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FAce fashion Dec 2020 | 6

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I’dFrom like toa express sincere andsmall appreciation very earlymy age, I havegratitude learned one thing. to all of our employees for successfully completing one year.

“Great things in business are never done by one person they are done by a team people” by-Steve journey jobs It’sofbeen an amazing of last 1 year. Analysing at the reader's needs,

demand and our belief, we introduced several verticals in our magazine to Highly creative and with the urge to work in a stimulating environment, reach out and connect to the maximum readers. encouraging design and thought-provoking contents, I have started my career with a background of MBA in Marketing and Branding.

The best part of building and growing FACE has been the opportunity to work Catching upthe with the change digital media, launched the digital with some of brilliant mindsfrom that print sharetothe mindset of Iworking together as a magazine “F.A.C.E Fashion Art Culture Entertainment F.A.C.E is a curated team to solve difficult problems.

experience that highlights and celebrates Global heritage, its exciting evolution and its many million possibilities are seen through the modern lens of fashion, Though it’s been a bumpy ride, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment of art, culture and entertainment. And provide its readers with compelling content, it and haveinnovative the sameideas, energy I had on and my 1st company.ofI the feelmedia lucky to newstill trends, inspiration the day newof dimension have metFrom so many amazing people that contributed development world. emerging flavors and ingredient to newtoideas buzzing inand the expansion industry, of FACE. it promises to collect what’s hot and trending in the industry and deliver it in a format that keeps you informed and interested.

We have got a warm, wonderful and overwhelming response, more than what current worldfrom situation a lot of this us down and filled with anxiety, well, weThe were expecting over has readers.At moment, I’d like to express my in fact,gratitude I believeand this appreciation is the perfecttotime toour make changes and make that and sincere all of team members, designers shift towards our personal, economic, political, and especially environmental associates. situations. This month we have focussed on topics from such varied scenarios

and knitted them in context to Fashion, Art, Culture, and Entertainment. We Wehave are brought extremely thankful to all oftrainers, our readers and followerseco-friendly – past and fashion to you celebrities, environmentalists, present for whom we have proudly worked in side-by-side asand we wear. continue brands– and also shed light on sustainability what we eat

our endeavours to serve them and support them in their vision.

I hope you have as much fun reading it as much as we did bring this issue to you. I prayto webecan move and towards sustainable living in our small ways and help It continues anall honour a privilege. the world situation.

Until then. Until then. Stay safe and Stay safe andtake takecare. care.

Harshit Hundet FOUNDER Founder

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An N.G.O for Robotics! Dec 2020 | 8




Harshit Hundet

Sukhmani Sadana

Kanchan Shrivastava

EDITORIAL Art Director

- Madhuri Bhadhuri

Fashion Editor

- Rishika Garg

Freenlance Writer

- Utkarsha Kesarkar

Fashion Co-ordinator

- Khushboo Rajoriya

Proof Reader

- Radhika Sanghvi


- Oskape Media

Visual Creator

- Priyanshu Roy

Visual Designer

- Riya Khobragade

Contributors Tomรกs Recio Jamie Fry Galina Stavier6 Natalia Kovachevski Rhamely Julian Renner Emanuela Fersini Lรกzaro Scabbia Davide Giunta PHOTOGRAPHER: FAISAL TIRZ

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ecember. A word that somehow always brings a smile to our face. Regardless of our religion or origin, it’s that one month that unanimously makes all of us feel happy. December for me is synonyms to Festivities, Lights, Celebrations, Joy and Laughs. In Short ‘Exuberance’. To all our readers, well, 'This is the End…where we Begin'! Here’s F.A.C.E wishing you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.




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yl 01. What's the story between the Origin of the term 'The Universe Boss' and Chris Gayle?


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To be honest with you, people see me as 'The Universe Boss' based on what I have done and achieved in cricket. People have many versions but in reality, I gave myself the term 'The Universe Boss' when I realised what all I have done and how much I have done, on ‘and’ off the field. And I also believe that I'm the only cricketer to do these many things in a particular manner. And therefore I decided to come with a new and peculiar term; something that would resonate with me and imply conquering the world and so took the birth the phrase 'The Universe Boss'.


2. How were you when you were growing up during your school life? Well, starting off with primary school, I wasn't a total cricket buff. I used to love playing other sports as well, football being one of them. I played a lot of football, even through my high school with the under 14 & under 16 categories. But it was getting too strenuous for me with that entire running and training. That's when I decided to switch to cricket.

And then, just like that, cricket became my priority in life. Before I knew it, I was scoring centuries at a very young age already. Other than that, I was a pretty quiet kid in school. And even now, as might know, I don't give a lot of interviews. That's just how I have been since I was a child. But I'd like to think that I've grown up a lot. I’ll surely say that captaining teams was something that really assisted and helped me to snap out of my shell.

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3. What is your secret diet regime you follow that keeps you so fit at 41? People only believe what they see. And I know a lot people talk about me because of my social media, assuming I’m a party animal but they really don't know the real deal. All that isn’t true and when I work out, I give it my hundred percent. It's very important for me that my body gets the rest it needs. I make sure I sleep for 8 hours so as to heal and relax. I also try to take in a lot of fluids and keep myself hydrated. Frankly I don't eat too much now, perhaps 1-2 meals per day. And because I sleep late at night, I prefer to sleep in through the next morning. As for my secret diet, it consists of hard-core Jamaican food. I love Jamaican dishes. 'Eat healthy, keep healthy' is a phrase I always follow.

