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From a very early age, I have learned one small thing. “Great things in business are never done by one person they are done by a team of people” by-Steve jobs



Highly creative and with the urge to work in a stimulating environment, encouraging design and thought-provoking contents, I have started my career with a background of MBA in Marketing and Branding. Prior to the beginning of my Master’s degree in early 2014, I got my first formal job as the Acquisition Manager in Induslnd bank, I realized very soon that I won’t be a good banker. I began my next adventure, with Real Estate and worked for a year as a Marketing Manager. I was the marketing head of Crème magazine and was learning new things about the industry at a fast pace, and completed my two years blink of an eye and followed it by the launch of a new company Over the moon productions. As a budding entrepreneur, I still wanted more from life. Catching up with the change from print to digital media, I launched the digital magazine “F.A.C.E Fashion Art Culture Entertainment F.A.C.E is a curated experience that highlights and celebrates Global heritage, its exciting evolution and its many million possibilities are seen through the modern lens of fashion, art, culture and entertainment. And provide its readers with compelling content, new trends, innovative ideas, inspiration and the new dimension of the media world. From emerging flavors and ingredient to new ideas buzzing in the industry, it promises to collect what’s hot and trending in the industry and deliver it in a format that keeps you informed and interested. I hope you, and your loved ones, are safe and healthy. What an unprecedented starts it has been to the new fiscal year, with COVID-19 phenomenon playing out over the past few weeks. As it spreads through the world, we have thankfully taken refuge in our safe homes. COVID-19 has changed a lot many things for all of us. Its impact will be felt for long. Apart from a health crisis, it leaves a lot many businesses fragile and vulnerable. The pain across the real economy is palpable, but small businesses will be the worst hit. But all through this period, let me assure you, we at FACE Rise will be with you all along. We are clear that this battle is not yours alone. We will ride this crisis, together.








Michelle Poonawalla

Cover Story




Guide To Staying at Home


What Parents Need to Know About the Corona Virus?





SummerFoods & Diets



Life has come to a grinding halt. As the earth takes a deep breath and reboots itself , we are left with no immediate purpose except to see the still day followed by the calm night. I am positive that it is a warning from the heavens to straighten our ways and find compassion. For too long have we ignored the cries of agony in war ridden countries. We have allowed massive deforestation and endangered innumerable species. And we are now being put to test. Lockdown will mean different things to different people but it will serve no purpose if we don’t attain wisdom. And wisdom is to realize that we need to heal the world.

Deepti Editor

My prayers for all the people fighting the Covid 19, all those grieving the loss of loved ones and the doctors and nurses risking their lives everyday. Be hopeful. Seek help in patience and prayer. Stay safe and stay home. There is a better Tomorrow waiting for us!! Love & Hugs, Deepti See you at APR 2020







Untold Story





Eevelyn Sharma



Thalassophile FACE MAGAZINE


How Yoga can help in these tough times we all going through?

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MICHELLE POONAWALLA Tell us something we don’t know about you.

One project you are looking forward in the days to come.

am very fond of cars and driving.

I have been working on many new ideas. Amongst them is a very relevant installation on Air Pollution and Climate Change, also there is one on Water Scarcity.


I’m also very fond of landscaping. I feel that anything creative stems from the same source. How do you find time for your hobbies and also maintain a work life balance? I like to work at a pace that is comfortable for me. When I feel inspired, I go to my art studio or I may even create a digital piece of work. Landscaping is a hobby and I often make changes and look into maintaining my garden. I like to be home when the children come home from school. I go into work when it is necessary, I finish my meetings and I like to come home. Mails are checked regularly from home.



I think Art can be a powerful tool to send a message to all ages of people from all walks of life. Art has no boundaries. An artist you admire the most. I admire artists that have a clever unique idea. There are multiple artists to admire over the years. Your view on the current crisis and how you are coping with it. I think we have abused this world. From pollution to climate change to violence, hatred and terror. The world has forced each one of us to stop and introspect about where we are taking the future. And we MUST change for our future generations.

Interviewed By


APR 2020





Ironically my last installation, Introspection, which was shown at the Kochi Bienalle and Alkersal Avenue during Dubai Art Fair, and the Saatchi in London, was asking people to introspect and think about the future for our children. It was an immersive 360 degrees installation, in which a combination of audio clips from the news, as well as ambient sounds were used to create an intense, immersive experience. The journey through this experience began with sound, moving to the visual realm with a 360-degree projection of torrential fiery rain which was washed away by a cacophony of butterflies that flooded the screen, symbolising the final liberation of the departed souls. Using fragments of audio clips from newsreels combined with ambient sounds and motion sensor technology, Introspection created a highly visceral experience which was conceptualised to push the audience into a contemplative space. Today, this is so relevant, it’s a time for humanity to stop and think, where is all this future going….. what have we done, be it climate, be it violence, be it our way of life. This world has now evolved. The sound bite evolved to include all of our points for Introspection for humanity as a whole. There is just One World, what do YOU want it to be! What projects do you find most fun, and fascinate you the most ? I like projects that push me and let me

spread a strong message. I also love to work and inspire children. I worked with the talented kids at the Special Gateway School on two occasions. I am also going to be working on a Duniya project with a group of children, which is about saving our earth. Another very exciting project was one for the Elephant Parade India, curated by Farah Siddiqui Khan. This was in 2017, when I was approached by The Elephant Parade India project, spearheaded by the Elephant Family - a charity supported by global leaders including His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, to join India’s leading artists and designers to create a unique, life-sized elephant which would travel across India and the UK. The objective behind this unique, cross-continental public exhibition was a special one, to raise awareness and funds to create safe corridors for the endangered Asian Elephant. In the company of 101 of India’s finest creative minds, Poonawalla presented her very own bespoke elephant Monsoon Magic, which was inspired by the uniquely Indian season that forms the lifeline for farmers across India. The strong graphics used for this artwork, particularly the bold black lines that criss-crossed across the elephant, referenced Poonawalla’s signature painting style whilst the APR 2020


whimsical colours alluded to the element of fantasy that is characteristic of her oeuvre. Monsoon Magic was unveiled at the British High Commission residence in the presence of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. The bespoke elephant then travelled to Mumbai and London, where it was on view at Grosvernor Square before going under the hammer at the prestigious Concours D’Elephant auction. The event was attended by British royalty, patrons of the charity and the biggest global names in art and culture. Your view on the corona crisis and how will it affect the art world. How do you plan to cope with it? I think the Corona virus has forced each and every one of us to Instrospect. I am self isolating with my family. We spend a lot of time with each other, which on a regular day and the rat race life, one finds difficult to to do. My children enjoy art, enjoy the garden, our animals and swimming. It has been a bonding experience.



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How do you ensure your kids are not affected by your fame? How do you keep them grounded? I like to keep my children grounded, to be aware of people who are less fortunate. I try not to spoil them unnecessarily and I like to teach them the value of money. When we travel, my mother taught me to give them an allowance if they want to buy toys, now maybe not toys! We try to do our best. What’s important is not to make your children aware, it also depends a lot on how the parent talks to and in front of their children. My son gets equally excited making his own little toy than buying one. My daughter is content and very artistic and talented with craft. Lets hope they can be grounded always. I always believe – and one of my next Digital videos is based on this called from Dust to Dust. I would like to end it with the quote…. “ FOR YOU ARE DUST, AND TO DUST, YOU SHALL RETURN “

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Thalassophile Breathing to the rhythm of the waves is a way of accepting and understanding impermanence. The ocean holds a constant motion with power, less the effort. Hearing the waves while smelling the sea, cleanses the soul.




