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August 2016 | March 2017



A SHARED STORY This file is the work of 160 high school students from De Werkplaats in Bilthoven, Amsterdam International Community School in Amsterdam, New Utrecht High School in New York and New Orleans High School in Cape Town. This booklet represents and expresses the student’s view of their shared past and their ideas about migration.

Face to Face introduced a new learning method based on virtual connections between peers from the Netherlands, the United States of America and South Africa. This method is called “international peer education” and involves simultaneous online workshops between students from these four cities.

their country shares with the partnering country.

During the fall of 2016, students between 12-16 years old were engaged with each other in a series of workshops. Using social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Skype, the students worked in small groups, participated in debates and created an art The students were asked to explore the project that translates their thoughts and shared heritage between the Netherlands ideas of the meaning of migration today. and its former colonies, in this case United States and South Africa within the In three online encounters all participants framework of migration. To prepare them collaborated and produced an artistic for the online workshops, students visited outcome (audiovisual material) that shows museums, with exhibitions relevant to the the student’s personal backgrounds in topic, in their own cities. Students also connection with their ideas and beliefs. attended a master class about the history

This project was made possible by the support of:




This exhibition was made possible by:

* A special thank you to all the students of De Werkplaats, Amsterdam International Community School, New Utrecht High School and New Orleans Secondary School who participated in this project. Their enthusiasm and commitment made this exchange a success.






August 2016 | March 2017




New York Raymond Chen Vanessa Lobo Nicholas Lee

Bilthoven Hidde Linders Nadine Witte Hijmen Knottenbelt

Group 01: Ppap from the past

Migration Monopoly Explanation “Some of our group members have parents who migrated to another area. We feel that migration can be difficult, but that it is necessary if you need to move to a different place to live a better life. We created a board game to stimulate the understanding of migration. We want our audience to understand that migration is a difficult topic and a tough part of life that some people have to go through. With this board game, we can teach people about migration and the hardships of it.�

Group 1: Ppap from the past | Migration Monopoly


New York Iliana Roman Jenna Shea Janet Ren Amanda Dlorazio

Bilthoven Mats van Sluis Suzanne van Rie

Group 02: Newhoven

Newhoven Explanation “This artwork includes a message for everybody. With this piece we want people to understand that migration happens everywhere.�

Group 2: Newhoven | Newhoven


New York David Paucar Adriana Ramos Aaron Yang Sylvia Jankowska

Bilthoven Sten Twigt Sander Schrader

Group 03: Duck Duck 2.0

American Love Story Explanation “This artwork is a comparison of two migration story’s: the story on the right is about Willem Schrader who has lived in Holland until he was 14, moved to India for 10 years and came back because of the war. The story on the left is about a woman from Unites States, we translated her trip into a painting.”

Duck Duck 2.0 | American Love Story


New York Shi Xian Chen Kayla Alvarado Alvin Liu

Bilthoven Merijn Snippe Evy van Hout Nikki Bieleveldt

Group 04: Boat NL

Ellis Island Explanation “We want to tell the audience that it can be really hard to leave everything behind for refugees. We created a collage about them that includes pictures of Ellis Island (back then people who used to migrate to the U.S would go to Ellis Island first so they could be registered into the country), refuges camps, typical Dutch and American landmarks, maps showing migration routes and images of both schools�.



Group 4: Boat NL | Ellis Island


New York Mohsin Ahmed Nayeli Parra Andrew Mai David Zheng

Bilthoven Jip de Groote Gilles van Hal

Group 05: Pizzalovers

The Immigration Story Explanation “We feel that both the Dutch and the American societies are not very tolerant to migration. We have made a video discussing this theme. We want to address this video to our parents; to tell them what we thing about migration, because we are never asked. The video ends with Nayeli Parra talking about her experience with migration.�

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVgPjwwSs0g&feature=youtu.be

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Group 5: Pizzalovers | The Immigration Story


New York Elizabeth Pajarito Juan Tello Maggie Ng Belinda Blaise

Bilthoven Jesse Bakker Christiaan Verhoef

Group 06: Holland USA line

Two Perspectives, One Line Explanation “Migration is obviously not an easy situation however people move for a better opportunity in life and to try to set a better example for their children. With this collage we want to show children and teenagers the struggles of moving to another country with nothing. We want our audience to feel the pain, strength, and courage of immigrants who have to move to another continent and face many obstacles to reach their ambitions. We want people to understand migration is a big deal and has changed history throughout ages.”


