasks include learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception, language understanding, and interaction

A subset of AI focused on developing algorithms that allow computers to learn from and make predictions based on data Examples of this include supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning A subfield of AI concerned with the interaction between computers and human language


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Hey, CEOs, CMOs, and Brand Managers! There is a huge shift bubbling underneath the surface of Google com This bubbling is the beta test of Google’s Gemini AI Bot being integrated into Google Searches so that the end user does not need to click or scroll Being seen online is about to become harder for websites that are not brands, and now more than ever it is time to invest in your SEO Thanks to the integration of AI-powered marketing and Search Generated Experiences (SGE) you have to look at your SEO as both a branding and marketing activity that is now non negotiable SEO is now a permanent line item in your marketing budget for your enterprise Hi, my name is Zhe Scott I am a 2 time Amazon Best Selling Author, the publisher of The Algorithm Magazine and the founder and CEO of The SEO Queen The purpose of this blog is to guide you through this revolutionary convergence that’s reshaping the landscape of digital marketing as we know it.

“AI is now integrated end to end in marketing, from the production to the conversion Now, more than ever it is important for brands to invest in a robust SEO Strategy that aims to optimize content for both AI Bots and the end user Don’t hold back on your expertise It’s time to shine brighter than ever online with your expertise and your brand ”

Is AI Dangerous?

The question of whether artificial intelligence (AI) is dangerous is complex and multi-faceted. It depends on various factors, including how AI is developed, implemented, and regulated. Here are some key points to consider:

Potential Dangers of AI

AI could be used to develop autonomous weapons systems, which might act unpredictably or fall into the wrong hands, leading to severe consequences

Bias and Discrimination:

AI systems can perpetuate and even amplify biases present in their training data, leading to discriminatory practices in areas like hiring, law enforcement, and lending

Privacy Invasion:

AI can be used to enhance surveillance capabilities, raising concerns about privacy and individual freedoms

Economic Disruption:

AI-driven automation could lead to significant job displacement, creating economic and social challenges, particularly for those in industries susceptible to automation

Misinformation and Manipulation:

AI can generate convincing fake content (deepfakes), spreading misinformation and manipulating public opinion

Loss of Control:

There are concerns about AI systems becoming too complex to understand or control, potentially leading to unintended and harmful behaviors

Risks Mitigatinon Efforts should include:

Ethical AI Development

Regulatory Oversight

Bias Mitigation:

Robust Security Measures

Public Awareness and Education

AI has the potential to be both beneficial and dangerous, depending on how it is managed By proactively addressing the risks and promoting ethical, responsible AI development, society can harness its positive potential while mitigating its dangers The key is to strike a balance between innovation and caution, ensuring that AI advancements contribute to the greater good without compromising safety and ethical standards

O W W I L L A I C H A N G E A I R T R A V E L ?


Airtravelsis beingaffectedbyAIinonewayor anothersincethe1960s

While still in early development stages, AI could lead to fully autonomous aircraft, significantly revolutionizing air travel In addition, dynamic Pricing Models with AI could refine dynamic pricing models, offering more personalized pricing based on passenger preferences and booking patterns

The United States is competing to stay ahead of China on AI and its use in weapon systems The focus on AI has led to public concern People worry that future wars will be fought by machines that choose and strike targets without direct human intervention The U S has said it would never send a pilotless fighter plane into war because of concerns that civilians could be harmed mistakenly But it is unclear if other countries have the same policy

The military started putting computers in control of some systems in the 1960s and 1970s. The Aegis missile defense system was programmed by humans They gave the system a set of “if/then” commands because the computer could detect incoming missiles faster than humans The system could not learn, it could only carry out the rules So it was not AI as we understand it today, said Christopher Berardi, an Air Force Lt Colonel who is working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on AI development

AI took a step forward in 2012 when faster computer processors started to analyze information and write rules Computer experts call that period “the big bang” for AI The new data created by a computer is considered artificial intelligence

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about AI Some think it spells doom for marketers, for writers, for the world when it becomes Skynet (yes, I watched Terminator too) Some view machine learning and large language models with optimism, predicting an age of boundless productivity Reality is still murky What is clear, though, is that change is upon us

We’re doing something a little different with this Monthly Dispatch This month, we’re bringing you an assortment of articles that tell you the truth about AI what it does and doesn’t do, why it matters, and how you can implement it in your business Get the inside scoop here

Using AI to Build Your Business

Audiences Don’t Care if AI Created Your Brand’s Content AI vs human: who wins in content creation? Neither, argues Ann Gynn for Content Marketing Institute As she explains in this piece, “What matters is whether the content delivered what the audience and brand wanted ”

Make Your Brand Stand Out

There’s so much content on the Internet that it can be hard to publish something that feels unique Our own David Brandon explains how to make your content stand out from the pack (and why AI isn’t the answer)

AI Essentials for Business Growth

Want a broad overview of what AI does for marketers? Brendon Kraham of Think with Google outlines how AI is changing business it’s about AI AND people, not AI OR people

Tips for Writing Great AI Content

Sure, you can throw a question into ChatGPT and get some copy, but your end product isn’t going to be very good. Jim Tobin of Ignite Social Media explains how to write prompts that actually create useful content

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