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We are going through a tough time as humanity, what would be your advice for the people feeling lost and lonely? e have been struck by a major crisis and it saddens me to see how many people out there are struggling to make ends meet. I am grateful and it is a privilege to be home and safe with my family. During this time, it is often difficult for people who are struggling and feeling lost. My only advice to them is to try and keep their minds busy and figure out what makes them happy and indulge in those activities often. Talk to a friend or someone you trust, there’s never been a better time to make the most of having a phone. Having a conversation is the best way to let your feelings out. It is okay to seek help when needed.


Please Tell us your health regime. I often practice eating healthy and include a lot of greens in my meals. Exercising and meditating regularly is necessary to keep your mind at peace and helps you stay focused. I spend a lot of time in the garden doing so. Making small changes to your meals and lifestyle can also make great changes to your body. As long as everything is in limit there is no harm. Drink a lot of water and always stay hydrated. My secret to great gut health is kombucha. One of my favourite brands for that, of course, is JIVA Kombucha! It’s real, raw, and organic! The best alternative for a refreshing soft drink!

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What do you like doing in your spare time? I often find myself reading. It is the best way to keep your mind from idling away. I do enjoy gardening and love maintaining my little garden. It gives me so much happiness to see the seeds I’ve sown grow each day. I’m becoming a specialist in growing chillies, because my fiance Tushaan loves chillies in every meal! We need to grow more!

Interviewd By


How would someone get your special attention? Someone who knows how to respect a fellow human always gets my attention. If you weren’t famous, what would you be up to right now? If i weren’t famous, I think I would be keeping myself busy full-time with my non-profit organization, Seams For Dreams. To me, it is very important to give back to society and do your very bit. In this time of lock-down and quarantine at home, I urge all of you to clean your closets and take out all the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Wash, fold, pack them up nicely and schedule a pick-up with our SFD Truck, or send them directly to the NGO of your choice. There are people out there who just lost everything. Let’s do our bit and support them in every way we can. What is one message you would like to give to your fans? Be kind to yourself, and be kind to one another. FACE MAGAZINE




In frame Meera Brahmbhatt MUA Meera’s Glam Station Clothing One way Photographer oragrapher



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#MaskBae His & Hers Skincare Routine with Skin Republic


ver wondered why there are different skin care products for men and women? Well, it’s because the structure of male and female skin differs. This is how: Male skin is about 25% thicker, has higher collagen density, larger pores and a different skin texture compared women’s skin. Taking these unique skin qualities of women and men into account, Skin Republic have developed products to specifically target these different skin concerns.



APR 2020


For Him: Step 1. Exfoliate - Use Men’s Charcoal Facial Scrub (AED 32) containing natural exfoliant, walnut shell (no nasty microbeads), to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. This helps prevent clogged pores and allows your other products, like daily moisturiser, to work harder to keep you looking young.

Step 2. Hydrate and Reboot - Try Skin Republic’s Energising Face Mask Sheet (AED 30) This mask is perfect for men who are concerned about tired, dry skin and the onset of wrinkles. After 20 minutes your face feels as though it has been refreshed and reborn.

Step 3. Eye Love - The Skin Republic for Men Anti-Fatigue Hydrogel Under Eye Patches (AED 32) are gel under eye patches that instantly reduces under eye puffiness, dark circles and dryness, eliminating pesky signs of tiredness to reveal eyes which look more awake and refreshed.



For Her: Step 1. Exfoliate - Try Charcoal PeelOff Face Mask (AED 35) for a deep exfoliation. It will get rid of any nasties blocking up your pores, leaving your skin healthy and ultra-soft.

Step 2. Brighten and Hydrate - The Skin Republic Vitamin C Brightening Face Mask Sheet (AED 24) is a must for glowing skin. The radiance enhancing vitamins C, E and 7 plant extracts help reduce the appearance of age spots and imperfections for a bright and even skin tone.

Step 3. Bright Eyes - Use the Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patches (AED32) for an intensive under eye treatment that helps reduce the visible signs of aging.

APR 2020


All Skin Republic Masks are dermatologist tested and are not tested on animals. Skin Republic masks have a three-year shelf life available at Lifestyle stores, Community Pharmacy, Boots Pharmacy and To learn more about the story of the Skin Republic brand, visit and keep up with the latest news on Instagram @Skinrepublic.



Get the Gloss Dewy lips from Flormar just in time for Spring


ith Spring fast approaching, it’s time to brighten things up a bit and switch out those dark shades to wear lighter hues on your lips. Think corals, peaches bright reds and all things glossy to reflect the magic that’s blooming outside.



APR 2020


Flormar is bringing back the dewy lip trend for spring with their latest Dewy Lip Booster and Dewy Lip Glaze collections. Dewy Lip Booster. Enjoy a fuller pout with the non-sticky Flormar lip booster! Available in 5 colours, all offering a striking, luminous finish! If you would like to bring out your natural lip color and create plumper lips, then you have to try this. Dewy Lips Glaze This collection includes 20 shades to complete your look and achieve a smooth appearance on your lips. Dewy Lip Glaze offers a long-lasting shine and does not leave your lips feeling sticky. Thanks to the shea butter in its formula, it provides intense moisture. The colour options available include metallic, pearlescent and glass shine finishes!



Flormar’s Dewy Lip Booster and Dewy Lip Glaze are available in all Flormar stores and kiosks, Exquisite Stores, Lifestyle Stores, and online on Dubai: Mercato Mall, City Centre Deira, The Dubai Mall, Al Ghurair Centre, Burjuman Centre, City Centre Shindagha, Madina Mall, Oasis Mall, City Land Mall. Sharjah: City Centre Sharjah, Sahara Centre Ajman: City Centre Ajman Abu Dhabi: Al Wahda Mall, Dalma Mall, Khalidiyah Mall Al Ain: Al Jimi Mall To discover more and keep up with the latest news, visit Flormar’s Facebook and Instagram pages – @FlormarUAE @Flormar_UAE

APR 2020


The Key to Healthy Hair with VIERRO


Spring is coming and there’s no time like the present to embrace a new cleaner outlook in life, home, beauty and even your hair. In with the old and out with the new, it’s the perfect time to assess whether or not your old shampoo and conditioner is still working for you. Weather changes mean that what works for you in the winter, may not in the summer. Hormonal changes, the natural ageing process of your hair and environmental damage can also affect the way your hair behaves and switching up your hair care routine ensures hair stays looking it’s best whilst getting the nutrients it needs.



Spring Cleaning Your Haircare Routine

APR 2020 69

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ product when it comes to hair care but Vierro’s hair experts have crafted a combination of the most unique proteins to provide your hair with the best nourishment science has to offer, and they cover all hair types so you can make sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioner for you.