4. What's your opinion on super stitions practiced by sports men? Do you practice any specific rituals before going to the field to bat? Not really as such. I don't believe much in superstitions and I don’t follow any rituals. Sometimes maybe I'll play a shot and perhaps walk backwards. You know there are some things that you do on the field that kind of get stuck with you and then somehow later, they become a part of you. A lot of sportsmen have superstitions that they follow. You see what happens is that when something has worked you; you don’t wish to take a chance and change it. You’d rather stick to it and repeat that in your future routine. No harm right?

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5. What advice would you give to today’s young cricketers? I see most of the youngsters are tuning into T20 and not much into test crickets and ODI anymore. To all the budding cricketers, I'd like to bring to your notice, how much opportunity there is in this sport. Trust me, if you're really serious about it, then it can be a life changer for you. It has changed so many lives globally already, hasn’t it? Secondly, don't think that it's impossible to make it to the top. I’m not saying it’s easy and that it’s not hard. You have to give it your best but that’s a necessity if you wish to be on the top in anything. If you want it, you believe in yourself and then go get it. Of course sometimes you will doubt yourself and instead of moving forward, you'll take a step back. Ok. But don't turn your back on the game. Just don't give up.

6. Is there something interesting you'd like to tell us about IPL 2020? Let's just start by saying it's done and dusted. Initially, I was a little agitated but I kept my composure. And when the time came, we delivered. It was great working with the team but alas, a disappointing and unfortunate loss. However, it was good given the situation aka the pandemic. It was something new altogether, playing without our fans, without the sounds etc. It was a whole new experience for everyone and for me personally. IPL and the Dubai government did a great job keeping all of us safe and taking the necessary precautions. So it all worked out really well and we were all looked after. Hopefully, next year we can have our fans back with us too.

7. Lastly, though we wish you never retired but if and when you do, what is that dream project you'd like to peruse then? There are still a couple of years left for that but I know already that it's going to be something business oriented. I've tied myself up in a few businesses already and I also have my own record label so music is definitely involved for sure. I really do enjoy music. And during the pandemic, I've also learnt some new things altogether that have been fun so, who knows? We’ll see how things pan out.

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new editor @sukhmanisadana

sukhmani sadana

Sukhmani Sadana is a widely celebrated Indian Script Writer, actress and television presenter hailing from Amritsar. Sukhmani is dynamic, talented and has had an all-inclusive holistic development from premiere institutes across the country. After completing her schooling from a boarding school, Welham Girls School, Dehradun, she went on to pursue her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. And later, received a Diploma in Advertising and Marketing from St. Xavier’s Institute of Communication, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Sukhmani kick started her career as a copywriter in the agency Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai

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and l a t e r accredited herself with popular a main stream Bollywood horror film series termed 1920, directed by Vikram Bhatt. And eventually worked on successful projects and wrote for ace directors and platforms like Ali Abbas Zafar, R. Madhavan, Kunal Kohli, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Ekta Kapoor, Endemol, Netflix and many more. Sukhmani’s acting career took off after she bagged her first role; in a thriller crime series produced by Yash Raj Films; Khotey Sikkey. She was awarded for ‘Best Actress’ at the Digital Awards 2017 for her web series ‘Love Bytes’ on Sony Liv. Some of her greater conquests include Sacred Games on Netflix, Heart Break Hotel on Sony Liv, Parchayee by Ruskin Bond on Zee 5, guest appearance in Anurag Kashyap’s Manmarziyaan and many more. Apart from winning this award, she also won the award as the ‘Style Icon of the Year 2019’.Alongside an illustrative web series career, Sukhmani is also a popular TV host wherein she has hosted an average of about 100 TV episodes with channels such as NDTV Good Times, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, CNN IBN and Travel XP. As a Travel Host With Travel XP, she has visited and covered many international destinations such as Cambodia, Bali, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, France, the list is endless. She is popularly remembered for hosting the IIFA Awards 2019, Grazia and

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Nykka Femina Beauty Awards 2019 and anchoring live events with celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Virat Kohli, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sunil Shetty, Ayushmann Khurrana, Salman Khan and many more.

Apart from winning this award, she also won the award as the ‘Style Icon of the Year 2019’.Alongside an illustrative web series career, Sukhmani is also a popular TV host wherein she has hosted an average of about 100 TV episodes with channels such as NDTV Good Times Dec 2020 | 22


ukhmani Sadana is a widely celebrated Indian Script Writer, actress and television presenter . hailing from Amritsar.

Sukhmani is dynamic, talented and has had an all-inclusive holistic development from premiere institutes across the country. After completing her schooling from a boarding school, Welham Girls School, Dehradun, she went on to pursue her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. And later, received a Diploma in Advertising and Marketing from St. Xavier’s Institute of Communication, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Face Mag | 9 Dec 2020 | 23

