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From a very early age, I have learned one small thing. “Great things in business are never done by one person they are done by a team of people” by-Steve jobs Highly creative and with the urge to work in a stimulating environment, encouraging design and thought-provoking contents, I have started my career with a background of MBA in Marketing and Branding. Catching up with the change from print to digital media, I launched the digital magazine “F.A.C.E Fashion Art Culture Entertainment F.A.C.E is a curated experience that highlights and celebrates Global heritage, its exciting evolution and its many million possibilities are seen through the modern lens of fashion, art, culture and entertainment. And provide its readers with compelling content, new trends, innovative ideas, inspiration and the new dimension of the media world. From emerging flavors and ingredient to new ideas buzzing in the industry, it promises to collect what’s hot and trending in the industry and deliver it in a format that keeps you informed and interested. The current world situation has a lot of us down and filled with anxiety, well, in fact, I believe this is the perfect time to make changes and make that shift towards our personal, economic, political, and especially environmental situations. This month we have focussed on topics from such varied scenarios and knitted them in context to Fashion, Art, Culture, and Entertainment. We have brought to you celebrities, trainers, environmentalists, eco-friendly fashion brands and also shed light on sustainability in what we eat and wear. I hope you have as much fun reading it as much as we did bring this issue to you. I pray we can all move towards sustainable living in our small ways and help the world situation. Until then. Stay safe and take care.

Harshit Hundet FOUNDER Founder

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Our Founder Co founder Editor Art Director Fashion Editor Design Agency Visual Creator Visual Designer Freenlance Writer Fashion Co-ordinator Fashion Co-ordinator Proof Reader

- Harshit Hundet - Kanchan Shrivastava - Sukhmani Sadana - Madhuri Bhadhuri - Rishika Garg - Oskape Media - Priyanshu Roy - Riya Khobragade - Utkarsha Kesarkar - Sakshi Mahamuni - Khushboo Rajoriya - Radhika Sanghvi

Contributors Mattia Gozzarino Emanuela Fersini Reiner Wolpers Elena Mykhalenko Giunta Davide Irina Savelyeva Brooklyn Seeun Kim Svetlana Walden

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Editor'sNote We at F.A.C.E are ecstatic to share the news with you that we complete our One Year Anniversary with this November issue and we want to thank you for all the love, support and kindness that you have bestowed upon us. The Pandemic, 2020. A year that we will all recall for many things that ended and for many fresh beginnings. As for me, I will always remember this year for this new correlation I’m commencing here with you as the Editor of F.A.C.E. Pandemics or no pandemics in the future (hopefully none), I’m sure this association between you as my reader and me as your here to stay!


Sukhmani Sadana

Nov 2020 | 16

Face Fashion

Nov 2020 | 17

RAG & BONE leather belt ($200)

GUCCI Crystal brooch ($700)

KATIA ALPHA bracelet ($300) Kwaidan Editions high-waisted straight leg jeans ($925)

GUCCI Metallic knitted cardigan ($ 4,400)

GIVENCHY Tapered pant ($160)



ERDEM Faille shorts ($800)

VALENTINO Jersey hoodie ($1,800)

LOEWE Shoulder bag ($700)

HUNZA G Swimsuit ($200) A.L.C X Petrs flannery linen-blend jumpsuit ($1,000)

VINCE Leather jacket ($2,000)

Nov 2020 | 18

SAINT LAURENT LOEWE Metallic sandals Weave Tote Bag ($900) Item ($4,000)

CASTANER+ Carina ca espadri

MARNI Color block shoulder bag ($2,000) MICHEAL MICHEAL MICHEAL KORS, Leather satchel ($600)

+ NET SUSTAIN anvas wedge illes ($120)

LOULOU DE LA FALAISE Glass clip earrings ($600) BY FAR Amber shoulder bag ($572) Silvia Tcherassi Ardell tie-dye maxi dress ($2,427)

Marc Jacobs printed logo tote bag ($569)


STELLA MCCARTNEY-X-HUNTER MAISIE WILEN Assymetric mini Chunky boots ($500) dress ($1,000)

ZIMMERMANN Linen shorts ($500)

ROTATE Nancy snake print wrap top ($305) Nov 2020 | 19

ALICE+OLIVIA Hammeredsatin camisole, ($285.80)

BLAZE A T RA I L VALENTINO Cotton-twill jacket Rs 1,65,000


GABRIELA HEARST RS 1,54,422 TORY BURCH Belted quilted floral print silk satin coat Rs 86,000


STELLA McCARTNEY mid-length coat Rs 1,57,000


Nov 2020 | 20

DRIES VAN NOTEN satun jacket PETAR PETROV Rs 1,19,000 Rs 1,42,354

TOM FORD Rs 2,16,494

EAUX 38,000

JOSEPH wool blend cardigan Rs 84,000


ISABEL MARANT Floral-print cotton jacket RS 1,000

GUCCI Velvet wool crepe coat Rs 2,74,000


GUCCI Rs 1,67,163


MUGLER RS 1,56,748

Nov 2020 | 21


LUXURIES G-STRAW Fit dress ($47)

GANNI slip dress ($140)

KATE SPADE Gold heart stud earring ($50)

SWAROVSKI Drop pierced earring ($103)

NIKE Midi dress ($120)

SHAZE Acroamatic Drop Earrings ($29)

PARAVEL Set of two packing cubes (92$)

Nov 2020 | 22

LYGIA NANNY Printed dress ( $120)

MAISON CLOSE Halterneck dress ($150)

KENNETH JAY LANE Swirl drop earring ($77 )

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Printed cotton-canvas cosmetics case (24$)

KENNETH JAY LANE Coin drop earrings ($93)

AERIN BEAUTY pouch (69$)

ALDO Multicolor clutch ($54)


CHARLOTTE TILBURY Collagen Lip Bath - Pillow Talk (39 $)

DUNE LONDON Leopard Clutch ($50)

LOVE STORIES Emmy ruffled glittered tulle soft cup bra (97$)

ELALUZ Beauty Oil (96$)

ALDO Cross body bag ($48)



SWAROVSKI Red Charm ($30)