If your hair is feeling a little lacklustre and limp after the colder winter month’s then Vierro’s Volume Boost will volumize, nourish and bring your hair to life. If the busy winter months have left your hair damaged and over-styled from countless festive parties then Vierro’s Damage Repair will repair your hair with a formulation created to restore strength, softness and radiance. If the cooler weather has your hair feeling frizzy and the fly always are out of control then try Vierro’s Super Smooth range to nourish your hair and leave it feeling soft and manageable.

APR 2020


Vierro’s Hair Fall Control range is a miracle-worker for women who struggle with excessive hair loss. If changing hormone levels or changes in water whilst travelling home for the festive period have increased hair fall then this range will help to revitalize and strengthen your hair. Vierro products are available at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets in the UAE including Carrefour, Union Coop, Sharjah Coop, Abu Dhabi Coop, Lifco Supermarket, Al Maya supermarket and many other stand-alone super markets around the UAE. To discover more, visit and keep up with the latest news on Instagram (@VierroHairExpert).



Recent study shows that Gen Zers are more open than Millennials when talking about menstruation

Being Period Positive with Lunette

APR 2020


From 'Aunt Flo' to 'time of the month', how many ways can you avoid saying the word ‘period’? Whether it's talking about menstruation with family members or on the society level, it has often been a taboo subject. There's a long history of menstrual taboos in almost all cultures, and these continue to continue in subtle and complex ways. In a recent study conducted by Lunette that included 2000 women between the ages 18 to 38, it was found that the mindset is totally shifting when it comes to reproductive health, and leading that movement was none other than Gen Z. While 65% of surveyors thought that the stigma surrounding menstruation still exists in today’s society, the majority of them recognized that it is a totally natural process, nothing to be ashamed of, and should be an openly accepted topic for everyone including men. At least that’s what 83 percent of Gen Zers feel.



The question remains, if periods are so natural and nothing to be grossed about, why do women find themselves hiding tampons up their sleeves and in socks – and making up other excuses when having to miss work due to heavy bleeding, cramping, headaches, stomach aches and diarrhea? After all, nearly half of women have had to miss work for this exact reason, with 92% admitting that they have had to alter their day-to-day lives simply because they were on their periods. While young women are leading a new movement of reproductive health empowerment, they are also being fully honest that empowerment doesn’t mean you have to LOVE your period! In fact, research showed it’s okay if you don’t. The research also showed that Gen Zers and millennials are looking to newer options than previous generations to solve period, health and environmental challenges. In fact, 53% reported that they are currently and would consider using reusable period products. The top three reasons both generations would choose a reusable product like a menstrual cup are cost savings (66%), going green (65%) and comfort (62%). Lunette Menstrual Cup retails at AED 157.5 and comes in a vibrant violet colour and two sizes. It is available for purchase at Boots, Spinney’s and United Pharmacy stores and online on, and To learn more about the story of Lunette and the research conducted, visit this LINK and keep up with the latest news on Instagram @lunette.arabia and @ lunettecup

APR 2020




The latest on COVID-19, including some encouraging news for parents.


understand the concern about the coronavirus most of us have right now. After all, it’s dominating the headlines and probably your work and home conversation. But as a pediatrician, let’s talk first about what’s most important to me and you: our kids. Fortunately, we have not seen any cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) at Cook Children’s. The other good news is based on confirmed cases of COVID-19 from around the world, kids have been relatively protected from serious illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children are less likely to get Novel coronavirus infections (COVID-19) than adults. And the good news is if they do get it, it’s usually a mild case. In a study of more than 72,000 patients by the Centers for Disease Control in China, only about 400 cases occurred in children under age 9 with zero deaths. Most of the kids who caught COVID-19 had mild symptoms, including a fever, runny nose and cough. “These limited reports suggest that children with confirmed COVID-19 have generally presented with mild symptoms, and though severe complications (acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock) have been reported, they appear to be FACE MAGAZINE


uncommon,” the CDC wrote. The CDC adds, “However, as with other respiratory illnesses, certain populations of children may be at increased risk of severe infection, such as children with underlying conditions.” So now let’s get to some of the basics you may be wondering about. What is the “Coronavirus?” COVID-19 is a novel respiratory coronavirus which most often presents with symptoms of fever, coughing and shortness of breath. The rapid spread throughout China (and now outside of China) as well the significant percentage of cases that result in severe illness is what makes COVID-19 a particular concern. Where can I find the latest? I highly recommend checking out Tarrant County Public Health’s website for the latest on COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The site tracks the total cases confirmed worldwide, including deaths.

COVID -19 The Texas Department of Health and Human Services (DSHS) also has a COVID-19 webpage with information for the public, travelers, health care professionals, public health partners and others. How do I take care of myself and my kids? Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. So for now, the best way to prevent infection is to take the following precautions: •

• • • • •

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Stay home when you are sick. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. Clean and disinfect frequently

touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe. To add to the previous bullet, the World Health Organization states that “there are some chemical disinfectants that can kill the 2019-nCOV on surfaces. These include bleach/chlorine based disinfectants, either solvents, 75% ethanol, peracetic acid and chloroform.” Click here for the EPA’s registered antimicrobial products for use against Novel Coronavirus report. But it’s important to add: “However, they have little or no impact on the virus if you put them on the skin or under your nose. It can even be dangerous to put these chemicals on your skin. I know you’ve probably heard a ton about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as far as what will and won’t work. Check out the WHO’s myth busters section for some great advice for the public. What about masks? We have been asked so much about masks. Should you wear one or not wear one? The CDC doesn’t recommend the routine use of respirators (or masks) outside of workplace settings (in the community). “Most often, spread of respiratory viruses from person-to-person happens among close contacts (within 6 feet). APR 2020


CDC recommends everyday preventive actions to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, such as avoiding people who are sick, avoiding touching your eyes or nose, and covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue. People who are sick should stay home and not go into crowded public places or visit people in hospitals. Workers who are sick should follow CDC guidelines and stay home when they are sick.�

the same time, we wait to see what develops. 3. Reinforce with your children handwashing, cough and sneeze hygiene and continue to develop good habits of staying home while sick. 4. Healthcare workers should discuss with their institution the efforts that are taking place to protect them from spread should their medical center have cases.

So, what can we do to prepare? Preparation is good advice in general for any new and emerging infectious disease, and not just dealing with the novel coronavirus. Preparation and thinking around the status of coronavirus could be divided into three categories: Preparation Right Now Based on the current status, the following suggestions can be universally applied at relatively low cost. They could prevent problems down the road should an outbreak occur. 1. Gather medical supplies and prescriptions that you might need in advance. Children with chronic medical conditions should have enough supplies to last a few weeks in case local spread develops rapidly, and doctors or pharmacies are overwhelmed. Parents of children with chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma should especially consider this option. 2. Having some non-perishable food on hand to minimize trips outside is something relatively easy to do. At FACE MAGAZINE


What to do in case of a community spread of the novel coronavirus? If one of the local populations of COVID-19 infections includes your area, some other things might help or be asked of you:

1. Schools, churches, employers and other places where people gather in large numbers should have preparation for allowing individuals who can have the ability to work from home. If the virus is spreading throughout a community, minimizing contact between community members may be a strategy employed.

scared members of their community. 4. The local public health departments (Tarrant County for us) will be the ultimate source of the best information regarding the spread of the virus and recommendations regarding novel coronavirus. What to do in case of a widespread outbreak of the novel coronavirus? Should the number of cases expand rapidly or broadly, further precautions will be undertaken. Remember, this is felt to be an unlikely scenario for the United States. 1. Minimize contact with others whenever possible to help avoid the spread of the virus. 2. Follow the CDC guidance for infection precautions and treatment. In the case of a widespread outbreak, they would be working with local health departments and healthcare facilities to address coronavirus.

