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Balance Edition

Issue 15

January 2018

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Alaffia Models Balance of Success

+ Sustainability For More Transparent Beauty Industry

Pro Windsurfer Levi Siver Creates Lucid Sur-Reality On The Mountain

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Balance Music INSPO: Kenn Colt and KEVIN PARIS live fully and flow

Nita Lake Lodge Wonderland Win A Whistler Adventure Getaway!

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Issue 15 · January 2018

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In the Beginning Face the Current was created with the intention to inspire positive change in the world and enhance lives by encouraging one another to relentlessly discover, explore, question and learn from current and emerging information and perspectives. Driven by a deep-rooted love of learning, creative minds and a great appreciation for connection with other individuals who are passionate about what they do, Face the Current has quickly developed into a growing team and global community of incredible people who believe in living life to the fullest and discovering their true potential. “I find it inspiring to connect with others who are following their flow, pursuing and exploring their passions. Their energy is vibrant & contagious and there is often a lot of incredible things to learn from their life experience and the perspectives they have gained.”

Sasha Frate Founder


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BAlANCE Edition We’ve heard it’s all about balance. Balance in our lives and in the world we live. But what is balance? Finding balance may be easier said than done, right? That is why this month we are excited to examine how other individuals and companies achieve balance. We explore the notion of balancing success and sustainability with two award-winning companies. Alaffia, a leader in the natural beauty industry, discusses balancing customer requirements, the cost of going Green, and ingredients to produce effective and quality product while staying true to their mission. Then we visit with Nita Lake Lodge, a top ranking luxury boutique hotel located in Whistler, B.C. to see how they offer services and amenities that go beyond sustainable to provide a holistic, organic mountain lifestyle and retreat experience. We learn from Matt Belair, author, speaker and conscious thought leader, some philosophies from ancient wisdom to help guide balance in our modern lives. In Music we hear from global deep house Producer and DJ Kenn Colt who shares his story on living life to the fullest and his mission to inspire this feeling around the world. In our new installment of Yoga For Musicians, Woody Woodrow talks with Kevin Paris on finding flow in life and what tools he uses to step into his ‘power’ on and off stage. This month’s professional athletes literally take us to new heights with Pro Windsurfer, Levi Siver balancing the elements to create a mountain version of the sport that takes him off the waves and onto powder. Plus mountain runner, Remi Bonnet shares how he keeps his “work-life” and seasonal balance- when he’s not running to mountain peaks, he’s downhill ski-mountaineering! In health we explore the impact human consciousness has on the molecular structure of water with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s study. We also discuss how, when it comes to the ever so tantalizing substance of sugar, many find it hard to keep a balance- find out how to ‘Reduce, Don’t Use, and Recycle Your Natural Energy.’ And, when it comes to healing illness and disease, many have been looking to more natural cures. A personal story reveals the potential for balance to exist, in some cases, when we combine tools of modern medicine with the body’s own innate abilities. Our hope is that these stories of inspiration in achieving balance can help you focus your attention and energy on attaining your goals, taking productive actions and moving forward in a meaningful way. Enjoy!


Issue 15 ¡ January 2018


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fAce the current Sasha Frate

Annette Krey

Sema Garay

Coming from the hospitality industry, Annette has successfully and passionately worked in Sales & Marketing both in the United States and in Germany in different industries. A German native, she has lived in the Portland, Oregon area for almost 8 years. There she learned to love the outdoors and the green lifestyle that plays an important role in the lives of many Oregonians. As a mom of two young children a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is now a big priority for her and she teaches her children to live passionately, be openminded and to be respectful to our planet and all living things.

Founder and Editor in Chief is a perspective seeker, adventurer, and explorer. She received her Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts and continues to study a variety of subjects within and outside of the academic setting. Frate brings her personal moonshot approach to life to FtC, aiming to provide an experience for our global community where we inspire one another to stay curious, never stop exploring, and to live on-purpose and to potential.

Executive Designer Sema is the graphic designer behind the development of the image and magazine of Face the Current. He has developed a multitude of projects, including his previous job leading the Creative Department of BG Life Magazine, in Marbella, Spain. Sema is passionate about all kinds of artistic expressions, especially music and architecture.

David Aiello

Director of Marketing is an author, musician and photographer based in Portland, Oregon. He has worked with Fortune 50 companies to build their global brands but now applies his natural curiosity to exploring and documenting the world around him.

Sales Manager

Danny McGee

Photographer & Filmmaker is an adventure photographer and filmmaker based out of Colorado. For the past three years he has traveled all around the world taking photos and making films. His goal is to not only share his vision of the world, but to inspire people to get out and explore it for themselves.


CREW We are a growing team of Up-standers whose intention is to create positive change in the world, through networking, connecting, supporting and developing at an individual and global community level. We are passionate about building our network of experts and industry leaders to deliver cutting edge information to our global community. This month’s Team and Crew are based in the US, Spain, UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

David Ryan

David is a celebrity trainer in Los Angeles, California and creator of LIFTSTRONG Max Intensity Interval Training. You can get your own personalized HIIT program at Instagram: @DavidRyanFitness

Jeff Granville

Jeff Granville is a father to eight children, with six grandchildren. He’s spent most of his adult life on the personal quest and self study to explore where science, biology and spirituality merge. His professional career has been focused on the building and repair of marine pleasure crafts and he has owned and operated several marine related businesses including Granville Marine, his own boatyard where he enjoyed the patronage of some of the most amazing mentors. Jeff is also a patented inventor and constantly looking to improve on the current standard. He currently acts as a family advisor and council member at Seattle Children’s hospital and recently founded a non-profit called Mindful Presents.

Candice Paschal

has an unquenchable thirst for truth, creative expression and philanthropy, which allows her to complete projects that inspire others and challenge existing boundaries. She embraces serenity in nature through meditation and a vegan lifestyle, and believes that we are the authors of our own destinies. Candice is a business owner with her husband, a mother to twin sons and currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Instagram: @candicepaschal

Woody Woodrow

is a touring musician and yoga instructor. On and off the road he enjoys guiding others through their practice. He believes through relaxation we have no limits to what we can accomplish. Woody is a 200hr RYT and a Strala guide having trained with his friend and mentor Tara Stiles. Music is naturally an important part of his practice and his classroom setting reflects just that. Instagram: @woodywoodrow

Danae Maree

brings a diverse background to Personal Training and Health, with a Bachelor of Education (teaching), majoring in Physical education, 4 years of competitive Ballroom dancing, 2 years of competing as a Fitness Model, and various studies in nutrition, coaching, and wellness. In my 2 years of competing as a Fitness model, I achieved Pro status with the UFE after winning the Australian Fitness Model Overall Category in Sydney with ANB and also travelling to Canada to compete with their Pro division. Since then, I have chosen to focus on continuing to inspire others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle by building my Personal training business and also working within schools to actively promote the health message in a way that resonates with our Youth and community. Instagram: @danae_maree

Matthew Belair

is the author of the best selling book Zen Athlete and the host of the top-rated Matt Belair podcast. He is an explorer of the mind and world and has trained with 34th generation Shaolin Masters in China, studied meditation with monks in Nepal and survived a near-death experience trekking Mount Everest just to name a few of his accomplishments. He is dedicated to teaching others how to expand their consciousness, connect with spirit and bring more awareness, love and kindness to the planet.


CONTENT Issue 15 · January 2018

COVER stories

Alaffia Models Balance of Success + Sustainability For More Transparent Beauty Industry 44

PRO WINDSURFER LEVI SIVER BLENDS TWO WORLDS. Creates “Lucid Reality” On The Mountain 72


Win A Whistler Adventure Getaway! 10




‘Here for a good time, not for a long time! 56

YOGA FOR MUSICIANS: Featuring Kevin Paris. Balancing Mind And Body With Music & Yoga 64

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Balance 38

JANUARY CONTENT 10. Nita Lake Lodge Wonderland Getaway




18. FtC Travel Connection 32. Tree Tribe 34. Grow from Nature 38. Ancient Wisdom For Modern Balance




44. Alaffia Models Balance of Success + Sustainability For More Transparent Beauty Industry 50. Lemur Bags 52. Butzi. How to Become a Creative Thinker 56. Kenn Colt- ‘Here for a good time, not for a long time!



64. Yoga For Musicians: Featuring Kevin Paris. Balancing Mind And Body With Music And Yoga 70. The Most Sophisticated House Music 74. Pro Windsurfer Levi Siver Blends Two Worlds. Creates “Lucid Reality” On The Mountain

s rt s o sp nes it &f

82. Aloha for People 84. For The Love Of Mountains: Remi Bonnet Chases Peak After Peak 90. New Year Catalyst. Burpee Challenge by David Ryan Fitness 84. As Within, So Without: How Our Spaces Reflect And Impact Who We Are


th al

102. New Year Sugar Detox: Reduce, Or Don’t Use, And Recycle Your Natural Energy! 110. Modern Medicine & Innate Healing In Harmony. A Personal Account Of Our Healing Potential


Win an AMAZING Spring Skiing Getaway in Whistler

FtC fAce the current



10. Nita Lake Lodge Wonderland Getaway 18. FtC Travel Connection 32. Tree Tribe 34. Grow from Nature FACE the CURRENT MAGAZINE

Sunn mount y patios ain top , groom beautifully ed alp ine run l o n ge r s, days a nd mil tempe d r a t u re s – spr skiing in has it all! EN g NOW TER fo r a sprin a chance to win g skiin g ge t a way to Wh istler fo r t w o.

! E Z I R P granD

portation s n a r t d n u o ge flights & gr ita Lake Lod N • Roundtrip t a n io t a accommod ts • 5 nights’ mb lift ticke o c k c la B r le ist • 2-day Wh r Ziplines tou • Superfly tour with o b m o c e il b owmo • ATV & sn ilderness Adventures Canadian W Throwing e x A r d e g r o Café Whistle wing at F n o a r b h r t U e x G A B • to t certificate if g g in in d 0 • $10

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*Contest Period

The Contest is open from Monday, January 1, 2018 at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (“PST”) to Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 11:59 AM PST


Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

FtC travel

Nita Lake Lodge Wonderland Getaway Whistler, B.C.’s Only Lakeside Resort By Sasha Frate in Partnership with Nita Lake Lodge For years, Whistler, B.C. has maintained its top ranking status as best getaway, best all around, best dining and several more award-winning features. It is also renowned for having some of the top resort hotels in the world, and we recently visited one of them to share the experience with you. A true wonderland, Nita Lake Lodge is Whistler’s  only lakeside resort and gives a whole new meaning to all-inclusive that will make you want to extend your stay to discover it all. You never really have to leave the Lodge on anything other than foot or bike- Nita Lake Lodge offers everything, including complimentary amenities for your daily adventures. You may not want to stay far either. This luxurious boutique Lodge is true green, organic living with wellness retreat amenities in sustainable Spa and their own on-site yoga studio, plus farm to table and rooftop garden sourced food and beverage prepared by talented in-house gourmet chefs. Top rated by Travel + Leisure’s “World’s Best” Awards, we have to agree that Nita Lake Lodge is pure excellence all around. We invite you to explore some of the wonder with us, and then, discover it for yourself!



food & drink scene There are plenty of options right on the property for food and beverage, from casual and cozy, to fine dining, everything is farm to table and house made- you might even catch a chef on the rooftop garden grabbing ingredients and garnishes for your meals! Start your morning with a gourmet latte, tea, or superfood smoothies and fresh pressed juices at the locals’ favorite Fix Café. You might even feel like you’re walking into rustic Italy or France if you indulge in the breads and pastries (gluten free options available), or an afternoon gelato in the summertime- all made by in-house pastry chefs! Fix Café has a nice selection of takeaway items as well so you can pack a ‘picnic’ or snack for out on the trails and slopes, or simply to enjoy back at your suite.

Fix Café


CURE Lounge & Patio The CURE Lounge and Patio has a rustic luxury mountain lodge feel that is both cozy and sophisticated. Warm up by the fire, hang out at the bar, or sit by the window to enjoy the lake view while you sample from their farm-fresh beverage, Aprés, or dinner menu. Aura restaurant We were excited to join Aura Restaurant for their newly launched space that recently had a fresh redesign by award-winning architects Scott & Scott and interior designer Carolyn Scholz, creating a beautiful extension of the modern styling used throughout CURE Lounge & Patio. The experience is truly exquisite with unparalleled service and seasonal menu prepared by renowned Executive Chef, James Olberg that features farm fresh and Nita’s rooftop garden ingredients, sustainably sourced seafood, and free range meats. The newly redesigned space allows you to cozy up at your table or sit at the open bar to experience their chefs in action.

CURE Lounge

With house cut meats, homemade preserves and local cheeses, Nita’s food philosophy includes honest, seasonal ingredients from small, local artisan farms to create flavorful, rustic dishes from scratch.



Aura Restaurant

SUITES Coined as “Whistler’s best kept secret,” Nita Lake Lodge offers mountain comfort and luxury with spacious, beautifully designed rooms and optional scenic lake views. All suites are equipped with kingsized beds, a double soaker tub, glassenclosed rain shower and a comfortable seating area with a basalt gas fireplace and range from the 500 square foot studio suite or 1-2 bedroom suites up to 1,060 sqft on up to the unique larger sized private suites. The Rainforest Suite, though without a lake view, it comes with a Whistler Mountain view and features its own private elevator entry. A larger suite of 1,415 sqft, this is a perfect choice for a romantic getaway or special small party gathering. The largest, one of a kind “presidential” type of suite is their Glade Suite that spreads out over two floors and overlooks Whistler Mountain and Creekside Gondola. Featured: One bedroom lakeview suite.


