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2021: Clouds will give way to the Sun

The Re-birt

Twenty twenty has been an eventful year With Wuhan, George Floyd and Coronavirus surrounding our ears Although our world has been gripped by a sense of fear

It had been tw

Do not fret because twenty twenty one will soon be here!

one. Everythin

Twenty twenty one has a great deal of hopes to carry

needed to get a

Be it the birth of a child or the everlasting wish to marry It carries the hopes of a world that will rejoice Irrespective of your gender or race you shall have a voice!

telephone throu accident.

The world will hold hands as it will step into twenty twenty one We will come out of this pandemic and feel the warmth of the sun The beginning of the end of the invisible enemy is quite near Very soon twenty twenty one will be here!

We will once again open our homes to one and all

He didn’t mak

going to be aro

said forever? T

Schools and colleges will once again commence in the fall Through twenty twenty one we shall all stand tall Because united we stand and divided we fall

The horns of trucks shall once again blare Cars will zoom past here and there

Tears spilled f

and a few seco

going into labo

The lonely streets will once again be filled with a myriad of sounds Do not fret twenty twenty one is just around

Children will finally get a chance to pry their eyes off of screens Listening to the teachers voice virtually and wondering what she means We’ll go back to the antiques of school Twenty twenty one is coming so don’t lose your cool!



I quickly calle

wasn’t going to seems like the


wo months since I had moved out of my old home and into a new

ng felt different, but that’s exactly what I was looking for, I

away; run away; from that house; from the ringing of the

ugh which a police officer told me that my husband was in a car

ke it. Ten years together with a baby on the way, and he wasn’t

ound to take this journey through parenthood with me; hadn’t we

Then why had he been taken away from me like this?

from my eyes, and I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. It died down

onds later and came again. It then occurred to me that maybe I was


ed for a cab; I was going to have to do this alone. My mother

o be in town till tomorrow as my due day was next week but baby had other plans for me.

AUG 2020





AUG 2020





Adah Sharma Cover Story





Nimit Das




Mayank Sharma


Pia Bajpiee

AUG 2020


Editor’s Choice BVLGARI’S NEW COLLECTION ROCKS! @Bulgari , the Italian luxury brand known for its jewelry, watches, fragrances, accessories and leather goods, has launched INDIA dedicated website FACE MAGAZINE


Now Customers can now view the product prices in INR Shop from the comfort of their home via a new payment method – CosmoPay Complimentary secure delivery to 30 cities across India

AUG 2020



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Dj Yogi

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Arzaan Khambatta



The melange in food



Madhusudan Patidar







Dear Readers, Isn’t there too much of everything? The Information Age has thrown across data from all walks of life. The range and reach is truly staggering. We have countless fantastic binge-watching series to watch across all OTT platforms. We have a list of movies and books to read. There is sporting action from football, cricket and tennis demanding our attention. And then we have to consider music, fitness, philosophy and religion (to name a few) on Laptops, mobile phones and television screens. Innumerable choices are leading to attention deficit disorders leaving us confused, lost and unhappy. The onslaught of info-entertainment is coming at us like a tsunami wave and drowning us out of what should truly matter the most. We need a profound healing experience that helps us reintegrate mind, body and spirit. We don’t lose focus in this cacophony and spend quality time with family. Hope we can create a legacy that helps society at large.

Love & Light,

Deepti Chandak Editor

Welcome to the August Edition: “Melange” It was fun working on this issue. Hope you enjoy the read. Happy Monsoon. Lets connect at AUG 2020




AUG 2020


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From a very early age, I have learned one small thing. “Great things in business are never done by one person they are done by a team of people” by-Steve jobs Highly creative and with the urge to work in a stimulating environment, encouraging design and thought-provoking contents, I have started my career with a background of MBA in Marketing and Branding. Catching up with the change from print to digital media, I launched the digital magazine “F.A.C.E Fashion Art Culture Entertainment F.A.C.E is a curated experience that highlights and celebrates Global heritage, its exciting evolution and its many million possibilities are seen through the modern lens of fashion, art, culture and entertainment. And provide its readers with compelling content, new trends, innovative ideas, inspiration and the new dimension of the media world. From emerging flavors and ingredient to new ideas buzzing in the industry, it promises to collect what’s hot and trending in the industry and deliver it in a format that keeps you informed and interested. The current world situation has a lot of us down and filled with anxiety, well, in fact, I believe this is the perfect time to make changes and make that shift towards our personal, economic, political, and especially environmental situations. This month we have focussed on topics from such varied scenarios and knitted them in context to Fashion, Art, Culture, and Entertainment. We have brought to you celebrities, trainers, environmentalists, eco-friendly fashion brands and also shed light on sustainability in what we eat and wear. I hope you have as much fun reading it as much as we did bring this issue to you. I pray we can all move towards sustainable living in our small ways and help the world situation. Until then. Stay safe and take care.

Harshit Hundet FOUNDER

AUG 2020





AUG 2020


Was acting your first love? How did you decide this was going to be something you pursue as a career? I don’t know what got into me. I had no clue what movies were about. I thought I can act and dance and sing I want to do this. It still doesn’t feel like a career, when people sometimes ask me so how was work. I think in my mind. What work ? Work for me is a chore. Acting has never felt like that.

we don’t have many women doing action in Bollywood ,or comedy and you got to do both in commando 2 and 3. I was lucky to debut in a film like 1920. That had a lot of action and I totally enjoyed playing a possessed character. With commando 3 it felt really nice being in an action film and getting to do hardcore action. I’ve trained in a lot of forms , Silambam , kallaripaiyattu and Mallakhamb. In action films in india ,the heroine is mostly the damsel in distress but here in the Commando franchise Bhavana Reddy got to be completely badass. Also she got to be sarcastic, crack jokes and be really cool. Also the accent really picked up. I don’t actually speak Hindi like that.

you are one of the popular young female stars down south and have signed two Telugu films. You are also one of the first to start shoot during this period. How are you managing? I’ve been fortunate to have very successful films down south. I also was fortunate to debut with a Puri Jagannath film Heartattack which had a role which had such a good scope for performance. Both the telugu films I’ve signed now are pretty much just me in the film. The stories are crazy and something like this hasn’t been done in telugu before. We are taking all precautions and also there isn’t any other cast.




AUG 2020




Do you consider yourself a method actor? There is some method to the madness always, I guess. I am a switch on switch off actor also. A lot of times my co stars get a little shocked coz I can be crying my eyes out and then laughing the next second.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects-Commando 4 , Man to Man, The holiday season 2 and others? Man to man is my next film that I’m really excited about. It’s a love story where a boy marries a girl and after marriage finds out she’s a man. I play the Man. It’s a risky role to play. But I’m very excited. I know it’s something people will enjoy watching. In Commando 4 I play Bhavana Reddy again, wittier, funnier, crazier The Holiday season 1 got very popular which was me going on my Bachelorette with 3 of my best friends who happen to be boys. People really liked that we didn’t let the gender bit get in the middle of being best friends with someone. Season 2 will be a lot of fun as well. My short film Tindey which won a Filmfare for short film and Moh another short that I did received so much love that I’m definitely doing more short films. There’s another international action films , 2 more Hindi film announcements and the 3 Telugu films.

What’s your dream? Where is this path heading for you ? The goal has always been the same - to be happy. At the end of the day to sleep in peace. I have no idea where the path is headed. I’ve never been a planner. I think if I plan stuff I might do it but then life might have much more in store for me that I would miss out on.