National Geographic, Dis-

Sukhmani gave her followers a weekly doze of covery Channel, CNNinto IBNthe lives of entertainment and an insight andBollywood Travel XP. As a Travel eminent celebrities who make the guestHost appearance. With Travel XP, she

has visited and covered She had even produced a few advertisements, many international desone of them starring Akshay Kumar and tinations such as CamTwinkle Khanna. bodia, Bali, Singapore, SheBrazil, is currently the process Italy,inFrance, theof writing a web Voot, another listseries is for endless. She for is Balaji after having written the screenplay and dialogues popularly rememfor a new Netflix film for Ali Abbas Zafar bered for hosting with Daljit Dosanjh as lead. the IIFA Awards 2019, GraHer feature film asFemina a writer ‘Rocketry’, zianextand Nykka which stars Awards R. Madhavan Beauty 2019and andShah Rukh Khan, will also be releasing soon. As for her anchoring live events acting career, she is set to star as a lead in a like webwith series bycelebrities Applause, ‘Udan Patolas’. She Amitabh will also be seen on screenBachopposite Saif Ali Khanchan, and Dimple Kapadia Kohli, in the upcoming Virat webAditya series ‘Tandav’ Amazon Prime. Roy on Kapur, Sunil Shetty, Ayushmann KhurShe has been on a roll with her basket rana, full withSalman waves of Khan excitingand new projects many more. and Sukhmani is at FACE and endeavours we for once Magazine, can’t wait them and welcome commended forfor her work her as to our where we’re on the constant an family anchor on the sports search for new global talents like herself in the show ‘Ameo Cup’ by field of fashion, art, culture and entertainment! Volkswagen on Discovery Sports along with her travel show ‘Imagine Korea’ on History TV 18.

Dec Face2020 Mag || 24 12

Apart from having work ed with numerous eminent Bollywood professionals, she recently added another feather in her cap with a digital content that she created, producer and hosted, all by herself. Sukhmani In Bed, an exclusive Lockdown Celebrity Chat Series which went viral and got her many eyeballs. In this Instagram Live Series Sukhmani gave her followers a weekly doze of entertainment and an insight into the lives of eminent Bollywood celebrities who make the guest appearance. She had even produced a few advertisements, one of them starring Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. She is currently in the process of writing a web series for Voot, another for Balaji after having written the screenplay and dialogues for a new Netflix film for Ali Abbas Zafar with Daljit Dosanjh as lead.

Dec 2020 | 25

Her next feature film as a writer ‘Rocketry’, which stars R. Madhavan and Shah Rukh Khan, will also be releasing soon. As for her acting career, she is set to star as a lead in a web series by Applause, ‘Udan Patolas’. She will also be seen on screen opposite Saif Ali Khan and Dimple Kapadia in the upcoming web series ‘Tandav’ on Amazon Prime. She has been on a roll with her basket full with waves of exciting new projects and endeavours and we for once at FACE Magazine, can't wait for them and welcome her to our family where we're on the constant search for new global talents like herself in the field of fashion, art, culture and entertainment!

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Interviewed by Rishika Garg

1. Can you describe/outline your typical day? I start with coffee, everyone in my house knows they aren’t allowed to talk to me until I’ve had my coffee. I sit in my rocking chair on my porch, say good morning to my pet goats Charlie and Nicky, and set my intentions for the day. Then, I make breakfast and we get the kids started on their Zoom classes and begin working. In the afternoon, we will usually do a family bike ride or walk before dinner. Then snuggles with each of my kids before bed!

Dec 2020 | 29

/ 03

We love the jewelry you make! What inspires you? I am inspired by all of the wonderful, strong women in my life to make the ‘Rise Totem’ pieces, we actually just launched a bunch of new pieces in that collection. I am also inspired by the world around me. I like to include meaningful stones into my jewelry, like ‘Malachite’ and ‘Lapis Lazuli’, especially if they can add a pop of color.

/ 02

What has been your most satisfying moment in business? Whenever I see people wear my jewelry, especially the Rise Totem pieces. ‘The Rise Totem’ collection was created to celebrate the bonds we form as women and seeing people wear that, knowing what it means, fills me with so much joy.

/ 04

Which three adjectives describe your strengths? Determination, compassion and balance. I think work/life balance is so important, it is something I am constantly aware of trying to maintain.

Dec 2020 | 30

/ 05

Why is being a working-mom better?

Being a mom is a full time job within itself, I respect anyone who can get through the day just doing that! Working on my jewelry brand is extra special to me as a mom because my greatgrandmother was really the inspiration for my business. She taught me about my heritage and how jewelry can be used as a talisman for a woman’s strength and femininity. Now, it makes me excited to design meaningful pieces that I can pass down to my daughters, pieces that can be cherished for generations. Dec 2020 | 31



Interviewed by Rishika Garg 1. How do you define success?

Success is rather arbitrary in the sense that there aren’t any set rules or a standard criteria. Some people may argue that success is a reflection of the amount of money you earn or followers you attain, while others may argue that, complete success requires building those around to be just as successful. If someone is willing to take a risk and persevere through whatever challenge they’re facing, then to me, personally, they’ve already obtained success. Keep moving forward!

Dec 2020 | 32

Dec 2020 | 33

2. What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

I had a humbling realization that my modeling and fitness career was not sustainable, long-term. I asked myself, “What would happen if I were in a car crash or severely injured to a point where my ‘looks’ and physical appearance couldn’t pay the bills anymore?” In 2015, I saw a market opportunit y through digital marketing, where I noticed there were almost zero companies spending money through paid search on Google. By having that entrepreneur “mindset ”, I knew I had to take advantage and find the perfect niche. Af ter owning and partnering in a couple other fitness-related nutritional companies, I found my way into the steel manufacturing industr y and haven’t looked back ever since.

3. What motivates you?

Dec 2020 | 34

Family. The safety and well-being of my wife and kids mean the absolute most to me. Having the ability to provide for my children and prepare them for a better tomorrow is what gives me the focus and clarity to continue every day. In addition to my own family, I understand that with nearly 100 full-time employees who have put their trust in me and ‘Redline Steel’. There are several other families that rely on the successful well-being of this business.