ACTIVITIES Whistler is an adventure capital of the world! There is a virtually endless array of activities that you can enjoy, and many are just one step out the door from the Lodge. Nestled among forested trails and along the beautiful, glacier-fed Nita Lake and the extensive paved Valley Trail, which literally runs right through the Lodge and connects all of Whistler’s neighborhoods, lakes, viewpoints and picnic spots over the span of 40km. The lake freezes up in winter, and many people take to the ice to skate or play hockey. Tempted to hit the ice for some skating, it had just frozen over during our stay, so we played safe and took advantage of Nita’s complimentary snowshoe rental instead to get out for a sunset on a clear-skied evening to enjoy the mountain landscape views and work up our appetite for our dinner, inaugurating the new opening of Aura restaurant. Nita offers complimentary seasonal gear rental for you to get outdoors with everything from bicycles and canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards to bicycles (fat bikes for snow in winter) and snowshoes. Just BYOski or board or rent at the mountain! If you really want the classic winter ice skate experience during your visit and the lake is not frozen, you can also skate the free ice rink at the Whistler Olympic Plaza starting December 9th. Nita Lake Lodge has close proximity to more than just the trails and nearby lakes. It’s also walking distance to the Creekside Gondola that sits at the base of Whistler Mountain. If you want to visit Whistler’s infamous Upper or Lower Villages, it’s just a quick 5-minute shuttle ride from the Lodge. Or if you prefer the longer, more adventurous route, you can make your way over by ski/snowboard by taking Creekside Gondola up the mountain ski/board down and over!



Take a hike! The Whistler Valley Trail is paved, which is great for rollerblading, running, cycling and more, but sometimes we want a little dirt on our shoes, right? There are plenty of unpaved trails to explore, with many offering beautiful scenery and sights to see such as waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and mountains of course! Visit The Award Winning Certified Sustainable Spa

Named as one of the Top 20 Spas in the World by Conde Nast Traveler, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to turn your getaway into a wellness retreat. Restore your mind and body with signature treatments such as the Kundalini massage, a Nita signature facial, rejuvenating body scrub, or relax and revitalize in the eucalyptus steam room. The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge is also a certified sustainable spa and uses organic and sustainably sourced products.


On Site Yoga Studio: Loka Yoga “The Practice Of The Wild” Balance your adventures with centering mind and body. Restore and renew with the incredible benefits of yoga. Loka Yoga studio is conveniently located on site and offers a variety of classes from early morning into the evening that include kriya, vinyasa, ashtanga, jivamukti, and restorative yin. Established in 2008, they’ve partnered with local First Nation’s elders and incorporate teachings from the Ashtanga & Jivamukti Yoga methods. Loka Yoga is also certified by Manju P. Jois as an Academy of Ashtanga Yoga and are an affiliated Jivamukti Yoga School in Whister, British Columbia, Canada.

Microfiber mat and apparel

Welly Bottle

Adorn & Diffuse bracelet WATCH VIDEO:




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This Getaway’s Gear Essentials Keep the connection to nature with these gear essentials for your travels and adventures.

Look good without sacrificing comfort and quality with some of the most sustainable apparel and gear out there. prAna goes beyond premium sustainable apparel it’s a #sustainableclothingmovement that inspires far off places, people, and stories that need telling. prAna’s roots may be in California, but their positive impact is global. They’ve adopted sustainable measures that some may not even knew existed - like Polybag Reduction, bluesign®, Responsible Down and all their cotton is now 100% Organic!

Because traveling with a reusable water bottle and thermos is not only convenient, it also supports global efforts to reduce plastic bottle waste. Since the airport liquid ban took effect, a decade later in 2016 it was reported that 140 million tons of bottled drinks are seized annually by airport security. Welly takes it a step further with their bottles, with a multi-purpose functionality that gives you the option to use your bottle for cold water or brewing coffee or tea. It keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12, so you can insulate or infuse, and enjoy! The exterior of the bottle is made from sustainably harvested bamboo, but there’s more. Welly pays it forward with every bottle purchased. “Buy a bottle, build a well. Every bottle sold gives clean water to people in need around the world.”

Since the airport liquid ban took effect, a decade later in 2016 it was reported that 140 million tons of bottled drinks are seized annually by airport security.

Welly Bottle

Adorn & Diffuse From the casual, beautiful mala bead bracelets to the more formal look of stainless steel bracelets and necklaces, you can wear and diffuse your favorite essential oil anywhere you go. Adorn & Diffuse also pays it forward with every purchase, supporting causes that include research for curing disease and illness, rescued pet adoptions, and youth camp programming. Red Coral along with natural Wood beads are a beautiful combination.The muted Red Suede Tassel holds your Essential Oils. We kept it woodsy on this trip with Juniper Ridge’s ‘Redwood Mist.’

ymore info:


FtC travel

FtC Travel Connection Wanderlusters, Adventurers, Explorers, and Travel Photographers –‘Sharing Our Stories’ ftc travel connection

Mario Pfahl PLACE I Call Home: Germany @mariopfahl

Where To Go In 2018- Top 3 Picks SOUTH TYROL South Tyrol is located in northern Italy, directly at the foot of the majestic Dolomites, and this is exactly the reason why I love this area so much. For the first half of a day you can have a good time hiking beneath mountainscapes along lakes such as the “Lago di Carezza” or the “Lago di Braies,” while enjoying a view on the enormous Dolomites. Later on you can savor precious Italian food… the best pizza or pasta? It’s exactly what you’ll need and crave after an intense hike. Particularly characteristic for this area is that almost everywhere you are, you can take a rest and enjoy the view of the Dolomites that peak to 3.343 meters high and never fail to amaze!



ftC fAce the current

travel connection


ftC fAce the current

travel connection

ftC fAce the current

travel connection 20

Tourism in Cuba isn’t quite up to date with the rest of the world, but if you’re in Trinidad, make SURE you find Yaseel and have him take you on a $10, 6-hour horseback ride through some of the most beautiful terrain you’ll ever see in your entire life. (Experience NOT required).


VALLE MAGGIA Have you ever been to a place where it felt like you were set back in time hundreds of years? Valle Maggia is a magical region in southern Switzerland, and it has a breathtaking landscape to fall for. Driving along the narrow roads will lead your way through cozy old villages with houses that are traditionally, completely made of stone in order to resist the mountain winds. The green landscape combined with the mountain scenery in the background and this magical architecture create an unrivaled experience. Premium spots such as the “Valle Verzasca” or many mountain lakes, such as the “Robiei” will astonish you again and again.


ftC fAce the current

travel connection



ICELAND My most favorite place on earth is without a doubt- Iceland. While driving along the roads with your camper, one moment you feel like you ended up in a green and vital area of moss that has grown for hundreds of years, and in just a blink of an eye later you find yourself in a dark and threatening looking area that is marked due to recent volcano eruptions. Where else on this planet can you hike on glaciers, walk along the edge of a volcanic crater, enjoy the sunrays at a black sand beach while watching seals, and stroll through a green moss landscape feeding wild horses? And all this in only one day? This is Iceland.




WHERE I AM HEADING IN 2018: In 2018 my girlfriend, who is my best travel buddy at the same time, and I will have finished with our Master Degree studies. Before starting with a new job we want to collect experiences abroad and explore our beautiful planet. We have already planned to do a trip in Norway with our camper, which should be a great northern experience. We are also planning to visit South America and travel through countries such as Peru and Chile- countries full of varying landscapes such as glaciers, mountains, rain forests, and deserts. Everything appears to be possible in these countries and we want to explore it! If there is enough time and money we are also planning to visit Asia for its beautiful landscapes as well. You would see why if you look at what landscapes like Vietnam provide. One thing is for certain: 2018 will be an awesome year and I am looking forward to share the landscapes that I explore with people on my Instagram!

ftC fAce the current

travel connection


FtC travel

ftc travel connection

Kristin Addis PLACE I Call Home: California Instagram: @bemytravelmuse

Where To Go In 2018- Top 3 Picks MOZAMBIQUE Confession: As a solo female traveler who has been on the road alone for more than 5 years, I still get nervous before traveling solo, almost every single time. Mozambique was a country that I had originally planned to travel to with someone, and as life would have it, it did not work out and he pulled out at the last minute. I decided to go ahead anyway. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. I scuba dived in Tofo and encountered a beautiful whale shark, made a crew of friends and dug a giant hole on the beach, spent an amazing Thanksgiving with the same group of people, and saw the most breathtaking shades of blue on the beach in Vilanculos. I felt safe the entire time there, and there was not a single moment when I felt lonely, thanks to the beautiful people, both locals and fellow travelers, who made my Mozambique experience an unforgettable one. The country is probably off the radar of many solo travelers, and frankly it is a pain to travel through, but I cannot recommend discovering Mozambique solo enough.



ftC fAce the current

travel connection


ICELAND Iceland is a land of extremes - extreme weather, extreme landscapes, and extreme beauty. The way that the country changes constantly as one drives through is mind-boggling, and there are so many waterfalls that it’s pointless to try to count them all. Even though Iceland is well on the tourist trail these days, that doesn’t mean you can’t get plenty of amazing experiences and sights all to yourself. I drove through the Golden Circle, and was rewarded with several lakes, waterfalls, geothermal fields, national parks, and the adorable Icelandic horses – all of which I covered in 48 hours! Camping in Iceland is an equally amazing experience. Go in the autumn, and be ready to set foot in Narnia as the Northern Lights show up in the skies.



ftC fAce the current

travel connection


PATAGONIA My fellow hiking enthusiasts, Patagonia is for you. Though the weather is crazy, the region is remote, and trails can be rough, it’s one of the most impressive places to do long-term treks thanks to all of the crazy rock formations and glaciers. I’ve never seen landscape that incredible and wild. I spent 2 months in Patagonia, hopping between Argentina and Chile, and I don’t even know how many glaciers and waterfalls I must have seen during that time. I stopped counting. That’s how incredible the scenery in Patagonia is. I saw the most incredible hanging glaciers, completed the toughest and most rewarding hike of my life, the Huemul Circuit, walked on glaciers, and hitchhiked my way around. The best part about Patagonia is that it is possible to pick and choose what you want to see, and maximize your time from a week to a month there.



ftC fAce the current

travel connection


Tree Tribe is an outdoor lifest yle brand that plants 1 0 trees on every sale .



ly d n ie r f o c e e k a m e W , s ie r o s s e c c a d n a g in h t clo o t n io s is m a n o e and ar s e e r t f o s n o li il m t n pla and make a positive . ld r o w e h t n o t c a p im

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“Globally Conscious” A brand that can grow from nature

This fancy High quality Cork Clutch is perfect for everyday use or for a night out. It has an amazing smooth and soft texture, it’s highly durable, slim and extremely light.



Cer r i s To te Dark


V i bra n t S e a Co l l ec t i o n Anchor Necklace


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Tri b al Co llection Locked Bracelet


Urb an i i Me n’s Wal l e t Brown


Cast a n ea Cro ssbo dy Squares


Mo r i i Co nver t ib le B a c k pa c k , Crossbody Handbag Blue




culture fAce the current

38. Ancient Wisdom For Modern Balance 44. Alaffia Models A Balance Of Success, Sustainability + Fair Trade For a More Transparent Beauty Industry 50. Lemur 52. Butzi 36 FACE the CURRENT MAGAZINE

The Delegate Program:

Exploring the Connected Universe is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the field of unified physics. This course explores core concepts of the holographic perspective and unified field model; current and emerging views in physics; historical roots of modern physics; and the critical shift in worldview that unified physics advances, both in consciousness and technological innovation.

Delegate Program


FREE to explore:

JOIN THE DELEGATE PROGRAM & JOIN US IN PERU For 2nd Annual Gathering In 2018


FtC culture

Ancient Wisdom For

Modern Balance By Matt Belair The alarm goes off, and slowly you wake from your slumber and your conscious mind begins to come online.You put your feet on the floor and as you walk to the bathroom the days to-do list begins to permeate your thoughts. By the time you’re in the kitchen drinking your morning coffee you can already feel the weight of all the things that need to be done for the day, week, month, or more. We live in a world where we can access infinite information, and technology takes giant leaps every year. With new and exciting science in health, brainwave entertainment, information sharing, and applications to improve our lives, technology can be an aid to improve ourselves, or- an endless distraction. If you are alive today it is easy to experience information overload and it is easier than ever to find yourself out of balance. In this article you’ll discover ways that you can use the ancient wisdom of the Buddhist 8-fold path and how it’s simplicity and genius can be applied to your life to feel more peace, joy, and harmony. Let’s explore one at a time and discover how the concepts or principles can be applied to your life today.



Right View Right view is the idea of complete understanding. It aims to empower us with the ability to see through the illusion of all information received. This invites us to see the connected view of stories and information and get to the heart and truth of the matter. We can apply this knowledge through compassionate and non judgemental listening while trusting our intuition and instincts to decipher the truth.


Although our minds seem to be going on auto pilot and we can’t control the thoughts that enter our conscious awareness, we can always control our intention.



Right Thought Since we live in a time that is increasingly complicated and changing dramatically, and we are processing more information than ever before, understanding and managing thought is critical. Right thought can also be interpreted as right determination, right differentiation, right awareness, or right intention. Although our minds seem to be going on auto pilot and we can’t control the thoughts that enter our conscious awareness, we can always control our intention. When we can become conscious of and eliminate what the Buddhists call the three poisons of greed, anger and ignorance we naturally come into balance and presence. With the intention of coming into peace, balance and harmony within yourself and your environment, combined with determination, you’ll train yourself to be in this state naturally.

Right Speech

Right Action

Right Livelihood

Abracadabra means “With my word I create.” The power of word is greatly underestimated in today’s society, and many ancient cultures teach us that word is a powerful force to be used wisely. If you can control your words, you can control your reality. The four kinds of right speech in Buddhism are words of truth, compassion, praise, and altruism. When we make a definite and firm commitment within ourselves to only speak words of this nature to ourselves and others, we empower ourselves to create our reality and live more within natural law.