How many other languages do you speak? English, Hindi, Sign language, Tamil, Telugu.

What is your greatest inspiration inspiration? I like observing people, mimicking them, I love watching movies all kinds of movies. Sometimes the worst movies and really terrible acting can also be inspiration on what not to do. Extreme flexibility, very natural performances, magic, animal videos, people being kind to people who can do nothing for them inspires me.

What sort of acting roles will you be seeking in the future? I’m trying with each film to do something different. Something I haven’t done before. Something no one’s done before sometimes. People expect crazy stuff from me so I’m fortunate like that. I’m fortunate to have a very loyal fan base. I can push my boundaries and they support me unconditionally.












AUG 2020




AUG 2020


Pia Bajpiee Pia Bajpiee is an Indian film actress and model, who appears primarily in Hindi and South Indian films. She is best known for her performances as Roshini in Venkat Prabhu’s comedy Goa and Saro in K. V. Anand’s political thriller Ko. Poonam Sharma in Laal rang (Syed ahmad Afzal) Pia, with the motive of acting in films, earlier had been a model in commercials. Interviewd By




What’s integral to the work of an artist?


t’s a combination of so many things. For an artist, you should know your craft. You should be in the right place with the right people. You will have to be very focused and a sense of clarity on what you want to do and what not to do. One has to use their brains. Some advice might be good and some not so good. The association should be sensible and be honest with your work.

Tell us about your journey as an artist and Content Creator. My journey as an artist has been very interesting. It has been really good. I came from ittawa. I did a lot of south Indian films, films in Hindi, a lot of print and commercial ads. It’s been a big learning experience for me. It still is learning. It keeps ongoing. I have had my ups and downs. And I am looking forward to do some great work.

What do you like doing in your spare time? I love reading in my spare time. I almost read all the time nowadays. I love working out. I love exploring new articles about food, new food habits, dishes, online shopping and I keep watching things on OTT.

AUG 2020


Pia Bajpiee Who is your celebrity crush?

I don’t have any of them as a crush. I admire so many of them but I can’t call them my crush for sure.



What’s your biggest pet peeve? It would be when people don’t respect time. I hate latecomers. When you give time to someone there is a reason behind it and we should all honor the time.

What is your learning from 2020? We give importance to so many absolutely unnecessary things. You have to be really strong mentally. Be real with yourself. We have so many mental issues because we aren’t strong mentally. We keep diverting our minds from the important things and keep ourselves busy with so many irrelevant stuff. It’s time to sit down and think about what we want from life and what is important. We are too much into the materialistic world. We have to come out of it and see the importance of the real things in life like family, loved ones. What I have learned is that family, health and mental peace is extremely important.

AUG 2020


Interviewd By



How did it all start?

Top 5 favorite comics?

It started in November 2017, I was writing for quite some time just as a hobby. I have always been a fan of stand-up comedy and one fine day I got to know Canvas Laugh Club is coming to Delhi. I registered for it and did an open mic. I got a really good response. It just became a routine and it started all from there.

I don’t have any ranking. I really like many of them. Zakir Khan is a huge inspiration since has the same style of Comedy which is Anecdotal Comedy. So I really look up to him. But there are many people who I admire for different reasons. I like Sumit Anand’s writing, Manik’s stage presence. I like many people for that matter.



Where do the ideas come from? For me, I have written about my past experiences only. Anecdotal Comedy is something in which you create a situation around some observations and tell actual experiences, exaggerating a bit, fabricating a bit to make it funnier. My video on ‘Cheating’ consists of my experiences in school and colleges. ‘Hostel’ is my own personal experience from college. My video ‘Waxing’ is based on my personal experience of getting waxed! My show Bas Kar Bassi has two main stories, one is preparing for UPSC. So all the observations I have are from my friends and what I have experienced and have created stories around that. The second is about my restaurant. So that’s an actual story on how I have operated. I have been thinking of writing a show about my observations and personal experiences.

How do stand up comedians prepare their routine? So when we do live shows, there is no routine to follow. We are travelling constantly. From airports to hotels to auditoriums. When at home, we watch something nice, make some notes. Watch live comedies if any. There are no such routines to follow.

Best bit ever written. Why? I can’t say honestly. I really like ‘Cheating’ though because I have really worked hard to make it sound like a story. It was a 4 -5 different incidences and when I combined them it sounded like a story. AUG 2020


Society’s perspective of the profession. I don’t actually care about society’s perspective. I just did what I felt like. Because the moment you start thinking about society’s perspective then it kind of hampers your mindset. But what I don’t like when you are at a function is any gathering people say things like, Can you tell a joke? Which becomes quite annoying. But yes, stereotypical assumptions that its not a high paying job, there will be no pensions, exist. These are the assumptions but I really don’t let that affect me.

The time it takes to prepare 1 bit. It depends. There are many factors like how much stage time you are getting to prepare one particular set. So Cheating, I took about 1 and a half years, Hostel took 2 and a half months. People who like cheating likes Hostel as well. I think it’s easy to prepare material when you are regularly going on a stage. It becomes even more difficult to prepare for material when you are going for open mics because you have the time restriction and also you don’t the kind of audience you want. When I perform, my audience knows that it will be based on a storyline. So it becomes easy to create content. Also, how fast is your writing process? Now when I perform, I go with a premise on stage and I can perform that premise for 10-12 minutes and then I gauge should I keep going ahead with it or drop it. Some people take 4 years to write a piece. Some comedians like me take 2 and a half 3 years. So I would say it depends on different factors. FACE MAGAZINE


Mayank Sharma Director- breathe into the shadows (2020) and breathe(2018) Interviewd By


What inspired you to make this series? I was inspired by the love we received for Breathe S01 by the audiences from all over the world. My whole team and I along with Amazon Prime Video were overwhelmed with the fan reactions. At the same time, I was also inspired as a creator to again tell a new story for this medium, I enjoyed the whole process of writing and directing a story, which lends itself to the long format. This medium allows you to dive deep into the story, gives you the freedom to

create some great arcs for the characters. Yes, it is exhaustive to write content for a long format but it is enriching and liberating at the same time. I also had an idea of the new story while I was working on the postproduction of S01, but after the release, I got the time to flesh it out in detail along with my team. Like Season 01 where we talked about the issue of organ donation in India, This new season tackles the complexities of mental illness. I wanted to create

a new world yet link the seasons thematically, with the fundamental emotion of a common man, a parent thrown against unimaginable circumstances, which drives them to go to extreme lengths to protect their loved ones. At the core of the story lies this emotion and as we delved deeper into this emotion, it opened up a lot of possibilities that eventually led to BREATHE: INTO THE SHADOWS.

AUG 2020


How rigorously did you stick to the script while shooting? When you are creating content of over 500 minutes, it becomes very important to work meticulously on every page of your script from the story bible to screenplay, to the shooting draft. Especially when the content is deeply layered and complexed, one has to be extremely clear. I along with my writing team prefer to write every description and happenings of the screenplay in detail, so that it gives a lot of clarity to every actor and the crewmember while we are shooting. So yes we do try to stick as close to the script but at the same time as a director, sometimes I like to improvise and leave the actors to get submerged into the atmosphere and the mind of the character, feel free to add or improvise. As a filmmaker one has to be always on your toes and be ready to adapt.