KARL LAGERFELD Orchid clutch ($175)

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN BEAUTY Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil Rouge (90$)

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Pencil sharpener (7$)


REPLAY Cap ($57)

DUNE LONDON Studded clutch ($64)

MARC JACOBS Elastic band ($76)

SLIP silk eye mask ($78)

DUNE LONDON Cross Body bag ($55)

STEVE MADDEN Coral Pink Handbag ($40)

TORY BURCH Hair clips ($101)

PAT MCGRATH LABS MatteTrance Lipstick (55$)

Nov 2020 | 23

ALDO Cross body bag ($55)

EASTPAK Cross body bag ($87)

1 1. CHARLOTTE TILBURUY Push up lashes (Rs 3,000) 2. PAT MCGRATH LABS Highlighting Trio (Rs 5,000) 3. VICTORIA BECKHAM Kajal liner (Rs 4,000) 4. CHANTECAILLE Radiance elixir (Rs 22,000) 5. PATH MCGRATH LABS nude lipstick (Rs 3,000)


3 4 5 Nov 2020 | 24

7 6

Festive Makeup get the look

13 6. BURBERRY BEAUTY Glow palette (Rs 10,000) 7. WANDER BEAUTY Lip cheek set (Rs 2,000) 8. GUCCI BEAUTY Madge red (Rs 4,000) 9. GUCCI BEAUTY Powder compact (Rs 11,000) 10. WESTMAN ATELIER Foundation stick (Rs 7,000) 11. ILIA Illuminator (Rs 4,000) 12. VICTORIA BECKHAM Moisturizer (Rs 13,000) 13. MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Beauty set (Rs 5,500)




10 Nov 2020 | 25




With Benafsha Soonawalla Interviewed by- Rishika Garg

What’s in your wardrobe? My wardrobe aesthetic ranges from casual to chic and sultry. There are some really cool pieces which are my absolute favorites! What's the first app, website or thing you open or do in the morning ? Instagram definitely. I'm an insta girl. But sometimes, depending solely on my mood and choice would I skim through my YouTube channel. And, if I'm away from my parents, traveling, then I'd check their messages on WhatsApp first. Most favourite piece in your wardrobe ? There's only one answer I can give to this question and it's that I can’t decide on one. There are way too many treasured pieces for me to choose from. However, I do like a good sexy breezy style outfit, so maybe something similar. That’s more me.

Nov 2020 | 26

One quote you live by? This one is definitely my mantra and the one I live by 'Fall seven times, stand up eight.' What are the most worn items in your closet? I'd have to say my short spaghetti tops. I'm totally obsessed with those. And, my baggy pants. What can I say? A girl needs her comfort! And, those pants are the epitome of comfy. Lastly, if you had to choose, shoes or bags? Oh, I'd choose shoes, no argument there. I love a good pair of heels. It has the ability to make any girl feel powerful and ready to take on the world! Nov 2020 | 27

“EL LUJO” Live the moment Photographer by Vijay Powar Creative Director Vijay Powar Conceptualised by Rishika Garg Produced by FACE Magazine

Nov 2020 | 28

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Nov 2020 | 47

Fashion coordinator Sakshi Mahamuni Image retouching : Vijay Powar Photography Assistant Tushar Kadam

Assistant stylist Mahika Duggal

Styling Shreya Shorewala

Hair & Makeup Artist Prajakta Malvade

Model Renuka Singh Thakuri

Styling agency Acid fashion house

Makeup Assisted by Tanvi Patil

Outfits Amaaya studio Acid Fashion House

Nov 2020 | 48

Jewellery Tsara Jewellers


SEPT 2020

Nov 2020 | 49


ENDEARMENT Photographer : Mattia Gozzarino

Nov 2020 | 50

Nov 2020 | 51

Nov 2020 | 52

Nov 2020 | 53

Nov 2020 | 54

Nov 2020 | 55

Nov 2020 | 56


Nov 2020 | 57

La Dolce Vita Photographer: Emanuela Fersini

Nov 2020 | 58

Nov 2020 | 59


city that allows time to pass through, instead of getting old, it acquires depth, transforming its streets into nostalgic avenues, the corners into photographs of past eras. The more the city carries with it the baggage of a thousand-year history, the greater its charm. Rome, who knows something about the past, is a woman with a sinuous and young body, but who in her gaze contains all her maturity: the eyes of Rome pierce the veil of appearances, pierce the dimensions of space and time, and who manages to return that gaze can only perceive the huge river in flood that has characterized the coming and going of 'sweet lives', of 'Roman holidays', of the heroic and melancholy protagonists who have trampled on cobblestones letting their hearts trample on heels to pin and paparazzi smiles in via Veneto. Rome, who knows something of charm, is an unscrupulous woman, a lover of the good life. And while the physiognomy of her body changes, while inside they build arid square and modern buildings, she continues to wander through her own streets with haughty indifference, at a slow and sensual pace, aware of her imperishable elegance. No wrinkles will furrow his face, as long as his gaze continues to fix those of his spectators with determination, and his defiance will coincide with the awareness of being surprisingly unreachable. - Simona Di Michele

Nov 2020 | 60

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Nov 2020 | 63

Nov 2020 | 64

Nov 2020 | 65

Nov 2020 | 66

Publication Davide Giunta Model’s Name Stefania Carretta Photographer Emanuela Fersini Writer Simona Di Michele

Nov 2020 | 67

Aisha Nofretete

Photographer: Reiner Wolpers

Nov 2020 | 68

Nov 2020 | 69

Nov 2020 | 70

Nov 2020 | 71

Nov 2020 | 72

Submitter: Reiner Wolpers

Dress: Reiner Wolpers

Wardrobe Credits


Makeup Artist: Nhart Make Up Nina Hรถbel Female Model: Aisha Mohamed

Nov 2020 | 73

Coming lockdow Nov 2020 | 74

g wn Credits Photographer: Elena Mykhaylenko

Model: Viktoria Shevchuk

Makeup Artist: Maria Fedyniak

Nov 2020 | 75

Nov 2020 | 76

Nov 2020 | 77


Wardrobe Credits: Blouse: Zara Overalls: PINKO Shoes: ASOS design 2020 | 78

Nov 2020 | 79

Nov 2020 | 80

Nov 2020 | 81

Wardrobe Credits Dress: GLO Jacket: Patrizia Pepe


Model: Yulia Riutina Photographer: Elena Mykhaylenko Female Model: Simona Gemma

Nov 2020 | 82

Wardrobe Stylist: Anastasiya Basharova Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Lyudmyla Zhovrinenko