2. Reach out to your health care providers if you think you or your child might have COVID-19 so that they can guide you to the right place and prepare for your visit. In the case of local spread, a non-essential visit to health care facilities may be postponed, so call ahead. 3. Use common sense when evaluating claims of products on the market for treatment or prevention of disease. Unfortunately, many will use this vulnerable time to take advantage of




Guide to Staying Home As the majority of us are now based at home; whether working, teaching, multi-tasking or feeling the strain, research shows that taking regular intervals to do the things we love can benefit our general health and wellbeing greatly. It can be easy to get into a rut and feel restless, bored and anxious but with a little structure and organisation, there are plenty of options available to us to help keep our minds and home life on track. We have compiled a feel-good guide full of ideas to keep you going during this unprecedented time and beyond.

Read a book – At Home Anywhere by Rachael Lynn


upport local and enjoy the debut novel from American born, Dubai based author Rachel Lynn. Part memoir, part loving letter full of advice on how to lead a more joyful and worthwhile life for those who suddenly find themselves uprooted to a new city, this heartwarming tale is sure to be relatable to many and best enjoyed cosied

up on the sofa with a mug of something warm. Available online at Kinokuniya, Virgin Stores Magrudy’s and online at Amazon



Indulge in a Foot Peel – Skin Republic Foot Peel Put your feet up, relax and treat yourself to a Skin Republic Foot Peel. This serum infused mask performs deep level action to help soften, hydrate and repair dry, cracked skin. This mask is cruelty free, not tested on animals and can be done whilst you are working, watching a movie or reading – multitasking at its finest! Available online from and

Try a Detox – Health Nag If you have ever thought of doing a detox there is no time like the present. Great for the mind and as well as effectively removing all toxins in your system, this 3 day programme promotes weight loss, purifies the digestive system, boosts immunity, heals the gut, clears the skin and increases energy levels. Available online at

Order in a coffee – Costa If you are missing your daily caffeine fix, fear not as Deliveroo are still delivering your favourite Costa delights across the UAE. Enjoy your favourite brew from the comfort of your sofa. Available online from Deliveroo

APR 2020


Enjoy a workout – FITLOV APP – First session FREE! Don’t forget to keep moving with FITLOV, the app that lets you train from the comfort of your own home. The brand are currently offering live PT sessions with your first session free! Download FITLOV and find out more! Available online at

Treat yourself to some new loungewear – TKD Lingerie Let’s be honest, loungewear has never been so welcome. We are loving putting on fresh pj’s for the day ahead. Lingerie boutique TKD have some beautiful offerings if you fancy treating yourself and upping your loungewear game. Available online at

Clean your home – SterilOx Now is the perfect time to unleash your inner Monica and get cleaning! Newly launched SterilOx is a local homegrown brand that offers a disinfectant and sanitizer all in one. What’s more, this multi-use wonder product can be used on virtually everything with no need to rinse. From fruits and vegetables, A/C ducts, your children’s toys and more, SterilOx is your one stop product for a freshly cleaned home. Available online at FACE MAGAZINE



APR 2020




Wellness Coach

Let’s face it, being confined to home is not fun. Maybe for about 12 hours it seems OK, but then our natural desire to be social kicks in, or we start to yearn for open space, or really, we just start to miss all the things that just last week, we potentially took for granted.

section. Structure aids discipline and consistency and helps stop procrastination, so create it to utilise this time for your advantage.

Unfortunately, for the next little while we need to adapt and stay home for the benefit of everyone. So, if we have no choice but to be stuck at home, accept what we can’t control, and find benefit and create value from what we can control.

The duration of lockdown will be different for everyone, but utilise the time to figure out what morning routine elements work for you, and start doing it consistently each morning. One of the biggest hurdles to getting the most out of out your time is feeling that we are not in control of it. Well, now is the time to set an ongoing routine in which you start each day on a pathway to making the day a success. And a run of successful days, adds up to a very successful year and so forth. Consistency wins.

Here’s a few ideas for honing in what you can control:

Keep a consistent schedule Even if you are still working from home, stay productive by setting and then keeping yourself on a schedule. Divide your day into sections and nominate tasks for each



Get a morning routine sorted

An example routine: 5.45am start, brush teeth, drink water with a pinch of salt, write priorities for the day, 30 jump jacks, 30 mountain climbers, 30 pushups. Stretch it out, take 6 deep, relaxed breaths, cold shower‌ game on.

Connect and supercharge yourself through 5 mins of breath-work each day We will get to some nutrition for immunity and overall health in a second, but your immune health is also intrinsically linked to your mindset and thoughts. Self-criticism, anxiety, not feeling in control, these all contribute to physiological reactions within the body. They cause our bodies to utilise resources to regulate the resultant effects and can subsequently draw resources away from other important functions (such as regulating inflammation, fighting off pathogens, removing metabolic waste and free radicals). So find a breathwork technique you enjoy (add to your morning routine?), maybe wim-hof, soma or simple box breathing) or a meditation app that guides you through (headspace, calm) and utilise these to relax, centre and/or up-regulate your mind, body and soul.

Hone in on your nutrition Use this as an opportunity to get your nutrition on point. Firstly, some quick immunity boosting food and/or supplements. Ensure you are getting enough Vitamin C - Citrus, Bell Peppers or Kiwi Fruits for example. Vitamin E as well - Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds and full-fat Yoguht for example. A great source of Vitamin A, C and E is lightly cooked Broccoli. Spinach is also a well-rounded nutrient supplier. Garlic, ginger and turmeric all play various roles in helping the body boost or regulate the immune system. One last one, my good mate and superstar nutritionist @craigburtoncoach (give him a follow) suggested I add Colloidal Silver morning and night to help strengthen my viral fighting abilities. It’s working so far :) On top of enhancing the nutrient value of your foods to keep you healthy, maybe also use this opportunity to work out what foods work best for your goals and how to consistently get the right foods onto your plate throughout the week. Take some time to discover you macronutrient mix and how this translate onto the plate to bring you closer to your health goals. For most people, movement will be restricted over this period, so nutrition needs

APR 2020


Use your Streaming time

to be dialled in to keep you moving forwards. DM or email me for some free advice: @mindbodymovin or

Think of something that you have always wanted to do Learn a language? Learn guitar? Read more? Whatever, this is your chance to get the ball rolling and make it stick. A lot of us start stuff and things get in the way and it falls into the ‘one-day’ basket. Allocate one of your time slots to what you choose. Allocate 1-2 hour a day for however long we have to remain at home. 15 hours, 30 hours, you will be amazed at what you can achieve. Inertia is generally the biggest hurdle. One new word, one push-up, one chord, whatever it is, just start. Inertia will be broken and by the time normal life kicks back in, the behaviour-resultsmotivation loop will have already taken hold.