Each year massive amounts of immigrants come to America in search for a better life, opportunities and future for their kids. My mom happens to be one out of the many that experienced this life changing event, leaving the town of Izucar de Matamoros, Puebla. Mexico wasn’t joyful at all, despite everything she heard about this magical place called America. But she knew she didn’t want to see her kids growing and seeing the struggles kids at age 6 and older experience, she wanted us to be a statistic of kids being educated in America, not kids helping out their parents with their other siblings. Migrating to US is not a scene out of a movie and certainly not the same feelings people go through in movies. Its knowing the hardships you’re yet to face, in such a humongous place called New York, not knowing how to speak the language, how to get around and most of all wondering if you are really going to stay here only being 15. My mom is just one out of many numbers out there that is an immigrant to migrate here to the US, but she did this on hope this was her American not so American dream.

Group 6: Holland USA line | Two perspectives, One line


New York Caitlin Perez Jefferson Xu Katrina Nelson Ozdenur Oluisik

Bilthoven Emmelot Linssen Julia Bijl

Group 07: The Unicorn Nuggets

Birds need to land Explanation “We would like to address this outcome to our parent’s generation, to children and to people who don’t know what migration is. Our message about migration is that a lot of people struggle in their own countries and must make sacrifices to have a better life.”

M­-igration is a big world problem I­-mmigrants and refugees make sacrifices for a better life G-­ood lives are what they hope to find at the end of their journey R-­ather migrate than die A-­llright then, let them into our country T-­his subject deserves our attention I­-t is a big world problem O­-f course we have to help the people who survive it N-­ow is the time to help immigrants and refugees!

Group 7: The Unicorn Nuggets | Birds need to land


New York Nisar Shafi Yonatan Tahay Louis Tyler

Bilthoven Juna Peperkamp Robin Benjamins


The Story Of Group 8 Explanation “We want our audience to get a personal feeling about migration. Migration is not always a bad thing; it is an opportunity to create new things together with people from another country”. My immigration story is that my dad came to this family a long time ago. He came to get a better life and to get a better job. Also to help my family back home. He came to send money to support his family back home and he came to look for a job. Then he invited us over and we started to like it living here.

Then we got a house here and we live in a apartment. We saved enough money to buy another house and give it to people to rent it. He came to get us a bigger house. To give us a better education. For us to live in a better environment. For us not to live in a life he lived in. also for us to have a better life.

Robin: 60 years ago, my grandpa came from Indonesia to the Netherlands, to build a family here. Now my whole family lives here, and I was born here!

Juna: 39 years ago, my father was adopted from Colombia. My grandparents flew to Colombia to get him. We know who his real mother is, but we don’t know who his real father is. His real mother was an Indian, who lived near Bogota.

Usnl Unitedstatesnetherlands | The Story Of Group 8


New York Chyanne Myles Dafina Skoro Malak Suleiman Jennifer Boldin

Bilthoven Dylan Lin Lucas Coster

Group 09: NYCN

The journey of Chennia Explanation “With this collage we want to show that it is not easy to migrate, you got to sacrifice a lot.”

Group 9: NYCN | The journey of Chennia


New York Paul Saucedo Henny Li Melissa Morales Elizabeth Castillo

Bilthoven Ida Stevers Daantje Mekel

Group 10: The Migrates

The United Nation Explanation “We developed a piece of art representing the main characters of two migration stories (one from USA and another one from NL) meeting for the first time. (…)From Puerto Rico to Manhattan to Brooklyn, I have migrated but I have kept many treasures with me- my city of San Juan, my family kept dear to my heart, and my story (…) (…) My granddad had to move to the Dutch Indies (Indonesia) when he was 2 years old. It was in the year 1929 and they had to go by boat. When he was 12 he went back to the Netherlands alone to go to school (…)”