Right action is behaviour that is right and in accord with the truth. It is wholesome in nature. This first and foremost should be applied to ourselves. What actions are you taking in order to honour your body? What foods are you eating? Are you learning, growing and experiencing joy in your life? When we look at our practices and actions it is easy to see if we are loving and taking care of ourselves. When we can do this we can ensure we are taking right action within our families, our communities, and our world.

Right Livelihood refers to the right job, occupation, or way to make a living. Having a moral profession in life is extremely important because most suffering, illusions, or bad karma come from doing things that harm others and ourselves. This can be a touchy subject if you’ve got a high paying job that doesn’t necessarily serve others but affords you a way of life. Although it can be a challenge to make a shift, many people on the planet could come into a more balanced, harmonious, and fulfilling existence if they pivoted perspective from perusing the bottom line to being of service, because nature and spirit are co-operative.

Right Effort This is also known as right diligence and caring for Dharma, which is the principle of ‘cosmic order.’ With endless distractions and options, this principle simply suggests that we move in the direction of truth with courage and diligence. We all have an internal compass, and unfortunately many people push the mute button. When we begin to compromise what we know is right, little by little we lose our integrity. This causes internal distress and imbalance. Listening to your inner knowing and having the courage toward what is right will bring you into harmony and balance naturally.



In order for us to come into balance and harmony we must have the ability to distinguish our thoughts from others, to clear our mind, to connect with ourselves and the path that we choose.




Right Mindfulness This is known as true contemplation. Furthermore, it is honest contemplation on the right path, whatever that means for you. This principle is paramount because those who do not stop, think, and contemplate are victims to the will of their environment and external forces. They lose the steering of their ship and get taken anywhere the current decides. In order for us to come into balance and harmony we must have the ability to distinguish our thoughts from others,

to clear our mind, to connect with ourselves and the path that we choose. Until you understand right mindfulness, you may be doomed to be swept along with the current your entire life. It is the cornerstone for self understanding. When you know who you are, what your path is, and surrender to the ocean, you can navigate a storm and clear waters with the same level of balance and inner knowing.


Living in balance is a simple practice but it must be put before all external forces. This is what separates the master and the seeker from the average person. They do not require special abilities- they make a firm commitment to pursue the truth within themselves and honour their inner knowing to continually move forward with right effort, to be courageous, and not to compromise on what they know is wrong.


Right Concentration Right concentration is similar to right mindfulness except that it invites you to explore your inner capacity. Right concentration teaches you that you can control your body and its restless nature. It offers the path to inner peace by simply looking within, and cutting through illusion so that you can reveal your true self. Put in another way, the true self is always in balance and harmony. The mind full of illusion, stories, judgements, etc. creates stress within the body and life. If we can connect to our true nature, the mind and illusion have less power to affect our emotional states. Now, more than ever, it is absolutely critical that each and every person on the planet knows how to quiet the mind and connect with their true selves. From this space we can discern

the truth, connect with harmony and divine nature. This will lead us naturally to a life of peace and balance. The application of the 8-fold path to our daily life is practical, powerful and simple. In an overcomplicated, over-stimulated society, I invite you to explore these principles and see where you can apply one or all of them today. The path to peace and balance will always be found and realized within. When we allow our external agendas, tasks, goals, and expectations to guide our lives, naturally we compromise in other areas of our life such as health, relationships, and work, and we create discord within ourselves. Living in balance is a simple practice but it must be put before all external

forces. This is what separates the master and the seeker from the average person. They do not require special abilities- they make a firm commitment to pursue the truth within themselves and honour their inner knowing to continually move forward with right effort, to be courageous, and not to compromise on what they know is wrong. Ancient wisdom is timeless, because it resonates with truth. It is not complicated, but very few have the courage to walk the path. For those who do, the rewards are many, and balance and mastery are inevitable!

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Alaffia Models A Balance Of Success, Sustainability + Fair Trade For a More Transparent Beauty Industry By David Aiello in partnership with Alaffia It’s hard to talk about body, face, and hair care products without talking about the burgeoning natural product category. Due to lifestyle shifts that have been driven in part by expanding wellness education, current health concerns and environmental awareness, consumers are now demanding to know where their products come from and what exactly they are made of. Balancing customer requirements, price, sourcing materials, and producing a safe, effective product is not an easy or inexpensive task. With this in mind, we take a look at the natural care product industry with Daya Fields, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at Alaffia, and beauty industry veteran, to further understand the movement away from chemical-filled cosmetics to plant-based alternatives.



ALAFFIA: A TRUE PIONEER IN THE LAND-TO-WHOLE BODY MOVEMENT Both Olowo-n’djo Tchala from Togo, West Africa, and Prairie Rose Hyde from rural Washington State, were raised by parents who shied away from processed foods and synthetic materials. It was second nature to them to grow much of the food they consumed and handcraft their own personal care necessities. In 1996, Olowo-n’djo met and fell

in love with Peace Corps Volunteer, Prairie, while she worked in Togo. After her service ended, the couple moved to the United States with a shared goal—start a business and use it as a means to help alleviate poverty throughout West Africa. With their learned “ground to shelf” values, it only made sense to implement these practices when they

looked to create a business of their own. In 2004, they formed Alaffia, an organization whose mission is to produce ethically sourced and manufactured personal care products. With their common upbringing, as well as, the opportunity to create a fair trade model in Togo via exports, it was a marriage of two ideas that continue to have a global impact.

Olowo-n’djo Tchala and Prairie Rose Hyde, pictured here, formed Alaffia in 2004 to produce ethically sourced and manufactured personal care products. Photo: Ben Moon


NATURAL VS.TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS With additives like parabens, synthetic colors, and phthalates in many skin care products, it’s no wonder companies like Alaffia are finding success by offering alternatives. A recent study by Kline Research reveals consumers are choosing to pay more for products that are natural or that they “perceive to be natural.” Indeed, a report from Grand View Research indicates the natural and organic personal care industry is on track to be worth $25.1 billion by 2025. Interestingly, the growth in this market has come from smaller producers like Alaffia, at

the expense of larger manufacturers who have been slow to innovate and react to this growing consumer preference. It’s hard to believe that additives like parabens and phthalates, found to be endocrine disruptors linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, are still being used in the production of cosmetics. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, revealed in a recent study how a short break from certain skincare products made with chemical ingredients can result in a significant

drop in levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals. Alaffia’s Authentic African Black Soap is made from a centuries-old recipe of handcrafted shea butter and West African palm oil†. Black soap is known by its Yoruba name, Ossé Dudu. Dudu means “black,” which comes from extensive cooking of the soap to the point of charcoal. Many cultures in West Africa use charcoal to detoxify and purify the skin.

Alaffia’s Authentic African Black Soap is made from a centuries-old recipe of handcrafted shea butter and West African palm oil†. Black soap is known by its Yoruba name, Ossé Dudu. Dudu means “black,” which comes from extensive cooking of the soap to the point of charcoal. Many cultures in West Africa use charcoal to detoxify and purify the skin.



CONSUMERS DEMAND GREATER TRANSPARENCY “Because of shocking and undeniable findings like this, we know our consumers have a real desire to learn about the ingredients in our products,” explains Fields “At Alaffia, we educate consumers and retailers through conventional methods, social media channels, as well as through product storytelling and statistics on the benefits of going chemical free. As an example, our website has a tab for Alaffia’s Made Safe (Made with Safe Ingredients™) certification. This is a third-party certification database that lists ingredients that are safe, meaning they are not known or suspected to cause harm to human health. It’s a transparent tool for the public to discern whether or not a product is as ‘natural’ and ‘safe’ as a company reports. It also educates consumers on the specific ingredients we use here at Alaffia.” Surprisingly, at least in the United States, body care products are subject to little regulation. So what actually constitutes “natural” and “safe?”

Fields acknowledges that currently there is not a legal definition for the word “natural.” However, she is quick to point out that when the term is used, “it must not be misleading or misrepresent the product it refers to.” Consumers must do their homework. “If a consumer is interested in ‘natural products,’ they should always develop a relationship with the brand they are considering.” In May of 2017, US Senator Dianne Feinstein, introduced the Personal Care Products Safety Act, a bill to strengthen regulation of ingredients in personal care products. In her testimony to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Feinstein said, “There is increasing evidence that certain ingredients in personal care products are linked to a range of health concerns, ranging from reproductive issues, such as fertility problems and miscarriage, to cancer.”

Both organizations and individual consumers must keep the personal care industry accountable. Fields notes that while it is true that selfcare regulation is limited, a number of certification programs exist to ensure safe and ethical products are produced. “For example, Alaffia is certified Fair for Life, Made Safe, and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We also have NonGMO certified ingredients and all of our products undergo strict quality control evaluations, including batch analysis microbial testing.”

But until meaningful regulation is passed, the personal care product industry must regulate itself.


THE COST OF GOING GREEN With more and more consumers realizing the benefits of natural personal care products, the question becomes, is the market growth sustainable? Some analysts point out issues like higher costs and shorter shelf life could prevent the movement from catching on with the majority of users. It’s true that natural ingredients are perishable so manufacturing is very much like food processing. And through time and use the formula changes. There is nothing wrong with the products, it’s just a result of being synthetic-free. When using natural products, consumers should absolutely expect variation in scent, color and texture. The personal care product industry has used synthetic ingredients for decades to extend shelf-life, keep formula texture and colors looking “perfect,” the scent artificially fragranced, and costs to manufacture as low as possible. However, Fields indicates that going green does not have to be costly. She



points out that natural products are as varied as conventional options. This means there are value lines as well as premium lines available to consumers seeking natural products. “Alaffia offers product collections ranging from value-conscious to mid-tier. However, if consumers have specific ingredient preferences, preferences based on geographical sourcing and how those ingredients are extracted and/or manufactured, they should absolutely, without a doubt, expect to pay more for products from companies that can guarantee these requirements.” Fields also points out other factors that can impact natural product pricing. She says, “Generally speaking, our overall pricing ideology highly reflects Fair Trade (trade in which fair to premium prices are paid to producers in developing or underdeveloped countries so as to not take advantage of their labor and natural resources), which is different from a traditional business model (selling the cheapest ingredients at

the highest price).” Paying a bit more for fair trade and sustainability practices seems to be acceptable to conscious consumers. According to a 2017 study by the NDP Group, these consumers are largely made up of younger millennials (18-25) who are concerned with environmental issues and are already familiar with the principles of natural ingredients, and an older generation (40+) focused on identified health concerns, benefits and maintenance. Fields indicates that as part of their purchasing decisions, this group seeks out companies with similar values to their own. “They demand transparency and business integrity. With this in mind, coupled with their personal daily commitment to healthy life choices, in every way they possibly can, these individuals have a growing conviction to avoid unknown chemicals.”

IT’S GOOD BUSINESS The personal care products industry is taking notice of niche marketers like Alaffia, with companies looking to expand their own natural product lines or acquire smaller rivals. And to the benefit of consumers, natural care products are now available at more and more outlets. Mass retailers such as Target, CVS and Nordstrom are executing and expanding their natural beauty sections. Companies like Alaffia welcome the expanded availability, especially if those distribution channels

promote a corporate strategy of transparency and diversity among the manufacturers they carry. For example, it’s imperative these channels offer access to brands that are mission driven and value based, from socially conscious organizations, that deliver price and ingredient options for natural lifestyle product consumers. Fields notes, “One of our key areas of focus in marketing is to be as transparent as possible with our consumers. It’s why we dedicate

a large portion of our budget to educating consumers on where and how Alaffia’s ingredients are sourced, which ingredients each product uses and why, as well as, the social enterprise impact of their purchase. Our goal is to encourage other companies to strive for safer, more ethical products, and if larger manufacturers are going to be making those efforts as well, there will be global economic, health, environmental and social benefits.”

“It’s a global movement towards awareness, better health, and advancements in consumer products,” Fields adds. “Decades ago, consumers demanded and achieved the elimination of product testing on animals. Much like that movement, the shift to natural care products is part of the ongoing realization that many of the things we grew up with, and repurchase without active engagement, now require pause, further inspection and inquisition.”

THE BOTTOM LINE While analysts still question whether the natural personal care product market will continue its expansion, most agree it is here to stay. The lasting benefit may be that established companies will follow the lead of new niche competitors and provide this growing conscious consumer base with products containing a short list

of ingredients and more transparency about their origins. “It’s a global movement toward awareness, better health, and advancements in consumer products,” Fields adds. “Decades ago, consumers demanded and achieved the elimination of product testing on animals. Much like that movement,

the shift to natural care products is part of the ongoing realization that many of the things we grew up with, and repurchase without active engagement, now require pause, further inspection and inquisition.”

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LEMUR BAGS Lemurs are a small primate native to the island of Madagascar. These adorable little creatures are one of the most endangered animals on Earth due to illegal deforestation, and desperately need our help.

15% of all profits from Lemur Bags go straight to organizations supporting lemur conservation projects in Madagascar.



WHAT’S UP WITH LEMURS? Lemurs are a small primate found only on their native island of Madagascar. These adorable little creatures are one of the most endangered animals on Earth thanks to illegal deforestation, and are in desperate need of our help. By purchasing a Lemur Bag, you are helping to keep them from becoming extinct. We donate a significant portion of our profits to organizations that work hard to keep lemurs alive and well.

WHO ARE LEMUR BAGS? When we discovered that lemurs are in grave danger of becoming extinct, we knew we wanted to help in whatever way possible. We decided to create a new line of bags that not only look great but will last for years, and donate a significant portion of our profits toward conservation efforts to keep these amazing creatures off the “extinct” list. We only work with good companies who use responsible and environmentally friendly business practices, and will accept no less. We will always be 100% transparent about where your money is going and will keep an updated list of the organizations we’re working with on this website. We thoroughly evaluate each company we donate to, to make sure your (and our!) money and resources are being spent in the best way possible.

