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December 2017

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Exploring Ancient Origins & Technology of the Connected Universe With RSA Yoga Pioneer Amy Ippoliti ‘Stay Woke’ The Future Of Healthcare In Self Care Miramir A Brighter Outlook For Social Platforms? Setting Your New Year’s Resolution Phenomenon Of Seeing Into The Future

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Issue 14 · December 2017

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In the Beginning Face the Current was created with the intention to inspire positive change in the world and enhance lives by encouraging one another to relentlessly discover, explore, question and learn from current and emerging information and perspectives. Driven by a deep-rooted love of learning, creative minds and a great appreciation for connection with other individuals who are passionate about what they do, Face the Current has quickly developed into a growing team and global community of incredible people who believe in living life to the fullest and discovering their true potential. “I find it inspiring to connect with others who are following their flow, pursuing and exploring their passions. Their energy is vibrant & contagious and there is often a lot of incredible things to learn from their life experience and the perspectives they have gained.”

Sasha Frate Founder


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FUTURE Edition Søren Kierkegaard once said, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards,” or in the Now, while it is in perpetual forward motion from one moment to the next. Much like the expansion of time, we invite you to expand your mind as you turn the pages of this month’s somewhat expanded issue, themed ‘Future,’ as we explore and make observations of ancient civilizations in attempt to better understand how we might shape our future for the better in our in depth Egypt travel guide, “Exploring Ancient Origins & Technology of the Connected Universe with the Resonance Academy.” This month, several authors share how to nurture your ‘self’ and environment in the present moment to create a path that aligns with the fact that ‘you are already complete’from Ben Decker’s “Creating Your Personal Sanctuary” to Matt Belair’s “Seeing Into The Future,” that takes a very real approach to what is often considered a phenomenon with psychic and intuitive capabilities.

“In today’s rush we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just Being.” – Eckhart Tolle So how does one go about setting their New Year’s resolution without seeking, wanting, and just being? Daniella Princi shares the history behind New Year’s resolutions, why most fail to follow through, and how you can incorporate an ‘Eckhart Tolle’ approach to setting your resolution this year. In Sports & Fitness, we take a look at the future of action sports. Similarly, this industry is attempting to understand its past so it can return to growth, innovating new sports to entice and spice up the industry. Also looking towards the future is Amy Ippoliti. An in-demand yoga instructor for more than 30 years, Amy is championing “conservation through interconnection.” Amy offers her expertise on nurturing self and how to preserve our undersea environments. Through her visual interpretations, she shares the awe and beauty of will allow viewers to feel a connection and inspire us to care about marine wildlife. We are excited about the ‘future,’ as we know our community of readers and contributors recognize the infinite possibilities, both as individuals and collectively. Here’s to the Now and a most wonderful Future as we enter into 2018!


Issue 14 · December 2017


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fAce the current Sasha Frate

Founder and Editor in Chief is a perspective seeker, adventurer, and explorer. She received her Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts and continues to study a variety of subjects within and outside of the academic setting. Frate brings her personal moonshot approach to life to FtC, aiming to provide an experience for our global community where we inspire one another to stay curious, never stop exploring, and to live on-purpose and to potential.

Sema Garay

Executive Designer Sema is the graphic designer behind the development of the image and magazine of Face the Current. He has developed a multitude of projects, including his previous job leading the Creative Department of BG Life Magazine, in Marbella, Spain. Sema is passionate about all kinds of artistic expressions, especially music and architecture.

Annette Krey Sales Manager

Coming from the hospitality industry, Annette has successfully and passionately worked in Sales & Marketing both in the United States and in Germany in different industries. A German native, she has lived in the Portland, Oregon area for almost 8 years. There she learned to love the outdoors and the green lifestyle that plays an important role in the lives of many Oregonians. As a mom of two young children a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is now a big priority for her and she teaches her children to live passionately, be openminded and to be respectful to our planet and all living things.

David Aiello

Director of Marketing is an author, musician and photographer based in Portland, Oregon. He has worked with Fortune 50 companies to build their global brands but now applies his natural curiosity to exploring and documenting the world around him.


CREW David Ryan

David is a celebrity trainer in Los Angeles, California and creator of LIFTSTRONG Max Intensity Interval Training. You can get your own personalized HIIT program at Instagram: @DavidRyanFitness

We are a growing team of Up-standers whose intention is to create positive change in the world, through networking, connecting, supporting and developing at an individual and global community level. We are passionate about building our network of experts and industry leaders to deliver cutting edge information to our global community. This month’s Team and Crew are based in the US, Spain, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada and Iceland.

Woody Woodrow

is a touring musician and yoga instructor. On and off the road he enjoys guiding others through their practice. He believes through relaxation we have no limits to what we can accomplish. Woody is a 200hr RYT and a Strala guide having trained with his friend and mentor Tara Stiles. Music is naturally an important part of his practice and his classroom setting reflects just that. Instagram: @woodywoodrow

Velimir Sidorov

Renee Davis

MA RH(AHG) is a clinical herbalist, researcher, and educator in botanical and mycological medicine. She is a board member of the American Herbalists Guild and serves as the R&D Director of a mushroom nutraceutical company. She currently studies biomedical sciences at the University of Washington. Previously, she was a clinical herbalist at the Olympia Free Herbal Clinic for 5 years and an Associate Scholar with the Center for World Indigenous Studies.

Benjamin Decker

is a writer, meditation teacher and holistic business consultant. He is a founding meditation teacher at Unplug Meditation, The DEN Meditation, Wanderlust Hollywood, Mystic Journey, and is the founding Spiritual Director at Full Circle Venice. He is the author of the upcoming book, Practical Meditation (Althea Press), released May 1, 2018 in stores worldwide.

Matthew Belair

is the author of the best selling book Zen Athlete and the host of the top-rated Matt Belair podcast. He is an explorer of the mind and world and has trained with 34th generation Shaolin Masters in China, studied meditation with monks in Nepal and survived a near-death experience trekking Mount Everest just to name a few of his accomplishments. He is dedicated to teaching others how to expand their consciousness, connect with spirit and bring more awareness, love and kindness to the planet.

Sander Jain

is an outdoor adventurer and photojournalist, born in Germany and at home on an island in B.C. Canada. His passion for exploring the interface between mankind and nature through wilderness experiences, science and the evolution of consciousness inspires his work. As a Delegate of the Resonance Science Academy he explores a connected worldview through Unified Physics and enjoys participation in paradigm shifts that lead to positive change. Sander is interested in new and emerging discoveries that revolutionize our worldview and help us realize our true potential in alignment with the foundational wheel works of nature. Instagram: @sanderjain

is an author of four books about natural healing, alternative therapies, fasting and raw foods which have helped over 200,000 people from all over the world. He is a certified NLP Practitioner, having studied traditional massage, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy and acupressure (Barral Institute, California). Velimir has attended various health and healing seminars across the world, including survival camps, healing fasts, meditation retreats (Vipassana) and many others.

Daniella Princi

is The Conscious Psychologist and the heart and soul of Your Intrinsic Life, radiating her passion for what she speaks to, and living and breathing all she shares. She is a connected, passionate and down-to earth certified psychologist with a difference- combining her considerable and extensive skills & experience as a psychologist with additional specialty training in life and wellness-coaching. She is a guide, a coach, a healer... She is driven by her passion to fulfil her purpose to support you through conscious connection & awareness, education, clarity, empowerment, enlightenment and transformation. She is practical and solution-focused, giving you tools to empower you to reconnect and transform- to make choices and changes in your life, and to cope with whatever life presents you; to enable you to become the best version of yourself; to discover and live a life of purpose, authenticity, value, meaning and vitality on all levels.

Naia Reid

was formerly the Editor of BG Life Magazine, Marbella. A copywriter for years for a Google-Affiliated website design company, before writing, reporting and photographing for Andalucía’s largest English newspaper conglomerate: Euro Weekly News. She now channels her creative talent and vision for a better world, into developing FtC as a broad and multi-faceted platform for people to come together and make a difference.


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COVER stories

Exploring Ancient Origins & Technology of the Connected Universe With RSA 30

The Future Of Healthcare In Self Care 134

Yoga Pioneer Amy Ippoliti ‘Stay Woke’104

Miramir: A Brighter Outlook For Social Platforms? 80

Setting Your New Year’s Resolution 122



Phenomenon Of Seeing Into The Future 72

DECemBER CONTENT 04.Enter The ‘Home Of The Sasquatch’: Wild Encounters 18.History Behind Bigfoot / Sasquatch 20.FtC Travel Connection




30.Exploring Ancient Origins & Technology of the Connected Universe With RSA 31.Exploration: Ancient Sites & Origins 44.Connection To People And Place 46.Create Community: Global Community Unites 52.Education: Expert Speakers & Guides Share Latest Research 56.Technology: Ark® Crystal 60.Spending A Full Moon Night In The Giza Pyramids 66.Delegate Gathering: Peru 2018 70.Butzi. The Complete Creativity Course




72.The Phenomenon of Telepathy, Intuition, And Psychic Abilities: Seeing Into The Future 78.Aloha for People. 80.Miramir: Leading The Way To Brighter Future For Social Media Platforms? 86.Be Original. Rebel With Love. Be Free… And Vibe Like A Mango.



s rt s o sp nes it &f

92.Yoga For Musicians, Featuring Steve Carey of The Color Morale 100.The Most Sophisticated House Music 104.Yoga Pioneer Amy Ippoliti How To ‘Stay Woke’ 110.Action Sports Take To The Skies To Revive A Slowing Industry 112.Pull Workout By David Ryan Fitness 116.Creating Your Personal Sanctuary


th al

122.New Year’s Resolutions: The History And Secrets To Success 126.BodyTalk: Accelerating The Body’s Innate Ability To Heal Itself 134.The Future Of Healthcare Is Self-Care



04. 18. 20. 30. 8

Enter The ‘Home Of The Sasquatch’: Wild Encounters History Behind Bigfoot / Sasquatch FtC Travel Connection Exploring Ancient Origins & Technology of the Connected Universe With RSA


THE WORLD’S VESSELS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Vercoe has been in business since 1989 serving the needs of boaters worldwide from our offices in Portland, Oregon and Maui, Hawaii.


FtC travel

Enter The ‘Home Of The Sasquatch’ Wild Encounters By Sander Jain

Clayoquot Sound, home of the Nuu-chah-nulth people, is a visually stunning area located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Sander Jain, an outdoor-photojournalist, whose works has appeared in such publications as BBC Wildlife, GEO, and Explore Magazine, was eager to explore this area. His mission has always been to study the boundary between the humanity and the greater natural context.To Sander this area was home to mountains, fiords, inlets, dramatic coastlines, and islands, not to mention orcas, humpback whales, bears, wolves, sea lions and eagles. But as Sander was soon to discover that when exploring boundaries, one is not always prepared for what you might discover. “Paddling up the inlet is like stepping through a large gate into a magnificent throne room where Clayoquot Sound keeps its wild treasures and ultimate mysteries.” I penned this description in 2012 shortly after falling in love with one of Vancouver Island’s remotest corners. It has a dramatic topography covered in an exquisite expression of the ancient temperate rainforest ecosystem, a large



river valley and adjacent fjord that radiate the mystical air of the Pacific Northwest more iconically than many other places I have visited. And I knew that I would return some day to spend a longer period of time in what had become my favorite place. In summer 2014, after two months of preparations and the generous help of many supporters, I finally found myself heading out into the Sound again.

It took a lot of persuasion to make the boat driver go all the way up into this rarely visited part of the Sound. But on an early afternoon in mid-July I arrived at the small cabin secretly nestled in between the waterline and steep

forested mountain slopes; my remote wilderness home base for the next two months. I unloaded my kayak and the rest of the gear, waved at the driver and watched his boat disappear into the distance.


I settled into the cabin and started the simple yet comfortable way of wilderness living that I had hoped for. My mind was free of common distractions, and four beautiful days of conscious living passed and felt like weeks in an environment where my senses became sharp and attuned to my surroundings. I could sense nature’s infinite potential here; a truly wild place; a place for humans to visit but not to remain. The days were sunny, without a single cloud in the sky, the nights starlit and cool. As in many wild and abundant places the presence of wildlife was subtle and elusive. However, bald eagles, kingfishers, sea



gulls, ducks, seals, sea lions, river otters and hummingbirds showed themselves quite frequently. The haunting call of a loon travelled across the water from the estuary and I could hear the deep booming calls of male sooty grouse resounding from deep inside the valley. On the fifth day I went for an evening paddle to the river estuary. Just like the previous days I sat there in my kayak and listened to everything in and around me and played my pan flute. The flute was a gift from a friend that I played every day. I enjoyed hearing my own melodies echoing back from the steep mountain slopes. When

I went ashore at the cabin around 9:00 pm, I noticed that the sky was slightly overcast, the first weather change since my arrival. I retreated to the cabin for dinner, lit some candles and started writing my journal entry and wildlife report of the day. When I stepped outside again the clouds had thickened like a lid that sealed off the fjord and gave the air a muggy character. It was pitch-black, the water was calm, there was no wind, and I could neither hear any bird calls nor any sea lions or seals catching fish close to shore like previous evenings.

I went back inside and did my routine check-in with my safety contact in Tofino via an InReach device when a strange sound in the distance called me back outside. It sounded as if big rocks were being moved, dragged, turned or thrown over in the distance. I figured that it must be a black bear flipping over boulders in the intertidal zone to look for a late night protein snack. Or perhaps it was some rocks getting lose and falling off the cliffs due to temperature changes. Then, I could hear what appeared like owl vocalizations. It sounded as if several of them were replying to each other’s calls from different locations. The rock sounds continued. Other than that it was perfectly silent. Half an hour later I was brushing my teeth under the light of my headlamp in the cabin when all of a sudden, a very loud blast from somewhere in the

vicinity shook me. One of the big rock sounds had erupted with the intensity of a small explosion, and the sound was coming from closer than before. My toothbrush almost fell out of my mouth, and I sensed my hair standing on end at the back of my neck. There was no doubt that something was causing that noise. Was I not alone in this remote place? Was there illegal logging in my favorite wild fjord? I hadn’t seen nor heard boats, lights, or any trace of human activity. This place is truly cut off from the outside world by distance and its inaccessible terrain all around. It was pretty much impossible to enter unnoticed. No, it could not be human activity! Especially not at 11:45 p.m. I was completely alone in this remote corner, and I was beginning to feel it. My subconscious instincts dictated me to simply retreat into sleep. While climbing up into the attic to my sleeping spot I tried to

convince myself that the loud, sharp noise from a few minutes ago must have been the massive splash of a hunting sea lion. I thought that I had probably just allowed myself to get spooked by the darkness and silence in combination with what I was hearing outside. I lay down in my sleeping bag, switched off my headlamp and closed my eyes. Lying in the darkness, I could hear how more rock sounds and owl-like vocalizations cut the silence outside. I finally fell asleep. And then, around 3:20 am, all of a sudden, I woke up from my dreams into a nightmare. I was fully present right away, my eyes were wide open, my breath came to a stop, I felt a torrent of adrenaline flooding my body, my heart was pumping at full speed, I was petrified.


The massive force that was being applied and its rhythmic nature were highly intimidating and beyond anything that I could associate with the black bears, deer, cougars, wolves, rare elk or other animals that you would usually expect to encounter in these forests.