Isabel: It is 1955, and I am living in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the center of the island I’ve known my entire life, but my family and I are searching for a better life with adaptable working conditions. I am on the airplane with my parents, my 3 brothers, and my 3 sisters to New York, the Lower East Side of Manhattan. My heart is racing and my mind is in all sorts of places. I am thrilled, but tense. Palm trees pass by me and I pretend I am touching them as I used to during my precious youth. Mother sits by me and holds my hand the whole time. It is only a few hours and the ride is a bit bumpy, but I don’t seem to mind. Hans: It is 1955, and I am living in the Netherlands, Europe. I had to go to the Dutch Indies previously with my parents in 1929 by boat and they had bought a pharmacy in Padang. I am on the airplane to the Lower East Side of Manhattan to start school. Everything is new is for me, and I am extremely anxious. I honestly do not know what to expect. Isabel: I am encountered with countless buildings, a different vision of that of clear waters, blue skies, and sandy beaches. My family and I are greeted by our neighbors. Hans: It is…. foreign, unfamiliar. I am used to seeing fewer edifices and less people. A girl that appears my age stands on the side, looking uneasy and awkward, just as I am. I know exactly what she is going through. I am greeted by my neighbors. They tell us they are from Puerto Rico. They are extremely friendly and likable.

Group 10: The Migrates | The United Nation


New York Paul Saucedo Henny Li Melissa Morales Elizabeth Castillo

Bilthoven Ida Stevers Daantje Mekel

Group 10: The Migrates

The United Nation Isabel: My family invites the neighbors over for dinner. Ironic enough, they have moved as well from the Netherlands. Hans is around my age, and it seems that we have a lot in common. His family and mine have both had to move in search of better working conditions as well as us both being extremely nostalgic of home. Hans: Isabel and I talk about our lives in where we used to live. They are very distinctive lands, but yet have some similarities. Isabel: I learn lots of information about the Dutch Indies. It is very intriguing to know that within a 24-hour period, one could find an individual that is very relatable to what you are undergoing. Hans: I stay in New York for a while, and visit the Netherlands and the Dutch Indies every few years here and then. I finally decide to stay in the Netherlands as my final home however. I keep in touch with Isabel every few months with letters; it was a wondrous experiences meeting someone who shared the same experience of migration at the exact same time. Isabel: A few years later, I have decided to move to Borough Park, Brooklyn. It is quiet, more peaceful. My family visits often and vice versa. I feel more at ease than I ever have before. We speak about the past and reflect upon our futures. I still keep in contact with Hans. He is a good reminder of why people are united- by the movement of migration. I have kept many treasures with me, my city of San Juan, my family kept dear to my heart, and my story.

Group 10: The Migrates | The United Nation


New York Michael Fasano Joshua Fishman Nastassia Pukelik Natasha Serrano

Bilthoven Nikki van Bottenburg Jens Bosman

Group 11: The A team

The migration adventure from the Netherlands to America Explanation “We see that many people are migrating all around the world and all of them migrate for different reasons; some migrate for freedom, other migrate for work and other people migrate for religious reasons. We want to show the next generation that migration is not a bad thing; therefore, we have created a poster with a bridge in the middle that symbolizes moving.�

Group 11: The A team | The migration adventure from the Netherlands to America


New York


Dildora Uktamova Ryan He Diego Silva

Jesper Bloem Dominique Smit

Group 12: Murica

Immigration Story Explanation “We made a video of our immigration story. We each did separate videos then combine them into one video. We wish that the people like immigrants, just like us can see this video, or anyone who is interested in immigration.�

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZekdNR_3_M4

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Storyboard Group 12: Murica | Immigration Story


New York Xochiti Flores Dildora Sotimova Annette Gonzalez

Bilthoven Chiara Pregely Myrte van der Knaap

Group 13: District 13 NL

Outsiders Explanation “We understand that everybody has their own reasons for migrating whether that be because of any type of persecution or financial reasons. Other people move to other countries for their families or education. In this short movie we want to show people that not all Mexicans are what Donald trump says.�

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXHFxUYpUJM&feature=youtu.be

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Group 13: District 13 NL| Outsiders