If you’re going to spend a few hours streaming content, utilities a percentage of that time to build your core stability, strength, balance or mobility. Get a timer and for every 5 minutes of streaming time, finish one set of a particular exercise. It may be a stretch, a set of push-ups or tossing a ball against the wall whilst balancing on one foot. Doesn’t matter, the point is that you are using time to create value for yourself and if you do it consistently, it will undoubtedly add up.

One last thought Take one minute each day to send out some loving energy. I am reserved about a lot of things, my friends would quickly agree, but one thing that I firmly believe in is the power of positive energy. You may have felt it at a concert, captured in a space or had someone’s positive vibrations just uncontrollably lift your spirits. It exists and it is powerful. Please take a minute to focus your energy and be positive. Send some love to those less fortunate, think about of the things you are grateful for, and when this time passes, I hope we can all take our energy back outside, and spread positivity like never before.

Monaco Launches an Upgraded Virtual As travelers across the world practice staying at home and social distancing, Monaco has launched an upgraded virtual tour of the entire principality that will keep them engaged.


ith so much to explore, now is the best time to immerse yourselves in a virtual tour of the renowned city and start planning your future trip. The Visit Monaco team has worked painstakingly to develop a virtual travel experience called Monaco 360, which allows a 360° virtual visit to the principality. The tour allows viewers to get a panoramic view of Monaco’s stunning French Riviera coastline and skyline while zooming in to see the city’s main destinations in spectacular detail. From the glistening yacht-lined shores of the Port Hercule to the soothing tree-lined walkways of the Jardin of Saint-Martin, and the storied marine-inspired hallways of Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, viewers can take a deep dive into Monaco’s greatest attractions and learn about the principality’s rich history and culture. The virtual tour also includes some of Monaco’s well-known hotels like the iconic Hotel de Paris and the five-star Metropole Monte-Carlo. Viewers can get a first-hand look at their exquisite architecture and décor and experience their sophisticated rooms which have set the standard for hotels across the world. The Monaco 360 platform can be accessed here.

APR 2020


How Yoga can help in these tough times we all going through?


There is no calamity, or pandemic which cannot be overcome as long as we exercise patience, hope and mental strength. The whole world stands together cautiously to curb the spread of Coronavirus (COVID- 19). In this situation it becomes necessary to do all that you can do to protect yourself. This will ensure that you are safe, and are not instrumental in passing the infection around. Therefore, it is very important to follow all the instructions that are being issued by the Government authorities with great care. Whether it is wearing of the face masks or using hand sanitizer, avoiding touching your face, mouth etc., please ensure that you adhere to these medical protocols.



Keep practising yoga in the confines of your home as yoga can help to build your immunity, and strength. Crisis-filled times like these require you to remain calm, and resilient. To help build yourself physically, here are a few asanas that can improve your immune systemPaschimottanasana, Halasana, Dhanurasana, Chakrasana, and Padmasana. The rule of social distancing which has been enforced is also a great opportunity to build your mental strength. Through the practices of Pranayama and Meditation, you can increase your mental, and spiritual strength. Practice Anulom Vilom, Kapal Bhati, Khand, and Brahmari pranayama. Despite having originated in China, China has persevered to gain victory over COVID-19 as no new cases are being reported now. This is proof that we shall emerge triumphant as long as we adhere to regulations, stay disciplined, and live responsibly.

GRAND MASTER AKSHAR Spiritual Master | Lifestyle Coach | Yoga-preneur

APR 2020


A soup for the soul. Photographer: Saakshi Gupta Satav Styled By: Arti Agarwal Location: Lord of The Drinks, Pune FACE MAGAZINE


Cinnamon Dust Photographer: Saakshi Gupta Satav Styled By: Arti Agarwal Location: The Joint, Pune

APR 2020


The Perfect Breakfast Photographer: Saakshi Gupta Satav Styled By: Arti Agarwal Location: Bantoos, Pune FACE MAGAZINE


Sizzles at every bite. Photographer: Saakshi Gupta Satav Styled By: Arti Agarwal Location: Tales and Spirits Bistro, Pune

APR 2020


A mystic potion in a usual cocktail. Photographer: Saakshi Gupta Satav Styled By: Arti Agarwal Location: Elephant and Co., Pune



Chocolate brownies with beetroot dust Photographer: Saakshi Gupta Satav Styled By: Arti Agarwal Location: Home Studio, Pune

APR 2020


Not for the faint hearted. Photographer: Saakshi Gupta Satav Styled By: Arti Agarwal Location: Retox, Pune FACE MAGAZINE


Summer Foods & Diets T MYTHS, MENU AND MINERALS!

he growing consciousness about healthy, organic food and our efforts to claw our way out of our food routine always has us stuck between what to buy and how to cook it. The debate between nutrition labels and the authenticity of freshly bought produce seems to have us puzzled every time we are buying groceries. Amidst several lifestyle problems to deal with, we tend to forget or ignore granny’s simple remedy of eating fresh, seasonal produce.


The thought of being healthy and eating simple probably runs through our mind almost every time we eat, it makes us pity ourselves and hate that grilled cheese or the double chocolate chip brownie in our hand but mostly after we have devoured it completely. So what is this whole hype about eating seasonal foods anyway? Let us look into the advantages and the variety of foods that this season brings to us. Summer bearings include a lot of green vegetables, melons, peaches, corn, mangoes, and other fresh and fragrant herbs. Local markets are at their best during summer when fruits are abundant, and vegetables are as fresh as can be. They’ve got twice as much flavor, that extra crunch and are extremely high on vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. The APR 2020


concept of seasonal fruits is slowly fading since we get most of the fruits and veggies available all through the year now. But consuming items that are not in season comes with a risk of obvious preservatives and chemicals that are induced to keep them fresh. If seen in-depth and planned a proper diet we will realize that nature completely has us sorted for the season. Summer comes with strong UV rays, which have an impact on our skin and our internal body temperature as well. We’re told that we need to wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from skin damage; a lot of the sun protection products out there are toxic to our health. Instead, have you ever thought about eating your sunscreen? There is a wide array of foods that offer sun protection, and most of them are easily available in the summertime. ‘Cause Nature is smart like that. For example, summer comes with a variety and crunchy green leafy vegetables. Dark leafy green vegetables are an incredible source of antioxidants, which can help offset the damage from UV rays. Carrots are full of beta-carotene, which not only protects against sun damage but also can help to reverse it as it has natural sunscreen properties. Pomegranate is famously known as Nature’s Oldest Ultraviolet Protection. Scientists have discovered that nutrients in pomegranates can reduce the ability of UVB radiation to cause cancer-promotion damage in skin cells. Protecting our skin from the sun, we now need to talk about how to keep our body temperature in check with FACE MAGAZINE


the rising heat and how to to cope with dehydration. As important as hydration is, and as nice as the thought of a glass of cold water tastes after a long hot day, water isn’t gonna cut it when you’re hungry and verging on hangry. Citrus fruits are super cooling thanks to their ability to help break down fatty foods and aid in digestion. By helping with digestion, these fruits are making your body work less and ultimately produce less heat. Cucumber’s high water content will help you “stay as cool as a cucumber” and force you to eat your veggies when it’s hot out.