Do you have any advice for young filmmakers out there? It’s a good time for young filmmakers to be part of any medium, be it feature films, OTT platforms, or Television. OTT has completely opened opportunities for new talent to showcase their capabilities, be it, actors or technicians. I believe all mediums are open to listening to fresh creative ideas and meet new talents. All I can say is be patient, invest time in your scripts because that’s the only way.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming project(s)? I am working on a couple of exciting stories. It’s premature to divulge any details as of now.

AUG 2020


Do you think it is essential to go to a film institute to become a successful filmmaker? By going to a film institute I can’t say how successful filmmaker one can be or not, but in my opinion, one should try to go to a film institute and learn about film making. Going to a film institute does help in opening up your vision, your horizon and most importantly you meet like-minded people who share the same passion and love for cinema. The seed does get sown in the institute but it grows and rises by working on production under the lights of an actual film set.

What, in your opinion, is the most important quality of a Film Director? I believe a filmmaker should know how to collaborate and respect that collaboration. FACE MAGAZINE



AUG 2020


Shivalika Trikha Interviewd By




Tell us about yourself.


have started my career in 2011, as a model in Delhi and then in 2013 have decided to move to Mumbai to explore new opportunities. I worked as a casting assistant there with Mukesh Chabbra and later switched to Yash Raj Films, where I was working as a Talent Manager for Ranveer Singh. Later, in 2015, I moved to NYC to study method acting in the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. I came back to Mumbai after a year and restarted my career in modeling. In 2018, I had the chance to return to New York City where I got signed by a modelling agency. While working as a model, I decided to complete my Masters (M.S in Media and Fashion) from Parsons School of Design. This January 2020, I have decided to move to Los Angeles to explore further opportunities. My life so far has been full of adventure and I’m always looking for the new one.

What’s your travel style? I like to travel in luxury. As an influencer, I get sponsored by a lot of airlines and hotels. But, I have backpacked many times when I was in school with my friends. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you travel, what truly matters is who you travel with. Traveling is about finding yourself. I believe I need to see the whole world to really know what I like and who I am. Where you were born isn’t your choice, but where you end up is.

AUG 2020


Why did you start traveling? What made you fall in love with it? I started traveling at a very young age with my parents. The first city that made me fall in love was New York City. I was 13 years old when I first came to NYC to meet my brother who was studying in NYU that time. Traveling makes me feel alive. I believe I am a citizen of the world and not just one country. Meeting new people from all around the world and learning their culture is a beautiful experience and gives you a different perspective on life. I have never been able to live in a city for more than 3 years. I venture to new countries and cities very spontaneously. I believe, there is so much I would miss out on, if I continue to live at one place all my life. Honestly, I like the thrill of moving to a new city where I don’t know anyone and can start my life all over again. Luckily, I always end up finding amazing people.

If you have to choose between Modelling and travelling? What will be your first choice? Traveling is always my number one choice. If I had all the money in the world, I would travel all my life. I can always be my own model. FACE MAGAZINE


What is your greatest strength, as a model? I love getting my photos clicked. Your strength always lies in things you love doing.

What’s your perfect Sunday afternoon look like? It’s never the same - I hate being monotonous. Sometimes I like sipping margaritas on the beach in the Hamptons, sometimes brunching at NYC rooftops, sometimes hiking in Malibu, sometimes being at Miami/Vegas pool parties, or drinking champagne on the top of the Eiffel Tower, sometimes dancing at a yacht party in Ibiza, sometimes skydiving in Dubai, sometimes scuba diving in Maldives, sometimes toasting at high tea in London, sometimes walking in the Amazon rainforest or mediating in Tosh. The list can go on and on. I believe I have only seen 1/4 of the world and there is still so much more to do and experience.

AUG 2020




amit Das is an Indian actor, who has rendered his craft to a variety of mediums including films, television, digital series, and theatre. The actor is known for his performances in Wake Up Sid, Hamari Adhuri Kahani, Sui Dhaaga and Pataakha. Namit had recently shot for Mira Nair’s ‘A Suitable Boy’ in Lucknow. The actor’s association with Nair dates back to four years. He also essays a key role in her theatre outing, titled, “Monsoon Wedding Musical” and has composed three songs for the adaptation of ‘A Suitable Boy’. Among his projects, the digital series, Mafia is one of the most highly anticipated. His latest digital venture, Aarya opened to a commendable response from viewers.



He belongs to a family of musicians and singers. His father, Chandan Dass is a reputed ghazal singer. Namit is also a trained singer and took classical music training from his father and Bhavdeep Jaipurwale.

AUG 2020






AUG 2020




n an ever-changing world, Hublot stays true to its philosophy of being first, unique, different: unveiling a new Big Bang, christened Millennial Pink, designed in collaboration with Garage Italia and Lapo Elkann. A new approach to timekeeping, one which looks to the future, setting trends. More than a watch, it is a state of mind. Gender Neutral. FACE MAGAZINE


“At Hublot, we are particularly proud of the Art of Fusion. But the list of things we cherish also includes the ability to innovate, to change, to be different, and, of course, our watchmaking expertise. This Big Bang Millennial Pink that we have created with Lapo Elkann from Garage Italia sits perfectly within this pioneering vision. Our expertise in materials technology has enabled us to create a unique colour for this watch, Millennial Pink, symbolic of the world available to us, in its constant state of flux” Ricardo Guadalupe CEO of HUBLOT

“At Garage Italia, we want to be part of a world where the character of every person is defined by their love of life and their inclusivity, rather than by their power or their superiority. More than simply a product, we want to create something which represents a positive change” Lapo Elkann (FOUNDER & CREATIVE CHAIRMAN of GARAGE ITALIA) AUG 2020





avana, Cuba, 27 February 2020: Zenith CEO Julien Tornare and Habanos VP of Development Jose María López welcomed guests to discover the latest collaboration between the watch Manufacture and the Habanos´ Company. After the Cohiba and Trinidad cigar brands, Zenith and Habanos break new ground in their partnership with two firsts: a Romeo Y Julieta watch collaboration, and the first special edition of the redesigned Elite collection introduced this year at the inaugural edition of the LVMH Watch Week. For this opulent creation, Zenith sought to create a whimsical, romantic reinterpretation of its timeless Elite Moonphase. “Zenith has the immense pleasure of returning to Havana with our dear friends at Habanos for a new chapter in our partnership, which is all about celebrating the finer pleasures in life. With Romeo y Julieta, we have conceived a special his and hers set of watches that highlight the timeless beauty of our Elite collection and the enduring appeal of Romeo y Julieta’s exquisite cigars, as well as Zenith’s commitment to creating inimitable ladies’ watches unique in their kind” said Julien Tornare, Zenith CEO. As the tale goes, Romeo and Juliet lived out their romance under the veil of night, with the moon and stars as their only witnesses. This is portrayed in the Elite Moonphase Romeo y Julieta edition, where the double hemispherical moonphase complication is set against a deep yet radiant blue sunray-patterned dial with a gradient effect on the men’s “Romeo” version and a gradient red dial on the women’s “Julieta” version, embellished with the Romeo y Julieta logo. The uniquely executed moonphase display depicts the two lovers in an eternal chase across the night sky, with their faces as drawn in Romeo y Julieta cigar boxes meticulously laser-engraved onto each of the two silvery moons. Instead of a traditional arch-shaped opening on the dial to display the moonphase, Zenith opted for two round apertures to keep the sunray-pattern of the dial intact. Crafted in a 40.5mm “Romeo” stainless steel case and a 36mm “Julieta” stainless steel case with 75 diamonds set into the bezel, these special Elite models are paired with alligator leather straps in colors matching the dial, while the colours of the lining are inversed. The Elite Moonphase Romeo y Julieta will be made in a special box-set containing both models and limited to 145 pairs in commemoration of Romeo y Julieta´s cigar brand 145th anniversary AUG 2020