New York Yifu Huong Cesar Pretzantzin Gordon Chen

Bilthoven Sara Nicolai Wies Koster

Group 14: The awesome exchange group

Penpals Explanation “We created this video especially for people who are planning to migrate. Our video is about two people who share their migration story. Both have different reasons why they were going to migrate; one was sad and the other was from the beginning happy. But at the end they are both happy they migrated. We hope that our audience will feel that migration happens for a reason.�

Watch the video here: link 01: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIWZeSmTX34&feature=youtu.be link 02: https://splice.gopro.com/v?id=7nMdwn

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Storyboard link 01

Storyboard link 02 Group 14: The awesome exchange group | Penpals


New York Leon Liang Nikki Leung Amanda Xenakis

Bilthoven Maria Wassink Ruben de Bruijn

Group 15: The walking dead

Immigration Story Explanation My mother came from China at the age of 14 in 1986. It was a 20-hour flight and when my mother first got to New York the first thing she ate was a New York slice. My father came to America when he was 19. He lived with his parents and brothers in a one-bedroom apartment. My mother’s brother and my father’s brother were best friends.

Aram was born in Armenia. When he was 3 years old his father, who served in the army of Armenia, died in a car accident. His mother decided to move to Greece for a better future. When he was 12 his mother took him to the Netherlands where he went to “de Werkplaats”. At that school he met my brother and they became good friends. He build a whole life in this country but his mother travelled back to Armenia because she couldn’t stand the fact that she could speak 6 languages but she couldn’t get a better job than being a cleaner. Last summer he got the news that he had to leave the Netherlands within 24 hours, he was send back to Armenia. He almost didn’t had time to say goodbye to his friends and to his grandma, who he had been living with since his mother travelled back to Armenia. Now he is in Armenia.

Group 15: The Walking Dead | Inmigration Story


August 2016 | March 2017




Paarl Nande Kasi

Amsterdam Teppei Kitayama Imam Diongue

Group 01: Legend

Love For My Country Explanation “This poem and image are created for our parent’s generation. We want them to feel that migration can be a good thing for those who consider it but also a bad thing for those who migrate to a country because the people of the country can be cruel sometimes and don’t want them there because they are taking work opportunities away from people.”

Love For My Country


My country is for love

They say home is where the heart is.

To see its valleys

But where is the heart without the

So see the fields


Where reptiles caress

Millions have asked this question but with no avail to the answer.

So talk to the mountains

Difficult situations that we may face.

With baboons who are free

Skeletons in the closet that we hide

To do what they want


To see the deep of the blue sea

Nature forcing its wrath onto us.

Where all kinds of fish swim

Jealousy and limited opportunities that we seek to seize.

My country is for unity feel the millions

Migration is the word that saves us.

See their passion

It widens opportunities.

There is hope in their eyes

It puts a forever lock on these doors.

We shall celebrate

It answers questions that our forefathers have left a question mark on.

My country I would migrate

It gives new hope.

But return by faith

Shines new light. Diversity is explored because, Migration was the key.

Group 1: Legend | Love For My Country


Paarl Amber Bam

Amsterdam Elio Gebhardt Hill Simone van Oosten

Group 02: Citizens of the world

Citizens of the world Explanation “The purpose of this artwork is to encourage and push forward the positive stigma around migration. “Citizens of the world” is the key sentence of this artwork that represents the purpose which means that people belong to the world and if people choose the path of migrating then that is okay. Migration is a scary word for some people and others find it intimidating and spread negative propaganda around it, but we are all humans and each with a purpose and reason for these decisions. Migration could be because of choice, because of a family situation, because of their career, because of their political situation or to seek refuge. There are many different aspects and factors that revolve around the decision of migrating. The key sentence “Citizens of the world” displayed at the top of the artwork is supposed to represent that.”

Group 2: Citizens of the world | Citizens of the world


Paarl Yusrah Pegram

Amsterdam Tolga Gokce Mai Hasegawa Soung Ai Si

Group 03: AICSERS

Diversity Explanation ‘With this art, we want to show people that diversity can be between every country. We used our countries flags to show migration can happen between random countries and also they can influence each other about everything such as buildings, foods and even people. Judge nobody with his/ her color, nation, race. Diversity is great when you influence the people who belong to the other countries positively.’