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Learn from Butzi, creativity expert, TEDx speaker and author as he shares his experience as a magician and actor to help you be more creative. With an extensive background performing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, creating illusions, acting appearances on French television, and teaching all around the world, Butzi has designed this unique course just for you.

r e k n i h t e v i t a e r c a e m o c e b o t how

Whether you work in a company or are an artist, whether you are a total beginner or already in the creative game, this course will help you develop your creative abilities.

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The Complete Creativity Course

Learn to express yourself and generate incredible ideas 25 videos including 17 lessons with practical tools Interviews with painters, photographers, clown and improvisation teachers, composers and entrepreneurs. Bonuses teaching you magic!


In this course, I have put everything I know, I have learned and experienced over the last 10 years. It is way more than time and money that you save, it is the power of creating the life you want.

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It`s rather difficult to say clearly to which family of musical instruments GUDA belongs to. The instrument itself is quite young, and it does not stop its process of transformation in its sounding. Technologically GUDA consists of two connected metal hemispheres made of stainless steel sheet 1.2 mm thick. The earlier production of GUDA models were made of high-carbon steel.

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FtC fAce the current

56. 64. 70. 54


Kenn Colt- ‘Here for a good time, not for a long time! Yoga For Musicians: Featuring Kevin Paris. Balancing Mind And Body With Music and Yoga the most sophisticated house music


In the center of the upper hemisphere is positioned 8 cm opening which serves to increase the sound volume.

Semicircular reeds, located on the upper hemisphere, serve as the source of vibrations and sound. The lower hemisphere has no openings

and serves to reinforce the resonance. While playing the GUDA you can find an interesting acoustic effect – one reed of the instrument produces two notes. In addition to the main tone, the reed performs additional sound one octave above. Thus, when you are playing the GUDA, to the characteristic “belfry”

sounding of reed instrument, a kind of “steel pan” overtone is added. As a consequence, GUDA performs more complex timbre, as well as the volumetric and brighter sound. Also another interesting point is the use of harmonics while playing, which are extracted when struck just below the melodic lobe.

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Kenn Colt

“Here for a good time, not for a long time!” Dedicated To Spreading Positive Vibes & Celebrating Life Through Music Interview By Sasha Frate Kenneth Claes, known professionally as Kenn Colt, is a Belgian music producer and DJ specializing in commercial deep house. Starting to perform professionally at age 16, he became a resident DJ in Belgium’s Versuz Club in 2012 where he regularly lay down tracks among some of the biggest DJs from around the globe. That same year he also became the official PACHA Benelux Resident DJ. The 29 year old has had global tours across Europe, Asia and North America, including performances at Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, Ultra Music Festival South Korea, and recently kicked off the New Year at Sunburn Festival in India. When not spinning, Colt is busy producing multiple releases and is developing his own sound driven by his desire to give you “the feels” and live life in a celebratory manner, enjoying the time you have here on Earth. In 2017 he released his next single on world’s biggest dance label Spinnin Records together with the Italian producer Hiisak. “Come on Sugar” was already massively supported by the biggest DJs on earth like: Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Fedde Le Grand, R3hab, Bob Sinclar,Yves V, Vinai and many, many more. Now Colt reveals to Face the Current how being bullied at an early helped him find music, how he is dedicated to embracing and enjoying life, and how it feels to get 50,000 people moving! Plus, this month he debuts his new track “Come Back To Me” and shares the somber, yet inspiring story behind it and how it’s now fueling his passion to spread positive vibes around the globe.



Sasha Frate: One of the most incredible audiovisual dance music festivals in the world, also considered an “essential” for EDM fans,Tomorrowland was born and has been held annually in your native country of Belgium since 2005. Did this festival influence your pathwhat was the most influential factor? Kenn Colt: Of course! Tomorrowland is one of the best festivals in the world and should be an item on everyone’s bucket list. I have been attending this festival since an early age, first as a spectator and years later as a performing artist. Each year I’m amazed by the decorations and the magical feeling they’re trying to transmit. It stops you in your tracks like- “They can’t do better than this, right?” But they succeed every time! It feels like you’re in a fairytale; imagine it as Disneyland for adults and party

people. Everyone is emitting so much love, energy, and happiness that weekend, it’s incredible! SF: When on the road, most touring musicians and DJs don’t really get much time to “visit” the places you’re traveling to. Do your tours afford you more than just a taste of your destinations, or are you as on the run as most? KC: That’s a fact, sadly enough. Although most of the time I try to add on one or two days to the beginning of my trips to experience the country and culture, because this gives me a lot of inspiration and you can feel and notice that in my music. Most tours, however, are indeed running from the airport to the venues basically. SF: Are there any particular music talents that have inspired you to pursue your career path?

KC: Eric Prydz, Axwell, and Kolsch have inspired my musical career throughout the years. All of them are amazing producers in their own styles and they always deliver quality music, which touches the sensitive parts of your soul. I love to bring music to people and make them happy, that’s essential. Playing this year at the Axtone Stage at Tomorrowland makes it even more special to be able to meet the legend himself! SF: Now this far into your career, what are some of your dream collabs? KC: I would love to collaborate with pop artists like Chris Martin (Coldplay), Sia, or Zara Larsson. Even Ed Sheeran would be a dream collab to combine house and pop and combine the best of both worlds. These artists give me goosebumps when they start to sing, and that’s exactly what I try to achieve with my music.


SF: Pacha Ibiza says “Make everything unforgettable and every day an adventure… enjoy nature’s essence… celebrate all things wonderful, or celebrate anything and make it wonderful… be authentic, show everyone your eccentric charms…”

is about transmitting emotions and I aim to spread the message through my music to celebrate the wonderful things in life and enjoy the time you have here on Earth. That’s how I will bring the Ibiza vibe to the globe, telling my own story through music.

It describes how we are on an adventure, a magical journey, which we call ‘life.’ The music video is also an adventure through nature and love. I’m proud of this video, which was produced by the talented Soulvision!

As an official Pacha Ibiza world tour DJ, how do you carry this unique “island life” vibe around the globe?

SF: One of your popular songs, with over 5.6 million plays on Spotify, “Feels Like A River” feat. Michael McCrae expresses concepts of life’s journey, and though imbued with a hint of sorrow, it also expresses inspiring potential of what lies ahead. What is one of your favorite lines from these lyrics and what does it mean to you?

SF: How would you describe the feeling when the energy of your music combines with the energy of a crowd, and how long does it carry with you after a performance?

KC: From an early age I’ve been aware of the fact that life is so short and you have to make everything unforgettable. We should aim to make every second here on Earth an exciting, happy, and loving experience. Since I lost my girlfriend in November 2017 to a fatal car crash with a ghost rider, I’ve been living even more towards this. Music for me



KC: “Strap on your life vest,We’re moving faster, Enjoy the ride, as we’re all passengers.”

KC: It’s like a burst of emotions, particularly joy, compressed into a bottle, which you can pop open during the gig. It’s incredible to feel the love and unity from all the different nationalities- to see that all the different party people, from different countries joined together

It’s incredible to feel the love and unity from all the different nationalities- to see that all the different party people, from different countries joined together and for once not for the purpose of making war, but rather for celebrating life.

and for once not for the purpose of making war, but rather for celebrating life. It makes it so special, and this feeling will carry on for hours even after the set. Imagine those goosebumps you get on a rollercoaster and multiply it by 100. That’s how good it feels! SF: “Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.” That seems to be the way you flow when you’re producing incredible uplift with your music and sharing it to the world. Outside of music, what are some of the ways you maintain that positive energy flow? KC: When I was a kid I was bullied a lot and listened to music when I was alone, I couldn’t sleep without it because it scared me to be in silence. Music actually healed me and gave me renewed sense of happiness. I got this mindset at an early age then, to always stay positive, no matter what. If I could let people forget, or let go and move on from their problems and have a good time- at least for the duration of my entire set, that’s the best feeling you can get. Before I lost my girlfriend, I had promised her I would make her proud and keep spreading these positive vibes around the globe. I’m fully dedicated

to making that happen. SF: Where have you experienced the ‘most dedicated’ dance music scene? KC: At Tomorrowland for surepeople gather from all over the world to create this truly unique atmosphere. Elsewhere I would say Asia- they are always so thankful, even after the shows- they follow you anywhere! I’ll be heading to Asia, to India as we speak for Sunburn Festival and Pacha NYE World tour event in Amman – Jordan. I’m so ready for this!

SF: The “Top 5 Countries” for dance music is currently listed as South Korea, Philippines, Netherlands, India, and Sweden. Do you think they will remain on top, or are there new global hotspots you foresee taking over the scene? KC: Yes, they will continue to stay on top. Although, Mexico and Brazil are also gaining territory. I’ve noticed a lot of new listeners from Mexico and Brazil.


SF: What all went into the creation of your latest single “Come On Sugar,” and can you hint at anything new in the works? KC: “Come On Sugar” was a club track with the sample of Donna Summer. It was released on the world’s biggest dance label Spinnin’ Records and backed by support from well-known names such as Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Bob Sinclar, Fedde Le Grand and many more.



watch video

Before I lost my girlfriend, I had promised her I would make her proud and keep spreading these positive vibes around the globe. I’m fully dedicated to making that happen.

I’m also releasing my new single “Come Back To Me” on January 5th 2018 in collaboration with Italian producers Nari & Milani. It’s a powerful song with melodramatic lyrics and an emotional undertone. The track is commemorative to my late girlfriend, Dominique Lousberg, who was killed in a tragic accident in November of 2017. Dominique was born and raised in the Netherlands and known as a model, actress, and dancer- a beautiful soul. Aside from that, I’m working on a lot of new music. Some examples are Henri PFR, another collab with Hiisak, and I’m creating the song/anthem for the new Sprite Mexico commercial!

KENN COLT FUN FACTS Lesser known fact about you: I’ve been a snowboard instructor/teacher for a couple years, and I love to cook healthy food! When the music isn’t playing you might be found: Eating- I love (good) Asian food! Most motivated by: Traveling and discovering new cultures and places, accompanied by good music. Favorite quote: “Here for a good time, not for a long time.” If you were a pro athlete your sport/adventure would be: Snowboarder (I suck at surfing, but I do like it a lot!) Top 3 lesser known DJs/artists everyone should check out: Lauv Sartek Hiisak Your Top 3 tracks to kick of 2018: Dankann – “How Deep Is Your Love” Portugal the man – “Feel It Still” Kenn Colt x Nari & Milani – “Come Back To Me” Favorite beach ‘dance party’ scene: In Croatia, NOA beach club. I played there 2 years in a row and had such great memories there!

ymore info: Social media: @kenncolt

Your Top 3 music festivals: Tomorrowland Daydream Festival Ultra Music Festival


LSTN was founded with a singular purpose: To change lives through the power of music. Proceeds from sales of all LSTN products go towards giving hearing aids to people in need worldwide through our charity partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation. ALL NATURAL World-class musical instruments are made from wood - why not headphones? Our real wood housings provide excellent tonal balance with crisp highs and rich lows. GET COMFORTABLE The redesigned headband features a vegan leather band for additional comfort during long-term listening sessions. SOUNDS GOOD LSTN Wireless headphones support Bluetooth 4.1, which means you’ll always have high-quality audio. Stream from your laptop or any other Bluetoothenabled device (even TV’s!) from up to 30 feet away.

LSTN has helped more than 22,000 people in 9 countries. Pictured: ZEBRA WOOD TROUBADOUR WIRED HEADPHONES


Custom 40mm Neodymium Drivers


Canvas Drawstring Travel Bag

18 Hz - 22 kHz Frequency Response


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Yoga For Musicians Featuring Kevin Paris

Balancing Mind And Body With Music And Yoga FLOW Interview By Woody Woodrow In the January edition of Yoga for Musicians, Woody Woodrow interviews Kevin Paris, whose feel-good music has grown into an “off the beaten path” fusion of folk-reggae-acoustic-electronic influences. In a single listen, one can hear the roots of artists like Jack Johnson, Bob Marley and Ben Harper.    As a certified yoga instructor, Paris is leading the way for artists in the vibrant intersection of Yoga and Live Music. In this realm, he has played for over one thousand yoga classes alongside renowned teachers and fellow musicians at worldwide venues and festivals like Wanderlust,Yoga Journal Live, Hanuman Festival, Gaia and Yogaglo.  Kevin now sits down with Woody to discuss his influences, how to overcome perceived musical “shortcoming,” and what he would tell his younger self if he now met him in high school!  Join musician and yoga instructor, Woody Woodrow every month for his Yoga for Musicians interviews to hear how musicians from around the globe find flow in their life and what tools they use to step into their power on and off stage.  

64 FACE the CURRENT MAGAZINE Credit: Logan Delape

Woody Woodrow: What was it that led you to find your voice- to start playing music and singing? Kevin Paris: When I would spend time at my dad’s house, he would play lullabies to us kids on his guitar. That’s probably what sparked my interest in childhood, falling asleep to the sounds of the guitar. I also remember a very distinct moment in my freshman year of high school, I never took guitar lessons or anything like that, but I went to the first tour Ben Harper and Jack Johnson did together and I remember seeing a shift in the audience after the music started playing and seeing thousands of people being so into the music and I thought, “I want to make people feel like that.” I could feel the

connection between the band and the audience and it was just amazing. Woody: Is that what instilled interest in creating music that is more uplifting and soulful? KP: That’s a good question. I think part of it was that, and part of it is also that I love uplifting and soulful music. I want to put those types of messages out into the world. WW: What got you started on the yoga path? Was it a natural flow that you found after being in those mindful music environments, or were you always drawn to yoga? KP: Some of the first yoga classes I ever did were when I was living in

Cape Town, South Africa. I had some friends out there who were doing yoga. I tried it out of curiosity, but I also loved the idea of what it stood for and looked up to my friends who were practicing. Sometimes when you see somebody you look up to, naturally you wonder, what are they doing? How can I get some of that? Yoga was one of those things. I tried it there and it wasn’t until I came back to the States several years later actually, that a friend of mine was doing a yoga class and the background playlist was of all my favorite artists. That was when I realized how much music was a part of the experience, both in the class and also with yoga itself. That’s when I started getting into it, and I got the idea to play music for yoga classes.