Loud stomping on the ground right next to the cabin made its structure tremble. The massive force that was being applied and its rhythmic nature were highly intimidating and beyond anything that I could associate with the black bears, deer, cougars, wolves, rare elk or other animals that you would usually expect to encounter in these forests. However, it clearly sounded like a wild living being. The heavy stomping was combined with the most horrifying vocalizations. All sounds I could hear and feel were without doubt coming from one or two very large, strong and heavy creatures. The only words I could find to describe their sounds and movements were wild, primeval, disturbingly erratic and deliberate all at



once. The vocalizations sounded as if some creature was trying to articulate itself through speech but didn’t have language in the same way as we do. There were other noises too, like the sound of wood hitting wood, but it was hard to separate them from the overall turmoil in which the tremor of the ground and the vocalizations were the most prominent. The tremendous strength and energy that I could sense behind this riot was like nothing I had ever experienced. Before my mind even started drawing conclusions my alert senses had understood the message right away: Clear out! Go away! Leave! I observed myself responding to this situation in the most primeval ways that I didn’t

even know existed until then. The intensity and physical character of this fear were uncharted territory in my personal horizon of experience. I didn’t have to make up my mind, I knew right away that I had to respect this message. After about 10 seconds of this turmoil I could sense and hear two bipedal creatures, one slightly more lightfooted than the other, taking a few big strides while producing some strange subtle vocalizations. And again, each emphatic footfall made the ground and cabin tremble. The enormous weight and strength combined with tremendous speed and agility that I could sense were impressive and horrifying at once. Were they leaving?

At that point I could not take any more. In fear of death I pressed my hands against my ears as hard as I could. I was lying under my sleeping bag in the darkness, every muscle in my body strained, and I was covered in cold sweat. There were two triangular glass windows right behind my head. I only would have had to turn and look outside, but it felt impossible. There was no curiosity left. In apprehension of feeling the tremor of more stomping I was afraid that they might go even further in their mission to scare me. Hours passed and I was lying there, hands pressed against my ears, silently promising that I would leave as soon as the light of dawn helped me release my petrification. My previous outdoor adventures had often involved

challenging situations, but this was incomparable, and my adventurous spirit faded. Finally I occasionally dared to lift one hand off an ear and started texting messages to my safety contact: “I NEED A PICKUP RIGHT AWAY. PLEASE SEND A FLOAT PLANE!!!” However the messages didn’t send until about 7 a.m. because I didn’t have clear sky view where I was lying under the roof. As soon as dawn started seeping into the cabin and I could hear the first birds outside, I carefully allowed my ears to fully listen and my eyes to see again. Around 7:30 a.m. I felt ready to get up, slowly climbed down into the main living area and started packing the most necessary things. My hands

were shaking, and I was exhausted. I still didn’t dare to look outside. My only mission now was to leave as soon as possible. Finally, I received a message back from my safety contact: “I’ll send you a plane!” What a relief! Around 8:20 a.m. I heard the float plane approaching far off in the distance and then descending into the fjord. I grabbed my bags, stepped outside and without another glance walked down to the water where I caught the pilot’s attention with my red jacket. Five minutes later I boarded the plane. “How are you doing,”, the pilot asked me, obviously wondering why I needed to get picked up? “Oh... I’m


Hmm, that rather sounds like Sasquatch (Bigfoot) to me, ”he said. “I hear stories from people up and around here who see them with boulders on the shoreline.



alright. Just didn’t feel safe here last night. The ground was shaking, and I heard the sounds of moving boulders. Might not be a good thing to be trapped in this spot in case of a bigger earthquake or landslide, right?” There was no way I could tell him the truth without seeming crazy. While getting ready for take-off I noticed how his eyes were scanning the mountain slopes for signs of a landslide. He said that no earthquake reports or tsunami warnings had been issued, and then he started pressing me about the sounds

that I had heard. Eventually I described them in more detail to him. “ – Hmm, that rather sounds like Sasquatch (Bigfoot) to me, ”he said. “I hear stories from people up and around here who see them with boulders on the shoreline.” The plane picked up speed, and soon we took off into a cloudy west coast morning. For the first time I saw the pristine forest covers, dramatic mountain ranges, river valleys and

water currents of this magnificent wild corner of Clayoquot Sound from the air. I couldn’t take my eyes off. A mere five hours ago my favorite place had taught me what fear is, and now I hopelessly fell in love with it all over again. Just 15 minutes later we landed in the contrasting reality of Tofino’s busy tourism village. A good friend of mine awaited me on the dock. He said: “I guess there is a good reason why the First Nations call that place ‘Home of the Sasquatch’.”

ymore info:


FtC travel

History Behind

Bigfoot / Sasquatch

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch is known to most people as a mythical creature or cryptid, in the way that popular culture and media have been depicting and interpreting it. Its existence is still widely debated. In some regions of the planet these creatures are called Yeti, as in the Himalayas, or Almasti, as in Central Asia and Siberia. In Bhutan the Yeti is also called Migoi. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan, which is on the tentative list for becoming a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is the first nature reserve on Earth that was partially created with the purpose of saving the habitat of the Migoi. These bipedal hominoid creatures are known for being fully covered in hair, tall, very muscular and for roaming some of the remotest corners on Earth. Most North American First Nations tribes each have their own name for the ‘Wild Man of the Woods’. Some tribes have two names, for the female and the male Sasquatch. The indigenous peoples have been aware of the existence of these exceptionally intelligent, powerful and highly sensually adapted hominoid creatures as part of the natural ecosystem of North America



for millennia. They recommend to leave them their space since there will be a reason for the tradition of avoidance between these creatures and humans. While for them the Sasquatch is one of many inhabitants of the North American biosphere, along with wildlife species and humans, the new colonialist arrivals from Europe, who were unfamiliar with the vast wilderness of this continent, dismissed the indigenous knowledge as superstition or mythology. However, over hundreds of years and more increasingly in recent decades, a mass of coherent anecdotal evidence has accumulated; often reported by credible sources in the wildlife service, the military, by experienced hunters, researchers and scientists, not to mention countless reports by civilians. Even president Theodore Roosevelt is said to have been interested in this subject matter. Although many of these detailed descriptions show highly consistent behavioral characteristics of the Sasquatch and despite the existence of compelling physical evidence in the form of footprint casts with unforgeable dermal ridges, hair, blood and saliva samples as well

as close-up visual material from recent times, the scientific establishment is struggling with the classic hallmarks of a fundamental paradigm shift. Most scientists are afraid of facing the possibly profound implications that would result from a discovery of this magnitude. Out of fear of vocational and reputational consequences when openly conducting research in a field that has been stigmatized as cryptozoology or tabloid material, they choose not to look at the evidence and instead hold on to the dogmatic assumption that there is no living hominoid creature on Earth besides Homo sapiens. A series of elaborate hoaxes over the past decades has also fuelled skepticism and contributed to defaming this subject matter. Only about a dozen renowned PhD scientists from all over the world have openly recognized the significance of the scientific evidence and decided to serve the original scientific goal of finding out the truth. By studying the evidence and pursuing serious research in this field, they have shown the courage to put their reputation at risk in front of their

peers and within the whole scientific community that has placed Sasquatch under a taboo. However, the world’s most famous field biologist, Dr. George Schaller, is on the editorial board of a scientific publication that presents papers on this field of research - The Relict Hominoid Inquiry. Sasquatch sightings and encounters are more common than often believed but most witnesses don’t share their experience with friends, colleagues and even family members out of fear of being ridiculed or losing their reputation. However, more and more scientists agree that the scientific evidence for the existence of the Sasquatch is compelling and its discovery process might soon come to completion. It is not a lack of evidence that impedes the discovery process but the most basic human, sociological and psychological barriers and weaknesses that are naturally present in both the public’s mind and the scientists’ minds alike. These barriers prevent the application of a serious scientific approach and the implementation of the scientific method in this field of research. Nevertheless, extraordinary claims also require extraordinary evidence. While DNA samples have been analysed as part of several serious research endeavours and shown many accordances to the genome of Homo Sapiens while displaying some differences and as of yet unexplainable anomalies, these results do not necessarily make things easier. It becomes obvious that biological classification of these creatures might pose another big challenge. But real science must be committed to truth and radically open and curious to learning new things, no matter how much old paradigms are rendered obsolete in the face of new evidence. Scientists and researchers agree that in order to overcome the overall resistance of the scientific community to this phenomenon, hard evidence in the form of a specimen will perhaps be required. But can the murder of a human-like being in service of proving its existence be

called ethical science? And are we going to be able to respect these creatures, their living space and protect their habitat? The discovery of the Sasquatch is a beautiful example of how paradigm shifts are not primarily determined by the state of evidence but by our state of consciousness. A closed mind that isn’t ready for accepting a piece of information due to an investment in an old worldview will refuse even

the most compelling piece of evidence. Nevertheless, within the past decade the number of research organisations and privately funded research groups that are determined to provide an ultimate and indisputable piece of proof have sprouted up. Many people are starting to realise that Sasquatch must be more than just a creation of myths, hoaxes and hallucinations. Most of these research efforts abide by a ‘no-kill’ policy while a few organisations also allow the acquisition of a specimen as part of their research methods. The question arises whether the discovery of the Sasquatch is even a good thing or might actually have destructive consequences for these

creatures. Either way, Sasquatch have been very smart to make an effort and master the avoidance of contact with the most dangerous species on Earth as far and as long as they could. Still, a moment in history might be nearing where the world will finally be ready to embrace a discovery of this magnitude and open its eyes to what has very likely been staring at it from behind the trees for a long time. The discovery of the Sasquatch will beautifully, embarrassingly and hopefully mirror us how much we tend to underestimate the potential of nature. Thereby it also exemplifies how much we underestimate our own potential and chose to believe in a depleted world where we are willing to readily accept that which we are conditioned to believe: That the existence of something that amazing, beautiful and seemingly unlikely appears ‘too good to be true’. This lack of hope and selfesteem has led us to a symptomatic suppression of truth about life and to a negative paradigm that we see expressed in the depleting ways we treat ourselves, each other and the planet. Why don’t we open our minds, wake up and choose to venture into the nature of reality instead where we can finally see that the truth hosts things that are too good not to be true? Sasquatch is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and spectacular potentials in the history of modern science. It is part of the same body of truth of our time that encompasses information and discoveries from many disciplines and that is currently awaiting passage through our walls of resistance in consciousness against a profound and global paradigm shift towards our higher potential. The Buddha simply and beautifully said: ‘Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.’

ymore info: Reading recommendation: The Discovery of the Sasquatch: Reconciling Culture, History and Science in the Discovery Process by John


FtC travel

FtC Travel Connection Wanderlusters, Adventurers, Explorers, and Travel Photographers –‘Sharing Our Stories’ ftc travel connection

Alex Lemmon

PLACE I Call Home: Vancouver, BC, Canada Instagram: @alexjlemmon

Long story short: We met three Americans on a beach in Bequia, St Vincent. We got to talking, one thing lead to another, and a few days later they sailed 8 of us on their 35’ sail boat 20 hours through the night to St. Lucia. This was easily the most incredible experience of my entire life.



WHERE DO YOU THINK ADVENTURE TRAVEL TRENDS WILL TAKE US IN 2018? Adventure travel in the age of social media has taken your average person from aspiring to go to their local park, to buying plane tickets halfway across the globe to see a certain waterfall, volcano, or stone arch formation. The world has been explored and explored a billion times over, and people are beginning to get bored of your typical adventurous getaway. We’ve all heard someone talk about a certain location they’d like to see, only to get hit with the reply, “yeah, but everybody goes there now, it’s all over my Instagram” (see: Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii). In 2018, we’re going to see a boom in photographers and videographers alike chasing that ever elusive “untouched” spot that no one has posted about. While many might think this is going to ruin XYZ location, I feel there could be nothing better for the tourism industry that so many of these incredibly beautiful, but economically poor countries need to survive. Take it from the guy that just spent the last 3 months shooting 10 countries in the Caribbean; tourism does A LOT for local economies. Chasing these locations is going to take creators to new places within countries, but most importantly, within themselves. They’re going to learn about effects of the global eco-system and how they are impacting it, how to live better within their own means, and how much good there is within this world we live.

We met an incredibly kind hostel owner in Jamaica that connected us to a friend of hers that operates a tour company in Jamaica called Island Routes; 2 days later we were flying around the island in their private helicopter.

ftC fAce the current

travel connection


ftC fAce the current

travel connection 22

Tourism in Cuba isn’t quite up to date with the rest of the world, but if you’re in Trinidad, make SURE you find Yaseel and have him take you on a $10, 6-hour horseback ride through some of the most beautiful terrain you’ll ever see in your entire life. (Experience NOT required).


WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT CURRENT TRENDS IN ADVENTURE TRAVEL What I love most about the current trends in travel is seeing people take their first “leap of faith” in buying that first one-way ticket, and, after seeing how amazing it is to experience a different part of the world or way of lifebuying their next. I have yet to meet a single person that has actually travelled somewhere that tells me to NOT go after they’ve gone (yes, even the “scary” countries like Venezuela and Kenya). I’m a huge believer in the fact that there are good people across the entire world, you just have to stop watching the news and go experience them for yourself.

This is Danny Mcgee. He’s a huge inspiration to me. He messaged Global Degree (the company I shoot for) on a whim on Facebook letting us know he does videography and editing. 6 months later he was island hopping with us in St Vincent and St Lucia. If you want something in this world, try just asking for it.


ftC fAce the current

travel connection 24

We met Haden (left) at the free breakfast in a hostel in Dominican Republic. A few days later, he bought tickets on the same flight as us to St. Kitts, and then to Antigua. He’s the best example I can think of, of “go with the flow’. More people should be like Haden.


I’m a huge believer in the fact that there are good people across the entire world, you just have to stop watching the news and go experience them for yourself.

After finding ourselves homeless in Antigua, we reached out to a man named Kerry on couch surfing. He picked us up, took us into his beautiful home, and showed us around the island. He told me he’d always wanted a photo of these two palm trees, so I got one for him.


FtC travel

ftc travel connection

Edden Ram PLACE I Call Home: Israel Instagram: @eddenram 26


WHERE DO YOU THINK ADVENTURE TRAVEL TRENDS WILL TAKE US IN 2018? In recent years, I have been witnessing a huge shift in the reason why people travel. Once, I would be asked fairly anticipated questions, such as where the cheapest destinations are, or what country they should fly to if they have a week off of work. More and more, however, I’ve been asked very different types of questions. Questions such as what countries did you learn from the most, where were your most intense experiences, how do you travel for months at a time, and how do you get paid to travel? It seems as though the typical idea of a vacation just isn’t enough anymore. People are looking for something beyond just seeing another place. They are seeking profound experiences, passion, adventure. For me, travel has always been about the exploration of self, and I believe we are starting to see this as the norm for travelers of all types. People are taking their passions and using travel to explore them, expand them, and even create a lifestyle that surrounds them. As travel gets cheaper and more accessible, I think we will see more and more people pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and experiencing the world from a different perspective.

ftC fAce the current

travel connection 27

ftC fAce the current

travel connection 28


People are taking their passions and using travel to explore them, expand them, and even create a lifestyle that surrounds them. As travel gets cheaper and more accessible, I think we will see more and more people pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and experiencing the world from a different perspective.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT CURRENT TRENDS IN ADVENTURE TRAVEL The thing I love most about the current trends in adventure travel is that people are starting to be more intrigued by experiences and getting out of their comfort zone, rather than just seeing a new place. I believe this extends far beyond the specific act of traveling, and into people’s careers and lifestyle, where being passionate and enjoying life to the fullest are prioritized over security and money. For example, my decision to pursue a career in travel photography was a huge risk for me, and not very common. However, nowadays, I am seeing more and more people taking that risk and using adventure travel as a means to express their passion along with creating a new lifestyle for themselves. In my images, my goal is to capture the passion of travel explained above, and to try and spark that feeling in other people as to inspire them to explore a little more themselves.

People are taking their passions and using travel to explore them, expand them, and even create a lifestyle that surrounds them. As travel gets cheaper and more accessible, I think we will see more and more people pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and experiencing the world from a different perspective.


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Exploring Ancient Origins & Technology of the Connected Universe With RSA Prepared By Sasha Frate in Partnership With Resonance Science Foundation Take transformational travel, which allows those with a wanderlust to seek enlightenment through their journeys, add the physically challenging outdoor activities of adventure travel and you have the ultimate exploration ‘vacation.’ It was this sense of both physical and spiritual exploration that drove the Resonance Science Academy to convene their First Annual Delegate Gathering. Fittingly the assembly point for the delegates was Egypt with an itinerary filled with illuminating discussions, archeological and cultural visits, culminating with exploration of corridors and chambers inside the three Great Pyramids under a full moon. Face the current was privileged to be able to join in this ultimate transformational adventure and now share our experiences.