Poem: Where as once we migrated following our food In an attempt to save our endangered race We have now evolved to migrate successfully Into outer space

Group 3: AICSERS | Diversity


Paarl Cleo Julies Thandi Kenjani

Amsterdam Haru Legouge Anna van Lier

Group 04: TBC

Into the unknown Explanation “This piece we created is an embodiment of modern migration. The first subject, which is the group of birds, is seen in the background. Birds are often symbolized as freedom and they are well-known as migrating animals. The group of people in the picture, which consists of adults and children, represents the immigrants and refugees who are traveling around to seek for shelter, help, etc. The background was taken from a paint splatter painting made up of all sorts of colours. We picked that artwork as the background because there are so many aspects in our modern society that’s linked to migration, and each of the colours represents different tones, meanings, etc. To combine all these three elements together, the migrants are traveling into the unknown (with the mix of different colours) and that there are infinite possibilities around them that could affect their lives. This artwork is a visual representation of the randomness of their journey. The group members in Amsterdam developed the image, while students in Paarl chose the lyrics of ‘The Immigrant’ by Neil Sedaka to connect to the image.”

Lyrics of “The Immigrant” by Neil Sedaka:

“It was a time when strangers were welcome here, music would play they tell me the days were sweet and clear. It was a sweeter tune and there was so much room, that people could come from everywhere.”

Group 04: TBC | Into the unknown


Paarl Reedah Shaw Octavia Matthyse

Amsterdam Rohak Roy Daniel Yeh

Group 05: The Untouchables

World of Migration Explanation “The main background of our poster is a world map. We intentionally used this map to convey it to the viewers that our map in itself represents the whole world. While making this poster we kept in mind that it should look very messy and for this reason we have used arrows running from one point to another all over the map and have placed pictures of transports such as planes, trains and ships at random points in the map. We did this so as to represent how well developed the network of communication is and how advanced the connection between different parts of the world are today. In the present day, it so easy to migrate from one place to another no matter where in the world you are and this also gives rise to some negative side effects. Migration is becoming a complicated topic nowadays due to security threats and having to monitor large masses of people are becoming more and more difficult. In order to depict this fact, we have included pictures of CCTV’s and danger signs all around the map. This explains our idea and thought process behind making this map.” At Home When I am in your home I am back to Laos after a lifetime I am in a place beyond words: Where the steam of the kitchen The smell of warm coffee The sound of a television The taste of a meal made with kindness All feel like a South-African where our Dreams come true Our memories return And everything lost is found once more Waiting with a smile, a sabaidee.

Group 5: The Untouchables | World of Migration


Paarl Annecke Davis

Amsterdam Tal Aviv Pankaj Kandel Oscar Larsen

Group 06: Amstel town

Een Nieuw Begin Explanation “This art work captures the idea of leaving a part of you behind when you migrate to a new country. From something insignificant such as a piece of furniture to something very big such as a friend, we always tend to leave something behind, even if we don’t notice.” My Migration Story Peculiar sight at the river mouth, A flock of birds flying to the south, It kind of caught me way off guard, As I headed to work in my car. A thick white frost adorned the grass, As my fowl friends flew on past, I wandered if they planned to nest, Muttering thoughts upon frosty breath. We continued toward the ice blue sky,

Till I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Bulging storm clouds behind the hills, With more toward the sea further still. My feathered friends proved quite wise. Settling for freezing cold but dry, With a howling storm in their backs, You’re better off worse than being in that.

Group 6: Amstel town | Een Nieuw Begin


Paarl Linique Hendricks

Amsterdam William Delmotte Camilah Leclère

Group 07: Butterfly girls

We are human Explanation “Our piece was a poster and this artwork is directed towards everyone. The message for those who are rich and comfortable is to show there is a struggle going on within a community that they should try to help out in; and it shows the people migrating/immigrating that we are trying to fight for their rights and freedom, this is to show them support. The artwork shows images of people who are against xenophobia, and protesting against inequality/racism. We want the audience to feel empathy towards the immigrants going through a very harsh time.”