I went to the first tour Ben Harper and Jack Johnson did together and I remember seeing a shift in the audience after the music started playing and seeing thousands of people being so into the music and I thought, “I want to make people feel like that.

65 Kevin Paris. Credit: Louis Fisher

Credit: Amelia Coffaro WW: I’ve been in a yoga class where you’re playing guitar and singing, it’s unbelievable- you can’t even tell that you’re playing live… it’s that good. Respect to that. You often play music in yoga festival environments or yoga studios. Before you take the stage, do you have any rituals that you like to do? Do you have a yoga flow, singing warm-up or any other kind of exercise you can share with everyone that you use to get your body and mind in balance? KP: It depends on how much time I have. When I don’t have much time, I will always take a few deep breaths. I feel super grounded with my eyes closed and my hands on my heart so along with my breath I like to place my hands on my chest, close my eyes and just observe. When I have more time I do the same thing, take three deep breaths, and then say a little prayer or set an intention around why I’m there. I try to remove myself a bit, and remember that I’m there to serve as the best conduit for everybody in the space and that we collectively rise and create the healing, love and connection and whatever else is needed in that space. WW: What does your routine look like when you’re on tour to maintain balance? KP: Whether I’m on tour or not I’m always trying to do one physical thing a day. I just




Credit: Logan Delape fit in these quick exercises whenever I can and if you do it just a few times throughout the day and then add up to 100; you’re in a good space. It makes you feel good instead of just sitting on the bus all day and then playing a show. Sometimes it’s for 20 minutes, and sometimes it’s for a few minutes. Right off the bus before I’m about to play I like doing wall squats or something quick. I usually try always to do ten pushups, 20 sit ups and 20 squats, which sounds like it’s not that much, but it can build consistency. Sometimes I’ll split it up if I don’t have much time. WW: It’s wild how connected our bodies and minds are,

when you do that it’s like you’re powering yourself up, dusting the cobwebs off, and getting that endorphin rush. I want to shift into the vocal aspects of your music now because anyone that listens to your music knows that you’re a phenomenal vocalist. What would you tell someone who’s looking to get into singing or maybe is not comfortable with their voice? How can you work through those mental barriers and take steps to become confident? KP: First I would say, “I feel you.” It’s

overwhelming and common for us to have this hesitation because we can become so discouraged by even one person saying something to us like, “You’re tone deaf ” or “You can’t sing.” My advice would be to start small. I started out playing with a small group of friends who I felt safe and comfortable enough with, and I was always getting positive feedback from them. Most of the time people are positive no matter what you sound like because to hear and see you try something new is exciting. Know that your voice as a singer is like any tool, like any instrument; it’s going to take time to be happy


I genuinely wish that I had been told by more people that, if you work hard and you’re a loving, kind person and super dedicated and passionate about learning the skills you need for your future job, then you can do whatever you want.


Credit: Amelia Coffaro


with your results. I don’t like how my voice sounds on my first two or three albums because it changes and I’ve done a lot of work on it. It’s an instrument that is constantly growing, so go for it, start there. Work on your vocals. WW: If you could go back and speak with your high school self, what would you tell him? KP: Thank you for asking me that, because I wish I could have learned from other people who had been asked that question! This answer does not apply to everyone, but I genuinely wish that I had been told by more people that, if you work hard and you’re a loving, kind person and super dedicated and passionate about learning the skills you need for your future job, then you can do whatever you want. You don’t always need to go to college and get a degree to do the job that you want. As long as you have a good work ethic and the tools to work hard, and you don’t want a job that requires an academic degree, then I don’t think it’s necessary. And be nice. Be the nicest person ever, and you’ll be successful. WW: What do you suggest for anyone looking to get into or enhance his or her meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or any truthseeking, spiritual practice that

might seem outside him or her?

WW: No excuses?

KP: There are a few different facets of this question, but first of all, and this is life-advice, sometimes we just need to be thrown in the mix, no matter what it is that we want to try or expand on. Most people who are where they are and that we look up to, for example, someone doing handstands in yoga class or a professional musician or whoever, didn’t know what they were doing when they first started. Part of it is just diving in and not letting fear dictate whether you do something or not- or whether you take it to that next level. If it’s your first time

KP: Yeah, no excuses. I would say also, with yoga, if you want an active, powerful practice, try out some hot yoga or power yoga classes. If you’re looking for deeper stretching or you feel anxious and just need to slow down, something like yin yoga or restorative yoga are great to try. The same thing with meditation, there are so many different types of meditation. Some are guided, some are not, you can start on YouTube, or with your local teachers. WW: You’ve got some great things in the works and just put out a new song called “Be Alright,” -and it’s awesome! It’s a great tune to listen to during a yoga practice or meditation. Where can people go to check this new track out and see what else you’ve got lined up? KP: They can check it all out on my website, Spotify, and iTunes- as well as my social media. WW: I appreciate you sharing your inspiration.

or you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone where you might feel self-conscious or vulnerable, my next piece of advice would be to try it in the privacy of your own home. Nowadays it’s easier than ever; you have a lot of different resources on the internet. YouTube has lots of great yoga channels, for example, that you can try in your own house.

KP: It’s my pleasure. Love you guys, keep breathin!

ymore info: Social media: @kevinparismusic


FtC ymore info:

music sema-garay/

the most sophisticated house music by Sema Garay presents his favorite monthly recent and upcoming new house music releases with a Top 10 chart that includes a variety of styles from deep house, soulful, and nu-disco, to tech-house and more. Tune in to these tracks by clicking the image or scanning the QR code!


ARTIST AbysSoul, Sio, Osunlade TITLE Words (Yoruba Soul Mix) label Open Bar Music genre AFRO House Release 2017-12-29

ARTIST Moon Rocket, Re-Tide TITLE Anytime label Moon Rocket, Re-Tide genre House Release 2018-02-07

ARTIST Oscar P, FNX TITLE Filtered African Blues (FNX Remix) label Seres Producoes genre AFRO HOUSE Release 2017-12-29

ARTIST Deep House Soldiers, Saison TITLE This Is Why We Dance (Saison Remix) label No Fuss Records genre DEEP House Release 2017-12-29


ARTIST Tony Lionni TITLE Always and Forever (Original Mix) label Love Harder Records genre deep House Release 2018-01-01

ARTIST Max Chapman, Late Replies TITLE Wassoulou (Original Mix) label Resonance Records genre tech HOUSE Release 2017-12-22

ARTIST Vincent (FR) TITLE Get Up (Original Mix) label Supremus Records genre DEEP house Release 2017-12-22

ARTIST Javier Orduna, Mahfoud TITLE This Is Love (Original Mix) label Nightcolours genre deep House Release 2018-01-01

ARTIST KJay TITLE Respect Me label Wake Up genre House Release 2018-01-15

ARTIST Heat Alliance TITLE Gimme Yourself (Club Mix) label Pogo House Records genre house Release 2018-01-12


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sports & FITNESS


74. 82. 84. 90.

Pro Windsurfer Levi Siver Blends Two Worlds. Creates “Lucid Reality” On The Mountain Aloha for People For The Love Of Mountains Remi Bonnet Chases Peak After Peak New Year Catalyst Burpee Challenge BY David Ryan Fitness


February 25-28, 2018


FtC sports

Pro Windsurfer Levi Siver

Blends Two Worlds

Creates “Lucid Reality” On The Mountain Interview by Sasha Frate Images: Red Bull Content Pool

Known as ‘The King of Style’ for his ability to draw flawless lines and create smooth, inspired maneuvers, thirty-seven year old Levi Siver is considered a pioneer who’s made his own mark on the sport of windsurfing. Growing up in landlocked Idaho, Levi’s future as a windsurfer was assured when his family moved to Maui when he was 12 years old. Soon after that Levi started competing and at age 13, finished fifth place at his first World Cup contest in Baja, California. But his real interest was not so much within the aspect of competition- it was in creative self-expression. While the sport itself lends to this, Levi didn’t take long to expand his artistic talents to the big screen, producing and starring in some of the biggest windsurfing films ever made. From 2007’s “The Windsurfing Movie,” by Poor Boyz Productions, to the 2010 follow-up, “The Windsurfing Movie II,” he also starred in the 2010 movie “Oxbow Waterman Experience” and the recently released 2017 movie “Girl On Wave.” Always able to follow his passions, Levi returned to competition and became a distinguished participant in the Professional Windsurfing Association World Wave Tour. “Competing is something I enjoy, but you can’t let it inhibit your creativity or progression, or at least that’s been my approach,” he explains. Recently Levi took his creativity to a whole new level, innovating the sport of windsurfing to ride more than just water. We now get the scoop from Levi about taking windsurfing to the mountains, behind the scenes on his film productions and pro athlete life, and perhaps most importantly, his ability to live life on his own terms.



From the very beginning I saw windsurfing as a form of self-expression. A way to create moving art with motion. That’s why I had the idea of taking windsurfing to the mountains. Expanding the mind by creating a visual concept that’s new.

Keith Taboul and Levi Siver engineer new windsurfing powder board at Rishiri Island in Japan. Credit: Karim Iliya. Sasha Frate: You’ve been labeled as the King of Style for the flawless lines and maneuvers. What do you attribute to your ability to hone this skill over time and does it translate to your windsurfing snow on mountains? Levi Siver: I guess people coined that term for me- it’s not selfproclaimed. LOL. From the very beginning I saw windsurfing as a form of self-expression. A way to create moving art with motion. I wasn’t so interested in accomplishing contests results or even gaining sponsors, which does become a reality if you

want to do it for a living, but in my mind it’s always been about creation. That’s why I had the idea of taking windsurfing to the mountains. Expanding the mind by creating a visual concept that’s new. SF: When did you first take to the mountains with your windsurfing and what sparked the idea and interest? LS: With the over saturation of the internet it’s so easy to be desensitized with images, video, and even music when it comes to projects. I wanted to create something that would almost trick

the mind into seeing something it can’t believe. Blending the two worlds of mountains and ocean into a lucid reality. I wanted to ride down the mountain in almost a mental dream state where it felt like you’re windsurfing but with the mountain canvas. I had some rides that actually had me screaming and laughing as if I escaped reality for moment. It was very liberating. SF: You took to some pretty incredible terrain at Mount Rishiri in Hokkaido, Japan. What all went into making that ride happen from prep to execution?


Once we arrived in Mt. Rishiri we spent two weeks hiking the mountain and looking for the right terrain and wind directions. We hiked up to 700 to 900 meters a day and would take every third day off for two weeks. It was the most physically demanding thing I’ve ever done in my life.



LS: It was a mission. We spent a lot of time preparing by designing equipment and conceptualizing how it would work. We were the first to do this so there was no one else to look to. Keith Taboul my board shaper played a big role into designing the right board. We developed a board that was like a downsized windsurf board with a powder snowboard outline it was very retro looking. Once we arrived in Mt. Rishiri we spent two weeks hiking the mountain and looking for the right terrain and wind directions. We hiked up to 700 to 900 meters a day and would take every third day off for two weeks. It was the most physically demanding thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Photo: Levi hiking Mount Rishiri. Credit: Jason Halayko

SF: How does the windsurfing powder compare to the water for you? LS: If the snow on the mountain is hard it’s a brutal experience. I was using surf rails and fins, so if the snow wasn’t soft I would be going over the handle bars a lot. Fortunately, Japan is known for powder, which is why the call it Japow. My passion will always be riding waves in the ocean, but I did have some amazing moments carving through the powder that gave me that same emotion. I left Japan wanting more, which is a good sign. SF: You once shared a quote that reads “The most dangerous risk of all- The risk of spending your life not

doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” What does this mean to you and the path you’ve taken in your life- and how have you seen this ring true for others as well? LS: I think it’s really easy to get a distorted reality of what matters today. What is being clamored as success today especially in my generation has become a joke. It’s so easy to get sucked into it given the need to pay the bills but that’s where my faith plays a role. I know there’s more to life and I thank God as He’s helped me rise above it many times. SF: Your home base in Maui can get pretty packed with people

One of my favorite sayings is “I love the city because it makes the country less crowded.” Maybe that’s selfish but I can’t handle going too long without hearing the sound of sanity you get from nature. Photo: Levi Siver at Pistol River, Gold Beach, OR, USA. Credit: Tyler Roemer try to catch a good wave. It’s no wonder with the island Aloha spirit, ‘endless summer’ weather, and boasting some of the best waves around the world like Ho’okipa and the epic “Jaws” at Peahi. But you mention that the Oregon Coast in the Pacific Northwest region of the US remains on of your “favorite places on earth to windsurf. Hundreds of miles of coast with tons of spots and no one out.” How did this rugged coastline become a dreamland for you… and one that you are ‘keeping alive?’ LS: At heart I’m a nature nerd. One of my favorite sayings is “I love the

city because it makes the country less crowded.” Maybe that’s selfish but I can’t handle going too long without hearing the sound of sanity you get from nature. I feel at peace on the Oregon Coast. The lush green forest creeps down to a coastline full of vacant beaches. It’s become my second home, and I try to get there every summer. Maui is amazing and stands apart more than not, but it is getting more crowded every year. But I still love this island. SF: What are your top “landlocked” spots and ocean spots around the globe for best wind and waves that you’d recommend hands down?