Romeo y Julieta: A Tale of Havana Passion Established in 1875 and celebrating its 145th anniversary this year, Romeo y Julieta is one of the most revered names in the world of Cuban cigars. Between 1885 and 1900, the brand won numerous awards at different tasting exhibitions, which the brand honours as medals on its logo. The brand garnered international acclaim under the ownership of Jose “Pepin” Rodriguez Fernandez at the start of the 20th century. Being a very cosmopolitan man, Rodriguez constantly travelled across Europe and the Americas to promote the Romeo y Julieta brand, with his racing horse Julieta taking part in prestigious races across the globe. Among the many avid devotees of Romeo y Julieta was Sir Winston Churchill, to whom the brand has named its flagship vitola in his honour. The brand’s choice to name its of forbidden love stems from rollers felt while they listened the cigar factory lector. The central role in the making charge of stimulating the classical literature to them several leaves that shape is said that all the passion cigar comes from the transmits to the Habano, hears from the cigar factory

cigars after Shakespeare’s tale the excitement the cigar the romantic story read by lector, a traditional and of Habano cigars, is in cigar rollers by reading while they roll the a fine Habano cigar. It one finds in a Habano passion that cigar rollers inspired by the stories he lector.

“We have always said that our relationship with Zenith is marked by the emotion that unites our brands, and we are proud to witness the series of unique watches that are the result of the alliance of these two icons of luxury. In 2016, it was the time of Cohiba, the most prestigious Premium tobacco brand in the world, with which we started this partnership, reaffirmed with new special editions of Zenith watches for Cohiba in 2017 and 2018. Then it was the time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Trinidad brand in 2019, and Zenith surprised Habano collectors and lovers with 3 unique watches. Today, at the dawn of the new decade, it is the time of passion, of living every second with intensity. That’s why Romeo y Julieta and Zenith have come together, so that we appreciate every moment that we carry this exclusive watch in our hands while enjoying this magnificent Habano” said José María Lopez, Habanos Vice-president of development.




Zenith exists to inspire individuals to pursue their dreams and make them come true – against all odds. Since its establishment in 1865, Zenith became the first watch manufacture in the modern sense of the term, and its watches have accompanied extraordinary figures that dreamt big and strived to achieve the impossible – from Louis Blériot’s history-making flight across the English Channel to Felix Baumgartner’s record-setting stratospheric free-fall jump. With innovation as its guiding star, Zenith features exceptional in-house developed and manufactured movements in all its watches. From the first automatic chronograph, the El Primero, to the fastest chronograph with a 1/100th of a second precision, the El Primero 21, as well as the Inventor that reinvents the regulating organ by replacing the 30+ components with a single monolithic element, the manufacture is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Zenith has been shaping the future of Swiss watchmaking since 1865, accompanying those who dare to challenge themselves and break barriers. The time to reach your star is now.

AUG 2020







La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland – June 2020: June 2020: To highlight the history of the brand and the innovations that have marked the past 160 years, TAG Heuer is curating an exhibition at its headquarters museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, that captures its many watchmaking achievements and revolutionary novelties, such as the Isograph. TAG Heuer’s history and how the brand has evolved – as well as the aspects that have remained constants over the past 160 years – will be an important part of the showcase. The collections will travel through the end of the year to celebrate this milestone with collectors and friends of the brand around the world. Though much has changed since its founding, the spirit of innovation that fueled the luxury watchmaker back in the day is still alive 160 years later and remains a key element in every new product that TAG Heuer launches today. AUG 2020


Kristina Viirpalu




ristina Viirpalu. A beautiful 100% hand-made, sustainable Couture Collection with one-of-a-kind pieces, taking 2-3 months of handcraft from 3 masterful craftsmen to finish. KV’s couture creations pay homage to historic Estonian embroidery and knitting techniques. Romantic patterns, styles, and ornaments are playfully mixed with contemporary sources of inspiration to meet the needs of a modern woman.

The highlights of the brand are the exuberantly intricate hand-knitted dresses created by the masters of this unique craft. These exquisite gowns and detailed couture pieces are inspired by the Haapsalu shawl, a preferred accessory of the Estonian upper-class ladies of the 19th century. The shawl was knitted so fine it could be pulled through a wedding ring. This delicate and fragile technique remains

a living source of inspiration for our designer. KV’s hand-embroidered bodies are additionally inspired by the motifs and patterns of various Estonian folk costumes. Most of KV’s elaborate pieces can be worn in multiple ways for different occasions, giving the wearer a chance to create a personal couture style many times over. AUG 2020



All KV’s luxuriant knitted couture pieces are made from silk, fine wool, or cotton yarn. Our delicately embroidered bodies are -embellished with highquality pearls, laces, ribbons, beads, and sequins. Most excellent yarns, gems, and beads are used for creating all embroidered and knitted works. Our craftsmen always work with the most outstanding fabrics. The wool for our coats, jackets, and trousers gets chosen from the highest quality sources in the world. Because of the intricate way the materials get used in the creation of our knitted couture pieces, even some of our most sumptuous dresses and bodies can easily fit into a small handbag. FACE MAGAZINE


The patterns and technologies used for KV’s knitted and embroidered couture pieces are unique and unknown in the rest of the world. This makes our lusciously detailed garments into precious pieces of art, and into living mementos of Estonia’s amazing folk culture. KV’s embroidered bodies are created one pearl and stitch at a time, and take up to a couple of weeks to finish. When the designer has come up with the design and pattern, she hands it over to our embroiderer who creates the custom pattern using various laces, wool, beads, pearls, and ribbons. Each of KV’s couture dresses is unique. One exquisite gown usually takes 2 -3 months to finish and three masterful craftsmen to give them their final, delicate form. At first, the gown gets hand-knitted by the craftsmen of this unique craft in Haapsalu. The dress is then sent to KV’s

The process

Atelier in Tallinn where the seamstress shapes it into the required shape using the finest fabrics. The last person to work on the dress is the embroiderer who adds the necessary amount of pearly exuberance to the gown. KV’s jackets, coats, trousers, and skirts are the pinnacle of meticulous tailoring. All items are unique luxury garments that are handmade in our Atelier in Tallinn’s Old Town.

AUG 2020


Photography By MARY CHORMAN



AUG 2020




AUG 2020




AUG 2020






Summer Freedom ELENA MYKHAYLENKO Photography By



AUG 2020




AUG 2020




AUG 2020




AUG 2020



portrait Photography By



AUG 2020




Model ALINA AUG 2020


murlach gorm PAULA TROJNER Photography By FACE MAGAZINE






AUG 2020




AUG 2020


The Californian summer MANISH VAID Fashion Designer



AUG 2020




AUG 2020


Wardrobe @manishvaidofficial @jsquadclothing FACE MAGAZINE










AUG 2020






AUG 2020






rzan Khambatta calls himself an architect by profession and a sculptor by choice. Encouraged by his parents, he started sculpting the very next day after giving his 10th standard exams. He would scout the streets, garages, construction sites for scrap metal, collect the same and weld them into pieces of art he fondly christened “SCRAPTURES”. A word that has become synonymous with Arzan. What started off purely as a hobby, slowly began to yield income when his first buyer, architect Dara Mistry bought his first piece in 1983 for Rs. 2000. He got his first public response in 1993 when he opened SCRAPTURES to the public at the Jehangir Art gallery in Sept 1993.