You have such a beautiful family, kids, etc. How do you cope with work and them?

Balancing work with family-time may seem like a challenging task that requires a great deal of patience and negotiation between both spouses. Luckily, I’m a great negotiator. However, in all honesty, I’m beyond blessed to have such an amazing wife by my side who not only accepts my work ethic and responsibility in running a business, but also sees the bigger picture and realizes it’s for the betterment of our family. Although I cherish my family time, I know that my loving wife, Bre, will continue caring for and aspiring to be the ‘world’s best mom’ no matter what.

Dec 2020 | 35

“ Dec 2020 | 36

5. What drives you to keep going when it’s really tough? May 3rd, 2012. This was the day I nearly died when a rocket exploded 3 feet from me while working out on base in Afghanistan. After being told I may not walk or properly function for the remainder of my life, I honestly feel that there’s nothing that can be as tough or challenging as the 6-12 months following that experience while trying to build back my physical strength along with the mental toughness to transition back into civilian life.


Dec 2020 | 37

Minimalist Fall

Fashion Trends By- Rishika and Khushboo


Sweater US$886.41


Swimsuit US$233.17


Cardigan US $1,643.31

BOTTEGA VENETA Pouch clutch US $1,556.38

THE RANGE Turtleneck top US$194.75

BURBERRY Scarf US$438.21


Trench coat US$1,343.22

JENNIFER BEHR Headband US$305.38

PROENZA SCHOULER Maxi dress US$2,289.05

Dec 2020 | 38


Watch US$14,198.62

ORSEUND IRIS Sweater US$750.21

PILLIP LIM Ankle boots US$596.85

Ank e

By- Rishika and Khushboo



Stieletto Boots US$1,396


Off White

Metallic Chelsea boots US$1,225

Paris Texas US$598





Boots US$1,562.34


Stella McCartney



Ankle Boots US$995

Lace-up ridged sole Boots US$881


Zinko Boots US$1,235



Garavani Boots US$1,426

leather boots US$585.88

WANG Boots WANG Boots US$728.77 US$728.77

Dec 2020 | 39

Alexander Vauthier US$1,225

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Eye Shadow Palette US$63.70


GUCCI BEAUTY Powder US$152.54

HOURGLASS Brow Pencil US$59.48 Dec 2020 | 40

MARC JACOBS Beauty Foundation US$61.39



By- Rishika and Khushboo


CHARLOTTE TILBURY liquid Concealer US$38.18


VAPOUR BEAUTY Bronzer US$62.36

Dec 2020 | 41

Check 3

6 5

1 7






9 11


10 17 12


1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Bustier Top (US900)

5. PAT MCGRATH LABS Lipstick (US55)

9. CASADEI Pumps (US900)

13. HARMUR (US470)

2. SAINT LAURENT Glittered acetate and leather sunglasses (US900)

6. CHIARA FERRAGNI Glitter ackpack (US400)

10. ALEXACHUNG Mini dress (US350)

14. REDEMPTION Cady kaftan (US1400)

3. ROSANTICA Shoulder bag (US885)

7. SAINT LAURENT Glitter tuxedo blazer (US3700)

11. OSEREE Lurex mini skirt (US200)

15. BALMAIN Mini dress (US6000)

4. GIUESEPPE ZANOTTI Glitter platform (US??)

8. GUCCI Glittered straw hat (US850)

12. BEGUM KHAN Clip earrings (US300)

16. JIMMY CHOO Clutch (US 980)

Dec 2020 | 42

17. RENE CAOVILLA Mesh sandal (US1500)



Dec 2020 | 43

JUNE 2020

Primary colors Dec 2020 | 44

Dec 2020 | 45

Dec 2020 | 46

Photographer: Tomรกs Recio Female Model: Mayca Gรณmez Makeup Artist: Cristina Moreno

Dec 2020 | 47

A season of


Dec 2020 | 48

Dec 2020 | 49

Dec 2020 | 50

Photographer: Jamie Fry Female Model: Emily Alannah Female Model: Georgia Baird Wardrobe Stylist: Kaitlin Nihill Makeup Artist: Olivia Jorgensen

Dec 2020 | 51


FASHION Photographer: Tikhova Aleksandra Female Model: Galina Stavier

Dec 2020 | 52

Dec 2020 | 53

Dec 2020 | 54

Dec 2020 | 55

Creative Director: Grany Photographer: Olga Sanko Creative Director: Valeriy Sorokovoy Makeup Artist: Natalia Khilova Creative Director: Elena Sklyarova

Dec 2020 | 56

Fiery Thorn

Dec 2020 | 57

Dec 2020 | 58

Dec 2020 | 59

Dec 2020 | 60

Dec 2020 | 61

Photographer: Natalia Kovachevski Model: Florence Rivières Wardrobe Stylist/Fashion Designer: Voriagh Paris

Dec 2020 | 62


Dec 2020 | 63

Dec 2020 | 64

Dec 2020 | 65

Dec 2020 | 66

Dec 2020 | 67

Makeup Artist: Silvia Bertolini Model: Giorgia Schiattarella Female Model: Anita Raccanelli Giorgia's Shoes: Stradivarius Makeup products: MAC Cosmetics dress: MaxMaraAnita's dress: Mangano