FtC travel

exploration ancient sites & origins

The generally accepted history of humanity is based upon a progression that begins with early humans developing “stone age” tools, then developing the capacity to hunt and establish agricultural practices that advanced early culture. What if this story is incomplete? In this 1st Annual Delegate Gathering in Egypt, Resonance Science Academy brought the global, virtual classroom to life to consider many questions, including “Did an ancient civilization have knowledge of the structure of space and apply this knowledge, including energy generating and gravity control technologies, to build massive structures?” We set out to gather fresh perspectives and insights by abandoning our tendencies to filter all we sense through our current understanding of the world. We wanted to open our minds, remain curious, and simply consider, “what if?

DID YOU KNOW? The apex of the Great Pyramid is only approximately ¼ inch off center on a 13 acre base!



The 2nd Great Pyramid was cased by granite stone at the lower level, and these blocks were queried by many people in different eras. –Mohamed Ibrahim

Mohamed Ibrahim shows the group the primitive cut marks of the block. GIZA PLATEAU We must also consider this longstanding question, how could ancient cultures build such massive and technically precise structures



using limited scientific knowledge (compared to modern man) and primitive tools? Take the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt for example. Some of the 2,300,000 multiton stone blocks used for their

construction were transported hundreds of miles, and all were stacked with extremely high precision. This undertaking would tax even the most advanced technologies we possess today.

Could it be that the ancient inhabitants knew something that was subsequently lost over the millennia? Could it be that they had technologies that enabled them to

build and align these structures with such precision that we’re just now at the threshold of rediscovering? And could they, perhaps, have left us visual clues so that one day we would

“remember” them and re-establish an understanding of cosmic forces that will provide us with the same technology?

We’re looking at the remains of such a powerful civilization that preceded us and maybe very advanced technology- 200 ton limestone blocks that were covered with granite blocks in excess of 60 tons in this perfect arrangement that has quite a bit of erosion on it which predates this Valley Temple to much much older than Dynastic Egypt. So we might be looking at something much older, much more mysterious, and that had technologies that exceed what we can do today. –Nassim Haramein



Recent survey of exoplanets show billions of planets. In conservative measure, how many of these are viable planets is 80 billion (life forms as we know it on Earth). They would have thousands to millions of years of technological advancements.



–Nassim Haramein


Mohamed Zakaria at Imhotep Museum Columns inside Hypostyle Hall HYPOSTYLE HALL We enter the site through Saqqara’s hypostyle hall and pass through 40 pillars along the corridor. As you exit the hall you arrive to the Great South Court, facing the south side of the pyramid of Djoser and the Temple T.

Mohamed Zakaria at Imhotep Museum. Mohamed is an Archeologist and Egyptologist who offers tours through his travel agency with his in depth knowledge that includes his ability to read three dead languages: hieroglyphics, heretic, and demotic. Mohamed is also frequently hired to conduct professional excavations and identify artifacts with the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquity.

Entering Hypostyle


PYRAMID OF DJOSER AT SAQQARA Egypt’s “earliest known pyramid,” has been under repair since a 1992

earthquake struck causing collapse of large amounts of stones. This limestone ‘Step Pyramid’ originally stood 62 meters tall. Inside, it contains a network of corridors

and a granite and marble burial chamber. The pyramid is surrounded by a funerary complex and massive rectangular tombs (known as mastabas).

Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara. The cobra represented the goddess Wadjet, a fire-spitting agent of destruction and protector of the pharaoh.

Foster Gamble, Nassim Haramein and Marshall Lefferts.



HEB-SED COURT The Heb-Sed Court is on the East side of the courtyard and contains three types of “chapels.”

Walk through the mini labyrinth (forecourt) that fronts the facades of this structure and you find an empty box. Place your head inside and you can tune in to sound waves. There

were several at this location, and many people reported that the sound waves got stronger from the first box to the last.

Mohamed Ibrahim is a Khemitologist and Hieroglyphyics Expert who has worked as a tour guide and teacher of hieroglyphics since 2000. His comprehensive knowledge of Ancient Egypt and background in comparative religions and spiritual studies has enabled him to fill lecture halls and conduct a variety of successful tours over the years.


PYRAMID OF TETI Enter into the Pyramid of Teti, which on the outside looks like a pile of rubble, you will be surprised to find

that the interior has been much better preserved. After entering through a tunnel the first chamber is covered from wall to wall to ceiling

THE SERAPEUM OF SAQQARA The serapeum houses over 20 large and impressive tombs in a series of undergound tunnels. It is said that the mummies found in these tombs were actually animals, and this serapeum was a burial place of Apis bulls, which were incarnations of the deity Ptah. The uncertainty of this explanation lies in the fact that the dynastic Egyptians did not have the technology to create these tombs at that time. The question everyone was asking, was just how did these 100 ton tomb boxes get placed in these rock cavities?! While lots of theories abound, no clear answer remains.



with engraved texts. Passageways lead to various chambers, including a burial chamber that contains a sarcophagus.

Inside the serapeum



PYRAMID OF SAHURE Ascending to the Pyramid of Sahure, you come upon the entrance hall and the open, columned courtyard, which originally contained 16 monolithic pink granite columns, each of which was shaped like the trunk and crown of a palm tree. To the ancient Egyptians, these symbolized fertility and eternal life. The complex included a large burial pyramid, a smaller satellite pyramid, a mortuary temple and a valley temple. We explored the courtyard, annexes, chapel and surrounding the Pyramid of Sahure, as well as the Valley Temple.



Yousef Awyan reads and interprets the hieroglyphs, symbols and images found in Egypt, from a unique perspective as taught to him by his world renowned father (Abd’el Hakim Awyan), as well as through his own research and continual study. He is a gifted artist, sculptor and musician. As an accomplished musician,Yousef’s keen ear for sound frequencies and pitch, enable him to tune in and find the resonant “tones” at many of the sacred areas and chambers found at the monuments and temples throughout Egypt. Yousef and his wife, Patricia host several tours each year as a venue to share this knowledge, assisting people to broaden their vision of the history of Egypt, and citing the evidence of the superior intelligence, spirituality and technologies of the people who once inhabited ancient Khemit.

Valley Temple at Abusir



ABU GHURAB This site is closed to public access, and for various reasons, has yet to be fully excavated and explored. To arrive at this site we pass through a small neighborhood of homes and a private property to get to a small opening in a large protective wall boundary. Armed guards allow our passage into the quiet, serene opening on the other side of the wall. Pyramids and sand dunes in the distance offer a beautiful landscape where birds fly in patterned movements that appear like they’re dancing. Arabian horses line the dunes as well, and you almost feel like you’ve entered into a majestic ‘no man’s land.’ After ascending to the temple site, you find the ruins of the Sun Temple of Niuserre, the pedestal and obelisk remains, and in the in the open courtyard lie numerous large alabaster circular basins, measuring approximately 1.18 meters (3 feet, inches) in diameter. Everyone gathers around the sun temple and the ruins of the obelisk and pedestal to take in the beauty and the energy of their surroundings. Many spend time exploring the courtyard and the alabaster basins, and our guides share stories about this unique site.

Sun Temple




FtC travel

CONNECTION To people and place

Everyone has their own way of feeling connected to self, to others, to ideas, sounds, experiences. Some find connection through travel, food, creating, meditation, or a combination of things. Here in Egypt, we all found connection together and within ourselves to this place through its people, culture, and history both ancient and modern.

“Paradise has never been about places. It exists in moments. In connection. In f lashes across time.” -Victoria Erickson

Malcolm Carter at Abusir Pyramid of Sahure



Maura Hoffman

Riding horses en route to The Serapeum of Saqqara


FtC travel

CREATE COMMUNITY Global community unites “A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone or part of the same social web network. It’s about feeling connected and responsible for what happens. Humanity is our ultimate community, and everyone plays a crucial role.” -Yehuda Berg There’s nothing like sharing such a transformational experience in Egypt with over 160 people from all over the world. Together under a full moon we spent a night in the three Giza Pyramids. We watched the bright orange sun set over the edge of the Sahara Desert, while Arabian horses run and birds dance in the distance. Together we perch upon the pyramid at Abu Ghurab—a site typically closed to the public—and reflect upon what we have all been exposed to.



Credit: Jamie Janover

Credit: Jamie Janover

Mindful explorers gather to experience a magical moment. No past or future thoughts. Only attention on the present. 47

We were pampered explorers calling Le Meridien Hotel our “home” for the week! Here we gathered for daily speaker presentations, as well as to rest, relax, dine, and process the day’s experiences.



A simple buffet just won’t do! This restaurant brought out horses to ride and musicians to create personalized melodies for us to sing and dance to. Important travel tip—be prepared to tip the singer, or he may just continue chanting your name relentlessly until you cough up a few coins! Meals were also a great time to talk story, and presenters and guides continued to share information with all our inquisitive minds.


Lunching out at the beautiful Palm Club



The Nile River dinner cruise was set against lovely views of sailboats and the waterfront cityscape. As the sun set, a buffet spread was served as we sailed the waters. Once the sun was down, the fun began with live entertainment highlighting traditional Egyptian dance and music.


FtC travel

EDUCATION Expert speakers & guides share latest research

There are remarkable things that have been ignored. Let it in. Allow it. Don’t keep it on the horizontal plane. Go vertical. Connect.

Nassim Haramein

Guides from Do It Travel were not your average tour guides, prone to regurgitating the same information from one tour to the next. Our guides were specialized in archeology, geology, Egyptology, and highly engaged with their groups. They provided us with the information you don’t learn in school. If you’re a perspective seeker, you’ll find yourself in ‘paradise’ while being exposed to ancient sites and new ideas with the Do It Travel guides. With our minds already being challenged and expanded by the sights and sounds (sound resonance in and around pyramids and chambers), the information our guides shared helped put everything into perspective- and connection. In addition to daily site visits and the presentations held at the hotel, participants were able to interact with presenters- experts in fields of science, physics, and ancient history, further supporting our willingness to learn. If you want to stay curious and never stop exploring, this was the perfect combination to fuel your exploration of the world and our preconceived notions.

SPEAKERS AND PRESENTERS Special guest speakers and Resonance Science Academy faculty share formal presentations on latest research and topics in their field of expertise. Were some topics are a bit… complex? A little. Were they… profound? Very. Which is why the Resonance Science Foundation has created an academy for learning to provide background and base knowledge prior to attending the annual Delegate Gathering. Participants got to hear from the faculty, guest speakers, and guides in a formal setting, and also over meals and out ‘in the field’ on site visits. The information shared was not what you would hear in a traditional educational or standard tour settings, but rather explored the ancient mysteries before us by employing a unified science approach.




Nassim Haramein presented on “Ancient Civilizations & Unified Physics,” ARK Crystal, and “Electron and the Holographic Mass Solution & Spacememory Network” as well as several “Talk Story” sessions. Nassim has spent over 30 years researching and discovering connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, as well as anthropology and ancient civilizations. These studies lead Haramein to groundbreaking theories, published papers and patented inventions in unified physics, which are now gaining worldwide recognition and acceptance. Haramein founded the Resonance Science Foundation where as the Director of Research he leads physicists, mathematicians and engineers in exploring unification principles and their implications in our world today and for future generations. In fall of 2014 Haramein began The Resonance Academy Delegate Program - the first and only unified physics program of its kind, educating thousands of students from over 70 countries around the world.

Foster Gamble presented on “Riding On Resonance: Science Meets Spirit In The King’s Chamber” (Full Moon October 2017). As President & Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media; Creator, Host, Co-Writer, and Director of Visual Design for THRIVE, Foster shares his vision and the scientific journey and exploration of the human potential to navigate successfully through the challenges threatening our survival. “Overcoming the fear of death changes our whole perspective on life. Everything we do, think, and feel, takes on new meaning when we realize that we are not limited by the physical.We begin to get the idea that we are really masters of our own destiny, and we more fully align ourselves with an eternal nature of our beings.” -Betty Bethards Kimberly Gamble As CEO of Thrive Movement International and Producer, Director, and Co-Writer of the globally-acclaimed film THRIVE: What on Earth will it Take? Kimberly talks about developing a model for providing breakthrough healing and energy technologies for people around the world. “How does what we are learning about higher consciousness actually show up in our daily lives, in our decisions, our personal relationships, our thoughts...? Bringing what we know about consciousness and our interconnectedness into how we actually live - this is the lens I’m always looking through..You can’t overestimate the importance that each one of us plays in honoring our own purpose and passion in the overall global transformation that is so needed at this time.” -Kimberly Carter Gamble


Hugh Newman presented on “Earth Grids And The Enchantment Of The Landscape: The Secret Patterns Of Gaia’s Sacred Sites.” As a world explorer, author and filmmaker, Hugh shared his vast knowledge and studies that have been featured on the History Channel, BBC, and in many other documentaries and publications.


William Brown

Dr. Amira Val Baker

Robert Grant

presented on “The Unified Spacememory Network, From Cosmogenesis To Consciousness.” As a biophysicist and research scientist at the Resonance Science Foundation and Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics William shared his latest research to better understand the physics of the biological system, as well as theoretical work in unified physics.

presented on “The Electron And The Holographic Mass Solution.” As a Scientific Research Associate with the Resonance Science Foundation and a PhD in Astrophysics, Amira shares her insights and knowledge, taking us far beyond with the latest research in her fields of experetise.

presented on “Etymology of the Numbers,” which examines the discovery and evolution of human understanding of numbers and their role in physics, chemistry, photonics, gravity, music, art, architecture, mathematics, measurement, time and human awareness. Robert Grant is offering and Elective on this Topic in the Resonance Academy in January 2018.


If you wanted to find something that connects all things what would it be? Even the so called “material” world we live in is made of 99.99999 percent space.

Participants interact with presenters

ARK® Crystal Education by Chris Almida

Victoria Foster hands out welcome packet


FtC travel




The ARK® Crystal technology was born in the research of Nassim Haramein and fostered by the organization he founded the Resonance Science Foundation (RSF). The original prototype was introduced and given limited release to the RSF Emissaries at the Tulum Emissary event in 2011. In 2015 the development work moved out of RSF and ARK® Crystal LLC was born in early 2017. Given the history of the technology it was extremely synchronistic that it was ready to be released and was first introduced

to the world via RSF’s 1st Annual Delegate Gathering in Egypt October 1 – 8 2017. This organization and this community have been waiting for years for this technology to emerge! The team from ARK® Crystal LLC put in an absolute heroic effort in the final days to get all the crystals completed and delivered to the event. All of this combined for a supercharged and emotional delivery ceremony on October 2nd when the ARK® crystals were given to all the attendees. As part of the evenings excitement ARK® Crystal was

able to demonstrate the geometric coupling features of the device and as you will see from the images it was extremely powerful to join multiple crystals together in tetrahedron based geometric structures including the 64 tetrahedron grid, which is featured so prominently in Nassim Haramein work! We hope all of you get the opportunity to come together with other ARK® crystal bearers in the future and explore the power of these geometries in person! They are beautiful to behold and create a powerful field when


ARK® Crystal tetrahedron Credit: Adam Apollo combined. The technology itself is deeply rooted in the theoretical work of Nassim Haramein with vacuum energy dynamics and resonance principals guiding every aspect of the geometry, design, engineering and functionality of the crystal. The 28 subcomponent titanium saddle allows dampening free oscillations, protection for the crystal and geometric coupling, and the titanium pendant and chain allows the technology to transcend to a wearable piece of art and beauty. ARK® crystals are precision engineered to specifically interact with the zero-point dynamics of the



vacuum to link with and harness the energy and information of this primary quantum field. Empirical investigations have demonstrated the high efficacy of this resonance-based technology: ARK® crystals have been shown to have significant effects on water structuring, increasing system coherence, and optimizing biology for growth and vitality. This technology greatly boosts the body’s natural ability to attune with the vitalistic and expansive zeropoint field of the quantum vacuum. The quantum vacuum represents the revelatory understanding in modern physics that space is not

Credit: Jamie Janover empty; on the contrary, it is the one thing that connects all things. The zero-point field of space is a nexus of quantum entanglement, and when the body is able to attune with it, like a crystalline oscillator, it comes into harmonic resonance with this inexhaustible source of energy, coherence, and connectedness. This is demonstrated by the ARK® crystals in the numerous tests that have shown their effects in optimizing biological functions, allowing the cellular system to communicate more coherently, facilitating rejuvenation and optimization of function.