“I have always found artists who experiment and evolve more exciting to view than those who, after finding one successful style, and use it for the rest of their lives. To reinvent myself from time to time, not only within my sculptures but within everything I do, makes living more interesting for me and subsequently for my collectors and viewers. Within the realm of sculpture itself, I have started my journey with welding scrap metal parts to making large framed ones from rods and sheets, going into bronze casts, a bit of resin, loads of laser cut designs, and now 3D printing too. It is this mix of techniques and materials that keep my art

always fresh for the viewers, and myself. Fearless experimentation the key. Taking in a wider


view, besides sculpting, I do and teach my pen and ink doodles, conduct workshops, counsel art students, being on the board for selecting public art for Mumbai, I lecture at art colleges, I judge competitions, and cycle, and photograph, practice yoga, write, perform stand-up comedy, and yes, I managed to learn how to ride a unicycle this lockdown.�

AUG 2020






AUG 2020


Naman Mahipal


aman Mahipal was born in New Delhi in 1993. He is a graduate in Multimedia and Animation from Apeejay Stya University. He uses a variety of mediums for his art, including oils, charcoal pencils, and sculptures made out of wood and steel. At just 27 years, his works have already been showcased in Metropolitan Museum, New York, and Affordable Art fair in Singapore. Closer to home, he has exhibited at the India Art Festival, ID Design, India Habitat Centre, Modern Art Gallery, HT Imagine Fest among other venues. He is also associated with an NGO, Khushii Foundation. Naman expresses his subjects and thoughts through a variety of art forms like portraits, acrylics, ink paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media installations composed in a plethora of materials including wood, stone, brass, steel, paper, canvas, fiber, resin, and glass. He plays with lights as well in his installations. He is a true artist who does not limit himself to one form and his portfolio includes religious subjects, still life, as well as abstract themes. He is at ease within a traditional as well as a contemporary setting. We can arguably claim his work to be an exquisite melange in essence- a celebration of the various institutions and forms of visual arts.

Inspiration Naman suffers from congenital hearing impairment. Consequently, he takes refuge in art as a form of expression. Art not only assists others in experiencing the world from his perspective but also helps him overcome the void created by his condition. Since childhood, he uses drawings to convey his thoughts and feelings. That laid the seeds for his attraction to art.



Recurring Themes and Process Naman’s creative process includes keen observation. He analyses people’s expressions and emotions, their body language, and aura, all of which fascinate him. As a result, facial themes and expressions are repeated across his works. Wood and Steel are his go-to mediums to work with for sculptures. He designs a 3D model once he develops an abstract idea. Once he is satisfied with the model, the actual process of giving his thoughts a physical embodiment starts.

Mixed Media Due to my condition, my visual senses sharpened. It was as though I could see an object and focus on all its dimensions, dissect it and break it down to a molecular level. It was as though I wanted to understand what ’built’ that particular object. And, that is something that happens even today.

Sculptures The sculpture is designed to elicit emotion. Naman’s art captures likeness; it commands attention by embodying the human form and the quality of the subject’s character.

AUG 2020


MADHURI Melange: a medley of art FACE MAGAZINE



he aesthetics of my art engage essentially with beauty, vitality, and sensuality. My oeuvre takes the viewer beyond the tangible which the bare eye can see. My fairly comprehensive, vast, and varied repertoire, also includes exemplary creatives made out of reused and recycled material. Reflective of my ecological and environmental concerns, they flow from my love for nature, beauty, and aesthetics. The exquisite green-house of my design that forms a part of my studio and home, adorns


some of my sculptures and installations that I have made out of recycled material. Another body of my work includes masks, celestial beings, and other-worldly creatures in multimedia including discarded recording tapes and disks, wool, beads and glass pieces, etc. There are other murals, impressive sculptures, and usable items of furniture in my repository, attracting critical acclaim and much

appreciation from connoisseurs. Ever keen on experimentation, I have also created artifacts including lights and chandeliers as well as chairs and tables, besides abstract, impressionist, and surrealist paintings. I have printed on textiles as usable artifacts including cushions and wearables jackets besides making limited editions of prints of my paintings to make them more widely accessible. The fact that I get to work in three dimensions intrigues me. I have always loved to experiment AUG 2020


and explore new mediums as it is a good break from painting. This is not simply a form but a ‘thing’, which breathes and lives its existence. The ‘Mbers’ series is a collection of night lamps, chandeliers, T- light holders, and table lamps that are hand-painted contemporary expressions of glowing curios where every design is a unique piece. The ‘Myriads’ collection consists of satin and raw silk cushions and table mats in psychedelic colors etched onto smooth fabric in unusual forms creating an ultra-modern atmosphere of quirk and style. ‘Musings’ is a series

my sole intention has always been to express my empirical experiences, thoughts, and ideas through the medium of my art. The person I am in the art I create. Some of the qualities that I believe in or I am made of are optimism, romanticism, spiritually awakened, dreamy yet realistic. I like to share these invigorating feeling with the viewers through the varied mix of different forms of art.




of standalone fiber cast sculptures hand painted and embellished by me. ‘Mélange’ is a series of artsy furniture consisting of chairs and coffee tables where art seeps into the flow of the design to create very niche pieces. The ‘Metallic’ series have expressive chairs, eclectic murals, and figurines that are molded, welded and twisted each cryptic creation that emanates dark energy that pulsates in the surrounding space. Each piece turns into a canvass, embellished by artistic inspiration. In the past forty years of my career,

Debra Franses-Bean

AUG 2020


About the artist:


ebra was born in London in 1967. She studied Politics and Economics at the University of Manchester and initially pursued a career in advertising, before enrolling at Central St Martins School of Art (2002-2005) and creating Artbag. She has lived and worked all over New York, Europe, and London, where she is now based. Her Artbags have been exhibited in galleries around the globe and she also undertakes private commissions. In 2015, she created pieces for the Coca Cola Museum to celebrate 100 years of the iconic coke bottle design, and her works were shown alongside pieces by some of Debra’s own personal art heroes. In 2019, her work was the centerpiece of the incredible Handbag Exhibition in Basel: ‘Icons and Investments’. She regularly collaborates with her FACE MAGAZINE


contemporaries and, in 2020, she opened her own dedicated Gallery to represent herself alongside a few trusted galleries in Amsterdam, France, Palm Beach, and London. In autumn 2020 (postponed from March 2020), she is scheduled to launch her work in Dubai at the World Fashion Awards, with a unique display of the world’s most expensive Artbag, covered in divine diamonds to the value of £13.5 million. Although it may seem excessive now, in light of the impact of COVID-19, the piece stands as a reflection upon the dynamics of the consumerist world, of conspicuous wealth and ambition for something so special, it is only a dream, an aspiration.