Expectation for a Better Life I have existed In the barrios of the city In the suburbs of prejudiced In the mines of social arrogance In the prisons of depression and low spirits In the muck of exploitation And in the fierce heat of racial hatred. And now the trumpet sounds. The music of the people stirs the revolution Like a sleeping giant it slowly rears its head To the sound of tromping feet, yelling voices, Vocal choirs strain and the smell of sold Chili’s and soft brown eyes of expectation for a Better Life.

Group 7: Butterfly girls | We are human


Paarl Michaela Kok Kim-Kelly Williams

Amsterdam Ethan Florens Zhengyang Lu

Group 08: The Dabbers

Freedom Explanation “The clay models show migrant boys and local adults holding hands: a Syrian boy migrated to the Netherlands and a Dutch man helped him. Freedom means you can live your life as you please; there are no boundaries or restrictions for what you can or can’t do. With these clay models we would like to make everyone understand that they should treat foreigners with respect.” Poem The borders that divide us symbolises The fences in the community around us We are all neighbours across the world. Let’s come together, keep together and work together.

Group 8: The Dabbers | Freedom


Paarl Raquell Wildschitt Cheree Leibrandt

Amsterdam Riddhi Vyas Esmeralda Blackson Anah Hilton

Group 09: The Girls

Coloured Explanation “With our poem and image we want to reach everyone; as the theme is of global importance. We want to tell people they shouldn’t judge where someone migrated from; just listen to their story and accept their identity and heritage. We want to create awareness of the fact that migration and racism spawned from the hate of different skin color and heritage and that this is still an issue today and very much relevant.” Coloured

Migration Migration

You call us coloured But how many colours in the rainbow can you turn in different situations? Red as the blood you shed from others when you’re angry Blue as the bruises you leave on our faces when your toes get cold. You call us coloured But isn’t white a colour too? You say we’re all equal, “there’s no racism at all” But is that really true?

In wintertime, many animals move

We all come from different walks We all harbour different traditions But at the end of the day, aren’t we all just humans? Take this poem and breathe it in. Accept our differences and we all win We may have differences We may even disagree But at the end of the day it’s not “I,” it’s “we.”

To a warner place till the weather improves This yearly change of one’s location Is known as seasonal migration Birds up north fly south on the wing Returning home when it’s warm in spring Whales seek warmer waters for breeding Then later swim to cold waters for feeding When monarch butterflies feel chilly weather They fly south for 1000 miles together! Perhaps you’ve gone south to stay warm for a spell Yes, people are animals who migrate as well.

From different nations we should all unite Light the skies with our passion, ignite Acceptance is the key to understanding We should all have equality and be more demanding Love your neighbour as you love yourself If we all come together we’ll find out The things we can achieve the things we will create Unity is key and so let us now initiate. Group 09: Th GirlsI | Coloured


Paarl Kim-Lee Haupt Gaze-Leigh Crotz

Amsterdam Evan Freeman Yuki Yokota

Group 10: Printed 3D

Comparison of the houses from different cultures Explanation “The relation of this with migration is that if we migrate to another country, we have to have a place where we can live everyday. However, there are different types of houses in different cultures and we cannot choose whatever type of house. Therefore, we came up with the idea to compare the houses and see how different the houses are.”

Poem I came to this country Missing my own home Meeting new people Isn’t it hard? Getting a job Raising children Amazing chance! Trying to speak In different language Our life is never boring… New challenges every day!

Group 10: Printed 3D | Comparison of the houses from different cultures


Paarl Crachanne van Wyk

Amsterdam Timothy BumgardnerBezuidenhout Abril Croppi

Group 11: Optics

Little World Explanation “Our message about migration is that it is not a bad thing; the person that migrated could be educated, skilled or qualified. This may actually help the country this person has migrated to.�

Poem This place held me once By its crags and mountains Now only apparitions Hold me from sky In the north sky our Stars lie.

