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May 2013


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Choose The Form Of The

Destructor! Those of us who remember great films from the 80s will probably have a place in their heart for Ghostbusters. Over the recent bank holiday, I was chuffed to bits to see it on the TV schedule and duly settled down, popcorn in hand for an hour and a half of pure fun. It was all that has ever been. I laughed in all the same places and revisited all the old quotes, “Smells like barbecued dog hair” is still one of my particular favourites! Then it got to the best bit in the entire film!

“Choose the form of the Destructor!”

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In less than a minute a hundred foot tall Mr Stay Puft the Marshmallow Man is stepping on a Church as he makes his way towards our heroes. Oddly enough, as I am seemingly, totally immersed in the film a quote popped into my head, “It’s choice - not chance - that determines your destiny.” So now you’re probably thinking ‘What’s that got to do with anything?’ Well, pull up a chair and I’ll explain… In the film, the Ghostbusters are asked to choose. They then all try desperately to avoid thinking of anything to prevent the inevitable final battle. Of course, Ray can’t help but think of Mr Stay Puft, something he remembered affectionately from his childhood, something that could never harm them.

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Oh how wrong was he;

the giant Marshmallow Man appears, hell bent on death and destruction, the ground shaking beneath his feet. The Ghostbusters’ strategy here is clear. They decided the best course of action was to do nothing and in doing so avoid The Destructor….. it didn’t work! What did work was making the choice to risk everything and fight back. It’s all too easy in business to do the same thing. We put off making decisions thinking that doing so will maintain the status quo. We say, “I haven’t decided yet” thinking that we have made no choice. The truth is, we have made a choice, a choice to do nothing and leave the outcome to chance. Well as far as I know, chance doesn’t care if we stay in business or not.

If you’ve got a decision that you’re avoiding making, you might want to try tackling it like this: • Give yourself a deadline - Preferably a short one…. that sense of urgency will give you clarity. • Understand the problem – make sure you know what you want the outcome to be and why • Investigate the options – know the consequences of your actions and accept them •

Act! Make the decision and own it. If you’re in control, I promise you, even a bad decision will be less damaging than chance being in control

I will never enjoy making difficult decisions, but if the alternative is a metaphorical hundred foot Mr Stay Puft, I’ll take control everytime!

The key to success is action. If we make a decision and own it, it may not always be the right one, but at least we will be in control of it instead of it in control of us.

Have a great month...

M e l a n ie

Offer of the Month Do you send parcels ? Besides the import and export services Spicer International offer, we also move a large volume of shipments throughout the UK. Locally our own vans are constantly running around the local counties collecting and delivering parcels and pallets. To this degree we are able to offer an unbeatable offer of collecting and delivering local consignments for just £4.00 + vat per box.

Call us today to take advantage of this incredible offer – 01903 204666.

Buying local – Supporting local – Update May 2013 Bestof-Worthing-May 2013.indd 2

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The People Behind The Business Martin Swann – Professional Risks Insurance Specialist Until 2008 Martin worked in the London Insurance Market as a specialist Professional Indemnity(PI) placing broker. When the news arrived that his second child was expected he swapped the daily hustle and bustle of the city for a role closer to home in Sussex for one of the UK’s Largest Brokers, though making sure he maintained his close relationships with the London Market. Over time Martin found being within such a large corporate entity restrictive and it became apparent that the only way he could provide the service his clients deserved was set up on his own. In 2012 martin secured the backing he needed and in June the same year Vantage Professional Risks was born. With their 1st birthday fast approaching Vantage have grown significantly in a short space of time, currently recruiting for their 4th team member. Despite their rapid growth they have stayed true to their core principals and the objectives set for client service at the outset. “It is important to me that all the team understand fully what we are looking to achieve” Says Martin, “The advice and service provided has to be focused on the client and their needs, not ours, recommending the very best cover at the very best price. So often we meet companies who’ve just been sold on price with no real thought or understanding about if the product meets their needs. This wouldn’t be find out until they needed to claim and found the cover lacking” he continues “We believe it is testament to our service and expertise that some of the area’s largest Professional firms are already clients”


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You do not need to be a top 50 firm to benefit from Vantages expertise, their clients range from book-keepers to top flight accountants, small Architects to multi-national construction firms, charities, translators, IFA’s, IT/Media Professionals and many more. If you provide professional services or advice to your clients then Vantage Professional Risks can help you. “Insuring a Professional Company is much more than just buying PI” Martin explains, “We need to consider all the Insurances purchased to ensure that they work together to provide complete and rounded protection for the Client” “The best way to confirm if you have the right Insurances in place book one of our free confidential Risk Reviews” continues Martin, “doing so will quickly provide you with the understanding of what cover you have in place but more importantly what cover you don’t”.