What are Artbags? Debra describes Artbag as a window into her soul. It was whilst she was at art school that the idea for Artbags first materialized. Debra took a beautiful handbag from a top couture house and adapted it into a silicone mould for casting. Whilst the first bag was sculpted in heavy white plaster, her next bag, ‘Catch’, was cast in resin and featured a goldfish inside a tank of water, mounted on a plinth. Her first pieces were highly autobiographical, as, through these, Debra visualized how she was feeling about various areas of her life. Although Debra has shifted away from this self-reflexive focus over time, she still feels that every bag is a distillation of the people she has met, the places she has been, and what she has seen in the world. As Debra explains, all interactions leave a trace in me which inspires my work’. Every Artbag has an intriguing title, ranging from a single, punchy word through to smart, thoughtprovoking statements, which brand and define the Artbag. Debra explores ideas ‘centered on consumption and mass production, recognizing the complex relationship that we have with material objects and consumable goods. With their kitschy elements, her works are a clear nod to pop art, brought into the digital age; now more than ever, we curate and display the emblems that we love, and they, in turn, curate and display us. Spanning luxury and familiarity, the elements held in each bag combine comfort, prestige, and style. The medium of resin encapsulation gives the chosen items a visually-intensified presence, with the anticipation of their consumption forever suspended in time, never to be realized. The contents of the Artbag are so personal and she has created over 200 over the last 10 years. You may link here to a specially designed tool to create your own either by uploading your own contents or you can just ‘play-around’ with the many existing items provided design your own! AUG 2020



How are Artbags made? The creation of an Artbag has been likened to mummification in a slick and chic resin coffin! Objects are carefully selected to ensure that they won’t break or melt in the casting process; occasionally, delicate items may need their own special mould. The silicone mould of the handbag comprises two parts and an initial layer of objects is laid out in each half. Liquid resin is poured in, in stages, with 48 hours left in between for each level to cure and with further objects added to build up the layers. Then, to remove any last traces of air, the completed Artbag is put into a pressure chamber; this is the most delicate stage of the process, as it is important to prevent any bubbles from being created in the resin. After the final cure, the Artbag stays in the mould for several days, before being sanded down, polished to a high sheen, and lacquered.



I have been a collector for most of my life and I love pretty things and objects that hold special memories for me. My love of art and design and travel has inspired and colored my world in many exciting ways. I’ve restored and decorated 6 homes, designed my own fabrics and wallpapers under the brand name Couturiers which all fed my passion. My life is an adventure. With so many moves and travels, sifting through things was a natural task for me. When I first started my Artbags they were full of my excited thoughts and each bag through a connection of objects created a feeling and an experience of a memory. Melange-Art which is French meaning collection is a blend or mixture of things both rare and beautiful bits and pieces of art and life history.

AUG 2020


Palash Agrawal Founder / Director

Vedas Exports


ell us about your brand Vedas Exports - how did you decide on the name, what does Vedas exports do, are you into home décor or into interior designing too?

To start with, let me talk about what is Vedas exports. Vedas exports is an interior décor brand where we have products for wall décor, mirror, vintage décor, figurines, table décor, showpieces, office décor, vases, wall jail / partitions and wall shelves etc. Our products display a perfect blend of ancient and modern designs. Each piece has a story behind it and has a name to go with it, the idea is to give any corner or wall of the house, office, restaurant, meeting rooms etc life of it’s own with these unique handcrafted pieces. The USP of Vedas Export is our completely hand-crafted, power-coated, rust-free products that are painted using lead free colours. FACE MAGAZINE


Coming to our name Vedas Exports – while home décor items have been already prevalent in the market, we believed we had something unique to offer. During the initial days while we were working on the products we chanced upon ancient intricate designs and how they are made etc. We thought why not bring them to life with our own twist, since the designs are dated back and inspired from the ancient era, we decided the name Vedas and since we were always sure we wanted to go global with the brand we decided to add exports to the name. Hence the name – Vedas Exports.

Tell us about your journey, how did you start? The journey of Vedas Export began with wooden crafts and paintings and slowly we entered the utility décor segment. We started with our operations in 2014. From then, we have now grown to selling more than 10,000 pieces monthly. We have a market share of about 8% to 10% and are available in over 700 stores across India and over 500 stores internationally. In India we have a direct presence in major stores like Hometown, Shopper’s Stop, Evok, Starmarks, Royaloaks, Pepperfry Studios etc. We also retail through major ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Pepperfry and also sell directly through our website and social media pages.

What elements define the style of Vedas Exports? We have a unique style of merging ancient heritage with the modern concept of utility. We also have a range of carefully curated styles and designs that keep up with the market trends. For example, our piece Tree of life – talks about the physical and spiritual strength of life. It is a constant reminder of where we came from, how Buddha attained Nirvana and how we have to respect the environment around us. All our pieces have a different story to narrate, and If someone is looking for customization of piece’s we do that too. In-fact our customized products are very well received in India and abroad.

AUG 2020


What are the new trends in the decor industry? The design trends and preferences have been changing quite drastically. Unlike the past, today the customers are looking at unique yet minimalistic designs. Space is at a higher premium, hence, utility designs are more in vogue and dĂŠcor items are not just seen as ornamental displays, but, also integrate usability. This is where items like candle holders, wall shelves and other such products are in great demand. Sustainability is another key element.

Tell us about your design process? In terms of design, there is a growing demand for fusion of ancient designs with modernity. So we constantly keep studying ancient style and designs for inspiration and give our unique twist to it by making it more practical and usable. At Vedas, we are highly aware of the environmental concerns of the day and integrate healthy practices into our work. We don’t believe in cutting costs or using cheaper raw materials that could be harmful for the environment. For instance, we use high-quality lead free paints in our manufacturing processes. Apart from that, affordability is also becoming an increasing consideration. So we make sure that we have something to offer to anyone who comes to us.

What are your future plans? Going forward, we plan to enter the furniture segment. We also have a robust plan of going all out with our own stores by end of 2021.

Which are your bestsellers? Bestsellers are wall dĂŠcor and utility items. FACE MAGAZINE


Staying at home and tired of looking at the same walls, or the table-top of your house.

Do you want a change? For those who love decorating their house and love to make it interesting every now and then, here is your chance to win something exclusively from Vedas Exports. All you have to do is to tag @vedasexports & @facemagazine and use the #welovesvedas #handcraft

Entry will be randomly selected and voucher worth INR 10,000 would be given.

AUG 2020






AUG 2020




Worldwide culture has given a chance to encounter stunning and various foods while never reserving a flight. Regardless of whether the dishes are provincial or exquisite, the mixing of a variety of ingredients may create serious flavors or while joining varying local cuisines and a blend of conventional cooking techniques. FACE MAGAZINE


Historic Fusion Breakthroughs


he main resurgence of combination cooking was initiated by Wolfgang Puck’s cafÊ during the 1980s with his well-known and much-cherished mix of social dishes and fixings — mainly Asian and French. Despite the fact that combination cooking was not a usual thing, Wolfgang Puck carried the idea to an unheard-of level for Americans eating happiness. Social flavors and fixings have consistently advanced over the globe; the Aztecs imparted cocoa to the Europeans, the Chinese gave the Italians spaghetti, and espresso discovered its radiant way to Europe through the Arabian Peninsula. Be that as it may, sharing worldwide fixings rose to a higher degree with the making of new and encouraging combinations that mixed the best of at least two societies into remarkable, palatable show-stoppers. Proficient culinary experts and imaginative home cooks have found the refreshment of new fusion food that has managed to skyrocket boredom right out of the kitchen. Pad thai Pizza, Waffle tacos, and the cronut are just basic examples of fusion food that have emerged from the creativity of chefs that have fused dishes, culture, techniques, and ingredients. From combining

ethnic flavors to incorporating diverse ingredients in one dish, the fusion trend has given us a new perspective towards food and eating. Fusion cooking can be identified as the marriage between traditions, disciplines, cultures, and techniques of cooking. It most definitely does not mean putting all the ingredients selected for a dish into one pot and turning the heat up as high as possible Every culture has its own set of ingredients and techniques in place that make up the cuisine. In Asian food, we have ginger, garlic, onions, or talking about Italian food there is celery, carrot, cheese, and bread. Combination cooking can be utilized for a considerable number of reasons. It is a method that might be utilized by gourmet experts to grow their culinary collection and bear the cost of them a dish that is different and exclusive from those offered by their companions and rivals. On the other hand, fusion cooking might be rehearsed by a culinary specialist or cook from more than one social foundation, hoping to infuse their interesting character into their food. This cooking can even be utilized as a method for quietly acquainting new food ideas with the majority. AUG 2020