A summer discussion is incomplete without a discussion about our beloved mangoes that are at peak this season. As much as it is encouraged to delve into this delicacy we would like to precaution you about the amount of heat that this fruit adds to the body. Mangoes are famously known to cause diarrhea, increase body heat, increase blood sugar levels and lead to weight gain.

And let’s not forget our ultimate summer favorite ‘watermelon’. It’s the perfect time to gorge on some and we can find a hundred recipes to use its versatility in drinks, foods, and desserts. With the approaching summer make sure you are procuring these foods. Pro tip- Never buy these fruits and veggies in bulk because the heat is sure to leave them stale. Buy less, but often. When you think about it, most of the above-mentioned ingredients can make up a perfect salad for you. Summer is also the perfect time to hydrate and emphasize liquids, hence you can use your green veggies in your smoothies, juice up any of the fruits or use them in your dishes and snacks, but don’t forget to include them in your diet every day.

Here are some more tips we have gathered for you this summer. To increase your water intake, start making infused water with your favorite ingredients, most popular being mint and cucumber, this will enhance the taste and properties of the water as well as encourage you to drink it. Keep an eye out for Sugarcane juice which is largely available only in this season and has unmatched qualities that are not readily available. Kokum is also a good source to cool body temperatures. In case you are not able to follow the food to eat this summer, you need to at least try to avoid the foods that are harmful to you in summer. Foods such as Grilled meat, Spices, eggs, mangoes, almonds, coffee, etc. These foods are known to increase body heat and can worsen the situation for you in summer. If taken seriously this season comes with many benefits that are within our reach and easily attainable. Let’s take advantage of this beautiful time of the year where nature is at its prettiest and foods at their healthiest. APR 2020 99




Why is Art important to S O C I E T Y ?


rt is a part of our culture. It should be given importance by the people. It is the expression of our creative ideas and imagination. It has different forms such as the visual arts, sculpture, music, literature, theatre, films, and other ways that artists choose as a medium for their craft. The important thing is that they are able to put their imagination and ideas into something tangible – although these are subject to other people’s comprehension and

appreciation. And when the members of a society continue to do this, there is a collective psyche of a particular period or generation. Art transcends time. It transcends the artist who was responsible in its creation. It shatters barriers and goes beyond them to be able to share its message and speak of its meaning. Art rises above language, class, religion, gender, and other factors that seem to divide the world. Art brings people together. APR 2020 101

It elicits different reactions and emotions but everyone can agree that it moves them to think, to feel, and to act. Art is there to remind us of the values that we uphold. It makes us realize that we may all come from different walks of life but there are some things that are undeniably common to all of us – like love, friendship, and freedom. It reminds us that there are more important things in life. It makes us realize the importance of pursuing our passion and expressing ourselves. At the end of the day, we can say that art makes us a better person – by making us think profoundly, by making us feel deeper, and by making us act and do something other than not doing anything at all. Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time.



Research has shown art affects the fundamental sense of self. Painting, sculpture, music, literature and the other arts are often considered to be the repository of a society’s collective memory. We learn to think creatively, with an open mind as well as to observe and describe, analyse and interpret. Art in this sense is communication; it allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images, sounds and stories. Art is often a vehicle for social change. It can give voice to the politically or socially disenfranchised. A song, film or novel can rouse emotions in those who encounter it, inspiring them to rally for change. It activates the left side of the brain to perform tasks that have do with creativity and the arts, to maintain a balance and sensitise us. It is therapeutic and a great way to create different moods and sense of satisfaction even for people who don’t belong to the art fraternity.

We learn to express feelings, with or without words. • We practice problem-solving skills, criticalthinking skills, music, theatre and artmaking skills. • Everyone discovers that there is more than one right answer, multiple points of view. • Youth learn to collaborate with other children and with adults. • Many people blossom and excel in the arts. Those with physical, emotional or learning challenges, can experience success. • Arts build confidence. Because there is not just one right way to make art, everyone can feel pride in his or her original artistic creations. • Arts build community. Schools with a variety of differences can celebrate the arts as one community.

APR 2020 103

1. it is a natural behaviour

Behaviour of expressing oneself, so is art. When children are young, they draw to express themselves. They try to draw something creative that reflects their thought process.

2. Media for communication

There are different types of languages. You might not understand a particular language. But art is a universal form of communication. Everyone can understand it. With art, you can share your ideas and thoughts with other people.

3. It talks about culture and society

When you look at the paintings made in caves and rocks by the ancient people, it gives us an idea about their culture. So, art is a form of preserving culture. It reflects a society’s beliefs, cultural values, etc.

4. Attracts tourism

People visit many places because of art, like the Louvre in Paris or Granville Island in Vancouver. Art doesn’t only mean expensive things; these are architecture and sculpture as well.



Priyanka Banerjee INDRAYANI Edited By


What is art to you? Art is the expression of an artist’s creativity and imagination on canvas. It characteristically has an aesthetic appeal to it and contributes and enriches the cultural heritage of art and architecture of our glorious nation left behind by our forefathers and a legacy which we can pass on to our future generations. Whats integral to the work of an artist? Since times immemorial, art forms an integral part of our society. Artists create their artworks with the aim of fulfilling the aesthetic purpose of the society. As an art curator, I feel that a

contemporary theme of social relevance makes any artwork very appealing and also gives out a strong social message. The significant thing is that they are able to put their imagination and ideas into something tangible. Over the years the artists develop their signature styles to communicate complexity through their desired medium which in turn gives them a recognition in the society. It becomes an integral part of their artistic career.

APR 2020 105

Question: How has your practice changed over time? An artist is always on quest for his or her muse. I have always found my muse in Mother nature, forests, deserts and as an artist try to send a social message through my artworks. In my curated shows, I have always tried to create social awareness by exhibiting artworks based on social issues. Thus, spirituality, cruelty to animals, feminism, urbanisation, deforestation and their subsequent effect on the wild life find an expression in my curated shows.


Satya Event and Exhibition Management Services Private limited (SEEMS Pvt. Ltd.), a platform to showcase the talent of emerging and upcoming artists by giving their artistic expressions the much-needed

Tell us about your journey. Fifteen years ago when I had stepped out of my comfort zone, (Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand) with a dream in my eyes to make it big in the city one day, little did I realise that I would end up having my own business in the capital of this country, New Delhi. My heart had always been in the field of art. I wanted to contribute my bit to the rich cultural heritage that India has since ages. This was an extremely uneasy choice to make. However, I followed my heart, took a call and finally summoned up enough guts to prioritise my passion over my profession. It brought a lot of challenges with it, nevertheless I was prepared to confront them. I formed my own company named APR 2020 107

wings that they need. Times have changed. In recent times, a trend has emerged and it can be witnessed in the increase in the number of entrepreneurs and start-ups in India. In fact, India ranks among the top five communities of the world. When I established my company, the situation was very different. The idea of being an entrepreneur was not encouraged, more so, if it was a woman. I had a tough time convincing my family and friends. Only when they were onboard, did I take the next step. But now, times have changed and encouragingly so. With the advent of technology and new government policies, today seventy two percent of the founders are less than thirty-five years of age, which makes an unprecedented pool of young talented people, willing to go the unconventional way. Even with the young entrepreneurs, India ranks in the top five nations addressing social FACE MAGAZINE


issues with innovative solutions. As innovations make the lives of the customers easier, the advance in technology itself is making it easy for entrepreneurs to take a big leap in their work, leading to accelerated development cycles and better business opportunities to chase. Being self-employed and providing employment for others give me immense satisfaction. Today more than hundred artists from rural and urban India are a part of SEEMS. There are many tribes who are getting an opportunity to showcase their tribal art in the esteemed galleries. In the process they are able to earn money, name and fame for themselves. In our fast-paced world, where people hardly have time to appreciate art and culture, I feel blessed to be able to bring art to a wider Indian audience in particular and to the world in general.