LS: My favorite list would be: Cape Verde Marshall Islands Baja Oregon Coast Fiji SF: Ever had any unforgettable close encounters with marine life - (desirable or life threatening)? LS: One time in the Marshall Islands we were windsurfing a spot never ridden before. It was just myself and couple friends charting on sailboat through the islands. I was windsurfing up wind and something smashed the bottom of my board and ejected me in the air. I quickly got


I wanted to create something that would almost trick the mind into seeing something it can’t believe. Blending the two worlds of mountains and ocean into a lucid reality. I wanted to ride down the mountain in almost a mental dream state where it felt like you’re windsurfing but with the mountain canvas.



Photo Credit: Jason Halayko

Levi Siver. Credit: Jason Halayko


Levi Siver performs at Mount Rishiri in Hokkaido, Japan. Credit: Jason Halayko

Paradigm Lost Film Trailer 2017

Through My Eyes - Episode 3 - El Niño



Film by Kai Lenny back on my board and pulled up my sail and got out of there. I still have no idea what it was, but it was big enough to knock me in the air. SF: You produced and starred in “The Windsurfing Movie,” and have since starred in the “Oxbow Watermen Experience” that features Laird Hamilton and “Girl On Wave” that debuted in 2017. What has it been like to be behind the camera and starring in these films from a creative standpoint, and has there been any aspect/s that you felt were important to convey in telling the ’story of windsurfing’?



LS: I’ve always been strangely drawn towards film. I had that in my heart since I was a kid watching movies in the theatre. The idea of creating something out of thin air and have it move upon human hearts. I wanted to do that with windsurfing. We had such a unique opportunity since the perception of the sport was so vague and elusive. In The States if you said you windsurfed people might as well think your jumping off a rooftop with a paper bag over your head. For us this was a chance to blow the hinges off the door and really show the sport in a powerful way. It was a real dark horse film movement that really bridged the gap to a more mainstream audience.

SF: You’ve said “don’t ever think there’s one way to do anything.” What are some things you feel you’ve done differently that got you where you are today? LS: I think everyone has to find their own way. For me I was fortunate enough to have parents that sacrificed a lot for me and gave me this opportunity. I was never half hearted about it. It meant a lot to me at young age and in a way it chose me, because I couldn’t imagine turning my back on that opportunity. Decades have gone by and I’ve been through the ups and downs, the injuries, the failures, along with moments of success- but I can

honestly say I’m still just as inspired as I was in the beginning. I’ve realized through the years that life should be lived with passion, otherwise I feel half dead. SF: You spend much of your life with the Earth’s largest ecosystem- the ocean. What have been some of the most impactful measures you’ve seen for protecting and cleaning our oceans? LS: I’ve always seen change as a one to one basis. It’s almost a spiritual condition being reflected in our physical world. Not to be too political, but I believe the worst offenders are coloring themselves as the saviors at this moment and I hope people can see through the revolving doors of government. I appreciate nature so much and I try to do my best to uplift the deepest appreciation for it in every project I do, but I know I still have a lot more growing to do on this.

Photo credit: Jason Halayko

SF: Who all is your weeklong windsurfing camp for, and what can one expect with the Maui Experience Camp? LS: I wanted to create a lifestyle program where people can plug right into a dream week on Maui just by showing up at the airport with a backpack. Whether your a windsurfer or surfer or nature seeker it’s a program similar to a university concept of taking your passion to new levels with sport training, Island connecting, and Maui’s magical leisure moments. Basically it’s my ultimate week repackaged for others to experience. My goal is to have people step away from the week with breakthroughs in their passion that will inspire them for years to come. SF: Any big projects or collaborations coming up in 2018? LS: I would like to get out there and explore and find some never before ridden locations. I’ll probably do some of the contest circuit and would love to work on another film project. Right now I’m working towards another windsurf concept project but this time it’s going to be on the ice.

Levi surfs Maui. Credit: Darrell Won

ymore info: Instagram: @levi_siver Imdb:




Please visit our website and join us on our mission. 83

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For The Love Of Mountains Remi Bonnet Chases Peak After Peak Interview By Sasha Frate | IMAGES: Red Bull Content Pool For Rémi Bonnet, running over the hills, mountains, through the forests, and across the rivers of Switzerland was how he grew up. Now the 22 year old makes his living running through nature and up mountainsides as a professional mountain runner and ski mountaineer. He has conquered much already in his young life. Remi has been crowned a junior and U23 world champion, and we imagine it’s



only a matter of time before he achieves his first elite world title. In 2015 he shattered the course record during the Red Bull K3 race, and since turning pro that year he’s become a World Cup podium regular.  It’s hard for Rémi to come down off the mountain, and during winter he stays and competes as a ski mountaineer.

hills rewards him with a sense of adventure, the fun of running varied terrain, and views of landscapes that far outshine running through his neighborhood. Recently Rémi slowed down to take a moment to discuss his love of mountain running, his attitude towards competition, and staying in tune with his body with Face the Current.

For Rémi returning to the

Credit: Damien Rosso

Sasha Frate: When did your mountain running venture begin for you, and how did you access the mountains for your runs? RÊmi Bonnet: I start running in 2013 when I was 18 years old. At the beginning my purpose was to train for ski mountaineering over the summer, and quickly I saw that what I truly love is to be up on the mountain every day. So I began running in summertime and continued skiing in winter. SF: Why not street running? It’s certainly more convenient to pop out the door and hit the road running! And how did you take to the mountains to fully summit them running?

Credit: Damien Rosso

Credit: Damien Rosso


Credit: Damien Rosso


RB: I live in a small village in the mountains, so for me it was normal to go running on the mountain and not on the streets. I think also because I need the scenery and the calmness of the mountain. On the street I feel it is really boring.

Red Bull K3 race. What’s it like for you to put it into that kind of perspective?

SF: You “ran up 10 Eiffel towers in 2 hours” - which was actually the Italian mountain Rocciamelone for part of the

SF: You’ve said that you’re “not really a runner- just a mountain lover.” I’d imagine that the scenery alone would keep you


RB: It was a really good challenge to test where your limits are, and the feeling of climbing 3000 meters in one climb is so amazing!

entertained while you’re running up mountains, but what is it that really keeps you going and coming back for more? RB: Yes of course when you run on the mountain with beautiful scenery it helps you a lot to keep motivated. What I also like is that you never have the same terrain or conditions, so you have

Credit: Damien Rosso always to adapt and analyze the mountain as you go. What I like in trail running, is that it is a really simple sport with a really cool community. I hope it will not change in the future! SF: What would you say is the key to taking one’s run to the next level (distance), no matter the current ‘starting point,’ whether it’s a 5k

runner going for the 10k or a marathoner wanting to go for an ultramarathon? RB: You have to be patient, and don’t attempt to go directly from a 5k to an ultra race without the right training. You have to increase your training more and more, year after year, and make some small goals en route to get to your big goal. And don’t forget to listen your body first.

SF: You balance the seasons to get your mountain fix during the wintry months as a ski mountaineer. What’s your favorite aspect of winter mountaineering compared to summertime on the peaks? RB: In winter you can make your own track and go where you want to go, unlimited by trails you tend to follow in summertime. I also love the feeling of speed during the downhill


skiing in the winter.

RB: Yes, I really try to listen as much as I can to my body and some weeks I will train a lot. But if I feel tired, I will identify what the problem is and remedy it to be healthy again.



When you run on the mountain with beautiful scenery it helps you a lot to keep motivated. What I also like is that you never have the same terrain or conditions, so you have always to adapt and analyze the mountain as you go.

SF: You’ve said that you don’t train with any particular regime for big races, but rather, you train “according to how [you] feel.” How does your body “tell you” what you should do to train and prep?

Credit: Damien Rosso


REMI BONNET FUN FACTS Best advice a coach or mentor has ever given you? Don’t dream of winning but train for it. When not on the mountain you’re like to spend your downtime doing this: Cooking and drinking coffee with my friends.

Rémi Bonnet climbs 3,030 vertical metres with record-breaking timing for the Red Bull K3 race, which reached its summit at a 3,538m high peak.

Most memorable/ epic landscape you’ve encountered: Colorado, USA Longest distance you’ve run in one shot: Pikes Peak Marathon (26.21 milesElevation gain (start to summit) is at 7,815’ (2,382m); the start is at 6,300’ (1,920m) and the summit is 14,115’ (4,302m)) Highest altitude you’ve run to: 4800 meter s Number of pairs of running shoes you own: I don’t actually know ;) A lot!!

Credit: Ski & Run

ymore info: Red Bull: Facebook: Rémi-Bonnet Instagram: @remi_bonnet Twitter: @remi_bonnet1

Describe a snapshot of a day in the life of Remi Bonnet: Going in the mountain take most of the time in my journey but I also take time with my friend and family. Top 3 things on your bucket list: Discover new places, reach new summits, and always enjoy my practice.


FtC fitness

New Year Catalyst Burpee Challenge


David Ryan Fitness

The New Year is a catalyst for transformation. I want you to get out of your comfort zone and try this 100 burpee challenge at least once per week.This full body exercise will increase strength, build muscle, burn fat, and most importantly, give to a specific objective. If you can do 100 in under 10 minutes, post a video or picture and use the hashtag #liftstrong -We’ll feature you on Instagram!

EXECUTE: • • • • • •

Begin standing with the feet hip-distance apart. Lower into a crouching squat with your hands on the floor. Do a squat thrust by jumping your feet back into a plank position. Do one basic push-up, bending the elbows, touching the chest to the floor, and then straightening back to plank. Step or jump the feet forward to the hands and come into a squat. Do an explosive jump straight up, getting as much height as you can.

yTraining programs & Resistance bands: Instagram: @davidryanfitness 90


Need a Trainer? Get in the best shape of your life this year with David Ryan Fitness

10% off with code FTC10 W W W. DAV I D RYA N F I T N E S S .C O M

FtC fAce the current


84. AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT How Our Spaces Reflect And Impact Who We Are 102. NEW YEAR SUGAR DETOX: REDUCE, OR DON’T USE, AND RECYCLE YOUR NATURAL ENERGY! 110. Modern Medicine & Innate Healing In Harmony. A Personal Account Of Our Healing Potential 92




FtC health


How Our Spaces Reflect And Impact Who We Are

By Candice Paschal, Inspiring a Higher Standard of Living Magic mirror on the wall, you see the truth, you show it all. How many times have you looked in the mirror today? Why do you keep going back to look again, has your face really changed that much? I stumbled upon a recent post that states: “The Japanese say you have three faces. The First face, you show to the world. The Second face, you show to your close friends and family. The Third face, you never show anyone, It is the truest reflection of who you are.” What is most interesting about that



statement is that the face that you never show anyone is the only one that actually exists. Why is it that if you smile at someone, they’re highly likely to smile back? Try this experiment the next time you are somewhere in public. Count the number of people that you smile at and keep track of how many people smile back at you. There is a lot of raw truth to be found when you take a look at quick public exchanges, because generally people in passing have no real tie to one another. What I’ve observed is that a person has no advantage for wanting to smile at the general public other than to want to receive a smile in return. In that sense, we subconsciously want to

be smiled at, and therefore smile at people. Think about it. We are “preprogrammed” with the notion that what we do will in turn happen to us. The universe acts as a hall of mirrors. We are living out each moment peering at constant reflections of our own personal history, our own convictions, ourselves. Every time we adopt a new truth, we can suddenly find it in plain sight where it didn’t exist before. This is what many call, The Law of Reflection. Nobody can outrun their own energy. What we think about is reflected to us in the world. Every concept we hold to be true re-affirms itself again and again.

Wouldn’t you agree that the people closest to you seem to experience the same types of scenarios in their life, over and over again? “ Why does this always happen to me?” Many question as if there’s a puppeteer or voodoo master crafting their existence. I was recently talking with an acquaintance and in passing he mentioned how he surprised himself by showing up to his son’s school Christmas concert in an obnoxious blazer.

A groundbreaking study took place by Japanese Scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, regarding the impact that words have on the structures of water. In his experiments, specific words were written and taped to glasses of water, then spoken several times to the filled glasses. Drops of water were then extracted from each, placed on a petri dish and frozen, then observed under a

microscope. Every water sample associated with a positive word produced a beautifully symmetrical crystallization, while negative word samples produced a distorted and incomplete image. I would encourage you to take a look at this remarkable research. It will make you think twice about how you think and what you say.

“Yeah” he said while shaking his head and laughing, “I was that asshole.” “What about the patterned jacket made you an asshole?” I asked. He responded, “because every time I see a guy walk into a room with an outfit like that I think to myself, ‘Gee, what an asshole!’” Case in point. What he interpreted with great conviction and emotion as truth about others was merely a reflection of how he viewed himself. It is crucial therefore that we work primarily to love and be gentle with our inner face. What we think and feel with great emotion expands. Like a pebble thrown into still water, a single thought has a rippling effect that impacts everything it touches... but with the most intensity it impacts the thinker.You may now understand why so many people that live with perpetual self loathing, constantly express exuberant hatred for so many things?

words WORDS

1. Love and Thanks

2. Thank you

3. You Are Beautiful

4. Active



13. Hope

14. Despair

15. Let's Do It

16. Do It

17. Peace

18. War

19. I Love You

20. You Fool


17. Peace

18. War

19. I Love You

20. You Fool

21. Happiness

22. Friend

23. Innocence

24. Love for Humanity

25. Namaste

26. Love of Wife and Husband 27. Neighborly Love

28. We Are All Water

29. Self-Love

30. Reverence

32. Star

33. Wisdom

34. Truth

But what about the notion that our spaces impact us? Living in harmony happens when our environment aligns with our inner face and true purpose. Take it from someone who has moved over 2,000 miles twice in under three years. All three of my living spaces, though ranging dramatically in location, have kept the same calm, inspiring feeling of home. It is impressive how we take a certain type of environment with us wherever we go. It’s also impressive how dramatically our environment impacts how we think and feel. Marie Kondo, best selling author and creator of the KonMari Method, has

31. Peace of Mind

developed life-changing strategies on how to organize our spaces so that we can live only with things that inspire our inner face. Her simple method includes taking an item that you own in your hands and waiting to see if it sparks joy. If it can spark any joy keep it, and if it doesn’t spark joy, kindly thank it for being a part of your life and remove it from your home immediately. Her reach has been profound. One woman has even given credit to the KonMari method for the recovery of a chronic illness. These inspiring stories prove that unless our spaces and purpose align, we will never experience true

peace. There’s a reason that when we’re preparing for a guest to come stay with us, we strive to create the best possible environment for them. We instinctively know that the environments we create are a reflection of who we are. Keep your home and work spaces the way they would be as if the most important person in your life were coming to stay, because they are.You are the most important person in your life and the mirror you’ve hung on the wall is here to stay.