Dec 2020 | 68

Sussex Dec 2020 | 69

Dec 2020 | 70

Dec 2020 | 71

Photographer: Julian Renner Model: Marion Reber Wardrobe: VogueSL

Dec 2020 | 72

Fashion, light and shadow in the city Dec 2020 | 73

Dec 2020 | 74

Dec 2020 | 75

Dec 2020 | 76

Photographer/Retoucher: Emanuela Fersini Model: Vanessa Popa Makeup Artist: Gabriella Saldana Wardrobe: Zara

Dec 2020 | 77


Photographer: Lรกzaro Scabbia Model: Maria Sagana Estel Castello

Dec 2020 | 78

Dec 2020 | 79

Creative Director: Sergi Rabasa Stylist: Gabriela Gomez Makeup Artist: Nuria Makeup Artist: Joan Mallen

Dec 2020 | 80



ORGANIC DOLL Naturally Packaged

In a world of artifice it seems that Nature is still the best factory today. - Miriam Ognibene

Dec 2020 | 81

Dec 2020 | 82

Dec 2020 | 83

Dec 2020 | 84

Dec 2020 | 85

Dec 2020 | 86

Dec 2020 | 87

Dec 2020 | 88

Dec 2020 | 89

Dec 2020 | 90

Dec 2020 | 91

Photographer: Miriam Ognibene Art director & Stylist: Biro.mo Pubblication editor: Davide Giunta Model: Giusy Reina Make up and Hair: Mary Lauricella, Giusy Reina & EMMEO

Dec 2020 | 92


Dec 2020 | 93




Senaka Senayake (born 1951) is a Sri Lankan artist who attained fame early in life as a prodigy for his works of art. He had his first International one-man exhibition at the age of ten, in New York. Although he painted copiously and held many shows both in his native country as well as abroad, it was only after he went to Yale School for Graduation in Art and Architecture did he realize that his true calling lay in the field of art.

By- Madhuri Bhaduri

Dec 2020 | 94

Dec 2020 | 95

L Yale, at that time, was pulsating with vibrant political activities and Senaka with his family’s political background was naturally drawn to it. However, those years

Dec 2020 | 96

at Yale were more crucial for him as an artist, for till then he had been largely self-taught. But at Yale, the formal classes of art training expanded his knowledge of the history of world art. After moving back to Sri Lanka post-Yale, Senaka immersed

himself headlong into painting. His years of training at Yale had helped him evolve a mode of expression which had matured greatly. He also began to delve deeper into the various environmental issues concerning Sri Lanka. Of them, he was particularly bothered by the rapidly decreasing plight of the rain forests, and his present

series of works is an attempt to engage the audiences by making them aware of this pertinent situation. Senaka’s work has been shown in most parts of Europe and South Asia with critical acclaim. To date, he has more than 100 solo shows to his credit, and numerous group shows in Europe, China, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Egypt to name a few. Senaka’s work has been documented by Metro Goldwyn, British Movieton News, BBC TV, London, Yeo Soo TV, South Korea, TV Austria, and Star TV, India. Various important magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, Weser Kurier, Germany, UNESCO Features, Paris, National Geographic Magazine, Asia Week, etc. have written on his work. Dec 2020 | 97

S Dec 2020 | 98

I have enjoyed painting from my child joy and freedom to express my crea last few decades has revolved around fauna. I choose to paint them in the as depleted and destroyed vestiges.

is my tool to a consciousn These tiny cr others occup magnificence

dhood as it has given me ativity. My muse for the the rainforest’s flora and eir natural glory and not For me the paintbrush

o fight for their conservation as I would like to evoke ness for their preservation especially in the young. reatures be it butterflies, hummingbirds, pink gingers or py larger than life spaces on my canvas, resonating the e of life. Dec 2020 | 99

Naina Patel:

Art Collector’s Exuberance

Dec 2020 | 100

By- Madhuri Bhaduri

Dec 2020 | 101

Dec 2020 | 102

The transition from a simple middle class up-bringing to an affluent lifestyle has been radical. Married to a very kind & liberal businessman, Arvind Patel, kindled my desire to collect artwork, especially paintings. I have been deeply involved in social work from a young age, which I feel too embarrassed to boast. Though my aptitude towards drawing & painting is pathetic, I have always admired art in any

form, from a very young age. Be it tribal paintings or African wildlife paintings, sculptures, metal artwork, etc, it was all too fascinating. I always longed for acquiring some meaningful art. It took decades for my dreams to come true as I was initially managing a physiotherapy clinic, then a kindergarten school & presently presiding a residential school for 100 poor, backward class children in a village about 25 kms away from my hometown, Sagar, in Madhya Pradesh. A luck

by chance meeting with Ms. Madhuri Bhaduri in a foreign trip set the ball of deep rooted longing, rolling. New vistas of knowledge of artists, their hard work & restoration, opened for me through Madhuri. She helped me see art from artists’ perspective & it made me so happy & exuberant. It was as though I could feel their thoughts, moods by seeing their strokes. With her helpful guidance & influence, I have been able to collect & admire the toil & inner feelings of artists

in the form of their paintings. I have adorned my large house walls with paintings which makes me so happy every day. The simplicity of Vaikuntham, the earthiness of B. Prabha, the vibrancy of Madhuri & Seneka’s nature loving paintings really lift my spirits & my cheerfulness brings happiness to the whole family.

Dec 2020 | 103

Dec 2020 | 104

An Architect par excellence

ASHU PAUL: The joy of art & design By- Madhuri Bhaduri

Dec 2020 | 105

Lead designer Ashu Paul has been involved in hotel and hospitality design in the Asia pacific region since 1994. After passing out from the prestigious school of planning and architecture, new Delhi in 1987 set up his practice in 1988.