Nov 2020 | 83

Nov 2020 | 84

Nov 2020 | 85

Nov 2020 | 86

Nov 2020 | 87

Nov 2020 | 88


Wardrobe Credits Top: ZARA Blazer: STEFANEL 2020Trousers: | 89 ELISABETTA FRANCHI

Nov 2020 | 90

Wardrobe Credits Dress: GLO Gloves: CORSOROMA Belt: STEFANEL

Nov 2020 | 91

mood on the road>

Credits Photo Editor: Giunta Davide Female Model: MaleĚ n Burgos Photographer: Sergio Perez

Nov 2020 | 92

Nov 2020 | 93

Nov 2020 | 94

Nov 2020 | 95

Nov 2020 | 96

Nov 2020 | 97

Nov 2020 | 98

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Nov 2020 | 106

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Nov 2020 | 108

Nov 2020 | 109

Nov 2020 | 110

Marilyn Monroe Photographer Irina Savelyeva Brooklyn

Nov 2020 | 111

Nov 2020 | 112

Nov 2020 | 113

Nov 2020 | 114

Nov 2020 | 115

Nov 2020 | 116

Nov 2020 | 117

Nov 2020 | 118

Model Kristina Nuar Makeup Artist Aleksandra Lobacheva

Nov 2020 | 119

The Silla Collection 100 Jewelry Designer: Seeun Kim Photographer : Seeun Kim Nov 2020 | 120

Nov 2020 | 121

Nov 2020 | 122

Nov 2020 | 123

Nov 2020 | 124

Nov 2020 | 125

Black Sparrow Nov 2020 | 126

Nov 2020 | 127

Nov 2020 | 128

Nov 2020 | 129

Nov 2020 | 130

Nov 2020 | 131

Nov 2020 | 132

Nov 2020 | 133

Nov 2020 | 134

Model @svetlana88walden Photographer: @photo.with.heart Makeup/ Hair: @makeupsociety_offisial

Nov 2020 | 135



Nov 2020 | 136

JUNE 2020


CIGAR Why do we smoke cigars? A cigar is smoked not out of necessity, but desire. It is not about the nicotine or “high” as some people point out to be. Rather, an incredibly special experience on its own. Cigars accentuate and elevate special moments to a whole new level. It is about the explosion of complex flavours on your palette, tailoring them to your individual preferences with the drinks/food you choose to pair them with. It is about the friends you make along the way, exploring your preferences and your likings. Finding your perfect cigar and pairing it with your favourite drink. It’s really, all about you.

Nov 2020 | 137

BACKGROUND “Handmade cigars with passion in Estelí, Nicaragua.” CigarKings is a German cigar manufacturing, retailing and distributing company. Founded in 2016, by Philipp Kugler, CigarKings set out to universalise cigar smoking across all ages, especially introducing them to millennials. Setting out to bring cigars out of the “niche”, they aimed to make quality cigars more accessible to the world by employing world-renown craftsmanship in their own factories in Nicaragua, in a more amateur-friendly form factor. They have taken this philosophy and applied it to hundreds of retailers all around Eurasia, including Sweden, Germany and India.

Nov 2020 | 138


“Passion” is an operative word for CigarKings.

Co-founded and run by Philipp Kugler, the brand maintains a young and dynamic outlook towards the industry with one main objective - to share their passion for cigars with as many people as possible. A refreshing change and definitely a stretch from the stereotypical norms for the industry. They’ve made multiple partnerships with legacy brands such as Omega, Porsche, Glenfiddich and Mercedes-Benz as a testament to them trying out new things. They have also partnered with the United Nations in 2020 for world peace day, a world’sfirst in the industry.

What makes our cigars special? We employ the “entubado” rolling method. The oldest, most labor intensive yet, best method for “bunching” cigars. This process involves rolling up to eight separate tubes of filler tobacco, each forming a separate channel for smoke to pass through. Then, these tubes, which resemble swizzle sticks, are tightly rolled within the binder and wrapper. The creation of many “smoke channels” allows the roller to draw the binder and wrapper much tighter around the bunch than possible with the standard “Book Filler” method. The entubar method creates an incredibly dense, slow burning cigar that draws incredibly easy, and captures all of the blends optimal flavors.

Only a handful of top manufacturers employ this style.

But our cigars are not only about the wide range of sizes and tastes. They are about the community, feelings, emotions and most importantly, our passion.

The Community We owe our success to our customers, our fans and our followers, who inspire us to go further and beyond to ensure that each puff they take is full of our testament of passion and love. CigarKings has elevated from being just a cigar brand

by creating several lifestyle products to compliment our cigars. Like our custom bespoke leather travel cases, made in Nicaragua. Our bespoke handmade cufflinks and pins made out of palladium, in India. Even our facemasks are made in Germany! This forms a community feel like no other, where we unite people, based purely on their love for cigars. However, we also feel it is equally important to give back to the community. Which is why we have partnered with the UN and other organisations to promote peace, Nov 2020 | 139 carbon neutrality, environmental sustainability and



Nov 2020 | 140




Nov 2020 | 141

Geetanjali Kirloskar My love for Art

Nov 2020 | 142

Married into India’s illustrious business houses & wife of Vikram Kirloskar (Toyota Kirloskar), Geetanjali is an entrepreneur. She set up a multi-speciality hospital, is an advertising professional, has hosted her own tv show on Times Now, acted in 2 films, an adventurous mountaineer & more. Collecting Art is her passion.