Are art and beauty essentially related? ‘Beauty is truth, truth is beauty’ - that is all. Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’ The famous lines of John Keats from his poem ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’ means that the real beauty of a thing lies on its permanence and that there is only one beauty that is eternal and that is truth. These lines appeal to me as the poet harps on the fact that beautiful art transcends time and reality. I endorse the same thought. As an art curator and an artist, I believe that a beautiful work of art having an aesthetic value will remain immortalised for generations. The Somnath Temple, Ajanta Ellora Caves, Sarnath Temple are milestones in the ancient Indian history. The architectural beauty, their historical appeal have inspired many generations of artists and will continue to do so in the coming times. APR 2020 109




inod Sharma an artist who has been spilling out his creativity, completed his Bachelors in Fine arts from Delhi and Masters of Fine arts, from M.S. University, Baroda. Though his father wanted him to become a doctor, he followed his heart and life gave him the way he wished. As a child he took part in Shankar’s painting competition which earned him a chance to participate in a painting event in Russia. In his long career he has had many solo and group shows and has innumerous national and international awards to his credit. Vinod Sharma’s latest oeuvre, “Mindscapes” offers a remarkable opportunity to step into the mind of the artist to witness his experiential solitary journey and sensibilities dangling in the manufactured landscapes. The colorfully composed landscapes maintain the subtleties of color with great delicacy of touch. Mystical luminosity, achieved by using thin oils, subdued colors and soft brushes on canvass, convey us a quiet



and a thoughtful feeling as though the artist has understood how everything sits in its power. Being denied titles, the paintings are allowed to exist without judgment or justification. How we interpret and react to their existence is left to us. Vinod Sharma is fondly known as ‘The king of art camps’ amongst his friends; he has organized several art camps in India and abroad with the renowned artists of the country. His penchant for travel is not limited to simply finding a gateway to hang around with the fellow artists but it is a process that offers him to accumulate myriad new stimuli for his artistic and spiritual

APR 2020


journey. While travelling to various destinations, the picturesque, realistic settings captured in the memory of the artist are processed in his mind so as to make them unfamiliar and develop them into something too strange and magical to believe. This technique not only enables the artist to impede and prolong the process of perception but also to attain an aesthetic end in itself. The works retain a meditative quality as we are invited to consider the wealth and variety of color and texture. The delicate terrains are enwrapped in ripple marks, every bit of which seems to be lovingly savored and rendered for pleasure. The vibrant landscapes give a flavour of the beautiful delicacy of flowers. A river glows like a white celestial energy, flowing through them as if






DJ Paroma

DJ Paroma


hen did you start DJing - and what or who were your early passions and influences? I started DJing at a little later stage in life. My first profession was as an airhostess, and I worked really hard and it took me places. I interacted with a lot of people from across the world as well. However, I did not get the job satisfaction that I have been looking to achieve through my profession. This made me feel I need to do something more fulfilling and fruitful in my life. Armin Van Burren and David Guetta were definitely the men who drove the passion into me and have inspired me to become and reach where I am today. Nucleya as well, as he represents the industry in India and I wanted to do something like that in my life. I feel very happy to play Bollywood music locally and overseas, and people enjoying and appreciating the Bollywood music tracks. We have so much of talent within our country itself. APR 2020 115

What about the music and/or sound that drew you to it? Music is what I live for, and I have always loved music. I enjoy all kinds of music from Bollywood EDM to Hip Hop and Trance. I truly believe that I have a great sense of rhythm and sound, and this would help me in my Djing skills or producing a song of my own someday, which currently being fullfilled with the release of my latest track – You’re Not Worth A Sorry.

How would you define the job and describe the influence of the DJ? DJing is an art and a science, you need to know the technique as well as have the skillset to smoothly transit from one track to another and get the party started and hang in there right till it ends. A DJ can make or break your event, Whereas bad DJ and music will kill all the energy and suck the life out of a party. You need to understand it is great responsibility and not all fun and games.

How have your life experiences and your work in music transformed over time? Initially, when I started I started off with very small gigs. Today, I play at both a national and international level as well. There is money, fame, persona, fan following so much more involved. It motivates me each day to bring out a better version of myself and my work each time I perform a gig. Work becomes fun, and I enjoy what I do.



How do you make use of technology? I try to bring in different variations each time with what I do. I aim to make it fun, and fruitful. I don’t use much of the software’s too as I feel it takes away the most important fragments of the track.

Can you describe your state of mind during a DJ set? I am excited and nervous before each gig. Anxious as well, and I ensure if everything is properly set before I start my gig. Once I begin, I just go with the flow and enter into a different world altogether.

Do you think DJing is Art? DJing is an art, it takes alot of time, skill and effort to prepare yourself for a gig. You need to do a little background research, what kind of event is it, the crowd that will come. The smooth transitioning from one song to another is an art as well, to set the mood right from the start till the end of the event.

APR 2020 117


‘Back in the Day’ overpasses a million views “I was pleased with the reception ‘Back in the Day’ got. It was on Billboard’s charts which is a huge achievement for me, especially since it was my first English single.” - Aaryan Banthia Mumbai: Recently, the young singercomposer Aaryan Banthia emerged with his brand-new song “Back in the Day”. The essence of the track is about memories and going back to them. The song encompasses a group of childhood friends, who lost touch due to their busy lifestyle. Most noteworthy, they carry a mighty bond despite all odds, that the protagonist reminisces. The release of “Back in the Day” trails the unstoppable success, which listed the song in Billboard charts as upcoming talent. Currently, this brandnew hit song has already crossed over a million views on Youtube. This recognition crystallises his posterity. Aaryan has seized it with his latest



song “Back in the Day”. His debut song Yaadein also reached 1 Million+ views within a month. Listen to “Back in the Day”, the video has crossed over a million views on YouTube. Aaryan Bhanthia formed a band named “The Bombay Gramophone Company” that performed Bollywood music all over India at varied venues and occasions. He now plans to rewrite live shows and along with the same bring his musical style into various music composition and performances. Listen to “Back in the Day”, to remember the lost yet treasured and strong friendship. It was listed in Billboards Charts as upcoming talent: SPOTIFY PLAYLIST

APR 2020 119

HOROSCOPE Aries (21 March – 20 April)