MUSIC : Resonance, vibration, setting the mood- music has impact! music


35. Mozart's Symphony No. 40

36. Mendelssohn's Wedding March

39. Debussy's Prelude AL'apres-midi D'un Faune

40. Debussy's La Mer I. 41. Debussy's La Mer II. De l'aube à midi sur la mer Jeux de vagues

42. Debussy's La Mer III. Dialogue du vent et de la mer

43. Edelweiss

44. Pachelbel's canon in D

46. Amazing Grace


37. Bach's Air on G

45. Ave Maria

38. Beethoven's Symphony No.5

Mozart Memorial. Austria

35. Mozart's Symphony No. 40

36. Mendelssohn's Wedding March

39. Debussy's Prelude AL'apres-midi D'un Faune

40. Debussy's La Mer I. 41. Debussy's La Mer II. De l'aube Ă midi sur la mer Jeux de vagues

42. Debussy's La Mer III. Dialogue du vent et de la mer

43. Edelweiss

44. Pachelbel's canon in D

46. Amazing Grace

47. Vivaldi's The Four Seasons I. Spring

48. Vivaldi's The Four Seasons 49. Vivaldi's The Four Seasons 50. Vivaldi's The Four Seasons II. Summer III. Autumn IV. Winter

38. Beethoven's Symphony No.5

37. Bach's Air on G

45. Ave Maria

51. Johann Strauss II's 52. Smetana's Moldau The Beautiful Blue Danube

53. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake

55. Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen

57. John Lennon's Imagine

56. Ivanovici's Donauwellen

54. Chopin's Etude No.3


picture PICTURE

58. Dolphins

59. Cherry Blossoms

60. Heart Mark

61. Lotus

62. Elephant

63. Niagara Falls

64. Fireworks

65. 500 People's Prayer

66. Fujiwara Dam before Prayer

67. Fujiwara Dam after Prayer

68. Prayer from Galilee to Tokyo

58. Dolphins

59. Cherry Blossoms

60. Heart Mark

61. Lotus

62. Elephant

63. Niagara Falls

64. Fireworks


prayer PRAYER:The people you surround yourself with, your and their intentions have incredible impact.

65. 500 People's Prayer 100


66. Fujiwara Dam before Prayer

67. Fujiwara Dam after Prayer

68. Prayer from Galilee to Tokyo

73. Iona Pennywort

natural water

74. Cherry

: This element of nature is more powerful than you might have thought. Look at how natural bodies and flowing water has an affect.


75. Fountain in Lourdes

76. Lake Maggiore

77. Antarctic Ice

78. Mt. Cook Glacier

ymore info: Snowflake images courtesy of Dr. Masaru Emoto Study: Marie Kondo:

Mt. Cook Glacier


FtC health

NEW YEAR SUGAR DETOX: REDUCE, OR DON’T USE, AND RECYCLE YOUR NATURAL ENERGY! By Danae Maree The start of a New Year usually elicits every diet, detox and resolution stemming from our healthy intentions.The problem with most of these is the longevity aspect of maintaining and implementing these changes into your lifestyle without feeling like the stress it causes you is actually doing your body more harm than good (thank you cortisol response).This edition has a focus on balance, which I think is the most important keyword in relation to our diets. Without balance, we have a tendency to jump from one fad to the next, only to revert back to old habits, and often feeling even more confused about what health is to us and how we can achieve it. So when it comes to the holiday season and the many sweets and treats that scream ‘celebrate,’ it is only natural that we discuss the sweetest, most tantalizing substance of them all... SUGAR.



SUGAR BASICS As most know, sugar at its most basic level, is a type of carbohydrate, with its two most common forms being monosaccharides (simple sugars made of one unit of sugar) and disaccharides (two units of sugar). What exactly is the recommended cconsumption per day? We’d recommend less, even nixing it altogether for a detox period- however the World Health Organisation recommends 20 grams for women per day, 36 grams

for men, and 12 grams for children. That’s total sugars natural and added. Interestingly, WHO recently reduced the recommended daily intake of sugar for adults by half! To put that “recommendation” into perspective, one can of soda has 40 grams of sugar, which exceeds the daily level of sugar for men, women and children before considering the rest of the daily intake.Yikes!

NATURAL VS PROCESSED I think what people fail to look at the most with food, is the nutritional value over the calorie value. Opting for nutrient rich foods will lend to the most nutrients for the lowest “cost” (amount) of calories. When we are talking ‘health,’ food should be viewed as more than the effects on our waistline. The energy, vitamins, and minerals we get from quality, nutrient dense foods is what feeds the systems of our bodies, and perhaps most importantly, our minds. Too much of anything is just that- too much. Sometimes, assessing the health consequences that can come as a result of too much of anything in your diet, including sugar can help keep us in check. What does an excess of sugar look like? This can result in tooth decay, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, appetite deregulation, metabolic syndrome, cognitive dysfunction, liver failure, kidney disease, high blood pressure, cancer,

gout and nutritional deficiencies. That’s more of a mouthful than “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Sorry Mary, a spoonful of sugar might help the medicine go down, but it may increase the amount of medicine that needs to go down too! Sugar has a bad rep. It has, in fact caused a lot of damage in the health and weight of our nations. It is often seen as the devil of weight loss and health goals, but in fact if we looked at sugar in its most natural state, it is a form of energy in the diet. Forbidding anything for ourselves may play a psychological factor in subconsciously wanting it, and I like to use the word ‘natural’ to look at sugar as a substance that should be treated with balance, while understanding and differentiating between natural and processed sugars.

GET TO KNOW YOUR FRUITS: LOW-FRUCTOSE fruit: kiwis, grapefruit, honeydew melon, blueberries, and raspberries. MEDIUM-FRUCTOSE fruit: mandarins, plums, peaches, strawberries, and oranges. HIGH-FRUCTOSE fruit: grapes, cherries, apples, mangoes and bananas.


Natural sugars are the types we find in our fruits, vegetables, and other whole food sources. Many of these natural food sources provide us with a plethora of nutritious health benefits including fiber, vitamins, minerals, and hey, let’s not forget the most important thing - delicious natural flavour and taste. We still need to create balance with natural sugars, as excessive amounts of these are not good for us either. Whether natural or processed, all sugars, to a greater or lesser extent, feed some of the organisms in our body that are problematic to us when there are too many of them, such as Candida and Streptococcus. Sugar can also negatively affect your immune system, of which 80% of the immune system is found in the gastrointestinal tract (gut). Excessive sugar consumption has an inflammatory response in the gut, which can cause a multitude of health problems. Refined sugars are the ones we should be avoiding or keeping to a minimum: Table sugar, cakes, sweets/candy, desserts, sweetened yogurts and dairy products, bottled sauces and marinades, soda, juices, sports drinks, alcohol, and all other packaged foods that add sugar. The problem with

these sources, is that the refining process introduces us to another whole range of negative implications. For instance, glucose may be made from corn starch, which may be derived from GMO sources. It is also important to consider our recommended daily intake, and that for most of us, if we are eating a balanced and healthy whole food diet, we are most probably within healthy range of these suggestions without adding the extra refined types. For many of us, minimizing or avoiding the amount of sugar we consume can be dramatically impacted by the way foods are marketed and the different wording used to mask it. Get to know other names for sugar, some of which include: Corn Syrup, barley malt, dextrose, fructose, lactose, sucrose, glucose, golden syrup, rice syrup, molasses, dextrin, fruit nectar, brown sugar, cane sugar, castor sugar, raw sugar, evaporated cane juice, fruit juice concentrate. Now I don’t expect anyone to be able to memorize that comprehensive list and recognize each on a label! This is where it can be overwhelming if you let it. The best advice I can give you is

to minimize the foods and drinks you consume from packaged items and stick mostly to natural, unprocessed and unrefined whole foods including plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes; and animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. Stick to the JERF Principle: Just Eat Real Food! This does not mean you need to eliminate delicious treats completely from your life, but what it does mean is to keep them as just that, a treat (occasional). Most of the implications that are associated with sugar consumption, are a result of excess, which keeps our glucose levels elevated. There is nothing to say that a healthy, nutritious diet focused on whole foods that allows the occasional sweet treat, is detrimental. It’s actually very healthy to have a mindset that is not making decisions based around restriction, and the odds of maintaining a healthier relationship with food are significantly greater. If more diets focused on developing a healthier mentality and relationship with food, I believe there would be a huge difference in the results and satisfaction we attained long term.

REPLACE SUGAR WITH FAT. FAT FILLS US UP- SO WE CAN’T GORGE ON IT. It’s this very trick that makes my sugar-quitting program work… Once we take out sugar, the best thing you can do is replace it with fat and some protein. I’m talking whole-some, unprocessed fats and quality protein, like eggs, cheese, nuts, avocado, and coconuts. – Sarah Wilson



The reason so many diets and detoxes fail is because we never set the intentions for after the diet ends, so for many of us that means going straight back to old habits and routine, which keep you on the vicious merry-go-round of fluctuating weight, mood, health and overall feelings of wellbeing and self confidence (hello broken New Year’s resolution and ‘start again on Monday’ mentality). It is worth considering how spoiled we now are with so many equally tasty sweet alternatives to sugar. The best way to create a maintainable positive change in your diet with the amount of sugar consumed is to start researching the natural alternatives. Avoid or limit the artificial sweeteners, as whilst they may save on calories, they are associated with many other health risks, which brings us back to the most important focus point - nutritional food value. Many simply make the switch from cane sugar to other natural sugars such as raw honey, dates, coconut sugar, and pure organic maple syrup. These are all pretty equivalent, and making this swap simply means swapping sugar for sugar. If you would like to reduce your intake or cut out added sugar, try stevia when appropriate (note: most brands have added maltodextrin to the stevia. We recommend Sweet Leaf brand (or looking at the ingredients to ensure that other sweeteners have not been added). Brown rice syrup is also considered a “safe sugar” made from fermented, cooked rice. It is a “slow-releasing” sweetener, meaning that it won’t dump on your liver like pure glucose or sucrose does.

If you would like to reduce your intake or cut out added sugar, try stevia when appropriate (note: most brands have added maltodextrin to the stevia. We recommend Sweet Leaf brand


where is the fructose?




So what’s my suggestion if a sugar detox is something you’ve put on your New Year’s Resolution Health goals? Drop the labeling and define your intentions. Are you eliminating sugar because you want to improve your health or drop some of that post Christmas weight? That’s great! Do you want the results of your intention to last longer than the duration of the plan? Hopefully most of you would be screaming ‘YES’ by now! My suggestions from here are where it gets on if you’re ready to get honest with yourself. •

There is no quick fix - any long term change with positive outcomes, requires a level of dedication and commitment.

Look for motivational guides or aids to help you reduce or eliminate sugar. There are some great books with insightful facts and tools to help you, and many include recipes as well. Sarah Wilson has several books out, including I Quit Sugar, which are great to get you off and running- and have longevity with your diet!

Small steps - Rather than go ‘cold turkey’ on all sugar products, start with the obvious areas of your diet, especially added sugars like in your tea or coffee or cooking; and excessive sugar items that blow out your daily intake in one go, such as alcohol and cool drinks. Set realistic goals - If you’re drinking 5 glasses of cool drink or juice a day, start by committing to reducing that amount. For example, I will allow myself 2 glasses per day; and gradually, as you adjust, bring that number down to something that is







JERF - Just Eat Real Food! Whole, nutritious, fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, meats and unrefined products. Make friends with your local farmers, farmers’ market, and butcher. Or even better, grow your own!

more reflective of an occasional treat if you feel like it. Another way to practice an achievable and gradual approach to long-term success, is to start replacing some of the sweet areas of your diet with the natural alternatives. For example, using coconut sugar or raw honey over white sugar. Minimize packaged and processed foodsincluding takeaway sweet treats that make monitoring and sticking to your daily recommended sugar intake challenging. Replace old habits with new - Eliminating something completely from your diet can create a mindset of restriction and ‘missing out.’ Look at replacing the item you are removing with an alternative healthier, but equally delicious, option. There are endless options of healthier food substitutions. A little research into your favourite treats goes a long way! Get moving! A healthy relationship with food involves exercising and moving your body everyday. Most people will tell you that when they have a consistent routine with exercise, they are more inclined to eat healthier foods because it makes them feel good. It’s a cycle. When one part of the health cycle is compromised, it affects all of the other elements as well, especially your mindset.

JERF - Just Eat Real Food! Whole, nutritious, fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, meats and unrefined products. Make friends with your local farmers, farmers’ market, and butcher. Or even better, grow your own!