My love started with

for art

my daughter’s gifted expressions on canvas from a very young age. It was in fact artist Madhuri Bhaduri who introduced little Manasi to oil on canvas! And, great grandfather SLK who gifted her with his easel! My home is full of art, collected over years from places travelled close & far. A range of expressions on canvas, from classic masters to younger contemporary conceptual wories, the world of art around me knows no boundaries. It’s what catches our eye, it’s what appeals to our innermost senses & brings a lump in the throat, brings a smile on our face. Madhuri’s paintings have been with us through her decade long journey. Her style evolved, the intensity deepened & we loved procuring one each time her art took a turn! The vibrant colours always

brought positivity and cheer. Madhuri Bhaduri continues to be an integral part of our continuing collection. One that we are both proud of & deeply fulfilling at all times.

Nov 2020 | 143

Sanjay Puri: Art & Architecture Sanjay Puri Architects are listed in the top 100 architects worldwide by Archdaily. Architizer, New York includes Sanjay Puri Architects in their list of the top 136 design firms worldwide. The firm tops the list of WA Community award winners across the world. Winning the World Architecture Festival’s ‘Best Housing Project of the Year 2018’ in Amsterdam and the World’s Best Residential Building in the LEAF Awards, London, The firm has won, over 250 awards including 160 international awards and over 100 national awards.

Nov 2020 | 144

8 Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design’s International Architecture Awards in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012 & 2011. 10 World Architecture Festival Awards in 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011 & 2010. 10 Society of American Registered Architects Awards (SARA), New York. 9 Architizer A+ Awards, New York, in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2014 & 2013. 31 World Architecture Community Awards and 5 Hospitality Design Awards New York, in 2020, 2015, 2012 & 2010 are some of the other awards won by the firm in the last 7 years. With 160 international and over 100 national awards, the firm has won architectural projects in Spain, Montenegro, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Montreal, Oman and Dallas in addition to projects in 40 Indian cities. With a diverse portfolio of townships, schools, hotels, retail and office buildings, they continue their quest for creating innovative design solutions that are sustainable on a large scale.

Nov 2020 | 145

With a firm strength of 72, evolving design solutions that are contextual and creating spaces that revolutionize the way they are experienced form the essence of the firm’s design philosophy. To see what starts as a simple sketch on paper be slowly transferred into a permanent space that affects human behaviour and changes people’s lives & perceptions in innumerable ways is an immensely gratifying experience. To be able to do this every single day in many different ways without any repetition is the unique prerogative of an architect.

This is why I love being an architect. One is continuously evolving experiential spaces articulated by different materials, types of lighting, textural qualities & spatial relationships that are cohesively brought together in multiple ways. Every day one does something different. Every built project becomes a tangible manifestation of artistic & engineered thought processes & ideas. I love architecture for the infinite possibilities of creating permanent art forms that can be a joy to experience.

Nov 2020 | 146

Sapna Kar Social change via Art & Luxury

Sapna Kar passionately quotes Martin Luther King - "Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' and says she asked herself this question way back in 2009. Long before the CSR bill which was passed in 2014, was even envisaged, she had decided that at least 90% of the work she would do going forward would have a social connect and benefit society with regards to a cause. Her company Burgundy Consultancy was born in 2010, with a focus on conceptualising and executing fundraisers for varied causes with an objective of positively affecting the life of the beneficiaries to the extent she could. There is no better way of ‘living the moment’ as the ‘joy of giving’ she says.

Nov 2020 | 147

Unintended but perhaps predestined, she has been fortunate to have a first mover advantage as there was no one or hardly anyone doing this on a sustained fulltime basis when she began being what she calls a ‘philanthropy consultant’. What ensued, were a series of beautiful fundraisers and advocacy initiatives for many a renowned charity organization like The Jai Vakeel Foundation, the I AM Foundation, Surabhi Foundation, Make-a-wish India, Iskon Food Relief Foundation, Khushii, Neurology Foundation, Plan India, Ratan Tata Institute, Breakthrough, Edelgive Foundation, CRY, the JSW Institute of Sports, WWF India to name a few. Some of her noteworthy projects include an art show and coffee table book ‘B Seventy’, that showcased 70 specially created artistic tributes for Mr.Amitabh Bachchan’s 70th birthday. Proceeds of which were donated for the education of the girl child via, ‘Plan India’, the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations held for the Jehangir Art Gallery, wherein the art auction, generates funds to add an additional gallery on the iconic premises, a fashion

show with Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla & later with Rohit Bal where prominent women walked the ramp for the cause of Breakthrough. Apart from music, fashion and art she has also used the route of impactful coffee table books as fundraising avenues. Like ‘Timeless Portraits of Love’ showcasing the bond between 125 eminent fathers and their daughters, shot by the most renowned photographers like Dabboo Ratnani, Jatin Kampani, Rafique Syed, etc, for Khushii; ‘Beyond the Boardroom’ where corporate head honchos talked about their passion for sport and donated to deserving athletes via the ‘Inspire Institute of Sport.’

Nov 2020 | 148

Most recently, pre-covid she was an integral part of ‘Champions of Change’, a fundraiser for the 75th year celebration of Jaivakeel – one of the oldest and largest institutions serving those impacted with intellectual disabilities. They say circumstances, even unprecedented ones cannot stop someone who is driven. Sapna has already successfully completed 4 fundraisers after lockdown was announced. From cook shows for ‘Action Against Hunger,’ a music concert for ‘Light of Life Trust’ to a fun online ‘Tambola’ with exciting prizes for ‘Breakthrough,’ she used the online medium from the confines of home to continue doing what she loves.