ARK Perta


FtC travel

spending a full moon night in the gIZA pyramids



Would you spend the night of a full moon inside the Giza Pyramids? RSF obtained exclusive access to the Giza Pyramids to allow us to truly challenge the boundaries of our personal knowledge and exploration.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Entrance Entrance corridor Gate to subterranean Tunnel to subterranean Subterranean chamber Tunnel to Queen’s and King’s Chambers Queen’s Chamber Passageway to Queen’s Chamber The Grand Gallery ascent to King’s Chamber King’s Chamber “Air shaft” Escape shaft (well shaft)


Travel Deeper Four groups, totaling 160 people gathered through the night to spend time in each of the three Great Pyramids. First stop: The Great Pyramid. It’s the oldest and largest of the three, and the oldest of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World. We enter before sunset through the guarded opening and the overnight journey begins.



Into the great abyss of Egypt… The Subterranean Special access leaves this gate unlocked for us to climb down into the black hole. It’s hot and muggy, a bit sauna-like as we crouch and crawl through a small, long descending corridor that spans approximately 40 meters. There is enough lighting along the way to guide you through to the end where it opens up into the subterranean chamber.


King’s Chamber It’s quite a climb from the subterranean, on up to the King’s Chamber. The final ascent through the Grand Gallery is impressive, and the anticipation for what’s to come starts to build. When you finally arrive after



passing through the network of tunnels and ramps, it’s time to rest and stay a while. In the King’s Chamber we find the red granite sarcophagus, which is quite large (its weight is an estimated 3.75 tons). The chamber measures

10.45 meters by 5.20 meters, and is 5.80 meters high and it made entirely of pink granite. We spend hours in this chamber and experience the profound resonance created by the OM.

What’s in an OM? The OM explained: What did the ancient yogis know that many of us currently still do not understand? Apparently a lot! For instance, we often hear yoga students chanting the sound Om or Aum at the beginning or end of a yoga class. Surprisingly we now know sound plays an integral role in yoga and meditation for increasing awareness and expanding emotional states of the human personality in ways that align with some recent investigations in neuroscience. Mantra is a Sanskrit word for “sound tool,” and Om is one of myriad such mantras. Sanskrit and some other ancient languages such as prototypical Egyptian evolved as complex systems of onomatopoeia, where the sounds of the words resemble the events themselves. This suggestion is

qualitative and subjective and is linked with inner body sensations and emotional sense of self, both felt in the right hemisphere of the brain. Conversely, the meaning of the sounds is processed is through the left hemisphere. Much like the emotional quality of immersing oneself in music, mantra uses sound to evoke movement of physical and emotional energy through stimulation of the nervous system, from which emerges meaning and narrative. The result for many is to find an inner peace, with a reduction in stress and increased ability to remain calm after the practice is complete. The feelings evoked by OM

will be different for all of us. If you attempt OM, you should be relaxed through proper breathing. It is also important to suspend any disbelief or to have a healthy curiosity for the practice so that the effect of actually enjoying the process may help the affect take place within you.

“This garden universe vibrates complete. Some we get a sound so sweet. Vibrations reach on up to become light, And then through gamma, out of sight. Between the eyes and ears there lie, The sounds of color and the light of a sigh. And to hear the sun, what a thing to believe. But it’s all around if we could but perceive.” – The Moody Blues

Second & Third GIZA Pyramids Cameras were prohibited in the Second and Third Giza Pyramids. These pyramids are generally not open for public access at the same time. The images pictured here are to provide you with a bit of visual representation of what we experienced.


EXPLORE WITH US The Delegate Program:


Exploring the Connected Universe is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the field of unified physics. This course explores core concepts of the holographic perspective and unified field model; current and emerging views in physics; historical roots of modern physics; and the critical shift in worldview that unified physics advances, both in consciousness and technological innovation. FACE the CURRENT MAGAZINE

Delegate Program

FREE to explore:

JOIN DELEGATE PROGRAM & JOIN US IN PERU For 2nd Annual Gathering In 2018


FtC fAce the current


70. 72. 78. 80. 68

Butzi. The Complete Creativity Course The Phenomenon of Telepathy, Intuition, And Psychic Abilities: Seeing Into The Future Aloha for People Miramir: Leading The Way To Brighter Future For Social Media Platforms?


JOIN T HE ACAD E MY b i t . l y/Con n ect 2 Reson an ce

click or scan



? E V I T A E R C E R MO

Learn from Butzi, creativity expert, TEDx speaker and author as he shares his experience as a magician and actor to help you be more creative. With an extensive background performing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, creating illusions, acting appearances on French television, and teaching all around the world, Butzi has designed this unique course just for you.

e s r u o C y t i v i t a e r C e t e l p m o C The

Whether you work in a company or are an artist, whether you are a total beginner or already in the creative game, this course will help you develop your creative abilities.

More info at 70


The Complete Creativity Course

Learn to express yourself and generate incredible ideas 25 videos including 17 lessons with practical tools Interviews with painters, photographers, clown and improvisation teachers, composers and entrepreneurs. Bonuses teaching you magic!

In this course, I have put everything I know, I have learned and experienced over the last 10 years. It is way more than time and money that you save, it is the power of creating the life you want.

More info at


FtC culture

The Phenomenon of Telepathy, Intuition, And Psychic Abilities:

Seeing Into The Future By Matt Belair

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.



When you say the word psychic it’s hard not to imagine entering a poorly lit room with curtains ready to reveal an old gypsy looking woman staring into a crystal ball. There is a great deal of skepticism around psychics because we lack clarity on what the word really means. We are trained to think reality is only what we perceive

with our five senses, not to mention that I’m sure some psychics are frauds. Taking all of that into account I invite you to explore the world of psychic phenomenon with an open mind and consider this quote by Stuart Chase, “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof

is possible.” Let’s begin with a clear definition, Webster’s defines psychic as, “relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.” In other words, anything that goes beyond our perceived senses.


The human mind is extraordinary containing over 100 billion cells and an estimated 100 trillion neural synapses that help us navigate reality. What’s even more fascinating and mysterious is the nature of our conscious and unconscious mind. The unconscious processing abilities of the human brain are estimated at roughly 11 million pieces of information per second, while our average waking consciousness can only muster up a mere 40 bits per second. Furthermore, a common estimate is that we only perceive approximately 0.0035% of the light spectrum. This should be sufficient proof that there is much more actually going on in our reality than rather than that our senses perceive. Wouldn’t it make sense then that it would be possible to perceive more?

The unconscious processing abilities of the human brain are estimated at roughly 11 million pieces of information per second, while our average waking consciousness can only muster up a mere 40 bits per second. Furthermore, a common estimate is that we only perceive approximately 0.0035% of the light spectrum. This should be sufficient proof that there is much more actually going on in our reality than rather than that our senses perceive

We’ve all had an experience where we meet someone and we get a negative feeling. Or maybe you’ve been thinking of a friend all day and they end up giving you a call. The truth is that it is impossible not to be intuitive and have some psychic ability. Since your unconscious mind is perceiving an astronomically greater amount of information than your consciousness it would make sense that it would communicate this information through the body and with random unconscious images the best it could. Quieting the mind, listening to the signals of the body and ultimately trusting your instincts is essentially working in harmony with your 6th sense. When we begin to change our thinking around what it means to be psychic and realize that it is simply having the ability to tune



into other realms of consciousness or spectrums of awareness and recognizing that it is a uniquely personal experience we get closer to its true essence. It is not to be confused with paying $50 to find out when our perfect boyfriend or girlfriend will come into our lives. Our intuition is something that we are all born with and a skill that can be cultivated. The powerful psychic doesn’t use their power for parlor tricks to predict your future, they use it to navigate their own existence, with great ease, grace, and connection with self and source/ nature. 

This unseen realm has been talked about for centuries and there have been countless experiences of mothers sensing their children in danger, prophetic dreams, or people receiving messages from deceased loved ones to pass on to another. It seems that the people who report

extraordinary experiences are either born with natural psychic abilities, the experience comes through trauma or necessity and finally, some have developed the skill with years of meditation and spiritual development. For lack of a better word let’s use the term 5th dimension to embody this unseen and mysterious realm. This space is not limited to psychic abilities and predicting the future. This space includes accounts of people communicating with the dead, spontaneous healing, astral traveling, and so much more.

The powerful psychic doesn’t use their power for parlor tricks to predict your future, they use it to navigate their own existence, with great ease, grace, and connection with self and source/nature.


At the prestigious Monroe institute both Tom Campbell and William Buhlman claim to have explored this realm thousands of times with their astral bodies and consciousness. They are also 100% certain that they can teach you how as well if you’re willing to let go of your limiting beliefs and have many books, courses, and programs to teach you how. This opens the door of possibility even more and we can begin to explore the world of remote viewing, which is



the ability to go into a meditate state and astral travel, bi-locate, and get information from a place that you are not physically. When exploring the world of psychics and telepathy the only thing that really matters is the cultivation of our own intuitive abilities and consciousness. Do you have the ability to clear your mind and stop the internal chatter and experience peace on command? How often do you trust your gut feelings and how

strong and accurate are those signals? Can you experience altered states of consciousness such as lucid dreaming, astral projection, or activate DMT in your brain through yogic breathing? I can say for certain that the people who have experienced that higher or fifth-dimensional state of consciousness all have these fundamental beliefs: 1.    You are not your body 2.    Life continues after death

WE can explore the entire universe and never move William Buhlman - Astral Projection

Facilitator at the Monroe Institute

3.    Anything is possible This state of consciousness goes beyond the five senses and gives rise to infinitely more questions. It also comes with a tremendous amount of freedom as you are able to break away from a crippling amount of limiting beliefs that you may be unaware of. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right.”  If we can see the psychic and

intuitive phenomena as an opportunity for us to increase our own consciousness, abilities, and connection with the unseen forces of our reality, then we then have a great opportunity to grow. We also become more reliant and certain of our own guidance to navigate life and less on others. This is the most important piece of the puzzle, remembering to trust yourself above all else and explore the infinite and multi-dimensional nature of yourself

and the universe. “WE can explore the entire universe and never move” - William Buhlman - Astral Projection Facilitator at the Monroe Institute

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Please visit our website and join us on our mission. 79


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Leading The Way To Brighter Future For Social Media Platforms? By velimir Sidorov We live in an interesting era. At the same time, we see wars, natural and manmade disasters, censorship and suppression yet we also experience new eco technologies, heath and healing movements, consciousness and spiritual learning, and people from all walks of life striving to create a better future. People are beginning to live a more conscious life, realizing that they do not have to accept the “normal.” In 2012 I helped a bullied bus monitor from New York raise over $800,000 by using crowdfunding. I had also been exploring such topics as sacred geometry, natural healing, alternative technologies, and even ancient civilizations. It was during this same time that corporate and governmental



monitoring was really beginning to be acknowledged with TPP and Facebook tracking its users, and even censoring information. These experiences made me think about social networks and the future of our internet. I thought that a new social network that promoted truth, freedom, unity, and allowed change makers from all over the world to connect, share and create would be the catalyst we are all searching for. This was the inspiration for creating Miramir.

Whether you drink smoothies or are vegan, whether you have a garden in your backyard or live off the grid, whether you are an activist or supporter, whether you do yoga or meditate, or simply want to do something good for your planet and people, Miramir could be the social

platform for you. But there’s so much more. It may not be easy for many people to completely wean themselves from our current social media platforms, but it is important to realize that many of

these channels violate our values while profiting from us. As an alternative, Miramir’s mission is to stimulate growth, unity, peace, freedom and truth.

Miramir’s mission is to stimulate growth, unity, peace, freedom and truth.


MIRAMIR HAS TWO MAIN COMPONENTS: A SOCIAL PLATFORM AND A GLOBAL CHANGE PLATFORM The social platform is a powerful social network. It provides an intuitive and feature rich profile and wall where you can manage all your posts. Users can promote groups, businesses, and events to spread the word about meetups, festivals, concerts, or other gatherings and even buy and sell tickets to these events using a robust toolset for organizers. Users can open their own online store, buy and sell amazing products, and take payment in regular currency or cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.



Want to know everything about GMOs, vaccines, conspiracy theories, meditation, alternative healing, ancient history, and more? Miramir offers a community driven, massive alternative Wikipedia. Say good riddance to Google! No more forum diving. All the information you need in one place sourced by like-minded individuals. Other social features include a video platform, fundraising, couch surfing, trips, connections with farmers in our food coop initiative, a worldwide barter market, encrypted messaging, and most

importantly a whole lot of wonderful people who care not only for our freedom and privacy, but for our planet and future as a human race. If you want to meet some of the other users, Miramir also includes a dating profile to look for friends or a partner. And with a comprehensive 50-point search tool you can hopefully find who you are looking for. All this free from censorship or suppression!

get it trending on all social media within minutes worldwide.You can even vote on and sign petitions on a government level and follow up on actions taken. Imagine millions of people doing this together on a mass, united and coordinated scale—we can promote the type of change that is important to us. Miramir is the first, truly disruptive social network of the people, by the people and for the people. It seeks to unite the most creative, passionate, and daring individuals, to create things, and do things, which will make our earth a better place.

Users power the Miramir global change platform to make a difference.

Users power the Miramir global change platform to make a difference. Based on “circles of Mir,” users can create their own Mir clubs to do some amazing things with other changemakers. Imagine a Mir club with hundreds or even thousands of members organized around a social, cultural or political activity—calling political leaders, media outlets, sending letters, emails, demanding answers, accountability, and helping change laws. You can take part in weekly social media blitzes, where the whole community shares an important topic or news to

ymore info:


It`s rather difficult to say clearly to which family of musical instruments GUDA belongs to. The instrument itself is quite young, and it does not stop its process of transformation in its sounding. Technologically GUDA consists of two connected metal hemispheres made of stainless steel sheet 1.2 mm thick. The earlier production of GUDA models were made of high-carbon steel.

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FtC fAce the current


86. Be Original. Rebel With Love. Be Free… And Vibe Like A Mango. 92. Yoga For Musicians, Featuring Steve Carey of The Color Morale 100. The Most Sophisticated House Music 84


In the center of the upper hemisphere is positioned 8 cm opening which serves to increase the sound volume.

Semicircular reeds, located on the upper hemisphere, serve as the source of vibrations and sound. The lower hemisphere has no openings

and serves to reinforce the resonance. While playing the GUDA you can find an interesting acoustic effect – one reed of the instrument produces two notes. In addition to the main tone, the reed performs additional sound one octave above. Thus, when you are playing the GUDA, to the characteristic “belfry”

sounding of reed instrument, a kind of “steel pan” overtone is added. As a consequence, GUDA performs more complex timbre, as well as the volumetric and brighter sound. Also another interesting point is the use of harmonics while playing, which are extracted when struck just below the melodic lobe.

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Be Original. Rebel With Love.

Be Free… And Vibe Like A Mango. Interview with The Free by Sasha Frate Hisham Abu-Nura is still reveling in his winning the inaugural Canadian Songwriting Competition with a track titled “Freedom Island,” released under his stage name,The Free. “It’s a calling-out to all artists,” said Abu-Nura in a recent interview. “To come join me in a place where we no longer have to deal with the world, because the only thing artists want to do is wake up, and start painting or writing or making a beat.That’s what every artist wants to do: Make enough money, not so they can buy Lamborghinis or anything, just so they have the freedom to create art.” Indeed freedom is a theme in the young 25 year old’s life. He arrived in Ottawa nine years ago at the age of 16 to live with his brother, who was already in the Canadian capital. His childhood was divided between Sudan, where he was born, and Abu Dhabi, where his father worked for years.