Tandoori chicken burger The “hamburger sandwich” was created someplace in the United States at some point around 1900. Cases vary. Was it named after unruly mariners from Hamburg? Improbable. Be that as it may, perhaps. It doesn’t always matter where the name came from. The main burgers were made with ground meat. Afterward, somebody would get the plan to make a burger out of ground chicken. Inevitably, somebody would add conventional Indian roasted flavors to the chicken burger and serve it with green chutney. Also, that is essentially where things presently stand. This evolution of cooking a dish in different ways and new flavors is also termed as fusion cooking most of the time.

Sushi Burritos We don’t have the foggiest idea of how sushi burritos turned into a thing, yet we’re certainly delighted that they did. We’re considerably more joyful that this basic formula exists so we can make them at home. Enveloped by seaweed and loaded down with exemplary sushi rice, guacamole, cajun chicken, and a couple of veggies, this formula joins two of our preferred take-out foods in a single heavenly dinner. Utilize salmon, shrimp, or tofu instead of the chicken to keep things intriguing.



Kung Pao Chicken Wings Chicken wings are decent however the Kung Pao Chicken Wings are heavenly. This classic dish needs just keeps evolving. These wings are delightful and they needn’t bother with any sort of sauce. Kung Pao wings are a full product and can be eaten independently.

Tex Mex Tex Mex is a mix of local Texas food and sixteenth-century Spanish cooking. Local Americans added to Tex-Mex food, including walnuts, pinto beans, onions, and mesquite. From the nineteenth century to the present, the kitchen is an impression of traveling every which way. Be that as it may, it keeps up a Mesoamerican and New Spanish foundation got from the nonstop adjustment of plans by similar Mexican migrants, who long for the kitchen of their local house. Arrangements, for example, fajitas, tacos, and burritos started there, like a blend between Mexican flavors and fixings, with the accommodation of inexpensive food reasoning of the Americans, all the more explicitly, explore the territory of Texas.

AUG 2020


What Are the Dangers of Fusion Cooking? Experimentation in any shape or structure conveys natural risks. There are numerous revelations and creations which we underestimate today and consider basic to our everyday lives which came about just through the difficult work or potentially by chance. This makes experimentation not just a vital piece of the human mind yet a fundamental factor in improving the world in which we live and the lives that we lead. The risks of experimentation in any unique situation, in any case, especially incorporate the chance of the trial turning out badly. Despite the measure of exploration which is led in advance and the arrangements which are made, it is, unfortunately, the situation that the outcomes won’t generally turn out as well as was normal. This is the chief motivation behind why many top gourmet experts disparage fusion cooking and guarantee that all it serves to do is make the best of at least two cooking procedures and wed them to a completely unpalatable witches’ mix of another culinary creation. Fusion cooking has been met with blended responses since it is portrayed by its absence of rules, or maybe more precisely, by the statute that the principles should change continually. Pundits contend that professionals of fusion cooking deconstruct French and different foods (which do have classified culinary customs and are known as special culinary dialects), and reassemble them into “new culinary sentences” that are not always traditionally right. There is always a fine line between how far to bend the rules and how much to retain. Another related and often reverberated theory of fusion food is that it is a random blending of societies that comes up short on regard for convention. Further, specific cooking styles become pretty much famous as a component of the half breed, contingent on what is “hot” right now and not really upon what tastes great. Due to expanding procedures of globalization and industrialism, it is far-fetched that combination cooking is disappearing at any point shortly. There are boundless potential blends yet to be made. FACE MAGAZINE


AUG 2020


OCTO LA The Great Finnish Summer Escape

Whether you are looking for relaxation or a wilderness adventure, Finnish Lapland is the perfect destination for your summer holiday FACE MAGAZINE



ith the travel restrictions lifted and countries opening their doors to international travel, remote destinations have become increasingly popular. The ideal getaway post the Covid19 lockdown is a secluded location that is packed with authentic experiences. Although Finland is perceived as a winter location, it is a great summertime destination. Octola in Lapland is the perfect escape for those looking to immerse in nature in absolute privacy and comfort. This ultraluxury cabin residence is set in the middle of 300 hectares of private wilderness within the Arctic Circle and has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable summer holiday. Finland is also known for having the cleanest air and purest water in the world. Lapland’s vast wilderness and low population make Finland at the top of the list of cleanest countries in the world year after year.

AUG 2020


Octola Private Wilderness is an ultra-luxurious 10 suite log cabin created by Janne Honkanen, the CEO of Arctic Region Travel Operator, Luxury Action. He is a pioneer of experiential travel within the Arctic Circle and have searched for the perfect accommodation to offer his most discerning clients wishing to experience the Arctic Circle, he finally decided to build it himself. Whether you book the entire cabin of 10 suites or take a wing of 6 or 4 suites, the rates are all-inclusive including a private gym and fitness center, unique handcarved wood-burning sauna, and the freshest



food cooked to your liking, private butler and a wilderness guide. The food is all sourced locally and consisting mainly of wild plants, berries, mushrooms, and fish, all local, pure, and ecologically gathered from nature to the table by a Michelin star Chef complemented by wines chosen by one of the top sommeliers in Finland.

AUG 2020


Octola creates tailor-made itineraries to suit individual preferences. From adventurous activities such as white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, helicopter rides, Nordic walking and race driving with a stuntman to exploring the untamed wilderness, wildlife spotting, hiking, luxury survival camps, sweet water fishing, through organic farms and reindeer farm visits, the experiences are truly authentic and guaranteed to create memories that will last a lifetime. Lapland is also one of the best regions in the world to see the Northern Lights and this natural spectacular light show can be witnessed from the middle of August onwards. FACE MAGAZINE


In Winter 2020, Octola will be launching a very special experience in collaboration with renowned Saudi Arabian rally driver, Rakan Al Rashed. Rakan is the first and only Arab person in the world who will be giving lessons on driving on the ice during the Lapland winter.

AUG 2020




Madhusudan Patidar

AUG 2020


Tell us more about yourself?




y name is Madhusudan Patidar. I hail from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is a state in central India. I am 21 years old and am pursuing engineering. Ever since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by rocks and mountains. Nature has been my calling for as long as I can remember. I was one of those kids that you will always find outdoors. Before I knew it, it became my obsession. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to take on ‘the seven summits challenge’. I started looking it up and began gathering information about how I can live the kind of life that I have always wanted , turning my dream into a reality. I ended up finishing basic and advanced training from two of the prestigious mountaineering schools in India. And when I was finally ready for it I decided to kick-start my journey with Mt. Everest. I couldn’t wait to stand on top of the world so that was my obvious pick from the seven peaks. And I have recently scaled Mt.Kilimanjaro and hope to check off the rest ASAP.