To book your Risk Review contact Martin or one of his team on 01903 256999

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Working Well... Business Networking In & around Worthing have grown our business over the last 24 months, but It’s always difficult to take that first step into networking. Whether you are a new business or have been established for a while networking groups can help you branch out and reach other businesses within the local area. It is difficult nowadays to not become a faceless organisation, attending these networking groups will help put a face to your business and help build a presence in the local community you might not have been able to do alone.

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Networking is all about relationship building, you spend an awful lot of time in your groups, understand each other’s businesses and in turn build the trust that allows for you to recommend and work together to enhance and grow your businesses. If you are trying to find a group that is right for you it is difficult to not get caught up in the decision process. Don’t forget that many networking groups run visitor days for you to attend and decide whether it is right before you commit. Another idea is to research the group of members who attend at present. Are any of the members businesses you are trying to target? Can you form a relationship with the businesses attending? Are any of them influential businesses in the area? But it isn’t all based on members; remember that the networking groups should be cost effective. Those groups who pass business to each other, who continuously refer you and work with you are the ones to which you will reap the most rewards. To give you a helping hand we have compiled a list of those which we think are the best networking groups in the area. If you have any feedback or have attended others which you can recommend please drop us an email and let us know:

A evening with thebestof

Our very own Networking events.. Meet some of our very best recommended businesses. Quarterly Meetings in different venues

Worthing Business Circle

Meet – Wednesdays 7am Hill Barn Golf Club

Worthing BNI

Every Thursday 645am The Dome Worthing

At thebestof Worthing we are on the lookout for other great members. This month we are looking for....

• Estate Agents • Cleaning Companies • Nail Salons • Hairdressers If you know a business that fits the bill please contact the team...

01903 203673

First Friday

1st Friday of every month 12.30 The Burlington Hotel

Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce Regular events in different venues throught Worthing & Adur Bestof-Worthing-May 2013.indd 4

All of the above Networking events plus more can be found on our website

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We’ve uncovered more hidden gems over the last few weeks. A big welcome to the following businesses who have joined us recently:

Give them a call & make them feel welcome Black Flamingo Marketing

Baby Buddy UK BabyBuddy in Worthing is a charitable organisation helping families with children with learning disabilities.

Black Flamingo Marketing are online marketing specialists offering a wide range of marketing services to domestic and commercial customers throughout Worthing and the UK.

07502 439 565

07876 829009

Brio Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria Shoreham Situated near the train station in Shoreham-By-Sea, Brio’s serves authentic Italian cuisine in stylish, elegant surroundings. Owned and ran by true Italian’s! –

Limepixel If you are looking for a professional web design company to design a website that is sure to attract the right customers, you should contact Limepixel

07941 510075

01273 446445

Simon Peters Plumbing & Heating

Brio Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria Worthing

Has your boiler broken down or in need of servicing or repair? Maybe you want central heating installed in your home? Then you should contact Simon Peters Plumbing & Heating

Brio Worthing is a traditional Italian Restaurant, owned and ran by true Italians, situated in a stunning location, right on the sea front. If you enjoy Italian food and are looking for an Italian Restaurant in Worthing offering high quality food and a great atmosphere, book a table today.

07970 060144

David Sawyer Photographer

01903 211511

A well established company with a variety of photography styles, the photographers at David Sawyer produce traditional and modern images to suit your requirements.

01903 233882


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17/04/2013 18:07

Go Loco for

Buy Local! As you already know I’m a massive fan of all things local. Recently I’ve seen some good articles from celebrities like Mary Portas on what’s happening to our town centres. It’s lovely to know that people do understand how important our high streets and local businesses are to our communities. Let’s face it, local communities are part of the fabric of our society; they have helped create what it is to be British. Now I’m not going to start waxing lyrical about the ‘Great’ in Britain to the strains of Rule Brittania, but actually, it is those communities that have given us our history and traditions that attract 31 million visitors to the UK every single year (that’s half of our entire population by the way). Compare that to Spain’s 45 million visitors. A country two and half times the size with infinitely better weather!