Hisham was an excellent student, but it took a brush with the law to firmly set him on his musical path. Determined never to have his freedom taken from him, he now talks to Face the Current about his growth as a person and artist, rebellion from a place of love, remaining original and the magical vibe associated with the mango! FACE the CURRENT MAGAZINE

Samantha Mixan. Photo by @ivanbelaustegui

Sasha Frate:You go by the name The Free- how did you come to choose this name, or was it one of those scenarios where it chose you? The Free: It defiantly chose me. The culture shock when I moved to North America made me think a lot, as we were told our way is the only way. I recognized every culture pushes that. I sort of felt I was lied to and kept in mental chains with the conditioning, so I aspired toward freedom through reading, learning,

and embracing new vibes. That broke the chains, and that built up the alter ego of “The Free” in me. I am still a man of many mistakes though, still not quite there, but moving in that direction. SF: What was it like for you to ‘walk away’ from your native country of Sudan the U.A.E as a kid and later from your parents with your move to Canadaand how has that experience influenced the path you’ve chosen to pursue with your

music? The Free: Leaving home is leaving home- always hard. Regardless where you are coming from or where you are going. Living in a diverse country like the U.A.E gave me understanding on how different people think and kind of painted a picture for me of what the world is in different colors. Coming from Sudan though, you’re kind of the bottom of the food chain. You look around there and you see people in the dirt with real problems.


That’s what inspires you to make a change and keep grounded while doing it. Being from Sudan always seemed like a disadvantage until now. When now, I’ve realized that it gives me so many more real things to say. SF: In “Vibe Of A Mango” it seems you speak to avoidance of mainstream ideals and societal pressures to allow oneself to cultivate their own individual and unique greatness free from unwanted influences. Could you elaborate on what you mean by these lyrics:

“8 bars let me tell you what I’m about You see the tree with the vines stretched out Beautiful symmetry and fruits all around So much blossom it be rotting on the ground Never that I’m the seed that don’t sprout Lay low till my life don’t count Pollinate when the sun goes down, To be great is to be left out”

The Free: Regardless of how beautiful something looks, we have to dig deeper and break through that level of comfort that comes with a conditioned mind on how something is supposed look like. The fruitful tree represents what is expected by the majority. The seed that didn’t sprout yet represents those who refuse to sacrifice their identity for the sake of fitting an image. Even if it means growing will become harder due to its specific unique uncatered (to) needs. “Pollinating when the sun goes down” shows that growth will continue, even if it means having

The only we to rebel is with love, because anything else adds to the cycle and ripple we are trying to escape from in the first place. The act of love (in this current time and age) itself is a rebellion.



to do it alone without the help or understanding of your environment and surroundings. SF: Thomas Cleary describes ‘essence’ as yin and ‘life’ as yang and argues that we cannot cultivate life without cultivating essence. What are your thoughts on this, and why do you believe many people are losing their essence? The Free: You have to go in solace to understand what is within you. The good, and the bad.You have to accept everything and be honest with yourself. That task is becoming harder in today’s fast moving world. Solace is virtually impossible as people are bathing in the luxury of constant empty connection. Their explosive universal given essence starts becoming regulated and gets erased by norms. So if you truly want to keep the birthmark engraved into your soul, learn to retreat into solace once in a while- it’s cleansing. SF: Being a rebel is often associated with violence, but this is not the type of rebellion you speak of per se in your lyrics“My stance as a Rebel comes from love” What exactly are you suggesting that humanity rebel against, and how do you propose that this be done with love? The Free: We need to rebel against the one-dimensional mentality that what we are born into is the “right” way, and also understand there are many “right” ways. We need to rebel against the answers we are given in our youth. These answers tend to hold us back from seeking the questions that matter. The only way to rebel is with love, because anything else adds to the cycle and ripple we are trying to escape from in the first place. The act of love (in this current time and age) itself is a rebellion. So

yeah, if you really want to make a change, just love. SF: You have been gaining a lot of recognition worldwide for your breakthrough record ‘Freedom Island,’ which speaks to concepts of freedom, selflove, and world peace. Wherein would you say true freedom lies for humanity? The Free: True freedom will come when we recognize life for what it is- “Everything.” It will come when we stop downplaying this miracle of life we live out as a “ stepping stone” for something greater. Freedom

comes when treating this universe and everything in it as the divine enigma that it is. Freedom comes when the human race starts to believe that they themselves are great creators- not just disposable servants here to follow, worship blindly, and then die. SF: You speak about the importance of individuality in being original, and also to the value of coming together with those differences and thriving on them to create community and a collective of commingling ‘tribes’ as one. How would you further describe this


“movement” you mention in your music? The Free: I believe every human being is like a prophet, sent here for a reason. The reason being a unique message meant to be delivered to all, through the lives they live. When you recognize yourself a bearer of a message, you find meaning to your life and the impact it will have on others. You also recognize others as message bearers with diverse messages. It keeps your mind open to all of our differences. My movement is a movement of message bearers. SF: You have invited the “shipwrecked” and “lost souls” into this conceptual place called “Freedom Island.” Do you believe this might truly be a



place that does exist among the collective, global community opening up our ‘tribes’ to share our “genuine vibes?” The Free: It’s a new age, it’s already happening. Borders are truly breaking through the internet and globalization and forming “Tribes” People with similar mindsets who are opening up to each other and sharing their unique lifestyles and cultures. The trick is now to embrace and keep embracing it through the turbulence that will arise when fake shells of understanding are broken in idle humans and they are bestowed with a new age. SF: Is there a story behind the mango? How did the mango fruit get selected as the fruit to

possess positive vibes in your song “Vibe Of A Mango”? The Free: The mango since my early years always represented happiness. Just the vibe of it triggers nice memories in me. I use it in this record as a symbol of hope for a more fruitful, sweeter life. Hence my inviting the listener to come join me in this vibe“Sign on the road it say Mango, So sweet make your soul wanna tango, Come get it while the skin It still glow” That’s me asking you to engulf yourself in the life that makes you

happy, before it’s too late, as every mango will ripen and then return to the ground. SF: In addition to your music your other creative expression is through art and painting. How do you employ these different art forms for your own creative expression? The Free: Painting I find is much more raw than music. When you approach a canvas to create something that has never been created you reach into your depth to bring it out, with no references acting as a middleman. The canvas literally becomes you. I feel I am more honest on a canvas, ‘cause it’s just for me and only I can understand it. The music is still raw, but always

influenced, then altered. The lyrics are catered to the melody, the melody is catered to the vibe, the vibe is catered to the genre, and so on. Then produced, mixed, mastered, and finally branded. It’s still a beautiful process but not as raw as painting. Both, to me, in the end of the day allow me to breath easier after I let what’s in me out, and I think that’s the point of it on a personal level. “In the image of a creator.” I always loved that quote- not trying to validate it in a spiritual way right now, but I loved it because I am a firm believer that we are all artists. Creators. The spirit of creating is in all of our DNA. That is something we all share. We have been created, so we can create. So yes to answer

you- everybody needs an outlet of creation. That’s what keeps you human- Creating. SF: Can you share any plans for what’s up and coming for you? The Free: We have just released the full album “The Vibe of a mango” on all streaming services. We’re currently working on a new album and a few mini EPs all for 2018. There’s a lot of new music to be put out to the world! A tour is currently on drawing boards- Just a lot of finicky visa issues to be handled first.

ymore info: Instagram: @eeshiithefree


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Yoga For Musicians

Featuring Steve Carey of The Color Morale Interview By Woody Woodrow Welcome to another edition of Yoga For Musicians- featuring interviews with my fellow musicians who are also yogis, but who might not think they’re yogis. I believe they’re yogis, because I believe that yoga means “to bring together,” and that can involve anything we love to do- anything that brings that flow state. Musicians often experience a state of flow in playing, writing, or singing music, so we discuss this and how they find success on and off the stage. This is what I want to shed light on: you can find your yoga and your meditation anywhere you feel like you’re in a flow state. You find your flow state doing anything you feel passionate about, anything that makes you feel good. Yoga and meditation don’t have to be on your yoga mat – they can be, but they don’t have to be. I’m hoping this series will help you find flow in different areas of your life. This month I had the honor of sitting down with drummer and longtime friend Steve Carey to talk about how he finds flow behind the drum kit. He’s a legend of a drummer who has been touring with the band The Color Morale for almost a decade. Steve is an unbelievable musician, and in my eyes- a superhero behind the kit. Check out how he stays fit off the road, what techniques he uses to get ready to take the stage and some extra special wisdom for our life journey. Steve is one of the best drummers out there so get ready and enjoy! WATCH VIDEO




Woody Woodrow: I want to ask you a few questions about drumming so we can share the love.To me, yoga is anything we love to do, anything that brings us to a flow state. I see your flow state loud and clear when you are behind the kit. I was wondering, what got you inspired to play the drums? Steve Carey: It was the best way I could find emotional release as a kid. There are so many things you go through growing up, and you’ve got so much energy. Sports was my outlet, but then I realized that I loved music and wanted to go that route because it’s so much fun. Being active with sports is one thing, but then when you can hit the crap out

of some tubs, some pots, and pans, and eventually some real drums that your parents (hopefully) get you, it just opens up a whole new creative outlet. I think that’s how I felt when I realized that drums were a passion for me. WW: When you’re not on tour what’s something that you use to stay conditioned? Do you have anything that you do in regards to like, P90X with Shaun T? SC: To prepare for a tour I do the T25 workouts, which includes a lot of cardio and conditioning- a lot of small impact movements. For the month after I’m finished touring I practice yoga with the help of my accountability buddy girlfriend. We do

Yoga with Adriene. I just started doing that after the past couple of tours, when I get home I don’t go straight into working out. For me, it’s important to calm and re-center myself after a tour, because on tour the world is hectic- you’re in a new place every single day. When I get home I want to center myself and yoga and the meditative state really help me do that. I’ve found it more helpful than working out. WW: Since trying yoga, working through it and finding a balance, have you noticed a change in your mindset while drumming? Or, has it impacted how you approach drums in any way?


SC: Oh yeah, absolutely. Especially about 10 minutes before actually getting up on stage and playing in front of everyone. I take a few deep breaths; I do some key stretches with my wrists and ankles. It has to do with calming myself. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been doing this now, going on almost a decade, but it’s just about finding my center and getting out there and sitting at the drum set and feeling ready to play but still in a calm state of mind. If I can lock in with that then the whole show is going to be amazing. WW: When I watch you play drums you’re so locked in, you hit so hard and so consistently. I can see that it’s kind of like a sport for you, the way you approach it and get into the zone, that flow state. Do you have any other rituals before you go on? Maybe some stretching? SC: Definitely, yeah. It has to do with drumsticks. I use a lot of workouts using actual drumsticks. I’ve learned a lot throughout the years… mostly, twisting your wrists, shaking out the hands, doing prayer hands, stretching out my legs. I also love the one you showed me a couple of… oh my god… five years ago… WW: ‘Eagle arms.’ SC: Yes! ‘Eagle arms’ is amazing!



Photo Credit: Louis Fisher

WW: You’re using every single one of your limbs, what you do is such an intense workout, it’s fascinating to hear how you stay in balance and keep your body healthy. What’s something you would say to encourage someone who is trying to get into yoga but maybe feels like it’s outside him or her? What would you say to help them bring it within? SC: When encountering new things, regardless of what they are, it’s always good to have someone to help you, mentor you, and show you the right path. Or even someone to be your accountability-buddy.

You could also try to find a group of people who are doing the same thing you want to try, it doesn’t have to be a friend of yours, maybe it’s just a group in your town. Or, if you’re like me, you can go to an Our Last Night show and watch Woody, because that was a huge thing for me. I started getting more involved with yoga because I would watch you onstage and see how fluid and smooth your movements are… I don’t even know how to explain it. It makes me want to bring that fluidity to drumming. You’ve been an awesome inspiration. It feels like you know where you’re at in the moment, during the show, and it’s incredible to watch.

WW: Thanks brother, really appreciate that. I find a state of flow onstage and I think the body awareness comes with that yoga practice! So, when you’re onstage and behind the drum set, what do you feel? Do you feel superhuman? Do you feel locked in the zone? Is there anything that you could describe that might help somebody who is trying to channel a more balanced experience behind the kit? SC: I think that’s where the passion of it all kicks in and I can feel who I am at my core as a person. Whenever


I sit down at the drums, whether I’m at home alone or in front of an audience, I feel like it’s right… it’s where I need to be. I’m as happy as I could possibly be in life. When people are watching me I try to radiate that energy. When kids come up to me after shows, or reach out to me online and say “you just look like you’re having the time of your life,” that’s the best thing anyone could say to me. That’s what I’m hoping to show. I want to inspire others to find that thing that makes them feel that way too. Find whatever it is for you and radiate that energy and inspire people. Maybe then it will start a chain reaction. Find what



makes you happy and do it for as long as possible. Woody: I appreciate those words. Last question, if you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be? SC: Well, I think the one thing that I would tell myself would be that this journey as a musician has lots of ups and downs. Our careers go up, our careers go down, and popularity of bands always fluctuates. I would want to keep reminding myself that it doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest band in the world, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, just stay genuine and stay humble.

Appreciate the good times and the good company. Don’t ever feel like you’re entitled to anything. Get up every single day, work your ass off, and don’t expect anything, and good things will come eventually. Always work hard and don’t be an asshole. WW: It’s a blessing to be here with you, brother, and to be on tour with you. Make sure you check out Steve and everything that he does because he’s an amazing drummer and an incredible person. Keep rockin’ and keep breathing. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to be with us. Namaste.

Photo Credit: Don Henson

ymore info: Steve Carey Instagram: @SteveCarey Twitter: @TCMSteve The Color Morale: Woody Woodrow Instagram: @woodywoodrow


LSTN was founded with a singular purpose: To change lives through the power of music. Proceeds from sales of all LSTN products go towards giving hearing aids to people in need worldwide through our charity partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation. ALL NATURAL World-class musical instruments are made from wood - why not headphones? Our real wood housings provide excellent tonal balance with crisp highs and rich lows. GET COMFORTABLE The redesigned headband features a vegan leather band for additional comfort during long-term listening sessions. SOUNDS GOOD LSTN Wireless headphones support Bluetooth 4.1, which means you’ll always have high-quality audio. Stream from your laptop or any other Bluetoothenabled device (even TV’s!) from up to 30 feet away.

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Custom 40mm Neodymium Drivers


Canvas Drawstring Travel Bag

18 Hz - 22 kHz Frequency Response


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music sema-garay/

the most sophisticated house music by Sema Garay presents his favorite monthly recent and upcoming new house music releases with a Top 10 chart that includes a variety of styles from deep house, soulful, and nu-disco, to tech-house and more. Tune in to these tracks by clicking the image or scanning the QR code!


ARTIST Sio, UPZ, Cuebur TITTLE A Dream Away (Cuebur Remix) label soWHAT genre AFRO House Release 2017-12-08

ARTIST Rampa, Adam Port, &ME, Keinemusik TITTLE Muyè label Keinemusik genre DEEP House Release 2017-11-24

ARTIST Madré, Luyo TITTLE Amazonia (Luyo Remix) label Double Cheese Records genre AFRO HOUSE Release 2017-12-25

ARTIST Denney, D Ramirez TITTLE Stranger Things (Original Mix) label Crosstown Rebels genre DEEP House Release 2017-11-17


ARTIST Kevin Yost TITTLE Listen (Original Mix) label i! Records genre deep House Release 2017-12-04

ARTIST Black Loops TITTLE Higher label Neovinyl Recordings genre DEEP HOUSE Release 2017-12-08

ARTIST Demarkus Lewis, E-Man TITTLE Behind Closed Doors (feat. E-Man) (Deez 2017 Work Out) label Audiophile Records genre DEEP house Release 2017-12-14

ARTIST Durante TITTLE Conduit label openers genre deep House Release 2017-11-24

ARTIST Chopstick & Johnjon, CeCe Rogers TITTLE What Is House Music label SUOL genre DEEP House Release 2017-12-01

ARTIST Sirens Of Saturn, Delhia De France, The Drifter TITTLE When You’re Gone (The Drifter Remix) label SUARA genre deep house Release 2017-11-27


FtC fAce the current

sports & FITNESS

104. 110. 112. 102

Yoga Pioneer Amy Ippoliti How To ‘Stay Woke’ Action Sports Take To The Skies To Revive A Slowing Industry PULL WORKOUT BY David Ryan Fitness


February 25-28, 2018


FtC sports

Yoga Pioneer Amy Ippoliti

How To ‘Stay Woke’ Interview by Sasha Frate photos by taro smith

Amy Ippoliti is passionate about helping. She has learned that true happiness comes from helping others. As she is quick to acknowledge, “We are each other’s keepers.” Amy is also passionate about living a mindful, conscious, and organic lifestyle, which permeates her expertise as a yoga teacher, as well as her work with environmental conservation. Amy has studied yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching since 1997. She is the co-founder of 90 Monkeys, an online school that has enhanced the skills of yoga teachers and studios in 44 countries. Her depth of knowledge, versatility, and genuine compassion for her students have made her one of the most sought-after educators in the field of yoga and yoga teacher training. An avid blogger, she is quick to share her insights on food, yoga, health, and conservation in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Mantra Magazine, Mind Body Green, prAna {Stories}, and Elephant Journal. In a fascinating conversation, this pioneer in yoga instruction was eager to share with us her zeal for singing and sound vibration, her marine conservation efforts, which she calls “conservation through interconnection,” and even how humanity can “stay woke.”