What are the things that are present on your bucket list? WMy current bucket list revolves around ‘The seven Summits’ Challenge. That’s all that I have got on my mind as of now. Three of the seven peaks have been checked off the list, four more to go and I am on a mission to clean and climb 100 mountains in Indian Himalayas.

How many bucket lists have you ticked to date? It all started with basic trekking, climbing, and training. Baby steps, if you will. So there was a time these were part of my bucket lists. Between Everest and Kilimanjaro, I have checked off Mount KR2, Stok kangri (The highest mountain in the stock range of the Ladakh region of northwest India), Mount Kabru Dome (A Mountain in the Himalayas between the border of eastern Nepal and India). I was about to make it to the top of KR3 but due to bad weather conditions, I couldn’t quite make it. But I would like to scale it whenever I get the chance.

What were the steps taken to accomplish your bucket list? I started with physical and mental training. One has to be very strong both physically and mentally to be able to take on a task that constantly poses death threats. The daily routine of yoga and meditation helps conquer the mental challenges that you face in places like death zones where temperatures get extremely low. For physical training, I enrolled myself in two mountaineering schools. Once I was through that I started trekking and climbing rocks more than ever before. There is this requirement that you must first climb a height of 7000 ft if you want to qualify for Everest climbing.

AUG 2020


Describe a story of those accomplishments in 250500 words. Minimum 2 to 6 activities for our reference.

“Mt.Everest” I decided to climb Mt. Everest through the north ridge which is said to be the tougher climb as it has killed more climbers. I was the only Indian in the group that started from the Everest base camp at Tibet at a height of 5,400 meters on April 7. Surviving on chocolates, dry fruits, dry chicken, chicken soup, and tea, those were certainly the toughest 45 days of my life. I experienced the worst times when I saw my teammate die. One of my groupmates, Frank, from Australia, died due to climatic conditions and three returned halfway. Only three of the seven people who started could finish the climb.

“Mt Kilimanjaro” I decided to take the Western Breach route as it is not very popular among the climbers. The route, though shorter, is more technical and difficult. Though Kilimanjaro is not as difficult or cold as Everest, it does pose difficulties. The weather suddenly became windy and we had to delay our ascent. It was very difficult to set up the tent. At a point in time during the dawn, we could not even see the signs due to heavy fog and were about to lose our way. My porter Emma fell ill and we had to send him back by calling emergency service. I broke a toe-nail and descended without shoes half the way. Though it was painful, I got to cross another peak from my list of the seven highest peaks. I am a step closer to my goal.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during the journey? I come from a humble background. And mountaineering is an expensive hobby/ sport. You need lots of expensive, technical mountaineering equipment – such as mountaineering boots and special jackets, gloves, etc. So there were some financial issues. But my family believes in my dream and they have supported me through thick and thin cause they know that’s where my passion lies and that’s what I am good at. My journey to the top of the world has not been easy. I was struggling to arrange Rs 35 lakh that was needed for me to train for the expedition. FACE MAGAZINE




AUG 2020


Natasha Kojic


hat made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

What kind of singer and composer would you classify yourself as?

It was not much of a “decision”, basically it’s something that came naturally to me ever since childhood. I grew up in music, entertainment family, so maybe I’m just a product of my environment.

When it comes to singing, clearly a pop singer. When it comes to composing, the sky is the limit so it’s hard to define the precise style, as it all depends on what the director wants. Personally, love scoring dramatic scores, a bit dark I’d say.



What has been the best of your career so far? Overall satisfaction and motivation to keep doing what I love doing. When it comes to my former singing (pop music) career, it is the process of making songs and when it comes to composing, the same: process of creating music for the motion pictures. Once all is done, I don’t have much time to sit and reflect. I instantly have an “urge� to move on to the next creative venture! AUG 2020


What sparked your interest in acting? Well, I never planned of coming to Hollywood, nor to pursue acting. By a very random circumstance, I was lucky to become a member of SAG AFTRA actors Guilt, by some small roles in certain projects. The most recent tv show I was in, is canceled due to the pandemic, so I avoid talking about it, as it makes me sad. Acting is one sweet outlet of mine and I find it a super fun addition to what I do.

How would you describe the music that you typically create? I guess Avan-Garde as my fellow film composers told me

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? I’d say that the situation in the world impacted society so, therefore, Internet has shifted music just like everything else into a Streaming mode, and later, due to the current situation in this world, looks like live performances are going towards “Online Live” streams. I see the Internet is a mirror (reflection) of the offline society, almost like an altered reality.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs? I got to disappoint you, but I am one of those “boring” people that don’t sing in the shower, but I have a radio in a bathroom, so the music plays all the time, chill out ambient music or R’n’B. FACE MAGAZINE


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AUG 2020


When did you start DJing, tell us about your journey? People won’t believe this but when it started, it was with a fluke or should I say by chance. I was traveling to New York in 2014 for a vacation and I was in a night club one evening where I felt like I could play better tracks.So I knew someone who got me to the console and I played few songs, the club went mad after that. I was not a professional artist at that time. The same year I was called to play for a Holi party in New York (Debut Show) for a really big audience. I was happy for how well it went but then after coming back, I faced a lot of criticism for my work in which judgments started pouring in about my skills in the art. It was said that if I could be Dj then anyone could be. My interest in music was there since I was a kid but I never thought I would be a DJ in life. After a bad patch like in life, they were good days in my career, I started getting recognition for my work in the industry. I was still faced with bitter competitors and the politics in the industry. But when your fans, family, FACE MAGAZINE


and friends are there to support you, it gets a little easier and it made me work harder to get to where I am today. Surely has been a tough journey but a great one till now.

How do you make use of technology? When we talk about technology it has everything to do with phones, laptops, cd players, mixers, and television. Phones are used to keep in touch and stay connected and for listening to music on various apps. Laptops are used to download, edit, and play tracks. Cd players and mixers everyone know help to perform. I watch less television. But the rotation of songs on big music channels gives you an idea about what is going on in the music world. So yes, in my industry technology plays a very important role and is the backbone of our work.

Do you think DJing is Art? Djing is definitely an art, every Dj is an artist. Anyone can play the track from their phone. But when to play the track and then how to mix it is an art. So yes I would say it is an art, making people groove when they don’t want to as well.

What do you think about the future of the industry postCOVID-19? Right now if we talk about COVID the whole world has stopped. All industries are seeing a downside. But the entertainment industry is seeing an all-time low. No live shows, and no social gatherings or parties. How will an artist earn, if trying to get some money for basic bread and butter is putting his life into danger? But I am 100 percent sure the day world restart our industry will boom 10x times and people will understand how important artists are.

AUG 2020


Any Success stories during Lockdown Yes, I went through a physical transformation and lost 18 kgs weight and feel like a better version of myself mentally and physically. Produced my first remake for Bollywood song for the biggest Bollywood label in the world T-Series.

What do you think is the scope of live events after this? Right now, it’s bad but as I mentioned above, whenever live events will start, it will boom so much that there won’t be a stop to it. I just want everyone to be positive and stay safe until then.

Please tell us some of your favorite albums. I listen to all kinds of music. From Bollywood, Punjabi, Hip-hop, Edm, and Techno as well. And when I am alone and happy all the songs from 1990 to early 2000 are on the top of my list.


144 A Over The Moon Entertainment Venture AUG 2020




Welcome to the August Edition: “Melange” It was fun working on this issue. Hope you enjoy the read. Happy Monsoon.


Welcome to the August Edition: “Melange” It was fun working on this issue. Hope you enjoy the read. Happy Monsoon.


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