In 1991 he migrated to Australia but came back to India after only a year, realizing the opportunities available in his own country and never looked back. Ever since he got fully involved with his practice and established Ashu Paul & associates a concept design company which creates thoughtful and effective solutions for commercial and private lifestyle projects all over India and projects abroad in places like London, Dubai and Africa.

Dec 2020 | 106

Art has been an integral part of my up bringing, being an avid painter myself but not able to devote enough time to it because of work pressure and hectic lifestyle. To me art does not involve learning or studying it but something that gives me pleasure which captures the eyes. Art to me could be anything, a painting, sculpture, people and places and even food these days as to how it is presented. I find emotional satisfaction in looking at good depiction of thoughts in paintings which at most times helps my imagination of design in my architectural practice.

I do not have a particular favorite artist but being an avid collector, myself will go for anything that pleases my eyes. One of my recent accusation has been by a little-known young artist dhyana passika who’s work i find very soothing to my heart. Art and architecture both are a very integral part of my life and will always be till the end.

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Organizatio Dec 2020 | 108



Ashu Paul & associates is a consultancy firm offering professional services in the field of architecture and interior design established in 1988. We have a professional team of engineers and site managers backed up by designers in the office having handled diverse range of projects from farm houses, residences, offices, commercial buildings to arrange of projects in the entertainment and hospitality industry i.e., Hotels, restaurants etc. The firm has been specializing in doing hotels and hospitality projects since 1988 having executed projects all over India with established brands and highend individual houses and farms. We have recently ventured into housing with projects in Gurgaon, Jaipur and Bangalore One of the established firms in the city, it is equipped with in house modern computer hardware and software facilities for designing, planning and project management services.

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Ashu Paul associates’ design philosophy is simple we design for the market. No specific “style” is attributed to the firm; rather, we create a custom design for each project, taking into account the commercial objectives and desires of the client, the operator and, of course, the guests. We are very involved in research prior to beginning the design process. Our designers seek to incorporate a geographical flavor into each project by the use of local craftsmen, artisans and artists and involve themselves in the custom design of architectural details furniture lighting, carpets and fabrics. We pride ourselves on our business approach to design and be able to intelligently discuss and appreciate the commercial objectives of our clients. Our dedication to making a meaningful contribution to the client s ability achieve a good return on his investment includes utilizing our knowledge of the local market and of hotel operations and goes well beyond the mantra of “on time and on budget.”

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JAN 2020 59

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Exuberance & Art:

Madhuri Bhaduri Dec 2020 | 113


original that you can share with the world. Something that has a pure intrinsic value. In Feng Shui, they believe that a work of art with the pathway set in a vibrant landscape with different plant types and a mixture of colors, creates a balance of yin and yang. Nature in paintings also symbolize good fortune. My work is an extension of me. It describes the person I am, in the strokes, textures, colours or the subject I choose. I begin with the subject, then my inner voice takes over to release and

Art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand our world. It is an essential part of our culture because it allows us to have a deeper understanding of our emotions; it increases our self-awareness, and also allows us to be open to new ideas and experiences. Art in any form, whether while creating or observing, reduces stress. It also releases feelgood hormones which help you combat stress and pain. By letting you enjoy a sense of fulfilment, it transforms you into a more positive, well-rounded human being. Creating art is an absolutely rewarding feeling. You are giving life to something from within yourself. Something Dec 2020 | 114


transform the emotions through the choice of colour, texture, form, composition and treatment on the paintings and other mediums that I choose to use. For me, a canvas is not just a visual expanse. It often maps the mood that I am in, and my introspection of my life, my feelings and thoughts at that point of time. The subject becomes a medium of expression. For example, the vastness of nature could be expressed by the large spaces of multiple shades of a color.

Dec 2020 | 115

Certain areas in the compositions of the canvas appear to have intrinsically textured patterns or forms woven together in a complex way. These could be compared to an inner dialogue. The multi-faceted person that I am, compels me to work on these complexities at different levels and becomes evident in the multi-layering effects of my creations. Fortunately, I’ve always followed my inner passion. In over forty years of my career, my sole intention has been to express my empirical experiences, thoughts and ideas through art. None of my works are a direct representation of a place, object or incident as is. It has always been what I have experienced which I express in my own way. This process of experiencing and then bringing these impressions back to my studio to create forms unique to me and my thought process makes the circle complete. The evolution has been a gradual process with series of events as part of my life journey. In style, I have been influenced and inspired by impressionist master painters, such as Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Klee. The way these masters handle nature and the range of colours, shades and effects with different mood changing lights they use, draw me closer to nature. What initially started as floral expressions, fields and fauna, trees and foliage, mountains and valleys, gardens, tree tops became the lead themes for my work. My colour palette too has changed in multitudinous ways as it has matured. The person I am is the art I create. Some of the qualities that I believe in or I am made of are optimism, romanticism, spiritually awakened, dreamy yet realistic. I like to share these invigorating feelings with the viewers. I want my art to connect with my spiritual beliefs in today’s times. I believe that people these days seek peace and positivity in every aspect of life and through my paintings I want that sense of optimism to be felt. Art gives me moments of introspection and understanding about life’s varied experiences in an equable way.

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A detached total picture enables me to have the right perspective; very absorbed and intense yet like a passing vision in the passage of time.