We asked her to elaborate on a couple of these ‘moments’ which she claims are her prized ‘memories’. She recounts….. Occasion: Mr.Bachchan’s 70th birthday, 11th October, 2012. Mr.Bachchan, Jayaji, Abhishek, Aishwarya, Shweta and everyone close to them spent the entire evening with artists and patrons of art and charity at the Nehru centre, Mumbai. Imagine the legend of Indian Cinema, preponing his party to

Nov 2020 | 149

make sure that his birthday was available for the cause. Imagine the joy of the artists to be present on this occasion and watch their artworks fly off the shelf and the satisfaction of having conceptualised and executed this with 70 artists including, Badri Narayan, Sunil Das, Manu Parekh, Paresh Maity, Jayasri Burman, Seema Kohli, Arunkumar HG and many others while knowing that proceeds from the sale of all artworks go towards the education of the girl child. Good intentions are always

Nov 2020 | 150

marked with serendipity. 11th October was declared by the United Nations (UN) as the ‘Day of the Girl Child’ in 2012, in sync with our theme and the same continues till date. Occasion: 75 years of Jaivakeel Foundation. ‘Champions of Change’ was the fundraiser conceptualised wherein the sculpture mould of a child, created by the fabulous and ‘all heart’ Arzan Khambatta was given to artists across the breath of the country to hand paint. These painted beauties were adopted by corporate donors against a pledge of Rs 11 lakh per sculpture. This price in such a market? Let’s start with a conservative 25 moulds. Hey, we achieved that! Shall we attempt 50? 50 donors achieved! Let’s go for 75! Wow, 75 done too! Such is power of the work done by this institution where I have been associated with since a decade where ‘intentions

and honest efforts’ become ‘reality’. I lived fully in the art preview held at Tao, and the actual event held at the Taj, where I actually had the pleasure of conducting the lottery on stage with Arzan. Her personal joy she says is, “Having achieved more successful fundraisers than I can count, and being instrumental in disbursing funds in a manifold multiplier excess of what I can possess in this lifetime, I believe I have lived fully - as when a career and a passion come together, magic happens.”

Sapna sums up with the notes of Whitney Houston, “Give me one moment in time, When I'm racing with destiny, Then in that one moment of time, I will feel I will feel eternity” – as it echoes her belief that there is no moment as complete as the moment when you can touch the life of another! Nov 2020 | 151

Madhuri Bhaduri: Art & Luxury Art and luxury have a long history of influencing each other to create timeless, aspirational experiences. In recent years, the blurring of the boundaries between the worlds of fine art and luxury has steadily increased, as high end consumers demonstrate as much of an interest in art as in luxury goods and lifestyles. Expressions of art and luxury cross-pollination are wideranging. From branded spaces at art fairs to brand-hosted art exhibitions and the establishment of museums by luxury fashion houses.

Nov 2020 | 152

Luxury is something that you don't really need, and by that definition, lots of things fall into this category. You want something on your wall that makes you smile and feel happy every time you look at it. That's a painting. You don't eat it, wear it, or live inside it, so, it's technically a luxury, but it makes you happy. The present study analyses the different binding modes that link art and luxury brands in an attempt to determine the links between the two, in particular the role of art in the creation of luxury uniqueness.

The four main types of relationships that link luxury brands and art; following the major global luxury brands are: Business Collaboration, Patronage, Foundations and Artistic Mentoring. The study defines a typology of the links and ties between art and luxury brands, and explains, how each contributes to the brands' incomparability, designed to neutralize the risks stemming from the industrialization of luxury.

Nov 2020 | 153

Art is both a necessity and luxury. Art gives

us the means to discover the world while at the same time fully enables us to extend ourselves. A tool for creative expression and tapping beyond ordinary. Art satisfies our cognitive and aesthetic needs, thus, takes us to self-realization. Art is undoubtedly a necessity- art connects you emotionally to the world around. Art becomes a luxury when it’s branded and reaches a certain level of acceptability after long sustenance and is widely accessed. In my opinion, art is integral to get sensitised and in all ways does go beyond your basic needs. Art, from the early ages requires patronage hence, it gets its due price and value in time. Art is unique and the pricing is

Nov 2020 | 154

decided without any benchmarks which makes it an absolute luxury. All kinds of art can affect our mood in a positive way, making us feel happier, calmer, or even inspired to do something. Everywhere you go art is evident. Art at home/offices/ commercial spaces empowers us with a sense of purpose and the creativity that comes with producing. Looking at art can change our outlook on life. Parks often use sculptures to add interest and to inform people. Posters on walls give information and motivation. Music plays on the radio to keep your energy levels up.

Without even realizing it we find ourselves immersed in the power of art most of the time! Indian artists are being actively collected by international museums, and exhibited in challenging modes within the biennial circuit. Moreover, there are more examples of collaborative projects between arts organisations in India and international cultural institutions, so, there is a more sustained exchange. The future of Indian art seems very promising to me. Growth in art and cultural initiatives is helping lay a strong foundation; positioning India as one of the major art destinations. With support from both private players and government bodies, the industry can embark on a remarkable growth trajectory.

Nov 2020 | 155

Trinity Arts x Madhuri


Trinity, is an online art gallery and creative consultancy service company based in Mumbai, India, showcasing modern, Indian and contemporary art, founded by Reshma Jani and Shwetambari Soni in 2008.

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We have progressively evolved as a company meeting the needs of a growing art market by introducing public, corporate beautification projects, art experiences, creative solutions, and art to collectors since 2008. Reshma worked in fashion designing for many years. With a love for aesthetics; it was but a natural turn for her to seek art as a profession. This led to her hosting small art evenings in her home, introducing the concept of collecting art as an investment in private settings.

Shwetambari, a hotel management graduate, changed tracks in 2007, by incepting her art gallery.- Gallerie Angel Arts. She took a short course at Christies, London in 2007 and, soon thereafter, in 2012 she was awarded a scholarship to study in business practices at the Indian School of Business as part of the Goldman Sachs Women Entrepreneurship Programme. Both were awarded the certificate of World Leadership Congress for Super Woman Achievers Award in Business Practices, by Femina, in 2018.

Beginning in the mid 80's with her formal career in art, Madhuri Bhaduri has constantly been experimenting and reinventing her practice. Her creative sojourn, which began with figuration, now encompasses abstraction and landscape paintings primarily in oils. as well as sculptures and experimental mixed media works. Madhuri’s formal artistic qualifications include an M.A. in ‘Arts and Painting’ from SNDT, University of Mumbai and an Hons. in Economics from Fergusson College, Pune. She is also a national level badminton player. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo shows both in India and all over the world.