The practice of yoga definitely puts people in touch with the eternal and reminds us that we are all one. That said, a good yoga practice need not cause us to let go of our societal titles/ roles/identities just because we’ve tapped into spirit.

Sasha Frate: Yoga is many things to many people- from a trend to a lifestyle, meditation to fitness, and the list goes on. What is yoga for you, and in all your years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching yogawhat would you say yoga is for most people? Amy Ippoliti: Yoga is practice and a lifestyle that keeps me true to myself and gives me full permission to “be me”. More importantly, through yoga I remember the bigger picture and recognize that true happiness comes from helping others and being of service – we are each other’s keepers. SF: You have taught yoga to

virtually every ‘type’ of person, from business execs and CEOs to musicians and celebrities and everyone in between. What have you observed in your experience with these students as they ‘flow’ through your practice in the sense of oneness, and the ability to let go of societal titles/roles and identities? AI: The practice of yoga definitely puts people in touch with the eternal and reminds us that we are all one. That said, a good yoga practice need not cause us to let go of our societal titles/roles/ identities just because we’ve tapped into spirit. When we connect to the space of oneness, technically we should return from yoga even more

capable of shining our individual lights in our communities – in other words – a good practice will enhance the capacity to be brilliant in all the different roles we play, whether you’re famous or not. When celebrities come to class, like anyone else, it’s a chance for them to be human, to be one with everyone & everything, celebrate their individuality, and then step off their mat and be better at everything they do. SF: When you began singing vocals for mantra and chant albums, how did your contribution to adding this element of sound influence your practice (or teaching)?


It’s our children who might never see the miracle of a living coral reef, be faced with mega storms, fires, floods, and earthquakes, and if we’re not careful, be living in a world led by dictators rather than enjoying freedom and democracy. I think it would be healthy to normalize conversations about politics, activism, and causes that desperately need our attention.

AI: Chanting has been a major part of my practice overall. Singing the divine’s name has been a constant reminder of my own self-worth, and the sounds of the Sanskrit language are physically healing to my body and soul. I know that sounds really woowoo, but it’s true. Singing in general is just such great therapy! Being able to support my musician friends on their albums is just a natural extension of my zeal for singing and sound vibration. SF: Your voice echoes beyond music to ‘shout out’ on behalf of this earth and humanity to wake up and “stay woke.” What do you see as the biggest obstacle or challenge people face and how do you suggest we best support one another to ‘stay woke?’ AI: Life is full and we are busier than ever, thanks to smart phones – that’s



quite possibly our biggest obstacle to staying woke because people are not as focused, and their attention span for reading and learning is dropping every day. Ironically, smart phones could be the thing that wakes you up, depending on what you consume, but honestly, there are times when I feel like I’m surrounded by zombies not humans (and I include myself in this group!)! The other challenge is that the suffering on our planet is overwhelming. Whether you practice yoga or not, it’s tempting to tune out and bury your head in the sand when the world is falling apart. It’s also safer to be silent about politics (or even topics like climate change or guns that have become so negatively politicized), rather than have lively conversation or healthy debate over dinner.

To stay woke? We need to: •

Unplug from our phones by reading books, having phonefree dinner parties, and getting out into nature.

Welcome conversation about issues or politics. Healthy debate can help people wake up and take action. It’s our children who might never see the miracle of a living coral reef, be faced with mega storms, fires, floods, and earthquakes, and if we’re not careful, be living in a world led by dictators rather than enjoying freedom and democracy. I think it would be healthy to normalize conversations about politics, activism, and causes that desperately need our attention.

SF: Why do you believe that very few grow up knowing how to be conscious or blissfully alive, but must learn how to live a life on purpose? What factors do you feel are most suppressing what is seemingly innate in all of us? AI: I think that’s accurate – that very few grow up knowing how to be happy, and yet I believe that if a child is encouraged to trust her intuition, and to honor her “inner knowing,” that her innate ability to be happy is only a breath away. That said, we are human and we’re almost programmed to forget our greatness and focus on what’s wrong with us rather than what’s beautiful about us. This is also exacerbated by the gender norms perpetuated by the media, teachers, and family that can really mess with kid’s heads. Children come into the world so unfinished – it takes mentors, teachers, leaders and good family to guide a child

toward a purposeful life. And we need that same guidance in all stages of life. SF: Can you share a bit about your online professional development school 90Monkeys and how this has been serving the global yoga community?

AI: Sure! 90 Monkeys is an online and in person educational resource I co-founded to help yoga professionals refine their teaching skills, build their business acumen, and grow as a person and leader. We do this through a library of online courses, articles, speaking engagements, and our 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program. The online courses in particular have been a great way for yoga teachers internationally to get access to information that can help them serve their yoga students more fully. We also have a growing global community of teachers who have trained with us.

SF: Together with your partner, Taro Smith, you have created a stunning collection of inspirational images to captivate people for an environmental ‘call to action.’ How did you come up with this idea initially, and how has it impacted marine conservation awareness since you first began this project in 2013? AI: Most of us associate activism with being forced to look at horrible images of injustice and cruelty in order to raise our awareness so we’ll do something. Unfortunately, while this is a noble cause, it does not move the needle because people tend to turn away from what’s ugly or painful in the world (as I was saying above!). We’ve discovered that people only care about the things to which they feel connected.


Seeing marine animals dead and bloody just makes people sad. On the other hand, awe, beauty, and connection inspires people to share and causes images to go viral. To that end, we’ve been working on this new and different way to reach a more widespread, mainstream audience and inspire them to care about marine wildlife. We call it “conservation through interconnection.”

It began in the Philippines with Taro, who was invited to film behindthe-scenes imagery of two athlete/ models posing with whale sharks. The images were so astonishing that people assumed the women were photo-shopped. More importantly, the images got people thinking that these animals were not strange aliens, but part of the fabric of our planet. The photos motivated me to do my part to catalyze the yoga community (and beyond). I am an avid swimmer,

so I committed to training in order to pose in the water with these animals too. A trip was scheduled and I began 8 long months of intense training. Those first images of whale sharks and manta rays went viral, were on the front page of Yahoo and Reddit, and I mobilized a lot of people to speak up, donate to marine causes, and do their part in keeping the oceans clean. Since that first trip we have done yoga shoots with green and loggerhead turtles, 3 different species of dolphins, sea lions, and living coral reefs. We hope to work with humpback whales next! SF: What all goes into landing some of these incredible captures of you doing yoga poses alongside marine life, and what is one of your most memorable interactions? AI: It takes many days on the water to get the really magical images. It also requires us to be in tip-top physical shape because long hours on the open ocean and free diving is super demanding.

Very few grow up knowing how to be happy, and yet I believe that if a child is encouraged to trust her intuition, and to honor her “inner knowing,” that her innate ability to be happy is only a breath away. That said, we are human and we’re almost programmed to forget our greatness and focus on what’s wrong with us rather than what’s beautiful about us.



Every interaction has been memorable and meaningful – I don’t think there is a way to narrow it down! There was the bottlenose dolphin who came right up between me and Taro’s camera, swimming right between two sea turtles in the Great Barrier Reef, the manta trains twirling in a line and flying out of the water, whale sharks with their gentle, grounded presence, and so much more. SF: You’ve created a 30 Day Yoga Challenge that has the added component of an Eco Challenge. How does this work and what are your top 5 suggestions for eco-consciousness habits to adopt?

prAna culture is living life with consciousness, a love and respect for nature and keeping fine company.

1. Unplug things you’re not using!! Toasters, your phone chargers, kitchen appliances, etc. 2. Reduce or eliminate animal product consumption. 3. Ride your bike instead of taking the car. 4. Don’t over cool or heat your home or hotel room! Be conscious. 5. Turn off lights in rooms you are not using and when you leave for the day in your home or hotel.

We also recently watched the movie, “Blue”. I recommend it highly.You will never want to purchase products with plastic again! SF: What does ‘prAna culture’ mean to you, and why did you decide to join the ‘movement’ to represent the brand as an Ambassador? AI: prAna culture is living life with consciousness, a love and respect for nature and keeping fine company. We all need more of that and so joining the brand as an ambassador was a no-brainer for me! SF: What has your work with environmentalism, yoga, and your travels around the world taught you about our connection to nature? AI: My work has continued to teach me about the depth, importance, and reality of our interconnectedness with each other and nature.

AI: Yes, our monthly challenge on Facebook has been at it for 7 years! Actually our most recent eco challenge was to commit to a short list of 5 actions to combat climate change so I’ll share those suggestions:

SF: Having had the role of a teacher for many years- to students, other teachers, and even the simple inquisitive mind that visits your platforms online, you really can’t have any real grasp on how far reaching your positive influence is spread. Where do you envision the impact leading us in the future? AI: That is true – I really have no idea, but I do know it’s important that I keep trying to make an impact and to say I did my best to leave a better world behind for our children and the earth’s inhabitants. Nature is far too precious.

ymore info: Instagram: @amyippoliti Facebook: @AmyIppolitiPage Twitter: @amyippoliti


FtC sports

Action Sports

Take To The Skies To Revive A Slowing Industry By David Aiello While interest in skateboarding, BMX, and kayaking to name a few activities that will accelerate your heart is still high, growth in the action sport industry has slowed in many segments. Warmer winters in some areas have had an impact but losing sight of the consumer has also played a role. Fortunately the industry is quick to recognize its deficiencies which may signal a return to growth.

the industry by saying, “The accessibility and the image of action sports have to be improved again. Action sports like skateboarding or snowboarding are often equated in the public eye with extreme sports like wingsuit flying or base jumping.” This association with extreme sports can make action sports seem more dangerous in the public’s eye instead of centering on fun.

Co-founder and owner of Nitro Snowboards, Tommy Delago, was right when he recently admonished

While it is true the action sports market has run hot and cold over four decades, it still seems like an

Tommy Delago



industry trying to find its way and a positive perception needs to be reinforced. Television programs like Thrasher Magazine’s King of the Road, where skateboard teams “shed blood and dignity” to be crowned the Kings of the Road, and Das Surfcamp on KiKa, a show about teenagers attending surf camp in the south of France, do work to generate awareness and interest for the sports. But these examples are few and far between and the positive perceptions have not been consistently reinforced by the industry and retailers.

And there lies another big problem with action sports. The industry in some respects employs flawed marketing models. For example there seems to be little focus on products and services that have children in mind. While affluent parents may want to introduce their children to skiing, family lift tickets may be prohibitively expensive. Adds Delago, “Manufacturers and retail have to once again be much more responsive to customers and their – in some cases very individual – wishes. It’s no longer enough to display the product in stores or online and cash in on interest. Consultation is once again heavily in the foreground.” Indeed, one of the complaints heard from consumers is one of confusion. With too many choices and not enough explanation, consumers tend to walk away from the purchase.

The industry is aware and attempting to address these complaints. At ISPO Munich, the world’s largest multisegment exhibition for the sports industry, held earlier this year, “Back to the roots” and back in the hearts of customers was the mantra for the action sports segment. ISPO Exhibition Group Director Markus Hefter explained that the industry needs to adopt a common vision. “There are lots of good ideas, exciting product innovations. But common visions are also needed for how people can get around the new challenges of this period.” Further he added, “What we need, from my point of view, is a return to what made the industry great: innovations, and less is more.” Adopting a shared vision alone will not herald renewed growth. According to ISPO, it requires new crossover products, new trends,

Wingboarding… Are

Perhaps your idea of extremely extreme sports are base jumpers freefalling 3,000m from the Swiss Alps. Well, the next adrenalin rush is here and is called wingboarding. What is wingboarding you ask? As the name suggests, it’s like wakeboarding, but instead of being dragged behind a power boat, you do it while being dragged through the clouds behind an airplane.

and new ideas. One growing idea in action sports is the leasing / lending of products. However not enough business models currently exist for this to become a viable channel. But there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing will be part of the program at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo for the first time. This will help refocus attention on action sports just when the industry needs it. Both Delago and Hefter are optimistic. They regard companies in the industry regaining focus on the customer as very positive. They see service and the close customer relationships that remain unique features of physical stores, to pay dividends within an industry trying to make it back uphill.

you serious? WATCH VIDEO:

“The WingBoard takes the thrill of … adventure sports to another dimension, combining the exhilaration of prolonged flight with the rush that comes when you’re in control,” reads the website for Wyp Aviation, the Alabama-based company developing the WingBoard. In development for four years, the WingBoard is now ready for full-scale prototype testing. Who is ready to shower some spray in the atmosphere!

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PULL WORKOUT BY David Ryan Fitness Last month I talked about the benefits of organizing your workouts into “push” or “pull” movements. I gave a killer push workout and this time I’m going to give you the ultimate pull workout. I’ve used this personally and transformed many clients with this exact workout as a routine staple. The first exercise, the dead lift, is known as the king of exercises.You can use heavier dumbbells on this exercise, but take your time and focus throughout the entire movement. If it feels heavy or you are new this exercise, go lighter. Now that you’ve activated your back and glutes, we’ll continue pulling vertically with the upright row. Pulling the dumbbells up to your chin works the middle back and shoulder muscles. The third exercise will change directions by pulling horizontally with a bent over row. Be sure to engage your core and breathe out as you pull the weight up.

Round 1) Deadlifts

Round 2) Upright rows

Round 3) Bent over rowsraise

Round 4) Bicep curls

Lastly, we’ll isolate the biceps, which have been a secondary muscle in every exercise so far. Use an underhand grip and keep your elbows locked in place by your ribs, and rip the weight up to your shoulders. Do each exercise for 20 seconds, then take a 20 second break to move onto the next exercise. After you complete all 4 exercises, take a few minutes to recharge and go through the circuit again for a total of 4 times. Each round: 20 seconds work 20 seconds rest

yTraining programs & Resistance bands: Instagram: DavidRyanFitness



Beginners should alternate push and pull workouts with a rest day between each. Example: PUSH – REST – PULL – REST.

Experienced lifters can perform a PUSH - PULL - REST split.

Need a Trainer? Get in the best shape of your life this year with David Ryan Fitness

10% off with code FTC10 W W W. DAV I D RYA N F I T N E S S .C O M

FtC fAce the current

116. 122. 126. 134. 114


Creating Your Personal Sanctuary NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: THE HISTORY AND SECRETS TO SUCCESS BodyTalk: Accelerating The Body’s Innate Ability To Heal Itself The Future Of Healthcare Is Self-Care



FtC health

Creating Your Personal

Sanctuary by Benjamin W. Decker

Inspired by the temples and sacred places of all religions, my home sanctuary is a place of meditation, study, and prayer. This is where I go to check back in with what is most important and most real. As much as I’d like to say that I maintain a rigid daily sadhana practice, I have to admit, I like to keep it fluid! Some mornings my ritual is two hours, featuring deep study, meditation, and prayer; and other mornings it consists of a 15-minute meditation before I bolt out the door for the day. Both are effective, helpful, and rejuvenating. Whether you’re a committed practitioner of one particular spiritual path, or a simply looking to create a safe haven from the chaotic modern world, this will help you make your space a sacred space.