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No, that’s not a typo. 2020 was indeed not an ‘Era’ and officially an ‘Error’, if you were to ask me. An error by the universe and us humans, both. If I was to recap the year 2020, I’d say that it was full of historic events and surprises which none of really wished for. And, even though I always see the glass half full, well this glass was…pretty empty. We can’t deny the fact that it was a rough year. But finally, this year has come to an end and I hope that, so have the errors. Well, let’s take a walk down a zig-zag memory lane and recap. (In no specific order. Forgive me but there’s just too much to remember you see).

Even though the pandemic hadn’t been declared yet, the world had already witnessed a disaster. 2000 hectares of Australian land got burnt in deadly wild fires. Millions of fauna and flora burned to ash. Cities evacuated and at least one billion animals, believed to have died in the fires and more than 100 species were in need of “emergency intervention” in order to survive. Dec 2020 | 120

Then we hear of the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani being killed in a drone strike by the US military. Meanwhile in India, we saw one of the most violent protests to have ever taken place. Riots broke out in Northeast Delhi between anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and pro-CAA protestors. The protest was a response to the passing of Citizenship Bill, which was seen as discriminatory to Muslims and threatening to their existence in India. This wasn’t the only major political movement that took place in 2020. Finally after three years of contemplation, the UK withdrew from the European Union. Good or bad? We are still figuring.

However, the event that shook the world to its core and brought it to a complete stand still is the one that’s still ongoing. In March, the World Health Organization was notified of the novel coronavirus in China. A worldwide pandemic was declared along with a complete lockdown for several months, some cities are experiencing it even now. COVID-19-, thanks to which millions of people around the world lost their jobs and loved ones. In India, we experienced a massive migration of locals from town to their villages, causing many to die from starvation.

Dec 2020 | 121

The later months weren’t uneventful to say the least. After months of speculation, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle indeed, put the rumours to rest and officially announced them stepping down from their duties as senior royals. If that wasn’t a shocker, then the eye for an eye took place by Iran launching ballistic missiles at two military bases in Iraq, injuring American soldiers. The attack was believed to be retaliation against the US, following the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. What next? Well, a Ukrainian flight crashed in Tehran, Iran, killing all 176 passengers on board.

Dec 2020 | 122

Of course, Iran later claimed responsibility for the incident, saying that the plane was shot down after it was mistaken for a threat. Hmm. Sadly, another crash had lesser passengers but was equally heart-breaking. The basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his 13-year old daughter, died in a helicopter crash in California. Later, Americans witnessed a ray of hope when the impeachment trial for President Donald Trump began where he was acquitted on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. A historic day in American presidential history though subsequently he got acquitted by the Senate.

Are you tired already? ‘Cause I was just getting started. Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual act. Kudos to that! The string of bad news only continued when the 2020 Summer Olympics, one of the most anticipated sports events of the year that was to take place in Tokyo, got postponed until 2021, courtesy, ‘the pandemic’ once again. Another chilling news that caused a worldwide protest was the murder of George Floyd. Yes, I would call it a murder. A police officer kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine

minutes, even as Floyd repeatedly said “I can’t breathe” and eventually became unresponsive. The incident was recorded on video and his death paved the way for a protest and the demand of justice against police brutality towards Blacks #BlackLivesMatter. The waves of death continued when a massive explosion at a Beirut port sparked by the accidental detonation of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, killed at least 190 people and injured thousands of others.

Dec 2020 | 123

2020 witnessed deaths like no other. As morbid as that sounds, the fact remains that some of the most eminent personalities of the world lost their lives this year. Bollywood received many heartbreaking blows after the death of some of the major legends of cinema. Irfan Khan succumbed to his death after a long battle with cancer. Then Rishi Kapoor. Later, the suspicious news of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput that led to a media dance mania. His death is still a subject of debate as to whether it was a suicide or murder? We will never know the truth. And, may they all rest in peace. You now see why I would call it a year of errors, don’t you? It seems as though 2020 was a year of natural disasters and calamities. After the tragic wildfires of Australia, deadly wildfires erupted from California to Washington state, burning millions of acres and displacing hundreds of thousands of people.

Dec 2020 | 124

Puerto Rico too, was hit by earthquakes. Hornets and locust swarmed Asia. And, as if the coronavirus wasn’t enough, Africa saw an outbreak Ebola. Phew! This was an emotionally draining recap. But we must go on. I promise you there’s light at the end of this tunnel. The list continues as Mumbai witnessed some of these most deadly floods that caused loss of property and a blackout in various parts of the city for several hours. Something that’s very unusual for a city like Mumbai. Just when we thought it’s all over, Wohoo, December is here, we’re at the end of year… now nothing can go wrong? Boom! The Universe says. Tadaaa! 2020 isn’t quite over yet guys. Poor farmers from Punjab, Haryana and many other

states gather in New Delhi, blocking borders and roads demanding to repeal the agriculture laws. The farmers are apprehensive that if the new bills become laws, they will not get the minimum support price (commonly known as MSP), a “guaranteed price” they have always got. The centre on the other hand says that it’s beneficial to not only the farmers but also traders and consumers. Therefore, the conflict and you see…yet another protest. (I’m with the farmers just by the way) but that’s another debate all together. Well, apart from all the tragic losses, there was much good news on the charts too. With the vaccine undergoing preparation, we are hoping for a better

and safer, 2021. This year has seen us pushing ourselves beyond our comfort level. We worked harder to make that buck; spent more time with the people we’ve always wanted to and learnt that skill we never had time for. Everyone did his or her best. We are forever grateful to our doctors, nurses and all those who were nothing less than God. It’s been a soul-filling year because in the midst of all this, it’s taught us a thing or two, given perspective on many things, a reality check and how to appreciate the little things and more importantly, our health. Now with a fortnight left, we are ready to celebrate the joy of Christmas and welcome a New Year. There’s no scope for any more surprises. But I must not speak too soon ;) Here’s to all of us turning a new page and wishing for just one sort of news from now on. Good news, only good news.