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As the world, India in particular, evolves into a digital space, open to online education and retail sites, our art shows have naturally transitioned onto online platforms as well. Madhuri’s association with Trinity dates back to 2017. Madhuri has been showcased in a number of group shows hosted by Trinity, including the 9th instalment of “In an Artist’s Mind,” 2018, and the “Feed India, Help our Artists Initiative,” 2020. And, now her solo show' “The Online Art Show with Madhuri Bhaduri” is currently being exhibited across Trinity’s social media platforms, in an attempt to “Live the Moment” and adapt to the new normal. We teamed up with Madhuri to showcase her stunning abstract landscapes from her "Moon and Seascapes" series. Artworks in her "Moon" series portray a sense of tranquillity and grandeur, “enticing the viewer to pause, repose and contemplate,” while the "Seascapes" series is “a representation of the universe and a source for all life. The sea in almost all cultures, is perceived as an infinite and divine metaphor.”

Art has the innate power to heal, and the world is in need of some healing. Our goal through this Online Art Show is to bring art to our clients, letting them view it from the comfort of their homes: a concept that has been a part of our gallery’s DNA since, its inception. This digital concept allows the audience to arrive at their own perception of the artwork without the pressure of a gallery setting, which at times, be daunting. It also works as an at home therapy session, especially through the armony of Madhuri’s brushstrokes and colour palettes. Art, much like the world, is constantly evolving, and it is up to us to keep up with it.

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Face culture

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Dispelling The Darkness Of Hunger This Diwali A Pune based NGO spearheaded by a mother-daughter duo has been working towards supporting families and businesses severely affected by the pandemic

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A global pandemic. A nation-wide lockdown. A humanitarian crisis. Natural calamities. All in a steep span of 7 months. During this period Mukul Madhav Foundation, a Pune based NGO, working in the areas of healthcare, education, social welfare and water & environment conservation, stepped up to help the country get through this crisis by ensuring that nobody was forgotten and left behind.

Uncertainty has been the heart of this pandemic. With every waking hour, there were new sets of challenges to be tackled. Defiant and undeterred, MMF was prompt in reaching out to the ones who were most in need of help and support. A nation-wide lockdown resulted in a peculiar humanitarian crisis - several people lost their jobs, small businesses were forced to shut down and the entire community’s health, safety and well-being was at stake. To further safeguard the most vulnerable, a PAN India mission was born - “Give with Dignity™” an emotion to reach and impact 70,000 families with grocery & hygiene kits across 24 states of India. Mukul Madhav Foundation has consciously committed to procuring a majority of grocery essentials from self-help groups and small businesses so as to empower and help them bounce back. This initiative is being executed with the support of the friends of the Foundation - CavinKare, Finolex Industries Ltd, Marico, Hinduja Foundation, Nestle, Indorama, IndusInd Bank, SBI Foundation and other like-minded supporters.

Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways, Minister of Shipping and the Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Government of India, has given his blessings and appreciated the idea of supporting small and medium scale enterprises across the country and supercharging the support for local communities at the very grassroot levels.

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In the grim realities of a widespread pandemic, economic recession and joblessness, the country has also been hit by various natural calamities in different parts of the nation, pushing the marginalized communities further to the edge of misery and helplessness. Reaching out to the many displaced families across West Bengal, Assam and Maharashtra, Mukul Madhav Foundation extended their support towards rescue and rehabilitation of those affected by Cyclone Amphan, Cyclone Nisarga and floods across Assam. Despite the disruptions caused by the overlooming pandemic as well as the natural calamities faced by the country, MMF continued to support frontline workers, healthcare institutions, underprivileged students, sanitation and water conservation programmes.

With transparency at the forefront this duo believes in collaboration and not competition in the social sector so as to create bigger ripples of positive change.

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There is something about Cartier that exudes luxury, prestige and élan. Since its inception, the French, Maison de Cartier has perpetually seduced European royalty, noblemen, world leaders, artistic dignitaries, business barons, socialites, debutantes and Hollywood legends. Cartier is indisputably the first choice for high society parties and red carpet receptions. The trademark Cartier earrings, necklaces, brooches, tiaras, cufflinks, bracelets, watches and other ornamental accessories personify style, luxe, and sophistication. Cartier vintage pieces are so coveted that the hitherto expensive artefacts earn record-breaking revenues at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and several other leading auction houses around the globe. Cartier embraces your body so endearingly that you naturally stand out in the crowd, drawing the spotlight towards you. Lovers may come and go, but a Cartier jewel stays loyal to you for a lifetime! As the 21st century’s most versatile jewellery brand, Cartier elegantly showcases jewellery as an expression of intrinsic emotions and absolute confidence. Cartier has positioned itself beyond and above the vagaries of commercialisation and mass production.

Every single haute couture jewellery is cut out to suit your bespoke personality and distinctive imagination. There is a Cartier piece created for every taste, time and philosophy. Cartier Maison’s journey began in 1847, with a bijou jewellery and watchmaking workshop on 29 Rue Montorgueil, Paris birthed by founder Louis-Francois Cartier. Louis-Francois subsequently handed over the legacy to his three grandsons namely, Louis, Pierre and Jacques Cartier. Long before the word globalisation was invented, the futuristic French trio had already . imprinted their brand’s name over the world map. By then, the Cartiers were famously commissioned by royalties from France, England, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Russia, India, Persia and Siam. A one of its kind Cartier design conveys a powerful visual enigma to the beholder. The creation process is marked by excellent craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail. The expert artisans of Cartier intricately blend convenience with aesthetic. Each diamond is very carefully mounted. Cartier re-iterations are a graceful benediction to the robust clientele who are fascinated by highly chronicled vintage Cartier pieces and wish to carry them in a style adopted for the urbane fast-life environment.

Cartier is the pioneering luxury jewellery-maker to conceive the divine combination of platinum and diamond as an ornamental design. This led to platinum becoming the most desired element within the western elite circles. The name Cartier carries a soul of innovation, inventiveness and world-class engineering. The Cartier family and core jewellery artists had faithfully devoted themselves to the philosophy of “never copy, only create” The brand designs are influenced by cultures from all around the world. Even ordinary articles as cigar cartons and perfume decanters were sources of rich inspiration. The prominent events of the Art Deco movement and World Wars have famously triggered creative manifestations in the history of Cartier.