It’s important that we don’t create a mindset of fear around sugar or any food for that matter. If we focus on balance and the nutrient value of our diet, than we feed the bigger picture of well-being. Nutrition is one aspect of our health. The whole picture includes exercise and mental health. Why do you want to go on a diet or detox in the first place? For most of us that answer is reflective of wanting to be healthier. So I ask you to consider this, do you want to make changes to your health for a short-term gain, or do you want to make maintainable changes that create a beautiful picture of what it looks like for you to be living your life as your healthiest and happiest self. When you put it like that, reducing your sugar intake sounds like a very achievable New Year’s Resolution that can be kept.

ymore info: Instagram: @danae_maree


The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. We deliver hand chopped, all organic fruit, veg, nuts, herbs seeds & superfoods directly to consumers every week, in convenient ready-to-blend pouches ( Air frozen to lock in nutrition, they’re delivered in wool-lined boxes to keep them sitting cool and happy on your doorstep until you arrive home from work. All recipes are developed by our chef & nutritionist, and our focus is on low GI vegetable based smoothie recipes. The way in which we do business matters just as much as what we do, so we make sure all our packaging is recyclable or compostable, and we offer free returns for our customers to send back packaging to be re-used, reducing waste. We prefer skin on, chunky veg, though any waste from chopping / peeling / coring is composted too. We also ensure we provide 2 meals for those in need for every box that we send out.



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Can’t shake that cold? Feeling tired? Then feed your body some goodness and boost your immunity against those nasties

One of the favourites at Honestly good HQ. Delicious banana, courgette and sweet potato form the base of this smoothie, giving you a healthy dose of potassium

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Super foods broccoli and Kale unite! Both are super at fighting inflammation with anti oxidants, protecting heart health, eyes and aiding digestion

You’ll get a nice boost of Vitamin C from this delicious smoothie which amongst an array of health benefits helps strengthen your immune system

All singing all dancing and packed This silky smoothie is just heaven. with personality. This one is gonna Walnuts are an excellent source give you what you really, really of vitamins and minerals, while want cucumber, Apple & Wakame keep this one balanced.

The Future We’ve got exciting plans for the future; Blake & Caroline will shortly begin work on our protein smoothie range; a delicious mix of beans, legumes, pulses, lentils, tofu and tempeh, which we hope to roll out in January for the New Year, when we begin working on a range of smoothies for babies with Oxford scientists. You’ll also likely see us handing out tasters all across London, from yoga studios to tube stations. We’re also looking to implement a system whereby we’ll donate to causes that our members care about, from each of their deliveries (it’s early days and exciting times on this one).

Create an account and prepare to receive your subscription of smoothie kits from only £2.45 each. Our freshly frozen, lovingly packed and easy to use smoothie kits are only a couple of clicks away.

Squeal with delight when you receive your lovingly packed smoothie box, full of freshly frozen goodness. Your box is temperature controlled with sheep’s wool lining and your ready-to-blend sachets are nestled amongst gel packs for maximum deliciousness.

Store everything in your freezer, and when you’re ready simply pop a pack into your blender, add 250ml of water and your superfood super delicious smoothie is ready!

Return your wool liners by simply throwing them into the mailing bag provided. Fix the return sticker onto the bag and drop it off at a Collect Plus Partner (Costcutter, Londis, Nisa, Spar, Co-op and many more). 109

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Modern Medicine & Innate

Healing In Harmony

A Personal Account Of Our Healing Potential By Jeff Granville Throughout my life I’ve been fascinated with the human connection between science and spirituality. For most of human history they have been polar enemies, but now with the understanding of quantum physics, we become the connection where science, biology



and spirituality merge. Three years ago, I lived through an event that changed both my life and my young son’s. During this time, I learned that being in the moment and being mindfully present has a measurable connection at the quantum level. These truths, when learned and

practiced do have a positive influence on our personal, social and global health. These truths are so profound, that they are encouraging a re-examination of health care and how modern medicine and innate healing can have potential to work in harmony to get results.

Every atom in the universe fluctuates between particle and wave at the speed of light. When we pray, meditate or become coherent, we rhythmically align this fluctuation. In these coherent states, we become more wave than particle and we spend more time connected to source field energy.

Over a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein theorized that a photon was both a particle and a wave. Quantum physics has since proven, with experiments such as the dual slit experiment and the Wheeler experiment that this is a fact. Now the teachings of Nassim Haramein show us that every proton is actually a subatomic black hole. Every atom in the universe fluctuates between particle and wave at the speed of light. When we pray, meditate or become coherent, we rhythmically align this fluctuation. In these coherent states, we become more wave than particle and we spend more time connected to source field energy. We have the connection to creation. Werner Heisenberg, the father of Quantum physics stated,

“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will make you an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.” Bruce Lipton, the cellular biologist that founded the field of epigenetics and authored the book ‘The Biology Of Belief’ teaches us that our perception of our environment creates our physical reality. Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book ‘You Are The Placebo,’ clearly illustrates the neuroscience behind the placebo effect. And finally, Greg Braden has traveled the world researching the common practice that all ancient civilizations had in connecting with the heart’s intelligence. At Heartmath they have developed technology that can measure and build coherence. Through coherence, we tap into the

source field energy of the divine, where the best possible outcome can become reality. So what does all this mean? The latest understandings of our quantum biology and particle entanglement scientifically validate the ancient beliefs and practices that connect us all. The lessons learned during the following experience have not only saved my son’s life several times, but now are also leading to a paradigm shift in the care of pediatric patients. Being in the moment, being mindfully present has a measurable connection at the quantum level. These truths, when learned and practiced have a positive influence on our personal, social and global health.


I sat there alone with the best that modern medicine had to offer and the surgeon stated, “We are chasing something we don’t have the tools to catch.

On December 30th, 2014 my four year old son Makoy was diagnosed with leukemia. As much as the horror of that sentence stands for itself, it’s about to get worse. After being sick for a couple of weeks and showing some facial swelling, we drove to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Within an hour of our arrival the results from the blood work showed the white blood cell count above 300,000. The doctor asked me to step outside the room and told me Makoy had leukemia or lymphoma. Further tests would be required to make a final diagnosis. One required test is a lumbar puncture to check the spinal fluid to see if leukemic



cells had passed the blood barrier. If they had, much more aggressive treatments would be administered including full body radiation and extra for the brain. If leukemic cells had not passed the blood barrier, then “only” chemotherapy would be required. It was a hospital policy to not administer either treatment until this determination is made. The problem then became that Makoy had become even more lymphoblastic. The tumors that were constricting his superior vein and causing the facial swelling were now so pronounced that his eyes had swollen shut and his chest was

as deep as it was wide. His airway was now constricted to the size of a pencil and they said “it was like his heart was trying to beat inside a hundred rubber bands.” If the surgical team administered anesthesia to draw the spinal fluid, his muscular tension would relax and the pressure from the tumors will collapse his airway and his heart. He would go into cardio-respiratory arrest. The next morning when the full medical staff held rounds, they were still wrestling with their limited options. Without a reduction in the tumors, they couldn’t sedate him for the lumbar puncture. Without testing the spinal fluid, they couldn’t administer chemotherapy to reduce the tumors. The doctors then held a care conference to determine their course of action. I took a seat at the large table in the conference room. Around the table were teams of all the necessary specialties. The head of surgery sat under two 60” HD monitors showing the MRI images of his airway and his superior vein. The graphic display of his situation sent his mom out of the room and to his bedside. I sat there alone with the best that modern medicine had to offer and the surgeon stated, “We are chasing something we don’t have the tools to catch.” He said a couple members of the team had noticed my ability to keep him calm through the emergent procedures they administered during triage. They felt that his “only chance” was to get special permission to have me allowed in the operating room to “talk him through” two surgical procedures without sedation. They made it clear that without sedation, if he moved too much, or went into shock he would die. I took a couple of deep breaths to gather myself and after several questions to see

if there was any other possible way, they informed me that this was the only alternative and time was of the essence. The first procedure called for the installation of a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC). This tube is placed in the vein inside his right bicep that travels all the way into the heart. It is a central access for the infusion of blood products, medications, and also to have constant access for lab draws. This is a procedure that is always done in the “sleepy room,” not on a child who is awake and can guarantee a negative outcome with any slight reaction. This is especially true for a four year old with a healthy fear of needles and doctors in general. At the time of surgery, Makoy was so lymphoblastic that he had to lay on his side right up to the point of starting the procedure because when he rolled onto his back, the pressure on his heart and airway increased to the point of severe discomfort. The only plan I had was to be

present with him and explain what was going to happen as he does not like surprises. The head surgeon made sure that the surgeon for this procedure went over every detail so I could be prepared and prepare Makoy. With his eyes swollen completely shut, he was inside the darkness of his own head with nothing but his imagination. I put my head as close to his as I could and softly talked to him in a calm voice. I reassured him that I was there for him that I loved him and nothing was going to happen that he couldn’t handle. I explained that he would feel a small pinch as the needle for the local anesthetic went in his arm. We practiced controlled breathing, and to further relax him, I guided him down the river we had both floated down that previous summer. I guided him down a ski slope we had enjoyed the last two winters. Both of these activities were fun but also scary. He needed to trust me then as he needed to trust me now. I described how I held him as we got on and off of the chairlift. How he held onto

my ski pole for stability as I held it out in front of him. I described every detail I could think of, like the sun reflecting off of the snow and the way the snow sounded under our skis. As I described each detail I would ask him if he could see it. He would softly acknowledge me with a little sound and he would make a slight snoring sound every fourth or fifth breath. He had entered what I believed to be a theta wave, mind out of body state. We were collectively coherent and were more wave than particle. The catheter was placed without as much as a flinch. He didn’t even realize it was done. The surgeon stated, “Ok, we are all done.” Makoy let out a little giggle that made the whole room relax. We had done it! Makoy had done it! Now that we had gotten past the “easy one,” we had a briefing on the lumbar puncture. The head surgeon talked to all of the more than 30 care providers in the room that we were going to do this “Makoy’s way.” He told the young steady handed

We practiced controlled breathing, and to further relax him, I guided him down the river we had both floated down that previous summer. I guided him down a ski slope we had enjoyed the last two winters. Both of these activities were fun but also scary. He needed to trust me then as he needed to trust me now.



oncologist that he was to slowly and softly describe what he was going to do. He was to give me time to make sure Makoy was as he described it at the time “in his zone.”. Remember, A lumbar puncture is never attempted unless it’s inside the “sleepy room” with the child fully sedated. The one thing that made this a little easier was that Makoy could lie on his side. This made it more comfortable to breath and easier to relax. We positioned Makoy on his left side and had him curl up into a fetal position. This was to open the vertebrae to make way for the needle. The nerves surrounding the spinal column are the most sensitive in the entire body. Four doctors surrounded us and were planning to hold him down to prevent him from moving. Even the tightest grip from five grown men couldn’t stop the smallest of movements that would break off the needle and cause pain and panic that would lead to him being paralyzed

or cardio-respiratory arrest. I asked them to softly lay hands on him but don’t restrict him. Being forced is the surest way to ensure a fight. IMAGE: boy walks into water We had to rely on repeating the same theta, mind out of body state again. It was Makoy’s only hope. With nothing but numbing cream on the surface where the needle was to enter the skin, the oncologist softly told us he was going to rest the needle against his skin to bring it to body temperature. He asked Makoy if he could feel it and he made an affirming sound. I continued to talk him though our ski run and down our river. He was once again able to answer questions and was snoring every fourth or fifth breath. The oncologist said he was going to slide the needle in and in the next instant he said, “We have fluid.” The entire room collectively gasped for a breath and there wasn’t a dry eye. Makoy had not even flinched. When I asked him if he heard that, he let out a soft

I reflected on the deep impression I had that during all the emergent commotion of triage - Makoy and I were the “eye of the storm”



little chuckle and the entire room let out a stress-releasing laugh. Three vials of spinal fluid were drawn and not one wiggle. The spinal fluid was tested and found to be clear of blasts. Chemotherapy was quickly administered through his new PICC line and the tumors had retreated by the next morning. After those two procedures without sedation, and after the storm cleared, the care team was down to our night nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit and Makoy was sleeping peacefully. What had just happened? How did we do that? I reflected on the deep impression I had that during all the emergent commotion of triage, Makoy and I were “the eye of the storm.” I grabbed my phone and searched for “eye of the storm.” I soon had my first introduction to Nassim Haramein, and here was this Physicist on stage saying, “Anyone can tell you the velocity of the wind, I want to know the math of the EYE!”

We were able to recreate a process of coherence for several procedures that resulted in documented, unprecedented results. One of which was to remain fully lucent during a 40 minute long grand mal seizure.

This marked the beginning of countless hours of reviewing related literature that has led us on this journey of a lifetime. We were able to recreate a process of coherence for several procedures that resulted in documented, unprecedented results. One of which was to remain fully lucent during a 40 minute long grand mal seizure. The neurology team asked to interview us because they had never heard of this happening before and wanted to “get a glimpse into the mind of a patient during a grand mal seizure.” This has led to a Seattle based Neurologist, who holds a PHD in environmental toxicology and is a faculty member at Seattle Children’s

Hospital to research our story and author a paper on her findings. Two of the surgical cardiologists and their entire teams have witnessed Makoy’s ability to go into this state of deep theta. On two occasions they had to drain fluid from his pericardial sack but were able to administer minimal anesthesia. In their words, Makoy “participated in his own survival.” Normally when sedating someone for this procedure, anesthesia has the potential to overly reduce muscle tension and the pressure of the fluid on the heart causes tamponade, the collapsing of the heart and cardiac arrest. More miraculous, in November, Makoy had his left kidney removed

in preparation for a transplant on December 20th, 2017. What a year! On both occasions he was administered “the smallest amount” of pain management and sent home without a prescription for pain medication- not even Tylenol. I invite you to travel with me down the rabbit hole and discover the innate abilities we all have to not only participate in our own survival, but to also transcend to a new level of reality with one another.

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Issue 15 / January 2018  
Issue 15 / January 2018  

This month we explore balance, both in our lives and the world in which we live. From ancient wisdom that can help guide balance in our mode...