The sad thing is, our high streets are in decline; and as the Banks and the struggling national chains move out we are either left with rows of empty, unloved buildings or Payday Lenders and Betting Shops. Now don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with the odd Payday Loan firm or Betting Shop. A place for everything, and everything in its place. However, as Ed Milliband rightly pointed out in April while speaking in Ipswich; these types of retailers have increased by 20% in the last year, leaving our high streets devoid of variety, individuality and more importantly, people. “Every day I am asked to predict the future of the British high street. I don’t have all the answers, but one thing I do know is that high streets won’t be only about shops.” Mary Portas. Too right Mary! Our high streets are about way more than that. Originally our village greens, town squares and high streets formed the centre of where we lived. It was where we connected with other people and found out about what was going on in our town, as well as buying our groceries.

It was the noise of the market traders, the bustle of other shoppers, the wave from the butcher as you walked past, the smell of the freshly baked bread from the bakery… was about the experience. That experience and tradition doesn’t have to be consigned to history, we just have to drag it into the 21st century, however much it kicks and screams. So now you’re all thinking, that’s great, but how on earth am I supposed to do that? I’m a printer/ accountant/tattooist and my business isn’t a 4th generation family concern. Well that doesn’t mean that you can’t reflect the values and the history your community stands for. Each area has its own unique culture, its own achievements and its own local heroes as well as the universally British values of honesty, freedom, equality and justice. Every community has a story but without the story teller it will be lost forever. Update May 2013 Bestof-Worthing-May 2013.indd 6

17/04/2013 18:07

You want to go where everybody knows your name Nothing can replace personal relationships in business, it’s one of the reasons Social Media has grown at such a meteoric rate; humans are social animals. Small, independent businesses have the advantage of being able to create personal relationships easily, something that chains really struggle to do. So don’t forget to strengthen it at every opportunity.

Be the face of your business As independent business owners we all have our own style, our own personality and our own values. We need to shout about them at every opportunity. The area we grew up in helped shape that style and those values so chances are, your customers will connect with them.

Freedom of Choice requires something to choose from Every small business is different! Those differences are what make our high streets interesting and make you unique.

Your History is our History Ok, maybe you moved into the area recently so history for you is thin on the ground. Your premises, your street or even

Bestof-Worthing-May 2013.indd 7

your product and service do have history though, so utlilise it. Whether it be what you have on your wall, what you use in a blog, even a ‘Back to the 80s’ offer you might have, all these things tap into that history that is part of our lives.

Give a damn and do something about it Don’t just care about your business and your customers. Support your local community projects, buy from great local suppliers, support your local charities, remind other people about why the area is great and effect changes that will make it even better. Whether it be getting together with other businesses to encourage the council to improve parking or something as simple as adding a couple of hanging baskets to your frontage to make the area look more appealing. All the little things add up to something big.

Making an exception can make you exceptional There’s a local newsagent and grocer not far from where I live. They don’t offer a delivery service, and yet, I regularly see the owner personally taking groceries round to the older residents. For that reason alone, I make a point of spending money with him every week

which also means I can avoid the ‘Express’ round the corner! And finally (please forgive me for the shameless plug), but supporting our Buy Local campaign, 3rd to 9th June, and encouraging others to do so is another way of raising awareness of our high streets and drawing attention to the things we can do to restore them to their former vibrant selves. Every pound that is spent locally is reinvested in the town up to ten times over and locally sourced products are easily traceable (the farmer down the road has never kept horses) and are better for the environment. This is our opportunity to join together to support our home; we need to grasp it with both hands! Over the next month I will be making it my mission to gather as much support as possible for our Buy Local campaign, raising the profile of our shops and businesses and showing the world what a wonderful place to live this is! However, I can’t do it all by myself, I need you to join in! Heck let’s make a party of it if we can! If you’re not already displaying your Buy Local sticker with pride or ordered your Buy Local Pack, please do get in touch. If we all join together it won’t take much to make a real difference.

17/04/2013 18:07

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