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TECHNOLOGY IS THE FUTURE Robotics is an art and we are an agglomerate of artisans. We are the generation of a millennium fortunate to witness the changing revolution in the






technology. Today we have every luxury in the world but- How do we make it better? How do we make it available for every Tom, Dick, and Harry? That’s where we come in! The name is INDIAN ROBOTICS COMMUNITY (I.R.C.), the first-ever Non-Governmental



rigorously for the upliftment of Robotics in our country. We are India’s largest robotics committee and aim to make India a robotics dominant country by uniting the vision of all robotics enthusiasts. The advancement of technology and robotics forms the foundation of our everyday life. And I.R.C. is standing with its pillars to make their mark on our society. I.R.C. is a community of people who are building platforms so that all the enthusiasts can gather under one roof to share and gain knowledge. I.R.C. is enlightening the Indian talent, showcasing the nation what we are capable of. To simply state IRC is a community of the people, by the people, and for the people. IRC is uniting our country to build a national knowledge base where every person even with slight interest can participate by projecting their innovations with the community. I.R.C. is already a growing family with more than 12 K+ active members and 500+ volunteers. To connect with every budding Robo tech soul, I.R.C. has








platforms. We started a year back and have already begun to revolutionize the field. But, with a growing community comes the challenge of constant






sessions on our page ‘IRC TECH-TALK’ with renowned guests from the field across various domains who engage in open sessions with the community members.

Dec 2020 | 128


What’s better than learning from the pros! We also have





showcase their works to their peers followed by constructive criticism and suggestions. We also host the live ‘I.R.C. WEB EXPO’ to nurture budding talent







platform to showcase their work and grow. At I.R.C. We have a unique combination of events for every Robo soul out there! I.R.C. frequently partners with various






giveaways, perks for members only! Our latest program ‘IRC Industry Connect’ (#ircic) provides community members with placements, internships, and training offers. And that’s not all, our ‘CAMPUS AMBASSADOR PROGRAM’ which received over 400 applications has people working towards I.R.C.’s vision pan India with the utmost zeal. At I.R.C.we have







community member, Oh and all of this is for FREE! All you need to do is fill up the registration form and







stretched smiles and arms. What we have started here at I.R.C. is a revolution, that aims to see India as a robotics dominant country root this vision in all young minds. Encouraging young minds to involve in today’s technological advancements will bear fruits for them and the nation. With all that I.R.C. has achieved in just one year, it can only be fathomed what the coming years hold for us. Indian Robotics Committee promises its members and the country a jaw-dropping future!

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Very Merry




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Not only is this a delicious cocktail, but this Very Merry Ornamentini wins the award for best presentation. It’s served in a glass ornament and garnished with sugared cranberries.With vodka as the base, add cranberry juice, cherry juice, orange liqueur, and a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice. Dec 2020 | 131

Adding cherry juice and substituting orange juice for lime juice is what makes this drink different and seasonal.

The cherry juice gives it a beautiful deep red colour and the orange juice suits this time of year. The resulting flavour combination is deliciously classic with a twist. Garnished with a few of those sugared cranberries plus a sprig of fresh rosemary, this martini is Christmas AF. Dec 2020 | 132



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British Indian singer Avina Shah is

best known for her recent hit singles, Husan Di Rani, Playboy, and the very recent release Sitaro Pe Nazar that she dedicated in memory of those who lost their lives to Covid-19. She is already back with a brand new bootilicious dance song titled ‘Groove’ featuring none other than cricketing legend Chris Gayle, also known as the UniverseBoss. Hard-hitting batsman Chris Gayle, who has lit up the IPL many times and has several records to his name, proves that his talents in music are just as spectacular!

It is incredible how Chris and Avina put together this unique music video during the lockdown period in different countries without meeting in person. With Chris's exotic Caribbean flavour and Avina's unique East meets West style, it is an invigorating combination that will certainly liven up our spirits in 2020.

After shooting the music video in Jamaica, Chris headed straight to Dubai where he will be playing for the IPL with Kings Eleven Punjab. He quotes, "I love the track and the Groove! It's my first collaboration with a female artist, thanks to Avina and I'm really looking forward to this release.

Dec 2020 | 135

It was a great experience shooting the music video as we wanted to bring the Jamaican flavour mixed with the Indian and Western sound. We managed to put together the whole project in a short space of time, big up to the crew!" We spoke to Avina, and here is what she has to say, "This is definitely one of my favourite and memorable songs to date. It is a unique mix of English, Hindi and Punjabi and getting Chris on board is the highlight! He brings his Reggae Jamaican flavour to the track which has such a vibe. Chris is an absolute legend not only in sport but he is clearly a talented musician too. I am really happy with the sound that he brings to Groove and we can’t wait to see the response!”

Groove releases worldwide digitally ‪on Thursday 17th ‪September and will be available on all major streaming platforms. The music video will release on Saturday 19th September on Avina’s Youtube Channel. Chris and Avina will be using the hashtag #IgottheGroove to engage with their growing legion of fans. Groove (Behind the Song): https://youtu.be/_OlI5mQxOBM

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@facemag.in A Over The Moon Entertainment Venture

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