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Louis Cartier fashioned the crude archetype of the fierce World War I battle tanks into the quintessential Tank Watch, cannily reinterpreting a voluminous mechanism devised for destruction into a desirably compact timepiece. More than thirty varieties of the Tank Watch have been released; be it the classic Tank Francaise or the state-of-the- art Tank Americaine. The blueprint of Tank Watch design is bold and fearless, reflecting the essence of the wartime era. Cartier is extensively inspired by nature. Many of its seasoned compositions flaunt brilliant animals, birds and flower motifs. The Panther is the famous feline symbol of Cartier’s outstanding finesse. 'La Panthere' is associated with the personality of the maison for a long time, inspiring one of its most celebrated line of jewellery. The muse behind this magical imagination was Jeanne Toussaint, a friend of Coco Chanel who would go on to lead Cartier’s Panther design as the company’s artistic director. Within her leadership, 'La Panthere' evolved as the artistic insignia of fearlessness, independence and boldness. The wild cat was seen as the ambassador of post-war independent women who were freed from the social barriers and exposed to the wilderness of the workplace universe. Panther was hence, not a passing trend but is an eternal status symbol because relentless power is a virtue coveted by a lady of every age and era. Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson in the 1940s, was one of the earliest consumers of the Panther jewellery line. Cartier has testified that it can swiftly travel between classic and contemporary, by excelling in both ornate jewellery as well as daily wear pieces reflecting beauty in simplicity. Today, Cartier Love jewels are a staple for the Chevaliers on a quest for tempestuous love. The frisky mechanisms of lock and key of the flirtatious 'Love Bracelet' symbolise everlasting bond in a free-spirited world. The iconic 'Love' Necklace is a viable gift to win the woman of your dreams. The 'Love' collection is often chosen by personalities who are passionate story-tellers and want to preserve the triumphant fable of their love for generations to treasure. Cartier’s historic Indian connection was inaugurated by the landmark visit of Jacques Cartier. His arrival coincided with the grand Delhi Durbar coronation of King George V of England as the then Emperor of India. Jacques approached India with a dream of adorning the English aristocrats, scouting for eminent Indian clientele and of course, for ‘exotic’ gems as Mr. Jacques Cartier was a family gemstone expert. Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III of Baroda, Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar II of Indore and his wife Maharani Sanyogita, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala, Maharaja Ranji of Nawanath and Maharaja Jagajit Singh of Kapurthala were the famous patrons of Cartier belonging to Indian royalty.

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The Maharajas inspired Jacques Cartier on a profound level. Jacques made the spirit of Indian jewellery an integral element of the brand’s upcoming creations. Upon his return to Europe, Jacques Cartier organized an exhibition titled ‘Oriental Jewels and Objets d’Art Recently Collected in India’. The ‘Hindu Jewels’ now famous as the 'Tutti-Frutti' Collection reflects the legendary Indian influence on the iconic French House of Cartier.

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Cartier family descendent and independent author of the iconic treatise ‘The Cartiers’ Mrs. Francesca Cartier Brickell says “The historical links with India run very deep – in fact, it could be argued that India saved Cartier in the 1930s. The Great Depression was terrible for luxury brands and some of them went under, and one of the reasons Cartier did not was because incredible commissions from the maharajas, which reaching their peak in the late 1920s and ’30s. As part of writing my book, 'The Cartiers', I re-traced the journeys of my greatgrandfather, Jacques Cartier, re-discovering the magical history. From Patiala and Kapurthala to Baroda and Nawanagar, Jacques visited many of the Indian royal families and it was moving for me to be welcomed so warmly by some of their descendants. I loved visiting Kapurthala and seeing where Maharaja Jagajit Singh held his much-talked-about Golden Jubilee (wearing his famous, 1927 Cartier emerald turban ornament). It was also wonderful to spend time in the same palace of Baroda that he had visited over 100 years earlier and to share stories of our ancestors with the royal family of Baroda, today. (for those interested in seeing more, you can view the online webinar I presented recently with Radhika Raje, the Maharani of Baroda). Cartier has time and time again established supremacy over the luxury business. The jewellery empire showcases two hundred boutiques in more than sixty countries. Cartier ateliers are famed for their chic and eloquent decor, appealing the taste of the cultural elites and the ambitious. Cartier creations are not intended to be perceived solely as an object of ornament but are treasured as memorabilia of precious life milestones. Inside the signature red-hued cases, a tale of timeless indulgence awaits. A story dearly created for you by “King of Jewellers, Jeweller of Kings.”

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Series That Are

Binge-worthy And

A Must Watch From as long as I can remember, I have been a die-hard fan of several web series. In fact, when someone asks me what my hobby is, I literally name it as the first one. I’m not saying much but just that the joy of binge-watching any series, whenever I get the time, is one of the most exquisite feelings in the world. I’m sure a lot of you find this relatable. However, there have been a lot of instances where I’ve been asked why I indulge in this pleasure. To answer it in simple words, binge-watching a series helps me relax. Of course, that doesn’t just come with any series. For one to invest so much of their time into something, they need a reason, an experience that just clicks. So in the following few lines, I wish to put down a few of the long list of series that I seemed to click with. And to add to that, I strongly recommend all of you to watch these. - Anupriya Dasgupta

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Binge watching a series is one of the most regular things that we humans do. Of course, our will to watch a particular series completely depends on the question, “will the series click with me?” Hence, this article is a simple recommendation list of a few of the series that everyone should watch. I hope you like them.

1 The 100 I am not going to lie, but this one series has the potential to strike each and every nerve of your body. Now, one might say that I am exaggerating because it is something that I love. So, let me give you a quick tour of what “The 100” has in store for you and why should everyone give it a try. To put it straight, it is Science Fiction done right with the proper amounts of emotions, action, and bonds. At times, it might not be realistic because obviously, it is science fiction. But the amount of power it delivers is commendable. “The 100” does not try to make you believe that an ideal world exists where everyone is perfect. Instead, it tries to normalize making mistakes because that is what humans do. Additionally, it gets darker when

one might least expect it, so get your shock bones prepared. Moreover, CW had its first bisexual lead character through “The 100”. So now, if my words are not enough to convince you, here is a short head start to what “The 100” arrives as. 97 years after a nuclear war that destroyed civilization on earth, one of the spaceships home to the lone survivors decides to send 100 prisoners back to earth in order to confirm if the earth is survivable. And the rest, I would leave it up to you to discover because there’s so much more in store for you.P.S – The #Bellarke fandom is real. You’re going to love it.