Health: - May face issues related to skin issues. Please keep the hygiene of the skin and have adequate water and citrus fruits. Career: - You will have progress and advancement in your job. You need to polish your skills and learn new things related to your job and career. Finance: - The financial prospects look good in April as you will get multiple opportunities and profitable deals. Unexpected gains from earlier investments. Family and relationship: - Spend constructive and creative time with family to plan for the future. Lockdown Tip: • Be patience to understand opinions • Get involved in physical activities at home • Practice pranayama in South of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health FACE MAGAZINE


Predictions with Pankaj Sharma

Taurus (20 April – 21May )

Health: - You need to mindful about eating healthy and less sweet and oily food to keep the calorie meter in check. Career: - You may have to balance multiple things at a time. New career opportunities may arise in April. Keep reading about your industry as well as your passion. Finance: - You need to work on expenses vs income ration. If you were planning to sell the property or plan new ventures, then this is time for the same. Family and relationship: - You need to more communicative and open for conversations with family. Lockdown Tip: • Meditate to release the stress • Spend time doing gardening and watering plants • Practice pranayama in the South East or South West of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health

Gemini (21 May – 21 June) Health: - You may feel a lot of anxiety and restlessness. Please communicate with your family and friends to release the tension.

Cancer (21 June – 23 July ) Health: - Overeating and unhealthy consumption may lead to stomach and digestion related issues.

Career: - You need to communicate well in your professional circle. You have a lot of skillset and knowledge which need to present well

Career: - You may face challenging situations at the workplace which can be easily resolved by constant teamwork and communication.

Finance: - You may face sudden losses in terms of finances. Plan your income and investment for the future.

Finance: - There may be delays in finances due to multiple reasons. Please check your reserves and plan expanses.

Family and relationship: - Your love and care for everyone would help in bonding strong with the family. Positivity can overcome any problem in the relationship.

Family and relationship: - Try to understand the perspective of family members instead of judging them on every small mater in life. Help them to help in making a better home.

Lockdown Tip: • Meditate to release the stress and anxiety • Start writing a personal diary and note down daily life • Work on essential vs non-essential of life • Practice pranayama in North of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health

Lockdown Tip: • Gage birds, animals or fishes lift the positivity or play with pets • Start aerobics at home to maintain body movement • Practice pranayama in North West of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health

APR 2020 121

Virgo (23 August – 23 September) Leo (23 July – 23 August) Health: - Make a healthy diet plan for you and your family otherwise may face stomach related issues. You may also catch cold. Career: - You want to shine at work space, but you need to collaborate well at the workspace. You should wait for a lucrative opportunity if you want to change job Finance: - Don’t take the unnecessary risks of investment. Hold on your investments in business and big purchases. Income maybe affected this month. Family and relationship: - You need to more empathetic towards family members to engage with them emotionally. Lockdown Tip: • Offer water to the sun as Arghya • Power yoga would help you tremendously • Practice pranayama in East of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health



Health: - You would enjoy good health across month though avoid tension and stress. Career: - New opportunities are waiting for you. You may hear positive news on the promotion front or new job. Though you need to mindful of arrogance and ego. Finance: - The stock market may help to gain but avoid excessive enthusiasm over it. Keep a check on income and expenses. Family and relationship: - You need to keep harmony with good spirits among family members. Break the monotonous routine and live free. Lockdown Tip: • Plant gaging meditation would help to release the negativity • Meditation and yoga would help you to keep the positive energy and mood • Practice pranayama in North of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health

Libra (23 September – 23 October )

Scorpio ( 23 October – 22 November )

Health: - Please stop procrastination. Unnecessary thoughts may give stress and tension.

Health: - Overweight and obesity maybe a problem for you. Please start yoga and be mindful of eating sweets and oily food.

Career: - People would have less workrelated stress in fact you would ask for more work. Government employees may see a promotion or additional responsibility.

Career: - Now is the time to plan your career and passion. Assess the positives and negatives of a career choice before making a commitment.

Finance: - You should invest in the conventional method of investment. Please avoid risks at the stock market. The regular flow of income would be there. Family and relationship: - A lot of excitement and happiness in the family to enjoy each moment. Be in the present moment to lift the positivity. Bring back childhood memories through photographs. Lockdown Tip: • Exercise or aerobics would keep you on high energy • Have regular chat with family and friends • Practice pranayama in South East of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health

Finance: - Your efforts would be rewarded with financial gains. Old the investment would give fruitful results now. Family and relationship: - Keep patience and compassion in every relationship to build a stronger relationship. Play childhood games with your kids. Lockdown Tip: • Gage fire would help to receive positive energy • Read or watch funny and lighthearted content • Practice pranayama in South of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health

APR 2020 123

Sagittarius (22 November – 22 December ) Health: - Stomach and lung issues may trouble you. Follow a strict diet and yoga. Career: - You will have smooth work and life balance this month. Your colleagues would lend a helping hand to finish things fast. Finance: - Multiple gains this month through multiple sources of money. Old property may start giving your financial gains. Family and relationship: - Be calm in every situation may help you understand and enjoy family bonding this month. Lockdown Tip: Yoga would heal your body and mind Read religious scriptures or something you always wanted to read Practice pranayama in North East of your home Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health



Capricorn (22 December – 20 January) Health: - You would have great mental health. You need find balance in life and assess essentials vs non-essentials. Career: - You may come across projects or work which is not of your interest. You will do well at the career front due to your hard work and discipline. Finance: - Don’t make any financial commitment to anyone without planning your own finances. You should do detailed research before investments. Family and relationship: - You need to control unnecessary judgement and suspicion. You would enjoy a fantastic time with family if you control these. Lockdown Tip: • Yoga would heal your body and mind • Help your family with household work especially cleaning and dusting • Practice pranayama in West of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health

Aquarius (20 January – 19 February) Health: - You would have great overall health. Please continue to work on the immunity of your body to fight against any disease. Career: - Your patience, hard work and discipline would win hearts at career front. You may receive new job opportunities. Finance: - Don’t make any financial commitment to anyone without planning your own finances. You should do detailed research before investments. Family and relationship: - Avoid lending or borrowing money. Keep a check of expenses and income flow. Avoid any panic purchase. Lockdown Tip: • Indoor walk and jogging would help you a lot • Help your family with household work especially cleaning and dusting • Practice pranayama in West of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand the importance of health

Pisces (19 February – 21 March) Health: - You may face lifestyle related diseases. Your should follow the advice of nutritionists and health experts. Career: - You need to strategize your career movement and sharpen your skills accordingly. Learn something new this month. Finance: - There won’t be any financial issues this month. Avoid unnecessary spends. Invest maturely and mindfully. Family and relationship: - Your attention to detail, love, and compassion would help you to strengthen your bond with your family. Lockdown Tip: • Help kids in their studies and home work • Start writing a diary to note down your ideas • Practice pranayama in West of your home • Play with kids at home and help them to understand importance of health APR 2020 125

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FACE Magazine APRIL 2020  

Life has come to a grinding halt. As the earth takes a deep breath and reboots itself, we are left with no immediate purpose except to see t...

FACE Magazine APRIL 2020  

Life has come to a grinding halt. As the earth takes a deep breath and reboots itself, we are left with no immediate purpose except to see t...


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