For Starters: 1. Table 2. Journal & Pens 3. Mirror 4. Candles 5. Incense Burner 116


recommended reading

These are the books I’m currently devouring, by some of today’s leading teachers.

1. Illuminata

2. Wise Mind Open Mind

By Marianne Williamson

by Dr. Ronald Alexander

As far as I’m concerned, this book is Marianne’s Magnum Opus of Miracles. I love this book! This is a book of prayers, rituals, and mystical keys to the doorways of transformation.

Dr. Ron’s book is full of wisdom for tapping into your core creativity, putting together a wisdom council of support, and finding purpose.

4. Says Who? By Ora Nadrich

3. The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche, PhD This book is elegant, poetic and deep. An amazing addition to your sanctuary.

Ora’s work provides tools for transforming negative and fear-based thoughts, a critical skillset for anyone on a transformational spiritual path.

6. The Empath’s Survival Guide

5. Real Love by Sharon Salzberg

by Judith Orloff, MD

Renound Lovingkindness teacher, Sharon Salzberg recently released this beautiful book on the art of mindful connection – full of exercises, reminders, and deep insight.

Judith is the Queen Empath! She breaks down the different kinds of empath, and just about anything that can come up in the life of an empath.

8. You Can Heal Your Heart by David Kessler & Louise Hay

7. Calling In “The One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas This book is one of deep spiritual and psychological transformation, it acts as a guide to uproot, examine, and heal our deepest wounds relating to love and relationships.

David is the grief expert who brought me back to life after the suicide of a dear friend. His profound wisdom is a great pairing with Louise Hay’s affirmations.

9. Break The Norms by Chandresh Bhardwaj In today’s world, we need to be able to see things differently! Break The Norms is a great book, full of new perspectives.

10. Success Through Stillness by Russell Simmons Russell’s Success Through Stillness is about achieving the right clarity to move forward confidently in your career.


required reading

This is a list of some of the classics that have been most influential for myself and my journey.

1. Satipatthana Sutta Discourses by SN Goenka This is a beautiful commentary on what is often translated to be The Mindfulness Sutras, which acts as a companion to the Vipassana Meditation practices.

3. Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu There are numerous translations for the Tao Te Ching, but I love Stephen Mitchell’s the most. This is a deeply mysterious book, and is in itself a beautiful journey into Taoism.

5. Letters on Occult Meditation by Alice A. Bailey This book blew my mind. Letters on Occult Meditation is a juicy, dense, look at meditation through the esoteric lens of occultist, Alice A. Bailey. Nerd out on this one!

7. The Way of Zen by Alan Watts Alan Watts is the man! He opened my eyes to seeing and understanding Zen in a totally new way. He’s a Western scholar with an incredible ability to use words to take the reader beyond them.

9. The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall This is the classic of classics! Full of adventures, secret societies, saints, sages, gods, goddesses, demons and angels – this is an exciting, magical book.

2. God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita by Paramahansa Yogananda Eastern Guru Paramahansa Yogananda provides a revelatory perspective on the ancient scriptures of the Bhagavad Gita.

4. A Course In Miracles Foundation for Inner Peace A Course In Miracles is a set of books based on universal spiritual principles, set up like an academic course – a textbook, a workbook for students, and a manual for teachers. It defines a miracle as a shift in perspective from fear to love.

6. On Love and Loneliness by Jiddu Krishnamurti I’ve always felt connected to Krishnamurti and the deep wisdom and solemnity in his words. This is a tragic, but heart-warming spiritual book that I cherish.

8. A Study in Consciousness by Annie Besant This book will take you on a journey through some of the most fascinating facts and mysteries of human consciousness, spiritual consciousness, and the evolution thereof.

10. The Second Coming of Christ by Paramahansa Yogananda

In The Second Coming of Christ,Yogananda revisits biblical teachings through the lens of prayer and contemplation, offering up a reinterpretation of the “second coming,” echoing the popular Christian idea of “becoming the hands and feet of Christ in the world today.”



Keep it Cozy: 1. ZAFU This is the traditional zazen meditation cushion. Any comfortable cushion or chair will do the trick. 2. ZABUTON A zabuton is a square cushion to go under your zafu to give your ankles something comfortable to rest on when you’re meditating in lotus position. 3. BLANKET Stay comfortable! Meditating Wrapped up in a comfortable blanket is hard to beat.

Frankincense Oil is great for Meditation, Protection, and Prayer

4. RUG Cover the floor, dedicate the space, insulate yourself, giving you the experience of being held. 5. CUP I always make sure to have a special cup or mug for tea or water in my sanctuary.

Just the Essentials! Essential oils are a great way to bring in certain energy through fragrance. Here are some of my favorites and what I like to use them for!

Lavender Oil is great for Peace, Relaxation, and Anti-inflammation

1. Frankincense Oil Meditation, Protection, Prayer 2. Rosemary Oil Mental & Spiritual Clarity 3. Lavender Oil Peace, Relaxation, Anti-inflammation 4. Rose Oil Love, Forgiveness, Trust 5. Eucalyptus Oil Cleansing, Spiritual Purification, Detoxification 6. Geranium Oil Warmth, Friendship, Love 7. Lemongrass Oil Flexibility, Protection, Change 8. Sandalwood Oil Abundance, Health, Success 9.Tea Tree Oil New Habits, Clean Slate, Purification 10. Peppermint Oil Refreshment, Energy, Excitement


Crystals Crystals are unique in that they are actually living beings, so I like to look at them as friends working with me, living with me in my sanctuary. Here are some that I like to keep around, and the properties they are known for.

1. Malachite Stone of Harmony 2. Amethyst Quartz Stone of Peace 3. Obsidian Stone of Shamanic Healing

Aquamarine Amazonite

4. Aquamarine Stone of Courage 5. Carnelian Stone of Passion 6. Rose Quartz Stone of Universal Love 7. Citrine Quartz Stone of Abundance 8. Amazonite Stone of Hope


9. Apatite Stone of Mental Clarity 10. Labradorite Stone of Magic

*Crystal properties courtesy MysticJourneyCrystals. com



Rose Quartz

Malachite Photos Credit: Jennifer Deveau of Mystic Journey

Keep In Mind: 1. Always remember nature. When building your sanctuary, keep in mind that you are a part of nature, and this new sacred space that you are creating is just as natural as anything outdoors. Find your ways of bringing in the magic of nature, get creative and make it work for you. In addition to the other things listed in this article, some ideas to bring an element of nature to your sanctuary might be: dried flowers or herbs photos of beautiful places in nature consider an outdoor space, or indoor space with a window

Photo Credit: Adam Kay

2. Keep the space sacred.

3.Your body is a temple.

I always like to remind myself that I created my home sanctuary as a gift to myself and all those I come in contact with. If I can stay committed to keeping my space sacred, it will give me the healing and benefits I need. Ways to keep it sacred would be to:

Remember that even if you don’t have the perfect location or the bank account to get you a whole new inventory of books and crystals, your body is the sacred sanctuary given to you for this lifetime. Honor your body by:

Avoid thinking angry, negative or critical thoughts when in the space. Give yourself a moment to purify when you enter the space, with a prayer, sage, or both. Be very aware of the content you read and write in the space, as well as the music you listen to. Does it contribute to a sacred experience?

Loving and appreciating your health. Feeding your body nutritious, vibrant foods. Drink clean, purified water.

When there is order and intention in our environment, it becomes that much more natural for us to think clearly and intentionally. Get creative in your sanctuary. Enjoy what you have, and don’t be afraid to mix it up, change it up, and switch things out. This is about you developing a relationship with higher yourself and becoming more intentional about the decisions you make in your life. May this inspire you to make your home a more sacred place.

Avoid toxins, and intake your “favorite toxins” consciously and sparingly. I firmly believe the old adage that cleanliness is next to godliness.

ymore info: Benjamin Decker is a writer, meditation teacher and holistic business consultant. He is a founding meditation teacher at Unplug Meditation, The DEN Meditation, Wanderlust Hollywood, Mystic Journey, and is the founding Spiritual Director at Full Circle Venice. He is the author of the upcoming book, Practical Meditation (Althea Press), released May 1, 2018 in stores worldwide.


FtC health

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS THE HISTORY AND SECRETS TO SUCCESS When did ringing in the New Year become such a big deal? As it turns out, it isn’t just a construct of modern Western Culture! By Daniella Princi



46 B.C., Roman emperor Julius Caesar had moved the first day of the year to January 1st in honor of the Roman god of beginnings, Janus, for whom the month of January was named.

The origin of making New Year’s resolutions rests with the Babylonians, some 4,000 years ago. They reportedly rang in their new year with an 11-day festival in March, returning borrowed objects and paying their debts to earn good favour in the coming year. Ancient Egyptians celebrated the advent of their new calendar during the Nile River’s annual flood. By 46 B.C., Roman emperor Julius Caesar had moved the first day of the year to January 1st in honor of the Roman god of beginnings, Janus, for whom the month of January was named. This idea took some time to catch on. However, in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII brought the January 1st New Year back in vogue with the Gregorian calendar- a concept that still persists today. A more recent study has found a link between New Years resolutions and Protestant Values. The Protestant culture


placed high value on the idea of being in full control of one’s emotions; including being organized and denying oneself of frivolous activities so as to free their time to fulfil their religious duty. If these values were not adhered to, they would experience great personal shame. It was therefore argued that New Year’s resolutions helped Protestants to manage themselves and their emotional baggage, and over time, the religious connotation was lost and spread more widely. It has also been suggested that the New Year’s resolution was popularized as a social device to help allay Protestant remorse. By making promises to give up “vices” and resolving to be reformed in character, people could regain some religious standing following their accumulated yearly “transgressions.” In addition, New Year’s resolutions in 1947 were about improving one’s life, health and spirituality- the types of resolutions still popular today.


• BE A BETTER PERSON: Be more understanding; control one’s temper; live a better life • TAKE BETTER CARE OF ONE’S HEALTH: Stop smoking/drinking; lose, or interestingly, to gain weight • IMPROVE ONE’S HOME LIFE: Save money and be more engaged with family It is a history of resolutions that trend on getting out of debt and improving one’s life and lifestyle, established by “historical and cultural institutions that influenced the spread of what is today seen as a light-hearted bit of fun.” Many of us are still making these resolutions today. Yet how many of us can truly claim to have been successful with them? In fact, usually within a few months, people have completely forgotten the resolution they made!

WHY WE AREN’T FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH RESOLUTIONS The reason is due to the tendency to set resolutions in response to a negative habit or situation that we wish to change or stop. “And therein lies the problem – it’s hard to develop momentum from a negative response. It is always easier to move toward something than away from something” (Michele Caron). How true is that? Not only does it take 28 days for an old habit to be broken and replaced with a new one (running the risk of us losing interest within that time), but honestly, how excited can we truly become over a goal that requires some form of deprivation? How easy and exciting is it going to be to begin a new year by focusing on giving up something that, while granted isn’t good for us, we may actually enjoy?! Research has found that nearly 90% of us fail if we set goals such as this. However, if you dream bigger and more positively, beyond losing weight or quitting smoking/drinking, you will be a lot more successful. If your focus is more positive in nature, such as living a healthy lifestyle, gaining more energy, being able to run around after the kids etc., it goes beyond just the act of eating or smoking (or not), to changing your actual mindset- thinking and



It’s hard to develop momentum from a negative response. It is always easier to move toward something than away from something.


Write your visions, goals, dreams, or intention down and plan how you are going to reach them. Try looking at it day-by-day, rather than overwhelming yourself by the bigger picture. What is one small change you can make each day?

Visualisation is a powerful too, because our unconscious mind is unable to differentiate between what is being imagined and what is occurring. So imagine yourself as already having what you want. Your mind will think you have it already, and everything will align to make it happen.

HOW TO SUCCEED WITH YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION Where your attention goes, your energy flows. Whatever you are giving to- even negative goal-setting, excuses, thoughts and worries, that is what you manifest. That is the reality you create! So rather than focusing on the negatives in your life that you may be considering “giving up,” take a step back and look at your values and your dreams. Then focus on those by which to set your resolutions. Manifest what you want yourself and your life to look like. What life have you dreamed about? What would you like this next chapter of your life to look like? What would you like to see more of in your life? What is your life purpose? Now these are big questions, and for some can they be very difficult to answer. If you are really struggling, consider making it one of your dreams or goals to reconnect with who you are, and seek help to do so. Write your visions, goals, dreams, or intention down and plan how you are going to reach them. Try looking at it day-by-day, rather than overwhelming yourself by the bigger picture. What is one small change you can make each day? It may be something as small as meditating for 3 minutes a day, going for a 5-minute walk each morning, cleaning one shelf of the pantry each day, adding one cup of veggies to your lunch each day, or drinking an extra glass of water each day. Small, baby steps- do not overwhelm yourself!

To continue with the power of placing our energy to flow in the direction of what we wish to manifest, visualisation is powerful too, because our unconscious mind is unable to differentiate between what is being imagined and what is occurring. So imagine yourself as already having what you want. Your mind will think you have it already, and everything will align to make it happen. Think, act and feel as though you have it already- as soon as you wake and get out of bed. Watch the flow of your energy manifest your new life. Finally, share your plans. Have others get involved in your resolutions and make yourself accountable to them!

ymore info:


FtC health


Accelerating The Body’s Innate Ability To Heal Itself By Naia Reid When the word “medicine” is mentioned, as default, most people imagine pills or a bottle of foul-tasting syrup.There are however, many other lesser known alternative, incredibly effective forms of healthcare, which can identify and treat the root of the cause of the issue or problem rather than just the symptoms. We are, after all, composed of a sophisticated collection of well-synchronised, energetic molecules and atoms, so it makes perfect sense to be analysed from an energetic perspective alongside the methods of conventional medicine and treatments. Particularly when results can be achieved without unpleasant secondary side effects that often accompany conventional pharmaceuticals. BodyTalk is one such fascinating method. Helle Espensen is a certified BodyTalk practitioner and member of the International BodyTalk Association. She runs a busy full time clinic in Southern Spain, where she treats humans and animals from all over the world.



Naia Reid: Would you share some background on how BodyTalk was developed and why it is so effective? Helle Espensen: It’s always a pleasure to share information about this amazing piece of life science. The BodyTalk System was developed in the 1990’s by Dr. John Veltheim. He’s a cool Aussie, highly skilled in a number of modalities such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Reiki, chiropractic and naturopathy - and brilliant philosopher. After many years in a high-volume clinic in Brisbane, practicing as well as running the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies, lecturing and teaching, his own health suffered severely. He treated himself and also sought out other experts and therapies, but nothing seemed to help. Then he came upon a technique that changed his health - and his life. Moving to Florida in 1998 he began practicing, developing and perfecting the technique, which lead to more techniques, procedures and protocols. The BodyTalk System was born. Today we are thousands of BodyTalkers practicing all over the World linked by the strong energy of The International BodyTalk Association that continuously

develops the system, courses and further training. The key to the effectiveness is the fact that we look for priorities in the body, not for problems and symptoms. It’s not about what I as a practitioner think I know, but what the body needs. In stead of relying on Google or medical specialists we go straight to the source: The organ, endocrine, body part, physiological system or even an individual cell that is sending a signal telling us that something is wrong. By looking at it from a quantum level we enable the body to make the necessary changes from the top and down through all the layers until they manifest on the physical level. BodyTalk is so very gentle and yet extremely effective. We don’t diagnose, we don’t prescribe anything or offer prognostic estimates. My goal is not that clients should get better. My goal is that they get well and regain optimum health both mentally and physically. BodyTalk is consciousness based healthcare. We aim at reaching full consciousness in all aspects of life. By then a clear mind and a healthy body will be wonderful side effects. NR: What goes on during a session, both for yourself and for the being that you are treating?