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Dynasty I will give you a very short and simple reason to watch this. The drama “Dynasty” portrays, will be enough to provide you with an escape from your daily routine. And let me be very clear, the drama’s not at all bland. Moreover, I would probably say that if a series could amuse you the best with its drama, it would be “Dynasty”. Fallon’s sass will make you awestruck. In fact, it might even make you want to become “Fallon”. Her character might appear as condescending at first, but with time one gets to know that there’s just so much more behind that facade. To top that, if you’re a design lover and really admire good clothing, this is your go-to place. It’s so full of family drama and a competition for power that sometimes it gets difficult to decide between whose side one should take. Although, I would repeat it a thousand times that this series is a must-watch (available on Netflix), I would like to give a short introduction to the series. Fallon Carrington, an heiress who is unhappy to find out her billionaire father’s recent decision to get married, strikes out a plan to put them down. Did I just give this plot away with a spoiler alert? Definitely not! There’s so much more. Go watch it to find out!

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3 You You

I I will will not not say say that that what what this this series seriesdepicts depictsisishealthy, healthy,but butitit definitely definitelyisisaamust-watch. must-watch.What What Joe, Joe, the the protagonist protagonist does does isis extremely extremelycreepy creepyand andunethical unethical yet, yet,we wecannot cannotget getour oureyes eyesoff off the thestoryline. storyline.The Theone onething thingthat that “You” “You”makes makesvery veryobvious obviousisisthat that

love isis famous asas “The Stalker Show” among lovemakes makesyou youdodocrazy crazythings. things.It It famous “The Stalker Show” among a alot believe that the things Joe does lotofofpeople. people.And, And,thousands thousandsofofpeople people believe that the things Joe does are areterrible. terrible.Yet, Yet,it itisissosomuch muchfun. fun.You Youmight mightcall callit ita asadistic sadisticpleasure. pleasure. Additionally, gogo forfor a guilt watch. Moreover, after Additionally,it itisisthe theperfect perfectseries seriestoto a guilt watch. Moreover, after spending sure that you spendinghours hourswatching watchingthis thisseries, series,you youwill willalways alwaysmake make sure that you close bebe watching oror following closeallallyour yourdoors. doors.You Younever neverknow knowwho whomight might watching following you. you.Let Letme megive giveyou youa ashort shortpeek peekinto intothe thestoryline. storyline.InIna agist, gist,“You” “You”is is about a bookstore, who will gogo aboutJoe, Joe,a aproblematic problematicprotagonist protagonistworking workinginin a bookstore, who will out is is not anan outofofhis hisways waystotoget gettotowhat whathehehas haslaid laidhishiseyes eyeson. on.No, No,that that not exaggeration. definitely should add this toto exaggeration.I mean I meanit itinina aliteral literalsense. sense.You You definitely should add this your yourbinge-list binge-listyou youwill willnot notregret

Sex Sex Education Education Before BeforeI Istart startdescribing describingwhy why“Sex “SexEducation” Education”isisa amustmustwatch, I would like to point out how important it is to watch watch, I would like to point out how important it is to watch this thisseries, series,especially especiallyliving livingininthe thesociety societythat thatwe weare The show showexplores exploresallallkinds kindsofofsexual sexualorientations orientationsthat thatone onemight might have. have.Not Notjust justthat, that,ititdepicts depictshow howimportant importantself-acceptance self-acceptance isisand andhow howititisisimportant importanttotoexplore explorefor forone onetotoknow knowwhat what his hisororher hersexual sexualorientation Thatbrings bringsusustotothe themain main point, point,ititalso alsoreminds remindsusushow howoutdated outdatedsex sexeducation educationreally really isistoday. today.This Thisshow showisistoo toomuch muchfun funand andititisisequally equallyvaluable. valuable. This Thisisisthe thekind kindofofseries serieswhich whichnonoone onewould wouldever everhave havea a problem problem binge-watching. binge-watching.“Sex “SexEducation” Education”isisthe theperfect perfect blend of romance, friendship, and the things we go through blend of romance, friendship, and the things we go through when whenwe webecome becometeenagers. teenagers.Additionally, Additionally,ititalso alsotalks talksabout about sexual assault and the trauma it leaves behind. I repeat, sexual assault and the trauma it leaves behind. I repeat,this this series is important. Sex Education is important. Thus, I urge series is important. Sex Education is important. Thus, I urge you youtotogo goand andwatch willnot notfail failyou, you,either eitherininthe thefun fun field or in the value field. field or in the value field.

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5 Laakhon Mein Ek At first, I wasn’t very convinced to watch “Laakhon Mein Ek”. It wasn’t very well known and I was not aware of the storyline. However, I still decided to give it a try and I don’t regret it to this day. I cannot even gather the reasons why one should watch this. This series is just everything that needs to be normalized. I must say, “Laakhon Mein Ek” stopped at nothing. From a mediocre student to addiction, from selfish parents to coaching center’s scams, from cheating to unspoken feelings. You ask for anything and “Laakhon Mein Ek” has it. No words would ever be enough to applaud Biswa Kalyan Rath, for creating something as amazing and relatable as this one gem. The show portrays a picture of how students are treated in hostels and how students are so often discriminated against on the basis of their academics. Although, there remain a few strands out here and there, I would really recommend each and every one of you to watch this series.

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We at FACE Magazine present to you our Anniversary issue called 'El Lujo' which means, 'The Luxury'. This issue embarks a year of our journe...


We at FACE Magazine present to you our Anniversary issue called 'El Lujo' which means, 'The Luxury'. This issue embarks a year of our journe...


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