Group 11: Optics | Little World


Paarl Cayluim van Schoor

Amsterdam Nikolai Lee-Warden Liza Potemkina

Group 12: NL-SouthAfrica

Face to Face: Country to Country Explanation The artwork represents our national background and the countries we have traveled to. In the eye of each side of the face are the flags of the countries we come from, and the flags in the background show the countries we have lived in or moved to. Combined, the eyes and the background show the “frame” we see the world around us through. Why the eyebrows are those colours are to represent the colour of the flags of where we are from, the countries we moved to and the transition. Nikolai’s eyebrows are the colours white, green, black, yellow and red to represent South Africa and then white, blue and red to represent Russia. Liza’s eyebrows are white, blue and red to represent Russia and red, white and blue to represent the Netherland’s flag. What the transport vehicles represent is how we got to the countries we lived

in. Nikolai flew from Holland to South Africa and from South Africa to Russia and then back to Holland all by plane. Liza was born in Russia and came to Holland by car which is why there is a car next to her eyebrow. Finally, we share a Russian heritage, and our surnames are both Russian, which is why we have the speech bubble with our surnames written in Russian and English above the picture.

Poem How far you´ve come Run, run, run .. Run faithful one From one place to another place you move Forcefully by mind but willing by heart  In search of a better place to call home   Entering another´s place  Not knowing whether to accept you or reject you, judging by race and religion But you still stay welcomed or not  You ran, ran, ran all this way for a better place to call home  Look how far you´ve come here Look how far you´ve come to stay here

Group 12: NL-SouthAfrica | Face to Face: Country to Country


Paarl Simone Truter

Amsterdam Nicholas Catranis Azzurra Ceccarelli

Group 13: The Einsteins

Paper Ocean Explanation “We moved to the Netherlands because of our parents: Nicholas from the United States and Azzurra from Italy, to the United States and back to Italy, after that to the Netherlands. This artwork is an ocean of job application papers. We want the audience to understand why people migrated in the past and why people migrate today.”

Poem A phone call - positive and negative dads getting a new job! We’re moving to California Behind I’ll leave my friends my family, my life that I’ve built here But I look forward to making new life Starting fresh

Will they like me? Will they want to hang out with me? Millions of thought running through my head Excited but nervous and afraid I hold my breath Expect the worst but pray for the best

Group 13: The Einsteins | Paper Ocean


Paarl Robyn Sheldon

Amsterdam Bharvi Chandan Daniela Alapiessa Liam Hayes

Group 14: BDL

The World Plates Explanation “Our artwork is a menu in a big restaurant, where you can come from everywhere and you can find all types of food, so you feel welcome. We chose a menu from our home countries.”

Poem There is no envy, jealousy or hatred Between the different colours of the rainbow Because each one of us exists to make the others’ love more beautiful. Let’s reflect the colours of the rainbow because together we are the rainbow nation.

Group 14: BDL | The World Plates


Paarl John Lee Adams Andrea April

Amsterdam Rhea Trehan Tito de Rita Jacob Villet

Group 15: Faze Clan

Global Movement Explanation “The artwork that we made represents migration from each of our perspectives and that our ending point till now is the Netherlands. We have made a pedestrian stoplight where each of the pedestrians are made of different symbols from each of our countries. The colors of the stop light are red, white and blue to represent the Dutch flag.” Migration! What is migration? Migration is moving from one place to another. But why do most people migrate? To get jobs, start better lives, make memories, Or is it to hide their dark post and the ghost behind? Truth is... Everyone has their own reasons. So tell me, who are we to judge them? We are all just humans who want to make the best of our lives. Everyone wants to be happy! Just imagine a world where no one is free to make a choice. Children sad. People mad. No one has personal space, Too scared to dream, Learning no new things. So next time when you think of the word `migration´ be happy, Because migration is the reason why we know new things and feel good and free.

Group 15: Faze Clan | Global Movement


This project was created and developed by Joosje Duindam and Micaela Tettamanti.

facetofaceinternational.nl facetoface.nl@gmail.com Facebook: Face to Face Peer Education Instagram: facetoface.nl Twitter: @FacetoFaceNL

Graphic design: AylĂŠn Martinelli | aylenmartinelli@gmail.com

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Online exchange between America Africa and Europe  

This file is the work of 160 high school students from De Werkplaats in Bilthoven, Amsterdam International Community School in Amsterdam, Ne...

Online exchange between America Africa and Europe  

This file is the work of 160 high school students from De Werkplaats in Bilthoven, Amsterdam International Community School in Amsterdam, Ne...


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