HE: The clients tell me about symptoms, medical history, what is going on in their lives, relationships and goals for the session and often I do an orthopaedic evaluation to measure range of motion etc. After the session the changes are very clear for the client to see and feel, whereas subtler shifting on deeper levels might manifest later when the session has downloaded. The client, if it is a human, is then asked to lie down on my treatment table, fully dressed. The same is the case if a human is serving as a surrogate for an animal client. When I tune in, I put aside the conscious mind, which is controlling and very limited. I go into what we call The Zone; The Alpha Mind which is a creative daydream state leaving me very alert and aware. As a new practitioner you will be using different techniques (e.g. MindScape) to reach this level of structural intuition, but with practice intuitive healing becomes second nature and the sessions happen spontaneously. An energy matrix is set up in your brain that allows this interactive entanglement between you and the client. The core of the BodyTalk System is a very extensive Protocol and

When I tune in, I put aside the conscious mind, which is controlling and very limited. I go into what we call The Zone; The Alpha Mind which is a creative daydream state leaving me very alert and aware. An energy matrix is set up in your brain that allows this interactive entanglement between you and the client.



Procedure, which is initially taught at a fundamental level, and with further education the BodyTalk practitioner is taken to more and more advanced levels. To use the BodyTalk tools you must establish a Yes and a No from the client’s BodyMind guiding you through to the priorities and the links, re-establishing and unblocking important and vital connections between body parts, organs, endocrines, physiological systems etc. When an entire formula, a string of items is revealed and linked the implementation is done by tapping over the head to highlight the changes that are being made energetically, to activate the relevant brain centres and take the formula observed by the practitioner and align the frequencies within the BodyMind to match. The changes are then stored by tapping over the sternum (the heart brain) and the



navel (the gut brain). After the session I always show clients how to do the most important BodyTalk technique of the all: The Cortices Technique. If more sessions have priority the body will show me when that should ideally take place. Naturally, it is entirely up to the client if he/she wants to address further issues. NR: Why does the Cortices Technique work and how is it effecting our DNA and potential? HE: Everything that goes on in the body is reflected in the brain at some level, and by doing the Cortices Technique we address the entire BodyMind focusing on balancing the brain, regardless of what physical or mental imbalances are present. By

tapping over the head you create a standing wave of energetic potential for creation of torsion field energy that can bring about changes on any level. In my BodyTalk world, nothing is permanent or chronic. Everything is connected by dynamic systems; if you make the smallest adjustment it will affect everything else. The magic lies in finding out where to make the adjustment. Ask the body! NR: What are the sessions you have had with animals like? How do you communicate with them, and what are some examples of ‘messages’ you received that really struck a note of particular poignancy for you or their guardians? The Linking Awareness courses developed by Loesje Jacob have brought non-verbal communication

to a much higher level for me, which is obviously important when working with animals - and with humans. It takes me straight into my heart brain without the intellectual interference of the head brain. Connecting through heart energy is amazing. Even the smallest insect can be like a treasure chest full of information once someone finally listens. Working with elephants and orang-utans in the rain forests is probably the dream scenario of most people doing BodyTalk for animals, but for me doing a session with a regular chicken can leave me humbled and amazed beyond my wildest dreams. I have so many poignant stories to share, but with limited space I will share only one. A fire had destroyed most of a farm in the mountains near my house, and many animals had died. One of the chickens didn’t seem to regain its health. She was sitting in a corner of the henhouse refusing to eat, cackle or move. I did a session with her, and her body showed that smoke and sod from the fire had partly blocked her airways. I was taken to the consciousness of her lungs. The formula was long and complex, and defined by grief. Suddenly she looked at me, flicked her wings - and then I received a piece of pure knowing. I ran out and asked the farmer, what had happened to the chicken’s offspring. He told me that some eggs and tiny chickens were cared for by his sister in a neighbouring village as she had an infrared lamp to keep them warm. Three weeks had gone by since the fire, and all the chickens had now hatched from the eggs. I persuaded the farmer to go get all the chickens. He thought I was crazy, but an hour later he came back with a large wooden box. The chicks were let loose in the henhouse. Suddenly a shrieking sound drowned the noise, and survivor chicken headed

straight to one particular chick, which immediately sought shelter under her body. Mom was reunited with her offspring. However emotional and moving sessions with animals can be, I always try not to cry. I’m just the observer! But this time I did, and even though he tried to hide it, the farmer shed a tear as well. Mama chicken quickly recovered soon after. NR: It’s well documented that the build-up of physical,

emotional or mental stress, over time, can eventually manifest into physical blockages or disconnections within the body’s systems causing illnesses. Little things can start out as start out as minor imbalances like allergies and inflammation, but if left unchecked, can develop into more serious problems, such as diabetes and cancer. How does BodyTalk reverse the damage done by these and other


HE: As BodyTalker, I’m the detective who finds the missing pieces of the puzzle by going straight to the source. And if the body shows me that physical, emotional or mental stress is causing the allergy, the eating disorder, the diabetes, the cancer or whatever the symptom might be, then I work my way through the Protocol until I arrive at the trigger. Often we need to look at the bigger picture - it could be the behaviour of your next door neighbour that needs to be taken into the health equation to bring about lasting changes in the Body-Mind. With BodyTalk, for example, we

can help to release any cellular memory or trauma that may occur in surgeries and metabolize anaesthetics to overcome any side effects. We even have a technique for scars and adhesions that allows for healthy circulation during healing and the re-establishing of the flow of Qi, preventing post-op complications. It’s all about awakening our ability to heal ourselves, accelerating the process, optimizing the functions of the body to prevent physical and mental illness and discomfort.

designed to do, we create mental stress, sleepless nights and unhealthy lifestyle - leading to not only mental but also physical discomfort. By sharing the weight of our worries and loose ends between the heart brain and the gut brain, the head brain is allowed to rest and to carry out the decisions when they are made by the sophisticated heart brain and the calm and wise gut brain. Try it, and your gut brain will reward you with a natural shot of dopamine - and a finetuned digestive system.

Balancing the three brains to the mind of the client is very effective when it comes to stress. By forcing the head brain to work out solutions and generate thoughts that it’s not

NR: You can treat a client with BodyTalk even if they are not physically present with you.These are the realms of quantum and metaphysics, which

common factors?

Healing is an inside job. I’m not fixing anything, but facilitating the possibility for the client to utilize his/her innate wisdom for healing to occur. 130


are becoming more understood in terms of scientific interest and study. Can you explain how distant healing works? HE: As BodyTalk is energy medicine the effect loses none of its potency even if your practitioner is halfway across the world. A remote session is no more mysterious than a cell phone conversation. When you enter the number of the cell phone that you are calling, it can be located

anywhere in the world. The signal goes through. In BodyTalk there are no ‘dead zones’. In most cases I do Skype sessions with clients who are not physically present. The sessions are carried out like any other session in my clinic, but I’m doing the tapping on my own head and body while the client can tap out the formulas on his/her head and body. For distant session with clients who don’t use techy solutions

like Skype, I do what I call silent sessions. That could be a horse in Germany, a missing cat in Sweden or an Alzheimer’s patient in Hong Kong. I always ask for full name, date of birth, address, a photo etc. to make sure that I entangle with the right human or animal - and not their neighbour! When the session is done, the client or the client’s guardian receives an email with the treatment protocol.


It’s all about awakening our ability to heal ourselves, accelerating the process, optimizing the functions of the body to prevent physical and mental illness and discomfort.

NR: Delving into metaphysical and quantum physical realms, the possibilities without the constrictions of time, space and outcomes as we are accustomed to, become beyond absolutely fascinating. Can you give us some examples of these scenarios from your own work and then explain how the ability to translate from these realms can be applied to solving different situations, say for example working on an emotional issue? HE: Healing is an inside job. I’m not fixing anything, but facilitating the possibility for the client to utilize his/her innate wisdom for healing to occur. An example: A client is deeply affected by a conflict with



her parents. She has finally found the courage and strength to confront them with the issue, and the response is that they never want to see her again. The session reveals a long chain of active memories (memories are active when not stored in a healthy pattern and therefore cause mental and/or physical damage) from early childhood. As time is not an issue, I’m drawn to a moment in the client’s life when she is about four years old. She shows me ‘live’ images of her wearing a smart dress and wellies. She has put on her favourite dress to be the best version possible of herself for what she is about to do: Confront her parents on her own and her brother’s behalf. She is very determined. I always ask the body if I should tell the client about such revelations before doing so. In this case, the answer is

yes. And the client is amazed and relieved. Mainly because it shows her, that she has actually tried to do something about the family drama before - as a young child - and not, as she was so ashamed of, waiting until she was in her mid forties. Also my description of the dress amazes her. She knows exactly which dress I’m referring to. The next day she sends me a photo of her self as a child wearing the dress. In some cases, you may be observing effect before cause. Being granted permission to address the issue from a quantum level can you then change the destiny of a client? Yes, probably. Should you? Well, that’s a big question.

NR: Interestingly, sometimes the BodyTalker will be shown that they are not supposed to fix or change something that may seem urgent or important, but simply facilitate that person to make their own changes… as this can at times, be a much more powerful and empowering healing journey. Staying neutral and unattached to the outcome is an important factor for the BodyTalk practitioner to respect.This must be hard at times. How do you cope with such situations? HE: Being the non-interfering observer of an animal or a human being’s process, holding space for them during the shifting is an enormous privilege. It’s very difficult

in the beginning. Our controlling head brain, our inborn need to fix everything and everybody, to overcare and interfere and our need to succeed, creates heavy attachment to the outcome of the session. With practice you experience better and lasting results by staying neutral and unattached. I don’t recall when and how it happened in my case. One day I was just aware of my neutral position. NR: In some scenarios, long term illnesses and problems disappear very quickly, despite for example patients having undergone years of conventional treatment, seeing limited if any results. Can you explain in simple terms how BodyTalk makes this possible?

HE: In many cases the liberation from what is diagnosed as a chronic illness begins when I see a subtle shift in the client’s eyes. That’s the moment when they perceive that it is possible for them to live a life without the illness. The elimination of the belief system that holds the heavy word chronic is often a significant item in the recovery formula.

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The Future Of Healthcare Is

Self-Care By Renee Davis RH(AHG)

What is the future of healthcare? The answer to this question depends on whom you’re asking. Within the healthcare system, the answers range from new care delivery options, big data and electronic health records, telehealth technology, and better R&D pipelines. More people are thinking outside of the box in order to develop a new model of wellness and care (instead of trying to optimize the current model). At the core of this new model of wellness are self-care practices like healthy eating and nutrition, stress management, herbal medicine, sleep hygiene, social connection, and movement. Not only are these effective, they are less costly and support systemic change.



It’s Better: The Power Of Complexity Self-care practices involve several modalities and techniques: nutrition, stress management, herbal medicine, lifestyle, exercise, and social connection. These are complex interventions and support several aspects of health. Healthy eating habits can affect energy levels, mood, and digestive function simultaneously. Mint and yarrow tea can help clear a stuffy nose, but may also benefit digestion and mental function. Oregon grape root improves digestion and liver function, while also regulating blood sugar levels. Conversely, medicinal interventions tend to be simpler and mechanistic, associated with side effects and unintended consequences. For example, while NSAID drugs can reduce inflammation and decrease pain, they can also negatively impact the digestive tract, as well as liver and kidney health with long-term use. Our bodies are also complex and multifaceted. Complex interventions work for complex bodies, and is supported

by research. A 2-year longitudinal study found that enhancing self-care agency, regular exercise, and selfmanagement skills decreased the progression of frailty among Japanese elders. Another study revealed the clinical effectiveness of self-care interventions with an exercise component to manage knee conditions. A systematic review found that self-management interventions improved health-related quality of life, specifically in depression and anxiety symptoms. Many more studies address the effectiveness of self-care practices in various health conditions. That said, self-care practices are not equivalent to medical interventions and should not be viewed as a replacement for it. Rather, they are different levels of intervention. Self-care practices are safe and accessible methods to encourage and maintain balance within the body. When imbalances escalate to serious health conditions (or when acute care is needed), medical attention should be sought immediately.


More Affordable Plus Greater Accessibility The United States spends more on health care as a percentage of GDP than other developed countries, but Americans are less healthy. Why does the United States spend so much more? The most obvious reason is that U.S. healthcare delivers a more expensive mix of medical interventions. Compared to the average OECD country, the U.S. delivers almost three times as many mammograms, twice the number of MRI scans, and 31 percent more C-sections. How can we collectively reduce the costs of healthcare? While public debates surge about healthcare reform, pharmaceutical regulations, and insurance premiums, one cost-cutting method is available to each of us. Self-care and prevention practices are less costly than medical interventions and therefore more accessible. If an individual is able to meet their mood management needs through St. John’s Wort and 5-HTP supplementation instead of pharmaceuticals, then the cost of treatment is drastically reduced. Similarly, if someone is able to reduce gastric reflux through the use of bitter digestive herbs instead of PPIs, there is less cost to patient and insurer. The economic benefits of self-care practices have also been documented. An economic evaluation of self-care for adults with epilepsy supported its cost-effectiveness. A 2017 observational study found that people with diabetes who received self-care training had 14% reduced odds of any hospitalization, lower numbers of hospitalizations and ER visits, and approximately $830 lower Medicare

The Indian healthcare system integrates ayurveda, unani, siddha, naturopathy, homeopathy, and yoga. India spends 4.7% of its GDP on healthcare, which dwarfs in comparison to the United States’ spending of 17.1% GDP.



expenditures compared with those who did not receive it. A clinical trial follow-up revealed the cost-effectiveness of self-treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) flares. The numbers add up, and many countries are outpacing the United States in the integration of holistic and selfcare practices into their healthcare system. In Germany, most general practitioners use complementary and alternative therapies in their daily practice, most of which are covered by insurance programs. Germany has a universal multi-payer health care system funded by a combination of statutory health insurance and private health insurance, and spends nearly half per capita on healthcare compared to the United States. Providers and patients in Switzerland widely embrace homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, herbal medicine, and acupuncture, practices that are covered by the country’s basic health insurance. Switzerland’s total healthcare expenditures are 2/3 of the United States. The National Health Service in the United Kingdom has also incorporated herbal medicines, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and diet-based therapies into their healthcare offerings, which altogether costs as much as half the healthcare system in the United States. The Indian healthcare system integrates ayurveda, unani, siddha, naturopathy, homeopathy, and yoga. India spends 4.7% of its GDP on healthcare, which dwarfs in comparison to the United States’ spending of 17.1% GDP on healthcare according to the most recent WHO data.

We live in a time of rapid change, stress, and chaos. We need healing. Our societies need healing. What to do? Where to start? We start with the self to heal the whole. When we are strong and clear in body, mind, and spirit, we can show up to our collective challenges each day with love, compassion, stamina, and integrity. If we’re burned out and running on an empty tank, we are not an effective activist, researcher, friend, or community member. Many people disengage from collective work and activism because it’s difficult and draining. So we must care of ourselves to care for the whole. This can take many forms: mindfulness meditation, healthful eating, herbal medicine, and activities that foster connections with nature and community. Similarly, if our societies are ill, our social infrastructure is weak, inequalities and injustices proliferate. And we suffer.

While it starts with ‘self,’ health is not a solo endeavor: healthy bodies need healthy societies, and vice versa. In the context of U.S. healthcare, going back to basics will move us forward. Instead of taking the form of an app or new delivery system, the most significant healthcare innovation may be a walk in nature and an evening cup of tea. Caring for our own physical, mental, and emotional well-being is a powerful next step for effectively altering the course of American healthcare.

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It Leads To Big Change

If our societies are ill, our social infrastructure is weak, inequalities and injustices proliferate. And we suffer. While it starts with ‘self,’ health is not a solo endeavor: healthy bodies need healthy societies, and vice versa.


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December is the 'future' edition, and much like the expansive concept of time, we invite you to expand your mind as you turn the pages of th...

Issue 14 | Face the Current  

December is the 'future' edition, and much like the expansive concept of time, we invite you to expand your mind as you turn the pages of th...

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